N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1954

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1954 volume:

' 'RW 1, 1, A .P w 32W 'f I fxasfxf 5 VF, ujuy' f Q1 QF M -L M mf? ! . .J K1 - A I' 10. - -,. A I - . , ' . 4... 1- ,, ., brvy, . . .... A x' 5 y my 4,-r"4"5 JP V fi 1... ,:, VK: 1 XPS' ,rf ..,,..J 24-,fa-J,w-Jffr-yfyf VJ mfffaizfjfiawf Effijndiffm-JL fidvw . 1' I I 1 X 1 ! 4' ,hx mhxbs -P8 ,QF -if- wx "- x , .Ll . A A cg I 'Em-1 difed 31 up f N Q- C Hue Sfudgn . I. 2021612 If c High hoof S Perry Fite Our Man - av, Frnend Sportsman ueciiuenmn 5 ' I , vii? 'Y 1' KJVL . Q o X Y ' "IM-Q . ' o 0 'iv X ,f"'A f 1 +L., Y . 1 be l :Q C' ' .. IJ ' ' ,Y o sms mllcefzvsd Siu ivldrgoref ffweaudef Cenerol Sfoff' Pol' Smiss arlene Car-ncaa a'sf'7omn9 Business SMP? Bill Qluckwood ,QQ olmowm It has Indeed been a prlvllege and a pleasure to have been a part of thus 1954 WOLF PACK Many hours days weeks and months of plannmg have gone into the maknng of what we hope us a success ful yearbook For all of us the sample yet charged words of the French born Quaker Stephen Grellet were a source of lnspnratnon I shall pass through this world but once Any good thmg I can do or any kindness that I can show any human befng let me do It now and not defer It For I shall not pass this way again THE STAFF 1 1 I ' I 1 ll - ' I I . - - ll Q M Q L: f KW! a QD ' fy 'W W Ol Oi J Ol 019' EUARD UF' EDUCATION W. T- WHITE N suosnr or sm-II:II:II.s EDWIN L. IPPY, M. D. E. D. WALKER Mnspiislnvszrkur sn :mo ss'5TA"Ts"'PER NTENDENT ' 'W - H DALLAS INDEPENDENT 'SUHDDL DISTRICT V'UE"""E5'DE"'T Rmasnr H. McKAY Mus. VERNON D. Immun DALLAS. TEXAS AssIsv-ANT SLIPERINTENDENT H4"RY STUNE g FRANK L. WILLIAMS -JA-'JK H- EPEAWD Ass s ANT sur-:R N'rI:NI:I:N'I- FR IN E sp SCHDDL ADMINISTRATIUN BUILDING Y ANKL . AFFQND BRYAN ADAMS VAN M. LAMM 37am Russ AVENUE BECRETARY'BlJElNESS MANAGER Rouse HDWELL TELEPHDNE VlI:1'I:IR 1521 DUN E. MATTHEWB R. L. DILLARD JR ASSISTANT TD THE BLIPERINTENDENT To My Friends in the N R Crozier Technical High SCh00l R ELIFIERI 1 Another "Wolf Pack" Day is hereg What a day! No matter where you go in the years ahead, this will be one of the days you will remember with pleasure and Joyg and certainly you are entitled to happiness. At the moment the world looks good to you. I think it Will be. For the seniors this is particularly a Wonderful day. All too soon you will be leaving your high school, but I know that you Will take with you Wonderful memories of' friends and teachers that will give you happiness and inspiration in the years ahead. I .join your principal your teachers and your fellow students in saying 'Bon voyage!" J . ur , 5 I WI I . Su ' Sincerely yo s T White perintendent of Schools WTW cs 5. EDWIN L. RIPPY, M.D., President of the Board 6. W. T. WHITE, Superintendent of Schools 4. MRS. TRACY H. RUTHERFORD 7. VAN M. LAMM Vice-President of Board 3. FRANKLIN E. SPAFFORD 8. R. L. DILLARD, JR. 2. JACK H. BREARD 9. MRS. VERNON D. INGRAM 'I. ROUSE HOWELL 10. HARRY STONE The Board of Education 1953-1954 Q., Assistant Superintendents R WNW DR EXNEU- o2.PefS0nnel - e in Charg 'N ,of ROBERT H. McKAY DR. FRANK WILLIAMS In charge of In charge of Administration Curriculum DON MATTHEWS Assistant to Superintendent fy BEARD DFEDUCATIDN EDW N L R M D 1-R:a1oEN'r MRB TRACVH Run-ern QRD v cf: PRE: csrwr MRS VERNQN D INGRAM HARRY SYQNE JACKH BR: Rc: FRANKLIN E SPAF uno Runs HUWELL R L LLARD .JR W T WHITE sur-:RIN :NDENYDFBCHDDLI D WALKIIR Ass STAN1' BUPERANTEN E DALLAS INDEPENDENT 51:1-1cm1. DIQTRICT RUHMH Man, DALLAS TEXAS Assra'rAN'rsuPl:RN1'ENDl:N1' FRANK L WILL AME ABRABYAN1' s UPENINYENDEN1' SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIUN ELIILDINL Env N ADAMS 3700 ROSS AVEN E ss::R:1'ARvaua1N:ss uANAnzn TELEPHONE VICYDR 1521 DUN E MAYTNEWI N R CRUZIER TECHNICALHIGH SCHOOL WALTERJ E SCHIERIL PR Nc PAL Ma rch 25 19514 To the Seruors Best wlshes for a successful and servlceable career. Please feel free to favor us wlth your V1SltS at every opportunity We feel responslble for your future and want to take prlde ln your acnlevements. Sincerely yours, Walter J hiebel, Principal N R C OZ TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL WJLSfebh Asa ir NT Tu YH: EUPER NYINDINY ' - Y 1 . mar, ,. E. ' 1 our 1 - 1 . . . , . 1 . A - . F A VAN'M.LAwu U ' I . , .D1 , . 5 ' A ' . . . 1 1 4 1 ' n Q . . . . o . . R 1 13+ rg PERRY W. FITE Assistant Principal and Dean of Boys WW, CHARLES S. BRYANT Director of Evening School ,WAND I s M if 1 I I JAMES ADKISSON R. B. BELL J. F. ALEXANDER ROBERT BENDER Q4 I6 MARTHA BONE KAREN Y. BROWN ALLEN G. CANNON MELVIN CANNON JEAN CAPPS BILL CASON CLAUDIA CLAY DWIGHT CLAY .HM A. BUTLER 23 fx! ,EC ,JA it wil. inv- V' 75 -I 1'-' in-,, WILLIAM COX ll. DALBEY CRITES RUGIE DANIELS ONIE B EASLEY LEODA EVANS b QS MARJORIE FALCONER AN NA LOU FOSTER .Z - . -hh 4 --.z'- fpvu x IL SAM F. FOSTER if " ' PERRY FITE lv' Q5 ' AS 1- A-fr ae? 5 I 'v' .I "':5"" Q5 1, FLORENCE DAVIS W. E. DAVIS x 'S 7 LOLA DEAVENPORT OLIVE DUDLEY IW: I7 41" .103 ...,,,,,. MAY S. FULLER DOVIELU GALLAHER W. P. FULTON HERLINDA GARCIA RAY HARDAWAY I8 LUPE GARCIA MARY HAINES GLADYS HARLAN ELA HETHERINGTON LOUISE HILLYER OPAL HOLLEY ORBETTE HOMER ELIZABETH HOWE MAY B. HALEY - ix JIM IBBOTSON 'EE- 'hi' ODUS C. KERLEY JOE A. LANDRETH MARY LIGHTFOOT CECIL LINTHICUM CHARLES LORINCZ P. W. LOUCKS VERA MCCAULEY ZOE MCEVOY :lu-ffl" ROY U. LANE LOLITA LANSDON ROBERT L. LANHAM SADIE LEMMERHIRT CHAS, E. MCGOUGH I9 MARY R- MARUN COL. R. L. Moses CLIFFORD MATLOCK JERRY MURRAY .a-41. CHARLES W. OWENS L. D. MURRAY GLADYS NEEL NAN PAVEY NANCY PAXTON PERCY PENN MARJORIE PITTS DOVYE MAE POLK RUDA V. P'POOL HERMAN NEFF fx 40' X -N 'Q' ff X. n 0? fs ll CLARA RANSOME lata A900 il ff' svn- N9 , 'KZJ' rf-2 136. fs? an 'A ns P OATHER E RAYNES MAY REDFERN J FRED SHEEL WILLIAM SHERMAN ELIZABETH SIDDALL ROBERTA SLOAN RENE LEE STENNIS JAMES ELLEN STIFF 'P-'A JUANITA RICHEY REBECCA ROBERTS E R ROBERTS R E SANDERS CHARLES F. STUBBLEFIELD 2l PHOEBE G. STORMS LQUISE SWIFT REX STULTZ R. W. THOMPSON IA T. HUGO J. P. VITZ 22 X Q' C 37 CLARICE TURCK ANN TURNER ALINE WALKER KITTIE WASHINGTON MARIBEL WHITE MARY LOU WISE W. D. WOODS GLADYS YOAKUM 1.1: 'W' JIM TYSOR JU" i i ROBERT FURR JCll'lUCll'y President G C PETTY CLASS Vice Presrdenf OFFICERS 'X L E DOROUGH 1 REBECCA ROBERTS Sponsor P7 R L PATTERSON Sergeant at Arms f Hf t .' W' V4 - DOL: Secretary-Treasurer I M I .. 253' BEAL, WILEY P. BEAUDET, MARGARET JANE BENNETT, THURMAN PRESTON BICKLEY, JAMES K. 4. ,T BRASHEAR, T DANNY JOE SL. 1 'xx X : ' R Q BROWN, THOMAS I 24 A A X , 3- -. 5 BUFKIN, CABELLO, CAMPBELL, BENJAMIN CARMEN G. ROBERT MAL FRANKLIN Q1 I KX CRAWFORD, SHIRLEY JEAN EQE-121 ...gf CANADA, CARTER, KENNETH DOUGLAS BILLY DONNELL DAVIS, DOROUGH, COY DOLLIE BIDDLE N CONINE, CORNISH, JIMMY WRAY SHIRLEY FRAN ELLIS, EPLEY, JOAN GWEN CANADA GOO FLORES, OTELIA FREEMAN, JACK WAYLAND FUGITT, PATSY Jo ANN FURR, ROBERT LEE 26 1' FIRTH, EDWARD RAY FLACK, ROBERT EUGENE 45,17 ik O GEORGE, LARRY RAY gas: nav- E we V' GERGENS, GONZALES DONNA FAY JESUS X Y I -ff' X QR! l KELLEY, GOODWIN, HAMPTON, HERNANDEZ, HOLMES, LUCILLE TI-IELMA OLIVE JAMES WADE RAMONA M. JAMES L. KENNEDY, KIRK, KISSEL, KNOWLES, JUNE JOSEPH MILTON ROBERT T. WALTER THOMAS O00 27 LOPEZ, CARMEN C. LUNA, MARIA ELENA MAYNARD, DON L. MCCOMAS, SERENA 28 Q ,.a,,,-' KOVAN, MIRIAM ELIZABETH LAWSON, DORIS SUE MCKINNEY, MCMAHAN, MCMULLEN SHIRLENE JOAN LARRY W. ALMA LEE 5' Q74 OL . 'hz' MOLINA, BEN A. MCNEELY, HELEN EUGENE MONCRIEF, ANNA MAE MEEK, I S QP Q T f 3 Y' 4' ' I A x MERK MOFFETT MARY Louise JOHN GILLOCK DAN R MOORE MORGAN MORRIS FLOYD THOMAS GUY EDWIN LOLA CHRIS-r1NE OOO K l 2. Y PETTY, G. C., III PITTS, MARY CATHERINE HAVENS RICE, JAMES RICHARD ROBBINS, NORMAN CLYDE 3' ' X I PATTERSON, RAYMOND LEE PAYNE, BARBARA ANN I Qs X RUBIO, TOM SAMUDIO, ESTERINA 19" SCARBOROUGH, GERALD KEITH ll "' 21 - J' f pf ,W TIDWELL, SCI-IENK, LETA Jo ELERIEDE TORRES, FELISA SILL, RAYMOND E. WAGLIORDO, CARRIE FRANCES R SULLIVAN, VALMA GEAN WATSON, JOHN H. O00 THOMAS, JULIA ANN WEBB, RAYMOND L. 3l WILLIS, WILLIAM WE EDEN, GERALD DEWEY WILLIAMS, JOE WILSON, LAWRENCE LEE WISK, RONALD ALEX OOO 'I I A K I 1 ff f " AA, , Q -,if . .W fa ' 'f' Pix., +I- - ! WI, I R WREN, LLOYD HUNTER CLASS OFFICERS CARTER DERR V X June 95 M ON TEMA YOR LANSDON MOORING . 2 33 1 1 a' r ALLEN, DONALD ANDERSON, ALFRED ANDERSON, NANCY ETHEL ALLISON, CHARLOTTE ANN B. 6 P Y ACREA, LAWRENCE DEAN AGUILAR, RAUL X L sg H f ATTEBERRY, BAILEY, BALDWN, JENNALEE MURPHY TILLIE MARY JANE L, vw BENNETT, BA!-TZ, BOBBIE EUNICE BOUGHTON, ERNEST K. BATEMAN, BEAL, BEATY, THEDA WILL ROGER DOROTHY JEAN BOWEN, BOWERS, BRANDENBURO, JANIS ELAINE WILLIAM W. JERRY GLENN O00 'FY nw +9 tx Mg BRUCE, EUGENE F -fy 131349 BRATCHER, CLAUDI A. BRINSON, WAYNE VU' 'S- 'ma CABRERE I MARY ANGELA CALDERON, AUGUSTINE CAMPBELL, ,X WAYNE Y 36 H ,Y Ee' A CAMPBEL MARGIE LEE L, CARLAN, JAMES CARNEY, MARY CHARLENE -vf 4 P COMER, CARTER, JANE MARTHA SUE CORDOVA, VICTOR T CHILDS, JOHN Cox, JIMMIE DEE N CLUKE, Ruov CoYI.E, RICHARD OOO N I lf CODER, PATSY JUNE CULLEY, HENRY DALE 37 DALTON, JERRY DAY, BARBARA DEAN, BETTY DE LA GARZA, AURORA in Win CULPEPPER, GAY CUNNINGHAM, DWIGHT -1. 1'-av DERR, EDMONDS, ELDRIDGE GEORGE DON JANIE k a V, FERRELL, ELIZABETH GARCIA, LUCIA 39 GILLHAM, BOBBY GONZALES, JESSE GONZALES, PAUL GREENWOOD, BETH YVONNE 40 -'S - 6 Q N rw C' . Q- I I ax C- -- GARLAND, NOEL GEASLEN, EARNEST GUNTER NEZ CAROLINA GUTIERREZ GUTIERREZ GILBERT HARRELL, SHIRLEY af- -3 HALL, HAMITER, CHESTER HASKELL DAN HARRIS, HARRIS, TERRY DWAYNE WANDA FINNEY f4., HANKS, NANCY ANN HERNANDEZ, FELICITAS OOC HARDIN, JAMES H. HERNANDEZ JOSEPHINE 4I R- 9-wr HoCI4vvALD MARTHA HOGAN, WANDA HUGHES, CHARLES Huss, BETTY JEAN I HERNANDEZ, JOVITA HIGH, SAMMY MARCUS A F3 17 5 -4' K INC-RAM, JACKSON MARGARET PATRICIA ALLEN 'S- X .wif OHNSON, Jo ANN LUSTER, LEROY Ft' KE I. I. EY, JOE BEN LuTz, ANDRE 'ii , Q1 s, 3, V LA BARBA, CI-IRIs LYON s, KAY RIZHI ' 'Dali 1 4' Q f' . ' I 11- va : - - r. " '95 0 H aqua. :of , U fm rfzzzm- 4 'inf lfQbaq,' "' in 'O -ba., 01 ' ' A '4 f -fl. -1 N-qq."1 X LAWLER, ROBERT LEROY MACIAS, LINDA OOO LEIvIoNs, WELLETTA BROWN MALONE, MILDRED 43 4 . P .R A MAYNARD, JOI-IN MCCLURE, MIKE MCCORD, HERMAN MCCORSTIN, PATRICIA MAPLES, TRAVIS MARSI-IELL, GAYLE MCKENZIE, MENDOZA, MENDOZA BOBBIE CLEVELAND DORA DOLORES 0 -0 'vflu I A 1 MONROE, KENNETH jx 1' 1, MENDOZA, SYLVIA MONTEMAYOR, CARLOS Q S2 P419 1- Q MILLS, THOMASENE MOORING, ELLIS ,ffm MITCHELL, MARY JUANITA MORA, LENA O00 MONEY, MARTHA MORGAN RODGER 1 G- ,1 JEAN 45 NEAL, DOROTHY JEAN NEWTON, GRADY LEE NIcI-IOLS, MICKEY ANN NOLLEY, JEAN MORRIS, NINA MOSES, JO ANN NOONAN, NORRIS, OVERSTREET MARILYN BOBBY MARVIN T" ..f Arif' "VX ""Ql7 PARRISH, OWENS, PEGGY AUBREY PARTIN, TOMMIE I'-s GF an ORR, DORIS GAIL PETTY, WANDA JUNE -on -1:32 PAGITT, PALMER, BETTY BOBBY PHILLIPS, PHILLIPS DOROTHY WESLEY O00 47 I w. !sr4f .Oxy RABE, HELEN RANNE, BILLY HAROLD REAVES, JANIE RUTH RHODES, ROTHEL Q Q ,, N S 5' PRADO, DANIEL PRICE, MELVIN ne" RICHARDSON, RICHARDSON, RICHARDSON PAUL VERNON VONA X' RODRIQUEZ, ROSITA .1 5 RINAS, JOE ROGERS, BETTY K ROBERTS, DONNIE ROMERO, CHRISTINE I , I- S nd A xt d X , E II I fi ' I J ROBERTS, ROBERTSON, MILTON LARUE RAMERO, ROWAN, RUBY CHARLES RAY O00 49 Ruiz, RUTH SALAZAR, LEO xx -1 . 8 x".... X :KQnx,,. I up., . .psi . guna! s sw" I 'Y'A..n an 1 SANDERS, , 'N RICHARD X, '-iw' QW SHUFORD, RONNIE K 1 SANTASCOY, Jesse 1 6- SCHUSTER, DELORES QQ SHAW, GLADYS Ir " SLOVAK, SMART, JIMMY JACK X Q fm ' i,,f 1- fv- SOPER, MARY GRACE Ql'.N 'C' SMETAK, JAMES SPITLER, FRANCES SMITH, SMITH, SMISSON, ELLIS NORMAN PATRICIA Jo SPRADLIN, SUDYCH, SULLIVAN, JAMES DOROTHY JOE IQ:- O00 SI 'W' 5,1 , wx 4' 'S THOMPSON, OTIS TINNEY, SUE VALDEZ, RAMONE qv- 0 WATSON, VERNELL 1' TOPPING, FLOYD . 3.0 VAN ZANDT, VERNON, JACK JIM TURNER, DONALD ,,,, VALAOEZ, JOSEPHINE 0 VALDEREZ, ' N TONY o 'O JANU!-W M1955 CLAUDIA CLAY Sponsor x V . ,- Q ,f- I up--' N! ,. gg 1 , .gg - -2-: f' Y! if I ,X l , - 'Y I i 'T ' 'JE 4 'ilk L' ' " 1- 4 ff -1 qu. 4 Q A-I . V ,' , K, E x b 4 tg 3 . .- ' f'f'Q 4' V I s ff Ei QW E ll 1i l i1'm'fr IJ-fd 'lr ,....,. NAN PAVEY Sponsor Z- 'C' N xg! I A cf L.. 43 ........,, 's 3 fs. IA is Y ir. 111.- 'v-, 5 ff H 1 I x 1 -I-'E 2 H 0 lm H JANUAQY Q 55 MARY HAINES Sponsor ,f K In , I ' let:-3 'K 'W 1 1 F ,. , tu ,XS f x 1 3 r '-1 Y' -1 cp-J' J UNE R E QBOBD SANDERS Sp nsor N 3 X as jn-nd ' ' ' L" A illuqglx. ---.-1-.. fw 'MM fl 5 i Q! A J UNE GLAWI956 ug L xv.:n,1,:,.u, .11 ' .V 4,,.l..,,s. .z Ann, mv NX. A 3 W 16' vw -'Mai Y -Qv -s vi J ....,.. I fs.: AM K Hui S JANUAQY Q57 MARY MARTIN Sponsor 4 ' M x M' N ff MN "' K x ' f A f N Tiff! T I --rr :al J J 4. 4" JUNE ,..., .J cuss OF A ALLEN CANNON IQ57 ,ips ff J ,ib- Sv . K' a Elm- I 1' Q 'ax f-71' ri 5 1 'U , ag W I ""--.. EQ M 'N y,s "M-.wh Q., A M , Favorite ROBERT FURR -15" .Q HPV Q Favorite DOLLHE DOROUGH L 1 Q Q W f , dv M-.r A Q. i an 2 N W i I 5 X 4,5 i 1 L 1 W ' We ' , I ,g ,. K 5 ,j ,g S . f 1 2 g A Lex W fm- i 3 at ,h . ex V I f K 'H . L S V X - f 3 ,Q 1 I' Q I g .A i ,..,,, Q 1 .E ' .VN-f , ae ,mn x s 9 ,N ,-ff .S -Q-5 64, 1 1 , . 4 fi ll??'A J I I fr X '..,gQ,g . 1' ' 2..- ll ,,, , . ' -' '- . in , - . ,, I ."x,? - Q f 'Ml i YJ' .ld I n"if I .., , 1 'V vs P . ' , 1 ff fn iifx' W4 'sf N W 324. 3 X A I V Q wmvffff , gp M, ' .-Q iwyff . Q? 1 Q5 Q' .,,f .w Z, di: Rm WWW N, 1 v.,.,,,,1wv MM ,,,,..- 4-v""""h " ' 'Cul a 'ff fy Best Looking LARRY GEORGE GWEN EPLEY - 'Q' . . , .-an -. af : ' , , Af,,",,-x 2 AVEV, L 1 1 Q , Vff, 3 'v..!.'I.', xx ,g .K - 'V . . H W., 1.1 x-.4 .sg sf' N1 ,Ag' gy I Q' I ,f""f' .l 'CSi ' - 3- su.. nv? Q-:saw Affw wp iw- '- f K , ai the Most Dependable DON MAYNARD MARY LOUISE MEEK , E 9' Mi' ' " J . 4 1 Q faq 4 , 1 W 4: 2 1, if 'HA-nw-awww' ' L It , 1 Ai A. , 3 .g ",, 1 fr W ff I I h. 3 'Qi I s sf ,A , i , ,jf I 1 I jf, 'i K, 'b Fflf ,J , ga- ' f !'kt!,?f3 ,V 12,1 .ff1t1f'fgP'5'l'V .gv . ' i i 1: Af1f'f L 3,15 wif FF! .f - 1--, 1 --mf A-M?" ' S ' 4 ,4 f wff is fm- ,Q f 1, fL'f,m?f-:,! , 5 3, Y 4 -an ' .f A4-:.i?i' 4 . ,- .,5,f, -- ,5 gf. ,num uf imxfc- LL , W , am',,,,i- , 1,,.,,ga,,x.H - 1 -0- x. x iw .0 "Eli pm-.Q " 1 ' ff 1 S' '4 ,w"!' f' . Q: W. 'f x. , ' . I 4 y 1 5 11,1 99 fu X ,- 4n Q, ww "'K"7""""? Friendliest JIMMY CONINE CRISTINE MORRIS umwg ,I ' . ...,,..., 4 T3 1-21 -A I Y 'y' s 'S is x gag I Z 1' ,ff 4 . , W vias 'C' Q' I. 47 K 'O ,AJ 1 5 Z 4-'5 3 ad?" V, ,S . WlTT1esT ROBERT CAMPBELL DONNA GERGENS if 'X f 1 QQ, ,Q , kk fi? K 'SF' gr ,,, Q ,, -s va nw wk , W H Ziyi K . -, .E Q, 'ws 55, ,pi .V 4 T pf bidw N9 W Q, ,,,.,, W"""""" -My M ,,. 4, 2' lp. ,mug lx "awash ' . i, V I Kiki i is ' ' I A me . 2 W. . 5' 'ini' I f ,yn ,HMV W ff ff gf 1 M fn", 1 ' 4 'Wi '5 ,A 1, , 'gy ' . F ,420 1' jg' H ,L+ A ,X I x C n ,psi ll' 'rx C?" .QV ,.. ,yu- ,,,1sF..1g'?!fruIf ' w M5i.a.-f""" " rf ff x M'::f'w-- 'EF' " oo." """ W ,xi '1 , L5-Q ws...- '-r- ....--f M7-v N 4193:-: "'3'4: . ,l'kM.f' 4 3 W ,, 3D""'f-cu.. xx,-, .I , vi f4nJv,v" .Saf- 149' Favorite I N, K ' ' N,-V-135'-l'f, . . I L ,gr S?-.,, 15.gEE"i.,.r , f . fit.. .4 J I I - 4 ,L .1 'fi , lu-v -X .b4A': MELVAN PR 4'2- 1' 'ffl Tr, 5 , Q .. - .Xl 1 -PVC viv- J . 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VAS. ,Q 'V jdv .,,-na 1--A 1' 'Hr 44 I' 31:51 M! N 'lf K Ll gl! i 2 ifglx 1. I J W 3321, 1 ie, 52,2 yi 5 Q fi' .....,...X,,a,.. -, 0, I ffl' ,v 4 ll u wf, ff' , -"m I ki - ', " -2' . Q .gigsi "fy xv" v .f Q20 ,314 ', .QC5-4..f2,.j': K, , , -uv Ly, 2 LN vial. "f N rf-'fieiff--aglwg-'Q' ,f "r ,f'Z.' ' '41 ,V W .Y ' 5" M: 5 ,V , V .-A' - 1 gffgivif - wzwff-f1 :11fl1lffN . 1.4iffgf.:,5,g:rf2g:..:3K:2,f:3 K4 V - K ,V .nt A 5, . 1 - 'fi-:Qaagea,,i,'m,:,ffg'4 , ff ,Q , rm. Q, 211 ,ffl 1, .N .,!fi,i'.i3?4,,g5 RTA lf,g.RgQ3jr i, 'iigigasdngiggtmwl .-:,-1 Q. mf- ,L A ,2, j,,Vf3g4a sfgl, ,M 1' 'nba uf-+1 NX, ,gf,w,r" . ' ':71"fif3 wwf' asf' ' f big -, 9-Q' 'N ff. , H+- k J " ' m. 5 ' . s Q." W' ?fQ5,,iTM1W,fF ,. V -- -' . -9 T xr ,,jgj,g"Hr-frfk 1" V' ' df, ' ' , Q 1f:pg,,.,,i,w -.-kw: S, EL -W yi, -.. " ,LS Q, ':l1ff"' "WN , 1:?k'4g6Qc"" .f w., 4-W .M . . Qgzffhf' 555' if: - mg, k Y, K1 ,Yu ., jagw., ' 1-Y QM. 3' 5 iff -5299 if 2 2 wg., - H .wr X v T A., V, Ak MA 95, xqx X z 4 --."":r'f F 4 t V J ,. f , - 9451:-'mxft ' f' -'mm ,W -451-.,,i:.. . 'f-ri fu .aff .a"' dzfy . 'A ,, ,,. , v .. . ,, ff! diy- , 'dz fl . 3.5, 'f ,' CJ. r"f,',L77 44 ',.'4,A -fQf . sy 5 ff J A' Most AThIeT1c RICHARD COYLE WANDA HOGAN I 6 f Y A, , 1 Z i . X r f v nf ' 1 , M V? 'f uf' Vw X , qs sr' ,wg iff? Tl ' K mi 'Q Q f ' .4 i 1 'S' 9 .f 151' .Xa . , ,M 5 ? ga.--1: Q ,,,,,- 1 'Q ii Z-win Q ,WL 'A 'L at P ff' M N 'Qi x ww '-1 4, -02124, 2B Favorites RONALD BRANCH ANN BARTON -v-..-..,.. M, rv as 'ww gi' Wiki, . 'if U . 1 v I JB' 1 Li 1 f -'Z P""lm-... Q, -.., s is K f9"' ff 1 s 711,44 iyf- 3 ,QF i FN 3' W ng IL- , l Q Q QQQFA- r iff, 4 X . .' farm 15" Wx." FOOTBALL QUEEN us- -in-un-Q I .4 QUEEN MARTHA SUE of The HOUSE OF CARTER Escorted by DWAYNE JENNINGS 'Aga- ,- 6. 1 fa , ,Nflglf .30 4 .go" ,J r 5? I X :Zta fb b-. ., . , 5'-r 5 1 A 4 4-Ag "N . I 21' , 1' .ff la' K Q U 1 , V- , U' if 1 f nl - ' , Y. 5 A 'W . ,QF Y N.,-f , ,Q 4' fnuv at hge' , ,y 113' .fm .Ni , ' n " f- 1,2 K . . . - s1"Yf'Z, AJ!mW'v-A ff f'f"f . . .L , Hwgfft' ' -gl. ' 4 'iw A ir W-is-'fax' A A A I 7 f , "M Q, .1 . X 312511 ' iwsfj.-4.5 K I J If ' ' "Q 'fAf,,,.: I A Kzifwfj, v It k it W wtmaiim ,vifwrx V. .1 if ,. . fffff if M f '1Q,.fQf ' i'i?3'v"'iQV A ' s?1f:f,Qs f , ,' f .., Q en Valentine Que -Q, 5 is PRINCESS Quiwl JAN PRINCESS DORIS ORR 0 e LINDA MACIAS mowed by House OF sowfrv 9I Escorled by DINK PAUERSON Esconed by ROBERT SANCHEZ HARRY EVANS 1 My I U Mg-. X I OFFICERS FALL SPRING DON MAYNARD ,A,.,,, ., ,,.. ., .,,,,,,. President RAUL AGUILAR .,..,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P resident THOMAS BROWN ,, ,, ,,,,, Vice President MIKE REID ,,,,,,, Vice President MIRIAM KOVAN ,,,,, ,.,,..,. S ecretary FRAN SPITLER ,....,.,,.,..,, ,,,,,,,. S ecretary MARGARET BEAUDET ,,,,,. ,,,,. T reasurer CLAUDIA BRATCHER ,,A,,,. .... T reasurer A National Honor Society If -Q 54 'RT I 001730, y S., fc- ' 035 N' -. G, 39 Hnnnnnnnf Senior Y-Teen Officers Senior Y-Teens f Q MRS. CLARA RANSOME Sponsor S., F S oiafb N. V8 lllllll X FIRST ROW: Alisia Analese, Louise Brinkley, Felicitas Hernandez, Dorothy Sudych, Aurora Morales, Vivian McMinn, Helen McNeely, Beverly Newman, Rosie Comacho, Irene Perez, Trinidad Canto, Thomasene Mills, Aurora De La Garza, Linda Macias, Mary Lou Rodartes, Joyce Odaniel. SECOND ROW: Janis Parker, Margie Luckett, Lenora McClung, Charlene Crosley, Gwendolyn Lungford, Dixie Whaley, Cora Lee Whittley, Shirlene McKinney, Patsy Rice, Mary Helen Rodriquez, Francyse Spitler, Gladys Shaw, Helen Rabe, Betty Dean, Carolina Gutierrez, Sylvia Goldthwathe THIRD ROW Jean Ford Annette Cates Yvonne Carroll Joan McGnbony Shanda Rich Tillie Bailey Betty Bagwell Peggy Keenurn Bobbie McKenzie Josephine Anguuano Clara Flores Continued on page 193 lllllll P-D SOS 1? MRS. SADIE LEMMERHERT fin-. 'S 1 'Q . I ks mg as---iv-qv -'liao . me Yi . If Distributive Education H in . KJ' W, as .3 1 40" MISS GLADYS NEAL Sponsor ! 'X X l . . ,S f T? Q '?I 2 ,,,,f,- J , f M s- 1 I x l .- l --an-w f-is-2 'ii .,... f-,ft A ,s I FIRST ROW: Lois Green, Annilee Hill, Mickey Nichols, Don Maynard, James Spradlin, John Childs, Joe Sullivan, James Hardin, Jean Nolley, Lucia Garcia, Lucille Kelley. SECOND ROW: Leonard Denton, Edmond Stevenson, Donald Hayes, Frank Akers, Ed Firth, Will Beal, Jerry Ruff, Lloyd Wren, Thurman P. Bennett. THIRD ROW: Jerry Willis, Travis Maples, Theron Marshall, Joy Payne, Arlis Wilks, Bobby Palmer, Floyd Topping, Bobby Freeman, Larry McMahan. NOT PICTURED: Alvilene Johnson, Jerry Dalton, Richard Ackerman, Larry Moran, John Maynard, Jim Slovak, Charles Wild, Elton Wickliffe, Wesley Phillips, J. P. Milam, Gary Taylor, Voncille Davis, Margie Campbell, Vona Richardson. rpm- U R it 005 f Dramatics Club RUDY CLUKE President SAMMY ROE Vice President JAN BOWEN Secrera ry-Treasurer OATHER E. RAYNES Sponsor 'Tr' .S..,A 99 Q' K L fr 665 "' - 0 1? Bcsl. MRS. REDFERN Sponsor 'S-'I my-1 ann., .mb dll ls llllll T" .,-J .1 1 FIRST ROW Vernell Watson Ann Snll Pa1sy Coder Patncua Cox Vnvlan McMnnn Allcua Alaruz Mary Rodrlquez Helen Rabe Nancy Abaie SECOND ROW Jo Ann Johnson Betty Dean Ruby McElroy Shlrlene McKunney Helen McNeely Bobble McKenzuer Angela Cabrera Gladys Shaw Dons Lawson THIRD ROW Patsy Hensley Janlce Cummungs Alma McMullen Leta Jo Tldwell Pa Murphy Margarna Maclas Delores Mendoza Rosna Rodruquez Janne Reaves Wanda June Petty FOURTP ROW Tullue Barley Jean Neal Menlyn Noonan Serena McComas Mrs Redfern F-' -.r F I sr x sa 005 C' F , IIIIIIIII Key Club MR. o. E. KERLEY ".a-s Sponsor ROBERT LAWLER 'lr- President MARIO GUTIERREZ Vice President TERRY HARRIS Treasurer X ' K F' P-14Nv' FIRST ROW: Bobby Williams, Gilbert Gutierrez, Billy Hall, Billy Blackwood, Edmond Ra mirez, Ed Mycue. SECOND ROW: Sid Cockrell, Kiwanis Advisor, Robert McCann, James Morse, Dan Hami ter, Donny Romes, Wayne Campbell. THIRD ROW: James Pack, Ellis Mooring, Sammy High, Curiis Norling, Donald Green Robert Lawler, Odus C. Kerley, Sponsor. Machinisl' Club MR. HERMAN NEFF Sponsor JERRY DEATON President ROBERT FISCH ER Vice President JOHNNY DORRIS Secretary JOHN ANDERSON Treasurer MACHINIST CLUB MEMBERS: Manuel Acosra, David Barber, Jerry Campbell, Gene Chil- dress, Edward Contreras, William Daris, Jerry Deaton, Johnny Dorris, Robert Fisher, J. E. Holmes, Mike McClure, Floyd Moore, Douglas Pettie, Charles Pierce, Schrimpshere, While Doyle, Don Wood, Andris Zederman, John Anderson, Jack Murdock, Reuben Baird, Bay- lor Carroll, Darrel Clark, Lewis Clark, Joe Donnell, James Gilas, Mario Gonzales, Jack Donald, Ernest Lanicek, David Peacock, Dale Wilkins, Charles Manthey, Elbert Braswell, Bobby Connally, Bobby Pierce, Clifton Williams, James Walker, Dewey Sloan. f' S.- ,165 J W a ' - lllllll 7- gf' " ofa lllllllll ' . cr, r .- - If ff : .,' I I I I , I rr- I02 Kwifwtsiosff f Junior Y-Teens sv- 'Dx .'-'-L'L:I' MARJORIE Paris E.: Q- fp, MARY MARTIN . ,. .-- sf, -, .. u ,I -11' -l -.. 5.-" 55? 1 3,535 ..,-::.- na, - If '- , . . -..,','-,A.,j-,Z -l-'-l-. . now., s, . . - 1 . -.nn 'N 1 - 51... ., 0,3 x A 'n '1 A5 if B 2 ti -,--.qv--, ,ww-ve.. 1.4.1 fe...-..... ce FIRST ROW: Patsy Wilson, Martha McCormick, Deronda Newland, Sandra Sarratt, Geral- dine Slayton, Shirley Hill, Marita Jo Null, Barbara Thompson, Virginia Parsley, Anna Beth Goodwin, Patsy Lueck, Mary Jessie Gutierrez, Sue Carey, Helen Hall, Lois Francis. SECOND ROW: Delores Ann Chambers, Lupe Cantu, Arlene Smith, Mary Flores, Rose Mary Deluna, Grace Gonzales, Peggy Blackshear, Norma Monk, Pearl Reed, Carolyn Reed, Catherine Fenn, Norma Capps, Joyce Bingham, Socorro Hernandez, Betty Bronson, Joe sephine Mareno. THIRD ROW: Norma Jean Sissom, Verna Robinson, Barbara Allen, Mary Lou Welch, Mary Ruth Nuncio, Lillian Porras, Eula Mae Kennedy, Peggy Ray, Joyce Hammond. Continued on page 193 pa.,-,QL . 4 Sponsors -. - - Camera Club is- ' 0 a he N fr ou 'H MR. O. A. HOMER Sponsor lllllll ,sn 0- CAMERA CLUB MEMBERS: Melvin Abrams, Louis Acker, David Adams, Jim Adkisson, Dora Alaniz, Luis Alvarez, Jean Aston, Sarah Ayala, J. T. Badgett, Elizabeth Baker, Elaine Bar- ber, Ann Barton, Jean Beaty, Jesse Benauvidez, Henry Brewer, Owen Brogden, Paul Bush, Diane Bushy, Raymon Cantu, Jack Cates, Ellis Chadick, James Clark, J, L. Combs, Toni Crapanzano, Felix Cuellar, Frank Cuello, Helen Dale, Coy Davis, Richard De La Garza, David Dodd, William Ewing, David Eshleman, Barbara Fariss, Donald Farmer, Wanda Fine ney, John Firth, Glen Fisk, Marvin Fitzgerald, Susan Forsee, Wanda Garren, Joe Garza, Earlene Goss, Isabel Gomez, Charles Gonzales, David Gonzales, Mario Gonzales, Beth Goode, James Goodson, Gilbert Gutierrez, Dan Hamiter, Terry Harris, Gary Heathcock. Continued on page 193 Fl" new M 00" "Earn While You Learn" Co-op Club at x MR. R. E. SANDERS Sponsor ax 35 FIRST ROW: James Smetak, George Renfro, Kenneth Thomas, Nelda Tucker, Charlotte Holland, Beth Greenwood, Gwen Epley, Frank Johnson, Gerald Scarborough, Duane Lunday. SECOND ROW: Don Atteberry, Bobby Jenkins, Dwayne Cox, Barney Jones, Jeff Holder, Raymond Sill, Ben Bufkin, Joe Clancy, Andre Lutz. THIRD ROW: Coy Davis, William Frizzell, Raymond Webb, Charles Fox. John Kiowski, Don Mathis, Charles Hughes, Dan Barton, Charles Lynch. FOURTH ROW: R, E. Sanders, Sponsor, G. C. Blackshear, Barbara Bowen, Jimmie Lar- kin, Betty Rogers, Bobby Wilson. "XPS: Allied Youth '!-,,- f I MISS ELIZABETH SIDDALL Sponsor ur f' S 0"6"m " ? N-d l FIRST ROW: Darlene Comer, Alma Jean Collins, Willie Bob West, Margie Bevill, Annette Cares, Clydine Currey, Miss Siddall, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Wayne White, Harold Sfeadman, Dan Hamiter, Henry Culley, Jim Asbill, Bob Wall, Donald Searcy. 'D 'a F- M F., S 035 "" g lllllllll Commercial Art Club Xqqf x 5 3 2 Y MR. CHARLES MCGOUGH Sponsor Ml F-' I FIRST ROW: Carol Ann Milan, Jane Comer, Jimmie Dee Cox, Juanita Mitchell, Bruce Dani- hoo, Donna Gergens, Jack Bennett, Loma Rae Langford, Carlos De Andros, Gene Potter, Larry Wilson, Marietta Schreiber. SECOND ROW: Sue Reaves, Jaquetta Wills, Gwen Skates, Josephine Valadez, Olga Espie nosa, Gordon Belamy, Marsha Dodd, Margarita Knickerbocker, Manuel Martinez, Dario Melgoza, Lynn Narney. THIRD ROW: Shirley Yancy, Pat McCostin, Jack Smart, Joan McGinnon, Jimmy Campbell, Richard Wood, Joe Harper, Merle McComas, Tim Martinez, Virginia Harlan, Chas. McGough. FOURTH ROW: AI Curry, Elaine Barber, Morris McKee, Charles Gonzales, Isabel Gomez, James Pack, James Moncrief, Jim Hampton. NOT IN PICTURE: Frank Akres, Lowell Bannister, Albert Bean, Sherman Burton, Jane Hathaway, June Kennedy, Frank Knickerbocker, James Knickerbocker, Bobby Lyons, Ray Macial, Don Mackey, Gene McMichael, Norbert Mendez, Doris Miller, Bobby Nall, Billy Ranne, Beverly Sellers, Virginia Wileman, William Willis, Bobby Winn. 'I I I X "' J Pan American 'H-f ff-Ra 9' A 'V 03" ' I FLORENCE DAVIS v JESUS GONZALES Pres4denf JESSEE GONZALES Vice President LUCY GARCIA Secretary-Treasurer 1' , lm", Sponsor 1 N. Skating Club -f 1: J , g' 1 .gxg-..-'L S' L D MURRAY W Sponsor jf , U Radio Club JERRY MURRAY Sponsor 05 "H : f ' . , --"-Y' we -.4 4 ...Q ---vw 1- -fer QxL,-l f nl ... it F, ,. r , FIRST ROW: Eddie Champion, Jimmy Lorbin, Howard Griswold, Richard Sills, Charles Richardson, Saucedo Bidal, Lural Sheppard, Michale Bardis, Joe T. Aguirre. SECOND ROW: Levon Darman, Charles Lynch, Steven Roberts, Charles Gerhardt, William Sill, Vernon Carber, Jimmie Terrell, Richard Orozco, Jerry Rogers. THIRD ROW: Roland Murphy, Jesse Almaguer, Ellis Mooring, Coy Davis, Jim Carlan, Gene Nix, John Kiowski, Don Yost, Pete Kargalcos, Jerry Murray, Mr 's -- o..- f Jill IO9 465 --,,f . 1 Charm Club MRS. OLIVE DUDLEY Sponsor y XX fx, 1 A FE? X. v .qi Stamp Club ELA HETHERINGTON Sponsor 'R .!Y'! Nr!! - 1. G., ,r F' atdfw L Y F X I' FIRST ROW: Kenneth O'DeIl, Gene Childers, Johnnie Orwell. SECOND ROW: Don Hamilton, C. M. Fondren, Ela Heiherington fsponsorl, Robin Tea- garden, Rudy Benavides, Jesse Almaguer. .Es wi-K UM L 'a ?- Art- Potte ry F' 0 hx' MARY LIGHTFOOT Sponsor Safe - "T" Club 6 R -r U lg TOMMY BROWN f' 00" V, President "" sus CARTER gal' Secretary ROBERT CAMPBELL Vice President 27 . ax ls. 1. ' Q ,L 5 iw' jxx-fxfifss 'iv S o s b'2'f'i'7' Src p n or fig :Q LARRY GEORGE President R. L. PATTERSON Vice President MIRIAM KOVAN Secrefa ry-Treasurer JIMMY HAMPTON Sergeant-at-Arms WANDA HOGAN Safety Commissioner if i , i E 1 -v vs ' T Xi S ,1 f Air" Student Government Association s ff' o PERRY FITE ' ep TW UQ Fourth Period Chorus up llllll v.- Mr F- FIRST ROW: Elgree Hammonds, Amelia Cervantes, Jackie Cole, Mary Nell Hall. SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Wells, Betty Schleimer, Nelda Reed. THIRD ROW: Virginia Wileman, Willie Bob West, Mary Martha Evans, La Wanda Murphy FOURTH ROW: Harold Steadman, Donald Hampton, Herman Battle. JOE A.. LANDRETH D"ef'0' Sixth Period Chorus 3-mf-. --ri,-vnu'-'W-:""au.rx2 nar- FIRST ROW: Janis Rae Potter, Dora Alaniz, Nona Mae Belcher. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Sudych, Margie Payne. THIRD ROW: Inez Burcham, Wanda Padgett, Rosita Rodriquez. FOURTH ROW: Russell Eitel, Mario Gutierrez, Jack Blake, Richard Wood. -.r F lllll 665 J 1? , 1. , ., nv.-P F- Ml Choral Club Q4 005 FALL JENNALEE ATTEBERRY BOBBY ATTEBERRY MARY GRACE SOPER GLORIA PURVIS OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Reporter SPRING DON WOOD MARY GRACE SOPER CATHY HUTCHESON .IENNALEE MURPHY Sf ' X 4? 1,1 RICHARD FRANCO eeeee LEL, vice PfesfQeIfICril1IrQiII CJCEIXIIQIALEE ATTEBERRY A Cappella Choir osmcens RICHARD FRANCO ,7,,7 ,7,7,,77,7,,,, , ,,..,. . President NANCY ANDERSON ...,.. .,K., . . . Vice President JENNALEE ATTEBERRY .eee.e., Secretary-Treasurer 0'6"s HU SECOND PERIOD CHORUS FIRST ROW: Joan Ellis, Donna Carpen- ter, Ester Morales. SECOND ROW: Sarah Ayala, Alvis Elling' berg, Edmond Ramirez, Doris Fielding. FIFTH PERIOD CHORUS FIRST ROW: Sherry Horton, Gail Harris, Eddie Maynard, Delores Velasquez, Jmidy Hathaway. SECOND ROW: Delores Anderson, Doris Mize, Carolyn Nowlin, Billie Jean Ford, Bertie Hunter. JOE LANDRETH Sponsor Square Dance Club RONNIE SHAFORD President NARIES BROWN Vice President BARBARA COLLIER Secretary BOBBY GILLHAM Sergeant-at-A rms OPAL HOLLY and LOUISE SWIFT Sponsors vw-'W f--1 f .,,,- ,, W- - r 3 . lili - C rr "' ai-Us so , 0 IIII '-1 ........x is 'sV"., A Abbott C Abbott Acker Adams Agala Alonzo Atterbury Barley Bagwell Bellah Belmares Benavtdez Brown Carroll Carter Casas Coats Colller Davila Duxon Franklin Garren Gullham Gomez G Gonzales M Gonzales Greenwood Hall Hewett Hernandez Ingram Knowles Miller Morrls Orltz Orora Overstreet Padilla C Perez I Perz R Phullips S Phill ps Pnckersal Pnerce Ranne Reyna Roebuck Romes Sepeda Shelton Shaford Simpson Singleton Swundle Taylor Vaughan Vega Velasco Velasquez Vernon Vnllareal Wade 8 Waldrop C Waldrop Walker Watson Weckter Wood Young Zamora rv , 9 v G., -.r p o'6"u S sa C' J lllllllll .5 'S Band M, I Q2 .af Y' Q .f ' Q-Q DALBY CRITES Direcfor 5, 3, if 4 l-, 'a Fi- ,.. FIRST ROW: Lynn Tubb, Nancy Hanks, Curtis Norling, Janie Reaves, David Nilsson, Joe Donnell, Robert Maldonado, Arthur Mendoza, David Thomason, Al Anderson, Billy Black- wood. SECOND ROW: Carrie Wagliardo, Billy Mechua, Donald Farmer, Gail Beaty, Jean Ford, Derald Pledger, Jimmy Mitchell, Donna Gergens, Willie Garnica, THIRD ROW: Allen Abbotf, Sue Carey, Mike Suebila, Alvis Elinberg, Leo Kovan, Charles Waller, Bill Whateley, Wilifred Rothel Rhodes, Louis Acker. STANDING: Jimmy Booker, Lee Haines, David Duvall, Jerry Nix, Jane Lowry. Tech Talk f- ' was -2 NANCY ANN HANKS ,,,A, ,v,,, , .,,,A-N- E difor DOROTHY SUDYCH SNOW ..,. Ass'f Editor JEAN BEATY do . O,,, OOO, ,OO, A d visory Editor I LEODA EVANS ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,..,,... Sponsor V : l ' ' ' pK' Dorothy Sudych Snow, Joe Ed Bird, Virginia Brewer, Edward Mycue. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Gregory, Clyde James, Nina Ferszt, La Wanda Murphey, Leoda Evans, Sponsor, Gay Nelle Stone, Edmond Ramirez, Jo Ann Johnson, Helen Rabe. ' . L - . 'P FIRST ROW: Billy Harris, Becky Kirby, Donna Gergens, Jean Beaiy, Nancy Ann Hanks, Aj J Al W 3 I x "Rv if . JA r Ms Q 7 grxxl t fr pifjvf, L H1550 MT' 49' AS SCHU HIGH WL DLS 5915001-S. 'EPA f I 'A Q ' ufv ' . af- -N , - w X Q A X f A Yrs: S ,' ' ,v f ,Q Q? I xv W N4 ,, ' J 'v AQ 'f -1' ,,.., N. x Q '-Q h- M H-.. U 4? wr ,, H: fgg ,fx::,, fe Mf':zZ'f:1m. a- 'if- Wolfettes MARIBEL WHITE SONJA GARY Sponsor REDITH MANGUM Second Lieurenants 'V fy Redith Mangum Helen McDowell Sonia Gary Jackie Childress Judy Metcalf Peggy Simpson Juanita Mitchell Geraldine Fly Marsha Dodd Louise Brinkley Anita Krodell Martha Bailey Louise Underwood Jill Smart Ann Nokes Judy Gaddis Barbara Collier Shirley Bellah LYNN TUBB - gl . 7 P' ia f fig wtvib' Q34 I .192 5 Af M N X I Ml H I ,Q 2 F -wan-L JIMMY HAMPTON Cheerleaders wr X .st fm , 1 2 Football ui.-9 CHARLES STUBBLEFIELD R W THOMPSON REX STULTZ He dC h QW'-4s n HIE SCH!!! ATI-I RONNIE PASCHAL Tackle LAWRENCE SHULTZ Tackle ROY VALASCO Quarterback FRED OWENS Back DATE Sept. 18 Sept. 26 Oct. Oct. Oct. 22 Oct. 29 Nov. Nov. Il Nov. 21 Nov. 26 1953 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE SCHOOL Pleasant Grove Milby Ft. Worth Tech McCallum Forest South Oak Cliff Adamson Sunset NQ. Dallas Woodrow AWAY WE THEY OR AT HOME f There 13 6 Houston 31 19 9 O Austin 26 32 C. Bowl 39 7 Here 27 I4 Here 32 22 Here 7 42 Here I8 40 Here 28 54 ODIE HARRELSON Guard DON GREEN End JERRY BRANDENBERG End LARRY GEORGE Fullback l33 GRADY NEWTON Manager JESSE GONZALES Fullback MANUEL NAJERA Guard JIM DOROUGH Center JAMES JONES Back JAMES FARMER Guard R. L. PATTERSON Tackle TOM RUBIO Back DON ALLEN Tackle BOBBY LYONS Guard MIKE REID Guard BOBBY WINN End GUS CALDERON Tackle ROY GOODMAN Tackle RAY MAC I EL Tackle ALEX GARZA Guard BENNY CARROLL End RICHARD FRANCO Center I35 DON E DMON DS Tackle JOE MOONEY Center COLEMAN SHINN Back JIMMY ADKISSON Tackle MELVAN PRICE Back CECIL CORBIN Back FRANK GARCIA Back ELI RODRIQUEZ End 'Z "B" Team Football PERCY W. W. CBILLD PENN 'N 1 f SHERMAN FIRST ROW: Branch, Seats, Irwin, Brogdon, Winn, Hernandez, Lasseter, Knickerbocker, Garcia, Scott, Greenwood, Jones, Acosta. SECOND ROW: Navarro, James, Knickerbocker, Shinn, Ivey, Sill, McCoy, Arista, Brawley, Brown, Clark, Villarreal, Carter, Romes. THIRD ROW: Castro, Palaids, Mendoza, Barron, Williams, Torres, Gresham, Grindstagg, Waldrop, Luna, Thompson, Drummond, Seats, Mgr. Martin, Coach Sherman. FOURTH ROW: Coach Penn, Barber, Cates, Mooney, Acosta, Cantu, Ferrell, Reyna, Barrows, Naiero Smith. I 'u 4 :ft . ,,.,,,b 4 ,.--, mfcv , -I COACH vv. vv. CBILLD SHERMAN MOUND SQUAD Carlos Monternayor, Melvin Price, Jimmy Robbins, Donald Searcy , Irs 165' ":'iQ-fic.. a...'-2 nl Baseball 1-. fl C MELVIN PRICE Pitcher JOE BEN KELLEY Center Field DAVID TORRES, Third Base MIKE VASQUEZ, Second Base ROBERT COBURN, First Base FRED OWENS, Left Field BOBBY GILLHAM, Right Field ,. ,J ... JIMMY ROBBINS, Pitcher U Fl' SK. 1 N b A , A- -44, NL Golf i I 'I Y x na' , Qgfxx .Q - M ., . A , . . - V. . . A. . .3 .. ' , . ' 1 -K ', .1-K ' 4' s.. '. 'QV' ' '- ,"v 'l'X, .' " l -,. , X .r ' . R4 V w . . ., .4-,-A 4. , . -L, -'V , ,- I ' I 1 2' -" --0 - + ls' A ' "5" K ' "'ix1.!-ll.: A '-'Nflf jQ""q4!'x"-'BTX UT, w . 'i . Donald Jacks, Sonny Erving, Mr. Cason, Terry Harris, Jimmy Adkisson CWilI Beal and James Barr not picturedl " -. ! dem- A . Hmm' SEHUDL' ATHM1' I DU'-'AD'-1' Basketball lg. I 'X is ln S1 Y' QQ I42 15 25 FlRST ROW: Mike Vasques, Bethel Elledge, A. C. Black, Albert Brown, Carlos Monfemayor. SECOND ROW: Coach Rosy Adkisson, Herman Burton, Coleman Shinn, James Flores, Don Williams, Wesley Jones, Ronald Branch, George Derr, Manager. V? BN The Big Five li -xi A-,N 14 na MIKE VASQUEZ, BETHEL ELLRIDGE, A. C. BLACK, ALBERT BROWN, CARLOS MONTEMAYOR Opponent We They Arlington State Freshmen 7 eeee ee,,e 6 5 37 Dallas Naval Air Station o,7, 63 44 Chance Vought ,,ri 7 43 27 East Texas College Freshmen 7 7 7 47 30 Duncanville Air Force Base 7 7 77 59 31 Bonham 7 ,,,s 66 49 Marshall 7 7 62 44 Sherman 7 7 7 71 49 Mobeetie 68 31 Slidell 7 46 39 Adamson 65 54 Sunset 77 7 7 61 48 Saint Thomas 77 77 51 32 Port Arthur 77 59 45 Milby 7777 7 77 7 65 58 Jefferson Davis 7 77 63 50 Opponent Sunset 7 Forest 7777 77777 777777 7777. Woodrow Wilson South Oak Cliff 7 North Dallas 7777 Adamson Sunset 7 Forest 77777 Woodrow Wilson 7 7. South Oak Cliff North Dallas Adamson 77 Paschal 77 7 Paschal 7 Milby 7777 Pampa 7777 They X wi? Track Team W X M 1 if mm Rixy fy KJ f-E 'lb ,mil 'T Military Band Drum Major: EDMOND RAMIREZ 1'-'- lst BATTALION STAFF REGIMENTAL COMMANDER AND STAFF 2nd BATTALION STAFF Henry Culley Kenneth Donaldson John Merk Paul Richardson E Albert Sehwntzer Vernon Carber Jlmmy Campbell Sammy Hugh Robert Jay Charles Meglbbon Ellls Mooring Ronnne Smith Rudy Cluke Frank Cuello Noel Garland Guadalupe Maclal Manuel Nalera I47 3 ' A A V ' 1? . is 9 . K ' .T My L uf ,W J" COMPANY "B" Com ma nded by JESSE SANTOSCOY COMPANY A Commended by SEFRINO DOMINGUEZ iiiilluuil- bf 'S' O COMPANY Commended by BILLY RANNE COMPANY "D COMPANY E Commended by JOE KIRK WL Q KLQQQ OGG Q U f QD 0 Q A GI M, M, ' I .X Q Q Q MMU 1 The Story of gvresemed by ans Speech NN T MANGU HEDA B REDXTH el , ATEM Interlude N19 meffvde Arzggrv arfmen rs Pars nd y SrnlSSQn Mendoza a an MGVYS and DOr1n ok teNs 5Ywa xes of NUCGV' angel lmpendmg mor 6 Gefgens hear ixaxiusoof ihe Pmphec' ' he"h0Od from th? Y Xgahh- The Christ Child DireCT0'5i es Oather E- Rygth Joe A. LGU f""' 'Nl- F-Z-Z, Y The Her L ons? 0 Od CA b r teiis Eiizabeih CKBY Y news Of fherggwowensl is anger rlfhvianriideriui news. born King. ed by The Mary and Joseph CAndre Lutzy reioice with friends at the Birth of Jesus. This ls Your Life - Mr. Schiebel sings with some of his barbershop quartet friends. He inci- dentally was the organizer of the first barbershop quartet singing in Dallas. WALTER J. E. SCHIEBEL Coming to us in 1932 from Rochester, New York, Mr. Schiebel, "wise in coun- sel, prudent in action, successful in all undertakings," continues to be Tech's source of inspiration. Mr. Schle- SQDTS I .F Raynes Pre anon' wrt h f feCl Oat 3 Hxesnmony at alia? by ,he taculty be drawn, and Slgngh School. Charles letntrozier TeCl'lnlCal Hlgoi ceremonies' . r Ziobbiefaeld is mage IS6 Stud bers ecnitsglatscachers, guests a singing Th orm loin hand, nd mem ored e Alma Mate and heart Mr. and Mrs W r with our ho , alt 'W' er J. E. Schiebel. l i , l l ' I 1 l l .1 i "The Lamp Went Out" and so did Don Maynard after a fight with Charles Ellis over Patsy Smisson. "Green Valley" brought together Frances Holder and Dwight Parsley. Marilyn Noonan entertains at Open House. V W. , Z -A . .i?,a I '71 Jim Carlan, Captain Video of Tech, explains ,,. - a Theory To one of the Video Rangers. g . C l Think Don Wood knows what he's doing? Just wheeling and dealing with Mr. Neff! I ,- qj Danny found drafting simplified with special tools. 4,153 ga f teh l"J, 3 .e Il' D Mr. Kerley thinks their minds are on mechanical drawing. Xxiliff G. C. finds that a machine can duplicate a drawing better than he can. Lovls llll am ds dfatttn9 achme ' e6SY W ith IW 1 x J ,, ,, :W J, I vw 'fi s1uv" m -iw , H km' AQ - .4 '. I: , ' vga. -. n 8. ., , A ,,.,l 'ali X I n 6 J an 1 I 1 ff V 'Q K F -f ,fem . 1 fffrwf gf V, 5 'ff?'f' A ji! a A if M' f O f A 4343 A:g,C3:: J ,,,f v ,gtk hz J M Q M Li 5 'Y ' VT' f'- ' V' n- I 'f M ?ifffw41. 1 ,1 I-Gif' " ' if 7 .54 , , wx ,Aff 4.,,yw mx i x L Q4 S 'KV-ijffwef, sr. 34,5 4 'Mk' U f f, M? I ,VR if ' 4, f , , ,,,' , A - 'iifi'f,w fgf. ??2i .Q-A if. , m , ,, 'V VA gjaf, , , ' "f :f'1 'ZCESHIL u 38, ' h W , w' w ' 'f - fy ,a V , Vg 15 . 1 , ,4 A' ' A ,.., ,J I , V 1 Wig' 5' fffjg fig Q-V. ' nflfffgff 6 ',f5'?'3rv.iv-Q 71' Q-'R - N W . Y 4 ww 5 Jgfggy sh V QW Witffm. .A 'i.""1a,52' m 'fx -Qgg,y'f5:lf f ex - QV? Q ' ' A I i " xi I 1 ii as Pu mf.- '- n-,945 ' v 'W' A: wA!v:.u-1 a' ' ' - vi- M 1.-q . ,,,4 'H-. I . 3: ff! Q e Wolfefres do 6 lot of cheering ,OO Formation at half-lime. Don'1 they look swell! al Tech Wolv9S'Yelllng . ' A rw' A some of our loy V-X-C-T-O-R,Yl heir l1ear1S OUT for T E ,I a Miss Lansdon - leader of The Goodies Ring. Avis, Lydia, and Ann learn the way To a man's heart. hi fNA Lydia Herii d ff . ' 'W , ChnstmaS Dani, Sznihgypxgfagd abouf ff, 9 a cake" .-M1 6 -Qi' -E' 3' 'nv X fl! I 1 5 X 1 ,f- l' .l 2 .Z Attaway, Grayson, and Abbott giving a Chevvy a lift 17- K X uh. -.,,.... A , 41-'U 1 A FOUF he ads are be tter than on 6 Mr. Cason tells them "That's how it works" 'eq- XJ FEW I Mr. Hardaway teaches Charles Brown the use of The drill. E Q yy awe- F-"F- uunni ' I J l , 'M---1... S. . ' A no fx 5 E ' 51 4 7 l Q L! l A I l " hbv--.... gnu' .-- ' He's young-but he's learning how To do a smooth iob Oops! Watch your finger "Keep 'em cool," Miss Foster Gr 6 . vy rf,,,,, . Q X NN akcxfx xx Elo rfxf-Vexs Q0 I66 exxoy xl ax man o ova vfxh ax! e Watch your diet, Miss P'PooI s 56 ,- s ,,,,. ' v x 'Sb 5 rf., 5 .5 W I ' 1... J- ' I I N f ' Q wi Miss Falconer-Caught! ! ' '1 in hovehng x . NeW1On 5 Manta A N .qx, , : h nu.. K The Wheels behin d OU' meals, A hungry looki nl Npack of W Q I AQQM olves Mr. MurraY PWS e'W"""" ' ' This may look like Mr. Fulfon's purely mathematical, but we happen to know he grows flowers, too! 2+2: Mr. Murray's Math Class in Action 4 M s,UE,3,FU11efg Math C lass D een in Military: Study of Compass Directions 495' In physics class Cstudying Newton's laws of motionD using the gyroscope with Mr. Ibbotson. So often from Mr. Lorincz "Now, find George, Speedy." We think he's looking for amoeba. lnfffl :null tl Miss Ma'rlock's famous slogan Drill! Drill! Drill! Miss McEvoy and her class seem To like "lke." As Miss Sloan els her Tells of he ' 51 , ' I' fra . Travel, Udenfs mmds als! Q4 . Ning H IGF' RUSH? RodrIqEc?:m?irom her IU' I 3 , SOD Cir eilxrs. Vera McCauI9Y stru f One of Mrs. Clarice Turck's five sections of Compfometry. far IN THE BUSINESS DEPARTMENT WE SEE... Mrs, EI Class at ?N0':Etheringr0n'S Typ, . Ing L- The Three Misses We learn the score from Dad Down by the Old Mill Stream 410 Mr - from ' Sher , ew msxructxon mayor in man lnstrucfs Whhtman Q The use Carlos M CWde of a Platen ome' Mr. Lane- Press, Many hours are spent in class room The instructions iven in the related 9 workung on hand composition, class room work are very important. "-K Vocational Cosmetology class at work ,ek ,Q Emu 'lla'-'Ur' Getting all fixed up in Cosmetology. make "um" pretty gir -ru 'Q' The dead line is bothering these iournalism students Frank Akers gives Dickie Bellamy a lesson in silk screening John Hinkle and James Carlan do not seem To be worried about getting To class on Time. Perhaps Nancy Hanks is the reason! STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! ,' Cr 'an 9 4 3 'x x x '15 fn Q ,N ,, Q Y H 3 178 3 E an ihe futility of it all 'il-. . .vu I is Ll ti A HJR' A X, . Machine Shop in Action Q These did. Will they make it!! 1 I ln 1 -""'j,.f Q -.yr A Look into The Social Studies Departmem Lo lII'2Il7"!fI,",I!:Z:1 Q An,,x -1 it-.1 -Q' IN ff W 'av The year book goes To press' Famous last words of our sponsor WORKED TO THE BONES o f .. A- Q , if Q V? xx ., if -A ' I 'Inf' A r E' ' 1 , X V' ' 'I YN Xxx -x NC K . Nv X 4 , -4. j, I L-wg X 1 X , C J ,4 x v L"L,v-u XJ wx tim V X l NXAX 1 wx fee-.fi 1, ' V , Q Q ,Q ,WR Q 'A., A t Bs Bail "nb 'f W Q' +'x'uxKTkY1 MRA Dlfurl KA! iftx 'S' 'MQW , IXHQKR fh YICVYU an S--'-, ' C, nv' Cs-v6 'I Uvxfxee WZ. 'Q ,P 9 L-avslrted, 1711113 --ll- -W wig UMW xr-hi-Lhfg , 5 '. 5 Sk ' ' x Q 'wk 'lg 1' , Q 1 L ' ' . . CP 1 . ' ' Gif' ' 'Y Rqllfw L. I Al Y ' ' 7 5. ' ' t K'-2 ' N l 4 E , X 2- ,f Vi ,L -L ' 'V ggi' 3 , - L1-V 1.:Q 3 M if X lf .1 H- M i,,JV , X, 'rf J v "S- . ', I 'V ' fo 1 0 , 9 MU ww? hr D' ,LL if 1,17 XX ,f -' 'lf mf f L 2- 1 'kwa X L 2 Q 1 'yu Lf cf Awww-.........- -4- 'Utd' Wwxfvaxx 45:-1 ,-1 Aff. rf Q. f'2. 09 '77 my, v f I Q ,N z X, '1 'F X 's !,, W My 25" i O X X I r YW if 4' T . ix X P' ,f' fx -s. A r, Nh X fe Iqgfff. fx? i QI ' V"5L Ti -i"fY', R1 50,2xQv X r , 0 I' X A .363- txf XXV, if A IC' TLT Q fl 1 U. I ff? 3 -it .1- uX J A1 v 'Tl Meg -M NNY' QJ-,k,f'vf'rX VJ lA' ,I -LJ XNX'xf,Yf A Mvw1X'n RAC ,,, g. ' "1.,.,... XX., fn C B ,K I KXCCHK1 1 X X guqvx XAQVX k 1 0 KLKKNQR - 1 x L--,.. .LAYER , 1 N ' 'NCL ,si V, waxy M SENIOR Y TEENS Contrnued from page 95 THIRD ROW Shtrley Phrlrps Mary Loutse Meek lnez Gunter Jan Bowen Charlene Carney Sharon Ferris FOURTH ROW Ampuro Fraga Rose Mana Santullan Esther Morales Lena Mora Barbara Meadow Mar gre Carlrsle Mary Llnda Belmares Ruby McElroy Jean Neal Glory Thomas Ettue Jo Spears Patty Parks Carroll Smnh FIFTH ROW Wanda Harrls Carman Cabello Janus Elluson LuAnne Hull Maxrne Mathews Susan Gonzales Jean Phllllps Dorothy Phnllrps Betty Huse Dorrs Orr Carter Margaret Beaudet Jlll Smart SIXTH ROW Margaret Souter Kay Lyons Nancy Hanks Betty McCullough Mary Estella Rrvera Sue Tmney Larue Roblnson Bobble Bennet SEVENTH ROW Esteruna Samudro Betsy Castleman Eunrce Baltz Donnue Roberts Ersklne Dons Lawson JUNIOR YTEENS Continued from page IO2 Norma Carson Jackle Cole Glorla Montoya Mary Helen Ramrrez Jeanette Petr Wtllard Ethel Jean Mlrlam Kovan Sue Luna Lorea Eventt Jean Money Gerry FOURTH ROW Mary Locklear Betty Jo Reeves Donna Richardson June Samlley Sylvia Welch Carol Ann Carter Bobby Underwood Kay Stone Nona Ruth McAskrll Mary Gunn Josephme Marmo Sandra Murphy Betty Lou Hunter Darlene Grlnstead Joy Wuse Duane Busby FIFTH ROW Marlorre Prtts Delores Duncan Beth Grammar Delores Huber Glenda Perktns Wanda Bowles Aluce Halltburton Joyce Keen June Olrver Reba Lawrence Mary Martln CAMERA CLUB Contlnued from page IO3 Raymond Hernandez Robert Hngdon Sammy Hugh Archre Hull Joe Hull Robert Holmes Gracre Hutt Charles Hughes Robert Hughes Molly Humphreys Betty Huse Barbara Ingram Margaret Ingram Harold Irwm James Ivey Paul Jacoy Clyde Jones Robert Johnson Eual Mae Kennedy Rrchard Lacy Pat Laughlln Ray Macrel Laura Mason Ethelgene Mathews Jean Matthews Hellen McDowell Robbxe Meador Danny Moffet John Mooney Eugene Moore Martha Moore Ann Morale Roger Morgan Carolyn Nawler Ronny Paschall Janus Potter Melvan Prrce Freddne Ransom Ray Reyes Tony Rlos Cruz Sanchez Domrngo Samudlo Gary Satterwhlte James Slaughter Tommy Smart Dorothy Sudych Davld Thompson Robert Thompson Tommy Tnneral Jow Torres Tny Valderas Josephme Valdez Ramona Valdez Leondro Vellarreal Cecil Walters Elton Wlchlnffe Bobby Wnlson Mazlne Worthy Ed Wynne PAN AMERICAN CLUB Contmed from page IO7 TOP ROW Jesse Gonzales Esterma Samudro Jesse Gonzales Davud Torres Lupe Macras Rudy Benavrdez SKATING CLUB Contmued from page IO8 FOURTH ROW Nancy Anderson Kay Lyons Joe Wrse Mnckey Rosales Danny Dnaz Dolores Rrvera Clauude Green Charles W Roy Pendleton FIFTH ROW Roy Reyes Isable Gomez Otts Thompson Henry Culley Mr L D Murray Donald Ham ulton Donald Farmer Cesar Gllbert Joe Donnell 5 1 1 1 1 1 ' I I I I I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - : I I I I I 1 . 1 1 1 1 - : I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 - 2 I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 -1 - : 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 - 1 1 1 - Hand ln hand Into the future . . . our congratulations! DALLAS POWER 8: LIGHT COMPANY , , A J ...js . Z5v,,, . L Wf,fR'4zA. '- .i J Q X.- o o 1 1 Congratulations from THE CENTENNIAL RADIATCR SERVICE l900 Olive Street DALLAS, TEXAS .. Q ,.. A M",.g Z' 1 Shelton and Bowles Insurance Company 20l Magnolia Building DALLAS. TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF I954 from MR. LEWIS C. TUCKER of 1'l1e TUCKER RADIATOR SERVICE 220 E. Colorado Blvd. DALLAS TEXAS P. S. BOSCO of 'Ihe BOSCO GULF SERVICE STATION Says CONGRATULATIONS fo +l1e SENIORS OF I954 R e RING AND BREWER CLINE MUSIC COMPANY I 270I oss Av nue Dallas, Texas I803 Elm Sfreel' I409 Elm Sfreei Dallas, Texas Dallas, Texas SUUTHWESTEIIN BALFUUII CU 3ffP11f'w9 SENIOR RINGS CLUB PINS CUIVIMENCEMENT INVITATIUNS UW SANGER BROS SECOND FLOOR TELEPHONE RIVERSIDE 4079 . 1 KN Down+own Sales Office 'lh L W T Congrafulahons To The Seniors 54 Q, d Go Tech Go M Ily d e+ gallas H:"""9 and DWIGHT H GRAHAM Jan so ervlce epalr 0 Sales Represenfahve "E"A'RS OZ0QL'g,2fQEEj,,fg,'D MODELS GREATER DALLAS MOTORS Phone lM l623 or HA 38l9 2' I2 Harwood DWICZHT H GRAHAM Phone PR I87l 'Y Home HA 38l9 or IM I623 Come by Somehme S Y H Congrafuljsrnihlo Seniors AS E L A S U P P NORLINGS THE TECH HIGH STORE D,ffffxSP"jQc'1S THE STAFF OF THE I954 WOLFPACK Wish 'lo Express Our Sincere Appreciafion To FRANK ROGERS AND SON Commercial Photographers For The Splendid Cooperaiion and Pleasanl' Associalions in The Phofographing of Our Year's Acl'ivi'l'y FRANK ROGERS AND SON Commercial Photography Call Hun'l'er 2903 Nighfs and Holidays Woodlawn 5529 220 Soul'h Ervay Sfreel' , . y All e uclr in The orld o The Tech January and June ' ra s H H Come by and See e Persona an L , . Me Puf You in a New Mercury or Lincoln "Own r and.Technician" ' Janua '50 , , Drop in Any+ime and a ello Q of I I98

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