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K .L xxx I,f1XrfXJL?5 ' R, ' K"f"g'C f X I1 rf r Ss., fe -,J f tif- J kg n-ll' ... A f""' NP W 3, x XM s S f gf.: ae I '11 , P 'L x Q J ' 1, .,, ' ? , 1, T u .3 Lx. SAY '1 f 5 ' 5 5 T255 2 :ga 1 ' , .li .. Q. I,:'1',: i -'E -fl' fv ,ff:"f: 'J Q'- 3 is F 1 BY r , :I Q l' 2,53 -2 -' Emu I- -- ? . ill.. . ff :LAT -2- L ,w-jar , -. ', 'X H, ' -. ..' Q55-1 , A if-,i5ff.5fIL,Q? if 2 ,:4SI,3 Ii, ,,,, : f . -'-fr'-mil" F4 N 1 'EEA '1 1, i' '?2j?iivQ,,s -"1 5 "qv, Vg. ?"5u:. i 5 2 E, ' i , r . ' yi, 4 48th Edition, if I x -W .Q-ff.: .L , W 1. 5 Q, f P gf I4 has 'gin' Q wa-an vs-,ak QQ, we R N x ,Ewa Q A L 'SSP QQ 2 , gd Q N M 'X in Q if 1 .ff ,, ' ' 5 Kg f' M 2? X.L" H M K 95 Mm M P if Q X , X . , :f. ,: x , . ., . ,A ,. x. k jgsl A Xi.-, i 35,535 'k"' 75 Q Q ing ,ww- ,g,- , ,"g fe A ., W P gg.: 22 . fnfims .551-L ' f' 'Q F NW,9- ZX, Ni I nz alia fm 2 wi I ..,, X, ,wk A Q , Nw , Looking Back . . Well, here it is again, the end of another school year. Nothing's really changed. Iive watched the same thing for years and years. The faces change but things seem to happen about the same every year. Years ago when Nampa built the first high school, the students picked me for their mascot and named their athletic teams after me. I'm a part of the school and I've watched it grow through the years. The new campus seems like home to me now, although it was difficult to adjust to it after all the years at the old high school on Caldwell Boulevard. l remember when the high school classes were held in Kenwood. That was a long time ago, and things have changed a great deal since those days. Our new campus was first used in 1956, although it wasn't completely finished that year and the students were really crowded. Classes were held in every nook and cranny available, but we have plenty of room now. After- the addition of the second classroom building, the Ag building, and the Gym, our campus has filled out to its present size. The students seem to take a great deal of pride in the new school. Itis nothing really fancy, but itis worth being proud of.. I think I'll take a stroll around the campus and see what's going on. Maybe I'll look in on everyone in the Ad Building. Here in the Administration Building most of the Work of running the school is carried on. Offices of the principal, counselors, Student Body Manager and Student Body President, are all here in the Ad Building. Here, also, are the lunchroom and library. I kind of feel sorry for all the kids in study hall. I'l1 bet they really envy me as I walk freely around. Every noon there is a mad rush, as the buildings burst open and their occupants pour out eagerito eat lunch. lt's not too safe for a stranger to be out in the open when the bell rings for one of the two lunch hours. Classroom Building 9951 is the giant of the campus. It has two floors devoted almost entirely to classrooms. Courses from Spanish to Homemaking are all held in this building. Most of the Senior and Junior courses are held in Classroom Building 7451, while the Sophomores are the rulers in Classroom Building 9692. Over in the Sophomore building are courses in Algebra., Biology, Drama and English. The Little Theater, in the Music Building, is a high school and community center. Throughout the years it has served and will serve as a setting for concerts, plays and all types of public activities. The Gym is another building that serves' the public as well as the students. This is only the second year that it has been used, and everyone seems to take pride in it. The gym floor can be used for two complete basketball courts, or as one large court. Due to the efforts of the students last year, the school was able to place glass backboards in the Gym. The pull-out bleachers, which can be placed out of the way when not in use, will seat 3,000 people. Well, the year is almost finished, and soon a new group of faces will fill the halls and corridors of Nampa High. But to the class that is leaving and to all those who will yet depart from the campus of this high school, I have this to say. Remember always that the high school is yours, but in another sense you also belong to it. Even as it has become a part of you, you have become a part of it. Your actions and your achievements have become embedded in the history of the school. As the years roll by, and you recall your experiences at Nampa High, remember the fun and the friends that you had there, for these things will be your treasures of tomorrow. The Bulldog D e cl i c a I i 0 n, Overruling the order of Mr. .Hodgson that a Nampa High Sage never he dedicated to the Sage advisor, we feel justified in breaking tradition by dedicating this, the 1959 Sage to a man most deserving of this honor, our Sage advisor, Mr. Robert Hodgson. The dedication action taken by the Sage staff, under the approval of Mr. Steck, is completely unknown to Mr. Hodgson. The college education of Mr. Hodgson began at the C of I in Caldwell. California State College in Fresno also claimed a part of his college life. The first seven years of his teaching career were spent in Haily, Idaho. Bellview was also one of the towns in which Mr. Hodgson taught. ln 1950 Mr. Hodgson joined Nampa High's teaching staff in the capacity of Sage advisor and English teacher. English and writing occupy the main interests of Mr. Hodgson. He enjoys spending his summers in the mountains and forests of Oregon. To a man dedicated to his work we give our grateful thanks and appreciation. To you, Mr. Hodgson, we offer our wishes for the best of all the good things in the future. fi. ww 4 .WJWVA Q----w-nvrnmg. . , I K f7:Q,1,f. 1? BV, fi: Q A , f- l'v'!1,,M.'UIf7C ynnwx gf ffm Wilffffri fifjtfrgf Chalfkhoofffli Q "' sm -F' . 1, J' xl - . 3 ' ' x w V .L . -, 'A' - . A s f "N Q 1 1- ,A , f S, I Mx. V A ' . M 'y M X. .W I W 9 - A Q A i K g s -. in ww x ik , S Q Q M, f A W sw 6 'Avi Q, ,Q g X X it X wi -2 ., ,W xw K K gl -w 5 'f QM 1 f L. 7: 5 4 Q gf v it , W. , 1 X Ax Q if Q S my L Hg X A f in ,Q .. 1 N' , gl fi . W S WE R ' ., + X .ff X ' 3 A . Q W' f Q Q x ,-w Q E mx Qty, wk Q .1 yy, ,ex xnui 4, 1 w wr 'X' 5 K Q ii 5 Y tx 5 S up . 4 X A -. ' Lf X 5 K 5? A w Su perintendenzfs Message On behalf of the Board of Education, the patrons of the community and the Office of Administration, I wish to extend congratula- tions on your achievements during your ca- reer in the Nampa Public Schools. You have achieved a goal of academic and social accomplishments that should help you in your future educational and vocational ex- periences. The ability to be successful in any field depends upon your intelligence, industry and co-operativeness. Some of you will be leaders. Many of you will be followers. It is important to you as an individual to be a good follower as well as a good leader. In being 'a good follower, always choose a good leader, be alert, ask questions, and seek the truth. The world needs those who can follow wisely. In accepting the challenge of the future, strive to be that leader in any situation in which you may find yourself. If leadership qualities are not yours, accept the role of a follower but do it as efficiently and with as much dignity as that of a leader. There is an important place in this community for you. The future of Nampa depends on our youth. Oifaf-M12-Yrainva Superinitendenfs Secretaries Two busy members ofthe faculty are Miss Clara- bell Casler. secretary to the board, and Mrs. Gladys Uzzel, secretary to Mr. Mills. Miss Casler's duties are many. She not only pays the teachers and other employees but she also or- ders all supplies, keeps the books, and performs all the secretarial work for the school board. Mrs. Uzzel's duties are equally important. She sends out Mr. Mills, correspondence, monthly re- ports on the activities of the school system, and helps him to discharge the routine duties of his office. Principal? Message The school year nineteen fifty-eight-fifty- nine has been an outstanding one. Each of you has given emphasis to your individual academic progress. We realize that knowledge must be coupled with a sense of humility and an appreciation of humanity and that each one of us has the responsibility of using the sum total of our experiences to express a creative individuality that will promise that the world of the future will be a better, more peaceful one. All of us are encouraged to exemplify our own Nampa High Honor Code and are en- couraged to do our part in accepting respon- sibility for our own actions and the actions of those who might infringe on our rights. Congratulations, seniors, and best wishes to all members of the student body as you con- tinue your search for knowledge in order that you may be the most effective citizen of your community, state, and nation. Wm Principafs Secretaries Mrs. Roberta Showalter and Mrs. Leah Scott are two of the busiest and most important people on the campus. Mrs. Showalter collects all fees, records all neces- sary information about the students, helps Mr. Steck with secretarial jobs, and also arranges the students, schedules at the beginning of the year. Mrs. Scott's job is equally important. She passes out important information to the students and fac- ulty, operates the duplicating machine, helps super- vise the student monitors, and is in charge of student attendance. BESSIE BAKER Senior English, Journalism, Quill and Scroll Advisor, Growl Advisor, Practical English KATHERINE BROWNS English II ROBERT HODGSON English II, Journalism, Sage Advisor, Camera Club Advisor EMILY MOWERY English III, Y-Teens Advisor ADELIA ROTH English III, Spiz Advisor, Upward Climb Advisor UVONNA BACON Typing I, English IV, Class Publications ELMER BITTLESTON Typing I and II, DECA Advisor, Distributive Education MINA CONRAD Bookkeeping I, Basic Business, Business Arithmetic, Honor Society Advisor MARION RYCRAFT Shorthand I and II, Clerical Office Practice, Typing I SETH FORSGREN Agriculture I and II and III, Vocational Ac tivities, F.F.A. Advisor HUGH McNICHOLS Architectural Drawing, Mechanical Drawing General Drawing, Model Club JOE QUINLEY Machine Shop, Machinist Club Advisor .IOHN RUPERT Woodshop I and II, General Shop, Shop Activities WINFIELD KIRCHER Orchestra, Training Band, Music Survey, HA," MB" and MC" Choir, Music Activities EARL McKEEVER "A" Band, Training Band, Music Survey, Music Activities 1 CARL GROVE U. S. History, Geometry MAXINE HUGHES U. S. History, Government, Senior Class Advisor EDNA K. JARVIS Ui S. History, Government, Psychology, Sen- ior Problems, F.T.A. Advisor .IAN PEDERSON U.S. History, World History, Geography, Hi-Y Advisor ROY ROBERTSON U. S. History, Athletic Activities, Explorers Club Advisor GEORGE KEIL Geometry, Algebra, Athletic Activities HELEN LANGWORTHY Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, F.N.A. Advisor LYLE LUBIENS Algebra, Senior Science, Physics, Key Club Advisor, ,Future Engineers Advisor GAZELLE MERCER Practical English, Geometry LOIS EWART g Study Library, Library Activities FLOSSIE STARK Library GERALDINE CRUSE Elementary Psychology, Girls' Counselor LEO MATHEWS Debate, Debate Club Advisor, Boys, Counselor EVELYN HAGELIN Latin I and II, French I and II, F.L.S. Advisor HELEN YORK Spanish I and II, Junior Class Advisor ANN HUNT Vocational Activi- ties, Homemak- ing 1, F.H.A. Advisor MYRTLE KECK Vocational Activi- ties, Homemak- ing H, F.H.A. Advisor Patiently and completely, Mrs. Mercer explains the intricacies of a par- ticularly rough problem to her 5th period geometry group. '4No, Noreen, A2 + B2 d0esn't necessarily equal C2." VILAS BRANDT Chemistry, Science"Club Advisor LENN CRUSE Biology, Service Club, Advisor, Student Body Manager, Golf Club Coach CARLYLE DEAN Biology, Health, Sophomore Class Advisor ERNEST KENNEDY Biology, Athletic Activities LOIS KREHBIEL , Art l, ll and IH, Art Activities ELVA REID Speech, Drama, Play Production, Dramatic Activities, Thespians Advisor BARBARA KONONEN Girls, P. E., Gym Activities, G. A. A. Advisor Girls' Tennis Coach DEAN LEWIS Boys' P. E., Gym Activities, Athletic Activities Blue-N Advisor ARDIS MINNA English I, Health, Green Years Advisor, Spiz ettes Advisor m me gm Mrs. Mowery, right, pauses in her second period class after answer- ' D l mg ae Russel's question, "Is the progressive form of the sub- junctive mood ever used when a cognate object follows an infinitive whose subject lacks a definite antecedent?" Oh, sure, we all know what that is. Carlyle Dean, pictured at the left, presents a firm front to his 3rd period Biology class: "That's right, Scott, note books are due this Thursday, not after Christmas!" Surprise! Members of,Mr. Brandt's 6th period comprehensive chemistry class show their appreciation by acknowledging Mr. Brandt's birthday. Congratulations! Custoclians and Cooks Custodians Rub-a-dub-dub, we have four panitors in our school. They rub and they scrub ,til things look real cool. George Beer, Leonard Forrey, Alice Tiser and Harold Jackson are these four ambitious senior high school janitors. Mr. Beer works chiefly in class- room buildings 1 and 2 while Mr. Forrey is the custodian of the gym. Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Tiser may be seen anywhere at anytime with a broom and a dust pan, trying to keep the grounds and buildings presentable. Cooks "Hunger pangs will soon be soothedf' the bell says to the students each noon. Then comes the dash to the lunchroom and food. Our lunches have been prepared by our six hard-working cooks: Eloise McMilling Margaret Schvaneveldtg Ann Pollock, head cookg Flora Mae Orr: Loretta McMilling and Mildred Skinner. Their jobs take the better part of each day, five days a Week. To the cooks, the Sage extends a big THANKS for a job well done. maj .i B . L Q sw A Q? W. A x X x. .Q is ,. ...vw 1 14... -wwww an Q. nikki. 4 Q Q. 5 5 i 3 'f 3 4 Xdiyf -W7 m mm. A, was :if-f' H an fn' M-A Ng, we 2 7 . it zf., F 5, ? STANDING left to right: ,lim Weeker, Bruce Garrison, Jim Metcalf, and B tudent Bod Officers Student body officers for the past year were Elias Alvarado, Presidentg Buzz McMillan, Vice Presidentg and lnez Gabica, Secretary. Each was elected by the student body for leadership ability. They presided at student council meetings and have served on several special committees. As a result of their efforts to promote sportsmanship and the honor code, the student body officers headed a committee to organize the Associated Men and Women Students' clubs at Nampa High School. Elias was chairman of a committee to write a constitution for the District Student Council of which he was elected President. Nampa Highfs student body officers have also worked with officers from schools throughout the state to organize a state student council. The three classes of Nampa High were represented on the student council this year by Bruce Garrison, Sophomore Class Presidentg Bill Cunningham, Junior Class Presidentg and Jim Wecker, Senior Class President. lt was the duty of these three to keep the student body united and in high spirits. Linda Dawson. with the help of Associate Editor ,lim Metcalf, edited the bi-Weekly school paper, the! Crowl, an up-to-date paper relating the happenings of Nampa High. Linda Jacobsen was editor of the school yearbook. the Sage. She organized the annual staff into a group that has published a book holding many treasured memories of the school year. ill Cunningham. SITTING: Linda Dawson and Linda Jacob cn c F l E zf ? 5 Q Qzd:xwsfwffv:, :xv f - an mass: J ,- . .X - 'L -4 ,V an 'f , , - - -1 , , , zzgwwm enior Class Now that spring is here, and we, the graduating class of '59, are standing on the threshold of opportunity we can barely visualize that this is the final scene of a seem- ingly short but wonderful experience. We have prepared long and hard for our journey into the future. Busy - yes everyone of us in the class of '59 has been busy from the beginning to make our class the most successful in Nampa High history. Our beginning was a bit dubious as we wandered around our new campus-type school. To us upstairs was downstairs, and teachers seemed to never be in the right rooms or else the wrong rooms were associated with the right teachers. We never could figure out why biology didn't come before lunch. At times we faltered, but spring brought the realization that we had weathered the storm and were ready for a step up the social ladder to Juniors. As Juniors we moved into our own. We were ready to throw off the shackles that bound us. Bursting forth we won noise rallies with such a fervor that the other classes were set aside by our rush. We bombarded clubs and school . activities as we began to prove our worthiness of social distinction. We let our class motto, '6Build your character on the firm foundation of truthw guide us through trials and tribulations. Our class project, the wishing well, was destroyed by vandalism just before its completion. Our Senior Recognition Day was highlighted by a scene of festive fun and was brightened up with our class colors, Flamingo and Silver, and our class flower, the Pink Carnation. Three years have passed by swiftly. From that first beginning of the first grade we rose until we were able to assume our position and responsibilities as senior high school students. We are justly proud of our achievements in high school. Much of the credit can be laid at the feet of our capable leaders, past s::::::r and present. Officers during our Sophomore year were: Elias Alvarado, Buzz McMillan, and Melissa Egbert, Junior year: Elias Alvarado, Buzz McMillan. and Christine Lynch, and during our Senior year the officers were: James Wecker, President, Jerry Purcell, Vice President, and Christine Lynch, Secretary. Although we shall leave a little saddened because of the joyful and wisening experiences we have had, we shall say good-bye to our friends, our teachers, and our alma mater. With the realization that what we have learned, what we have accomplished, and what we know will always be with us we can venture forth with a sense of security, belonging, and social maturity. FIRST ROW, left to right: Steve Treasure, lncz Gabica, Christine Lynch, Jim Wecker, Jerry Purcell, Linda Pfeiffer, Gayle Nihart. SECOND ROW: Eddy Hilty, Linda Jacobsen, Linda Dawson, Paula Flisher, Melissa Egbert, Carol Lee Fobes, Mike Thompson. THIRD ROW: Janet Decker, Betty Clegg, Roberta Givens, Elias Alvarado, Georgia Turrittin, Mary Hicks, Sandee Ford, Harold Lupton. TOP ROW: Armand Roberts, Brian Croft, Dennis Alldredge, Deanna Duffy, Don Johnson, Corder Campbell, Ron Dike, Buzzy McMillan, Bill Mansur. . ' ' 4 n .:s .a1.,1... vmff- - vi - .xv ..,,.., . X 4 K 5 xxx if .Q Q x 9 Wi X shi? gp, , L M L I L W wxwxr Mw,.w,Msf- , 1 253 'L X ' . KX 'X 3 -,Z-I gig? l S' f V 1.:zfJ,3 1?V, ' ,gm 3 ,, V 55? " Q Yes F 1 l x XF X N X152 4 f. F '- Xggwyrl E- Q sk a vp H , 5 ,,- , N, 'nk '?".1'4fE5v:w,...ZE -:L 'Q'..:'fw - . H I xi, X . 5 Ak- X - kfffwz-W . Qmffiis A t W,,1,L.2 A X f,-,W-1 4 .1 .. , A 1-:1.i z Q 'Y' 1 i ff Q . My f K7 ' M ,, 11 .-: WL 2215, Qi ' fw 1 QE BILL BINGHAM Silence is deep as eternity speech is shallow as time. FFAg Machinists Club. BARBARA BIRKET Silence may be golden., but I'rn no miser. Sageg Spizg Spizf-ttesg Y-Teensg Green Yearsg CAA: Quill and Scrollg FLSQ Upward Climbg Summitg Honor Society, Vice Pri-side-ntg "A" Choirg Librarian. MARCIE BISHOP Her friendliness includes every- one. CAAQ "A" Chnirg Librarian. JOHN BISHOP He lives in a cycle of 'afyclesfi Hi-YQ Blue-Ng NFLg De-baleg Boys' Staley Varsity Footballg Trackg Football Managerg Tumbling. JACK BRESHEARS Give me time and I will get it done. FRANCIS BRISBIN Energy and initiative ran build its own environment. FBLA. I8 LLOYD BARROW When trouble comes my way - I take another path. DECA. DEROY BASSET A true lover of life. VERN BATY Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. FRANK BAUM Greater men may have lived but I doubt it. FFA. LARRY BAUM They do well who do their duty. FFA. RON BEAN Gabriel, blow your horn. FFA, treasurerg Training Bandg "A" Bandg HA" Orchestra. LEIGHTON BENJAMIN Wanna' drag? CARL BERNER Effort properly applied pays rich rewards. Honor Societyg Sophomore Basketball, Base- hallg JV Basketballg Varsity Basehallg Varsity Bas- ketball Manager. ROBERT BEVERLIN Quietness can be heard a long way. GERRY BROWN Well, we'll only live once. PAT BROWN We laughed and laughed - more fun. GAAg Y-Teensg Camera Clubg FBLA, Spizg Sopho- more Cheerleaderg Student Councilg Upward Climbg Prom Committeeg Sageg DECA. SHIRLEY BROWN Let your own soul guide your mind and body. FBLAQ GAA. FLORENCE BRANDT Gifted with the power of words. Debateg NFLg Sageg Upward Climb, Chess Clubg Y-Teens, Librariang Prom Committeeg Thes- piansg Historiang FTAQ Idaho State Debate Champg "Lady Precious Stream," "Tiger on His Toes," '6lVIrs. McThingg" NFL Congress. KAREN GRANDT A Gal with a Guy. Spizg Spizettes, Music Directorg Y-Teensg FNAQ Sage Queen Attend- antg HA" Bandg Growlg Green Yearsg Prom Com- mittee. BOB BRUCKS In the 20th Century a man must push or be pushed. FFA. ZONA BRYANT Success is the reward of diligence. BILL BUDELL We must proceed with full sails while the wind is fair. CORDER CAMPBELL 1've got brains I hauen't even used yet. Key Club, Presidentg FLSQ Future Engineers, Vice Presidentg Science Clubg Honor Societyg Green Yearsg Upward Climb, Co-Editorg Orchestrag Sage, Statistics Editorg Debateg Boys' State. CLARETTA CASH The same wherever you meet her - always gay. FHAg GAAg Green Yearsg "A" Bandg Librariang Y-Teens, Presidentg Spizg Spizettesg FBLAQ Upward Climbg Student Council. JUDY CHANDLUND She has a smile that fits her face and she wears it everyday. FHA, FBLA, Store Supervisorg FNAg Lab Assistant. DONNA CLAYTON Laugh and be merry. GAAQ "BV Choir. BETTY CLEGG Her face is an index to a loving heart. Y-Teens, Spiz, Presidentg Spizettesg GAA, rep- resentative: Homecoming Queen Attendantg Student Council. JOYCE CLUTE Her standards are liiglz and uhif' FTAg Spizg Spizettesg FBLAg Y-Teens, Historiang Green Yearsg Summitg Prom Committeeg Honor So- ciety. TOM COATES An index of business conditions, monkey business. "AU Choir. Ih ELIZABETH CUNNINCHAIVI Your hearts, desires be yours. Honor Societyg Librariang Thespiansg Up- ward Climhg Spizg Honor Society. BRIAN CROFT Men of View words are the best men. Hi-Yg Sophomore Football, Basketball. Trackg Varsity Football: Student Council. DOROTHY DAVENPORT Charity is a virtue of the heart. Y-Teens. PAT COMSTOCK One can always get along better without enemies than with them. Y-Teensg FHAg GAAg FLSQ Spizg Office Monitor. RUTH COMSTOCK A friend to everyone, everyone a friend to her. GAAg FHAg NA" Choir. NANCY COPPLE Hands off, boys, she's spoken for. FBLAg Librariang Honor Society. JOHN COVERT No legacy so rich as honesty. Ex- plorers, Presidenlg The-spiansg Key Club. VERNON COX Watch out for his hidden talents. FFAQ Machinists Clubg Hi-Yg "A" Band. YVONNE BREWER CROFT Love makes the world go around. RICHARD DAVIDSON School is the least of my troubles. "A" Bandg Audio Visual Aid. LINDA DAWSON An eye for gaiety and a special love for printers inlf. C-rowl, Editor-in-Chief, Business Manager, Fashion Editorg Spizg Quill and Scroll, Presidentg Y-Teensg FHAQ GAAQ FTAQ Journalism Conference: Student Press Clinic. JAMES DECIME An easy minded soul. UA" Bandg Training Band. JANET DECKER Dark Eyes. GAAg Y-Teensg FTA, Presidentg Spizg Student Councilg Green Yearsg "A" Band, Assistant Librarian. NORIVIA DENNIE Dizzy baton. GAAg FTAg Y-Teens, Treasurerg UA" Band: Pep Bandg Majoretteg Drum Majorette. VERN DEWEY If ladies interfere with your work quit work. DECAg Glenns Ferry High School, Glenns Ferry, Idaho. DWANE DIBBEN Ready, Steady, sturdy, and sure. Sophomore Basketball, JV Basketball, FFA. RON DIKE He plays ball like he talks - fast. Blu- N, President, Quill and Scroll, Science Club, Sum- mit, Business Manager, Prom Committee, Sage, Sports Co-Editor, Student Council, Sage King Attendant, Scholastic Achievement Award, Varsity Football, Co- Captain, Basketball, Co-Captain, Baseball, Track, All-Star SIC Football, KFXD Big SIC Award, 12th Annual All-American Prep School Football Team, PE Assistant. JIM DOBBS Footloose and fancy free. Key Club, DECA, Student Council, Varsity Yell King, Training Band, "A" Band, Pep Band, Dance Band. EDDY DOORN Michief twinlfles in his eyes. Hi-Y, DECA, Explorers, Vice President, Varsity Yell Duke, Sophomore Football Manager, Basketball, Baseball, JV Basketball, "A" Band, National Anthology Award. BARBARA DOSS Beauty seen is never lost. GAA: FLS, FNA, Spiz, FHA, Office Monitor, HB" Choir. NANCY DOTY Her laughter lingers on. JOYCE DUNN Success is the reward for diligence. "A" Choir. LARRY EDGERTON There is nothing impossible for one who tries. FLS, FTA, Librarian, Quill and Scroll. MELISSA EGBERT Sweetness with a touch of Pixie. FHA, Y-Teens, Sage, Green Years, Spiz, Service Club, Debate Club, NFL, President, Sophomore Class Secretary, Prom Co-Chairman, Student Council, Honor Society. ROGER ELLIS Did you say farming? FFA, RON ELLIS Chiualrous - always ready with a help- ing hand. DECA. SHARON ELLIS She's small but has a big heart. F1353 FHA: GAA, Sage, Green Years, Upward Climb, Prom Committee. JOHN DRINKALL I want arl1'enture. DECA, "A" Band, Pep Band, Dance Band. DEANNA DUFFY I got rhytlzm. GAA, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Secretary, FTA, Spit: Spizettes, Student Council, Prom Committee, Ring Committee, Girls' State: Homecoming Attendant, Green Years, Upward Climli, HA" Band, All-State Band, Pep Band, Leader, Dance Band, Orchestra, "C" Choir, Accompanist, Tennis, Office Monitor, Honor Society, AWS, President. GENE DUNN Rare compounrl of fun and frolic. Ex- plorers, Secretary-Treasurer, Hi-Y: DECA, Sopho- more Baseball. MERLE ENSIGN Why study when there's so much to learnl DECA. MARIE EVANS Life's race well won, life's work well done. FBLAQ Teen Times. BOB FERGUSON With little cares and many thoughts of fun. FFA, Secretaryg Sophomore Footballg Tumbling Team. CLYDE FILLMORE He's not as bashful as he looks. FFA, Treasurerg "A" Choir. PAULA FLISHER She leaves a record that will not rust. GAA, FLS, Presidentg Service Clubg Quill and Scrollg FNAQ Student Councilg Upward Climbg Honor Society. CAROL LEE FOBES A popular girl in fine trim. Y-Teensg GAA, Quill and Scroll, Secretaryg FLA, Secretaryg Spiz, Historiang Student Councilg Growl, Business Manager, Page Editorg Honor Society. GLENDA FOOTE A pretty girl is like a melody. FHA, Spizg Football Queen Attendantg Homecoming Queen Princessg Honor Society. SANDEE FORD Her faults would make dim shadows. Y-Teens, Secretaryg Spiz, Secretaryg GAAg Spizettesg Green Years, Upward Climbg Librariang Prom Com- mittee: Student Councilg Honor Societyg Secretary, Youth Legislatureg Sage Organization, Junior, Sopho- more Editor. LARRY FORTIN Ideas won't work unless we do. "A" Bandg Sophomore Footballg Baseball. DARRELL FOUST Why should I worry and work myself gray. Pm in no hurry for judgement day. Melba High School, Melba, Idaho. LARRY FOWBLE Life is so merry. Hi-Yg Sophomore Football, Varsity Football. LOUISE FRANCIS Common Sense will carry you anywhere. Y-Teensg FBLAQ Spizg Green Years. INEZ GABICA She lets her light shine without throwing a spotlight on herself. FLSg GAA, FHA: Service Club, Spizg Student Body Secretary: Home- coming Queeng Football Queeng FFA Sweetheart Attendantg Prom Committeeg Upward Climb, Co- Business Manager, Speech Festivalg District, Re- gional: Senior Announcement Committeeg Journalism Conference. GARY WAYNE GARRISON Hurry! Hurry! I'm get- ting away. DECAg Hi-Y, Student Councilg Meridian High School, Meridian, Idaho. MARTIN GERRITSEN She .keeps a lot of people guessing. GAAg FHAg Quill and Scroll, Camera Club: Y-Teensg Homecoming Attendantg Green Yearsg Sage, Photographerg Upward Climbg Joumalism Con- ference. JEANNE GIRARDI She found that smiles are to be worn. FHA, FLS, FTA, Parliamentarian, GAA. ROBERTA GIVENS Blessed with charm. FLS, Y- Teens, FHA, Historian, Vice President, Spiz, Treas- urer, Green Years, FNA, Harvest Ball Attendant, Student Council, Office Monitor. KEITH GLOVER 0h - I get along. MARLENE GODFREY Silence is golden. Y-Teens, Growl, Circulation Manager, FHA, FBLA, Quill and Scroll. ROBERT GOTIER Well, then there's now. LLOYD GOULD Well, I came here to learn, didn't I? Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms, Basketball Manager, Sopho- more, Varsity, HA" Choir. EARLDEAN GRANT There's sunshine in the heart of me. Spiz, FHA, GAA, Y-Teens, DECA, His- torian. LlNDA GRANT She is loved for her quiet friendliness. Y-Teens, GAA, FBLA, Sage, Green Years, Upward Climb, Honor Society. CHARLES GREGG Quietness has its own happiness. EDDIE GUNDERSON Something between a hindrance and a help. FFA. JIMMY HAIN Youth comes but once in a lifetime. FFA. FRED HALLBERC Hapy go lucky. CARL HAMILTON It takes a tall person to know what's going on in the world. NFL, Key Club, Vice President, Debate Club, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Student Council, Boys' State, Sophomore Football, Basketball, Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, Speech Festival, District, Regional, "Lady Precious Stream," "Mrs, McThing," District Drama Festival, "Three on a Benchf' GARY HANSEN A good sport in every sense of the word. RON HANSON Truth is the highest thing that man may keep. Future Engineers, FLS, Science Club, Green Years, "A" Band, Pep Band, Orchestra, Honor Society. ANSON HANWAY Why study when thereis so much to do? DECA. ROSALIE HARN A penny for your thoughts. FLAQ GAAg Spizg FBLA. ROBERT HARRELL You'll find us rough, sir, but y0u'll find us ready. Hi-Yg "A" Band. ERVIN HARRIS You can always tell a Senior, but you can't tell him much. BARBARA HARRISON A Sunbeam on a rainy day. FLAg GAAQ Y-Teensg Spizg Spizettes, President, FBLAQ "A" Band, Secretaryg Dance Band Managerg Pep Bandg Training Band, Librariang Prom Com- mitteeg Summit, Co-Editorg Upward Climbg Green Yearsg Student Councilg Office Monitorg Homecoming Attend:-mtg Green Years Queen. TOM HARRIS A Great Guy to those who know him, an idol to those who don't. Thespiansg Hi-Yg Sopho- more Baseballg Trackg "A" Band. ELAINE HEIMBERGER A good woman is a man's bliss. CAROLINE HENDERSON Conversation is just one of her talents. GAA, Representativeg FBLA, Vice President, FLSg "A" Band, HB" Bandg Spizg "Skin Deepf' Green Yearsg Upward Climhg Summit. ELAINE HENDERSON With curly hair and laughing eyes. GAAg Spizg FBLA. GARY HENDRICHS Laugh and the world laughs with you. MERRILYN HENDRY Happiness is speechless. FLSQ GAAg Y-Teens, Librariang Spizg Green Years, Busi- ness Managerg Laboratory Assistant. BOB HENRY Better three hours too soon than a minute late. Hi-Yg FBLAQ DECAQ Audio Visual Aidg Science Club, President, Sergeant-at-Armsg Future Engineersg Tennis Team. JANET HICKMAN 1t's good to be merry and wise. GAA, "B" Choir. MARY HICKS Short and happy, cute and snappy. GAAg FLSQ FHA, Upward Climbg Sageg Student Councilg Prom Committee. LYNN HIGGINSON Whistle while you work and talk the rest of the time. Debateg NFLQ FTAg Stu- dent Councilg Sophomore Track. 4 EDWINA HILL Always ready for a whirl. GAA, Y-Teens, FHA, Growl, News Editor, Typist, Quill and Scroll, Vice President, Spiz. ED HILTY Let me pass out quietly. Student Council. MELVIN HOCHHALTER Not very tall, but neither was Napoleon. Hi-Y, Boys' State, Sophomore Foot- ball, Tumbling Team, Varsity Basketball Manager. RONNIE HODGE No evil can happen to a good man in. his life. FFA, HB" Band: "A" Bands DECA- DALE HOGAN Wim, wigor, witality, and women. FTA. EVELYN HOLDERBY With red hair and a winning smile, FTA, FBLA, Store Buyer, Honor Society. JERRY HOLLINGSWORTH Why hurry, time won't go any faster. RON HOPPINS Yes an' no, an' mebbe an' not. Service Club, Vice President, Sage, Sports Editor, Green Years, Upward Climb, Summit, Business Man- ager, Prom Committee, Boys' State, Audio Visual Aid, Orchestra, Honor Society. LEROY HORNE Tail is the sire of fame. MARY BETH HORTON I grow old learning some- thing new everyday. Spiz, Quill and Scroll, FTA, FNA, FLS, Y-Teens, GAA, Girls' State, Green Years, Upward Climb, HA" Band, Orchestra, Office Monitor, Honor Society. SYLVIA HOUSTON Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. Y-Teens, FHA, FBLA. SHARON HOWER With a song in her heart. Y- Teens, Vice President, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, HA" Band, Orchestra, "Bw Band, Thespian Variety Show. JACK HURREN lim too busy farrnin' to go ro- mancinf FFA, Sophomore, Varsity Football. CAROLYN HURST To her, life is not life at all without delight. Y-Teens, CAA, FHA, Point Keeper, President, FBLA, Spiz. LINDA JACOBSEN Personality, honesty, and the will- ingness to serve. Y-Teens, FHA, GAA, Secietary, President, FNA, Point Keeper, Spiz, Spizettes, FTA, Green Years, Upward Climb, Sage, Editor-in-Chief, Quill and Scroll, Prom Committee, Honor Society, Student Council, Typing Assistant, Journalism Con- ference, Student Press Clinic. 25 RON JONES All that and good looking too? Key Clubg Blu-Ng "A" Choir, Presidentg Track, Varsity Football. ERVIN KARST All I lrnow is what I read in Pogo. Student Council, Trackg Junior Varsity Footballg Varsity Football. ANN KELLOGG Little friends may prove great friends. Quill and Scrollg Spizg NFLQ Debateg FNA, Vice Presidentg Service Club, Secretaryg Girls' Stateg Prom Co-Chairmang Sageg "A" Choirg Orchestra! Green Years. A. J. KELLOGG The definition of a gentleman. Science Clubg Key Club: Chess Clubg DECA, Presi- dent. MARILLYN KILLIAN Variety is the spice of life. Spizg "A" Choirg Sage Queen Attendantg Rigby High School. Rigby. Idaho. GLENDA KIMBALL Action is eloquence. FBLA. DENNIS KING Mutual love - the crown of all our bliss. Sophomore Footballg Sophomore Basket- ball Managerg Varsity Footballg Varsity Basketball Manager. UNA MAY KING I like indoor sports if they go home at a reasonable hour. WAYNE KNOTTS An easy-minded soul. 26 KATHLEEN JAWORSKI Slight not what's near though aiming at what's far. Office Monitorg Choric Choir. DEANNA JEROME Sweet to everyone. FHAQ Spizg Thespians, Secretary, 4'Lady Precious Streamf' "Mrs, McThing3" "Cavalcade of Comedyf' Prom Committee. ROBERT JOHNS Conscience, conscience, man's best friend. Science Clubg FLSQ Service Clubg Future Engineers, President, Key Club, Secretary, Boys' Stateg Tennis Team. DON JOHNSON Friendliness, Leadership, Imagination - too bad he can't spell! FLS, Vice President, Honor Society, President, Orcbestrag Quill and Scrollg Green Years, Editorg Summit, Co-Editorg Upward Climb' Sage, Art Editorg Student Councilg Prom Commit- teeg Thespians. President, "Tiger on His Toes." GENEAI.. JOHNSON Silence is golden and blond. FBLAg GAA, Spizg "A" Choirg Madri Guys and Gals: All-State Choirg Green Yearsg Honor Society. GLENYS JOHNSTON What have you got that gets us. Y-Teens, FHAQ Spizg Spizettes, Secretaryg "B" Bandg "A" Bandg Green Yearsg Speech Festival. DENNIS KNOWLTON Yaa - and l'm cute too. Service Club, Presidentg Student Councilg Sophomore Baseballg Junior Varsity Basketballg Varsity Baseball: Varsity Basketball. MARY ELIZABETH KOEHNE Blessed are the calm. Y-Teensg FLAg Spizg Green Years Staff. .IOHN KOUDELKA Life is so rnerry. Hi-Yg "A" Bandg "B" Band, Presidentg Pep Band. JOHN KRAUSE Silence never betrayed anyone. Hi- Yg Sophomore Baseballg Varsity Baseballg Hi-Y Bas- ketballg Hi-Y Bowling. LARRY KUDEBEH I donit dare be as- funny as I might. Machinists Club. DAVID LANCASTER All American boy. Key Club, Treasurerg DECA3 Hi-Yg Student Council: Green Years' Top Fifteen. MAX LANDON The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest. FFA. ROGER LANE Me? Heck, I was just fooling around. Science Clubg Growl Photographer. DONAVON LANTZ Many men are killed by over- worlcg I shall not be one of them. PAT LARUE Entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of man. FBLA. KATHY LEWIS A jolly little girl. FHAQ Y-Teensg HA" Choir. JEANETTE LEWIS To her, life is not life at all with- out rlelights. GAAQ FHA: Spizg FBLAg Spizette-sg Thespiansg g'Three on a Benchf' "B" Choir. RON LINDE W'e're so sad you had to leave us. Blu-Ng Upward Climb, Business Managerg Hi-Y. HAROLD LUPTON No evil can happen to a good man in his life. FFA, Assistant Reporter, Reporter, Presidentg Movie Operatorg Honor Society, Vice Presi- dent. LORRAINE LYLE Her beauty shines from within. FHAg Girls' Gleeg "A" Choir. 97 CHRISTINE LYNCH A girl who needs no intro- duction. Y-Teensg GAAg FHAg Service Club, Honor Societyg Quill and Scrollg Librariang Junior Class Secretaryg Senior Class Secretaryg Homecoming Prin- cessg Football Attendantg Girls' Stateg Student Coun- cilg Green Yearsg Ring Committeeg Prom Committeeg Announcement Committeeg Tennis Teamg "Mrs. Mc- Thingf' "Lady Precious Stream." GARY MABE Let's live a little. BECKY MACKEY Short cut to fun. DECA. JOANNA MAIER Deeds, not words, distinguish her. Y-Teensg FBLA, Store Supervisorg Librarians, Presi- dentg Honor Society, Secretary. BILL MANSUR Donit fence me in. SHARON MARCH Sense and Sensibility. Spizg Cas- cade High School, Cascade, Idaho. SHIRLEY MCKNIGHT It is no matter what you do, if your heart be only true. Y-Teensg FLSg FBLA: Thespiansg Weiser High School, Weiser. Idaho. EARL MCMILLIN Does he kid us? Never! Blu-Ng Machinist Clubg Sophomore Footballg Junior Varsity Basketballg Varsity Traekg Sophomore Vice Presi- dentg Junior Vice Presidentg Student Body Vice Presi- dent: HA" Band, Vice Presidentg Prom Committeeg Fire Chiefg Pep Band: Dance Band. DAVE MCNEILL Why worry? Explorers. JANICE MCNELIS Hapy go lucky. Boise South Jun- ior High, Boise. Idaho. ROD MEDLEY Wine, Women and song are getting me downg l guess I'll have to give up singing. FFA. DICK MERRITT Letls live a little. 28 JERRY MARTIN Beware, I may do startling things. JOYCE MARTINEAU She's a busy little bee. Y- Teensg GAAQ FHAg FLSg Spizg Lihrariang Student Councilg HA" Band. MARY ANN MARQUEZ Where did you get those big brown eyes? FLSg GAA. MELVIN MORRIS Oh Hapy clay, here l come. FFAg Sophomore Football. .IACK MOSLEY Let me play basketball, but no speeches pleasef Hi-Yg Sophomore Basketballg Varsity Basketballg Track. SERONA MUDD Slze's small but has a big heart. FHAQ GAAg FLSQ NFLQ Spizg Spizettesg Debate Clubg "B" Choir Sf-cretaryg Student Councilg Prom Committee. JIM METCALF Greetings fellow journalists. Blu-Ng Honor Societyg Quill and Scrollg Growl, Associate Editor, Sports Editorg Green Yearsg Upward Climb, Co-Editorg Pep Bandg Orchestrag "A" Bandg Varsity Football, Trackg Sophomore Footballg Boys' State. DELMAR MEYERS Ever dependable. "B" Bandg Green Years. MARLENE MILLIGAN She's as silent as she is nice. GAAQ FBLA, Store Supervisorg Honor Society. KAY MYERS As you like it. UB" Bandg "A"'Band: Orchestrag Y-Teensg FHAg Spiz. ALVIN MILLER Rough and tough in football, other times just wonderful to us all. Hi-Yg Blu-Ng Junior Varsity Basketballg Varsity Football, Basketball. LEWIS MILLER Can't get along without a car. Hi-Yg Science Clubg Laboratory Assistant. GARLDINE NELSON She has a smile that won't rub off. FBLA, Presidentg Spizg GAAg FHA: Li- brariang FNAg Sageg Honor Societyg Student Coun- cil. ROGER NELSON I'm a big shot in the athletic ale- partment. Blu-N, Vice President: Varsity Football and Basketballg Track. VONDA NEWMAN Blonde bombshell. Y-Teensg GAAQ FTAg Spizg Librariang Spizettesg "A" Bandg Major- ette. RILEY NEWTON Hold the fort, I'rn coming. FFAg Hi-Y. CHARLES NICHOLAS I thought nights were marle for study. Debateg Track. GAYLE NIHART A little shy but always ready with a cheery 'chif' Student Councilg Sage Queen. 29 TERRY NORDSTROM With one exception, girls mean nothing to me. DECAg Student Councilg Sage King. BARBARA NUTSCH Not to be forgotten. FTAQ FHA. CAROL PARKER Blonde Bombshell. FBLA, GAA, FHA, Y-Teens, Thespiansg "Mrs. McThingg" Variety Show. RON PASCOE A big strong silent man. Sophomore Football, Basketball: Varsity Football. GWEN PATTERSON Life is a jest. FTAg FNAg "A" Band, "B" Bandg "A" Choir. DOROTHY PELTZER A sure cure for the blues. GAAQ ,lunior Representative, Senior Representativeg FBLAg Y-Teensg PE Assistant. JUDY PERKINS Be alive and you'll get more out of this world. Y-Teensg FBLAg FTA, Historian. LINDA PFEIFFER The smile on her face is but a reflection of her heart. Sage, Business Managerg Quill and Scrollg GAAg FBLAg Camera Clubg FHAg Y- Teens, Debateg Spizg Student Council, Homecoming Queen Attendantg Office Monitor, Upward Climbg Green Yearsg Prom Committee. SHARON PIERSOL Never change when love has found its home. JUDY PILANT An all-around girl who radiates her joy, her only weakness is a blonde-headed boy. De- bate, NFL, Varsity Debate Teamg Y-Teensg Spiz- ettesg Spiz, Vice Presidentg Crowl, News Editor, Re- porter, Sage, Senior Editor. GENE PILCHER All quiet men are dying, I feel faint. FLSQ Service Clubg Key Club, Secretary, Vice Presidentg Chess Clubg Science Club, Secretary, Fu- turc Engfneersg Boys' Stateg Orchestra. DOROTHY PITMAN When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to giggle let us giggle. CAA, FHAQ Y-Teensg FBLAg Spizg Spizettesg Green Yearsg Orchestra, Secretaryg Homecoming Queen At- tendant. CLADYS POOLEY The smile that wonit come off. CAAQ FHAQ MA" Choir. BILL POTTER The gridiron is the meeting place of all good men. Debateg NFL, Hi-Y, Blu-Ng Up- ward Climbg Sophomore Football, Basketballg ,lunior Varsity Basketballg Varsity Track, Footballg All-Star SIC Football Team. SONNY POWERS Ring out the old, ring in the new, I want variety. "B" Choirg Intramuralsg Tumbling Team. PANSY PRICE By diligence she wins her way. GAA Sergeant-at-Arms. WESLEY PROUTY No finer person can you know Hi-Y, FFA, Sophomore Basketball, Football, Track, Junior Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Foot- ball, Baseball. JERRY PURCELL ls it only in the Spring that a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love? Blu-N, Hi-Y, Sophomore Football, Track, Tumbling, Varsity Football, Track, Senior Class Vice President. RON PROW I be as a charmed man. MARILYN PYWELL One way to succeed is to do more than is required. Y-Teens, FNA, Vice Presi- dent, Quill and Scroll, "A" Band, Dance Band, Director, Orchestra, Variety Show. TERRY RAFF He never turns back - always goes forward. Student Council, Green Years. CAROL RAU Never a dull moment. Y-Teens, FHA, DECA, Secretary, Spiz, GAA. ALFRED RAYNOR History will be the death of me. PEGGY REAL Lucky in love. FBLA, "A" Band, College High, Nampa, Idaho. DONNA REIZENSTEIN An efficient little lass with a sparlfler on her finger. FBLA, Y-Teens, Spiz, FHA, GAA, Spizettes, Typing Assistant, "A" Choir. ARMOND ROBERTS Ambition has no rest. Indus- trial Arts Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, Industrial Arts Assistant. DIANE ROGERS l love to live whether I smile or grieve. Spiz, FHA, GAA, FBLA. ROBIN RUSSELL Sir - they say you are a scholar. Science Club, Vice President, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, Chess Club, Green Years, Growl, Adver- tising Staff, Varsity Tennis, "Aw Band, Pep Band, National Mathematics Contest Award. DONNA RUTHERFORD Tall, blonde, and . . . ? GAA, Y-Teens, FHA, Quill and Scroll, Upward Climb, Green Years, Camera Club, Spiz, Sage Pho- tographer, DECA Photographer, Joumalism Con- ference. SHARON SALEK Her friendship is worth having. FNA, FHA, Librarian. 0 LARRY SIEBOLD The world owes me a living. In- dustrial Arts Cluhg Shop Assistant. BRENDA SLANSKY The hand that made thee hath made thee good. Spizg FTA, FHAg Green Yearsg HA" Choir. BEVERLY SLAUCHTER She trusts everyone and doubts no one. FHAQ UB" Choirg Boise High School, Boise, Idaho. CAROL SMITH She doesn't tall: rnueh, but what is there to say? FBLA, Merit Point Chairmang Honor Society. JUNIOR SMITH Give me my boots and sarldle. MARLENE SPIELMAN Beauty is power, a smile is its servant. Spizg GAA: FBLA: Y-Teensg Quill and Scrollg FLS: Spize-ttesg Sage. Feature, Faculty. Music Etlitorg Upward Climlmg Office Monitor, National Anthology of High School Poetry Award: Journalism Conference: Scholastic Achievement Award. 32 KENNY SCHMIDT Every inch a man, not to say feel. FFA, Treasurer, Vice President. VIRGIE SCHMITT In a young heart, everything is fun. GAAg FHAg FBLAg Green Yearsg HA" Choirg Girls' Gleeg Spiz, Sergeant-at-Arms. PATRICIA SCHOLL A package full of brains and a heart full of sunshine. FTAQ Honor Societyg FHAQ Librarian. HAROLD SCOTT Sorry, no record available. FFAg Adrian High School, Adrian, Oregon. ED SCRIVIN No sooner said than done. "A" Bandg Training Bandg Audio Visual Aidg Librarian, As- sistantg Sophomore Football. GARY SHARP He's a help to everyone. FBLAg Newport High School, Newport, Oregon. LESLIE SHEETS One who is polite to you eten when he has no favors to ask. ,IOANN SHEFFIELD What is lovely never dies. Y- Teensg FBLA, Store Manage-rg FLSg Honor Society, Treasurerg Quill and Scroll. LAVERNA SIEBER Vision for the foresight of to- morrow. 1. ,J -.tum .ff.. :ff-l si-U: it f- ff mums, DOROTHY STRODE Earnest in purpose. FBLAg Li- brarian. SUSAN SWENSON And still they gazed and still the wonder grew, how one small head could carry all she knew. FHAg Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow: Honor Society. ELDON TAPP Me? Heck, I was just fooling around. JIMMY THINNES Honor lies in honesty. Training Band. DALE THOMPSON He may be quiet now, but wait until you know him. FFAg Track. MIKE THOMPSON Handsome is as handsome does. Hi-Yg DECAg Sophomore Yell Leaderg Student Coun- cil. ILLA TIBBETS 1 do betray myself by blushing. GAA3 FBLAg Y-Teensg Sophomore Choirg "A" Choirg Office Monitor. CHARLENE TOLMAN Happy-go-lucky. FHAQ "An Choir. KAREN TOOLSON With one exception, boys mean nothing to me. GAAg FBLAQ Spizg UA" Choirg All- State Choir. Ai.. JUNE TRAUERNICHT Cheerful today, tomorrow, and everyday. Honor Society. STEVE TREASURE Give me Liberty or give me any other five-cent magazine. MARY LOU TROYER You couldn't dislike her if you tried. FLSQ FBLAg Typing Assistant. GEORGIA TURRITTIN Combination of youth, beauty, or wisdom. Spizg FHAQ GAAQ FTAQ Librariang Fire Marshalg Homecoming Attendantg Student Council. CHARLES TYLER I despise money except for what I need today. Key Club, Treasurerg Future Engineers. BETTY UNDERHILL She serves her purpose well. FBLAg Office Monitor. 33 IVAN UZZEL The early bird catches the worm, but who wants a worm nowadays? GLENDA VERHEYEN With valleys of eternal good cheer. Y-Teensg FHA: FBLAQ GAAg Lihrariang Typing Assistant. SHERREL WALKER What she does still betters what is done. Honor Societyg Bookkeeping Assistantg FTAg "B" Choir. RAY WARD I'm not alone in this. RON WARD He never kneels to anyone. Hi-Yg Varsity Football. DARRYL WARWICK With one exception - girls mean nothing to rne. DECAQ Hi-Yg Sage King At- tendant. JIM WECKER True to his work, his word means much to his friends. Hi-Yg Quill and Scrollg Green Yearsg Upward Climbg Pep Bandg "A" Band, Presi- dentg Honor Society, Presidentg Senior Class Pre-si dentg Student Rotariang Announcement Committeeg District 3 Student Council. MARVIN WEIDENFIELD Let every man be master of his time. TERRY WESTMARK Concentration Kid. "A" Bandg Drum Majorg Training Bandg Green Yearsg Upward Climbg Summit, Art Editor. GARTH WHITSON All's well that ends well. BOB WILKERSON I care not for the fair sex - not all the time. LOIS WILLCUTS Be silent and safe . . . silence never betrays you. Y-Teensg FBLA, Secretaryg FLSQ Green Years. EVELYNNE WILLIAMS Men are like street cars - if you miss one, catch another. FBLAg FI-IAQ Spizg Y-Teensg Harvest Ball Attendant. MONTY WILLIAMSON l've got good intentions. EDWIN WILSON He would help others, out of fellow feeling. GENE WILSON Let me pass out quickly. "A" Bandg "A" Choirg "A" Orchestra. JIM WILSON You'll find us rough, sir, but you'll find us ready. FFA. SHEILA WINSTON She has a smile that won't rub off. FHAg Y-Teensg Spizg Camera Club, Secretaryg Sage: Upward Climbg Prom Committeeg Office Moni- tor. MARILYN WOLF A flashing smile for everyone. FHAg FBLAg Office Monitor. VEARL WOLFE I do betray myself by blushing. Machinists Club. JOYCE WOOLERY Beauty is powerg a smile is its servant. Spizg "B" Choirg "AH Choir. FRED YATES Take good care of me, good men are rare. DECA, Vice Presidentg Sophomore Footballg Junior Varsity Football: Tumbling Team. KEITH BIRD The jolly journalist. Quill and Scrollg Growl, Sports Editorg Sophomore Football. NOEL BLUM Silence is deep as eternity, speech is shallow as time. Hi-Yg Science Clubg "A" Bandg Pep Bandg Orchestra. DIXIE LEE SHAW Personality, honesty and the will- ingness to serve. "A" Bandg Pep Bandg Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe, New Mexico. RICHARD MORRIS A ready smile awaiting you wherever you meet him. Explorers Club, Sergeant-ab Armsg Blu-Ng Sophomore Footballg Varsity Football, Tumbling, Track. LEONARD SMITH Why study when there's so much else to do. NFL: Science Clubg Industrial Arts Club, Vice Presidentg Student Councilg Hi-YQ Blu-Ng Varsity Golf, Footballg Sophomore Football. Camera Shy Seniors DENNIS ALDREDGE There's a joker in every deck. Hi-Yg Debate Clubg NFL, All-Star SIC Football Teamg Varsity Football, Track. PRESTON BEAGLEY Yes, I'm a Senior this year, the world lies ahead. Rosston, Oklahoma. BRUCE BLAKE Oh, why should life all labor be? LEONA FULLER I have a heart and room for every 109'- JERRY GOWEN Always ready to be your friend. RON KAISER School will be the death of me. GALE LANE Me? Heck, I was just fooling around. DALLAS LAWRENCE Do not delay, golden moments fly. RICHARD MITCHELL Oh, I get along. FBLA. DAVE PRESCOTT lust let the clouds roll by. ROBERFT REIF I just study to kill time. KAREN ROBERTSON My heart is ever at your service. JIM SALOIS Such a shame you didn't come here sooner. Debateg Varsity Basketball, Bubl High School, Buhl, Idaho. RICHARD SHORT Take me far from the maddening crowd. Machinists Club. DON STROUCHON Time is awfully hard to kill. FRED SMITH A man after his own heart. IONA SMITH Always there with joy and cheer. E 1 . ,lJ . EX, , , 3- Mi X -::1M,f X .Q y H 'K i QNX 1 'S ME 4. 'sh s X - ik m is Q bh - .U ig 3 :ff . K' we 'vs fn Q, ,mg 1 y ,N 'mu' W. ww 5 fy, A PSN K X 'x swf: Cm Wferry, you poor overworked Senior. I hope you rezmze you are filling the cup upside downf' Terry Nordstrom is one of the D.E.C.A. members who serves you every noon in the Kennel. Keep it up D.E.C.A., but remember the cups, huh? 38 Ulf you put this 5 by 3, on page 27, it will balance with 216 by 4, on page 26." So directs Linda Ja- cobsen as she confers with Marlene Speilman and San- dee Ford on Sage Layout. 1---an-u-ii-l 1- -1-me Wipe those silly grins off your faces and get to work! Who do you think you are anyway-editors and business managers ol summit? You're right. That's what they are. Bar- bara Harrison and Don Johnson are Co-Editors of Summit and Ron Dike is Business Manager. Missing from the picture is Ron Hoppins the other Business Manager. "This is the way it should really be done," explains Ray Ward. Mr. Quinley smiles, as if to say, "You could be right." But by the looks on the faces of Ivan Uzzel and Leighton Benjamin, there could he a slight doubt in their minds. Student Body President Elian Al- verado is busily presiding over the Student Council Meeting in the lunch room during first per- iod. Looking on are Inez Cabica, Student Body Secretary and Buzz McM.illin, Student Body Vice President. Mr. Brandt's first period chemistry class is character- ized by the fierce tarten-like determination shown here by Bill Potter, in his experiment: How clean is a really clean glass stirring rod? My! Don't they look studious! This is a typical picture of Mrs. Ba.ker's Comprehensive English class, 2nd period. Everybody is busy listening to the assignment all except Lloyd Could. Lloyd, don't you know it isn't polite to read funny books when someone is talking. Mrs. Baker, you better get after him. gilw ,K 5 L was Qi, f ,293 sg ' Lf, ti i 2 2 '14 3? fi' ww syn L-fm ,gn 7? 1, ss? Y. Q at M A i N . , -7 ,-,fiawiiiii vlwfwfz 4. r , 2 :yu Q if fff aljmfx 3152 f igs ' 7 . W , asv F 14 Ja z 1 1 Q I K' P: KW - 4 L 'W H. . 'Q on ,. ,,, Ki 5 K -giiaziwi x ' 'SX sew fij-4" ,: :x.g.:.,',:- 4, 1, NOP' ' Hfsefwi xv... Q ,Af,M..--,--LN: ,,f,Zygfk:4:'::-ysffqiy if 1, E ,L , X . X ff,-fh3,Xgg,agp KM ,My by .xrf f N-,,-5 " - -' f' ,ea . V Zi, gif gli! :1g!NE7j.g2-,121 'a .A .lf wav ffgifgwf J, f, 3-5313, Ik- A--Qi .1 KL., , i - ., .M f" .... ,, . , 1 1 ' "'-' 1...... V A ' - , 'WM Junior Class For the class of '60 the Junior year exists only in memory: Memories of the dates, games, home work, final exams, and. of course. the Junior-Senior Prom. Headed by Marolane Yellen. the Prom was the biggest class event of the year. This dance was the result of much work by many committees headed by: Decorations, Karen Allen, Programs and lnvitations, Donna Fletcher: Clean-Up, Leland Benner, Publicity, Eugenie Newton, Photography and Lighting. Jerry Simonseng Chaperones, Jerilyn Burlingame, Refreshments, Peggy Roperg and Music and Floor Show, Bonnie Tiegs. Leading the class of '60 were Bill Cunningham, President, LaVonne Tiegs. Vice President: Bob Rogers, Secretary, Kay Masingill. Yell Queen, and Judy Masingill, Yell Duchess. Mrs. Helen York served as faculty advisor. The Upward Climb, under the supervision of Co-Editors Vickie Luekenga and Janis Chase, and Co-Business Managers Donna Fletcher and Arnold Wallace, has completed its second year providing a literary outlet for members of the Junior Class. Selected as the class motto was 'Took for the silver liningf, the class colors were pink, green, and silver, and the class flower was the carnation. Ahead looms the final year, but behind are many experiences and memories that will be long cherished by the class of 1960. Junior tudent Council FIRST ROW, left to right: Kay Masingill, LaVonne Tiegs, Bill Cunningham, Bob Rogers, and Judy Masingill. SECOND ROW: Karen Jacobsen, Shirley Jamison, Marilyn Benson, Sherry Lynn Buell, and Linda Ishihara. THIRD ROW: Dale Russell, Don Knudsen, Bruce Keithly, Dave Hill, Phil Davies, and Jerry Korn. - a.'anl ra-ff-v-nn n. 4 - f 4 Q t f 1.- n 1 .sm 1m,i ,lim Ahrens Merlin Ahrens David Allen Karen Allen Sandy Alexander .lan Alley Judy Allington Mary Anne Alvarado Roy Alverson Glenda Anderson Keith Applegate Anita Arana Gwen Archer Dean Ashcroft Eugene Baker Scotty Barney Burr Baughman Larry Beer Sandy Bell Leland Benner Roberta Benner Marilyn Benson Rondy Bentley Fred Bergemann Alan Bevington Judy Birket Marcia Blakeslee George Blecha Sherry Bly Steve Bonde O3 Douglas Borchert Donna Boren Sharon Bosley Carol Boston John Bowen Kenny Bowman Norma Brandenburg Kenny Brown Mary Brown Milton Brown Camilla Burneel Coleen Bryant Valene Bryant Sherry Lynn Buell Lynda Burchfield Joy Bumgartner Jerilyn Burlingame ,lim Burrow ,lorry Canning Jerry Carlson Vicki Carlson Carol Sue Carson Sandra Carter Anlone Chacartegui .lack Chacartegui Clinton Chartzer Janice Chace Larry Chase Diane Clark Elinor Cooke 'w Cary Cope Charles Cox Jon Cox Richard Crafl John Craig Nancy Croft Bill Cunningham Carolee Cunningham Ruth Dahl John Dart Gene Davenport Phil Davies DelRoy Davis ,lim Davison David Dayton Delmar Dewey Dennis Dick .loan Dick Cary Dike Layne Dike Lila Dodd Glen Dollberg Jerry Donnaly Carolyn Dubois Judy Duff Sherman Ellis Rita Ernest Werldell Everton Tonuny Farr David Feagins 'Y'-1 Us Y hu.. .v...g,W ok r,.u,.t, . I H 1 ' '''fg:szffuisi:m11f'- - ..+.,, Vivian Fillmore Darrell Franke Kay Caertt: Mackie Halcom Virginia Harvey Clilfortl Flake Recd l'll'Cl'lHZ1fl Lonnio Garrison Ruth llammond Betty Hatch Donna Fletclier Jack Friak llarlaara Class Clit-stew' llargravcs Sharvun Hatch Ct-rlvan Floyd llivk lnllllfllllillt Myrna Goonlmait lhrl21I'lll,'t2 Harm Larly Hathaway Roaa Leigh Fobes ,lutly lfullt-1' Karon Cunclorson Tommy Harm Sharon Hawkins Carolyn Ford .lulian llalmica Toni Halllierg Nancy Harvey Sharon Hayes Doug Henderson Carl Hogge Galen Hostetler Tom lrwin Jack Johnson Alan Hendry Sue Holland Dale Hoyd Linda lsliihara Caroline Jones :M ' - ,,, K M Q Q 'E Os., ,M DHV9 Hill D Marlin Hill Gwynn HUUWSC1' Eugene Hollingsworth KUIY HUUUU Mary Lou Hupe Delilfi IWY Karen Jacobsen Rl1lJY -lfmes Margaret Jordan My Trina lline Lyle' Horn Dr-metra Hurn Shirley Jamison Marjorie June Fay II1lllllS Slim,-rry Hoskins Nanvy IIIQTHIII Wayne Jewell Paul Kaye '5- 55:-X , me fk ,V ii .3 N wifi' 4 ul' 4' f , . ar uf llrum- Kvilllly llonalml Knuilsen Enrmn-lt lmwvll l.m'kwn0cl Kallwrlne Maglucic 50 Larry Ki,-lly Jerry Knrn B63 I,aRusi- Andy lmpvr' Sharon Mannin fs Kiev? Sharon Kennel Mary Kr:-hbicl llill Lawler Me-rlin Lulmiens Barlmara Nlarslr Uv-"5 Divk Kimura Jim Kruger ,lulrn lA'2llll6'I'lIl21I1 Vim-ki Luekcnga ,lack Martin Byron Kinnaman Connie Kirkman Floyd Kuhn Kay Langley Carol Lcwvllen Karen Liljenquist Kan-n Lund Carolyn Madison Kay Masingill Judy Masingill Dan Mclfrodvn Larry Minvr Sula Moon- Marilyn Murphy Dale Nordstrom Wayne McFadden Pffggy Milcllc-ll .ianvt Morris Lorraine Nelson Margaret Nutch .Indy Merlf-k Sheila Moon Donna Rav Morrison Gail Neth Odilia Ortiz LaVern Mvrvin Edna Moorv Kathleen Morrison Eugenia Newton Ofelia Ortiz Dcannf- Wiiller Larry Moore: II'CI'lP Mosel B011 Nivlson George O'Very Dixie Millvr PL-gg Moorc- l,iiI'it'llt' Mosvr K1-nm-th Nollensmier Marilcc Owens at W r .:'- ub I i w, , X Jovl Parks Sue Pfaff Fred Prrvuty Carol Ramsey Gail Rile-y Rodney llemllc-lon B8l'll2:lI'Zi Pipkin liarlmara ljruvolt liill Rarcliff Gloria Ritchie Karen Pvndry Rosanna Pitman Judy l'urm-ll VL-rnun Rs-iulxert Dick Rolu-ns Nlllic' l'vrry Ulf-nda lllatl Hnnalal Qualman Bill RPlIllllQ,lUI'l Ron Rulmertsml tltl OII Lavilla ll:-rsuml Hmlnn-y l'- -'s l,illiau l'mvla-y lluris lylllglllj' llian RlPllLiI'IlS Olga Humlrlquvz ,leulliv Pravllyl lrlayln-no Raff Elnura Rickvl Danny Rumern SKK HW BI'l'llt'll Rmifiehl Mike' llyholt 'llml Sc-rralos Weiidcll Shank Pat Simms llvggy Rupvi' Cliffniwl Saniuelson Run Sewald Carol Shaver livtly Smith lluh Ruwvll Shirlvy Rowe-ll Alberta Schaeffcr R011 Svhlf-rf lrcne SPl1Illll'I'PlA Gf'1'l'i Sflllllill Sliaron Shaw Ricliaul Shimanek Cliristie Smith Elaine Slllilll -ffm.. Bill Rush Dick Svcllavvk Carol Scliwvitzei' Jerry SllIlUI1SUll Clblllibll Smith Dall- Russell Lvc Seitz Ron Shanhollz Shirlce Simpson Jusephint- Smith 115141 iv i ,. ' 9 Judith Smith Larry Smith Lou Smith Reed Smith Ruben Smith Joyce Snyder Mike Spratt Gale Starr Violet Stauffer Judy Stine Mary Stuck Ron Sturtevant Don Summers Sammy Tackett Karen Talich Virginia Terry .Julie Theurer Darlene Thurgood Bonnie Tiegs LaVonne Tiegs Jeff Tollefson Judy Tomlinson Joy Treat Merle Treat Glen Trosper Donna Vincent Jerry Vincent Roger Vitek Irene Volk Pat Walker Arnold Wallace Rose Marie Wahlstrom Janet Waltman Ron Warren Jeannie Waxbom Linda Welker Orval West Linda White Larry Willcuts Carolyn Wilson Cliff Wilson Melva Loy Wilson Tom Wilson Carmond Witteman Barbara Wolfe Jerry Wood Patsy Worthan Marolane Yellen .loan Yoder Dale Young Tom Zechman Duree Zink Kathy Green Eldon Lenz Camera Shy Juniors Royce Bougher Sue Burtlow Reva Coons Wayne Dodge Marian Dragoo Mike George Dennis Goodman Robert Gowen Richard Keen Maureen Larson Bob Nielson Willie Reams Elmer Robertson Bob Rogers Mike Rossman .l erry Solois Wes Storey Lorren Stratton Arlen Tapp Shirlene Zenor Q' V:Lx QW "Boy what a problem." Ron Sturdivant and Jeff Tollifson attempt to find the differential of the difference of the negative cuberoot of the mass of ball A as opposed to ball B in physics.-"And don't ask me which is ball A." Books in, opposed to books out. Oh well they balance this morning. Sula Moore, one of the student librarians, is balanc- ing the book records for another day. "Quid habet, Comelius?" Here is a first year Latin class studying the language of the ancient Romans. Their able in- structor, .of course, is Miss Haglin, Nam- pa High's French and Latin teacher. W - 2 :QR ,la . A ,..,.i"' Class Ojfcers Hostetler ophomore Class One more green year has passed for another green class. After the first few Weeks of confusion. this year7s 'ggreenw sophomores dug in and have taken an active part in student affairs. The class officers were Bruce Garrison, President: Stanley Tarter, Vice Presidentg and Kathy Hostetler. Secretary. Faculty advisor was Carlyle Dean. The cheerleaders, Caryn Snyder. Barlmara Dick. Julie Ann Harper, and Connie Luekenga, have done a fine job in getting the Sophoniores out to support their teams. We were all proud when the sophomore football team won the Tri-City League Cham- pionship Trophy. Green Years editor was Beverly Labruni and Business Manager was Ruth Adams. They and their staff worked hard to puhlish the hook under the supervision of their advisor Miss Ardis Minna. ophomore tuclent Council FIRST ROW, left to right: Caryn Snyder, Barbara Dick, Kathie Hostetler, Bruce Garrison, Stanley Tarter, Julie Ann Harper, and Connie Luekenga. SECOND ROW: Georgia Cutler, Judy Wentworth, Denna Alvarado, Barbara Farmer, Dawn Mills, Wanda Lee Miller, and Bill . . . . . . . Q Bin Sh Hart. THIRD ROW: Germain Tarrant, Blake Harris, Dennis Brock, Buzz King, Jun Furishiro, John Hayec, and aw. ' 4 a n w u -- . Q - Sharon Abernathy Marvella Ahle Ruth Adams Darrel Agenbroad ,lim Allen Karen Allen Bruce Alsip De-nna Alvarado Donnie Aman Eddy Amhrel Jeanette Anderson Judy Applegate Kay Archer JoAnn Aschenbrener George Asselin Lanis Aultz Hugh Bailey Rita Baines Sharon Barnhill George Barrow Roberta Barton Carol Bates Carolyn Bcagley Linda Bean Sherelyn Bean Linda Beatty Pele Bvuhweth Sheila Boll Loren Benner ,loss Bice' Etltlit- Iiinl lrent- Bishop Merilent- Black Rosann Blake Gayla Bloxham Q- yi Q 1 Dale Blunk Tim Bosworth Frank Bottoms Sharon Bouden Gerald Bouvia Bob Bovee Leo Bresnaken Dennis Brock Daniel Brown Louise Brown Sharon Brown Brenda Bruck Pamela Burchard Paul Burkey Kathy Bye Doyle Caldwell Linda Cah1pbell Sharon Campbell Darrel Case Rita Cassidy Carina Castagneto Barbara Cavannah .ludy Chancellar .lack Chaney Gayle Clark Sharon Clovcr Joyce Collins Mary Comstock Alfred Cox Jackie Crane Lorraine Croft Phyllis Crouse Loren Curtis Cm-orgia Cutler Lyle- Dahl David Daniels Darlene Davenport Ronnie Day JoAnn Decker Tom Degroot Bob Dewey Connie Dibben Darrel Dice Barbara Dick Wayne Diggs Ilene Drapeau Lee Dodson Ronald Donoly Gary Doramas Clark Dowdle Pat Doss Maurice Douthit Mary Douthit Donnie Duncan Joe Duff Rene Duval Louis Dyas Larry Eastland Milton Edgerton ,lim Edmunds JoAnn Ekhoff Betty Elliot Dennis Ellis Stanley Ernest Beverly Esson Janet Eubanks Wayne Evans Barbara Eveland Exley Terry Fairchild Barbara Farmer Londa Fattig Eddie Ferguson Charlotte Fillmore Lynn Flemming Linda Floyd Pauline Flippence Hal Fobes Pat Fortin Gary Fowble Johnny Frank Roger Frank Judy Frost Bill Fry Sandra Fry Marvin Fulcher ,lim Furushiro Eugene Furyhama Ron Garner Bruce Garrison LaVerda Garrison Russell Garrison Cheryl Gerrittson Patty Giesc Terly Glover Craig Goodey Lonetta Gould Jerry Gould ,lim Gowin Karen Grant Keith Gray Richard Guffey Lonnie Gunther Karen Gwinn Gary Hackney Dennis Hain Illa Halcolm Eddie Halllwerg Noreen Hale Donna Hamilton Nanita Hanson Judy Harbaugh .lulie Ann Harper Kent Harper Karen Harrel Blake Harris Donna Harris Joe Harris Ron Harris Tom Harris Bill Hart Ramona Hastriter Johnny Mike Hayes Arlen Hebner Gene Heiss Vickie Helfrich Betty Hendershot Betsy Henderson Melvin Henderson Beverly Hendry Margie Hensley Cary Heston David Higginson Kazuto Hirotomi Lloyd Hochhalter Kay Hodgen Zenobia Hoffman Dennis Hogan Beverly Holderby Mike Holladay . Q is 'uw ml Q ,Q f M sv 3 s a f or " as Ei 'Q l i -z M if if I 1 ivi D iirs QE ,i , ig 11. R Q 9 . vi :Q -i , wg F, 1 pw. .maszaa-.1fAm sgifaif'-32265 1 - sf 'V . -1 ikiifiizigiil W 'T MQ .L,. W., W gk as sssgggyai L7zQi5Q ew 7 Ji 1 9x '1 . x x k .. , . . wwf l I "' 'if' ,lim Lupton Cary Lundy Karen Lundquist Tim Lukehart Dick Lynch Fama Martin Ruby Martin Frances Martinez Janet Mattox Elva McCall Brent McDonald Carolyn McCrew DeLayne McKnight Joyce McKinzie Mike McNeil Mary Ellen Metcalf David Miles Alan Miller Connie Miller .lim Millen . Lynell Kynaston Beverly Labrum Sammy Labato Pat Landon Ron Lawler Dotty Lawson Pat Leach Hugh Leslie Mary Lou Levi Blaine Little Dale Lloyd Glenda Liversey Connie Luekenga Gloria Lopez Mary Lou Lott 3 S avian raw, ww wx gg L -:L-:V Q, Y xxx ., 1 x x 351533 n 'EW QU S4 at tm W E X ? ar' Li 4535 if Q 9- ? -1 . ' Judy Miller Patsy Miller Ronnie Miller Shirley Miller Wandalee Miller Wayne Miller Donnie Milligan Dawn Mills Duane Mitchell William Mitchell Sharon Mizoguchi Bob Moffal Charlene Moore Dwight Moore Roger Moore Lonnie Morgan Raymond Morrison Duane Moser Ervin Mowery Barbara Moxley Thomas Mudd Don Murphy Francis Muter Brenda Myers Penny Neider Sandy Neidiger Elaine Neilson Gary Newbdld Robert Nutsch Dale Ober David O'Brien April Olson Sharon Olson Ginger Orcutt Darrell OS-tyn Mike Ostyn Dennis Oswald Carol Ovary Artie Paine Barton Palmer Gail Parkinson Lynn Pate Mary Pavelka Carolyn Payne Eugene Peltzer David Pennington Marvin Peterson David Petet Jeannie Pfaff Bee Pfeiffer Beth Pfeiffer Neil Phelps Terry Pike , Cary Pipkin Carol Pollack .lanet Porterfield Rosalie Provolt Vernon Qualman Kenton Reed Linda Reichart Beverly Reid Imogene Reizenste Virginia Reynolds Jerry Rhodes Cary Richardson Linda Richardson Cary Robb Connie Roberts Cherol Robinson Larry Roe in . AI! Joanne Roetto Gerald Ronhart Ruth Romero Gonzales Ronieras Leroy Ross Ester Rowen Kathleen Rumpel John Runkle Kay Rupert Leroy Russel Leslie Russel Sharon Rutherford Daryl Sallaz Ronald Sanderson Ruben Santiseven Greg Schade Dorthy Schaefer Judy Schaefer Cycelia Schultheis Glenn Scott Walter Scott Jerry Sellman Carl Shartzer Bill Shaw Donna Jean Shelton Faye Shipley Beverly Shroll Janet Shroll Bill Shulnate Richard Sieber Bob Simpson Bruce Skinner Keith Skogsberg Charlene Smith Bruce Smith .j s 1 .Ama Y as of 2 Xorg te fs Q E Wm S Y if if , .- 1 t ' ei 3 it 1 as -er.-Y? A Dv , ....,, it ii 'B A Qs.. fi 'Iv' T is f L Patty Smith Roberta Smith Caryn Snyder Connie Stallings Larry Stallings Don Smith Cary Starr .lon Stephenson llclplia Stilvs Donna Stillson Mary Stilwell LeRoy Stone Holu-rt Storey Joyce Sutton Sllaron Swenson Rolmcrta Sword Patty Tacket Marvin Tally Germain Tarrant Stan Tartor Katherine Tccl ,lean Terry Larry Thomas Melvin Thompson .lorry Tilmlmctts Ronald Tiffany Barbara Timm Connie Titus Gloria Todd Nancy Tomlinson Connie Trajillo Jerry Travernicht Barbara Travis Mary Lou Volk Mavia Uzzel i g W f T nnn y ar xr if 'AU- -nu.. 2? 'al tin all Wd J 3' ar! gall Helen Wade Naomie Wade Coleen Walker Laird Walker Larry Ward Jim Ward Patty Weber Mary Ann Wells Vesta Wells Judy Wentworth ' Leon Westhusin Danny Westmark Jan Whiffin Connie Whipple Dennis White Gerald White Renee White Elaine Whitworth Donna Wilde Jeff Williams Cary Willis Bonnie Wilson Diane Wilson Linda Wilson Rama Wilson Patty Winiger Gary Wintrode Clinton Wissel Dotty Wissell Harvey Wolfe Valerie Wolfe .lon Woodling C. D. Wright Karen Wright Sherrie Wright Herbie Yamanishi Richard Yates ,lim Zarhnisky Dennis Heaps Vydella Jones .loe Aguardo Marlene Borah Marcene Borah Betty Budell .ludy Burch Russ Chaffin Glenda Clifton James Croft Camera Shy Sophomores Robert Croft Glen Dolberg Tom Dunlap Eddie Falkenstein Dawn Cethman Edwin Gonion Arla Graves Gary Guess Mike Hawley .lack Hill Wayne Irwin Stephanie Kelly Bruce Korth Donna Laird Johnny Lopez Duane Mason Karen Mass Barbara Moxley .lohn Nepper Manuel Novarro Duane Redityke Gary Shira Joel Slagg p Raymond Splinter ophomore Features Melody Taylor Ron Towler Linda Turrittin Louis Vieselmeyer Alice Whitaker .lames Wiggs Leon Zumwalt By constructing polygons and learning some of the Student teacher Leslie Tind . , all from NNC d J d h DHSIC .fundamentals of geometry, Buzz Klng is pav- first period biology class are anxiously vlillalitingl lyo Jgeelslill llliisMl:raKflinh1ecl1yS mg his way to the future in Mr. Keil's geometry mastered the art of swimming. Y S as class. :Q puma-My g'Line x extended through point p until it meets y,', explains Mr. McNich0ls, as ,lim Fur- shiro tries to make it look like what's in the book. With his collar high and the "enemy', fGer- main Tarrantl close behind, Loren Benner heads for cover. Scores of students were en- gaged in snow hall fights on the football field after the first real snow of the year provided ready ammunition. Now kids f is that the way to do your English? Daryl Sallaz seems to he in some doubt as to the proper procedure, Lee Dodson has figured it out by simply diagraming on the blackboard. FK ak- -L, xr eg , .,7,,,gW..- .... I - 1'zqi':'Sn:,1,,,, X X 5 GNN eff 2 Ep RSX ig! NTS , N . , M , Y ww , ge E . N nk K X , , .M l , 5, K Q QWEQSWQQQQE K rg X , X , ,X X I 3 izf me A23 jf f fr H S 'AM N " N Q , , Kgs New ., Y ' -' 1 ff? ' 3 ,:,,1 Q Sv 25? 1 bf i-1: Sal. f :ear 1, N-'Q if fz .. , " f , 2 m e 1 - few ., 'QP is K 3 , , L Sw uw K K ,. Q WW 'em i mm,- .fi ' ,w2f:.M, ,1 f- ' - - ,,,.,,,,,,. -L 3 K , ' 'M ,Q f, Q , w my .,,. em-:fine 1 ,Q i 'Q ' 5 we General Features 'lR The student body officers, Elias, Inez and Buzz pictured ' , , immediately below, look on while Mr. Steck addresses the council on student behavior. The student council is the governing body on the campus. It discusses matters affecting the entire student body and passes on acceptable practice. 'LWill the student council come to order, so we can adjourn?" Pictured at the bottom of the page is the second council meeting of the year held in the latter part of September. M- wr 'lip -my 0 - A' Karen Jacobsen and Linda Bean have just finished changing the display in the show case. This week the library is featuring books of all kinds. The librarians of Nampa High are busy little gals. They distribute library notices for overdue books, put up the bulletin boards and campus news, set up display cases in the lobby of the administration building, and, of course, check out books. Indeed, they learn by doing. Brenda Bruck, student librar- ian, is sitting at the table diligently doing her geome- try against a backdrop of some very interesting maga- zines. How can she stand it? g'Jingle hells, jingle bells . . ." A spontaneous glee club composed of Marillyn Killian, Shirley Jami- son, Karen Allen, and Betty Hatch with Mrs. Bacon at the piano sing Christmas Carols dur- ing the first lunch hour. Bobby Nielson observes all quietly. "Now boys, don't look at me in that tone of voice! I'm just a shutter bug who wants your pic- ture." The football field once again became active last January as snow fiend plotted against snow fiend. ei 'K7+C7": ,N if "Don't undress me here! came the cry of Eugene Furiama, a woe-begone soph- omore during the "mug- shooting' for the Sage. Linda Jacobsen, editor of the Sage, assures Jim it's a perfect fit. Us Q l , V 5 ,. . - A Q: I. V' L 1 Xi :-?1?Ei- -mf ,Q it 2 , ...,..f.4:, ,.,. -, Y, 4. T 45 The Thespian Variety Show, one of the highlights of the year, is produced annually by Mrs. Reidis play production class. The Variety Show for 1959 was held on Feb. 19, 20, 21 and because of complete sell-outs on each night it was again cast on February 23. Elinor Cooke, mistress of ceremonies, and Pam Burchard made sure there was never a dull moment during the Thcspian Variety Sh0YV. me 1s m1s: ssw1n1' e Variet Darrel Franke and the Clemens' brothers take part in '6Blue Hawaii" by playing "Coc0anut Grove" on their guitars. One of the Clemens' brothers is not pictured. s 1 SQ "1 want to he evil" says Chris Lynch fpictured at the left? as she pantomimes Eartha Kitts' record H1 Want To Be Evil." Show Vickie Luekenga, Marilyn Killian, and Con- nie Luekenga, dresscd in sailor suits, added a nautical air to the Variety Show. W, Against the background of Diamond Head, a beach party is in progress. Everyone seems to be dreaming except Cookie, At least she's on the ball. 1nn4ll0'h F I Norma Dennis took her part in the Variety Show by doing a twirling routine with lighted batons. gy f F 1 1 iq - M x my M f gg M .ww f ' , , ffm- ., .Q ggmw br " V ' X X, 1 W 4 + X E + x Mig 6 3 N If QS Qs N wa 5 fx S k iii' - Pizyvii E , b Z if ' if QQ is Q U, E S wiifzsi- f . H, -, ,Lf r 3 jf, 5 nlqi R Ms S 5 fE,,!Em, , sg 11 Q 1 V.f, 0 5 if W1 js '11, M f , ,L,, .QW R, , . E ' 4. ff ff vifz xx v 3 W .., X F 4' . , 1 Y F fk 4 2 W f .' 4 5 , f' A ' . .W ,A ,, 4 .. 4 Aw Q4 1 3 55,5 A, ' r E M is Q ff' if X 1333? if l eg 9 1, .3 y '52 3 f i Qi, , was Y 1: m W A z A Q f 1, , , Q W, 2 Q 5 i f 51.25 ' + X ,251 ,, . 'E X ,ga it mmf Q' x fi Q w 1 X Q 4 Maralane Yellen and Bonnie Tiegs perform during intermission at the, Sweetheart Ball. We give them a Htipi' and A'hatl0" for their routine. The big moment has arrived! This was the crowning of the Alumni Queen during the half time activities of the Nampa-Borah game February 13. The honored Queen, Miss Annie Laurie Bird, was presented with a bouquet of roses after she was escorted onto the floor by Barbara Harrison and Maralane Yellen. Miss Bird, a former teacher at Nampa High devoted 35 years of .her teaching career to Nampa schools. Miss Bird was honored as Alumni Queen after an inspiring pep talk given at the pep assembly February 6. 'LDid Grandma really look like that?" asked little George, as Linda Pfieffe, Carol Rau. Earldean Grant, and Donna Fletcher modeled styles of the past at the Spiz Style Show. Linda Pfeiffer is presenting the Sage Queen, Gail Nihart with a bouquet of roses at the annual Sage dance held October 4 in the NHS gym, while the King, Terry Nordstrom looks on. At the February meeting for Quill and Scroll, the club discussed pins available to students of joumalism. Here, Linda Dawson, president, points out various types. Sweetheart King, Mike Thompson, and Queen, Carol Lee Fobes stand before the huge heart which decorated the stage at the dance which was held on February 7 in Lincoln Gym, right after the Twin Falls-Nampa game. 8,061 -if A blond, a brunette, and a redhead! With three eharmers such as these to choose from, the NHS Student body was hard put to it to Choose a homecoming queen last October 10. These three are just a Nampa High Play Production elass was lucky to get these people ttpiatm-.1 bclowl to take part in their spring play, "The Han Called Peter." Standing from left to right are Mr. and Mrs. David Albright who played Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marshall. Mr. Albright is pastor of the Brethren Chureh. Standing next to them is Mr. J. WV. Richardson. principal of Roosevelt, who played Senator Knox. The Camera shy boys Standing in front are from right to left Stephen Bringhurst and Delbert Jueobson. They both played Peter John. The play took plaec in the little Theater. April 30, and May l and 2. My ,.... ii 0 f git mg, K ,ew 4 My .. ,fa X 'Qi fb.. lvf .1 .Te .... .... mf 4 if A if if few of the gals chosen to vie for the home- coming crown. Pictured are Inez Cabica. home- coming queen, Martina ilerritsen and Linda Pffeiffer, attendants. lnez was erowned at the homecoming dance held October 10 in the Lineoln Gym. ew-"' tg f Q. ,M 'ia '5 Georgia Turritin and Bob Ferguson, tpictured abovel were Crowned queen and king of the Harvest Ball held in Lincoln Gym on November 21. Here they are shown dancing together right after the Coronation. 4, fx v"S R w K X sm 5 gy 4 X Y' 7 34 Ab J' as an 5 s 1 . A f "ff-'L..fQ..v f s - A - wwgis V E R N was si IA ,f ii 1:2 - sv M Wins 'nam xl QQS if me i . L, 5' 5: 5 x H I LA.. m .A , YQ, Q ... , is , 4 79 n m 5: m Q ' Qs, M y . X 1: 5 TN V S "" mf' 2Wf'f'W2'?fffff ' " 2zs M W A X 1 Q ' m , . , 5 f 2-9 A gig Nvwm I ANNA , 4-5, V W Lx 87 The Spizettes are shown here drilling at one of the pep assemblies. These girls, under the advisorship of Miss Mina, performed at our basketball games during half-times. On February 17 the Spizettes traveled to Emmett where they performed at half-time at the Emmet-Nampa game. After coming back from their crayfish excursion, early last January, Mr. Cruse's comprehensive biology exhibits for the Sage camera. class displayed a few ROGER NELSON RON DIKE RON ROBERTSON Dean Lewis Head Mentor Dean Lewis, Nampais head mentor, led Nampa to a third place in the newly formed Southern Idaho conference, which has been rated as one of the toughest High School leagues in the country. Dean started his college education at Albion Normal. After two years, he enrolled at the -f . U. of I., where he was a standout in athletics DENNIS ALLDREDGE his last two Years' In college, Dean was Senior Football captain and on the basketball squad. It was in track that Dean shone the brightest, as he set inter- mountain and regional shot-put records and re- ceived the Dingle Trophy as the University's outstanding trackman. Somehow Dean worked into his schedule 31 months, from March '43 to October '45, in the Pacific Theater. Around school Dean coaches football and track, and teaches health and P.E. This will be Dean's last year as Nampa's head coach. He has moved into 'the newly formed office of P.E. co-ordinator for the Nampa School System. BRIAN CROFT JIM METCALF TOM IRWIN FRED BERGAMAN TED SERRATOS ERVIN KARST ALVIN MILLER JERRY PURCELL Roy Robertson Line Coach One of the more jolly type persons on cam- pus is Roy Robertson, who has these past two years moved up to the Nampa varsity squad to take over the job of head line coach. Fitting into his new assignment comes easy to Roy as he had taught basically the same funda- mentals in grade school and in high school, when he was Sophomore and .lunior Varsity 1 coach. Roy's future possibilities became quite ap- BILL POTTER parent when he was picked from Payette's squad to be on the All-Star Football Team of 194-7. From sports in Payette Roy ventured on to Albion Normal for his first two years of formal education. Roy then went to C. of l. where he received his sheepskin. If it isn't drills on the gridiron it's books and exams for Roy as he has five periods of history every day. One of Roy's favorite expressions is, "If that is the only thing we do, it will be done right." BILL CUNNINGHAM JERRY CARLSON MIKE SPRATT LEONARD SMITH LELAND BENNER RON JONES RON PASCOE MIKE RYBOLT Great Falls Blanks Nampa 12-0 After a grueling 16 hour bus trip to Great Falls on Sept. 5, the Bulldogs were set aside by lVIontana's '57 and 358 State Champions, Great Falls. The game was a hard fought contest and the Bison Crew was undoubtedly the best team the Bulldogs faced all season. Nampa's ground offense was generally stymied except for two long punt returns by Ron Robertson, that were nullified by penalties. The Bulldog line was exceptionally spirited and backs Loren Stratton and Roger Nel- son did their alma mater proud. The Jamboree As members of the newly formed Southern Idaho Conference, the Nampa, Borah, and Caldwell High Schools held their first football jamboree Sept. 19. The jamboree in- cluded a three-half game with each team participating in two halves. Caldwell and Borah opposed each other in the first halfg Borah met Nampa in the second half, and the third half brought Nampa against Caldwell. Caldwell won the hotly contested first half with a slim margin of 7-6. In the 'second half Nampa tidily defeated Borah I3-6. The first quarter of this match was fairly even. Nampa's first touchdown was by Roger Nelson on a 25-yard run up the middle. The second quarter was split wide open when Ron Robertson made a spectacular 82-yard kick- off return for Nampa's second touchdown. Minutes later, Ervin Karst plowed over on a three-yard drive bringing the score to I3-0. Borah suddenly sparking to life, made the final touchdown of the game, and came in on the short end of the I8-6 score. The third and final half of the jamboree was scoreless with Nampa pitted against Cald- well. DENNIS KING Pictured to the left is John Bishop and Layne Dike who had the jobs of var- sity managers. They had a two-fold job of helping Dean and keeping the players happy. 1-I,--Vi tm-f-uf aun--1 Varsity Managers Pictured to the left arc George O'Very and Phil Davies who were the other half of the varsity man- agers and helped in the issuing of suits and care of equipment. Nampa Troances Twin Falls Nampa Holds Idaho Falls Scoreless ln an Octolwer 3 tilt at Bulldog Bowl the Nampa Bulldogs used passes to out score the Twin Falls Bruins ISI-7. Twin Falls managed to he ahead at the end of the first quarter with a score of Twin Falls T. Nampa 6: hut the rest of the ganna- was Nillllllilk. Touchdowns. made ifn the first half by Nampais Fred Berge- lnan, Roger Nelson. and Dennis Alldredge, moved the score at the half to 20-7. Ron Dike added two more in the second half to olmtain the final score of Nampa Sl and Twin Falls T. Heavy penalties were sustained by hoth teams. Nampa had 6 that totaled 60 yards, and Twin Falls also had 6, for a total of 70 yards. The tough Nampa Bulldogs held the Idaho Falls Tigers scoreless. 27-0, in Nampais first SIC game at Nampa on September 26. Leland Benner converted Nampals only completed pass into a tl-l-yard touchdown for the Bulldogfs first score. The second quarter was scoreless but after the half- time Nampa clicked three times. Ron Rohertson ran 23 yards for the second Nampa TD. Ervin Karst ran l2 yards for the third. and Ron Dike added another 6 points with a 9-yard run into paydirt. All three PAT tries were good. Idaho Falls presented quite a threat in the last quarter when they intercepted three Nampa passes. During the game Nampa racked up l2 first downs and 5 penalties. totaling 35 yards compared to Idaho Falls' 7 first downs and -lt penalties for 50 yards. -eng'-4 JEFF TOLLEFSON T 3 S? ' fs . ,Q s WM Www W ., f W -45' W tv . G 3 W " I .t Y x RICHARD MORRIS M Q. A I I 1 'A t NWT JACK BRESHEARS , is K S in STAN MOORE 93 : E Pictured at the left is a group of Nampa Bulldogs practicing pass protection drill with a little les- son in leap-frog thrown in for good measure by Brian Croft. Nampa Set Aside by Lewiston 20-12 A long trip had little effect on a determined Lewiston eleven that invaded the Bulldogs' pawing ground last October 11. Lewiston got off to a slow start and finished behind a fired-up Nampa team at the end of the first half. The first half found both teams very evenly matched with Nampa on top 6-0, by virtue of Ron Rohertson's 30-yard touchdown ramble. Play in the second half rapidly progressed as Lewiston pushed across two touchdowns. Nampa gamely came hack as Roger Nelson scored Nampa's second touchdown. 94 The Bulldog eleven momentarily seemed to spark alive after the first plays following the second score, but the determination of the scrappy little team from up North could not be denied and the last Bulldog drive was stopped deep in Bengal territory. When the game was over the statistics column showed that the Bulldog eleven had out rushed the Lewiston team 278 yards to 72. In the first down department the Bulldogs were ahead 13 to 5. Football Schedule - 1958 Sept. 5 Nampa ..,. 0 Great Falls . ---- 12 Sept. 19 Nampa ,v...,. 18 Borah ..,......r ..... 6 Nampa ,...,... 0 Caldwell ........... -.. .. 0 Sept. 26 Nampa .,..,,,, 27 Idaho Falls ..,. . ,.... 0 Oct. 3 Nampa .....,,. 34 Twin Falls, ,,,. .,,.. 7 Oct. 10 Nampa ......,. 12 Lewiston ,,,, .. c.,,. 20 Oct 17 Nampa ......., 0 Boise ,.,,,.,.,,,, ...., 2 6 Oct 24 Nampa ,...,,,, 14 Pocatello ,.,,,, ..,.. 2 0 Oct 31 Nampa ,....... 12 Borah ,,.,........ ..... 2 0 Nov. 11 Nampa ........ ,....... ' 14 Caldwell c,,c.... 21 131 132 JOHN BOWEN BILL RATCLIFF 'DALE YOUNG CLIFF SAMUELSON tm Q PAUL KAYE JON COX DAVID DAYTON SEASON,S STATISTICS , Nampa Opponents 51151311121 e 18511 yards 1306 yards ' Paiillllzig 38 out of 96 for -10? - 'Wir I Fizrst downs 32 for 270 yds' 28 for 270 yds' k K ' 102 32 Total Scores 131 132 Boise Rocks Nampa 26-0 Boise's powerful line and Teen Magazine star, Dawn Fannin, led a relentless Boise Brave crew to a 26-0 victory over a stubborn Nampa Bulldog eleven Friday, October 17, in Bronco Stadium. The first half ended with Boise ahead by a score of 6-0 on the efforts of Fannin's 80-yard touchdown scamper. The second half began to show on the Nampa forward wall as it gave way to gaping holes for the Boise backs. Boise's last three touchdowns came quite rapidly on runs by Fannin and Kozak and a touchdown pass by Larry Jefferies. Work- horse of the Boise crew was Fanning with 216 yards rushing. Nampa had little to cheer about except for some fine runs by Dike and punt returns by Robertson. Even Nampais passing attack fal- tered as in the last minutes of play Bulldog pass receivers couldnit hold onto the elusive pigskin. Final tatlies showed that miscues on Bull- dog defense was the deciding factor rather than the power of the Boise ground game as Nampa out rushed the Boise squad. LARRY MINER If these Borah Lions have their way and the referees are on their side, Roger Nelson's run seems at an end. QR RON DIKE Back RON ROBERTSON Back By the look on Ron Dike's face he knows all will soon come to an end. Pocatello beats Nampa 19-14 A couple of bad breaks in the last quarter let Pocatello Indians slip past Nampa and into a three-way tie for first place in S.I.C. Nampa moved down to share second place with Caldwell. The first score of the game for Pocatello and the first in the game was scored by Kay Barber in the second quarter. After the half the Bulldog offense finally began to click. Bon Dike chalked up the first six pointer with a two-yard plunge and Mike Spratt followed a short time later with a five-yard run around left end. Ron Dike added both extra points with dives of two yards each. At the end of the third quarter the score stood at 14-6 in favor of Nampa. This left Pocky with the near impossible task of scoring twice on the Bulldog defense in one quarter. This the Indians proceeded to do. The first touchdown came quickly on an intercepted pass. The situation still looked hopeless for the Indians until a fumbled punt by Ron Robertson on the Nampa 37 moved Poky into Nampa territory. Poky was bogged down until an automatic first down by a penalty was awarded the Poky squad. This was quickly converted into a Poky score by Ray Anderson on a twenty-yard jaunt around right end making the final score 19-lil' in favor of the Pocatello Indians. 16 7557 5 73 tw W A 'wikis .M Q A. Q 1 y . . or A if A .. as . U sv' si! 7 ' 4 p This Lewiston linebacker looks like he has definite plans for Ron Robertson. Barak Hexes Nampa in Halloween T ilt. Fighting for a chance at the conference title, the Borah Lions slipped past the Nampa Bulldogs 20-111-. Bill Shaw scored Nampals first touch- down in the first half and Wanek Stein grabbed a pass and ran across for Borah's only first half tally. However Nampals conversion was good and the Bulldogs led at the half 7-6. ln the second half Stein and John Ahlin added 1-1 more points to Borah's score. Roger Nelson added the Bulldogs' final tally to make the final score Borah 20 to Nampais lfl. Caldwell bests Nampa in Armistice Game 21-7 The spirit of 576 was lacking in the Nampa team on Armistice Day as they were subdued by a spirited Caldwell eleven. The victory moved Caldwell into a three-way tie for second place in the newly formed S.l.C. Doom struck early in the game for the Bulldogs as Caldwell's Dick Darling inter- cepted a pass on the Nampa ll and carried it to the one. Bicandi scored and Neil kicked PAT. Caldwell's second touchdown was set up by a recovered fumble on the Nampa 23. Eight plays later Darling punched over from the four. The half ended with Nampa behind 1-L-0. Both teams started slow in the third quarter but Nampa, taking to the air on passes from Dike to Alldredge, Karst, and Nelson took the ball to the Caldwell three where Nelson went over for the score. The fourth quarter started quickly for Nampa as the Bulldogs kept the passing game going but Dike's 15 completions out of 22 attempts was to no avail as fate and the time plagued Nampa. Nampa's last hopes were smashed late in the final minutes by a Caldwell pass interception. Q51 3 A E Q- Q E -ls if 2 . 7 V M B 71 ' K .eel e , , ---- isst r titi , f i 'if H i iwyf V I . 5 s W "' : ' ' so .l--' W- f. --': V W i tt t ... T' if ' ,gm w4gfae3eo --V ' f Zi' 1- xi, - if 1 s N M Q i BILL POTTER Tackle DENNIS ALLDREDCE Back f2,m.uwwm1E,,5jpW M ,n X 1 0 E5QfjHm,wwl! 0 ' wwvwxif w WNW W, ' FW' aWffw??f5W Z M, avg, ,. M if E .L JLWA ... 33 .. iw : all gm ' . m Mgs1,.,,s4 23553525 wszfvfw MMM.,-h. WW. ,M ML. EW .-.. ,, ' iff .mes A 5 s bf, 2 if 9 . 'S' 1 VX ' 5 ggrgfzfz' A 3? , X f, ,, f ,. . IB BS M -Q EE . lr 31 3. . . 5 Y Er 'D ik x QW' Qk SA sr. ff sf 5 I . fag: 4 M 'E me Q ec- Q gf-F?f .Q Y - . ' 5 . MH Q 2. 3 ia i 4+ Ax.. E, E 1 , - - . .. , Q- Q11 ww-Q A 16 3 'rg M' f Qin, . . f f -f 'EM xX , w ' 1 f . i Z .ff ff""'k.,,f'?gMiT,' f gr V. 1' A ,,., "'ff,fj5f4ff '- SKA- wig. 1. ,.7,f',.4.,i?yLW Af g K MQW, ,Y gg?" I 3 V X A , I" f 4 K M fffik - V " L L 'L M J N , Q .5 H1 W J fi? gypkym Illia ,I L k ,V Z 1.5.-A-Q A .ff f'V g. Lflffigii J K. -X 7753532 yi. ff' V, 1 98 . x Jay' 5' ..' A +1 ' f. 2 Basic RON ROBERTSON ROGER NELSON RON DIKE ROBERT HARRELL General Season The regular season ended for the Bulldogs February 17 as Nampa beat the Emmett Huskies on the Huskies home floor 54-49. Nampa's first season win was also against Emmett as George Keil and crew beat Emmett December 5, 73-45. This final win resulted in a 12-7 season record f.632D and a 8-4 S.l.C. conference total. The 8-4 conference record placed Nampa second in the league behind Pocatello. The Bulldogs, in seasons play, were only beaten twice by one team as Idaho Falls romped past the Nampa crew with two hard fought victories. Other S.l.C. teams found rougher going against Keil's quintet. Pocatello, who annually beats all comers on their floor shellacked Nampa by 31 points, at home, only to be trimmed 44-42 on their journey into Bulldog land. Pocatello and Caldwell were two teams with impressive records who received their first loss from the Bulldogs. Jerome on its home court at one time led Nampa 19-1 and eventually took the game 47-383 but the Tigers found the going at Nampa not so easy as they were polished Off 30-29. Nampa's only overtime game was the battle with Boise, when Boise was over- turned 55-49 at the end of the first regulation overtime. Nampa wasn't always so lucky, however, in the last seconds. ln the final minutes, Baker, Blue Mountain Champions, squeezed past Nampa 47-46 after trailing the Nampa five for all but the last two minutes of the game. BILL CUNNINGHAM JACK MOSLEY Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 5, Emmett ,,,7,,,..,,,,e,,,..,. Varsity Schedule '58-'59 45 Nampa 6-Mt. Home ,,.7, ,,,,7,7, 3 1 Nampa 12-Baker ,,., ,,,,..,7 47 Nampa 13-Jerome ,,,. ,,,,,.,, 4 7 Nampa 19-Boise .,,,,, ,,,,..7. 4 9 Nampa 20-Borah .,,7 ,,,,..,, 5 0 Nampa ,,,. 9-Jerome ..,7,., ,,,.,,,, 2 9 Nampa 10-Twin Falls ,,,,. ,.,,,. , ,, 49 Nampa 16-Pocatello ,,7..,,,,,, ..,,,7,. 6 5 Nampa 17-ldaho Falls .,,,,, .,,,,,, , . 43 Nampa 23-Caldwell ,,,.,,,.. ,,,,..,, 4 6 Nampa ,,,, 24-Boise 7 77,7,., ,,,,,,,, 5 1 Nampa , 30-Pocatello , ,,,,,7,.. ,,,,,,,, 4 2 Nampa 31-Idaho Falls ..l,,., ..,,,,,. 4 0 Nampa ,,77 6-Mt. Home ,,... ,,..,,,, 5 5 Nampa .,,, 7-Twin Falls .,,,, ,,,,..,7 3 5 Nampa .,,7 13-Borah ,.sssa ,s...sss 51 Nampa 14-Caldwell ,s,,,, ss,s,,,a 4 6 Nampa a,a. 17-Emmett ,,,77, .7,,,7a 7 49 Nampa TOTAL POINTS Nampa ,,,.,, ,,,..,,,..,,,,. . . Y,,, ,,.,,,,,...,,,,. ,v,.,,.. 8 9 5 Opponents ,...,,,...,,.,,. ., ,,a.. ,, ,,,,,.,,7,a.,.,,,..,,77..., 866 AVERAGE POINTS PER GAME Nampa ..,..,.,ss,...ssasa, , ls.,,,,sss,..,a. 47.1 Opponents ,.,.,, 45.7 CARL HAMILTON w 1 4 w 1 73 36 46 38 55 64 30 61 34 33 58 34 44 31 43 49 59 55 54 WES PROUTY LELAND BENNER AL N1lLI,lCR 5: , F .-FE, DALE RUSSELL LARRY MINER JIM SALOIS LARRY WILLCUTS Individual Statistics Field Goals: Cunningham 623 Mosley 533 Dike 51. Q? Field Goals : Robertson .3723 Hamilton .3643 Harrell .351 Free Throws: Nelson 653 Mosley 363 Harrell 34. W Free Throws: Hamilton .7773 Miller .7503 Harrell .739. Total Points: Nelson 1533 Mosley 1423 Cunningham 140. Rebounds: Robertson 1953 Nelson 1453 Dike 82. Point Average per Game: Dike 8.33 Nelson 8.13 Mosley 7.5. -if 44 la Pictured below is Ron Robertson as he battles for the ball in the last seconds of the heated Jerome game. Nampa won 30-29. , ,.. ' ' xv' 9 Y 4' ., . '.'a:: .. - My VL ' -9 ' V n A . .54 A5 'fl' 'mu Q it ga g? ex in i pf w - 1 , -Q V L A : ,. il K ,.. . A44 'V X , V ,. - .. EV is ,A J ig. i :A , - '- vw if - A 12:4 2 fif . f X ' - 21 S ' .. 3 ,,,f,. - gi. ,, f fr 11 '- V - ' ,. Env fi K " " f,'ME1S5E1i21.: 'Vi -1' , Vg- H f 7 i 'L mf G3 ' a X 1 - l .A,,. Q .,, i l . 3 X ' ..,, - 1 W'L' A p , 1 'LL', LQ S 5 xg . S 5 Ei' ' Qf f ' , ,, , .5 'fy ii fsgsk 1 . .. W I r 1 ' 1 5 A , 1 ,Q . , M: 2 , wersf' W --,M '11 sgwwv 4 E., Q X . ..,,.4m 'eff 5222555 Affxfss X VAAA V .v,,. Q Q - 5 1 x Q P A S W xl ' A .,,,.,, fi 1775 SieiQ:Xgsgfgiffigfffa4gmsgww1 ' , V. A . A...V , ,,,. tl' , 7' '+P w as-Nwfgf: j gi .. 3' 1 azz L55 1- 3 sr fsfkfx K' Q: 5 ' g .ff -5 Q V, TS 'gf 2? if gi an ...av un, Varsity Cheerleaders Ultis fifteen and three for the teamw as the Varsity Cheerleaders Jim Dobbs, Yell Kingg Kay Masingill, Yell Queeng Judy Nlasingill, Yell Duchessg and Eddie Doorn, Yell Dukeg lead the student body in yells to increase the school spirit. Their efforts and the results they produce are greatly appreciated by the teams and the student body in general. There will be a place in our memories for the Varsity Cheerleaders of 159. Sophomore Cheerleaders Chosen by the Sophomore Class to lead them in team support and class enthusiasm are the Sophomore Cheerleaders, left to right: Connie Luekenga, Julie Harper, Barbara Dick, and Caryn Snyder. The four have done an outstanding job this year in their efforts to raise the spirit of the Class of ,61. They have co-operated closely with the Varsity Cheerleaders in helping form the sections at the home games. f Nw WMSQI- : V V W x N' Q wif W mamma nam 2 ll U w is Q5 2 Orchestra Music from strings. This music floating from tht- Little 'l'ht-atre cmnes to us with plvasant lIlf'lllUl'lt'F of a variety of progrzllns. invlutling pm'f0l'liiz1iic'Ps at the Orchestra Concert. Haricalaurvatc anfl llfflfltlfllltbll Svrvif-0. llnrlvr thv lvarlr-rsliip of flirm-tor Wlinfic-lrl Kirc'hPr. the group attvmlvcl thtf llislrivt Nlusiv Festival wvll prr-pa1'c-tl. Assisting Mr. Kirf-her were offiversz Connie Kirklnan. I'rz-sitlc-nt: Katliclvvn Nlrfrrismi. Vive l'i'0sirlelit: and Kay lillpvrt. Svvretary. lVlPl1llWf'I'S of this string 1-nst-inlvlv. pie-tim-fl ahqve. prvsvntml a fmitnrt- nnnilwr at thc- annual nrt-lwstra r-rmvert last January, The- Illlllllwl' present:-tl hy Ihis gmiip was only nnv- lK'illIlI'K' uf the 1'mif'f-rt hut it was an essential part ul thai wlmlt-. String Quartet This String Quartet was featured in the annual Orchestra concert, P.T.A., and the Athletic Banquet. The group practices once every week. Pictured here are Kathleen Mor- rison. Lee Seitz. Barbara Pipkin, and Connie Kirkman. MB" Choir The purpose of "B" Choir is to train students for the UA" Choir 'md to meet the needs of those who do not wish to he in performance. Members learn the fundamentals of I'C3lllI1glllUQlC and of xoice production These are the thirty four members of 'gB,' Choir. Their pianist is Carmond Witteiiiaii. The instructor is Winfield Klrcher rj, T5 ,L Wil. IW 1 66 '9 Choir Under the leadership of Wilifield Kircher. the "An Choir is one of our most important organizations. This group participated in the District and State Music Festivals and in the annual choir concert. The group also participated in the Thanks- giving and Christmas assemblies. This yearis officers were Ron Jones. President: Fred Atkins, Vice Presidentg Gerri Schmitt, Secretary: and Joyce Vlfoolery, Robe Chairman. rag' ophomore Choir Pictured at the left is the Sophomore Choir, organized in order to train students for the 'cA', and NB" choirs. These 23 sophomore students were accompanied by the only senior member, Deanna Duffy. Members performed W, at the annual Spring Concert, held May 15, at Nampa. Mr. Kircher is the group's director. I i m "' 5 E my NHS WP, - wiv- C -S 1, i q I 5 -4 2 ' .21 7 sw- 3 ,gg : ,iQ,,,..,x.w,7 .. 4 i .i . . ly1a:::f5,v:f.::f..+:Q-:. A gi X fp. 5 mf.q..-f,- f -W M rfiigsfg - 2 . -L 'r EX 2 Mm xi S bg 4 X as 5 3 315 V X E 'K Q Sify Ei ik ff J Q :N 5,22 1 Y ,V ' If 80 F X M X, SH. Wig. .. WS 1 K s 'Kwik kiss PK x A ' 'GQ-:f3Q55?S?ii5?iZ5ili3Yf ,E .:' 1--Q MA" Band Music and rhythm! Ernanating from the music room every morning is the best music the band has to offer. Under the baton of Earle McKeever the "An Band has shown great spirit and enthusiasm playing for all home football games and performing at half-times. One of the bandas major appearances during the year was the annual HSwing,' Concert, presented in December. Although the band members worked hard for the various performances, their major efforts were devoted to pre- paring themselves for the District and State Music festivals. Band members chose Jim Wecker as their President and bestowed the honor of Drum Major on Terry Weshnark. Pep Band of Manager, .loy Baumgartner. ,NWR An '4On the Ballw Pep Band thrilled us with their appearance and performances at all our hometown games and pep assemblies These twenty-nine musicians also provided music for the Spizettes drill team. Deanna Duffy directed the pep band with the help Tminin Band Developing inexperienced people who are musically inclined and giving those who are capable and deserving a Cl'l8IlCE to participate in 'CAN Band. are the lllfllll purposes of this music organization. Smne students who attend "B" Band d0n't care to perform anywhere except in class. hut they still want to learn appreciation of grand music. Earl lVlcKeever is the director of training hand. pictured below. 'Dk -.mai-w. qw, ,,.,.- .... Wx A 1 7 ,,.w..,...,,w, ,W II4 i W , ix f, -V . . WXTM,,.w..,. ,.-Mx...-1 .F i 4. , , . gn W...,.v. MM H, ME U, f E ,.f.w..W,.,X 4.x. W...x.W.,..n,.A...,...., ..w...W.W.x .5--M wf Aw.-www , msn Q, 'IN aug .Y I I ,M Y . '?' , , 7 g Q , f J A A 1' m Q Ml! h , 6 N fi, 1 i , I, Q 7 A 3 ,MJ ' .6451 if Y 2 1 fa HA .. M 3 r S f iff' li f F 1 . X ,., jg HM, 2 5 . ' 4- N' K 'M 'fx ' ' Q I 1 S K 1 V -. 4 , i 4 A 7 ,s Lkgrx A Q4 . xi ' nf H ,U A ff' - , 1 ,, -' A ,nfwf Hy f ' -H '11 mam iw' , .F f Y Amt! X- Y A 3 f . 5, E- , H, ' e if f I 4 f , J g , xt If , 4 V Z, . 5 Q ' K Q f F1 f I x. 345' 4' ' A I XM Y , f A ,X ' 1 jk ' a A z K ' f f R My 4 1 LINDA J ACOBSEN Sage LINDA PFEIFFER MR. HODGSON Our year begins with a lot of yack, But, manl We hafta pick up slack, Hodge sits back and silently knows, That soon welll be up on. our toes. Donna and Martina scurry to and fro, With cameras clicking and bulbs aglowg But editor lake has really a job, It's almost as bad as getting rid of the blob. I really flon,t know how we put up with Dike, But then his section, I'm sure, we shall like, And .ludy in the corner looking quite fine, Most certainly won.'t when it's her deadline. Sandee observes a Sophomore lad, But the .lunior she sees isn't quite that bad Cordefs statistics are having a blast, And he certainly hopes it wonlt last and last. Don is our artist to whom we give credit All the neat posters that get rid of our debit. Linda,s importance keeps the books in check But once in a while she sure catches heck. Hoppins, our trustworthy man named Friday, Sometimes acts like he came from Mt. ldeyg But then. after the shipment has lost our yen We simply start all over again. By MARLENE SPIELMAN , """'v"k.q,Vs , ANN Qc ' Q 3512-Q5 2 . --. ' im a? kwa Q H Growl The major qualities needed for ' success in Growl membership are: a demonstrated interest in newspaper work, good writing ability, ability to write correctly without mechanical errors, and an enthusiasm for the school. Every two weeks Growl members demonstrate anew their possession of these qualities as they work very hard to provide the best possible newspaper coverage for Nampa High School. The Growl has been organized since 1938 and copies of the Growl dating back to then are still on file. The publishing staff this year was Editor-in-Chief, Linda Dawsong Assistant Editor, Jim Metcalfg and Business Manager, Carol Lee Fobes. Advisor of the Growl is Mrs. Bessie Baker. 1 1 - wa -at w. s.-el:-'sf'M'11.n , ,,..-..--- 1 At center, the Crowl staff typists, Edwina Hill, is receiving some hack seat advice from Marlene Godfrey, Cir- culation Manager, prior to meeting a Crowl deadline. Karen funny baugh Editor Karen Al1en's typing error has struck the hone of Crowl members Judie Har- and Keith Bird. Keith is Sports on the Crowl staff and Judy and are Advertising Managers. Above, Jim Metcalf is searching through the hack files of the Crowl closet in Mrs. Baker's classroom. Jim serves as Linda Dawson's right-hand-man in his capacity as Associate Crowl Editor. "That's due tomorrow, and no later!" Linda Dawson, Editor of the Crawl, reminds her Crawl staff of an approaching deadline. II9 Quill and Scroll A long time ago Quill and Scroll was active at N.H.S. Then something happened and it re- mained inactive for many years. Three years ago, however, it was again organized under the chapter name, NM. A. Bodahl Chapter." To become a member of this international society a student must be either a junior or seniorg have written at least 200 inches of material which has been published in a newspaper, have served a year on the yearbook staff or business staff of the newspaper, or a publications staff. Each year Quill and Scroll gives creative writing awards to students in all classes who deserve recognition for outstanding work. Mrs. Grace Jordon, author of Home Below Hollis Canyon, and Mrs. Edna Joll, well-known Idaho poet, were speakers at the banquet initiation held December 2. Other social events were held during the year. This year's l officers were President. Linda Daw- song Vice President. Edwina Hillg and Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Lee Fobes. ' The club is advised by Bessie Baker. Summit The senior publication, The Summit has just finished its third year. The Summit was organized from the two comprehensive English IV classes to publish a collection of the best literary works of the senior class. Any crea- tive writer in the senior class might contribute material to this magazine. However the editorial staff and the business managers were elected from the comprehensive classes. Funds for the magazine were raised by after game dances and subscription sales. A pot-luck dinner was held in January for discussion of material by the staff. This year's staff were: Editors, Don ,lohnson and Barbara Harrison, Business Managers, Ron Dike and Ron Hoppinsg Art Editor, Terry West- markg and Typists, Joyce Clute and Marilyn Pywell. Club advisor is Bessie Baker. NHSNNN ar 4, i 5 1 S 3 E i v'-w 5 fi-:gm LLi h ' 'tr 5 X my FQ! , Q. if X .yfifxf m Q . L . g , ' , ,Y f h aw k 2 - Jin GX Debate Club The debate club under the direction of Mr. Mathews, studies the pro's and con's of important issues. Melissa Egbert, Karen Liljenquist, Karen Allen and Carol Shaver, head the club as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, r6Sp6CtiVely. This year Nampals debaters participated in many tournaments, winning 2nd place at the tournament at Rexburg and 2nd place at College of Idaho. ln the girls' Senior division at BJC, Nampa girl debaters took lst 'plaga At the world7s largest Invitational Debate Tourn- ament at Weber College in Ogden, Utah, the Nampa girls' team, Melissa Egbert and Karen Liljenquist took 2nd place. N .F .L. The National Forensic League is a national honor society of debate students and those who excel in dramatic speaking. Members join the club on a basis of earned points determined by the number of wins and losses in debate tournaments and placing in oratorical and extemporaneous speaking. This year members took part in tournaments at College of Idaho in Caldwell, Idaho, Idaho State College in Pocatello, and Weber College in Ogden, Utah. Officers for 759 are Presi- dent, Melissa Egbertg Vice President, Karen Liljenquistg Secretary, Karen Alleng Treasurer, Carol Shaverg and advisor, Mr. Leo Mathews. .- 1 I r za, 3 1 f... r :if-mf l Q 46 I . . s v Service Club One of the high honors a student at Nampa High can receive is to be accepted into Service Club. Only sopho- mores who have good grades and have shown the qualities of dependability and the ability to do assigned work are chosen hy the club advisors, Mr. and Mrs. Cruse. Each year the members' duties take them to the school games and other school functions where they sell and collect tickets and perform other jobs as necessary. A banquet was held January 28 and in the late spring the club went on an outing into the hills. Officers are: President, Dennis Knowltong Vice President, Ron Hoppinsg and Secretary, Ann Kellogg. Honor Society Another of the highest honors that a student of Nampa High School can receive is to be accepted into Honor Society Students are accepted into this organization upon the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service to the school lhcse students are selected only during the junior and senior years in high school. Only the top 1578 of each clas IN chosen the top five per cent during the last of the junior year and the remaining 10729 at the beginning of tha senior year A highlight of each club year is the initiation of new members. The club officers first sennster were President, Jim Weckerg Vice President, Barbara Birketg Secretary, Joanna Maur Treasurer JoAnn 9heff1eld qccond semester officers were: President, Don Johnsong Vice President, Harold Lupton Stcrrtary Sandra ford, Treasurer, Sherrel Walker, and Manager of the coat check stand, Robin Rus- tll The advisor is Miss Mina Conrad L ,X gi, ,. ' - 3 , .. Ygfgligigak ww , 'K sv 1 g A ..,.. .,,V K .::. , ISW W A LVLA , J . My "- 5" QT : Q K gif 6' Y sp X ' . ,q , ,, . , -w ev V X. Q N-mf W K ' R 4. 2 K v bf , ' , . J jr 1 E . X " ,gf Nr? Q Y-' ' 3, X N . ff -fvw-,ATQ1 XJ 92 Sh V 'ir I ,A . 5 f, - A 'K A , ' f- gf: 11133.55 , , 3 - . , Q A ' f if r - 1 F k ,. V lg Q Q , K - Q wr- f .. . -as ' QRMW A Q3 MM Q2 S ' fr.. gif Z Y r 1 Mx 'ff , W M5439 . 'V' Nw .t- s - H Nm S 5 Q 5 mv 2 'J' P.7 Q, an ' Xa N5 El M3 .,,,:, - rig x I QQ, xi ' l , 2 f 4 :,- ' ' ' 5 ' f , , 5 fin f . x 4-K '-, l 3 1 I ini f ' U 'W 2 VN V V in W 'A "4 ff' asia? x X , I Q x K L Y SD 'fa 3 A 'H ff 3 K a X ,Mk Q 522, ,.k ' WY v 3 Q? I24 a , 4 "!!'f'- x N 'E M m C si 'fi' '-is X I -lf ' ' 5 5 in lf- QQ! Y S P 52 Q , W , if . X MV EX H, S., E M W I 2 , .55 1 2 Q if ,Q W 2' m my W N L A 2 . 3 W ' L W wg i' M12 , , N W EK, 3 ,, 2 , x . ' 2 ' ,I v M V'-K - --6.7, ,i eg. . I , I W T C S ' 5 BP P 1 9 5 12 v , '73,-vii! 'W iv' ' , . is in in 9, B lu-N Brandishing initiation paddles high the 'cexalted Blu-N membersv began the season of activities at the expense of the 'clowly initiatesfi The Blu-N holds two initiations annually which generally lets in some 15 to 20 members at each initiation. The club was organized in 1903 back in the misty beginnings of "Old Nampa High." Since that time. the club has been affiliated with the other schools in the conference. Today Blu-N is closely controlled by a code of standards set down by the SIC conference. , High points of the year are the initiations and a traditional members quail feed and pheasant feed banquet. These are set off periodically by parties for members and guests and by an annual football jamboree. Chief engineers of the activities are Bon Bike. President: Roger Nelson. Vice Presidentg and Bill Potter. Secretary-Treasurer. Requirements for membership are a letter in any school sport and energy to get through the initiation. S pizettes Due to the fine efforts of the Spizettes, Nampa High enjoyed a variety of marches during half time entertainment at basketball games during the past season. For the most part, the girls Worked out their own routines. Much credit is due the members of this group for the many hours they spent in practicing routines early in the mornings, from 7:30 until school convened. previous to a performance. The eye catching outfits of the Spizettes are black corduroy with long sleeves, and short circular skirts accented with full red net crinolines. red pixie. soft soled slippers, and red gloves. Leading the group were Barbara Harrison, Presidentg Dottie Pitman, Vice Presidentg Glenys Johnston. Secretaryg Karen Brandt. Music Director: and Ardis Minna, Advisor. .. . spa f . ..... ,jf iiiiiil .. i ?- .l -. ii.. l7F Y-Teens An International Cirlsl organization open to all girls in Nampa lligh is Y-Teens. sponsored hy the Aflult organization Y.W'.C.A. The Clulfs purpose is for memln-rs to grow in Christian fellowship. ln the way of aetivities. Y-Teens sponsor:-rl a liig sister clay in lhe fall. to help ilu- sophomore girls hecome better acquaintefl at Nalnpa High. Cluli mf-mlwrs also helrl a Senior Farewell Banquet in the spring. and cleeoratefl a Christmas tree at Christmas time. Many of the girls attenflecl the Mifl-Wiiitf-1' Conference at the C. of I. in ,lanuarv fil. The cluh is lecl hy President, Claretta Cash: Vice President. Sharon l-lower: Treas- urer, Norma Dennic: Secretary. Samlee Ford: Historian. ,lerilyn Burlingname: and Sergeant-at-Arms. Lavonne Tiegs. The eluli aflvisor is lVlrs. Mowery. H 1,-Y Creating and promoting high standards of Christian character in the home and community is the active concern of the Hi-Y. Organized as an auxiliary of the Y.lVl.C.A., the Hi-Y co-sponsors the liaster and Thanksgiving assemblies and donates Christmas trees to the school. Filling the positions of club officers are: President. Tom Zechmang Vice President, Milton Browng and Sec- retary. Armond Roherts. lVlr. Tan Pederson acts as cluh advisor. Explorers The Explorers Cluh at Nampa Senior High School is limited to twenty members. The new memliers pop and sell popcorn at all sports events at NHS. By contributing part of their carn- ings to the student liody and by supporting the athletic events, the hoys, during the past year, upheld the clulfs purpose uto better the school, both financially and spirituallyf' The remainder of the clubs earnings paid for a spring hanquel. and several trips including one to ldaho City to gather Christmas trees. The climax of the year will he the proposed five day outing to take place as soon as school closes. The Explorer Cluh activities have lieen headed lly J0l1I1 COVCYI. PreSidellt1 Eddy Doom, Vice President: and Gene Dunn. Secretary-Treasuren MT. R0y R0lJ6rISOn is faculty advisor. . DIC lllltlzflf wa 1 5' Q wtw in 'mia f li Q' 2' -, I -5 V ' To ls-urn aluvut ilu- OItll4lI'llll'IlllPS in lr-zivliiiigx. to i'lllliVill1' tlu- qiiulitiv- e-ff:-nlizil fur gumrl tc-au'lu-rs. tw study ziri- tlu' gmals of ilu- Futura T1-zulu-rs au- iiitm-iw-su-ml in ts-au-liing and who an lllwliillilllftll of affix-f-rs, visits ln of his or he-r Clumics- fur lialf Ll day anywllvrf- -in tlu- Nampa Public' Srluml Systr-in. Offil-1-rs this yi-ai' we-uf P1'f'ilClt'I1l. Jam-t D434-km-rg Vice- Preeialt-m, ROM- Warn- Walilstruni: S1-r-rt-taiy, Kathy Crc-f-ng Trmfuu-i', Judy Birkc-tg lilirarian. Larry Edgc-runi: :md His- Tlu- Nznnpa fllmptf-r of l'Til,A is llIl4lPl' tlu- SI54tIlh4tTFlIlI1 ul NFA. Fllllltitl llusino-ss I.:-rule-rs of Ainf-rival waS 0l""ill1llt'll fuur yi-aw ago. The- clulr strivf-9 tn ill-vc-lop liusiiu-sg li-adm-rsliip and fnfti-r f-0-mpc-ratimi in llu- luvnu- Tlu- FBLA l'llll'2 llu- evlioul Stuff- in ClHQ4l'0fIl1l Building Nm, l us at part nf tlu- liufinf-ss training uf its nu-nilu-rs. This yr-ar ilu- prucc-cfli of un ziftr-i'-ganu- dzuuw- HIt1lIlrfII'l'1l liy tlu- Vlulr we-rv clmiate-rl to tlu- pulilic-alums. Pulwlisli- ing tlu- sr-luifvl tvlciplimu- iliri-4-tm'y was anutllf-r srrviw- nf tlu- l'llllUl'1' llusiiu-ss I.:-Lulf-i's of ,AtNi'Ti4'2l. Tlu- Annual Spring Ranqul-t liigliligliu-fl tlu- fun ui-tivitiv-N ul tlu- Qfttlllt, Offifw-rs of tht- vluli arm- lJI'l'Sllll'lll, Uarldinu N4-lwiig Vim- Pre-fidt-nt. fluruliiu- H4-nde-isnn: 91-vu-tary. lnif Vliilli-nts: :ind Tru-asiirt-r. xvillllil Adkins. FL A To foster and promote the study of a foreign language and an interest in the country of that language. is the purpose of the Foreign Language Society. 'livery first and third Tuesday eaeh month the group listened to speakers who had trax eled in foreign countries. Avtivitit-s this yt-ar included an initiation. a lnanquet. and an Zllnlbl'-gillllt' dance. 'lliis yearis offir-ers were President. Paula Flisherg Vice President. l,aVonne Tiegs: Seeretary. Carol Lee Folios: Treasurer. Eugenie Newton: Sergeant-at-Arms. Alan Bevington: Exeeutive Counvil: Fl'Sllf'll. Janet Morris and Bonnie Tiegs: Latin. Sandy Bell and Marolane Yellen: Spanish. Judy Fuller and Sheila Moon. Advisor is Miss lfyelyn Hagelin. FA To aequaint girls. who are interested in the nursing profession, is the purpose of the Future Nurses Assoeiation. This organization was started last year and is part of a National program sponsored hy the lVledi1'al Auxiliary. Activities for this year included an initiation and installation of officers. The lll9ltllTf'I'S must work at least two hours every week in the hospital. They wear spevially made aprons during their work. Officers this year were President. Ann Kellog: Viee President. Marilyn Pywellq Seeretary, Shirley Jamison: and Point Keeper. Sharon Bosley. The advisor is Mrs. Helen Langworthy. 1. av Kit? HO Msessss gm. v . ,. b e 'mfg' A 121:22 K. ,y 1. 'fire F , " V X 'K " S W.. . A V if .i EIMS FHA The purposes of FHA are: to promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfaction of homemaking. to promote international good will and to further interest in home economics. Outstanding activities of the chapter this year included a picnie and recognition serviee for the new memhers. a car wash and candy sale. Harvest Ball. and a senior hanquet. The cluh made favors for the patients at the Mercy and Samaritan Hospitals on Valentines and St. Palrickls Day, For memljership in the Qluli a girl lllllSl have IHCCII ellrolletl in home eColl01tliCS at least one semester. The girls can earn various degrees. which include the Junior Uegree. Chapter Degree. and the State Degree. The chapter helongs to the District. State, and National organizations. This year Peggy Roper was elected President and Vicki Fuekenga was elected Secretary of the District lll convention held at Emmett. The officers this year are Carolyn Hurst. President: Roherta Civens. Vice President: Peggy Roper. Secretaryg Judy lVIasingill. Treasurer: Vicki Fuekenga. Historian: and Kay Masingill. Parliamentarian. Mrs. Wlrytle Keck and Mrs. Ann Hunt are chapter advisors. FFA Nampa Chapter of the Future Farmers of America. founded in 1930, holds the distinction of being the fourth chapter to he chartered in the state of Idaho. FFA eo-sponsors the anmlal Harvest Ball and holds an annual hanquet. The cluh liuilt the fireplace and planted trees on the high school campus. Members of FFA strive to develop aggressive rural and agricultural leadership and to cre- ate inlcrest in litlfllllllfl. Cluh officers are: Harold Lupton. Presidentg Kenny Schmitt. Vice President: Roh Ferguson. Secretaryg and Clyde Fillmore, Treasurer. Chapter advisor is Seth Forsgren. i x nun 1 mmnmnuz4u1suLx1un: f GAA The Girls Athletic Association is for sports minded girls in Nampa High. This club gives girls a chance to participate in games, learn sportsmanship. and develop physical and mental health. On the evening of the second Tuesday of every month the members participate in a play night in the PE. building. On February 111. the Nampa club was host to an invitational volleyball tournament here in Nampa. Money earned by the club throughout the year is do- nated to some worthy cause on campus. Officers of CAA were: President, Linda ,lacobseng Vice President, Marolane Yelleng and Secretary. LaVonne Tiegs. Club advisor is Miss Barbara Kononcn. Thespians The advancement of standards of excellence in dramatic arts is one of the high goals which Tliespians strive to attain. This club is open to all students interested in drama and play production and who are enrolled in those classes. Members of the club are chosen through their participation in the Dramatic Arts. During the course of the year Thespians sponsor one or two full length plays and the annual Thespian Variety Show. The play this year was HA Man Called Peter" presented in the Springg the theme of the Variety show was Blue Hawaii. Thespians are encouraged to enroll in the play production class and many of the club's activities are carried out in this class. Club officers are President. Don Johnsong Vice Presi- dent, Eleanor Cooke: Treasurer, Judy Masingillg and Historian, Florence Brandt. Faculty ad- visor is -Mrs. Elva Reid. Librarians Decorating the bulletin boards, serving students with a smile, and arranging the display in the lobby show case. are only a few of the duties of Nampa High's Li- brarians. This active group of girls is also responsible for library services such as checking out books. registering fines. and repairing damaged books. Joanna Maier serves the club as president this year. The annual librarian banquet was held February 16, at the Round-Up-Room of the Harmony Cafe. Miss Flossie Stark, head librarian, was the honored guest at the banquet. M ovie Operators The Annual banquet in February highlights the yearls activities of the Audio-Visual-Aids Organization. Members of the Audio-Visual-Aids class. under the direction of Miss Flossie Stark. learn to operate movie projects, tape recorders and film strip projectors. One credit is given 'for the services per- formed during the year. Hobby Club The hobby group, this year, is perhaps one of the most unusual organizations in senior high. It has a membership of seventy-two with thirty-five different hobbies re- corded. The main purpose of the group is to have each member help other members in his particular hobby every time the opportunity arises. The hobby club slogan is, 6'l'll help you and you help men and many have given as well as received help this year. The club has many enthusiastic hobbiests. This group has grown out of the drawing classes and Mr. lVIcNichols is the sponsor. Fire Marshals This group of students, the fire mar- shals, is in charge of all the fire drills at Nampa High, and the marshals see to it that the school has at least one required fire drill a month. One of the jobs of the Student Body Vice President of Nampa High is presid- ing as President of the Student Fire Marshals. Buzz McMillan has filled this office for the past year. Secretary of the fire marshals, Georgia Turritin, was elected by the rest of the members, Paul Kaye, Caryn Snyder, Bill Hart, and Bob Rogers. Each year a contest is held among the Nampa schools in fire drill procedure. A prize is given for the winning school. H IAC f X? if if , if ".' ,i , To promote Industrial art in Nampa High the Industrial Arts Club was first organized in 1057. Leading the group this year are: Gene Davenport, President: Robert Smith, Vice Presidentg Arnold Wallace, Secretaryg and Floyd Kuhn, Treasurer. Assisting these officers is the club ad- visor, Mr. Rupert. The final Thursday of every month meetings are held at which members can be found Work- ing on their projects in the shop building. Industrial Arts Club is open to all students interested in the various phases of wood plastics, and metal working. Machinists Have you seen the reserved parking signs here at Nampa High? Well, here is the club re- sponsible for them. In addition to these signs, this year the machinists club made plaques for the Kiwanis Club and a bronze Nampa High School sign for the campus. Working with these various projects, the machinists learned more about how a machinist works with special tools. Only boys in machine shop can belong to this club. The leaders this year are: President, Larry Kudebehg Vice President, Verle Wolfe, and Secretary, Bill Mansur. The club advisor is Mr. Quinley. l rispin-il is-1 ' . L. Tits' Future Engineers ee! To promote added interest for the application dents in the matters of guidance and choosing of Engineers Club of Nampa High. This club was organized in the fall of 1956 the state or national level. Any junior or senior for membership. At each regular meeting a speaker is brought in, a field trip is taken. or a film is shown. One out of town trip is planned each year. The professional advisor is Mr. Sumner Johnson, head of the engineering department of the city, and faculty advisor is Mr. Lubiens. Officers are' President. Robert Johnsg Vice President, Corder Campbell: and Secretary-Treasurer, Bruce Keithly. of science and mathematics and to help stu- their lifels work is the purpose of the Future on a local basis. It is not affiliated on either enrolled in science or mathematics is eligible Science Club With big plans for the future, the Science Club of NHS is fast becoming one of the most active clubs on Campus. Field trips, experiments. and special projects highlight the activities of Science Club. Dr. Ford of NNC was one of the special speakers this year. Goals of the club are to increase skill and understanding of students in the fields of science. Officers of Science Club are President, Bob Henryg Vice President, Robin Russelg and Secre- tary-Treasurer, Gene Pilcher. Mr. Brandt serves as advisor for this club. M. 1 5 Ma.. , M iff , k, gjfyrisf 5 Q X, if gf 5 .A 1 asz41-iwyv-n . :nf umm.: .m, ' ffafjy 'fit J' . J, T--. as Y 1? . H 4 FW 'W' ""i""""' """"""" """w "' ""'t"""' """' " "U" r""r"" "' ' ""' l"' "'U H organized in 1957. To be a member of this club one must be a member of the distributive edu- cation class, have some aspect of business as his career objective. and have a job in a retail business. Deca students spend only a part of the day in school. The remainder is spent on-the-job. The main duty of the DECA students is to run the Kennel. All proceeds from Kennel sales go into the student body fund. The main social activities are in the fall: the installation of officers, to which the employers and parents are invitedg a Christmas party after Working hours, and an employer-employee ban- quet which is the highlight of the year. The officers of this year,s Deca are President, A. J. Kelloggg Vice President, Fred Yates, Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Raug Photographer, Donna Rutherford: and Historian, Earlden Grant. Club advisor is Elmer Bittleston, Key Club Under the able direction of Mr. Lyle Lubiens the Key Club develops citizenship and service to the school and community. The regular meetings were highlighted by visits from outstanding members of the community. Also the members were regularly invited to attend Kiwanis meet- ings. Among the projects carried out were mounting the black movie curtains, care of the trophies. and designing the school flag. The officers this year were President, Corder Campbellg Vice President, Gene Pilcherg Secretary, Robert Johns, and Treasurer, Charles Tyler. .mix .i, n 1 1 1 i al-if .isawre-nanny 1 aa... annum Gzrls and Boys State At Boise last January l5, the Amer- ican Legion's Girls' and Boys, State committee gave selected Idaho students a chance to promote leadership and government organizations. Students who went to the convention were chosen because of their high scholas- tic and personal achievements. Gem Boys' State was held on the Boise Junior College campus, and Syringa Girls, State was held in Cald- well at the College of Idaho. Both sessions were held the full week of June 8 to 14-. Men students who attended for Nampa were Mel Hochhalter, Corder Campbell, Jim Metcalf, John Bishop, Gene Pilcher, Bob Johns, Elias Alvar- ado, Carl Hamilton, and Ron Hoppins. Attending Girls' State were Chris- tine Lynch, Deanna Duffy, Ann Kel- logg, and Mary Beth Horton. Associated Men and Women Students One of the more popular and practical student organizations which has swept the country is the formation of Associated Menls and Women's Student Bodies. The new concept, coming down from college level, is the formation of leagues which would serve as pep clubs in whichhfevery- one could enjoy membership. The federa- tion would then be a society of students who would support the school in such activities as football, basketball, drama, and concerts. Here in Nampa this year, the association elected Representatives who sat in student council as an advisory, or committee, sta- tus. Rather than take time in the student council on such matters as game conduct or student honesty, the council turned these matters over to the association leaders. Membership in this association was M' placed on an automatic membership basis. The charter members under the guidance of Mr. Steck and Mrs. Cruse were sure that the association did not detract from standing clubs or the governing functions of the student council. The association's objectives are twofold: 1. To sponsor school sportsmanship and to encourage students to attend such school activities as basketball, football, plays, and concerts. 2. Each student should place himself on an honor code. The honor code lets each student guide his own actions. If he should infringe on others it is the duty of those around him or her to remind them of their school obligation. Meetings are arranged on the basis of need. To head the planning over these meetings in both menls and women's leagues were officers chosen by their class. Presidents from each class were to act as the organization leaders when the entire men's or womerfs f .-i.i V- -V - league meet. Heading the womenis league are: President, Deanna Duffy: Senior Representatives, Linda Grant and Melissa Egbertq Vice President, Donna Fletcher: Junior Representatives, Jerelyn Burlingame and Marolane Yelleng Secretary, Kay Ru- pert, Sophomore Representatives. lean Terry and Lynn Pate. The leaders of the men's league are: President, Bill Man- surg Senior Representatives, Steve Treas- urer and Dennis Aldredgeg Vice President, Dale Russellg Junior Representatives, Dale Nordstrom and Fred Bergemang and Sec- retary, Jim Furushiro: Sophomore Repre- sentatives, Bill Shaw and John Hayes. is,ft-1,..sues:awwammswm,ssmewtssai.tW-af, - ,--., A t- .- ,,s .,t,c.7.wqwtss. , . , ' yrzawf waswiwazmevamwzf www Homecoming Queen Football Queen Inez Gabica H -I ,gf - 1 3' 54,1 . - ' - fs - ' if . 'jV11i?Y , mf .+V S -' . A 1 'vsirkgs iix at ,QR-ii' ff A 54, - M, 4 'fi f- 'fax - - .V -- , A 2 It N K if 5' y W 8 , A 1 via' ag K -al -Q 'S X EWR, me + gm -N ,N-gg Q +L, X .zu S in M ,gi N Wi W K x V , M 'fm X , 1 Q 1 4 A N L, X, " S K V 5, 3 . N 5 ,Y 3? 4 W J, 2 w k 4 3 ,Ry 'YQ Ju 3 , . H25 .REZAER 5 42 Q 4 fx? ,gg fg Q'1 Aa, 5 al 5 4 U , ,Sify 13354 , if - . F I Y fd 2. Xxx A.. wx, ,exe Q f K, ,X 1 A S Q fi -Q 2 5 V - 4 51, s S Q 3 1 ,xg Q 4. , Q 4 5 f iw, Q ,,,'f'j fr I iii -1 .nf i 1- .V e . , .! I Y in Q . f x aw' y , M 15, Q 11331 E5 ig 'X e W .iw 12' efffiX1ez22,Q,:e gf , 9 , A , Q Qi . mfg aff ex 1:55 Ji eg EAI 1 14 ee Q SM W 2 at ix H 5 'eg 3 3 2 1331 .ii U 1 11 3 x i , Q W M, q,, V L h , N A lwameg ,' V ,E .. Wa .,,. f ,7 W A ff . Harvest Ball Kmg and Queen e if 'ie U' GeQrgia Turrittin Kang Bob Feyguson 'fe ii Ss X ii IV, . e e Sweetheart and 1... u ' L' Thompson Queen Fobes 1 an Q n .un ff' 'ISN' A min' fgv V 1. ,J x.. fS?3':1.N I t '. M-A ,,,-. l. wir : , A af ag :sy f U 441'l5V , . K -V vm rx f . M' . N ff as -K , 'K 6 'gf-Sam K is 4 A59-w I ' -f i ,... S Princess Glenys Johnston Princess Dottie Pitman Basketball Royalty This yearls basketball team has honored the two girls pictured above as attendants to the first Basketball Queen crowned at Nampa High School. They were crowned at the Basketball Jamboree held March 10, 1959, by Ron Dike and Roger Nelson, co-captains of the basketball team. Homecoming and Football Royalty Pictured at the top of the opposite page, left to right, are Christine Lynch and Glenda Foote. Both girls were elected as Homecoming and Football Princesses when Inez Gabica was elected Homecoming Queen and Football Queen. They were crowned at the Homecoming Dance held October 10, at Lincoln Gymnasium, and at the Football Jamboree held September 30, at the Pix Theater. Homecoming Attendants pictured at the bottom of the opposite page are, seated: Georgia Turrittin, Barbara Harrison, Linda Pfeiffer, Martina Gerritsen, and Betty Clegg. Standing: Deanna Duffy and Dotty Pitman. Sweetheart Royalty The annual Sweetheart Ball was held February 7, at Lincoln Gymnasium. Mike Thompson and Carol Lee Fobes were crowned Sweetheart King and Queen. Karen Brandt and Darryl Warwick f below, leftl and Judy Pilant and Dennis Aldredge fbelow, rightl were crowned as attendants. Harvest Ball Pictured above are Roberta Givens and Harold Lupton. Roberta is Vice President of FHA, and Harold is President of FFA. nn4awwm-t r.s Attendants Reigning as attendants at the annual Harvest Ball sponsored by the FHA and FFA were Carolyn Hurst and Clyde Fillmore, Evelyn Williams and Roger Ellis, and Roberta Givens and Harold Lupton. The dance was held November 21 in the Lincoln gym. The theme was "Autumn Leaves," with cornstalks and pumpkins sewing as decorations. Linda Burchfield sang the theme song, Marolane Yellen and Bonnie Tiegs did a dance routine, and Carol Sue Carson played a piano solo for the floor show. Dance music was furnished by Skeets Peebles and his orchestra. Carolyn Hurst, FHA President, and Clyde Fillmore, FFA Treasurer, are pictured above as Harvest Ball Attendants. At the left we have Evelyn Williams and Roger Ellis. Evelyn was chairman of the Harvest Ball, and Roger is an active member of FFA. Sage Attendants The Sage dance was held October 3, 1958, in the gymnasium after the Nampa-Twin Falls football game. Sage brush, a trellis, and an old wooden wheel provided background decorations. Gayle Nihart and Terry Nordstrom were crowned King and Queen by Linda Pfeiffer and Linda Jacobsen. Gayle was also presented with a bouquet of red roses. Attendants were Ron Dike, Marilyn Killian, Karen Brandt and Darryl Warwick. Skeets Peebles and his orchestra provided the dance music. Pictured at the right are Sage Attendants Ron Dike and Marilyn Killian. Ron was a co-captain of this year's football and basketball teams and Marilyn was an active member of "A" Choir and Spiz. Green Years Attendants Many sophomores, their dates and special guests danced to the music of Skeets Peebles and his orchestra at the annual Green Years Dance held April 11, at the gymnasium. John Hayes arid Connie Luekenga were crowned Green Years King and' Queen. Attendants crowned were ,lean Terry, Bill Shaw, Kathie Hostetler, and Bruce Garrison. At the left are Green Years Attendants Kathie Hostetler and Bruce Garrison. Kathie is Sophomore Class Secretary and Bruce is Sophomore Class President. Bill Shaw and Jean Terry are pictured below as Green Years Attendants. Bill and Jean are both officers of the Associated Men and Women Students. A xuuv ia. S? .Q-vw up, J.. 1 4 43 ..f""" Q' . ,W 2 g l ' f W 3, 1 ia i W .gk1W Q s 1 e EM i 4 3 35 M K .R W, ,.., .s,...,.-, A ,, Mm? pewwndw-f-f M70 ., W MYWJWMW4 I-f H ' , A qaA IMIIIIIWIWQM . I , '75""'6'L M,.,, 1TW,, M5523 + W Qfwwffff M12-Wf W WH? Mcww, 5 WwMwmdWW-fw , ,g,". ' y 4 -. .I ,.I , Q . . I I, H . X,." . -, . I I , . AII. , ,, .'I I . . I . I, . r . . xv. , 1 .I I I.. I ' , . - . , ,- , . , I . 5. ,Im - .1 7 ' ' K ' - . -L., N-. , YQ-. f- N-u Xffil. iff?-if -ig- N X fd", -,J 5-is sis' I 1 .-if' X 'A .,3' sf-5 f-L 1-J C " gf J' J' f JJ' 4' 1 'fi , f-. f I 2 f W X x K

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