N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1943

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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ai- -.2 .- '5-' V! 1- . ' Q ... 11 .. 11 ,-, -1 I .- 1- .-n i -- 1- 1 i . 1 2 5 - 3 '- i '1 i ' - -E 7 l f 5 1- 5' .Y y .iifgiahl 1. 'I.'.i1g:1l ' 'N . . . fm.. Mx - . N-nfl'-5. X EA x ' XX 'Rig-ig X 'wg 5 Eng X, X 217- ' Nw.. XX EK OZ 1 Ah.. I g Mega 1. E N lf. - ' f - sw iz - 351 ., 'M f ' 1' 'Self 3-ff - '- ' . -n., ' 4 K . ' .mn ff' Q wg: 'VW' NGN. HIC K - f f . Q, 'S' kc' .i'fQf7' Lf s "nf 0 . 'lxiyfg ,fl 1 1 - ff li ji , 3 4 ,- i' ' 'X "-Ik? . 5 04lLA5, 1Qf-5 .4 ' s H612 ' vowea ,, 1 I 1 QLAf1IgV WARTIHE CLASS fThe Boys Speak to the Alma Hater! Somebody said we're leaving you! This statement may be trueg Our Uncle Sam has called us - We've got a job to do! ' We'll keep Tech's colors flying On our far flung battle line. We'll gladly give our very blood For liberty so fine. We thank you for the memories Of study, work and play, Of building things out in the And giving us our say, shop Of Senior Day assemblies, Of jam-up football teams. That all of this will have to go Is hard to believe, it seems. But our days of fun are overg There's a storm across the sea, And we're making it our business To keep this old world free. So keep the home fires burning While they put us to the test, And some day we'l1 be coming back To live just like the rest. Herman Balka WOLF 'WE D000 ITIW Editor-in-Chief . ..... Walter Campbell Associate Editor . . . Katherine Angelo, Ann Todora Feature Editors . . Cotton Gunter, Genevieve Derden, Allen Frankley, Anita Adams Picture Editors . . . Billie Jo Smith, Rosetta Doggett, Ruby Davis, Doris Deaton, James Turnage Art and Snap Shots .... Norma McGuire, Junius Tuley Military . . Herman Balka, H. L. Darlington, Eugene Netjek Sports ....... W. L. Brignon, Walter Hickman Clubs . . . . Juanita Anderson, Aubrey Fisk, Gwendolyn Brennan, Fay Williams Circulation . . . Members of Salesmanship and Advertising classes with honorable mention to: John Grizzaffi Doris Jones Frank Leorwald Betty Jean Griffin John Sullenger ' Evelyn Weedin n I 1 I 1 1 V V I I i E.'0. HAYES To Doc Hayes, "the swellest of basketball coaches" we the seniors of Jan. '43 dedicate our Wolf Pack. Doc isahero among the boys and girls of Tech Hi. In him we have a man who is a born leader of boys and we honor him as the teacher of the year. Q , , rfmmr you The graduating class of Jan. '43 takes this opportunity to express tothe members of the faculty thanks for many little favors and bits of advice and encouragements, for corrections and improvements, and for constructive criticisms. These are the things we men and women of tomorrow will remember and appreciate. To some of our friends, we should like to give special thanks. To Mr. Schiebel for sending us out into the currents of life with a feeling of strong confidence and undefeatable de- termination. His interest in all the students of Crozier Tech has made a deep impression in the hearts of those who are leaving. To Mrs. Henderson for all the Hheadachesn and burdens she relieved us of when she took over the job of seeing that we got the necessary credits and subjects we will need in our future life in the business world or college. To Mrs. Lemmerhirt for her tireless efforts in making Tech a leading school in citizenship and scholarship. Long will the graduating Seniors remember her with a friendly thought. To Mrs. Cole whose endless supply if Vitamin Blhas made the publication of this WOLF PACK a pleasure for the members of the Staff. In the years to come, perhaps the memory of her will encourage us to go on, when we feel the need to give up. To Mr. Baker for his friendly advice and counsel, and priceless help in securing part time and permanent positions for the working students of Tech. For his intelligent direct- ing of our banking funds, he will be remembered by the January '43 Class. To Mrs. Brown for her unlimited labor in getting us through our last year in school with the least difficulty and greatest enjoyment, and for her everlasting kindness and understanding, the Seniors give special thanks. To Miss Vera Neel for her numerous efforts toward making our Senior year an enjoyable one. Her sponsoring school dances and other activities has won her a special corner of our hearts. 4 . .f W was iileg? L ,,,, , To The Graduates: Coming down on the Ross Avenue bus this morning I "listened in" on a conversation between a sweet young thing and an older woman companion. I couldn't help hearing the conversation, asit was mostly wailsg therefore I may be excused for 'seem- ing breach of etquette. The sweet young thing was having mother trouble! Phrases like "if she only didn't nag me" -- "she doesn't like any of my boy friends" -- "forgot she was oung once herself" -- "in bed at nine o'clock" reached my without an effort on my part. For once I was sorry to 4 Efirehouse at Leonard Street loom out of the mists , ould liked to have stayed with the crowd and heard 5 rest of the story. , I I , A2 53.215 .5255-fga u '1 til? 1 'fl 7-'ri -if .. ,N , , .4 ,,, 4- I "E, Q Ji fgygi V i -1 , . . my FW. .2 I' 5 What has all this to do with graduation? Well I'Ve listened in on all of you for four years or more and it has been interesting. Now I have "to get off the bus" while you go on. I rather hate to leave. I'd like to stay on and hear the "rest of the story" to see how it "comes out". But that is not to be! The best I can do is stand on the curb and looklongingly after you as I did after the bus in its snort- ing departure and give you a furtive wave of the hand hoping that your story will work out to a happy and successful ending. r ' !There is achance that I'll be on the bus with the sweet Qlyoung thing some other day and that suggests that I may also Ihear some of your stories continued.l ter J. E. Schiebel ' Q jf? , Qi? .THE I-'Acuur--Hfnf's ro mm James Adkisson Dorcas Gray J. Floyd Alexander R. J. Green Geraldine Andrews May B. Haley Jim G. Ashburne Ray Hardaway H. Grady-Baker Joe L. Harrell L. S. Barrett Arthur A. Harris Earl R. Boshop Ronda Hart George W. Blair Dorothy Hayes John Bolouch E. 0. Hayes Martha Bone Alla M. Henderson Nancy Boyd J. S. Henry Karen Y. Brown Louise Hillyer C. A. Bryant Opal Holley Bernice Bullock Orbette A. Homer Effie Butler W. F. Hunter Jim Butler Ela Mae Jones Alma Carothers George W. Kadel Catherine Cathey Mineola King Edith Cole Kenneth Kitch Isabelle Cummings Joe Lancaster Clarence Dale Ray U. Lane Florence Davis W. S. Lanham W. E. Davis Lolita Lansdon Lela S. Deavenport Sadie Lemmerhirt Jettie Donald Mary Lightfoot' C. G. Dotson S P. W. Loucks Eula T. Ferguson H. G. Martin Perry Fite Clifford Matlock Dora Flack Dorotha McClain W. P. Fulton Zoe McEvoy Esme Foster B. M. McMinn J. S. Gibson Gray Moore Virginia Goerner Gladys Neel Ellen B. Gowdey Vera B. Neel Z265d,vx56fo7fvz wcf Herman A. Neff Jane D. Parker Dovye M. Polk Ruda V. P'Pool Juanita Richey Will S. Richter E. R. Roberts C. H. Rutledge R. E. Sanders J. F. Sartain Glenn Shackelf J. Fred Sheel Mary Shifflett Henry Sholty Roberta Sloan May Stephens James Ellen Stif Phoebe Storms ' Edith E. Stovall Agnes Taylor George Alma Terrell Clarice Turck Annie Turner Hugo J. P. Vitz Aline Walker Margaret Walraven Pauline Warner Frances Welch William Weldon Lenore Wilson Mary Lou Wise W. D. Woods Clara Wolf ,Mmm MOST HA NDSOME BOY 1 N "Tall, dark, and handsome" correctly describes Bill Cloninger. Everyone knows that curly brown hair has never hurt the looks of any boy, either. Bill's friendly smile and magnetic per- sonality have 'made him a favorite with boys and girls during his years at Tech. i 1 u. nosr BEAUTIFUL GIRL Fascinating little Frances Willis deserves this title with her ,J radiant dark brown hair and soft brown eyes. 'Her charming ii personality and dimpled smile have made her a favorite among favorites. f ,, ,W , HOST POPULAR BOY The friendly grin, and even more friendly wink, and the devastating "Hiyah, Kid" of "Cotton" Gunter, have crept into the hearts of all who know him. As president of the National Honor Society, he has kept up an enviable scholarship record and, at the same time, held down an outside job. inosr PoPuLAn GIRL My e l Laughing Irish eyes show the lovable character of Anna Smith. Her curly hair, a rich, warm brown, is a cunningly careless, windblown dishevelment. Her shy friendly smile has won for her many friends in her years at Tech. BEST ALI. - AROUND 80? A disarming personality and a constant smile have gained C. W. Gray his title. The entrancing wave in his black hair and his solemn, romantic brown eyes give additional charm to this president of the Student Government Association and Captain of the football team. . ' mt BEST Auf Anouwb iGIRL' The five feet, one inch stature of LeTrice Fleetwood, accom- panied by shining blue eyes and glowing chestnut hair contri- butes to making her personality a radiant one. She served the students of Tech as Cheerleader in the '42 and '43 Season lT'S ALL IN A NAME EarneSt Busby William FlEtcher, Jr. KenNeth Bishop Ma1'lanna. Pittman R0setta Doggett Doris MoRrow RuSse1l Good Jack RiCe JosepHine Santillan R0y Cox Howard ShaddOx 1 RaLph Fagala Bill McDonald Charles CrAwford Bi1lY Hodges Charles Martinez 'E' 1 NA OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bill Cloninger VICE-PRESIDENT Thomas Bostick SECRETARY Katherine Angelo TREASURER Ruth Harrison SERGEANT AT ARMS Cotton Gunter 6. MORE SENIOHS OUTSTANDING fSelected by Classmates! ANITA ADAMS-in the rush through her four years of Tech, liked to think that she nworked hardn at being co-editor of the Tech Talk. DORIS DEATON - as the other co-editor, did her part at ram- rodding the presses to get the newspaper to the student body biweekly. KATHERINE ANGELO-always managed to get all the "inside dope" on what was happening, because she was Secretary of 4A home room. ' J. P. BARBER - in his efforts to make all-City Orchestra, iwhich incidentally, he did! took a little time out to oe Vice- president of the Senior Hi-Y. A THOMAS BOSTICK - has not only good looks, but he must have brains too, because he is vice-president of the 4A homeroom. WALTER CAMPBELL - is almost nationally famous. While serving as secretary Tech's Hi-Y, he is also secretary of the North Texas Hi-Y. JUNIUS TULEY - ever busy, has made Tech a good cheerleader and has a way of his own with his megaphone. JIMMY BOYD - bashful Jimmy has done all right in his time at Tech as tri-captain of the football team and as a member on the All-City team. lWe dedicate this page to our Class- efy Mg mates andour former teachers in WMC 79 g' , Y' Q 5 the USerVice of our Country.H We will hold it for their autographs when they come back. E? f i f . Siiiiwy . ' YM. , 8 'K Adams, Anita Co-editor Tech Talk Vol! Pack Staff Anderson, Juanita Cmunercial Art Club Angelo, Katherine S. G. A. Representative Latin Club Good Scholarship Sec. of 4A Hone Roan Armstrong, Alfred Good Scholarship Club Barber, J. P. Jr. Band Captain Pres. Senior Hi-Y Linz Pin All City Band All City Orchestra Barnes, Margaret Good Scholarship Club Typing Speed Club Barta, Rudolph Guard Kenneth Bishop Linz Pins Good Scholarship Club Latin Club 7 f Q L A A mag' AM ' Blakely, Raleigh Baseball ' Football Senior Hi-Y Bosher, Everett Band Officer All City Orchestra Bostick, Thomas Vice-Pres. 4A Hone Room Senior H1-Y Guard Good Scholarship Club 9 Boyd, Jimmy Football, All City Track Hi-Y Senior Play Bradley, Imogene Red Cross Club Part Time Program Brown, Marie Good Scholarship Club S. G. A. Representative Bullard, John -Basket Ball Baseball Senior Hi-Y Dimnond Disc S. G. A. Representative Camp, James S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club Guard, fxIN Campbell, Walter Jr. I4 Yr. Cert., Editor-in-Chief Vol! Pack Senior Hi-Y Sec. of North Texas Hi-Y Capehart, Helen' Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Carter, Edna Good Scholarship Club Art Pottery Club S. G. A. Representative Red Cross Council ' Cash, Inez 3h Yr. Graduate Sec. Commercial Art Club Good Scholarship Club S. G. A. Representative Choate, Odes Band Radio Club Part Time Program S. G. A. Representative Cloninger, Bill Pres. 4A Home Roan Guard Good Scholarship Club Cooke, Mary Catherine Good Scholarship Club Part Thne Progrmn Cox,NRoy R. Good Scholarship Club Guard i C , , A 1 fvxil Crawford, Charles Guard D Diversified Occupation Davis, Ruby Band Exchange Ed. Tech Talk Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club 35 Yr. Graduate Deaton, Doris S. G. A. Representative Co-Editor Tech Talk Wolf Pack Sta!! Good Scholarship Club Dean's Helper Doggett, Rosetta Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff Linz Award Good Scholarship Club Efflandt, Marien Good Scholarship Club Part Time Progrmn Everett, Herschel ld Yr. Cert Guard . Fagala, Ralph American Eagle Club Good Scholarship Club Guard Finks, Jack Sec. Traffic Club Band 1 'X mann, 3 iA.,, di aff ,lf fa J 3 if .1 Fisk, Aubrey K4 Yr. Cert.J Guard Captain Fleetwood, LeTrice Cheer-leader '42 -'43 Fletcher, William Frankley, Allen Linz Pin History'C1nb Goad, Russell Radio and Television Club Geer, Mary Louise S. G. A. Representative Cannercial Art Club Girl Reserves Pan-Mnerican Club Gray, C. W. Football '40- '41- '42, Co-captain Track '41- '42 Pres, S. G. A. PresQ'4B Class Tech'?l1k Staff - June '42 A Gunter, Cotton Pres. National Honor Socie Vice-Pres. S. G. A. Linz Pin Wolf Pack Staff . f- A ua' m f ,I Gutierrez, Estella Good Scholarship Club Gutierrez, Reuben S.G.A. Representative Pottery Club Harrison, Ruth Sec. Red Cross Club Tres. 4A Home Room v Good Scholarship Club Pottery Club S. G. A. Representative Heflin, Marshall K4 Yr. Cert Capt. R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc. Club Camera Club Henderson, Glenn QQDQLJ Hernandez, Amparo Good Scholarship Club Perfect Attendance Hinman, Betty Lou Sec. Girl Reserves Art Pottery Club S. G. A. Senator Good Scholarship Club .4 ' nl, Hodges, Billy R. 0. T. C. ie E 1 E p c Q We ' ' ' . sev'vo.e C-. 5 i 3 ie eeseaei sssengsen E Jigxwm egg Jackson, Gwendolyn S. G. A. Representative Drum Majorette '42- '48 Girl Reserve Good Scholarship Club Jolly, Gwen S. G. A. Representative Chorus Club Good Scholarship Club King, James Football Track Senior Hi-Y Guard , Lettieri, Ralph R. 0. T. C. Guard Mahaffey, Buster Pottery Club Cmnuercial Art Club Good Scholarship Club American Eagle Club Guard Martinez, Charles Cmunercial Art Club American Eagle Club Good Scholarship Club Art Pottery Club McGuire, Norma All-School Play Cmnnercial Art Club Pres. Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff S. G. A. Representative McDonald, Bill Good Scholarship Club Guard fn. r'7"'2 65 92' Miller, Louise Good Scholarship Club Mitchell, Paul Major R. O. T. C. Crack Canpany '40- '41 Dimnond Disc. - Linz Pin Mongaras, Ed Guard Senior Hi-Y Morgan, Howard R. O. T. C. Guard Morrow, Doris Girl Reserves Treas. Red Cross Club Chorus Mowat, Blanche S. G. A. Retailers Club Nesmith, Ruth Pep Squad R s. Q A. W Pipes, Anne .5fN5, SFR ' dwg! , 25.35F ...X .. . hee.,-... .Q ' 1 ,- . . ages ' ei- ,, - .a5s.H- -. '. " film-were " .f N. ' - , .,1 wi- use-.suite 11 1 ...T .- ...,. . -..- i S5152 'wf JJMEESQQ f4i-r gg gefw,.fh: ? ' f . ' x . . H - ww f ' 1' . .. .. .. ,L,. H.. Q. . ., ..,15..W...fs...,.. , . .- - M --Ne. - ... ,. . f.v,A A em. ....,., ...Me . .Mn ,. , sep , f .kwa eye. iff - . . . - L :sefvf , "f ix ere... :H Swwe sf-f V 3: -i.f?eeE,,.gg ,. ,fg.g 1 ' , ,.,53g,e-gzggm , Pittman, Marianna Pep Squad Girl Reserves S. G. A. Representative Latin Club Rice, Jack Football '39- '40- '41 Football Mgr. '42 Track '41 Intrmnural '38 Rolls, Jack Master Sgt. R. 0. T. C Senior Hi-Y Cheerleader '42- '43 S. G. A. Representative History Club Sanford, Billy R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc S. G. A. Representative Santillan, Mary Josephinf Pan-American Forum Pep Squad Good Scholarship Club N. Y. A. Seibert, Earl Shaddox, Howard Guard r Formanship Club Shwadlenak, Gene Guard Formanship Club X or Inf! Jia Q 0 Qu ' Smlth, Anne Vice Pres. Girl Reserves Pres. Stamp Club Speed Club Art Pottery Club Chorus Smith, Aubrey 14 Yr. Cert.l R. 0. T. C. Guard Smith, Billie Jo Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Smith, Paul Smith, Oscar R. O. T. C. S. G. A. Representative Stogsdill, Warren Commercial Art Club R. O. T. C. EM erxggifharren Th Distributive Education C S. G. A. Todora, Ann R Library 'Council Tech Talk Staff Ass't. Ed. Wolf Girl Reserves Pack if IF om, 7 1 i Q-el' 'F' .x e lass T 2 S I Tuley, Junius Cheerleader '42- '43 R. 0. T. C. Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Waters, Stephen Good Scholarship Club Pan-Mnerican Club Hi-Y S. G. A. Representative Guard Webb, Gloria- Art Pottery Club Pep Squad Williams, Fay Girl Reserves V Sec. Library Council '4l- '4 Weed1n, Evelyn 3 Linz Awards National Honor Society V Good Scholarship Club Circulation Mgr. Wolf Pack Spur Club Willis, Frances Linz Pin - Good Scholarship Club Pep Squad Student Government 1 AAhj Seniors Not Pictured SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES Allen, Morris Allensworth, Raymond Dietiker, Ernest Harwood, Jack Hernandez, Jessie Leatherman, T. A. Lee, Jack Lopey, Lucir Mins, Edward Peck, Woodrow Sailors, Bob Sorrell, Alfred Waller, Robert Weldon, Billy Wells, Seth Wilkins, Tully Vermillion, Jim Ed EVENING SCHOOL GRADUATE Keese, Mildred 7009 fr.-ag'fA GRADUATES OF JUNE '45 5 was A W 6,5055 . ,I X , fff KW wma? . S O 3 'Q 3' Q Q mmm if IN W ' TOM HAmaLToN My 1 9g xs KP if 2 3 i' Eljiigry N NK -ff"f14 K 667g ' Eg Q f 41 Sai W R ? ff - ' AN 'Q S WjdM,7V0ff5vAf0f'd MTE 35 JW QW N Q ,JL QM 5 g K Wf W ii gg NX ,' A ' 1,41 xg 5 . 5 vscf Pmzsmcni N3 S Q E AVAIBERT GAIIOYMY ' W S ?!fff57M' QM Iifwnfnfw My X WfW fffifwf X X. ,f If if 5 Q gr gf , ff fi A ,. 1 ffff KD nyc f , "f Yfl,- A f 'ff 'f,1 4 ' 'D M 2 ysw f Q 1 W MTQWMM Q, y,ii7'7'f+Wf'!D ygfiffi LYZQQJQW4 Q WM M nmdgwbwdgrzfyjfptrmj X? 9?-5 QQRQ QM QW il-afw 52 swim Qi My EE QaQ, ?4g . TIT! al- 51, 1'gyJ,M,,W,L, Vg!! W f Q QV' Mk f' ' AM X d "4 My WMM xl' Q M My Kuff Mwww M749 im' 3 M.wDL64W V ,W 424204 f' il w fmmywifa W 57frfwN?yMu4J-h'0t'J K .J M0 , ga 'YR f D A X Tvnsukza L -a , I! f 43- Q? 1 I Jvvfjjvpan - W, ,.. 5+ 'O 14. W 55 3' 'wig X . ' - eurmoa Tobekwr fo M 1 ' - ww Ki 9 5 . 'f fc., , f Uk, Q-:gm AAAAL dzvl X17 ' W! fi M Nl fn - ylfff ,J My -W x WWW W Q, I af 19 M N X WW! YQ! af ff? f- 6385 RR W J 4' 1 ' WWW W WWWWW-9 f fm ,li at PT I W MW K giiffa,4QM ig OGITSW Mygy cj fwfajfwff film M iMf3WM AEJYQMW W A M45 WQWMQQM Q fd v SERGEWT-AT- J W WW M x A Qi KN Wm 3, 233527 ,JOHN-Slgfuceub MLM QJMW f Q M532 i M95 E xgm ffQsKw,Wg5 1- ? . 5 E L- 1 A QMMMQZS ZEA 502 Z WR E V 7? W X 3 A 1. M4 Zoom CHQRMAN Hy? Nj x ?ZZ4WC'L.Z3 2 EJ . QQ Lion uns V532-2 Q2 M QQ J! WWW if fxswlx A ef M f MW ii MWLMWJ ' J' R wsirii QSEEFEP Q I5 ' augnos First row: Joy Dean Inman, Joelmperial, Boyd Smith, Galye Box, Armando Villasana, Rex Hall, Billy Siguin, Robert Earl, Robert Tucker. Second row: Dan Brockett, Walter Hickman, Lionel McConnell, E. C. Garret, J. L. Wilson, Duncan Hill, Lloyd Humphries. Third row: Monroe Neff, Billy Jack Miller, Roy Vincent Smith, Jr., Gilbert Kelly. Fourth row: Jack Duggan, John Slaughter, Billy Halbert, Raymond Hart, Otis Earl, Alvis Alton. Fifth row: Billy Harper, Charles Bryant, George Dilord, Gene McCa1eb, Colby Barns, Olen Weaver. Sixth row: Henry Cutbirth, Nathan Eisenstein, James H. Neaves, Raymond Harm Homer McGregor, John Wright. Seventh row! J. A. Alford, Kenneth Argenbright, Allen Smith, Boyd Lavender, Murrell Danzler, James Townater, Harold Brydge, Lewis Bedvine Guards not in picture: Joe Mulkey, Roland Mitchell, J. L. Bowcum, J. B. Brooks, Bil y Joe Wathins, Joe Linthicum. NATIONALA ONOH SOCIETY Front row: Wanda Landrum, Mary Lou Santillan, Violet Tyler, Robbie Lee Sistrunk, Evelyn Weedin, Kate Schetlin. Second row: Imogene Wyatt, Gerhart Schulz, Billie Joe Clark, Lee Grant Gunter. Allene Ioucks, Louis Cobbs. Third row: Omesimo Hernandez, William Weldon, Gilbert Martinez, Robert Ferguson, Joyce Mackey, Genevieve Ingram, Ruby Arnold, Marion Lyons, Doris Lyons, J. P. Barber, Jr., Ellen Mae Harris, Jack Lee Ward, Allen Frankley, Roy Johnson, Odell Gifford, Miss Zoe McEvoy, Sponsor. W . rt A . 1 y HI-Y First row: John Bullard, Thomas Bostick, Charles Willis, George Marshall, James Whitlow, Bobby Wolcott, Loyd White, Guy Austin, Walter Campbell. Second row: Robert Ferguson, J. P. Barber, Mitchell Modisette, Walter Hickman, Hugo J. P. Vitz, Louis Cobbs, Darwin,Fendley, John Kondola. 3.!C'lRL nfsfnvfs QPR A ffmnbta AWQWJA ' if xEKiEWstlrow: Shirley Alexander, Mary Ruth Phillips, Caroline X P' Hunt, Virginia Bowles, Peggy Stausel, Helen Asimakis, Eleanor Toberny, Reva Ray Carpenter. Second row: Jean Beaty, Mary Alice Lane, Allene Strickland, Doris Morrow, Jane Boyd, Mary Ruth Stephens, Mary Lou Santillian. Third row: Miss Wolf, Leona Ellis, Myra Jean Willis, Billie Jo Hancock, Alma Newton, Mary Ruth Lamb, Imogene Wyatt, Anna Margarett Ferguson, Margie Sikellee. Fourth row: Mary Lou Ledbetter, Ruby Arnold, Frieda Gulipp, Ellen Mae Harris, Lorraine Garrissen, Jo Fary Parr. A --. , , 1 . . . K g JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL Front row: Mary Houston, Jo Ann Hopson, Mary Ruth Hart, president, Dorothy E. Jackson, Ruth Harrison, secretary. Second row: Louise Swift, Dolores Bishop, Edna Carter, Bille Jo Crabtree. Back row, Left to right: Patsy McKool, Nancy Hart, Martha Borman, Lorraine Garrissen. Not Pictured: Myrna Young lvice-presidentl, Doris Morrow ttreasurerl. ART POTTERY, First row: Mary Lynn Phillips, Martha Lou Ray, Corl Buznell, Sophie Harshaw, Mary Ulmer, Joy Snead, Billy Farmer. Second row: Harold Hough, Carmen Franco, Dorothy Jackson, Gloria Hilton, Capitola Bixby, Elizabeth Hamilton, Betty Little, Warren Therrell. Third row: Dorothy Lester, Sue Hoge, Angel Kotsiones, Edna Carter, Ruth Harrison, Jean Rice, Kathleen Griffin, Esther Bibb. Fourth row: Glenn Henderson, Albert Hagman, Joyce Chaney, Doris Cook, Faye Burns, Buster Mahaffey, Rueben Gutierrez, Marie Castleberry, Dorothy Phillips, Robert Kuyhandolf, La Verne Brown, Martha Nan Bolls. 3' S. 0. S. First row: John Penn, George Fuller,-Wanda Lamdrum, Mary Ellen Murphy, Doris Deaton, Tom Knowles, Billy Jones. Second row: Denny Silman, Thurman Phillips, Mead Chas, Dale Posey, Floyd Heath, Howard Malone, John Deskins, Laurance Pratt, Jack Hackett, Luke Catnia, Billy Grubbs, Walter Rogers, Pat Ware, Gordon Gill DIAMOND DISC 4 ,.. Seated: ist Lt. Julian Strucely, 2nd Lt. Thomas Gavos, Maj. Charles Van Dusen, Lt. Col. Gerhart Schulz, znd. Lt. Frank Loerwald, 2nd, Lt. Charles Brecht, Capt. George Satchell. Standing: znd. Lt.Howard Coursey, znd. Lt. Billy Sanford, znd. Lt. Robert Bendorf, 131. Lt. Eugene Goodrum, Capt. Jimmie Champion, Capt. Felix Morris, Lt.Col. H. L. Darlington, Capt. C. W. Holcomb, Capt. Marshall Heflin, znd. Lt. Hudlof Lofman, 1st, Lt. James Turnage. JKN5 far .,-. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION T' President, C. W. Gray! Vice-President, Lee Gunter, Secretary, Patti Robinson: Treasurer, Melba Curtis. BAND First row: Everett Bosher, Darwin Fendley, Roy Johnson, Edgar Smith, Paul Willingham, Roy Parker, Edgar Whitley. Second row: Monroe Neff, Edward Ames, R. B. Smith, Mike Hernandez, Urlan N A' N -it JZQNKMNNW. it 5 WVWA WI. A H7333 AOA new I Alam 4 A ll" ui M AI All Jenkins, Florence Lawrence, Richard Pokladnick Floyd Daniel, Richard Bacon. Third row: Roy Dautherty, Johnny Alexander, Stanley Vrla, Philip Anderson, Charles Bryant, Jack Ward, Robert Ferguson, James Philip Barber, Jim Brandenburg, Frances Ingram, John Gouge, Sherl McLeland. Fourth row: Fayrene Pressley, Charles Baxter, Roy Walker, Joe Nettles, Albert Olivas, Wesley Smith, Bill Wadkins, F. A. Wooten, Hubert Savage, Walton Standifer, Roy Cox, Johnny Meyers, John Kanderla. Standing: Arthur A. Harris, Director, Betty Raynor, Alvin Feuerbacker,lh1Wellman, Jack Massey, Roy Sneed, Raymond Jett. Q on CUMMEQQIQL ART CLUB Front row: Evelyn Craft, Roy Johnson, Madeline Hendrix, Patti Robertson, Mary Frances Vaughn, Louise Manelis. Second row: Betty Earl Radich, Dorothy Hackler, Nancy Collins, Kitty Mall, Alice McCormick, Fred Cosby, Harriet Carter. Third row: Betty Jean Flack, Lavada Honeycutt, Dorothy Hackler, Patsy Lott, Betty Nell Strong, Doris Dalton, Irma Carsey, Royal Hockett, Joyce Mackey, Marian McGuire. Last row: Bill Webster, Charles Martinez, Juanita Anderson, Buster Mahaffey, Betty June Duke, Johanna Myres, Betty Jean Doggett, Margie Sikkelee, Mary Caroynn Frye, Mary Cau , Bryan e Safferans, Jane Safferans, Thelma H , Warren Stogstill. L ADEHS First row ton, Catherine Gilbert, LeTrice Flee . 'Second row: Ed Smith, Jack Rolls, l 5 B i Billy Joe ey LIBRARY COUNCIL Seated: Ed Bohart, Howard Coursey, Alleen Loucks, secretary- treasurerg Antoinette Linthicum, vice-president, Mrs. Walraven Sponsor, Tom Hamilton, president, Bobby Jafiee and Dick Earl. Standing3 Waiter gillgrd, Leonirg1Riggsi1Eit3y gall, Eancg Blaine, im nouc s, eatr ce e. y, 1 e 0 ancoc an Mary Lou Ledbetter. Those not pictured! Dennis Lindsey, H9199 Dvoracek, Bonnie Hendrix, Flogd Wilson, Ann Todora, Wayne Steel, William Burns, Jo Fay arr, and Onita Shelley. ' PEP SOUAD Majorettesi La Delle Skaer, Lorene Bryant, Gwendolyn Jackson, Helen Dvoracek, Josephine La Brnzzo, Edith McKinley, Managen First row: Angeline La Bruzzo, Martha Fulkerson, Betty Bourland, Mary Lou Jiminez, Jean Scott, Doris Jones, Frances Raney, Aletha Mae Vance, Doris Cook, Mary Alline Sullivan. Second row: Lois Jane Minter, Cathrine Porter, Jimmie Lois Roach, Beatrice Morales, Angelina Hernandez, Barbara Gilliland, Evelyn Miller, Florene Boydston, Mary Candle, Kate Scheltin, Lorene Hntson. Third row: Louise Swift, Mary Lee Puntennep Gloria Webb, Dorothy Kelsey, Joyce Chaney, Zobbie Lee Malone, Imogene Alford, Mable Smith, Virginia Crockett. Fourth row: Wanda Bailey, Ozelle Ueckert, Neva M. Nash, Yvonne Wyrick, Marian McGuire, Juanita Anderson, Oma Belle Travis, Frances Burke, Billie Jean Buckalew, Dorothy Jo Clayton, Shirley McDaniel, Elizabeth Parsley. BASKET BALL TEAM - r I' First row: Bobby S4Hford1 Percy Penn, Burton Rollings, Tom Hamilton, Bobby Rogers, George Owens, Bill Sanders. Second row: Ass't Coach Joe Lancaster, Dicky Watson, Edgar Harrison, Roy Asbill, Charles Mark, Tommy Miller, C ach E. O. QDOCJ Hayes. -42552 S foormi TEAM A A Front row: Frank Cass, wi L. Brignon, Edgar Harrison, Ted Davis, C. W. Gray, Louis Hopkins, Billy Jo Collins, Leland Stowe, Walter Hickman. Second row: James Day, Homer Martin Carman Rojas, Billy Smith, David Hurst, Allan Brooks, Gene Davis, Bobby Wolcott, Frank Seaman, Bobby Johnson. Third row: William Garrett, Coach Perry Fite, Morney Perry, Charles Willis, James King, Burton Rollins, Joe McGowan, Raleigh Blakley, Jimmy Boyd, George Fischel, Frank Stamps, Percy Penn, Coach George Blair, Manager Jack Rice. REGIMENTAL STAFF Reg. Comdr. Lt. Col. Gerhart Schulz, S-1 Capt. C. W. Holcomb, Reg. Ex. Officer Maj. Charles Van Dusen, S-2 Capt. 0tiS Orsburng S-3 Capt. Floyd Humphries, S-4 Capt. Eugene Nejtek. RIFLE TEAM Front row: Hudolf Lofman, Oscar Smith, Bill Barker, James Turnage, C. C. Hanna. Last row: John Kondola, Gilbert Martinez, C. W. Holcomb, Max Earl Williamson, Eugene Goodrum, Billy Sanford. F WWW iv 00. A Co. Comdr. Billy Sanfordg 1ST Platoon Leader, 2nd Lt. Edgar Allisong 2nd Platoon Leader, 2nd Lt. Kerney Williams. CO. B V Q,0oM 57 P167 Eli Co. Comdr. Leslie Mullenixg 1st Platoon Leader 2nd Lt. Frank Loerwaldg 2nd Platoon Leader 2nd Lt. Larry Smithg 1st Lt. James Turnageg Attached Ind Lt. Bill Byingtong 1SI Lt. Ted Camp. 00. C 1 W Co. Commander George Satchellg ISI Platoon Leader 2nd Hudolph Lofmang 2nd Platoon Leaderg 2nd Lt. James Parks ' 00. E Co. Commander Captain Jimmie Championg 1SI Platoon Leader 2nd Lt. Don Bradleyg 2nd Platoon w Officer: 1ST Lt. Eugene Goodrum. fi ! Leader and Lt. Charles Brechtg Executive QQEQF we aa 00. G I I Captain Felix Morrisg ist Lt. Julian Strucelyg znd Lt. A. D. Allen. I CO. H Captain Marshall Hefling 1st Platoon Leaderq and Lt. Robert Bendorphg 2nd Platoon Leader znd Lt. Tommy Gavos. 1 4 4 r E i 5 Q E S 55 1 55 RHYHES T0 SENIORS The most popular girl is little Anne Smith Who richly deserves her place, We offer this poem to her as a gift To brighten her dear little face. A beautiful blonde That makes our hearts beat Is Juanita Anderson Who is awfully sweet. Paul Mitchell, In you, we salute A handsome young officer That we think is Hcuten. If you hear a young musician A tootin' away It's J. P. Barber Who's merry all day. Jack Rolls was our cheerleader He is leaving today, But his memory will live At Tech for alway. A pretty young artist Named Norma McGuire Is a girl who can't resist Up-to-the minute attire? QU 4 MURE RHYMES Bashful is a pretty miss Her name you'd like to know. Well, if you insist upon it It's Katherine Angelo. A young lady of beauty But never a Hsnootyn Her nickname is HSnookyn It's Frances Willis, the cutie. To Gwen Jolly, a cute little red head We offer this verse. Always laughing and happy We'd like you for a nurse. HLazy Bonesu is the song That reminds us of you! Raleigh Blakely When you are gone, remember Doris Deaton our jokester You're really a wit. With your ncornyn jokes You llJ'll And His When of him one thinks. is for Jack HFH is for Finks. make Bob Hope look sick. us too! jolly ways are remembered ffgl ,mu HURE RHYMES Louise Miller, With hair curly and long, You're really a killer! And this Hain'tH just a song! Goodlooking's the word For a football player so gay, How did you guess it? Of course! C. W. Gray! Dimples, dimples, Upon a Lady Fair Just find Edna Carter, And they'll always be there. Is it a plane, a train, or a comet We can't seem to avoid? No, it's not Superman yetg lt's our own Jimmy Boyd! Estelle and Ruben Gutierrez, Sister and brother The pride of your father, the joy of your mother! We are proud of you too, And you can count on Tech's never forgetting you! ,ex . .yliilu i , gi !i From me Jimmy Boyd Thomas Bostick Anne Smith C. W. Gray Buster Mahaffey Katherine Angelo Frances Willis Jack Rolls Margaret Barnes Evelyn Weedin Walter Campbell Guendolyn Jackson Edna Carter Fay Williams Stephen Waters Blanche Mowat Louise Miller Mary Louise Geer Cotton Gunter Ed Mongaras Norma McGuire Raleigh Blakely Marshall Heflin Anita Adams Le Trice Fleetwood TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT Athletic Prowess Ways with Women Personality Beautiful Eyes Tallness Daintiness Lovely Complexion Dancing Steps Adorable Ways Intelligence Taste in Dress Baby Ways Dimples Winning Smile Easy-going Ways Sweet Disposition Tendency to Blush Queenly Walk Popularity Wit Talent for Acting Friendliness Military Bearing Journalistic Trend To You HRedN Brignon Tom Hamilton Helen Aismakis Dudley Ferrell Herbert Chapman Edith Beaty Dorothy Rolls Edgar Harrison Leona Ellis Bettye Lou Elkins Louis Cobbs Jean Staton Peggy Jo Hall Alleen Loucks Albert Galloway Lorene Hutson Antoinette Linthicum LaDelle Skaer -Billy Joe Hart Bobby Rogers Billie Rae Steidley Freeman Cofer Gerhard Schulz Genevieve Derden Bettye Bourland Contagious Grin Gwen Jolly Jitterbugging SENIOR COLOR CHART Flame . . Ruth Nesmith Purple . Violet. Rosetta Doggett Pink. . Red. . Billie Jo Smith Rose. . Khaki . . Billy Sanford Tan . . Orange. . . Gene Shwadlenak Scarlet. Blue . . Earl Seibert Maroon . White . . Fay Williams Lavender Black . . Fred Anderson Siluer . Brown . . Oscar Smith Gold. . A A 'K if G.. Helen Dvoracek . . Anne Pipes .Marian Efflandt . .Leslie Redge . Rudolph Barta . . Ann Todora . . James King . . Myrna Young Juanita Anderson . . Ruby Davis Buster Mahaffey Ralph Lettieri . Ruth Harrison . Helen Capehart . Gloria Webb. . . Ruby Davis . . . Allen Frankley . Aubrey Smith .'. Bill Cloninger . Odes Choate . . Marie Brown . . Inez Cash .... Ruth Nesmith . . Junius Tuley . . Amparo Hernandes Blanche Mowat. . Howard Morgan. . Everett Bosber . Oscar Smith. . . Don Brandenburg. Betty Hinman . . John Bullard . . James Camp . . . Paul Smith . . . Marshall Heflin. Warren Stogsdill Glen Henderson . Margaret Barnes. Juanita Anderson Myrna Young. . . Imogene Bradley. Aubrey Fisk. . . Marian Efflandt. Herschel Everett James King . . . e Q . a Q u a u Q - CAN YOU IMAGINE . . . Called by the name nCalVi - 0 1 . a n Q Q u With straight hai Alone-all, all alon Without Anne Pip Off her skat Minus twinkling ey . . Making an NFB on his grade ca . . tTalking in his natural voic Q - u n 1 . . As an ugly duckli . Using the Study Hall to stu . . ........ With blonde hai . . . Flirting in the hall Mary Catherine Cook. . ...' . .Without her temp Getting a detention ca . . . . . . . . h . Without his megaphon Taking only one step at a tine when late to c . . . . Wearing her hair high on her he . . . . . .Eating ice cream on a cold d . . . In anything but his unifo . . Getting to school on ti .Studying his lesso . . . Missing a matinee dan . . Being wide awake in cla Wearing a neckt . . Having pencil and pap Absent from scho . . . . . .Not hung . . . . . . . , Not in the Dean's offig . .Repairing her make-up in the lunchro . Peeling the polish off her finger nail . Being bashful in front of a micropho .Wearing a nSloppy Joen sweater in publ . . . . . . . . . Without his chewing g . .Not getting ill in Biology Cla . . . . . In white tie and Htails . . Taking books home after schoo 7, H ax +' 23 WMMW a, num H' Fxxk n l SMILE A LITTLE Grammatically Speaking Lady: Did' younotice that pile of wood inthe yard? Tramp: Yes, lady, I seen it. Lady: You should mind your gram- mar and say you saw it. ' Tramp: Lady, you saw me see it, but you ain't seen me saw'it. The Vanishing Point Dog on the highway, Car come along, Car has right ofa way- Dog gone! Evolution "The Streamlined Automobi1e": 194O+No running boards. 1941-No gearshift. 1942-No tires. 1943-No ears!! l, Rifle Club Weather Report Wednesday-Mist. Thursday-Mist. Friday-Mist. Saturday-Ah! Bul1's eye! Growing Up Freshman: Please, may I go out tonight? Sophomore: May I go out tonight? I'll be home at ten. Junior: I'm goingout toiixggit, Dad. Senior: Goodnight, folks. I llibring in the' milk. All Over the Map "Is she Hungary?" asked Tom. f'Alaska, replied Dick. "Yes, Siam, "she answered. "All right, I'll Fiji, he suggested. "Oh! don't Russia," said Tom, "suppose she Wales?" Dick queried. "Then give her a. Canada Chile" suggested Tom. "I'd prefer Turkey but not with Greece." When the check came Dick'said,"'HoW much has Egypt you ?" More'n a Mile n The .biggest-words in the English language ,is smile. p 'Bake off a fifth' of it and you still have a mile. ' Flea, Fly, Flo, Flum! "If a flea on a fly fiapped a fly with the Tlu, what should the fly that was flapped by the flea on the fly with the flu, do?" "Avoid 't:roWds." Desk Chatter The typewriter to the pencil said: Now will you tell me please, Why, when I have no locks or doors I have so many keys. "I don't know," the pencil said, "It's queer as quadrupeds, But can you tell me why we wear Our rubbers on ourheads ?" To Red-Heads, Blonds and Brunettes A temper is a funny thing No matter how one views it, Because instead of vanishing, It shows more when you lose it. Seriously Speaking Mary: Why do we buy War Stamps? Margaret: So we can lick the other side. And Again "We can reach V only through U.'f .. .mNHE X go WM 04594, N , 3 QQ X EN 443255 N ii f '55 67 My W 6: A K. Q WBEILNW Nw w Www , if K M Rik 5:2 5 'S QWXQZ' 35 'rr x B -S - " i . sa 4 Ny., ei- K f 'i Ni- - cgi' - ' , '- QQ A J. ,,!',.:"i!! ' 5' S' x I. ' 1 X' N-5 SE -"T ffga 4 E J XE' ,J 3 M - 3- Q N K ' Fghgf 'vial-gg A -gg 7 ' - ' fy 188 I by Sk 'fa -M. k 2 S A :E 5-.WH -'L iff ' fm J " 1'.'Yi,7 'K ,QA Q . Q ' 4 " X -F: f"C-.15 1 ,..4" 74- V ig " f y Y -.f-'S . -X 5 'Q - ' i , fi, , , ,, , ,, , ,,, WEE L my Qffwfaw P , WSE WWQWS g 3 S? SN? W 1 Md? .. - K Qi. X X 8253555 53 wi A A Q f . if E 4 f my Mr I-JN, ITRA JK, TAFF EDITOR IN CHIEF WAIJTER RICHARDSON A , ASSOCIATE Emmons L1 GBNEVIEVE DBRDEN, JUBMSGOWAN Psxrusur. znrroas TYLER , Lou is cosas, PTARKJN LYONS NAI.-LEEN LOUCKS-,ANTO1NE.TT.B UNTHICUM SLEANOD. 'roesanxv X PIc'I'URE. EDITORS DORXS DALTON, MARY HOUSTON,NINK HALB. GRIFFIN , GENEVIBVB INGRAM BETTY fiat EEN' .AN XX 'N JOHN RUS SELL c I DUDLEY E 'NIJ SNAPS1-xo'rs Barron JAMES mwrrn mm-raav r.x:m-one FRANK LOBRWALD, JAMES SPORTS EDITORS HENRY PAULOS, .xox-m C L-UBS LD IT CHARLOTTE. FERGUSON, GWEDOI-YN BRBNNAN, MARY Ray Hearne Track, Woodrow Wilson Football, Woodrow Wilson Basketball, Woodrow Wilson R. 0. T. C. Woodrow Wilson Golf Woodrow Wilson Floyd Heath C Guard S. 0. S. Angelina Hernandez Good Scholarship Club Pep Squad Chorus Cosmetology Club Band Mike Hernandez K o T.c. Onesimo Hernandez National Honor Society Diamond Disc. Lieut. R. O. T. C. Linz Pin Pawla Hernandez Art Pottery Club Pep Squad 2nd Lieut. Officers Club Walter Hickman Capt. Football '41 - '42 Capt. Track '42 - '43 Vice-pres. of S. G. A. '43 President Graphic Arts Club Good Scholarship Club Gloria Hilton Art Pottery Club Advance Cosmetology C. W. Holcomb Capt. R. 0. T. c. Sec.+Treas. Diamond Disc 2nd Place Wovencraft Rifle Team Good Scholarship Club Y Josephine Holloway Pep Squad an Good Scholarship Club V mo of Tech Talk Staff El Al - ' ii Tk 74.4 , if WH? Q ana. C A in F '- ,if H .ww in + Af Donald Holson R. O. T. C. Camera Club Latin Club Junior Red Cross Mary lou Houston Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Volleyball Champ's. '41-'42 Junior Red Cross Squad Sgt. Military Gwendolyn Hubbard Arm Club N Girl Reserves Public Speaking Club 1 Clarence Hudnall, Jr. Distributive Education Retailers' Club 4 RRRR G. L. 'Humphrey 5:5 Track Intermural Sports American Eagle Club Art Pottery Floyd Humphries Diamond Disc. SNA Officer R. 0. T. C. Crack Company George Hunt Graphic Arts Club 4 K o L Q Good Scholarship Club Euraline Huse S. G. A. Cafe Management Cert. Good Scholarship Club Linz Pin Junior Red Cross Lorene Hutson Good Scholarship Club Cosmetology Club Pep Squad S. G. A. Representative Genevieve Ingram National Honor Society Texas State Junior M Classical League ' " Pan-American Forum ' .QQ Linz Awards n, 4 Wolf Pack Staff ? George Steele Diversified Occupations R. 0. T. C. Linz Pin Billie Rae Steidley S. G. A. Senator Girl Reserves Photography Club 'School Play Allene Strickland Girl Reserves Betty Nell Strong Girl Reserves S. G. A. Linz Pins Cannercial Art Club Good Scholarship club John Sullenger S. G. A. Representative Baseball Graphic Arts Club Tech Talk Staff , Jack Sutton Genora Taylor S. G. A. Representative Typing Speed Club Chorus . Tumbling Club Geraldine Taylor S. G. A. Representative Typing Speed Club Chorus ' Tumbling Club Nona Taylor Stamp Club , , Good Scholarship Club Volleyball Champs '42 Marcus Thurmond Hi-Y 4 Intramural Basketball Intramural Volleyball Tgiug: X 4 fi . . glnla Tipton Cheerleader S. G. A. Senator Jockey Club Pottery Club Girl Reserves Eleanor Toberny Treasurer 4-B Hane Roan Secretary 4-A Home Room President Girl Reserves S. G. A. Representative Mary Lou Todora Art Pottery Club Girl Reserves Tech Talk Staff Junior Red Cross Elizabeth Truly Good Scholarship Club Treasurer 4-A Home Room Linz Pin Office Assistant Charles Tucker Baseball , S. G. A. Representative Guard Intramural Basketball and Volleyball Advanced Wood Shop Louise Tucker Tech Talk Staff Art Club Public Speaking Club Cosmetology Club Bill Tucker 1 Captain Golf Temn R. O. T. C. , 3 N ' Guard v w' , 'X x nage !, ,x :I il Captain R. 0. T. . Diamond Disc Club , ' Rifle Temn Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Violet Lee Tyler National Honor Society Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Art Pottery Club Tech Talk and Wolf Pack Staffs Mary Ulmer Girl Reserves Art Pottery . 'N History Club fx ' -1'?2g22 x l If Robert Gonzales R. 0. T. C. Baseball Junior Hi-Y Junior Red Cross Betty Jean Griffin Linz Award Wolf Pack Staff Kathleen Griffin Secretary Art Pottery Club Good Scholarship Club Johnny Grizzaffi Baseball Print Shop Foreman Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff Graphic Arts Club Huel Groce Linz Pin Debate Club Pres. Freshman Class,Adamson Vice-pres. Sophanore Class Virginia Gu1nn S. G. A. Girl Reserves Junior Red Cross Linz Award Good Scholarship Club Albert Hagman, Jr. Guard DeMoley Nina Hale Good Scholarship Club Cosmetology Club S. G. A. Representative Wolf Pack Staff Bill Hall 4-Year Certificate R. 0. T. C. Daisy Hall ' Good Scholarship Club Part-time Program History Club S. ,,,.1Ern. . , " EN k 1 -' glF g!!pw ff H159 5 N t W , n f-,sifsaw 'WEE-'i. ::1f C zfwwawiwmihfwa iq M, gmi pi, f Peggy Jo Hall Good Efholarship Club Linz in Hamilton ident Art -" Club Chorus Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Tom Hamilton Capt. All-State Basketball Team '42 '43 Baseball - All City '42 S. G. A. Treasurer '41 Track Letterman Tennis Letterman Anita Hanes S. G. A. Representative Typist Club Good Sgholarship Club Doris Faye Happel Camera Club Girl Reserves, North Dallas Chorus, North Dallas Ellen Mae Harris National Honor Society Linz Award Latin Club Girl Reserves 'Dewey Harris R. O. T. C. Crack Company '41 '42 Camera Club Marylynn Hasten ' Good Scholarship Club, Pampa High School Glee Club President Debate Club Capt. Volleyball Team Dixie Anne Hastings Secretary Biology Club Good Scholarship Club ' Spanish Club, Woodrow Wilson Speed Club Jim Hatfield Football Track Glee Club mxd, , . Q 1. ' . i ... I x XI Bettye Elkins President CATS N. Y. A. - Matilda Estrada Good Scholarship Club Jeanette Etheridge Good Scholarship Club Cateterial Management Cert- Tumbling Club Officers' Training School Billy Farmer Distribntive Education Retailer's Club Art Pottery Club Darwin Fendley Senior Hi-Y Band Officer Cmnera Club All-City Chorus All-City Band Jeanne Fenn S. G. A. Representative Maiorette '41 4- Hane Roan Treasurer Girl Reserves Charlotte Ferguson S. G. A. Representative Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Sta!! Sea Service , Victory Corp. Robert Ferguson Band Captain National Honor Society Hi-Y Secretary President History Club Linz Awards Dudley Ferrell' S. G. A. Representative Stamp Club Baseball Guard George Fischl Football '41 4 '42 Guard Track '41 2 , fe CW ku if ! .f W ,. yi- fi , g ,.,. ...:: , F5391 5?Q , sl- , I . , , ...C ,f T 1 QQFS T es, . 7. .Mlnw S S? ' 2? 5 Q A f V . Q I ii? 1? W Q2 , . wg' Gladys Flores Phu-American Forum Good Scholarship Club C. A. T. S. Club S. G. A. Representative Officers' Club Carmen Franco Pan-American Forum Art Pottery Club v Ertith Franklin G Good Scholarship Club Art Pottery Club hpSymd Quarter Glee Club Billy Fuller Linz Pin Diversified Occupations National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club Vice-President National Honor Society Albert Gallaway George M. Garrett R. 0. T. C. Good Scholarship Club Guard Catherine Gilbert S. G. A. Senator Girl Reserves Cheerleader '42 '43 Photography Club Jack Gilbert V lst Lieut. R. 0. T. C. S. G. A. Representative Diamond Disc f Joe Howard Giles 3h year graduate R. O. T. C. Bible Course Good Scholarship Club Ora Mae Glenn Girl Reserves S. G. A. Representative History Club. I p Officers' Training School Good Scholarship Club ys i' Q 'va a ,!!??l, Billie Jo Clark National Honor Society Linz Pins Good Scholarship Club R. L. Clark, Jr. Good Scholarship Club - Diversified Occupations Grade Raiser's Club Dorothy Jo Clayton Good Scholarship Club Pep Squad Art Pottery Club - l - sident S. G. A. , 4 SM L gxb res -15'-. onal fav,-1 y Z -' . i Y i 4 a k Staff s 9 - s ..i, in i Tra ' A Freeman Cofer Typing Club S. G. A. Representative Marie Cole Treasurer Girl Reserves Cecil Combs R. O. T. C. 2nd Lieut. Band Letter in Band Vergil Wendell Conine R. O. T. C. Crack Cmnpany, '40, '41, 43 Good Scholarship Club Raleigh Cox Three and one half Graduate Good Scholarship Club J Rubye Cox Linz Awards Good Scholarship Cl M ? ? 2. P 5 0' 'g ' -,Xa iigefi rs . fp 2. t all - Billie Jo Crabtree Chorus Home Economics Club County Spelling Tournament Junior Ref Cross Jr. Annual Staff lBlue Ridge! Melba Curtis Girl Reserves Treasurer S. G. A. Linz Pins C Good Scholarship Club Officers Training School Patricia Mae Cutler Latin Club I Press Club lBrownwoodl Little Theatre Chorus Doris Dalton Commercial Art Club Girl Reserves I 'Teck Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Margaret Daubitz u S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club History Club Bonnie Sue Dawson Vice-President Retail- er's Club , Art Pottery Club Distributive Education Program Band S. G. A. James Deeds Tech Talk Representative Class Messenger Football Track Genevieve Derden Co-editor Tech Talk Sc hool Play Associate Editor Wolf Rack State Journalism Tour- name nt ' Chorus , Helen Dvoracek Majorette '43 - '43 Library Council Girl Reserves John Truett Eckelberger' S. G. A. Representative R. O. T. CL R 4 Basketball V Good Scholarship Club A Q Diversified Occupations N. Billy Joe Blanton Band R. O. T. C. S. G. A. Representative Febe Bonilla Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Mary Louise Boothe . Girl Reserves Library Council S. G. A. Representative Bettye Bourland S. G. A. Representative Pep Squad Typing Club VirginiaBBowles Girl Reserves Chorus Donald Bradley R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc Baseball S. G. A. Representative Camp Dallas '42 Charles Brecht S. G. A. Representative Diamond Disc Baseball 2nd Lt. R. O. T. C. Camp Dallas Gwendolyn Brennan Scholarship Club Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff W. L. Brignon Football HAll Cityn '40-'41-'42 'Captain Track Team '41-' 42-' 43 Baseball S. G. A. Senator , Senior Hi-Y Alice Lorene Bryant Majorette '42-43 President Cosmetology Club Student Government Harold Brydges Top Sgt. R. O. T. C. Guard '42 f Basketball, Football - Garland High School Mary Budjenska ,!, Good Scholarship Winner Food Essay Contest Velma Bull Good Scholarship Club Ernest Earl Busby,Jr X President Radio Club '42 Secretary Radio Club '43 Sgt. R. O. T. C. Ted Canup Capt. R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc Crack Company '41 Football , Irma Carsey Commercial Art Club Chorus Harriet Carter Art Club Girl Reserves Spanish Club Pep Squad Thomas Cayce5Bryce R. O. T. C.. Sgt. S. G. A. Representative Freshman President, I lBatesville, Miss.l Literary Field Meet, lBatesvi11e, Miss., Jimmy Champion Diamond Disc Club Hi-Y ciub Crack Company '40 Good Scholarship Club Herbert Chapman' S. G. A. Representative Sgt.-at-Arms 4A Home Roan S. 0. S. Club A f Emogene Abbott Grade Raiser's Club Perfect Attendance Mary Adams Cosmetology Club Pep-Squad Nelda Lee Akins Reporter Cosmetology Club Frank Allen R. 0. T. C. Guard Ruby Arnold National Honor Society Girl Reserves Linz Awards Helen Asimakis . Cheerleader '42 - '43 Girl Reserves S. G. A. Senator Art Pottery Club Guy Austin All School Play Program Chairman Hi-Y Art Club S. G. A. Representative Donald J. Baker Sergeant R. 0. T. C. Sergeant-at-Arms Graphic Arts Club J. w. Baker Track Volleyball Basketball Bernard Barnes Jr Rifle Team , H1St0T1CB1 Society 1 m 0 T.c. .65 Photography Club V Radio Club W Barth . A. Representative Pack Staff '43 Talk Staff '42 '43 Scholarship Club Wolf Tech Good Billy Joe Barton Rifle Team Camera Club ' Commercial Art Club . Junior Red Cross Charles Baxter Bank Mixed Chorus Boys Glee Club Junior Play '42 H. S. Operata-'41-'42 Edith Carl Beaty Retailers Club Cosmetology Club Catherine Bell Retailer's'Club D. E. Program Art Pottery Club Robert Bendorf Camera Club lst Lt. R. O. T. C. Edwin Eugene Benedict S. G. A. Fepresentative Camera Club Band R. O. T. C. Capitola Bixby Art Pottery Club Moreau Black Retailer's Club D. E. Program Chorus Drmnatic Club Cmnera Club D. R. Blackmon Sergeant R. O. T. C. Crack Cunpany' 41-'42-' , Rifle Team '42 - '43 Good Scholarship Club ' BEST ALL-AROUND BOY ' QW X 3 - A tiilimh Flashing, qnizzical dark eyes, brown curly hair, and a dynamic personality are a few of the many attractive characteristics that singled out Walter Hickman, Vice-president of the S.G.A., as the Best All-Round Boy ' Walter served as one of the tri-captains of the football team. He was also captainofthe track team for two years and letter- ed in both sports. HH :Emma HUMPMRLES, FLOYD ABEOT, EMOGENE INGRAM, GENEVIEVE LOISELLE, MAURLGE ToDoRA, MARY LOU ORSBURN, oT1s THURMOND, MARCUS HUSE, EURALIME ECKEBERGER, JOHN ESTRADE, MATILDE OWEN, GEORGE ULMER, MARY REED, THELMA AKINS, LITTLE MooRE, ALLEN, MEDLEN ADAMS, TYSON, ETHERI RIGGS, NE PAC MA FR , C MA WA DGE JA LDA LEE E, GENEVA RY Lols AMY NORMAN ' HKRLES RY RREN , JEANETTE MES f AGL I ,fs 13.4 , ,gm , ,S Q A , Qlfn ,ffES5w, MOST POPULAR BOY With his bashful grin and conquering nature, Joe McGowan, president of the 4-A Home room and membercd the football team, overwhelmed the class to become the Most Popular Boy. His friendly interest in all his associates has done its part in increasing his popularity with all classes1ofstudents. BEST ALL-ARGUND GIRL Because of her friendliness and winning personality, Helen Asimakis was chosen Best All-Around Girl by her classmates. Helen served as cheerleader from '42-'43, and has been active in the Student Government Association andin the Girl Reserves. MOS T HANDSOME BOY Midnight wavy black hair, sparkling brown eyes, and a jolly disposition which imprints itself upon his features, won for Billy Fuller the title of Most Handsome Boy. There's real ability behind his good looks too, for in spite of holding down a part time job, he kept up a good school record and met the requirements for the National Honor Society. MUST POPULAR GIRL Platinum curly hair and mischievious dancing blue eyes accent- uate the adorably happy nature of Bertie Jean Staton, Most Popular Girl. Her grin, like a lovely refrain, is both friend1 ly and enchanting and has won her many friends during her foui years at Tech. , x WF. SOLEMNLY DEDIGATE THIS 'MERIT IVIEIVIORIAIVI TCD SUR FORMER CLASSNATES AND BELOURD TEACHERS IN THE. SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY L f MUST BEAUTIFUL GIRL Mfr Dazzling blue eyes and a laughing smile combined with a lovable character make up the one and only Eleanor Toberney who holds the honor of being the MostsBeautiful Girl. As president of Girl Reserves and secretary of 4-A Home Room, Eleanor has faithfully served her school. QRNQ x X WNEWPW .4 A Q 0, I n I 1 N CMD f .NA J 4 WITH THESE REHAIHS OUR GRATITUDE WALTER J. SCHJEBEL, Principal James Adkisson May Haley Dovye Polk J. F. Alexander Ray Hardaway Ruda V. P'Pool Geraldine Andrews J. L. Harrell Juanita Richey Jim Ashburne Arthur-A. Harris E. R. Roberts L. S. Barrett Jane Harris b Charles Rutledge Earle Bishop Ronda Hart Robert E. Sanders Nancy Boyd Dorothy Hayes James F. Sartain f George Blair E. O. Hayes Glenn E. Snackelford Martha Bone Anna Henderson J. Fred Sheel Karen Y. Brown James Henry Mary Shifflett C. A. Bryant Opal Holley Henry E. Sholty A John Boluch Orbette Homer' Elizabeth Siddall Bernice Bullock W. F. Hunter Roberta Sloan Effie Butler Ela Mae Jones May Stephens Jim Butler George Kadel James Ellen Stiff Alma Carothers Mineola King Phoebe Grace SfOfMS Catherine Cathey Kenneth Kitch Edith Stovall Edith Cole Marian Lacy ' Agnes TdY1Qff I Isabelle Cummings Roy Lanei George Alma Terrell ' Clarence Dale Lolita Landson I Clarice Turck Florence Davis Sadie Lemmerhirt Annie Turner ' Wallace E. Davis Mary Lightfoot Hugo Vitz Lela Davenport Paris Loucks Aline Walker Jettie Donald H. G. Martin Margaret Walraven C. G. Dotson , Clifford Matlock Pauline Warner Eula T. Ferguson Dorotha McClain F1-megs Welch' 1 V Y Perry Fite Zoe McEvoy 'i "x - Dora Flack B. M. McMinn M Efno2F.w1l59n' Will Fulton Gray Moore . ary ou lse Virginia Goerner Gladys Neel Clara Wolf Ellen Gowdey Vera B. Neel William Davis Woods Dorcas Gray Herman A. Neff ' R. J. Green Jane D. Parker ' I I K 1 K 1 1 I 1 K 1 1 I L I 4 l 1 AHD HITH THESE IH THE SERVICE I F' H.S. Baker Odus Kerley Victor Pyeatt J. Homer Brown Joe Lancaster M. S. Ryan Berry B. Cobb Wm. S. Lanham Jim Tyso Andrew Cowan C. I. Linthicum Joe W M. T. Green A Melton Owen SBVCT f ,f 1 To the Graduating Seniors: At turning points in our lives there is a marked tendency to cling to the old things as long as we can. The soldier boy, off for the wars, takes a last look fsometimes outof the corner of his eye? at his homeg the camper, just before he locks up the boat house for the winter, takes one last swimg nthe last rose of summeru has a special appeal iand a promiselg our her- itage of song and poetry abounds in such themes. So it is also at graduation time. The last class, the last assembly, the last rehearsal or practice is perfect in'a setting of sweet memories. This is as it should be. One of the Hlastsn which has never been brought into song or story is 'the Last sandwich' and I would dedicate these few words to the makers thereof, namely the mothers of the pupils who have carried their lunches. These faithful slicers of bread and meat and spread- ers of butter icow and peanut? deserve special mention. It wamvt so hmm ago that they made your first sandwiches as they hustled you off to school some 8 to 12 years ago, and the yards of baloney and the buckets of mayonaise, the innumerable heads of lettuce and hind legs of pigs that passed under their knives you'll never know. Instead of appreciation all they got was Hyom put more juice into themu or 'Hom, make the insides thicker and outsides thinner.n This has caused them many a moment of concern. Ho often do you suppose they wished that you could get your lunch at school once in a while? But no! you couldn't do that because it would take too long to wait in line and you wanted time to get outside and play. Well, those troubles are over for many a sandwich- packer! the last sandwich has gone into the bag, and are they glad! What, they're not? Well, of course they have a right to be a little sad, but a proud sort of a sadness it should be when they survey the results of their sand- wich making: the firm muscles, the calm sureness of early adulthood, the eager energy throbbing to get into service, at home and abroad, in the armed services or in industry and commerce,onlummmakingandcommunity service. So I say let's Hgive fifteenn forthe sandwich makers land by that Imean the home front as a whole! for all the many burdens of body and mind and spirit that they have borne to et you through high school. May they never regret it? Rah! rah! rah! rah! rah! - ta w.1ref'J.n.sehiebe1 ' ii,ZgYfMffQZp M ff- A-A OFFICERS Jos. M9 caowmu .5 Q PRESIDENT GILBERT MARTINLZ VICE -PRESIDENT ELEANOR TOBERNY SECRETARY ELIZABETH TRULY TRLASURER LOUIS COBB S ' 4'i SBRGBANTS AT fARMS , WL J b l gk 41 Q 1 W 1 'L b 0E01cAr10N ' JIM ASHBURNE t , To Mr. Asnburne, sponsor, the May '43, raduatin class dedi- 8 8 cates its Wolf Pack. f We thank him for his many efforts in trying to help us findk our right places in our after-graduation life, whether in thei business world or in college. Thanks a million, to a good' friend, for all the effort and care he has given to the cause of starting us out right in our new adventure in life. + I Eugene LeRoy Jeffers Military Forest Advance Radio Skating Club Forest Josephine Jimenez Cosmetology Club Perfect Attendance Pres. Pan American Club History Club Good Scholarship Club Emma Nell Johnson One-Act Play Junior Red Cross Girl Reserves Pan American Club Roy Edwin Johnson National Honor Society ff, Band Officer S. G. A. Representative A , Vice-president Cmnnercial i f Art Club k' Clarence R. Jones Art Club American Eagles Helen Jones S. G. A. Representative Vice-pres. Jockey Club Girl Reserves J. T. Jones Diamond Disc. Lieut. R. 0. T. C. ...hs , lx 0 cm. Eyhw-.ff RIT 3 W-2 Aline Keen "xx X Dorothy Lee Kelsey S. G. A. Representative Girl Reserves Pep Squad Billie Jo Kennedy Girl Reserves 11355 F 1 A - Q Ruby Louise Kinnard Art Pottery Club Chester Kitchens S. G. A. Representative President S. O. S. Foremanship Club John Konderla Band Officer President Camera Club Senior Hi-Y Rifle Team Angel Kotsiones Robert Kuykendall R. O. T. C. , , Art Pottery Club 5 if G00d Scholarship Club 1 1snpL Elbert Ladymon Ezgfiy . as ear gr du te Hi-Q 8 8 yuh IE' Judge, Juvenile Traffic f Court Wanda Landrum National Honor Society Girl Reserves Pep Squad . , X S. G. A. Representative Linz Award Mary Alice Lane Good Scholarship Club Secretary Girl Reserves Linz Pin Juanita Lasater .Pottery Club Stamp Club Florence Ann Lawrence Military Band Good Scholarship Club f f 9. T: w XM President Art Pottery Club Mary Lou Ledbetter Vice-president Girl Reserves Treasurer Girl Reserves S. G. A. Representative Library Council Typing Speed Club Orgie Lee R. O. T. C. P. E. William J. Lee Band Radio Club Cmuera Club Chorus Dorothy Muriel Lester President Art Pottery Club Antoinette Linthicum Secretary Library Council Tech Talk Staff '42 One-Act Play Wolf Pack Staff '42 - '43 Thrift Essay Geneva Littlepage Cannercial Art Club Art Potter! Club Part-Time rogr m Qya 1st Lieut. R. O. T. C. ,,1 Diamond Disc. Club Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff Cmnp Dallas, '42 - '43 Alleen Loucks President Library Council c National Honor Societ Frank Loerwald Se . y,wV,? Vice-president Camera Club kbp Wolf ack Staff A All-Schoo1.andOne-Act Plays F Linz Awards ,wg ' S. G. A. Representative 'G Wolf Pack Staff Cannercial Art Club Nancy Joyce Mackey National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club .N'2 -I Cmnnercial Art Club 'f ' Junior Historians Club J-ds Marion Estelle Lyons 'Lf National Honor Society f-A. .,f !.efQ . . .Yi Q Mary Mg et M Teci lk Lib Counci . pres t tive ip ub .f-,. S. G. A. Representative -.- rt-time Program Pauline Manicchia Pep Squad S. G. A. Representative Nan Mankin Pan American Forum , Linz Awards Pep Squad Manager '42-'48 P Pep Squad '89 - '40 S. G. A. Representative Gilbert Martinez Major R. 0. T. C. Captain Rifle Team '42 - '48 National Honor Society President Disc 4-A Vice-president Joe McGowan Football President Senior Class S. G. A. .Senator Y, Linz Pins Associate Editor Wolf Pack Betty McGraw Edith McKinley Tech Talk Representative Pep Squad Manager Junior Red Cross Home Nursing Course Charles Medlin American Eagle Victoria Medina ff? . Z! , ia 6, ' fi .ly Moffitt Xxxl Gloria Moody Jesse Molina Anna Lee Monico r 237 G A Re resentative S. . . p Red Cross Representative Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club WM D L. Moore Camera Club Mary Lois Moore Stamp Club Spanish Club Dramatic Club Pep Squad Scr1bbler's Club Hilda Morgan tor Club His y S. G. A. Representative GoodAScho1arship Felix Morris or R. 0. T. C. Diamond Disc Club Crack Company '40 Mary Frances Morris Good Scholarship Club Speed Club Biology Club Latin Club History Club Raymond Morse Vice-president Safety Club Part-time Program iib' Leslie Dee Mullenix Captain R. 0. T. C. Diamond Disc Club Grade Raisers' Club k C an Crac omp y Head Instructor Victory Corps W5 Anita M. Nanes Vice-president'CATS Club Pep S und A Good Scholarship Club S. 6. A. Officers Training Donald Neff R. 0. T. C. Crack Co. '39 - '40 4-year Certificate Tennis '39 Eugene Nejtek Capt. R. 0. T. C. Diamond Disc. Latin Club Rifle Team '41 Alma Newton Girl Reserves Junior Historical C 1 Good Scholarship Club William C. Nolen S. G. A. Representative Albert Olivas Band Chorus George Owen Basketball All-City Football Baseball I Henry Paulos G Baseball , Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Marie Pendergrass . 1 S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club Art Potter Club Dean's Helper Pep Squad Anna Petrik Good Scholarship Club 11 , A , 457' elle 'FE e ll Y Dorothy Phillips , Art Pottery Club Secretary Retailers' Club Lewis Phillips R. O. T. C. Crack Company Golf Team Mary Lynne Phillips Art Pottery Club Girl Reserves Q Estelle Portugal Junior Red Cross S. G. A. Senator Good Scholarship Club Keith Posey Jerald Pruitt Linz Pins American Bugle Club Double Bqle Club Intrnunl Sports Genevieve Raspante Pep Squad 5 N Marjorie Reames jfigf Q Good Scholarship Club . f.a5i I - iQ uf Barbara Redd All-School Play tx One-Act Play Conmercial Art Club Junior Red Cross Thelma Lee Reed Comercial Art Club Chorus B A KN QQP , 5, i ., 'E , Walter Richardson Editor-in-Chief Wolf Pack t,fg VNAV, Co-editor Tech Talk Hggf 'Qggg Linz Award , f ' "YLLQ Latin Club 1 .-L' State Journalism Tournament ' 43 , 9 T'oo Q, James A-f R122 S gig Rgy', ,QEQESEQ S. G. A. Representative EER bfi wg g ?iR Library Council Patti Robertson Girl Reserves , S. G. A. Secretary + Cannercial Art Club , Y Good Scholarship Club N. Y. A. 1 G. W. Robinson Guard S. G. A. Representative p Intrunurnl Volleyball Advanced Voodehip 2 5 Bob Rogers x 5 President of S. G. AQ I Basketball ' 42-' 43 City Champs X Vice-pres. Graphic Arts Club F Track ' Football Dorothy Marie Rolls A i History Club Photography Club Girl Reserves S. G. A. Representative I I 5 I l Martha Romero Good Scholarchip Club Pan-American Formn V Girl Reserves Pep Squad I S. G. A. Representative r . , Mary Jessie Romero l Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves R John Russell R. O. T. C. Photography Club Crack Company '41 Wolf Pack Staff Mary Lou Santillan Girl Reserves National Honor Society Linz Pins Good Scholarship Club . v v ,. 'R' A , ww .. -1, c--t 5 e K 4 5 Ri. .jiilggb 5'3" It r 1 r Q R sg R A 'Wpwn-W mMw- v---4 -- - George Satchell Major R. O. T. C. President Diamond Disc ' Crack Company '40 Part-time Program Kate Schetlin National Honor Society Linz Awards Pep Squad Land Service John Schleimer American Eagles Baseball Barbell Club Gerhard Schulz Lt. Col. R. 0. T. C. National Honor Society Diamond Disc Club Linz Awards Civitan Awards '42 - '43 Gordon Scott American Eagle Golden Eagle Movie Projector Operator Baseball ' Library Council Mmkkmm Football Letterman Track S. 0. S. Leon Sebastian Crack Canpany '40 - '41 R. 0. T. C. Advanced Sheet metal Shop Odell Sifford Diversified Occupations 35 year graduate National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club Linz Pins Robbie Lee, Sistrunk National Honor Society History Club Typing Club Linz Awards Officers' Training School LaDelle Skaer Majorette X S. G. A. Representative Girl Reserves Linz Pin 'N ,tw 51,2 . S' F Billy Joe Smith Ed Smith Capt. Track Team '41-'42 Cheerleader '42 - '43 Safety Cmnnissioner Football '41 S. G. A. Representative Gladys Smith Johnnie Smith, Jr. Advanced Machine Shop Intrmuural Volleyball S. 0. S. Ruby Louise Smith Part-thne Program History Club Camera Club Dramatic Club Pep Squad Joy Sneed Secretary Art Potter Club Band Good Scholarship Club Officer Military Gonzales Solis Louise Stafford I Girl Reserves Red Cross Chorus Aleene B. Stanfield Junior Red Cross N. Y. A. Girl Reserves History Club Public Speaking Club Bertie Jean Staton S. G. A. Senator 6f35!g XX vi 1 . 1- gp tg ,z Au Alice'Valles Charles M. Van Dusen Lt. Col. R. 0. T. C. Vice-pres. Diamond Disc Club Crack Canpany Good Scholarship Club Jack Vaughn R. 0. T. C. Crack Canpany '41 Carmen Vela Pan American Student Formn Good Scholarship Club Beatriz Villarreal Good Scholarship Club Ed Walker Roy Walker Band 1 O Cannercinl Art Club Latin Club Chorus Thelma wassagsfibgfy Q QF ii, Wayne Watson haf Art Club C James O. Watson Band Guard Good Scholarship Club P .,a. . gms: . iiw 'wwiulf guwhilll - .1 Edwin T. Wellman Band Camera Club Bonnie Whatley Part-time Progrmn Junior Historian Club Good Scholarship Club Myrtle Whatley History Club Louise Wheless S. G. A. , Girl Reserves Gif Anita W i Gi 1 gf e 5 istant tLji, ood S holarship Club t Jean Willis Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Art Pbxtery Club Kearney Williams Lieut. R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc Crack Company '42 Rifle Temn Lilla Kate Wood Girl Reserves Jockey Club 0fficer's Training Student Council Rep. Los Hidalgos Club Bessie Woodruff ' Pan American Student Forum History Club Jack Wooldridge S. G. A. .1 Football -.. Track Baseball ' .vig I m o L Q , F. A. iFay? Wooten R. 0. T. C. Band , Superintendent Sheet Met 1 Joe Wo' Excelsior Club damsonl WZ? WL .ya , Traffic Club Julia Imogene Wyatt National Honor Society Latin Tournament Latin Club rl Reserves President Gi Spelling Tournament Floyd Wyrick Davis Wyse R. 0. T. C. Guard Good Scholarship Club Perfect Attendance 0 LatinVClub Ouida YoungW '42 Y Ronald Baker 4-year Certificate Graphic Arts Club K ' f' X. It .Ng E-ij I x ' . 1 ff! Lillie Ann Dancer John Garcia Senior s 'Not Picture K Edgar Harrison Maurice Loiselle Lee Mahon Roy McDaniel Mary Murphy J l rbert Stalcup Benny Ogata N Kenneth Stancliffs Otis Orsburn Q Li Warren Tyson. Lee Parker x5,X, Forrest Wallings Katherine Ramirez Gwen Warren Roy Rheinlander J. D. Wright Harold Lynn Richard qilkdxg fi L 'Z we Allen, A. D. Ammons,,Johnnie Asbill, Roy Baker, Jimmie Barker, Billie Barrett, Jimmie Black, John Bramhall, James Brannon, Bill Brown, Melvin Bryant, Homer Burns, Bobby Burnard, Billy Burrows, Paul Byington, Bill Charles, Jack Civello, Ellis Coleman , David Cope, Fred Cosby, Fred Cook, Brice Dantzler, Murray Dmds,Pmd Day, James Roy Decker, Miller Dorris, Gordon Drake,'Joe Farley, Ben Garrett, William Goland, Dan Greenberg, Leon Hacker, Harold Hamilton, Vernon Hanna, C. C. Harris,'Charley Raymond Harrison, Barren Hatcher, Ross Harris, Stanley Henenberg, Sam Henry, Donald Hockett, Roy, Horn, Clifton Hurst, David Humphries, Lloyd JANUARY '44 SENIORS ' Boys J Hranicky, Eugene Hohman, Marshall Interrante, Ross Jenkins, Orlan Johnson, Bobby 'Knox, Ralph Lehms, Richard Lewis, John Lofman, Hudolph Lucas, Kenneth LeDerer, Bobby Lundy, Leonard McLeland, Sherl Manton, Charles Marshall, George Marshall, R, C. Mauldin, Edward Maxwell, Robert Miranda, M. P. Modisett,'Mitchell Moncrief, Frank Monk, O. L. Montfort, A. B. Montgomery, Billy Montaya, Robert Moore, George Morris, Robert Mullins, Bill Murphree, Edward Myers, Talmadge McGregor, Homer Joe McSwain, James Neff, Monroe Parker, Billie Joe Parks, James Paxton, Tommy Pendley, Eugene Piccola, Pete Redmond, Robert Ritchie, Eugene Rose, Johnny Schmidt, Lawrence Sellers, Don Shafer, Henry 60 0 n't. Page 43 ' r B 0 Y S Sharp, Bert leavin, Brugge Sherman, William Sissom, Albert Skelton, Robert Smith, Buddy Solly Roger Stephenson, Ray Storey, John Stoughton, Jack Stowe, Leland Strucely, Julian Summers, Richard Towery, Dale Truett, Gus Villars, Paul Wagnon, Dudley Watton, Bobby Welch, Nathan Ray Weldon, Leland Wells, Charles West, Donald Westbrook, Billie White Lloyd Williams, Herbert Lee Williamson, Max Earl Wood, Harmon Yonack, Herbert York, Tommy Young, Charles Zeman, Ralph G I R L S Anderson, Rosalee Bailey, Virginia Blanton, Frances Bosco, Marie Brannon, Darlene Bennett, Anna Louise Carder, Thelma Clark, Virginia Rose Craft, Evelyn Craighead, Bobbie Crockett, Virginia Freeman Claudine G I R L S Gardner, Mary Elizabeth Gant, Jimmie Nell Gibbs, Iva Gonzales, Tomaso Goodman, Virginia Hall, Ruby Joan Halliburton, Mary Marg Hardy, Peggy Marie Hearn, Ila Maxine Henry, Doris Herrington, Betty Jo Jost, Helen Jmms,Hden Kinchen, Marilynn Lyons, Doris Louise Manelis, Louise Mankins, Frances Martin, Bernice Morale, Angelina . Morales, Viola Moreman, Opal Myers, Joanna McElwee, Martha Pakis, Patricia Parsley, Elizabeth Payne, Virginia Porter, Dolly Sue Porter, Katherine Philips, Sadie Elizabeth Radich, Betty Earl Richardson, Frances Rulon, Betty Ross, Bynah Thompson, Eunice Tob ias , Mary Vaughn, Mary Frances Vickery, Layon Watkins,,Helen Watkins, Patricia Webster, Gerry Weeks, Juanita Whatley, Virginia Wills, Billie May Wilson, Lillian Ferguson, Anna Margaret . , tl-,Y , V, , 51 Q xi? Eg REGIMENTAL STAFF B Lt. Col. Charles Van Dusen, Major Felix Morris, Major George Satchell, Lt. Col. Gerhard Schultz, Major Gilbert Martinez, Captain James Champion, Capt. Dale Towery. fvit RIFLE mm 2 K Front row: Sgts. Edward Patton, Bernard Barnes, Bill Barker Billy Barton, Harold Stinebaugh, Clyde Butler and D. R. Black- mon. Standing: Major Gilbert Martinez, Capt James Turnage 7 Sgt. Dale, coach, Capt.JohnKonderlaandIieut. Eugene Goodrum. .comuur X A ' Capt. Ted Canup, 1st Lt. Edgar Allison, Lt. Donald Bradley, Lt. Onisimo Hernandez. r a A COMPANY B Capt. James Turnage, dst. Lt. Hudolf Loffman, znd Lt. Howard Coursey, znd Lt. A. D. Allen. 4 V 4 :IRL 5' ' VHlQ mb COMPANY 0 i .WWW Capt. Otis Orsborne, ISI Lt. Robert Bendorf, znd Lt. R. D Armstrong, znd Lgs Jack Croqier. I - I c ,,,f57s,f?.4Q .ffkigwgg COMPANY D Capt. Eugene Goodrum, 1ST Lt. Kearney Williams, znd Lt. Wind ford Milburne, znd Lt. J. T. Jones. . wi? N L-A.. n COHPAN Y E ist Lt. Larry Smith, Capt. Julian Strucely, znd Lt. Howard McGuffey. .sql . 4 ,QA ,,.. , df 'WA WN' 5: COMPANY G ' ff-- Capp. Floyd Humphries, 1st. Lt. James Parks, znd Lf- Fred Brown, Sgt. Harry Clayton. JA- COMPANY H Capt. C. W. Holcomb, 1St Lt. Frank Loe ld, zn 'Dgahgigfoll Cook, and Lt. Charles Brecht.,Av95npZ5274? f g omnoffo also First row: George Satchell, Charles Van Dusen, C. W. Holcomb, H. L. Darlington, Larry Smith. Second row, Howard MacGuffy, Ted Canup, Otis Orsburne, Edgar Allison, Robert Bendorf, Frank Loerwald. Third row: Kearny William, Lionel McConnell, James Champion, Fred Brown, R. W. Armstrong, Daniel Goland, A. D. Allen. Fourth row: Cnisimo Hernandez, Hudolph Lofman, James Turnage, Tommy Gavos, Jack Crozier, Winford Milburn, Eugene Goodrum, Julian Strucely, Don Bradley. Fifth row: Charles Brecht, Dale Towery, Gilbert Martinez, Howard Coursey, Jack Higgs, Gerhard Schulz. Sixth row: Felix Morris, Carroll Cook, Floyd Humphries. Seventh row: James Parks, Billy Byington. -szffgy-'L-gyfyuypgygeyfg 'Y www-.,g.f515g-wut?-,ugh V THE SORlBBLER'S CLUB Front row: Mary Guerrero, president, Lionel McConnell, vice- presidentg Jesse Stevenson, secretary. Second row, Howard Coursey, Samuel Moreno, Mary Moore, Virginia Ludwig. r g LIBRARY council First row: Walter Richardson, Mary Lou Ledbetter, Antoinette Linthicum, secretary and treasurer, Alleen Loucks, president, Alma Aloan, Vonda Edwards, Delores Badgett, Kitty Moll. Second rpw: ,Ben Flack, R. J. Stacy, Martha Gage, Aderon Richardson, Anna Margaret Ferguson, Jacqueline Nitcholas, Nancy Blaine, Naomi Hembree, Billie Joe Hancock, Zobie Lee Malone, Kasper Jones, Mabel Smith, Leland Smith, J. L. Wilson. Third row: Billie Detzel, Walter Hillard, Wayne Steel, Bob Lilly, Leonard Riggs, Warren Montgomery, Jim Enocks, Hugh Yates, Donald Shumway.b Not Pictured: Udell Thompson, Howard Coursey, vice- president, Virginia Cooper, Alleen Strickland. fi cosnfrowar 0 I 1 J First row: Gloria Hilton, Mary Adams, Lorene Hutson, Kather- ine Porter, Frances Blanton. Second row: Dorothy Clark, Mary Lynne Phillips, Josephine Jimenex, Nelda lee Akins, Nina Hale, Mary Jessie Romero. Third row: Helen Bremer, Rena Turner, Lorraine Bryant, Mrs. Carothers, Emogene Starkey, Martha Romero. FOREMANSHIP CLUB .ABQ Front row: James Tarwater, Frances Ingram, president, Edwin Schafer, Herman Peary. Second row: L. H. Mayo, Lenwood Burton, James Bowles, Thurmon Phillips. Third row: William Pardue, Walter Vaughn, Jack Duggan. Fourth row: Dale Cunningham, Frank Moncrief, Floyd Heath, Don Barnett, P. W. Loucks. STUDENT GOV T ON Bobby Rogers, presidentgBettyRulon, secretarygWalterHickman, vice-president, Dickie Watson, safety commissioner, Billie Joe Clark, treasurer. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row: Gerhard Schulz, Billie Jo Clark, Alleen Loucks, Genevieve Ingram, Wanda Landrum, Joyce Mackey, Marion Lyons, Mary Lou Santillan. Second row: Louis Cobbs, president, Gilbert Martinez, Doris Lyons, Robbie Lee Sistrunk, Kate Schellin, Imogene Wyatt, secretary, Ellen Mae Harris, Ruby Arnold. Third row: Omnesimo Hernandez, Leon Greenberg, Billy Fuller, Roy Johnson, Allen Frankley, Robert Ferguson. , 'XXX 'i , ' f , gxL.ll ,, X Av-...I 181 .' .lv , , QQ, far 3.5, U -- :.'u..J a cl .,, Q, ' i i f G' BS-,ff ."'N! 2'l V , ' ' WI ' E75iQ.?:17"Q -- , . . N 1 " 1 ' - . f Q V ' .2-,,.m,..,.,,,.. :f5: HlllLx1 . L x gg ami nfsfnvfs A f,nWf!4 L A First row: Marie Cole, Eleanor Toberny, Helen Aismakis, Frankie Greer, Doris Henry. Second row: Louise Manilus, Camile Brewster, Lilla Kate Wood, Billie Lois Wood, Elizabeth Hampton, Bobbie Craighead, Dorothy Rolls. Third row: Angel Aismakis,AnnaMargaret Ferguson, Fedelia Domas, Helen Mackins, Jackie Davidson, Mary Lou Ledbetter. Fourth row: Frances Booker, Jo Fae Parr, Billie Jo Hancock, Mary Ruth Phillips, Febe Bonilla, Evelyn Ayers, Mabel Smith. Fifth row, Mrs. Wolfe, Lorraine Gurrison, Betty Jean Doggett, Imogene Wyatt, Ellen Mae Harris, Ruby Arnold. O Q M , fs 12 fu SENIOR HI-Y 7' w4-.- y - Front row: George Marshall, Floyd Heath, James Whitloe, Bobby Wolcott, Lloyd White, Darwin Fendley. Second row: William Garrett, Mitchell Modisett, Bobby Lily,bh2 Vitz,John Konderla, Guy Austin, Billy LaRoche, James Haynes. f COMMERCIAL ART CLUB , First Row: James Thompson, Billy Menefee. Second row: Joyce Mackey, Gwen Warren, Pattie Robertson, Mary Caudle, Peggy Elliot, Claudia Kimbrough, Viola Mackey. Thirdf row: Marion McGuire, Bill Webster, Patsy Lott, Barbara Redd, Mary Ann Yopp, John Mauldin. Fourth row: Mr. Kadel, Betty Joe Pope, Ruth Nelson, Larriane Stewart, Fred Cosley, Pat Crisp, Olga O'Brian. Fifth row: Betty Jean Doggett, Pearl Brown. A ART POTTERY N BMW i C First row: Coll Buzan, Bobby Cassaday., econd row: Teresa De La Rosa, Consuela Hernandez, Kathleen Detzel, Capitola Bixby, Eula Mae Bow, Joe Mankin, Jacquelyn Speed, IreneAccurso, Virginia Payne, Elizabeth Hamilton, Dollie Sue Porter. Third Tow: Aurora Martinez, Victoria Medina, Aline Bryant, Ertith Franklin, Dorothy Tate, Thed Brewer, EstherWBibbL Dorothy Lester, Virginia Bailey, Bettie Summers. Fourth row: Gladys East, Bettie Jo Pope, Helen Jost, Eleanor Duquet, Bettie Earl Radick, Marie Pendergrass, Billie Jean Buckalew, Mary Ulmer, Joy Bird, Ofelia Bonella, Doris Cooke Lucile Tucker. Fifth row: Mary Bracker, Claudine Freeman, Vonda Edwards, Peggy Eliott, Joy Sneed, Dorothy Jo Clayton, Ruby Kinnard, Jerry Webster, Kathleen Griffin, Martha Lou Ray, Angel Kotsiones. Sixth row! Billie Jean Barta, Delores Bishop, Willie Mae Crisp, Bettie June Dutie, Francine ,Yatson, Bobbie Parr, Jeanine McCann, Gwendolyn Hubbard, Doris Morris, Marie Harrington, Bonita Young, Lily Mae Pruett, Jhlia Manriquez, LaVerne Rice, Joyce Chaney. Seventh row: C, W. Smith, G. L. Humphrey, Johnnie Lane, Maurice Laiselle, Gilbert Hagman, Robert Kuykendall, Joe Salinas. GUARDS vw' 'uiim' First row: Hary Houston, Genevieve Derden, Catherine Sassin, Marilyn Kinchen, Vir inia Payne, Mary Jo Anderson, Jeanne Fenn. ,Second Law: J. A. iltord, John Slaughter, Charles Clayton, Loyd Tell. Third row: Bill Robbins, Victor Matt, John Toline, Tommy Wills, Herbert Lee Williams. Fourth row! H L Darling ton Jr., Jack Howard, Albert Warren, Paul White: iifth.row? Dick Watson, Dorsett Parsley, Earl Spriesterback. Sixth row: Burton Rollings, Joe Deeds, Billy Harper, Mart Arnold, James Carl Bowles, Carl Jones. Seventh row: Boyd Smith, Joe Browder, Ray Stevenson, Johnny Leach, Jack Stockey, Floyd Slocum, John Penn, Don McElroy. STUDENT orrrcf sfnvfcf First row: -Van Dorn Daugherty, Marie Pendergrass, Wanda Landrum, Mary Alice Lane, Thelma Reed, W. S. Carpenter, Gerald Busby. Second row: Jack Elliott, Louis Hopkins, Robert Baysinger, Jimmy Baker, George Fischl, George Buzon, Billy Grubb. Third row: Lewis Lee, Wallace Wilson, Owen Byrnes, Earl Mullins, Wayne Strain, Richard Wilson, Charles Berger. ani- 'wi 1' :"p4':f-wgwml-wi 1-f-.,-Q-1w...n-5,1-.,77.,p,.x,.. PAN-AHEHVCAN STUDENT FORUM First row: Josephine Jimenez, Carmen Franco, Mary Lou Jimenez, Bessie Woodruff, Alice McCornuck. Second row: Johnny Crispeno, Sarah Armendariz, Gladys Flores, Dora Villasano, Ernestine Romero, Elvira Guerra. Third row: Jesusita Flores, Antonia Enriquez, Molly Landin, Beatrice Morales, Genevieve Ingram, Lilia Molina. Fourth row: Miss Davis, sponsor, Carmen Vela, Doris Lyons, Anna Maria Santillan, Ofelia Bonilla, Robert Johnston. - RETAILERS CLUB i First row: Sue Dawson, Margaret Halliburton, Genora Taylor, Dorothy Phillips, Edith Beaty, Clarence Hudnall. Second row: Billy Farmer, Herbert Stalcup, Jean McCullough, Gloria Murphy, Doris Atterberry, Bobby Burns, Betty Bell, Catherine Bellg Third row: Iva Gibbs, Jeanne Rogers, Mary Gardner, Bobbie Jones, Norma Blanton, Hazel Medlin. Not pictured, Ruby Smith, E 5 A . 1 ,'M ' BASKETBALL TEAM First row: Bill Sanders, George Owens, Burton Rollings, Tom Hamilton, Bobby Rogers, Percy Penn, Bobby Sanford. Second row: Assistant Coach Joe Lancaster, Dickie Watson, Charles Monk, Edgar Harrison, Roy Asbill, Tommy Miller, Head Coach E. O. nDocH Hayes. N5 ,c 4 5 'y We K ,BASEBALL mn First rowg James Day, Raleigh Goodwin, James Linton, Pete Piccola, Johnny Grizzaffi, Charles Brecht, Paul Martin, Bill Sanders. Second row: Carl Weathers, Billy Jack Nelson, Percy Penn, Cecil Perry, Mgr., Sal Saladonza, Connie Hale, Dudly Ferrell. Third row: Coach Blair, Herbert Chapman, Marion Hampton, Tom Hamilton, Charles Willis, Charles Lindberg, William Garrett, Charles Tucker. 1 I 'W' ' sw if syn-:eff:y',w1 ' rfrmrs AND GOLF. J b r Q ff ,1fmL9VxAu,Q9 First row: Mary Ruth Lamb, Mary Jo Vercasia, and Mabel Smith, tennis. Second row: Tom Hamilton, tennisg Tom Yourk, golfg Monroe Neff, tennis. Third r lg Earl Pinegar, tennis, JBill Tucker and Louis Phillips, gov .R nu' '15 'XX Mau ' Canter Front, Bobby Goode. First row: Coach Adkisson, Clyde Butler, Oliver Twist, W. L. Brignon, Walter Hickman, James Martin. Second row: Joe Deeds, David Coleman, Ed Harrison, Bill Mullins, Billy Smith, Harold Derr, Albert Nesuda. Third row: Jerrall Nation, Gene Gray. Fourth row: John Childers, Lewis Cobbs, Bobby Walcott, George Seaman, Jim Tabor, Ernest McGowan. Fifth row: James Deeds, Lindy Latt, Ed Smith, Loyd Harrison, Tom Hamilton, Dale Sedgewick, Ewlyne Hatche1.4 CLUB Front row: Lorraine Garrison, Dorothy Rolls, Thomas Harper, Alleen Loucks, Jean Rice. Second row: Harold Cullen, Buddy Marburger, J. M. Ellis, Eugene Bendict, Billy Barton. Third row: Orville Conyer, Bill Webster, Kenneth Askins, Robert Hill, Robert McKinney. f A LITTLE CHANGE OF NAME WOULD HAKE: A017 x.xf D onwx 5 .gm , nw' P ,4Q, at 'I tl , --ag u.,' t Mp? u 'I 'sniff Billie Jo Crabapple. .4 . Lillie Ann Rugcutter Clarence Gentlemen . D. L. Less .... Benny Oavo. . . Estelle Spain. . Roy Danubelander. . Frank Landlubber. . Allene Racetrack. . Ed Sickman. . . Anita Pink .... James Vatdaughter . J. D. Wrong . . . Keith Ihnsy . . . Josephine Geewhiz . George Find . . . Roy Runner. . . . Charles Van Dozen . Lorene Packard . . G. W. Robinhood . , Robert'Leftgales. . Gloria Tempermental. Mary Romeo .... Clarence Bones . Mary Dustillan . . Gonzales Solo. . . Herbert Stalglass . Bessie Stoneruff. . W. C. Thenless . Alma Oldton . . . Angelina Hisnandez . Harilynn Slowen . - Patricia Whitler. Gwendolyn Cupboard . . instead of Crabtree . instead of Dancer instead of Ladymon . instead of Moore . . instead of Ogata . instead of Portugal instead of Rheinlander . . instead of Seaman . instead of Stanfield . .instead of Wellman . instead of White . instead of Watson . instead of Wright . instead of Posey .instead of Jimenez . . .instead of Hunt . instead of Walker . instead of Van Duzen . . instead of Hutson . instead of Robinson . instead of Gonzales . instead of Moody . instead of Romero . . instead of Jones . instead of Santillan . . instead of Solas . .instead of Stalcup . instead of Woodruff . instead of Nowles . . instead of Newton . instead of Hernandez . . instead of Hasten . instead of Cutler instead of Hubbard 30112 Genevieve Raspante Catherine Bell J. W. Baker - Bernard Barnes Billy Jo Barton Charles Baxter Edith Beaty - Eugene Benedict Anita Nanes - John Wolf - - Mary Boothe - Charles Brecht Ruby Kinnard - R. L. Clark - Irma Carsey - Billy Farmer - Juanita Lasater Johnnie Smith - Lewis Phillips Margaret Daubitz Mary Murphy - F. A. Wooten - Morean Black - D. R. Blackmon Billie Jo Blanton Febe Bonello - Betty Bourland Donald Bradley Gwendolyn Brennan Bryce Cayce - Freeman Cofer - Virgil Conine - Rubye Cox - - s That Remind Us Of Seniors HYou're Lovely To Look At - HGenevieven ll ll - HWhy Don't We Do This More Often - - NHappy In Loven - HPlease Think Of Me HYours U ll - UYou'd Be So Nice To Come Home Ton ll - - NThree O'clock In The Morning - NA Spanish Girly ll - HHappiness Is A Thing Called Joe ll - - HDon't Get Around Much Anymore - WA Story In Titlesn HTaking A Chance On Loven nIt Started All Over Again - NBroken Heartedn II - - HBreathless A HHey, Zeken - NJuanitaN n0h Johnny - UMr. Five by Five - - If ll - - - UMargieW -. - - Ilya ry Il HYour Feet's Too Bign nWhy Don't You Do Right?N - - nAnchors Aweighn HI'm A Ramblin Wreckn ll Il - nYou Can't Pull The Wool Over My Eyes HIt Isn't A Dream Any More ll . - NThe Lady In Redu - N0ne 0'clock Jump UDeliver Me To Tennessean ll - HGetting Sentimental' QA - - - nDark Eyes' . Q-4 LY-vii gy' TWENTY YEARS FROM NOW - It is 1963, and we old Tech Alumni of 1943 are counting the accomplishments of our Senior Class. On the front of the newspaper we read: GERHARD SCHULZ, thessixth four-star General, is in town escorted by WALTER RICHARDSON, Marine Chief and Onesimo Hernandez, Ace of the Airways. All the billboards are advertising the baseball game with TOM HAMILTON, the second Iron Man of Baseballg ALBERT OLIVAS' orchestra featuring DIXIE HASTINGS and LILLA KATE WOODS, torch singersg GUY AUSTIN'S new burlesque show, BARBARA REDD starring in HCamilleHg MARY LOU LEDBETTER playing in HCarmenHg and EDITH MCKINLEY and NAN MANKIN'S new bakery. The Powers Model,ALLEENLOUCKS, ismodeling JOYCE MACKEY'S and GWEN WARREN'S new fashion creations. ANTOINETTE LINTHICUM has just written her new book HOf Lice and Menu illustrated by JAMES EARTH and JOHN RUSSELL, highest paid photographers in the metropolis. RUBY ARNOLD and IMOGENE WYATT are teaching English 8 and History 8 respectively, and JAMES HATFIELD is now a chemistry Professor. VIRGINIA BOWLES and ROBERT FERGUSON are professional dancers in GILBERT MARTINEZ'S night club. FRANK LOERWALD, editor of the Dallas News, WALTER HICKMAN, Olympic runner and FELIX MORRIS, draftsman for Lockheed were featured.inGENEVIEVE DERDEN'S column HMy Nightu. ANNA LEE MONICO is secretary to BUD TUCKER: big business man, MARION LYONS is teaching first grade, and JACK GILBERT has been voted the perfect husband. R. A. COX and HUEL GROCE are matinee idols and PATTI ROBERTSON and ROBBIE LEE SISTRUNK are WAAC colonels. BILLIE RAE STEIDLEY and DUDLEY FERRELL are the roller rink stars, and VIRGINIA GUINN has been voted the typical College Coed. JEANNE FENN and HELEN JONES are make-up artists with BETTY MCGRAW and HELEN DVORACEK as WGTGFODG miSIfCSS in Hollywood. DARWIN FENDLEY, clarinetist, and CECIL COMBS, trumpetist, have joined the Salvation Army Band. JOSEPHINE HOLLOWAY and MARY ALICE LANE, respectively are society editor and love-lorn editor of the Peek Magazine. DOROTHY LESTER and LORENE BRYANT have opened their new beauty shop while HARRIET CARTER and BETTY NELL STRONG are foremost Commercial Artists. BILLY FULLER and JAMES DEEDS are selling lite insurancef MIKE HERNANDEZ is cleaning the street as the Great Schol- ar, EUGEN NEJTEK passes by. JOE McGOWN, the millionaire, is off on his annual yachting trip with ROBERT BENDORF, the Am- bassador to Brazil. GEORGE FISCHL and JACK WOOLDRIDGE have just been nominated for the All-American'Teamg and PEGGY JO HALL and MARY HOUSTON are harmonizing on the Tuna Tunes proe gram. DAVID WYSE and JESSIE MOLINA are deep sea divers in the Coral Sea. OUIDA YOUNG'S and GERALDINE TAYLOR'S pictures are on all the latest magazine covers. JACK SUTTON has opened his new flying school and KATE SCHETLIN and JOY SNEED are his best pupils. VIOLET TYLER has received the medal-for swimming champion, and D.,R. BLACKMAN and DONALD BRADLEY for expert riflemen. These predictions are all bound to come true because of the Wolf Pack's power of divination. fl' Ik 4' 4' X What Will Happen if.: Louise Tucker is anything but sweet and gentle, Elizabeth Truly doesn't comb her hair a hundred times a day, La Delle Skaer ceases to exercise her wiles on gents, John Sullenger makes the deadline in journalism, Donald Baker takes some books home, James Turmage ceases to be a Hsteadyu, Elizabeth Hamilton wasn't always putting on make-up, Kenneth Stancliff stays awake in class, C. W, Holcomb'fails to attend a Diamond Disc meeting, Herbert Chapman ever wears a tie to school, Mary Mitchell ceases to blush, G. L. Humphrey isn't always seen at the skating rink, Gordon Scott can't getlhis mathmatics, A Kathleen Griffin doesn't know her poetry, Capitola Bixby fails to call her cherry HHelloH, Jesse Molina isn't always smiling pleasantly, Roy Walker played the piano instead of the horn, Forrest Walling had to wait in line in the lunch-room, Wayne Watson should get the opportunity to command the girls' Military? is .YN n Dogwood . Blondie . . . Our Bill. . . Abbie and Slats Chief Wohool . Superman. . Apple Mary . Red Ryder . Flash Gordon . Mutt and Jeff . Elmer .... Ned Brant . Dopey. . . Goofy .... Mickey Mouse . Bugs Bunny . Minnie Mouse . Li'l Abner . Anna Kirtep - Aro Eam Nnelg Sirod Notlad Dyolf Kciryw Eigro Eel Yhtorod Spillihp Ennovy Semaer Ecneralc Llanduh Eus Noswad Zirteab Laeralliv Eltrym Yeltahw Nhoj Remielhcs Eillib Oj Ydennek J. T. Senoj Htitre Nilknarf Dlorah Drahcir Enegue Sreffej Evolution FROM THQ FUNNY PAPERS K . . . . . . . Leslie Mullenix . . . . . . Ellen Mae Harris . . . . . . . . . Bill Hall . Angel Kotsiones and Raymond Morse . . . ...... John Grizaffi . . . Ray Hearne . . . . . . . Daisy Hall . . . . -. . . . .H. T. Finch . . . . . . . . Gordon Humphrey . .Kearney Williams and Leon Sebastian . . . . . . . . .R. L. Clark . . . . . . . . Donald Holson . Billy Joe Smith . .George Garrett .. Ernest Busby . . Ted Canup . . . . . . . . . Ruby Cox . . . . . ., . . .Harold Brydges lt's Your Guess: They're All Seniors! r A reesunm 5' 1 , - . 2 f A' .. ' T I uw' ii, Eniluap Aihccinam Naej Silliw Nhoj L. Aicrag Enella Dnalkcirts Jack Nhguay Yram Sirrom Yewed Sirrah Enirehtak Zerimar Ytteb Naej Niffirg Atina Senah Sirod Leppah Aluap Zednanreh Ythorod Eel Yeslek Trebor Lladnekyuk Ecnerolf Ecnerwal Mailliw Eel Eel Maham sowomus , fri qllz ,,, I gQ?fff l 1 S 53, 1 n , Q sf afqxf. . I A N , , 2, :fr-I fa. Y . r .. , +0 n. ' INN h- 'L semen U ,X , X Af' ' .'.-fl? , 3 .muon F as fi, L Q vw Q0 , A , QKQH Airotciv Anidem Eel Rekrap Yram Ennyl Spillihp Dlarej Ttiurp Lledo Droffis Sydalg Htims Esiuol Droffats Nemrac Alev Drawde Reklaw Amleht Nossaw Alotipac Ybxib Mailliw Llah Dyolf Htaeh Retsehc Snehctik Ybur Htims Aroneg Rolyat Anon Rolyat Q A go-4 WHY WE Mary Budgenska Dorothy olls Billy Jo Clark Melba Curtis - Albert Galloway Alice Valles- - Mary Mitchell - Nina Hale - Donald Neff - Marie.Pendergrass Hen ry Pau los - Louis Cobbs - Billy Moffitt - Nell Johnson - Katherine Gilbert Bertie Jean Staton Ed Smith - - W4 L. Brignon - Charlotte Ferguson Roy Johnson - Eleanor Toberny George Satchell Gladys Flores - Virginia Tipton George Steele John Konderla - Gloria Hilton - Jimmy Champion Louise Wheless Bobby Rogers - Marie Cole 4 Helen Asimakis - Betty Elkins - Aline Keene - .Hilda Morgan - Carmen Franco - Thelma Bull - Roy McDaniel - Joe Giles - - Wanda Landrum - Martha Romero - Albert Hagman - Her - ADMIRE THE SENIORS - - - Her appealing freckles Her Hhaving a way with the boysn - - - - - Her sweet ways - - - - Her cute name His deep clear voice - 4 Her shiny nblue-black hairn - - - - - Her blushing Her blue eyes and sparkling teeth - - - - - His dancing - M - - Her pretty smile His Hhaving a way with the girlsu His excellent scholarship record - - - - His deep voice -V - - - Her Southern drawl - - - - Her loud cheering - - - Her early engagement - - His vim, vigor and Vitality - - - His football enthusiasm - Wearing her favorite color--blue - - - - - His originality For being most beautiful in 4A class - - - His fine work as Major - Her beautiful dark brown eyes Her sob-sister stories in journalism His Npapa-tree-top-tallnessn His co-leadership of the Tech band - - Her 'strawberry redn hair - V For his blonde, wavy hair - - Her cute dimples That last minute punch - - Her gum popping reputation as being nlittle and loudn - Her peek-a-boo bangs - - Her quaint ways - Her talking ability - Her Spanish singing - - Her long hair - - - - His friendly ways - - - , - His timidity - - - Her neat appearance - Her enthusiasm for Spanish dances His speed in reaching the third floor Y Q In-cops: Fm.1.m'ro oxqgr J Q RIGHT HANDS Q16 Q 1 1 l 1 A ON BND OF I-' THECAMPUS F! .rl ,T I M ,, I F' N , X, ..,,,, 5. ""'f'lllli 1 v 1 v 4 ,sy L 'f ',,, :F K ' f ,1 - n M 1k?QvQ P MF I S S x X I mi hh., ' I I th Iwlwll 5 1 6 . s e wants talks SMILE AWHILE Scientific a holiday--transmitter to much--interruptera a date--meter to call--receiver an escort--conductor s e wants 44 s e wants she's narrow in her views--amplifier she goes up in the air--condenser . she's hungry--feeder she's a poor cook--discharger she eats too much--reducer O10 Vg JIU. W. . I 'W Ts W If h N g NWA If h f 3 p Ng If she wants ff ', pax XXX n h ga Q 'fy f If h WZ ff If ' If ' T ld!! If 17 M 1 If 7 - If A Perhaps He was voted by his class the-man most likely to go to seed. College Crack Said theIdaho potato toLowell Thomas! NYou're nothing but a commentatorin Your Neck Dear Mr. Palmolive: I bought a tube of your shaving cream. It says no mug required. What shall I shave? y Take A Deep Breath I Interested Lass: USO you are on a submarine. What do you do?H Sailor: HWhen we want to X dive, I run forward and hold her nose.H Shell Them Peas! nSir, the enemy are before us as thick as peasin NAll right, shell them!H Sociology Lesson When a fellow breaks a date he usually has to. When a girl breaks a date she usually has two. Five Cents Freshmen: Innoncence Sophomoresi No sense Juniors! Nusiante Seniors: No cents Teachers! Patience Two Seniors No. 1: HWhat are we going A to do tonight?N No. 22 HI've got an idea. I'll toss a coin. If it's heads, we'll go to the moviesg if it's tails, we'l call on the girlsg but if i stands on edge, we'll study ,QQ , QHJ 3 5 J W Wffw QSZMQQYHS 'X G 5 6 1 X75 52'

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