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CHIEFTAIN r mmm m f r- ! — s§ p — r is 1 {J ■■ii M ■i foreword Contents INTRODUCTION AND DEPARTMENTS ACTIVITIES We the annual staff have tried in this yearbook to refresh your memories of Nahunta High School, and the activity that has prepared the previous graduates and is now preparing us for the future. As you turn the pages, may you enjoy the friendly attitudes, co-operation, dreams, hopes and ideas of the students and f aculty. All of these have had a part in molding students each year as they graduated from Nahunta. Within those who have graduated there is a warm glow of many memories. Yet students in lower classes, realizing that this is the last graduation class at Nahunta, anticipate finding a well round- ed school life at the Charles Brantley Ay- cock School. Nahunta High School has seen many students set their goals and strive to achieve them. At times it has seemed hard but once we reach these goals we can look back and see it was " The Golden Gate- way to the Future " . What is the Golden Gateway? The doors of Nahunta that we have traveled through to reach the future. SPORTS Students register on one of the extra days; therefore, September 1, the first re- ADVERTISEMENTS Dedication S f Little cars from go-carts to Volks- wagens appeal to her just so they are going places. Mrs. Elizabeth L. Scott Never a day goes by, but that she is teaching these girls to be better homemakers. TO MRS. SCOTT We, the Senior Class of 1961, would like to express our deepest gratitude to you, Mrs. Elizabeth L. Scott. Your willingness to listen to our complaints and your cheerful disposition at all times have helped us, not only in our school life but also in our daily life. You have established a firm hold in our hearts and we hope in this small way we can express our deepest thanks to you for all you have done. Principal ' s Message Mr. Morris, our new principal, was born in Pitt County. He attended Atlantic C hristian College and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree there. He received his Masters Degree at East Carolina College. Mr. Morris has taught science at Chicod High School and Falkland High School. He taught at and was principal of Pactolus. Greetings, As another year of our life draws to a close, I extend to each of you my sincere congratulations for the attainments that you have thus far achieved. I trust that the in- struction and direction that you have re- ceived at Nahunta High School this year has made each of you stronger and better equip- ped to take your places in life. It has been a privilege to serve as your principal and I hope that the efforts of the administration have helped you to under- stand better the challenges which each of us must face and conquer in order to live in our changing world. As you go forward to fill your respective places in life, may there come something of that spirit exemplified in that well known verse: " Be Strong! We are not here to play, to dream, to drift; we have hard work to do, and loads to lift. Shun not the struggle - face it, ' Tis God ' s gift. Be Strong I " Eugene Morris Mrs. Hazel Holland is kept busy with her duties as secretary to Mr. Morris. Mr. Morris ' four member family includes his wife, Elizabeth; his daughters, Pat and Jeannie. Editor Assistant Editor - - Business Managers Copy Readers Photographer yearbook Staff - Shirley Baker ■ - Albert Pierce - - Lillian Davis Braxton Bell • - - Iris Ferrell Sue Home J. Ray Mooring Sports Editors Grade Editors Club Editors Advisors Typists - - - - Betsy Thomas Jerome Hooks • — Janice Anderson Don Morris Linda Sasser Steve Aycock Miss Velma E. Holt Mrs. Doris Gurley Typing II Class " To the faculty and especially the annual staff I should like to express my thanks for your co-operation. " Shirley Baker, Editor " We hope everyone enjoys the annual as much as we have enjoyed producing it. " Albert Pierce, Assistant Editor Mr. Sam Holland, our janitor, does Mr. Grimes, guidance director, helps J. a good job of keeping our school look- Ray Mooring fill out an application blank ing neat. for college. Mis. Doris Gurley, A. B. , East Carolina College, Eng- lish and French, Yearbook Advisor, Librarian, Beta Club Advisor, Junior Play Director. All students are required to make a min- imum of six book reports, but Sue Peacock, Jerome Hooks, Linda Bunn, and Sherby Tuc- ker along with many other students add ex- tra cards, of books read, to their pockets. The " Reading for Understanding " pro- gram is given every Friday. Alma Linda Davis and Janie Crawford select the reading level for each student in Eng- lish H. With the aid of the tape recorder, record player and film strips, the French II class finds French more interesting and under- standable. S3 MATHEMATICS TRAINS THE MIND FOR EFFICIENCY AT HOME AND IN BUSINESS. Albert, Jerome, and Braxton discuss how to bisect a triangle. MR. CHARLES BOYKIN A.B., Atlantic Christian College Math Algebra II students find it takes real concentration to understand its complexities. Anna, Jean, and Bernice busily prepare their math homework because they know that math is needed in almost every type of work today. Mrs. Elizabeth Scott, Chemistry class performs its first experiment, B. S. , East Carolina Col- that of making oxygen, lege; General Science and Chemistry; Science Club Advisor. SCIENCE, THE KEY TO THE FUTURE, PROVIDES KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIVERSE AND ITS INHABITANTS. Biology students, Ceil, Ann, and Larry risk poison ivy and wet feet as they collect plants and water life on their field trip. Mr. Eugene Morris, A.B., Atlantic Christian College; Biology, Student Association Advisor. In their world history class Nellie, Jimmy and Roseita mark the changes in names of territories from ancient times to the present. SOCIAL STUDIES AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILD HEALTHY, CONSCIENTIOUS CITIZENS - -THE FOUNDATION OF A STRONG AMERICA. Mr. Darwin Williams, B. S. , Atlantic Christian College, Social Studies and Physical Education, Coach, Warrior ' s Club Advisor. Janice and Faye study the human skele- ton in health class which meets two days a week. During the Kennedy -Nixon campaigns, world history and U. S. history students climax their debates and discussions by voting. In Freshman physical ed. , which meets three days a week, students learn a variety of games. Here Fred and Mickey limber up by taking calisthenics. Mrs. Elizabeth Scott, B. S. , East Carolina Col- lege, Home Economics, F.H.A. Advisor, Senior Play and Trip Advisor. In first year home economics Edna ap- plies make-up on Christine as a part of their personal grooming unit. HOME ECONOMICS OFFERS CLASSROOM WORK AND PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE IN THE ART OF HOMEMAKING. Peggy Winders, a third year girl, enjoys making a suit. Girls, you will be lucky to get one of these boys. During their week of home economics the boys studied cooking, color harmony and family relation. Second year home economics girls find a unit in home nursing interesting as well as practical. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEVELOPS AND ESTABLISHES STUDENTS IN FARMING. MR. JESSIE GRIMES B. S. , North Carolina State College Guidance, F. F. A. Advisor Scottie delivers his speech pertaining to some phase of agriculture, which was a project for all second, third and fourth year students. The F.F. A. fair booth placed first in the county this year. John Wayne puts the finishing touch on his bookcase made in the shop. ■■■■■■ - ■ y " : " . One week in the shop proved fascinating to these girls. Miss Velma Holt, B. A. , " Put this as a debit and this as a credit to make your Meredith College, Junior- books balance, " Sue informs Jerome. Senior Banquet Advisor; Yearbook Typist Advisor. COMMERCIAL TRAINING LEADS TO BETTER BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. In general business Frances learns the correct way to make a telephone call while Geneva uses the checkwriting machine. Iris and Betsy illustrate how to write, ' Shorthand always proves to be exciting. " " Will I ever learn to make these fingers work on all these keys? " wonders Carol as do all first year typing students. The typing class under Miss Holt ' s direction has rendered a real service by the tremendous amount of time spent in class and study hall typing sheets for our yearbook. For this service, we express a sincere " Thank you. " Drivers ' Education is taught this year by Mr. R. V. Mason who attended State College and has an Industrial Arts Degree. The Nahunta School was formed in 1917 by the consolidation of Oak Plains and Edgewood School, both one- teacher schools. The school was originally located west of the present school site. A few years later Pleasant Hill and Gurley Schools were consolidated into Cogdell school; which became a part of Nahunta in 1924. This left only Aycock School and it was consolidated with Nahunta some 18 to 20 years ago. The first session at Nahunta School was from the fall of 1917 to the spring of 1918. There were between 60 and 75 students. Mr. Earl Pearson was principal of the first graduating class in 1923, which was composed of J. Clee Davis, Priscilla Stuckey, Sallie Lee Peele and Albert Smith. In 1924 Mr. Robertson was principal with only one senior graduating, Ralph Edgerton. Graduating in 1925 were seven seniors with Mr. Ben A. Scott, principal. Mr. Scott also served as principal in 1926. The brick part of the building was added in 1926 and 1927. Mr. Earl Edgerton became principal in 1927 and served for two years. Before becoming principal Mr. Edgerton taught at Nahunta. In 1929 Mr. C. R. Lewis became principal and served for 17 years. The teacherage and principal ' s home were built in 1947. - ' ■ ' -- " . ' ji The above right picture, the present back of the building which was once the front. The principal ' s home at the left was built in 1947. At the lower right, is the teacherage which was built in 1947 and in which three teach- ers now have apartments. 4 s fe The lunchroom was built in 1948. The gym was built in 1949. The agriculture building was once the teacherage. The lunchroom was added in 1948. In 1949 the gym was started. Although county funds were not sufficient for completing it, the people of the community raised the money for the completion. In 1947 Mr. Bill Bryson became principal and served three years being followed by Mr. Preston Hollowell for a three - year period. Mr. Harry Beard, who was principal for two years, came in 1955. Mr. David G. Green came in 1957 and was principal for the next three years. This brings the school history up to the present. Mr. Eugene Morris comes to us from Pitt County to serve as principal. A history of Nahunta School would not be complete without Mr. Milfred Aycock. At a meeting of the Nahunta Community Club in November of 1953, Mr. Aycock was presented a gold pocket watch. This watch, given by the people of the community, was inscribed on the back, " To Milfred Aycock - - for services to the Nahunta Community - - 1910 - - 1953. Mr. Milfred served on the Na- hunta School Board for 40 years. For 37 years he was chairman. He retired from the Wayne County Board of Elections as secretary, after 30 years of service. Without a doubt, this is the last year of a high school at Na- hunta. The consolidation plan for the northern part of Wayne County includes Nahunta. Our school has always been the center of community progress. From the first graduating class in 1923 to the last in 1961, the com- munity has worked together to move forward. The fact that a great per- cent of graduates have settled in the community, some after higher education, and some immediately after high school, is an indication of the community spirit and de- votion. RETIRES FROM SCHOOL BOARD — Milford Aycock, center, has retired from the Board of the 1 hunta school after serving for 37 years. He was honored at a community meeting held at the school 1 night. Senator Hardy Talton, left, is shown presenting Mr. Aycock with a gold wateh bearing this scription — " To Milford Aycock for services rendered to Nahunta School and- community, 1910—195: Others pictured are Mr. Aycock ' s wife, right; R. S. Proctor, superintendent of ' county schools, secc from right, who spoke at the meeting; and Clee Davis, chairman of the school board, second from 1 (News-Argus pho (Re print from news article on Tuesday, November 10, 1953) i Miss Elizabeth Lewis, guidance director, helps students make de- cisions regarding vocations. Community Club officers: Pres- ident, Molton Gurley; Vice-Pres- ident, Darius Holland; Secretary, Edna Thomas. Community Club helps sponsor Halloween Carnival in order to provide additional school needs. Our elementary super- visor, Mr. Ray Anderson, calls on teachers often to give supervision. Special Ceaders Qive Vital Service Our new speech therapist, Mrs. Lucille Holland, works with stu- dents in grades 2-8 who need help with speech problems. Under the direction of Mrs. Elmer Rack- ley, each grade has public school music. She also directs Junior and Senior Glee Clubs, which meet one hour a week. Mrs. Alice Loftin, County Librarian, orders and cata- logs books for our enjoyment. On Monday and Thurs- day Mrs. Corinne Selby teaches piano. Recitals are given in December Senior officers adjust telescope in order to get a vision of the future. President J. RAY MOORING Vice-President ALBERT PIERCE Secretary SHIRLEY BAKER Treasurer IRIS FERRELL Don, Lillian, and Betsy discuss plans for the Senior Washington and New York trip on March 27 - 31. These Seniors in- vestigate college bul- letins in order to make a wise choice. Seniors JANICE FA YE ANDERSON Class Officer 1,2,3; Cheer- leader 1,2; Glee Club 1,4; Representative in Miss Holiday Season Contest; Librarian 4; F.H. A. 1,2,3,4; Officer 3; Warriors ' Club 4; Science Club 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Yearbook Staff; Junior, Chap- ter, and State Degrees, Stud- ent Council 4; Officer 4. SHIRLEY JEAN BAKER F.H. A. 1,2,3,4; Officer 4, Junior, Chapter, and State De- grees; Science Club 3,4; Of- ficer 3; Student Council Rep- resentative 2; Librarian 4; Class Officer 2,4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Mar- shall; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Beta Club 3,4. LARRY STEVE AYCOCK Warriors ' Club 4; F. F. A. 1,2, 3,4; Officer 4; Science Club 4; Yearbook Staff; Junior Play; Senior Play; Stage Manager. SUSIE JANE BAKER F. H. A. 1, 2, 3; Librarian , 3. i Seniors BRAXTON HOWARD BELL Senior Play; 4-H Club 1,2,3, 4; F. F. A. 1,2; Public Speak- ing Winner; Farm Mechanics Award; Class Officer 2; Stud- ent Council 1; Substitute Bus Driver 3, 4; World Peace Essay Winner 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Bas- ketball 1,3,4; Yearbook Staff; Science Club 3,4; Athletic Association 1,2,3,4. LLOYD ROSE BEDFORD F. F. A. 1; 4-H Club 1; Sub- stitute Bus Driver 3, 4; Usher Junior and Senior Plays; Sci- ence Club 4. LILLIAN CAROL DAVIS Chief Marshal; Beta Club 3,4, Officer 3,4; 4-H Club 1,2,3, 4, Officer 1,2,3,4, County Council Officer 3, 4; F. H. A. 1,2,3,4, Officer 2, 3, 4, Coun- ty Officer 3; Junior, Chapter, and State Degrees; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Waitress Father - Son Banquet 2; Science Club 3,4, Officer 3; Warriors ' Club 1,2, 3,4, Officer 2; Scorekeeper 4; Class Officer 2; Junior and Sen- ior Plays; Student Council Rep- resentative 1,2, Officer 3; Fomes Citizenship Winner 2,3; D. A. R. Citizenship Winner 4; Farm Bureau Essay County Win- ner; World History Award 2; Woodman of the World U. S. History Award 3; Miss Chief- tain. IRIS GRAY FERRELL F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3,4; Glee Club 2,3; Librarian 1; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Officer 1,3,4; Substitute Bus Driver 3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal; Yearbook Staff. i 196 ANNIE SUE HORNE F.H. A. 1,2,3,4; Officer 2: Junior, Chapter, and State De- grees; Music Club 2,3; Band 1; Basketball 2; Warriors ' Club 1, 2,3; Beta Club 3,4; Officer 3; Class Officer 1, 4; Librarian 4; Junior Play, Student Director; Senior Play; Science Club 3, 4; Marshall; Yearbook Staff; Wait- ress Father - Son Banquet 2; Glee Club 1,2. JOSEPH RAY MOORING, JR. F. F. A. 1, 2; Warriors ' Club 1, 2,3,4; Officer ' 4; Science Club 3,4; Substitute Bus Driver 3; Bus Driver 4; Class Officer 2, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3,4; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Jun- ior Play; Marshal. ROBERT JEROME HOOKS Baseball 1,2,3,4; Substitute Bus Driver 3; Bus Driver 4; War- riors ' Club 1,2,3,4; 4-H Club 3,4; F. F. A. 1,2; Science Club 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Yearbook Staff; Student Coun- cil Representative 3. DONOVAN BAGLEY MORRIS, JR. Yearbook Staff; F. F. A. 1, 2, 3; Student Council Representative 1,2; Officer 3,4; Class Officer 1,2,3; Substitute Bus Driver 3; Bus Driver 4; 4-H Club 1,2,3, 4; Officer 4; Warriors ' Club 1, 2,3,4; Announcer 2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; Sen- ior Play; Band 1,2, Science Club 3,4; Mr. Chieftain. Seniors DORIS MARIE PARNELL F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4; Junior, Chap ter and State Degrees in F. H. A. ; Science Club 3,4; Librar- ian 3; Usher at Junior Play; Student Director and Usher at Senior Play; 4-H Club 4. LINDA ELVIRA SASSER Yearbook Staff; Cheerleader 8,2, Assistant Head 3, Head 4; Warriors ' Club 1,2,3,4; F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4; Junior, Chap- ter and State Degrees in F. H. A. ; Music Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Class Officer 2; Librarian 4; Science Club 3, 4; Waitress for Father - Son Banquet 2; Junior Play, Senior Play; Bus Driver 4; Sub. 3; 4-H Club 4. ALBERT FELTON PIERCE Baseball 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2; Warriors ' Club 1,2,3,4; Offi- cer 4; Beta Club 3,4; Officer 4; Science Club 3,4; Officer 3; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Officer 1,2,3,4; Student Council Re- presentative 4; Bus Driver 4; Sub. 3; Yearbook Staff 4; F. F. A. 1, 2, 3; Class President 1, 3; Halloween King 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Marshal 3; County Council Officer 3,4; Basketball Manager 4. BETSY ANN THOMAS Yearbook Staff; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Softball 3; Warriors ' Club 1,2,3,4; Bus Driver 4; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior, Ch- apter, State Degrees, Officer, County Officer 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Student Council 1, 3; Class Officer 3; Librarian 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Waitress for Father - Son Banquet 1; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Officer 1,2,3, 4. € 3 MASCOTS DURWIN HAWLEY TREVA HOWELL son of daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Hawley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Howell Several pre -school students were invited to spend part of the day with the seniors prior to Mascots ' being selected. They will take part in commencement activities. Baccalaureate Graduation May 28, 1961 May 31, 1961 SCHOOL SONG 8: ° 0P - M " There ' s a dear old school Nahunta To us it is a dear one Where our love and truth and friendship Will never never die; Where the people are so friendly Our thoughts go back there daily To the school we love so dearly As we work there day by day. As old glory flies above her With her colors brightly gleaming There the folks are ever happy As the birds in sweet spring time Forget Nahunta? Never! Our school we ' ll cheer forever; Her fame we ' ll always cherish As the years keep rolling on — CHORUS Where the dogwood trees are blooming And the skies are always blue To our high school alma mater We will ever be so true. And the moment that we ' re near her With a joyous shout we ' ll greet her For there ' s not a school can beat her For our hearts are young and gay. Senior Activity With study, extracurricular ac- tivities, and relaxation, we seniors have had a glorious year. After writing a world peace essay last year, Shirley, Braxton, and Doris realize it takes stacks and stacks of books to find enough material. " Please don ' t get lost in New York, Lillian, " warns Alma Linda as Lillian packs. " Wait! Wait! " says Miss Holt to Susie and Lloyd, " you have one more exercise to finish in bookkeeping before you get this diploma. " Jerome, Braxton and Don are caught off guard at the break. Will some of these seniors ever become dignified? Albert and Braxton prove boys can do a good job of decorating by doing so for the senior Christ- mas party which was December 23. — a November 4, was a nervous night for the seniors when they presented their play, " Hot Ice. " February 12 was a gala day which marked the completion of the work on the yearbook begun last June. Junior officers look at the blueprint of the new school which they will attend next year. President JIMMY EDGERTON Vice-President JOE BAKER Secretary ELIZABETH MORRIS Treasurer FAYE HALL Francis explains to some of the Juniors the magazine drive, which was one of their money -making proj- ects. Before class Maxine and Sue converse as do other students. Just now Sue and Brenda don ' t seem concerned about the books they have. But they really have had some difficult subjects this year. Lillian fills out a yearbook subscription for Larry Howell. Jimmy Anderson Rna r A vcnpU L KJ A y V_. 1 Cecil Boswell i 1 Elbert Boswell Tanie f rawfnrH j uiib vlavviuiu Alma Linda Davis Anna Edgerton Nellie Evans Patricia Fields ■ Linda Gardner Kay Godfrey Larry Howell Roseita Jordan Jesse Lee Mary Jo Parrish » - z 1 Ed Radford Grace Sasser Harry Sasser Freshman officers keep abreast of times by examining small cars. President J. K. HORNE Vice-President MICKEY WADDELL Secretary ANNE VICK Treasurer FAYE KIRBY Reporter FRED BAKER Representative JACKIE GINN Freshman girls show off their bonnets and humerous attire used during F. H. A. initation. Some Freshman students discover the boundless helps available in a li- brary. Joan, Rebekah, and Betty take aptitude tests in order to find where they are best fit- ted In life. Edna Rose Aycock Anna Baker Fred Baker Jesse Bass Neily Bissette Glenn Crawford Christine Ferrell Jackie Ginn Kenneth Hales Bernice Hinnant Bonnie Faye Holland J. K. Home Sandra Howell Judy Jordan Faye Kirby Hiawatha Langley Janice Merritt MOST TALENTED Shirley Baker I III Don Morris You, Shirley, have demonstrated talent in singing, drawing, and writing; while you, Don, have talent in singing, playing the saxophone, M and drawing. MOST ATHLETIC Betsy Thomas Jerome Hooks You, Betsy, helped to make an outstanding bas- ketball team; and Jerome, a championship baseball team. BEST LOOKING Sue Home Steve Aycock Your neatness, good taste in dress, poise and dignity compliment your attractive physical fea- tures. MARSHALS Lillian Davis, Chief Iris Ferrell Shirley Baker J. Ray Mooring Sue Home Albert Pierce Marshals are chosen annually from the junior class because of their scholastic achievement. Marshals always serve during the commencement exercises. Homecoming $a Quiet everyone! May we present our 1960-61 Homecoming Queen, Elizabeth Morris, escorted by Steve Aycock. Two other girls, Linda Pittman, escorted by Linwood Rad- ford; and Maxine Whaley, escorted by Harry Sasser, were runner-ups. These girls were chosen by the Warriors Club to reign at the Homecoming basketball game with Eureka, December 13. " Shoot, Linwood, we are depending on you to bring up that score! " yells an excited spectator at the Homecoming Game. 1 Carolyn Lane displays her winsome smile as she places second in Miss Wayne County Fair Contest. She also represented us in the Miss Holiday Season Contest. Miss North Carolina of 1960, Judy Klipfel (right) crowned the queens. The highlight of the Halloween Carnival, sponsored by the Community Club, was the crown- ing of the kings and queens. Kings and queens were Joan Gooding and Dwight Elmore; Peggy Winders and Albert Pierce; Billie Jean Fields and Jay Howell. The proceeds from the carnival went into the general fund of the school treasury. For 33 years Mrs. Dora Fleming has been a familiar face at Nahunta. For many years, first graders knew her as Miss Collier. Later she moved to the third grade. Many students will remember her for her interest in music. . for " Now what did you want to tell me, Ray? " asks Mrs. Peacock, who always has had an interest in and love for each pupil she has taught. For 17 years, students at Nahunta have had the joy of learning to live together as one big family under her guid- ance. Devoted Service Zhrough When students hear the fact that Colum- bus discovered America, their minds travel back to the fifth grade when Mrs. Louise Lewis gave them their first introduction to history. For 16 years students each year here have learned to appreciate the informa- tion revealed by Mrs. Lewis. the years. Each student will always remember the times each week he had the opportunity to express his creative art abilities under the competent direction of Mrs. Mozelle Gur- ley. She began teaching here 20 years ago as Miss Ricks. Her entire teaching career has been spent at Nahunta. u MRS. HETTIE SASSER East Carolina College Atlantic Christian College 2 Years Normal First Grade MRS. NEDRA OAKLEY Montreat College Asheville College A.B. Degree First Grade Elementary Zeackers MRS. DORA FLEMING East Carolina College Atlantic Christian College A.B. Degree Third Grade MRS. EVA WOOTEN Atlantic Christian College A.B. Degree Fourth Grade MRS. MOZELLE GURLEY Atlantic Christian College A.B. Degree Sixth Grade MRS. COLLEEN SASSER Atlantic Christian College East Carolina College A.B. Degree Seventh Grade MRS. BERTHA PEACOCK Madison College Atlantic Christian College A.B. Degree Second Grade MRS. LOUISE LEWIS Atlantic Christian College A.B. Degree Fifth Grade MISS ANN WEBB Atlantic Christian College B.S. Degree Eighth Grade Mrs. Oakley ' s first grade finds reading a fascinating dis- covery. Mrs. Sasser ' s first grade learns to play and get along with others. Elementary Activity Mrs. Peacock teaches her second grade how to tell time. Mrs. Fleming ' s third grade learns to appreciate music. The fourth grade begins its first study of geography. Mrs. Lewis ' class enjoys making attractive bulletin boards. Mrs. Gurley ' s group earns Red Cross pins by completing a first aid course. The seventh grade gets a good foun- dation in math. 1 i Miss Webb ' s class finds its science kit a help in discover- ing our scientific age. ft n Carolyn Aycock Wayne Aycock Brenda Bedford Shelton Benton Ruth Best 41 ft V V.. SfJ ' vi? V Sylvia Combs Elbert Crawford Dwight Elmore Timothy Fail Pearl Grantham I i ft 1 i Susie Gurganus Johnny Gurley Peggy Hinnant Ann Holland Ray Howell Final preparation for high school - - Eighth grade graduation Eighth Qrade Ricky Howell James Maples Eutice Mayo George Morris Dianne Overman Faye Overman Frankie Parrish Jane Pittman Cleo Pope Cheryl Pierce Barbara Sasser Edith Sasser Faye Sasser Frances Sasser Judy Sasser Cyrus Talton Donald Thomas Jerry Wayne Waddell Linda Wade Janice Wilson _____ — , . — . — , . — . -J f -Hv n_ BB_____________M______ni , c 7 ! 1 a? JT _ f- ; t , t 1 - j • ' " 1 Billy Anderson Michael Aycock Rudine Aycock Sarah Benton Janice Clayton Lloyd Cox Albert Crawford Douglas Edgerton Carolyn Elmore Faye Evans Ed Ferrell Glenn Ferrell Kenneth Godfrey Joan Gooding Joyce Ann Gurganus Faye Gurley Carl Hales William Hinnant Henry Holland Betsy Howell Sue Howell Geneva Jones Harold Jordan Phyllis Lancaster Diagraming sentences - - U. S. History - - Basketball Seventh Qrade Melody Lane Dennis Mooring Linda Overman Marshal Turner (Absent) VMS Wayne Pittmari Cindy Pope Marshall Pope Priscilla Tucker Cherry Rose Larry Sasser Roy Sasser Judy Smith Jimmy Sullivan Betty Wells Judy Whaley Ricky Winders A 14 1 ilCl a m ilL -■»■ w- m V Iliv i o i 0 Donald Anderson Linwood Anderson Sandra Aycock Linda Ann Barnes Wilbert Best Jimmy Crawford Bobby Crocker Danny Combs Charles Corbitt Ken Corbitt Jesse Earl Ferrell LaVerne Gooding Brenda Kay Gurley Gail Gurley Lillian Hinnant Albert Holland Butch Holland James Home Ray Harrell Christine Jordan Ancient history - - Decimal fractions - - Art Sixth Qrade Joyce Jordan Lois Jordan Ollie Ray Lancaster Ronnie Lancaster David Earl Lewis Ruth Mooring Dee Ann Newsome David Odom John Pate Patricia Phillips Randy Phillips Phyllis Pike Ashley Price Brenda Price Curtis Waddell Rodney Waddell Charles Wade Jerry Wells Donnie Wilson Phillip Aycock Linda Bailey Gerald Bedford Patricia Carter Danny Daughtry Kenneth Evans Donald Ferrell Shelton Ginn Sheila Hales Anthony Holland 1 History - Fractions in Arithmetic - Health Kay Johnson Sam Lane Dale Maples Sue Minshew Clarence Myers James Pate Patricia Pate Vic Pierce Peggy Pittman Guy Sasser Margaret Shallington Charlie Smith Becky Sullivan Kay Tucker Donnie Turner Sandra Wilson M n Debbie Aycock Elaine Aycock Laverne Aycock Donna Brown Billy Carter Robert Clayton Inez Conner Larry Crawford Mike Edgerton Dan Gurley Melvin Holland Donald Howell Roy Jones Sandra Jones Dianne Jordan Georgraphy - - Dividing in numbers - - Science fourth Qrade Aileen Lancaster Jerry Lancaster Joyce Lee Larry Odom Worth Overman Anthony Peele Jimmy Phillips Wilma Pittman Bradley Price Jackie Pullen Jimmy Smith Bob Strickland Janie Sullivan Edward Walston Keith Wells - ■ Lou Ann Bissette Sue Nan Bissette Joyce Brown Dennis Collier Linda Connor Sammy Crocker Allan Cuddington Jill Daughtry Jean Edgerton Pat Edgerton Diane Ferrell Durwood Ferrell Gayle Ferrell Jeff Grimes James Gurganus Larry Gurganus Elaine Gurley Language - - Writing - - Carrying in numbers Zkird Qrade Rudolph Jones Gerald Lancaster Jerry Lane Bobby Maples Stevie Minchew John Myers Vickie Odom Gary Pittman Janet Pittman Jackie Radford Eugene Sasser Javita Waddell Brenda Wells Karene Whaley Albert Williford Glenda Holland Wanda Holland Jay Howell Benny Sullivan (Absent) is, sm ji. di •: ' as£« A Addition - - Subtraction - - Spelling Frankie Aycock Reed Aycock Carol Barnes Ricky Best Judy Bizzell Peggy Bridgers Barbara Cox David Dixon Bonnie Elmore Billie Jean Fields Nit a Gardner Diane Gay Vickie Gurley Linda Hales William Harrell Steve Hawley Bill Holland Ray Howell Beverly Justice (Absent) Second Qrade Rose Mooring Marilyn Parrish Diana Pate Gregory Peele Kay Phillips Robert Pittman Cathy Sullivan Rose Tucker Deborah Waddell Jackie Waddell Linda Wells Ray Wells Gerald Whichard Earl w mifm-fl Nathan Williford Linda Jordan Carla Dean Lane f 1 J 3f Greta Aycock Susan Aycock Judy Cox Judy Faye Cox David Fields Elroy Hales Chris Lane Craig Lane Jean Maples Eddie Joe Mooring Randy Pate Diane Myers Joe Pope Eddie Sasser Sammy Sasser Sandra Smith Mrs. Oakley ' s Tirst Qradc The thrill of learning to recognize words, to make letters and numbers- -and to get along with many people at school. Mrs. Sasser ' s Tirst Qrade Royce Aycock Brenda Bailey Jerry Bizzell Jo Anne Conner Alvin Cox David Evans David Gardner David Grimes Deborah Gurganus Danny Kirby Deborah Lancaster Kay Lee Larry Overman Nola Pittman Doris Marie Pope Earnest Tucker Danny Wells Kenneth Williford 2 5 ! im IS ! I- ■ it M.M m I . f fa Grammar grades re- ceive experience from chapel programs. 1960-61 F. H. A. officers were installed at the beginning of this year. Using F. H. A. colors of red and white made the program impressive. " How long will this keep up? " This may happen in study hall, but there is always very much studying to be done after everyone gets settled. Cold nights! This doesn ' t keep the young or the old from going to see Nahunta play a basketball game. " Would you like to see me pull a rabbit out of my hat? " Hearing this question, students strain their eyes to follow the quick hand of the magi- cian. Juniors and Seniors look forward to climaxing the school year with class night activities. Mr. Morris Advisor Don Morris President Mickey Waddell Peggy Winders Jackie Ginn Albert Pierce Linda Sasser Janice Anderson Treasurer Patricia Fields Janie Crawford Elizabeth Morris Vice-President Joe Baker Maxine Whaley Secretary The Student Council, composed of representatives from homerooms, discusses the problems and constructive ideas for the school and makes decisions. Student Council Students enjoyed having Dickie Pierce, first president of the Student Council here, show slides and talk about his trip to Belgium as an International Farm Youth Exchange student. All high school students enjoyed a joint Christmas party, with a program based on " Star of the East, " and several Christmas songs, this was sponsored by the Student Council in the gym. Refreshments were served. Ma Club OFFICERS President: Lillian Davis Vice-President: Albert Pierce Secretary: Sue Peacock Treasurer: Shirley Baker Advisor: Mrs. Gurley In spite of the chilly wind, students gave their attention to the flag that was being raised during the playing of the national anthem. This and speeches on citizenship were a part of the Veter- an ' s day program sponsored by the Beta Club. Lillian, Sue, Maxine, Elizabeth, and Linda set up games for Progressive Game Night. To be a member of the Beta Club, one must have attained a scholastic average of 88 and be outstand- ing in character and service. Members are tapped in at the end of their sophomore year or at the time thereafter when they meet the standard. Sue and Albert decorate the Woman ' s Club for a joint meet- ing with Pikeville and Eureka where plans for the club in the new school were discussed. OFFICERS Treasurer Shirley Baker Historian Francis Hardison President Lillian Davis Vice-President Elizabeth Morris Secretary Alma Linda Davis Parliamentarian Janie Crawford Reporter Linda Pittman Pianist Jane Sasser Advisor Mrs. Scott Jut urc Momemakers of Africa Future Homemakers of America strive to improve personal, family, and community living. An example of their projects is selling cards. Part of the money raised is used to give Bibles to needy families at Thanks- giving. It also helps to finance the Mother - Daughter Banquet. Beau HARRY SASSER Janice, Linda, Lillian, Shirley, Doris, Sue, and Betsy are looking at a kit and deciding what part each will take in a Civil Defense program as one of their goals toward getting their State Homemaker Degree. " I ' ve got the back seat, " yells Carol to the others, as the F. H. A. and F. F. A. leave for the State Fair. " Cards and more cards! How will we ever sell them? " Mrs. Scott discusses with Sue Home, high salesman, the fact that more cards were sold this year than in prior years. OFFICERS Advisor Mr. Grimes Vice-President Scottie Hooks President Steve Aycock Treasurer Joe Baker Secretary Harry Sasser Reporter Jimmie Edgerton future tamers of Africa Future Farmers of America fol- low the motto: Learning to do . . Doing to learn, Living to serve, and Earning to live. Taking tours of fellow members ' farms and repairing farm equip- ment give F. F. A. members a more complete understanding of agricul- tural work. The boys also become efficient in proper parliamentary procedure. They have had contests for tool identification and livestock judging, and public speaking. Sweetheart REBEKAH WHALEY Members of the Nahunta 4-H Club obtain valuable knowledge through the many projects the club has to offer. Local members winning county -wide awards were Elizabeth Morris, Don Morris, Albert Pierce, Cheryle Pierce, Alma Linda Davis, Lillian Davis, Dennis Mooring, Douglas Edgerton, Jr. Each summer members enjoy attending 4-H camp and 4-H Club Week in Raleigh. OFFICERS President Don Morris Vice-President Albert Pierce Secretary-Treasurer Alma Linda Davis Song Leader Lillian Davis Historian Cheryle Pierce Pianist Mary Lee Sasser Reporters Betsy Thomas Elizabeth Morris Advisors Miss Fagan Mr. Spake 4-M Club " Do I have to do all these things to fill out a Home Improvement record book? " Doris asks Lillian. 4-H CLUB Combines Fun, Fellowship, Work and Better Rural Living. JUNIOR OFFICERS President Douglas Edgerton, Jr. Vice-President Cherry Rose Secretary -Treasurer Dennis Mooring Reporter Melody Lane (absent) Pianist Rudine Aycock Miss Margaret Clark presents the 4-H trophy for the most outstanding club in the county to Lillian Davis, who served the club as President for 1959-60. mam Science Science Club gives scientific minded students an opportunity to pry further into the wonders of the scientific age. To be a member, the student must have completed two years of science and be a Jun- ior or Senior. Club President: Albert Pierce Vice-President; Joe Baker Secretary -Treasurer: Linda Pittman Program Chairmen: Lillian Davis and Shirley Baker Advisor; Mrs. Scott After several rats and the guinea pig died, Lillian and J. Ray had only three rats left for their science experiment. Finger printing was one of the many projects displayed at the Science Fair in March. N56 Senior Glee Club, made up of interested high school students, meets one day a week at a regular class period. This period is rotated during the year. (J lee Club Combines Joy of Singing with Musical Expression The Glee Club practices under the direction of Mrs. Elmer Rackley. The Junior Glee Club, made up of stu- dents from sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, meets weekly. Each grammar grade has two thirty -minute periods a week for public school music. Songs learned are often used for assembly and community pro- grams. Uus T r ' wers Bus drivers run out at lunch to see what mechanic Morgan did to Albert ' s bus. Our bus drivers have a good safety record. Jerome Hooks 86 Betsy Thomas 34 Billy Holland 65 Albert Pierce 10 Linda Sasser 59 J. Ray Mooring 7 Don Morris 105 Student librarians have part in checking out books and preparing the bulletin boards. They pre sented an assembly r- gram during Book -week. The librarians this year are: Janie, Alma Linda, Linda S. , Bonnie Afrs. e A. , Shirley, Brenda, Sue H. , Betty, Faye, Janice T. , Anna. Indian Squaws Efforts of seventeen Indians comprise the feminine side of Nahunta ' s sports program. FIRST ROW: Betsy Thomas, Geneva Edgerton, Elizabeth Morris, Linda Pittman, Maxine Whaley, Linda Bunn. STAND- ING: Patsy Strickland, Rebe- kah Whaley, Betty Overman, Faye Kirby, Mary Lee Sasser, Edna Rose Aycock, Anna Edgerton, Patricia Fields, Jane Sasser, Grace Sasser, Mr. Williams, Coach. SCHEDULE Team Home Visitor Fremont 11 28 Eureka 66 53 Pikeville 78 58 Rosewood 41 33 Fremont 31 33 Eureka 52 32 Pikeville 53 39 Rosewood 45 36 The girls have won 8 practice games and lost 1. These make-up the starting line-up for the girls ' team. Elizabeth Morris and Linda Pittman act The girls arrive early to as co -captains for the girls. warm-up before the game. Braves The boys arrive early to warm-up before the game as they usually do. SCHEDULE Team Home Visitor Fremont 50 36 Eureka 48 50 Pikeville 37 34 Rosewood 59 38 Fremont 47 27 Eureka 33 43 Pikeville 49 40 Rosewood 51 40 The boys have won 7 practice games and lost 2. Linwood Radford, J. Ray Moor- ing, Jerry Waddell, Braxton Bell, Roger Aycock, A. W. Aycock, J. K. Home, Marion Pittman, Jimmy Edgerton, Harry Sasser, Mr. Will- iams, Coach. Faye Hall; Carolyn Lane; Janie Crawford; Sue Peacock; Alma Linda Davis; Frances Hardison, Brenda Mooring; Linda Sasser, Head Cheerleader. Cheerleaders KNEELING: J. K. Home, Harry Sasser, Albert Pierce, Roger Aycock. STANDING: Jerome Hooks, Jerry Waddell, Elbert Bos- well, Lin wood Rad- ford, Scottie Hooks, Marion Pittman, Mickey Waddell, Coach Mr. Williams. baseball Jerome Hooks, as short- stop takes a successful throw to first base. Nahunta has always been outstanding in athletics. For the past four years we have been county cham- pions in baseball. Last year the team enjoyed a long season, since it was county, district, and regional winners. In the Eastern finals they lost to Lucama, thus placing in the top four in Class A. Although seniors of 1960 will not be part of this year ' s team, we still have Radford ' s pitching ability, Sasseras catcher; Jerome and Scottie Hooks, Pierce, and Pittman as veterans of last year ' s winning team. The county is divided into Northern and Southern Conference as in basketball. Thus the school plays an average of ten games. This year the new rule limits baseball to county games. Linwood, Harry, Roger, and Scottie discuss strategy. Harry Sasser fields in a ground ball. Albert Pierce gets set for the next pitch. The Warriors ' Club is made up of members of sports teams and others who have a definite interest in athletics. Advisor MR. DARWIN WILLIAMS President ALBERT PIERCE Vice-President J. RAY MOORING Reporter SUE PEACOCK Secretary MAXINE WHALEY Treasurer ALMA LINDA DAVIS Warriors ' Club Since the year 1949 Nahunta boys ' and girls ' teams have won eleven trophies in basketball. Of these the girls have won 2 county -championships and 1 runner-up, while the boys have won 4 county cham- pionships and 4 runner-ups. In 1941 the girls won county championship. Both boys and girls were county cham- pions last year and are looking forward to another highly successful season. These accomplishments have been due to the hustling of a well-balanced team rather man performance of an individual star. Also a community which backs sports has been an asset. The Student -Faculty game provided fun for everyone as well as money for the War- riors ' Club. ADVERTISERS FREMO NT MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE, INC. New and Used Cars Phone 263-6 Fremont, N. C. BRUCE ' S ARMOUR FERTILIZERS HOT DOG STAND Good Food of All Kinds HARRY DUE, Agency Wilson, N. C. Wilson, N. C. HOOKS BROTHERS S. W. MILLING CO. Hardware and General Custom Grinding Supplies and Mixing Phone 24-2-6366 Phone 253-1 Fremont, N. C. j Fremont, N. C. BROOM MOTOR CO. Phone RE 4-082 5 N. John St. Goldsboro, N. C. PIKEVILLE OIL CO. Mobil Oil Products Pikeville, N. C. FREMONT WHOLESALE CORPORATION Paints - Building Supplies Coal Distributor s Petroleum Products Phone 242-6611 Fremont, N. C. HUB Goldsboro, N. C. Phone RE 4-5436 PRICE SUPER MARKET Fancy Groceries - Choice Meats Frozen Vegetables Smile awhile and while you smile Another smiles, And soon there are miles of smiles, And life ' s worth while, because you smile, Smile your worries away. The Biggest Little Store in Town Fremont, N. C. H. M. GRIZZARD CO. " We Serve You From the Cradle to the Grave " Kenly, N. C. NAHUNTA HOG MARKET AND SLAUGHTER HOUSE J. DOBBIN BAILEY GENERAL MERCHANT Zenith TV and Frigidaire Products ! Kenly, N. C. Live Hog Buyers Near Nahunta School " We Buy Hogs Every Day " Phone 2108, Fremont, N. C. Compliments [ WOODARD §§ DRUGSTORE Princeton, N. C. Shop With Confidence at LEDER ' S, INC. Wear With Pride Goldsboro, N. C. MASSEY ' S JEWELERS " We Specialize 3 ! HELEN ' S BEAUTY SHOP Operated by MRS. AARON HALES Phone RE 4-376 Located in Wachovia Bank, Room 613 Goldsboro, N. C. in Engraved SSSSj ' ' yV» fW r F Wedding Invitations and Announcements S» V i SsS Dial 2 351 ra P £=s Princeton, N. C. GRIFFIN ' S BARBECUE " The Best in Food " S. George St Goldsboro, N. C. TALTON ' S DRUG STORE Kenly, N. C. Your Friendly Store SINCLAIR REFINING CO. E. LEWIS BRYAN, Manager Goldsboro, N. C. Bus. RE 5-0774 Gasoline Curing Oils Lubricants THE LUCAMA-KENLY AND BAILEY BANK Safe - Sound - Dependable Service Member F. D. I. C. Kenly, N. C. YOUNG FASHIONS Infants Through Pre- Teens Clothes Gift and Novelties Items Goldsboro, N. C. NEW PLANTERS WAREHOUSE RAINS MILLING COMPANY, INC. Cotton Ginning Milling and Grain Buyers River Valley Products Princeton, N. C. Sell Tobacco Where Prices Are Highest Wilson, N. C. Phone 237-2827 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Be Sociable Have a Pepsi Selma, N. C. PATE ' S SERVICE STATION Kendall Lubrication Goodyear Tires Phone 242-3752 Pikeville, N. C. FREMONT PHARMACY The Rexall Store Fremont, N. C. AYCOCK SELBY CO. Agents Mayo Curers Appliance s Paint Fertilizers Phone 242-6951 Fremont, N. C. FLEMING-VAIL OIL COMPANY Petroleum Products Phone 2085 Pikeville, N. C. COFFEE SHOP Milk Shakes - Hot Dogs Hamburgers Hwy. 117 Phone 242-3346 Fremont, North Carolina Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. " The Home of Values " Goldsboro, N. C. ALDON GURLEY GROCERY CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS Route 2, Pikeville, N. C GARRIS JEWELERS Your Local Jewelers 142 N. Center St. Goldsboro, N. C. CENTRE BRICK WAREHOUSE Wilson, N. C. Every Day Is Save -Money- Day at the Three Super Markets KENLY RED WHITE FOUR OAKS RED WHITE VINE EDWARDS In Princeton Stop In and Take a Look at What Is Being Offered You. Compliments of DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Goldsboro, N. C. HEILIG-MEYERS CO. " Sign of Quality in Home Furnishings " 138 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments of CAROLINA TRACTORS, INC. Mas s ey- Fergus on Phone RE 4-0781 Goldsboro, N. C. DEWEY BROS., INC. Founders, Machinists, Mill Supplies Metal Building Supplies Steel Fabricators Goldsboro, N. C. Complete Banking, Insurance, Trust and Farm Management Service BRANCH BANKING, AND TRUST CO. 1= Pikeville, N. C, Fremont, N. C. Member F. D. I. C. PARKER ' S-BARBECUE 5 5 Real Pit Barbecue Brunswick Stew Southern Fried Chicken U. S. Hwy. 301 Ph. 2370972 Wilson, N. C. WOOTEN OIL AND FUEL CO. Shell Petroleum Products 723 South George St. Goldsboro, N. C. Ph. 4-1357 BARNES AND TURNAGE TIRE SERVICE Recapping Fremont, N. C. RICHARD ' S JEWELERS 106 N. Center St. Goldsboro, N. C. Gifts for Every Occasion Diamonds Watches Stone Rings " Watch and Jewelry Repairs Electrical Appliances Deposit With AMERICAN BANK Goldsboro, N. C. We Pay 3% on Savings Member of Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. We Are Proud to Be Part of the Economic Growth and Development of Wayne County. WAYNE DAIRY COOPERATIVE, INC. Goldsboro, N. C. Owned and Operated by Local Dairy Farmers Students Enjoy Wayne Dairy Milk QUALITY BICYCLE SHOP Schwinn Bicycles Sales and Service Locks - Keys - Guns Lawn Mowers 209 N. John St. Phone RE 4-5478 COMMUNITY MOTORS CORP. Sales Service Goldsboro, N. C. Ph. RE 4-4391 Goldsboro, N. C. ISAACS-KAHN FURNITURE CO. , INC. " The Big Furniture Store on Center St. " 118-112 N. Center St. Goldsboro, N. C. BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY Member FDIC (i nine r r if f 1ST t UUIUd UUi Uj IN • v • GOODMAN GROCERY AND MARKET Heavy and Fancy Groceries Sherwin-Williams Paints Feeds and Poultry Phone 3812 Pikeville, N. C. WILLIAMS LINOLEUM CARPET SHOP 614 N. Madison Avenue Goldsboro, N. C. 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Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments Compliments of of CENTRAL LUNCH JOHNSON COTTON CO. Goldsboro, N. C. 132 E . Walnut St. BILL WILLIAMS Phone RE 5-3021 Goldsboro, N. C. BEDFORD HATCHERY AND FEED MILL Goldsboro, North Carolina Egg Marketing Service Custom Grinding and Mixing We Buy and Sell Grain Phone RE 4-3314 Baby Chicks SETH B. HOLLOWELL OIL CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of " TRI-COUNTY ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION " serving rural farms, homes, and businesses in Wilson, Wayne, Johnston, Lenoir, and Duplin Counties, MOTOR PARTS AND MACHINE SERVICE 1302 North Williams Street and 2520 East Ash Street Goldsboro, North Carolina CASH CORNER GROCERY Fresh Meats, Groceries Esso Gas and Oil GEORGE W. BALLANCE Owner and Prop. Phone 284-9456 Kenly, North Carolina GOLD PARK LAKE " Fun for Everyone " Skating and Swimming 4 Miles South of Goldsboro on U. S. 117 If It ' s Good Food You Want Visit CORNER GRILL Kenly, North Carolina GRIFFIN MOTOR CO. GRANGE INS. AGENCY 31 1 N. Center Street Goldsboro, N. C. i UWUcU ciilU Upci died Dy ww m DAN WARD ! Phone RE 4-2291 The Finest in Auto Service Since 1927 DUMAS GIDDcNb OIL CO. j- ij.t; rnjapiLd-i - aouaicy Farm Liability - Hail Be Sure With Pure Dedicated to the Service of Agriculture Goldsboro, N. C. JOHNNIE HOWELL, Agent Phone RE 4-4649 Dial RE 5-0571 Box 1106 Route 2, Pikeville, N. C. PIKEVILLE TOM PEACOCKS ' FEED MILL CO. Custom Grinding SANITARY MARKET and Mixing , Home of J. P. Feeds Phone 242-6751 Pikeville, N. C. Fremont, N. C. EDWARDS GROCERY WHITES if 1 II 1 TIRE SERVICE Eastern Carolina ' s Largest Fresh Meats Manufacturers of Recapped Tires and One-Day Service on All Sizes Fancy Groceries 520 x 13- 1600 x 24 See Us for New Armstrong Tires Phone 3811 Pikeville, N. C. Open 6 Full Days Each Week 1 HOWELL BROS. GROCERY Hardware - Meats Groceries - Seeds Paints - Feeds Pikeville, N. C. DRUGS ASH STREET PHARMACY Your Neighborhood Drug Store RE 5-1827 814 E. Ash Street Goldsboro, N. C. 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Ralph Underwood Garage Goldsboro, N. C. Nahunta Beauty Salon Nahunta Candy Kitchen Goldsboro, N. C. Pure Service Center Goldsboro, N. C. Paul Blalock Inc. Fremont, N. C. Citizen ' s Savings and Loan Goldsboro, N. C. Hobbs Stock Yard Goldsboro, N. C. Sam Jernigan Furniture Goldsboro, N. C. Spence Williams Florist Goldsboro, N. C. Rose Wayside Furniture Co. Goldsboro, N. C. Pikeville Barber Shop Pikeville, N. C. Floyd Newsome Fremont, N. C. Rogerson Furniture Store Goldsboro, N. C. Byrd ' s News Stand Goldsboro, N. C. Rollins Appliance Center Goldsboro, N. C. Kirby ' s Florist Kenly, N. C. Best and West Men ' s Shop Goldsboro, N. C. Automotive Wholesalers Goldsboro, N. C. Roy ' s Lunch Goldsboro, N. C. Price Jewelers Goldsboro, N. C. ■ »

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Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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