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f , AZ l V i ,JJX 5 'f f ' V , 5 ' Q gV2iM5i 5 x X 7 M' Cham, wwf Qui' 1- ,, United States Ship Vlomtahala CHQ-603 med Qffuise Q68 '71-if aw, f-'f 1 1 ,,',,,,,,'.:f 4g.4bJp,M 1:21, ' 1 0' 1 f f - 'fr- in i!" ,,- - - , 3:-555 .Ogle ,.g, f., . ,. fy:-f., -4-sz,-sf ' 4 J -stro fuel N seas of 'Y IS a at sea as that world in Ie, la three , f, J 17 I. ff, 4 ' X X , 5 !V,, ,V , mission of f it may Iwt appear N , or a de- with essential and wide over the r f , ' .,',, ' H Witho ut depefledehcex s ee 1 N it N I N fs e ss,s , M 3 ' ' 'se'e . ,, ,,V,.,y 4V.,,,iZL!, ,yi ,, ,, ,..,, Navy Special f sse'ee gV,g,w f ',,., 5 5,2 ff' f"v,,cf'4ffra' - We cal H1811 1, and Aviation , 7 ,,ffw5,.,, .Gym htww, , ,. .MM f.,,W,W,'-f. ,, ,fix-,-1 ,V ffdbmf feet in N 1 .944 Z ' , 1 ff, .-' , NAN TAHAL V , V,,,h . f ,," E Officers. , ,,,,,, fggyg, .Zi . . 1 I ititt N Wlfh a full 10311 ' - '-" f fowl d1SP1aCem N' wglsg5:' -'f-,- fm-v:':A:f ,Q-as the Maritime , the ship was 6 1?-flf E 7-'1":2'.B4fzQ,: ,x , ,gfgzfy x , y 7' C1 Z1 I-I . F9- CD Q.. UD P+ QD FF CD 50 ANT In June months AN ZOA S1n ce can of the OnF e Commanding Ujjficer Steven Ward CALLAWAY, Jr., was born in Washington, D.C. on 21 July 1922, son of the late Captain and Mrs. Steven W. CALLAWAY, USN. After attending the University of Pennsyl- vania for one year he entered the Naval Academy as a member of the Class of 1945. Upon graduation after the wartime schedule in 1944, he served for two years aboard USS MANSFIELD CDD-728i before entering flight training. He was designated a Naval Aviator in 1946, tours in VA-85 aboard USS MIDWAY and VA-45 aboard USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT were followed by a shore duty tour instructing in Basic Training Unit THREE and lnstructor's Basic Training Unit in Pensacola, Florida. After qualifying in helicopters, Captain CAL- LAWAY reported to Fighter Squadron SIXTY- THREE aboard USS YORK TOWN . CAPTAIN STEVEN W. CALLAWAY, JR., USN Exchange duty with the Air Force in the 322nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron preceded assignment to the Staff, COMFAIR Alameda in 1956. After a year in the Fleet Air Gunnery Unit, El Centro, California, Captain CALLAWAY was ordered to the U.S. Navy Test Pilot School, graduating in 1958, and then to the 'Weapons Systems Test Division at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Maryland. He graduated from the senior course of the Naval War College in 1961. He commanded Attack Squadron FORTY SIX flying A4 Skyhawks aboard USS SHANGRI LA and Attack Squadron FORTY FOUR at Cecil Field,Florida before serving as Navigator, USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSE- VELT. After at tour in OPNAV in the Politico-Military Policy Division and' as Executive Assistant and Senior Aide to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations fPlans and Policyj, Captain CALLAWAY assumed command of the USS NANTAHALA IAO-602 on 8 January 1968. He is married to the former Mary Frances ALBRO of Newport, Rhode Island. LCDR JAMES R. JENKINS, USN Lieutenant Commander James R. JENKINS, Executive Officer, graduated from the Naval Academy in June of 1953. He served aboard the USS PITTSBURGH ICA-722, the USS CORAL SEA ICVA-432 and the USS FURSE IDDR-8821 before going to the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California, Where he completed the two L21 year course in Advanced Meterology. After graduation he served as weather forecaster at Naval Air Station, Agana, Guam and aboard the USS ALAMO ILSD-331, USS VALLEY FORGE ILPH-82, and at the Fleet Weather Facility, Norfolk, Virginia. LCDR JENKINS reported aboard the NANTAHALA in February 1968. Executive 0 Cer mission- Replemishment Nearly five million gallons of fuel aboard and they always wanted more . . . Whether petroleum products, food, equip- ment, mail or movies - morning, noon, or night. Usually a squadron at a time, most common reveille-at 4:00 A.M. The record was twelve ships in one day - an hour and a half per destroyer and the carrier six . . . we were tired. 1 ,f 'V',vi4,,, f .L HEAD 'EM UP, ROUND 'EM OUT, BRING 'EM IN HUNDRED FEET AWAY. Tins cans alongside Starboard. . . Qu the fob The NAN soon becomes a beehive of co- ordinated activity . . . boilers, pumps, valves, fuel lines, steam lines, Winches, rigs, hoses and men combine to deliver the precious black gold and associated cargo. . . . and tons to go before we sleep, and tons to go before we sleep. - 'bf' " " No, Mom, I Won't be home for dinner. . .' fhe ' ' Knee", Dwyer andrMcFa'vfta1k'it over ' ' Heave in on that inhau1." The crash crew . . . Warm fellas? Don't go away mad, just go away Midshipman Sampson delivers the mail Eight more hours!!! Standby AN INTERLUDE BETWEEN CUSTOMERS AS THE CARRIER BREAKS TO RETRIEVE A DOWNED PLANE OR THE DE- STROYERS CHASE SUBS. SO IT'S HURRY UP AND WAIT, OR - to The Gunn er Coffee break . . . Standby ' ' Want to drag, Big Boy?" Admiral Libby Duckworth, Nyers and Co. - g Cool hand Frank 0 Kilgore, Hui and Walker loving it. Atlas French and Hulk Meyer unchained. . V. A Commie Patrol Craft trails us . . . the Warrant volunteered to overhaul her engine. ' ' Do what?" Water, water everywhere and they had to find us again Deliver enoughnfuel products to fill a thirty- five mile string of railroad tank cars - 36 million gallons. Transfer 42,000 lbs. of food, 17,000H1bs. of mail, 200,000 lbs. of deck cargo, exchange 3,849 movies and hi-line over 100 personnel - that's what. Now snap to it, mate! ' Liberty Qcmftegema French Riu Rome Maples Qapm Sowfremto Spam qfnmfemelmos Wlalagvl 1Q0ta Qomliz Wlalta Hthens Sa1f0linia Sicily Qqfgfg M g g malta Everybodys favorite. ' ' On king, on you husky." The gangs' all here, or next door . . . 1 V N Four women to every-man, or was it seven? Beaches, sailing, duty free liquor. A fine Hilton, Sheraton, Casino, many pubs and girls, girls, girls . . . 'Hutch has command of the situation E- Haig, Haig - Haig, Haig Big Daddy Marr and the Social Corp Haig, Haig. . . Baker and Grossman down a few. . 1 . ' ' Honest fellas, I do have overnight liberty. "Hi, Mom." ' ' WheW!" ' 'I dreamed I met a 'NAN' man in my maiden-form bra Everybody wanted to stay..." St -T opez After ten days there, no one would refute that if you could afford to stay one month in Tropez - the entire wor1d's most beautiful women would pass your Way. Viva Ia difference! ANCHORED OFF BRIDGET BARDOT'S SUMMER HOME. Hospitality . . , Qui!!! Bebe and Fulgencio checking things out. . . Yflnples for fifteen days. .. Rome and Qapffi close by X MT. VESUVIUS ...I Spaulding, Neveu, Holmes and Gomes on tour. e A Fountains of Plenty . . . n u . . . I've heard of buying the Brooklyn, Bridge, but the Parthenon? QVER TWO WEEKS IN BEAUTIFUL ATHENS. ToURS,. FESTIVALS, DAYS ON THE 'ACROPOLIS Q . Fleet landing Hthens I . X Z 1 .- The friendly n atives? The friendly natiV6S X I f? 5 if 3f'f7F f J" ffi S Q Q13 '7Vff,r' -Yi! Q75 ff? ffw off rarfswwmfwrrfarfraMwf ,gwfmirfw W r ,f ,f f, V r I ,W .fsmfiiw ' XWW'-ff! Q ' ff 7 Q ' ' Y ,f -fffvffki-M 4 ', 2 's ff " f 7 ' Jz 444 H M wif' ' ' V W 42 1' f Zf 2. ' VM, 6 " 4-ffhffmif , 2 no T ' S f. ,L wry f fwA,,w: if ff 'f , , ,M f 'f vf f f 9 . Wi 2:7 ' W ,, 0 , , ff W fr f, Q If 1 f f f, 2,4 fqfywff f,-Z any f, ,, ,fr 'ago V 4 ,1 eva 2 4- ' V IQ, , ff f, -M ff f ' - wwf mf ' f A Mw yy , W , I fyryqfgf. 47 ' jj' WW kay ,W 77,1 wwf? Wy, , ,Wa WM f fry! or as A, . . . Garcia and Morrison from the top of the world. ftwo thousand years ago. J ' 'mn malaga good time. Marvelous beaches and hops prevailed. One had to be ugh, not to lose any- Iation . . . A 4,06"fQQ 00fZ',.404cZf',1, 'Z Q0 'W 1 Qgwgfgos M06 The Spanish Riviera Qmftegena W' QW scnimmel lifeguards the beach party . . . Parked next to the fuel pier in Souda Bay, Crete, quite often, we made fre- quent use,go'f nearby bays and hills for recreationf. . . a clinic: uglzum Four trips to Cagliari - a beautiful city divided by a ridge with the bay to one side, a valley to the other. And not too much excitement on either side. The ' ' Dynamic Duo" . Sometimes we even looked forward to getting underway while in Souda - back to sea and the men we worked with . . . Qepoiftments ' ' Have you got that report finished yet, mister?" C90 Nice talking to you nginoe ing Coach ' ' What, another one!" ' 'No sweat, Captain . . . Heh, heh. fa little black smoke mayl5e.j" Qpe ations Got it covered Captain . . . ' ' Sure we canigettyou a new boiler. Submit a 1250, 302 154, 1348? 1149, 165 GFS fl'0H1 SERVLANT, SMO, CNO . . ' ' Next you cut into the main artery like so . . . nginee ing - The NAN is a dead ship without the "SNIPDS." We 80 no' where, can do nothing, and never come back w1th0l1l them- He' Boiler Tenders and Machinists Mates combine efforts to turn .the main engine twin screws, plus provide steam for the entire ship s electrical load and machinery operati0I1- Why is this man smiling? . . . Diamond has the deck ' 'Now Mr. Ottone, please call the bridge." "'5f'?' D' a 52 ,t th . l Vgeifi r ,r ,. Xe'-' ,f r , f Howdy!" M g - I . 5 1 A After the steam turns the main generators and begins flowing tI1F0Ugh auxiliary pipes the Electricians, IC-Men and Auxiliarymen take over to provide electricity, interior communications, heat, water, air conditioning, Winches and flushing. Enginemen maintain boats and vehicles. Ship Fitters and Damage Controlmen store, inspect, test and transfer our petroleum products, make routine and emergency repairs to both hull and structures, maintain and furnish fire fighting and damage control Seaf- They also keep all other Departments in top shape with their welding, cutting, carpentry and machine shop services. ""Jump on, wise guy..." Russel brings her in. , X f X 's s f if x elf Q3 I ' ' . . real nice talking to you." ' ' Customs will never know , , W4 f wg, f tx f f W .. W f ff , wt, Oh ya! Well let me tell you something . . ." f . , . W f 4' nf 7 Wm , W ws ,fy fm, X N X f 5 X its W sf X J Q J is F! JM mx v 4-VAN! 3 f W5 JQFK fax? x,fS, X Axim sf X A6 ni , Nwfo f Y, ,V 4 V ,, I f 'G f f X , ' 4 lf' . X My . , V . " ' QXQNVJ ,. , , Www VN fX fxts-1' Ns, X X y,.4m.' A A fox? 21, ,,- , f X 11 -s an X Q A .po Asst 1 Auf? 5 'A nw. I Wfxcfg f fgwgv M Q f sgws ,g ' ff-if X7 ', VW fl W, w.f',-if , they Qs-2 ls-rNfN:6W,-J. . X ,QS 42' ' V ' A it . f ,V ,sf ul" , ' ',M,gf ,, sie ., wx , 539, ffsw N' ff, Msg ' - fo -' I 'N V .. 4. .3, 3 fy, 4, 'sy f N - X MT Fvfx f' fix X, Q sf, w-Tw' N Wg if 1-TV Q Q 5 X X , N x N 1 X f f wfffx fx 4 xy ,bw Xfxf of X Xgnff wx 2 X N RSYQSZM X WX V me W A fs f x 5 T -W X X U X , sz W- M ,,M..,s f 4 f is si jx V W " 'F . . . cold? 4 'ML D.C-H an Magtef Eichenl-Hub' the , Wmfff X 45 My 1 , f MW W v , Wfwwvw f ywwf f K X fwffc w K k kwwfmyfff ffm f ' ,4 ff - , 'O' f ,ff f M Wm 4 ww ' fwwww jwwwf f Ly .X . X ug www ' k W' M , 4- 4 Za W U91 ff ,ff uf I 4 2 WW -, V YQZMWWMW 4 , ,, 'f f ' 1 ff ,f K W, , , ' X , X ,W f f, WW ' 'x W WX A af mf gg, ' W , V K nj H V 4 Xp, , 4 L V Z4 , 5 a V' If I H offm an TaY10' iv f I :fMf. B 85 E'H X V-vw" x Q Q rx X ww-. , X - : if Wk QF X Woolfidge 1 1 'ken Q X Q3 S W ,W .WLM . . . Zing! Went the ' "Muff..." J OWL ' ' Anything you can do, we can A ' do better!" ' H arad Vern er ' ' We've got our Spad and Sopwith came1 parked right outside . . . strings of my heart. l r f , Pritchett hemp, That old ' ' B Gang" of mine. . . Lifers. .. Ryan Novrrell Marr, LaBreche, H0taI1 ' How do you spell that 'w-o-r-k' ? " rw . W, Labrecht Lane . I al Q y X 9 T5 , N71 X 1 - f ,Q X 'xv v Spring can turn a man's fancy r. . 'K The original Coleman burner. Sawyer X XX X X. X EX no 5? X x ww 'EX X X X XX lf XX 5 XXX 'SNAXXXQX ' X XX x x lX'XXj1 XX N X is S X5 F: ' F XX ,Xx ' XC V '5 X X : XXX KX Q XX X X X X X, Q X X X X X X K Mausser La Plante Our man in Greece... 1 1 Quave Caferelli 7 QXX s-Xrfzf X X Y XOXKQ X X f XX V XXXXX f Nw f 4 wX f XX ,X X X , 7 4XxXS ' 'C v 71 X' X4 fi tif Xl XCX N rj zf X y JSZSX .X 0 X Ulf M X fffgXy,mQ I 7,5 L' Price ff f X ff f f X I X- X 2X yfX ,mf XXX ,rf , ,357 Z M, f M X, X f fX,-of W , X I 7 f XX X px Q X X XXAX X' 2 5 M 4 .X-X MXXXX XXS X ff Q XXX5 .X ', X X9 Xi? W ZX Says f X, 7 Q 1.0 4 XXXQHZ, 0 XQX- ,ffXf K Q fs rg Q X 4X X, f, , .v X f XXX, 'f X, ox XL X Q -.X X fi kmf-S, M Xl f Xn 7iyZX42XXX',X2g " : f f ,tg X Z QXXXNQ X4 A 3, 545, 3592: 3 4 X X , 7 f X 1 X f7X f f N 0' X . mf X f f Y 4 X W f X K 'S Zif lffsf , fy X Ax, I XX f4X ff f 54, 'A f X f X X ff f ,f X M X Y X ax !ffX S X f X fxfw X 2, f X! 5 f ff f is gif XJ XX ff ,f Q XX N XX f S XX X f W X ,X , T 3 Holmes Webeck f fi ff!! f f ffyf ?ZZZ X X ffm, iff! f fy f ff 1 2 12517 T , A? ffwff f X Ag! X 0 f ffkl Z f ff f fm f? f 1 , f f ff! ' i' fi , Q7 ,XXL lg 'f sfsfl "C fff f' , in , ff , ,X 'A " if .2 tiff, , :tiff ' -nam. wuz , 4 f I I ' ' ' ' If Just gzve me t1me n - l M Stevenson ...for my next act... Kanode Simons f Sampson Rominger Harrell Dalious I I I wonder what will happen ifl turn..." Deefe Denny ...Hayes in action Why IS thzs man sm111ng ? QW ng! 48 L . , r fi, fi ,' Holmes 4 ' J A couple Greek Weight men grant a picture. 8 sr Lantz r rrrr N. I t's there someplace. Caldwell ' ' Mr. Engineman. fThe only one.j x , ' ' Nobody messes with me, Bub ! " Just like Sunday on the farm... Nice dey for a Walk around the Shlp - as usual. Bull Feness gr M ulvey very in-ter-est-ing. Zitlow Simon and Garfunkels. Spaulding Maynard mixes a prescription. Hercules" Stemen and ' 'SUNY Bull Gosh, it's Goshe, Mc Cay and ' 'Su11y." - 1 f Taylor Laugh now, Boot De Kind Amazon Sally" and ' ' Sully. " Easy now... Food, food...that's all l Kilgore l he ever thinks of. 1 Bein Maynard Morales - on station and smiling. I ' 'So when is liberty call? Hert Z The duty dudes. A friendly game of chance Stemen Mc Cay Morales Sullivan rx I I! I , 4' 1 X' V h Meyer Grossman as 1 , if i Trader Graves x Trimmer fYes, he is asleep.2 Wilkinson ei ,.. ., F .. x k S, I , x , 41 Todd , fir First Lieutenant Qeck ' ' l have a contact off the starboard bow..." Deck force personnel - Boatswain Mates, Gunner's Mates, Fire Control' Technicians and Seamen - have a hand in all ship's evolutions from working parties to General Quarters. They operate the rigging over which the cargo passes, and they com- pose the bulk of the OOD's bridge watch. ln addition to routine deck seamanship which encompasses line handling plus mainte- nance of exterior hull and boats, NAN's 'Deck Apes' stow and handle all cargo except her bulk petroleum products.Fox Division gunners man the four 3"!50 caliber mounts during G,Q,, and stow all ammunition and explosives. The rated men compose the Master-at-Arms Force which reports to and assists the Executive Officer in enforcing regulations and daily routine. ' 'Attention to port." ' ' The Basher." " Snake. " D Let's see, I used to know how this thing worked. " I I And when you've got that done..." K ostuch Now lay back on that hi-line. " First Qivisiom And they say they abolished slavery... " .X ' 'Maybe HE Can help us. " y "ML A. " Y SS: A Q zz Ya, ya, n ' ' C. man..." . Nagy.. . zlu, Y ,. , . H x QXXQ QQSW W ' fsx - ff N54 '- 1 'I-..-wyzrgg. QMS xv A ' . 4- 2 x f f Boats H Flowerdew X X A rx .5254 ' ' Hutch " Grossman Strohm fm ,:- 3 -Ng, 5. y,,7N..x:N A l A WWW fb Z W ,, X f,g ,, . Amwb . X ' fm Wf 5, lf! 76. Z 2 X 1.:. 7. 17 Q Nt , y X A f 'LN' Q , X 'X S . .-.:,. . -.W Q A 33 4 ,WA 5 .,..AA. 3, f 4 77 X - .Q K Boats Il - A 5 I x wgx ff X A - X1-:K 1 Hard chargers. .. gi, 2 - s s - N iii .Y , v m X Q Q X e Rf if sg., - Qs 5 L A Sw X , M z".Myg. A sw f X x L Xgx f:::. , ,Y ' ' U. ""i"'q,:.. .- g T . 'Stants f I r I only regret that I have b t V Q life to give... " Benkner Lippa Storing the huch Constant Vigilence... ' ' Torrernelinos " Price MC Kinney The unknown sailor... Turco Where's the Cruise Director ? I can't seem to find the shuffle board area. " Doucette Reardon Stubans , pu A . 44, fe Q, , Q - X L,' " C'Z3 V If . . 'X Q" WY X-'liiisilu Lemmon 1 KX , md XX I K X 1, 5 yr 4? F 8 , X Q3 KW- ' kv '23 W . ' i gfx X .4 its , ,L 7 James Brown is g t, X sg XXV. fx .isa XNM, . , 1 'ff 1. X X X SQ Q, I , ,, xx 1 6 K sxsgfflxxy, .,.- , . S FWQMMM ff mam f QM iF Is Xigayxay as X gs o f ,sSgQfpNx it-,XXX Q . i SXMNSQSN X , X X XM WX .rf-X. se N if W VW, ix Mc Clay X X fawfgmvkiawgmfrl ,, ,X X my an af W W aim ' ww awe S W. gawk ww fo wyfCW'Q ia, Wa 'XX ff MQW W af "1 ja. , - QS W x . hw? - XX Ns XM SNSX sf, Q . If was sX X sw Si N f t Q X? X ' ' S X Y X is X GX f fx if X I X f X X S X X NX, 4 X X X A X X X N N Q 2 X S XX 5X X X X x i is X NM fi W ww X X 25? .NM . wh- X-XX Q X XF X X Magi S X T N X 5 X X, X X -57 -s . f f ,X L s , Y ' '51 Kai' , K S Sis? if-' R Hutchings Peterson Boyle Clutter S 1 Quinn Cahill Mathis Shamback ' ' ...583 and a wake-up. " Gadda Second Qiozfsion i Gunzelman Risch Belona ' 3: Belli N yhus Murphy ' , , 2- Pollard Duckworth Cressl er While Portella ' 'Who, me ? " F 1 Turner 1 or Brooks David ' ' We drink to forget. Sizemore Q' Blow in her ear and sh follow you anywhere. " .4 Hoffman Cutler squares away a middie. l ' ' Francine. " Risch you Pollard V ' if .,,. 57 l I i Q E 7 2 fx WW .XX Belli x if ,sf .xxx ffi x ZX ,, gv 2 .rag , ' X go, 4 X ' i we A 'V , xx! -' f , 9 - Rf r , is l Q f ., rs, af ,, X , l s! X is 5 . 5 X W as I 5, N i ' , f r. 4 x 7 X NF AQNX Q fm , Q XX , W 9 MN 4 22 'PL 0 4 Williams Williams Belona helps work things over. Lyon Hoffman kyfey, is I L .. J Anchored in Athens. Ska.u g Stepping out... Livingstone Murphy Daughtity Z udich Coutier Ruiz Why is this man smiling ? s ' ' So what ? Everything else is back- wards. " gf , 5291 Mc Gee Nyus turns to. if Spencer Schimmel .S K xx K. It is a Ear, far better thing Ido than I have ever done before." Qpe ations ' ' This is Ens. Terry, Ihave the deck?" Engineering may get us there, but ' ' OPS" tells us when, Why and and how. Commitments -first appear aboard as a fleet quarterly employment schedule maintained and interpreted by Radiomen and Electronic Technicians. As departure time nears, Quartermasters break out the charts on which they must maintain an accurate plot ofthe ship's position utilizing stars, sun, loran and radar fixes. Underway CIC keeps track of all radar contacts, recommending evasive courses to the Officer of the Deck COODJ. Signalmen handle all communications traffic between ships using flashing light, flag hoists or semaphore flags. i X ! mill of her administration. Mr. Ops. The ' ' Gator X Division Yeomen, Personnelmen, Hospital Corpsmen and Postal Clerks are constantly on the go. During the cruise a ton of paper was used to carry out NAN functions with ship's office personnel the feed-masters forthe modern Fee T. L. French A friend to all mankind. " I parked my motorcycle on the pier. " Magill ll Why me ? I! King The Doc and Terry Mr. T Radar Gang. Genova And in this corner weighing... " Tetreault Neveu This is Boyd, I've got the conn. " " Tet " and Waterbury talk it over Hold it. Frey ' ' What, me Worry ? " I ' ' To be or not to be... " Wessel Multi-Contact radar watch The friendly clip shack. " Well, I, but...then...and... " fr N . X ' ' if X eeee ,X , ,X N., Q' , ,, Z 1 fff QW X W f ff P f f f fl ,, X f ' XWXK 9 f f X M, f x ,f if fw I W, W X 'H Z W XM fr W ff Wagner , Waterbury Adsit F 4 X ZX M AV! X X X sf n X S we A X X , gn Xf X Q X X X X X M X N ,, Xf X X Qv ,X X vf - :, A423 fx -MQ X, Yi K f X f 5,- K N as Q K, Xff 5 ' i rw ' s N, MX 4 , , WX ,XM ' XX, YQ X .A - - W .. ,, -:I W 9 3 ..., N ff X iw, , "W 3,552 . , In . fr , SX,S?zR . , , Xi , X Sf R X X f XX X rf XX X X XX N X Q Drysdale , fX Mike Nelson of the NAN x ' 1 Sarno Blanchard So who's buying ? " ' ' Mt. Postman. " Companionshi p The Signal Gang. Mael ' ' I'd rather do it myself!! " . mfs' , ff Frey Jorgensen Baker IIS-ig SH Hammock - back " Hutchins Peterson Doc ' ' Wheeler Moore ' in Wilkins 4' A How many shots ? Lundgren fWB1ume U and , , Wilkie. ,, V Wipe off that smile, Wheeler. " ' ' Take tea and see." Z emlicka Wally Neveu fill Codiero ' Name it and I can get Libby it, or at least tell you where it's at !! " Ships Office crew... The paperwork kings. Lake H iserman Supply Sh0l'UY after her commitments appear aboard, NAN'S Sllpply Department begins P10ftfHg her logistic support. Storekeepers inventory general stores KGSKQ and account f01' PefF01eUm Products, deck loads and fleet freight. Commissarymen operate the general mess, Preparing and serving daily meals to her crew. They are further charged with storing provisions enough for three months at sea. Olflflflwd 01 qBOM1fl0f . . . Stewards and messcooks bolster NAN's food service facilities. The Captain and Officers are served by a staff of seven Philippine stewards who also assure the habitability of Officer's staterooms. The messcooks on temporary duty from other departments and under the supervision of the Mess Deck Master-at-Arms assist in serving meals, operate the scullery and keep the galley clean. Next to good chow, morale hinged on Feglllar pay- the moneymen, or Disbursing crew. They process allotments, travel claims and reenlistment bonuses. The laundry, barbershop, retail and small stores furnished by Ship's Service- men also contribute measurably to the crew's well-being. I That's silly - Wad- ing's for kids. " Spears ' ' Listen up now, he's almost finished over there l Big John " 1 Gosson ' 'Mr. Soul. " IThat's what they think of their own cooking. 2 K ovello Vigue, Morrison A Grice Nawalan y Walker ' 'I don't believe a word of it. " ri Fulgencio J Q if x Naval Q .1 y f 5 W ' ' You think I'm kidding, just ask Jim Horan,,," V S Y nl The most personal laundry service in the fleet. ' ' Bebe " t M De Simone ff X X41 ooooee 7 J X Lm-- 7? x ' ' fs -1, if ,eff few f eeee 4 A 5 ,Qi X, o o M W .fin , A X e , yy., :Wk Z ff! 7 X ' f ZX if? 7 7 X Z jj f W ,X f f f f X f X , f f , ff, 7 X WZ I 'f if X ff X X Z X' ff Q f X JW , ,,, f X Z E f ff M 4 '2 f , 1 Emerson Lopez Garcia i Z2 '. f yy 4MW,,.,,,wf'j f fi f f f qff a A VW f , ff ,1 . -,SXLJ X 4 , f fys f , K 1 N ' f -YN: ww M of , . " .f fffff ' f X Zn 2' " 'f ' . M1 7 The last few days of our deployment tempets wore thm... Foley Nearly a half-a-year in the Mediterranean was enough for us all. That last month.the word "home" kept sticking in our throats as we counted the days until we would see our loved ones again. Out the Straits of Gibraltar and north to Rota, Spain to meet our relief ship, then it was 2700 full speed ahead. The weather was fine for a while - until the North Atlantic's full winter fury hit Constant twenty foot seas which A pounded the ship and slowed us con- siderably. We tried to refuel other ships in convoy, but It wasn't much of a go . . . At last We were back -a strange feeling. Almost hard to believe after all those months at sea . . . ADSIT, J. R. 695 So. Prospect St. Buckington, Vermont ARSENAULT, A-. J. 318 Fairmont St. Woonsocket, Rhode Island APOSTOLICO, F. E. ENS 1404 Oram Stl Scranton, Pa. BALMACEDA, R. M. 59 Mohn St. Newport, Rhode Island BAKER, D. C. 1.82 Bickford Avenue Buffalo, New York BARKER, M. P. Sod, West Virginia BARNES, R. A. 6336 Allenwood Drive Parma, Ohio BASHAW, E. K., ENS 122 Marsdon St. Springfield, Mass. BEBE, F. O. 55 Cowie St. Newport, Rhode Island BEIN, H. F. ' 145 Boston Neck Road Kingston, Rhode Island BEMIS, E. W. 81 Gilman St. Somerville, Mass. BELLI, M. J. 67 Randolph St. Rochester, New York BELONA, L. 309 St. Jude St. New Roads, La. BENKNER, D. P. 6637 Twin Ridge Lane Cincinnati, Ohio BLANCHARD, D. P. 46 W. Main St. Dove-FoxCroft, Me. BLUMENTHAL, S. D. 1134 Burke Ave. Bronx, New York USSNANTAHALA fAO-60l SAILING DIRECTORY 11 JULY 1968 BOYD, J. E. 7040 SW. 63 St. Miami, Florida BOYLE, P. W. 74 Gresham Ave. Springfield, Mass. BROOKS, D. V. 821 F airbrook Dr. Birmingham, Ala. BROWN, J. A. 16 Randolph Rd. Plainfield, New Jersey BROWN, N. R. 12 Almy St. Newport, Rhode Island BRUNO, S. P. 3928 Hill Ave. Bronx, New York. BULL, R. L. 5024 28th Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. BULLETT, W. G. Box 168 Mudmill Rd. Brewerton, N .Y. CAFARELLI, J. J. E. 90 Wisner Ave. Newburgh, N.Y. CAHILL, J. E. RFD Sheron, Conn. CALLAWAY, S. W. 36 Chasea Lane Middletown, R.l. CARDNER, D. Y. Box 13 Nelson St. Peterboro, N.Y. CLAY, C. 306 Denny St. Indianapolis, Ind. CLOUTIER, R. J. 95 Doyle St. Holden, Mass. CLUTTER, D. A. 904 Westley Ave. Cahokie, lll. COLEMAN, C. B. Box 426 Route H3 Petersburg, Va. CORDEIRO, L. 483 Lafayette St. Sommerset, Mass. CRESSLER, G. L. 3232 Hoffman St. Harrisburg, Pa. CULVER, C. E. 7189 Heff Rd. Morris, Mich. CUTLER, E. A. 514 W. Dominio St. Rome, N.Y. I DALIOUS, J-. G. P.O, Box 28 Houston, Delaware DAVIS, J. 6160 Catherine St. Philadelphia, Pa. DEERE, L. P. 7433 Arnoldtown Rd. Louisville, Ky. DEKINS, W. A. 1180 Fox St. Bronx, N.Y. DENNY, T. D. Box 383 Nelmuth, N.Y. DESIMONE, J. E. 174 Greenwood Rockland, Mass. DOLPH, M. L. RR ffl Albert, Minn. DRYSDALE, T. A. 211 IRQ Newark Ave. Bradl-ey Beach, N.J. DUCKWORTH, T. R. 6735 So. Look St. Littleton, Colo. DYNESS, R. L. 52 Fleet St. Jersey City, N.J. EICHENLAUB, W. F. 148 Andrews Blvd. Erie, Pa. EMERSON, H. A. 228 1-3th Ave. Fulton, Ill. SPCM ENGLISH, M. J. 28-44 35th St. Astoria, N.Y. FAY, W. M. 269 Elm St. Albany, N.Y. FEE, S. J., ENS 310 Blvd. Pompton Plains, N.J. FERNANDEZ, H. 545 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. . FLOWERDEW, M. D. 540 Whittlemore St. Lechester, Mass. FOLE Y, R.'F. 299 Marshall St. Coldwater, Mich. FRANK, D. C. 216 Buckingham Dr. Bellevue, Ohio FRENCH, T. L., LTJG 2503 Bruckman Ann Arbor, Mich. FREY, J. J. 38 Hampshire Rd. Fishkill, N.Y. FULGENCIO, R. N. 91 Sims St. V Newport, Rhode Island GADDA, W. J. RT ill Box 350 Ashland, Wisc. GARCIA, A. C. 21 Emma Ave. Taunton, Mass. GENOVA, L. F. 4955 S.O.N. Center Morland, Ohio GIBBS, H. E. 12325 Pine Needle Lane Miami, Florida GILBERT, J. W. Box 513 War, West Virginia GOSHE, D. K. 338 Darkway Drive Eastlake, Ohio GOSSON, R. L., SKC 1524 Garnet St. Philadelphia, P3- GRAVES, R. 564 Guyahoga St. Akron, 01110 GRICE, W- R- Beaverton, Mich- GROSSMAN, C. E. 832 N. Elm St. Henderson, Ky. GUINTO, B. B. 47 Winslow St. Newport, Rhode Island GUNZELMAN, C. G. 2789 E. Jefferson Baltimore, Md. HARGETT, J. B. 966 Glassglow Dr. Cincinnati, Ohio ' HARAD, W. G. 54 W. Washington St. Alorresville, Ind. HARRELL, A. J. 9804 N.W. 3rd Ave. Miami, Florida HADLEY, G. E. 1054 Campbell St. Toledo, Ohio HAUSINGER, R. E. 4748 Connell Dr. Bartelsville, Okla. HAYES, R. I. 5433 Orchard Ave. Maple Hts., Ohio HERTZ, J. R. 220 Main Rd. Marshfield, Mass. HIGHT, R. W. 8 Perley St. Concord, N .H . HISERMAN, R. W. 1660 Mulberry St. Waynesboro, Va. HOFFMAN, G. E. 830 North en, st, Allentown, Pa, HOFFMAN, W. R. 49 Vernon Place Stamford, Conn. HOLMES, R. R. 37 Edward St. Newport, Rhode Island HORAN, J. S, West Main Rd. Middletown, Rhode 'sland HOUSE, R. B. 4703 Porter Lewiston, N.Y. HUI, W. J., LTJG 10012 N.E. Davis Portland, Ore. HUTCHINGS, C. T. 1149 Linden St. Indianapolis, Ind. HUTCHINGS, R. J. 1820 Allen St. Utica, New York JENKINS, J. R., JR., LCDR 10 Chases Lane Middletown, Rhode Island JORGENSEN, T. A. 601 E. Third St. Winner, So. Dak. JUTZE, G. W. 154 47 24th Rd. Witestone, N.Y. KANODE, L. E. RR ffl Leonardsburg, Ohio KELLEHER, L. T. 34-32 91st. St. Jackson Hts. New York, N.Y. KILGORE, R. A. Rt lil Box 211 Pryor, Oklahoma KIRSHMAN, H. 108 Hamilton St. Meriden, Conn. KOSTUCH, R. E., BMC 561 E. 2nd St. Wiano, Minn. KOVELLO, J. P. 5A Buck Rd. Middletown, Rhode Island KOYM, R. L., LTJG 312 Newport Manor Newport, Rhode 'Island LABRECHE, R. C. 259 G. Tickle Rd. North West, Mass. LAGRIASTA, P, A, 227-15 113th Ave. Queens Village, N. Y. LAGROW, C, M, 56 Edwards St. St. Albans, Vt, LAKE, A. W. 242 Chauncy Ave, Lafayette, Ind. LANE, H. J, 88 Homestead Dr. Manchester, N.H. LAN TZ, S. L. 4771 Haffnet Dr. Fort Wayne, Ind. LAPLANTE, A, E, 162 Main St. Winchendom, Mass, LARSEN, N. G. 4758 H olleyberry Dr, Orlando, Fla. LAY, J. R. 117 Rosemary Drive North Kingston, R.I. LENOX, G. T. Box 481 West Samem, Wisc. LIBBY, R. F. 11 Lyndon St. Concord, N.H. LIPPA, V. A. 201 Dakota St. Rochester, N.Y. LOKEN, R. A. Rt. lil Houston, Minn. LUNDGREN, T. W. Rt. 138 Wild Oaks Park Golden Bridge, N. Y. LYON, D. J. 201 High St. g Brookline, Mass. MAEL, L. L. 12620 88th Ave. So. Benton, Wash. MAFERA, J. R. 310 North Main St. Manchester, N.H. MAGILL, W. J., RMCS 223 Division St. Pawtucket, R.I. MARCOTTE, J. L. P.O. Box 45 Ash, Ill. MARR, E. M. 789 Riverside Drive Augusta, Maine MATEJCEK, K. J. Brocelet, N,D, MATIAS, R. M, 49 Chadwick St. NGWPON, Rhode Island MARTIN, J. 102-40 188 St. Hollis, N.Y, MATTHEWS, W. E. 8602 Munson Ave. Niagara Falls, N.Y. MAUSSER, R. A. 931 Kingston Ave. Toledo, Ohio MAYNARD, B. K. Rt. 80 Killingworth, Conn. MC CAY, E. D. 4 Knollwood Dr. Apt. H5 Clinton, Conn. MC CLAY, M. L. 37 White Oaks Rd. Williams Town, Mass. MCGHEE, C. Mc GEE, C. 68 Chadwick sr. Newport, Rhode Island MC KINNEY, L. 1307 Millard St. Chicago, Ill. MC LAUGHLIN, J. 1906 Cypress Drive Murfreesboro, Tenn. MENAS, G. T., LTJG 3861 Marion Ave. West Virginia METCALF, R. E., LT 6 Linden St. Middletown, R.l. MORALES, R. L. 17 Circle Dr. Ft. Lupton, Ohio MOORE, F. H. 1331 Longview Ave. Salisbury, N.C. MORRISON, S. C.. 263 Salem St. Malden, Mass. MOSELEY, J. R. 33 Ordney St. Pawtucket, R.I. MURPHY, M. J. 18732 Grey St. Allenpark, Mich. MURPHY, P. T., . 28 Burrell St. Boston, Mass. MULVEY, M. J. 530 54th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. MUNNIS, G. E., ENS 1647 SO. Main St. ' Fall River, Mass. NAVAL, S. V. Cabusao, Camarines Sur, P.I. NAWALANY, J. W. 127 MacArthur Ave. Sayreville, N.J. NEVEU, P. R. River Road Suncook, N.H. NOWELL, W. E. 83 Division St. V Newport, R.l. NYHUS, R. W. 440 N.- Smith St. Palatine, Ill. OFSTEDAL, K. G. 11 Sherman St. Newport, R.I. OTTONE, R. M. LT 522 Read St. Middletown, R.I. PATTERSON, R. A. 2914 West Maple Bellingham, Wash. PETERSON, B. R. 108 S. Center Ave. Jefferson, Wisc. PHILLIPS, J. J. 411 N. 3rd Ave. Siler City, N.C. POLLARD, G. L. 7328 Greenwood Chicago, Ill. PORTELLA, J. F. 112 Chambers St. Newark, N.J. POSADAS, C. E. 12 Artocho St. Lengayen, Pangusinan, PRICE, E. J. 4241 Normandy Lane Sarasota, Florida PRICE, R. T. .2755 W. 39th P1. chicago 32, 111. PRITCHETT, I. J. 404 Ennis St. High Point, N.C. QUAVE, B. H. 523 Montgomery St. Manchester, N.H. QUINN, K. A. 592 Fourth Ave. Westwood, N.J. QUINN, L. F. 18 Leroy St. Dorchester, Mass. RAINES, A. C. 93 Edgewood Ave. Apt. Toronto, Ont., Canada REARDON, L. R. 4176 Helen St. Lincoln Park, Mich. RICHARDS, G. F. 4731 LeHigh Dr. Springfield, Ohio RISCH, S. J. W. Main St. Middletown, R.I. RODGERS, T. W. 72 Superior Hillsdale, Mich. RYAN, R. J. 307 Maples Ave. Swansea, Mass. SAHAGIAN, G. M., BMC 461 Elmwood Ave. Providence, R.I. SARNO, T. 8 Ardseley Ave. Staten Island, N.Y. SCHIMMEL, H. C. 163 Silverleaf Lane Center, N .Y. SHELTON, W. R. 4121 70 Ave. North Pinellas Park, Fla. SHERMAN, M. L. 5616 Market St. Houston, Texas SIMMONS, C. E. Piseco, N.Y. SIZEMORE, A. 102-14 122 Ave. St. Albans, L.I., N.Y. SKAUG, R. L. 4443 N. Denny St. Milwaukee, Wisc. SMITH, D. A. 910 N. 27th St. Quincy, Ill. SPAULDING, R. G. 114 N. 2nd St. Greenville, Pa. SPEARS, W. M. 1224 Raun St., N.E. Washington, D.C. SPENCER, K. E. 301 W. Lincoln Ithica, N.Y. SPIZOWSKI, J. M. STANKS, J. J. 70 Interlaken Rd. Springfield, Ill. STEELE, D. A. 526 S. Meyers Bryan, Ohio STEMEN, M. J. 4848 Knollcrest Ct. R113 West Lafayette, Ind. STEVENSON, B. L. 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WEBECK, M. sf 13055 12th St. S.E. Rochester, Minn. Bronx, N.Y. . Lvckpvrt, N.Y. Newport R.I. . CREDITS: TIFFANY PUBLISHING COMPANY Printed in EDITOR: LTJG H UI N0l'f01k, Virginia Tokyo, Japan San Diego, California ASST: SN GIB BS WESSEL, G. H, 66-07 czmton Ave, MaSPeth, N.Y. . WHITE, T. C, 4313 Peachtree Manole, Ind. WHEELER, D. L. 7297 E. Shore Dr. Traverse City, Mich. WHITNEY, K. H. 178 High St. Belfast, Me. WILKINSON, J. A. Bay View South Dartmouth, Mass WILKINS, M. D. ' 7 Sand Stone Dr. Spencer Port, N.Y. ' WILLIAMS, T. L. 1622 N. 62nd St. Philadelphia, Pa. I WOOLDRIDGE, R. A.. 17 Norseman Rd. DCC Portsmouth, R.I. ZDUICH, M. J. Box 412 Hughsonville, N.Y. . . ZEMLICKA, R. J. '52 Country Club Dr.' Hampton, N.Y. ZITLOW, M. J. 213 Buell St. Madison Wisc. ZINN, L. O. Q 457 Somerville Ave. Tonawanda, N.Y. 4 .p Sim -. 37.45 Qi K sa F1-1 iggf, 'iff Q51 .. ?igeW ?i"! sifigi' , :+A 1 x new: , W. N 1 i vl- 1- 'Q fs, ,E V .- 1 'ix H 'E 5 f f N , .P 1, -1 , 'vw 741 kfi' , Q-5,-1' , L, , ,, ,V , ft-iiw f ,V . 45-1 ' 131 U M53 , '..", Hgh? 2 gk, . , L ' r f ng, M .MJ . .MLB if my '. 's?'f, .- ffff , Q , V5 'z:gQY . wmv '-' MV 4 1:-QU ' 2 1 3221, -Q: rf? .1-' . 7.2 'ffl ' ' -' J: if , 3.1- , 7351 ' 3-ri 4 ,, " ' 52, . . if ,JK . if ., . ff, ' 5 fe, . "Vi . 4 A -, '. , H529 X ' , jg FI - in ig sf - e. my,- Q bi? 'fa wif, wif m 43.4. f ' 1 ,Ap , V- 't 9 . f -xx , if .- CQ , :W 'L P' Ykii. . i1ji'A,1x' 4 2' J. .2 -SQ ' nf 'fin' 'Tir'- 'R 'v gh T' ,gif .Amy eff I r QL 3 H " - ki, gm Tags F1 :DI '5f?f"3 -fini, 2 , L Q 435 Q" - nf.. U 'eff , LQ gtlgn .1 ig 13. ' AI wr' ff, " -'ik i- S ' ' '. 4' W Wm, M, g , ff I .gm Maw' UW W M ff 1 Y in IQ x W 7 U 7 we 5 ,Vw ummm Mfg Q Ku - 'Qi 'awww' m . Q, my Q ,. .,,'- W fi f f , ,f M ' f ,4,,, f , rw' , , 4-021 2,171 , ,, My , , ff-A ' ,Q 5? 27,7 , ffl!! 24 , ff ' J 'X' www ,U M , f QMWW fm. Aw, L Wfwg, , , ,www ,Q ,Wann W M ,ZW 2 f M W 11 WMM WV WW

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