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we-2,e.m CEH1a.fMw",g'Qx, of mfg 45, , , : Q QU ,r fy J 1 t W sy 5 ' .,A.4..A,4-lx QW , f??..w,,4ff,4M l,,.,5,. 5 k X. 8' X ,i.,NL",ff7 ,l?cfx+'55f2:f.:.M.Qr,7fiL,! , by gy Jeb UJFXX, ' 7224 QLCMC. 7nLc,4::,L, o ' by! Sf h fZl54241t,.f-C' ,MQLJQL :1 ,.fg,4. M Wwfgsw .W N. of X7 Q2 ,.m M,LC as , y-Vg J gg V 4f-'fffifb fC2zVk,L, fig? V A725 ff 99. f3fWff '12 M' fl mix F Q 351 Sis? L" V ,, V Jo 5, . ff wlvydyff ,, L - ,f I ' ' "LV ' fb' W V ' , 'QV Lf! . 'UO ,ffl N lfliftflw ' , n ff'fl3ef4Zt'h1fE5!WQnrof f 65 in 1' .' ff ' . , K! I r u , r L!! "V, K X ' ' ,bl JL 1,2 L A f , ll 1 L ,Lf kg, W, me . X. . V ' 1 1 .f f V L n L n 5 ' 1 ,4 L 1 J 1 V L IL by , - fix L I fu' ,fs v f J' of , I ' F ,Lf If L, I L C I ' -7 I . if 'lj fff, W 1 ff D LJ, Z, 7 I 5 1" lf KLM? S cj L, Y! ' X K J my Nampa Senlor Hugh Yearbook Ol' nmefeen hundred and flffy elghf Edlfor In Chief BETTY HEUCK Business Manager SANDRA SIEBER 7451? 531 ,13 I f if x:1L rf I H . FORE WORD Your 1958 wuhoolx IS 111 mul hfmdq As xou lefnf lll1Ol1U'll Its plffu xou mll become fimlllll mth the theme ws Inch thu yeirs SAC E IS lllllll 'If0l1Ild Hilldq From the Ulllfllllo' hfmde of our pI'1I1Clpll md the flc tlve h lnds of oul lthlete , hue come the Qupport necee sirv fOI 1 suceeebful School vefu On the opposlte pfzge IS p1ClLlI'Cd 3011 the student body for whom the weflrhoolx IS publlshed On lD6l1'1lf of the SAGE -taff I msh to thank ex ery one who helped us ln puttlng toffether all the dlfferent sectlons of th1Q hook It IS presented to you 111 the hopes thflt xou Null treflsure lt alwiyc lzlllol ln Chu JY12 Q r Ai lv . C xv . L . N . ,. - 7 , ' ', . V' z- ' Lf- M J L ' , ' , ' N - - an ee A, L Y C , 7 L n-. F F L ' Z P. 1 - Q 'L 5 Z ' e , -- L 4 L VY' Q L .- J . c " . , J c . 1 . L M ' 7 Z7 - . , L ' Y L YL 'va . . . . 1 '. . if J , , . ' N. 'X X . X is R . f g ' I 1 0 ,ff-1 FQ? ,m,,.f- 5' F Aix X ad Af N Pi' if-ful Xie I r' ' i.:f':L.,t'A T x ' 5 5 , , - t P ' ' J ffl, f X41 Mfqyf-l.A1 .dig I ' f' ' 4 c"'f' ,rf 0' ffm wx if Q .ff ff f' " ALA ' n ' . A ii A 'x . f F ' 0 G4 J , 'se'-.mis . E pflfffil X Qtiwzgzlx H 1 uv ' D' f-pn.-..'A"' - ' r ' " '-are aan... 1 J lg, li Yi Q .,f.,1:,1-5: 4-f - -. DEDICATI ON 'LThis man's wisdom, his accurate perceptions, his vigor of intellect, his humor, and his unselfish patriotism are known to all"-Cyrus Northup. This quotation aptly describes Leo C. Mathews, debate coach and boys' counselor at Nampa High School. Mr. Mathews graduated from Kuna High. His college career includes Lewiston and Albion normals, College of Idaho, where he eamed his B.A., and the University of ldaho, where he received his master's degree. Since coming to Nampa he has taught athletics, Latin, history, English, government, debate and has been boys' counselor. ln the twelve years he has taught debate in Nampa, his debators have never failed to place in state competition. During those twelve years Nampa has won district competition. During those twelve years Nampa has won state championship eight times. Ten of those years Nampa won district competition. Mr. Mathews has had three debate teams which have had undefeated records in all tournaments. Twice his debators have won the National Forensic League Western District-'making those champs eligible for the national toumament. Twice Mr. Mathews' teams gave Nampa its greatest forensic glory by winning the Western District Outstanding N.F.L. Chapter award. This remarkable record was achieved by debators who were molded by the man to whom we respectfully dedicate this 1958 Sage. THESE GUIDING HANDS 5' I ...-J.. ffl 21:1 jw VT W LKV, ,, l 'F-t -.f , I , , 3 4 4 '11 g S 'Qi 5 U 1- P -W3 E E R I N T E N D E N T SUPERINTENDENFS MESSAGE "Stout-s. hrick. and mortar do not make a High School: they form merely the material hody which houses the spirit which is the real High Schoolf' The citizens of Nampa have furnished the future citizens with a completed high school plant which is adequate for their needs. modern in design and practical. The students of Nampa High School are to he com- plimented for the excellent manner in which they have accepted the challenge of successfully working in a campus type school where all must exert much judg- WU Q. ment in self control. The Senior Class of 1958 is the first class that entered the new High School as sopho- mores. This class has heen the class to demonstrate to incoming classes the importance of good citizenship and proper care of puhlic property. Congratulations to the yearhook. l'The Sagen for hringing to the community such an excellent pictorial rememhrance of the activities of the students of Nampa High School for the year 1057-1953. MRS. UZZEL W59 CASS'-ER SUPERlNTENDENT'S SECRETARIES Board. school sy stem. .-Xmong the lrusiest memhers of the administration staff are Miss Clarahell Cassler. secretary to the Board. and Mrs. Gladys L-2201. secretary to Nlr. Nlills. Nliss tiasler has many duties: she pays all the teach- ers and other employees. orders all supplies. keeps the lvooks. and pei forms all secretarial work for the School Nlrs. lizzelis joln is equally important. She helps Nlr. Mills with routine duties around his office and sends out his monthly reports on the activities of the Con P R .. I N C I P A L L az.. if I gag., 1 K 'y Ay "IS Aa..-.-,X " Q X X PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE This svlifml year iiim-teen fifty'-seven-fifly'-eight will he rememlvererl as Ll retl letter year hy' all present ami future sturlents uf Nampa Senior High Sellmil. Our mmlern twentieth eentury campus has inspirecl our faeulty as they have eunsistently' pruvicled the best in efligeatiniial instruetiim. Sturlerits have lreen Challeiigefl hy faeilities ami iustruetimm to make the must nf their uppwrtunities. Partieipatifm in all ac-tiyities has heen emphasized in all areas. llrugress has Come to eaeh iiicliyiflual tu the extent that the imliyiflual has actively' NIRS. SIIOWALTEH engaged in all aetivities. To the Seuiurs nf nineteen fifty-seyeu-fifty-eight. we exteml 1-niigratulatimis aml lyest wishes. Wie issue an iiivitatimi that yuu Vtllllitlllt' to cfnrisicler Nampa High as ywnur sr-hmil heaclquarters throughput the years. The staff. juniur. aml snpliuiiwre elass memliers will strive tu fulluw the Nampa High traflitiun uf pruvicling worth while at-tivities that will insure nur enntinuing maximum gruwthf-iiitelleetual. physical. sueial. emutiunal. PRINCIPAL'S SECRETARIES M Fhmy alter. anfl fwillf-cts all fees. Twin of the busiest and most important people on Nlrs. 5huwalter's johs are many. not only dues she help Xlr. Fteck with secretarial jobs hut at the first of the year she sees to it that schedules are arraiigzeml. revwrrls the iieeessary infnrmatimi almut the stuflents Nlrs. Swttis prim-ipal juli is In help Nlrs. Fliuwalter with her jwlis arfiunrl the sf-limil. 5he alsi, helps supervise the stutlent muiiitnrs. np- erates tht- iluplic-ating maehme anti she passes wut ltll- purtaiit iiifiirmatiun to the stumlents anfl favulty. HRS. SCOTT the eampus are Mrs. Leah Seutt and Mrs. Hoherta -cy, X' N. 'af' ANN HUNT Homemaking I Vocational Activities F.H.A. MYRTLE KECK Homemaking II, III Vocational Activities Senior Homemaking EARL McKEEVER "A" Band Music Survey Training Band Music WINFIELD KIRCHER Orchestra "A" Choir "B" Choir Sophomore Choir SETH I-'ORSCREX Agriculture l, ll. lll Vocational Actixities F.l".A. ELVA REID Fpeech l. Il Drama I Play Production Thespian Advisor :ci " LOIS KREHBIEL Art l. ll. III Art Activities K' ' ,.,,'1QPW X ' qi 'iffy - if If Two of the busiest homemakers in Nampa High are Mrs. Keck and Mrs. Hunt. our homemaking teachers. Not only do they teach home-making to 220 girls each day but each one keeps a home of her own. Here they demonstrate the correct way to cut out a pattern. HUGH Mf'NlCHOLS JOE QIFINLIEY JOHN RUPERT General Drawing Machine: Shop Shop l. ll. lll Aff'l1llt'i'lllFE.ll llrassing Machinist ffluli Shop Actixities Mechanical Drawing Model Club QE." 7'r.-ra. .L I+ A. I-"V IDE,-XX LEWIS Coach. IKE. Hviillll Blu-N .Mlximr Ii XRIS XRX KONUXEN PE.. Ile-ahh ll. X.,-X. .Xmlvi-or t 'L if-1 Here in first period Physics class Jimmie Thinnis is lwlping Mr. Lulu-Hin: explain to the students the displacement of water. ITONNX BXCON HLNIFR Nl.XRlON RYffR.Xl:T Typing. English lllTTLl'f5TON Typing Qpizc-IIS :Mlsisrsr Typing Shorthand lliftrilnitisf' l'f4ll11'ati1vn F.B.l...-X. Aflvilfvr I 1 ' N lv Vx N IN-P 2 d li. X. llUllll50N lfnglisli Il .lflllflliillplll Fagl- Mlx1...r ifamvru lflulr S--plimiwrv Nluguzinf X1lXlNul' I-:Milk il. XIUWERY lillglll-ll lll X - I t'f'I1- ,'x1l!lr1if ll.-Xlill.-XR 'X l.. IIORTUN lfngllisll II Cn-vn Ye-ars :Mlvisor .XlJlfl.l.'X RUTH Englixli lll Spin .Mlxiwr BFSNIF ll XKFR Fwniv-r lfnuli-li ,ll-umuli-nl Cmwl Xflxi-nr Quill and Fw-rvfll ,Xflxiwr l'r3vIi4-ul Fngli-li MW f? il NINXlNE HVCHES FLORENCE FISK HENRY lNlfXN,-KKK EDNA K. ,IARYIS U S History U. S. History Whrld History Ctwvrniilf-lit Gt mor Class :Xdvisor Explorvr- filulm Svnior Prolilf-Ins Miss Krehbiel, art instructor at Nampa Senior High, shows ZPlla Howell thP finer points of dry- point 1-tching. The dvsign is cut on the back of X-ray paper and rolled onto a sheet of white papvr with a rolling pin. You didn't think the rolling pin had anything to do with art. did you? PXEI YN H:XCELlN HELEN YORK VILAS BRANDT LENN ll. CRUSH La in I, Il Spanish I, Il Chrmistry Biology Frenmh l, II Junior Class Advisor Cvnvral Science Svrvim- Club Advisor F L S Adviggr Scivnm- Club Advisor Studvnt Body Manager Ig, as ,VX 'Qjj ROY ROBERTSON Government Economics s bf-x Q-..-1. 'Um LYLE Ll'l3lEN5 HELEN GEORGE KIEI. GERALDlNE CRLSE LEO MATTHEWS Physics L.-'KNGWORTHY Geometry, Algebra Senior Comprehensive Debate Atlvance-tl Mgt-lira Gwriif-try Varsity Basketball Girls' Counselor llehate Cluli Xdxi or Solid Geometry Study Hall Coach Service Club Advisor Boys' Counsf lor my :A . .. V mi 5 XY' 3135 W! P+ This is an important day in Mr. Robertson! first period Govern- ment-the bringing out of the little red grade hook. Richard Mitchell doesn't look too inter- estedp maybe he already knows his grade. ERNEST G. FLUFSIE STARK IDIS EWART MINA CONRXD KENNEDY Library Study Hall Honor Societx lliology ll'-ultli Business Education l Sophoniure Coach Bookkeepin l ll 69 X E With hroom and dust pan Harold Jackson and Alice Tiser have kept the grounds and b 'll' f. f uirinas o ampa High School clean this year. Mrs. Tiser and Mr. Jackson have been the Janitors at NHS. since it was first opened in the fall of 1955. The Bell sounds and then eo C US TODIANS We wish to commend J. George Beer and Leonard Forrey fr hz . ' . or I e good Joh they have done helping to keep our campus clean. Nlr. lit-er. long time resident of Nampa High, works chiefly in ela-sroom huildings 1 and 2. Nlr. lforrey. new to our eutnpus. is the custodian of the new gym. mf at l . ,fy 3 -- .,,, e 4,54 i' e COOKS . . mes the rush of student- hurrying to the lunch room to have dinner. To take eare of thi hu l the 1 ' s ngry mo J, - 'ooks arrixe early in the morning five days a week, and seldom lease lvefore three in the afternoon. To head cook. Ann Pollack and her capable helpers Faire extends zi heurtv "Il ' nksn f ' '1 '- - ' ' ' l 1 ld or .1 jrh will dons. Reading from left I0 right: Margaret Sehvanel veldt. Eloise NleXlilIin, l.aYon Nloore. Ann Pollock. Hell:-na Richards, Loretta Mchlillin. E , if ll ' 6 'S .,,...11.N,""" gf of 1 A t kj, A ,,, , J' Thy 4 f .w. s 3- is ,, , ' s 9 nv: .sl syk N.. N x ' 9 rig " R xy - M, i 2:31 ,l ..,,. .,... ..-...-Q...... . I' yn STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Chosen on leadership. scholastic aluility. and popularity are our student body officers who do their hest to keep all the students happy and hy ful-filling student requests. Curtis Theil. student lmody President. Carroll Warwick. Vice President: and Jeannie Rau. Secretary, presided over the Student Council meetings and on special committees. ORGANIZATION LEADERS Representing the three classes on the student council were Layne Dike. Sophomore Class President: Elias Alvarado. Junior Class President: and lay Miner, Senior Class President. Chosen by their fellow classmates. these students do all in their power to keep the student hody in high spirits and united in a representative way. Danny Pfaff, editor of the Crowl. and Betty Heuclc. editor of the Sage are among the many organization officers who voice their opinions in the Journalism Department at the Student Council meetings. Danny and his staff members, put out our bi-weekly school paper. which keeps us up-to- date on the happenings of Nampa High. Betty has secretly hidden all the memories of her three years at Nampa High in the completed '58 Sage. if N., x. '? 05 IO :sniff A-fl 7. VX.-f SENIOR CLASS Another crossroad, another goal has been reached in the lives of approximately 280 students at Nampa Senior High. These students are the seniors-about to graduate amidst caps and gowns, rejoicing and tears. The big moment has arrived for them-the moment they have looked forward to for many years. Throughout grade school they looked at 'the "big seniors" enviously and now think-they are seniors. It almost scares them, too, as they look out into the "big, wide, world" and think of the future. They also think of the past, especially their three years of high school. 3- nmiifn As sophomores, the class of '58 selected their motto, colors, and flower which were to remain with them through- out high school. They chose "Sportsmanship Before Victory," the red rose, and turquoise and white. They also selected Carroll Warwick, Harold Murray, and Shirley Garrison as president, vice president, and secretary respectively. An- other achievement of the class was the organization of the sophomore pep club, and the winning float at Homecoming. Carlyle Dean was advisor and Wanda Wolfe and Sharon Price were the cheerleaders. The junior year saw Harold Murray as president of the class, Curtis Theil as vice president and Sandra Sieber as secretary. The class, under the direction of Mrs. York produced a very successful junior-senior prom with Blanche Blecha as chairman. And then-ahl-the senior year with Mrs. Hughes as advisor. Club presidents, student body officers, editors, and kings and queens, were all chosen from this class-the class headed by .lay Miner, Presidentg Gary Wright, Vice Pres- identg and Sharon Price, Secretary. And as the class of '58 leaves, they leave behind them many memories and souv- enirs. Several trophies have been won, a school flag made, and many other improvements on the campus produced by the graduating class of '58, and as the class moves on, many remembrances of their brief stay at Nampa Senior High will remain. Farewell, farewell and may the knowledge they have gained here, guide them as they embark on their future. SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Pictured below are the members of the Student Council. Reading from left to right, back row: ,Iim Hetmer, .Iohn Mercer, Bruce Everton, Norman Hall, Elmer McElroy, George Volk, Carroll Warwick, Danny Pfaff, Ron Ferguson, Jay Miner, Butch Wade. Second row: ,Ianetter Morf, Sandra Sieber, Kay Cornilles, Sharon Price, Gracie Arego, Carole Marshall, Betty Heuck, ,Ioan Huber, Thelma Peterson, Gail Fillmore, Connie ,Io Frost, Sherrie Davis, Sharon Moore, Eleanor Lill. Kneeling: Janis Jacobsen, Danny Henry, Gary Wright, Steve Norell, Curtis Theil, Jerry Hale, Rich Griffitts, Norma Rau. L9 I' Vx 15" qv" bf Q' sf Qi-'T' Q 4 SHARON ALBRIGHT-The best uqay to have a friend is to he one. GAA. BONNIE ALLEN---As bright as spicy cedar, as jorial as a farnplire. DECA: FBLA: "A" Choir: Honor Society. SANI ALVARADO-KwitchaworryinP? Hi-Y, Vice President: "A" Band: "B" Band: Sopho- more Choir: Sophomore Basketball. RON ANDERSON-Yep, l'rn a senior this year. The world lies ahead. FFA: FBLA: Machinists. NIARCIE ARANA-A fountain of fun bub- bling over. Girls' Glee: Band: Spiz: Y-Teens: GAA: FHA: Camera Club. GRACIE AREGO-Some people cause happi- ness wherever they go. FHA: GAA: Girls' Glee: Librarian: DECA, Secretary: Spiz: Y- Teens: Student Council: Homecoming Attend- ant. CAROL LEE ATKINS--The pleasure of love is in loving. GAA: FLS: Y-Teens: FBLA: FHA: Girls' Glee: "A" Choir: Summit. ROGER BACON-He has an answer for every- thing. FLS, Executive Council: Debate: NFL, Vice President: Hi-Y, Youth Legislature: Stu- dent Council: DECA, President: Honor So- ciety: Voice of Democracy, winner: State DECA President: Summit. STEVE BAGGERLY-Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Machinists. EDDIE BAKER-His modesty is a clue to his merit. ,ION BAUMGARTNERAThe horn of Gabriel winds not much sweeter. FLS: "A" Band: Orchestra: Pep Band: Librarian: Dance Band. ROCHELLE BEAUDREAE-A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. FTA: GAA: Librarian: Summit: "Lady Precious Stream." PAT BELL-In a young heart, everything is fun. Girls' Glee: FHA: Spizettes: Growl: Sum- mit: Librarian. Spiz: GAA: Student Council. CLARK BEVINGTON-I am not arguing with youvl am telling you. "A" Band: Pep Band: Orchestra: Hi-Y: Honor Society: Key Club, Secretary: FLS, Sergeant-at-Arms: NFL: Sci- ence Club: Debate Club: District Debate Tournament: NFL Congress. MARVIN BINGHABI-A short saying oft contains much uisdom, FFA, Sentinel: Cam- era Club: Baseball: Football: Track: Basket- ball. ',,, ROBERT BOTTO3ISiThe only way to have a friend is to be one. Hobby Clubg Industrial Arts Club. MARILYN BOWLING-A friend may be well reckoned the masterpiece of nature. "B" Bandg Y-Teensg Spizg Girls' Gleeg Summitg FBLA. RAYMOND BRADFORD-l live only for the sake of living. "A" Bandg Orchestra. ALAN BINGHAM-His reason is not meas- ured by size or height, but by principle. FFA. BLANCHE BLECHA-A sure cure for the blues. "B" Band, Vice Presidentg "A" Band, Nlajoretteg Sophomore Growlg Spizg GAA: Y-Teens, Secretary, Vice Presidentg Spizettes, Director of Musicg Inter Com. Office Monitorg Honor Societyg Girls' Stateg FLSg Football Queeng 1957 Prom Chairmang Homecoming Queen Attendantg Green Yearsg Summitg Sophomore Pep Clubg Commencement Com- mittee. .IOANNE BOOSINGER-She is loved for her quiet friendliness. Spizettesg Spizg Summit: FHAg FBLAg Caldwell High School. KAY BRIGGS-An atom blonde. FHAg FBLAQ GAAQ Y-Teens. DONNA BROCK-Beauty seen is never lost. GAAg "B" Choirg "A" Choirg Y-Teensg Girls' Glee. JEAN MARIE BRUETT-Those who know her know her worth. FLSQ FHAg Y-Teens. RICHARD BRUNNEEL-The blessing of earth is toil. "A" Bandg Pep Bandg Orchestra. CARL BLIDELL-Watch out, you big wide world, here I come. FFA, Sentinelg Movie Operatorg Harvest Ball Attendant. CATHERINE BUDELL-The same wherever you meet her. "B" Choir. MELYIN BLFFINGTON-.'Yei'er do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Sophomore Footballg Varsity Baseball. ALLEN CALDWELL-Worry never made one great, so why worry? Machinists. Y.-KN C.eUlPBELL-When trouble comes my way I take another path. Blu N3 Boys' State FLSQ Summit: Green Yearsg "A" Bandg Var- sity Football. ROBERTA CLARK-Quiet and earnest, .she goes her way. Girls' Gleeg "A" Choirg Spizg FHAQ Y-Teens, FTAQ FBLAQ Summit, Busi- ness Managerg Science Clubg Middleton High School. SHERRON CLEC-G-Action is eloquence. Girls' Cleeg Spizg Spizettesg FHAg FTA. SANDRA CLOUCH-With a song in her heart. FBL.-Kg Office Monitor. JUNE CLOVER-Ask me no questions and l'll tell you no fibs. Spizg FBLAQ "A" Bandg "A" Choir, Student Councilg GAAQ Y-Teensg Sophomore Pep Club, President. LEO CLOYD-I grow old learning something new every day. FFA, Assistant Reporter, Lead- ership Committee. JOHNNY COBLE-Women? I came here to drink of knowledge. KAREN CASE-Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. FBLA, Store Buyer. EDDY CASH-A fellow whom everyone ad- mires for his gameness, wit, and good nature. Sophomore Football, Trackg Varsity Football, Trackg Sage King. RON CASSIDY-He takes his time but he gets there. FFA. JERRY COOPER-Laugh and he merry. DECA: Movie Operator. KAY CORNILLES-The goorl, the true, the beautiful . . . those are the things that pair. Y-Tecnsg FLSQ CAA: Stud:-nt Council: Sum- mitg Green Yr-ars. MARY COURTNEY-Personality, poise and patience. Spizg FHAg Y-Teensg FLS, Ex- ecutive Councilg FBLA. Assistant Point Keep- erg FHAg Summit. WAYNE COWGER-.Tone but himself can be his parallel. Student Council: Service Clubg "A" Choirg Varsity Basvhallg Sophomore Bas ketball, Track: Student Hotariang Hi-Y. Pres- ident: "Lady Precious Streanif' HI..-UNE COX-Sigh no more, ladies, .sigh no more. SHARON COX-Her yesterdays look lnirlp- ward with a smile. Summit: "A" Choir. DONALD CROFT-To him, few things are impossible with diligent skill. DEC.-'Az FBLA: Movie Operator. PAT CRONIN-I bear a charmed lille. FHAJ "A" Choirg "B" Chair. DIAN STEPHANIE CROOKS4I!'ha1 hare you got that gets its? Spizg Thespian Variety 'WUI' Show. E5 , "' X ASQ ' igtQ:,gggit.j,'e1tti gli ti I ' . wi, 4,1 - x '4 M. 4' , l!',.'T"' 26, The Key Clubhers pitched in to polish the trophies ht-fore they placed them permanent- ly in the gzyiiinasiuni. Connie Jo Frost, Le- Roy Klas. Danny Hen- ry, and David Kent are industriously shin- ing the prides of Nam- pa High. 'il ft:-.v' Histuryif? Pictur:-tl al your right are three of Nampa High? most wriuui students. Fan- dra Fit-ber, Eleanor Lill and Carole Nlarwhall. The-y are itldtiftrimi-ly ftuilying their Attieri- can History. 1"Oh. Eleanor. did Leruy real- ly say that'?"I The-y are devoting their Sage period-f"Sandra, what did your moth:-r say about you getting litmu- ww late-?"l V-tu the study for Xlrs. Hughes' class. I bet the-y'll really know about the world when their Senior year is through! JININIY DANIEL-Here'5 to pleasure as you like il. "B" Choir, Librarian. DICK UAYIES- Greater men hate lived! but I doubt it. Explorers, Blu N: Sophomore Fwwtlrall. llaskr-tball. Travk: Varsity Ftmtball, llaxkvtball, Track. Football Co-Captain. RON D.-KYIS-The light and flame of south. A-ll' 3 SHEHHIE DAVIS-Not only good, but good for somelhing. CAA, Pointkeeper: FBLA: Came-ra Club: Future Nurses, President: "B" Choir: llamlg "B" Band: Y-Teens: Sum- mit: ".' 'x " Choir. KEITH DAY-Deeds, not words, distinguish him. Blu N: Hi-Y: Fnphnnmre Bafkvtballg Vanity Football. Track. EYELYN DECOLYRSEY-She smiles to srare the drabness of the world. Y-Teens. NIKHY llfllllifllp heart is Pier at tour Serlife, Clluifl Y-Tvvnel Girlf Ulw: SHERRY IDUINQE -1 lore Io lize uhrlhfr I srnile or grtrte. "X" Choir: Y-Twn-, lill.l. llUN.'xl'll'E--.-Ih. zhia learning, uhal u thing tt i.s,' Var-ity F0-ftball. Tennis: Soph- ntitflrt- 'l'rat'lx. 'l-vnni-. Fntftliall. Gu 'rv HOWARD EASTLAND-I got rhythm. Band: Pep Band, President: Orchestra: FLS, Executive Council: Summit: Student Council: All-Northwest Music Conference: Boys' State. MERIL EBBERS-A future farmer, he loves the land. FFA, Vice President, Treasurer: Varsity Football, Tumbling: Harvest Ball At- tendant. BARBARA EDWARDS-It is tranquil people who acquire so much. Y-Teens: FBLA: Typ- ing Assistant. JOE DOSTAL-Generally the wisest man in the company . . . disguised. FFA: Green Years: Machinists Club. DELBERT DRAPEAU-S0 live to be happy. GAYLE DUSPlVAiAnd still they gazed and still the wonder grew, how one small head could carry all she knew. Honor Society: Green Years: Summit: CAA: Senior Repre- sentative: Office Monitor: Future Engineers Club, President: Science Club, President: Lab Assistant. ELDON FEDLER-Bored of education. RONALD FERGUSON-The only way to get rid of a temptation is Io yield to it. DECA, Parliamentarian. GAIL FILLMORE-Praises loudly and blames softly. "A" Choir, Secretary: Spiz, Vice Pres- ident: FHA: Honor Society: FLS: CAA? Office Monitor: Summit: Student Council. RONALD EHLERS-He has qualities which promise success. BRUCE EVERTON-Never put off enjoyment, for therels no time like the pleasant. HA" Choir, President: Orchestra. RONALD FARNWORTH-Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we study. Student Coun- cil: Sophomore Football, Baseball: "B" Band: Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball: "A" Band: Blu-Ng PE Assistantg Big Six End. 4-ivy ,GW Y? TOMMY FILLXIOHE-When I feel like slurly- ing. l lie flozcn anrl sleep it off. "B" Choir. BILL I"ISHER-You can start noug l'm here. DWAYNE FISIIER-l7'hy study when there's so much to learn. Sage, Faculty Editor: Quill and Scroll: Tren Times. NORMAN FLOWERSiHe lires in a cycle of cycles. DARRELL FOOTE-By the worlf, one l1'lI0lL'S the worker. "A" Ilantlg Pep Band: Orchestra: Honor Society: Future Engineers. Vice Prese ident. JOE FORTIN-The trouble uith alarm cloclfs is that thefre always going off while y0u're asleep, Sophomore Track: Hi-Yg FFA. F' LINDA FLETCHER-Laugh yourself into stitches. FHAg Y-Teens. CURTIS FLISHER -'Fleet as the winrl. Soph- omore Football, Basketballg Varsity Football. Basketball. Track: Blue-N1 Hi-Y. LOUANNA FLISHER-Everything at once and so-0-0 F-lVIl1.l'iE'fll. "A" Choir: Y-Teens: Hon- or Society: FLS: FBLA: Green Yeah: Sum- mitg GAA: Serxice Club: Librarian -6 'S' JERRY FOSTER-The early liinl gets the worm. but who uanls the zcorm Iioicailalnf' Honor Sotietyg Future Engirirer-' Sci'-rice lllulr. CUXNIIE ,IO l"HOST--.-lliialxs al uorl: ziilh rim. Choir: Sage: Spiz: lln-I-n Tear-3 UAA: l"I.S: Honor Society: X-'I'wi1-1 Stu- alent Council: Ilrom Committee: ,lournali-ni ' 'Q' ci H Conference: FBLA, Pre-identg Typing A:si-t- ant Ufflc XI nit r UIIURIQIQ Fl IIKIAI.-XX' .lliilili lieefls no flisgnise nor urriarnenlx. FIILA, Buyer: IJIQLA. Treafurer: Prom Coiiiinitteeg Green Y:-urs. MONTE CARRISON-There's always one in every crowd. Sophomore Footballg Fire Mar- shalg Meridian High School. SHIRLEY GARRISON-Dark eyes. HA" Choir, Presidentg Spizg Y-Teensg Who's Whog Madri Guys and Calsg Homecoming Queen Attendantg Sophomore Class Secretary. EDA GATES-A cheerful companion is worth gold. Thespiansg Spiig FBLA, Store Managerg CAA, Representativeg Honor Societyg Green Yearsg Spizettes, Secretaryg Tennis Team. JOE CIBBS-A reserved boy-but for whom? Future Engineers. TONY CIBSONHYou'll find us rough, sirg but you'll find us ready. Blue-Ng Sophomore Footballg Varsity Football. JAMES GIESE-Life would be quite intoler- able if it weren't for our amusernents. BILL FULLER-When you feel like exercise, just lay flown till the feeling goes aufay. DON CABBERT--I 1lon't dare be as funny as I might, Typing: Assistant. MIKE GARRISON-He thinks twive before he speaks, then says it to himself. Movie Opera- lor. DONALD GILLOGLY--Life is a jest and all things .show it: I lhought so time and rzou' l lfnou' it. BIVCKLEY GOODWIN-The u'orlrl's no bet- ter if you worry. DAVID GONZALES-Great men are flying every dayg in fact I don't feel u'ell nzyself, Orchestra. CAROLYX GRANGE-l7'liat is lorely' neter dies. FHA: Thespiansi Honor Soeiety. Vive l'rr--idt-nt. CONNIE lQRl:CG4l'ariety' is the spire out lite. Spit: FBLA: X-Teens: 'l'hf-spians: FLS: F'I'.X. RICHARD GRII-'FlTTSfA great guy' to those who lrnou' him and an iflul to those uhm ilon't. Blu-N. President: Fxplore-rs: Fire Marshal: Physirs Lab Assistant: Soplioinort- Football. Basketball. Traek: Varsity Football. lravk. llEl.l5FR'l' HANKS- Walvh out for his hida den talents. FFA. I.f'3llt'f-lllll lfhairman. Refre- ation Chairman. llrogram Chairman: Summit: lfuturt- Engineers: Harwst Ball Attendant. Slllflli Llf llARlJlQS'lh lly delight is in tht' sons of men. KKlillOl.L li.XRl'ERf Une uho Lnuus hott' tu gire a num her ou'n u'ay. FHA: Kuna High School. Kuna: Stutlt-nt Council: Choir. EYFHETT CRIMES-For he's a jolly' good fellow. Sophomore Basketball: Baseball: "B" Choir. GWEN GWILLIAM-Tall, blonde, and . . . ? Y-Teensg FHA: FBLA: GAA: Orchestra: Summit. DON HALCONI-flloderation is the noblest gift of heaven. FFA: "B" Choir: "A" Choir. JERRY HALF-You can hide the fire, but what are you going to do with the smoke? Sophomore Football: Varsity Football: Blu-N. NOEL HALES-In the spring a young rnan's tarzry' lightly turns, and turns, and turns. Boys' State: Sage: Quill and Scroll: Service Club: Physies Lab Assistant: Prom Commit- tee: Growl. NORMAN HALL llorft fret, just take it in your stride. Student Council: Sophomore Foot- liall. Basketball. Baseball: Varsity Football. Basketball. Bas:-hall. Tumbling: Hi-X. The world needs more engineers? Well. Uncle Sam, Stop your fretting! Nampa High has two senior boys. David Kent and Leroy Klas. who are solving. in ad- vanced algebra class, a problem which may be a key to the future. SALLY HART-Where :lid you get those big brown eyes? Spizg Y-'Iles-'nsg FH.-Kg FI..-Kg GAAQ The-spiansg Summitg Prom Commilteeg Librarian: Sophomore Pep Club. DORIAN HATCH-Tall, studious, and happy. "A" Band, Drum Majorg Pep Bandg Dance Bandg Honor Society, President. LAVONA HATHAWAY-I like fun and I like jokes about as well as most folks. GAA: FBLA3 Girls' Clee. VERNON HELT-One way to succeed is to do more than is required. Key Clubg FLSQ "A" Bandg Pep Bandg Orchestra. WANDA HENKEL-Blonde and fair. Y-Teeng FHAg CAA. HUGH HENNESSEY-A big, strong, silent mari. Sophomore Football, Track. Basketball: Varsity Football, Baseballg "B" Choir, Prggi. dfflil "A" Choirg Blue-Ng Explorers. RODNEY HENNIS-So much to rio, so little time. DANNY HENRY-Youth comes but once in a lifetime. Choirg Sage, Photographer Ed- itorg Quill and Scrollg Summitg Key Club, Presidentg PLS, Treasurerg Science Cluhg FTA: Boy! Choir: Big Fix Choir. ,IINI HENHYfThings which must be, must be for the best. Hi-YQ Growl. Art Editor. Sportswriter: Key Club. JIM HETNIER-Once I was caught studying and fre never lived it down, FF.-'kg Machinists: Student Council. BETTY HEUCK-A friend to everyone, every- one a friend to her. Sage, Editor-in-Chief. Senior C0-Editorg Spiz. Treasurerg Inter Com.: I7LSg Sage Queen Attendant: Prom Commit- teeg Green Years, Editor: Spizettes: Girls' Gleeg Y-Teeng GAAg Sophomore Pep Clnlr: Quill and Scrollg Journalism Conference: Stu- dent Press Clinic: Teen Times. News Reporter: Student Council. BRIICE HlGI..EYf'0ne u-ho is polite Io you even when he has na fat-ors to ask. 'Z-X" Hand: IJECA: l'ep Band: Key Club: Honor Society Summit. DELURIQS HILL The same zchererer you meet her, always gay. GAA: Spizz FBLA: Choir: Y-Teens: Student Council: Typ- ing Assistantg PE Helper. JOHNNY HORN--lfihat ererrx young girl should l.'nou'. Student Council. GARY HOHNER-The mirror ol all ruzlrtesx. FBI.: IJECA. ZELLA HUWELI. - .4 paelrage full ot lrrains and a hear! full oil sunshirze. I-'HM I-Teens: Honor Society: I'lI.5. lfxecutixe Council. Seca retaiyi Green Years: Summit: Science lfluli. JUAN HI,'liI'QR-Llerer enough to runrince ns that we are rlererer than she is al her flererest. Spill Y-Teens. l'rz-sident. Historian: Honor Soi-ietyg Green Years: Summit. Assist- ant I-Iditorg NFL: lleliate Clulnz l-'IA Iixectis tue l,ounc1l. JXXIS ,l.'XCOBSEN-- Her jriemlship is :forth hazing. Spiz: FH.-X. President: GXVX: Spir- etti-sg Prom Committee: I-Teens: Girls' Give. liraving a stiff lrreeze at the Numpaffwin Falls Game. Uctolier 4, Sandra Sieber. Nampa's Home- coming Queen. rides in royal splendor around the Bulldog liowl. The gootl looking gal on the right is Sharon Price. Homecoms ing Attendant. KARALYNN JENKINS-Charm is her pow- er. Growl, Fashion Editorg Spizg FHAg Quill and Scrollg FLSQ Summitg GAAg Spizettesg Homecoming Attendantg Football Queen Ate tendantg Y-Teens. JACKIE JENSEN-A flashing smile for ererli one. Y-Teensg FHAQ "A" Choir. ANITA JOHNSON---She doesrft talk nzirvh, but u'hat,s there to say? Prom Committee: FBLg Summitg "B" Choirg CAAQ ELS: FTA. CATHERINE .lQNEri -.4lu'a,i's there 1l'1Ifll joy and cheer, FRANK KELLILY-Virrtory belongs to the perserering. Thespians: "Lady Preciou- Stream." DAVID KENT-He never turns bark-always goes forward. Honor Society, Treasurerg Key Club: FLSg FTA. SANDRA KINCHELOE-Therels rnischiej lurking behind those eyes. FHAg FBI., Histor- iang GAAQ Quill and Scrollg Crowl, Assistant Fashion Editor. KAREN KING-A remedy too strong for the disease. Y-Teensg FHAg Halfway High School. Oregon. MARIE KIRKWOQD-A good uornan is marfs bliss. Spizg Office Monitorg l'lllI.g Green Yearsg Librariansg Sage Queen. LEROY KLASS-Vision to seek a beckoning peak. Sage, Sports Eclitotg ELS. Presidentg Key Club, Presidentg Science Club. Vice Pres- identg Quill and St-rollg Honor Soi-it-tyg Cr:-en Yearsg Summitg Physics Lab Assistant. NAOMI KNAPPiThe hand that made thee. hath made thee good. UA" Choir: "ll" Choir. DIANE KRIEBS-A popular girl in fine trirn. "A" Choirg FH.-Kg Y-Teensg CAA: Girls' Clee: Student Counvilg Yell lluvlie--: Yell Qu:-en. GERALD KICLER Good nature is one out the rirhest fruits of lite. "ll" Choir: Nldfllilliflf. LARRY LANTZER--.4 pipe, a nite. a ranrh gthese three, dear world is all I ash of thee. l'4I"A: Nlarllinists. DEAN LEAYITT--And though hard be the tasl: . . . lzeep a stiff upper lip. lfl-'Az De-ltati-. XLXRILFE LESTER -The smile an her ,lace is but a reflertion of her heart. Bandg IH-it Baml: Spill Fllfk. 5:-wr:-tary: ll.-X.-X: Of- five Nlunitwr: Ham-st Ball Quem Mtentlant. llkklll IFWIS llis toive lingers on. llboirg 'lilwspiatia Variety Show: Nlanlri Guys antl Gal-L bln-ic Awistarit: "Lady Precious Ftrvanif' Fl.l'f.XNOR LILL -Craiily is all that holcls her rlozcn. Spiz: "Xlareheta:" Honor Soeiety, St-vretarsg The-pian. Treasurer: Quill and St-roll, Vice- Pre-sitlt-tit: Sage. Class Etlitorg Journalism iiutift-rx-rice: SlYt't'l'l'l Cunferenceg Ftutlvnt Council: Summit. IJARXL LINDE-V110 unto the other feller the may hell like to zlo unto you an' do it just. Hi-X: Sophomore Football. Basketball. Base- ballg Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball. RUSXLIE I.l'Clif-Those about her, from her, shall reall the perfect ways of honor. FBL. RONDA LLNDY-The gal with a smile is al- uais zcorthwhile. Thespiansg Y-Teensg C.-XAg FBLA. BOB LYNCHf.'Vo use worrying about life- you nerer get out of it alive anyway. JIM LYNCHfLet me play basketball but no speeches, please. Varsity Football, Basketball. SHARON SINIS BICBRIDE-A gal with a guy. FHA: Cree-ii Yearsg Summitg FBLA. AVA NIQCALL-Personality, honesty, and the zcillirzgness to serve. Spiz, Sergeant-at-Armsg Y-Teensg FBLA, Store Auditorg Summitg CAA, Senior Representative. GLEN XICCONALGHEY - As free as the breeze. FLSg Executive Council. FUNTELLA NICCURLEY-She trusts everyone anrl zloubls no one. "A" Band: Pep Bandg GAAQ FBL. ELNIER BICELROY-A 1.'oice like thunder: a smile like sunshine. Thespians, Historian: De- bate: NFL. Pt:-sidentg FLSg Fummitg Sage, Arsiftant Sports lfditorg Boys' Stateg Green Ye-ar-1 Student Councilg Sage King Attendantg Champion NFL Tournamentg State Debate Cbampiong NFL Congress. Senator. KARLA MCKNIGHT-In silence also there's a uorlh that brings no risk. Girl! Clee: GA.-Kg Science Club. YERNA MCLALGHLIN-Vision for the fore- sight of tomorrow. FHA, Regional Choir, Dis- trivt Choirg Spizg llonor Society. STEVE MCNEILL-A voice to melt freezing hearts. Thespiansg "Lady Precious Stream." DEE MACY-He has qualities which promise success. "B" Choirg Blue Ng FLSQ Varsity Footballg Camera Clubg Future Engineers: Science Clubg Movie Opcratorg Track. TOMMY MANCUNI--Sometimes I sit anal thirtkg other times 1 just sit. "A" Bandg Ten- nisg Explorers. MARILYN MARCHBANKS-Short and snap- py, cute and happy. CAAg FllLg Vice Pres- identg Spiz, Secretaryg Spizettesg Y-Teens Libraryg Office Monitorq Prom Committee. CAROLE MARSHALL-Eizeryborly loves her, they canit help it. Librarian. Presidentg FTA. Presidentg FLSQ Spizg Honor Society: Quill and Scrollg Sage, Organization and Feature Editorg Green Years, Layout Editorg Summit. Editorial Staffg NEA, Delegiateg IEA. Repre- sentativeg Sophomore Crowlg ,lournalifm Con- ference. RON MARTIN-Shortcut to jun, FFA. DIANE MATTSON-To her, life at all with- out delights. FLSQ Y-Teensg Speech Festixal: Crowl, Feature Editor: Summit. ,IOAN MERCER-In lore it-ith life. alzrl the whole world. HA" Bandg Orchertrag .'Xll-North- west Bandg All-Northwest Beethoven Quintet: All-Northwest Oboe and Clarinet Duetg Spiz: Y-Teene: FTA. JOHN MERCER-Youth is a ehallenge: life is 11 tight. FLSQ "A" Bandg Student Director: Pep Bandg All-Northwest Handg Student Coun- eil. Cooks? Noe- just chem- ists! ,loan Huber and Harold Curry are mix- ing: up the secret for- mula everyhody at Nampa High is trying. A new fuel for the Sputnik which we are ready to launch to get Nampa on the map Or -off. Seriously though they are just experi- menting in Nampa Hig1h's modern chemis- try laboratory. , H C. .Qi MARVIN BIESSER-I know an awful lot but I can'l think of it. Hi-YQ Varsity Basketballg Sophomore Basketball. JAY BIINER-All that and good looking, tool "A" Bandg Hi-Yg Explorers, Vice Pre-sidentg Senior Class Presidentg Trackg Sophomore Football. JOANN MOORE-Will! a smile on her lips and laughter in her eyes. Majoretteg "A" llamlg Pep Band: Orehestrag Spizg Y-Teens: FLSg FTAQ FBLQ Green Years: Summit: GAA: Science Cluhg Growlg Prom Committee: Sophomore Pep Club. ROY MOORE-Bored of education. Hi-Yg FLSg Machinists. SHARON MOORE!-Tennis is my lore game. GAA. Presidentg FBI., Vice Presidenlg Tennis Team: Creen YQ-arsg Girls' Clee. ,I.'XNET'l'E NIORF-l!'1'1h rolleps of eternal babble. Spiz. Point Ks-e-per: FHA. Treasurer: Y-Teens: FBI.: GAA: Student Council. JOJXNN XlORFfHer standards are high and "hi." Spiz. Point Keeper: FHAQ Y-Teens: tl.-X.-'lg Spizettf-sz Librarian: Home Room Repn-fentatin-1 Prom Committee. DONNA MORRIS - Earnest in purpose. lJliC.X: llandg Pep Bandg CAA: l"HA: X - l 1-en-. Al'lLl,'S'l' XIOFER-Polish lakes tlrne. FFAg Choir. al' CIAHK MIQRIJUCK --A merry lzfvzrt IIHZIIPIII II vhrvrful wurilwiarire, Foothallg Nlachinift-1 llasc-hull: Nlnritpm-Iivr High, ltlalltr. H.-XHOLIJ NIl'RH.'XY llrspair of flu' tmvhers. glory of the girlx. Suphuninre lla-kvlliall: Yar- -ity Fmatlrall. llufke-tlmull. Travk and llq-cfhall: All llig Fix Until:-rr-tim-1 'lie-on Magazine- Hun- oralilt- Nlvntiun All'AlIlt'l'lC2lll1 National ,Xil- .'xIlll'l4lt'iiIl Pr:-p lftmtliall 'lit-ani: ",-X" Hand: Prom Ccunniittt-vg Blur- N. St'Tglt'21I1I-ill-Aflllfl Stutlvnt Crrunvil: Suplwiimrc- Claw- Yin- Pru- idt-nt: junior Class Prc--ident. LEROY MLVRRA-Xt-l't'e got someone on my mind. Suphoinore- lfuothall, Basvball. Basket- ballg Varsity Football. Nanipu High clralnu- lists try thvir hand at huiltling su-in-ry fur tht- Thvspian Variety Show, Dt-nnis Sallaz. ELINOR MYERS-Blessed are the calm. LOIS NE.-KLvBe silent and saff' . . . silenrv never betrays you. Girls' Cla-e-g Y-Teens: All- Northwest Choir. JOANN NEFF-A queen of queens is shea' "li" liandg "A" Band. Nlajurrtte-. Drum Nlajur- vtte-3 Orch:-strag FHA: Y-Tm-vn-g Spiz: Spil- vttvs. Pre-side-nl: F153 Offive- Mtmiturg lim-hatv tflulig Uruwlg Prnni fimnrnittw-1 IltIINl'l'UIltlIlfl A-Xtte-ndant: s0llllUlIlUI't' l'c'p filuh. SHARON NEIXIEYEH-Ctrrlfs rarest blFS.SI.lI,, is, after all, a woman. FBI.: l'iHAg Spiz. STEVE NORELI.-I don? Jun' be as funny as I might, Suphomorf- I-'rmthall Managt-rg Var-ity Football Xlanagrrg "li" Band. Cu-- totlianz Band: Hi-YQ Explore-rs. Fwrv- tary: Golf: Stud:-nt Cluunt-il: Pruni Crtnnnit- te-vi Hwmlrary Spiz Mt-rnhf-rg Varsity Hvll King. NI.-XXINE NUYI5 Honor lies in honest mil. lfllrll Y-Vlitwnrl Flfl Fill.: Uffitw' Xlunilltr. Ste-w NIcNt-il. and Run Jones art- making a Snack har for the ludgv scvne of the "Let it Snow" prtrdurtion. N l'lll I.l.lS orsox lfrillllrwl to llnlv. lilwrtlt. aml the I7lll',NIll-l of man. "ll" llanflg llanflg X-'llf-mix: lil X2 l'illl.1 llllimw- xllillllttl' l ilvra- ' riang lllioir. TT' JOHN U'Yl'illX Holfl Iliff fort. l'm romlng. lug, Foplioniorv l"ootl1all. llafke-tltall, Ba-r-liall: Yara -ity lla-e-lvall: lli-H. Sm-rn-tary: llluv N: XHLQX. loutli Lvgixlature-. l'If'l'li QWIEN WRU, up only lire ome. Soph- omore! lootlnall. Basketball: Varsity Football. Tumlmlingg. Track: Choir: Blue- N1 Slu- dm-nl Council. Eda Gatos and Frank Ke-lly arf- tho Critics for the annual Thr-spian Variety Show. Due to the large attendance of thc two performance-s. the show was held over for a double perform- ance. It was also put on television vs?-9 --L ,l 4, Aff, S Ci-UL OWENS-A jolly little girl. DON PANKRATZ-A guy with a gal. Choir. VALETTA PENDLETON-Success is the re ward of diligence. FBLQ Store Auditor. Treas- urer: Librarian. THELXIA PETERSON-Combination of youth, beauty and u-lszlom. Spizg Honor Soa ciutyg FL5: FTA: Thespians: Librariang Stu- df-nt Council: "Tiger On His Tore." DANNY PFAFF-He has a smile that ,tits his ,lace and he wears it merit day. Growl, lirlitor-in-lliivf: Svrxicv Club: Honor For-if-ly: Quill and Scroll. Pre-:idrntg PLS: Dvlmate-Z lloyf Flair: HOBERTA l"FAl"l"--What you do still bet- tfrs alia! Ls zlune. Y-Te-+-nag ll,-Mig Lilirarianf. ROY VIERSUN Slurly is u pastime . . . why orerzlo it? Sophomore Footballg Student Counril. ROBERT PRICE-Hen, lilfe bullets, go ,lar- Ihest when smoothest. DECAQ "A" lland. SHARON PRICE-Your heartls rlesires be with you. FHA, Vive President, Parliamentarian. District Parliainuntariang Y-Teens. Sergeant- at-Armsg Spizg CA.-Kg Sophomore Cheerleader: Harvest Ball Que:-ng Senior Class Set-rm-taryg Girls' Gleeg "A" Choir. CLAUDE PHOW-Sorry' No record avail- able. CARL QLlALMANvEverything will come if a man will only wait. FFA. EARL RATCLlFl"-Better three hours loo soon than a minute late. JEANXIE RAL-A girl who needs no intro- zluftiori. Thespians, Vice President, President: Debate: NFL. Treasurer: FHA, Treasurer: Student Body Secretary: Y-Teensg Honor So- ciety: Ale-rit Hoardg CAA: Service Club: Girls' Stateg Homecoming Attendant: Foot- ball Attendantg Prom Committeeg Spizg State Debate Champion. CAROL ANN RAYER-lt is no matter what you do, if your hear! be only true. FBLg "A" Choir: Girls' Glee. CLEO RHODES--lt is tranquil people uho acquire so nzurh. FHA. -5 These students appear to be enjoying the FLS initiation. The three in the huddle are calling for certain articles of clothing. The last item was a brown belt and Ron Hansen is doing his best to provide one. if-'U' insult' Gayle Duspiva and Clark Bevington enjoy the display case in the administration building. These displays. noted for their attractiveness and variety of mater- ial, are the responsibil- ity of Nampa High's Librarians. IEEYERIX RlfjH'XRDSONfl do belrax' my self ln' l1l11vliir1g. l"l'l.'X: Choir: "ll" Choir: Y-'ll-1-tis. Nlllilf Rflllll--.-ill men are not honzelesc, Illlf .www men art' home less than others. Soph- mnore lfontlnall: Varsity Footluall. Truck. Klan- ag--r: f,fl1etnistry Lab A--i-tant. KXY RUHTQRTF-Q-Site is the Ihing ite fall ronzance. "B" Choir: Spiz: Offiee Reception- ist: Y-Teens: FLS: FH.-X: Fpizettes. OWN ROBERTS-This '4race" may have just begun but he is well on his way. FFA: Hob- by Club. ANN ROSENLOF--lfs good to be merry and wise, Honor Society, President: Science Club. Secretary: Assistant Business Manager of the Summit: NFL: Debate Club: CAA. BECKY ROSS-A .Sunbeam on a rainy day. Spizg Y-Teens: Honor Society: F151 Summit: GAA: Service Club: Thcspians: Cirls' State: Spizettes: Homecoming Attendant: Asilomar Delegate: Tiger on His Toes: Sophomore Pep Club. MARY LOL' RLTERT-With early hair and laughing eyes. GAA: FHA, Reporter: Crowl. Sports Editor: Harvest Ball Att:-ndant. OLIVIA RLPERT-Sweet to ereryone--ezen boys. Girls' Clec: Spiz: FLF: FTA, Vice Prf--itlent: GAA: Librarian DENNIS RUSSELL-Happy-goaltzelry. Var-ity Fmltlzullg Blue N. Q-my Vx GARY SEAL-I despise nzoneyiexfept what Lneed today. Sophomore Trackg Varsity, Foot- all. ,IANELL SEITZ-Gifted with the power of words. "A" Choirg Orchestra, Presitlentg Spiz: Y-Teensg Honor Society, Treasurerg FLSQ Green Yearsg Summitg NFL, Secretaryg Debate Clubg Student Councilg NFL Congress. NANCY SHAFER-She keeps a lot of people guessing. Crowl. DERWYN SHANK-Earnest in purpose. FFA. Secretary. SZHARAN SHEA-Laugh every time you feel tickled, and once in ,awhile anyhow. Spizg Honor Societyg FLSg FTA, Treasurerg FBLAQ GAAQ Y-Teens. GLENDA SHELTON-Study is ll pastime-- why overdo it. HB" Band: Y-Teensg FBLAQ GAAQ FHAg Sophomore Pep Club, DENNIS SALLAZ -It ladies interfere with y our work, quit worlf. "A" Choir: "Lady Prec- ious Stream." VICKY SCHEUFRER-Blessed with fharni. Y-Teensg Spiz, Historiang Summitg HA" Choirg Lilmrariang Service Clubg GAA. FERN IRENE SCRlVNERvShe found smiles are made to be worn. "li" Chuirg FHAg Y-Teensg Growl, Reporterg FTA. LARRY SHOENIAKER-Alu.'ays happy, al- ways gayg treats them all in a similar way. FLSQ Key Club. SANDRA JEAN SIEISER-She leares a record that will not rust. Sage. Business Manager. Senior Co-Editurg Spiz, Presirlentg FHA. Set'- retaryg Y-Tt-ensg Honor Societyg Quill and Scrollg Green Years: NFLQ Debateg Service Clubg Girls' Stateg Junior Class Secretaryg Librariang GAAQ Homecoming Queeng Jour' nalism Confereneeg Prom Committeeg Ring Committee-g Commencement Committeeg Stu- flent Press Clinic: Student Council. I.0I.A SIMPSON-.4 laugh is worth a hundred groans in any rnarlfet. "A" Banrlg FHAg FBLA. Sli.-XRUN FKXGG5-.-I prellx girl is like ri rnelmlp. Y-'live-rif: FH,-Kg GMX: FL5: l"lll.3 Summit. l.UNNlE Fl'UlG5llEllll--I leap from l1!1"s slraight juflxel and 1 am free. lluntl: Pep liannl: llanct- llanwl. llirevtorg l"l".X. tf.XH0l. Fxlllll - Good -ll'Hll1l'.XhI'll is Ilie .xlzip for mr. 3, f:-5 f 'Q' JOYCE STEPHENS-Short cut to fun. GAAQ FBLAg Composer of Alma Materg Honor So- ciety: Spizz "B" Band: "A" Choirg Spizettesg "XIarcheta"1 "Tiger on His Toes." MEL SLTHERLAND-Happy' 1 am, from care l'nz free: why aren't they all content like me? DEC.-X. Yiee President: lflatheacl County High School. Kalispell. Montana. MARY JO TAYLORvAn eye for gaiely and a sperial lore for prinlerls ink. Growl, Erlitor- in4Chiefg FBLA: Quill and Scroll, Seeretaryg Summit. Editor: Green Years, Editorial Ftaffg Librarian: Fpizg Honor Societyg Student Coun- Gil. if 1. fit CLAUlJE'l"I'E SHIlTI'l-f.l0l1l't'f5Hli0l1 is just one of her talents. FH.-Kg Spizg Spizeltesg Fruitland High School. NIAUREEN SMITH-Her faulls would make dim slzarlougs. DECAQ Librarian. ELLEN SNYDER-The way women are made to be . . . fiery bu! sweet. FHAg Spizg DECAQ Girls' Gler. ,IOLENE SNYDER-Silence more musical than song. DECAg Girls' Gleeg Y-Teensg FLSQ FBLg GAAg Student Council. DENNIS SPELLNIAN-The learned under- stand tlie reason of art: the unlearned feel the pleasure. PEGGY STEELE-A quiet kind of friendli- ness. -45? BOB TERADAfVirlory belongs to the perse- vering. Blu-Ng Hi-Yg FLSQ Varsity Football Manager. NANCY TERRY-Those about her, from her shall read the perfeet ways of life. FHA: FLS: FTA, FBLAg Summit. KAREN THEURER-You couldn't dislike her if you tried. UA" Choirg Spizg FHAQ FBLA. Secretaryg GAAg Girls' Gleeg Ring Committee: Office Monitor: PE Assistant. CURTIS THIEL-Chivalrous-always ready with a helping hand. Blu-Ng FFA, Reporter. Presidentg Hi-Yg Service Clubg Boys' State: Student Couneilg Prom Committeeg Sophomore, Track, Football. Baseballg Varsity. Tumbling. Football, Baseball: Commencement Committee: Announce-tru-nt Committeeg ,lunior Class Vice- Presidentg Student Body President. MARTIN THORNE-With little fares rmrl many thoughts of fun. HA" Bandg Dance Bandg Orchestrag Growl, Business Manager, Photog- rapherg Quill and Scrollg Thespiansg Boys' Stateg Movie Operatorg Green Yearsg "Tiger on His Toes"g "Lady Precious Streamug Hi-YQ Prom Committee. LARRY TIEGS-A good sport in every sense of the word. HA" Band, Presidentg Blu-N, Ser- geant-at-Armsg Sophomore Footballg Varsity Football. Co-Captain: Orchestrag Honor So- cietyg FLSg Gieen Yearsg Boys' Stateg Pep Bandg HB" Bandg Explorers. ONA TROSPERM.loy of living. College High. LOREN TURNER-He serves well those who have borne the pain of serving him. DECAQ Varsity, Trackg Emmett High School. EVELYN VAN MATREwNow if its pep you want . . . FBLAQ FHAg Girls' Glee. BILL VAN SICKLE-Our man Friday. FFA: Movie Operator, GEORGE VOLK-Whim, wigor, witality, and women. FFAQ Varsity Track, Football, Tumb- lingg Student Council. VERNON WADE-There's a joker in ez-ery deck. DECAg "A" Bandg Yell Dukeg FFA, EILEEN WAGNER-A penny for your thoughts. "B" Choirg "A" Choirg GAA. CONNIE WALKER-Cheerful today, tomor- row, and every day. Office Klonitorg Girls' Gleeg Y-Teensg Harvest Ball Attendant: GAA: FBLAQ FHAg FLS. HARRY WARD-All I know is what l read in "Pogo," Sophomore Football, Baseballg Hi-Y. JUNE WARD-joy springs from labor. IJECA: GAA: FBLA: FHA: Y-'lien-tif: Lilvrarianf. Prekillerll. JOAN W.-XRDEN -God sent her hen' to smile aml sing. GAA: llig Six lflioir Fe-ftixul: Choir: Summit. ll.-KRRKI, XXARN-fl lore the life I leml. l'w-11 Band: llunal: Urvlivstruz Ki-y liluln: Summit: l"l.5: "ll" llaml: .-Xll-Slate Urvlieftra. CARROLL WARWYICK--The Il?-lvlilllillllll of ll gentleman. Key Cluli: Hi-Y: Stuilvnt Rotarian: Suphoniore Class llrefitle-nt: Student Body Vive' President: Ftutlent Council: Orrlu'-tru. Pres- iclent: Sriphomore Basketball, llas:-liall: Yar- Sity liaskf-tlmall, liaseliall: Moxie Operator. BEVERLY WA'l'ANAllE- Szufetriess with Il touch ofl'ix1'e. Y-Tee-ns: llonnr Society: FBLA: GAA. ,lANE'l"l' W'A'l'5ON-The .sunshine of your smile. GAA: Y-'lic-ons. DEANNA WEAVER-With one exception, boys mean nothing to me. CAROLE WENTWORTHA-Her face is an in- dex lo ll luring heart. FBLA: Summit. GALE WESTAHoliday for strings. Or- rhestra. GAYLORD WlLSONY.lIen of few words are the best rnen. "A" Band: Pep Bantl: Honor Society: ELS: Green Years: Summit: Future Engineers. TERRY WILSON-To study or not to study lhafs the question. DECA: Orchestra: Sum- mit: Hi-Y: FBLA: Camera Cluh: Explorers: Green Years. WANDA WOLFE-Really and truly--fI'z'e noth- ing to wear. "A" Choir: GAA: FHA: Girl! Glee: Y-Teens: Spiz: "li" Band: FBLA: Soph- omore Cheerleader. RON WOOD-.-1 laugh is zwrlh a hurulrerl groans in any market. HELEN WOULERY-There's sunshine in lhe heart of rne. Choir: Fpiz: Lilirarian. BARBARA V4'RlGHT-Sinrerity wirzs the soul. Choir. ELEANOR WILLIS-More fun than a barrel of monkeys. CAAQ FHAQ FBLAg Y-Teensg Sophomore Pep Club. CARY WRIGHT-He sees good in everyone. Service Clubg Blu-N, Secretaryg Explorers, Presitlentg Varsity Football, Traekg Sophomore Football. Trackg Student Councilg Prom Com- mitteeg "A" Bandg Senior Class Vice Presi- tlentg Announcement Committeeg Student Ro- tariang l'E Assistant. AYAKO YAMAlVlOTOfWith a leather ron- stantl-Y tiekling her funny bone. "A" Choirg Y-Teensg FLSg Science Clubg Librariang Sum- mitg Prom Committee. DAN YANT-His reason is not measured by size or heart, but prineiples. Camera Club. LARRY ZECHAIANN-With little eares and many thoughts of fan. Hi-Y: FLSg Sophomore Baseballg Varsity llaseball, Football. SHARON ZINC-lfrerity is the soul of uit, FBLAQ GAAg Y-Teens. NELSON FRAHM-In the 20th century a man must either push or be pushed. Key Club. KENNETH MORROW-I like fun and l like jokes about as well as most folks. FFA. PATSY SCHUSTERYA happy combination of pep and work. "B" Bandg "A" Bandg Orches- tra Festivalg GAAg Camera Clubg FHA, Parlia- mentariang FTAg Y-Teens, Treasurerg Spizg Pep Band. CAMERA SH Y SENIORS BEVERLY CARPENTER-An easy-minded soul. DON COLEMAN-To study or not to study! That is the question! HAROLD CURRY-No evil can happen to a good man in his life. Thespians, "Mart-l1eta." CHARLES FERCUSONMI may seem studious but l'm only confused. Honor Society. SHARON COULD-Love makes the world go 'round. GEORGE JONES-He who laughs, lasts. JEFF LOPER-Conscienee, Conseienreg Man's most faithful friend. "A" Choir. SAM MORRISON-Be a live wire, but donlt get stepped on. De-bateg NFLg Movie Operator. LEE STOREY-What this country needs is a good fire-cent rigor. Varsity Football Manage-rg "ll' Bandg Blu-N. LORETTA CAMERON TACKETT-Can't help lovin, dat man of mine. BILL TACUE-lt is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. ELDON TAPP-Life is so merry! BOB WASHBURN-An acre of performance is worth a uhole world of promises. Varsity Football Trackg Blu-N. ARKIE YOUNG-Young Ameriea in action. Varsity Football. Trackg Blu-N. , " wif Q" - , A.-1 .. ,..,', . . fi' .1.a':JLx Y ,mf 1 Y' . 1 4 -. KV J i' '1.. iw..'K5':iV' .,Q ?' A an -I 'Q ff'3'lfu 'kfnf , f , 2. 15,3,A,? 'iii-S+ :iff 'I .. Kflifg ,1 . A M 09- , F? ' M' YY' .'7Pw'1, -. - x wb' fu mm-an-mann!! ma: ww A an w:w,,zz mu: Hi W- X ---, - -wq. Av ' W ,..,,54 n ,-.-nw., ',.,."'..?'1 'A' '-L ...' :fry . .. r .-xr-'V' K' ,L . ,.:f,'f,, 553' D 1 1, . .k.a..L,':,.4,,- ,A- 'P ' "'W K6'1fE1f Q31 ',x qw A-IJ 'S A ' wif: M:?aw W w f 2' 'Q . N . , k,9:ZA'25iH52 iv A .,... , dv' nu. Eg, . N Q JUNIOR CLASS One year remains. The ,lunior year exists only in memory. Memories of the dates, games, home work, and final f'X3IHS. The memory that the past year has been a good one. The leadership of Elias Alvarado, Buzz BIeNIillin. Christine Lynch, and Sonja Merrick as President, Vice President, Sec- retary, and Yell Duchess, respectively. will not be soon for- gotten. 5 f A new class project-publication of a class magazine- was undertaken. From its title, The Upward Climb, to its last page, this brand new literary effort was declared a success. Jim Metcalf and Corder Campbell served as Coe Editors and Inez Cabica and Ron Linde filled the capacity of Co-Business Editors. Ann Kellogg and Mt-lisa Egbert were co-chairmen of the Junior-Senior Prom, which, in the words of one faculty member. "was one of the nicest proms l've ever attended." Hrs. Helen York served as faculty advisor. Selected as class motto was: "Build your character on the firm founda- tion of truth." Class colors are flatningo and silver, class flower is the Carnation. Ahead remains the final year, but behind are experiences that will be long cherished by the class of '59. JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Pictured below are Serona Mudd, Ron Linde, Glenda Foote, Terry Nordstrom, Christine Lynch, Ervin Karst, Deanna Duffy, Buzz McMillian, Sonja Merrick. Kneeling are Ray Baker, Cary Mabe, Lynn Higginson, Carl Hamilton, Elias Alvarado. lfwn xfiiillhlll! XX illllll MH-Qinx lhlnnix XI-lrxivh lhmlm Xl'il'l4'h lhmfl XII--11 Kvnl Xllvn Nwlu Km- XII:-n ll:-wmml -'Kllinxturl lilldx ,Xlxq-rufln Kvnny Xmun Jvrald .'xlIlit'I'SUIl .lim M1111-:xml Marjorie- .Mule-rwn Wvalt .-Xrrvra lfrwl Atkins Hitu Hdwnll Huy Bakr-r Ku-c-Ita liukvr Bill Burrow Lluytl Bl1l'I'41W IJ:-Roy Bu--f-tt l.arry Baum Frank Baum Hun H+-an I.:-ighiun H-Anjumin hurl HQ-rrubr Rub:-rl lime-rlirl liiil HUIQIIILIIII Kffirh liinl Iiurlyuru liirkf-I XIV Y f' Q? ig JJ -45 Qi 7 1X'2'fx 1 , 1 .E ki sxi 1, J' 'rl NX F'il rw. ,vs Y N -qv-'Y' 'Qi YS' 5.2 if X255 if 'N' of' ff-4 1 4-of OIF' ff' L , . xx ,f f f I K if 1 f il' Z? LJ Q If-IJ YV' fl? ,f-x 42 ,A 'Y bf kj? f"vx 4-95, 43 IN NN pw fm: fix 3' T , Y 'v-' 7 f'...'IJ' Vw' ' it ff' X 21 fem A44 vw., ww' ,sp u ,Q KW... J N' 'Q' 12 a -.M ft: 5 sp, '!?""fv 'iv- hi' cis- gr 'QTI7 flormlvr lfamplwll Tum CZIIEIHIIQL .lam-tlv Curl-un Clare-Ita lfaxh Judy Chandlund Rivhanl flhri-to-n Uunna lflayl-In j03'l'1' f.lllto- Tull! finiilvs Pal fhvrllxtm-k Ruth Xluriw- lmm IZIIIVIVIN I5-url ffflry john Mm-rt Hutvh UA sen -lurk 'Y 4? 4""', I" X' ,r TN fy " S pf Y e'v?7f?v X ' ' F -. ar . .. , " 3 k ff ' ,,,- v 5 13' p 2'- E W 1 Q' i fs! 7' 'N ,Ll-'mr 3 Alulln Iglxllllli xlilfglil' Hi-hop Nm-l Blum Flur:-:lcv Brandt Kam-n lirunrlt Jaxwk llrefuilu-rs X mnnw Iirvvwr 111-rry Brown limb lirucks Putty lirmxn llun liruvk Zuma Bryan! William Ihldvll .lf-rry Hurtlow Nvula H51- '?fUb 9 In af IN VZ? tfgx '77 3' K' 3 f'4k SP' Raw 95? 3, 'vu,t,y TM:- 'W4 l u sv- ,Q- pug. ini hun. 4.--, "::'f -4M lfluirrw 4Ir1I1l11-r llrl.1r1 Vr-fl! l'.lllLll"'Ill l.11r1r1111ul1111r1 llwrwrllx ll.1xv-rrrmrt Hivlmr-l ll.lKl1l-H11 llvlruy llaxix Linmla llawf11r1 Jalnv- llvrlrrlr- Jzmwt llf-1'lu'r Nvrma llelnrry XYPTIIUII llc-wvy IJWLIIIQ' llilmlwn l'111r1f'1a lllgglx Ron llilfu- ,lim llfrlvlm- i' 1 'fs . 14. 0- rx: Y-xr 0117 Ii' f-v QWQ if' Q37 X . im . - V E 'M,,..,,Q,., , M o I ' . . Nl? .. 1: p 6 XA? r V . 535. H ,ff ' .111- ,h..yr kt , 5' 1 -ff 4' , M ? ' ' Q ff, 5-X - 43 '34 , 4 'f v' ' , ' Q A I sp' 1 ' .' - gr-v sf .f , 1 :Af x ' ' ff I 1 I if 'K xv V fl ,I ,N 1 I I.. t 'l 51 . ?-u. s M ,fa firltly IJUUTH A 0 A " "' llurbara lin-- s 5, ' Jfrlmny llrlnkall x v v X :IJ 7 si llr-anna lluffy 1 QT- 7' lwrrf- lJ11n11 nf. . QQ' V' rv! -Q- 'H f Q 'ff .Tv fj. wx" ax' 1 vrr 1 O F575 'f ff' A... 'LS n . 16 41' 1, 9 'rv' - 1 17:4 - ' W, f 1 K 'fig' ' . , mat 2532? "if-I: 3 V -M A' I x .1 ' L, fv- 6' 9 L K 3' bf 11 1. jrlyw- llllllll Nlarif' Hxarlx Xlvrlv- lfrlxigrl Slmrun Ellis Hun Elli- llwgfr lflll- Nlvli-N1 lfnlwrl I m,'y.-1r1.- I-.Im-11.111 , K . lvrrr l'lfLlllr"ll 1lwl,-l'1ll111f1r-- Paula lflixln-r ffurwl lu- lfwlme-s lllvlltlil l"1nrult' Sumlv Furml Lurryi lfortin Larry Fnwble Louisfl Francis Lorna Fugal lm-z Cabica Martina Gvrritse Jvannc Ciraridi Rolwrla Givens Kvith Glover Marlvne Godfrey Robert Cottier Lloyd Gvulrl Earldvan Grant Linda Grant Charlvs Gregg Doug Gudeman Ed Cundvrson Jimmy Hain Frwl llalhfhrg Carl Hamilton Gary Hansvn Ronald Hansen Anxmm Hanway Rfwilllf, HSIII Hfvlwrt Harrell 'lhrn Harri: I1 fi 1 6 1-7' I 124 wi Aan A cult I ' eq: 'A 5 ,tu U . ax. T 'it' JIM ' -44 '37 -.0 M ',-s ig!v Alu ,-'u., 'T "TD 4,,f'v Nm. WF' , r Q, xi v glils G71- 'll 1I1l' Nl! -Af NI' 554 I ffl' 1l7Ih' 'NWS- ---'1' -'I' 45 'ul' 6 ff ,BJ f I 'iii 0-- 'QS inf' , T' J!! uggr I f id' 1:7-1 '-C' ,r.--1' 're 'N' N0 swf -1- CK -P ,Q- fu, -U- V . i.:!l'l,5 'Y Barbara Harriwn Pat Hatfie-ld Caroline He-nrle-r-on Flaim- llf-riclvrxml Kathi' Hvnmlfrrhot Nlarrilyn Hwnmlry Cary llmrivlix Hula ll:-nry .lanvt llirkman Nlarx Hiwk- Lynn Higginson Edwina Hill Eddy Hilty Marilyn Hiner Barbara Hintzf- Mvl Hur-hhalte-r llulv Hogan liwlyn Hulclvrby .lf-rry Hollingsworth Run Hnppins LwRf.y Horne Nlary Bvth Horton Shawn Hmwr Jack Huron Carfllyii Hurrt fylxia Hu-lun lfuriiif- Hurt l.111flu lmfvlv-1-11 ll' anna .l"Ilk"Il limiririii .11-rv-in J' '-bl -,li , 5 3- ,. 21 ,ss 40 QB Ag' . sl , 4 'IZ ,,,,, xxx Q:'T,f X 4-fx. Ll- nf 3' 'J fly Q., -..--gi , .4 fix . Q- 3, 3 'L Www izfff v-., T'- 1 'Za !Xf1 4-Qs 'Q I-,pf ' v"'w Nw Nf "Q, if ,y V, .. r v 1'-f Y""f7 'rf-1 f"' , 3 'sf is pr , lg, ' ! K X 2 V' , 1 l Ruger Lam- Pat Larue Durlawn I.aI1lL Janette' Le-wix Kunulal Linrlv Harold Lupton Lurrainr- Lylf- Chri-Iinv Lynch Iiwky Klum-kvy Cary Halle Bill Klan-ur ju..-pllinv xlilfllllti Xlurx Xnn Nlarqur-z Jvrry Marlin JHMW' Nlilftilllilll Hvrf- .lffyw Nlartim-au pravticvs what thf- tvavlme-r prmn-In-s. "Hy:-N UII rhf- Cupy. plv'aNv'." jnyvv i- a firxt yv-ar typing student nf Hrs. Bacon. Here she is gaining experienre in Daw BMX:-ill Janice- Nlcxvilis typing le-ltr-rhvads. Adyth Me-rvnc-Ss Sonja Herrick Calhy L:-wif Joanna Nluwr Ellvn NIr'Kay Run Nl:-lllvy Dick Mc-rritt C Q- 1'-"7 3' ff I 'l"'f, fb' Ws...., LZ Q -4 MA' 1' , Pictured above is Corder Campbell very carefully measuring the air pressure ot the room as com- pared to the pressure his fingers are causing on the books. or he could be measuring the total air capacity of this room as compared to the total air Capacity of the room next door . . . I thinkl Anyway, it all measures down to this. hr-'s measuring Sillilviliillgl. .lim Me-tvalf Kay Mvyvrs Alvin Miller Celia Miller Dixic- Miller L1-llriy Nlillvr lmvvis Nlillvl' Marle-nv Milligan Mr-lvin Morris Richard Morris lack MMI:-y Serona Mudd Carlcline Nelson Roger Nelson Vontla Newman 'gf ilvxffnl' .36 w ,.r e- "Os 'wi' 2 63' Q F" av' ss' fv-w Nfl 1'-'rr Y Q--v 7' RN 50' IQ il' ff- ii f:"' l 9573! 'TILT' lx 3, .XL - 6,153 W 'fu-'G Q' C3 2 NF' 1? Q 'fri IW! -A -C17 ..1 1"" ws pg 77"- if-ff ff? N. 'NJ k T":Y :L 1- 'VN W 4' fs 1? af .1'Y Neff' 411 3' T7 W f 4 X W"'T' e 4 My 2367. 'J' '23 ...ff ffl T7 N fi 1 , N Q- 1 Rr'IruI'I var 'Cf' . --A-' if . .y i ,., ' rf fi in Q A' V 1 I ,f af ' fl I 11 dm' at Nijlllllll High? M'-. gmvi it -f'v'1u- In ln- il ple-afant xurpriw fur rhffff- jxminrs. HI'l'Il11LlS1E.iIlNkf. I-11111H21ffixUll'IljN JIIIIIIXHI1.R'lIh'rlHXv'f.RHi -rt H N Llffr' lm x Xvxxfwl 1 1 4 1' Nm" I'w N 111-T 1 l1rl1,u,a X1 ll u fi..iIw - l.41.lxr 111 1 1 1 l.1rk'r IN u lx I1 l.1-nw 1 xv-11 Putt--I Il 1l'.1z:l lbw-'ilu IH-lm: .lullx I 'wrlxln Iunld Pi' lffwl img XIIII l'lm1 I1 lyltl I ilY'4'll .liivli lylliilll 1.111 l'1ll11r 1' I' 1' ' lliiity l'iI111a11 Glarlye P00103 PPQIQLY Popplvlfui Hill l'f1l11-1 51111111 l'r1w1-1 l'a11-1 Prim- YY1-, l'111uty H1111 Prim' Jr-rry Purcell Marilyn Pyw Tvrry Ruff Yila Ru111m Clurul Rau 'FI B, 1-ll Cafeteria grub 1 nt bad but watch out f r that Hr 1111 EC tuff Here Karen Buck Nlwrna Goodman Gloria Ritcher and Roaanna Inman are trxin tl ir be t to match thc kill of the Cafeteria Look Looks like the U wr f '4 , :Xl Raynwr Rulmvrt Reif Drlnna Hrize'n-lvin ,-Xrmaml Rube-rts Karvn RUIWFINUII Diane Hngq-rQ Robin Ruwvll Donna Huthf-rfurcl Shawn Falck Kenny Fchmitt Virgin' Sfhmitt Pat Schull Dick Scott Ed Scriwn Larry Seibfwld ,E 1' 2 My-13 ff ww. 2 I X. 1 , 5, ,, i F 1. 2 HEY' N Au- Minn., 4? lu I. , C IPS rx tlharlvm- I wlnlun Kun-n lm-INHI1 5 IU' 'Q 'Q .lunw 'l.I'l1ll"I'Ilit'hI Ftvw IYVLI-llI't' Vary 1,1-n 'I'rffye-r "7 fri' TT LIN l Cvorgia Turritten Charle-N Ty le-r , , al' up lif-wrly I Vllllll qt-17 3.7 H--tty l nwlvrhill Hn-ntlu l'rwin Qu-Q Suplnmwrf- ,le-rry Vince-nt isn't just innocently eavesdropping. Ilnfs "lift:-ning thrnugth the- ke-ylwle-" to S00 what is in slurc' fur UHl'lf'Hf' lvfwill him in hif nvxt two yvars at Nampa High. I 0 n 5 1 Ivan l mtl Glenda Yvrhwyen Runald Vit-selllle-yer Carl xViIlt't'Ilf Sh--rrvl Wulkf-r Paul Walt- rx Dani-1 Ward T 'U -4 -'r af? "T"':v i 2 QI QC' . O Ray Ward Ron Ward Darryl Warwirk ,lim VV:-ckcr Terry Westmark Garth Whittson Marvin Wiedenfield Bob Wilkerson Lois Willcuts Evelyn Williams Monty Williamson Eddie Wilson Gene Wilson .lim Wilson Sheila Winston Don Wisdom Marilyn Wolfe Vearl Wolfe .loan Wood Joyce Woolery JUNIOR AUTOGRAPHS 2 1-g F Q1 X 'sean - 5 'J 'SCQQ-Q41 fa: sg m SXli CLASS OFFICERS LAYNE DIKE TED SERRATOS MAROLANE Yillffj S 1 If ,II S 'II 'I ii-Ll SOPHOM ORE CLASS The Green Year is over. Only memories remain of the wonderful-awful year. The first few harrowing days when this immense campus seemed the easiest plaee on earth In get lost. Within a short time it become apparent that the Sophomore wasn't too highly esteemed. especially by upper- classmen! G9 However. not all the experiences were in the "awful" category, The thrill of entering into the current of club and class activities fulfilled the expectations of the new class. Chosen to stand at the helm were Layne Dike, Pres- identg Ted Serratoes, Vice President, and Nlarolane Yellen. Secretary. Leading the cheering seetion were two sets of twins: Judy and Kay Nlassingill. and Colt-ne and Valene Bryant. Faculty advisor was Lois Ewart. The eternal struggle to prepare a biology notebook before deadline is finally over. The major project of the year- publication of the Green Years--was led by Karen Watson. Carmond Witteman. Linda lshihara and Jauiee Chase, The annual Sophomore dance sponsored by the Green Years was reigned over by Linda lshihara and Dick Kimura. Xes. the Creen Tear is over. The future -as a Junior and Senior-lies ahead. The Sage staff wishes you the best of luck as you swim in the river of life. SOPHOMORE STUDENT COUNCIL Pictured below, reading from left to right on the baclr row are the members of the qophomore d stu ent council. They are: Valene Bryant, Colene Bryant, ,Ierilyn Burlingame, Loreen Nelson, Gwen Archer, .Layne Dike, Marolane Yellen, Bonnie Tiegs. Karraan Gunderson. Kay Massingill, Judv Massmglll. Front row.' Dave HII, Dl N d 1 ae or strom, Bruce Keithly, Teddy Serratos, Paul Kay. Fred Beurgemann, Larry Willicuts, Fred Prouty. Jim Ahrens Sandy Alexander Karen Allen lan Alley Judy Allington Roy Alxerson Daxid Andreasen Gerald Andrews Gwen Archer Keith .Applegate Anita Arana Dean Ashcroft Kenneth Ashcraft Jim Ayres Eugene Baker Patricia Baker Scott Barney Burr Baughman Joy Baumgartner Larry Beer Sandy Bell Marilyn Benson Rondy Bentley Leland Benner Nlarella Benoit .Alan Bevingtun Fred Bergermann Gene Billingtun Judy Birket Marcia Blakeslee George Blecha Stephen Bunde Sherry Bly Dunna Buren Merlin Ahrens Douglas Borchert Sharon Boslvy Carroll Boston Royce Bougher John Bowen Kenny Bowman Colene Bryant Yalene Bryant Kr-nnelh Brow Hilton Brown Mary Brown Bonnie Bristow Karrvn Buck Slierrylynn Buell Linda Burclifield Jerilyn Burlingame Camilla Burneel .lim Burrow Sue Burtlow Cyril Canning Jerry Canning Vikie Carlson Carol Sue Carson Fred Carson George Carter .lune Carter Anton Chavarlegui .lack Chavartegui jf-rry Clay Dianne Clark lilinor Cook Re-Ya Coons Cary Cope Charles Cox .lon Cox tx! ti.: 'PK Q , fn ':, 40a r"'7 f " km, Wm. ' L t X' ,X . .V fs. 2 Q I -sf ' 1"' I x I X l i 1, V. . A' -iitwfs -- A is 9 "' t ' 'I' A ...I g.. fv- wi 'Q 'try Rim lldfd lifdfl .lwhn iifillgl NLIINW tlrnft llill lilllllllllgllllllll Karnlw liunningliam Ruth Dahl Fftelr llarmw .ll-hn Dart ll:-nc Dawnport Phil Daxir-Q .lim Daxiwn David Dayton ,loan Dirk Richard Dildine Cary Dilizf Layne Dike Lila Dodd Marian Dragoo Carnlyn DuBois Jerry Donnaly Judith Duff ,-Xlicv Earn:-at Sllf'I'lllL1I'l ElliQ Rita Ernvft Wendell Eserton Thoniaf Farr David Fvagins Larry l:if'lxlP Yixian Fillmc-rv Dnnna Flvtt-he-r fiarl lflnwvr- Rllxlilfdgh Ff'lJP'b ffan-lin l'iwrd Darnfl Fam kr Jai lx l"ri-lx Richard Fuhriman Judy Fuller Julian Gabica Kay Gaerte Gary Garrison Lonnie Garrison Barbara Glass Lee Glen Bill Goldsberry Dennis Goodman Myrna Goodman Shirley Graham Kathy Gren Karraan Gunderson Mackey Halcom Toni Hallberg Ruth Hammond Bud Hargrave Marilee Harn Tommy Harn Hurry Hurry! Hurry! The rush to lunch has begun. The six boys in this picture seem over excited about the thought of food! Larry Mine-r's smile shows us he must like t0day's menu. But Rich Grifa fitts appears to be in the last stage of a seige of hunger pains. Charles Gregg and Sam Alverado are in such a rush that they even have to cut corners. Boy. they'xe had it if Mrs. Langworthy catches themf -A4 9 y O 4' Y' ,746 ri' fr' as- 'QA dkhq sn Ap! .K fl 41 'NJ fd' ef' vLfri1Lf'4r'l' f uv .4 X V -5 , .ga V 8 5 it Rv' fe f mix Y? ,fu 'Z dv". 7 1 x .1' -Q L1 lx 'Y 5- pn 5 'l ,sn lxmffi 'Z Nl Hon Harris Nanry llurwy N irginia llarwy Frank Hart llvlly' IIi1ll'll Fliarvr-n Hatch l.arrx Hathaway Fliuron Hawkins Fliaron Hay:-s lloug llvmlvrson .Klan Hvndry Daw Hill Nlarlin Hill Tri-na Hint' Fay Hohlms Carl Hugzge Sui' Holland Cwynn Hollinger Eugt-nv Hollingsworth Lyle- Horn Wh0's afraid of whom! its of hornets. Insect study is just one of the many intf-resting areas into which stu- clvnts probe in Mr. Crust-'s Biology Classes. These w a r y sopho- mores a r e cautiously learning about the hab- Sli:-rry lluakins Gala-n llmtx-llc-r Nurnian lluwvll llailv llnyml .lavk Hulmvr Mary llupe ll:-im'ti'u llurn Kitty llutlun Nancy lngrruni 'llnn lrwin lrinmlu lfliiliura Us-lilu lv:-y Karvn ,lucwiliwri Cliff Jaiiin-mix 5lllI'lK'y .lumison Wlaynv ,lvwf-ll Jack Johnbori Carolinv Jones Ruby .lanes Margarvt Jordan Marjorie- June Paul Kaye- Bruce Kc-ithly Larry Kr-lly Sharon Kvnncl Byron Kinnwrrnan Dick Kimura Connie- Kirkman Wl8H4lH Knapp Donald Knudfcn Jerry Knrn Mary Kr:-liliiel ,lini Krngvr Floyrl Kuhn Kay Langly fl" 'E ff-sd 1' S OD 95 77? at oo' 'tif fi Jr WIC? X sd' 1 sf- ?"P gf' fs,- T7 if if ff! IIN In uu- YL" 1--v -fr' If 'uf' vi" 9 fi' Q' ,,.-4' f.5"g 30 .4 Yi gt it ,ug od -04" 'C' :Pr .gr ,If-, MYR 46 GR 5 Af' 5 gf 'sd ff 16.7 out 01" fi 49 1? sf' Q27 N., f""? -if ,fav ,-5 1 ,-9 H 4. to 2 'Q--17" Pull 117 I--5. 465 KJ' N6 f--u J5- .lain I.:.inIf ifiiiiin-II lnipii limi IJARIM- jwiin lf-ariif-rinun .ilvxw I,-'lhrffii Carol Lvm-llvn Kar:-n Liljvnquist l.UYVl'li I.fVf'kX5'0d Aniliv Inpvr Nlvrlyn Lubie-ns Vickie' I.uvkvriga Kar:-n Lund iihuvk NIai'Kc'nzie Carolyn Nladifon Katha-rim' Nlaglicic Sharon Manning Jim Marklv Barbara Marfh .lack Martin ,luily Nlahingill Kay Nlasingziil Buftvr Nlfigfidf' Alvin NIQ-Calluugh Ilan Hvllrmiefn Mary NICDanivl Wayiir- Xliramiwicn Hamid Xlvfarland Be-tsp Nlmlaugihlin Yictur Nlclaughlin Judy Me-iivk l.uwrn Xl'-rxin Pvgyx Niilfilrii Iirlnzi Xlwirv- Fin-1111 XI:-fin IH' iii- x Xlmiyw- l- 'sr'-'Z' 61? Q- 'YQ' rf' 74,-v if .iff 3? rv '-"? 'i J 'Nl-5 '53-3" 4--1 -" '1?"!Y "hr llobliy Nivlwvn Ke-nm-tli Noltm-nsiucier Nl2.lTQl21l'l'I Nulvli llalf- Nibfllflffllll Cliff Urml Umlilia Ortiz Ofelia llrliz Nlarilm- Owvn Cwrrgz- ilu-ry Jzinicw Ox:-1'-trwt .lim Un-rxtrf-1-I ,Imw-ll l'urkN llfftlx l'aul l.ux1llu l':-r-mm limllivx l'r'r1rlla-tml Karffn l'+Amlr4-y Nlikf- l'wrr5 limlnv-5 l'f-twr-fin Fuxan Plalf liarlzara l'ipl-:in f...-, .1--I '90 bf' V4 ff? W rw E is lll. ,N 00' Nr Larry Mmm- Slanlvy Nlrmrz' Sula Moorc- lrcnf- More-l Darlem- Xlmrfr .lam-t Morris Kathlue-n Morrison Dflanna Mille-r Dixie Millvr Larry Him-r Marilyn Murphy Hnpic Ne-gr:-tv Lourcvn Nvlaon Gail Nz-th Euginic- Nvwlon ff' 4-ar ,J 0190 '39 ng 717 Y' Na rf" Q7 -av tif' a"r43 ,o . 1? Qiifq ji 'I 'fog 741' 'F XF QI' 00" I 'T v-1 qv-1 ,4v' 1.3, x 'Ax .1 ,- if iq-'V 0 1 Q Q17 H-mmrm VIIIILIII lflvlnid Platt Ruin-n I'....l.- lillikm IHMI. X .lf'.1r1ni'- Vmf hyl Pr--ll I'r-'ury IL1r'lv.1rd Frm--lt ,lu-ly Pun'-ll Hunulff Uualman , . IP- .ax If 11' lm!! I3v'In-n-- Rillllvx llurf-1 Kunmxv-x Bill Rulvlittv Willie Hvam- linnla Hemi wgf' IA' L fa. i T1 C37 ,aku - If , 1 w. ? :vw :- T 4 1, ,. xvPI'IlfIl"l Reichert Bill Rk'H1iIlgIUIl Dian Rivhzlrlls Iflnura Rickvl Gail Rilvy Carolyn Rising lnlnria Rirvhiff Dick Hnlwrtx Elxuvr RUIIYTYFUII Hwrlalfi Ruhr-rlwn Url'-mx RIIIJIII-'VII Olga Hfwlriquvz BMI' Rwuvr- Danny Hmuvrw Ii' rn"trv Hwlmfwlli 15:3 Hwy--r Xlik'-K-1-Nm.m Hwlnlrx HHH'-H 5hIIl"f Hfmrll Hifi Ru-11 'EF' 'IP' 41:-'ff 'ii-F ZF' XIV 1'TL X 'Q ' s in-Q -0' 4""f9 ,f-I ff? N-4. QQ vs fin if Cf? I? li 1-P", ..., -ff' t- V' X-fl 49141 qv-""' av 1:4 'uf ,nf , ,..,-fr 6: tl' pl. 4 f i Y' xi wr X , Y 'A mj ifi i Q 4 f- .M 1' fl 0 .6 fo. 5' s X'C57 ASW fl-" I A 'O , Nd? , xwzt. j ty -P' v7 , - if ti W W it R i f 41 1' ox 1 4- sf ps, 'T 8' 'Tr flhf .rf-9 is - ,fi X i Sf ,D ar"7v ' V faii:"viT.??t"" W ' ' gf, M K 3 My 4 ,-Q,-., Ofbv sf fi 4.7 Zi --' 2 , x V '-r 1 fi x 1. 4 4 , - 8 7 Sr " ' f t ti a.9:1 i is bln s r " QQ Dale' Hu-ft-1 Nlikt- liylmlt ffliffmtl Suniuf-lsori llalv Sm:-re .'Xll1r'rtu S1-liavft-r Gt-ttrgv Svhvucrer Richard Shimamik Run 5t'hlvrf Ye-limi Svhmarzc lrvm- St-hniim-rvr jf-rri Schmitt Carol Sviiwfizr-r Dick S1-cllaCc'k Ron Ft-vwaid Ln- Se-itz 'ful Fvrratos Hon Shariholtz Carol Shaver Sharon Shaw Je-rrp Simonson Shirlvt- Sinipsnn Put Fimx Chri-tiv Smith Cuiinie- Smith Elaim- Smith ,lHw4'I!iliIlt' Smith jmhtli Smith tlnrduii Smith Larry Smith Inu Fmith Htvlivrt Fmith Fjrfiill llulv Ftarr Yit-lvt Staiiiffvl lie'1vI'g1r' SIt'IYht'I'lS 011 Fl1.xr11r1 NI' nur! .luuly Nun' l,o'r- 5InI'Y l.'ll'r'Il Ftrulturl Xlglrx 5lll4'l'i liwrml-l 5lllI'lI'NL1Ill l!.-r1F1mm1f-1- FJIIIIIH l.l4'l'xV'll l'XllI'l'Il l.xlirl1 Xrl--11 lnpp Yirginiu 'lllrry llunniv lie-gif l.uYm1m- lie-gs .l ulif- ll-lll'llt'I' llalrle-nv 'lllurgoml .Il-ff 'lklllf-fsml .lully llilllllllrllll ,luy 'llrwul Ulf-11 'l'ru-pl-r llunu YlIll'l'llI Ale-rry YlIll'Q'Ill Hlhgl'f X llvlfi lfvnr' Ylrlli Hu-QA Xlurif- Wuhlstrom Pat Walkf-r Xrmvlnl Wallam- Carolyn Wallace lanvt Waltman Philip Wa-llington jmly Wat-1111 Kuff-11 XX .umm .luxmlle XX dXlHVlll l.lIl1lLl Wvllwr' lllml XM-xl l.m1l41 ll lxilf- nys F1 X V i ., ff ' gy 3. -'ig . 5- 15- -gr 1 -.ff . P., 1 K' - 5, A-.9 f 4. , Q. .X , K. ur flat, lf 1 Q P Q3 .,Z.iV,w K . V, my 7' N 'N Y I if rr' A if C1 og Larry Willvuls Curtis Williams llarnlyn Wilson Cliff Wilson Frank Wilson llelva Loy Wilson Tom Wilscln Barbara Wfmlfv jerry Woods Pal Worthan Carmond Witteman Marolane Yellen .loan Yoder Archie Young Tom Zechman SOPHOMORE AUTOGRAPHS 'v-an D I ll f I M' ,A ,V 14? WY JT' l of ' 1:23 W .47 T- S. ,fl7774 , E -4 0' ' .v .Q " N fa n no ,, f , ,. e-' 7 .swam ,Y WWW The largvness uf nur ne-w gym if rf-prvsmlle-41 herr- Ivy the- fluurfr-al - gym was built wmv thv lwwlwr ITNUIHF. ligghtvr in wlwr. fhmm in lhf- use in Novenlber. Here is an inside vi:-w of thv gym. F4-ating lllrve- tl1fr11NaI14l. Nmnpu xmnx mm I um nf Illllw largzvft, .-Xu, ,-f'L- "' R Vx 4 -7 ,., X 1 4 N .QS 3 1 1 .... A --... is ,kick 51 If uf'-' A J 422 5: 1 f '7 ,rf '41 W gi' fiffibv -P73 r',f'w2' 1 ' fm , 1fi' Tiff? 4 A in .4 g i f ffiz I, T I- . , X M!!! I all 9 ' W 'ff if V1 F 'X Y U if z sf nr 55 Y 1 Z . x . A fx' Q53 f M. , if , ffw. 5 W .V ' x , 1 v K 21 I 'H ? I 1 . ..., '., x ,, f..'fS4h f I 1 1 f if' w 'f if 1 . 7 . 5 s . 51. ' l.,3 !,: s X I ,Q 0 J I 2 '1 , x. ,, 5 L sf, .f""""'Yp-'rr 4 -'fr' -A- ""2 v .-Q" 'a lr .. . ' Vs Q fm if! X-2-W 1 1.5 I 'W rf fffrd si . FU? v- 9-fi Q Qv 1 Quan. Good grit-ff Whatl tliiif l'w- he-artl ut' gzvtting to fnntlmall gains-s tht' liartl way. but Iliig is ridiculous. Ir lnuke as if tlnw- vharavtt-rf arv Ill'f'IJ3I'Ctl In stay awhilv, lun, Avtually, this is jun une uf tht! many flnatf at the liuimworii- ing football gxaniw at liullflugg Bowl. Ovtoln-r 4. 97 K9'54 l'.X0'fjUllf' wviiis In he lliiwllgl a gwwl illllf' at tht- Fwevth:-art Ball in l.inmln gyin, lwlnrliary lg. 5lKe-r'I.- lbulltl playwl ivr Illlx l'Nl'Ill. UL' 1, ljphffx O77 BUS ! 'Z , ! Swv:-tlivfarts. anynne"!-Hr-re wc- have Betty Hr-uck crowning Fwvvthfart King, LeRoy Mur- ray. :Xt the left i9 Swwthvart Qui-'Q-n. Delores Hill. Qt Hsu-'S a section of the crowd at the N0vgen1l1f-r 2 Fage- rlanvv. ln tht- lmafkgrounnl van hw wen a fe-w of tht- palm tr:-vs 1-untrilmuting In thr- night Fluh effect. g. E-5 Ihe lug lllt'lIlf'Illl lla-rv Filllllltd Fuflwr v11m1w Sap- 1111+-1-11 antl king. Nlariv Kirkwtml antl lfrltlle' lid-ll. at Ihr' Faglr' 1la11m- llEl4l N1INf'l11l1r'r 2 at l.i114-wln llflll. H1111111-rx llll. l':lHl0'T Nlvlilrny and llvttx' lla-uvk lwtkf-11. Hey. mhat's in those drinks? It looks like thiQ group had a good time at the Sage- :lam-fl he-ltl NMe11.1lwr 2. Cath:-rfhrl arnunfl unr- of rhv talmlf-4 at Linroln gym arr: lluug flUllf'Ill3Il. liarhara Harrisun. Dun juhnfnn. Ann Kvllngg. Dorothy Pitman. and Run Hwppinl. Thr- ,gym waQ tlvt-nratf-cl to l'6rl'Il'llJlf' a night Cluh. The- Trwpivanaf- llc-5. IJ1111. uhm an- you 111311 at? 1 l 'No' 'Nu' LTICK I f 'll er 1 fneral l'Nlarlm T urml d lt Executmner lDHSlfl Ifm I ram thf knife to -lay hlm This wa- 0 6' of the vfneg ln lh4 IQNIIIJHN Lac y rfuou Nlff am are 2 P ID thn Little llmler lNONlIlllJfI' 7 8 9 O1 Om of the bumegt men at 'Nampa Hl,l1 1 'NI1' Elmer Hlttlwton BGQHIPQ lug mam BCUXIUPN a aflxlcor and 1nstructor of Dlff A and teachlng twpmf clagfeq 'Xlr llltllekton IQ a pd-I pre slclent of thf Nampa Educa t1on XSHIKIHIIUU anfl al 11 ff the Idaho State Frufa tion h'4Q0LIHIlOI'l 1 l dt I flru Zim t P clan 111 nf NSl1llJ0 Q 1n cllcate the 'knnual Svung Loncert 1 prfsc-11t1ng 1t- n1a1n feature The Battle ff Jazz pfrfnrnwfl by Larrw 1ef1 Thf Numv frmcert vwaQ 1 entwrl the Nampa H1 fxmna ll 1 on fl ruarx lv , 4 .cur w X " 'Ar-8 jim upert hfp lll truxtur and advisor to 0 Y '1l'll1lU" 1 " 14 I Mi- 1 1 u trlal art mum .1 new organllatmn llw ufar, arntx Nlmwnmrn , 1 N 1 . 1 mm .mme X raw: ur nun for wc wfvk gxraui mlm' le Jr:-un I - su m ,nv ll um 4 r .1 4- IN m am u If rx 1.11 nh am fdllm r n E new .1 f df 1" fl s e .xx r er um A x 1 mu N fam an N uv :IH ' Ul IS 1 Ntrram el va nn lllflllf' Illd r YY H1 A I N p ctlce I v fnt l I I I' lo van Elmer McElroy and Roger Baeon are cle- liating ,lam-ll Seitz anal ,Ioan Huher in a loeal rlr-hate tournament pre- ceeding their participa- tion in the lflaho State lfollege Dr-hate Tourna- ment at Pocatello Jan- uary 17 anfl 18. 9 16 1 Here is a setting of the complete Big: Six Orehestra Concert conei-ting of ffalrlwell. Twin Falls. lilaho Falls, Boise, anfl Nampa. This is an annual event. this year taking plum- in January. The entire Orchestra eonsistetl of approximately 190 students untler the flirt-etion of John Hilgenflorff. 5 M F i f X . M i QTFKXW pgs xii. VJ 1 5 N' . A Se, Tull .4 F' X X XXY-X QMS P th I l - V' , 1 'uf - I ' 75: I 2 LARRY TIEGS ati? is' HAL MURRAY RON ROBERTSON rid ,lv W- 4 BOB WASHBURN WF? P be V N523 A' DEAN Lewis ORR' ,sa , oun HEAD COACH DICK DAVIES For the second consecutlve year Dean LEWIS 'Nampas head football coach has led the lNampa Bulldogs to thlrd place ln the B1g SIX From hlgh school 1n 'Vlalad Idaho Dean went to Alblon State Normal Iunlor College 'md the Lnlyerslty of Idaho Among hls athletlc achleye ments ln college he establlshed IIIICI' mountam and reglonal shotput records and recelved the Dmgle trophy as outstandlng trackman In hls semor year at the UHIVCISIIY he was chosen captaln of the foot ball team Before Mr LEWIS graduated from the Umverslty he served nearly three years ln the Army Dur1n hls teachlng career he flrst tauffht one year of P E and tumbl1n at the UHIVBFSIIY He has d1v1ded the other 11 years at NHS teachlng world h1story, Amerl can goyernment, economxcs phy slcal educatlon and health Vlr Leyus has been track coach for IO years and head football coach for tyso years at INHS Before he became head mentor Deap coached boxmg JV ba ketball and asslsted ID football Among other sports Ur Leyus enjoys l'lUIll1I1g flSlIII'lg and flfllllg horses SENIOR MANAGERS H1ke' One' Two' Three' Here come the hme l Throu hout the football sea on the semor manager Lee Storey Bob Terada 'Qu and Curt F11 her yatre on the Job chalklng i the f1eld IS Lung uxts and takmg care of Q equlpment Dean Leyu a remarked They dnd a good Job and made only a few ml takes after all they are onlv human' is?-I illii RICH GRIFFITHS LEE STOREY BOB TFRADA CURT FLISHER lyqhr' V 39" NORNIAN HALL DENNIS ALDRICH RON DIKE JERRY HALE 2 I. I' I I I . J' - V V it 9 l ' D . A s 9 4 I . . V 7 . V . V . . . V - V X . . . - . V A.. g V CV . V V gr V . V . . -, , .4 I If V T V f .H -K , A Q V, V g S f Q ' Jag. g 1 - H S y 7 Q V A 5 ff I S, T' : 1 Q 1 M ? sq f H 7 'V 6 - , if 1 7 , 5 5 VV D MMV ,A 3 g VV .. rf ,td V ,V V iv. au 3 VV,V is Va V VVS. A, y V ' ' J 7 T' m 'f l' gn f '5' T V 5 5 ,, rf' - f V Y ' , . . , Q ' 1 L ,I .N fllr . 5' " V ig I ff ggi , ' , y ,, ..,-, - e. . . ' at me ' H ' ' A g g . 1 1- ' I 1 , K f Y 1 1 Q Q, x . of--all i .fe 5 1 . ' .,, 5 V Z , E 4, l f V , 1 Z 9 . ' - ' V ,,. ,9sz"fiE' M 1 ' 12" l I 1 f c I ,,,' , I . i V V . V., . , .V A Vi I 04' V ing V Vw x W, my ,,, . V . Q K , w- A ', t w- i ' , "A ' -' f. f , 4 ' , JA., 1 , V '1.,' . I ROY ROBERTSON AND GEORGE KEIL ASSISTANT COACHES i . 5 3 ll QTF1' ' l ' 1,1- , 1 1 1 .. . .., I , , ROY FXRYWORTH DXRYL LINDE Born ln Pocatello NIr Ke1l attended tl1e Iocatello H1 h Qchool -Xfter recenmg h1s CIIIJIOIIVI he ment on to colle e at the UI'llX6I'QlIX of Ltah where he majored 111 educatlon and mlnored 111 QCICIICC Nlox 111 to Nampa 'Nlr Ixell IQ now ICWLIIIIIQI ccornctrx md algebra He ls al o head basketball coach 1nd has assl ted 111 football CL RTIS THEIL After Craduatlng from the Paxette Hlgh School 'Nlr Robertson attended collece at SIC I: RIIJIOII and graduated from the College of Idaho I hare tauvht just about CVC1'yIIllIlg 1 hom Nlr Robertson sums up h1s past teachmg career Al o he says I have trled to teach got ernment and economlcs thls year Mr Robert son IS well qll8I1f1SCI to be Nampa s ass1stant football and llne coach as he played ln the Idaho All Star football game ln 1911-1 Mr Robertson also coached the Sophomore basketball team JUNIOR MANAGERS 1 tant to the Sen 1or mana tr Farrel tl lox Ml probabls hare another Q r a mana er look forward to Onlx next year the only or der they MII take M111 be from Dean Lems Q Q F XRRELL Jonvox 1 I T if 19 TIP HENNESS1-CY QQ ROGER NELSOW -rf QQ Q' inns. or UI C E W CJ f-N F1 'JU I7 'Sf 6 aff? W. EDDIE C MH LH KRLE5 PXNRR XT7 KEITH IJ KH XRKIE XOI NC C XR! WRU HT r-- W I ' s I ' ' . 4 . ' J 'L .Qifw .g M l A .L . L V K g - . , V. it - V X g A . A . M ' t u ffl 1 I' w A 2 . " S '. 1 ' ' z l 1 U ' -' ' .I ' , 1 t X . . U . . . ' .. 1 I , ' K D . V V . ,,, .S ' A . L . . . Q Y as v - Y ' - Y 99 I ' s - , . . , . W . . , , . . . I 9 1 Q A T l ' 4, .,,, 1' tj I 1 1 ff" I 1. 1 Q i ' Asss s - ' ' . g- 5, - A A rt V 1' ,K 1 Johnson and Bob Rog- QP A ' V 4 . N If I ers. Thlsx J js "ll -H , 'V . 3 5 : i ' ' ' ' ' ' , N W' as " . ' if x , 1 I I if ' fl? ' f - T . 4 ie ,g 'bf A - , Q i :A V v , , , V. ,Y Y i L I , 'A i ,Q , A 4 Q 5,1 A 'A . ' U t'7J,,:" A iff: - I f' ' 5 .9 5 ,319 3 . Q, HF Z Fi. .,,,-M, y l ll , BOB LYNCH LOREN STRATTON DEE NI.-XCY J ' ' It -rl? ' ,, 'vi 1 1 Jeff' 4 f A k , I LARRY ZECHMAN VAN CAMBELL JEFF LOPER NAMPA ROLLS OVER SANDPOINT From the opening kickoff the Nampa team showed its ability to gain yards on the ground when it defeated Sandpoint hy a score of 20 to 0 at Bulldog Bowl on Sept. 14. The Nampa team kept Sandpoint under control both in its passing and ground gain throughout most of the game. Nampafs backfield Composed of Murray, Dike. Davies, and Lynch, worked together on nearly every play as they ground out 218 yards on offense. Nampa also passed for one touchdown to cap the night's scoring. if 953 is-4.1 ,313 wi DENNIS RUSSELL HILL DONAHUE ff ' Q' ' Ria ' v tl ' , gp, '1 4 yy A . 1 .5 iff? " GEORGE VOLK DEAN LEAVITT NAMPA COMES FROM BEHIND The Nampa Bulldogs proved themselves in their first game of the season in defeating the Great Falls Bisons 19 to 13 here at Bulldog Bowl on Sept. 6. Behind their top ground gainer, Hal Murray, the Bulldogs fought back in the second half to overcome a 13 point deficit. Nampa's spot passing and Great Fall's penalties aided the Nampa cause greatly. The Nampa line is to be praised too, because it held the Bisons to only 27 yards rushing during the second half. BULLDOGS SUFFER DEFEAT By a score of 20 to 6. Nampafs Bulldogs suffered their first defeat of the season on their own field at the hands of the strong Boise Braves on Sept. 20. Boisefs victory came largely on the strength of 2 pass completions covering nearly 57 yards and Dawn Fannin's gains on the ground. Dick Davies of Nampa was the top ground gainer of the game, however. Fumbles were numerous throughout the game. as Nampa lost 3 and Boise lost 2. ln spite of this, Nampa gained 172 yards on the ground to Boiseis 132 yards. Below, Ilal Murray plunges ov:-r into the e-ntl zone for tht- final tally of the Nampa-Caldwell, Armistice Day tussle. ' hu - l . . 5 I - ,J.,"..'Y'1Q fx l M K I 1 'xx EQ? fx .,- 1 ' 1 ' ie. 4 4 ' x V " 4 ' v ' 1 ., K ' GK Dfw' .39 C O Ie ,W ,y I, QKy - A-, . 1' I 4 ' f Q I ' K IK, 1. J ,..I' ' IQ lv 5, if 1'11N1' 1,1l:s11N 1111N.111x11s xivxx 1111.11-111 .IINI N111'11.x1,11 IIUIN Kxlisl' 6 1 I, - , 1 f .X If I 'I 1 EI If nh. - ". 1- ' ' 4:9 -5- ' 4: IT fi?" .,, 5-,f A 'wr N , .4-5QF M 4 1 1 ls.-is 1 x' n 1 Xttl. i1x1111j1'uN 1113NN1s KIM, 1111.1 1'r1'1"r1i11 mm 1',1s1.111i IIIUON tltitbtlul' NAMPA WINS OVER IDAHO FALLS Q tf111r'l11l11u11s as tt11 I311ll1l1+,.s rwllul mer l1l11l111 1 N-pt. 27. N111111111 slimwfl its 111-riul zilvilitx ln' IILIN-ttlg I111' 1237 yurils z1111l I t11uc'l11lm1'11s. The- Ili Xlltt' 1: l111v 11::1i11 tu-l1l its uppuiierits to unclvr 50 1111-tts 111 rushing. tlltx 1111 the- g1'1111111l ue-rv spurlwtl ln' Hal ix I1l1111-rs ul thv Nmnpa s1I11z11l sf,-firerl NAMPA DEFEATS LEWISTON BULLDOGS RUN UP BIGGEST SCORE The' N:1111p11 tvaini stuppccl a late Lewiston U11 Ovtulwr l. at Rullflug Bowl. the Naiiipu Ftltliltl pussvtl I111' 41 rally tit 111-I1111 the Bfirigals 1111 thvir own fielcl yzirils mul 11111 fur 3-12 yurels tw ilf-I1-ut the- 'livin lfulls Igl'tlittS It tw l-I. ln Ll1'lUNt' suirt-11f20t112l 1111 Oct. 12. This Lml 1111 thi- gzrrruml Ivy I,fltl'lt with ltI3 yL1r1ls Lltltl Ilaxin-s with lll-L N11-Ill? fifth win in six starts fur the Bulldogs. yards. the Nziiiipa team rz111 up their lviggest s1'11r6 uf the svaswrii. Two 'XQILIIII using llal xlllfllit. who gairiml 149 Bruin lnlllllltlflg sc-t up tm, iif Xillllllilir 11.111-l11l1m11s. hut tht- fiw r1'11111i11i11g xtirmls 1111 tht- g1r1111111l a111fl .Ii111 l,y11r-h uhm tallivs wf1rv1l11vt11X11111pz1'sull:-11si11-z1111lrl1'f1'11siwga11111'. srwfrwl txw t1111f'I11l11w11s. tht- liullflngs g11111c1l 1 t11ti1l iif f3tt'I yards fur sl- t11u1'l11l1m'11s. The t Niiltl II 1111 lltlt' hvltl tht- licaxivr Bviigal lim' tw 11lx W1 x.11'1ls r11sl1111u. timing up for the pay riff. R011 Farriwurlh lvaps high t-ir 21 Rwlifrtson pas-. Thi- smi--1 1'--ful cifrii- pivtiwri uf this play rivttfsd the Bulldogs thrir scar.-rid tally uf thrt .'1r111istiCe- Day gamr- with tfg1l1lwc'll. l Q4 fwfr, , Nur." Aftprfw 19, 5, f '- . ' ' iris, I 3 NAMPA EDGES CALDWELL 7 TO 0 A L f-:C'v L l C S 1 X LARRY TIECS TOTAL STATISTICS AQ1771 pq Upponen ls Rushing W ,,LL 1904 yards 1118 yards Passing ,7,,,,, 837 yards 624 yards ii Q. d l"2 J d. Total off. , 2741 W S H lar Q First Downs , N 109 86 Total Scores 7 201- 11.1, BULLDOGS DROP SECOND GAME TO BOISE The Nampa Bulldogs dropped their second game of the season by a score of 20 to 12 to the Boise Braves on October 25. The game was played at Boise. Two fumbles proved to be Nampa's downfall, as the Bulldogs fumbled on the Boise 4 yard lille and again failed to pick up a Boise punt. For the most part the game was a battle of fullbacks. as Hal Murray and Dawn Fannin ground out 163 and 61 yards respectively for their teams. With this defeat, the Bulldogs' title hopes were dimmed considerably. el-A t . 1 , An unexpected pass late in the fourth quarter from Robertson to Farnworth gave Nampa a 7 to 0 edge oy-er Caldwell on Uetolver 18 at Caldwell. The pass covered a total of ST yards, Both if-anis passed a great deal- 'Caldwell B for 81 yards and Nampa for 80 yards. The Nampa line. led by Day and Hennessey. kept Caldwell's rushing to -19 yards and stopped a last minute Caldwell attempt to even the score when the Cougars made a sustained drive to the Nampa 10 yard line, but were stopped by the Bulldog line. ffifei Am.f'w 7" . L,,,,,,, X Wg ,f 431' 4- oy- .1 . QW: 1 rin! . t4 t 4.5 t 1 L HAL MURRAY As well as being placed on All-Big-Six Foot- ball Team for the year 1957 Hal Murray, Nampa's star fullback received a much higher honor. Shortly after the end of the football season he was given an All-American Honor- able Mention from Teen Magazine. Now Hal will take his place among the earlier Nampa All-Americans such as Buster Eoff, Gary Farns- worth, and Cal Linde. ,E 7? BQ, 42 " 'Q ,"'t"' ' 1 'r r 16' fe' emi Bo seftfsszf Z34?E4fr4 POCATELLO 137 NAMPA 6 A In losing to Pocatello I3 Io 6 at Pocatello, on Novcnilmer l. Nampa also ln t the hope of gaining a co-champion position in the Big Six I,Iorife-rence. N xr-ral of Nampa's hills Ior touchdowns were stopped lay penalties. inter- cf ations. ami fumbles. Dick Davies was Naiupal offensive star as he picked I 09 yards in eight carries. completed three passes. and caught two. Thr- ntians scored in the first and fourth quarters and the Bulldogs also scored n- fourth quam-r, ,Xlrhough the Bulldogs were beaten. they outagained the ians on total offense as they haw done in their two prexious losses to Bois:-. HON FARN WORTH A X C, S 71' - v K - . 4 -: i,,,ff ff' 'gill ,s -. I, ,, A ' 'E 5' I' I i"" 'fi .EEE ini: DICK DAYIES FOOTBALL SCHEDULE - 1957 NAMPA WINS ITS FINAL GAME fhe Nampa Bulldogs ended their 19517 football season on Armis- tice Day with a decisive 26 to T victory oxer the Caldwell Cougar? at Bulldog Bowl. with this win the Bulldogs gained the undisputed third place position in the Big Six Conference. The Bulldogs scored three times in the first quarter and once in the second period. The longest run of the game was an 89 yard jaunt by Ron Dike after he had picked up a Caldwell fumble. +95 Sas? 7-'ir84sv -fe 'Uv 9 63 .asf '19 f'99A,1 Av-12N Sept Nampa Great Falls ,, Sept Nampa Sandpoint 7 Sept. Nampa ,,,,, Boise , ,, Sept. Nampa Idaho Falls Oct. Nampa Twin Falls U Oct. Nampa- Lewiston ,,,, Oct. Nampa Caldwell ,, Oct. Nampa ,eee,...,,..., . Boise , ,,i.. . Nov. 1 Nampa e,,e,,,e , 6 Pocatello Nov. 11 Nampa , ,,,e,eee,, 26 Caldwell ,,re , ERNEST KENNEDY SOPHOMORE 'rm from High Fehool in 1941. .-Xfter serving: a stint in the Xlerehant Marines. Mr. Kennedy attended Weaxe-r Junior College and graduated in 1948. An Athletic scholarship lrrought him once again to Idaho. ulteri- he attended the fi. of l. until 1931. Another military call. this lime in the Arnty Nledieal Corps. interrupt- fll lllS Nfl teen and a half months in Korea. Nlr. Kenm-1151 teaching Career li:-gan at Caldwell Junior lligrh wlu-re he again taught P.E. and coaching: and then. finally. last fall Ernie assumed sophomore coaching responsi- bilities at Nampa High School. lfrnest Kennedy. Nampa lliglfs sophomore eoaeh and lliology teacher. has completed his first year as sophomore coach. Nlr. Kennedy. a native horn Nam- pan. attended school in Ogden. Ptah, and graduated ueation. While in the .-Xrmy he spent six- he was coach and physical education teacher. His next stop as a teacher was at Dufor. Oregon. where MANAGERS ,fx Getting good practice for the senior football man- agers position in the coming years are George Ox-ery and Reid Freeman. this year's sophomore managers. Their duties are somewhat similar to the duties of the senior managers. SOPHOMORE STATISTICS SOPHOMORE TEAM Nampa ....... ...... 6 Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Caldwell . ........ Nyssa ,l.V. .. Vale .l.V. Boise . ...... .. .. . Ontario ,l.V. Caldwell . .. Ontario .l.V. St. The-resa's The Sophomore team has had a fairly good season this year. considering its competitors, in winning 3 and losing 5. Four of the five losses were to junior varsities. The llullpups won their first 2 gantesand their last game. 1 Q M ll AAR Emmett , LaCrande Buhl , Baker Jerome , Emmett , LaCrande Baker Boise Twin Fall Caldwell Jerome Pocatello I.F. , , Boise Pocatello I.F. ,, , Caldwell Buhl ,,,, Twin Falls ,,,,, t.,,,. SV, ROBERT HARRELI. BILL Cl'NNlNlLHi-UI CII,-XRLES P,-XNKRATZ VARSITY SCHEDULE - 1958 Nampa ,,,,,,,, H , , Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa ,.,. Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nam a P Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa RON ROBERTSON ,Twin mi ' vi .4- uf! 37 39 39 45 43 TOTAL POINTS 38 51 Opponents 7 7 Y ,,f,, 861 50 47 ig Qpponents 39 Nampa 45 40 64 31 44 36 45 DICK DAVIES 35 Nampa aaaaal T aaaaaaaaal 33849 AVERAGE PTS. PER GAME 1.4 43.3 42.5 NI XRX IN NIENSER I l RT FLINHFR Jig Ye lirkiidfli Y".-of Q :1' 1 f x Q if 'e 'Y -K 34 . fa 4 4 41 P99 .' K,- v I , J Q , ' 4 , x l ,- Av. 6 fr H x i l f? 'ff M E 1- 2- SOPHOM ORE SCHEDULE Nampa Xumpu Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa I H wwf Q -1958 - '12 Nl:-riilian 26 S 1-11 rh lim-.A -10 Pa I'111 a 62 Parma -11 Meridian 30 Nwrlh B41 50 Ontario '15 fkulilwf-ll -12 North Bmw -12 Eaxt Univ' 32 Vivvst Hoiw 51 Nivllma 03 Ontario , 33 Calrlwffll 30 F iiiii im 27 Vale 4 .Ur 2 U XXV 4 P! 4.4 ,'V X' X . ' I ' "MQ , .y ', . . ,f - 12 W1 ,-.C M9- 462 z i'i si! 2 U1 lhhyn vw ,P FN? x s 'ff M S 'A ,x qgig .Ja i ESE? Wai? 7 -Q53 if ' i A Z 7 M" V "' I xc, AAT QSH- ,QF F U Q' 'avg' L " D. Q ,Q J X4 -, O r U bl 1" girl if . e ,gk , IJ Q? ,K if J P4 F' Q4 ,J f QQ-Qi lm: .ang T25 ,4'f,. K In 111- 111-1 Var 111 'Ya111p1,1 111g111. Nlr. YY111111-111 11 11111111111 K1fF1lf'T 1111111111111 L1 1111111--111-11 11111 1111'1'1'1111g 1111- 111- N1111111a1 " H ,-xx f MR. WINFIELD KIRCHER 1111 11111 111 111. 111111. 1111111 l,1..1..X.. 1-11 X 4111111' 111111111 111- 111111111111 111111111111 1x 11 -1 C111-flra. f.11111r. "H" lQ1111ir. 111111 511:1h11111111'1- 111 um' 111111 111 11111 1'11111111'y." 11 11111-x11'1 111111- 11 11 ffh111r. 1111ag111:1111111 111 11f'1PTI111I11' 111111 ls 1flIlllll'l1V 1'1-1 11111 1111 1 1 1111' 1111-- X11 1x1rc'111-r 1lL1N 11111111 za 11111 11111, A 1111111-11r11 111 Hr. K1Tl'1lf'f-S xl11'11'NN 1- 11111-17111111 111 ' "B" CHOIR Q 11111 11111'1111-1- 1-1 1111- 11 J 1.111'11' 1- 111 1111111 111 fi T M .1 'u 11 x T7 1 un! s nl' 3. I :nl 1 1: 1 'A Nr' 11111-1111'1111- X 1.1111 11111 111 111111 1111- 11' 1 I N 1-1 11111..1 111111 1111 1 1 111-11111111 111 11rf11 1111111111-11111111111 1111 1l111'I11i11- 111 11.111111 11111111 111111 -' 1 ,-1- 11111111111. 11.1111 .11- 1 .11' 19111111 "A" CHOIR A harmonious hlvmling of wiwx thrilling wpruiwx. rvwiiant lmassvs. rvverlwratingr te-nors ami nivllmv uhm N--- im-Imliw llIlf'4lllL1iil'li ---uvh is thi- hffv lflmir, umlefr the lf-uric-iwliip 1-f Wiufie-lil Kirn-he-r. Thf- Choirs most ilillliilzlillll mincwrt- uf thu- yvar am- Iln- ifhrixtxiiu-. the Now-iniwr 21 1'lIIN'!'I'fN ami rhf- "iJmxn in the- Yzillvyu win-r'e'tIz1. SOPHOMORE CHOIR Tilr' Sflpilrlliifrrn' 1'ilHiI' wa- firxt wrgaiiifwi tliix W, Mar LIN a training vhfiir .. .. - fur the 'IX uri-i "IE at flhwirx. Thf' grfwup. un- flcr tho' ivafiwiliiip uf Hr. Kirr-hwr. ix f'f-m- gw-wi nf iA"ffX--"XVII iii'-iiilwi'-. all -wlfiwf iiiwrw- rxwpt ffir wiv' -1-niwr. Xiviiiiwrw VII'- fiiriiiwi at filIi'II!1LlN mth the gm-1 "il" li1'1iI'- anli uf-H -img at rhw i-Wai i14l'I'ii.ii'. i'r'-Xi-hilt i-'r1 XXi1iII'-i11.iIi. limi N--iw Lux, N11 vzn if 1. "B" BAND "ll" Hand. under thi- ilirvctiun of Earl ll1'Kt't'N4'I'. vue horn in Nampa lliggh three ycars '7 215141. Tha- tw:-nty llif'Iill71'I'r uf tliia Clair lvarn appreciation nf gnml muxic. le-arn In play an inltrunit-nt and learn to march in uniform xml:-r. Stud:-nla who attend "li" Hand ilu so for um- of lun ri-awii-Z citliz-r tht-x dont cure- to per- fu," ft-rm anysxhcrr- vxw-pt in claw, or they are training fur "A" Band. Officers for this gruup are: President, Mike Cf-orgeg Vice President, Jack Huberg Li- brarian, Ed Scriwng and Klan- agcr, Scott Barney. IIA!! At the third district marching band contest, held in Emmett, Nova-inlicr 2. 1957. the Nampa High MA" hand received a "1" rating. The band directed by Earl KIcKt-ever performs annually at the gssing concm-rt. marches at the half-time during fuutlmall season. and takes part in the Diftrict and State Music Festivals. 1 an mm 1SQ19 1 we-anuguxsmmtie-nnii PEP BAND XIIN 11-11111 111 L1 N.111:11.1 111 11 11,1-111-111.111 Q1 ,1 xx-111111 1 1111 11111-111: -71.1:11- 111 11111' 1 H1114 41111111.11 111 1111 X.1 111 1 1 1114111511 11.11l'1. 412111122111 11 111--1111111111111111-1:1111111:111 1 1111111 11111 111111 N111-111 11.11111 - 1 11111 11.11111. 11111111 111.1x- 11 2ll111'N 111111 11--11 .1w1'11111111N 11 .11-11 11111x1111N 11111111 1-+1 111 511111111-x 111111 1'1l111 , , , . . I111' 1'1-11 11111111 111111111111 11 -111111111-. 1111114111 1'.1x11.1111 .11111 .1"1111IlX X11-1111. ,I11l4' 11111111 111111 11111 II1 x1-111111111 111111111 1111111 11111 X1-ff. 11111111 1111111111 11111 1111111 N111111111 X111 N141j11r1111 ll il X 1 " 1 Pl annum mssgi 1 M, 1 an Inna gg.:'a,,m 1? 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The bauml crfrififts mf sewn ine-11ilJr'rQ: Dorian Iffillllllbfll' and Jl'llIlIlf' Nl:-rm-r at the pianrl. HatCh and ,lflll Baiumgartnei' nn trumpcts. llvumiu lluffy and' 5 V Ihw ii1--ml.i-i- ul tha- ilrill Ii-um pr'a1'IiCe1l Q-iii-li 'l'ue'Niluy unil hall ai X DRUM MAJOR AND DRUM MAJORETTE Ftefppiiig high unil zilwuyf xmiling am- the- 4lI'lllIl inujm' :xml niiijuri-Ilv ul Nunipzi llighx iniirvliing liziml. lhrizm haw lvml thi- lmunil siliilf- pm- fwrmingg ut lllill-Illlll' iluring 1-f liunil. Skyliilr-r-. auiil 1 wll known for hix part IYT4Nl4lf'Ill uf llmimii' 5m'ir-ty fir I -viiifwle-r. Jn XIXII Nfl mis pre'-iilvnt of Spin-ltr-N. ai Inviulwi' of Ihr- llanil. I'llIlll1'IA up in Nlixs Nunipa limilewl unil llmiiemiii- ing fxlllt't'Il .Xlte-iiiluiit. SPIZETTES ln iiniffirm- uf rf-fl :mil lrlui- Ihr Spin-Ili-x. Nanipzi lligihl drill 7230 XM. !'6lll'21f-Ul l'f'f"Y" "4lf'll I"'Vf"I'I"lU1""- Tll"? 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Better watch out advertisersg hills are Coming! Sandra Seiber, handles the business, end of the Sage. This "Sandy" of ours handles the selling of the annual, mails out the unmention- able bills, and does her best to keep the books balanced. Pictured below is one of the Saturday Sage sessions. 5 r Q SAGE -any STAFF v GP' .-Af ,- Ihr l'l1-11 111 11141111111-x. Ihw 111111 111 1ffl"NI11"fN. 31141 thf' -hunts 111 1 1 11111-11t- 1-111111111--111'-11 thx 1111111111-. ,,g 1119 Saga- N111-1'i111 v-111I1I1- Ll- the-1' N1L1Nf'l1 11- prvpurr- thi- 111111 f 1 1 11 1',1Y'LlHUT 1.111 wrw-1 11- N-1-111111 1f11i1111': 1idTl'1l' x1L1T'1l2111 1111- fjfgiilllilillhfll 111111 191-1111111- 1f111or. 111 1'1111rg1- wwf 1'1111tr1gr11p11y 11.11 11.11111y 111-iiry. 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Very active in many clubs and school affairs, Jeannie is also one of the busiest girls both on and off the campus. 'WY iw AK -Q., 1' Pictured at the left is dark-haired Shirlee Gar- rison. attendant to Homecoming Queen Sandra Sielaer, Sliirlee was named at the Homecoming Dance ln-ltl October 4, 1957, at Lincoln Gym. Shirlee is talented in many ways and is a well-known beauty on our campus. Largely because of her personality plus. pert Karalynn .lenkin-. pictured at tht- left, was f-lifts'-ri Football Queen .-Xttentlant. Karalynn was r-rowii-'tl at the lfnutliall ,lLillllJUl'1'P. October lo. lU.1t. Miss Sharon of Tu111f1rrnw h0I'Ill'lll3kiTlgI intvreste-ml se-mor glr - Il .1111 id 1 1 w 111111 I is vligliblv fur the Slate IlUlll1IIh.llxl r uf Xme e lille' pf'r111itQ ltr 011411111 r 1 HllI4lI'I'HN5 1 1. .wh 5 'NN .-g-.. vi wr.-:rr attcndanif tn thv King and Que:- , r,,,.,ng'. wsu Pictured at who serxecl crowned at of sevrvtary Chapter. the right are IJ:-Ill:-rt Hanke and Mary Luu Hupf-rt. attvmlanls In tlw Harwit Ball King and Que-vn the Ball in Lirluulrl Gym, lk-lln-rt hnlmls Ihv nffiw in F.F,A.. Mary Lou is rvportm-r in the local I'l.l'l..'X. Xlarilu- lx-ter and Carl lluflvll sw-rw nznnml n nf tha- Hur- vcst liall. l7.l'q.:X. and I-'.li.fX. xpwnwr annually I Xlifllu 1 41ftllTN nl thc' ll21I'X'l'H ' V14-'E X-' I of rhf Nurnpu tlng yvur znnl karl I- Nflllllll' - l'.l'. X. C.lluptvr. , r I I , I t 7 .,,.lfl K ...:f7i. -. 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