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Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 126 of the 1949 volume:

FEB 2 2012 s qgft • ' tjftpn DEDICATION It is with the greatest gratification, exultation, and thankfulness that the senior class of nineteen hundred and forty - nine dedicate our annual to our teacher and coach, Mr. T. W. Jones. In this small way we hope to show adequate recognition for him and what he has helped us accomplish. The things he has taught us will be an inspiring light to our future. Senior Class U ff i FACULTY KING and QUEEN of 1948 and ' 49 SENIOR OFFICERS Billy Batten Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Bus Driver 4; President 4; Walter at Junior-Senior Ban- quet 2; Dramatics 4; 4H Club 1,2,3; Sub- stitute Driver 3; Olftorlan Jtiyoe Howell Treasurer 2; Junior Play; Senior Play; Marshal 3; Registrar at Banquet 2; Trea- surer 4; Glee Club 2,3 Dramatics 4. Margaret Inez Pike Music Club 3,4; Marshal 3; Treasurer 3; Secre- tary 4; Editor In Chief of " Chieftain " 4; Senior Play fc. Edgar Wright Hooks Jr Class President 1,2 3 Vice Pros. 4; Mama ' s Baby Boy 2; Basket- ball 1,2,3,4; Base- ball 1,2,3,4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play Chief Marshal 3; Glee Club 4; Bus Driver 4; Waiter at Junior-Senior Ban- quet 2; Dramatics 4; Rudy C. Barnes Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; 4. H. dub 2; Senior play; Dramatics; Junior play. Charles Thomas Holland 4. H. Club 1,2,3,4; Marshal 3; Junior Play; Senior Play. Franklin fright Bosvell Senior Play; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; 4. H. CLub 1,2; Foot- ball 1,2,3,4; Bus Driver 4. C. H. Overman Football 1,2,3,4; 4. H. Ciub 1,2; Glee Club 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4; Substi- tute Driver 2; Junior Play; Senior Play Mama ' s Baby Boy 2. Geraldlne Gay Basketball 3,4; Soft- ball 1,2,3,4? Mama ' s Baby Boy 2; Junior Pla Senior Play; Waitress at Junior-Senior Ban- quet 2; Glee Club 2, 3,4; Usher at Senior Play 2; Usher at Music Recital 2; Treasurer 1 Secretary 2,3; Dram- atics 4; Queen Of High School 4; Glftorlan Worked In Library 1. Virgil Irene Howard Music Club 2,3,4; Usher at Junior Play 3 P. H. A. Club 1; Q «n T» Plav 4; Agnes Holland 4H Club 1,2,3; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Basketball 3,4; Soft- ball 1,2,3,4; Pashior Show 1. Roxie Lee Parnell 4. H. Club 1,2; Usher at Music Recital 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; F. H. A. Member 1; JHHJ Diana Bobbins Basketball 2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,45 Marshal 3; Senior Play; Usher For Senior Play, 2. F. H. A. Member 1; Worked in Library 2. Fanettie Wiggins Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 J Usher at Junior Play; Member of F. H. A. lj Serior Play; 4. H. Clubl; Nannie Rose Sumraerlin Softball 2) Junior Play; Senior Play; Glee Club 1,2, 3; Dancer at Junior-Senior Banquet 2; Fashion Show 3; Louise Wilkins F. H. A. Member 1; Senior Play; Worked in Library 1,2,4; J. C. Fields Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; 4H Club 1,2,3,4; Health King 3; Senior Play 4; Dram- atics 4; Bus Driver 3,4; Waiter at Junior -Senior Banquet 2; Elton Parrish Basketball 2; 4H Club 1,2,3; Baseball 2,4; Junior Play; Bus Driver 2,3; Football 1,2,3 King of High School 4; IU Loudest Silliest Biggest Tease Roxie Lee Parnell Loudest Laziest Silliest Biggest Pest J. C. Fields c Wittiest Best Sport Best Athlete Agnes Holland Testator GAftorian Class Grumbler Biggest Flirt Qeraldine Gay Most Conceited Louise Wilkins Historian Moat Studious Most Dependable Charles Thomas Holland Quietest Biggest Flirt Franklin Boswell Wittiest Most Popular Most Musical Cutest C. H. Overman ' , Best All Around Best Personality- Most Popular Prophet Diana Robbins Most Musical Laziest Panettie Wiggins st Dressed ost Likely To Succeed lost Independent ' aledictorian :dgar Wright Hooks, Jr. Best All Round Rudy Barnes Most Studious Quietest Neatest Virgil Howard Most Dignified Most Dependable Most Independent Most Likely-To-Succeed Margaret Pike Most Dignified Politest Neatest Elton Parrish Biggest Pest Cutest Nannie Rose Summerlin Salutatorian Beat Dressed Prettiest Politest Joyce Howell Most Handsome Biggest Tease Most Conceited Best Sport Best Personality Best Athlete Class Grumbler Billy Batten MLlton Brock s Mollis Hinnant VSJ ....... . - , . If « I Bobby Jackson Eugene Waddell Leah Nichols Mary Elizabeth Stuckey William iliilkins E.C. Gurley A W. S. Barnes Srnest-ine Barnes It Joe Bunn Ljagdalene Brock J. D. Howard Elva Harper tfillard Jones Lettie Harper - )»WHUHHk ■ Qlenn Jones ii V fc, si Dorothy Howell Rudolph Grantham W « omores % 111 SOPHOMDfiB CLASS Glass Roll Virginia Boswell Norwood Talton Marie Radford Peggy Crawford Frances Fields Betsy Ann Floars Ernestine Sasser Ralph Gurley Mary Ruth Peedin Marie Hawley Betty Mitchel Maxine Howell Janice Overman Betty Jewel Jones Ruby Bedford Jean Hardison Maidred Morris J. T. Edgerton Hazel Holland Charles Bryant Arron Hooks Curtis Fields Lois Ray Holland Charlie Bedford Hardy Sullivan Mr. T. W. Jones Freshm p % % FRESHMAN CUSS ' ' ?w.K ¥ : " :: : " t- ' : -X % Glass itoll Gene Lamb Arabella Grantham Nancy iiitchell I.ielvin ..ells Elgu ' . ells Robena Blackmail Liary Lois . illi -. Jim.y jass Charlie bee Jone Joyce Gates Harold Richardson Jam Hall Lois Hit 1. nan Linv.ood Brown Frances Robbins Eleanor Hare loodard Gurley Dorothy Fulgiun Betty L ' .ju ounn Frances Gay Harold Javis Jean Creel Laverle Grantham Ernestine larrish David Berry liiss i-ary Alice Stevens Hiram Grantham Donald o. ..iOrris Gene Edgorton Junior Daujhtrv Kenneth Hall Billy Jtuckey Ray Hav. ' ley Wayne County Public Librar y 1001 E Ash Street Goldsboro.NC 27530 f MUr ■ -•■■ ■ ■ w V ; ' 1 ■ . " -..■; 4 ■X .. " I i ' H ww! V4 ' ■ • ■ ,-• ;: MUSIC CLUB FOUR-H CLUB CHEER LEADERS GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM BASKETBALL TEAM BASEBALL SQUAD BUS DRIVERS Elementara IIOHW QfiADS das 8 Roll Shirley Spell Linwood Howell Hilda Gurley Eugene Yelverton Peggy Gurley Jimmy Barnes R. A. Sasser Betty Jean Strickland Marjorie Sasser David Harper Billy Jackson Elizabeth Pike Paul Lane Velma Rose Barnes Raymond Peedin Ben Ray Edgerton Hazel Nichols Jo Ann Jones Billy Holland Van Minshew John Allen Edgerton Audrey Hall Eramette Collier Billy Gene Outland Otis Hinnant Mildred Ferrell Rudolph Bizzell Mrs. Virginia Barfield Betty Gates Betty Jones CLASS HISTORY History to most people is a dull subject especi- ally to those who have not taken part in it person- ally. With this in mind I will try to touch only upon the subjects which are of interest not only to the class but to others. In September of 1937 a few of us entered into our first year ' s work under the wonderful guidance of Mrs. Harvey Dickers on. At the close of the year she turned us over to Mrs. Estelle Edmunson Langely. For the four years that followed Mrs. Bernard Pike Mrs. Ida Champion Lewis, Mrs. Crandal, and Mrs. Mozelle Ricks Gurley had their hands full keeping us under control. Mrs. C. R. Lewis was our guide in the seventh grade and she turned us over to Miss Betty Mae Bennett who prepared us for our high school days which lay ahead. Our freshman year of high school was not very settled. As soon as we had establis hed ourselves under Mr. Burns she left to join her husband in Texas, For a while we were left without a teacher. Finally Mr. Albert Gainey came to the rescue and got us straightened out. Our sophomore year was much smooth- er under the guidance of Miss Mary Alice Stevens. Our junior year was filled with much work and little play under Mrs ' , Hazel Kirby Barnes. However, we had much fun in preparing our junior play, " Damsels In Distress " , which was a great success. -The junior- senior banquet was a grand finish to a great year. Then came our senior year which was filled to over- flowing with important events. Among these were parties, our Washington tour, and graduation. Our senior teacher Mrs. Bryson is due a lot of credit for her help in carrying on our class acti- vities. Our senior play, " The Baby Sitter " , was a great success. And, thanks to Mrs. Brjrson our ftt 4 cJgy Washington tour was very educational as well as a lot of fun. The Junior-Senior banquet which was carried out in the Easter motif f was a very diginfied occasion. During the period which our class history covers, five of our group haVe chosen to wed. Others have dropped out for various other reasons. The curtain is going down on the history of the class of 1949, but in reality it is just beginning. We sincerely hope that our future lives, will at least partially, repay the great debt which we owe to our parents, our teachers, and our -school. i V-, M ff i PRDPHECT Classmates, it is said that travelers, trudging over the burning sands of deserts often think they see ahead of them green palm trees and cool water. They urge their camels on but soon find their visions have faded. And sometimes people on a seashore see huge ghostly ships sailing across the sky but these ships also fade away before materializing. They are mirages. They are only reflections of actual palm trees, cool water, and ships far beyond the horizon. Sometimes these mirages are magnified and set against a background of colored mists, these mirages are not fancied, but they are reflections caused by layers of air which act as mirrors. Tonight X am seeing mirages. 1 am looking across the years into a mirror and seeing the reflections of the activities of the seniors as they pursue their daily occupation. This mirror magnifies so I can see clearly through the color mists images, face - ' a panorama of places and cities, and people come go there is Franklin Boswell racing in a new model car, an inven- tion of his own from his own factory and he is stopping at a brick mansion where children are playing on the lawn. And yes, there is a pretty woman romping with the children it is Jean. Ah! thirty, forty years hence I see a rich man a banker - riding in his auto, counting out his money and wear- ing his dearaonds - whose is it? His name? yes, I see. now J. C. Fields. Ah!, the dainty lady of society, envied and flattered by all, the queen of every gathering, the belle of every ball. Louise Wilkins. Now I feel so strong, so brave so bold! A woman of strong mind, strong will, and stronger temper: A lecturer on a strong subject an old maid demonstrating her independence of man. Her name escapes me - wait - oh, yesj It is Virgil Howard. Again I look and see a girl of high places a pioneer of distant wildness and vastness, comforting passengers as they soar thru the skies. Joyce Howell. A school of learning and a noble professor before his class They look at him in reverence of the vast learning he acquired at Nahunta High School. Why, what is that they call him as they bow in homage before him? Professor Edgar Wright Hooks. fl Mr r S N Hear the newsboy running down the street I What does he say? Listen? I catch it now - Extra! Estra! All about the big battle! American forces led to victory by the gallant soldier, hero of the hour, General Elton Parrish. Now I see a smartly dressed young lady - dashing to and fro over a large city, for Geraldine Gay has more work than she can do decorating the homes of the new rich. A fair lady, disappointed in some love affair, has become a nun and devotes her life to going about doing good to all the world. Her name is lost now for she is called " Sister Jane " but I see her face and she was once Roxie Lee Parnell. I see two most attractive nurses darting about doing their work in the same determined way that they used to work in High School. Wonder how both of them happened to get positions at Duke Hospital. They are Margaret Pike and Agnes Holland. A yell goes up from the crowd! Rudy Barnes, the sensa- tional new pitching star of the N. Y. Giants has just set a new strikeout record. He is being hailed as the new Bob Feller. There ' s a big crowd at Robert Ricks store watching his new television set, who is the commedian that they are so eagerly watching? Well I do believe its the new sensation of stage and radio C. H. Overman. C. T. Holland seems to be well setuated in his high pay- ing position as an accountant for the John D. Rockefeller Foundation. The neighborhood kids are gathering around the baseball hero for autographs on their baseballs. But he ' s preoccupied with his own kids and that doesn ' t leave much time for the neighbors. It is Billy Batten. Two more mirages, and as they seem to cling together I take them up at once and see two wives making sunshine and music within their walls. I see them exchanging confidences over the fence as to this or that domestic difficulty and see how, even in their marriage, could never be divided the girls who were so unseparable, Nannie Rose 5u;amerlin and Fanettie Wiggins. And now as I look I see dimly. in the far a last fleeting glimpse of Diana Robbins as she goes to the kitchen door and waves her apron as a signal for her husband and children to leave their. farm work and come to lunch. Mr. President brave and wise offical of the class of 1949 my duty is at an end, and the future is hereafter to thee and thy classmates an open book. May each of you follow faithfully the path I have marked out for your footsteps and make your lives the glorious successes the fates have decreed that they are to be. Dear Nahunta we are leav-ing, and the time is drawing near, School days are ending, vacation time is here, filling all the air with dream-ing. Mea-ories will linger ev-er, tho ' we wander far away, There comes a sigh of sad-ness as we leave you for ever and a day. From a-far we hear a whis-per, calling us for duty there, So like the rest we must all join the band, thrilling our hearts with rap-ture. Still our thoughts are with Nahunta, only time will ever tell, Be-lov-ed, friends, and school-mates we ' ll remember the school that we love so well. CLASS OQLOBS Red and White CLASS FLOWERS Red and White Roses CLASS MOTTO Less than our best is failure. i n- ffl y «? ft - FOEK Our school days now have passed end And yet we fondly linger here, For sweet each joy that we have known Tis hard to part from friends so dear. The future cefore us brightly lies, Yet here fond memories love to dwell, With saddened :ieart and dewy eyes To ail we bid fare. veil. Lon i will our hearts recall each joy, That has boi. nd us in friendship here, For time can never r.ore destroy The li:ht of merr.or ; burnln.- clear. Cf ot.-ier scenes and ot .er cares, 0 ' r lips rust now their story tell, Uach heart your tender memory shares Teachers and classmates now farewell. one, i W. i kd- C ' h y uf LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Senior Class of 1949, In eighteen Individual md distinct parts, being about to pass out of this sphere f education, in full possession of a crammed mind, well- •ained memory, and almost super-human understanding, do ike and publish this, our last will and testament. We bequeath to our dear faculty, a sweet and unbroken v uccession of restful nights and sweet peaceful dreams. It as been a hard strain on them, for Seniors are said to be t all times and under all conditions difficult to manage, leave to them all the amazing knowledge and startling in rmation that we have furnished them from time to time in gui 4 examination papers. We know much of it was entirely ne o them. To the Freshman Class we leave- Roxie Lee especially- iny overlooked cuds of gum we may have left under desks, sea anisters, or any likely or unlikely places. Sometimes we d to rid ourselves of these in too much haste to pick a lace of disposal. To the boys in the Sophomore Class The Senior boys wi eir supply of baseball suits. To the girls, the Senior firls leave our unending list of boy friends hoping they cari old on to them better than we could. To the Junior Class we bequeath the ability to master hakespeare as we have. May your interpertation of Macbeth e as brilliant as Mrs. Bryson has found ours. C.H. Overman leaves his wit to Gene Lamm in the hope tha- he might crack a few funny ones next year. Louise Wilkins wills what she thinks, her good looks jd personality to Nancy Mitchell. Elton Parrlsh wills his dignity to Harold Richardson. Geraldine Gay bequeath her ability to catch boyfriends Mary Lois Williams hoping that she might find one she can| (et along with. Agnes Holland wishes to leave her trim figure to Elva larper. Billy Batten wills his good looks to Gene Edgertori, so[ can offer more competition for that certain girl. Roxie Lee Parnell leaves her giggles to Hollis Hinnant ping she ' ll learn how to laugh. Charles Thomas Holland wills his business-like appear- ince to Hardy Sullivan. Margaret Pike bequeath her poise to Joyce Gates. y „flW J Mr fi l y i J. C. Fields leaves his unruly hair to J.D.Howard, Virgil Howard leaves her quiet, polite manner to Elean lare. Diana Robbins and Geraldine Gay leave their ability to loaf and skip class without getting caught to all those th n ' t already know how. Panettie Wiggins wishes to leave her height to Ken- J eth Hall. I Franklin Boswell leaves his seat and all the cigarette ducks he can find in the boiler room to Glenn Jones. Nannie Rose Summerlin wills her ability to catch boy riends with pretty cars to Maidred Morris. Rudy Barnes wills his pitching arm to Kenneth Hall so at he can be that well known pitcher he has been talking out. Edgar Wright Hooks, J. C. Fie Ids, Rudy Barnes, and Billy atten leave their ability to play basketball to the boys wh ope to be on the team next year. Fanettie Wiggins leaves a few of her boyfriends to Ernestine Sasser. Edgar Wright Hooks wills his at tracti vines s to Billy tuckey so the girls will run after him as much as they ave Edgar Wright. Diana Robbins leaves her best-all-round features to f Lettie Harper hoping some day she ' ll amount to something. Joyce Howell bequeath her good looks and neat appear- ance to Dor thy Howell and Rudolph Grantham. And we do hereby appoint the said principal sole execu- tor of this our last will and testament. In witness whereof, We, The Class of 1949, have to this) i our will, written on two sheets of parchment, set our hands id seal this thirthieth day of May, one thousand nine hun- ' Ired and forty nine. 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TELEPHONE 325 » " 1 SNOW HILL ST, u- aJh Bill Herring I Wayne County Public Library 1001 E Ash Street Goldsboro, NC 27530

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