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'82-'83 A Record Year Student Life Grganizations Academics Sports S Student Body Advertisements 10 30 68 108 142 192 Nacogdoches High School 4310 Appleby Sand Road Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Volume 42 OPENING-1 Students reflect varying styles. 2-OPENING 1. Amber Brannen was in early preparation for the game at Texas Stadium, 2. Billy Ballow, John Fleming and Andy Walker seem to thoroughly enjoy Mr, Beasley's class. 3. On Kiddy Day students were allowed to revert back to their childhood days, 4, Sherry Deckard shows her unique form at a Lady Dragon volleyball game, 5. Senior Patricia Fuller intensely studies her assignment. 6. Ms. Ash casually poises for the camera. 7. Disection is one of the more grue- some tasks in Biology as Dwayne Husband is dis' covering. 8, Faye Walker gives us a mischevious grin. 9, Greg Hinkley and Eddie Klein exibit their offensive tactics against a Lufkin defender. 10. Lee Brewer flashes us his "ultra-britem smile. 11. Coach Frankie and Hubert Douglas are discussing a play. 4 x ,qrt A 4 ,I 'KF -i""'-96 NRNNR OPENING-3 'W 'fb fp ' A ' ff -55:1 - K- ,,,4 . BOX XX lr 5,5 N 5 4 lm- if f y f R 1.Jx.f ' 'N if wi 1: it 5? - X. RAGUIN MM WK K KVVV K V , ,,, , .w.,.,-,... wg, ' 'N .. 1?Qh,,,.,,..,.f :Tir 'V' 'WL-G ff ' ,. ' -T?'1"'f" ' rl' . , an . ,- g- ,MM .. A v1gf'g'1c1-,0,:. ' ,., TQ, '- ' .. 'Z J" ' A K K K ,K K7 K A K . 'gh W f mf'-m,. fig KA QW K X,,,1ZQ.Qw-V A 3 ' K ,. , ,L , Nou , K KK, WK , ,K 4. K QQQMMWMKK K, My 7 , ali., , L ,,,, Min. 4-OPENING 'v- ,,,,,...-f 00 Single faces express a variety of moods. WW' 6-OPENING Y I www' A ,, R , Xxx uv-rg - if M175 in W 1. Coach McCarty praises senior Clayton Shoemaker for an exceptional play. 2. Angela Williams smiles as if she is on candid camera. 3, Sabra McCarty seems to be enjoying herself at the Astrodome. 4, Chad Holt receives a birthday surprise from a Playboy bunny during Coach Frankie's class. 5. Missy Foster and Carlene Thompson watch attentively as Mrs. Smith ex- plains a drill team routine. 6. Michael Robertson sees Ag class from a different perspective. 7. Donnie Miller gives a look of disgust during his P.E. class. 8. Michael Fore exemplifies a typical NHS student, 9. Freshmen hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil, OPENING- 8-UPENING Jil 1 W gf.: Tx. B., "-avi' N 6 3 'K 1 . E if Q,- ,hm 'iii x Q-Q:gLggg.3"i V, ., ,:?. ' . if f', . TY' aku: ,. i ff. .g.g4-. . .... A-..- if 55, fi? in 8 '-, a' I K ' .5 4 1 H, .IZ ' N - X :fx-L .- N- :- 'Q 10-STUDENT LIFE Student Life Produced by ANN BRASELTON STUDENT LIFE-11 2-wg. ,N 1 fir! wif, 1 Q wf , ,gg S, F: gf -a KW., My. Q fda' M V Z, ' iii-T. , ' K w f Q5 5 4, f 4 J EQ Zyl' i1si91f z 'f , , ,Jung 1 .4 1 gm ,, ,Z M? ,3 1L,, Q . aw ,151 A 15 1. v-Q .Pg L 'WM w i lm. "' +7 ? NX. fi ,S-M Ns . 5 4..,-,. ., 'X ,nh ' -FSH 1, Punk Rock Day starts off the week of activities. Roller skates serve as transportation for sophomore Julie Faire. 2. Cheerleaders Lynne Maynard and Marion Arscott relax before the game. 3. Duchesses Laurie Bizzell, Kelley Rayne, Dovie Biggerstaff, and Ann Braselton pose for their last Homecoming game at Nl-l.S. 4, Andraly Horn, as the "Mad Hatter" on Hat Day. STUDENT LIFE-13 "These are the things dreams are made of." STUDENT LIFE e X N-1' .4 ,JW 1LNr A m,,.wgk 3, sera if 1--M f 1. Senior Laurie Bizzell and her date appear to be enjoying a slow song. 2. Stepping out on the two-step are junior Rhonda Franks and her date. 3. Alison Rowley with Mark Sowell, and Rusty Harris with Adaire Hallman dance the night away. 4. Last chance for the last dance. 5. Jack Nelson and Donna Thompson finish the Hrun through" sign for the game. STUDENT LIFE-15 Golden Dragons enter pla offs for state. , . A AA it t ,F f , .5 H 'f t ' Ji P ' ll 41, li ii wr. .Q W lJl .lib sv 'Y .gp -'fa Wa ' L -. 4f1f..g.,N,Mgf44'n-affttmt 'fl' W MW' V, ' , " V' A ' A r A X ' 'fu 1 -gmt M . f i A J, .. , m l 16 1 . M ez .a.. - . , fl t t oss, gf? - ilu in 'Q 2 'T tm t A N . 4. in 4? 4 A 5 1 1- t m 1. Drill team, flag corps, and twirlers perform a me 'M' novelty routine to "Wabash Cannonball." 2. Coach McCarty leads the football team onto the I , ' f .Q'f'M'L'!? . -Za . ' l to a .o .. field at the Astrodome. 3. Dragons break MH" uv- W r , Y, , f ' mf s through the run-through after halftime. 4. , Dragons are ready for an attack the Highlanders. A . " l 1-l'f'I,t N ' ll t . . , -,Mft -'H 1 ,, A lt K V 4 1 V 4 tt::,fW3'Rff wwf I t LA -I .... ,,...a. ........,....:sf 16-STUDEN T LIFE QUJJ alll t -- 'hifi , gt- 7 vm, ffm: 1. The entire town of Nacogcloches turns out for the TST game in which we smeared Temple! 2, One of the many Dragon fan vans leaving the parking lot. 3. Mrs, Hagood takes a snooze on the way to the Astrodome. 4, Hubert Douglas breaks away from the Wildcats for another TD. ifarw STUDENT LIFE-17 cc Casas daytime drama favorite. "Have you heard about Erica and Opal's fight over Tom?" "No, what happened?" Conversations like these are com- monly heard in the halls of NHS. Teachers and students alike watch America's daytime drama favorite, "All My Childrenw, whenever they have the chance. HAH My Children" and shows similar to it are watched everyday by Americans all across the nation. Com- monly called "soapsl', they have been pictured as the housewife's best friend for years, but recently these shows have become a favorite of all. When asked why they watch soap operas, some students replied that it was a chance to escape their own problems. Other students just enjoy the scandal and deception of these shows. 1. Carrie has felt threatened by Chuck's relation- ship with Donna ever since they were married, 2. Chuck and Donna in happier times. Will they get back together again? 3, Steve and Nina have the 'ihotsn for each other. Will their relationship last? 4. Laurence Lau plays sexy Greg Nelson. Jenny and him are back together but Lisa is still trying to drive them apart. 18-STUDEN T LIFE an-on ge? : 1 . . . - 1' TOgraphs reflect various personalities , . 1 am., ' , mr-f . .. ,dv '-1 W, M 'fp 3:0 A ,' W . V. VF-fr s 1 . 1 ,, V . g ' s , iw I a Have you ever heard the saying, "A picture says a thousand words.,'? Well, the same is true for the vehicle that a person drives. At NHS a variety of personalities can be seen by looking at the cars and trucks driven by the stu- dents. Camaros, Monte Carlos, Toyota, Datsuns and the like are just a few of the different car models that are seen in the NHS parking lot. Cars are almost every student's pride and joy. On sunny days students can be seen at the local car washes giving their cars a bath. These industri- ous kids spend hours polishing and priming their vehicles. They spend large amounts of money on accessories to enhance the appearance of their cars. Besides making you look good, a sharp car has other purposes. Trans- portation, dates, cruising, drive-in mov- ies, and parking are just a few of the pleasures a car affords. l. Amber Brannen's Fiat Spider is a familiar sight in the NHS parking lot. 2. Carma Johnson shows off her Volkswagen Rabbit for the photog- rapher, 3. While sitting on her 1983 Monte Carlo, Ann Braselton smiles for the camera. 4. Janet Martin's HRed Streak" can be seen every- day at NHS. 5. Amy Coughlin's Dodge Omni is one of the many types of cars driven by students at NHS. STUDENT LIFE-19 Students show varied moods is , ,, 5, I A .,,' 1 ,. ,..,, , ff- 1. Destiny McMahn gives one of her famous hap- py faces. 2. Billy Ballow, John Fleming, and Andy Walker clown around in Chemistry class. 3, Someone caught Kathy Ballow off guard! 4. This is not Cosmetology! 5, Susan Hines and Amber Brannen seem to be happy about some thing. 20-STUDEN T LIFE 4 . .t,r 2 it ' I l' fiiQw .S 1' A' f gn' - .f S sg b Q b t . s so A fi 'i . ,-f-'CM a.."'E.:iw? Q- iw. r 2 ing-.4 hy ,K S Q wb, xi- '- as kgxif si. -K .. f ESQ Q ', 'J ysiiu A' K - Ai ,v..L. K 1. Mark Abbott enjoys one of the sunny days during a break. 2. Senior, Jason Moore, tries on his cap for graduation. 3. A Nacogdoches girl breaks away in one of the track meets, 4. Perri Ann Skipper thinks about the one week of school left, 5. Amy Harkrider hits a grand slam. ST DENT LIFE-21 Dating was a major activity for most NHS students. There were often complications that went along with dating such as finding a date, getting the car, and making it home for a cur- few. All of us, at one time or another, have experienced being grounded for one reason or another. The less fortu- nate would wake up the morning after a hot date to hear their parents say, "You're grounded for life!" But there was a lot of good that comes out of dating as well. It's great to look back on your true loves and all the wild dates you experienced in high school. All of us have to admit that dating was worthwhile. 1. Terry Kegler shares a brief moment between classes with his sweetie, Joanne Walker. 2. That look on David Brandon's face could mean that Tiffany Smith said uyes" to a date. 3. Margie Griffis and Stan Warren discuss each other's plans for the coming weekend. 22-STUDEN T IFE The Dating Game do's and don'ts Go parking but. . . Be yourself Pull out a chair, or ope Dine at Rossini's Shave, and brush teeth Take a Binaca blast Party Have a great time n a door Do too much Order a thick-n-chewy pizza Let the girl pay Go to an X-rated movie Wear tons of lipstick Smoke before kissing Over do it Blow your nose U ii gy.. .... , --L- rf' A Qs S . H .r.. srts T be -K i ,f 4435 .rii..i 4 .. 4- rms sk X Something suddenly came up I stwjwxwsn" You might want to ask my boyfriend. Can we take my little brother? "Get the Signal" I can't date peons. Could you get a table for three? l'm not into S 8a M. l'm babysitting for the next three years. Check again, Bud! Our wardrobes clash. Only if there is a chaperone. Did you ever have two dates for the same night, or you just didn't know how to break it to them softly that you just weren't interested? Well, if you an- swered "yes" to either one, often the best way was to say "no", but that isn't always the easiest. Next time the situation arises, let them down easy with one lor alll of the "Something suddenly came up's." Good luck! 1. Some boys will try anything, such as exposing their legs, to get a date, as senior Mike Jeffrey demonstrates. 2. The L'Something Suddenly Came Up" list would have come in handy for jus nior Catherine Fenci as senior Ben Williams presses for a date. Poor Catherine! STUDENT LIFE-23 Fashions and fads appear at NHS 6 1. Many of the girls at NHS spent many hours a week shopping for clothes. Ann Braselton finds a dress for the senior formal. 2, Vans were a very "in" fad for both boys and girls. Students got the idea from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". 3. Junior Amy Caughlin and sophomore Stacey Smith try out their vans on a van! Awesome Amy and i'Spacey"llll 24-STUDEN T LIFE 3 'U W nu n ll n as ll if any lip El N sawn ' L iam 5' ' V N. ,KR V , 'aff Q J. , ,.-. .Alfa ,Q fff, ' Ja liked? 'V - -Ja 4 Fl?i2vsLfs 44' F '- X 594: .if 1. Boys continue to wear the baseball caps with various logos, 2, Becky Jefus models the western look. 3. From one extreme to another are seniors Myra Allen and Kelley Rayne. 4, Juniors Sally Reese and Hatti Sherrill are often seen in their splash painted shirts, STUDENT LIFE-25 .H.S. students Making change Jobs are increasingly important to NHS students. Students are introduced to the world of work for a variety of reasons. Some work out of necessity, others work in order to pay for recreation. Students work after school and on weekends in many areas of the community. 1. Tracy Lewis straightens a rack of pants at Wiener's. 2. Tyrone Curl carries groceries to cars at Brookshire! South. 3. Kim Cooper is a checker at Brookshire's. 26-STUDEN T LIFE A Qu' 'uf 4, .1 as U. 2 fn :Qt A f Vi 1 J 2 122 lf! ,sul-"Vw 5' , ,.,. ,W 'wie-1" c,,.t M i'i,.,..:1. . Lf 'A ' If ik' Z.. A ' asm A 4 wig U , 14' lv we I 0' M ' 1 4 4. - 1, :gg 4""fMs,.. it-U43 'Q O I ,yr ""' A, fyi, af' -X 'xv "J 'ff . W gi. -J -'3 1, Janet Tindall goes over the records at Stripling's Drug Store. 2, Gary Wink and his co- worker check groceries at Krogervs. 3. Rodney Chatman does various jobs working at Brookshirfis Student Life-27 Stephen Mitchell-Valedictorian Kim Luna-Co-Salutatorian Perri Ann Skipper-Co-Salutatoria 287 NHS seniors graduate at Coliseum Friday, May 27, marked the culmina- tion of 13 years of education for 287 members of the NHS class of 1983. Com- mencement exercises were held in the SFASU Coliseum beginning at 8 p.m. The processional, "Pomp and Circum- stance," played by the NHS Band, was followed by the invocation, given by Sher- ry Starr, treasurer of the class. Then Daryl Caldwell, class parliamentarian, read the scripture. Joe Still, class president, welcomed the families, friends and teachers to the cere- mony. Then, co-salutatorians, Kim Luna and Perri Ann Skipper lalso class secre- taryl, addressed the group. The featured speaker was introduced by Janet Tindall, class vice-president. Steve McCarty, athletic director at NISD, spoke to the class about "The Un- common Leader,', stating that one must do more than is expected of him in order to succeed in society of 1983. The class motto, "We've Only Just Be- gun," was expressed in song by the Note- Ables, under the direction of Mrs. Barbara Reid, music teacher at NHS. Stephen Mitchell, valedictorian, then pre- sented his address, followed by the pre- sentation of the class by Johnnie Walker, principal. Dr. Malcom Rector and the school board presented diplomas to the graduating class to the delight of many cheering family members and friends. In return, some class members presented Dr. Rector with marbles hidden in their palms as he shook their hands. Benediction was given by Teresa 28-STUDEN T LIFE N Sparks, class reporter, and the final thing the group experienced together as a class was their song, t'Where Have All the Good Times Gone," by Van Halen. The top ten graduating seniors were: Stephen Mitchell, Kim LunafPerri Ann Skipper, Janet Walton, Neil Fuchs, Alison Rowley, Patricia Huckaby, Clayton Shoe- maker, Joe Still and Dovie Biggerstaff. Honor graduates were: Mark Abbott, Kathy Ballow, Laurie Bizzell, Harry Burkett, Nancy Dollar, Marjorie Griff Melissa Jordan, Russ Langford, Mike IV Clellan, Stephen Rasmussen, Kelli Rayne, BeLynda Smith, Teresa Sparl Janie Stanaland, Stephanie Teal, Bill T4 ry, Janet Tindall, Steven Tinsley, az Wendi Watterston. Class colors were black and gold, a: the flower chosen by the seniors was t carnation. llracing pagel The Class of 1983 stands as members prepare for commencement. 1. Coach Steve McCarty speaks about "The Un- common Leadern to the group, 2. Principal Johnnie Walker presents the class to NISD superintendent, Dr. Malcom Rector. 3. Note-Ables entertain the group with a song. 4. Graduates listen to speakers as they plan activities which follow graduation, MV! View M pg-uf' STUDENT LIFE-29 30-DI VISION VZ I Organizations Produced by Carma Johnson X l-1uunillll1l rt Club active in many areas i an How would you like to be Mona Lisa's face in a photograph? The Art Club at NHS gave people the chance to have their pictures taken with fam- ous backgrounds at the Halloween Car- nival at the University Mall. This "photo-art" was a creation of well- known art, except there was a cut-out where the subject would place his own face. Other activities included a bake sale and the annual sale of Art Club Calen- dars. The group heard talks by local merchants and artists at their regularly scheduled meetings. Lisa Looney was elected home- coming duchessg she was also elected secretary of the club. Club sponsors were art teachers Charles Reid, Larry Costello and Mrs. Victoria Youngblood. 1. Members of Art Club are: ttront rowl Terry Jones, Sharon Cage, Emily Rodewald. Top row: Kevin Tarver, Mrs. Victoria Youngblood, Anya Youngblood, Tim Reid and Paula Eaton. 2. Spon- sors Charles Reid and Larry Costello plan a project for the club. 32-ORGANIZA TIONS L41 Club photographer Olaf Steinert, exchange student from Germany, takes pictures at a local football game. Club Officers are Terry Jones, presidentg Melanie Packard, vice-presidentg Matt Honea, photographerg and Kevin Tarver, reporter. Art Club members assemble at an early meeting. WW ORGANIZA TIONS-33 FCA applies Christian sportsmanship 1. FCA sponsor Coach Tony Frankie oversees a meeting of the group. 2. FCA members are, Front row: Keith Nelson, Keith Downs, Jeff Holder Second Row: Jayton Jenkins, Billy Ballow, Thomas Cooper, Ronnie Johnson, and Jason Liles. Third Row, Earnest Simpson, Shag Mathews, David Shoemaker, James Wiley, and Scott DiNucci, The fellowship of Christian athletes is an organization designed to face games with a positive Christian atti- tude. As they participate in various athletics, the FCA stresses good sportsmanship. FCA is a national organization holding national conferences for members. During the year, the FCA has grown in leadership, and also strenghthened their spiritual lives. I rr , ,Q r i -A 5 2 'X ' we 1 yy., K' I af' ,gm ., -7 X -' 1 1 MX 1,-wg-. ,,t,i, ax 34-ORGANIZA TIONS O One of the events sponsored by the Girls' FCA is the annual powder-puff football game. This game consists of senior girls playing football against ju- nior girls, with the boys acting as cheerleaders. The group is sponsored by Miss Jane Jackson. Girls' FCA continues tradition is i , . ,wwf -.air-Ire.,-D-k,T.,, . .- , W K 1 Q , as ' K . 5 is t Y v , f Y 1 ' Y T ORGANIZA TIONS-35 FFA continues tradition of success Organized in November of 1928, the FFA is a nation-wide group of students in vocational agriculturefagribusiness in 50 states. The Nacogdoches FFA attends con- ventions at the area, district, state and national levels. They also attend area, district and state level leadership con- tests. The Future Farmers of America has been very active this year. The first goal of FFA is the development of agri- cultural leadership, cooperation and citizenship. The motto of the organiza- tion is: Learning to dog doing to learng earning to liveg living to serve. The col- ors of FFA are national blue and corn gold. 36-ORGANIZA TIONS Sponsors of NHS' Future Farmers of America are Miss Toni Desjarlais, Roy Mills, Larry Poe and Knot picturedl Fred Burrell. Officers for 1982-83 are: James Prince, secre- tary, Miles Bradshaw, president, Pam Fore, senti- nel, Dee Stripling, chaplain, Kathy Bates, vice- presidentg Wayne Roberson, treasurer, Bill Jones, reporter, Harry Burkett, second vice-president, and Richard Gardner. 'rf Nfnvvedr 'H if ORGANIZA TIONS-37 FHA sr. enjoys a busy school year Future Homemakers of America Senior is a club, organized for the stu- dents who wish to learn more about cooking, sewing, and anything else that it takes to have a successful home. FHA advisers are Carolyn King, Mary Spradley, and Jeannie Summers. 1. Kim Luna, Nacogdoches Senior, served as the 1982-83 President of the Texas Association of Future Homemakers of America, a 63,000 mem- ber organization, 2, FHA Sr. club members are, back row-Vanessa Thorn, Jerri Griffen, Suannah Ramsey, Carma Johnsong front row- Diane Simms, Rhonda Franks, Jeana Stanaland. 3. Advisers: Jeaanie Summers, Carolyn King, and Mary Spradley. 38-ORGANIZA TION Junior FHA brings promise to young ladies at NHS 5 .. 5E5 fss .. .ge Under the guiding leadership of their ues of the home and family as they The junior officers are Ellen Graves, Nita Wil- Carolyn King Mary Spraclley Jeannie Summers sponsors, the Junior FHA strives to apply to contemporary society. Hams' MMV Bell' Kim Luna lslate FFA Presi' . . . . .. dentl, Lynn Covington, Charmin Byrum, and instill in its members the traditional val- Mary Phelan. ORGANIZA TIONS-39 l , 5, ,,A. V FH -HERO prepares for ai Q f ' ' xfy L r f f 2 ? 1 f Z , 555 Z Z X if 6 5 .L U K ,Mr Warm, ,,. Mrs. Wilma Brown V. if ' 5. A xi? ' 'Q,5' 1 A the future HERO, standing for Home Economic related field, students may choose Related Occupations, is a co-op fields such as child care, food service, program open to all interested stu- alternating, and home management. dents. Working in a Home Economic Grades are determined by how well 40-ORGANIZA TIONS each one handles his or her job. The day to day schedule consists of one half of regular school courses split with the other half of work. FTA asks, "Wh not teach?" f f' new M X . ffff, ,I 1 . X D . + 42 Mrs. Janet Martin 4' Wwe' W if WX. e .W wr. if 'E' Mrs. Becki Medley Future Teachers is a club organized to interest young people in teaching as a career. The club provides exper- iences to develop the qualities and ap- titudes basic to successful teaching. The activities the club planned this year were a slumber party, observation day at a local elementary school, and a field trip to a major university. The club had regular monthly meetings the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The club has been in existance for at least 30 yrs. A former sponsor of FTA is Mrs. Verna Lee. She was honored by the state for 25 years as adviser. ORGANIZA TI ONS-41 French Club serves language with a foreign flavor The French Club's purpose is to promote and understand the French culture better. Members participate an- Jaye Jean Stewart Roberta Jefferies Officers for 1982-1983 are: Mary Kennemer, presidentg Marion Arscott, vice-presidentg Martha Askins, secretaryg Bryan Davis, treasurerg and Mark Mueller, photographerfhistorian. nually in the French ProsefPoetry contest at SFA, and tbey enter the Na- tional French Test at the college. Activities the club member participated in were a wiener-roast, an Epiphany dinner and an end-of-year trip. Spon- sors are Mrs. Jaye Jean Stewart and Mrs. Roberta Jefferies. ...v i .ff"t'f N V. ij!-.2317 - -v 5 WS, -y 'P I 42-ORGANIZA TI ONS ' fx HM Junior historians learn about history Junior historians is an organization which strives to learn about historic places in Nacogdoches, as they endeav- or to preserve the traditions of the past. Club members sold stuffed animals to raise funds. Teresa Sparks, Homecoming Duchess, was elected queen. 1, Teresa Sparks represents the club as Homecoming queen. 2. 198283 Officers are Sanford Stein, parliamentarian. Johnny Carter, projects chairman, Tyrone Curl, president, and Carma Johnson, treasurer, 3, Members are Mrs, Dorthy Warren, sponsor, Mandy Bozeman, Tere- sa Sparks, Andre' Warren, Sherry Star, Brad Warren, Tricia Huckaby, Sanford Stein, and Carma Johnson. 'ff-' ii 4 Z A Y I 2.1 J M ' f iv, gig .. I 15, W! W ,M f' , 'K ms. -ff' if- -if fl ' 'W ., , 1 ' A We 'i ' 41 .Wi F , 4 ig? T w f W 5 f f y 'Y' r I , ORGANIZA TIONS-43 Science Club studies Science Club promotes an interest in the wonders and beauties of nature for members of the club and the communi- ty. Group activities during 1982-1983 included a trip to the SFA Observa- future tory, a trip to the electron microscopy lab, and a trip to the Marine Education Symposium at Texas A8zM. Sponsors of the club are John Mallory and Farrel Pollard. is .X K1 :. ::- b t 'Z' 'Smit S ' X lf W X X 2, 'N 5 p 5 sl' 'P' ' s B . K I .S N K ., f , . tg, 44-ORGANIZATIONS sr - ational Honor Society shows academics MNH fNc me The National Honor Society recognizes outstanding scholarship, leadership, character, and service. This prestigious organization honors students who maintain an average of 90 or above. The club has had a bake sale, made clothing contributions to the Women's Shelter of Texas, had a Tapping Ceremony on March 31, and also had a luncheon on May 3 for the new members. The National Honor Society plans to accomplish many goals to improve the club. 1. Members of the Honor Society are: Front row: Dovie Biggerstaff, Steven Mitchell, Janet Tindall, Perri Ann Skipper, BeLynda Smith, and Russ Langford. Back row: Mark Abbott, Mike McClel- lan, Nancy Dollar, Neil Fuchs, Alison Rowley, Clayton Shoemaker, Tricia Huckaby, Teresa Sparks, Steve Rasmussen, Stephanie Teal, Bill Terry, and Janet Martin. 2, The Tapping Cere- mony inducts new members into the National Honor Society. 3. Janet takes a break from the club meeting to pose for a quick picture, Honor Society meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:45 a.m. 4. The club sponsors are Mrs. Jane Halls and Mrs, Bettie Griffin, ORGANIZA TIONS-45 Key Club Officers ln 1925 the first Key Club was founded in Sacramento, California. The founders of this first Key Club had a dream of a high school organization of- fering volunteer assistance to the school, community, and church. It is this belief that formulates the Key Club motto "Caring, Our Way of Life." For the ninth year in a row the Nacogoches Key Club was selected the number one Key Club in the Texas- Oklahoma District. They have devoted thousands of hours of volunteer service to such organizations as the March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, and the United Way. utwrwv- President Vice President Joe Still Clayton Shoemaker Ak Secretary Treasurer Tom Harris Brad McWhorter 46-ORGANIZA TIONS Key Club Seniors I! Q . g Key Club Juniors ORGANIZA TIONS-47 Key Club Sophomores Key Club Freshmen ff! ORGANIZATIONS -L-4 3 ii QS 4'5- 95 LYJ' 44 41:2 evv,.,.,..,PJl ,f ff. 'U v 1 1"""'-. ' 6' C L "-. ,of 0 X N 1 N I l E x -I 3 fe Im "- , A ff", om -",l 1. Key Club members Brad McWhorter, and Mike Adams prepare to take food-filled easter baskets to the homes of the needy. 2. Andy Walker served as Lt, governor for 1982-83. 3. Richard Ballenger, sponsor, 4. Sweethearts include Karolyn Simmons, Myra Allen, Catherine Fanci, Angie Ward, Mary Fish, Amber Brannen, and Terry Layton. ORGANIZA TIONS-49 N S Student Council elected NASC Texas State Presldent. The NHS Student Council had the honor of being elected NASC Texas State President for 1982-83. They achieved this position by going to state convention in the spring of 1982 and campaigning. At the convention, the NHS Student Council was elected without a run-off to the position of president. BeLynda Smith, NHS Student Council president, was chosen by NHS to be the student representa- tive for NHS Student Council. In addition to being state president, the NHS Student Council was active on campus. The sponsored such activities as the Homecoming Dance, Homecoming Queen elections, various other dances, Punk Rock Day, Western Day, Dress-up Day, and Kiddy Day. "NHS in the News" was another successful project. This involved posting all the pictures of NHS stu- dents that had been in the paper. Kyle Doss was in charge of this project. The "Brick Wall" was another activity. On one of the walls in the hallway, individual and group accomplishments were recognized on a "brick", This Hbrickl' was then added to the "brick wall". Janet Walton was responsible for the l'Brick Walln. The Executive Board was a new ad- dition to the student council. This was a group of students whose purpose was to help the officers and to achieve more student involvement. They were given such duties as ribbon sales, program sales, teacher appreciation, and other such activities. 50-ORGANIZA TIONS ru, V., su M. vm f,.. fl if " i JW lx . S ki Q 'I 4. I . E . t . E 3 4 l S i 3 1 K - 'L 1, DKUGQTHS BHG ICBCHCTS dllKQ pdI'IlClpdl6Ll lll 50,5 Day. 2, Sanford Stein gets in to the western swing of things on Western Day, 3. Becky Jeffus shows off her western attire on Western Day. 4, Student Council officers are: Front row: Belynda Smith, presidentg Tyrone Curl, vice-presidentg Temple Thomas, secretaryg Catherine Fenci, treasurer. Executive Board members are: Back row: Sanford Stein, parliamentariang Kyle Doss, reporter: Perri Ann Skipper. corresponding secre- taryg Amy Harkrider, historian: Marty Matchett, chaplaing Janet Walton, teacher appreciatiorif- spirit committee chairman. 5. Perri Ann Skipper and Bel.ynda Smith work hard during student council class. 6. Temple Thomas files various documents for Mrs. Brown. 7. Claudette Brown is the NHS Student Council sponsor. ORGANIZA TI ONS- 51 Student Council active on campus 52-ORGANIZA TIONS if Q M fi QQ YE? F, cccccc M-1-A.. iv' 1, Lori Weems decides to have a second childhood on Kiddy Day. 2, Kyle Doss posts pic- tures for "NHS in the News", 3. Janet Walton is in charge of the "Brick Wall". 4. On 50's Day, Carma Johnson poses for the camera. 5. Senior representatives are: Front row: Sherry Starr, Perri Ann Skipper, Teresa Sparks. Laurie Bizzell, Janet Tindall, Carma Johnson, and Sharon Smith. Back row: Joe Still, Kyle Doss, and Suannah Ramsey. 6. Junior representatives are: Kneeling: Jenny Jeffrey, and Jackie Briley. Standing: Amy Harkrider. Angid Ward, Suzanne Rogers. Catherine Fenci, Marion Arscott, Mandy Bozeman, Candi Cain, and Larissa Bilan. 7. Ms. Elaine Sellers, Journalism teacher, dresses up for 50's Day. ORGANIZA TIONS-53 Pan m communicates in Espanol Pan Am is an organization interested in the history and cultures of Hispanic people. The study of language is ex- tremely important if one is to understand other cultures. Throughout the year Pan Am has sold candy as a fund raising project. The club made a spirit sign for the Houston football game, spirit scaks filled with candy for the football players, visited the nursing home and children's ward at Memorial hospital, and took a fun trip to Astroworld. The club had many parties, such as Thanksgiving, Christ- mas, Valentine's, and an end of the year party. Pan Am meets twice a month on Tuesday evenings. To be eli- gible for Pan Am, a student must be enrolled in Spanish or already complet- ed Spanish I. 54-ORGANIZA TI ONS 'imma' -f""1. ' -HQQZPS 44 ... .- 4 -v C, V11 lb! 'ax !-5.1 if fx? ,- 1. The members are lfrontl: Mandy Bozeman, Temple Thomas, Sara Holland, Kathy Johnson, Holly Sellers, Christy Reid. Second row: Donna Fisher, Leigh Rayne, Catherine Fenci. Kelley Rayne, Bill Jones, Top: Matt Jones, Marci Theriault, Monica Cortes, Carma Johnson, Lori Austin, Jay Bourbon, Sharon, Marie Wood, Paula Pittamn, Horatio Cortes, and sponsor Mrs. Wan- da Watkins. 2. Officers are: Monica Cortes-Re porter, Donna Fisher-Historian. Leigh Rayne' Treasurer, Catherine Fenci-Vice President, Kelley Rayne-President, Terri Brown-Secre tary, and Bill JonesvParliamentarian. 3. Kelley Rayne is Pan Am's club duchess. NHS Pep Squad encourages victory The 1982-1983 Pep Squad, under the guidance of Mrs. Constance Culbreath and Mrs. Karoline Ayres, at- tended all home games and out-of-town games to give the players their own brand of enthusiasm. Officers were: Becky Jeffres, Major, Kim Cooper, Captaing Denise Douglass, Captain, and Alberta Banks. Cantain. ORGANIZA TIONS-55 Thespians star at the top Thespians is an honorary organiza- tion in which the students at NHS worked hard to achieve goals in presenting their productions. The plays they presented, such as 'AAlice in Wonderlandf, '4My Fair Lady," and their UII. one act play, "The Turning Point," combined their creativity, artis- tic, and musical skills to have produced a successful year. Eight Thespians traveled to New York in March, where they saw Broadway plays and went sightseeing. Fundraising projects, such as selling M 8: M's and raking leaves helped fund the trip. Thespian Troupe 3198 practices and upholds the standards of the International Thespians Society. Presi- dent for the 82-83 year was Ken Mor- ris. Other officers were: Andraly Horn vice'presidentg Belynda Smith, secre- taryg Michael Robertson, treasurer' points secretary, Sharon Musselwhite. Sponsor is Mrs. Jody Worsham. v v 56-ORGANIZA TI ONS lr.. 1' ORGANIZA TIONS-57 ik? Jody Worsham sponsor 58-OR GANIZA TIONS alive at NHS ORGANIZA TIONS-59 Scribblers encourage writing talent Instead of publishing Charisma, literary magazine, this year's Scribbh chose to print books of poetry writi by individual members. Scribblers members are: Mrs. Connie Hawk co-sponsorg Cheryl Toracinta, Cara Oberlechr Melissa Sowell, Paula Eaton, Jay Bourbon, . Gene Tomlin, covsponsor. f 60-ORGANIZA TIONS , 1 , 2 l is Quill and Scroll honors outstanding student performance " , if rrrr P4 or 7 r.r rg i ,far H i, t , oook s g Dovie Biggerstaff Ann Braselton Elaine Sellers Quill and Scroll seeks to encourage individual initiative in high school journalism, creative writing and allied fields and to recognize and reward the individual achievements of stu- dents engaged in journalistic activity. The students who join the local chapter of Quill and Scroll have displayed integrity over and above what is expected of them. Each of these students has honored his or her commitment to the publication by returning to the school and working long hours, even after graduation. These students are to be celebrated for their dedication and sense of responsibil- ity. 5 i I z if 1 l Arm BUSSH Mark Mueller Mark Sowell URGANIZA TI ONS-61 i Forensic League strives to achieve goals 1 x . if -. as ,umm e....g,Q,.... ,W .... The NHS chapter of National Foren- sic League, guided by Mrs. Glenda White, encourages its members in the game of competition. Students learn to stretch individual speaking skills as well as combine skills into a team effort. Mrs. Glenda White . f fx. gwsgmgjgfwv ,S .L ., .. .s,pggs.ggk, ' Q P' sys l' "'R', 'Six fav-'QT Q P flaws vw-Q-?5gi?"ri""i1'i2'f1sii"fs 5' A is M - 1 .,,, .4 -. . ex ,Aw , 62-ORGANIZA TI ONS Shutterbu -.W l ., SKK y, , . IW' J sw 1 we lm, A vi ..,,m.,.,a . X. FUNK i Q- : , , ,5 -s., VP. K X .... E I A l ,..,...,f' A, W ik 3 gs is a snap NHS recognized and welcomed Shut- terbugs to a second year as a club. Shutterbugs is a special club for photographers. The club is sponsored by Mr. Charles Reid and Mrs. Elaine Sellers. Any student interested in pho- tography is eligible to join. Members participated in tions and met Butts presented Members are: Back ert Ford, Mr. Reid, Maureen McCallum, monthly print competi- at Misty Magic. Mike a program. row: Dovie Biggerstatt, Rob- Mark Mueller, Janet Martin, and Mrs. Sellers. Front row: 5 , f 'I . Kim Nelson. Shannon Owen, Jennifer Dunn, Lisa Williams, Vanessa Mekeel, and Cherly Toracinta. 2. Ann Braselton was Shutterbugs club duchess. Her father, Forrest Braselton, was her escort. 3. Mrs. Sellers always had time to say, "What- ever!" When she attended the meetings, Mrs. Sellers was quick to give advice. She always found time to pose for a picture. 4. Janet Martin always added humor to the meetings. She is vice president of Shutterbugs. mek . A f ll 'Sf' J i l if ' , , , 1 . 3 f' H i . f r f lf , ms- W fi it-. bssti 6. V! I la U " on . . .. . ' ' It A , . 5 . -N . 4. . 4 tt' ju , . iq 53' . ."" ORGANIZA TIONS-63 ORGANIZATIONS Rodeo Club continues Rodeoing This club, which has been in exis- tence for six years, attempts to instill in its members a closer relationship among people with common interests. Some activities they were involved in were a barbecue, a raffle, and a dance. All members of the local chapter are members of the East Tex- as High School Rodeo Association. Club sponsor is Miss Charmaine Desjarlais 1982-1983 Officers are: Donnie Miller, presidentg Robin Roberts, vice-president, Kathy Russell, sec- retary, Lynette Box, treasurer, Leland Bradshaw, parliamentarian, and Kathy Bates, reporter, tradition of ORGANIZA TI ONS-65 66-DI VISION 5 3:- ,QP 25 lx... .f"'u'dAA-,-.T Academics Produced by Janet Martin I X, I fl DI VISI ON -67 School Board administers N.l.S.D. , i i 68-A CADEMI CS The school board, superintendent, and business manager are responsible for running the entire Nacgodoches In- dependent School District. They make the decisions which affect all high school students, 1. School Board members are Joe Johnson, busi- ness manager, Beth Allred, secretary, James Raney, Dr. Richard Voigtel, Mrs. Amelia Johnson, Mrs. Irene Armsworth, board president, Dr. Malcom Rector, superintendent, Dr. Jim DiNucci, Dr. Charlene Crocker, CL. Simon, as- sistant superintendent. Not pictured is Mrs. Kathryn Robertson. 2. Mr. Cl.. Simon listens at- tentively at a board meeting. 3. Dr. Malcom Rec- tor explains the summer education at a N,l.S.D. board meeting. Principals direct YOL I HS This year a new principal came to Nacogdoches High School. The arrival of Johnnie Walker brought about some changes. He has strived to raise the stan- dards of Nacogdoches High School. Mr. Warren and Mr. Pool have had many years of experience in their positions and worked beside Mr. Walker for a more successful school year. 1. Mr. Pool raises and shows Arabian horses. 2. Mr. Warren is also a basketball referee. 3. Mr. Walker is speaking to the parents of the incoming freshman. 4. Mr. Johnnie Walker 5. Mr. Eli Pool 6. Mr, Percell Warren ACADEMICS-69 clcult Holly Anson Darlene Ash Jeanne Atkins Karoline Ayres Richard Ballenger Gwen Barrett Elizabeth Barrios Don Beasley Gloria Bennett Claudette Brown Wilma Brown Octavia Champagne Janet Clark Larry Costello Billie Crockett Constance Culbreath Charmaine Desjarlais Liz Dickson Norma Drewery Martha Forney Rosa Foster Jean Frankie Dorothy Franks Carol Fredenburg 70-FACULTY : , J, V: ,.., L Y 5, ' -fi? .Q Wi- if 1 A H -1 Nancy Goodner Dalene Greening Helen Grout Mary Beth Hagood Jane Halls Carlton Harris Connie Hawkins Ella Higgenbotham Jane Jackson Roberta Jefferies Sam Jones James Kee Lillie Kee Jane Ann Kendrick Caroline King Eddie Mae King Ken Langford Donna Lovett John Malloy Lamar Martin Carole McAninch Steve McCarty Ela Ruth McCullough Clarence McMichael Becki Medley Roy Mills Pat Mullen Johnnie Oliver Betty Peterson Jan Pickett Larry Poe Farrel Pollard Eddie Powers Katherine Powers Phil Prince Phyllis Prince Dianne Proctor Mildred Rausaw Barbara Reid Charles Reid Bobby Reyes Andi Rigby FA CUI TY-71 ...fclcult Gary Robinson Fran Ruth Elaine Sellers Mary Spradley Jaye Jean Stewart Charles Stokes Jeannie Summers Walter Swann Amanda Sweat Joyce Thomas Roland Thomas Gene Tomlin Naomi Ward Dorothy Warren Wanda Watkins Marye Watts Frances Wester Glenda White Sheril Womack Jody Worsham Victoria Youngblood . ' Q I-Q-if 1 an - it t 'N :Nagle 1 1 FN as ,Nw 72-FACULT Y i-am, Kihlymwaw Support personnel help students through school days 'Ve ' Wi 3 p ' l' 2 ,o 'ff t V111 llgl on gf js ,.:, fi S N Av e- ACADEMICS Deaf Education classes teach students In addition to teaching classes to stu- dents with hearing difficulties, the Deaf Ed program offers signing classes to all students. The instructor is Mrs. Holly Anson, and director of the district program is Miss Carlene Carl. x EH Ag and Homemaking classes teach practical job skills. D N . 4, . 3 , VEH classes teach students to succeed in the world of work. The teachers are Carlton Harris, Johnny Oliver, and Mrs. Gloria Bennett dim X ,zf -,ff tg . I ' 'ft 73, 5 . V :Q W We a ACADEMICS-75 L.-S" HOSA students explore medical fields 1. Members of HOSA are: First Row-Angela Davis, Paula Copeland, Anita Landrum, Donna Thompson, Libby Johnson, Melissa Sowell. Sec- ond Row-Lynn Frederick, Mitch Garrett, Pam Culbreath, Serinda Curl, Tracy Bauch, Dawne Berry. Otis Tutt, Jennifer Burch. 2. HOSA Club officers are: Melissa Sowell. reporter. Donna Thompson, treasurer, Patricia Fuller, Historian, Mitch Garrett, Vice president, Kathy Ballow, president, Renee Mize, Secretary, Tracy Bauch, Sentinel, Libby Johnson, Parlimentarian. 3. Mrs. Diane Proctor is the classroom and sponsor of HOSA. ...Li Efficiency prevails in Office Education Association class OEA is designed to prepare high school students to enter gainful employment upon completion. Students obtain knowledge, skills and attitudes conducive to success in the business world. Club sponsor is Mrs. Willie Moore. ACADEMICS-77 Distributive Education studies the world of work 1:5 421 Club sponsors are Mrs. Jane Ann Kendrick and Mrs. Elizabeth Barrios Club officers are Reba Murphey, parliamentariang Cindi Johnson, reporterg Lisa Looney, treasurerg Kathy Russell, vice-presiclentg Terry Smelley, presidentg and Mike McClellan, sergeant-atrarms. ally 11.5 W Q wil ' in 78-ACADEMI CS A O FN EEA ZX Saundra Allen 1964-1983 The Nacogdoches High School chapter of DECA felt a painful loss at the untimely death of senior Saundra Allen. Saundra was well-known for her quick smile, her even temperament and her positive attitude. She was a good student and a conscientious worker. Saundra worked as a cashier at Brookshire's on South Street for two years. There she built her reputation as a friendly, helpful person who always had time for others. She was active in DECA her junior and senior years, placing in the food marketing competition. She served as club chaplain in the 11th grade. Saundra was selected "Miss DECA" in 1983, which marks the year of the first annual Saundra Allen Scholarship. Her sponsors and fellow club members shall miss her. f X 23 KW Aj' ACADEMICS 79 cgi l Cosemetology cuts It s way through The cosmetology class, tought by Mrs. Lille Kee, teaches young girls the techniques of cutting and caring for hair. It also gives the girls some practi- cal experience in dressing hair. On Thursday afternoons the more exper- ienced students opened shop to cus- tomers to cut and dress hair. The experience and practical work helps many girls to advance and find jobs in Cosmetology in the future. E , l l j s gk U md ' jr : F .. if sf COSMETOLOGY-81 ICT trains students to work Z. , 5 gi M VICA-ICT involves students in the world of work, while it teaches them A high standards of workmanship, schol- arship, trade ethics and safety. Club f activities include a fund-raising fruit sale and an end-of-year VICA banquet. Ilz- I s Ken Langford is sponsor of the group. 'Ns 82-ACADEMICS Students learn practical skills in uto echanics I and ll 'iv h Auto Mechanics, directed by James Kee, teaches students the basic principles and functions of the parts of the automobile and the correct and safe way to use tools and equipment. Students learn procedure of repair work and auto safety. uf -my-mg! la L , ,jg 4 4 ACADEMICS-83 Bulldmg Trades makes strong foundatlon for future buildings. This year the students in the Build- ing Trades class built from the ground up a house on Hollyberry street. The class began preliminary plans in Sept tember. The next few months the class laid out the foundation and the frame of the house. Throughout the year the class built the outside of the house leaving the interior decorating to the homemaking classes. Next year holds more promise for another building and more experiences for the students whc participate in the building of the house. I 2 3 5 5 Q ! Concert Choir learns fundamentals 1. 'W- I B , 3- J l. Members of Concert Choir are: First Row: Barbara Reid. conductor, Sharon Miller, Kelly Prince, Stacy Prince, Diana Woodson, John Provan, Melissa Runnels, Bethan Hand, Dena Haney. Second Row: John Martin lstudent teacherl, Angela Bentley, Susannah Bean, Krista Johnson, Letrecia Campbell, Leroy Diamond, Aundre Howard, Casey Harlowe, Karen Horton. Third Row: Kelly McArthur, Denise Douglass, Holly Logan, Amy Castelberry, James Potter, Jeffery Evans, Mark Nichols, Sherry Hardy, 2. Concert Choir All-Region Choir winners are: First Row: Casey Harlowe, Sherry Hardy, Melissa Runnels. Second Row: James Potter, Mark Nichols, Jeffery Evans, Aundre Howard. 85-ACADEMICS Chorale wins sweepstakes f i J ,-. N V Kr , V2 , 2 ' Hr, -K A k,. w,-in 1. Members of the NHS Chorale are: Front Row: Laurie Stone, Carolyn Loveland, Ella Brewer, Shari Watterston. Second Row: Robyn Langford, Karen Reeves, Cindi Cox, Sabra McCarty, Brad McWhorter, Janie Stanaland, Karolyn Simmons, Kathryn Voigtel, Anya Youngblood. Third Row: Vickie Patton, Cassandra Stewart, Marty 86-ACADEMI CS Matchett, Julie Fare, Sheri Adams, Sonya Lathon, Valerie Webster. Sykethia McAlister, Vicki Barr. Lucy Hayes, Teresa Schoenrock, Connie Burnell, Vicki Farmer, Lynne Maynard, Barbara Reid. Fourth Row: Joey Williams, Russ Langford, Fred Shepard, George Cooper. Pat Anderson, Daniel Stewart, Ken Morris, Jack Nel- son, Dennis Walton, Wayne Faires, Mike Pitts. 2, Chorale Officers and Mrs, Reid display Sweep- stakes trophies. Sabra McCarty V--Secretary, Ja- nie Stanaland-Vice President, Barbara Reid - conductor. Brad McWhorter-Treasurer, Karolyn Simmons-President, Cindi Cox-Historian. 3. Mrs, Barbara Reid is the conductor of the NHS Chorale ote-Ables apply skills i"'ls 1. Members of Note-Ables are Barbara Reid, conductor, Vicki Farmer, Fred Shepard, Anya Youngblood. Cindi Cox, Nero Foster, Cassandra Stewart, Joey Williams, Lucy Hayes 2, Nero Fos- ter accompanies the group on the drums. 3. Members of Note-Ables rehearse. ACADEMI CS-8 7 Dragonettes work for perfection. When school ended in May, work was just beginning for the 1982-83 Drill Team. In June, these 46 young ladies worked for one week from 8-10 a.m. to prepare for camp. They at- tended camp at SMU in Dallas and learned a variety of routines including prop, kick, jazz, and grandstand. They returned home with the Spirit Pom. This is an award given to the most well behaved and courteous group of girls. During the month of August, the Dragonettes prepared for another pre- football performance. The Dixie Major and Dixie Boys Baseball World Series was held at Pete Smith Baseball Complex here in Nacogdoches. The Dragonettes performed at the opening banquet and at the opening night entertainment. Football season brought on more work. Everyday during sixth period and after school, the drill team could be seen in the auxilary gym working on routines for the football games and pep rallies. All of this work pays off in the long run, though. When the Dragonettes step out on the field, their hard work is exhibited. Heather Thorton, Sophomore member, said, "All the hard work is worth it when you hear the crowd and everyone com- pliments you." This seems to be the attitude of every Dragonette. 88-ACADEMICS W ww' 1, The 1982-83 Dragonettes are: first row: Karolyn Simmons, captain, Perri Ann Skipper, vice-major, Wendi Watterston, major, Kathy Ballow, captain, Sharon Smith, captain. Second row: Johanna Graves, Natalie Cates, Destiny McMahon, Jane Ann Shinn, Julie Fare, Deidre Treadwell, Jennifer Dunn, Sabra McCarty, Tammy Humphreys, Third row: Lara Johnson, Carlene Thompson, Shannon Owen, Tammy Stanaland, Suzanne Rogers, Angie Ward, Melissa Bell, Julie Rainey, Lias Hamilton, Amber Brannen, Mary Fish, Janet Walton. Fourth row: Catherine Fenci, Dovie Biggerstaff, Heather Thorton, Stacy Smith, Heather Hensarling, Adaire Hallman, Jenny Powers, Sonja Starr, Eyvette Phillips, Jeri Griffin, Sallie Reese, Hattie Sherrill, Rhonda Pritchard, Missy Foster, Teresa Sparks, Candi Cain. Not pictured: Desiree Golson, Rhonda Martin, Beth Schultz, 2. Jeri Griffin shows her elation for the Dragons' accom- plishments. 3. Heather Thorton enjoys watching Dragon football. 4. Shannon Owen and Destiny McMahon take a break during drill team prac- tice, 5. Melissa Bell gives the camera a grin at the Astrodome. ACADEMICS-89 M 'Q- Drill Team sets high goals. 1. The Superstar members for 1982-83: First row: Amber Brannen, Candi Cain, and Sabra McCarty. Second row: Angie Ward and Janet Walton. Third row: Rhonda Pritchard and Missy Foster. Not Pictured: Desiree Golson, Beth Schultz, and Eyvette Phillips. 2. The Dragonette Drill Team performs a kick dance to "Centerfold" during halftime. 3. Officers for 1982-83: Front row: Wendi Watterson, major, Back row: Karolyn Simmons, captain, Perri Ann Skipper, vice-major, Sharon Smith, captain, and Kathy Ballow, captain. 4. Sabra McCarty, Jenni- fer Dunn and Deidre Treadwell express their feelings about the Dragons. 5. Janet Walton was chosen as Miss Drill Team 1982-83. 6. Rhonda Martin, Catherine Fenci, Dovie Biggerstaff, Angie Ward, and Heather Thorton march in after performing to "Wabash Cannonball" during halftime at the Astrodome game, 7. Lisa Hamil- ton, Lara Johnson, Catherine Fenci, and Jane Ann Shinn 'iliase On Down the Road". the Dragonettes performed a novelty routine at the Miss Nacogdoches pageant to the popular song "Ease On Down the Road". sf' 90-A CADEMI CS 'IW ' ', Q! f ACADEMICS-91 HS Flag Corps performs skills. In the spring of 1982, girls started signing up for tryouts for flag corps. Practice was held for a week and a half and tryouts were held. Twenty girls were chosen at these tryouts. Tryouts were only the beginning for these young girls. After tryouts were held, the flagcorps started practicing for perfor- mance at the spring football scrimage. They performed the routine in which they performed for tryouts. In Early August, the NHS Flag Corps helped serve and work at the Dixie Boys and Dixie Majors World Series which was held in Nacogdoches. Two weeks before school started, the flags started work again. They practiced every evening from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on routines for football games and pep rallies. They performed routines to such songs as "Pac-Man", "Wabash Cannonball", and "Centerfold". After football season was over, preparation was started for the Spring Show. The flag corps performed six various routines in this show. 92-A CADEMI CS l rr ,-K.. ,ft My yr -l l rf 42 1 1 I E x r V I 4 NS: 1. The NHS Flag Corps perform on the track during the fourth quarter. 2, As the Dragons run in. the NHS Flag form a victory tunnel, 3. Offi- cers for the 1982-83 Flag Corps are: Sitting: Ja- nie Stanaland, major. Kneeling: Michelle Moore, captain, Sherry Starr, vice-major, Standing: Denise Yarbrough, captain. 4. Members of the 1982-83 Flag Corps are: First row: Michelle Moore, Janie Stanaland, and Sherry Starr. Sec- ond row: Susan Durr, Rhonda Scarbrough, Tangela Caldwell, Denise Yarbrough, Sharon Douglas, Jeana Stanaland, and Paige Lester. 'ri ,. we gal Third row: Terri Brown, Jackie Briley, Chanda Patton, Yolanda Ballenger, Angela Davis, and Valerie Webster. Not pictured: Vicki Barr, Debra Cooper, Pam Tutt, and Yolondra Whitaker. 5. Valerie Webster shows her flag skill on the field. 6. Yolandra Ballenger was chosen as Miss Flag Corps 1982-83. 7. Members of the week for 1982-83 are: Front row: Vicki Barr, Paige Lester, Sharon Douglas, Susan Durr, and Jeana Stanland, Back row: Chanda Patton, Angela Da- vis, Yolanda Ballenger, Terri Brown, and Janie Stanaland. ACADEMICS-93 Varsity C eerleaders support Dragons' winning season . M. e if K, . 2 If 3 i 1' If ,,,Y 'FEI' 'B T1 , aw ig- ' . 5 . V M ii 1, i Q7 . ,, , n szlllf , -ax H , fn 0 7 N G .. . .asm S 4 5 'Ms .s 1- The NHS Varsity Cheerleaders at- Cheerleader Competition and won sec- tended the Tyler Junior College ond place. The squad was sponsored Cheerleader Clinic and were chosen as by Ms. Liz Barrios. Head Cheerleader the most spirited squad. They also par- ticipated in the Piney Woods Fair 94-ACADEMI CS was Robyn Gillespie. K Varsity Cheerleaders for 1982-83 are Front Row: Tracy Lewis, Donna Thompson, Rilea Pool. Sec- ond Row: Marion Arscott, Jackie Thompson. Third Row: Lynne Maynard, Temple Thomas, Robyn Gillespie, head cheerleader. 1. Temple Thomas lifts Rilea Pool at Texas Stadium. 2. The Cheerleaders beat Mrs. McCollough at the pep rally before the Conroe-McCollough game. 3. Temple Thomas and Rilea Pool lead cheers at a pep rally, 4. Donna Thompson, Temple Thomas, and Hardy Meredith, Daily Sentinel photogra- pher, look to the scoreboard in suspense of the final score of the NacogdochessLufkin game. ,J wiv 'K' 111 irq kgs. , "'x..f- f 1f"v7'w V Y Mxfffhef X?-ivy' Y. ,ff J.V. Cheerleaders promote class spirit 1. Members of the squad are: Andrea Oates, Ka- ren Abbott, Sonya Lathon. and Bevelon Moore The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders par- ticipated in a clinic at Tyler Junior College in June. At this clinic they won first place for their cheers and pyra- mids. They also competed in the Piney Woods Fair Cheerleading competition and won a first place medal for their cheers, pyramids, and dances. 'AX , 1 96-A CADEMICS . .fix , A X4' ' 6 M J 4 if A1,, Z if ' , ' AA:-A A1' 12A W , " i 1 A 62 - A A '::2 ' f ' ,M W f Q Q., JUL: 455: V' "A' ' fy W' ,V ' ' ' ff 1 ,ff K Q lp A. . vji' lif' W -W : . x K 2:1-ft 2 1 X ,, ' Y., 1-J 1. U.. , ,X I ' vi, f A nf W1 ' ' , Q X., 'VA , H i ' g " I .. 6, ,K , , iw C3 .sf Y-b PI-5 S7 C3 C-7? as 3-Q E25 Dragon Echo staff brlngs news features to students The staff of Dragon Echo, although small in number, tried to bring news and entertainment to the students and teach- ers of NHS in a monthly newsmagazine. Staffers conducted interviews, wrote stories, edited copy, laid out pages, and selected and cropped pictures. Editor for 1982-83 was Mark Sowell, copy editor, David Miller, business manager, Vanessa Mekeelg newsffeature editor, Anne Richmang and photographer, Jerry Collier. One highlight of the year was a press conference with Gloria Steinom, noted feminist. Adviser is Mrs. Elaine Sellers. ACADEMICS-99 Book Staff breaks tradition staff sold ads to the local merchants. salesperson. She was awarded a one- T' hundred dollar prize for her efforts. The staff worked very hard to meet nl deadlines. They worked late many i nights in order to print pictures, write copy, and layout pages. They attended a one-day workshop at SFA. The small staff put their heads together to create some original ideas. 1. Mark Mueller expresses the frustration of meeting deadlines. 2. Book N Staff includes: Front Row: Elaine Sellers, sponsor, Ann Bussa. Second Row: Mark Mueller, Jerry Collier. Third Row: Carma Johnson, Janet Martin. Fourth Row: Ann Braselton, Dovie Biggerstaff. 3. Ann . Braselton assists Janet Martin with layout. 4. L Dovie Biggerstaff is an enthusiastic editor. 5. ,1!"i"v' lf T Ann Braselton takes a break. 6, Carma Johnson participates in 50's day activities. 7. Dovie Biggerstaff is serenaded by Superman at her birthday party, given by the Book N staff 100-ACADEMI CS The 1982-83 Book N Staff was g small. In the beginning of the year, the 5 Carma Johnson was the top ACADEMICS-101 Dragon Band gets thlrd , ,MIVWW A Aff' ' EL ,f W 'O J , f "f ' A , ' ff , My A f , , J W H 7 V ' 42 a , ' fa W K i,fwwfW' " ' 'L , x 1 M f 0 V , ,, f V W , f z f. M lf' My ' W ' V f 1, ww 4 W' I J ' -' Jwfiu if 10 -ORGANIZATIONS mn Sweepstakes in a row A 41: fa H 4 W Mm 7 Q 1 Q 1. 4, 1? K 1 M 1 V f ? 2, ,, Za! ' ne. 5' .IG I, ' W V ww , w,,,M,VV VL' Mm . W ' A f Z ,, ,z M fy ' KV A ff w, 4 mg , ,, 1. 0 ,,,VMf,, Amy ORGANIZA TIONS-10 104-ACADEMI CS NHS Band brings recognition to school Q 1 iiinv in M I ,nnnn nn,,, nnnn n niii 'WW ff ACADEMICS-105 f-uw, J' 'ju YQ Q' dl N y f : 4,5 -A V' ., I- M A I va M YL' 5 i 1 'H V' " A' W , Q55 fn x x , ' v, A" ' - fwfr-.1 Jfmgqif , fijf ZW' 1, 1 .HI , av ' fnx. -'pw lf f 9 U 5, f rf Mig. 'G :SA rrgkgh I h -QW .W ' 0: . 3 X .r fn'-Sir Ffa 9 K ' . , v 106-DI VISION A ,AA I n 'Q 5? ' I HB4 1 ,, "- 'sq E' Re' ........l I Sports Produced by Mark Mueller DI VI SI ON -1 07 Dragons make golden record During the 1982-83 football season the Golden Dragons proved Coach McCarty's 'Lfamily concept" with a 6-1 record. The Dragons won the Bi-Dis- trict and to the Area playoffs. The only losses the Dragons suffered during the season were to John Tyler land Conroe McCullough in the Area play- offsl while they defeated Marshall, Longview, Tyler Lee, Texas High, Pine Tree and Lufkin. Coach McCarty feels that the Dragons played outstandingly this sea- son. "The total team effort was the main reason for our success," stated Coach Mac. 'KI also appreciated the en- tire town's support." As was the case during the regulat season, the Nacogdoches fans turned out to support their team in Dallas and Houston. On many routes to these games one could see cars decorated for the occasion with streamers, white shoe polish, and the ever popular, W? M sssli . "Coach Macls Big Nac Attack" bump- er stickers. Although the entire team did outstandingly there was also exception- al play from several players. Hubert Douglas led the team in rushing, and kickoff returns. Douglas also was the leader in the scoring sections. Daryll Caldwell, quarterback, led the team in passing and was third in the rushing column. Jerry Deckard led in receptions, having 41, and was second in the scoring while Mark Moore led in interceptions and punt returns. Leading tacklers were Lorenzo Colston and Shag Matthews. The Dragons success during the foot- ball season brought about cliches such as TST fTexas Stadium Timel and ADT fAstrodome Timel. It can only be said that the Dragons have had their share in the spotlight this year. Let's hope that it shines again! 1. O'Neil Upshaw and Ed Nichols look on with anticipation as the play of the game progresses. 2. Coach Frankie and running back Hubert Douglas go over the tactics for the next play. 3. Receiver Mark Moore is a jump above the opposition with this fantastic catch of the game. 108-SPORTS ......L. - " ,,- .i1a:g..,... - awe 1. Number 87, Patrick Dixion, and Number 45, Derek Lackey, along with manager, Frank Gillam watch a telecast of the night's game on a porta- ble T.V. This year was the first year that the Varsity team was televised on a local T.V. station, The games that were televised were, John Tyler, Pine Tree, and Lufkin. 2. Coach Mac. congratulates Clayton Shoemaker on an outstanding tackle. 9 T x. 7 M 27 icccccc, cccccc cccc g,ccc , cccc g cccc g ,c,,s cccc g G-, it G ggcc is ccccc G te vga t S c + fl- -'wa' rf - - rrxr--v' 1' 'J-S ' 31 ' 1' W ' xv + 1 4 -'I -I rl- M-I I ' 1:-an -I I-'il 71 K i K . My .st - 2:37 N- ' g ,un it g G cccc g G, G G B: cccccc i g G ,R ,,ccc,cc ,, ,,,cc G g g fl , I A K .' ' ..... . .. p K 1 ' ' KA - . . .h A Q K . -L I Q . I 5 by U, ' ' -P 5, L, css fl ' qlfhteij 1- .h 8 L14 V, A., 5,4 0, 9 V . 'gl N ' ft-- . Y L f X .' .1 ff G 3- -f if , 0 ,Q 2 . pw :-Qgg, ,,35Q.AN S 5 i":' gs 'ii G , 'Q' f ff. ,,:.fs, S 'T-L , K, v A ,V A 7 'fx , , , Q ' ,,n L, fffxg T ff N5 " 9 di' l f . - - . ' " t Q Q 5 , - 3 s . , ., , b N Y 3 ' 9 - , . ,,.. btkbu ,M J. as - 4 , " , t,,,,,,, ' tt- 4 :ront row: Daryl Caldwell, David Womack, Bruce Arrant, Jerry Woodsong cheerleaders, Tra- :y Lewis, Rilea Pool, Robyn Gillespie, Temple Thomas, Lynn Maynard, Donna Thompson, and lackie Thompson, Hubert Douglas, Wesley Aoore, Terry Kegler, and Ken Hall. Second row: nanager, Frank Gillam. DeWayne Pittman, Willie Nhitaker, Lorenzo Colston, Joe Don Welch, Roy Rodriguez, Wesley Watts, Mark Moore, Ben Wil- liams, Ed Nichols, Shag Matthews, Brad McWhoter, Keith Ayers, O'Neil Upshaw, and Quincy Whitaker. Third row: manager, Harry Burkett, Leo Berry, Bret Rains, Clayton Shoe- maker, Johnnie Carter, Ricky Upshaw, Diron An- derson, Reggie Matthews, John Baker, Scott DiNucci, Jerry Deckard, Derek Lackey, Andraly Horn, Patrick Dixon, manager, Joe Driggers, and Stuart Cunningham. Coaches: Sam Jones, Tony Frankie, Clarence McMichael, Shirel Womack, Steve McCarty, Don Hamilton, Robert Tueton, Bobby Reyes, Gordon Fountain, and Gary Robin- son, SPORT S-109 B... Blackhats win Bi District 1. With 17 seconds left in the 4th quarter, it was evident that the "Doches Dragonsl' were the new Bi-District victors at Texas Stadium. 2, Tackel, Clayton Shoemaker and Back, Scott DiNucci use a 'lsandwich squeeze-play" to bring down two players from Pine Tree. 3. Patrick Dickson, End, takes time out on the bench to watch the action taking place at the Bi-District Playoff at Texas Stadium. 1 xv 4 r ' fy 1 af' hit? ,' YTWW fx ' Si A ' ' It if .austin 'T AMD' ' 'rrk' T ' s.f44wa'1Z!5 4 i f ,4 , ,, V-imrgft. ,iii I. My jfs, In 04, riff, -- -L,q".,1' ".4""'e1 fx- . 'tvfiikfii-?'L1"Lfg'vi, A . 1-. T V V T1 ' , y , ' - '24, 24. 5' 54- Tm L1'f"A'wr-4 I' L q'm45YgA 'Z V , .M ,,,A ,,, IM mn an :Wig U mf W fl fl -M ,,.,3,, Q XF' 2, ,, 1- n 's t' Q f - a , S 'Q 5 y ' an g 2 yy yy I ' - of 0 L-' -ff' N-h l"' lr ix. 4- lasts 1. Tackle, Ricky Upshaw, brings down an oppos- ing player from Temple Wildcats at Texas Stadium. 2, Daryl Caldwell shows what he's made of with this "quarter-back stance" during the beginning of the play. 3. Using a handoff play to another player, Daryl Caldwell avoids the capture of the football by the opposing side. 4. The team gets in formation for a touchdown at T.S.T. Our thanks to The Daily Sentinel and Hardy Meredith for their contributions of football pictures from Texas Stadium. SPORTS-111 With a 10-O season the J.V. football team were in high spirits this year. Their hard work and dedication paid off when they won the district title from surrounding schools. The Dragon spirit prevailed throughout the season, and at the end of the season the whole team went to Texas Stadium to watch the Varsity team win Bi-District. The J.V. football team takes over with winning season. J.V. team is going to work hard for next year to make the Dragons once again Bi-District champs. 1. Jimmy Davis and Jerry Chandler come in for the kill to assist their fellow team member in tackling the opposition. 1 , M 2. Members of the '82 Golden Dragon J.V. team are: Front row: manager, Stuart Cunningham, Mike Fore, Leslie Driver, David Green, Chuck Winfree, Jimmy Davis, Billy Ballow, Ken Durrett, Mike Molsbee, Alfred Christopher, managers, Joe Driggers, Harry Burkett, and Coach Don Hamil- ton, Second row: Coach Bobby Reyes, manager, 112-SPORTS O' W J' ,f ,,,, WL ' , kw ' 1 ' 1 ft, lik' Gum ' GE ff' 300155 Q -.. iss . ' M D M f ' was T times 1 WW 'F WEB 2 NHL. ,vmss ,fm names :mites ii:-aes , W mm writes? 1 wat: ,Y Mass If ami? A me .2 112, 9531 4353 'iz' c-aft Frank Gillam, Alan Fitch, Patrick Watts, Terrance Acery, David Shoemaker, David Holt, Thomas Cooper, James Wiley, Robert Young, Wilbert Dean, Anthony Mayfield. Third row: Coach Tony Frankie, Coach Gary Robinson, Coach Robert Teuton, David Johnson, Kenneth Miller, Trevor Byers, Burt Smith, Jayton Jenkins, Q - 1' We WMV ,V ff' r fwfw .,wg.., ,f L4 fr 's.'- fi , 1' W 'M ,M ,, James Montgomery, Andy Walker, Jason Liles, Darren Matthews, Andre Warren, Coach Sheril Womack, Coach Sam Jones, and Coach Steve McCarty. Top row: Freddie Pleasant, Keith Downs, Eddie Berry, Ronnie Johnson, Joe Wil- liams, Ernest Simpson, Jerry Chandler, and Lew- is Gines. i FUDW + l 2 LA- 4 1. The team starts off with a running attack to win yet another game. 2. Wilbert Douglas is a hand above the opposition in catching the ball with the help of Darren Mathews. 3. Jayton Jenkins takes the ball down the field just out of reach of the opposition. SPORTS-113 9th grade Gold Black team learns the knacks of football. This year has been one of constant pressure and learning experiences for the 9th grade football team. It was a time for the players to learn the ropes of competitive high school football. This year's team had a promising year and are well prepared for J.V. and eventually varsity football in future years. 2. Rodney Tutt, Wilfred Ross and LaJuan Douglas, watch the plays taking place in the game from the sidelines. 2 gp, ,w I7fQl1?p.?.Tl-l'!7g'fn4Q1' it 'gif SSG-17553 4Sw5Q'f 334521 ,. A msgs 5. S gi mm as g X Q-SEQFEW ?'fill'+fff ,f WW' V ' fi . K . . tt,a tttttl trtt ssri . f ,R A tifil 1. Members of the '82 9th grade GoidfBlack football team are: Front row: Jeff Erola, Jimmy Derritt, Walker Fenci, John DeVall, Kenny Whitton, Jeffrey Evans, Kenny Lewis, Shannon Smith, Ethan White, Mike Rodriguez, and Shane Bailey. Second row: LaJuan Douglas, John Hughes, Chuck Bussa, Chris Tiller, Wilford Ross, 114-SPURTS Mike Carroll, Ricky Sockwell, Shaun Coughlin, Waylon Griffith, Patrick Woodson, Wess Nichols, Kenny Tyson, and Mike Kenner. Third row: Coach Sam Jones, Jon Blackenship, Brian Steinsick, Eric Weaver, Dale Rayburn, Dexter McMiller, Chris Chandler, Kelvin Christopher, Jeff Holder, Jeffory Jones, Rodney Lovett, Terry Hayter, Dean Greer, Richard Tinsly, and Coach Gordon Fountain. Top row: Mike McCurry, Chad Holt, Barry Jeffcoat, Tyrone Davis, Marc Wingo, Doug McElroy, Mark Patton, Barry Deckard, Jerome Sparks, Casey Blankenship, Tom Fincher, Darrel Green, and Rodney Tutt. 1. After a long and mighty fight out on the foot- ball field, the team comes in for a time out and a regroup only to go back and fight again. 2. Rodney Tutt uses all his might to get down the field and catch a long pass, syn SPORT S-115 Q, . V, L-fLLLLL LL,2 Vimm K , 5 5 ,L i 116-SPORTS I XX vw. , fi SIE if f5 E i lsif fm 2. HUME E v1sumR!l 2 y EBM UUWN MERCIAL TD an I um 1982 Varsity Football Scores Opponent South Park, Beaumont Woodrow Wilson, Dallas Henderson Marshall John Tyler Longview Tyler Lee lHomecomingl Texas High Pine Tree Lufkin Temple Conroe McCullough Dragon boy's Varsity Basketball team had a winning season T 1 The Dragon boy's varsity basketball team had a mildly successful season this year. They finished with a 17-14 overall record and a 6-8 record in dis- trict play, finishing in a tie for fourth. The highlights of the season were the upset wins over Longview and John Tyler, both of whom advanced into the play-offs. The win over Long- view occurred when the Lobos were undefeated and ranked number one in the state, but the Dragons prevailed 55-53 in Nacogdoches. The Dragons District champions upset John Tyler 49-48 also in Nacogdoches. The season ended on a good note as the Dragons went to Lufkin and beat the Panthers 54-42. The team won the consolation championship and the sportsmanship award at the Midway HS tourney in Waco in December. Seniors Mark Moore, Jerry Deckard, Melvin Woodson, Nero Foster, and Kel- vin McDonald played a big part in the Dragons' success. Juniors James Wa- ters, Anthony Garrett, Harold Carney and Keith Christopher supported the Dragons with help from sophomores Mark Green, Jerry Holcomb, and Tiny Smith. Mark Moore and Mark Green were named to the All-District team. Green was also named "Sophomore of the Year" in District 13-AAAAA. 1, Jerry Deckard uses all his might to over pass the opposition to a fellow team member. 2. Number 24, James Waters shows his skill at the free-throw line as he racks up extra points for the Golden Dragons. 118-SPORTS 4 - y -. MQW s-...rt-.s....N,......,.., gucnzg mucus 995325 'cms 095325 wears 4 4 2 2 2 4 3 2 4 0 tonga, 2 D wwf' 5 Wits: at . , 1, Members for the '82-'83 Dragon boys varsity Smith, Nero Foster, Anthony Garett. Top row: Donald, Harold Carey, and Coach Ralph Farley, basketball team are Front row: Reginald Mate C0aCh Mark Moorehead, Mark Moore, Mark thews, Keith Christopher, Melvin Woodson, Ken Green, Jerry D2CkaYd, JEIITIGS WHWIS, Kevin MC- I W , ' ,, ' i " L4 . ,. ., , gg, W W J, My . ,QM I , W, , A QQ A,w,t iw , ,.. , l if or l Aiii ,I ,MW t ',,t1 V , 5 , if ap V V14 -, .1- 5 2. Mark Moore side shoots into the basket for an extra two points for their winning score. SPORTS-119 ,pf twig, 51 , NV M 'Its- 'Mmm i Boy's J.V. and 9th grade basketball records the wins of the season. 120-SPORT S 1. The team awaits the referee's decision on a play. This year has been a good but slow year for the J.V. and 9th grade boy's basketball team. These teams in reality are stepping stones for the goal of varsity basketball. The J.V. and 9th grade teams have worked hard this year and plan to work even harder next year on techniques and style for future playing. iif .,.M,.W,,,,W,,.,,,, W, , 'NWN w.,.,.,,,,,,,, W ,,,,, - ,,,,,,-sq ,mf Wwmwwwmwwwfmwawwwm 1 xii! -. 1. Using his best style, number 22 passes the ball to fellow teammate for a quick score. 2. The team rushes down the court in order to stop opposition from scoring. V ,,,V - , f V 5 -4'i'-- all My ,fl wwf, Mk iaaawiw f, SPORTS-121 record score Girls Basketball shoots the hoop for The 1982-83 Lady Dragons Varsity Basketball team, coached by Coach Gordon Fountain, had gained exper- ience from the previous year through sportsmanship and teamwork. This gain helped the team come from a 2-25 season last year to a 10-16 season this year. Even though the team didn't have an unbeatable season, they still believed that if one had the desire to win and an attitude for winning, then one could win. Their goal for next year is to improve in their style and make another winning season. Coming up through the ranks in basketball can be hard but not impossible. The J.V. team, coached by Coach Pam Sears, showed that with a little enthusiasm and teamwork, the gain can be accomplished quite easily. Their experience in the lady basketball will influence their performance next year in varsity and in future life. X :Minus 122-SPOR TS L3-f 'nd'M Qi a.. 1. Members for the Lady Dragon Basketball Coach Gordon F0Unlail'1, Taflgela HOWGYCIY team areg Bottom row: Denise Ballenger, Rhonda Melissa W00d50"'v Shelia Mufphyr l-Wm Hendef' Pierce, Kathy Tutt, and Sandra Crane. Top row: Son- and manager Donna Beffy- Members of the JV Lady Dragon Basketball Edwards Momque Lampl-un Lmda Curl Top Stevens and Coach Sears team are Bottom row Dedra Daniels Janice row Kathy Saxton, Mmshelle Moore Regina K 59 1 Qi WW emma i t . W Q Dragon Swim team races for record- breaking success This year has become one of record- breaking success for the Dragon Swim team. Beginning only last year, the team has raised itself up to a level of district and state competition. The team had much support from head coach McCarty and parents in the community. This support helped make the team push even harder to have all team members qualify for regional meets. As before and always the team will try harder and be forever a per- manent part of N.H.S. Dragon sports. 1. Sigrid Gobel uses approved form in her but- terfly in a meet at Nacogdoches. 2. Todd Hargis pushes off to a great start of a boys 400 meter relay during a meet. l L 124-SPOR TS ff: v,', 2 it ,Wt A M ,eff- .1 V A, .V , 1 7, .vw f ,,,.',,Q, Vgi -an-yung uw- wp-o-pw-w 3, Members for the '82-'83 Dragon Swim team Johnson, Kevin Raglan, Ed Shaffer, and Todd are lFront rowzj Kim Dean, Terri Shaffer and Hargis, lnot pictured is Deana Davisl Sigrid Gobel. Top row: Charles Oliver, Jay .rs ss s o iss-j MR, an you N55 lr gh f' K 1. During a relay Ed Shaffer shows his technique of a breaststroke. 2, Coach Terri Morse offers some advice to Terri Shaffer after she has come out of her race. 3. Sigrid Gobel prepares herself for a 100m breaststroke at a recent meet. SPORTS-125 Girls Volleyball makes a stand in Dragon sports. ,lst X .jg ww' .as , 1- iz Ref my For Lady Dragon Volleyball, the E at 1 , year '82-'83 has been one of trial and 1 ,fguy 5, error, triumph and victory, and an overall feeling of good sportsmanship. Coached by Judy Justus, the varsity team has worked hard and long this ,, season. Although their season was not as successful as they would have liked, the team is on their way to higher grounds of competition. The J.V. Volleyball team had a close but disappointing season. Only losing by one game, the J.V. team missed their chance of having a winning season. Even with this disap- pointment, the team is looking forward toward next season and a more com- petitive year. sv 1, M2mb9l'S fOY the '82783 Lady Dragon Edwards. Top row: Rhonda Chancey, Patrica 2A -1- I Howa d k I b th t as Volleyball team are, Front row: Liz Woodson, amsy Tangela Howard, Dia,-me Johnson anga r ma es a o over e ne R, H d M g L k, d Janis other team members Wait for the return of the lid Bn GYSOU, OHIQUQ amp ln, an Powers, Alberta Banks, and Coach Judy Justus. ball. 3. The team comes together for a meeting before the next half of the game. yr l ,,N,,f,..M--c-"' ' ,WW f 2 2 gwg 126-SPORTS 1, Members for the J.V. Volleyball team areg Long, Coach Pam Sears, Angela Horn, and Front row: Angela Bates, Bridgett Shepard, and Dedra Daniels. 2. Dedra Daniels pulls back her fists as she aims Denise Kidd' TOP row: Sheffv Deckard' Banita to slam the ball back across the net. 3. Coach Sears has a pep talk with the team during a time out. 'xx I W .,uf,,. Ns,.,. SPORTS-127 Dragon Soccer team makes beginning This was the first year for Nacogdoches High School to have a varsity soccer team. The team, coached by Coach Farshid, had many struggles and disappointments throughout the year. Many feel that through the addition of this sport to N.l'l.S. has been beneficial in the long run. The climax of the season was the winning over Lufkin 3-O in the last game of the season. That in itself is enough to make the players of '83-'84 go for the Gold and Black of a record year. 1. Clint Smith uses his technique to get the ball off the ground and into play. 2. With ultimate determination, Brent Cariker, gets the ball away from the feet of the opposition. st. W 128-SPORTS NAQQQQDGGKSQ DIABQNI 1. Members for the '82-'83 Dragon Soccer team Cariker, Shaun Coughlin, Mark Mallot, Scott Klein, are: Front row: Stuart Cunningham, Greg Hinkly, Wallace, John Provan, Paul Morley, Jeff Everts, Brent Mayfield, Wm. Walker Fenci. Top row: Wilfred Coach Farshid. Tyron Curl, Rodney Disker, Eddie nm? T "r. -,, E - X 2. With Lufkin opposition not far behind, Jeff Everts takes the ball and moves it down the field with lighting speed. 3. Robert Romero contem- plates which way would be the best to throw the ball in from the sideline to restart the game. nw' iff' gk X Clint Smith, Mike Adams, Robert Romero, SPORTS-129 Boy's Golf "tee" off to a great season. ... . , - - ..,.....i.. ' s --x- -w-.-m...q. 3 +A.-....,.M,. . . , ,m..,.,,.....,. K X New ff t ix Jwgwx -f ,ffl Y.. an V. X 130-SPORTS ..w..i.,.. ..., . 1. Members for the Boy's Dragon Golf team are: Kelly, Bill Terry, Coach Kathy Alexander, and Rodney Socia. The year 1983 brought on many changes to NHS. One of these was the naming of Kathy Alexander as the new golf coach. With her help and many long hours of practice, the Boy's Drag- on Golf team developed techniques in golf to perfection. With the practices every day, the team came back home many times with first, second, and third place trophies. This year has been wonderful for the team and the returning lettermen looking forward to- ward next year when they can improve their techniques in their game. AW ,ww . l M-.....w..... . . .......... WWQEW We an-N-......m..,,, sw-M--+...., -. Q M'-X-'+1----Q f-1-Qsmm , .Wm . ., , --s-X-'Univ--Cv -X1 t. . .,,,.r., . .. QM.. . ....M.,,,t Oo,-R 'SM viii N --Q---.s..,..f .., ig. ----vp.akv'qn- E J Girls' Golf are in the swing of things. Going on their third year, the girls' olf team had a coach change at the eginning of the year. Kathy Alexander, though new to the team, helped quite a bit to bring the team to a high in golf tournaments, often com- ing home with winning trophies from the game. Next year holds promise for an even better team with returning lettermen having a chance to improve their skill in the game. 1. Members for the Girl's Dragon Golf team areg Sitting: Lynne Maynard and Beth Terry. Stand- ing: Stephanie Driver, Dotty McClain, Renea Faulkner, and Coach Kathy Alexander. SPORTS-131 HS Tennis team serves up a Golden The 1982-83 varsity tennis team had a good season this year. Many new- comers helped bring the moral up for the team. The returning lettermen kept the Dragon spirit alive and in rhythm with the team. Many times during the year the team brought home trophies and awards they had won. This also helped the team to strive for the top. The J.V. team followed much in the same pattern as the varsity team. They came home also with many more awards and good memories than last year of their games. Next year holds for many adventures for the members of whom will be entering the varsity team. The 9th grade team was designed for the purpose to introduce incoming freshman to the aspects of tennis without the intimidation of skilled players. It worked well this year for learning and refining techniques. Next year will be exciting for those members who go on to compete with skilled players of the varsity and J.V. teams. record 132-SPORTS me V ,,,,, .Z ' , 3 4' M 5 5 tw ,M - we . . l Z ' '- . " ' ' l 2 . , TL 1. Kelly Rayne follows through with her swing to volley the ball across the net. 2. With her eye on the ball. Laurie Bizzell takes aim and backhands the ball to the other side. 1. Coach Jackson gives the J.V. team some tips on their shots during a daily practice. 1 ia im., ,wli wry, ?5l-Y "J SPORTS-133 Boy's Track makes the score with 1983 has been a year of records to be set in Boys' Varsity Track. Many of these records were won in shot, discus, meter runs, long jump, and pole vault. All in all this year has gone real well for the team and their hopes for next year are that they will gain more confidence to become winners in all categories. The J.V. Boy's Track team had a good season with winning one track meet. They also won in Crockett relays and placed 4th in district. 1. Stretching out before the run helps prevent in- jury as this runner well knows. 2. After running his race the Dragon member collapses from the heat and exhaustion, running. 2 se :gf " 8 ' and K , , ,T-M x. rs it .,,"tQ9 we W- 2 . ' M t . . if e Mug-. ' s - .xii ' may .- -- K s , rw-4. KK .K ,Av . , KK Q 8 we 'th s . Q , K W -- A G. 'J T ' r 3' "lr, .5 -'. 3- l't"'f'-,-.9 -PM 4 rags T ati K ig ' . A !f3ft,gf"i"Q Kgf w- Tris-we Vega T- . i T Q 3 fl' - QTL 8' if Ria miss nyyi i -KW '35 rn :ia , fi, tlgfffflif f tif' .. .t Q Y AK it K Kf K KKHK K K ,,,., J 'sr mag. 3. ,, 'Es-y...v -K . K - K3fKK+ v . sf K .K ZH , " iilscr-Sli S3 all 5536!-l it X + YQ Lss:.Q'ffg ,,. V K if , K K . K KK a It K Kq 5 N.. . .ti ,K .t AKNY, 0 K K, ' Jidr ,Aga sl Kw bf-"sK,Kf' Jay' Sdn.. Q3 ff' I K pgs, Q -s ,. 7' IXKQQQ " K K KK K K K K KK ig? 1 .. K Q W. KKK KK K SKK t. X KK J. 1 KK ggi. f 2 S 1K S . . r - . 134- PORT r' A visit-Y X , 5 ,tw J .K as . :X-Kay KA , .3 :ggi 'Fwd ' -sf gr K., W' 5 as , , ,, Taking his body to the limits, this long jumper makes a winning jump. 2, The team walks around the track to cool down from running a race. 'V 2m""5 . W, 'fn 1 su rn WM W7 4 .VJ s.-...M-.,,. ,, ':i.,.....-uvx,,,?Q -N ,irpwv .- .K Qs , Q .+R f i. .. ,V .X H . fiilw- Q.: Viv if ' sm , k-QKQN Mi! PORT -135 '83 Girls track makes 136-SPOR TS 1 will 1. Regina Stevens pushes herself to the limit at the long jump during a meet. 2. Marion Arscott uses her total leg lift to stretch across the hurdles in a race. a run for the Gold m 1983 Girls track was surprisingly C good this year with many more team 21 members than in past years. Many ' brought home trophies to attest to their , ,i hard work and dedication. The team is f M looking forward toward next year when! H they will do their best to win. 1 .sir , mis me wgscuooi 1. Kay Williams lets go of the discus to make yet another winning score. 2. Tangela Howard pushes herself to the limit to pass the opposition and hopefully win the race, SPORTS-137 Varsit Baseball makes a pitch for the Black and Gold The Dragon Varsity baseball team this year came out with a 15 and 7 winning streak in their games. Many players felt that all their hard work in J.V. baseball last year paid off when they won their games. Their hard work ran into the last part of the year when they won their last few games which left the returning lettermen the confidence to come back next year and win again. -g k . ytti kqqi , :.,yq,:. X. , 'S rf N5 ' i K tts 'wr it .S nr 7 ...I x 1. Mark Moore reels back to pitch with a great amount of force. 2. Casey Blakenship takes to the mound to strike out the opposition. 138-SPOR TS 'N-.. i I W ith Q D5 94 X V i , 13 12 5 U F V an .s g U g in-"X ,, ,Muni M , ,A , R sa f 'No ,M fir I ef hir S f if S iii iit 'N , K' 1. Members for the 1983 Varsity baseball team Mark Moore, Billy Ballow. Top row: manager, 2. Keith Christopher looks, and in the same mo, areg Bottom row: Kurt Sutton, Hubert Douglas, Reginald Matthews, Coach Gordan Fountain, tion, fires the ball to home plate to get opposing Leo Berry, Ed Morgan, Keith Christopher, Jason Coach Bobby Reyes, Casey Blakenship, Joe Still, player out. Steadham. Second row: Shag Matthews, Ted Da- and Ricky Upshaw, vis, Keith Ayers, Chuck Winfree, Eddie Berry, , W VM 'A Q 1 in W Y . SPORTS-139 Baseball takes charge and goes for it The 1983 Dragon J.V. baseball team was led by Coach Don Hamilton. The team did fairly well in their games but only winning a few. The year was the best however in the aspect that it was a time to improve in baseball skills for next year in the varsity team. 140-SPORTS 5 uf 1. Members for the 1982-83 J.V. Baseball tearg are, Front row: Ronnie Lovett, Jeff Fuller, Lesli Driver, John Flemming, Keith Christopher, Michale Rodriguez, Ethan White, and Alan Fitch. Top row: Coach Don Hamiton, Barry Jeffcoat, Andrew Chester, Darrell Green, Mark Sowell Thomas Cooper, Eddie Berry, Joey Brewer, anal Terrence Acrey. Dragon Spirit promoted by Coaches The coaching staff at NHS has a great deal of importance in high school sports. The coaches try to promote good sportsmanship and the "Family" :oncept of teamwork. This promotion is emphasized by athletic director, Steve McCarty. Together with a fantastic group of head coaches and their staff, Coach McCarty has produced a winning team in high school athletic sports. Q94 A- R 1, Steve McCarty-Athletic Director, Football 2. Mark Moorehead, Basketball 3. Terry Morris, Swimming 4. Judy Justice, Volleyball 5. Farshid Niroumon, Soccer 6. Kathy Alexander, Golf 7, Jane Jackson, Tennis 8. Tony Frankie, Boy's Track 9. Johnnie Simpson, Girl's Track 10. Bob- by Reyes, Baseball SPOR TS-141 142-DI VISION K ! 'H' ,Af .. 5 q 1 QW , .N fy, Student Body Produced by Ann Bussa DI VISION-143 Mr. and Miss NHS Most Clayton Shoemaker Perri Ann Skipper Handsome and Most Be 144-SENIORS Ed Nichols Natalie Clark Cutest Ed Morgan Donna Thompson Wittest 8 WS, in Cindy Cox Kevin Evans SENIORS-145 Personality Plus gigs ' ' is -,args pf? , gi K ser- el -N' Janet Tindall Joe Don Welsh Most School Spirit K Mi' was 146-SENIORS Janet Walton Kyle Doss Most Talented A..--"""' Mark Abbfltf BeLynda Smith Most Athletic J Mark M00l'e Sheila Murphy lNot Picturedl 'Wag Sf Rb SNS SENIORS-147 Most Likely To Succeed X V-g5.,..:, is m 1 .SV A In QVW ., k,... J., X Daryl Caldwell Kim Luna Most Intellectual Alison Rowley Steven Tinsley 148-SENIORS f ,v. Runners-Up for favorite elections . Front row, Hubert Douglass, Mr. NHS, Patricia Adams, Most Athletic, Sherry Starr, Most School Spirit, Sykeithia McAlister, Most Beautiful, Suannah Ramsey, Most Talented, Carrna if gl Johnson, Personality Plus, Top row, Ty Neal, Wittiestg Stephanie Teal, Most Intellectual, Janie Stanaland, Most Likely to Succeed, Theresa Sparks, Miss NHS: Buster Gregory, Most School Y Spirit, Denise Yarborough, Wittiest, Kelly Rayne, Cutest Girl, Jason Moore, Cutest Boy, Lorenzo Colston, Most Handsome SENIORS-149 fglm' 4 Q ' 2 x f" , , 'Q' 5-Q .f- Z, 7 - w Russ Langfijfii l 7 1 VI 'f Kelly Ra Teresa Sparks SENIOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS Mark Kevin Abbott All-Region Band-1,2,3,4g All- Area Band-2,3,4g All-State Band-4, All-State Alter- nate-2,3, Band Manager-1,2,3,4, National Honor Society-43 Who's Who-3,43 Society of Distinguished High School Students-3,4, FFA-1,43 Rodeo Club-2, 3,45 Football-1,2. Patricia Elaine Adams Pep Squad-1,2g volleyball- 1,3,4g basketball-2, DECA-4, MVP volleyball-4, Most Athletic Girl runner-up-4. Sheila Darlene Adams Vocational Agriculture-1,2,3g FHA-1,23 Lone Star Farmer Degree-3, Chapter Farmer-2. Regina Agnew 2nd runner-up Homecoming Queen, Cosmetology l and Il, treasurer, duchessg Student Council 3rd party-1, Myra Lynn Allen Key Club Sweetheart-2,3,4, Student Council rep. 1,2,3,4g Key Club Homecoming Duchess-4, Drill Team-35 Thespians 1,23 NFL-1,2g Book N staff-25 Pep Squad-1,2, Tim Alexander Auto Mechanics-3,4, president. Pleshette Yvonne Anders Band-1,2g Cosmetology l and ll, secretary, 1st place parliamentary procedure, lst place project-state VICA contest, Student Council. Van Bruce Arrant Football-1,2,3,4, varsity-3,43 Key Club-1,2,3g Lt. Governor-3, Track-1,23 Nominee for Most Handsome, Key Club Sophomore of the Year. Yolandra Yvette Ballenger OEA-3,4, assistant trea- surerg Miss Flag Corps-4, Pep Squad-2,3g Band-1, FHA-13 Student Council 3rd party-15 Junior Historians-1, JV basketball-2. Kathy Ballow Drill Team-3,43 HOSA duchess, HOSA Sec-3, Pres-43 FHA-1,2g National Honor Society-3, Student Council l3rd Partyl-1,2,3. Kathy Bates FFA, Vo-Ag-1,2,3,4g Lone Star Farmer ,Degree-3, State Public Speaking Contest lplaced 4thlg FFA Sweetheart and Duchess, FFA Chapter vice-presi- dent-3,4, FFA District V.P.-4, Flag Corps-2,33 3rd Party Student Council-1,2,3. James Bauer Varsity Band-1,2,3. Andrew Beamon Varsity Band-1,25 HOSA-1,2, Melanie Benton FHA-1,2,3, Concert Choir-1, Chorale 2,35 OEA-4. Dovie Biggerstaff Rotary Student, March, 1983, Young Tex-Anne, Feb., 1983, Flag Corps-2,33 Ma- jor-3g Drill Team-45 Yearbook Staff-3,45 Quill and Scroll-3,4g National Honor Society-3,45 Student Council-1,3,4, Rep.-3, Junior Class Reporter, English Award-1, Yearbook Award-3,43 Shutterbugs-3,4. Laurie Bizzell Varsity Tennis-2,3,4, 2nd place doubles-1983, Regional Qualifier-4, National Honor Society-4, Student Council Class Rep-2,43 Book N Homecoming Duchess-4. Julie Blosser FHA-1,25 OEA-4. l lLynette Box Rodeo Club-1,2,3,4g DECA-3,41 FHA QHERO-1, Choir-1,2. Deanna Bradley JV Cheerleader-2, Drill Team-33 lStudent Council Rep,-1,2, OEA Duchess-4. Miles Bradshaw FFA-1,2,3,4g Young Texas of the Month, Dec., 19825 Citizen of the month, Oct,, 1982, National Winner-Fish and Wildlife Proficiency Award, 19813 Area IX FFA Pres., '82-'83, Chapter FFA Presi- dent-3,43 Chapter Conducting FFA Team-1,2,3,4, State FFA Leadership Camp. Brian Brandon Soccer, FFA-1,2,3. Darrell Brandon Golf-1,2,3, DECA-4. David Brandon Band-1,2,3,4, President-4g All re- gion-2,3,4g All-Area-3,4g All-State-4, Regional First Division, UIL-1,2,3,4g State First Division-2,3, Ann Braselton Cheerleader-1,23 French Club-1,2,4g FHA-1, Journalism Award-3,43 Shutterbugs Duchess-4, Quill and Scroll-4, Yearbook Staff-4. Trecina Bruton Band 1, Student Council Rep, 1, OEA-3,45 Algebra Award-2. Raymond Burgess l,C.T, -3,4. Harry Burkett FFA-1,2,3,4, reporter-3, Varsity football managerftrainer-2,3,4g National Honor Society. Ann Bussa Tennis-3, FCA-3, French Club, 2,4g Pan Am-4. Book N staff-4. Daryl Caldwell Most Likely to Succeed-4, Varsity Football All-District Quarterback-4, Senior Class Parlia- mentarian, Citizen of the Month, April, 1983, JV foot- ball-3. Mellessya Caldwell Student Council 3rd Party-4, FBLA-3, FHA-1,2,3g Pep Squad-1,23 Concert Choir-1, Girls Athletics lManagerl-1. Johnnie Carter Varsity Football-3,43 Varsity Lettermen in Football and Track-4, Football Honor- able Mention All District-4, FCA Sec, and Treas.-43 Junior Historians Parl.-3, Proj, Chairman-43 FCA- 3. Natalie Cates FFA-1,2,3,4, Treas.-33 Reserve Champion Charolais in Houston Livestock Show, Drill Team-4, Pep Squad-1,2,3g Science Club-1, Thespi- ans-1, FFA Chapter Farmer Degree. Ronald Champagne Band-1,2,3,4g All Region Band-2,3,4, All Area-4, All State-4, FFA 1. Natalie Clark Deca-3,45 Student Council 3rd Par- ty-lg Pep Squad-1,2, Homemaking-1,23 Deca Homecoming Duchess-4, Most Beautiful-4. Karen Clevenger FHA-1, Art Club-1,2,3,4, Sec. 2, 3, Anthony Clifton VICA-4, Key Club-1,2,3,4. Gary Coker FFA-1,2, FFA Co-op 1,25 Forestry Teamg Dairy Judging Team. David Collins Band-1,2,3,4, All Region-1,2,3,4, All Area-2,3,4g Key Club-1, Thespians-13 Who's Who-3. Lorenzo Colston CVAEQ Football-1,2,3,4, Track 1,2, 3. Debra Cooper Student Council-1,2g VOE Pres,-4, Homemaking-1, Flag Corp-4, Junior Historian-23 Pep Squad-1,2g Track-1, Monica Cortes Pan Am Reporter-4, Spanish Grammar Test at Foreign Language Festival 1st Place. Cynthia Cox Basketball-3, Chorale-43 Wittiest Girl-4, John Cozart Tennis-1, Band-1,23 Stage Band-1,2, Key Club-1,2,3,4, National Honor Society-3,41 Who's Who-3,43 National Merit Science Award-23 Deca-4. Tim Crane Basketball-3. Richard Crisp VICA-4, Project Contest 2nd Place, Deca-4, Mark Currier Chorale-33 "Annie Get Your Gun" Musical-3, Edwin Davis Auto Mechanics-4, Football-1,2. Frank Deacon Art Club-3,43 Shutterbugs-3, Pho- tography Award-3. Daron Deckard FCA, Student Council 3rd Party-3, Letterman Varsity Basketball-3,43 HOSA-33 Co- Captain Varsity Basketball-4, Band-1: Nominee for Most Likely to Succeed. Rose Dial FHA HERO Corresponding Secretary-1, OEA Member 3,4, Repor.-4, Girls Golf Team-2. Bill Dobbs Football-1, DE-1,23 FFA-1. Nancy Dollar Band 1,2,3,4g National Honor Society- 4, One at Solo and Ensaumble Contest-3, Algebra Award-1, Health Award-1, Chemistry Award-2, World History Award-3, Homemaking Award 1. Kyle Doss Most School Spirit-4, Student Council-1, 2,3,4, Repor.-4, Class Rep.-3,4g United States Student Council Award Nominee 4, Out Standing 3rd Party Member-1, Key Club-1,2,3,4g Junior Historians-1,25 Band-1, Hubert Douglas Varsity Football-2,3,4, Soph. of the Year, All District-2,3,4g Varsity Baseball-1,2,3,4, Sophomore of the Year, All District-2,3,4g Class Fa' vorite-3,43 Student Council-4, Basketball-lg Run- ner-Up Mr. NHS. Joe Driggers Varsity Football Trainer-2,3,4g Varsity Basketball Trainer-3, FCA-l,2. Lenora Dubose NFL-2,3,4g Cosmetology, Sgt. at Arms-3, Pres. 41 Student Council 3rd Party-1,23 Pep Squad-1,23 Debate Team-2,3. Kevin Evans DECA-3,43 Key Club-1,2,3,4. LaT0nna Fields Cosmotology-1,23 Basketball-23 Volleyball-2, Student Council Rep.-4, VICA Club- 2,3. Keith Finchum VICA-2,3,4g FFA-1. Darrell Flanagan DE-1,2. Pamala Fore Band-1,23 Student Council-1,2,3g FFA-1,2,3,41 Sentinel-3,41 Judging Teams-1,2,3,4: Rodeo Club-4. Kim Fortson HOSA-3, French-1g Choir-13 FHA-1,2. Nero Foster Basketball-1,2,3,4, Student Council-1, 2,3g Noteables-4, Business Club-3. Lynn Frederick HOCT-3,43 CVAE-1,2. John Froehlich Journalism-3,4. Neil Fuchs Key Club-1,2,3,4g National Honor Society, Band-1,2,3, Stage Band-1,2g FFA-1. Patricia Fuller HOSA-3,4, Hist.-4, Art Club-1,2, 3,43 Track Team-2. Mitchell Garrett HOSA-3,4. Robyn Gillespie Head Varsity Cheerleader-4, Duchess-43 Drill Team-35 JV Cheerleader-23 Student Council-1,2,3,4g FCA-1,2g Thespians-1,23 Art Club-1,4g Most School Spirited Girl Nominee--4. Frank Gilliam Football-3,45 Key Club-4. Karen Goodwin Choir-2,33 Band Manager-2 3' Student Council 3rd Party-3. Larry Gresham Rodeo Club-1,2,3,4. Michael Griffin lCT Vice Pres,-4, Auto Mech. Re- porter-3g VICA-2,3,4, Marjie Griffis National Honor Society-3,43 FBLA-2, FHA-1,4g Pep Squad-1,2, Manager-3,4. Seniors-151 SENIOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS Frankie Hamby ICT VICA-1,2, Rodeo Club-2. Gregory Hardy Sweepstakes Band-2,3,4, Stage Band-2. James Hartt FFA-1,2,3,4, Rodeo Club-2, Ag. Co- op-1,2, Chapter Farmer Degree-2. Rita Henderson Outstanding Achievement in English-2,3, Office Ed. Association Sec.-3.4, FHA Vice Pres. of Programs-1, Outstanding Achievement in Algebra-12, Pep Squad-2. Michael Hightower Football-4, Building Trades-2. Elizabeth Holland Band-1,2,3,4, All Region Band- 1,2,3,4, 1st Division UIL 1,2,3,4, State UIL Competi- tion-1,2,3,4, Sweepstakes Band-2,3,4g Tennis Team-2,3,4: FCA-2,31 Student Council 2,3,4, Chip Holt FFA-1,2,3,4, President Rodeo Club-1,2, Baseball-1. Matthew Honea 4-H, Photographer, Art, Shutter Bug. Andraly Horn Theatre-1,2,3,4, Football-2,3,4, Track-1,2,3,4, Thespian 2,3,4, Vice Pres.-4, Treas.-3, Runner Up Most Talented, UIL One Act Play District Champs-4, Area Honorable Mention-4, Outstanding Theatre Student-3. Jonathon Howard Patricia Huckaby Band-1,2,3,4, FHA-1,2,3,4, Treas.-1,3, Chaplain-2, Jr. Historians-4, FBLA-3, Young Tex-Anne-4, National Honor Society-3,4. Mark Humphreys Student Council 3rd Party. Michael Jeffrey Band-1,2,3,4, All Region Band-4, Football-2, Tennis Team-2,3,4, National Honor Society-4, Key Club-13 Stage Band-2,3, Rotary Student of the Month of April. Rebecca Jeffus FHA-1, FBLA-2,3, Student Council-1, Pep Squad-1,2,3,4, Leutinant-2, Capt.-3, Major-4. Carma Johnson National Honor Society-3, FHA Officer-3,43 Student Council-3,4, Jr, Historians-3,4, Pan Am-3,4, Scribblers-3, Pep Squad-3, Annual Staff-4, Nominee for Personality Plus Girl. Cheryl Johnson Dragon Echo Staff-2,3, Managing Ed.-3, Young Republicans-1, Shutter Bugs-3,4, UIL District Ready Writing-4. Dianne Johnson Band-1, FHA-2,3, Pep Squad-3, Honor Roll all Year-4, Selected Member of Mock Trial Team-4, Vocational Office Ed. Reporter Co-op-4. Terry Jones Art Club-1,2,3,4, Pres.-4, Student Council-2, Super Salesman of Art Club-2,43 Thespi- ans-4, Shutterbugs-4, Annual Staff-3, Accepted to Memphis Academy of Arts-4. Bryan Jongeword Building Trades-1,2, VICA Re- porter, Vice Pres., 2nd in VICA State Contest-2,3. Melissa Jordan National Honor Society-3,4. Carl Joyner State Finalist VICA Auto Mechanics in Skill, Speed, Project, and Notebook. Terry Kegler Varsity Football-4, All-District-4, Varsity Track-3,4. Dana Kimbrough DECA-3,4, Sec.-3, Flag Corp- 2, Chorale-2, FTA-2,3, Sec.-2, UIL Spelling-2, Pep Squad-1. Arminda Kinzer Cosmetology-1,2, VICA District and State, Art Award. Carri Kirk FFA-1,2,3, Lone Star Farmer Degree, 4H Gold Star Award, Algebra Award-1,2, High Senior on 152-Seniors National Math Exam, VO. Ag. Award, State Dairy Judging Team. Billy Kittrell CVAE-1,2, Auto VICA-1,2. Kirk LaBoyteaux FFA, Ag. Co-Op. Derek Lackey Football-1,2,3,4, Key Club-1,2,3,4, Young Texan of the Month-4, Varsity Band-1, Hon- orable Mention Tight End-4. Russ Langford Band-1,2,3,4, Vice Pres.-4, All Re- gion Band-1,2,3,4, Area-4, Stage Band-l,2,3, Na- tional Honor Society-3,4g Choral-4, Young Texan. Brad Lee VO. Ag.-1,2,3,4g Chapter Farmer-2, Ro- deo Club-1,2,3,4, Lisa Looney FHA-1, Art Club-3,4, Reporter-3, Sec.-4, Club Duchess-4, DECA-4, Treas.-4. Kim Luna Tx. President of FHA-4, FHA Officer-1, 2,3,4, Area 9 FHAXHERO Pres.-3, Student Council- 1,2,3,4: National Honor Society-3,4 Sec.-4, FBLA- 3. Troy Mach VICA, Band-1,2, FFA-1,21 Agri. Janet Martin Book N-3,4, Photographer-3,4, Assis' tant Ed.-4, Dragon Echo-3, Photographer-3, Na- tional Honor Society-3,4, FHA-1,2,3,4, Pianist-3, Shutterbugs-3,4, sec.-3,4, Quill and Scroll-4, Young Tex-Anne-4, Rotary Student-4, Everett Matthews Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, HECE. Regina Matthews Volleyball-1, HECE, DE Prelab, Reginald Matthews Varsity Football-4, Varsity Base- ball Manager-3,4, Varsity Basketball Manager-4. Lynne Maynard Varsity Cheerleader-4, Gold Team-2,3,4, Chorale-2,3,4: Art Club-1,2, Note- Ables-3, Concert Choir-1. Sykethia McAlister Concert Choir-1, Chorale-1,2, 3, HECE-1, First Runner Up Most Beautiful. Mike McClellan National Honor Society-3,4, DECA Club Officer-4, English Award-1,2,3, Drafting Award-3, Gina McLauchlin Cosmetology, DE, VICA, Jose Mendoza VICA Auto Mechanics-2, Band-1. Cindy Miller Cosmetology-3,4, VICA-4, 4th Place in District Hairdressing Contest, Stephen Mitchell Honor Society Pres.-4, Varsity Band-1,2,3,4, Stage Band-1,2,3, Key Club-1, Society of Distinguished High School Students, Rotary Student of the Month, Lion's of Texas All-State Band- 3, Honor Roll-l,2,3,4. Karl Moore HECE, Band. Michelle Moore Photographer, Flag Corps. Jason Moore Edward Morgan Baseball-2,3,4, Key Club-1,2,3,4, Vo. Ag.-1,2,3, Football-1, Golf-1. Ken Morris Thespians-1,2,3,4, Vice Pres.-3, Pres.-4, Chorale-1,2,3,4, Key Club-2,3,4, Scrap- book-4, Student Council-3,4, Annual Staff-3, Production Class-2,3,4, Tennis Manager-2. Mark Mueller French Club Historian-3,4, FBLA-2, 3, Shutterbugs Pres.-3,4, Yearbook Sports Ed, and Photographer-3,4, Quill and Scroll-4, Dragon Echo Photographer-3. Sharon Musslewhite District UIL Best Actress-4, Thespians-2,3,4, UIL One Act Play-2,3,4, Piney Woods Speech Tournament-Duet Acting lst Place-3, Young Democrats-3, Points Sec. Thespians-4, Thes- pian Duchess-4, NFL-2,3. Reba Murphy Cosmetology-3,43 Outstanding Student Cosmetology-3,4, DECA-4, Pres. VICA Cosmetolo- gy-3, Parliamentarian DECA-4, Pep Squad-1. Melinda Murphy HECE-1,2. Parl.-I: Student Council 3rd Party. Shelia Murphy Basketball-l,2,3, FTA-1, Track-1, Most Athletic: Regional 880 Meter Run. Tyvester Neal Baseball-1,2,3,4, Basketball-1,2,3,4, Football-l,2,3,4. Ryan Nerren Shop CVAE: Building Trades, ICT VICA. Edward Nichols FFA-1,2, Grand Champion Steer Nac. County-1, Soph, of the Year of Hugh O'Brian Essay Contest-2, Football-1,2,3,4, All District Honor- able Mention Center-4, FCA 1,2,3,4, Treas.-3, Vice Pres.-4. Alex Norton Band-1,2, Science Club-3,4, Treas.- 4, Art Club-3,4, Science Club Duchess-4, Tech, Theatre-2, Theatre Arts-3. Ricky Olsen FFA, Ag. Co-Op, Baseball-3, Football- 1. Melanie Packard Art Club-3,4, Vice Pres.-4, FHA. Kevin Page Building Trades. Mollie Partin Varsity Track-1,2,3,4, JV Volleyball- 1,2,3, Team Capt.-3, FCA-1,2, FHA-l,3, Shutter- bugs-4, Vickie Patton Chorale-4: Concert Choir-12,33 Student Council 3rd Party-3,43 Art Club-3, FHA- 1. Rodrick Patton DECA, Donna Peterson OEA-1,2. Mary Phelan Cheerleading-2,3, DECA-1,2,3,4, Pep Squad-1. Eyvette Phillips Pep Squad --1, Capt.-2, Flag Corp-3, Student Council 3rd Party-2,4, Drill Team-41 OEA-3,43 Scribblers-4. Margie Pogue Choir- 1, Pep Squad- 1. Bridgette Powers HECE-4, FHA. John Pratt Golf Team-3. Tonya Pruitt OEA-3,4, Student Council 3rd Party- 3,4: FHA-1.2. Suannah Ramsey Chorale Choir-2,33 Concert Choir-1, FHA-1,2,3,4, Chapter Officer-1,2,3,4, Area 9 Vice Pres. Recreation FHA, Honor Society-3, Student Council Rep.-4, OEA-4. Stephen Rasmussen National Honor Society-3,4, Society of Distinguished High School Stud.-4: Band- 1,2,3,4, All Region Band-1,3,4, Stage Band- l,2. Kelly Rayne Tennis Team-1,2,3,4, Team Capt.-4, National Honor Society-3,43 All District Tennis Team-3,4, Alternate to Regionals-3,4, Society of Distinguished High School Students-3,4, Pan Am Club-3,4, Vice Pres.-3, Pres.-4, FCA-2,3,4, Student Council-23.41 DAR Nominee-4. Christopher Redard ICT VICA, Band, VICA State Contest 1st Place Project-4, Stageband. LaWanna Reese FHA-1, HOPL-3, Volleyball-1, Basketball-1. Mike Reynolds Building Trades VICA Secretary-3,4. SE IOR ACCOMPLISHMEN TS Jerry Roberson FFA-3,43 French Club-1,23 Foot- ball-1,2g National Honor Society-3,43 Golf-1,25 Tennis-3. Michael Robertson Vo. Ag., Forestry Judging Team-1,2,3,4, lst in State-lg UIL One Act Play-1, 2,3. Robin Roberts Cheerleader-1, DECA-33 Rodeo Club-2,3,4, Reporter-3, Vice Pres.-4, Duchess-4. Susan Rodrigues Band-1,2,3,4, Twirler-3,45 Pan Am Club-1. Roy Rodriguez Track-1,2,3,4, Dist. Champ-3, Dist. Runner Up-4, Football-1,3,4, Baseball-4g Runner Up Most Athletic, Most Valuable Track Person-4. Scott Rowe Golf-1,2,3,4, Letter-2,3,4, Rodeo Club-3,4, Football-lg Mock Trial Alternate-4. Alison Rowley National Honor Society-3,43 Society of Distinguished American High School Students-3,45 Who's Who-45 Optimist Club Young Tex-Anne-4, Most Intellectual-43 Woodmen of the World American History Award-1, FCA-4. Charles Rusk Track-1,23 Football-1, Ag. Co-Op- 3,4. Kathy Russell DECA-3,4, Vice Pres.-4, Sweetheart-43 Rodeo Club Sec,-3,45 Student Council-1,2,3,4, Rep.-1, 3rd Party-2,3,4, Student Council Citizen of the Month, FHA-1,23 Pep Squad- 1g FBLA-1,2. Cliff Sandoz The Society of Distinguished American !High School Students, American History Award-23 'English Award-1, French Club-3,43 Most Intellectual Nominee-4. l Robert Sandoz FFA-1,2,3,4. Robert Scott ICT-3,43 Basketball-1,2. Clayton Shoemaker Football-1,2,3,4, Varsity-2,3, 4, All District Offensive Tackle-3,4, All District Def, Tackle-43 Key Club 1,2,3,4, Treas.-3, Vice Pres.- 4, Class Favorite-2, Mr. NHS-43 FCA-2,3,4, Pres.-4g Track-35 Honor Society-3,43 Science Award-1, Algebra Award-1. Karolyn Simmons Drill Team Capt.-4g Varsity Cheerleader-33 Freshman Cheerleader-1, Key Club Sweetheart-1,2,3,4g Chorale-2,3,4, Vice Pres.-3, Pres.-4, Who's Who in Music-3,4g Student Council- 1,2,3, Kelley Simms Band-1,23 FHA-1,23 VOE-1,2, OEAQ Algebra Award-2. Perri Ann Skipper Miss NHS-43 lst Runner Up Homecoming Queeng Football Sweetheart-4, Student Council-1,2,3,4, Corresp. Sec.-4, FCA Treas.-4, National Honor Society Vice Pres.-4, Drill Team-3,4, Vice Pres.-4, Class Sec.-1,2,3,4. Terry Smelley DECA-3,4g Vo. Ag.-I,2,3,4g lst in State Forestry-1, Football-1, Baseball-21 Chapter Farmer Farm Skills Team-2,43 Houston Dairy Judging Team-1. BeLynda Smith Tx. Association ot Student Councils Pres.-4, Outstanding Student Council Member-1,2, Hist.-3, Pres.-4, UIL One Act Play-1,2,3,4, Honor- able Mention-2,45 UIL All-Star Cast-3, Area All-Star Cast-4, School Musical "Annie Get Your Gun" Annie Oakley, "My Fair Lady" Eliza-43 Head Cheerleader- 1, Drill Team Superstar Girl-3, All Region Choir-1,3, 43 All Area Choir-3,4g Tx. Delegate to U,S, Senate Program Washington D.C. James Smith English and Science Award-lg Track- 1g Baseball-15 Basketball-Ig FBLA-3, NFL-3,4. Brian Snodgrass District and State VICA Contest 2nd Place Skill Speed, lst in Project in Deisel Mechanics. Teresa Sparks National Honor Societyg Athletics-1,23 Pep Squad-1,23 Flag Corps-3, Drill Team-43 Student Council-1,2,3,4g Reporter-33 Jr. Historians- 2,3,4g FHA-1,25 Homecoming Queen-4. Janie Stanaland National Honor Society-3,43 Flag Corps-2,4, Major-43 Choral-2,3,4, Vice Pres.-43 FTA-1,2,3,4, Vice Pres.-4, Student Council-1,2,3, Society of Distinguished American High School Stu- dents-3,4, Who's Who in Music. James Stansberry ICT VICA. Sherry Starr Student Council-1,2,3,4, Reporter-1, Treas.-4, Band-1,2,3,4g Flag Corp-2,3,4, Capt,- 3,41 NFL-1, 1st Runner Up Most School Spirit-4. Jason Steadham JV Baseball-2, Varsity Baseball- 3,4, Olaf Steinert Art Club Photographer-4, German Foreign Exchange Student-4. Joe Still Class Pres.-1,2,3,4, Key Club-1,2,3,4, Vice Pres.-3, Pres.-4, Society of Distinguished American High School Students-3,43 National Honor Society-3,4g Rotary Young Texan-4, Optimist Young Texan-41 Mr, NHS Nominee-4, Varsity Baseball. Dee Stripling FFA-1,2,3,4g Chapter Chaplain-3,45 Chapter Star Greenhand-1, Lone Star Farmer De- gree-3g Outstanding FFA Member-33 Farm Bureau Student Farmer Award-23 Nac. 4-H-1,2,3,4, Nacogdoches County 4-H Gold Star Award-2. Kurt Sutton Key Club-4g Young Texan of the Monthg Golf-lg JV Baseball-2,3g Varsity Baseball-4. Kevin Tarver NHS Art Club-2,3,4g Art Club Mem- ber of the Month-43 Art Club Reporter-43 English Award-Ig Art Club Head of Publicity Committee-4, Bobby Teal Basketball-1,2, FHA-1. Stephanie Teal National Honor Society-3,43 lst Run- ner Up Most Intellectual-4, OEA-3,43 FHA-12,33 National Merit Finalist-3, Junior Historians-2,43 U.S, History Award-2: Perfect Attendance Award-1. Bill Terry Varsity Golf-1,2,3,4g Key Club-1,2,3,4g National Honor Society-1,2,3,4. Danny Theriault ICT VICA Pres.-4, Reporter-3, Outstanding Student Award ICT-3. Donna Thompson Cheerleader-4, Cutest-45 HOSA Treas.-4, Volleyball-1,2,3g Basketball-1,33 Track- 1,2,4, FCA Boy's Duchess-4, FCA-4. Janet Tindall Cheerleader-1,2,3, Varsity-2,33 Student Council 1,2,3,4, Officer-33 Class Officer-1,2, 3,43 Class Favorite-1,2,3,4g FCA-2,3,4, Officer-3, 4, Duchess-43 Personality Plus-43 Society of Distinguished American High School Students. Stephen Tinsley Most Intellectual-45 Varsity Band- 1,2,3,4, All Region Band-3,4g Honor Society-3,43 Key Club-1,2,3,4, Mock Trial Team-43 History Team-3,45 Speech Award-2, Rick Toracinta Student Council 3rd Party-3g French Club-33 Jr. Historians-3,4, Reporter-45 DECA-45 Who's Who-4, Distinguished High School Students-4, America's Outstanding Names and Faces-4. Kathy Tutt Pep Squad-1,33 JV Basketball-33 Varsity Track-33 Manager of Varsity Volleyball-43 Varsity Basketball-4, FHA-1. Oneil Upshaw All Dist. Guard in Football-3,43 FCA-2,3,4g Track-1,2,3,4. Ricky Upshaw Student Council-1,2,3,4g Chorale-3, 43 Band-1,25 Varsity Football-3,43 Varsity Baseball- 3. Janet Walton Drill Team-3,4, Miss Drill Team-4, Student Council-2,3,4, 3rd Party Member of the Yr., Executive Board-43 FTA-1,2,3,4, Sec.-1, Treas.- 3, Pres.-4, Honor Society-3,45 Band-I,2, All Re- gion Band-Ig Society of Distinguished Amer. High School Students-3,45 Rotary Student-4. Rhonda Ward Algebra Award-2. Bradley Warren Drama-3,45 UIL One Act Play-3, 43 FFA-1,23 FFA State Judging Contest-1,23 Jr. Historians-3,4, Vice Pres.-43 History Team-4, Student Council 3rd Party-3,4. Wendi Watterston Drill Team-3,4, Mafor-4, Fresh- man and Head JV Cheerleaderg Thespians-1,2, Scribe-2, Freshman Class Treas.-Ig Student Council Rep.-1,23 3rd Party Member-3, National Honor Society-3,43 FHA-3. Renee Watts Joe Don Welsh Varsity Football-4, JV Football-33 Key Club-1,2,3,43 Basketball-Ig Football Freshman- lg Varsity Track-4, Stage Band-1,2, Debbie Wheeler FHA-2, Pep Squad-23 Cosmotology-2. Quincy Whitaker Football-1,2,3,4g Track-1,2,3,4g FCA-2,3,4g All District Honorable Mention-4. Ben Williams Football-3,4g Key Club-35 FCA-3. Greg Williams Key Club-1,2,3,4g Golf Team-1,2,3, 43 Distinguished American High School Students-1,2,3. 4. Kay Williams Volleyball-4, Basketball-23 Art Club-1, HECE Parl.-1, Band-2. Ricky Wingate Gary Wink Band-1,2,3,4, Stage Band-1,2,3. Melvin Wiidson Basketball 2 Yr. Letterman, Student Council-1,23 Football-1, Track-1, Citizen of the Month-1,23 Honor Roll. Troy Wooten Band-1,2,3,4, All Region Band-43 Area Band-4g Citizen of the Month. Denise Yarbrough Varsity Band-1, Pep Squad-2 Flag Corps-3,4, Capt.-4, 1st Runner Up Wittiest Girl. Marli-Beth Yates Cheerleader-1, Pep Squad-23 Drill Team-3. David Young NFL-43 Stage Band-1: Varsity Soc- cer-4, Key Club-43 FBLA-33 1st Place Novice Dee bate-4g Finalist Impromptu Speaking-4. Seniors-153 ii W 41 Mark Abbott Regina Agnew Kimberly Alexander Myra Allen Patricia Allen Saundra Allen Shelia Allen Pleshette Anders Diron Anderton Bruce Arrant 154-SENIORS T Richard Arriola Keith Ayres Yolanda Ballenger Kathy Ballow Kathy Bates Jim Bauer Eddie Bays Andrew Beamon Sharon Belanger Melanie Benton Mary Berry Dovie Biggerstaff Laurie Bizzell Julie Blosser Lynette Box Deanna Bradley Leland Bradshaw Miles Bradshaw Brian Brandon Darrel Brandon David Brandon Ann Braselton Augusta Brewer Carolyn Brown SENIORS-155 Trecina Bruton Pamela Bryan Harry Burlett Ann Bussa Patrick Buster Greg Byrd Daryl Caldwell Melissa Caldwell Annette Carter Johnnie Carter Natalie Cates Ronald Champagne Rhonda Chancey Tyrone Chatman Kathy Christian Natalie Clark Karen Clevenger Gary Coker 156-SENI ORS 'fl' XE ie 'WMD 0 David Collins Pearlia Compton Debra Cooper Monica Cortez John Cozart Cindy Cox Rick Cunyus Mark Currier Edwin Davis Frank Deacon Daron Deckard Jerry Deckard Stacy Deckard Zena Deckard Rose Dial Bill Dobbs Nancy Dollar Kyle Doss SENIORS-157 Greg Doucet Hubert Douglas Lyndon Dove Joe Driggers Gregg Driver Lenora Dubose Kevin Evens Connie Faires Latonna Fields Keith Finchum Pamela Fore Tyrone Forney 158-SENIORS i X Ii -1l"""""'w ni . . ll A i'i . , Q' wi Kim Fortson Nero Foster Marcia Foster James Frederick Denise Friou Neil Fuchs Patricia Fuller Mitch Garrett Keri Gilbert Robyn Gillespi Frank Gilliam Vernon Glisper Windford Gregory Sherry Gregston Larry Gresham " 15-wk SENIORS-159 I l i 1 N 1 N w 160-SENIORS Tommy Gresham Michael Griffin Margie Griffis Karen Goodwin Kenneth Hall Frankie Hamby Greg Hardy Kennedy Harrell Joe Tom Harris Keith Hart Rita Henderson Marvin Higginbotham Michael Hightower Timothy Hill Winston Hogue Elizabeth Holland Roger Holt Matt Honea Andraly Horn Declark Horn Patricia Huckaby Jon Humphreys Mike Jeffrey Becky Jeffus Angela Johnson Carma Johnson Cheryl Johnson Dianne Johnson Joyce Johnson Robbie Johnson SENIORS 161 Terry Jones Tina Jones Bryan Jongeward Melissa Jordan Carl Joyner Terry Kegler Dana Kimbrough Arminda Kinzer Carri Kirk Billy Kittrell Kathy Kyle Kelly Kyle Kirk Labouteaux Derek Lackey Lance Lambert Russ Langford Brad Lee David Leonard Nita Little Lisa Looney Kim Luna Troy Mach Frederick Martin Janet Martin Eric Matthews Everette Matthews Regina Matthews Reginald Matthews Brenda Maxie Lynn Maynard 162-SENI ORS Mike McClellan Karey McDonald Gina McLaughlin Jose Mendoza Cynthia Miller Don Miller Gary Miller Stephen Mitchell Jason Moore Karl Moore Mark Moore Michelle Moore Ken Morris Ed Morgan Mark Mueller Melinda Murphy Reba Murphy Shelia Murphy Sharon Musslewhite Tyvester Neal Ed Nichols Alex Norton Ricky Olsen Melanie Packard Kevin Page Mollie Partin Steve Patterson Roderick Patton Vickie Patton Donna Peterson SENIORS-163 if .is f"' s S R R 'fr -f Mary Phelan Eyvette Phillips Suannah Ramsey Stephen Ramussen Kelley Rayne S W 1, Chris Redard Robin Roberts Roy Rodriques Susan Rodriques ale Rogers Joyce Rogers Scott Rowe Allison Rowley Charles Rusk Kathy Russell 164-SENI ORS fm i Cliff Sandoz Rob Sandoz Bobby Scott Michael Sessions Clayton Shoemaker Karolyn Simmons Kelley Simms Teresa Simon Perri Ann Skipper Terry Smelley Anthony Smith Belynda Smith James Smith Sharon Smith Brian Snodgrass Teresa Sparks Janie Stanaland Sherry Starr Olaf Steinart Jason Steadham Tracy Stevenson Joe Still Dee Stripling Yulanda Taylor Bobby Teal Stephanie Teal Teresa Teal Freda Thomas Carlene Thompson Donna Thompson SENIURS-165 Janet Tindall Stephen Tinsley Rick Toracinta Charles Tutt Kathy Tutt O'Neil Upshaw Ricky Upshaw Janet Walton Rhonda Ward Bradley Warren Rodney Watson Wendy Watterston Renee Watts Lisa Wells Joe Don Welch 166-SENIORS X Debbie Wheeler Majorie Whitaker Quincy Whitaker Tammy Whitehead Brooskie Wilbourn Ben Williams Debra Williams Greg Williams Kay Williams Sherry Windon Ricky Wingate Gary Wink Melvin Woodson Troy Wooten Denise Yarbrough Marla Beth Yates SENIORS-167 The Junior class goes for the spirit stick one 168-IUNIOR Terrence Acrey Michael Adams Michael Adams Doug Anson Marion Arscott Martha Askins Alan Atchison Lori Austin Ricky Aviles Tiana Baggett John Baker Alberta Banks Vicki Barr Ron Bass Tony Bates Tracy Bauch Tim Bentley Dawne Berry Renee Berry Larissa Bilan Noel Black UIIIOI' 14 in ' 1 'ig 9 2 fv 1 f A , Q., K QF CM 1 ' 1 - t n o ,si Q T , , is 1 f Nm its A--s ,.,- v"""-A' H Y f X J I : gy A f I . , X ni. I .Ee ist . Si I 1:- , Q if it T ,S 5 V' s L Q fl' Q I X f X ' -' i Q , at ing . K Q . v YS-, " " K " 22: DC l fx , A A l T ...... Q n lf. 1- ' l 65 x B o i is X X ...., 2 so .. P. xl X 2 2 1 s, N A af S gi 8 N x 2, ,. ,. an to Sm s e : - Skit 51121 ixisffls' K Q le ' x -, .- W . M 5- A f as 2 if x if 1 z--1 . g - , g t we J X , , v 'N '- X A 'Q 69 Q "" j gulf, 1 5 ar .t jk A Q... D - ,, ' ' : i n X ,, iii ss i ,.' - Q .,, , -Z ,L to .X SUS .-1- if A f f .KN Mary Ann Blake David Botkin Jay Bourbon Mandy Bozeman Joey Brewer Jackie Briley Latonya Brown Teri Brown Lori Bryant Jennifer Burch Michael Burk David Busby John Bush Joe Buster Bobby Byars Sharon Cage Candi Cain Neal Cain Stephen Campbell Harold Carey Lawrence Carpenter Shea Cartwright Benton Chan Leslie Chancey Cynthia Chatman Eric Chatman Rodney Chatman Jay Choate Farron Christian Paul Christian Keith Christopher Jerry Collier Peggy Collins Kim Cooper Paula Copeland Octavio Cortes Amy Coughlin Greg Covington Brian Crawford Robert Crow Pam Culbreath Serinda Curl Tyrone Curl Brad Currier Jeanneatta Daniels Angela Davis Brian Davis lnez Davis Thomas Day Kim Dean Tracy Deckard Scott DiNucci Patrick Dixon Terry Dodd Denise Douglas Eric Douglas 170-IU IOR Keith Downs Vonda Drake Jennifer Driver Stephanie Driver Dina Duncan Kenneth Durrett Charles Emerson Paula Eaton Greg Falls Catherine Fencu Phyllis Fields Donna Fisher Robert Ford Stephen Ford Darryl Forney Missy Foster Rhonda Franks John Fuller Anthony Garrett Michelle Gaut Todd Gibbs Lewis Gmes Derrick Goerner John Goodman Tisha Goodman Johanna Graves Greg Gray Cheryl Gryder Brian Guest Lisa Hamilton Amy Harkrlder Curtis Harris Robert Harris Rusty Harris Lucy Hayes Anthony Hearn John Heath Lynn Henderson Daryl Herod Robert Hewitt Janelle Hightower Phyllis Hull Chanda Holcomb Sharon Holman Doug Homman Mona Hopkins Karen Horton Rochelle Howard Tangela Howard Bxlly Huddleston Lance Hughs Steve Humphries Tammy Humphries Darryl Hunt Carlos Johnson Cindi Johnson UIIIOI' l t v 5? 5 M, R yi' 14, was 'Zi r if , 'lf ' 1 - M, 1 f 'W 1 it 3 if A W . me 1.r Je L. -h xr, xg E E Q ' mi fi '6 'A J' 4' '.,.,., af ,, , , f F ' L 4 Z 3 Q l ll ' "' 'pix '6?W4QfVo11W,.l, , , li V W ,,V, W ,, jikyft r'. 1 , , W we fi ni .f-fini f if A f A is ' if if f r f 3 .ff 45 I f y WY ,, 6 :" 'Wa LQ' 11 Zrgkir 4, y I ' wa 2315? 29213 an to ,,, '- us s. X if X X X R , a X 'G X X , ,Ai1. i X N. QF' + BUSINESSES so .ei .emm- x 5? , - GOVERNM ' . 2 .f-fx 5 A ., . is... . W, xv . S5 L is :fl EN -- f M 1 1 so L .i ef , 'kos' ...N i of Q X l A lair X .' ' K :-. 1 we R 4 S has ,- M Q Q. sis' AOA. if ,zzx 'L , 4 if -R, il il!! L. a X " vs S K M. is fig al X E ,c.,i.K Q E X 'Q X K ...q, . 'ii 2 -."' ' 1' 5 ' David Johnson David Johnson Libby Johnson Judy Johnson Teresa Johnson Bobby Jolly Arthur Jones Bryan Jones Bill Jones Darbi Kellerhals Mary Kennemer Melinda Kenner Paul Klawinski Eddie Klein Mike Krolski Shirley Kwiatkowski Angie LaBar Sheryl LaBoyteaux Susan Lackey Anita Landrum Curtis Lane Michelle LeMieux Jackie Lewis Tracy Lewis Helen Lo Louann Lofton Banita Long Norvis Long Matt Luna Mike Lunsford Mark Lymbery Byron Madkins Angela Mallory Michelle Malott Kristi Maner Carol Martin Marty Matchett Adolphus Mayfield Mike Mayes Ronnie McCarty UNIOR -171 Sabra McCarty Dottie McClain Kevin McClain Chris McDonald Shawn McGhiey Gary McGuire UIIIOI' W 5 6 - N -nw W by we 5 i WW Destiny McMahon H :fr Brad McWhorter L at Anita Mendoza l , ML X X David Miller Sharon Miller Cedric Mills Janice Mitchell Tyrone Mitchell Randy Molandes Brian Moore Wesley Moore Tim Mosely Stella Mothershed Audrie Murphy Brad Nabours Bridget Nelson Jack Nelson Catherine Norris Bobby Oberlechner 172-IUNIOR Margaret Oliver Janice Page Chris Parton Paul Patton Curley Pannywell Rhonda Pierce Duwayne Pittman Mike Pitts Todd Presswood Rhonda Prichard Jimmt Quinn Brett Rains Leigh Rayne Tina Reedy Brady Rice Roslyn Roberts Emily Rodewalcl Suzanne Rogers Robert Romero Q X 1 s g f . ' -f - -JE: A.. . 5 , 'iss fag. l 5 I 1, Au Q is - r as V 1 ' ,Q 1 YL ' K' if 'N ' K' me ' X -S If 'EL' . ig-si .5 .Q we EVE .Qi- 'iln' P riffs? fR"3' f i?f . t L mx We 3 iw? Q rf X 1 . life' ziiirliiixsk f 1 X so 2 'Q , C f :ax 'sl . f l we ,Su 'iv fs- Af . .sh 'R an we db' at X, , ., X I X if an 9 i S x. ., gf T J , 'Sk sl 4 t' Fix .L ,gxyrpy ,, if 31' t Nt ' X Q? i .. K as s all . at , N - W K' S Q I , f t F ,, V. ,--of y e .: ' ' 1 S V - -fs.. gaps , .. X s if ft X t ' xi i. xxx rf A 5 ,fiat ii Ni ,A I S are 0 VW! v 'M - WW! ubb E Ii' K 5' 1 .f f it it X. . 2 f l tx - 3. ,I at fi 1 ,I , 0 Darrell Ross Mary Sanford Rhonda Scarbrough Beth Schultz Mitchell Scott Ronald Scott Melanie Sessions Terry Shaffer Teresa Schoenrock Fred Shepard Karen Shepard Hattie Sherrill Jane Ann Shinn Diane Simms Jennifer Simpson Rhonda Sims Angela Sirls Mark Sowell Melissa Sowell William Sowell Todd Spradley Bobby Stanaland Tammy Stanaland Sanford Stein Stanley Sterns Teresa Sterns Cassandra Stewart Daniel Stewart Laurie Stone Tina Taylor Monique Teutsch Temple Thomas Jackie Thompson Dena Turner Craig Tutt Robert Urbanick Roxanne Walker Dennis Walton Angie Ward Lester Watts Renee Watts Wesley Watts Valerie Webster Howard West Latham Wheeler Charles Whitaker Willie Whitaker Yolanda Whitaker James Wiley Joe Williams Lee Williams Lisa Williams Eric Wilson Kevin Wilson David Womack Rodney Worthan UNIOR -173 'unior JyW Jh w d T w La P Q. - 1 i x Y ge 3? J f Y g W A y Y gm d 1 "' W Falres J yy Jeffrey I , Ri i li .. an 'K XX Q 3 u V Vyvgg V.-. V M I 'P " v " , J f! 4 - 1 ' a " .1 A 7 1 LX if s . " Jmf 4 ,L i ,, ,,, w ,fl 174-IUNI ORS - e- ,X wx 1UN1oRs-175 Sophomores clown around during class Karen Abbott Daryl Abercrombie Sheri Adams Lonelda Alexander Lisa Anderson Pat Anderson Lesa Ayres Tracy Baggett Michael Bailey Chansonne Banks Bobbie Barkley Bill Ballow Melanie Barnett Beth Bartell Pat Bartell Maelyn Bass Melanie Baxter L W Beck Melynda Beene Melissa Bell Geralyn Bendzen 176- OPHOMORES Q -A-N it ,: s it ,.. an Q C ..,5: 3 . X 2 :sat QQ-Q 3.4 N Ni. ffiim 5 :Lil ,iv . N D B A " N . ei as r if 1 'S ur 'M ' D f Q, K' E i . T f 8 T' M . Xl ill' 1' Ve . E H sfMS . jf v'l,, V s 5 'Ss ?r 'JV Srlgi il' X' X l ? X - if X " "4" , H' Q S gm fix M X Q "" S I Q ng! I a s . Q D l K ev " . l ""' K Q ll' . gi g , xr ,X w ' - s . 'E ::' l l ? :ly P an .. C: ! KY 6 new nh I '- ' X 5 'Ms we i K 12. .t S W K K s ' r ,v as 1 s ssi i .im e XR Kwik R T KE FK Y , Q Q, 'Q -v 1 - , 2 . ' Q' .. , aya 'xik s'jk f N , 5, E ggc LL , of ' x Q, y Y ...- Q mmz. 5 ,AX T. . aw fhic X S '.3 x i h L I l Us - N- ,F ti 9 Q N A T. .--Q J 'k" 5 :.. 'Q , J A T, -- T N 5 K.: i . fi' T , I. , C sssse , ff i N Efffaaw Q Eddie Berry l.aSandra Berry Phylis Black Laurie Boozer Eric Bradford Brian Bradley Kevin Bradshaw Amber Brannen Royce Braselton Ella Brewer Lee Brewer Kitti Briggs Dan Broadway Karson Brown Sandra Bryan Steve Bryant Pam Burch Melinda Burgess Connie Burnell Trevor Byers Terry Cade Les Cahal John Calahan Tangela Caldwell Letrecia Campbell Mary Jane Cannon Brent Cariker Betty Carter Chris Carter Margretta Carter Charlotte Christian Alfred Christopher Joe Cisneroz Stephanie Clamp Teresa Clemon Bryan Cleveland Ronald Coleman Thomas Cooper Marcus Cox Sandra Crane Pam Crawford Cheryl Crews Stuart Cunningham Michael Cunyas Linda Curl Cameron Daniels Stacy Davenport Jimmy Davis Ted Davis Thad Davis Wilbert Dean Alfred Decker Danny Dempsey Mary Derfus Jeff Dickerson Wayne Dillon OPHOMORES-177 Sharon Douglas Leslie Driver Larry Duke Jennifer Dunn Kim Dunn Sandra Duran Susan Durr Danna Evans Jeff Everts Bubba Faires Julie Fare Vicki Farmer James Fennell Mary Fish Alan Fitch Stephany Flanagan John Fleming Sonja Fletcher Cynthia Forney Claire Franke Ethelton Franklin Joe Frederick Caroline Fuller Annette Garner Lisa Gilbreath Stgrid Gobel Shana Gray Connie Green David Green Mark Green Audrey Gregory Jeri Griffin Carrie Griffith Adanre Hallman Lee Hamilton Shelia Hamilton Greg Hams Tom Harvm Jerry Hebert Margaret Heeney Lisa Heino Tommy Heldenbrand Heather Hensarling Stacy Herd Algretta Hewitt Stacey Hill Susan Hines Greg Hinkley David Hobbs Julie Hoge Lynn Holman David Holt Jimmy Hoover Tim Horn Tammy Houghton Heather Howard 178- OPHOM ORE ophomore B if its . . S W W A W is S l L ' Q Q.. t 'R if W Ti . Ge, fri' 3 xl L ' Q, 'Fx ll :' Q- L' v QW , fr 2 wie f S S is ' R J ,Q - S sss S ik sw Vi Q 0 Y wr Q .. , Q .r 'X 35,1 ,fy .., 1231- ' W --Q as t,t..,, X N I X . r 3 -S' al Yr at Q -- M . r- sr V s t Kx .. qs s 2 G vt X wg, l Q .3 . , f t 61 as mwfiiisiii I..- Q is S' ' -i QN L A X, ,. vt Y , S X i X ' Qu. Tr. 55'-,, if X 1' 'ASR' it t.s . . Qt., SX ' intl?-55 S if s r ' 5 ,Sie .t ll 9 X . 4 F lx f p '- X Stephame Humphnes Mark Hunt Gay Lynn Hurst Dwayne Husband Chad lrvme Jayton Jenkms Kam Jenkins -M W u K K ,G I ":, W4 " ,Qf :4 5 A A - I ' f-jx Ir ,, 8, -Annan -HX , 3 , A V! 4 X' 3, -Mx l' X X ls? Q .5 fr' W V251 1lf.f22ilallll2l 1 M or 4 , Q .. ? 5 All I XL WM, ,.: rm' 1 tg'-'li ' ..f,fu, of ' ' Q' ' .. , mv' W--.M K .Kill ' Z1 V ,, ln X , J ,lg .1 .te if , K 1 J ' L all 341:42 fgll".,, 2753 ,f gwwflv' X f f z , .l f .',LiZE1Z11Z1 .ll in if , ' VF' G? 2 ' A cs K Vggk K lk if Z L A nn n L l nj I ff V, lg: , 46. as ,, J 'A Q- X 4 1' , ""' ' A '.v,,, L ,,, f"'-Q..- N' Q. -, e wx X R Lara Johnson Randall Johnson Ronme Johnson Theresa Johnson Patrrcra Johnston Matt Jones Pam Jones Allen Karser Teresa Kelley Demse Kidd Susan Kung Trey Kung Mrl-ce Krttelson Momque Lampkln Shurley Lampl-cm Ken Langford Robyn Langford Sonya Lathon Jrmmy Lawrence David Lawson Stephame Layton Gary Lee Jams Lenhart Frederrck Leonard Paige Lester Lynn Lewis Jason Lrles Brad Luvnngston Holly Logan Kathy Long George Long Chrissy Love Carolyn Loveland SUPHOMORES-179 Ricky Lovett Elizabeth Lowe Sarah Lower Barry Lucas Brent Lucas Missy Luman Mike Manning Cornelius Martin Rhonda Martin Stacy Matlock Anthony Mayfield Maureen McCallum Mike McDaniel Veta McDaniel Katanya McDonald Tracie McElwee Sarah McLemore Brent McMillan Vanessa Mekeel Celia Mendoza Joyce Miller Kenneth Miller Penny Mitchell Vickta Mitchell James Molsbee Bev Moore Bridgette Moore John Moore Levance Moore Stephany Moore Teresia Moore Mike Morgan Lisa Morris Mark Morris Mona Morris Michael Morrison Cliff Motherall Susanna Murdock Dale Murphphy Anestra Myles John Nash Keith Nelson Kim Nelson Andrea Oates 1 0- OPHOM ORE ophomore ' ' J N, .1 .fl ' 4 I rg we V JN f !'nl"- fg W " e Vg ff W A ,I Q QQ .4 . , R. lofi .- f f f kt 1 .. ,144 , .4 ' 1 1' 1 la Q Q 4 , 1 ., , K, ii. 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Vyyyy V A t R r,-f.f'f-'y,.,.4f-"Q"!'a"-'P"'i f in W 7' sri 97 X Q ff gw, L fi U ik rm Kara Oberlechner Charles Oliver Kay Olsen Shannon Owen Tom Packard Mack Page Jennifer Pardin Chanda Patton Tammy Patton Michelle Peavy Rosemary Pierce Kenneth Pittman Jack Pitts Freddy Pleasant Rilea Pool Shirley Potter Jenny Powers Stacey Prince Bruce Quarles Kevm Ragland Julie Raney Troy Reed Sallie Reese Karen Reeves Tim Reid Gary Rhame Leander Rhodes Anne Richman Felicia Roberts Robert Rogers Troy Rowley Brenda Rude Lendy Sanders Kathy Saxton Sandra Scroggins Shelly Self Gregorie Sessions Mike Shedenhelm David Shepard Paul Shrvers David Shoemaker Mark Shows Selesia Simon Greg Simms Ernest Simpson Bert Smxth Jennifer Smith Kenneth Smith Stacey Smith Tiffany Smith Rodney Socma Eric Sorenson Mac Spencer Todd Springs Jeana Stanaland Sonja Starr OPHOM ORE -1 1 Marrlyn Stems Lance Sturrnck Cher: Tallent Ricky Tarver Charlre Taylor Pamela Taylor Steve Taylor Donald Teal Eddre Terrrll Beth Terry Joe Thompson Janice Thorn Vanessa Thorn Heather Thornton Tam: Trdwell Todd Tmclall Tracy Tirrdall Cheryl Toracinta Dredre Treaclwell Harry Tyson Kathryn Vorgtel Teresa Wade Tum Wages Allcua Wagonner Andy Walker Faye Walker Andre Warren Scott Watkms ophomore af. H ms: K .ar H Tr J YN NX XS. Q ll FS' .ax-,X QQ -,.w,,,, . ,ny-N. 5 Y T. .,a-v""' 'X iw sr As- K ,sf as 4' K Q A ,auth ' S an X 'R I. is . ' . isis' Rx N 35:1 3 in - A . '5 r .X f ? qi: I K ':.:, 1. u,. sgk rgebi al is .. J N K , ' sg, 2 X X . , t,lAAS . , X S , 1 Ywfflssx-I l i, .1 !!i'lili!?3l1'rQ as faux - 1 3- . N T fig gif is i . y :Q 1 rr' Y 182-SOPHOM ORE 4 . auf' im, at , tv. 1 f s af! 55516 V? ffl? ,xggf A .. . ' ml s' .. is Z o 'wa' z .I t f 1 arm AQ Z W it Ye f iii 41 S 9-., Shari Watterston Freddy Watts Patrick Watts Damn Webb Martin Wheeler Darryl Whitaker Kerry Whitaker Tracy Whitaker Clifton White Marcus White Angela Williams Jerry Williams Jill Williams Ty Willis Chuck Winfree Diana Woodson Sonya Woodson Billy Jack Worsham Randy Wrench Bob Wright Robert Young Joyce Adams Kathy Brooks James Cain Carmen Clemons Ridgelay Clemons Reed Dees Derron Anderson Bridget Pruitt lissrtra Wllm A iz: i Q M1 OPHOMORE -1 3 Freshman learn school spirit during pep rallies! Sarah Abbott David Abercrombxe Dean Ady Michael Agnew David Alexander Kelly Amidon John Anders Marcme Anderson Tonya Arnold Jeff Arnola Shane Barley James Ballow Frank Baxter Susannah Bean Wayne Bean Eddie Beasley Tony Beck Klm Benckenstexn Andrew Bentley Shelley Benzel Nma Berry 1 4-FRESHME reshme 1 1. X V il 'V V, , U5 V V. ,i 4 V f 4245 : , as 2 L ' W , . N4 X, J W 'sl 5, ,QNQQ ', fl Q 3 F' ' in , , 1? 9 , Q at 4.82, 5 X I. A s W 1 l frr gl, 1 r 'll' M r- 2: V ,Z I . V , , ff, wk Wi fi ", 2 Zl, Q ' J J f i ,,V V 1 V ' X 'W 'R fl . ,,, 427 ,Q i f M? ' f -- i Q a 'f Y X Y Q. W is X X Xue . is sg S if it if i X C li X X he A Q iff ul' ""' me , if J, ag 4 A rst he m--' A Q" ..-. . s ,JW 'V' lp a,,...-'- 35 'I' Z . .if . i K .-... I 5' ... sg S X Q Q X is 5 5 i ss g Q Y l X xi - ' z tl . rf' "1 ,524 ' Jfilizff .flflfiiiis .:f"'i K ..i,, .3 3.5 . , s , EJ A . is J 'N nv Q 'bag '5 T? "' -iie. '? 'bs C ,A S e.. :V NK ' - i 2 Q "iii f X' if fs F i .... 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X , .. 1 riff Shanta Berry Casey Blankenship Jon Blankenship Michelle Bobo Jeff Braswell Jill Brewer Gregg Briley Sherry Broaddus Tammie Broadway Heidi Brophy Holly Brophy Kyle Brown Pam Brown Tonue Brown Barham Burk Missy Burrows Marty Burt Chuck Bussey Heath Butler Sharmion Byrum Mike Carroll Julie Cassity Amy Castleberry James Cates Chris Chandler Andrew Chester Rena Christian Sabra Christian Kevin Christopher Kendall Chumley Billy Church Felicia Church Jesse Cisneroz Michele Clifton George Cooper Mary Ann Cooper Pamela Cooper Stacy Cooper Horacio Cortes Sharon Cognew Shawn Coughlin Lynn Covington Jim Crawford Stephen Currier Jim Daily Lisa Daniel Deana Davis Thyerone Davis Michelle Deaton Misty Debenport Barry Deckard Byron Deckard Jennifer Dement John DeVall Mark Devine Leroy Diamond FRESHME -185 Rodney Diseker Jonathan Dolphus LaJuan Douglass Nadine Duncan Jimmy Durrett Butch Dye Billy Elliott Jennifer Epps Jeffery Evans Joey Evans Eddie Faires Randy Faires Renea Faulkner Walker Fenci Nikki Ferguson Marcus Fields Mike Fincher Tom Fincher Todd Fisher Regina Flanagan Rhonda Fletcher Cassandra Franklin Brad Frmk Norris Forney Rebakah Fortson Belle Fuller Jeff Fuller Sharon Garrett Tammy Garrett Sonya Garrette Amy Gaylord Michael Gentry Ziron Giles Randa Gillespie Carla Goforth Chad Goodman Jlrn Goodman Marty Goodwin Ellen Graves Carrie Green Daryl Green Shelia Greer Kevin Gregory Wayland Griffin Caroline Haas Patrick Hall Kelley Hamby Edna Hamilton Otis Hamilton Bethan Hand Dena Haney Sherry Hardy Todd Hargis Casey Harlowe Melissa Harrell Terry Hayter 1 6-FRE HME N a reshme . w V F 4 'KU iv if if Q Q at if ,584 41" mi Q- Q. an sus I 1... V va as 4.'1 A 31 E F ectt un. .,.. 1 ' 22:0-we x-Q 'af va fx - . f .1 x 1' 5' x i 4 s i n W el lt X F Q QQ- if ' -"Ir t X vel i'L+51'f -':.-c:':'-f- F -"'-12 SL fs 5 i c. , '31 .c it or 1 , we - , Po 0 3 .. :P:, ii 4, 'W' F .: L .5 .G LU B.J Homman Chad Holt Brandon Hollowell Sarah Jane Holland Jeff Holder Melevlyn Hogg Errc Hobbs Albert Hernandez Angle Hensley Lowana Herderson Teresa Hebert Bobby Horton Shari House Aundre Howard Dody Howard Robert Howard John Hughes Annette Hunt Davrd Hunter Derek Hutchrnson Krrsten Hutto Dems Hyams Kevrn lnnerarrty Edward ltes Arif Jafler Barry Jelcoat Felrcra Jrmerson Charlene Johnson Jay Johnson Knsta Johnson Sally Johnson Kathy Johnston Charles Jolly Phrllrp Jones Mrke Kennemer Michelle Kinder Glynda Kittrell Jay Knott Gary LaBar Megan Lackey FRE HME -187 Michelle Lampkin Kelly Lancaster Sheila Lane Travis Lane Greg Langford Melanie Langford Greg Langley Terry Layton David LeMieux Torrance Leonard Vergle Lewis Robert Little Jocelyn Long Kendall Long Lasa Looney Ronnie Lovett Mark Mallot Tim Martin Rob Matchett Coretta Matthews Sonya Matthews Mandy Mayes Santha Mayfield Gary McCarty Jennifer McClain Sharonda McCraw Mike McCurry Chuck McDaniel Doug McElroy Sandy McGrath Dexter McMiller Kimberly McMullen Roger McMullen Richard Merriman Thomas Miles George Millard Richard Miller Shazzan Mims Terron Mitchell Ranee Mobbs Bill Mocniak Melissa Molinary Gina Montamat Bob Mooman 88-FRE HME reshme ' if ,,,,.- 7 A 46 -3 e i fe ima. ffkfi 4 if , frm '- W T lrri 'S Q w-2 l Q." q, 4, '31 1 l .4 4 ' A J. 1-:vim 7, , K I wgwrm 4, .21 I ff X H ' fs: M I wywgisf' 'f 1 if 5 , me If - 1 1 W A A 4 , , 2 ' f ft. l Q' . f t , uri I 17" ff 3 if ' V ffm J M W3 ii .-2 E! 5 f ff , Wy Mr T , ,,,1.. ,,,,,,V.,,, , if 1 whiff ia ? ef ua 1' Q .. , , Jw V llrl , V. . 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' 1, JN M, lx ei. , W if 5 If ls 'Z 'Y N 5 l V, ft Pernell Moore Paul Morley Tony Murphy Melva Newman Mark Nichols Wes Nichols Sherree Nobles Kristen Oates Kelly O'Connell Stephanie Packard Preston Partin Mark Patton Sarah Patton Donna Peeples Laxra Phelan Paula Pittman Darren Porter Tondre Porter Danny Poskey James Potter Daphene Powers Angie Prince Kelly Prince Damitas Price John Provan Elliot Pruitt Jelt Quinn Terry Quinn David Raburn Trey Ramsey Christy Reed Jerome Reedy Otis Reeves Bradley Reynolds Margaret Rhodes Melanie Rhodes Stacy Robbins Certram Roberts Earl Robertson Sherri Robertson Tim Robinson Michael Rodriguez Robbie Rosenberger Wilford Ross Kelly Rude Melissa Runnells Jerry Sanlord Falisa Sanders Missy Sanders Billy Scarbrough Cathy Self Timothy Self Holly Sellers Ed Shaffer Kelly Shine Vickie Shears FRESHME -1 9 Lori Sheclenhelm Rodney Shepherd Rhonda Simmons Floyd Simpson Calvin Sims Carol Sirls Clint Smith Mark Smith Missy Smith Shannon Smith Sharon Smith Ricky Sockwell Laura Sowell Jerome Sparks Renate Sprayberry Adrian Spurlm Quevado Stein Brian Steinsiek Bridget! Stems Darla Stripling Mark Tatum Darius Taylor Latonia Taylor Marcy Theriault Calvin Thomas Laura Thomas Rod Thompson Sabrina Thompson Michael Thorn Chris Tiller Richard Tinsley Bob Toney Michelle Thruston Amy Tucker Rodney Tutt Kenny Tyson Kelvin Upshaw John Vandover Manuel Villegas Remonia Wade Sharon Wade Angela Walker Melanie Wall Scott Wallace Stephen Wallace Tammy Ward Stan Warren Kenneth Washburn Warren Washington Deanna Watson Gail W. Watts Rostian Watts Eric Weaver Tammy West Lori Weems Ethan White 190-FRE HME reshme f , W , , 4 - V' T ' , 4 V W 4 .-, aa , A, J ,E . T 0 E 5 , ' 'rv f f Alu , ' A . n 'ff' ,iw , 'N , ' xl. 5 'C V A W' 'fl ' ,-', x ws. , . X II 7 - gr. ' Q, A a G A 1 , , , ' f 'ff ,, -, ' Q , .nm . - 'Hr'-1, fffigi' ,541 W , ' I ll zzzwp. ,fff -f',,.,! I f "W" 1-is I 4:95553 .4514 at 2 ' " 1 f 1, E l lla l f 1 Z' 'gilt 9 A- we S I 9 ala fl .,i' ,qw W , . ,milf L W-s 'Q'l,.la.f- I , zafwsir 1 f To 3 owe. -. ':i1f..f. W . dw, 5 J 'Q ':gi,,14if ' i is .um Laurxe White Robert White Sherry Wxlburn Angela Wnlcox Beverly Wllliams Nxta Wxllxams Kxm Witchett Kenny Wmen Gma Wood Michael Wood Dorothy Woodson Patrlck Woodson Ramona Wynn Grace Yandell 1 g ,N x J Q iii R X 'ir on ai Q 5 fr ' as 'Q Y' 1 "' Q Q N S QR SX 3 ,nf ' S K "' ' w ' X :Si Y U i Wx xg ggx N , My 5 NN I K K kk QA r ,, rv ,. R vs 21 X .ag - 1 I 1 Q-Vg'-1 f A Q i .f 1, f ' l 1 X UH --'qi wwf Shawn Young , mu ary, fi w new , Aw ff! 11,4 fgwfigbuifeiz FRESHME -191 Ummm 'mm mfg W' E- XXL . JL 134' V1 X 945 192-DI VISION AdV2l'tlSlIlQ o o Produced by Book N Staff DIVISION-193 r - 1 .r"N 'f 5 t I niversityjvy thletics f 235 East College l713l-564-9812 Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Louis E. Miori -owner NIKE-Adidas-Wilson - Head Danskin- Op Headquarters U65 :Square Bfouom Congratulations, Kathy Gifts - Jewelry - Antiques Downtown Colony Mall Across from the library 560-1788 in ll ll 'llll 1507 North St. 194-ADVER TI SEM EN TS L CUMM Nlffvwliliilf Congratulations Seniors! Commercial National Bank 215 East Main 569 8251 AD VER TI SEM EN TS-1 95 Quality You Deserve at a Price You Can Afford r 4 d JEWELERS - CATALOG SHOWROOM 1112 South Street NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 75961 Apple Blossom Lunchroom 8: Antiques lBehind Schmidt'sl 9-3 Mon.-Sat. 560-4145 Just Good Homemade Food! fLunches, Salad Plates, Sandwiches, 8: Homemade Piesl PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ELLIOTT-BELL, INC. P O DRAWER 1312 309 BREMOND ST NACOGDOC ES TE S 596 TEL 564- 96 Trust Your Car to the Man Who Wears the Star 11:-1 ll., W 'NS X 'LE f Congratulations Indian Il on - Carma Joh s River fffjjlf' International Church's Fried Chicken Open till 7 p'm' 225 South Nacogdoches, Tx. 560-2036 196-AD VER TI SEM EN TS THE Q HERALD , PUBLISHING CO. INC. 4920 Colonial Dr' P. 0, Drawer 68 Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 suascmprlons - 564-8361 - ADVERTISING Em ggmitimrell Afternoons Monday Through Saturday The Sunday Sentinel Sunday Mornings THE GARRISON NEWS Every Wednesday In Garrison ADVER TISEMENTS-197 . 'ill Armstrong Hates! Name In Un-Nuts IEIIIII Blue Bell 1 dm' Ice Cream r Nacogdoches FAULK,2'f5Uid2S9if.,,EfE CO' and NACOGEQSIIEEJSQQEXSQ-S 3,560 39 Lufk' - In -I --1 ...- The Townhouse 900 North St 198 -AD VER TI SEM EN TS CD O99 0 rx 544 Nacogdoches MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Serving You In Times of Need Doctor in Emergency Room 24 hrs. daily T lephone 564-4611 A b l ce Telephone 5641173 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS yy 54 ,O I ADVERTISEMENTS-199 I I I X . MISTY MAGIC because von rw wf'f' Ihr' dlffvfvnf fi I I DONNA I n THUMPSON +V x ' 564-2639 f2l'f-ffgiff-.f'fQ. , I . SECURITY I NATIONAL I BANK I I HAS COME AND SEE Tr' I IfI I WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU l300 UNIVERSITY DR. 560-BANK MEMBER FDIC 200-AD VER TI SEM EN TS ' ZZ? ,A rf Effpf ' ,,- ., iii Q K 9 . . -ff. ff W Vx, ff ff df Jw 1' ,mm f W, ,fw , J, ,, , 3 ,Q Z., ,,.f,,f1 EQ ,f ' " ' ,Jin fa 'Q "ff CONGRATULATIONS DOVlE" BRIGHT COOP COMPAN I 803 WEST SEALE 564-8378 AD VER TI SEM EN TS-201 Lowell's- Paint And Body Shop 7515 North Street -564-O439- Lowell Clamp - Owner W if Tgaiw f at ,l,,e., rf,-52921 t ' - "3 if No Job Too Large or Too Small E t' tes Compliments Of. . . 'nsurance 8 Ima , , -24 hr. Wrecker Service- Schmldt s Nifes car Larry Clamp 564-3397 PO. Box 1212 Of Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Steve Roberts 546-5151 Compliments Of. . Q Q A New Direction 838 University Drive 564-2930 I ' Large Selection of Bibles ' Christian Books ' Large Selection Of Christian Greeting Cards ' Many Unique gl Beautiful Gifts From Which To Select 0 Convenient Front Of Store Parking ' Free Gift Wrap 202-AD VER TI SEM EN TS ii Ann Braselton Dovie Biggerstaff Carma Johnson Janet Martin Mark Mueller Jerry Collier Elaine Sellers, Sponsor Ann Bussa Compliments Of Duke and Margaret Braselton AD VER TI SEM EN TS-203 i Compliments of I Pool's Discount Pharmacy I 4928 North Street Nacogdoches, Texas 564-278 1 Neeogdoches Medica! Center Hospfzaf A Heaffh Care Cefvler Sports 0mrl'fit-ters Your Complete Sporting G Store' 4930 North Street Nacogdoches, Texas 564-1897 ood Congratulations Seniors Of '83 McGraw-Edison Nacogdoches Medical Center: Caring for You 204-AD VER TI SEM EN TS i l il I . M - 'w ui ii 1, T . Q., 1. f K" YQ, V wwf ' r if T 1 " ' "'?f1?l'v,4n rl YD-,I I-'Af tl 1 ' " .." 14, , w, " "' 1?'- I, 1 Y 4'5" I 1 R 1 X . 'AA Km 1 2 T 1-W H U' -- -rf' , ,f - 2 L 1 .,.-g- -. -... -'-sr FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH j 411 North Street-P.O. Box 953 Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Church Office: 564-7379 Christian Life Center: 564-1131 Dr. Allen Reedg Pastor Sunday School-9345 Jeff Blevinsg Minister of Music Morning Worship-11500 Jim McDonaldg Minister of Church Training-5500 EducationfAdministration Youth Choir-6300 Mark Priceg Minister of University Students EVemn9 Worship-7300 Mid-Week Services-6:45 Let First Baptist Help You Make Jesus Christ First In Your Life AD VER TI SEM EN TS-205 Nacogcloches First Church I Flemons of the Nazarene Custom I-lay Bailing I And Equipment Rentals Rt. 10 Box 6040 Nacogcloches 564-2747 or 564-5944 Owner James Flemons C. V. Spaulding, Jr. pastor Kevin Folsom, minister of youth and music Ms. Kasual Korner 'iFollow 211 SE "For Todays Women" the Son" Stallings Dr. 564-7132 C.V. Spaulding and First Church want you to know we believe in our high school students, and we invite you to come to First Church with us. 205 Wettermark 564-7335 2 06-ADVER T I SEM EN TS kg waz X X '?'fzff.NMHx ' x S mfg 'I I I STATE BANK X NACOGDOC E' A Part 0f Your Life. . .And Then Some" Member F.D.I.C. 564-6191 ADVER T I SEMEN TS-207 F1 RST FIEDIEIEMQX Savings 8c Loan Association of Nacogdoches 41' , ifiii - 4' 5 P.O. Box 1607 ' 320 North St. " Nacoqdoches, Texas 75961 'LEE uuivdviifio aoomqhe--anus nu- agua 500041. dont 41005 'IHC' PO. Draw 1421 Ph.: 17131564-8336 N gd CheS,T 75961 Texas Furniture Co. Owners Al and Amy Lee 104 S. Pecan 569-9265 208 -AD VER TI SEM EN TS lidmqg For k ccess 300 E. Main Navogdochvs, Texas 564-4624 Mvlllbvl' F-D-I-C GOUND CHEVROLET co. may c'QaIl'Z'ZlQ'S'l'.3EfId "'H'ZST1S" Congratulations Seniors CASON, MONK 8 CO. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Congratulations Ann MCKINNEY . DRILLING COMPANY P. O. BOX 8 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 75961 One More Year Roslyn 21 0-ADVER T I SEM EN TS w as stones BILL MCCURRY V,,,,'gf:j I, STORE MANAGER gm i' P 112 N s 564 7327 N T BURNS HARDWABE ,D 713 f seo-1464 MR 8. MRS LONNIEJ BURN E' -2? I I X 323 N. UNIVERSITY DRIVE KIIWI MR FRIENDIV I I full' SA NACOGDOCHES TExAs7596 PIPE U PIPE FITTINGS PLUMBING SUPPLIES PAINT 0 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES TOOLS MOBILE HOME 81 RV. SUPPLIES Congratulations and Best Wishes John S. Wyatt 204 East Pillar For Your Future Phone: 564-2437 X U Chi Omega Sorority International Tours TM S 1 Domestic or International Tickets-Tours-Individual and group-Incentive and Business Travel-Hotel Reser- vations-Cruises-Charters- n Car Rental 17131 569-6666 127-A North Mound Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 I Congratulations Seniors '83 Thanks for a Great Year Bill, Shirley, Brad 8: Marla McWhorter AD VER T ISEMEN TS-211 .zz aww SIMPSON 424 NORTH ST. - NACOGDOCHES, TX 75961 f7I3J 564-6418 OR 564-0330 .4 .i , .... .N U X M f i , ToP..fuwcLAss gl! ALTERATIONS I 1 fl of L - MENS LADIES 1 f i 8 CHILDREN ,rl'- I ,K ,V . 'ru llii BET:-is PROFESSIONAL l I 560-41 38 ,D-, If ll Pf'fff'.l,IlIIV1lJlI in Rea! lirtale f l ljf 'liet h ,, :i51j.iff'r ', 3732 Nonh sf. L DONQIFQSIMPSON P .554 M NOC hes x 'ii l Congratulations Seniors O O O . . LQ Lonon mauurncrunme comomw, mc. Phmlp T- I-aBafbefa O O Po. Box 2340 MD. MFG Nacoooocnes, nc 75961 Family Practice .W 713-soo-9919 O 4800 North East Stallings Suite 103 ' l The Friendly Ploce QUOIIIY Service - Quoliry Products 6 - l MOUREQ DOUBLE AA H MOORE FARM CENTER ,INCH I Bob Anderson Ggry Ark' BUSINESS ef? 7I3-560-4664 ms FQRM5 E' ii'iflg'3g,Y4eiT'TL'?.?,'Q 32211 100 North Street ."'A, 212-ADVER T ISEMEN TS ETITEX' Congratulations Seniors of '83 421 North Fredonia 564-7305 Smith-Mann Motors, Inc. AIR COOLING SERVICES, INC. since 1940 Good Luck Cheryl OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC GMC 326 Powers 564-1358 Nacogdoches FA-AFA?-WAFAYAIAI M I- Q T sim bm ui 3 f 4 om is I 5 5, Nacogdoches, 6 Q Q X ' 1328 University nr. Tix 1 - , 'I Rdrsrgdrlrlzar ' -ff mm:i:?u51: SI Nacogdoches Gqnsw cysflgafion Vx fgsauty Avaforz Dsnficalzcf lu DE4:'zlruIuIztLlz9 Patronize the merchants who sponsor Book N if India L1f1Jgf'1ffmf'1 1-'ME Xzjf I' -'7 54 fflnu fo1ffIs'IlftLnznfzin Qi':5c'rzufG'7fbp5rL1c1lzcz 2615! NOR NACOGUO ADVERTISEMENTS-213 I Imported and 7 fi Domestic Seales Food Market Q Cheeses l 1' L " Old-Fashioned NAA., M Service 1017 East Main - - V Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Ph 560-3734 Choice Beef Nacogdoches Oldest Town in Texas Your One Stop Shopping Store 560-1137 900 Mound Listings, Loan, and Morgages Appraisal All kinds of property Ernest Sexton Real Estate and Insurance 117 Shownee St. Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Res. Phone Office Phone 564-5786 569-9380 R8zR Minit Market 4113 Old Lufkin Road Loop 224 Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Congratulations Terry Smelley and Chip Holt From Aubrey Lee 17131 569-6973 THE VARSITY BOOKSTORE Qhrzlxtmn fx spkatagmphk: Seppfzka, 9nc. YOUR COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIER CHARLES M. CHRISTIAN 315 East College St. P.O. Box 773 Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 7137564-2704 James E. Raney 3001 NORTH STREET Owner - Manager NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 75961 1 I ROY BLAKE " or nov BLAKE Jn. OP "Serving Thvlnsur.1nceNePdf ol Em! fe-xtn 5fnr'e1H61" RHPYCIIIITHQLT eff f 4 ronsm -mm A UP -hah -luhnl wwf e and Protection call 0 P Q FOR PAPPAGALLO TH E Mvsruoue I-vgd 7 11ocARol.YN 214-AD VER TI SEMEN TS I..-H Q - Th amzh Stanalmrd Calutwctzbn ALVIN STANALAND Contractor 4609 Kenbrook Dr. Nacogdoches, Tx. Upholstery Shop Custom Furniture Upholstery Auto Upholstery 1813 South Fredonia Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 75961 C7131 560-4870 Jim Harris 564-4011 Gifts of distinction. i PIER 1 IMPORTS 1 W University Mall North University Drive 564-9234 Nacogdoches 569-1616 DEAN7S Little Zion Baptist Church 305 South Shawnee Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Custom Catering and Cooking 2100 E. Mainf564-2814 Nacogdoches, Texas 564-4577 Rev. Eligha Walker Jr.-Pastor I The church with a mission and a pastor with a message. God our Father. Christ our Redeemer. 9300AM-6500PM Man our Brother. Mo,-,,-5at, Sunday School-9:30AM Evening Worship-6:00PM Morning Worship--11:00AM Wednesday Bible Study-6:00PM White Lace and Promises UNIVERSAL LIFE 109 LW, INSURANCE 564-5585 "Your Complete Bridal Shopv Bridal and Ladies Formal Wear Silk Flowers for all Occasions Wedding Candelabras Wedding Invitations and accessories Gift Items-Brass I People Believing in People Nacogdoches- 1 1 7 Shawnee 564-4781 District Office-PO. Box 149 I Tyler, Texas 75710 214-592-62 ' "We Love You" ADVERTISEMENTS-215 QLIDOSQ -fm G T 'ANY -1- - O QMS ' JOHNNY GRAVES INS. AGENCY Q 4 .e tgp? STAIQIQDWGLISSQSTUDIO I Li .UYITIIR-'H P IIC S1 1 N - l'I -A T 'X7Cf3EiI monitor mee., exds J, J - Auto, Homeowner, Farm, Life, Hospital P O Box 2518, 924 University Dr. Nacogdoches, TX 75961 office 560-4793 Home 564-5326 iauiim ivaikg-f 713664-2007 72 Gifts a Q, Q9 . v E Annques Lszaw lepf. Sfore an 115 E. MAIN ST. Melanie 5 James Denton NAcoGDocHEs. TEXAS 75961 PH. 713-564-8219 124 E. Main Phone 564-2225 Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 DEE DEE'S BEAUTY SUPPLY ' Specializing in all curl products ' Lustralsilk PRINT' NG ' Jhirmack - Gentile KWIK-KOPY PRINTING 4 Carefree North St. Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 H1052 10353 3-8 Telephone: 17131564-1717 Nac. rx, 75961 713f564-9713 SERVICING ALL MAKES AND MODELS Big Tex Air Conditioning 81 Heating CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING Bi HEATING SALES 8- SERVICE PRINTING When you care enough to send the very best LENDELL MARTIN 5008 SOUTH ST, wiv 569-8930 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 1122 University Dr. University Mall 21 6-AD VER TI SEM EN TS 'N fccoum Wm' CAR PARTS, INC. 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BOX 2432 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Phone 713 564-4507 or 713 564-2100 Mobil Unit 569-8238 Unit if 5886 3010 University Drive Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 RICHARD TALLENT AND ASSOCIATES Insurance 112Vz East Main Street Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Congratulations Karen! Texas State Optical Dr. A.L. Clevenger Life Group 569-0844 Major Medical Temporary Major Estate Planning Medical Zion Hill First Baptist Church Congratulations L . ' Seniors! W S Building Supply 324 N. Lanana Street POBOX1646 Nacogdocl-les, Texas 75961 NACOGDOCHESTEXAS 75961 Rev. Larry D. Wade Pastor Iron Wheel Baptist Church I Congratulations seniors l 1 u l 820 First Street Nocogdoches, Tex. 75961 Rev. Lugene Spurlock Sr. Pastor 218-ADVER TI SEM EN TS Navarro Cox Box DD ' 1122 Umw- Universily Mull Nlcogdochrs, TX 75961 7l3!S64-0250 Tire G ME U il fill Company l lA ...,.. ffifffhf Sl 315 N. University Dr. Nacogdoches, Texas p"'L5"""A 75961 .,L2,..1.. .Sl-114 Prlrnmves Used Furniture Walk into Collectables Glassware Pioneer Antiques Wade and Lucille Clift M on alkeris Open Fri. 8z Sat. only 9-5 355 E. Main Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Nawgdocheifexas 75961 HohrZ:l713l564-5689 713 f 564-0193 CRAWFORD BUILDING MATERIAL COMPANY LUMSER AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES gpm, Prouzsn 1911.-.L 6.1: 2616 North Street 7131564-2309 'CE A WERS ST 1018 South Street 713 5643 ' 7131564-1454 NACOGDOCHES TEXAS 75961 Owner I Operator Home: 7131569-0576 ,, ri -J azzman- Iva P. Hill Student Headquarters For: w'il5S3Zi2EC21DS,5m Records 81 Tapes 564-9247 Active Wear Congratulations Cards and St3ti0Ilill'y Seniors! ADVER TISEMENTS-219 liliclgoiwirlfme Bill iifif- QUE Sandwiches Complete Dinners Beef - Ham - Rubs Sausage - Links - Chicken Open 10:30 All 7 DAYS A WEEK DINE IN OR TAKE OUT Call In Orders Welcome Custom Cooking MILLS PAINT AND BODY SHOP 24 I-lour Wrecker Service Complete Paint 8: Body Work First Class Work Only Save Your Car's Body Catering and 2u?3g:3 5?N,, Save Your Dollars 569-0968 I I . ... ... f f 70'wf4l '- 7 70cm qw , 121 E. Mann ' F I I orefrave Moiorhomes of Distinction Sw-4 i967 BUIIJ Mfuadl., pi YOU! - r0f2ff3YEl IHC. 'QP' N NTMUNGS DP 'vUlLlllrlllll,NFw 'IXAN Vw' PM Ill 554504 'Ni t' W' After Six Nadine Tuxedos Formals JOHN Dllll Robinson's Studio,Inc "Pine Photography' Portrait: - Commercial - Weddingx - Srbool Naiuml Color . . . Portrait - Candid MARK MUELLER FISH 84 STILL EQUIPMENT, , INC. MUEIAGER ANDt?-KEEFE P o sox 4656 SFA STATION OI'I'l2yS a BW NACOGDOCI-IES-SAN PHONE 569-9201 AUGUSTINE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 75961 HARDWARE 1235 MAIN 48 56 CENTER 401 NORTH ST 564 6541 "We Sera-ice What We Sell" HANCOCK A.Uv'l:zr1BxNU AQINCY KENNEDY'S JEWELERS "A Tradition in Eal1T9Xa8" 201 E. Main 564-7671 C DENTNCOCK Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Mavis Hancock Sales Consultant 220-AD VER TISEM EN T S MEMBER F.S.LI.C. SUPERIOR SAVINGS lFormarIy Ilacogdochas Savings 81 Loan! Special Student Checking Accounts 564-8323 118 EAST HOSPITAL NACOGDOCHES I-lardy's Grocery , ' 5 Bait 8a Tackle A Children's Speciality Shop 569-6355 906 Norlh Sire I Nacogdo hes, Texas 75961 2500 Woden Rd. Ph. 4564-0107 Grocery Gas Live Bait Sz Tackle Owned by Tommy and Norma Fleming Beall COMMUNITY GROCERY 5000 E. Main 564-8531 "CONGRATULATIONS Tricia Huckaby and Seniors of l83!" Specializing in Finer Meats for the Freezer BEEF ' PORK 0 VENISON Custom Dressing gc Processing B and C PACKING CO. Locker Service Available East Texas Carpets 1115 University Drive 564-6742 Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Betty Cagle and Sammy 564-2101 3704 NORTH STREET IIICUGDOCIIES BOX Lane df. l'ILll'1l2I' St Clufton l Phone 713f564-3761 Owners Metro BIG 5 ,FLOWERS Fpi A occAsio WX Naavgdocgei F4O'l04 CO- """"""J Tx:--'Av---A ROBERT at L1NDA GROGAN SOUtl'1 SIIBWYIQQ 510 E. Main 138 N. Mound St. Telephone Nacogdochesv Tx- Nacogdoches, Tx. 564-7361 Phone 569-9152 569.9401 AD VERTI SEM EN T S-221 MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS CASON MONK Q TRUE VALUE fl HQ5 HARDWARE INCE4 663 Ugfllnpus TOGS Congratulations 5 -4 N8C0Z1g0EI1gQi":'6X88 8 2507 rggxzhes' Only Complete Juniiiggmg Northview Plaza 569-9601 AX L EY at R o D E Compliments CERTIFIED Of PU Buc A - BRIDAL 8z GIFTS C t l t' . . . OHEQTVZEJOHS Street The Sherwin-Williams Company Nacogdoches, NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 2715 North Street 75961 Texas Nacogdoches, Texas Congratulations E Our cal Kes' E Seniors! 3w?th honors.: - Congratulations SADLER Carma Johnson FUNERAL from SERVICE INC. 200 S. Shawnee St. Nacogdoches, Texas Mane your gvsiua-mv iw rr-1-fvnswrq on me rake wwf a anew- rr r-T 'A,qm.rm1-aywfsxe Q mm Bas-W Rorwww Q vou ear' ,r-nose your mvonvf- 'mx-.sage Uosungs l ana 31 Helms rm Bm fm paw We qev A real Q process ov- u' mow-, my ww of ww . 2 usxm-Rosnms , xc: sawn mn: , Mom, Dad, gl Lil' Sis We're Proud of You! Pargas ' of oufhsude Nacogdoches Your Community Gas Company Hwy. 259 North Complete Propane Service National Bank 222 -AD VER TI SEM EN TS RECORDS "Keeping Texas Music Alive" - PRODUCED IN NACOGDOCHES - Featuring. . . Willie Nelson Bob Wills' Original Texas Playboys Hank Williams Original Drifting Cowboys Fiddlin' Frenchie Burke Johnny Bush Justin Wilson David Houston Bob Murphy Ask for DELTA RECORDS 65' TAPES in your favorite store. 2820 S. E. Stallings Drive 564-2509 ADVER TI SEM EN TS-223 51515 ,gg 1-X 1155 , 11?.11i!Qf M ., .A1 3 'fpmf N X Blue's Barbecue 11? l 1.12 115121511 g -1'TT1'1wi 1 f 'fini-L 1 w 111' 515 shawnee sf. 151-x,.f iii 1 Nacogdoches, Texas ii, rgi,1"n1ff 1. 'glibc 75961 " 'J ' 1 15111521 .l l I 3 qv 146'-'!i"'!.a' A'-vii- 'F M'-4 AA- 1 i 5 if'5.51g,'24,s ga ij itf'?2'i,5 fill I mm, , . .. AN Lp-Rig, 8. h R.T. Flemons Constructions Western slzzlm Heavy Equipment Steak House Clears land, Builds ponds, Subdivisions work, Bulldozing, Bush hogging, Maintain- ing scrapers, Plow lands 3217 North Street Route 10 Box 6080 Nacogdoches 564-5043 Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 Phone 713 560-4168 Charles E l-lC1lIOVf1,C.PA PVGGOVHO 'w0m11f01,:n1red Homes i C i' I All American Majestic Artcraft P Melvdv Breck 1500214 '-gk? Metamora MODULAR HOME SPECIALIST Centurion HUGH HALLAM, VICE-PRESIDENT Naway 7305 NW STALLINGS DR. O N nm ff 713 560-3416 Fleetwood NAl:oCZ:oocNr7sd1c5m?ffs275L1e1 Rf: l713l 569-7141 Regency Kaufman 8: Broad Timco Titan Liberty Congratulations Class of '83 From A Graduate Of '73 ADVERTISEMENTS C g tlt from NETHERY ELECTRIC CO. 303 NORTH ST.-P. O. BOX 776 NACOGDOCHES, TX. 75961 564-8171 ANNULUS OIL 8: GAS BROWN'S GULF STATION C plt ' L b - 'l-f' fl t b tt 1107 S th Sh N gd h T 75961 569 9171 WILLIAM A. STEWART CASON MONK AND ASSOCIATES, INC. S"s TEXAS STATE Q Distributed by the Nacogdoches Dr. Pepper Bottling C 3321 NW Stallings D D A.L. Clevenger Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 3800 North Street Phone 564-0268 AD VER TI SEM EN TS-225 ,T A18 Q G W YDII GET I'I' All. 0I.D FASIIIDII FRIEIIDLIIIESS 8. VALUE S ron and VALUE You Gan Dewnd On QUALITY Nacogdoches Electronic Services North Street Phone: 564-9394 Moore Supply Company 120 Bremond Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 564-8331 Q1fx D . Nocogdoches, Texas 75961 , OP9 D 19 E ry T N gh YW' Until 10p . All you can Fri. d S . Fgr 53,49 YJ' H ' A :F Wx: -..- ---.. 1 ,W Q 4 -.10 A -Cx . 22 6-AD VER TI SEM EN TS Book N would like to thank the following Patrons: Music Unlimited Kelvin Bernard Wade Bill's Roffler Family Hair Center AD VER TI SEM EN TS-22 7 228-CLOSING Poet Laureate P 1 Greg Gray The Awful Unknown 'Tis not the actuality of a troll That scares a child, But the unknown contents of a pitch black hole That drives one wild. Man is not afraid that life will end. The terror is the question of when? when? when? The awful unknown is what I fear. Will all that I love suddenly disappear? Oh, what great horrors tomorrow could bring, Death, the end of the world, pain . . anything? The Mind of a Philosopher A mathematician, upon solving enough equations, Will find the answers. A scientist, upon doing enough research, Will be rewarded with the truths. But, woe to him whose mind ponders the realm of philosophy, For in philosophy the answers are the questions themselves. Saundra Allen In Memor Of. The 1982-83 Book N staff dedicates this page to the memory of Saundra Allen, Ronald Hodge, Mr. Ray Richey, and Jevance Williams. There will al- ways be a vacancy in the student body and staff that can only be filled with their presence. All of these people con- tributed to the school in numerous ways. We must take consolation in the fact that our loss is Heaven's gain. J 5 1 . u -K X 7 x 'HQ 'V-N. .. ,,l, .. ..,, ,, ,, -1-Asia!-:fa-:z 1-1-1':::::r:::-:-1-kgs:1-:gal '11 +1-1, 1-14-:I-15:4-:WizI:1.l.:a+Qm:qas:-3:a-:1 .,,. . .,.,,..,... , .'.. .A,.. . .,.. , M, ,.,, .,.4.4 -3 af ' 1, if ww X -w as is if - Q . . f-. s Q, -:Et Q r Q Q at ws 1 x 1 535 ' sr N Q , N my -e- w 'l' 'li xi 'tk it is-. 3 l t 5 it s. N 1 N as X Ronald Hodge is X . in ,, .,. , D X ,S ...,,, 1 .... l . ',r, A, V V L A A 'ssl . J -11 X In K krk.. -W' R E X 7' :J ' Ray RiCl12y Jevance Williams CLOSING-229 Students have time for work and play 'V 'FY .W 6 t 230-CLOSING sw W 5 wwgiff- SQ? J l X 1-iii? X X as'- Q , ' l i ifgf.. W ' . . 534. 7 1. Freshmen and Sophomores are pros at sleep- ing in class. 2. Cheri Tallent and Adaire Hallman observe all the happenings at the baseball park. 3. Stacy Smith shows an expression of shock during one of the baseball games. 4. Don Beasley, chemistry teacher, smiles for the cam- era. 5. HOCT and HOPL students clown around in class. 6. Despite the cold weather, some of the members of the NHS girls track team still manage a smile while waiting for their events during a track meet. 7. Catherine Fenci takes time out to brush her hair while working on the Student Council Brick Wall. 8. Daniel Stewart and Alan Atchinson try to be cheerleaders at the annual FCA Powderpuff Football Game. 9. Ben Williams gives Perri Ann Skipper and BeLynda Smith an affectionate hug. ,....-n -.A--nu F f CLOSING-231 Yearbook staff works long hours on Book . Dovie Biggerstaff-Editor 232-CLOSING 3 The 1982-83 yearbook staff is proud to present the 1983 Book N to you. Many long hours were put in to this book and it is our hope that you will treasure it in the years to come. We have tried many new ideas in this book including a new type of cover and a recording of the sounds of the school. We were a small staff but we worked hard and many days after school were spent in the yearbook room pouring 1 no a 1 1 , "', f over pictures and trying to find just the right layout. Copy can be written, pic- tures can be taken but it is not a book until someone puts it together. That was the goal of the 1982-83 yearbook staff. Special thanks to Ms. Elaine Sellers for answering all of our ques- tions and being there to help us. Also we would like to thank Ben Carter, our ICP representative. 5 4 E ! ! E I E a

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