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,sf 051 2' : Q J - E' Q 'Q Y 1 UU N A V .,., ,Lv . ,5.,,,.,,5i,,..,...., -1 -..., .,,...f.N-.-.-f , Y X ag X- f . , ' , I, V i ,- pf ,ma ' X - 3 'Q L4 L" , -X ' A xv rg w x - Q '- ff! rx . ,,2lifE1ff2'k. A X fx. N., - .',,,1jgfYhJ'f'A1g , ' v '- :gs":fJg"?W35?L 45-i ?-- -,gf " k .N -N V Q , ,: 1 V W .AzHQs5sa,,s'f?:4'-T21 241,11 1 - fi - - vm- 1 f- , W f ,,.1ffQ?i':'-ifrwlff - 1 wwii- I ,X ,X 'N ' - rrsw wws-ff -1'-1 -3 ..,' Vx-5' Q, W3 35, MD 1 1,1 e gfr iZfi' :wi2.:, , , , 1 eg , 5 J . V 51 - . " 29P "i.k 1'1':L - ,,,,,,f,ff , - s ,af f 4 fp PM fm - , 'A' Erff-' ,. ' agpff J I ' 'yi -!".w,-- ' 4' .. -V -.iw - N 5 , , 5 -.-'1vf ,.e, -' 'ws A -1 ,Q ' N-, j"'-XA N, ,-'Qfvmi' .. .- f "'f 3E4'f72'f' , , P ,.j,k .i..- 1, V 4 2 :Q 43,4 -. 3:11 3i5,fiQr,, 'ggi-"3 N A 1 ff- A 2,,m 3.f'H:i-7' 552' ""'.5T:'5 L, - '- 1, Q, -5 .-..'-,,?".v1 ,, . ' '. Vgffp A-,'3HIrI ,T 1, ,-x., ' " 27' .112-11.1 ' ,,, nwslnx Y'-4E'9'L'l"' K L Th e S A G' IW V O L U M E TWENTY-EIGHT PUBLISHED BY THE NAMPA HIGH SCHGOL NAMPA, IDAHO UIEHNUN TO KOICHI KOYAMA OUR BELOVED C L A S S M A TE WHOSE MEMORY WILL ALWAYS BE DEAR TO THOSE XVI-IO KNEW HIM, WE DEDICATE THE 1939 SAGE. EUNHHJS A U -I' U N N cqcfminiiffzaiion, Cjfanaa cqutumn. About W I N T E I2 Dzganizafiona qfMrzf.s'z gpozfa S P I2 I N G ffmuiia Spzing cgpofzfi 5. PIIHIH AUTUMN, WINTER, SPRINGTIME- EACH SEASON USHERS IN A SUCCES- SION OF EVENTS AND EXPERIENCES WHICH COMBINE TO ROUND OUT THE SCHOOL YEAR. BY WORDS AND PICTURES ARRANGED IN SEASONAL SEQUENCE WE HAVE AT- TEMPTED TO LEAVE A PERMANENT RECORD OF THIS YEAR'S HAPPENINGS. cqutumn. afifg Lia fanciuicf gums Dpana fofz ua new 501620124 JXUPAINWMWHUN U0 fga Cyan of 7939: C70129'zafuf7afions.f Many of our wise public commentators feel that the youth graduating from high school at the present time will be called upon to solve many serious problems in the next few years. They predict amazing changes in the field of y economics and society throughout the next two decades. Many people of course fear these changesg they fear them because great periods of social and economic changes have also brought danger, un- stable and insecure conditions for most people. If these prophets of change are correct, then every one of you will need all the training that you can possibly obtain to help solve the problems that you face. To youth there should be some satisfaction in the thought that periods of danger also bring great adventure and excitement. As one great man has remarked: "Such times may not be as good as in the past, but they are more interesting and exciting." XVe public school people can only hope that your training may be of some value and help in solving the problems of the future. Goodbye and Good Luck! J. E. WALSH, Superintendent J. E. WALSH, Superintendent. YVe are all justly proud of our Nampa High School and the varied achievements of former graduates. May the Class of 1939 contribute its full share to those willing to do their best in whatever line of endeavor they may follow, that the world may be a better and happier place in which to live. I GERTRUDE MILLER. Miss GERTRUDE MILLER Treasurer and Clerk of School District No. 37 glzincifzafis f .usage On behalf of the Faculty I wish to congratu- late the Student Body on the publication of such a fine year book as we have in "The Sage." The theme of the portrayal of the seasons of the year in the arrangement of this year's annual suggests to me that we have been doing some very fine "planting of seed" in the past several years. Our newly completed telescope is worthy of con- siderable commendation. Our Band has been equipped with some of the finest uniforms in the Northwest. Our vocal groups have made a very fine showing with their new A Capella gowns and have also contributed generously to entertainment and cultural value of the community. Our radio and our Journalism instruction coupled with the fine equipment which has been acquired through the activity of their group and that of the Student Body has enabled a number of students to find employment after finishing school. Other progress in the fields of history, science and mathe- matics could be cited. All of this broadens our outlook and our possibilities. Let us continue to plant. My best personal regards to a fine bunch of high school students. Sincerely, C. C. COWIN, Principal. Public school work and con- tacts with young people in educa- tional endeavor is most enjoyable. LAURA FRAHM It is a pleasant and interesting experience to be so closely asso- ciated with the educating of young America. MILDRED REAY MISS LAURA FRAHM MISS MILDRED REAY Registrar and Secretary Attendance Clerk to Mr. Cowin C. C. COWIN, Principal U! Wo MISS ANNIE LAURIE BIRD: College of Idaho. B.A.: Columbia University, M.A.: Adviser of: Spiz, Assembly Committee. MISS EVELYN HAGELIN: Wellesley College, B.A.: Univer- sity of California, M.A.: Adviser of: Senior Class, Girl Reserves, Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Tennis Coach. MISS E. ELOISE KENNEDY: Linfield College, B.A.: Univer- sity of Washington, M.A.: Ad- viser of: Growl, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. MR . KEITH LEATHERWOOD: University of Idaho, B.S.: Uni- versity of Washington: College of Idaho: Faculty Assistant at Games. MISS GLENNIE DAY: Dakota VVesleyan University, B.A. : University of Washington: Adviser of: Girl Reserves. MR. ROBERT J. HOWARD: Northwest Nazarene College. B.A.: Sophomore Basketball Coach : Assistant Football Coach. MR. JOHN KUSTER, JR.: Linfield, B.S.: Kinman Business University: University of Idaho: Faculty Assistant for Evening Games and Programs: Marching Director. MR. FRED P. LIVESAY: College of Idaho, B.A.: Curia Club : Sophomore Adviser : Facul- ty Assistant at. Night Games: Debate Coach. Annie Laurie Bird Evelyn Hagelin E. Eloise Kennedy Keith Leatherwood Glennie Day Robert J. Howard John Kuster, Jr. Fred P. Livesay Grace Gorton James Johnson Winifred LaFond Mary A. Lucas MISS GRACE GORTON: McPhail University, Bachelor of Music: University of Washing- ton, B.A.: Adviser of: D1'amat- ics, Girl Reserves, Assembly Committee. MR. JAMES JOHNSON: B.Y.U., B.A. : University of Chi- cago: Adviser of: Junior Class. MISS WINIFRED LAFOND : University of Idaho. B.A.: Ad- viser of: Sage, French Club, Quill and Scroll. MISS MARY A LUCAS: University of Minnesota, B.A.: University of Washington, B.M. : Adviser of Honor Society: Li- brarian. L,,, J ,, ,9. Foam. 0' Paul Ludlow Josephine Payer Elmer C. Roberts Rosa L. Smith Edna Minden Roger Ray Fred Ruiz Lyle Stanford 4 S Lucy B. Morton S Kay Boyd Remley Q Ronald O. Smith N Vivian Stone MR. PAUL LUDLOW: Linfield College, B.A.: Faculty Assistant for Games. MISS JOSEPHINE PAYER: University of Idaho, M.S. :North- western University, B.S.: Ad- viser of: Science Club, Honol' Society. MR. ELMER C. ROBERTS: Barnes School of Commerce : Den- ver University: Colorado State College of Education, A.B., M.A.: Faculty Manager of Student Ac- tivities: Student Council. MISS ROSA L. SMITH: Lewiston State Normal School: Linfield College, B.A.: Univer- sity of Washington, M.A.: Ad- viselg of: Honor Society: S. P. Q. . MISS EDNA MINDEN: Mills College: Whitman College: Lewiston State Normal: Univer- sity of Idaho. B.S.: Adviser of Girl Reserves. MR. ROGER RAY: College of Idaho, B.S. : University of California: Adviser of: Curia Club, Radio Club. Science Club. MR. FRED RUIZ: New Mexico State College, B.S.: University of Notre Dame, J.D. : Adviser of Silver N: Faculty As- sistant. MR. LYLE STANFORD: College of Idaho, B.A., M.A.: University of Washington, M.S. 1 Adviser of: Explorer Scouts: Sage Finance: Faculty Assistant for Night Games. MRS. LUCY B. MORTON: College of Idaho, A.B.: Univer- sity of Idaho. MR. KAY BOYD REMLEY: College of Idaho, B.A.: Colorado State Teachers' College: Adviser of: German Club. Glee Clubs. MR. RONALD O. SMITH: Colleixe -of Idaho, B.A.: Univer- sity of Washington: Faculty As- sistant for Night Games: Boxing and Wrestling Coach. MISS VIVIAN STONE : University of Idaho: The Art In- stitute of Chicano, B.A. : Adviser of Sophomore Class. MISS MELBA TODD: University of Idaho, B.S.: Ad- viser of Junior Class. MR. OTTO W. WAGNER: College of Idaho. B.A.: Unive1'- sity of Washington : Time Keeper for Games: Sophomore Football. MR. VICTOR WETZEL: University of Oregon, B.A.: Co- lumbia University, M.A.g Facul- ty Assistant for Night Games: Assistant Coach. MR. J. A. WINTHER: Augsburg College: Northwestern Conservatory of Music: McPhail University, B.M. MISS BLANCHE WATERMAN: College of Idaho, A.B.: Univer- sity of Wisconsin, Oregon State College: Adviser of: Home Eco- nomics Club, Girl Reserves. MR. ALBERT J. TOMPKINS: Hahn-Sechwer: Cornell Univer- sity : University of California. MR. HAROLD VVHITE : Northwestern University: Uni- versity of Utah, B.S. Melba Todd Otto Wagner Victor Wetzel J. A. Winther Waterman Albert J. Tompkins Harold White 505005 Beau! Long hours of hard work for which they received little thanks were spent by the Nampa School Board this year solving questions and working for the better- ment of education. Their activities included the landscaping of the block across from the high school and general improvements on buildings and grounds. W. S. Anderson was elected chairman of the Board this year. Mr. Anderson, who is manager of the Mountain States Telephone Company, has been a member of the Board for five years. Vice-Chairman B. G. Davies has been a member of the Board since 1934. He is the owner of the Davies Hardware Company. Edson Deal was elected last year to serve on the Board. Mr. Deal is manager of the Farmers Auto Inter-Insurance Exchange Agency. Lester Hamilton was appointed this year to fill the vacancy left by Elmer I. Eastman. W. H. Keim has worked in the interest of the Nampa Schools System for nine years. H. E. Myers, manager of the Boise Valley Grain Growers Associations, has worked on the School Board for six years. These Nampa business men have given much time to the management of school affairs and through their eiiicient guidance Nampa High School has been kept on the up and coming list. A Adm. V-5' Top Row: J. Jausoro, J. Harris, E. DeCoursey, M. Crane, M. J. Petty, J. Yoder, C. Grimes, R. McColm W. Garrity, E. Sullivan, F. Abbott. I Second Row: W. Gopenhaver, J. Cliff, B. Mar-cusen, J. Christensen, W. Howard, K. Wmther, L. Rob erts, D. Taylor, B. Parker. Third Row: R. Hanson, N. Aldous, L. Frost, J. Schuler, R. Hackney, B- Hussey, D- AHd9l'S0H L. Williams, B. Keim, C. Robbins. fucfsnt fowzai President-ROBERT HANSON 111.75 Vice-President-FIELDING ABBOTT Secretary-Treasurer-W'1N1FRED COPENHAVER ADVISERS C. C. COWIN E. C. ROBERTS PURPOSE We, the students of the Nampa High School, in order to cooperate with the Faculty in the management of the student affairs, and to better prepare ourselves for American citizenship, do ordain and establish the constitution for the Associated Student Body of Nampa High School. ACTIVITIES Sponsored debate, football, and basketball teams, promoted entertain- ment such as lyceum numbers, appointed assembly committees, chose student rotarian, suggested changes in constitution for student vote, gave permission for new organizations. I ROBERT HANSON President FIELIJING ABBOTT Vice-President WINIFRED COPENHAVER Secretary 5555555 U55 aging of ow: age Within the walls of old Nampa High, A room of great renown doth lie: And in this room of glory old, A book is annually made and sold. Upon entering this remote domain, Where peace and order always reign. One is impressed by its spacious air, And by the Staff members' vacant stare. No doubt its name you've already guessed, The Sage Ofhce-noted haven of rest: Where guileless Iuniors, with ideals fine, Come and learn to waste their time. If a sixth period visit you wish to make, Into your hands your life you take. For some unknown reason, the way it lies, You become the object of all that flies. First, upon entering, you will observe A lad who has a lot of nerve. Unlike the average Sage Staff run, He studies despite laughter and pun, Beside this member, another reclines, He spends his time in making signs To paste where they'll hang from every rafter And cause the greatest amount of laughter. Next comes our most stately boss, The one who is not so very cross. All the corny jokes she knows! And for her picture she must twice pose. Another member, known as Scoop, Usually enters wtih a great big swoop. All the latest news is hers, But before she leaves, it will be yours. Our Feature Editor, my such a wit! Through her ancient poems you'll have to sit And laugh at the end as a matter of course, Wondering who the dope was at its source. This jovial sixth period will no doubt endure. Till the month of March is gone for sure. Then Miss LaFond will check up and look, And notice the unfinished state of our book, Then long delayed deadlines will be set, And agreements with engravers and publishers met Midnight oil will burn to determine its worth, But without the usual laughter and mirth. And now as the end of my poem draws nigh, And you take a deep breath and heave a sigh, To publish a Sage it goes without seeing ls hard on any human being. If this poem is like any you've read, And some of the statements have before been said I will pay their author absolutely no rental, For the likeness between them is purely coincidental -Anonymous Miss Hagelin Mr. Smith B. Parker F, Timm E. Aschenbrennei' B. M. Hill eniofz gfass Studies, dances, athletics, fun, gaity, and pathos have made the last three years eventful for the Senior Class of 1939. As Sophomores they rapidly learned the ways of Nampa High School. Their first activity after entering the portals of N. H. S. was the sponsorship of a dance in the fall of 1936. As juniors the class of '39 entertained the Seniors at the annual Junior-Senior Prom. An old fashioned flower garden was the theme of this dance, and no efforts were spared by the committees to make it realistic. Early this year the decision was made by class members to follow the tradition set last year of wearing caps and gowns for baccalaureate and commencement. To football, basketball, baseball, track, and other sports this class has made large contributions during the past three years. Debate, declamation, music, and other all-school activities have also claimed many members of the graduating class. The Seniors sponsored a dance April 28 and concluded their activities in high school with the Senior luncheon which was held May 12. Helping to pilot this group through both calm and troubled waters were Fred Timm, Ray Skinner, and Buddy Ptacek, class presidents, and Miss Evelyn Hagelin, Odie Pederson, and Ronald Smith, class advisers. Lavender and silver were chosen as the colors for this class. "Today we launch, where will we anchor?', was the motto picked at the begin- ning of their Sophomore year. K HELEN JOYCE AGENBROAD Girls' Glee Club. BUD ALVERSON Radio Club: German Club: Blu-N: Varsity Football: Boxing. EARL RUDOLPH ANDERSEN Growl. Ass't. Ed.: Declamation: Quill and Scroll: French Club, Vice-Pres.: Student Council: Sage Collector: Band: Curia Club, Sgt.-at-Arms: Junior Class, Treas. EDWARD JOSEPH ASCHENBRENNER German Club, Pres.: Junior Class, Vice-Pres.: Senior Class, Vice-Pres. : Basketball. ANNE BAHRYCHUK Honor Society : Growl, Typist : Quill and Scroll : Girl Reserves, Pres.: Home Ec. : Spiz. LOUEMMA BARGER Girl Reserves: Latin Club: Orchestra: String Quartet. WILMA EVELYN BEAUCHAMP German Club: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus. ARNOLD TAYLOR BEEBE Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: East High School, Salt Lake City, Utah. KENNETH ROLAND BELKNAP Explorer Club: Curia Club: Varsity Football: Golf. BETTY WINIFRED BENNETT Silver N: Girl Reserves: Caldwell High School : Wendell High School. BETTE JEANNE BEUS Home Ec.: Student Council: Girls' Glee Club: G. A. A. BILL BEVER Blu-N: Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Varsity Football: Soph. Football: Soph. Basketball: Varsity Basketball. F. XVESLEY BLACK, JR. Football: Soph. Basketball: Boxing and Wrestling: Tennis: Declamation: Boys' Glee Club: Radio Club: Spanish Club: Baseball. DELBERT BLICKFELDT Curia Club: Science Club: Radio Club, Vice-Pres.: Debate: Boxing and Wrestling. MARCINE ELMA BORG Home Ec.: Girls' Glee Club. BOB LEE BOWMAN Blu-N: Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Varsity Football: Soph. Football: Sophomore Class, Treas.: Baseball. DALE LEON BRIGHT Boys' Glee Club : Mixed Chorus. FLORA MAY BRocKUs Girl Reserves: Latin Club: Dramatics: Home Ec. : G. A. A. : Girls' Glee Club. ALLAN DALE BROWN Boxing: Eagle Rock High School, Los Angeles, Calif.: Boise High School. KATHLEEN MAE BRUBAKER Girl Reserves: Dramatics: Orchestra. WARD H. BURROWS Sage: French Club: Sage Collector: Dramatics: Camera Club: University City High Sch-ool. CARROL RAY BURTON Honor Society. BUDDY A. BUSHNELL Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Track: Tennis. ELAINE MILDRED CADOW Girl Reserves. VIRGINIA MILDRED CAMPBELL Girl Reserves: G. A. A. KENNETH L. CARTER Blu-N: Soph. Basketball: Track: Varsity Basketball. RAYMOND CARTER Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Baseball: Blu-N: Varsity Football : Track: Caldwell High School. FRED LEROY CASE Boys' Glee Club: Golf. MARJORIE CHASE Valedictorian: Honor Society: Growl: Quill and Scroll: Girl Reserves, Vice-Pres.: Science Club: Home Ec., Sec.-Treas.: Latin Club. CLARENCE E. CHITTENIJEN Latin Club: Chess Club. JOHN WILLIAM CLIFF Student Council: Science Club, Sec.-Treas. EASIL ROYCE COCHRANE Sage Collector: Band. ANNA MARJORIE CHRISTENSEN Girls' Glee Club. WINSTON WAYNE COFFEY Varsity Basketball: Notus High School. NONA FERN COFFMAN Silver N, Pres., Vice-Pres.: Girl Reserves: French Club: Declamation: Debate: Curia Club, Sec.-Treas. ARDENE JOYCE COLLINS Spanish Club. DON WAYNE COLTON German Club. XVINIFRED AMELIA COPENHAVER Srience Club: Home Ee. : Curia Club: Girls' Glee Club: Spiz: Student Council, Sec.-Treas.: Klamath Falls High School: Riverside Polytechnic High. VERNA MAXINE CORDER Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Nebraska School of Agricul- ture, Curtis. Nebraska, Cambridge, Nebraska. RAYMOND E. COTNER Chess Club: Spanish Club. STEVE J. COTTRELL German Club, Vice-Pres.: Band: Mixed Chorus: Boys' Glee Club: Boys' Quartet: Soph. Football: Sage Collector. PHILLII1 DONALD CRILL Science Club: Radio Club, Sec.-Treas.: Latin Club: Track. DOROTHY BELL CRILL G. A. A. STELLA JANE DAKAN Girl Reserves: Dramatics: Girls' Glee Club. HENRY H. DAY Latin Club: Rifle Club, Pres. : Track. CLANCY DEAN DAVIS Gr-awl: Quill and Scroll: Silver N: Latin Club: Girls' Glee Club: Twin Falls High School. V EDNA FLORENCE DENNIS Girls' Basketball: Bristow High School. GEORGE HERBERT DODGE Radio Club, Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec. DOROTHY GRACE DOMINICR Girl Reserves: Home Ec.: French Club: Curia Club: Tennis: Camera Club. JOHN WALLIS DORMAN Sage, Sports Ed.: Silver N: Explorer Club, Photographer: Latin Club: Declamation: Debate: Dramatics: Curia Club, Justice: Tennis. JUANITA RODNEY DUNN Silver N: Growl, Feature Ed.: Quill and Scroll, Sec.-Treas.: Curia Club, Sec.-Treas.: Dramatics: Declamation: Orchestra: Tennis. MILDRED D. DUSPIVA CARROL EDWARDS JAMES G. EPLEY Happy Valley High School. ROBERT JOHN ERTZ Blu-N: Yell King: Track: Mixed Chorus: Sage Collector. FRANK BEHLE ESTABROOK Honor Society, Sec.: Silver N: Science Club, Pres.: Latin Club, Praetor: Debate: Curia Club, Chief Justice: Camera Club: Chess Club, Pres.: National Forensic League. BETH ELLEN EVANS Home Ec.: Orchestra? G. A A. JACK F ARLEY Baseball. WARREN DERALD FEWKES Boys' Glee Club. MARY ELAINE FISHER Growl: Quill and Scroll: Girl Reserves: Science Club: Home Ec.: Orchestra: Band: Dance Orchestra, Pres.: Twin Falls High School. HELEN LORRAINE FISK Band, Librarian: Orchestra: Dance Orchestra, Sec.-Treas.: Curia Club, Sgt.-at-Arms: Silver N: Thespians: Sage, Music Ed.: Dramatics: "George and Ma,rgaret": West Seattle High School. PHYLLIS GERTRUDE FLORA Girl Reserves, Social Committee: Home Ec., Vice-Pres.: French Club, Pres.: Student Council: Sage Collector: Spiz, Pres.: Girls' Glee Club: Tennis, Asst. Capt.: Golf: D. A. R. Pilgrim. CECELIA MARGARET FLOWERS G. A. A. EUNICE BETHANY FOWLER Home Ec.: French Club, Sec.: Orchestra, Vice-Pres.: Band, Pres. MARVIN FRANDSEN Radio Club, TI-eas. MARTHA CONNIE FROST Honor Society, Pres. ORREN DUANE FROST Boys' Glee Club. MARVIN EUGENE FULCHER Blu-N: Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Varsity Football: Soph. Football: Track. HENIKY ELTON GIBSON Chess Club: Orchestra: Boys' Glee Club: Spanish Club: Soph. Basketball: Track: Paxton High School. MAY LOUISE GIFFORD Student Council: Westward High School. IMOGENE GILLESBY G. A. A.: Girls' Glee Club. KATHRIN GOTT - Science Club: G. A. A., Sec.: French Club, Treas.: Slliz: Tennis, Pres. Lois EMMA GRAY Tiffin High School. ROSANNA GRAY Girl Reserves: Home Ec.: G. A. A.: Sviz: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Tennis: Golf: Double Scxtette. CHARLES GRIMES Sage Collector: Orchestra: Science Club, Vice-Pres.: Honor Society, Pres.: Silver N: Radio Club, Treas.: French Club: Student Council: Curia Club, Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms: National Forensic League: Debate: Happy Valley High School. DELLA ROSE GROESBECK Home Ec.: Girl Reserves: Girls' Glee Club. CLARE MABEL GUNDY Silver N: Growl, Exchange Ed. : Quill and Scroll: Dramatirs: Girls' Glee Club: Cu1'ia Club, Executive officer. ELSIE HABA Honor Society: Girl Reserves: Home Ec., Pres.: Latin Club, Censor: Girls' Glee Club. FREDERICK HALLBERG Boxing' and Wrestling: Boise High School. ISABEL HAMILTON Home Ec., Program Committee: Girl Reserves: German Club: Dramatics: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Sextcttc. MARION T. HAMILTON Radio Club. WANDA WONONA HAMNER Girl Reserves: Home Ec.: Spiz: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Golf. G. ROBERT HANSON Explorer Club, Patrol Leader: Radio Club: German Club: Student Council, Pres.: Sage Collector: Band: Varsity Foot- ball: Soph. Basketball: Jr. Varsity. WESLEY DAVID HARPHAM History Club: Elm Creek High School. FRANK GERALD HART GI-owl, Sports Ed. : Sage, Sports Ed.: Golf. NONA FAYE HASSELBRING LILAH HATFIELD Spiz: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus. ARNOLD HERBERT HELWEGE Radio Club: German Club. KATHERINE THERESA HERFURTH Silver N: Girl Reserves: Home Ec.: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Dramatics: German Club: Curia Club: Declamation: Woodburn High School. NIRA C. HERRICK Girls' Glee Club. DOROTHY ANNE HICKMAN HELEN S. HIEMSTRA Girl Reserves: Home Ec. : G. A. A. : French Club: Girls' Glee Club. BONNIE MAY HILL Silver N, Sec.-Treas.: Declamation: Debate, Manager: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Curia Club: Sextette: Senior Class, Treas. ROSE MARIE HILL G. A. A. : French Club. HELEN MARIE HONSTEAD Sage, Ed.-in-Chief: Growl: Quill and Scroll, Vice-Pres.: Sci- ence Club: Student Council: Latin Club, Quaestor: Sage Col- lector : Spiz: Girls' Clee Club. CHARLES R. HUNTER Track: Tennis. KENNETH R. HUNTER Varsity Football: Track: Blu-N: French Club. ANN ELIZABETH HYSLOP Girl Reserves: Home Ec.: G. A. A., Treas.: French Club: Tennis. R. GENE INGRAM DICK OSCAR JACKSON ARDITH C. JACOBSEN Girls' Glce Club: Girl Reserves. WILLIAM LEE JAUERT Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus : Track. DALE EUGENE JAUERT Boys' Glee Club: Sage Collector. JAMES J. JAUSORO Student Council: Blu-N: Varsity Football: Soph. Football Soph. Basketball : Track. FAYE LOUISE JENSEN G. A. A. : German Club 3 Englevale High School. MILTON A. JOHNSON WAYNE DEAN JOHNSON Boys' Glee Clu Boys' Quartet: Mixed Quartet: Latin Club Mixed Chorus: oys' Pep Club. GUY ROBERT JOHNSTON Varsity Football: Jr. Varsity Basketball. FRANK W. JONES Blu-N: Varsity Football: Soph. Football: Boxing and Wrcst ling. IVORA M. JONES Curia Club: Home Ee. 3 Caldwell High School. VERA RUTH JONES Girl Reserves: Girls' Glee Club. BARBARA ELIZABETH KING Girls' Glee Club. ROBERT PAUL KIRBY Track : Football. LoUIs JAMES KOUTNIK Science Club: Silver N: Explorer Club, Photographer, Geolo- gist: German Club: Camera Club: Curia Club, Pres., Vice Pres., Supreme Court Justice: Radio Club: Debate: Band: Orchestra: Declamation. ELEANOR LOUISE LARSON Honor Society: Girl Reserves: Home Ee. LAWRENCE WILLIAM LARSON .Honor Society: Chess Club, Sec.-Treas. MARION LENz G. A. A. : Ashton High School. MELBA LINDER Girls' Glee Club: Montpelier High School. FRED L. LOCKEY WINETTE WILLOWYN LOCKMAN Girls' Glee Club. LAWRANCE A. LOWBER c JOSEPH JAMES LUKE EVELYN MACKEY Girl Reserves: Orchestra: Curia Club: Tennis. NORNIAN I-I. MAFFIT Band: Orchestra: Pep Band. DOROTHY LAURENE MANGUM Home Ec. J. BERT MARCUSEN Blu-N: French Club: Sage Collector: Curia Club: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball: Soph. Football. G. ELLEN MARRON Curia Club: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus. LEWIS FRED MARTENS GILBERT MARTIN Blu-N: Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Varsity Football: Soph. Football: Payette High School. RAVENA LOUISE MARTIN Girl Reserves: Home Ee.: Girls' Glee Club. ROBERT W. MATTHEWS Latin Club : Boys' Pep Club : Tennis : Growl : Soph. Basketball. HELEN IRENE MAYES A WALTER FRANK MCCARTHY Sage, Photographer : French Club : Track : Camera Club, Pres. CLIFTON MCCLELLAN EVELYN F. MCCLELLAN Girl Reserves: Curia Club: Latin Club: Debate, Manager. GERALD L. MCDANNEI. Caldwell High School. CARMEN McKEE Salutatorian: Honor Society: Sage, Typist: Latin Club, Sum- ma, Praetor: Sage Collector: Spiz, Sgt.-at-Arms: Girls' Glee Club: Golf: Junior Class, Sec. DOROTHY DARLENE MCKILLIP Girl Reserves: German Club: Girls' Glee Club: Curia Club: McCook High School. GERALDINE LOUISE MIDDLEHURST Spiz: Sage Collector: Latin Club: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Silver N: Dramatics. HUGH HOLLAND MH.LS Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Track. BARBARA LOUISE MOFIPATT French Club: Spiz: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Sage Collector. MILDRED J. MOONEY Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Tennis: Sextette. DANNY LEE MOORE Richfield High School. MARY DORIS MORGAN Spiz: Home Ec.: Girl Reserves: French Club: Tennis: G. A. A. : Golf: Girls' Glee Club. ALICE MARIE MORRIS Girl Reserves: French Club: Silver N: Declamation. MARVIN EARL MUNYON Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Twin Falls High School: Boise High School. BETTY E. MURPHY Girls' Glee Club: Girl Reserves: Home Ee., Program Com- mittee. GLENNA VIRGINIA MYERS Girl Reserves: G. A. A. WILLIAM JAMES NASH EARL BEN NEHER Science Club: Latin Club, Consul: Band: Curia Club, Supreme Court Justice. BETTY NELSON Spiz: Silver N: Student Council, Sec.-Treas.: Declamation: Debate: Blu-N: Girls' Glee Club: Tennis: Golf: Mixed Chorus: Yell Queen. JEANNE NORQUIST Science Club : Home Ec. : Latin Club, Censor : Band. M. EARLE NO1i'l'ON JAMES O,BRIEN BETTY LOUISE PARKER Home Ec. : Student Council: Sage Collector: Spiz: Girls' Glee Club: Sophomore Class, Vice-Pres. : Senior Class, Sec. : Dance Orchestra. DON G. PARKINSON French Club: Boys' Glee Club. GILBERT N. PARKINSON Band: Madison High School. PHYLLIS ELAINE PATTERSON Sage, Feature Ed.: Growl, Copy Ed.: Quill and Scroll: Girl Reserves : Science Club : Latin Club, Quacstor : Spiz : Golf. JOHN A. PEEBLES Student Council : Sage Collector: Orchestra: Band. WADE PERCIFIELD VIRGINIA BETH PETERSON Orchestra: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Salmon High School. HAROLD W. PFEIFFER Football: Band, Corporal: Orchestra: Dance Orchestra, Di- rector. DUANE T. PILCHER French Club: Boys' Glee Club. LLOYD M. PINRERTON Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Orchestra, Treas.: Mixed Double Quartet: Boys' Quartet. GLEN A. POPPAW Growl, Business Mgr.: Quill and Scroll: Latin Club: Boys' Pep Club. RALPH ELMORE PORTEREIELD Science Club: German Club: Curia Club: Radio Club: Tennis: Debate. DON POWELL Radio Club. EDWARD E. PTACEK French Club: Student Council: Sophomore Class. Pres. 'fix 2-,I 'QU' DRRAINE RAND Girls' Glee Club: Girl Reserves. USTIN EDWARD RANDALL Explorer Club: Declamation: Debate: Boxing: Fremont High School. GERALD HELT RANDALL Explorer Club: Declamation: Dramatics: Fremont High School. BILL REED Growl, Production: Quill and Scroll: French Club: Sage Col- lector: Orchestra: Band: Pep Band: Golf: Camera Club, Sec.-Treas. THAIS MARGARET RICE Honie Ec.: Silver N: Girl Rese1'ves: French Club: Growl: Sage: Sage Collector: Tennis. JOHN T. RIEDEL Honor Society: Latin Club: Sage Collector: Blu-N: Orches- tra: Band: Varsity Football: Sophomore Football: Boxing and Wrestling. BEN RAPHAEL RIORDAN Honor Society, Vice-Pres.: Science Club, Sgt.-at-Arms: French Club: Blu-N: Varsity Football: Soph. Football: Jr. Varsity Basketball: Soph. Basketball: Track: Baseball. GRACE ROBINSON Home Ec., Pres.: Girl Reserves: Spiz: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus. PEARL ELIZABETH ROBINSON Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Home Ec.: Girl Reserves. JACK STERLING RODWELL Blu-N: Boys' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Varsity Football: Soph. Basketball: Track, Captain. LURAYNE ROPER Girls' Glee Club: Curia Club: Girl Reserves: Home Ee.: Latin Club. HAROLD STEWART ROTH GERALDINE SANDY Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Silver N: Girl Reserves, Treas., Sec.: Latin Club: Declamation: Curia Club. ANNABELLE BABE SCHAS Silver N: Girl Reserves: Home Ec.: Curia Club: Marsing High School: Caldwell High School. JO SCHULER G. A. A., Vice-Pres.: Girl Reserves, Vice-Pres. : German Club, Sec.-Treas.: Student Council: Girls' Glee Club. Ross MELVIN SCHWASINGER Blu-N: Baseball. RONALD CLAYTON SCHWASINGER Blu-N. BOB WILLIAM SEIDEL French Club. mul , X I JAMES HOWARD SHEPARD Boys' Pep Club. JEANNE ISABEL SILER Curia Club: Girls' Glee Club: Girl Reserves. VELMA DORIS SIMMONS Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus. RAY SKINNER Blu-N, Vice-Pres.: Junior Class, Pres.: Varsity Football: Soph. Football. DEFORREST EDWARD SMITH MARGARET EILEEN SMITH BETTY VIRGINIA SNELL Growl, Ed.-in-Chief: Quill and Scroll, Pres.: Latin Club, Summa: Girl Reserves: Spiz. MERLE ADEL15HA SNOXVBERGER Honor Societ ' Silver N: Girl Reserves : Latin Club 1 Declama- ' Y I - tion: Spiz: Mixed Chorus: Girls' Glee Club. PAUL C. SNYDER, JR. Science Club: Radio Club. CLARISSE SPARKS Preston High School. F IVA SPENCER Steamboat High School. HILDA SPLINTER Band : Orchestra. VIRGINIA RUTH STANLEY French Club: Girls' Glee Club: Silver N: Dramatics. MAURINE STEELE Debate: Curia Club, Vice-Pres.: Home Ec.: Caldwell High School. JAMES EARL STEWART Band : Football : Basketball : Baseball : Melba High School. GORDON THADEOUS STICRNEY 15 057-6 ,g Cc V4 f.P547oJ31'A A, CHARLES STINSON ' To "" Hpiyolip 5 OCK427 Honor Society, Vice-Pres.: Student Council: Blu-N: Soph. Football: Varsity Football. FLORENCE EVELYN STOVER Girl Reserves: G. A. A. JEANNETTE STUART Spiz: Sage, Typist: French Club: Monrovia High School. EUGENE SULLIVAN Student Council: Soph. Basketball: Varsity Basketball: Soph. Football : Blu-N. UVAH ANN SUMMERS Girl Reserves: Tennis: Dramatics, Bookkeeper. RACHEL SWAYNE Honor Society: Tennis, Mgr.: Growl: Orchestra, Librarian: String Quartet: Student Council: Science Club, Pres., Sec., Treas. : Latin Club, Praetor: Quill and Scroll : Sage Collector: G. A. A.: Spiz, Sec.-Treas. DAVIDE ROSCOE TABOR Radio Club: Boys' Glee Club. LOLA THACKER Spiz: Madison High School. ELSIE THOMPSON FRED TIMM Blu-N, Pres. : Varsity Football, Capt. : S-aph. Football: Varsity gasketball: Soph. Basketball: Student Council: Senior Class, res. KENNETH A. TOMER German Club: Band: Boxing and Wrestling: Washington High School, Firgus Falls, Minn. MARYLEE TUCKER f Spiz: G. A. A., Pres.: Home Ee.: Girl Reserves: French Club: Girls' Glee Club. BETTY JAYNE TURNER Latin Club, Consul: French Club: Home Ee., Vice-Pres.: Girl Reserves: Science Club: Sage Collector: Sage, Organiza- tion Ed. CALLIE l VAUGHN McCook High School. DARLENE VANCE French Club: Caldwell High School. BURDETTE WAGLE Valley City State Teachers College, North Dakota. FRANCES LEE WAKEFIELD Girls' Glee Club: Curia Club: G. A. A. DOROTHA LUCILLE WALL Home Ec.: Girls' Glee Club. JACK WARD LEROY WATSON Soph. Football, Manager: Mixed Chorus: Boys' Glee Club Soph. Basketball. DORIS MAE XVEAVER Girls' Glee Club: Sage Collector: Girl Reserves. MARGARET MAE WILCOX Home Ec.: Girls' Glee Club. RALPH EUGENE WILSON Blu-N: French Club: Varsity Football 1 Track. VIRGINIA ROSE WILSON Girls' Glee Club. BOB J. WOLCOTT French Club. WAYNE O. WOOD Student Council: Sage Collector: Blu-N3 Boys' Glee Club Baseball: Boys' Pep Club. BYRON W. XVRIGHT French Club: Varsity Basketball: Soph. Basketball: Tennis Jr. Varsity Basketball. JANICE CAROLYN YODER Sage, Class Ed.: Growl, Managing Ed.: Quill and Scroll Etiigient Council: Latin Club. Consul: Sage Collector: Spiz o . KATHERINE EILEEN HOOKER Student Council: Latin Club, Censor: Spiz: Girls' Glee Club Mixed Chorus: Sextfette: Manual AI-ts High School, Los An- geles, Calif. VALEDICTORIAN and - SALUTATORIAN MARJORIE CHASE CARMEN KCKEE .endow dlfof ggicfwza F. ELIZABETH ALLEN JACK C. MACHOS G, A, A, Varsity Football 3 Soph. Football 5 Soph. Basket- ball. ORAL M. BORG O ALD MYERS RASMUSSEN CLINTON J. COTNER D if k I' . Chess Club : Soph. Football : Happy Valley High ac School. MARY CAROLINE STOREY RosE ARIE ILLE M G N Dramatics: Tennis: Meridian High School. Silver N: Girl Reserves: G. A. A.: Caldwell Hiirh School. EAN TURNER B T . J AR LETT N HILL Girls' Glee Club: Homedale High School. Happy Valley High School. . JAMES LONGWILL BILL TYLER Guymon High School: Royal High School. RAY LOOSLI JOHN WARREN WATT Rupert High School. BOYS, Glee Club- CHESTER D. WILLIAMS MCNEAL DALE WILKERSON Chess Club: Latin Club: Wilder High School: Boys' Glee Club: Blu-N: Soph. Football: Var Parma High School. sity Football. IN MEMORIAM jfoiagi jfoyama Born June l8, I92l Died October 22, I938 L- .... Miss Todd Mr. Johnson M. J. Petty D- Gray F. Bastida M. Crane tuziofz ffass Pep and originality might well be the passwords of the class of 1940 which has had more successful activities this year than ever before. After defying tradition and holding a party in preference to the customary dance in their Sophomore year, the Juniors made up for lost time by promoting three all school dances on January 27, February 3, and March 24. As a fitting climax to the other dances, this group entertained the Seniors at the annual Prom in a setting of Hawaii in the spring. The affair was held May 4 at the Masonic Temple. Many hours of hard labor were spent by Class President Dee Gray and his committees in making this dance the success it was for the honored upperclassmen. Following the grand march, which was led by Junior Class President Dee Gray with Betty Nelson and Senior Class President Fred Timm with Grace Robinson, dance programs suiting the theme were presented. To raise money, early in April this class sponsored the Deanna Durbin picture, "Three Smart Girls Grow Up." Taking its place with che other classes in school activities, the Juniors have placed members of their class on the athletic teams, on debate squads, on publication staffs, in dramatic presentations, in public speaking events, and in music contests. Living up to its motto, "We Anchor,', the Junior Class has firmly established itself in Nampa High School. W M 7 Allen Anderson H. Anson Ansotegui Backer he l dl? N N 2 x .!J'9, M L I R. Chase M. r V. Coates J. Crax V. Cochrane H. Davis D. Cogdill W. Decker B. Cornell E. DeCoursey W. Dick D. Doll A. Dooley D. Eastman V. Elliott C. Ereno E. Fiedler R. Fisher C. Frahm A. Fuhriman A. Fulclzer A. Galloway . K. Geisler E. Gibbs V. Grant f D. Gray S. Grow G. Gundy M. Hadsall F. Hamilton repgw Harder Harmon M. Harnel Harris Hartman f 4 f V i C. Hatfield S. Hendry J. Hindes E. B.Hupe R. Hays H. Henrickson N. Hobza M. Hurst L. Hazen J. Henry E. Hoskins J. Hyslop M. Hazen F. Hickey W. Howard O. Irish J. Hedrick M. Hicks E. Howell W. Isgrigg H. Jack J. Jacobsen K. Jenkins L. Jenkins E. John FUFIUQZ Johnson Johnson Jordan J orgenson Keim M. Kemp L. Kimbrough L. Kimbrough H. Kleier 0. Klemens fx fl R. Nelson H. Newland J. Newlands P. Nolte M. Norquist f , 1 ' 9 E. Nydegger J. Oberst I. Odle K. Okumoto R. Ord pawrr Ostermiller Ostermiller Ostyn Parke Parks WSWFF Pascoe Patrick Perry J . Petty Piersall H. Pope L. Porter B. Ramer N Richeson K. Riordan D Roberton A. Robinson C. Robinson O Robinson J. Rodwell A. Rose R. Roth R. Sale R. Salek E. Sanderson N. Sanderson D. Seal D. B. Shroll J. Silkwood B. Simmons G Smith P. Smith R Smith L. Snyder P. Sparks A. Spencer M. Spencer R. Squires C. Stewart H. Susewind I. Svedin M. Vail L. Walter N. Tarter E. Van Houten M. Watson E. Thompson L. Virgin D. Weaver F. Togrstad V. Vogel N. Weaver B. Twitchell G. Waxzle S. White union dlfof ggiatuzscf Eugene Ashcraft DeVon Beer Glen Detton Jack Dewald Irwin Dow Aldora Ferrenberg: Frances Fox Harry Fujikawa Mildred Grosenback Doc Harn Dale Heap Earl Herirert Bernard Hoover Tom Irgens David Isgrigg Pat Kidder George Krueger Dale Lawrence Frank Lewis Ballard Loveland Frieda Mayes Ordella McCarty James Mclndoo Elmer Metzger Clyde Miller Morgan Newbey Verna Nickols Richard Pendleton Virginia Peppleye Peggy Perry Buddy Price Gilbert Prohaska Orland Reynolds l 1 A1 FSU? 4 Qbwdhbgtdmo wocogmmn-ms' 5"'fU'E.,fEU-2-UN ,DO m omega '9f7faS4NOE.fP+5 ""4cr' mm :- E Ogiincrm bd 2'1ov1E491mPUQ SE 'ifgiigg-' fag' M5955 3-lm n na Williams E. Wright . Willis W. Wyatt Wilson R. Yamamoto Witmer J. O. Young . Wood J. Ziegler M. Young 0 lu X' l N vl'v.'Q'5 i 'Q' ill -I I fn Mfiffgld, Miss'Stone Mr. Livesay K. Wiuther W. Garrity C. Vincent D. Hickey cqofzgomo 'ze Ufczaz "To be and not to dream!" Yes, the Sophomores have lived up to this motto during their first year in Nampa high school. This younger class had no time to dream, and furthermore they wouldn't allow any one else to. When the class of 1941 assembled last fall to elect officers, little did they realize their potential influence in the affairs of our school. During the fall, they not only built a victorious Bullpup football team, but also placed members of their group on the varsity squad. In basketball, the Bullpups again excelled. Defeating the Boise Frosh by two points in an over-time game was the climax of their season. The varsity squad saw several Sophomores in action. Baseball, track, and many minor sports received the aid of this class. Whether taking part in the activities or merely supporting them, the Sopho- mores always contributed pep and enthusiasm. In honor of St. Valentine's day the infant class of N. H. S. sponsored a dance in the gymnasium February 10. Supervised by President Walter Garrity, the hall was attractively decorated to suit the occasion. Red and white streamers extended from one side of the gymnasium to the other. Red balloons completed the decorations. Punch was served the thirsty shaggers from a booth surrounded by hearts. By popular vote, blue and gold were chosen class colors. Rose is the class flower. O. Ayrenbroad B, N. Aldous L, M. Allen V E. Antrim N, B. Arensberg B, L. Aschenbrenner C, M. A. Ayers G, W. Baher D. Ballaine K. Barbee B. Barger F. Barnett I. Bell J. Berry Betts Blakeslee Blickenstall' Bradley Brannan Bridges Brown M. Carter J. Chacartegui A. Chappell H. Chase J. Christensen H. Clark W. Cole C. Gail A. Carlson J. Carson A. Carter A. M. Carter C. M. Carter D. Carter P. Dinwiddie C. Dodge B. Dominick M. Dostal S. Dowdle D. Downey E. Dreher . Copcnhaver . Cramer . Crill . Crull J. Dick . Dillon . Dimick gmgwoem J. Ferguson F. Fleck C. Fleming E. Fobes E. Foust L. A. Fowler B. Frantz Duncan Dunn Duspiva Edwards Endsley Englehardt L. Farmer iff' L. Frost J. Fujikawa A. Gardner J. Garmendia. F. Garrison W. Garrity F. Geise L. Geisler L Gilbert T. Gibson B Gillen P Ginder B Gossett R Gott B. Gould B. Gowen C. Gray R. Gregg W. Gundy K. Gunning R. Gunning FFPQOFF O. Helwege E. Henrickson J. Herald O. Herald M. Herixert D. Hickey G. Hiemslra Hackney Hahn Hall Harms Hart Hasselbrim: Heffel W. Hilty L. Hosek A. Hawey M. Hroza J. Hunsaker B. Hussey B. Hunter W. Hunter B. J. Jones H. Jones L. Jones C. Johnson M. Johnson R. Johnson FUFFUFFSF 531 Eifiwgf as :Epis- x me fn o : -N '-sgz -: me rag: Kilmer F. King A. Knight P. Korn G. Koyama E. Kozacek C. Krebs G. Kruger I f U 'Q'-.4 f If 1, Q: n . If I ,ffm A ,.i - ' I ff I V ' . 7 V ' J U iik f':, , ,' I . ff- 5-1 ' iv" ' . A . K or 1 .. . as J it f Q W4 . . as , wx . gm lf- -H Q., ,. - ,. ' f 4 - B . ,. -- 1 5 A ig: 1 .. , Q iff, ,- .. . 1 V . ,...,, . .W Lg A , A H ' A reee Q "" A V - - x . . ,, me -4 f. 2. , V ifnfw 'u f tv is ei.. . J A 4 . t if eeef J . e me , SVI" ' f ' iii. . A an ' J F 2 1' I he A .P A , A f X h ' 5' . Jjfff.-, .. fi" ,,'K1L: "' 'J ' . 1 A W H .fkxi - .r jx, K h e i . ' -i - ...E iff-" 73 ? V . , If 5 if -f 1 , . . 'Q S 8 ' if iw- + -.2 . J gr J 3 51 f fe .-1 5.9: . W A i wel is A . Q . . V 1 1 - ' .,,. 9, Q! . , ,, if ' - X ,F ,. . gig. X ' zli. " ' A V , 1 ' is ' ww N S T.. in , .qi ii V, 7 jf? i V 1 f N A 'i' . T' . . X5 I " , A A , ,iff , Q. K B: it I if, 1 ' . . K. K ,L . A " A A., gi M is ' A , F5, I E . ..... K , 1 sg f . I tix :W V H: .L,. 5 t . . W -Q . . 5 X' ii V - J +R if . V J .. .Q w fr - 9? if 1 .. . fe 6 . . Sei? . -' i, N J J' ' 15 J 1, N ii. X0 we K ., .- QE.. . S X ... N J i i s "W . ' f it A "' ' '-Q 'akiiiffi X it 3':ia5'i a ' " ' K M V' . , A -' si , W' , tiff? A . Q V- 1 ' , A .- ve . ,i 1 e f r ' J H va. 0 ... if A , 'Q as .K . A H -T. S i a - I ., A I 1 1. ,I : 1 ., .ng-.1 ' 3 J. LaLande D. Morris L. Pipher L. Seeger F. Stapleton Ili. Iiagrence F. Murphy B. Prater E. Seele H. Stewart . e er R. Nelson M. Rau L. Seitz C. Stickney T. Lewis M. Nafziger B. Rasmussen E. Shaver E. Strom S. Lyons B. Newland D. Rich E. Sloat C. Steele L. Mach J. Newman J. Riddlebaryrer A. Smith F. Svehlak B. Marsh A. 0'Brien G. Ritter D. Smith J. Swayne U. Mathias R. Okumobo B. Robbins fdeceasedj D. L. Smith W. Matlock E. Ord L. Roberts H. Smith C. McAnulty G. Parkinson D. Rumpel W. Snyder G. Mc-Killip M. Parkinson V. Rusky F. Spencer D. McClelland A. Pattison W. Sanderson M. Spurlock L. McMichael B. Penzien A. Sasenberyr L. F. Stanley J. Miller K. Petierman M. Suhcy R. Smnley Q i , i SL. igmy . -e if xr. at . ilk A Thiel E. Vance Q M. Weaver K. Winther E. Woodfoid E Thiel H. Vauk R. Weaver M. Wirth M. Yamamoto B Tiemyer C. Vincent D. Whitbed R. Wissel C. Young J. Youmr W. Towery G. Wakefield J. W. Wilkey W. Wittenberfxer W. Udovick V. Wakefield C. Wilson D. Wright E. M. Ulrich W. Watson B. Winter E. Wriy.-:ht cglolbgomo 'asa dlfof fpiatufcscf Stanford Allen Warren Allen Edna Ash Jack Bettis June Bettis Lela Book Eldon Brooks Wilber Brown Jerry Buchta Ruth Chapman Eva Conner Val CuI1D Melvin Derrick Roy Ecker John Elliott Nadine Elliott George Evans Wayne Fairchild Esther Faust John Ferdinand Albert Gordier Murland Graham Raymond Grosso Gladys Hanson Billy Harbert Alan Harvey Stewart Heilzer Craig Keffer Betty Killion George Lamb Desford Lipchty Lucille Mackey Carolyn McClure Gilbert McCorkle Rex Moore Helen Nelson Hoyt Patterson J. C. Pearson Imogene Perry Leonard Salminen Guy Serean Leo Simmons George Sirokman Eugene Smith Thomas Smith Walter Stewart, William Stewart George Stoops David Tapp Duane Tarter Don Taylor Louise Tiser Marvin Trask Jack Trottman Dick Tyler Danny Udovick Earl White Lee Wickman Don Williams Billie Wilson Maxine Young Howard Zenor IN MEMCDIQ AM Wldffmm CROBELM Born March IO, l92I3 Died May I, N239 ufunm QQKEHJQZ I. Back to school come all the little kiddies, with high hopes of making this the best year ever! From the looks of things, the fairer sex seems to predominate-but no-wait! Here comes the masculine horde bringing up the rear. My, my, what a shame that they don't know those pretty damsels better, but just give them a little time-say an hourior so. II. "We'll win, We'll win, we'll win, by golly, we'll win!" Or will we? Who knows? Anyhow, this group of pep enthusiastic girls-Spizzers, by name-seems to be making the most of an oncoming football game. III. Wait-now don't tell me this is still detention! What! Mamas and papa's night at school? Woe is me-a pink slip yesterday, skipped twice this week and flunked today-oooooo. IV. You, rah, rah, Nampa! You, rah, rah, Nampa! And we really needed some cheering that night! It was so cold our teeth chattered and our knees knocked so loud we couldn't hear each other yell, but then who cares-it's all in a game of football. V. 'AWhere there's smoke, there's fire," so the old story goes, but here we have a scrumptious drawing of smoke without a Hre by our Growl cartoonist, jerry Rodwell. Do you all remember how surprised we were at that fire prevention assembly when oratorical- minded Ralph McColm practically extracted from our bashful artist that he was not only married, but the father of three children? Gracious me, maybe we're all doomed to be old maids and maidesses at this rate! VI We picked our president handsome and tall, this year, don't you think so, girls? This snap was taken just after the announcement of student body president-consequently, the grin, or would it be better to call it a fascinating smile? VII. What's this? A joke? Well, it might be-yes, on second thought, it is a pretty big one, disguised as the junior class prexy, and yell duke. When this was snapped, Dee was ambitiously selling subscriptions to the Sage. VIII. HSnakes alive! There goes Tiny Timm, racing down the field. They've got him! I-Ie's going down, down, down-no! It's only his pants," shouted the excited Austin Randall, Nampa high school's amateur radio broadcaster, at the Boise-Nampa good will exchange assembly before the fateful Thanksgiving Day clash. And boy, was he a wow! Yes sir, he really can use the adjectives. What a man! IX. X marks the spot! With fall, comes school, and with school, comes Blu-N paddles in inconvenient places for walking on the lawn, and they really lam it on good. From the graceful pose of Buddy Ptacek's posterior regions, Ertz must be taking pity on the poor guy-well maybe just for the picture, anyway, eh, Bud? X. What a game, what a game. Boy, is this getting good! Don't look now, but that's our yell king and queen Bob Ertz and Betty Nelson gazing skyward. Wonder what they see? And guess what! That's our yell duchess, little Mary jane Petty, looking just like a little girl who has been given her first lollipop. But hold everything-what's this? It looks like Yell Duke Dee Gray has espied a good loking blonde over in Boise's bleachers, Good luck to ya', Dee. XI. Freshmen? No, just everyone in general wearing the latest creation of the Spiz girls- red and blue "beanies" I betcha we're winning, too. just look at those saucy little bills, all turned up. Yes, kids, we did win. This was taken at that breath-taking game with Caldwell which ended 14-12. sep te ber Z ,QQ r OC OV 4 HUWWH EPUPJE f ? Top Ro Botwm fig' Q un ' a X LJ s aw- dv f We 9' no M p F . 4 'Qin f A ,Q F Jones, D. Anderson, B. Marcusen, B. Riordan. F. Blecha, F. Abbott, J. Machos, R. Howard. qjoofgaff Around a nucleous of ten veteran lettermen, Coach Harold White shaped from thirty new recruits, a lightning fast backfield and a formidable, hard- charging line. With this combination of fighting Bulldogs a highly successful season resulted. Vale was the first opposition to be crushed by the Bulldog juggernaut. The score was 19-O. The Nampans widened their margin of wins in the next two games by humbling the St. Joseph's Academy gridders 26-0 and the Idaho Falls Tigers 29-0. Pocatello's Indians handed the canines their only defeat of the season when the Bulldogs journeyed there. It was the Indian,s day to howl and the Bulldogs were swamped 31-0. Trekking down from the North, the Lewiston Bengals were turned back by the small margin of a safety, 2-0. The game was played in blinding rain that resembled the setting of the 1937 Nampa-Lewiston contest. Koichi Koyama received injuries in the Nampa-Burley game October 21 which resulted in his death the following day. Nampa expresses a tribute of ff.-"" Top Row: F. Timm, G. Martin, K. Hunter, B. Metzger, K. Koyama. Bottom Row: C. Kelley, R. Skinner, B. Simmons, R. Wilson, J. Christensen. respect to this fine young man. After a week's lay-off, the Bulldogs crossed into Oregon territory and returned the victor of a hard fought fray with La Grande, 12-6. The game was played on a snow-covered field that provided numerous thrills for the Oregon fans. The Nampa squad was all primed for the Armistice Day clash with Cald- A .- well, but the game was postponed until November 13 because of snow. The fy ff" Bulldogs continued their winning streak by nosing out the Cougars, 14-12. ' Coming down the backstretch the Bulldogs had only to defeat their bitter vi 1 V f' ' rivals, the Braves, to tie them for the mythical Big Seven Conference. The Turkey x ' X H Day classic ended in a 13-13 tie, the Bulldogs generally outplaying the Boise team. X iv-A - X W,.!,,i,.2,f Fred Timm captained the Bulldogs in '38 and Fielding Abbott was elected ii' rf N is-Fi F to pilot them next year. The names of Koichi Koyama and Fred Timm were engraved on a special Q plaque dedicated for each year,s most valuable player. ' ex. . p Row E. Van Houten, K. Belknap, L. Walters, J. Jauszzro, L. Williams, J. LaLande, R. Johnston E. Sanderson, C. Stinson, H. Jack, R. Hays, D. Parks, W. Shady, B. Metzger, C. Bridges Mr. White, C. Frahm, R. Skinner, J. Machos, D. Marcusen, B. Riordan, G. Martin F. Blecha, B. Stewart, B. Alverson, C. Kelly. R. Howard, K. Hunter, J. Riedel, M. Fulchcr, B. Bowman, Mr. Howard. tensan 1 Abbott B Simmons 1 Timm J Anderson, l l Top Row: Mr. Wagner, L. Edwards, H. Vauk, B. Dominick, L. Aschenbrenner, O. Agenbroad, L. Gil- bert, M. Trask, R. Keim. C. Flora, B. Harbert. Second Row: R. Gossett. R. Kilmer, W. Garrity, W. Snyder, G. Hillman, W. Prater, D. Day, R. John- sbon, T. Gibson, G. Lamb. Bottom Row: H. Clark, J. DeCunrut, J. Miller, D. Crull, B. Brennan, F. Murphy, A. Gardner, R. Moore, R. Stanley. .f5'of1fi- 91055 Qoofgaff Claiming five decisive wins over strong opponents and only one loss, the Nampa Bullpups, potential varsity material, battered their way to the end of their most successful season in years. They dropped the opening tilt to Marsing 14 to 12, after which they displayed the true Bulldog courage by coming back and winning the next five straight. III these five games the Pups piled up 78 points and allowed only seven in return. After their loss to Marsing, the underclassmen dug in and trounced the Emmett Huskies' "little brothers" twice in a row, 7 to 0 and 19 to 0. The Emmett lads had usually beaten the Soph-Frosh in previous years. Coach Otto Wagner and Pat Brown drilled the Nampans hard for the two Caldwell frays which the Pups took 13 to 7 and 33 to 0, wiping out the memories of former defeats. In the grand finale the Pups clashed with the Boise underclassmen whom they had tied the year before. Executing several trick plays, the Nampa Frosh-Soph outplayed and out-classed the Boise team 6 to 0. Eighteen of the young gridders earned six-inch letter awards. For the entire season the Pups had a game average of fifteen points to a three and a half point game average for their opponents. O. Wagner, O. Pederson, V. Wetzel, R. Howard, H. White. oacgsa Responsibility for victories won in various athletics has been due in a large portion to the effort and ability of the coaching staff of Nampa High School. Harold A. White piloted the Bulldogs through a high record of football games. Mr. White played with Northwestern University where he received letters for football and basketball. Before coming to Nampa, he coached at Salida, Colorado. Otto Wagner led the Sophomore football squad in one of the most successful seasons since the organizing of this activity. Mr. Wagner graduated from the College of Idaho, where he participated in football and wrestling. He coached nine years previous to coming to Nampa. Robert Howard came to us from Notus where he had been coaching for two years. He was one of thc assistant football coaches and he was coach for the Sopho- more basketball team. Mr. Howard attended school at Pullman, Washington, University of Idaho, and the Northwest Nazarene College where he was active in football, basketball, and track. Assisting with the coaching of the Varsity football team was Vic Wetzel. He has successfully guided the Junior Varsity football squad and the track squad through their many games and track meets. Mr. Wetzel graduated from the University of Oregon. He coached in Oregon a number of years before coming to Nampa. Odie Pederson at the beginning of the season served as assistant coach to the Varsity football squad. In November, Mr. Pederson resigned from his position to enter a new line of work. Not only the boys whom he coached, but the entire student body regretted Mr. Pederson's departure. i.. SVA Sophomore jitterbug shindig. Pardon us, if you please Scrambled eggs! Caught it! Sight unseen. Caught in the act! A disabled McCoy. One o'C1ock-what a pity! Here she comes! The candid cameraman. I-fold everything! Squa Car. flflknfm wail! :fi map and 5,2912 agpwza ua, on fo g'LEO.fE!Z goafs, UPMNWWUNE iii? Wfwfm, ZJZZQUZ WM 'QM iff! il Top Row: C. Stinson. B. Ri-Jrdan. R. Burton. C. Grimes, NV. Larson. J. Riedel, F. Estabrook. Second Row: E. Haba, A. Bahrychuk, M. Chase, R. Swayne. A. Snowberger, C. McKee, M. Frost E. Larson. 01201 f- ocisfy OFFICERS Pl'C'Sft!0l1li-MARTHA FROST, CHARLES GRIMES Vice-President-BEN RIORDAN, CHARLES STINSON SPCFOf6ll'jl-ADELPHA SNOWBERGER, FRANK ESTABROOK CGUNCIL C. C. COXVIN Miss KENNEDY Miss SMITH Miss PAYER Miss LUCAS l PURPOSE To create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the pupils of Nampa High Schooi. ACTIVITIES Student Librarians, ushers for band concert, junior members usher for Commencement and Baccalaureate. 5. K if , . . ik ,hgh Top Row: C. Minden, C. Gundy, E. Anderson, Miss Kennedy, G. Poppaw, A. Bahrychuk, B. Reed Miss LaFond. Bottom Row: C. Davis, R. Swayne,P. Patterson, H. Honstead, B. Snell, J. Yoder, E. Fisher, M. Chase. .Quiff unc! .fggczoff OFFICERS Prcfsidcnt-BETTY SNEL1. Vice-P1'cside111f-HELEN HONSTEAD Secretary T1'E6lSZL1'81"-CLANCY DAV1s ADVISERS VVINIFRED LAFOND E. ELOISE KENNEDY I PURPOSE To instill in students the ideal of scholarship, to advance the stand- ard of the profession of journalism by developing better journalists. ACTIVITIES Reports concerning various fields of journalism. Initiation party, picnic. .f IA ' I lj U Top Row: C. Robbins, J. Yoder, H. Honstead, P. Patterson, B. Turner, C. McKee, H. Fisk, J. Dorman, C. Minden. Second Rmv: M1'. Stanford, N. Weaver, V. McCIaskey, A. O'B1'ien, W. McCarthy, W. Burrows, F. Hart, Miss I.aFond. 0.95 OFFICERS Eflifoz'-ilz-Cbivf ,,.,. ,,.,,,..,.....,,. ,,,, H E EEN HONS'l'EAD A.vsisz'a11l Erlilor ,,.., ,.,,....., C ARL MINDEN Business Mrzfmgcr .,,.....,.,.,,,..,... ..... C HARLES ROBBINS Assisirmf Busimfss Mmzagcr ....... ..,.. N ORMA WEAVER I GENERAL STAFF Class Ezlifor Smzjzsbof Erlifors JANICE YODER CARL MINIJIZN XVALTER MCCARTHY O7'g!ll1iZlIfi!lllX NWARD BURROWS , 5 BETTY TURNER ALBLIKT O BRIEN VIRGINIA MCCLASREY , Tyjzzszfs CARMEN MCKEE JEANNETTE STUART ANNA MAE HARRELL F c'a1'11rc Edifm' HELEN F1514 SAfI01'fX A f1visc'1's FRANK HART MISS WINIFRED LAFOND JACK DORMAN MR. LYLE STANFORD nl Top Row: V. McClasky, E. John, G. Gundy, D. Livingston, M. Vail, J. Rcdwell, R. Yamamoto D. Robertson, I. Odle. Second Row: C. Gundy, F. Hart, A. Bahrychuk, R. Swayne, B. Reed, E. Fisher, N Biadley Miss Kennedy. Bottom ROW: P. Patterson, C. Davis, E. Anderson, B. Snell, J. Yoder, G. Poppaw, M. Chase Editor-in-Cfaief ..,.... Managing Editor Associate Editor ...,.. Business Manager ....., .... 'ZOOU' OFFICERS BETTY SNELL JANICE YODER -.-..EARL ANDERSEN I,,-.GLEN POPPAW GENERAL STAFF Copy Editor PHYLLIS PATTERSON Sports Editors FRANK HART RACHEL SWAYNE Feature Editor DON ROBERTSON Activities Editor CLARE GUNDY Exchange Editor MARGARETT VAIL Typists MARJORIE CHASE ANNE BAHRYCHUK ELAINE FISHER Art Editors CLANCY DAVIS RINA YAMAMOTO NONA BRADLEY JERRY RODWELL Production BILL REED Reporters EDWARD JOHN ILA ODLE GLADYS GUNDY DONETA LIVINGSTON VIIRGINIA MCCLASKEY Adviser . MISS E. ELOISE KENNEDY 'Pop Row: E. M. Ulrich, M. Duspiva, N. Aldous, C. McClure, J. Sehuler, K. Riordan, N. Richeson L.. Hazen, E. Hoskins, J. Carson, B. Murphy, D. R. Groesbeck, B. Backer, J. Brockus, M. A. Ayres J. Kelly, J. Ferguson, M. Allen, V. Bliekenstaff, E. Henrickson, H. Hiemstra. Second Row: 0. L. Betts, L. Hartman, F. Stover, A. Hyslop, E. Antrim, A. Sasenberg, E. Sloat L. Seeger, J. Ziegler, F. M. Broekus, K. Brubaker, K. Herfurth, M. Spurlock, V. Johnson, B. J. Jones C. Flemings, E. Larson, M. Rau, Miss Waterman, Miss Gorton Bottom Row: A. M. I-Iarrel, N. F. Coffman, G. Sandy, E. McClellan, E. Fisher, M. Chase, E. C'adoW A. Schas, D. Dominick, B. Bennett, D. McKillip, L. Blair, A. Bahrychuk, B. Turner, H. Henrickson P. Ansoteirui, J. Hindes, B. Marsh, M. Tucker, S. J. Dakan. QUIZ, CR 5151051 OFFICERS P7'KSil1C'l1f1ANNE BAHRYCHUK Vice-Presiden1'-JOSEPHINE SCHULER Secretary-GERALDINE SANDY Treasurer-LEATRICE BLAIR ADVISERS Miss MINDEN Miss WATERMAN Miss GORTON Miss HAGELIN Miss DAY I PURPOSE "To face life squarely and to find and give the best." ACTIVITIES Parents, supper, recognition service, summer conference at Ketch- um, fall conference at Roswell, sold forget-me-nots in Nampa, regular monthly meetings, farewell party. 1 Koutnikm R bb' s J Oberst K Winther B Keim, O. Ayzenbroad, L. s Top Row: Mr. Cowin, W. o ins, . , . , . Second Row: N. Johnson, A. Randall, R. Hanson, J. Betts, J. Hyslop, O. Reynolds. Bottom Row: D. Robertson, V. Woods, Mr. Stanford, J. Silkwood, C. Robbins, C. Minden. fxflfo fzafz Pl'C.YflIt'l1f-CHAIKLES ROBBINS ViL'C-P1'CSid671f-CARL MINDEN Secretmy-ORLAND REYNOLDS COUNCIL MR. COWIN MR. RAY MR. STANFORD l PURPOSE Exploring physical aspects of Idaho, vocational and civic activities, continuance of scout work to Eagle Scout. ACTIVITIES Trips to Cinnabar Mountain, Lizard Butte, Idaho City-Miller's ranch on ski trip, Succor Creek-Fossils, Bruneau Canyon and sand dunes, stag banquet, Christmas party, exploration of sea-scouting, parents' night and review of ycar's Work, Lake Lowell for rowing contest. 5 .7 , ,I I' ' I :J gy Q ' ,,, Top Row: W. Robbins, O. Reynolds, C. Minden, B. Tui'ne1'?WI Copenhaver, J. Norquist, J. Swayne E. Fisher, G. Grimes, R. Swayne, M. Chase, K. Gott. ' Second Row: C. Robbins, D. Robertson, M. Nakamura, J. Cliff, B. Riorden, B. Neher, Miss Payer R. Nelson, Mr. Ray. Bottom Row: B. Keim, D. Blickfeldt, R. Porterfield, P. Snyder, L. Koutnik, C. Krebs, D. Grill P. Patterson, F. Estabrook. aisnca OFFICERS P1'f'siclv11f-RAcHE,L SXVAYNE, FRANK ESTABROOK Vfff-PV8XiI1Ul7f-CHARI.ES ROBBINS, CHARLES GRIMES Secretary nm! TI'L'tlSZl7'81'-JOHN CLIFF ADVISERS MISS PAYER MR. RAY B PURPOSE The purpose of the club is to increase knowledge of and interest in science. ACTIVITIES Field trip to Penitentiary, radio station, P. F. E. shops, Dairymen's Creamery, picnic, interesting talks in bi-monthly meetings, completion of Payer-Davis telescope, telescope preview. I X" fi PN' fi W Top Row: M. Hicks, V. Vogel, R. Hanson, C. Grimes, D. Crill, H. Dodge, A. Helwege, D. Powell M. Hamilton, A. O'B1'ien. gotgone Row: M. Frandsen, R. Gott, D. Blickfeldt, B. Alverson, P. Snyder, R. Porterfield, Mr. Ray . . owin. I, :Radio 0 " llc OFFICERS P1'ESiliKlZf-HERBEIKT DODGE, VANCE VOGEL Iliff'-P1'!?Sil1ci'l'If-:DON POWELL, DELBERT BLICKFELDT SFC1'Ufdl'j7-VANCE VOGEL, DONALD CRILL Treasurer-CHARLES GRIMES, MARVIN FRANDSEN ADVISER ROGER RAY I PURPOSE To give radio-minded students an opportunity to gather knowledge and experience of this sort. ACTIVITIES Purchased a nine-tube Hallicrafter Sky Challenger receiver, spon- sored a sale of candy and popcorn at basketball games, held evening study groups, took active part in Science Department assemblies. . IW' on ,. , ,A 5 l Top Row: M. Chase, R. Yamamoto, I. Odle. L. Blair, M. Crane, M. Borg, B. Beus, B. Murphy, D. R. Groesbeck, B. Marsh, P. Ansotegui, D. B, Shroll, H. Henrickson, J. Ferirusen. Second Row: E. Haba, E. Gibbs, H. Hiemstra, J. Hunsaker, A. Knight, L. Hazen, A. Hyslop, K. Herfurth, I. Jones, V. Johnson, B. Jones, N. Richeson. Bottom Row: A. Schas, D. Dominick, E. Larson, D. Carter, E. Fisher, W. Copenhaver, B. Turner, A. Bahrychuk, R. Martin, A. Fuhriman, S. Dowdle. OHZS G OFFICERS Pl"l?Sfl1L'lIf--EI.SIE HABA VICE-P1'8SitI0l1f-BETTY TUIKNER Secretary and TVCdS1lTCY--MARJORIE CHASE ADVISER Miss WATERMAN l PURPOSE To interest high school girls in subjects relating to Home Economics. ACTIVITIES Co-ed Ball, club picnic, popcorn and candy sales, regular business and social meetings. Top Row: B. M. Tucker, D. Second Row: B. R. Hill, H. Hiemstra Bottom Row: B. Reed W. Burrows, Miss La,Fond. ,NM 4, 1' ,lf B. Riordan, C. Grimes, K. Hunter, W. Johnson P. Flora, B. Moffatt, B. Turner, D. Dominick E. Andersen, D. Pilcher, D. Parkinson, B. Ptacek 152265 OFFICERS Pl'L'SfllL'l7fLPHYLLlS FLORA Vice-P1'eside111f-EARL ANDERSEN T1'KdSN76T-KATHRIN GOTT Secretary-BETHANY FOWLER ADVISER Miss LAFOND I PURPOSE Through various programs to become better acquainted with the French people, their customs, traditions, and language. ACTIVITIES Christmas party honoring the first year French class, spring ban- quet at Cheesbrough's, picnic, Dr. Belknap with a travel talk of France, French Guignol plays made and produced by club members, regular monthly meetings with interesting French programs. PDU -Q, ,sf ,N Top Row:D. Colton, O. Clemens, B. Alverson, E. Beauchamp, K. Herfurth, H. Barnhart, S. Cottrell, R. Roth, E. Hergert. Second Row: Mr. Remley, A. Helwege, R. Hansen, E. Aschenbrenner, I. Hamilton, J. Schuler, L. Kont- nik, K. Tamer, R. Porterfield. .mmm CM? OFFICERS PfCSill671f-EDWARD ASCHENBRENNER Vice-Prexident-STEVE COTTRELL Secretary-Treasurer-JOSEPHINE SCHULER ADVISER MR. K. BOYD REMLEY I PURPOSE To further the knowledge of the German people and the German language. ACTIVITIES Bi-monthly meetings, speakers, party at Mr. Remley's. .Y Nq. ... - ,, Top Row: D. Crill, Miss Smith, H. Day, E. Sloat, L. Bargrcr, J. Dorman, E. Fiedler, H. Henrickson F. Estabrook, M. Crane, E. John. Bottom Row: R. Chapman, D. Livingston, H. Chase, V. Blickenstaff, R. Swayne, J. Norquist, C. Mc- Kee, B. Turner, E. Hoskins, J. Brockus, F. M. Brockus, O. Betts. .fafin OFFICERS C0l1.Y7l1-BETTY TURNER P1'llL'f01'--CARMEN McKEE Q1LdC5f0T-RACHEL SWAYNE CCHSO1'-JEANNE NORQUIST ADVISER RosA L. SM1'1'1f1 l PURPOSE To acquaint the students with the life of the Romans. ACTIVITIES S. P. R. Patricians picnic, S. P. R. Senators' banquet. 5 Q H+. gli Top Row: B. Marcusen, B. Turner, C. Grimes, D. Gray, W. Burrows, H. Englehart, C. Dodge K. Bai-bee. Second Row: B. Reed, E. John, D. Jauert, J. Riedel, B. Keim, J. Oberst, R. Chase. Bottom Row: C. McKee, U. Mathias, F. Abbott, J. Swayne, B. Hussey, K. Winther, W. Robbms To put over n succ finzlncially. age doffacfo 'Li ADVISER MR. STANFORD I PURPOSE essful campaign so that ACTIVITIES Sold Sages, Sold portrait tickets, Helped distribute Sages. the Sage may be assured F 1 1" r Top Row: A. Randall, D. Blickfeldt, J. Dorman, C. Grimes, M. Steel, F. Estabrook. Bottom Row: V. Vogel, L. Koutnik, R. McColm, V. Blickenstalf, E. McClellan, Mr. Livesay L-Dsgafa MAIN TEAM MAURINE STEEL FRANK Es'rABRooK CHARLES GRIMES RALPH MCCOLM LoUIs KOUTNIK ADVISER FRED LIVESAY l PURPOSE To hold up the reputation of Nampa High School in public speak- ing with other schools and to further reasoning power. ACTIVITIES Interclass tournament, series of practice debates between schools, practice barnstorming trip through the southwestern parts of the state. first place in A division and second place in B division at District Tourna- ment in Boise, fourth place in State Tournament at Pocatello, N. F. L. Contest at Lewiston. - 4... 4, 1 Top Row: D. Hickey, U. Mathias, M. Crane, J. Harris, J. Swayne, K. Riordan, G. Middlehurst B. Gowen, C. Vincent, C. Dodge, B. Snell, M. Vail, R. Yamamoto, A. Bahrychuk, B. Parker, K. Gott Second Row: F. Bastida, B. Nelson, W. Copenhaver, P. Sparks, J. Hedrick, J. Yoder, H. Honstead P. Patterson, M. Morgan, W. Hamner, R. Gray, J. Stuart, A. Snowberger, J. Schuler, M. Tucker L. Blair. Bottom Row: L. Pipher, W. Wittenberger, J. Keiser, E. Fiedler, R. Swayne, C. McKee, P. Flora M. J. Petty, F. Togstad, K. Barbee, B. Moffatt, M. H. Anson, A. Morgan, Miss Bird. I cglpiz OFFICERS I,l'6'XillU11f-PHYLLIS FLORA Vice-Presiclwzt-MARY JANE PETTY Secwffary-RACHEL SWAYNE Sergeanf-at-Arms-CARMEN MCKEE ADVISER Miss Brian MOTTO Snappy pep insures zest. I PURPOSE To boost all school activities and arouse school pep. ACTIVITIES Decorated goal posts, sold candy at football games, sponsored sale of season football tickets and pep caps, held initiation followed by enter- tainment at Cheesbrough's, assisted in exchange assembly with Boise, gave football banquet, entertained with Valentine tea for Scarlet Skirts of Boise, attended Boise Scarlet Skirts return tea, honored Seniors with farewell party, guests at Blu-N party. f. . QI fill , I ,ily W Q i 5 Pop Row: D. Lyons, K. Carter, R. Wilson. B. Bowman, C. Stinson, B. Ertz, B. Nelson, M. J. Petty D Gray. B. Riordan, B. Metzger. M. Schwasinger, J. Rodwell, B. Bever, Mr. White. Second Row: E. Sullivan, W. Howard, W. Garrity, K. Hunter, R. Howard, W. Wood, D. Andelson B Mangum, F. Blecha, C. Frahm, B. Alverson, H. Clark, G. Martin, A. Perry. Bottom Row: F. Timm, R. Skinner, D. Wilkerson, B. Marcusen, C. Kelly, J. Jausoro, B. Simmons I' Abbott, F. Jones. J. Riedel, R. Schwasinger, J. Christenson. Bitte- OFFICERS PI'L'SfdL'l1f-FRED TIMM Vice-P1'eside11.1f-RAY SKINNER Sl'C1'l'f6lI'jl-Tl'6dS1l1'Cl'-BOB SIMMONS Sergeant-at-A1'1ns-BILL STEWART ADVISER HAROLD WHITE l PURPOSE To advance and create school spirit, to uphold and protect the school, to stimulate and create better feeling and friendship between students, to help foster and promote athletics, to be of service to Nampa High School in other ways, such as, oiliciating at track meets, guarding fields, etc. ACTIVITIES Sponsored faculty Boise-Nampa game, Kid Dance, and Spiz Party. F. Witmer, G. Randall, H. Fisk, K. Herfurth, B. Sales, R. Ord, J, O. Young, K. Riordan. I 'zczmaftai ADVISER GRACE GORTON PURPOSE To hasten ability in public speaking and to teach students to stand on their own feet and think for themselves. ACTIVITIES Student body play-"George and Margaret," Festival play, numer- ous 0116-ACE plays, organization of Thespian Club-Honor Society for Drama students. Top Row: R. Bennett, R. Ord, M. Sloruy, J. Hedrick, F. M. Brockus, K. Brubaker, K. Hcrfurth, L. Blair, A. Morgan. . Second Row: H. Fisk, M. A. Carlow, J. O. Youngs, J. Dunn, J. Donman, R. Chase, K. Riordan. Bottom Row: F. Witmer, G. Randall, Miss Gorton, B. Sale, R. McColm,'.gI'. Irgens. N -A Q , 4, A 75-XR ,.. ' Mi-mer W" l aff' ,V R I 'F 6 la Ie' if Top Row: C. Grimes. N. F. A. Fulcher, B. Marcnsen, O. Second Row: F. Estabvook haver, E. Mackey, F. Wakefield, Bottom Row: D. Robertson, D. M. Steele, K. Belknap, I. Jones, B Neher, M. Crane, E. Marron. E. McClellan, J. Siler, Gott, R. Porterfield, J. Newman, W. Copen- L. Roper. Fisk, D. Dominick, A. Schas, D. McKillip, Lucia OFFICERS President-Louis KOUTNIK, CHARLES GRIMES Vifd-PTCSid611'f-MAURINE STEELE, Louis KOUTNIK Secretary and TTUWSMTKY-NONA FERN COFFMAN, JUANITA DUNN Purliamentariu-n-B. ROGER RAY Sergeant-at-Arms-CHARLES GRIMES, HELEN Fisk ADVISERS IROGER RAY FRED LIVESAY PURPOSE To share knowledge through intelligent discussion, to gain a bet- ter understanding of current problems, to practice parliamentary law, to improve speech abilities. ACTIVITIES Problem discussions, visits to the legislature and to the district court, annual banquet and dance, biggest fish story contest. I k,f' l 4 it . Q I Top Row: Harder, E. Thompson, W. Sanderson, F. Flick, H. Englehart, L. Hazen, W. Cole E. Hoskins, B. Newland, D. B. Shroll, P. Perry, H. Smith, I. Perry, S. Lyons, M. Kalousek, E. Crill J. Ferguson, I. M. Martin, M. A. Carlow, A. Hyslop, K. Gott. Second Row: E. Dreher, C. McClure, B. Barger, G. Myers, R. Hill, R. Lyons, C. Young, J. Ziegler M. E. Baptist, I. Svedin, C. Callen, M. Weaver, B. Lawrence, C. Gail, F. Stover, F. Ostyn, J. Swayne C. Bicandi, J. Schuler. Bottom Row: R. Martineau, A. Bastida, E. Allen. F. Jensen, U. Mathias, M. A. Booth, A. Spencer L. Mackey, V. Elliott, D. Crill, B. Alcorn, B. Backer, J. Br-ockus, M. A. Ay1'es, M. Lenz, M. Hurst J. Kelly, Miss Hagelin. Q. 04. 04. OFFICERS Pnfsident-AILEEN ROBINSON Vice-President-JOSEPHINE SCHULER Secretary-KATHRIN GOTT Tl'c'clS1l1'l'l'-ANN HYSLOP Sffl'gC'tll7f-df-AI'llI5-CONNIE BICANDI ADVISER EVELYN HAGEUN I PURPOSE To offer girls who are interested in athletics an opportunity to earn a school letter. ACTIVITIES A fall play day to which representatives from fifteen schools came, tournaments in basketball, volley-ball, softball, and table tennis. S 1. At least we know its not study. 2. A future mouthwash. 3. Innocence foh yeahlj 4. Typing I. 5. Deep concentration-or ma beacrossword uzzle. P 6. Brains, personality, looks, and everything. 7. Oh, I say-this simply astounds me! 8. Quite a joke-ha, ha. 9. Guignoll 10. Bob's trip to California. 1 1. Bewildered sophomore. up 67. ff ,Vw IQ-5, ff gi sf Klfwnfafz Cfafsncfcvz I "The Gem of the Valley!" Here reposes our dear old "alma mater" on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, minus the laughter and shouts of the students. She is probably as glad that you are gone for a day as you, yourself, are. II "Exploring the science of food!" Or could it have been the "taste of food?" Anyhow, members of the banqueting Explorers Club seem to have devoured an enormous quantity of tasty edibles. I-Iow do you suppose they felt the morning after that night before? Oh--ooo! III The first all school dance, and boy did those kids have fun, trucking and jitterbugging! It seemed good to turn their muscles loose for awhile-we won't say how they felt as an after- effect,-From the turnout-could it have been because it was free of charge?-it looked quite probable that there would be more school dances to come. IV The mad magician! Believe it or not, my friends. this is none other than that gruesome old scientist, Ralph Porterlield, who has turned himself into a negro, My, my, what these scientitionists can't do! V Alas 'tis semester exam time again! With all your pencils, paper, and notebooks, which you undoubtedly hadn't used before or haven't used since, you couldn't possibly have been cramming, or-well-a-er-a-exchanging answers could you, my little sophies? VI And what do we have here? The first student dance orchestra ever to be organized in the his- tory of our high school. Those kids really can swing it, too, no fooling, and they surely did cut down on the cost of the school dances. More power to you, Swingsters: we hope you are as successful next year as you have been these past nine months. VII Basketball comes but once a year: yet the thrills that come with it remain with us for quite a while. lust where this picture was snapped, we're not sure, but we at least know that our faithful five were doing their best to sink the ball through the bucket. VIII Oh me, oh my-these pretty little girlies. But don't be mislead, boys, and wonder where you have been all year,-or have you been there?-for these fair ladiesf??l are Scarlet Skirts from Boise. The occasion-the Spiz-Scarlet Skirt tea. iThey had cake, too, didn't they, boys?l IX The sophomores grew up-yes, they can dance and everything-well, most everything, anyway. The balloons and what-have-you, scattered-decorated, we mean ipardon usl around the room signified the grand sophomore dance and incidentally the only elaborated ball held this year in the gym. QCCCIHDC N2 25 Z6 janv ary 17 I8 2.4 25' feb FUEII' iq Magik? ox ggi UWM? EPUPJE M7 gf ' t .g. ff Us t L - ay- Q, . if , . B - " ""' Q i f at ' , . B. Mangum, A.. Perry, H. Clark, W. Coffey, B. Marcusen, C. Frahm. Basgafgaff Nampa's battling basketeers ended the 1938-39 schedule with ten victories and twelve losses. Under Coach Harold Whiteis experienced hand, the Bulldogs showed form, fighting spirit, and tenacity from their first fray with Parma on December 17 to the first tournament game with the Emmett Huskies. They began the season with twenty-five candidates for squad positions, only two of which, Howard and Sullivan, were lettermen. They emerged victorious from their Hrst battle with Parma, to the tune of 21-13. On January 18 they departed southward on a barnstorming tour, playing Mountain Home, Buhl, Rupert, and Twin Falls. After several more practice games they went into the district tournament. After defeating Caldwell, and then in turn being defeated by Meridian and Emmett, they were eliminated. Wally Howard, Nampa, was chosen as all-district guard. High point man of the season was Winston Coffey who chalked up one hundred twenty-seven points, but because of injuries was unable to play in the District Tourney. Close behind with one hundred fifteen points was Howard. Those receiving letters were Wally Howard, Bill Bever, Winston Coffey, Eugene Sullivan, John Christenson, Howard Clark, Bert Marcu- sen, Fielding Abbott, Leonard Williams, Bill Mangum, Allan Perry, Kenneth Carter, and Byron Wright. Coffey, Bever, Sullivan, Marcusen, Carter, and Wright are graduating Seniors. Pop Row: R. Howard, B. Mangum, B. Marcusen, L. Williams, W. Wyatt, F. Abbott, K. Carter, B Wright. Mr. White. Botto w' W. Howard, H. Clark, W. Coffey, E. Sullivan, J. Christenson, B. Bever, A. Perry. DTH I A 60 - 2 YiF'5S. ?l2 9- ' lv, 524.1 if "i"""3 "9"-fy" --51535 ff, w . ff 1.55-"' , Tffffifyfef: . ,lfliq If If ' . ,- .. riff " - ,, . 2 'Q' .- ,,w1 Ma. ,M , My an 1 4, W., . aaa J, I aa.aam. s H aw ,w Wa -wa V 6 , if 2, Q ,,,,, .., N' ig 1 5 1 , Q V .W ' . 1' . s.-, as , , A K ,,,... , . ' 3 . 1 z e. . -1 , , ,1 , , . ,, .4 . ..,,, ,,,.. ,, .... ,, H ,a:'i,,sI" 'i " 5 , ' .,H9fi13,,,, -as ..,, fszif...,,,e1:gg,1. i V f 2 at -- .. fl' ' ' t, fifjivff'-.f'5' ' fi 9 J ,X i ' In 3- f f, X . , f sf N., M J F. Abbott, J. Christensen, E. Sullivan, L. Williams, B. Bever, W. Howard Nampa 21, Nampa 25, Nampa 29, Nampa 17, Nampa 13, Nampa 17, Parma 13 Mt. Home 13 Parma 35 Emmett 28 Meridian 17 Payette 19 Nampa 46, Mt. Home 21 Nampa 18, Buhl 22 Nampa 17, Nampa 20, Rupert 18 Twin Falls Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa 29, 18, 29, 28, 20, 27, 34, 22, 18, 19, Weiser 15 Boise 27 Payette 12 Emmett 24 Boise 30 Caldwell 15 Weiser 8 Caldwell 21 Meridian 30 Emmett 21 unioz afzsify Basfiztliaff To give junior members of the second team a chance to get experience was the purpose of the Junior Varsity under the guiding hand of Coach Vic Wetzel. The underclassmen suffered only four defeats out of ten games and throughout the season showed the s irit and drive that marks them as potential Bulldogs. The lettermen on the squad are Wyatt, Stewart, Jenkins, and Hayes. The scores of the season's games Nampa 21, Boise 20 Nampa 19, Nampa 32, Nampa 29, Nampa 10, Franklin 17 Marsing 16 Marsing 17 Greenleaf 25 Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa 3.I'CI 17, 29, 11, 7, 32, DeCoursey, Rodwell, Melba 21 Marsing 17 Melba 18 Greenleaf 12 Marsin g 16 I Top Row: Mr. Wetzel, R. Hays, J. Rodwell, K. Jenkens, C. Stewart. Bottom Row: E. Sanderson, W. Wyatt, E. DeCoursey, C. Frahm. 3 I i Nb '11 :x U 'I 9 I X Z' R X6 sl i ge , 4 I all f is Top Row: C. Frahm, B. Frantz, W. Garrity, B. Hilty, L. Simmons, C. Wilson, H. Vauk, Mr. Howard Second Row: R. Kilmer, M. Nafsiyrer, C. Bridges, J. LaLande, G. Kuyama, L. Aschenbrenner. Aiopfiomo 'za Basfesffiaff Ten Sophomores constituted the fighting Bullpup squad with Robert How- ard as coach. The Bullpups recorded twelve victories out of eighteen games which shows them to be true future Bulldogs. The lettermen are Gardner, Kil- mcr, LaLande, Vauk, Garrity, Koyama, Simmons, Wilson, Aschenbrenner, and Bridges. The schedule of games was: Nampa 20 Weiser 16 Nampa Emmett 23 Nampa 8 Caldwell 12 Nampa Mt. Home 6 Nampa 28 Boise 27 Nampa Parma 10 Nampa 23, Emmett 16 Nampa Parma 19 Nampa 27 Payette S Nampa Caldwell 21 Nampa 11 Boise 34 Nampa Parma 19 Nampa 13, Weiser 16 Nampa Caldwell 21 Nampa 19 Payette 10 Nampa Meridian 10 Nampa 22 Mt. Home Nampa Marsing 14 Nampa 9, Meridian 5 Nampa Marsing 11 Mai f Top Row: R. Smith, D. Bliekfeldt. C. Williams. Mr. Smith, F. Jones, V. Cupp, F. Smith. Bottom Row: F. Svehlak, C. Hatfield, J. Riedel, F. Bleeha, F. Hallberpc, K. Tomer. oxing cmcf rlflffcastflng With Ronald Smith as coach and John Riedel and Guy Serean as student coaches, Nampa's boxing and wrestling squad enjoyed a successful season. The team spent their practice sessions perfecting their technique and developing their stamina. Throughout their matches they showed the gameness and fighting spirit that is characteristic of all true Bulldog athletes. The team engaged in two matches with the Vale, Oregon squad, losing one and fighting the other to a draw. The wrestling squad is composed of Riedel, Black, Smith, Blecha, Jones, and Hatfield. The boxing squad journeyed to Pocatello to compete in the state tourna- ment. Delbert Blickfeldt was runner-up in his weight division. The boxing squad consisted of Blickfeldt, Tomer, Hallberg, Laub, Alverson, and Riedel. 0 1 ' , ,Dfw fM ,y WW ju M U fj'M '4 42334 foffzvff fffC?5fff f'f 4f7VV My SINJMQ 0v,!"' . fwfr 'zingfims wifg iii gsaufaoua gfoaaoma .fsacfa ua to fuffiffmsnt WUSIQWW K7 ff W . W5 mzzygzw W :MSM li' ,, f N-3' rx Top Row: J. Norquist, H. Kleier, D. Taylo1', B. Reed, K. Tomer, A. O'Brien, C. Minden, B. Pfieifer, F. Murphy, 0. Agenbroad, V. Moad. G. Prohaska, B. Frantz. Second Row: D. Carter, E. John, J. Newman, J. Riedel, B. Winther, D. Crull. S. Cottrel, L. Gilbert, N. Maffit, E. Sower, C. Krebbs, E. Fisher, Mr. Winther. Botbom Row: H. Patterson, C. M. Carter, L. Fowler, K. Winther, H. Splinter, C. Copenhaver, J. Hun- saker, E. Conner, D. Hickey, B. Fowler, H. Fisk, V. Rusky. and OFFICERS President-CARL MINDEN Drum Major-Lou AVA FOWLER Vice-President-KENNETH WINTHER Corporals-IRWIN SOWER Secretary-Treasurer-DORA CARTER BILL PFEIFFER Librarian-HELEN FISK CARL MINDEN Uniform-Custodian-IOHN RIEDEL ED JOHN I nstrumenffC ustodia n-ED IOH N Energy and enthusiasm was the keynote of the band this year. An average of a performance every two weeks, in addition to marching drill, candy and rummage sales, and ticket drives, kept the band members continually busy. During the football season this group began its activity when the marching band, under the direction of Mr. Iohn Kuster, made letter formations at all the home games. An ambition of many years was fulfilled when the concert, December 8, netted the band enough money to purchase new uniforms. The snappy red jackets and royal blue trousers were worn for the first time at the Nampa-Boise basketball game Ianuary 27. The thirty-six piece band presented numerous outside programs, besides making several out-of-town trips. An entirely new and different kind of concert was given by the band, March 23. A style show, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, featuring styles from four local stores, and the pupils of two Nampa dance instructors shared the program with the band. This entertainment proved to be such a great success that plans are being made to make it an annual affair. In order to meet instrumentation requirements for the district and regional contests, Hfteen Iunior High School players were added to the band in the spring. The proceeds from the March concert were used to purchase new uniforms for these students. Eight o'clock marching drills and evening rehearsals played a prominent part in preparing for the district contest in Boise on April 21 and 22. In order to be eligible for the regional contest in Pocatello the band had to make a 95 per cent rating at Boise. Left to Right: F. Topxsiaead, E. Gibson, F. Spencer, H. Kleer, B. Evans, C. Copenhaver, L. Snyder, K. Barbee. N. Bradley, E. Mackey. L. Roberts, L. Fowler, Mr. Tompkins, H. Patterson, H. Fisk. B. Fowler, B. Pfeiffer, L. Burger, R, Swayne, E. Fisher, M. Johnson, I. Sewer, M. Worth. I.. Hzumman, A. Morgan. L. Pinkerlfnn. Uldgiifid OFFICERS President-NONA BRADLEY Treasuner-LLOYD PINKERTON Vice-President-KATHRYN BARBEE Librarian-RACHEL SWAYNE Secretary-Liawis ROBERTS Manager-HAROLD KLEIER Although a somewhat smaller organization than usual the orchestra had a highly successful year terminating in its appearance at the state contest in Boise April 21. Election of oflicers resulted in the position of both president and vice-president being filled by sophomores. Several entertaining programs were presented by the twenty-one piece orchestra during the winter months. A concert was given in Ianuary for a Countryman's Club dinner and music between acts was furnished by the group both nights of the student body play. The orchestra also played for the Merchants' Style Show March 23. The annual orchestra concert was presented on March 7 at the Central Auditorium. Introducing a novel arrangement, Mr. Tompkins combined the Iunior and Senior High School orchestras for the final six numbers of the program. The boys' glee club under the direction of Mr. Remley, shared the spotlight during this event. and presented several numbers. One of the outstanding small ensemble musical groups in the high school was the violin quartet consisting of Nona Bradley, Evelyn Mackey, Rachel Swayne, and Louemma Barger with Lloyd Pinkerton as accompanist. This group practiced during the year with the state contest in Boise for their incentive. In addition to thc regular members of the orchestra, Mr. Tompkins revealed that there were several outside students who practiced occasionally with the group and played at the different programs. A much larger orchestra is expected next year when the present members of the lunior High School orchestra enter as sophomores. 4 1 Q2 t . . ,-mfr L L A Top Row: V. R. Jones, N. Herrick, C. Davis, J. Swayne, B. Nelson, G. Middlehurst, B. Gowen, F. Bastida, W. Hamner, R. Gray, A. Snowberger, B. M. Hill, M. Mooney, I. Hamilton, P. Robinson. E. Marron, M. Spur-lock, G. Wakefield, P. Dinwiddie. Second Row: B. Hunter, M. Wilcox, B. Mills, D. McKillip, V. Stanley, H. Agenbroad, R. Hackney, L. Kimbrough, E. Beauchamp, B. Piersall, D. Downey, O. Betts, F. Wakefield, D. R. Groeslueck, B. Murphy, A. Jacobsen, Mr. Remley. Bottom Row: B. Beus, J. Turner, R. Lupton, V. Simmons, M. H. Anson, B. Moffatt, C. McKee, B. Hussey, K. Herfurth, L. Roper, G. Robinson, G. Sandy, B. Letler, R. Gregg, M. Vail, B. Parker. gifzfil QZES dloufia Such a large group of girls enrolled for glee club this year that it was necessary to form two classes to accommodate them. Many outside programs were presented by the combined girls' glee clubs, in addition to their participation in various school concerts. The group sang at the band concert December 8, and assisted the chorus in both their Christmas programs and spring concert. The most outstanding small ensemble group in school was the girls' sextette formed by Evelyn Beauchamp, Betty Piersall, Adelpha Snowberger, Mildred Mooney, Bonnie May Hill and Isabel Hamilton, all members of the glee clubs. This group was one of fifteen selected to sing at the All Northwest Music Conference in Tacoma. It was estimated by Mr. Remley, vocal director, that the sextette sang at more than sixty dilierent programs during the year. Along with the other music department classes of the school, the goal reached by the girls' glee club was the taking part in the district contest in Boise. Top Row: M. J. Turner, B. Beus, G. Hanson, M. Watson, K. Riordan, J. Hedrick, B. Hussey, B. Hunter, L. , C. Dodge, C. Vincent, M. Tucker, M. Allen, M. Hadsall, L. Stanley, E. Wright, J. Udovick, B. . Second R-ow: J H. Agenbroad, R. Hackney, P. Sparks, M. Spencer, V- R. Jones, J. Dakan, F. Giese, H. Hiemstra, F. Garrison, E. Howell, A. Bottom Row: L L. Hartman, A. Christenson, R. Gray, W. Hamner, J. Newman, G. Schey, N. Elliott, M. Rau, F. Barrett, L. Virgin, G. Ritter, B. Gowen, B. l .PR 'N 1 l f N, -,k, .W in W 2 Ax- A ifvf' Top Row: B. Jauert, J. Jacobsen, W. Johnson, R. Tabor, L. Jones, W. Johnson, W. Isgrigg, R. Chase, R. Gunning, J. Watt, D. Lyons, C. Agenbroad, S. Cottrell. Second Row: L. Watson, L. Pinkerton, D. Wilkerson, B. Rainer, W. lVood, J. Trottman, S. Gr-ow, R. Grosso, B. Simmons, D. Bright, W. Brown. B. Penzien, R. Carter. Third Row: D. Carter. D. Jauert, B. Bushnell, B. Bever, D. Anderson, M. Munyon, F. Abbott, L. Oster- miller, B. Gould, W. Fewkes, G. Stoops. Bottom Row: K. Harman, M. Fulchcr, B. Bowman, G. Martin, F. Hickey, V. Wilson, F. Case, M. Young, H. Mills, B. Neff. Boys' gfse ana! Jlflixacf Ufiofzua Nampa High School had one of the outstanding choruses in Southern Idaho this year. Under the direction of Kay Boyd Remley, the forty-eight members of the group gave numerous programs. They sang at Boise for Idaho Teachers' Conventions and presented several programs for different churches around Nampa. An all-time record was set for Nampa High School, when thirty-four chorus members journeyed to Tacoma for the All Northwest Music Conference, March 29 to April l. The climax of the year's activities was reached during the last two weeks of April. At the vocal department concert April 18, the members of the chorus wore their new blue choir robes for the first time. April 21 and 22 the group went to Boise for the State Music Contest. The Boys' Glee Club sang at the April concert, and assisted the orchestra in their annual concert March 7. One of the most popular ensembles in high school was the boys' quartet composed of four boys from the glee club, Willis lohnson, Steve Cottrell, Lloyd Pinkerton, and Wayne Iohnson. : B. Hunter, C. Smith, G. Martin. B. t. K. Harman, D. Bright, L. Jones, S. Cottrell, B. Penzein, H. Mills. G. Stoons, Agenbroad, B. Bowman, B. Peterson, G. Sandy, W. ohnson, M. Munyon, J. Jacobsen, B. Bushnell, l. Beyer, L. Ostermiller, M. Fulcher, M. Vail, Beauchamp, B. Piersall, M. Mooney, R. Lupton, E. Marron, I. Hamilton, G. Middlehurst, Left to Right: B. Parker. L. Hartman, E. Fisher, B. Pfieffer, D. Crull, D. Hickey, F. Murphy, V. Patrick, H. Fisk. 0.1205 30.124 OFFICERS Managers-BILL PFEIFFER, BETTY PARKER Sccretary-Treasurer-HELEN Fisk The music department introduced a new organization this year when a dance band was formed by high school students. Starting originally as an all girls' orchestra, it became necessary to admit boys to complete the instrumentation of the group. The "Nampa High Swingstersn made their first public appearance December 8 when they played several numbers at the band concert. The all school free dance held on January 12 was the next performance given by the group. During the remainder of the year the band played for nearly a dozen dances given by school organizations. i- ' During the winter months the dance band met three times a week at 8 o'clock, and one or two evenings' every week for lengthy rehearsals. In addition to playing for these dances the group entertained at programs for the Spiz tea and an assembly at Kuna High School. White dinner jackets together with decorated band stands will be used to improve the appearance of next year's band. Bill Pfeiffer, student manager, and Betty Parker, assistant manager and libra- rian, aided Mr. Cowin and Mr. Winther in planning a much larger and better group for next year. All of the original members, except two, are returning and will form the mainstay of next year's band. 1 Mob scene. Sweet sixteen and- The javelin hurler. just a nice friendly fight -we hope. Tribute to Koichi. Sock 'em, Abbott! W p-,., in Bushnell's car. 9 Femmeb on parade. 10 Band drill. -9 .. Sptin dafancfat - I d. Curtis Kelley and Roy Howard, football managers and post graduate students, under the irection of Steve Vaudry, plant one of the twenty various kinds of cherry trees, dedicated to Nampa Hi h School b G ' ' ' ' Q y eorge S. Koyama as a tribute to his son, Koichi. II Now, ain't they cute? Oh me, you really can't appreciate that masterful Iim jausoro until he gets all dolled up, now can you? That's Flora Basticla, enchanting junior, accepting first prize for the girls at the Blu-N St. Patrick's Day costume hop. "With bows on her curls and bows on her toes, she shall have beaus wherever she goes." III HGosh, what a smack! When you get hit so hard it makes your hair stand on end that's rea y sumpin! With a wince and a forceful smile, "Blondie" Howard Clark seems to have to grin and bear it, while the younger Stewart brother chortles with glee and pounds it on with vigor. He had his in the fall. just wait, Clarkieg you can take revenge on the sophies, next year. IV i'See the birdie? Now smile pretty There now hold it"' Ah m what a b t'f l ' l . , . , y eau 1 u picture. Of course the background of a picture really means a great deal more than the foreground, but then it is ne h ff ' ' ' ' h I f cessary to s ow o once in awhile. Mr. Wright of the Wright Studio has just finished t . he ast o the group pictures for the Sage and pauses for a moment to be snapped by us, for a c ange. V With a Hash, we bring to you the news of the most hilarious shindig on record-the Blu N- Spiz party. In the fall of each year, the Spizzers make it a practice to treat the football boys to a grand feast, so in return, the boys put their minds l??j together and concocted the splendid idea of a dancing party which was held at the American Legion Chateau. VI Femmes galore, portraying everything from bunnies to gold diggers or anything you might chance to ask for, had a rip-snortin' time at the co-ed ball-possibly the absence of the masculine sex helped a great deal.-Pictured herc are some of the first and second prize winners of the affair. ' VII What a day to be out doors! The sweet-smelling spring air plus lots of sunshine, soft, green grass, and shady trees, seems to have hit the soft spot in little Irish jimmy O'Brien Taking the day off, jimmy is enjoying the weather Kas well as might be expectedj in spite of thetstudious chemistry class behind him. VIII With minds as pure as the air and clouds around them, are two brain waves of Nampa high school. On the left is Miss Marjorie Chase, valedictorian of our alma mater: on the right is Miss Carmen McKee, salutatorian. This typical picture of "Two Smart Girls' gives a good view of their winning personalities. We hope you will always be as successful as you have been this year, girls. IX Here we go! But where? School is out, and three hot months of summer stretch ahead before we again resume our studies in N. H. S. You may be glad to go, but you'll be just as glad to come back next fall with wild stories of summer vacations. Adieu, to you, students. we hope you have a glorious vacation! lIlE1I'C EL aprl 19369 4- 5' 6 111213 HTEIY T93 9 SWIG SPUHIE ,.,q..:-n- ff' if 1 is in W" j. Top Row: G. Hatfield, W. Stewart, D. Rich, E. Wright, K. Harmon, E. Seele, J. Baldwin, W. Wyatt, K. Giesler, A. Fuleher, L. Geisler, R. Albers, W. McCarthy, G. Detton. E. Sanderson, Mr. Wetzel. Third Row: H. Mills, F. Blecha, F. Spencer, W, Snyder, F. Smith, V. Vogel, L. Aschenbrenner, C. Stewart, H. Vauk, J. Berry, D. Beer, H. Day, D. Grill, K. Belknap, A. Perry. Second Row: E. Monte, F. Svehlak, R. Hays, P. Kidder, M. Fulcher, R. Wilson, W. Watson, W. Shaddy, V. Wood, W. Hilty, R. Smith, W. Baker, D. Rasmussen, B. Gould, R. Howard. Bottom row: T. Irixens, B. Hunter, J. Silkwood, J. Rodwell, H. Jack, L. Watson, J. Rodwell, M. Adam- ion, R. Johnston, B. Ertz, K. Hunter, J. Jausoro, L. Williams, H. Clark, M. Nafziger, E. Woodford . LaLande. xl ,fbi . aw sw 7914 Wi ls O xl dx 'mag Over fifty hearty aspirants answered the spring call for track men when the Nampa High field season was opened the first week in April. Skill and determina- tion were the keynotes that served to build a strong squad. The first event, held on April 7, was an inter-class meet which the seniors won by a comfortable margin. From this meet Coach Vic Wetzel was able to classify his men and conscientious practice was started. The Bulldogs won their first inter-school match by upsetting the Meridian spikesters April 13, with a 101 to 62 count. On April 18 and 19 a two-day meet was held at Caldwell. The Cougars outpointed the Bulldogs to claim 96 points, leaving only 57 for Nampa. Again the canines placed last when they entered a triangle meet April 22 at Boise. The final tournaments were held in Boise: the sub-district, April 29, district, May 65 and regional, May 13. The only last year's lettermen on the squad were Rodwell, sprint and weight man, and Sanderson, distance winner. Other top men were Wilson, Bunker, Ertz and Jausoro. The rest of the main squad is composed of Brown, Fusen, Day, Williams, Hunter, Stewart, LaLande, Crill and Mills. iw 4 1 IK Top Row: L. Williams, B. Marsh, H. Patterson, B. Wright, F. Jordan, M. E. Baptist, L. Blair, L. Pipher, P. Flora, C. Vincent, B. Matthews, R. Porterfield. Second Row: R. Skinner, E. Sullivan, E. McClellan, J. Siler, B. Hunter, B. Nelson, C. Dodge, D. Hickey, W. Howard, R. Bennett. Bottom Row: N. Johnson, F. Oberst, G. Hahn, M. Mooney, M. Storey, K. Gott, A. Hyslop, J. Swayne, F. Abbott, D. Anderson. annie More tennis trophies were awarded to Idaho high schools this year than in any previous year as a result of the abandonment of the single state tourney. Instead, three regional meets were conducted and trophies awarded at each. Boise, Moscow, and Pocatello were the scenes of the three tourneys. Nampa entered boys' and girls' singles and doubles teams in the regional tournament held at Boise on May 13. Fall matches were arranged for the girls' team with Parma and Meridian, and these feminine Bulldog stars, coached by Miss Evelyn Hagelin, revealed the ability that is the making of a championship team. Early in the spring, the girls, and boys' teams commenced serious practice in preparation for the regional meet at Boise. Matches were scheduled with Boise, Parma, Caldwell, Meridian, Mt. Home, and other schools in the district. The Bulldogs garnered numerous victories and were rated as a strong team. Katherin Gott, Rachel Swayne, and Phyllis Flora were the mainstays of the girls' squad, all having won letters before. Mary Storey, formerly of Meridian, was an outstanding player, and Ann Hyslop and Mary Elizabeth Baptist were the new members of the team. The boys, coached by Bill Cunningham, were paced by Bob Matthews, Wally Howard, and Byron Wright, lettermen who are back from last year's squad. Fred jordan and Hoyt Patterson completed the main squad. Miss EVELYN HAGELIN Girls' Tennis Coach j js. . ,f If fly - X 'ig-if r .sa ,, .. Top Row: C. Frahrn, L. Walters, V. Moad, E. DeCbursey, G. Koyama, W. Wood, R. Kilmer, D. Lyons, W. Wilkerson, C. Bridges, Mr. Brown. Bottom Row: R. Seidel, R. Schwasinger, M. Nakamura., B. Riordan, J. Christenson, B. Manyrum, W. Garrity, R. Faylor, F. Murphy. Basgliaff Coach Pat Brown turned out from forty-five eager baseball aspirants, a strong nine worthy of the Bulldog name. Lyons, Metzgar, and DeCoursey formed the pitching staff while Murphy and Walters held down the catcher's spot. Nampa will lose only one man of the first team this year when graduation thins the squad. Riordan, who plays right Held, will graduate. Although only three lettermen from last year returned, the Bulldogs won more games this year than last. Their schedule included games with Marsing, Kuna, Melba, Meridian, Franklin, and Wilder. Tentative plans are that next year Boise and Caldwell will produce baseball teams, these two with Nampa and Meridian, will make up the Class A league. The completion of the first squad line-up is as follows: Mangum, first base, Christensen, second base, Gibson, short stopg Garrity, third base, Bridges, left field, Moad and Nakamura, center field, and Riordan, right field. Games were played each Tuesday and Friday afternoon with practice at the Rodeo park on the other days. ,.,,, . . MR. BROWN . - 'M Coach , I kgs. 4 ...B Top Row: F. Hart, L. Pipher, P. Flora, B. Nelson, F. Abbott, B. Hunter, D. Anderson, P'. Patterson, C. McKee, J. Yoder. Bottom Row: G. Krueger, F. Case. K. Belknap. W. Burrows, B. Reed, G. Rodwell, B. Sales. x Qoff Golf as a high school sport retained its popularity in many Idaho schoolsg among these, Nampa. Besides eight boys, four talented girls practiced diligently. The girls strove to schedule matches with numerous schools, but the response they received was extremely disheartening. Four inter-school matches and one major tournament high-lighted this season's golf activities in Southwestern Idaho. The tournament was a district tourney and was held at Boise on the Plantation golf course on May 13. Four-man teams from schools in this district competed for top honors. Nampa's golfers displayed out- standing ability at this meet. Six veterans from previous years returned to make the squad a strong one. Five of the eight who turned out will graduate, leaving only three to form the nucleous of next year's team. Matches were scheduled with Boise, Caldwell, Emmett, and other schools in the district, with the Bulldogs claiming the lion's share of the victories. ,WM '31,-+4'.' 'ff' jf! Pj , , J I U 4 . fL""1 I J xx Qzigufokcfzafzfii ,,f" 5' .'LL.Q' ,'T 17, '75 ' . 4Ai fMWff4j,'f7 WW dw 990 tp' MMM i MNA 0 if MWF Vp VM ijiff aww Mwwwf' XM ow , N X W M ' E W Zf,f ,M fm ,M M5539 M w5,fv W'3'y, ,Q W M W W 3 W, wx PW 2 wf?75fM MZZWW W ' e , mf!! Jffd' lx , , w jif ' bQ '! bf' W ff A by of 8 .5 ' lmubl Y cqufogzafzfgn Q' M' '. 'V ' 75, df, Sf? 5254! "QM A wk sfQz f J . Q 3 pad gfm. . Q,,,QQ,, h W . LJ' 3 VMS VLQQZ- iffy W Bkww f WDA' DJ ' af - f- ,f71.pEQ. M fr O Mnrgxs 5ff2fl'if ff QQMWMWJ WM Wyfxlw aff' lf My ,V W ,Wm N W .. I, . ' .fo QW' W MQNQS My B! Ax O5 4"-0?"S , sax Egw Q-dx "Mi Q ,A KWH WMM tif " QV. , 'A' ' " ' ' " ' ' ' - L- 'fF,1f'x l 4 J!! 1 A 1 f fu K rw, '. -367011 Q f .VZ!LLfvLf ,.fCf0uu,a,f 1 LL, 740 2: iwfjf Kfif. inc ag, fi ' JV- lL 1Lffr,a.76,0!,4,4Q-1 EDM V f,,,,.fjf Cx PMJVTZ .icsf MJ A I 'g Q5-Qi ' -if CY' R Ss ' R N Z 74141451751-lwf K ..,A N - . 1 h I 5 ,:. . gg? nuff! 'X '. Qi W W C 1 Ag Q gf ,J M - . S RQ V I V twig?-K. A 4, Q ,S " 9' AVy,w'W'ff Q-if" W"fA,f,. 1 ve . f WJ A ,f ' .. ,f-' """ U iv " ',' f' ',f',.. 1 ' ' 4 ' . j,',f'i"' ' A "" 1' '- 'gf I ' Wyw4pW- fS5'FK.UyK:fX"5 'X' 'yi Sb W M ix gf WWW SSW? Qwwwywigm af QW Q 5 9 , :A Ffffff .' cf, .. ' x I B I ' 'L gs ' cj' 3 2, . it pf. X i., ff- '?',oT?-gJ , M H f ,,f"' . ' ' N x - 'V ff ,-5 dl! xyg-J M .4 ? p , 6'fC.'s.Ys I Q I '6 -A 0 , - VV OV--X' I4 b K4- f ,, .Q 1, my V. L I' A. 5 i lfyf Llcrfji , psp, i, 1 1 4. Y ' . ' j ' . ' ' as 1 ,Sm pi . - , sl N r fx, ,, I .., if 4 ' JV Z. as, .bw s' .QQ i l tu V I K ' xi 1 A .I H Qtvii. - Drvatygl, V15 .ivy ,, qt-:J 'A ' I ' . , x '. .lVl. L.-4 gk bk E-1 W ' .:-s GJQMFQYXI . ' r .fin -' 'i'-'Q' 'R P ' , - -U L I I yn , .-A' 'Z5CLCLfLOl2 AJ 1? f . a .f Q A . , s t sw, X '0'0""w 7 ,XLVMQ4 We of the Sage staff of 1939 wish to express our sincere 40,1 appreciation for the willing assistance shown us in publishing ' this annual. ad To Miss LaFond and Mr. tanford, our advisers, who have Q, spent so many hours working on our bookg url? 1 - ff Z Z To Miss h t e art workg I A To the teachers and me ers of e ent ody who hav i cooperated vfithlus in the a ing o 5 1 8 I JVM! Q To the Sage collectors who have worked so faithfully-in ourfwj My i various campaignsg I , To the members of Schwartz Printing Company who have i 'O assisted us and given many helpful suggestionsg ff To the members of the Beaver Engraving Company whose 5 suggestions were of great help to usg To the photographers for their untiring effortsg ' - To all of these we extend a sincerQliIANk ig ttf-ff? - t - f y I Ai 'fi Z-'ii M4212- dd M 7 E lv" F 'LLL q W . xi-,F . Q ' is W M f'iiAi7'ff A 0-rv? al 44 W Wfdg f ma ll .X -KQQ: x-Q' Q'5a.q,,,,,,,,,4f-azz' If ,vii . W , F QJJQAA- Mm I W , K Kg Q dzwht 0129 I3 J' ' ' 4323144424 ' 'l f CD' 1 5 , il ,. A ' JMMQWMZLW CZ W W -fyZmMW" x , WMM GLW DJ 250' MQJN f 3 f ,Q . "" 4. fAemf1WV5'fZ1c?e . -. x O .' ' ' -1 W' A 'T X, 1. '9 - ., L . 9 , . H 1 R2 . XJ x x Q N N 1 J 333 3- -1 vf 5 1 . ' vig, x 0 L ,is F . 'if V' my 543 X. Q' Nl N 5? S X r x 5oqif9?mU'. ' if X" fl? f I M LF5' M W WMM 0 V ,X wQjWWM WMM f www vial if 41 ' ' Aww Ziff J K 7 fp 1, 11 ,jf 1 iw W f GLA 5 A27 6 JVJJ P V!! xy A ,fx Lf if , . V V 5 "'1 61 ,ANU 4 A fy I f"- f i U Qf,ff'L W I' N1 X 'Z ' ' ff 5 it 'L' Ef"L"7'uT fx - Aff" A ,f" , ' . M 7 ,,.. Jwpfwf' ff' , Z N4 Q,,l,7,,4mM2 , ge t9 W0 ff 525332 M 'U ' Xjvb.d7e ,L ag Q, UNIX' f'7x ! P X, . 7, ff! L Ja. -.Li PML..--faihf , ff , ' F 6.234 ' " 6 G m,, f ?,f,,d,4,3 5, L J, I M to My A W41fM,4fc.2, ,Q cf", ,, gjjfliff ' Cf? , f,4QQmf3 M !eM,,4lL,,LuL.- M p I! hz" IN. 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