N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1957

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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1 fxa GNOTL U", s QQ X! 4 Vx.-,Q K0 PM .2217 171-.J27Dr' , SEr1'Qwcl,T6!Cqf9 ?"7,?oL MQ 1 My 4 x '19 Q XW ' - J ' 'YW , ' wfw fiZi i ,jf . ff Af19j.,Q w' J JJLM 'U X fi' ,WDW ff if YA Wf 0? ' A 9 yi Qggi M9 p U9 M! AM Q 1,1 . J, pf fy r'9fpjIwXbbf ffbtlf gf 6 Mfg F WWVW We M' W Mx W4 5 W bifW 'ff WW nf 6553! Wfbmfmfim U? ' F HQWQ ' , R? 153, we MQW wwiiw? ' +P .JL E-fa, iff if?WWEf?W X me ffm ww 2WAq1W 4wW Q, K3fA Mj,f?ff?fyWM'gimy1 Wm fjmfj A awk yfwfw Q2 ,ff fgm, ' N NR ,, Xgifgo X3 XXVDP 'J H D A9 iff' pf 32 Q, X ,Bc MMA! ., N rf? 3 ggi' Qfy 3,30 vc? Lfufv jfggy 3 W 'n :F it f,fvv1L4! get fhfiw 53' W gg gd 92-Qim 1' C3 'kk . . 74 MJ xiii? x JM, my G' ' ' 115-NY? ,,.A .5"707f5'7' fzldeafv , '71 --7 + Z,,4!?d!z , aZ3fMMJf'W7M faimgfowgwifwiwf J'A'fAft'JjOLUJ"f'w'? 4 ..cf?f2MN i p My Zpwf. ,L far Aww yn C A? SSREX LIB RO S Jeff 1 R xii-E' if i1i1?i 1?43i Ekixiixafszgp E255 2233x5525 1 flifisi xyllifisi 'Qijiffi-3 ESESQEQZQQ QQ? C515 ' R3 X s .X I f 1 iw wi? WW ou PM 3 1 Q RL 0 , K ff X L1 1 R X W bv , k X X U W i Q9 w- my 0:23 shfgfqp Pea? X NS, ,Q Wrgini? Mc r' ' A s lj f , ASXIXAFFQ X X Aj . ' X M ' DJDOFI H Hon A 5 X QI d , ,X , X W M2 K X - yn 'X Caar' rfigra Zqiinan gxil KJ . M' ' ,V ' If x berf Hughes gb, , X F xi? , ' Ch k . N N 9 f gv 1. SPONSOR: Oafhe-rE. Raynes ' - N 5 xy ?l 55vSN ,X fy ENMQ -b2f M 3 Q Q4 f A Q x X -. X5 E X , x ?xx XFX3X3?lQ': QNQXN W 32 V is N f N9 x - f S QS ge? together We stand . . 2 W G E! K X x N 351 We J . 3 gg M W AM M xx X Z5 X J ZVLQ ldfz, QLQQZQA4 ,QV s X ,pfm Je, , , ' ' f .M J P P ff QYVML 0. Nffftf 0110274 zfzfcnlcj i X vlflx lv. LKLJAQ Liao fM2 71 acfygacaf X ' X fund QM ,fgwgg 1 R k 564, awww 607445 'QM' ff? X5 2 Kg X QNX WM KQQNW Q5 W A ' K 5 iv EX '1 Q' 56 X3 fi? Q95 .1 5-51 WQLF PACK STAFF 2 ' Q lvlu A kv. : . . , , "f-: Q 5:5 ., 1 I 5 OATH ER E RAYNES Sponsor Ediroi HJR WOLF PACK STAFF DON HANxmON CLARA SHRODE MARY JO MANDA DOLORES RIVERA ROBERT i fi-f MS HUGHES YV S ifi iiik ,Ska 4, hm-ilki, M2 +15 A! I '11 TOMMY CHEEK ROBERT DUDLEY fi ' ,. .. A H Q", ' '5f" ',r 'Er' 3 .il-fgy , V, A qfgrvj Iwi fl 35 ' ., 'cggiefr'-T " "" A. f ifilfir - CASSANDRA GARMAN 'E 3- ll ALMA MATER Hail To Thee, our Alma MaTer! Tech our greaiesi pride. In whose halls we riovv are learn- ing STorms of life To ride. LiTT The Chorus, Speed iT onward, Raise iT To The sky, Hail To Thee, our Alma MaTer, Hail, all hail, TECH HIGH 3 F' O K. T i r if H , 1 r , l I 4 f ff J ll x ll' fl f Y, N, I , ,1 , .1 4 P V 1 ,1. 1 f 1 f I I 4 1' 1 , D 1, vi' 1 , , 1 Q ff ' f - I J 4 l ' 4' 4 1 K0 4 ,f J , je 4 V ' .f vo . ,V ,. If-in ,mf J ,f I " 2 4 Z5 wir ' -ff 4 , 1 ,gg nf 4 f If ny T V , ' A, K LV - 14- ,nn , ff" JW' , , hwy fir' ',,,, ,, W. , 9 "ks, 4 aefafss ,zffzirf 'f,...4+Jw3 .4 .1"'.:lZ,':""J mff , f , 1 I I 1 I 1 4 I QA '1 I f W1 f if V x 1' 5 14,73 53.33. , A, , ' S if f A ,7'?,nQ! .xy If 5 , ' 'f'5 2 f ,, ffif " ' 55 Y Q 5 . wi if W xx ', QTMVI , fs' 9 Z 2 fi ' r 1 hmm 0 ,V us- .gif L: A S Q in ,' fm, A 2 A ir .V A Q, ,ag ,ij Q L! Hi Q f Kp x K L sz 'E ,..' mn - A in Q ,I bwk, i V519 QW ' Q I '- . ' 533' ' P V Y lA- z , H. li 1.3 P, , Nw - 4 firw vs lg ff M 1 ,"l Qfzrwf 'Y -I ,Arai ,V 7, ' ' 'K' 5 K . ' 'mm' 8" Ai1Aif9'.Q 'M ' filxiig gi Lg . 2 k, g vp za, fy, 2 sf if ,Mi s W ::EEE!E!!!!E! ?q??? ,ff"' .f If Ah, gf x , , 'Q Yr 's ' iff.: ' 'gy -4" .11 Z! P .-1" FQ A! eff, ' 59? N ga v X it 'fx XXX , ' f Dorso Maciel and Mary Lightfoot, Instructor, discuss a very wonderful piece of pottery done in art class. skrfmx ll 2 Miss Anne Turner, Senior Counselor, assists Gerald Spraggins with his program. Mrs. Vera McCauley, Vocational Counselor, interviews Wayne Spind- ler. Mrs. Ela Mae Hetherington, Typing Instructor, on proctor duty, discusses "school" with Margie Payne and Jerry Maca. Miss Rene Lee Stennis, Librarian, supervises Jerry Van Zant, Lucy Peyton, and Linda Pace busy at work in the library. Mrs. Anna Lou Blount, Dietician, and Mrs. lla Chenault, Cashier, check the "change" before the hungry "wolf pack" closes in. A . Electric Shop Instructor, Fred Sheel, gives Charles Matthews his first lesson. I0 Students get their "first lesson" on the machine from Mr. Ray Hardaway, Wood Shop Instructor. Ready! Glen Williamson gets atten- tion in Band Class. Listen for the "down beat." Z X, 1 ffa E 3 if 4 X gf 5-'Wg 4 un wi - j A IW' mllyh ngIfn!!!!! T"! gulf H - MlIllu1M:.,InIl11ullm E3 X f ff! J M 14 'fair .. . A ,"- .EIA , ji f f V -, Y l V! ,fff ff W 'N' fw- fw mf." fL 1 X , J, jr ,, ,,,, , K, n f K f , ff- ' X X I 1 Y , + 1 , 1 X . rf . f' I : I . f S f . , X f ,I r 4 ministration 'fi J ,, DR. Dr, Wh W, T our gu HITE D 1ier1ntendent of a las Public SChOo1s He Sfeets t Senior he SOf l957.. V 1 IUAID BY IDUQNYIBUI lylul lun, nl. 9. vullmluv UIIHYILOY ll- lllfllllfi vm!-nlllmulv ill. Vllllill D Ylnltull l. IIA!! VA!! M. Ll!! lmlll NIVIILL I- L. DILLAIB, ull. ll. A. lull I. I. llullll W. 1. Www! luvunnlrlvloln I I. Il. V0-ull! Alilrrnlv lurllnl DALLAB INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRKG1' nun, WMBM, OMAAB 1. TEXAS """"" 'W' FIA!! L-WILUAII AIIIITANY IUFKIII4 len-tom. somvul-rnxuuu sun o no T W umm' a-loo null Avmvluz ' L,,,..,A,,,m rulrnonm vmwun um on I 'Awww- March 15, 1957 To My Friends in the N. R.. Crozier Technical 1-15-gh School: Another Wolf Pack Day is hereX Ylease KBDW thax I join you in your pride and happiness this day. Having been a high- schoo! senior myself and knowing fir sthand the ple aaure that comes from receiving the yearbook and exchanging antogr aphs with orxe's fellows, 1 have no difficulty in visualizing the good time you are having today. in the years ahead you will take with you our very best wishes and our confidence in your continued success. WTWIM Sincerd your s, I' 0 W. T. White Superintendent oi Schobls L 4 .fi gm . ' W ., , ., f:1v,I:'f r 'wf.::, - MQW-X ,-v3-Q :wwf 1 V , 0 i w' -X" N V f N - fi 1 Q - V in wi M J v,0,:g1,f,..-g 'i k .f nf,.f,. Q 1, A V. ff? f 'mm- ' 2' f fix 1 5 gal , i.5 BOARD OF EDUCATIO Left to right: R. B. Gilmore, Franklin E. Spafford, Van M, Larnrn, Mrs. Tracy H. Ruther- ford, Edwin L. Rippy, President, Dr. W. T. White, Superintendent of Schools, R. L. Dillard, Jr., Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram, Rouse Howell, W. A. Blair. ASSISTAN SUPERI TE DE TS F NN PA-Keg haYQe O D. . c DR. EXNFU def' in 0 efinxe i ii, V, ,:, ,zz i.C2JVf,i:'fM"'! f' X Sup fm!! ":,1ff2P'f42'f'iiiW 0 ' f WWff?:t,f ' Zfvzfzfff f ' 130 r ,.,f,,t,,,,m' -ww" i A595 ey ,A Pefson ,W if y f.4,y,,.,g,,.g1 H551 ',,1,"'km azlml - J i rif wwwfi f , 1 L' ' 'V f' ,iff I " Asgj aw4""" Ad,,,f"?"f st, BQTH n1srra,io,gDer1nre,7dgn'14CKA y . in cha 'Qe of DR. FRANK L. WILLIAMS Assistant Superintendent in charge of Instruction. ASSISTANTS PERI TE DE TS ATTHEW5 D E326 if Lgxpeciai Service?- c in coofdinafar PMONROE ersonnel Services HOLLIS ALLEN T. W, BROWNE P. C. COBB Coordinator ot Administrative SSV- Assistant Superintendent of Business Athletic Director vices 'ft 'W -J M A 4 QD-G9 Faculty D Qud W Y K I JJ 'ki DR. WALTER JESC allasj F5223-l1hn1ca1 High gCh1gEIITCIPAL V x 1 :anno or l'.DU5A'HDI4 wi 1-.,,,,,,,, -4' Iurnmvrnmcu uv snub: Iowan L. lllvrv. ULD. L 'hw vuumeuv susan muon MIIHYIAUY M. lurnulvo DALLAS INDEPENDENT BCHUUL DYBTRICT . A M K Vldl'PllllDll7 DALLAS TEXAS o':::uo1Ln: eaten Mnmvlnuuu D. was u ' ' YIAIIILIII I. IIAYY f" IIA! M. will louse Mhvllu. I. L. DILLAIB. JI. W. A. lunu l- U. lumen: YIAUK L-.W1s.LlAlll All!lThl5' IDF! ICNDDL ADNINIITIATIBN IUILDSMO :woo IDI! Avzuut """ """"' . AIIIIVAH1' IUPIII ..- Dovl iv NATTMIWI ra. n. uno-urn uomuom. man annum. """"" W" whL"ll J. In .Ullllllln Flllalfhh Ftbnilty 20, 1957 To the Graduating Seniors: Congratulations to you in your completion of the high school course! Best wishes for A successful career. Your obligation no the people who have made your educa- tion poseible is clear and I. know you will take occasion to discharge that obligation. ' ' 'Your parents will have your love and devotion. " 'Your teachers will have your affectionate remembrance. ' "Your cogmmi-cy willjxa-ge your diligent service. Thus, we are all nappy at your graduation. B353 I ebb Sincerely yours, wane welter J. B. chiebel, Principal. K. B. Crozier 'technical High School I NTI- L A . 7 f f 2 f 7 5 , Y ,L 551 I H 135 4,11 M , ' , A 'V M 'ff 1' 1 f '2 f"' , 1 , -If ' ' 4 , K , , Q ff' 4 , -v-f?"-V If. V , .'.,, I ,A , , 52' 9 Q, 'f I ' 'f:A?:,.-1:31-'-5 ff ,,1zw A ,1 gm 1. f ff' 4 if ffyig f ,Z 'HM CHARLES S. BRYANT its N. PERRY W. EITE Assistant Principal R. Crozier, Technical High School R 4 Director Dallas Public Evening School K-L, JIM ADKISSON Coach Mathematics BILL CASON Auto Shop EDITH COLE English 'MZ 'Hi gr' 'f -,gwyg 2 rider? fq-I.. . , L ,MA W' Q , 1 vf ," 5 ,f 4 ,si as. E35 -1 , -Q R fi' 'y J. FLOYD ALEXANDER MARTHA BONE FRANCIS BOWEN Auto Shop Home and Family Chemistry KAREN BROWN Living General Science Economics JIM BUTLER MELVIN CANNON History Wood Shop Radio MARY CLARK CLAUDIA CLAY English Commercial KEDRICK COUCH RUGIE DANIEL Coach Study HaII 316 History CARRIE DENSION Mathematics S , 2 . 1 Q . A K ,. 1 . xy S :Q Mechanical Coach C05meTO'09V Drawing Mathematics LAMAR EWING SAM F. FOSTER Science W. P. FULTON Mathematics V, .ff HW' f 6'-'fmt '54b"'x Sanur ,wp I -M 7.4, Q, fm fy HERLINDA GARCIA I Office ELA HETHERINGTON Typing ORBETTE A. HOMER Photography sf Y ff I 95 'Q' ' , I I ITE, if '1' I " I D. T. GRIFFITH MARY HAINE5 Mechanical EFIQIISIW Drawing Saiesmanship RAY HARDAWAY NADA HARRIS Wood Shop OHIC9 LOUISE HILLYER Hearing Therapy ELIZABETH HOWE Office OPAL HOLLEY Physical Education JIM IBBOTSON Science MAY B. HALEY English SUE HEMBKEE CONLEY JEN KINS Mathematics Nurse ,ww ,MW ppl' H-'KW U 22 Y the 3,11 9- Ns CECIL JOHNSON REESMAN KENNEDY SAMMIE KIRKHAM Coach Art Library H'S'O'y LOLITE LANSDON SADIE LEMMERHIRT ROBERT L. LANHAM Homemaking Dean English 24 P. W. LOUCKS Machine Shop MARY LIGHTFOOT Art Pottery VERA N. MCCAULEY Vocational CECIL L. LINTHICUM Mechanical Drawing ZOE MCEVOY History ROY LANE Printing CHARLES LORINCZ Science POLLY ANNA MALLOW Spanish A A ' 2-: 1 . vw, I 1 if as., ,... QE in . 3 gt I I f G' . , , 'K rt. 2 y Y , '1 X f X Q A ,,,. ,,,,,,1,,., I V ,. ubvq I 110.0 ss I it SGT. JOSEPH MARTIN Military L. D. MURRAY Mathematics CHARLES OWENS Science , I fi f t' ., 23 ,11 A H V,V. 1 ,gy I . - f w I MARJORIE MARTIN MARY R MARTIN CLIFFORD MATLOCK Office Commercial COMFUSFCIBI HAROLD MEYER COL. R L MOSES JERRY MURRAY Military Military Mathematics GLADYS NEEL Distribution Education JOE PASQ UA Coach History A ff i 3. HERMAN NEFF Machine Shop NAN PAVEY English iii' I Q ,N , , L I rs 315 .,,, , ff A" -' 7 g alt fl M" . ua ' . f 5' l ' . 5 'ffl 4 CLARA RANSOME English .YM G , . It ,E MARJORIE PITTS RUDA V. P'POOL A. K. QUESENBERRY English English Physical Education OATHER E. RAYNES MAY REDFERN BENJAMIN O. RICE Speech Commercial Commercial English JUANITA RICHEY REBECCA ROBERTS ' R. E. SANDERS Study Hall 216 Latin Distribution English Education ELIZABETH SIDDALL Mechanical ROBERTA SLOAN RENE LEE STENNIS Drawing History Librarian J. FRED SHEEL Electric Shop -1 'WW . 3 , X ? Q K ,515 fr, 3 r . . U If PHOEBE G. STORMS English KITTIE WASHINGTON Science R. B. BELL Custodian 5 I LOUISE SWIFT CLARICE TURCK ANNE TURNER Physiqal Educafion Commercial Counselor JIM TYSOR ALINE WALKER DOROTHY WARMACK A Driver Education HiST0VY MU5lC wg Wwvvwfvqf MARIBEL WHITE Physical Education ANNA LOU BLOUNT Cafeteria MARY LOU WISE Study Hall 102 NANCY PAXTON Office I l,, S c,V!V I' W GLADYS YOAKUM Commercial HARRIS CJEEPJ SMITH Adult Education January Seniors, on the Steps, After Caps and Gowns Are Issued luv- f' '28-2 A lt wi 4 X Q X ,f"'--- XXX NX ,""" X' X X J XZX ' Q XX QL x x lx mx X A 'liillfk , 5 ROW LU 9 BX President xx I 3 X xl Vfte pr .WHOUSE eS'0'Snf CLASS OFFICERS JUSTINE BROWN Treasurer 4? JANIE MASSEY Secretary JAMES LACY Sergeant-at-Arms I 1 W. E. DAVIS Sponsor RICHARD RAMIREZ Sergeant-af-Arms K' tg x MARY LANETTE BROOKS National Honor Society, Linz Award, Student Council, Annual Staff, Forest, Junior Red Cross, High Scholar- ship Club. JUSTINE BROWN 4A Secretary, 4A Best All-Around Girl, Senior Play, 2A Fav., Sports Appreciation Club, SGA Senior, 3 Years. BARBARA FORD BROWNLEE Choir Pianist, SGA, Cheerleader Elect, Football Prin- cess, Dramatic Club, Runner-up, 4A Class Favorite. MARY ELIZABETH BRUNSON Tech Talk Staff, Sports Appreciation, SGA. ALLEN ARNOLD EDWARD ARRIAGA Diamond Disc Club, CHARLOTTE JUANITA BENNETT ROBERT GERALD BLAYLOCK History Club, Key Club, Rifle Club. ,Jw 1. ,H .A ,,., Z, V 4 V .57 1, 'll' 4 ri- 'f 4-Huw DONNA SUE CARPENTER ROSA LEA CASTRO 4B SGA Rep.g 4A Most Athletic Girly Pan-American Club, Dance Club, Senior Day Committee. CLIFFORD EUGENE CHILDERS Vice President Dramatics Clubg SGA Rep.g Stamp Cluby Yearbook Staftg Christmas Play, Junior Achieve- ment. JERRY DEAN CHILDRESS 3A Favoriteg AA Runner-up, Most Athletic Boyy 2 Year Letterman, Footballg Student Coach, Footballg Athletic Club, Architectural Drawing Club. CHRIS S. CHOTAS Foremanship Club: Science Clubg Amateur Radio Club, ROTC Diamond Disc Club. JEAN ANN BURCHETT Forest Football Queeng A Cappella Choir: Cheerlead ers Club, Dance Club, Tri-HifYp Deans Office Help. LEO CANTU SGAp Football 55, 565 Track 55, 56. A Cappella, Allied Youth Club, Library Council. BRUCE WAYNE CASILI ef j' I 1' 15' RALPH EUGENE DAVIS 3" Y, , in i t 'E r it KAY HENDERSON DELK NHS, Linz Awardsg Tri-Hi-Yg High Scholarship Clubg Forest Student Council, A Cappella Choir. LEONARD JOE DONNELL PATSY EARLINE DOWNEY NHSf Linz Awards: A Cappella Choirg Tri-Hi-Y, Typist Club: Good Scholarship Club. GLENDA MARCILLE CLAYTON 3A Favorite: SGA Rep. 2V2 years: Sports Appreciation Club 2 yearsg Y-Teensp Counselors office 2 years. GLORIA SALAS CORONADO Junior and Senior Y-Teensf 3 years marching bandg Pan-American Club 2 years: Red Cross Rep. 2 years. BILL C. CROW President SGAg President AB and 4A Classp 2 year Letterman, Footballg Most Handsome, 4A Classy Sena- tor, SGA, Safety Commissioner, SGA. HELEN RUTH DAVIS NHS1 2 Linz Awardsf Quill and Scroll Societyg Tech Talk Co-Editor, Student Council Treasurer, Forest, A Cappella Choir. Q WAYNE GARRETT Key Clubg Di Clubg Radio Clubp SGA Rep. BARBARA JEAN GEORGE Treasurer of Cinema Club, Linz Awardg Hi-Y Club Art Club. BARBARA ROCHELLE GRANDlNETTl Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Yg Photo Clubp 1 year Linz Awardy Pep Squad Captain. FAY AILEEN GUERNSEY Tri-Hi-Y5 Future Nurses, Pan-American Student Forumf Typist Clubp A Cappella Choir. MARY NELL HALL 3 years Y-Teensg 2 years SGAy 2 years Library Council. DONALD EUGENE HAMILTON Business Manager Annual Staff, President Dramatics Clubg Sports Appreciation Clubg SGA: Stamp Clubg Christmas Pageant. JUANITA J. FRANCO AB SGA Rep, 4B Treasurerg AA Runner-up fitulg Pan American Club, Sports Appreciation Club. ESTHER GARCIA Y-Teensp Social Dance Club. amond Disc Clubg History Clubg Rifle Most Beau- 7 Club. SANDRA KAY HODGES NHS, Linz Award 2 years, Good years, DE, SGA Rep., Dance Club. LARRY MARTIN HOLLIDAY DE Club, A Cappella 1956. ROSA B. I-IERNANDEZ ROSEMARY HARPER Wolfettes, 54, 55, SGA 4A Rep., Tech Talk Rep., A Cappella Choir 54, 57, I year Linz Award, Good Scholarship Club. LAVEDA JO HARRELL Footbll Princess 55, 56, SGA Secretary, Tech Talk Staff 55, Secretary Sports Appreciation, Secretary Ath- letic Department, Runner-up Most Athletic, 4A Class. BETTY MCCOY HARRIS Maiorette I year, IA Favorite, 4A Favorite, Valentine Princess, Wolfette 3 years, SGA Senator. PATRICIA LYNN HAZLEWOOD NHS IV2 years, Linz Award I and 2 year, Good Scholarship Club, DE. Junior and Senior Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Study EDWARD L. HILL Radio Club, PA Staff, Roller Skating Club. Scholarship Club 4 .-., sv 'lv' 4 2 DOLORES FAY HUBER NHS, Y-Teens, Study Club, 2 Year tectural Club Secretary. ROBERT B. HUGHES Diamond Disc, Vice President History Club, Bat. Com- mander, Sergeant-at-Arms Photo Club. JOHN EDWIN JAYROE Treasurer of Hi-Y, President of History Class, Basket- ball IV2 years, SGA, 2 years Sports Appreciation Club, Red Cross Member. PAT GARY JENNINGS Radio Club. ' PHYLLIS ANN JAMISON JAMES RICHARD LACY President Diamond Disc Club, AB Honor Roll, School Photographer, Regimenta I Commander Sergeant-at Arms, Senior Classy Senior Class Most Likely to Suc- ceed. DORIS ANN HOLMAN NHS, Library Council, SGA, Tech Talk Staff, Tech Talk Rep. 2 years, Sports Appreciation Club. ROBERT E. HOLMES SGA 2 terms, IA Favorite and President, Pan-Ameri- can Club, Junior Red Cross, Visual Aid Department. Linz Pin, Archi- 9 1 'Www , 6 rl if I if Attendance SGA Rep 55 56 Tech Talk, Member 4A SGA Rep YTeens Library Council I year. L DAVID LARA JERRY W. LAUCK MARY K. McCARLEY JANIE GASTON MASSEY Clnolr Football Queen, Senior Play, Treasurer 4A Class Linz Awards, Most Beautiful Girl, AA Class. BILLY MEDINA President Architectural Club, Vice President Tri-Hi-Y, SGA 4A Rep., Library Council, AA Best All-Around Boy, 3 years Band. 3V2 years Perfect BARBARA ANN LOVIN NHS, Linz Award, Editorm Chief Forest Annual Maiorette, High Scholarship Club Pep Squad Club AB Secretary, Tech Talk Rep Dance Club Sports Appreciation Club, DE Club ,H mr, , FRANK NUNCIO Dance Club, Vice President of 4B Runner-up 4A Favorite. BILLY C. OLIVER Cinema Clubp Drill Team in ROTC. JEAN OWEN NHSJ Y-Teens, 2 years Linz Ping Business Management Clubg High School Bible Course Award. t TEDDIE IRENE PARISH ELIAS MONTES JOSEPHINE MORENO' JOANNE CHRISTEE NELSON Choir Club: Secretary of History 8 Classy Dance Clubg Pan-American Club, Tech Bandp Treasurer' for Fresh- man English Class. HOWARD MILTON NEWHOUSE SGA Senatorg AA Favoritey 4B Class Presidentg Presi- dent of Student Council, Forest, Football Club, Foot- ball 4 years, Letterman. Dance Club, Athletic Clubg Pan-American Clubp 2 years Chorusp Assistant Director of Pottery Class. Y-Teens Clubg Social Dancing Clubg Study Club. ,ei if , E . it sw. . Kr y I -' , 5 U V, 1 V , ' . f' L T If I iff, l 1 1 A l T Classy SGA Rep.: Q5 ,Qi V, ,V V, M 117' it I WILLIAM THOMAS PEYTON President of Art Club. WINNIE LOU PRYOR A Cappella 54 and 565 ROTC Princess 545 DE Clubp Band 54, SGA Rep. MARY HELEN RAMIREZ Library Council 2 yearsg Y-Teens Junior and Senior Secretary Pan-American Club: Study Club. RICHARD RAMIREZ Baseball Lettermanp 2A Favorite, 4A Runner-up Best All-Aroundg "B" Team Football and Basketballf Ath- letic Clubg Sergeant-at-Arms. VIRGINIA MARIE PARSLEY CHARLES WILLSON PEALE, lll Staff Officer, ROTC. SHARON LYNN PEARCE NHS IVQ yearsf Annual Staff 2 yearsp Linz Award 4 yearsg Senior Playg Vice President 4B Classy Tech Talk Rep. MARIE PEREZ K' xr PHYLLIS CAROL ROSS GEORGE SABOLSKI JUSTO H. SALAZAR Pan-American Student Forumg Rifle Clubg Fishing and Hunting Club: Rifle Team, ROTC Capiain. WANDA PADGETT SEARCY MARIETTA SLAY NHS- Most Likel to Succeed- Annual Staff- Art Clubg A I Y 1 1 Linz Award and Peng A Cappella Choir. KENNETH SPRAY BARBARA JEFF CHARWELLD STEWART 40 l"i'i' MARY JESSIE RODRIQUEZ SGA Rep. ROBERT RODRIQUEZ ROTCp Marching Band, Dance Club, Band Cluby Chorus Aflwleiic Club. PATRICIA VOGEL Tech Maiorettef SGA Rep., Tri-Hi-Y Clubp Lionettes 54, 565 Linz Award, Good Scholarship Club. JIMMY RAY WARREN NHSp Harvard Awardg 2 year Linz Ping DE sfudam. . a. DELORES WASH BURN I SGAg Rep. and Senior Assemblyf Sophomore Y-Teens Social Chairman, Junior Y-Teensy Allied Youth: Library Council 2 yearsg IA English Secretary. CONCHA TORRES Junior and Senior Y-Teensg Pan-American Clubg SGA Rep.7 Study Club. WANDA JEAN MEADOR VENCILL CLAUDIA LANELLE VICK NHSg Linz Awards 2, Spelling Team: Band: A Cappella Choir, Future Teachers Vice President. TIM VILLASANA I f' K Xa QW VIOLA WILLIAMS Junior Y-Teens, Senior Y-Teensg Vice President Future Nurses Clubf Nurses Office Helper, 3V2 yearsg SGA Rep.g Homeroom Rep. 2A. JAMES FREDRICK WILSON Diamond Disc Clubg Herpetologist Radio Club, Grade Raisers. 19' IGP 'fi ,f X Y a 11:7 I 'E 'E I ' 74 ,, ' ,f ,aaa 7 f S 'awe KE? JO Vice p,es CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT KNIGHT Sergeanr-at-A rms K S V , W ., GARY RAN EY Sergeant-at-A rms if! t ,- X DIEGO R. AGUILERA Red Cross? Rifle Club. LINDA LEE AKINS Tech Talk Rep., Wolfettesp Radio Clubp Y-Teens Club. KATIE ALBERTSON Cheerleaderg NHSg SGAp Y-Teensg Office Helperp Tech Talk Rep. ALTON LEWIS ALLEN Basketball 55 and 56. INGA ABRAHAMSON MANU EL ACOSTA SGA Rep.5 Tech Talk Rep. BARBARA ADAMS Tech Talk Rep.5 Y-Teensp Red Cross Representative Entomology Club: History Club. ENEDINA AGUILAR NHS5 Y-Teens, SGA, Linz Award, Social Dance Club Pan-American Round Table No. I Scholarship Award Rifle Teamp Drill Teamg SGA Rep., Tech Talk Rep.y in fans-ff NANCY LOUISE ANDING PATSY ARMSTRONG TERESA ARRIAGA Press Club, SGA, Red Cross Rep., Study Club. REUBEN BAIRD Baseball, Football, Basketball, Visual Ed., President of Homeroom. CALVIN DVVAYNE BAKER Key Club, Visual Aid, SGA, Press Club, A Cappella Choir, 2 Bible Lind Awards, Homeroom Officer. EDDIE ALLEN Tech Talk Rep. WENDEL CLEON ALMOND NHS, Intramural Basketball 55, 56, 57, Homeroom President, Basketball Club. SGA 6 semesters, History Club, A Cappella Choir 2 years, Chorus Club, Fite's Office Helper. ISAAC ARISTA ,, , M Vey, 'HCI7' '51 I SHARON HUGHLEAN BEARD Art Club, SGA. LILLIE BECCERRA Homeroom Secretary, Red Cross Rep., Tech Talk Rep., Dance Club, Y-Teens, Vice President Homeroom, Pan- American Club. DONALD ROBERT BECKHAM Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice President, ROTC. MAXINE GIBBS BECKHAM Charm Club, Charm Club Secretary, Homeroom Secre- tary, Spelling Club, Tennis Team. 'Tl PATRICIA JEAN BAKER Class President, Junior Red Cross, Secretary Student Council. CAROLYN BARRON Sport Appreciation Club, Study Club, Chorus Club, Drill Team. JOHN A. BARROVVS Homeroom Vice President, Homeroom Treasurer, ROTC, Red Cross, Amateur Radio Club, Public Address System Club, Rifle Club, Tech Talk. COVY RAY BAYLOR Band, Rifle Club, SGA, Spanish Club. ROTC Princess, Homeroom Vice President, Homeroom Treasurer, Tech Talk Rep., Speech Class Secretary- Treasurer, Annual Staff, Prom Committee President, 5. 41" fl CHARLES THOMAS BENNER BARBARA ANN BENSON Forest Student Council Secretary, High Scholarship f Club, Pan-American Student Forum Secretary: Tri-Hi-Yg if Future Nurses of Americag Junior Red Crossg Linz X Awards. MATTIE YEATES BENTLEY SGAQ Office Helperg Y-Teens, Homeroom Secretary: Library Councilp Safe "T" Club. TERRI RUTH BERZINS HAROLD LEE BIRCH Basketballg Architect Clubg Homeroom Presidentg Sports Appreciation Club, Study Clubg Red Cross. PEGGY BLACKSHEAR NHS, SGAQ Linz Award, Everts Award, Tech Talk Rep,g Homeroom Secretaryg Y-Teens. JAMES THOMAS BELL Band Club: NHSp SGAg Homeroom President, ROTC Officer, Marching Band. MARIE BELTRAN Bandg Pan-American Club, Homeroom Secretary, Tech ,Talk Rep. C., Qrjfiff -... In ,, 3 X , . K Q K 'njji , . . ,N A,.' QNX, . 9 v-11 5 I XY 4 I ::'i K -, G.'f,:125yflA'. , V i ii DERWARD BOYD Officer in ROTC, SGA, Visual Aids Operator, Rifle Club, Staff Officer, Diamond Disc Club. WILLIAM BRASHER PEGGY BLAC KVVOOD Future Nurses Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Gym Captain, Typist Club. BARBARA ANN BOND North Dallas Student Council, North Dallas Pep Squad, Co-op Club, Drarnatics Club. MARY LOU BOSHEARS Junior Red Cross, Future Nurses of America, Cheer- leader Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Typists Club. WILLIE JIM BOSLEY BARRY CHARLES BOUGHTON President of Dramatics Club, SGA, ROTC Band, Band Club, Tech Talk Representative, A Cappella Choir, Bible Credit, Homeroom Officer, Senior Play. CATHERINE ANNE BOYD ,f I L Q, Q, JO ANN BUCHER DONALD G. BURLESON ROTC Regimental Commander: Key Club Presidentf Diamond Disc Club: SGA Representativep Proiection- ist, ROTC Drill Teamg Safe "T" Club. CLAUDINE BYROM Student Councilg Cheerleaders Clubf Tri-Hi-Y, Auditores Caesarisg Homeroom Secretaryg Typing Club President. JOHN CALVERT Cheerleaderg NHSp Linz Award, Latin Clubg Key Cluby ROTC Sergeant, Firefighters Club. LEON CAMPBELL Secretarial Club President-Treasurer, Tri-Hi-Y7 Cheer- leaders Clubg Junior Red Cross. DON BROOKSHIER RALPH BROWN FRANZ BURGESS Rifle Club 2 years. ISABELLA CANTRELL Photography Cluby Office Helper, Red Cross, Gym Helper. MI LDRED LOUISE CAPPS SGAQ Skating Clubg Library Council: Y-Teens: A Cap- pella: Gym Helperg Allied Youth. BILLY CHAPMAN I. j --I -ae- I J nl-4-r' '--4-J-JJ-i1Y'k-fN-L MQ! A ,f'v0iVq7 TOMMY CH EEK Football Letterman, Baseball Lettermang Basketballp Runner-up Class Favoriteg Class Officerg SGA Senator. STELLA CHOTAS Future Nurses Clubg Red Cross Rep.p Tech Talk Rep.p Homeroom. ALLEN CHRISTOPHERSON Footballp Baseball, Track, SGA, Homeroom Presidentg 4B Representative. CHARLES MARTIN CASHION NHS, 3 year Linz Pinsf Cheerleaderg Officer Radio Clubg Tech Talk Representative. RICHARD CASTRO Football, Trackf President Homeroom, Athletic Clubp Linz Pin. Runner-up Most Athleticg 9 HARLEY CARL RAYMOND CLENDENEN 2B and 3B Class Officer, "B" Team Football, SGA Rep,y Sports Appreciation Club, Che ARVISTA LYNETTE CLOYD President Homeroomp Skating Club! Clubg Linz Pin. JACKIE LOU COLE Linz Ping SGA Rep.f Secretary Homero ery Tech Talk Rep.g Y-Teens. DWAYN RAY COCH RAN NHSg Tech Talk Rep. FRANK RAY CLARK Rifle Teamg Vice President Rifle Clubg Diamond Disc Clubp Foremanship Club. GWYNDA ALICE CLARK Auditores Ceasares, Forester Annual Staff, Tri-Hi-Yi Secretarial Clubg Dramatics Clubp Senior Choirg Office and Clinic Helper. LEWIS CLARK Football Lettermany Linz Awardy NHSp Tech Talk Rep.g Red Cross: Athletic Club. ROY FRED CLARK Rifle Team, Rifle Club: Foremanship Clubp Tech Talk Rep.p Diamond Disc Club. erleader. Amateur Radio 6 omg Office Help- JAMES DONALD COX FLORINE CROSS Y-Teens Progress Chairman, Homeroom Presidentg Student Driving Instructorg Most Likely to Succeed 575 Runner-up for Favorite 55. LARRY DANTZLER NHS5 Linz Awardg Everts Awardg Cheerleaderp Key Clubp SGA: Library Council. HUBERT LELAND COLLINS DEf Study Club. EDUARDO CONTRERAS Optimist Soccer Team, Social Dance Clubg Study Club. LYNN MICHAEL COOK Diamond Disc Clubg Crack Drill Platoon, SGA Rep.g Tech Talk Rep., Study Cluby Camp Dallasg Woozen- craft Rep. JANIE FERN CORNISH Tech Talk Rep., Co-Editorg Quill and Scroll Memberg SGA Rep.g Charm Club Reporterg Vice President Home- l'OOI'T1. AUBARY CROSS PA Clubg ROTC. M , g Sports JOHN I gh I '21 BILL L. DAVIS Football 557 Class President 565 SGAp Athl "B" Team Football. CAROL DAVIS Future Teachers of Americag G NORMAN DALE DAVIS NHS- President High Scholarship Clubg Basketballg Pan-American Student Forum, President, Linz Awardp Key Clubg Science Club. CHARLES EDWARD DEAN Homeroom Presidentg Forest ROTC Naval Reserves. DONETTE DEAN A Cappella Choir: SG 5 , Ch ral Club Secretaryp Young Texan Board. Talk Rep., o SHARON DECKER Varsity Field Hockey Teamg Junior Var Sophomore sity Basketballg Sweetheartg Chorusg Decorators Com- mittee Junior Prom. A Homeroom Secretary- Tech 52 Electric Club, JOE PAT DAUGHERTY Appreciation Club. DAVENPORT etic Club: irls' Athletic Association. , ,H Photo Clubg Radio Clubg Dramatics Club. M-Qfl. W K. E FA! f if ,uf MJ! RUBY LEE DONIHOO I .L JERRY DOSS Football, Baseball, GILBERT DOUTHIT Diamond Disc Club, Archery Club, Photo Club, Color Guard. ROBERT DUDLEY NHS, Key Club, Choir, Junior Red Cross, Speech Class President, Student Council Rep., Member of AAGO. LOUIS G. DELK Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Homeroom Presi- dent and Vice President, Student Council, Forest, Ath- letic Club. JOHNNY DERR Tumbling Club, SGA, Assistant Drivers Training Instructor. BOBBIE LOUISE DICKERSON PATSY LOUISE DILLARD Press Club, Library Council, SGA, Art Club, Tech Talk Staff. Sports Appreciation Club, SGA. if, fe 'fx 14, SHEILA DUFFY SHARON DURRINGTON 6- Q . - h Maiorette. if .ff ' ing "" . i i VAXV, Avlfvv, if ,V,,AVV ' , .W E X MARY JUNE DYER Linz Awardg Bible Linz Award, Press Club, Business Management, Tech Talk Rep. Homeroom Secretaryg Gym Captaing Photo Club. SGA Rep.: Wolfette 54, 56, Military Princessf Head BENNY EASTWOOD Science Club: Diamond Disc Cluby ROTC: Staff Officery Study Club. T. C. ELLARD SGA Rep.: Dance Clubp "B" Team Basketballg Art Club. KENT GORDON ELLIS NHS5 SGAQ Crack Drill Team, Terpsichorean Clubg Safe "T" Clubp Diamond Disc Club. ANNETTE EMBRY Linz Award, NHSp Quill and Scroll, Forest Student Council Secretary, SGA Senatori Forest Echo News Edi- tori Choirg Best All-Around Girl, AB. MARY MARTHA EVANS NHSQ Quill and Scrollg Tech Talk Co-Editorg SGAg Pep Squad Secretary, Chorusg Spelling Club. fl 'WMF' axe "'F?'f1'i as- , b PAULA FERGUSON ANN FISHER Charm Club Secretary, Homeroom Secretary. DANIEL R. FISK Radio Clubp Photo Club, Graphic Arts Club, Vice Presidentf Diamond Disc Clubg Tech Talk Rep.: Home- room Vice President. DORIS MAE FACUNDUS Forest Tri-Hi-Y5 FHA, A Cappella Choir. HOWARD MANNING FAIN PA Club, Amateur Radio Club: Student Leader, PE BOBBY FARMER Bandy SGA5 Red Cross Repq Cinema Club. ROBERT FARRIS JOE FINNEY 'RT' LUG LINDSAY BENNETT FREEMAN KENNETH HARVEY GADD JOE GARZA Horneroom President Dance Clubg Camera Clubp Foremanship Clubg Study Club. RAFALIA FAY GARZA Y-Teensg Pan-Americang Study Clubg Social Dancingp Dramatics Club. MARVIN FITZGERALD NHS5 Trackg Homeroom Presidentg Photography Clubp SGA Rep. EDWARD FLANAGAN DEg sfudy Club. RONALD GLENN FORSYTH KENNETH MILES FRAILICKS Trackg DEg Gun Club. 9 I 3 qwii 7i' ,X- , fl 'ki ,- Cvxvbbi I I, ANNABETH GOODWIN Freshman Y-Teens, Pep Squad: Allied Youfhg Junior Y-Teensy Junior Red Cross Rep. ROY LEE GORDON MOLLIE JEAN GASTON bgl is. if GLENN G. GEE sa' ,. , ARTHUR GOMEZ Appreciation Club. RUDY GOMEZ GRACE GONZALES Y-Teens, Future Nurses Club, Dramafics Clubg Pan- American Clubp Library Councilp Tech Talk Rep. MARTHA GONZALES lCTg Visual Aids, Photography Club Foremanship Club Pan-American Clubg Athletic Club Dance Club Sports X Tech Talk Rep.y Footballf Golf. Homeroom Vice Presidentp Homeroom Secretaryg NHSQ Y-Teensf Linz Awardg Charm Club, Vice Presidentp Tech Talk Rep. f ..1 49215-pa auf wi 'f l I R' f C .-:Q 5 X 542 1, ,, , , .. if ,,,, . , T ,- JAMES ROBERT GRESHAM 1 'M ARTHUR GREEN DONALD L. GRAVITT ROTC, Key Club, Diamond Disc. JACK GRAY Commissioned Officer, ROTC, Vice President Machinist Club, Diamond Disc. Club. , SGA, NHS, Homeroom President, Science Club, Volley- ball Champions, Tumbling Club. OLA GREGSON Cinema Club Treasurer, Proiectionist, Linz Award. Football, Basketball, Track, Allied Youth, Vice Pres- ident. JACK GLYNN GROSS SGA Senator, Basketball Letterman, Key Club, Home- room President. JAMES EDWARD GROSS MARY KATHRYN GUNN A Cappella Choir, Red Cross, Library Council, Y-Teens, Nurse Council, Gym Helper. QE EVERETT ALLEN HALL Homeroom President, Press Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Skating Club, Honor Roll, "B" Team Basketball and Baseball, DE, Dance Club. MARILYN SUE HANDLEY Annual Staff, Charm Club, Red Cross Rep., Commer- cial Club. MARIO AURELIO GUTIERREZ Key Club Vice President, Secretary, A Cappella Choir Allied Youth, SGA, ROTC, Dramatics Club, Band. MARY GUTIERREZ MARY JESSIE GUTIERREZ Cheerleader 56, 57, SGA Senator, NHS, Freshman Favorite, Tennis Team, Y-Teens, Student Directory Editor. ROGER ALLEN HAAG SGS, Photography Club. ' f JANE HARRIS HAINES Senator, Dal Hi Symphonic Band, NHS Treasurer, Annual Staff, Spelling Team, Christmas Pageant, Band Club President, Homeroom President, 4B Class Fav- orite. WILLIAM B. HALE DE, Homeroom Secretary. K 1 Q 1 L j, WILLIAM CBILL HAYES Vice President Homeroomg ICT5 Photo Club. HELEN HERNANDEZ Future Nurses Clubp SGAg A C NHSg Pan-American C SGA. VIRGINIA P. HERNANDEZ Y-Teens, Vice Presidentg SGA, Social Dance Cluby Tech Talk Rep.7 NHSg Linz Awards. MARY LOUISE HERNANDEZ Iubg BCSL Clubp Tech Talk Rep.p PAT HANSEN m Gun Club: Science Fiction Club. , MILDRED HARGROVE DOYLE R. HARPOLD Photo Cluby Stamp Clubg ICT. JOYCE HARRISON Forest Tri-Hi-Y, Cheerleacler's Club. Maiors: Home- making and History. ,'-- Visual Education Secretary, Study Club. P appella Choir. ,, ,., f Q JOHNNY HOLCOMB CAROL ANN HIGLEY Study Club, Entomology Club, Treasurer. LINDA HILL Business Management Club, Y-Teens. MARIAN LOUISE HILL Art Club, Business Club, A Cappella Choir, Study Club. MAX HINDS Golf Team, Band, Tech Talk Rep., Vice President, Homeroomg Band Club. 5 I Sr .. ttte 55 'E , I I I M ' 'tC. LOUISE CULPEPPER vi ol, : ' . , . .A I M Pep Squad, Forestp Fore Tr H Y ans Office Help- ,.,V . Wx er, Tech Talk S ff, F e Nu ' lub, Nurses Helper. ' , I f A LINDA HORTON itil NHS, Linz Awards, Everts Awardp Quill and crollg Forest Echo Editor, Forest Choir, Forest Student Coun- V cil. DAVID HOUSE U 5 if , ,ww 1 .,.,f5,,,.,,, ,, f, , GARY HUTCHINSON l TH ERESA ETHAL INGERSON SGA Representative, Elected 4B Class Runner-up Fav- orite, Mr. Fite'5 Helper, Forest Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom Secretary, Tech Talk Rep., Forest Choir, Young Texan Rep. V BOBBY JOE ISAACS Football, Baseball, Homeroom, President, SGA, Athletic Club, SGA Sergeant-at-Arms. HAROLD ISAACS Football Manager, Baseball Manager, Sports Appre- ciatlon Club, Football Club, Baseball Club, Tech Talk Rep., SGA Rep. RITA JACKSON SGA, Y-Teens, Red Cross, Homeroom President, Home- room Secretary, 48 SGA Rep., Y-Teens Publicity Chair- man. ARTHUR HUDDLE JOYCE HUFFMAN NHS, Quill and Scroll, 4 year Linz Award, Everts Award, Tech Talk, Feature Editor, Maiorette, Auditores Cae ris, Hockaday Latin Festival Rep. Ti JIM IBBOTSON m X X J Twirlers Club, Office Assistant. WILLIAM PEGGY KENNEDY Chorus, Y-Teens, Press Club, Sports Appreciation Club, Allied Youth. DORIS KERBO Future Nurses Club, Library Club, Class Secretary, Annual Staff, Office, Clinic and Library Helper, Roller Skating Club, Junior and Senior Choir. CONLEY JOHNSON NHS, SGA Rep., A Cappella Choir, Chorus Club, Presi- dent, "B" Team Basketball, Tech Talk Ad Salesman- ICT. GLENDA ELO JOHNSON Tri-Hi-Y, Library Club, Library Helper, Secretarial Club. 1 FRANCIS MARIE JOHNSON Secretarial Club, Typist Club, Homeroom Secretary, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Club. MARLYN DUANE JOHNSON NHS, Spanish Club, Chess Club, Football, Linz Pin, Dance Club, Athletic Club. BARBARA LAVERNE JONES WORSHANI I Tri-Hi-Y, Forest, SGA, Forest Student Council, Baton .5 . api' is Y ,..y, i LEM.. ,1 Vi CLENDENAN KENDRICK V -'r' , 9 ff. if t iffy? I IJ 4.., f 3 E5 Glo-AA, Refuse ' MLB: 331 483 SGSA. iD.MJsLaC3wl,X1,D ,,,L.Q,,,Jf L '1QllNu-up Q JAMES MY KNICKERBOCKER Football, Baseball, Class President, Basketball, Ath- letic Club, SGA. ROBERT WALLIS KNIGHT Football, Basketball, Track, Homeroom President and Vice President, Athletic Club. MARY ELIZEBETH KOLLER . . Co-Editor of Tech Talk Staff, NHS, Linz Award, Quill and Scroll, Captain Basketball, Volleyball and Base- ball. JERRY KOLLMAN ,p PAT KILLEBREW NHS, SGA, Dance Club, Photography Club, Y-Teens , Tech Talk Rep. VERLENE KILPATRICK JUANEZ KIMBRELL Beta Club Vice President, Class President, Sophomore Class Favorite, Letterman's Club. AL-TON PRATT KlNARD, JR. Band, SGA Rep., Vice President Electric Club, ROTC Band, Band Club. PEGGY JO BAKER LEWIS GEORGE LOGAN Football, an city, Baseballf Trackg SGA Sergeant-at Armsf AB Favorite, A Cappella Choirf "Four Hits and a Miss." JEANIE LOOPER SGA Senator? Drum Maiorettep Quill and Scrollp NHS: Military Queenp Wolfette Leaderp Girl's State Rep. PATSY RUTH LANGFORD Art Clubg Linz Awardg Art Award, DEg Red Cross Rep. BELVA LAWSON Future Nurses Club, Vice Presidentg Library Club Chairman, Annual Staff, Office, Clinic and Library Helperp Roller Skating Club: Junior and Senior Choirf Tri-Hi-Y. HELEN LAZICH Junior Red Crossp Y-Teens. ROLAND LEONARD SGAQ Safe "T" Clubg Photo Club. CLYDE LITTLETON Study Club. tiff MARILYN JOYCE LOWERY Study Club: SGA Rep. JOHNNY LUNA Football: Baseball: Class President: Basketball: Athletic Club: Sen. of SGA. RUSSELL EUGENE LUNDY i Q5 Y CHARLES ROY MCCLINTOCK MERLE MCCOMAS Treasurer of Art Club. CHARLOTTE MCGIBONEY SGA: History Club, Secretary: Homeroom Secretary: Allied Youth: Entomology Club: Y-Teens. ROBERT JERRY MCNEELY SGA: Homeroom President: School Photographer: ROTC Colonel: Diamond Disc Club: Crack Drill Pla- toon, Military Court Member. ROBERT LYNN MODESTA MARCELENO DAPHINE MAYER Pep Squadg Red Crossp Twirling Clubg Choirg Swim- ming Clubg Tennis Club, Student Councilg Latin Club. MARY LORENE MEADE Tech Talk Rep.: A Cappella Choirg Nurse Councilp Pan- American Club, Spelling Club, Gym Captain. MARY VIRGINIA MCWHIRTER Elected Forest Cheerleader 56, Tech Cheerleader 56, 57, Forest Tri-Hi-Y, Auditores Caesaresg Tech Talk Rep.: Typist Club Secretaryg Homeroom Secretaryg Forest Student Councilp Cheerleader's Club. DONALD MACKEY MARY JO MANDA SGAg Homeroom Secretaryg Art Clubp Art Award, Second Prize. CHARLES MANSFIELD Radio Clubg Band 3 years, Student Conductor of Band. Yearbook Staff, Library Councilp Spelling Clubg NHS Linz Award, Tech Talk Rep., Homeroom Vice President. CHARLES THOMAS MARTIN DE, Member of AAGO. N,-tat I NORMA JANE MERRILL BUENA MAE MIDDLETON FHAf Future Nurses Clubp Junior Red Crossp Art Clubg Good Scholarship Club. HELEN DALE MIERS Student Councilg Y-Teens. JANE WALLACE MILLER Red Cross Rep.7 Y-Teensg Homeroom Secretaryg Photog- raphy Clubg Dance Clubg Study Clubj SGA Rep. ANN MITCHAM Y-Teens Clubg SGA Alternate, Spanish Cluby Book Appreciation Club. GLORIA MONTQYA SGA: Football Princess, Sophomore Favoriteg NHSp Y-Teensg Library Councilg Yearbook Staff. DORA CMEDINAJ MORA A Pep Squadg Pan-Americang Y-Teensp Class Presidentf Tech Talk Rep.g Historical Club, Vice President of Class. NORBERT MENDOZA NHS, 3 year Linz Pin. Pep Squady Library Council: Art Clubg Tech Talk ' Rep., Cheerleader, Homeroorn Social Planner. PAUL NELSON Key Clubg Diamond Disc Clubp Radio Club. JOHN D. NEWTON Football Managerp Track Managerg SGA. BEVERLY ANN NOKES ANITA MOORE BARBARA JEANNE MOORE Forest Head Maiorettef Forest Lionette Captaing Forest 3 year Maiorettef Tech Maiorettey Tri-Hi-Y Secretaryg Forest Junior Red Crossg Tech Talk Staffy Forest Library Councilg Baton Twirlers Club. ANTONIA MORENO HR Tech Talk, Study Club, President. DOROTHY ANN MOSHIER Red Cross Rep.f Tennisp Future Nurses Club, Library Club: Chorus Clubg Homeroom Secretary. RAYMOND FRANKLIN NEATHERY Key Club President, Basketball Manager: NHSp Intra- mural Champs, Choir, Student Councilf Baseball. 4' . L -1 ss " E' at , K, 1 , LQ, in Y JOHNNIE A. OTTWELL Baitalion Commander. WANDA OVERSTREET Business Management Club, Secretaryf Study Clubp DE. BEATRICE PAREDES Red Cross Rep.g Y-Teensg Pan-Americang Study Club. JAMES MICHAEL PARKER Bandg ROTC: Forest Echop Junior Dramatics Cluby Orchestra. TOMMY PARMA Tumbling Clubg Science Club. LlLLlAN PORRAS 70 KENNETH O'DELL DE5 Photo Club, Dance Clubg Stamp Club, Treasurerp Study Clubg Safe "T" Club, Hi-Y Club, Sergeant-at Arms, "B" Team Baseball and Football. JOHN OLIVER ROTC Drill Teamp Diamond Disc Clubg Radio Clubg YQ I. sl- , 4. . 194.42 as nn 'L' 'o . Tl 1 N 5 CHARLES PEREZ MARGI E LEE PAYNE SGA, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Sextetg Dance Club, Presidentg Athletic Club, Tennisg Student Directory Assn. Superintendent. BEVERLY LOWERY PENNY Tech Talk Rep., Y-Teens. CHARLES R. PERCIVAL Diamond Disc Clubg Tumbling Club. HlRAM PERDUE Basketballg Baseballg SGAp lCTg Dance Club. LUClLLE ANGELINA PEREZ Pan-American: Future Nursesp Y-Teens, Social Dancingf Dramatics Clubp Chorus. FRANK PETRIK ROBERT HOUSTON PHELPS Bandy SGAg Dance Clubp Band Cluby ROTC. . 4. Q, Q- K . r FEYX 'R , I . DAN NORMAN POOL DONALD GENE POOL CHARLES THOMAS POWERS ROTCy Bandg ROTC Band, DE. JERRY DON PRIEST Baseball Letterman, Junior High and Shop President: Leather Craft Club, Anglers Club. RAYMUNDO G. PINA Skating Club: DEf Loafing Club. MARY ANNETTE PIERCE A Cappella Choir, Junior Red Cross Officer Tech Talk Rep. EULA JANE PIERSON Forest Tri-Hi-Y, Typist Club Red Cross Club Library Helper. BILLY BRUCE PONDER 1 Q' 1 2 9 I A mv PM 421' MM li , , Q RONALD CARSON ROBBINS ' X X L. Dance Club, Study Club. JOE G. RODARTE EDWARD QUINTANILLA Basketball, Track, NHS, Homeroom Vice President, Linz Award, Athletic Club, Spelling Club. GARY RANEY Football Captain, Football Letterman, Key Club, Track, Underclass Favorite, Forest, Forest Sport Co-Editor, Member of AAGO. JOHN EARL RINEHART Baseball, Basketball, Key Club, NHS, SGA, Allied Youth, Sports Club. ' DOLORES RIVERA NHS, Y-Teens, Most Outstanding Y-Teen, SGA, Home- room Secretary and Vice President, Roller Skating Club, Good Scholarship Club. Football, Basketball, Track, Dancing Club, Hi-Y Club, Band, Rotc. RANDELL GENE ROGERS Basketball Letterman 2 years, Basketball Club. GARY LYNN RUCKER SGA, Amateur Radio Club, Public Address Club, ROTC, Diamond Disc Club, Homeroorn Vice President, Science Club. -Q, 1 ,' - my 1 an W t x S t .4 .1 4 W 1 1 it BRADA SALINAS DELMUS LEE SANDERS Diamond Disc Club, ROTC Major, Crack Drill Platoon, Staff Officer. ROBERT HOWARD SANDFORD Game Club, Track, DE. OTELIA SANCHEZ Y-Teens Club, Junior Y-Teen Vice President, Junior Y-Teen Program Chairman, Homeroom Secretary, SGA Rep. ROBERT HENRY SANTILLAN Diamond Disc, Crack Drill Team, SGA Rep., Tech Talk Rep., Homeroom Vice President, Art Pottery Club, Individual Woozencratt Rep. JOE KELLEY SAWYER NHS, President, Quill and Scroll, Key Club, 4A Vice President, SGA, Harvard Book Award, Football, Base- ball. , wh O, lla TT"'i4l. MARGARET RUSSELL Homeroom President, Red Cross Rep., Y-Teens, Tech Talk Rep., Allied Youth, Skating Club. OLIVIA SALAS Xie ' 1 ALTO JO SIMMONS CLARA ANN SH RODE MARGARET LOUISE SCHWAB Y-Teens, Photo Club, Red Cross Rep., Library Council P.T.A. Rep. CHARLES DAVID SCOTT LOUIS SCOTT "B" Team Football, Football Manager, Allied Youth, Sports Appreciation Club, Science Club. CAROLYN JANE SHERRARD NHS, SGA, Tech Talk Rep., Homeroom Secretary, Linz Award, DE. History Club, Entomology, Tech Talk Rep., Homeroom Secrela ry, NHS. SGA, BCLS Club, ICT, Homeroom Secretary, Teachers Helper. PAUL SIMMONS Choir, Diamond Disc Club, Choral Club, Commission Officer, ROTC. ALMA PAULINE SILL Ed-TQ l "Ky CAROL SMITH SANDRA FAYE SIMONS Tri-Hi-Y Clubg Library Clubg Library Helpersg Cheer leacler's Club: Secretarial Club. DELVAN LEE SKINNER SGAg President of Homeroomg Foremanship Club. Cinema Club Secretaryg Proiectionistg 2 Linz Awards. CLAUDIA LEE SMITH Pep Squady Red Cross: Tri-Hi-Yg Tennis Club. MACK WADE SORRELLS Bandp Band Club, Architectural Club. EDWARD RILEY SPALDING Science Clubp Tumbling Club. JOHN ALLEN STEVENS 2 years of Footballg Homeroom Vice President. EDWARD O. STONE Key Clubg Ice Skating Clubg Projection Clubg ROTC. 2, V2 , me wi'v'Hf it .5 ' ' ff:,Qy',:., 251141533 3 ' ,,,y. ,,,QAg3. 2 , f .W -. -' e.::f,i , . Q., , , I , . ,,,, V 75? 'W' f f 5,1 W' W 'up- Wy it ,. . ,,f PATRICIA GAYLE STRINGFELLOW Y-Teensg Pep Squadg 2nd Lieutenant, RONNIE STRIPLING Footbally President Homeroomg Red Crossg SGA: Allied Youthg 2 years Baseball. ff DANNY BAXTER STROTHER I ' NHS, High Scholarship Clubg Key Clubg Linz Awarclsp Science Class R porter, Cheerleader, Forest, Intramural Basketb I pions. ANN STUCKEY X X .,rcQ 1 , 4, ww ff... ' M 5 .3 SHARI ANN STUCKEY Q. FREDDIE FRANCES TALKINGTON NHSp Good Scholarship Clubg DEp Linz Awardf Ento- mology Club. CONCHA TERRES Future Nurses, President, SGA, Tech Talk Rep., Linz Award Bibleg Red Cross Rep. Tech Talk Rep.g Red Cross Rep., Vice Presidentg Future Nurses Club, Linz Bible Awardg Homeroom Secretary. WILLIAM RAY SWINNEY 2 years Basketball Letterman: SGA. DARYLE THOMAS NANCY LYNN TILLERY Junior High Cheerleader. ,MQ PATSY TISSIER Pep Squad, Forest Maiorette 55, 56, Tech Maiorette 56, 57, Linz Award, Future Nurses Secretary, Forest, Forest Echo Business Manager, Forest Tri-Hi-Y, Audi- tores Caesaris. WINIFRED TUCKER Wolfette, Wolfette Captain, SGA, Red Cross, ROTC Band Princess, English Class Secretary, Drill Team Club. NHS, Quill and Scroll, Basketball Queen, AB Secretary, Football Princess, Linz Award 2 years, SGA, Forest ROYCE E. TRAMEL Football Letterman, Football Forest, Baseball, Forest Fire Fighters, 4B Runner-up Most Likely to Succeed. JILL UNDERVVOOD SGA AB Rep., Cheerleader 56, 57, Tech Talk Rep., 2 Linz Pin Awards, Art Club, Pep Squad. Club, Student Council, 554' GERALD VAN ZANDT Diamond Disc Club, Library Council, Photography Club. SAMUEL VELASQUEZ Pan-American, NHS, Booster Club Member, Home- room President. fin 'H-s s "C 1 l .A . , , 1' LI LOIS FRANCIS WARREN Wolfettes, Red Cross Rep., SGA, Secretary. NORMA WEBB Wolfettes, Drill Team Club, Homeroom Secretary. CARL WEBSTER SYLVIA ANN WELCH SGA Rep, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, BCSL Club President, Football Princess, Tech Talk Rep. CARMEN 'NEAL WAGLEARDO ROY LEON WALLACE Basketball, SGA, Sports Club, Homeroom President Homeroom Treasurer, Architectural Club. NORRIS WAYNE WALLACE Tech Talk Rep., Photography Club. CLIFTON OGDEN WALTON Football, Basketball, Track. Tech Talk Rep., ' Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Homeroom Vice President and OBRIA DEAN WELLS Football: Basketball, Track: Hi-Y5 Allied Youthp Dance Cl'-lb: Sports Appreciationp Drivers Training lnstructorg PE Instructor. MARY ANN WEST f NHSp Linz Awardp Y-Teens: Spelling Club, Entomology' Club: Homeroom Secretary, DAR. N. LEON WHITE "B'f Team Basketball, Allied Youthp Intramural Tour- namentsg SGA: Study Club. NELDA GAY WHITE SGA5 Allied Youthp BSCL7 Tech Talk Rep.g Study Club. LINDA WHITTINGTON SGAg A Cappella Choir: Dance Clubg Tech Talk Rep. PATRICK WIDENER, JR. Radio Clubg Band Clubp Band. KENNETH WILLHELM X3 Foremanship Club, Diamond Disc Clubg ROTC Staff Officer, Golf Clubg Basketball Clubg.Visual Aids. Q HUEY KEITH WILLIAMS LENA MAE WISELY FLORENCE ANN WOOD Girls' Sexfetf A Cappella Choirg ICTQ Tech Talk Rep.p Homeroom Treasurerf Teacher's Helper. ELNITA JEAN WOODRUFF Tri-Hi-Yg Future Nurses Clubg Homeroom Vice Presi- dentg Cl'1eerleader's Club. JOANNE WRIGHT Y-Teens, Pep Squad. Red Cross Member: A Cappella Choir. NORMA JANE WILLIAMS Class Secreiaryp Linz Awardg Red Cross Rep. BILL WILSON Vice President Homeroom: Drill Platoon, Diamond Disc Clubg Ha-Y Clubg Key club. PATSY RUTH WILSON Football Queenp Y-Teens Clubg Art Pottery Club. WILLIAM D. WILSON Baseball: Drill Plafoong Color Guard, Spons Apprecia- tion. 'Qwe- fm fin C' E, . 'f ,, ,Mp za! v 'A N 5, i Wi 'A P L 1 w -' N, G2 . AUDRIS ZIDERMANES l MARTHA PEGEEN WRIGHT CHARLES VVYNN RUBY PEARL YARBROUGH Nurses Clubg Red Cross Rep.g Homeroom President: Cheerleader Clubg Tri-Hi-Y. LEONARD ZARNT Basketballg Track. Tech Hi has a plate sale. Tech Historical Plate. x l J' 1 , pw ' f I I. l. CRUZ!!! 'YICHKZCAL BMI! MMOL 15864--1956 70th Annhuury nn oldest of Dann' high naman, nw f alan to thu hun of tht any and at lu people. hu spanned th: nun ot mrs uma' fhlfl QBOPIQ GHI4 O 511 UI RIF! D , Q t Th gi I X' Cant:-A Kim Scmaol vu muvgod wcunivnlf mu Min Kish BDDOQ1, ibbul 1890 Dann igh Bnhool, mm 1900 bleu Sn-an Klfh school about 1915 m Lu rmmmx mga Animal, 1929 I. R. Cz-ann Tlthnlcll High Sclwoi.. 1945 Tha influenza of R M? layll url in felt by tha mr a A may u zany lm-Q-:sn A if Q n o .,.., mix? In won V " I Ina-ning, Sbbrll of X 9 Ltrz vm eh d I U I ' K Z ,.,,f " fy 977, ' 42: 'ffff L WL J7 ve Mn -i ' 1 Whig, ' I rum-,R ,,, 1 SPO! I B Rain It to the , mil tc zhn our A ln latin Hail, All Hall, 'rum HA! 'alla ,f f L -A-'ff-",'z'e:.::., ff, , ff - .. N R Cmnn rug, mu.. r.... 'CU' Wah Szhoal ' f ww fpfjvgmsfj sf JA WW iff ' W sfffg. 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W- pu., ff My -- n J f f , y 12' Wi 1 mf A, 1 ii , f I f',' I ff 1 ,, ,V f' ,, fy ,, ,N . ,,k,, BETTY HARRIS Senior January Class Favorite - 2 4 ,V f vc,-if 'fa 41 Q 'WW ar y Nvw ,Q V ff ff V-ff ff BILLY MEDINA JUSTINE BROWN Best All-Around January Class Z E 5 my .Am , ff. 1 Wm ,,., uv' y44alv' RICHARD LACY MARIETTA SLAY Mos? Likely To Succeed January Class agar! 9 J Qytmmff X, if 4 FRANK NUNCIO Favorhe at X 22 RUNNER-UP BARBARA FORD BROWNLEE Favorhe RUNNER-UP JUANITA FRANCO Mos? Beauhful TIM VILLASANO Most Handsome , 'iw N " ? If 4511 1 . , 4 , 4, ,L ,. , V ,ny fp ':1L.' ,, 'vff 5 GLORIA MONTOYA FooTbaIl Princess SHARON PEARCE JOE DONNELL Most Likely To Succeed ' ASD Tv fi X 25 TW ,ln v 'f wr: Sh' CEQA D' 1 ' ftllf' in 5 . 1- .- fz+'1.'? 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F Jvyjyfwrfffffgwf EMM OW, J ,M ,Q QMM S 3' sf 8 JEANNIE LOOPER GARY RAN EY Most Athletic FLORINE CROSS ARTHUR GREEN Most Likely To Succeed , 1' 'Iv' ,f 'P -V , ,V , , , 5 , if f, , v' A i.- Q I ,, f , 1 : Kg -1 XO V xv' Xjj . 1.2 .ff . ,4 , N A-by l 11,4 VA XM . 421237, ,Uv V 2 . - mint? ' Mfg ff." 2 ,Layla 7' - t 1 ' . 1 1. -' ' 'Tff' ' . Liar' . ' , -QQ-YT" . xul5x4,,'5"f1 Q1 5 1 -- V 4.1111 neflfkf f- -, , 1 iff, V ,-w,lN,w..1M41.'.-V ' . ?.:'A,Xzm' :,bi.x-v,ln.V:! .Mx A if I fg'.JL'n vu 3.1, X: ' x r ff '3'2gnF'k1?1 kQ'?'.'iai - t , 531.,- ,. 3 iv. V. Li. 'LQ ' f 1, ' f:H?NgWdKWw EQ' wh 'u,w:wf-M v.' H4 Y 'UJ?mmSrgkffM': ' V4,Amunf 3 : L ek-Ai: - .Q ,'S,4'1.4. QM W we ww' " s X x NANCY TILLERY f ' Most Beautiful 5" JERRY KOLMAN QQ' 1 Most Handsome ,f 4" yi 1" I a .f 1 w f'4 1" ox - M' ' .A '- 44 'l ' f "J - . N01 ' .4 ""' f Ag""k ,r qw:-G", -ww" , 'Hymn' 1QQr' v u,a da' ' ke' 'Y' 3 pi as ' .L A . - RUNNER- TOMMY CHEEK Favoriie THERESA INGERSON Favorite "MM 'Mane V' 'M 9 0 0 RUNNER-UP JEANNIE LOOPER JIMMY KNICKERBOCKER Bes1AII-Around YB kr MQ f Q, Y MARY JESSIE GUTIERREZ TOMMY CH EEK Mosf Athletic ot, the Princesses in Dads Club Football Queen's Contest MARY ANN WEST ROYCE TRAMEL Runner Up to Most Likely to Succeed LAVEDA HARRELL ELIA MENA Yecvl v K, :er tg-2-' "-" f QV gif X ' K X 1 ff' ' 4425 ,.-. Z by SEAT STX 1 -- T' ' Vx ,.nas:i?i2!mm1' , w f. IJA 1 I Sa l , ' 'min g gb W iwiimlx YK,. NJ: " Wi' N k A J'4'MWW1lnn ...- .. . E ' A' u A. i . ' -:.' . 'Q ff' " 'LD' 2 ' , ' F yi Q J -I 5 32, K Hy M :QWMJXKJ 1 V K 4 , , 1" .af ,J W wf lf ,M ,jfff fm ,f 4 V N 3 W X3 3 Q . . f f ' ,W ' I If-f ,f N typ! of gf!! ' . y ' ,Lf 2 g , . Q ' A X U j l 'f I 5,1 it 14 ,ff f ,ij aw . 1 J 'I 2.7, ' f ,,, ' N- J t b 1 ,fl X' . Il ff Li!!! ,DJ NM ly! Vflj . 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DAVIS, Instructor Jerry Anderson, Mike Anguiana, Jimmy Boswell, Bruce Casali, Larry Collette, Joe Cornell, Edward Contrera, Salvador De Leon, Steven Gonzales, Roy Lee Gordon, Richard Gould, Herman Grant, Phillip Holland, David Ledbetter, Roy Medcalf, Frank Nuncio, Elias' Rioias, Roy Serrano, Gary Smith, Frank Valtierra, Thadman White, Bill Wilson, Jackie Courson. ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING ELIZABETH SIDDALL, insifucrar Isaac Arista, Rueben Baird, Wayne Burden, Joe Campise, Jerry Childres, Allen Christopherson, Michael Cook, Joe Finney, Donald Grimes, Clifton Hilz, Roy Hines, Delores Huber, Maurice Jacks, Jerry Kolman, Rudd Langford, James Little, Johnny Luna, Mike Mata, James Mays, Don Moss, Johnny Ott- well, Justo Salazar, William Swinney, Bill Thomas. ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING ELIZABETH SIDDALL, lnstructor Albert Alyo, Diego Aguilera, Charles Arnett, George Belmares, Sam Catalina, Joe Cerda, Dwayne Cochran, A. B. Cody, James Conner, Joe Pat Daugh- erty, Kent Ellis, John Girardin, Donald Gravitt, Harris Guillory, Harold Helm, Mauriece Jacks, Marlyn Johnson, Jim- my Knickerbocker, Jerry Kolman, Rudd Langford, Winston Long, Frank Lopez, Pat McKennan, Billy Medina, William Morrison, Frank Malina, Bob Nunn, James Privett, Paul Sosa, Brooks Stieg- ler, Bill Thomas. ADVERTISING ART REESMAN KENNEDY, Instructor Posing: Johnny Luna, Rosemary Harper. Jesse Aleves, Shirley Alexander, Ocha Canady, Angelita Castillo, Sally Chamberlain, Edward Contreras, Eva Crook, Sharon Dial, Dicky Eaves, Juanita Fonseca, Earnest Fuentes, Pat Gatlin, Richard Gould, Barbara Jones Worsham, Bill Kelsey, Harold Lewis, Johnny Luna, Frank Lopez, Michael Marshall, Lucy Peyton, Frances Probst, Billy Quarles, Gary Raney, George Velasco. ADVERTISING ART REESMAN KENNEDY, Instructor Suzanne Brignon, Carl Brooks, William Browning, Leo Cantu, Patricia Ellis, Betty Etheridge, Carol Gilbert, Rosemary Harper, Charline Jackson, Sue Johns- ton, Bill Kelsey, Ernest Kirkland, Rudy Longoria, Johnny Luna, Marietta Slay, Kenneth Spray, Carol Thomas, Alice Velasquez. ADVERTISING ART REESMAN KENNEDY, Instructor Posing: Eva Crook Marie Alcantar, Sharon Beard, Bobbie Boyer, Linda Ellis, Harold Foster, Pat Gatlin, Bill Kelsey, Rudy Longoria, Merle McComas, Bill Mauldin, Elia Mena, Norma Merrill, Lucy Peyton, Tommy Powell, Hank Reisman, Marietta Slay, Norma Webb. SHORTHAND I MAY REDFERN, Instructor Wanda Baucom, Wanda Beggs, Ann Carroll, Otilia Castillo, Donelda Coady, Gail Calvin, Jo Ann Doyle, Patsy Gates, Sylvia George, Rebecca Hanks, Frances Hathcock, Becky Hobbs, Sue Ingram, Edith Johnson, Linda Sue Lindsey, Car- men Naiera, Betty Roberts, Sally Rot'- tino, Katherine Stone, Ann Suitor, Janice Wade, Frances Jean Warren, Raylene Wecter, Patricia Wilson, Martha Wren. MACHINE BOOKKEEPING MAY REDFERN, Instructor Enedina Aguilar, Lillie Becerra, Marie Beltran, Terry Berzins, Peggy Black- shear, Catherine Boyd, Joyce Boyd, Gwynda Clark, Jackie Cole, Paula Ferguson, Mary Ellen Flores, Rafalia Garza, Annabeth Goodwin, Lupe Gon- zales, Ola Mae Gregson, Virginia Her- nandez, Dale Huber, Pat Killebrew, Juarez Kimbrell, Teresa Luna, Antonia Moreno, Altha Faye Russ, Otelia San- chez, Gail Selt, Patsy Tissier, Sylvia Welch, Linda Whittington. MACHINE BOOKKEEPING MAY REDFERN, Instructor Barbara Adams, Linda Akins, Katie Albertson, Nancy Anding, Mattie Bently, Mildred Capps, Angelita Castillo, Herrietta Chavarria, Barbara Ann Cox, Betty Harris, Mary Louise Hernandez, Theresa Ingerson, Mary Meade, Dora Medina, Gloria Mena, Buena Mae Middleton, Ann Mitcham, Mary Mc- Carley, Virginia McWhirter, Mary Ann Nolasco, Shirley Pollard, Alta Simmons, Nancy Tillery, Martha Wright, Nelda White, Sandra Young. MACHINE BOOKKEEPING MAY REDFERN, Instructor Arthur Alarden, Edward Arriago, Norma Jean Brewer, Justine Brown, Rosa Cas- tro, Juanita Franco, Esther Garcia, Mary Gunn, Rosa Hernandez, Helen Lazich, Norma Monk, Beatrice Paredes, Mary Helen Ramirez, Sally Ann Reed, Delores Rivera, Mary Jessie Rodriguez, Martha Sills, Concha Torres, Dolores Washburn. TYPING I CLIFFORD MATLOCK, Instructor Mary Amador, Louise Anders, Dianne Berry, Lynn Bowling, Loyce Boyd, Deloris Brewer, Robbie Brewer, Scotty Brimer, Julia Calvert, Johnny Cook, Nelda Currie, Linda Evans, Doris Fergu- son, Elizabeth Flores, Jack Gray, Pres- ton Henderson, Patsy Holt, Faye Horton, Louise Ingram, Faye Johnson, Brenda Lynch, Ima Martin, Richard Martin, Louise Mize, Linda Moon, Mariorie Moore, Toni Morale, Dorothy Moreno, Catherine Myrick, Brenda Patterson, Shirley Pollard, Julia Roberts, Marie Ross, Virginia Ruiz, Delmus Sanders, Diann Taylor, Roy Thacker, Ann Thomp- son, Ronnie Thornhill, Arturo Torres, William Wilson. ,V - tr 41 V 1,14 ,ff ' F I .-MWMZW ,WWZMMAAQ Mawwmpl gg: , --I ' f '5Z'7f,,Jff:,' til, -an-as-sauunaul ZIV 5 J " W ' ff " -f xl, ' Qt ' 'f ff ,Q r r j Q- f I ,m,,wW,,-awfaf 5,,M.M.-4..4M,.g ' r ff 755. TYPING I CLIFFORD MATLOCK, Instructor Ruby Adams, Sandra Adkisson, Sherley Alexander, Joyce Banks, Mary Ellen Barbee, Nick Bardis, Linda Black, Suz- anne Brignon, Wanda Brown, Judy Brown, Raymond Burnett, Tommy Cheek, Ernestine Counts, Cynthia Cox, Billie Crabtree, Eva Crook, Jan Daily, Joe Dean, Janice Garrett, Opheliz Gomez, Mary Gonzalez, Gloria Grimes, Edith Gunn, Judy Hadly, Wanda Hall, Charles Harbison, James Hatcher, Carolyn Herron, Thomasann Hosch, Nelda Ivy, Cecil Koonce, Anita Led- better, Peggy Lipe, Don McLemee, Judy May, Eugenia Morgan, Mary Moser, Sandra Nusbaum, Ira Owens, Aaron Price, Virginia Puente, LaJean Ransom, Juanita Reed, O. V. Shottner, Sidney Shuemake, Billy Smith, Betty Stanphill, Martha Thomas, GENERAL BUSINESS ooviLu GALLAHER, insmiaor Carol Ballard, Mary Helen Castro, Nolan Correa, Clarence Dalton, Lucille Davis, Juanita Enriquez, Hortensia Garcia, Ophilia Gomez, Edith Gunn, Patsy Har- well, Nina Faye Isbell, Martha Junell, Betty Littrell, Erma Mata, Wayne Miller, Beatrice Morena, Georgia Parker, Linda Payser, Nell Pringle, Brenda Putman, Lincla Quick, Rebecca Rangel, Dimas Rivera, Eva Salas, Ophelia Silva, Phyllis Speaker, Doris Washburn, Robirdie Wil- liams, Gayle Wright, Mary Ybarra. GENERAL BUSINESS Doviiu GALLAHER, IHSITUCTOI' Mary Bingham, Nancy Clendenen, Gail Coldiron, Patsy Cotton, Charlotte Dacus, Sue Hood, Darlene Ivy, Janis James, Mary Lazich, Joyce Massey, Peggy Mc- Clung, Dorothy Moreno, Nina O'Brian, Vicky Pate, Priscilla Peavy, Martha Perry, Dorothy Porras, Evelyn Ramsey, Juanita Shields, Shirlyn Skalak, Neita Smith, Patricia Smith, Rosa Soto, Mary Stapler, Chaterine Sturdivant, Irma Val- dez, Frank Vega, Nancy White, Louise Wilson. COMPTOMETRY 2 cLARicE ruizck, instructor Alicia Ademez, Lucy Adams, Gail Cal- vin, Ophelia Castillo, Consuela Coro- nado, Mary Ann Cuellar, Eva Crook, Rosita DeLeon, Josie Fartan, Rita Fleeves, Darlean Freeman, Eva Hernan- dez, Socorro Hernandez, Sue Lindsey, Yolanda Lopez, Elaine McCormic, Francis Medina, Carmen Naiera, Josephine Paredes, Sue Searcy, Bob Thrash, Nancy Tuner, Dorothy Welch, Ruth Woodward, Brenda Zaby. SHORTHAND VERA N. MCCAULEY, Instructor Joyce Boyd, Mary Ann Cuellar, Anna Hancock, Arny Hardeman, Gerrie Irvin, Barbara Johnson, Juanez Kimbrell, Shirley Marvin, Sandy Mitchell, Virginia Moore, Onita Newell, Barbara Parker, Linda Terry, Martha Thomas, Norma Webb, Delois Whitt, Betty Weldon. OFFICE PRACTICE VERA N. MCCAULEY, Instructor Enedina Aguilar, Katie Albertson, Peggy Blackshear, Marcille Clayton, Carole Col- lier, Florine Cross, Mary Ellen Flores, Mary Nell Hall, LeVeda Harrell, Mary Louise Hernandez, Louise Hill, Marcia Jacobs, Modesta Marceleno, Mary Mc- Carley, Gloria Montoya, Mary O'Neil, Margie Payne, Sharon Pearce, Angelina Perez, Wanda Searcy, Clara Shrode, Sylvia Welch. I ,aw-4.-v-ww' ., 1 f l COMMERCIAL LAW BENJAMIN O. RICE, Instructor Jo Ann Bucher, Rosa Castro, Patsy Downey, Kenneth Gadd, Barbara Grandinetti, Fay Guernsey, Don Hamil- ton, Ben Harris, Rosa Hernandez, Phyllis Jimison, David Lara, Clyde Little- ton, Ira Owens, Mike Parker, Jerry Priest, Joe Prskop, Phyllis Ross, Tony Ramirez, Vincient Shindall, Paul Sta- ton, Tommy Tineral, Carmen Wagliardo, Carl Webster, Sylvia Welch. BOOKKEEPING I BENJAMIN O. RICE, Instructor Patsy Armstrong, Bobbie Boyer, Patsy Dillard, Marilyn Eichacker, Lauwana Hal- bert, Patsy Harrell, Augustina Lopez, Lynne Lunday, Barbara Martin, Geral- dine Moody, Norma Ranne, Charlotte Ray, Mary Ruth Schaff, Mary Weather- ford, Mary Wilcoxson, Shirley Wilson, Georgette Wilson, Johnson Williams, Bill Williamson. CLERICAL PRACTICE CLAUDIA CLAY, Instructor Joan Hitchcock, Anna Hancock, Joe Ann Wright, Isabelle Cantrell, Billie William- son, Neda Wright, Wanda Overstreet, Mildred Ingram Hargrove, Clara Dotson, Juaniz Kimbrell, Marilyn Miller, Antonio Moreno, Ann Mitcham, Rita Jackson, Dale Huber, Barbara Cox, Pansy Day, Augustina Lopez, Sue Searcy, Carlene Moseley, Nancy Tillery, Martha Wright, Mary Lunceford, Joyce Hinton, Joyce Boyd, Margaret Schwab, Rosa Castro, Lillke Bacerra, Otelia Sanchez, Gloria Mena, Josephine Moreno, Yvonne Mur- ray, Charlotte Bennett, Shirley Tear. SHORTHAND CLAUDIA CLAY, Instructor Benita Siller, Velda Yarborough, Phyllis Hughes, Toni Morale, Brenda Brewer, Sharon Decker, Jettie Chanault, Cecilia Nevarez, Janet Watkins, Bonita Brum- ley, Wyanell Keen, Norma Ranne, Peggy Dunn,-Charalette Ray, Louise Holcomb, Shirley Ruffin, Armanda Palacias, Sue Reeder, Mary Alice Moser, Suzanne Hensley, Velda Jo Moseley, Elsie Henderson. SH ORTHAND MRS. YOAKUM, Instructor Elizabeth Algarin, Julia Campbell, Evangeline Casarez, Florine Cross, Pansy Day, Donnette Dean, Paula Ferguson, Mary Ellen Gutierrez, Rosemary Harper, Linda Hill, Mary Koller, Lois Lovell, Trudy McCoy, Charlotte McGiboney, Carolyn McKee, Helen Neal, Par String- tellow, Jill Underwood, Linda Whitting-' ton, Mary Katherine Wilcoxen, Pegeen Wright. SHORTHAND l GLADYS YOAKUM, Instructor Louise Calvary, Angelita Castillo, Wanda Criswell, Georgia Disman, Patricia Edmonson, Jean Ellison, Sue Finney, Juanita Fonseca, Dorothy Forrester, Jane Gawne, Patricia Green, Mary Linda Gutierrez, Andrea Hernandez, Mary Herra, Socorra Hernandez, Geneva Jackson, Regina Looper, Carolyn Luck- adoo, Martha McReynolds, Frances Marceleno, Caroline Martinez, Martha Mason, Yvonne Murray, Margaret Pet- ton, Rosemary Pierce, Nancy Reeder, Mary Sanders, Donna Shackelford. .., I . ,,,. C - , . ,, f.,1:v.w 5 , ' .1 .f:5g:,W'+, ,f ff pr .. ,,,z?VA '. H .. sis.. fi' 5495? ,. ,,,, ,,,,,. , . , . f .We ',W,.,Q? ,W f..1...,....,.,.,.-..s M-u.w,W,......, ,,,.s,,- ,... i,,.1f:' - I ,, . . , f- f get zz.. 'kr' .:'AjKM,a 5 S ' ' an 4 z 4 z Q, A 5 . -+f-A'-ww yt., 2 was-asa. W, , - t - 1were-.Q--..fi,Q.,,m zfsrya . WW'A""zr,.f,,zfJe::w:y9Qr TYPING 3 ELA HEtHEiraiNoroN, insrfucraf Patsy Armstrong, Barbara Benson, Peggy Blackwood, Mary Boshears, Jo- Ann Bucher, Jean Burchett, Rachel Cab- allero, Mary Lou Cervantes, Joyce Den- man, Consuelo Diaz, Mary Juen Dyer, Annette Embry, Doris Facundus, Joyce Feltman, Sandra Fitzgerald, Mollie Gas- ton, Mary Gunn, Amy Hardeman, Eula Mae Harp, Sue Harless, Joyce Harrison, Jerry Henson, Louise Holcomb, Charline Jackson, Barbara Jones, Doris Kerbo, Pat Killibrew, Joyce King, Patsy Langford, Belva Lawson, Lois Lovell, Shirley Mar- vin, Helen Neal, Amanda Palacios, Barbara Parker, Charlotte Ray, Martha Roberts, Eileen Rogers, Lidia Salas, Violet Spears, Sandra Stuckey, Linda White, Mary Wilcoxon, Amelia Williams, Kenneth Willhelm, Nita Woodrutt, Pageen Wright, Velda Yarbrough, Mary Zamora. TYPING 3 ELA HETHERINGTON, Instructor Jerry Bellah, Maria Beltran, Louise Cal- very, Julia Campbell, Helen Carter, Gwynda Clark, Ruth Coker, Gail Colvin, Margaret Derr, Clara Dotson, Virginia Duncan, Pat Edmonson, Mary Evans, Sue Finney, Juanity Fonseca, Betty Green, Ola Gregson, Mildred Hargrove, Kay Delk, Edith Johnson, Frances Johnson, Glenda Johnson, Wyanell Keen, Juanez Dvimlorell, Mary Longoria, Mary Jo Manda, Janie Massey, Sandy Mitchell, Virginia Moore, Onita Newell, Frances Patterson, Maria Reyes, Donna Shakle- ford, Joan Shumake, Sandra Simons, Carol Smith, Lucy Spitler, Maudean Stibbens, Patsy Tissier, La Nelle Vick, Pat Vogel, Rita Warren, Dorothy Welch, Georgette Wilson, Shirley Wilson, J0- Ann Crowe, Richard Lacy, Sue Searcy, Carole Svehla. SHORTHAND 2 MRS. MARY MARTIN, Instructor Alicia Ademez, Lucy Adams, Betty Brunson, Roberta Burke, Sonia Carranza, Judith Copeland, Consuelo Coronado, Wanda Elem, Josie Farfan, Anita Garza, Rataila Garza, Mary Gunn, Dorothy Hathcock, Virginia Hernandez, Joyce Hinton, Beatrice Lopez, Frances Medina, Norma Jean Monk, Geraldine Moody, Antonia Moreno, Ruth Ann Rees, Bar- bara Rice, Barbara Richardson, Gloria Rico, Carole Svehla, Ruth Woodward. COSMETOLOGY MRS. OLIVE DUDLEY, Instructor Mrs. Olive Dudley sees that Sue Hand- ley gives a good manicure to Helen Cantu, also a cosmetology student. COSMETOLOGY MRS. OLIVE DUDLEY, Instructor Ann Fisher shampoos Janie Cornish's hair. VOCATIONAL COSMETOLOGY MRS. OLIVE DUDLEY, Instructor Martha Gonzales, left, does a "comb out" on Mrs. R. E. "Bob" Sanders. Maxine Beckham gives the finishing touch of a permanent wave To Mrs. Robbie Robertson. fzazfilti I I pw VOCATIONAL COSMETOLOGY MRS. OLIVE DUDLEY, Instructor Elizabeth Tucker, Verlene Cliilpatrickj Brown, Janette Powers, Lequita Gaslcey, Josgp-hiiEgPardes Mozelle Adams, Brada Salinas, Lou Ann Scarborough, Mary Lou Casarez, Virgie Espinoza, Glenda Stanly. VOCATIONAL COSMETOLOGY MRS. OLIVE DUDLEY, Instructor Helen Cantu, Terry Smith, Rosario Morales, Betty Gibson, Maxine Beck- ham, Ann Fisher, Wanda Thomas, Martha Gonzales, Rouda Richardson, Sue Handley, Lillian Porros, Janice Cornish, Josephine Morris. OUR FRIENDS IN THE CAFETERIA Estella Riley, Christine Brown, Viney Mae Haywood, Neva Adams, Christine Parrish, Olivia Dunn, Imere Hoskins, Beatrice Phillips, Lucille Fields, Tennie Mae Rose, Annie Louise Young, Lorene Bates. JOURNALISM MRS. LEODA EVANS, Instructor Louise Holcomb, Phyllis Jimison, Irene Muir, Harold Isaacs, Jack Gross, Helen Davis, Joyce Huffman, Jeanie Looper, David Busch, Robert Dudley, Barbara Moore, Jerry Bridwell, Hiram Perdue, Nancy Tillery, Theresa Ingerson, Bar- bara Jones, Margaret Schwab, Mary Koller, Mrs. Leoda Evans, Mary Bos- hears, Cassandra Gorman, Brenda Han- son Motfitt, Wayne Lawson. JOURNALISM MRS. LEODA EVANS, Instructor Sally Read, Patsy Tissier, Catherine Boyd, Linda Horton, Annette Embry, Rita Jackson, Royce Tramel, Gary Raney, Donna Bailey, Teresa Arriaga, Patsy Dil- lard, Mario Gutierrez, Mrs. Leoda Evans, Don Morgan, James Vouras, Justine Brown, Doris Holman, Martha Sills, Mary Martha Evans. LATIN REBECCA ROBERTS, Instructor Tommy Adams, Joy Banks, Ernestine Counts, Frank Fehmel, Ronald Hoffman, Joe Lara, Yvonne Le Blanc, Coy Mc- Cullough, Jack Monk, Sandra Nusbaum, Mary Ellen Parnell, Shirley Regeon, Arleta Rooney, Jimmy West, Brenda White, Joyce Wilson, Bill Yee. -.z 1' W' " I - 1 1 ln 9 1 l LATIN 3, 4 REBECCA ROBERTS, Instructor Brenda Bean, Lynn Bowling, Julia Cal vert, Juanity Fritz, Grace Gonzales Helen Hernandez, Clifford Hetchler Mary Frances Holcombe, Arlis Lanstord Jett Mabry, Ima Martin, Doris Pope Nickey Porter, Barbara Presswood, Cyn thia Ramey, Mary Ann West. SALESMANSHIP MARY HAINES, Instructor Bob Burris, Peggy Blackshear, Betty Brunson, David Busch, Donna Sue Car- penter, Stella Chotas, Joe Donnell, Bobby Farmer, Esther Garcia, Rafaila Garza, Dorothy Hathcock, Francis John- son, Richard Lacy, Gene McMichael, Paula Ferguson, Janie Massey, Billy Median, Paul Murphy, James Parker, Angelina Perez, Charles Perez, Carolyn Petty, Rudy Riza, Amelia Rodriquez, JoAnn Rhode, Phyllis Ross, Sandra Simmons, Claudia Smith, Concha Torres, Norma Waits, Lois Warren. SPANISH I POLLYANNA MALLOW, Instructor Sandra Adkinson, Aubra Anders, Norvel Baker, Jerry Banks, Evangelina Casa- nes, George Cedillo, Mary Coignard, David Collins, Gloria Dutton, Marion Faust, Elizabeth Fuller, Bently Graham, Gloria Guerrere, Edith Gunn, George Harrell, Max Harris, Bobby Headrick, Carl Henisey, Anita Hernandez, Mar- garet Huerta, Dorothy Martinez, Mike Morgan, Glenn Patterson, Patsy Reid, Sue Tissier, Yolanda Villareal, Robert Williams, Conrad Wredberg, Sue Yeats. SPANISH -4, 5, 6, 7 POLLYANNA MALLOW, insrruciaf Mary Amador, Barbara Brownlee, Charles Brown, Joe Cano, Clarence Cantu, Home Cantu, Earnest Castillo, Otilia Castillo, San Juan Castillo, Ver- non Cole, Tony Cuello, Norman Davis, Tony Delaroso, Sharron Dial, Antonio Encinia, Michael Enriquez, Juanita Fon- seca, Mike Franco, Lupe Gonzales, Mario Gutierrez, Jerry Don Henson, Ray Landin, Alice Lara, Joe Lara, Caro- lina Martinez, Harvey Nix, Benny Orozco, Florentine Ramirez, Sidney Shumate, David Tankersley, Sammy Velasquez, Tim Villasana. SPANISH 2, 3 POLLYANNA MALLOW, Instructor David Castro, James Conner, Dickey Eaves, Patsy Harrell, Philip Kiser, Billy La Ferney, Gerald McCollough, Irma Mendoza, Maria Pedrez, Teresa Santil- lan, Richard Story, Patricia Tate, Olga Tobias, Yolanda Valdez, Mary Louise Vela, Earline William, Don Wilson, Patsy Withrow. SPANISH 3 POLLYANNA MALLOW, Instructor Manuel Acosta, Clean Almond, Pete Azona, Barbara Baker, Covy Baylor, Esmeralda Castillo, Matus Cervantes, Virginia Contreras, Walter Crum, Mario Cuello, John Daily, Charlotte Dial, Manu- Iita Fonseca, Brooks Griffin, Mary Louise Hernandez, Trini Lopez, Virginia Mc- Bride, Dora Mora, David Muga, Pat Owens, Larry Payton, Maria Reyes, Sammy Rodriquez, Arturo Torres, Alice Velasquez, Janice Wade, Harold Web- ster, Leon White. I 31,23 ,,,.,, 5 1 Elia 0 in Wr ,.,, . A if mwvufzw 5- ,v ,4w4ww.w.,,,M,L..W,,MM ,,,. Www' YQ if yi SPANISH I POLLYANNA MALLOW, Instructor Ina Adams, Patricia Barns, Gerry Bar- rett, Mary Cervantes, Gloria Coronado, Mary Dominguez, Jewel Eggert, Re- becca Enriquez, Doris Guilt, Francisco Hernandez, Rita Hitt, Jessie Huddleton, Ted Kiser, Roy Lawly, Mike Mata, Jim- mie Meek, Mario Naiero, Reba Par- ham, Roy Serano, Joe Sales, Tim Vil- lasana. ENGLISH I LAMAR EWING, Instructor Judy Brown, Billie Crabtree, John Cum- mings, Billy Easom, Kenneth Feltman, Janice Garrett, Ophelia Gomez, Joe Ingram, Peggy Lipe, Robert Paramo, Sandra Perdue, Margaret Perry, Eva Sills, Virginia Spangenberg, Glenda Spears, Ronald Summerville, Harry Swartz, Geraldine Tedford, Raymond Wilkins, Robertie Williams, Evelyn Wil- lis ENGLISH I MAY B. HALEY, Instructor Paul Whittington, Albert Bailey, Steve Goodwin, Larry Fleskes, Ralph Alvarez, David Woodward, Sandra Verner, Tho- mas Anderson, James Thomas, Verl Tramel, Mary Helen Castro, Billy Cathey, Richard Aldridge, Joe Campise, Clif- ton Hilz, Abel Rodriquez, Julius Nel- son, Jan Daily, Doris Washburn, James Elsberg, Bill Paschell, Eugene Redlinger, Eugenia Morgan, Bill Stamper, Ernes- tine Counts, Mary Acosta. ENGLISH I OATHER E. RAYNEs, insrrucraf Dorothy Abbott, Jerry Anderson, Mike Anguiano, Jackie Boren, Jimmy Bos- well, Stewart Fisher, Joe Freeman, Ste- ven Gonzales, Carolyn Gore, Herman Grant, Billy Isbell, Nina Fae Isbell, Mary Ann Jara, Mary Lazich, Travis Lloyd, Joe Lopez, Paul Lopez, Sam Lopez, Peggy Nelson, Roy Serrano, James Smith, Carol Subin, Sue Tissier. ENGLISH I ANN TURNER, Instructor Peter Abrahamson, Faye Adams, Ray- mond Alardin, Charles Barnes, Ronnie Benners, J. L. Blue, Buster Bosarge, Hazel Brown, James Brown, Thomas Carpenter, Butore Crawford, Robert Crumpton, Salvador De Leon, Mary Dominguez, Joe Gomez, Paul Gomez, Jessie Gonzales, Charles Goodson, Judith Hadley, Mary Ann Murphy, Ed- ward Pena, Billy Shelton, Glenda Stan- ley, Eleanor Thompson, Ronald Wat- son. ENGLISH I CLARA RANSONIE, Instructor Ronnie Barrett, Patricia Bell, Donald Bishop, Nancy Clendenen, Charlotte Dacus, Frank Flores, Emmitt Glasgow, Gregory Gonzales, Patsy Harwell, Don- ald Hopkins, William Kelsey, Brenda Lewis, Jeanie McClesky, Paul Morales, Eddie Putz, Linda Quick, Rebecca Rangel, James Reeves, Joe Reyes, Mark Rowan, Barbara Shafer, Don Shivers, Benita Siller, Ofelia Silva, Ray Terry, Jimmy Upshaw, Bruna Valdez, Gladys Wilson. , M :,-. , we ,, , . . ..:. V N , ,.,g,,,:.g,:. . I. V , . I 7, ., ,.,,l , Q I 4 "'f ,M XM ENGLISH 3 EDITH COLE, Instructor Robert Allen, Ellen Davis, Donna Doughty, Joe De Bord, Charles Drig- gers, Danny Contreras, Sylvia George, Lanny Koons, Patricia Lancaster, Linds- ley Langford, David Carpenter, Morris Morgan, Betty Newman, Starr Proctor, Nolan Correa, John Puente, Shirlyn Skalak, Jeannie Smith, Betty Jo Stanp- hill, Sonny Stewart, Kathy Wallace, Mrs. Cole, Juanita Shields, Roy Cootes, Brenda Lynch, John Russell, Raymond Davis. ENGLlSH 3 REBECCA ROBERTS, Instructor David Castro, Ann Cook, Carol Cook, Barbara Dodd, Joyce Dunklin, Sidra Escobar, Guadalupe Expinoza, Virginia Espinoza, Sam Garey, Raymond Guz- man, Rex Harwell, James Hatcher, Larry Leggett, James Little, Ima Martin, Morris Moss, Amanda Palacios, Glenn Patter- son, Larry Payton, Francis Polley, Cynthia Ramey, Maria Reyes, Lowell Roderick, Shirley Ruffin, O. V. Shoffner, Billy Smith, Barbara Stone, Richard Story, Tim Templin, Brenda White, Arden Wilson. ENGLISH 3 RUDA V. P'POOL, Instructor Barbara Barton, Bonita Brimley, Ruth Coker, Nelda Currie, Elizabeth Flores, Antonio Gonzales, Don Floyd, Marion Marshall, Aloma Mathews, Nancy Mc- Donald, Richard Medellin, Ralph Men- doza, Mariorie Moore, Carol Nichols, Rebecca Pardue, Jack Parker, Mary Rivera, James Rodriquez, Billy Rose, Mary Jo Sadler, Cecil Shewmaker, Bill Sims, Lincolua Summers, Linda Terry, Nobuake Veki, Jack Woods. ENGLISH 3 MARY SMITH CLARK, Instructor Ruby Adams, Joe Appleton, Dan Bell, Steve Blair, Jane Byrum, Julia Calvert, Joy Carter, Mary Cervantes, Jewel Eg- Qert, Linda Evans, Sue Finney, Tommie Jo Fisher, Rachel Gant, Geneva Jack- son, Edith Johnson, Brenda Jones, Joe Miklis, Dorothy Moreno, Harold Norse- worthy, Jack Ramsey, Charlie Romero, Lawrence Shults, Mary Katherine Stone, Ray Stoope, Charles Stroup, Jerry Swafford, Elsie Swartz, Dwain Tacker, Hillis Walker. ENGLISH 3 NAN PAVEY, Instructor Tommy Adams, George Allman, Pat Angell, Albert Armendarez, Jerry Baird, Jerry Banks, James Bennett, Betty Gor- don, Carolyn Gorden, Wanda Hall, Van Harder, Jerry Hanson, Cecil Koonce, John Luna, Ora Lee McClentock, Barbara Presswood, Arturo Rodrequez, Sammy Rodriquez, Marie Ross, Virginia Ruez, Kenneth Smith, Arturo Torres, Peggy Williams, Robert Williams, Billy Wil- liams, Vera Williams, Delores Whitt. ENGLISH 3 MARY SMITH CLARK, Instructor Ruby Adams, Joe Appleton, Don Bell, Steve Blair, Sarah Jane Byrum, Julia Calvert, Joy Carter, Mary Cervantes, Jewel Eggert, Linda Evans, Sue Finney, Tommie Jo Fisher, Rachel Gant, Geneva Jackson, Edith Faye Johnson, Brenda Jones, Joe Miklis, Dorothy Ann Moreno, Harold Norseworthy, Jack Rarnsey, Charlie Romero, Lawrence Shults, Mary Kathrine Stone, Ray Stroope, Charles Stroup, Jerry Swattord, Elsie Swartz, Dwain Tucker, Hillis Walker. A 'nw-..,,4. . , ,fxf ,F r-it Q, X.. fr. -. ion 1 L ifxtf--at Ja... X RQ, ,........4g..........-.-W ENGLISH 3 MARY SMITH CLARK, Instructor Gary Atwood, Helen Carter, Salvador Carvaial, Walter Edwards, Paul Emer- ton, Melvin Fain, Dorothy Forrester, Kim Giles, Mary Gillham, Margaret Graves, Danny Hinton, Ronald Hoffman, Rowland Holland, Wayne Howell, Billy Harley, Lynne Lunday, Charlotte Mc- Crary, Don McCrary, Virgie Mincheu, Jack Monk, Gene Presley, David Ronne, Irene Reyes, Martha Roberts, Mary Sanders, William Shanz, Henry Thomp- son, Paul Whitley, Carline Williams. ENGLISH 3 EDITH COLE, Instructor Charles Randolph, John Daily, Joe Dean, Roy Deen, Jean Culpeper, Homer Cantu, Robbie Brewer, Wesley Hall, Jackie Sue Dean, Carolyn Thomas, Cynthia Cox, Mary Ellen Parnell, Patsy Wells, Charles Stevens, Dianne Taylor, Anita Ledbetter, Bill Melchior, Jimmy Meek, Margaret Watson, Ann Thomas. ENGLISH 3 MARJORIE PITTS, Instructor Ann Nell Adams, Donald Bain, Kenneth Black, Judy Blakeney, Wanda Bolden, Joyce Borden, Madeline Carroll, Alice Carter, Sally Chamberlain, Loyd Crums- ton, Le Roy Foster, Ela Fay Horton, Thomas Kingston, Mike Marshall, Alice Mize, Louise Mize, Charlotte Monroe, Edward Pierce, Virginia Puerte, Elias Regalado, Marcus Turner, Luckey Venette, Jyme Williams, Billy Wyche. ENGLISH 4 Pi-ioEBE GRACE storefvis, msrfucfaf Arthur Alardin, George Boyer, Earline Clark, Rosita DeLeon, Barbara Jones, Beatrice Lopez, Sue Searcy, Mary Wagliardo, Amelia Williams. ENGLISH 4 PHOEBE oRAcE stoiafvis, instructor Pauline Alvarez, Edwin Braziel, Helen Brown, Joe Castillo, Barbara Coyle, Wanda Elem, Jaunell Pierce, Irene Pine, Dorothy Reed, Nancy Starnes. ENGLISH 5 MARJORIE PITTS, Instructor Julian Alcantor, Elizabeth Algarin, Joe Cerda, Raymond Cervantes, Joe Chaviz, Jackie Cook, Frank DeLeon, Barbara Evans, Josie Lee Fartan, Danny Green- haw, Carolyn Herron, Teresa Luna, Jeff Mabry, Kenneth Martin, Frank Molina, Geraldine Moody, Virginia Moore, Louis McVoy, Pat Nay, Josephine Paredes, Richard Preston, Robert Rains, Norma Ranne, Art Robertson, Richard Staton, David Taylor, Irby Westmore- land, Billy Wright. .2 ENGLISH 5 MARY HAINES, Instructor Mickie Arnold, Gerald Baker, Bobbie Boyer, George Belmares, Rachel Cabal- lero, Joy Linda Carter, Evangeline Casares, Lewis Chandler, Alvis Evans, Frank Gomez, C. L. Graham, Don Grimes, Margaret Huerta, Phyllis Hughes, Gerrie Sue Irvin, Mickey Jacks, Jimmy.Jenkins, Larry Winston, Mary Lunceford, Shirley Marvin, James Mays, Bobby Miller, Marilyn Miller, Eddie Mitchell, Velda Jo Moseley, Bobby Neville, James Pappas, Tino Ramirez, Morris Reno, Rudy Rizo, Amelia Rod- riguez, Bob Scoville, James Starr, Jettie Mae Webb. ENGLISH 5 PHOEBE GRACE stoieivis, insrfuaaf Barbara Barnett, Wanda Baucom, Brenda Bean, Lynn Bovvling, Henrietta Chava- ria, Sharron Dial, Peggy Dunn, Helen Espinoza, Mauelita Fonseca, Margie Holman, Virginia McBride, Carolyn Petty, Rosemary Pierce, Nancy Ramsey, Charlotte Ray, Carolyn Tucker. ENGLISH 5 PHOEBE STORMS, Instructor Charles Arnett, Benny Greenlee, Jim- mie Harris, Bill McCurdy, Eddy Phillips, John Ramirez, Jimmy Ransome, Frank Rios, Don Vouras, Jerry Williams, Fred Wilson. ENGLISH 5 MARJORIE PITTS, Instructor David Beard, Dale Caldwell, Lindell Christy, Barbara Ann Cox, Wanda Cris- vvell, Clara Mae Dotson, Pat Edmonson, Paul Garza, Patricia Green, Ray Hern- don, Charlene Jackson, Jack Lankford, Augustina Lopez, Lois Lovell, Trudy McCoy, Joe McNaughton, Helen Neal, Mary Ann Nolasco, Barbara Parker, Day- ton Price, Frank Roberts, Eileen Rogers, Robert Sparks, Paul Staton, Robbie Thrash, Thomas Turns, August Van Dyke, Dorothy Welch, Taylor Williams, Charles Wynn. ENGLISH 7 NAN PAVEY, Instructor Manuel Acosta, Linda Akins, Reuben Jax Baird, Covy Roy Baylor, Donald Burleson, Michel Cook, Victor Correa, Joel Dutton, Kent Ellis, Marvin Fitz- gerald, Arthur Gomez, Don Gravitt, Arthur Green, Jack Gross, Pat Hanson, Helen Hernandez, Marlyn Johnson, Roland Leonard, Clyde Littleton, George Logan, Mary Lorene Meade, Norbert Mendoza, Paul Nelson, Margie Payne, Johnny Rinehart, Dolores Rivera, Louis Scott, Leo Sims, Daryl Thomas, Royce Tramel, Jerry Van Zandt, Tim Villasana, Peggy Williams, Vera Williams, Delores WLIITT. ENGLISH 7 MRS. MAY BEE HALEY, Instructor Cleon Almond, Calvin Baker, Pat Baker, Derwood Boyd, Tommy Cheek, Lynnette Cloyd, Dwyan Cockran, Larry Dantzler, Mary Martha Evans, Grace Gonzales, Mary Jessie Gutierrez, Roger Haag, Jane Haines, Bobby Isaacs, William Kendricks, Jimmy Knickerbocker, Marilyn Lowery, Gene McMichael, Modesta Marceleno, Tommy Parma, Charles Percival, Edward Quintanilla, Delmus Sanders, Margaret Schwab, Eddie Spalding, Sandra Stuckey, Shari Stuckey, Lois Warren, Larry Watkins, Mary Ann West, Leon White, Norma Williams, Billy Wilson, Lena Mae Wisely, Audis Zidermanis. 'E ll' I , - Q -ff: , f- ' ' i ' " ,,., ' ' My .,., -f ,.,,, . W,,,,,s,,,W7, 1 9 .L - , X ezwsses M., ,.,. S ..,, L, , .fo .,-... w.s,,..s ,,.mv,-wwswevMNsMc..,g.. . .M,,s,.,.AM.,ae,.,.1.y.f.f.,,.,.v, ,, ,Z ,, WMM A V 7-V' 1- f W.zo,,.,,.k. 'MW 'ww as g. Mw,mw.W .,.., ,MW- 2 , ,W W , ., ,.,,. A wnwwmwwm I f,-, 0' ,W -s,z,,,,, ,, ,, f ,..,f, 1 fm- - W , , it z,,,wW,,.,s 9? 0" 2,4-in - LJ BW- '79 W . w5QHE . . g- ENGUSH 7 MRS. MAY B. HALEY, Instructor Cleon Almond, Calvin Baker, Patricia Baker, Derwood Boyd, Tommy Cheek, Lynnette Cloyd, Dwayne Cockran, Larry Dantzler, Mary Martha Evans, Grace Gonzales, Mary Jessie Gutierrez, Roger Haag, Jane Haines, Bobby Isaacs, William Kendrick, Jimmy Knickerbocker, Marilyn Lowery, Modesta Marceleno, Gene McMichael, Tommy Parma, Charles Percival, Edward Quintanilla, Delmus Sanders, Margaret Schwab, Eddie Spalding, Sandra Stuckey, Shari Stuckey, Lois Warren, Larry Watkins, Mary Ann West, Leon White, Norma Williams, Billy Wilson, Lena Mae Wisely, Audris Zidermanis. ENGLBH 7 NAN PAVEY, Instructor James Bell, Barry Boughton, Don Brookshier, Charles Cashion, Frank Clark, Fred Clark, Raymond Clendenen, A. B. Cody, Carol Sue Davis, Norma Davis, Louis Delk, Gilbert Douthit, Darryl Eastwood, Ronald Forsyth, Wanda Gainous, Joyce Huffman, Marcia Jacobs, Barbara Lovin, Gloria Montoya, Barbara Moore, Raymond Neathery, Donald Pool, Mark Serrels, Paul Sim- mons, Angelo Stirgios, Danny Sthrother, Sammy Valasquez, Mary Ray Wilcoxen. ENGUSH 8 RUDA V. POOL, Instructor Diego Aguilera, Harold Birch, Lewis Clark, David House, Virginia Parsley, Charles Peale, Sharon Pearce, Beverly Lowery Penny, Billy Peyton, Margaret Russell, Robert Santillan, Delvan Skin- ner, Marietta Slay, Kenneth Spray, Wanda Vencille. AMERICAN HISTORY 7 MISS ZOE MCEVOY, Instructor Calvin Baker, Terry Bergms, Clarence Cantu, Lewis Clark, Bobbie Dickerson, Jerry Doss, Mike Franco, Mary Jessie Gutierrez, Sue Handley, Jerry Don Hen- son, Roger Haag, William Kendrick, Modesta Marceleno, Pat Nay, Tommy Parma, Margie Payne, Charles Percival, Edward Quintanilla, Eddie Spalding, John Stevens, Winifred Tucker, Norma Webb. HISTORY I KEDRIC COUCI-l, Instructor Gerald Baker, Oleta Brown, Tony Cook, Joe Dean, Leon Fonseca, Arthur Frier, Pat Gatlin, Bessie Gutierez, Richard Holden, Margaret Huerta, Bennie Mar- tin, Frankie Molina, Phillip L. Nance, Carlos Ortega, Pat Owens, Rebecca Pardue, Barbara Presswood, Charles Randolph, Jimmie Ransom, Patsy Reid, Peggy Rausseau, Dale Schildt, O. V. Shottner, Edward Simmons, Gloria Smith, Ophir Thomas, Carolyn Tucker, James Vencill, Roger Wheeler, Peggy Williams. HISTORY 8 MISS ALINE WALKER, Instructor Lillie Becerra, Donald Beckham, Marie Beltran, Charlotte Bennett, Robert Blay- lock, Ronald Butler, Edward Contreras, Joe Donnell, Juanita Franco, Esther Garcia, Joe Garza, Rafaila Garza, Annabeth Goodwin, Sandra Hodges, Robert Hughes, Gary Hutchinson, John Jayroe, Merle McComas, Norma Monk, Beverly Penny, Jo Ann Rodhe, Mary Jessie Rodriquez, Delvan Skinner, Wanda Vencill, Dolores Washburn. Km 'Nivmfwfwrv '1 HISTORY 8 ZOE McEVOY, Instructor Derwood Boyd, Leo Cantu, Mildred Capps, Herbert Collins, M.ary Martha Evans, Barbara Jean George, Arthur Gomez, Mary Nell Hall, La Veda Har- rell, Robert Holmes, Linda Horton, Marcia Jacobs, Richard Lacy, David Lara, Jerry Loucks, Jean Owen, Beatrice Paredes, Billy Peyton, Richard Ramirez, Robert Santillian, Kenneth Spray, Con- cha Torres, Jimmy Warren, Viola Wil- liams, Audris Zidermans. HISTORY 7 CECIL JOHNSON, Instructor Manuel Acosta, Tersa Arriga, Norma Jean Brewer, Ralph Brown, Walter Crum, John Davenport, Evertt Hall, Louise Hill, Paul Nelson, Kenneth Odell, Annette Pierce, Bruce Ponder, Ervin Rutherford, Alta Simmons, Doug- las Stephens, Carole Svehla, Freddie Talkington, Mary Ann West, Thadman White, Ruby Yabrough. HISTORY 9 Miss RoBERTA SLOAN, insfrucfof Mary Boshears, Donna Carpenter, Billy Chapman, Gwynda Clark, Reba Delk, Patsy Downey, J. D. Dukes, Bobby Farmer, James Gross, Fay Guernsey, Johnny Holcomb, Joyce Huffman, Clyde Littleton, Charlie McClintock, Buena Middleton, Dorthy Moshier, Nathan Oxman, Teddie Parish, Mike Parker, Randal Rogers,- Joe Sawyer, Carmen Wagliardo, Billy Wilson. HISTORY 7 MISS ROBERTA SLOAN, Instructor Barbara Adams, Enedina Aguilar, Katie Albertson, Cleon Almond, Carolyn Baron, Ronald Branch, Donald Brook- shier, Leon Campbell, Allen Christopher- son, Lynette Cloyd, Dwayn Codhran, Joe Daugherty, Bill Davis, Lindsey Freman, Joe Finney, Mary Gutierrez, Jirn Her- nandez, Max Hinds, Conley Johnson, Robert Lynn, Johnny Mooney, Johnnie Ottwell, Ira Owens, Dan Pool, Roy Wallace, Wayne Wallace, Leon White. HOME AND FAMILY LIVING I MARTHA BONE, Instructor "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Who's the Ioveliest of them all?" Teddie Parish, Kay Henderson Delk, Gwen Clark, Barbara Ford Brownlee. HOME AND FAMILY LIVING I MISS MARTHA BONE, Instructor Senior class study planning and furnish- ing a home. Seated in front: Nita Woodrutt, Sharon Hill, Carol Higley, Ruby Donihou, Betty Harris, Jo Ann Wright. Seated in back: Lanell Vick, Faye Guern- sey, Mary Lou Boshears, Mae Wisley, Stella Chotos, Lannette Brooks, Patsy Downey, Patsy Armstrong, Jane Pier- son. -I 'R as . I :- '10 'airs' in -f., ,, .6 ix: Q , ifqu:4.A,,' 1' A I A r- ' L., w.,.,, A m "if, f gm- S Y '-j:.--...Q '25, HOME AND FAMILY LIVING FIFTH PERIOD MISS MARTHA BONE, Instructor Left to right, sitting: Belva Lawson, Phyllis Ross, Kay Delk, Molly Gaston. In chairs: Doris Facundas, Peggy Black- wood, Pegeen Stafford. Standing: Maria Perez, Dorothy Mash- ier, Teddie Parish, Barbara F. Brownlee, Gwen Clark, Patsy Dillard, Ruby Yar- borough, Joyce Harrison. ALGEBRA 3 SECOND PERIOD MRS. MAY FULLER, Instructor Luther Bernstein, Joe Cano, Billy Chap- man, Fred Clark, Mary Ann Coignard, Tony Delorosa, Billy Duckworth, Frank Gomez, Bentley Graham, Jack Gray, Brooks Griffin, Keith Griffin, Donald Grimes, Charles Harris, Jack Harris, Jerry Don Henson, Roy Hines, Jimmy Jenkins, Charles Kiser, Don Lindert, Kenneth Martin, Joe Pollard, Robert Rains, Jerry Scott, Mack Sorrels, Richard Staton, Michael Story, David Taylor, Charles Tunnell, Leon White, Billy Wright, GEOMETRY 2 SECOND PERIOD DAN MURRAY, Instructor Mozelle Adams, Barbara Barton, Jackie Blackshear, Robert Carter, Vernon Cole, Charles Dean, Dickey Eaves, Ernest Fuentes, Antonio Gonzales, Domingo Guerra, Jimmie Harris, Tommy Harr- oyer, Clifford Hetchler, Mike Holcomb, Lynne Lunday, Phillip Nance, Billy Ovalls, Jesse Ranger, Andrew Reno, Bob Scoville, Jim Shirato, Sandra Stuck- ey, John Underwood, Frank Ventria, Mary Wilcoxsin. MATH H8 FIRST PERIOD CARRIE DENSON, Instructor Lester Brown, Wesley Case, Rudolph Correa, Mary Duran, Mattie Hall, Carolyn Ingram, Delores Jones, Doris LOng, Mary Morgan, Olgo Orozco, Ruth Ortiz, Ester Pena, Mary Ray, Claudette Russell, Paul Salinas, Phillip Stovall, Joyce Worsham, Retugia Zarate. BUSINESS ARITHMETIC FIFTH PERIOD JAMES W. ADKINSON, Instructor Loretta Almond, Pat Angell, Judy Blakney, Wanda Boldin, Georgia Chotas, Ann Cobb, Consuelo Diaz, Donna Doughty, Mary Gillham, Sandra Griftin, Judy Gross, Patsy Harrison, Elsie Henderson, Joyce Owens, Brenda Patterson, Frances Reed, Martha Rob- erts, Diann Taylor, Sarah Villanueva, Kathy Wallace, Anita Zarate, MATH H8 SECOND PERIOD CARRIE DENSON, Instructor Shirley Allred, Thomas Austin, Betty Brown, Mary Cortinas, Shirley Dudley, Frank Garcia, Jennie Geierman, Victoria Guerra, Francis Hill, Doris Jenkins, Benny Knight, Lee Wayne, Manuel Lopez, Jannie Lynch, Tommy McClary, David McGee, Loyd Mendoza, Ernest Nelson, Matthew Penelle, Ilaya Potash, Billy Powell, June Rogers, Austin Thomas, Marilyn Wall, Dennis Wright. V Vhlv W,,,,,,mI,,,,, , e.,W..,.,,f- 15, . 0 .1 .ff 'Q M 4 ,tv . V . ' 0 1511 .Wwww"""""-sw.....n R 'i ,, 2325 ,, , .,4.r.,. P. .... Hi Ir: sag."'T Q it 1.3 , ,mm oEoiviEtreY i s,.,.c,...,w,-f,,,,,q.-...-at Ls? -:trip mu. SIXTH PERIOD W. P. FULTON, Instructor John Collins, Raymond Davis, Paul Garza, Peggy Hamonds, Mickey Jacks, Wayne Jackson, Sue Johnston, Jay Kinard, Raymond Langford, Alice Lars, Geraldine McLane, Mike Morgan, Eddie Pierce, Allan Roberts, Jule Roberts, Elsie Ann Swartz, Cynthia Ramey, Donald Wallace, Betty Weatherford, Conrad Wiedborn, Don Wilson. Standing with Mr. W. P. Fulton is Don Gravitt. GEOMETRY 2 FOURTH PERIOD MRS. MAY FULLER, Instructor Lett, first row: Don Lehew, Vivian Lightfoot, James Penn, Eddy Phillips, Richard Preston. Second row: Jett Mabry, Dorso Maciel, James Mays, Gene McMichael, Eddy Mitchell, Arlis Langford, Phillip Rodriguez, Richard Rodriguez. Third row: William Davis, Steven Garza, Berry Grubbs, Joel Dut- ton, James Wilson, Eddie I-Iill, Ralph Tyenina. Fourth row: Ina Adams, Albert Alva, Charles Arnett, Nick Bardis, Brooks Stiegler, Jerry Sparks, Raymond Capetillo. GEOMETRY I FIRST PERIOD DAN MURRAY, Instructor David Beard, Jerry Bell, Mary Bell, Belmares, Jerry Burchart, George Darelyn Burleson, Julia Campbell, Sam Darryl Eastwood, Jimmie Catalina, Fleming, LeRoy Foster, John Girardin, Carolyn Gordon, John Holcomb, Ora Lee McClentick, Charlotte McGibboney, Martha McReynolds, Curtis Mead, Joe Miklis, Pat Owens, Nickey Porter, Jimmy Ransom, Bobby Rich, Frank Roberts, Joe Rodriguez, Sam Rodriquez, Shirley Ruffin, Juanita Shields, Shrilyn Akalak, Hartman Smith, Brenda White, Lonnie Williams. ALGEBRA I FIRST PERIOD CONLEY JENKINS, Instructor First row, left, front to back: Joe Dean, Jackie Sims, Martha Thomas, Jyme Williams, Louise Jenkins. Second row: John Moore, Albert Warrick, Jerry Summers, Joanna Toeffer, Brenda Johnagin, Elias Regalado. Third row: Robert Williams, Shari Stuckey, Ben Bagwell, Jimmy Meek, Carolyn Wil- liams, Joe Reyes. Fourth row: Bobby Barlow, Bobby Rogers, Jewel Eggert, Bob Koviak, Winston Moore. Fifth row: Ted Kiser, Sarah Byrum, Mary Louise Casarez, Herman Grant. TRIGONOMETRY THIRD PERIOD W. P. FULTON, Instructor Deigo Anguilera, James Bell, Harold Birch, Lewis Clark, A. B. Cocly, Marvin Fitzgerald, Mike Franco, Arthur Gomez, Arthur Green, Jack Gross, Arthur Huddle, Marlyn Johnson, Joe Lara, George Logan, Norbert Mendoza, Paul Nelson, Johnny Rinehart, Gary Rucker, Robert Santillan, Leo Sims, Jimmy Ray Warren, Bill Wilson. Not pictured: Barry Boughton, John Calvert, Alton Kinard. GENERAL MATH I FOURTH PERIOD PERCY PENN, Instructor Helen Barlow, Ronnie Benners, Mary Bingham, J, L. Blue, Bobby Bridwell, Gail Coldiron, Patsy Cotton, John Cum- mings, Mary Doggett, Gloria Guerrero, Charles Harris, Sue Hood, Darlene Ivy, Jimmy Lewis, Joe Luna, Patsy McCIung, Joyce Massey, Beatrice Moreno, Vicky Pate, Priscilla Peavy, Elvira Pena, Martha Perry, Dorothy Porras, Ronald Romes, Dwayne Sheffield, Nita Smith, Patricia Smith, Rosa Soto, Mary Staples. iQ!L'F?'1 WW W iffy, ,f W if 2 err J GENERAL MATH I THIRD PERIOD JOHN DRENNON, Instructor Mary Alcantar, Richard Aldridge, Johnny Banker, Linda Black, Loyce Boyd, Deloris Brewer, Judy Brown, Wanda Brown, Frank Cathey, Robert Cerda, Janice James, Mary Jara, Alice Johnson, Billy Jones, Evon Kimbrell, Theresa Lopez, Kenneth Marlow, Doro- thy Martinez, Jeannette Mayer, Johnny Mays, Ronnie Perry, Manuel Perez, Harry Schwartz, James Shindall, Jimmy Walters, Evalyn Willis. CHORUS THIRD PERIOD MISS DOROTHY WARMACK, Instructor First row: Tim Villasana, Winnie Pryor, Patricia Edmundson, Mary Williams, Doris Kerbo, Belva Lawson, Gwynda Clark, Martha Thomas, Maudean Stib- bens, Joyce Harrison. Second row: David Simpson, Larry Holliday, Annette Pierce, Joyce Hinton, Donna Sue Carpenter, Mary Staples, Lucy Rivera, Mary Ellen Flores, Lydia Cantu, Rachel Caballero, Norma Jean Purgerson, Anita Moore, Rosa Soto. Third row: Dallas Summers, Inez Kenny, Nina O'Brien, Patsy Holt, Carole Svehla, Maxine Burton, Barbara Everett, Anita Garza, Anna Hancock, Mary Louise Kirk, Mary Herrera, Virginia Espinosa, Joyce Wilson, Charlotte Dacus, Patricia Smith. CHORUS FOURTH PERIOD DOROTHY WARMACK, Instructor Robert Dudley, Brenda Barnard, Ruby Zarate, Ruth Ortez, Mattie Hall, Carol Nichols, Peggy Nelson, Winston Moore, Paul Garza, Sidra Escobar, Ester Pena, Joanne Nelson, Henrietta Chavarria, Alicia Adamez, Helen Fay Neal, Billy Oualls, Miguel Mata, Martha McReynolds, Mary Duran, Justine Brown, Wanda Vencill, Dorothy Welch, Dolores Washburn, A CAPPELLA DOROTHY WARMACK, Instructor First rovv: Mary Lou Cervantes, Mary Linda Gutierrez, Fay Gurnsey, Varie Killgo, Sandra Adkisson, Lena Mae Wisely, Irene Reyes, Irene Pena, Joyce Shindoll, Judith Hadley, Pat Hinds. Second rovv: Mary Louis Vela, Gloria Rico, Mary Jessie Rodriquez, Jimmie Flemming, Wanda Beggs, David Neathery, George Logan, Harold Webs- ter, Alice Lara, Margie Payne, Mary Ann Guellar, Linda Martin, Elsie Hen- derson. Third row: Mary Neathery, Lynne Lunday, Carline Mosley, Daphine Mayer, Velda Jo Mosley, Dorothy War- mack, Jerry Bell, Raymond Neathery, Robert Dudley, Paul Garza, Nancy Ann Ramsey, Patsy Downey, Barbara Ford, Rosemary Harper, Frances Carrillo. Fourth rovv: Nellie Tafalla, Linda White, Barbara Morse, Patricia Nay, Helen Davis, Winnie Pryor, Johnny Luna, Tim Villasana, Larry Holliday, Paul Simmons, Sallie Roftino, Tommie Jo Fisher, Rita Daniels, Pat Armstrong, Juanita Fritz, Frances Marceleno. PRINTING 5 FIFTH PERIOD ROY LAN E, Instructor Alton Allen, Arthur Arista, Kenith Boles, Jerry Bridewell, Leo Cantu, John Danielson, Bill Davis, Delvin Delman, Daniel Fisk, Frank Fraga, Robert Gal- van, Jimmy Garcia, Johnny Gonzales, Bobby Isaacs, John Jayroe, Morris Morgan, Richard Orszca, Maurico Ortiz, Bobby Pamell, John Perales, John Ramirez, Richard Ramirez, Robert Rod- riquez, Charles Scott. PRINTING ROY LANE, Instructor Robert Allen, Felix Arista, Norville Baker, Travis Bell, Joe Eddie Bray, John Brock Jr., Leo Cantu, Joe Cerda, Joe Chavez, John Cummings, Keillar Davis, Robert Dudley, J. D. Dukes, T. C. Ellard, Paul Emerton, Everett Holmes, Harold Isaacs, Connie Jones, Gerald Jones, Joaquin Maldonado, John Mawery, Cupiano Munoz, Paul Murphy, Nathan Oxman, Tommy Probst, James Pursell, Randell Rogers, Ray Ross, Ray Spencer, Jerry Surles, Verl Tramel, Travis Wick- liffe, Taylor Williams, Harold Wright. ADVANCED RADIO SIXTH PERIOD MELVIN CANNON, Instructor John Altman, Johnny Barker, Ronnie Carpenter, Chris Chotas, Mike Edde- man, James Gulick, Eddie Hill, Bill Johnson, William Kendrick, Ernie Lor- res, Ralph Lyerina, Charles Mansfield, Dwayne McDanials, Philip Nanel, Elias Regalado, Gary Rucker, Jim Wilson, Charles Wynn. ADVANCED RADIO FIFTH PERIOD MELVIN CANNON, Instructor John Altman, John Barrows, Jerry Berchardt, Eddie Carlon, Ronnie Car- penter, Richard Castro, Raymond Cer- vantes, Pat Chase, George Chastain, Benny Eastwood, Mike Eddleman, Steve Garza, Jimmy Gulick, Jack Harris, Eddie Hill, Bill Johnson, Charles Mansfield, Bruce Ponder, Charles Sill, Mike Stor, James Wilson, Charles Wynn. GENERAL SCIENCE I FIRST PERIOD SAM FOSTER, Instructor First row: Donald Mackey, Shelia Duffy, John Jayroe, Florine Cross, Gloria Coronado, Willie Bosley. Second row: Jerry Rouck, Pat Jenning, Bill Crow, Robert Holmes, Delores Huber, Kenneth Gadd. Third row: Ronald Robbins, Otis Edwards, Charles Wynn, Richard Orozco, Richard Rameriz. Standing: Mr. Sam Foster. CHEMISTRY I SIXTH PERIOD FRANCES BOWEN, Instructor Joan Whitton, A. B. Cody, Mary Hol- comb, Mike Howell, Tommy Powell, Ralbh McGuftey Lex Brownin Leon- ' f Q, ard Zarnt, Barbara Parker, Billy Wright, Annette Pierce, Helen Hernandez, Leon White, Velda Yarbrough, Danny Strot- her, Joyce Huffman, Luther Bernstein, Linda Pritchett, Mary Ann West, Ray- mond Neathery, David Neathery, BIOLOGY 3 THIRD PERIOD CHARLES LORINCZ, Instructor Enedina Aguilar, Peggy Blackshear, Peggy Blackwood, Ronald Branch, Bobby Burris, David Busch, Carol Col- lier, Sharon Durrington, Joel Dutton, Molly Fletcher, Max Hinds, Helen Dale Huber, Frances Johnson, Russel Lundy, Mary Jo Manda, Brenda Moffett, Bar- bara Moore, Lucille Perez, Don Pool, Frances Probst, Otelia Sanchez, Carolyn SherrarcI,, Clara Shrode, Paul Summons. GENERAL SCIENCE FIFTH PERIOD FRANCIS BOWEN, Instructor Aubra Anders, Robert Callen, Jaydon Christopher, Tony Cook, Keiller Davis, Kenneth Heine, Mickie Inman, Alice Johnston, Evon Kimbrell, Ben Martin, Betty Phillips, Irene Reyes, Nelma Row- den, Vernoy Wecter. GENERAL SCIENCE l MR, SAM FOSTER, Instructor Alton Allen, Claudine Byrom, Patsy Chase, Ann Cobb, Joe Doughtery, Dan- iel Fisk, Sam Foster, Benny Freeman, Harold Isaacs, Virginia McWhirter, Patricia Nay, Lucy Peyton, Donald Pool, John Rameriz, Tony Rios, Lucy Rivera, Robert Ross, Charles Scott, Angelos Stergios, Martin Weaver, Neda Wright. BIOLGGY 3 CHARLES LORINCZ, Instructor Barbara Adams, Linda Akins, Marie Beltran, Pauls Boswell, Don Brookshier, Franz Burgers, Roberta Burke, 'Ocha Canady, Douglas Denman, Margarett Derr, Ruby Donihoo, Delores Faircloth, Grace Gonzales, Martha Gonzales, James Gresham, Mary Gutierrez, Virginia Hernandez, Linda Hill, Joyce Henton, Belva Lawson, Elia Mena, Norma Merrill, Dora Mora, Antonio Moreno, Lillian Porras, Claudia Smith, Lois Warren, Joyce Watman, Linda Whittington. PHYSICS I JIM IBBOTSON, Instructor George Belmares, Barbara Bond,.Richard Castro, George Chastain, Bill Davis, Norman Davis, John Dean, Bill Dry, Benny Eastwood, Darryl Eastwood, Kent Ellis, Alvis Evans, Don Gravitt, Virginia McBride, Edward McClaughry, David Miller, Robert Raines, Tino Ramirez, Morris Reno, Howard Sanford, Louis Scott, Eddie Smith, Clifton Walton, Pat Widener, Sammy Velasquez. PHYSICS l JIM IBBOTSON, Instructor Calvin Baker, Derward Boyd, Lewis Clark, Michael Cook, Walter Crum, Louis Delk, Jack Gray, Mary Gunn, Larry Jones, William Kendrick, Robert Knight, James Lincks, Charles Mans- field, Norbert Mendoza, Raymond Neathery, Charles Percival, Charles Randolph, Robert Santillan, Dale Schildt, Bob Scoville, Eddie Spaldine, Danny Strother, Royce Tramel, Bill Wilson, Bill Yee. GENERAL SClENCE JIM IBBOTSON, Instructor Jessie Rodriguez, Mickey Swaggerty, Raymond Duran, Richard Moreno, Emmitt Glasgow, Betty Briggs, Charlotte Monroe, Dorothy Hathccok, Joyce Hampton, Faye Banks, Billy Matthews, David Pierce, Perry Gresham, Gregory Gonzales, Julian Ramirez, Eddie Ash- more. BIGLOGY 3 CHARLES LoRiNcz, lnsrrucrof Elisa Acosta, Nancy Anding, Teresa Arrigo, Terri Ruth Berzino, Hubert Col- lins, Carol Sue Davis, Donette Dean, Jerry Doss, Patricia Edmondson, Anni- beth Goodwin, Lupe Gonzales, Mary Louise Hernandez, Tommie Hernandez, Trini Lopez, Barbara Lovin, Caroline Martinez, Daphine Mayer, Charley Mc- Clintock, Trudy McCoy, Buena Middle- ton, Carl Middleton, Kenneth Odell, Raymondo Piva, Christine Rodriquez, Marilyn Stork, Manuela Tofalla, Jill Underwood, Sylvia Welch, Taylor Wil- liams. CHEMISTRY I FOURTH PERIOD CHARLES OWENS, Instructor Ruben Baird, Don Beckham, Jerry Childress, Victor Correa, Larry Doles- hall, Rudy Gomez, Pat Hazelwood, James Hill, Roy Hines, George Logan, Barbara Lovin, Janie Massey, Billy Medina, Bobby Nevil, Charles Peale, Billy Peyton, Bobby Phelps, Johnny Rhinehart, Billy Rose, Lenell Vick, Pat Vogel, Lena Mae Wisely, Kenneth Will- helm. Mr. Bill Cason, Instructor in the Tech High School Auto Shop department. GENERAL AND TECHNICAL AUTO FIFTH PERIOD BILL CASON, Instructor Ronald Bales, Bobby Burris, David Bush, Joel Dutton, James Gresham, Charles Hill, James Parker, Charles Peale, Jimmy Ransom, Leiwell Rod- erick, William Swinney, Bill Thomas, Luckey Vennett, Kenneth Willhelm, Wayne Winn, Robert Wooter. VOCATIONAL AUTO SHOP SIXTH PERIOD J. F. ALEXANDER, Instructor Julian Alcantor, Allen Arnold, Ronald Branch, David Brannon, Joe Evans, Lindsey Freeman, Ruben Jimenez, Ray- mond Parades, Dan Pool, Tony Ramirez, Jack Ramsey, Ronny Robbins, Tommy Tineral, Wayne Wallace. GENERAL AUTO SECOND PERIOD B I LL CASON, Instructor Robert Bain, James Brown, Franz Burgess, Ed Braziel, Lee Crawford, Raymond Gorza, Wayne Jackson, Larry Koons, Earnest Lozano, Jeff Mabry, Harold Noseworthy, Danny Paredes, Charles Peale, Eugene Redlinger, Rudy Rizo, Roy Reyes, Joe Rodriquez, Ishmael Silvas, Jerry Sparks, Sonny Stewart, Richard Vasquez, Harold Webster, Irby Westmoreland. SPEECH THERAPY SECOND PERIOD LOUISE HILLYER, Therapist At the table for group instructions on speech sounds: Bobby Headrick, Lynn Bowling, Eva Hernandez. Standing: Louise Hillyer, Therapist, and James Shindall, Carolyn Herron. At the mirror tor practice work: Ken- neth Gadd, Billy Webb. A ,il SPEECH AND HEARING THERAPY LOUISE HILLYER, Therapist Freida Nate, Charles Randolph, Donald Grimes, Mike Felts, Louise Hillyer Uherapistl, Betty Lou Phillips, Peggy Irby, Carolyn Daniel. GROUP WORK IN SPEECH READING QLip Readingj LOUISE HILLYER, Hearing Therapist Martha Roberts, Patrick McKernan, Esperanza Treio, Shirley Minor, James Morris, Wilton Williams. SPEECH FIRST PERIOD OATH ER RAYN ES, Instructor Sharon Beard, Luther Bernsteir, Barbara Ann Bond, Ronnie Brown, Shirley Clau- dine Byron, Patsy Ann Case, Tommy Cheek, Jerry Childress, Marie Coxe, Helen Ruth Davis, Charles Edward Dean, Charlotte Dial, Robert Dudley, Cassandra Garman, Jane Haines, Don Hamilton, Doris Holman, Virginia McWhirter, Mary Jo Manda, Josephine Moreno, Velda Jo Mosely, Irene Muir, Maria Perez, Thomas Rico, Clara Shrode. SPEECH THIRD PERIOD OATHER E. RAYNES, Instructor Ronald Forsyth, Barbara Brownlee, Jo Ann Doyle, Gilbert Douthit, Gene Childers, Sharon Pearce, Virginia Pars- ley, Frank Nuncio, Harold Lewis, Pat Jennings, Patricia Hinds, Jerry Stone, Gary Smith, Ray Landin, Barry Bough- ton, Justine Brown, Miss Hanna Gold- man CCadet Teacherj, Mary Linda Gutierrez, Susuma Fuiima. SPEECH I FIFTH PERIOD OATHER E. RAYNES, Instructor Tommy Adams, Donald Beckham, Max- ine Beckham, Wanda Joyce Beggs, Sarah Jane Byron, Gene Childers, Jo Cleve- land, Jo Ann Crow, Freddie Cruce, Jean Cuepepper, Joyce Denman, Ela Faye Horton, Ben Harris, Janie Massey, Daphine Mozer, Mary Ann Murphy, David Neathery, Mary Ellen Parnell, Starr Proctor, Betty Rinderknecht, Dolores Rivera, Christine Rodriguez, Mary Ruth Scharff, Gary Smith, Amelia Williams. Not in picture: Ronnie Stripl- ing. Open House - an exhibit arranged by the art department under the direction of Mr. Reesman Kennedy. 'Lili its 5 f- is if , L 2 i L 1 t L 7 , , . l 1 ' L i , V , ' i L v L 1 I . l Q E . . , i - f ' l l r 5 l l L , L l GIFT VVRAPPING AND PACKAGING One of the most popular courses in The Public Evening School is the gift wrapping and packaging course. More than 250 students were enrolled in 12 classes this year. Tinsel and ribbon have an appeal for everyone. Students learn to correctly wrap boxes and to, make bows, roses, aprons, ties and many other unique and artistic decora- tions for packages. V C A L L 3 . l . Q ., ,v,aY.1.1f.Q,: l Jul 'Y .ft if ggi rj Qylvwwgr as-' j L fff llfl ? LANDSCAPE AND STILL LIFE f ix , .11 ,W ,JH V My , ,Q I 4,3 'V P W ,,,, um l 2 'VL A This class is taught by Jessie Davis 1 " ' .M,jf',4MV W A and is primarily for housewives. The lgl 7 r p! 15,2 :HAL . 'QL . srgvtw class meets from 2 until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Instruction is given in the use of oils, water colors, and pas- tels. Many students have won valuable prizes in art competition at the State Fair of Texas. TRINI LOPEZ AND HIS COMBO Trini and his Combo made up of Jerry Zapato, Joe Donnell, Donny McCord, Earl Sands and guest drummer, Lee Haines, has become quite a favorite around Tech Hi. They have played for many dances here at our Alma Mater as well as numerous outside en- gagements. 419 'Awww by ev J A10- SCIENCE CLUB SAM FOSTER JIM IBBOTSON Sponsors Rudolph Correa, Norman Davis, Arthur Green, Tommy Palmer, Eddie Quinfanilla, Eddie Spalding, Danny Slraulher, Bill Yee. 0. ,M.,.,,, .WM ' A.: A ,,-.,, B ,514 , LIBR RY COUNCIL RENE LEE STENNIS, Sponsor Norma Merrill, Martha Sills, Jerry Van Zandt, Rosario Morales Charles Sill, Mrs. Kirkham, Billy Medina, Pat Dillard, Larry Dantzler Kenneth Martin, Mary Helen Ramirez, Linda White, Martin Nuncio, Miss Stennis Linda Pare, Bobbie Boyer, Amelia Williams, Ronald Watson Lucy Peyton, Neita Smith, Lara Lara. CLASS OFFICERS JERRY VAN ZANDT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,-,-,--,,-A,Y-w,- MARTHA SILLS .,..,..,.., ,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,- V ice NORMA MERRILL .,,...., .,,,,, S econd Vice ROSARIO MORALES ....,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,Y,Yw- CHARLES SILL ...L.,.....,,L ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,7w,,,, President PresTdent President Secretary Treasurer NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ZOE MCEVOY, Sponsor Bill Yee, Norbert Mendoza, Jimmy Ray Warren, James Bell, Joe Sawyer, Raymond Neathery, Arthur Green, Johnny Reinhart, Marvin Fitzgerald, Kay Delk, Clara Shrode, Linda Horton, Nancy Tillary, Mary Louise Hernandez, Joyce Huffman, Peggy Blackshear, Sandra Hodges, Lanette Brooks, Modesta Marcelina, Martha Evans, Gloria Montoya, Florine Cross, Martha Gonzales, Enedina Aguilar, Virginia Hernandez, Dolores Rivera, Jane Haines, Katie Albertson, Pat Hazelwood, Helen Davis, Carolyn Sherrard, Patsy Dowdsy, Barbara Lovin, La Nell Vicks, Jeanie Looper, Pat Killibrew, Delores Huber, Jean Owens, Mary Ann West, Charles Cashion, Lewis Clark, Mary Jessie Gutierrez, Robert Dudley, Cleon Almond, Norma Davis, Danny Strother, John Calvert, Larry Dantzler. PARE T-TEACHER SSGCIATIO STANDING: Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs SEATED: Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. P.T.A. EXECUTIVE STAFF J. W. Mooney, Director of Publicity L. B. Carroll,,Director of Program Service H. E. Collins, Delegate to City Council W. M. Dantzler, Director of Organizatiqn Marjorie Falconer, Director of Health Frank Karlen, Director ot Finance R. Muga, Director ot Education Walter J. E. Schiebel, Parliarnentarian S. Perez, Director of Public Welfare M. D. Parsley, Treasurer C. E. Millican, Vice President E. C. Lunday, President W. B. Derr, Recording Secretary Jim McCoy, Corresponding Secretary r--1--...,..,,,,,,,,,, This is what you would most likely see at any Crozier Tech P.T.A. meet- ing. 60 MARCHING BAND ' DRUM MAJORETTE: Jeanie Looper. MAJORETTES: Sharon Durrington, Head Maiorette, Barbara Moore, Assistant Head Majorette, Ann Nokes, Betty Harris, Pat Vogal, Linda Terry, Joyce Huffman, Patsy Tissier. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: James Bell, La Nefle Vick, Alton Kinard, Jimmy Jenkins, Linda Ellis, Geneva Jackson, Arden Wilson, Frank Fehmel, Juanita Bruner, Jerry Maldanado, James Kinard. SECOND ROW: Mary Linda Gutierrez, Patsy Wallace, Mozelle Adams, Sandra Atkinson, Bobby Farmer, Carl Webster, Marie Beltram, Covy Baylor, William Morrison, Arlis Lansford, Eugene Fagan, Elsie Ann Swartz, Isaac Arista. THIRD ROW: Ina Adams, Margaret Webb, Starr Proctor, Harold Webster, Thad- man White, J. D, Dukes, Kenneth Brisendine, Adolf Diaz, Joe Bradley, Joe Cano, Louis Sherwood, Charles Harris, Mike Parker, Gene Sturdivant, David Castro, Bill Simms, Richard Storey, Marcus Cervantes, Billy Johnson, Charles Halam, Eddie Mitchell, Roy Bullock, Mary Suffeletta, Eddie Pierce. STANDING: Mack Sorrells, Joy Linda Carter, Mario Gutierrez, Brenda Lewis, Ray Lawley, Jack Harris, Barbara Barton, Charles Mansfield, Joe McNaughton, Ernest Nelson. KEY CLUB OFFICERS - FRONT ROW, SEATED1 Tony Cuello, Secretary, Robert Rains, Secre- tary, Donald Burleson, President, Raymond Neathery, Vice President, Larry Dantzler, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Billy Roe, David Neathery, Harold Webster, Robert Dudley, Calvin Baker, Jerry Borchardt, Gary Raney, Tony Dela Rosa, Paul Nelson, Mario Guttirrez, Sidney Shurnake, Duane C. Cleere, Faculty Advisor. THIRD ROW: Joe Sawyer, Ed Stone, Robbie Thrash, David Tankersley, Norman Davis, Nathan Oxman, Danny Strother, Johnny Rinehart. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Marcus Cervantes, Gary Atwood, David Castro. l STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Q?-M ll' llillllizlitiliw rrlflltlf' SPRING ROBERT RAINS, Sergeant-at-Arms GEORGE LOGAN, Vice President JIMMY K., President WANDA BEGGS, Secretary RAYMOND NEATHERY, Safety C. JOE SAWYER, Reading Oath FALL OFFICERS SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Sawyer, Safety Commissioner, LaVeda Har- rell, Secretary, Jimm Knickerbocker, Vice President. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: George Logan, Sergeant-at-Arms, Bill Crow President. I ST DENT GO ERNMENT ASSOCIATIO CFall and Springj PERRY W. FITE, Sponsor Gloria Alaniz, Katie Albertson, Julian Alcantar, Albert Alva, Mary Amedor, Charles Arnett, Gary Atwood, Betty Lou Barker, Pat Barnes, Genny Barrett, Sharon Beard, David Beckram, Wanda Beggs, Jerry Bell, Jackie Blackshear, Judy Blakeney, Wanda Boldin, Catherine Boyd, Bobbie Boyer, Joseph Bray, O. T. Bridges, Billy Brown, Charles Brown, Justine Brown, Barbara Brownlee, Sarah Byrum, Ocha Canady, Clarence Cantu, Mollie Cantu, Richard Cantu, Robert Carson, Bruce Casali, Tony Cerello, Mary Cervantes, Pat Chase, George Chastain, Tommy Cheek, Allen Christopherson, Jan Christopherson, Marcille Clayton, Raymond Clendenen, Ruth Coker, Johnny Cook, Judy Copeland, Victor Correa, Wanda Criswell, Florine Cross, Billy Crow, Tony Cuallo, Jan Daily, Bill Davis, Pansey Day, John Dean, Ernestine DeLeon, Louis Delk, Bill DeMoss, Mike Donworth, Jerry Doss, Charles Driggers, Mike Eddleman, Linda Ellis, Annette Embry, Virginia Espinoza, Alvis Evans, Herbert Fain, Manuelita Fanseia, Bobby Farmer, Tommie Jo Fisher, Sandra Fitzgerald, Rita Fleenor, Fred Flores, Melton Foster, Manuelita Francisca, Ernest Furntes, Charles Fuller, Herbert Fuller, Wanda Gainous, Cassandra Garman, Jane Gawne, Kin Giles, Bobby Glass, Lupe Gonzales, Tony Gonzales, Donald Grawer, Benny Greels, Freddie Greer, Donald Grimes, Jack Gross, Mary Jessie Gutierrez, Mary Linda Gutierrez, Jane Haines, Mike Hall, Anna Hancock, Arthur Hancock, Rosemary Harper, Butch Harrell, James Harrell, LaVeda Harrell, Betty Harris, Jack Harris, Shirley Harris, Elaine Haynes, Manuel Hernandez, Carolyn Herran, Frances Hill, Jimmy Hill, Patricia Hinds, Roy Lee Hines, Richard Holden, Theresa lngerson, Joe Ingram, Gerrie Sue Irwin, Bobby Isaacs, ,Rita Jackson, Ester Jana, John Jayroe, Jimmy Jenkins, Arbrey Johnson, Inez Johnson, Barbara Jones, Larry Jones, Bill Kelsey, Carol Kins, dimmyumckerbocgel, Ray Landin, Alvis Lanstord, Alice Lara,-,Joe Lara, Gerrie Sue Lavin, Mary Lazich, George Logan, 'Rudy Longoria, Jeanie' Looperj Frank Lopez, Yolanda Lopez, Alise Lora, Johnny Luna, Jettrey Ma Maciel, Barbara Martin, Ima Martin, Kenneth Martin, Aloma Matthews, James Mayes, Charlotte McCrary, Don McCreary, David McGee, Kitty McGuire, Gene McMichael, Billy Medina, Frances Medina, Sammy Melsena, Rozario Mendoza, Troy Miller, Frank Mslina, Norma Monk, Geraldine Moody, John Moore, Toni Morali, Rosario Morales, Beatrice Moreno, Don Morgan, John Marrow, Velda Moseley, Irene Muir, Paul Murphy, David Neathery, Joan Nelson, Peggy Nelson, Pete Newhouse, George Newman, Ann Nokes, Carlos Ortega, Travel Orvis, Pat Owins, Teddie Parish, Tommy Parma, Lillian Parras, Virginia Parsley, James Penn, Sergio Perales, Margaret Perry, Martha Perry, Margaret Petton, Edwin Peterson, Carolyn Petty, Lucy Peyton, Don Porter, Janette Power, Bill Prewitt, John Purnte, Robert Rains, Cynthia Ramey, Florentino Ramirez, Zarate Retugia, Joan Rich, Charles Richardson, Thomas Rico, Clias Rioias, Betty Roberts, Art Robertson, Phillys Rodriguez, Sue Roedert, Nina Rogers, Billy Rose, Bobby Royals, Shirley Ruttin, Lois Russing, Joe Sawyer, Mary Schartt, Jimmy Schirato, Charles Scott, Jerry Scott, Louis Scott, Frances Shew, Joann Shoemake, Edward Simmons, Edward Sims, Delvia Skinner, Gloria Smith, Terry Smith, Wayne Smith, Lucy Spitler, Gerald Spraggins, Charles Stevenson, Lin Summers, Richard Staton, Brooks Steigler, Jerry Swaftord, Bill Swinney, Brenda Taby, Nellie Tatalla, Nelly Tattilas, James Thomas, Eleanor Thompson, Ronnie Thornhill, Nancy Tillery, Rob Thrash, Esperanza Treio, Carolyn Tucker, Jill Underwood, Gerlinda Vasquez, Alice Velasquez, Tim Villisona, Donald Wallace, Dolores Washburn, Bobby Webb, Harold Webster, Dorothy Welch, Charles White, Linda White, Thad White, Margaret Whittenberg, Mary Williams, Mickey Windchester, Lavonne Wright, Bill Yee, Sandra Young, Branda Zaby. , A Imnusmnl coovmnrivf mn iiiiiiiil L I. C. T. - CO-OP CLUB PURPOSE: Organized Tor The vocaTional and social developmenT of Trainees in The deparTmenT of INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING. MOTTO: EARN WHILE YOU LEARN. MelTon Fosfer, Dale Schildf, Jim Kennedy, James Cox, Charles Perez, KenneTh WrighT, Conley Johnson, Jerry PriesT, Frank PeTrik, John Sliver. Roy AlTord, David Millet, HerberT Fain, Ofis Edwards, William Hayes, John BeaTy, L. B. Moore, Glenn Gee, Harold Birch, PaT Widener. R. E. Sanders, Max Hinds, Alma Sill, AlTa Simmons, Ann Wood, Jo Ann Bucher, Dayle Harpold, Howard Fain. NOT PICTURED: Eddie Allen, Barbara Bond, Harold Daniel, Doug Evans, Bobby Knowles, David Lara, Harlin Lynn, Charles MeITon, Charles Messer, ClayTon Miller, Billy Presley, Harold Powe, George Sabolski, Jimmy Webb, Floyd WesTon, Lyndel Fleming. A ' A DISTRIB TIVE EDUCATIO FIRST PERIOD Robbie Thrash, Altha Faye Russ, Richard Pres- ton, Travis Wicklifte, Abria Wells, August Van Dyke, Carolyn Petty, Ray Maynard, Ronald Keathley, Billy Duckworth, Muriel Bentley, Brenda Zaby, Roy Wallace, Leon Campbell, Miss Neel, Brenda Carroll, James Mueller, Marie Cox, Joe Prokop, Hiram Purdue, Florine Cross, John Wright, Jimmy Ray Warren, Winnie Pryor, Bar- bara George, Mary McCarley, Billy Oliver. f 1 u ..... -,.,.,............ ,- THIRD PERIOD Patsy Langford, Kenneth O'Dell, Sharon Decker, Kenneth Frailicks, Ann Carroll, Clifton Walton, Beverly Hammond, Billy Prewitt, Carolyn Sherrard, Everett Hall, Ralph Brown, Bill Hale, Hubert Collins, Wanda Averstreet, Howard Sanford, Mike Holcomb, Johnny Rinehart, Donald Burleson, Charles Benner, Charles Dean, Harry Geierman, Raymundo Pina, George Moore, Charles Martin, Freddie Talkington, Dale Caldwell, Tommy Powers, Teddy Potash, Patricia Hazelwood, Sandra Hodges. f Military XM X wxxxAN ' W W -b-.X f 4 MM Vgf . I I ,Zia io + I A T if "Tr R. O. T. C. BAND JIMMY JENKINS, Drum Major FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Fehmel, Harold Webster, Joe Rodarte, Joe Cano, Bobby Barlow, Joe Bradley, Ted Kaiser, Mario Gutierrez. SECOND ROW: James Bell, Mike Parker, Charles Halam, Arden Wilson, Jack Harris, Arles Lanstorcl, Bill Simms, Jerry Maldanado. THIRD ROW: Carl Webster, Richard Storey, David Castro, Adolph Diaz, Marcus Cervantes, Thadman White, Louis Sherwood, William Morrison, J. D. Dukes. FOURTH ROW: Barry Baughton, James Kinard, Roy Bullock, Bobby Phelps, Ken- neth Brisencline, Eugene Fagan, Johnny Ramirez, Eddie Mitchell. BATTALIONQITAFF GROUP Upper Left Group Upper Right Group FIRST ROW: Robert Hughes. FIRST ROW: Kent Ellis. SECOND ROW: Diego Aguilera, Jack SECOND ROW: Gilbert Douthit, Donald Gray, Charles Peale. Brookshier, Jerry Borchardt. Lower Center Group FIRST ROW: Robert J. McNeely. SECOND ROW: Delmus Sanders, Victor C. Correa, Dorso Maciel, Derwood Boyd. -dk sex.. REGIMENTAL STAFF FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cadet Colonel James Lacy. SECOND ROW: Donald Gravitf, Donald Burleson. THIRD ROW: Billy Roe, Carmen N. Wagliardo, Roy F. Clark, Kenneth R. Spray, Joe Cerda. ,Ha IN STRUCTORS' STAFF FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnney Ollvvell. SECOND ROW: William L. Wilson, James Wilson, Paul Simmons, Fred Cantrell. .. -1 -vw - '- COMPANY GA" FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eddie Carlan, Ronny Rios, Carmen Wagleardo, Phillip Rodriguez. SECOND ROW: Nobuaki Veki, Roy Deen, Mike Anguiarao, Arthur Puente, Charles Sill, Adolf Diaz, Paul Garza, Danny Conterras, Morris Reno. THIRD ROW: Edward McClaughry, Carlos Ortega, Joe Tafalla, Luckey Vanette, Phillip Rodriguez, Aaron Shults, Johnny Mays, Manuel Hernandez, Henry Sturdivant. FOURTH ROW: Manuel Perez, Jerry Sparks, Jesse Garza, Dwain Tacker, Patrick McKernan, Eddie Biggs, Aubrey Cross. FIFTH ROW: Frankie Miller, Tommy Probst, Douglas East, David Hurst, Charles Stroup, Billy Drye, Freddie Bush. COMPANY "Bn FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Arthur Huolclle, Daniel Fisk, Wayne Garrett, Ruben Jiminez. SECOND ROW: Joe Bray, Ronald Perry, Berry Grulobs, Larry Payton, Morris Young, Blas Sausecla, Griffin Brooks, Joe Gonzales. THIRD ROW: William Matthews, Delbert Duncan, Charles Lacy, Ines Rios, James Lincks, Lake Ashmore. FOURTH ROW: Cecil Spencer, Keith Griffin, Jack Parker, .lay Klnarcl, Billy Smith, Guy Keith, Leon Lee, John Glover. FIFTH ROW: Franz Burgess, Joe Garza. 17 1 ...- -Y ,,, COMPANY GCC" FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Darelyn Burleson, Arthur Benz, Gary Rucker, Charles Percival, Edward Arriago, Billy Rose. SECOND ROW: John Puente, Jimmy Lewis, Ronald Hendon, Steve Blair, Jerry Homan, Robert Navarro, Freddie Seagraves, Jerry Ransom. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Ransom, Paul Evans, Freddie Cruse, William Kendrick, David Brannan, Aubra Anders, Jerry Collette, Charles Hill, James Muller. FOURTH ROW: James Starr, Malcolm Hallmark, William Brasher, Elick Mathis, Jay Don Christopher, Harvey Nix, Gregory Gonzales, Truman Massey, Roger Holloway, Lon Massey, Scotty Brimer. FIFTH ROW: Don Moss, WilIiam'Pierce, James Porter, Joe Evans, Ronald Hoffman, Roy Hernandez, John Massey, Marion McFarlin, Jack Ramsey, Arthur McBride. SIXTH ROW: James Anders, Charles Mathews, Arron Price, Charles Boyd, Earl Herrin, Jerry Moss, Donald Hopkins, John Russell, Harold Griswold, Joe Apple- ton, Bruce Timby, Jude Sutton, Mike McGlaughn. -7, -- - -v T Q- COMPANY GCD" FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Gomez, Douglas Pettie, Jeff Mabry, Frank Clark, Edward Stone. SECOND ROW: Ronald Pool, Don Loyd, Billy Abercrombie, Kenneth Woodall, Sergio Perales, Dennis Creswell, Roy Terry, Thomas Rico, Thomas Turns, Larry Fisher, Ronald Summerville. THIRD ROW: Anthony Rathbone, Bobby Headrick, Nick Bardis, John Moore, Kenneth Feltman, Eugene Redlinger, Darwin Smith, Wynn Moore, Deathridge Smith, Ronnie Barrett, Paul McQueen. FOURTH ROW: Cecil Shumaker, Wesley Lyon, Robert Johnson, Jimmy Meedk, William Morgan, Conrad Wredberg, Julian Alcantar, Robert Lynn, Mike Swag- gerty, Tommy Harrover, Tony Cuello. FIFTH ROW: Aubrey Johnson, Arthur Alardin, Kenneth Abercrombie, Jimmy Monk, Kenneth Giles, Lowell Peterson, Loyd Crumpton, Joe Fisher, Dickie Gould. 4 W 7" ry ly A 'x 3 I 5 5 Q 1 'K I ' ' fs. a V 'N V . ,, , ,g I .1 f-X' ' t 3 .. ' A nv 9 H I J' "f'1 QQ 1 -,'-., L ' ', 4 ' " , 12 2 V ' ' 'R , V V 7, H - I my ' -',b 2 , ' . ' r Q ' 1- f ' ' r 1 ' , ' Eg I Z A. V"", I 'A ff X E an R Q , . , "MSX , A it , Q N i y . r : V' K . V V th he 3- L. M 1 I 3,35 ff A V, 5 '-.- :Ml -I, Q, ,L Q Y ,V . t ' vw, 1 S . Q In 5 5 X I K 'A 3' .F N ' , A . , K i 1 ' 'I A Q jp ' v - . t I ALQV V A 4 1 K , ' '1 D - f"Vf A , wp V I . , , , Y . -'., I S V 'N H V1 4 -V . f z -, A V " I K v 4 ., I Z V ?, W Vi l,,L 3 Ft Rf., , ,IvA R LC3.1 11 E I 5-Er , uf' ii ig 1 ' k 5 'K X q "' N39 . m x I , . V Q. . Ls. 3, t la xxkli f, ,-kv A v m f f 2 ,ga . Y 4 ' 1 gf 'f f f ' ' if +A- X f wwf? if . 25 1' Hi ,Z 'ff . 5? ,Q ,,,' Vg 1 ' W fm. .f i .3 , . A ,fif g-,,j .g 2 A,-. 1 f W? I ffm A- -I 'U W- A up Aw qv M fr Y ,,,,, A I Q., ' X "" ,,Q, if f, Q W -- 3 , 2 i mi if i fff- , :A1 ji V f gf I-" ' . 4 F1 O f F ,' al 1 9 A , If I 35' . 4, ,H V J V V V , I sw' COMPANY "FM FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Santillan, Charles Arnett, Phillip Nance, Michael Cook, Larry Jones. SECOND ROW: Thomas Kingston, George Allman, Ralph Alverez, Richard Ruther- ford, Raymond Alardin, Ernest Diaz, James Gossett. THIRD ROW: Jerry Manak, William Smart, Charles Stevenson, Ellis Tuomi, Eddie Flach, John Davis, Timothy Gomez, John Carter, Robert Abraharnson. FOURTH ROW: Arthur Hancock, Jerry Hogue,, Rex Harwell, Max Roundtree, Jack Lankford, Mickey Winchester, Thomas Carpenter, Jerry Fain. " "z -uv suv 1 COMPANY CCG" FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barry Boughton, Jerry Van Zandt, Roy Hines, Paul Nelson, Benny Eastwood. SECOND ROW: Buster Bosarge, George Brown, Bobby Kitchens, Robert Williams, Ronald Watson, Edward Winkle, Carl Henisey. THIRD ROW: Lonnie Griggs, Earnest Lozano, Robert Cerda, Rubin Hinoiosa, Joe Freeman, James Seeton, Bobby Truelove, Charles Barnes, Raymond Garza. FOURTH ROW: Bruno Valdez, Preston Henderson, Darryl Eastwood, John Dogas, James Day, Philip Alardin, Billy Mclntire, Gerald Baker, Jerry Scott, Clarence Dalton. FIFTH ROW: Andrew Alonzo, Robert Robers, Charles Tunnell, Winston Long, Charles Kiser, Buford Crawford, Paul Morales, Bobby Taylor, Ronnie Thornhill, George Newman, Lewis Chandler. SIXTH ROW: Jerry Henson, John Davenport, Connie Jones, Ira Owens, Max Beard, Wayne Miller, James Elsberg, Roy L. Cootes, Jerry L. Surles, Bobby L. Dinsmore, Henry Thompson. JEANNIE LOOPER Queen of The Military Ball R. O. T. C. PRINCESSES 125. ,A ff 4. . 1. 4, K 2 1 1" V . V, J LJ! gf' V' X 1 f V 4-Y f 1" ' L f 5 5 gy , K! T 4 SHARON BEARD KATHY WALLACE WINIFRED TUCKER 'I LINDA ELLIS Rm SHARON DURRINGTON .w ' N ,?y L .5 - 41,1 1 PAT VOGEL Szxffrf' ' 'Q 9 Athletics 9 N eh "' I 1 X X x Xx x xx :Q XNXXNXXNXXXXXp xwwxwssw X MWNWXXNWW xQNXXkQXi5QQ5Nij x SE-wwvv g udlK .' 0, v, N ' '1 0 Q Q x . .,, fffffffnfffffffffffnff . X LZ, LLL' fffff, xx.: X1 X A , ,,,, X X MMM Q X X mm 5 fffffxfg X 4 S IIWM T , N X ,,,,,,, :aw mm - Q ffffffyw X fffffffflff Www X - fifwffd ,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 ,Zi:,,,,,,: lx ,tfiiiifccil , f 1' ' -. : 2 we x : 'S Q I :-N Q X , fffmgifk fffffffffffffff fffvwfwaf ffffffflffflf K N r T I E K ' Q E x I C 5 Q N ,fn ki s. x 5 53 WI' 9 r fN, 'N' N f w I Ra az' tx 99 ', 0755 NX? .3 Lg . :U Y 9 .,, J' 19' N N 3 .. ,Wag- is fq.'1 IX ' s T" 1. -aff. 31 ax? " 141 4 'nag 4 X 17' x AN v OUR HTWELFTH MANR SHOUTS Lf", f -,J ,g-Ugg 590455 fr Q IM l957 CHEERLEADERS BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Calvert, Larry Dantzler, David Neathery, Charles Cashion, Raymond Clendenon. SECOND ROW: Mary Jesse Gutierrez, Katie Albertson, Virginia McWbirter, Jill Underwood, Norma Merrill, Bobbie Dickerson. FIRST ROW, MASCOTS: Dinky Lozano, Teedie Hock. CHARLES CASHION VIRGINIA MCWHIRTER DAVID NEATHERY x956'5I TEEDIE HOCK NORMA MERRILL CHEERL Af DINKY LOZANO KATIE ALBERTSON JESSE HANSEN JILL UNDERWOOD JOHN CALVERT 'CSE mana Q 1 5'k"2,5vF"3 lik . c N., -.3 J 5-, ' . ..- -4.V- Y, A I -ff-. 1 L-f I.. l86 -r"""' -1. J :rs-fm 'fm ' ww ,QQ THQ, 'iw- 25152 fx -W -,rzil ,, LM. .A ' l' y , rx. ' I-,sb ,,.fQ5:.,3,,n--4 V. WM, '. v, ' u .. Q, 1' 5 . K ' ' Q f -gms ,A i I I ' N ' P, , . g'rx f x45 fig ,' , 'T ,A ia:'T,',fjYjj ,. W X , iam, " -A QV' f X 'wi 1 , 'fa 1 Q ,,gQlx,lix:Q, ' 74 ' ,r In ,, if -- , fx AFL mn 1 'K' w --1 5 '11 X ,Q M fe, ,2. A Q I xi . nam 4 1 4 U. '. ,ff J 4, v V 4 H I i in w..,.. 5 .A 4-" X 4 v 1 , c ' f f z - w. , 1 u 1 Q " ,, S -iii Q- ' -.Viv , ,. pm. s W.. V ' X A , , , . X v 1-.1 f .f 'c ' ,, af fm: . V V171 .lf y mf" f 7 ,L My , .44 MAJ ORETTES SHARON DURRINGTON Head Maiorette BARBARA MOORE LINDA HAIRSTON Assisfanf Majorette Mascot , .... .-..,..,....... -fn... -,.-.,.......-...,-..-L.--l.l.- v in ,,,,L,QA.5.ii11., MAJORETTES MARIBEL WHITE LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Nokes, Joyce Huffman, Linda Terry, BeTTy Harris Pafsy Tissier, Barbara Moore, Pat Vogel, Sharon DurringTor1. uv'-"" ,. -ln...-4, WGLFETTE LEADERS LT. Sandra Young, LT. Pat Stringfellow, Capt. Winnifred Tucker. PEP SQUAD MARIBEL WHITE, Instructor CAPTAIN: Sandra Young, Winnitred Tucker, Pat Stringfellovv. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy McCoy, Peggy Nelson, Eva Hernandez, Tina Delion, Rita Warren. SECOND ROW: Sonja Carranza, Pat Green, Barbara Johnson, Barbara Pressvvood, Patsy Harwell, Joan Nelson. THIRD ROW: Alice Velasquez, Peggy Hammonds, Cathy Sturdivant, Wanda Hall, Elia Mena. FOURTH ROW: Wanda Crisvvell, Yolanda Lopez, Eleanor Thompson, Darlene Williams, Mary Lazich. FIFTH ROW: Carolyn Plyer, Nancy Reeder, Rebecca Pardue, Carmen Nanez, Frances Medina. SIXTH ROW: Jerry Bellah, Madeline Carroll, Tommie Jo Fisher, Peggy Williams, Cynthia Ramey. n.L1,A 4, OALLJS' Q5 H1551 cH 53- -will COACHES FIRST ROW: Cecil Johnson, Head Coach, Joe Pasqua, Line Coach. SECOND ROW: John Drennan, End Coachg Percy Penn, Backfield Coach FOOTBALL GCA" TEAM FIRST ROW: Joe Sawyer, John Girardin, George Logan, Bill Crow, Pete New- house, Robert Raines, Jim "Tut" Hill, Richard Holden, Richard Staton, John Dean, Gary Raney. SECOND ROW: Manager Gary Hutchinson, Manager Harold Isaacs, Richard "Little Bit" Castro, Robert Knight, Gerald Spraggins, Charles Scott, James Penn, Bobby "Lard" Isaacs, Nathan "Ox" Oxman, Louis "Daddy" Delk, Paul "Stud Hoss" Murphy, Troy Miller, Manager John Newton. THIRD ROW: Coach Joe Pasqua, Coach Cecil Johnson, Earl Brown, Lonnie Williams, Walter Curm, Tommy "T" Cheek, Glen Patterson, Don "Mac" Mc- Craty, Orvis "Elvis" Trammel, Leo Cantu, Royce Trammel, Robert "Baby Tank" Galvan, Coach Percy Penn, Coach John Drennan. FOURTH ROW: Jim "Knick" Knickerbocker, Rudy Gomez, Vernon Cole, Fred Greer, Bobby "Spidder" Webb, Doug Denman, Johnny Luna, Larry Darby, Jimmy "Indian" Garcia. NOT SHOWN: Ruben Baird. .' 'ps jx gffffr .f 'I' wg' Alix NATHAN OXMAN Guard PETE NEWHOUSE Guard M A w 1 JOE SAWYER End WALTER CRUM End BOBBY ISAACS Guard CHARLES SCOTT Center I fl! .f 4 JAMES PENN ROBERT RAINS Center ' Center - .1-..., t 2 v VQ I F RIIQV wi af I .L If X W M 1, i- :in J - JIMMY HILL Halfback BILLY CROW Halfback JIMMY KNICKERBOCKER ,-.r Halfback ROBERT GALVAN Linebacker FREDDIE GREER Fullback DOUGLAS DENMAN Fullback RICHARD STATON TOMMY CHEEK Quanerback Quarterback AV' .Navm gs "WTS R , an 1, . If nl Y X lk? GEORGE LOGAN Tackle GERALD SPRAGGINS Tackle RUDY GOMEZ Tackle ORVIS TRAMEL Linebacker 'Rf' pg RICHARD HOLDEN Fullback VERNON COLE Fullback W JOHN DEAN ROBERT KNIGHT Tackle End l,ll, X va 5 In . ' EVN vi r I S ff X Nj ,S I 'Q IN I IQQLIIII' I ,N JI 41 U JOHN GIRARDIAN Guard JIMMY GARCIA Linebacker JOHNNY LUNA END LARRY DARBY End LOUIS DELK LONNIE WILLIAMS xi 55+ E ? RICHARD CASTRO Halfback TROY MILLER Defense Halfback Q- .5 , af af Y '1f., .. 'Z :Ji ,Isa-.- : ll ROYCE TRAMEL Defense Middle Guard GLEN PATTERSON Guard BILL CROW, GARY RANEY Captains LEO CANTU Defense Halfback EARL BROWN Halfback PAUL MURPHY JIMMIE HILL, Quarferback ' Q .YM 5- 1" - 12 5:1 6 ,Tx 'X 1 7" ' L ij A f ,Z I TTI I , A K ,, J-, 5 V f 2 E A , s l l E V5 V C l f it lt f 2 ? i 1956-57 FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Ruben Baird, Harold Isaacs, Manager, Troy Miller, Jimmy Hill, Captain, Robert Galvin, Captain, Gary Raney, Captain, George Logan, Richard Castro, Jimmy Knickerbocker, Coach Joe Pasqua, Coach Cecil Johnson, Rudy Gomez, Richard Staton, Joe Sawyer, Royce Tramel, Robert Knight, John Girardin, Coach Percy Penn, Coach John Drennan, Vernon Cole, Richard Holden, Walter Crum, James Penn, Tommy Cheek, Bobby Isaacs, Robert Rains, John Dean, Gerald Spraggins. MBT FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: Eddie Mitchell, Alnert Artez, Danny Parades, Ray Landin, Sidney Shomake, Norvil Baker, Morris Reno, Steve Garza, Gerald McCullough, David Taylor, Bentley Graham, Raymond Sauseado, Jerry Putz. SECOND ROW: Coach Couch, Jerry Childress Assistant Coach, Verl Tramel, Billy Jones, Lester Brandt, Jerry Jones, Robert Carson, Glenn Canada, David Collins, Johnny Gonzales, Harold Helm, Sammy Rodriquez, Earnest Fuentes, Wayne Sutton, James Coker, Manager. BACK ROW: Larry Taylor, Albert Alva, Billy Qualls, Paul Staton, Louis Moreno, Joe Rodriquez, Kenneth Marlow, Mickey Harrell, Donald Grimes, George Chastain, David Muga, Henry Pantoia. it 6 .Sl W 4 lil' 5221 W e ' llllll' "" aX...,x.'.f S g i ' fi W2 am? WW QM 2 BASKETBALL COACHES EW PERCY PENN B" Team Coach JAMES "ROSY" ADKISSON Head Coach NORMAN DAVIS I JACK GROSS WALTER CRUM JOHN JAYROE BILL SWEENEY Captain mm xxx . xx A TEAM ' U BASKETBALL . QR W W BILLY CHAPMAN JERRY Mums S FRANK ROBERTS RICHARD HOLDEN JOE POLLARD CHARLES MCCLINTOCK TAYLOR WILLIAMS BOBBY GI-A55 TROY MILLER RICHARD STATON -5 vine . 3, ,, . 94- ,- .,,1 . . , ... ,r ,-f.-ff 1 ,r, 4-M , ' 'VT-iff,fV-77-. '.g,,,..5.,..z ,.,,,.,,. . , ml 3? EMI! VFW ",f1'f' n . . . ' ' 5 ,.l'.x,1.-,uv :..."v. - A-1 1 izicfjf . ,YEL-'ff'.f'f,-'i' ' awp? :ff ' Q .JJ f 4 . .,3.',!.lf-I, 'Aiwa . ,, 'LQOA . ' 'K jf fs . J. ,N 5 q +ve., .ui ' -'Z-'lun mn-1' 1957 TRACK TEAM James Glover, Audris Zidermanis, Arthur Robertson, Jimmy Hill, Richard Staton, Billy Chapman, Richard Holden, Jimmy Knickerbocker, Vernon Cole, Bill De Moss, Ray Landin, Coach Joe Pasqua, Eddie Mitchell, Nathan Oxman, Gerald Spraggins, John Girardin, Jimmy Garcia, George Logan, Henry Pantoia, Lester Brandt, Harold Wright, Roger Wheeler, Manager, J. D. Newton, Manager, Harold Helm, Earl Brown, Earnest Fuentes, Glen Paterson, Arturo Torres, Steve Garza, Freddy Florres. 4 .rf 1957 SEB LL TEAM Jimmy Hill, Billy Russell, Joe Sawyer, Bobby Isaacs, Ruben Baird, Robert Rains, Troy Miller, Tommy Cheek, Teorge Logan, Tommy Adams, Henry Vlrello, Arthur Gomez, James Penn, Bobby Webb, Allen Christopherson, Mauricio Ortiz, Larry Darby, Coach Couch, Roy Sawyer, Glen Paterson, Orvis Tramel Jerry Doss, Robert Calvin, Gerald McCullough, Billy Qualls, Kenneth Marlow, Sparky Smith. NOT PICTURED: Raymond Capitello, Cervanto Martinez, Frank Kucero, Don Grimes. gg? zu y LM, 1: EW? ' . :QV W' V" if "" , , f " xx 7763 9 L1 KSN Ned kj V- . 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Suggestions in the N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

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