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...M --Q fwL"x-..- -- - ..,.Y... ...v !"?1.X--..- H -. La N Q ' ' U ., -5 O 1 , . 5 Q A W . -5 . 4: i . v 4 5 1 A4 x 'iff , ml I I giffpl ' Lf 1' 5-., ., ,Q J'3Q'j , 1. " W 1' 1 '1 F . Xue , , yay: l ' 31? f 4 3 , ml 1 1 1 .J 1 . Y '4 , ruff 1- - . Q X -,I Qrxj, -9 A .- .K k --N K: . j.- . ,f-'gi Q: ' . f 1 t- f .- - vw.. 1. , ,. pg-",f .4 1 x."yf- ,1 4. ,, K - - The A lj I K I K A for Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-one Presented by... Editor...EveIyn Sanner The Associated Student-body Ass't Editor...Sue Hoffman of Nampa Christian High School Bus. Man. ...Jeanne Kratzer Nampa, Idaho WE GRO The school year 1960-1961 has certainly been a period of growth for Nampa Christian High School -- both scholasti- cally and spiritually. The spreading tree at the right represents our school and all of its functions -- or branches and leaves. "As we grow", we branch out. Each part of our school is represented by a cluster of leaves and as you turn through the following pages you will see these branches -- our school life, the administration, the classes, the organizations, and the sports. The acorns are the seeds which will grow in the future -- these are protected by the leaves. This could be applied to the growth of our spiritual leaves. We feel that through the past year the most important thing has growng this is our re- alization of the preciousness of what we have in our hands -- our Christian beliefs, that at all costs must be protected for the future, so they will grow as the acorns, into great spread ing influences. Evelyn Sanner, Editor 4- it. in 3 Courtesy of EDsoN H. DEAL AGENCY G e a A An STRYAN'S rl :sf far ' W f' , , , V ff . fk of Contents Foreword Dedication library School life Administration Principal Faculty Board Student Government Classes Grganizations Sports Football Basketball Track Baseball X f f n ...Pop Frazier To you "Pop," for your loving devotion over the years, You who have guided, befriended us all--we give this heartfelt tribute to you. Your knowledge in the classroom has helped many of us open our minds to truth and wisdom. The very existence of our school stands as a monument to your labor. For faith unceasing and prayers unrelenting, we dedicate this 1961 edition of the "Aurora" to you, James B. Frazier. S3 Q X 5 gi X 3 E S E 5 s 5 s Ea 4 x E L ,X Q X 5 N ,id MX- Y X . l S f X XA -71"li m Egg 5- S X -X eXs.XrXXi X . X 9 '. E X ik Q X - - 1 . X X X. X' E 6' Q' SX T' 5 ii' im- g, - X. EX 2- if' 5 S 3 2 is 3 1 i X V K 1 'Ik ,XX 1 X . LX . E ' X X X X Q i K fm? X v Lang X .QW K s K x 'LKA K. W X A . - X bi . l X- K "QF is xv Q. X as 1 X 2 1 Q . i K 5 XXSAS X S X Xxx if X N J X X X S S f mm E X X 's gg f Kg S X Q 1-fi I ,p Q 5,5 5 Ka 'sk was sis: Q , H , ZX . L gif? ,.....-1 X, R E , , www 5 W , f, f Why 'W 7 W , ff f W , W , W7 W Si 5 5 5 S 5 3 M NQXQNNSQNQN X W twink, X 5 SN EN Q? RX NS Q X ' X ig N Y' S N . L' Qgmw-.xml Q fp X kmxg i 'Nia Q XX X 2 w S is Q 5 wg fs SNA' s Q S V! 5 S ws .WSWS l 5 Q m x Q A Mx KX RE Se S 3 , X Q Q ' L M 3 Q a 5 Ni . is A, '--' m L Y . Q5 K. ,, .A X NM. -ai-1-N L W W A xw -K S S K ' ,J .K X. W 1. x ' If f' ' ' 636 M' NX 1 35 y xi Y f"'fM ,ff ?f xl 2 . ' "xv: X N ' 1 .3 I Q X 4 . A. ,I 1, .1 ' I bi . If ' , .Al 'L IA fux a xt A f Ly X l if ' F 1-I .V ix 7, X W, , 'xii .5 1 I VW J, J, . X fin V 5 xx A X ,V 7" X' .-' 5. it J , ' ' NX ig' 1, 1' nm ' 1 Y HI ' u 'V 5., Ng 6 lj lj! "Hf,:"u- - W , -, O . 1,11 1 i. A 3 1' C I l' X . V 1 ' x , :Al , -ff K ' 5' , X f 'Jr ' ' x I ' ' X. , . s v SCHOOL LIFE In the following pages we have hoped to capture a few glimpses of the high-lights of our "School Life". With registration came many new things: new faculty, new administration, and new rules: NO GUM! As soon as everyone was settled, the first chapel meeting was called and following this. . . . . .the first Senior Class meeting. That first vseek was really a busy one, and on Friday night we all got to know Get Acquainted Party Courtesy of NAMPA FLOOR COVERING 1116 2nd St South each other a lot better at the All-School- Courtesy of KAMPUS KORN ER 523 Holly Entertainment for the party was provided by all the classes. Although a Senior girls trio won first prize, Mortician McNaught created quite a stir with his corpses. A lot of school spirit was created by the football games in the fall. This picture was taken at one of our home games. At right our cheerleaders are shown in action. U1 Fall not only brought football games, ed Halloween parties. A good ex- ample of this was the Senior "Spook" party, one l'm sure will never be for gotten! but also some long-to-be-remember Courtesy of GIESE REALTY 1308 2nd. Sf. South Each noon a common place to find most of the kids is in the lunchroom. It ap- pears this day Rev. Stowe acted as chief server! At the close of the football season the traditional party was given by the TGA to honor the team-members. The team worked so hard it seems they had to go back for seconds! At right Judie is being crowned and pre- sented with her beautiful bouquet of roses. The high-light of the year was the Homecoming at which one of the three senior princesses was crown ed queen. J P A basket. . . will it make it or not? Courtesy of PEACOCK BEAUTY COLLEGE 216 'l31'l1 Ave. South fAbovej A time of excitement for the Sophomores is always the Sweetheart Banquet. This year Joan Sporeleder and Steve Fletcher reigned as king and queen. As winter brought the cold, it also brought basketball--a good time to let off the enthusiasm that had been build- ing up all year. One of the most exciting times of the season was when the team fplus a fewll went to Cottonwood to battle with the Panthers over the State Parochial Championship. 15 'f 4' xx ,Z X. In I . f "fp , '- x- ' . I JJ, x A fxX,,f,' f ka X M , CK' 4 l T155 I :xx lf N' V- Yi V ff fff f x 7,1 I, 1 x In ' X 4 1 W 'N , V .J A , .F . A ,v J ' -. 'U . .QS I I ' ' L4 . ,E 3,1 V 1,7 , . Us xx ,rg - l gf ,J Q I, lly , f"'d'- , Q K. I ' y . A ' W' f' , ll J K ' fi ' .A ff ,I ' L - I ,f bl' L 1 fl' f f If V -1' JI , I "f X ' I: I. . ff. .1 f pu . If -xv I -7,1 yu. 'Q ,' V! , . ff x 1 , - 1 ' -W -A 5- 1 .x V . 1 ,I my X x - wif' ,. . x X 1. ul. ,, xl! A ' fyf' . , V, ' 1 i.-'X V Q wi I N. Af XA ! I 44' A QNX 2 A ', 31 fl f x ym. ,- ,. .I u . MI I -- W N311 y . .GP ax". li V I' Q' Q x 'V ' ax x 'Ill if . , .nr f. -fy' in I , X - ' 1 n ,Q .HK - I. ,R . H N K V 9 -' v xx 5 Y, ,gxk K x ,W 6 wx ,bk f 1 Q35 x lvgisx 5. if 31 3 XO! x A ' AW Q vxbx X Y A ss. 'Ns in ia ti, ,X is if Qx x . 3 v 5 5. 55 Q sk xi Q N xx- ? S Y ,XX 3 'A iq ei G .- QV-fl5x A iffy? . Sq? Offfb Q A as Q .mfg 'Q 5' 4 -qE5QgTN5,Q5l 4 , A ' T37 ' , fk-SY ' -X x .-X X S X Ng Q sxiR.gfwSi X2's.5i.SEg1,-R Q 5 Y x R I 3 TX M , X N xx K X XR: QQ EX W M X b?wiE5qQSgf2 xg im N' X56 5-Ei-Q Q X 'tx sl . Q.S VAQP X , x 1 wil 15 . K .,-. i QQ A X -' X Q 5 xx XX x x Xxx 2 X x R Ei S X xx Ri FX WX. N . il. .N 1' S ZQ I I , . ' F kg Q : 'Q X X ' :7?E:.. .Vi N X I wx 3 wg Q W , . A X X X X E S Qi X Nxxx 'R Wg? Q X gk x A Word from Our Principal... CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Education is a privilege. Christian education is a sacred privilege. The purpose of this school is to provide a high academic education in a truly Christian atmosphere. All over America kindred institutions are springing up. Parents, teachers, and others are sacrificing that this kind of education might be perpetuated in this and succeeding generations. Why should this be ? The answer is rather obvious. Fundamental Christians universally realize that the most critical years of our youth are those which we commonly refer to as from childhood to adult- hood. It is during this journey through "no man's land" that our young people most need a warm spiritual climate in which to become established in Christian experience. Such a climate does not just "happen" to exist, it is caused. The causes are manyg we suggest but a few. There are devoted, praying parents and friends, godly pastors, and a consecrated Christian faculty, and a strong nucleus of students who are "examples of the be1ievers". To one or more of these groups every member of our constituency can belong --- yes, must belong, if Nampa Christian High School is to enjoy the blessings of Almighty God -- blessings which are, in essence, the source of a healthful, spiritual atmosphere. We are deeply grateful unto our God for all who have, in the past, contributed to Nampa Christian High School in this manner, and for those who will, in the years to come, belong to this select group. J Courtesy of DIXIE ICE CREAM SHOP 1308 2nd St. So. w I FACULTY WALLACE JOHNSON Vice Principal Science Mathematics The Student Body fully appreciates the interest and Christian-leader ship of the faculty. While teaching in Christian High, they have showed a truely dedicated spirit, which will always act as a fine example of Christianity for the students to pattern their lives after. GENEVA BITTLESTON OLIVE BRIGGS Librarian English Courtesy of CUSTOM SHOE REPAIR JAMES B. FRAZIER Bible EDWARD MANLEY International Relations, History, Shop, Mechanical Drawing KATHERINE WEST Spanish PHILLIP YOUNGER Bookkeeping, Psychology, Health, P. E. Courtesy of COLLEGE CHURCH of the NAZARENE 504 Dewey Ave. Courtesy of HOLLY MARKET 104 Holly Si. 4 WILLADEAN JOHNSON Home Economics , Health , P.E. PAULINE MC NAUGHT Junior High ARVID KREPS Junior High, Bookkeeping LOUISE O'NEILL Typing, Shorthand, English RDADI1 BOARD MEMBERS: Calvin Emerson, Enoch Ogstad, Russell Stanley, Olen Doane, Mel Bergstrom Lawence Lancaster, Gerald Wesche, Wilson Dillabaugh. The board of directors of NCHS has been very active in the affairs of the school this year. Chairman Olen Doane and his members met with Mr. Brown regularly throughout the year, making decisions which affect- ed us all. The other board members are Enoch Ogstad, Russell Stanley, Mel Bergstrom, Calvin Emerson, Lawence Lancaster, Wilson Dillabaugh, and Dr. Gerald Wesche. We wish to thank these wonderful Christian men for their time spent as directors of NCHS. Courtesy of 22 NORTHWEST NAZARENE COLLEGE OUR STAFF... Mrs. Brown has served as our very gracious receptionist throughout the year. The job of keeping school records up-to-date requires many hours of labor but Mrs. Brown always found time for a friendly smile and a few min- utes of chatting. Mrs. Cramer and Mrs. Dyer prepared our meals from day to day. One day each month a special meal was prepared in honor of student birthdays celebrated that month. We felt especially privi- leged to have home-made bread and rolls which our cooks served with our lunches. A special thanks goes to parents and friends who came each day on a voluntary basis to aid the cooks in serving our lunches. Courtesy of THE NORTHSIDE CHURCH of the NAZARENE iggifgg gig L.: A . X -as xii' was M 5 fi. tw 5 .- X 3 2. X , is my S N iff . me X Qn o 4 5x t N Q as 1 s N 'X A H J kk.. in g x Ms. .... g - Swim FROM LEFT: W. Johnson, sponsorg D. Miller, seventhg P. Sanner, eighth, D. Mark, eleventhg B. Holtry, Vice-President: K. Bergstrom, Presidentg J. Roberts, Secretary: C. Younger, Treasurer, V. Gibson, twelfth, D. Stowe, tenthg L. Martinson, ninth. - Carolyn Younger Treasurer geryi 'jgxxini Jlldie Rob XI mee? 'Se01'efa riffs The Student Council, the governing "link" of our stu- dent body is made up of the class presidents of grades 7 through 11. Activities of the council this year have varied from planning chapel services, to "twirp" week and "dress-up day". CQUNGSY of Courtesy of TERRY FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE NAFZIGER MEN'S STORE 112 13 Ave. So. "Finest in Men's Wear" 25 . '-I v 5 5 s 5 l i ' I-tl., f --,N 1, X v X., gf' f . A fl U A1 ' 1 I f Q' - N X -v ff g, if , ff K f E --wh H I ff XX riff? -'fy' . I , ig! 1 xx X A X 'I Ss T-N HA n f 1 -V '-53,5 as ,Tv F ' ' ' 3 . Sf ,f mi x 1 I . if-, . I 1 P Q. ,ff X ' QR m I vt , i X 1 U ', nl - zf A ' . 'Af ' ,j An' il I Y. 1 In - " . ' N , r N' 5 , .W ' , I- X x XX lilo' ' wx KX -N , .Y X xx rf 1 ff I ff ix 1 , f' 751 VN K X N X ,1 nf 1' 1 -w R W .. 55 N if ,' ki x H Ni aio Q' I ' 'T J .1 " P. 11 '1x"l: QF ' X ' f 1 ry, if1'..':', ,g. -' ,!'- -A - 'lv X. 1, .. 0 ,V MX.: X . 'Q ' W xx' ' 6 , Y . 1 5 lux , . Q, I T Q -, .x X ' 'I 1 I-3 ' ,N ' . . V 'lx K V I 5 'fi I, , . 1 X y ,AJ Ll ' 5 gy:-'N' CLASSES Y p f i x S mga E ,- wlmgmmm w SENIORS The graduates of "61" have progressed another year together. Under the capable sponsorship of Ed Manley, the class has had another year of Christian acitivites. Among the events was the mascarade Halloween party in a deserted barn and during which all participated in a Spook-walk followed by games and refreshments of sandwiches, cider and candied apples. In December the class was caught up in the Christmas spirit as they went around to the nurs- ing homes and to the hospital and caroled. Re- freshments were served afterward. The Senior trip was a time that will not soon be forgotten. The class felt that it was a time of spiritual awakening as well as physical fun. The spring brought the Jr. -Sr. Banquet, a high-light of the year and all the .activities that graduation brings. I We, the graduates, are leaving N. C. H. S. with assurance of "heights unknown with God beside us. " CHARLES ALEXANDER MAR LEN E BORAH KENNETH ROBERT FITCH i BERGSTROM VERNON GIBSON JOANN FAY A MARCENE BORAH I EARL FAIRBANKS LINDA HAMPTON LINDA JENKINS LAURA MARTIN J EANNE KRATZ ER NANCY MICHAELIS LAURA MC NAUGHT VVILLIAM MITCHELL PATTY MANGUM JERRY OGSTAD ROBERTA PETET DARLENE PHILLIPS JUDIE ROBERTS DARRELL RUTHERFORD EVE LYN SANNE R PATTY STANLEY SYLVIA SEAMAN MARVIN STOUT SUZANNE SPORLEDER PEGGY TROWBRIDGE ,i.i.1i.l1 ROBERT TUNE CAROLYN YOUNGER Courtesy of DOANE ELECTRIC 113 14 Ave. So. Senior Activities CHARLES ALEXANDER KEN BERGSTROM Student body president 4g "N" Club 2,3312 Foot- ball 1, 2g Baseball 1,2, 3,43 JV basketball 1, 2g V. basketball 3,43 Student Rotarian 4g Band 2,33 Choir 3,4Q Journalism 3,43 Yearbook staff 3,43 Radio Club 23 Saddle club 1,23 Play 3. MARCENE BORAH Wilder 13 Nampa High School 2, 33 Band 4, treas. Choir 43 Library club 43 Brass trio 4g Pep band 4. MARLENE BORAH Wilder 13 Nampa High School 2,33 Band 4, V. pres. 3 Pep band 43 Choir 43 Brass trio 4. JO ANN FAY Albion High School 1, 2, 3g Spanish club 4, V. president. EARL FAIRBANKS Class president 23 Band 2,4, Pres. 43 Choir 3,43 "N" Club 3,4Q Class v. pres. 43 Football 3,4Q Journalism club 43 Pep band 43 Brass trio 4. BOB FITCH Prospect, Oregon 1,2,3Q Football 43 Basketball 4. VERNON GIBSON "N" Club 2,3,43 Class vice pres. 3, pres. 4g Choir 1,2,3,4Q Play 3g Student Rotarian 43 Year- book staff 4g Trojan Echo staff 33 Journalism 3, 43 JV Basketball 1, 23 V basketball 3,43 Band 1, 2,3, 4g Football mgr. 2. LINDA HAMPTON Class pres. 13 Spanish club 1,4, president 43 Band 1,2,3,43 Fair Lawn Senior High School 2,33 Class secretary 43 TGA 43 Choir 4. LINDA JENKINS Del Norte Rio High School 1, 23 TGA 4. JEANNE KRATZER TGA 2,3,4, treasurer 4g Class treasurer 23 Class secretary 33 Choir 3,43 Play 3g Trojan Echo editor 33 Yearbook staff 3,4, Bus. mgr. 43 Spanish Club 1, 2 , 3 , 4. LAURA MCNAUGHT JV Cheerleader 2,33 TGA 2,3,4, Secretary 43 Yearbook staff 4g Journalism 3,43 Choir 1,3,-43 Play 33 Saddle 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, 3g Senior trio. PATTY MANGUM JV Cheerleader 33 Varsity cheerleader 43 TGA 2,3,4Q Homecoming 43 Journalism 33 Choir 1, 3, 43 Yearbook staff 43 Play 33 Trojan Echo staff 3. LAURA MARTIN Class V. pres. lg TGA 2,3,4Q Journalism 43 Spanish club 2, 3g Play 1, 2. NANCY MICHAELIS TGA 3, 4, President 43 Spanish Club 2, 3,43 Choir 43 Play 3g Saddle 2,32 Trojan Echo 3. BILL MITCHELL Nampa High School 1,23 "N" Club 3,43 Football 3,43 Basketball 33 Baseball 3,4Q Choir 3,43 Journalism 3. JERRY OGSTAD "N" Club 23 Radio Club 2g Saddle Club 1, 2. ROBERTA PETET TGA 2, 3,43 Choir 2,3Q Library club 3. DARLENE PHILLIPS TGA 2, 3,4, selling chairman 43 Spanish club 4g Class treasurer 13 Play 1,2. JUDIE ROBERTS Student body secretary 43 Homecoming 2, 3,4Q Choir 1,2, 3,42 Student council 1,23 Spanish Club 2,3,4, Play 3, Prayer Si Fasting pres. 33 Year- book staff 4. DARRE LL RUTHERF ORD EVELYN SANNER TGA 2, 3,41 Homecoming 43 Choir l,2,3,4, Sec- retary 23 Yearbook assistant editor 33 Yearbook editor 43 Play 33 Senior Trio 4. SYLVIA SEAMAN ' Canadian Nazarene College High School 1, 2, 33 TGA 43 Senior trio 4. SUZANNE SPORLEDER Sandpoint, Idaho 13 TGA 4g Choir 3,4, Secretary 4g Spanish Club 2,3,4, Secretary 33 Class treas. 43 Yearbook staff 3, 4. V PATTY STANLEY Radio club 3, 4g Journalism clubg Spanish 2g Choir 2g Trojan Echo. MARVIN STOUT Weiser Hi 1, 2,32 Football 43 Radio club 4, Treas. 4. PE GGY TROWBRIDGE ROBERT TUNE CAROLYN YOUNGER ASB treas. 43 Choir 2,3Q Class sec. 23 Class treas. 33 Girls' state 33 TGA 2,3,4, Sec. 3, V. pres. 43 Yearbook staff 3,43 Lit. ed. 4g Spanish club 2,3,4. is N-NN NN X E Q. 2 Q g Q. i K -... N g , f P ' ' ' S L Til sg .Q X 1 X- g ' ., ll X SN . 1 X L xx QVQQ N A xfgnfa ,- -1. it-gif flies: f - . .K K s 8 f k X N kk ,QR jE::"f:x-- X -if S is ' ' ' 4 AQ? 'EX-xx' S A f L , ' x A ik M A , .-awxfww . in L X. x RQ J' img QQQ, Q X' ggggfsx, N1 531-,EE i 1 -im x .S ' ggi, QA kr- LQ A Mil ig Gia x . .. S sw K A K Q Q A -Q - w Swv: 'SRS-1 K L 5 95:1 ww Q.. ,-N-N N ' ., .5 xwwm ' it .Q amwx News xx k,:.w.1 Am? ggi. N ,:3:f5.:, .I 1 :Q K' WR, Sk k . -ww X N 51 . 'H - X QQ NS-i 3 , 2 x .. Wax. sw Q k , 44 x WW' -Q x - mv, U ,f - awww? -sz. Lb K 4- :XXX .gay 3,22 1 ,LZ Q5 , mf . WN 'Q , - -' xx Q '- wN2.Q,.,'.g-' N - ,-Q:-' . W Wfw: f -.X " - ,Q NX - N . .. R X X g A .N , A .2.+,..,...,Q, ff R, XXXX rx umm EMM ,P:. K , 2: L , , Wwwmwwimg-5, N X NN In - N Q x f' Y ,rf Ben Whitrnarsh T Larry McNaught Wanda Pewitt Joy Rutherford Duane Warn Duane Persoon Jim Roberts Paul Sauer Donna Winchester Another class activity, was the trip to Bogas Basin during which all were thoroughly soaked but nevertheless, all had fun whizzing down the slopes on sleds and innertubes. An occasional spill or ending up in a snow drift merely added to the fun. A chili feed and a Halloween party highlighted other class activities. Class committees spent many noon-hours and meetings deciding on arrangements for the traditional banquet given by the Juniors for the Seniors. The banquet, held at the Stardust Dining Room in Boise, will certainly be remem- bered by all. Looking forward to the time when they will be the Seniors at NCHS, the Junior class is looking into the future with a hope of growing spiritually and mentally. Courtesy of WESTERN BLOCK, INC. Courtesy of l T T l 224 First Street South THE BETHEL CHURCH of the NAZARENE 35 X QM .K Rx si xg V. Yi X' KKK ,'.., ., XXX' X. Q V -V QSM in .. it S. . X E Q. ' Q if S is 'X ,W VX S V fx . w wf. ni WV V 'Q 3. ff V V. , My V W W' M ' V' V, V,g5,f3,VVVM WT ' Q ,WV , ,Vi mg, , , M MVI VMVVVVM , Vw ,VVV 1 V Va, V ,V V ,, ,V4f,,,, .V01gy:g,A, 4 f V ,V V V V vw?-'VV Q5exmVV,VV LAW' -V ,,,,, ,QW V , , V , M, f 'VV V- ,, VVV,VVV,zVV,Vj:fgf VV VVVVMVV ' V V' Vp, , V ' , , ,V,f,'.V,Vg,J4VV"'f" MQZEH ,' V ,, V , V VV V, 3 V V V " V ' " , ' V V, J V V 1 V- ,gy V A VV V V , V , x " 1 V, V 4-fVVV5"V'gzwVV1.g ,,- .. 533, ,VV'VVV,,z Vf:w,VVV,V,1f'V-VVV,V' ,,, ' f M'3V,1,V4 ff' V ff ' 4 M V V .V V V4 f'1V::EZ1.l1I.'f-,WZ -V' V "V ' VVVV wwf ' HIV -wk 2 X V V f,f,,pf V V:-WMV ,., f U y ff VV V J . V ' V , MV- VV 'I y , im, f ' f V, ,VV5 ' V V y 'V fr 'W , V V V 2 WV 4 'QVV QYCSEVVQVZV f. ' ZYW - V! Z W VV f V, VV 1, , PM . ,,, W5 I WV , WWWwyQW,,,f W5 2 3,2 wr VV - 5 VVMW y ,f I V, V , V . , I, 432 V- 'ft- ' 5xx:ss:' V. 1 QW, ,JL VW M 9 iw7m ,. ff H Mm 'V 'W f 4, WW M 4601 V M W W4 ' , ef X f M if We f , if ff A XWW f W M W Wig W MV iff Q x a ,N V Xxhw V, .X X :XX X b X K X N X x X X X ,X X IX X N X X V QQQXI, ah. 3 xx ..,, . ,, X X X x N X 3 X Q' - Sew: - O .. 5 Sli' K K..- + Larry Barrett Dennis Cartwright Janice Colby Paul Cook Courtesy of FIRST CHURCH ofthe NAZARENE 604 15th Ave. So. The Freshman class this year has been sponsored by Mrs. Carol Shields Louise O'Nei1l. Gary Tippitt Their activities have varied from a combined hayride and R011 WhitfiHSf0H Weiner-roast beneath a harvest moon, to presenting a special chapel service dedicated to our principal, Mr. Henry Brown. In December, along with the regular activity of Christmas, the class held a home-made candy sale for a special fund raising project. I Sylvia Eide Mary Lou Hoffman Seth Nettleton James Rogers Z Marilyn Garlie Larry Martinson Dennis Patterson Donnie Shepherd i s F s Mary Dyer Pamela Hills Linda McNaught Marianne Pilcher 5 Courtesy of 119 Ivy X Qi . i -ss EH if-I is ff A - ..f X "ssl 2 .5 if QS. K S . - lf if :EW T315 Pix. . -I. - i L I . WPS s ' Q 515 MW s'X'i' f"5f'5'.' W' . - iw S S . X .QQ : Q. - - S ki.. . s . N is A ' , 1' . , . . K 5.3.5 5 f shes, X,-- . I -i .mrs R . A-vig.. xg ...K -N. . gf.-1 - . -2 K' . "- wifi xiii-mx S 5 ga. Ls H 'iw . X ss?-six P if - P . Ez" Q ,.,, M 5- . X .ESS K - X . K - .- .X . . A f T- sf .MX X ' sw I -:fs . 1- :A Jas-s H - - ... ,X '- w- g sv.. . sg? if is Y - ,.-.--- A ' ., ,,,, ., Y b ' " ...W . ,..,..,. .. wt 'P GH:-I "5 '. i s s .Xi i 'X X"" WG' www '1 " . t Q 1- ...M S P X S Q Q . - - ' i S W Q k ' sk , if i . -. ' T ' iii S R- Shan . . X. A. s X. S . R. Bergstrom N. Colby M. Gethman P. Lancaster M. Mangum L. Persoon D. Borah A. Fairbanks S. Gibson L. Kenneda G. Midby P. Sanner D. Brown L. Garmire R. Huling P. Meyer L. Parsons L. Reel CLASS OFFICERS: Patsi Sanner, Sharon Gibson, Linda Parsons 7th mae X Y X K X S X Q X X X TX X X K R S E RX X ' x Q ' 5 S N2 . X N Yi X .X i X XS X K... v.f.:.. . X J. Garlie C. Kenneda L. Markus D. Miller G. Whittington J. Graff D. Mark D. Mellinger D. Vail A. Wood it RN Courtesy of sk MR. and MRS. HAROLD WHITMARSH P Bass C Clift And Ji' BmStetterK1 Clark MR. ana MRS. LLOYD ALEXANDER J. Byers E. Funk CLASS OFFICERS: Judy Garlie, Dianna Vail, David Miller, Gale Whittington , 4, X L 5 ff ' .. , .x ' ' .p ' ,,, . 1' ,I f - ,V ., ' ' ' .fx I if-6 , , A c- "ff jo' 1 ' N a p, ff , 613: is X , XXX f ' - 1 -wb W, ff I ,- ,Q ' -, 7' X -.V ,. -, all ,f , ' 1 xt ' W X A f mu If X, f.. . ' X5 ' 'X N 'MJ QW K I P s - 1-x E ,ff I ff " V . - J ' . . - ' I-X .' -' A I I 4 ,-,' , NX f I . . X. I H i I I I ' 1' l f 1,2 A I 1 fx , I' 1 I., x " xy y X I " I If , 1 X K hi f V' xx ' K A ll X, 111 5 X! I , Xu .Q K N f 'J' W. 11 xk K9 I , ,Q 'IE 1rl'lHl ,..s X " 11,724 !l"x ? ' I XXII! XX A 1 Z' 'AX Rx I N In In A ., Q l l t 'K r ' x I yx U I I ' xx I I ft ll X- A ORGANIZATIDNS SEATED from left: P. Mangum, K. Huntington, E. Sanner, C. Younger, R. Petet, J. Roberts, S. Hoff- man, R. Jackson, J. Kratzer, M. Ax. STANDING: Sponsor, Mrs. W. Johnson, L. McNaught, L. Jenkins K. Johnson, L. Martin, S. Sporleder, N. Michaelis. SEATED from left: V. Pres. C. Younger, Treas. J. Kratzer, Pres. N. Michaelis. STANDING: Under the leadership of President Sponsor, Mrs. W. Johnson, Sec. L. McNaught. Nancy Michaelis, the TGA fformerly g "Pep" cluby did their best to increase the school spirit for the year 1960-61. The main project of the TGA is sponsoring the Homecoming. The girls traditionally decide the theme from suggestions handed in by the Student body. This year the theme "Rhapsody in Blue" was carried out beautifully in silver and blue. Some other Home- coming activities are a tea which is given to honor the Homecoming court and a Reception following the Home- coming game. Throughout the year, various parties are given honoring the teams of the different sports. Courtesy of WESCHE 8i WESCHE CLINIC 312 'I4 Ave. So. mm.. ' STANDING from left: R. Cook, M. Hessling, K. Bergstrom, J. Roberts, S. Fletcher, P. Sauer, L. McNaught, J. Dyer. SECOND ROW: M. Stout, V. Gibson, R. Doane, E. Fairbanks, B. Harris, L. Lancaster, D. Mark, D. Warn. THIRD ROW: Sponsor, Mr. P. Youngerg B. Whitmarsh, B. Holtry, D. Rutherford, B. Mitchell, R. Minor. The purpose of the 'N' Club is to STANDING from left: E. Fairbanks, treas., P. foster interest in all High School athlet- Younger, sponsorg D. Mark, v. pres. SEATED: ics, encourage good Sportsmanship B. HOlt1'y, PFSS. NOT PICTURED: J. Belisle, SBC. among the students and encourage good conduct on the campus and at all school functions. 'N' Club membership is made up of all the boys who have earned varsity letter awards. Annually, the 'N' Club selects an inspirational player of the year. This year, to raise money for the club project, they held an initiate slave auction which was very success- ful. Courtesy of IDAHO DEPARTMENT STORE 'I2'l'I 'lst St. SO. Courtesy of JGURNALISM CLUB SAMAR'IC.NDf.C3'flA'1TlIYNZ'.?.ff'M SEATED from left: K. Bergstrom, S. Hoffman, assistant editor, B. Jackson, editorg A. Kreps, advisor. SECOND ROW: K. Johnson, L. Higgins, D. Buffing- ton, L. Martin, J. Garlie, M. Mangum, A. Wesche, K. Huntington, P. Belisle, B. Holtry, sports editor, E. Fairbanks, M. Ax, L. McNaught, K. Close, J. Hanson, P. Stanley, S. Fletcher, V. Gibson. RADIO CLUB FROM LEFT: P. Stanley, B. Harris, D. Persoon, D. Brown, B. Whitmarsh, R. Minor, L. Kenneda. SECOND ROW: P. Belisle, D. Warn, M. Bender, J. Bromegen, C. Alexander, M. Hessling, M. Stout, E. Manley, advisor. The publishing of the school paper, "Trojan Echo" is the main activity of the Journalism Club. The club is under the direction of Mr. Arvid Kreps. The main project of the club is keep- ing their weekly columns in the city newspaper full of interesting school items. The Radio Club under the direction of Mr. Manley is composed of licensed amateur operators. In the fall the group took part in the mock Conelrad alert. Under the capable lead- ership of Mrs. West the Spanish Club has met monthly at the Col- lege Church Fellowship Hall for Spanish songs, games, and films. The club members have pre- sented special programs for Chapel and various community organiza- tions. The choir under the di- rection of Mr. Johnson, has become a vital and important group in our school. Singing in the churches and in the lo- cal nursing homes were a part of the ehoir's agenda. In the spring the choir presented a concert and represent- ed NCHS at the festi- vals around Idaho. QT xx K ii? . I ft 5 S :sg g Q, . , xggx Q xxxx ' N Q X b xx gk A 39 fw A if ,K N D ' v xi X ' X-3 1 X55 W XX X2 2 if E Queen Judie .Je-F' " S X X K X 92- A .. . -XX --M .X 7. e K e. X .. . XXX . L X 's':X:i. 1. ki .L L X.-X 4 . X. X -5 -X X X Ng, Xi X, XX X. -. . X . -. X .... - K X XT .- X ' 'N XX XEX1-QiK?i1 tiX. e X -.XXbS'W5SfQ--FXX. ---X .- - Q - . X Q - Q - X X Qi X X x X X 5 . X . . ...... , Q X ...T SX 'X - .- N NNN X N X :..XXX.g: XX N igiss X 5 a S XX 3355 X RX ' 5 2-ses ' T. - 5- - ,-.-XFX- X . . X if S e -X 5 E .. is , ,XXX .h XX 1 s 2 Q X . X X . X XXX, H25 f ' '. Q X 5 . , R 2 Xi' , is 'NPS E, . 1. . , ' Q'XXvrSX.N. . 2:-' XX ' X . . . Xi N X N N X XSL 4 -- ::s- . K., we We if X t 6 X-in .. AURORA STAFF Evelyn Sanner Sue Hoffman Editor Assistant Editor Mrs. Louise O'Neil, Sponsor Jean Kratzer, Bus. Mgr. B. Holtry, Sports Editor: V. C. Younger, Literary Editor Gibson, Photographer, K. L. McNaught, Make-up Bergstrom, Assistant Sports P. Mangum, Assistant Lit. Ed Ed. SEATED: Jean Kratzer, Evelyn Sanner, Carolyn Younger, Mrs. O'Nei11, Sue Hoffman, Suzanne Sporeleder, Ken Bergstrom, Beryl Holtry, Judie Roberts, Steve Fletcher, Vernon Gibson. NS Sikgxxswiiigs X A -'KX xx ww X. W X W3- Y PM Iz: -Q X x F Q X 5 N ,. ...X...b . .. N 1- K i .mb Sw S. X 5. x. .SN Q -. A 2 X. X Q . . K SSQ? X Y . i XFX X ., i W MXQ . S N .39 N-'S Q X X X W4 , 'W' ,vw ' W wfwwwf F 5 N Aw? E 'WWW 'W , ,X 1 1 if A-1 X, ,r I K 1 . , , , H .x , X X ff' ' - X 5 Y r I .9 X'. 5-1- . ll E X5 X , X x n 15 1 ' . Y - 4.-N A 4 'y' X ,l' , , 'H 9 .q " ! .'!,x 'f 1 X' . 5 ' : X "'!'X ' L, , ' I ' X , " V . X ' X lu' vu' L W A X l 1,-13 'iafxxx X, XX ,XX .Xmf , , ' 4 JP ,W - X X ' ' 'I 1 XXL. A X - , . I' , ' Vx HX.. , 1 C'r 1' X f ,X X ' AX. ll 3, ' 'IX I1 X " - 2 ,V 14 'gr .L I ,nfl X - X . , X ' A 1 I ' I ,', H f!-1 A . J - T, , , b V - X ' ' Ku XX ,y fr iii- XX If ' ? fx fl K 4 X 1--..,,, ,I ' XX f rf ' X ,iff X 34: 1 x ,n jg' XX if ll' fl . Azrplwi 'Q hy 'Tiff ' 1' J , x,., X - -"1 "gk 1 A IX Ivy '- X XX , X ' . If -' I X - , -I X I lily ' ', 1 1: fl ' .ld x lv. 1 ' WX 1 -. .1 f . ,w 'I X 1 ' xl ,f X. n 'JT 4 7 K N -1 N X x 1 3 ., J" M," ' .-I" 1, ,jj . l xl X XX I XA, YEAREXOOK 1961 scourma REPORTS ou B08 ALL- GEORGE EXCL S S i SS .N N r M4 - wif f ,W -Q X ' ' X A X X X .X FOOTBALL N FROM LEFT KNEELING: J. Dyer, W. Broomfield, P. Sauer, L. McNaught, B. Fitch, B. Holtry, B. Mitchell, R. Minor. TOP ROW- STANDING: E. Manley, Coach, D. Rutherford, Managerg D. Mark, M. Stout, E. Fairbanks, S. Fletcher, D. Stowe, R. Doane, J. Roberts, L. Lancaster, M. Hessling, W. Johnson, Assistant Coach. Courtesy of J.C. PENNEY CO. 1315 2nd Sf. SO. Coach Ed Manley P 5 2' . . 19 2 X X N. C. H. S. 6 - 20 Cambridge " 20 - 32 Council " 19 - 23 St. Theresa " 38 - 18 New Meadows " 33 - 13 Greenleaf " 53 - 28 Cascade 4 X? Y ' B111 Mitchell James Dyer Larry McNaught Ricky Cook Paul Sauer Jim Roberts Bob Fitch Ray Doane Earl Fairbanks Merl Hessling we vi, ii . S, 3 1 ' ' H if . . T . gy' Q s W Robert Minor Don Stowe Larry Lancaster Dick Mark Wade Bl'00mfi91d Beryl Holtry W. Johnson, coach D. Rutherford, mgr. Not Pictured: Steve Fletcher Marvin Stout Courtesy of HOME DAIRIES 424 12 Ave. Rd. ww WIS Xxx NWN wx Swv. wx S,31:mQSS:17::x - . -X .... . X Nwvwww -wx 5' NX Y. N X ,www ,,,,.Q-WMA M-f NNW X xwww Qu wx S X X N-X N W X XX NNQQX .ww Q N SQ W XNXWX XXX N QQ XXX X X N NA N . 5 Qwmw E ii.-Tm. A ...xX. X ii Beryl Holtry Gary Tippitt Ken Bergstrom 1 - w Jim Belisle 1 1 4 Y Dick Mark Larry Lancaster Courtesy of Donnie Stowe FRANKLIN ROAD CHURCH of the NAZARENE Vernon Gibson Robert Minor 4 w 5 1 -1 Q 1 'S s S! 3 ?i w X X 5 S 3 E T R 1 JUNIOR VARSITY , S FROM LEFT KNEELING: P. Belisle, P. Sauer, L. Martinson, L. Barrot, R. Fleming, W. Broomfield, M. Bender. STANDING: D. Shephard, J. Dyer, P. McConnell, R. Doane, D. Cartwright, J. Bromegem Coach Ernie McNaught, The '60-61 season was a successful one with a record of nine wins and seven losses. Two of the Season's highlights were the Greenleaf and St. Teresa. They were defeated by Greenleaf in the first game but came back for a smashing victory in the second clash. The game with St. Teresa was the last game before the tournament games and they were really out to win. They started off with a big bang and kept an eight to twelve point lead all the way. Along with their coach, Ernie McNaught, the boys com- mented that they felt they had finished a very successful sea- son and that they profited greatly from their experience. Courtesy of NAMPA REALTY Nampa-Caldwell Blvd. xxx . . 'K Q til NNN x Q N S Q wk 'A A N M W N R . . XR? :S by X' , N.. -Q im N .- gg: ww -xi 5 ' -KT. M . W :: CNN N WA.: X .N N: Q X X X xx X xx .. .i W' 1-SEM at' asf ai. x-fwwZf'SX:12:s-iz: xxwg-M X X X X mm m.xf.. 12.f - . L ax .. ,N .ii ,1 l.lll2I.I KNEELING: Glen Midby, Ron Bergstrom. STANDING: Dan Mark, Neil bolby Lloyd Persoon Rodney Hueling, Lonnie Kenneda. The Junior High basketball team, though com ing out short on their final season record, show- ed great improvement in working as a team and also on fundamentals. The final season record was 2 wins and 7 losses with both wins coming from Midway. The top scorer for the team was Ron Bergstrom with an eleven point average. Coach Kreps commented that the team was at a when it came to height, but made up for it in hustling. Courtesy of KFXD BROADCASTING STUDIO 1024 12 Avenue So. KNEELING Patti Meyer Linda Pai sons STANDING Bud Kinzler, Beryl Holtry, Dan Holtry Kuna and Greenleaf participated. Trojans took second place in both The track team also traveled to invitational. Twenty-four schools The Trojans hosted two invitational track meets in which In the competition the meets . Adrian and to the BJC competed in the Boise meet in which NCHS placed twelfth. EVENT TIME 1 HOLDER 100 yd. 110. 5 B. Kinzier Mile 5:40 D. Wilson 440 Relay :48. 2 B. 880 Relay 1:43. 5 B. 440 yd. :5'7. 5 B. Holtry 220 yd. :22. 6 B. Kinzler Mile Relay 4:11. 6 J. Bromagem, 180 L. hurdles :22.0 B. Holtry 12.0 H. hurdles :20. 8 D. Holtry Shot 35' D. Rutherford Broad jump 19' 1 1f4" B. Kinzler High jump 5' 6" B. Holtry Courtesy of THE PAC-OUT DRIVE IN 808 Twelfth Avenue Road Holtry, R. Cook, D. Holtry, Holtry, D. Holtry, B. Harris J. Gillespie Coach Wally Johnson KNEELING from left to right: B. Mitchell, G. Beougher, R. M B. Holtry. STANDING: Wally Johnson, coach, and son, Randy, Rutherford, B. Kinzler, J. Belisle, K. Bergstrom. J. Belis . .N inor, R. Fleming, D. Stowe, P. Belisle, le, K. Tippitt, M. Luebins, D. SX X X. XX.. 5' X' :- N.. . x X 1 - 'X .X X 'P 5 X S X - 1 - We X .. .... . XX X X X XX QXXQ X WAS X X XX X XX X XX X Qs N 5 XX X X, . XX, -Q . .r A . .... .. 3 XQQ X Q X. QX N X W XX X X X X55 is X Q S 5 X XX X t XXX. T Y X Q- X.. . L if ' Af X X X X XX . ... X JUN - ...AXE H x ., i a i f - Y " 1, 1 X-X XXX . . vm. Q .5 in X . IX-' " "S hea - X: A ' X XX ' f i g X... , X,X..XX :XXX . .. Q 4, . Yikxx-.QX N?-X F? X -X .XI Q ' - N Qt .X . Sails.. X X Q55 . - i f- .N ks- 'Nw IEW. -Q w X XX ,X XX ,X .N 1X XXX XX XX XX 9 XV X X X Q XX 'ex XX X-.tx S N Xa WW N hi S X -X E X N- gg X X S' XS .L -- lg S X . ,. X s N XX N X ' We r lx X X XX gh XSSF X W X XXX XXQ W 'X .. X Q Q X XD XX.. , X XX X X XNX Q X X. X-X . XX. -. . , be X .. ' X RN. -.X-S vm .X 'Q-X. 5: K 3 fr. .X I ., X. , X , , . U. . X .. X , ., if X . XQX XX X Xi. X, 45 - ,Y ,ge - Xe 1- X ,g .. 1 . ff X A' ': X -. -X.. X o , b. -if l g- N he X X . .X M --..1 ' rXgX. g 1 K X fs .. .1 H . . - ,. f -- oooo COUI'feS 0 X we XX ffm MR. and MRS. I. F. YOUNGER ek in ig and X X eg Coach Wally Johnson REV, and MRS. KRATZER

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