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WQNNMQQ Nf X , ?5 4 N . ff X f 1, XXQTKWQNX N XXX K x 4 f N 3 N ff W ymwk X Yx MXN 'Wi Q ff f f Y f f , 6 NL X ,ff Z' rive To overcome each the pinnacle ln Dedication We The class of 1954 wlsh To dedlcaTe Thus Nannual To all Teachers of The NanTlcoke School DlsTrucT who Through Their perseverence and zeal shnps of life and have aided Them In becoming sTaunch clTlzens of our communnTy and of our counTry They are To be commended for a 'ob well done have prepared Thousands of pupils To meeT The hard- TITLE PAGE ADMINISTRATION SUPERINTENDENT AND PRINCIPAL FACULTY SENIOR CLASS STUDENT ACTIVITIES LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT ALPHABETICALLY YOURS JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES FOOTBALL CLASS PROPHECY ADVERTISING SUMMER SUPPLEMENT High S High School chool Annex A al! D ' NISTRATIDN Nanticoke Board of Education Seated, left to right: J. Smith, Superintendent, W. Palmer, Secretary, J. Zanowicz, President, J. Warkomski, Vice President, A. Dorak, Treasurer. Standing, left to right: L. Sweitzer, Business Manager, E. Hudak, School Director, B. Kotulak, Solicitor, T. Burrows, School Director, T. Roberts, School Director. Front Office 5 fs,-ff mm 13' C -L Eleanor Goscinski, Secretary to the Superintendent, Lewis Sweitzer, Business Manager, Pennsylvania State University, BAS., Stephen Olxinski, Attendance Officer. Superinrendenf JOHN SMITH f"""'f MISS HESS School Librarian Q xl .,s ,,, MISS TURNER and MISS JONATI-ION, School Nurses FACULTY GEORGE DZURICA University of Iowa, B.A. M.A., Bucknell University, Wilkes College, Pennsyl van'ia S t a t e University Henry George School Algebra, Economics EDWARD GRALA LEWELLYN EDMUNDS Bloomsburg State Teach- ers College, B.S., New York University, M.S. Guidance Director HENRY GRUDKOWSKI Fordham University, B,S. University of Scranton, Consumer's Education, Eco- BA., New York Univer- nomics sity, M.A. English HT SYLVESTER BOZINSKI Pennsylvania State Uni- versity, B.S. History, Recreational Direc- tor C. EMORY DIFFENDAFER Bucknell University, M.A. Problems of Democracy h School EDWIN DAVIES Bucknell University, A.B. M.A. History ANTHONY DIKSA Western Maryland Col lege, A.B., Bucknell Uni versity, M.A. English 1 aculty JACK HURLEY Bucknell University, B.S, Mechanical D r a W i n g, Re- lated Math JOHN KANYUCK East Stroudsburg Teach- ers College, B.S., Buck- nell University, M.S. Health JOHN JONES University of Pennsyl- vania, AB., New York University, M.A, Advanced Algebra, S o I i d Geometry, Trigonometry HENRY LEYMAN Pennsylvania State Uni- versity, B.S.g B u c k n ell University, M.A. Chemistry G... YO si-Q? FRANK MAKARCHIK University of Pennsyl- vania, B.S. Bookkeeping JOHN NAMISNIAK Bucknell University, A.B., University of Michigan, M.A. Plane Geometry, Algebra ,Lf .9-" FRANK MATTY Franklin and Marshall College, B.S., Graduate Study Pennsylvania State University Stenography, Typing, Book- keeping, English KATHRYN M. SMITH Bucknell University, B.A M.A. English Faculty 13 A ELEANOR STROJNY Wll-l-IAM STRYJAK Bucknell University, A.B. Bucknell University, A.B. History New York University M.A. Polish EDNA MAE WOLFE ALEX WYSOCKl Temple University, B,S. in DUQUCSNG U F1 i V 6 Y - Educafion sity, B.S., Pennsylvania Stenography, Typing State University, lndus- trial Education, B.S. in Chemistry Related Science, Consumers Education DELPHINE WYSOCKI Marjorie Webster School, East Stroudsburg Sta te Teachers College, B.S. Health ADAM YASTREMSKI University of .Pennsyl- vania, A.B., M.S. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Theresa Bobeck, University of Pennsylvania, B.S. in Education-History. Mary Boyle, College Misericordia, A.B., Bucknell University, M.A.-English. Bess Fisher, Beaver College, B.S.- Stenography, Typing. Joseph Gozdzasek, Pennsylvania State University, B.A.-Related Math, Student Driving. Claire Smith, Syracuse University, B.A., Columbia University, P.G., Ameri- can Academy of Dramatic Art-Spanish, French. Sybil Williams, Bucknell University, A.B., M.A.-Latin. Tabitha Willis, Pennsylvania State University, B.S.-Biology. Ruth Willis-Pennsyl- vania State University, B.S.-Biology. SENIORS Senior Class Officers tv if-1 fl 1 3 P Motto - Knowledge is a treasure, But wisdom is the treasure G Of a wise man. FLOWER American Beauty Rose COLORS Red and Wh ite Seated: Dorothy Gaiewski, Secretary. Standing: Gerald Levandoski, Treasurer, Ann Marie Shukis, Vice President, Joseph Pipan, President. CLASS SONG fTune: In the Mission of Saint Augustine! As we leave the halls of Nanticoke, And iourney on, We will long retain the memories, Of days far gone, And as we reach the end, of our high school days, Our Alma Mater dear, We will always praise. As we enter into worlds unknown, And reach success, We will long remember what we've learned, ln N.H.S. We'll pledge our loyalty, Forever more, As we leave the halls of Nanticoke, Class of "5-fi." Words by: MARILYN BORMAN GRACE BALLA '-Q-V 11 "' ,, ,. PY 1 Q ' L- A- 5 ROOM 13-Mr. A. Wysocki-First row: E. Domain, S. Janik, B. Beese, G. Adamczyk, P. Weiss B. Kempski, P. Pepel, D. Yaszcz, D. Mayewski, S. Sulewski, L. O'MaIley, R. Marshallek Second row: C. Bogacki, M. Weiss, J. Brunn, A. Fedorchak, M. Banach, C. Kussavage, C Zegarski, T. Sfancker, M. Moran, M. Pekarofski, J. Olzinski, A. Makarczyk. Third row: M Cardone, D. Kravitz, B. Opalski, L. Keniorski, B. Tagnani, E. Wysocki, D. Zelek, E. Bigos F. Pasquini, A. Falconieri, T. Petroski, J. Kalminski, L. Ostapowicz, M. Hurley. Absent: Yvonne Bozinski. Q 5 1 i 2 I . . 22 . gi E , s i?ig1i'4L' fx . .wc 5. ' ..'?' , 'T' 4 'ii . 4' . 5 A, Si - 4 11 E, v OM 14 Miss Wysock First row R adas M o iva Krynic Levandowski A Sa vado e E Sdwriener R W,darfski W Robe Zeffik F Baker L Borrna vashinski E Pi o E iw k n r fsk D Gaiewsk ea E rry J Lapova I-1 rermcw .JTCIT P eir Derfbofv fc . ei',, id vi .- W.. , . .W , . . in . Jf1an.R.WO2nfaK, . as owski. M. Segne. J. owei . ova owsk . .arJza. . rn-, S. Peie aj, C. Davis. 5 L4 Xie: i GLORIA ADAMCZYK "Glor" Commercial Co-operative, Charming Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Jughead!" FLORENCE BAKE "Butch" Commercial Amiable, Dependable Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Henna!" if R GRACE J. BALLA "Gracie" Academic Carefree, Sociable Hobby: Reading Ambition: Teaching Favorite Expression: "Whatcha muh call it." CASIMIR BONCAL ELIZABETH BEESE "Red" "Becky" Vocational Academic Neat, Friendly Good-humored, Friendly Hobby: Sports Hobby, Piano Ambition: Electrician Favoyife Expression: Favorite Expression: "That's pretty all right." "Gee Whiz!" CHESTER F. BoGAcKi UBUQQYH Academic Quiet, Trustworthy Hobby: Model Airplane Building Ambition: Flier CAROLYN BoLTz "Carol" Commercial Cheerful, Persistant Hobby: Auto racing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Check that." X FRANK BIELENDA "Frank" Academic Quiet, Studious Hobby: Outdoor sports Ambition: Engineer Favorite Expression: "Gee Whiz!" dw MARY BANACH "Mancie" Commercial Garrulous, Cheerful Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Oh, sugar!" 'YN Q 'U if lk EDWARD Bloos ,,Ed,, Vocational Ambitious, Amiable Hobby: Outdoor sports Ambition: Electrician Favorite Expression: "That's about the size is t of it." A 'Ui LEATHA BORMAN ,,Lee,, Commercial Loquacious, Amiable Hobby: Music Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Oh, no!" MARILYN BORMAN "Msn" Academic Friendly, Active Hobby: Swimming Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Holy cow!" is -4 'T CHESTER BOROFSKI "Chet" Commercial Witty, Friendly Hobby: Sports Ambition: Business Executive Favorite Expression: ,.WoW,,, RONALD BOROFSKI "Flash" Scientific Athletic, Intelligent Hobby: Football Ambition: Engineer Favorite Expression: "Hey, sit down now ELEANOR BoRowsKi YvoNNE BOZINSKI "El" "Vonnie" Commercial Academic Reliable, Friendly Fun-loving, Carefree Hobby: Dancing Hobby: Collecting records Arnbifibn: Secrefafy Ambition: Physical Therapist Favorite Expression: "How 'bout it?" DOLORES BRoc-LIA "Dutchy" Academic Amiable, Pleasant Hobby: Reading Ambition: Meteorologist 2 JAMES BRUNN "Jim" Academic Quiet, Sincere Hobby: Sports Ambition: Teacher Favorite Expression: "Pass the pie, please." LORETTA BRENNER "Loret" Commercial Quiet, Winsome Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Gee, whiz!" RAYMOND R. BRIGGS "Tootsie" Vocational Reserved Hobby: Reading Ambition: Machinist IRENE Bucmcowsici "Rene" Commercial Stuclious, Efficient Hobby: Skating Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Jeepers." LORRAINE Burczvusici "Larry" Commercial Reserved Hobby: "Bolo" Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Gosh darn Sam." abr ' f 1"',.!' MAURICE A. CARDONE MICHAEL CINTALA "Moose" "Mo" Commercial Vocational Artistic, Humorous Quiet Hobby: Cartooning Hobby: Fishing Ambition: Commercial Artist Ambition: Electrician Favorite Expression: "Good Heavens." Favorite Expression: "No school today." 9.1. f 1 Q ff CHARLES DAvis "Chas" Academic Reserved, Serious Hobby: Baseball Ambition: Accountant Favorite Expression: "Down, dog, clown." GERALD Demaowsxi "Dumbo" Vocational Courteous Hobby: Fishing and Hunting Ambition: Merchant Marine Favorite Expression: "What you hear from the mob?" i 'iz Nw lf V BERNADINE BYLINSKI LEONA CACCIA "Dhaka" "Ona" Commercial Commercial Humorous, Friendly Companionable Hobby: Dancing Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Ambition: Practical Nursing Favorite Expression: Favorite Expression: "AIready." "You don't know, do you?" WILLIAM CRooP HENRY Czvzvcici "Bill" "Hank" General Academic Obliging, Sociable Hobby: Music Ambition: Musician Favorite Expression: ,iEgad!,, Athletic, Good-natured Ambition: Engineer Favorite Expression: "Egad!" 'bun DELPHINE DEMINSKI ,,De,,, EVELYN DOMAIN Nw, Commercial Lovable, Laughable Hobby: Having a good wherever she is Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Oh mudder, sit down.' 1854 ARLENE FEDORCHAK "I-edders" Commercial Amiable, Dependable Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "l don't know." Commercial Well-liked, Loyal qime Hobby: Reading Ambition: Secretary it PHYLLls FRY ,,Phy,,, Commercial Talented, Carefree Hobby: Dancing ELAINE DUNCAN nDUncu Commercial Fun-loving, Charming Hobby: Walking hom Roche Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Are you silly!" e with x,,! ANTHONY FALCONEIRI ,,Abe,, Scientific Serious, Sociable Hobby: Women Ambition: Engineering Favorite Expression: "Love 'em and leave 'em. MARIE Glusri "Gust" Commercial Friendly, Dependable Hobby: Skating Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Oh, heck!" JOAN M. GORALSKI ".loannie" Commercial Lively, Charming Hobby: Driving Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Couldn't you die?" Donors-iv GAJEWSKI GERALDINE GOGOLA ,,Do,,, ,,Ge,ry,, Academic Commercial Vivacious, Lovable Hobby: Eating Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "You poor dear." Sincere, Pleasant i-lobby: Reading Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Gee whiz!" 1 PHYLLIS GORSKI "Phyl" Academic Studious, Friendly Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Laboratory Technician Favorite Expression: "Oh! Brother." PATRICIA GRABOWSKI Hpatu Commercial Charming, Pleasant Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "No foolin'!" ca Q 5 ff' if RAYMOND GRABOWSKI Hcmbu Scientific Athletic, Obliging Hobby: Sports Ambition: Aviation Favorite Expression: "How about it!" MARY ANN HANISH CHRISTINE HASSAY Commercial Carefree, Humorous Hobby: Singing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Oh, how cute!" "Chris" Commercial Fun-loving, Dependable Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Yea, man!" GERALD HUDAK "Jerry" Academic Sociable, Artistic Hobby: Photography Ambition: Electrical Engineer Favorite Expression: - "Very good." I MAURICE HURLEY HHarpu Academic Honest, Humorous Hobby: Girls Ambition: Detective Favorite Expression: "Are you serious?" DENISIA HALLOWAY "Denie" Commercial Sociable, Cooperative Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Say, Kid!" MARIE HAJDUK "Mania" Academic Quiet, Dependable Hobby: Reading Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression "Holy cow!" 41's 31" QF-aff' JOAN HILL "Joanie" Commercial Charming, Reserved Hobby: Reading Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Holy cow!" War Ni V' ANTHONY INCELLI DANIEL JACOBS "lnce" "Jake" Vocational Vocational Polite, Neat Helpful, Likeable Hobby: Being with the gang Hobby: Sports 1 Ambition: Bachelor Favorite Expression "Probably is!" DELPHINE JAszcz "Dale" Academic Charming, Friendly Hobby: Dancing, Music Ambition: Nursing Ambition: Electrician Favorite Expression: "You wanna bet!" MATILDA KAsPuTis 'foaiiyff Commercial Demure, Quiet JOHN JAGODZINSKI Hyogf, General Witty, Comical Hobby: Sports reporting Ambition: Journalist Favorite Expression: "sag Deal." STASIA JANiK "Sta" General Gay, Friendly Hobby: Good times Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression "Or what," 'Q' N Ric:-iARo JONES "Jonesy" Vocational Friendly, Conservative Hobby: Sports Ambition: Electrician Favorite Expression: "Yeh!" GERALD KALMINSKI "Jerry" Vocational Quiet, Polite Hobby: Fishing Ambition: Electrician Favorite Expression: "Yeh you." no JAMES KAMINSKl "Jim" Vocational Carefree, Quiet Hobby: Sports Ambition: To be a millionaire Favorite Expression- JEANETTE KASHULA "Jan" Commercial Serious Cooperative Hobby- Dancing Ambition: Modeling Favorite Expression- 'Q' I -rm 19' 5 "Break time." frown RUTH KELLY "Pudgy" Commercial Arniable, Active Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Teaching Favorite Expression: "Oh, brother!" fs ,Q NO' gm' BARBARA KEMPSKI ffaabstf Commercial Good-humored, Gay Hobby: Baking Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "There's no future in it " "WL asv Louis KENJORSKI ,,LoU,, Vocational Helpful Hobby: Hunting Ambition: Machinist Favorite Expression: "Oh, yea!" FRANK KOCIENSKI BARBARA KOLATIVA "Bolek" "Squeaky" Vocational Commercial Generous Gay, Friendly Hobby: Sports Ambition: Business Manager Favorite Expression: "Don't know it," fry Q Hobby: Skating T x VX qv- LORRAINE KOZAK EUGENE KRAJEWSKI "Lorry" HKVBYH Commercial Commercial Friendly Good-natured, Quiet Hobby: Waitress Hobby: Prospecting Ambition: Telephone Operator Ambition: Scientist 'Dfw HENRY KMETZ "Bib0" Vocational Sociable Hobby: Automobiles Ambition: To drive a truck Favorite Expression: "l don't got none." if RONALD KOMOROFSKI "Komo" Commercial Daring, Friendly Hobby: H00-rodding Ambition: Business Career Favorite Expression: "Good morning." ANTHONY KORCH "Tony" Scientific Sociable, Witty Hobby: Sleeping Favorite Expression: "Come on." ik 'Qi-1"y YD' 'sv -4',.9' 4. ,I Q 'Q-4. DENNIS KRAVITZ ,,Demy,, Scientific Quiet, Studious Ambition: Engineering EDWARD KRAVITZ ,,Ed,, Academic Reliable, Reserved Hobby: Woodworking Ambition: Navigating Favorite Expression: "Check that." ELAINE KRYZANSKI Commercial Quiet, Cooperative 'Cf' ,V LAWRENCE LAYCHUR HLBHYU General Q CECEIL KUSSAVAGE "Debbie" Commercial Jovial, Carefree Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Ya fool !" PATRICIA LEGINS "Pat" Commercial Talented, Witty Hobby: Music Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression- "This is the utter end." as SAL LY ANN KRAVITZ 'fsarf Academic Cheerful, Goodhumored Hobby: Avoiding insomnia school Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Nuts!" 579 BERNADENE KRYNICK "Bernie" Academic Active, Energetic Hobby: Skating Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression "Gee whiz!" THADDEUS LAPINSKI ,,AWa,, General Carefree, Witty Hobby: Baseball ROBERT LASTOWSKI "Rabbit" Academic Witty, Friendly Hobby: Sports Ambition: Bus driver Favorite Expression: MDW Uplif Ambition: Naval Technician Favorite Expression: "Ain't that cute?" ROBERT LENTHALL ,Bobs Academic Witty, Talkative Hobby: Doing English Vocabulary Ambition: To get rich Favorite Expression: "Dig that crazy cat." FRANCIS LEVANDA Nsabau Vocational Loud Hobby: Working around cars Ambition: Mechanic Favorite Expression: "You don't say." JOHN l.IPOWSKI Hupt, Academic Humorous, Friendly Hobby: Sports PATRICIA LITCHKOWSKI ,,Pa,,, Commercial Reserved, Studious Hobby: Reading Ambition: Electrical Engineer Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Knock it off." JOHN MAcHuNc ,,MaCh,, Commercial Ambition: Businessman Favorite Expression: "Holy cow!" NORMA MACKIEWICZ "Norm" Academic Friendly, Reliable Hobby: Watching T.V. Ambition: Laboratory Technician Favorite Expression: "Ya bird." N GERALD LEVANDOSKI "Gerry" Scientific Athletic, Sociable Hobby: Sports Ambition: Engineer Favorite Expression: "l'r'n wich you!" X NI 'E"" DOLORES LevANoovvsicI "Del" Commercial Energetic, Good-natured Hobby: Roller Skating Ambition: Receptionist Favorite Expression: "Yea gads, youngster!" l' JOSEPHINE LoPoKA "Josie" Academic Jovial, Sociable Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Dig that," T X JANICE LOYEK "Jan" Commercial Delightful, Energetic Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Oh, mudder!" 'Y X . infix-i ,fa ANTHONY MAKARCZYK ,,Tony,, General Quiet, Dependable Hobby: Knife Collecting Ambition: Forester Favorite Expression: "Holy cowl" CHARLES MAXWELL "Maxie" General Reliable, Reserved Hobby: Sports Ambition: Electrician Favorite Expression: "Oh, my gosh!" 6 , '1 S' Fa, THERESA Mic:-mo Commercial Reticent, Polite Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Airline Stewardess Favorite Expression: "Oy kovalsf' DANIEL MARciNKovvsKi "Dapper" Vocational Likeable, Understanding Hobby: Playing drums Ambition- To be a loafer Favorite Expression: "Okay now," DOROTHY MAYEWSKI MDM, Commercial Likeable, Sincere Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "lt doesn't faze me." MADLYN MORAN "Madge" General Quiet, Serious Hobby: Reading Ambition: Women's Air Force V 1 I V. Rica-iARo MARTUZA "Righty RITA MARsi-iALLicic "Smoky" Scientific Intelligent, Alert Hobby: Fishing Academic Garrulous, Carefree Hobby: Roller skating Ambition: Teaching Ambition: Architectural Favorite Expression: Engineer Hyoiff Favorite Expression: "ls that nice!" 1 gf' MILDRED MICHALEK ELEANOR MicHNo "Millie" "El" Commercial Commercial Carefree, Loquacious Quiet, Sincere Hobby: Sewing Hobby: Cooking Ambition: Secretary Ambition: Housewife Favorite Expression: "Oh, my gosh!" Ru'rH Lois MORGAN "Ruthie" Scientific Youthful, Sincere Hobby: Reading Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: VVlLLIAM MURPHY ,,Mwph,, General Amiable, Ambitious Hobby: Sports Ambition: Chemical Favorite Expression: Engineer 6' '--er Good morning." "Fiend!" :Qc 41 FRANCES MusiAi. RAY NIEDZWIECKI "Fran" 'fBear" Academic Vocational Reticent, Studious Hobby: Skating Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Gee whiz!" Carefree, Helpful Hobby: Bowling Ambition: Machinist Favorite Expression: "That's right." STANLEY NORCZYK NORMAN NovAic HSY6Sh" "Norm" Vocational Sciemifig Self-confident Likable, Carefree l'l0bbY1 5P0"1S Hobby: Collecting coins At71bliiOV1: Machinist Ambifiong T0 succeed Fatfoflle Expression: Favorite Expression: "Yea gads!" "Hello Doll." PATRiciA NOWAK Hparn Scientific Artistic, Carefree Hobby: Tennis Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Boy, oh boy!" LEON NovAKowsKi "Lic" Academic Quiet, Studious Hobby: Sports Ambition: Businessman Favorite Expression: "Yee-e-e-e!" '23 2 SYLVIA NOVAK USYIVU Commercial Garrulous, Amiable Hobby: Talking to the to her Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "You know." one next LORRAINE NOVASHINSKI "Rainy Academic Diligent, Amiable Hobby: Singing Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression "Brother-rl' HENRY Novvicict ffnanlw SUSAN OGIN Hsin' Geftefdl Commercial Humorous Cheerful, Sociable Hobby: Radio Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Radio and Television Ambition: Housewife Technician Favorite Expression: Favorite Expression: "Drop dead!" "Oh, my gosh E" i if 7 '- -F. SAMUEL O'HARE "Buddy" Vocational Studious, Quiet Hobby: Hunting Ambition: Machinist Favorite Expression: "l live to eat." JAN OLENGiNsici Holey' 306 Scientific Witty, Congenial Hobby: Sports Ambition: Dentistry Favorite Expression: "Good deal." .losepi-i OLZINSKI ,,Joe,, Scientific Studious, Quiet Hobby: Working physics problems Ambition: Engineer Favorite Expression: "Oh, no!" CHRISTINE OsMANsici 'Chris" 3- Commercial Ambitious, Talkative Hobby: Skating Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Get lost," LORETTA O'MAL LY HLOHYU Academic Sociable, Likable Hobby: Chewing gum Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Holy Cow!" FRANK OsTAPovvicz Mostyn General Witty, Pleasant Hobby: Driving trucks Ambition: Buy a new car Favorite Expression: "It wasn't me." DOROTHY O'NEu.L "Dottie" Commercial Amiable, Talkative Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "C'mon already." 1'9- BENEDlCT OPALSKI ,Benn Academic Fun-loving, Efficient Hobby: Sports Ambition: Radio Technician Favorite Expression: "Well, bow about that?" LEON OSTOPOWICZ Mostyn Vocational Studioos Hobby: Fishing Ambition: Machinist Favorite Expression: "DOn't be mad, the war's over." PATRICIA PEPEL spar., Commercial Petite, Jovial Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Airline Hostess Favorite Expression: "Really!" GERTRUOE PIEPON Hcenf, General Optimistic, Sincere Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Nursing FRANK PASQUINI "Pask" Vocational Generous, likeable Hobby: Basketball Ambition: Bachelor Favorite Expression: "Alright there." ,ar X J 5 .cs l Y R HENRIETTA PERMOVICH HEHa,1 Academic Polite, Quiet Hobby: Reading Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Holy Heck!" .4 sjfgg- 5,5 X E- W. V. . KH: X fx , if ' BERNADINE PILAREK "Be rnie" Academic Witty, Vigorous Hobby: Sewing Ambiilonz Nursing Favorite Expression- "Oh! No!" ZS? . L cnsgz' 3 iss if iitxx 51 - Ss? 3 is iii MONICA PEKAROFSKI ffMOna,i Commercial Pleasant, Witty Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Oh, Brother!" fi' PATRICIA PETRASI-I "Pat" Commercial Loquacious, Cheerful Hobby: Reading Ambition: Medical Secretary STEPHEN PELEHACI-I "Casper" Vocational Ambitious Hobby: Sports Ambition: Electrician Favorite Expression: "Yes, Sir!" lf. THEODORE PETROSKI "Ted" General Humorous Hobby: Rock Collecting Ambition: Pilot Favorite Expression: "Free for nothing." MARY PILLAR Commercial Quiet, Reserved Hobby: Reading Ambition: Bookkeeper Favorite Expression: "Holy cow!" Jose PH Pi PAN "Joe" Scientific Ambitious, Active Hobby: Music Ambition: Engineer Favorite Expression: "Son of a gun." if i 'U'- 1-3 ELIZEBETH J. PLUTO HBEHYH Commercial Creative, Sociable Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Designer Favorite Expression: "Thank urn." CAROLYN G. PRICE RNA PPICHNICK "Carol" HRH" Commefciai Scientific Neat, Sociable Hobby: Roller Skating Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression "Hey now." Reserved, Efficient Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Engineer Favorite Expression: "Peachy!" A f-7 it-rx JAMES POWELL "Sam" Academic Witty, Ambitious Hobby: Sports Ambition: Policeman Favorite Expression: "l'll think about it," JEANETTE PRINCIPAL! NICHOLAS PROZERALIK "Princie" "Nick" Academic General Sociable, Ambitious Witty, Carefree Hobby: Going with Charlie Hobby: Baseball Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression "Hiya, pal." Favorite Expression: "Dubes." ALBERT PRZYBYLOWSKI EILEEN PTAsi-iiNsici HM9Xl9U Academic General Shy, Studious Sincere, Amiable Hobby: Music Ambition: F. B. I. Agent Favorite Expression: "What the heck?" Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Nursing 1 X X 0 5 FRED SCHNEIKART FRANCES PUFFEN "Fran" Commercial WNY, Sociable LORRAINE RESPERSKI Academic Well-Mannered Ambition: Nursing 'E asv. JoAN RoPERs "Jeanie" Commercial Cheerful, Reliant Hobby: Cutting hair Ambition: Telephone Favorite Expression: "l don't know." l i i SHIRLEY SCHIMMEL "Shari" Academic Reserved, Studious Ambition: Missionary Operator Favorite Expression: VVINIFRED ROBACZEWSKI LEONARD ROMAN "Winnie" "Leech" Commercial Vocational Carefree, Pleasant Atheltic, Friendly Hobby: Sports Ambition: To be a big boy Favorite Expression "Probably Will!" "I didn't even know." CARL SALLAGA Hzigyu Vocational Courteous Hobby: Playing Pool Ambition: Electrician Favorite Expression: "ls that right?" ALMA SALVADORE ,,A,m,, Academic Friendly, Energetic Hobby: Dancing Ambition: X-Ray Technician Favorite Expression: "Real Chic!" "Fritz" Vocational Reserved, Courteous Hobby: Cars Ambition: Machinist Favorite Expression: "lt's miserable." ELIZABETH SCHOLL Haenyu Academic Sincere, Humorous Hobby: Talking Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression "You old meany 'V 5 ROBERT SCHOLL ELIZABETH Sci-'REINER "Skult5" "Liz" Commercial Academic Athletic, Garrulous Genial, Humorous Hobby. Sports Hobby: Pingfpong Ambition: Airline Stewarcless Favorite Expression: "Are you wrong!" 'Yusuf' 7 6 - BARBARA SELNER "Bains" Commercial Fun-loving, Amiable Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Ye gods!" ra, lib CATHERINE SHEAN FLORENCE SHEEDER "Kay" "Flossie" General Commercial Friendly, Cooperative Cheerful, Reliable Hobby: Roller Skating Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Bookkeeping Ambition: Airline Stewardess Favorite Expression: Favorite Expression: ,iWhY!i, "So what?" Q! DENNIS Snipicovvsici "Butch" General Humorous, Amiable Hobby: Jigsaw puzzles Ambition: Electronics Technician Favorite Expression: "How 'bout that?" BARBARA Usabsn Academic Optimistic, Pleasant Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "How cute!" I X, PATRICIA Si-MPP ,,Pa,,, Commercial Pleasant, Humorous Hobby: Skating Ambition: Storekeeper Favorite Expression: "George!" ANN MARIE Snuicis CHARLES SKRZYPKOWSKI ,Q "Sl'tooky" "Skrip" l Commercial Vocational Energetic, Humorous Hobby: Sleeping Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression "Ohhhh"' Courteous, Neat Hobby, Playing pool Ambition: Businessman Favorite Expression: "What you say, doll?" GEORGE A. SMITH "Smitty" Vocational Generous, Sociable Hobby: Chewing tobacco BARBARA STACI-IOWIAK "Babs" Commercial Vivacious, Friendly Hobby: Collecting hair barrette Ambition: Businessman Favorite Expression: "Due to the fact-" 6 """'-Q THERESA STANKER Commercial Likeable, Cooperative Hobby: Reading Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Ya doll!" PATRICIA STANKIEWICZ Hpay. Academic Humorous, Carefree Hobby: Talking Ambition: Teacher Favorite Expression: "Sure!" S LAWRENCE STADULIS "Stadul" Scientific Jovial, Friendly Hobby: Music Ambition: Pilot Favorite Expression: "Wanna bet?" -5, 4 'of PATRICIA STANKER uparn Commercial Studious, Quiet Hobby: Reading ,! MARVIN STEGNER "Marv" Academic Witty, Carefree Hobby: Basketball Favorite Expression: 1: 49, I SYLVIA M. Sucewsici "Happy" Academic Genial, Sociable Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Teacher "Hello there, what's the Favorite EXPV955l0l'V F JOHN STAN KovICI-I "Stanky" Commercial Witty, Friendly Hobby: Talking with Eddy Ambition: Baseball Player Favorite Expression: "Love ya." FRANK STAVETSKI "Fran" Vocational Helpful, Reserved Hobby: Outdoor sports Ambition: Machinist Favorite Expression: "Now how about that? story?" "Rarel" bf r 9 its.- 3 REINHART SUMMERFIELD MARGARET SWIDA Remy" General Athletic, Serious Hobby: Sports Hpeggyu Commercial Amiable, Witty Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Professional Ambition: Secretary football player Favorite Expression: "Tl'iat's George." THOMAS TATARA 'Tom" Commercial Excitable, Sociable Hobby: Bowling Ambition: Teacher Favorite Expression: "Egads!" ,f PATRICIA TIPPINS "Pat" Academic Good-natured, Amiable Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Nursing PATRICIA TERKOWSKI HPMSYH Academic Quiet, Serene Hobby: Reading Ambition: Nursing Favorite Expression: "Brotber!" STEVEN TRANELL "Spider" Scientific Friendly, Witty Hobby: Pushing cars Ambition: Millionaire Favorite Expression: "When you gonna pay?" Fit v-"' JOSERH Szczecmsxi ,,Weed,, Vocational Miscltieveous, Energetic Hobby: Drawing Ambition: Engineer Favorite Expression: "l'm hungry." C' BRUNO TAGNANI ,,,ag,, Vocational Likeable, Carefree Hobby: Sports Ambition: Armed Services Favorite Expression: "Tl'1at's nice." RICHARD TERKOWSKI "Terk" Vocational Daring, Mischievous Hobby: Girls Ambition: "Jack-of-all-trades" Favorite Expression: "Pritang!" ROSALIE TESAR HLEEH Academic Peppy, Sociable Hobby: Baseball Ambition: Airline Stewardess Favorite Expression: "Eeeeee." Favorite Expression: RONALD TREMAYNE f1ROn,, Academic Neat, Active Hobby: Bowling Ambition: Businessman Favorite Expression: "What say?" 1 ELIZABETH WALLACE HBEHYN General Talkative, Genial Hobby: Roller Skating Ambition: Nursing "Oh, brother!" EUGENE USHINSKI "Gene" Academic Studious, Friendly Hobby: Stamp Collecting Ambition: Engineer 'YL GEORGIA WANDEL "George" Commercial Pleasant, Quiet Hobby: Bowling Ambition: Telephone Operator Favorite Expression: "I feel for you." of S MICHAEL J,WEIss PATRICIA VVEISS "Mickey" Vocational Reserved, Helpful Hobby: Hunting Ambition: Electrician Favorite Expression: HPBTI, f Commercial Fun-loving, Humorous Hobby: Roller Skating 'vu' JOAN VALENTINELLI ,,Va,,, Commercial Witty, Genial Hobby: Talking about Joe Maday Ambition: Women's Air Force Favorite Expression: "Oh! my mother will kill me." "f-"iv I-4:'f'f' RITA WADAS HR, Academic Amiable, Helpfu Hobby: Dancing Ambition: to att l end College Favorite Expression: "Alright, already!" ..."!f ' 4-"' EDWARD WARAKOMSKI JOAN WEIss HECJSICH HJOBFIYH General Commercial Reserved, Witty Hobby: Sports Ambition: Engineer Favorite Expression "Hey now!" J, Ambition: Airline Stewa rdegg Favorite Expression: "You better believe it, too," "Really" if is 8 1 I Laughable, Diligent Hobby: Knitting Ambition: Secretary : 1 fl H :Il KENNETH WILLIAMS ,,Red,, Vocational Ambitious Hobby: Sports Ambition: Armed Services Favorite Expression: "You don't say?" WILLIAM WILLIAMS HBHIH Vocational Friendly Hobby: Sports Ambition: Electrician Favorite Expression: "All right now ?" Fha ,le-,X YU Q2 l 'rv' if-409' T' if br' 3 NORBERT VVISNIEWSKI DONALD A.WOMMER "Bundy" "Lefty" Commercial Vocational Fun-loving, Carefree Hobby: Sports Ambition: Drummer Favorite Expression: "Hi, babe." JEAN WoNIPIEI2sKi RICHARD WozNIAK "Jeanie" "Dick" Commercial Academic Dependable, Agreeable Hobby: Baby-sitting Athletic, Sociable Hobby: Sports Ambition: Telephone Operator Ambition: Forester Favorite Expression: Favorite Expression: "Big deal." "What the heck!" vi! 'C BAR BARA WYDA "Barb" Academic Friendly, Charming Hobby: Singing Ambition: Army nurse Favorite Expression: "Oli, shut up!" Ambitious Hobby: Hiking Ambition: Machinist Favorite Expression: "What do you know?" ROSEMARY WYDAWSKI "Rose" EDMUND J. Wvsocici THERESA YAKIMOVAGE "Goose lll" "Terry" Academic Commercial J M Witty, Friendly Quiet, lndustrious F 4 5 Hobby: Sports Hobby: Skating - Ambition: Physical Education Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: Favorite Expression: "Howfs chances?" "Oh, rnudder!" Commercial Fun-loving, Sociable Hobby: Music Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression "Never, ever!" ELAINE YATSKO "LairIy" Commercial Carefree, Energetic Hobby: Traveling Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Oh, really now!" ARLENE ZDEB Commercial I' ,, PAU L YATs KO ,,Fa,,, Scientific Laughable, Athletic Hobby: Eating and sleeping Ambition: Geological Physicist Il Vw fi MARILYN J. YEAGER ROBERT ZALESKI ,,Mar,, URBZH Commercial Commercial Sociable, Talkative Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Telephone Operator Quiet, Sincere Hobby: Outdoor Sports 550 i- Favorite Expression: "Eee! Gads." CHRISTINE ZEGARSKI "Chris" Neat, inquisitive Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Air Force Commercial Friendly, Fun-loving Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Favorite Expression: "Eeee! Such a kid." DONALD ZELEK CHESTER ZOLTEWICZ "Don" "Barue" Academic Commercial Quiet, Studious Serious, Trustworthy Hobby: Coin Collecting Ambition: State Trooper Ambition: Science Teacher Favorite Expression: "Check that." We, the Senior Class of 1954, hereby wish to extend our sin- cerest thanks to Miss Claire Smith, who for the past five years, has unselfishly sacrificed her time and effort as student activity di- rector. Senior Classroom shots 13' Student GLORlA ADAMCZYK Mvnstrel 3 4 Polush Club Prest dent 4 FLORENCE BAKER M lorette 2 3 4 T H Y 2 Clvlcs Club Sophomore Class Secretary Candy G 4 M nstrel 2 3 4 CE BALLA TnHnY2 3 4 Bandl 2 3 4 So more Class Vlce Presndent Crvrcs Club 3 4 Secretary Junror Class President Junlor Nannual 3 Nannual 4 Glee Club 4 MARY BANACH Polnsh Club 3 4 Candy Glrl 3 4 T Hu Y 2 Nannual 4 BETTY BEESE Polish Club 3 4 Nannual 4 Mrnstrel 3 4 FRANK BlELENDA Gameworker 4 Polnsh Club 3 4 Key Club 4 Nannual 4 EDWARD BIGOS B lcetball 2 3 4 Nannual 4 Base 2 CHESTER BOGACKI Polrsh CI b 3 Key Club 2 Mlnstrel 2 3 4 Clvrcs Club 3 Milk Boy 2 CAROLYN BOLTZ Student Council 2 4 Trl Hu Y 4 .lunror Red Cross 2 3 Nannual 4 Mrnstrel 4 Bowllng Game worker 4 LEATHA BORMAN Candy Grrl 4 MARILYN BORMAN Student Council 2 Trl HI Y 2 3 4 M orette 2 3 4 Crvacs Club 3 4 Vlce Pres: ent Nannual 4 Mrnstrel 3 4 Glee Club 4 Bowlung CHESTER BOROFSKI Baseball 3 4 RONALD BOROFSKI Chess Club Track 2 3 4 Football 4 Basebal 2 3 4 Clv1csClub3 4 Junror C Vrce Presldent ELEANOR BOROWSKI Malorette 3 4 T H Y 2 3 4 Nantenna 2 3 Junuor Red Cross 2 3 4 Treasurer Chess Club 3 Mlnstrel 3 4 Nannual 4 Candy Gurl YVONNE BOZlMSKl Tr1HlY 2 3 4 Color Guard 4 Mrnstrel 2 3 4 Nantenna 2 Nannual 4 Red Cross 2 3 Cuvucs Club 4 Student Councrl 2 Glee Club 4 DOLORES BROGLIA Pollsh Club 3 JAMES BRUNN Chess Club Track Manager 2 IRENE BLCHKOWSKI Crvlcs Club 4 Pollsh Club 4 Junuor Red Cross 4 Achvltles LORRAINE BUTCZYNSKI Polush Club 3 4 T H Y 2 3 4 Nantenna 2 3 BERNADINE BYLINSKI Trnl-luY 2 3 4 Pol h Nantenna 3 LEONA CACCIA TraHlY 2 3 4 Minstrel 3 4 Junuor Red Cross 2 3 4 Teen House 2 MAURICE CARDONE B eball l 2 Football 3 4 Gameworker4 Chess Club Nannual 4 WILLIAM CROOP Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 4 4 Vnce Presudent 3 Secretary 4 Bowlmg 3 HENRY CZYZYCKI Football l 2 3 4 Track 2 C ub Nannual Munstrel Bowlnng 3 2 CHARLES DAVIS Football l Baseball 2 3 4 Junuor Class Presndent Teen House Vrce Presrdent DELPHINE DEMINSKI Junlor Red Cross 3 4 Tr H Y 3 4 Nannual 4 Gameworker 4 Nantenna 2 EVELYN DOMAIN N nnual 4 Nantenna l 2 3 4 2 3 4 Mins el ANTHONY FALCONIERI Student Councul 2 Key Club Gameworker 4 Mulk Boy 2 HIY 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Chess 2 3 ARLENE FEDORCHAK Candy Gurl 3 Polish Club 3 Tru HI Y 3 4 Gameworker 4 PH LLlS FRY Nannual 4 Tr1HlY 2 3 4 Junuor Red Cross 4 Mlnstrel 3 4 Gameworker 4 DOROTHY GAJEWSKI Tru Hr Y 2 3 4 Junuor Red Cross 2 3 4 Student Councnl 3 Cheerleader 3 4 Captaln Secretary Sensor Class Glee Club 4 Nantenna 2 JOAN GORALSKI Nantenna 4 Mrnstrel 3 4 Polish Club 3 4 Candy Grrl 4 Malorette 2 3 4 PHYLLlS GORSKI TrnH1Y 2 3 4 Polush Club 3 Game worker 4 Munstrel 3 4 Nannual 4 Junlor Red Cross 3 PATRICIA GRABOWSKI Junuor Red Cross 4 Polish Club 3 Gameworker 4 Nannual 4 RAYMOND GRABOWSKI Football 2 3 4 Sophomore Class Presudent GERALDINE GOGOLA Polrsh Club 3 MARIE GlUSTl TrrHnY 2 3 4 Minstrel 3 4 Nann l4 l l l - A 1 1 A A- - A 1 1 fi- i- 1 1 . 1 , . - 6' 1 1 1 ri' l- 1 31 41 - A- A- 1 1 1 is l 31 A A 1 5 lrl 5 . - - - 1 1 1 1 41 GRA f A- A- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 PlWO- 1 A 1 1 1 1 31 4, 1 1 1 1 - as I I If - ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 - 1 1 1 1 Hi-Y 1 31 - ' , , ' , , 11- . . . 1 1 1 14- - 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 A - 1 1 1 - I - A , . - ' 1 1 i- i- 1 - BS 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ball , 3, 4. - 6 1 1 1 1 1Tfi- - A u - 3, 47 . . ' ' HI-Y , , 1 tr 3, 4. 1 1 1 1 A - ELAlNE DUNCAN-Candy Girl 45 Trl-Hi-Y 2. - A 1 1 V 7 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , . F . I . I .- - A 1 - - 1 1 1 . U - - I I ' ai 1 1 1 1 1 d 1 . I 1 1 Y - 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 . 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2, 3, 5 l 1 1 1 1 1 laS5 . 1 1 - - n V - 1 A 1 1 ' - 1 1 fl' I' 1 1 1 . . , g A 1 1 1 1 i - I F I 1 3, - ' ' 1 1 1 1 A 4 1 1 1 1 - - - - 1 1 1 1 . W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - A- A- 1 1 1 A 1 1 U5 1 MARIE HAJDUK Trl HlY 2 Junlor Red Cross 2 Bowllng 3 Pollsh Club 3 DENISIA HOLLOWAY Pollsh Club 3 4 MARY ANN HANIAH M nstrel 2 3 4 JOAN HILL Pollsh Club 3 GERALD HUDAK Nannual 4 CIVICS Club 4 Gameworker 4 Mlnstrel 4 MAURICE HURLEY Student Councll 4 Pollsh Club 3 Mllk Boy 2 Chess Club 2 Track 2 Basketball I JOHN JAGODZINSKI HlY 3 4 Nantenna 3 4 Sports Reporter 4 Nannual 4 Baseball I Chess Club 2 tu dent Councll 3 STASIA JANIK Junlor Red Cross 2 Trl Hl Y 2 3 4 Pollsh Club 3 4 Mlnstrel 4 DALE JASZCZ Trl Hl Y 2 3 4 Pollsh Club 3 Malorette 2 3 4 Clvlcs Club 4 Nannual 4 Junlor Red Cross 2 Student Councll 2 RICHARD JONES Baseball 2 3 4 Wrestllng 4 JEANETTE KASHULA Pollsh Club 3 Mlnstrel 4 Candy 2 Trl HlY 2 RUTH KELLY Nantenna 4 Junlor Red Cross 2 Student Councll Candy Glrl 2 TrlHlY 2 3 4 Malore BARBARA KEMSKI Pollsh Club 3 BARBARA KOLATIVA Nantenna 2 Trl Hl Y 2 Junlor Red Cross 3 Mlnstrel 3 4 ANTHONY KO CH Football I 2 3 4 Wrestllng 3 Track 2 Teen House 4 Treasurer LORRAINE KOZAK Pollsh Club 3 Nannual 4 Student Councll 4 Mlnstrel 4 EUGENE KRAJEWSKI Key Club 2 3 Vlce Presldent Pollsh Club 3 4 Vlce Presldent Band I SALLY KRAVITZ Trl Hl Y 2 3 4 Student Councll 2 Junlor Cross 2 3 CVICS Club 3 4 Candy Glrl 3 Cheerleader 3 4 Nantenna 2 Nannual 4 Mlnstrel 2 3 4 Glee Club 4 EDWARD KRAVITZ Pollsh Club 3 4 Mllk Boy 2 DENNIS KRAVITZ Mllk Boy 2 Mlnstrel 3 4 Football I 3 4 Wrestling I BERNADENE KRYNICK Trl Hl Y 2 3 4 Presldent Jun or Red Cross 2 3 4 Nantenna 2 3 4 Edltor Student Councll 4 Presldent Nannual 4 Gameworker 4 Mun strel 3 4 CIVICS Club 3 4 Bowllng Glee Club 4 ELAINE KRYZANSKI Pollsh Club 3 Mlnstrel 2 3 4 Candy 2 CECEIL KUSSAVAGE TrlHlY 2 Pollsh Club 3 Nannual 4 Candy Glrl 4 THADDEIUS LAPINSKI Baseball 2 ROBERT LASTOWSKI Pollsh Club 4 Football 2 3 4 LAWRENCE LAYCHUR Football 2 3 4 Baseb II 3 4 Mllk Bay 2 4 RICIA LEGINS Mlnstrel 2 3 4 Tr H Y 2 Nantenna 2 Nannual 4 Student Councll 2 Junlor Red C oss 2 3 4 ROBERT LENTHALL Sophomore Class Treasurer Pollsh Club 4 Vlce Presldent Key Club 2 3 Hl Y 2 3 Band 3 Mlnstrel 2 DOLORES LEVANDOWSKI Trl HIY 2 3 4 Nannual 4 Nantenna 4 Bowllng Gameworker 4 Clvlcs Club 4 Mlnstrel GERALD LEVANDOSKI Football 2 3 4 Baseball I 2 3 4 Basketball 2 Student Councll 2 Senlor Class Treasurer JOHN LIPOWSKI Baseball I 2 3 4 Mllk Boy 2 as ketball 2 JOSEPHINE LOPOKA Gameworker 3 4 Trl Hl Y 2 3 Junlor Red Cross 2 4 Mlnstrel 3 4 Nantenna Nannual 4 Bowllng JANICE LOYEK Trl Hl Y 3 4 Nantenna 2 Nannual 3 Gameworker 3 4 Candy Glrl 4 Junlor Red Cross 3 4 Presldent 3 JOHN MACHUNG Hl Y 3 4 Gameworker 4 NORMA MACKIEWICZ Trl Hl Y 2 3 4 Junlor Red Cross 2 3 4 Pollsh Club 3 Gameworker 3 4 Mlnstrel 3 4 Nannual 4 Student Councll 3 ANTHONY MAKARCZYK Baseball I Mlk Boy 2 HIY 3 4 Chess Clu DANIEL MARCINKOWSKI Basketball 2 3 4 Game worker4 RITA MARSHALLICK Nantenna 3 4 Student Councll 3 RICHARD MARTUZA Football I 2 3 Wrestllng 4 - " 7 2 ' 2 ' - l- 7 2 2 2 A 2 i 2 ' 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ' 2 - 2 ' 2 ' 2 2 2 ' - , . l 2 2 2 2 2 - - l , , . ' - 2 2 2 2 - ' Girl , 3. " l I Q . . . h - - - 2 2 2 . , , . - ' 2 ' 2 A 2 2 2 - - - 2 2 2 - - - 2 2 2 2 .. . a . I F I is - 2 2 2 2 2 . . . . PAT - ' 2 2 2 l- l- 2 32 42 - 2 - - 2 2 2 . h . 2 2 2 2 2 . r , , . - - - 2 2 2 2 ' . . , - 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 - 2 2 2 2 - 2 2 2, 5 ' , 3. - 2 2 2 - - - - 2 2 2 2 - 2 2 , - , D 2 2 ' 2 2 2 2 Glrl , 3. . MATILDA KASPUTIS-Junior Red Cross 2, 35 Nantenna 25 - - - 2 2 2 2 2 ' 2 2 2 ' 2 ' - 2 ' 2 . l 2j l 2 l- '- , , 2 ' tte . - 2 2 2 2 2 B - I, 2, 3, 4. - 2 2 '- '- 2 2 42 " f ' ' F I 2 2 ' 2 2 22 I 2 - 2 l . R - 2 2 2 7 I 2 42 - l- A- , 5 2 , Aj F f - 2 2 A 2 ' 22 - ' I I 2 2 l - I - - A- , 5 . - 2 2 ' ' 2 - '- '- 2 2 2 ' ' 2 2 ' ' 2 2 2 2 2 ' 2 2 2 ' 2 2 f - - 2 2 2 2 Red , 2 l l , 2 l , 42 - 2 l I D' 2 2 2 2 ' 2 22 2 2 P 2- 2 2 A - . . - ' 2 2 ' . ' 4 2 . - ' 2 2 l 2 - 2 2 2 2 , 5 ' , 2, 3, 4. - 2 2 2 - DOROTHY MAYEWSKI Glee Club 4 Gameworker 4 Red Cross 3 4 Student Council 3 Candy Glrl 3 Pollsh Club 3 Nannual 4 Nantenna 2 CHARLES MAXWELL Baseball 2 3 4 Football 2 Basket ball 2 3 4 Nannual 4 Mllk Boy 2 4 Gameworker 4 THERESA MICKNO Gameworker 4 Tn Hu Y 2 Minstrel 4 MADGE MORAN Cuvucs Club 3 RUTH LOIS MORGAN Band I 2 3 4 Orchestra 3 4 WILLIAM MURPHY Crvlcs Club 4 Football 3 4 Base 3 FRANCES MUSIAL T HnY 2 3 Munstrel 2 3 NORMAN NOVAK Mnlk Boy 2 Gameworker 4 Mlnstrel 2 3 4 Baseball 3 Basketball 3 HIY 3 4 Clvucs Club 3 Nannual 4 Chess Club 3 Nantenna 4 CoEd1tor LORRAINE NOVASHINSKI TrlHlY 2 3 4 Gameworker 4 Junuor Red Cross 2 Nannual 4 PATRICIA NOWAK T HIY 2 3 4 Treasure 3 GI Club 3 4 Munstrel 3 4 Polush Club 3 FLORENCE SHEEDER TrlHlY 3 4 Student Council 3 Polxsh Club 3 4 FRANK PASQUINI Basketball 2 3 4 Nannual 4 President Gameworker4 Student Councul 2 Nannual 4 BERNADINE PILAREK Junlor Red Cross 4 TrIH Y 4 Nannual 4 Mlnstrel 3 4 Cuvlcs Club 4 GERTRUDE PIEPON Trl HIY 2 3 4 Junlor Red Cross 2 Mtnstrel I 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Co Captaun JAMES POWELL Baseball I 2 3 ootball I 2 CAROLYN PRICE Mayorette I 2 3 4 Nannual 4 Mun stre 4 NICHALAS PROZERALIK Baseball 2 3 4 Mlnstrl 3 Gameworker 4 LEONARD ROMAN Football 2 3 4 Basketball 3 Mun stre 3 4 Track 2 ALMA SALVADORE Nantenna 4 Exchange Editor 4 Nannual 4 TruHuY 2 3 4 Gameworker 4 Bowlung 3 ROBERT SCI-IOLL Football I 2 3 4 ELIZABETH SCHREINER Malorette 3 4 Minstrel 2 3 4 TrnHlY 2 3 Secretary 4 Chaplaun BARBARA SHAULIS Candy Gurl 3 4 Head Gameworker 3 4 Head Cnvucs Club 3 4 Nannual 4 DENNIS SHIPKOWSKI Student Manager Basketball 3 4 ANN M SHUKIS Mlnstrel I 4 TrlHlY2 3 4 Class Vlce Presrdent 4 Nannual 4 Trl HIY GEORGE SMITH Ba ketballl 2 3 4 Baseball I 3 Nannual 2 4 BARBARA STACHOWIAK Gameworker 4 Nannual 4 Nantenna 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Tru Hn Y 2 LAWRENCE STADULIS Band I 2 3 4 Orchestra 4 Base 2 3 4 Mins el PATRICIA STANKIEWICZ B nd 2 3 Nannual 4 N tenna 3 4 Junlor Red Cross 2 3 4 JOHN STANKOVICH Baseball 2 3 Basketball 3 4 SYLVIA SULEWSKI TrlHIY 2 3 Minstrel 2 Magorette 2 3 4 Ctvlcs Club 4 Student Councll 2 Nannual 4 Junior Red Cross 2 3 4 Secretary REINHART SUMMERFIELD Football I 2 3 4 Baseball JOSEPH SZCZECINSKI Baseball I F otball 2 3 4 S ketball 3 Wrestllng 4 THOMAS TATARA HIY 4 Polish Club 3 4 Treasurer Bowlnng 4 Nannual 4 Gameworker 4 RONALD TREMAYNE Clvlcs Club 3 4 President HIY 2 Secretary 3 4 Presndent Bandl 2 3 Nannual 4 RITA WADAS Trl HI Y 3 4 Polush Club 3 4 JOAN WEISS Nantenna I 2 3 4 TrlHlY 2 3 4 Stu dent Council 3 Nannual 4 NORBERT WISNIEWSKI Football 3 4 Basketball 3 Baseball 3 4 Mnlk Boy 3 4 JEAN WOMPIERSKI TrlHIY 2 3 4 Clvlcs Club Nannual 4 Cheer eader 3 4 RICHARD WOZNIAK Football 2 3 4 Baseball I 3 Teen House Presldent 4 ROSEMARY WYDAWSKI Sensor Orchestra Nannual Nantenna 2 Clvlcs Club 3 4 Tr1HlY 2 EDMUND WYSOCKI Basketball 2 3 4 HIY 4 Key Club 4 Nantenna 4 Ctvlcs Club 4 THERESA YAKIMOVAGE Student Counctl 2 3 Game worker 4 Mnstrel 3 4 Nannual 4 ELAINE YATSKO Tru H1 Y 3 4 Nantenna 3 4 Nannual 4 PAUL YATSKO Football 2 3 Basketball I 2 3 4 Stu dent Councul 2 Gameworker 4 Key Club 3 4 Chess Club 2 MARILYN YEAGER Jumor Class Secretary Trl HIY 2 3 4 Vice Presudent Clvucs Club 3 4 Treasurer Band I 2 3 4 Nannua CHRISTINE ZEGARSKI Nannual 4 Glee Club 4 Junnor Red Cross 2 - 1 1 - S 1 1 1 1 121 141 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 I , . 1 1 1 - 1 1 - ,1 1 1 1 - . - . '. '. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 - I I I - 1 1 1 1 1 - ' ' ' ball , , , ' tr 3, 4. I - B , 1 7 BFI- - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ' , 1 1 1 1 1 - ' A 1 1 1 f - 1 1 1 - ball ,4. I I I I I - - - 1 1 41 1 31 Ai - VI' ' 1 F 1 - - 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 I, 2, 3, 4. - - - 1 1 1 . - 1 0 1 1 1Ba- 1 1 1 I . 1 I I - ru- - , , , r 5 ee . . - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . I 7 . - - - 1 1 1 I I I I 1 - I I f ' ' ' . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - -1 1 1 1 I I I - - - 1 1 1 1 JOSEPH PIPAN-Milk Boy 2, Cuvncs Club 41 Sentor Class . . - 1 1 1 1 A - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - I . . 1 I ' - 1 - I- 1 . . . - 1 1 1 41 1 1 1 - I I I I 1 1 1 1 - A - 1 1 1 1 I I I I . . - - - 1 1 1 31 41 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 I I , I , 1 - 1 1 141 F 1 1 314- - 1 1 1 1 141 - 1 1 1 1 1 - - I . . - 1 41 - 1 1 1 6 1 . - ' . ', ', 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 '- 1 - 1 1 1 1 - . . - - 1 1 1 I , 1 . . I .. I I , - I ' I I .I I 1 1 1 1 1 '- '- 1 1 1 1 - . . - - - 1 1 1 1 1 i I I I ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - ' 1 1 1 1 1 - , , , 1 1 1 1 ' I' 1 1 1 1 - - ' 1 1 1 - ' , -I -I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4- . - A 1 1 '- '- 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 '- '- 1 - ast Will and Testament We the members of the class of 1954 of Nantlcoke Hugh School County of Luzerne Commonwealth of Pennsylvania bexng of good health and of sound mind and belng dessrous of durectlng as to how our estates shall be drsposed after our departure In the presence of the wltnesses do hereby make thus our Last Wlll and Testament To the Junlors we leave the pleasure of reading the Buble Jack Persunger nnherlts has crew cut from Paul Yatsko Dale Yash leaves her lolly laugh to Patsy Narr Donald Zelek passes on his polish ablluty to anyone wulllng to full has vacancy Reglna Pnkutls rs the lucky recelver of Lorralne Novashnnskl s seat on the school bus John Stanknewncz bequeaths hls good shoe to Bully Roche To Marlene O Donnell IS left Jannce Loyek s fine sense ot humor Chet Bogackl walls has helght to Stevie Olznnskl Elalne Duncan leaves her knowledge of Economucs to any industrious student Barbara Selner hands down her fine chouce of clothes to Cora Jane Wlldoner Ruddy Wermuth mheruts hrs basketball ablluty from Ed Goose Wysocku Sylvla Sulewsku leaves her Lee Riders to Ruth Kung Adam Shepela obtains his good looks from Tony Korch Dorothy Mayewskl wllls her ablllty to argue over Consumer questions to any untellugent student Marnlyn Yeager bequeaths her friendly dlsposltlon to Fran Duda Lenny Roman hands down his abllnty to keep the Park Clgar Shop occupied to Bully Sheridan To Mr Yastremskl another social Physics Class Dolores Plkutls obtains her popularity from Delphlne Demlnskl Joseph Plpan leaves his work as Senior Class Presldent to any capable Junior Eleanor Borofskl passes on her amnable smlle to Adrlenne Boyer Tony lncell: wllls hls reserved nature to Ruchard Harvey Tom Tatara leaves his P O D Papers to Stanley Stavetskn Leon Novakowsku leaves hls tune taste In clothes to Jerry Walter Carol Boltz leaves her parking space at the bottom of the hull to anyone who gets there first Lorry OMalley hands her locker keys to anyone wlth an overcrowded locker Bug Jnm Thomas IS the proud receiver of Bull Murphys curly halr Katherine Busch obtalns her blond halr from Dot Galewskl Richard Martuza wllls has ablllty to study to anyone wnllmg to carry on Josie Lapoka hands down her bowllng ball to Mary Mrnsavage Bobby Lenthall wllls has lokes to all Jumors wnth a sense of humor Barbara Shaulls leaves her bug brown eyes to Connue Fllupnak Mlke Belak IS the reclplent of Remy Summerfleld s posltton as quarterback Chrns Zegarskl leaves her seat In room ll to any unsuspecting Junlor Irene Buchkowskl leaves her abllnty In shorthand to any brllllant Junlor Norma Macklewlcz hands down her pleasant attutude to Fran Buckley Sally Ann Kravitz leaves her posltlon on the cheerleading squad to any vigorous Junlor The entire Nannual Staff wllls the worry of sellung subscrnptnons In order to meet the quota to the Junlor Class To the teachers we leave grey halr pleasant memories and a box of asplrlns All belonglngs which we forget to mention are to be dnsposed of as thought best Watnesses Y B SERIOUS I M HAPPY ' 1 1 I 1 . - - f rl 11 - , . . , . . u 11 . . . . . . . . ,, ,, . . . ,, . ,, . , . ,, . . ,, . . . , . . . . . , . 1 1 ' Alphabetically Yours Athletnc Relnhart Summerfield Henry Czyzycku Robert Scholl Raymond Gra bowskl B ashful Elaune Kryzansku Dolores Broglua Irene Buchkowskl Edward Warakomskz Edward Kravutz Cute Maldred Mnchalek Delphnne Yash Joan Goralsku Glona Adamczyk Elza beth Schreiner Delightful Barbara Wyda Patrlcua Stanknewlcz Dorothy Galewskl Ann Marne Shukls Ruta Wadas Fntertanmng Paul Yatsko Bruno Tagnanu Jan Olengunsku Alma Salvadore Rose mary Wydawskn F asclnatlng Phyllls Fry Sylvla Sulewskn Chrlstlne Zegarskl Rlchard Jones George Smith Good looklng Ronald Borofskl Anthony Korch Charles Davis Leonard Roman Anthony Falconelrl H appy go lucky Steve Pelehach Barbara Stachowlak Rosalie Tesar James Powell Norbert Wlsnlewskr Ideal Joan Hull Barbara Shaulls Sally Kravltz Rlchard Woznlak Danuel Marcin kowskl DorothyONelll Jolly Ruta Marshalllck John Llpowskn Maurrce Hurley Arlene Fedorchak Elnza beth Wallace K and Patrlcla Stancker Jean Wompuerskl Marilyn Yeager Wullram Croop Gerald Levandosk: Lovely Denny Halloway Carol Prlce Carol Boltz Grace Balla Margaret Swlda Mannerly James Kamlnskl Loretta OMalley Norma Mackuewlcz Frank PBSQUIDI Charles Skrzypkowskl Neat Gertrude Prepon Mary Plllar Gerald Hudak Charles Maxwell Wlnlfred Robaczewskl O bservant Thomas Tatara Bernadlne Krynlck Joan Ropers Donald Zelek Joseph Plpan P etnte Marne Glustl Barbara Selnar Barbara Kolatnva Leona Caccla Ruta Pruchnuck Sylvua Novak Q ulet Theresa Stancker Lorralne Resperskl Delphune Demlnsku Shurley Schlmmel Eugene Ushlnskl John Machung Reliable Dolores Levandowsku Joan Wenss Florence Baker Patrlcla Terkowsku Edward Blgos Frank Ostapowlcz JlUdIOUS Patrlcla Lntchkofsku Evelyn Domaln Joseph OlZInSkl Chester Bogack Rnchard Martuza T rustworthy Elizabeth Pluto Phyllis Gorskl Marilyn Borman Ronald Tremayne U nderstandnng Patrucla Petrash Patrlcla Grabowskn Lorraine Novashrnskl Anthony lncelln Steven Tranell V ugorous Patrucla Shnpp Ruth Kelly Patrncua Legxns StaclaJan1k Joan Valentlnells Wltty Patrlcua Novak Robert Lenthall Edmund Wysockl Nlck Prozerallk Stanley Norczyk Xcltlng Irene Buchkowskl Chrlstune Hassay Janlce Loyek Jeanette Prlnclpalu Eleanor Borowskl Elanne Yatsko Youthful Patricia Pepl Elnzabeth Beese Florence Sheeder Geraldine Gogola Z ealous James Brunn Bernadune Byllnskn Dorothy Mayewskn Lawrence Laychur Marvun Stegner - . . . I ,I I - - - . . .I . I ,I ,I - - . I . I . I ,I , I - - ' t I . . . . I . .I . , . h- - - - I I .I . .I I , - - -. . - . I . .l . . .I . I T ' I L . . .1 1 . 1 1 - - Q . .- . l 1 I . I I - 1 . I . I . I . . I . . - .I , . . - 1 . . I . .I . , I . - -. t- . .I I . .I . 1 . . I T T- 1 . 1 N 1 1 I ' . . , . . . . ' 1 . 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' . I . ' I I . . ' ' 1 1 4 - 1 1 1 - . . . .' ' . I . I . . . ' - . - l . I . .I . . .I . . , , . - . 1 I .,. . I I . . .I , . ,- . . . . . . . . I ' ' 1 1 1 1 'I ' - . ' . .I . , ' - . . - . . I . . .I . . .I , . -. 1 . . . I I . . . I . - I - -. -' - ' ' , I l, . I 1 - l - - . , .1 ' ' 1 . I l l l' , . - - I . e , - , 1 ' ' - .- I I ' Q' l, 1 JUNIORS Junior Class Officers OOC Seated Dolores Plkutus Secretary Standmg Fran ces Buckley Vxce President Ruchard Harvey Treas urer Madlyn Gordon President CLASS COLORS Maroon and Gold CLASS FLOWER Llly ofthe Valley CLASS MOTTO Education our gain Success our goal 1 if O l 5 -- IV T 5 , l PHOMORES Sophomore Class Offrcers Seated Joan Hamsh Vnce Presldent Soma Dud nck Secretary Standing Joseph Gronka Treas urer Arthur Gordon President .Q 3 2533! 3 Q. 0.0 I 'S 'fy A an A 'X V ew -f X if f si I " I F x .S f ' Y ., , 0 V' ',,J P "' O , aaff' Y' ,Fx rw F5 ll' l Nz I . Lf ll ROOM 27-Miss M. Boyleflfirst row: P. Narr, U. Buczlcowski, J. Raspandowski, M. Roscoe, G. Relel, P. Cannon, P. James, B. Jaskiewicz, M. Minsavage, J. Quoos, L. Stenevich, M. Burrier, B. Oslroslci. Second row: T. Mickowslci, R. Balcalar, P. Chernlkovich, M. Balinski, B. Kolodziei, A. Kendro, B. Shannon, J. Baker, D. Hampton, A. Calabro, B. Rentko. Third row: T. Turley, W. Mera, R, Briggs, J. Malikiewicz, R. Wenslow, A. Balla, L. Bodgan, J. Bera, R. Bienkowski, R. Bogaclci, J. Golob. Absent L. Sager. li A fs J, ' F5 5" Pl Lv, V4 IRQ 'k' '99-2' sag. "' iQ' ROOM 31 Mr AYes1remsku Furs? row M Tlrpak E Beldowucz E OBrien C Dremalskl B Shemlco B Slebolus L Paydo A Lazar A Supchak P Lehman A Sepela E Sarnek R Thomas Second row R Budner R Howells R Gleanvllle D Butz M Rydzewsku B Jacobs D. Gaurlsh, R. Bufchko, D. Bonsavage, M. Greenbaum R. Blackus W. Rowerl. Thlrd row: J. asson, M. Alberfi, . sczylc, . avi z, . us, . e ins l, . Rat , . Carroll, W. Maxwell, C. Zayhowski, R. Praivdlllc, R. Cieplik, D. Swaml-co. Sfeflh RESHMEN ' fx N M -Q tm I 'X oem' C QL",-"" MR. JOSEPH SIESKO, Principal T was 1, K 5 Y 4 .gl K-JIF? Hrs? row. W, H, Jones, A. McCarthy, L. Smith, A. Thomas, E. Kistler, E. Mundy, S. Cimmet M. Job, A. Kuligowski. Second row: A. Grudkowski, F, Chickson, J, Siesko, W. Furman, E, Lohman, A. Miroslaw Junior Hi h "5-4 "L ROOM I-Miss Job-First row: C. Schneilcarf, B. Pefrochko, B. Gorka, C. Luzenski, M. Wanchisen, E. Brown, I. Bogdan, C. Paczkowski. Second row: C. Sczecinski, N. Wisniewski, P. Kozrnoski, R. Karnowski, B. Figlerski, A. DiMario, R. Rybak, G. Tippins. Third row: W. Zionlcowski, W. Kresge, P. Husak, H. Markowski, J. Klirnaszewski, R. Bachsfein, R. Brzenczek. ROOM 2-Mr. Lohman-First row: E. Victor, B. Cheshelski, A. Borofski, D. Edwards, E. Loughrey, J. Rynlciewicz, M. Olshefski, B. Ptashinski, W. Windt. Second row. J. Hudachelc, P. Makarczyk, R. Hillman, C. Scharfzer, R. Hillman, R. Dislasio, R. Sager, E. Turley. Absent. G. Havy, F. Pohorski. I 1 li 1- . l nn ROOM 3-Miss Srnltlwvlzlrsf row: F. Hall, W Fox, L. Burgas, E. Novaslwlnslcl, M. Balla, B Wolciechowskl, M. Kempski, M. Kovalskl. Second row: R. Oshlnski, J. Sheeder, G. Jablonslcl M. Harcharelc, L. Lucklewlcz, T. Gill, J. Legglns. Ynird row: R. Raspens, J. Fedor, J. Shepela B. Dziedzic, S. Sowa, S. Pluto, D. Lacey. Absent Carl Anfonik, John Verneskl. ROOM 4-Mr. Miroslaw-First row: T. Cardone, A. Zegarski, A. Faust, V. Sirera, A. Bushelii, R. Nowasacki, M. Zionkowski. Second row: D. Grabowski, W. Kashula, S. Grzymski, A. Beldowicz, B. Michiewicz, R. Solinski, B. Zegarski, T. Zebrywski. Third row. G. Zupko, G. Smurlo, S. Breita, C. Figlerski, J. Zukowski, D. Granowski, R. Voyton. Absent: A. Hassay. .M ky A -ii Q ROOM 5-Miss Kistler-First row. M. Sakoski, E. Stempien, B. Estock, M. Mislavitz, M Brenner, S. Fox, B. Yatsko. Second row. L. Levi, N. Cavaliini, N. Blaskowski, H. Buchkowski M. Kanyuck, L. Piontkowski, M. Kotch. Third row: J. Strycharz, X. Rygwalski, R. Laska S. Lapoka, Z. Sulewski, S. Pinko, B. Zbieraiewski, D. VanFossen. Absent: S. Oleiar. .ng- ROOM 6-Miss Cimrnet-First row: N. Wentz, P. O'MaIIey, M. Kussavage, P. Romanski, B. Pietrzyk, B. Nice, R. Shek, J. Kata. Second row: D. Stebelos, B. Danielowicz, H. Gromniak, B. Wydra, V. Kopko, A. Koslowski, E. Pollock. Third row. C. Dornbrowski, J. McLaughlin, B. Janusz, E. Draminski, T. Kwiatkowski, C. Ogin, W. Stachowiak. Absent. R. Verfin. su. Kew Lu 4 .. ROOM 7-Miss Mundy-First row: T. Klaga, M. McQuown, R. Rembelles, E. Salvadore, L. Adamczyk, C. Wenslow, L. Sadowski, B. Potapczyk, M. Mislavitz. Second row: J, Wadas, G. Prukala, B. Baron, S. Gibale, M. Rasmus, A. Penhale, J. Calabro, M. Gomez. Third row. M. Kwak, L. Volpicelli, A. Gorski, L. Lasecki, E. Yachimiak, R. Rutkowski. Absent. D. Adams, 3 . -Al -- gy x ' Q, kv M.. 1 bf' 'Y' ROOM 8-Mr. Chickson-First row. R. George, P. Zaremba, R. Wlotzka, T. Proszkowski, M. Negosh, E. Sherwood, M. Shemanski. Second row: J. Volowicz, J. Litchkofski, L. Brown, G. Jones, R. Shuma, O. Crouse. Third row: J. Ceppa, D. Luiz, W. Sadowski. Absent: A. Ives, R. Kochanski. ROOM 9-Mr. Jones-First row. D, Welch, C. Pegarells, J. Laburda, C. Stancheski, E. Vedor, L. Kogiski, C. Shean. Second row. J. Shibilski, E. Lasecki, H. Boltz, J. Cardone, E. Janora, I. Briggs. Third row. J. Vasilakos, S. Petroski, S. Powell, J. Schwartz, J. Kryzanski. x wr f -aff Ti? Y! Vdv gi.. M' ' ROOM 10-Miss McCarthy-First row: M. Demski, J. Vishnefski, H. Pillar, L. Hischak, M. Giza, J. Donahue, M. Simon, C. Falconieri. Second row: R. Zaiaczkowski, R. Superko, J. Romanowski, L. Young, B. Gasielewski, J. Ducla, R. Powell. Third row: V. Pilarek, A. Savukinas, R. Nikolicik, P. Sokol. L '1 'LH iw in Q ff' 1 , f,, hw I Si-P Eighth Grade ROOM 14-Miss Porter-First row: E. Janso, C. Smiczenski, J. Smolinski, E. Ditzler, R. Reese, S. Weisgable, F. Boysia, J. Long, R. Kaminski. Second row: F. Boysia, R. Maxirnowicz, C. Oseski, E. Marshalleck, C. Markowski, I. Pelehach, G. Orlowski, W. Jenkins, B. Budurko. Third row: J. Baron, R, Galabek, T. Adams, R. Selner, R. Tagnani, N. Levandowski, R. Paisley, D. Lewis, B. Butczynski. I O -L A 3 ll- ROOM 15-Miss Buckley-First row: J. Detzler, R. Ricci, J. Laugley, R. Sinko, R. Dugan, M. Kufta, C. Litchkofski, P. Kioler, G. Cetorelli. Second row: L. Emelett, E. Gwiaszdoski, L. Rinehimer, R. Wermuth, B. Poznak, C. Copper, J. Kubashik. Third row: S. Ricci, S. Kafchinski, E, Michno, J. Bartley, C. Romanowski, H. Krasucki, R. Dykins. Absent: M. Shannon, R. Wilusiewski, M. Kalinay. g I 5 rv ini ROOM I6-Miss Sypniewski-First row: G. Lewandowski, E. Ushinski, C. Leyman, B. Como rowski, M. Prusakowski, N. Balla, M. Kashubowski, E. Zupko, A. Machung, M. Gluchanicz Second row: H. George, A. Jozefowicz, C. Kozlowski, B. Greaves, D. Pelehach, A. Oshinski C. Zaremba, A. Wrisiewski. Third row: J. Paczkowski, W. Krzyniewski, J. Kulesa, W. Greaves R. Lewandowski, J. Paulino, L. Janiczek, R. Jones, C. Litchkowski. O .O -Q F Q K. 'X I J ROOM 20-Mr. Lewis-First row: C. Dudriclc, J. Glanville, B. Pifz, B. Briggs, M. Hallat, B. Leiby, P. Edmuntowicz, S. Schimmel. Second row: J. Kwiatkowslci, J. Rakowski, J. Lawrence, F. Kessler, M. Kufta, C. Hunter, D. Paveletz, R. Weisgable, P. Kaczmarczylc. Third row: M. Sinco, J. Roman, E. Gillis, J. Norczyk, F. Krashinski, N. Clarke, L. Whytoselc, D. Draper. Absent: C. Gorski, P. Price. -J" nu.. . l 2!""'? Q "N i '- " i ROOM 21-Miss Fisher-First row. A. Celnak, R. Strout, L. Jacobs, A. Krause, E. Gorski M. Thomas, S. Opalski, B. Bollina, F. Roushey. Second row: R. Elrny, J. Shemanski, K Kraitz, P. Sosinski, A. Znaniecki, J. Robacheski, E. Gavrish, F. Jones. Third row: C. Marcella R. Prushinski, E. Norkitis, J. Bil, C. Smith, J. Weiss, J. Vida. :ug ' 5. on A xii' " Du- ROOM 22-Miss Snyder-First row: J. Harvey, D. Bartley, L. Krason, J. Powell, B. Plytage, R. Wozniak, M. Urban, D. Jones, J. Albanese, M. Smith. Second row: S. Vance, S. Sherri, R. Radomeki, A. Cannon, S. Gdovise, S. Price, P. Buckley, B. Argentini, R. Robey. Third row. J. Dillori, J. Bobbin, J. Marcella, E. Hummel, G. Baron, B. Neilan, J. Jeffries, S. Fela. Auto, Electric, And Machine Shop Classes 0 ANIZATIONS Nannual Staff Seated Sally Kravitz Yvonne Bozm sk: Joan Weiss Assocuaie Edutors Slandlng Joseph Plpan Edlfor Mr Alex Wysocku Advisor Literary Staff f. l i 3 "' Q' 1 fs. 'ia f x .A 59' A Furs? row Eleanor Borofsku Marilyn Borman Dorthy Galewskn Patrncsa Grabowsku Marulyn Yeager Second row Norma Mackuewucz Evelyn Domaun Bernadune Krymck Janace Loyek Dorollwy Mayewslcl Joan Weiss Grace Balla Typing Staff ut Seated Carolyn Boltz Dolores Le vandowslcn Elaine Yatsko Standung Dorothy ONeul Thomas Tatara Marne Guustr Business Staff L Vila-7 it Y in-sr' Furst row Dolores Levandowsku Eleanor Borofskn Eluzabeth Schrnener Carolyn Boltz Rosa Ire Wydawsku Second row George Smuth Mary Ann Hanash Patncna Legnns Dorothy May ewsku Jannce Loyek Bernadnne Pularek Not present Frank Kocrenskn Daniel Marcunkowskr Stephen Pelehach Rlchard Terkowskn Francus Levanda Stanley Norczyk Edward Bugos Edltorlal Board Seated Evelyn Domaln Carolyn Boltz Subscrlptron Edutors Dennrs Shlpkowskr Sports Edu for Gerald Hudak Art Editor George Smith Advertnsrng Edntor First row Sally Kravntz Dale Jazcsz Norma Maclclewxcz Rosalie Wydawskr Marllyn Yeager Second row Mary Ann Hannsh Bernadlne Krynlck Patrncna Leglns Yvonne Bozlnsku Elaune Yatsko Subscr ip tion S ta ff Nantenna Staff Edltorlal Board xi WNW 'WY Flrst row R Harvey Assxstant Sports Edltor B Krynlck Edntorln Chlef John T Jones Advnsor C Osrnanskl Business Edltor N Novak Assistant Edltor Second row J Jagodzln sk: Sports Edutor T Cardone R Marshalluck B Stachowuak D Pukutus Luterary Edutor A Salvadore Exchange Editor R Keiley J Goralskl J Oldfleld General Group Staff 1 .os o ln ew -. - Frst row: J. Greenland, B. Sutchko, J. Baker, F. Bockiey, D. Pkutts, B. Krynwk, B. Stac ow- t ,A S dore, J, en. econd ow: J. Goraiskt, R. Ke te , B. Shannon, B. Howar Foo, R. Marshallrck, B. Cheshelskt, C. Osmanski, T. Cardone. Thtrd owz J. Jagodz nskt, RJ Harvey, R. Torfey, E. Young, N. Novak, J Otdheld. Student Council 9' "' l ID K Q OFFICERS-Left To right: Madalyn Gordon, Vice President, Patricia Os- Yrowski, Secretary, Bernadene Kry- nick, President, Jan Olenginski, Treasurer. TT -,-.V 11 W.: l .W .J Front row: L. Kozak, B, Jaskiewicz, S. Voyion, F. Duda, A. Baron, M. Gordon, J. Olengin- ski, B. Krynick, P,Os1rowski, C. Boltz, M. O in S. Dudrick. Back row: L. Shi man J. Albos 9 f P f ' Ta, R. Lenihall, M. Hurley, R. Harvey, S, Traneli, S. Wintergrass, D. Condo, T. Taiara, R. Budner. Ei C' X V isis!! F--'-'-Q: IIB? ' .ff-""-T-ti" ,Tr 'FV' ff yy qi, Tl 'HUM ,i 1 fl h Xa. W ' I w-ET' ,qv 4 -11 'G .ea ii? 'Bgl- .H fi Tri-Hi-Y OFFICERS-First row: E. Ecker, Sec- retary, E. Schriener, Chaplaing M. Yeager, Vice President. Second row: A. Miller, Treasurerg B. Kry- nick, President. Seniors Key Club iff, li EEZ-mx I K . OFFICERS-Sitting: Herman Howard, Vice President. Standing, left to right: Earnest Young, Treasurer, Ronald Hillman, Secretary, Richard Harvey, President. First row left to right Jack Oldfield T Gayda, R. Turley, F. Bielenda, R. Hillman R H r vey E Young H Howard E Wysoclci L Shipman, G. Waiter. Second row: L. Cionzyenslci D Gorka R Howell W Wolfe F Elmy L Weaver. Third row: A. Gordon, R. Stein A a S Ushinski J Weitz R Galazian J Thomas, J. Chickson, G. Killian, P. Luzenski E K: essay Civics Club F, N 'gl . .Q X I? . S ,X '14 6' OFFICERS-Seated: Marilyn Yeager, Treasurer. Standing, left to right: Marilyn Borman, Vice President, Ronald Tremayne, President, Grace Balla, Secretary. T WN A First row: E. Schreiner, S. Kravitz, J. Wornpierslai, M. Yeager, G. Balla, R. Trernayne, M Borrnan, R. King, S. Sulewski, L. O'Malley, C. Shiplcowski, J. Baker. Second row: D. Yash F. Baker, B. Shaulls, J. Prlncipall, B. Wyda, l. Buchkowskl, L. Resperslci, B, Krynlclc, F. Buck ley, D. Pikutis, M. Gordon, D. Levandowski, R. Prichnlck. Third row: J, Oldfield, N. Novak R. Petrash, D. O'Neill, R. Wydawski, Y. Bozinski, P. Stachowlalc, A. Miller, C. Haracz, B. Pilar ek, L. Weaver. Fourth row: R. Harvey, J. Resperslci, R. Hillman, E. Wysockl, J. Pipan, G Hudak, S. Tranell, W. Murphy, J. Olenglnskl. Junior Red Cross 'P 4. V - OFFICERS-Standing, left to right E. Borowski, Treasurer, S. Sulewski Secretary, J. Loyek, Honorary Presi dent. Sitting: K. Hallman, Vice Presi dent, Miss K. Hess, Advisor, S. Du drick, President. J' 4,7 t 1' 'WA-J First row, left to right: J. Wompierski, J.Lapoka, M. Yeager, P. Stankiewicz, A. Salvadore, S. Sulewski, J. Loyelc, S. Dudrick, E, Borofski, M. Hallman, D. Mayewski, J. Principalli, B. Stachowiak, P, Legins. Second row: J. Baker, H. Draminski, C. Butchko, C. Jacob, J. Green- land, T. Grzymski, M. O'DonnelI, L. Caccia, P. Gorski, D. Deminski, M. Hanish, B. Petarek N, Mackiewicz. Third row. C. Hasacy, l. Butchkowski, L. Resperski, P. Fry, R. King, F. Buck- ley, D. Pikutis, B. Krynick, L. O'Malley, B. Shaulis, A. Bialobek, S. Novak, P. Grabowski, D. Gaiewski. 1 Teen House OFFICERS-Seated: Charles Davis Vice President, Dolores Pikutis, Sec reiary. Standing: Anthony Korch Treasurerg Richard Wozniak, Presi dent. Teen House Activities Orchestra ,Q Y First row: S. Voyton, L. Burgas, R. Morgan, R. Wydawski, N. Wentz, M. Sakowski, S. Du- drick. Second row: T. Burgas, L. Frankowicz, R, Zaleski, R. Kotsur, M. Cecelski, L. Stadulis. Third row: R. Bobbin, H. Howard, W. Croop. H 4. L- -vs 0 .. 0 4 K SENIOR MEMBERS Seated: Ruth Morgan, Rosalie Wy- dawski. Standing: William Croop, Robert Zaleski, Lawrence Stadulis. 0 if gear gxefx mum 4-fx Seniors e ori : . a'ewsi, . e, L fl? ghf D G1 k R T G. Plepon, J. Wompierski, S. Kra 1 . Cheerleaders ,QE will . l Furs? row: D. Galewsk R. Tesar, G. Pnepon, J. Womplerskl, Sally K 1 S d G Zukowski, F. Dude, C. Wildoner, F. Buckley, J. Baker. Class Prophecy TIME JunelO l974 SCENE Lnvnng Room Husband has lust arrtved home from the reumon of the class of 1954 Slnce has wufe had to stay home wuth the chlldren she us eager to learn something of her former classmates He proceeds to tell her Remember Sylvla Sulewskl and Phyllls Fry? They re Rockettes at Charles Skrzyp kowsku s mght club Jerry Hudak has lust opened Hudaks Trans contnnental Bus Lune Jean Womplerskl Joan Ropers and Marulyn Yeager are bug time operators wnth the Bell Telephone Co Pat Legrns ts nn New York modeling the clothes desugned by Betty Pluto At the Pentagon Tony Korch Leonard Roman and Tony lncelll are Anr Force offlcers Jerry Levandowskl Joe Olzunskl and Bob Lastowskl are admurals Susan Ogln Bernadlne Bylunskl and Georgla Wandell have been marrled for most twenty years Norbert Wusnlewskn as another Gene Kruppa Shurley Schummel has converted thousands un the Far East s mussnonary Dad you see the latest 3 D movle Clnderella 'P lt was directed by Maurice Car done successor to Walt Dusney Tony Falconueru a chemucal enguneer has lust bought the Park Smoke Shop so he can shoot pool whenever possuble Jan Olengunskn a dentust has gust nnvented a new type of denture Yvonne Bozlnsku Sally Kravitz Dale Jascz Bernue Kryntck Marnlyn Borman Del phune Demlnskn Jeanette Pnncupalu and Gertrude Pnepon are all nurses at some ofthe most modern hosputals In the country Tom Tatara and PatStank1ew1cz are teaching at our Alma Mater Joe Pupan and Ruchard Woznzak cuvul englneers are planning to bulld a brldge across the Great Lakes Bull Murphy ns goung to spend has second mulllon buuldlng a factory for the manu facturung of punoccle cards Elnzabeth Schrnener and Rosalne Tesar are aurlune stewardesses at TWA Steve Tranell and Bob Lenthall are stull tryung to thunk of an easy way to make their flrst mllllon Henry Nowlckl and Ben Opalskl are owners of rlval radio TV studios ln New York Mary Ann Hanxsh us snngung with the Metropolitan opera Dolores Levandowsku as a Certufned Publnc Accountant for a bug farm nn New Jersey Carolyn Boltz has gust opened a hot rod shop rn the center of New York Joan Welss IS now a successful stenographer for the Ford Corp Jam Powell has Invented a new halr tonuc STA DOWN Bob Scholl has produced a cow that gnves mulk In three flavors Ruta Pruchnuck has lust formulated a new blastlng powder which lS capable of blowung up Nantncoke Hugh School nn one mnlluon pneces Evelyn Domann has gust been appounted secretary to the manufacturers of ROTO ROOTER Captaun Betty Beese has lust completed a twenty year stretch wnth the U S Marunes Elaune Yatsko as now head of Kathertne Gubbs School an New York Danuel Marclnkowskn ns chlef puzza maker at the Waldorf Astorna T I 7 . . . 1 ., . . , . . I I I I I I "" , al- . . . , - - . . ,, . ,, . . , . I I I I ' 1 1 1 I 1 ' I I I I , - 1 THLETICS Football ,J . N , I 'X of W A DIKSA E GRALA W JONES R BIENKOWSKI C PRUSHINSKI Coach Assistant Coaches S q u a d Student Managers nl' n 1, Cf, A rw' CP ,JA '91 if A2145 '55 - 7 VQELQS snug? gfigil f"' "" if JWWFEVQA LJ A L me 4554 35 M LT H5161 J i'f'5:v Furs? row J Duda J Persmger J Chuckson F Elmy R Bien kowskx R Wolfkenl C Prushlnsk: S Olzlnskl M Danko W Shervdan R Levanda Second row C Ppan T Korch R Summerfueld H Czyzyckn R Lastowskx N Wnsmewskl G Levandowsku R Scholl R Wozmak L Novakowsku L Laychur R Grabowsku R Bachstem Thurd row E Janora R Dnstasso L Shnpman M Belak J Powell G Smith B Roche J Thomas 3 '1 J Szczeclnsk: A Shepela L Roman R Wenslow R Borof sk: Coach Anvhony Dnksa Fourth row Assusrant Coaches E Grala W Jones D Hampton F Szczepansku J Golab D Lutz R Turley A Savukmas J Edmuntowncz Fuffh row J Wyda N Cavallmn A Dnmano J Vernesku J Syslo A Caleb ro E Turley W Clark J Lnchkofskl J Marcella 'x l ' J 9 1 U 4- s, R 1 "' f ' - I n X, l 1 K J , 1 as ' 0 l ff JA " tx J j X I 1 A - 1s" 3 J 'fx' 2 ' 1 fi, .V ,L if ,ax 43 MJ- L , -' . .a T' Q N I.. Q- M A L -ff' A -ff J, , , 4 G S 'Q ,V AO-f A K B 1' ' - v - f'4 8 Q '- gf AM 'L' 'f We wc- L 2 45- .1 .J .J. g, 6 s 2 2 I 1 -7- - I' , fl 1' f' -1' Af' j 5 L A J g M 'X' 7 , ., . 1 ,f n f y, 3.5 1 vc, Q- '-' . vw V ,s . J, . 'a ' F ,A V . - U ' R' ,,,., .:' ,J "" "',,. Q". KY '-.- , -A J J Nfl - 'V vs Q... , .r -.I L -.6 o V 3, 1 Q, J J x Ak ,.A"' :Er ' 1 ' A W il Mg ,Q l -' ' - f' 2-1 Q A I f' "' f' T ,Jeff Qi' A J 1 XI ' J fl , f A .V 3 I-, Y . .V ,,V,, . , 5 , M B , , 1 . fflsg' af 1 pf'-,, W- , 3 g 1- . .P ,. so A R X 'if A -RJ: m ' 3 '. " A A-Q", Y ' f- fl- 1 .4 . . 3 A A , A Qi J, 546, .Ev I 'V -, ,V va: A I 1,23 X Q .Lv V. K ' , , 4 . ' gg ffl ' ' - V ' x 5 JZ A le J- ' ' . -. . A, E .N -f . i 4: . Av L i 1 U ,si r I, 'X 1 4 l L 14: , - , , .R 7 , 1 fy a , I l ' , . . : . l , . , . I - I - I - if - 1 ' , . ', , ', , ' ' 'I , , . , . ' , . ' . ' : .I . I . I , . .I . , I ' . .I ' l . I ' 'I ' I ' . ', . ' . ' : . , , ' ' , , . , . , - 1 .1 A - ' ' I ' I ' I ' . I ' I ' I 'Q K X ev K X A REINY SUMMERFIELD Quarterback 2 , 1 LENNY ROMAN End 1 Q3 in BOB SCHOLL Fuilback .K 4 JERRY LEVANDOSKI Center LARRY LAYCHUR Tackle K I 'X 1' f 'I ,aft 3 a' . ' ' v A - A RI IE WOZNIAK Halfback 1 ' X J' - if Q HANK CZYZYCKI MSB.,--.LIZ sw Halfback TONY KORCH Guard 1 MN JOE SZCZECINSKI Tackle xl X F JIM POWELL Halfback .WW NORBERT WISNIEWSKI Fullback RONNY BOROFSKI Tackle BOB LASTOWSKI Guard RAY GRABOWSKI n l"".. LEO NOWAKOWSKI Center BILL MURPHY Guard . . . sua. 13 0 Football Summary f S? SEASON LUZERNE The 1953 football season began as Nanticoke defeated Luzerne 136 Luzerne scored in the first half on a pass After an inspiring pep talk the team came out fighting with Elmy scoring first Later Czyzycki insured victory on an end sweep Wozniak converted MEYERS To a shortsleeved crowd Nanticoke battled Meyers to a O 0 tie Several scoring attempts for the Nans were halted by bad breaks GAR In a night contest Nanticoke tied a favored G A R squad 66 The Nans scored when Le vandoski intercepted a pass and Scholl plunged over the goal line Later G A R scored on a pass. The second half remains a deadlock. HANOVER An inspired Nanticoke team defeated Hanover 20-6 in a night contest. Hanover scored first but the Nans came back twice with Scholl and Wozniak scoring. In the second half Roche scored to wrap it up. COUGHLIN The Nans suffered a crucial-defeat at the hands of Coughlin 7-6. Czyzycki scored first for Nanticoke, with less than three minutes remain- ing to be played, the Crusaders blocked the Nans' punt, scoring and converting the place- ment to win. LARKSVILLE In a night contest, played in tormenting rain, SCORES the Nans trounced the Larks 210 Unable to pass Wozniak Scholl and Roche scored on beau tiful runs All Larksville plays were stopped by a rugged defense NEWPORT In the annual Mitchell day rivalry the Nans defeated neighboring Newport 120 Nanticoke scored first on a pass from Belak to Roman In the second half a pass from Summerfield to Roche paid off Newport fought back hard but in vain As a result the Nans won the Coal Buck et Trophy KINGSTON During a terrific snow storm the Nans topped Kingston 7 6 ln the last seconds of the first half Roman caught a beautiful pass with Scholl plunging over for the extra point. Kingston later scored but a stubborn Nanticoke line stopped their conversion. SWOYERSVILLE To a very disappointed crowd the Nans bow- ed to the Swoyersville Sailors 6-O. All attempts by Nanticoke to score were halted by bad luck and poor playing on their part. PLYMOUTH The annual Turkey Day classic left Nanticoke on the losing end as the Shawnee Indians won 7-6. The first half ended in a scoreless tie. But in the second half, Plymouth scored and led 7-O. But the Nans staged a beautiful comeback, march- ing across the field to score, only to have the try for extra point stopped. restling Featured on the mat card The NANTICOKE HIGH WRESTLERS 0 .4 gnu U coached by J Gozdza First row D Greenland R Jones J Szczecunsku A Korch D Kravitz R Stem Second row R Cek and sparked b Wolfkiel O Crouse T Granoslu W Rowett A Tagnam R Briggs R Herman Coach J 4 Y Gozdzasek Third row B Bienkowsku J McLaughlin R Shuma R May L Briggs Seniors who are DENNIE KRAVlTZ WRESTLING Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke TONY KORCH SCORES Hanover Forty Fort Meyers G A R Plymouth Coughlin JOE SZCZECINSKI ,T RICHIE JONES Tony Korch took honors in the heavyweight gym and Greenland took second place Sports activities continued in Summer Supplement we f 'L'- ., X J' J 2. a 7 . 1, l " ' .u,uu,,., , , 7,21 ,,,u,,. ,,,,u3O ' ' Nanifcoke e...eeeee. e.e,. 1 4 Kingston 25 division of the district finals held at the Wilkes ' uuuu,.,uuu E .uuuu 16 uuuuuuuu.,,, 25 , , ' ,,,,,..,,,, , MAO ,,,.uu,u,,,,,uuu lO ' ' ' ' ' , ' .........,,,,, 7,23 . . . ..,.,,u,.ut., ,u.l9 ' ....,.,,,,,,,,,. l8 ,,,,,,.,.,..,, 25 ' ..,,s.,..,,,,,. ,2l ' .,,,uu,,,., -- A ! VERTISERS NANTICOKE CITY OFFICIALS Frank Klelar Mayor fBerf Andrews 'Frank Marclnkowskl Wnlllam Dudeck 'Thomas Buczkowsku Sfephen TraneIIl Sfanley Baker Joseph Rapaduskl Pefer Plnkowskl Bernard F DZIed1IC fLeon Sakowslu Michael L Markowskr Slmon Kupmewncz WaIIlam Davis Joseph Pefro Sfewari' Jones Edward Gorka Dep'I' Accounfs and Finance Depi' Sfreefs and PubIlc ImprovemenI's Dep+ of Parks and PubIlc Properry Depf of Public SafeI'y Con+roIIer Treasurer S+ree+ Commissioner Tvmekeeper License Clerk Assessor Burldlng Inspec+or Chief of Police Chief of Fare Dep'I' Plumbing Inspecfor Me+er Inspec'I'ors vvfr ' T Wfforney Charles Maker . , , ,, CiI'y SoIici+or To Ihe Class of I954 Congra+uIaI'Ions and Besi' Wishes for Your Fu'I'ure Success!! IIA W . II W N II I As a glff remembered and cherished your PHOTOGRAPH wull Inve forever PHOTOGRAPHS become more valuable as fhe years go by Iherefore OBTAIN THE FINEST CALL ON US THE PAWLOWSKI STU DIO AI' Ihe Park 9 E Green S+ree+ Nanhcolce Telephone 68 Babies Commumons Conflrmahons Graduahons Indlvlduals Family Groups Formal and Canclld Weddmgs Glamour Pho'I'ography and Drapmgs Copying and Pho+o Res'l'ora+lon I I We Specialize in Pho+ographing . . . PRAYER OF A SPORTSMAN Dear Lord un fhe ba'H'le fhai' goes on fhrough lufe laslc bu'l' a field +hal' us faur A chance fhai' us equal wufh all un s+rufe A courage 'l'o sfruve and 'l'o dare And uf I should wun lei' ul' be by fhe code Wufh my fau+h and my honor held hugh And uf I should lose lei' me sfand by 1'he road And cheer as +he wmners go by Dear Lord may my shoufs be ungrudgung and clear A 'I'rubu'I'e fhai' comes from +he heari' And lei' me noi' cherush a snarl or a sneer Le? me say There 'rhey rude on whom laurels besfowed Since 1'hey played fhe game be1'+er1'han I Lei' me s1'and wu1'h a smule a+ fhe sude of 1'he road And cheer as 1'he wunners go by So granl' me fo conquer uf conquer I can By provung my wor1'h un fhe fray Bui' 1'each me +o lose lulue a regular man And noi' lulce a craven l pray Lei' me fake off my haf +o fhe warruors who s1'rode To vucfory splendud and hugh Yes feach me +o sfand by fhe sude of +he road And cheer as +he wunners go by KNUTE ROCKNE Complimenfs of JOE KELLY Or play any sniveling parf. Nantlcoke Welcomes You BEST wlsl-ies AND success TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR Nantucoke Penna AR LeH +o Righl A Savllunas owner G Hayes driver C Thoulr owner driver L Pefroslu owner A Gaalzoslu F Bolfz owner J McCarll1v announcer F Price promoler B Fay driver Larry Sando owner driver C Campbell driver J Harchar driver L Merlheow owner W Kafullca owner driver E Sclwucles David Schucles Trophy Holders In Service Bob Marlcowslu and Jim Balmer Your Picture Tells o Story' Norman Mgr of Borofslus Says "Make plwofographs your silenl' s'l'ory l'eller." BeH'er +l1an lceeping a diary, +l1e piclures you falce will bring baclr, in vivid perspeclive, occasions and evenfs +l1a+ will prove pleasanf reminders. CAMERAS, FILMS, FLASHBULBS, SUPPLIES Jos. C. Borofslci L 68 E. Main S+. Nanficolce, Pa. Complmenls of ITALIAN AMERICAN CITIZENS CLUB OFFICERS + l KIWANIS CLUB Compliments and Best Wishes from NANTICOKE KIWANIS CLUB "We Build" i Nanlicolce, Pennsylvania Presidenl' ,. . . .. ., Louis Paluzzi Vice Presidenl' An hony Bancodine Treasurer . .I , , , ., .,r. . Francis Principali Secrefary . , . . .. . ,I is , John Cerbara Automatlc Water Heating Gas or Electrlc ALWAYS PLENTY FOR EVERYBODY ECONOMICAL TOO LUZERNE ELECTRIC AND GAS DIVISION THE UNITED GAS IMPROVEMENT COMPANY MIIRTZ LINES SAFE DEPENDABLE COURTEOUS Rzde The Scenzc Route New York Plnladelplua Atlantnc Cnty Interstate cmd Local Service l j 11' f d-L. 4 E Complimen+s of MAYWOOD FARMS Ml and Dairy Produc+s Poul'I'ry and Fresh Eggs CARTER BACHE Phone 2I Nantlcoke Creamery TO ALL SENIORS When you climb fhe hulls of fhe coming years May you +I'dV6llf1 hugh and never shnff gears W1+h plenfy of spark and never a knock And a 'oy filling s'l'a'hon In every block GOOD LUCK NANTICOKE CREAMERY Mllk and Dcury Products Phone 678J ' -I we 7Zat'z6Z6aa4 53? .Ik . y h -1 F . DAIRY PRODUCTS r .1.. ,d -.. X Besi' Wishes +o fhe Class of l954 RAYMOND HEDDEN and NANTICOKE LUMBER 81 SUPPLY CO. 2I40 2539 I' llILumber Co wx PCLISH FALCONS CLUB OFFICERS Z SULEWSKI E Kusluewlcz L wAozlNsKu C Obaza H LEYMAN J Olzewsk. s MlrARNowsKn E ROWINSKI S+ cl J LEWSZYK ROTARY CLUB Club No. 6123 Qi Di Q QNATIO Organized November 20, I945 THE ROTARY CLUB of NANTICOKE PA Presldeni' Furs? Vnce Presldenf Second Vnce Presudeni' Secrefary Treasurer Sergeani' a+ Arms Depufy OFFICERS Edward Draplewslu Premo Cavallml J Wllllam Schreiner Clarence E Klvler Dr A Knoll Joseph Payvls Alberi' Fmlc RETLLY S FURNITURE STORE Sells Sfandard Brand Merchandise SIMMONS BEDDING ALEXANDER SMITH RUGS HEYWOOD WAKEFIELD FURNITURE CongraI'uIa'hons Io Ihe Class of 54 ARTESIAN BEVERAGE COMPANY I32 W Poplar S'h'ee'I' W NANTICOKE I5 I7 W Green S+ Nanhcolre Phone I40I J PROFESSIONAL SPONSORS E Janosczylr M D S Jonas M D N R LaIra+os M D C H Dodson M D H L Shemanslu M D Dr I R Smu+h MD Dr L J Knorr DDS Dr S W Dombrowslu D D S Drs P and T Williams D D S Dr W E MacNeaI D DS Dr A Knoll D D S Dr. I. J. Humphrey, M.D. Dr. B. J. Ford, D.D.S. Dr. . , . . . . . , . . . Dr. . , . . . . . ', . . . Dr. . . , . . . . . ' ' , . . . Dr. . . , . . . . . , . . . Dr. . . ', . . . . , . . . Compllmenfs of Nanhcoke Post No 350 AMERICAN LEGION Tony Twardowslu Commander Loren Haeffle Adlufanf Henry ZI0lkOWSkI Finance Officer BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS' We do nof do all of 'I'he Prmhng In Nanhcolce so we lusf do +he besf of I+' ANTHRACITE PRINTING COMPANY l50 Mann Sfreel NANTICOKE PENNA Complumenfs of BISCONTINI 81 SONS COAL COMPANY UNDERGROUND MINING and STRIPPING CONTRACTORS M Off ce 243 P pec'r S+ eel' NANTICOKE PENNA Telephone Nanhcolre 535 CEASE MOTOR COMPANY DODGE PLYMOUTH Dodge Job Ra+ed Trucks 35 Norfh Marlzef Sfreef Nanlicolze, Penna. DEPENDABLE USED CARS Two Large Lois Main Highway and Slllrworfh Road Wesf NGIWIICOIKG Crossroads Hanover Township . . O . I . , . I ain i : ros r , . Q65 A. DRAPIEWSKI AND SONS Funeral Directors Smce l88I 22 Wesl' Green Sireel NANTICOKE PENNA Besl Washes +o Class of I954 400 Club I2Il S Prospecf S+ NANTICOKE PENNA Compllmenis of GEM FURNITURE INC COMPLETE Home FURNISHERS I54 S Marlcef S+ l0l IO7 E Mem Sl' Phone I 0 I 8 NANTICOKE PENNA x . , . . . , . ll . . ll ll - , ' , , . ' I I I I , . !f"I fs:-1' ? - Y- i s ,pfei C ,A 1 . . WW fme foods Besl' Wlshes fo The Class of 54 George s Cafe 59 W Broad S+ree+ NANTICOKE PENNA Phone I I I6 5 ! f Complumen+s of GIBBONS BREWERY wluces BARRE PENNA Compllmenfs of Golden Quality Ice Cream Company To The Class of I954 Besl' Washes and Blessings THE PRIESTS of HOLY TRINITY CHURCH REV R A WIEZIOLOWSKI Pasfor REV A M KACZMAREK REV J J KULA O , 5 ' H H 1 S Q - . . .I Eff-' fm T3 f Phone 40 JACOBS PLATTER CHATTER Be ouf m Fronf-Joln Your HIGH SCHOOL BAND We carry +he lafesf nn all 'lypes of Records and Albums also fhe 45 Records and Players BAND AND ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS CASH OR PAYMENTS Sheel' muslc and books for all lnslrumenis Capable lnsfrucfors JACOBS MUSIC CO l42 E Mann Sl' Nanhcoke Penna JOSEPH S FURNITURE STORE Everyfhmg for fhe Home Phone 966 JOSEPH GRZYMSKI Prop THE LEADER STORE 4l 43 Easl Ma n Sfreei lsn + li' slrange fhal' prmces and klngs And clowns 'I'ha+ caper ln saw clusl' rnngs And common folk luke you and me Are makers of E+ernrl'y7 To each ns given a bag of 'l'ools A shapeless mass and a book of rules The Officers and Members of +he Bes+ Wlshes 'For 1'he Success of Each Member of 'lhe Class of I954 and also for l'he conhnued Success of fhe Nannual And each musf make ere lrfe has 'flown LIBERTY INTELLIGENCE A l' bl bl ko Asggpnnggsfox r Our Nahon s Safely R L Sharpe a . I NP-NT'COK5 PENNA- Nanficoke Lions Club Exfend +heir M Success Io Ihe Class of " I 954" CompIimenI's of Mozart Bowling Alley Propriefor-HENRY PIASECKI Bowling, Sodas. Candy, EIC. NANTICOKE, PENNSYLVANIA K 4 We Serve Cafes Carnivals and Ouhngs Er' NARDQNE Bkos BAKING co 262 S WasI1rng+on SI'reeI' WILKES BARRE PA Phone 2 875I PASCOE TELEVISION CO 447 WaInuI' S+reeI' Headquarfers for ADMIRAL CROSLEY DUMONT SYLVANIA TELEVISION 9 1 Q -- IIII I In .l I l, sw, K f S fx 1 Ati 4 I x f I O f 4 . . , ,1,,,af ffQ? if, . --.'-ff.-.. - .,, . - "5 ' :. - f '- -'Z-:' -' - '- " ' .'.','cyf ' . . WITH BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE POLISH AMERICAN CLUB Nanficoke, Penna. C mpl e 'Is STEGMAIER BREWING CO WILKES BARRE PENNA 'rh I 954 BEST WISHES AND BLESSINGS The Priest of St Francis Church REV A G RAFFERTY P I J J BELL A + P REV J J KAZLAUSKAS A I P f ii lil APPLIANCES i Vin YOUR GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER W In Na Icoke HOWARD TREMAYNE I35EM To e Class o I o im n of . . . , as or - . . REV. . . , ss . asfor . . . , ss . as o l I Elecirlca ,LL 1 , I F N V EEL CI: I ni . ain Sfreef Phone 362 J. L. TURNER COMPANY SUCCESS Plumbing-Healing and Shee+ Melal Worlc ll8 Marlxel' Slreel NANTICOKE, PA. V. F. W. Post 290 HOME ASSOCIATION -S EUUU X A Plunnnns E l32 E Broad Sfreel NANTICOKE PA s X 'T 15 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE sENuoR CLASS OF l954 Nantlcoke Hugh School WHWL 730 on Your Dual 38 Easl' Mann Slreel' NANTICOKE PA Woody Says Woodlawn Mull: Builds Good Heallh D IRY 'fr u I"' S!!- 4 . A rv Q 5 ' ' 0 '-K Q Il ll . A . A P A XXXNX ' I M I I , Furs'r wlfh 'lhe La'I'es'I' Phone Nanhcolce l672 ADAM S NOVELTY Con Operafed Phonographs a d Amus m 'f Mach nes 4I W Grand S+ree+ NANTICOKE PA Compllmen+s of JOHN ALLAN 81 SONS We call We plclr up Lower Broadway NANTICOKE PA Phone l3b AL S MARKET AL GERELLI Propruefor Phone 22 I39 Hanover S+ W R ANTHONY News Dealer 73 Easl Ma S+ree+ NANTICOKE PA Dealer In lron Scrap and Wasfe Maiernal ANTHRACITE METAL CO JOE SABAS JUNK YARD Dealer an SCRAP IRON METALS RAGS PAPER AND GLASS Buymg Used Cars and Sell ng Used Paris IBeams and Plpe Lower Broadway Nanhcolre Pa APEX USED AUTOS AND PARTS Safely Glass lnsfallecl Pennsylvama Approved Phone 695 II8 asf Poplar WEST NANTICOKE PA ARTESIAN BEVERAGES Phone l40I J WEST NANTICOKE. PA Com pllmenis of AMVETS Posl' No. 42 WORLD WAR ll VETERANS Slafioner-Kodalcs - 5 l ' l D E AL S MEN S SHOP Home of NATIONAL BRANDS of Men s Wea Fealurmg ARROW SHIRTS FLORSHEIM SHOES STETSON HATS BOTANY CLOTHES 48 E Mann S+ree'I Nanhcolre Penna Home of Keepsake Diamonds BERMAN JEWELRY STORE Jewelry Records Appllances 52 E Mann Sfreel' NANTICOKE PENNA BUTCHKO S SERVICE STATION Mobllgas and OII Specnallzmg In Lubrlcahon 907 SOUTH MARKET STREET Phone 9 9I66 CHICK S AUTO SUPPLY 8: SPORTS SHOP Wilson Spor+s Dealer Dumoni' Televuslon Dealer NANTICOKE PENNA A Besf Wishes Io Ihe Semor Class S DOBKOWSKI AGENCY General Insurance Vuclorua Bu ld ng Prospecl' S'I1'eeI NANTICOKE PEN NA GENERAL AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE Radlafors and Healers Cleaned Flushed Repaured Recored Eas'I' Grand Sfreef Irear Nanhcolce Penna Congralulahons Io Ihe Class of 54 Hanover Hose Co Congra+ula+lons Io Ihe Class of I954 JAROLIM PLUMBING 227 W Church Sfreef NANTICOKE PENNA Phone 686 I I I I ' r Baffery and Tire Service 243 5- PVOSPGCI Sffeef I I i i l I BEST WISHFS + +I1e CLASS I 954 BARTUSKA S FURNITURE STORE 200 206 Ea I Ma SI eel' Compleie Home Furmshmgs Refrugerafors Televlslons Radios Cleaners Washers Besi' Washes 'Io Ihe Class of I954 BAVITZ RECREATION CENTER BAVITZ SERVICE STATION B d yS+ NANTICOKE PENNA Tnres BaH'erles Accessories Phone 9 I 36 I00 A'rIanhc Produc'Is The Home of Fme FurmI'ure BEVAN S SHOPPING CENTER WEST NANTICOKE PENNA W I gh e Appl ances R d Ie Phone 22I2 BLAINES LUMBER CO Phone Nan I39R 7 ? :san IE' '- Class of I954 BLUE BIRD RESTAURANT Success Io Ihe Class of l954 FREDDY S BAR 81 GRILL I00 Ea I Rdge S+ ee! FRED AND VERNA BOLTZ Sea Food and Sandwiches Nanhcolre Penna Phone 9048 BOYEK S PURE FOOD MARKET 288 E Noble Sfreei' Nanhcolce Penna Phone I033 . o o I . I - s . in r I I33 roa wa ree+ 1 . I es in ous I RCA a ios, Te Visio V 0 O WeS'f NGHTICOIY9 Congraiulafions Io Ihe '-'I in T I ' -2:-2 -, . I I I s I r n l ' , BROADWAY AUTO SUPPLY CO Tures Ba++erres Accessories Tlre Repalrlng and Sporhng Goods 25 Broad ay Sireef NANTICOKE PA BOROFSKI S ECONOMY MARKET I63 Garfield Sfreef Nanhcoke Pa BRUNI S BAR B OUE Oven Fresh Pizza WEST NANTICOKE PA Complrmenfs of THOS E BUCZKOWSKI FUNERAL DIRECTOR CANNON S CAFE 407 E Noble sf NANTICOKE PA Phone 9025 lc H EVROLETX I Comphmenis of CATNES CHEVROLET I49 Easf Ma n S+ree'l NANTICOKE PA Complrmenfs of CIMMETS INC STERLING VARIETY STORE 5 Easi' Ma n Sfreef NANTICOKE PA CLEWELL S PHARMACY A Compleie Lune of Varlefy Merchandnse ANKLETS SOCKS NYLONS GLOVES NOVELTIES GAMES PUZZLES Phone Wesi Nanhcoke Pa Nan 2792 I , . W , . I , . -n um, , . i . . I I I ' s I I i I I , . CRAWFORD S ou+fuH'ers +o Clubs Teams Schools A Compleie Lune of Hunhng Fushmg and Camp Supplues I02 E Mann S+reef NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA CROTZER S JEWELRY STORE Dr J R Cro'rzer Prop OPTOMETRIST Dealer for fhls year s Class rlngs I09 S Marlref S+ree'I NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA WILLIAM E DAVIS Funeral Dlreclor 374 376 E Church Sfreei NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA Telephone Nan 2950 Congralulahons an Besl' Washes DIAMONDS CANDY SHOPPE ' Alnlk DIFF S DOLLY MADISON SHOP Dellclously Dlffereni' Dolly Madison Ice Cream Feaiurmg Flnesl Fllm Flmshmg CAMERAS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES AI fhe Park EASY PAY TIRE STORE Ken Wullnamson Broadway and Arch Sfreefs NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA Columbla Bnlres Bake Accessones and Repair BU LOVA ELGIN WATCHES ARVIN TELEVISION We Hope AII Your Plans and Dreams WIII Come True EDDYS JEWELRY STORE I67 S Marlxel' Sfreei Phone I480 EMELETT S RESTAURANT 52 Arch S+ree+ NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA Phone 9 I 56 1 Y cl . . KL: C I I S 3 K' J 1 L sv I . " -:pic . 'TIE' Congrafulahons +o +he Class of I954 GEORGE BALLA SONS Masonry Con+rac+ors Nanhcolce 989 GIBB S MILLING CO Flour Feed Gram Hay Sfraw and Cemenf Phone l708 I78 S Marke+ S+ Phone l4I Broadway S+ree+ NANTICOKE PENNA Besl' Wishes +o fhe Class of l954 BERT GOMMER Wholesale Candy and Tobacco 6I9 Hanover Sfreef NANTICOKE PENNA Phone 974 J Congrafulahons Semors ED GORKA Fresh Meafs and Grocerles NANTICOKE PENNA 80 Wes? Soufh S+ Phone I72l JOSEPH L GRABOWSKI Aufhorlzed Dealer Rock of Ages Monumenfs I92 W Church S+ree+ NANTICOKE PENNA Phone 723 as You Dance and Dream fo 'The Musnc of HERBIE GREEN and Hls Q ORCHESTRA 64 Wes+ Church Sireei NANTICOKE PENNA Phone l840 HALLAS CLEANERS Cleanmg Pressing Repanrmg CALL AND DELIVERY SERVICES Phone 260 Compllmenfs of HANISH BROS Meafs and Grocerles Frozen Foods Corner Chesfnuf and Umon Sis Phone Nanhcolce 474 , I I I I I , . , . , . Time Becomes Meaningless ' in , . I I I . Bes'I' Wishes 'Io Ihe Class of I954 J. K. EVANS, FLORIST- 23 Eas'I' Green S+ree+ NANTICOKE, PENNA. P AL FINK Your Oldsmobile Dealer 42I W. Main SI. NANTICOKE, PA. "Make a dale wifh 1'he 88 or Ihe and over 'Io Olds you will go." hone 43 Congra'I'uIahons FLOOR CRAFTERS II Soufh Marlcef S+ree+ Nanhcoke Pa Phone 2242 FLOORS BY CRAFTSMEN FRANKS BEAUTY BAR I43 Garfield Sfreef Nanhcolce Phone 3675 Compllmenfs of ROBERT FREY AND SONS Manufacfurers of EMBROIDERIES AND LACES I86 Soufh Marllel' S'I'ree'I' Nanhcolne Penna GABE S PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE Phone 8 I 7 MOBILGAS AND OIL l'01Y1LIl' Broadway Nanhcoke Penna GAYSON S RESTAURANT EDWARD F GAYESKI Prop Home Cooked Meals Sfealrs Chops Home Made MODERN FOUNTAIN SERVICE I37 Easf Mann Sfreef Phone Nanhcolce 9 I 75 GENERAL AUTOMOBILE 20I Carey Avenue WILKES BARRE PENNA pl mourh X CO. unix' I ' an J Soups--SpagheHi and Hoi Dogs lg! I H -gl q . II III, 98 Congra1'ula'hons +o 1'he Class of 54 Hanover Cafe Complrmen+s of echts Hardware A+ +he Parlr The Cholcesi' of Goal s Blessings +0 +he Class of l954 REV NICHOLAS FISANICH HOLY TRANSFIGURATION GREEK CATHOLIC CHURCH of Hanover Besf Washes and Good Luclc HOUSE OF BONI Spaghe+h Sauce A Homefown Specual+y I E Green Sireei NANTICOKE PENNA Complmenls of HUDAKS BUS LINES Ma n H gh ay Wesl Nanl colre P C M HUDAK Prop QQ comps men+s of JANICZEK S CAFE Lobsler Tall PlaH'ers Sandwiches Chlclcen Dmner 422 Faurchuld Slreef NANTICOKE PENNA Besi' Wrshes and Congrarulahons fo -lhe Class of 54 We Are Mlghfy Proud of You The Road 'lo Success s Wa 'rung for You JIMMY THE JEWELER 8 E Ma n Sfreei Nan+ colre Penna My Eleven Sfore Buymg Power Saves You Money Complumenfs of JOHNNY S CAFE Corner Church and Hanover Sheefs SERVING SEAFOOD H I Phone 429 Chill 64X ' ' ohn s Cars or Ihe Besf ln Used Cars Ma n H ghway WEST NANTICOKE CompImen+s of JOSEPH YATKO LlghI' Lunch Phone 9060 5I9 S MarIxeI SI' NANTICOKE PA To Ihe Class of 954 BEST WISHES AND BLESSINGS S+ Josephs Church REV JANEKA Curafe Congra+uIahons Graduafes KATA S RESTAURANT Charles and LlIIlan KaI'a Proprlefors FINEST IN SEA FOOD AND SANDWICHES Qualify IS Our uanhiy 520 S WaInuI' Sfreei KEYSTONE SPECIALTY CO 2I2 Eas'I Mann Sfreef Wholesale Confechoners Cigars Clgareffes and Tobacco FRANCIS X KOWALSKI Prop 2I2 E Mann SI' Phone I 094 CompIlmenI's of KLEIN A DROZDOWSKI KNIZER S MARKET 337 Grafueld S+ Nanhcoke Pa F L Knorek Insurance Agency No+ary Public 432 Soufh Hanover Sfreef NANTICOKE PA J I I HF . ,I . I I REV. PUSKAR, Pasfor . . Q . Furmfure and EIGCTTICBI Apphances TED KOMOROSKI FURNITURE STORE 52 24 26 F h d S+ Phone l75 NANTICOKE PENNA KORONKIEWICZ PHARMACY FRANK S KORONKIEWICZ Where Pharmacy IS a Profession No'r a Side Lune K-5 M NANTICOKE PENNA I Phone II42 X-J CompI:men+s of John Kuleso KUSKIEWICZ FAIRLAWN MARKET Meafs Grocernes Frosfed Foods Dry Goods Nohons 400 E G Sf ef NANTICOKE PA Phone 9070 E J LEWIS Florlsf and GIH Shop H Iv NANTICOKE PENNA 54 QB aim MEATS AND GROCERIES NANTICOKE PENNA Compllmenfs of JOHN LUZENSKI Success +o fhe Class 954 MA S OLD FASHICN ROOT BEER The Kind Thai' Mofher Used +o Make D T b 'P H LY NS Ph e N See or Call . 2- - airc il . I86 arke+ S'rree+ , . . rove re I49 S. Markei' Sfreef o Q1 I U ln xl W x RA? 3 6 4 Honey Poi Sfreef x ' I ' 7 I of -- ' is ri u or . O on an. 86I Mary s Cafe I07 N Markei' S+ NANTICOKE PA Phone 9282 CompIrmen+s of MICHAELS PAPER CO Wholesale Paper Bags School Supplies Novelhes I0 Norlh Marlref Slreef NANTICCKE PA MILLARD S WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE Sparlex Palnls and Varnushes Imperral Washable Wallpapers Dlrecl Facfory Drslrrbulors 403 Hanover Slreef ix MILL as MEMORIAL LIBRARY Nanhcolre Pennsylvania Besi' Wrshes Io +he Members of +he Class of I954 WILLIAM J MONT Walchmalzer and Jeweler Elgm Wafches Au+horlzed Keepsalle Diamond Dealer I20 Marlcel S+ree+ Nanhcolce Phone 2074 WE BUY Fully Guaranfeed Tlme Paymenls Nanhcolce Aulo Mari Inc I3I Broadway Sfreef Phone 2203 Used Cars Wrfh Many Unused Mules WE SELL Phone I255 Made Io Your Requrremenfs NANTICOKE BAR SUPPLIES Beer Equrpmenl' Resfauranf Equnpmenl' Boolhs Slools Bars Back Bars I27 S Marker S+ Nanhcolre Pa JOHN IKRICKl WOYNOSKI Prop Phone 52I NANTICOKE CANDY CO Cigars CngareH'es Tobacco Candles VICTORIA MILLER Prop 726 Marllef S+ Nanhcolre Pa I Q. Nanlicolce, Pa. J' Besi' Wishes fo +he Class of I954 NANTICOKE DRESS COMPANY 2I6 Eas+ Broad Srreef NANTICOKE PENNA Compllmenfs of NARR S CAFE Specnallzlng nn Sea Food Llghi' Lunches and Homemade Chula I5 W WASHINGTON ST Nanhcoke Penna P on 0 Complumenfs of NOBLE FURNITURE STORE Joseph EIITISIKI Owner 23 25 Eas'I' Noble Sfreef Compllmenfs of NORKY S OVAL BAR Dellcuous Hard Shell Crabs Lobsfer Tails and Chicken Dmners Drinks of All Kinds JOSEPH NORKITIS Prop 384 Easl' Umon SI' Compllmenfs of Novak s Cafe 9I W Marlcef SI' Phone 9l77 NANTICOKE PENNA Compllmenfs of PARK CIGAR SHOP THEODORE:-I OSMANSKI Prop Compllmenfs of OWEN S FUNERAL HOME Phone 2 I 07 270 Easf Mann Sireef NANTICOKE PENNA X5 l-2' Complumenfs of PARK PHARMACY - if? E TUZINSKI and T T BECKLEY 6 Easf Broad Sfreel' NANTICOKE PENNA ' ' ' , h e 9:9 NANTICOKE, PENNA. I I CompIimen+s of PELA's'coNFEcTIoNERY 406 Fronf SIree'r Phone Nan. 550 THE BEST IN HOMEMADE CANDY Bes'r Wishes 'ro Ihe Senior Class REVEREND EDMUND S. PEN KALA r Ihe Besi' Hamburgers 'n wn S+op ai' PETE S LUNCH 38 Broad ay S+reeI if Phone Nan 9I49 CompIimen+s of PILAREK S CAFE I7 N Markei' S+reeI' NANTICOKE PENNA Phone 9054 PISCOTTY S TAVERN Air Conduhoned 38 Arch SI NANTICOKE PENNA ANTHONY AND WANDA PISCOTTY Props Phone 9I76 PITZ S MARKET I43 W Green S+ NANTICOKE PENNA Phone 2 I 32 CompIlmen'Is of STUCCIO S PIZZERIA PRICES TIRE SHOP New and Used Tires I C e W hng+on and Prospeci' I3I E Broad S+ree+ om r as S'rree+s NANTICOKE PENNA 5 NANTICOKE PENNA Phone 2832 4 Phone 2090 Fo I To W . Q . W , . T r I Vulcanizing - Recapping . -5 Je I 9 -2 PURE ICE AND COAL CO Dealers n Glen Alden Coal Elecfruc Furnace Man Sfoker and Packaged Un+ ANTRA FLO WAGNER STOKER UNITS Lasl' Worcl n Heal and Ho'r Wa+er Phone Nan 222 ALBERT REES I83 S Marlref S+ Telephone 650 J NANTICOKE PENNA Sales and Service ROSEBUSH CAFE 58 S Ma Ire? SI NANTICOKE PA Phone 7lI J SARNOWSKI S CAFE NANTICOKE PA Phone 90I 7 SHAEFFER PRESS Buy Boosl' Bunlcl ln Nanhcolce Home of Fne Wecld g Papers Commerc al Pr nhng CALL NANTICOKE 2206 3I5 S Hanover Sfreef NANTICOKE PENNA J Phone 733 J WILLIAM SCHREINER Insurance Real Esfafe NOTARY PUBLIC 226 S Marlcel' Sfreef Nanhcolce Pa SCHWARTZ FURNITURE CO Complrmenfs +o +he Sensor Class 36 Easf Broad S'I'ree+ Nanhcolxe Penna FURNITURE of DISTINCTION SHAFFLER S MARKET I63 Honey Por Sfreef Nanhcolre Phone 2983 I I - Q I ' I I . r . I - I ' ES- ,: N -. ' - U V, ' u I I . I In .- I I ' . I . , . ' I . . , . . Phone Nan. 9l52 SILVER MAPLE HOTEL MODERN ROOMS The Bes'r Place +o a in +he Valley l00 M'ddle Road and Espy S+ree+ NANTICOKE PA. Besl' Wishes fo fhe Class of l954 SIVICK S CAFE NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA Complumenfs of Ye Happy Tavern 3I Broacl ay Complrmen+s of SPIEVUS CAFE NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA KT SPOTANSKI S DRUG STORE I38 S Ma lxef Sfreef NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA A J EDMUNDOWICZ Prop X-1 STAN LEE MEN S SHOP Clolhmg and Genl' s Furnlshmgs I58 S Marlxei Sfreef STAN S MARKET 209 Garfueld S+ree+ NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA STAN S QUALITY MARKET Grocerues Meals Vege+ables 396 E Ridge Sireei' NANTICOKE PA E + ' I - i l:l , - Phone Nan. 624 ' ' ' Free Delivery Tel. 2663 STEIN CLEANER 81 DYER Free Call and Del very Servlce 340 S WALNUT STREET Phone Nan III STUMPY S MARKET Fresh and Cold Meals Homemade Fresh and Smoked Sausage 397 E Un on S+ NANTICOKE PENNA Phone Nan 388 Compllmenfs of SUPERIOR MOTOR COMPANY Chrysler Plymoulh If H75 1, L Sales and Service Arch and Locusf Sfreefs V ED GELB Prop SUSQUEHANNA LUMBER COMPANY Where fhe Grea+es+ Number Buy Their Lumber NANTICOKE PENNA Congrafulahons fo +he Gradua+es SWANEY S RESTAURANT Q0 Compllmenls of SWANTKO S CUT RATE STORE 322 Fronf Sfreef HANOVER Phone Nan 9035 Congralulahons 'ro e Class of l954 Swlrat's Cafe BEST WISHES Town Tavern TOM VEDOR 3I8 320 Fronf Sfreei' Nanhcolre Penna 3 . ' . l . ifj w- PHONE NAN' zl I2 l20 Arch Slreef I L, USZN ' ' 'I'h BEST OF LUCK UNITED CITIZEN S CLUB NANTICOKE PENNA Comphmenfs of VICTOR S BATTERY SERVICE MoI'or Tune Up Brake and Wheel Ahgnmeni' Sfafe Inspechon g I S+ NANTICOKE PENNA Phone 9045 WADZINSKI S PHARMACY CI 327 S WI fi gy Telephone 426 WASHINGTON NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA QuaIlI'y Phone 59I MICHAEL L WEISS Meafs Grocerles Vegefables NANTICOKE PA CompIumenI's of WESLEY AUTO COMPANY Phone 594 J WILLIAMS PEANUTS DONUT AND NUT SHOP I33 S NANTICOKE PENNA Bes+ W h WORTH S SMART WEARING APPAREL Nanhcolze PIymou'I'h III Pine s+ree+ ' l' Corner Rid e and Prospec reefs As ose 'ro You as Your Phone 325- . a nu'I S+. Phone 3657-J Nanficoke, Pa. 5 i. . ll ' T1 , 5, Your Ford Dealer Sinc I9I5 I - is es oufh Markef Sfreei . JEROME S BAKERY ALOIS V BOHINSKI General Manager and Secrefary Oven Fresh OuaIs+y Baked Goods Phone 2953 32 S MarIce+ S+ree+ NANTICOKE PA JERRY S GROCERY STORE Smoked Sausage I65 Wes+ Umon S'rree+ NANTICOKE PA Compllmenfs of JONES CITIES SERVICE GEORGE G JONES Prop 308 E Mann S+ree+ Phone 9082 If nfs good for Nanhcoke If Hrs for The good of Nanhcoke We re for If NANTICOKE DAILY PRESS Phone 5I5 Besi' Washes 'ro fhe Sensor Class PIPAN S Blue Rlbbon S+ore Corner Prospeci and Souih Sfreef SMERESKI S SERVICE STATION JOSEPH SMERESKI Prop Gasoline and OlIs Experf Lubrlcahon Corner Hanover and Broad S+ Phone 9I I2 BEST wus:-les WORTH S Smarf Wearing Apparel Nanhcolre PIymou'Ih EIec'IrlcaI Supphes Sporhng Goods YT HARDWARE STORE Phone 4I9 Exclusnve DeaIer of DUPONT PAINTS PLUMBING HEATING TINNING STORE REPAIRING I26 and I40 E Mann Sf Nanhcolre Penna I I ' I I ' . 2I0 Eas+ Main Sfree+ IRearI I I ' ' I Mr and Mrs F Bolman Mr and Mrs Alles Mr and Mrs E Adamczyk Mrs A Baron F R Beuza and Mrs F Buckley and Mrs P Burlnskr and Mrs E Banach A Blysak and Mrs Buchkowskn and Mrs Bufluewlcz Broadway Lunch Mrs G Burn Francis Baker Mr and Mrs Blsconhm Mr and Mrs G Blsconhm Mlss Sue Bedner R Bohmslu and Mrs H Brunn R Bohunskl and Mrs R Brnggs Blbo and Bolek Mrs Nalalue Blgos Mrs Caiharune Boncal Mr and Mrs H Beese Mr and Mrs S Boznnsku Mlssl Cymbalusly Mlss S Clmmef Mr and Mrs L CIODZYDSRI Monica Clempola Mr and Mrs A Cardone Casper and Jake Danko Snsfers Mr and Mrs J Dzukosku Mr and Mrs J Donahue Mrs E Dulaney Dr W R Dykms Mr E Dav es Mr and Mrs S Dudrlck Mr and Mrs R Davns Mrs B Donahue Mr and Mrs E Donley Mr and Mrs R Davns Dembo and Osfy Mr and Mrs C Domann Mr and Mrs G A Eckerd Mr and Mrs B Falcomerl Mrs S Gmfer Mr S Galazun Mr N Groblewsku Mrs C Grabowslu Mass R Geihmg Mr and Mrs T Grnffrlh Mr and Mrs Gulsh Mrs B Gordon Mr and Mrs R Glanvnlle Gmoch Confechonery Home Floral Shop Mr and Mrs W Holsack Mrs A Hurley Mr and Mrs M Hudak Ann Marne lncellu Tony lncellu PATRONS Mass Mary Job Mr J Jacob Mrs R Jones Mr J Jones Mr and Mrs J Jaszcz Kalulka Machine Shop Dr and Mrs A Knoll Muss E L Kusller Mr D N Klsller Mr and Mrs J J Kmefz Mr and Mrs J T Kmefz Mrs Leona Kmeh Mr H Kuropkaf Mr and Mrs A Korch Mr and Mrs J Kravuh Mrs A Kalmmslu Mr and Mrs C Kenlorskn Mrs l Kamlnskl Mr and Mrs L Kussavage Mr and Mrs J F Kmefz Mr and Mrs R Lenlhall Mrs E Lloyd Alderman and Mrs H Lev: and Mrs J Lesko and Mrs John Lesko and Mrs J Lunsku Le'l'cher Hardware Mr and Mrs J Lesmak Mr and Mrs J Lapoka Mr and Mrs J Lapmskn Mrs Mrlllceni' Mack Mr and Mrs E Morgan Mr and Mrs A J Murphy MlssE L Mundy Mr and Mrs H Mack Mr and Mrs S MlChBlSRI Mr Leon Morgalskl Dan Marcmkowskl Mr and Mrs J Machung Mrs J Novak Mr and Mrs E Nowncku Mr and Mrs C Obaza Mrs Helen Orsowsku Mr and Mrs A Pnllar Mr and Mrs S Paulefh Mr and Mrs A Pafferson Mr and Mrs S Poznak Mrs Mary Plepon Mr and Mrs E Plleckn Mr and Mrs F Pefrosku Frank Pasqnunu Mr and Mrs C uoos and Allen Dr and Mrs P Rmgawa Rogers Varne+y Slore Mr and Mrs C H Rees Leonard Roman Mr and Mrs J Szczecmsku Mr and Mrs F Sfavrlskn Sarday s Shoe Servuce Mr Ed Spencer Mr and Mrs C Baker Mr and Mrs A Galewskl Mr and Mrs E Salva ore M Sorachmsky Mr and Mrs J Swanfko Mr and Mrs Shukas Mr and Mrs J Sfankuewncz Mrs H Shlfka Mr and Mrs Skuzmskn Mr and Mrs J P Slesko H and V Sypmewsku Vnola Schwarfz S J Sobolwskn and Mrs G Smrlh and Mrs Skrzypkowsku and Mrs F J Shennan and Mrs K Smufh ad Mrs W H Smllh Leon Sokolowskl and Mrs C Swnfhers and Mrs L Serafnn Mrs Mary Sanfuk and Mrs L Sfuh and Mrs R Skordey nz Grozuc Sadowsks Mrs Mary Snmon rs John Sokol and Mrs W Semmers and Mrs C Salloga and Mrs L Selner and Mrs Jack Thomas Mrs V Tancm Mr P Tmo Mr and Mrs J Tagnanu Mr and Mrs John Ushmslu Mr and Mrs J Volpecnlln Muss D Vayvada Mr G Vayvada Mr and Mrs F Wommers Mr and Mrs L Wenfz Mary Warkomskl A Wnenczkowsku and Mrs G Wulluams and Mrs E Wall and Mrs E Wysocku and Mrs J Wenss and Mrs C Yeager and Mrs Zdancewlcz and Mrs N Zabuegdskl and Mrs S Zelek Mrs A Zaleslu and Mrs A Znekowsku and Mrs F Borman and Mrs D Cardone and Mrs Legms Mr and Mrs J Negosh Bobby Novrlsku Mr and Mrs S Norczyk Sfanley Norczyk Mr and Mrs S Novashmskl Mr and Mrs J Plashmsku Mr and Mrs F Wadas Mr. . . , . . ' ' ' Mr. . . ' ' ' . . Mr. . . ' ' , . n ' . ' ' Mr. . . ' , . ' ' ' . . Mr. . , , I ' ' ' . Mr. . ' . .-.,. u . u' ' ' Mr. . ' ' , u . . 5 ' - Mr. . . ' ' . ' ' - Mr. . . ' , , , - - - Mr. . ' .. . . . . ' ' I Mr' . I - Mr. . . . . . Mr. . . ' MV- - . . . . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . i . . ' , , - - l l Mr. . . ' n MY. . . ' Mr, . . - Mr. . . El' , 1 ' I ' - - - . . Mr. . , ' .- ' 2 Mr. . . ' M , , ' , "3 Mr. . , ' , . - - - ' Mr. . . ' , , ' ' - - - Mr. . . - . i - - ' ' Mr. . ' ' ' - - 0 ' ' Mr. . ' ' I, ' ,, ' .2 .. - Mr. . . . . . . ' I Mr. . . ' ' ' ' - - - Mr. . . ' ' ' ' ' . . - - - Mr. . . ' , ' ' - - - Mr. . ' ' ' . - ' . i Mr. . . ' ' ' ' . . . . . Mr. . . , ' ' , ' ' Mr. . . ' ' ' . . . . . Mr. . . ' ' ' . . - - - Mr. . . ' ' ' Mr. . ' YEARBOOK DALLAS TEXAS wwmfe ,QJ f A LITHOGRAPHED f 1 0

Suggestions in the Nanticoke High School - Nannual Yearbook (Nanticoke, PA) collection:

Nanticoke High School - Nannual Yearbook (Nanticoke, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Nanticoke High School - Nannual Yearbook (Nanticoke, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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