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J. .Aggrrfgl L - ..4 --? vu., X. if pq :, ,fr I ,ao . .. --rw ,.'1 w L11 I lk -Ty, .Nev ,, M. .-, .13 , - . I J' 4 ' V K J- ,Q f, ' : I Il , 4- ' 71 kilfii' W -.fx X L 'i-rf. Q - ', . J- 5.14.11 . . .,! fx, 1 .M I ,nl -. , -'Fe4:ff1Qg3:'1,yt5Q:r9': A-mv '-'F 'Ji pfg-,,.F:gV',j ' 1: ' -A vhgv, I5 V.:,,,.y,':.E'f-JK JJ' - K ,H V 3 ,, n 5 - V,... 1, g-,ggi-,A , ' nr' , -' -. " ,, -f". r". ,K sh rv ' -V . W :. ' -... --.- V -e ' ' V nf f .wa I I f,,1 -4-l , 5 :- 5-, 4 A' T - 1 fx, . 1 - .LA .1 H- ng--1, . -,-A 11 A J, . .. nf- V -- . 5 W "f -'fi' ,f'3' Q,-'Q Y 174'QQ,Q""'ffL3Qi1?:F'l li-TEM' . ' ' -ff .-1-.., f. 1-',- . va-17. ,-,.-.H gj 1k..5sa,,'A1 ., vang-g A ,1 4 ., -1- , ' ,"-- M -4-1 f J ,. :fail-: 'gee'-'r' fir- Ai -meh ,.w,,.,yA . ,. ., qi ,,. Ti, . 5,.1-,,.,,v,,-f.- J . "' ' vw' gc -2 521- R, - 2. 'QQ ,."1,,-,.' M ff , . 1 , , imqf ,1"f'.Q.-5:fS"' wf ""11F'zf','1 I' ' ,M '1 ..-5" ' ' V- :ffm Qi' U lj' 'g , I .', , :' 4 ' ' 5 1 - K F , J KL' i" ' Y -4- ' f-'13 . ' M . V, W, 'A- Q, , f I -5 pg . . f 7 , , ',1, 'M . .15 ji. , , .-" . X - .gig A ' 7, 1 ' fvafaw Q -: - , 4 . W .J I , J , ' , .1 V ', .' . .4 4 M' -5-. x-1 ' J' , is-J g .2 fail , fsufagy pf' .xv -N ' :.:1,'I.f 4. mfg, 'h Y X.. " 1 , , I Q,:.,,,,' , , J ', . ' wk'-' . .,,qS,. nj-'f -7 , ' . 1 . 1 4, f 3' 1 , ivy. V 1 H, A 4 , ff , Ag . .1 ,' 'm-. ,7. 4,4 x "ww .- . . ' w .' ,qu L H41 . ,i j '- uf? 1 J. Ci fa! 'C chool S High A u ii Z I IQ-4.2 Qnife Wulf Volume Six W lk - il lk . Published by Zh A-enioz Clan NANCY HIGH SCHOOL Nancy, Kentucky amp 'pw 0736 WOT! 1942 As Father time reaps the rapidly wan- ing moments preceding our graduating and departue from Nancy High School, another Annual is ready for the press. It is our sincere Wish that the GUIDE POST in years to come will keep dis- tinct in our minds the fond memory of our years in Nancy High School. With this in mind, we present the GUIDE Pos'r 1942 may Im 1942 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES Clnientf ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FEATURES ADDS enum 'lPosf 1942 CXLCEIIIOII FSQIN , R X-'LQQL , In sincere appreciation and respect for the constant aid, support and cooperation demonstrated annually by them toward the graduation classes of Nancy High School, we respectfully inscribe the 1942 GUIDE Pos'r to MR. and MRS. HERBERT T. HIGGINS. Q Administration Daniel Boone Monument In Louisville, Kentucky Copyright Canfield Ku Shook Louisville, Ky. f1511i6p. 'im 1942 .S 32' , , .f ka? iz f!Un!aAAz' Cjonnfy Manual of Cilncafion W. R. PERKINS OSCAR ARD EVERETT WALLACE Vice-Chairman Member Member Somerset, Ky. Norfleet, Ky. Quinton, Ky. GEO. O. BULLOCK JAMES HAMILTON Member Chairman Valley Oak, Ky. Science Hill, Ky. 515 ni 615 k g : 'iPo 5 1942 C. 17. Glam SUPERINTENDENT OF PULASKI COUNTY SCHOOLS 5151669 'IPO-3 1942 MR. HIGGINS MRS. HIGGINS A. B. Kentucky A. B, Union M. A. Kentucky . MR. MOLEN MRS. HARRIS MR. HISLOPE B. S. Western A. B. Western B. S. Western Mr. Higgins insists on obedience, bold and brave, And uses his paddle to make you behave. Mrs. Higgins wants honor, honest, and earnest to abound. And interest to make students the best all-around. Mr. Molen insists on energy to perform and play, And also effort to win every day. Mrs. Harris wants rythm and songs to sound, And also time to keep your mind around. Mr. Hislope wants smiles to brighten the face, And uses words to make Nancy a bright place. ElBni6o 1fii TPM 0170, IP: bun. t Pl!-155570 1 'fauyli 4 ' cgoielliiy n7 Yvqajgdd. MR. BARLOW MRS. BARLOW B. S. Western B. S. Western MR. CARTER MRS. WARFIELD MR. WALTERS A. B. Wesleyan A. B. Kentucky B. S. Kentucky MRS. CAIN B. S. Ohio S. U. Mr. Barlow wants actions the slow motion way, Cause gracefullness and intelligence don't come in a day. Mrs. Barlow with ease and grace, Has made the home-economics a beautiful place. Mr. Carter wants the old school of Breckenridge, and Morrow to inculcate, And teach all his students to praise and orate. Mrs. Warfield insists on refinment and superiority, And commands attention and enjoys authority. Mr. Walters insists on stability and quality to count, And uses pigs and horses to balance the accounts. Mrs. Cain wants courage and ability to shine, And insists that obedience is a law divine. EIBni6o 'lPosf vtjdlflflffy 51166295 1. Going Somewhere? fBarlowJ 2. A Couple of Sharp Flats. iCain and Warfield! 3. He Knows his Lines. lPhelpsJ 4. All Nuts are Not on Trees. iHiggins and Molenj 5. Nancy's Parade. 6. Let's go to Chapel! fHigginsj 7. Frozen Knowledge. fTaylorj 8. Too Many Girls. fHislope and Ethetnal 9. You Can't Miss It. fStephens and HarrisJ . Where are You Going, Pretty Maid? lBarlowJ . All Alone. fHarrisJ Q Classes I 4 Lincoln Memorial In Hodgensville, Kentucky Copyright Caufleld KL Shook, Louisville, Ky. Copyright Cauficld KL Shook, Louisville, Ky. High Bridge High Bridge, Kentucky S E15ni6v 'lPo f 1942 wwf Q GILLOZ MR. MOLEN MRS. HIGGINS EUSTIS WEDDLE, President KCFudge79 Ulfwork was the cause of death, then he would live forever" F. F. A. '39, '40, Pep Club '41, '42, Presi- dent of Senior Class '42. A EDNA MAE TAYLUR, Secretary "Fanny Ed" i'Nflfh'1:7Ig great was ever achieved without e11thus1'asrn" Music Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Athletic Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Mixed Chorus '41, '42, Glee Club '41, '42, Mixed Quartet '41, '42, Girls Sextette '41, '42, Vice-President of Junior Class '41, Spon "Q9 Sponsor WILLARD MINTON, Vice-President lCFredY, "The deed I intend is great but what as yet Idorft know" F. F. A. '39, '40, '41, '42, Stagecraft Club '40, Pep Club '41, President of F. F. A. '41, '42, Vice-President Senior Class '42, Softball and Basketball '42. PAULINE TARTER, Treasurer l4P0llyY! "A girl who is lots of fun and always full of merr'iment" Pep Club '39, Athletic Club '40, '41, Home Economics Club '42, Library Club '42, Treasurer of Senior Class '42. W MW? 23,41- 14543, im fd-+ 2325 ,g,..'LL4- flBni6v A 'lPosf 1942 EPLLOZA VELMA PRATHER 6KHi77 "One of our beauties with sweetness her out- standing characteristic' ' Pep Club '39, '40, '41, 423 Vice-President of Home Economics Club '42, Secretary of Jun- ior Class '41, GERALD DICK "Little Dick" "His gentle manners win the girls admira- tion" Stagecraft Club '37g F. F. A. Club '37, Stage- craft Club '40, President of Library Club '42g Music Club '40, '41, '42, Art Editor of Annual Staff '42. BEATRICE PRATHER KKBea!7 "Silence is Golden" Stagecraft Club '39, '40, Pep Club '41, '42g Glee Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Mixed Chorus '39, '40, '41, '42, Home Economics Club '42. RALPH TURPIN "Slugging Jack" "He is neither too ambitious, nor ivwlined to be lazy, but takes things as they come" Science Club '39, '40, '41, '42g Pep Club '39, '40, '41, '42. 05 i'1l3ni6o 'P ,Q a SEILLOZA JUANITA TODD "To0ts" "She has a heart as sound as a bell, and her tongue is a clapper" Pep Club '39, Athletic Club '40, '41, '42, Soft- ball '40, '41, Glee Club '41, Mixed Chorus '41. LAWRENCE HANEY "Sonny" "Two years with the wrong woman 'is more than "Sonny" can stand" Athletic Club '36, '37, 40, '42, Library Club '42. DORA DECKER K I 7 Y ' 'A friendly heart with many friends" Pep Club '39, Secretary of Athletic Club '40, Athletic Club '41, '42, Secretary of Home Ec- onomics Club '42, RAY LAUGHERTY "Rubberneck ' ' "A bnlmful of mischief wit, and glee as ever a human being could be" Athletic Club '39, Stagecraft Club '40, Pep Club '41, '42, Mixed Quartette '41, '42, Mixed Chorus '40, '41, 42, Male Quartette '42, Vice- President of Freshmen Class '39, Editor-in- Chief of Annual Staff '42. 51Bni6v AX S K of A mf Y 1942 l L., A Au. J - enlozzs "-" CORDIA HARGIS fu-4-aff HOWV, f ' Z A jolly girl with a sensible air about her Shopville High School '39g Music Club '39g itll, f 'cb Athletic Club '40g Secretary Sophomore Class '40g Nancy High School News Reporter of Junior Class '41g Athletic Club '42. PAUL GODBY uBingOu "You get out of life what you put into it" Science Club '39g Stagecraft Club '40g Ath- letic Club '41, '42g Basketball '39, '40, '41, '42g Softball Team '39, '40, '41, '42g Mixed Chorus '39. ROXIE MINTON IKROXYY "A splendid girl with all the trimmings" Stagecraft Club '39g Science Club '40g Pep Club '42. CLARA MUSE "Clara" "Quiet and assuming but always on the job" Pep Club '39, '40, '41, '42. S map 'lPoef 333, 9 1942 I tj 75 KPLLOZTA ALEXINE MUSE "Chi-Chi" "Kisses are the only language of Love" Pep Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Treasurer of Jun- ior Class '41, Reporter of Senior Class '42, LEONARD FLYNN "Romantic Lee" "A shark at his books, on any subject" Athletic Club '39, '40, '41, '42, Basketball '39, '40, '41, '42, Softball '40, '41, '42, President of Junior Class '41, Mixed Chorus '39. JUANITA BROCK "Brock" "Very neat and devoted to her studies" Pep Club '39, '40, '41, '42, LEONARD BURKETT "Heart Carver" " I never care to talk as witty as I can" Athletic Club '39, Science Club '40, Stage- craft Club '41, Pep Club '42, Mixed Chorus '39, Literary Editor of Annual Staff '42. LV .Q 7' , i Y l u I Y I" 1",u-'G- V"j1"' 'L ' 4 ' V, V LL, . .A,4+4f"V - f ,Neff-"1-ff-C U-, 1 ,I . 4 ff ,km Ak f ,,,A- 1 l if lf' . , f , 4 ' U lf"l47,'i , V, J ' ,'Aw , -, Z ffl: J . I-,414 I "'7"" 'fan 'fu-fy',f7,fn-QA " . 2 ' 4:f,fQ-'jf.LLf: 11-jzxfff-K 'XLIAQL ivy!! 41-. 4' .-ns' 17 - V f sump , 'lPoef 1942 HPLLOZA GERTRUDE BURGIN "Stubby" "Good humor only teaches charm to last" Stagecraft Club '39g Girls Reserve S. H. S. '40g Secretary Pep Club '41, '42g Mixed Chorus '39g Glee Club '39. GA RVIS SIMPSON "Kaiser" "To say little and perform much shows a character of a good mind" Athletic Club '39g Stagecraft Club '40g Pep Club '41g Athletic Club '42g Music Club '39, '42. EDNA COLLINS llvialf "A never rufled disposition and a self pos- sessed mind" Pep Club '39, '40, '41, '42g Home Economics Club '42. JOHN LANE "Fatso" "He's always ready but never does anything" F. F. A. '39, '40, '41, '42g Athletic Club '39g Pep Club '40g Stagecraft Club '41g Library Club '42. .lr ElBni6o 'Posf 1942 a CIZLOZZA JOSEPHINE MINTON A I ! "Tis modesty that many people admire" Stagecraft Club '39, Science Club '40, Pep Club '42, NOBLE YORK ilsissyif "Cheerful and dependable, enthusiastic and kind, genial and good natured" Stockton Valley Academy, Helena, Tenn., '39, Basketball '39, '40, '41 '42, Captain of Basketball Team '42, Athletic Club '39, '40, '41, '42, ONEDIA MUSE "Nedia',' "Capable is her many duties and a friend to everyone" Pep Club '39, '40, 413 Secretary of Pep Club '42, VIRGINIA SOWDER "Cider" "She goes in for books and has an unexpected sense of humor" Pep Club '39, 40, '41, Secretary of Athletic Club '42, Home Economics Club '42. 1. uv, -ag, WN 11- Hum I ' 1 Jlu, .J J ff", 1 11.14 .,, ,Q ff leaf ff ' -I I , -5' M 'AQ41' jg-f,A,-5. f. ,X i 4fg!sAjgA,'.,,Q f 1 bcwtu Lyri NS yr u..0l'L,g,d, Mllluw 51511i6v 'lPo5f 1942 ,- a SEPLLOZA ARLEAN HUFF 1 1 "Capable ofher many duties and a. friend to everyone. " Stagecraft Club '39, Pep Club '40, '41g Ath- letic Club '42. MILFORD RAGLE "Shiney" "Death is the end of life, Oh! Why should ltfe, all labor be?" F. F. A. '39, '40g Athletic Club '40, '41, '42g Book Club '42g Basketball '40, '41, '42, Soft- ball '40, '41. VIRGINIA PITMAN 9 7 "She doesn't put things off she puts them over" Stagecraft Club '39, '40, Vice-President of Pep Club '41g President of Pep Club '42, Home Economics Club '42g Class Reporter '40, MARY OWEN I Y "U she ever had an evil thought she never spoke an evil word" Glee Club '39, S. H. S. Band '39g Glee Club and Mixed Chorus '40, Music Club, Glee Club and Mixed Chorus '41g Pep Club '42. swap 'im 1942 EPLLOZA NANCY YANDERS "Taylor" "Lilceable, but not reserved" Music Club '39, '40, '41g Pep Club '40, '41. IRVINE MUSE "Irene" "Slow and steady wins the race" Athletic Club '39g Science Club '40, Pep Club '41. LUCILLE TUCKER "Lanky Lou" "Quiet and unassuming but always on the the job" Pep Club '39, '40, '41, '42, IVA LEE FLYNN TAYLOR K I l 7 "Sincerety is a fine possession" Pep Club '39, Mixed Chorus '39, Glee Club '39g Athletic Club '40, '41, '42, Library Club '42, Home Economics Club '42, mm 'iPo4:1f Cla. ,l!5,z.,., O0 While "Old Man Time" continued on his listless way, we the class of '42 have passed from the green Freshman stage to a more lofty position of dig- nified Seniors: repeating the history and tradition of the many classes before us. History has proved if we are to progress the old order cannot stand. So the old order changeth giving place to the new. When we think of bidding good-bye to our class-mates and teachers, there is at first thought a tinge of regret, but it is quickly replaced by the pleas- ant anticipation of the beginning of a new era in our lives. In 1939 a group of fifty-six eager boys and girls met at Nancy and became organized as the Freshmen class. Throughout the first year we worked rather faithfully and passed our subjects without any difficulty. The second year we acquired the new name of Sophomores. We were struggling onward and were proud of the fact that we were one year nearer our goal-a high school diploma. Our rank had decreased considerably. There were now forty-three members. Our third year as high school students came quickly. More of our class- mates had dropped from the roll, leaving our class only thirty-eight. The J unior-Senior banquet was one of the outstanding events in our Junior year. This school year found a class of thirty-seven assembled here again. We were beginning to feel the responsibility of being the Senior class. We realized more than ever that our high school days were drawing to a close. Together we have striven hard to make this our most successful year. ' We hold a deep gratitude toward our principal and faculty. They were al- ways ready to lend a helping hand when we needed help and advice. There- fore, in behalf of the entire graduating class of 1942, may these words sa- lute the future of the new organization. May a better Nancy continue to contribute to the good of the world. H -ARLEAN HUFF .. , up . 0511160 is P i 1942 CIMA 06144, O9 Four years ago in thirty-eight We Seniors started to Nancy, And during our time spent here This school we learned to fancy. And to this wonderful school We've all tried to be true, Now you class of Juniors We set an example for you. And for the seconds: the Sophmores We feel you are as great, As we Seniors of forty-two We think that they are straight. Oh! Now the Freshmen Though they are very green, Anywhere on the campus There is one to be seen. Now our beloved teachers We love them best of all, They sure have helped us They've answered every call. Now dear friends of Nancy We hate to say goodbye, Do all you can for our school Dear ole NANCY HIGH. ' -- -PAUL GODBY sf Q , ,W 05 sump 'Po-:ff Cldfdd W2Z6i,7A8Cy You know Juanita Brock of N. H. S., Or you've heard of her by now I guess. All day long on stage she toddles, For her skin dresses she now models. "Yeippi ki yi ya," is all she can sing, And every day it's the same old thing. Gertrude Burgin never takes a chance, She's way out west on Circle B Ranch. You can talk about Burkett if you want to, He didn't make a failure. He's doing what, I knew he could do, Acting as "double" for Robert Taylor. They're drafting women in the U. S. A. Edna Mae Collins is on her way. Sergeant Via is her over seer, Now she calls him Sergeant instead of Dear. It's Iva Lee Flynn Taylor now I see, As still can this be prophecy. We thought she lost that last beau, Instead, she married long ago. Gerald Dick is now a lonely heart-breaker, He's left all his hopes to his maker. But if Eternity finds him in the soot, We hope he'll find his rabbit foot. For Leonard Flynn that likable creature, We prophesied president, but he turned to be a preacher. He saw some nice fryers in his neighbors yard, So now he's fighting the Devil with no holds barred. He has tried everything, both good and bad, Paul Godby's just like any other lad. Two years ago he joined the Navy, Now he eats what instead of gravy. Time has flown since '42, But there's nothing he could do. For Haney doesn't run a blacksmith shop, He's just a grouchy old motorcycle cop. Cordia Hargis is now settled down, In the good old state of Alabam. She didn't go horseback or go through the air, She just rode a "taxi" from here to there. Now don't mind that Arlean Huff, She'll go places on a bluff. In the future l can see, A contented old maid as can be. We've always known that Johny Lane, Would make a. success in the boxing ring. Joe Lewis, Jr. was in a doze, Then Johnny socked him in the nose. He's now a farmer not a mechanic, To see him milk is just a panic. To know the secret won't do any harm, That fellow is Laugherty on a Faubush farm. Josephine Minton was our queen, our star, We thought it couldn't happen, but she's right thar, Now she sits on the judges knee, For she's his wifey, don't you see? Roxie Minton is now a house-wife, She never believed in playing dice. But we'll be waiting to see, What kind of grandmother she will be. Now you can take that Willard Minton, People thought he couldn't succeed. But today he is hitting, For the famous National League. Onedia Muse now I praise, She is gentle in all her ways. As a member of Congress she gets her fill, For now She's working on the Neutrality Bill. Clara Muse as we all know, Did want to be a cow girl so, Now she lives on the "lone Prairie, " Just Clara alone and her cow-boyee. abniep 'Posf 1942 Irvine Muse they call him "Irene", Some people think that he is green, But I have an idea they'll change their mind, When Irvine in the White House they will find. Alexine Muse, that talking girl, Always goes places in a whirl. They think she goes to town to windowshop, But she doesn't she Hirts with the cop. The most popular music in the land, Is heard from WHO in Nancy. It's Mary Owen and her jug band, "This" everyone seems to fancy. She's blond, she's cute, this fair lass, She was best all-around of the '42 class. Virginia Pitman is her name, I see her now in the Hall of Fame. That friendly smile, that dark brown eye, Of Beatrice now I prophesy. If oft we wonder what she'll be, Just ask Turpin and you'll see. Velma Prather is now a hula dancer, She used to be a great romancer, And after Harold has recooperated, It'll be Prather and Albertson inc. Milford Ragle the boy of fame, Will never, never stay the same. For every time he goes for a ride, All the fair ladies are by his side. Garvis Simpson longs to fly, To .be an aviator by-and-by. But something's coming he doesn't expect, He'll be an opera singer yet. Do you remember Virginia Sowder, There never was a Senior prouder. She'll advise you if she can, How to catch and keep your man. There's Toots Todd, she's out on bond, Reformed? Yes, like the Devil. They just can't hold that strawberry blond, She means to stay in Frog Level. All four years at Nancy Hi, Lucille Tucker said she wanted to fly. Can she handle a plane? Why it's terrific, But to-day is her first try across the Pacific. It's Nancy Yanders now I see, She's still as happy as can be. Although she married long ago, She has never been to Reno. Now, everybody listen to me, I'll let you know the secret. Edna Taylor's on WLAP, And oh! how she does sing it. Now Jackie Turpins heart is set, On marrying Bea, his little pet. But if Bea should change her mind, .Iack'll be a bachelor left behind. Today she travels around the world, Making straight hair into curls. A beautician we always guessed her, It's Pauline Tarter, Shirley Temple's hair dresser. All done with all of Hitler's tricks, He's dead and gone, poor soul. Now things will be in a fix, For Eustis Weddle's now in control. Noble York has a Gary Cooper face, And now he's taking his uncles place. He's the best actor of his age, Today he 's performing on the Broadway stage. -DORA DECKER E15ni6o 'iPosf C1454 KPLOCLEZ This is the day and time when every one is saying something to knock someone else. Now listen carefully while I try to tell the inside facts about these dignified Seniors and Faculty. Mr. Higgins, you bragg entirely too much about your wife. Mrs. Higgins, wake up, you're not in dreamland. Mrs. Warfield, if you wouldn't always be calling for a speech or a book re- port your students would like you better. r Mr. Hislope, do you really think that you'll become a great man some day? Mrs. Barlow, why don't you practice what you preach? Mr. Barlow, that smile of yours is getting old, why don't you try changing it for awhile? Mr. Carter, why take the big head. you aren't the first man that was ever elected for Representative. Mr. Molen, you have tried to look like Clark Gable for a long time, but we notice you are not married yet. Mrs. Harris, if you are as crabby with your husband as you are with us I pity him. Mr. Walters, why do you make your F. F. A. boys do all your work? I didn't think a school teacher was supposed to be lazy. Juanita Brock, you are so still we hardly know you are around. Gertrude Burgin, you giggle too much, why don't you just laugh out loud. Leonard Burkett, you will have to grow a lot before Uncle Sam will take you into his family. Edna Collins, why don't you change your subject? We are getting tired of hearing your talk about George all the time. Dora Decker, how do you expect to get anywhere if you blush every time anyone speaks to you. Gerald Dick, why don't you put a little life into your speech? You talk en- tirely too slow. ' Iva Lee Flynn Taylor, why act so big, there have been Seniors before. Leonard Flynn, you should eat more vitamin A to keep your knees from shaking in English class. Paul Godby, you needn't bragg so much, you're not the only artist in the Senior class. Lawrence Haney, we have been wondering if you will ever grow up to be a man. Cordia Hargis, you shouldn't ride around in that taxi so much. Didn't you know the driver was married? Arlean Huff, if you are intending to be a nurse you had better get out of your bashful stage. John Lane, why don't you try eating more, maybe you can gain a little weight. 6151669 'Post 1942 Ray Laugherty, when you are mar1'ied, you'd better not make as many ex- cuses to your wife as you do to your teachers. Josephine Minton, you needn't think because you were chosen Christmas Queen that you really are pretty. Roxie Minton, why act so innocent, we all know you like the boys. Willard Minton, did someone tell you that you were good looking or did you just think it by yourself. Onedia Muse, why do you talk to gain favor of Mr. Carter? Do you think it will help your grades? Clara Muse, what makes you act so crabby all the time? No one is going to hurt you. Irvin Muse, if you keep up the good work you may become a great glass- cutter some day. Alexine Muse, what's your hurry, take your time and talk a little slower. Mary Owen, why did you quit school at Ferguson? Didn't you make good grades? Velma Prather, we notice you are making better grades this year. Is it be- cause of Harold? Beatrice Prather, if you would pay more attention to your teacher than to Jack you would do better. Virginia Pitman, you aren't the only girl who writes to a navy boy. Why let it go to your head. Milford Ragle, don't give up "Shiney" you may pull through yet. Garvis Simpson, what is the matter with you? Are you just too lazy to talk? Pauline Tarter, aren't you ever going to learn to do your own work? Edna Mae Taylor, you needn't think just because you were chosen the most popular girl of the Senior class, that you really are. Juanita Todd, aren't you ever going to grow up? You have been a child long enough. Lucille Tucker, come down out of the air, you're not an aeroplane pilot yet. Ralph Turpin, you are supposed to act dignified now. You know you are a Senior? Eustis Weddle, you don't really think you are a philosopher do you? Nancy Yanders Taylor, you tried for a long time but you finally made your goal. Noble York, just because your uncle was a great hero is no sign you will be one. Freshmen, don't act so green. There isn't anything in that old saying. Sophomores, why act so important? You are just one year ahead of the Freshmen. Juniors, stay in your place, we Seniors are still here. -VIRGINIA SOWDER amp lPoaf Claaa The 1942 Graduating Class of Nancy High School now are about ready to say good-bye to our faculty and friends. We leave some of our most valued pos- sessions. Bequeaths are as follows: To the Faculty we leave our love and best wishes. To the Juniors we leave our heart-felt sympathy. To the Sophomores we leave our good behavior. To the Freshmen we leave our knowledge. Juanita Brock leaves her quietness to Doris Roy. Gertrude Burgin leaves her happy disposition to Mildred Moore. Leonard Burkett leaves his ability to study to Cloyd Emerson. Edna Collins wills her chewing gum to Pauline Minton. Dora Decker leaves her giggles to Luretha Daws. Gerald Dick wills his southern drawl to Dual McClendon. Iva Lee Flynn Taylor wills her cheerfulness to Olga Wood. Leonard Flynn leaves his speech making ability to Barkley Colson. Paul Godby leaves his place on the soft ball team to Ronald Roy. Lawrence Haney wills part of his statue to Orville Rainwater. Cordia Hargis wills her worrying characteristics to Ovaline Bland. Arlean Huff bequeaths her friendship to Rena Burton. John Lane leaves part of his excessive fat to John Dalton. Ray Laugherty leaves his excuse making to Raymond Tarter. Josephine Minton wills her blond curls to Jean Wilson. Willard Minton leaves his gentle manners to Deward Campbell. Alexine Muse leaves her serious-mindedness to Pauline Ragle. Clara Muse wills her dislike for mathematics to Barbara Emerson. Irvine Muse bequeaths his habit of cutting classes to Edwin Silvers. Onedia Muse wills her ability to make friends to Sylvia Roberts Mary Owen wills her School changing ability to Elfreda Richardson. Virginia Pitman wills her ability to make good grades to Vinnie Dalton. Beatrice Prather leaves her musical interests to Olga Burton. Velma Prather leaves her good looks to Geneva Burton. Shiney Ragle leaves his ability to appear innocent to Eugene Roy. Garvis Simpson wills his quiet, easy speech to Winfred Cundiff. Virginia Sowder leaves her cunning ways and winning smile to Sarah Holder. Pauline Tarter leaves her love for "Shiney" to Juanita Tarter. Edna Mae Taylor wills her popularity to Dulcie Muse. Juanita fTootsJ Todd wills her love of True Story Magazines to Jewell Barker. Lucille Tucker leaves her pleasant smile to Monte Burton. Jack Turpin wills his straight hair to Herbert McPheron. Eustis Weddle wills his ability to Philosophy in class to Leonard Harmon. Lonzo Wilson leaves his unconscious strolling to Ray Yanders. Nancy Yanders Taylor leaves her love for all boys except Orville to her un- der class mates. Noble York leaves his place on the basketball team to Eugene Burton. -ROXY MINTON Elbllidp -fum 'iPosf 1942 Cfddd go Mfez: OO Mr. Higgins, your faithful service, patience and good judgment is highly valued and appreciated by the Seniors of '42, Mrs. Higgins, your teachings have been of great encouragement. Mr. Carter, your being elected for Representative shows you are better for something greater than teaching school. Mr. Walters, you have greatly improved the Agricultural Department. How could we get along without you? Mr. Molen, as a result of your outstanding work as a teacher and sponsor your memory will always be cherished by the whole school. Mr. Hislope, for information, advise, or any great assistance we always come to you. Mr. Barlow, your smile and ability to help have made us glad to have you around. Mrs. Barlow, your teachings in Home Economics will make many a happy housewife. Mrs. Warfield, your efficient work in our library has never been surpassed. Mrs. Harris, your ability to teach music has caused many a student to make a success. - Juanita Brock, a true, loyal, sincere heart-a genuine friend. Gertrude Burgin, has a heart with room for every joy. Leonard Burkett, never forward in anything but always there when needed. Edna Collins, is true to her work, her words and her friends. Dora Decker, it is the song you sing and the smile you wear, that makes the sunshine everywhere. Gerald Dick, of quiet lads there are few, we know the treasure hid in you. Iva Lee Flynn Taylor, your school work has been a success, the world needs more successful people. Leonard Flynn, is a finished gentleman from top to toe. Paul Godby, is lord of himself and exists upon his own resources. Lawrence Haney, your calmness is the repose of conscious power. Cordia Hargis, your face, like the sun of the morning, gladdens the earth with its light. Arlean Huff, a friend to everyone, and everyone's friend. Johnie Lane, a man of strife and a man of contention. Ray Laugherty, your smile, and general manners will make you popular wherever you may go. Josephine Minton, your ways are ways of peace. Roxie Minton, your thoughts are unusual, but practical and well thought out. E1Bui6o 'Poet 1942 Willard Minton, wit and charm make a good combination. You have them both. Alexine Muse, you are a youthful, mirthful anda confiding girl with a good character and we love you for it all. Clara Muse, rare compound of quality, noble and true, with plenty of sense, and good humor too. Irvine Muse, you are as merry as the day is long. Virginia Pitman, you will always be remembered as the most studious Sen- ior and best-all-around girl of our class. Beatrice Prather, as welcome as sunshine in every place, so the beaming ap- proach of a good-natured face. Velma Prather, your pleasing personality has made you a character of your school and friends who know you. Shiny Ragle, your discriminating ways are admired by the girls. Garvis Simpson, you are not over serious, not too frivalous, but a rare good fellow. Virginia Sowder, you are always ready to help or assist in any problem. Pauline Tarter, you are as quiet and calm as a summer venetian night. Edna Mae Taylor, for your music talent you are widely famed and for liking you immensely no one can be blamed. Juanita Todd, Languor is not in your heart, weakness is not in your mind, weariness not on your brow. Lucille Tucker, your good nature and refinement is an example for alL Jack Turpin, as a friend and a schoolmate you can't be beat. Eustis Weddle, a great man made up of qualities that make great occasions. Nancy Yanders, one who doesn't talk much but is satisfied in her own thoughts. Noble York, as an excellent basketball player and best-all-around boy of our class, you will long be remembered. Mary Owen, you have a personality all of your own. -ONEDIA MUSE L51 led 6 Q mm East .I1942 gales OO Mr. Higgins-fhesitatinglyl Sir, I think it is just about time I got a raise. Boss-Why, we just put a raise in your envelope on Saturday. Mr. Higgins-Why don't my wife tell me these things? Shiney- Hi beautiful. What's your phone number? Pauline Tarter-Oh! It's in the book. Shiney-Swell. What's your name? Pauline Tarter--That's in the book., too. Mrs. Barlow---What are you wearing your glasses to bed for? Mr. Barlow-I want to get a better look at that gal I dreamed about last night. Beatrice Prather-How did your Mother find out you didn't take a bath? Velma Prather-I forgot to wet the soap. Eustis Weddle-My father's a doctor. I can be sick for nothing. Paul Godby-Well, mine's a preacher. I can be good for nothing. Arlean Huff-Do you find that a new baby brightens up a home? Virginia Sowder-I do. We have the lights on all night now. Mr. Carter-Pay your taxes with a smile. lbeing a government offlciali. Mrs. Higgins-I should love to but they always insist on cash. Lucille Tucker--What happens if the parachute fails to open? Leonard BurkettssYou come back honey, and I'll give you a new one. Dora Decker-Do you know why the little drop of ink is so blue? Edna Collins-No, why? Dora Decker-Because his father is in the pen, dummy. Mother-How did you get that black eye? Ray Laugherty-I was protecting a little boy. Mother-That was awful good of you. Who was he? Ray Laugherty-Me. Jackie Turpin--How come when I stand on my head that all the blood runs to it, but when I stand on my feet it doesn't? Willard Minton-Your feet aren't empty. John Lane--Your dog just bit a piece out of my leg. Toots Todd-It's nice that you mentioned it, I was just going to feed him. Gertrude Burgin-Oh Edna Mae! Look at this little green snake. Edna Mae Taylor-Leave him alone. Gertrude, he can do just as much harm as a ripe one. Irvine Muse-Love makes the world go around. Lonzo Wilson-So does a good swallow of tobacco juice. E1Bni6v 'Po-:if 1942 Virginia Pitman--I am sorry my dog bit you Gerald, but what can I do? Gerald Dick-A kiss would make everything swell. Virginia Pitman--A very good idea. Fido kiss Gerald. Lawrence Haney--I sure did knock them cold on that test. Mr. Haney-What did you make? Lawrence Haney--Zero. N Mrs. Warfield--fTo Garvis Simpson, a Seniorl How would Shakespeare have said, "I see a bowlegged man"? Garvis Simpson-Eh'--ah-what is this I see. It is a man walking in par- enthesis. Mr. Molen-How did you get along with your wife in that fight the other night? Mr. Hislope-Ah, she came crawling to me on her knees. Mr. Molen--Yeah, what did she say? Mr. Hislope-Come out from under that bed you coward. Mrs. Cain-When was the dark ages? Leonard Flynn--During the days of knights. Juanita Brock-I et six eggs for breakfast this morning. Alexine Muse-You mean you ate don't you? Juanita Brock-Well, maybe it was eight I et, Noble York--Do you know why the little raspberry just cried and cried? Clara Muse--No, heartbreaker, why? Noble York-sBecause her mother is in a jam. Onedia Muse--What is the man feeding moth balls to the elephant for? Lucille Tucker--To keep the moth out of his trunk. '-CORDIA HARGIS 1215 115 K . E1Bni6o "P 1942 CGM 'QOH Jmdgine 99 Juanita Brock being a lady Wrestler. Gertrude Burgin without the giggles. Leonard Burkett dating a girl. Dora Decker blushing. Gerald Dick being a captain in the army. Iva Lee Flynn Taylor being a housewife. Leonard Flynn being tall, dark and handsome. Paul Godby being a pilot in the R. A. F. Lawrence Haney being a preacher. Cordia Hargis without her jabbers. Arlean Huff being iisty. John Lane not trying to be noticed. 05 Ray Laugherty being the next principal at Nancy Hi. Josephine Minton not being quiet. ' Roxie Minton getting mad. Willard Minton being Secretary of Agriculture. Alexine Muse without her curls. Clara Muse without a temper. Irvine Muse attending class every day. Onedia Muse not arguing with Mr. Carter. Mary Owen being an army wife. Virginia Pitman being the wife of a sailor. Velma Prather being a movie star. Beatrice Prather without Jackie Turpin. Milford Ragle being a cattle buyer. Garvis Simpson without a southern drawl. Virginia Sowder being a nurse maid. Pauline Tarter getting her lessons by herself. Edna Mae Taylor being a bubble dancer. Juanita Todd not being everywhere at once. Lucille Tucker being a cowgirl. Jackie Turpin being six feet tall. Eustis Weddle making speeches. Nancy Yanders being married. Noble York being a basket ball coach. --EDNA COLLINS S swap 'TPM W 1942 ' 1 71- . 4 11 '- xg 'Mugs Memorial at Perryville Copyright Caufield 8: Shook, Louisville, Ky. In Perryville, Kentucky f -'F ' - N5 :.,,. , -'ig-fn. 1 ' . . ,'g:g',":. , ' ' . 1' :Q L YZ. '5I"f",:1vff9 fig-Q -,, ..f vt , l'f,' ' s N 'Riga-3 . . ..,, ,Y!.',1.-.w:,FR..'..,N Y... ., , ,,?,v,,'w,g 05 em., 'P 614.13071 lftdffd 1. Future Generals. 2. Promising J anitors. 3. True Chums. 4. Jenny and Jenny. 5. Smilin' Thru. 6. Always Giggling. 7. Lookout, Here We Come! 8. Sleep Walking. 9. Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here. 10. We are Wondering. z1suiep,3 fs 'IPoesf 1942 . ' f'N . fnnwz' Crlass Lfblblzceza Barkley Colsen President Harold Bradley Vice-President Edna Hargis Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Barlow Sponsor Mr. Hislope Sponsor CLASS ACTIVITIES The Junior Class is composed of forty-eight members, twenty-five girls and twenty-three boys. Among the activities of the Junior class, the Junior play and the Junior and Senior ban- quet are the most outstanding. Wendell Correll, Barkley Colson, Glenn Taylor and James McFall, distinguished themselves in athletics. Doris Roy and Wendell Correll were members of the mixed quartette. Doris Roy, Lois Hunley and Elsie Harmon were in the sextet. The male quartet was composed of three of the Junior class: Wendell Correll, Barkley Colson and Harold Bradley. xx L4 5 Ti to Bl U LJ GB 60 'IPM 1942 K I ROW I Lela Buchanan Thomas Cooper Wendell Correll Winfred Cundiff John Dalton Oval Dalton Luretha Daws Ezra Delk Rella Delk Ethetna Garner Elsie Harmon ROW III James McFa1l Ruby Minton Juanita Molen Lewell Molen Herbert Norfleet Junior Norfleet Maudena Norfieet Gladys Patterson Nellie Pitman Doris Roy Anna Sheppard lfLlfLL02Z CZEAA MEMBERS ROW II Leonard Harmon Lucy Henderson Elsie Harness Sarah Holder Cecil Hislope Lois Hunley Tyler Jasper Elnora Keith Dual McClendon Virginia McClendon William Minton ROW IV Ina Simpson Erma Tarter Gordon Tarter Juanita Tarter Glenn Taylor Ilu Taylor Katherine Toms Rural Wilson H. B. Wood Maynord Wood S amp 'IPM Y 1942 CS-OIQAOIWLOZZE QgfiC6ZA Deward Campbell President Euphia Pitman Vice-President Pauline Ragle Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Walters Sponsor Mr. Carter Sponsor Mrs. Cain Sponsor CLASS HISTORY At the beginning of the school term, 1940, as a Freshmen class we were eighty-nine in number. During the first two years, twenty-nine students have fallen by the wayside. Three have trodden down the path of matrimony. Seven students have been added to the list, making a total of sixty-seven Sophomores enrolled at the present. Last year the Freshmen class went on a picnic and spent the day at High Rock. This year Mrs. Cain is sponsoring our play, called "Mama's Baby Boy". Cute little Ray Strunk is Mama's Baby Boy. There are six of our boys on the basketball squad, Pad Dalton, Sam Zimmerman, Norman Tarter, Herman Schoolcraft, Junior McFall and James Taylor. Gladys Roberts is in the sextette. x 1 5-. " ff. 1 ,-u ,, aff? . .-:-: X A 'A X - ,. . ' 'M Lk! up N! j1 fi' 5,1 .-i"" 5151559 'Pos gQ 5 ROW I Doyal Baker Jewel Barker Ovalene Bland Christine Brock LaFern Burgin Denver Burton Dexter Burton Montie Burton Gordon Burton Eugene Burton Oscar Blevins Vertrees Chumbley Joyce Conley Cg0!'7A0l1fl02ZC Cf ZH AA MEMBERS ROW II ROW III Ruth Cook Violet Hart Charlsie Correll Mary Huff Howard Cundiff Vinnie Dalton Ervine Dalton James Dunsmore Willie Marie Delk Akery Daws Cloyd Emerson Barbara Emerson Maxine Garner Louis Henderson Mildred Haney Margaret Hughes Junior McFall Louis McPheron Claude Minsey Pauline Minton Annie Minton Mildred Moore Zula Muse Vivian Norfleet Lorene Pierce Maxine Pierce 4. Row IV Thelma Pierce Anna Price Lucille Prather Orville Rainwater Ruthledge Rexroat Elfreda Richardson Ronald Roy Anna Redmond Gladys Roberts Ruth Schoolcraft Herman Schoolcraft Glen Smith ROW V Edwin Silvers Audrey Tarter Norman Tarter Raymond Tarter Milburn Tarter James Taylor Lorene Taylor Martha Taylor Alice Vanhook Bernice Vanhoozer Jean Wilson Sam Zimmerman ElBui6v 'iPo+:af CQEEAAMZM CYEAA QblgiC6EA Maurice Hart President Vola Edwards Vice-President Elgie Tarter Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Warfield Sponsor Mr. Barlow Sponsor CLASS POEM We are very young, but then We are only Freshmen. Our ranks are numbered fifty-six We shine the best in dra-ma-tics. You should have seen ole Sis and Hi Our Freshmen play would've made you die, We are not very wise, and yet We do not go about and fret. 'Bout little tasks like Seniors do We like the Freshmen Class, don't you? SECOND SEMESTER FRESHMEN Our ranks were reinforced the second semester by Thresa Dalton, Evelyn Mize, Wanda Muse and Lowell Norfleet, from Nancy grade school, Georgia Prather, Harold Rogers, Fay Trimble and Loyd Trimble, from Sardis grade school, Helen Elizabeth Delk, from Windsor grade school, Eve Mae Taylor, from Oak Hill and Eunice Wilson, from Ce- dar Point grade school. X QB cp 'mg 71942 CZQZZZHAAIMCIL 04.44 ROW I Avolee Anderson Clancy Barnes Roscoe Bishop Edith Burgin Jewell Burton Olga Burton Rena Burton Eldon Carter Elsie Chumbley Loyd Compton ROW III Herbert McPheron Leland Merrick Orin Mullen Dulsie Muse Ruby Muse Lindel Muse Uma Norfleet Sylvia Roberts Eugene Roy Lucille Sayers MEMBERS ROW II Charles Conley Daphine Flyod Geneva Floyd Carl Flynn Dempsey Flynn Estel Gover Hester Haggard Cyree Hart Pauline Hunley Kathleen Johnson ROW IV Winfred Spaw Elfreda Spaw Harold Tarter Hubert Tarter Linden Taylor Junior Tucker Elsie Wilson Lorene Vanhoozer Olga Woods Ray Yanders amp TPM 1942 PLJEZC dQ.4:!I4'L6lfL 144,96 1. Two of a Kind 2. Feelin' Pretty High 3. Patiently Waiting 4. Nature-On Our Way to School 5. The Troublemakers 6. Flying Low 7. Barely a Picture 8. Mr. and Mrs. Business Managers 9. A Bag of Bunk Q Organizations Kentucky State Capitol In Frankfort, Kentucky Copyright Caufielj KL Shook, Louisville, Ky. x -: 'ff"gfgw,.g. 2. ,yhiiii ' A ' F ' r v N - + U. . Y' V+, "1 ,F ,?,,,f us..-. w. h . , QM-fg 1 T-- ' ':"'W3"":. .M m. f 50' :Q I' . 22115, ,.. ,:. H454 - .' 'T 'Avi ' V -Qe4f'-l-f,.- -1.11 ANQ: "N r lf 1.-en.-, V---v-az. 7. 5- '1?-23352 "ff ' V .xl fzffv - -' I i'..T'- , I ' 71 'Q -1 has K .,,A , ,-L' Q, a iff5.1?-Q".'?0?i.'i'??"f""f no-. Q v-.'Y' new 1 -. '- ur Wav v 'S+' gwfffqf eg 1 fxgw ' rf F P lfif. V. f' 1122 "" Q en."",. . 3-,1..-4 :A ' ' ' x V ' qw-.5 .4 54145--ZaQ,. - 'Q - -Ai Q-mf 7 S,1.,.,.,: . L A ' ' 'l',3'.J:5','q 'Skim -' ' ' " 7 kfifbg'-A' F- fpJv.'5v: Q, rf :X v 5 ciif-ff f2i ,. A .1 : .,'-4.. .F ' 5 'Z . , gif 'fn-L f. ,iff T' z .5 . 4. . A33 qu, i' -2-5-'urn +yf.x..'f A - . V' .. Nf1,,,.',nf1.,- ,- " na . X, FQ X' . ,..- s H, - .-1-gwl f M Q '2fj'f'9 -- 1' fir. - AL- 1- ., nv ' "mf T' 1 .H ,fx -' ,v,a" .Q V - f 4 ,'.. U4 1' wr ul' 1 'ti A Bi, Us " nv PM Y ,. , .. Ll. ,WF '- i uf 33?-Zta, m 1. gf-af H A 7x uh 3' QW . 5,5 352. -:1 vi . JM ff' is v ..1- Ig " ,rv M wyikwl W ar' :Hi 55? .. 4 nw if Mfr w.,1 4 I 'bg .SL .ww Nga- v-, A ,W ii ,W ...Aa we u-1. 'liwv A11-W, 1' livin if' .u vw H11 JM. .P'P'lP"L x ,- H4 is 1.4 .,. ink I' -sh 4 1 1 Y ? 1 VX v -M -, -. , ',f4n1lf'vygn.j,, .P1H51'i'.s1.2 . 'Eh 1 T lk :J-14 'f wkfvfbm- B.. 14144 -f gg-J -5 . fy-Q: 7:5-, . r f , -a ,,,,,.+ muf- . ' rr - . LUV . ' .ner . , V ,, 1, V,.,4A.g W' - f?"f'.g,:l 5 . , if " '.4V'm:Q"41 f ' W1 .fiift , w :Tal f?xF2'f: MM-""a ., 1155.2 ' ffilrz, 2? V: .V I - K .51 H , I 1 f -f .- .. H f if U L, ' "lift,-. 6119- ' T 'JZ 'e..- V. . , , 4 "S 4: X - ,,. W I '-f " . . vi' 'fd "W + ,fy '--,fr '- ."'- f ' , ' u I . ,I . . 1' ' . I 1 4 I ,U . :L'f'xQ-- - - rw. , A ',f1.4,.', , '35, V ,. r, viniif' . ' , - 1-, 7,4 wr -.52 .T V ' ' - 'Q' ,QA-1,w'm,,.-' 1 -' .pe Q mv-if 5 v 14 -1 - 0, . .1 S mm , 'lP0esf 1942 gf Unltd! Ray Laugherty Editor-in-Chief Willard Minton Business Manager Gerald Dick Art Editor Leonard Burkett Literary Editor Noble York Sports Editor Lindsey Molen Faculty Adviser The Annual Staff welcomes this opportunity to thank those who have worked with us to make this year book one to be cherished as a biography of our high school days. Especially do we wish to leave a word of appreciation with the Bush-Krebs Company, of Louisville, Kentucky, for their cooperation and splendid plate work. Mr. Clay Miller and Mr. George H. Heinrich, who in a fine spirit contributed to the success of this book by printing and binding this sixth edition of the GUIDE POST. Foto Pose Studio, of Somerset, Kentucky, for the photography. The patrons for their advertisements. Then to the students and faculty we express our heartiest thanks and leave this writ- ten and pictured account of our activities at Nancy High School. 'STAFF mm Q 'im 1942 ,- swam MEMBERS ROW I ROW II Elsie Harmon Gladys Roberts Doris Roy Kathleen Johnson Lois Hunley Edna Mae Taylor 'Www ff . ,Y J XZIYCJ iglldzllff MEMBERS ROW I ROW II Edna Mae Taylor Ray Laugherty Doris Roy Wendell Correll 6151669 g 'l'ff!-T'!f"'T 'TPM 1942 glioy, Qmfff l MEMBERS ROW I ROW II Ray Laugherty Harold Bradley Barkley Colson Rural Wilson il. , .AH gm Qld CIMA enum Q 'img 1942 an W 4. IN ...K . J' wig Cdorua The Mixed Chorus consists of approximately 50 voices. They won 810.00 as second prize in singing at the Christmas Carni- val. They also won first prize in singing at the County School Fair. The mixed Quartet and Male Quartet won first prize at the County School Fair. The girls trio will enter the Regional Music Festival at Richmond April 4. 571' A 'X 3 EIB ni 6 v . 5 ,ill 4. 1 o es .,z'.4...y CIMA Gerald Dick D President Ray Laugherty Vice-President Pauline Tarter Secretary-Treasurer Wendell Correll Sergeant-at-Arms Mrs. Warfield ' Sponsor PURPOSES 1. Motivation of interest in Library. 2. Beautification of Library. 3. Preparation of posters and contests. 4. Promote book drives. 5. Instill appreciation of value and care 4 5 W W of books 51B11i6v 1?im TPM 1942 WSJ? Virginia Pitman President Christine Brock Vice-President Onedia Muse Secretary John Daulton Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. Carter Sponsor Mrs. Cain Sponsor PURPOSES 1. To develop the proper attitudes and appreciations toward school life in general. 2. To foster cooperation and sportsmanship in school life. 3. To develop group consciousness and interest. 4. To create interest in school sports. 5. To develop the proper school spirit among students. flliniclv i mg, lPoef 1942 Gflfllfefzf Cla! Barkley Colson President Noble York Vice-President Dora Decker Secretary-Treasurer Irvin Daulton Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. Molen Sponsor PURPOSES 1. To develop in pupils initiative, leadership, cooperation and intelligent obedience to athletics. 2. To foster a spirit of patriotism and appreciation for the best in athletics. 3. To build up proper habits and attitudes in participation in sports. 4. To develop physical culture and coordination between the mind and body. ElB11i6P ?vm clP05f 1942 ome Qconoznzca n V ' Cl Z Edna Mae Taylor President Velma Prather Vice-President Dora Decker Secretary-Treasurer Rena Burton Sergeant-at-Arms Mrs. Barlow Sponsor Home Economics was added to the curriculum in the fall of 1941. The department occu- pies two properly equipped basement rooms. The objectives of the Home Economics Department are: CD To train girls for better home making and Q25 to increase interest among all girls in improving home living. Some of the phases of home making studied in a three year program are: Selection, con- struction and care of clothing, Meal Planning, Food Preparation and Serving, Care of Home and Equipment, Child Care and Development, Consumer Buying, Family Relations, Improving Personal Appearance, Health and Home Nursing. At present there are fifty girls taking Home Economics. f 1il '1li flB11i5P 2?lm 'lpbfif 1942 Z CLEPLCE .lack Turpin President James Taylor Vice-President Lorene Taylor Secretary Delno Decker Treasurer Ray Yanders Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. Hislope Sponsor Mr. Barlow Sponsor OBJECTIVES 1. Develop the proper attitudes, habits, and appreciations in regard to science in general. 2. To understand man's relation to true science. 3. To destroy superstition and develop reasoning. 4. To develop respect and admiration for the accomplishment of leaders in the field of science. 5. To encourage scientific research. 6. To develop an individual sense of responsibility. ' 7. To develop a favorable attitude toward scientific procedure. 8. To develop an understanding of the laws of the universe. cs P asain 1 oef 1942 M.. ...I :QIl!lfi'CL' C, LITIIICTA 0 3111162101 Willard Minton President Weyneth Weddle Vice-President Harold Bradley Secretary William Minton Treasurer Ruthledge Rexroat Reporter Mr. Walters Sponsor PURPOSES 1. To develop competent, aggressive, rural and agricultural leadership. 2. To create and nurture a love of country life. 3. To strengthen the confidence of farm boys and young men in themselves and their work. 4. To create more interest in the intelligent choice of farming occupations. 5. To encourage members to improve the farm home and its surroundings. 6. To encourage members in the development of individual farming programs and estab- lishment in farming. 7. To participate in worthy undertakings for the improvement of agriculture. 8. To develop character, train for useful citizenship and foster patriotism. 9. To participate in cooperative effort. 10. To encourage and practice thrift. 11. To encourage improvement in scholarship. 12. To provide and encourage the development of organized rural recreational activities. QAtl1letics Scene at Churchill Downs In Louisville, Kentucky Copyright Canfield 8: Shook, Louisville, Ky. mm Q 'im 1942 YEA TEAMGFIGHT YEA TEAM- FIGHT YEA TEAMGFIGHF FIGHT---FIGHT-FIGHT B-O-OHM FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Thelma Pierce Ray Laugherty Juanita Tarter CfA66Z LCEJEZA Each year one cheer leader is elected from the Freshman Class and serve until he graduates. Ray Laugherty is the Senior cheer leaderg Juanita Tarter is the Junior cheer leaderg Thelma Pierce is the Sophomore cheer leader. Under the ef'Hcient leadership of these young people, an excellent school spirit has been maintained and our teams have been spurred on to many victories. s155r9-fQf6f1?-N XX a ElBni6v 'iPosf 1942 :7Ae ci-,unify cgwuuiy NOBLE YORK, Senior -- Elected capitan by his team-mates. York proved to be a good leader. His great de- fensive work and his cool playing in the game were telling factors in many of the teams victories. York will be missed next year. He played the forward position. BARKLEY COLSON, Junior- Was a good dribbler and ball handler as well as a line defensive man. He played guard and had great ability in settling down the team. Colson having another year yet, should be a "cracker-jack" play- er next year. IR WIN DAL TON, Sophomore - Was the high-point man of the team for the past season with 250 points. His fol- lowing-iip ability was a great help to the team. e was also the tallest man on the team. Much is expected of Irwin his next two years. LEONARD FLYNN, Seriior- Became a startar after the first game and showed that he had what it took to play varsity ball. His rebounding and cool- ness on the f'loor helped his team consider- ably. His place will be hard to fill next year. MILFORD RAGLE, Senior- Although small, "Shiny" showed he was capable by his defensive ability, a good passer, ball handler and dribbler. SAMUEL ZIMMERMAN, Sophomore- Although not a regular this year, Sam with his tricky ball handling should become a starting player next year. He, also, has two more years. WENDELL CORRELL, Junior- Although he was not on the first team this year, he is a nice player. He has determ- ination and fight, just what it takes to make a good player. PA UL GODBY, Senior- Although not a regular player, he did his duty well whenever he was sent into the game. He played guard for the Dragons. NORMAN TAR TER, Sophomore- Although Norman didn't see ver much action on the first team, he made the tour- nament team. If he kee s improving as he did this year, he shouldp be a star before he graduates. HERMAN SCHOOLCRAFT, Sophomore- Although he wasn't on the first team this year he is a nice player. His dribbling and ability to get the ball into his teammates will be a great asset to the team next year. iiii N. anim 'lPo-:ff 1 94,2 cg-ecuona lfzemazks BASKETBALL RESULTS They We They We Rogers Business 20 22 Middleburg 35 16 Ferguson 24 35 Whitley City 28 25 Middleburg 28 21 Science Hill 34 26 Burnside 12 33 Eubank 23 26 Mt. Victory 16 39 Parmleysville 26 29 Parmleysville Mt. Victory 12 Shopville Mt. Victory 16 Jamestown Burnside 14 Ferguson Russell Springs 45 Alumi McKinney 21 Eubank Science Hill 28 McKinney Shopville 21 Jamestown TOURNAMENT Nancy 23 Stearns 26 tlklklklki The year 1941 saw Nancy get -its third coach in its basketball history. This man was Lindsay Molen, who came up from the assistant coach to succeed Phillip Jasper, who failed to return in September. It was tough to see Jasper go, but Molen, with five year coaching experience, has provenhe is capable by coaching the Dragons, through the most successful season in the history of basketball at Nancy winning fifteen C151 games and losing 10. XX 51731660 1 We 'l oss 1942 7Ac J!!IAil'1,C'7 ffzeaezzvea ' 1 SEASONS RESULTS Nancy 25 Nancy 19 Nancy 33 Nancy 38 Nancy 36 Nancy 29 Nancy 25 Nancy 24 Nancy 10 Noncy 29 Nancy 23 Nancy 11 Nancy 27 Nancy 9 Nancy 15 Nancy 26 Nancy 32 Nancy 30 Nancy 14 Nancy 23 Nancy 25 Ferguson 20 Middleburg 29 Burnside 11 Mt. Victory 14 Parrnleysville 5 Shopville 5 Jamestown 20 Ferguson 20 Eubank 11 McKinney 17 Jamestown 26 Middleburg 22 McCreary 26 Science Hill 20 Eubank 25 Mt. Victory 7 Burnside 20 Russell Springs 18 McKinney 11 Science Hill 36 Shopville 15 0 4 Ai dBn16v TPM 1942 ylfllefzc LSMJJQ4 1. Our Coach 2. Soft-ball Fans 3. Farewell Basketball Manager 4. When do we Yell? 5. Nancy's Soft-ballers 6. Why Boys Like Practice Teaching? 7. Shopville's Soft-Ballers 8. Eubank's Soft-Ballers 9. Training School Pupils Q Features Part of Frozen Niagara In Mammoth Cave, Kentucky Copyright Canfield 8zShook, Louisville, Ky. ' 1 w r X I 1 Y 1 R- J'-N.. 1 I 5x19a f - MJ: ufulws' QF? '3 -, , . 1.5: ,gp-5.35 HW! 'fu QT 11. .L ,Zz ' ' 'X--:,g,xj .-, ' r 1:2 if h 'f,:.p5 :E , '- ' fl nf, 1-W'-: 52551 'J 1. FT-750 V V' "wr ." ' 5,f42'f ,. 4,1',g'-:y , :"5l" 11 I. 4- -- Q 1' 5,.-.,. -3 '-FE: 411' 5 'P'-A. '5f.'.-., " 4, ,H ,Z . 1 I me :nil .ff 5123 uiquigff Q NL farkgx. .fu .--1: r-q.f Li:i-L-.-f' 95,551 - 4 ' if ff- ffv N?-" - 5, 5+ f D A V2 .. Ins .rf-1 X f .,,- V Y ,A I ,f 6-'-,115 QQ? gli'-uflfi 3,9 5. .-g 5, 4-"' '14, X 1- 179 Jn Q f- f r r 1' , 5E11i6v 51 TPM, 1942 5lfLl,967.T!EfiVC.5 VELMA PRATHER MOST BEAUTIFUL MILFORD RAGLE MOST HANDSOME 61515615 TPO5 1942 EDNA MAE TAYLOR Mos'r POPULAR RAY LAUGHERTY MOST POPULAR 515 ni 615 ?.am TPo 5 1942 VIRGINIA PITMAN BEST-ALL-ROUND NOBLE YORK BEST-ALL-ROUND QB M M 1 65 1942 Remembering his enduring contributions to the educational system of Nancy High School: remembering his deep devotion to the broad highways and the by-paths of his profession: remembering his pio- neer efforts and lasting accomplishments in the field of learning which he loved the best and cherishes to the last .... scholastic athletics: we, the Senior Class of 1942, as a group which knew better the force of his works than the man him- self, humbly dedicate this page to the memory of .... PHILIP T. JASPER 0UOI Q Advertisers n Old Kentucky Home In Bardstown, Kentucky Copyright Cauneld Sz Shook, Loulsvllle Ky. Q ll, :Lp ., .1- x .e 'M wi. 4 -...' " Jw . . 44- " ' " i -' -Q fa ' f .- s. . , . . . .1 N r , J nj-E g 4' 4 v , 4 - V -.4 0 1 - ii A . ' ' . - 'v S' . . I. if -' ua '-F4 M' Jn 'w.V .mmfM,yV V , . 2.5: , , , I , 'lf 1 ..?'V'n,.. IU" V' v Q VN - -- A :g , ,. -HZ.: -ff1,.5'a . ' ' ' it . - 'I .aV 2 '- Hf. - -V?'?'-T' - ' .T -' wi 1' .QM ' .N T ...mi-V. ,f Jr ,,...-ygx'-P' - , ' -.--M1 V V V .. ',,V L - ' ' - 5. . : ,Q .V ig , -eb. - 1- T .. ,: -' "" ..z . ' .,. ' . .if bf 4 . '- V. Q .f. - ,.V Q . .'?HL 5 . g- 41.4.1 , - 1g.A- V -0 . Eau-"wi"-:':'Y'i, I a V, .4 , 233, mf? v A mwAV .g wwf Q ' ?f'-55151 " 3. '- E' A 1 .. . X . .L F 5 , W1 . .71 U v - .. ' '-14. ,nf - 4 , .-:V-,447 ,jffv - . .. pwv wH'w.. 4. 1 j ,Q ,.Jf:1 .ZZ -'71 l V . .. . ft W. 4- if 2.45 , - A . W - ' - .." . .1 - w. ' A-1. '.V, ' 1. f. V- .4 - V. ' - -' L'1'tY-I' -I 41 - JV. : 51755 V '1 ' 5. 'r V - Vg- ,' . , 1 3. . V .' ' Y ,' V fi' . 'Q-1. 1 V .. ,. 14 -JJ .- 5 . ., -Vgr51ng'w.V . -1.. I ,..,Vf-V3+a- pf- . W 2.-.Y 31-.5 . iff I. N -,,-r-,1eag.pfpJ35,4. VV ,. u.- .VV . ' 1 '21, na. -v---N V V, . ' . ' 7' ' ' - . ' '.'::V i , .,. Nz..-4 1119. .'1"iF'f f -f., 1' f " f.. .. . .1 xy - ,,K1:j.-,juli 1'nrlyf,:Hugs-5.x.f3-.-yi'-Egg.-gafg,--'V . T. Z. .V V 4 w H11 jp' 'u -. " ' .g4" 4. .Q. 1 Ji' wif 'f"'f4?iQf f' VV f . '75 '- . J :J VT 'j:,,'., xg -"M .fixjip S "weHf-:w- A.Ew'r f ff ev 4 H y - wiki, RF "f ,. . 1 3 ,. . . - 5 '- .ju 1 J , - 5 if-k . , rg. 11'-ig .-f ,e.1l'k:n . .-. . . ..,,, MU- F. , we a .. IPL . -sq. A V .. M " L V Y W. - Y T ' X ' ' ,. .:L- ' ' " 5, ' Q-1 .QF .i' i-L.. gg. X V' ,.- '. V- .wr '- U' 5 r. .1-'al' ' "' " .V- ..'Jf' ' ' ' ' Q ,il ' .' d - if , -.n 'V l-1 ' , 457 ' ' , eg,--A-Q3 . fun- A 1 V sk, Q- Y - , -- ,m il' - V I . 1 , V J ' . M , .J ,, . - 4 . x . V ,:.g,.- . 1 . H I. .T 45 - '. '7'f2,Mv . 'rf' Q. " - V V .4 5 . - 1 -I -' .. ' .. -' 4 4 'ra -f .2 . - A ' -V - - A . . V . fn ., 'iff-is .-.5 V ' U 4- V V 31- ffl V. ' .VT..Va,,.,,4 ,. 5 -' ..-L. . ,IA V - . W.. ,.. , -I Ji , 4 4 Lfmg-V .v.- Y V 1, 37? Y!-1 Q ...zffxi -W fy V -ww ..V,. , , 1- . . ' ' Pfgl- . v- V- . V 1' 1-5.1 ' - I I VV . ' V 'X 1. ':' ' ff N 3 A -Vgf L. "F . ' ' ' ' ' 'V 4 .,. .V .". ' ' 'W ' ' -.5 f ' . wL,4'f'V1z ' - , , J , - v 'Vfrsfif-..Vf. .v -V -T1 1 H .N . "iffQ'g P , , 1- 1 - X V . V V- .4 V ...V 01, M fr A f , ,r . 5 ' "- 3' A-1, , -w ' J., .' 'W' A , .:,4gqQ , 'Q V . . . Q ,, " '-'Ll N ,f f I, A f , I-Q L Y V r . - . X ,, ,A - L A ..- 1... , V . , - -A , 9 'f ' V' .V -Y . lr ' , r- iii? R4 ., :,. . ..f . . ,A ,. .. 1- 'if' -1' 'nf' - ,jf ' -Q.-f .7 A My ' 33.5 -,.,,-y,,- K 4, -. 42 -N , . E Q ' 1. 1 , ... - 4. , 4 1 , 'l - - 5-'iffy "' A ,, F, Tb ,J 1-4 .nn mm mm zk.-i.'.-419:14 .,.- U51 . 4 , ,fx i Vi? 1, .M g , . fl? HW T. -5 -J 5 E1Bni6o 2f.2i 'lPo2f 0000000000000 eeoelZ:1eQeeeQQeeeeoeeeeoeeoe 000000000000 000000000 000 00 2 ' f 5 3 Ulll' UH ... 3 an urs 0 2 40 2 0 3 2 . 0 E Congratulations, Class of '42! Your diploma E 2 symbolizes the completion of another step to- 5 e 3 ward the coveted goal of success and happi- 2 5 ness. Whatever, your field of endeavor, may 5 2 you continue unfalteringly toward its achieve- 2 0000 0000 ment. Q Like you, we too strive constantly to attain our 5 2 goal, which is serving you and your families 2 0 0 3 to the best of our ability. Each year, hun- 5 3 dreds of satisfied customers award us "verbal diplomas" which prove that we, too, are . . . . 9 3 achieving our ambition. 0 2 2 2 2 0 s 0 0 'Muytimr-kain ar Shine" Somerset Laundry 81 Cleaners 000000 000000 3 3 8 Laundry -Cleaningu Storage 5 "Will Home 6151111 " 2 00 0000 0000000000 5 E 2 2 2 5 2 E 2 E 2 52 Service That Satisfies Prices That Please mm 'iPosf 2 5 5 no40Mooo64oooo0o60o00o00OO6600oQ00OO00OOO0Q0000QOOONnooQO09090o QQQOOOOQOOOOQQOOQOOOOOOOQQQQOOQOOOOO O ooo '-1 D- 9.31 C5 O Q Q- C3 E. "7'3 C5 93 cn 9- 50 W oo O 0000 0006 U1 5 QF? Z ZF an 2 0 " CD U' ru 3 0 v-1 0 D 2 " 'ff Q P' 94 CZ 3 U as 2. EQ. 3 E "' Q Q 5 Q N 5 U 5 P1 EQ U1 9 Sh S Q2 21 "' E. E F' o 94 2 9, ff I 'U at Q at 5 my 5 OOOOOOQOOOOOODOQOOOOOOOOOOOQOQOOOOOCQ gl 0 S S9 EZ I 3 gl' Q 2 7: Q o v-1 Q F5 v-1 gl QD E ze E' F H f-1 v-2 af' Q- M . s. 2 W Z EP Q 2 U8 5 R' H O E5 9, U' . SZ LU g ,Q 3 F-2 gi o 137 S 93 va if 2' Z e-r D- D' 0 i 5- up ,g Z 5 G 3 X4 3 5 Gulflube Motor Gil V1.1-I. RAMSEY, Distributor 2 Somerset Kentucky 2 il 0 SC Hamburgers 2 DCXhCimCf'BCaty, 2 The Motors 6 . 2 FORD Sandwlch Shoppe The Universal Car 2 Sonfeiiors N'C0u"'fc'Q'I1jwky "Watch the Fords Go By" Z-ew wx vo fev E1Bni6o 2fil 'iPosf 000000 000 . 000000000 00000 U, 3 3 O S in 5 23,2 o Q-' FU. 5 :Z D- W 3 'w CD Q U3 'SE Q4 P14 ,., 0 7:0?C FS B 5 Siem, V'-42 cb I- UP 22 Q I 2 'ng rv 5 x Q 'T 'E-: 5 0000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOQQOOOOOOOOE G 5 3 ' 5 2 Q wg? CHI xg 5? Q? :Z 5: C, 0 'H '10 QgQ':?3' l eq s-nwaigi D' 2 52345-3 - F' 7:1 W Qcwmz Q W Q 710- H12 " E-3, m 55900 S0 g: 25-aigmg 0 P1 'an-Dv-1 vv- C57f9E?9io.."3 Y: Q59 V91 ' -4 :2 " g 00000000000000 0000 000000000000 00 0000000000 00 Q . .XfQ9X . OXXX.XOO 9.f...OOXOQ0 ...Call On... M. E. COMPTON E For Fielcl ancl Poultry Fence, Sash, Doors, Roofing, 2 Paint and Oil 5 0 0 Buyer of Produce, Furs and Ginseng NANCY and SOMERSET 000000000 0000000000000000 000 get 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 2 E W ...Compliments of.. Hughes' Department Store 0000 Somerset, Kentucky S Q S3 Q-O A Of: 'O 'lbf "6 O Clk o Q W 0000 000000000000 00 1 94 2 000000000000 0000 Compliments of 0000000000 Foro posE STUDIO 000000 Service and Qality ' 000 0 0 Somerset Kentucky E . 3 - 3 Cundiff Brothers 1 Best WMS to the Q Graduation Class of I942 2 i Leadin ewelers 5 3 g J 3 Somerset g No Graduating Present will be 2 5 More Appreciated than a 2 5 S Watch or Diamond 3 Rin 5 Company 3 g 2 INCORPORATED H1 2 I . E We are Dealers in Kelvinator 3 Grade A Pasteunzed Refrigerators, also carry a Full 2 Dairy Products Line of Electrical Appliances 2 Somerset Kentucky 2 Somerset Kentucky 5 5151669 'iPosf 1942 0QOQ600QOO00606Q 90Q0O00OOQO006QQ0900 For Better Service Q O Radios PHONE Tires 2 and Auto Supplies 69 and Tubes 2 3 e 73 93 E1 o W 'FU 0 -o E. 3 n. ee U 0 0 5 Firestone Service Co. 5 2 Somerset Kentucky 2 9 For All Kinds of 0 5 Q all Lee 5 Q N CY 5 INSURANCE Q B Sh f 3 eauty QPPC 5 See 3 2 6 Creators of Beautiful 2 Prathetjs Insurance 5 5 Permanents Agency 3 2 Phone 85 E Insurance Service Since 1906 S 2 Somerset, Kentucky Phone 281 Box 206 2 5 5 2 Q 5 5 2 2 2 5 2 2 OO O0 0 0 0 OO , 0 2 814 le ?ur111furc 60114 an S 2 Q East Mt. Vernon St. 5 . 0 2 Every Thmg for the Home 2 e E Somerset Kentucky 5 4, Q Q 3 22 . 5 . 3 3 Compllments of 2 Compllments of 2 9 . 5 Wesley 86 Son YOUR 5 g . s E Somerset Kentucky Vortex Stat101'1 3 Z 5 E. T. Wesley Gladstone Wesley 2 SOUICYSCI KCIltUCky 2 2 5 gswessswwewsessssswswsssgswssswswossweewssweswg assist 'iPoef 000000000005 Q 5 'ziiyffie 5-Og Z3 mio Hi Ui CD t-T .. .:. r-U33 Ee v-:Si 52 U22 E02 eg, 3 00000000 00000 00 NUNNELLY'S CANDIES Complete Line of Du Barry Cosmetics 2 Phone 99 Free Delivery 5 3 SOMERSET KENTUCKY 0 E 5 4, Pulaski Drug Co. 5 Compliments of 5 Q 2 0 5 e 3 The Walgreen Agency 3 Nestle Beauty Salon 4-P . Store 203 E. Mt. Vernon St. 3 3 Phone 43 and 144 PHONE 157 E E Somerset Kentucky 5 Somerset Kentucky 5 2 2 2 0 0000 0000 ...Compliments of... 2 The FAIR Store 5 2 Incorporated 5 5 Somerset Kentucky E 3 2000000000000 000000000000o000o00000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000 00000000000000 000 Ol S Q so gc 5 'Q E gf? Q R Q 2: gf it is S' 'E E 5 Pm 00000000000 Compliments of Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Somerset Kentucky 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 t'1Bui6o fM 'iPo-sf 1942 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000O0000000 6ifizc11s ,Nufivnal Hank 00 0000000 3 Somerset, Kentucky 0 2 5 2 Capital - - - 3IO0,000.00 2 0 0 2 Surplus and Profits 5IO0,000.00 2 0 Q Napier Adams, President Lewis Waddle, Cashier 3 gXfX.KKX.fKQXO KKXXXXOXQKOXX.X.'0XXXfX...QQ.XX .XX.X.XOK.XXQ.XO 0 oo U E Z 71 0 0 5 V. D. Roberts 2 50611-670111 2 General Insurance , 3 5 5 In Bottles 3 Q of B 1. Bld . Q 3 mens an g 3 Somerset Coca-Cola E ce 5 , o 2 Somerset Kentucky Q Bottling Company 2 2 S 3 OO0OO0.Q.QQ0.0.00940OCQQQQQQO...C900fQffOQOQ.0Q0 0XXO00QO9QOQ94.XXXOXX.9..O.9Q.QQO'XX0.0CXXQ... E Catton-Miller Hardware Co. E 0 0 2 Complete Lme of Hardware and Glass 5 R. F. Johnson Paints and Oils. Stuart-Warner Refrigerators and o Radios. Warm Morning Heaters. Anchor Stokers E Sporting Goods 6 g 104 S. Main Street Phone 525 Somerset, Ky. E 6 f,9..K0fXQQXX,X 04..Q..fQfQ.Q,900K.OOXQO:f.Q'X0O9OXKQfQQff0 f COOOOQQOOOQO Z f 0 3 O 2 A G ld b 2 5 ' 0 en erg g A. 81 P. Tea Co. Q . 0 2 3 3 Furniture ..Where Economy Rules.. 3 5 3 6 We Furnish Your Home Q LEO TAYLCR' Mgr' 2 Somerset Kentucky E Somerset Kentllfky 5 2 Z Q 0 2 O 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 E1Bui6o fM 'Posf 000000000000000000009090g 8' CU 2 e. E ru 'S+ Q E Q 5 0 2 5 rg I 5 :r 3 if E Z5 YI D- 2, P, 2 5 3 5 cu O0099000OOOQOOOOOOOl0OO0OO0OOOOOOOOO0C E 1 5 2 3 B Q5 0 X2 gg 5 'Q' z Q ga 2 9 C5 E F! .- U Q 5' hi f5 tb c: W 3 V1 0 5 E 5, 21 Q 2 Z H- 2 g o pt 0 35' eo 0 0O000000000000000000000g 5 2 1 2 2 in l s 2 0 3 0 Q 3 S N G 0 5 top at ancy arage 5 O o , o 3 General Repair Work 2 2 24 Hour Wrecker Service---We Never Sleep E Electric and Acetylene Welding -:- All Work Guaranteed 5 GLEN TARTER Nancy, Ky. Q ME l l 1 2 lr '-1 as 53 co -1 'U F! 3. C n cu C5 9 W 1 l E 2 2 2 0 3 ' E Dealers In 2 E Compliments of Q 2 All Kinds of Produce E 8 C- If ROSS . No Lot too Large, None too 2 0 ' Small 2 3 2 E Somerset Kentucky o Z ml l 5 3 3 5 l 3 l 5 l Q 5 2 af I3 R' L D- O I3 000000000000 U3 ff O Z Q it RP CD I3 3 00000000000 Viscoyl Motor Oil -:- Mohawk Tires Science Hill, Kentucky 00 0 0 g000 0000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000 6131662 'iPo2f 1942 000000000000000000OOQOOOOOQQOOOOOO0000000000000000000000 Compliments of P tn I o F" U3 o Z W nf O 7:1 oeooeeeoeooooeooeeeeeoewe. weowwoewe . l 5 2-4 2 Q 2 5 "' B rn ' fo 9 "' U5 3 W Z 59, 5 3 lil Q rf 3 at pq Q N in Q Cn 292.0592 QEFQLZH Cn FP v-1 3 0 Q O x4 Q 9- 9 9. '-L W 2 2 3 9' V1 3 fb 'U 2 fb 2 N 9 fb '1 o Q.. v-1 . no v-s R' S Q '5' Q gs O G B . 7: E C5 gh EL. gg Z 5? Er Sa cb "' : l S F6 3 Q CD 5 E.. P: E D' XQ n Q' CD O 9' 3 5 N 2 to 5 uooouo oo Qeooooooooooou oonoooooooo ggg,gg,,g.g ,gg ,,,,,,,,,,. fb 2 2 gs E 5 5 9 2 2 0 , cu 8 2 2 5 W U-J 2 n Q rn in Q C da' 2 Ft 0 Q : E' E 5- ni. E5 E 2 2 ea 2 m 2 F' 2 2 A 2 2 5 2' 2 2 5 5 E "f he :U 3 rg KD E1 Eg. Q: ZE. at E ,Q :. 5 5' Q, 11 rv O x ru S' -'TI "' P+ "1 W' 2 PQ 0 5 U Q B Q m 5 W s: ' I1 5 9- Z' vs 2 E' 1 :: 0 5 Q. 3 04 messes owoow2oo ' 000000 00000000000000 50 2 2 2 2 0 5 2 2 2 2 2 Electrical Service JOHN W. TARTER Shell Products General Merchandise Nancy Kentucky Arnold Weddle ElBni6o 1flt 'Posf 39090000OOOQO0OO00OOOO 1 942 OQ OQO0OOOQ McCarthy 81 Simon 2 ima General Merchandise Radios Cream Buying Texaco Gasoline Manufacturing Specialists 7-9 West 36th Street New York Just off Fifth Avenue 2 Outfitters to over 2,500 Schools, Colleges and Churches OOOOOOOOQOQOOQCOOCQOOOOOOOCOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOO Greyhound Inn Cafeteria and Table Service QOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 9 0 " I a5""0 H mgiaf 'u sfo... g :anis E Sang a' ug! ' Og if 53 lim 5' U' O Z Vi S 52 ua oooooooooe 5 M, f 0 0 e 3 o and Products 5 Tasty F004 3 2 24 Hour Service 2 Nancy Kenfuflw Modern Hotel 2 5 2 Miles South on Highway 27 Ei 5 5 Somerset, Kentucky 2 Compliments of L. G. Balfour Company , yd Attlehoro, Mass. 0 Representative Parvin L. Conrey O O O J x if O 5 , Q 0 Manufacturers of Class Rings, Pins, Invitations, Diplomas 290 South Limestone St. Lexington, Ky. OOO0OO9009000OOOOO0 O0O0O 00OQ 600000 000 Q 3 Q-O A Of: 'O 2 f -E v-QQ 'U O Ut Ph 00000 000000 0000 0000000000090000000000000000 City Lumher Company 3 0 2 Paint Headquarters 3 5 Phone 27 3 Somerset Kentucky 3 3 2 ' 2 Citizens 000000000 000000000 Compliments of Chevrolet Co. Short Way Lines We Repair All Makes of 0 0 3 Ride the Bus that Serves 5 Cars 5 2 X Phone 12 0 Your Community 5 sooo Ui O E :r G fb B R' E. Je 4 5' woo oo CD e-r O "U 9-7 e-r c-r F' fb Fl? O "5 e-r D' W oo E E Somerset Kentucky ......,........,...,....,....................................... ............................................ Z . 3 Z Motor S H E L L Gasoline 5 Oil Kerosene 00 ...S H E L L... 00 0000000000000 00000 2. 2 2 2 2 2 Cumberland River Oil Company Phone 6oo o 0 o fb o o -o o o 0 000000000000 Somerset Kentucky S t'1Bni6o 'iPosf 1942 2 2 2 2 2 2 J F' C E 55' p-lv-s 'aa pail W Qi 323' ww U52 9-1 ev EE. Ei- 0000 0 0000 00 0 2 Lumber Company 2 0 2 Min Work, Building Materials and Paint 3 East Highway 80 Phone 366 Somerset, Ky. ' 0. OOOO.4.. OQOOOOO.Qf.C o ll CS 0 OI' 0. 2 . . 3 g ph 2 Frank's Service Station 0 Q one 791 5 5 E and Fender Work 2 G3S0line and E 3 General Repair 2 Corner E. Mt. Vernon and Cen- 3 2 tral Avenue 0 Q, . . Hughes Service Station 5 3 PHONE 6 E Gulf Gasoline 2 2 ' Some rset Kentucky Somerset Phone 13 Kentucky 2 2 W M! 2 2 Z 2 2 2 2 2 2 Compliments of Henry Escher Packing Kampauy DAVID C. KNAUER, Representative 2 2 3 Somerset Phone 4oo Kentucky 3 9 onnouynoolknnowfumnbninonowbnooueoxwvinwwwiiouoknxoiuououononnww E. JARMER 2 Cailnr 2 Suits Made-to-Measure 0000 00000 2 2 2 2 Somerset Kentucky 51B11i6v fum 'Post 000OO0O0OOOQO00Og 2 sg 5 se .U 'fl 2 Q 3 Ei Cn s ' 2 E as C1 U5 5 yr- H v-1 9-3 2 YI 8 2 S Q Q 2- Q 5 O "' ' 5 Q. Q ff. . N I fl' X4 3 5 3 8 O- Q 3 gg O N '-ca Z UD 2 D' S O 6 3 E2 53 5 F9 xr E' E OOOGOOOGOOQCOOOGOOOQQ O6 OQOOQG 000000000000 000000000000 000000000000 00000000 00000000000 000000000000 000000000000 000000000000 000000000000 000000000000 000 Q0 s s E 2 3 2 s 2 5. 0 s 3 3 Mortons, Inc. , 2 Q 5 Ledford s Market 5 2 Women's Q 3 Cash and Carry 3 Q Apparel 5 3 2 Somerset Kentucky 9 0 Somerset Kentucky 5 2 2 .........................................................f..........................................................9 5 . E3 O Tucker Brothers 2 C0mp"mentS of 2 O g . . . 2 5 GARAGE Rob1nsonM1ll1ngCo. is . 7 Q 3 Wrecker Service 2 OW S and Queen of 5 2 phone 480-W Somerset FLOUR E West Somerset Kentucky E Somerset Kellfllfky 5 g.......................................................,f.................-..................................9 0 2 ...Morris Brothers... Q 5 Dealers In 2 . E 5 Poultry, Eggs, Feeds and Fleld Seeds 2 5 Phone 163 Somerset, Kentucky 3 0 o mm 'lPo+sf 1942 5 3 3 5 l 3 000 000000 00000000000 Nancy Nancy 0000 000000000000 00000 Milling Company Lunqh Room Makers of Service Station and 00000 Good-Will Flour, Meal Grocery and Feeds "Students Paradise" L 0 STEPHENS Ms- MRS. L o STEPHENS Mgr 000 2 . . , r J . . , . 5o0o090n00o00MoyaoiM0on50NMn00Nwyww!0yo0ouu0no00000yoMa0Wn050000 fl 9 0 0 . . s .- 1 . 000000 0000 00 0000000 2 2 Vi O B 5 9' U CD Pi. N V1 5 F' S 2 9 Q v-Q 2, S O Q.. 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D 000 Up-to-Date Courses Individual Instruct 2 Modern Methods Ideal Quarters 3 -..i Students May Enter Anytime 0 Call, Write or Phone E 3 E Z I E1Bni6v i2m 'iPosf 'I 9 4 2 00N000000000000000000000000000000000000 2 , Q Compliments of 2 3 5 0000000000 Q N 5. 2 5 ? S E VE S S 2 N 0000000000000 Somerset Kentucky s 1 2 1 ms z 2 E z F4 3 N0 9 in IN? '-4 eu as 22 is E5 'U i ii Ei CD V1 woo 000 0 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 15 em Q Zi 55 :gs S0 '95 ' :afg- 2 -:':if:a-H "' r--- "4 g'U"'C3.EI3 Gr' Q- as-MQ 5 O '-15 Q M2324 E 5- 3. L 5 Pegfg U5 V' 5 I Q E KU! N cg 3 3- hp 3' :sm E' Q Q- -1 3, .s H m 000000000000000000 000000000 O a' 3? 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Suggestions in the Nancy High School - Guide Post Yearbook (Nancy, KY) collection:

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