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3 ,Q 'i I 2 U, 2 E I F 2 H 5 5 f 3 s 5 , E f E u E e 3 4 i 5 1 L. 3 A 5 5 fwfmfi F .2 A, iv A li 'Y"'ff QW HI--ll-ll-lllll IIIIIIIIIIIIQVIQ l-l-I-I-ll-lll-lIl-IIIIII-l-l 1954 V Published bq illli Sli1UI0ll CLASS Nampa Iligh School Hampa, Idaho LAURA FRAHIT1, Ediior Vollllne XXIII fonliwolln... S THE wheels of progress roll ever onward, le: us pause for a brief moment of retrospection. Let us turn back the pages of our memories to recall the poignantly happy days of school. There has been heart-ache, discouragement, disappointment 'tis true, but the real test of life is to Weather these ills and to come out smiling. Let us remember only the good and the beautiful, let us forget the petty strifes, the sharp words, and the bitter thoughtsg let us pront by the past mistakes to go forth from these memories into 11 glorious future. It is the sincerest Wish of the editor that in these pages may be found something that will bring happiness to someone, that the pleasure of perusing these pages will grow a hundred-fold with each reading, and that the associations depicted herein may never be forgotten. . . . LAURA FIKAHM. . . PAGE TWO -l-lillllf ill: PGI: Comilimis... Jlclminisiraiion Classes SENIOR JUBHOR SOPHOMORE Orqanizaiions HONORARY OTHER ORGANIZATIONS Feaiures Jlihleiics FOOTBALL BASKETBALL TRACK Comeclq I E DEllICi4fI0lll... 7 Y O THE Faculty of Nampa High School, and especially to Mr. C. C. Cowin, our principal, who contributed so unstintingly of his time and talent to the success of this book XVE DEDICATE THIS 1934 SAGE. L 4 PAGE FOUR In Dlelnorialn... TO THE MEMORY OF OUR FRIEND AND CLASSMATE IIIABEL SEIDEL XVHO WOULD THIS YEAR HAVE BEEN GRADU ATED WITH THE CLASS OF '34 IAI L FINI i 1 L 1 i 1 X X w , 1 w x , 1 PAGE SEVEN 1UllfDl0llIli5 W Three teeming years in Nampa High- Brimful of study, sports, and fun, Of friendships true, of keen defeats, Of hard-fought, brilliant victories won, Of zestful, eager, pulsing life- Are all too quiekly passing hy. Soon only memories remain To reereate that life you'll try. Yoifll seek, when memory's pictures fade And outlines grow more dim, that "SAGE" Of Nampa High. Youlll thumb it o'reg With poignant longing sean eaeh page In seareh of wora' or kodak snap About those days, those friends of yore. How meaningful the Sage in phrase Ana' pictorial line, would there were more! So may that hook of memories A treasure prove with passing years, May all the hours the Sage Stag spent- Hours of .steadfast hopes, yet anxious fears- Be not in vain, but rather portray That spirit hold exemplify: Faith, purpose, "Bull-Dog" tenacity, all The ideals of Nampa High! -ANNIE LAURIE BIRD E s E E E n 2 E E 5 5 s 2 f 5 1 1 ll Il Ill I IU I S I Il A I I 0 RI 'nw W . v. - .i i '1'1 ga.. f 1 I. E. WALSH, Superintendent C. C. COWIN, Principal 1 Superintendenvs lllessage... Congratulations, 1934 Sage Staff! The entire class of '34 deserves credit for the manner in which it successfully pro- moted and completed the traditional project-publishing the Sage. No class, probably, in the history of the Nampa High School ever faced a more discouraging problem than the 1934 Sage. Some historians maintain that the winter of 1932-1933 will stand in this generation as the epitome of discouragement and depression. No institution was more keenly alert to the suffering and losses felt by the rank and file of people than the public schools. In the spring of 1933, the boards of trustees of most school districts in the United States were confronted with the serious task of or- ganizing school systems that could survive the troublous financial storms sweeping over the land. When a matter of survival becomes the foremost consideration, many of the luxuries have to be discarded. It was decided to limit the number of teachers employed in the Senior High School in order to economize the cost of operating the high school. The number of classes taught by each teacher was increased and the school time per- mitted for teachers to assist the senior class was eliminated. This apparently automati- cally eliminated the high school annual for 1934. But the class of 1934, undaunted by such a dreary prospect and determined to carry out the project, worked out a plan that has culminated in the presentation of this book to the Nampa High School. In the face of this chaotic condition, the 1934 Sage Staff had the largest advance sale ever made in the history of the school. A We are proud of the seniors of 1934. They have demonstrated perseverance and industry in many fields of endeavor, and our only hope is that for the future they will show the same undaunted courage and stalwart forcefulness. May they achieve much success and happiness, and return to the community which gave them these splendid school opportunities full measure of good work and action as their appreciation to In- dependent School District No. 37. -I. E. WALSH, Superintendent. Principal's Message... Education is moving forward today just as we find progress everywhere about us. Perhaps this student body is living during a period when history is being made more rapidly than it has ever been made before. This fact extends a challenge to everyone for adjusting oneself to the pace which is being set in business, in government, and in the use of time outside hours of employment. The optimist is busy making progress while the pessimist is sifting the ashes of despair. The one attitude has the ability to visualize with the willingness to work, while the other spirit huddles about completely chilled by the winds of trouble. There will always be some discouraging factors which will hinder progress but some improvement is possible. We of the faculty hope that true happiness may attend your efforts in the march of progress. -C. C. COWIN, Principal. PAGE ELEVEN l'he faculty... IANIS BELKNAP, B. S. ANNIE LAURIE BIRD, B. A., M A PAUL EDWIN BLICKENSTAFF B S JOHN A. CHURCH, A. B. IAMES IOHNSON, A. B. MARY HELEN IOHNSTONE E. ELOISE KENNEDY, B. A., M. A WINIERED B. LAFOND, B. A. MARY A. LucAs. B.A.M FRED IOSEPI-I MARINEAU, B. S. LA VERNE L. MARTIN, B. S. ,2E ILLER, A. B. EDNA MINDEN, B. S. LUCY B. MORTON, B. A. IOSEPHINE PAYER, B. S., LL ELMER C. ROBERTS, B. A., M. A. FRED Rulz, B. S., I. D. Adv ROSA L. SMITH, B. A., M I. A. WINTHER, B. M. . . . PAGE TWELVE ... 'Ihe faculty ... I IANIS BELKNAP Sewing, Art, Biology Oregon State College Hobby--Reading ANNIE LAURIE BIRD United States History College of Idaho, Columbia University H Obby-Poetr y, Idaho History PAUL EDWIN BLICKENSTAEF Physics, Geometry, Commercial Arithmetic McPherson College, University of Kansas, University of Washington Hobby-Problems-a nd more problems JOHN A. CHURCH Business Training, Bookkeeping I, II. Typinil I. Oregon Normal, Lewiston State Normal, Stanford University, University of California Armstrong's School of Business Administration Hobby-Hunting and fishing IAMES IOHNSON Mathematics, Science B. Y. U., University of Chicago Hobby-Gentleman Farmer MARY HELEN IOHNSTONE English, Speech Iowa State Teachers' College, Iowa State University Hobby-Reading and good moving pictures E. ELOISE KENNEDY English III, IV Linfield College, University of Washington H obb y-Dod ge car WINIFRED B. LAFOND French, Economic Geography, Sociology University of Idaho Hobby-Music and swimming MARY A. LucAs English University of Minnesota, University of Washington, Radcliffe College H obb y-Iournal ism FRED IOSEPI-I MARINEAU Economics, United States History University of Idaho, Notre Dame, O. S. C. Hobby-Fishing and Hunting . . . PAGE THIRTEEN Y LAVERNE L. MARTIN Radio, Plane Geometry McPherson College, University of Chicago University of Idaho Hobbyf-Amateur Radio GEORGE G, MILLER World History College of Idaho, Monmouth College, U. C. L. A., U. S. C. Hobby-Fishing EDNA MINDEN English, Grammar Whitman College, Lewiston State Normal. University of Idaho HObbysReading LUCY B. MORTON Biology Albion NorInal. College of Idaho Hobby-"Hall Duty" IOSEPHINE PAYER Chemistry, Commercial Law University of Chicago, University of Idaho University of Oregon, University of Washington, Northwestern University Hobby-Driving a rusty Yiuver ELMER C. ROBERTS Stenoxrraphy, Typing Denver University, Colorado State Teachers' College Hobby-Hunting, athletics FRED Ruiz English, Spanish, Debate Coach New Mexico State College, University of Notre Dame HobbyfDriuing a rusty flivver ROSA L. SMITH Latin, English, World History Lewiston State Normal School, Linfield College, University of Washington Hobby-Cooking I. A. WINTHER Music Augsburg College, Northwestern University, McPhai1 Hobby-Fishing COO OO. V Miss Gertrude Miller, clerk of the district, has charge of purchasing supplies, distribution of textbooks, the school bookkeeping, and the disbursement of money. Her efficient manage- ment of school finances is distinctly an asset to the system. Her sedate, quiet, sincere manner, her kindly sympathetic attitude, and her calmly cheerful presence have made her inseparably a part of the public schools of Nampa. , QQ nfry """"""-my 111- to-1 GERTRUDE MILLER EDNA CASLER Busy. Always busy with the numerous duties connected with an oflice, Miss Casler has no time for idleness, Her quiet, petite simplicity, her ready smile, her quick wit, and charm- ing manner all have endeared her to the hearts of the students of Nampa High School. Her capable administration of office affairs has proved that she is an invaluable part of the person- nel of the high school. Z l . . . PAGE FOLIRTEEN C I. A S Jenior Class llfficers... LARRY ROBINSON President CECILIA MARTINEAU Vice President MARY FUJII Treasurcfr ARLENE WOOD Secretary tllillllllll CIJQSS IIISTIBIHY... The Opening day of school showed two hundred and seventy-five of us sophomores all bewildered at the prospect of entering Nampa High School, but we soon adjusted ourselves to the jeering phrases Of our upper classmen. Our first activity was the election of ofllcers. Cecilia Martineau was chosen as Our able president, and the other Officers were: D. Michael. vice-presidentg Carlos McDowell, secretary, and Opal james, treasurer. We also had the honor of producing our share of letter men, and we had every right to be proud of Gertrude Pilant when she was awarded one of the three medals for the United States jefferson Memori- al poster. Social activities were few, but we did entertain the seniors on the annual sopho- more-senior picnic in Caldwell. Our junior year. We elected Dick Wiley as our presidentg Ruth Forbes, vice-presidentg Mary Fujii, secretary: Opal james, treasurer. We displayed our class spirit by entertaining the school with a dance on the twenty-fourth of March. Then came the big event for which we had waited nearly two yearsfthe junior-senior prom. Determination conquered all diffi- culties, and the prom was a great success. It was a gala affair held under an oriental moon and in a japanese garden in Elks' Temple, May 5. Our Hnal year. After submitting to the authority of the seniors for two years, we were seniors ourselves. Our Officers were: Larry Robinson, presidentg Cecelia Martineau, vice- presidentg Arlene Wood, secretary: and Mary Fujii, treasurer, john Bentley, a senior, proved an able president of the student body. This year we presented three dances, all of which were a great success. Then came the days that we had all looked forward to for weeks-the junior-senior prom and the senior sneak. The climax was the senior' breakfast, the baccalaure- ate, and the commencement exercises. We were rewarded for our endeavors, our goal was reached, and we were graduates of Nampa High School. May we always preserve these memories which will become more valuable with time. --VERA SLANSKY. . . . PAGE. SEVENTEEN l 1 Bos M. ANDERSON-"Swede" And his name led all the rest-here anyway. ESTHER MAE ANDERSON-"Andy" English Club, 4: Vice-President, 4. Her ways are ways of pleasantness. KATHRYN ALMA AUSTIN English Club, 3, 4 : S. P. Q. R., 4. Her crown of glory is her hair. IOHN Roy BABCOCK Band, 2, 4: Orchestra, 3, 4: English Club, 3. A hard worker and a willing learner. IAMI55 ELMER BARR-"lim" Hi Y, 3, 4: Honor Society, 4: Sage Stall. Business Manager, 4: Glec Club, 4: Band, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3: Orchestra, 2: English Cub, 3, 4, President 4: S. P. Q. R., 3, Pontifex Maximus: Silver N, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres, 3, 4: N. F. L-. 3.4: Debate Team, 2, 3. "And they Cut down the old pine tree." OY Loul BAUMGARTNER T ,3,4:FakIi 1. er o ears i er man. EMM GENEVIEVE BecKERi"Beckie" G. R., 4: English Club, 3. "Well I don't know, Miss Birdfn JOHN OLIVER BENTLEY-"fob" Honor Society, 4: Science Club, 4: Student Council, 4: Tennis, 3: Student Body Pres., 4: Student Rotarian, 4: Emmett High School, 2. "The meeting will please come to order-" IOHN F. BERMENSOLO Football, 2, 3. Tests are as welcome as alligators in duck farms. MILTON BLATTNER Honor Society, 4: Hi Y, 4: Science Club, 4, Vice-Pres., 4: S. P. Q. R., 3: Happy Valley, 2. "Well I don't know, but" fthen he tells the whole worksj. RICHARD BOHN-"Dick" Glee Club, 3. He studies or sleeps at his own sweet will. MARGUERITE M, BOLIN-"Maggy" English Club, 3, 4. Sincerity and modesty. DOROTHY LOUISE BROWN1uDOffyU Tiffin High School, 1, 2. "Hey, Kiddie-" LuELLA LUCILLE BROWN Hon-or Society, 4. Scholarly, but sometimes-? . . . PAGE EIGHTEEN VESTA ROBERTA BRowN-"Bobbie" Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Band, 3: Spiz, 4. "Come on, gang, let's go." M. NAoMx BuRDG Glee Club, 4. Happy days are play days. ELLEN BURKHOLDER-"Tootie" G. R., 2, 3: English Club, 3, 4. Good things come in small packages. LOUISE HELEN BuRR1-"Squeaky" Glee Club, 3: English Club, 3. 4, Sarg., 4. Need any help? Here I am. ALONZO FRED BURTON Science Club 4: Hi Y, 4: Honor Society, 3.4. Our little mathematician. MYRA A. CALDWELL-"MHC" Slowly provoked, she easily forgives. ROBERT IEAN CAMPBELL Football, 4: Basketball, 4: Track, 4: Orches- tra, 4: Thatcher Central High School, 1, 2, 3. We don't want him any longer: he's too long already. MARGARET EMMA CARLOW Honor Society, 3, 4: Sage Staff, 4: N. F. L., 2, 3, 4: Silver N, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y, 3, 4: Science Club, 4: G. R., 3, 4,: English Club, 3, 4: Pres., 3: S. P. Q. R., 3, 4: Consul, 3, 4: De- clamatory Contest, 3, 4: Debate, 2, 3, 4. "The question for debate is: 'Resolved' "-ad infinitum. ETHLYN G. CASE G. R., 4: S. P. Q. R, 4: Glee Club 4: English Club 4. Quiet, studious, sincere. MILDRED LE NORE CHRxsTENsoN-"Mim" S. P. Q. R., 4: English Club, 3, 4. A good scout to haue along. MARJORIE FAY CLEMENTS-"McGinty" G. R., 3, 4: Science Club, 4: Honor Society, 4: S. P. Q. R., 3, 4. A sign of wisdom is che-erfulness. LAURA MAE COLE Glee Club, 2: English Club, 3, 4, Sec'y, 3, Vice Pres.. 4: Silver N, 4. Quiet in appearance with motive unknown. GAYLE COLLINS G. R., 2, 3: S. P. Q. R. 4. 'Tis good to be merry and wise. PAULINE E. CoMsTocK Spiz, 2, 3, 4. Her hair, her manner, all who see admire. . . PAGE NINETEEN H EDWIN ROLLAND CoRNILLEs-"Eddie" Football, 3. There is nothing half so sweet as love's young dream. ELEANOR MILDRED CoRsoN-"Skipper" G. R., 43 Honor Society, 4: English Club, 4, Vice Pres., 45 Silver N, 4: Debate, 4: Contest Play. 43 Declamatory Contest, 3, 45 Who Wouldn't Be Crazy, 45 Elko, Nevada, 2. A good loser and a graceful winner. EVELYN LOUISE CRISPE-"Crispie" Silver N, 2: G. R., 4: Sage Staff, Assistant Business Manager, 4: Honor Society, 4: Poca- tello, 1. She prefers an athlete. WILLIAM MORGAN CUPP-"Bill" Glee Club, 45 Track, 4. Never troubles trouble unless trouble troubles him. NORLENE BURNADINE DAKEN S. P. Q. R.. 3. Queenly composure. DALPHA LucILLE DANIEL English Club, 4. Better happy than wise. MAXINE MARCIA DAVlDSONTlKM8x" X' Spil, 4: G. R., 2. 3. 43 Orchestra, 2, 33 En- glish Club. 3: Hot Copy, 4. "All the world's a stage-" EARL R. DECOURSEY Football, 4: Glee Club, 2. He has personality and a permanent wave. FLORENCE EVELYN DECouRsEY Glee Club, 3: Student Council, 2. She, too, shall serve her purpose. LLOYD F. DINWIDDIE--"Dinny" Professor Pepp, 33 Glee Club, 3, 4: Hi Y, 3, 4. He can laugh at any jokew-even himself. MAURICE MAHLON DIEEEENBACH Orchestra, 4: S. P. Q. R., 35 English Club, 4: Who Wouldn't Be Crazy, 4. Our accomplished little pianist, FRANK W. DUSPIVA I'll study if you make me. CLAUDE H. DuvAL-"Iunior" Student Council, 2, 3, 43 Football, 2, 3, 4: Track, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 3, 4. "And the muscles of his brawny arms-" THELMA EASTMAN-"Tiny" Spiz, 4. Beware of little maids, a small leak will sink a big ship. . . . PAGE TWENTY LILLIAN ANTOINETTE ECKER-"Toni" Silver N, 2: English Club, 3, 4. Her dignity and sweetness are becoming. MARTIN WooDRow E ARDS "Pink" n , , , 4: chestr , , Sec'y 4- e m an , I E l a . ij, 4: i : S te ' ntest. Word ETHEL EGBERT Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. She should let us all enjoy her music. FERN P. ERIKSON-"Evergreen" S. P. Q. R., 3: English Club, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4. There are ferns-that is for thought. KENNETH E. ESHELMAN-"Kennie" Hi Y, 3, 4: Sage Staff, 4, Assistant Business Manager, 4: Glee Club, 4: Band, 2, 4: Orches- tra, 2, 3, 4: Silver N, 2, 3, 4: English Club, 4: Track, 4: Debate, 2, 3, 4: Spooky Tavern, 3: Hot Copy, 4: Who Wouldn't Be Crazy, 4: Mikado, 4. Ahem-Ahem-m-m-m. WEBBER I. FARMER-"Webb" English Club, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4. The pest of the chemistry lab. KENNETH LA VERNE FARNER-'lK8H" Melba High School, 1. Do thy best Cupid: I will not love. IVAN FESLER-"Ivan Skuinsky Skuarn Hi Y, Sec'y, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4. By the work you know the workman. MELBA A. FIELD-"Betty" Professor Pepp, 3: Who Wouldn't Be Crazy, 4: English Club, 4: Honor Society, 4. Nature has given us two eyes but only one mouth. ELSIE PAULINE FIKE-"Polly" Honor Society, 4. If you don't like the way I do. you know what you can do. HAROLD CHARLES FLOYD "That's right." RUTH EMALEE FoBEs-"Goldie" Silver N, 2: Junior Vice Pres., 3: Sage Staif, 4: Spiz, 4: Who Wouldn't Be Crazy, 4. She likes dancing, boys. and other foolish things. CLYDE EZRA FOGG Track, 2, 3: English Club, 3, 4: Vice Pres., 3, Sarg., 4. A born pugilist and athlete. Aus ELDORA FosTER-"Micky" Spiz, 4: S. P. Q. R., 3: Compton Junior Col- lege, 1, 2. "Now-Clarkie Boy-" . . . PAGE TWENTY-ONE IOSEPHINE Fox-"Io" Spiz, 43 Tennis, 2, 3, 4. A regular tennis shark. LAURA LOUISE FRAHM--USiS" Honor Society. 3, 4: Science Club, 3, 4, Pres.. 4: Editor-in-Chief, Sage, 43 S. P. Q. R., 3,4, Consul, 4: English Club, 3, 4. Has left a record that will never rust. LEE MARION FREDERICK Glee Club, 3, 4, Pres., 4: English Club, 4, Pres., 4: Silver N, 3, 4: Debate 3, 4. Wins most of his battles with his tongue. MARY FUJII G. R., 2, 3, 4, Treas., 3, Pres., 4: Honor So- ciety, 3, 4, Sec'y, 4: Science Club, 3, 4, Vice Pres., 43 Sage Staff, 4: Junior Sec'y, 3: Sen- ior Treas., 43 French Club, 3: Silver N, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Pres., 3, 43 Declamatory Contest, 3, 4. Versatility. EARL M. FUHIMAN Happy Valley, 1, 2. You can tell what kind of wheels a man has in his head by the spokes that Come out of his mouth. LOUISE GABICA-"Louie" Spiz, 2, 3, 4. Haunting eyessperfect loveliness. LUCY ELIZABETH GALARNEAU al G. R., 2: Sage Staff, 4. What would we do without artists? FERN GALLIMORE G. R., 2, 4. Action is eloquence. MYRTLE M. GEoRGE4"GIcorge" Nothing great was ever achieved without cn- thusiasm. FREDERICK G. GILLESBY-"Fred" Football, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Track, 3: Science Club. 4, Treas. 43 Honor Society, 4, Vice Pres., 4. Of thee I sing-tMostly Evelynj, I IL L.G1vENs-"Gulielmus" Science Club, 4. t ta xes- brains to be a real fool. Ion ALBERT GRAY Rem mber-faint heart never won fair lady. GEORGE E. GROW-"Ed" English Club, 4. Always talking but says nothing. EDYTHE LA RAYNE GUILE-"Larry" Sage Staff, 4: English Club 4, Pres., 4: Glenns Ferry, 2, 3. Better to give than to take. . . . PAGE TWENTY-TWO CII ESTER GUY-"Chet" Football, 3, 4: Honor Society, 4: Student Council, 4. . "Sat and perched and nothing more." ROBERT M. HAMILTON-'IH3mmlC" French Club, 3: Sage Staff, 4: Glee Club, 4: English Club, 3, 4: Who Wouldn't Be Crazy, 4. Better late than never. ROSEMARY MELDA HANCOCK-"Prizy" Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. There is no sweet man worth the salt of my tears. GLADYS MARIE HARRIS-"Bobby Burns" G. R., 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 2: English Club. 3: Who Wouldn't Be Crazy, 4: Professor Pe,p, 3. My only labor is to kill time. STELLA RUTH I-lARTLEY4"Ruthie" G. R., 4: S. P. Q. R., 4: English Club, 4: Pres., 4. Her words are full of wisdom. LA VERNE WILLIAM HASTRITER-"Hasty" Football, 3, 4: Happy Valley, 2. Physically speedy, mentally-? Lois ADDALINE HASTRITER-"Shorty" Spiz, 4. Little-but mighty. MICHEAL HENDRY-4'MfkC" Band, 2, 3, 4, Lib., 4: Orchestra, 3. "What do you think?" CAROLINE VIVIAN HENDERSON-"Kiney" Honor Society, 3, 4, Pres., 4: Sage Staff, As- sistant Editnr, 4: Science Club. 4: English Club Pres., 4: G. R., 2, 3, 4: Silver N. 3, 4: Debate, 3, 4: Declamatory Contest, 3, 4: Pro- fessor Femw, 3: Hot Copy, 4: Valedictorian, 4. Content to do her duty And find in duty done a full reward. NELLIE I-lIEIvIsTRA G. R., 2, 3, 4: English Club, 3, 4. Friend of many, foe of none. JAMES LOWELL HONE-Ailiml' ' "What day is this?" IAMES B. HUGHES-1' Worry" Hi Y, 4: Silver N, 3, 4: Science Club, 4: Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 4: Student Council, 4: Vice Pres., 4: Honor Society, 4, Pres. 4: Pid- fessor Pepp. 3: English Club, 4, Pres., ' Mikado, 4. "May I sing for you?" ROBERT DAVID l-luTH-"Bob" Football, 2, 3, 4: Baketball, 2, 3, 4: Track, 2, G. R., 2: S. P. Q. R.. 3: Quaestor, 3: Ho 1 Society, 4: Sage Staff, 4: English Club Who Wouldn't Be Crazy, 4. Fun. Ioy. On with the dance. And they send to Africa for ivory. BLANCHE OLENE HUTSELL-I'SllUl3" AX . . . PAGE TWENTY-THREE yfa I -4 ART IACOBSEN-"lake" English, 3, 4. And what a bore to be handsome. MAXINE ELOISE JACK-"Maxy" S. P. Q. R., 43 English Club. 4, Vice P Practical and lovable. FLORENCE OPAL IAMES res., 4. G. R., 2. 3, 4, Sec'y, 3, Vice Pres.. 4: Sopho- more, Junior Class Treas, 2, 3. Quiet, sweet simplicity. MARGARET LOUISE IETTER-"Peggy" G. R. 2: Orchestra, 3: Glee Club, 4, Silver N, 2, English Club, 4, Pres., 4. Faithful to work, true to friends, It is thus you always find her. LYDIA IOAN KRAJNIK-"Iodey" Boise High School, 2. Always ready for work or play. ELVA CATHERINE KNUDSEN-"Kitty" The girl who smiles is welcome to all. EUGENE P. LALANDE English Club, 4, Sarg., 4. An up and coming Bud Fisher. ULRIC CLAUDE LALANDE-"Bunk" Football, 2, 3, 4. Oh! Dear! A sudden thought struck me. ELiLA MABEL LARGENT-"Babe" She was just the quiet kind whose nature R varies. if Ll il ALE LEEXCXX ' Y 1' Nn't Care4'.l look like a student. V xt, . IOHN CLIN, N LERSQ-J'Iack" Hi Y, , 4, TreasXB3, Pres., 45 Science ILFUCZ' Club, 4, Pres., 43 Frenc .XGlub, 3, SeCy,: English Club, 43 Sec'y, 4. xx A popular young Hermes. ORAL L. LITTLE-"Ol6', X Franklin High School. What's in a name. ' GRACE MARIE LOVELAND Silver N, 3, 4, Debate, 2, 3 Cheerful, earnest, and friendly. MONNA Luc1LLE MACY--"Ierry" 3 English Club, 4. Spiz, 3, 4: G. R., 2, 3: Sage Staff, 45 English Club, 3. 4, Sec'y, 45 French Club, 3 A rare combination of wisdom and fun. . . . PAGE TWENTY-FOUR ANDREW CALVIN MADSEN-"Cab" S. P. Q. R., 3, 4: English Club, 3, 4: Science Club, 4: Silver N, 4: Honor Society, 4. He never flunked, he never lied: We reckon he never knew how. CECILIA L. MARTINEAU-"Marty" Spiz, 2, 3, 4: Vice Pres., 3: Sophomore Pres., 2: Senior Vice Pres., 4: Student Council, 2, 4. May the feelings of the heart find vent through the tongue. ORRIN R. MAI-IONEY-"Butch" Orchestra, 4, Student Director, Vice Pres., 4: Band, 3: All-Northwest Orchestra, 3. Put me among the girls, and I'm happy. IEAN M. MAXSON English Club, 4, Sec'y, 4. May modesty and industry characterize us. CATHERINE ELIZABETH MCABEE-"Kay" Silver N, 3: Home Ec. Club, 2: Sage Staff, 4. When she won't. that settles it. DONALD BRUCE MACARTHUR-'lM8C', Glee Club, 2: Football, 3, 4: English Club, 4. A man after his own heart. BRUCE NEWTON MCBANE"'F6Ef', Hi Y, 4: Science Club, 4: Band, 2, 3, 4: En- glish Club, 3, 4, Pres., 4: S. P. Q. R., 3. A shrewd little chap, a motherfs pride, a fathers joy. DONALD I. MCCLENAHAN-l'DOn" Band, 2, 3, 4: Hi Y, 4: S. P. Q. R.. 3, Consul, 3: English Club, 3, 4. Much can be made of a Scotchman-if he's caught young. ANNA ELORA MCCROSKY'llAHH6,l Spiz, 4. May worth win hearts and constancy keep them. JAMES CARLOS MCDOWELL-"Carlos" Student Council, 2: Sophomore Sec'y, 2. Tall. dark-romantic. ELLA MARIAN MCKEETH-llpafSy,' G. R., 2: Sage Staff, 4: S. P. Q. R., 3: En- glish Club, 4, Sec'y, 4: Honor Society. 3. 4: Hot Copy, 4: Contest Play, 4: Declamatory Contest, 4: Salutatorian, 4. Effervescence personified. GRACE MCNEES-"MHCiC,' S. P. Q. R., 2: G. R., 3: Happy Valley, 1: Boise High School, 3. A light heart lives long. EILEEN MCSWEENY1"Spiky', Melba High School, 1: Mary Cliff High School, 1, English Club, 4. Quietness can be heard a great distance. I. D. MICHEAL Student Council, 2, 3: Sophomore Vice Pres., 2: Football, 2, 3, 4. His fortune is his grinning way. . . . PAGE TWENTY-FIVE GRANT ULYSSES MILLIGEN Glee Club, 3. I love the ladies. GLYDA EuvoN NASH Professor Pepp, 3: Honor Society, Sec'y, 4. "I'll just show those other stenogs-" RuTH ELLEN NELSON-"Tiny" Spiz, 2, 3, 4: Sage Stai, 3, 4: French Club, 3. Small people can do things too. MILDRED LOUISE NEVILL-"Milly" Glee Club, 2. Sense th age.-we hope. TT ET1-IEL NEWLAND-"Zip" Honor Society, 4: Who Wouldn't Be Gravy, 4. H w calm and firm and true. ONARD OLSON English Club, 4, Sarg., 4: S. P. Q. R., 3. Ask the man who owns one. CHALLIS STOLLE ORcuTT-"ChaIly" Band, 2, 3, 4, Pres.: Orchestra, 3: Glee Club, 3, Women? Where have I heard that word? CORINNEA MARIE ORR-"Ducky" Spiz, 2, 3, 41 Student Council, 23 Orchestra, 3, Sec'y, 3. Being with her is a pleasure. VIRGINIA MARGARET ORR-"Gin" Spiz, 3, 4. I could enjoy life if I didn't have to study. CHARLES B. PAVELKA-"Chuck" Lone Tree, 1. The end crowns the work. MARY DOROTHY PECK-"Dottie" Orchestra, 2, 3: Science Club, 4, Sec'y, 45 G. R., 2. Always cheerful. VESTA V. PETERSON-llpefeyi' She needs no eulogyg she speaks for herself. WILLIAM FRANKLIN PINKERTON-"Pink" Silver N, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 4: Hi Y, 3, 43 Science Club, 4: Glee Club, 3, 45 Pres. 4: Honor So- ciety, 3, 4, Vice Pres., 43 S. P. Q. R., 4, Con- sul, 4: Student Council, 4: English Club, 3, 4, Pres., 3. Keep coming, Bill, we're for you. WINIFRED LLICILLE PINKERTON-"Winnie" Silver N, 2, 3. 4: G. R., 45 Glee Club, 3, 4, Vice Pres, Professor PGDD. 3: S. P. Q. R., 3, Aedile, 3. Life means something to the capable. . . . PAGE TWENTY-SlX CLYDE PlPK1NW"Pip" Football, 45 Basketball, 4: Track, 4: English Club, 4. I love sweet me. WESLEY JAMES RAsMussENe"Huck" Basketball, 4. With the makings of Tarzan, AMELIA M. RAU Glee Club, 3, 4. She doesn't try to make her friends over to suit her own ideal. BURTON W. REEVES, IR.-"Bob" French Club, 3. "Slow and steady, thats him." MAYO BENTON REEVES-"Sonny" French Club, 3. Wllich was which was hard to tell. EDNA REINEMER English Club. 4: S. P. Q. R., 3: Honor Socie- ty, 43 Professor Peirp, IS. Quiet and Studious. FLOSSIE MAYE RENFRo4"Funny" Variety is the spice of life. LAWRENCE H. ROBINSON-"Larry" Senior Pres., 43 Glee Club, 3, 4, Sec'y, 4: Dc- bate. 3: Student Council, 2, 3, 4: Hnnvr Socie- ty, 4, Science Club, 4. Fame is the spur that has inspired mc. PAULYNE M. ROBlNsoN4"PauIy" G. R., 2, 3: S. P. Q. R., 3. A reserved girl,-but for whom? DORIS LLICILLE ROSE-"Polly" Glee Club, 3, 4, Lib: English Club, 4. She would rather persuade than boss. IIMMIE CLINTON RLIDGE Band, 3. "I sat on a fence post and watched the snails fly past." FLORENCE IRENE RUPERT Professor Pepp, 3. A merry body and an earnest worker. ARTHUR CLARK RusE-"CIarkie Boy" Football, 2, 31, 4: Basketball, 353 Student Coun- cil 4 Sees nobody but Alis. VICTOR L. SACHTJENf"Vic" Science Club, 4. "Blessed is he that sitteth upon a tack for he shall rise." . . . PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN ESTELLA PEARL SALISBURY G. R.. 4: Honor Society, 4: Caldwell High, 23 English Club, 3, 4. If you don't know, ask Estella. ARTHUR C. SALLAZh"Arf" Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. There sure must be some hard work in him for none ever came out. KATHLEEN T. SALLE-"Kate" Spiz, 4: S. P. Q. R., 3: English Club, 4. Dashing, debonair, and attractive. .PAYE SANDY-"Slim" G. R., 2: Band, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. She'll try anything once. ALBERTA RosE SCHWALBE-"Al', G. R., 2, 3. Fame comes only after death, and I'm in no hurry for it. Lou1sE WILLMA SCHWASINGER-"Swassy" Glee Club, 33 Professor Pepp, 3. You hard working people have lots of idle time you forget about. I-IowARD F. ScH1vi1TT-"Smitty" Football, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 2, 3. 4, Captain, 4, Student Council, 2, 3: Student Rotarian, 4. Beauty, brawn. brains. MARJORIE GRIM SCHMIDT Professor Pepp, 3: G. R., 3, 4: English Club, 3, 4. If she will, she will. CARL ANTON SCHULER English Club, 3, 4. He believes in his own conclusions anyway. FREDA VERA SCOTT-"Scotty" Spiz, 2, 3, 4. She did nothing in particular and did it well, IoLA LORENE SCOTT-"Scotty" Professor Pepp, 3: Who Wouldn't Be Crazy, 4: English Club, 4. All my days are play days. BEULAH ELIZABETH SHANNON English Club, 4: G. R., 2. Always the same day after day. KATE .MARGUERITE SHARE-"Marg" Home Ee. Club, 2. She's small, but we're proud of her. HOWARD D. SHAVERil'PCt6', Student Council, 4. Solemn as a dead tree-covered with owls-??? . . . PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT BILLIE I-IuGI-I SHAW-"Milcr" Hi Y, 4, Sarxz.. 4: Honor Society, 4: Track, 3, 4: State Miler, 3. "Come and run a mile with me." WILLIAM ALDEN SHuIvIATEA"BiIl" French Club, 3. Too much of a good thing. VERA SLANSKY G. R., 2, 3, 4: Honor Society, 3, 4: Science Club, 3, 4, Sec'y, 4: Sage Staff. 4: S. P. Q. R.. 3. Aedile: Silver N, 4: English Club, 3, 4. Sec'y, 3. If a Slansky does it, it has to be good. HOWARD l. SLUSSER S. P. Q. R.. 3. Little axes fell big trees. FLOYD CORNILLES SNEAD-"Puff" Band, 3: Orchestra, 2. He thinks the world is neither round nor flat but crooked. GRACE THELMADINE SNYDER-"Bobby" Silver N, 2: Orchestra, 2: Who Wouldn't Bc Crazy, 4: English Club, 4. May she always keep her sense of humor. DARELL ARTHUR SMITH-"Smith" Student Council, 3: Track, 3: Hi Y, 4, Treas., 4: Basketball, 4: English Club. 4, Sec'y., 4. Man isn't measured by inches but by "feat". GEORGIA LAURINE SIvIITHi"Gary" Lincoln High School: Teton High School. She has a quality of poise, yet it does not chill. GLADYS JEAN SMITH-usmiffyn G. R., 2, 3: Spiz, 4. She pleases just a easily as she breathes. IAMES ELWOOD SIvIITHf"1im" Honor Society, 4. So self-conscious he can't look in a mirror. MELVIN SMITH-l'Mel" What's a gentleman but his leisure. WANDA MAXINE SMlTHTl'K8f6" Spiz, 2, 3, 4, Sarg., 3: Pres., 4. Sometimes very wise and serious thoughts Come to me. IENNIE AGNES SPLIRLOCK G. R., 2, 3. "Where's Millie." CHRISTINE CAROL STAEEoRD4"Crissy" S. P. Q. R., 4. Has high ambitions. . . . PAGE TWENTY-NINE MI ELLEN STANFORD G. R., 2, 3. " Where's Iennief' IOY W. STAUEFER True to his name-in happiness, DAVID E. STEARNS-"Dave" Hi Y, 43 Science Club, 4: S. P. Q. R., 43 Band, 2, 3, 4. The boys say he's a swell kid. MARGARET LORRAINE STlLLlON1',M8Fg" Quiet and unassuming. IEAN WHEATLEY STINsoN-"Gin" Spiz, 3, 4: Orchestra, 2, 3. Happiness counts a lot in these times. LOIS VIRGINIA STINSON Honor Society, 43 Silver N, 4. The Stinson home will ncver need an electric light. REX FORREST STOREY-"Chick" Hi Y, 43 S. P. Q. R., 35 English Club, 4. Of this learning, what a thing it is. SARAH LUCY STOVER Orchestra, 3 :English Club, 4. Following the footsteps of her typing sister. ARTHUR SLICI-IY-"Art" English Club: Mandon Public School. Knows his oil, but it's crude. GERALDINE C. SuIvINER-"Jerry" Spiz, 4. Don't run, boys. I'm not after a date. GEORGE SWARTZ Orchestra, 2. When you can, use discnetiong when you can't. use a club. FORREST WAYNE TAYLORw"Forey" English Club, 45 Glee Club, 4. Tall and strong and very wise. MAXINE ELIZABETH THoIvIsoN-"Tommy" Spiz, 2, 3, 4: Student Council, 2, 4. She has the face and personality of a movie star. ROBERT WILLIAM TIDWELL-"Bob" Football, 43 Track, 3, 4: Basketball, 3, 4g Or- chestra, 3, 4: Band, 2, 3. May lose his head but not his heart-it's taken. . . . PAGE THIRTY .Tr IACK VAN DE STEEG-"Tarzan" Student Council, 2 Always ready to match his biceps or jaw against grid star or sidewalk. WILHELIVIINA MARY VANDERKOLK G. R., 2, 3, 4: English Club, 4. A light that doesn't glimmer. RALPH H. VAN HouTEN-"Van" Glee Club, 2: French Club, 3: Football, 2, 3, 4: Sage Staff, 4. A man who knows his own mind. DEVERL WATSON-"Twit" A quiet, tenacious worker. EDNA MAY WERNER-"Sis" G. R., 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4. Treas.. 4: Erl- glish Club, 4, Sec'y, 4: S. P. Q. R., 4. An enzpty wagon rattles, but Edna isn't talka- tive. LEONA MARIE WHALEY-"Sparky" Glee Club, 2: English Club, 4, Sec'y, 4. Simplicity is greatness. l'lAZEL GLENN WHITTIG4"Ha-Ha" G. R., 2, 3, 4: Sec'y 4: Honor Society, 4: Iln- glish Club, 3, 4, Sec'y, 4: Sant., 3. She applies her G. R. code to daily life. MERRIE EVELYN WHITE She's not what you'd call talkative. REX W. WHI'rEf"Punk" Cows and country life for mc. RICHARD P. WILEY-"Dick" Student Council, 3: Football, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4: Junior Class Pres., 3: Basketball, 3. Heroes are born4Not made. DONALD HART WILCOX-4lDOH,' English Club. 4: Vice Pres., 4, He's not as bashful as he looks. VIRGINIA GLADYS WILSON Spiz, 2, 3, 4. Men mean nothing to me-only one. ARLENE WooD4"Woods" Glee Club, 3: Sec'y, 3: English Club, 4: Sec'y Senior Class, 4. Lost without Lottie. LEROY F. WRIGHT-"Roy" English Club, 4, Vice Pres., 4: Contest P'lay, 3: Spooky Tavern, 3: Hot Copy, 4: Who Wouldn't Be Crazy, 4. Silence is golden, but who wants to be rich. . . . PAGE THIRTY-ONE ELINOR LARAY YORGASON Glee Club 4 English Club, 4, Sec'y, 45 Who Wouldnt Be Crazy, 45 Mikado, 4. He who laughs last, laughs best. llflllllflll SIIY SERTICIIHS... LEONA ELIZABETH ARNOLD- PAuL WILLARD CORNWALL-' EDDIE HURT RuFus DWIGHT MOORE I1ARRY HUBERT SHAWHAN RICHARD L. BEAL--uDiCkH PEARL HILLYARD ILA ROSE KELCHNER IOHN ROSECRANS DICK M. SWIGART DICK TROTTMAN MARTHA MYRTLE WOOD "Boots" 'Silly Will" PAGE THIRTY-TWO Junior Class llfficers... KARL KUEHN P resid ent N DWIGFIT SAVAGE Vive Pl'l'5ft1l'llf RUTH JOHNSON Secretary JACK W1LsoN Trvaszzrvr lllllllllll CI.ASS IIISTIIIHY... 1932-with this year we began the diary of our high school life. On a certain warm September afternoon there were seen many little bits of humanity hurrying along the sidewalks toward Nampa High School. Probably some people wondered where we all were going. We were merely the sophomores enrolling in high school. After we had settled down to the general routine of our high school life, we elected Homer Davies, president, Don Reynolds, vice-president, Ruth Johnson, secretaryg and Alice Roberts, treasurer. Our class advisors were: Miss Gorton and Mr. Cowin. At the end of our sophomore year we gave the sophomore-senior picnic which, we are sure, was enjoyed by all. 1933-one year later-juniors! This year we elected Karl Kuehn, presidentg Ralph Comstock, vice-president, Ruth Johnson, secretary, and Jack Wilson, treasurer, with Miss LaFond and Miss Belknap as our advisors. Ralph Comstock resigned his position because he moved away. We elected Dwight Savage to fill the vacancy. Then our junior-senior prom which was attended by many and thoroughly enjoyed. Next year we will be seniors and our high school diary will end. We cannot write even a word in that space now, but we know that the end of 1935 our diary will be one which will bring back memories of the good times we had at Nampa High and there will not be one single regret. -By MARGARET HENDERSON. . . . PAGE THIRTY-THREE wb 1 First Row-D. Agenbroad, D. Aldous, A. Allen, L. Allen, R. Ashenbrener, R. Babcock r Second Row--H. Backer, L. Bamford, C. Banks, K. Barrett, J. Batie, A. Beus. Third Row-W. Blakeslee, M. Blanksma, C. Blanton, W, Bothwell, P. Bowman. R. Brandt. Fourth Row-G. Brockus, B. Brown. P. Burkholder. M. Burton, L. Cavanee, M. Clayton. Fifth Row-R. Clements, C. Cliff, R. Collard, E. Covert, F. Fox, E. Curtis. Sixth Row-H. Davies, G. Davis, H. Dean, L. Dean, R. DeCoursey, R. Dempsey. Seventh RowAF. DeVorss, M. Dimick, C. Dobbs, R. Dooley, D. Dye, V. Dye. PAGE THIRTY-FOUR 1 if nf' Vu ffm.: First Row-J. Ednie, B. Edwards, E. Ekslein, R. Farmer, A. Faust, M. Florian. Second RoWfJ. Fox, P. Frederick, M. Freeman, F. Gibbs, I. Gibson, E. Gilbert. Third Row-R. Grimes, R. Hambly, E, Hamilton, C. Hanson, R. Harlow, R. Harshm:-in. Fourth Row-R. Hzxshitani, P. Hatfield. F. Haun. M. Henderson, N. Herrick, R. Heston. Fifth R0wfH. Hiemstra, E. Hill, J. Holladay, Fred Hoofnayxle, F. Hoskins, E. Hughes. Sixth Row-D. Ingersoll, V. Iverson, V. Inselman, E. James, L. James, ll. Jausaro. Seventh Row' -R. Johnson, F. Jorgensen, B. Kempthorn. B. Klements, V. Clolh, C. Kni1.rht.on PAGE THIRTY-FIVE l l First Rowe K, Kuehn. B. Lamm, M. Lawrence, B. Lawson, R. Lindquist, O. Lingo. Second Row-R. Lockey. P. Martin, L. Mason, B. Matthews, J. McAhee, E. McCain. Third R0wfC. McClellan, A. Mills, M. Morgan, F. Morris, D. Murphy, Ni Nafziyrer. Fourth RoWfH. Neal, C, Nelson, V. Newman, E. Nicodemus, J. Nihart, F. 01'r. Fifth Row-E. Patterson, D. Patterson, F. Perry, L. Pfaff, H. Pfost, H. Pilcher. Sixth Row-R. Pilcher, H. Pipkin, S. Powell, R. Quivey, I. Reimann, J. Renstrom, Seventh Row-D. Reynolds, S. Reynolds, M. Ricks, E. Rice, J. Richmond, R. Riordon. PAGE THIRTY-SIX - 'Jr First Rowe A. Roberts, E. Robertson, F. Roe. ll. Ralf, D. Roth, N. Savas. Second Row L. Snead, VV. Snyder, M. Sparks, G. Spinning, J. Stanford, G. Stewart. Third Row E. Sec, D. Shehee, D. Shroll, R. Slagrle, O. Slansky, T. Smith. Fourth Row P. Stinson, B. Sullivan, D. Sell, W. Steck, M. Tapp, L. Taylor. Fifth Row-VID. Thacker, B. Trask, D. Tucker, J. Tucker, E. Turner, I, Wallis. Sixth Row- R. Wands, D. Whitted, L. Wiley, E. Wilkerson, V. Williams, J, Wilson. Seventh Row-P. Wissel, A. Whittenberger, B. Woodland. B. Woods, J. Yoder, E. Yorgason. PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN f ,Lf cp few Above -O. Young, L. Zeigler. A SAD STORY Did you ever hear a pine tree A' moanin' thro' the night? Did you ever kiver up your head 'N wish they was a light. Gee, but it's dark 'N spooky, too 'N I'm so faraway From all the folks that's still downstairs Who think that I'm O. K. But they don't know how hot 'tis To have to try to sleep When the rafters all start moanin' An' the boards begin to creak. Beside, they's all grown-ups 'N thinks no one should be scared Of nothin', not even a cat or mouse Or a spook upon the stairs. Well, they can have their thinks, But l'll have mine, too: An' when I have a little boy l'll know jus' what to do. l'll never let him sleep upstairs Away off by himself With the noises all a'screechin' Till he wished he was a elf. l-le'll get to stay up 'till real late 'N hear the folks all talk Nor never have to go to bed Or have them watch the clock. -MARGARET IETTER. PAGE THIRTY-EIGHT Joplnonlore Class llfficers... GLEN RAFE P resid 1' I1 i YVONNE REYNOLDS Vice Pivxidczzi RUTH LEE Secreiary BEN COLLINS Trerzxzzrer SOI'll01ll0llli CIJQSS IIISTIIIKY... In September, 1933, a bewildered group of sophomores entered Nampa High School, to become a part of the life of the school. With enthusiasm and eagerness for the very best we worked hard to get a boarder view of a stepping stone to future success. To start the new year correctly we elected the following sophomore class officers: president, Glen Raffg vice-president, Yevonne Reynolds, secretary, Ruth Lee, treasurer, Ben Collins. Class advisors: Mr. Cowin and Mr. Martin. Royal blue and gold were chosen as the class colors and the forget-me-not as the class flower. In the various activities throughout the school the sophomores were well repre- sented. Several of the members of the class were outstanding football stars and the football and basketball teams, composed of members of the class, were teams of which any school would be proud. School spirit was certainly a main feature among our class members. There were more sophomores in the Student Body than any other class represented, and by all indi- cations the sophomores certainly boosted the pep in the Student Body. Through all the activities and school sports we have not forgotten our ambition in high school. This year has brought us nearer our goal-success-because we have realized that loyalty, cooperation, and a willingness to work, are virtues for which we all should strive. In our efforts to achieve the very best possible we have learned that we shall never rest, ,till our good is better and our better best. -RUTH LEE. . . . PAGE THIRTY-NINE ...Q f wal, 3 ,1 y J s ..' 'I fi QQ. . R First Row-K. Ahrens, E. Anderson, R. Austin, M. Bamford, J. Becker, R. Billick. Second Row-V. Blakeslee, H. Blanksma, Z. Brassey, L. Bevimrton, E. Brandt, B. Brasfield. Third ROWYJ. Bray, M. Bray, C. Brown, D. Brown, E. Brown, L. Brown. Fourth Row-A. Broyles, B. Buettner, J. Burkholder, M. Burns, I. Burton, M. Bell. Fifth Row-D, Batie, B. Bentley. L. Boston, P. Hannaford. L. Boyles, C. Cain. Sixth Rowf0. Carver, M. Carson, W. Casteyzneto, D. Chappel, R. Clasen, H. Cochrane. Seventh Row-M. Cochrane, W. Coleman, J. Collins, B. Collins, M. Cox, L. Conley. . . . PAGE FORTY 49 'Y'-1 rx! sf. -v . ' v4 1, If ' I ' J I .fffiiif .' .Fixx v ff rl . First Row-W. Crew, C. Cromwell, V. Cupp, J. Craig. A. Davis, O. Davis. Second Row-W. DeCoursey, D. Dehlin, C. Dickman, J. Dieffenbach, H. Dixon, H. Done! Third Row-J. Dooley, H. Downey, E. Dreher, A. Dreher, G. Drury, F. Drummond. Fourth Row-J. Hroza, J. Eagle, R. Eastland, F. Edwards, R. Edwards, D. Erdmann. Fifth Row-K. Whittig, J. Faylor, B. Finley, J. Florian, P. Fuller, L, Freeman. Sixth Row-R. Lloyd, R. Flisher, J. Fox, L. C. Gardner, I. Ginder, L. Eddleman. Seventh Row-J. Givens, L. Grosvenor, E. Gross, I. Grosbeck, A. Hill, L. Hackney. PAGE FORTY-ONE if f-175, First Row--L. Hall, K. Hancock, P. Hancock, K. Hansen, M. Hatfie , A. Hashitani. Second Row-D. Hays, F. Haun, J. Heddon, D. Hergert, E. Hiemstra, H. Hiemstra. Third Row-W. Hill, T. Holland, E. Holm, G. Hoofnagle, M. Hughes, C. Huling. Fourth R0wfA. Humble, V. Hunt, A. Hurd, V. Jack, E. Jacobson, P. James. Fifth Row-G. Jensen, B. Jepson. O. Joiner, G. Jones, F. Jorgensen, I. Julium. Sixth Row-C. King, E. Knighton, A. Klima, R. Larnxn, D. Lawson, R. Lee. Seventh Row-G. Lewis, K. Linden, C. Lindsey,, P. Lockert, P. Lynch, S. Loveland 0-. PAGE FORTY-TWO Y .. A, im First Row-L. Lyons, W. Myers, L. Marek, L. Mapvlecic, P. Maxson, W. McCol1n. Second Row-G. Makin, R. A. McDonald, B. Metzger, D. McGill, H. McMichael, R. Miles. Third Row-B. Martens, L. Miller. E. Mills, J. Mills, M. B. Minden, M. Mlonteith. Fourth Row-H. Moffat, M. Morgan, E. Hosack iJr.J, D. Morris, S. Moulton, D. Navarro Fifth Row-W. Newland, C. Nemec, G. Nelson, VV. Nicolayson, A. Palmer, E. Olsen. Sixth Row-A. Rau, F. Palmer, L. Parks, L. Parkinson, C. Poage, R. Powell. Seventh Row-V. Pruett, M. J. Quinn, J. Rawlings, G. Raff, M. Riordan, B. Rivett. PAGE FORTY-THREE First RowfY. Reynolds, F. Robinson, I. Rohm, H. Rogers, J. Sallaz, C. Shaver. Second Row-M. Schule1', B. Shannon, B. Shaver, D. Schroll, C. Smith, D. Smith. Third Row-E. Smith, D. Snyder, B. Sower, I. Sparks, R. Sparks, M. Stamm. Fourth Row-B. Stiburek, E. Stickney. R. Sutton, W. Talley, R. Thacker, J. Titus. Fifth Row-V. Teutsche, B. Thompson, M. Thompson, K. Ulrick, F. Van de Steeg, P. Van Houteu. Sixth Row-L. Vincent, P. Waddell, J. Wakefield, G. Wall, V. Wallis, R. Welker. Seventh Row-L. Werner, W. Whitney, L. Whitted, E. Wickham, G. Wright, A. Wilcox. . . PAGE FORTY-FOUR 5 1 Abovf?M. Winters, B. Witherspoon, M. Wolcott, R. Woods PAGE FORTY-FIVE I SUMMER EVENING Twilight falls on the tired, dusty town: The cool of the skies to earth is coming down. Night wind sighing softly in the trees: Leaves a'rustling gently in the breeze. A sentinel row of street-lamps ahead I see. On duty to light the way for me. Low in the north the first star Hickers out: But scan the sky-lol Thousands are about. Couples strolling slowly down the street Grateful for the cool after the long clay's heat. Cheery cricket chirping on the ground: Happy hearts responding to the sound. Twilight falls on the tired, dusty towng The cool of the skies to earth is coming down. -MARGARET CARLOW 2 INDEX To Ilrganiziltions V Band ,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,, 5 '4 Girl Reserves ,.,,. S8 Glee Club ,,,,,,,,,,,,. 54 Hi Y ,,..,,,.,,,,,... 60 Honor Societyu 49 Orchestra ,,,,,,..,,., 52 Sage Staff ,.,,....,,,,,r.,,,, 51 Science Club ..,,,,..,,,., ..,, S 6 Silver N ..,,,.,..,,,,,.., ,..,.,... 5 7 Spiz .,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,..., i,.. S 9 S. P. R ...,,......,...,,, 60 Student Council ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,..,A..,,,.....,,....,.,,.,..,,................ 55 0 Il G A IU I l A 'I' I 0 IIT 5 i V, 4 5 V. -, fl-,ML-w' V qw ,,,. . . , ,, ,,,,VV.WVV,,f-,JVM ., , . V V. L V .V -v "- V K-Vs w VN wf, ff'-, V,- Af ,. -V .-,,-., .V VV V-" - 2' ,. z, y i . - f" ""'Y5' if . 'W 'a:,:-'nqwgazlmzn2:-rdf: . - - ' ' " -'12, .Ai A . ' y-411 V -. :M V- 1' ff-, FL ,gn-' g wiV.+V?'V1y:..1,v,' V V' If V vf , wh ' , V V ' ' .- -.f:,.1..,,,f . -g.,..:.'a - V, , 45--H fi 'Q . " " " . ' f "'1i'5':L--ff Qi.j,1'ul .4 iff. '?N".g:-I-'VH-'Ag '.f?5'-E7lQ?f5'LfT'f,. . , ' ' 'J YIM " ' " 'Q - ' ' ' M ' Q 5, 1 J fx v .Q 31,1 V 1 V , W. ,. 1. b ,- , Y' -9525. 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P' - .Q 1.-,' .- "QS A---21' 'hp ' ---wi Q-ip-.1---.,-,A - - ' . -, - ' DIAGIUA CUIII llllllllf llI,4'II0lllI4ll lllllllllll IOCIIffIY SENIORS EXCELLING IN SCHOLARSHIP, CHARACTER, SERVICE, AND LEADERSIP IN 1933-1934. V MEMBERSHIP: fleft to rightj, first row: W. Pinkerton, L. Robinson, I. Bentley, C. Guy, M. Blattner, Hughes, F. Gillesby, A. Burton, B. Shaw, Smith, Barr, C. Madsen. Second row: M. Fujii, L. Brown, L. Frahm, E. Salisbury, P. Fike, E. Reinemer, L. Newland. . E. Crispe, H. Whittig, E. Nash, C. Henderson, V. Slansky, M. Clements, M. Field, E Corson, M. Carlow, L, Stinson, B. I-Iutsell, M. MCKeeth, V OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President - - CAROLINE HENDERSON JAMES HUGHES Vice President - - WILLIAM PINKERTON FRED GILLESBY Secretary - - MARY FUJII EUVON NASH . . . PAGE FORTYVNINE llther llrgilnizations . 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' V V? a,VW+. .p N-Q vm? 1-W 51, .. ..,., V ,w,..Q.,y. .... , L ,zf . . V-Q. .5 -.W . .-In . .fl 3... J. A......J. -3 y ... ,,. 4, . xg.. .,.,., 4, V,.., 1- , wk, Vs . by wg' V 'V,gV. .:-ffV.?V wr f' ggi., V. is .. Mi. -v1. .:V-:V '- NNW V' 4 . :Vx .. .155 5:1 V" .Fai - 1" 5 '1' TVf2V, f . V, "du Milf ..3i V'e:Vi9f .flfff-Wig" "5sfVV".. T x -'lf-:F55Yx 6?' S? SK 1'?-M TVV.-Y" 'V iV3..V.52s.N-ca , JI?' f" ?Qw1 f.Qi11lf,1:Q3Rif ' Ni V- V. 3, .M V B 5.14. 1.1.5 V . .335 ff., ..z7V1,zQ ' ...Sky 'afivg 3 5 4575. Vg- XV.: 'a5'A?x. QQ. . 535175. ,5,,,,e:1Q 432. 355,5.VM5yQ. . ,V .15 ,N 'V-.1 , V im, 33.33 NVQ? g,m wV5 -1.3.5, rg: -'- wif.. iw' .9-si. . SXSW-" fy ,,'V is-.Q V swf 45."1 iIV:" '1"3'1 f5" f"1 V - my V' fx qg.V'-fvial f-fr... 5. .-4 f'Yg, xL V- :.Vs.-' -'Vwf grlig.. wr. J' rf-rf' 1. V ':.fv' ,VsV iff? f f' V if ffr. :ef ' vrVCh 'N . , ws "iw ' 1-if Vw -ff'-:EV VVVVV.VV, ml , 1g,.w., .ii..V. ' .711 ,, ! J . - ' if qw ' V-Y -- M Q. MS' ,ffkifsff -to -1 , 311 V. 4' -41 , 39 515- , 9 5 1, . -- A ..V . j4gf' yV V NJ' 'k i F Front Row-E. See, K. Eshelman, C. Henderson, L. Frahm, E. Crispe, J. Barr, R. Hamilton. Second Row- AM. Henderson. V. Slansky, L. Galarneau, R. Fobes. R. Nelson, M. McKeeth, L. Guile. M. Fujii. Third Row' Mr. Cowin. R. Van Houten, F. Orr, J. Rawlings, B. Hutsell, M. Carlow. Fourth Row -L. Macy, H. McMieheal. V 'ilingen Jtaff Directing the activities of the staff which put over a five-hundred copy annual in double- quick time this year are capable Editor-in-Chief, lim Barr. Mr. Cowin served as advisor to this putting out an annual. Other members of the staff who gave their the production of the nineteen thirty-four "Sage" Assistant editor, Caroline Henderson: assistant business managers, Evelyn Crispe, Ken- neth Eshelman: photos, Robert Hamilton, Larry Guile: art, Iune Rawlings, Helen McMichael, Lucy Galarneau: organizations, Mary Fujii, Margaret Carlow, Marion McKeeth: features, Vera Slansky, Margaret Henderson: snapshots, Ruth Nelson, Lucille Macy: calendar, Ruth Fobes: posters, Elwood See, Florence Orr: athletics, Ralph Van Houten, Katherine McAbee: comedy, Blanche Hutsell. The staff joins in extending a vote of thanks to the students of Nampa High School for their cooperation in putting out the 'ASage". Without the loyal response of the student body when we issued that call for subscriptions last December, the production of the annual would have been an impossibility. You can truly feel that this is not the staffs book-but yours! Laura Frahm, and our Business Manager, group who had everything to learn about hearty cooperation and thus made possible include: 7 I 1 L, LAURA FRAHM Editor-in-Chief Business Ilfanager l . . . PAGE FIFTY-ONE -R First Row-ileft to rightj-T. Holland, A. Quivey, D. Lawson, O. Mahoney, A. Faust, E. Gilbert. Second Row-E. Egbert, R. Eastland, R. Wands, N. Needham, L. Brown, G. Needham, L. Snead, . S. Stover, G. Campbell, R. Hancock. Third Row-H. Moffat, A. Sallaz, V. Brown, R. Babcock, R. Tidwell, M. Edwards, K. Hancock. Fourth Row-B. Lawson, R. DeCou1'sey, M. Dieffenbach, J. Batie. V llrchestra Holding a prominent place amongst the musical elite of the school is the orches- tra. During the year 1933-34, the group has been striving toward a symphonic type. Next year this feature will be emphasized more than ever. The orchestra has been especially active this year playing for two banquets and four concerts. It helped boost the "Sage,, by playing for the play "Hot Copy". In collaboration with the rest of the music department it helped to put on an enjoyable assembly. Its members took an active part in the music week programs and went to the state-wide music contest for high schools. It furnished numbers for that memor- able operetta, "Mikado,'. And last but not least it played for the seniors on commence- ment night. When the band arranged to buy its spic-and-span new uniforms, the orchestra members decided that they would have emblems for themselves, too. This is the first time such as this has occurred in Nampa High School and has helped the students to realize that We have a splendid orchestra as Well as a band. V OFFICERS President - - - RALPH DeCouRsEY Vice President - ORRIN MAHONEY Secretary - EDWARD GILBERT Custodian - EDWARD GILBERT . . . PAGE FIFTY-TWO First Row- fleft to right on inside row!--B. Sower, J, Rudge, K, Kuehn, D. McClenahan, R. Pil- cher, D. Stearns, R. Lindquist, L. Brown, G. Needham. Second Row- -L. Snead, J. Barr, T. Lyons: drum major, M. Morgan: director, Mr. Winther: F. Sandy, R. Babcock, M. Edwards: drum major, G. Makin: B. McBane, E. Brown, A. Witten- berger, E. Agenbroad, D. Schroll. - Third Rowe-K. Whittig, K. Eshelman, K. Hansen, R. Babcock, N. Needham, C. Hansen, C. Agen- broad, C. Orcutt, F. Snead, B, Kempthorn. V Band The red letter day in the band's activities this year was the buying of the new uni- forms consisting of white trousers with a blue stripe, blue and red Capes, and overseas caps. These uniforms so pepped up the band that they played better than ever before. To pay for the uniforms the band put on several concerts assisted by the glee clubs and the play production department. The band traveled to Boise for the big Armistice Game and they certainly helped to spur the boys on to victory. They went over for the conference basketball game and helped win that, too. They also went over to Boise on the goodwill assembly be- tween the two schools and made the halls of Boise High ring with goodwill and Nampa High School pep. The band, besides just merely playing, practiced marching and playing and after much drill became quite proficient. The drum majors for the first semester were: Gylene Makin and Mary Morgan, for the second semester the drum major was Burtis Woods. V OFFICERS President - - - CHALLIS Oncur Vice President - GERALD NEEDHAM Secretary - ROY PILCHER . . . PAGE FIFTY-THREE 'I Y 0 X A I-- Boys' Glee Club-fleftj-Mr. Winther, L. Frederick, E. Olsen, L. Werner, . Fesler, W. Cuup, L. Robinson, F. Edwards. 1RightDffR. Eastland, J. Barr, A. Hill, H. S awlsan. W. Pinkerton, J. Hughes, L. Dinwiddie. Girls' Glee Club-Front Row-M. Winter, E. Yorgason, F. Orr, V. Dye, R. Lee. E. McCain, G. Makin, A. Quivey. Second ROWfI. Wallis, M. Stamm, D. Morris, A. Palmer, W. Coleman, D. Brown. Third ROW-L. Wiley, M. Jetter, E. WerneI', D. Rose, V. Newman, I. Gibson. Fourth ROW-P. James, G. M. Jensen, W. Pinkerton, M. Blanksma, E. Case, D, Ingersoll Fifth Row-M. Mforpfan, A. Klima, M. Nelson, A. Humble, A. Hashitani, J. Fox, E. Woosley, C. Cromwell, V. Cupp, F. Erikson, M. J. Quinn. Glee Clubs The glee clubs have been very active this year, besides singing in assembly they put on a Christmas cantata, "The Plains of Abraham" and gave the operetta "The Mikadof' They gave a special assembly, March 15, which ended with the dramatization of the song "Sympathy" and which everyone found rather amusing. Special groups were the Boys' Quartette composed of William Pinkerton, Larry Robinson, James Hughes, and Harry Shawhang the girls' sextet including Irene Wallis, Erhelyn Case, Alice Hashitani, Marian Blanksma, Darlene Morris, and Edna Woosley, and the mixed octette composed of Irene Wallis, Cloella Brown, Darlene Morris, Edna Woosley, Wfilliam Pinkerton, Larry Robinson, James Hughes, and Harry Shawhan. These groups have sung at many programs and deserve extra commendation. Besides vocal activities the girls' glee club enjoyed a skating party at the rink dur- ing the Christmas holidays. They also have regular business meetings and programs. The school owes a debt of gratitude to these clubs because their "pep" singing has helped to keep the school spirit President - Vice President - S ecrefar y - Treasurer - President - Vice President Secretary - above the usual point. OFFICERS Girls' IRENE WALLIS WINIFRED PINKERTON EDNA WOOSLEY EDNA WERNER MIXED CHORUS Boys' LEE FREDERICK ROBERT EASTLANDQ IVAN FESLER WILLIAM PINKERTON VIRGILENE DYE LARRY ROBINSON . . PAGE FIFTY-FOUR 4' O .PCT ,JJ ' . x .NN ,T Front Row-F. oe fost, I. Rohm, A. Davis, D. Patterson, H. Moffat. Second Rowf J. Be , C. Martine:-au, M. J. Thomson, I. Gibson, J. Rawlings, M. Monteith, Mr. Cowin. Third Row-H. Davies, C. Guy, M. Thomson, C. Duval, W. Pinkerton, Mr. Martin. Fourth Rowf K. Kuehn, L. Robinson, R. Hnshitzini, J. liurklioldeiy C. Ruse, L, Hall, J. Hughes. Fifth Rowf-A, Asselin, J. Holladay, H. Shaver. V Student Council Acting as the governing body of the high school, the Student Council is composed of the e'ected representatives, one from each home room 1Miss Bird's room and Miss Payeris room being twice as large as the others, each have twoj and the class ollicers. This year a new plan has been instituted for safeguarding funds of all-school or- ganizations. Each club treasurer will be required to turn over the club money to Mr. Martin, faculty advisor of the Student Body. Any time the organization wishes to use some of its money a requisition properly filled out and endorsed by the sponsor will pro- cure it from the treasury. Thus the clubs will be provided with a safety account with- out any extra charge. Losses occurring when a club treasurer moves away at the end of the year will be eliminated. Each month the Student Council elects a Student Rotarian to serve as an honorary member of the Rotary Club. Student Rotarians for this year are to date: October, Claude Duvalg November, Howard Schmittg December, Dick Wileyfg January, john Bentleyg February, Robert Tidwellg March, Larry Robinsong April, Billie Shawg May, Jean Campbell. The Student Council also brought up the proposition of having compulsory stu-lent body fees next year. This would benefit the school at large as well as helping thc Student Body to encourage Worthy activities. V OFFICERS President - - - JOHN BENTLEY Vice President IAMES HUGHES Secretary - I-IOMER DAVIES . . . PAGE FIFTY-FIVE Front RowfJ. Leigh, L. Frahin, V. Slansky, M. Blattner, F, Gillesby, M. Fujii, M. D. Peck. Second Row-O. Slansky, E. McCain, R. Grimes, J. Hughes, M. Clement, M. Carlow, Miss Payer, C. Henderson. Third R0wfB. Givens, D. Stearns, C. Madsen, V. Saehtjen, J. Fox, H. Shawhan. Fourth R0wfW. Pinkerton, A. Burton, J. Bentley, D. Sell, Mr, Martin. Fifth R0wfB. Mcliane, M. Edwauls, Mr. Cowin, L. Robinson, Mr. Bliekenstail. V Science Club ' The second Monday night of each month calls this group of scientists together to several hours of interesting as well as educational entertainment. The purpose of this club is not only to create a genuine interest in science but to enlarge and develop it. From the classes of radio, physics, and chemistry new members are selected by the old members and faculty advisors. The entire club roll consists of twenty-five seniors and five juniors who have an interest in science and whose scholastic rating is suffi- ciently high. Committees plan interesting programs for each meeting. Talks on scientific theories and interests, experiments, and plays were some of the numbers successfully given. Some of the most interesting talks Were: "Chemical Warfare" by William Pinkerton, Q'Biology,' by Bruce McBane, "Strange Troubles that Happen to Radios" by Victor Sachrjen, and Martin Edward's account of his experiences in a medical school. An interesting experiment was the demonstration of neon lights by Eddie Hurt. The Science Club showed its originality by presenting a very clever and entertain- ing assembly, a pseudo-radio broadcast featuring famous singers, musicians, and speak- ers impersonated by high school talent. V OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President - - LAURA FRAHM JOHN LEIGH Vice President - MARY Fujii MILTON BLATTNER Secretary - - VERA SLANSKY MARY DOROTHY PECK Treasurer - FRED GILLESBY . . . PAGE FIFTY-SIX First Row- G. Davis, R, Hashitani, C. Madsen, J. Barr, W. Pinkerton, L. Robinson, J. Hughes, K. Eshelman. Second Row-W. Pinkerton, E. Hughes, R. Lee. B. Metzger, M. B. Minden, A. Hashitani, H. Rog- ers. M. Carlow, M. Henderson, Mr. Ruiz, D. Snyder, L. Cole, H. McMicheal, C. Henderson, L. Stinson, V. Slansky, M. Fujii, E. Corson, R. Grimes. Silver "lll9' Nampa's chapter of the National Forensic League, an honorary society for high school debaters and orators, is included within the Silver N Club. The purpose of the club is to stimulate a broader interest in public speaking of all kinds. The club has been especially active this year. On March 2 the local declamatory finals were held. Only the best eight speakers selected from a group of eighteen were allowed to participate in this contest. The winners were: dramatic, Marian McKeeth: humorous, Elsie Ekstein. On March 8 the Silver N put on its assembly featuring the declamatory winners and a play "The Venetian Racketeersf, coached by Gilbert Davis. The debate question this year was: Resolved: "That the United States should adopt the essential features of the British system of radio control and operation." The mem- bers of the debate teams are: afiirmative, Kenneth Eshelman, captain, William Pinker- ton, Lee Frederick, negative, Margaret Carlow, captain, Eleanor Corson, Caroline Hen- derson with Margaret Henderson as an alternate. The regular debate schedule follows: Nampa Affirmative Negative February 20, Boise - Lost 2-1 Won 3-0 February 21, Meridian - Won 2-1 Won 3-0 March 2, Nazarene Academy - - - Lost 2-1 Won 2-1 Altogether a total of one hundred ninety-one credit points was earned by the de- batcrs. 7 OFFICERS President - - - WILLIAM PINKERTON Vice President - JIM BARR Secretary - MARGARET CARLOW . . . PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN 1- - . , YN first Row--W. Pinkerton, T. Smitls PY Morris, E. Crislse, E. Corson, Miss Booker, M. Fujii, E. Patterson, O. James, H. Whittie, R. Lee, V. Dye, Miss Casler, Miss Bird. Second R0wfC. Henderson, V. Slansky, M. Henderson, D. Lawson, M. Stamm, F. M. Van de Steee, M. B. Minden, B. Metzirer, B. Finley, C. Blanton, R. Grimes. W. Coleman, P. Burk- holder, A. M. Allen. Third Row-P. Van Houten, M. Schmidt, M. Vanderkolk, M. Carlow, E. Salisbury, M. Clayton, M. ichruler, M. Riorden, N, Hiemstra, E. Werner, M. Clemens, R. Hartley, E. McCain, G. Wright, . Beus. Fourth Row-- P. James, A. Hashitani, P. Hatfield, R. Slagle, D. Ingersoll, M. J. Quinn, M. Bray, M. Blanksma, E. Case, A. Humble, H. Heimstra, F. Bron-kus, J. Vail. L. Zeigler, E. Woosley. Girl Reserve Club I will fry fo fave lifz' sqzmrvly and fo find and gin' flu' besf. With this slogan and purpose in mind, the Nampa High Girl Reserves set out on their "Onward Trail." The first big event of the year was the annual fall conference for Girl Reserves of southwestern Idaho. Twenty-live lucky Nampa girls spent October 21 and 22 at Me- ridian where Conference was heldg they came in closer contact with the Y. NW. C. A. and its ideals. "The Onward Trail" was selected as the theme for this year. At a highly success- ful Father-Daughter banquet at which nearly ninety were present, the fathers acted as trail blazers, and the daughters were chips off the old block. The mothers were hon- ored at a Mother-Daughter teag other big events were a party and a picnic. Each meeting through the entire year Qwith the exception of special onesj carried some ap- propriate theme. Among the most successful ones were: "Beginning of the Trail, Home", Traveling Equipment, Charmn, and "Traveling Companions, Friends." Most active among the members were: Eleanor Corson, chairman of the program committeeg Ruth Lee, chairman of the ring committee and service committee, and Edna Patterson and Evelyn Crispe, chairmen of the social committee. V OFFICERS President - - - MARY Fujii Vice President OPAL JAMES Secretary - HAZEL WHITTIG Treasurer FRANCIS MORRIS . . . PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT 1 I - ' - f - I'hird RowfT. Smith, A. Foster. C. Orr, M. J. Tliomson,M. Thomson. Trask. Fourth Row- R. Nelson, V. Kloth. H. Neal, R. Pldwards, VV. Smith, M. Morgan, T. Eastman, K. Salle. Filth Row-R. Fokes, V. Wil:-ion, J. Fox, L. Macy, G. Smith, A. Mf'Crosky, V. Brown, L. Has- tritor. P. Comstock, G. Sumner. V SPIZ Spiz in Nampa High School is a synonym for pep. Peppy girls, peppy times, and a peppy advisor. The Spiz club was formed as an athletic organization, but it has now become a booster of athletics and school spirit. The Spizzers started off the year by initiating a new bunch of girls and were they initiated? There are not words enough to tell of the humiliation the new members had to go through. Clothes on backward, no rouge or powder, and no shoestrings to men- tion only a few of the trials the initiates had to endure. After a week of such would you wonder that the girls did. not show so much of their traditional pep? Next the Spizzers "spizzed" and we mean "spizzed" at a skating party held during the Christmas holidays. Some insist that they didn't fall down,-much. Well, we,ll let it pass. The Spiz had a special section at the football games and it was noted for its yelling. They were also much in evidence at the basketball games, and their pep was great in quality as well as in quantity. V OFFICERS President - - - - XNINNDA SMITH Vice President RUTH IOHNSON Secretary-Treasurer CORINNEA ORR . . . PAGE FIFTY-NINE First Row --rf W. Pinkerton, R. Grimes, M. Carlow. IC. Jzuncs, T. Smith, M. Morgan, Il. Stool 0, Second Row-M. Jzmk, D. Pnt.te1'so11, I, Giison, L. Fralnn, lx. Barrett, V. Newman, N. Hcrriik, D. Stearns, C. Madsen. Third Rowff-K. Austin, L. Dean, E. Hoszick, R. Hzuiley. ' ' '-" ' 'T"4ZVV"E.C Fourth Row- -V. llyc, Miss Smith, Ia. Patterson, C. Blaniun, G. lollins, I. einol, asc, C. Staliord, L. Arnold, M. Christcnsnn. L. Martin. Ili-Y First R0w1fA. Burton. L. Allen, B. Shaw, I. Fesler, J. Leigh, IJ. Smith, H. Shzurlian, L Din- widdie, B. McBz1ne. Second Rowf J. Barr, I". Gibbs, D. Stearns, R. Hashitani, W. Pinkerton, K. Kuohn, E, James, R. Sbory. Third Row-D. McC1anahan, G. Needham, L. Robinson, R. Lindquist, E. Ydrgason, Fourth ROW-J. Hughes, M. Blattner, K. Eshelnmn, M. Edwards. Fifth Row-B. Kempthorn, Mr. Cowin, Mr. Martin, Mr. Blickensmlf. PAGE SIXTY fi' X I: If A 'l' U ll If I , L M V w JM, , 4- , 4 . ii , iff' f 'V ihe faculty---ihen ,, K X , PAGE SIXTY-THREE Mr. Roberts, Miss Minds-11, Mr. Church, Miss Lalfond. Miss Paycr, Mr. Ruiz, Miss Belknap, Mr. Martin. Miss Bird, Mr. Blickenstaff, MV. Winihor. ff , gxfflff ihe faculty---ihen Mrs. Morton, Miss Smith, Miss Lucas. Miss Kennedy, Mr. Miller, Mr. Johnson. Miss Casler, Miss Johnstone, Mr. Marineau. . . . PAGE SIXTY-FOUR '7 I- A b'.J-44 C. The play-production department under the supervision of Miss Helen Jonnstone twlio, incidentally. appears in character as the ebony lady in the center picturej is especially to be commended upon its work this season. Al- together the department has produced thirteen one-act plays, tw-0 three-act plays, has had charge of three assem- blies and the local declamatory contest, answered eleven requests for readings, entered District Contest at Fruitland and entertained Inter-District Contest here. Repeat performances of playsffive. The debate team flower riyrhtl came within one point of entering the District Contest at Fruitland. Not a highly brilliant record but 21 very com- mendable One. . . PAGE SIXTY-FIVE lin llsh Clubs The English clubs under the auspices of Miss Kennedy were organized so that the members might gain a thorough knowledge and practice of Parlimentary Law. The meetings are held on the Friday of every week, and the various members of the class contribute to the programs. The literary selections prove a source of interest and en- tCI'E3lI1IT1CI1'C to the 1T1C1'l'1lDCI'S. Poems, lives of authors, magazine articles, and original talks are among some of the educational numbers. On the important holidays special programs are held in the auditorium. The officers are elected at the beginning of each quarter. They are as follows: president, vice president, secretary, and sergeant-at-arms. Usually campaign speeches are made by the candidates. No dues are requiredg therefore social activities are few. The knowledge of Par- limentary Law is indispensible to ofhcers of other clubs and societies, and the Friday meetings serve to cheer up the English classes. 7 PRESIDENTS Ye Olde English Clubbei Seven Letter Club- Iames Hughes Mary Fujii Lee Frederick Ruth Hartley Mzirgaret letter Caroline Henderson Don MacArthur Bruce McBane Teccefump Club4 English Club I- Iim Barr Rachel Grimes Bill Shaw Karl Kuehn Larry Guile Mary Morgan Eddie Hurt Alice Mills English Club 11- Wesley Steck Eleanor McWaters PAGE SIXTY-SIX 3 E "School days are as bubbles which fade and passeth away leaving only their knowledge-and memories." . . . PAGE SIXTY"SEVEN Rear View . . . evolution . . . What? A man? . . . at rocky nest . . . speed demon . . . "Around the Rough and Rugged Rocks" . . . front view . . . merely waiting . . . more grub . . . a little snow bird . . . What? Lying: down on it . . . just affectionate . . . sweet senior . . . monument of smile . . . feeding Dickie Bird . . . lower altitude . . . Miss Bird . , . Happy? . . . statue of a hero . . . touszhies . . . a board, my hand, and you. . . PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT ,S -N l ,,....W,- I , Q t gt QQ T2 ii F-'fm t Tw A - I F QW ' 1. ,Jung Jai! : P Q' Posin' . . . hrcadline . . . Carloaal of antiques . . . gone on 1l'v rocks . . . I.el'1y's pluysizmgixmny looking at you . . . some swell scenery . . . the eats . . . just at statue and u t'nunl:tin . . . the bridge ..., two little gals . . . two of n kind . . . Gee, I'1n hungry , . . bunched up . . . looking: down on you . . . feedin' their faces . . , among the pots and pans . . , Well, for heck's sakes . . , gettin' some more gras . . . our Packard . . . Um! it's good . . eats and more eats . . . three men on a rock . . . ballet dancers. , . PAGE SIXTY-NINE V Jenior Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1934 of Nampa High School, Nampa, Idaho, being of sound mind, disposing memory and under no duress, do hereby make known our last will and testament, and do declare that all former wills and devises, of whatever nature, be null and void. - Collectively we do bequeath the following: To the members of the school board, Mr. Walsh, and Mr. Cowin, our thanks and appreciation for their parts in having the school building painted and kalsomined. To the juniors, our best wishes and a very mild winter-not wishing you any bad luck. To our teachers, we leave our deepest appreciation for their efforts in getting us to assimilate a little knowledge during the last three years. Personally we do bequeath the following. Howard Schmitt and Bob Huth leave their ball playing ability and good looks to Jack Wilson and Homer Davies, respectively. Vera Slansky and Mary Fujii leave their giggles to Karl Kuehn. He certainly uses plenty of them. William Pinkerton leaves his cute little smile to Irene Wallis. Marion McKeeth leaves her dignity to Olga Slansky and Jennie Belle Vail. Anna McCrosky, Ruth Nelson, Lucille Macy, and Gladys Smith leave their ability to have fun to Billie Sullivan, Elsie Ekstein, Ruth Johnson and Reba Loclfiey. Bob Tidwell and Claude Duval leave their curly hair to Ben Collins and Dean Dike. Margaret Carlow leaves her Latin translations to anyone who can read them. Larry Robinson, James Hughes and Harry Shawhan leave their melodious voices to Charles Banks, John Batie, and Dwight Savage. Miss Bird's second period history class leave their remarkable record to Miss Bird's smartest class next year fof course, it can't be as good as we werej. Laura Frahm leaves her scholastic record to Alice Allen. Now you have something to live up to, Alice. Bruce McBane leaves his astounding scientific knowledge to Flora Cox. Eleanor Corson and Maxine Davidson leave their respective dramatic abilities to Margaret Henderson and Ruth Babcock. Jim Barr leaves his characterization of Cleopatra to Robert Wands. Freda Scott leaves her nose to Fern Roe. Bill Givens' astounding vocabulary as well as his scientific leanings to Esther Hughes. Cecilia Martineau leaves her smile to brighten the lives of the junior boys. CSignedj CLASS OF '34. I! B31 CAROLINE HENDEIKSON. . . . PAGE SEVENTY Professors Shawhan and Givens , . . back to nature . . . Jim, our little business manager . . . smilin' through . . . sauvity of manner . . . our edito1'...couple of sophs . . . perfect balance Bull Pups . . . Clarkie Boy, etc .... long n' short -of it . . . man about town . . . Popsicle . . . on the sidelines . . . our coaches . . . pals . . . future seniors, ahem! PAGE SEVENTY-ONE What? A two-headed man . . . springs fever . . . chief cook and bottle washer . . . Bing and Bunk . . . assistant . . . sober senior . . . want a ride? . . . sittin' on the cellar door . . . early or late 'Z . . . President Robinson . . . time to go in . . . bear tamer! .,.. . on the inside lookin' out . . . Spizzers . . . just some of the boys . . . bashful! huh . . . Greta Garbrfs smile . . . interested spectator . . . Dutch twins. PAGE SEVENTY-TWO v enior Class Prophecyv It was in Iune, 1952, that I had been invited to attend the first private exhibition of the new Ultra Vision, the perfect television machine, by the illustrious scientists who made it, Bruce McBane and Alonzo Burton. After viewing a few mountain peaks, we decided it would be more interesting to look up our old classmates. So we opened our 1934 "Sage" to the Senior pictures, snapped New York on the Ultra Vision screen and started to search among the office buildings for a familiar face, There were two! lim Barr and William Pinkerton, heads of the law firm, "Pinkerton and Barr". In the outer office we saw three secretaries: Arlene Wood, Pauline Fike, and Marjorie Schmidt, who were so busy that they couldn't even powder their noses. By turning the dial a triffle we saw a large ocean liner and Orrin Mahoney in the cap- tain's uniform. He was talking with the motion picture star, Alis Foster, and her husband, Clark Ruse, who wanted to get rid of the persistent newspaper reporter, Larry Robinson. Miss Foster said that she was tired of assuring him that, although she and her husband had been married fifteen years, they were still good friends. The dial turned a bit farther. "The Four Mademoiselles' Beauty Shoppe" operated by the A'Four' Mademoisellesn, Ruth Nelson, Gladys Smith, Anna McCrosky, and Lucille Macy. In the 'Shoppe' we saw Mary Vanderkolk who had made a million with her recipe for a fool- proof angel food cake. Scientist Burton turned the dial. We saw a familiar name on a sign that read: "The Wisconsin Model Dairy Farm-Howard Schmitt and Bob Huth, proprietors. Drive In". There on the screen we saw Bob Huth selling buttermilk to tourists! Sadly we turned the dial. What a monstrous cucumber farm, and so many people in the field! Maxine lack was explaining to Faye Sandy that the Cucumber Farm was really a training camp for acrobats and future Olympic champions because by the time the "athletes" had picked twenty acres of cucumbers, they would be able to stand flat footed and put their heads on the ground. In the Held Grace Loveland and Catherine McAbee were gazing dreamily into the distance, thinking, no doubt, of the dinner the owners of the farm, Emma Becker and Lucille Brown, would have the cooks, Rosemary Hancock and Amelia Rau, prepare. Ethlyn Case and Nellie Heimstra, long distance runners, were playing hop-scotch among the cucumber vines while off in one corner Leola Harms and Norlene Daken, discus throwers, were having a sham battle with the over-ripe vegetables. The only ones that seemed to be really working were Mildred Christensen, Marguerite Robin, and Grace McNees, and maybe that was because the over- seer, Dorothy Brown, was watching them. Here was Chicago. We were startled to see a huge pair of feet on a chief-of-police's desk. Back of the feet we saw the face of our friend, Harold Floyd. At this instant Police- woman, Blanche Hutsell, and Plainsclothesman, Dick Wiley, reported the recovery of Coun- tess Kathleen's diamonds. "You know," Blanche said, "the girl who was Kathleen Salle be- fore she married the Count." Then Dick went on to say that Rufus Moore had invented a new cosmetic that would make anyone handsome and, as a result, had made his fortune. Be- cause of this his secretary, Leonard Olson, was demanding police protection for both of them. Captain Floyd said that he would put detectives, lack Van de Steeg, Arthur Suchy, and Floyd Snead, on the case, so of course, everything would be all right. Scientist McBane's hand trembled, and the scene shifted to St. Louis. What a crowd! And the reason? Robert Hamilton, world famous debater, was about to orate. In the stillness that had fallen upon the crowd at the sight of the orator, the radio across the street announced that a new song composed by Don McClenahan and sung by Harry Shawhan would be broadcasted. We dialed in on the radio studio where the announcer, Eddie Hurt, told his great radio audience that at seven o'clock on Tuesday, Laura Frahm, 1952 presidential candi- date for the Reform Party, and her campaign managers, Lloyd Dinwiddie and Willard Corn- wall would speak. On Wednesday night, Margaret Carlow, who was also running for presi- dent for the Feminist Party and her campaign managers, Estella Salisbury and Mildred Nevill, would also speak. That did put us in a quandry. Who would we vote for? Then we remembered that today Idaho was celebrating the opening of Snake River to ocean-going vessels. How could we have forgotten it? So we dialed in. First we saw the civil engineers who made this possible who were Donald Wilcox, chief engineer, with his . . . PAGE SEVENTY-THREE Senior Class Prophecy -- continued assistants, john Bentley and Roy Babcock and also the retired oil man, Earl DeCoursey who furnished the money. In the crowd we noticed the f'Four Most Beautiful Girls in Hollywood" who had come to Idaho for the celebration: Louise Gabica, Cecilia Martineau, Corrinna Orr, and Iean Stinson, Ellen Burkholder and Fern Erikson, who were happily married, were dis- cussing their children. Laverne Hastriter and Carl Schuler were talking over the respective merits of hogs and cattle while Louise Schwasinger, blues singer, was smiling at the real estate man, james Hone. The famous pianist, Maurice Dieffenbach, was riding the merry-go- round with William Cupp, proprietor. Looking farther we found Victor Sachtjen, automobile racer-"The Fastest Human On Wheels"-eating a hotdog with the prominent lawyer, Eleanor Corson: Mr'. and Mrs. Ivan Fesler buying ice cream cones for their children, Opal and Ivan: Rex White and Oral Little who had written White and Littles' American History talk- ing to Margaret letter, Mary Dorothy Peck, and Gayle Collins who ran a private school for young ladies and trained dogs on the side. On the next street corner' Lucy Galarneau, artist, was untangling her pet dog who had walked around and around Roy Bumgartner, policeman, much to his embarrassment. Laura Cole, Ruth Hartley, and Florence Decoursey, teachers in Nampa High School, were discussing the younger generation with Evelyn Crispe and Fred Gillesby, vaudeville team. While Clyde Fogg, prize fighter who had just "made" Hollywood, was scowling at his manager, john Gray, we saw Iosephine Fox, who could win tennis matches blindfolded, looking happy. There, too, we noticed Bill Shumate, "Champion All 'Round Cowboy" and Howard Slusser who had won the title of "Champion Pie Eater of Ohio" trying to look wise. Seeing no more faces we recognized, we turned the dial to Hollywood. Standing on a street corner we saw the model for all the "Kollege Klothingn ads, Claude Duval, talking to Ruth Forbes who doubled for half of the movie actresses and Maxine Davidson who doubled Betty Boop and Minnie Mouse. What was that notice on the door of that studio? "Profes- sor B. Givens" and below that "I Tutor Stars In Spanish or Any Other Language Desired." Well, welll And who is entering the studio? Kenneth Eshleman-the boy who went West to play hero parts and became the worst crook actor on the screen. Blindly we spun the dial to a New Mexico dude ranch. Ah, behold the familiar face of Mary Fujii, owner, giving orders to the "cowboys" Don McArthur, Howard Shaver, and D. Micheal. She was telling them to take the best care of the novelists, Hazel Whittig and Sarah Stover, as well as their personal maids, Leona Whaley and Margaret Stillion, and for the boys not to put any barb wire under the saddle of Reverend David Stearn's horse. just then one of the new collapsible aeroplanes lit on the field in back of the hacienda bringing the air policemen, Challis Orcutt, Micheal Hendry, and Iim Smith, to recuperate from nervous breakdowns. Euvon Nash fwho was resting from taking shorthand at the rate of two hundred thirty-four words a minute which was dictated by Roy Wrightj and Lee Frederick, the dairyman, whose cows produced milk seventy-Hve per cent cream, ran out to greet them. We turned the dial to Texas to see the main field of the collapsible plane and its inventor, lack Leigh, who was also owner of the Leigh Air Lines. Rex Storey, Iack's business manager, was leaning against a hanger apparently seeing stars. While we watched, Aviator Marjorie Clements came in to report that the explorers, Myrtle George, Freda Scott, Wanda Smith, and Vesta Peterson, who were exploring for new lands to explore wished to rent a plane. Pilot Dick Trottman came rushing in to say that the parachute Dick Bohn invented must have been all right as Bill Shaw, veteran parachute jumper, had tried it and wasn't killed. Here was Florida where Art Sallaz and Dale Neglay had their big frog farm, and here was Melba Field who designed bathing suitsfshe hasn't such a hard job. Gladys Harris and Edna Reinemer ran an onion farm here and made money because they had grown an onion with a zipper skin, Here Robert Tidwell, well-known magician, was spending his summer picking dollars from the air and the credulous people. On Miami beach we saw Mayo Reeves selling real estate and Gene Campbell, queerest Hsherman in the world-his biggest fish never' gets away, From Florida a twist of the dial showed us the newly discovered island in the Pacific where Pauline Comstock had established herself as queen with her two ladies-in-waiting, Vesta Brown and Lois Hastriter. Then to San Francisco where we found Martin Edwards, California's leading physician, prescribing for Eugene LaLande who had worked too hard inventing a new "funny paper" character. We spied Melvin Smith, piano tuner, and Ulric . . . PAGE SEVENTY'FOLIR Senior Class Prophecy -- continued Lalande, paper hanger, dining in Kathryn Austin's and Mildred Christenson's restaurant while in another corner Thelma Eastman, Naomi Burdg and Myra Caldwell were planning a new scheme of interior decorating. A new Speedline train which was built like a bullet and designed by Richard Beal roared across the screen with Lester Warren at the throttle. Scientist Burton adjusted the Ultra Vision to keep pace with the train so we could inspect it. Martha Wood and Georgia Smith were two of the people we recognized. Mary Stanley was selling peanuts, and behind her Virginia Wilson came selling a new "invigorating" drink that had been concocted by Ioy Stauffer. In the next car Virginia Orr and Marguerite Share was talking about their hus- bands while Dalpha Daniels and Pearl Hillyard were sleeping. lust then there flashed into the laboratory news that the inter-space ship, "Marion Mc- Keeth" invented by Calvin Madsen and named in honor of the linguist had reached Mars. Scientist McBane wiggled a few knobs and got long distance. We could see Mars! We watched the people climb out of the ship. To our astonishment we found that we knew most of them: Iames Hughes who had been awarded the Nobel prize, Lois Stinson who had beauty culture salons in every important city in the world, Dr. Milton Blattner and nurses Vera Slansky and Lillian Ecker who would care for the air-sick passengers, Bob Anderson, Iohn Bermensolo, and Kenneth Famer who came to Mars to start a service station-the Earth being too crowded. We saw Alberta Schwalbe and Paulyne Robinson who guided the ship, Lorene Scott and Flossie Renfro who cooked for the expedition, Larry Guile and Edna Wer- ner who served as ballast, and Frank Duspiva, Doris Rose, Irene Rupert, Elinor Yorgason and family, Claude Cain, Art Iacobsen, and Geraldine Sumner' who went along for the ride. In changing from long distance Alaska flashed on the screen where we found George Grow who had uncovered a rich claim and was now giving a hunting party. We looked over his guests and saw Earl Fuhriman, horticulturist: Maxine Thomson who was now Princess Something Or Other: Webber' Farmer who had been ambassador to Russia and his valet, Dale Lee: Merrie White and Christine Stafford, dieticiansg Senores Ralph Van Houten and Carlos McDowell, ranchers from Argentinag Gertrude Pilant, artistg Grant Milligan who had a lady bug farm in California: and Iennie Spurlock and Millie Stanford who raised mammoth turkeys. Darell Smith and Clyde Pipkin were acting as guides while Bob Reeves, George Swartz, and Melvin Porter went along to carry home the game killed . Wesley Rasmussen and Daverl Watson were passing through Nome on their way to the North Pole to seek peace and quiet. Forest Taylor who spent his time trading with the Eski- mos was in Nome eating ice cream which was his only dissipation. The marathon skaters who had nearly skated around the world, Esther Anderson, Leona Arnold, Fern Gallimore, Grace Snyder and Beulah Shannon were in Nome with Ethel Egbert who furnished the music for the skaters. From their talk we gathered that Louise Burri, Lydia Krajnik, Eula Largent and lean Maxson were happily married: Charles Pavelka was in South Africa mining diamonds with Eddie Cornelles: Lottie Newland and Winifred Pinkerton were missionaries in Chinag Elva Knudsen and Eileen McSweeny had written a book of poetry: and Chester Guy had just purchased a Rolls Royce. The dial turned-and whaml the fuse blew out. So we spent the remainder of the day talking over the changes that had come to the 1934 graduates while waiting for Iimmie Rudge, electrician, to arrive: and we decided that all the changes were for the better. -By CAROLINE HENDERsoN. . . . PAGE SEVENTY-FIVE I I.I'Ilfll.lllY I l lvl I The Bogus Mrs. Broomis was a garrulous old busybody. Every person in Junction Center had suffered from her babbling, idle gossip and every person, down deep in his heart, had been nursing an evil little grudge against her for sometime-a grudge that had ripened with amazing rapidity when opportunity presented itself-in the form of James L. Larson. Of course, no one had noticed at the time that his name was Larson. In fact, when he first came, no one had cared what his name was, for all attention had been cen- tered around a newspaper heading, "DANGEROUS KILLER ESCAPES FROM PEN- NINGWORTH PRISON" and a subhead "Believed to I-Iave Been Seen on Junction Center Road". With such exciting news it is no wonder that no one had noticed a pleasant young man who had come to lodge in Mrs. Broomis, boarding house. The eyes of Junction Center had been looking for a big, hulking brute with little, piggy eyes or some one who looked like a criminal. Larson hadn't looked dangerous. Then some- thing happened, and, as usual, Mrs. Broomis was very much in the center of it. It hap- pened this way: Late Tuesday evening, Mrs. Broomis remembered that she had forgotten to put clean towels in the "young man's" room that morning, so, with two spotless towels over her arm and apologies and a few choice bits of fresh gossip on the tip of her tongue, she climbed the stairs and prepared to knock on Mr. Larson's door. A few terse words uttered in a hoarse whisper arrested her hand in midair and caused her to bend quickly and skillfully Qas one can do only with lengthy practicej to place her ear against the key hole. Now the hoarse whispering voice could be heard plainly. The man was using the telephone. UI killed her--sure she's dead-about three this afternoon. What? Oh, I rolled her off into the weeds beside the road. Yes. Listen! If I don't get some cash before seven this evening, I'll land in jail!" Mrs. Broomis gasped and clutched at the door knob. The convict! Horrors! and right here in her own boarding house! The door knob turned, the door swung open, and Mrs. Broomis toppled into the arms of the killer. She looked up into a red, angry face, heard the gruff whisper "What do you want?", gave one shrill, terror-stricken scream, and bounded out of the door. Two minutes later she dashed into the police station, exhausted and hysterical, shrieking. Q'The convict! He's in my house! He has just killed a woman! Help!" Half a dozen officers shoved her into a patrol wagon and rushed to the boarding house, up the stairs, and into the room. Larson was sitting on the edge of the bed star- ing in surprise at the guns that were trained on him. Chief of Police Serras walked up to him. "Well, here,s where your little journey comes to an end. I don't imagine you'll get out of this killing very easy." The killer stared at the big chief in a puzzled manner and whispered: "Gosh, sir, I'1l pay for her just as soon as dad sends moneyfl "You won't buy yourself out of this. You can't kill a woman and roll her into the weeds beside the road and get away with it. Don't try to deny it. Mrs. Broomis heard you say 'I killed her and rolled her off into the weeds beside the road.' We're going to send you back to Penningworth where you belong." At this statement Larson began to laugh. In a hoarse whisper he said, "I didn't kill a woman. I killed Old Ben Dooney's cow-ran into her with the . . . PAGE SEVENTY-SIX car and he threatened to put me in jail unless I paid for her tonight. Call up my dad, the warden of Penningworth Prison, and see whar he saysll' Chief Serras' face began to change to a deep red. "What the devil are you whisperin' about?" "I'm not whispering. I've got laryngitisf' Two Weeks later, the people of Junction Center were still laughing at Mrs. Broomis and enjoying it because they felt that they were at last avenged. -ELEANOR CORSON. -:soe::-- A DAY WAITING Sunrise isalaughing girl I am feeling my way through a night of Happy girl, merrv girl, mystery. Sunrise with her teeth of pearl This night that comes before a dawn I can- And her laughing eves. not see Daytime is the golden one, Sparkling one, blue eyed one, Daytime with her eyes of fun. And her tinkling laughter. Twilight is a demure maid, Sober maid, tender maid, Twilight standing half afraid Between the Dark and Day. Darkness is a dancer tall, Darkly tall, slimly tall, Darkness with her Spanish shawl And her chains of stars. Should I choose the golden lass Laughing lass, slim dark lass? All the others I'll let pass And choose the twilight small. -CAROLINE I'IENDE.RSON LILACS Like crisp purple dew at dawn Against the green of spring. Some are white Like snowy, frosty dew. Reposing calmly On emerald stems. Exhaling poignant air The essence of the warmer days Perfume of the youth of summer. A warm soul breathing Sunshine,light of color. From within A tiny blossom Living from one hour to the next Accomplishing a duty. Gladness wrought upon the hearts Which pass upon the sidewalk Goinging about their daily labor. -LAURA FRAHM. But my path is dimly radiant from a star, The star of hope-away, away-so far, Seeking, striving, following my hope I'm working and watching as I'm waiting. Waiting, waiting for the dawn to come in glory, Waiting, waiting, waiting for the dawn. How far seems morning with its light! How dark and dreary is the night! But for that starlit ray across my way I could not hope for the dawning of the day. Seeking, striving, following my hope- I'm working and watching as I'm waiting Waiting for the dawn to come in glory Waiting, waiting, waiting for the dawn. -MARGARET CARLOW PUSSY WILLOWS Velvet pussy willows, Soft pussy willows, Bring cheering promise of the coming spring. While all the air is soft and full of peace. A source of pure joy, A feast to the eye. Silvery pussy willows, Shining pussy willows, Enhanced by a filtering ray of light, Or enveloped in shadow as in night, Lifting their blossoms To an inspired world. Decorative pussy willows, Picturesque pussy willows, Their glorious splendor contributing A cheering picture for a dismissal day. Decorating a spot Where 'tis lonely without. -VERA SLANSKY TWO SIDES OF A STORY The walls of the bright covered living room Were covered with paper ,with roses in bloom: They showed only kindness, beauty and good, And leaves around them, with wonders, they stood. . . . .PAGE SEVENTY-SEVEN But, behind the wall paper and roses Was the other side of Life as it poses. It did not show clearly nor stand out so bold 'Twas the gray of the plaster, so dark and so cold. -VELMA IVERSON Ichool Calendar - 1955 SEPTEMBER 1 1 School starts. Seniors! Seniors! Seniors everywhere. And sophomores? They just don't see what the grand rush is. I wonder if they've found out. NOVEMBER 20 Chief Lessinger talks to student body about the importance of preventing Hres. A very good assembly. SEPTEMBER 22 First game of football season and was it a wow? You should have been there. The team is sure coming. And how! "It's just Kuna." SEPTEMBER 29 A big day for seniors. And is there sus- pense? Why? Well, they're electing oli- cers, sophomores, you'll soon be at it, too. NOVEMBER 22 Miss Iohnstones expression classes give us some thrills in those one-act plays-what with robberies, deceived husbands, and men in the wrong apartment. NOVEMBER 24 Bulldogs fight with "Cougars" from Cald- well and was it a tussle. Don't wear your- self out as there's a big hop down at the temple tonight. SEPTEMBER 29 Another game, but this time it's the -"Pi- rates" from Mountain Home. A swell send- off and another victory for good Ol' Nampa High. OCTOBER 6 Football! Well, gang clear your throats and do some yellin'. Iust watch those Bull- dogs hold that line. Oh, there's a touch- down! Come on, gang, are you ready? And how! OCTOBER 12 Well, girls wheres your shoestrings and make-up this morning? They have hair rib- bons, too! Looks like 'Abig sisters" are step- ping hard on 'Little sister". And a whoop- ing big rally to top it off. NOVEMBER 24 Was it swell? One end decorated for Nampa, the other decorated for Caldwell. But we forgot the difference and danced to the music of A'Vaney Doo's Orchestra". NOVEMBER 29 Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. And for more than one reason-two days away from school with oodles to eat. Don't eat too much: vacation only lasts two days. DECEMBER 7 A stiff initiation for new Honor Society members, but they can take it. OCTOBER 13 Well, boys, here's 'ALefty's old team but I guess we can take 'em. Roundin' good ol' game. Aren't those little girls rushing around selling candy just too cute? Oh! they're new "Spizzers". DECEMBER 13 Basketball season! We can't forget that. Not after the grand showing in football. It is "Cougars," and was it a good game at the Nazarene College Gym? OCTOBER 20 Another football game. The Bullpups have a close game with these Boise kids, even if they aren't from the "Big High". DECEMBER 16 Fathers celebrate with their daughters at Girl Reserve Banquet tonight. We'll have to ask the fathers how well their daughters can entertain them. OCTOBER 27 Gee, but it looks lonesome around here with all the boys gone to Twin Falls. just so they bring back the score-which they did DECEMBER 21 Another fast one when Bulldogs play the Eagles at the N. N. C. Gym. NOVEMBER 9 Boise gives us a swell assembly, asserting their good feelings but still insisting that we're already beaten. Come on, gang, are we? DECEMBER 21 The Northwest Nazarene College enter- tained the student body today in an assem- bly, featuring Iames DeCoursey with his violin. NOVEMBER 11 Armistice! And is it an armed truce be- tween Nampa and Boise? Was there a crowd? Looks as tho' for once again the Boise Brave seeks his teepee. DECEMBER 22 Santa must be almost here. Anyhow, no more school for two whole weeks. Well, folks see you next year. Oh, yes I almost forgot-"Merry Christmas", . . . PAGE SEVENTY-EIGHT Jchool Calendar - 1954 IANLIARY 13 Caldwell plays Nampa at the Northwest Nazarene College Gym. A good game and if you weren't there you should come out to the others: you don't know what you are missing. APRIL 13 Unlucky day. Friday, too. But evident- ly the cast of 'iMikado" doesn't think so. Wasn't that clown a screaminot to mention "Poo-Bah." JANUARY 19 Band gives concert at High School Audi- torium. The proceeds are to pay for those red, white, and blue uniforms. Not bad, eh? APRIL 19-20 Another play."Who Wouldn't Be Crazy?" Evidently 'Speedy-" Marshal likes the sani- tarium when he Hnds that Lois visits there frequently. Q - FEBRUARY 2 Boise 'ABraves" pay back Nampa in a fast game at the College Gym. It's tit for tat. We go over and beat them and they beat us here. APRIL Hill Billies furnish music for student body, Also a A'Henpecked Coon" tells his troubles. Better take his warning ,boys, if you haven't a dictionary, don't get married. FEBRUARY 10 Mountain Home comes clown to take our A'Bulldogs" but I guess they got fooled. "Pirates" just can't take it. A good game, anyhow. APRIL 26 Girls go by themselves tonight. Every- body was there, old timers, chorus girls, well all were represented. FEBRIIIARY 17 I P Another dance! And by the seniors. Gee, but they re going over big this year. A swell crowd and honey of a time. YW APRIL 277 F W Sophomores give seniors a picnic. Plenty to eat! You know that's 'bout all a senior thinks about, anyway. MARCH 2 Declamatory contest and does it give us a good idea who our Garbos and Dietrichs are. MARCH 16-17 Our boys represent N. H. S. in State Basketball Tournament in Moscow. First game with Pocatello. MAY 8 Senior girls entertained at banquet given by the Business Womens Association at the Methodist Church. MAY 10 Central High School give the student body a wow of an assembly. We'd better pep up or little brother will show us his dust. MARCH 22 "Hot Copy" and was it hot? First-hand information from the copy room. As usual, the crook loses in the end. MAY 11 Iuniors aren't going to let the sophs get ahead of them, so they give semi-formal for the seniors. Boys turn out all soapecl and scrubbed and in best suits and girls in long dresses. MARCH 23 Going to the dance tonight? What? An- other one at high school and given by the sophomores, too. It was plenty good. Pret- ty sleepy the next morning, tho'. APRIL 3 Where's the seniors. Oh, they're tired and had to take a rest, so they sneaked off to Boise for a swell time. MAY 27 A solemn occasion and a bunch of solemn seniors. It happens but once in a life time. Baccalaureate, but don't get excited, seniors, the big night's yet to come. MAY 29 Senior Breakfast! A last get-together. An enjoyable time was had by all at the Dewey Palace Hotel. APRIL 12 U. of I. Pep Band give Seniors a thrill. And did that professor tell tales out of school. I guess the teachers were kids once, too. Ask "Lefty". MAY 31 Commencement. Seniors on their dignity! Good-bye, teacher, and books. But, gee, we're sorry to leave you-although I'll bet those teachers heave a sigh of relief as some of us walk out those doors diplomas in hand. PAGE SEVENTY-NINE 33333 AND HERE WE HAVE MISS MARIAN MCKEETI-I'S IMMORTAL PARODY ON HAMLET'S IMMORTAL SOLILOQUY. iw To act, or not to act,-that is the question Whether 'tis nobler in the class to suffer The insults and jeers of our classmates Or to take up arms against Miss Kennedy And by opposing end yourself. To flunk-to try No more: and by a Hunk to say we end The trials and the hundred tribulations That the class must bear,-'tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished. To quit,-to flunk To flunkl perchance to be expelled! Aye, there's the rub For in that time what mav our parents say When we have flunked dishonorably from class Must give us pause: there's the respect That makes calamity of so long life: For who would bear the terrific tests of Miss Bird. The smells of chemistry, the struggles with French verbs. The horrors of declension, the trials of physics, The twists and turns of geometry, and the work That the patient student of high school does When he himself might his own freedom take With just flunking7 Who would carry subjects To study and groan under a heavy course. But that the dread of something after the Hunk In that well-known home from whose punishment No student recovers, puzzles the will, And makes us rather bear such studies we have Than to fly to work we know not of? Thus stern parents do make cowards of us all And thus the native hue of pleasure ls sicklied o're with hard work of study And parties of great fun and enjoyment With this respect their spirit of jollification changes And lose the name of fun. Careful now Miss Kennedy! Teacher, in thy grade book Remember all my good points. PAGE EIGHTY fl 'I' Il I. If T I llilfvlllflll September 23-Kuna September 30-Mountn October 6-Wiltier October 13-Rupert October 20-St. Joseph 'TROTTNIAN SHADDY PAGE IiIGHTY'TI1REE Schedule October 27-Twin Falls in Home November 3-Baker November 1 1-Boise November 17-American November 24-Caldwell lineup I O I I RUSH ,TINIM MIQHAEI. PTIDXVELI. I O Smffxcgrz XVILLY O I HU'I'l'I SK1HMI'l"I' 1:11115 O DUXVAL NWA MIMUEC11 The Varsity! Coach Marineau and his right hand man. Iniroducinxzj Wiley, the captain! PAGE EIGHTY-POUR --.-Q.4...- f ' PAGE EIGHTY'FlVE 5 A few of the aspirants for glory with the pigskin. Trottman and Duval, two trusly ends. Smitty, the slippery blond quarterback, and Micheal. guard. .lf l , - M" I f I' i . g 1 5 1 A KUNA, 46-0. Using thirty-Eve men of his squad, "Lefty" started his string of victories by defeating Kuna in a very lop-sided game. The first game showed that the Bulldogs knew plenty about the pigskin. Smitty, Huth and Dike were outstanding players for Nampa. Not once did Kuna threaten Nampa's goal. MOUNTAIN HOME, 41-O. Mountain Home also went down before the onslot of the fighting Bulldogs. The second team played most of the game. Mountain Home- like Kuna-were not able to cause the Bulldogs much worry. WILDER, 36-0. It looked like the Bulldogs went out for a flying start. Another victory was added by defeating Wilder. Again the second team played most of the game. It was good practice for the game when the Rupert Pirates would invade next Week. RUPERT, 39-13. Out to show "Lefty" they could still play ball, the Rupert Pi- rates put up a desperate battle. But the Bulldogs went them one better and defeated them 13-39. They were the first team to score against the Bulldogs. Dean Dike, sec- ond team quarterback, received a broken leg and so was out of the game for the rest of the season. His loss was greatly felt by the team. ST. JOSEPH, 12-0. By out-weighing the Bulldogs the Saints certainly put up a stiff battle. But the Bulldogs just couldn't be stopped. They still continued to win. TWIN FALLS, 25-0. In their first game away from home the Bulldogs proved that strange gridirons held no terror for them. Twenty men, two managers, and two coaches made the trip. . . . PAGE EIGHTY-SIX , l f ls f A . 4 , V A s Q i ' . 3 l .A if .. BAKER, 20-0. The Bulldogs journeyed to Baker to add another victory to their string. The second team played most of the game, playing a better game than the first team, As it was a cold, damp day, both teams were pretty sloppy. BOISE, 34-7. At last came the annual Armistice Day game, with Boise. Cnly this year Nampa took the Braves 34-7. Boise threatened in the first and fourth quar- ters and played some splendid football, but otherwise the Bulldogs had the game to themselves. Wiley carrfed the ball over center for many good gains. It was the first time this season that Wiley had packed the ball. As usual Smitty could not be stopped, he kept the Braves in hot water all the time. He stayed in the game until the last minute of play. Smitty, Huth, Gillesby, Duval, and Wiley were responsible for the touchdowns. Nampa was penalized eighty yards, but they could not be stopped by a little thing like that. AMERICAN FALLS, 66-2. Again using every man on his squad, "Lefty" brought his Bulldogs through for another victory. After playing a hard game in Boise the week before, the Bulldogs were slated to have a slump. It was a slump, but it was in the other direction. The Dam Siters got their only points when one of Smitty's punts was blocked. As usual Smitty was the star when he made a ninety-five yard run for a touchdown. CALDWELL, 20-0. In one of the roughest games of the season the Caldwell Cou- gars tried in vain to crush the victorious Bulldogs. Subs were few and far between. It was everybodyis game until the last quarter, when Smitty made three touchdowns to cinch the game for the Bulldogs. . . . PAGE EIGHTY-SEVEN xr 0 , 02- R, K , r ff Q, 0 Bas ethilll Slllllilllll li HOME GAMES- Deeember 16-Payette December 21-Eagle -Nazarene College Dece13,1be1ElZD2 Deeemberl 2 9 December 30 -Eagle Lodge -Eagle January S-Nazarene College January 6-Pzirma January 19-Caldwell January 20-St. Joseph January 27-Emmett Q.. February 3-Boise February 10-Mountain Home February 17-Meridian GAMES AWAY- Jnnuary 9-Payette January 12-St. Josepb January 19-Meridian February 2- February 9- Boise Caldwell February 16-Mountain Home February 19-Boise Junior Col February 23-Emmett February Z4-Parma lege PAGE EIGHTY'E1GHT .V . ' NJ? , 1,1 A aft 1 I l PAGE EIGHTY-NINE Introduvinpg the Quintet and their Subs The Bull Pups and their Coach, Mr. Farriei lL4SIiIffl'llAll. It looks like history repeating itself when the pugnacious Bulldogs won the cham- pionship in basketball as they had done in football. As usual, Howard Schmitt was the shining star in almost every game with Bob Huth not far behind. The Bulldogs played the entire season with but two defeats. When they went to the district tournament at Boise, they were placed against Mountain Home in the first game, but as they had al- ready defeated them during the season, the Bulldogs were not given a very hard battle. The Nampans were next pitted against Emmett, and they-like Mountain Home- were soon left behind. Next came Boise. The Bulldogs were defeated by the Braves in the afternoon. As the tournament called for a double elimination, and Boise and Nampa had only been beaten once apiece, they had to play again the same night. The Bulldogs were again backfto shape and Boise was eliminated. That left only Nampa and Emmett who had been defeated once, so the tournament was held over until Monday to play off the tie. With the old Bulldog spiritlthe Nampa boys walked on to the floor to win. And after a hard fight they did win. This gave them fhe district championship and also the right to compete in the state tournament at Moscow, March 15-16-17. Everyone must meet his match some day, and the Bulldogs met theirs at this state tour- nament. The Bulldogs were placed against Pocatello and were defeated 33-20. But they really should be satisfied with a Big Ten championship in football and district in basket- ball. Theyi' are the Hrst trophies that the Bulldogs have received in several years. As the Nazarene College had just built a new gym, the Nampa teams played all their games out there this year. It was the former football players who played most of the basketball with Gillesby and Tidwell playing guards, Schmitt and Huth taking care of the forward position and 'iBig Boy" Campbell taking the jumping center position. 2 X1 4 . ...., , . .cgi NX l 5 if 1 A W. ef.. ,W 4 -'X ,N .. 1, vf"f?f' 1 L ..,.lL.,'-A .av-iw 1 K H A --Vp ' i1,3f?j i Effie! 1 . 45-fl 7 A .V 7, k,'y , Ang .ifpgcs -f . ,. 'W ..... alt! ,-Q7 , Lu . V .I Q, ,rx . . . PAGE NINETY rnfxclc V With spring comes the call for track athletes. Early in the season "Lefty: called an assembly for all boys to encourage them to go out for track. The first week about sixty men answered the call. As "Lefty" was still busy with basketballg he put Bill Shaw, Nampais only state man, in charge of the track men. After about two weeks training, the number of men was cut nearly half. Mr. C. C. Cowin, offered a trophy for the winning class in the inter-class track meet. This track meet ended with the seniors winning 70 points, juniors 40 points, and sophomores 34 points. In a track meet with Emmett, Nampa received 104 points to 44 for Emmett. Nampa took 13 first places. It was a rather slow meet, Hastriter in the 440 being the only one to make good time. In the triangular meet held in Boise in which Nampa, Caldwell, and Boise com- peted, Boise came out victorious taking 79 points to Nampa's 62 and Caldwell's 7. Sev- eral good marks were turned in for early season performances. One outstanding event was the mile with Shaw, present state champion and crack Nampa athlete, leading the 200 yards at the finish in 4:52:AS. Hewitt of Boise was high point man with Duval of Nampa and Kennally of Boise tying for second place. Shaw, Schmitt, Duval, .Camp- bell, and Hastriter all won firsts for Nampa. In the meet held in Boise, April 21, all men were compelled to win first to qualify for the district meet to be held in Idwell, April 28. NCQ' ' . V as . . . PAGE NINETY-ONE Wal .r' hy! Nampa Bull Pups So much time is taken up with talk about the varsity that the Pups are hardly ever men- tioned. But it is the training of the Pups that puts the fellows in condition for a varsity posi- tion. In football this year the Pups were under the direction of Mr. Miller and "Axel" Rem- ington, an alumni football star. The Pups-like the varsity-won every game they played. ln basketball Mr. Farrier, a teacher from Kenwood, was in charge. They did not make as good a showing in basketball as in football, but the schedule they had was something of which to be proud. Congratulations, Pups! . . . PAGE NINETY-TWO gg.-, .... ff? W AN' QW QMMMW JNMVWWW MW M -N QM iff! Agia! W J? 5322 MM ifjwjwfbf 3 X 1' 5 1W0uldn9t It Be funny ll:..9'f"'L"'9' Jimmie were a Rod instead of a Barr. Dorothy were Pink instead of Brown. Evelyn were Wilted instead of Crispe, Gene were a Cowbell instead of a Campbell. Catherine were a Buick instead of an Austin. William were a Saucer instead of a Cupp. Clyde were Atmosphere instead of Fogg. Josephine were a Wolf instead of a Fox. John were Green instead of Gray. Bill were Takin' instead of Given. James were a Rainbow instead of Hughes. Margaret were a Jitter instead of a Jetter. Oral were Large 'instead of Little. Euvon were a Ford insteadof a Nash. Corinna were a Paddle instead of an Orr. Qifeayaqaw Melvin were a Conductor instead of a Por- ter. Mary Dorothy were a Bushel instead of a Peck. Doris were a Thistle instead of a Rose. Faye were Dusty instead of Sandy. David were Cheerful instead of Stearn. Rex were a Tale instead of a Story. Merrie were Black instead of White. Virginia were Rock instead of Orr. Leroy were Wrong instead of Wright. Arlene were Coal instead of Wood. Margaret were a Truckload instead ol an Carlow. Jim were a Razor instead of a Hone. -By MARGARET HENDERSON. rigs:-g-:,pQ'p4e-que-:p-4 Lefty: What! A little guy like you a lion tamer? Buntum: Sure that,s the secret of my success. The lions are waiting for me to grow a little larger. Alis: Clark, I was wrong to treat you the way I did. Youlll forgive me for be- ing mad at you all last week, won,t you. Clark: Sure! Thatls all right. I saved S20 while we weren't on speaking terms. Smitty. fin hotelj Can you give me a room and bath? Clerk: I can give you a room, but you'll have to take your own bath. J. D. Did you make these biscuits with your own little hands? Louise G.: Yes, dear, why? J. D.: I just wondered who lifted them out of the oven for you. Don MacArthur: fin grocery storej I-Iow do you sell your eggs? Clerk: 26c for the good ones and 180 for the cracked ones. Don: Well, you might crack me a half-dozen. Miss Johnstone: What is your head good for anyway? Paul W.: To keep my ears from fight- ing. . . . PAGE NINETY-FIVE Duval: Did you know we had a fam- ily skeleton? Marian: Yes. I saw it in swimming last summer. Mwgrgaret C. to Bill Pinkerton: What is t-he middle voice in Latin? Bill: It's your stomach when you get hungry. Mr. Ruiz to Debate Class: Kenneth Eshelman is chairman of the negative team and Margaret Carlow is the Ken- neth of the aflirmative team. Miss Bird was numbering her history class and said: Wesley, you,re eleven. Wesley: I am not, I'm seventeen. . I . I Miss Kennedy to class: Have you ever seen a mausoleum? QAnd in case you don't know, it is a building containing vaults where bodies and ashes of the de- ceased are placedj. Several students: Yes! Miss Kennedy: What is it, Amelia? Amelia: A fight! Miss Bird to Ralph Van Houten: Tell me all you know about Queen Lilioki. Ralph: How do I know, I've never seen her! X V QC! -1 x QM! 1, fffffifvsvz ' fx Q., J KI, 5 X 54,3-1Jq1 'W-46211 W 1 WT' lx 'b L 'V'lA,6,i. yu KV CQQT .NNIAL REPORT OF SNOOP AND s ITCH X . DETECTIVE AGENCY. 1X4 . .NX ' W Detectives in novels could save themselves lots of trouble by looking over in the Q, 'bkfthbk. X nxxac o e oo 1' X People who live in glass houses should dress in the basement. xxx Then there is the musical carpenter. He plays the tuba four. The man around the corner says it must be some other corner that prosperity is 'round. And then there was the absent-minded professor who scratched his pancake and poured syrup on his head. QNCW We wond r which one of ours did that.j The guy who invented ilspin have been the mug who stepped on sonny's roller skates in the dark h And there W an r a e - i de essor who put out the clock and wound up the cat. And also W s e o ' Scotchman who blew out all four tires getting free air at t ling i . , 1 fl ' I J jj view?-lvlcfjbto-4-Ja-..-he ll 1 Wlwlkm ntique Department T fu 5 Mr. Cowin fto Chem. classy: We will have alcoholic beverages for tomorrow. -Sage, 1920. 'Mr. Winther: How some of these old songs do haunt me. Student: Well, you've murdered them often enough. -Sage, 1920. He heard the toot, but tried to scoot, And beat the choo-Choo to it. The poor galoot now twangs a lute- Take heed and don?t you do it. -Sage, 1926. HARDIBUS FATIBUS Boyibus kissibus Sweeta Girlorum Girlibus likibus Wanta somorum Pateribus Pueribus . Enter parlorum Kickibus pueribus Exit doorum Nightibus darkibus Nonnus lamporum Climibus fencibus Breechibus torum. -Sage, 1921. .. . PAGE NINETY-SIX px rg, Ht 1.-,,,Z,i' Ji, ""f,"'f-LDKJZ,-51 1' ,-'L-"'-5" ' f I 5 g 4. 41 ,211 Q 'Z meg' A I , - R f D, ,Q ,Mr , ' f f 1 ,4 , f QM fCf,..,,.. fMfg:,f1.,'f:A:2b,-lw m yM:04w4v ' ' , Autographs wwlm 4 J ' ,, ., ' -fl ' v Q, ij? fL,gf2l,iff-f- v if i,w,,,ffYL,4,77 E ,4MA,J ,5kX J 71 rfwfw M J , MW' 4 ff' Jjvjjjj Ol I H? f ,, - N - ,J ,QV ,,,7f,.wg ww f' ' ' Q- fgum - ZWfWV7M ,0HMMh f ccolC2!'9f'L" QM wgfw U I xv f f ,WM as ,BQ f HY X 'f-Affyf'-Vyfc I 'X 1 ff 'X- 'Mf If ,I Q -f M I , f I, X , , ,, J ff M QL 1, . -2' 1' ,. 9 fgx f f ' I ' .P f fl ffl! ...,,-QQ-f'...g. ' yyvvjjzy 1 1- , , M., peak' V, . a 'I s I I fl , , x ' - f . .1 , , . , If ,-J , . 5 ,r Jr' JJ ' I Ogjfro-,Jfflrb ' I X W f I MMM X J wb ,ef A ff W' Ai 4' PAGE NINETY-SEVEN 4 x v , M af ff' W flpfw Autographs 3 ,.Q' f j"t,,.AfV v v v 1-V , ' .3,m::M.,. VMMWMW. ,P V A-v-160, yd-N. ,400-Nd-1 4-'Y sJ 5 . f, J-Mfgvf f, ' ,. .,af.,?4A44- 3 J-an Gly I Y , .MW Zum WA J Y . f M5 I f ' SL I Q QL ?"MJ: "LW" 'Mu' 03927 . X If I n 1 . ,if ,,.,,s -if f . x ti 417 'f L ' X K flfffv K -7,4-ff ,QA ' K f- 1 1' - J W 0 f - I I4 x Jai-IN 1 .1 I 1 A I , I L, A ,vo-fc!! 11? ,, ' -S UL U ff V 13 x. " ,' ' ' 2 V f X I f, Aff' 5 ,. V U 0 Q f X , , rv ff, Vfgfjiig K WH W 1 'ff L 1" bt fzr-xx Widlffhxf A Lyla X? w I jj 5 .f LN lk X735 y' Q00 elim ff 4 i U sb l X Xl XJ' K ff' X, f 0' v L fl kJ"'-Jfj wi -iifzfffw "'W" W-gif , 1 if J f W wi z 3 X X Vs J my 0, WWW in ':""'M" Wiz 1, , I ' LVD , ' A Z PACELLNINETY-EIGHT SAX I . . . X X N My ff N 2,JQ',,, K ,X fix?-I 'away l V . Qifgbukaill. 'i,xl,-X 3333333 ..... 3 ....33333333 . . .33 . fn , 4 f - I of Acknowledgenle f 1 XE- ' I A . I X 3 . OA DIVISION PAGE CUT XIUNYK h Qbfyffi 3 I A Q F LUCY GA NE ' F ol t PRINTIN -. xg 23 33 ' 3 Q3 5333 ZCAH PARTZ PRI NG Co. J kJ Q u A , I A U I mfg XENGRAVI 1 XX" , , N X' 4 ' ' ,I I W TER NGA VING AND COLORTYPE Co. ' : Q A 'ff ATTL , NGTON V f WV- jxzanfnvsxv 5 P T Y: J .ff-ffqfvt Zta' 1'I""T nh RI T's STUDIO p,'g2'G2..,,,lc,,L 1 1 3 of Q6 NAMXA, IDAHO f ' ' Sf 333333333333 """""""' 3333333333 P21 ,L rm M J I I a-f U . Q V, 'bw , wf. ,4 if DIKA If I f , ,ily J V W., nQ,ZgQ,,,w gbvfdfwifyw Ju, bfi JQ , iff 5. L f N 'JM WLC? 5572.77 ar , Z, , 1 N 'AW ff ' ' "VM j Q 3 I I WMM? 0303 rffx ll KI I 4 I A C4-wp X 'H K ! l W7 it 'ul ' f Wgf9"f"3 V . Jil ff 5' 1 . , Q, J, 1- l . , 4 -' I 7 M i V3 'Y U ' sl 0 . A 1 w"A -" A Q xx ni bil:-,,i,afi ' jpg'-'fx I! 'J QJ ff ,f Klux 0 5 50 'ul -l ' ' . 1 1 L, " .- 9 Q V I1 Q" . f x Cv ' S ' i Q1 4 K s W iw v out nm ld ,gg , if MZ lib gi A S 0 r E. . 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Why not have this wonderful service - i xi XX 44, for your annual each year . . . many school 45W"i E S T E R N leaders inf-ist on Western on ravin s avail- jr 1 ENGQAVINQ5 ef Coiomvpe CO. r g F-1' N XJ SEATTLE ENGQAVING CO- ahle for over twenty-five years. 451 41 i1 QI , f sv N -4 -X ' ' 9.,wf'7'.'f'f- , xnxx I N .f' 'ig ' 1 hfqn sol ii was Ni W W WT x 1 ' ' - ' ':-. " , V -P B A yy J- y 5, 5 i N i i E TX t . x -Q-W -r i,, Y Q 5 inf: ll 'z fi 7 , N 'Z N I f',lX l llyllf l X .f' ,J i N "i' fx " s, - 1 .3 .1 X 5' V li' F l VF rw-ff 0 xy T 'l ' i . , i , l H l J yi 'jf r -ii-gi 7 ia, ,M - y .I f x '15 , 5 f I ' X pi Yip .yyr l l 51 l ll .gl 55' 'V Q" ' 'lf , in h s 4, I X -gg fig l fiz,-1,1 . , 1: Q J .X F ,iii-'A Qi 'fl K 1 l f'V an lx vi" ' ,' N. . , lv, I 1,3 X xlxx .. ,V ., N J fi 'L f fi i N, V , S. - X , A J ll fl '1 X 37:1 y Aff ff-it Qynl K wp., Q. E 5 Q W -Qfffy? 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