N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1960

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 184 of the 1960 volume:

" ' Published by students of N. R. CROZIER TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL Dallas, Texas fll .73Sr - K " V $ Affectionately, she is known as " Sadie, " but with all due respect Mrs. Sadie Lemmerhirt has probably meant more to a greater number of students than any other person in the past 32 years that she has served this institution. And now, it is with pride and admiration that we dedicate this, the I960 Wolf Pack, to her in token of our appreciation for what she has meant to this school. Mrs. Lemmerhirt, we wish for you the best of every- thing in the years that follow. Mrs. Lemmerhirt Her " Bark " is worse than her " Bite. " Mrs. Lemmerhirt and Dorothy Billey CONTENTS Administration - - - - 5 School Life - - 11 Seniors - 59 Favorites - - - 95 Clubs -- - - 115 Sports - 127 Snaps 148 Because the memorable occasions in school pass quickly from our view; it is fortunate that we have the camera at our disposal, to capture some of these fond memories for our future enjoyment. Be our uest as we point out persons, organizations and events that made this school year one long to be remembered. The Staff SHIRLEY DUDLEY Editor THE YEARBOOK STAFF Left to right: Don Grant, Bob White, Albert Bailey, John Willbanks and DaviJ McGee. Se.iteil: Frances Hill, Shirley Dudley and Charles Anderson. Not shoun: Annette Smith. un DR. W. T. WHITE Superintendent Dallas Independent School District Dallas, Texas ' t4s a- Oft Ca. ' » . ' ■V, • ' »» Afa Str» " ' ' Or r. y 1. " " ■•■o ■« c. 96r ° Kt yf fi «tfs e. ' ys. fiif r ° l er „ 4 Sc! ' ' o , ° you f o;, the ci. Sc o,,; " " f . e in Ar. 0(j, " ■oua g to th. ew. Ser ti th. s fi Oojy ■ J ' Jce It: Mr T v. Cfc DR. E. D. WALKER Assistant Superintendent in charge of Personnel BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to Right: Mr. R. B. Gilmore; Mr. R. L. DiUard, Jr.; Mr. Van Lamm; Mrs. Trac ' H. Rutherford, Vice-President; Dr. Edwin L. Rippy, President; Dr. W. T. White, Superintendent of Schools; Mr. Franklin E. Spafford; Mrs. Vernon ' D. Ingram; Mr. Rouse Howell; Mr. Donald M. Bruton. M a«L «« ' . Mm it f } f DR. WALTER J. E. SCHIEBEL Principal N. R. Crozier Technical High School Dallas, Texas 04 " ■Us oep ■■Ms , _er. ' cr nib, ::? er 25. To ' " -- 19 59 the Gr, adu; tin °«tes, . " fit , ' Coo,, ° :.:i ' " ' ' - " .r itlVi abn ' On Out to. ,V„ e 6, -iOn ' Tat -. . an(j ' ' ■f Sfis. Dey ' ' it ' " yo. ' ' ' OS. • ' nto lee ®cfte Of Pie».. fas ,5 ' ace „ s in in iHg Out Si ac, and tft ° ' ' th ° - ;j ' _ ' ' ese,. ou " 8 ant you ' " s. t .; " ay ..° " r ,„? ons for ' ' ' c. ' ' eTo: ; °ats snd " es , ebh ° i:r% ' [ »e: " " Ore ,■; ' " ' - »X, Jl ODUS C. KERLEY Assistant Principal N. R. Crozier Technical High School Dallas, Texas We welcome back our new assistant principal who left us 4 years ago to become assistant prin- cipal at North Dallas High School. He has previously taught here at Tech for 17 years. CHARLES A. BRYANT Director Dallas Public Evening School Mr. Bryant has been at Tech for 32 years. He was a teacher for 16 years before becoming director of the Evening School. He has also taught at Lancaster, Texas. rwi ELIZABETH HOWE Secretary to the Principal n Li-j ir PRINCIPALS OFFICE HERLINDA GARCIA ESME E. FOSTER --Um . ' 3 !i .4 :saMi A! SADIE LEMMERHIRT Dean Mrs. f o«ler and Da id Xewr DEAN S OFFICE MARJORIE MARTIN EUDELLE FOWLER NADA HARRIS 10 David McGee and Frances Hill ' » )f SCHOOL LIFE Moses Acosta, Esteila Hernandez, and Linda Velez II ¥ LESTER BRANDT President STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION m w MRS HAINES and ELAINE JONES HOME ROOM COUNSELING WILLIAM GRISW ' ALD 13 JERRY MURRAY Mathematics Left to Right— Fnsl row: Billy Allen, Maria Alcantar, Helen M. Algarin, Argentina Acosta, Anita Alfaro, Ruth Algarin, Alicia Alfaro, Camerina Acosta, Oralia Alaniz. Second row: Luis Adame, Daniel Aquilar, Senaido Ace- vedio, Moses Acosta, Marlow Acosta, Mary Aleman, Fran- ces Adams, Connie Ahlfinger, Glenda Abercrombie. Third row: John Alcantor, Arthur Alcala, Tony Adame, James Abercrombie, Riley Albertson, Smiley Alfaro, Maudell Al- len, Edna Adkins. Not Shown: Janie Akins, Mary Acosta. Left to Right — First row: Frank Alvarez, Sammy Arnold, Mary Alvarez, Carmen Alonzo, Juanita Alonzo, Florence Anguiano, Adelia Alvarado, Richard Arriaga. Second row: Judy Arnold, Thelma Allen, Carol Anderson, Lawrence Anderson, Willie Arriaga, Sammy Antillon, Delphina An- guiano, Felisite Anguiano. Third row: Bobby Allen, Ed- ward Anderson, Dean B. Anderson, Charles A. Anderson, Marshall Anguiano, John Arista, Chris Arnesen, Jerry Anderson, Manuel Alva. Not Shown: Jimmy Anton, Dalia Alvarez, Mike Anguiano, Jesse Alonzo, Albert Armendarez. «5S? -«« . , ROY LANE Printing 1 LLUDA hVANS Journalism | « Left to Right — First row: Beatriz Aviles, Carmen Barajas. Belt) ' Ashmore, Gilbert Arriaga, Al Baker, Kenneth Ballard. Judith Bailey. Second row: Sarah Avina. Mar ' Helen AyaLi, Clyde Baker, Glenda Bailey, Doris Badgley, Janet Ashley, Imelda Ashley. Third row: Albert Ayala, Lee Autry, Wal- lace Barker, Johnny Barker, George Ashcraft, Waco Ar- terbur) ' , Jerry Bailey. Not Shown: Steve Baird, Frank Bara- jas, Albert Bailey. Left to Right — First row: Lynda Baucom, Lois Barnett, Carmen Benavides, Alice Benavides, Lillian Battiest. Yvonne Beard, Janet Barnes. Second row: Dorothy Bay- singer, Patsy Bell, Patsy Beaty, Jo Ann Benker, Peggy Bates, Velva Bebee. Third row: Alfred Bennett, Claudette Bar- nett, Gennie Barnett, Charles Bear, Earl Barton, John Bell, Albert T. Barr. Not Shown: Dale Beck, John Bates, Earnest Belmares, Jimmy Bibbs, Albert Becker, Arthur Benz, Max Barrow, Johnny Benson. MARJORIE PITTS English Left to Right F ist row: Deloris Brewer, Dwight Blackwell, Ricky Brashear, Donnell Blanco, Bonita Bricheff, James Brawner, Santos Bernal. Second row: Walter Bramhall. Loyce Boyd. Katrinka Bragg, Alfred Blaylock, Cecil Billey, Teddy Billingsley, Patsy Bookman, Carl Branch. Third row: ' Ronnie Bradberry, Gene Boyd, Stanley Berryman, Jimmy Bledsoe, Larry Brewer, Fred Blenton. Jimmy Brannon, Betty Blaylock. Nol Shown: Mickey Berard, R. C. Boemer, Buster Basaige, Doyce Bothwell, Lester Brandt, Jerry Brennan, Babby Brewer, Dorothy Billey, Martha Billey, Beverly Blay- lock. Left to Right — First row: Louise Brooks, Daisy Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Shirley Brown, Avis Brown, Judy Brown, Jerrj ' Wayne Brown. Second row: Gene Browder, Chester Brown, Lester Briscoe, Ira Brown, Leonard Brown, Ellis Brown, Betty Brown. Third row: Shirley Bridwell, Philip Broadhurst, Donald Ray Brown, Dalphus Brown, Larry Brown, Jerry Ray Brown, Scotty Brimer. Not Shown: Pamela Brown, Rex Brown, Sharron Brittain, Ned Bryant. Utloili BtM CantiL Biiibi H( ]m bwi kiiit Bui Doujk! Bur Guitaj " Gi Biiiic1i,Djm; Km Sifid: Gilo Cinpii CLIFFORD MATLOCK Commercial isj Biowo. iif BlO ' D, let Cheslti losn, Ellis ril, Plilip own, Laiif Wl Sfeii ' l: JBijail. Left to Right — First lou-: Regina Burton, Lavada Capps, Ester Cantu, Espranza Carrasco, Delores Corrasco, Glenda Burleson, Hortensia Carrasco. Second row: Shirley Burgess, Jane Cannon, Norma Bunch. Virginia Ann Cagle, Mary Louise Budrow, Dianne Cantwell, Bobby John Bunch, Douglas Burton. Third rou-: Billy Capps, James Campbell, Guitana " Guy " Canova, Robert Burgess, Raymond Freddy Bunch, Danny Bunch, Johnny Capps, Curtis Lee Carpenter. Not Shouii: Paul Burnett, Rachel Cadena, Gerald Calhoun, Carlo Campise, John Cantu, Steve Cantu. Left to Right — First row: Simon Casas, Delores Castilleja, Minerva Castellanos, Lupe Castillo, Leroy Case, Sammy Carroll, Irene Castro, Suzanne Cavozas. Second row: Ken- neth Cathcart, Fred Casares, Brenda Carroll, Linda Cath- cart, Louise Carroll, Edith Carter, Ralph Carreon. Third row: Jack Carroll, Ronnie Carson, Mai Ann Case, Tony Castellanos, Louis Castillo, Robert Cate. Not Shown: Rudy Castillo, Glenda Carroll, Jesse Carreon, Kirk Castleman, Jesse Carter. KAREN BROWN History Left to Right — First row: Roberta Clark, Mar)- Cervantes, Juanita Cerda, Betty Chappell, Nancy Clendenen Arm- strong, Elaine Chambers. Second roiv: Georgia Chaney, Joyce Chambers, Ritha Clark, Mary Chamberlain. Ignacio Cervantes, Manuel Cisheros. Third row: James Cervantes, John Cervantes, Fred Clarkson, Mariano Chapa Jr., Donald Christy, John Cannon, Jerry Clark. Noi Shown: John Clarke, Sam Clark, James Patririck Clark, Martha Chambers, Linda Claxton. Left to Right: First row: Julia Ann Cook, Johnny Coulre- ras, Frank Contreras, Donald Combs, Albert Contreras. Second row: Evelyn Combs, Joan Cockrill, James Clohers, Raymond Contreras, Pat Copher, Barbara Conn, Juanita Contrevas. Third row: Charles Climer, Jerry Coker, Rich- ard Clohers, Benney Cooper, Harry Cole, David Collins, Roy Cootes. Not Shown: Kenneth Coleman, Tommy Clif- ford. r ' " liWR V HERMAN NEFF Sheet Metal, Draftine DOVIELU GALLAHER Business Training « Left to Right — First row: Juanita Coronado, Generive Coronado, Hope Cortez, Marj ' Cortinas, Kathyleen Current. Ann Current, Paula Cunningham, Phyllis Cunningham, Fay Criswell. Second row: George Cortinas, Vilia Coronado, Yolanda Cuellar, Marilyn Cross, Ann Cox, Lila Lou Crook Oleta Coyle. Third row: Lupe Cordova, Patsy Cotton, Gay Ion Cotton, Jim CuUey, Rudolph Correa. Harold Cozby ioii v uiiuii, jiiu v-uiicy, i u Ronald Cummings, Wayne Crumby. Fourth pepper, William Cunningham Ray Cul aiiiuy. Loujiu juu. rvdy v ui 3er, William Cunnmgfiam, Mickey Correa, John Cron Bill Curtis, Gene Cuello, Margie Cox ' ■ " - — " -— ' - ' - " ■ " • Mary Helen Cuellar, Betty ' Shown: iviaiy neicii v-uciiai, James Cox, Raymond Crensh; Cyr. William Cox. Not . „ ,.j Curtis, Betty Cortez. aw. Dan Cunningham, Pierre Left to Right — First row: Connie Davalos, Margie Davila, Guadalupe DeAnda, Jeff Davis, Susie Damian, Ronnie Dean, Johnnie Davis. Second row: Helen Davila. Bonnie Dean, Linda Davis, Burnie Dawes, Cecilia De La Rosa, Bobby Delamare, Connie Damian, Wanda Davis, Sharon Davis. Third row: Carol Dansby, Linda Deal. Mau- rine Deckard, Madeline Davis, Oleta De Priest, Hilda Da Vila, Angelita De Anda. Fourth row: Salvador De Leon, Richard Delgado, Bobby Darr, Billy Denbow, Billy De Weaver. Not Shown: Don Deering, Lewis Dale, Jerry Ernest Davis. Billy Delamar. Jesse De La Torre James, Bill De Moss, John Dewy, Janet Dawes, Dianna Daily, Mary De La. A. K. QUESENBERRY Physical Education 19 x GLADYS YOAKUM Left to Right — Finl you: Larry Donihoo, Chris Duarte Esperanza Diaz, Amelia Diaz, Lupe Diaz, Billie Durrett Billy Dunlap. Jimmy Dunlap. Second row: Bobby Dicksun Forrest Duval, Jerry Eades, James Downey, Brad Dollison Wesley Easley, John Dunlap, Betty Dunn, George Ehr hardt. T i Vij ' rou-: Dwight Dodd, John Diaz. Bobby Easom Don Dickey, Jackie Edgar, Donnie Edwards, Georgie Dot son, Betty Driver, James Edwards, George Echols. Not Shouii: Conception Diaz, Edward Diaz, Ernesto Diaz, Ray- mond Diaz, Dee Dee Dobbs, Shirley Dudley, Mary Duran, Linda Duren, Frank Douglas. Left to Right — Fnst row: Joe Eustachio, David Elliott, Carol Joan Farmer, Mary K. Emerton, Florencio Escobar, Carl ErpiUo, Sammy England. Second rou: Vernon Embrey, OUie Ray Elmore. Ales Escamilla, Margaret Filers. Robecca Enriquez. Juanita Enriquez. Juanita Espinoza. Kay Faires. Third row: Ronald Fain, Gilbert Escamilla, Paul Estrada, Eddie Ellis, Max Ellis, John Enriquez, Raymond Encinia. Wardlcw Elliott, Robert Enriquez. Not Shown: Janice Ann Eskridge, Carmen Estrada. CARRIE DENSON Mathematics m «3| f •- ORBETTE A. HOMER Photography Left to Right — First raw: Malvin Fletchar. Lenonor Figue.oa, Argentina Flores. Margie Fletcher, Sally Fischer. Second roil ' : Larry Floyd, Frank Flores, Heddie Flores, Elva Flores, James Feltman, Carolyn Fisher. Third row: Jerry Ferguson, Phillip Finster, Billy Joe Fleming, Johnnie Fisher, Larrv Fleskes, Dale Fisher. Sol Shown: Kenneth Feltman, Frank Fehmel, Paul Fischer, Tony Flores. Left to Right — First tow: Charles Gallegas, Julie French, Shirley Fause, Martha Fowe, James Fuller, Martha Free- man, Wanda Ford, Elizabeth Fuller. Second row: Rose Fortune, Kenneth Freeman, Joe Furra, Erasmo Franseca, Edward Freeman, Pat Franks, Estella Franco. Third row: Abel Flores. Henry Frayre, John Frances, Ezekiel Fraga, Kirk Castleman, Jesse Fraga, Robert Fonseca, Reuben Franco. WILLIAM ' BILL " SEAY English i REESMAN KENNEDY Advertising Art Left to Right — First row: Marlyne Garza, Billie Ann Gar- cia. Elva Garcia, Peggy Miller, Genea Seals, Hilda Garcia. Virginia Geeslin, Bobby Gibson. Second row: Jimmy Gil- liard, Phillip Garcia, Jeanne Garrison, Pete Garcia, Jesse Garcia, Ofelia Garza, Hortensia Garcia, Rose Mary Garcia, Reuben Garcia. Third row: Joe Bob Garner, Dar- lene Gideon, Robert Getso, Janice Garrett, Mary Gardner, H«ward Gibson, Gus Garza. Fourth row: Augustine Garcia, Henry Garcia, Steve Garza, Bill DeMoss, Joe Garza, Bill Garcia. Not Shown: Floyd Gantt, Phillip E. Garcia, Sammy Garey, Lowell Gaston, Esther Garcia, Antonia Garza, Pa- tricia Gentle, Rachel George. G;;! Left to Right — First row: Delores M. Gonzales, Rose Mary- Gonzales, Freddie Gonzales, Minerva Gonzales, Joe Gon- zales, Carol Godwin, Mary Helen Gonzales, Raymond Gon- zales. Second row: Mary Helen Gomez, Frances Gonzales, Raymond Gomez. Nicho Gomez, Cruz Gonzales, Benjamin Gonzales, Jessie Gonzales. Third row: Raul Gonzales, Gerry Gonzales, Tony Gonzales, Raymond Gonzales, Joe Gonzales, Paul Gomez, Joe Gomez. Fourth row: Gilbert Gonzales, Joe Gomez. Paul Gonzales, Gregory Gonzales, Dolores R. Gonzales, Frank Gomez. Not Shown: Mary Ann Gonzales, Dolores L. Gonzales, Johnnie JoAngel Gonzales, Domingo Gomez. rsmmm w MAY FULLER Mathematics h ROBERT LANHAM English Gon- Bales, lain Geiiy de, irifs, Hi izales, Left to Right — First row: Julia Gucrra, Johnny Guerra. Domingo Guerra, Albert Grubbs, Donnie Green, Jimmie Sue Grooms, Darlyn Greenwell. Second roiv: Tommy Grubbs, Johnnie Guest, Mario Guerrero, Gloria Guerra, Melba Grubbs, Annette Griggs, Gloria Guerrero, Mary Guerra. Third row: Roy Gray Billy Greenlee, Robert Goodman, Wayne GooJwin, Troy Goodwin, Steve Goodwin, Joe Guer- rero, Billy Griswald, Howard Gordon. Not Shown: Don Grant, Clarence Gravitt, Glenn Grimes, Charles Gregory. Lett to Right — First row: Linda Harris, Linda Haley, Gale Hammond, Jean Halliburton, Beverly Harrison, Josie Guz- man, Ralph Haley. Second row: Richard Guzman, Concep tian Gutierrez, Pearl Gutierrez, Juhrie Haley, Sandra Han cock, Jean Gusthrie, Lee Hall. Third roiv: James Handly Donn Hammerlund, Richard Guillory, Raymond Haggard Don Harrell, Jesse Harrison. Fourth row: Roy Hammond Joe Guzman, Eugene Harris, James Hampshire, Harrell Hammer, Roy Harrell. Not Shown: Jack Hanks, Ignacio Guzman, Steve Harrell, Simon Gutierrez, Ann Hanley, Emi- lio Gutierrez, JoAnn Hall. m LIER itics :=: ' i V LOLITA LANSDON Home Economics 23 f «!??» ' " EARNEST GOHLKE Wood Shop Left to Right — Firsl row: Sharon Hart, Cheryl Hefner, Josephine Hernandez. Wanda Henderson, Delores Her- nandez, Gilbert Hernandez. Second row: Jo Ann Harrott, Nanc - Harp, Linda Hayes, Helda Hains, Sally Henisey, Domingo Hernandez, Georgia Havanis. Third row: Carolyn Henderson, Carl Henisey, James Harvey, Patsy Harwell, Sue Henderson, Sharon Harwell. Fourth row: Lawrence Henr) ' , John Hatcher, George Hennig, David Hernandez, Frank Hernandez, Jacky Hellmuth. Left to Right — First row: Dorothy Herrell, Betty Hester, Sheilah Herrera, Marvin Hickson, Yolanda Hernandez, Rosa Hernandez, Jerrie Higdon. Second row: Jerry Hitchcock, Martha Higgins, David Wayne Hines, Patricia Ann Hicksi Judy Herrera, Mary Hernandez, Ruth Hernandez. Third row: Silverio Hernandez, Tony Hinojosa, Anita Hill, Fran- ces Hill, Larry Herron. Fourth row: Jack Hewitt, Clifton Hilz. Rudolph Hernandez, Ruben Hinojosa, Robert L Her- nandez, Ray Hernander. Not Shown: 5tella Hernandez, Tommie Hernandez Jr., Patrick Hernandez, Robert R. Her- nandez, Bill Hester, Andrew Herrera, Geneva Hill, John Herrera. Ckiti fctot REBECCA ROBERTS English, Latin CLARICH TURCK Comptometry Left to Right — First row: Buddy Hodges, Linda Horn, Rita Hold, Sandra Holt, James Hornsbehn. Ken Hodge. Second row: Alan Holt. Frankie Honey, Glenda Hock, Ann Howie, Charlene Horn, Glenda Holeman, Charles Hock. Third row: Betty Leona Hood, Patricia Ann Holmes, Roger D, Hoff- man, Jerry R. Holt, Roger N. Holloway, Billy Hood, Not Shoivri: P. Ann Holmes, Sue Hood, Linda Horton, Bobbie Hopkins. Rose Marie Hood. Left to Right — First row: Wesley Irby, Mary Huerta, Judy Huenergarth, Janie Huerta, Patricia Innes, Tony Inman, Carole Hughes, Danny Hughes. Second roiv: Leland Hude, Wilda Huland, Dorothy Irons, Sandra Hughes, Ray Hughes, Carolyn Hughes, Joe Ingram. Third rtjw: Gasper Ibarra, Carolyn Ingram, Jackie Huber, Mary Hudson, George Hun- sacker, Bill Ingram. Not Shown: Patsy Hudson, Benny Hulsey. EARLE BISHOP Drafting 25 iJ£. CURTIS T. LISTON JR. Mathematics Left to Right — First row: Justina James, Jimniie James, Billie Jedlicka, Anna Jara. Jerry Johnson, Mary John. Second row: Jonnie James, Travis Jackson, Charlene Jack- son, Brenda Johnagin, Donna Jerger. Third row: Carl Jacobs, Alice Johnston, Eileen Jackson, Raymond Jackson. Koi Shou ' i: Billy Don Johnson. Fred Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Marj ' Johnson. Left to Right — Finl row: Clifford Kilgore, Cora Junell, Elizabeth Kimble, Elaine Jones, Drena Jurden, Glenda Junell. Shirley King, Delois Jones. Second row: Joyce Jones. Sandra Joyner, Mary Junell, Charles King, " Wal- lace Jones, Donald Jones, Jesse Junkin, Joe Juarez, Third row: Darrell Johnston, Thomas Kealhofer, Robert King, William Kelsey, Maria King. Carolyn Jones, Jo Ann Jones, Bill Kaska. Fourth row: Carl King, Kenneth Keenum, Roger Kilgore. Eugene Kinard, Roy Joyce, Connie Kerbo, R. V. Kelly, ]etrf Kelly. Not Shown: Tommy Jones, Janie Kelly. 4«V ' MARY HAINES English ELA HHTHLRINGTON Cdmmercial Jioell. GUi JOKt W rw R.V, KellT. Left to Right — First row: Patrick Leeds, Judy Krantz, Bob Kurlan, Patsy Kirksey, Sandra Kiser. Josephine LeaL Second row: Charles V. Kinslow, John Laing, Elida Lara, Juanita Kirkland. I-rank Kutera, Janell Lee. Third row: Tommy T. Lachenniayer. Earnest Lancaster, Ellis Langston, Bob Lane. Margaret Kirkland, John Leech. Not Shown: Rudy Landin, Ruben Leal, Joe Laster, Sylvia Lacy, Mary Lara. Left to Right — Pint row: Margaret Lopez, Ann Lopez, Frances Lopez, Joe Lopez. Alice Lopez, Mary Helen Lopez. Second row: Bruce Lloyd, Carlos Lopez, Virginia Lopez. Nora Lon.goria, Tibursio Lopez, Bobby Lopez. Third row: Lynn Lloyd, Charles Lockhart, Glorio Lopez, Mary Etta Lentz, Sam Lopez, Bobby Londenberg. Fourth row: Jewell Lindsey, Sherry Lemons, Charles Lincks, Sam Lopez. H. E. CUMMINGS Auto Mechanics 27 RAY HARDAWAY Wood Shop Left to Right — First row: Mar) ' Lou Lyons. Ronald Luoma. Leopold Lozano. Robert McBride, Henry Lozano. Rosie Luna. Second row: Freddie McBride. Willie McCormack. Freddie McCormack. Kenneth McCIeery. Douglas Lyon. Doris McClellan. Frances McClellan. Third row: John Luera, Joyce Lockhart, Ann Loyd. Ann McBride, Norma Lee Luna. Robert McClary. Richard Lozano. Fourth row: Comer Loyd Jr.. Jimmy Lynn. Rodney McClintock, Jerry Vates. Harriet McBride, Johnny Louis. Not Shown: Jackie Low- rey. David Luera, Jeanne Louis, Edna McCoy, Albert Luna. Left to Right— F .. row: Allen McDonald, Jimmy McKin- ney, Esta McDaniel. Delores Mason. Maxine Malone Ann McDaniel, Mike Malone. Rebecca Maclas. Second row Donna McDowell. Dorthy Manes. Joes Maclas. Edward McDonald, Jackie McKinney, Helen Malone, LaWards Mc- Dan.el, Tony Manriquez. Third row: Ned Bryant, Charles McKinney. David McGee, Billy Mclntire. Israel Maldonado. Mike Malone. Jimmy Manson. Fourth row: Mike McGuire Larry McGuire. Robert McWhotter. Harry Mansfield, Roy Maldonado. Frances Mason. Not Shown: Rosemary Manson. Ronnie Mabe LEON PLEDGER Art Pottery 3k ' ■ i!? ALINE WALKER History Left to Right — Finl row: Lydia Marie Martinez, Celia Mar- quez. Lydia Cruz Martinez, Rosalinda Martinez, Virginia Martinez, Esmerlda Martinez. Secornl row: Marta Marines, Louise Marion, Ilaria Glo ria Martinez, Avelina Martinez, Juanita Martel, Ester Martinez. Third ruw: Victor Martinez, Frand Martinez, Joe Marquez, Lupe Martinez, Bobby Marte- leno, Eliseo Martinez, Charles Martin. Fourth roiv: Juan Martinez, George Martinez, John Martinez, Daniel Mariscal, Ray Afartinez, John Martinez Jr., Johnny Martinez, Myrlin Marcuni. Vijth row: Kenneth Alarlow, Vicente Martinez, Johnny Martinez, Pedro Marquez, Paul Martinez, Edward Marion, Delbert Martin. Koi Shown: Lilia Marinez, Anita Marceleno, Margaret Martinez, Dorthy Martinez. Left to Right — Finl row: Shirley Mazzucco, Joyce Massey, Carolyn Massey, Michael Mata, Martha Mendez, Helen Mary Medina, Jerald Mays. Second row: Manuel Medina, Eddie Mays, Richard Medrano, Ruby Matthews, Nancy May- nard, Joe Melton, Bill Joe Mazzucco. Third row: Edward Menchaka, Frank Medrano Jr., Herman Mayer, Jeanette Mayes, Robert Medrano, Johnny Mays, Erma Mata. J. FRED SHEEL Electric Shop POLLY ANNA MALLOW Spanish Left to Right — First row: Esperanza Montez. Aurelia Montez. Ruth Moore, Lupe Majica, Nellie Mora, Carmen Morales, Mary Michael Mendoza. Second row: Drucilla Miller. Kay Miller, Sharon Moore, Sue Monroe, Carol Moore, David Miller. Thomas Mitchell, Robert Moon. Third row: Mary Alice Millott, Jessie Mitcham, Carolyn Mitchell, Mike Mid- dleton, Wilton Moore, Waymon Alisterll. Jesse Molina. Fourth row: Dadie Moore, Richard Mills, Mathew Morale, Julian Mesa, James Miller, Thomas Moore, Donald Mon- garas. No Shown: William Menchaka, David Miller. Linda Millican, Josie Moon, Robert Montgomery. Left to Right — First row: Petra Munoz, Lois Mosier, Juanita Nanez, Concepcion Najera, Gloria Morin, Beatrice Moreno, Josephine Moreno. Second row: Dorthy Morgan, Mary Ann Murphy, Ann Morrison, Faye Mosqueda, Estefano Munoz, Epifanio Munoz, Morris Narunsky. Third row: Wanda L. Myers, Beverly Moran. Patric Napier, Jim Mukahy, David Murrah, Frank Moren. Fourth row: Raymond Morask, Ken- neth MuUin, James Morris, Travis Motley, Billy Murphy, Stan Mullendore. Not Shown: Virginia Mowery. CLARA RANSOME English 1 l i DONALD GENTSCH Draltinu ; Juimili Moreno. Iiiy Am Ita, Pmili L y, DiviJ lit Ken- Left to Right — First row: Elena Neria. Elisia Neria, Gloria Neria, Jacquelyn O ' Neill, Adv;lia Neria. Olga Nieto, Peggy Nelson, Victoria Neria. Mary Olioro. Second row: Dorothy Nash. Leonera Neria, Edward Newell. Derrell Ochoa. Bar- bara O ' Neal, Martha Norris, Sylvia Nichols. Juanita Oballe Third row: Felix Olvera, Hiram Olivo. John Olver. Mar garet Norrell, Carolyn Northcut, Jesse Neito, Jimmy Nash. Fourth row: Joe Nanez, Denny Nowlin, Jordan NeiLson, John O ' Malley, Charles Newman, David Needham, Jack Norris. Not Shown: Wanda Nowell, David Newman. Left to Right — First row: Jo Parker, Charles Orr, Anita Palacios, Julia Orozco, Rachel Paramo, Domingo Palonio, Anita Ortiz, Mary Palomino, Juanita Palacios. Second row: Dorothy Owen, Isabella Orta, ' W ' anda O ' Rear, Jimmy Pace, Luipita Ortiz, Mary Helen Ortiz. Olga Orozco, Blanche Osorio. Third roiv: Otha Parker, Leonard Ortega. Richard Orozco, Paul Palamo, Jessie Ortez, Cruz Orto, Carmen Palacios, Earline Parker. Fourth row: Tony Palomo. Billy Earl Pace, Edward Owens, Charlie Ortiz, Arthur Orozco. ROBERTA SLOAN History 31 PERCY PENN Coach, Mathematics t JACK Left to Right f i« loir: Judy Peach. Anita Parsons. Edith Pel lam, Mary Pena. Linda Parsons. Charlotte Pelt. Secoi d row: James Payne. Robert Paschall, Paul Pasqua. Belden Paton. Barbara Patterson. Priscilla Peavy. Third roir: Ralph Partida, Ed Pena. Ernest Gomez, Joe Gomez, Bill Paschall. fourth row: John Partlow, Glen Parmer. Jerry Parma, Bill Paterson, Ronald Patton. Not Shown: Jeanette Patton. Wayne Pass. Lynne Patrick. liftlD Jinffif Wl KiltvPi Mtdittl PttTl Piiltst UU ttt Left to Right — First row: Mary Perez, Peggy Ann Phillips. Beatrice Perez, Elena Perez, Betty Lou Phillips, Margaret Perez. Second row: Amelia Pena, Olivia Perez. Ernestine Pickens. Barbara Pierce. Irma Perez. Nita Pierce, Sophia Perez. Third row: Bill Perdue, Tony Pena, Rufino Pesina. Henry Pereyda. Ben Perez. Manuel Perez. Fourth rote: Har- old Petty, Ronald Perry, Albert Perales, David Perez, Ar- turo Perez. Not Shown: Ernest Pena. David Pierce. i JACK ADAMS Science Ulips, laijirel jiBline Sopb Ptjini. r. Hir «, At- Left to Right — First row: Eugene Puente, Rene Puente, Jimmy Porras, Sara Pool, Linda Quick, Nadene Pratt. Second row: Jerry Privett, Virginia Pineda. Dorothy Porras. Kitty Prewitt, Alice Pina, Fidel Quintanilla. Thirii roir: Michael Poyser, Wesley Pullen, Jeanie Pool, Carole Preas. Phillip Puente. Fourth rote: Jimmy P rice, Aubrey Preston, Paulette Pollock, Eddie Putz, Jack Presley. Not Shouii: Paul Poole, Joe Quiesenberrj-, Sandra Puckett, Nuell Prich- ett. Left to Pvight — First row: Elizabeth Rendon, Antonio Ramir- ez. Juanita Ramirez, Angela Ramirez, Marry Jessie Ranqcl. Josephine Ramos, Bertha Ramsey. Elmer Reed. Second row: Ray Ramirez, Audrea Ranqel, Betty Rcnfro, Hortensia Ranqel, Sharon Reed, Johnny Ramirez. Third row: Richard Rentscheler, Richard Ramirez, Meldred Rawlinson, Frank Ramirez, Johnny Ramirez, Jo Vance Ray. Fourth row: Julian Ramirez, Lynn Ray, Billy Reed, Charles Ramirez, Homer Renfro, Riley Ramsey, Jimmy Reed. Not Shown: Paul Reed, Danny Ramerez. meiK-k ZOE McEVOY History 33 Left to Right — FiiU row: Martha Jean Rhodes. Dolores Reyes, Rita Rios, Zulema Riojas, Virginia Reynolds. Felipe Reyna, Jack Richardson. Second rule: Ophelia Rincon. Doia Rios, Rosario Rico, Alice Reyna, Dimas Rivera, Eugene Rivera, John Rivera. Thnd row: Larry Rich, Pete Rivas. Paul Rios. Manuel Rios, Lynn Reynolds, Matias Reyna. Larry Riddle. Fourth row: Kenneth Ray Richardson, Mike Reyes, Joe Reyes, Alphanso Rios, Louis Reyes, Geuaro Rivera, Joe Rico, Richard Rivas, Leon Roppelo. Not Shown: Harold Rhett. Left to Right — Fnu row: Natalie Rodriquez, Edith Robert- son, Mary Ann Rodriquez, Ruthie Rogers, Mary Frances Rodriquez, Robert Roden, Frank Rodriquez, Chris Rodriquez. Second row: Delores Rodriquez, Leocadia Rodriquez, Gloria Romerio, Rose Marie Romero, San Juana Rodriquez, Steve Rodriquez, Pete Romero. Jesse Rodriquez. Third row: Her- nando Rojas. Pete Rojo. Pete Rodriquez. Mary Louise Romo, Vicenta Romero, Adelina Robles, Daniel Rodriquez. John Rodriquez. Fourth row: Rick Rodkey. Robert Rodriquez. Billy D. Rogers. Richard Rogers. Charles Rodstroni. Larry Roberts. Danny Robinson. ca. kii a ' tot KEDRIC COUCH Coach, History DAN MURRAY Mathemati cs Fraa jdnqgs. !, Gloiii 2, Sltvf ; Hti- ;e lionio, ti, John xltijiK, J, lira Left to Right — Fhil row: Chano Rubacado, Garlin Rushing. Osabel Sanchez, Pauline Salas. Janic Salazar. Irene Salaza, Josephine Sanchez. Second rou: X ' ancla Ross. Nelma Row- den. Joan Russell. Mary Francis Ross. Linda Sanchez. Hope Ruelos. Third row: Allen Roycroft. Clem Senchez Adolph Rorales, Victor Ruiz, Reorge Rubio. Eva Salas. Isabel Sala- zar, Thomas Sanchez. Richard Rowe. Fourth roiv: Walter Russell, Lonny Rousseau, Paul Salinas, Eldelfonso Rorales, Gilbert Salano, Donald Sala. Not Shown: Vincenta Ruiz. Daniel Salazar, Willie Salinas. Ronald Sala. Jack Rutledge. Left to Right — First row: Jayne Santos, Mary Lou Scabolt, Julia Sellitts, Sandra Schrocder. Johnny Santos. Simona Sabedra. Second row: Jesse Sandoval, Frank Sandoval, Car- men Santibanez, Delcita Sechrist, Rachel Santos, Roy Ser- rano. Third row: Susia Saucedo, Roy Self. Jerry Sanderson, Clement Santoys, Ellas Salina, Gerald Scott. Fourth row: Billy Scheibe. Egnacio Sandoval. Joseph Schlcback. Not Shown: Thomas Sawyer. Gilbert Schwander, Enrico Sivella, Steve Schremparhere, Juanita Saucedo. SAM FOSTER Science Left to Right — First Row: Lois Sills, Lynn Silver, Lawrence Shoemaker, Gerald Shafer, Benita Siller, Ann Shoemaker, Wayne Simmons. Second row: L!eda Shelton, Joe Silvan. Tommy Shrode, Billy Skrabanek, James Shopher, Eva Sill, Sharron Shotwell. Third row: Charlene Sherrard, Jerry Simpson, Doyle Sharp, Allan Sharp, James Shumake, John Sill, Joe Sides. Left to Right — First row: Leta Smith, Carolyn Smith, Jeanette Smith, Rosa Soto, Esther Solis, Rita Smith, Larry Smith. Second row: Elizabeth Sosa, Marilyn Smith, Ruby Sloan, Annette Smith, Vera Jean Smallwood, Tony Smith, Johnny Sosa. Bill Sims. Third row: John Smith, Cathryn Ann Smith, Doris Small, Jretta Smith, Patricia Smith, Ken- neth Soloman, Ernest Smith. Fourth row: James Smith, Harvey Smith, David Skelton, Bill Skelton, Secundino Sosa, Not Shown: Charles Smith, Mary Soto. lit li M. Pta Ira EDITH COLE English CLAUDIA CARROLL English HI Left to Right — FinI row: Harold Staples, Mary Staples, Pat Splawn, Margaret Strawn. Second row: Ruthie Spears, Ger- aldine Stone, Betty Strom, Eddie Mae Streety, James Spen- cer. Third row: Carrol Spindle, James Spurgeon, J. T. Spears, Billy Joe Spain, Darlene Sparks. Not Shown: Phyllis Speaker, Mary Louise Stanfield, Barbara Stanley, Lynn Stanley, Wayne Steinmetz, Hubert Steward. Sdiilb, lli,Keii- Suii Left to Right — First row: Shirley Taylor, Carolyn Temple- man, Nettie Sue Taylor, Louise Flores, Nelda Tare, Ruth Ann Taylor, Virginia Kay Suchan. Second row: Graciano Tavera, Jesse Tafalla, Judy Tarpalcchee, Marty Swartz, Jacinto Tavera, Bernie Tare. Third row: Lois Taylor, Shar- ron Sutton, Jo Ann Swafford, Tim Sullivan, Larry Sweeten, Geranimo Teran. Fourth row: Larry Taylor, John Tate, Milford Taylor, Betty Swafford, Jeannie Teem, Robert Swift. Not Shown: Avon Taylor, Ronald Terry-, Janette Tate, Virginia Taylor. ► I COLE MARY R. MARTIN Commercial 37 ,03 9S y CLAUDIA CLAY Commercial OP Left to Right — F rst row: Thomas Bernice, Carol Thompson, Ben Thompson, Roddie Thornhill, Barbara Jo Thompson, David Tovar. Second row: Doleres Torres, Shirley Ann Thompson, Pat Tope, Janette Tooley, Earl Tibbetts, Linda Tilley, Tommy Tovar. Third row: Bow Thacker, Jorge Tobias, Bill Thomasson, Eleanor Thompson, Richard Tovar. Not Shown: Olen Thomas, Loy David Thomas, Austin Thomas, Mary Thomas, Alice Tobias. Left to Right — First row: Mike Trevino, Frances Trillo, Mary O. Valenzuela, Alice Valtierra, Robert Turner. Sec- ond row: Tedora Valdez, Leon Upchurch, Luvinia Valen- zuela. Irma Valdez, Victoria Varcosia, Virginia L ' tz, Eliz- abeth Trent, Donald Trent. Third row: Edward Tucker, Vio- let Valdez, Pauline Trillo, Manuel Uribe, Louis Valdez, John Van Vranken, Ernest Tushka, Verl Tramel, Betty Turus, Bob Tubbs. Not Shown: Lyndon L ' nderwood, Wanda L ' licnik, Frances LTicnick. W ViS Clo B, H MARTHA BONE Homemaking OPAL HOLLEY Physical Education ' ssssT ' ' ' ' " ' ' . " sy J y iL Tiillo, 1 Iff- Vilei- !, Ela- iVio- W»1j Left to Right — First row: Lillieh Verver, Connie Veaga, Dolores Valencia, Susan Valdez, Davis Velasco, Joe Aguirre Villarreal. Second row: Sylvia Villarrcal, Evelyn Vencil, Gloria Velez. Jack Wallace, Jerry Wakeham, Tommy Walk- er, George VeUasco. Third row: Linda Velez, Paul Velas- quez, Henry Villarreal, Jerry Ventrca, Joe Albert Villarreal, Albert Villasana, Jimmy Walker. Fourth row: Clifford Walkup, Louis Voight, Regenald AUwork, Frank Vega. Left to Right— F r.r row: Robert C. White, Weldon West- brook. Jean Watson, Anna Webb, Linda Ward, Linda Wat- kins, Juanita Watking. Second row: Nancy J. Warver, Nancy White, Dennis Weaver, O. C. Wilkinson, Edward Watkins, Inez Westmoreland, Harold Watkins, Robert Lee Watson. Third row: James C. Whitley, Paul Whittington, John Willbanks, Jerry Webster, George E. Williams, Earn- est D. Ward, Larry Webb. Fourth row: Raymond Welnack, Robert R. Webster, Don Wilder, Charles Watkins, Billy A. Watson, Billy Don Watking. Not Shown: Ruby Wag- goner, McBride Waterman, Billy Webster, John Welch, Kenneth Welch, Patricia Wentka, Faylene West. ELIZABETH SIDDALL Drafting 39 JOHN DRENNAN Coach, Mathematics Left to Right — FirU row: David Woodard, Annette Wilson. Patricia Lynn Wilson, Deanie Williams, Dorothy William- son. Second row: Alton Wilson, Melvin Wilson, Douglas Wilson, John Willis, Louise Williams. Third roiv: Jerry Woodall. Douglas Wills, Marlene Williams. ot Shown: Gladys Wilson, Patricia Ann Wilson, Shirley Windham, Carol Winters. Joyce Womack, Daniel Ray Williams, ' Wil- ton Williams, Robert L. Williams, David Wise, Clois Woodall. Jerr)- Williams. Kenneth Woodall, Dewey Woods. Left to Right — First roiv: Estella Ybarra. Mary Elizabeth Ybaro. Laura Janette Ybarbo, Eddie Ybarbo, Armando Zarate. Second row: Adolph Ybarra, Mar) ' Ybarra, Rostan- ena Zambrano, Refugia Zarate. Third row: Hershell Young, Lewis Zaragoza. Johnny Yzaguirre, Polo Zendejas, Eliza- beth Ann Wright. No! Shown: John Allen Wyatt, Robert Zarate. KITTY WASHINGTON Science Bffl- Left to Right — First row: Dennis Wright, Phyllis Childers, Pat Malone, Peggy Bratton, Linda Trees, Judy Robertson, Barbara Vi ' omack, Kaye Lester, Norvil Baker. Second you:- Butch Bonds, Owen McKinney, Jimmy Troyer, Tommie Freeman, Elizabeth Shumake. Pat Kowalski, Bernadette Kowalski, Ofelia Sllva, Mary Ellen Barbee, Lynda Sill, Richard McMakin. Third row: Joe Potash, Bill Kuster, Ray Ochoa, Larry Paschall, Ronald Wright, Don Penning- ton, Charles Brymer, Steve Lopez, Jesse Russ, Charles Veekly. Fourth row: John Bennett, Larry Hodges, Robert Villarreal, Bill Burke, Perry Gresham, Joe King, Jesse Edgar, Roger Sherwood Strain, Sammy Wilson. Fijth row: Arthur McBride, Robert Holt, Joe Compise, Rudy De Leon, Henry Corrizales, Wesley Holden, Iskmael Silvas. Not Shown: Jerry Snow, Helen Rozel Collard. Left to Right — First row: John Mowery, Jimmy Walters, John Robles, Ted Kiser, Yvette Green, Joe Ramirez, Virgil Holmes, Ralph Martinez. Second row: Billy Isbell, Jerry Howard, Jerry Sinclair, Arley Morrison, Joe Azcona Jr., Michael Byrnes, Leslie Shipp. Third row: Jim Williams, Billy Eason, Howard Gray, Felix Arista, Coy McCuUough, Don Crabtree, James Cox, Billy Pinson. Fourth row: Harvey Littrell, Sherrill Starr, Larry Annett, Travis Bell, Charles Overman, David Kinzy, Larry Francis. Not Shown: Rose Minsky, Ellis Tuomi, Don L ' tter. R. E. ' BOB ' SANDERS Industrial Cooperative Training 41 OLIVE DUDLEY Cosmetology Left to Right — First row: Jean LeMay, Sue Whittenberg, Virginia Hall, Joy Sue Jackson, Milta Pool, Martha Garza. Second rou - Joan Rich, Jane Tacker, Nedra Morehead, Patsy Wanks, IBarbara Dugan, Mary Hobbs. Virginia Potts. Not Shown: Ann Daggett, Sharon Teniplemen. Left to Right — First row: Julian Robledo, Armando Rodri- quez, David Martinez, Johnny Murray, Jasper Mallard. Second row: Robert Jennings, Salvador Carvajal, Kingsley Bergfeld, Tommy Stroope. Billy Johnston. Third row: John Garey, Robert Sill, Robert Moreno, Ernest Villarreal, Phillip Mendez, Hugh Summers. Not Shown: John Wil son, Al- fredo Sanchez, Felipe Duran, John Alsip, Robert Angell. J. FLOYD ALEXANDER Auto Mechanics Jacqueline Huber anj Patricia Smith. COUNSELING P. W. LOUCKS Shop Counselor 43 MARJORIE FALCONER Nurse ANN SEWELL Therapist NURSE ' S OFFICE JEANIE LOUIS 44 i Kenneth Colejnan Ham Oper.ilor TECHNICAL PROGRAM Special courses are an added attraction at Tech. Gerald Mays Roger Kilgore Chris Duarate Monty Hohnsbehn Jerry Woodall Parrel 1 Pass 45 A ' Ronald Cumminss and Paul ri liL-i ADVANCED AUTO im Armando Rodriquez and Juhnny Murray. (jerald Mays, Earl King, Roger Kilgore, Ed Marion, Jimmy James, Monnie Hohnsbehn, Chris Duarate and Jerry Woodall 46 GENERAL AUTO Jerry Woodall, Chris Duarate, Roger Kilgore, Farrell Pass Jimmy James and Monnie Hohnsbehn. ipqi ADVANCED WOOD ! Carlo Campise GENERAL WOOD rr%. Rene Puente, Caspar Ibarra, Clifford Walkup and (jeorge Cortinas. Bobby Gibson 47 r j fitv If! l-: iJB Butch Taylor and Antonio Ramirez. SHEET METAL » t ■ , John Crone MACHINE SHOP Lyndon Underwood. Cliff Walkup. Don Derring and Frank Douglas. ELECTRIC SHOP Edward Watkins RADIO SHOP Hugh Mayberry and Phill Finster. 49 Benjamin Gonzales PRINT Julian Ramirez Robert Watson and David Velasco SHOP 50 ' mi MECHANICAL DRAWING Jack Bell COMMERCIAL ART Sharon Moore and Mar) ' Alice Millot. 51 A Nedra Morehead COSMETOLOGY Jean LeMay ART POTTERY Blance Osorio Jacky Hellmuth 52 wimpmmfmmm!m 1. . i . .1 — 1 — 1 " r - • f Don Crabtree, Travis Bell, and John Robles DISTRIBUTIVE OCCUPATIONS DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Norvill Baker 53 Janie Salazar, Mary Mendoza and Gennie Barnett TYPEWRITING Rosie Luna, Joan Cockrill and Ronnie Terry. Frances Adams, Phyllis Childers, Lupe Diaz, Celia Marquez Leonora Neria and Olga Orozco. Felisita Anguiano, Dwiglit Blackwell, Genevive Coronado, Sharon Hart, Linda Hays, Susie Saucedo and Pauline Trillo. 54 •» i. _ _ _, _ Patricia Franks, Doris Badgley, and Donald Trent TECH TALK STAFF Doris Badgley, Donald Trent and Patricia Franks. CALCULATING MACHINES Frances [cClellan and Gloria Medina. Glenda Abacrombie 55 JT ■ 1 f Janie Huerta, Jean Watson. Rose Marie Hood, Wanda Vlicnik, Betty Strom, Joan Davis, Wanda Myers, Mary Emerton and Mary Thomas. HOMEMAKING Jerrie Higdon, Marye Budrow, Pat Splawn and Belt)- Brown . 5iP w - • H ' Judy Arnold and Barbara Fouse. i 56 Mary John RENE LEE STENNIS Librarian t liown. Kirk Castleman and Bob Darr. Ned Bryant and James Harvey. ■f P SAMMIE KIRKHAM Librarian Assistant CHARLES OWENS Chemistry 57 Domingo Guerro PHYSICAL Virginia Reynolds Joe Gomez EDUCATION 58 n T y Louise Swift Juanita Ricliey STUDY HALLS Mildred Ra%vlinson and Angclia Ramirez 59 ' 3S» -- BAND I LOCHE LUND Director m( MEMBERS; W ilda Hyland, Lawrence Henr ' . Estella Franco. Bernie Tate, Hany Mansfield. Kenneth Soloman, Frank Sandoval, Leslie Rowen, Raymond Haggart, Ignicio Sandoval, Waco Arterbury. Charles Lockhart, Ann Shumaker. Mary Hudson. Hiram Olivo. Kay Miller. Ohvia Valenzuela. Johnny Sosa, Larry Webb, Ralph Partida, Mike Malone, Argentina Acosta, Nadine Pratt, Elaine Jones, Linda Velez, Luvina Valenzuela and Bill Sims. Not Shown: Manuel Alva, Ruben Franco, Israel Maldonado, Billy Menchaca. Carlos Verver. John O Malley. Raymond Bunch. Georgia Dotson and George Ashcraft. 60 CHORUS • FRANCES CERMINARO Dheclor il, L»l ' t J Mill " ' jVelft Left to Right — First rou: Delores Reyes, Luvina Valenzuela, Carol Anderson. Linda Haley. Estella Franco, Kay Faries, Alice Pina, Lois Mosier, Natalie Rodriquez, Vicenta Romeio, Delores Gonzales, Marlow Acosta, Carol Godwin, Beverly Harrison, Delores Hernandez, Rosalinda Martinez, and Concepcion Najera. Second row: Mar Gardner. Jeanie Youngblood, Ann Doggett, Geraldine Stone, James Payne, David Hines, Tony Smith, Johnny Willis, James Downey, Frank Rodriquez, Roy Maldanado, Mary Cortinas, Gayle Hammond, Ann Cur- rent, Wanda Ford. Marlyne Garza. Johnnie Fisher, and Claudette Bamett. Third row: Avelina Martinez. Mary Staples, Evelyn Combs, Carolyn Mitchell. Lois Taylor, Joan Rich. Harold Foster. Ronnie Mabe, William Menchacka, Riley Albertson, Ronald Periy, Bobby Bunch, Raymond Moraski, Lavada Capps, Sharon Moore, Glenda Bailey. Betty Brown. Patricia Splawn. Helen Davilla, and Ruth Algarin. Fourth rou: Rebecca Enriquez, Jacky Hellmuth, Antonio Palamo, Johnny Barker, Billy Hester, George Ashcraft, Johnny Maitinez, Eddie Mench- acka, Richard Lozano, Ismael Alfaro, Joe Reys. Kirk Castleman, Sharon Sutton, and Ernestine Pickens. 61 QUEEN PATSY HARWELL ROTC MILITARY BALL Left to Right; Princesses Lynn Stanley, Alice Johnson. Sharon Davis, Queen Patsy Harwell. Drena Jurden, Oleta De Priest, Jane Cannon and Argentina Acosta. 62 J ML Cadet Master Sergeant WAYNE MILLER Supply Sergeant Cadet Sergeant Major ROGER HOLLOWAY Sergeant Major Cadet First Lieutenant PATRICK NAPIER Adjutant Cadet Second Lieutenant DONN HAMMERLUND Fire Marshal Cadet Colonel BUSTER BOSARGE Commanding Officer Cadet First Lieutenant D. RONALD PATTON Intelligence Cadet Lieutenant Colonel RUBEN HINOJOSA Executive Officer Cadet Major CARL HENISEY Training RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS Colonel R. L. MOSES Commandant of Cadets Master Sergeant HUBERT CHANDLER Army Instructor Master Sergeant JULIAN SIMONS Army Instructor 63 n First row. left to right: Waco Arterbury. Secoitd row: Hiram Oliva, Larry Webb, John Bates, Mike Malone. Third row: Raymond Bunch. Charles Lockhart, Ralph Partida, Johnny Sosa. Fourth row: Frank Fehmel, Lawrence Henry, William Menchaka, Johnny Barker. Fijtb row: George Ashcraft, Frank Sandoval, Kenneth Curtis. Not shown: Michael Middleton, William Sims, Carlos Verver. Left to right: Ollie Elmore, Roger Holloway, Jim Mulcahy, Alex Escamilla and James Campbell. 64 1. i_ _... ]. i. First row, left to right: Carlos Lopez, James Day and Carl Henisey. Second row: Jimmy Nash, Donnie Christy, Benny Cooper, Bruce Lloyd, David Murrah, Jerry Yates, Wallace Jones, Joe Garza and Freddie McBride. Third row: Kenneth Coleman, Jerry Holt, Tony Castellanos, Patrick Napier, Tommy Sanchez, Paul Malone, Jesse Harrison, James Brawner and X ' ayne Wise. Fourth row: Frank Fehmel, Donn Hammerlund, O. C. Wilkinson, Phil Finster, William Reed, Johnny Sosa, Gilbert Escamilla, Albert Grubbs and Cruz Gonzales. Fifth row: Robert Webester, David Patton, Paul Fischer, Wayne Crumby, James Clark, Donnie Green, James Fuller and S. Leon Ropolo. Sixth row: Alex Escamilla and James Campbell. First row, left to right: Patrick Napier and James Fuller. Second row: Jesse Harrison, Donald Christ) ' , Robert Webster, Edward Watkins, Joe Garza, Daniel Salazar and Joseph Schlebach. Third row: Kenneth Coleman, Tony Hino- josa, Billy Mazzucco, Carlos Lopez, Alex Escamilla, Lynn Lloyd, John Clarke and Carl Henisey. Not Shown: Comer Loyd and Robert White. 65 I I I I I First row, left to right: Buster Bosarge, Ruben Hinojosa. Carl Henisey. Second row: Frank Fehmel, Patrick Napier, Waco Arterbury, Albert Becker. James Day, Scotty Brimer, Robert Williams. Third row: Michael Malone, Robert Web- ster, Donn Patten, Milford Taylor, Louis VaUez, and John Clarke. Firu row. left to right: Bruce Lloyd, Carlos Lopez, Louis Valdez, James Day, Danny Bunch, Wayne Wise, Ronnie Dean. Second row: Kenneth Coleman, Donald Mongaras, Wilton Moore, Robert Turner, Sammy Arnold, Frank Rodri- quez, Edward Newell, Santos Bernal, Willie Arriaga. Third row: Cruz Gonzales, Raymond Moraski, William Reed, Mel- vin Wilson, Edwin Wakeham, Jacinto Tavera, Homer Renfro. Joseph Furra. Edward Marion, Jerry Holt. Fourth row: Lawrence Anderson, Roy Gray, Larr} ' Floyd, Manuel Rios, Donald Barker, Billy Flemming, Donnie Green, Edward Owens, Albert Langston, Donald Sala, Gilbert Escamilla, Edward Fuller, Carl King, and Ronnie Bradbeary. T -_ __ _ First row, left to right: James McKinney, Tony Castellanos, Moses Acosta, Bobby Dickson and Paul Fischer. Second row: Jimmy Nash, Howard Gordon, Joe Garza, Beeny Cooper, Charles McKinney, Gaylon Gotten, Larry Brown, Edward Watkins and Paul Malone. Third row: Bill Perdue, Genena Rangel, Dennis Weaver, O. C. Wilkinson, Earl Trbbetts, Jerry Johnson, Jimmy Bibbs and Richard Guzman. Fourth row: Robert Zarate, Billy Griswold, Kenneth Richardson, Silver Hernandez, Wayne Steinmetz, Jerry Ferguson, Freddie McCormick, Harold Staples and Billy Greenlee. Fifth row: Raymon Contreras, Edward Menchaka, Terry Whitley and Billy Rogers. I First TOW, left to right: Thomas Sanchez, Joseph Schlebach, Albert Becker, Milford Taylor and John Willbanks. Sec- ond row: James Fuller, Leon L ' pchurch, Steve Baird, Tony Smith, Joe Melton, David Perez, Freddie McBride, Secundino Sosa and Jerry Brown. Third row: Leon Roppolo, Kenneth Freeman, Eldefonso Resales, Ronnie Carson, Jessie Harrison, Sammy Carroll, James Abercrombie, Julian Mesa, Edward Anderson and Albert Grubbs. Fourth row: Robert Roden, Connie Kerbo, Robert Moon, Jessie Sandoval, David Miller, Bill Webster, Leslie Crumby, Manuel Medrano, Charles Kinslow, and Bill DeWever. 67 fi ' 1 1 mm -■-,■■ , ' ' - aa in QEBHaBjjMlK s - , T ! 1 " -— :W-— ■ t -■ " ■fif K . Q •W. J " ! ' ' K - ■ 1 ff . 1 dli ■» ' ' . 1 7 . -Vf - : 7 :. z " " ■ P 2 ' i ' •r- mm. ' -lai 1 i i b ' f 1 D COMPANY B 3 1 F; j rou ' , left to right: Marvin Hickson, Robert Williams, Scotty Brimer, Robert Webster and Alton Wison. Second row: Dale Fisher, Daniel Salazar, Mike Trevino, Floyd Gantt, Melvin Fletcher and James Feltman. Third row: Billy Mazzucco, Benny Hulsey, Kenneth Feltman, Jerry Kelly, Willie Salinas and Jackie Edgar. First row, left to right; Lynn Lloyd, Monie Hohnsbeith, John Clarke, Jerry Fades and Donald Christy. Second row: Jerry Yates, Steve Schrimpshere, James Brawner, Wallace Jones, John Wilson, Pedro Marquez and Austin Thomas. Third row: Steve Cantu, Forrest DuVal, Weldon Westbrook, Steve Harrell, Kenneth Mullen, Jerry Bailey and Julian Robledo. Fourth row: Tony Hinojosa, David Murrah, Paul Palomo, John Alsip, Bobby Gibson and Jolinny Murray. 68 :t ANNE TURNER Senior Counselor IS SSI ' " _ SENIORS I960 CHARLES LORINCZ Senior Sponsor JOE GARNER President 69 Charles Anderson ' ' John Robles and Fidel Quintanella. c dk I Irmk Bob Angell 70 Defphina Anguiano Florence Anguiano Mike Anguiano ! TT % •M y Jimmy Anton Felix Arista Nancy Armstrong Waco Arterbury Joe Azcona son Albert Bailey Norvil Baker Paul Whittington, Teddy Billingsley, Thomas Moore and Earl D. Barton. Johnny Barker Mary Barbee Albert Becker Ernest Beiinares Travis Bell 71 -y s i Eva Sill, Doris McClellan, and Leonora Figora. Scotty Brimer Sharron Brittain Betty Brown 72 V L Mickey Berard Bonita Bircheff Buster Bosarge Doyce Bothwell Loyce Boyd Cbi Lester Brandt Delores Brewer f of, Ban Ned Bryant A Qui li Charles Bryner Shirley Burgess Salvadore Carvajal Jessie Caster Kirk Castleman I Betty Chappell Phyllis Childers Mary Cortinas and Linda Quick. Charles Climer Jerr) ' Coker V Helen CoUard ; Joe Campise Jessie Carreion 73 ■rMt Mary Cortinas Patsy Cotton Ann Cox Lila Crook Ann Current to Lynn Stanley, Johnnie Rich, Donnie Harrell, Betty Turns, and Darlene Gideon. -1 Jeff Davis Sharon Davis James Day Maurine Deckard Don Deering ila 74 Cecilia De La Rosa Rudy De Leon Ann Delhagen Esperanza Diaz Lupe Diaz Bobby Dickson Donna Doughty Betty Brown and Shirley Dudley. Mary Duran Billy Eason Jesse Edgar Margaret Eilers Juanita Enriquez 75 Rebecca Enriquez Carole Farmer P 4 Frank Fehmel Leonor Figueroa Paul Fisher Yn Bill Garcia Yvette Gees Carol Godwin Steve Goodwin ■ v Niche Gomez Delores Gonzales Pete Rojo, Gilbert Arriga, Jesse Ortiz, and Jesse Tafalla. Gregory Gonzales Jesse Gonzales Perry Gresham Glen Grimes Tommy Grubbs » Gloria Guerrero Joe Guerrero Pearl Gutierrez yfj 4 i Linda Haley Jeanella Halliburton Carl Henisey Jr. Frank Hernandez Ray Hernandez Rudolph Hernandez Jack Hewitt 78 - . Pat Hicks Martha Higgins Ruben Hinojosa M ms mi k Jerry Hitchcock Ken Hodge Larry Hodges Patricia Holmes i» - % f ' lL i r, ' : ( A ' - ' m« - ® ' jK I ■ . ' . i. 1 mMj ll m ' 1 i i .; P wfm 1 Perry Gresham and Jerry Hitchcock. Linda Horton Jerry Howard Jackie Huber Janie Huerta Leland Hyde t Carolyn Ingram Ali( Joe Ingram Carolyn Ingram and Delois Jones. Billy Isbell 1 ■■ •■ Alice Johnston Carolyn Jones WP - PT 1B ( Delois Jones Roy Joyce Thomas Kealhofer Joe King Robert King Barbara Stanley, I-inda Parsons and Charlene Horn. Patsy Kowalski ■Hi )l». 4 fy _l. Frank Kucera Bill Kuster Sylvia Lacy 81 « ' » John Laing Josephine Leal Jean Le May I Mary Lentz Kaye Lester Hii Lynn Loyd Joe Lopez Frank Kucera, Lester Brandt, Eddie Putz, Gerald Scott, and Eugene Harris. R. H. Lopez Erma Mata Mike Mata Dorothy Martinez ( ' « " SSr-IJ Ralph Martinez Joyce Massey Sylvia Nichols and Pat Napier. Ann McDaniel r ' ' . L i Esta McDaniel Billy Mclntire Jackie McKinney Richard McMakin Robert Medrano la) Delphina Anguiano and Dalia Alvarez. ' 1i Jessie Mitcham 84 Carolyn Mitchell Thomas Moore Waymon Meistrell Drucilla Miller Charles Overman V Dorothy Owen Antonio Palomo Earline Parker 1 b M pI 1 r» 1 - " K ' s Mary Chamberland, Jonnie Rich , Donnie HarrelL and Walter Russell. t. Jo Parker Bobby Paschall David Patton Jeanette Patton Pa vO: Priscilla Peavy 86 Edward Pena Barbara Thompson, Becky Macias, Gloria Morin, Eleanor Thompson, Shirley Thompson, and Ann Morrison. Riley Ramsey Carolyn Randle xrN -wv ■•- ■ .. Mildred Rawlinson Jimmy Reed Elizabeth Flores Rendon Alice Reyna Virginia Reynolds Ew Mary Rodriquez T7 Eva Salas Joseph Schlebock Gerald Scott Deleita Sechrist Roy Serrano Ignachio Sandoval and Maria Alcantar. Ishmael Silvas Bill Skelton 89 Mary Staples Roger Strain Margaret Strawn Irma Valdez Luvinia Valenzuela jH Vickie Varcasia Donnie Harrell. Bobby Allen. Herman Mayer, and Allen Roycroft «=•( i It " Robert Webster Patricia Wentka Bob White Nancy White Paul Whittington 92 fC ' Barbara Womack D.u id Woodward olin Willhanks f i Robert Williams Louise Williams Wilton Williams Alton Wilson tJ Gladys Louise Wilson Wayne Wise Dennis Wright Mary Ybarra Refugia Zarate Robert Zarate 93 PROJECTION MACHINE OPERATORS First r ou; left to right: Darlene Gideon, Alice Johnston, Eleanor Thompson. Martha Higgins, Margaret Strawn. Dorothy Owen, Peggy Nelson, and Freddie Gonzales. Second row: Mike Malone, Ned Bryant, Dale Watkins, Larr) ' Donihoo, Frank Kucera, Ronnie Perry. Albert Bailey and Mr. Owens. Third rou-: John Cannon, Don Grant, James Harvey, Harry Mansfield, Robert Burgess, Philip Broadhurst. Albert Perales. and Charles Anderson. Fourth rou-: Connie Kerbo, Kenny Carthcart, Bill De Weaver. George Williams. Robert Medrano. Gene Boyd. Robert Enriques, and Kenneth Woodall. 94 A TT SENIOR FAVORITES Kenneth Marlow, Frank Kucera, Sharron Brittain and Joe Bob Garner. 95 ■■ ■ " ' I MOST BEAUTIFUL Dmcilla Miller . MOST HANDSOME Lester Brandt 96 Tf .-j - 4 s MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sharron Brittain i J n:,l y J MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Joe Bob Garner St;-. ' •A MOST POPULAR Jessie Mitcham 1 MOST POPULAR Fidel Quintanilla 98 f .. J. ]i MOST ATHLETIC Beatrice Moreno MOST ATHLETIC Roy Joyce I FRIENDLIEST Rosa Soto FRIENDLIEST Jeff Davis 100 — ( tSimh rii v k imA Delores Brewer MOST BEAUTIFUL Steve Goodwin MOST HANDSOME RUNNERS-UP Delphina Anquiano MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED John Robles MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Alice Johnston MOST POPULAR Tommy Grubbs MOST POPULAR Deiores Gonzales MOST ATHLETIC II Vickie Varcasia FRIENDLIEST Mike Reyes FRIENDLIEST 102 V •% c V ■:. : JUNIOR Dorothy Irons JL FAVORITES Ruben Franco FAVORITES Frank Moreno SOPHOMORE if FAVORITES Eddie Ybarbo FRESHMAN Amelia Pena Darlene Gideon JUNIOR FAVORITE Johnny Guest JUNIOR FAVORITE RUNNERS-UP Jani e Cannon SOPHOMORE FAVORITE Riley Albertson SOPHOMORE FAVORITE 106 Arthur Perez FRESHMAN FAVORITE Conception Diaz FRESHMAN FAVORITE p SCHOOL WIDE FAVORITES ITE THE TWOSOME Jo Parker and Kenneth Marlow 107 • ? m ' ,-„ „ " , ?. " " " F ... . i- ' . jmJ MR. SMILES Paul Pasqua 108 MR. SCHOLAR Riley Ramsey MISS SCHOLAR Betty Brown V J ' » MR. FASHION Jimmy Bledsoe 10 MISS RHYTHM Frances Hill j ir i H B Wilkl " ' J J B mvs j U pi R i B - k MR. RHYTHM Ronnie Perry B " k A fl " ■ 1 r MISS WIT Shirley Dudley MR. WIT David McGee 112 " ' I H 1 « l H [ 1 MISS FLIRT Mary Chamberlain MR. FLIRT Moses Acosta ir MISS CITIZEN Patricia Franks MR CITIZEN Lester Brandt 114 D.nid i [cGte pledges National Honor Society CLUB LIFE Key Club boys Tonimy Grubbs. Ronald Perry, Kirk Castlcman and Riley Albertson sing for the Kiwanis Club. 115 Y-TEENS Left to right, first rc w: Josephine Leal, Patsy Beaty, Delores Gonzales, and Lois Taylor. Second rou-: Benita Berchif. Lupe Diaz, Betsy Romero, Carmen Alonza, Sally Henisey, Susie Saucedo. Johnnie Fisher. Third row: Vir- ginia Lopez, Tina Acosta, Mary Ayala, Yvonne Beard, BettyBrown, Dot Owen, and Orolyn Mitchell. Fourth ruu-: Jane Tacker, San Juana Rodriquez, Mary Budrow, Dorothy Martinez, Alice Johnson, and Jackie Hellmuth. Fijth row: Sherry Lemons, Erma Mata, Natalie Rodriquez, Georgia Dotson, Bettj ' Storm, Margaret Martinez, Celia Mar- quez. 116 Wii. . LEADERS: Vickie Varcasia, Delores Gcinzalcs, Hilda Davilla. Alice Rcyna. Lois Taylor arnl Patsy Beaty. CelijM Left to right, first low: Vickie Varcasia, Alice Reyna, Luvina Valenzuela, Hilda Davila. Second row: Alice Pina. Estella Franco, Ann Current, Linda Haley, Mary Cortinas. and Mary Helen Gonzales. Third row: Paula Cunningham, Jo Ann Benker, Louise Williams. Dolly Alvarez, Alica Alfaro. Anita Alfaro, and Delores Gonazles. Fourth rnu: Velta Cunningham, Cecilia De La Rosa, Janic Huerta, Mary Pena, Elaine Jones, Sharon Davis, Pat Innes, and Delores Gonzales. Fifth row: Ruth Algarin, Helen Algarin. Delores Reyes, Lillie Verva. Jessie Mitchem, Josie Nfendoza, Wanda Ulicnik and Frances Ulicnik. 117 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Left to njilit, jnu row: Peggy Nelson. Martha Higgins. Lois Taylor. Richard Rogers. Lester Brandt. Carol Godwin, Eva Sill, Carolyn Jones. Second row: Betty Chappel, Jean Halliburton, Alice Reyna, Margaret Stawn, Dorothy Owens, Carolyn Mitchell, Sharon Brit- tain, Pat Hicks, Betty Brown. Third row: Betty Philips, Erma Valdez, Lynda Sill, Esta McDaniel, Jackie Huber. Shirley Burgesses. Priscilla Peavy, Janet Mayer, fourth row: Jerry Snow. Edna Atkins, Alice Johnston, Jerry Sill, David McGee, Kirk Castleman. F A row: Robert Medrano. Billy Skelton. Fehmel. Joe Bob Garner, Johnny Lewis, Riley Ramsey, Jimmy Reed. Wtfc, stBnit 1 118 KEY CLL ' B QUEEN Alice Johnston KEY CLUB Alice Johnston, Kirk Castltnian and Richard Rogers Left to right, first row: Kirk Castleman, Richard Ropers, Jeft Davis, Lester Brandt and Tommy Grubbs. Secoiid row: Tom Sawyer. Bob White, John Barker, Freddie Gonzales, Riley Albcrtson, Billy Capps, and Joe Macias. Third row: Johnnie Guest, Jerry Parma, Ronnie Perry, Bill DeMoss, David McGee, John Bates, Pat Napier and Richard Mills. Fourth row: John Bates, Riley Ramsey, Don Grant, Eugene Kinard and Dean Anderson. 119 ALLIED YOUTH Left til right, fint rotv: Alice Pma, Estella Franco. Riley Albertson and Luvinia Valenzuela. Second row: Lupe Diaz, Betsy Romero, Carolyn Mitchell, Martha Norris, Juanita W ' atkins, Susie Saucedo, Glenda Bailey, and Nettie Sue Taylor. Third row: Josephine Leal, Bar- bara O ' Neal, Harold Watkins, Philip Broadhurst, John Willbanks, Johnnie Fisher, Erma Mata, Richard McMakin. Kol Shown: Bill Skelton. David Skelton. Shirley Thompson, Frances Ulicnik, Wanda Ulicnik, Virginia Reynolds, Joe Torrza, Henrj Lawrence, and Pat Leeds. 120 La FUTURE NURSES Left to right, first rou: Jeanne Louis. Dorothy Martinez, and Marj- JunelL Second rotv: Pat Hicks. Ann Current. Elizabeth Fuller and Patsy Bell 121 JUNIOR RED CROSS 122 ART APPRECIATION CLUB Left to right, first rou: Johnnie Fisher, l.ynn Reynolds, Carmen Santibanez, Virginia Reynolds, Treddy Gonzales and John Willbanks. Second row: Maria Alcantar, Georgia Havanis, Sandra Schroeder, Louise Williams, Sandra Holt, Beverley Harrison and Sharon Moore. Third row: Luvinia Valcnzuela, Alice Pina, Stella Franco, Manuel Aha. Wardlow Flliotf and Secundino Sosa. Fifth row: Ernest Belmares, Ignacio Sandoval, Eugene Rivera, Dimas Rivera and Rudolph Hernandez. 123 LIBRARY ' ' COUNCIL Left to right, first x ir: Gloria Morin, Angela Ramirez, Sammy Garey, and Harold Harrell. Second rou-: Joe Guerrero, Lynn Stanley. Paul Pasqua, Mary Chamberlain, and Kirk Castleman. Third row: Mrs. Sammie Kirkham, Fred Casares, Senaido Acevedio, Jerry Parma, Barbara Stanley. Tim Sullivan, and Jimmy Bledsoe. Not Shown: Rose Garcia, Roy Serrano, and David Tovar. 124 PUBLIC ADDRESS OPERATORS Jolin Partliiw and Roger Holloway John Cannon Left to right: Bill Capps, John Cannon, John Partlow, ami Roger Holloway 125 T CHEMISTRY CLUB Left to right, jirsi rou: John Cannon. Ruben Garcia, James Harvey, Bob White and Eugene Kinard. Second row: Ronald Perry, Mike Malone, Tony CastiUanos. Mario Chapa and C. W. Owens — sponsor. Third row: Jeanne Louis, Dorothy Owen, Peggy Nelson, Anne Cur- rent and Mary Cortinas. 126 i IM SPORTS CHEERLEADERS First row: Alice Johnston, Dclores Gonzales, Lois Taylor. Second roir: Ron.ild Pcny. ' roinniy Grubbs. Johnny Guest. Jerry Parma. 127 LEADERS Tommv Grubhs an l Delores Oorii ales Lois Taylor and Jerry Parma V , HEAD COACH Joe Pasqua FOOTBALL COACHES; Penn. Drt-nnan. Pasqua, Stay, and Couch 130 .v ' .- -■ ' . K -v-i ' ,. A •I t ' 4-;;.,.. 7 3ej-- HjgH HK Iv. HIGH , I 5CH00I.S Lclt to rit;ht. . ' ij loii : HarolJ H.mell, Earnest Villareal. Kenneth Marluw, Frank Moreno, Paul Salinas, " Frank Kureea, Elias Salinas, Richard Rogers, Capt. David McGee, Capt. Tony Gonzales, Paul Pasqua, Eugene Harris, Wm. Griswild. Second row: Coach Joe Pasqua, Perty Penn, John Arista, Lee Aulr)-, Gerald Scott, Frank Vega, Bill Mtlntire, John Enquirez, Cliffton Hiltz, Paul Estrada, Gilbert Arriaga, Joe Rico, Robert Sills, Coach Kedric Couch, John Drennen, Bill Seay. Third row: Steve Goodwin, Frank Medrano, Doyce Boswell, Gene Boyd, Jerr) ' Gonzales, Hugh Sumners, Eugene Kinard, David Collins, Jack Jewitf. Bill DeMoss, Lester Brandt, Verl Tramel. BACKS: Brandt, Moreno, McGee and Kuccra and Coach Penn 131 DOYCE BOSWELL Tackle DAVID COLLINS Tackle BILL DeMOSS End PAUL ESTRADA Guard GERRY GONZALES Guard JOHN ENRIQUEZ Guard TONY GONZALES End Captain 133 STEV£ GOODWIN End HUGENE HARRIS Center JACK HEWITT End CLIFTON HILTZ Guard EUGENE KINARD End FRANK KUCERA Halfback 134 DAVID McGEE Opt.iin Fullback BILL MilNTlRE Guard KENNETH MARLOW Quarterback PAUL PASQUEA Center PAUL SALINAS Halfback GERALD SCOTT Guard ROBERT SILLS Tackle 136 HI C,H M MMl.KN End, Guard IKANK VLGA Tackle VERL TRAMEL Tackle i ERNEST VILLREAI. Halfback 137 4 i PRINCESS Dalia Alravez QUEEN Frances Hil DADS CLUB FOOTBALL QUEEN AND PRINCESSES k- " lie i PRINCESS Darlene Gideon 138 PRINCESS Jessie Mitcham " L. ' «ii ' A COACH ROSY ADKISSON BASKETBALL Left to right, first row: Stanley Berr ' man, Louis Valdez, Gene Browder, Kirk Castleman, Frank Moreno, Thomas Tovar. Second row: Ollie Elmore. Joe Garner. James Shumake, Jimmy Price. Roy Joyce. Eugene KinarJ. Jimmy Bled.soc. Jack Lawor. Arthur Orozco. 139 QUEEN Mary Chamberlain i 140 J KIRK CASTLEMAN Guard JOE GARNER Forward ROY JOYCE Center ARTHUR OROZCO Guard JAMES SHUMAKE Forward I.cft to Right-f Vj tow: Tony Castil- Ion, Ral| )i Martin- ez, Fidel Quintanil- la, Steve C a n t u , Henry I.ozano, anil Mariano C h a p a Sii ' ijiiJ rou: Alfiei.i Ulaylock, G er a I d Scott, Elias Salinas, Gene B r o w d e r , Bobby Martelano and Frank Kuccra. Third row: Eugene Harris (Mgr.) Ce- cil Vega, Danny Ramirez, Ed Pena, Cecil BiUey, Gil- bert Salano, Joe Garner, Marshall Anguiano, John Partlow and Coacli Couch. BASEBALL AND Left to Right — First • ou: Frank Kucera. Cknc Browder, Eu- gene Kinard. Ray- ni o n d Gonzales, and Oaih Drennan Second row: Jimmy Walker. Douglas Wills, Tony Gon- zales and Cliffton Hiltz. Third rou: Lester Brandt. Hugh Summer, Jack Hew- itt and Don Vl ' ilder. Foiirlh row: Frank Mcdrano, Paul Es- trada. Fred Blanton and Billv Griswald (Mgr.) I Left U) Rig ht — Coach Quesenberry, Jerry H o h n s o n , Frank Ramirez. James Payne, Joe Castillo, Johnny Benson, John Hatch- er, and Bill Schiebe. GOLF AND TENNIS Left to R i g li t - Kneelhig: James Harvey, John Bates. Hiram Olivo and Johnny Sosa. Stand ing: Coach Gentsch. Alice Pena, Estell.i Franco, Johnnie Fisher, Julie French and Argentina Aco- sta. .MSl : 144 DRILL TEAM Captain Patsy Harwell, Trailer Margaret Strawn, First Lieutenant Pat Hicks, Second Lieutenant Martha Higgins, and Mascot Susie Greene. ■■ MARIBEL WHUH Sponsor Left to Right; Pat Wilson, Glenda Bailey, Eleanor Thompson. Lila Crook, Violita Valdez, Julie French, Paula Cummingham, Janie Huerta. Carol Hughes, Elizabeth Fuller and Wanda Henderson. Hlit ' PATSY HARWELL Captain Fay Criswell. Edith Carter, HIiJa Lara, Alaia Altaro. Lillie Verver, Shirley Thompson, Patsy Beaty, Hilda Davila, Barbara Patterson, Paulette Pollock. Leaders at front: Hicks, Harwell, Greene, Higgins and Strawn TRAILER Margaret Strawn I I Icrry Howard and Tommy Grubbs Patricia Smith and Mrs. McCauley Manuel Medina and Eva Salas Anita Parson and Saddie Lemmerhirt. NataliL- Rtidnqutz and San Juana Rodriquez Janet Dawes, Bernice Dawes and Inman. 148 Helen Collert and Virginia Geeslin Pauline Trillo, Olga Orozco, Frances Trillo, Amelia Diaz, Connie Villegas, Simona Sabedra, Felisite Anguiano and Mary Helen Lopez. Fred Blanton, Clifford Walkup and Larr) ' " Canary " Donihoo. John Willbanks and Annette Smith. Violeta Valdez and Eleanor Thomp son. Alice Johnston and Bob Darr. . ' i - Hortensia Rengel and Beatrice Ybarra. Buster Bosarge. Ruben Hinojosa and Jessie Caster. Irma Mata f « 149 E.iilint- P.iikti, Cnlhcrt Anig.i and Delcit.i Scthrist Sue Whittcnberg and Virginia Hall Georgia Havanis, Joyce Gammiee anJ Carol Farnier Difiiti 150 t K Larry Rich and Danny Sullivan iMaria Alcantar Tommy Grubhs and Louis Vault Moses Acosta n 1 VC ' aco Arteberry and James Day Helen Davila and Marlow Acosta Rose Mar)- Gonzales and Dolores Gonzales Dorthy Baysinger and Lawanda Mc- Dorthy Baysinger and Lawanda Mc- Daniel Daniel Raymond Johnson Fidel Quintanilla 151 Frank Medrano and Edward Fuller John Leech Lila Crook and Ronnie Perry Madeline Davis Adolph Osales Joan Rich Cruz Orta. Ruben Garcia and Ralph Martinez Ricky Brashear Charles Gallegoo Helen Algarin and Raymond Gomez Gloria Guerrero Jeanne Louis Leo Lozano 153 Earline Parker, Deleita Sechrlst, Re- fuzia Zarate, Harriet McBride and Candv Sherrard Sonny Fay Wilson and Donnie Harre ' Donnie Green and Connie Ahlfinger Carl Henisey and Lynn Stanley Manuel Rios, Janic Cannon and Gilbert Escamilla Ginger Potts and Bobby Dickson Carolyn Mitchell and Steve Goodwin 155 ' Lynn Stanley and James Day Pat Harwell Buster Bosarge and Helen Gonzales Martha Norris and Donnie Christy Sally Henisey and Scotty Brimer -■, I V- ' -: ' .C ■v Genea Seals William Schiebe Vi : m ► tL_ ■, r Joe Guerrero J Ronnie Perry, Lester Brandt. Richard Rogers. Billy DeMoss, Bobby Darr, Freddie Gonzales, Judy Olson, Faye Criswell, Rita Cain, Lois Taylor, Vickie Varcasia and Piane Storey. Ann Cunningham, Sandie Purdue, Paulette Pollock and Janice Garrett. t Rachel Santos, Mary Aiin Rodriquez and Mary Ann Riibio Roger Kilgore and Johnny Capps Just to Remind Our Seniors and Juniors! The Official N. R. Crozier Technical STANDARD SENIOR RING Developed by Our Student Government Association Designed by the L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Overwhelmingly Approved by the Tech Student Body View of One Side Top View of Stone-Set Ring View of Other Side Available in LARGE, MEDIUM, and MINIATURE Weights In Either Stone-Set or All-Gold Style Can Be Purchased Only at L G. BALFOUR COMPANY 2nd Floor, Sanger Brothers Downtown Store Remember, Balfour Carries Rings in Stock for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY TO YOU! REDDY-MADE MAGIC FOR YOUR FUTURE There ' s plenty of magic in your future, thanks to Reddy Kilowatt! Cooking meals fit for a king is just one of the " elec-tricks " Reddy already performs with ease. Just as easily he can wash your clothes, mow the lawn, cool or heat your home, entertain you with TV, radio or stereo — and do dozens of other things that once were chores. But Reddy has even more exciting things in store for you, for the future is electric. Plans for new ways to live better, electrically are on the drawing board now — and every day, research and development are going on to create new miracles with electricity. You can be sure — there ' s a wonderful world ahead for you, full of Reddy-made magic! LIGHT COMPANY 1306 CANTON ST., DALLAS, TEXAS " BE WISE, MEYERIZE " QUALITY CONTROLLED PRODUCTS FOR SANITATION AND MAINTENANCE h CLINE 4 MUSIC CO. Evarything for Band mr 6 Orch««tf« Rl 7-3731 1307 Elm Stre«t Dallas, Texas I ! mjmsA ...: :2 -siii,!£ai£» ii ;.. TT i II liii ' r j I n ( fa — . I ' 4% ' J TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " YEARBOOKS .

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