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Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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wmr mi riiib tim iiirt 1 liiij X ] Edited by THE SENIOR CLASS of NAHUNTA HIGH SCHOOL “Snce , ■%.». SWWPt of sand SCHOOL SONG There ' s a dear old school Nahunta To us it is a dear one Where our love and truth and friendship Will never never die Where the people are so friendly Our thoughts go back there daily To the school we love so dearly As we work there day by day. Chorus: Where the dogwood trees are blooming And the skies are always blue To our high school Alma Mater We will ever be so trae. And the moment that we ' re near her With a joyous shout we ' ll greet her; For there ' s not a school can beat her For our hearts are strong and gay. As old glory flies above her With her colors brightly gleaming There the folks are ever happy As the birds in sweet spring time Forget Nahunta? Never! Our school we ' ll chyeer forever Her fame we’ll always cherish As the years keep rolling on - - 0 0 C € . . . et it FACULTY ADVERTISING Co -Editor ROBBIE TAYLOR Co-Editor KAY PITTMAN MRS. DORIS GURLEY- Advisor I I i i 1 C C ' Foreground: Kay Pittman, Co-Editor; Vivian Holland, Selby Boswell, Carolyn Fulghum. Background: Robbie Taylor, Co-Editor; Emmett FaU, John Sullivan, Kay Evans, Peter Aycock, Sports Editor; Mrs. Doris Gurley, Advisor; Margie Bames, Lois Sutton, Robert Edgerton, Business Manager; Peggy Minshew, Edna Gurley, Jimmy Mitchell, Photographe Sold $620. 00 in advertisements. D ect6c te C Dear Seniors, I greet you as you enter this new phase of life with a chal- lenge for more creative en- deavors in the future, but more important for growth toward a greater capacity for service toward your fellow citizens, to your community and to people everywhere - the world over. The quality of any school is measured to a large extent by the spirit of its student body. We are proud of our school, proud of our faculty and other personnel, proud of our school ' s traditions, and above all, our student body. So to you, our graduating class of 1958, my congratulations. Our School Board Shows an Interest in Every Phase of Our School. GLEE DAVIS, CHAIRMAN OWEN WHALEY, AVERY SASSER, MRS. CLARENCE BUNN, OLAND PEELE. guides us in a friendly and understanding way ftom. . . BilBglHHIilB MRS. DORIS GURLEY - MR. JESSE GRIMES - - MR. DAVID GREEN - - MR. CHARLES BOYKIN MR, JOSHUA FOYLES - MRS. LOUISE WILKIE - English and French Agriculture Social Studies - - - - Math and Coach Science and Commercial Home Ec. -Third Grade Second Grade - First Grade MRS. BERTHA PEACOCK MRS. DORA FLEMMING - MRS. LUCILLE HOLLAND and throughout into. S e e fK e ft t % MRS. LOUISE LEWIS Fifth Grade MRS. MOZELLE GURLEY Sixth Grade MR. JOHN PARKER Eighth Grade x i MRS. EVA WOOTEN Fourth Grade J MRS. COLEEN SASSER - Seventh Grade , Studdtt President - - - Vice President Secretary - - ■ Treasurer - - ■ • KAY PITTMAN JIMMY THOMAS ■ - JOYCE RICKS JUDY STUCKEY David Green, Advisor; Kay Pittman, Don Morris, Jane Howell, Edna Gurley, Faye Pope, Joyce Ricks. Standing: Judy Stuckey, Peter Aycock, Lillian Davis, Allen Aycock, Jimmy Thomas. tou«tcC Mr. Monow speaks Working hard in Home on guidance. Economics. Students sing at P, T.A, F. B. Essay winners - Judy Stuckey - County winner. Whaley and Best, Agriculmte practice teachers getting some- thing done ! New Beta members - Kay Evans, Margaret Berry. Glee Club presents Christmas program. College students in panel discussion. SENIORS I SeKco% 0 ccen4 President ROBERT EDGERTON Vice President PETER AYCOCK Secretary CAROLYN FULGHUM Treasurer KAY EVANS Reporter EMMETT FAIL Mascots VIRGINIA AYCOCK ROBERT PITTMAN LESTER BARNES AYCOCK Basketball 2,4; Baseball 4; Bus Driver 4, Substitute 3; Class Officer 1,4; Athletic Association 1,2, 3, 4; FFA 1,2, 3, 4, Officer 3; Band 1,2,3; Marshal 3; Junior Play; Stage Manager of Senior Play; Sports Editor of Chieftain; FHA Beau 4. MARGIE BARNES FHA 1,2, 3, 4; Usher, Senior Play; Librarian 4; Waitress at Junior -Senior Banquet 2. ROBERT FRANKLIN EDGERTON Class Officer 3,4; Business Manager of An- nual; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 3; Vice Presi- dent of Student Council 3; Senior Play; Jun- ior Play; Glee Club 3,4; Athletic Associa- tion 1,2, 3,4, Officer 4; Baseball 2; Basket- ball 2,3,4; FFA. SELBY WESLEY BOSWELL FFA 1,2, 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Ath- letic Association 1; Annual Staff. KAY NELL EVANS Transferred from Wilson 4; Glee Club 4; Athletic Association 4, Officer 4; FHA 4; Senior Play; Cheerleader 4; Senior Treasur- er; Basketball 1,2,3; Softball 1,2; Allied Youth 2,3; Keyette Club 3; Prom Commit- tee 2,3; Senior Honors 2, EMMETT THOMAS FAIL JR. FFA 1,2, 3,4, Officer 3; Class Officer 3,4; Glee Club 1; Athletic Association 2,3,4; Senior Play; Annual Staff; Basketball An- nouncer 2. MATTIE CAROLYN FULGHUM Class Treasurer 1; Class Secretary 4; Hal- loween Queen Contestant 4; Vice President FHA 3; FHA 1,2, 3,4; Waitress Junior-Sen- ior Banquet; Librarian 2,3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Marshal 3; Annual Staff. EDNA OPHELIA GURLEY FHA 1,2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1; Annual Staff; Rep. of Student Council 4; FHA Reporter 1,3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Waitress at Junior -Senior Banquet 2. VIVIAN MARIE HOLLAND FHA 1,2, 3,4; Waitress at Juni or-Senior Ban quet 2; Usher at Junior Play; Senior Play; Librarian 4. PEGGY ANN MINSHEW Class Secretary 2; Glee Club 3; Rep. of Student Council 3; FHA 1,2, 3,4; Librarian 2,3; Waitress Junior -Senior Banquet 2; Marshal 3; Annual Staff 4. JIMMY LEROY MITCHELL Baseball, Timekeeper 2,3; Substitute Bus Driver 2,3; Announcer 1; FFA 1,2, 3, 4, Officer 3; Athletic Association 1,2, 3,4; Librarian 4; Photographer of Annual; Junior Play; Stage Manager of Senior Play. KAY ELDRIDGE PITTMAN Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4; FFA 1,2,3, Officer 2; Athletic Association 1,2, 3,4, Officer 3,4; Beta Club 3,4, Officer 3,4; Student Council President 4; Glee Club 3,4; Band 1,2; Chief Marshal; Co-Editor of Chieftain; Bus Driver 4, Sub- stitute 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; Mr. Chieftain; Class Officer 1,2,3. JOHN MILTON SULLIVAN FFA 1,2, 3, 4, Officer 2,4; Substitute Bus Driver 2,3, Bus Driver 4; Athletic Associ- ation 3,4; Class Officer 1,3; Junior Play; Senior Play. LOIS CARTER SUTTON 4-H Club 1; FHA 1,2, 3, 4; Junior Play; An- nual Staff; Librarian 2,3; Waitress at Junior Senior Banquet; Vice President of Class 2. ROBBIE LOUISE TAYLOR Co-Editor of Chieftain; Class Officer 1,3; Beta Club 3,4, Officer 3; Marshal 3; FHA Officer 3; Librarian 1,4; Bus Driver 4; Jun- ior Play; Senior Play; Athletic Association Officer 2,4; Head Cheerleader 3; Queen of Wayne County Fair 4; FFA Sweetheart 1; Sponsor at North Carolina Governor ' s Ball 3; Second in Miss Holiday Season Contest 4; Miss Chieftain; Glee Club 3,4; Music Club 1,2,3. Smdm. f95K oil, boy! That long excited day in everyone ' s life had come, that September morning in 1946, when thirty-three students met together in Mrs. Dora Collier ' s first grade room. Some were small, some big, some afraid and others looking as if they were enjoying the new life at school. In spite of all these things we had a good year, with the first grade play as our most interesting high -light. We started our second year with quite a racket, having Mrs. Leslie Rowe as our teacher. Then came the third grade with Mrs. Dixie Edmondson as our teacher. Mary Cobb Forbes joined us that year. It would be wonderful if we could call back the fourth, fifth and sixth grades in which Miss Pipkin, Mrs. Louise Lewis and Mrs. Eva Wooten led us successfully. Robbie Taylor and Selby Boswell Joined us in the fourth grade. In the fifth, we went with the seventh grade to Chapel Hill, where we visited the Planetarium and Museum. A little later that year with the loss of Margaret Peedin and Robert Davis and the ad- dition of Lois Carter our group changed to thirty -one. The class separated in the seventh grade with Mrs. Mozeile Gurley and Miss Rhoda Bone as oui supervisors. Two students, Margie Barnes and Robert Edgerton, Joined us that year. Mr. George Spirtos led us through the struggle of learning to change classes in the eighth grade. This was Carolyn Fulghum’s lucky year because she won the citi- zenship medal, presented by Nahunta Grange. In the ninth grade we were very glad to have Miss Rhoda Bone as our teacher again. During that year Emmett Fail joined us. We had a very prosperous year in the tenth grade with Mrs. Doris Gmley as our teacher. Through cooperative effort, we won the tobacco drive that year as well as our Junior and Senior years. For winning, we got a tv o-hour recess and refreshments. We also sold candy as our first money -raising venture. We began ao enjoyable Junior year with Mrs. Louise Wilkie. The year was filled with activities to raise money; selling stationary, candy and magazines. Oui Junior play, " Good Gracious Grandma " was directed by Mrs. Wilkie. John Sullivan, a new comer, made an ideal Negro. Fifteen students including Kay Evans, a transfer from Wilson, met together on September 7, 1957, all happy because we were beginning our Senior year, which was to be sponsored by Mrs. Doris Gurley. We began the year by presenting our Senior play, " Almost Summer. " After the play, Kay Evans gave the class a party. An ex- citing time around school was when the Seniors received class rings. As the year pro- gressed, we began preparing for our Washington trip in the spring, selling Christmas cards, and picking cotton as projects. As we leave, we can look back over our shoul- ders to see the success that the years have brought us. We now look forward into the future at the success that we feel sure will be ours. EDNA GURLEY, Historian Robbie receives Peace Essay award - Seniors discuss trip . Goofing off! Kay, our Chief Marshal. A cool jam session! At last Eat, drink, and be merry! Oh, what a house warming! i CLASS POEM The year ' 58 has come at last And soon we can look back to the past. On our school days at Nahunta High Where many happy days have gone by. Whatever the task we’ve stood the test And always tried to do our best. So that we might achieve great success In things to make our lives happiest. With our flower, the white carnation. To act as out inspiration. With colors of ted and white To help us gain greater heights. We ' ll ever be challenged to be pure and brave And never let out character be depraved. Out motto ever in our eats will ring " Be not simply good ; be good for something. " Now we shall go our separate ways As into this new world we’ll gaze. With fond memories that will linger neat And to our hearts be so dear. By Peggy Minshew Robert Edgerton made an ideal grandma in out Junior Play, " Good Gracious, Grandma " pre- sented in April, 1957. Seated: Lois Carter Sutton, Edna Gurley, Mrs. Louise Wilkie, Robert Edgerton, Robbie Taylor. Standing: Selby Boswell, Kay Pittman, Carolyn Fulghum, John Milton Sullivan, Peter Aycock, Jimmy Mitchell. Occt So«l (Tune - It’s Almost Tomorrow) My school days are ending; the future is near. The end will bring showers of sadness I fear. WeTl love you forever ' til the end of time. Memories of school days will always be mine. It’s almost tomorrow. Then school will be o ' er; memories of Nahunta High will cling evermore. I’ll love you forever, ' Til days come no more. And cherish those memories that live evermore. Seated: Kay Pittman, Carolyn Fulghum, Robbie Taylor, Robert Edgerton. Standing: Mrs. Doris Gurley, Director; Kay Evans, John Sullivan, Selby Boswell, Vivian Holland, Emmett Fail, Edna Gurley. FAVORITES BEST LOOKING Robbie Taylor Kay Pittman MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Carolyn Fulghum Peter Aycock BEST PERSONALITY Lois Sutton Jimmy Mitchell Kay Evans Robert Edgerton MOST COURTEOUS Vivian Holland Emmett Fail MOST ATHLETIC Kay Evans Kay Pittman NEATEST Peggy Minshew Peter Aycock MOST POPULAR Robbie Taylor Robert Edgerton BIGGEST CHATTERBOX QUIETEST Margie Barnes Jimmy Mitchell Vivian Holland Selby Boswell FLIRTIEST Kay Evans John Sullivan WITTIEST Edna Gurley John Sullivan ROBBIE TAYLOR KAY PITTMAN Because of your school spirit, your loyalty, enthusiasm, leadership, and your ideals, we, the students of Nahunta High School, recognize you as an example of the ideal high school student. This page is sponsored by POOLE’S WHOLESALE, Rocky Mount, North Carolina. " The Best in Frozen and Canned Foods. " As I peer into the crystal ball, I see the future of the Senior Class of 1958. I see that Lois and Dave Sutton own a beautiful farmhouse, and have two cute kids, Davey Jr. and Teresa Lois. John Sullivan is still keeping up his farming ability, because he now owns a large farm, and spends all his time working there. Who is that on that red and white convertible? Oh, yes, that was formerly Robbie Taylor, now Robbie McArthur, and a commer- cial teacher. She is bidding Mac, her husband, a goodbye, as she leaves for school. 1 see that Robert Edgerton is now participating in sports car racing. Having won several races, he is still pushing for the top. Kay Pittman has found a top spot with the Yankees. He now holds the highest batting average. Edna Gurley is really rating. She has found her career in the Wac ' s. Take care of our boys, Edna. I see that Kay Evans keeps herself occupied all the time by learning new ideas, now that she has become an interior decorator. Peter Aycock has become the owner of a pet farm - raising rabbits. I hear a click, click, click, off in the distance. Oh, yes, I see Vivian Holland is a typist for Nationwide Insurance Company. Emmett Fail decided to find a job here, and stay around for awhile, since Lois hasn ' t graduated from school yet. I see that Selby Boswell has decided to go to Virginia, to join his brother Julius, who has a job there in the shipyard. Peggy Minshew and Margie Barnes have landed their men, and have a home in Kenly, N. C. They are both proud owners of a beauty salon. Jimmy Mitchell is having success selling insurance. He is an agent for Pilot Life Insurance Company in Goldsboro, while his wife, Reba, keeps books for him. To complete the class circle, I peer farther into the crystal ball and see that Carolyn Fulghum is private secretary to Howard Hughes of RKO studios in California, while her husband is complet- ing his training in the Air Force. The images in the crystal ball grow dim as the Seniors sepa- rate to take their places in the complex, scientific, and amusing age of " sputnik, " " Rock and Roll, " increased emphasis on math and science, and discussions locally on consolidation, and international- ly still on world wide peace. May we do our part to help make this a world that glorifies the Prince of Peace. CAROLYN FULGHUM, Prophet !• Juniors have bake sale in November to raise money for banquet. Junior representatives work on annual staff. Jane Howell, Jimmy Thomas. ROSE AY COCK CLIFTON BELL MARGARET BERRY LOUISE BIZZELL GERALD BROWN ROBERT GURLEY EDITH HOLLAND JANE HOWELL JIMMY HOWELL GLENNIE LANGLEY DEANYE LEE JOHNNY LEE Ccatic JANICE MAYO MICHAEL MAYO CHRISTINE MITCHELL JUDITH OVERMAN TED PEACOCK MAX ROSE INEZ SASSER RAY SASSER CHARLES SULLIVAN JUDY STUCKEY JIMMY THOMAS CAROL VICK BETTY WELLS KENNETH WELLS ; • 4 - ' ■ r- v-w IS - SI rfisr ' W iva , ie V.t ’it a. ' C ' ' i to Vsc: V;. w ciU, Qoec eotTv- „ »cc P -t rct a’f " - ■5 »o 4. " :. »r ' ' ' . ' ?,t.v • ' , U- tVu t ot w » . » XXI ft -,1 W ' ' “Iiov-. -, C % ‘ " r tVu t ot v -- A ’■ ' rcivA- V’ ' • ' SiirJ’ti ' •-• ' «- .S® ffi -, . wZ .. A.- ' »% “t-I ' . -’ ' „r’ °’ ' i’ " " = ' ' S ' " vS ' -n " i ' ■ .- . K ' , t0iX0. pT : SOPHOMORES- lA-s. President JOYCE RICKS Vice President FAYE POPE Secretary LOIS EDGERTON Treasurer CAROL FIELDS Reporter VANN SCOTT Chaplain BILL JORDAN E. L. Ay cock Lou Ann Aycock William Barnes Patricia Bames Shirley Bedford Bobby Bunn Jeannetta Edgerton Sandra Crawford Lois Edgerton Carol Fields Christine Hales Grace Gurley Theadore Hardison N. T. Holland Billy Jordan Mary Ann Howell Helene Lewis Charles Pope Joyce Ricks Faye Pope Billy Robbins Willie Rollins Wayne Sasser Glenn Sasser Vann Scott J. B. Strickland Eloise Tucker Roy Sullivan Jovance Whaley Michael Whaley Hilton Winders Ralph Wells Patsy Winders Home Ec girls begin making their dresses. Agriculture boys receive instructions from Whaley, practice teacher. Steve Aycock Susie Jane Baker Shirley Baker Braxton Bell Lillian Davis Iris Ferrell Elizabeth Elmore Louise Godwin David Gurley Billy Holland Earl Hales John Hooks Jerome Hooks Sandra Jordan Sue Horne I. Ray Mooring Don Morris Albert Pierce Doris Parnell Linda Sasser Betty Stafford Betsy Thomas Hilda Sullivan Carrie Wade cot SenfHce ' Lawson Peter Aycock, John Sullivan, Judy Stuckey, Allen Aycock, Robbie Taylor, Kay Pittman, Robert Gurley. LUNCHROOM WORKERS CUSTODIAN Mrs. Alma Holland, Manager SECRETARY Sam Holland Miss Retha Sasser Lois Mooring Miss Annie Cuddington Sea ted: Carol Fields, Mrs. Doris Gurley, Advisor; Jimmy Mitchell, Margie Barnes. Standing; Vivian Holland, Christine Hales, Iris Ferrell, Carol Vick, Shirley Bedford, Lois Sutton, Betsy Thomas, Robbie Taylor. Jimmy Anderson, Roger Ay- cock, Arnold Bizzell, Cecil Boswell, Franklin Collier, An- nie Ruth Cox, Alma Linda Dav- is, Anna Edgerton, Patricia Fields, Bonnie Flolland, Larry Flowell, Sandra Howell, Rose- ita Jordan, Hiawatha Langley, Frances Mayo, Jimmy Mayo, Kenneth Mooring, Frances Parker, Mary Jo Parrish, Josel- len Pate, Edward Radford, Grace Sasser, Harry Sasser, Jane Sasser, Glenwood Stalling, Patsy Strickland, Ann Sullivan, Glenn Sullivan, Kathryn Tay- lor, Julia Tucker. Woodie Aycock, Joe Baker, Betty Barnes, James Bed- ford, Ann Bizzell, Elbert Boswell, Linda Bunn, James Carter, Geneva Edgerton, Jimmy Edgerton, Mattie Ferrell, Scottie Hooks, Faye Hall, Frances Hardi- son, Carolyn Lane, Jesse Lee, Ruth Minshew, Dough- las Mitchell, Leroy Mitch- ell, Brenda Mooring, Eliz- abeth Morris, Clark Par- rish, Sue Peacock, Linda Pittman, Marion Pittman, Wilbert Pope, Mary Lee Sasser, Linwood Radford, Wayne Strickland, Dotty Sullivan, Bobbie Taylor, Janice Taiton, Maxine Whaley, Peggy Winders. C. Aycock, W. Aycock, B. Bedford, S. Benton, F. Bizzell, T. Bradshaw, S. Combs, D. Elmore, P. Grantham, J. Hales, A. Holland, B. Howell, R. Howell, J. Johnson, D, Jordan, G. Lee, J. Maples, E. Mayo, E. Mitchell, G, Morris, F. Overman, D. Parker, F. Parrish, D. Pate, C. Pierce, J. Pittman, W. Pittman, C. Pope, B. Sasser, E. Sasser, F. Sasser, F. Sasser, J. Sasser, R. Sasser, C. Talton, D. Thomas, J. Waddell, R. Wil- liams, J, Wilson. Edna Aycock, Anna Baker, Fred Baker, Donald Bass, Shelton Benton, Ruth Best, Albert Crawford, Elbert Crawford, Glenn Crawford, Joan Gurley, Kenneth Hales, Robert Hales, J. D. Holland, J. K. Horne, Ray Howell, Judy Jordan, Douglas Marlowe, Harry Mayo, Faye Kirby, Janice Merritt, Donald Mooring, Betty Overman, Cleo Pope, Marshall Pope, Jean Sasser, Sherby Tucker, Jerry Waddell, Mickey Waddell, Bruce Wilkie, Rebekah Whaley. Sandra Aycock, Brenda Ballance, William Batten, Wilbert Best, Danny Combs, Bobby Crocker, Lavern Gooding, Gaile Gurley, Janice Hales, Ray Harrell, Butch Holland, James Horne, Linnie Johnson, Christine Jordan, Joyce Jordan, Lois Jordan, Ray Lancaster, Ronnie Lancaster, David Earl Lewis, Barbara Mayo, Ruth Mooring, David Odom, Gerald Parker, John Pate, Phyllis Pike, Curtis Waddell, Rodney Waddell, Charles Wade, Jerry Wells, Donnie Wilson. aunt Billy Anderson, Rudine Aycock, Michael Aycock, Linda Baily, Allen Bedford, Lloyd Cox, Douglas Edgerton, Carolyn Elmore, Faye Evans, Ed Ferrell, Glenn Ferrell, Joan Gooding, Carl Hales, Henry Holland, Albert Holland. Sue Howell, Donald Johnson, Harold Jordan, Guy Jordan, Melody Lane, Phyllis Lancaster, Tommy Maples, Dennis Mooring, Linda Overman, James Pate, Cherry Rose, Larry Sasser, Elwood Stallings, Jimmy Sullivan, Johnny Taylor, Judy Whaley, Linda Wilkie, Ricky Winders. Deborah Aycock, Elaine Ay- cock, Laverne Aycock, Paul Bailey, Donna Brown, Linda Conner, Barbara Cox, Larry Crawford, Michael Edgerton, Daniel Gurley, James Halls, Melvin Holland, Donald How- ell, Sandra Jones, Dianne Jor- dan, Mack Jordan, Aileen Lan- caster, Joyce Lee, Deborah Mayo, Worth Overman, An- thony Peele, Wilma Pittman, Robert Strickland, Benny Sul- livan, Janie Sullivan, Keith Wells. Second ( fuulc Phillip Aycock, Jimmy Ballance, Gerald Bedford, Patricia Carter, Billy Carter, Inez Conner, Dannie Daughtry, Kenneth Evans, Donald Ferrell, Sheila Hales, Betsy Hollowell, Anthony Hol- land, Bonnie Jordon, Kay Johnson, Jerry Lancaster, Samuel Lane, Dale Maples, Sue Minshew, Clarence Myers, Larry Odom, Donald Parker, Patricia Pate, Victor Pierce, Peggy Pittman, Guy Sasser, Becky Sullivan, Donnie Turner, Sandra Wilson, Mrs. Wooten ' s Fourth Grade making Christmas gifts. 4€tcotctce4 Mrs. Lewis ' s Fifth Grade working in the science comet, Mr. Parker ' s Eighth Grade making posters of historical scene. PLAYERS Sandra Crawford, Lou Ann Aycock, Lois Edgerton, Faye Pope, Christine Hales, Shirley Bedford, Margaret Berry, Jane Howell, Judy Stuckey, Janice Mayo, Inez Sasser, Jeanetta Edgerton, Betsy Thomas, Helene Lewis, Judith Overman. With the teamwork of the players and the enthusiastic cheering of the cheerleaders, we defeated Pikeville in our homecoming game. SCHEDULE 1957-1958 40 Nahunta 31 32 Nahunta ■ - Mt. Olive 48 38 Nahunta 40 44 Nahunta - - New Hope 33 51 Nahunta 52 47 Nahunta 52 37 Nahunta 31 39 Nahunta 43 39 Nahunta 36 34 Nahunta 69 48 Nahunta 47 52 Nahunta 38 58 Nahunta 60 47 Nahunta 50 Nahunta Nahunta - - Pikeville Nahunta Players relax after winning that exciting game with Grantham, Faithful spectators watch our basketball games. Coach Boykin gives instractions to his starting line-up. Co-Captains Stuckey and Howell seem confident that we ' ll win this game. PLAYERS Ray Sasser, Kay Pittman, Bobby Bunn, Jimmy Howell, Glenn Sasser, Jo Vance Whaley, Charles Sullivan, Robert Edgenon, Roy Sullivan, Ralph Wells, Peter Aycock, Vann Scott. 1 1 1 ,, I r» Y rJ SCHEDULE 1957-1958 53 Nahunta - Brodgen 38 49 Nahunta -Mt. Olive 65 62 Nahunta - Grantham 50 28 Nahunta - New Hope 32 70 Nahunta - Rosewood 61 43 Nahunta • Fremont 55 64 Nahunta - Pikeville 47 59 Nahunta - Eureka 48 64 Nahunta - - Brodgen 37 58 Nahunta -Mt. Olive 77 62 Nahunta - Grantham 60 68 Nahunta - New Hope 52 68 Nahunta - Rosewood 67 66 Nahunta -Fremont 62 Nahunta -Seven Springs Nahunta - Pikeville Nahunta - Eureka Substitute Wells adds two points to widen the gap between the score at our homecoming game with Pikeville. These are important too in winning a ball game. Scorekeepers: Jimmy Thomas, Deanye Lee; Timekeeper: Theodore Hardison; Announcers: Emmett Fail, Michael Whaley, Don Morris, Albert Pierce. Coach Boykin gives the main five some last minute instructions. Managers, Linwood Radford and Jesse Lee, arrive early to prepare for the game. Co-Captains Pittman and Bunn get instructions from the referees. Linda Pittman Patricia Barnes, Head Patsy Winders Geneva Edgerton Kay Evans Maxine Whaley Carol Fields Emmett Fail Lois Edgerton Janice T alt on Frances Hardison Carolyn Lane Peggy Winders Lillian Davis Sue Home Lou Ann Aycock Faye Pope Christine Hales Shirley Bedford Jimmy Thomas John Sullivan Peter Aycock Michael Mayo Judith Overman Allen Aycock Jane Howell Jimmy Howell Helene Lewis Deanye Lee Rose Aycock Sandra Crawford Betsy Thomas Inez Sasser Jeannetta Edgerton Judy Aycock Judy Stuckey Kay Evans Robbie Taylor Mr, Boykin, Advisor Coach Boykin crowns Margaret Berry as our home- coming queen, January 10, 1958, at the basketball game between Nahunta and Pikeville. 4d occcitco«t Jo Vance Whaley Gerald Brown Roy Sullivan Theodore Hardison Bill Jordan Charles Pope Wayne Sasser Hilton Winders Ralph Wells Jimmy Mitchell Ray Sasser Kay Pittman Robert Gurley Ted Peacock Max Rose Robert Edgerton Vann Scott Carol Fields Linda Pittman Maxine Whaley Bobby Bunn Geneva Edgerton Glenn Sasser Patsy Winders Charles Sullivan Patricia Barnes Janice Mayo Margaret Berry BASEBALL TEAM ORGANIZES FOR ' 58 SEASON Ray Sasser, Jo VaQce Whaley, Michael Whaley, Kay Pittman, Bobby Bunn, Charles Pope, Peter Aycock, Ralph Wells, Glenn Sasser, William Barnes, David Gurley, Hilton Winders, Manager; Jerome Hooks, Albert Pierce, Gerald Brown, Jimmy Thomas, Mr. Boykin, Coach. Junior Cheerleaders MRS, EVA WOOTEN Janice Talton, Carolyn Assistant Girls’ Coach Lane, Peggy Winders, Frances Hardison. Sixth and Seventh Grades Mr. John Parker, Coach begin developing skill in of Junior Varsity, basketball. MRS. LOUISE WILKIE Cheerleader Advisor Even the Fourth and Fifth Graders enjoy basketball. ACTIVITIES D. Morris, G. Edgerton, E. Morris, F. Parker, S. Home, D. Maples, J. Overman, J. Maples, 1. Sasser, J. Sasser, K, Evans, D, Parker, C. Pierce, N, T. Holland, J. Horne, J. Edgerton, A. Pierce. BAND PATRONS ' CLUB ORGANIZED IN 1958 K. Wells, A. Peele, W. Overman, C. Wade, E. Aycock, D. Gurley, D. Maples, S. Lane, O. Aycock, A. Lancaster, J. Horne, C. Parker, S. Aycock, S. Minchew, D. Odom, V. Pierce, A. Holland, L. Aycock, J. Pate, P. Pike, S. Jones, W. Pittman, K. Johnson, D. Parker, L. Odom, J. Wells, R. Lancaster, J. Lee, K. Evans. P. Aycock. F. Pope, J. Overman, R. Taylor, C. Mitchell, P. Bames, S. Home, L. Davis, J. Ricks, J. Aycock, 1. Sasser, J. Stuckey, J. Howell, K. Evans, J. Edgerton, H. Lewis, C. Fields, L. Edgerton, R, Gurley, K. Pittman, R. Sullivan, R. Edgerton, D. Morris, J. Whaley, C. Vick. Mr. Overman, Director. R. Aycock, J. Sasser, A. Davis, G. Sasser, A. Holland, G. Gurley, C. Rose, L. Davis, C. Pierce, F. Parker, F. Kirby, M. Aycock, L. Aycock, L. Edgerton, M. Sasser, L. Pittman, M. Whaley, E. Morris, S. Peacock, G. Edgerton, C. Aycock. 57 Peter Aycock Carolyn Fulghum Robert Edgerton Peggy Minchew, Kay Pittman - Chief Robbie Taylor Seated: Jimmy Thomas, Jane Howell, Kay Pittman, Judith Overman, Mrs. Doris Gurley, Advisor. Standing: Christine Mitchell, Judy Stuckey, Judy Aycock, Robert Edgerton, Robert Gurley, Inez Sasser, Robbie Taylor. DEANYE LEE School Reporter OFFICERS President ----- ALBERT PIERCE ¥ice President - - ALLEN AYCOCK Sec. -Treas. - - - LILUAN DAVIS Reporter ----- BETSY THOMAS Song Leader - - - JUDY STUCKEY Recreational Chm. - - INEZ SASSER OFFICERS President JANE HOWELL Vice President DEANYE LEE Secretary JEANNETTA EDGERTON Historian BETSY THOMAS Parliamentarian CAROL FIELDS Song Leader JUDY STUCKEY Advisor MRS. LOUISE WILKIE F.H.A. Beau PETER AYCOCK F,F. A, Sweetheart JUDY STUCKEY OFFICERS President JIMMY THOMAS Vice President GLENN SASSER Secretary -BOBBY BUNN Treasurer MICHAEL WHALEY Reporter JOHN SULLIVAN Sentinel HILTON WINDERS Chaplain BILL JORDAN Advisor JESSE GRIMES cutd 2uee tl Elementary FRANCES HARDISON KENNETH MOORING High School RAY SASSER JUDY STUCKEY Primary BETSY HOLLOWELL DAN GURLEY 10:30 - Hall scenes! 2:45 - getting ice cream. 12:30 - Lunch! An icy time in December! Beta Club gives party to high school Beta Club gives party to students with an 88 average. college students. Ninth grade esjoys Christmas party. A midnight birthday party! ! We, the members of the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty- eight, being of sound bodies but questioning the soundness of our minds, do hereby will and bequeath our various perfections and imperfections to the following: To the faculty who love us so we leave nothing, for we gave all we had. To the upcoming classes, we bequeath our determination to accomp- lish what we set our minds to do. I, Lois Sutton, do will and bequeath my ability to win a husband to Lois Ed- gerton, hoping she will be as fortunate as 1. I, Carolyn Fulghum, do will my excess fat to Joyce Ricks. I, Edna Gurley, leave my ability to be a friend always to Judy Stuckey. 1, Peggy Minshew, leave my stuffed notebook to Doris Parnell. 1, Margie Barnes, do will and bequeath my quietness to all chatterboxes. I, Peter Aycock, leave my curly hair to Mr. Boykin and Mr. Foyles who need any type. 1, Kay Evans, leave my flirty ways to Helen Lewis since she doesn’t already have any. I, Robbie Taylor, do will and bequeath my intelligence and good grades to all those who are just plain dumb. I, Vivian Holland, do will and bequeath my height and neatness to Grace Gurley. I, Jimmy Mitchell, leave my cute remarks to Mrs. Louise Wilkie to use in years to come. I, Kay Pittman, do will my friendly smile and ability to have friends to Allen Aycock. 1, Selby Boswell, know that the teachers think that I ' m going to leave my big mouth to them but instead I ' ll take it with me. I, Emmett Fail, leave my ability to keep quiet and study to the eighth grade. I, Robert Edgerton, will and bequeath my happy-go-lucky ways to Vann Scott. I, John Sullivan, do hereby will and bequeath to Charles Sullivan my ability to stay in love and in school at the same time. Lastly, we, the senior class of 1958, leave everybody who is coming up, whatever he needs that we have, so that he can get through this wonderful place and have as much fun as we have had. LOIS SUTTON, Testator ADVERTISE One to grow on... Good health is our business. We take- a deep personal pride in watching the growth and development of youngsters raised on Pine State ' s good, health-giving milk and dairy foods. We feel great satisfaction in the knowledge that we contribute to the growth of the com- munity as we do to the growth of its citizens. We’re proud of the fact that we ' re grow- ing, too . . . that more ond more fam- ilies are asking for Pine State ' s pure, delicious milk, ice cream and other fine dairy foods. North Carolina s Choice Since 1919 Auto - Fire - Life Farm Liability - Hail Insure With FARM BUREAU EDWIN B. BEAMON Agency Manager 1218 N. William Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 318 CLARKTON MATTRESS CO. Manufacturers of High Quality Mattresses and Box Springs " Finest in Upholster ing " 1717 N, William St. Goldsboro, North Carolina COf=J=EE SHOT Milk Shakes - Hot Dogs Hamburgers Hwy. 117 Phone 3346 Fremont, North Carolina THE HUB DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 1180 Goldsboro, North Carolina W B. OLIVER SON, INC, Cotton Merchants and Cotton Ginners Phone 3 124 Pine Level, N. C. at the Low Prices CONEKIN’S in Goldsboro, N. C, Compliments of LANCASTER’S FRUIT STAND JACK’S ESSO SERVICE C. WOODARD CO. Wilson, N. C. GULE DEWEY SERVICE STATION INC. Founders - Machinists Mill Supplies - Steel F abricators Metal Building Supplies Phone 1800 Goldsboro, N. C. in Princeton N. C. IT TART LUMBER COMPANY Lumber Mill in Princeton, N, C. N IICKETS PASTRY SHOP Fine Line of Cakes and Pies Goldsboro, N. C. THOIVIRSOKI- WOOTEN OIL CO. , INCORPORATED Phone 666 Gasoline, Motor Oils Lubricants and Fuel Oils for All Purposes GOLDSBORO BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 116 E. Walnut St. " Safety for Saving " 3 1 2% Dividends J. M. EDGERTON SON, INC International Motor Trucks McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery and Tractors Farm Supplies Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 3780 dairy products WAVNE DAIRV COOPERATIVE, INC. Goldsboro, North Carolina Owned and Operated by Local Dairy Farmers DILLON SUPPLY STORE COUNTER Phone 746 N. William St. Office Phone 2852 Goldsboro North Carolina INC. " Furniture of Distinction " Goldsboro, North Carolina 209 W. Walnut Street Phone 2143 RIKEVILLE FEED MILL CO. Custom Grinding and Mixing Home of J P Feeds Phone 3872 Pikeville, North Carolina wood i d’s DRUG STORE " The Rexall Store " Prompt - Efficient - Courteous Phone 207 1 Princeton, North Carolina SETH B. HOL_l_OWEL_l OIL CO, Atlantic Petroleum Products Plant Location - Adamsville Post Office Box 290 T elephone 485 Goldsboro, North Carolina py TE- D WSOISI MOTOR CO. , INC. Telephone 808 223 N. Center Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of SP OTL-ESS CLEANERS Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of Foie ' s DRESS SHOP Pikeville, North Carolina WORL_EV TYPEWRITERS COIV1K 1UNITV MOTORS CORP. Sales EXCHANGE Goldsboro, North Carolina Tel. 251 or ] 43 1 Service Goldsboro, North Carolina GOLDSBORO PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Agricultural Loans to Farmers of Wayne County 1-5 Year Terms 206 E. Chestnut St. Goldsboro, North Carolina U. MILO PIERCE FEED MILL COTTON GIN Bulk Grain Handling (Corn, Wheat, Oats, Soybeans) Phone 210-1 Route 2 Pikeville, North Carolina 138 E. Walnut Street at HEILIC - MIEVERS COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings Phone 2324 Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of TALLEY’S PASTRY SHOP Phone 1470-J 107 E. Mulberry St. Goldsboro, North Carolina VINSON S DRUG STORE Phone 168 Cor. Walnut and James St. Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of " The Home of Values ' P LAKES TIRE SERVICE New Tires and Recapping " When You Think About Tires Think About Us " Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of Goldsboro, North Carolina It Pays to Play IS IUSIC SPOP TS INC. 202-204 East Walnut St. Phone 1996 Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of O V OFSTON " GROCERY MEATS " Goldsboro, North Carolina DIANE SHOE Princeton, North Carolina COLLIER NASH MOTORS Sales Service Phone 3836 - Box 45 Pikeville, North Carolina D VIS AUTO SERVICE Road Service Anywhere Washing - Polishing - Lubrication Anything Automotive " If We Don’t Have It We Get It " 1212 N. William St. Goldsboro, N. C, Phone 1688 L. M. PIERCE NAHUNTA HOG MARKET ' We Buy Hogs Every Day " Phone Fremont 2108 1 Mile West of Nahunta Compliments of PEARCE BARBER SHOP Princeton ALTON CRAWFORD Pikeville PAUL C. BLALOCK, INC. F r emont FREMONT BUS STATION AND GRILL MASSEY’S JEWELERS Princeton, N. C. ELEC. AND PLUMBING Frigidaire and Gibson Appl. " Service Plus Quality " Phone 311-2 Pikeville, North Carolina Compliments of HOWEL_l_ A Home Owned Store " We Aim to Please You " Phone 206-3 Pikeville, N. C, Shop With Confidence at BROS. and Wear With Pride Goldsboro, North Carolina A.V ,v 4 ' coi V A AiO Cu to QrinMg T MixiSa, ■ ' t ..p ' Buy Gri in - . “ Ni frena and FGX Fee Phone Sl67 ,:- ' 1- ' v - - " ' ■ ' -.RdHte ' ' hvi ;v C, SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT at ALTON GURLEY’S SERVICE STATION and GROCERY Route No. 2 Pikeville, N. C. T=. I-IOLT NND SOM tV INC . Royster Fertilizers Groceries and Farm Supplies Princeton, N. C. — to SCOTT’S BARBECUE N. William St. Goldsboro, N. C GOLDSSOT O OFFICE SUPPLY CO. " We Service Everything We Sell " Phone 3585 139 N. Center St. Goldsboro, N. C, We Have All Makes of Portable Typewriters Smith-Corona, Remington, Royal Compliments of CARR SPRING CO. WARD’S BARBER SHOP SAM JERNIGAN AND SON FURNITURE CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina 0 IJou. MANX’S RADIATOR SERVICE DEPENDABLE Cleaning Repairing and Recoring 4; DRUGGIST Telephone 2185 ASH STREET PHARMACY 3 13 N, Center St, Your Neighborhood Pharmacy 814 E. Ash St. Goldsboro, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. WATSD F=L_3MIMG- MOTOR COMPANY New Cars OIL COMPANY Used Cars Petroleum Products PAT WARD, Owner Phone 2085 Goldsboro, N, C. Phone 156 Pikeville, North Carolina % PASTRI BR€AD Enriched Eat Made-Rite Bread and Rolls Compliments of rs IADE-l lTE BAKERY Goldsboro, North Carolina G1 IF=F=IM ' 3 SK IITH S CR WF OT D FERTILIZERS Phone 206-7 International - Contentnea Royster Pikeville, North Carolina SERVICE STATION AND GRILL Phone 208-3 Pikeville, North Carolina stop; AND North Carolina SAVE I - AT THE LUCAMA- KENLY- BANK Safe - Sound Dependable Service Kenly, N. C, ) duct ' s ervici ow Hill Street oldsboro, North Carolina U. D033IN BAiL_3V GENERAL MERCHANT Crosley and Ze T elevisio " Come to 3L_U3 F=I_AIV13 GAS CO. SMITH-DOUGLAS FERTILIZER CO. Goldsboro N. C , Compliments of WAYNE TRUCK STOP NELSON’S PHOTO SHOP BEST AND WEST FARMERS’ SUPPLY CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of NAHUNTA GROCERY Operated by RUDOLPH AND DOUGLAS EDGERTON Route 2 Pikeville, N. C. Phone 456-6 BR rAN OIL CO. Distributors of Amoco Products Phone 825 Goldsboro, N. C, Compliments of WILKINS CABINET SHOP BEAMON’S LECTRO LAB HOBBS STOCKYARDS Goldsboro, North Carolina 3R AINCH BANKIISIG AND TRUST CO. Pikeville, N. C, Fremont, N. C. Complete Banking, Insurance, Trust and Farm Management Service Compliments of rvioi Ris SASSER GROCERIES MEATS Phone 3 98-3 Route 2 WILL-OUGHBV FISH MARKET " We Dress While You Wait " Pikeville, North Carolina Kenly, North Carolina DUrviAS- GIDDEMS OIL COMPANY, INC. Pure Petroleum Products Be Sure With Pure Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of EARL-’S to the graduating class PLACE Hwy. 117 RAINS AUTO SUPPLY CO. POWELL’S 5(f: TO $5.00 STORE Sell Your Tobacco at EARN IER ' S WAREHOUSE SIMON HILL, Proprietor King Size T oo ! Goldsboro, North Carolina T. O REACOCK KEMLJY ' GROCERIES SERVICE STATION LIVESTOCK MARKET Route 2 Pikeville, North Carolina H. N l. AND COMPANY " We Serve You From the Cradle to the Grave " Kenly, North Carolina For Highest Market Prices Kenly, North Carolina NEUSE TRACTOR COMPANY LITTL-E RIVER Mt. Olive Highway Phone 3000 Goldsboro, North Carolina OIL COMPANY Distributors of Richfield Petroleum Products Phone 126 - Goldsboro, N. C. " The Big Furniture Store on Center Street " 118-112 N. Center Street Goldsboro, North Carolina AN IERICAN CAI OLINA PLUMBING ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. , INC. TRACTORS, INC. Mt. Olive Hwy. Wholesale Distributors Phone 4250 Phone 426 Mount Olive Hwy. Your Friendly Ferguson Dealer Goldsboro, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C, Compliments of GAT RIS JEWELERS Your Local Jewelers DRUG CO. Phone 4348 133 East Walnut St. 142 N, Center St. Phone 170 Goldsboro, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. Deposit With AMEi lCAN ms it BANK Goldsboro, N. C. We Pay 3% on Savings Member of Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. O. K. RUBBER WELDERS Compliments of World’s Finest Recapping Nationwide Road Hazard Guarantee CAl OL-INA WAREHOUSE Truing, Balancing, and Siping GUY BEST - BRUCE SMITH Wilson Hwy. Owners and Operators Goldsboro, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. F=i Ers ON“r MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE, INC SALES SERVICE New and Used Cars Phone 263-6 Fremont, North Carolina Phone ► 2751 y-T T OSE CLEANERS TOM PEACOCK’S SANITARY MARKET Fremont, North Carolina TAYLOR’S FLOWERS GIFTS TAYLOR’S TOTS TEENS Flowers and Ready-to - Wear for All Occasions Phone 4 16 1 Fremont, North Carolina Sell Your Tobacco at BIG BT IGK WAREHOUSE in Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of HOOKS BROTHERS Fremont, N, C. S. W. MILLING COMPANY Fremont, N. C, McBRIDE HERRING SPORTING GOODS CO. , INC. Compliments of SUTTON’S GAS AND Ammunition - Guns - Camping Equipment APPLIANCE CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina Browning Firearms PINKNEY GROCERIES Johnson Outboard Motors Rt. 1, Fremont, N. C. VINE EDWARDS AND SON E. Ash Ext. Call 363 I Princeton, North Carolina ARTIE’S TIRE SERVICE Compliments of SAM’S DRIVE IN 701 N. George Goldsboro, North Carolina PATE’S SERVICE STATION [ Goldsboro, N. C. ARTIE BANKS Pikeville, North Carolina GOLDSBORO FARM CENTER Quality g 1 and Service $mm fiaiDsmti Serving Eastern North Carolina for 93 Years 107 S. Center Street Phone 612 Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, N. C. AYCOCK - SELBY CO. , INC. Compliments of Agents for Appliances 1=RElSdONT Mayo Curers - Fertilizers Paint - Cotton Buyers PHARMACY Phone 295 -1 Fremont, North Carolina Fremont, North Carolina The Be»t Yearbook Are TAYLOR MADE TAYLOR PUeuSHING COMPANY DALLAS. TEXAS " Time has ran out. Our record has been made. . . out books, are jwt away. School year 1957-58 is but a memory. . . a happy memory. . . ” )

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