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W gf? 65' ix X' QXXE M7M K 2wf,5f ywj7?fQfL!J ggi iiw ?fdf?wwf 1i ywiwfffgfgk jf,,M,N,? J VM 4 , X3 yfywzwyyf gzix Rm' is jx H M -N if 403 I , ff, R N ff Nli,DZ5girffY f fag? YW jyd xii? wg XX. if jg Z wi? ry X Q m S si X s , J Xgfkib X, Q A RK 9 Rfk 'QT' Q WQQNX 1 , V . ' - ' k:A 1Q , f'.5 WW VJ ,- " .,.L',' ' x fiifw . kfi , . - K , , ,X h . . K ,Q ' ,mu y ft - 1 -. . S ,KLM bAW,,,g. ' fx Q ',,,. A V "Q h.'. ' Q4 W' - lf . ' M N 5 ' Z M275 Q 1 xg. Z 6 -I Z V X ,Fl 'Q k A 1-My ,..- Q A.W I AQ:-X 4,45 JWOLL 6oi . A . ,. I ' -.J ' ' lx lv L, A ,N -.X-X. k , V x' K xg '-. g - ff kk . x '- K 'Q R53 W1 wk. . 1 , R, U 1 Q X E , ' HQ N N -3. Q NAA K . N Q13 'X 5 'SU . Sy A HH Q 3 , J .5 X wx ' '- Nw '. , -xi X3 X4 K , Q .SRX . ' -Xx Q J N q l N .9 I 7 2 ll. wats? R .L XX ' X 1 x ' f 4 1 V ffgiwpyf wg, ,wW wiW bmw :Qi Zigi-1 +1 Qfgifjff :Qi45jfl?Zu3? wiffggfwf 1' fagigiggwx iw bw W ii N fi if M Nj w , W Mfwwwhiif ,jp fx W M -mmfjq ZffZ7MM!77ZWjML Q W rf 'S Ts 2 QMEWQZ? MWM' EQ ff W ill X, fix 746 Sage ,W W A nfl 0, H , KWK ,L Zgfzm. ,QQQ Il fvyw ,. A W W A M M 35:4 Sdazaw Edifor-in-Chief BARBARA GOWEN B M BILL ALLEN W jj jf? 5 5, jggfbjgfiiy wiv 91 135 ,Q 5' S533 QM, v - ff kfjwzf 4 igf' Wh QAWIZM M I Qwgkid WM is 3 is 2 6awzewz4gX XiiS? HLETICS ANZAPS Q 3 Sl D eXLaurie Bird, who celebrates her twenty-fiffh anni- vers hing staff of Nampa High School, we dedicate our Sage. ceataftie age Pale, misty, green and silver seems the sage, Glowing softly in morn's first beams of light, Bedecked with wild flower foliage Of yellow, purple, crimson, purest whiteg And while rose tints the mou'ntain's snowy height The golden sunlight floods the sagebrush plaing A deep blue sky replaces colors brightg Boundless and vast extends the gray domain, Yet ever pungent scents of fragrant sage remain. At sunset how the length'ning shadows spread O'er sagebrush plain! While colors, vivid, rare, Flame o'er the western sky. Deep tones of red And orange richer glow in desert air. Blue blends with purple, green or golden flare And slowly fades when twilights' dusky veil Desccnds on gray jack rabbits debonair And blots out mountains, foothills, winding trail Intensified, the scents of sage o'er all prevail. -Annie Laurie Bird. 11 sX 7 S E- .S I X X - QWMQQH ,JM Z XM 'CZ' ,E W Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z f Z W ZWW'Z 'dc Sf Z Z sw. , 5, MQW Admmlstratln . 1 2452 Ri' Ks Z Z Z Z 7, Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z gf Z Z Z Z x OUR ADVISERS ' Girls' Mrs. Edna Wilkening Boys' Mr. Grove Haddock Financial b Mr. Webster Caldwell Ak :XJ ' u'vwlewt Class of 1946: On behalf of the Board of Education, the patrons, and the office of administration, I wish to extend congratulations on your achievements during your career in the Nampa public schools. You are being graduated into a world of peace after years of war. The nations have laid down their guns and they turn to more tranquil ways. A new era lies ahead and the youth of today has grave responsibilities. One of these responsibilities, to those who have fought for this peace, is to dedicate our every effort to the preservation of the America we love . . . an America that remains a land of opportunity . . . an America of ledership. We cannot all be leaders. It is important to an individual, and to his nation, to be a good follower. The first prerequisite for a good follower is to choose the right type of leader. And as you leave school to take your place in the world of affairs, I urge you to be good followersg be alert, ask questions and seek after the truth. A good follower demands that his leader be a man of high ideals and principles. The world is eager for those who follow, not blindly, but wisely. A Again, congratulations on attaining this milestone in your life. W. E. GILLAM, Superintendent. MISS GERTRUDE MILLER Treasurer and Clerk of School District No. 37 J CLASS OF 1946- Heartiest congratulations upon attaining another milestone in your formal education. You are the first high school graduates of a New Age. What world-shaking events have taken place since the last graduating class crossed the platform to receive diplomas, and how differently the members of this class may view, and plan for, the future! It is significant that the observance which marks the completion of your high school career is termed a "commencement" Your education is not completed, for education is a process which begins with the cradle and ends only with the grave. You are just beginning! You may all realize the simple truth of that statement. American "savvy" and "know-how" was not attained on a high school level. It was the product of the laboratories and classrooms of our universities and the laboratories of our great industrial plants. High schools furnished only the tools of learning. In this new age of science, higher education will be more necessary to success than ever before. It is my hope that each of you may find opportunity to continue your schooling, to the end that you may reap the greatest possible joy and satisfaction in your future lives. Best wishes for you all! H. F. WILLMORTH. MRS. IUTINA CORT Transcriber, Registrar, and Secretary to Principal Harold Willmorth i i . , Miss ANNIE LALIRIE BIRD: American History, Government. Ad- viser of: Spiz Club. Senior Class. Miss MINA CONRAD: Bookkeeping. MRS. MARGARET DUNEAR: Latin, Iournalism. Adviser of' Growl. Miss MIRIAM EASTLY: Girls' Physical Education Director. Ad- viser of: G. A. A. MISSCEVELYN HAGELIN: English II. Adviser of: Sophomore lass. Miss HELEN HINKEY: Spanish, English IV. Adviser of: Sage. Spanish Club. MR. EMORY HowARD: Vocational Agriculture. Adviser oi. F. F. A. Miss MARY LucAs: Librarian. MR. LEO MATHEWS: World History, Debate. Adviser of: De- bate Club. MR. C. QLllNLX'Z Machine Shop. Adviser of: Machinist lub. MR. JOHN RUPERT: Manual Training, Mechanical Drawing. Adviser of: Rifle Club. Miss WINIERED SERsA1N: Home Economics. Adviser of: Home EC. Club. Miss DILLA TucKER: Dramatics. English III. Adviser of: Thespians, Silver N. MRS. LOIS WENSTROM: Typing I, II. Adviser of: Girl Reserves. MRS. EDNA WILKENING: English III. Adviser of: Iunior Class. Girls' Adviser. MRS. FREEDA WRAY: Geometry. TEACHERS NUT A PIETURED MRS. DOROTHY BRowNE: Mixed Choir. MR. WEBSTER CALDWELL: Physics, Aeronautics, Trigo- nometry, Advanced Algebra. Adviser of: Service Club, Explorers. School Business Manager. MRS. GERALDINE CRUSH: Biology. MR. WM, CUNNINGHAM: Physical Education, Head Athletic Coach. Adviser of: Blu-N. MR. NORMAN EssoN: World Historyg Algebra. Assist- ant Coach. Head Baseball Coach. Miss BESSIE FALK: Destributive Education. MR. GROVE HADDOCK: American History. Adviser of. Iunior Class. Boys' Adviser. MR. HOWARD HARTMAN: Band. MR. PAUL IONES: Biology: Boys' Physical Education: Track Coach. Adviser of: Sophomore Class. MRS. FRANCES LuDLow: English III, Sociology, Eco- nomics. Adviser of: Girl Reserves. MR. PAuL LunLow: Chemistry, Solid Geometry, Busi- ness Arithmetic. Adviser of: Science Club, Senior Class. MRS. Lucv B. MORTON: Spanish, World History. MR. KIRK RUSH: Vocational Agriculture. Adviser of: F. F. A. Miss VIVIAN STONE! Art. Miss ALICE THOMPSON! Typing, Shorthand. Adviser of: Girl Reserves: Honor Society. MR. VIRGIL VAIL: Radio. Adviser of: Radio Club. School Board The school board, headed by Lester Hamilton, chairman, added many improvements to Nampa High School. B. G. Davies, E. G. Chaffer, C. M. Corlett, Elmer Kinney, Edson Deal and Gertrude Miller, clerk, complete the board. They planned many improvements for the school, among which was the leveling of the tract of land north of the Caldwell Boulevard. This land was then turned into a base- ball diamond for the high school enthusiasts. They secured equipment for the machine shop, manual training and agriculture building from the U. S. Government surplus commodities. Considerable time was spent trying to find a location for a new high school. They gave their work much publicity among the service clubs to get public opinion. Although the board came to no definite conclusion, they found several desirable sites and are planning to build a new up-to-date high school in the next few years. Merit Board S The merit board, composed of Barbara Gowen, chairman, Barbara Lessinger, Barbara McCall, and Myrna Knipe, met once each semester to compile the activity points earned by students during that semester. This work consisted of checking activities listed on petition cards turned in by the sponsor of each club. Finally the points on each card were totaled and the sum recorded. Each year the five Seniors earning the greatest number of points receive a life pass which admits them to all events sponsored by Nampa Senior High School. l' - X ---.- . .- f ff" p pptg S p g tere p I Q .e S i ai. .... . - r.. an Top Row: R. Fothergill. D. Hiner. C. Childers. N. Sower, D. Reed. B. Moore. J. Hayes. D. Comstock. G. Clark. E. Brubaker. MiddleLRow:kB. Burlyle. V. Campbell. S. Taylor. P. Juninger, M. Moulton. K. Kimz, J. Booth, B. Crooks. B. Feeler. N. Tiller, . Buc . Bottom Row: D. Tiegs, B. Gowen. V. Hershberger, G. Cushman. D. Barnes, B. White. J. Rehm, B. Allen. A. Foster. B. Keim. Student liuuncil Two of the most important matters settled by the Student Council this year were incompleted topics left over from previous years. The first was approving the budget drawn up by Mr. Cald- well, the high school treasurer. The second was revising, and passing the school Constitution. Nampa High School's governing body was steered by Glenn Cushman, president, Bill Allen, vice- presidentg Valeta Hershberger, secretary. The other administrators included homeroom representa- tives, yell king and queen, publication editors, and class presidents. Once each month a boy from the senior class was elected by the Student Council as Student Ro- tarian. These honored boys were Tom Thompson, Pat Little and Mike Hayes. A piano was purchased by the organization for use in assemblies. The members voted to have the exchange assembly, which was given in Boise, and charge admission for the purpose of raising funds for a new refrigerator in the lunchroom. It was also decided to have the Senior Assembly a pay assembly. The money from this was to help pay for the srevice-men's placque. Plans for assisting in the District Basketball Tournament, held here in Nampa, were carried out by the Student Council. Committees were chosen to procure posters, provide for half-time enter- tainment, to keep the gym floor clean and to attend to various details. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Glenn Cushman, President Bill Allen, Vice-President Valera Hershberger, Secretary i x NX X K Classes OUR CLASS PRESIDENTS i Senior Dick Comstock Junior Bob Wilkerson Sophomore Francis Cushman Z M Z Z A xx. bn N.---: We Z ff? f f 2? Z X K. SENIOR CLASS The long trek is over for the thirty-ninth graduating class of N. H. S. This years seniors are leaving the portals of Nampa High with a feeling that much has been accomplished since 1942. President Dick Comstock, and his assistants, Tom Thompson, vice-president, and Jonec Harley, secretary-treasurer, led the class through their final year. As "greenies" this class never lacked originality. In early fall of "43," the motto, "Not for school, but life we learn," was chosen, while the carnation and blue and gold were selected as the class flower and colors, respectively. "Coach Cunningham's Headache Before the Franklin Game," a skit, presented before the student body, and a matinee dance concluded the class's activities for their initial year. Soft music and elaborate decorations portrayed "Magic Is the Moonlight" which was the theme of the Junior-Senior Prom, given in honor of the preceding class, by the class of "46." Nineteen forty-five and forty-six brought their high school career to its climax. A dance was given January 4 with the theme "Blues in the Night." Betty Spencer was general chair- man, Barbara Waigand, George Sparks, Helen Schuler, subordinating. The spring of "46" arrived with the last of their activities. Casting their dignity aside, the jovial seniors presented from the "Gay Nightiesv, "Herbert's Sherbert Shoppe" as their as- sembly. Pauline Hilty took full charge of the affair. She was assisted by Dorothy Cudd, Jack Rehm, Barbara White, Robert Patterson, Valeta Hershberger, Barbara Gowen, and Ruthie Lloyd. The door receipts were turned over for the Servicemens' Placque. "Garden of Memories," the theme chosen to be used for the senior luncheon, held May 7 . was carried out in a refreshing manner by Chairman Barbara Gowen and her committees. In- cumbent class advisers, Miss Bird and Mr. Ludlow, as well as the girls' and boys' advisers, Mrs. Wilkening and Mr. Haddock, were guests of honor. Baccalaureate exercises, on May 12, preceded commencement by four days. The time has come for the class of "46" to bid farewell to N. H. S. OFFICERS Dick Comstock, President Tom Thompson, Vice-President Jonee Harley, Secretary MYRON ABBOTT! Mixed Chorus: Track. GLENN ALDOUSI F. F. A. Secretary. BILL L. ALLEN: Student Body Vice-President: Sage, Business Manager, Assistant Business: Sophomore Class Vice-President: Service Club, President: Ex- plorer Club, Vice-President, Secretary: Hi-Y Club. Secretary: Quill 6 Scroll Club, Vice President: Latin Club, President: Silver N, Sergeant-at-Arms: Thes- pian Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: Science Club, Vice- Presiclent: Blu-N Club: Varsity Golf: Home Room Representative: Student of the Month. MARJORIE IEAN ANKETELL: Spanish Club: Girl Reserves, Vice-President: G. A. A. VlX'lEN ELAINE ARANT: Girl Reserves, Secretary, Vice- President: Home Ec.: G. A. A.: Choir: Spanish Club. CARL ARNOLD: F. F. A., President: Rifle Club. BILL ASCHENBRENNER: Sophomore Football: Varsity Football, Co-Captain: Blu-N: Iunior Class. Vice- President. SUSAN R. ALILBACHZ Home Ec.: G. A. A. EDMUND BACON: MARIA BADIOLA: BEVERLY BAER: Mixed Chorus: G. A. A. LOIS M. BAILEY: Silver N, Secretary: Spanish Club, Vice- President: G. A. A.: Orchestra, Vice-President: String Choir: Girl Reserves, President. IRMA IOYCE BALDWIN: Silver N: Heine Ee. DARRO ANN BARNES: Silver N: Debate: Growl, Assistant Feature Editor, Girls' Sports, Editor: Latin Club, President: Quill 45 Scroll, President: N. F. L.: Spiz: Student Council. NoRIxIA LEE BARRETT: G. A. A.: Home Ec. BETTY BEER! Office Monitor: Silver N. CLYDE RAYMOND BERRY: Band. IAY BIRKS: Radio Club, F. F. A.: Track. MARVIN L. BLANKSMA: Service Club: Science Club: Band. SYLVIA NOVELLA BOAL: Clifton High School, Colorado. GENE BODLE: Blu-N: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Basketball: Student Manager of Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball: Varsity Baseball: Iunior Varsity Basketball: Radio Club. LETHA BONDE: DONNA IUNE BOOTH: Thespians: Silver N: Spiz: Choir, Vice-President: Student Council: Office Monitor: Latin Club: Girls' Sextette. LAVERLE BOWMAN: F. F. A.: Machinist Club. BONNIE IEAN BRONKOVICH: Girl Reserves: Home Ec. BETTY BROWN: DORIS MARIE BROWN: Student Council: Silver N: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: G. A. A.: Home Ec., Treasurer. CHARLES E. BRUBAKER: Student Council. PAUL BUDELL: F. F. A. ALLEN CANE: DELORES M. CANNADY: Girl Reserves: Home Ec.: G. A. A. MARION CAREY! KENNETH CASPER: ELIGENE CLANCY: IOHN M. COLVIN: Frosh-Soph Football: Sophomore Bas- ketball: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball: Blu-N: Band, Vice-President: Choir, Manager. EDWARD R. COMSTOCK: Frosh-Soph Football: Sophomore Basketball: Baseball: Sage, Assistant Sports Editor: Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: Blu-N: Student Council: Senior Class President: Sage Collector. MARIE COOK: Spanish Club, Vice-President: Student Council: G. A. A.: Home Ec.: Spiz: Silver N. GENE PAULINE CRAWFORD! Home Ec. Silver N: Girl Re- serves: Marsing High School. BECKY IANE CROOKS: Radio Club: G. A. A.: Student Council: Silver N: Band: Orchestra: Spanish Club. WANDA MAXINE CRuIvIR: Fruitland High School. DOROTHY CUDDI Band, Custodian: Student Director, Top Sergeant: G. A. A.: Silver N: Sage Collector: Latin Club. Consul: Pep Band, Student Director: Dance Band: Spiz: Debate: String Choir: Orchestra. WILLIAM IAMES CUDD: Varsitry Football: Varsity Basket- ball: Varsity Baseball: ennis: Track: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Basketball. GLENN CUSHMAN: Student Body President: Iunior Class President: Varsity Basketball Captain: Varsity Foot- ball: Varsity Golf Captain: Sophomore Football: Cvrowl, Sports Editor: Quill and Scroll: Latin Club. LAMONT CuTLER: Varsity Football: Sophomore Football: Track: Blu-N: Iunior Varsity Basketball: Student Council: U. S. Marine Corps. I. REED DOWDLE: Explorers: Silver N: Thespian, Vice- President: Soph-Frosh Football: Mixed Chorus. ARDEN DRAKE: Band: Explorers, Vicc-President: Track: Orchestra. MARY DUNN: G. A. A.: Girls' Varsity Basketball: Girls' Varsity Volleyball. LYHN DYAS: F. A. A. MARY DYAS: MILDRED ELLIS: Girl Reserves: Home Ec.: Mixed Chorus: Girls' Glee Club. IOY MARILYN EvENs: MARY Lou EVANS: Orchestra: Tennis: G. A. A.: Spiz: Spanish Club. DON FARLINGER: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Bas- ketball: Blu-N: Quill and Scroll: Honor Society: Var- sity Football: Track: Tennis: Growl, Assistant Sports Editor. BONNIE IEAN FEELER: Sage Collector: Office Monitor: G. A. A.: Spiz: Student Council. DONNA FERGUSON! G. A. A.: Girl Reserves: Home Ec. IOSEPH W. FIET: Baseball: Iunior Varsity Basketball: Hi-Y: Explorers: Machinist Club. DOLORES LOu1sE FRENCH: MELVIN FRONSDAHL: Track: Tennis: Blu-N: Honor So- ciety: Rifle Club. ERMA FuLcHER: Girl Reserves: Thespians: N. N. A. Iusrus W. GEORGE: Student Council: Service Club: Honor Society: Science Club, President. TOM GIBBS: Radio Club: Explorers: Blu-N: Spanish Club. SONNA L. GOOD! G. A. A., Treasurer, Vice-President. Sergeant-at-Arms: Girl Reserves: Home Ec.: Student Coach at Kenwood: Science Club: Rifle Club: Girls' Varsity Basketball: Softball: Volleyball. VIVIAN GOTT: BARBARA LEE GowEN: Sage, Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Editor, Assistant Organization Editor: Student Coun- cil: Service Club, Vice-President: Quill and Scroll, Secretary-Treasurer: Honor Society, Secretary: Merit Board Chairman: Spanish Club: Spiz: Student of the Month: Varsity Debate. ROBERT GRINI: Science Club: Spanish Club: Baseball: Ra- dio Club. PEGGY ALVERSON GROVE: Silver N: Radio Club: Latin Club. Lou GIJNDY: Office Monitor: Choir. ALICE MARIE HALLBERG: Band, Librarian, Sergeant, As- sistant Custodian: Orchestra: Latin Club: Censor: Girl lgeserves: G. A. A.: Pep Band: Sage Collector: String hoir. IOANNE LOUISE HAMILTON: Mixed Choir: Service Club: Science Club: Spiz, Vice-President: Home Ec.: Latin Club. ELAINE HANKS: Thespian, President: Silver N, Secre- tary-Treasurer: Spanish Club: Home Ec.: Girls' Sex- tette: Mixed Choir, Secretary: G. A. A. IONEE HARLEH'Z G. A. A., President, Vice-President: Rifle Club: Senior Class Secretary: Home EC.: Girl Re- serves: Spiz: Mixed Choir: Glee Club. IACKIE LEE HASBROLICKC Latin Club: G. A. A.: Girl Re- serves: Band. DON l-lAssEI.ERING: F. F. A., Vice-President: Machinist Club. IAAIES P. HAYES: Student Council: F. F. A.: Machinist Club: Baseball. ' IOE HAX'ESZ F. F. A. MIKE HAYES: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball: Blu-N: Track: Hi-Y: Radio: Tennis: Sophomore Bas- ketball: Sophomore Football: Blu-N, President. GEORGE HAYS: F. F. A.: Rifle Club. STEPHEN HENNIS: VALETA HERSHEERGER: Tennis: Iunior Class Secretary: Home Ec. Club, President: G. A. A., Treasurer: Sage Collector: Silver N: Spiz: Student Body Secretary. PAULINE HILTY: Mixed Choir: Debate: Debate Manager: Silver N: N. F. L.: Thespian, Secretary: Spanish Club: Honor Society: Growl, Exchange Editor, News Editor, Organization Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Re- porter: Quill and Scroll: Girl Reserves: Student Coun- cil: Spiz. DAVID L. HINER: Service Club: Science Club: Honor So- ciety: Student Council: Varsity Track: Radio Club: Rifle Club: Explorer Club: Spanish Club. HAROLD HOGAN: Service Club: Science Club: Honor So- ciety: Debate. EARI. E. HOLLENEEGK: F. F. A. JIM HORTON: Mixed Choir: Hi-Y: Rifle Club: Latin Club. IusTIN HORTON: Track. DAVID HUNT! Honor Society. DONALD HUNT! Machinist Club. IoYcE IEANNINE JONES! Home Ec.: Spanish Club. MARGARET KEIM: Mixed Choir, Librarian: Girl Reserves: Girls' Sextette: Orchestra: Silver N: Sage Collector: Office Monitor: Girls' Glee Club. KATHRYN KING: Majorette: Sage, Assistant Class Editor. Class Editor: Quill and Scroll: Spiz: Silver N: G. A. A.: Spanish Club, President: Student Council: Lettuce Bowl Queen: Gooding High School. IOHN BURKE KOTTER: Golf: Tennis: Camera Club. IUNE C. LACEY: Spanish Club: Girl Reserves: Home Ec. IACK LADD: U. S. Marine Corps. MARVIN EUGENE LARsoN: Tennis: Arcadia High School. Nebraska. ELEANOR LAuGI-ITER: Girl Reserves. BARBARA JEAN LEssINGER: Sage Assistant Class Editor: Growl Business Manager, Circulation Manager: Latin Club: Quill and Scroll: Merit Board. PAT LITTLE: Student Council: Soph-Frosh Football: Sophomore Basketball: Varsity Football: Varsity Bas- ketball: Baseball Manager: Machinist Club. Secretary: Blu-N, Secretary: Student Rotarian. RUTHIE LLOYD: Quill and Scroll: Honor Society: Spiz. Sergeant-at-Arms: Latin Club. Consul: Sage, Assist- ant Feature Editor, Music Editor: Home Ec. BUD MABE: Silver N, Sergeant-at-Arms: Radio Club: Mixed Choir: U. S. Navy. IOYCE MACHOS: G. A. A.: Spanish Club: Student Coach at Eastside. HAROLD S. MANSON: Band: F. F. A.: Mixed Choir: Or- chestra: Tennis. KENNIETH MARKIIS: Radio Club: Science Club. LORENE ELLEN MARSHALL: Spiz: Silver N, Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary: Latin Club: Sage, Typist. LEONARD H. MARTENS: Machinist Club. FRANCES MARTIN: Mixed Choir: Home EC.: Glee Club: Spanish Club. MARTENA MARTIN: Girl Reserves, Treasurer: Home Ec. VERN MARTIN: Machinist Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: Soph- Frosh Football: Varsity Football: Blu-N, Vice-Presb dent, WILMA MARTIN: G. A. A.: Girl Reserves: Home Ec.. Historian: Silver N: Growl. Reporter, Assistant Fea- ture Editor, News Editor: Quill and Scroll: Majorette. MARGARET MARxT: Latin Club. MARIE MASON: Honor Society: Home Ec. Rum' MAUCHER: Tennis: Choir. LEROY MCDANNEL: Hi-Y. IEANNE ALICE MILLER: Girl Reserves: G. A. A.: Home Ec. EDITH MooRE: G. A. A.: Home Ec. GENEVIEVE MOTYKA: Orchestra: Mixed Choir: Honor Society. DALE E. MouLToN: IACK MURRAY! U, S. Marine Corps. ROBERTA IEAN MYERS: Spiz, President: Quill and Scroll: Thespians: N. F. L.: Silver N: Growl: G. A. A.: Stu- dent Council: Home Ec.: Office Monitor. MARY LOUISE NEHER: Sage, Art Editor: Service Club, Secretary: Honor Society, Vice-President: Science Club, Secretary: Mixed Chorus: Latin Club. IAMES H. NELSON: Orchestra, Manager: Tennis. LILLIAN NELSON: Home Ec.: Band: Glee Club, Secretary: Pep Band: Tennis. PHYLLIS NEWLAND: Girls' Glee Club: Spanish Club: Honor Society, Vice-President: Growl, Reporter, Copy Desk Editor, Secretary: Quill and Scroll. ARLINE NICHOLS: G. A. A.: Girl Reserves: Home Ec.: Rifle Club. DOLORES OBERST: G. A. A.: Girl Reserves: Home EC., Vice-President: Latin Club: Science Club: Tennis: Girls' Varsity Volleyball. DOREAN Orroa Girl Reserves: Home Ec. MIKE PACKARD: Girl Reserves: G. A. A.: Tennis: Science Club. Secretary: Latin Club. LoIs LORRAINE PATRICK! Spiz: Home Ec., Vice-President: Girl Reserves: Silver N: Majorette. ROBERT PATTERSON: Tennis: Band: Mixed Choir: Science Club. NADEANE PECK: G. A. A.: Girl Reserves: Home EC.: Band: Rifle Club. if 5 EVA PORTER: Service Club: Science Club, Secreta - Treasurer: G. A. A., Secretary: Home Ec. Club: rls' Varsity Basketball. BETTY POWELL! SHIRLEY POWERS: G. A. A.: Girls' Varsity Basketball Team: Baseball. DONNA PRITCHETT: G. A, A. N.NDlNE IENNETT PRITCHETT: RICHARD LEE RADFORD: Science Club: Band: Orchestra: Silver N: Latin Club: Mixed Choir: Dance Band: Pep Band. BETTY REEvEs: EUGENE ALLEN REHM, IR.: Sophomore Basketball: Stu- dent Council: Yell King: Orchestra: Dance Band, President: Growl, Advertising: Quill and Scroll: Sil- ver N, Sergeant-at-Arms, President: Mixed Choir: Thespian, Treasurer: Explorers: Honor Society: Band, President. VIoLE'r REININGER: G. A. A. CHARLOTTE LOUISE REMPP: Silver N: Latin Club: Girl Reserves: G. A. A. IACK RICHARDS: Track: Meridian High School. BOB RICHENS: Sophomore Football: Track: Varsity Foot- ball: Machinist Club: Blu-N, President. JUNE RIVETT: Spiz: G. A. A.: Sage Collector: Home Ec. RICHARD S. RODGER: Rifle Club, President: Science Club: Machinist Club. Vice-President. ALBERT ROMINE: TERRY RooT: MARJORIE RUDOLPH: Meridian High School. LORRAINE RUSSELL: Spanish Club, President, Treasurer: Spiz: Growl, Assistant Copy Desk Editor, Copy Desk Editor, Reporter: Quill and Scroll: Silver N, Vice- President: G. A. A.: Home Ec.: Tennis: Debate. RLITH W. SALEK: St. Ann's Academy, Victoria, B. C. VIRGINIA SALLEE: Growl, Reporter, Assistant Exchange Editor, Exchange Editor, News Editor, Advertising Manager: Home Ec.: Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: G. A. A.: Band. PEARL SANDERsoN: Honor Society: Girls' Glee Club. ROBERT LYLE SATERN: KENNETH ROBERT SCHALPIA: SHIRLEY SCHROEDER: Latin Club. HELEN LOUISE ScHuLER: Honor Society: G. A, A., Sec- retary-Treasurer, Head Point Keeper: Science Club: Home Ec.: Girl Reserves: Girls' Basketball: Softball: Volleyball: Latin Club, Secretary. DANIEL SCHWALEE: Tennis: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Football: Sophomore Basketball: Soph-Frosh Foot- ball: U. S. Marine Corps. CHARLENE RosE SHROLL: Kuna High School: Home Ec.. Secretary: Girl Reserves: Majorette: Silver N. BILL SINCLAIR: Baseball: Iunior Varsity Basketball. DOLORIS EILEEN SNYDER: G. A. A., Treasurer: Latin Club. Treasurer: Girls' Varsity Basketball: Softball. DONNA IEAN SNYDER: Choir Business Manager: Band, Custodian: Girl Reserves, President: Silver N: Science Club. IO ANN SNYDER: G. A. A.: Mixed Choir: Rifle Club: Girl Reserves: Latin Club. GEORGE C. SPARKS: Explorers, Sergeant-at-Arms: Radio Club, President: Blu-N: Sophomore Football: Foot- ball Manager: Spanish Club, BETTY JEAN SPENCER: Silver N, President, Vice-Presif dent: State D. A. R.: Latin Club, President: Varsity Debate: Debate Club. President: Honor Society: Thespian: Quill and Scroll, Vice-President: Growl, Reporter, Assistant Feature Editor, Feature Editor: Spiz: N. F. L. Degreee of Distinction: Sophomore Class Secretary. JACK STROUD: Machinist Club: Blu-N: F-1 Club. CLEDA MAE STRuTHERs: Honor Society: Spanish Club: Orchestra. LETHA SuTTLEs: Ontario Oregon. ORvII,I.E TARTER: F. F. A. MARVIN TAYLOR: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball: Blu-N: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Basketball: U. S. Marine Corps. ELAINE THOINIASZ Spiz: Latin Club, Consul: Honor So- ciety, President: Mixed Choir, Pianist. TOM THOMPSON: Machinist Club, President: Soph-Frosh Football: Sophomore Basketball: Tennis: Track: Senior Class Vice-President: Rifle Club: Blu-N: Stu- dent Rotarian. EEEIE MAE TIsER: Home Ec.: Girl Reserves: Office Moni- tor, LARRY TRIMELE: Varsity Football: Soph-Frosh Foot- ball: Blu-N: Track: U. S. Marine Corps. LA VONNE UNDERDAHL! Adrian High School. ILIANITA URYVINZ G. A. A.: Latin Club. THELMA VOIGT: Home Ec.: G. A. A. ROBERTA PEARL WAGERS: Girl Reserves: Spanish Club: Science Club: G. A. A. BARBARA ANN WAIGAND: Latin Club, Treasurer. VIDA WALLACE: Adrian High School. DoRo1 HY XVALTMAN! Home Ec. IUNE WATERHousE: Orchestra. President: Choir. Cus- todian: Girl Reserves: Spanish Club: Silver N. RONALD WEBER: Explorers. GLORIA B. WELCH: Student Council: Spiz: Home Ec.: Silver N. BARBARA IANE WHITE: Band, Secretary: Pep Band: Dance Band. Secretary-Treasurer: Spiz, Secretary: Student Council: Silver N: G. A. A.: Latin Club. LucILI.E WHITE: G. A. A. AvoIXvEAWILcox: Ward-Belmont, Nashville, Tenn.: G. RAMONA MAE WILLIAMS: Spiz: Sage, Typist: Silver N, Secretary: Spanish Club, Secretary: Home Ec. MARY Lou WINANS: Spanish Club: Mixed Choir: Girls' Glec Club. CARYI. ELAINE WITTENBERGER: Student Council: Home EC.: Girl Reserves: Silver N: Spiz: Spanish Club: Tennis: Band. DARYL WITTENBERGER: Sophomore Representative at Large: Sage. Assistant Organization Editor. Organi- zation Editor: Service Club: Mixed Choir, Vice-Presi- dent, President: Hi-Y, Secretary, President: Student Council: Latin Club: Baseball. HAROLD L. WOLEE: Varsity Football: Varsity Basket- ball: Baseball: Blu-N: I-li-Y: Radio Club: Sophomore Class President. CLARIBEL WooD: Girls' Glee Club, Librarian. HOPE MARIAN WooD: Latin Club: Science Club: Rifle Club, Treasurer: G, A. A.. President: Home EC.: Stu- dent Coach: Girls' Varsity Basketball: Volleyball: Softball. MARGIE YATES: MARY ANN ZAPR: Spiz: G. A. A.: Rifle Club: Home Ec.: Mixed Choir: Tennis. MYRTLE ZARBNISKY: Orchestra, Secretary: G. A. A., Sec- retary: Girl Reserves, Secretary: Thespians, Clerk: Silver N, President: Growl, Assistant Circulation Edi- tor, Feature Editor: Honor Society, Secretary: Quill and Scroll: Latin Club, Consul: Service Club: Student Council: Sage Collector: Student of the Month. SENIUBS NUT PICTURED ROLAND D. ALLEN: Army Air Forces: Baseball: Football. RAYMOND BALTAZOR: United States Navy. . LEROY E. BATES: Northwest Nazarene Academy. MARVIN DINWIDDIE: United States Navy. ROBERT DossETT: RAY A. ENGELHARDT: United States Navy. BETTY ER1cIcsoN: Home Ec.: Girl Reserves, IAMES W. GAEouRxE: GEORGE GALLAWAY: United States Army. FREDRICK I. GUNTHER: Explorers Club: Track: Sophomore Football Manager: Sophomore Basketball: Grade School Coach. Basketball: CYRIL HATFIELD: United States Navy. MARIE HENDERSON! ERICA IONES! Glee Club. WALTER R. IONES: United States Air Forces. DAVID LAwI.Is: CAROLINE LEAVITT: Melba High School. CONNIE LEE: Northwest Nazarene Academy. RAYMOND LENZ: F. F. A., Secretary, EDWARD MIYosHI: Radio Club: F. F. A. MYRTLE RosE MouLToN: Melba High School. ToM NYHus: PAIIL OSTYN: Baseball: Blu-N: United States Marine Corps, THERON K. RIcI-IARDsoN: Track: Mixed Chorus: Iunior Varsity Basketball. GORDON SANDERSON: Untied States Army. MARJORY DEAN DAvIs STRIITHERS: Vancouver High School: Mixed Choir. FRANCIS SuTI-IERLAND: Northwest Nazarene Academy. WILLIAM I. WILLARD: United States Marine Corps: Sophomore Football: Mixed Chorus: Tennis. JQIINNY WITTEMAN: Rifle Club: Science Club. Valedictorian and Salutatnrian JUSTUS GEORGE DAVID I-IINER Valedictorian Salutatorian JUNIOR CLASS Fulfilling their class motto, "The Elevator to Success Is Not Running, Take the Stairs," the class of '47 is steadily pounding the doors of success. Students were spurred by the shining leadership of Bob XVilkerson, who twice has won the honor of prexy. The vice-president position was efficiently occupied by Jim McNeil, and Patty Hankins took the secretarial duties. XVith favorable decisions in all meetings, Mrs. Edna Wilkening and Grove Haddock, acl- visers for the class, are to be congratulated for their beneficial support. As a fitting climax for all the other spring affairs, the Juniors, capably headed by Bar- bara McCall, entertained the Seniors at the annual Junior-Senior Prom. The preceding days of April 12 resulted in a charming disguise of the Masonic Temple ballroom carrying out the theme of "It Might As Well Be Spring." The Junior class assembly was welcomed with open arms as a highlight during the spring term. Alert aggressive spirit was shown by its committee, which was composed of Keith Brown, Bobbie Jo King, Maxine McLellan, and Bob Wilkerson. With the help of its cast, this affair was very successful. In the sports world Gale and Dale Faylor took high honors on the maple court team. Spe- cial praises go to Willie Maravilla and Z. L. Pearson for meritorious work on the football squad. The final event the juniors presented was a sport dance, which was as well received as the other main happenings. ,Tis a hard thing to go through the metamorphosis from a green sophomore to a stately senior-this the Junior class has successfully accomplished. OFFICERS Bob XVilkerson, President jim McNeil, Vice-President Patty Hankins, Secretary H. Agee B. Bastida P. Bledsoe P. Burns E. Childs P. Cotner O . Duvall gmpwmge Anderson Bnuer Bradburn Burton Caleman Cramer Eckert HFFZFFF Armstrong Bentley Brown Campbell Coons Crofton Edmark J. Ballard K. Barrett H. Bartels M. Betts E. Billick W. Blanksma P. Brubaker L. Buck S. Burback D. Carlberg L. Cnvin C. Childers B. Cooper B. Copes B. Cox-nilles S. Drake D. Dunn V. Durell M. Enberg J. Eshelman L. Essingbon E. Ewing C. Forrey J. Gibbons M. Grant J. Hampson I. Hasbrouck K. Hoagland 4v1f-Hpfpp Faylor Foster Gabica Grimes Hanke Hendry Hockhalter G. Faylor R. Fothergill E. Gaerte D. Grosenback P. Hankins L. Hennis J. Holmes QrmPpop Finch Foust Garmendia Grove Hannon Hennis Hoover FWSFWFF Florey French George Halcom Harper Henry Huffaker mmmmmsp Flowers Fritschle Gott Halverson Harrell Heyer Humphreys A. Humphreys R. Ishibashi P. Juninger I. Keating J. Kukla D. Labrum C. Ieuvitt XV. Leavitt A. Lovuas R. Luekemrn A. Mallea W. Maravilla D. McCurly H. McGlot.hlen M. Jacobson B. Keim L. Lapp D. Lewis A. Lundquist I.. Martin M. McLellan FPS-UEFPUTU Jacobson King Larrinaga Lochray Lyons Martindale McNeil C. Jenkins M. Knipe D. Larson R. Logan M. MacGillivray D. Martineau E. McNees B. Jones B. Krajnik V. Lawrence R. Loosli D. Machos B. McCall D. Metzger D. Metzger B. Montgomery J. 0'Brien B. Plush M. Roth A. Schulcr B. Sims L. Miller P. Miller K. Moore M. Moulton 0. Ord B. Park D. Reed I. Richards R Rouse F. Sassenbery N Sedlacek J. Shaffer G. Smith G. Smyth J. Mitchell B. Myers E. Pascoe L. Richards H. Schell E. Shefstall D. Snyder M. Miyake R. Newton C. Peterson P. Robb C. Schornburg D. Shores J. Spink wide?-wp Montague Nicodemus Pierson Rosenlof Schoonover Simmons Stephens WUFUQF Strauhhaar Taylor Towery Walker Weible Wisely mmwrsp Stroud Thorne Tullis Wallace Wheeler Wohlgamuth 3F5m?F Swindle Tidwell Ulrich Waltman Wilkerson Vlfoodard G. Swobodn D. Tiegs D. Urber B. Ware T. Williams D Wyatt Y 1 l PWFFFm Sykes Tiller Urizar Weaver Wilson Zieman W. Tackett N. Tiller R. Wakefield D. Weaver J. Wilson SUPHUMURE CLASS Whether taking part in the school activities or merely supporting them, the "Sophs of 46" have contributed much pep and enthusiasm. The responsibility for the numerous events rested on the shoulders of the energetic offi- cers, Francis Cushman, presidentg Mike Miller, vice-president, and Mary Jean Price, secretary. Guided and supported by Miss Evelyn Hagelin and Paul Jones, class advisers, the underclassmen showed diligence and co-operativeness in carrying on the affairs of their class. One of the principal events presented by the lowerclass was the Sophomore Assembly, which took place January 29, with Norman Sower as general chairman. Included on the assembly were musical and comedy numbers. Basketball heroes were humorously portrayed in a quiz program. The height of hilarity was reached when Q'Corky" Gallinger and Wando Mau- pin presented a short skit. The Sophs showed ingenuity by making this assembly as great a suc- ccss as the other class productions. Many sophomores were prominent in scholastic affairs such as debate and music, and held a high place on the honor rolls. Bill Moore scored a hit on the State Basketball second team, and Dick Bader and Larry Bennett held honorable mention in sports along with other students of the class. s Holding aloft their banner of green, the sophomores have contributed much to the year's activities. OFFICERS Francis Cushman, President Hubert Miller, Vice-President Mary Jean Price, Secretary UFPQFFP AL.-fee Baker Blickenstaff Briggs Burrl Childs Coates rpvwgew Allen Baker Bowen Brown Burton Chitwood Cobbs I. Allen C. Baun B. Bowne C. Buck J. Busby M. Christensen V. Coffman H. Antrim B. Beckwith L. Boyenger E. Budell V. Campbell G. Clark P. Conway L. Aulback G. Ayers D. Bader R. Bell L. Bennett G. Biggs J. Boyles G. Bramon M. Brankovitch T. Budell J. Bullen B. Burlyle B. Caron J. Carter D. Chamber J. Clark W. Clark B. Clements B, Corn G. Cornilles K. Coyne M. Crowthel' R. Eastland J. Fadu C. Gallinger J. Gross C. Harley M. Holland R. Cx-oy J. Eckery R. Faris L. Garmendia V. Haber B. Hartgrnve V. Hooker F. Cushman A. Edwards B. Fart C. Garner G. Haines K. Hartley R. Hoppins G. De Minck B. Edwards C. Feeler R. Gates G. Hallberg J. Hayes M. Hroza J. Dennie Ekstien Fields Gomer Ham. Henry J. Hughes gc?-gm-asm DuBois Elder Freitag Gomer Hunks Hergert Hunt B Dvorak B. Emmett J. Fujii D Groesbeck G. Harbough D. Hogge C. Hunter G. Ihli G. Jones M. Krehbill B. Long C. McArthur M. Miller D. Murphy FFFFFFF Jensen Keim Krieger Lorentz McCarthy Mills Nelson FFF? John B. Johnson Kinghorn E. Koho Lndd I. Larson Lownsdale G. Lyda W. McConnell M. McCurley M. Mohd B. Moore R. Nelson J. Newby B. Johnson R. Korn T. Larson B Markus V. McDermott B Moore L. Newman B. Johnson M. Kovanda M. Lessinger H. Marr H. Miller H. Morris B. Noble psnf-ameri Jones Krezer Lindsey Mego Miller Mott Nylanden 1 H. Oberst E. Pierson H. Prater D. Romph A. Sassenmn J. Shaver M. Smith J. C. O'Brien V. Pilant M. Price S. Root J. Saulls L. Shimanek N. Sewer R. Ostyn L. Piper H. Randolph L. Roshomr M. Scharfen E. Shockley G. Stanford B. Parks J. Pline J. Rauzon A. Roskelly M. Schmidt L. Simmons D. Stewart R. Patterson W. Porter D. Reed J. Rudolph D. Schmier J. Simpson N. Struthers :vrlvgmwm Peterson Powers Richesin Russel Schwalbe Singleton Svehlar-l-: R. Peterson W. Prachyl B. Robertson W. Russell B. Seitz J. Skordah. S. Swindle S. Taylor D. Tiser M. VanBuskirk L. Wertenberger C. W'ilty G. Yost B. Terry G. Tovey J. VanEpps V. Vlfheeler R. VVood A. Young 4:35123 Thomas Trimble Vnudrny White W'oodvine Zessinger E. Thomas J. 'hzcz E. NVRRTIEI' T. Xvhite B Worsley B. Zimmerman G. Thomas D. Uprarrizu J. Walters W. Vlfiggs B. Worsham B. Tiegs R. Ulmer P. Ward D. Wilde E. Wyatte F. Tidwell R. Unser B. Webster N. Wilson L. Yates OUR COACHES E 0 : 3 E . : in :- m 3 G5 'K o 4 0 I Bl n. n. o 6 Sl' I- Z N 0 O H 3 5: m an :x 9- af' N uv S o V' 3 Paullones Q. A A .N y 5 i ii " Top Row: B. Cudd, D. Farlinger, B. Coleman, H. Wolfe, D. Dunn, B. Richins, P. Luke. B. NVallace, R. George. C. Jones. Third Row: J. Colvin, B. Duffin, B. Wilkerson, V. Martin, VV. Maupin, K. Brown. L. Larrinaga, B. Montgomery, D. Montague, P. Robb, manager. Second Row: P. Little, M. Hayes, D. Comstock. Z. L. Pearson. J. McNeil. D. Bader, G. Bodle. manager: J. Newby, manager. Bottom Row: Coachh Cunningham, D. Taylor, B. Ashenbrenner, NV. Maruvilln, D. Tiegs, R. Newton. G. Cushman. B. Moore. N. Esson, com: . Varsihg Football Nampa emerged Thanksgiving day in second place in the 'Big Six conference, com- ing through with four conference wins and one loss. The season's total was six victories against two defeats. Showing power throughout the whole game the Bulldogs rolled over the Franklin Comets in the first game, 37-0. East High from Salt Lake City journeyed to Rodeo Park for the next game. It was a hard pressed victory for the Utah lads as they came out on top of a 20-7 score. For the first conference game the Bulldogs traveled to Idaho Falls, where they downed the highly praised Tigers, 14-0. This game also saw two Canine touchdowns called back. With one conference win chalked up the Bulldogs journeyed to Twin Falls. This game was the closest game of the year. The Bruins held the Nampa pack scoreless until the last seconds of play, when on a blocked punt Canine half-back, Lamont Cutler, plunged across to score. Kicking the conversion, Nampa won, 7-0. In the annual "Lettuce Bowl" game the Bulldogs were hosts to the Bluedevils from Walla Walla. The Canines had no trouble handling the Washington bunch as they coasted to a 33-0 victory. For the third conference game the Pocatello Indians journeyed to Rodeo Park where the Indians were expected to give the Bulldogs plenty of trouble, but they were turned away to the tune of 34-0. On the annual Armistice Day game the Cougars from Caldwell invaded Nampa's grounds. Not even rain could keep the Bulldogs from scoring as Caldwell went home on the short ,end of a 18-7 score. All eyes were on the Thanksgiving day game as Nampa and Boise battled for Big Six honors. A record crowd of over 6,000 fans crowded Boise's stadium to see"Nampa take its second and worst defeat of the season by the score of 26-7. Nampa's only score came when Canine half-back Pat Luke raced 32 yards down the sidelines to tally for the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs were honored by two banquets, one by the Business Men's club and the other, the annual Spiz banquet. Placing on the all-conference first team, were Glenn Cushman at end and "Big" Mike Hayes at guard. Bill Aschenbrenner and Lamont Cutler were placed on the second berth. Voted the most valuable players of the season were Mike Hayes on the line and Lamont Cutler in the backfield. Bob Wilkerson was elected to pilot the squad next year. as tgg gr X. e . ii'ie 1 ei.ri Cf ie-ei w F A - ' GLENN Cusl-IMAN: End: Big Six First Team. DICK COMSTOCK: Guard. DICK BADER: Halfback. BOB RICHENS: Quarterback. BILL MOORE: Fullback: Big Six Second Team. DEE TAYLOR: Center. Pwr LUKE! Halfback. Z. L. PIERSON: Tackle. WANDO MAuP1N: Tackle. MlKE HAYES: Guard: Big Six First Team, IIM MCNEIL: End. W1LL1E MARAVILLA: Guard. LAMONT CUTLER: Co-Captain: Halfbackg Big Six Second Team. Bu.L AscHENBRENNER: Co-Captain: Center: Big Six Sec- ond Team. I , Snph-Frush Football s A MLN Soph-Frosh gridiron boys battled their way through a tough schedule, which also included Class B schools, coming out with two wins against two defeats and two ties. In the first game the Bullpups tackled the Boise team. It was a close game all the way but the Canines were too much for the Papooses and Nampa won, 7-0. Caldwell's Kittens next tried to conquer the Bullpups. Neither team could score more than one touchdown as they battled to a 6-6 tie. A tough Class B team from Homedale played the Nampa boys next. They, too, found the Bullpups too tough as they went home on the short end of a 20-7 score. In the fourth scheduled game the Nampa pack tasted their first defeat. It was admin- istered by the tough Marsing boys in a close tussle, that left the Bullpups with a 13-12 defeat. On a return engagement the Bullpups found the Boise Papooses on the warpath and Boise walked off with a 6-0 ballgame. For the final game of the season the Bullpups again encountered the Kittens from Caldwell and as before they battled to a tieg this time the score was 0-0. Top Row: H. Miller, K. Childs, R. Boyemxer. C. Feeler, G. Clark. B. Caron, C. Lawrence. Third Row: B. Worsham, J. Rudolph. R. Croy, P. Duffin. D. Wilde, J. Cheney, Mr. Mathews. Second Row: R. Murphy. 0. Drake, F. Foster, J. Salove, D. Peck, N. Newby, L. Croy. Mr. Haddock. Bottom Row: G. Smith, B. Parks, J. Carter. J. Varnadoe, N. Tiller. Toi Row Coach Cunningham. D. Faylor, B. Qidd, J. Colvin, G. Cushman, L. Bennett, G. Bodle. Bottom Row: B. Wilkerson, P. Little M Hayes B Moore, G. Faylor. Varsihj Basketball With seven returning lettermen and several prospective juniors, the Maplecourt boys had a banner season. The Bulldogs took first honors in the Big Six conference, first place in the district tournament, and topped it off by taking the State Consolation award. A very tough schedule faced the Bulldogs this year which included a trip into Oregon. Despite this opposition the Canines battled their way through a season which saw them Win 22 games and lose only six. Captained by Glenn Cushman, the Bulldogs were in second place in the Big Six conference when they defeated the Idaho Falls Tigers before an overflowing crowd of 1600 people. This forced the southern boys to share first place honors with the Bulldogs. In the district tournament, again held this year in the Central gymnasium, the Bull- dogs fought their way into the semi-finals by defeating Meridian and Boise. Then after a bitter defeat by Caldwell, which gave the Canines a bye to the finals, the Bulldogs defeated the Cougars to walk away with the district championship. This put the Bulldogs in the State Tournament at Pocatello. At the opening of the State Tournament the Bulldogs dropped the first game to Rigby. Then the Canines came back to defeat Jerome and Pocatello to take the State Consolation. This was the second time in a row the Bulldogs have taken the Consolation award. On the All-State Basketball team, Nampa was well represented. Glenn Cushman was given captain and center spot on the first string. Bill Moore, sophomore guard, was placed on the second berth, and Mike Hayes received honorable mention. MIKE HAYES: Guardg District Basketball Team: All State Team. GLENN Cusx-IMANN: Center: Captain. All State Team, District First Team. BILL CLIDD: Forward: District Basketball Team. PAT LITTLE: Forward: District Basketball Team, IOHN CoLv1N: Center. GALE FAYLOR: Forward. LARRY BENNETT: Center. DALE FAYLOR: Forward. BILL MOORE: Guard: All State Team. BOB WILKERSON: Guard. 35 X00 ,Q 5'o' P ' 0 1 foiogi 9 4 vb' NL. Sophomore Basketball The Bullpups ran up a very impressive record for their - basketball season, with 16 wins and seven losses. Playing smooth ball all season, they were usually too much for their opponents. To top off an already successful season, the little Canines captured the sophomore tournament at Meridian by defeating Caldwell and Meridian. Top Row: C. Jones. Mr. Eason, S. Root.. J. Baker. L. Blickenstaff, H. Antrim. Bottom Row: R. Gallinrrer, W. Maupin, F. Cushman, G. Clark. D. Baker, B. Worsham. Top Row: J. Rudolph, E. VVyatt, B. Robertson. W. Mnravilla. R. Logan, F. Tidwell. R. Patterson, D. Grosbeck, D. Field, J. 'IE'cz, J. Van Epps. D. Reed. Third Row: M. Fronsdahl. J. Sanderson, C. Fon-ey, D. Hiner, J. McCarthy. W. Campbell, C. Feeler, D. Reed, J. Horton. J. Rich- ards, B. Cooper. B. Myers. Second Row: H. Miller. R. Gates, B. Noble, S. Trimble. F. Gunther, D. Fm-linger, R. Gallinger, L. Larrinaga, A. Foster, A. Drake, T. Richardson, D. Tiegs, J. Walker. . Bottom Row: Z. L. Pearson. J. Carter, G. Harbaugh, G. Brennan, E. Bradburn, B. Parks, C. Jones, M. Abbott, A. Lundquist, W. Wiggs, B. Caron, Mr. Jones. Coached by Paul Jones and captained by David Hiner, nine returning lettermen and thirty other enthusiasts have made up the Nampa track team this spring. Nampa's "Cinder Beaters" have participated in track meets in Boise, Emmett, and Caldwell with always five or six teams competing. Boys who are outstanding in their particular fields are: David Hiner-Shot put, discus, dashes. Al Foster-Half mile. Bud Horton-Pole vault. Ace Lundquist-Pole vault. Jack Richards-440. Ernest Bradburn-High jump. Fred Gunther-High jump. Gerry Harbaugh-Javelin. A district meet in Boise and a state tournament in Twin Falls wound up the season. 'S' Coach Norm Esson showed outstanding ability in choosing a winning combination from the 25 eager aspirants who turned out at the season's beginning. After only two weeks practice Nampa's diamond men opened a full schedule by outclassing the Marsing nine in a dou- MLN lgleheader, overcoming them by the lopsided scores of 9 to O and to O. They next journeyed to Kuna to win a wide open game by nosing out the Cavemen 11 to 7. While awaiting the completion of their home diamond the Bulldogs invaded Homedale to split a double bill, Nampa O, Homedale 3, and Nampa 7, Homedale 2. Opening their conference play at Caldwell with a sparkling 4-to-2 win. the Canines showed top form with Bill Cudd pitching and Dee Taylor catching to complete the battery. The first home game christened the new field by a one-sided win over Middleton, 10 to 1, The first conference defeat of the season came when the Meridian Warriors conquered the Nampa nine, 5 to 3. ai The big upset of the year came when the invading Bulldogs outhit and outplayed the over-rated Boise Braves to the tune of 1 to O. Cudd, showing superior hurling skill, held the Braves to only two hits, while the Nampa battery collected four hits and one run. The six returning lettermen included Bob Wilkerson. live- wire shortstop: Dee Taylor, catcher: Pat Robb, third baseman: "Mutt" Woodard, hurler and outfielder: Bill Cudd, veteran pitcher, and Dick Comstock, catcher and outfielder. The battery men returned to Meridian to avenge the first loss but were doomed to disappointment. A home run in the third inning with two men on base turned the tide for Meridian, who won 4 to 2. The Bulldogs retaliated and trampled Caldwell again, 8 to 3. The whole team treked to Twin Falls May 3 and 4, to take on Ierome and Twin Falls. Top Row: B. Wilkerson, H. Oberst, D. Machos, T. White, W. Blanksnm, G. Swaboda, D. Towery, L. Lapp, B. Shepherd. Middle Row: R. George, L. Boyenger, K. Childs. D. Wilde, D. Wittenberger, G. Clark, D. Dunn, Mr. Esson. i Bottom Row: J. McNeil. D. Weible, P. Robb, D. Comstock, D. Taylor, B. Cudd. M. Woodard, R. Newton, B. Flet, B. Parks. 1 D fr Top Row: B. Brown, S. Root. K. Brown, J. Shafer, G. Detton, S. Trimble. Middle Row: G. Clark, N. Sower. G. Sparks. B. Kotter, D. Bader, J. McNeil. Bottom Row: F. Cushman. G. Faylor, D. Faylor, G. Cushman, L. Blickenstaff, B. Allen. T. Edmark. r Nampa's golf team was efficiently coached this year by student and state golf champion, Glenn Cushman. Vfith such returning lettermen as Glenn Cushman, Francis Cushman, Bill Allen, Loren Blickenstaff, Gale Fay- lor, Dale Faylor, Dick Bader, and Tom Edmatk, and 20 other enthusiasts, Nampa was well represented in the golf field. Showing skill in all their matches, the golfsters suc- cessfully completed matches with Caldwell and Boise. Then they went to Twin Falls where they were defending golf champions. 1 if Hlll Top Row: J. Fujii, H. Wood, H. Schuler, S. Good, P. Ward, J. Kreger, M. Lessinger, J. Skordahl, M. Christenson. Third Row: M. Keim, M. Moad, J. Allen, G. Yost. B. Burlile. A. Schuler. M. Miyaki, D. MeCu1'ley, M. McCurley. J. Clark Second Row: Miss Eastly, J. Hazen, B. Beckwith, G. Jones, M. Hrozu, B. Ladd, P. Conway. Bottom Row: V. Hershberger, L. Schwalbe, S. Taylor, P. Juninger, H. Crofton, E. Shefstall, B. Wohlgainuth. The net game of N. H. S. has gradually grown from its old status as merely a means of exercise to the rank of a I major sport. Competing with Boise, Parma, and Caldwell, both girls' and boys' varsity teams established enviable records. Grove Haddock and Miriam Eastly coached these winning teams. , Top Row: D. Montague, G. Sparks, B. Kotter. E. Billick, H. Antrim. B. Zimmerman. Middle Row: R. Fothergill, G. Harbouprh, L. Blickenstaff, D. Faylor, J. Baker, D. Reed, W. Tackett. Bottom Row: P. Burns, M. Fronsduhl. D. Farling'er. E. Brown. T. Edmark, G. Faylor, Mr. Haddock. . ACt1V1t1BS OUR YELL LEADERS Jack Rehm, King Loma Buck, Queen Tom Edmark, Duke Juanita DWilson, Duchess NN QXXNXN XX xml 'Q' MNNNN WX WN Top Row: D. Nelson, M. White, N. Sewer, F. Tidwell, E. Thomas, A. Tidwell, A. Foster, J. Spink. D. Montague, J. Pline, H. Randolph. Fifth Row: R. Patterson, E. Hannon, H. Bartels. J. Hanke, A. Flowers, E. Brown. D. Fin'-h, M. Mond, Mr. Hartman.. Fourth Row: M. Keim, L. Lorentz, T. Edmark, R. Fothergill. V. Durell, J. Colvin. B. Dubois, L. Yates, B. Robertson, R. Berry. Third Row: M. Christenson, M. Lessinger, J. Clark. M. Price, P. Conway. S. Mott, A. Snssamore. B. White, M. MacGillivx-ay. M. Scharfen, J. Simmons, E. Bradburn, A. I-Iallberg. Second Row: D. Stroud, J. Rehm, L. Nelson. D. Kling. Bottom Row: E. Allen, W. Martin, K. King, J. Anderson, C. Shroll. V. Campbell, L. Patrick. President .............. ...,. J ack Rehm Vice-President ........ .........,. ....... ........ J o h n Colvin Secretary ........... ..........................................,.. B arbara. White Custodians ....... ....... ........... E x 'elyn Hannon and Alice I-Iallberg' Under the direction of Howard Hartman the band has been highly accredited this year for their pep and enthusiasm at games and other activities. The band schedule started with an exhibition of marching and playing skill when they appeared in the American Legion parade at Boise, September 11. Majorettes chosen at this time were Lois Patrick. Wilma Martin, Charlene Shroll. Kay King, Irma Allen, Ye Vonne Campbell and Ioyce Anderson. Next the band journeyed to Twin Falls to play for the football game, October 5. and the next week to surrounding schools advertising the Lettuce Bowl game. On December 10 the band sponsored their annual jamboree in which various organizations presented skits with prizes being awarded to the best stunt. January 24 the band and choir presented a joint concert at which Mr. Winther, former director of N. H, S. band. led Beethoven's famous Egmont Overture. Selected from the band were the musicians comprising the pep band which has participated in all home basketball games and several games played out of town. Members of this pep band appeared at three out of five night games in the district basketball tournament and also traveled to Pocatello to play at the state tournament games. This spring, selected members from the band. choir, and orchestra appeared in the Boise music clinic. At this time members of the N. H. S. band joined with bands from six other schools forming a large band of about 400 members. On April 26 and 27 the band represented Nampa in the district music festival held at Caldwell. "Finlandia," by I-:an Sibelius, was the contest number presented. The Evaluation Program was held during the week of May 5 to ll, which was the same week of the Pathfinder Survey. The last day of this survey week several bands were invited to march with the Nampa band in a parade. Highlighting their busy year was the "Sweetheart Ball" at which Dorothy Cudd was crowned "Band Sweetheart." 1 li I u President ,....,. ..,... J une Waterhouse Secretary ....... ...... M' yrtle Zarbnisky Manager ........ ............. J im Nelson Composed of eleven members and under the direction of Charles Wilson, the string choir has steadily grown in importance to the students of N. H. S. and the citizens of Nampa as a source of good musical entertainment. This group has performed at practically all the Nampa Businessmen's organizations which include the Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, and Toastmaster clubs. Also they appeared in many church programs. In January the string choir presented musical numbers at both the men's and women's divisions of the Farmer's Institute. The string choir has also appeared before W'omen's Century Club, the American Legion and in assemblies here at school. On October 19, the stringsters made a tour of schools in Parma, Payette, Fruitland, and Meridian with the girls' sextet and the boys' quartet. At the band jamboree the group entered a humorous skit entitled "Symphony in F Minor, Opus 38, Apologies to Papa Hayden." April 5, the organization played the orchestral accompaniment to the "Mikado," a popular Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, presented by the choir. N The orchestra and several soloists and mixed groups from the choir, represented Nampa at the annual District Music Festival at Caldwell. Selected members from the string choir along with musicians from the band and choir performed at the Music Clinic held in Boise. Offering several musical numbers at the Evaluation Program their well rounded year came to an end. C. Moore, V. Haber, B. Humphreys, L. Bailey, M. Zarbnisky, B. Corn, J. Waterhouse, M. Yates, D. Elder Top Row: L. Neher, M. Miyaki, J. Holmes, M. Jacobsen. E. Arant. M. Davis, D. Weaver, D. Weaver. Third Row: R. Dowdle. P. Burns. R. Patterson, R. Radford. D. Wittenberger, M. Abbott, D. Finch. Qecond Row: H. Crofton, M. McLellan, C. Lylle, G. Faylor, H. Antrim, I. Hasbrouck, P. Jacobsen. E. Ulrich. Bottom Row: B. Clements, G. Tovey, J. Skordahl, J. Snyder, M. Keim, J. Waterhouse, Mrs. Browne. I . President ........... ....... D aryl Wittenberger Vice-President. ...... .... . . ................... June Booth Secreta1'y-Treasurer ...............,....................... .. ................. Elaine Hanks Maintaining an all time high of seventy-five members, the mixed choir sang in both a cappella and accompanied form under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Browne, a new addition to the teaching staff of Nampa High School. November brought forth the choir's awe inspiring concert sponsored by the Ministerial Association Alliance. The rendition consisted entirely of sacred numbers. In conjunction with the band, the choir presented its annual concert in Ianuary-semi-classical and modern selections being dominate. While spring was in the bud, crowds gathered to hear and see the colorful operetta, "The Mikado," by Gil- bert and Sullivan--a four star performance, Besides entering the music festival, held in Caldwell, April 26 and 27, and supplying music for various service clubs of Nampa, numerous small groups took active parts throughout the school year. The choir also took part in the activities of "Pathfinder Week" and the Music Evaluation Program. Few assemblies were held without the assistance of some portion of the Vocal Department. Included in these groups were the girls' sextet, girls' trio, boys' quartet, and the mixed octet. Assisting at graduation services and the annual choir party marked the close of an extremely successful year for the Mixed Choir of Nampa High School. Pop Ron D. Larson, J. Booth, D. Brown, M. Zapp, C. Schomhurg, H. Woodvine, M. Kovnnda, R. Rouse, E. Cramer. Fhud Ron A. Svehlnk, J. Bullen, E. Budell, F. Sasenbery, J. Hamilton, P. Hilty, E. Hanks, J. Gross. Second Ron J. Colvin, R. Luekengn, D. Stroud, J. Rehm, H. Manson. T. Richardson, W. McConnell. G. Lyons, J. Horton. Bottom Row B. Farr, M. Schmidt, F. Martin, M. Ellis, J. Eshleinan. B. Wisely, E. Thomas, J. Harley, C. Hunter. S6941 Wwe Top Row: G. Hallberg, J. Thorne. B. Henry, J. Simmons, C. Taylor, B. Clements, A. Humphreys, R. Powers, E. Wagner. Middle Row: F. Cushman, D. Labrum. E. McNees, L. Swindle. R. Myers. L. Russell, M. Zarbnisky, V. Sallee, P. Newland. Bottom Row: D. Farlinger, G. Cushman, A. Mullen, B. Lessinger, D. Barnes, P. Hilty, W. Martin, Mrs. Dunbar. Growl Editor-in-Chief ........ Business Manager ...... ............................ Assistant Editor .......... ..... ........ ....... Assistant Business ....... .... .....,. Feature Editor ...,... ..... .......... ..... .. Assistant. Feature ..... .... .. ........... News Editor ...,...,,.., Sports Editor ......... . Assistant Sports . ....... ...... i animation Editor Assistnnt Exchange Advertising' Manager . ..... ....... Assistant Advertising .... ....... First Semester .Pauline Hilty Barbara Lessinger Darro Ann Barnes Betty Spencer Wilma Martin Virginia Sallee Glenn Cushman .Don Farlinger Conover Taylor O 'ir ..... ....... Exchange Editor ........ ....... E velyn McNees -Dean Labrum Angel Mallea Jerry Thorne Second Semester Darro Ann Barnes Barbara Lessinger Conover Taylor Jerry Thorne Myrtle Zarbnisky Bob Henry Wilma Martin Glenn Cushman Don Farlinger Dean Labrum Jack Simmons Rose Powers Virginia Sallee Angel Mallea Guided by the able hand of Pauline Hilty, first semester, and Darro Ann Barnes, second semester, the 45-46 Growl was a newsy and an up-to-date source of information. With Mrs. Margaret Dunbar at the advisery post, the paper was published, with the excep- tion of a few weeks, every Friday. Starting with the reporters and editors, news was gathered and submitted to the adviser for proof-reading and elimination of unwanted material. Then it was organized by the editors and sent to the Gem State Printers for printing. A copy was printed and the editor and the assistant editor checked it for errors. The paper then rolled off the press and was distributed to the student body. Included in their further service to the school was the sponsoring of the crowning of the Lettuce Bowl Queen. Also the Growl, in collaboration with the Sage Staff, made a lounge for the visiting basketball teams at the district tournament. Sage ---- Barbara Gowen ---- Ralph Fothergill ---------- Bill Allen Editor-in-Chief --- Assistant Editor --- - Business Manager .... Assistant Business --- Organization Editor ....... Assistant Organization ...... Music Editor ................ Assistant Music ..... Sports Editor --- Class Editor ..... Assistant Class --- Feature Editor --- Art Editor ..... -- ................. Myrna Knipe -------------- Daryl Wittenberger --- Leona Flory. Iuanita Schoonover ----------------..- Ruthie Lloyd ------------- Geraldine Tovey ----- Philip Burns -------- Kay King --- Blanche Bastida --- Bobbie Io King ----,--------------- Louise Neher Photographer --- .................... Norman Sower Typists ...... --- Lorene Marshall, Ramona Williams Adviser ..,. ................ M iss Helen Hinkey Anticipation and suspense filled the halls of our institution of learning the months before the "book of memories" came out. As a grand climax to the years functions, scholastic, social, and athletic, the Sage sums 'up the activities of the year. Shouts of "Hey you, sign my Sage," and halls filled with "signers" sitting on the floor and stairs remain prominent in our minds as typical "last days at school." Sparked onward through the year by the able guidance of Barbara Gowen, emerged at the end of the year an outstanding publication of the thirty-fifth annual. Under the super salesman- ship of Bill Allen, a record amount of year books was sold. Top Row: P. Burns. B. King, B. Bastida.,N. Sowcr, J. Sehoonover. G. Tovey. L. Flory. R. Williams. Bottom Row: R. Lloyd, K. King. B. Allen, B. Gowen, D. Wittenberger, M. Knipe, R. Fothergill, L. Mars hall Top Row: H. Hogan, M. Blanksma. G. Stewart, W. Blanksma, C. Taylor, Mr. Caldwell. Middle Row: B. Ware. E. McNees, B. Bastida. A. Gabica, B. McCall, E. Porter, J. Rosenlof, M. Knipe. Bottom Row: D. Hiner. L. Neher. B. Gowen, D. Labrum, B. Allen, D. Wittenberger, J. Hamilton. President ........................ ........ .. ........ B ill Allen 1 Vice-President .................. .. .......... Barbara Gowen Secretary-Treasurer .... ........ N ................. Louise Neher Sergeant-at-Arms ........ .... .. ............... D ean Labrum Adviser ........................ ...... M r. Webster Caldwell Identified by their white sweaters, members of the Service Club were a familiar sight at games, concerts and other activities. The duties of these hard-working students included ticket-selling, ticket-taking and ushering. The Service Club was organized in 1943 to aid teachers at basketball and football games. Charter members are Barbara Gowen, Daryl Wittenberger, Myrtle Zarbnisky, Justus George, Louise Neher and David Hiner. New pledges are chosen each year on the basis of character and ability to get along with other people. After a nine-weeks probation period, they are voted on by members of the club. New members were initiated at a party held in November at the home of Barbara Gowen. A banquet at the Dewey Palace after the game celebrated Armistice Day. The final social event of the year was a dinner in the Spanish Room of "The Lodge" in Boise on March 28. ' President ............... .. ................................ Betty Spencer Vice-President ......... ....... C onover Taylor, Bill Duffin Secretary ...................... ......................,..... ...,.. V i da Durell Sergeant-at-Arms ..,.... ...... M ike Hayes. Gloria Yost E a e u Sponsor ..................... ........................ M r. Mathews The Debate Club spent the recent year industriously debating throughout the state in contests, tournaments and now and then just debating. To get into fighting trim the members held practice debates between the various teams of the club. After getting in if battling mood the debaters took on Caldwell and then Emmett opponents. Both these encounters were successful. Next on the list was the N. F. L. debate at Ontario, Oregon. After successfully participating in these inter- scholastic debates, the group moved on to the state tournament at Boise. Mr. Mathews, sponsor of the club, is very well satisfied with the work done this year. Silver "N" pins are awarded after club members participate in the required number of inter-scholastic debates. The Debate Club sponsored a Box Social in February. After the auction a prize was awarded to the girl who presented the prettiest box. Later in the evening a dance was held. Top Row: D. Lindsey, L. Cobhs, B. Duffin, P. Juninger, P. Hilty, B. Coleman. Bottom Row: G. Yost, J. Allen. J. Gibbons. J. Clark, C. Taylor, V. Durell, D. Cudcl, Mr. Mathews , W 'Dop Row: D. Farlinger, M. Fronsdahl. J. Rehm, D. I-Iiner, H. Hogan. Middle Row: M. Zarbnisky, R. Lloyd, M. Anketell, M. Mason, P. Sanderson. V. Sallee, H. Sehuler, Miss Thompson. Bottom Row: P. Newland, B. Gowen. E. Thomas, L. Russell, P. Hilty, L. Neher, C. Struthers. President : ................... Lorraine Russell. Elaine Thomas n Vice-President .............. Louise Neher, Phyllis Newland Secretary ...,.............. Barbara Gowen, Myrtle Zarbnlsky Treasurer ..,.... ........ H arold Hogan, Lorraine Russell - Adviser ........ ............... . ........ M iss Alice Thompson Character, Scholarship, Leadership, Service-these qualities are symbolized by the coveted pin awarded to each member of the Honor Society upon entering the club. The primary requirement for membership in this organization is a grade average of 1.6 or better. The main undertaking of the "Quiz Kids" was to complete the list of former students of Nampa High who were or are in some branch of the armed forces. These names will be recorded on a Service Men's Honor Roll which is to be placed in some part of the school building. The list, which includes about one thousand names, was compiled from the files of the Chamber of Commerce. The rites of initiation were conducted the evening of February 4 in the Home Ee room. Intellectual members of the Junior Class were taken into the Society during May. President .... ....,.... , . .... .Darro Ann Barnes Vice-President ........ ........ B etty Jian Spencer ul I Secretary ............ ..............,.. B ar ara Gowen Adviser .............. ........ M rs. Margaret Dunbar - I The Quill and Scroll membership is limited to junior and senior members of the Growl and Sage Staffs. The group is a member in the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. l Formal candle-light initiations were held each semester after which the coveted Quill and Scroll pins and N's were presented to the initiates. Original essays were presented by the pledges upon selection into the club. Th purpose of the organization is to advance the standards of the profession of jour- nalism and to instill in students the ideal scholarship. Top Roni: D. Furlinger, G. Cushman, A. Mallea, R. Myers, B. Lessinger, D. Labrum. B. Henry, J. Simmons, C. Taylor, R. Fothe gi l. Middle Row: V. Sallee. P. Newland, M. Knipe, W. Martin, L. Russell. M. Zarbnisky, L. Swindle, E. McNees. Bottom Rom: J. Rehm, K. King, B. Allen. D. Barnes, B. Gowen, P. Hilty, R. Lloyd, Mrs. Dunbar. I - Top Row: R. Rouse, L. Marshall, M. Cook. P. Hilty. R. Meyers, D. Barnes, V. Hershberger, M. Keim E Childs R Loosli Middle Row: C. Rempp, L. Patrick. L. Bailey. L. Essington, G. Yost. J. Clark, J. Rehm, W. Tackett: B.. AlIen,'R. -Dowdle: Bottom Row: Miss Tucker. E. Hanks, L. Russell, R. lVilliams, J. Booth. J. Allen. M. Zurbnisky, NV. Martin, D. Brown. President ................,. ,..... ........... J a ck Rehm u Vice-President ........... ...... Lo rraine Russell Secretary-Treasurer ..,,. ........ R amona NVilliams Adviser ...,..................... ....... M iss Dilla Tucker To rc-establish the Silver-N as the local chapter of the National Forensic League was the main objective of the speech organization this year. It is now on an active basis and may sponsor inter-scholastic tournaments. Students must acquire fifty points before they can become members of the club. Merits are gained by participating in the various speech activities, including contests, radio programs and debates. After they have earned the required fifty points, members may work for pins and certificates denoting honorary degrees. Each Thursday night, Silver-N'ers broadcasted intriguing mysteries, poetry, or his- toric dramas over KFXD. Several schools were invited to a speech tournament on November 20. Seven towns were represented in the debate and speaking contests held December 14. Journeying to Emmett on the 16th of January, aspirants entered in the tourney there and returned to Nampa with most of the top honors. A District N. F. L. contest was held in the spring, which included towns from several different states. Ppesidentz ............. ..... E laine Hanks Vice-President, ,....... .......... Reed Dowcille h l S r tar ............. .,,..... a u ine Hi ty Tigazurebii .....,.., Q ...... ............. J ack Rehm Sergeant-at-Arms ..... ................... B ill Allen Sponsor ..................., .....,., M iss Dilla Tucker The Thespians raised the curtain this year with three one-act plays: "On Vengeance yu Height, ' Bachelor's Baby" and "Coming Round the Mountain." Two other plays were also sponsored and directed by the group. These were "Imaginary Invalid" and "Tomorrow the World.', All the productions showed great talent and skill. In December a formal initiation service was held. A banquet at the Dewey Palace was followed by an impressive candle-light service held in the home of Mr. Willmorth. The group helped to plan and organize the Wilder Thespians club. Club members entered a district contest held in Caldwell. They presented the one-act play, "Summons of Sarielf' The purpose of the organization is to interest high school students invdramatics and to help them develop their talent. T011 Row: J. Booth, J. Allen. R. Ioosli, E. Childs. D. Stroud. P. Burns, D. Montague, K. Childs. Bottom Rom: Miss Tucker, E. Hanks. P. Hilty, M. Zarbnisky, R. Myers, J. Rehm, B. Allen, R. Dowdle :::.N'i in . 3 Top Row: H. Wood. D. Martineau, M. Enberiz. R. Radford. G. Cushman, M. Grant. Middle Row: J. Hasbrouck, A. Hallberg, J. Snyder, E. Thomas, H. Schuler, A. Schuler, J. Mitchell, V. Lawrence. Bottom Row: Mrs. Dunbar. D. Cudd, B. White. B. Wohlgamuth, M. Knipe, D. Barnes, D. Oberst. Consuls .... Dorothy Cudd, Dm-ro Ann Barnes, Betty Jean u Spencer, Myrtle Zarbnisky Ccnsors .......,........... L ............ Helen Schuler, Alice Hallberg a u Quaestors .............................. Eileen Snyder, Myrna Knipe Adviser ........ ............,.... M rs. Margaret Dunbar Regular club meetings conducted during class periods, took the "blue" out of two Mondays a month for second-year Latin students. The programs consisted of plays, songs and readings presented in "lingua Latina." "The Three Bears," a skit in Latin, rated first place at the Band Jamboree. A party celebrating the Christmas season was given in Room 4 at which the group sang Christmas carols in Latin. On April 15, a Roman banquet at Schuler's was enjoyed by members of the club. Twenty first-year Latin students acted as slaves. President ..,......... . ..... .,.... ..............,..........,,......... K a y King glice-President . ........ .. .,,... Barbara McCall, Lois Bailey I ll ecretary .............,. .,..,.....................,..,.., N ormn T' er ' Adviser .............. .................. M iss Helen Hirikey u Students who were interested in the people and customs of lands "south of the border" comprised the Spanish Club this year. Meetings were held every other Thursday. At the meeting of November 13, Mexicans Jose Hendez Perez and jose Diaz Martinez told about their native country and sang native songs. Mr. Romero, formerly of New Mexico, described Spanish customs on December 18. Donning levis and plaid shirts, mem- bers enjoyed themselves on a hayride in October. On February 28, members viewed L1 South American handicraft display that Miss Hinkey brought from Boise. A Spanish ban- quet was given May 2 in the Home Ec Room. The food was prepared in a Spanish style, and a Spanish program was presented. Committee chairmen for the affair were Barbara McCall, Della Weaver, Cleda Mae Struthers, Mary Roth, and Lellah Swindle. Several members corresponded with students in Mexico, South America, and other Spanish speaking countries. K Top Row: 0. Ord, B. J. King. B. Bastida, R. Loosli, P. Hankins. D. Snyder, A. Mallea, M. Cook, P. Hilty, L. Russell, R. Wil- liams. Middle Row: J. Kreger. M. Brankovitch, J. Lucey, D. Weaver, D. Weaver. V. Coffman, S. Swindell, J. Machos, B. Cornilles. J. Schoonover. J. Rosenlof, Miss Hinkey. . Bottom Row: B. McCall, A. Gnbicn, N. Tiller, K. King, L. Bailey, J. Waterhouse, C. Struthers, D. McCullough, M. Miyaki, E. Hanks. Top Row: P. Burns. J. Colvin, B. Myers, M. XVooda.rd, M. Fronsdahl. V. Martin, W. Maupin, D. Taylor, B. Ashenbrenner, J. Newby, D. Dunn, B. Wilkerson, W. Maravilla. . Middle Row: P. Robb, T. Edmark, F. Cushman, G. Sparks, D. Tiegs, H. Wolfe. J. McNeal, G. Bodle, B. Moore, G. Cushman, B. Shepherd, Mr. Esson. Bottom Row: L. Buck. J. Wilson. G. Harbough, L. Blickenstaff, D. Bader, D. Comstock, P. Brubaker, B. Allen, G. Faylor, Z. L. Pearson, T. Thompson. D. Faylor, Coach Cunningham. President ........................ ...... B ob Riehens, Mike Hayes Vice-President ........................ Mike Hayes, Vern Martin Secretary-Treasurer ................ ..................... ....... P a t. Little u' Sergeant-at-Arms ............,... . ............................. Gene Bodle Advisers .............. .... . Norman Esson, Bill Cunningham Consisting of the athletes of Nampa High School, the Blu-N Club is active in school affairs. They have to work diligently to get their blue N's which are given to them for a season in a sport, and they have to meet the requirements set up by the school Constitution. These he-men of the student body were active in their support of the school spirit by sponsoring dances. For their own enjoyment they had a hay ride. President ........... ..... A rden Drake gfice-President ..... .............v,., . BilgAllen ecretary ..,.......,. . .... .,,......,.. G eorge parks Sponsor ..v..,..,.. .,,,,, M r. Webstei' Caldwell Courage, endurance and knowledge of the great outdoors are all gained by boys belonging to this organization of senior scouts known as the Explorers. The club was founded several years ago to promote scouting among older boys. Mr. Webster Caldwell has been sponsor and adviser of the club during the past year. Throughout the football season the Explorers, aided by the Spiz, ushered at the games. When the basketball season rolled around they made and sold popcorn to those attending games. Two initiations in the form of overnight trips were held during the year. The first trip was taken to a camping spot near Ferncroft Lodge and the second to Dry Lake. The spring trip, the last of the year, was made to Idaho City. In April a formal stag banquet was held in the Home Ec Room. Old members and other distinguished visitors were invited. Top Row: J. Baker. D. Hiner, A. Tidwell. L. Blickenstaff, D. Reed, G. Faylor. Middle Row: R. Dowdle, F. Gunther. C. Feeler, D. Faylor. D. Bader, B. Fiet, D. Reed. Bottom Row: T. Edmark, B. Allen, A. Drake, G. Sparks, Mr. Caldwell. ., ....,....,.g................ . ...a.. . .................... , ...v-swiss?-.. . .,.,,,.,....--...... .............. Q--we i G Top Row: E. Wetzel, W. Tackett. D. Hiner. K. Markus, E. Miyoshi. D. Machos. D. Towery. D. McCux-ley. Middle Row: J. Gibbons, B. Duffin. B. Murray. J. Burkes, R. Dossett, L. Miller, B. Crooks. Bottom Row: D. Burl-i. G. Sparks. Mr. Vail, D. Martindale, B. Myers. President ........ ........... George Sparks, Don Bm-ri g Vice-President ...... ........ J awk Murray, Roger Mathews Seci-et.m'y ...,........ .,.,. B ud Mabe, Delilah Mc-Curley To help advance the knowledge of radio is the specific purpose of the Radio Club. When initiated, pins in the form of Ohm resistors were awarded to club members. Regular noon meetings were held to transact the business of the club and Thursday evenings were set aside to study codes and discuss various problems. The evening meetings were held in the homes of different members of the club and proved useful to those who desired amateur radio licenses. During the first semester an initiation was held in the Radio room. In the social field a hayride was given for members and their friends. Mr. Virgil Vail, a recent addition to the faculty, sponsored the club this past year. President . ............... ...,. . Tom Thompson. Ray Bently give-President ...... ......... DY, n Dimn, Dick Rodgers , , ecretary ............ ........ a t ittl , Leroy Lapn Adviser ............ , .,...........,..... Mr. Quinley To stimulate interest in all phases of shop work is the foundation on which the M.:- chinist Club is based. Members are those who took the shop courses. Meetings were held every other Monday in the evenings. Mr. Quinley, the adviser. gave advice and supervised the running of the machines which were furnished by the United States government. Parts for repair of machines as well as rings and bracelets were made by the members of the organization. ' A banquet, held in Boise, and a hayride, were given at the end of the school year. These activities were financed by dues which were collected in September. Top Row: J. Hayes, P. Huffaker, R. Bentley. L. LBDD, D. Hunt. D. Hasselbring. Middle Row: R. Logan, B. Wilkerson, D. Taylor, L. Bowman, L. Martens, B. Fiet. Bottom Row: D. Dunn, T. Thompson, D. Rodgers. G. Aldous, Mr. Quinley. fkkrfffi :El .s .. Q.. X i J. Horton, B. Duffin, B. Fiet, D. Wittenberger, B. Allen. D. Tiegs, B. Keim. President .............. . ...... ....... D aryl Wittenbergel' , Vice-President. ...........,... .... . ........,.......,., B ill Fiet H1 Y Secretary-'1'rensu1'er ..... ,... .............. B i ll Allen After being inactive for the first semester the Hi-Y Club was resumed with the help of the district adviser, Mr. Root, who had been recently appointed, and Mr. Virgil Vail, N. H. S. adviser. Shortly after the start of second semester, old members were called together to listen to Mr. Root who offered his help in any way in order to get the club going actively again. Officers were then elected and plans made for the year's activities. These included a drive for new members, to be selected by the vote of the clubg a delegation to go to the annual convention in Boiseg the planning for the use of the gymnasium in playing sports after our regular meetingsg and the general promotion of service for which the Hi-Y was originally organized. President- .............. ...... C url Arnold Vice-President ........ . .......... Glen Lyons Secretary .............. ,....,. R aymond Lenz F F A Treasurer .......... ...... G eorge Hayes , , . Reporter ..... ....... B ryce Keim Sentinel ,.... . .. .. ..... Joe Hayes Although handicapped by a late start, the Nampa chapter completed a successful year sponsored by Mr. Emory Howard and Mr. Kirk Rush. Fifty new greenhands were broken in with a rugged initiation. Official delegates to the State F. F. A. Convention in Boise were George Hayes and Bryce Keim. The Nampa Future Farmers were co-sponsors of the successful Harvest Ball. Top Rosy.: hB. Armstrong, C. Baum, P. Keim, J. Kinghorn, R. Bell, M. Holland, L. Hennis, G. Biggs, L. Hennis, R. Murphy, J xsc . Third Row: B. Brown, B. Long, J. Baker, B. Bower, D. Groesbeck, B. Halverson, C. Peterson, R. Burkes, D. Wilde, D. Finch Second Row: N. Struthers, V. Krieger, B. Markus, G. Hayes, C. Arnold, NV. Campbell, J. Simpson, K. Hartley, B. Parks, B Lownsdales, T. White. Bottom Row: P. Budell, J. Hayes, R. Lentz, B. Keim. G. Leavitt. C. Dyas. C. Banchri, A. Tidwcll, C. Duval, R. Nelson. Top Row: D. Hiner, B. Cornilles, J. Pline, J. Vlfalker, N. Sower, R. Patterson, D. Rodgers, M. Blanksma, K. Markus, J. Witteman. - Middle Rtavz B. Ware. M. Knipe, J. Schoonover, A. Roskelly, B. McCall, E. Hannon, L. Neher, R. Radford. H. Wood, H. Schuler. S. ood. Bottom Row: R. Fotherprill. E. Porter, D. Oberst. H. Hoxrnn, P. Ludlow. M. Packard, E. Wagner, R. Powers, B. Allen, J. George. President ............................ Justus George, Harold Hogan I Vice-President ...... ............ H arold Hogan, Justus George Secretary-'Dreasurer .......,..,,.. Louise Neher, Eva Porter u Sergeant-at-Arms ............. , Bill Allen, Ralph Fothergill Adviser ................,...., ,..... ................. M 1 '. Paul Ludlow To stimulate interest in and to increase the enjoyment of scientific study among high school students-such was the purpose for which the Science Club was organized. The club is made up of several divisions, including chemistry, physics and astronomy. At the bi-weekly meeting different groups gave demonstrations and experiments. Talks on pertinent subjects by Mr. Ludlow and outside speakers were also enjoyed. Barbara Ware entertained the club on December 17 at a party in her home. On January 18 the more rugged members traveled by bus to Bogus Basin for a day of skiing and tobogganning. In place of their regular Monday night meeting, members attended a photographic display at the College of Idaho on February 11. The club journeyed to Boise on March 8 to visit the State Laboratories at the Capitol building, after which they enjoyed a dinner at the Owyhee Hotel and attended a movie. In April new members were initiated into the club. Dark doings on the shores of Lake Lowell introduced the "unfortunates" into the realms of science. President ........,.,.. ..... . . Dick Rodgers Vice-President ..... Bob Gott .. ...............,. . I Secretary ..................... Barbara Mc'Call Treasurer ....................... .....,,.. H ope Wood Executive Officer ....,... . ......... John Spink Instructor ......,............ ........ J ohn Rupert Shooting as a sport is typically American. In fact, rifle shooting may well be called the original American sport. Shooting is fun! The object of the Rifle Club is to educate the students on marksmanship, to encourage marksmanship throughout the United States both as a sport and for the purpose of quali- fying as finished marksmen those individuals who may be called upon to serve in time of war. Special activities of the year consisted of two matches held in the spring with out-of- town teams. One was fired with the R. O. T. C. team of Boise High School, and the other with the High School Rifle Club of Burley, Idaho. Ton Row: ID. I-liner. J. Wittcman. B. Gott, R. Eastland. lb. Rodgers. T. Thompson. J. Van Epps, J. McCarthy. Middle Row: I... Schwalbe, G. Briirxfs, B. Tiegs. A. Nithols. N. Peck. H. Wood. S. Good, J. Baker, Mr. Rupert. Bottom Row: J. Thorne. G. Yost. B. McCall, D. Ticgs. J. S. ink. M. Woodard, E. Brown, W. Campbell, W. Tacketl, Top Row: C. Wittenberger. C. Shroll, VV. Martin, L. Patrick, E. Laughter, M. Anketell. M. Miyake, E. Wheeler, V. Lawrence, V. Halcomb. B. Plush, D. W'eaver, D. Weaver. Middle Row: P. Jacobsen. R. Rouse, G. Rempp, P. Hilty, E, Childs, B. Brown, L. Martin, H. McGlothen, A. Lovaas, B. Jones, V. Hochalter, Miss Thompson. Bottom Row: R. VVm.rers, M. Martin, M. Ellis, E. Arant, D. Oberst, L. Bailey, J. VVaterhouse, M. Keim, A. Edwards, L. Gaven, I. Keating, J. Fritehle. S. Drake. President ...................... .......... . . Donna Jean Snyder, Lois Bailey 1 Vice-President .............................. .... M arjorie Anketell, Elaine Arant Secretury-Treasurer ............ Elaine Arant. Della and Doris Weaver lr Serireant-ut-Arms ................. . .........,.................,....,.,.., Betty Jean Tiegs Advisers ................,... .. Mrs. Lois Wennstrom, Miss Alice Thompson Using the motto "I will find and give the best and face life squarely" as their guide, the Girl Reserves accentuated the positive qualities of usefulness and service during the year of 1946. The major activities were collecting toys for the Children's Home. contributing to the March of Dimes. and selling food. clothes and toys at a bazaar in a downtown store. They, also furnished the Christmas tree for the main hall. In the spring the GR's sponsored a drive for materials to send to the devastated countries of Europe. This year the girls broadcasted a monthly program over KFXD which consisted of a round-table discus- sion dealing with social and economic problems of today. "Spring Fantasy," a high school talent show, was presented April 22 in the gym. Chairmen in charge of the affair were Elaine Arant and Roberta Wagers. On December 2 a solemn and impressive Recognition Service was held at the Methodist Church. Other social functions included a Halloween initiation party, a Christmas party, and a Valentine frolic. Spring events were the Father-Daughter picnic, the Mother-Daughter tea and the Senior banquet. Top Row: U. Russel, B. Clements, J. Allen. G. Yost., G. Jones, L. Schwalbe, M. Hroza, S. Taylor. R. Powers, B. Ladd, J. Romine, R. Peterson, M. Sharfen. Third Row: B. Burlyle, V. Coffman, C. Walle1', M. Kovunda, H. VVoodvine, J. Clark. S. Good. H. Schu- ler. A. Schuler, M. Enburps, K. Mills, 0. Korn, Mrs. Wennstrom, Mrs. Ludlow. Second Row: R. Wood, M. Brankovich, J. Gross, A. Roskelly, V. Campbell, C. Harley, M. Schmidt, S. Swindle, E. Johnson, J. Rauzon, M. Crowther, B. Hartgrave, P. Chitwood. First Row: B. Cather, H. Hunt, S. Shimanek. D. Romph, O. Ord, E. NVagner. B. Terry, B. Tiegs, L. Roshong, D. Stewart, T. Budell. B. Corn. Ton Row: P. Hilty, D. Cudd, K. King, J. Harley, M. Zapp, D. Barnes, L. Marshall, R. NVilliums. Middle Row: B. Gowen, L. Pntriek, E. Thomas, G. Welch, Miss Bird, V. He1'shhe1'1:er. L. Russell. M. Cook. Bottom Row: M. Zarbnisky, J. Booth, C. Wittenberger, B. White. R. Myers, J. Hamilton. R. Lloyd. B. Lessingcr, B. Feeler. President ............... ....... ....... . . .. Roberta Myers Vice-President ..... ..... J oanne Hamilton n Secretary .................. ,, ........... Barbara White Sergeant-at.-Arms ..... ......................, D oris Snyder Adviser ....................................... Miss Annie Laurie Bird The Spiz Club stands up to its motto, "Snappy Pep Insures Zest." by promoting sportsmanship and arousing school pep. Carrying out Indian themes, the Spiz assisted in the Football Iamboree held at the Majestic Theater and the annual exchange assembly with Boise. The exchange assembly program was also presented to the Nampa High School students, who paid admission. The money received was turned over to the P. T, A. to buy a refrigerator for the hot lunch project. As a climax to the gridiron season the Spiz gave their annual football banquet in honor of the team using "Winter Wonderland" as their theme. All of the football players were invited instead of only letterlnen and senior players as had been done in previous years. One of the main events of the year was the school pep campaign conducted to promote better school spirit by arranging to have a section roped off at games for all Nampa High School students wearing red sweaters. Spiz also offered a prize to the club contributing the most original and best stunt to be presented during the half at tournament ga111es. Selling hotdogs, candy, and pompoms at games were methods of raising money to finance activities of the club. A tea was held February 28 with the Boise Scarlet Skirts and the Caldwell Pep Club as guests. Top Row: E. VVmrner, B. Ladd, S. Taylor. L. Schwalbe, H. Woodvine. M. Kovnnda. G. Harley. V. Campbell, P. Conway, J. Skordahl. Middle Row: B. McCall, D. Snyder, R. Loosli, P. Juninger, V. Durell, R. Powers. M. Hroza, G. Yost, G. Tovey. M. Lessimrer. Bottom Row: E. Shefstnll. N. Tiller, P. Hankins, A. Gabica, M. Moulton, L. Buck, E. MeNees, M. Knipe, C. Sehomburg, E. Hannon. .. . . ... .,,,Wt,' l Top Row: M. Roth. E. Pascoe, R. Rouse, E. Cramer. J. Grove, D. Metzger. M. Mason, D. Wallman. N. Peck, A. Nichols. J. Bran- kovich, M. Miyake. Middle Row: M. Sedlaeek, K. Barrett, D. Oberst, E. Tiser, M. Ellis, S. Good. H. NVood, E. Porter. H. Schuler. V. Sallee, J. Harley, M. Zapp. Bottom Row: S. Aulbach, L. Nelson, N. Barret.t, D. Gannady. L. Patrick, V. Hershberger, C. Shroll, D. Brown, W. Martin, P. Crawford, C. Wittenberger, B. Corniiles. President ......... .... ....,. V a leta Hershberger Vice-President. ...... .............. Lo is Patrick Secretary ,.,,... ..... .....,..... D o l'iS Brown Treasurer ........ ............ C harlene Shroll Historian ...... ................... l Wilma Mnrtzill Sponsor . ...................................,....... Miss Winlfred Sersain "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief" was the theme of the annual Co-Ed Ball sponsored by the Home Eco- nomics group of N. H. S. The Ball is the one night of the year when the femmes gleefully lock the door against possible invasion of the uninvited males. The Harvest Ball. sponsored jointly by Home Ec. and F. F. A., was a great success. The gym was cleverly camouflaged with bales of hay, piglets, bunnies, autumn leaves and a silvery mellow moon. A prize was given for the most typical costume. C To aid with various relief projects the girls gathered and canned fruit and made rag dolls for the Red ross, The group presented a skit and several musical numbers for the Emmett Home Economics Club in an exchange of programs. Pins were awarded to those who had earned the required number of points. A state convention was held in Boise April 13. Delegates representing each school. decided on the pro- gram for the coming year. Top Row: B. Ladd. L. Schwulbe, S. Taylor. R. Powers, E. Wagner, K. Mills, M. Gomer, E. Johnson, H. McGlothen. A. Lovaas. M. Brankovich, A. Roskelly, H. Woodvine, J. Gross, M. Kovanda. Third Row: J. Schoonover. D. Coates, J. Fujii, B. Terry, S. Swindel. S. Gomer, J. Kreger, P. Nvnrd, J. Allen, A. Sehulcr. J. Mitchell, V. Halcomb, V. Campbell, C. Harley, A. Edwards. Second Row: H. Schell, D. Urbzm, M. Hroza, G. Yost, G. Jones, L. Shimanek, D. Romph, D. Martineau, M. Endbernf. V. Hochal- ter, S. Drake, M. Betts, H. Burtels, M. Harper, B. Sims, Miss Sersain. Bottom Row: L. Caven. I. Keating. 0. Ord, J. Fritehle, B. Jones, B. Tiegs. E. Peterson, G. Briggs, B. Emmert, V. Coffman. B. Burlyle. B. Corn, J. Rauzon, M. Growther. Top Row: L. Strnubhaar, E. Vllheeler, D. Vlfezwer, D. Weaver, M. Zapp, D. Brown. VV. Martin, V. Hershberger, J. Hanke. J. Ander- s n J. VVilson. J. Eshelinan, B. VVisely. J. Fritchle, O. Ord. Third Row: N. Tiller. M. MacGillivray, D. Snyder, K. Barrett, S. 0 . Aulbach, D. Cannndy, N. Barrett, J. Hasbrouck. D. Oberst, J. Sohoonover, B. Cornilles, E. Hannon, B. Jones, I. heating, J. Sny- der. Second Row: J. Mitchell, M. Miyake. B. Heyer, B. Wohlgamuth, E. Shefstall, L. Essington, R. Loosli, J. Grimes, L. Bailey, C. Foust., A. Flowers, M. Endberpr, V. Hockhalber, M. Knipe. Bottom Row: M. Harper, B. Simms, M. Betts, H. Bartels, J. Machos. S. Good,, H. Schuler, J. Harley, D. Mm-tineau, H. Wood, E. Porter, A. Schuler, P. Juninger, A. Wilcox, L. Caven. President .....,... ..... ............. J o nee Harley, Hope Wood Vice-President ...............,........ Sonnn Good, Jonee Harley Secretary ..................,... Eva Porter, Doloreta Martineau Treasurer ..,.................. .... .,.. . E iloen Snyder, Arm Sehuler G A A Sergeant-at-Arms ........... ,........,..,.. .................. S o nna Good , , , Pointkeeper .........,... .......................,.. H elen Schulel' Adviser ................................................ Miss Miriam Eastly The Girls Athletic Association was organized to promote good sportsmanship, leadership and athletic ability among the girls of N. H. S. Letters are awarded for earning a required number of points. Two initiations were held during the year for those who wished to join the club. A play day was enjoyed at Caldwell and later the members sponsored one for girls of nearby athletic organizations. The traditional Christmas holiday was celebrated by an ice-skating party after which gifts were exchanged. The more ad- venturesome of the group spent an invigorating day frolicking mid snow banks and pines during a ski trip at Bogus Basin. Miss Miriam Eastly, sponsor, and Mrs. Geraldine Cruse, co-sponsor, ably assisted the girls through another successful year. '1'opRow: G. Briggs, B. Tiers, B. Burlylo, J. Allen, P. NVnrd, J. Kreircr, E. Allen, E. Shockley, G. Harley, V. Campbell, K. Mills E. Wagner. J. Anderson, J. Eshelman, R. Powers. Third Row: G. Amee, V. Coffman, M. Price, P. Conway, J. Gross, J. Clarke H. VVoodvine, A. Rskelley, M. Kovanda, G. Ayres, L. Newman, J. Fujii, G. L-yda, Miss Eastly. Second Row: B. Cather, H. Hunt M. Christensen. M. Lessinger, M. Seharfen, B. Hartgrave, E. Peterson, M. Schmidt, B. Johnson, G. Tovey, M. Moad, J. Skordahl Nichols. N. Peck, B. Emmert. Bottom Row: B. Beckwith, T. Singleton. D. Nylander, B. Ladd, L. Schwalbe, C. Garner, M. Keim A. G. Jones, M. Hroza, S. Taylor, G. Yost, T. Budell, J. Rauzon, E, Satern. G. Haines. 74453466 Zaeea mm. -Y A 1 4 1 BETTY FOSTER LUKE .lettuce gow! Zaeew I I Y KING 1-Exchange assembly. 2-Paper boy Polly. 3--Andy,I call my sugar, Andy. 4-Going swimming? 5-Where ya been? 6-Could it be he's studying? 7-Ionee and Marie. 8-Three peas in a pod. 9-Robbie and Bobbie. 10-Why so happy? ll-Our cheer leaders. 12-Land of Midgets and-7 13-They call me Ielly Bean 14-That's really neat. 15-Quit showing off!! 16--What do we have here? 17--During the noon hour. 18-JIt's the hot weather that gets 'em. In . ' 1, 1 -' .1 'ilfwgqii s ax Q. S if' 1-Home on leave. 2-Angel at work. 3-Down on the farm. 4-Sophies. 5-Five hubba girls. 6-What's this? 7-"Chcsty" Shafer. 8-Showing their QE1ll'1S,tllE hams. 9-Who's strong? 10-A capacity load. 11-Growler. 12-"Two" bad. 13-Owner please identify and claim. 14-Watching and waiting. 15-Queen's attendant. l A an l-Peck-a-boo! 2-Air minded. 3-Girls, girls, girls. 4--Music? 5-Where's lack? 6-Iust we three. 7-Could it be Mike? 8--Don't you believe it!! 9-Find something? 10--Is that a sneer? ll-Sage Inc. 12-Did I hear a whistle? 13--There's that red head. 14-Oh! Angel. 15-Polishing the ole' apple. 16-Willie. 17-lust in fun. 18-Relaxation. 19-The sChool's behind you. y WM ww W W ,Q W QW amv , .,, JN M,2.fHx'y,,L M .vw - 3 f ,ff ,. 49 1' We QRvf HWARTZ PRAVING COMP if is YJ Q 1iZfjGCOMQlli Z . W 2557 QTYW . 3 5, . yy W A difwwyf My f My W W N HWM6 my ff,f,f f ww Qfgipj R MQW X if Q AX 'UVM c J ax MY

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