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 - Class of 1953

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Nancy High School - Guide Post Yearbook (Nancy, KY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1953 volume:

, , ,M ' ' -' ' . A: .'.21'.k ,F "CE ,Ci-va .fr ".1:l',:w::.1x,' -' ff- 1 .L , . y -w. -z ver...-sw -vvrw .- -- .- .-Qi-N.: 1.QYpW'..Q,-g . - .V - . .-Ffh-.rf f--vw v- -- ' lg f, , , - 4 L. 'fav 'w'41'vff,-- ,"- :l'3-Ame , Y ' f' ..,QTTQQ1-A--Q-.T1N'ngf22EpI'.1f ,.1s-fax' -f-'S - ' K" '- f' ' fffffwv.-141' ' - ,ff- f r , - A .VL - lffi-E.51"ieNGl,. 4 Kc 'F"i"1.f -' V 1 fu.:y,,.' , , . ,Ia ,nm 11? .- .V 1 f 4 V' f . isgifm fy . Qqlj :gf ya. 1' , ,. 2' " . "'farT,' ' gli,-'iliilif' - ALL. - .4......g.,gN -'- ' R-V-'7f gf -- -4- f ,.,l-M.. Nw 1 f . Y 1 , i-'S 54 g. 5 ,L ,.' L A.. . ,F ' 1 fl, ' sz 3 kk I 5 Y 'xii' 4, .a Q A 5. ,fe . - ,ff 'w as .c',.'f"95j 4 , a 45 1 Af' 'r 4 -, 3143 . . Y H H., as ff ' , ' , TFLE-V w 'L lt Q TLQWE' 6 A ' A J-4eh'y-,-.3fg.44g,,.QT .lg .4 gig., g,,'Y?2, .fgfg,0.s.:1 'S' ' -'AE '. 0 - ,1"S', Wiz - f ' .QMQ ' jyfk B 0 f,.'- ji, ,W f X -. , ,. 4 -Hn ,kd ' -Q 3 'Hin' ,I .A - ' WL . Af , mf- .,7fQ., 11,3 uf .mf ' 'f vw 7"m A ,Q ci' L' saw S 5 f mg . 1 YQ - xv HH. X W :-,.s-L we--,. -. J ,, 0 4 4 ,. kf' .gnify , .L .fl if ff' 'rl' 2' , L,- - 2 K ' --A .1 r'--. ' Aw "' ' "Y:-Ld,. I if X f P gf' fa -I .alfa ' . f-.ff , ., MSW? .. W. . I ' H' 1 . F x QV . X I N -X 4 A N K ,, 1 ig, . ,N ' 37 .I X X if.:q'.i Q 5 . vw. f' The staff of the 1952-1953 Guide Post has earnestly attempted to cover every activity of Nancy High School, Nancy, Kentucky. If we have failed to do this, it is an error of our part. We hope you will enjoy and treasure this issue in rememberance of your school days at Nancy High. THE 1953 GUIDE POST me guicle pod SM!! This Page is Sponsored by THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK of Somerset "My Bank" To Thousands Z OPQLUOI' The years will pass. . . 1953. . . 1963. . . you will have gone on to the life you have chosen. . .the Nancy High School Annual of future years will picture other faces and recall other events.. . but this, the 1953 Guide Post, is your book. . .it sets down for you the events of "forever gone days, " the good times that will be happy remembrances as the years pass. . . We, the staff of the 1953 Guide Post, appreciate the fine co-opera- tion of the faculty and student body. . . this has been most helpful in our efforts to preserve for you the record of your senior, junior, sophomore or freshman year at Nancy High School. . . We hope you will treasure this book. . . may you, wherever the years take you, find many pleasurable moments in turning its pages to look upon the friends of yesteryears, to recall your happy schoolday activities and to stir anew your loyalty to your high school alma. mater. THE STAFF This Page Sponsored by HUGHES DEPARTMENT STORE "Now More Than Ever Somersets Busiest" 3 'H-... I 1 v wg, 1 h N. x 1 S H.. 1,, 1, .,1., Q I Li 1'l'x Y u 'R rx 'fc "' 1 ," ' 5 Q fl' .P' 'A A I ggw, ,K , --1-gf! . +5 A , . 3 A ""1aQf'. A m N W, A1 g, 5. 5225 .' '1 I ip Y XM., Sw .ff '..d"- "ff fi' M 3 A f . ' I 1 4 4 5 Y ALL ' .8 at 5, Q a Q ,, 1 ga T? M 'SET ga ., .x ,D ' 4 X 121- ak 1 f I Shipper 'Q f'm'i X , 1-2 'Q UJg,,..C ""wO-14 UD lesa ho W Ugg Q I I A x if K 4 R 6 K, 3 . 'P' A Q 0 o fm ,..A. x 1 Y f fl, .WV ,J X 1 -. Q wp .NM XX' Q.-Rugs, NY' QS Confmfd INTRODUCTION Our School ADMINISTR Facul STUDENTS Unde rclass men Classes In Action ACTIVITIES Organizations Sports Review ATION tY GRADUATES Portraits and Co Our F HUGHES DE Somer This Page Sponsored b mmencement ADVERTISING riends Y PARTMENT STORE "Now More Than Ever sets Busiest" ,ibechca fion Because of her gentleness and her gracious spirit of wanting to help students in every possible way, Mrs. Mary Weaver is one of our most loved and popular teachers. . . she has room in her heart for every stu- dent who has been fortunate enough to know her as a friend and a teacher To bring honor to our loved ones is a pleasure. . .and so, in appre- ciation of her every kind and thoughtful efforts for the students of Nancy High School, we, the class of 1953, take pleasure in dedicating this seventeenth volume to Mrs. Mary Weaver. This Page is Sponsored by LEE'S FORD DOCK 7 il Q, jg, it , if Q, -Img JL ' gfk at 2, W saga, s 5 mx rs v ,. ,H 5gug':1.Eggg'igg,t ff' 'E .-' , W -ri' an rf! U ,gg , ,, vi y df ' 1k 5 ,gi :gif 154 Se 11 ii K Q5 .gf .. sl 5 Q N ff 'X 18 X iii! xx 'H ' . 'iff yi w W5 'IRE R 4 05 w -. A qi, fWRha?WL ,wgqx , ' W 38 fi. 'f f , - , pig, , , --52,11 Berg-g f 4 V f ff Alf' gm zmi.. K -fr Q, . f y Maxx J' uf ix 33555. . K fm gfgkg..lA gk 'W . A ,i ' H L1 Q. I Z iiwea Gr , K 'Q 5' L. S xg gww ww wxggwif g 7.255 ,gy , 2+ 22,3 fgxgsiga , i L , ' fr? . 'tw if A QM if 5 1- 1:-4,5 if ,.-X , .L ,, , -w xxx' Q 2 wif. , I I 4 Eg., M , ' ffkiq . ,,, Q, f' 'W ffiffi ' I' 111, 'xrb Li" , . -I Q - PWMLEW 1 m, , nf tc. U ,, , S Q , L M nnuUR1"nlna,.-.fM-wg -thx, Y: . , k M, .NWN 1 E? Q X :Q 'W ' 4 N 'iw -X mm N-aa ,, kvs' x M ' A -.:....,. V K Q 1 , -ui , , Q -sw W - I U . L E 3' M E Q 'N A., Nw W- ..'k 4 ps: my """"'-lamb 25? v 'iw - .. , if he x X. . 5 WMM Q- 'Ni as if .X , . X ,.L: h 7 W, . 5 Q-6 M7 Q S Q, x 1 551 Xgi4?if'ifi 1 -a"" v-X lgufazilfi 6 0. Marc! of gjclucafion Th1s Page is Sponsored by PRATHER INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Service Somerset, Kentucky, 15 MARY WILSON WEAVER A.B.U. of K.--1936. Graduatc Work U. of K. Social Science, Librarian. IEAN JONES TUCKER B.S. Western Music and Social Studies WESLEY PIERCE B. S. Western Math, and Science. CICU BERNARD BURTON B.S. University of Kentucky 1950, Agriculture. Q 'uf' NORMA MUSE A,B. Peabody Teachers College 1948, Graduate Work Peabody College, English. FLON NIE HELEN HIGGINS A.B. Union College I932, Roger's Business College. Commerce and English, MRS. ELIZABETH WARNER Eastern Kentucky State College 1948-1951. Grade 3. MRS, MAE GARDNER Eastern Kentucky State College. Grades 4 and 6, RAY WALTERS B.S. University of Ky, 1949, Agriculture. QCII, LINDSEY MOLEN B.S. Western 1937, Coach---Science. HELEN WALTERS University of Ky. Eastern Ky. State College. Grades 2 and 3. MRS. LUCILLE NORFLEET Lindsey-Wilson College Grade 5. J MOLLIE WALLACE Western, Grade I. MAE BARLOW B,S, Western Graduate Work U. Home Economics of K. HERBERT T. HIGGINS Graduate E.K.S.C. U. of Ky.---A.B.--1926 3 years--graduate work- Principal, Geometry 6lCU HUGH PERRY DAULTON Eastern: Sue Bennett Grade 7. nf, ifiix' Wo 'S Z' GLADYS WOOD Lindsey Wilson Ir. College 1945. Grade 5, MRS, DEXTER TAYLOR Easterng Sue Bennett Lindsey Wilson. Grade 8. enior Cfarid Owcerd Lois Ann Tarter, Secretaryg Howard Minton, Sergeant-At-Armsg Marvin Tarter, Presidentg Darwyn Wilson Vice-Presidentg Rose Burton, Treasurer. Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Serving this Community Since 1870 Somerset, Kentucky eniorfi NANCY ANN TARTER CLYDE POLSTON "Turpentine" "Turley" Ohl N01 Aw, he never done it. ADELL TARTER ARVIS BAUGH "De11" "Brent's Boy" Aw, lawl Aw, shucks. ZLWJWZZ, CLAZAW ddwflbimziz, WWE 2211 Jw LOYD SPAW 'Shorty' Guess l'l1 be a henpecked husband. CLAUDE FLOYD "Smokey" Well Yongun. -z!Z-7Z22:,,, ef OMEDIA LEE FELTNER "Parkin' Meter" Bless my buttons. ELLEN MINTON "Foxie" Angel Baby! 17 ,Ewa I eniord eniord 04,0-cb HARVEY DAVIS "Harvey Bone" Well, did you ever? LOIS ANN TARTER "Kitten" I don't know, DA RWYN WILSON "Tookie" Ye Gadsl HOWARD MINTON "I0e" Hi Ye Ba'bel O oc,-.ivivx 18 AH fwLWQ9wM4-117' ' LOWELL DAVENPORT "Ba ston' Holy cowl EW ELL WILSON "BLlddie" Ahhhl BERNICE BAKER "Junebug" Ah, shore nuff. BERNICE KISSEE "Kiss E' wen, 1'11 say: 19 Kawv eniord en iam WLZZQ WA LDO OWENS RUBY GOVER "Toe" " Little Andy" Boshl Ah, hush. DEWELL STEPHENS BETTY JEAN FRYE "Bush Mop" "Bee Bee" You wi11l I'11 slap your face. 5644, PMZAJJMWL wa ,QM Jw I f-ZW 777 t.fmww4,,,Qa.af41p BETTY IO ROBERTS MARVIN TARTER "Peg" "TOIli" For Pet's sake. Aw, shoot. UVA JEAN ROBERTS LILBURN WHITTLE A X , ..Red.. ..Leeb.. h t L What shall it be. Heck with it. . ' h 'T I 't-t KA R ' if I T , 9 . 'Z V ' t,.R .athtt R T eniora Z 1 en iam MMMWWZ ATHEL WEDDLE OVALENE ROY "Squack" "Ovie" Just a minute. Ohl shoot! WALLACE CHUMBLEY "Flashlight Riggins" Change itl NANCY ELLEN ROY 'Bashful Billy' l'm Trazy. Wfffduf W DORIS BUCHANAN CLIFFORD MINTON "Dot" "Blackie" My stars! Oh, heckl LEA ROSE BURTON "Rosie" Are you kidding? 23 eniora ...Q hp My . g. . ' , Q, .. . y , , , 4 f . uluord Phyllis Roberts Henry Boyatt Louise Weddle Garnet Roberts Loieta Feltner Daniel Davis Margarett Wiggington Lewis Weddle S i ,F N kv vw Gene Gordon McFal1 Mabel Wiggington Albert Polston C' 127 Deloris Ann McFall Dorene Floyd Lee Roy Jasper Margaret Polston Alonzo Wiggington David Henderson Betty Flynn Glenn Gossett Ruth Stringer Virginia Polston Madglene Wilson Mrs. Tucker, Spo ROBINSON MILLING CO. Manufacturer of O. W. 'S Special Somerset, Kentucky 'T liz! SX-k 5' ming? L V im su. it it for Q 1f5' A nsor 24 -1 or O . as .3 Q 'Fir 'W A' SH MW .. im Q - h Q uniora Eventuis Burton Roberta Lee Polston Leon Wilson Lucille Morgan Johnny Wilson Rogene Dye Fred Foster Eunice Johnson Eugene Weddle Angelean Nolen Dean Burkett Myrna Phelps This Page is Sponsored by FARMERS WAREHOUSE Somerset, Kentucky Phone 934 in w. , ,ki 'JA gf: Y "" K 'W M 2 I N .ffix .3 ' I .19 'fi- Q N 'X z' sf as :iss 'Z , M E fl ., t. . . t x 25 r E' f Ray Roberts Betty Lou Harris Marlon Taylor Carridean Wilson Verlene Tarter Joe Lee Daulton Marlean Burton Claude Trimble Roy Garner Janice Tarter Mr. Pierce, Sponsor i' , .R Qt 7 Q11-31-51 J' , . A IX I Falus Polston Minnie Harness Merril Barker Patricia Tarter Cora Henderson Roscoe Oakes Doris Stevenson Cardale Wilson ,ff X f tw if M . X5 .L-' -V,, A Compliments of .Sap 0l'l'l0l"85 G, A. BARNES REALTY CO. Realtors-Real Estate Loans Office 108 E. Mt. Vernon Street Somerset, Kentucky Phone 760 Z6 Dale Gosser Mary Ann Flynn Shelton Simpson Shirley Lane Jeraine Atkins Vertrees Warner Erdean Buchanan Oval Roy Carol Ray Jasper Gladys Burkett Mimmy Roberts Mary Delk Ralph Sweet Bonnie Sayers Ronald Wilson Toyce Coner Imogene Scales Darwyn Norfleet Nellie Hatfield Ronald Hislope Don Patterson Eardean Daws Nelson Whittle Josephine Daulton ' in NYXWWS to ma? fl QM-W ., f""'f: ' xxn: , i - - N 5 ,-:if B 2 rf' K dire 4 ,zfsw Q f ,- Lola Campbell Wayneth Norfleet Olene Sayers Freeman Hatfield Virginia Wilson Lowell Dick Mabel Roberts W. T. Roy , OHQOPQJ Margaret Nolen A zyf . This page is sponsored by CORNETT MACHINE SHOP Somerset, Kentucky Z7 Sl 1 ,1 , g 0 1 . Qt tw ,Je R tt S V V ',. A , ,Lg my gg ,ah 2 l Q- R. RH if M.. Mwyf it , ., , I Betty Hislope Garvis Burkett Betty Keeney Viness Hudson Sarah Hudson Lou Ella Burton Hazel Halcomb Ronald Hallmark Barbara W right Hestel Johnson Carl Gene LaFavers Lecreita Prather Jetha Dunbar Geraldine Roberts Wendell Owens Barbara Henderson Lowell Daulton Mrs . Higgins . Sponsor R X Michiel Daulton Evalia Rogers Bobby Stephens Regina Norfleet Y tk .t ,.. nf ig, t " v It e ,ff V. W, Q iv , 'kit- Q R .ilstt V 1 R i U R if-N X x x. I X Compliments of BEN S. MATTINGLY General Tires - Autolite Batteries Somerset, Kentucky Phone 313 28 n Evelyn Weddle Ruby Redmond Marie Eastham Gayle Wilson Betty Barker Glenn Luttrell Jimmy Bradley Mildred Ellis Darrell Wilson Faye Minton June Collins Bobby Weddle ur J' ! , 5. gk , X , -' X it y 6' Q Ay, i if 'O i at 0, 'M it H . wtf if ' KYB in f wfffff av ' i, "-6 , . ,, if S' .Q wg K N ALBERTSON RADIO 105 West Mt. Vernon Street Somerset, Kentucky Phone 378 Z9 Jo Nell Pierce Carlie Wilson Betty Henderson Donald Gosser Betty Trimble Weylan Daulton Christa Muse Betty Wilson Betty Sowder Ruth Redmond jI"QJAl'l'lQI'l I f- ff ,,' f it lr X V" ' 'QQ . li S IU? . 'Q 3. ... 1 ' 4 ,1,. IPX . 5 1 !::".? I if - f H' ,,, i vig' is is, f -if if . 'da R yy , ' 1 1 W Q , t sg 1 5 by gf. it Ag. if Ex i f 1 x i 'W F' , Al ff. ' l A R 9m Rodney Roy Betty Garner Bobbie Norfleet Betty Beasley Dwain Simpson Sue Garner Luid Gover Barbara Garner Harold Simpson Louise McLin Glen Turpen Vonnie Carender Glen Dye Faye Burton Darwin Floyd Velma Tarter Lindon Molden Juanita Hallmark Frankie Burton Betty Daulton Billy Garner Hilda Tarter Vertrees Flynn Thelma Benge Clarence Dye Wanda Shepperd Donald Muse Peggy Garner Lowell Wilson Roby Henderson James Turpen Imadene Sears Mildred Phelps Howard Turpen Eardean Burton Russell Daulton Paul Pettyjohn Wayne Pierce Garnett Tarter Lowell Tarter Mrs. Taylor cfigkfl, fa? James Buchanan Bonnie Phelps Wilford Johnson Patricia Daulton Lawerence Eastham Imogene Roy Billy Trimble Judy Cover J. C. Warner Patricia Beasley Amos Stringer Janet Norfleet J. D. Conner Mary Wood Ronald Vaughn J. C. Tarter Norma Daulton Russel Muse Sylvia Fox Dormand Cain Bobby Gossett Rebecca Daulton Murrell Turpin Marilyn Daulton Gladstone Muse James Cain Christine Rogers John Nolan Edna Mae Fox Dale Rainwater Evellyn Buchanan Barnie Dye Walter Dalton Nellie Henderson Paul Weddle Ray Sweet Marjorie Henderson Phillip Kissee Everett Dick Mr. Daulton-Teache I' eUeI'ltA Ga 0 This page is sponsored by FEI..TNER'S SANDWICH SHOP Frozen Custard-Milk Shakes-Sundaes School Supplies-Notions Nancy, Kentucky W 5 .5 x 1 'Q I 1 f I Y K 'dk g .- N 5 1 fi J EE? S., V -.5 in 5 S Q 6 ... B. ii i iiti Q ' if 'X 3. . Q. "kms Wow ' k . S 5' ' I, ., f x- ' ll' x ' V X- z, " xi!-R 5 we x fi' 1 F K 249.2 .L Q, li E A5 ' I I l'! 1 ' ' A is 1 , 1 in 4 I' M " a lf'-E5 Y ' 'A as if F 'p X 4. , . I is K i 2 -1 A, .kne w Q 1. ,V H v, t,kk t if .4,: sf . 1 I . 5 ' in W K flu, - kr K-IJ' 5 2 up-, ,A Q A E ., I 5. ,..' ' Vf' y rr "' " if S f13g,Q '5'f" . .1,L 'F ' A 4 V L . ' . -, ' A C W Q , 4 . rli M my , i W V A I Z . . Z ,J r . D ,f Di", 4' Q ig' i '. " 4 I ' f-1c':f3', 1. LL,. Ui. k,,'7',, V , y sm M' f " lfffff-'ff' . -- , K E, , , K -- - A J L. .,A J W . . eciysty L kt! M J L .lxl 4" fA. E or I, i Ezra Daulton Jr. Mary Weddle Wendell Minton Judith Compton Cecil Beshears Leroy Daulton Beatrice Wood Willie McCloskey Carolyn Tarter J. B. Henderson Christene Burton Kenneth Gossett Josephine Molden Louis Ray Abbott Mary Lois Lane Charles Daulton Betty McLin Lenville Coner Edna Aears Vertreese Burton Faustine Dick Allen Johnson Judy McFall Billy Daulton Glend Flanagan Donald Garner Edna Hunley Larry Zimmerman Donald McLin Barney Burton Lowell Calhaun Onedia Slaughter Ronald Sowder Vertrees Molden Kora Bradley Betty Lou Gossett Mrs. Gardner - Teacher .SMA QM .2 This page is sponsored by NANCY SUPPLY Nancy, Kentucky Qu , f Q i .W,- QQ? , .. ,xfhx Mary Daulton P P ' if Velda Norfleet Q "" L , hi., Q 4m,A.. . .-55 QQ 5 Jessie Turpin f Q34 3,5 it X, Gracie Barker Z., Q Donald Simpson Q Q X W . Kawilda Tarter 9 H U f R Q Q Q , Rodrick Smith " P P ,Q Shirley.Daulton C Vi P5 QSQQQQ evhz fk7 Q uf Lowell Dick A I Q Lorene Baugh Q Janws Dauhon QQQ 5 Q j ' Alberta Daulton PQ? Ah i s are C7 1rA Q Jason Wilson ss,. " Q. ' Sue Sowder HkfQE'?Q si'1 WQgfQ5mf ' Albert Calhoun 'J P Gladys Wood - P , Teacher 7 Q ' , Q ls"i" ' ef ii . I it ,,kik . S our A ra e it J is KeiU1F1anagan if JfQ ils M Q Qs Q , Paula Redman 7 J 1 Q Q n f A Walter Sweet is T is is Q Hugh Pierce 'Y ' Q Q 'EY Wilma Daulton QQ Q 1 ' gi. 4 "sw m :Q ii, x 'Q ' Q x Lindon Taylor A V"'K ' J' Patricia Terril Whittle 3 ilyy . -Q QQ Carolyn WHlson 2fx'QT1 Q gfxl ' Qgj T,Q ifik Ronald Conor 1 Q QQ Q G1 d T . . .X , QQQ-Q Q' - ,,., QQQ -.,, . a Ys urP1n ,QQ Q is gg QQ T Doyle Hardwick -4- WK 4 J' 5 'li Iris Pierce Q Gary Cook 'Q T - Dianne Zinunernmn f4wQ f Igfi, .1',j-fi ' vJyQ,f 'P Q3 -Q ' - ,', . ' i.-- 2, ' 1. , - -Q 1 P s 3 - , Rufus Johnson QQ. 1 V QQ ss . ' ' . Elaine Pleasant lk if f 0 Q 3,3 QQ Q QQ - Q QQQQ, QQ 9 Q' Q N Gary Garner Y .rer,r QQQQQ QQQQ QQ Phyllis Daulton Junior Vito Ronald Johnson Hazel Henderson Mrs. Norfleet - Teacher 11' e.. -. -. Y i ,Q:..: Q We - iff' - . ., 4 , T, f- H ' i't '- li , it sw is fx wif' Qi it '51 JN in W A gl T Q "a 'R' N rf... ,W , i t Q ' :Q Q QQQTQTQ. Q . gknkggl-.L .T .1 V, k , X, my K . Q .,- Q i 'nrw , if ..ff Q . X J is rny " " Q ss 5 Y , wi J .. 'Xxx H X M if vi VV ., 3. . .92 +A Z I :ri 'lf his e a w B D 1- ., ,V R r 6 ag 5 w G 'AA::- M A 'I 7' ' A .1 5 , N W V if V ., 1 D .J Q1 Pa ff i 1-3 M wire! Q'aJe Danny Hogue Helen Dalton Don Burton Bettie Young Thomas Eugene Bennett Shirley Abner Wendell Tarter Shirley Daulton Lenard Vaughn Janet Henderson Owen Layton Rogers Phyllis Dick Darrell Daulton Charles Buchanan Donna Rae Gardner Rosco Fox Sue Carole Gosser Richard Warner Howard Young Lloyd Weddle Sherrill Daulton Larry Dean Daulton Richard E. Bray Tommy Bray Bobby Pierce Dewayne Vito James Taylor Elizabeth Warner Teacher-not pictured This page is sponsored by WILSON'S GARAGE Heavy Duty Wrecker Service Hi-Way 80 West West Somerset, Ky. Phone 480W ' eC0l'l Qu 2 Donald Henderson Louise Flanagan Morris Daulton Peggy Sue Daulton Phillip Beasley Robert Wallace Coner Beverly Daulton Clinton Abbott Christine Daulton Glendon Taylor Peggy Jo Turpin Sandra Gaye McFall Dwain Beshears Sharelyn Burton Roger Compton Quinton Smith Beecher Buchanan Johnny Johnson Jimmie Dale Norfleet Lawrence Sweet Paul Abbott Charles Wilson Wayneth Tarter Paul Dick Louise Sowder Edward Hunley Gregory Sumpter Helen Walters -Teacher This page is sponsored by it g ii it gyc s C DENNY-MURRELL-RAMSEY co. L ga 4. 1 ig ,. p N pw L . Q k 3 I pearl l ' ,C W yi if n 1215? C 1 ff K X X if ""' K 5 .,...,i,-. i i J A me W i n f K by kI-i A , X f ' is R, I x '25 M. ry .iw I 4 , il ,- I' v. umm Q ' if 7 fi . I NM' , vw 9 H k Qld gfflile Marilyn Mounce Estle Henderson Jr. Maggie Lou Turpen Gerald Jerry Denham Don Molen Betty Tarter R. V. Fox Connie Sue Ragle Billy Joe Molden Jackie Mounce Shirley Mounce Ronald Henderson Beverly Wilson May Francis Mounce Jean Tarter Joe Bray Delores Simpson Michael Keeney Fanny Sue Zeller Don Haney Lorrain Wilson Gordon Norfleet Verna Mae Simpson Jerry McLin Betty Lou I-Iogue Gary McLin Jonell Daulton Jewel Dean Henderson Kenneth Henderson Barbara Mounce Lowell G. Henderson Mrs . Mollie Wallace -Teacher This page is sponsored by HUGHES MOTOR CO Somerset, Kentucky Phone 791 fi 5, xx ., gg Han, udic Instrument Group Beginning year. rx . I High School Sextette Folk Games A rvi s Baugh Mabel Wiggington High School Soloist Patty Daulton Grade Soloist This page is sponsored by JARVIS INSURANCE AGENCY Somerset, Kentucky Phone 297 ufiic High School Soloist iano rou At the Piano below: Judy McFall, Geraldine Roberts, and Josephine Henderson. 'K Kay .- K G fl, sffw 'N W Q 6 ' A X A 1! 5. e A X , . ' , 'J f Y - S This page is sponsored by SOMERSET SEED CO., INC. Retail 81 Wholesale Somerset, Ky. 39 , bfi. 'flak ja Typing 2 Class OITLHQQPCQ Typing 2 Class S. This page is sponsored by BORDERS PURE MILK CO. 212 Tenth St. P. O. Box 203 Bowling Green, Kentucky Typing 2 Class Oli Pdf? Library Club Library Scenes ome conomicd F. H. A. Club Junior and Senior Class weaving baskets in Crafts Unit Sophomore girls refinishing Freshmen girls eating lunch furniture in Home Improvement Unit. that they prepared. - This page is sponsored by W, R, NICHOLS LUMBER CO Building Supplies 42 ucafiona! .xdgricudure C Junior and Senior Class testing soil. ' i W , reshmen boys studying seed indentification. Sophomore boys on a field trip Finished Cedar Chests Shop work making lawn chairs. This page is sponsored by SOUTH KY. RURAL ELECTRIC COOP. CORP. 43: President Arvis Baugh BOTTOM ROW RIGHT, receiving Gold Emblernen tation for Nancy Chapter, at District Field Day 1953. gulufe al'l'l'l2I'5 of .xgmerica ACTIVITIES Nancy chapter Future Farmers of America officers. in G3 m Merial and James represented Chapter at Members of General livestock Judging District during Show August 11, 1952 . team on a field trip. Will represent chapter at Kentucky State Fair CA Qefia CQP6 This page is sponsored by SOUTHERN BELLE DAIRY COMPANY Grade "A" Dairy Products Somerset, Kentucky 45 gaalfefgaff .lam nt team' X n and the toufname M0 6 Coach . ' 3' The stafung iw 46 This page is sponsored by M. L. GOVER Men's and Boy's Wear Somerset, Ky. Nz- 5 K, .. ., .fx X ,n 'X ,VA . 14 'Dx K: X . -5 XC- M' bww- , bm ef- is W 5 ' s Q ,, Q Q .-fr? my ,M X 'gp .- M Y ,J f S Qffwf tg X W e 3 Ex K. NF. .1 F H N Aw '? Q i , Q. .i fx? " ff MISS MUSE SPONSOR A ep ll, M5 riuerd Q V This page is sponsored by SOMERSET MACHINE SHOP Machine Work Phone 311 Somerset, Ky. 1 GITIIOUJ A auoriferi y PRETTIEST Uva Jean Roberts HANDSOME Claude Floyd POPULAR Dori s Buchanan POPULAR l A rvis Baugh FRIENDLIEST FRIENDLIEST BEST' ALL AROUND BEST ALL AROUND Omedia Feltner Clyde Polston Betty Jo Roberts Lloyd Spaw 49 OZIUHCAFOOHQ cenea ghrififmafi cened gaffefda 5cene5 This page is sponsored by M. E. COMPTON Produce, Feeds, Seeds, Hardware 50 Furs and Hides 5 I is X i X I N U -. . . . 0 ,A- ,. ,QU - JL.. r P 4 1 r 1 Y , XEQEXL -Q +"'1 P+--M f' . , , 4,3: 'N' 5 -Q' nm' -but-Q.. ' enior arid 3 52 'diff , A X , . .,fS-+ 4 i+- k 4-P L -'6',Q'Q.'L9 ur s.."'xd X71 . 1 -'Nv.5 s v- .- NEWS SPORTS MUSIC The voice of Lake Cumberland, a progressive public servant for Southcentral Kentucky .F On your dial --- 1240 --- on your Phone MUTUAL BROADCASTING SYSTEM NEWS SPORTS MUSIC FARMERS SUPPLY COMPANY ,I Comphments of Hardware, Feeds, Case Farm Machinery d 1 1 t an mp emen S CORRELL SUPPLY Seeds and Fertlizers East Highway so Phone 940-R South 27 C UDAHY PULASKI LOCKER SERVICE Blue Grass Ice Cream College Street Phone 383 Somerset, Kentucky IIIIMIIHHANIJ RIVER llll IIIIMPANY, INC. Distributors For Shell Oil Co. Products And U. S. Rubber Co. Products Phone 600 Somerset, Kentucky LOSEY AND SAM'S INSURANCE AGENCY "If It's Insurable, We'll Insure It" 103 S. Main Street Phone 157 Some rset, Kentucky BISSELL OFFICE SUPPLY CO "Everything for the Office" Royal Typewriters Main at Market Phone 884 Somerset, Kentucky WILSON MOTOR COMPANY Used Cars Bought and Sold West Mt. 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