N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1947

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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V. 1 I 2 v is 2 L1 Q , 41 Bi fi 5 xi qe 9 5? 3 Xs 5 U fx Y 5 5 J x Bi ' 1,1 9Wu . 5QiQQ" wmMm4MfQbVS?M ,1 1-"iv I f X 3 0 CJENE W'11.L,1AMs, lifiizor-in-C,'hief 0 JOE BEN NETT, BZl,5ii18.f5 Alamager 0 YVONNE SANDIFER, Lifemry Editor 0 N,x'1'HAN Tonovm, ,f1LZ'uf21'li.vif1lg .Manager 0 N1ARIE'l"1'A Cox, Jlrz C0-Ellilfll' C Roy NIELTON, .lrf Co-Editor 0 .IRv1N DE'l'ZIiI., l'!zo10graphy 0 BERNHARD1' CQERSH, l'!mtog1-aphy Staff 0 ITAY CEREIZN, Photograplzy Staff 9 NELL ODQM, Literary Slajf 0 SUZANNE STUCK, Lilemry Slay? 0 BOBBII2 VVEST, Literary Slajff 0 Lmm RODRIQUEZ, Typisz 0 CJATHER E. RAYNES, Spwzwr PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF N. R. CROZIER TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL DA-XI,I,AS, TEXAS ,--1, L., ..,.:, .- . W., ...L,,,1,,,,, Nfifif' ':' ' 'f V - ' v George Kaffe! J, F? , . In fllemorzkzm Dedication To Perry Fite, a real teacher in the truest sense of the Word, We, the students of N. R. Crozier Technical High School, With great pride and deep appreciation, dedicate the 1947 VVolf Pack. Mr. Fite came to TECH in 1932, as assistant football coach and teacher of drafting, With a B.A. Degree from East Texas State Teachers College at Commerce, and an M.A. degree from Texas A. 85 NI. He became head coach in 194-O, and during his coaching career he led the teams to many victories. He retired from active coaching in the fall of 1946, and since that time he has been a godfather to the team as a Whole, and to the boys individually. His unfailing loyalty and devotion to Tech and its VVolves and VVolfettes have endeared him to everyone Who has ever known him, Tech looks forward to many more years of the sincere and honest friendship of "Our Coach Fitef' Coach Perry File X w-MM,-.7 3 x z lpMlNlsTnnTloN E D WALKER W. T- WHITE E. B. coMsTocK 5UPefinfende'1f Assistant Superinfende I In Charge of High Sch I The Administration W. T. White . . . Superintendent of Schools E. D, Walker. . . Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Personnel E. B. Comstock . . . Assistant Superintendent in Charge of High Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr. David W. Carter Dan D. Rogers F. D. Danford Mrs. W. P. Zumwait Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford R. L. Thomas W. C. Scurry iu.'1'r:1a Ill. Scflilicuicr., l'1'f11fi Dear Graduates: :Xt times of departure, Words of Well-Wish- ing come to the lips all too glihly. Such pat expressions as, 'ffiood-Bye," "Cod Be VVith You," fffiood Luck," "Happy Landing," aliope You Make a Million," "PII Be See- ing You,', and others apply with a special emphasis at times such as ,graduation from high school. Their application is especially Well made hy your faculty and principal. VVe have 21 stake in you, a devotion of time and effort, and it will make us proud to see you succeed. XVe helieve We shall have had a small part in the making of your success, therefore We say with double emphasis, "May you grow in Wisdom and stature and favor with God and manf, Sincerely yours, VV.'XT.'l'ER lf. SCHIEBEL. . 41' . , - C S. l' x ' A-11'-i'f Ilf Pizzci zl lui X 1 L Rxr, .-lr.-1,if.111f 1'f'luf1f1.1! H lm li Hill lf 'ff All ' P' J art-ning scnoo MRS. SADIE LEMMERHIRT Dean of Girls Ain-11rl'm1fe MRS. ANNA MARY HENDERSON MRS. MARGARET WALRAVEN C1111 IIXNIIJ r Librariflfz MRS. EATHEL SPRING Secretary to Principal A,r.si,rfmzt Svcrriary to Principal Nighl School Secretary ER -TESUSITA FLORES MRS. ESME FOSTER WR: ROBERT E. SANDERS 'L Disfrifzlzliiw' Offrapafium' Co nprnlfi-zu' Par!-Tiulr Program NTRS. VER.-X MCCAULFY MISS CINXIJYS NEEL Vnrnliumzf f.'ulfr1.wI0r Ili-zw'r'xi4fiw1f Elfzzcaliou rljypnlllfm' Tnlirzffzg MRS. ADELINE KNOTT MRS. LUPE GARCIA EUDELL FOVYLE l'1ff87lti!I!IL'Z7 Ojim' dflvmlarln' 03115: fllicrzdzlzzrf Ojlca R JAMES ADKISSON J. FLOYD ALEXANDER L. S. BARRETT CLAYTON BEAUDREY GEORGE BLAIR MARTHA BONE KAREN YOUNG BROWN JIM BUTLER RUTH CHRISTOPHER CLAUDIA CLAY EDITH COLE RUGIE DANIEL , RR 4' as ,NH Y ...Wg-f' 5 i 4103 V N Rig? ,. 3 .WA M ,nun-...W 'Ex ff A .N N s FLORENCE DAVIS W. E. DAVIS LELA DAVENPORT ,IETTIE DONALD OLIVE DUDLEY ONIE B. EASLEY PERRY FITE SAM FOSTER MAY STEPHENS FULLER W. P. FULTON DOVIELU GALLAGHER ELLEN B. GOWDY MAY B. HALEY E. 0. HAYES J. s. HENRY L. B. HERRING ELA MAE IIEA'1'IHiRlNU'I'OIN LOUISE HTLLYICR OPAL HOLLEY O. A. HOMER GEORGE KADEL ODUS C. KERLEY PAUL C. LABORNE MARIAN C. LACY ilw ROY LANE W. S. LANIIAM LOI.I'I'.'X I..-XNSDON' MARY I.lGH'1'FOOT C. I. LINTHICUM P. NV, LOUCKS H. G. MARTIN MARY R. MARTIN CLIFFORD MATLOCK ZOE MQEVOY GRAY MOORE T. O. NEELY IIERMAN A. NEFF MELTON OYVEN ,IANE D. PARKER DOVYE MAE POLK RUDA V. P'POOL OATHER E. RAYNES MAY REDFERN AIUANITA RICHEY E. R. ROBERTS REBECCA ROBERTS C. H. RUTLEDGE VIRGINIA GOERNER SCHWEDLER .-WP! .W , .... .-,, .,', ex Y ..,, . N L fm 'Elf .WV-, j 4 ,X . . n lf" ' ' 1:12, - ' ir: 51 ,tg way. + A ii if 4 2 gi 'Ti ' x y " '55, ' TSI fu. ,Mil ,ff r . - . I 1, 'af I 'f CLARIC SE.-XY ICLIZABETII SIDDALL ROISERTA SLOAN fl I0 mm GRACE s'1'oRMs f V JAMES ELLEN STIFF X Q 'F QW, ,. R ' 1 , X . ' s,-L , liI,.-XNCHE S'l'OV.XLL 4 i ff' A Q. , N. P1 """m"b 'Nw LOL'lSli SWIFT AGNES TAYLOR CHARLES THOMAS J' ,,.-A XNNIL TLRNLR qt i f CLARICE TURCK I K . 3 1, g' N ' X H. j. 'rYsoR x MARIE VICK HUGO J. P. v1Tz ALINE WALKER PAULINE WARNER KITTIE WASHINGTON MARIBEL WHITE MARY LOU WISE CLARA WOLFE W. D. WOODS B. M. McVIINN A. M. COWAN MARC-IE W. MIZELL Tvewfw MQW' I . Msw QS ,E 5 . 1. ff 0: 1 .hw I, fix I 5 was YE if wx Eh IIII 5 , A'f E-"E-' ' ' ' I ,.:.:q . Coach E. 0. "Doc" Hayes Mr. E. O. HDOCN Hayes has been called by many people a "lVIaker of Cham- pions,', and Crozier Technical High School is quick to agree with them. During Nlr. Hayes, seventeen years at Tech, he has coached the basketball teams to nine city championships, seven reginoal titles, has led the team to the State quarter-finals four times, the semi-finals twice, and in 194-6 to the greatest honor of all, the State Basketball Championship. Tech has ample cause to be proud of Mr. Hayes, and his friendship toward the school. To say a mere 'cthank you" for the many services Mr. Hayes has clone Tech would not express half the appreciation every member of the student body has for him. Let it sufhce that the entire school wishes 'KDoc,' Hayes the success in his college coaching at S.lVI.U. that he had at Tech, Vw i l l l 1 i I 5 Mr. O. A. Homer Photography-pictures of familiar people and scenes-are a great factor in making an annual, and so it is with the Wolfpack. Without Orbette Homer's unselfish work, the 1947 Wolfpack would not have been possible, for he and his student sssistants have taken, developed, and printed many hundreds of pictures for this and previous Crozier Tech yearbooks. Mr. Homer has 'been a member of the Tech faculty 10 years. Since he came to the school in 1937 he has inspired and encouraged many promising photographers, and has never failed to give advice and aid in any problem concerning photography. His has been a service that Crozier Technical High will always remember and be grateful for. Pixy Q Ng 'W e O Don Nlcmroy, Nathan Gapplebcrg, Willie Rouse, Genova Owens VVILLIE ROUSE, President DON MCELROY, Vice-President GENEVA OWENS, Secretary and Treasurer NATHAN CQAPPLEBERG, Sergeant-at-Arms MRS. DOVIELU GALLAGHER, Sponsor DOVIELL' GALLAGHER AARON, PAT Secretary, 4B H.R. Most Popular Girl Art Pottery Club S.G.A. Representative News Editor, Tech Talk RAYANS, SUSYE FAYE S.G.A. Representative Business Manager, Tech Talk Chorus ISRADSHAW, A. C. 3M Year Graduate President, Rndio Club R.O.T.C. S.G.A. Representative CARPENTER, W. S. Football Letterman, '46 Art Pottery Club S.O.S. Club Baseball, '46 CASSADAY, BOB R.O.T.C. Art Pottery Club Cmnmercizll Art Club AGUIRRE, ROBERT Staff Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Good Scholarship Club S.G.A. Representative BLACK, ROBERT LEE Typing Speed Club Good Scholarship Club Driver's Safety Course BUCKLEY, EDWARD Stal? Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Good Scholarship Club S.O.S. CARPENTER, BERTHA LUCII LE Library Council CASSTEVENS, BETTYE Girl Reserves Allied Youth Rest All-Around Girl COOPER, EUGENE Graphic Arts Club R.O.T.C. Good Scholarship Club Thrift Home Room, '43-'44 CRAPANZANO, ROSA LEE Allied Youth Typing Speed Club Girl Reserves DEEDS, JOE ALLEN Football Letterman, ,45-'46 Captain, Football Team, '46 Track Letterman, '46 juvenile Traffic Representative Good Scholarship Club DENNIS, JAMES National Honor Society Assistant Editor, Tech Talk S.G.A. Representative R.O.T.C. Four Year Perfect Attendance DUPRIEST, BILLY JOE Football Letterman, '44-'46 Captain, All City, '45-'46 Baseball Letterman, '45-'46 President, Art Pottery Club COWAN, ANDREW Track National H onor Society DONNA, CROFT National Honor Society Linz Pin Awards Girl Reserves Allied Youth Chorus DEGEN HART, MARY DCFF, TOMMY Diversified Cluh Linz Award National Honor Society DYER, RITA MARIE S.G.A. Representative Cheerleader, '46-l4-7 Girl Reserve Treasurer Chorus Good Scholarship Cluh tw,- .sh EFFLANDT, FREDERICK D. O. Club R.O.T.C. FLOWERS, MARY FRANCES GARLINGTON, DORIS Chorus Art Pottery Club Good Scholarship Club GUNTER, JACK Basketball, l44-'46 S.O.S. . S.G.A. Representative Good Scholarship Club HARDIN, ANITA Commercial Art Club National Honor Society FARRAR, FOREST Football, ,45-'46 Track S.G.A. Representative Good Scholarship Club R.O.T.C. GAPPELBERG, NATHAN Sergeant-at-Arms, 4B Class Sergeant-at-Arms, 4A Class R.O.T.C. S.G.A. Representative GRYMES, BILLIE' Girl Reserves Allied Youth S.0.S. GUTIERREZ, RAY Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. Diamond Disc Club Machinist Club Camp Dallas, '45-l46 HANNA, JEAN Distributive Education Girl Reserves LEON HEATON, HAROLD Distributive Education Vice-President, D.E. Club President, D.E. Club HICKSON, DOYLE H CTTON, JAN ET IVY, LOIS Good Scholarship Club Chorus, '46 KVALE, EDWARD J. S.G.A. Representative First Aid Course Driving Training Civil Air Patrol HERREN, EUGENE Art Pottery Club Graphic Arts Club American Eagles Club Leader in P.E. Good Scholarship Club HIGDON, DANIEL IRVIN, HOLLIE Second Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. Camp Dallas, '44-'45-'46 Diamond Disc Club KEATHLEY, C. W. Captain, R.O.T.C. Diamond Disc Guard Captain 3 Years S.G.A. Representative Crack Company, '43-'44 LAKE, GENE ZZ Year Graduate Vice-President, D.E. S.G.A. Representative Band, '43-'44 ,, LETTIERI, ANNA Dramatic Club Art Pottery Club Typing Speed Club McAFEE, JOAN Chorus Allied Youth Art Pottery Dramatics Club MINCE, ALOREN MORASKIE, ROBERT Captain, R.O.T.C. NATIONQ BILLY National Honor Society 35 Year Graduate Football Track S.G.A. Representative MASON, JERRY Tennis Club Camera Club S.G.A. Representative Allied Youth Art Club McELROY, DON Vice-President, 4-A H.R Lieutenant Colonel, R.O Camp Dallas, '43-'44-'45 S.G.A. Representative Y' .A. C MONTALVO, NORA ANN S.G.A. Representative Girl Reserves Allied Youth MULLINS, CHARLES National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club Guard First Sergeant, R.O.T.C. NELSON, CETARLES Diversified Occupations R.O.T.C., '42-'43-'44 OWEVNS, GENEVA Secretary, 4A Home Room S.G.A. Representative Camera Club Good Scholarship Club 32 Year Graduate PERKINS, BOBBY JACK RASPANTE, MARGARET Speed Club ROUSE, WILLIE -IESSIE Football, '43-'44-'45 Track, '43-'44-'45 Basketball, '43 President, 4B Home Room President, 4A Home Room SCHOFFIELD, CHARLOTTE Cheerleader, '46-'47 S.G.A. Representative Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Commercial Art Club PARKS, SARA Most Likely to Succeed National Honor Society POTTS, PIAMES A. Captain, R.O.T.C. Guard Gaptain, l44-'45 Treasurer, Diamond Disc Football, '43-'44 RODRIGUEZ, CONCEPCION Pan American Forum junior Red Cross Art Pottery SCHAFER, EDWIN S., AIR. Major, R.O.T.C. Camp Dallas, '43-'44-'46 President, Furman Club Chairman, Student Directory SH IPLEY, CARI. RAY SHORT, EUAL R.O.'I'.C. President, Machinist Club S.Cv.A. Representative SMITH, JAMES DON Stuff Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ride Team, '45-'46-'47 'I'llA'l'Cl IER, DICK THOMPSON, EVERETT R.O.T.C. Rifle 'liClll1l, '43-,44 VVATKINS, BRADFORD Second Lieutenant, Band Camp Dallas, '43 SMITH, BILLY CHARLES Captain, R.O.T.C. Camp Dallas, '44 S.G.A. Representative Tech Talk Representative Diamond Disc Club STACY, C. B. THOMPSON, BETTY Art Puttery President, Scril:bler's Club Commercial Art Club Dramatic Club Chorus TYSON, KENNETH First Sergeant, R.O.'I'.C. S.0.S. S.G.A. Representative Art Pottery Graphic Arts Club WELLS, TOMMY Major, R.O.T.C. Guard Camp Dallas, '43 Diamond Disc, '45-'46 Military Editor, Tech 'Talk WEST, DEVENIA Most Beautiful Girl WOODRUFF, JAMES Stal? Sergeant, R.O.'I'.C. Good Scholarship Club S.G.A. Representative YARBOROUGH, GERALD First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. Diamond Disc Camp Dallas, '46 WILKIE, LEON RODGERS Staff Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Riile Team, '46 WRIGHT, CHARLOTTE Good Scholarship Club S.G.A. Representative ZARAGOSA, HELEN Secretary, junior Red Cross Reporter, Pan American Club Reporter, Art Pottery Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club ZAVALA, HILARIA Uune Graduate, Y-Teens Pan-American Forum Good Scholarship Club 512601 J Oli FERRELL, Pnrsidurzl JAMES EVANS Viuf-Prssidevzt ' fqgff' 1,f 1 BOBBIE WEST y 'B Secretary and Trcamrcr k 1 L ,wig -t I. 777-M A ,s,.. 0,512 LCEJIQ Cf 0 ' BILL HOWARD Scrgezmt-at-Arms JACK ROUTT, Scfgcarzl-fl!-Arms OATHER E. RAYNES, Sponsor Y" ' HILARIO ABEYTA Good Scholarship Club Chorus, 46 Foreman, Adv. Wood Guard, '43-'44 LENA ACCCRSO Y-Teen National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club S.G.A. Representative FRED ALANIZ S.G.A. Representative S.O.S. Club Graphic Arts Club Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff CHARLOTTE ANKELE Good Scholarship Club WINONA BARBER S,G.A. Representative Junior Red Cross Secretary Commercial Art Club Chorus Distributive Education l , -IOLLIE MAE A Y Tech Talk Staff ' U M t X EVELIA AGUIRRE Pan-American Club Y-Teens Good Scholarship Linz Pen Chorus PATTIE ALLEN Y-Teens Good Scholarship Club EDWARD BAKER R.O.T.C. RALPH BARKHURST S.G.A. Representative R.O.T.C. Camp Dallas LOLA BARRIENTOS Y-Teens Pan-American Club Tech Talk A. J. BELLAMY Band R.O.T.C. M JOE BENNETT President, National Honor Society Cheerleader, '46-'47 Junior Rotarian Lieutenant Colonel, R.O.T.C, Linz Award Dramatics Club Business Manager, Annual Senior Play MARIE BLACKBURN S.G.A. Representative Art Pottery Club Camera Club Good Scholarship Club MARY ANN BLAKEWAY BETTY LOUISE BEAVERS Tech Talk Staff Allied Youth LOIS BIZLCHER Camera Club Good Scholarship Club S.G.A. Representative DONALD BLACK Diversified Occupation T 8z I Co-Op Club S.G.A. Representative Linz Award S.O.S. Club DOROTHY BLACKMON Allied Youth Chorus S.G.A. Representative ALICIA BONILLA Junior Red Cross Pan-Amercian Forum Y-Teens Bible Linz Pin Aaward IKM Year Graduate BOBBIE BOYER IMOGENE BRAMHALL Treasurer, National Honor Society Linz Awards Evert's Award Y-Teens Chorus EARL BRANNON CLINTON BRISENDINE President S.G.A. Football BETTY LOU BROWN Girl Reserves fForestJ Girl Military fForestJ DOROTHY BRACEY Art Pottery Club Allied Youth Chorus JACKIE BRANCH National Honor Society Cheerleader, '46-'47 Senator, S.G.A. Y-Teen Tech Talk Staff MURRAY BRIDGES Commercial Art Club Art Pottery Club Dramatics Club MICKIE BROOKS S.G.A. Representative Basketball Manager, '44-,45 BETTY JOYCE BROWN Chorus Allied Youth Club Tech Talk Staff Grade Raisers Club Good Scholarship Club ERNEST LEROY BROWN Guard JACK BROWN 4 Year Letterman, Basketball National Honor Society Letterman in Baseball Linz Awards Captain in Basketball PEGGY BROWN Tech Talk Staff S.O.S. Club Personality Club Y-Teens Bookkeeping Club JOYCE BROWNING Y-Teens Good Scholarship Club Linz Award S.0.S. Club S.G.A. Representative JUNE BULLOCK X Good Scholarship Club Y-Teens - DAVID BROWN JON BROWN National Honor Society Library Council Pan-American Forum Linz Awards Good Scholarship Club THOMAS BROWN Visual Education Guard Captain LESLIE BRYANT Football Letterman, '46 'Baseball Letterman, '47 S.GIA. Representative Good Scholarship Club DOROTHY' BURKE 5.G.A. Representative S'G'A' cN0rth Dallasl - Commercial Art Club Allied Youth fNorth Dallas, Girls Miliary QNorth Dallas, KENNETH BYLER MARVIN JAMES CLANTON Band Music Festival GLEN COKER S.G.A. Representative R.O.T.C. Non-College Industrial GAY COLLINS History Club Speed Club Allied Youth Thrift Home Room NORMA JEAN CONWAY Dramatics Club Y-Teen Tech Talk Staff MARTIE CHISHOLM S.G.A. Senator Chorus Good Scholarship Club Camera Club MARY COFIELD 3M Year Graduate Linz Pin Award National Honor Society Tech Talk Staff Chorus DALE COLLINS Camera Club Library Counsel P. E. Leader Projector Operator S.G.A. Representative LUPE CONTRERAS S.G.A. Representative Dramatic Club Chorus Pan-American Forum Club Tech Talk Representative TOMMY COOKSEY Camera Club Diamond Disc Club Second Lieutenant, Band All-City Band Q9 EUGENE COPELAND S.G.A. Representative T Sgt., R.O.'l'.C. GEORGE LANE CORLEY R.O.T.C. First Lieutenant Diamond Disc Club Camp Dallas, '45 Good Scholarship Club VAN DORN DAUGHERTY Major, R.O.T.C. Cheerleader, '46-'47 Diamond Disc Club Vice-President, Graphic Arts Club JAMES DAVIS R.O.T.C. Distributors Club S.G.A. Representative NELSON DAVIS Football, '44-'45 P. E. Leader Guard, '44-'45-'46 Good Scholarship Club Young Life Club VIRGINIA CORDOVA S.G.A. Senator Scholarship Club Linz Award Y-Teens National Ilonor Society MARIETTA COX Dramatics Club Commercial Art Club History Club Library Council Wolf Pack Staff Senior Play CHARLES DAVENPORT JOHN CHARLES DAVIS Sergeant at Arms, 4B H.R. Captain, R.O.T.C. RiHe Team Diamond Disc Club Formanship Club YVONNE DAY Y-Teens S.G.A. Secretary Chorus JUAN DA DEAN Art Pottery Club N M Dramatics Club PAUL DESHAZO Football Letterman, '43-'46 Football Captain, '46 Camera Club MAYO DODD S.G.A. Representative Good Scholarship Club American Eagles P. E. Leader K T 31 I Co-Op Club EDNA EARLE DOVE D. E. Club FRANCES DUDLEY S.G.A. Representative D. E. Club Art Pottery Club TOMMY DE S ORE S.G.A. Representative Fo-remanship Club PEDRO DIMAS S.G.A. Representative Foremanship Club, '43 Q F Q2 ELIZABETH DORIA if A' Y-Teen ' 'XXJ National Honor Society V4 Good Scholarship Club Linz Pin Award - xy' Q X Y WX FRANK DUARTE Graphic Arts Club Foremanship Club Guard, '43-'44-'45 R.O.T.C. Speech Club X X epr entative AA ES YL ORTH 1 R l X LOWELL DUNCAN PEGGY DYERLY Y-Teens AIAMES EVANS Football, ,43-'44-'45 Baseball, '46 Track, '45 Vice-President, Senior C MARY NELL FARRIS Charm Club S.G.A. Representative Good Scholarship Club ELIZABETH FINLEY Charm Club Art Pottery S.G.A. Representative lass BETTY .IEAN DUPRIEST Art Pottery Club Library Council CLOMA DEAN EDWARDS junior Red Cross Good Scholarship Club CARL FAHRBACK JOE R. FERRELL President, Senior Class Football, '44-'45-'46 Football Letterman, '46 Track, I4-5-'46-'47 LOUISE FITZGERALD Cheerleader, '46-'47 Art Pottery Club Camera Club Good Scholarship Club S.G.A. Representative JOHNNIE FLOYD S.G.A. Senator Diamond Disc Club Camp Dallas, '44-'45 Good Scholarship Club ROBERT E. FOSTER Second Lieutenant, Band Diamond Disc Club Foremanship Club Music Festival SHERRY FREEMAN National Honor Society S.G.A. Senator Commercial Art ,Club Art Pottery Club Good Scholarship Club MACK E. GARCIA Football, '44-'45-'46 Track, '44-'45-'46-'47 Major, R.o.T.c. Camp Dallas, '45 Speech Club RAMONA GARRETT Vice-President, Y-Teens Camera Club Library Council Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff l ,, WENDELL FORD Major, R.O.T.C. Student Ollice Service Diamond Disc Club Camp Dallas, ,4-4945 Band Commander, '46 FRANCES FOX RAYMOND FUESS R.0.T.C. Radio Club Good Scholarship Club GLADYS GARRETT Camera Club Allied Youth Linz Bible Award Chorus S.G.A. Representative MARGUERITE GAUL 1' A Capella Choir National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club BONNIE GILSTRAP Allied Youth Chorus BERNHART GERSH Football, '44-'45-'46 Baseball, '46-'47 Chorus Camera Club Good Scholarship Club ERMA LEE GRAHAM Good Scholarship Club S.G.A. Representative Secretary, D.E. Club Tech Talk Staff CHARLIE J. GRAY R..O.T.C. S.G.A. Representative Diamond Disc Club KENNETH GREAVES CHARLES GLEN CLINTON GOBER Drum Major, '47 Graphic Arts Club Diamond Disc Club First Lieutenant, Band Tech Talk Staff GERALDINE GRAHAM Tech Talk Staff TOMMY GRAY Good Scholarship Club Vice-President, Machinist Club Crack Co. R.O.T.C., '43 Football Foremanship Club FAY GREEN Secretary, Girl Reserves, '45-'4 Secretary, Art Pottery Club Scholastic Art Awards Secretary, Camera Club Vice-President, Camera Club MARY KATHRYN GRIMMITT Good Scholarship Club Dramatics Club Tech Talk Staff Y-Teens Bookkeeping Club juvenile Court OPAL HALL D.E. Club Good Scholarship Club DOROTHE HAMILTON Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club Drzlmatics Club Art Pottery Club Allied Youth ,IACKIE HARTLEY ..i.lJ4 ,E W. C. HARVEY ,, VALTER HALE ROBERT LEWIS HALL Good Scholarship Club President, Machinist Club S.O.S. Club l'.E. Leader Foremnnship Club CHARLES R. HARMON RAYMOND HARTSELL T. and I. Club Guard Captain S.G.A. BILLY HAYS S.G.A. Representative Traffic Safety Leader National Honor Society MARIAN JACKSON HAYS Adv. Wood RUTH HINGE Good Scholarship Club Distribution Club WAYNE HIGGS Band Commander, ,47 S.G.A. Representative Diamond Disc Club 4 Year Perfect Attendance Camera Club BRYAN HORN First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. Camp Dallas, ,4S-'46 Diamond Disc Club Linz Pin Award S.G.A. Representative BILLY HOWARD National Honor Society S.G.A. Representative Football Letterman Most Likely To Succeed Jun Senior Play in-3. ,IJ- 'ia fl .BII'l"l"Y HENDRIX Camera Club Art Pottery Club S.G.A. Representative Commercial Art Club Good Scholarship Club IVIARY SUE HOOD Tech Talk Stuff 5.0.5. Personality Club Machine Bookkeeping Club WILLIS HOLDER Baseball Letterman Football Letterman Vice-President, Pottery S,O.S. Guard Captain LOUIS OTTO HOSEK Lieutenant Colonel, R.O.'I'.C Rifle Team, '46-'47 Camp Dallas, '45-346 Crack Co. Comm., '47 N.R.A., Rifle Team SAMMY HOWARD Football Letterman Baseball S.G.A. Representative Dramatics Club P.E. Leader nomw J. nuocms R.O.T.C. Speakers Club O. B. HUTCHISON Tfsgt., R.O.T.'C. S.G.A. Representative Football, '45 Good Scholarship Club JOYCE JETTON History Club S.G.A. Representative PAUL E. JONES Diamond Disc Club Stamp Cluh Officer, R.O.T.C. Track Linz Pin ROBERT LEE JONES I".E. Leader Foremanship Club Football Good Scholarship Club ANN HUNT RICHARD JARNAGIN National Honor Society Junior Rotarian History Club 2 Year Linz Award 4 Years, R.O.T.C. CLYDE E. JONES Golf Football Guard THOMAS JONES Stamp Club Track, '45-'46 ' First Sergeant, R.O.T.C. BILLY KARNES Secretary, Radio Club, '46 T1-ch Diamond Disc Club 5.0.5. Club R.0.T.C. Camp Dallas, '45-,46 LEGENE KAVANAUGH D.E. Club, '45-'46 Riile Team, '45-'46 R.0.T.C. Camp Dallas Good Scholarship Club DICK KELLEY WANDA KIZZIAR Y-Teens S.G.A. Representative Good Scholarship Club EMILY KNIGHT Art Pottery Club S.G.A. Representative Chorus JAMES LAND S.G.A. Representative Football, '44-'45 Machinist Club American Eagle Club Good Scholarship Club BOBBY JEAN KELLEY Secretary, National Honor Society Secretary, Pan-American Forum Dramatics, Social Chairman Y-Teen S.G.A. Representative THOMAS KING BETTY JO KNIGHT Y-Teens S.G.A. Representative Dramatics Club Good Scholarship Club ETHYL LACKEY National Honor Society S.G.A. Representative 4 Year Linz Pen Everts Award Commercial Art Club PAUL LEFFLAND Camera Club JOHNNY LEMMONS Commercial Art Club Dramatics Club Sta'lffSgt., R.O.T.C. Community Essay Award Scholastic Art Award .IUANITA LEWIS Y-Teens, '46-'47 Dramatic Club . Allied Youth Good Scholarship Club WILLlAlVI,vLINTl'lICL'lNl Captain, R.O.T.C,' ' 'M S.G.A. Representative Diamond Disc Club' ' Library Council f , Good Scholarship Club A PATSY LITTLETON Good Scholarship 'Club S.G.A. Representative Library Council Ready Writers .E if k. CAROL McCLURE Good Scholarship Club Library Council Commercial Art Club S.G.A. Senator 4 BILLIE JADENE LEWIS Chorus A A , Tech Talk Representative S.G.A. Representative Dramatics Club, Vice-President Senior Class Sweetheart Senior Play LAURICE LEWIS S.O.S. Club Y-Teens Good Scholarship Club Cheerleader, 4B ClassfCalif.J President, 4B ClassfCnlif.j RALPH LITTLEJOHN S.G.A. Representative First Sergeant, R.O.T.C. RORBIE MCCALEB Camera Club Y-Teens WILLIANI 'MCCLUSKEY junior Red Cross, President Allied Youth f WILLIAM MCCRARY President, 4B.Class Cheerleader, '46-,417 junior Rotarian Safety Commissioner President, Dramatics Club Captain, R.O.T.C. 1 Senior Play JO ANN McELROY Y-Teens Tennis Club Perfect Attendance .IEANETTE MCMATII T Sz I Co-Op Club Art Pottery Club Good Scholarship Club DELBERT MARLOWE Football, '44-'45-'46 Track, '45-'46 Baseball, ,45 Tech Talk Staff Camera Club DORIS MARTIN Charm Club A' S.G.A. Representative PATSY McDANIEL S.G.A. Representative Y-Teens Typing Speed Club Good Scholarship Club BILLY MCLEOD Art Pottery Club Good Scholarship Club NICK MALANT - R.o.T.c. P.E. Leader BEVERLY MARTIN Chorus I Good Scholarship Club. ROYCE MASSINQIL-L P.E. Leader 1 , ,A Football, '4-5" Baseball, '46 NELSON MAULDIN Graphic Arts Club Baseball Machinist Club BILLIE MERRIMAN Charm Club Secretary, History Club Tech Talk Salesman ANGELINA MOLINA Jnvr Moons Football, '44-'45-,46 Track, '45 Basketball, '45 Tennis, '43-W7 NOVLYN MOZLEY Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club gw ROY ENGENE MELTON Commercial Art Club Wolf Pack Staff Historical Club S.G.A. Representative Scrgeant, R.O.T.C. MAVIS MILLIORN Tech Talk Stai CHARL MOORE National' Honor Society History Club ALICE MORALES Y-Teens ArtI,xP0ttery Club Gobcl Sthxnlarship Club Tefh Tfalk Salesman QAULTNE MULLINS President, Charm Club, '46-'47 Qsimera Club, '45-146947 yTecns cretary, Library Council, '46 Debate Club, '46 RHEA MYERS Cheerleader, '46-'47 National Honor Society S.G.A. Senator Y-Teen Linz Pin Award LOLA MAE NASH LOETA SUE NELSON Y-Teens Red Cross Representative S.G.A. Representative ELOUISE NEWMAN LAWRENCE NAPPER J. B. NEEDHANI Good Scholarship Club Football, ,4-5-'46 Art Pottery Club HOWARD NEUWIRTH junior Red Cross Allied Youth History Club R.O.T.C. Tech 'Falk Representative HENRY NEWVMAN 'V Secretary, Home Room PATRICIA NICHOLAS Good Scholarship Club Grade Raisers Club Band, '44-'45 A Capella Choir Second Lieutenant, R.O,T.C Foreman Advance Wood DON NORTON First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. S.G.A. Representative Tech Diamond Disc ,, GERALDINE NOTLEY Good Scholarship Club S.C.A. Representative Cillllffil Clulw Tech Rep., Juvenile 'fraflic Tennis Club CHARLES OLDHAM KENNETH OSBORNE Sergeant, R.O.Tl.C. Superintendent, Adv. Wood llE'I"l'Y JO OVVEN S.G.A. Representative 'l'. 3: L. Co'Op Cluh Good Sclmlarsliip Club DON l,ALlVl0RE R.O.'l'.C. Good Scholarship Club LENELLE ODOM Camera Club Dramatics Cluh Wolf Pack Staff Y-Teens CHONITA OROZCO Y-Teens Tech Talk Representative Good Scholarship Cluh KZ Year Graduate DARRELL OTTO Camera Club S.G.A. Representative R.O.T.C. JAMES R. OWENS S.0.S. Cluh Diamond Disc Club Camp Dallas. '45-'46 Lieu'enzmt Colonel, R.O.'I' L Radio Cluh ELVIRA PAREDES Y-Teens .:a..L I? Tv, . ix. . , aw I f I if v-Q- i s s lls Q isxjy' is .Q ,521-:-mf-W' ,S ff'-Q' zq. f illiR?f3i'7P i' NATALIE PAREDES Y-Tccns junior Rml Cross IIOIVIER PARKER Baseball, ,47 Dramatics Clulm Visual Education MAURICE PARSLEY Typing Spcvd Clulw Allied Youth Club T. Sz I. Club S.G.A. Representative THOMAS PEASNER RORERT I'lC'I'TY Staff Sergeant, R.O.T.C. HELEN PARKER llvaring Cmiscrvatimi Gund SCll4llIll'Sl'llp Club Sccrctary, 'l'. K I. Club ALM.-X LOUISE PARRISII THOMAS D. PARSLEY Graphic Arts Club llasn-ball Lvttvrman Football, '45-I4-6 Editor of Tccll Talk Track, '45-'46-'47 SAM PEREZ CHIiS'I'IiR PHILLIPS Second Livutcnaut, R.O.'l'.C. Diamond Disc Club Basz-ball, '45-'46 Ffmtl'vall, '46 Linz Pin Award DAVID PICKOFF R.O.T.C. S.G.A. Representative Formzmship Club Guard Captain JOHN rosEY FRANCES Pow1zLL DY2lmilIlCS Club DOROTHY PRICE EDNA LOU PRINCE Y-Teens S.G.A. Representative Typing Club Treasurer, D.E. Club Good Scholarship Club AIJBREY POLLARD National Honor Society Captain, R.O.T.C. Cheerleader Linz Awards Camp Dallas, 244-'45 BILLY JOE POTEETE S.G.A. Representative Radio Club R.O.T.C. Chorus Accompanist Tech Talk Representative JAMES PREWITT Graphic Arts Club R.O.'I'.C. S.G.A. ESTHER ELAINE PRICE Y-Teens DORIS PRITCHETT Commercial Art Camera Club S.G.A. Dramatics Club JOHNNIE PURSER History Club JOE A. RAMIREZ Diamond Disc Club S.G.A. Representative Tennis Team First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. Band R. L. RATLIFF Art Pottery S.O.S. NANCY RAYNOR Commercial Art Club Dramatic Club Band Chorus Library Council Senior Play HAROLD REEDER BOBBY RAGSDALE RAYMOND RANDOLPH Guard D.E. Club Good Scholarship JOE MOODY RAY Lieutenant Colonel, R.O.T. Camp Dallas, '44-'45 A Cappella Choir Music Festival HERBERT REED P.E. Leader Camera Club Machinist Club American Eagle Club Good Scholarship Club GLYNN P. REID C OAKLEY REID LUKE RENER Football Letterman Baseball, '44-'47 Track, '45 S.O.S. Club PRAXEDIS RIZO Linz Pin Award Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves KM Year Graduate Latin Club TENNIE B. RIEK Charm Club S.G.A. Representatixie JEAN ROBERTSON History Club , Y-Teens Shorthand Certificate National Honor Society JIMMIE REIMER Senior Hi-Y Texas History Club Crack Company Linz Pin Award National Honor Society x RAYMOND REYES Guard Good Scholarship Baseball Basketball Foremanship Club ROBERT RICHMOND Art Pottery Club History Club Commercial Art Club LAWANA E. ROBERTS National Honor Society President, History Club Y-Tee-ns Art Pottery Club Linz Award ANNA ROBOTTI Tech Talk LIDIA M. RODRIGUEZ Y-Teens Pan-American Forum junior Red Cross S.G.A. Representative Dramatics Club 'O RODRIGUEZ nerican Club I rttery Club nund Disc d Scholarship MARGARET ROPER Commercial Art Club Chorus Dramatic Club Tech Talk Representative Photography Club EVANGELINE RUBIO Pan-American Club History Club Y-Teens Good Scholarship 3K3 Year Graduate RAYMOND SANTILLAN Gund Scholarship Club Physical Education R.O.'l'.C. 4-Year Perfect Attendance Camp Dallas, '45 MANUELA RODRIGUEZ Y-Teens Chorus junior Red Cross Good Scholarship BILLY J. ROGERS President, Radio Club Public Address Operator S.G.A. Representative R.O.T.C. CARROLL ROSE R.O.'I'.C. D.li. Club EUGENE SANDERS S.G.A. Representative Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Good Scholarship Club T. 8: I. Co-Op Club PAUL SCIINEIRS Baseball Linz Award S.G.A. Senator Best All-Around Boy ANGELO SCOTCH D.E. Club Guard Foremanship Club Radio Club Good Scholarship ROBERT SESSIONS Hi-Y R.O.T.C. Foremanship Club Good Scholarship BILLYE R. SHOCKLEY Y-Teens BETTY SMITH H Tech Talk Staff S.G.A. Representative Y-Teens Art Pottery Club M. L. SMITH DALE SCOTT S.G.A. Dramatic Club Good Scholarship Y-Teens BOB SHERIDAN First Sergeant, R.O.T.C Camp Dallas, '4-4945 Band - Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff HAZEL SIMMONS S.G.A. Y-Teens DAVID SMITH S.G.A. Radio Club Commercial Art Club P.E. Leader OLIN SMITH Tennis Team VANDA SMITH S.G.A. Representative Secretary, Art Pottery NIACRICE STANGLIN Machinist Club, K4-6-'47 IIE. Leader, '46 S.O.S., '45 BETTY 'TOE STONE Charm Club gmmf' WANDA STOUT President, Art Pottery Commercial Art Club S.G.A. Representative Gund Sclmlarsbip Club NIICKEY THOMAS Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. Diamond Disc Dramatic Club I '12 at 1. Co-Op Club arf! S N ff J W YVONNE ZTANDIFER Secretary, 413 Home Room Secretary, Y-Teens Secretary, Dramatics Camera Club Editor, Wulf Pack Library Council EVELYN STEVENSON Linz Award National Honor Society Tech Talk Staff S.G.A. Representative HAROLD STOUT Good Sclmlarsliip Club SUZANNE STUCK Wolf Pack Staff Dramatics Club AUDREY THRASHER Truck, '4-S94-7 Staff Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Radio Club F.T.A. Speakerls Club DONALD 'l'llL'RMOND 34Yt-ar Certificate Spezxkt-r's Club Mfsgr., R.O.'l'.C. 'l'r:lck, '44 DEE YVAYNE TR.-XMMELL Baselwall, '45-W7 S.U.A. Senator City Truffle Court R,O.'l'.C. Footlwull, '46 FRANKIE TRFADAWAY National llouor Society 'llucli Talk Stutl' Y-Tet-ns Linz Pin Award EUGENE VASQCEZ Pam-Anicrican Club Y-Teens MANUELA VALEZ Pun -Amt-ric:u1 Club Y-Teens Chorus NATHAN JOE TODORA Linz Pin Award Dramatics Club News Editor, Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff juvenile Court Attorney S.G.A. Representative A. C. TRAVILLO R.O.T.C, History Club STELLA VALLES Y-Teens NORA LEE VAUGH.-KN Good Scholarship Club Chorus S.G.A. Representative MAXINE VICKERS S.G.A. Representative T. at I. Co-Op Club National Honor Society Linz Pin Award Good Scliularslxip Club JOE WATKINS Art Club Art Pottery l'.E. Leader S.G.A. DOROTHY WATSON WANDA WATKINS 'l'. 8: I. Co-Op Club Good Sclmlarsliip Club Y-Teens Typing Speed Club Sli.,-X. S.G.A. AUDREY WEEMPE Tech Talk Representative Tech Talk Staff Clmrus BOBBIE WEST Secretary, Senior Class Vice-President, Camera Wulf Pack Staff Tennis Club Y-Teens Must Beautiful GENE E. WIIITTEN Tennis Team Crack Company Radio Club R.O.T.C. Radio Shnp BOBBY VVIER Club JIMMY WHITFIELD R.O.T.C. Diamontl Disc SGA, Graphic Arts Club FRANK VVHORTON Captain, R.O.T.C. Vice-Presitlent, Dinmon Rifle Team Camp Dallas, '45 DEAN YVILLIAMS Football Basketball Baseball Senator, S.C.A. tl Disc o GENE WILLIAMS Editor-in-Chief, Wolf Pack C0-Editor, Tech Talk President, junior Rotary Club National Honor Society Major, R.O.T.C. Dramatics Club Linz Awards HELEN WILLIS Camera Club Art Pottery Dramatics Club S.G.A. Representative WELDON WILSON Guard S.O.S. Club 'I'. K I. Co-Op Club EARL HENRY WYNN Machinist Club R.O.T.C. Q JOE YOUNGBLOOD Graphic Arts Club History Club Football, '44-'45 Good Scholarship Club Baseball, '43 VOLNEY WILLIAMS Band Lieutenant S.O.S. Club Diamond Disc Music Festival JOHN CLINTON NVILSON KM Year Graduate Eagle Scout S.G.A, Representative Lientenant, R.O.'I'.C. Art Pottery Club FRANCES WORLEY Tech Talk Staff S.G.A. Representative Typing Club Cllorus LAWRENCE YOUNG llasketball, '44-'45-'46-,47 'I'ri-Captain, '47 All-City Basketball, '47 S.G..-X. Representative VIRGINIA ZA PATA Y-Teens K. ,.peakers' Club ' ,419-M ' A Q51- .,., cw . 0 Q Y- ,,v"a.nv1'f ,OVIQ x, Q' 'V' JDK LIL' x ff M' I A ',.ff,au5 ,x f' ,H ff' ,f -: - ivx , 1 ., 1 A Q 54 ' 5 '11, A Q2 , ' o fi 1-In MM Jin , , W A 'L 5 1 M ai zezm Cox ling ww Hfilliullzx 106 BMW-'f'U LL 0 S L L 0 5 , k I,llfi,'i'677ll'8 Young Yvonne Stmzdifer ,Mack Garcia vw 19' Jackie Brcmefz Jolmny Floyd Willifzfzz ZVlcCmry Jack Brown Imogene Bmmlmll Raymond Reyes 1-233 ..... C13 Three Queens . . and . . ez Couple e Fu!! ease fx ,iw -cf 4 P L 4- 5 me fe 'w. 11 of K mgs E, Eugene jones Joyce Browning Wayne Higgs l in e K' gig ,, iw? IL .k, l On the Campus -M., Helen Willis Billy jzxdeva Lewis Elizabeth Doria 'Q-Earn -fkf My ,'e' f 1. ? Q 54 Rnbbc McC11lcb -I. B. Nccilllzun Mickey 'l'lmmas 1 Putty Allen Tlmmus Pcalsncx Riclmlxl Alzlrnzlgun Ethyl Lackey f""1, On the Campus Nathan Todorn Elsie Parsons Irvin Dctzvl Mzlrgzlrct Roper Bcrnhardt Gersh 'll' On the Campus Lzlnc Corlvy fel Suzanne Stuck mf? W' ,M R2lI1lOI1Ql Garrett fx Pgrsett Parsley Bobbie Kelley Harold McFeeters Nancy Raynor joe Moody Ray Charles Davis Shar -1 -md... "Nw-. l If is Ut' 'Im 'Ulf :fits Q Ula ,M A U 56' .- ' "v' ' , , . x XX sg -:f f-:QQ ,.,..: M , X W ,.., - ' V ,-:2E2If2i" - K z 'Q, x A .. ' if K ,, 1 ar- A r T "haf , L . , V ' A, K :.-V, -.- 1, .,.. 1-. 1 if - . ........ Q -""' if W -",,, 1 ' 7' . . : -Q'2:2 .,,v , ff 4 I ""' x ,s Q1 S , ' X I , ' .,.:,: : Q , 'L L, "". . ,5 4 "-: ::.11, , X . X !. Z, ' - if . Q, .::,1V zz., in U ' ,,,.A ....A.:...,,.., ,.,, z 221' L j ' '1"- ,- i 2 IEEE: in q , q ..:f' f fi Xi 'S f it I x 4 -sez QQX V ' 1 , , 1 J N ggfk f vi x , S 4 xg 5 t HV RITES Q YRS? Qsrgggagy, ,-, ,4 wiv-r ' .,vdm'iie. ffm, MQW 644 xx sg--. ,ec , f MM. . f . 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A X ,Q xx fl-M10 HL ETIC5 CHEER LEADERS 194 Wolves Ritzx Nlzxric Dytr Clmrlottv Schofield x7.lI1 Dorn D:u1gl1lcx'y xxlilliilfll McCrnry Joe BL'unc'tt lckic Branch 1.-.,. Rhn-:1 Myers 4 I f A K A - .-..--fx, ' A wg M5 ,, K Aubrey Pollard B1-nm-tt, Dyer, Brunch, Schofield, Daugherty, McCrnry, Nlycrs E E 5 1946-194 U C110 IER TECH WOLVE I GIQORUE l3I,.XIR REX S'l'i'l '17 dw' Wm, x M ELTON "GOLDIE" OVVENS FOOTBALI , Fmnz Rum- CL1-fr to Rightl: lliwnn Millcr, Muck finicizn, Clin- ton lirisulidixie, llill DuPi'iust, Paul lh-Sharm, jaw lluf,-rls, Szmznm llnnuml, Luke Rum-r, 'fnml Rmu: Fm'rL-at Fnx'r:n', Louis Drnzcl, Don Mullim-x, Tuny Inlzzwgiolai, Huh Sxmclers, lVillis Hulcler, jimiuv l"ccnisIc1', Ilurscrr Pn1'slcv. Tlifv-11 Run-' XY, S, L':i1'penwi', jwhnni' Hu'-f-wluz. Il. L1 Civrsll, ,lurk R4-vill, jon I-1-i'reQl, Hznnn l'k':u'd, Nlck Musm, llclhcrl Mfllluuu. I"wu'1li Kvmu' Chuxlcs Sentcr, jim lvlcvmvix-, jul'us Tufzillu, jnclc Millar, Smulmm Swift, jack Aclkissun, Gi-iicm Lopez, Bill llmxqznl. Fifrh Rffu-.' jack Hum, Hnmlml Stiicklnnrl, Uvzichcf Gun. lllnlr, Oni-us, Stu'iz, Smith juhnmn, Leslie lilwzuv. SJxrl1 I-:qu-: Iwlrmugm jznnes Evans, Donufzl llzurrll. X. ..-. R - 7 1 , s 1 L! , Luke Rcncr Bafkjvlfi Toi' To B01-'1'oM: Jack Adkisson Tizrkle Aim N Billy DuPricst Paul DcSh:izo End Guard The VVolves started the '46 football season with four lettermen. They suffered mostly from injuries sustained in practice. The first city series game Was the most dis- asterous of all for the VVolVes. Clinton Brisendine was helped from the Held with an injured knee. The team suffered a loss of morale upon this occurrence. The Wolves struggled through the season and came out with fewer goal points than usual but remembering Grantland Rice's ". . . not that you Lcslic Bryant Tmklf Won or lost, but how you played the game . . .D Ei Carpenter Billy DuPriest made All-City for th Ves. af 3 e '47 season looks bright for t e VVolves. Louis Drozd ' ' Tfffklf W re ten lettermen returnin or the pa . Forest Farrar Guard J K Willis Holder Mzlck Garcia Joe Fcrrcll Cmzlvr Baekfield Backjvlli fl A . U-"-if J! Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. N ov. VV:xync YVz11'Ll Hafkjfirld dk ....g..,.. L in Oc t A Joe A111-n Deeds ciimfm Brisendine Emi Bmafliz 1946 FOOTBALL SEASON -Tech 13 . . Tyler 0 -Tech' U . . Corpus Christi 51 5-Tech 20 . . VV:1xahachie O 10-Tech 33 . . Fort VVorth Tech 0 26-Tech 0 . . Forest 25 1-Tech 0 . . Adamson 26 7-Tech 0 . . Sunset 13 15-Tech 7 . . North Dallas 15 22-Tech 0 . . VVoodrow VVilson 6 A 1 ., ' A 1 QV J fo QAM! it W .I :lmcs Evans fllanager 1. To 1' To 1ioT'1'o M Billy Howard End -Sammy Il0VVil1'Ll , 1 'Guard Genearo Lopez Guard Donald Mullenix Tackle ffj I ' , ri ,llg 1 IDP' Jack Rcvill Baclejiclzl 1 ' "V, ' In , - f' AJ 1 - ,f' ' fr ! I, rj '11 I - 1 J If I I K ,'. f Mfjnf' Q ,V,. A Staunton Swift ', Roh Sainders ' ' Emi Raskficld , , . ,pw W. GNN fi .. Y 1 W 5 fm A Q i A-My gif Y 1 i f f is 1 tectc i ii it K 'i fi yiiii ' . ' V Q ",'e' ij . it fi ff? R' . I -k,, ,, f Q, ,.,, F,-59 .v:, - X ly yy y Q A 1 - - .3 TQ. oil at fi? is nom We-w..m,,.,,f' BA KETBALL KCI! li. O. MDCK" M.-XYES Fin! Ruff: jztyk Rrxill, Alvvt' Nfcllztnit-ls, LtlNNL'l'L'IlCC Yuung, Alllik lirrmn, .lurk Ru l'l1:ltnpim1, Bl'j'lIl1 Nlillvr. lttt, jerry .Ytmrztf Rau: klzzmt-S Atlkissoxx, .'xSSiSf.Illf Cmtchg .luv lirmut, Nlsmzlgt-Vg liynum Smith, Huh Saunders, Mxlrtvl liryztnt, Rslytmmtl Reyes, Bill Martin, Assistant Nlzmzlgcrg Hzxyt-S, fmtclx. "Doc" Axxn jo LAWRENCE YOUNG Lwwrcncc Young ffaptj, plzlyml luis last year at Tech tliis j'CllI'. Ht' Sl' 1' u-tl as ont- of the Tri-Captains .lI'ltl nas sclvclml on tlw All-City tcznn. Young was noted for his all- aronml play. CITY vial SCL JACK BROWN lack Broun 1CaptainJ, is 1 flllll XL"ll' lettcrman and nas sclc tlic All-City team txxo years Illk ma tlv the All-State lite onu H1 f 1 1 ro- K surontl strziiglit year uitli 150 poi JOE McDANIEL Joe MCIJllIllt'l 6F0!'VYZl1'Ll, Iln are was :nltlvtl in 'l'ecl1's fix any times by luis accurate eye oi the bucket. 65 was his total po SL'I'lL'S. U76 They North Dallas . . 51 30 Adamson . . . 35 25 lforest .... . -1-9 2-1- XVoodroW XVilson . . 41-3 30 Sunset .... . -1-8 16 Forest .... . 66 18 VVoodroW XVilson . . 50 31 Sunset .... . 37 10 North Dallas . . 50 31 Adamson . . . 25 27 Durant, Okla .... -11 27 BI-DISTRICT Paschal 11' Ift. Vvorthji Here ..... 36 28 There . . 39 36 STATIC Fl Paso . . 36 37 BRYAN MILLER 1 Bryan Niiller lcentt-rl a 6-ft. 3-in. Cagur, lleltl Li gi, Q tloxxn the Center position for the Tech Quint tliis ' vvar. lle is the Wolxvs' main rt-lvonnel man and a lop SUIITF. if tl rx 1 BOB SANDERS Hub Sanders was one of the Wnlvus' capahlc and strong:-st rc- svrxcs this season, His performance in games participate-tl proved that he would he anwng the top lin- Iwxt SOQISOH. MARTEL BRYANT- Martcl Bryant QCL-ntcrj. Oni: of the iincst players of the rcsmvc crew this scasun vias Martel Bryant. llv is a brilliant performer and has great basketball ability. 4 JACK ROUTT Jack Runtt fGuartlj. jack pl steady hall throughout the sc and turncd in his best game in second Simsvt tilt with his fine funsixc play and hustle. .. 3 an as as Us H JACK REVILL jack Rt-vill, lettered his st-cond Ill' nn the cage team this yt-:ir 'und ill he i11 zictinn signin next st-.1s 111 e is illl outstziiitliiig' defensin 111111 tl shows proniist- nn offense. JERRY CHAMPION blurry 'flledu Cliziiiipinnls fine hus- e fllI'!1lSllt'kl the IN'ft'SS2lI'j' spzirk for llllly of 'fechls victories this scal- mn. Ht- was the smallest ciigur in ne city this year, but his outszinding lxiy enrnetl him his secontl letter. SUMMARY OF THR SEASON The 1947 season saw the YVolf cagers clinch the annual Dr. Pepper Christmas tournament by defeating Fast Mountain of Gilmer 50-31 and cop the district 8 AA crown with nine wins and one loss, this being to Adamson, 35-2 7. Headed by Jack Brown the Tech quint won the bi-district crown from Paschal of Fort VVorth 36-28 and 39-36. ln the last game Brown poured in Z6 points and turned in one of the most brilliant performances of his schoolboy career. VVithout the services of Brown, who took ill shortly before game time, the pack dropped out of the state race by losing ll heartbreaker to El Paso 36-3 7. Bryan Miller and Joe MC1J21IllCl received honorable mention for the A11-State team. Miller, McDaniel and Lawrence Young and Brown also were selected on the All-City team. BYNUM SMITH Bynum Smith, another piincipi RAYMOND REYES l't'St'I'X't', was the tallest pt-111111 on the W4Jlf qllllll this yeli 111t Raymond Reyes "R:1y1n11n1lo" :ls culled by team mates, is one of the xuwkliorses of the Tech Quint. He is ll SP6Ctnc11l:1r defensive Pl1lYCl': he would De 1' 'l"PL'ml1lllll' WS UK' :md zulwziys shines on ol't'enst'. season' vsr, his Sllll1'PSll0llIlI1g' :intl :1bi 1 y giirlit-r in the rebounds provtt ti W, ' me-f 1 . , TRACK Fin! Ruff: :xlIxlI'L'j' 'llllI'llSl1t'l', Dun lilzlck, Bill BZll'Llk'!1, Alxln gfllllllvf, Nlilik Curtin, Cww1'lw lfvrrcll, jun' l70rr:'ll, U1'l1l'gn' l3roolfS. Nrrurzlf Ruff: Julius 'l'1lf:1llu, Tony lngzlrglulzl, Billy Ryzm, Dzxvlml YVIUV, flxxln Tysur, .Innn-S .lum-S, Gvnc' Smith, Fr:mk llzurris. Tflinf Ruff: Nl1lll1lgL'l' DL'll1C1't Nl:u'luwL', Roh lirzllnvs, Doyle Nlzxrtlu Cousin Rl-x Stulw, -lnmus Butts, VVilli:1m Childress, .Inlm Cuvrzm. COACII f E Y C9026 M f l 1 l ,fl .Nu ll 3 0' ff ' l A 5 n ov 5 imlcnazpyf up U 0 'gg' 'QSM ,arf 341, 5' by XCH GIHIORUIC J . ,1,,VL,, 6, Jimi ,Q BA EBALL Ffr,-I Rn-iv: .IL-fry i'f1.1n1pfm1, XVI11frwl 'llum-ll, Cl1lIl':l'S Oldlmzlm, Robb, Phillips, Luke Rvm-V, XVilIi4 ll-fhln-x', llulw NI.zr!i11, Qluvk Rvxill, Clintwn ln'm'11Jlm', i.u11vrn lmpw. Slwfrfl Rm'r': Nfzznxugcr XVHIIQ Hulf, H, C. Ch-1'Sl1, ID-an II:lr'rvll, l'.mI Sgllncibs, Duzm XVilli:m1S, Iiilly Ilmx.11'd, Iwlluy Simxm-ne, Rzsynmmi 1 v x lic-yvs, lD.1rx'4'I1 Szzlmfm, I,m'12m' ln'y.mt. Y'L'fn! Rn-:ii llwbn-rt NIQQIIEQKHH, lurk Riggs, Dwriutt Iiarsluy, D. YV. 'lr.1mmL-Il, t1lI.ll'lx'S Q. Smith, l'l1:lrh-Q IJ. Smith, .Iulm 'kfrmzwg llmnm Ifrrlqvr, Nh-k Nimw, xlzufla IM'-mm. , , . S lx S, 'x R TENN S ,wma Ffrff Ruiz: Sslllic llullmk .xml N+v1'n1,1 f:lSSrm-xmxi, girl .lfmlslm-Eg llctty 'Nlcf',1lluugl1. Srrulzff Row: Alou A. ll1IlUll'Q'Z, Klux, :xml Rirlmzml lh-uzlximll-s, lmys Singh-Q. lfHy.v.N'ff1glw: klim Nlumw :xml 4l1lTillllIIl'9I XV.1ml.u llruxxxm .lull Olin Smltlx nut 5ll4lXXIl. :EE:::,:.,, '- ffw M9' Lfwg f P f XZ x ,ff XL zu W ,ja ff, X fx A V Am ,..,. Z i q N- Q ,..:,.f, , .,.V.: A X 1 X K '---:., lazzi I V nijxngffff .fl!!! .., Yi2fiPfZQ f ffl ,i 1' A xx f LU S USIC DEPARTME T 'E' COL. Cl I.-XRLIQS 'l'l iOM,fXS Jlirwwlfff- 14,2159 Q A Jwalj. VN'n'mic'1 lfnlwi lsx Lt. Cliutml Uuhvr Uzpt, VV:zynu Higgs W., N-if my NNi.llllI11S Lt. lifulwwt Fustvl' IJ- Billy CAUUH Lt' llmmlxi Shun I x,il'gilQxl1dri4Y Lt. 'NI.z1AtvI lzfjllllf ' I,t. 'l'1n11m5 Omlgwy Lt,l'l1L1rlvs'I'mk1 BAD i r l -lack Adkisson Ernest Anderson Ellis Baker Ralph Baker Richard Benevidcs Martel Bryant Don Chamberlain lVlarvin Clanton Tommy Cooksey Virgil Caddy llilly Cullen Wcndel Ford Mario Foster Rohert Foster Perry Frank Clinton Gruber VValter Grimes Harry Hall VVayne Higgs W. A. Hill Ray Hutchinson l.eonard Alez Edwin Lawrence Robert Brandon -lack Clay Rohert Cnrder Billy Grady -Iohn W. Haney Billy -Innes Charles Lester ,lohn Linder lohn Nlcfall Roy Cunningham Avidrevr Cruz VV. A. Dunn Wm. Ray Nliller James Speck Gregario Duarte Robert Schwarz A. j. llellomy Melx in Carroll Edu ard Clemmer Charles Edmonds fharles l-'ulleru ider Louis Guex ara l4l'41'l'llUiCllllQS llarx ey Johnston Ronald Nlathews llulack lVlilliorn Lowell Nloon Sfex e Nov lin George Potts Royce Searfy lJ:-lor.: Lexx is Allsn Lintz VVALTIER CR'NllCS, ,Vnlniiff l"reLl Little Rndolph Lopez Alack Perkins lion Mathews Gene Rnherts George Ryan Donald Short Kenneth Smith llilly Smithart llohhy Sleelman VVayne Stephens XVL-ndell Stephens Charles 'l'ncker lion Char ' s llilly -Io YVake!ie VVilford xxYHlL'l'S Phelps Walker Volney Williams Don VVilson Gerald Wise Elvin Worden john Lazich lioh Sheridan llershel Shipman Rohert Vann Ilirlf fu Hariri lit a Nt Il Borden Pauline 'Yowry Mary Frances Thonmas Helen llushy Evelyn Redfearn Clarins! Suluixl VVaI1er Grimes Clarinc! Soloist VValter Grimes Smxizphorzr Qnizrlcl George Ryan Allen Lintz Don Chamberlain XV. .-X, llill Cl,ARlNlC'l' QU.fXR'l'E'l' nherlain, -lark Adkisson, Clinton Goher, jack Perkins l 1 3 . 1 X L'F.A- . . lt ' , I ,f W, J: .v 'ir f if ' 5 I W A - K lv , , ? , 1 Q 1, . K . 5, , A! ,, :Q 5 e- Ar A' V - . r Q .. dx. L7 X . ,xv 4. 4 y ,, 5. MVN .N11,uzfhw fn' Qla1l'lz'l.' Ch-urgu Rjxm, Umm Cl1.z11xlu'1'1.1im1 Kllcn Unix, VV. .X. Iiill H Girls In Band dun Ilwlw ary lf 1111 Noun 5.1111 Plllllllt I ww '1'l1u111.1. Hill Iwi NL-H Blllkltll OVYCIW l'XclX1l Ru if Q c.1I'11 4 f.'f11fi.ff Trim Umm Cf1.m1l ul IIN .IM-L .mm B -luck I crkin 'llii ,ml lv .Em Ni fy CHORUS I. G. k'l1,lmllc1' NVa1lkn-r llimn lllfllilfxl llfiyv 'Ibm l'vg1sm'r lion lllvslcy hlzinws Ruiz llcrsclwl Slllplll. -lulius 'l'1lfullu 'll-Ll VVzlx'c llt'l'Nllill'l Gcrsnli YV. A. llill klnm' Nlnmly Rug' .lm-ssv Rios llzmivl llmlx'iquc'z llzlruld Smith liilly Wilson flljllb Pr1'ff1f4'71lf in I1m1l'c:ls11c1', Clmrus llzlrold Smith, Clmir :lu'uv1parzj.rI,r 'Lum l,L'.l4Ilt'I' llilly ,luv l'urcutc' -lim Nlmm' Nnfni,vf,v Luis Nlilgua Nlcllm Alu jenkins llilly Alun' llutcvtv lion-rliy ll.xtli!l' .XL'L'ONIl',-XNlS'I'S lllwnms l'c:lSm'1', llilly ,lov l'utcc't1' lG sv 3' 3 1,231 Lu' li:11l'w1' Nl.ii'y l lux :lu-Ili llulwitlix limo' llncwlliy Rxltlitli lie-tty ll1ll4llt'S Snmlvrs llnnl Crvtlicn Alulin llmlriqlivx V1-rnNvllflmiingrl' llvggy lhurl1S.u.a,L Lim Li x Nli1wrx.1Rmli'iql Nlzxry Cutiulil Riimmic lfnyr llumtliy llgimlwrick Lynn Sn-.inwii Sully liilxxaznls Tlmmpsmi Bcity llinxxlsilxs Luxcrm- Skcpxxurkli lam' llillsv.-11 xl2lIlklt'llll Vvlcz Vix inn lluufk Patsy Smi li lflisxi llc-rnzlmlvz Cnilwurimf NVl1iu- Rvrivmzzry llulwbcll ll1xtsy'l'mlxl .'xlllCll cjl'ft'g'il Ururgizl VVl1itla-y lVlK'll'l1lAl0klK'l1lilllS clCl'Il'lIllL' VV:1llr1' ll:11'b:1i':l l'lYUlj'll lxllll'glll'L'f VVru'tl1y lflvttxl Luis jones FYLIIICVS Luis xVlll'l'L'll Pzitillzl l-'rzmcvs YVm'lcy Szixiilwtli Luf1u.m lin-tty Lim lilzi Riclmumil limvlnz .'Xl'lllSU'lYlly l,llllI'4I NlCl,illl1 YVc:ztl1c1'frml Nlimuclu Rmlriqucz Nlzligzzrvt Ann liilrkcr Kntlicrim' l'.zrks llvtty Allklll VVuml.n1'il l,L'II'El Suxiclicx lilfim' ll.ll'lTl'l' lJ+iwLl1yNI.1y Punl llL'I'l'l' lfrzmli L'I,l'l3 llllliSllJliN'l'S SOLOISTS mms llizlmri' - lI.n1wilil Smiilm Xlvllm .lv klvulciiis IJ'-imliy Rullifl' L .9 ' L f, aw' we fn., Q L 5 lr F l 'iw 2 f A ' f , 1 Q M. 2. X12 , ,lil '51 1 1 . T- Xvf A 1 . F f Q DRAMATIC LUB XVII I IAM lllvfn mx' . , , PII .I ,4', 11111 l3II,I x xI.xl1I-.NI, LI-.xx If . . . . . l'fII-l'1'I'.IiIII IIA YYUNXII. "SI IQIIII-.U S'1'.-XNIIIII 11.11 . . .N'I'I'1I'f.I1y and TI'l'II.III1u1' Nl.xIIIr.'1'I'A fux ..,.. . l'z'ugII1II: Ifhllilfmlrl Hilllllll-, slum KI-'I.I.Iix' . . Smml Cfmirffmn EIIII-NIL YVII.I.I.uI: . Rnjwzll 1' Nllx. ll.xYXl5r . . Spurnffr NIENIISIQRS llulwrtlxy l3.II'IIutt, lm' lh'nm'tt, VV.Iltu1' LHIIIIIIIII, Lupl' i'IIIItI'v1'.Is, NlIII'iL'tt.I Cwx, Clli1I'lL'i llzlxis, Isnlu-1 llorlzl, Nlzlry clflfllllllfl, llswotlu- llnmiltcm, licmlwlwic ,In-.III Kcllvy, llillln' Klzulrm' Imuls, Alllillllfll Lvnis, 'Icnm-ttv I.4IClil'lLlgL', William lVlcCI':I1'y, llznxinl Ncntmm, llmm-I' l'.II'lu'r, DIIISI-tt I,2ll'Slt'y, lfzmccs Pmxcll, Nilllfj' R:IyI1III', LiLll.I llIIIlI'iII1Icx, Dznlu Scutt, Yuumc l'SIIg:gie-" Sl1ImllfcI', Suzzlnm- Sturlfc, Nzxtlmn 'l'IIXlIn'1I, Gem' NVilll:Ims, llclrn YVilllS, Irxlu llvtzvl, flL'I1CY1l ylurllmm, Nlllly lieu Buic, klcrry Nuilvy. I ' ui: Stuwzxrt xisits KRLD on his tum' wil Top Rfglft Jxnm Q show MINS H Wumlvrful Liff-R' Tvcll studunts num-t him Nlvlxin Munn in mln- studio. 1 Ins W I,nfc'rf l'frlnn': Om'-.ict play, "M.u1Sinns" by l"l.lm1c'l', is L-nulux in City Contest. y u VVHJL D:1xidNcntux1 Cuff: Lydia Wilde, M2ll4iCtf2l Csx, AI c ', Aunt H:11'1'iCt 'NVildc', Nancy Ruynur. SPEAKER CL B Nm-uH1.u11, ,IJIINC ,lzlmrs I'1'vxx'itt, .Xbrznm Rndrigml x 4 HL H rx Szxntillgm, Luuisa xx u ru I1 1 me-ml, NkI"llIL Vllll 11 W x 221976 PEAKER CL B lull Allkissuxm, flllflilllll' .Xl'IIUlsl, lfl'I1CStlIIC Jxllllllll, l'vgyy lillcn llzlllcy, Luis lilnim' BVHIUII, lmlzl ll.l1'rluntL'S, Alicia ll'Illlll.l, Nlllffllfl Ll11'llIl.llllI, Kl.n'yu- Lulu-lll, Xlfgllllll Lfvr- ' nlmu, l,:mn' Curh-y, llllly Cullen, 'llunmy llvlmsrvllllwc, l'vggy liyvrly. lmulsc l"ltlgu1'nlll, vlfllllllllk' Fluyxl, Muck C.lryl.1, llvtty .ln llJlI'l'UllltL', ll. U. Gcrsh, lfrmza Grzllmll-1, Marry Ellin- l'5l'lll Ur 4-m'x 1, Wl1ly'l1l' Higgs, CllI'lSllIlL' llulun, 0. ll. lllllflllll- fun, liulwrl Loc Almmw, Lcgcnc Kzuamzmglx, .lxwlvtll I.ul1.l, Alllili G. Miller. lilxlm l'1u'0drs, Natilic' P:u'mln-S. lilsla' l'.lx- smls, Glyn Prvstnn Rvlnl, Rzlymuml Ra-yn-S, llzlrulll Smilll, lfxcljn St4'u'r1suy1v ,lmlm-S 'l'.1Ia', JK. lf 'l'1'zlxlllw, Alum' Yvaltlilns, OIVI-HER Ii' RAYN Xxrgxllnl L.1p.1ILI. Lponlm I ' I IJRIYI-QR 'IQRAININGZ ullummy C111 trzlining :md instruction DRIVER TRAINING: BEHIND THE VVHICI-YL theory of driving. ' IDRIVFR Em'cA'1'1oY: Studying the VIEWS ON DRIVING RANGE Studvnt gl-tting il chock tes Qualifying by tc-sts fur driver's lice-nsv. STUDENT ASSISTANT INSTRUCTORS l 1 ft I R gf! H. jzum-s Tyson, Instructorg Laurence Young, D onulil llnrrcll, Billy Hays, Bohby Terry, L annl Ro art ll 1 d lvhn Kunnomer, Charles Lockli-zur, jack Perkins. The Nation's High Schools have now entered the fight to reduce the ever increasing number of traflic injuries and fatalities. N. R. Crozier is the first high school in the Southwest to join in the movement of teaching high school youth traffic safety. The classroom instruction is one important phase of the course of study because in traflic safety a student must develop the attitude that it is necessary to respect the rights of others, and respect laws and law enforcement. To take the course is a privilege rather than a "must," Credit is granted to all Seniors upon satisfactory completion of the course of study. COMMERCI L ART CL B Front Ruff: Billy Sikkelec, Jeannine Gilhrcth, Marietta Cox, Margaret Roper, W. D. McKnight. Second Rafe: George Ryan, Charlotte Montgomery, Margie Scamen, Doris Pritchett, Dorothy Burke. Thinl Raza: Blake Hamption, Lady Ann Lankham, May Claire Paterson, Barbara Orr, Patsy Parks, Iva Nell Lee, Jesse Cordoxa, Lois Leslie, Joe Johnston. Ojfirerr: President, Billy Sikkcleeg Vice-President, W. D. McKnight, Secretary, Jeannine Gilbreth, Social Chairman- Trcasurcr, Margaret Roper, Sgt.-at-Arms, Buddy Powell. Mr. Schiebel talks to Mr. Asliburne, assistant principal, about the nrt exhibit just before open house. 'VR 'wg Mrs Lmgdun, Cummercizll Art In- uctor, talks tu studsnts about :sir brush. lfetly Hendrix :md Beverly Buening act ns models for students in Com- mercial Art. Mo'1h'1'u: Bulfrr phyximl jilrzvss and hsarirzg hmllh. RE'I4'I'YE BANK WALKPZR . . Pm-,vidzrnt JOYCIHZ ELAINE flUNNELS . Secrztary Lu: 'Fi-lOIN1l'SUN .... . . Vin'-l'n'.vificrzf JOHNNY THOMAS K1-gNwRm Trfmnrfr Mary All-xxlmlcr, Ruby Ah-xzlmlcr, Dunzlld Clmildrvss, Grcgrmriu Durlrtc, Dorutby Gentry 1 ri L ml Il nv I 1 Lvwis Lzmlvr, Dclbcrt Marlow, Wlllllllll Mn-zxzvll, lgilfllllfll Spzlrkmzln, Hubby Stezuimzm, juscpll Lrluxw, Oml Lu Wm w, Gvnrgv Wl1ittL'11. February ll, 1947 Hundredth Anniverszlry 1 the birth Of 'FHOTVIAS A. Emsors: Club's Obs:-rvznncc :lt l,1lllIlS Hexlllb Nlusl-11111 Johnny Geraldine Nlzxry Discover thc Model of tb EAR 1 U t. Spnm'nz': l.m'1fla llll,l,x'rjn, llfflfhlxif Cnr1.wr-rwlfirnzffl 8 ACHI E BOOKKEEPI G CLUB Clmnitn Orozco, Tennis ll. Rick, Lyilizi Mary Rmlrigucz, Przuxmlis Rizo, LaVcrnc jones, Mnnucln Velcz, Audrey Wm-mpc, Rosalie- llzlm- , mond, Betty Rollinson, Pcggy Brown, Marionetta! Ali-xzmdcr, Sue Nul- son, Dorothy Price, Frzmcvs Worley, I-'rzmccs Powell, ju Ann Mclilroy, Betty Beavers, Mac Higginbotlizxm, Vixizm Hows, Mary Suu lloml, Anicin Ortvgzr, lilvcra Porn-des, Kxntherinv Grimnu-tt, lloxszlral llclurzi, slllillllfll Lcxxis, Margie Dzmnfurd, Jenn Russell. Mas. MAY REDFERN, Sponxor RADIO CL B RADHQ OFFKWIRS R11 Lx' Rumius . .... . . Pr,-,i,7ilf'11x Hin I x KARNM . ..., V,7iu'-Prmiifrflr SAM S'rr1wAR'1' . . .N'f'i'ruluf'y imd 1vlz'ilXllft'l' M EM li ERS Billy Rwgvrs, Billy K.irm's, Sum Stmxaert, lluilgilkl Cliilnlu-SS, Clzlytun Stun-Iv, .lvrry Smith, Jack Perkins, Frmi Litllr, VV. ,-X. Dunn, George' Putti, Rulwrt liums, Jznncs Ilflht'I'ISllIl, Andruw Nnlcn, Rulwrt Ridgvxziy, Ncil fillllmll, Kvlly C IA41 pur, jinxniy L'nwgill, Dwight Umhzim, Rzly Iillfihillillll, VVilliv Alliwfii, Gum' Uizuy, Louis Patrick, Rxly Strinxikvr, lizarl Mclh-uitt, Clmrlvs l,4-ntvr, Rnynuuni Fm-Ss, Chzlrli-S Fultz. CAMERA CLUB Blu, Rlaxxmu . . . I5-lxvfdrrzl llomalxi YV!-Nr . Vim'-l'z'1'xflff'rzf FAY Cum-iN . . . . Sl'l'n'l1Ir'y Dmus llRl'l'k'llI'I' . . . . . . . . . Tr-wlzmrrr Lufl In Rfght: Lois NlTll'lL' llclslwr, lwliIl'Q,ill'Ct Ropn-r, Lcncllv Ollom, lwnrivttzl Cox, Polly Nlulllns, Rolwlwiu lVlCC:llc-lu, ,lllllllltil XV:1lLlL-n. Nrurnzd Ruff: Ray Crvcn, Doris l'1'Itcl1L'tt, Helen VVillS, Bolwlwiv VVCSL, Olin Royrr, Cl1zl1'lL's l"l11cnv,lLlL'1', lrm:1 Volkmsmn, Ilillllllllll Clzlrrctt, Gladys flJll'l'L'tf, Pzuxl I,ufl'l:md. Third Ruff: Bill Rclmvr, Rl'I'l'lllfll'l Gc'rSl1, XVclllo11 VVl1ltv, Durrrll Otto, Dale- Collins, llurlwrt Rl-ell, Rolwrt Vzlxm. TA PCL B . ,Q R Q 2 1'- rx Ll'-fl lo Righl: Tommy Jcmvs, Eugene Alonvs, Jcrry lfrizlrick, ll. F. Pinyan, Cliairnian, Board nf lbircctorsg Alames Rolwrtsmi, james Jones, Benny Whitlock, Donald Shipman, Sccretziry and 'Yrcasurcrg jack Clioat, Charles l"lIll'I'lWlLlL'l', Sidney Culc, Vice- Prvsislcritg Dxxiglit Cassl-ll, l'1'esillL-nt. NIRS. ELA NTAE lll-1A'lillI1RIXG'I'OY, NADVIIFUI' Firxf Ruff: Rnbcrt Jones, Mzlricttzl fox, Exangclinv Rubin, Fiflh Rafe: Danny llalv, Bah Riclimnnd, Billy Sickille, Lzmana Rolwrls, Gloria Slllllililll, lillxxina Tollixcr, Pat Alfrul Riddle, Larry Clianlpinn. Andrews, Bcrniu' Ruckvr. Sfurlml Roux' Carolyn Gibson, Rolvlwic Yvem-land, Vlvan llowe, Lotus Randles, Barbara Sparkman, Will Anne Score, Gsm-va jurdzin. Third Rurcf Lady Anne Langliani, 'I'li.ula Glmvr, llarlnara Orr, Rcida Svllars, Joyce' jctton, Patsy Parks. Fzmrfh Rucv: Uliarlcs Wilcs, Bill Tliomkins, Lvc 'l'lmnipsmi, Lonnie Elwuru, Howard Ncwlrtli, -loc Youngblood, Dan Sanders, Johnny Purscr. LAxx.aw,A Ri1BF,R'1's Rom-1R'1' kloxris . CI.oR1.'x SANFORD PAT Amnuzws . lVIAR1r:'r'1'A Cox . BARBARA ORR . OFFICERS . Vim Progrrwz Pnblicily Pwffdcnl -Plwsidsrzl Sm-fafary 'l'rm1511rvr Chairman Chairman Y-TEE SLoGAs: To Iflm' Life Sqmzf-Hy. Pt'Rl'osE1 To Find and Gin' Ihr' Burl. INIARY lN'lAxa'r1x I Oxlu B. liasrrzvl ' Jorct-3 B.u.t.,uzn . . RAMOXA liARRET'l' . . "SL'GGui" STANDIFER . BILLIE Dm: Rr:x'xo1.us . Sp0r1.vrn.r . . . Pn'.vi1f1'f1l . l'ft'v-Pn'Jirfz'r1t . . Sl't'rl'1l1ry . . . . . Trl'l1x1l1'er POLLY Mul.x.1Ns ...... Rt'prr.u'ula1iL'e Io l'VVl.'fl MEMBERS Lena Arcurso, Nlary Ruth Alexander, Peggy .-Xlex.unler, Sally Alexander, Pattie Allen, Lucy .-Xlnlarez, Pat Andrews, Rachel Arajo, Enola Armstrong, Elizabeth Bagley, Delores Ballard, Dorothy Balland, Joyce Ballard, Joyce Bank, Anne Barker, Dorothy Barnett, Lola Barrientos, Lois Marie Belsher, Doris Elaine Bridges, Joyce Browning, Betty Carnes, Billie Cash, Betty Casstevens, Catherine Chafhn, Feliciana Cer- vantes, Lois Chandler, Nlartha Clienault, Dorothy Clanton, Nlarietta Cox, Nlary Jean Crow, Betty Jo Doggett, Yvonne Day, Elizabeth Doria, Isabell Doria, Sally Edvrzuwls, Patricia Farrow, Joy Fielding, Ramona Garrett, Carolyn Gibson, Josephine Gonzalez, Virginia Gonzalez, Fay Green Kathryn Grimmitt, Alice Gutierrez, Betty Hart, Dolores Hendrick, Patsy Holcomb, Wanda Holmes, Charlotte Hooe, Rosemary Hubbell, Eleanor Hughes, Billie Jhones, Margaret Jimenez, Phyllis Jones, Frances Karlson, Bobbie Jean Kelley, Norma Kennemur, Mary Key, Wanda Kizziar, Ethyl Lackey, Lady Lanham, Juanita Lewis, Laurice Lewis, Jeannette Lockridge, Robbie McCaleb, Jo Ann McElroy, Arlene Michalaski, Teresa Molina. Polly Mullins, Rhea Myers, Jo Ann McCuiston, Betty Jo McKenzie, Patsy Nation, Betty Nelson, Sue Nelson, Peggy Nunn, La Nell Odom, Joyce Parks, Doris Pritchett, Elvira Paredes, Exangeline Paretles, Tommie Parker, Patsy Parks, Roberta Purnell, Dorothy RatliH', Lotus Randles, Billie Dee Reynolds, Billie Roberts, Juanita Rodriguez, Lytlia Rod- riquez, Manuela Rodriguez, Henrietta Rosales, Peggy Rouse, Evangeline Rubio, Bernice Rucker, Gloria Sanford Opal Schafer, Janice Schleimer, Edith Schell, Doris Shrode, Bobbie Shue, Doris Smith, Imogene Smith, Joy Smith, Mary Soliday, Barbara Sparkman, "Suggiel' Standifer, Genexa 'l'amez, Mxlry' 'l't-er, Lillie Thompson, Patsy 'Iiodd, Pauline 'l'ovsery, Mary 'l'homas, Frankie 'l'readaway, Rose 'l'ynes, Stella Valles, Consuello Velasquez, Ydalia Villasana, Juanita Walden, Betty Weatherford, Wanda Wellborn, Bobbie West, Gwen White, Dorothy Wilcoxen, Estell Yancey, Virginia Zapata. FORE ANSHIP CLUB 'irxl Row! lillgczlc Nelson, Dam Llzlcksrm, lhvid lllckoff -luck Mcfzlrtlly. mum! Rurv: lxlill'lll l"fvstm'1', Rirlmwml Alolmsrm, .luck lNIu1AriS, R-wlu-rr l'1.lI1l1lI1, Billy Claxrk. O lla xl' N1 I wx lI'X1flAll9ll . lJ.u11v Pu KU? 1-' . Rnm,R'l lllXYP1'I"l' llnwA14lv Dr l.m4lm . , ll "limi Rfmc: Wvmlcll nlmws, Clydc Phillips, Billy Czltlwy, 1 Hunk Akins, Duylv Izltrick, Earl Cupplngcn. lfnnflll Ruff: l', XV. Lwuclis, llmxzml llrlmxl, llolw 'l':1yI4vr, I- I-'IVICRS .Xalulplu cllll1ll'7, lfluyll Lzlmllnglxt. . , l'rm..ff1:l . l'fl1'-l'u.xi.frv1l . Nf'l'f'4'llI' V . TH lI.x14r1'r , Nmlizf K.'b.1fru nz GR PHIC RTS Front Row CLcft to Rightj: jack Clay, Gregoria Duarte, Fourth Row: Carl Fahrhack, jack Yarbrough, jesse Delgado, Billy MacFranklin, joe Youngblood, Charles Oldham, Gene Nichol, jim Sanchez, Nelson Mauldin, Pedro Davila. Bobby Phillips, Freeman Hartly, Frank Duarte. A K ' Q . i w Bark Rare: W. T. Henry, jimmy Nlorgan, Donald Harhison, Sntorzd Roca: jimmy Whitfield, jimmy Lowgill, Dan Paxton, Claud Fultzy Vvaymond Shippy Rudy Castro, Robert Rubio. Lcc Roy Miklis, Frank Alonzo, Dorsett Parsley. Mfarzzberx Not in Picture: Van Dorn Daugherty, joe Cange- Third Row: Tracy Morse, Edward Giddings, Harry Hall, lose, joe Mofht, Louis R. Chriss, Richard Moody, Billy T. john Royless, Don Chamberlain, Bobby Prolest, Fred Gleason, james Previtt, Clinton M. Goher, Bobby E. Alaniz, Roy U. Lane, Instructor. Fitch, William Stone. OFFICERS Cuaxuss OLDHAM ...... . President VAN Doiw DAUGHERTY . . Vice-President LoU1ss'R. CHRISS . . . Secretary CARL FAHRBACK . ....... Treasurer FRED ALANIZ. . . . . . Project Committee Chairman DoN CHAMBERLAIN, jzzssiz DELGADo, JIIVIIHY Wi-i1TF1ELD, JACK YVARBROUGH, JOE YOUNGBLOOD, BOBBY FITCH, Projefr Ca mmittee. PA -A ERIC STUDE T FUR M Firft Rau-: M:n'gzn'ct Jil'1ll'llk'Z, Alice Gutierrez, FCllClllllIl Funrfh Roca-: jesse Rios, MllI'l1ll1Zl Rmlriqucz, jon Brown, Ccrvtlntcz, Luis Mugzx, Hilzirizx Zaixwlln. Raymond Sxmtillzm. Sruomi Raft: Evilngcliilv Rulwiu. i'lllr1z1Iu'1's ,Tal fn. Pifflll'l': Exclixl Aguirre, Alice Nlolinix, Third Roccz Alicia Bunillzi, Miss F. A. Davis fSponsorj, rlllllldil Clover, livirzl Bcrcz, Scrguiu Molina, Lydia Rod- Lucy Vzllticrrxi, Gvncvu Tmm-, john Clinton Wilson. riqucz. OFFICERS lVlARmNA Runmqruz . . . . Prssiflwzf Aura Gll'I'IPiRREZ . .... Szunrfary jhssl-1 Rios ........... Vin'-Prssfihzll LIDIA RODRIQL'EZ ........ Sugvant-111-flffn.r 4 Nli1mz'fr1g: lluriis PZIYIIC, lVI:un'iCu Stunglin, .Iimmic lfrzmklin, Smlfrilt Jznnvs llutlivwll, Tommy Grzly, llurlwrt Reml, Alzmws Rolwrl Hall, Alxlck lfrcncli, William Vclzlscu, Villfl'l' llzllv. l,2lI'lLl, AILIINCS Kcy. OFFICERS l Rm:i.k'i' ll,-KLL . . . Presfdfmf JAMI-is Km' . . . Tf'm,v11rrr , l 'l'uMMx' llRAY . . Vina-Prexidmzt lli-:Rm:R'1' Ri-:rin . . . Rwpnrlcr lungs Lgxip . . . Srurelizry Jsnugs Bo'1'Hwr:LI. . . . . ' 'f1flII,5iI'faI 11 0 Q 0- W? 64 T611 6 of Texas Co A Chmdtcer Neo.-Q N. R CROZIER CHAPTER Ifmzzl Row: Jzunes Conner, Maxine Vickers, Helen Parker, Third Race: Robert Yarbrough, Jimmie Reimer, jilninie ,Ieancttc McMath, Betty Jo Owen, Wanila Watkins, lVlzlu- rice Pzirsely, Nlayo Dodd, llarold Stout. Neuorzd Rnfv: Roy Page, Thomas llarrott, Charles Berger, Don Black, Edward Jones, -lack Blair, Czllxin Wilson, Billy Maxey, Dow BLACK . jmuiwp Erxlxs Bif1'1"1'Y Jo OWEN llARo1,D S'1'oi:T Rom:R'r HE.A'l'!l lVIO'l"l'0i "Earl IV james llall. T.8zI.CL B O FFICE . . . l"f6,ffil1'r1l . . . 1 lim'-Prcsfilrrir . . . . Sccrrlrlry . . . . . Trea.vnn'r . - Barzlcirzg Cashier bile You Learn." Elkins, Robert Powell, Herbert Wall, Raymond llartsell, Louis Stzlnfielcl, Robert lleatll, R. li. Bob Sanders. ,Ynl Plffnrvd: Claunle Arney, Eclxxartl Baker, Nick Carnation, Tommy Duff, Frederick Efllandt, Mary Ingram, Charles Nelson, Billy VValker, Weldon Wlilson. OF TEXAS RS Nl.-KL'R1Clf1l,AR5I.EY . . . . . Piiblii-izy Dirfrfof Cll.-XRl.IC5Rl'1RGER . . . . . Ylrfll Talk Rf'prrM11Ii1lii'C WANDA WATKINS, JACK BLAIR . . S.C.fl. Ri'prU.rz'r1Ialii'L'.v .liaANE'1"H: lVIcMA'1'u . . . . . . Serial Clmirnmrz R. E. SAxm,xs ........... . Spnriror Pl'Rl'OSl'1I Organized for the social tlexelopment and fellow- ship of trainees in the llepartment of Co-operative Part- Time Training in Trades and Industries. CHARM CL B OFFICERS POLLY lNll'I.llNb . . . Przxiizlurll AIIATTIIIE l'u1Nlxl4:x'1'1-:R . Vjfc-Prgxfdwll Doius lVlAR'l'lN . . . . . Sufrrlary IDAISEX' Rim-1 ..... , . Nrzrffzl Chrlizwlilrz Ei.1zBu'1'H l'llNDl.liY, Axrla lixucs . . Snmzl Lhrzzrzziflfv ULN!-1 DL'1ml.i-x' ..... . . Spawn: M li M li l-I R 5 Cliairluttv .'xllkl'lL', llvtty Lou Brsmlx, l'll'IlL'SU'k'll Burns, llilliv All'.lIl Cmly, Mary Nell Farris, Anita Fqigg, Elllllbfqll Finilluy, Bmmic' llarckcr, Joyce Ilzlrmzln, Doris Nlzlrtin, Billie ilcxm Merriman, Polly Mullins, Patsy McKinney, Alma Louis Pur- rislw, jimmic lmimlcxtcr, Dzxiscy Rice, Tvnnic B. Rick, Ydzllizl Villzxszmu, Jetty Ju Stone. TECH ALK TAFF uf! Io Right: Norma Jenn COIIVVQIY, IQZIHIUHLI c:lll'l'k'Il, Axulrry YVccn1pc, Jollic .Mun-y, Joyce l3.1I1Ll1',l, Dursclt I':11'SIcy CSCIIICJD, Sydney NICCll1IOLlgll, Nmlyn llfwlq, Clinton Gobcr, Mavis h'Ii11iUl'I!, Fred Alzmiz. Qmj? .llrvzlvrrs .Yffl 1'iufz4nJ: Gum' XviHi,lI11S, fNI.l1'y Coticlkl, Dnruthc Hzlmilfmm, Evclyn Stcxcnson, N.1Il1.m 'I'mIn1',1, Frankie '1'1'c:ulu11y, KllII1I'j'l1 Urimmit, czL'l'2lIxHHC C:l'llI1.IIH, Mary Suu Ilumi, Nhrtynu LUSH, Clintwn liriicmiim-, D4-I 'nvrt Nfzlrloxx, lhwlwlwy Fitch, Alglflsiv lhaxxxcfm, -In Gxlynvs, lh-ll. jam' Smith, Pvggy Brown. TUDE T G0 ERNME T ASSOCIATIO Fifi! Rocca' Officers-Yvumu' Day, YVil1iam McCary, Tlizula Glover, sim' Nlcllanicls, james nlmws. Suomi Row! Senators-lVlai'!ha Clivnault, D. W. Trammell, Nlariunetta Alvxamlvr, Virgil Cutlnly, Rhva Nlyurs, WVaynu Higgs, Elnici' Englchart, ,lack Nlyurs, ,Inu Castillo, Norma Casstcvcns, Edward l70lVluss, Nlack lVlilliui'n, Rohm-rt W4'lvl1. Thirif Razr: llvtty VVilson, Opal Schzlftcr, Allcnv Nlarino, Nvllic Ann l'ui'tvr, lim-urliy Nlay VVatson, ,luhnny Kenna- mur, Bob S1lllxlt'l'S, llarlan Willlivlm, lfranla VVillhc'lm, Frank Harris, Alfrr-Ll Ifarclli, Lasly Aim Lanham, Lafc Lindsey, Ixa Null Lev. Fonrlh Row: Butty lluggctt, Peggy Nunn, Currinna Bvautlct, Carolyn Gibson, ltulwbiu Kvlly, llarultl lVlcFCetvrs, Jvrry llrotlirr, llunry Tohulka, Alvssc C:irnluxa, .'Xmlrcw Vitlalvs, O. B. llulfhinsun, Betty 'l'aylm', Billiv Ruhurts, Bill Bochlv, Edward Wzitkins, FHM Rua: Nlurum' Orllins, Opal .'Xrnoltl, vluycc' Bank, Suv Bourne, Jvzlrivttv, Luckrialgv, VVamla Wclllwrn, Alihrvy Pwllarll, VValt0r Schwah, ,Iurry Winllliam, Wallau' Currin, lluilluy YVills, Luis Nluga, Cliarlrs Smit:-i', llunalil llayvs. Sixth Row: Grace Hill, Dorothy Burke, Doris Pritchett, Emily Rcdfcarn, Gwen White, Dickie Jordon, Tom Roh- ertsun, Charles Oldham, Don Chamberlain, jack Riggs. Severzlh Rory! Una Good, Aurmla Vinlalcs, Wanda llulmrs, Bobbin- Slluc, Betty Nelson, Guraldinc Nlatthcxxs, Ima Jana Stanficld, Gordon lVlaClJowL'll, Tlwmlurc Barnes, john Louis Cowan, Chan Tysor, John Moore, j. E. Frm-man. Ffghfh Rim-: Alcan Chaney, Clarita l,llbl7SC, lVlild1'cil Dem'- man, Nita lVIcCarmick, Durris Turner, Bvrnicu Rucker, Peggy Rouse, Louise Jeter, Peggy .Ia-rger, Arthur Stead- man. Ninth Roco: Doris Bridges, Frcida Tonic, Flutta Jones, Dorn- thy Amlcrson, Joyce' Ford, Andy Cudy, Fred llrilluway, Janvs Alexander, Billy Fifv, ll. F. Pilnyan, Billy Gleason, Nlaric Myatt, Syhlc Smith, Billie Dm' Reynolds. Truth Rurc: Eugene Etlmumls, Thomas Mcfuiston, llunalll 'l'axuw:itcr, Vonda Smith, llcnry Hicks, Lcttic Frmlrritk, Patricia Farrow, Max Elliot, Valentine- Castro, Ray San- tillan, Tum Smothcrman, Parrcll janws. AMERICA J IOR RED CROSS OFFICERS MRS. MAY B. II.-XI.l'-fY . Spnmnr WlI,l.l.Ah1 AfICCI,l'SKliY . . . Pl'f2viJ4'11l IiUVK'ARD NlaL':x11R'1'u . . Vi .'1' -Pruxfllnzl Lmm RKIIJRIQUETZ . . . S ,+4' rwmrv UMM flflwlzfvfrsz Nlozvll Buwrrs, Synlnvs' Colm joyu- Dmlglxls, Frznnkiv Holder, GL-rmcvzl jonizun, Virginia Mfuwnlvs, Nzxrznlir P:u'mh's, Cr-In-stinu Peruz, Hilfbilfil Spznrkmnn, Mzzrtlm Spears, Lu.-Xnn Stacy, Mary Sudduth, L:1xix1i.1 lsvltml, june Vzllvntinv, Ilvlen Wm-:rtlu-r:111, Mildred NVL-llinms. MGDER DA CE l o 0 l Department of Health and Physlcal Educatlon l Nlns. NIARII-, XIIVK, Spanwr Jfzrzuf, Luft In Rfybf, l"1'f.fl Ruff: .lalnlcv Srlmlvlnlvr, llznlvl lmttic' l'lI't'Lli'I4lKli. K'utl1rvn, llvlun llzlglvy, lvlllfy .Xml l"JllII'l5llClC. Fnnrlh Ruff: klt'I'1IltllIlL' lVl1lllI0NYQ, Betty Ju lluu! I Ulllll N ffm-ff Rua: Nellie' l'wx'Iv1', ,Ivy lflrllling, NIM' Q'l,zrl' Pxlrtvr- L'St'llllIl, lixn Nell Bnlmlmm. sun, ,XIHIITHL VIL-l.1lrS. .YM Pfl'fm'fu!'.' 'l'rc'mx Rfvlwlwixle, :Xllvxw Ellie, l'.1trIln1 l Arn xx fflffff llff-:fu Nun-um llllllflllll, Allvnzn lhllgm-tl, L:u1r:1 Clark, l.uCillr Mrlrtim-7. MAJ ORETTE Domvrxn' R,mx+'x"r . Ilfml .1l11fwwllf' Ymaxm C'.ass'1'+,wx4 . . KM-l,w.nfur I1l4i'1"1'Y Doram-'H' . . Cu-I,rm1'f'l' NIliNIlH-IRS Luis Imckry, flzsmlixn H:lml'i4k, BL-rlmiu' Illlikvf, Lillie NIM' 1J1Hi9kl!1, IJWUIII5 Nwlcuxwlm, klwlmxwttn' Hzms, vIll.lHiIll HFUXXII, Nwrnvsu frlssruu-ns, Ilurutlux Harm-tt, H1-tty Duggctl, SKI ational Honor ociety OFFICERS Front Roco: Bobbie Jean Kelley, Secretary, Thada Gene Glover, Social Chairman. Sfrruzd Row: James T. Jones, Sgt.-at-Arms, Harold McFeet- ers, President, Joe D. Mcllaniel, Vice-President. NATIONAL IIONOR SOCIETY PICTURE Front Rau-: Ethyl Lackey, Maxine Vickers, jackie Branch, Imogene Branhall, Elizabeth Doria, Alice Gutierrez, Harold Mclfceters. Svrnml Rozv: Miss McEvoy, Rhea Myers, James Hagar, Bobbie jean Kelley, Lena Accurso, Lowana Roberts, Thatla Glover, Aubrey Pollard, james Jones. Third Row: Eugene VVilliams, Joe Bennett, Mary Cofield, Margaret Prohst, Frankie 'l'readavray, joe D. McDaniel, Charl Moore. ' Fourth Row: Bob Sanders, Richard jarnigin, Jon Brown, Jimmie Reimer, james Whitehead. fllumburx Not Pirfzzrmi: Billy Ilowarml, Evelyn Stevenson, Marguerite Gault, Lee Roy Rohhins. i'lIw11be1'.r uf .lllllllflfy C1'aif1n1!1'r1g Iflrzxx falso not picturedbl Bill Nation, Andy Cowan, Sarah Parks, Aniia Hardin, Mary Dogen- hart, james Dennis, Charles Mullins, Tommy Du fi l THRIFT HOMEROOM First Row fLeft to Righty: Lupe Contreras, Norma Jean Conway, Lois Jean Cook, Hortensa Contreras, Billy Jean Cook, Secretary, Morene Collins, S.G.A. Second Row: David Corine, Robert Corder, Pat Costa, Betty Copland, Thrift Representative, Gay Collins, Maiiuel Contreras. Third Row: Alfonso Cortez, Lane Corley, Earl Cappinger, Jesse Cordova, Eugene Copeland, Tommy Cooksey, Lorenzo Contreras. Fourth Row: Arthur Lee Cook, Thrift Representative, Charles Comfort, President, Richard Contreras, Douglas Cosby, Kelly Cooper. JUNIOR ROTARIANS Once each six Weeks, through the generosity and thoughtfulness of Dallas Rotarians, one boy from each of the nine high schools in the Dallas aree, is chosen to represent his school in the Dallas Rotary Club. Some 455 of the "top-notchl' business men of Dallas assemble Weekly in luncheon meetings to plan and carry out humanitarian projects which deem them Worthy of the motto: "Service Above Self." Members are carefully selected and only those Who have achieved credit in their field of Work and have unquestionable characters, are invited to become members of Rotary. Therefore, to belong to Rotary is perhaps one of the highest honors of any business man. YVith this thought in mind, we sincerely hope that these fellows, and others as Well, after they finish their education and settle down in the business World, may become senior Rotarians. Our hats off to you fellows for achieving one of your high schoolls highest honorsl OATHER F. RAYNER, Sponsor. joe lit-nm-tt, Jimmie lVIoore, Gene Williams, William McCi':iry, Richarti jaruigzm ILITDRY ' QT C. I. LINTIIICUM Co 111 1111111411111 CAPT. P.-XUL H. SCHULICR .-1 .f.riff1111t C 01111111111f!1111l sur. SAM W1LsoN SGT. 11013 URY REGIMENTAL STAFF Regimental Cozfzfzmzzflezg kIOl'1IlI1lL, Flow Ll RCg'lI11CHtZll lixecutivc, .log Moody RW S-l Frank VVharton S-2 -lohn Kcnnauncr S- 3 Fdwu rd Dcmosf b-4 Robert tloncs Rexx: cw: Lt. Colonel Louis llosek Coptuin llnvld Piukotl' Second Lt. Billy R1ll'1lCS Major Wendell Ford Color Gzmrri FIRST BATTALION STAFF MAJOR MACK GARCIA LT. COL. JOE BENNETT ' FIRST LT. EUGICNE JUNES SECOND BATTALION STAFF Bn. Cmdr. . . . Lt. Col. Ronald Owens Bn. Ex. . . Maj. Eugene VVi11iams Bn. Adj. . . . First Lt. Lon Norton Bn. Sgt. Major . . . TffSgt. John Max Martin COMPANY "A" Firrr Rocca' Cpt. William McCrary, lst Lt. Brayn Horn, 2nd Lt. Bill Hutson, 2nd Lt. Donald Mul- lenix. Sefroud Row! Thomas White, William Gauglm, Billy Crouch, TfSgt. Ralph Barkhurst, Angel Bermu- dez, lst Sgt. Richard hlarnegin, Albert Morris, Billy Simmons, TfSgt. O. B. Hutchinson, Donald Tawwatcr, -lames Storey. Third Rafe! Al Perkins, Otis Cater, ,lohn Scott, Charles Canada, Harold Lawrence, Billy Layne, W. Arnold, Donald Brice, Wallace Shanks, -loe Brown, Raymond Fuess, Garland Lennegham. Fourth Roco! Ray Hathcook, Lawrence Napper, Roger tlacobs, Billy Waggoner, Alerry Champion, Myron Hendrickson, Albert Baker, William Crow, David Lynch, Richard :xI11lCIlg, jerry Windham, Weldon Tindle. Fiffh Rose! .lohn Hamilton, Robert Bennett, Paul Prasifka, George Brooks, George Schitlin, Richard Coleman, Fddie Hoffman, John Lazano, -lolm Troy, Rayford Stevenson. Sixth Rose! St,"Sgt. Billy Sikkelee, '1'ommy Griffin, Charles Comfort, Ben Smith, Douglas VVheat, Felton Boulwre, Floyd Thompson, .loscph Foster, Edward Watkins, lflugene Wiser, -lerry Brian. Arnold, Frank Brooks, Frank Boyer, Olin Bassfnger, Marvin Burns, Lawrence Butler, Less Camp, Brian Caperton, Don Capehart,iVance Charles, lfdwin Corney, Robert Clark, Leslie Brewer, Robert Cody, ,-Xndy i Cook, Arthur Cardova, Jesse Davila, Pedro Detzel, Irwin COMPANY "Bn C.'XPT. HAROLD McFl'llC'l'I'lRS, Company Comzzmlzder lillis, Jerry lfrcanbrack, Milton Fannin, Robert Firth, Bob Franco, Ramon Geer, Robert Collins, -lohnnie Graves, Sam Hauseinan, VVilliam Hoskins, Harry Jennings, Robert vlohnson, Richard Karnes, Billy Kelly, William Kennedy, Walter Gray, Gene Klink, -liinmy Latham, ,Iaines Lemmons, Johnny Lote, Daylnon Lowe, Morgan Martinez, Tom Morgan, Alton Matthews, -limmie McCarter, slack McFeeters, Harold Henry, W. l. Minter, 'loe ' Merindino, John Nicholson, -lerry Newman, Coy O'Niel, Milton Philips, Chester l'robst, Bobbie llrewitt, -lames Rogers, Billie Rogers, Lee Reimer, Jimmie Roclrequez, Abram Sanchez, ,lim Schwab, Walter Steadman, Austin Stokes, Thomas Strickland, Vance Thomas, Mickey Whitehed, James Williamson, Carl Wills, Dudley Wilson, Rowland Yarbrough, -lack lilmore, Lonnie McGufl'ey, Orville Holder, Bert Sikkelee, Leland Harbison, Donald 1 4 COMPA First Rofvf Charles Davis, VVm. Childers, jimmy Whitfield, Henry Newman. SEITOIIJ Roco: .Iames Vrennan, Kelly Cooper, kloe Johnson, -Ierry Houzricka, W. C. Harvey, lfarl lVIeDevitt, Arthur Helm, Ifdwin Drake, Jackie Hartley, Charles Kasier. Thin! Row: Thomas King, Kenneth Duncan, julian Peel, Alvin Rose, Harry Feuerbacher, Benito Ruiy, Charles Bruce, Jerry Ingram, Eugene Ed- mons, Frank Duarte. Fourth Race: blames Nlartin, Carmen Herandez, Fred Browning Thomas lVlcCuiston, Jesse Schriner, X ,. ,xx V K Y CCC!! Lloyd Lundy, Hartsel Shipp, Wheeler Bellings, Dwight Graham, Robert lngrem, Richard Hughes. Fiflh Rory: Richard Ferris, T. Hensley, Kenneth Osborne, Robert Allan, Earl Coppinger, James McCrary, Rubin Nix, Brady Barr, David Bennett, Donnie Newman, -Iesse Hernandez. Sixth Rover Johnny Newcomb, Finely Graham, Torn Slniztlierman, Jimmy Nicholson, -lack Routt, Charles Villasana, Albert Blum, -Iiinmy Latrell. Kenneth Hickman, lfugene Sanders, Charles Jones. Srfeufh Rose: Don .lacks':n, Glen Coker, -lohn Her- nandez. COMPANY "D" Firft Rose: Aubrey Pollard, llflarino Rodriquez, Charles Gray, Jerry Prather. Stffflilll Rosa: Herbert Strickland, James Key, Sergio Nlolina, Teddy Plwalt, Richard Nlartinez, Buddy Powell, Billy Wilson, Robert Sessions, Benny Whitlock, Alames Hager, Thomas Peasner. Thin! Roco! Royce Oliver, Wayne Koons, Blade Hampton, Ysidro Vernal, .lames Stockwell, Hugh- land Amos, Paul Oliver, Bill Reynolds, Billy Nlorgan, Donald Stanford, Gordon Ogden, Fu- gene Copeland. Fourth- Rove! Dennis Jordan, Carl Fahrback. Billy Clark, Billy Anderson, Don Pressley, George Ferrell, William lioeley, Noel -lones, ,lack Hester, Otto Carroll, Robert Cober, Bob McCain, Donald Thurmond. Fifth Row! Fdward Meeks, Rafael Palomar, Loyd Lambright, Billy Niackey, Barney Phillips, Bobby Arnold, Henry Hicks, Jimmy Franklin, Harvey Barnett, Ted Holton, Nick Hernandez, Audrey Thrasher, Fred Hollis. Sixth Row! Howard Neuwirth, Thomas Nlclntosch, Raymond Sweetman, Johnnie Simmons, Billy Nlitehell, Tommy VVells, .loe Martin, Robert Taylor, Weldon White, ,lack Choat, Don Pal- more, VVaymond Shipp, Rob Johnston. Not in Pifmrf! Tommy Jones, William Stone. Gift 2 COMPANY "En CHARl.lCS Q. SMITH, lhzflpizfzy' Cfoullflamlfz' Allen, black, Alpine, Joe, Ayers, Ronald, llald- win, Norman, Barnes, Billy, Buchanan, Richard, Budjenska, jeff, Carlock, Jessie, Carson, -Iohn, Beckley, David, Cassell, Dwight, Castro, Valentine, Chamness, NT. C., Childress, Donald, Chriss, Louis, Clay, Alfred, Contreras, Lorenzo, Cranshaw, Charles, Crowder, Horace, Dean, blames, Dean, Robert, Dobbs, Edmon, Derrick, William, Dul- worth, James, Frances, Louis, Gaskin, james, Gar- rett, Billy, Garretson, Russell, Giddings, Edward, Green, Davis, Hale, Dan, Hance, Damon, Harris, Harold, Herrin, Lecil, Hicks, james, Hodde, liddie, Hoges, Wamon, Holmes, Haskell, Hudgins, Bobby, Hunsinger, James, Jacobs, Billy, Bloiner, bloe, Landers, Charles, Lee, L. D., Liles, Charles, Lozano, Fred, lNlcCarley, lfdwin, hlartin, Kenneth, Nloody, wlohn, hludd, Felix, lVlyers, slimmy, Nor- ton, Gene, Norwood, James, Peel, julian, Petty, Robert, Poleete, Billy, Quin, blimg Ramirez, gloe, Reeder, Nathan, Rios, klesse, Robertson, james, Robinson, lfdward, Santillian, Ray, Sebastian, black, Small, Earl, Smith, Charles, Steele, Clayton, Suttan, Sunny, Smith, Avon, Thomas, ,lay Dee, Tlioinpson, William li., Walthall, Kenneth, VVebb, l.arry, VVebb, Bobby, VVebb, Robert, VVest, Billy, Wviley, George, VVilkie, Bobbie, VVilliams, Gene, VVilson, Odie, Wilson, Paul, Wooley, Kenneth, Youngblood, Joseph, Wilson, John C. COMPANY "F" Firft Row! Capt. Wade Martin, First Lt. Lane Cor- ley, Second Lt. Harry Beene, Second Lt. Joe Russell. Second Row! James Williams, Bobby Stokes, Joe Don Hall, Aloe Castillo, Charles Gray, Carl Clouse Eddie Grimes, Eugene Walker, Benny Miller, Donald Shipman, Bobby Arnett, Martin Hernan- dez, Kenneth Smith. Thin! Row! Jimmy Cowgill, Gene Burass, Lafe Lindsey, Robert Sparks, Ted Ware, Roy Stonaker, D. Glenn, Ralph Hamilton, Thomas Ray, Mike Gomez, Lee Robinson. Fourth Row! Tommy Stewart, Jon Brown, Sydney Cole, W. T. Hutchinson, William McColm, A. Mallett, Charles Harmon, W. B. Taylor, Ted Ware, Ernest Allbright, William Dean. Fifth Roca! Elmer Engelhardt, James Splawn, Pat- rick Swindel, William Velasco, Alfred Riddell, Richard Castro, Carl McGlothlin, Robert Usel- ton, Johnny Battenfield, Frank Hodnett, Morris Cunningham, Morris Kennedy. Sixth Row! Philip Redding, Joe Impey, Charles Gray, Ted Scott, David Conine, Sam Stewart, Alex Dean, Billy Smith, Joe Graham, Jimmy Blackburn, James Bothwell. lit. Col. Louis Hoseli, Capt. VVade Nlartin First Lt. WVilliam Childers joe Alphin VVayne Anderson Bobby Arnet Ronald Ayers Ruiz Benito Richard Buchanan Charles Bruce Vernon Bryant Angel Bermudez George Brooks Donald Childers Sidney Cole Lorenzo Contreras Rarl Coppinger -lim Cowgill Horace Crowder f' X F Charles Comfort Edmond Dabbs lidwin Drake Eliseo Iiisquivet D. Glenn Dwight Graham Billy Garrett Russell Garretson Tommy Griffin sliinrny Gushings James Gasken Ranny Hale Leeil Herring YV. T. 'Hutchinson Robert lngram Nlarlin .Iames K X COMPANY HEADQUARTERS CRACK COMPANY First Lt. Nlariano Rodriguez Second Lt. Harry Beene Second Lt. Bill Hudson irst Sgt. .lim Quinn Rob .lohnson ,loc .loiner -limmy Klink Wayne Koons Floyd laiwbright Charles Liles .lim Letterls Kenneth lVIartin Albert Morris vlohn Nloodej' Howard Neuw i rl h , . R. P. Nix Kenneth Osborne Philip Redding im Reimer llennj' Rui! Rayford Stevens -lames Stockwell .lerry Smith -lack Sebastain Kenneth Smith Robert Taylor D. Thomas Bobby Welvlw Tommy VVells llennv VVhitloclq Kenneth VVoolej' Alames Williams rl fftzfheff 1'x1'm111 Capt. Robert 'lo Capt. Haroltl Nl lt' llb el ttltl RIFLE TEAM ififzft Row: Lt. Harry Beene, Sgt. James Bothwell, Capt. Paul H. Schuler, Capt. Frank 'Whorton, SfSgt. Albert Morris. Seroml Roux' Lt. Joe Russell, First Sgt. Jim Quinn, Sgt. Jimmy Nicholson, T!!Sgt. Sidney Cole, Lt. Col. Louis Hosek, S.fSgt. Jimmy Hlacklullwi. DIAMOND DISC CLUB First Roux' Pres. Joe Moody Ray, Vice-Pres. Frank Whorton, Secretary Aubrey Pollard, Treasurer Wade Nlartin, Sergeant-at-Arms Vance Capehart, Robert jones. Suomi Row: Mack Garcia, Ronlad Owens, Joe Ramirez, Tommy Cooksey, Lane Corley, Billy Karnes, Edward DelVIoss. Third Roux' Harry Beene, joe Russell, Wayne Higgs, William lWeCrary, Chester Phillips, Robert Corney. Fourth Roux' jimmy Whitfield, Jerry Prather, Mar- tel Bryant, Bill Hutson, Don Norton. Fiffh Row! Henry Newman, Louis Hosek, James Whitehead, Donald Mulliiiix, John Wilson. Sixlh Row: Capt. Paul H. Sehuler, Donald Short, Charles Smith, Bryan Horn, VVilliam Childers, Harold lVIeFeeters, Nlariano Rodriguez, Clinton Gober, Eugene jones, Johnny Floyd. ADM f 1"r'1c" i H u A .,QWf:fM,-wx "1'L"-Axle: , i x 5. SYf4eY'mw z f , ex-gwzf,-, f,. xgumysmw emma wwf 1 Sw . 4.3 if 'aww r 4- ,lik A JP h six 12 QS? " 6 Jflf' , 1 .QrfffwQ:.'.vQfsg,xf ,wh 42 Qggggssgazii-.1 ig., .K "5 1' - J WL 3 3 A 4 f f ,,,. ., I X K 1 1 x -..... 2 i N ww-.Ns Y! 52 A , I ,J . Li , , if X if Q? W E.. Kg H ' :F 9 Q . X Q - 1.2 in wi ,SW ziim L Q 5 ,E . J SF? r 'Z - N6 a 3 4 av. ' z lv H5 Q 3' 52 3 5 B 2 L 3, .fa A X 4 f' , . Hr e f? if 2 '335"' J, H 7 My 1 FF Wg: XX in U4 -, , Q-'Af' -'w' K-non-Gnu! ii X323 ...rf Tiffin ,pt wig 'G ff, f .nn- lf? 1' !' L Kiwi '1-.. ww--1 .fag EM, in aka H 4 E 2 1 I 5 - N Y n 7 L, I ,. F. -. -lx 1- .Br FP' 1 Name Afidrear, Phone Abeyta, Hilaro R ..,... .....,...,,,,...... 2 814 N. Harwood ......... YY..... Abney, Jolly Mae ,.,....,. - .....,....,. 3812 Live Oak Street ..Y.,.. .....Y. U 6-2223 Accurso, Lena ,,,.,,.......,Y..,..., Y.,YYY Z 321 Greer Street ......Y ......... I 1-4354 Aguirre, Evelia Martha ...., , ....... 2707 Cole Avenue ...YY.Y.Y ...IS-1327 Alaniz, Fred R .... ,..,......., .,.... . 4 234 LaFayette Street ...... .f..... Allen, Pattie Lane .......,.,. ...... 4 027 Ramona- .............. W7-8250 Ankelc, Charlotte tt- ..,,....,,,,,. ...... 4 827 Junius Street ..,. ............. . .. ...Y.., U6-2471 Baker, William Edward ,,.,,.... ..,... 1 103 Duncanville .7 ...... - .........,..... YY....., M -1227 Barher, Winona .,,.....,,.....,,. ...... 7 319 Dendon "Drive - ..,... ... - ....... .1Y.... D 4-3012 Barkhurst, Ralph Eugene ..,... ...... Z 623 Bomarrlq .Q....-,.e.51.Q-.1. YY... ..D4-4718 Barrientos, Delores ,v...,.,.,,.,, .,...., 3 004 Pearl S,treet.' .M ..,.... L.. Bellomy, A. J ...,,,,. .. ,...,,... ,..... 9 026 Aldridge-. .,.:... .,,.lL.i ..4. ..... Belsher, Lois Marie ,,....... ,..... 5 302 Belmont i.L .....1 l... ,T7-9719 Bennett, Joe .,.,.....,,... ... ,..... 3615 Bertrand ' ..,.,...... ..,,..,,Y 1 I-3109 Berger, Charles ,..,,,....,,..,.... ,.........,.,..,...,.. . 1607 Mybgrg ...,,.....,.,. .,,,,... 1 I-6747 Black, Donald. .....,....... - .....,............T... ,.L ,..... 1507 N. -Garrett Ave .,.. : ... ....,.. T7-8252 Blackburn, Audia Marie ....,.. - ..,,.. 2.-giQ,a430'1 Munger ..i ....,..,.,... .T3-3658 Blackmon, Dorothy Louise, ,..... ....... Q 219115 Inge ...,.,............. ....,.. ....... D 4 -1286 Bonilla, Alicia Arias ............,. ,.,....,,. 2 814 'Cole' Avenue .,,... ....1........ ........ J 8 -7059 Bracey, Dorothy Jean ......... ,..,.. 5 832 Goliad ...- ........, L .........,....,. T3-1679 Bramhall, Imogene ..., ,..........,, ...,.., R t . 6, Box 390 .,,...t..,., .... Branch, Jackie .......,....... .1 ....,...,.... .,,.,, 1 624 Baylor-Avenue ..,.,, .,,, ......,t 1 1 -3809 Bridges, Henry Murray, Jf. ,,.,. .4314 Dickason .. ..,,..,.,.,,... ..t....,.. ...,t,tt, L - 7051 Brooks, Otis Mickie ,...,.... .......,,. - ,,,,.. 5 814-M Marquita Avenue ,,,., L ....,,,. ...,t.. T 3-7224 Brown, Betty Joyce ...... ..- .,.....,, ,,,,.. 2 306 Knight Street ,,.....,., .....t.. J 8-8474 Brown, Betty Lou .....,... .,... . 3606 Kenilworth .,...., ,t....., 1 'I-7040 Brown, David A ....,...... ...... R t. 6, Box 276-A .,.,... . Brown, Ernest Leroy, ,,..... ..... 4 705 Carlett Street ..,...,. .W Brown, Jack Lee ,,.....,,..... ...,., -1- 719 Worth Street .... .....,, ' F7-9610 Brown, Jon Horton ..,....,. ...., . . 1214 Iowa ........,.,.,,.,..., , ,Y2-4965 Brown, Peggy Lavclle ..,l. ...,,, 3 206 Lemmon Avenue ,t.., ...ttttt L -3069 Brown, Thomas W .,,..., ..,,,, 1 09 S. Peak Street, .,,,,,. t..... T 3-9772 Browning, Joyce V ..,..,. .,,,,, 1 712 Wall ...,,,..,,,....,.,,.,, ..,,.,,,, H -4-040 Bullock, June .......,t..,...1,.. ..,,,. 2 343 Douglas Street ...... . Burke, Dorothy Louise ,,,...., ,,,.. 4 831 Junius .,,,,t,.,.,.,,.. . Childress, Robert ,,.....,,,... -., Chisholm, Martie Frances .,,., ,,.., 2 311 Wyclif ,tt,t,....,, t,..... ,.....t, J 8 -3523 Clanton, Marvin James ,...,,,, ..,,,,..., 8 13 N. Hill Avenue .. ..,, .,tt.tt T 3-X74 Cofield, Mary Elizabeth ....,.,, ...,,..., 4 109 S. Lancaster .,,.,..,,, tt.. Coker, Alfred Glen ..,.,....... ...... 1 516 Pecos ................ .T3-1004 Collins, Dale Richard ......,. ...,., 3 801 Crutcher ,,,,,, t,....,tt T -5381 Collins, Ellen Gay ..,,,..... ...... 3 807 Crutcher ,.,,,,,..... . Contreras, Lupe t,,tv....,.. ..... 2 735 Farris Street .....,t,., tt.. Conway, Norma Jean ....., .,.... 5 321 Garland Avenue ttt. ...T7-6640 Cooksey, Tommy G. ,...,.,.. ...,,,,. , 2443 Hawthorne ...,.... 18-4987 Copeland, Eugene ..- ,....,., ,..,,. 4 10 Wayne Avenue ,,,, ....,,, T 7-9357 Cordova, Virginia ,......,,...... ..,.. . 3123 Floyd Street ..l,,, ttt. Corley, George Lane, Jr. ....,, .,.,, 7 414 Concord ,........ D4-3032 Cox, Marietta Maurine ....,, ...., 3 715 Miles Street ,..... ..L-5796 Cuddy, Jack ,....,,,,,..., LL- ,,,.,,.. ' Daugherty, Van Dorn ...l,,.,. ,.,,,. 6 923 Stevens ..,l. . ,,,.., D4-3891 Davis, James David ....,,, .,,,,,, . 4201 San Jacinto ..,.,, T3-2401 Davis, John Charles e,,,,.. ,,,,l 3 819 Bertrand Street .. .. t..t H-6174 Davis. Nelson Almer ..,..., ,,,.. 4 114 Pennsylvania ,,,.. ,,,,,,,, I I-4464 Day, Joyce Yvonne ,,,,,.. ,,., S 011 Denton Drive , D4-0743 Dean, Juanda ,,,,,....,,,,..,,, ,,,,, 2935 Beauchamp Street . Densmore, Thomas Eugene ,,,,. 3845 Hancock Avenue , . Dimas, Pedro ,...,,.,,,.,,,,,,,... ,,,l 2 707 Swiss Avenue ,,,., ,.,, , Dodd, Mayo Sherman ,,.,, ,,., 3 003 Aster Street ,,,,,. , M-3772 Doria, Mary Elizabeth , ,.., ,,,, , l7l8 S. Harwood ,,,... ,, - Dove, Edna Earle ,,,,,,,,,, ,,l, . 1306 S. Barry Avenue , ,.T-S482 Duarte, Frank R. i,.ttt,,,,..,.,l ..., 2 012 Payne Street ,.,,,,,,, Dudley, Frances Louise ,,,,,.,,,,, Dulworth, James Mitchell Duncan, Lowell R. , ,.,,,,,, Dunford. Margie .....,...,..,,,. 2717 Doyer Place l,,,,, 1523 Garza Avenue ,.,,,, 409 Josephine Street ,... .....,, U6-2131 F lk F" i v fr " "" sw H--' . , -s Name I1d1l,H'XS Lullriesr, Betty jean, ,,,........ .....,.A.............. 2 611 Cedar Springs ,7,., Dyerly, Margaret Anne.. ........,.......... - ....... 1812 COrSlC2lHH -YfY..Y . Edwards, Cloma Dean ......... -4 ..-..-. ..... 2 1.L0nc SIM .... Evans, james Howard. ........ ......... 2 531 50Utl11?lIld Fahrhack, Carl .,.,............,..... ............... 2 825 BO0lCh011l ....YY...fY Farris, Mary Nell ........... ,. .,.,.. ..... - ........ 1 614 Ferrell, joe Raymond ....... - ........ Findley, Elizabeth Hayle .......... -M ....... 2415 -. ......... 2915' MvCoy Street ..... D0 u gla s .....,........ Vilbuig ....... L... ....... P hone .L6-2791 ...C-06.26 ll C- J 8 6825 2813 3394 Fitzgerald, Margie Louise ......... ............... 4 301 -Munger Avenue ....... e ...... .......-A---, T 3 -3558 Floyd, Johnnie ......,.,,,,... , ........ ..,..., ' ' ...... .1615 Pear Street .....,......... - ......... -...-----.Y----- I 184661 Ford, Wendel Brandon .... . ...... ....... Q,,,...2638 Slfarbnf ..........,......,....VY, -4 --W-9365 Fostre, Robert Edwin ....... , - .......... B02 Den1liy,DrivC'..... ....fY-YfYY, -------- W -4543 Freeman, Sherry Louise .......... ......... 4 2191 Mt."Ranier ...,..:-..L .......... Fuess, Raymond .,........,.,,,..... ....... .. 4309 Taos Road 1 YY.... Q .... .. ....YY.YYY. -----Y D 4'-1563 Garcia, Mack, Jr ..,,.,..... .,....... 2 832 B00lCl'10Ul' ,'.g,..,sk.: .......,.. -Z ..Y-.--. ------f-- C -4633 Garrett, Gladys. ,....,.....,... ...... 3 503 Cedar Springsii .... TMS- .A.............4........ ....... L 6-2791 Garrett, Ramona ...,A,,,,...,,..... ..... l 118 Caldwell -.,-.-.Q ........ LL ........Y -.....--v T ,YYA------- Y--AY-, ' I' 3-3011 Gault, Lucille Marguerite ....... .... : .1322 E. Waco ,........ .....,.... .---..-..,.A - ---,---- -f-,--A, W - 1 300 Gersch, Bernhart C., ..l......,.. .....Y.,. 2 902 DOug1HS ..,... 2 ..-....f YYY..-v f--f-YYY - L -5392 Gilstrap, Bonnie Grace ........ ober, Clinton M., jr. Y..,......... Graham, Geraldine Elaine ...,..... Gray, Charlie Joe ...,.............fY Gray, Tommy Gene... reaves, Kenneth ...l............. Green, Fay ...,........................ Cvrimmitt, Mary Kathryn ...,... Hale, Valter .......,.............. - ....... Hall, Opal Coleen ..,,,., ..... Hall, Robert Lewis .,,. ....... Hamilton, Dorothe Mae ....,, Hartley, Jackie. ...,,,,,,.,.... -. Hartsell, Raymond H. ..... , Hayes, Billy James ........ Hays, Barvin Jackson .,..... Hendrix, Betty ........,,, , ,,.,..... Higgs, Wayne Anthony. ...... Henze, Ruth Louise ....,,,... Holder, VVillis Glen .,,.,,,.. Hood, Mary Sue ........,,,. Horn, Bryan .................l Hosek, Louis Otto, Jr ....... Howard, Billy ....., ..,.,,,,, Howard, Sammy Ray ..,... Hudgins, 'Bobby Jack .,,....... Hutchison, og B., Jr. ........... , Jarnagine, Richard Calvin Jones, Clyde Edward, Jones, Paul Eugene ..,.,,... jones, Thomas Edward W.. Jones, Robert Lee .............. Karnes, William P., Jr. .,.. . Kavanaugh, Legene. .......... Kelley, Bohhie Jean . ..... ,. King, Thomas Lee, Jr. Kizziar, Wanda ............. Knight, Betty Jo... .,,,.. , Knight, Emily Louise ...... Lackey, Ethyl ...........,,, , ....... Land, james L. ...........,... . Lelfland, Paul David . ....l.. . Lemmons, Johnny Frank ....... Lewis, Billie .Iadene ,...,.... Lewis, Juanita ..,............... Lewis, Laurice ......,..,. Linthicum, Wm. B. ....,. . Littlejohn, Ralph ...,,,,,,,.. Littleton, Patsy Wanda ..... McCaleh, Rohhie Valer... 91 12 ..... 1514 4227 4621 .........2915 7414 Inge Street ..,,., Fairview ........,, S. Fitzhugh .... Live Oak .... Lancaster ............ Thurston Drive .....,,, ,.....D4- 2342 .T7-6818 3819 ..W-5680 D4- 6133 ...,..3406 Floyd Street -....... ...W-.T3-6004 ..,.,....3303 Worth Street, Apt. 3 ....... ......,..4422M Elm ... .....l9l8 Hudspeth ...,....... ......... .........W7-7598 823 Cumberland ......... .......Y2-8069 2411 Vagas Avenue ..-...,.... ........l8-4598 ..l......3204 Live Oak ....... ........,2021' Richardson Avenue ... H-5470 620 S. Beacon ....................-... .......U6-2584 Rt. 1, Box 67 Grand,Prairie .., ...............l25 4333 Hartford St. .....2.... .........L-0909 4208 3 106 2410 1817 41 02 5002 ,.....3907 1401 6830 . .,..... 4629 5417 2811 1323 ....,.1323 1634 4238 2215 2130 434-0 2708 4018 .........4406 902 3607 3914 1413 706 2721 2823 6000 1 9 .r......,2730 734 Leland .... ............., . .. , ....... ....... I .. 11 Ivandell . ............ Hickory Street ....,, Crockett ,MQ ........ W H -0909 1960 3610 C-4678 jamaica Street .... 1 .... .rn ....... .Q .......... ....... 1 1 Prospect .L ............. gg-S13 ,... ......... Cru fa-ia Street ...TLQL Rohhme, -.,. ...... Pa rlsdalef ....,.... 1 V Verdun ...... , ........ . .. T7- ,,,.,. 1 1 8 S. Lamar' ..,.....,...,,.... ...... ....... ,,,l.. L I 1 W. Turtle Creek ...,. Lenway Street ....,, Lenway Street ..,.,, Poplar Street ...,, Cirlxsll Drive ...... S., Ewing ....... . Harlandale ...... Brown ..,,...,....., Florence ............. Cedar Springs ....... Blulfview .........,.... Hutchins Road .,,,. Hamilton ...... ..,. Ross Avenue .. Bv:nne't Avenue . First Avenue .. Shannon ...... Gaston ..........., Bryan Pkwy. .... , Coronada ,...... Britton .............. W. 12th Srtcet ...... H H 2429 3108 2741 1567 0747 U6-2632 Y2- Y2 L6- .'l'3- , ...... J8- .......D4- 5737 5997 6228 8470 1291 1105 .W-9026 BT7- -2815 3483 T3-0582 Y2- .'I'3- T- F2- .Y2- 1426 1046 0769 2413 9790 ..M-0743 Es,-' Name McClure, Carol ....YfYA....w.... McCluskey, Williams Y.......,.,......... 1 ...... . McCi-ary, Wm. Travis, Jr....- .......,.......... -.. McElroy, jo Ann ,....Yf,YY,......A,....... 4 ...... - McLeod, Billy ....,.......Y.......,.... - ...... QQM-tl lcanette Loraine ,....,..,,, YYY.Y. ., "'ck ..,.....,YY..,. .. ...,.,. . - V 1 ' ,ly .Dene...f .......... P 1 .....,. ,. xi V 1.5 .,..i,,..........,.. .... - -4 ...,,,,,,.. Massingf, 4 Roycer ,..- ......, - ...... - ........... . Milliorn, M' E -.Q......- .......... --4.: .... ..... Moore, Chafl' M7 Nad...--.-......,g..:..Q,L...:..--.. Morales, Alice ,,..... Q ...,.., -..,, ,... .Q.,i5Q.,.,........-,.. Moses, Billy E .,..........:.,. - ....,.. ..5g...Lt..L..,Ll.'...- Mozeley, Novelyn Katherine ...... 5g'f....p-.. Mullins, Pauline ....... -..- ...... .:...zl....L: ...... .. Myers, Rhea 'Arlene ....... ..... ..... l...f.. ....v..... ... Napper, Lawrence Edwin ....... Y..,.......... 1 .... Nash, Lola Mae ........,..,... - .,..,,... - ............ Needham, john B., Jr .... ., ......... Nelson, Loeta Sue ..,......e.., ..- ........ ...... Neuwirth,- Howard Franklin. ....... ...... Newman, Elouiseu.- .,,., .. ,,...v. .L.. ...... Newman, H. C .,....,. .. ,...,. - ........ ..,,,., Nicholas, Batricia-.- ...... - ....... ...... Norton, Dori Allen.....' ............... ,Y,.,. . .. Notley, Geraldine ........... -..- ......... ,,.,,Y,,,... . Odom, LaNe11e ....T...... - .....,,....... Orozco,- choir-lisa 'V.....1........11 ...,..,...... Osborne, Kenneth L......g...iiE ......................,, Otto, Barell Howard..T,....Q.......1...- ..... Owen, Betty Jo...L.--..- ..... .. ......1-. Owens, james Ronald.e...l...L ..... 1 ..,. . ......... Q ... Palmore, Donald Richard...-..g...- ..... - .... .... Pzlredes, Elvira Martel ....,.,. ,.........,. Pzzrades, Natali? Lara ,.,..,... Parker, Helen Elizabethn.- ,..,l,........., I ...,,. - .. Parker, Homer W. .....,...., -..wg .......,.. ,.- ...., - Parsley, Dorsett ,........., , ..,....... -...L...n.T....-- Parsley, Maurice ...,.,,,., .. - ...... ... Peasner, Hhomas Rh..- ....... f ....- Peterson, Gaylord ,,,,,,, ... Petty, Robert Lewis, ,,,,,.. .. Phillips, Chester Floyd, .....,. ..,.. 3 .4 .l..,,,. - Pickett, Juliet Jayne ....,,,.,..... .,,,.. . Hgllard, Aubrey W.. .,,,,,.,........... ,,,.. . Posey, Jonathan .... Reed, Jr ,,...... ,,.,,. Poteete, Billy Joe .......,,,,, ,.........,,,. ,,,... Prewitt, James Edwin ,,,,,,..........,,l,,, ,.,... Price, Dorothy Louise ,..... Price, Esther Elaine ,e,,,.. Prince, Edna Lou ee.,,,... Pritchett, Billie Doris... ,,,. Purser, Johnny ,,,,,,l,..,. ,,,,,,,,, .,.,,,,,,, Radgsdale, Bohhy ,,,,.,,, , ,,,,,,, ,,. Rameriz, Joe A. ,.....,.,,,,,,,, Randolph, Raymond ,,,,,,,. Ray, Joe Moody ,.,.,,,,,,.,,, Raynor, Nancy Carole ,,....,,. Reed, Herbert, Eward ,.,.,. - .,.,,.. ,..... Reeder, Harold Gene ,,,,,, Reid, Glynn Preston ,..,,,. Reimer, Jimmie Karl, ,.,. . ,,,,,.,,,, ,-,,,, Kener, Luke J... .... . ,.,,,. ,.,, .. .. ...,.,. ,..,,.., . . Reyes, Raymond T .,,,,.,,.,.... Richmond, Robert Hardy ,....... .. ..... -Q - yur ' st -' , -A s- 4 "' . .Q .. , V A rf' gy .ik , -, V VA... ' . , X 4v',, a 4, ,. 25,5130 . 4 i 1 -1. I Address 3106 1317 2422 4107 McDaniel, Patsy YYYY....... - frf. 25. ..............f.-..--. .2923 5348 7506 9082 Browder Street 2307 4115 5415 Melton, Royli-" .- , Jr. ....l. 1- ,,......., .. +1 Merriman, L: ,fn .....,,.,.......,.,....,. 7 ,..Q...'2918 1215 1551 1816 503 8642 4806 5843 4601 615 7303 833 2714 1222 1020 2403 6005 5735 1712 1417 5927 4535 1412 1821 3304 3503 2716 4242 2942 2601 2510 4603 5420 7906 1807 1726 3125 1314 2631 2610 409 2750 2503 4218 3011 7323 4410 622 2400 405 2431 5600 2800 2715 H olmes ...-..- ...,,., .. .,...................... ............ . Peabody ...- .,.,, ... Phone H8-1996 -..- ........ - ........... H-0658 N. Haskell ........ Y,....... .,...........YYY T - 4820 Gilbert Street ..,,.,. - ....... - .YY.... J8-8485 McKinnon Street ,.......... ...........t. C -3768 Bonita Avenue ,.,,....... - ............................... - .....,. T7-9230 Cortland ,.,,..,.,...,., ....- ......... ...... ......... .. .,.. . .... ..... . .D4-5 807 .........C-2 32 0 Pine Street ,.......... ......... .., -.. ........ .......... .... Bryan, Street ...... .. .,.......... .. ........ - ...A...,. ...-.. ............ T7-8555 Garland -Avenue ...- .......,.. ..., - ...T-9559 Model' Street .... .,.. Ct. joseph ........,... ... .l,,e.... T-2536 Iowa .J.g .... ....c..- .,..,,. ........., . .W-0833 N. Pearl Street..- ,,..... - .....,f ...tet... C -6509 N. 'Washington ....,,, ,.... - Diceman Drive ,,..... ... ...,... F2-0230 Gurley ....Y.....,..,tt. Vickery Blvd. ,... Verdun .........,...,, .........T-41 16 - ........ ....... ....... T 7 -68 5 3 - ......,...,.. H 8-2449 Adair ,,.....,... - .,...,. ..,. - .T3-6301 Denton Drive .,,,,, .....,, D 4-3027 W. 12th Street ,...... ......,, M -9936 Boll Street ,...,...... ....... Denley Drive ............. ...-...M-6848 Claude ...- .....,.,...........,.. .,.,,... . .. Throckmorton ...,. - .....,,., ..-...L6-2276 Nlaple Avenue ....,. ..... Prospect .....,.. .,.. Gou d - ....... - ....,.. Caddo' Street .,,, -D4-4207 .......T3-5776 ui o,,..,, ,,1,3LLLL3 LLGPT7-5727 Llano ....,.... -- ...,,,, - .,,..,, ..,..,, T 3-9423 Lake ....rr......,.,,,, ,.,,,,,,, ,,.. Prairie Avenue ,... - ,,,,,... ,,,..., T 3-1397 McMillan .. ,.,,, .. Oak Grove ,,,,. Travis Street ...., Florence .,,......... Tella Street ..,.... 3131- Singleton .,,,.,, Singleton ..1.. ..... ....-.T 3-8037 -Js-e3os ...- ...,.... ............. ....... T 7 -3107 - .......,...... - ......... ....... H 8-1708 - ...... ............ C-6697 - ....... C-6697 Marsalis ...... 1- ......... .......... ........ W - 0044 Alapka .................. ......,......... ........ W - 4045 Philrp ' Avenue ......... -..- ........ ....... T 3-2038 Sf Lamar Street. .......... ......... H -6337 Brook Hollow ............... ... ....... D4-5677 Garza Avenue .................. .......... ....... T 7 -7515 Beaumont Street ..... , ......... - ......1 ......... H -4315 Vannerson Drive . .... .... Hendricks ............. ,.,........ Exeter Street ..... ,,..,..., W 7-8066 N. Henderson ..... ....... T 7-1273 Gordon Place ........ ............. ..,.... U 6 -1709 W. 12th Street ..-,. - ......... ........... M -9551 Exeter ............... W7-7319 Cedar Springs ..... ......, L 6-1198 Salberg Place .... Concord Avenue Rusk ............ Archer .......v... ,D4-5808 .......T7-1943 .YZ-5241 Commerce .v..... - ...,.,.....,,.,,,, ,,,. Grandview ........ .. ,.1v,,, , ,,,,YYY T7-8l90 Merlin Street ...... ,,,,,,,, H -2968 Culver ..........,............. .... ,-,,-,, U 6 -2607 Harry Hines Blvd ....... .,-,,,,,,, ,,-, Cedar Springs .......,. , ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,L C -3136 ti, , -re v Name Addrexs Phone Riek, Tennie B ........,.,....... 7312 Lortland YY.YY,Y,Y .. ,YYYYYY D4-3045 Rizo, Praxedis Castillo ,,... 3248 Carlisle Street YY,, YYY,YY, L 6-5064 Roberts, Lawana Estell .,..,.., 1003 Oak Street .Y,, ...Y.YY ' F3-1539 Robertson, Jean ,YY....,,,,,,,,,, 514 N. Haskell YY,Y .....f. ' F7-3570 Robotti, Ann 'l'recia .,..... 3400 County Avenue ff.. Rodriquez, Manuela ...,..,.,. W 3114 Gpilden Lane Rodriguez, Mariano M. ,..,,.,. Rt. 6, Box 283 ,,,,,,,,, , Rodriguez, Lydia Mary: Y.,,.Y. 1208 Peters Street .,,,,, . Rogers, Billy Fred ,.......Y,Y1 Rggers, Billy YA,,A,Y,,.,,, 1113 N. Haskell ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, L ...T-2512 Roper, lvlargaret Janice ,Y,., 3415 Pariva Street .,,,., ......fYY C -3933 Rose, Carroll G. ...,,,,..,..,...Y, 1338 Ann Arbor ....Yt......Yff . YtYt.Y. W7-7395 Routt, Eugene Jackson, Jr. .... ,,,..... . 4705 East Side Avenue. ...,,, ,,,,,,, T 7-4867 Rubio, Evangelina Warren ,Y...... ..YYY 1 519 Munger Avenue ..... ..YY.Y C -5319 Sales, Christopher ,,,,,,.....Y,,.,,,YY YYYY, 1 907 Guillot Street .,...v ,,t, Sanders, Eugene ,,t,,,,,.,,,,,,, 5215 Colinial ......... ... ... ,..,.... H-7241 Santillan, Raymond, ,,.,,,.t,t,,t 2226 A. Caroline ..,,,,,.,.....,,, ...,..,.. ,,,,, C - 1530 Schneibs, Paul Michael ........ 4103 Maple Avenue t,,,,,, L ,,,,tt, L ,,t,,,, ,,,,, L -0162 Scotch, Angelo cc,,.c,............ 4138 Pennsylvania Avenue .. .... Scott, Dale ...,,.v,,cc,,,,,,...........c,., ........ 4 339 Hartford Street .,,,,,,, .,,,., L 6-2834 Sessions, Robert Woodrow ,......, ..... . 1800 Berwick .,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,., ........ W - 5735 Sheridan, Robert Edward, Jr 4619 Ross Avenue, Apt. 9 ,,,.i,,,. 2 ,,,,,,,,, ....... U 6-1459 Simmons, Hazel Marie ,,,ttt,......t ..,. 5 427 Gurley ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,.,,,, T -2878 Snnth, Beny Jean..- ............... ..... 7002 Concord Sueet.n2 .,.....,. ...,... D4-3024 Smith, David Iionel ....... 2719 S. Ervay ,,,,,.,,,...,, .... Smith, Merle L .,....... 4218 Chanute Place ,,,, .... . .. Smith, Olin, Jr. t,.............. 3510 Wendelkin ,,,,,,,, ,,,..,, . ,H-2982 Smith, Vonda Mac.. ............. 3510 Wendelkin ,,,.,..,,., ,,,,,,,., ,.,,,,,,, H - 2982 Standifer, Yvonne "Suggie" .... 1....... 4 606 Junius Street ,i,,,, , ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ' F7-5468 Stanglin, Maurice .....1........... 3826 Holmes Street ..,,.. ,,,,,,.,, I 1-1716 Stevenson, Evelyn Ouida .... 2827 Idaho Avenue ..... ,,....., M -2823 Stone, Betty Jo ................... 2254 Moffatt ,,........ ,,.,,.,i.. Stout, Harold Davis, Jr. ..... 1735 Ann Arbor ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, W 7-7260 Stout, Wanda Ray ,,,,,,,t,,,,. 3603 Carl Street i,,,,,,i,i ,,,,,,, Stuck, Suzanne ,.ttt.,,,,t,,,,,,tt,t 5610 Bryan Parkway ,,,,,, ,,,i,,, T 3-5882 Thomas, Mickey, Loyd ,,t,,,,, 3627 Whitney Place ,,,, Thrasher, Charles Audrey tt,.,,,, ,.,t, Thurmond, Donald . ..,,tt,,,tt N Todora, Nathan Joe Trammell, D. W. t,,t,,,,,, , Fravillo, A. C. ,,,it,..,,,t,,,,, W Treadaway, Frankie Lee ,,,,,, Valles, Stella Lydia. ...,,,,, W Vaughan, Nora Lee ,,,.,,. Velez, Manuela Guerrero Vickers, Maxine Joyce ,,,,,, Watkins, Joe tt,t, ,,,,tt,.,,,tt,, Watkins, Josephine Davis... Watkins, Wanda Faye ...,,. Watson, Dorothy May .,,,Y. Weempe, Aubrey Faye ...,.. West, Bobbie ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Whitfield, Jimmie ,,,,,,,,,, Whitten, Gene Earl ,....,,,,, Whorton, Frank Adron ...,,,, Williams, Gene ...t,..........,, Williams, Volney ............... Willis, Helen Elizabeth ,,,i,,, Wilson, John Clinton ,,,, ,,,,,, Wilson, Richard Weldon ,,,,,, Worley, Frances Elaine ttt, Wynn, Earl Henry i.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Young, Lawrence A., Jr. Youngblood, Joseph Merrill Zapata, Zavala, Virginia ,,,,,, e.,,,,.,,.,,,.,., Hilaria Pena ..,......, 3009 3620 2614 5115 4625 3400 1808 9312 3105 3105 5117 3220 4516 2646 1919 1712 2107 2142 3222 2237 2430 2602 2710 507 Forest Avenue W Travis Street ...... Roberta Street ..,... Colonial ,,,,,,,,, Worth ,,,,.. Noble ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Chestnut Street ,.... Addis Street ,,,,,,,,, Swiss ,,,.,,,,,.,.,,,., Swiss ,,.,,,,.,,,,, .. Z Bryan Street ...,, Perkins Street .... Junius ,.,.....l.,,... Clarendon ,,,, San Jacinto ...,, Hatcher .....,... Denley Drive Mail Street ,,,.. Ross Avenue ..... Greer Street ,,,,..,,, ...,lf n-57ss ......JS-2642 ,......,W-6874 H-5860 ,e.....T7-951s L-1262 SSQSD4-19112 ...,...T7-4721 ,....,.T7-4721 ,.,..,,T3-6846 SSSST7-9625 .,..,,,Y2-2430 ,WWY6-2550 ,1,,,,,,H-1322 1 6 so 11 c-4o19 H-4809 Hondo Avenue ,,,,....,. .l.l., L 6-1794 Southland Street .,,,,,, ,,.. Arroyo Avenue ,,,.,., Hartsdale Drive ..... Rt. 6, Box 229 D ,,.... L6-2531 .,.....,W-4769 A 41' ZW fzkmzmfs 4. fVUf'f..g. K .,.-I I ! , AL ,..f',,ff L- ,xr W4 1 ua 1. If ' , ' o i I , Q, :JV 7? ij' G I a I -1. -fa--Q-rv " ia?-fi'.Yh yall ,I 7' J! 1 .'fV.:,f.. ea- f ' fwfiifcc - '- . 4 Congmzfulmfzonsf to the 1947 5, .1 'W ' 4 1, Graduates of Technical High School .,-v?' , f jyf J! . ' . - . Q K IDrIl'?EL'AN'DY DIYUPISDER l'S'LAT?ElNlV5RANlERS lr af' S A 4 ' I We sincerely thvank you for the nl! 5 X 'I U privilege of supplying the commence- ' ' 'S ment invitations ztitcards for both N January and May Classes of 1947. 2 p ' Y , A M""UlaC'We'-' of Visit Us in Our New Ofice WEDDING INVITATIONS and Factory COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS FINE BUSINESS STATIONERY AND GREETING CARDS 2107 McKinney Avenue DALLAS 1J,XI.I.AS, OI.DEST Rmuxlr. Sfoluc E. M. Kahn Sfjgpj gf Qyglljfy ,flppm-gl Arr For kiwi, Illomefz and Boys . T- . v' O R OVER A ALFA or anenen mues A 9 ir It F O '.' R S fk Pay' nlnmonn snor DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVERWARE - LUGGAGE 55555555g5ggg5g5g55555g5q:g5,555.5 :: .,g:5:ggg'5gggs'-:g5gg sgslgmz, AA ,- Q.: 5553, 4 If 1936 ELM STRE 'T AT HARWOOD 'A' O DIAMONDS - VVATQHIQS - SILVER - JIiVV1+1LRY H TROPHIES GRADUATION RINGS . Compliments 0 f E A .,,f . A .., lx B H Lf. sm' I I A RS 'L Fifty Years in Dallas O BESTWISHESTOTI-IE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY OF TECHNICAL I-IIA AND OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO Tl-IE' GRADUATES 9 T. , I O 1 0 jf I 1 1 , 9 DRL!! l'f'7lIII YOUIT Nl NIEXICAN FOOD dine in llze air cooled MEXI00 CITY CAFE LILLIAN'S CAFE Speeialfy IJLATE LUNCHES Candy - Cigarettes - Drinks 2-110 Live Oak C-3819 ?" COTTAGE BARBECUE "The Be,tf'Ynl" 107 N. Sr. Paul Sr. THE RUSH COMPANY Drafting Supplies Art and Sign 'VVriters Supplies 1401 ELNI T7--1-103 It's FUN to do MAGIC Pocket Tricks - Trick Cards - Nlagic Books Stage Tricks - Parlor Mzxgic - Party Fun "Store of 1000 IfVomZe1'.f" MAGICLAND 409 N. Ervay Opposite Post Office Compliznefzfs of George M. Stuart Florist Spo1'15man'5 Pamafise SPORTING GOODS GATEWAY 1300 Mairi Dalles' Alon Complete Sporting Goods as EVERYTHING MUSICAL B E fveffyllzifzg' iwuxiwzl 1008 Elm Street Cowplifzzenzs of C Bennett and Anderson Hardware and Variety MR. H. H. R1-:NNlc'1"1' - NIR. :XVIII-IRSON 4519 Second Ave. H-0204 Bus. Phone C-2 8 79 FRANK BABB JENVELER Fine TVatch Repair 207 Liggett Bldg. - Elm and Ervay G LF FISH 81 GY TER CO. JOE VARCASIA, President NICK XYARCASI.-X, Vive-I'1'.e5ifZem 'XVILLIAM YOKUM, Gwzeral .Wmmger DISTRIBUTORS d . 40-Fathom Fillcts Sea Foods of All Kinds xi ' WHOIJESALE AND RETAIL PHONES R-1284-5 2513 BRYAN STREET - 0 on the box! Adds much to the gift But nothing f he cost q The label frequently foam! in the Diamonds and 'Watches from 525.00 doflzmg of Ilmwmmalmg. I Dullav men HRTHUH H. EVEHT E d , COMPANY l .lgowtw 01' f e uf e Z e 1' .f JUS Dallas 1302 MAIN - f V, ,,WLl..', 1 X 4 "4 - . x ' f 4' Y, I - , , A, V--ff .- 1 ' ,,g.,1f' .,, aff ' f " ' .r Y' THIS' ANNUAL PRINTED BY Wilkins0n,fPrinting C0 1717 WGCTS' STREET T :- DALLAS, TEXAS A W. ,- w XJ 0

Suggestions in the N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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