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I ' Y-i ' j£ :d r-rr •1 SftfT OtsL ScA ,7i UA it (A f4 eClA OttA " . f Se Uon V Sc o ‘P%e e tt . . . 7 e f954 - f955 Editor-in-chief - MARGARET MORRIS Assistant Editor - DOROTHY LEE IVEY Business Manager ALLEN OVERMAN Assistant Business Manager COOPER DEES Pikeville North Carolina Occfi It is with the greatest gratitude and the deepest appreciation that we, The Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-five, dedicate our annual to you, OUR PARENTS. In this small way we hope to show our love for what you have done to make our graduation possi- ble. May we never disappoint you and may we fulfill your fondest hopes. MR. HOLLOWELL Principal and Science MR. HARRY BEARD Agriculture MR. CHARLES BOYKIN Eighth Grade, Math and Coach MRS. DORIS GURLEY English and French MRS. NORMA YELVERTON Eleventh Grade and Home Economics MRS. DIXIE HART Tenth Grade and Commercial MISS RHODA BONE Ninth Grade MRS. SASSER Seventh Grade MRS. MOZELLE GURLEY Sixth Grade MRS. LOUISE LEWIS Fifth Grade MRS. EVA WOOTEN Fourth Grade MRS. DORA FLEMING Third Grade MRS. BERTHA PEACOCK Second Grade MRS. LENA SMITH First and Second Combination MRS. DORIS SHEPARD First Grade MRS. W. P. HOLLOWELL Special Education MRS. BERTHA EDGERTON Music Mascots MOTTO " To be rather than to seem " CLASS COLORS --Red and White CLASS FLOWER- -Carnation CLASS OFFICERS Allen Ray Overman - - President Lula Belle Berry - — — - - — - Treasurer Margaret Morris Vice President Gordon Wells Reporter Dorothy Lee Ivey — — - Secretary Glee Club 2, 3; FHA 1,2,3, 4 ; 4-H Club 1,2,3; Sub. Bus Driver 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Usher for Junior Play, Senior Play; Basketball Manager 2; Annual Staff; Athletic Associ- ation 2, 3,4; Newspaper Staff 3; Music 1,2. FFA 1,2, 3, 4, President 1, Secretary 4; Athletic Associa- tion 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 2, 3,4; Senior Play; Bus Driver 4; Sports Editor of Annual 4. COOPER DEES FFA 1,2; Athletic Association 1,2; Bus Driver 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play. FHA 1,2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3,4; Annual Staff, Athletic Associ- ation 4; Parliamentarian FHA 4; Sub. Bus Driver 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Librarian 4; Paper Staff 3. Basketball 2; Athletic Associ- ation 2, 3; Marshal 3; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff 3; Ticket Manager Junior and Senior Play. We, the Senior Class of 1955, of Nahunta High School, have at last come near to one of our fondest dreams, graduating from high school. When we entered high school in 1951, there were thirty of us, with Mr. George Spirtos as our sponsor. Robert Edgerton was elected President; Gordon Wells, Vice President; Margaret Morris, Secretary; and Shelby Jean Pope, Treasurer. We were really green freshmen, and it took us a while to get used to the golden rules set for us. Our biggest thrill as a freshman was giving the Seniors a party. Vacation soon descended upon us after that. Just imagine us in the fall of 1952 as sophomores with Miss Louisiana Hurdle as our sponsor. We settled down and had a happy year. Gordon Wells was elected President; Robert Edgerton, Vice President; Margaret Morris, Secretary -Treasurer; and Dorothy Ivey, Reporter. Before we could even realize it, vacation was with us once more. That glorious fall of 1953 came when we returned to school as " jolly " Juniors. O ur class officers were Tommy Howell, President; Jonathan Hooks, Vice President; Dorothy Ivey, Secretary; Lula Belle Berry, Treasurer; and Margaret Morris, Reporter. Our first excitement was our Junior Play, " Everything Happens To Us, " which was a big success. Miss Rhoda Bone was our sponsor this year and she really worked hard to make the play a success. Then came the banquet when the Juniors and Seniors enjoyed an evening of pleasure in a Mexican atmosphere in the gymnasium. Then the commencement exer- cises came and naturally we just had to help the Seniors graduate. Jonathan Hooks, Dorothy Ivey, Margaret Morris, Bobby Fields, and Tommy Howell had the honor of being chosen marshals. In the fall of 1954 we came back to school with dreamy ideas. We were going to graduate in May. Our class officers elected were Allen Overman, President; Margaret Morris, Vice President; Dorothy Ivey, Secretary; Lula Belle Berry, Treasurer; and Gordon Wells, Reporter. Our first excitement was our Senior Play, " Professor, How Could You! " directed by our class advisor, Mrs. Molton Gurley. The play went off as a bigger success than we had ever hoped for. Then came our trip to Washington which was the crowning experience of our twelve years in school. And now, the commencement exercises which will put us out into the world on our own. May we take at this time just a moment to thank everyone who has helped us in any way to reach this goal. It is a long, hard road to travel, but the reward is waiting for you at the end. By Jonathan Hooks FFA 1,2; Athletic Association 2, 3, 4; Announcer 1,2, 3; Bus Driver 3,4; Vice President FFA 2; Class Officer 3; Chief Mar- shal 3; Junior Play; Lib. 4. DOROTHY LEE IVEY Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3,4; Class President 3; Athletic Association 2, 3, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; An- nual Staff; FFA 1,2. FHA 1,2, 3, 4, Officer 1,2,3, 4; Athletic Association 2,3,4, Officer 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4, Co-Captain 2,3,4; Class Officer 1,2,4; Editor Annual 4; Miss Chieftain 4; Junior and Senior Play; Marshal 3; Bus Driver 4; Paper Staff 3; 4-H Club 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3. Oj Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA 1,2, 3, Officer 2,3; Athletic Asso- ciation 2, 3, 4, Officer 4; Jun- ior Play; Senior Play; Class Officer 2, 3, 4; Lib. 3; Assist- ant Editor of Annual; Paper Staff 3; Second Marshal. FHA 1,2,3, Officer 1; Athletic Association 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Paper Staff 3; Lib. 3,4; 4-H Club 1,2; Annual Staff 4. OKct MtCUKCHt Friends, this is a solemn occasion. We, the class of 1955, having passed on to our rewards, have left behind, this last will and testament. 1, as legal advisor of the class, drew up this document, and it is cast-iron, unbreakable and legal. Being collectively of sound mind and having the fear of no human being, save that Mr. Hollowell and Superintendent Proctor, we are assembled here that this will may be read. Listen at- tentively, and be thankful for what you are about to receive. ARTICLE 1 To our teachers we convey our ability to know a good thing when we see it. As this ability has been largely created by their instructions, we are merely returning to them their own invaluable gift; also, a suggestion for making their lives easier, less difficult lessons, not so many tests, and fewer rules to be obeyed. ARTICLE 11 To our school we leave our fame, and hope the students won ' t let it die. We realize they can ' t live up to our achievements, but we trust they won ' t skid back too far. ARTICLE III To the members of the Junior Class, our rightful heirs, who will so soon take our places, we do hereby will our laughs, giggles, unsolved puzzles, tardy and absent marks, all the unchewed gum, cold lunches, half-filled notebooks, and all other unclaimed properties that have no value whatsoever. ARTICLE IV Personal bequeaths; Robert Edgerton leaves his ability to play basketball to Billy Rae Holland, so the team will have a star next year. Ruby Nichols wills her ability to skip class and not get caught to Melva Jean Mitchell. Melba Aycock leaves her bench warming ability to Robbie so the team will have a bench-warmer next year. Bobby Fields wills his ability to work algebra to Cecil Lane. Joseph Rollins leaves his ability to keep quiet and study to the eighth grade boys. Lula Belle Berry wills her trim figure to Reba Wiggins. Marie Winders leaves her friendliness, good looks, and figure to Atuiette Sassar, hoping she will follow in Marie ' s footsteps. Dorothy Ivey leaves her ability to be teacher ' s pet to all underprivileged students. Jonathan Hooks leaves his ability to fire the boiler to anyone who likes Chesterfields. Allen Overman leaves his ability to win trips to Inez Sasser. Tommy Howell leaves his geometry and ruler to anyone who takes it next year. Gordon Wells wills his craving for algebra to A. B. Crawford. Cooper Dees leaves his laziness to David Stafford since he doesn ' t have any. Margaret Morris leaves her ability to get along in any situation to Shirley Bedford. Vernon Sullivan leaves his ability to flirt to Dickey Pierce hoping he will catch on after a while. Respectfully yours, Margaret Morris, Testator 4-H Club 1,2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3,4; FFA 1,2,3, Officer 3; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff 3; Class Officer 3,4; Athletic As- sociation 2, 3,4; Junior Play 3; Stage Manager Senior Play; Usher at Senior Play; Sub. Bus Driver 4. VEilNON SULLIVAN Basketball 2,3,4; FFA 1,2, 3, 4; Class President 2; Athletic As- sociation 2, 3,4; Senior Play; Class Treasurer 2; Class Re- porter 4; Baseball 4; Annual Staff; Junior Play 3; Paper Staff 3. Bus Driver 4; Sub. Bus Driver 2, 3; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play Prompter 4. Paper Staff 3; FFA 1,2,3, 4, Officer 3; Sub. Bus Driver 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4. Basketball 1,2,3; Cheerleader 4; FHA 1,2, 3, Officer 3; Usher for Junior Play, Senior Play; Paper Staff 3; 4-H Club 1. As I jolt along on the school bus 1 breathe a sigh of relief, another day has gone by, 1 think. My thoughts wander to my classmates whom 1 must leave after this last year. The noises around me dim and at last fade away. In my own private world of thought nothing can penetrate. My inner self seems to drift into the future, through the years and into the unknown. The parade begins. Ths mist swirls around a shadowy figure, the shadows lift and 1 find myself beside an old friend of mine, Lula Belle Berry. She, 1 find, did make up her mind between the two professions she was interested in. She is busy trying to control and teach a class of girls in home economi cs. After a struggle, she gets the class fairly quiet and the long grind begins. Wanting not to embarrass Lula Belle by trying to help, 1 move on. The mist billows out again, Lula Belle disappears but 1 find 1 have traveled into another time and life. Vernon Sullivan comes into view. He has changed as 1 can tell from his entire manner. He seems sure of his goal and the means of reaching it. A farmer and a very good one, he is which doesn ' t surprise me. His hitch in the army has been served and he and his charming wife are happy. Before 1 get the chance to observe more the scene clouds and 1 know I ' m bound for another trip. Much to my surprise a nicely furnished neat room appears. What are these gadgets 1 wonder. My question is answered by the attractive young woman that emerges from the shadows. Marie Winders has reached her dream of becoming a beautician. Quite suc- cessful too from the looks of the surroundings. As 1 start to explore the shop 1 am sud- denly yanked out of this scene on my way to more adventure. A shadowy blue figure sways toward me. The figure takes the shape of a young man in an airman ' s footsteps. By the stripes on his shoulder 1 assume he turned part of his charm on for the brass. My departure is rather abrupt from Robert to my next visitor whom 1 find walking along the street obviously on her way to work. 1 do a double take to recognize her. Yes, it ' s Ruby Nichols. Here is where she works, a swanky Beauty Salon. She like Marie has succeeded in her career of a beautician. Congratulations are due but 1 haven ' t the time for 1 leave Ruby as 1 continue on my journey. A familiar face swings open the doors of my memory. Yes, this is none other than Gordon Wells walking as if he owns the world. A second later 1 see why. In the window of a book store is this sign, " Best Seller for the Month illustrated by Gordon Wells. " 1 see that he hasn ' t wasted his extra- ordinary talent. The mist blurs my vision once again and another classmate looms before me. This one 1 can recognize by the radiant happy expression on her face. Margaret Morris has at last married her beloved boyfriend of school days. It has been a long wait but I ' m sure she will be blissfully happy for a good while. Rather than disturb her radiant thoughts 1 continue down the road of life. " Whoa there! " Stops me in my tracks, this is Joseph Rollins talking to a balky old mule. Joseph 1 find is farming and likes it. Old mother earth, he loves, and rejoices in seeing the products of his toil sprout and grow. He is having no trouble from the contented look on his face. 1 pause long enough to wish him a good harvest and I ' m off for parts unknown. The mist swirls madly and from it emerges an old chum of mine. She is in the mist of a busy office. Investigating further I discover that Melba gathered all her forces and entered into the field of commercial art. From the looks of things she ' s very busy. Having nothing to do 1 journey onward. Gazing around I observe that Bobby has overcome some of his shyness. He seems more sure of himself. He is staying with his father still but I have a feeling not for long because he has that moonstruck look that spells love. Having no time to linger and gather more information 1 depart with a hasty good-bye. This can only be Tommy Howell at work with his mechanical mind. Old cars and such, litter the rather large building. From the name on the front I gather Tommy is doing very well. A female voice calls out, this can be no other than Tommy ' s wife for his face lights with a feeling I ' ve never seen before. The mist steals in at this time clouding the figures and off I go again. On stopping I hear a buzzing sound and a loud ouch. I look and sympathize with the little boy in the dentist chair. For Cooper Dees never was too careful with a knife. Cooper looks tired, too many patients, I suppose. He hasn ' t changed very much for I see he has a very pretty nurse to help him. I go off chuckling as I remember some of his teenage antics. A large granite building is my next stop. One of my classmates hasn ' t done this well, I think. They haven ' t, it ' s just a community building. I hear a noise and lo and behold it ' s Allen Ray surrounded by a group of young boys. From the talk I piece together the fact that he has become a 4-H leader. He is well qualified, I think. He looks very prosperous but I don ' t have time to find out exactly what he does. The mist billows out again and then thins for it must make way for a very shiny, new convertible. This gets a whistle from me but I stop and stare for behind the wheel is Jonathan Hooks looking as proud as a peacock. The car speaks for his success and he has a college tag on the bumper. This must be about his last year. He made it and with flying colors. There remains but one more member of the Senior Class, the mists twirls and swirls and jerks to an abrupt halt. A voice is heard, " Dorothy, you ' re home. ” The voice belongs to my bus driver, Mar- garet Morris trying to get me out of my daze. Oh, well I decide, tomorrow is another day, maybe I can get the last member. After all, tomorrow is the FUTURE. By Dorothy Ivey EVERYTHING HAPPENS TO US Christine Allen Vernon Gordon Dorothy Jonathan Jencie Margaret Tommy Cooper Ruby Lula Belle Marie Sponsor, Miss Bone. I So t (TUNE: CHAPEL IN THE MOONLIGHT) Dear Nahunta we are leaving and the days are drawing near, but the memories will lin-ger throughout all the coming years. How we ' d like to stay here longer for we really love you so, but the fields now call for service and we ' ll have to say good-bye. Till we meet a-g-a-i-n, God be with you till the end, never fear we ' ll be near and we ' ll always think of you. How we hate to leave Nahunta, but the time has come to go, Tho our hearts will still be here throughout all the coming years. By Ruby Nichols We are the Seniors of Nahunta High, Who have gone through many years of strife; Preparing for the years to come. When we shall start a new life. In work or play we ' ve stood the test. Through all the years of school; We ' ve always done our very best. To follow the golden rule. We will always keep our motto, " To be rather than to seem. " Working together in every way. To make a winning team. The carnation is our flower. With its colors red and white; With red for courage and white for purity We ' ll always stand for the right. We are leaving our friends we love. In hopes that our memories stay; We will always think of Nahunta High, As we each go our separate way. By Bobby Fields Best Dressed Best Looking MARGARET MORRIS ROBERT EDGERTON DOROTHY LEE IVEY ALLEN RAY OVERMAN Wittiest Marie winders GORDON WELLS GORDON WELLS Margaret morris Most Athletic ROBERT EDGERTON MARGARET MORRIS DOROTHY LEE IVEY GORDON WELLS ALLEN RAY OVERMAN Dependable MARGARET MORRIS Most Talented Most Likely To Succeed LULA BELLE BERRY JOSEPH ROLLINS Best Sports Most Studious LULA BELLE BERRY ALLEN RAY OVERMAN DOROTHY LEE IVEY JOSEPH ROLLINS Best Personality Intelligent Most MARGARET MORRIS VERNON SULLIVAN DOROTHY LEE IVEY JONATHAN HOOKS Friendliest Class Pet Most Dignified VERNON SULLIVAN MARIE WINDERS DOROTHY LEE IVEY tommy HOWELL bobby FIELDS LULA BELLE BERRY Laziest Quietest MARIE WINDERS COOPER DEES Marshals f r JOSEPH ROLLINS LULA BELLE BERRY Biggest Flirt Cutest JONATHAN MARGARET DOROTHY BOBBY TOMMY COOPER DEES RUBY NICHOLS MELBA AYCOCK ROBERT EDGERTON Ou% ScKcon. Marie Winders, Dorothy Ivey, Melba Aycock, Ruby Nichols, Lula Belle Berry, Margaret Morris, Cooper Dees, Vernon Sullivan, Tommy Howell, Robert Edgerton. JUNIORS Vice President, Jimmy Morris President, Lemuel Overman Secreury, Dorothy Pate Treasurer, Hazel Gurley Reporter, Jeri Wells SOPHO President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Reporter fjt- Ann S. Annette W. Elbert R. Daylon H. Annette S. Morris C. FRESHMEN President, Peter Aycock Vice President, Kay Pittman Secretary and Treasurer Jvlary Cobb Forbes (absent) Reporter, Robbie Taylor RUTH BAKER BUSTER BUNN ROSE FERRELL DOUGLAS GURLEY HAZEL GURLEY WREB HAWLEY BILLY HENDERSON TEMPIE KEARNEY CECIL LANE OTHAL MINSHEW DONNA MORRIS JIMMY MORRIS LEMUEL OVERMAN DOROTHY PATE ELOISE PARRISH THOMAS PRIDGEN THURSTON ROLLINS BILLY TAYLOR JERI WELLS REBA WIGGINS 0 Julia Berry Julius Boswell Jimmy Bunn Morris Carter A. B. Crawford Don Crawford Annie Daughtry Viola Hales Eugene Hall Billy Ray Holland Betty HoweU Daylon Howell Wilton Howell Clayton Lee Mattie Jean Lee Melva Mitchell Yvonne Pate Dickie Pierce Raymond Radford Elbert Richardson Annette Sasser Jeanettie Sasser Markie Smith David Stafford Ann Strickland Dollie Strickland Marion Talton Lewis Valentine Donnie Ray Wall Annette Winders Charles Aycock Peter Ayccx:k Margie Barnes Shirley Bedford Selby Boswell Lois Carter Howard Edgerton Robert Edgerton Mary Cobb Forbes Carolyn Fulghum Edna Gurley Edith Holland Helen J. Holland Vivian Holland Peggy Minshew Jimmy Mitchell Kay Pittman Robbie Taylor Kenneth W ade Polly Wiggins First row, left to right; Peggy Best - Treasurer; Jane Howell - Sergeant -at -Arms; Judieth Over- man - Secretary; Inez Sasser - Reporter. Second row; Ray Sasser - President; Michael Mayo - Vice President. First row; C. Bell, J. Sasser, G. Brown, D. Gurley, C. Sullivan, B. Holland, M. Rose, T. Peacock, G. Pridgen, J. Hooks, J. Lee, B. Jordan. Second row; 1. Sasser, K. Wells, B. Wells, L. Wright, J. Howell, R. Aycock, M. Mayo, R. Gurley, L. Bizzell, G. Langley, C. Hales, C. Mitchell. Third row; P. Best, M. Berry, J. Mayo, J. Aycock, J. Stuckey, J. Overman, R. Sasser, C. Howell, J. Smith, E. Joyner. Fourth row; Mr. C. Boykin, C. Vick, D. Jones, R. Sullivan, A. Aycock, H. Lewis, J. Thomas, J. Howell, W. Willoughby, E. Bizzell. a ' ‘1 First row, left to right; W. Rollins, N.T. Holland, G. Sasser, M. Smith, R. Wells, J. Whaley, S. Aycock, B. Robbins, E. L. Aycock, W. Barnes. Second row; B. Stafford, S. Baker, C. Wade, G. Gurley, P. Winders, F. Pope, M. Carter, P. Barnes, M. Howell, E. Tucker, C. Fields, Third row; Z. Wiggins, S. Crawford, E. Elmore, M. Gurley, L. Aycock, J. Ricks, L. Edgerton, H. Lewis, J. Edgerton. Fourth row; J. B. Strickland, B. Wall, W. Gurley, B. Bunn, M. Whaley, L. G. Sasser, W. Sasser, T. Hardison. Fifth row; Mrs. Colleen J. Sasser. Scxt First row, left to right; S. Bass, 1. Ferrell, L. Sasser, E. Hales, L. Radford, A. Bizzell, J. Hooks, E. Boswell, Mrs. Gurley. Second row; B. Mooring, S. Baker, J. Mayo, J. Mooring, M. Pittman, W. Barbour, A. Pierce, D. Morris. Third row; L. Davis, D. Parnell, L. God- win, J. Pate, H. Williams, R. Ferrell, B. Bell, B. Thomas, absent from picture; R. Ferrell and Douglas Mitchell. First row, left to right: F. Hardison, C. Lane, C. Wells, S. Hooks, D. Sullivan, J. Baker, J. Talton, J. Bedford, B. Holland, J. Carter. Second row: C. Parrish, G. Crawford, E. Rad- ford , J. Edgerton, E. Morris, G. Edgerton, F. Hall, A. Bizzell, L. Pittman, S. Peacock, Mrs. Lewis. Third row: W. Aycock, M. Ferrell, D. Bass, W. Strickland, B. Taylor, M. Sasser, G. Carter, L. Bunn, R. Minshew, M. Whaley. First row, left to right: J. Sasser, A. Sullivan, R. Best, S. Wiggins, J. Tucker, K. Taylor, L. Gardner, B. Hinnant, R. Jordon, M.J. Parrish. Second row: R. Aycock, W. Britt, B. Morring, H. Langley, A.L. Davis, L. Howell, F. Collier, K. Morring, C. Boswell. Third row: J. Anderson, S. Howell, F. Mayo, J.D. Holland, P. Strickland, K. Godfrey, P. Fields, G. Sasser, H. Sasser, Mrs. Wooten. First row, left to right; R. Howell, S. Tucker, B. Wells, A. Baker, J. Merritt, R. Whaley, F. Kirby, F. Baker, J. Newcomb, D. Morring. Second row; J. Sasser, H. Mayo, R. Hales, E. Crawford, A. Crawford, W. Hinnant, P. Hamm, W. Aycock, L. Morring, Mrs. Fleming. Third row; M. Waddell, J. Gurley, K. Hales, E. Aycock, R. Williams, D. Pate, B. Overman, K. Hollowell, M. Pope. Second ( nade First row, left to right; F. Parrish, J. Maples, C. Talton, B. Sasser, J. Stacy, F. Overman, R. Howell, J. Aycock, G. Lee. Second row; P. Grantham, B. Bedford, J. Pate, F. Sasser, J. Hawley, E. Ferrell, E. Mayo, J. Britt. Third row; Mrs. Peacock, A. Bedford, J. Hales, W. Pittiman, W. Davis, G. Morris, E. Stallings, C. Aycock, C. Yelverton, B. Howell, P. Hinnant, cutd Seco a fMde ( 0€HSutatco4€ First row, left to right; E. Bass, D. Smith, F. Sasser, F. Wilson, C. Smith, T. Maples. Sec- ond row: F. Evans, L. Overman, R. Barnes, M. Aycock, J. Waddell, A. Holland. Third row: J. Pittman, O. Lancaster, D. Edgerton, D. Thomas, C. Pierce, D. Elmore, F. Bizzell. Fourth row: Mrs. Smith. First row, left to right: S. Howell, M. Lane, J. Lancaster, L. Sasser, L. Morris, R. Aycock, H. Holland, C. Rose, Mrs. Sheppard. Second row: J. Gooding, L. Mooring, J. Wright, A. Holland, B. Anderson, L. Bailey, J. Taylor, R. Sykes, P. Tucker. Third row; P. Lancaster, K. Godfrey, C. Elmore, G. Ferrell, R. Joyner, C. Hales, D. Mooring, and F. Jones. •ft Editor-in-chief Margaret Morris Assistant Editor Dorothy Ivey Business Manager Allen Overman Assistant Business Manager — Cooper Dees Art Editors Gordon Wells Melba Aycock Sports Editors Robert Edgerton Jonathan Hooks Literary, Social and Class Editors Ruby Nichols Joseph Rollins Marie Winders Bobby Fields Chief, Lula Belle Berry Photographs Vernon Sullivan Tommy Howell ‘Seta. Wreb Hawley Let us lead by serving others. Advisor Mrs. Molton Gurley Eloise Parrish Hazel Gurley Jimmy Morris First row, left to right: Jane Sasser, Janice Talton, Jean Sasser, Linda Pittman, Bettie Overman, Kay Hollowell, Joan Gurley, Grace Sasser and Faye Kirby. Second row: Faye Hall, Sue Pea- cock, Maxine Whaley, Linda Bunn, Lillian Davis, Ruth Minshew, Mary Ann Howell, Edna Rose Aycock, Geneva Edgerton, Alma Linda Davis. Third row; Margaret Berry, Inez Sasser, Peggy Minshew, Jane Gold Howell, Judy Aycock, Lou Ann Aycock, Judith Ovprman, Lois Edgerton, Jeanetta Edgerton, Robbie Taylor, Bertha Edgerton, Music Teacher. Absent: Anna Edgerton, Monnie Sasser. MARGARET MORRIS - ALLEN OVERMAN ctMo€4Aee(€ 2uee Primary JIMMY AYCOCK, FAYE OVERMAN High School JIMMY BUNN, ANNETTE SASSER Grammar Grades ALBERT PIERCE, PEGGY BEST ANNETTE SASSER ROBBIE TAYLOR cutct Pint row, left to right; A. Holland, S. Howell, H. Wright, J. Maples, L. Sasser, C, R. Hales, R. Aycock, F. Overman, R. Howell, F. Sasser, T. Maples, H. Holland, C. Rose. Second row: M. Lane, A. Holland, D. Elmore, J. Stacy, H. Godfrey, C. Talton, R. Sykes, J. Waddell, L. Overman, M. Aycock, E. Mayo, R. Kirby, L. Sasser, J. Pittman. Third row: P. Lancaster, B. Anderson, D. Edgerton, R, Whaley, C. Aycock, F. Baker, W. Aycock, C. Pierce, J. Sasser, A. Crawford, C. Yelverton, D. Mooring, A. Bedford, J. Aycock. Fourth row: E. Crawford, G. Morris, M. Waddell, B. Overman, K. Hollowell, J. Gurley, M. Pope, H. Mayo. First row: D. Pierce, P. Aycock, R. Sasser, J. Sasser. Second row: G. Sasser, L. Wright, N. T, Holland, R, Wells, L. Davis. Third row; M. Forbes, H. Sasser, T. Peacock, A. Davis, J. Edgerton, J. Little, A. Pierce. Fourth row: J. Stuckey, I. Sasser, M, Forbes, E. Morris, J. Edgerton, M. Sasser, Instructor, Zeb Watson. Buster Bunn, vice president; Billy Taylor, treasurer; Inez Sasser, secretary; Judy Stuckey, re- porter; Robbie Taylor, pianist; Allen Overman, president; Dickie Pierce, historian; not in picture, Mary Cobb Forbes, song leader. I pledge My head to clearer thinking My heart to greater loyalty My hands to larger service My health to better living for my club, my community, and my country. cctufie 4menccci President Vice President Secretary and Treasurer Reporter Historian Parliamentarian Margaret Morris Geraldine Wells - - - Julia Berry Annette Winders Ruth Baker -Lula Belle Berry MOTTO " Toward New Horizons COLORS Red and White FLOWER Red Rose 4metco OFFICERS President - Vice President Secretary ------ Treasurer - - Sentinel - - Reporter - Federation Secretary Sweetheart - - Wreb Hawley ■Raymond Radford - Robert Edgerton - Marion Talton - Dickie Pierce - — Cecil Lane Lemuel Overman - Robbie Taylor MOTTO Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve 7 Sewe Josie Mrs. Miss Laagley Pope Sasser Mrs, Mr. Holland Holland 0 Standing: Jeri Wells Robbie Taylor Reba Wiggins Eloise Parrish Hazel Gurley Seated: Ruby Nichols Lula Belle Berry Jimmy Morris Robert Edgerton Margaret Morris Billy Taylor Joseph Rollins Jonathan Hooks Cooper Dees 7 65 105 59 111 73 34 4t (etcc 4d occattoK First row, left to right; A. Strickland, L. Overman, J. Bunn, J. Morris, B. Taylor, D. Wall, B. Bunn, B. Howell, T. Rollins, T. Peacock, M. Morris, J. Stuckey, Coach, C. Boykin. Second row; B. Fields, T. Howell, V. Sullivan, J. Hooks, M. Winders, D. Ivey, M. Smith, A. Daughtry, A. Winders, J. Mayo, J. Howell, A. Overman, J. Overman, Third row; A.B. Crawford, T. Pridgen, C. Dees, W. Howell, E. Richardson, M. Talton, A. Sasser, D. Howell, D. Gurley, R. Taylor, D. Crawford, R. Edgerton. Fourth row; G. Wells, K. Pittman, J. Mitchell, P, Aycock, R. Edgerton, H, Gurley, D. Pate, E. Parrish, G. Wells, M. Aycock, R. Nichols, D. Pierce. Fifth row; B. Lewis, O. Minshew, B. Holland, C. Aycock, W. Haw- ley, R. Sasser, J. Howell, M. Rose, J. Thomas, D. Gurley, J. Rollins, Left to right: Judy Stuckey, Judith Overman, Mary Cobb Forbes, Annette Winders, Marie Winders. First row, left to right: J. Bunn, L. Overman, W. Hawley, W. Howell, J. Pate, E.C. Gurley, M. Talton, R. Edgerton, B. Hare. Second row: C. Holland, G. Wells, J.B, Giautham, T. Howell, A.B. Crawford, D. Wall, E. Richardson, T. Pridgen, D. Cawford, R. Sasser. Coach MR, BOYKIN Cheerleader Advisor MRS. GURLEY JERI WELLS - Guard MARGARET MORRIS - Forward ROBBIE TAYLOR Guard DOROTHY IVEY Guard ANNETTE SASSER Forward MARKIE SMITH Forward BETTY RUTH HOWELL - Forward ANNIE ROSE DAUGHTRY Forward ANN STRICKLAND Guard DOROTHY PATE Guard DAYLON HOWELL - Forward MELBA AYCOCK - Guard RUBY NICHOLS, absent — Guard WILTON HOWELL - Center ROBERT EDGERTON - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - -Forward BILLY TAYLOR ---- - Guard ELBERT RICHARDSON Forward BUSTER BUNN - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Guard LEMUEL OVERMAN - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Forward THRUSTON ROLLINS - Center MARION TALTON- Guard JIMMY MORRIS Guard TOMMY HOWELL - Forward BILLY HOLLAND Guard JIMMY BUNN Guard DON CRAWFORD Guard GORDON WELLS, Absent - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Forward BARNES -HARRELL -RAWLINGS COMPANY Goldsboro, North Carolina BRANCH BANKING TRUST COMPANY The Safe Executor A Complete Banking Service Given All Customers Your Banking Business Appreciated Open An Account With Us Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT LET US HELP BRANCH BANKING a ft d TRUST COMPANY Pikeville, North Carolina - Fremont, North Carolina Phone 3721 - Phone 2311 Complete Banking Service Loans of All Types Insurance for Every Need Courteous and Confidential Service “We Help You Get Ahead” The Safe Executor Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation AND INC. Insurance - Bonds Telephone - 5 JOHN D. LEWIS THOMAS O’BERRY CLAXTON SASSER SALES SERYICE INC. New and Used Cars Goldsboro Street Phone Z 636 Fremont, North Carolina Compliments of HEILI6 - MEYERS REL ' " Goldsboro North Carolina Congratulations to the Class of 1955 Ahead! wayne Goldsboro - La Grange North Carolina Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation gp.€AD Enriched Eat Made-Rite Bread and Rolls Compliments of Goldsboro, North Carolina ut%CtCou DAIRY PRODUCTS WAYNE DAIR Y COOPERATIVE, INC. Goldsboro North Carolina Owned and Operated by Local Dairy Farmers “ A Complete Line of Grade “A” Farm Fresh Dairy Products” W R ROSE SUPPLY CO. Building Material Goldsboro North Carolina Phone 3 3 Phone 1288-W PAULC. BLALOCK I NC. Sale s yCHE VROLETj Service Fremont, North Carolina FREMONT Cash and Carry One Day Service Fremont, North Carolina Phone 2631 SAN ITARV MARKET F remont, North Carolina Dial 275-1 AYCOCK-SHELB Y COMPANY, INC. Telephone 295-1 Agents for “GE” Appliances Sylvania Television Mayo Curers - Fertilizers Paints - Cotton Buyers F remont, North Carolina OSCAR E, TURLINGTON GENERAL MERCHANDISE Fremont, North Carolina FREMONT WHOLESALE CORPORATION Paints - Building Supplies Coal Distributors Petroleum Products OIL MILL COMPANY Oil - Seed Products High Grade Fertilizers Phone 2681 FREMONT Co Ze ' e ' 0 Sandwiches of All Kinds Hot Dogs - Hamburgers F remont. North Carolina PAT E ' S SERVICE STATION AND GARAGE Phone 3 75-2 Pikeville, North Carolina PIKEVILLE L.B. SMITH Gl N NER For Sells Fertilizer Reasonable Prices and Courteous Service Pikeville, North Carolina THOMPSON’S ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING D. C. THOMPSON, Prop. “Service Plus Quality” F rigidaif e and Deepfreeze Appliances Pikeville, North Carolina Buys Cotton Pikeville, North Carolina PIKEVILLE FEED MILL CO. Custom Grinding and Mixing U. S. Tested Pullorum Clean Baby Chicks Home of J. P. Feeds Telephone 311-2 Pikeville, North Carolina FLEMING-VAIL Petroleum Products Phone 2085 Pikeville, North Carolina MOTORS CORPORATION Sales - Service Goldsboro, North Carolina HW. TATUM REALTY COMPANY Insurance and Real Estate 106 North John Street Goldsboro, North Carolina DAVIS FEED MILL Purina Chows Corn Bought and Sold Phone 4Z36 Kenly, North Carolina STORE General Merchandise Highway 581 Gas and Oil Phone 3984 0 t Compliments of WORLEY TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Royal Typewriters 105 1 2 N. Center Street Phone 251 Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of Phone 651 Goldsboro, North Carolina m in % I Compliments of GROCERY A Home -Owned Store We Aim to Please You Pikeville, North Carolina Phone 206-3 Compliments of EM-JAY SPORTING GOODS CO. Athletic Equipment Phone 2256 106 S. Tarboro St. Wilson, North Carolina ROBINSON ' S DRUG STORE “Prescription Specialists” Goldsboro, North Carolina 147 South Center Street Phone 823 OIL CO., INCORPORATED Shell Petroleum Products Post Office Box 1007 Goldsboro, North Carolina It Pays To Play MU51CW5P0RTS INC. 202-204 East Walnut St. Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 1996 FREMONT BROTHERS GENERAL MERCHANDISE THE REXALL STORE Fremont, North Carolina Phone 236-6 Sodas - Drugs - Cosmetics Photo Supplies F remont. North Carolina RACK LEY ' S GARAGE Auto Repairing of All Kinds U. S. Highway 117 Phone 3038 OU ALI T Y always pays 90 Years of Service to the Youth of Eastern Carolina QMi UPHOLSTERING Fremont, North Carolina VI NSON BEAUTY SHOP 701 North John Street Phone 1096 Goldsboro, North Carolina PARADISE NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL 414 N. George Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Age 2 Years Through 6 Years SEE US 103 1 2 North Center Street Up Over Central Cafe Experienced Operators Phone 1296 THE LUCAMA-KENLY BANK TOWN UNTRY Capital, Surplus, Undivided Profits $156,000 L. P. GAS SERVICE Member Federal Deposit Bulk and Bottled Gas Insurance Corporation Goldsboro Lucama Kinston North Carolina Tarboro H.M.GRIZZAKD KENLY FROZEN FOOD LOCKER “We Serve You from the Cradle to the Grave” Freeze to Save Kenly Kenly, North Carolina North Carolina FOSE 6IDDENS JEWELRY STORE North Carolina’s Kenly Oldest Jewelers Phone 235-6 Goldsboro, For Better Service See Us North Carolina ' Se C0 . KENLY LIVESTOCK MARKET Modern Grocery and Market For Highest Market Phone 3811 Prices Sell at Pikeville Kenly North Carolina North Carolina hub BLUE FLAME GAS CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Stoves, Water Heaters, Space Heaters 105-107 East Walnut Street Dial 2391 - Night 3631 - 4651 Phone 1180 Goldsboro, North Carolina Kenly, North Carolina 1 IITl (f GENERAL ELECTRIC TTl ' IlltfTTW PASTRY SHOP APPLIANCES ‘ The Home of Good Baking” Princeton, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina MEN 5 SOYS SHOP Ml CPD MARVIN WIGGS, Prop. H06 MARKET The Store of Service Phone 313-5 and a Square Deal Free Hauling Fremont, North Carolina Micro, North Carolina J.MILO PIERCE FEED MILL Home of Yorkshires ‘‘Your Grains When Mixed With Our Concentrates” Larger Litters and Less Lard Phone 210-1 Fremont Route 2 Route 2 Pikeville, North Carolina Pikeville, North Carolina PIERCE ' S STORE EARL. BARBOUR, Manager Complete Line of Groceries Feeds and General Merchandise Gas and Oil 1 Mile West of Nahunta School W. T. GRANT CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina Shop With Confidence at And Wear With Pride Goldsboro, North Carolina J.C PENNEY CO, INC. “T he Home of Value” 109-111 West Walnut Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Furniture of Distinction Goldsboro, North Carolina EASONS RADIO TELEVISION SERVICE Service to All Buy and Save With Eason’s KEARNEY SHELL SERVICE STATION Corner of William and Beech Washing HELm Gas and s l ( and Lubrication Oil Tel. 9289 Goldsboro, N.C, DAVIS AUTO SERVICE Washing - Greasing Lubrication Tires - Tubes - Batteries Auto Accessories 1210 N. William MOTOR PARTS MACHINE SERVICE, INC. 1 302 North William Street Phone l67 Goldsboro, North Carolina SUTTON GAS APPLIANCE CO. Pyrofax Bottled Gas Service 1516 N. William Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 982-W SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT SERVICE GARAGE Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of U. S. 1 17 and 70 Highways Compliments of CAROLINA TRACTORS, INC, Ferguson Sales and Service Phone 2898 Goldsboro, North Carolina DUMAS- GIDDEN5 OIL COMPANY, INC. Pure Petroleum Products Be Sure With Pure Goldsboro North Carolina PRINCETON DRY CLEANERS Highway 70 Phone 2031 Princeton North Carolina LADIES CHILDREN APPAREL Phone 3481 P. O. Box 38 Princeton North Carolina LI N DSAY ' S 702 N. George Street Goldsboro North Carolina for GOODness Sake eat V m. fj JOHNSON “Your Farm and Home Supplies” 132-34 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro, North Carolina Modern - Air Conditioned WOODARD’S DRUG STORE Prompt -Efficient- Courteous “The Rexall Store” Princeton, North Carolina T Mor Yearbook V“ " i ' ‘ LA 00 Client 4, ectx OtcC SeAoU. % JIM«U . mr- ■ MSt, 79 ' M it tA One” ITit ...

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