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QW , krxa-fi KM--'-'-L---b fx .t aunt q Lxjb ORXII fxfxffffw GRC , H a0Ls9aI X. Qu, if m I5E5!,g S - h 0 X ram? M ig " f f. H , Isl! f U Q-A wgfmgfb m, ,J,w Q X. fs 1 B 4-I ' 'Q X f 1 1 ,x xx Yap Y! S' 'x , ,. W Q " N Q 0 W' H X3 SR 'F' wig 3 NV Q yqqxq ink Q3 Jax 5 l E E L S 3 4 . 4.311557 f Q z W 4 S .. PM mafwwww S53 NC H 'O N K X - U' x N W X QQ? Qs 4 1' ' - 1' , X W . . I M fr- , f 9 fig XE X E M F if N X' ' E lz'0'LQd.f1: 2 A Riagg? 2 'S Ei Sf ' i Egy i AW, V' T, 'i" . A H X V1 fl X Ll' ,LW ful yM!p7vvr'- WI Q" V' S ' ' ""' V ' iff g ff Qiiffilwyi LH? 1 1 A 4 pf I I Q , UM' yy in lf, xv ,imf f Q V ' fu ,J NV Jr if v' K' f f fi if VL " VJ ' V ' i fb ' 'A' V '5' 5, X: L ff X . or ' .PU "2 JU K 5 N - JA W 7" yy' 3 K' A' -. I , ' 'mn X QD k "' if X ,- Lf' I ' f 5 i mb f Y x, X 7 ' ' Ip A U r. 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A H ,I Wham ,."tf.,h ' '44-1-V I J 'J1F M,fnQMy vi -E ,fp ,U-D I --5 J 1 by A ,,,VfA Z4f5 ,jf I uk A a,,t V fl 4 1 if 'Ek'-1' i O lyk 21214 Ai: X ,214 f ST! " 0' 5 ' I ' . . f74z'7wc, Yr X, Af ,B 7-jfv' ,. N ' lu A as iibwf 1. X 753' 1 K A4 , 22: ' ja-x X! V f-rr ' Qigaig H7 , 1 Mid Wm HJITWLZ' d 6Q my L5 M,0V,5 Jf, f X IN IV XJ QQQQVV . . M W MMM igfqig? qwW'W wp ffQgQaQfMk ,WI MPM, 2 M n Qppjdw' 57 2 fwulm WMWJW wjjgwf by EXW 4M ws95l?i,i QfwJ Q 4 ex , Vf'ffgfWfQWQ MJQX XXQQOXX we SN 25 X v is QYXQL Siwigigi 355 JI X f I. jr., , .gy P if Q Cc K ,Qffffj rf 'f9f 'ff'!p ' 6 ff rdf! ull J fy' M f' fzhj Lp X NV. X' A6 ,7 Il ,M 'rf Mr ,J j O-,4 -vw U Ai 'V ki cp 'I VA iV.AM H ' I' A IT .vvxilfu lf" ff M W l!,1'-Q.- f ,I Q . 'D 5 sw S Wo 2 Y J 4 g X 1911 rt -H Q 1: Q FJ: Xpx 45551 R' fm QQ ,-e' ' 1 x ' - 23.5-Q in LM FW fd ,J Q3 MQ W! WMM? w 32 WM WW,MW u n Q l 1 l 2 l 1 I 1 11 i w EFX Q5 f Q t 'Q Presenting K 5 XJ! A 57:4 Efaszcm 5 . NAMPA HIGH SCHOOL PUBLICATION '1 .K xi ' X W T rx. f l4DI'l'0 i . ff A cs1s1mL.1a1N1 TQXIH noN Rllll fi X ' wk '-f .f-, 1 xi fi .fl " r f, -, '. " N Q L I ML ' 14,1 -1 Xi! Q .-s fl4,'flL5 If X '-' O . K' . IH , I1 I KX ,L nl-4 ,., ':,vL4f, ,, W, 5 1"'l f 'JL f ' Wa 4, fi 1- Hb Dm Rl 1 "hi 1 I it - ty im- V ,.4fvf,y ,' Wx, ' 3 AjLa.q, dwQm,IL- iam. jowd. nvwmj, ww pi I ' Dgfilfrx r M A i u my gr, I f' 4 Wifi 6 JJ, ' ff ' bjfh 1 My ff My ,flffff 9 My - - ff ff I, 7,11 -11 li- A I .4 4 ' -I l .l'u.l11I.r -1- - -Ii 4il!Q1f illlr. I . T3 ATX: Q' :J Q, A -3 S 4 1 ex, ii . Q . vp, X. N NX 'aj ,J .WN 'f ,1'x: fx 'J I 4 J 1 -'P ,X 4 h 0. ,E N 'lx - - X L , xx L x S Q 'Ni NN. Ix so ,, X. . - 'Rx , 1 ' ' L - N S 5 , IW? Mg S ' X H s if 4, .V 1 77044 Windy 14. .faced dx, 3 ,ids , 1 7 I, j 4194 f lg nr gf-Q , -I .v 44? y TAAQ, , x1'f gf, 7 -,1 5 ,X-if Y N jf N I J Giving assistance to many, Giving guidance to all, The '48 Sage is proudly dedicated, To Miss Mary Lucas, Lib1'a1'ian nf N. H. S ,yi lQ?'7Ml yn ,ft I I I X-. -A K .' ' X f ' I If l l l I fl bf! M E Gather 'round Cats, here' e loalvd On the groo4viest'ajnrfual iniariy town, U ' ' J Pt's really hepk it's on thebeam, j. A still-life versionof a rqovie dream. ,A ,ll ZW ith jitter janes and jivey joes, lf - ff 'Hepjc,iits, yQu4bet, they're no schmoes. f 'f j .1 , ' A Rug-cutters, hep-chics, jitterbug queens, j I ' You oughta see 'em swing at the Teen Canteens . W To the jivey swing tunes of the school dance band- ! And they 'make-you-wanta-sing' tunes that are in demand, They're all in your Sageg and it's plenty neat, So take it away Pals and We'll all say reet! My QP! W i F 4556 G! MMV WW 'W ,W Administration Classesrwfsy Sports ,O J, WW Activities Whig Wh fr I-wi itvimy sT:.1J i Fi? J. Ng Z uf' fag 1 ff W iff '95 E MKWMMJ fig 55, X555 ,gddw Q95 sy WSW X32 Ji? ' R N ,4 . - 1 xl l. fx' ,.ff, M, .. . V, , 1 . .L , 1 " 1 .15 . fi, a 'd 77f644dQ6 FULTON GALE, Superintendent of Schools To the class of 1948, Nampa High School, congratulations upon completing another mile stone on the road called education. Thus far, you have traveled the road together, from now on, your paths diverge. For some, formal education will be over, others will continue on in college. Whatever course you follow, my hope for you is that the lessons learned and the habits formed in Nampa High School have provided you with both the desire and the ability to keep on learning. If this be so, our task has been accomplished and you are well on the road to success. S game! Lssrisa HAMILTON, Chairman BERT STONE, Vice Chairman CLARABELL CASLER, Clerk 3 x 4 ? 5 33 464 Q: Q gi CiIil",li'I'I Il is .l C. IVIILLS, Pririeipal NCIS- pleaxure to extend greeting to the "Sage" and a of its friends. As principal ol' Nampa Senior Iligh School, I am pleased with the motif adm ted by the Staff and so ad- mirably completed. Il' in future years this humble representation of your fond High School memories can sur your stmimemality and open the portals of the past, I shall believe than the efforts pul e 'I ' " A tiis Year Book have bsepi sueeessfu. loilh by lh Idilors of I I On behalf of the Ifaeulty, I wish to extend lo members of the Sage Staff and to the en- lllt Senior C llss ol' I' X I lv t I I lLlx fri I . 14-' ' f ' '. , , A lu is 0 l Ilarry CI. Mills, Principal. X -,af xr rf' 15" I, tag K Mies. Corwr, Registrar Mus, RussuLL, Secretary ,rl uf W 1' . 1 ANNIE LAURIE BIRD, History ELMER BITTLESTON, Biology, Business I. A. BROWN, Head Coach EMERY BURKEY, journalism, Growl WEBSTER CALDWELL, Science, Mathematics MINA CONRAD, Commercial GERALDINE CRusE, Biology, Girls' Counselor LENN CRusE, Biology, Student Body Manager L v .. 34 WA 'WJ XX.. 'Q I Nigfaiwicfni eNe3rh LQ hm, an bww-ik Q - 'iw il' bulb , Q' av i tl is i t" I,1as'i'm DAVIS, Latin, English Glzovia Hnnuottx, History liviamw HAaziaI.1N, English Hreuam HINKEY, Spanish, Sage jiafxrv Mmma KIl.PA'l'RlliK, Hoim-making DEAN LEWIS, History Doius LISK, Dramatics PAUL LuDLow, Science, Mathematics 5... 53 4 t - -.wx - r, .- qu - - .'P' ,v . . ,, v i 'T,.'g-if if ,','F.,'fT','-Y ' ,i'I'i?"3f'5 ' ' Q11 A . so E EE LEO MATTHEWS, History, Debate EARLIQ Mc1KEifx'HR, Band I, HAIL MILLIQR, Mcchanical Drawing Ciiiwoieiu Mm l.lKIN, Chorus Imix Nlciiois, History, Coach NA'i'iu-,i.1.ia OviaR'roN, Ari Joia QLHNLY, Machine Shop loin: Rumam, Woodshop KIRK Rusii, Agriculture- DOROTHY STANTON, English, Spanish REED 'I'HAT1IHliR, Radio AIICE HFHOMPSON, Commercial Ui: 1 A 'VIII Min, Hnglisli RWE Voiim, Cfommcrcial Us Xl NNI .lvl Il 0-X, Psyclioloqy. liirls' i' FREDA XVRM, Ljcoinctry lik'illkdfiOl'l I Q I ' 4 I u f P r J 1 I x I f f STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Seated: Caron Harley, secretary: Loren Blickenstaff, president: Buster Park, vice president. Standing: Jim Varnadoe, Yell Duke: Sally Robb, Yell Duchess: Mr. Cruse, financial adviser: Pat McFarland, Yell Queen: Sidney Root, Yell Kimr. 6 ' The duties of Student Council this year were numerous and varied. Under their direction the worn-out coat hangers were replaced and new ones were constructed throughout the building. Plans for new tennis courts, which will be used also for ice skating and roller skating, were begun as a result of co-operation between Student Council and P. T. A. The students furnished the labor while the P. T. A. contributed the materials and finances. Perhaps their most unusual project was that of Hxing a broken key on the piano in the audi- torium. Guiding the Student Council of Nampa High School through the usual complicated and haz- ardous activities of a high school have been three energetic officers who were really on the ball. They were Loren Blickenstaff, president, Buster Park, vice president, and Caron Harley, secretary. Loren, red hair and all, presided over the meetings during hot debates with a serenity completely disregarding his crimson top notch. Buster was always on hand to pinch hit for Loren's absence. Caron's handwriting was put to good use as she recorded the minutes of every meeting in the Stu- dent Council ledger. The cheer leaders, too, had their part in the functions of the Council. Leading the cheers for N. H. S. this year were Sidney Root, yell kingg Pat McFarland, yell queeng -Iim Varnadoe, yell duke, and Sally Robb, yell duchess. With the Student Council backing them they promoted a pep week, pep rallies and pep assemblies, and were largely responsible for Namp's bringing home the sportsman- ship trophy. Serving as faculty advisor and financial adviser were Mr. Mills, our principal, and Mr. Lenn Cruse, Studen Body manager. Rounding out the representation in Student Council were the presidents of three classes and editors and business managers of both Growl and Sage. They represented their groups at all meet- ings. At the date of publication five Senior boys had been chosen as Student Rotarians. They were Wando Maupin, Buster Park, Bob Zimmerman, Robert Croy, joe Tycz and Don Reed. , f' ,' L Z Qjnfz, .ff-ju' ff! V, L- f A 'V--! "5 ' JL! 5fgf . A ' H A , If V A5 ,flf'74,.r! , 1 0 K CCL , 5' 12, " , ff, f f f -,,,V4,.,, - ,.. AIAA! . f' A ,f A4 N -4'.?ff K4 Jflftj, f" I S1-nlwl: ll. l,y1l:n, Snplmunnmw pra-simlvm: J. Cheney, Junior pm-simlclltg I.. Galrlm-mlin, Senior Dl'f'Silli'l'l'. Slululimzz ll. lim-fi. Sum-3 fi. Yusl, Growlp G. Tovrhy, Santo: C. Iwulmskzx, Growl: IS. Ynrk, Gro 'game zoom 2 ' ec w I Se-un-ml: J. Il-mt:-r, J. Six, l,. Fruy. V. l'ofTmun, B. Xllnusloy. S. Blum, .I. Phillips, R. Powors, M. Schmidt. W. Maupin, T. lhuh-ll, J. Tyr-1. T. Nvlsnn, V. Willard. Standing: li. Privv, R, HMT, G. Johnson, D. XVildcrson, J. Tow-y, E. Lion-hty, T. Summers, H. MPf1l'0NA', F. Foi- tvr. T. Hennvssoy, I.. Spink, N. Root, P. Rawlins. R. Thomas. C. Flory. 1 I KL..- , ,,,, Y, ,B W ww J xf I 1 J' N7 X X V A 'QI X .fy K X- 3 l - X ONS' K. x' J1Tx.J K y K If ' 110.1 I X x x 1 n v AWN 4 wx ffwx N Nur' 1' ff 5 f W ' D ki X lb! is xx if 4 Q xv .y ,. l 1 'lu X K 'ia 'I A Eg jx Seated: Jo Haworth, secretary: Miss Bird, adviser: Luis Garmendia, president Standing: Mr. Ludlow. adviserg Bob Zimmerman, vice president. Back in the year of '46, when "The Gypsyn and "To Each His Own" were topping the hir parade, the Class of '48 was getting its first introduction to N. H. S. as lowly Sophomores conduct- ed by maestro Francis Cushman, they Won first prize in the class assemblies to mark their first hit recording. The following year everyone was singing "Doin, What Comes Natur'ly", and that year Dick Bader began baton-waving for the Juniors of '47. Their "Teen Canteen" skit arrangement won first prize in the "Spring Folliesn, the contest between studes and faculty. The theme of the tradi- tional Junior-Senior Prom, "Rhapsody in Blue", was carried out with silver notes against a blue back- ground. In '48, "Now Is The Hour" was not only the top song title, but a timely reminder for the Seniors as well. Class officers, Luis Garmendia, president, Bob Zimmerman, vice president, Jo Ha worth, secretaryg and advisers, Miss Bird and Mr. Ludlow, decided upon a "Senior Week" in which to hold all activities except the "Sneak", which was held April 26. And now the Grand Finale is over and the curtain rings down on the last number. From now on they'll listen to the music from off-stage, barring curtain calls for encores. IRMA CHARLOTTE ALLEN-Gcncral Iiauml Majors-tic: G. A. A. : I". H. A. : Band-librarian. MARILYN ANDERSON-Collcgc Woodrow Wilson Higzh School. VIRGINIA O. ANDERSON-College Woodrow Wilson High School. HAROLD FRANK ANTRIM-ACoIlcgc National Honor Society: Quill 8: Scroll: Sage Photogr- rapher: Varsity Football: Choir. President: Spanish Club: Sophomore Raskctball: Howling Club: District llonor Choir: Boys' Glce Club: Tennis: Boys' Qual'- lcl: Explorer Scout.: Ail' Scout. LOUIS P. AULBACI-I4Gcncral DICK BADER-College lilu-N Club. Vice-pxrvsidcnt: Varsity Football: Var- sity Basketball: Sophomore Basketball: Tennis: Golf: ltlxplorm-rs: Latin Club: Soph-Frosh Football: Junior Class I'n-siclcnt. IACK BAKERnCoIIcgc lfrosh-Soph lfootball: Soph Basketball: Tennis: Var- sity Iiaskctball: Explorer Club, President: Latin Club, President: Latin Club: Tennis Club. CLINTON BERNARD BAUM-General IOYCE ALLEN BEAIL-General G. A. A.: Spiz: Thespians, Historian: N. F. II.. Treasurer: Y-Teens: Latin Club: Ilcbatc Club. Vice- president. ROBERT D. BELL-Gcncral I". I". A. ROBERT LARRY BENNETT4CoIIcgc Varsity Basketball: Varsity Football: Blu-N. l'rcsi dent: Student. Council: Baseball. GEORGE BIGGS4Gcncral I". F. A. LOREN D. BLICKENSTAFF-4CoIlcgc Varsity Baskvtball: Sophomore Basketball: Tennis: Golf: Junior Classical League, Consul: Track: Blu-N Club: Honor Society: Exolorcrs Club: Student Body President: Sayre Kim: of Hearts. STAN BLUM-General Sweet Home Union High School, Northwn-st Nazurcne Academy: District. Honor Choir: lioys' Glce Club: Acappella Choir: Boxing. WILLIAM BROVVNE-General Machinist Club, Vice-lmresident: U. S. Navy. I GERALD LAVON BOYENGER-College Honor Society: Quill Ka Scroll: N. F. L., Vice-presi- dent: Debate Club: Explorer's Club, Secretary: Key Club, Vice-president, Board of Directors: Spanish Club: Hi-Y Club: Sage, Assistant and Art Editor: Soph-Inrosh Football: Sophomore Baseball: Student Counci . GERALD BRAMON-General F. F. A.: Bowling Club. MILLIE WILMA BRANKOVICH-Commercial Y-Teens: F. H. A.: Spanish Club. GERALDINE BRIGGS-College Acappella Choir: G. A. A.: Y-Teens: F. H. A.: Band Majorette: Spanish Club: Bowling Club. CAROL BUCK-College Y-Teen: F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Junior Classical League: Honor Society. EVELYN MERLENE BUDELL-Commercial Choir: Y-Teens: Spanish Club. TERESA MARIE BLIDELL-Commercial Y-Teens, President: Spiz: G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Office Monitor: Student Council. IEAN EILEEN BULLEN-General Acappella Choir. BETTY ANN BLIRLILE-College Y-Teens: G. A. A.: Spanish Club: Student Council: Archery. DON BURRI-General Radio Club, President. DORIS BURTON-General Acappella Choir: G. A, A.: Y-Teens. IOHN WESLEY BLISBY-College Junior Classical League, Consul: Key Club, Secretary- Treasurer: Quill 8: Scroll: Service Club: Growl, 01'- ganizations Editor, Reporter: Honor Society. NONA VE YONNE CAMPBELL-College Junior Classical League, Qaestor: Spiz Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer: Honor Society: Band Majo1'ette: G, A. A.: F. H. A.: Y-Teen: Student Council: Pepsi Cola Test. BILL CARON-General Soph-Frosh Football: Varsity Football: Pep Band: Track: Baseball. BEATRICE BARBARA CATI-IER-General Y-Teen, Cabinet: F. H. A. : G. A. A. : Alpha Rho Tau: Spiz: Choir: Bowling Club. DOROTHY LOUISE CI'IAIVIBERSgGcncral tl. A. A.: Y-Teens: I". II. A. KENNETH Ii. CHILDS-College Sopli-Frosli Football: Jr. Varsity Baseball: Thespians, Vic-1--pr:-siclcnt: N. I". L.: Spanish Club: Jr. Varsity I"ootI1all. NORMA PHYLLIS CHITWOOD-Commercial I". II. A.: Choir: Y-Teens. MARIAN CHRISTENSON-College Ilonor Society, Vicc-president: Y-Teens, Cabinet: F. ll. A.: G. A. A.. Council: Bowling Club: Archery Club, Sz-rn-tary: Chairman Jr.-Sr. Prom: Pepsi Cola 'I'1-Ht. l3liT'l'Y IO CLARK-Comnicrcial Wont. Seattle High School. l'AY CLARK'-Gcncral Mc-Ilm Hitch School: I". H. A. : Y-Teens: Spanish Club: ti. A. A.: -1-II Winncr. GAR Y L. CI.ARKf-General Football: llasehallg Golf: Student. Council: Bowling Club: Iiaskt-tball. IEANNE LOUISE CLARK-College N. I". I... Secretary: Y-Tccns: I". H. A.: Debate Club, St-rw-ant-at,-Arms: Spiz: Spanish Club: Hand: Districl lloaor Hand. NADINE LEE CLARKH-Collcgc Heppner High School: St. .Ioseplfs Academy: Debate Club. BARBARA IOY CLEMENTSfCollcgc Honor Society: Spiz: Service Club: Science Club, Sce- retary-Treasurer: Quill 8z Scroll: Merit Board: Junior Classical League: Y-Teens: Acappclla Choir: District Honor Choir: Growl: Circulation Editor. Exctiamrc Editor: Organizations Editor, Feature- Editor. LYLE RICHARD COBBS-Collcgc Baseball: Debate Club: F. F. A.: Explorer Club, Scr- geant-at-Arins: Bowling Club. VER DA MARIE COFFMANfCo1lcgc Spanish Club, President.: G. A. A., Point Kccpcr: Quill 8 Scroll, Vice-president: Student Council: Y- Teen. Serpzcant.-at.-Arms: Honor Society: Archery Club: Ilowlimz Club: Science Club: I". I'I. A.: Growl. Assistant Circulation Manager. Assistant Organiza- tions Editor, News Editor: Chemistry Lab Assistant' Spiz: Girl ol' the Month. ED COLLINS-General Benson High, Portland, Oregon: Bowling: Boxing: Track. PATRICIA IEAN CONWAY-College Band: District Honor Hand: Spiz: G. A. A. : Y-Teens: Tumblimr Team : F. H. A. : Girls State Representativo: Junior Classical League. Censor: Bowling Club. GORDON CORNILLES-Gcncral Soph-Frnsh Football: Varsity Football: Hi-Y: Ma- chinist. Club. CATHRYN COTTRELL-College Weiser High School: G. A. A.: Junior Classical League: Choi1'. KEITH COYNE-General MARIAN CROWTHERiCoIlcgc Junior Classical League: Spiz: F. H. A.: Y-Teens: Orchestra, Pianist, Secretary-Treasurer. ROBERT E. CR'OYfCoIlege Soph-Frosh Football: Varsity Football: Explorer Club: Student Counril: Student Rotarian. FRANCIS RAY CLISHMAN-College Quill Sz Scroll, Secretary: Blu-N: Sophomore Class President: Student Bndy Vice-president: Sophomore Basketball: Junior Varsity Basketball: Growl, Sports Editor, Regorter: Same, Reporter: Golf, Captain. VELMA DAVIS-General GENE DE MINCK-General Boxing. LAWRENCE GENE DETTON-General LaGrande Hiirh School : Varsity Football 3 Track: Golf: Boxing: Acappella Choir : Boys' Glee Club : Base- ball. BETTY C, DUBOIS-General Y-Teens: F. H. A.: Pep Band: Honor Band. BEN DVORAK+Gcncral F. F. A. RICHARD EASTLAND-General Rifle Club, President: Hi-Y. IOANNE MAE ECKERY-College Merit Board, Chairman: Y-Teens, Secretary: Juniox Classical Leauue, Treasurer: F. H. A.: G. A. A. Spiz. BARBARA IEAN EDWARDS-Conzmtrcial Band, Drum Majorette: Y-Teens: F. H. A. DENICE ELDER-College String Choir: Orchestra: Spanish Club: Honor S0- ciety. SHARON COLENE EDWOOD-General Boise High Svhool: Y-Teens. liIi'l"l'Y CERALDINE EMMERT' -General Spiz: G. A. A.: Y-'I'1-1-ns: I". H. A.: Ufficm- Monitor. ROBERT HALE ERICKSON--College N. I". I..: In-Imn-3 Junior Classical Ls-mruc: Howling.: Fluh. IIQAN IJADHR Cicnvral G. A. A.: YJI'r-1-ns: Clmir. ICLLISN RLITI-I PARIS Commercial Y-'l'n-mis. CARI. Ii. IfI'lliLIiR 'Civncral Sum-, Sports I-Idimr: Sopli-I"rnsh Foutlmll: Gulf: Ex- 1yIm'vi's Club: Quill Sz Svrull: Howling.: Club: Hi-Y' Vnrsily I"u0lbulI. RICHARD A. IJIIQLDS Ucncral I". C. V. High Svlluul: 'II!'RK'IC. ARNIH l"INKl5IiINIiR--Gcnvral N. N. l'. Armlomy: Vursity Basketball. IRENI3 IO ANNE FUIII- .... 41011.-,W Honor Sucim-ty. Svvrviary: Spiz: Y-'I'm-1-ns, Ilisturiun, Clam I.4-:idx-V: I". H. A.. I-Iistm'iau : 'l'lwspimxs: Spanish Club: Rifle- Cluli: Iiowlim: Club: G, A. A. GLORIA HAINES GABOURIR-Gcncral G. A. A. RICHARD GALLINGER-General Bc-nson I'oIy1.e1'lmic' High S1-howl: Soplimnoro Basket- lmll: Yvll Kimrz Varsity Track: Blu-N: 'lkevn Cun- Ieen I"r0sidvn1: Choir, Vi1'v-lrrvsimlcnlg Studs-nt Coun- cil. LUIS GARlVIENDIAfGcnv:ral Sc-nior Class I'i'0simI4-nl: Slmnish Club: Stumlunl Coun- vil. ROSS O. GATES' Gcncml Travk, Managor. LOIS GEPFORD-Conimcrcial Caldwc-ll High Svlmul: G. A. A.: Y-Tum-ns MARIORIE ROSE GOMER--Gvnvrul I". H. A.: Y-Ti-ons: Spanish Club. SHIRLEY IEILEEN GOMERY-'College I". H. A.: Y-Tom-ns: Spanish Club. DICK GROESBECK-General F. F. A. IOAN R. GROSS-General Choir. Librarian: Y-Teens: G. A. A.: Junior Classical league: Sextette: F. H. A. VERLA HABER-General Orclxest ra. GERALD HALLBERG-College Growl. Ilditor-in-Chief, News Editor, Assistant 01'- Lfanizations Fditor, Reporter, Assistant Exchange Edi- tor, Cirrulation Editor: Hi-Y Club, President: Science Club, Vice-president: Key Club, Senior Class Director: Honor Society, President: Quill Ez Scroll, President: Bowling Club: Junior Classical League. FRANK N. HAM-General Machinist. Club: F. F. A. GLENNA IEANENE HANKS-College G. A. A.: Y-Teens: Service Club: Junior Classical Leairue: F. H. A.: Choir. BETTY BECKWITH HANSEN-General F. H. A.: Spiz: G. A. A. GERALD HAR BAUGH-Ge neral Track: Blu-N: Explorers, Vice-president: Basketball: Key Club. CARON ANN HARLEY-College Junior Class Secretary: Student Body Secretary: Spiz, Serireant-at-Arms: Student. of the Month: Who's Who Committee: Y-Teens: F. H. A.: Office Monitor: Span- ish Club. BETTY IANE I-IARTGRAVE-College Laramie High School: N. F. L., President: Debate Club, Manager: Spiz: Thespians: Y-Teens: Spanish Club. KENNETH I-IARTLEY-General Kuna High School: Spanish Club: F. I". A. HELEN IO HAWORTH-College Van Nuys High School: Football Queen: D. A. R. Representative: Honor Society Presidcnt: Science Club, Secretary-Treasurer: Sage, Senior Class Editor: Senior Class Secretary: Y-Teens: Student Council: Spiz: Lettuce Bowl Attendant: Pepsi-Cola Test. JOAN HAYES-College G. A. A.: Y-Teen: Mixed Chorus: Junior Classic-al League: F. H. A. FRANK HENNIS-General Kuna High School: Machinist, Club. ANDY HENRY-college Track. DOROTHY LORENIE HIERGERT -Collvgc h. A. A.: .Iunmr Klussu-nl l.1'1lLElll'1 Mugmx-ltr-. DON lloflfllf Cfcnvral MllI'llIllISl'S 1'lub. VliRN HOOKER Gcncral C1llARLliS li. HOPPINS Gcm-ral linxlmzg l'.xplm'1-rs 4 lub: hx-u-lu-v Klub: U. S. M. 1 ROLAND V. HOPPINS Collvgc Allvhn lilm 'l'uu, Vim--lnl'1-sill:-lit. l'.lARClARli'I' HROZA flfollcgv IN-lmlv Club: N. l". l..g Spiz: llnnor Sorlr-ly: Y-Tvcn' Spanish Fluh: ll. A. A.: I". ll. A.: Uffic-v Monitor. HMM Y ll UGHES College .luniur Varsity lluskvtbnll: 'I'l':u'k Mnmuu-rg Blu-N: 5-gmrllsll f'luh: l',xlrI'n'4-rs Fluh. CAROL CLAIR HUNTER-Collcgc Ulluir: Y-'Fm-on: Spanish Club: G. A. A.: Arvlufry l'luh, Svc-1'ol:u'y: liuwlim: Club: Ulu-mlslry Lab Assist- ant: 'I'umhliny,r Tmuu: Sum-, Tylxisl. GENE IHLI--V--Gcncrzzl BILLIE IUNE IENSEN-General Alpha Rho Tnu, ILE'll0l'l9I'Z I". H. A. MILDRED MARIE JOHN--Gcncral Y-Tm-ma: l". H. A. BEVERLY RUTH IOHNSONf-Collvgc Junior Classical l.m-umm: Yffovnsz G. A. A. BILL IOHNSON-Gcncral DE VERL IOHNSON-Gvncral District Honor llnml: llnnao liund: Pep Band: Con- cert. Bmul. CHUCK lONES+G0n0ral Varsity Ifontbnllz Blu-N: Tumblimr Team. Suluhmnon- lfluskutlvall: Soul:-l"x'osl1 Ffmllmll: Trnvk: KEITH IONES-General MIRIAM ELAINE KEIM-College Band. Honor Band: Afappella Choir, Seeretary-Treas- urcr: G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Spanish Club: Spiz: Y- Teen, Music Leader: Sextet. IOHN KINGHORN-General F. F. A.. Vice-president, Treasurer EUGENE P. KOHO-General Soph-Frosh Football: Soph-Frosh Baseball: Chorus. RITA M. KORN4General Y-Teens: F. H. A.: Chorus: Spanish Club. MARILYN ROSE ANN KOVANDA-College Choir: Y-Teens: G. A. A. Spiz: Junior Classical League: F. H. A. DOROTHY IEAN KREGAR-College Spanish Club: Spiz: Service Club: G. A. A.: First Semester Graduate: Nurse's Training. MYRTLE LOIS KREHBIEL-College Spanish Club: National Honor Society: Y-Teens: Al- pha Rho Tau, President. VIRGIL MERBERT KRIEGER-General General Beatle High School: F. A. A.: Radio Club. BARBARA IANE LADD-College Spiz: G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Archery: Y-Teen. Pl'0jIl'3lll Chairman: Thespians, Secretary: N. F. L.. Treasur- er, Degree of Honor: Debate Club: Spanish Club. ILAMAE LARSON-Commercial Y-Teen, Treasurer. THELMA ELOUISE LARSON-Commercial Arcadia High School : Y-Teens. EDWARD LAUGI-lLINgGeneral College High School: Aeappella Choir: Boys' G14-e Club: District Honor Choir. MARY LOU LESSINGER-College Spiz: Tennis Team: Gruwl: Quill 8: Scroll: Juniol Classical League: Tennis Club: G. A. A.: Y-Tse-ns Band: Pep Band. HENRIETTA LEUSMAN-General Caldwell High School. DON P. LINDSEY-A Coll:-gc Mnvhinist Club: Solili-l"rosh l"o1tlmIl: lit-baite Club. lll'iN'l'ON LONG' Civrlcral l". l". A.: lfirsl l'lm-t- Naliouzil Jutlklllg' Contest. BOB LOVVNSDALE--Gvncral Hoist- Hiyrh School: 'I'rm'k. DONALD 1. LUDWICK-c.,11Q,,C lhuwin llym.: High, Montreal: Svivnce Club. Vice-p1'csi- dt-nl.: S4-nim' Air Sf'0lllS2 Honor Soviety: Chemistry hub Assistant. GLEN HOWARD LYDA' Cfollcgc Kuna High School. DOROTHY MAIN'-Gcncrul Visuliu. l'ulil'orni:1.. llc-nd Oreproug l". H. A. HARRll'1'l' FD. MARRf Comrrivrciai Junior Vlitssimil I,v:igm'. WANDO MAUPIN-4--Gvncml Soplu-l"i'm-:li lfootlmll: Sophomore llaske-tball: Blu-N Club: Vnrsily Football, Co-captain: Mavhinist Club. l'i'n-Rich-nt: Stud:-ut Council: Nix Six Confc-renvc Tack- h-: Varsity lluske-Ihnll: "Most Vnlunblc l.inenmn:" Stud:-ul Rolzlriaui. IACK R. MQCARTHY-c:o11fg0 Spanish Club: Mnchinistfs Club: Track: Rifle Club. CHARLES MCCLASKY-Gcncral Melba High School: 4-H Winner. VVARR EN H. McCONNELLfCollcge Junior Classic-al League, Consul: Hi-Y: Choir: Boys Glee- Club: Thcspinns. Vive-president. M ARY MARGARET MCCURLEY-College Choir : Tennis Club: Junior Classical Lvznzue: Y-Teens. PATRICIA M. MCFARLAND-fColIcge Vancouver High School: Yell Queen: Spiz: Honor So- L-ir-ty: Spanish Club: Student Count-il: G. A. A.: Y- Teens. WALTER M. MCGINNIS-Collcgc Roosevelt High School, Portlamtlg Hi-Y, Sec-ret:u'y Bowling Club: Sen Scouts. MARGARET MAE MEGO-General ' F. H. A.: Y-Teens: Bowling Club: Alpha Rho Tau Choir. MIKE MILLER-College Soph-Frosh Football: Sophomore Class President: Hi- Y Club, Vice-president: Key Club: Track: Junior Classical League. KATHRYN L. MILLS-General G. A. A.: Y-Teens: F. H. A.: Choir: Alpha Rho Tau, President. MARIORIE ANN MOAD-College Y-Teens: G. A. A., Vice-president: Band: F. H. A.: Junior Classical League: Student Coach at Roosevelt. BETTY ANN MOORE-General G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Y-Teens. BILL MOORE-General Varsity Football, C0-captain : Varsity Basketball: Varsity Baseball: Student Council: Blu-N: Big Six Conference Halfback: "Most Valuable Backmanf' LYLE MOORE-General Caldwell High School: Junior Varsity Basketball, Manager. SHIRLEY MAE MOTT-College Junior Classical League: Y-Teens: Spiz: Band: Sage, Typist. DALE MURPHYgColIege Service Club: Honor Society: Key Club, Secretary: Junior Classical League. DOYLE W. NELSON-College F. F. A., Reporter, District President: Debate Club, President: Hi-Y: Pep Band: Band: Spanish Club: N. F. L.: District F. F. A. Speaking Champion: State Judging Contest Winner. TENNA NELSON-College North Cac-l'e High School: Logan Senior High School: G. A. A.: Spanish Club: Y-Teens: Band, Secretary: Student Council. JACK D. NEWBY-General Blu-N Club: Football Ma.na5,:e1': Band: Sophomore Basketball Manager. LAVONNE CECILE NEWMAN--General F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Y-Teens. WILLIAM H. NOBLE-General Track. ROBERT NOEL-General Machinist Club. RONALD NORTON-General DOROTHY MAE NYLANDER-WGA-ncral tl. A. A.: I". H. A. HOMliR OBERST-V -Gcncral Scic-lu-0 Club, I'rt-sid:-nt. 1. C. O'BRIliN Gcnvml Mau-hinist. t'lub. RIISSHLL OSTYN -Gcnrral Sopb-I"roslt I"ootball. D. IICROME OVHRIVIAN Cic-ncral I-'. l". A., Rf-portvr. FRANK li. PARK Collcgv Varsity I"ootlmll: Sotrli-I"t'osb Footbaxll: Varsity Ilaso- lmll, Mniunror: lllu-N: Varsity Tc-nnis: Explort-rs Vlub: Studi-nt Body Virv-1u'osiclL-nt: Studs-nt Rotarian. liVliRliTT RAY PATTERSON Collcgc 'I'rnr'k: Varsity Footlrall: Ili-Y: Explort-rs Club: Kuy t'lul1: N. I". L.: Ilobzilc-. DAIZICL Pl'1NDLIiTON--College lfDNA IANH PIETERSON---Collcgc Still: 'l'lu-spians, 'IIl'0llSIIl'I'I'i G. A. A.: Arrltvry, Man- :urm-r: I". II. A.: Y-Tu-ns: Spanish Club. RUTH E, PETERSONfColIcgc F. H. A.: Y-Teens: Junior Classical IA-npruc. IERRY PHILLIPS-Gcnvral Albany High Sclmol: Blu-N: Hi-Y, Svcrotziryg Stu- dent Council: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Track: Junior Varsity Basketball. LOUIS R. PIPER-Gcnvral IOHN CLINTON PLINE-Gcncral Hi-Y: Science Club: Key Club: Iland: Ilanvv Band: Growl. Re-portvr, Ad Mannyzvr, Sports Editor: Bowl- ing Club: Honor Band: P011 lland: Physirs Ilab As- sistunt. ROSE l3OVVERSfCoIfc'gc Spiz: G. A. A., President, Sern-tm'y: Srit-nc-0 Club, President: Quill 8: St-roll: Thvspians, Custodian: N. F. L.: Growl, Circulations Editor. Exvhamzo, Girls' Saorts, Feature Ifditorz Student of the Month: Stu- tlont Counril: I". H. A.: Y-T1-ens, Sc-l'p.!ennt-nt-Arxns: Loral Amcriran Ik-Jzion Winner: Junior Classical Lvayzuo. Consul. WILLIAM IOE PRACHYL ffGcncraI HELEN PRATERfGeneral G. A. A., Sergeant-at-Arms: Y-Teens: F. H. A.: Choil'. MARY IEAN PRICE-College Sophomore Class Secretary: Band: Lettuce Bowl Queen: Spiz: G. A. A., Council: Y-Teens, Cabinet: Junior Classical League: Bowling Club. IOANNE RAUZON-College Spiz: Honor Society: F. H. A.. Cabinet: Y-Teens. Cabinet: Service Club: Junior Classical Leaxrue: G. A. A.: Assistant Librarian: Choir, Librarian: Bowl- ing' Club. DONALD IAMES REED-College Student Council: Junior Class Vice-president: Who's Who Committee: Student of the Month: Key Club, President: Track: Student Rotarian: Sane, Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager: Service Club. Sergeant-at-Arms: Explorers: Blu-N: Hi-Y: Quill 81 Scroll: Spanish Club. B I LL ROB ERTSONSGC neral District Honor Band : Pep Band, Vice-president: Dance Band: Concert Band: Orchestra: Track: Hi-Y: Spanish Club. DORIS IEAN ROMPH-Gcncral Y-Teen: F. H. A.: Choir. SIDNEY ROOT-College Yell King: Student Council: Spanish Club: Intra- mural Basketbsill: Blu-N. MARY ANN ROSKELLEY-General First Semester Graduate: B. Y. U.: G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Science Club: Spiz: Y-Teen. JOHN RUDOLPH, 1R.sGCnefaz Varsity Football: Soph-Frosh Football: Blu-N, Ser- geant-at-Arms: Machinist Club, Serszcanl-at-Arms. VIRGINIA LEE RUNDLEfGcneral North Platte Hiszh School: Y-Teen: F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Choir: Office Monitor. UNALEE FAYE RUSSELL-College Acappella Choir: Y-Teens: Spanish Club: G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Tumbling Team. WARREN RUSSELLgGcncraI Key Club, Presidrni. :ACK D. SAULLS-Collcgc Pep Band: Dance Band: Concert Band: Spanish Club: Radio Club: Hi-Y: Bowling: Club. MARILYN IOAN SCI-IARFEN-Commercial G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Y-Teen: Concert Band: Pep Band. Secretary. DONNABEL SCHEY-Gcncral Kuna High School: Choir: G.A.A.: Y-Teens: l".H.A. MARLENE DOLORES SCHMIDT-College Colunihiu High Sr-hool: Honor Society, Vive-president: Spiz: Sludi-nl. Counril: Aenppella Choir: Spanish Clulm: Y-Teens: G. A. A.: District Honor Choir: F. ll, A. I. DON SCHMIER-General Sophomore lima-hall: Science Club: Radio Club. LOIS MAE SCHWALBE-General G. A. A., l're-sinh-nl.: I". H. A.: Spiz: Tennis Team: Y-Teen: Rifle Club. LAVHRA SCOTT -General Nolus Hipzh Sehool. BESSIE COLLEEN SHANNON--College Cnlilwell High School: G. A. A.: Spanish Club: Y- T:-:-ns: I". H. A. IHRRY DAN SHAVER' 'College l". l". A., llllklkvlhllll. LILA lVlAlf SHllVlANEKfGcncral I". ll. A., Hisl Winn: Y-Te ns: Chorus. HILL SHlRLliY -General LLOYD N. SIMMONS-General IOHN D. SIMPSON-College F. I". A., President: Spanish Club: Explorers Club Hi-Y: F. F. A., District. Vice-president. MARY LEE SINGLETON-Commercial G. A. A.: I". H. A.: Tumbling Team. JOAN SKORDAHL-College Spiz: Spanish Club, vi"e-president.: G. A. A.: Tennis Sage Slalf, Musif' Vditor. Assislanl. Musie Editor Avuppellu Choir: Girls' Trio: Musieiun ol' the Month MELVIN R. SMITH-General Weber County High, Oxrden. Utah. I IORMAN SOWER-College Hollywood High School: Pen Band: lianee Band Junior Classical Leauzue: Sage: Chemistry Lab Assist ant: Science Club: Band, Vice-president, President GRACE ELVIRA STANFORD-College Junior Classical Lezuzueg Acappellu Choir: Y-Teens F. H. A. ! l DAISY STEWART-General Y-Teen: G. A. A.: Chorus President: Alpha Rho Tau, Secretary-Treasurer: Sage Queen of Hearts. NORMAN STRUTI-IERS-General F. F. A. ANNE M. SVEHLAK-Commercial Growl, Copy Desk Editor, Assistant Copy Desk Editor, Exchange Editor, Reporter: Honor Society, Secreta1'y: Quill 8: Scroll: Spiz: Y-Teen Cabinet: F. H. A.: Of- fice Monitor: Mixed Choir. SHIRLEY FRANCIS SWINDLE-College Growl, Girls' Sports Editor: Spiz: Spanish Club, Sec- retary-Treasurer: F. H. A.: Y-Teens, Secretary, Vice- president, Clan Leader. SHIRLEY FAYE TAYLOR-General Student Council: G. A. A., Vice-president: Y-Teens: F. H. A.. Historian: Spiz: Tennis Team: Choir: Bowling Club. BARBARA LEE TERRY-College Honor Society: Y-Teens, President, Vice-president: F. H. A.: Spiz: Junior Classical League: Orchestra, As- sistant Librarian, Librarian: Debate Club. DONNA MAE THOMAS-College Spiz: Sage, Organization Editor: Junior Classical League, Censor: F. H. A.: Y-Teens. ELMER ROBERT THOMAS-General Band: Choir: Boys' Quartet: Pep Band Director: Dance Band: Honor Band: Football. FRANK DUANE TIDWELL-College N. F. L.: Debate Club: Varsity Football: Track: Band: Pep Band: Choir: Junior Classical Leairue: Bowling Club: Quartet.: Science Club: District Honor Choir: Boys' Glee Club. BETTY IEAN TIEGS-College Growl, Copy Desk, Girls' Sports, Office Secretary: G. A. A.. Sergeant-at-Arms: Y-Teen, Cabinet, Clan Leader: Rifle Club, Secretary: F. H. A.: Junior Classical League, Consul: Science Club: Spanish Club: Bowling Club: Quill KL Sc1'oll: Honor Society, Treas- urer: Spiz: Physics Lab Assistant: Service Club. GERALDINE TOVEY-College Sage Staff, Assistant Music Editor, Assistant Editor, Editor-in-Chief: Honor Society: Service Club, Vice- president: Quill 8: Scroll, President: Spiz: G. A. A.: Y-Teens: Spanish Club: District Honor Choir: Acap- pella Choir: Girls' Sextet: Student of the Month: F. H. A.: Student Council: Pepsi-Cola Test: Girls' Trio. SHELLEY D. TRIMBLEfGencral Debate Club, Secretary: Key Club: Track. IOE TYCZ-General Service Club, President: Student Council: Explorers Club: Rifle Club: Track. RUBY HAZEL ULMER-General F. H. A.: Chorus. IOE F. VAN EPPS-College Machinist Club: Rifle Club: Spanish Club. ELANTA HELEN WAGNER- Collc-gc Quill 81 St-roll, S1-1-rs-tm'y: Ilonor Society: Srivllvt- t'Iuln. S4-f-re-t:try-'l'l'vnsul1-1': S4-rvirv Club: G. A. A.: Y-'I't-1-ns: Slviz: Rifle- Club: I". H, A.: Chorus: Growl, Rm-luwtc-l', f'lI't'tll1llItlll Iflditor. Ad Manayr0t'. Assistant I'II'tll,lIl'1' Editor. l"vntur0 Editor, Assistant I'Idilui'. PATRICIA WARD- -cozzcgc G. A. A.: First Sc-rnestm-I' Gmuluatt-: I.:ttin Club: Nurst-'s 'l'r:tinin1:. MARIE WASHEURN-Ccmznrcrcial Idulio Fulls Iliprh Sr-bool: G. A. A.: Fhoir. BARBARA ANN VVEBSTER Colin-gc H. A. A.: Y-'I'1-ons: I". II. A.: Junior Classic-all l.1-mzur-. R. LEE VVERTENBERGER Collvgu IACK WHITE Gvncml Grin:-ll Iliull Svhool: Albin High Svliool: Ili-bats: Stu- tlt-nt t'ounr-il. WALLY WIGGS Gcrzcral 'l'rm'k. DICK VVILDE -Cfollvgc BEVERLY IANE WILSON-Collcgc I". II. A.: Y-Toon: Junior Classical Lcapruv: Clmir. NATE D. WILSON-College Junior Flassival Leairuc. C. V. WITTY-Gcnvral Mt-ridian High School: Baseball. ROSE MARIE WOOD-Collcgc Y-Tenn, TI'E8Slll'l'l', Clan IA-aclvr: Junior t7l:tssic'al I4-zxmle: National Honor Sovivty, Tl'0HSIll'i'l'I I". H. A. HELEN MARY WOODVINE--College Spiz, I'l'esiml4-nt: Cltfxir: Svxtct 2 Honor Society: Who's Who: G. A. A.: Y-Toons: I". H, A.: Football Qui-on Attendant: In-tt.u0v Bowl Quoon Attendant.: liistrivt Honor Choir: Junior Classical League: Student Coun- cil: Girls' Trio. BARBARA AURILLA VVOOSLEY- -Conmzcrcial Sludcnt, Council: Y-Toon, Clan Lemlurg Officv Muni- tor. ROBERT L. VVORSI-IAM---General Sopli-I"i'osh lfootlmll: Vm'sit,y Football: All Confvr- Varsity Footliall: Varsity Iiaskvthull: Varsity Busc- vlwt- First Team I-'ootb:tll: I'Ixplol'cr Club: I". I". A.. bull: Sopli-Frosli I"ooth:Lll: Sophomore Basketball:'y-'I'l't'usul'vi' : Illu-N. Blu-N. ELLIS WYATT, IR.-College VIVIAN MAY ZESIGER-Commercial Spanish Club: Sophomore Baseball. L, LEROY YATES-General Band. F. H. A.: Y-Teen. BOB L. ZIMMERMAN-College GLORIA YOST-General senior Class vice-president: Varsity Football Man- Spiz, Vice-president: Thespians, President, Honor Thespian: N. F. L., Secretary, Degree of Distinction: Debate Club, Sergeant.-at.-Arms, Vice-president: Growl, Assistant Business Manager. Ad Manager, Business Manager: G. A. A.: Y-Teen, Vice-president: Quill 8: Scroll, Secretary-Treasurer: Acappella Choir: Office Monibor: Student. Council: F. H. A.: Student of the Month. ager: Blu-N: Tennis Team: Hi-Y Student Rotarian. : Explorer Club : GOLDIE LYDA CLINE-College Spanish Club: Y-Teens. mm47Z4z79 PAT CAPENER-General Yakima High School: Highland High School. DELORIS COATES-General Spanish Club: F. H. A.: Y-Teens: Acappella Choir. IELINE COZAD-General Placer Union High School: Y-Teens. IACK EASTON-General Narbonne High School. W. R. "Swede" GODFREY-General Boxing. DON D. I-IANSEN-General Boise High School: Acappella Choir. LOIS MARIE HERRON-College Grandview High School. DAVID MARTIN HOLT-General Science Club: Key Club. IAMES S. JOHNSTON-General Grandview High School. LEO KORN-College St. Theresa Academy: F. F. A. BRUCE E. MARKUS-General F. F. A.. Secretary: Baseball and mural Basketball. HARRY MORRIS-General MARIEAN NEHRING-College F. H. A. DALE 'OLIVER-General Intramural Basketball. IAMES WEBB-General Caldwell High School. AUSTIN YOUNG-General Basketball : Intra anion? 2. 'W x. E fi' U e as- HELEN WOODVINE MARIAN CHRISTENSON Vulmlicloriun Salutalorian With her numerous activities Helen has still found The girls seem to be taking the spot light in the time to keep up a straight "1" average throughout brains department of N.H.S. with another fem high school and claims the rightful title of Vale- Marian, taking the Salutatorian honors dictorian. miofzgfmofa Pall Harold Antrim Loren Bliclcenstaff Carol Buck john Busby VcYonne Campbell Barbara Clements Verda Coffman -Io Ann Fujii Gerald Hallberg jo Haworth Carol Hunter Lois Krehbiel Don Ludwick Pat McFarland Dale Murphy Rose Powers jo Arm Rauzon Marlene Schmidt Ann Svehlak Barbara Terry Betty jean Tiegs Geraldine Tovey Rose Marie Wood Elanta Wagner Gloria Yost First row: Miss Tucker, Adviser: Maxine Cox, Secretary. Second row: Jack Cheney, President: Jack Thompson, Vice-president: Mrs. Wray, Adviser "Beat me daddy and eight to the bar, the '49' class is going far!" We speak of "hep', C1ltS, well, just call the juniors of N. H. S. the "pep" cats. At the Hrst Jive Session the Junior Jacks and Jills ran several eager beavers through the mill, with the John Henry's of Jack Cheney, Jack Thompson and Maxine Cox coming out on top. Guided by Mrs. Wray and Miss Tucker the oflicers and homeroom representatives pooled ideas and changed the class "money matter" from debit to credit by the sale of ice cream bars and :ids for programs at two of the basketball games. Giving out with pep, steam, and jive the Juniors took "all high" during "Pep Week" be- fore the annual Turkey Day brawl. The last three days of judgment included Red and Blue day, Bow-tie day, and the grandest day of all when the guys and gals really showed their chivalry. Courtesy day. At the end of the pep week the more talented males of the class put on a skit entitled the "Charge of the Light Brigadef, The charge was made by a brigade of tricyclers dressed in foot- ball uniforms! The class also walked off with first prize for having the biggest red sweater section at the basketball games. To put a finishing touch on their well rounded out year, the groovin' middleclassmen gave the Junior-Senior Prom, with Carolyn Flory as head of the "shindig.,' With art and energy they carried out the theme of "Deep Purple" transforming the gym into the beautiful setting of sl garden at evenfall. Their thinking boxes still churning around the thoughts of their many accomplishments, the juniors journey on, looking forward to next year when theyill be the "big-guns" around these good ole' portals of N. H. S. gf 4 1 'x 'M 'N- f- ,fl 95- fig 1 N EY First row: llnynl Alwbml, Alln-rl Abe, lloris Aprenhroaml, Alberta Amos, Viviun Ammo, Gwen Aro, Nola Aulbach. Sm-roml row: Ilivk link:-r, l'L-Lv liurrus, Loring Beals, Beth Becluer, Gurdon liocktold, 1,1-0n:u'd B4-r'kv:u', Bill Belknap. Third lnw: 1'lu:lrlnllo lllm-kwc-ll, Inuisc Blovher, Doris June Boal, Loraine Boehlke, Wnnonn Bnhac, Wallace Bower, Lois Bowles. W 'U-4""'A"7'1 ..,.:.:, . ' wg., Q9 1- aw- ..-.L X 2 - N K fa 5' A Q x X . i " gf 1 kkd ' -:-A: 4 l 1 . 3 'K 5 '.., ..' ll .A .X 1 if l .. H ., , First ruw: llul, llrnssth-lal, Wilma liroshcnrs. Leroy Brown. Roma Jean Brown. Roy Brown. Don Bryant, Lorena Bullen. Sn-mmml row: VVuym- linrri. Rim-lmrml Caldnn, Iolu Caldwell. Lyle Campbvll, Jeannine Cane, Jean Cannady, Doris Colner. Third row: Half- i'zu'p1-nler, Imu Carpenter, Rubeine Case, Jark Cather, Johnny Chase, Jack Cheney, Josephine Clem. .ii mx ww' if mf Q 'nf i . 13 ..,,, - Ifirst row: Carolyn Clemons. Glenna Cline, Joe Couch, Maxine Cox. Barbara Crooks. Bob Crowther, Irene Crump. Peeond row: Charlotte Cylrhers, Jeanette Davis, Roger Davidson, Norma Day, Joan DeCoursey, Iboii IJoVrios, Monte Dewey Fhlrd row: Helen Doane, Donna Dodd, Richard Dudiieon, Pat Duffy, Jim Dunn. Morris Dyas, Paul Eiler. fn., wt , Eh:-V ', . .... , l "Ei Z .... .... . , .,.. . . , muy? x W R 9 I rim, New ,,...,. ' , xx' 2 ,X l bl gf gi , f ,K ,, , M A 9 e 0 5 ,,,, ,A H Q. -w .,.,. - ' N I 9 .UQ A SE ,AN J Q M ..1,: ,. X z 4 il , First row: Donna Engelhardt. Marvin Engelhardt, Helen Erickson, Radeane Ernest, Ronald Farris, Carrol Fiedler. Elva Fiet Second row: Laura Fillmore, Carolyn Flory, Alvin Fortin, Doroli y Fowler, Paul Fritzler, Luella Funk, Foye Gentry. Third row: Shirley Gillmore, Dick Gowen, I1'ene Grove, Dorothy Gunther, Dot Hampson, Josephine Hannon, Phyllis Hanks. -uf. Wiz. 6 4 P56 N' if-fs .. , A -EEE ::- in "Zig A , . Q I X A, ,. F ' Q 2 5 25 I is if Q i bw . ts W , P - xv A '- ..,.-:: W t f I Mt L , bf l .,,,, X I Wg -l-' fi . 1 V "A' "W ' L 3' in M M if Q.. t 'ty ' is t- 3 ig w f -1- 4 X, ,X , f 1 J W 'g if 5 K .A:v :J 1 ' xx V :X K First row: llnrlmru llnyrs, .Inyrv llc-nnv, Tenn llennessey, Mzu'garvt Ht-nnis, Willis Ht-nricksnn, llurothy llenshuw, ltzwbara Hvss. SPGIIIHI row: .lim llilty, 'l'lu-Ima llugan, Margie Holmes, Dean Halt. Marjury Hunstrzxtl. Gs'u1'gc':u1 llruskra, Ernest llunsukur. 'l'hircl row: .In-rry Hunts-r, Mary liun Juvnlwsmi, Joanne Jenkins, Nurnmn Jvwvll. Betty Johnston, llutl .lcn1vs, Don Jones. all 4? L , 40 . Q 1 Wt V ' -. ' xi . 1 1 Q bf , , .x-l- F Yi- X 3 -X 'I' wr 'V V. i S is YZ. :TL f I- X v Nix V, ":: I ' 1 3? K ' ' 5n- Qy. 'K' if First row: Eva-lyn .hmm-ri, Maris- Juni-s. Suv Jones, Vivian Jon:-r-1. JOHIIUIIQ' Knuvtllvr, Hula Krups, lk-l'1mtlil1o lntrsun. Sm-rmul ruw: Mary Lutrlis, Ulyilt- LlINVl'l'0llf'0. Aldvn IA-nz, Mary I.iltlt-, Rita Luosli. Roberta Lytlst. Anita Mnsun. lhird Urwl:IJIiun Mzwtlillivruy, Richard Marshall, Eleanor McCandless, Margaret McClung, Wesley Mcllormun, Earl McGrew er cGrew. First row: Jerene Mr-Kee, Margaret McReynolds, Donna Mewhinney, Darlene Miller, Jack Moore, Max Moore-house. Second run: Ann Morgan, Dennis Mullins, Kless Murray, Carol Myers. Edward Newman, Barbara Nal'ziy,rer, Charles Orc-uit. Third row: Sharon Ord. Howard Packard, Jackie Palmer, Anna May Park, Joan Park, Joanne Partridge, LaVon Payne. Z First row: Ida Pelren, Dick Perry, Jim Pline. Jim Pollock, Clem Prachyl, George Prachyl, Charles Prohaska. Second row: Evelyn Randall, Fred Rapp, Joy Richards, Arthur Riizenhauen, Virginia Rose, Ella Shimanek, Joan Six. Third row: Lois Skuyrprsherg, Melva Spillman, Louis Spink, Joanne Starn, Stanley Stevens, Bob Stivers, Frank Stone. ,ai ak li.. First row: Mary Stroud. Mary Stuart, Elsie Sutton, Arlin Squires. .luck Thnmyson. Phyllis Thon. Eleanor Thornton. Second row: Norman Tiller, Sharlene Tohler, Donna Trimble. Bernice Turner. Geneva. Urwin. Pal, Van do Grill, Gerald Voigt Third row: Eluine Wagner. Fred Walmsley, Bobby Lou Ward, Ralph W rd, Donna Warren, Put While, Verla Willycrd. , .,.,.W.., . F ' gl Qffxl X. Flrnt row: Byron Wilson, Clydvnne Wilson, Anthon Winther, Monica Witmer, Helen Jean Witzel. Norman Wuhlmimuth, Kenneth W1 llv. Second row: Phyllis Wolfe, Cly Wri h Alice ant, Bernard York. S Qf' ' ' 9 K 3 ii? Y Miss Hagelin, Adviser: Happy Lyda, President: Alice Abe. Secretary Bob Luekenga, Vice-president: Mr. Bittleston, Adviser. After a stretch of waltzes and two-steps, the Sophomores finally got hep to the beat. Right on the downbeat they chose Happy Lyda, president, Bob Luekenga, vice-president, and Alice Abe, secretary. With this nimble-footed trio to guide them, and advisers Miss Evelyn Hagelin, and Elmer Bittleston, it was only a matter of time and practice 'till they mastered the steps. Designating the cardinal as bird of their choice, the lily of the valley as honored flower, and the colors blue and silver as easiest on the eyesg they completed preparations for their three-year voyage with the motto "Tonight we launch, where shall we anchor?,' Evidently they weren't yet ready to anchor, for both the football and basketball teams sailed easily over nearly all opponents to win eight out of nine in football and cop the basketball champion- ship. Here the rest of the class get an orchid. Spectacularly led by the lively foursome Jeanette Tovey, Jeanette Bice, Stan Sower, and Val Todd, they showed the upperclassmen that what Sophs lacked in higher education they made up for in pep and school spirit. , 'R 11 ' - --fwgwnv 'fr 2 I L' H :'A' 'E ',': . " 6 1 3' 1 l QQ X l Q 4 kmil fm E s q First row: Alix-1' Alu-, llarrn-ll Aalauns, Ulnrk Allen. Rivhm'1l All'n. llunnn Ashby, .lim ll1il'l'llS, Sterling: Hell. '21-4-nnil row: .lm-nnm-llv Him-, lk-My llirl, Juyve lilivkenrilaff, Wayne lilifkollslnff, Carol llluclwr, Juno lilrnnrh, l'hircI rnw: Doris Huvvlvs, Juanlln lluwnv, Flyllv llrxullJul'n. Juan lirnmll, li0lM'l'l1l lil'anknvi1'l1, Lnvon lirznssvy, HY' I . "A" ' ' w sl .SC as lflarnlsl lluolmlkv. Ric'l1:u'nl liriglml. .3 NJ X First row: IM-on llriunhnll. George Brooks, Harold Brown, Betty Burke-y, Jeanne Burlile Evelyn Burma-xn, Bob Burns. Sn-rulul row: Shirley Cain. LaVc-rnv Curvy, .Ivan Cary, Curl Ceclvl'stron1. Muurinc Uhadwick, Arla-ne Clark, Donald Clark, Third ruw: Darrell Cook. Don Corn, Jerry Cornilles, Ruthie Cootner, Betty Jane Couch, Viola Mae Coyle, Joan Crane. - V ..... Y fy ,r YQ: ,' E W! QQI ,El f txx I D l IIQI: ZEE? i X E :EE A 5 fi'fTf'.-G' af' li' is fi all First row: Glcnclal Davis, Jerry Day, Kent Dewey, Joyce Divel Biss, Harold Dodd, George Dossett, Ila Douly. Second row: Roy Draper, Ruthie Duffin, Wanda Dunn, Wilmina Edwards, Arlene Elliott, Lynn Elwood, Marie Engelhurdt. Third row: Wayne Eshelman, Hob Evans, Eugene Fields, Delbert Finch, Darlene Fnrtin, Delores Foster, Edward Foust. , Aw, X 5 QA X First row: Darlene Francke, Louise Frank, Richard Garrison, Keith Gates, LaReve Gifford, Leota Gilbert, Arnelda Gillmore. Second row: Mary Jean Godfrey, Lenta Gomer, Bill Grant, Jack Grant, Alene Grass, Wanda Gray, Oscar Gregory. Third row: Beth Grove, Donna Gunther, JoAnn Hall, Leo Hall, Marjorie Halladay, Teddy Hallberg, Charles Halliday. waxy W k Q X V Q Q. . . . ff .F ' I f 1 . N' la '1 U ,, H E S 6 Rf E X6 Q Goes Xmkb Firnl row: llnl'l:m':1 llaun, .Isuzu-s Hzuniltnn, lin-My Hanson, Hail Hari or, Anna Harrell, Mnrlone Harris, Virginia Harris. Ss-fund mw: lk-vc-rly llmnrv. Sxinimy Hawurih, Jean Hill. Colle-n Hillivr, Mairlvno Houl, llurla Jn Hll!L'llllliiil'l', Jim Hollenbcvk. Third row: N4-nl llull:-nbovk, To-rrill Horlnn, Frvd Hukill, llalc Huss, Palrir-in Ihli. Anna Inrc, Ruthie Ivey. ff ..,.. gn gg: Nl N85 S' X 4 N is an x 5 if k 4 .aa . A r K, -3 V' .4 i x R ix Q r, ag X L S 1 QT. T li g I... .. . ' ff 3 X X '-5 0: L l '7 4 , . 1 . f 4 x M -L-' l W r S' iiii M '--1-: 1 Q First row: Shirley .lvse-wil, Gary Johnson. Keith Johnson, Glnrin Jnhnslon. Dale Jones, Joyvc Jones, Danna Jordan. Sernnd rnw: G1-nrfzn Kc-ini, llirk King, Norman Kinney, Arlene Kistlor, Virginia Klas, Dale Knoeldlvr. Dorothy Korn. Third row: Darin-no Kuglvr, Bill Lawrencr-, Ella Rae Liechty. May Linhart, Harry Little, Bob Luekenrza, Happy Lyda. Q- in All 6 -1,A,.,:f zzgiii EEE 1f"fv .1112:2- 5 h QQ' A x. . M 7 A -'-:.,, , - :::: 3 B kigrb. .AA.. .,., Q Q : .,., ,."' 5 -',:: , is 5 NA '--- - W li. we-i w 1 4' ,. EX if Q will ,, .... . . , ..A,,::. 3 lf. . X, First row: Jenny Lytle, Bill Main, Norman Marchbanks, Lloyd Markus, Bob Marr, Eloise Marshall, Don Mathews. Second row: Frances Mathisen, Luella Matbox, Joe May, Wayne McFarland, Verla McGrew, Neil McKay, Pat Mr-Knight. Third Row: Bonnie McMahan, Cleo Meeker, Don Middleton, Peggy Lou Middleton, Evelene Miller, Joan Mitchell, Ethel Mittel stedt. First row: Robert Miyake, Verla Moore, Wilma Myers, Mitts Naito. Fred Nichol, Ralph Nichol, Corlene Noble. Second row: Velma Norton, Dona Jean Ormsby, Ada. Overstreet, Paul Parker, Barbara Patterson, Loise Pechanee, Bill Perkins. Third row: Bob Peterson, Irma Pierson, Joan Pinther, Walter Potter, Barbara Price, Bob Quinly, Helen Ramsey. . - .,,. A53 mf '45 9 T:- 5A gg: Q' ,' fi 'Qi I -F 'Nr ' sr ' : N 5,1 us""9g an X S wig A i,,:7f... rr .,-. - ,L X .rm rw... is :z-:-wr.. Y :sm is .wig-5. , f Q,-ws, X: - i ii Q 'Y P -'1 sf' if Q- , - .Q X , First row: l'1-mzy liuwlins. limmnm Rm-im-kr. Palsy lim-inimzvr, Grin- lcl"llHl'tlS'H1, Ron liirhawmlson, Lavun Roark, Imam- Rnhrrls. Sc-cond row: Huh Rmhu-ll, IM-an Rnll, Num-y Rout, lfrnnros Ross, Maririr Rudrlirl-c, Dirk Rumpol, Jim Sanchez. Third rnw: lh-tty liuy Sr-lmrfrn, llirk S1-hlmvin, l"ram'cs Scliulor, Charles Sc-Lllarek. Louic Slmlturk. Clirstrr Shrnkcl, l3zu'lml'u Sl1ul'llil'I'. i ' V., j .Nb , I ml XS .n L' . V Q L 6 -55' Q fr? "" gg, , .YM 1 ' U x A 5 Yin' 5 A 'Y' : ns A-,. -as 4, -ww 4,,.:' We-'ii -P1 , J ' lg' i A a . I, 1 - :L ,::: K1 W -2 . '- 3' If Qin-Rvw- First row: lir-tty Silva, Roh Simrr. Mark Smith, Dirk Snaplv, Runnin Suomi, VVilmn Sommer, Emma Rose Sparks. Su-cond row: Iluvc- Spa-m-or, Eldon Sgwnrer, lnisr Stownrt, Charlrno Stillwvll, Marlys Stinrmelz. Enid Strnng, Clair Stratton. Third row: Carol Shrauhhnr, Dirk Summers. Twila Summers, Rex Swindell, Luella Tartnr, Bully Taylor, Jan Taylor. r E 'YK' First row: Ralph Thomas, Barbara Thompson, Lavar Thornton, Larry Thueson, Wayne Tidwell, William Tlucek Jr., Val Todd. Second row: Donna Jean Torrey, Jeanette Tovey, Darlene Towery, Dolores Tycz, Lauana Van Sickle, Frankie Voigt, Johnny Wagers. Third ruw: Armond Waterman, Robin Weeks, Warren White, Barbara Wilber, Norma Lee Wiley, Delbert Wilkerson, Dean Wil- SDH. First row: Joan Wilson, Juanita Wine, Raymon Woolery, Albert Wright. John Zapp. LeRoy Wright. ,Q . XZ oi 91 , 'ff-sf! se as HEP - CATS! JIVE! Beat me daddy- Eight to the bar. Nampa Hi is going far! Swing me, sugar, With a boogie beat! That Bulldog Pack ls really neat! Reet? Reet! i ll Larry Bennett, fullback Dick Bader, quarterback Charles Jones, hzxlfback John Rudolph, left guard Johnnie Salove, right guard Buster Park, left guard Bennett makes a lang run! gf ! 'lfxlnla n V. W, : 5W,,i,f5 " z , M: v '-' . , Q ' l y, 9, T ' - , 4' 'L swag . vi 'W y , , ' 'iw f, 1 1 A V 1-V , r' f f H . 1, ' ' M-. .Y-my I .Q " ' fw, . ffm w wg, 'v' ,, Q V, fy ' , 4 22 r' YN' . V? 1 , V,,,4,,,gt 1 I mwifv 'N' , W, wwxivi, , g Q a ng -..-.. - -1 I --Q. naman N NNN N ' "" ff ' iii' 'irv J A. gf .J Xian ' . 'gg , 1 'we 'ff -. X ,,, f. ,4 C QM' R SNS X I Xxx 1 'P as h, X.-xii , .Q 1, ' Q 4 by 'K hifi 175' X' tai., My ' Xiu E-x....... wwf wi..-.Q , 3' Y V f G1 My 5 ,X gm M, 4 4' . . fx x Q' 3 ,ww M' 1 x me .W .Q 1 " 4 l X ixfafw Q iw-ig ' ,K :Swag X A is I -2 N A First row: B. Worsham. R. Pattfersan, P. Fritzler, C. Jones, R. Croy, L. Croy, N. Newby, B. Bark, J. Rudolph, J. Pollock. Second row: J. Moore. D. Mullins, J. Hilty, J. Cheney, A. Beaudreau, F. Foster, G. Richey. D. Peck, F. Vincent, H. Antrim. Third row: Coach Brown, D. Bader, J. Thompson, F. Hennis, F. Tidwell, W. Maupin co-captain, P. Duffy, J. Phillips, D. Wilde, B. Moore co-coptain, Coach Lewis. Coach I. A. "Babe" Brown's first season as head varsity coach brought glory to the portals of "Old N.H.S." Winning 7 out of 9 of their grid clashes the Canines had a very successful season. The Bulldog's bid for sole possession of the Big Six Conference Championship Crown was smashed Thanks- giving Day by virtue of an amazing upset at the hands of the Boise Braves. Babes grid men, therefore, shared the crown with the Poky Indians as co-champions. Nampa placed five players on the all-star conference eleven chosen by the coaches of Big Six teams. Dick Wilde, end: Bill Moore, halfback, Dick Bader, quarter back: Wando Maupin, tackle: Iohnny Salove, guard, were the lucky ones chosen. Larry Bennett, fullback, was given honorable mention. Iohnny Salove was elected by the team to pilot the Canine eleven for the '49 season. Bill Moore was elect- ed the most valuable back and Wando Maupin the most valuable lineman of the year. As head manager Bob "Zip" Zimmerman and his assistants Iack Wheeler, Bob Stivers, Lamont Hale, Gor- don Bort were always handy with extra shoe laces, tape and cleats. They were the men behind the team and should be given their share of credit for helping to produce our winning team, Important games of the season were: NAMPA vs. MISSOULA-A rugged and experienced team flew down from Missoula, Montana to hand the inexperienced Canines a crushing 46-O defeat. The Nampa Bulldogs were easy prey for the experienced Mon- tana gridders who were also known as the Bulldogs and were Montana's state high school football champions from the year before. NAMPA vs. ALBANY-Nampa emerged 7-6 victor over the Albany Bulldogs in the annual Lettuce Bowl game. The football field was in the worst condition it had ever been, with four inches of water on the lower end and only 35 yards of turf on the entire field. Nampa played excellent ball despite weather conditions. There were only three fumbles during the game-one for Nampa, and two for Albany. NAMPA vs. CALDWELL-Avenging the upset of a year ago the Bulldogs downed the Caldwell Cougars 25-7, in the annual Armistice Day gridiron tussle. This victory assured the Nampa gridmen a share of the Big Six championship. Dick Bader's 80-yard touchdown run late in the third quarter was the highlight of the afternoon. NAMPA vs. POCATELLO-The rampaging Bulldogs did the unexpected by thoroughly scalping the high- ly touted Pocatello Indians with a 33-I8 victory for the 'ADogs." The Indians were rated the best team in the state before tangling with "Babe's" vicious Bulldogs. Nampa's hard charging linemen were the main factor in bringing the victory to the Bulldogs. NAMPA vs. BOISE-Boise's victory over the Bulldogs was perhaps the most surprising upset in the Big Six Conference football play of '47, The game, held at Boise's public school field on Thanksgiving Day seemed to favor bad luck for the Bulldogs all the way through. When victory seemed almost at hand for the bulldogs a blocked kick by Boise smashed all hopes and Boise's touchdown near the end of the game cinched Nampa's de- feat. The final score was Nampa 7, Boise 12. P-94,0 First row: B. Illoore, W. Bli.kenstulf, L. Bennett, L. Bliekenstaff, IJ. Batlzr, A. Finkbeiner. Second row: B. Worsham, F. Foster. J. Phillips, Coach Brown, J. Baker, B. Jones, H. Miller. ' a Despite suffering several turns of had luck, Coach I. A. "Babe" BroWn's Nampa Bulldog basketeers pushed their way to a fine seasonal record of 22 wins out of 27 tilts, to include a district championship and runner-up spots in the Big Six Conference and Regional tourney. The Big Six Conference proved to be the "Corker" in this year's maple court activities as the Canines won 7 and lost 3 for second place honors. However two losses were of questionable decisions by officials and in the eyes of Nampa fans the Canines were still tops. During the District tourney at Weiser, the Bulldogs hit their peak as they coasted through three undefeated nights with apparent ease to take the crown. But this Hash of power proved final as the Canine five fell before the fast-breaking onslought of the Burley Bobcats in the regional at Boise. Another addition to Nampa basketball prestige were the conference and tourney team selections led by for- ward Loren Blickenstaff, Big Six and District first teams. PRE-CONFERENCE-A pre-conference game with the Caldwell Cougars gave the Bulldogs their first test of Big Six competition. George Blakley's Cougars jumped into an early 4-O lead and lead 6-5 at the quarter. From then on it was all Nampa's game, having once getting the lead in the second period the Canines held it to come out on the long end of a 28-20 score. The Bulldogs journeyed to the Cougar's den for a return practice game Where they found the going tough. Blakley's team was highly improved from the first encounter, but holding the lead for three periods wasn't quite enough as the Bulldogs came through in the final period for a 21-19 victory as the final buzzer sounded. BOISE-When the Boise Braves invaded Nampa for the Canines first conference game, "Babe" Browns Dog's opened up with both barrels. Running up a large lead the first half, 'ABabe's" reserves handled the Braves during most of the second half. Boise played a good game but couldn't quite overtake the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs traveled to the Brave's maple court for their second pow-wow. Art Smith's capitol city boys exploded in the Canine's faces. The lead changed cautiously in the first period. Then the Braves chalked up a 10-point lead by the half. Lead by Loren Blickenstaff, who made 12 points in the final half, the Bulldogs overcame a 10-point lead in the last eleven minutes of the game to scalp the Braves 38-31. CALDWELL-Conference play opened with the highly improved Caldwell Cougars in a hard fought con- test in the Caldwell gym. Neither team getting much of a lead and fighting hard to keep it With 50 seconds to l B lld l I pay u og guart, Sill Moore was fouled, His free to s was good and iced the game for the Canines for a il-30 victory. When the Caldwell Cougars journeyed to Nampa for the return engagement the downed th C ' .. y ' - e anines 32-31 in a disputed g'ime Ioren Blickenstaff Bulldo forward and a Cougar player grappled for the ball which recovered it and sank a long one from 30 feet out with ket and said it was a jump ball. Coach Brown pro- . . . . . , g rolled away from them. Larry Bennett. Nampa center, seven seconds remaining. The referee cancelled the ba tested to the State Athletic Cfnriinission but to no avail. TWIN I7AI,LS--Twin Falls had one of the weake an easy mark for the red-hot Bulldogs who downed the t teams in the conference this season. The Bruins were .1 37 to 32. "Babe" Brown let his first fiive run up a sub- stantial lcad the first half then his reserves tool: over anl handled the Bruins. Traveling to Twin Falls for their last conference ga Bruins. The Bulldog reserves played about three quarter. of the game for 40-31 victory. ie the Canines repeated with another victory over the IDAHO IJALLS---Traveling to Idaho Falls the Bulllogs were upset by the Idaho Falls Tigers. Although Iiick Bader, Nampa guard, sank a long shot which the r feree said was good the timekeeper said he rm the . . . , .. Q g buzzer before Bader shot. The final score was 34-33. "Babes" Bulldogs stopped the Idaho Falls Tigers cold when they came to Nampa for the return game. Play- ing smooth ball the Bulldogs rolled over the Tigers 34 to 30. POCATIQLLO---38-32 was the score board readings as the Poky Indians pounded out a victory over the traveling Bulldogs. Fighting hard all the way the "Dogs" just couldnt seem to click. Nampa's Bulldogs were out to avenge their earlier defeat when the Indians came for the return conference game. The Canines were never in better form. Scoring 40 points to the Indians 32,tthey played a tight, de- fensive game all the way. fighting hard for their victory. 4 'Al Bill Moore, guard Loren Blickenstaff, forward Larry Bennett, center Dick Bader, guard Wayne Blickenstatf, forward Arnie Finkbeiner, guard First row: B. Peterson, R. Nichols. B. Rodwell, G. Keim, B. Ewff, B. Luekenga, D. Huss. N. Kinney. B. Shannon, D. King, R. Swindell. Second row: B. Simers, G. Brooks, B. Burns, K. Ngwell, G. Hooiwes, G. Cornilles, IJ. Middleton, W. Tidwell, A. Thacker, K. Tidwell, D. Clark, H. Lyda, Mr. Nichols. Third row: D. Shelton, J. Jensen, D. Price, W. McFarland, A. Good, IJ. Wilke1'son, D. Spencer, F. Nichols, C. Bort. -wah? The Frosh-Soph football season has been one of the most successful in many years, thanks to the superior coaching of Iack "Nick" Nichols. In the nine games played the Bullpups suffered one defeat, that being to a strong Glenns Ferry varsity. The game was a hard fought battle with Nampa making the initial touchdown. But they ended up on the short end of a 13-7 score. Nick had a star-studded team with Bus Eofi packing the mail a great share of the time. Dick King was iii- strumental in converting the extra points. Total yardage from scrimage for the football season was 2402. Buss Eoff was high point man with 13 touchdowns to his credit. Dick King was also a high pointer with 14 points after touchdowns. The team scored a total of 240 points during the playing season, while their op- ponents scored 33. Bob Simer suffered a broken wrist and was unable to play the complete season. Freshmen who made the team were Carl Tidwell, Cliff Bort, Bill Shannon, Iunior Thacker, and Allen Gould. Scores for the nine games were: Nampa 6, Mountain Home Varsity Og Nampa 32, Emmett Ir. Varsity O: Nampa 52, Fairmont S. F. Og Nampa 33, Boise S. F. 6: Nampa 34, Middleton Varsity O: Nampa 24, Caldwell F. S. 14: Nampa 7, Glenns Ferry Varsity 23: Nampa 38, Fairmont F. S. O: Nampa 14, Boise F. S. 0. 2442 The Sophomore haskethall season was the most successful in many years, with 25 wins and one loss. The team lost to Caldwell after which they had 19 straight wins. For the season they scored 1021 points against their opponents' 624. Nampa copped the championship of the Sophomore Invitational Basketball Tournament at Central Audi- torium. The consolation prize went to Boise. Teams participating were Caldwell, Meridian, Payette, Emmett, Boise, Wilder, Parma and Nampa. At the tourney Nampa scored 155 points to 88 for their opponents, which were Parma, Wilder, and Cald- well. The scores of the three games were: Nampa 55, Parma 28: Nampa 56, Wilder 27: Nampa 44, Caldwell 33. High point man was Buster Eoif, capturing 210 points for a 9.55 seasonal average. Dale Huss gained 160 for a seasonal average of 7.57, and 116 points were scored by Gary Iohnson for a 5.41 season average. Members of the team were: Gary Iohnson, Buster Eoff, Dick King, Dale I-luss, Hap Lyda, Duane Roberts, Ted 1-lallberg, Iohnny Longwell, Bob Rodwell, Lynn Elwood, Rex Swindell, and Delbert Wilkerson. lack "Nick" Nichols coached the excellent cage squad which helped account for their numerous victories. First row: G. Johnson, D. Roberts, D. King, E. Eotf, D. Huss, H. Lyda. Second row: B. Shelton, mgr., T. Hi-illberg, B. Rodwell, J. Longwell, L. Elwood. R. Swindell, D. Wilkerson. I", Hennis, II. Shannon, H. Lyda, D. King, T. Hallberg, B. Moore, R. Swindell, B. Worsham. R. Thomas. C. Kelly. W. Blicken- stall, E. Lziuirhlin, G. Johnson. Center: Coach Nichols. Bud Lyda. 'gaaeddi The First night of spring training found 60 boys answering Coach lack Nichols' call to "play ball." Possi- bilities of a state championship team are excellent as there were eight returning lettermen. Last year the Nichols'- coached men took third in the state baseball tournament: they won 11 out of 16 games scheduled. Prospects for a future team were bright with 15 freshmen out the first night. Don Shelton was manager of the 15-man traveling squad The District baseball tournament was held in Wilder May 11, 12, 13, 14. One week later the Regional was held in Twin Falls, The State Tournament was the 26, 27, 28 of May at Lewiston. The Hrst practice sessions were held on the football field while the baseball field was being repaired. The following is a schedule of the '48 season: April 13--Fairmont-here. March 23-Payette-there. April 16--Parma-there. March 30-Emmett-there. April 20-Meridian-there. April 2+Boise-there. April 23--Caldwell-here. April 6-Caldwellgthere. April 27--Parma-here. April 9-Meridian-here. April 30-Boise-there. Gary Johnson. Pitcher Dick Kina, Second Base Rex Swindell, Center Field I , 4 .1 ' Man.. .pt . is First row. Il. liriyrht, unter., L. Elwood. F. Foster, G. Beetold, G. Hill, J. Cronin. G. Smith, D. Manhalter, Brandt, K. Johnson, M. lluss, G. lk-tton. R. Mrfilumz. R, Culdon. Second row: C. Tidwell, N. Kinney, A. Waterhouse, ll. Perry, G. Richey. B. Marr. K. Newt-II, J. Hilty. J. Cheney, ll. Mullins, R. Ewing, E. Collins, B. Burns, J. Pline, J. Wxprers, W. Esl-lenmn, H. Hughes. 'l'liirtl row: ll. lludal, M. Hulimz, A. Thu.c'ker, R. Hammond, J. l'line. N. Struthers, R. Trask, ll. Moulton, C. Jones. J. Pollm-k, li, Evans. C. llallitlny, J. Sanchez, C. Iirzulburn, L. Hruska. Fourth row: D. Reed, W. MeI+'arlzmd, H. I'ackat'd. J. Tidwell, L. lllivkt-nataif. ll. Plotl, P. llutfy, D. Price, B. Bruner. A. Finkheiner, J. Zapp, J. Dunn. Il. Huss, J. Cather. F. Stone. The opening night of track found 78 boys out. which were 18 more than last year's record-breaking 60. There were six lettermen returning to this season's squad, led by Gene Detton. who placed third in the state javelin throw last ear. yfhe first week was spent in general conditioning and breaking in the aspirants' muscles. The second week the cinder men started training for their various fields and divisions. An honorary captain was elected after the season was ended. "The boys worked hard and we had a fine team," commented Coach "Babe" Brown. Dean Lewis coached the weight men and field events. Following is a schedule of tentative dates as compiled at press time: April 7, Inter-class meet at Nampa: Dual practice meet at Caldwell, April I4: tentative meet at Nampa with Caldwell and Meridian April 24: Big Six at College of Idaho May l: District at Boise, May 8: State Track Meet at Boise on May 15. Richard Bright was manager of the '48 season. hon Reed, 220-440 Gene Detton, Javelin Dusty Moulton, Milo Set-ond row: B. Lawrence, J. Varnadoe, R. Davidson, B. Jones, L. Hale, D. Roberts. M. Murphy, L. Cruse. First row: L Blxckenstaif, C. Feeler, D. Bader, S. Root, F. Cushman, captain, G. Detton. Braced by six lettermen for a total of 13 aspirants, Nampa's "Bogey Boys" golf squad went on the defens- ive this year as they defended last year's championship titles in six matches, played in rotation at Nampa, Boise and Caldwell. After three previous years of only two defeats the Nampans found themselves in the underdog role, with Caldwell and Boise posted as the favorites. However, Nampa had six lettermen back to bolster their chances: Bud Iones, Dick Bader, Loren Blickenstaff, Gene Detton, Roger Davidson and Francis Cushman. They were directed by Lenn Cruse. These sharp racket weilders coached by Dean Lewis have made the year of 1948 a year of successful vic- tories for the glory of N.H.S. The team composed mostly of Seniors were spurred on by the outstanding tennis abilities of racketeers-Lois Schwalbe, Mary Lou Lessinger, Loren Blickenstaff and Iack Baker. First row: J. Skorrlnhl. I.. Sehwalbe, S. Taylor, M. Moad. Seeond row: M. Kovanda, J. Gross. C. Shannon, H. Prater. T. Nelson, S. Jones. B. Ward, G. Zapp, C. Strubar, B. Thompson, J. Pinther, F. Suhuler. Third row: S. Ord, G. Briggs, D. Hergert, M Clwistenson, H. VVoodvine. T. Summers, F. Mathison, B. Nafzieer, N. Linirle, M. Honstead, M. Dewey, L. Bullon, D. Ashby. Fourth row: B. Belknap, J. Baker, L. Hale, J. 'IBfcz, J. Wheeler, S. Root, D. Bader, B. Zimmerman, B. McAullife, B. Park, D. Peck. ,., .. . . -....., .. . -. . .. 1 ...., .A .. .. .. .N xxx. ,.. X ,. .,,Qe,5X ,- 535 - .. - K. l"il'sl row: li. Holt, J. Viwmuloe. C, Allen, C. Bl'a1lbut'n, C. Hoppins. Seeontl rnw: Coach Lewis. G. Hoopes, M. Naito. C. Halli- ehiy, IL Fwy, Il. Grunt, J. Sun:-hr-z, R. Bright. Third row: G. Detton, G. DeMinek, G. Bort, W. Diekman, S. Blum, T. Hen- nessey, li. Marr, l'. Martinez. go' Comprised hy a majority of Sophomores and Iuniors. the pugilist sport of boxing made its N.H.S. debut this year under the direction of Coach Dean Lewis. Starting from scratch, the Nampans competed in six regular matches, winning three, plus one exhibition and the District tourney at Caldwell. Of the first turnout of 30 boys, 16 earned their letter and I2 will be back to bolster next season's chances. This year Nampa placed one man, Clark Allen as a District champ and seven runnerups for a commendable start in the arena sport. I "Strike!" at the first of the season this cheer was heard none too often, but as more and more balls sped down the maple ways it became the battle Cry. At the first of the school season the boys' bowling was reorganized and a president, secretary, and treasurer elected. Later on teams and captains were chosen. There was continued battling between teams, and finally the two high teams competed in the National Telegraph Tournament. Fast and exciting games were predominate and promoted good sportsmanship and plenty of healthful fun and exercise. Frnnt rnwz D. Rumpel. B. Crnwther. B. MeGinnis. R. Norwn. R. Farris. Back row: L. Cobb, E. Collins, K. Dewey, D. Murphy, B. Quinly. xg. ,fx fi . .3 Q? .,. 5 0 rg T'-1 ' fi SW , 1 X Xl3xf,S2 xr gzx 34 N- fvsifpx K1. fx: 'RSS ,Q . Y ' iw f A -A' ev 2 P f Iv .15 N.. ' Q , 3 M.-W f i 5? 53 xr Ng as at X stall E ,. in . H , ' f 1 F Q 5 . "1 . 'vw' x ' ' . ' k5'g , tx x ' nh' nf s 55 al,-fs , E' M 4 I l ,, , Vg 'fu' Q ,kj :Q NV, 5 X , 4 V X WN , First row: L. Stuart, J. Munster, C. Hunter, sec., E. Thornton, M. McClung, D. Towery. Second row: M. Jones, pres., R. Ren- eke, Il. Gunther, Miss Wendlick, U. Russell, W. Grey, F. Voigt, E. Peterson, general manager. ,-MW, A team composed of Edna Peterson, Marie Iones, lean Munster, Ramona Reineke, and Carol Hunter from the Archery club captured first place honors in the girls' class A National Interscholastic meet held February 24, and sponsored by the National Archery Association of the United States. They also presented an archery exhibi- tion for the Veterans Hospital in Boise. owldng Every Monday night after school these gals could be seen at the Bowling Alley trying to raise their scores. Their season began early in September and concluded in March. Alice Wyant was a candidate for office in the Northwest Bowling Organization. The top team of the "Team Timers" consisted of Alice Wyant, Ian Taylor, Pat Van de Grift, and Carolyn Clemons. First row: C. Hunter, P. Van de Grift. C. Clemons. A. Wyatt, J. Fujii. Second row: M. McClung, J. Taylor, M. Mego, A. Ince, L. Funk, J. Stern, J. Rauzon. B, Webster. sea... l"' t row: Ib. l'Ianipson, D. Towery, L. Stewart, W. Grey, J. Pinther, J. Tovey, li. Hayes, Il. Ayrenbroad. Second row: Miss iri- We-nillivk, G. Arn, I-I. Strong, D. Franeke, H. Reineke, J. Wine, D. Gunther, D. Gunther, B. Thompson, B. Couch. Each morning at approximately eight o'clock the tumblers reported to the gym for a daily work out. As a result the team with Dot Hampson as captain put on several fine exhibitions between halves at basketball games. When the exchange assembly was taken to Caldwell, they went along with their stunts. Also they presented an outstanding show at the Veterans Hospital in Boise and forthe Bloomer Girls. D. Towery, B. Hayes, J. Tovey, R. Rc-inekv D- Hhmlisun. IJ. Gunther, B. Thompson. D. Francke Pef6fe77f4fWfe4n77u?:e...-4'eZt'ace5,owl2ueea ?'zeZz'qfo7famoz84...?aoZl4ll2aeen gl 'Sf fm F' xi 'palm' ' xy 1 v X5 f U fm ff. 5 dd ' f ' fx W ,S,?mm! Under the capable baton of director Earl McKeever, the N.H.S. band has set a new record of achievements including a pep band, a dance band, and a concert band. These hepcats set the ball rolling with their outstanding support at football games. Highlights of these performances was a hillarious unorganized march at the Poky-Nampa game on Halloween Eve. The Men of Rhythm-N.H.S. dance band was really a hit with all the jitterbugs. They were always in demand for school dances and Teen Canteens. The Concert Band presented two concerts. The first, a very differ- ent kind of performance, called the Bandwagon, featured many novelty numbers, soloists, and popular music. The second, which took place April ll, included a selection of more serious music. Cheering the team on at all basketball games was the pep band. Through their own funds they were able to make several tours with 321111 lli1'0Cf01' Earl MCKQGHT the team, and their presence at the District Tournament helped win the sportsmanship trophy for Nampa. High stepping twirlers, an added attraction to the band, stole the show on many occasions with their in- tricate routines and lighted batons. Their use of lighted batons is believed to be the first in the state. The music makers presented several radio broadcasts in the spring. The band and several instrumental solo- ists competed in the District and State Music Festival. Fifteen outstanding musicians were chosen from the band to play with the District Honor Band. They were: Iohn Pline, Byron Wilson, Dick Perry, Louis Spink, Verl Iohnson, lim Varnadoe, Elmer Thomas, Bob Quinley, Betty DuBois, Iuanita Wine, LeRoy Brown, Don Mathews, Eleanor Thornton, Margaret McClung, and Bill Rob- ertson. Ififth row: B. Taylor, C. Noble, D. Mims, manairer, J. Pline, L. Spink, S. Sower, J. Cornilles, L. Haney. Fourth row: K. Holl- cnbaek, a:-isistant manager, V. Todd, R. Davidson, J. llunn, B. Robertson, F. Foster, custodian, C. Nelson, L. Tmnhauirh, D. Price, W. Tidwell, B. Perkins, J. Pline. A. Winther, P. Duffy. N. Sower, president, E. Thomas, E. Smith, D. Dewey. U. Sehlaipin, A. Waterman, K. Wolfe, R. Brown. Third row: C. Lawrence, G. Smith, B. lawrence, J. Grant, J. Pinther. librarian, M. Scharfen, C. Fiedler, B, Waterman, K. Johnson, B. York, B. Quinly, J. Pollock, D. Miller, D. Mathews, D. Perry, J. Varnailoe. Second row: M. MeClung. assistant librarian, E. Thornton, D. Baker, F, Stone, ViCC-ll1'9SiClE3hlf, C. Hollenbeek, J. Wine, B. DuBois, secretary, B. Wilson. First row: B. Edwards, I. Allen, V. Campbell, D. Hergert, S. Ord, G. Briggs, T. Nelson, Mr. Mi-Keever. Fourth row: A. Riirenlmixen, D. Summers, B. Crowther, R. Abbott, vice-jiresitle-nt, E. Thomas, I". Tidwell, J. Phillips, H. Antrim, lwresitlent, G. Helton, E. Laughlin, president, P. Eiler, J. Moore, secretary, D. Hansen, A, Abe. Third row: C. Mackey, J. llzivis, M. Kovanila, H. Prater, M. Lawlis, P. Thon, G. Stanford, B. Wilson, M. Vore, IJ. Miller, G. B1'i1.:5.:s, I.. Filllnore, J. Gross, IP. Gunther. Second row: Mr. Mullikin, V. Jones, D. Burton, J. Cannady, G. Tovey. H. Wootlvine, M. Schmidt, R. Case, .I. Bullen, G. Cline, G. Urwin, C. Wilson, L. Bowles, V. Rundle, J. Skordahl, M. Keim, ser-1'et.a1'y, ll. Bowl. R. Lyda, M. Wash- burn, ll. Comes, I-Z. Foil, J. Six. Seated: Maxine Cox, pianist. Aww ew, gm' em Directed by Clifford Mullikin the Acappella Choir spent a busy year trying to perfect their tonal blend and all the other little things that made audiences sit up and listen when they heard the choristers' lilting musi- cal strains. The Acappella Choirs first public appearance was in November when they presented a concert of semi-classi- cal and sacred music at Central Auditorium. In conjunction with KFXD and their program to feature the music department of N.H.S. the choir presented a fifteen minute program of varied musical selections. April l was the date of the Choir's spring concert, entitled "A Night At The Operas." The choir and chorus presented a varied program featuring duets, soloists, and familiar music that everyone likes to hear. ,I -i' : fis si! 5 G. Tovey. H. Woodvine, L. Fillmore. J. Gross. M. Keim, M. Lawlis. 14 Dale 70414 fadg CAST ----- B. Becher-M. Stroud Mr. Foster -- M- P. Duffy-I. Mitchell Randolph --......, Varnadoe ludy ,--.. - Hannah u-- ........ Divel Biss Barbara - -- L. Gomer-I. Crump f' Oogie ...... ........... K . Childs Mitzi --. ..,... ....... M . Iones-S. Ord Mr. Martindale -- ...., R. Eastland-I. Busby Mrs. Hotchkiss ....... B. Pattersongl. Overman Eloise Hotchkiss ..... S. Haworth-E. Thornton Mrs. Shulzhammer ......., A. Grass-R. Powers D, Spenser Rex OConner .... ...........,.. Susie O'Conner --, --- I. Tovey '-H9110 Mm" "I've Got a Dam With Judy" 'Hello Judy Lisben here. "Shultzie" old girl! 'l'hinl row: lion Luilwick. J. Busby. L. lioyenirer, I.. Bliekene-italf, Il. Murphy, H. Antrim. G. Hallberir. pres.. ll, lililer. J. Ruu- vuii. S4-i-mul i-ow: Mis' l'onrai, I.. Kri-hhiel, M. Hrozn. H. Woodvine, V. Coffman. IX. J. Tieus. treas.. B. Terry. A. Svehlnk. see., l H. l'Ii-imviils, IC. Wzngvii-r, li. M. Wood, tri-as., I'. MeI"ai'land. First row: J. Fujii. see., V. Campbell, M. Selininlt. viee-pres.. L. Hui-k. G. Tovi-y. M. t7hi'isti-nson, vii:--I-res. Quang ' Scholarsliip, leadership. character. and service are the traits which the Honor Society looks for in choosing its new members twice ai year. Impressive candlelight ceremonies initiate the neophytes with their l.7 average. 'l'he lop six members ofthe Honor Society were privileged to take a scholarship test and many of the members were elected by the school to take the annual Pepsi-Cola test. Barbara Clements rated the highest in this exam. ai!! Small An honor society for all outstanding journalism students, the Nampa High Quill and Scroll Club serves only as an honor.iry organization with no specified activities other than its initiations which are held bi-annually. Rep- resentation consists of Iuniors and Seniors with grade averages in the upper fourth bracket of their class from the Cirowl or Sage Staff who have been recommended by their adviser and editor. All new candidates are required to write essays which are always read alter they have taken part in an impressive formal initiation ceremony. 'l'hii'il rim: Il. R4-1-il. V. Fee-I1-l'. E. W:ii:nei'. G. Hallberir, pre:-i.. H. Antrim. Seeond row: T. Hennessey. viee-pres.. ll. Tiegs, G 'l'ovey, pres., .I. Busby, I.. Boyengcr, P. Duffy. First row: A. Svehlak, V. Coffman, vice-pres., B. Clenieiits, G. Yost, see., R. Powers. Third row: D. Reed. si.1't.-at-arms, T. Hennessey, D. Murphy, E. Wagner, P. Eiler, N. Wohlfzamuth, J. Cather, W. Diekmnn, J. Busby. Second row: J. Hanks, L. Bowles, C. Wilson, B. Clements, M1'. Cruse. B. Becher, M. Witmer, J. DeCoursey, B. Tieizs. First row: J. Cannady, J. Rauzon, sec., J. Tycz, pres., G. Tovey, vice-pres., C. Clemons. Service Club was created to assist the school financial adviser, Mr. Lenn Cruse, in selling and taking tickets at all school functions. Its members are chosen each spring from the Sophomore class by a faculty committee on their scholastic standing, reliability and courtesy. Big events of the year was a ski trip to Bogus Basin, a banquet at "The Lodge" and a spring picnic held in honor of the Sophomore neophytes. Deluxe The "Rostrum," the speech honor society's official publication, has named our local chapter of the N.F.L. the leading club in its March issue. With Leo Matthews as debate coach, the club prepared arguments on the sub- ject-Resolved: A'That the Federal Government Should Require Arbitration of Labor Disputes to Basic Ameri- can Industriesn this year. Debate trips were made to Fairmont, Burley and Spokane. In a tri-state debate contest held in Nampa our home town team composed of Lavon Boyenger and Ieanne Clark came through with first place honors for N.H.S. Third row: L. Boyenprer, C. Cederstrom, B. Brauner, J. Wagers, J. Whitc. Second row: Mr. Matthews, N. Clark, U. Russell B. Ladd, M. Hroza. First row: E. Herron, sec., J. Clark, sgt.-at-arms, D. Nelson, S. Trimble, D. Holt, pres., R. Ewing, vice: pres. 'l'hi l nv R l"itt'-rwoii N1 Trimble ll Hr-tuner K Childs, J Wngers IT. Holt. Seeoncl row: Mr, Matthews, ll. Nelson. I.. rl l'l '. . 4 - - . u . . - 4 , . - . . lluym-nyzer, vim--lu'm-s.. J. Ulnrk, see., E. Herron, R. Erickson, F. Tidwell. First row: G. Yost. M. Hrozn, H. Erickson, N. Clark, R. Powers, Il. lnuhl, lr:-us., Mrs. Lisk, adviser. 71.4 An honor society of speech students, the Nampa Chapter of N.F.L. has captured more honor points than any other chnpter in the Pucific Northwest. Fourteen new members were taken in this year on points which they earned in public speaking, readings, and for appearing in public or school performances. The Nampa Chapter of N.F.L. wus feuturetl in an special write up in the Rostrum, a national N.F.L. magazine, for being such an outstanding or- gunizution. I Thespians, n national honor society for aspiring young actors and actresses, intertained the student body with three one-uct plays, 'iliuddy Answers an Ad," UOne Happy Family," and "How To Propose," with parts plsnyetl by members of the dramatic classes. lfehruary 23 and 2-4, they presented "A Date With Iudy," depicting all the gaiety and exasperation of a young teen-anger and her family. After this production, new members were admitted to the club on their merits as tlruniutists. Tliespiun members entered "Antic Spring" in the District and State Declamation contests. 'Vhirrl row: .l. Vswiuulue. R. Eastland, J. Busby, B. Beeher, M. Stroud, M. Jones, Mrs. Lisk. Second row: P. Duffy, P. Thnn J. l'xu'k, IP. Ruse, I.. Payne, S. Ord, W. Breshears, J. DivelBiss. J. Fujii. First row: J. Tovey. W. Mefonnel. B. Ladd, see. G. Yost, pres., R. Powers, vice-pres., E. Peterson, treas., K. Childs. Fifth row: L. Boyenger, D. Reed. J. Hughes, F. Gentry, F. Ra vp, E. Newman, S. Root, K. Childs, F. Walmsley. D. Nelson, H. Antrim, B. Stivers. R. Brown, H. Erickson, T. Hogan. Fourth row: S. Ord, D. Ashby, T. Summers, V. Willard, B. Burlile, U. Russell, G. Cline, M. Gomer, IJ. Fowler. L. Bloucher, E. Budell, R. Korn, B. Thompson, M. Stroud, G. Tovey, Miss Hinkey. Third row: M. Hennis, N. Day. U. Barry, E. Peterson, T. Nelson, C. Harley, J. Clark, J. Skordahl, vice-pres.. V. Coffman. pres.. S. Swindle, see.. J. Cannady, C. YVilson. Second row: E. Jones. D. Todd, E. Thornton, C. Hunter. M. Hunter. M. Mr'Clum:, I. Grove. C. Cylwhers. C. Meyers, S. Tobler. B. Tiegs, L. Funke, First row: M. Hroza, M. Keim, M. Schmidt, J. Fujii, D. ,bd-ncbi Viva El Club Espanol! Nampa Hi Americanos rapidly picked up the Spanish lingo by listening to guest speakers, attending a Mexican movie featuring Cantinflas, the Mexican Bob Hope, and presenting a Christmas fiesta and a banquet in the spring. Their accomplishment "estupendo" was a South of the Border assembly given ' Had Bi-monthly meetings were held to familarize these 1948 intellectuals with the culture of the ancient Romans. In the spring the students of "Lingua Latina" dined in typical Roman style at Grace Stanforcl's home. Rare delicacies were served by slaves from the Latin I classes. Prizes were given for the most realistic costumes. Elder, B. Ladd, S. Gomer, M. Krehbiel. for the student body in May. Fourth row: R, Erickson. F. Tidwell, D. Murphy, V. Jones, H. Witzel, J. Wheeler, G. Hallberpr, B. Webster, M. McCurly. B. Terry. Il. Thomas, B. Bveher, consul. J. Heney. Third row: N. Wilson, B. Wilson, G. Stanford, W. McConnell, consul, J. Hayes. J. Gross, J. Hilty, R. Baker, consul, B. Tiogs, H. Woodvine, D. Bader. Second row: M. Moad, M. Christenson, P. Con- way, quaestor. N. Clark, M. VVitmer, J. Davis, M. Dewey, L. Bullen, C. Buck, S. Mott, J. Eekery, quaestnr, B. Hansen. First row: R. Powers, consul, M. Crowther, B. Johnson, M. Kovanda, M. Price, M. Honstead, D. Hergert, J. Hanks, J. Rauzon, V. Campbell, B. Clements. I-'ourtli row: Mrs. Stanton. li. Tiers. Mrs. Vue:-i. Third row: A. Svehlak. Il. Thomas. I.. Bloeher, S. Swinille. J. Partridge, I. l.nrsi-n, M. Little, .I. Ilivelliiss. Seeonil row: B. Bet-her, M. Schmidt. N. Wiley. R. Wood, J. Pinther, J. Fujii, M. Keiin. l.. Skoeshiirpr, J. E1-kc-ry. First row: E. MeC:inclless, V. Coffnmn, T. Buclell, B. Terry, I. Crump. ll. Trimble. Z- '7een4 'l'o enable each girl in the friendly club to take part in the activities, the group was divided into eight clans. 'l'lie clan leaders, and live top officers composed the cabinet. Each clan had its own money-making project and presented a program at one meeting. Under their World Fellowship Plan, nine packages of essential articles were sent to Europe. A popular feature of their busy program was the monthly roller skating parties. Other activities were selling Hot Cross buns, a Mother-Daughter Tea, and a lovely Farewell Banquet in honor of the departing senior members. 44,4 Topping all previous membership records these gals in blue jeans. more commonly referred to as the Girls' Athletic Association members, turned out to lead all school organizations with a representative ol 160 athletic enf thusiasts, Diving into a full year of activities these energetic damsels chose basketball their first objective, fol- lowed by volleyball, table tennis, tumbling, archery and bowling. The newest sensation with the girls was square dancing, so as the last Hitting rutfles of calico skirts go out the door. the G.A.A. record book is closed for another year. Sei-mul row: V. Colfnnm, M. Vhristenson. .l. Richards, vice-pres., S. Robb. V. Arann, sec., A. Abe. First row: R. Powers. lH'i'H- S, Jones, set.-at-sirius., li. Ward, tri-as.. L. Seliwnlbc, li. I'I'1ll"l'. sizt.-at-arins., S. Taylor, viee-pres. Third row: B. Emmert, B. J. Tieus. V. Coffman. M. Hroza. M. Kovanlla, If. Sehwalbe, B. Ladd, M. Schmidt. R. Powers, A. Svehlak, E. Wagner. M. Christensen. J. Beail. Second row: B. Terry, M. Keim, B. Cather, J. Rauzon, M. Crowther, T. Budoll. D. Thomas, J. Clark. P. Conway, G, Tovey, J. Skordzthl, E. Peterson, S. Mott. S. Swindle. First row: P. McFarland, C. Har- ley, J. Fujii. M. J. Price, V. Campbell, see., Mrs. Wray, adviser, H. Woodvine, pres., Miss Bird, adviser, G. Yost, vice-pres., S. Taylor, B. Clements, J. Eckery. I "Oh here we are and here's our key-S-P-I-Z-" "Oh, full of snappy pep are we S-P-I-Z." This club song really hit the spot as these snappy pepsters backed the teams at all home and out of town games. Along with their many activities they found time to entertain the football team at a banquet December 16, and to organize skits for the Boise and Caldwell exchange assemblies, and the Blu-N football jamboree. April 2, found the i'Sp1zzers" swaying to and fro around "The Little Old Mill" at the annual Spiz formal. The annual Spiz Farewell Banquet in honor of the Seniors was arranged by co-chairmen, Sue Iones and Evelyn Herron,and their underclassmen committees. Third row: S. Ord, V. Hewitt., N. Wohlgamuth. L. Bullen, M. Dewey, M. Honsfead, J. Hannon, M. Cox, S. Robb, V. Aranu. Second row: R. Case. A. Mason, M. McReynolds, J. Cannady, J. Clem, G. Hruska, D. Hampson, B. Hayes, D. Agenbroad, D. Gunther. First row: L. Bowles, E. Herron, J. DeC0ursey, V. Jones, H. Witzel, S. Jones, Sgt.-at-arms, B. Ward, E. McCand- less, C. Flory, J, Thompson, E, Feit. I".nn'1h rim: ll. llaviilsvm, ll. Vw-k, ll. lliiss, N. liinnoy, ll. Joni-s. l'. Duffy, J. l'ln-mfy. H. lyila. J. Varnailao. ll. King. Thiril ' 'll"- W lllii-kvnstall. G. Johnson. ll. Mullins. I-', l"nslvi'. rm: .l. Wlivn-li'I', Il. Minillon, I., llnli-, ll. howvli. J. lVlool'1', ll, Nlr'Ailll t. . tl. Smith, G. Ilorl, t'o:if'li llrown. Sm-r-mul mw: .l, Ruilolph, syx'.-at-arnis, .l. lrliiirlim-s, S. Rout. C. Jones, sur.. J. Ni-why, li. llvn- n--ll, 'ri-N., V. llallilnzi-i'. ll. XVililv, ll, Xininnwinan. ll. Howl. l"il'sl row: S. llulilu, li. lliiilvi'. vim'-1li'es., llill Moore. J. l'liillips, 'Edu-7Z lht' lllii-N lfhih is an organization of thc lcttvriiimi of Nampa High School. 'llhcy havc lwcn lcd through thi- hy .i wry capahlv prcsidcnt, Larry Bcnnctt. Thcir annual Football Iamhorcc, with Corky Gallingcr as iiiaxlvi' ol ci'ri-iiioiiics. was a hugo succcss as wcll as thvir phcasant fvcd and hox social. Concluding their activi- tws lor tht- thc hoys sponsored a benefit dance in honor of an injured member of their football squad. E Al thi- :start ol thi- yt-ar tht' mighty lixplorcrs had a rough. tough initiation trip ahovc Fcrncroft. A great many initiatt-s wt-rc shown what grccn hands tlwy really wc-rc. The Explorcrs sold popcorn at both haskctlwall and lootlmll gaim-s and this cnahlcd thcm to hold their annual Stag Banquct on April 23, with llrcsidcnt Bakcr as mast- rr of u-rt-iiioiiiux. Ncxt and last on thcir calvndar was thu wcck-long trip into thc wilds following the adjournincnt l l.. lllwlwlislall, Il. Vhirsliain, l. MI'l'Zll'l5llltl, ol school. l"mii'th row: l.. lllivlu-nstafT. J. Simpson, Mr. Caldwell, D. Holt, G. Smith. Third row: I.. Cohhs. Sill.-at-arms. ll. Wilde, ll Ilzuli-r, ll. Zinnni-rni:1n, H. llzwhamzli, vivo-pres., li. Belknap. Si-vontl row: W. BIi1''. C. Prohaskn. G. .lolilismn ll. VVIW li, I'iu'k. J. llmzlif-S, ll. l'awk:u'd. First row: J. Tyrz, J, Baker, pres., C. l'i1'0l0l', D. Rccfl. l.. Boyomrif. Sw. Third row: B. Lomr, L. Tomhaugh, G. Voigt, C. Orcutt, C. Sedlacek. S. Bell, J. Bean, H. Brown, N. Marchbanks. K. Murray, D. Spencer, F. Nichols, L. Voigt, J. Relk. Second row: Mr. Rush, G. Brumen, R. Weeks, J. Shaver, A. Riirenhatren, S. Stov- ens, B. Traxler, A. Ienz, D. Middleton. G. Keim, D. Finch, W. Eshelman, C. Meeker, B. Peterson, L. Markus, B. Sinner, M. Dias, J. Cather, C. Wilson, B. Bell, L. Campbell, T. Hallberg. First row: D. Wilde, J. Kinixhorn, D. Nelson, J. ll. Simpson, W. Burri, treas., J. Cheney, vice-pres., F. Walmsley, pres., T. Hennessey, sec., R. Thomas, B. Markus. G. Fauser, W. Putter. 1 I J This has been a busy year for the Future Farmers of America of N.l-l.S. To start oil the year right they pur- chased a new tractor and disc harrow for club use. This outstanding chapter placed with seven out of 48 states in the gold medal bracket at Waterloo, Iowa. Among all their honors in contests I. D. Simpson was elected vice- president of the state F.F.A. organization at a convention held in Boise, At this convention Doyle Nelson won first place in the Future Farmer's State Speaking Contest. Another member, Iohn Kinghorn, won the Union Pacific scholarship. F.H.A., a sister organization to the F.F.A., attended conventions in Buhl and Boise, held parties, gave the traditional Harvest Ball, made Bulldog emblems, and adopted a German family. They also added an Toddlers Club to their worthwhile calendar of activities. Fourth row: V. No1'ton, R. Brown, A. Svehlak, J. Eckery, M. Crowther, S. Swindle, B. Terry, B. Emmert, T. Budell. D. St-hey, J. Starn, D. Trimble, B. Webster, L. Funk, J. Hanks, G. Briggs. Third row: M. Wood, D. Chambers. M. Mero. J. Rauzon, J, Partridpre, J. McKee, R. Wood, R. Peterson, V. Zeziger, M. Johns, P. Wolfe, M. Nehring, M. Gomer. P. Chitwoml. R. Ulmer. Second row: L. Skogsburg, I. Crump, A. Amos, vice-pres., V. Hewitt, pres., A. Mason, see., E. Herron, D. Thomas. K. Mills. S. Mott. R. Romph, L. Shimanek, C. Buck, R. Korn. W. Sommers. First row: V. Moore, E. Sparks, M. Little, J. Fujii, P. blanks, H, Erickson, treas., D. Warren, J. Hall, D. Fortin, J. Lytle, J. Bevingbon, P. Reininger, L. Gilbert, W. Buhac, J. avxs. 'l'hii-il ww: i'. l'i'nli:iskn, IJ. Murphy, see., L. lloyemzer, vice-prrs.. W. Russell, pres.. J. Cheney, ll. Stivers. J. Pline, D. Reed, pres., V. 'l'mlil. S4-1-mul row: ll. Mims, T. Hennessey, vice-pres., l', lluily. Il. Mathews, ID. Woods, A. WlDtl1l'l', B. Wilson, L. llnll, .l, XN':nu-iw. .l. llnshy, sc-r-., W. Tluc-ek. First row: ll. Burns. ll. Price. J. l'line, L, Brown, E. Hunsaker, J. Zapp, IJ. Mull- Zeq 66145 Sponsored by Kiwanis International, the Key Club was organized to foster qualities of leadership, citizen- ship, and business ability in young men of high school age. 'l'ln'ir most worthy projects were sponsoring the high school "March of Dimes Campaign," an after-game polio ln-ut-lit dnnee, building new bicycle racks in their spare time from lumber donated by Nampa merchants, and build- ing note book shelves by the lunchroom. The crowning touch to a successful year was the Father-Mother banquet, held March 30, to which members of the Kiwanis were also invited. 26- ' 'lhis lmys' club, a high school branch of the Y.M.C.A. was organized to help young men of high school age tit-vt-lop a more active interest in the affairs of their community and state. They displayed their interest by con- ducting an successful Community Chest Drive and by sending a senator and representative to a two-day boys' It-gislniure meeting in Boise, April 2 and 3. The Nampa Hi-Y Club sponsored a bill concerning a driver's test tn qiinlily lor ii drivers license. in:-. S. 'l'l'imliIi-, li. Mmlltun, .l. Tliriiiilvemn. l"oui'Ih I rn: li. Mc-liinnis, see.. H. Lydu, VV. McConnell. Third row: F. Niehol. F. Walmsley, R. lludpreon. ll. Wilkerson. D. i'in'n, l'. lfiili-r. Si-mimi rnw: Mr. Bittleston, R. Nichol, T. Hallberir, W. Tlueek, I. Thomas, J. D. Simpson. First row: B. llurns, l,. lillwvmd, J. Zapp, G. Hallberg, pres., B. Zimmerman. J. Cather. l l - Gerald Hallbergz. Editor, and Gloria Yost, Business Manager. I I I I Quickly extricating themselves from the avalanche of honors heaped upon them the Growl staff modcstl v - Y blushed and set earnestly to work to live up to the high precedent maintained by previous staffs Foremost tok en of fame was the International First Place Award won by the weekly publication for the fifth consecutive year. Between deadlines they found time to sponsor the annual Lettuce Bowl dance featuring Queen Mary Ioan Price and her Royal Court of Attendants. At the annual pre-Christmas banquet the names of the second semester editor and business manager were re' vealed and resignations of Senior members were accepted. Third row: IJ. Matthews, D. Roberts, J. Pline, F. Cushman, IJ. Perry. Second row: Mr. Burkey, C. Flory, C. Prohaska, B. Johnson. A. Abe, E. Middlestedt, J. Wilson, B. York, J. Busby. E. Wagner. First row: S. Jones, M. Lessinger, E. McCand- less, B. Clements, G. Yost, G. Hallberg, V. Coffman, B. Tiegs, S. Swindle, A. Svehlak, R. Powers. liernairil York, liusilu-ss Mzinmzer. anil f'h:il'les Prnhziskii, l'liliinr. ...cascade llnder the agenda for the second semester, "The l7a1per lVlusl Go On," Charles Prolmsku und his stuff set the hull rolling hy giving the old Growl room a complete remodeling. Fresh pnint, floreseent lights, und new work tuhles produced ai scene to cheer up tired overworked reporters and to inspire bright new stories. Coniposed entirely of underclassinen the second semester Growl Staff came thruough with ai weekly newspa- per, faithfully us ever, with variations including a Snarl lstrictly gossipl und ai surprise April Fools edition. Si-r-:mil ruw: li. 'l'luf-ek, li. Burns, ll, Matin-ws, ll. Roberts, ll. Hull, Il. Perry. G. Richey, ll. York. Mr. Burkey. First row: Ii. C01ll"1', S. Jones, C. Flory, E. Midtllestmedt, E. MeCandless, C. ly'l'0lHlSk2l, A. Abe, .l. 'l'hunipsuii, M. Mm-Reynolds. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all who have helped to make the "Sage of 48." The entire staff has tried their utmost to make this year's Sage a bigger and better book for the students. To the Service Club I would personally like to say, "thanks a lot," for they made it possible for us to obtain outside finances which were very much needed because of the increase in the cost of making this year's an- nual. I will always be indebted to the faculty for their splendid cooperation in helping in every way they could in making the "Sage of 48.', To the wonderful people who have coop- erated with us in every way to make this year- book, THANK YOU! Without the help of our adviser, Miss Hinkey, Schwartz Printing Co., Beaver Engraving Co., James Young and the Student Body, it would have never been possible. This book is yours now and if you like it you can thank us for our effort by enjoying it. 20" 'Phirtl row: H. yu,-,.i,' IPL Cu,h,,,,m, P, Duffy. Second row: L. Hall, I.. Bnyenirer. D. Thomas, J, Hannon, S. Haworth, C. Feel- '-r, J. Hunter. 'l', llenni-ssey. First row: J. Haworth, M. Cox, G. Tovey, ll. Ret-il. M. Hunstentl, J. Skortlahl, H, Antrim. Guiding their pencils "by instruments" through the semi-gloom of the windowless Sage room' crawling feehly up the lunchroom stairs to gasp weakly for a lungful of oxygen before reluctantly -descending to' their sub- terranean chamber, the Sage Staff held meetings, wrote copy, and met deadlines. 4 .t Ronald I":n't'is in the process of tmansforlning the dark room into the Sage room. If you 'istudesn reall ylike this Sage. you can burn your incense to Don Reed, business manager, and La- Von Boyenger, for selling the S600 worth of advertis- ing which made the little extra touches possible. Besides their regular work the staff found time to sponsor a Valentine dance, high-lighted by the crowning of Loren Blickenstatf and Queen of Hearts. Geraldine Tovey W. Don Reed o,,,,., Tommy Hennessey Marjorie Honstead W, e- Assistant Business Manager LaVon Boyenger -- Ronald Farris --, Ioan Skordahl --, Carl Feeler .... Pat Duffy ,....... Francis Cushman --, Leo Hall .,s..,.. Io Haworth ,,,,, Maxine Cox A,,,, Sammy Haworth - Donna Thomas A Iosephine Hannon Daisy Stewart as King and SAGE STAFF -f-,,-f,----- Editor -,--,,,, Business Manager ---- ,--,--, Assistant Editor --,-,--,-,,----- Art Editor --- Assistant Art Editor ,-,,,,,- Music Editor -,,o-,,,, Sports Editor J-, Assistant Sports Editor --, Assistant Sports Editor A-, Sophomore Sports Editor ----o- Senior Class Editor -.,,-- Iunior Class Editor -- , - ,,,- Sophomore Class Editor , , - - , - , , , , Organization Editor Assistant Organization Editor Harold Antrnn ,,. Y ..,..,.......... Photographer lerry Hunter ,M Shirley Mott .,-,- Carol Hunter U-, , nd so -- Photographer ------ Typist Typist Miss Helen Hinkey -M Cu, ACCC-Adviser R S S . Y , ' W' News v , We ww Qaeda and Buster Park: "Good things come in small packages" and student body vice-president Buster is no exception.-Doyle Nelson: Here is a blue-eyed lad with a joke in each pock- et and a winning debate speech.-Dick Bader: An all- round likeable guy is Dick Bader: athlete and Iunior class president.-Helen Woodvine: Ambitious, peppy, and beautiful: these are Helens characteristics which earned her title as Spiz president.-Betty Hartgrave: Dramatics and debate have occupied most of Betty's time.-Pat Mc- Farland: Ml-liya Doc!" greets this bundle of pep, our Yell Queen.-Bob Zimmerman: Senior Class vice-pres., tennis team star and football manager are a few of Zip's varied activities.-Loren Blickenstaif: 'fGay Blade Blick," char- acterizes this lad of all activities, our student body presi- dent.-I. D. Simpson: With his winning ways he won the title of F.F.A. president, state F.F.A. vice-president, and a trip to Waterloo, Iowa.-Don Reed and Geraldine Tov- ey: This energetic and hard-working team have been the Nsparkplugn to the Sage Staff this year.-Lavon Boyen- ger and Ieanne Clark: Because they were not only inter- ested in debate but enjoyed it as well, this two-some have many debate tournaments to their credit.-Gerald Hall- berg and Gloria Yost: With the burden of getting a B Park, Il. Nelson, D. Bader, H. Woodvine, J. D. Simpson. Don Reed, G. Tovey, L. Boyenger, J. Clark, G. Hallberg, G. Yost, L. Ben- nett, V. Coffman, S. Root., C. Harley. S . Urowl out every Friday on their shoulders, you might say that Gerald and Gloria were two of Nampa Hi's busiest students. lilmer Thomas and Miriam Keim: As out- standing musical students, this baritone and alto rank high in the upper brackets. Ioan Skordahl: Skorchy's enthusi- asin for sports, music, and all school functions inspires a special little place in all our memories.--Mary lean Price: lletite, pretty, brown-eyed, Mary lean has lived up to her nickname "Queenit '." Bill Moore: "The Big Gun" in practically all Nampa Hi Athletics.--Larry Bennett: As president of the Blu-N club Larry's qualities of a leader as well as an athlete are outstanding- Verda Coffman: A friendly senorita with a sparkling smile has won many ainigos. Sid Root: That natural look of mischief and pep in his eyes accounted for his success as Nampa Hi's yell king. Caron Harley: This ambitious lil' gal spent her time in high school keeping records as secretary of both the lunior class and the student body.---Francis Cushman: flush, tall, dark and handsome held class offices and won lame as a golfer. lo Haworth: lo will always be remem- hered for her dependability and beauty.--Marian Chris- tenson: Christy lingers in our memories as the little blonde with the A-l personality and brains.---Lois Schwalbe: The outstanding girl athlet: of her class. 21: ffl WW' 6. Il. lim-tgrava-. l'. Mi-l":n'IzimI, Ii. Zimmerman, L. Blickenstatf, E. Thomas, M. Keim J Skoldahl M J Price B Mooic 1 Cushman J. llawurtli, M. Christenson, L. Schwalbe. fe 'Q HIGHLIGHTS 0F THE YEAR- l anal 2 Spizzvrs cle-pic-ting ll-v pray ninotivs :xml tlw Vlzxppers. 23 Thv rlwir mul clmruh prosonlimx their sprimr concert "A Night at 01ml'0!l:1s." 11 A 1lll2il'lCl l'l'om ilu- l':1cific' Collcgzv slums al a lyveum. 3 A loaded wi'lx fnotlmll fans loaves fm' Twin Falls. Wi QM' HIHlII,lliH'lS OI" TIIIC YEAR- I l,4flvm-1- Iiuul 1.21111-41. Nizury .If-:nn l'1'i1'+' :und 21l1Pl'llliilllS .Io Hnwnrlh :md Holm-n Womlvilw. 2 Fnnllmll Qm-vu, .ln Hzmm-th :xml axttendzmts Mirinu K:-im :mul llwh-n Wmwlviru-. I! Jo Annv Er-km-l'y. 1-hni1'm:1n nf thv Nlvril Board :xml assistants Il:u'h:n':: K'ln-ments, Iilvn Ifvil. and Mm'- unn-I llvnni-X milf,-imf lm-rim l'Hl'llh. -I Thu iirst snowfall, 5fA scene from "Buddy Answers an Ad." ti Sage Queen and King of Hearts, Imisy Stuwnrt und, Loren Blickcnstaff. S ff 7 2 fiiff 7 D' ff! ' if WWW I If if i . , - S o . ,,,.l ",', Q W 0: A J,e:l"'A' , .. .-K.. as ?""'f""-'wi IN THE FLASS ROOM-- 1--Two fnmilizur far-es Fon Winter and Orville Smyth, c-ustodinus. 2 -The cafeteria cooks. 3f'Sam11ling the tasty food in the lunvhroom. 4--Inside the Machine Shop. 5--Constructing a receiving set in Radio class. 6--A commercial student Working at the dictaphone. 7-A hot debate. 4 1 1 E ' A Q - Q41 K ff. 3.7 'q N 'Lg QL I T .-,yr A I -.. 'iffjmb xinm fl V ' ' , . .. v , 1 aiiviwff I f i! 2 --wb", an A W 12451 su f H-'EATURI-I PAGE- If Hunting Buyxs. 2 -The jokers. 3--Look out Christie- you'll fall OIY!! 4- Oh, deah mel 5 Get to work Hurry! 6 Siyfnin' Sages. ' Pose pretty Put. Pi Oh heck! 9 Aiu't sho sweetl? 11?-fGrinnin' yrirlieh. ll Classy clmsiv. 12 l said, look at the 1-mm-ra! lil One .vmmj driver, 14- Slmky uin't he? 15' Anything: to QIGK in the am. 16 Yea, vw'rn- losin'l IT Just two kids in love. IX Who put Lf-i4-lily fr i 'u 'hv can. 19' Smile pretty. L0 -'Polishing Lhv appln-, I 'l'h.- Inn-yvnr nlds!! I En-k! an fn-nk! Z7 .lust Iikv Ilolmos always lulking. 1 Sitting lvroity. S Hvnvy, Joyce? 6 -Thomas und his hut. , Wh-111-lm 4hrin'f' N WH-'ro hh: huys now. 10 The pzamis ull horc. lil Whnt's thu- nmlh-r c':1n't ya rx-nd? ll llospnmlcnl r'hnram'lvl's, uw-n't tha-y'.' ll What? wrunu, lin-vi' ISS Mmm!!! I-1 Huh! Ain't I luuglm? 13 Sm-in' the world upside down. 16-Camera day. 17- -See . v n rn. spa-:ek nn, In-ur no uh yn-nh 1' IN 'l'h4- mm run Iinv. I!! Arf! Arf! LU Hands zwross thv snphs! 1.1m-Guin' for u swim. 1.1.--Men are hglrll up 1:--I mnuluys, 212 lfmk nl that -lump nl' IH-1-ks. Lfl Sws-vt Sixlm-1-n. 35 Who luwpvd Cho 1-m'k4-V? 26 We Llwvo a Skiing go. 27- I,4.un-'- huhful!! T4 lnmkia- lhl-rm-, :nin't Qhn- p1'vlly'f 29 Lurunn fn-ll lm' il. 320 lihm hard Stfnw. l V' n - ' -'ig-rLr JM! f' V1-LL. Af- " rw. Mfl' 1--f-f. ,I Wave! ff"f I -- -.f'- . A l'!y',!"4M!1 fi f!7,,fCfN , If ,ff f 'f faffffffp f,,If'!V I 1+ 'f ZU...c.'A.4..QJ.A.0fJ.- ,224 774A-W '31-M' CLJ WW. -L ,J ..,4..u.l.. ..,,.,,u-LL! 4 . if.. KC' C7 u.L4, ffl? 1 " 1 -f' ,bf-QQ!! Zag' .xg I xr X aQeafuf1ZvM, lfxfo o..4.:.J - .cl MUG .ld ,-' IDAHO STATE CAPITOL BUILDING BOISE ' 5222 50520 glzgbxgf Zaman Zngfzaadzqbagbanq A 320 s. xv. 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