N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1953

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 184 of the 1953 volume:

2Zif,Jfz5,:f,,W MMM WJ' afeafwqf Gfjfgjwvw 9 wf,f...g,Z Lffwwggwwkwm ' 12,2752 : W MU , M Maw as QW, ,MJ .,, 4. . 1 X 2, sw , I . , .WX ffW:W7fLJ WW WM 1,945 55 afffwmg . s JMZMWZQ7' Liana! jjfiff x4 We M M3 Vsxim, wen, A k"Y x"x9!-61' Nksxu-my 'Few xxx-givxvfq. WW W wffqfwwwlb, wW W W, ff W , Qwkfkwfwz WM fm Wzffww M f,?V 4745 fo - NA Q! if My JwMM My ,?iW'W .D gmfQk2vf5M Q Sf if M ZMQ My M wma f M X N' Z ,sz gem-.,,. EQ f fi ww . , .fe , ., ,, J 3505 M . K QW. K f.. - 235, 8 4 , ,A My ,Tw I , .-A ' ' ,, W l??f'f5 -Jfiw A - ff.wf,1a 'pf K M, ' ,I.f vaffm AQ Bw-K ww, lv w Nww 4r1mmimH1xn W xx Wavmw ,W S wi., , ,,M'1 .Wvwvwff aff My W. Jmeviszw 'wus asm 23 4, ,fy X ' .,,: ,iiiatsxaizsm aauimn, slmmrJ G21 QMQ Qm3 5,7g X ...Aw V Q , " ,J Mm Q' A . 1 ' s ' Q I . 3 ,fa .i A .q.. 1 ,X AA,,A,,AA,..A, ,..A,A ,,,,..,., i ,,,., A i.- Q .,..:..A i A,A, ,ii ,,,gv ,.:,', , ,,4,A .4 - ,, ., M A, 412,5A,.. : 4 Q : , ,.:i,A .E,A1. Z..Qz2 Q :i.A ,.:-- -A1Af '221 :AE 'Tx' fi ' 1 fs. Q Afffdfyg , if J 1 Hill My M " Nu my vs of ,, T ' ,Y JJ' pi If- 1-Ja'- -4 1.4 lf! ,,f"21AcKlE ROY fl , 1 f 5 Lf!! 5 , by A f XY Y I 8 xl 'L 1 sk fry' 1,-hw I W riff' QB' Us Aw W V LL m b V .n DOROTHY BUCCOLA Editor-in-Chief ROBERT LAWLER Business Manager OATHER E. RAYNES Sponsor ,,,,,,,!lll,,, MARJORIE KEHRES CATHERIN BROWN BUDDY BAKER DOROTHY BRENNAN KATHRYN WALLACE ANNUAL STAFF .,.., A DLLL' A ' new ,v,k 1 BO B X STINSON M-A---,,Am...i l B 'l'ors. l examples of fhe earfh. l learned lhe large brick hacl landed on N. R. I Crozier School. This is eifher for iuvenile sane asylum. A+ senlalives of fhe caufious, buf we con-Ficlence. They duci' us lhrough lhey call if. We will baclc fo you. lf 'rhese EXECUTIVES OFFICE STAFF FACULTY I discovered ThaT The governing animals of Crozier Tech are called execuTives, a sTupid EarTh Term derived from The word "execu- Tioner." The purpose of These be- ings is To enforce sTupid laws which They Themselves don'T obey. ADMINISTRATION 4 ,q,,1 Supe . DR, W r1nTenden1l.Dl-ilaxivg,-'ITE OOIS 7 ij BGP-RD UF EDUGP-'NGN f 5 ,ffl ,iff onlne xxfxozvarxom-xr sm-mm. ox-armor DALLAS. ravens BUPEFINTENDEN I W T W - . HITE SGHDDL ADMKNKBTRATXDN BLHLQQNQ F-. LJTHDMAB, Fnzexozrxr AVERY Mp.-4a.vxr.:-Puzsxom-x-r 3700 R659 AVENUE E- 0-Weuczn Msn. -rm-cv H.FU1'HEFFO 'rzhswrmss vm-cron xem AB5'51A"1 Bun LLOYD M. Gp-vavncm. RDBER1 H- 'ACK'-Y Mne.vsm4nu D. wanna 'L A5B'ET"NT """':""" 7 Fun-uc x..wn.uMAs 1 Eowm L. F-www, M. D. runny sruvle JACK H. BFEAFD FRANKLIN E. EPAFFDHD ASSISTANT gg N B A awn-I anne DON SECRETARY E- MA-rruzws mm' -auanuae M N Assxs-rnyu -rg 1-H ,, V N 'So My 'Erienas ln 'che Xi . B. Crozier Technical high School: No Clay ls like 'V ol! 'Paoli' Day to the students at li . B. Crozier. gefumg gnc-.rn the jgoy of helping puhllsh an annual when l , nys-,exf , was a high-school senior, l recognize the thrill Which all of you are receiving to69'Y 86 YOU 0900 Your boots, loot 93" t lctures reed about school life during lf-952-53, and SGT' he p , 'che autogrv-9hB of your teachers and other friends. . 9. year from This is especially a red-letter AB-y for 9eDl0rS nog you -.1111 bc 1-cmcuiher-ing toaay with both prlsle and pleasure. As you close out your high-school careers next .Sune 5, you tv-he with you the hind memories and fond wflshes of your principal, your teachers, and your iellovfs ln the SGYXQO1- 1801 1 30111 mem ln Wishing you 'dell . Sincerely yours , " x wi. 'hwlhlte Superintendent of Schools WN ann? 1 47 lf,-I -4 I E. D. WALKER Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Personnel Dallas Public Schools DR. 'FRANK L WI LLIAMS Assistant Superintendent ROBERT H. McKAY Assistant Superintendent Y gl ,c,X,,k 5552232 oALLAe mosesnosm sm-1noL mermsr op-LLA-s, TEXAS 1 EGHOCLADMXNKETRATIDN BLHLDKNG '.3'7DD R055 AViNUE TELEFHDNEvu:1on 162K f H BGHQQL w.T.w+-u1s GA-non N-P-.CRUZIERTECHNXCALYUB Bump CF EDU wanna J. E. 51:1-uss:L. FFJNCIPAL 9U"i"""TE"'Di"" DF T E. D.WALu:v:n L.Tu-lam,-s, vnssxozx-I 5 hams-ram' sus: n-mrs'-mos in-1 Mpra, vxca-Pszsxonn' 93 3 Ronin, H. Mann Mas. Tam:-1 H. vaurmznrn AEEIETANT suvzm LLOYD M. CAMPBELL Fnarnc L. NNKLLKANB TEND Mns.vmNnn o. mssw "55'5""" su ""' H M, 9, En-:AN Aomas Eowm L RIPEY' sscasnm-r-susu-nz HARRY sunt Don E. MATTHEWS Jam: H. Brianna ABBKBTANT .fn ,4 N FRA:-ucLxN E. EPAFFDRD 'fo the Seniors s Sooooo...o you are graduating from High Schooll This simple expression can carry man? different connotations. Surprise, amazement and wonder are registered that such small heads can hold so much. Encouragement is included. All that stands between you and the top of the ladder of success is the ladder. A note of warning is there, too. 'lt doesn't nuff' a person to grad- uate provided he is willing to learn a little something after he grad uates." The pupils who worked so hard to graduate will often wonder what the hurry 19.5. We may 'oe excused a note of pride in our mm work as teachers. You had become educated and learned something in spite of everything we have tried to do for you. We feel like the rooster who thinks that the sun cones up because he crowed Gonsolation creeps into our voices as we try to ease your promotion to the school of experience for post-graduate work, the school of hard knocks, as it is called. We include the hope that you may always be as nappy and successful and seg-flcable to your fellmmf-U1 as you so fondly expect to be. Sincerely yours , -JS Walter J. E. S ebel, Principal N. R. Crozier T cnnical High School uasslebn il 3 if N .A.. 2 f K, 4 5 WALTER J. E . SCHIEBEL Principal ff , 'S if Kufd ,f D PERRY W. me 0Cl."ffjLHl'fsl?iS1anf Principal, takes care of discipline problems and sponsors The Student Council. C. H. BRYANT Director of the Dallas Public Evening School K ,j Qjghfmfx 1 QV K A-z E ml A 'E 2 Q my-ytk f urn-.-...- K ix N g1.,.,.n -' 1 AL S MRS. SADIE LEMMUQHIRT Dean MISS ANNE TURNER Senior Counselor Hail To Thee, our Alma Maier, Tech, our greafesf pride. In whose halls we now are learning Sforms of life To ride. Lift fhechorus, Speed if onward, Raise if fo The skies. Hail To Thee, our Alma Mater Hail, all hail, Tech High. A ua.. 45:37 JAMES ADKISSON J. FLOYD ALEXANDER Coach Vocational Auto s... ROBERT BENDER keeping-Com'l Law L A Au, MARTHA BONE X ,I Home Economics 5 Math 194 If ,fit tif -ft KAREN BROWN JIM A. BUTLER History Woodshop L'f,Qf'Mf , Q N L JL flkaf it 74 f fl ALLAN CANNON Mathematics MELVIN CANNON JEAN CAPPS BILLY CASON Radio Attendance Office Auto Shop CLAUDIA CLAY Business Administration ADELE COVINGTON Biology DALBEY CRITES RUGIE DANIELS FLORENCE DAVIS Band Director Study Hall Spanish fm -wage -- ., I . :zffmuffzfggszseswa 2 4"---WV A A is 'A lslis l 4 - Q -if 15 W. E. DAVIS LELA DEAVENPORT Drafting Clothing OLIVE DU DLEY Cosmetology ONIE B. EASLEY English LEODA EVANS Journalism MARJORIE FALCONER RACHEL FOOTE Nurse History 'ls SAM F. FOSTER Science ,, . ,J ' .ll W MAY s. FULLER w. P. FULTON DOVIELU GALLAHER Mathematics Mathematics Business Education VELMA GUNNELS Attendance Office HERLINDA GARCIA Secretary LU PE GARCIA Attendance Office MARY E, HAINES English Sales MAY B. HALEY English - , ff in 1, M L ,- , ly js A A Q c ,ai h 1 if if EE 1 . if 15 KL,L 1 'Fi 23.22 5531. 1 ' - " - f RAY HARDAWAY GLADYS HARLAN ELA MAE HETHERINGTON Wood Shgp Attendance Office Typewriting OPAL HOLLEY Physical Education O. A. HOMER Photography i' ELIZABETH HOWE JIM IBBQTSON Secretary PhYS'C5 "K" ODUS KERLEY Mechanical Drawing ROY LANE Printing ROBERT LAN HAM Sheet Metal MARY LIGHTFOOT Art Pottery V - ,.,,, H I ' ,, H SADIE LEMMERHERT Dean i:3 ,ii,A , J, . W A, it QQ1 ttt, h ,WA N L E2 ,'4T:?"4 V Rsftfgz ld' - R -3-jx,-g1xf1.Y.':,f Liv: M E ,N.,y... ,,. , .5 , , - ""'M"wE:i':'l54f! A " ' in ww' ' . he .. , 1 . fwflffn- . -54 .X .,.f,.u',:',.is ' W "' ,-M' or E 'ft m ..,,,.a2'fZg1w:f -1 E ' .,.,mwI,jf e fag- wig, ,,gy5'.Z.e 5.15, if-artful' fa f-'Pi' "':.f:'wf1 - 1 W'-maqw ' .sw me was ftzhwsujsig Q,n6'lP! , .IKQV I . M' U: f z if:- friiw we . 1, ., 'Mr . -. CECIL LINTHICUM Mechanical Drawing P. W. LOUCKS Vocational Counselor LOLITA LANSDON Home Economics VERA MCCAULEY Vocational Counselor ZOE MCEVOY CHARLES MCGOUGH CLIFFORD MATLOCK History Ari Typewrifing COL. R. L. MOSES R.O.T.C. L. D. MURRAY Mathematics JERRY MURRAY GLADYS NEEL HERMAN NEFF Mechanical Drawino Distributive Education Machine Shop gb? JOE PASQUA NAN PAVEY PERCY PENN Coach English Coach RUDA P'POOL English MARJORIE PITTS English DOVYE MAE English CLARA RANSOME English POLK OATH ER E. RAYNES Speech MAY REDFERN JUANITA RICHEY R. E. ROBERTS Business Education Study Hall Bookkeeping FRED J. SHEEL Electric Shop WY , or 1 A REBECCA ROBERTS Latin English R. E. SANDERS Distributive Occupation WILLIAM SHERMAN -4. Printing-Coach ' ll wx El E of -a ELIZABETH SIDDALL Architectural Drawing 'fr 'fi' ROBERTA SLOAN RENE LEE STENNIS JAMES ELLEN STIFF History Librarian English PHOEBE STORMS English REX STULTZ Math-Coach 'Q CHARLES STUBBLEFIELD Coach-English LOUISE SWIFT Physical Education DARRELL TULLY Coach fbdxl CLARICE TURCK ANN TURNER Comptometer Senior Counselor CLARA URY Business F HUGO J. P. VITZ Mathematics OLIVE WALKER ELIZABETH J. WALSH History Music H. JIM TYSOR Driving Safety my J'-,p.J M. KITTIE WASHINGTON SCIENCE 3 ii li I ! 4 4 MARIBEL WHITE n '- MARY LOU WISE W. D. WOODS Physical Education Study Hall Mathematics GLA DYS YOAKUM N. R. Crozier Technical High School proudly says "Welcome" to Herman A. Cowley, a football coach well known in Dallas, as well as throughout the State of Texas. H ERMAN A. COWLEY f . These animais are in Their iasf year at "school." They have ac- quired much valualoie knowledge such as howfro dance, how To play football, and how 'ro make weird noises onhorns. From here They wiii go Their various ways in The world, some choosing one way To waste Their lives, others not choosing, iust wasting. A A '-7IWJk1'if5l'-71 La'-Av am u 4 , -I ,f N., fignh . I1 - is 5 A S W : s , 2, 1 Y 'Fx' .W W Mg- Af 'TSA M2 1'f"91lQ1" -My 62 2, 5. my k , way 5 13 i mI1f?ff" M GORDON BEAL Presidenf SCOTTY DARE S erQeanf.af-A rms Y.-3' 'W W Ser 9eaofLG,.NjfP,q,Vr I A-on NO Vice pre D ART 1-,bs PATSY MITCHELL Treasurer Sfdenr OFFICERS of JANUARY CLASS of 1953 or CLOUD Npdzecfeiarv ELIZABETH SIDDALL Sponsor NINA JEANETTE ADAMS GENE WALLACE AUSTIN GORDAN L. BEAL DOROTHY JEAN BRENNAN CATHERIN ADA BROWN DORIS NELL BROWN BETTY FRANK BURTON FANNIE RUTH CALDWELL NANCY CLOUD BENNY CLARENCE COLLIER JAMES FIRMAN CooK, JR. LUTHER O. Cox, JR. KENNETH W. DARLJNG JAMES ScoTT DARR BARBARA DAVIS GEORGE DELAGARZA 4 wiv' 7 f . A Wg, WA,,: f A L . -2 Q xi ,fn 5 531 f IN' BETTY JEAN Doon FRANK DOROUGH THELMA FAYE DUNFORD JEURIDA Jo FAIRLESS KENNETH HUGH FERGUSON DAVID N. FERGUSON JUSTINE JOLENE GANDY WINSTON BARTON GRANT HELEN IRENE HAMILTON VINITA HARLOW CHARLES BLAINE HARTHCOCK DAVID NEAL HAYNES RONNIE C. HEADRICK ELIZABETH KATHLEEN HOLLAND JOHN RUBLE JOHNSON NELL JOHNSON DOROTHY SUE LITTLE BARBARA MCLAUGHLTN DoR1s R. MANASCO ARLIS HAROLD MARSHALL BETTY Jo MAYES J. L. MEADOR KENNETH LEE MELTON EUGENE MILLS PATSY ANN MITCHELL RAYMOND JERRY MULLIN WILLIAM GREER NASH HAZEL MURLENE PLACE EPIGMENIO QUINTANILLA, JR. JOE RAMIREZ ANGELA RAMOS Jo ANN REDDING I is ,.-f-"F "Num L,III Ik LEI, ILE,E I I ERNEST ODELL REESING OLETA JOSEPHINE RICHARDSON MIKE RODRIQUEZ OLIVIA SALINA ROSALES DOLORES LOUISE RUSHING EARNESTINE K. SADDLER DORTHEA LOUISE SEARCY BARBARA SHIPMAN ALTA FAYE SMITH CHARLES RAY SMITH JOHNNY W. ST. AMA NORMAN VANCE STEWART JAMES CALVIN STIMSON DOYLE GENE SUTCH JOAN TADLOCK JACQUELENE L. TAYLOR DONALD WAYNE YANCY NOT pictured JOE DELGADO LARRY DUKE ROBERT MARTINEZ GEORGE MORRISON THOMAS PEARSON THOMAS TYLER HAROLD WERNING JIMMY WILLIAMS MARY ANN THOMAS SHIRLEY VELA RUDY KING VILLASANA KATHRYN MARIE WALLACE MARVIN LALEN WOODLOCK ANN LOIS WOOLEY OFFICERS t A of fjfy JUNE CLASS 19p2f'6ff"!'7 ff of K BUDDY BAK ER Presidenf GLEN BR Vi ANCH Y C6 Pfesidenf s AR BLAIR OSC efgeanf-at-A ,777 S Os 86,9 S77 660, ,V SON W 4911 ,qrfhs 1953 R25 BONE KEN-X MP3 Secreiary OATHER RAYNES Sponsor V LOREN ARBUCKLE FRANCES ARISTA JOHN CARLTON ATTAWAY L. D. ATTEBERRY K W WILLIAM ARLICE AYERS BUDDY BAKER GLENN EDWIN- BAKER DOROTHY BARDIN Y LORRAINE BARDIN GERALD BARNES MERLE LEIGH BARR DANIEL BARRIENTOS MARTHA BATTLES EARL BEAN NANCY BQLKEN g . BARBARA BERRY X , - "W , - 2 5,52 Lil JOHN BILLS RITA BLACK OSCAR BLAIR EARL BOURNE ROBERT WAYNE BOYD GLENN BRANCH BILLY GLEN BRENTS ARNOLD BROCK IIILV -- DOROTHY FRANCES BUCCOLA JOYCE BUCHANNAN FLORENCE BUMPUS VIVIAN BURNHAM fb ,ZW EM,L9',f'W LY, Vx. LARRY BURTON JACKIE CARTER 1 . X ff X K BEN PARKS CHESIER BOBBY JOE CLARK CHARLES WAYNE CLARK TINY BIT COLE TOM J. COLLINS WILLIAM EDWARD COMES H. L. CooK MARSHALL COOK JAMES PI-IILIP CooK NORMAN COOPER KEITH CORLEY SHIRLEY CORNISH THOMAS CRAIG BETTY CRANE WILTON CROCIQER CECIL L. CROOK CHARLIE CROSS BILL CUMMINGS A all' 1 Ii 'E in KU LILLIAN DANDRIDGE EDWARD DANTZLER LEWIS DAVIS MARTHA ANN DAVIS ARCHIE LEE DEAN LANELL DEATON GLEN WILLIAM DEEN BOBBIE Lou DEERMAN HERBERT DIAZ ANN FERGUSON PATSY FETTERS JEAN FISHER EDWARD FLY EARNEST FRANTZ PEGGY FREEMAN FRANK GAMEZ I, I I LORETTA GARZA RITA Jo GIDDINGS WAYNE B. GILLESPIE JIMMIE RAE GLASSCOCK RETTA BARBARA GOODMAN ALFONSO GRANADO JIMMIE LOUISE GREEN GENE GRIFFIN ARNIAND WAYNE HALL CHARLES HAMM BILLY HARRIS SUE HARRIS MARGARET HARTSELL HOWARD HARWELL CHARLES HAYES V NELDA JEAN ENSON 4 I . -R -W-,,,,,,, V. mmm. .N W.. A, .. I. W V-W f .I 5 Il I I I S I ,I I 5 I I I i I 5 2 Q 'I K . ,I .. ,, - IIIILIQL I I I I -2 F I H I 3 2 1 I K Ii I R JOHN HERNANDEZ SHIRLEY HERNDON KENNETH WAYNE HERRELL LINNIE HILL VIRGIL HILL DURAY HILLIARD BOBBY D. HOFFMAN FRANCES HOLDER , L . annul , FI I LINDY HUFFMAN HARNKON GAN HUSBANDS JUANITA IVEY SUZANNE JACKSON VIRGINIA JACOBS NORMA JENKINS l99,,H f BILLY DWAYNE JENNINGS SIDNEY JOHNSTON 3 .,V.. DONALD JONES JERREL JONES CULLEN JORDON MARJORIE ELOISE KEHRES 0M igwjjjff W TILLMON Louls KELLEY BILLY Jos KIRK AUDREY BEATRICE KNOWLES REABY CAROL LACY KEITH LANE BOBBY JOE LANGFORD ALBERT LANGLEY JAMES K. LEE JACKIE WYATT KINDSEY TOM G. LOPEZ TULLIE MARIE LOVELL WILLIAM FRANKIE LowE I x lf, If 1. .'v 'Q-'I WLMJJIJJ K t X . . " S' 3 in 1115 ,,,...,v'-A QR!! if? I 2 PERRY LYONS CARL EDWARD MCGEE EARLENE MCGUIRE RONALD WILLIAM MCKNIGHT CHARLES MCWHIRTER LOUISE MARTHA MARTIN MARY ANN MINTER DANNY MOFFETT JULIAN MOLINA Jo ANN Mooov NELDA JUNE MOON FANNIE FERN MORGAN JOHNNY C. Moss CAROLINE ORTEGA JIM OUDKIRK PEGGY PADGITT .f MARION DWIGHT PARSLEY BOBBY PERDUE WILL ED PHARR WANDA PORTER VAN JUNIOR POOLE CHARLES ANTI-IONV POWELL BARBARA JO PRUITT JAMES DAVID PURSER Bosav RASCO JOE REID MILLARD RENFROW ERMA RHEA JEANETTE RICHARDSON CLAYDA RICKMAN JACQUELYN MARIE ROY WILLIAM RUSSELL Af Si ws 95 f'3n. fx RAYMOND DOUGLAS RUTLEDGE LORENE ADA SALAZAR VENOICE ANN SALMON GEORGE SANTILLAN ANITA FAYE SARRATT BONNIE RUTH SEALS DOUGLAS SHAW JAMES WENDEL SHAW CHARLES EDDIE SHELTON CLOVER JUNE SHERRELL GENTRY SMITH JERRY LYNN SMITH MARGARET ANN SMITH MARY RUTH SMITH PATSY JEAN SMITH WANDA CLYDENE SMITH ' I-Y I , Q a- 6,923 QC' f xx """'! 1 5fTfW'Bfg0 f' f ga,ML.4,BM, B A ,gf , MT JACKIE LEE SMITHER AUBREY GENE SPENCE NELL SPRIGGS JOAN STANFILL BOBBY HARDING STATON LARRY MILTON STEPHENS ROBERT STEPHENS GERALD STEPHENSON BOB STINSON JAMES STRANGE J. C. STULCE LEONARD SYKORA BILLIE JEAN TAYLOR CAROL ANN TOWNSEND THEODORE CHARLES TOWNSEND NORMAN TURLEY ff i, L L M sd E' rv X??5CwiYq AAAA A X Mfg 4. . Fw aff' JOE VILLARREAL JAMES RICHARD WALL :X mI.f"'f ' C.-'V-., BENNIE WARDEN W. K. WASHBURN GLEN WEBB EI.NoI2A WECKTER CAROLYN WEATHERINGTON JAMES M. WILEY A . I X J 0 I . I I J I I I' 611' I 1' 1 , ff 1 I ' or 1 I . Il I I , I l r 1' BARBARA WILIE JOE WILKENS I, JI I U X ii 4 , ' . I V I 1 If IES I yy ., V4 I ' U 1 I NY IL LAMS - X O ILLIAM 'x ff' I X. If , M f .I I f IP 3 Q gygx of!!! EJB ff 51 ff 5 S I XD IJ Ip UL ifznnfk I. J I7 J I O! VI I P335 ,Zyl Mfg fy ,f ,J W LJ A RICHARD WILLIAMS DAVID WILLIAMSO CA EN YvoNNE WILSON JERRY WILSON x . 'S 3 YNES VILLASANA IMA JO WRIGHT DOROTHY ZMOLIK NO1 pictured JOY ANDERSON JAMES BROCK FRED ESPINOZA ELMER JONES BOBBY LACE VELMA LASOTA REX LENAMOND JOE LOPEZ KAL NYITRAI ALTIS POWELL DELORES QUIROOA GEORGE SHANZ ERVIN WATSON THOMAS W. TYLER CHARLES STIFF 1 Am'1 I prutty s .',k: 'ii' f W' 'W ,of M, V4 fiy, VI noxsh pan hands XX me JUSK ca Mamma,s he' Per Tech's Toughies JANUARY CLASS 1954 REBECCA ROBERTS Sponsor ,hx-H 'af' ,iff 2-A JUNE CLASS 1954 ' GLADYS NEEL Sponsor QQ Q, ., - ,,m,g,, V H k Q -yfr S . -- Nwvfesifnim-W'limm-I YI ww W ' A 2513550 g , JUNE CLASS 1954 GLADYS NEEL Sponsor L 46 we fri ,MQ - - ,,, ., 4 ,MM gs if MW WWWHHWAZVWV M Aw W-W A A AA A A "H My ,ek :H '- Q h? Q ,My X. , , z H ,fb .Q ' .z " ' W5 V , A " . TV-' N " ' 4' Xfimff A ""m 'E , -A '31 - A A f5V"fMf. " A-fggg' ' 'W , C A - law. .if 7 N -2 Q :fx " . I M ww If ' ev ' Q V' P . 4 1 1 JANUARY CLASS 1955 CLAUDIA CLAY Sponsor JUNE CLASS 1955 NAN PAVEY Sponsor JUNE CLASS 1955 NAN PAVEY Sponsor V' fm ,Q ' 7 A M., - Ga JA NUARY CLASS 1956 MARY HAlNES Sponsor 'Q JUNE CLASS 1956 R. E. SANDERS Sponsor ' x . h KN x Y , K ' X K T55 2- ' ' "' " F'fPffW-m"n , Q 21 3 W A we .Q .V 3 F ,Www , ,Q A N, A ,, -- WM M-WHW2 wiq.--v , , f11' -7 'wxsfwwvww --:,,.xfssfmnw - , - 'f , P JUNE CLASS 1956 R. E. SANDERS Sponsor WOLFLAND KING GLEN BRANCH WOLFLAND QUEEN BETTY CRANE Princes and Princesses WCLFLAND F JUNIORS A GWEN CANADA WILEY BEAL ,if SENIORS THELMA DUNFORD scorw DARR SOPHOMORES BARBARA DE Moss WILL BEAL FRESHMEN BARBARA COLLIER RICHARD WOOD ROYALTY Princes and Princesses JUNIORS DELORES HAYES JOE KELLEY SOPHOMORES JANICE CUMMINGS ALBERT BROWN SENIORS ELNORA WECKTER DWIGHT PARSLEY FRESHMEN SHIRLEY HILL JOE RANKIN Dukes and Duchesses I .N L Am IL V aw: I Sues 5:1 Q In ,'Rtsws2I 'R Y I' Q SENIORS JOAN STANFILL JOHNNY WILLIAMS FRESHMEN NELL TURNER BILLY CLUTTS WOLFLAND JUNIORS DORIS ORR R. L. PATTERSON SOPHOMORES KAYE HUDSON BLISTER SPRADLING Dukes and Duchesses JUNIORS NIIRIANI IQOVAN BILL MCMILLAN SOPHOMORES BETH GREENWOOD MICHAEL REID SENIORS PATSY MITCHELL GORDON BEAL FRESHMEN IRENE PEREZ ROBERT JOHNSON WOLF LAN D ROYALTY FACU LTY DUKE and DUCHESS ELIZABETH SIDDALL FRANCIS BOWEN FACULTY PRINCE and PRINCESS NAN PAVEY PERRY FITE FOOTBALL QUEEN FRANCES HOLDER QUEEN S ATTENDANTS BASKETBALL QUEEN DOLLIE BIDDLE few' ...ik Di K f, 5, 2 L 15 f 'zfiiff ,, ,k,,f 3, S, ,Qgk Q . g . . S 3 :gy qp32w:s1x.5 ff Q-famfzfw ff -7 'W + f:.'iii3fEk562 :av- ffesvlug ',f3sv,g1U 3 Um NORMAN STEWART fl 4A BEAU Ag. ,, ,' af, yf Q. -1.1 -x A u m L3 v-N. , ., l MW W' ww if ff , I X Q 'IH 93' f ik uf . f Z? .9 fi " " -52? '..fff:, .V , U,.,,.L 4 ,V W - fm, ., P - I " '- ff A 1 ,-,iizi HQ 5 'ltjrjgii Q.eS"Y i 'Zi .5 t Mm. 1 rm' K we .. 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Yigg'-gin 2 M M L M " K 1: Q 1 E'QfFx'f hg,J-? v'ff 'hw' "' 'F ' Ls fm, K Q A fat. ,,, A M - H X . .V N- , Q in f ' , I . , JW, ,SN -7 Q Maia , R 3 K. I, Wgfigll 'K is T an :M Ah, xx' ,jQ,f,.?ae A ' ,V YT? rw- M., f ,lisa FRESHMAN FAVORITES SONJA GARY HARRY DRIGGERS RJR 14' Q39 WY- I found that cerTain humans who are capable of knocking Their heads TogeTher are chosen on Teams. In These acTiviTies They use obiecTs made of skins of pigs, horses, cows and oTher higher forms of life. - . M, 'Y . gsmfi,,.,.a,s. TECH MENTORS Left to right: Joe Pasqua, Darrell Tully, Rex Stultz. Of last year's coaching staff, pictured above, only one, Coach Stultz, will be with the Battling Wolves for the T953 season. The Head Coach, Darrell Tully, and the Line Coach, Joe Pasqua, have accepted iobs at Ball High of Galveston. Rex Stultz, the successor as head mentor, has been on the Tech coaching staff for seven years as assistant coach. He is a student of the game who is well-qualified to lead the Wolves in the coming seasons. His personal integrity, knowledge of the game, success in hand- ling boys, and habit of working hard will aid him much in his new post. Tech High ioins hands in wishing Coach Stultz the best in the coming seasons. May all his teams be winners, but if, they are not, we know that the boys who play under his directing will derive from the game values more precious than winning, the attitudes and habits from which men are made. sm., f., "A" TEAM First row: Rogelio Morales, Tom Rubio, Fred Reyna, Ben Contreras, Dario Melgoza, Bynum Perry, Odie Harrelson, Jackie Lindsey, E, L. Jones, Glen Branch. Second row: Charlie Cross, Don Edmonds, Larry George, Arnold Brock, Jimmy Dorough, Richard Coyle, Norman Stewart, Joe Mooney, Billy Carter, Altis Powell. Third row: Don Allen, Ray Maciel, Jack Freeman, R. L. Patterson, Danny Moffett, Broach Arista, Dwight Parsley, Mike Rodriquez, Rudy Villasana. Fourth row: Lindy Huffman, Lewis Davis, Ben Bufkin, Aubrey Owens, Clyde Brown, Brady Newton, Geron Endsley, Alex Garza, Bill Newton, Winston Williams. Fifth row: Coaches, Darrell Tully, Rex Stulz, Joe Pasqua, Head Manager, Cecil Crook, Assistant, Freddie Smith. ' " I 'f" " Y III .Ax Q liffiff A 'T' ' 0 Z ga U, 'ug 5 :U as ' H 32 0 f sfzf I 153' lj. 'VFV ' Fifi 4 'ww 5 A Z O 2 W 1: 2 Z F 'ii E P bro- ix E 'I , .'A, -uf JIMMY DOROUGH Back T E. O L. M J R O U N B 'I' E O I I Q B V, B "-:' 6 11' B a K ' 2 C k k ix ,b .?,,:? S M RICHARD COYLE CHARLIE CROSS ALEX GARZA Back Q End Guard I F-...J -1? R. L. PATTERSON BILLY CARTER DWIGHT PARSLTEY Guard Tackle End R R U O D 'rw G Y E 1 Y 9 O L M ix L, O i R fx N- A , T L s G A B LS QW a I" ' VT Q C d J vw-i k AWS PQWELL LINDY HUFFMAN JACK FREEMAN Guard End Tackle 3 5 Q SE 3 if 3 5 -. L A 1 1 . vga- 54-gina ' 'Qian N ,, ,..., H ia,-f 5-YH.-' I, ,z 111 f, + ,.,T,.,5':-Avg,-ui-S mmm w:.an-:m.xmn-:zz-ismk-.Rasa mmezmm am mm . 'sxliixs QW " ' ' 5 www E yf 'Vw AUBREY OWENS ARNOLD BROCK JOE MOONEY Tackle Back Tackle MAL' Q A L D A E3 R R E Y D M G o E, N R 1 D S G E 't x Z , 15' ,ark G B b .I if is f: U 2 r 5 .454 i k d -Sis nfliffs-Q3 FRED REYNA DARIO MELGOZA Back Back - E CECIL CROOK FREDDIE SMITH Managers .fm ,fy ' ,W M M IIBII First row, left To right: Buddy Carter, Jimmy Hampton, Morris Day, Mike Reed, Marvin Parnell, Bobby Gillham, Paxton Driggers, Herman Underwood. Second row: Jerry Johnson, Coleman Shinn, Aaron Maxey, Richard Franco, Isabel Gomez, Ray Maciel, Royce Fivecoaf, Donald Green. Third row: Coach Slubblefield, Gus Calderon, Bobby Henley, Ronny Paschall, Bennie Carroll, Melvan Price, Winsion Williams, Roy Goodwin, Will Holliday, David Marlin, Coach Sherman. '3 '5MWfl2Wl?effYi2 M fm 9W-- 'IUVXPH' E i l I P GOLF TEAM l...A . First row: William CSonnyj Ewing, Billy Harris, Terry Harris, Howard Horwell. Second row: Ronald McKnight, William Beal, Wiley Beal, Keith Lane, Eddie Danzler GEORGE DERR Manager A TEAM BASKETBALL First row, left to right: Dwighi Parsley, Rex Lenamond, Mike Vasquez, Charles Stiff, Joe Miller. Back row: George Derr, A. C. Black, Befhel Ellidge, Donald Williams, James Rice, George Shanz Albert Brown, Charles Montemayor, Rosy Adkisson, Coach. wt: 455 . ,4 ,lagjy ALBERT BROWN DWIGHT PARSLEY A. C. BLACK Forward Guard Center i f .1-l 9 X X E REX LENAMOND JAMES MILLER A Guard Guard ' ' 7 A A ' :: W Xgf -wry?-QM Jiffy-L,..., f V-im-f,,.,, f Lf C BETHEL ELLEDGE vi :E ,QA WVQW 554 Center J I .,Cfk..q,g2'4' Qjfzlz,-f-414,55 ,. ,,:1.,..g ' 7' f M'j-,yy-",.fp, , ,' J fp, 1- V 1 CARLOS MONTEMAYOR Guard JAMES RICE Center Ia fm GEORGE SHANZ Forward DONALD WILLIAMS Forward CHARLES STIFF Guard MIKE VASQUEZ Guard B TEAM BASKETBALL Tk? L' ' s..-ZW.. ,J k,.-, 41, ,gi ' lg, if Ig, s ,. 5 il!- sw 5' a' 5. . rv Back row, left to right: Coleman Shinn, Gresham, Allen Grindsloff, Green, Will Holliday, Charles Hansen, Bob Henley, Coach Penn. ' Front row: Troy Marcelina, Woods, Dickie Boone, Billy Harris, Leo Cantu, David Torres. 1. TRACK as , f em' -l. Q an nc ar' 1 4-rf' A :- First row, left to right: Gilbert Perez, Eitel Russell, Bynum Perry, Richard Coyle, Joe Rose, Ronnie Ferrell, James Jones, Aaron Maxey. Second row: Joe Torres, Paxton Driggers, Rugelio Morales, Tom Rubio, Cecil Corbin, Arnold Brock, Allis Powell, Alfred Pinion, Hilliard Smith. Third row: Joe Mooney, Howard Godfrey, Arthur Reno, Larry George, Charlie Cross, Benny Carroll, Jimmy Dorough, James Brandenbune, Jimmy Compbell, Mike Reid, Manager. Not pictured: A. C. Black, Henry Davilla, Ralph Davis, Allen Grinds1aff, Manuel Reyna. CHARLIE CROSS ARNOLD BROCK GILBERT PEREZ LARRY GEORGE HENRY DAVILA ARTHU HILLIARD SMITH CECIL CORBIN R RENA EITEL RUSSELL BENNY CARROL EV? RONNIE FERRELL JOE MOONEY ALLEN GRINDSTOFF IN-L 7 JIMMY CAMPBELL HOWARD GODFREY JERRY BRANDENBURG MANUEL REYNA QC' MICHAEL REID RICHARD COYLE OTIS POWELL MARIBEL WHITE Coach TENNIS 9? 56 Front row, left io right: LaVern Cobb, Frankie Naylor, Felisa Torres, Jimmie Glassock, Dina Lee Duncan. Back row: John Mims, Tiny Cole, Rudolph Benarides, Benny Baker. N BASEBALL TEAM I , , W, t K , .,, ,rs is f ,B 'Y A ' Q fi Y N 5 is Y . , f ' 5' if iii ' ',.,f V , v', ff ,fp ,fi 3347, A Q A 1 eff ff' b e , vwlisrq ,.,, M .Z 2 1 i -'is I Vi ,ki K . H AL V., M 4. A Y1 ,5 WHJNX. - K W L, .,' 1 ef i 3 First row, left to right: Leo Salazar, Fred Espinoza, Douce Dorres, Mike Vasquez, Bob Gillham, Edward Combs, Merlin Chance. Second row: Robert Coburn, Terry Harris, Coleman Hinn, R. L. Patterson, Bud Mayes, Fred Owens, Carl McGee, Bill McMillan. Third row: Charles Hanson, Oscar Blair, Carlos Montemayor, Johnny White, Joe Kelley, Jim C0lllI'1S, Melvan Price, Jerry Maca, Bill Sherman, Coach. ' u---' 'H-:::zf' R. L. PATTERSON FRED ESPINOZA OSCAR BLAIR MELVAN PRICE Catcher Outfielder First Base Pitcher JIMMY ROBBINS Pitcher CARLOS MONTEMAYOR Pitcher MIKE VASQUEZ Second Base BUD MAYES Outfielder JOE KELLEY Outfielder CARL MCGEE Pitcher CHARLIE HANSON First Base 18141 'tdr' we-vw JERRY MACA DAVID TORRES JOHNNY WHITE MERLYN CHANCE Catcher Third Base Second Base l. FRED OWENS TERRY HARRIS Third Base Pitcher COLEMAN SKINNER BOBBY COBURN EDWARD COMB Shortstop First Base Outfielder qqav--" Outtielder BOBBY GILLHAM Shortstop f All Elly and Staff 9il1dli5f5 Front row: Melvin Price, Marshall Macias, Jesse Parades, Oscar Blair, Joe Delgado, Mike Vasquez. Middle row: Bobby Gillham, Richard Presley, Carl McGee, Robert Coburn, Freddy Espinoza, Freddie Smith. Back row: Coach Stubblefield, Doyle, Stout, Julian Molina, Carlos Montemayor, Bud Mayes, R. L. Patterson. Wear alder 5 -5 JOHNNY MOSS LANELL DEATON ANN FERGUSON , JERRY SMITH JOE LOPEZ DOLLIE BIDDLE ELNORA WECKTER JOHNNY WILLIAMS CHARLOTTE BIDDLE DOLLIE BIDDLE 671 er ,Calder E XUOE LOPEZ ANN FERGUSON ELNORA WECKTER JOHNNY WILLIAMS JERRY SMITH PANELL DEATON JOHNNY MOSS l l 'I lr lr ll l in .r l 1, if ,r 4 l l l tl nl While ihspeding This ihsTiTu- Tioh, I saw ThaT cerTain groups of sTudenTs band 'rogelher in so- called "clubs" They se'r up cer- Taih qualificahons To enler, such as honesly, intelligence, and a quarter for The dues. S. G. A. GORDON BEAL Fall President FALL OFFICERS Left to right: Tommy Knowles, Safety Commissioner, Frances Holder Secretary and Treasurer, Oscar Blair, Vice President, Howard Harwell Sergeant-at-Arms. PERRY W. FITE OSCAR BLAIR Sponsor Spring President Left to right: Richard Coyle, Vice President, Barbara DeMoss, Secretary and Treasurer, Johnny Williams, Sergeant-at-Arms, Patsy Smith, Safety Commissioner. SPRING OFFICERS F F I C E R S STUDENT GOVERNMENT AssociATioN The purpose of our Student Government Association is to make CROZIER TECH a better school through student participation in school affairs. We strictly believe in the democratic principles and try to adhere to the policies in all decisions made. We believe in learning by doing. We believe in student control rather than teacher patrol. We believe that if we can make every student feel important at TECH HIGH we will have a better student body. The slogan of our Association isp "TECH, WHERE EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY." - V-iw ,, i l i i l l l l TECH TALK STAFF V I Q- .A rm, H 'Ki Me...s.1ii eg, Sssf f f 9 CLOVER SHERRELL ,,,, ,,,, E dltorein-Chief SUE BARDIN BARBARA DAVIS ,,,,. .,,, N SWS Editors PEGGY FREEMAN ,,,,, ...,. F eature Editor GEORGE DSLBGARZA CHARLES SMITH ..,.,,,.,,.., ,,,, S ports Editors KENNETH MELTON ,,,,, ,,,,,, A ssistant Sports Editor LARRY DUKE , ,.,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,. Military Editor MRS, MARY CAREY ,,,, ,,,, lr1StrUCtOr First row, left to right: Larry Duke, Charles Smith, George DeLaGarza, Clover Sherrell, Peggy Freeman Sue Bardin, Kenneth Melton, Barbara Davis. Second row: Mrs. Mary Carey, Emil Thelitz, Betty Huse, Ernest Franzt, Jackie Lindsey, James Holmes Charles Hamm, Carl McGee, Arlice Ayers, Jerry Mullin, Howard Parrish, Angela Ramos. TECH TALK REPRESENTATIVES F e Aguirre, Allen, Arista, Attiberry, Baker, Bird, Black, Bowen, Brannon, Butler, Cates, Cloud, Clanie, Cox, DeLaGarza, Davenport, Dodd, Eldridge, Ellis, Everitt, Fairless, Farrell, Fielding, Finney, Fox, Fugitt, Fullington, Gamez, Geer, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gregory, Gunter, Hamilton, Harless, Hayes, Hernandez, Hill, Hill, Holder, Huse, Huff, Jayroe, La Barba, Langfor, Lyons, Macias, Martin, McGee, McKinney, Meek, Mitchell, Morris, Moses, Palmer, Pearson, Pearson, Pitts, Pogue, Pruitt, Quiroga, Reaves, Richardson, Sanders, Schwitzer, Shipman, Smith, Smith, Smith, Spradlin, Stephenson, Sullivan, Taylor, Thomas Tucker, Turner, Wagliardo, Waldrop, Wilks, Williamson, Wilson, Wilson, Wright. MRS. GLADYS YOAKUM Sponsor NATIO NAL Fw? Sify NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY g,......... s Z i 7 x by f I ' 1 EL .F -r or vo FALL OFFICERS JERREL JONES L ' President LEWIS DAVIS ,, Vice President SUZANNE JACKSON YYYY,-w- Secfefafy AUBREY SPENCE at ,LLL LLAA 1 ,eas,,,e, ZoE Mcevov L LLLLLLLLLLL A, Y, 5 ponso, First row, left to right: Mary Ann Minter, Lillian Danridge, Joan Ellis, Gwen Canada, Jerrel Jones, Suzanne Jackson, Olivia Rosales. Second row: Jo Ann Redding, Doris Manasco, Mary Thomas, Firmin Cook, Fannie Caldwell, Shirley Herndon, Dorothea Searcy, Jimmie Glasscock, Nell Johnson, Angela Ramos. Third row: Be11y Burton, Margie Kehres, Miriam Kovan, Jackie Carter, Gentry Smith, Earl Bourne, Joe Wilkins, Don Maynard, Barbara McLaughlin, Frances Holder. Fourth row: Katherine Wallace, Catherine Brown, Margaret Beaudet, Joe Ramirez, L. O. Coz, Perry Lyons, Aubrey Spence, Jackie Roy, Thomas Brown, Joe Villareal. 5- I---w--.. v--v-no-nu-s-p KEY CLUB fr L-fr: ...gg -1. , .33 Si . ""'j'-1 fa 1 4 . R QQN , . 21- ' 1 1. ia -its lun First row, left to right: Jerrel Jones, Edward Danfzler, Buddy Baker, Firman Cook, Dick Williams, Keith Lane. Second row: Edward Ramirez, Tom Lopez, Johnny Moss, Jimmy Holmes, Larry Burlon, L. O. Cox, Howard Harwell, Frankie l.owe, Bob Black. Third row: Cecil Crook, Charles Cross, Jerry Smifh, Winston Grant, Billy Harris, Perry Lyons, Glen Baker, Charles Ellis, Oscar Blair. R. L. LANHAM Sponsor li SOS Firsi row: Alma McMullin, Helen Hamilton, Erma Rhea, Delores Hart, Pat Tugiit, Barbara Shipman Second row: Joyce Haifield, Barbara Merriwether, Carol Calderwood, Ann Young, Jennalee Murphy Felicitas Hernandez, Vivian Padilla, Patricia Kirksey. Third row: Mrs. Sadie Lemmerhirt, Sponsor, Charles Allen Howard, Doris Hoffman, Wayne Byron, Mrs Velma Junnels, Mrs, Lupe Garcia, Ross Deramy, Mrs. Gladys Harlan. HI-Y Firsf row: William Willis, Tillmon Kelly, Johnny St. Ama, Danny Brashear, James Pollard Second row: Duane Lunday, Gene Shuey, Jim Wall, Mr. O. C. Kerley, Sponsor. UPPER CLASSMEN Y-TEENS and OFFICERS mi' First row, left to right: Mary Ann Minter, President, June Moon, Secretaryg Mariorie Kehres, Vice President, Fern Morgan, Janis Bowen, Inter Club Council Rep., Mary Louise Meek, Treasurer, Mrs. Ransome, Sponsor. Second row: Linda Macias, Nina Morris, Charlene Carney, Freda Schenk, Lucille Kelley, Felicitas Hernandez, Jean Ford, Carolina Gutierrez, Aurora DeLaGarza. Third row: Virginia Jacobs, Rita Black, JoVi1a Hernandez, Delores Hayes, Vyneta Combs, Diana Bumpus, Jimmie Glasscock, Lena Mora. Fourth row: Dollie Biddle, Wanda Finney, Marion Albreckt, Mary Luna, Virgie Morales, Olga Espinoza, Donna Gergens, Jackie Nickel, Christine Morris, Lucia Garcia. Fifth row: Miriam Kovan, Betty Shannon, Barbara Pruitt, Sue Harris, Jean Henson, Nancy Cope, Lenora Zamora, Margaret lngram, Jean Beaty, Earnstine Saddler, Dorthea Searcy. Sixth row: Kay Lyons, Kathryn Wallace, Helen Hamilton, Clover Sherrell, Linnie Hill, Jackie Roy, Carolyn Wetherington, Ann Ferguson, Erma Rhea, Sue Finney. UNDER-CLASS Y-TEENS and OFFICERS , 3, ,, r... First row: Mary Ann Minter, President, June Moon, Secretary, Margie Kehres, Vice President, Mrs. Ransome, Sponsor, Janis Bowen, Inter Club Council Representative, Mary Louise Meek, Treasurer. Second row: Beverly Newman, Barbara Merewether, Betty Carson, Nell Post, Dorothy Hale, Vivian Padilla, Frances DeLaGarza, Patsy Shopher, Betty Carter. Third row: Peggy Simpson, Nelwyn Freeman, Barbara Morales, Bette Ann Slovak, Susan Forsee, Barbara Campbell, Tillie Bailey, Kay Hudson, Beth Goode, Jill Smart. Fourth row: Sally Ortiz, Dolores Carvaial, Mary Virginia Matthew, Barbara Collier, Peggy Wade, Martha Neal, Betsy Castleman, Jo Ann Fitzmorris, Felipa Cantu. Fifth row: Georgia Wilson, Bonnie Lloyd, Sarah Harvill, Margaret Dauter, Mary Espinoza, Victoria Gutierrez, Bertha Ramires, Lupe Rodriquez, CO-OP CLUB ' V so 1.0. h x OFFICERS President, John Keahey, Vice President, Tom Collins, Secretary, Shirley Vela, Treasurer, Barbara Berry, Reporter, Glenn Deen, Sergeant-at-Arms, Robert Boyd, S.G.A. Representatives, William Frizzell, Raymond Webb, Junior Red Cross Representative, Eugene Miller, Sponsor, R. E. Sanders. Front row, left to right: Albert Langley, Robert Stephens, Shirley Vela, Jim Larkin, H. C. Blackshear, Barbara Berry, Gerald Scarbrough. Second row: Bobby Rasco, Gene Miller, Gerald Wood, Tom Collins, John Keahey, Glenn Deen, Raymond Sill. Third row: Jerry Hicks, Raymond Webb, Billy Fielding, Billy Gilbert, W. K. Washburn, William Frizzell, George Morgan. Fourth row: Bob Sanders, Wayne Gillespie, Tom Pearson, Robert Boyd, Wilton Crocker, David Williamson. Not pictured: J. C. Lowry, Vernon Perdue, Ann Perkins, J. E. Smith, Leonard Young. Purpose: Organized for the vocational and social development of trainees in the department of Industrial Cooperative Training. Motto: "Earn While You Learn." DISTRIBUTION EDUCATION f X f Z 'M li I ll tl . X First row, left to right: Vona Richardson, Marie Campbell, Dorthea Searcy, Barbara McLaughlin, Ann Thomas, Clayda Richman, Lucille Kelley. Second row: David Freeman, Howard Hawthorne, Larry McMahan, Carol Townsend, Barbara Goodman, Gentry Smith, Billy Crutcher. Third row: Jimmy Wilson, Joe Sullivan, John Maynard, Benny Pinson, Van Pool. Fourth row: Jimmy Stimson, Carl Cashion, Ray Miller, Robert Perez, Weldon Smith. Fifth row: John Meador, Eddie Shelton, Don Maynard, Joe Ben Downing, Billy Pharr, Larry Moran. Sixth row: Wendell Shaw, James Wiley, William Russell, James Beckley, L. D. Atteberry, Gladys Neel, Co-ordinator. , l -nv-P JUNIOR RED CROSS 'fri 1: 'M' M l?'2 ,,!, 2 , 4........,,A MEMBERS Harold Jacobs, Delores Linde, Dorothy Coston, Jim Vernon, Margaret Souter, Nelda Tucker, Leta Tidwell, Carmen Cabello, Shirley Phillips, Beverly Newman, Frances Hudson, Lorraine Bardin, Patsy Felters, Pete Cantu, Wesley Jones, Barbara Goodman, Barbara Merewether, Maxine Hooper, Jeanette Foresee, Redith Mangum, Ima Jo Wright, Shirley Herndon, Helen Rabe, Helen Dale, Dorothy Hale, Esther Dominguez, Bernie Warden, Mary Grace Soper, Earnestine Saddler, Riley Morgan, Tille Bailey, Martha Morales, Betty Brannon, Kay Hudson, Max Borden, Margaret Gibbs, Laurence Airea. CHARM CLUB of '52 and '53 First row, left to right: Emma Sue Green, Esther Morales, Doris Orr, Felipa Cantu, Linda Macias. Second row: Josephine Lopez, Vynita Combs, Delores Hayes, Billie Morrison, Cecilia Tate, Christine Romero. Third row: Jackie Nichles, Christine Morris, Lupe Rodriquez, Trinity Villisana, Georgia Wilson, Mary Row, Aurora DeLaGarza. Fourth row: Helen Hamilton, Jenny McGlothlin, Murlene Place, Nancy Cope, Billie Taylor, Mrs. Olive Dudley. r S. 5. L91 , , K- mf- iw 5 gr We HL-' 1 I F s E l fini, RADIO CLUB MM, I .. , , m'm ., . ' f fi I 2 3' H E JM . A ww I l Mwwmmiirig '-Lf . fe .,z.,,,, W Ky ASQ L 94 -44'--" - First row: Jimmie Terrell, WNSVYLf Par Hatchel. Second row: James Carlan, Dalbey Crifes, Eugene Miller, WN5UUWg Jerry Murray, WSKUP, Sponsor Leonard Sykora, WNSVPZ. Third row: Glen Deen, W5THDg Jerrel'Jones, W5TUUg Norman Turley, WSTER. ls VISUAL EDUCATION s 'gh First row: Jerry Gregory, Catherine Pena, Barbara Pruitt, John Johnson, Bobbie Nall, Barbara Wilson Second row: Thomas Craig, John Watson, Gene Shuey, Morris Morrow, Joe Rankin, Shirley Wakefield Third row: Pete Santos, Charles Ellis, Vernon Jackson, John Pearson, Ellis Smith. Fourth row: Mr. Bowen, Sponsor, Harold Marshall, Bob Staton, Noel Garland. DRAMATICS CLUB A W,,,, wwwwm-wmmff B, KX, 45' Q55 :D ,V Www' r, Firsf row, left to right Larry Wilson, Frances Holder, Vivian Burnham, Margie Kehres, Linda Macias. Second row: Suzanne Jackson, Nelda Moon, Nina Ferszt, Jean Ford, Nancy Anderson. Third row: Willie Garnica, Charles Ellis, Jackie Roy, Daniel Hernandez. OATHER E. RAYNES Sponsor H l HISTORY CLUB i i First row: Fern Morgan, Jo Richardson. Second row: Jeanette Adams, Nelda Moon, Donna Gergens, Barbara Pruitt, Mary Meek, Rita Lynn, Nina Morris, Mrs. Karen Brown, Sponsor. Third row: Virginia Jacobs, Diana Bumpus, Sue Harris, Jackie Taylor, Shirley Hernon, Nancy Hanks, Nancy Anderson, Jeanette Hoffman, Virgie Morales. Fourth row: Kathryn Wallace, Doris Manasco, Jeurida Fairless, Clover Sherell, Lanell Deaton, Dorothy Zmolik, Ima Jo Wright, Barney Jones, Earl Bourne. Fifth row: Billy Harris, Doyle Sutch, Terry Harris, i ee fe- SAFE "T" CLU B ,K -A . -I- - 4' ,.,, - ' H OK AC- First row: Mary Thomas, Secretary, Joe Ramirez, President, Oscar Blair, Sergeant-at-Arms, L. O. Cox, President, Joe Wilkens, President. Second row: Nancy Abate, Ernestine Saddler, Jackie Lindsey, Vivian Burnham, Frances Holder, Patsy Smith, Lorraine Bardin, Lillian Dandridge, Mr. Tysor, Sponsor. Third row: Thomas Brown, Jackie Carter, Clell Young, Jackie Smither, Perry Lyons, Nyle Dennison, Glenn Baker, Robert Campbell. fs. LIBRARY COUNCIL First row: Ethel Morgan, Gerald Bumgardner, Virgie Morales, Joyce O'Daniel, Frank Jenkins, Norman Robins. Second row: Gayle Ferguson, Richard Williams, Freeda Sheel, Jill Smart, Mildred Malone, Yvonne Wilson, Felcitas Hernandez, Robert Wilson, Patsy Mitchell, Jeanette Huff. Third row: Edmund Stevenson, Miss Stennis, Sponsor, Jerry Mullins, Frances Hudson, Margaret Cotten, Georgia Wilson. V- V -- fff- -- PAN AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM l l First row, left to right: Angela Cabrera, Olga Espinoza, Aurora DeLaGarza, President, Daniel Hernandez, Secretary and Treasurer, Trine Cantu, Mary Frances DeLaGarza, Linda Macias. Second row: Frances Arista, Ynes Villasana, Carmen Cabello, Carolyn Gutierrez, Jovita Henrandez, Leonor Zamora, Miss Florence Davis. Third row: Lucy Garcia, Leo Salazar, Josephine Hernandez, Jesse Gonzales, Jesse Santoscy, Bertha Ramirez, Mary Luna. L-e-isz-,aa--c-e-s..-.c-,.a- -sw as as me ,- HEARING CONSERVATION xi! 1 3 W " 1 OFFICERS JANE COMER ..........,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,A,...... ,........,. P resident JAMES HENRY POLLARD ,,,,. .......,.........A V ice President BARBARA ANN KEITH ,,,,,, ,,... S ecrerary and Treasurer X First row: Doris Dean, Barbara Keith, Gene Lemley, Miss Louis HiIIyer, Sponsorp Jane Comer, Jo Ann Smith, Jeannette Davis, Alfred Gross. Back row: John Valandingham, Gary Butts, James H. Pollard. Not in picture: Albert Fullington. MACHINE BOOKKEEPING CLUB First row: Frances Arista, Lorene Salizar, Theda Bateman, Margaret Ann Smith, Mary Ruthe Smith, Barbara Fry, Ritalynne Black. Second row: Virginia Jacobs, Patsy Fullington, Yvonne Wilson, Louise Martin, Doris Brown, Shirley Crawford, Carrie Wagliardo. Third row: Catherine Pena, Francis Dandridge, Jeanette Richardson, Dollie Biddle, Val Jean Bishop, Audrey Knowles, May Redfern, Sponsor. Fourth row: Jean Fisher, Jean Henson, Florea Everitt, Lorea Everitt, Nancy Cloud, Ann Ferguson, Lanell Deaton, Linnie Kay Hill. Fifth row: Carmen Lopez, Peggy Pagitt, Paul Richardson, Jackie Smither, Martha Davis, Patsy Fetters. CHESS CLUB Front row, left to right: Edmund Ramirez, Larry Burton, Richard Williams, Domingo Samuido, Keith Lane, Eddie Dantzler. Back row: Colen Dean, Frankie Lowe, Howard Harwell, Dalbey Crites, Keneth Melton, Durey Hilliard, James Bickley. if Z., 45 w My W 3 +5 4 R H Q F' FM' SQUARE DANCE CLUB OFFICERS President, Arlice Ayers, Vice President, Jimmy Cook, Secretary, Jean Fisher, Sponsor, Opal Holley, Assistant, Louise Swift. MEMBERS GIRLS-Jean Fisher, Betty Crane, Jeanette Huff, Gracie Huff, Nancy Anderson, Ginger Anderson, Linda Macias, Ruth Smith, Virginia Bigham, Elnora Weckter, Janna Gardner, Alma McMullen, Pat Fugitt, Betty Reynolds, Bobbie Fielding, Mary Row, Shirley Phillios, Sue Harris, Marjorie Kehres, Delores Hayes, JoAnn Moses. BOYS-Arlice Ayers, Jimmy Cook, Aubrey Spence, Ronnie Shuford, Larry Wilson, Billy Rike, Robert Freeman, Brannon Simmons, Charlie Cross, John Watson, Hardy Edmonson, Rex Putnam, Joey Anderson, Edward Fly, Kenneth Dixon, John Meadow, Paul Foster, John Key. A CAPPELLA CHOIR First row, left to right: Margaret Espinoza, Cathy Hutcheson, Aurora Rodriquez, Joyce Buchannon, Mrs. Walsh, June Ward, Mariie Carlisle, Peggy Perish, Mary Soper. Second row: Linnie Hill, Larue Roberts, Sue Tinney, Lucia Garcia, Leonor Zamora, Jean Ford, Earlene McGuire, Sue Little, Jennalee Murphy. Third row: Patricia Kirksey, Bobby Brannon, Nancy Anderson, Leo Salazar, Eileen Carroll, Merel Barr, Jerry Ruff, Shirley Wakefield, Barbarla Davis. Fourth row: Dario Melgoza, Tom Lopez, Charles Ellis, John Van, Bennie McCormic, Jerry McClain, Jerry Mullin, Kenneth Ferguson, Jerry Smith, Richard Franco. TOM LOPEZ ,,,,,, .........,,.. P resident JERRY 5NllTl'l .sYYVV,V.,,,, ...... V ice President JENNALEE MURPHY ,W ,,Y-w,-,, Secretary MERLE BARR ,,,, ..,,,,,, ,,,AY, T f easufer me A CAPPELLA JUNIORS and RHYTHMETTES my ,.,V1LL ., V 1 4 wud. au... i M . First row, left to right: Mariiin Mathews, Catharine Hutchinson, Rosita Rodriquez, Glenda Burgess, Billie Morrison, Olga Espinoza, Ophelia Cantu, Charlene Carney, Lucille Reyes. Second row: Virginia Anderson, Gloria Mendoza, Amelia Cervantes, Eldimara Gonzales, Bettie Rose Parrott, Delores Anderson, Patsy Tullington, Delores Neal, Mary Louise Manson, Dorothy Sue Little, Kathleen Holland. Third row: Esther Guzman, Dolores Carvaial, Marita Jo Null, Charles Coday, Mary Ruth Chantoca, Shirley Anderson, Peggy Padgitt, Barbara Bowles, Margaret Jamerson, Shirley Martin, Mary Louise Espinoza. Fourth row: Peggy Wade, Victoria Gutierrez, Estella Rivera, Bonnie Lloyd, Jerry Earl Ruff, John Anderson, Don Hamilton, Joey Anderson, Mary Pitts, Clover Sherrell, Bertha Ramirez. l l l l HARMONEERS r.. J.. ,.,, , OFFICERS MORRIS DAY ...... , ,,,,,,,. ...,..,,.,, P resident ANN MORALE ..... ,,,.A..,,,,,.... V ice President LAURA STROUP ,,,, ...,,,, S ecrerary and Treasurer First row: Esther Morales, Christine Romero, Elizabeth Gregory, Vivian Padilla, Catherine Pena, 'Bobbie Mae Horner, Nancy Jane Owens, Doris Fielding, Eva Owens. Second row: Joan Ellis, Laura Stroup, Janice McCowen, Morris Day, Alvis Ellingburg, Juanita Tarver, Aurora Rodriquez, Rebecca Lopez. Third row: Shirley Anderson, Delores Mendoza, Sue Tinney, Kay Lyons, Barbara Campbell, Delores Hart. Fourth row: Alline Miller, Patsy Grimland, LaRue Robertson, Cora Lea Whitely, Dorothy Simerly. CAROLEERS First row, left to right: Felipa Cantu, Mary Linda Belmore, Myrna Kenzy, June Kennedy, Helen McNeely, Dora Mendez. Second row: Trinity Villasana, Carmen Cabello, Anna Lee Byran, Jovita Hernandez, Mary Jane Wells, Ruthe Smith, JoAnn Coombs, Barbara Campbell. Third row: Ester Trimm, Kathryn Wallace, Nelda Tucker, JoAnn Anderson, Virginia Haulin, Claudia Brothcher, Betty Reynolds. Fourth row: Leo Salazar, Charles Gonzales, Charles Ellis, Ervin Watson, Victor Wagner, Ray Maciel, Guadalupe Maciel. CHARLES GONZALES ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P fegidenf ERVIN WATSON .YYY.Y..,VYYY -M Vice President KATHRYN WALLACE ..,, Secretary-Treasurer CONCERT BAND First row: Keith Lane, Lynn Tubb, Nancy Hanks, Jane Lowry, Billy Blackwood, Duray Hilliard, Larry Burton, Frankie Lowe. Second row: J. C. Stulce, Curtis Norling, Bobby Mitchell, Janie Reaves, James Cornwell, Antulio Acosta, Ronald Wisk, Richard Williams, Leo Rovan, Joseph Lewis, Louis Acker, Al Anderson, Gene Griffin, Edmond Ramirez, Howard Harwell. Third row: Billy Burnet, John Pearson, Ernest Reesing, Eddie Dantzler, Joe Williams, Jimmy O'Brien, Firman Cook, Jackie Smither, Glenn Baker, Kenneth Herrell, Don Yancy, Bobby Clark, Bob Flack, Doyle White, John Attaway, Willie Garnica, Melvin Crandall, Joe Rose. Center: Instructor, Col. Dalbey Crites. 49. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MRS MRS. MRS MRS MRS MRS P.T.A. OFFICERS DON E. SAFFELL AUDY DARR , W. W. DANTZLER . L. B. CARROLL VERA McCAULEY ELIZABETH SIDDALL , MARJORIE W. FALCONER R. H. STATON , RAYMOND SILL .,,, LINNIE HIGH ,, V. D, INGRAM ,,,,,, . WALTER J. E. SCHIEBEL President First Vice President . Second Vice President Third Vice President , Fourth Vice President , Fifth Vice President Sixth Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . ....., Historian Parliamentarian Serving tea to Coach Rex Stultz, Mrs. Walter Schiebel presiding at the silver service, along with Mrs. Dantzler and Mrs. Saffell. Members pictured below, left to right: Mrs. Carl Buch- anan, Mrs. Darr, Mrs. CarroII, Mrs. Parks, Mrs. Saftell, Mrs. Dantzler, Mrs. McCauley, Mrs. Townsend, Mrs. Schiebel. fi 'I O , N ,flflafareffcs Kneeling: Connie Garrin, Mascot, Betty Burton, Head Maiorette. Standing, left to right: Beth Greenwood, Sue Carter, Wanda Hogan, Barbara Wilie Thelma Dunford. is .,,,, m,, I 3341?-E5 ' , l i l Y r MARIBEL WHITE Sponsor First row, left to right: Vivian Burnham, Frankie Holder, Kaye Hudson. Second row: Patsy Smisson, LaRita Kelley, Ann Bryant, Elizabeth Gregory, Becky Kirby, Dixie Penn. Third row: Linda Macias, Lou Wilson, Gail Beaty, Sonia Gary, Barbara Fly, Lucille Reyes. Fourth row: Glenda Smith, Louise Brinkley, Redith Mangum, Mary Ann Callaway, Lois Green, Myra Clarkson. Fifth row: Patty Parks, Nell Freeman, Aline Millerflilancy Cope. at my ,MW '33 W 6 W N 1 5' ' YH, f' L, , - 3 . Eg .N 31 15' ' 35 M E 4 'vi' ff" G 5,- E 525 ,avg N fy, ' have These their ouT-of-dafe 'A"' commonly called These Cedefs perform Tactics which To me are and out-of-date. ..y,M REGIMENTAL STAFF IST BATTALION 2ND BATTALION 4...-.W LEFT SECTION RIGHT SECTION Jimmy Campbell Ellis Mooring Henry Brown, James Strange, Domingo Seferno. Noel Garland, Ernest Boughton, Chess Hall. MIDDLE SECTION Earl Bean First row: Gan Husbands, Rudy Cluke, Raymond Rutledge, Sammy Hight, Raul Acquilar. Second row: Donald Koons, Jack Murdock, Wesley Phillips, Ronnie Smith. 2 .sn DRILL TEAM u-.1 Kneeling: Sgt. Glover, Tommy Knowles, Charles Harthcock, Victor Cardova. First row: Joe Kirk, Jim Morse, Harry Dreggors, Ronnie Smith, Duan Lunday, George Ortiz. Second row: Tony Cardova, Johnny St. Ana, Gann Husbands, Frank Quello, Pat Hatchel, Robert Jay. Third row: Gilbert Guiterrez, Jack Smart, John Kiowzk, Howard Johnson, Wm. Garnica, David Gonzales. Fourth row: Earl Bean, T. J. Holly, Earnest Boughton, Kenneth Hensley, Jesse Santoscoy, Martin Durham. JOHN ATTAWAY LARRY BURTON GENE GRIFFIN HOWARD HARRWELL N ,I KENNETH HERRELL DURAY HIU-IARD KEITH LANE FRANKIE LOWE EDMOND RAMIREZ fb. O F F I C E R RICHARD WILLIAMS R.O.T.C. BAN D ' it .Q ,i First row, left to right: Richard Williams, Edmund Ramirez, Keith Lane, Larry Burton, Bob Flack, Gene Griffin, Frankie Lowe. Second row: Antullo Acosta, Billy Blackwood, Allen Abbot, Howard Harwell, Joe Rose, Billy Batton, John Attaway. Third row: Arthur Mendosa, Edward Dantzler, Louis Acker, Al Anderson, Curtis Norling, John Pearson, Willie Garnicia, Fourth row: Melvin Crandall, Jerry McCain, Glen Baker, Jackie Smithers, Buddy Smith. COMPANY A M. 'bw' 55? 5 i 4, ,,.,,, QP .Mo , , .5 'W 1, fr X fx Alex Ademex, Gerald Berry, Robert Bagwell, John Chesney, Bobby Cleveland, Cortex Dollison, David Eshleman, Doyce Flake, Lawrence Griffin, Guadalupe Gonzales, Pat Hatchel, Edward D. Jordon, Eddie Maynard, Terry Newsome, Jimmy Phillips, John Pearson, Leandro Villerreal, Henry Levine, Arry Moody, Rudy Chapa, Kenneth Dixon, Martin Durham, Royce Fivecoat, Isabel Gomez, William Garnica, Mike Garza, David Gonzales, Kenneth Hensley, Tyhan Irick, Howard Johnson, Aaron Jarrett, Robert Jay, Vernon Jackson, Harold Jacobs, Lannie Kilgore, Ralph Kelly, Ed Mycue, Robert Maldonardo, Bobby Metcalf, Shelby Martin, Wesley Prestridge, Bobby Palmer, Manuel Reys, Ray Rutledge, Ronnie Smith, Albert Schwitzer, Gaylor Taylor, Jerry Willis, Bobby Winkle, Luther Cox, Herbert Diaz, Fred Espinosa, Charles Forsee, Sammy High, Sidney Johnson, Johnny Moss, Billy May, Carl Scarmardo, Jack Steen. Johnny T. Williams, Richard Watkins, Jimmy Williams, Douglas Shaw. 3 , l A COMPANY B ,,, Elbert Braswell, Henry Brewer, Elvis Bruner, Dale Crabtree, Johnny Davila, Kelsey Davis, Davis Duffy, Gary Eads, Herrara Gomez, James Goodson, Aureliano Hernandes, David Hill, Wesley Jones, James Lacy, Larry Martin, Roy Osborne, Randolph Paton, Ray Pennington, Harold Pearson, Henry Putnam, Benny Scarbrough, Kenneth Thomas, John Valandingham, Charles Wild, Joe Bird, Tony Cordova, Florencio Flores, David Mauser, Morris Morrow, Charles Megibben, James Morse, Billy Ranne, Donald Searcy, Jessie Santoscoy, James Smetak, Thomas Weldon, James Brock, Jimmy Campbell, Chess Hall, Paul Richardson, Jack Smart, Tony Valderos. 'far 'Miki Tv-C-V-vw Y- i l l l COMPANY C l Joe Kelly, Rudy Cluke, Ellis Mooring, Joe Aguirra, Arthur Aguiano, John Badgett, Bobby Brimer, Elbert Braswell, Henry Brewer, Elvis Bruner, Raymond Cantu, Dale Crabtree, Robert Dunn, Johnny Davila, Kelsey Davis, Davis Duffy, Gary Eads, Jackie Freeman, Herrara Gomez, James Goodson, Tony Galvez, James Hidgon, Aureliano Hernandez, David Hill, Wesley Jones, James Lacy, Larry Martin, James McFerrin, Thomas Moody, Roy Osborne, Jay Payne, James Pack, Larry Potts, Randolph Patton, Ray Pennington, Harold Pearson, Rex Putman, Edmundo Perez, Henry Putnam, Ernest Rodriquez, Joe Rankin, Ralph Robledo, George Robbins, Benny Scarbrough, Gary Scarbrough, Larry Satterwhite, Larry Stringer, Ken Thomas, John Valandingham, Charles Wild, Don Yost, Louis Attaway, Donald Atteberry, Joe Bird, Troy Bishop, Tony Cordova, Robert Erwin, Florencio Flores, James Forester, James Gregg, Ernest Geaslin, Terry Harris, Dale Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Harold King, Frank Knickerbocker, David.Mauser, Morris Morrow, Charles Megibben, James Morse, Manuel Naiera, Billy Ranne, Vernon Richardson, Ellis Smith, Donald Searcy, Jesse Santoseoy, James Smetak, Thomas Weldon. COMPANY D 1 1 4 1 t i l 4 A i 1 4 l 1 l John Bert, Charles Bransford, Kenneth Canada, Zereth Chaney, Raymond Constancio, Jerry Campbell, Joe Feliz Cuellar, Johnny Dorris, Charles Davis, Joe Fraga, Robert Fischer, David Haynes, Chas. A. Howard, Russel Hedgpeth, James Ingle, Sheriff Freddie Martinez, Don McFalls, lsaac Navarro, Andrew Pantazis, Don Person, James Park, Donald Romes, John Smith, Ronald Seay, Robert Shelton, Joe Tovar, Earl Vann, Don Barratt, Donald Carter, James Clark, Vernon Carber, Frank Cuello, Paul Dalton, Mark Enders, Jesse Everett, Edward Firth, Frank Gamez, Arthur Green, Frank Garcia, J. W. Hearon, Archie Hill, Orvale Hixon, Joe Jurosek, John Key, James Lee, George McAdoo, Thomas Moore, Omen Mans- field, Robert Martin, Mike McClure, Vernon Morrison, Eddie Morwood, Sam O'Suna, John Pitts, Domingo Samudio, Jimmy Terrell, Joe Watson, Jimmy Walker, Earl Bean, Archie Byrd, Billy D. Cummings, Kenneth Gerguson, Glynn Geer, Noel Garland, Donald Hernandez, John Johnson, James Jordan, Donald Koons, Keys Keirby, Tom Lopes, Herman McCord, Benny McCormic, Norman Smith, Jerry Smith, Robert Stinson, James Strange, Jimmy Vaughn, Herman Williams. ' F Fl? ' .il ' frla l l l l ina-A COMPANY E V V .. , Mm... ., . . , tx -Was., . , X Robert C. Barr, James Baird, Crecencio Chavez, Orville Davenport, Jerry R. Deaton, Kenneth Eastmade, Paul H. Gonzales, Bobby Gregg, T. J. Holly, Ralph Jordon, Jimmy J. Johnston, Curtis L. Jones, Thomas E. Lott, Woodrow Wilson Lee, Donald Morgan, Roger Moore, John Owens, Raymond A. Ogas, Tony Perez, Beningao Rodriquez, Danny Sosebee, Jerry Underwood, Milo F. Benningfield, Joe T. Clancy, Billy B. Disheroom, William E. Howard, Glenn R. Hughes, Jerry Hoffman, Joseph M. Kirk, Nathan Long, David Morrow, John C, McDaniel, Roger Morgan, Kenneth W. Monroe, Pichard Place, G. C. Petty, Jr., Charles Powell, Melton Roberts, Francis J. Sill, Marvin W. Williams, Ernest Boughton, Jr., Gilbert Butierrez, John Merk. COMPANY F Danny Moffett, Robert Relf, Merle Barr, Kenneth Darling, Harmond Husbands, Acker Roy, Louis Alvarez, Larry Bauer, Bobby Bogle, Teddy Carrol, James Clark, lra H. Edmondson, Dwain Hamilton, Eugene Hawthorne, Gary Heathcock, James Henderson, James Jamerson, James M. Johnson, John Kiowski, Willard Mannes, Rudy Ronero, Floyd Smith, Carroll Stewart, Dan Barton, Charles Burns, Robert Collins, Alven Hardy, Terry S. Jones, Louis Kelly, Harry Moon, Donald Pace, Billy Rike, Larry Ring, Benny Southerland, Robert R. Wall, Wille Wells, John W. Childs, Victor Cordova, Phil Cook, Voncille Davis, Archie Deam, Utah Dixon, Charles Harthcock, John Hernandez, Kenneth Harrell, Jerry Mullins, Charles Rowan, George Santillian, Thomas Tyler, Jack Van Sandt, Joe Villareal. l l i l l COMPANY G I f 'N S L r L i l 4... ,..,, : I Paul Aguilar, Millard Renfrow, Ramon Navarro, Guy Morgan, Norman Turley, Billy Harris, Johnny Champion, Na1han Cook, Cecil Walters, Paul Foster, Bobby Romes, Bobby Bogle, Kenneth Donaldson, Richard Reed, Charles Monfheiy, Robin Teagarden, George Stepier, Robert McCann, Joe Salazar, Richard Naiera, Archie Dean, Eugene McQueen, Tiny Cole, Paul Ingram, Sereferino Dominguez, Dwain Lunday, Norman Robbins, Tom Ramirez, Roy Morrison, John Oliver, Edmond Stevenson, Raymond Reeves, Douglas Steigler, Jerry Stewart, Bobby Penningfon, Harry Dreggors, Fredrick Gunn. ....., avmnnq f..g :f fff, W -. rs' C, M y--1 5 i ,V ' VA DIAMOND land Disc CLUB i :ref or mn First row: Tommy Knowles, L. O. Cox. Second row: Chess Hall, Paul Richardson, Ken Ferguson, Jack Murdock, Henry Brown, Jack Van Zandf. Third row: Kenneth Herrell, Sammy High, Joe Kelly, Herman McCord, Charles Harihcock, Gann Husbands. Fourth row: Earl Bean, John Sr. Ama, Larry Duke, William Nash, Johnny Williams. MAINTENANCE STAFF Bottom row: R. A. Giles, J. L. Stout, S. E. Pollard, R. L. Rolling, P. L. Allen, E. W. Adds, George Durr Top row: Homer Lee Aaron, L. G. Sanders, B. H. McMannis, L. W. Miller, H. A. Bass, J. H. Childress, R. B. Herrin, D. O. Mangrum. DVERTISEM S SNK S 5 eb 6 6 23 as ef 'R U Q 4? Cb x SUUTHWESTEHN BALFUUH C0 Sffawfwff swan mwus - cms rms CUNIMENCEMENT INVITATIUNS UM Downfown Sales Office SANGER BROS. - SECOND FLOOR TELEPHONE RIVERSIDE - 4079 l , V s--V-IL.f,Y Y, . . , Rlverside 6700 Phones PRospect 4960 SOUTHWESTERN STEEL 81 WELDING 'WORKS All Types of Steel Fabrication and Welding Special Attention Given Complicated Jobs See W. M. lDanl Dontzler For All Your Structural Steel Requirements 634 FT. WORTH AVENUE DALLAS 8, TEXAS JACK SOSEBEE of TECH H IGH STORE Says CONGRATULATIONS to SENIORS OF I953 ro P Q Aw 1 " A r 6' Of wg H X 'Q xi- .X- OH H, ,yfafgi , Q 5 ,f Dofliww-Q K 4 " W Wkfmw 23,3 J EMM W AW VJWJWW A f MWWPAMWQ X MMWU xt? 1' . . X, , . X X Z U V A UTHOGBAPHED 5 X L 5 vemzaoox , +1 H-QLLPQ ' . ,, r- -,ply ' g. ,, 2, X, ,, ' .Q gi' ,, .. 4- -. , Jwf i' f 'frggill TL-4 . - - 5 , M2 W ...I , . V . W w, QA gg..5,,.,, h ut, mA,,,,,m1 ,6:,VA!,,E,W,:M. 4 w, , '? 'x4 if-fr f Wa- 4, f .,. . . ,. W I .-44, .,,..,,if..,1!. 2, .,xg5g 1t,mg,?,. F , .MN wi I 4, 1 ,V E.,,.w4 ,E,L 4.. ,HU .... . Q Y 1 1--1 .- M W M, Uipmix, , . . A f ,fl r , A V, I 3,53 r ,:V.m,,v,, ?5m2.Hv:,,,1HYJ.3 In 152 v, 'rf Jgjggl gi ,W gigiii WWW Q 3 W! W bf QMMQW eff My x 1 W W W1 A ' ' ' ' ' '- " W 4, ' : Wu :ff -,v V-. 3, , . 'gm , Y 1, ,, , . . ' ' " ' ' 4 " " ' f - ' ' L f " A ' H .: f , w w 1- ,.,IJf'fff1M,,,,:,-'- f, ,Q '- W W W W www? if-7211! df was , ' 2:-'A A . 1 1' ' ' , , .L N , ,' ,. , , ,-- N uvgiffifl bi 7 m a nn' -fs ' ' M K , . '- . -gLJ.i,.wL ,. " A SY ?2.',?'3vm-"Lf ' iss ' f uzz f --- 1,-f lv: ff .. . ,. -- , . .F -AQ., iz.: -,f-Wg., f -' . , , gf. N., -2 - ,L --- - H -X--ff-Q. .f gfx. A '-fx' I'-f ' I 2-f"' if "?!? 'g'??!i-LP'3'L"'Q'XX f"f"4'f-r- 'H -4'!5-Ning-' -- 1 -' ' ,ff ,EW . , , , , , , , Y. , AV Y , ,, , ,Y A , L n .., ,O. ,-. v J , ,L ,J li! 4 :r -V4 p 1, 'VJ jafliy! fi :fl ' b! , ,,?f L15 MJS ,L K ,af 1 , V 1 7 -xr -1 If -J fl l 1 VI! I ' ,X . ...Q- ffv .44-I 1 4 V I Z' J W .. f I A ,' VL' ' 1,'v' 4 If 'pw . . A ff J fi. Jw I ,W 0- ' , ' !','l , .' ' u f 1 If - :.V ,l,EI 1 f ' " ' A ,f' vu..- N

Suggestions in the N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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