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21191- S S ALMA MATER Where the xale of old Tnllsburv Meets the xx estern sky Proudly stwnds our Alma Mater On her hnllrop hlqh When the ex enmg txx 1l1qht deepens And dlm shadoxx Q fall Lmqer lonq the qolden sunbeims Cn her xxcstern xx all Chorus Flwq xx e lox Q blue and xx hlte Floit for 1xe N l!1IlLOlCC Hnqh o er thee lVl1x thx sons be lein 'md lox il To thx memory One V, E, . -- - Y-f f - . -Y, - - ---H- v -A----, - G l l e Xe r f . 1 .f -v' '1 5 1 1--rf 4 , , .- f' 1 u ' , I Y:-- f ' ' a i 1 , . , Q1 ,' Q -V K K K .' c f. c ' ' . ' . 1. 4 ' , I W , c ' ' .1 .' 4 c 'c 'W f f CZ, M J Af X f f ff, f f4?2W 7, X jf f t ff! rw fl f.f'J f I 95 ,S 1? 3 f L5 mf giffjx x N f r f l I ' , K , X f , gc YC :km 1 ff WN X114 L " N f K Publlshed by The Sensor Class of Nanhcoke Hugh School ,ff L X 4 'V ff 1 ff lf, ff 3 V, Lv ,Q ,f, 1 of f far, ff o o f' A , I ff? ' A f! W zff f' 5' I 7 f i o f 03 , ' 1 ff f S' 1 dfffff N X71 ! 1 ff, f fin! K f FH 1 rlffx' 'ff ?i 91 :Tx ISV W K3 EPCAEE ? " so 53 V H f M '7f col fix!! NSAL fu ww DDJ? ,251 1 W lp' 2151! ' J xg, H ff f rx K J ia ik f ' '-X72 . fa 5, fffff"a M nip ff any ff 1 'Q 73 f f I f N Qvpl ff gf FOREWORD We the Senaor Class of lNant1eoke Htqh School are prouct to present the slxth annual xearbook the 'Nannual A theme the Atonne Era has been chosen and ts presented as x1x1dlx as possahle III manx draxxanqs throuqhout the hoolx A more su1t able thetne xxould be dlffleult to flnd slnee xxe are axxnq an the aye xx hen the atom rs no lonqer 1 str anqer to us hut as the prmelple around xx hleh ex erx thlnq rex olx es The nnport ante of an xntre 19111 lcnoxxledqe of seaente and ats xx on c rs tan ntxer he oxetestnnat d Vxe endeaxor there ore not onlx to bflllq forth an IHICFQSUIIQ xearbook hut also to arouse ex etxone eurlosltx an an onlx partlx dexeloped leld that of screnee To the teathu xx ho haxe eontrxhuted to our educatloa rndeldted s te e to thls ho ant x onderful xnexnortes of the happiest daxs 0 IC out aqa school daxs The staff extends 1ts thanks to faeultx students and others xx ho haxe assxsted us 1n anv xx ay CONTENTS Alma Mater Txtle Paqe lorexx Ord Theme Paqe Ded1eat1on Board of llducataon l acultv Senlor Cl ass l ropheex nmol Class Sophomore Class lVletnor1es of Our ournex l reshtn an Class Aetnxltaes Athletlc Alphahetmallx X ours last Wall and Testament Crraduataon Paqe Ads . H 7 . . , 1 5 I' , L' . a s a 1 l". eta' . I ..'z. X, '. s 6 , '. , 1, ' K , . ' tea 4 'Wait ' K ez ' - lepw "a a ":'ze, f', a', fu fl 4 2 I 'C I a al i ' i '- z 5 ' ls ' " V" a 1' . I' ' f' -- C , .Y I W . 2' "s ' f ' ' z ' 1 and training, to our progress and success, we shall 4alxx'ax's be ln the year: to come. xxe shall ' f r ok 4 l its x' 'H' z ' 5 f lf, ' h'll B- C It B1 ' 8- 1 B- ly' Bs 5. L B. ' v l .'.--ei .' ' C I . I V . 2 C i 1 b :Q 1. . , x K.-.- : ,, . .. ' . . ., A s C - c lv Y k. THE ATOMIC ERA ,,- 1- - -X. A - f' . M. A A A f 5 In N. , ,- f f Aff 5- X XV Ww w -,fu ' .', f X ' A ,- ' 1 A A x? Wi A AA lf . ,fl ga' V ti R s x- 4 I I x ,,4b W- A ' -V f W -in :Q - g mf Q ki V 14, f WWW, I-X X '9 x C X W x W qflm an MW M QA,qfffi7Wf7f!,,W f , M M-G-'-f"S-'i-':-- ,...-f M msg E X 'X ' Ziff Jw M L' A, if W WWW I' M,,, --g"':?- ""5'm' ""'l, sa- '-S-f.'-2S.." ...xx 'Wk f K ,jf EfsWj19V NN N I 5 ::J .f f 4 W Y lx g f ,f i FFF Q QQ: I ma 'K KI: kit if .uf NU ' wj ' H W 1 f . f - T3 , ' A' W ,N b i y .x f L ff N f W bm A f l. W aah :JEIW 1 X nr I A K ,A ffffdl F R, W Q ' ,fm ff X A . A Auf , V NN ex. Aww 2 ,H 11 'Q ' fl f'r. ' "W ' I l K , A ' rf fl, W Q. AA A If X y ,f XA Am A ' ,- A jx W ww ul A A 4 A A ll, 'A fl A ' ' ,A ' 1 w 1 U M axx Ax. N I ff A " . f 'A U XI' A A f f f 17, R EN ,T ' X 4 ! fcv ' W4 ff X62 if 7 4 A xi ,Q V Nc f ' Amofigfl' AM' I lwflf 'ffl ' N . rd M N it-N N ' ff! 7 lf . ' AXA C SN f . ,V " 4, . J, ' A ' AA ' A llxx x . N 'Q VX. , X V X l 1 ,A I f 'X ' ' xx Xu? QA A,,V?,.ih A1 1 AA I . A w x. L A. I f I, In 'V A E' I I!! AH I, xy if ,g 5' Mg: ,mil d Q 11- ... LT: H 4 'ln A 'A fb. LW, fy 1: 3E A456 iff' .. Af M- f':.Ief-5:1 . J f. 'f m ffl-ref' " f ff-1, A' J- ' ' if I IW uf: 2 A-:"-".s:-V 4 -gre I, U V1 I A' M' ff' w V f'f"1 f ,A A - -A '--. 5 3 ' ' ' A ' . A- A 1 , -" "! 'i" 'i"K' wif-Q' " J l ,M '..Q1Sg,f' ,Ar , '7' ' ' t "i?lL.7 DA, A A V U U 'L j' ' l 'X V- -X Vx s -xv. .QI ' 1 ' " ---- 'si -. ,Q A "' ff?'-"'--+"1 AAAA 'if-T: A- ,AZ ."--1 ' Mg: -NR- gi j A -i' If I ' 'V wt4LmgT?g4f,N',L-' .:.-:I-igjvg,:,4, JT? AA A ' - M' ATf2T-'Qf 'iillff' .ff :fp-L " .. AA ff-giggj X A u l-1'-A'?Tf ff .1 ,t-.E,..-ff:-1-L1'f',--4 V Q, .V A--.QA-rfg. V A, - -51' I 'V ,wifi H. - A 9 -H 'T'-' -"""""'i'f"N. if gfa 9' -,ffl 1 ' -A , ip?" Y X , ' X 51' ---fr.-T.. 'L , '. '1 -4' if! A 'f' i 3 A b f f .Ag ...AA Ali , ,A W ' f "' X C, .f A A M f 1, Y - ff A"' - N, -Q N X Ti --ff . gf VM4 DEDICATICDN Seated tlcfr to rxghtl Talutha VV1ll1s Bxology Ruth W1ll1s B1OlOQN Standmg Anthony lxulxgoyxskx General Sclence Charles Mayor General SCICDCC Adam Yas trenslu Phymcs Henry Leyman Chemistry Alex XNySOCkl Chemxstry Because we haye chosen the Atom1c Era as the theme for the 1950 Nannual vxe dedlcate th1s yearbook to the teachers of the science departments who have taught us the importance ofthe vast qrowinq field of science. . t ADMINISTRATION fy X Q' I W ff ff ! I Q ! QI xz W f f NN l f gg A g'wvA,i' J V? Q V? I I:-5-. fig j T' If X V X' "1 4 V ' 7-f x ' , 1 ' f X I I fl X lx! I ? fl f X I f , ww f x I .5 f if , 4 , X f I ,I f m x , Nf 1, I 'xx Q V, 2 IN -Z Q00 f ' I! A V- ,,.4- 5 , fx f ' I M , 1' ' ffl I W T'TY.N'xIjW KXFXTIX W S ,. -X-7 I WRX I ,l , ,,., Z X K I I -' 1 J - I BOARD OF EDUCATION N BERNARD lx0TULAlx Jonx A XINLILNT ,Ruk -un, W QM Prcandent N xu. Pn uhm sunt in 'S THOMAS BURROWS MARIO CIPRIANI VKILLIXVI DLIDECK IOHN IANOVN lCl Dunn I PRILDIONI-9 IIVSI9 SXKIIIIIR Supcnnundnnr Bu-lm N Nhmqk MARTIN GRONKA Prlnclpal FRANK SHANNON IRENE RANOIN II ,mln N OI llxshl rg-gg Qurcldry tn Supxrxntsmknt xnkmhnu Offucr CULT F F- n- C Q h 0 J L ,. we 4. Q- UT 10 V xxM ms Amr F K 32 leur r Char es M1 ar ory D fendaf Fra ik Ch ckson C lt Gronka Pr nc pa ak Mart S Ioh 1 N1 on sk 5 lx 1 h rd Row-A l l Firs Row ilelt to right!-Delphine Wysocki, Mrs, Eleanor Strojny, Kathryn Smi h, Syhil Williams, Mary Boyle, Mary oh, Lucia Smith. Ella Mnndy, Annette onuthan. M Amelia Thomas. Sylvia Cimm . Second Row-Kath ii Hess. Ruth Willis, Tahitha Willis, Mrs. Mary Fisher, Edna Wol e, Bessie Dew, Esther Kis ler, Alice McCarthy. :rank Makarczyk, lilmer ,oh- man. Alex VVysocki. T i ntlon' 'uliq i. 1 flnifni , in , i i l: 1 i . , . 'ni rif ' e, . l .' .jc , lc gel li i'a, nl 0 ' iuflu ', llnrr, y 'ins. lc hn Kanjuc . Fourth Row-Anthony Diksa. Alex Grudkowski, fdwin Davies, Williain S ryjak, S anley Galazin, oseph P. Siesko, Henry Gruclkowski. Henry I.eymnn. Nor Phoioj raphcd-Mary Hirnphrey, Thomas Lewis, Claire Smith. Bessie Strauss, Adam Yas remski, ohn T. VVilliam ll. ones, George V. Sheerler. Ji n .1 FN - D ws 4. a. - I OUCS I wx 4. F. STUDENT BODY H , QL 5 Q 5 1 F 'w if Q Q 8 1 K xN 4 X ' 1 x X I 6 f 9. :::,: ki' 5 1 N : 0' N V I Ii ' 1, N L 4 CLASS OF 1950 CLASS OFFICERS Left to rlght C3 rll Bllko Prcsldcnt VXanda ZBbf'Cl'lSk1 X71cc Presldcnt Anthony Black Sccrctary Conitancc Colatostx Treasurer CLASS SONG 1Tunc Daddx s Llttln Girl XX c rf, the Llass of DO 1X Ll us th at K. frm Q Il LlUX'1l .drum 1 un x m Nun A oy 11 dass md om tx nun C an x d Snhool xu l xc 1 ox tm' KI 1319.111 o odn Our shnp out at sa 1 You qh o th ful 'Ihat sums Lonstanllx n mx forqmt Sim joxs vu onu kmxx :ss of O Fon urs 'so 4 olds IN RUIH CRISII RI Honesty I CLASS MOTTO SIFICFFIIX and pcrscxcrancc Q the road to Succcw CLASS COLORS Maroon and Whxtc CLASS FLOXNER Gardema , Y . . 1. v , . . . Z XXV' lv 1 ff ' '. Tw p - vlntc Q: 1 ll '. 1 'z ' a ' lat is ' '. 2 onli' nwam U1 ." f ov: I' JL. Y L 'rc ' ' t 1 ' f qu css. ', 'rc tht li- I f 0 urv, xx'-'11 -1-r A -. ' Cla.: A "5 H . Q .' I' 11. XX' ' . I' ' ' .' . 'Q THOMAS ADAMS The more humorous moments of a study hall or classroom are usually attributed to 'ATom", His wit and humor account for his winning per- sonality, RUTH AN TOLIK Friendly and gay can best describe "Ruthie". Her cheerful smile and her loyalty make her a friend in- deed. ALBIN BAKER A member of the band, 'AAl" is a very likeable person. His friendly disposition has gone a long way in winning many friends. EDWARD BAKER ln many a football game, "Ed" has helped to raise a score. Quiet and studious. he can always be counted on to do his best. IOAN BALDWIN Ioan always manages to keep smil- ing. A very sociable girl, she is able to make friends easily. JOHN BALLA Iohn is a sociable classmate with a Cheerful personality that wins him many friends. Possessing an amic- able and pleasing disposition, he was one of the outstanding per- formers on the gridiron. EDWARD BANAS Edward is a quiet and reserved fel- low. He has an amiable dispos- ition and is cheerful and polite to all his classmates. GEORGE BARON George is an active boy who be- lieves in having a lot of fun in school. With his cheerful dispos- ition he has made many friends. He was a member of the football and wrestling teams. PETER BARTUSKA "Pete is a polite, interesting fellow who enjoys good humor, His quick wit is appreciated by all who know him. THOMAS BATT "Tom" is good-natured and cheer- ful while always trying to do his best. His pleasant manners are sure to help him in the future. FLORENCE BAURYS Although this graceful blond miss is quiet and studious, she is jolly and gay on occassions. Her perfor- mance in the annual minstrel show was very satisfactory. HAROLD BECKLEY Harold need not depend upon his activity on the gridiron to win him popularity. Iust to see this hand- some. curly-haired fellows winsome smile is enough to know that he's your friend. Txs elve FRED BENBENEK Curly-hairde "Freddie" is a short. good looking lad who is always smiling. He is always very friend- ly and helpful. FLORENCE BERNATOWICZ "Flossie" always manages to l-teep any party lively with her constant chatter. She was one of the most active members of the yearbook business staff. THEODORE BIENKOWSKI "Ted" is one of our popular senior boys. He was active in football and won the District Championship in the 133 lb. weight class in wrest- ling. IOI-IN BIGOS Iohn is a quiet reserved gentleman. He is one of the veterans who re- turned to complete his high school education. CYRIL BILKO 'ACy", our class president, was an outstanding member of the football squad. He is very popular and well liked by all of his classmates. ANTHONY BLACK "Tony". a basketball pla 'er and Secretary of the Senior Class. is always neat and well dressed. His friendly attitude makes him a fav- orite among his classmates. Thirteen .iii-F CLEM BOBERICK Clem, quiet at times. prefers to lis- ten rather than to talk. His atten- tiveness has helped him become a good student. IOSEPH BOHAN Although you frequently see Hloeu in the mood for fun. be knows when to be serious. If he stays this way, he is bound to get along in the world. THERESA BOZINSKI Theresa is a tall girl and a fine student, who is well liked by every- one. She was pianist of the chorus and an associate editor of the year- book. LOIS BROWN A warm smile and a cheery word at the right times pay up for Lois' quiet nature. Her friendship is sought by many. IRENE BRUZA Irene is a quiet person who rarely has anything to say. She is very loyal. and can be relied upon to fulfill her promises. IANE BUCKHOLTZ Iane manages to be serious one minute and full of fun the next. She is a charming miss with a pleasant personality. EVA BUDINAS Eva is a pretty. friendly girl. Her pleasant smile and carefree attitude will always benefit her in the fu- ture. VALERIA BUDLIRKA Valeria is a serious and quiet per- son. She is very agreeable and can always he relied upon by her friends. ARLENE BLIRINSKI Arlene, the efficient literary editor of the yearbook, has succeeded in winning the admiration of her class- mates. She ranks with the best in scholastic and musical accomplish- ments. BERNADINE BLITCZYN SKI Loyal and friendly. "Bernie's' winning personality has won her many friends. She was a fine re- porter for the newspaper. RAYMOND CANNON Quiet and reserved best describe A'Ray". He is a person who can combine work and pleasure. FRANK CARDONE A smile for you, a smile for me. Helps make the classroom full of glee. With his enviable, dark. curly hair, His dream is to stand over a barber chair. EDWARD CASTELLANI "Ed" may be classified with the other exuberant members of our class. His winning ways are ad- mirable. FRANK Ci-HCKSON There is never a dull moment when "Chick" is around. He enjoyed his high school days and made them enjoyable for others. NELLIE CHRISTIAN "Nell" is a serene person whose shy but charming manners hold ones attention. Possessing blond hair and blue eyes, she makes an exotic appearance. LUCILLE CHRZAN Lucille is admired for her poise and dignity. Her work on the literary staff of the yearbook was greatly appreciated, ROSEMARY CINTALA Good-humored, jolly and sociable, Rosemary contributed greatly to the yearbook on the literary staff. She is a steadfast worker at all her studies. FRANK COCCIA Frank is a gay chap who adds a little humor when you least expect it. He is well-known for his fine job on the wrestling squad. Four: CONSTANCE COLATOSTI 'Connies' abundance of energy and ambition were displayed in the fine joh she did as an associate ed- itor of the Nannual. She worked diligently as treasurer of the senior class and earned respest as a good student. RUTH CRISLER As captain of our cheering squad. Ruth did a magnificent job. She is a gay. carefree girl noted for her generous and pleasant manner. THEODORE DARGIEWICZ "Ted", an all-scholastic in football. displayed his athletic ability also in basketball and baseball. He is tall. good looking and very popular. SHIRLEY DAVENPORT 'Friend to all, enemy to none Always out to have some fun, Never a worry, never a care. Always welcome everywhere." That's Shirley! ANGELO De FELICE Angelo is rarely seen without a smile and can be counted on to keep a class period lively. His brown eyes and dark, curly hair make him the likeable chap he is. MARY De FELICE Mary is a warm-hearted brown- eyed. cheerful girl always ready to smile. This. combined with her good looks is the reason for her popularity. Fifteen Z' .I . IOAN DEVINE Ioan's cheery greetings brighten up the gloomiest of days. She takes an active interest in school affairs and is always willing to do her share in making them a success. IOHN DILLON lohn is very refined and well man- nered. He took part in sports and is a very conscientious student. LUTHER DOMAIN A tall boy possessing striking blond hair is Luther. His willingness to try until he succeeds is a good quality for the future. HARRY DOMBROSKI Whenever you see Harry, he's wearing a smile. He is a good looking fellow with a pleasant out- look on life. MARLENE ELMY Marlene has done a splendid job both as a majorette and a Nanten- na reporter. Her quiet . sincere manner has won her many friends. SHIRLEY ENGLEHART Although quiet and shy. Shirley has a large number of friends who are attracted to her by her pleasant personality. DONNA EVANS Wyoming's loss was our gain when Donna came to N. H. S. in her Iun- ior year. Her spirit of co-opera- tion plus her ability for making and keeping friends are only a few reasons for her popularity. LARRY EVANS 'APrankster", quick thinker --thats Larry. Nevertheless. he still holds the title of "Nanticoke's youngest businessman". PATRICIA FILIPPI "Pat" has done a splendid job as head majorette. With her admir- able personality she is everyone's friend. ESTHER FORNEY Esther, noted for her reserved nat- ure is a very agreeable person. She is a faithful friend and a good lis- tener. LEONARD GALLICK Leonard is a proud possessor of many friends and a winning smile. His will to work has promoted a spirit of co-operation in him. HENRY GEROCH Henry is the quiet, outdoor type. Hunting is his hobby. He would like to go into business in the coun- try. HENRY GLOWACKI Henry is one of our serious stu- dents. Possessing good school spirit, he has taken part in many activities. ARLENE GOLABEK Arlene is a very industrious person. With her endless knowledge of jokes, she can always be counted on for a laugh. EUGENE GORALSKI "Gene" seems to be serious on the outside, but there's never a dull moment when he's around. He is always a good worker in class. ELEANOR GORNEY i'Nonee". one of the prettiest girls of our class, did a wonderful job both as editor of the yearbook and president of the Teen House. She is a remarkable student. DAVID GOWER lt takes a lot of energy to make a good bowler like Dave, but still he manages to save enough to keep his spirits bright and put everyone in a jovial mood. BETTY GRABOWSKI Another one of our majorettes, Betty also donated her service as a candy girl. She possesses a fine voice and participated in the min- strel show. Sixteen SOPHIE GRANITSKI loyial and happy. always ready with her share of quips and quirks, Sophie brightens any classroom, Vklith these characteristics she has won a host of friends. CAROLINE GRANITZKI Full of vim. vigor and vitality Caroline was a splendid cheerlead- er. Her clark hair. neat appear- ance, combined with her charming personality make her a winsome young lady. IOAN GREENLAND 'Cute' as a button, not Very tall, VVith a winning smile, far from small. Ambitious, intelligent, friendly and Always willing to lend a helping hand. ANNA GRETKOWSKI VVhenever you find Anna you find fun. but she also knows when to be serious. She was a fine reportei on the Nantenna Staff. CASMIER GREVERA Humor during study periods can be centered around i'Kaz". His fine wit can account for his winning personality. DONALD GREVERA A sincere reserved fellow is "Don". He will be remembered for his wrestling ability, Sexcnteen ANTHONY GRIGAS This tall. blond young lad is a good student and friend. Mixed with his seriousness is a sense of humor. ROBERT GRITSAVAGE "Bob" is one of the shortest boys in the class, and is well known for his sense of humor. Being ambit- ious, he works diligently at any task. MARY ANN GRONKA Mary Ann, one of our candy girls. will be remembered for her gay personality. Her vivacious manner endears her to many friends. DOROTHY GRLISKIEWICZ "Dot" has always been known as a faithful friend. She is seldom heard to complain, and even more seldom do we see her without a smile. REGINA GURKA "lean" will be always remembered for her charming manner and kind- ness toward her friends. This little lady has big ideas and high ideals. and works hard to attain both. THERESA GWIAZDOWSKI We can best describe Theresa as being modest. sincere. and amiable. Her willingness to work will help her in her carreer as a beautician. ELEANOR HADOCK Eleanor is really a conscientious student and a willing worker. She is a reliable, genial, and loyal friend. ALBERT HERMALI "Al", friendly and good natureel. 1:4 an ideal pal. His neat appearance and dignified manner have been ad- mired by all. IOSEPH HORANZY "loc" is jolly yet takes his work seriously. He has a smile an.l friendly word for everyone. DAVID HOWELLS "Dave" is popular among his class- mates. This energetic and versa- tile fellow has taken part in every phase of school activity. PAUL HUBER A boy of few words. Paul is every- one's friend. lf you know him well you can appreciate his calm and collected manner. DELBERT HUMENICK "Dehs" seems to be bashful, but we aren't fooled. He manages to lgeep both male and female friends. Since he is ambitious, he can be counted upon to do his best. .nys 5-W SHIRLEY HUMMEL Shirley is noted for her willingness to cooperate. We will always re- member her fine performance as a drum majorette. IOAN HYDIER Ioan is a quiet girl but to her more intimate friends, her charm and poise reflect her good nature. She is always conscientious in her work. IRENE IANUSZESKI On the outside, this tall lass seems to be a shy, modest girl, but Irene has proved herself to be friendly. Her appearance is made outstand- ing by her dimples. STANLEY IAROLIN "Stan" is a boy with a rare sense of humor. This accounts for his popularity with all his friends. IACK IONES A diligent student: a faithful band member: no wonder lack has well earned the reputation of being a re- spected member of our class. KENNETH IONES A member of the Hi-Y, Ken is one of the most polite boys in our class. His diligence, perseverance, and sincerity have earned him many friends. Eighteen MARIANNA IONES Good-humored. jolly and sociable is Marianna. She is a steadfast worker both at her studies and other activities. ROBERT IONES "Bob", a conscientious student. par- ticipated in all school activities. He was treasurer of the Hi-Y and business manager of the yearbook. NARCIS KANIA "Amiable" best describes Narcis. Not only is he one of the shortest but also one of the friendliest mem- bers of our class. RUSSELL KANYUCK A light hearted fellow, "Russ" doesn't have a care in the world. Because he is an interesting conver- sationalist, there is never a dull mo- ment when he is around. ELIZABETH KLEMASZEWSKI An attractive girl with a pleasant smile is "Betty". She is very well liked for her gay and helpful na- ture. ANTHONY KLUS Anthony well confirms the state- ment. 4'Good things come in small packages." He is a noble and loy- al friend to all. Nineteen BERNARD KOLODZIEI A good student and a pleasing per- sonality make up a gentleman in "Bernie". He is well liked for his unassuming manner. EDWARD KOPKO To look at A'Ed" you would think he was reserved. but "you can't judge a book by its cover." Act- ually, he is one of the most jovial members of the senior class. BARBARA KORONKIEWICZ "Babs" is an attractive girl who has done a wonderful job as a drum majorette. She is always neat and well-dressed. Her heart- warming smile and gaiety make her a favorite. GLORIA KOSHINSKI Gloria has one of the most beauti- ful voices of the senior class. We admire her talent and love her un- selfish manner. MARIE KOSKER Here is one girl that is seldom seen without a smile. Always cheerful and gay. Marie is sure to meet life without a worry. MARIE KOTULAK Marie knows the right way to re- main friendly with everyone. Her smile and personality are definitely the reasons. ALEX KOTZ Shy and quiet can well describe Alex, but that is no handicap be- cause he is very popular among his classmates. BARBARA KOZLOSKI Barbara has a fun-loving nature and a friendly word for everyone, To copy her well-dressed manner is every girl's desire. CLARA KRAUSE Clara is a reserved, studious girl and a desirable pal. She is very willing to cooperate in every way possible. RALPH KRYNICK Energetic and friendly are the best ways to describe Ralph. Through his cheerful manner, he has earned the admiration of his fellow class- mates. EDWARD KLIROWICKI "Ed" is one of those rare individ- uals who is seldom, if ever, in a serious mood. He is well liked by his classmates and we can count on him to do his best. IAMES KLIRSAR "lim", an interesting and determin- ed lad, possesses an amiable dispos- ition. His ability in wrestling has earned him the District Champion- ship. ZA! 4,4 ii QB' IOI-IN KIIRTZ Iohn is an extremely likeable chap and can boast of a host of both male and female companions. He is a determined worker and likes to have a great deal of fun. BERNADINE KLISKIEWICZ "Bernie" is gay, witty, full of fun, and always in a hurry. Since she is very cooperative, we can always count on her for a helping hand. LA VERNE KUSSAVAGE La Verne is a blond miss who is quiet and reserved. As typist on the Nannual staff, she was Very prompt and efficient. IEROME LASTOWSKI A quiet, well-mannered boy is Ierome. He is liked by all his classmates and is always willing to help everyone. WILLIAM LETCHER This fellow is most often found in a jovial mood. However, he has a serious side which was demonstra- ted by his gridiron ability. RICHARD LETIZI Richard is an active fellow who believes in having fun. With his cheerful manner, he has acquired many friends. His loyalty to his classmates was displayed by his fine work on the football field, Twenty ANTHONY LITCHKOWSKI "Tony" is an agreeable and like- able fellow. His fine performances on the basketball floor are com- mendable. RONALD LLOYD MRonnie" is rarely seen without a radiant smile. He is actively in- terested in music and was a loyal member of the band. AMELIA LLIBESCO A'Amy" is a conscientious lass and a hard worker. She is well liked for her reserved manner and sin- cerity. IEAN LUBINSKI lean, a member of the Nannual literary staff, is an energetic and ambitious girl. She participated in school activities and was an active member of the Tri-Hi-Y. CASIMER LUKIEWICZ Tall and reserved best describe Casimer. His quiet disposition and friendliness to everyone has won him many friends. DOLORES MAIEWSKI Dolores is a pleasant and gay miss with beautiful blonde tresses. Be- cause of her friendly and winning ways, she is admired by many of her classmates. Twenty-one 'V' MARION MARGALSKI Marion, a newcomer this year. was immediately accepted by everyone because of her friendly and winning ways. LEONARD MATLIBLEWSKI "Len" is a sociable, humorous cheerful fellow. These things con- tribute to his popularity. He is the possessor of rare artistic talent. GERALDINE MAXIMOWICZ '4Gerry" who appears to be silent surprises us every once in a while with her charming wit and sense of humor. She was a willing work- er on the Nannual staff. IOAN MAYLOCK It would be a happy world if everyone had a sense of humor like Ioan. Her unlimited efforts to help make our Minstrels successful, shall never be forgotten. REYNOLD MAZA "Where there's a will. there's a way." 'I'hat's true, but "where there's fun. there's Rennie, is more appropriate in this case. He bright- ens every classmoom with his pranks. HELEN MICKNO Helen. who is usually the silent type, surprises us every once in a while with her charming sense of humor. In this way, she has won and kept many friends. ANGELO MICOCCI A'Ange". a happy go lucky" fellow. has done a splendid job as student manager of the wrestling team. He is sincere and dependable when necessary. IOSEPH MIN SAVAGE If you can't see him. you can cer- tainly hear Aloe", who is one of the smallest boys in our class. His a- greeable disposition has been an asset in his school years. ROBERT MIODUSKI Dependability and earnestness in all he does are the highlights of "Bobs" character. Aside from this. he always enjoys a good joke. 1oHN MORAN Although quiet, Iohn has been able to make many friends. He can be sincere or humorous as the occasion arises. MARGARET NAGLE Margaret is an industrious student. Her diligence and determination make every thing she does a suc- cess. She is at all times friendly and talkative. DONALD NICE This rollicking fellow is one of those likeable lads. Because he is always helping others. he is admir- ed by his companions and school- mates. if 'E' GRACE NIESWENDER Quiet, shy, but friendly is the best way to describe Grace .She is well liked by her classmates because of her pleasant disposition. CHARLOTTE NOVAK Charlotte is a lovely girl as anyone can see. Her friendliness and soci- ability are the reasons for her pop- ularity. IOHN NOVAK Iohn is a tall lad who has a friend- ly smile for every one. He is an ambitious and diligent worker. MARTHA NOVINSKI This young lady possesses friendli- ness and cheerfulness. We will long remember her as an accom- plished pianist and a member of the orchestra. GERALDINE O'DONNELL "Gerry", one of our commercial students. is an attractive and friend- ly girl. Her reticence is admired by all. SHIRLEY OGIN A quiet miss. Shirley is well liked by all who know her. She is studi- ous and has the ability to accept responsibilities. Tu Cnty-lu o REGINA OMOLECKI Friendly and gay are two of the best adjectives to describe Regina. She assisted on the subscription staff of the yearbook. RITA ORBAN Tall. friendly. reliable - these are some of Ritas qualities. She was one of the efficient members of the Nannual business staff. LORETTA OSMANSKI Loretta is quiet and studious in school, but mischievous and jolly everywhere else. We all admire her pleasant manner and hope she will never change. ANETTE OWENS Black hair, dark eyes, personality-- who could ask for more? As Pres- ident of the Iunior Class and active cheerleader she will always be re- membered. KAREN PAULL Karen is a tall and slender girl with a reputation of being well dressed. Because she is very sociable, her company is enjoyed by all. BERNADINE PEKAROF SKY Iolly, happy and carefree help to make "Bernie" one of the most ad- mired girls in our class. Because she herself possesses the qualities of a true friend. she will never lack companions. Twenty-three 5 ae f- , .F 5' ,A .fi , Ny' -Us IEAN PEN DLE lean is a young miss with a charm- ing personality. She assisted on the literary staff of the yearbook. GERALDINE PERMOVITCH A gay, carefree girl noted for her generous and pleasing ways is "Gerry". She possesses the qual- ifications for her chosen career in nursing. RUTH PHILLIPS This sophisticated miss can be classed as a perfect lady. She pos- sesses a pleasant smile displayed to all. IACK PIASECKI lack is the good looking veteran drummer in our band. Although shy in his ways, he is admired by all his classmates. CHARLES PIZONT "Chas" will be remembered for his work on both our football and baseball teams. He is a well man- nered gentleman at all times. AUGUST PLODWICK A good student. a member of the band and a member of our Literary staff, August certainly has shown his ability in school as well as in other activities. DOLORES PLUCKARD Dolores, charming. sweet and gay. holds a special spot in our hearts. She did a wonderful job as one of our cheerleaders. EUGENE POHEPIC "Gene" with his persistent smile seems to radiate good will wherever he goes. Because of his friendly disposition, he is well liked by all his classmates. DOLORES POKRINCHAK Dolores is an enthusiastic person with a warm friendliness for every- one. This convivial nature ac- counts for her popularity. GERALD POKRINCHAK 'lerryu has been a loyal supporter of his Alma Mater. He is a wor- thy friend possessing jovial habits. THERESA PRICE Theresas spontaneous smile is one of her many attributes which ac- counts for her many friends. She is a pretty girl with a pleasant and delighting disposition. IRENE PRLISHINSKI A charming girl with a pleasant personality is Irene, Because she is a conscientious worker she is ad- mired by her classmates. IOAN PRUSHINSKI Ioan is an intelligent miss with a touch of sophistication. We will always remember her as the com- petent president of the Tri-Hi-Y. IOSEPH PRUSHINSKI "loc" will be remembered by all for his fine work on the gridiron. He won the Wyoming Valley Place Kicking Tournament. That is why hesvcalled "Io with the educated IOQ. PHYLLIS PRUSHINSKI MPhyl" just bubbles over with cheerfulness and friendliness. Be- cause of her good natured and co- operative attitude, she proves a faithful friend. IOSEPH PRYMOWICZ 'floen with his friendly and carefree attitude will be well remembered for his strong school spirit. This fun loving boy is known for his loyality and earnestness. DONALD QUOOS Good natured, friendly and depend- able best describe Donald. His many friends can be attributed to his unceasing wit and humor. SOPHIE RACIS A blond haired, blue eyed miss is Sophie. A good natured girl with a pleasant personality. she has ac- quired many friends and admirers. Twenty-four DOROTHY RASMUS Quiet! VVho-"Dot"? No. this miss is definitely not quiet. Her mind seems to be always buzzing with good humor and mischievous pranks. MARIORIE REES "Marge" is a pretty. blond haired girl with a pleasing smile. Her friendliness and sociability have made her popular and well liked. KARL REKAS Karl is an industrious, sincere and ambitious person. He did a good job as sports editor of the year- book. THERESA RENTKO Theresa is an attractive lady who can always be found in a gay mood. Her many friends can be attributed to her pleasant and agreeable disposition. ROBERT ROGATSKI "Bob" is the sort of lgerson that is everyones friend. iligence and perseverance are his two outstand- ing qualities. ELEANOR ROMANOWSKI A happy go lucky and carefree at- titude make Eleanor a delightful and likeable girl. Her winning smile always provides her with a host of friends. Twenty-fix e .g 1' an THOMAS ROWETT "Tommy" is an example of an ideal friend. sociable. jolly and agreeable. He has livened many conversations with his laughter. IEANNE SADOWSKI leanne is a lovely talented girl. Her light hearted and agreeable nature have made her popular and admired. ELIZABETH SALLOGA "Betty" is a pleasant miss with a charming personality. Because of her high ideals she is admired by her many friends. RUTH SCHLEICHER Ruth's invigorating personality has won her many friends. She is al- ways willing to cooperate and to help others. RAYMOND SELNER "Ray" is well liked by all his class- mates. His perseverance. diligence and sense of humor are qualities admired by all. HENRY SHIPKOWSKI Smiles, jokes and pleasant greetings are received by all who know "Hank", His helpful and coopera- tive nature has made him popular with his classmates. IOYCE SIBERT Ioyce is a good-natured, convivial girl. Her friendly laugh and loyal- ty have acquired for her many friends. ANTHONY SKIPTUN AS "Tony's" colorful personality is his outstanding characteristic. He is easily distinguished in any crowd because of his wit and humor. HARRY SMITH Quiet, friendly, and interested in sports is Harry. His tranquil and serious nature have aided him in every endeavor. VIOLA SNYDER "Vi" is both a sweet and gay lass with friendly and pleasant ways. Perhaps these assets account for her many friends. FRANCIS SOKOLOWSKI Although shy and reserved. Francis has won many friends. His deter- mination and perseverance are out- standing. NORBERT SOLDON Norbert is a very diligent worker and has always done well in his school work. He was one of the most active members of the Civics Club. ANDREW SOLTIS One of Andy's outstanding features is his blonde. curly hair. Because he is friendly, agreeable, and full of fun. he is liked by all. MARIE SOSINSKI A tall, blonde miss is 'AMarie". She may seem bashful or shy at times, but she's really a jolly friend to have. LILLIAN SOWA Dimples plus an engaging person- ality make 'ALil" a pleasant lass. We will always remember her fine contributions to our minstrel. PETER STADTS With his "happy-go-lucky" attitude and his everlasting smile, "Pete" carries good humor wherever he goes. He is always surrounded by his many friends. ELEANOR STELEVICH Eleanor is an attractive girl with calm, pleasant ways. She is both exotic and sophisticated. CHARLES SUPERKO "Chuck" has an industrious nature and a delightful personality. He can be commended for his splendid job as president of the student council. Twenty-six IEROME SUPKO "Ierry" is a rather quiet. but a very helpful person. She participated in many school activities and was a drum majorette. IOSEPH SUTT Aloe" is a mild mannered and ener- getic boy. His carefree and cheer- ful attitude make him a pleasant in- dividual. IOSEPH SWIGONSKI A'Ioe" seems to be everybody's pal. His wonderful dancing has been ad- mired at many school dances. MELVIN SWITHERS Intelligent. reliable, cheerful--these are some of Melvin's characteris- tics. His main interests are acquir- ing knowledge and fun at the same time. SEVERIN SZCZECINSKI Severin is jovial, obliging and even- tempered. His willingness to co- operate is appreciated by all. EDWARD TERKOWSKI Always ready with a joke is "Terk", He keeps everyone smil- ing and never passes unnoticed. Twenty-seven V, 2' MARY THOMAS Mary is a quiet, serious girl with a reserved manner. These assets combine to make her a likeable in- dividual. MARY LOUISE THOMAS A combination of fun, seriousness. and friendliness make Mary a charming girl. Her many friends are attracted by her sweet manner. DONALD TOBACK "Don's" ready wit kept many class- rooms alive. He is a fun-loving mischievous fellow, always found in a jolly mood. GEORGE TRONSUE Although quiet most of the time, George is respected by his class- mates. He is liked for his reserved manner. HENRY URBAN 'AHank" is likeable, good-natured, and fun-loving. His industrious attitude has made him a class favorite. IOHN UREN There is never a dull moment when "lack" is around. His lively wit and nonchalance make him well liked by many. HELEN VALENCE Helen is a happy-go-lucky girl with a friendly smile. Her neat appear- ance and sociable ways have made her a friend to all. KATHRYN VAVRICK Bubbling over with gay spirits, "Kitty" is always ready for fun and laughter. Her sincere and heart warming ways will never be forgot- ten. CELESTINE VEDOR "Sally" is a blonde-haired miss with a charming personality. Be- sides being engaged in other school activities, she is one of our energetic cheerleaders. LEON VOSHEF SKI Courtesy, polite manners, and neat- ness are just a few of "Leon's" characteristics. His sociability has made him a well-liked person. HENRY VOYTUSH "Hank" is a blond, wavy-haired boy who is very quiet and shy. Nevertheless, he has the ability to make friends and keep them. ALLAN WALTERS We all like Allan for his friendly, sincere and polite manners. His pleasant personality has aided him in everything he did. IAMES WATKINS 'iIim" is an amiable fellow who can readily be depended upon to do his best. For that reason, he is every- one's pal. RICHARD WEISS A host of friends and a lot of fun are a credit to "Skippy". This jovial boy displays fine ability in wrestling. LEOTA WILLIAMSON This blond-haired lass has succeed- ed in winning many admirers. Her charm and sincerity are only two of the reasons why she is well-liked by her classmates. BARBARA YABLECKI Always look at the sunny side of life and you'll possess one of Bab's cherished qualities. She is one of the most friendly members of our class. NARCIS YABLONSKI Narcis will be remembered for his great interest in football. I-le can boast a vast field of friends due to his helpful and cooperative nature. MICHAEL YANUS lVlike"s cheerful smile, mannerly ways and pleasant attitude are but a few of his admirable qualities. One of our best athletes, he has won the praise of many for his out- standing work on the football field. Twenty-eight RUTH YAROSZ A tall. pretty, cheerful girl is Ruth. Her beaming smile and amiable personality have obtained for her a host of friends and admirers. WANDA ZABRENSKI Wanda, who was vice-president of the senior class is a sociable girl. She has contributed to the class in a fine job, as subscription editor of the yearbook. DOROTHY ZAREMBA A dark-haired, quiet girl is Doro- thy. She is an ambitious and dili- gent worker who is liked by her classmates. CHESTER ZDZIARSKI "Chet" is a rather quiet but ener- getic boy. His willingness to co- operate and pleasing personality made him an ideal classmate. Twenty-nine LOUISE ZELEK This red haired lass with her soci- able and friendly manner, has ac- quired her many friends. Her pleasing smile and pleasant person- ality aid in her popularity. ROSALIE ZLOTOWSKI Rosalie is one of the smallest girls in our class and probably one of the quietestg but her winning ways have made her liked by all who know her. RICHARD ZYPAI "Richie" possesses a friendly nat- ure and a keen sense of humor, which have benefitted him greatly. GEORGE MOTIKA George is a active lad. quiet at times. He comes from the Han- over Section. 1 I I THE PROPHECY lg,-A as? N , 1 N X1 Ill IK 1 'I II' 4 1 1 111 111.1 11I1 I III II II I, IUU IINII 1 1 K 111 N11 N11 .N XI 1 1 .1 I1 11 1J11N . I III 1 1 U 4 L 1 4 L U Ll rx N 1X X1 1 I NN II I1 O IUI N ILI1I'I II MN IL III IIA I O II 1110 1 LII L1 It O I' N4 OII I L HIL! 1 Xl x .1r111 LOI1 11111111 11 . IL llkf' N .11111N Ix11rN. um rh NNILSIIIIQ x 1111111111 IS DILIXIIIQ PI'OILNSlOId 1 11 Io 11. tI1a1I 11.111111 ROIIIBIIOKKS 1 Marth INov1nsI11 QIIIC QLIIII I3I11II1pN .111 Lo111p1I111I IILIFSCS Q 10111 I1 I .uk o111N1N .1 1111 LaI.111111111 LI11 'N 4 1X 1 I ID III II dNI1II1I 1 IIIIIM UXX I NAXII1 N ILL DIL IN OI' Q AW 1 'NI xx 11 UL N I 'NIKL xd1I I i X .N N IUILJIXI 1 1 I CJI1' 11.1-.1111 XYI1-1 1511 -.1.- I..1x1- I11 NI1:1I1' I111' II.1-N1- I11L.1I II11-.111I N 'I -1'I S I'I 11 . I- IISI, '1..1::'NI 11.121111 I::i N11111 '::.-,:I Y.z1.'.:1f IIILI I VIII ' I'1111.1 I1:111I1N11 II11- 1.1:::111':-Ivn. 1.1-1:3 Izg, N., 111.-,IH 1111111 N111.. :I-Hi, Y K1 IN CIIHIQIIIXI I 1 In uf IIII. 111111 -N. 1' IKIIJNY. R-hy' ' IJ1::1-I1-IIQI z1111I III-1'. I Ii111- III-1-1111 ILI1. XX'I1x' :I N I'If1I' IIIi1-:'.- 11111-- I.-11:II-1 CfI11':.111 5.1 - .1 N-1 "1-IIT VI -1 IKII'-II' III II?-NIH' YITYI' if .-'X I I31'11111.1 CI: 'I'.1 IN II:1-111111-1'oI LI I ' I' , 1-ry. . 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DM ,HV , ,11x.OU tha WI ,t , Ch , 1. , .3 U? 'IIIt-1'- -- ID II N1 --11I'1111 1 'I'INI1IXIIiI'. III III' 112 . A I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I'.v.1 I311I111N 1111I DoI111'1-. IJok1'111cI1a1k 'Irv dom vcII 'is .I I IN '1 'CIN . . N11-1111112 I --N IXX I A1111. R114 U'I1.1z1. N1'II:1- Cf111NZ:.1:1. .1111f IV11' 51I11'I'1 .1:'1- III Irv H 1 N X, X14 -A mt, I. 1-1. Q IDI-1:11-1'III111111-111Iq..1 p:1.1' Isl-: II ' 1111-II I-I-I4 III ' Ii' II-IN IIN 'FYI' 11 1 WUI IIV111' IVIIIN IN I.11 XII-1'11u Iixxs 11- .IIII .1 " 1-1I'111.I I tI1'1I I 'Irm 1:1 'Y VIII II1x - 31111I11-.111I.1Q1v,I .-X1.:1.1 Im.-1L411.1NI':I 5.11-N .1 ,1111:..1. II 'III 'I IUIIII I' IIIIII 'II NI 'I XI IA I, 1Ii--C,I1.11'I1- SIiPL'I'IviI 1N IIIXIIIIIQI L15 I111-.1 I'lLIL' III I11,' 'J k- vl' Ch.-N-1N11II IIIIN II11'1Il1:111I UII II1:1 I.1II11111--Ia1II11111Hf1IIi11g-- ,I II'111iYIQ1'1g11 :N .1 x11-1I:?1'. I11N::11- ::'.1:1I -I1--I'-I-IfIW'-'-'III5'-III I' II. -1: II IIIIII N11 - N .1 N.-1:1-1.1:'., Iz1NI1 E1 'II I 111 111111111 1111 XIII' III',I I1'1 I'II'h. III1 111 CLASS OF 1951 CLASS OFFICERS Left to nght Alma Balla Secretary Henry anoskn Treasurer Dawd hdvuardb VICL Presndent Carol XVCISS Presndent Thx COLORS Blue and Gold MOTTO llducatlon our gain succew ou oal FLOWER American Beauty Rose We smcerel ho e that vou xxxll Succeed m our ex er attem t as ou Y P Y 5 P Y lourney through l1fe We xx 1ll endeax or to mamtam to the beat of our abllnty the hxgh standards you hue eatablnshecl - A , l H r 9 ' - . : I . ', . : 'A Farewell, Seniors: I C '. x I 7 7 A ' c ' ' .S . lr y-01' ROOM 6 MR. VVILLIAM STRYIAK First Row Qvft rf rugrrf-li-,in Iumfrxk, I Kr.,-Mt: i1Xt' Iumu- Iflfzwr- A Build i,i'x-Mrs-' Birmkw- lfurrriun HW. lumer:-' Civlvyzprmxkz Niwnzi K:-.lvr M .-'Xi.,gi.-rx:-r 1,1 rrume Bud-wilt: fN1.irxfxnfi'.. 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SMITH I'.'-T RMI lvfr rw rx,ghr1-In-rf Iirkw-xv .Mmm k..4-un-In Su-.m Iirf-:dd Kdrizrxrx Ifl-':.:.v brallx Ann Inruc- Grmlnilne Anllrm-Hr KI--nn Um' rimndruf Bmw Inrrvlm smfm Qfmf Bez Cum: Ba h lhllrv I1 Iv rrmu tx .A 1 r nm -1 L,:f'Irav. Second Row-'I'h4-minrv lSImx.1Lkn IwI.u Gr fxrlz Ann Icnkmx I1-.m Ilmrchnlri Inn' Lhrnxrmfl-rx: Swph1rlQ.m'xxNk1 Ivmn Bmzkw xkl ,I'I'1-'rrmx Iluzxnxkl Iflmm' I7:1.uId4v-.xx N.xt.4I1c' AII.4l'w.ulqh 'I'hvm-dura' Cfzvrxxun- I1-hn II:-vlrr. Third Row-Iimmld Hrmwux, R.nnwmI Hutkw lx: Iumrs Ihnlx, Imun Grxnfhur, I1-Im II. nk I--h I n ll PM Bn k ' xf' rr., ur M k: xn- H- Qh.xr- n U Jun r er .rrux .1 Inif Ifdxnnrdi Stcphfn Gun, Iidxxurd Iimnhm XM luscph Glmkdnlcz. ROOM H MR. HARRY DYKINS Furs: Row rlcfr rn rxqhtl-ROI'vCrt Ilumnm Irv u.nrd Hdrxvx. Robert Ilcvnlhrrv-kx Vfxllx. xx nm hm Bubm Thomas Conrad Ndrcnp VVwI.m-km Ilanxcl Earnshfnm, Ravnmnd I'I.4IIrm.u', Chcx' wr Srernlk Ion-ph Hudak. Iohn Bdldum Clarence Huuxrr, Charles Ifstxxdnulx Amh- 1-nx' Hmnrwxx skl, Setnnd Row-Gs-mini S.admx5L1. Inhn Img:-n: RuI"L'rt Ogln CImrIcH Hrwlmxnxh 'I'I'1um.a-X Bc-we Angelo Fclxrx Eduard Sturt: I-wc Bcrfwh Anxruns Gull Ildxxd Mverx. FIT Al- frmi Mnllrr 'I'hf-4-dnrc IVIr1dr:cn-ufku Iv-rrlz Q ku lurvmnmk Ixxux II.xrrm.m Themiurm' Rux K.-,muh Iimxf IM.-ph l..m..nNL, w.u,..,,1 K uh ROOM I5 MRS. M. K. FISHER First Row flcfr tw rxglhrx-Mdrwn l"1.n-cpl leanne Mclkhlmn lemme Kfwrrmlrz Sul-.1 Schlexclmer Anmxnexxe Pfvwr llnlfvrex Kntnr Marlene Nearv, Ijuln,-9. lVl1lmI4,,q,L, 51.414 INIVN- Ixlrelm Rrwmdnfwxuln Reqmnn Krzz xxxclu Klarxe Krxegfr, l,11rr.nne Clrlmn Irer Km-ur. 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IH fm' I .AX V'uf A Ygzrrwn Kfnrw Nha F, ,--" 511'-.R H'-If-r P-".m-Lv 5-.1-...1 Pm.-. V. m,.,-.,, -.- x rv'-r-ff, Twr .1 51x56 xr f 4" K. .40 Scuund Run- lQr'.1.J - 1'N.f.R r Us .r I .': I4'vr"M4 K'-:.:trw-+41 b':z'f.-x Pvirrgur- N'l,v,1'r' P.1'.:xrw- 514720 fYxF:'1-Q. Smxm 'Maw-1 1- A l'.afr:. A N41-Ulla: 'I-P1c"w.1 Pvxr- 'MM' l'r'-v Vvw ri KT.4'u YINFQA' NNN" PX'x,,'-'V Lhnrd Rnvu-fi.:.:cnr fN1.4rKw,xflu Antfwnx IMI: mm XX'uIln.m:Gcf-r.1e- P.1ulC7lfhc'xxXkL I.:-vm ,mi NT1Lw!.m:-.L ROOM 23 MISS RUTH WILLIS Fnrsl Row whfx m rnghrrfhionnnl 'Ikrkmuh lflxu' Nrlrv llul-vrvw XNrwlt:k.s Hiurlf- XXRW- nmn, mf..m.n.- xxxm.. Suphu' swmm., Gcnvxu-xr Rlevnwnci Marv Lou Z.xL5:cwakx Cfhfxrlmrc' XNQQNI-wfskl Ann Aiurn' Pnvnluv Ru1'wrx.x Rm Lvwrmxne bullxnm. Second Row-lfdxxnrd Rs-donu Ls'm'mrd Puxh- cfxkn Chr-xrrr Zhxcruucwxkx Chewrcr Hx-I.: I,1H1.m Rnmx Marx Inu R.-Aurr Ilnrrwrhx Fhdndrw TV-s'rrN.a Xyrwxxrhfwxx-L1. Iwhn Rlpxkl Im-vmrd XY'-bhlcx Lamb Srcgvnchek. ROOM 25 MR, IOSEPH P. SIESKO Flat Row wh-fr ru rluhtr-Iwwph Mxxkuw kk' 1 PN gk: Vllxy Munn If ml B1 mu .wr -xv v 3' Y . xw .1 v -: -lv I1--vv: 011.-nd: I-whn Kwl.urxx.m l.unw N!.4rr:1-r lzuqvnc f'.n:L-wk: AI I.v-Lmuz: lffwzmnt 6:1-n':1l.n:u1 Yuwvnf Nixn-.n.n,v Van uw' S1-H. limi pfvlh' Xklnllmrn 5v.1rM'XX R-rw.-7: Nhnw-.x-ku Uvmh: Ulm-my Svuvnd Rmnu-51.0.11-I X'cr.a::n Arxdwnx RRI- .nw-Jx Iam'--1 Zu-rwr MM: I..4u-x .f'xmirr-.- mmf- Ir-An R.4i.xwL. Rmnwnd N:.mi:'.xn U. Rdwrl limi 'I,Lf.u.f-ri' Sax:--r I',x:L:m'rn 11. 1' .- J A'-ri! -w 5w,7.11- Rkfg-r I'.w.. lk' ww I :1.'ff".x-L: In Urvcnl.1r'.i Ln"- l".:-' -wp: Ab-cnrces--.-'Xlfrui Iygxxnrq XXQM MEMORIES OF VVII I YCU EX FR ICRC L'I IL xx nn.1 d1 Tflll 1111 11r1111111x UI 1 711 1 N 1 11 xx 11 11 1 11111 1 xx 111 mr XX 1 1 K PHX N Vx N Ut IHNU N 1 X 14.11 X 511 OHS URN HX 7 Il :H 1 1 Hoxx Ll xx1xI11 11 x 1 .1 1 11 X I1 1111 11111 xx111111 D11111xx DO YOU REC XII Ir oxx NLl'.klNSfllI lllx I11 Nlxlll P111111 xx1 11 xxorlx dom lx 1111 Q111d111t Q11111111l x 11101111 N11 xx. 1 1 11118 IHI1 x1111111 111 1 1 11 1 1 W1 1 114 1 11x 11111 1 x i 1x V L x1 L N X YIKJPX 111 I C D 11111lx 1x 1 1 1 1 xx' 1 1 X Ox?-x xdxxxxx 11 NUI 1 x 11 1 1 REWFXIBILR ' 1' 1111 1111 Honor ro 3 W I 1 '11 Vxah Ilklll 1 1 111 111 xxdxl 1 r 1XtF'x 1sI111 r 11 1 x 11 XX: '1 x i1111xx x1,1"1 OI Q1dSSx 1x1 111 laxx px dp N xl I LIOX 1 x I1xt1 taken or 1 1 for x11'01111sl11'1s a NI1SCr '11 1111111 1 L1 11 111 1 x111x xx 1 111111 Cl 1r 111111 11111 1 1 x 1 1 QMILIN 1 UU x 11 1 I 111110 Q1 1 1 1 l 5 Q . . 1 : ' : ' 11 ' w 4 4 4 1 A A 4. l Tl 1 ' ' ' "f x'11f11'11 Ijx 111111 'I'1'111' IIUIK :r'11:1x :1'1:1i1-1 xxx-rx1l1x.11Q 1' II? 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THOMAS LEVVIS Fxrst Row wlvh uv ruqhr-lmxnl Turner Muh- .wl MMM lzlxzmrwr NIuhrnr Ilshrrcm Murr- nu-: llarrxfm Crwmfwr:-SIM Stacxa C.nn1mx lNI.nrmrlc Bruxxn Uvrnldlnc Orhun Carrvl Rn-ralxkr Arlvnv INIukl.l-:1-nn: Nurma Sn harwn Slay-lm Immlruk Raxmwml flzrlwxkn Sccnnd Row-Themlr-rr Gramm-L1 Anrlwnx ln- Icln luxe-pl: Vfunn-lu Iuhn Parrcr-on Damn 'lqhrwnmx Nlarle Sznuniwlu Nimcx Orhoxxxkx Phxllxs Brllrllunkr llaxxcl lfdmunjs, Grtgurx Brmiqrnlkr Irvhn Ycnrhvk Nnchnlai Prnzcr alll. ROOM 2 MR. ELMER LOHMAN First Row llefr xr- rlghrl-Roger Llgorrkr. Im- eph Zanovxicz. Monica Raskr. Phyllns She- manski. Rose' Hninnwsku. Inan Mihalik. Ger- aldine Kralewslri. Theresa Milcnn. Dawn VVumplersl-cr Roan-marv Shemkn, Patricna Burner. Bernadine Szulc. Ronald Krvzncw- ski. VV1ll1an. Ruddltk. Second Row- Stanlrx' Tcrknwskn VVax-nc I.cnA thal. lamts f5hes Stanlrx' Gnrneclci, Stanlex' Nnemrer. lack Swrmt Allrrda IJu:ewfk1 Rose Mncnccl. Charmtlc lacksnn Edward Grevera, Emil Enrrwuku Charles Pcrru'-lu. Gerald Kalminslu. Hcnrx Banu. Absentee-Arthur VVeIch. ROOM 3 MISS LUCIA SMITH First Rnw mlcfr Irv rlghll-Inxcph Breda Ivan Klrhv. Geraldine XN'nxnsLx lhlarx' llclxlrar Amelm Zanmuu: Pnulmc Chem Brux Innes. Margaret Ixhcr I.:-nr-r Albert: Im' ephrnc hashnxrlm Pramcx Mczzc-1 ,nun Lux- .mxkx Second Row-lpugrne Knzzvr Stanlcx S1.:cl Chcxrcr Shen-Lnax Raph Pmnrkmrxl-1 pazli Gullllnrd Elxzahcrh Xyrlnhrxxskl Karhrxn Kuahcr Sona.. Pnraxh Vrrgrnxa I.lpux-wh Srnnlrx lfwxm' Andrew Swllnxkx Clrm ll.-V nuxxxkn lxvn Brlvmkunxkl Ir-Ncph parxni lfnlxxard Rvgxxalxlu, Ahsenttes-Marx Kurur Inxrrh lj-nr ROOM 4 MR ANTHONY KULIGOWSKI First Row llefr to right!-Gerald Perm. Alire Patackas lr Ann Rohack Marie Zanowic: Gabriella W'argo. Ianice Davies Mildred Brown, Iulia Herman. lean Iacob. Loui:-e Urban. Donna Sladulis. Clem Malewski. Second Row- Frank Oszapovicz. lohn Mada- iewski, Charles Kubinski. lohn Keniorskn. Marie Balxer Iosephine Cybulski. Marian Mackowiak. Elizabeth Grabowski. Irene Aug- ustine. Ioseplh Hocken. Edward Linkieu-1C:, Donald Baron. Eugene Krason. Absentee-Edward Mirhelavage. ROOM 5 MISS ESTHER KISTLER First Row ilefi to rightj-Iohn Norkilis. Carl Gabel, Ruth Gruskiewicz, Irene Czarencki. Alice Gorka, Loretta Kalinowski. Frances Litchkowski, Barbara Cyganowski. Alice Rnwett. Carol Ann Innes. Ioan Balla. Io-Ann Decker, Francis Bialobek. Second Row-Lawrence Nice. Sylvester Sal- vadore. Bernard Levan. Charles Michalski. Romaine Sarr. Lorraine Fedor, Celia Kry- gier. Ioseph Kravitz. August Tngnani, Thom- as Sherwood, Inhn Troianowski. Daxid Ek- ker. Absentte-Dorothy Gwiazdowslci. ROOM 6 MISS SYLVIA CIMMET First Row llefr to right!-lerry Roman. lohn Rapaduski. Rita Marshallick. Antoinette Ricci. Nancy Uren. Catherine Evans. Ioyce Fink. Mary Ellen Piscorik. Marion Corn- ecki. Mary Ann Krause. Marlene Shannon Nancv Levman, VVilliam Hessler. Robert Yasrremslri. Second Row-Perer Shuma, Iohn Michalski George VVeaver loan Dans. Tozia Beclclev Marlene Poznaln. Gloria Orban Gladvs Par- terson. Ann Sheridan. Iohn Glushefski. Rav- mond Grirsl-io loseph Maday. ACTIVITIES WZ. NEW YJ gsi 11 A 384,-. l 00 1 fb V1 x A -.16 X543 qw V f -.ff Q2 .., E W X X I J 1 -! 'fi-., "M H ' ' 152' SBI lf' ff'CI,9Iif f' I' N ' my' -. I :Van 1' , fx A - - - Buy f if I 1 1 . Ex I , I Jn , I. ' 7X w Q ""' ""' I . 'I ' rf I. 9 I W V' --- f 91- E111 I ' ' wx oO X 4 .I ,fs , 5 I f f , w V X XI ,X ,Pe 5 , Q "J - ' X. .1 If ' .I SWF' ., bl A , V, X If l 7" f 'Mi' MIX 1 - Y, ' 6 ' , af! . X X . - X- ' V Sl 1 w I Ii' IWQII 9 NANNUAL EDITORIAL STAFF First Row flcft to rxqhtl oscph P Susko Aclxmcr Hcanor bormx I CIIIOI Second Row Theresa Bo musk: Assouxtc Ldxtor Constance- Coldtostl 'Xxsoum I LIIIUI THE 1950 LITERARY STAFF Left to right-Rosvmary Cmtala. Ivan LLIIWIIISIKI. Ivan Pcudlc. Auqmt Plodwuk. Rcgum Clurka. Luullv Clu':.m. F.,::,,::. C NANNUAL STAFF First Row flcft to rlqhtl Arlene Burxnskx Lltcrary I'd1tor Wanda Lchrcnskl Subscrlptxon Fdltor Second Row Ixarl Rckas Sports I dltor Robert oncs Business Mandqtr W-X BUSINESS XND TYPING COMMITTEE LaVcrne Ixussaxaqc Reglna OIIIOIQLIQI Second Roxx Flormnac Bcrnatoxxlq BLFIIICIIIM IXl1SIxlC'XX1k Thom as Adxms ohn oms Maru Ixosktr Ruta Orban Irf , X. 1 Q First Row llcft to right!-Bernardinc Pckarofski. Geraldine Maxirnowiuz, Irene Ianuszcski. . , '-1 1 ' "':. - z ' - ' ":. ax i I 'W :l'IX'Y'HI CHEERLEADERS Left to rlght Carol Wuxs Dolores Pludiarcl PdIllLld Lnqxrskl Amtu Uvuns Ck1hSflllL Vcdor Albnrta l'XOVS3lLh1l+' Ruth Crxslcr Carollm fmmt kl Dorothy Crout Lamtu Cxoluubnskl Constmu Blogkux Ann Sualla Nlarllxn I xanx -"'?'vw-0? ,pa- I r .4..,,..,g,,,,- MAJORETT ES First Row fleft to nghtb Theresa Chcrxxm E11 aheth Vandcrmark Florence Vance Lorraxm Bucholtz Ierome Supko Second Row Shxrlu, Hummel Hx aluth Cxraboxxskx Barbara Ixoronl-ru un Patrlux Illlppl Barham lxo IOXKNRI M xrlum Ilmx Lorralm hm xhskx I BAND """"llr" Irs! Row 1 r 11111 rwrmx em 11 01111111 1 x 111 x11 1' an 11 1n cr- n 1 nn 1 11 x 1nI1 brn 1 11' mm 1 er 1rx 1n bxkrxx I1 'VII' Georqc N bhccur unnd Row Hcnrx Nmxnk, Lenrnrd M1IuI11L L R q1n1II .1h1g.11I I111 I 1 n nm x11 mer 1rx 1 A nrvxx 11 1 111 n1 11 nrmr C1cr1Id mr er 11rd R'w1 I LI 1 r1 rum cp 1 cn 10111 '1rx 1 1r 111 5 1111 311811 1 B111L1ux Q N'I1rIxn Fletcher nurth Row 11111 1 mm nu rm rx 1 11111 11111111 111 1 11 1 11 1 B1 NIR LPORGE SHEEDILR Mu-11 Supnruwr 111' x xx ' 1 1Irf 111 1.I -N 1 YY :. R11I M -1 S1117 I. :rf SxI 1 Ch :' .Cnrulxn Eult: Ch fr c R1..1 51111. Iv A IJc'Iv Icvcc F ' I 1 ' B.1II.1 Alxxm BAIIK. B. he 1 XNZII 5, INI1 ' IC. I. 'w 's 1 1 . A I. x I' , 'V '- ' .' . 11 'zx . ch . 1 Z 4' fed S11II1 an AII1' I N. Svl . Sh M1 Vx'II1.1111N ni III1:d.1 XV.x 1 R11hc1'rY.1atrc sI41 Da d 'II '. ' . C1111 . TI '-Mc II1wff1n VV1Ilif1m Gecrgc Cx' I SP. 5I11, I1-r I1 VNQI d - ':. II:-. ' Lf:x:xrI11, Irmnk Kuzak, Ihgcnc IVI1 In NL1 -1. I'x' I . ck lt,:K,.,, . 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Treasurer: Ianicc Flowers, Vice President: Eleanor NANTENNA 1 ff i EDITORIAL STAFF First Row lleft to rlqhtb Martha Noxmskx Ruth Ph1ll1ps Barbara Ixoronkwvuc Marlorxe Recs, Second Row M1ChBClY3IlUS Henry I3IlOSk1 Henry Grudkoxxskl Adxxscr xsg f fX fx ..,' 1 1 1 lx H1 r Suomi Run N N Am Thxrd Row XX "1 I CANDY GIRLS AND MILK BOYS Ifff UNK Suomi Rum 4 :rd Row 1 uurrh I Inn f urn use 'X If N114-nl xn MONITORS iv' Sunnd mx 3 OFHCERS TRI HI Y CLUB hrs! Rovn lhft to mqhri 0.111 Cfrunldud Suutary Alma Balla rl mas lrer Second Row Ioan Prushmxlxl Prnsldrm Ioan Lubm xkl XML Prcildcnt Not Photographed Delphlm Wxsogkx Adxmer V30 v '11 7' x. f I UNK nl and Snuvnd Rau :nl on luurlh Ru x 1 xx an Ch ixxth Run nm X K 1 Iv x N X HI-Y CLUB OFFICERS First Row lleft to rxqhtl Robert ones Treasurer Charles 'Ihomas Xue Premdcnt Second Row kenneth ones Secretary Norbert Sold on Preixdent Not Photographed lack Jones Fmancxal Secretary Fdxxm Dames Adxlstr Gtorqt Dzurxca Adwscr JW: A rn rc nxrnfmi bnrkxexxlt ack rl :mx t 1 c rx m 4 It n x xr ur! my h Sent tumd Ron Rs ml. R 11 4 1 rn '1 K 1 1' Kff :rd Row l I 1 m r unar L u nm n t n r I trx I ur i p l I Y xx p qi! xxm tu 1 xux I almratorx ummm 'XI Bo tom U U x xx To X cf i-M11 Ykamzm-rzwkm In the Ply' 'mx I.dlwrz1tvz'3' To 'r1 1 N-Nr I,vx'1ti11:1a11dfXlr XVI' kr 1:1 P. - Clic ztz, ,Q ' I Center-In Nw l.!I"I1lI'K' xxmliz Ylmw Hcsx Center-'I'x'p111.1 Claw. -. Lv Ruth XY:Il1x K1mfp.x1'Iul 1lIx'1'1IxidIlxidI1lIHii1VX1lL1l I -f-151 1 gl' Cl.1,.. 'A .1 -1.,: . I- fi 'kg 5 QM' ff M" A 'H zs., lQ.L S F1 WH? " 3 'We ., " , , ,ffl , , - .ffxttw 1 Wag' if f , . if V 5? .WV L M' " 1 5wx,s, 1' 1, 1 I - I Z I' X . 5 J -X 9 Q - wr , 4" W ,, ,. up E A Qi! r 4 "Y ' fx W 'Ur 1. V -W' ,, N - 4' ,.. ., Q .g 'f"'w Ill llx 1:15 , . If: iillllllllliy :ainiiiih if ii llllll2UIHmWF ::ww2-Q- 5 W . ll lllIlIl I 'Kia I PIGSKIN PROM GRID DINNER CIVICS CLUB rst Row tlcft tr rlqhtb 1 mn 1 11 lhcru mn 1 1111 fmc Q r-lembe k1 1101 X e1 cLel11 rv 1n I1 n 1 111 Eli' mrnew Ruth b1hlc'11l11r B1rh1r1 hr rnnl-11ux1c L cmur Opa N111 Irene P1p1n ecnnd Row Fdxx 1rd B1l1nr Nr thu: Sr ld: n A111111 1 ln xuck enrx xroxx 111 c 111 1 u eu 1 err 11 L 1 ut unc JUNIOR YEARBOOK CCMMITTEE mor I' nt nu I 1 11 11 1 11 1rd Ro x 11 11 lnurth Run 1 1 N 11111 11 1 Y 1 Fi 1 , -I11 Pk 1.11. A . K 'zl' k. Ie' II G Q '. C. X' ss. C ' 'z S N v1. Ic.1 Knut: Th' -N11 Eu:1n-M. ' 1 C Q' ' N . 1 Q 1 '1 ' ' ' :, 51 1 ls' Q . -f. 1 1 ', .VH 1 .41 1 , h s P Li' , H ' In . Y. 011 d Nlil bl sk Alb Oldf'l1. Rvh' I X. 'I . R ' 1 rl! 11- 1'1.gh11-I1'.111v11r K1.1l11111f1r-L1 flaw P1k11.1N Ai .11 B.1'.1 I11-1-111 .wrxkw 'M' 1-rr Svcond R0w4L'r1-'l:.1 N1-111-111 5111111 l'r.1x11i:1f Fr.1::.--- I111-'ll1 5:11:21--. I'11:11.1L ff--11-' l'11.11: Th 1"-112111 Kr.1'.:!: Br 1.11f1::c M.1l.1r.1 I1-.111 111.111 1.1-1-1 lrvm- 51101-1 51.1 511' Ir-.111 Bvux Ru-. X 7 , - XX'.1f..1::: H .11..'11.1 Hrrrn 1611111111 If1i:1',.:111 113.111 xx-R1 R111-:L XY, VM-'12-S: L .1:11f XX 1- -- . x1',,.1 NT-11,1 - - " - SPORTS ,Tta- ' ' xi S iii, S ff , f X if I X X N- f 1,5 ff ff-""' X X Z? li I' 407' xg Z SX J.-:-ff' ja f X dp , If X f ff f X XXX ..-47" Z M ,I If XX Z Z Z' '14 S Xxx ff f ff , k 'fix J A ' 4.1 " Y V Y - g 1 - Y ...T if -1 Q -1 - +l Y A -V W ' 4 t- lx, ' l s Y -L +. .. - .- gi-, .. Y . Y '7 -h.l+S-' Y v ..... 1, rv- th v 4 .-xx f X T ,- ---lg fig,-4 ,,-a Ni ., ' V Q , Z , "4 " 'S' . X? 41 N - 1, ' Q . L , Z! 4- , n , -,,- Q ,., ,X 5 , , V',, . 4 , xi X , ,... V A , -, A ' , 1 J, - ,- ' 'X 1 d ff- I' L . , x .. x i A 1 9 f V, V 5 I A T L TW J X :Y W Zi b , . , n 1' f' . . 57" XX I X f ,Z K Y S X I 1 f ' N r ' ' . ix , ' f X ,K X .. I 7 - ' 4' , . - 'h j p ' 4 f,f-" Z! ff , ' ' ' V' ,f f ' - K -auf J , x N 'I ' jf . ' X ' 4 f ' ,f X xg , fj i K " 'Z' 'fr ' , ,,.f Q- f X , x' X , X " Z2 ff , ..-f f- ' l' p ., wa, , , ,f , X - . , X 'VZ f Z I. ' ' if -.' ' 1 f X , f ' ' A ' , X X, 1, . 'Z 'f f if COACHING STAFF 1 ,re A s Left In right-Iohr, Kmwucll Awxfmnx Footlmll Ccmnh .md Tmck Couch, Anrhonv 'iulxgowsl-1 Bnsclmll Cough .mnl Auxrmnr lioozlmll Kfollliz Alm mv llxllm. Anlstnnl lroollmll Cooch. VK'1llinm I ones. ,-5wQ1Qtunt Footlmll Comh, Iowph Go:ll:.xwlK NX'rvNrI1r14 KM-.l.l. Alla Lnrnxnllmxxxl-lm. C,o.nLl1 Anxhm wus ln xlccthxll Lunch Edward Grxlla Bu ketlmll Loac FOOTBALL SQUAD mrs ow L 4 mul lu an cr A mx rx ll my ua A xx :fd Lxxxm Luvnd Row Al x Rum mu R L x f r 1 1 A 1 rm 1 '1 Tlrd Rows l fl 1 1 r bn X lrm Y.ntrv':v1Nkl. A.. .t. t Bw z 'a : " . . aa' ' h, 5 5 A K 9 A 5 . , A A 1 4 ' ., ' J' I - I7 I R ' lvl: to rxxgllzw-lvizn B.nll.1 'l'h'oll'rc lhxrqx' 2 R 'lu l l. 12: llorllni l5n'l' LAN l Brill' Al Lxrl N..::.,- XN.1.,.1::' l-il:--' lbfwt' it .' Iwi-ph Pruxhmnxlxx lid .rd Baku lil . A mln S-- 'f c 1 ll' FL: tl-Huh l5r.m Cum :.a V nr Y: Kwlm'..l.1 lrwcgi Ham milk l.m.c- Rulf ll 1746 Burl tu in-.nur lN..g', .L l'vwr li.:-' .- kllnxrlvx P111-TH Cllhrlrx Qfrooy' lo-q'l't ll.mxl': PWC! B.: KLA Roh-rf Gr1rX.1x.1l:v 51.1. .nxt h' '- 'mil G7-ln' . lf.n1vllJnxr.wn- XY.xl rr Slnllln Norllx Y.xlfl+-11-Q1 Rl -'71 'xl.1'l: xx wa l1!:1I7lf.':'w-ll Nl tw" ll X'-A l xr. A lv' l " l ,ffl 'w Gm 5.3-' l'rlu- ll' 'mln KQrrxrr.1 FOOTBALL VARSITY SQUAD f 1 ,Cz .: ,wh w Viz lst Row ilcft In rxqhtb R1 hard Len u Harold Becklex Lxrxl Bnlkf 'Ilchael nu Vhllxn letcher Rrhcrt Simmer Peter Bdrtuskd ohn Bd a etond Row Thcndnre Ihrqxewu I' xx :rd Cxxxmskx Dmlcl D Idxx xrd A -. ln 5 PLAYERS LEAVING SQUAD .4 Q 1. Jlrn cond Rnvs Alex Lrndluxx lu L nd 'Nunn 1 n an ca x 1 r In x Rmbcrt btuqnrr Wllllnn LMC cr Pcrer Bnrtuskx N txlx F'r- 3 - cf . 'V -. A -. YU N. ' .1. . . . Q , V ,- -41 'I1'. - 1 I' ":. ld '. " . . 1 xxrufm 2 . Baker Iwwpl Pru,h mln XVnltcr 'k.xlld. Dx ., Furs! Row llcfl U rxghtl-Thenduri' Ihurgleuxcz Rlchurd, Cxrzl Bxllm. S'l1ch.mI Yann- Churlcw P111-nt Iwi-pl. Pruxhlnxln lfslxnxrd BARN. Iohn l nl 1 . Se '- I 1 fx 10.1 '5 Y4h1 nskx Inhn B.xII.n H. w1dB 'IQIQ Gvfvrgv B.: 1-n, Czxsxnxcr Knzm R x ' 1 . ' . h . .flu V xo 1949 FOOTBALL SEASON Under the evcperxenced leadershlp of Coach Alex Cwrudkow sk1 and Asslstant Coaches Iohn Kanyuck Anthony Dtksa and Wmllxam Iones The Nantxcoke Hlgh School Football Team Champ1ons of last years Wyommg Valley Conference started 1tS sch dule wnth the knowledge that every team ID the confer ence would try xt s best to dethrone the champlon LUZERNE Lu erm and Nantxcoke battled to a 1 1 t1e Lu erne took yards or a touchdown Nantncoke came back m the fmal quarter and after a long drlye fnnally seucceeded m pushlng oy er the tymg score MEYERS Narmcoke held scoreless IH the fnrst half by Meyers start ed a drne ln the second half to score three txmes and f1n1sh the game mth a 20 O score at Lmcoln Stadlum Nantlcoke set up a score 1n the thnrd quarter when Dan DISISSIO passed to Tex Dargtewxcz who ran to the Meyers sxx A penalty moved the. ball to tne one from where Dargnewlcz scored a touchdown l the fmnal quarter Bllko snared a pass and converted lt mto a touchdo yn Prushxnskt carrxed the ball for the thxrd score GAR Nantlcoke won oyer GAR at Artxllery Park by a score of 19 O Beckley recoyered a fumble on the GAR 24 yard lme and started on a drxye for a touchdown Soon after the 2nd half started Nantlcoge galned on IIS own fumble On an unus ual play the ball slxpped out of the hands of Skalla and moved foreward Len 1 recoy ered for a gam of 21 yards Cywmskx scored In the fmal quarter Dargxewrc scored Nantxcoke gained 10 yards on the ground and 20 yards by alr HANOVER Hanover capltalm ed on 2 Nantlcoke fumbles and turned Nantlcoke s only touchdown was made them bo h mto scores by a pass from Baker to Balla Hanover made the1r score wxth -1 mmutes left to play ln the game COUGHLIN Nantlcoke defeated Coughlm 7 O when Skalla scored 1n the lst quarter for Nantxcoke fw..f-fQ F"X- A - id 'Q-an :tux three advantage of a kick-off fumble by Nanticoke and drove 26 ' ' ' " . n 1949 FOOTBALL SEASON LARKSVILLE Nanucoke turned on lts power and heat Larksyxlle 180 Reeoyery of a k1ck blocked by P1 ont ln the lst perlod opened the way for the flrst score Darg1ew1c earned the ball over The second score Lame when Larlfsyllle was forced to kxck from tts one ard llne A pass to Balla was good for a fxrst down on the 13 and on two more plays the Nans scored The fmal score came on a 19 yard march by Cy wmsk1 and Dargxewlc NEWPORT Nintxcoke defeated Newport 1 O to remaxn ln the fight for mmutes fter the second half opened when Balla snared a pass from Pr lSl'l1USlC and went oy er for a touchdown KINGSTON Nantleoke kept IIT the runnmg for conference honors by defeatmq Klngston 13 6 The flrst half was scoreless Nant1 Coke took advantage of a bad Kxngston punt and an mtercepted pass to score twlce m the third quarter Kmgston scored IH the fmal pe 10d The two Nantlcoke scores were by Darqlewlc BERWICK Berwlck lntercepted two Nantleoke passes IH the second half and turned them mto the margln of yletory Nantlcoke scored n the fxrst quarter when lid Baker went oyer from the one Darqlewlc seortd IH the fnal quarter Nantxcoke went down to defeat at the hands of the Berwlck team by a score of 2 -I PLYMOUTH It ook Plymouth only four plays after tht opentng knckoff to score Nantxcoke scored on a serles of pass plays IH the final quarter whxch took xt to the one yard l1ne CyVs1l'lSlCl pushed Nantlcoke tean was defeated by Ply mouth H 1 Nlantutoke Nl3HflCOkC Nantxcoke Nanucoke Nanncoke Nantleoke Nantncoke lxlantlcoke Nantlcoke Nantlcoke Luzerne Meyers G A R O Hanover 12 Coughlm Larksvllle Newport O Kmgston 6 Berwlck 21 Plymouth I4 xxx tm! ' ' ' , . . ' . I-1 . VVy'omu1g Valley' Conference honors, The score came a few' Over to Score. In the annual ..Turkey Day Classic" a fighting . ' ' 7 7 . ' 20 . 0 ' 19 . . , , ' 7 , V . ' . y y , 7 . 0 . . V v - t . 5 V K 5 l ,g A -. 18 - 0 . y - . 7 V , V A A n y T ' 13 ' K -. , - A , H V. ' r' . ' ' . ' ' K' " :. ' 7 ' . .. ..,,,,,, , ,,,,,,F,,W,QlW, Wu ,wr ' 4 BASKETBALL mdmg 11111 11.4 1 1111c 1 11 111 1 111111111 11 nx 1111 1 1 A 1 B 11 111 111'1x1 11111 11111 B 1 n1.1l1ng I 1 if 1 FIRST HALF LI11d1r th1 l1adt1rsh1p of the DL xxlx, appomtcd coach Fdvs am Gralla and thc ass1sta11t coach Adam YaQtrcmQk1 the Nantmokc H111h 91111101 l1.1sl11tl1all xquad stdrnd the wagon v11th Qomc 1n 1 XPL r11 IIL1 d plax 1 rx 'I 111 'N.111s 1111111111 tl11 111111111 .1q11111st Hanour and d1 ft and tl11111 UU to N IIILX 111 xt 11111 th1 1xp1r111111d B1-rxx11k 1111111 and 111 1 t 33 IN.111t11ol11 1a1111 ba1k IIIIO th1 Nun LO 1 . A R DO Ft 31 I11 a Clow qa1111 N1 v1 port d1f1.1t1 1 IN 11111111111 In a SLOF1 of 3-4 to 30 INIIIQSIOD th11r nvxt 111111111111 1111 111 1.1111 t 1 .mx wx .1 mort 0 D7 to 1 an 11111111 tl Il 1111 Plx111o11t11 xxho 11.11 t111d1f1at0d 111 -1 1o11s1111t1xc '11f1rx of s11111l.1N111 111111p1t1t11111 Ixflxl' 1 touqh A131111 Plx111o11t no 1 of +17 t1 C111111hl111 tht mx! oppo11111t 1' IM Oh t 161 Aft1r -I x1ra1qht loexu 'Na11t11ok1 111 tht mor of-3510 33 Thm 1131111 111d1d 11 111 an 1 II 1 1 3 111111 'J lov stan 1 X 1Il1x L11-11 N1 r Sli ' 1 111 11.-H11 11 Pr11L11l1l11 IJ.1x1i Elm is 'I'h'r11i 11r1 1 IJ. g 'Z A11111 I.111P1l111xxrL1. 5111111 P111 .111 I111111 H.1r'11.r1'l1 r11h-nx 1. 'K P. 1 11. .LZ1 1.1-1.13 11.1n..1'11w111 1..1 1.1 A111 1 . A1111 12.11 1 111-11-1 .1f11111.. r11.11...n11.11111111f 11' -1111111 31.11111 lfmnh, I r:N . A A NX '1" l111'1t1111 37 11 . " '1 ' 1 ' ' 1 " ' 1- 111111 by 1i11f11'1ti1111 G. . . ' 1 . . 1 A 1. 1 ' 11 1.41 '1f1'1ih1N' 1 f'- 3. N - - -. 11. I. I- V --A 11 ' 1 ,-1- '- V.'11!'1 113' 11111 . ' r1 - 1 32. L ' , 1 1' 1 . d - f11at11,i 11:11 "ms ' 11 ' . 1 . A 1' " '1 1i11f111'1.1 X'I11'1'111's 113' 1 11 1 '. , K 1 1 1 th f1:'s1 111111 111 111.11 ll 1 11' '1 Na 111 '1 kc il " --' .'.' J ding , 111 11111 111Ni imlf uf Kllt' VK'1'11111111l1 V2 " j1111. BASKETBALL Pxrst Row left! rxghtl Methrxd Plpan Peter Bartuska ohn Harcharek Daud hdnards Donald Wlllxams M1LhxeI Hunchar Theodore Dargxewxc Anthonx Black Anthonw Lrtchkrmskr Paul Dru doxxskl Andrew Dula Eugene Prukalskl Second Rovx Cr uh Edvard Grills Thomas Ad1ms Donald Schnmmel Peter Schumw Lharle Hnlmlnslu Norman Nlendrxc clu o eph Valenunellx Leon xrdb hult ffwma Nardon ohn Nlxhalskx Eduard Hudak ich Smxth Frincls Lhipura Leonard Pu hefskn A xstant Coach Adam Ya trem kr SECOND HALF Nxntmolxt opened the second half vuth a repeat vun over H moxtr SO to -I6 The Nans then met Berwuck and suffered a loss by the store of 60 to -13 In a game whlch was undeclded nerq 1 or -I1 to -H lNant1coke was defeated by Nevtport 31 tt -rl In anothtr close game the Nans lost to Kmgston -ll to -IO Plymouth xx as headed for another champlonshlp and prox cd ton stronq for the lNans hy defeatlng them I-1 to 46 After fxxt stza qht losses Nantxcoke recoxered to defeat Coughlm by the Lure of ol tt D3 For the thlrd t1me ln the second half Nantxeole lost lu a one pomt marqm as they were defeated by 'Xlturs DO to -10 Nantrcoke ended the second half vuth a 2 xxm 6 loss reeord .. V i 0, . F V . V in S V I I . fe :Dina-.1 'Q' ,4 '.I. 'I untll the final whistle. Nanticoke lost to G. A. R. by a one point 11 Ai: I ' . V ' ' , f ' ' M3 ' . ' . . ' x I Q I . V 4 - - sm ' 1 ' . ' ' ' . l : ' . . ' . " WRESTLING rst Row 'left t r1 ht yw1rt tt 1 nt ony 11 1c 11' e1s 1mes 1r r tter t tn 1 K, 1t rn tu 1rd Bther 11 ut n xt :xy lrt n1 nt 1 1 5 ' ty 51 1-Ed . l Rt1l1:1s,A h ' KI s R ht d VV ,s It 3 K1 s.1 , llonttld Grt'1er.t. P' Stvdts. Fr. lt Ct-ct'1.1, Frttxlt 'h 'ltsv . Ei '. . lvhn Y.11 1 'h. Du .zld Ttvht 'k El . l C.1stell1 lit lGr.n'tslt1. Second Row-Cft1.1ch Inst-ph G:1:d:.1sek, Iohn YV1ll1.1ms Ruhvrt Bohm. loseph Sendek Iuseph Btxtchku. Iuhn H.1n1sh, Iuhn llren, Thetvdure Gltvxnttltt, Roh- ert Duncan P.1tr1cL Nugent. Theutlnre Btenlttwyvslu. Angelo Mnucct. Charles Thomas. y . ' . . . K 1, , . ' ' ' ' t k V .,x 5. . .4 . Y F , L . .P 1 - y b x s s t - I- 11 1 D. I -Clt Jl'. " " t'tl'. liu' 4 ' l J t I " .T km. Ntx n The lN3DllCOkC vxrestlmg squad under the dtrectton of tht nexxly appomted coach oseph Gozd asek started the season yxtth Hanoyer scortng 26 to Nans 23 tn a close match The Nans then took part 1n the annual noytce tournament at the Wtlkes Barre YMCA In th1s tournament Patrlck Nugent reached the semt fmals but yxas defeated by Coursen of Forty Fort The next Ieaque opponents Coughltn vyon over Nant1 toke hy tht store of 30 to 13 Nantlcoke then met the exper1 enced Mey ers team and lost 21 to I2 The TXIIIQSIOU team al xyays a ltadmg contender for the troyyn dt feated the Nans by tht stort of 36 to H Nanttcoke st1ll f1ght1nq for 1ts ftrst vtm mtt C A R and det1s1yely defeated tht111 by a score of 22 to lj Forty Fort anothtr leadlng xx restlmq sthool 1n thts sectton defeattd lNant1toke 31 to 6 ln the last match of the season tht Plymouth squad defeated Nantttoke 29 to 12 1n a hard fought matth In the yxrestltnq ttl1Il'tlIl3tlOI1 at tht close of the stason to ludqt the D1str1tt Champtons Donald Creyera lost to Adm s of lxmqston 111 the semt fmals R1thard Wt-1ss lost 1n h1s f1111l lwtuut to Oslwournt of Forty Fort md amcs lxursar IU tht ll pountl tl1x1s1t11 dtftattd Rtxnolds of Hanoytr and tool- 1st11st 7 11111p1t111s11p In tht tompttltltun for tht state 1 t 1s11 twst tw luttlto of Shamo BASEBALL QFLBM " it in 'wtf Two, -1 QCQCQYQ M l al: rt vu et rd h 4 epllvt ede r tc ls n nt x Second Row F ent M n qer d ar e r e rce 1 ae nc a e B t a x an d Pd ar e S 1rdRmRh rx c ere n xc Nantxcolte xylth many efcperlenced members of the 1948 WyOIl11HQ Valley Conference Champlonshxp Team entered the 19-19 Baseball Season confldent of y1ctory After clefeatlnq thelr fxrst mo opponents Nantlcoke lost a close contest to Nevt port luy the s ore of 3 to 7 Honey er Nantlcoke vton the next four qames before sufferxnq a defeat at the hands of Larksyllle rn a postpontd qamt The record of smx xxms agamst tvto de feats qaye NdIlL1LOhC the honors ln nts dlXlSlOD lxfantxcoltt Couqhlxn and Wilkes Barre Tovsnshxp all took honors rn thtn dlX1SlOIlS an the Vyyommg Valley Conference ln the play offs for the conference tntle Nantlcoke first defeated Couqhlln thtn lost to Vkllkes Barre Toyxnshlp by the margxn o ont rm I9-19 BASEBALL RESULTS WYOMING VALLEY CONFERENCE N8l'lflC0kE 5 Cgughhn 2 Nantncoke -1 Wllkas Barre Tovtnshlp 5 ' ' ' 2 A , ft Lf V Q B f- S fff, - . , V ' . . . +V iff ' ' v ty e- A ,, B 'f fy 41 C01 1 'B 'J 4' I , fi A ' Q- , A ,f sf f A - t fx l X K f' X i, ' . I . x A , ,' if A ' s Q X 1 ' ' X , .Q 1 j V E if , 'N . , N?, ' Y 1 5 x V 5 N ', ' I if 'J' , , f. g I, -1 - . , 1 K X X I my KV , .W I 'xl .,f . ff ' X f 1 X" V x . f ' , 4 ' XM . 'I ' ' IV x . " ' ' - . 'K " - " Q 5 I 1 :qv 3- ,ij a . , l ye t fx 5 Y . 4 4 . . . s ff . Fi s Rn ' 'l ft my rxglnlglitlun Rxdwnls Student Mdnzxger C ester 'l'w'rdnxvski. Charles Piznnt. Edward Ci V. Inhn Bnllu. Th fx nr D.: gnexucz. Cxrxl Brllw Anzhv-nx l,1 'h'r-wslu. Inseph Prushi slti, A honj Kulignyyski. couch. '- rank C1-tu.: Stud a any , E xv. d Kurylow:-lu. G n g Pi . M'ch' l Hu h'r. Pet r ar uslc . Edward Cjxx slu. Daxi 1 xx' ds. Wltlt r Nl-calla. Th' 0 '- 4- err Bu '.x lnhn Swlrnt, Inlm llnrnhalrllt, Donald Yvlllmms. Th utlnr P tru hkn, Fm k Zn, :kv-wskr. Antlmnv Chtshinski, . r ' , X I - r V '- '-- ' ' , v ' f x t . . v A vs, - L. A , , . ' ' ' vs. ' - T I n 5 A U I 0 . I ' VS' . , l -- -tj l " -l ' " vs. . v M. 7 - 3 v . . . 1 - ' 1 1 v.. - - - -. .. Ly . f 3 - S '- -xi ' -I 'lj " VS. ' ' - V. I , vc .1 N Lv 5 f , v ' - - . VS. 5 f' v r Q1 v- iyh lN intlcoltt Nlanncoltt NldlltlLOtxL Nanncoltt Nantxtoltt NIZIHIILOHK Nanntoltt lN1nncokt S Shlckshlnny Plymouth New port Larksyxlle Shlckshmny Ply mouth New port Larksvxllt 1950 BASEBALL SCHEDULE OF NANTICOKE HIGH April 2-l April 21 May May May l May May May Nantlcoke Nantncoke Nantxcoke lNant1Loke Nantlcoke Nantncoke Nantxcokt Nantlcoltt Sl1lCl'KSl1lI'lI1y Ply mouth New port Larksvnlle Shnckshmny Plymouth Ntvnport Larksy nlle Nxt cqr Au ay Homt Awa y Home Homt Aw ay Home Away TRACK 9 9 9 pu I' rs! Row tl ft o qhtl Ronald lloyd lxtrl Reltt 1 eph Sendelt Henry Urban hn ll n1 h I-r1nL Ltrdone Geraald Polsnnshals Daud boxxer 1mer lxu nlcltl S ephen P rltoxx R1 Q lse ter I x Second Row Iohn lkanxuch coach l"uqene Perhxlsltx Rey nclcl Z1berq1l lu Frtnct Leon1 0 eph Valentlnclll Yxfllllam Letcher R1chard L t1 1 H1111 mosttch Leonxrd Matuble ln l'r1nls lv L l nk Ntrelo 1 lVl1c acl mu Mant er Tlurd Rnvt Walter Hyl1 o eph Raxm L1 Hunld Zeber Vmaent lkrlenct R1ch1rd Stre Robert Wartkom lx Genrqe Grexera lzdyxard Baker ljonftld Grexera Track has entered IIS fhlfd year at N3IlIlCOlxi after 1ts reuyal last year The team 19 under the able SLIPCFXISIOII of Mr Iohn lxanyuck gexeral track meets hate been scheduled vtxth Hanoyer GAR Newport and Meyers thrs year The experxenced qalned by members of last year s squad IS expects d to prom valuable 111 thls year s contests Thrs sport IS expected to qa1n many follovsers 1n the commg years Suu mne N , j, ,, ' 1 N N 1, Q " N V L J 5 3 . - 14 5 N y N T 1 a N . I- A A -0 'i Q ' c t r1A - ' . '. '- 'as Im '. ' 1 Io -1115, ' . ' ' .." -', T ' , Cas' ' : , t e ' 's ' .y- ' s .ozo -1c:. '- " V' . ' : I I 1 ,' ' 1 1 I. sh . s '. I 5 a ' ', ' ' , ' Q :Q ' 'um Ya " . 1 a I ' . ' 11.1 . :rn . z., ' h Yi s. 4 rgr. ' V '- " ,' ' sz . 1 . " 'N 'a. 'x z.". 'a' ri. k ' , T " ' . W Z ALPHABETICALLY YOURS ambxnous bashful cute dashlnq excxtmq funny 1 helpful 1deal lo Y keen hkeable mannerly O pleasrnnt quxet relmble soclable a unassummg X1X3ClOl.1S xxmsome xonc vouthlul e1lou oan lVl1xloClc Daxe Howells hlirqaret lxngle Larrv Exina Roknlle Zlotoxxslu Nircls Kimi Fsther Fornev Alex ot om Grenlwnd Rlehird Welsq Florence Bwurws Fred Benbenek Sophle Rims Chwrles pl ont Fleinor Stelexlch Ted D1rg1exx1C Sophie CIlIl1ISkl llnold Becklex EA1 BUCIII1 is Leon Voshefsk1 Dolores Pokrlnchxk Rlchircl LCIII Arlene Burmskl Anqelo MICOCCI Mwrle Kosker ohn Kurt Theren Fun doxx skl Tom Adams Mirtha NOXll1Skl Frmk Coccm Theren Bo lDSkl Char les Superko Anette Cvxens A1 l-lerm rn K1ttx Vnrlclc Tonv Black Carolme Gmnmt kl Nlelxm Svnthers Bernxe Perkarofskv oe Sxxlgonskx oan PI'llSl1lI1'wlK1 Hck ones Comme Colatostx August Plodvnck Dolores Pluckird lolirrx DOU1bfOSlil ane Buckholt ack D1llon Ann Gretkoxx slcx Cv Bllko Amelm Luhesco Nllke Yinus Henrx Glou 1Ck1 Shlrlex Qqln nnes Kurs lr Rlti Qrh in Donild Toback Elelnor llldock Ronald Lloxd Clorll KOShlIlSk1 Alin Wllters Cllrl Krxuse oe Hoi in x lrene pIl1Sl'llIlSlx1 Luther Do m nn llllllll Soxxi Norbert Soldon l.,LlClllC Chir 'ill Kenneth ones Ruth Schlexeher Andx Soltls Helen Vilence Donald Nlce Birbara Yibleckx Georqe Biron lrene Hnus eskl Cam mer Ll1lClQXK1L Rosemarx Cxntlll Tonx Lltchlxoxx lu Nlirx De Fellce Tom Row ett Sally Vedor Ed Cistellim ein Pendle Cerild pOlCI'lII chwk Gerrx Permoxxrch ohn Ballx Reqnm Curka Pete Bart uslm Nelhe Chu nun Therem Prxce Pwr Fllllppl Theresa Rentko Flewnor Cornex Frlnk Qhmkson Low Broxx n Robert C1ltS'lX lqe Bernxe Butt sll Hmnlx Shlpp lux Ann CiI'OI1lxl Blll Letcher A- ' ' 5 I C j , ' ' 'Q K 'Q . I B' .' .lc I -, In c lc . 41' - -l K :. C? I 2 c . - 1 . c l'.'. D" .A I K - 2 c .' -Z , A c ll . E- Q " L ' ra 'Q ', Q ' Q 'Q ' QI. F- 5 ' Q , ' Q ':'. ' Q '. G-gQy Q ' I , I :. iQ 1 "cz '. H'-' c 'I f -, E lc . fc Z4 .l I, ' I-' ' Q , ' I' Q ' ' . I . I-' ll ' Q 'Z I " " ' ,, L- ' r Q . Q I' J '. I Z, I . M- ', I ' , 'Q .' , ' Q N-neat Gerry M2iXlIIlCJX'lCZ, Ed Kopko. Barbara Koronkiewicz, O- .K. ' I' X' , Ii 3 'JQ , ' Q Q , Q . P- :Q Q Q , Q X' , 1 'Q 3 ' .' 4, Q Q- ' Q- Q Q 5 , I 'Q :fx ' J ' - R? lc 4- If 'c , v A - I c 1: , S-J ' 'r . I' Q . T-t ll Q 'Q Q K Q . Ie J: J ', :A- U- A 3 I' ' Q Q, if ' ' 's C j ' . V? 'A ' I .' Q ' , L .' 1 I, I c . 1 1 I - - " 3 I' " . I Q Q , I' Q 1 . - .' c . X-I , . ,S .Z ' gli . ' L . . .V S Y-I 4 I 3 .Q 1 - A. v , I 1" :Q 'Qt . -: Q S ' ':ynq:Q Q ' ' , K Q'j 1 '2, ' LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the 111e111bcr of thc cl1ss of 1930 of 'N 111t1colxc ll1qh School Cou11tx of Lu er11e Co111111o11x e1ltl'1 of Pe1111sxlx 11111 lUQ111Q of goocl l1c1lth 11111 of sound 111111d dlid bemg cleslrous of d1rect111q as to hoxx our CSLIILN h1ll be chsposecl of ITLCI OLII clep1rture 111 the presence of these x 1t11esses do l1e1ehx 1111lxe tl11s our l. 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I 'X 5 ' 7 d Di, w i i -do ol 1s l tl lest, T -si ' fi: w 5 - S 1 J , 1 1- S11 1 .mal x" ss l h's eix h h l11!' 1 I111e to mwl A . 1 i 5 hem. 111 thc YCHI' ol 1' - , ' 1 dz f'ftx'. lou P1111 Q 11l s h1' .'CI'C'I11IX' f' 11111111 I- B' l Ft L' "1 . Ll. B. '111l4 GRADUATION TEEN HOUSE ACTIVITIES Nuxn x r SX mx II xx ylmxa v x Q M man Dlilxlllt, L D'-. LI IN 4 E REFRIGEIATORS Q H II Furniture fi? ,,,.ami-""""" IH m W 523255 ff iiiirff' TT. - - 5 4 A Q V ' ' E - y A If Lg: ,ff- ,I K-1 5 ' 5 . - f'f-f., , ' E1 M V , . 3+-.f ' .,. I x 5- if - x A ' 4 ' iz AV Y Y Y ' 4 'Ziff X 25? . I . 25? 5 ,eieff fpfefe ,gf ff ' '- i g 41' 1 1 " 4JJ,,,-f- -4' 1 1 -' -1 . T- V rl in X K ll L xx Vw - F 0 h x . 1 . ' H . 0 f , Q-V . nj X 5 'X . "' I' I Y W ll 45-if .Ji ' - . , " w.x COMPLIMENTS QF NANTICOKE CITY ADMINISTRATICJN Mayor ATTY ANTHONY B DREIER Counulmen WILLIAM WILLIAMS BOLISH KOCIENSKI EDWARD KDWALSKI BERT ANDREWS Clt Treasurer Y STANLEY BAKER Clty Controller FRANK QNORKJ NORKIEWICZ IDSEPH RAPADLISKI Clty Sollcltor THIRWALL GRIEEITI-I Chlef of Pollce IDI-IN SMERFSKI City Clerk -R?v'v'-'v'v'v'-'-Av'-'v'v'-Av'v'-A.RfvA.'.'f.'v'.'.A.'.'9 2'.'v'v'v'.A.'vik'.'.'.'.'.'f.'.'.'.'.A7.A.'.R,'.'.'.'.3.'f. V CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GLASS OE 1950 FROM I NANTICOKE DIVISION A Good Plage To Work GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS CAREEUL TRAINING FRIENDLY SLIPERVISION DEPENDABLE MANAGEMENT STEADY WORK VISII Oux Personnel Offlge Soon , I I I . . . i . N K v'-'.'.'.'.Av'-A-'v'v'-'v'vAv'v'v'v'-1-'-A-A-A-'-'v'v'-A-'vi Rf-'-'v'-A-A-Av'iv'-''Av'-'-' 'v'-'J-A-A-' '.'3v'vL'. A A- - R'v- v BEST WISHES FROM THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK NANTICOKE PENNA Leland C Rummage Charles W3S1l6WSk1 Dr C E Bennett Stanley C Cloop loseph A Douqhexty Edward lVlakowsk1 Frank Bel a Presldent Vlce Presldent Vlce Pxes1dent Secreta1v Trust Qlflcer Asslstant Caslner THE BANK FOR ALL THE PEOPLE XKltl'1 62 x eil s of sem lcc EVERYBODY SHOULD HAVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT DO YOU HAVE ONE AT OUR BANK 7 Membel Federal Deposlt lnsurance Coxpomtxon OF , . . .' Ir' . . 'z Assistant Cashier V. , C .S L. . V' U . -, . LC B. . - .C ' H BEST WIS1-IES FRQM Qcwepd 6 fewq THATS WHAT I CALL A FRIEN Une whose Qllp IS a 11tt1e tlqhter Une whose sm1le1s a11tt1e bughter Une whose deeds a1e a 11tt1e xx hlter That s xx hat I call a frlend Une Who111end as qu1ek as he 11 borrow Une who s the same today as tomorrow Une who w111 sha1e youx lov and sorrow Thats what I Call a fr1end Une Whose thouqhts are a 11tt1e Cleaner Une xxhose rn1nd 19 a 11tt1e keener Une xx ho avolds those thlngs thit are meaner That s xx hatIe1111f11end Une xx ho IS alxvixs WIIIIHQ to ald you Une xx hose '1dv1eeh1s 11xx Hvs pald you That s xxhatIC1111f11end Une xx ho s been Ime xx hen hfe seem d1orten Une xx hose xdeils xou hwx e not foxgotten Une xx ho his qlx tn xou HTOIL than he s qotten T If s xx1 t IC111 1 fr1end I ohn Bulxouqhsj I ' 1 v I Y T . V , c .1 I I , V U x v . w C ' If 7 E C 'I . , V I C 11' ' ' K A Y 'I . c I c c 'c I I , Une whos defended when others have Ilayed you, If I c c 'I . V I ' v ' L- Lx 4 Y 7 .I I c .1 I c 7 ' , 7 C L- K ' , x, 1. x , IL- v he f ia a I ' . .'v A.'.'il'vA i Qkkr'-A-fwfv'-r'N wr vAv'.f'vTYE'."v'YV 'v'v'v Av'fv COMPLIMENTS OF ITALIAN AMERICAN CITIZENS CLUB OFFICERS Stephen TIHITQII PIQSICIQHL Antomo BIa11cod1111 VICQ P1es1de11t ohn Cerbana SCCIQTBIV Herman Cetarelh F111a11c1aI Sec1eta1y LOUISI PaIuzz1 TICHSUIGI PLAYING THE GAME Are xou pl IVIIIQ the qime OIT the f1eId of I1Ie A16 xou Ixeepmq xx 1th111 the rules Do xou plav xx 1th H yump and 1 xox 111 the 5tr1fe Nor xx 1mper for better tools EI IICIC IS 1Ixx1xs 1 CI1 1p xx I10I1q behmd And xx III that tI1e xx orld IS q1 IX If I11s 1xe IN f.I11II 111d I11s xx het s xx 011 t qrmd A11tI1t slut to beq111rod1x B If 1fxo11 I'1011IcI 1 Ix the 0tI1e1 CI11p The one xx hc I11s qone 1I1e id O1 111c t It I'11 too S xx ere xx 0 se 111 1xI1 1 And he s1111cIe11exx ones IIISIC ld OI pl 1x1111t c q 1111e 11e 111s 11ot to q1111 VVI1t11 tI1cf1eId1M s111o0tI1 111d tle ll I 1t to I1qI1t IIOIII the III t for the 10x tI1e1t11 N01 to I1eCdtI1c I1 11111t of fe1r t II 11q 1 x1t 1 It xnxx Il XII I1 IX x L q 1 L CR1x1111111tICm11xr11t Ixr Q 1 - I p ,V Q f I x x K' ' - 1 ' 1 ' A " A 3? 'V I V. L . C . 7. w , 1 " ' 5? I "iz 'zjxz 2 ' its ' . 'z ' S Q ' K 'Q jg Thi z 5 ' .1 ' 'If ' ' X ' , , . 1 2 '. L ' j ra . S ' ' 2 . 1 ' 1 aft 4 u , Y 1'III' I I1z 'S I: ' af' 111: . 1 . . . . II' afth Aa xlif ' ' Q Q ' z ': 31 '1 ' C32 ' X' "'1. 1 1 . XXII I I 11 l I I11 the FIVII-C. 110 p1'1:c x'c111 C1Il'II. 'III1.1t 111a11'Iis tI1C ' 1101-'s Ia II 'Z Ii:1 FIIII. 1I x'o11'x'c tried ill +:x'c1'x' 1111. Yi 4 'Q x 'cm I'o1'x'1111'x'f pIa1x'ctI II1c l 4 III -I M Ju1w5W"M 7 209 gw Edward A Sadowslzz WE VVISH T0 THANK EVERY ONE FOR THEIR SPLENDID C0 GPERATION MrJosephS:e IN THE MAKING OF THIS YEAR BOOK ADV'S'-ER JE HAS BEEN A GREAT PLEASURE WORKING vvzw You ozwdjvz elk 'If 6 W f EI Q ?S?ES?!"eY 'KV me ago Sk Sadouuh Studio PICS IH I 0 0 ASSOCIATE EDITORQ 4 55N E521 QQQQCOKE PA ' I I A297 gg - . ' sko R 2 gl . ll 4' f i f f I Q X ,-, -1 , A Consta Colafosti-Th ' ' it ...Q ' 'I I l BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1950 Fllms Developmg and Pflllflllg Cameras Photo Supphes fox Home Dex eloplnq and Prmtmg MOXIQ Pxolectors and Enlaxqels Plus Our Own Guarantee JOSEPH C BOROFSKI 68 E MAIN STREET Phone My Sm cere sr Congrarulauons To THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1950 and Best W1shes for CONTINUED SUCCESS THROUGHOUT LIFE GEM FURNITURE INC 101 107 E Ma1n Street Phone 1018 154 162 S Market Stleet Phone 810 FRANKS BOGUSZEWSKI Prop Wants You To Knovx WE FURNISH your home from att1c to basement, ODD AND END STORE Bxoadway and AIC11 Street Nantlcoke, Penna TO Everything from Makers with Established Reputations - - . A 75 ty oh I limo Best Wlshes For Your Success and Contmued Success To The NANNUAL The LIQNS CLUB of Nanhcoke Al BOlllI1Sli1 Rey C erald Conahan Louis CIOH ynskr VV1ll1am Dans VV1ll1am Dawson Dr B Ford Stanley Galazxn oseph C r yI'DSli1 Tarl "l xuster Pdxx ard borka N rfnan Grohlevyskr IM llard Galat Anthony GLIISII Lxon Tamer Atty Eduard Cnrudkoxxskr Eugene Hudak Charles Karoll Ph1ll1p Koscheka Wrllram Luhlnskn Iohn Lubmskl ArthurC May Secretary Fdvxard Muskas Dlrector 'Note Mcrnbcrs at largt 'Xlartxn Nardo o l dxxard Noxxlckl Ioseph O Karma Cltnunt O lex rch Stxnley Ols cyxskx Anthony A Prushxnslu Ltonard Paxxloxx skr 2nd Vice Presxdent Dr oseph Rushrn C ordon Roberts Past Presrdent Wrllrarn Syyltoyrs Drrector lohn Sxyantko lst Vrce Presldcnt lohn Shrpp D1rector oseph Sresko Chaplaln Stanley Sokoloyxskr oseph Shannon Treasurer Frank Shannon Fdyy ard Warkomskr Olxwr S Wrllrams Raymond VVeay er lohn 'I enchclt Dlrcctor YOU boys and glrls who will graduate this year are most fortunate fortunate because you l1ve 1n an era when electrlclty and gas have done so much to reduce th drudgery of mankmd Low cost gas and electrlclty rn college, on the farm, 1n buslness and lndustry wlll do much to release t1me that you can use rn creatlve effort LUZERNE COUNTY ELECTRIC CORP. ONS? xxll l Q 19 uw 19 Z U 5 -'-,..- X Your Elect Se l -:hu mu If S s y n '95 3 ff 24 il .il Q . .A ,-, ., 29 11, 3Nz'.", - i.1, " A A loseph Gallagher, Atty., President Roy' Rees, 3rd vicelpresident 3' ' - f . ' - . T , It I T rl -' S- - '. . . 9 2 ,.. . I ,.... , Z 1 D E U J Q Z. vi: run! CQNGRATULATIONS SENIORS OE 1950 Best Wishes For Your Future Success We wish to express our appreciation for the splendid patron- age of the student body of the Nanticoke High School We shall always endeavor to give you the best in photography W PAWLOWSKI PHOTOGRAPHER 186 S. MARKET STREET NANTICOKE PA. Telephone 68 QVER THE REX THEATRE ' COMPLIMENTS OF NANTICCKE LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO ALDEN ROAD There Is No Substitute For Quality I 1 ll . . ROTARY CLUB QOTA Rr D941 'VNAT 109 The Rotary Club of Nanticoke extends its congratulations and best wishes for future success and happlness to the Class of 1950 COMPLIMENTS OE ABE S CENTRAL CASH MEAT MARKETS PHONE NANTICOKE 1672 Phone Nantlcolce 2211 First with the Latest ADAM S NOVELTY ALBYN S BEAUTY SHOP Phonographs and Amusement Machines 138 S MARKET STREET 41 W Crind Street lN'lI1IlCOli6 P NANTICOKE PA Sporting Goods Fishing Tackle Hunting Equipme t AL S MARKET n AL S SPORTING GOODS Al Cerelli Prop Phone 2699 pH0NE 22 AL SKUZINSKI Prop 343 HANOVER STREET 139 HAINOVER STREET NANTICOKF PA l 1 1 5 fibx 1 ' YY , r Coin Cperated Specializing in Cold Waving . 1 a I ' , a. ' ' , . . 1 1 n. . COMPLIMENTS OF NANTICOKE POST No. 350 Q AMERICAN LEGION SAM ROGERS LOREN HAEFELE Commander Adiurawr ADAM YASTREMSKI Finance Officer Compliments of GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '50 JOHN E. ALLAN BAVITZ -Iunk DRM- RECREATION 400 E CHURCH STREET CENTER Phone 136 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS We do not do all of the Prmtmg m Nantxcoke so we just do the best of 1t ANTHRACITE PRINTING COMPANY 150 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE PA Best Wlshes to The Class of 1950 BARTUSKA S FURNITURE STORES 200 206 EAST MAIN STREET COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Refrlgerators R3dlOS Cleaners Washers Home of Keepsake Dnamonds R N STATION BE ORE 133 BROADWAY STRFFT 32 FAST MAIN STREFT Nwntncoke Pemm N mtlcokc Renni Tlres Battenes Accebborles L1rqcStSelcer1on of Populir ind Clwssxcil lVIus1C H1 Toxx n phone 9136 'I RH US ITIRST 'H our Dow ntoxx n Store l00'f ATLANTIC PRODUCTS you lt Bcrm I1 Record Dept I I I . . . . y . . , Y 1 I , c. i - , 1. . - . - H .1 4- 5 " . . . ' l:o1'f1'cc1'c' 'ls - - vis' ans I ' . R VARIETY MERCHANDISE AT POPULAR PRICES "A Friendly Place To Shop" BEN FRANKLIN STORE 180 SOUTH MARKET STREET NANTICOKE, PENNA. BEST ELECTRIC CO. 143 S. MARKET STREET Ninticoke, Penni. The Best for the Best in Electrical Appliances BOROWSKI S GROCERY 210 West Church Street Nanticoke Pa You haven t eaten the best sausage unless it was ours Phone 1 136 COMPLIMENTS OF BOLEK SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 5 BOROWSKI S RESTAURANT 209 West Church Street NANTICOKE PENNA Compliments f BOYEK S PURE FOOD MARKET Phone 1033 288 EAST NOBLE STREET Broadway Auto Supply Tires Batterles Accessories TIRE REPAIRING and SPORTING GOODS 23 BROADWAY STREET Ninticoke Penna BEST WISHES OF Thomas E Buczkowskl FUNERAL DIRECTOR Butchko s Servlce Statlon Atlantic Gas and O11 Spccmli mq in Lubrication BATTERY AND TIRE SERVICE I 1 .. OH 1 Q ' Q o , 1 . Q a n PHONE 9166 907 S. Market Street Complnments of COITIPIIITIEIIIS f CAREY REAKES GARAGE CATNES CHEVROLET Phone 2233 Telephone 572 Auto Repalrmg 149 E MAIN STREET RFAR 22-I S MARKET STREET Nintxcoke Penni CEASE MOTOR COMPANY DODGE PLYMOUTH Dodge Iob Rated Trucks 35 37 N MARKET STREET Nantlcoke Phone 375 or 2743 DEPENDABLE USED CARS AND TRUCKS MAIN HIGHWAY AT SILKWORTH RD W Nantlcoke Phone 2963 Complnnents of CHICK S AUTO SUPPLY CO Sportmg Goods Electrlcal Applnances S 3 E MAIN STREET 243 South Prospect Street NANTICOKE PENNA NaHI1COk6 Penna SUCCESS TO TI-IE SENIORS No xx oman has ex er expected to be better dressed than she can be m a Coat Sult or Dress c1oNZYNsK1 S FROM ECONOMY sToRE Fresh Meats Grocerles Frults and S Vegetables Frosted Foods NANTICOKE PENNA 547 S Market Street Nant1coke I I Y ' J - - - ' Q o I' 1 Q , Q . . Q 1 Q 9 "Everything for Your Car" Sterling Variety Store , . . . y , ' , Pa. ' ' K I ' TPALE MAI- EG. STEPHEN P COTTRINO CRAWFORD S Custom Tallor and Furrler Largest Sportlng Goods Store m Nantxcoke 132 South Market Street NANTICOKE 120 EAST MAIN STREET NANITICOKE PENNA CROTZER S IEWELRY STORE DR T R CROTZER Proprxetor OPTOMETRIST Your Dealer For Thls Year s I-Ilgh School Rmgs 109 S MARKET STREET NANTICOKE PA SUCCESS TO THE CONGRATULATIONS Graduatmg Class of 1950 CLASS GF 50 Dlamfmd S Candi' Shoppe Dtff S Dolly Madlsfm shop 4 EAST BROAD STREET NANTICOKE PA BestW1shes To The Semor Class Compliments Of A S Dobkowskl s Agency General Insurance Downtown Bowlmg Academy And Restaurant 21 BROADWAY STREET VICTORIA BUILDING PROSPECT STREET Telephone 9139 NANTICOKE PENNA Euqene Edwards Sr Proprletor COMPLIMENTS DR I A DRAPIEWSKI BEST OF LUCK NANTICOKE GRADUATES EDDY S IEWELRY STORE 167 S MARKET STREET NANTICOKE PA I h I 1 9 L , . 7 0 7 0 Q o 'Y 6 6 to OF Y O O 9 Esposlto s Modern Shoe Serv1ce Home - f - Invisible - Resoling 46 South Market Street Nantncoke Pa LUNCH AND DELICACIES Phone 1393 BEST WMS THE FABRIC sHoPPE SYL CZYZYK Prop Sew and Save I K Evans Elonst Phone 2510 23 E GREEN STREET 153 S MARKET STREET NANTICCKE PENNA Nantxcoke Penna AL FINK FLOOR CRAFTERS YOUR OLDSMOBILE DEALER H SOUTH MARKET STREET PHONE 43 NANTICOKE PA FLOORS BY CRAFTSMAN COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT FREY 8 SONS Manufacturers of Embroxderles and Laces 186 S MARKET STREET NANTICOKE PENNA COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 14 W S I I . y . 0 OF CONGRATULATIONS: Frank s Servrce Stat1on IJ rank Marcmkowskl Prop Ca ohne ind Oxls Expert Lubrlcauon Comer Cx and and Hanox er Streets Best Wlshes To All Criduitcs FRISCHMANN S MEN s AND BOY s sToRE Phone 1423 icltcts Sportcoits Shoes Shlrt FULLER S x ou ARI Arwm s WFLCOME LUNCH SODA FOUNTAIN FULLER S HOURLY CANDIES Made Fresh Hourly DOWNEY FLAKE DONUTS KARMEL KORN Delrcrou The Flavor Can t Be Copled lOl SOUTH MARKET STREET Nantrcoke CONFECTIONERY Delrcrous B B Qs Pork Ham Beef FULLER S FREEZER FRESH ICE CREAM Freshly Frozen Dally PEANUTS ROASTED FRESH DAILY Club Party Orders S0llClf6d Phone Nantrcoke 2433 GABE S PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE Phone 2517 Mobxle Gas and Oxl BROADWAY NANTICOKE PA Success To The Class of 50 GAYSON S RESTAURANT Edward Gayeskl Prop Home Cooked Food Spaghett1 and Chrh Con Carne Sealtest Ice Cream Telephone 9175 137 EAST MAIN STREET Success To The Class of 1930 Geroch s Grocery Store 233 VVEST IVIAIN STREFT Phone W B 22280 Phone Nantlcoke 2898 I H GOICHMAN Household Furnishings 33 We t C xccn Street Nantlcoke P1 COMPLIMENTS OF GOLDEN QUALITY ICE CREAM COMPANY N 7 , . . I . 1 4 4 S . . .Y ' Y I S I 4 - I V I . I .c L , L. lc ' .' - c ,I ' .l ' L S Y . . . 1 , . . S' 1 V . I FREE DELIVERY A 7 V 1 Y .. .. ' 1 I H L I . li . . . 5C!0hV'VALuJI 7 Q A 4 5 l -T Y S 3' c I , L Compliments of . . . HARRY GORDON 126 Pme Street Fresh Quallty Meats Vegetables and Grocerles WHITE ROSE FOODS Congratulations Seniors ED GORKA Fresh Meats and Grocenes PHONE 1721 80 West South Street Nantxcoke Penna PHONE 723 IOSEPH L GRABOWSKI FUNERAL DIRECTOR Rock of Aqes Dealer Marble and Gr nlte Monuments 190 192 W CHURCH STREET NANTICOKE PA Best Wxshes to the Class of 1930 S Mav The Nannual Alu ays Be Successful Flour Feed Gram Hay Straw and Cement S Phone 1708 178 South Market Street Phone 533 416 FRONT STREET NANTICOKE PA NANTICOKE PA 13110119 1375 Best Wlshes to the Class of 50 IOHN GRONTKOWSKI GURKA CONFECTIONERY Funeral Dnrector lVIonument Buxlder 130 CENTER STREET D7 West Creen Street Nantlcoke Pa Phone 437 M Compllments of COMPLIMENTS OF HANOVER LUNCH Phone Nantlcoke 9144 S 312 FRONT STREET Nintlcoke Penni N . Y . O 9 I ' , 5 4 ' , Y Y Y Y Phone 141-Broadway Street E S J , r Success to the Semor Class of 1950 Modern De lgns of Quallty Wallpapers Best Grade Pamts and Sundry ltems H111 Pamt and Wallpaper Store 192 SOUTH MARKET STREET lNant1coke Penna BEST WISHES AND FOOD LUCK HOUSE OF BONI Spaghettl Sauce A Hometown Product 1 EAST GREEN STREET Nantlcoke Perma HOTEL NANTICOKE RESTAURANT Room Res 9037 CORNER MAIN AND MARKET I W HULL New Fords and Used Cars Rep Wesley Auto Co Phone 157 Nantlcoke Penna IACOB S O E STOP MUSIC SHOP 6 'Xin-Q Q o1n your school band or orchestra It s the backbone of your school actlvltles ,QU Band and Orchestra instruments sold for cash or terms Popular and Classxcal Sheet Music K RADIOS PHONOGRAPHS RECORDS gk, 9 53 'P' lnstructxon books for all mstrurnents Capable mstructors on all mstruments 9- A wx acob s Muslc Co Opp0Slt6 the Famlly Theatre Everythmg ln MUSIC 142 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE Phone 40 EMIL IAROLIN Plumbmg and Heatmg 221 WEST CHURCH STREET Compllments of IANICZEK S 422 FAIRCHILD STREET Nantlcoke Pa Lobster Tall Platters Sandlwches Chxlx Chxcken Dmners SUCCESS TO THE SENIORS IOSEPH C IANOWSKI Electrlcal Contractor Eleclrxc Futures and Appliances Phone 2835 49 S MARKET STREET lN'1I1flCOlC6 Penni x s IEROME S BAKERY Alo1sV Bohlnskx Gen Mgr and Sec Oven Fresh Qualxty Baked Goods Phone 2953 32 SOUTH MARKET STREET N1nt1coke Pemm 9a W Mun Street Glen Lxon S. . . . 1 T V , i . A 1 o 4 ,gl -f 1 sc n Lui, 2 .jfij-1 I, S A . ...M Mr '11 - ' ' n I -fins-:-x Gu ., 1 1 , -'.. - - ?,7l3'!3.i,k'Z"f 't'1'71f' . - - - . .x .- .' V, V 'f . , M 'vi ' sin . ,, ,p , fl . . . . . . :ff A I 1 .Y 'ru yr u.. Q 1 Y 3 Q . V . I, . . 11' ' A .' Z Vi Q 4 K 4 , K . K . lc I , A . - - 1 1 - 1, N CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS OF 1950 We are Mighty Proud of You - The Road to Success Is Waiting For You IIMMY THE IEWELER 8 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE PA My ll Store Buylng Power Saves You Money COMPUMENTS OF IOHNNY S MEAT MARKET Q ohn Kobylasz Propl Robert E Job Mary Iob 303 W MAIN STREET NANTICOKE PA Fresh Meats Grocerxes Produce Home Made Sausage Our Speclalty GENERAL INSURANCE Phone Orders Taken and Delxvered PHONE 2515 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES SENIORS IOSEPH S FURNITURE STORE PHONE 966 1 NORTH MARKET STREET NANTICOKE PENNA IOSEPH GRZYMSKI Proprletor Phone 9086 Phone 1094 212 East Ma1n Street KEYSTONE SPECIALTY C0 Fmest ln Sea Food and Lunches WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERS BUTCH and LILLIAN KATA Prop CIGARS CIGARETTES and TOBACCO 520 SOUTH WALNUT STREET Ffaww X KOH alskl Prop Nantlcoke Penna Nantlcoke Penna COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES FROM NANTICOKE KIWANIS CLUB WE BUILD N F 1 1. , . KATA'S RESTAURANT Q COMPLIMENTS KLEM A DROZDOWSKI Success To The Cl ass Of 30 Furniture and Electrlcal Appllances SFE OR CALL TED KOMOROSKI FURNITURE STORE Refrlgerators Radlos Stoves Sweepers and the Latest Lme nn Furmture 2 24 26 EAIRCHILD STREET SAFETY SECURITY SERVICE FRANK KNOREK INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance Notarx Pubhc Phone 2067 I 423 SOUTH HANOVER STREET NANTICOKE PENNA KORONKIEWICZ S PHARMACY Next Door T Rex Theatre Phone 1142 186 Market Street 62 Nantlcoke Pa Phone 176 NANTICOKE PENNA THE LEADER STORE 41 43 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE PA STEPPING STONES And cloxx ns that caper ln savx dust rmqs And common folk hke you and me Are makers of etern1ty7 To each IS QIVQII a bag of tools A shapeless mass and a book of rules And each must make ere h1s11fe has flovx n A stumbhng block or a stepplng stone R L SHARPE COMPLIMENTS TO TI-IE CLASS OF 50 Best Wlshes for Success nn Your Future LECHER S THE LEVENTHAL STORE CASH 2 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE PENNA COMPLIMENTS OF LIBERTY THROWING COMPANY INC NANTICOKE PENNSH LVANIA N I OF Q T T If , 9 p - 0 - - Isn't it strange that princes and kings ' 5- - OF 5 '. . ' " A 1 n y o Congratulatxons From E I LEWIS LITTLE PAL SHUP Florlst and Gxft Shop Heqdquwterg for 149 SOUTH MARKET STREET Dlbfmffwe Sfufdy Nintlcoke Pemm Quality Styles SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF So C0mp1,me,,t of JOHN LUZENSKI MAIESTIC RESTAURANT Grocerxe Meats Frults Fo the Be t m Food and the Best m Servlce 603 HANOVER qt RIDGE STREET HOME MADE PIES Nantlcoke Perma NANTICOKE PENNA The Store All Women Know Success To The Class of 1950 MARY S BEAUTY SHOPPE 240 VVELLITS STREET NANTICOKE 2 Stores PLYMOUTH N IIIUCORQ Pennx COMPLIMENTS OF MAYWOOD FARMS M1lk and Dalry Products Poultry and Fresh Eggs CARTER BACHE Phone 21 Compliments f Conqritulltlons from xour PETER I MATIKIEWICZ Funeral Dxrector 31 Metropohtan L1fe Insurance Representat1ves 233 Mo :er Street CH'moxerJ NlllIlCOhQ P1 Phone 1979 Charles Velon Mwnaqer N y MARY LEE DRESS SHOP M Q .1 . ary Klos StQI'Ill'llSkl, Prop. ' Q 0 - 4 C 2 ' 3 1' Q l O C MILLARD'S Compliments of WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE MICH AEL'S PAPER CQ, Spar-Tex Paints and Varnishes WHQLESALE Imperial Washable Wallpapers Paper - Paper Bags - School Supplies - Novelties direct factory distributors 10 NORTH MARKET STREET -103 S. Hanover Street, Nanticoke, Perma. Nanticoke, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OP THE MINERS NATIONAL BANK OF NANTICOKE Member of Eederal Deposit Insurance Companv MILL MEMORIAL LIBRARY NANTICOKE PENNSYLVANIA BEST WISHES TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1950 WILLIAM I MONT Watchmaker and eweler ELGIN WATCHES Authorized Keepsake Diamond Dealer 120 S MARKET STREET Compliments of ZNANIECKI BROS Inc Nantlcoke Auto Mechanics 300 EAST MAIN STREET Nanticoke Penna IF IT S GOOD FOR NANTICOKE IF IT S FOR THE COOD OF NANTICOKI- WE RE FOR IT NANTICOKE DAILY PRESS Phone 515 210 East Main Street iRe1rj X NANTICOKE Bar Equipment and Paper Supplies Beer Equipment Restaurant Equipment Booth Stools Bars Back Bars 127 S Market Street Nanticoke Pa Be t Wishes to The Class of DO Nanticoke Dress Company 210 FAST BROAD STREET NANITICOKE PA 9 I 9, 5 . i ' ' Iohn fKrickl Woyiioski, Prop. V v S 'Lf -v xt.. 'F ' 1 Q SAVE FOR THEIR EDUCATION So rrcday cn you see yo C a ar o I a n C oo ou no t the s all x Sac cc 0 0 sl qht R gula plannc g car b appy pe rem un o atc x qoa nea 3 r ararrnctaay pn 1 ac r SANIL NOXN A'l The Nant1eoke Natlonal Bank NANTICOKE PENNA F H o app Spend ng Late 'VI nl c Fcdc al Dcpost lneu anc Co po at on Complrmerrts of Jos ELINSKI owner 23 23 F INOBLE STREET Narrtrcoke Perma Complrments of OWENS FUNERAL HOME Phone 2107 270 E MAIN STREET Narrtrcoke Perma Complrmerrts of PARK PHARMACY E Tuzrnskl and T T Beckley 6 E BROAD STREET Narrtrcoke Penn'r BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 50 FROM MAKERS OF QUALITY CANDY PELAS CONFECTIONERY Phone Nantrcoke 550 406 FRONT STREET Penn Furnrture Company JOHN HRINKO Proprretor Phone 1252 420 FRONT STREET I-Imox er Sectron N1I1tlCOkC Perma Complrments f Peoples Food Market 44 S MARKET STREET Narrtrcoke Perma FREE DELIVERY Phone 7 SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 50 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Piscotty SUCCESS AND BEST WISHES THE POLISH FALCONS NEST NO 91 N l r '--wh ' ' ' ur hildren gr du Q from college r r i ing S l'r l. y 'll lc xv tha im day-to-dal' , ri- fi S you made xx' r 5 ix . e r d savin r e a h ' cx r' '0. Its f t W lr jour Q l come rer nd nearer as the .valance in your :saving account hook grows. E I I Sr r' s vr g x p yd '- -see us about o e ing your savngs C'ourr. 'xr' " ' ' Y I C , . ' -1 4. Y r ier i r . cr 5 r r .r , r e r r 1 A , - l , . I , c . O , c ' I c I , . , . f O PITZ'S MARKET Groceries - Fresh Meats - Produce Phone 2131 1-13 W. GREEN STREET Nanticoke. Perma. PREMO RECORD SHOP Records and Albums 36 F BROAD STREET Nwntlcoke Penna Phone 720 COMPLIMENTS GEORGE POWELL NANTICOKE, PENNA. BEST WISHES FROM KIELAR S PRESTO RESTAURANT BARBECUES HAMBURGS 179 S MARKET STREET Phone 9280 BEST WISHPS AND GOOD LUCK Pure Ice and Coal Company Dealers and Dxstrnbutors of Glen Alden Coal M mufxctured Ice from Flltered Sprmg Brook Water Phone Nantlcoke 222 Comphments of QUOOS 8 THOMPSON 548 E MAIN STREET NANTICOKE PA GULF O L GAS LUBRICATION TELEPHONE 9131 ALBERT REES SALES BUICK SERVICE 163 MARKET STREET NANTICOKE PA LET REILLY MAKE YOUR HOUSE A HOME Re11ly s Furmture Store IOHN REILLY Prop Home Furnishers and Decorators Phone 92 lb 17 W GREEN STREET Nintlcoke Penni Phone 9191 We Cwter to Truckers Mooney s Rlverslde Servlce Road Service General Repanrs Car Washmg and POl1Sh1Ilg Route 11 1V11m Road We fN11I1IlCO1x6 P1 ASK ABOUT OUR C' 1 CLUB N SCHLEICHEP S MARKET W MAIIN STREET Phone 9027 Y C I y Q Q z ' ' 1 F - . y . W -' . K I v C f " . J Compliments of y . e 0 . 1 - - - .' x , cb c S I E ' ' . c . ' 1. . if I f KI ffff 'xxXX. 'QX' f X Y ' " 1 'la 1 's f' "f , N N. X .- . 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WILLIAM SCHRIENER SCHWARTZ FURNITURE Insurance Real Estate Notary Public 202 PINE STREET 226 SOUTH MARKET STREET IN mfoke Palm Nantlcoke Penna Phone 2632 Look Forvx ard Claw of DO 'lk-O CONFECWONERY Ice Cream at IT S BEST NOVELTIES SCOOP NEGOSH Proprletor I7 N MARKET STREET NANTICOKE SINCO FOR TEXACO Corner I-Ianox er and Green Streets T1res Tubes ACCCSSOFIQS ALEX SINCO Proprletor SPORTLAND SMOKE SHOP I4 N Market Street Nantxcoke Pa CIQBIS Cigarettes Candv Etc Comphmcnts SIVICK S S PROSPECT STREET COIIPLIMI NTS OF SPOTANSKI S PHARMACY Rel able Pre crlptlon Servlce Phone 624 JS SOUTH MARKET STREET STAN LEE MEN S SHOP lab S MARKET STREET NANTICOKE fForme ly anowskn Bednar Co I A PI ace To Go for Brands You Knoxx Ohddn STANLEY CLEANERS AND DYERS OUR SUCCESS IS QUR AIM TO PLFASF THIS PUBLIC Prcl up and Delnver Phone 2622 132 VV CHURCH STREET NANTICOKE 'a ' , , L A , . V ..f H ll Y YV ,, .. . Y ' :of Y ' c .' ' bc. rw 2 Y . ' ' . L - J - 1- ' - ' lj f' K . 4 ! H "I . . 1 . - . ,Q . .. 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Frank Tushinski, Prop. 41 E, NQBLE STREET DuPont and Pratt and Lambert Paints Nanticoke, Penna, PHQNE 9134 Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1950 Nunticoke High School VALENCE'S GROCERY STORE 202 W. CHURCH STREET NANTICOKE, PA. PHONE 3084 COIVIPLIMENTS OE COMPLIMENTS OE UNITED CITIZENS CLUB VETERAN TAXI CAB SERVICE HANOVER SECTION NANTICOKE PA Phone Nantlcoke 351 BeQt W1she5 To All COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF VIC S WADZINSKI S PHARMACY SHOE REPAIRING Ab Close To You As Your Phone an Phone 9051 CHURCH AND WALNUT STREETS 150 S MARKET STREET NANTICOKE PA hniiticoke Penna RUG BINDING CONCRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1930 NANTICOKIM HICH SCHOOL GEORGE W WEAVER S SONS FLORISTS Store 141 EAST MAIN STREET Phone 1000 Nlelnber Florist s Teleqmph and Delixerx A socmtion o i i 1 Q d 9 Greenhouse - 700 EAST MAIN STREET - Phone 1019 COIVIPLIMENTS OF WESLEY AUTO COMPANY YOUR FORD DEALER SINCE 1915 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1950 NANTICOKE HIGH SCHOOL WHWL 730 ON YOUR DIAL 38 EAST MAIN STREEI NANTICOKE PEIN NA Phone D91 COMPLIMENTS OE MICHAEL L WEISS Quahty Meats Grocernes Veqetables NANTICOKE PENNA BEST WI5HI1S COMPLIMENTS OE I OSEPH YATKO S Lxght Lunches Smart Wearlng Apparel Phone 9060 I9 S MARKET STREET NANTICOKE PLX MOUTH D N11 Ucoke Penna COMPLIMENTS OE Electrxeal Supplles Sportmg Goods YANCHEK S CLEANERS Y T HARDWARE STORE Phone 199 Exelusnve Dealer of DuPont Pa1nts Plumbmq Heatxnq Tmnmg and Stove Repalrmg D41 5 MARKET STREET 126 nd 110 E MAIN STREET W'111t1coke Pennw NIIIflCOkQ Penna IJ 1 If 1 9 K 1-f Dry Cleaning and Pressing PHONE 419 COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES Chartered Bus Service To Any Point In Penna. OF For Your Next Plcmc or Trlp Charter Our Buses SUCCESS TO THE SENIORS OF 1950 AND BEST WISHES FROM THE POLISH FALCONS IUNIOR ATHLETIC CLUB Steven Mera Physlcal lnstructor Stanley Yagura ASSIS ant Physlcal Dlrector Robert Boxx man Charles Hydxer Leon Pa kovx skl Mark Cecelskl Edxx ard anora Sylvester Pxnko Paul D1Mar1o Paul Lasezkl Zlgmund Sllexx sk1 Millard Gomez Walter Mera ohn Tucker ames Modla APPRECIATION On behalf of the Semor Class We the members of the Nannual Staff xxxsh to express our smcere appreclatlon to all xx ho haxe alded us IH the publl catlon of the 1950 Nannual We express our deepest gratltude to the busnncssmen and CIXIC organ: ations for their fmanclal a1d Your dxertxsements ire in 1ncent1xe for III creased sales as ex ery person xx ho reads thls book IS a prospectxxe customer Sxnce the merchants throuqh adxertlsements h1xe defraved one half of the cost of pUbllC3tlOI1 the students should mike ex erx effort to shoxx then apprecxatlon We smcerely hope that our sub crlbers xx 1ll cwrefullx reid the adx ertlse ments and patrom e those xx ho helped to In ake thls book 1 ucces THE NANNLIAL STAFF 'S' James A. McKane T A Square Pnxmng Co O h d tl I . L 1, . ' , L , r ' 'Y ' ' - . . . . . Y i . . SL' AS I :I tv.. C . I' -' Z ' . H ' Q Q Z c ' - . - y - V - ' - ' - ' Y . . , , . , . , . . ' B., , 'S S' I , , L , ' ' , . . . , . , ' . . . . . , 4 , I S Q 'V c !' c ' - I I .' ' E ' i S I ' I . . c un rc nc

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