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Www mWfl,uwMq"-W .P ,Mi W , , Q f' L 'A " s P 9 we: 'r' '-amps : . A WOLF PACK STAFF 1952 DOROTHY BUCCOLA MARY ANN MINTER MAE ANSLEY GAIL FORTUNE IUANITA BOWEN OATHER E. RAYNES Spomar FRANCES HOLDI SAM DARR FRED MORGAN KENNETH PENN ALMA MATER Hail to thee, our Alma Malerg Tefh, our greatefl pride. In whose hallx we now are learning Stormy of life to ride. Life the choruig Speed it oz1wara',' Hail to thee, our Alma Mater Hail, all hail, Tefh High. BOARD OF EDUCATION DALLAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS W. T. WHITE Superintendent R. L. THOMAS Prerident Avery Mayes W. C. Scurry Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram Loyd C. Campbell Edwin L. Rippy, M.D. Ralph McCann Harry Stone T Will? W' erinten Slip 015 PubliC Scho las Dal Hay 2.9, l952 l'o the Student Body of the IV. 6. C1-ozier' Teehflie School: fl Qin I 'sh for ou ha ' ess WOLF P455 todays, J! ppb! I ffnolv how luueh -Po'u- ana looked at Qy 01192 high sch from high School. W beautiful, elabo 'le it QSQIJE to .Poll el S' and D1 lla-Z 0 l e o O 1-ate a ue I C OI' lg-12 eeslu-e as you open Jplu- Qefips to you. lhe other day I Snquel, published when I ez-edueted filled it "lhe Pioneer-." lt Weis- not a book such as Jfpu Q1-e now looblqg at, but 1-ygr-eat deal, just as much as this boo-lr a 'ne you vez-y nuoh. You fire e student us Q1-edzzboud. I shell continue to be in o Kish for- you success Qnd happiness. to Qeabs' bod tel-e S1120 IWW cs y of which all sted in you, Qnd ez-e-IJ' J'o'l1-s, ' 1 42 21 ' Super-' A721 te lhffebdent oi' Schools E. D. WALKER Affifianl Superinlendent in Charge of Permfmel Dallas Public Schools DR FRANK L WILLIAMS Affzflawl Supermlerzderzt ROBERT H. McKAY Affiflmzi Szzperintendent MR . TER , J. Punt, E. SCH Pal IEBEL harsh 25, 1952 Dear Seniors, Each year thousands oi high school principals all over the worlcl give way to the urge to write sonethihg for their school annuals. The fact that iew people Lit enyl ever read what is written has no re- straining iuiluenceg all principals have the inhorn notion that they are clever writers, all they neecl is a good su'o3ect. This lash oi suhiect has always pu-wleo ne 'out this year l have at last hit upon the quifltessence oi quality and the paragon oi per- iection oi all subjyeotsg THE su'o3ect which is ggwediately appealing to boys and girls alike which will not lose its salt or savor and that subject is 1 'L O U. lou are big, beautiful and hxuwtious il neen 'oiauralh healthy, hearty and hungry ki neun happyyg lively, lovable and limp ki new lanpiulg nusouler, ueloaious eno uooney ki uean uaulylg sweet, snert and serious Q l nean serunptiouslg tender, tenperate and toothsoue tl nean togfhatlg -Qoruichety, perspioacious and perverse Ll nean oportionatel . ln a word 'LOU 593 5x,xElS-31. faculty neubers have worheo hard up0n you to give yOu all of ristics and you in turn have worheo hero upon us to ooay. hay the bond which cones iron cooperative rohen as you leave us. rtfxceable future to yOu all is the Pl' he these characte nance us what we are t endeavor never 'oe entirely h Best wishes for a happy and se vii-Sh l 'oring you iron the Saculty. Sincere ows , ter 3 . E. Schiehel ' cipal Wal Yfin C. H. BRYANT, as director of the Dallas Public School Evening School, councils stu- dents who are forced to drop from day school and enroll for high school credit in evening school. He has over-all supervision of the evening school. Q PERRY W. FITE, Assistant Principal, takes care of discipline problems and sponsors the Student Government Association. ANNE TURNER, as senior counselor, helps all 3A's, 4B's and 4A's to take the right courses for graduation. Also, she advises the freshman and newcomers. RUBY NICHOLS Clerk As Dean, MRS. LEMMERHIRT, is in charge of attendance and discipline of girls. She also works with the nurse on health problems and the P.T.A. in regard to Welfare Cases. LUPE GARCIA Clerk ERA TUMINELLO Clerk P. W. LOUCKS, Vocational Coun- selor, places students in the indus- trial, technical, and vocational shops, in order to help them select a more satisfying and successful careerf "ff-- .1 y . . 'L' . "i'- -J M-ci ' Nuova... K 'f MRS. VERA MCCAULEY as Vocational Advisory and Director of Student Place- ment finds part time jobs for students and often plac- es graduates in their life de- sired Work, MRS. MARGARET K. WALRAV- EN'S duties as a librarian are: teach- ing all classes the use of the library, book selection and processing, work- ing with teachers on materials and publicity exhibits. JAMES ADKINSON Coach J. FLOYD ALEXANDER Vocational Auto MARTHA ANDERSON English R. B. BELL Custodian KAREN BROWN History JIM BUTLER Woodshop A. G. CANNON Mathematics MELVIN CANNON Radio L. O. CARPENTER Commercial Art CLAUDIA CLAY Business Administration EDITH COLE journalism DALBY CRITES Band Director RUGIE DANIELS Study Hall FLORENCE DAVIS Spanish W. E. DAVIS Drafting sf? 5 V LELA DEAVENPORT Clothing OLIVE DIJDLEY Cosmetology ONIE B. EASLEY English MARJORIE FALCONER Nurse GEORGIA FARRELL Assistant Librarian RACHEL FOOTE History SAM FOSTER Science MAY FULLER Mathematics W. P. FULTON Mathematics DOVIELU GALLAHER History HERLINA GARCIA Secretary MARY HAINES English MAY I-IALEY English J, S. HENRY Science ELA HETHERINGTON Typing BURIAN HIGHTOWER Driving OPAL HOLLEY Physical Education O. A. HOMER Photography ELIZABETH HOWE Secretary JIM IBBOTSON Physics ODUS KERLEY Mechanical Drawing ROY LANE Printing ROBERT LANHAM Sheet Metal LOLITA LANSDON Home Economics SADIE LEMMERHIRT Dean MARY LIGHTFOOT Art Pottery CECIL LINTHICUM Mechanical Drawing LURA McCARTNEY Health Instruction VERA MCCAULEY Vocational Counselor LORAINE MCDADE Health Instruction ZOE McEVOY History CLIFFORD MATLOCK Typing COL. R. L, MOSES R.O.T.C. JERRY MURRAY Mechanical Drawing L. D. MURRAY Mathematics GLADYS NEEL Distributive Education T, O, NEELY Chemistry HERMAN NEF Machine Shop JOE PASQUA Coach NAN PAVEY English PERCY PENN Coach MARJORIE PITTS English DOVYE MAE POLK English RUDA P'POOL English BRICE QUARLES English CLARA RANSOME English OATHER E. RAYNES Speech MAY REDFERN Business Education JUANITA RICHEY Study Hall E. R. ROBERTS Bookkeeping REBECCA ROBERTS Latin R. E. QBOBQ SANDERS Distributive Occupations J. FRED SHEEL Electric Shop ELIZABETH SIDDALL Architectural Drawing ROBERTA SLOAN History JAMES ELLEN STIFF English PHOEBE STORMS English CHARLES STUBBLEFIELD Coach, English REX STULTZ Coach, Math. LOUISE SWIFT Physical Education DARRELL TULLY Coach ANN TURNER Senior Counselor 1 CLARICE TURCK l Comptometer V JM TYSOR Driving Safety y HUGO VITZ 1 Mathematics ALINE WALKER History I MARGARET WALRAVEN l Librarian l ELIZABETH WALSH Music KITTIE WASHINGTON Science MARIBEL WHITE Physical Education MARY LOU WISE Study Hall CLARA WOLFE Business W. D. WOODS Mathematics SGT. WREN R.O.T.C. GLADYS YOAKUM Business M Qfkfzmy Bryant M. McMinn Ellen Byrd Gowdey 1' '7'ii?i .17 2 . g , '-I. ' . 'Qi i, . 3151, 4- gf i if y. IAS, I, L, 5 T 3: H A I Q 'ek " ,fix--4 W -5 ,sv ...nf DEDICATION Because of T. O. NEELEY'S helpful and friendly attitude toward all . . . we dedicate the 1952 XVOLF PACK to him. DON BROOKSHIR Vice Prefidenl E 333 4' JAMES MADISON Prefident SENIOR OFFICERS January '52 T. O. NEELY Spomor SHIRLEY ,IEANE COX Serretary f 1- FRED GORDON Sergean!-at-Arm: EULICE TURNER Sergean!-aluflrmf LEROY ANDERSON DENsoN DAWSON ATKINSON BETTY JOAN BAILEY CHARLES BAKER Luz AGUILAR JOANNE ATTEBERRY JOSEPH ROBERT BAILEY JAMES BRADFORD BICKLE BOBBY JAYE BOWERS JAMES BRANDENBURG LEROY ALAN BREWER JAMES MARION BROOKS DONALD ANTHONY BROOKSHIRE EDWIN GAYLE BROWN JOAN BUDDEMEYER BOBBY GENE BYRUM MARSHALL LUTHER CANNON TOBY CARROLL DWAYNE CARTER RICHARD A, CHABOT JUANITA CAPETILLO DONALD JOSEPH CARTER CHARLES WESLEY CAULEY EDWIN TAYLOR CLARK ERNEST A. CLARK WAYNE H. CONNAWAY JAMES CARL COREY SHIRLEY JEANE Cox SAMMY LEE DARR DOROTHY DEERMAN CHARLOTTE ANN DEMoss MARY ESTER DURAN ROBBIE CLAIRE FISK FRED SMITH GORDON WANDA FAY GREEN PAUL EMERSON HART JOHN JOSEPH GALLI WILLARD BRYAN GRANT WAYNE HARRIS JIMMY EDWARD HAYNES BILLY PAT HEARON JOE HERRERA NORMA HIGGINEOTI-IAM CAROLE JANE HILBORN FRANKLIN W. HOWARD EILEEN SCOTTIE HUBBS ALBERT DONALD HUTSON PEGGY DORIS JACOBS jir?'2agHe2?:s?2f" uzfmssfasssaazi: . siszzsfeefawpwwv 1 am rwgzffasxzmeigzsx. W1-mmgaies .wfiafesf -M-vsfzf wzafgzg 'enum K ,,A,,,.,.., efksf -.1-?ff,,,.:N..x..,, L qgm. my fffeswi- +, I 4 '1 3.1 . ., FRED M. MORGAN EMMA PAGAN JIMMIE DEAN PARTAIN RICHARD CLINTON PENNINGTON REX ARTHUR P1-IIPPS MARY PICCOLA POWELL ROBERT PRICE STAMATOULA J. PsELLAs JANET RANSOM EARL DEAN ROBERTS R. L. ROBERTS LIONEL LEIGH SCHULZ CHARLES R. RENERO Ess1E BEE ROBERTS JESSIE FRANCES SEPEDA GEORGE ROBERT SHUFO Q 04, z- Ew ,:,,, , M T. ROY A. SKINNER JR. PATSY LAVERNE SMITH J. D. SORRELLS SPURGEON HERSHEL STURDEVANT JOHN JOSEPH TALBERT, JR. ROBERT LEE TALKINGTON BETTY ELLAN TEASLEY MARVIN WESLEY THURMOND EUGENE RAYMOND TINERAL VINCENT TORRES, JR- EULICE RAY TURNER PATSY WOODARD MARGIE LoulsE ZMOLIK PETER VENO Vire Prefidenl MARY ANN MORRISON Secretary LEROY CAMPBELL Prefid ent SENIOR OFFICERS June 52 RICHARD PRESLEY Sergeant-al-Arm! OATHER E. RAYNES SPUHJDV ROY WOODLE Sergeant-at-Army AMADA ABEYTA MARGARET ADAMS SIDNEY ADAMS MAE ANSLEY EMMA LEE ADAMS RUBY jo ADAMS AMY ANGLIN PHANETTA ARKANSA LOIS AYERS L, C. BAIRD BONNIE BAGXVELL DON BANNISTER ELVADEAN BARKER SHIRLEY BARRON CECELIA BELLAMY PATRICIA BENNETT RALPH BLACK JACK BLAKE ROLAND BOMBERGER CHARLES BOTHWELL JUANITA BOWEN JOYCE BRENTS ARNEY BRAMHALL PATRICIA BRIAN MARY BRYANT MARY RosE CABRERA BONNIE CALVERY LEROY CAMPBELL MACK CAMPBELL RUTH CARTER CARL CASON JOY CHRISTY THERON CODY KAY CORNISH SHIRLEY Cox LEON DANIELS JAMES COLEMAN BETTY COWELL ROGER CRAWFORD FRED DAUM ,K sl , Sa .U ,g,., 3 11545 J v x 1-4 ,QR 'On 5 MARY DERR BERLENE DEMPSEY FRANK Dmz TOMMY DODD GILBERT DURAN FRED Down DOUGLAS DUGGORS KENNON EDMONDSON MARY EDMONDS BONNIE ETIER ROBERT FARMS DENN1s FITZGERALD MAUREEN EMORY Bonny EVERETT JAMES FARLEY JOHN FLoxEs MARGARITA F LORES EDWARD FOLEY GAIL FORTUNE WILLIAM GAIJDIS FRANCES GALVAN ERNESTINA GARCIA RICHARD GARDNER FREIIDIE GAUGH WAYNE GEIGER ANITA GERGENS SEVERO Gomez GLORIA GONDAY JOYCE GREEN FRANK CRUZ FRANKIE GREENWOOD RUDY GUERRA ISABEL GUTIERREZ JIM HALI3 KERMIT HALE SHARRON HAMMOND OTIS R. HANBY ELAINE HARPER WALTER HARRIS BYRON HINDERER ADELA HERNANDEZ BOBBY HILL RANDY HOWARD SUE ILSING ALICE HIGH EVELYN HILL jol-IN INGRAM LADONN JOHNSON L4 MARY FRANCES JOHNSON W. STANLEY JONES DAN KEITH LILY KENT PATSY KIRBY JERRY KUTIL NORMA LANGFORD CARL R LARGE MARTHA JANE LEE jon-IN LOUCKS PERRY LYONS FRED MANN CLEMENTINA MANZANARES ROBERT MARTINEZ PRIMO MARQUEZ WANDA MASON MARGARET MCCORMICK SUE MCCLINTOCK ROY MCCOMMAS JANE MCKAMEY MARGIE MCKINNEY joE MCLEMORE DOROTHY MEAIJOR MARGU5 MEADOR ROBERT MERRILL NICK JOHN MORALE JESSIE MORALES MARY ANN Momuso EVELYN MOONEY ELOISA MORALES JOHN ROBERT MORGAN SUE MULLIN "W-Q... JOAN NEAL GRACE NUNN ALICE OLIVAS BUFORD OWEN HUGHLON PAINTER FRITZ PANTFOEDER JIESSIE PAREDFS DAVID PARKER btfifaif xr 61 wr! 'vkfxi LAVONNE PARKS WILLIAM PAYNI3 ANNIE RUTH PECK DEI-IA PEREZ ROBERT PASCI-I DORIS PEARCE EDITH PEKAR KENNETH PENN LAJUANDA POLLARD MARGIE POOL RICHARD PRESLEY EVELYN PRICE JEANETTE PRITCHETT ARTHUR REED ROBERT RICI-IIE JAMES ROBINSON 'Y' 1. . i f T 'Q RITA ROPPOLO DAVID RUBIO RALPH RYAN BETTY SAUSEDO SHIRLEY Rosn MILTON RUNNELLS BEATRICE SANCI-IEZ JOANN EIME ORA LEE SCOTT BRANNON SIMMONS CHEROKEE SINGLETON BOBBY SMITH DELORES SMITH FANNIE Lou SMITH YVONNE STANFIELD KENNETH STOKES DOYLE STOUT TOMMIE TATE MARY VALENCIA TOMMY VANZANDT BETTY SURLES MARTHA THOMAS DOLORES VALDEZ LUCILLE VELASCO PETER VENO REBECCA VILLAREAL MARIANNE VILLARREAL THORNTON WAGER JOHN j. WAGLIARDO SHIRLEY WALDROP JOYCE WATKINS MARY SUE WALKUP VIVIAN WASHBURN ANN WELCH BETTY WHITE LAURA WHITE BILLIE WEATHERFORD MARGARET WERRY DON WHITE BARBARA WILLIAMS .FHN lu bww IMA jo WILLIAMS Ll JOANN WISELY SARAH WRAY NANCY WRIGHT Roy WOODLE JOHNNY ANGELO 1, CHARLES CHILDRESS GILBERT RUBIO CLAUDIA CLAY Spomor The Class of January 1955 Q fl f qw G' xx -'7 I X - . I' :. 'Sai m ' NAN PAVEY Spomor The Class of june 1955 -A 1 ,3 an . Ny WU ., IX M 09 I yr -3 .- L ii U 7 ' Q I , 4 WL l Wllnfm. Wm uf I1 'W 'ax 1 I 1 M If O 94,23 ' ' nv ' '59 REBECCA ROBERTS Spomor ff 7 The Class of january 1954 C : K X b ul ' -F w xk Aga " 5 51-MK V iv W lf' ' LOLITA LANSDON Sponxor v Y The Class of june 1954 X CL 3 S ' " M .. 1 ' CCT 2 , Q QW 9 4 ' xP H. 6 A J KW 1 x ,M ELIZABETH SID DALI. S pomor 4 , The Class of January 1953 F K 'J -,.... ---'-J -., -Y -+, ' xv 1 Ki, 'L ff 'Z q r 1 kk zfyw' V5 - H - my Lf. ONIE EASLEY Sponfor The Class of june 1953 YQ'Ras3,Qg5E?gE5gme1s N 0 LF PACK I , 1 ifmaai I 9 4, f ,.,,, cw , .. ,5 ,,v,.:Q.-115.5 Z N Life at TECH HIGH, Dallas X Q K 3 it W 2 MOST POPULAR joan Buddemeyer Fred Gordon 3 Q 1 , J L...,1-law --.W mx. 1 ' f ,Q -,x f... W: If-ff-Af,-wuffu-'V -- A ix. Q ,d,,,.,...-v-f"""" . MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED joan Attefzerry D011 B1'00kJfJj1'6' MOST BEAUTIFUL Shirley Cox MOST HANDSOME Eulice Turner MOST POPULAR janet Ransom johnny Galli BEST ALL-AROUND Wayne Harfix Carol Hillvorn MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Peggy fafobf R. L. Roberts 5 'Q ..,v flu A T 4 we 1,5 ' 55 415 'il M ix IN ., if -1'- 1 ,, -wa 575, , ,,, , , kg ., MOST BEAUTIFUL Ann Welrh MOST HANDSOME Robert Richie L, ,V+ . 'Km M... 1-"Ti"-x62 'va ls-'tw ' 1:35.15 I' r Q a 4, X V KV uv fa. ,-' """' 1 N E' 'Q R. . ' X: 3 ff Y 1 1 w L k gi K - '31 i , in ' I itll id. 4 32, 'gr' 2 ' ,- J tg ,199 'i 1: fm ii ...fi Q , xstwklf 5 fi' J J Qin. . ,L E if 3-'ai 4 .r ,V sf AO ,H , J Q f Q u was , d5' . K ,f K I I N11 I V: in ., ,, ' We , S Q V4 f . f , L My 1- ,fi im " " 'L 'ii 5 'X s , Is. 11 If ., fx.. ,.,- U., 1 . in s 44 'E-1 'ima .3 r' T 0, C3 fs kink' k . K. ,fe ,xg KAR' QS '93 Q if 7 79'- A r B '99 A A . Rf! 1 5 '4 i f',f,,7Li sf, ix ' I KY o x T fs . - , Q -7, ,Y , G - ug ,mf - . r 1 .4 ? , MOST BEAUTIFUL Frankie Greenwood MOST HANDSOME Leroy Campbell MOST POPULAR Nancy Wright Pele Veno BEST ALL-AROUND Maffggzret Adnnzx Fritz Pantfoeder MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Evelyn Mooney Randy H owmfd Y . A ,X A f , T 'U' ' fwf f .. , 1 ' if . . . ..1.,,,,, ., , ef, -V - ,J we QA B - 1 1 4 ii 'Z 1 4 'Q 5 "' ff ff fr' Y 8 ji J.- . W 1 5 2 ' 1 -J- 'N I. ' fQ. ,efv , 3 '. Sjmwx: fi .,,g1,:g3T'f5?g,f, , 'gf' Q, :Q,,1g.'i, ' i -eg, fs-SI 1 T his as ggi 3 Qi-V 5 ,N --.., il? , N0lF PACK Life at TECH HIGH ,H Dallas Yeah Maroon N T KENNETH PENN SCOTTY DARR WINSTON GRANT ANN WOOLEY BETTY DODD NANCY WRIGHT BETTY WHITE S WOLF MENTORS COACH REX STULTZ: Coach of the backs and ends is a graduate of East Texas State. He has been at Tech since 1946 as assistant Football Coach and head Coach of Track. While at East Texas, Coach Stultz played tailback on the last East Texas team to defeat their traditional rivals, the Denton Eagles. Coach Stultz' long arms and long legs were largely responsible for that victory. COACH JOE PASQUA: Line Coach is a 1956 graduate of Tech where he lettered at tackle. He attended S.M.U., receiving his degree in 1940. He split the uprights with a forty-two yard field goal to defeat A.8cM. 10-7 in the fading minutes of a rough and tough ball game. This was in his senior year at the hilltop. I-Ie saw two years of service as a professional with the Waslmington and Los Angeles teams. HEAD COACH DARRELL TULLY is a graduate of East Texas State where he made the Little All-American Team in 1958, He spent a season with the Detroit Lions before "A" TEAM First row: Glen Branch, Fred Gordon, Lawrence Taylor, Ralph Ryan, Robert Farris, Ronnie Williams, Jesse Paredes, R, L. Patterson, Larry George. Second row: Bobby Lucas, Daniel Barrientos, Fritz Pantfoeder, Bobby Byrum, Arthur Reed, Gilbert Rubio, james Brandenburg, E. L, Jones, Gordon Beal, Third row: Joe McLemore, Grady Newton, John Loucks, Jerry Hurst, Alvin Zenor, Eugene Mills, Jimmy Dorough, Richard Coyle, Norman Stewart, Fred Caugh. Fourth row: Coach Pasqua, Geron Ensley, Morris Day, Don Edmonds, Coach Stultz, Dan- ny Moffett, Max Stone, Jim Bob Baugh, Mike Reed, Coach Tully. nf' Q, W QE ' - 53 ,wi ' Il LQ .k., Q ,punk rw., MAX STONE Guard GLEN BRANCH Tafkle Mouse. A battler Eleven more like him would NORMAN STEWART Bark 'Spo0k" was a good hard run- ner, outstanding at end of eason. game. be Utopia. 1951 Captain, FRED GORDON End Three year letterman, kind of guy to have around. BILLY CARTER Cenzer Scrapper all the way. ARTHUR REED 71 ir f Guard "Miracle Kid." First try for the team. JIMMY DOROUGH Bark Freshman, will be outstanding in '52. LAWRENCE TAYLOR Tafkle XX'as in backfield until injured. now plays defensive tackle. .- ,i .1-'s.giaf.,. .mQf.ff,: 1- 'U f :gif i U9 ' 1 DANIEL BARRIENTOS Guard Injured early in season, but has good possibilities for next year. RALPH RYAN Tarkle Injured early in season, had possibilities for All City line- ITIHH. R. L. PATTERSON Guard Injured in scrimmage, would have been outstanding. EUGENE MILLS Tarkle Outstanding defensive player, good in all games, ALVIN ZENOR ' Tarkle Great possible future. BOBBY BYRUM Guard Dependable, two year squad- Hlafl. ROBERT FARRIS Cerner All city '50, converted guard to center. JERRY HURST Guard Most improved player team, will be bulwark year. CHARLIE CROSS GORDON BEAL End Lots of fight and the desire Zo win. JOHN LOUCKS Tackle njurecl in pre-season scrim- mage, would have been an out- tanding player. TN: V .,.,:34, Q.. End A hustler and a leader, GILBERT RUBIO End Reliable and a very hard Worker. FREDDIE GAUGH Bark Outstanding defensive half- back. - FRITZ PANTFOEDER End Steady and dependable when called upon. JESSE PAREDES End Outstanding pass receiver. BOBBY LUCAS Tarkl e Faithful offensive tackle, cle- fensive guard. .111 a' " ' iw fi if " "" -in 5,822+ M. fm? z. A Q ., 3 s Q- -Q ' iii: - . - 1. W if -az - 17. .- iz: 2, 472451 51131 W? gwfigfe 4 'ive , s 4' 2 ff- e I 1 it 1 Q i'l55'r5-355 f 1, W vt.. -we elm- ' if 5 S 8 Ar 3 QQ X "BH SQUAD First row: james Vaughn, Altis Powell, Geron Endsley, Mike Reid, Bobby Gillham, Marvin Parnell, Ben Bufkin, Charley Lowe, Rogelio Morales, Jackie Lindsey, jim Bob Baugh. Second row: Bobby Wagner, Don Anderson, Jerry Farris, Joe Bird, Teddy Townsend, Mor- ris Day, Alex Garza, Phil Pearson, Arnold Brock, Don Allen, Ben Contreras, jesse Gon- zales, Fred Reyna, Don Edmonds. Third row: Coach Quarles, Grady Newton, Bill Ike Newton, Winston Williams, james Adams, Tony Zaby, joe Mooney, Jack Freeman, Paul Calderon, Howard Harwell, Carl McGee, Herman Williams, Don Green, Lindy Huffman, Coach Stubblefield. COACH ADKINSON "A" SQUAD BASKETBALL TEAM Front row: James Miller, Dwight Parsley, Charles Stiff, Hughlon Painter, Nyle Dennison, Rex Lennamond, Joe Delgoda. Back row: Coach Adkinson, Oscar Blair, George Shanz, Jesse Paredes, Bethel Eldrige, William Ewing, Albert Brown, Jimmy Dorough, Manager George Derr. "B" SQUAD BASKETBALL TEAM Front row: Mike Vasqua, Dickie Boone, R. L. Patterson, Ed Firth, Benjamin Contrarres. Second row: Larry George, Carlos Montemeyor, Coach Penn, James Rice, Winston Williams, joe Jordan. Not pictured: Bud Mayes, Bill Hughes, Robert Smith. COACH PENN Harris WAYNE HARRIS G uard-S eniar A squad last year DWIGHT PARSLEY Guard-junior B team last year HUGH LON PAINTER Guard-Senior Senior letterman, B team last year REX LENAMOND Guard-juniar B team last year Miller Sti JAMES MILLER Forward-Sophomore B team last year CHARLES STIFF Guard--junior B team last year NYLE DENNISON Guard-Sophomore B team last year Parsley Painter Dennison Lenamond egg Shanz Blair Paredes Elledge OSCAR BLAIR Foruufnd-junior No previous experience JESSE PAREDES B Foru'ar'd-Senior town Letterman, B team last year ALBERT BROWN Forward and Cenle1'fFveJl2mm1 Lettermant no previous experience Dorough -s .1 Delgado JOE DE LGADO Guard-junior junior letterman, no previous experience GEORGE SHANZ Forward-jlnziof' Freshman letterman, B team last year BETHEL ELLEDGE Cerner-Soplaomore Letterman and Captain, B team last year JIMMY DOROUGH Forufard-Ffexlaman Letterman, no previous experience l . i xx . 'ig Q5 I NP'-f X E 1 WY Q f 'Q My ,f TRACK TEAM .T .. ...V W WL. ,, f K l JWARD GODFREY - 440 and sprinter. Should be a good track man iext spring. NNIE FERRELL-Mile. Filling the hain of Ferrell Brothers here at Tech. RIGELER MORALES-Sprinter and re lays. Coming along fast. CLYDE BROWN-Sprinter and relays. A junior High transfer that will make a name for himself at Tech Hi. ARNOLD BROOKS-'Sprinter and 440 relay. Best starter of the team, MIKE REID-Manager. Conscientious about his work. JIMMY DOROUGH-Mile. One of the top milers of the city. Filling Rod- riquez's shoes well. CHARLIE CROSS--880. Helping his football. JACK FREEMAN-Shot and discuss. One of the top weight men of the city, 'T' TENNIS TEAM First row: Nell johnson, Mary Ann Thomas, Frankie Naylor. Second row: Benny Baker, Joe Rameriaz, Rudy Benavides, Coach Miss White Not pictured: Jimmie Glasscock, l ll fi Q, XX V V' 6 fi! tl .4 4 af' ..S6' Y g ' Wt -1 'ity 1 I W : X f A lr-Wm!!! 0 an W , tm, EY, , ' U " QQ A K .- VH 1' I - L55 ' xg :lu ' Q limi N ,12 fl ,. COACH STUBBLEFIELD BASEBALL Front row: Marshall Thornton, joe Delgado, R. L, Patter- son, Bobby Gillham, Richard Presley, Carl McGee, Mike Vasquez, Manager Freddie Smith. Back row: Doyle Stout, Carlos Montemayor, Oscar Blair, Jesse Paraclcs, Bud Mayes, Melvan Price, Julian Molina, Marshall Macias, Coach Stubblefield. Stout Presley Blair Mayes DOYLE STOUT Pilcbef A tricky left-hander with a sweeping curve ball. OSCAR BLAIR Second Bare RICHARD PRESLEY Out-field Presley is a two year squadman. A letterman at his position, has lots of baseball savvy. Q TOM RUBIO In-field BUD MAYES Out-field Bud has a keen hitting eye as Well as being a dependable out-fielder. Rubio will be used as a utility infielder and pinch hitter. JOE DELGADO Out-field CARLOS MONTEMAYOR , Pitcher, Fin! Baie He will be seen in the latter role this season. Delgado is in line to be left-fielder and to aid in the pitching chores. Rubio Montemayor Delgado McGee Price Macias Espinoza Thornton Paredes Patterson R. L. PATTERSON C azrlaer This will be R. L.'s first regular season behind the plate. JESSE PAREDES Fin: Bare He's all city first base. MARSHALL THORNTON Sborlylop Marshall is expected to fill a big gap in the infield. CARL MCGEE Pilfher Carl has a fastball to mix with a na- tural curve. MELVN PRICE Pllrber He will be one of the mainstays of the mound corps. MARSHALL MACIAS Tbifd Bare Closing out his third year is the fixture at third base. FREDDY ESPINOZA Ou!-field Patrolling the big pasture he will con- tribute greatly to the Tech defense. THE 1951 CITY CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL TEAM First row: Keith Lane, manager, Billy Bowers, Bud Mayes, Melvin Price, R. L. Paterson, Vaugh Martin, Charles Stiff, Manager. Second row: Ray Beaty, Jesse Parades, Oscar Blair, Earl Brisendine, Richard Presley, Jerry Lattimer. Third row: Doyle Stout, Tommy Bowers, Coach Sherman, Leo Pyle, Marshall Macias. 9' "N-in ni E K -a'f"v:f""' -'eff 31 4 e A 8 iw .V . V.: mf 1. . r."'-J k'4f' I A I Q 1 " H 9 I K, A if Hia ,K .b if 5' . . A vp :E 9' 7 al K X Vx ' , f H ' , rj V ' . A1 9 x ,Nr . E '31 ,J lm" H Ei Y, if ,,..,uh .AJ """"" SQ-fy? ffifi 3 - .fimlgz ' -.QMS Tffgr! ,,, , .4 1 i ,,Q.: 'Ilia-J , Fall DONALD BROOKSHIRE ..... ..,.............. P rexident GORDON BEAL ......,.................. ........,..., V ice Prexident FRANK!-E, GREENWOOD ........ ..... S erretary-Treaxurer FRED GORDON .... .,.......,......., ........ S e rgeunl-at-Army PETER VENO .,....................,.,........................... Safety Com. S.G.A. OFFICERS S prin g PERRY LYONS ..................,.....,....... ............... P rexidenl GORDON BEAL ,................... ,.,.,..... , Vice Pruident ERQNKIE GREENWOOD ....... ...... S erretary-Treaxufer LeROY CAMPBELL ............., ...... S ergeant-at-Arm! JOE MCLEMORE ......,.......... .......... S afely Com. Not pictured S. G. A. The Crozier Technical High School Student Government Association is a democratic organization that gives the students the opportunity to suggest improvements needed for the welfare of the school and student body. It is the parent organization from which all other clubs must obtain a charter. The S.G,A. consists of two representatives from each alphabetic homeroom, twelve from the 4A homeroom, ten from the 4B homeroom, and sixteen senators who have served at least two semesters in the organization, All representatives and officers are elected, The S.G,A. accomplishes many worthwhile things and makes use of the club motto which is "SERVICE," TECH TALK REPRESENTATIVES Albrecht, Allen, Bailey Bardin, Barrientos Bowen, Brennan Brewer, Carter Cleveland Co e , y 7 , , P Coyle, Crane, Deaton, Deerman Dilleshaw Driggers, Eldridge, Ellis, Espinoza, Fetters, Fogarty, Garza, Geer, Gergens, A. Gonzales, S. Gonzales, Greenwood, Harlow, Harper, B. Hill, L. Hill Holland, Ingram, jackson, jenkins, jones, Kehres, Kelley, Lacy, Lane, Luster, Macias, Mayes Maynard, McCormick, Medlock, Moncrief, Mooney, Morris, Morrison, Nickels, Place, Pool, Pruitt Quiroga, Reaves, Romero, Rhea, Rodriguez, Sarratt, Shipman, A. Smith, A. F. Smith, J. Smith, M Smith, R. Smith, Stephenson, Tacllock, Thomas, Turley, Villareal, Wallace, Wilkerson, Wilson Wright, Zmolik. MRS. GLADYS YOAKUM Spomor 1 1 s KEY CLUB First row, left to right: Edward Dantzler, Bobby Smith, jerrel jones, Vice President, Gene Smithg Edward Fly, President, Tom Lopez, johnny Williams. Second row: John Wagliardo, Tommy Van Zandt, Fred Morgan, Robert Lawler. jerry Smith, Bob Stinson, Merle Bany, Third row: Perry Lyons, Theron Cody, Sam Darr, Douglas Dreggars, Gene Griffin, Arthur Reed, Winston Grant, Billy McMillian. MR. ROBERT LAN!-IAM Sporzmr ' ' Q f :iw 3 QI if y We 1 , 1w3f5'A' V resize , rf' .Q w V' A ,wggfgzg W I I ' K 5, f K ww-, , M Q 'isfg f f A A ,K , ' " . QW 'R - me-sez? 'if ., ., - sam. 1 sf. f xr? i 393' L we-ze: Q X , 52-Zi " 5 ,, , N - f fm -R FK gg?-,e,H'. -xk1.m'l'e Y 1 P1 sgeisar i ' ' CO-OP CLUB OFFICERS-President, Ardis Long, Vice President, Denson Atkinson, Secretary, Shirley Cox, Treasurer, Stanley jones, Reporters, Nick Morale, Tillman Kelleyg Sergeant-at-Arms, Kenneth Stokes, S.G.A. Representatives, Robert Furr, Dale joseyg Sponsor, R. E, 'Bob' Sanders. Front row: Shirley Vela, Pat Percival, Shirley Cox, Ann Perkins, Patsy Woodard, Gloria Gonday. Second row: john Keahey, Earl Roberts, Paul Hernandez, Robert Stephens, Carl josey, Albert Langley, Nick Morale. Third row: Vernon Perdue, Eugene Miller, Otis Hanby Ardis Long, Stanley jones, Tillman Kelley, George Mor- gan. Fourth row: Robert Furr. Kenneth Stokes, Tom Pearson Bobby Bowers, Kenneth Allen, R. E. 'Bob' Sanders Sponsor. Not pictured: Denson Atkinson, john Horton, Dale josey Carolyn Knight, Charlie Tate. PURPOSE-Organized for the vocational and social development of trainees in the de- partment of Industrial Cooperative Training. MOTTO-Earn While You Learn r , DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION First row, left to right: Betty Surles, Glenn Thomas, Betty Bailey, jimmy Stimson, Barbara Good- man, Carl Cason, Sue Ilseng, Dwayne Carter, Joyce Brents. Second row: Grace Franco, Patricia Berry, Armand Hall, jo Ann Schleimer, Bonnie Bagwell, Leroy Brewer, Darlene Fields, Sidney Adams. Third row: William Russell, Gereldine Parker, Bonnie Calvery, Ioyce Green, Mary Morrison, Glenn Baker, David Freeman, Patricia Skinner, Robert Perez. Fourth row: Gentry Smith, Mary Edmonds, Gayle Brown, jack Blake, Barbara McLaughlin, john Meador, Larry Gaddis. Fifth row: Billy Weesner, Marvina Lackey, Miss Neel, Glenn Uckert. Not in picture: Gilbert Duran, Dick Campion, Kenneth Rose, Eddie Shelton, Patricia Kirby, L. D. Atteberry, Thurman Bennett, Bobby Carder, Morris Haddock, Carl josey, Don Maynard, john Maynard,'Larry McMahan, jim Moore, Larry Moran, Dorthea Searcy, Wendel Shaw, james Wiley, Lalen Woodlock. LIBRARY COUNCIL Left to right: Mary Rosa Cabrera, Jolene Gandy, Ann Thomas, Kennon Edmondson, jerry Mullins, Betty Carson. Virgie Morales, Patsy Ray, Bennie Sills, Betty Goodson, Dina Lee Duncan, Felicitas Hernandez, Kenneth Monroe, john Childs, Harry Tasker, Barbara DeMoss, Ethel Morgan, Wayne Woods, Georgia Wilson, Robert Kissler, Billy Fielding, john Hood, Frank jenkins, Albert Schwitzer. Mrs, Margaret Walraven, Sponsor. .ham ,, ,W his mx ...., 1 Lf,.,W4J. ,...,... -f M... ..N.W,.. ,..,.FW.W,.,-..... ,.W,. 1gw.m,f.g.w.Mwg.,,q.MqQ.,.WQ 'Si hmm' W - '3ii5i6iE59i?!75!!SE- . - K 5 5 S ., ,, .,.1.,W-,aw fiaewfl ileaz-szss,fa.gQfw ,.,.,. Mx. f fm' In M Q Q K ' " 1 5 q+if:,e--2. -.K mg L if -if an f fff ff AMATEUR RADIO jerry Murray-W5KUP, Sponsorg Otis Hanby-W5TKKg Leonard Sykorag Norman Turley- XVSTERQ Warren Chalk-WN5TYUg Gerald Spriggsg Glen Deen-WSTADQ Sam Laney-WSPPS Vernon Carberg Lewis johnsong jerrel jones-W5TUUg Ellis Mooring-WSTXS. HISTORY CLUB First row: Edna Mae Medlock, Elaine Harper, Dorothy Buccola. Second row: Frances Brown: jeurida jo Fairless, Yvonne Parks, Norma Lankford, Amy Anglin, Barbara Berry, Jeanette Adams, Billie Morrison. Third row: Lanell Deaton, Margaret Adams, Ruby jo Adams, Earnestine Saddler, Cecilia Tate, Mary Meek, Leo Salazar. Fourth row: Doris Brown, Mary Powell, Anita Gergens, Barbara Pruitt, Barbara Willey, Patsy Fetters, jimmy Campbell. Fifth row: Margie Zmolik, Mary Frances johnson, Donna Gergens, James Mayes, Ben Molina, Bobbye Cleveland, Patsy Smission. Sixth row: Jennalee Murphy, Carolyn Weatherford, Shirley Rose, Doyle Sutch, Thurman Bennet, Nancy Hanks, Ioy Jacobs, Victor Cordova. Seventh row: Merle Barr, Robert Baxter, J, C. Stulce, Earnest Reesing, -I. E. Smith, Kennon Ed- monds. MRS. KAREN YOUNG BROWN Spomor 7 ZOE MCEVOY ' 2 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Emma Lee Adams, Joann Attebury. Charles Baker, Joyce Brents, Don Brookshire. Joan Budde- meyer, Bonnie Calvary, Firman Cook, Kay Cornish. L. O, Cos, Glen Dean. Maureen Emery. Gail Fortune, W'inston Grant, Joyce Green. XX'anda Green. Evelyn Hill. Randy Howard. Sue Ilseng, Perry Lyons, Sue McClintock, Roy MCCommas, Doris Manasco. Margie Meador, Evelyn Mooney, Grace Nunn. Hughlon Painter, La Juanda Pollard, Joe Ramirez, Arthur Reed, Jo Ann Redding, Jo Richardson, Robert Richie. Jo Ann Schlimer. Jessie Sepeda, Cherokee Singleton, Bobby Smith. Dolores Smith. Yvonne Stanfield, Doyle Sutch. Mary Thomas, Mariana Villareal, Margaret Werry, Roy Woodle, Margie Zmolik. .. i.... FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS DON BROOKSHIRE ...,....,....,.,.,......,.,. ...,..,...... P refideuz BOBBY SIVIITH ........i..i.........................................A Pfefidefll ZOBBY SMITH .............. ....... V ice Prexiderzt JOE RAMIREZ ............ ....... V U6 P76-ffdwll VIAUREEN EMERY ...... .........,.,,, S ecfetafj SUE MCCLINTOCK ......- ----------- S Fffefdfj ROY WOODLE .......... ......... T fefuurer RANDY HOWARD ...... ------ T ffalllfff 4' QE' L W 'PE' L :QW LQ., - .11 S+- N ' 1 I :gs , K 14- am 5 1- A mm Q W, I 1 4, A - - AF 1 :ax "2 as Lg 3 V 1 D QR ,. Mb HWY? ww, M1-as W 'Wm Q. K gf Y L .i 5 DRAMATICS CLUB Helen Bellamy, Barbara Boyd, Dorothy Brennen, Don Brookshire, Catherine Brown, Dorothy Buc- Lola, Vivian Burnham, Nanry Cloud. Sam Darr, Frances Holder, Fred Morgan, Don Murray, Grace Nunn, Delores Quiroga, Richard Williams, OATHER E. RAYNES Spwzmf , --M V 7- HEARING CONSERVATION CLUB john Valandingham, james Henry Pollard, Miss Lourse Hillyer, Sponsorg jean Farrell, Doris Dean, Jane Comer, Pat Blackburn, Billy Rike, Albert Fullington. Members not in picture: Otelia Flores, Barbara Keith, john Morgan. MACHINIST CLUB Alfred Anderson, M, F. Benninfield. Alvie Barron. Charles Bothwell, Wayne Brinson, William Brown. Robert Bruno. Ben Bufkin. Lonnie Carpenter, Billy Chumley. Charles Collins, jimmy Cook, Frank Crello. David Dreher, Frank Fowler, Roy Goodwin, Charles Halbert, jerry Harris, Archie Hill, johnny Hoffman, J. B. Holmes. William Howard, Kenneth Ivey, Vernon jackson, Louis johnson, James Kelly, Archie Lynch. Robert McCann. Danny Moffett, Harry Moon, jack Murdock, Heorge Newkirk. Bill Newton, Urbano Pitones, Daniel Ramos, Ronald Redd. Tom Reynolds, Larry Ring, Beningno Rodrigues, joe Salazar, Leroy Smith, Richard Smith, Bobby Stout, James Spradlin, Donald Spights. Ed Taylor, Gary Taylor, W. K. Washburn. ART POTTERY First row, left to right: Joyce Olson, Fern Morgan. Second row: JoAnn Dilleshaw, Joan Stanfill, JoAnn Neal, Freda Schenk, Patricia Bryant, Billie Jeanette Morrison, Doris Hoffman, Ela Mae Lee, Charlotte Allison, Redith Mangrum. Third row: Ann Wooley, Marcia Shoaf, Maureen Emery, Ann Ferguson, Carmen Lopez, Mildred Garner, Barney Jones, Essie Bee Roberts, Margie Zmolik, Juanita Mitchell, James Brock, Charles Forsee. Fourth row: Robert Farris, Alfred Gregg, Ruddy Cluke, Catherine Brown, JoAnn Redding, Jeanette Pritchett, Jimmy Hale, Robbie Fisk, Bill McMillan, Earl Martin, Joy Jacobs. ' Fifth row: Mary Esther Duran, Alice Oleves, Helen Bellamy, James fBudj Mayes, Edward Combs, Raymond McClung, Rex Lenamond, Frank Martin, Richard Watkins, Leonard Sykara, George Ortiz, Joe Herrera, John Williams, John Hood. Sixth row: Winston Grant, Johnie fMikeJ Angelo, Daniel Barrientos, Ray Bramhall, Fred Mann, Lee Logan, Marshall Macias. MACHINE BOOKKEEPING CLUB First row: La Donn johnson, Shirley Barron, Amy Anglin, Peggy Jacobs, Patsy La Verne Smith, La Juanda Pollard, La Vonne Parks. Cecelia Bellamy. Second row: Toula Psellas, Norma Lankford. Edna Mae Medlock, Wanda Miller, Shirley jean Cox, Lorraine Bardin, May Redfern, Instructor. Third row: Elvadean Barker, joy Christy, Kay Cornish, Beatrice Sanchez, Shirley Rae Herndon, jo Ann Tadlock, Fannie Smith, Fourth row: Ima jo Williams, Gail Fortune, Mary Rosa Cabrera. OPERETTA Rio Rico Prefented In y the CROZIER TECH CHORUS A CAPPELLA Nancy Anderson, Amy Anglin, Buddy Baker, Merle Barr, Willetta Brown, Annalee Byrd, Cecil Crook, Ken Ferguson, Earnestina Garcia, Luica Garcia, Gilbert Gutierrez, jimmy Hale, Elaine Harper, Elizabeth Hathaway, Sammy High, Betty Hill, james Hodges. Frances Irvine, Norma Lankford, Dorothy Sue Little. Tom Lopez, Bennie McCormic, Earlene McGuire, jennalee Murphy, LaVonne Parks, Peggy Parrish, Edith Pekar, Mary Powell, Marlene Price, Jeanette Pritchett, Mary Helen Ray, Aurora Rodriquez, Shirley Rose, Leopold Salazar, jerry Smith, Clara Nell Spriggs, Pat Stewart, Bob Stinson. CHORUS Albrecht, Anderson, Banister, Bass, Belmares, Berry, Black, Bobbitt, Bramhall, Brannon, Buttler Calverley, Carlisle, Carter, Cervini, Cope, Cranford, Davila, Donaldson, Ellingberg, Ellis, Espinoza Farrell, Feaga, Ferguson, Ferrell, Fincher, Ford, Franco, Garner, Geeslin, Gillham, Green, Gross Hamiton, Hardy, Harlow, Hill, Hoffman, Holder, Huse, jenkins, Kirksey, Lowe, Macias, Mauel Maynard, McAdoa, McCain, McClintock, McMillian, Mills, Moon, Morrow, Mullin, Nash, North: cutt, Northcutt, O'Brien, Orano, C. Ortiz, G. Ortiz, Palma, Parks, Pasch, Paulsen, Pena, Perez Pogue, Polkemus, Ramey, E. Ramirez, F. Ramirez, Rhodes Richardson Robertson Sanchez Searc l y v i Y, F. Smith, N. Smith, Smith, Stephenson, Taylor, Thomasson, Tinney, Wall, Walsh, Wareman, Wat- son, Wilie, Wilson, Wooten, Young, Youngblood, Zamora. v w CHARM CLUB , VVV, si R X Back row, left to right, standing: Esterina Samudio, Carol Hilborn, Cecilia Tate, Jenny McGlothlin, Mrs. Olive Dudley, Sponsorg Lydia Valencia, Gene Rowan, Aurora DeLaGarza. Second row. seated: Barbara Thurmond, Felepa Cantu, Virginia Norton, Billie Taylor, Margurita Flores, Murlene Place, Linda Matias. First row, manifuring tables: Maxine Shepard, Carol Townsend, Helen Hamilton, Dolores Rushing. VISUAL EDUCATION First row: T. O. Neely, Sponsorg Hurley Shipman, Billy Wells, Johnny Galli, Cecelia Bellamy Venoice Salmon, Richard Watkins, Wayne Gieger, Merle Barr, Louis johnson. Second row: Delbert Mclntosh, Clay Cook, H. L. Cook, Leslie Day, Buddy Baker, Morris Morrow Bobby Clark, Glynn Geer, Bobby Smith, Third row: Tommy Tyler, johnny Moss, Henry Brown, Robert Tallcington, Raymond Reeves, Edmund Stenson, George Renfro, jerry Smith, Larry Duke. Fourth row: Kenneth Penn, Gary Tayler, Fred Daum, . C. Stulce, Ernest Reecin Harold Marshall, J E, Ralph Black, james Carlen. Fifth row: Scotty Darr, Charles Baker, Kermit Hale, Douglas Drigers, Herschel Hamby. y A i fr z' JI' + " + 2, .Af Y-TEEN CLUB Amy Anglin, Mae Ansley, Phanetta Arkansas, Shirley Barron, Cecilia Bellamy, Patricia Berry, Janis Bowen, Betty Brannon, Louise Brinkley, Catherine Brown, Doris Brown, Frances Brown, Thelma Browning, Juanita Bowen, Joyce Buchanan, Vivian Ann Burnham, Mary Ann Callaway, Felipa Cantu, Anita Cantrell, Darlene Carns, Charlotte Ann Carns, Margie Carlisle, Betty Carson, Nelva Carter, Ruth Carter, Annette Cates, Nancy Cloud, Nancy Cope, Anna Mae Cox, Gailya Davis Joyce Davenport, Joanne Davidson, Aurora DeLaGarza, JoAnn Dilleshaw, Betty Dodd, Thelma Dunford, LaVerne Ellis, Maureen Emery, Bobbie Everett, Bonnie Ruth Etier, Margarita Flores Jean Ford, Gail Fortune, Anita Gergens, Donna Gergens, Jimmie Glasscock, Aurora Gonzales Ann Goodspeed, Annie Goodwin, Jimmie Green, Lois Green, Wanda Green, Carolina Gutierrez Helen Irene Hamilton, Sharon Hammoncls, Vinita Harlow, Elaine Harper, Shirley Ann Harrell, Patricia Hensley, Anna Marie Hernandez, Felicitas Hernandez, Carole Hilborn, Norma Higgin- botham, Barbara Hill, Eleanor Hoffman, Frances Holder, Joy Jacobs, Evelyn Koperczak, Helen Kiaser, Marjorie Kehres, LaRita Kelley, Norma Langford, Martha Jane Lee, Ruby McElroy, Jenny McGlothlin, Margie McKinney, Linda Macias, Mary Louise Meek, Doris Miller, Thomasene Mills, Mary Ann Minter, Carol Jean Mitchell, Patsy Mitchell, Lena Mora, Eloisa Morales, Virgie Morales, Christine Morris, Jennalee Murphy, Y TEENS llL"'L infill XIII Il Ill' 7 XUIIIII Q0,,,,,,, I A ?ilf. X Fall Sprzng DARLENE CARNS ....................... ,,A,,,,,,,,, P refidenl MARY ANN MINTER ,......,.....,.. ...,Y.,..V. P f6Jid?Wf MARY ANN MINTER .,,.., ...... V ire Pferidenz CECILIA ANN TATE Vife Prefidenl PATSY SMISSON ....,.,..., ,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S enemy-J JACKIE ROY ...,.........,...... .,............. S ertetafy RUTH CARTER ,....,...,, ,.,,.,,,,A,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, T ygafufef MAXINE SI-IEPPARD .,.,. .,............... T reafufer MAJORIE KEHRES ,..,, ,Y,,, I nzgf-Club Cgym-il Rep, MAJORIE KEI-IRES ...... ...... I niet-Club Rep. Martha Neal, Virginia Rose Norton, Grace Nunn, Doris Orr, Vivian Padilla, La Vonne Parks, Patricia Parks, Peggy Parrish, Edith Pekar, Zelma Perry, Wanda Jean Petty, Murlene Place, Jeanette Pritchett, Barbara Pruitt, Toula Psellas, Rita Ragsdale, Jo Ann Redding, Larue Robertson, Christine Romero, Shirley Rose, Gene Rowan, Jackie Roy, Delores Rushing, Earnestime Saddler, Esterina Samudio, Beautrice Sanchez, Freida Schenk, Elizabeth Scoma, Ora Lee Scott, Shirley Maxine Shepard, Cherokee Singleton, Patsy Smisson, Alta Faye Smith, Margaret Smith, Fran Spitler, Joan Stanfill, Betty Lou Stephenson, Cecilia Ann Tate, Tommie Tate, Billie Taylor, Judy Thomas, Barbara Thur- mond, Sue Tinney, Carol Ann Townsend, Lydia Valencia, Janie Van Horn. Shirley Waldrop, Jelaine Walsh, Betty White, Jean White, Melba White, Cora Lee Whitley, Georgia Wilson, Ann Wooley, Sarah Wray, Nancy Wright, Ruth Youngblood. ..4M..-f I f-www. . f ,,,,. , ., , A L,, 2, -,L Q . wx Y , W..W., -,v 21 Q ff S 161 A 1 ,,-' 1 if - f'fL ,.k gr 'au-n , ' Wwgggzazsw 2'-stack-5 4 -sv , k5'4ff5f5f2i4!3i1gE55fi, --,v ,. . ,Mm ,1 saws,-sw.. .f i Y Liv UQ GQ 71 N '5- ZN7 mf I 1 ' fl ,1- I 0 4, 5 IP, A f f "ll rl -- 0' mafia' ., , ,,. A .5 N EY x- E i- C? ll onli , X OFFICERS for 1952 X OFFICERS for 1951 -- I f ANDERSON .fY..... -...........,..,..,,.,.,.,........ . . Prefiderzf N BILL THOMPSON ......v ',fYf,Y----..,AYA..,. P rendeuz -E SUTCH ----------.....A ......1 I 'ice Prefideut I A ANDY ANDERSON v.v,Y,.--- Vive Pfefzdezzz kN BURNHAM ...... ...............,,... S erremfy, N 1 SUZANNE JACKSON .....Yv. . Serremrg 5 DARR ............... , A..,,. Sevgeaut-af-A1-mf V7 ' MERLE BARR ,,......,,,,,...w. . Sevgeafzluz Armf I yk f ff 1 . 41553, 5 KY- P 'Q 5 1 I I 1 .LL SAF E-T CLUB Top row, left to right: Rudy Guerra, joe Ramirez, Lewis Davis, Perry Lyons, Roy McComas, Roger Crawford, Kennon Edmondson, Mr. jim Tysor, Sponsor. Second row: Patsy Smith, Norma Lankford, Evelyn Koperczak, Wanda Miller, Mary Frances john- son, Hughlon Painter. Third row: Dorothy Meador, Patsy LaVern Smith, Shirley jeane Cox. Front row: Lois Ayers, Carole Hilborn, Peggy Jacobs, Lajuanda Pollard, Shirley Barron, Wanda Green, Amy Anglin. MRS. W. M. DANTZLER, SR. MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. OFFICERS 1951-1952 W, M. DANTZLER, SR. .......... .....,....... . . AUDY DARR ..........,....,. ALFRED ANDERSON ..,.. B, E. DOWNING ..........,, LOEWIS B. CARROLL ........ R. W. WORTHY ..............,... MARGIE W. FALCONER ..,., LEO KOVAN ...,............... LINNIE HIGH .......... E. G. BUCHANAN ..... PERRY FITE ......... M. D. PARSLEY .........,............ WALTER J. E. SCHIEBEL ........ A. D. EDWARDS .......,........ H. E. COLLINS ...... MOTTO--Tbe love o elazldlyood if llae common lie whzrlo unzley zu in Holieft Purpofef. Pfelidenl Fin! Vire Prefidenl Serond Vire Prexideni Third Vice Pre.rident Fourfla Vife Prexidenl Fiftle Vire Pfefident Sixlb Vice Preudent Sevemh Vire Prexiderzt Refarding Sefrelary Cofrefponding Serretafy Treoxufer Hiftorian Parliamenmrian Coufzril Delegate Couneil Delegate To the tune of the Pig Skin Polka . . MAJORETTES Patsy Glover, Zelma Perry, Gaylia Davis, Betty Burton, Wanda Hogan, Thelma Dun ford, Frankie Greenwood. S ZELMA PERRY FRANKIE GREENWOOD GAYLIA DAVIS BETTY BURTON THELMA DUNFORD PATSY GLOVER WANDA HOGAN M N X lk' x x N WOLFETTES DALBY CRITES Sponxof JANIE VAN HORN-Capmin First row, left to right: Louise McClurg, Delia Perez, Sue Carter, Beth Greenwood, Dorothy Buccola. Second row: Gloria Valesquez, Ruby Adams, june Kennedy, LaDonn johnson, Lucille Kelly, Third row: Vivian Burnham, Dixie Penn, Helen Kiser, Patsy Smission, Louise Brinkley. Fourth row: Martha Morales, Frances Holder, Martha Griffin, Patsy Hensley, Patsy Rice. Fifth row: Juanita Arona, Lydia Hernandez, Dorthea Searcy, Christine Morris, DeLois Blount.' Sixth row: Nancy Cope, Betty Stephenson, LaReta Kelly, Jeanette Draper, Mary jo Catenhead. Seventh row: Glenda Threlkel, Nell Freeman, Redith Mangum, Estella Perez, Anita Cantrell. Eighth row: Patsy Fetters, Gerald Smallwood. L- ff' 0 If N. tl F fy WOLFETTES JANIE VAN HORN ill CONCERT BAND DALBY CRITES Sponmr First row Glen Deen Theron Cody Keeth Lane Charles Baker john Day Darlene Cams Larry Burton Gene Griffen Mack Campbell Frankie Lowe Second row Ceirtis Nonling Nancy Hanks j A Stulce Earnest Reesing Bobby Clark Bobby Langsford Bob Flack Duncy Hillard Edmund Ramery john Talbert David Parker Howard Harwell Leone Schuly Third row: john Maynard, Nelson Joyce, jo Ann Moody, R, L. Roberts, Leo Morgan, Ronald Wish, Antalio Acosta, Epi Quintcuilla, Richard W'illiams, Robert Lawler, Kenneth Monroe, Charles Lowe, Al Anderson, Leslie Day, Otis Harby. Fourth row: joy Jacobs, Joe William, Windle Morgan, jean White, jimmy O'Brien, Eddie Dantzler, jirman Cook, Bill Thompson, Kennith Bailey. Evin Watson. Alvis Ellinberg, Ken- neth Herr, Don Yancy. CHARLES BAKER Ll, Colonel BAND OFFICERS 'aigwx 4153 V, .Mn lla 0 aw gg: 'J JN K 4 W v MACK CAMPBELL Ref. Major DAVID PARKER Ref. Major JAMES COOK Rei. Captain JOHN TALBERT, JR. Rex. Caplain LARRY BURTON Caplam HOWARD HARWELL Fint Lieulemzfzz FRANKIE LOXVE Flrfl Lieutenant DURAY HILLARD Semud Lieulemzrzt KEITH LANE Sera rid Lieulenmzt R. O. T. C. BAND First row: L. Burton, M. Campbell, J. Talbert, L. Schuly, K. Lane, T. Cody, C. Baker, H. Harwell G. Deen, D. Hilliard, D. Parker, F. Lowe, F. Cook, R. L. Roberts. Second row: E. Dantzler, O. I-Iamby, W. McDevitt, L. Day, E. Ramerey, D. Monroe, A. Anderson R. Williams, E. Quintauilla, C. Howard. Third row: B. Mathew, C. Lowe, G. Scarborough, J. Maynard, R. Lawler, C. Norling, L. Morgan R. Gow, R. Wish, M. Perey. Fourth row: J. Hampton, J. Williams, J. O'Brier, B. Flack, B. Clank, B. Langsford, A. Acosta E. Reesing, J. Stulce, G. Griffen. Fifth row: E. Martin, L. Johnston, D. Yancy, A. Ellenberg, K. Bailey, E. Watson, K. Herrell, W Garnice, R. Smith, R. De Lina. , Sixth row: B. Nash, F. Smith, D. White, L. Holder, J. Lewis, B. Burnet, B. Thompson, A Mendoza, D. Martin. 58 I4 H F? , ,. Y? a.. A ffl? mm . , , A W 4 - 5 W .na , ,mn . , ,F ,, . IL W, V My ,X any A 'L '.A M, V D Nm I : 'rm' 8 i , M my as 'f' 1 f E infix -. A W , . ' L 1 "Q X 1: . xg: , N if as ' li Q fA,,,f ,,7,, . Q: .J.- .,.. 4 L- Mvem 4., . . .g,4Q, ., , M. ,I Q kk. BOBBY SMITH RANDY HOWARD JIMMY BROOKS FRED DAUM TOMMY VAN ZANDT FRANK GOMEZ NORMAN MUSTAIN RESERVE OFFICERS REGIMENTAL STAFF ARD1s LONG DOUGLAS DREGGORS FRED DOWD CHARLES BOTHWELL KERMIT HALE FRANKLIN HOWARD ROBERT MARTINEZ LIONEL sCHULTz MACK CAMPBELL JOHN TALBERT LARRY DUKE ROBERT STINSON JIMMY WILLIAMS GENE SMITH SAM DARR CHARLES CHILDRESS BOB STATON RAYMOND RUTLEDGE FIRST BATTALION DENSION ATKINSON RALPH BLACK LeROY CAMPBELL ROLAND BOMBERGER SECOND BATTALION COMPANY A Paul Aqiulan, joe Annedondo, Louis Attaway, George Aniz, Robert Bell, Milo Benningfield, Wil- liam Berry, Troy Bishop, Henry Blackshear, William Brown, jimmy Campbell, Richard Gawthon, Rudy Chapa, james Collins, Tom Collins, jackie Cook, Richard Dollison, Martin Durham, Ronnie Ferrell, George Fisher, William Garnica, David Gonzales, james Gregg, Richard Gustafson, Ken- neth Hensley, Leroy Holder, Twyman Irich, Vernon jackson, Leslie Jacobs, Aaron jannett, Robert Jay, James Kelly, Ralph Kelly, Harold King, Samuel Kinnamon, Frank Knukerbocker, Linwood Mclntosch, Kenneth Melton, joseph Mooney, Ellis Mooring, Donald Pace, Bobby Palmer, William Parker, Wesely Phillips, Benny Pinson, Richard Place, Daniel Ramos, Arthur Reed, Richard Reed, Raymond Reeves, Vernon Richardson, Norman Robbins, Tony Robledo, Gilbert Rubio, john Rupe, Robert Talkington, Harry Tasher, Willie Vest, Cecil Walters, johnny Williams, jerry Willis. COMPANY B an--q Donald W. Attebery, Robert E. Baxter, Earl C. Bean, james Bickley, Charles Bothwell, Williams Bowers, Henry Brown, John Carroll, Carl Cashion, Zereth Chaney, james Clark. Rudy Cluke, Billy D. Cummings, James Darr, Edward Diaz, Herbert Diaz, Billy Disheroom, Kenneth Dixon, Utah Dixon, James Forester, William Frizzell, Ernest Geaslin, Gilbert Guiterrex, Terry Harris, Robert Hill, Sidney Johnston, Walter Knowles, Donald Koon, Pat LaRue, joe Lawrence Arthur Lowry, Leroy Luster, William May, joel Medina, Kenneth Monrou, john Morgan, Vernon Morrison, johnny Moss, Edward Mycue, Bobby Morris, Howard Parrish, Urbano Pitones, john Pitts, Richard Ramirez, Jessie Santoscoy, Byrd Smith, Weldon Smith, Bobby Stout, Bill Vales, William Washburn, Raymond Webb, james Wiley. 1' COMPANY C Bobbie Allen, Joe Baker, Bobby Braddock, W, L. Bradshaw, Charles Burns, Billy Chumley, Paul Dalton, Eligo Galawiz, Frank Garcia, Authur Green, Lawrence Griffin, Archie Hill, jerry Hoff- man, Norman johnson, james Lee, john Lopez, George McAdoo, Hilluard McClung, Delbert McIntosh, George Morgan, Eddie Norwood, Sam O'Suna, G. C. Pettey jr,, Donald Polhemus, Dan Reid, Manuel Reyes, Domingo Samudio, Donald Smith, Ernest Smith, jerry Smith, Donald Stevens, Charles Stewart, Haorld Suder, Benny Sutherland, Gary Taylor, Edward Underwood, Robert Wall, Marvin Williams, Bobby Winkle. COMPANY D Frank Akers, john Attaway, Archie Byrd, Vernon Carber, johnny Champion, Robert Christian, Tiny Cole, Nathan Cook, Philip Cook, Norman Cooper, Tony Cordova, R, D, Crow, Robert Delira, Fred Espinosa, Robert Fincher, Edward Firth, Florencio Flores, Edward Foley, joe Galvan. How- ard Gilbert, Isabel Gomez. j. W, Grizzle, Dan Hamiter, James Hearon, Donald Hernandez, Sam- my High, Charles Hughes. james Hughes, Glenn Hughes, Harmon Husbands. Johnny Ingram, john johnson, Cullen Jordan, joseph Kirk, Robert Kissel, Shelby Martin, Rafael Martinez, David Mauser, john McDaniel, Gordon McDevitt, James McNeely, Charles Megibben, Robert Moldonado, Danny Moffet, Harold Moody, Floyd Moore, Guy Morgan, Morris Morrow, Charles Rowan, jerry Mullins, jay Noller, Arnold Oviver, Bobby Rasco, Billy Reeves, Tom Reynolds, Beningno Rodriquez, joe Salazar. Donald Searcy, W'alter Searcy, Francis Sill, Jimmie Slovak, Otis Smalley, Ellis Smith, jerry Smith, Edmond Stevenson, james Terry, Manuel Vela, joe Watson, Willie Wells, Milton Webster, Alvin Zenor. COMPANY E johnny Angelo Thurman B Bennett Richard D Bird Roland L Brock Ernest K Boughton james L Brock john W Childs Charles W Clark Frank Cuello Voncille Davis Morris Day Tommyj Dodd Serferino Dominguez Kenneth Donaldson Mark Enders Charles Porsee Charles Halbert Chess H Hall Herschel Hambey John R Hampton James Hardin Billy H Harris Charles Harthcock John N Hernandez jimmy Herrera William E Howard Paul C Ingram joe F Jurosek Lannie Kilgore Howard Liles 'Iom G Lopez Duane Lunday Guadalupe Macrel Owen Mansfield Earl F Martin Robert C Martin Don L Maynard Robert McCann Ronald McKnight Larry WMcMahan Carroll G Monico Roger Morgan David Morrow Don Murray Ronnie Nash Ramon Navaro Bobby J Pennington Billy H Ranne Millard D Renfrow Larry W. Ring Raymond E. Sill James Smetak james E. Spradlin jerry W. Smith Bobby Staton Jimmie Terrel Floyd Topping Theodore C. Townsend Thomas Tyler john G. Valandingham jimmy D. Vaughn james L. Wade Richard A. Watkins john Watson Tom Weldon Harold Werning johnny Williams Ocie L. Williams. COMPANY F Clyde Brrmer james Brooks Fred Cantrell Charles Childress Kenneth Darlrng Raymond Davidson Archre Dean Bobby Downum Geron Endsley Royce Frvecoat Fred Gallagher Lloyd Gann Robert Green Brlly Grlbert Alven Hardy W A Hardy Clyde james Howard johnson Terry jones john Key Keys Klrby Carl Large Clyde London Nathan Long Ray Lunday Franklyn Luttrell Archre Lynch Hugh McCorm1ck Thomas Maher john Maynard Harry Moon Norman Morrrson Wrllxam Nash Manuel Najera Eddre Nelson Jere Newton james Poulsen Robert Relf Lynn Rrch ardson Blly Rrke Mrlton Robert Douglas Shaw Harold Smrth Ronald Smxth Doyle Sutch jack Van Zant Thornton Wager Bully Wrllrams Gerald Wood DRILL TEAM I CAPTAIN J. R. MORGAN .....,.......,....,..,,...................... ...,.. C ommunder SERGEANT R. GLAZE ...,...,..,......... .,.,..............,... S ponmf SERGEANT VICTOR CORDOVA .,..,..... ........... G uideon Bearer CAPTAIN CHARLES BOTHWELL ....... ..... A Jriflant Commander First row: Tommy Knowles fGuidej, H. Brown, J. Moss, J. Williams, S. Dominguez, G. Morgan, R. Cluke, J, Kirk, J. Santoscoz. Second row: Strange, H, McCord, K. Darling, R. Baxter, J. Van Zant, j. Kerby, E. Ramerze, B Cummings, A, C. Lary, R. Bomburger. Third row: johnny Williams, C. Harthcock, E. Boughron, E. Beane T. Cordova, J. Smart, I Gomez, J. Murdock, I.. O. Cox, I.. Luster. ,lv -I-wb. 2 A Xi A2 4' ,. If .5 L, 5, New f S LUZ AGUILAR-Pan-American Student Forum . . . DENSON DAWSON ATKINSON, JR.-Lt. Colonel in ROTC . . . JOANNE ATTEBERRY-National Hon- or Society, Class favorite, SGA Representative, President of Homeroom, Secretary of Homeroom. BETTY JOAN BAILEY-Distributive Education, 316 Year Graduate . . . CHARLES BAKER-Band Ma- jor . . . JAMES BRADFORD BICKELY-SGA Rep- resentative . , . JAMES BRANDENBURG-Football B Team '50, A Team Letterman '51 . . . JAMES MAR- ION BROOKS-Lt. Colonel in ROTC, SGA, Golf Letterman, Rifle Team, Safety Commissioner of 4A Class . . . DONALD ANTHONY G. BROOKSHIRE- President of National Honor Society, President of SGA, Editor of Tech Talk '51, Track Team, Vice President of 4A Class . . . EDWIN GAYLE BROWN-Presb dent of Square Dance Club, SGA . . . JOAN BUDDE- MEYER-SGA, National Honor Society, Linz Bible Award, Ice Skating Club, Tech Talk Representative . , . BOBBY GENE BYRUM-B Team Football '49, A Team Letterman, SGA Representative. TOBY CARROL-Night School Graduate, Football Letterman . , . DWAYNE CARTER-316 Year Grad- uate, Distributive Education, Band 2 Years, Printing Club . . . CHARLES WESLEY CAULEY-SGA Rep- resentative . . . RICHARD A. CHABOT-Advertising Staff of Tech Talk, Tumbling Club . . . ERNEST A. CLARK-Golf Team, Rifle Team, SGA Representa- tive, Camp Dallas, ROTC . . . SHIRLEY JEANNE COX-Secretary 4A Class, SGA Senator, Safety Club, Machine Bookkeeping Club, Secretary Square Dance Club. SAMMY LEE DARR-SGA 2 Years, Vice President of 4B Class, Annual Staff, Assistant Editor of Tech Talk, Diamond Disc Club . . . DOROTHY DEERMAN- Red Cross Representative . . . CHAROLETTE DE- MOSS-SGA 3 Years, Senator 1 Year, Cheerleader '50- '51, Dramatic Club, Tech Talk Staff, Bible Linz Award. ROBBIE CLAIRE FISK--Ice Skating Club, Art Pot- tery Club, Red Cross Club. JOHN JOSEPH GALLI-Colonel in ROTC, History Club Senator in SGA, Camera Club, Tech Talk Rep- resentative , . . FRED SMITH GORDON-Football 3 Year Letterman, Assistant Editor of Tech Talk '51, President of 4B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms in SGA, Serg- eant-at-Arms of 4A Homeroom . . . WANDA FAYE GREEN-National Honor Society, Safety Club, Y- Teens, History Club, Tech Talk Representative. WAYNE HARRIS-Basketball, Sports Editor of Tech Talk . . . JIMMY EDWARD HAYNES-SGA Rep- resentative, Homeroom President . . . JOE HERRERA -B Team Football . . . NORMA HIGGINBOTHAM -Runner up for Class Favorite, Charm Club . . . CAROLE JANE HILBORN-President of Safety Club, Y-Teens, Charm Club, SOS, SGA . . . EILEEN SCOT- TIE HUBBS--Night School . . . ALBERT DONALD HUTSON-Cheerleader '50-Sl, Track Team, ROTC 3 Years, SGA. PEGGY DORIS JACOBS-SGA Representative, SOS Vice President, Secretary of Safety Club, Sduare Dance Club, Machine Bookkeeping. EVELYN KOPERCZAK-Y-Teens, Safety Club. CARROL LEE LOGAN-Advertising Staff of Tech Talk . . . ARDIS WAYNE LONG-Reserve Colonel in ROTC, Diamond Disc, President of Distributive Occupation, Chairman of Reserve Officer Training Corp . . . FRANKLIN DEAN LUTTERELL- Re- serve Captain in ROTC . . . JAMES LESLIE MADI- SON, JR.-SGA, SOS Club, Sergeant-at-Arms of Safe- ty Club, 4A President, Vice President of Homeroom . . . MARIAN MANNES-Red Cross Representative, Sec- retary of Homeroom, Mr. Fite's Assistant . . , WAN- DA JEAN MILLER-SOS Club, Machine Bookkeep- ing Club, Safety Club . . , FRED MARTIN MORGAN -Lt. Colonel in ROTC, Military Editor of Tech Talk, Key Club, SGA, Annual Staff, EMMA PAGAN-SGA, Red Cross Representative, Tech Talk Representative . . . MARY PICCOLA POW- ELL-Chorus 5 Years, SGA Senator. JANET RANSOM-SGA 3 Years, SOS 2 Years, Red Cross, Tech Talk Reporter . . . ESSIE BEE ROBERTS -Ice Skating Club . . . R. L. ROBERTS-Dramatics Club, Runner-up Class Favorite. JESSIE FRANCES SEPEDA-National Honor Society, Junior Red Cross Representative, PTA Representative, Tech Talk Representative . . . LIONEL LEIGH SCI-IULZ-Reserved Bank Major, SGA . . . PATSY LAVERNE SMITH-Safety Club, Machine Bookkeep- ing Club . . . SPURGEON HERSHEL STURDEVANT -Tech Talk Staff, SGA Representative, 2nd Lt. in ROTC, President of Chorus, Camera Club. JOHN JOSEPH TALBERT, JR.-Reserved Captain in Band, Diamond Disc Club . . . ROBERT LEE TALK- INGTON-SGA, Rifle Team . . , MARVIN WESLEY TI-IURMOND-History Club, SGA, Camera Club, Tech Talk Representative . . . VINCENT TORRES, JR.-Cheerleader '50-51 . . . EULICE RAY TURNER -Football, Basketball, and Track Letterman, SGA, Sergeant-at-Arms of 4A Class. PATSY WOODARD-SGA Representative, Red Cross Representative, Tech Talk Representative. MARGIE LOUISE ZMOLIK-SGA Representative, Na- tional Honor Society, History Club, Pottery Club, Zak Year Graduate. EMMA LEE ADAMS-National Honor, Society, Linz Pin, Safe T Club, Tech Talk, Square Dance1Club . . . MARGARET ADAMS-History Club, Linz Pin, Safe T Club, SGA Representative . . . RUBY JO ADAMS- SGA Representative, Pep Squad, Safe T Club, Tech Talk Representative . . . AMY ANGLIN-Vice Presi- dent of Camera Club, First Place in Sales Contest, SGA Representative, Y-Teens . . . MAE ANSLEY- SGA Representative, Y-Teens, Office Assistant . . . LOIS AYERSfLinz Award, SGA Representative, Safe T Club. DON BANNISTER-Distributive Education, SGA Representative, junior Red Cross Representative . . . ELVADEAN BARKER-Machine Bookkeeping Club, SGA Representative, Red Cross Representative , . . SHIRLEY BARRON--Safe T Club, Machine Book- keeping Club, Y-Teens, Tech Talk Representative . . . PATRICIA BENNETT-Tech Talk Staff, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth , . . RALPH BLACK-Of- ficer in ROTC, Radio Club, Diamond Disc Club, Home- room Vice President, Tech Talk . . . JUANITA BOW- EN-Y-Teens, Tech Talk Representative . . . BUDDY BREWER-Tech Talk, SGA Representative, Track, Baseball . . . PATRICIA BRIAN-SOS, Red Cross, Pot- tery Club. MACK CAMPBELL-Diamond Disc Club, Major in ROTC Band . . . LEROY CAMPBELL-Senator in SGA, Key Club, Track, Diamond Disc Club . . . THER- ON CODY-Major in ROTC Band, SGA, Diamond Disc Club, Key Club . . . KAY CORNISH-National Honor Society, Linz Pin, SGA Representative, Y- Teens . . . SHIRLEY COX-Tech Talk Representative, Tech Talk Staff, Y-Teens, Dramatics Club, IC Related . . . FRANK CRUZ-Camera Club, Pan-American Club, Sergeant-at-Arms of 4B Class, SGA Representative. TOMMY DODD-Captain in ROTC, Diamond Disc Club. MAUREEN EMARY-Y-Teens, Secretary of National Honor Society, SOS, SGA Representative, Pottery Club . . . BONNIE ETIER-Y-Teens, Chorus, Recreation Club, Allied Youth . . . BOBBIE EVERETT-Y-Teens, Machine Bookkeeping Club. ROBERT FARRIS-Football Letterman, SGA Repre- sentative, Art Pottery Club, Tech Talk Staff . . . GAIL FORTUNE-National Honor Society, Y-Teens, SGA Representative, Machine Bookkeeping Club. WAYNE GEIGER-Diamond Disc Club, Skating Club, Officer of ROTC, Fishing Club, Fly Making Club . . . ANITA GERGENS-Y-Teens, Red Cross Club, History Club, Tech Talk Representative . . . GLORA GON- DAY-Y-Teens, Industrial Co-Op Training, Red Cross Representative . . . FRANKIE GREENWOOD-Ma- jorette, Secretary of SGA, Office Assistant, Band Sweet- heart, Dramatics Club . . , RUDY GUERRA-Safe T Club, Graphic Art Club, Pan-American Club, Master Sergeant in ROTC, SGA Representative. SHARRON HAMMAND-Tech Amateur Radio Club, Tech Band, Industrial Co-Op Club, Officer in ROTC . . . ELAINE HARPER-President of History Club, Y- Teens Club, A Cappella, Square Dance Club, Good Scholarship Club 1 Year and Linz Pin . . . EVELYN HILL-National Honor Society, Machine Bookkeeping, Allied Youth, Linz Pin, Y-Teens . . . RANDY HOW- ARD-Diamond Disc Club, SGA, National Honor So- ciety, Key Club, Linz Pins. LA DONA JOHNSON-Pep Squad, Machine Book- keeping, PTA Representative . . . MARY FRANCIS JOHNSON-SGA, Safety Club, Y-Teens, History Club, Tech Talk . . . STANLEY JONES-Officer in Mili- tary, Industrial Co-Op Club, President of History Club. NORMA LANGFORD-A Cappella Choir, Y-Teens, Tech Talk Representative Safety Club, Machine Book- keeping . . . CARL LARGE-Ice Skating Club, Bowl- ing Club, Art Club . . . MARTHA JANE LEE-SGA, Y-Teens, Chorus, Square Dance Club, Recreation Club. NICK MORALE-SGA, Football, ROTC Band, Dist. Education, Tech Talk Representative . . . JOHN ROB- ERT MORGAN-Diamond Disc Club, ROTC, ROTC Major, Drill Team Commander, Baseball . . . MAR- GARET McCORMICK-SGA, Junior Red Cross, Tech Talk Representative, Office Assistant . . . SUE Mc- CLINTOCK-Secretary of National Honor Society, Secretary of Allied Youth, SGA . . . RAY MCCOM- MAS-National Honor Society, Safe T Club . . , JANE MCKAMEY-Tech Talk Staff, Square Dance Club . . . JOE MCLEMORE-SGA, Football, Key Club, Tech Talk, Red Cross . . . DOROTHY MEADOR-Linz Award, SGA, Safe T Club . . . MARGIE MEADOR- National Honor Society, Linz Pin, Tech Talk, SGA. GRACE NUNN--Editor of Tech Talk, Editor of Wolf Pack, National Honor, SGA, Linz Pins. ALICE OLIVAS-Pan-American Club, Art Pottery Club, SGA. HUGHLAN PAINTER-Basketball, SGA, Linz Pin, National Honor, Safe T Club . . . FRITZ PANT- FOEDER-SGA, Rotary Club, Football Team, Tech Talk Representative, Red Cross Representative . . . af-F JESSIE PAREDES-Football, Basketball, Baseball. DAVID PARKER-Major in ROTC, SGA, Diamond Disc Club, Band . . . LA VONNE PARKS-A Cap- pella Choir, Y-Teens, Grade Raisers' Club, Machine Bookkeeping Club . . . DORIS PEARCE--SGA, Tech Talk, Office Assistant, Tech Talk Co-Editor, Red Cross . . . ANNIE RUTH PECK--SGA, Basketball Princess, Office Assistant, Student Forum Rep., Linz Award . . , EDITH PEKAR-A Cappella Choir, Linz Pin, Y-Teens . . . KENNETH PENN-Cheer- leader 51-52, SGA, Red Cross, History Club, Tech Talk Rep .... LA JUANDA POLLARD-National Honor Society, Safe T Club, Machine Bookkeeping, Square Dance Club . . . RICHARD PRESLEY--Bash ball 2 Years, Sergeant-at-Arms of 4B Class, SGA . . . JEANETTE PRITCHETT-Y-Teens, News and Fea- ture Editor Tech Talk, Advertising Art Club, A Cap- pella, Art Pottery Club. ARTHUR REED-National Honor Society, Key Club, Diamond Disc Club, Linz Pin, Football Team . . . ROBERT RICHIE-National Honor Society . . . SHIR- LEY ROSE-Y-Teens, Advertising Art Club, A Cap- pella, Safe T Club . . . DAVID RUBIO-Pan-Ameri- can Club, Tech Talk Representative, SGA Representa- tive . . , RALPH RYAN-Football Team, SGA Sena- tor. BEATRICE SANCHEZ-Y-Teens, Pan-American, Safe T Club, Machine Bookkeeping , . . YVONNE STAN- FILL- National Honor Society, Square Dance Club, History Clb, Safe T Club, Linz Awards . . . DOYLE STOUT-Baseball 2 Years, SGA Representative, TOMMIE TATE-History Club, Pan-American Club, Y-Teens, Safe T Club, Commercial Art. MARY VALENCIA-Pan-American Club . . . TOM- MY VAN ZANDT-Commissioned Officer in ROTC, SGA Representative, Key Club, Tech Talk Representa- tive, Diamond Disc Club . . . LUCILLE VELASCO- Pan-American Club, Square Dance Club, Tech Talk Representative, Machine Bookkeeping Club . , . PETE VENO-Basketball Letterman, Safety Commissioner of SGA, 4B President , . . MARIANNA VILLAREAL- Pan-American Club, National Honor Society, Future Teachers of America, Red Cross, SGA Representative . . . REBECCA VILLAREAL-Square Dance Club, Tech Talk Representative, Machine Bookkeeping, Pan- American Club. JOHN WAGLEARDO-Key Club, Diamond Disc Club, SGA Representative , . . SHIRLEY WALDROP -Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Recreation Club, Dramatics Club . . . MARY SUE WALKUP-Machine Bookkeep- ing Club . . . VIVIAN WASHBURN-History Club, SGA Representative, Safe T Club, Square Dance Club . . . BILLIE WEATHERFORD-SGA Representative . . . ANN WELCH-Safe T Club, Y-Teens, History Club . . . MARGARET WERRY-National Honor Society, Red Cross, Pan-American Club, Safe T Club, Linz Award . . . BARBARA WILLIAMS- A Cappel- la Choir, Y-Teens, Commercial Art Club, Linz Pin . . . BETTY WHITE-Cheerleader 51-52, Football Queen 50-51, SGA Representative, Y-Teens, Machine Book- keeping . . . LAURA XVHITE4-SGA Representative, Tech Talk Representative, Office Assistant, Red Cross, Library Counsel . . . SARAH WRAY-Linz Award, Y-Teens, Safe T Club . . , NANCY WRIGHT-Cheer- leader, SGA Representative, Vocational Counselor As- sistant, Y-Teens . . . ROY WOODLE-National Hon- or Society, SGA Representative, Linz Pin, Key Club, Tech Talk Representative. STUDENT APPRECIATES TECH Stamatoula Psellas CToula Psellasj came to Dallas, Texas four years ago from Megalopolis Arcadia, Greece. On her arrival here she had no knowledge of the English language, but she quickly learned to speak and write with a reasonable degree of fluency and accuracy. She attributes her rapid progress toward graduation from Crozier Technical High School to the understand- ing and thoughtfulness of her teachers and of the prin- cipal, Mr. Walter J. E. Schiebel. They have willingly offered a helping hand when the "going" was rough for this stranger in a- new country. 1' 0 -K , 4 gag L z A .- A -?'. k 7 W .V 'fir W2 4332 ' ' -c . ek! N ,Q ,wx 3 ,, if -ff A sk 5 ww 'Q- rf 0,19 B -W 50" v 'Q i .1.1.-1: .xfz 2 , ., . .1.1w...x.,1 MAINTENANCE STAFF .nV.wf.wfv - '- wfzgfzpza - .. f We Salute Front row: L. W. Miller, B. H. McMannis, W. S. Curry, P. L. Oller, D. O. Mangrum, I-1. A. Bass, Back row: R, L. Robling, J. L. Stout, S. E. Pollard, E. W. Adds, W, E. Roberts, Homer Aaron, George Durr. Gamplimenid SUUTHWESTEHN BALFUUH C0 Swfffwff swan RINGS - CLUB PINS CUMMENCEMENT INVITATIUNS Uv? Downiown Sales Office SANGER BROS. - SECOND FLOOR TELEPHONE RIVERSIDE - 4079 Rlverside 6700 Phones PRospect 4960 SOUTHWESTERN STEEL 81 WELDING WORKS AII Types of Steel Fabrication and Welding Special Attention Given Complicated Jobs See W. M. IDani Dantzler For All Your Structural Steel Requirements 634 FT. WORTH AVENUE DALLAS 8, TEXAS THE ENEARLS of TECH HIGH STORE Say CONGRATULATIONS to SENIORS ot I952

Suggestions in the N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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