N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1941

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 134 of the 1941 volume:

ui 1 E fs E odwlatq sink A-Fifi. -J Nfl Xxx 6 4 ak A5 TY SENIOR BEATTITUDES! Blessed Be the kind hearted teachers who are courteous to the students. Blessed Be we have Blessed Be t e al Blessed Be ed to no this nation that we live in, that freedom of speech and press the football players that can carry d no a e P A and Dads Club who wor to help hers zn ttme of nee essed Be e uman tou o wz a frzendshzp true essed Be e alw loo so neat and serves good eats essed Be thzngs wzth vtszonto plan for tomorrow and h fazth tn our school and Amer1ca essed B Technzcal Htgh School that w stand throughout the years 2237 ,f4f 7 7 X f 27 IX 4 ff A LEAVING TODAY' r school e s And we're gozng away Four years completed On our graduatzon day Wherever we go 'll Tech plu U tl we meet aga n e wzsh u of lu By Rosalze Hahnl .,.,., .. W, , 2 ...f .Y K -,...-.,,r.,,,. WGLF PUBLISHED BY D A L L A S GRADUATIHG SEHIORS TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL N 41 -2 Q il:l If Z EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Pansy Salisbury ASSISTANT EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Floy Briscoe R. B. McNortun Jimmie Lee Russell Barbara Wright BUSINESS IANAGER CIRCULATION IARAGER Inuie Brecht Lawrence Seaman IILJTARY EDITOR CLUB EDITOR Ernest Jones lary Ingram PEP SQUAD EDITOR ASSISTANT CIUB EDITOR Evelyn Isom Bernice Toland ' FEATURE EDITOR Billie Daniels A Bobbye Jo Maxwell ASSISTANT FEATURE EDITORS Evelyn Crow . Vada Patton Richard Guerrero ' Emily Hamm f.......w v- H, ..,,,....,.:Q-S.-A. ..,-. . ,.,,,g...'4,',,u...A. ...UMM w-MA,..,- 1..,,,,,,,Km,- gx,,,g,...a ,.... f.,X , .,,.,.,. .,., ...... .. .L ,Lap 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 1 In appreciation for her kindness, her cooperation, and her un-1 derstanding of students, the seniors of January 1941 dedicate: this book to Dean Sadie Lemmerhirt. we have profited by herg advice and guiding hand. Her name is one to be added to our4 List of genuine friends. May we never forget the many things' ' 1 she has done to help us. 4 1 4 4 4 4 xy x " Tig' 11 5 f ' x AND SPEC I AL THANKS T0 Q ' ' uv-Q1 WALTER J. E. SCHIEBEL, principal, who is sending us out into the world with a better business knowledge through his efforts in obtaining voca- tional interviews for us. His fatherly interest has helped us over many obstacles. ANNA H. HENDERSON, whose patience and guidance in counseling has aided us in preparing for graduation. Her interest in us has proved her a real friend. H. GRADY BAKER, head of the Placement Bureau, who has kept us in odd jobs and assisted us in banking. His office is visited frequently by all the seniors and his kindness has been appreciated. GLENN E. SHACKELFORD, business adviser of "The Wolf Pack", whose alert- ness in business matters has kept "The Wolf Pack" out of the red. The seniors know what is meant by "making ends meet" and Hr. Shackelford's work is admired by them. JIM G. ASBURNE, circulation adviser of "The Wolf Pack", who has aided the seniors in getting theiryear book distributed. He has also been of great assistance in helping prepare the senior day program. THE Walter J. E. Schiebel, Principal J. Floyd Alexander, Auto Shop Geraldine Andrews, Phys. Ed. Jim G. Ashbume, Bus. Training H. Grady Baker, Sales, Adv. L. S. Barrett, Drafting, Math. Gladys Black, Bus. Trainzlng Martha Bone, Foods, Clothing C. A. Bryant, History Bernice Bullock, Ccmptaneter Effie Butler, Shorthand Catherine Cathey, Mach. Book. Berry B. Cobb, History, Can. Law Andrew M. Cowan, Electric Shop Isabelle Clxnmings, Part Time Work Florence Davis, Spanish W. E. Davis, Drafting Iela Deavenport, Clothing Jettie Donald, English C. G. Dotson, Wood Shop Alden C. Ilndley, Drafting Ella Fergusan, Study Hall Perry Fite, Drafting, Coach Dora Flack, Latin, English W. P. Fultan, Mathenatics Virginia Goemer, English Ellen Gowdey, English M. T. Green, Mathematics May Haley, Special Class Bay Hardaway, Wood Shop J. L. Harrell, Social Science Arthnr Harris, Music Geneva Harris, Shorthand Ronda Hart, Special Class Dorothy Hayes, Study Hall E. O. Hayes, Gen. Sci., Coach Rnth Heckler, Dietetics Anna Hendersan, Math., Counselor J. S. Henry, Physics Opal Holley, Phys. Ed. on-hence Hauer, vMathena,t1cs ..,, QZ, 1 I K Y an 0 A FACULTY 1+-,xx e , , fa 2 Q - I ' n 4 S nz: v n W h -rf 1:-5.. I W. F. Hnmter, Chemistry Ella Mae Jones, Typing George W. Kadel, Ccnn. Art Odus Kerley, Math., Draft. Mineola King, English Kenneth Kitch, Journalism Joe Lancaster, Math., Science W. S. Lanham, Gen. Science lolita Lansdon, Foods Sadie Lamnerhirt, Dean Mary Lenahan, History Mary Lightfoot, Pottery C. I. Irlnthicmn, R.0.T.C. P. W. Loucks, Gen. Machine H. G. Mnn-nnnn, Gen. Auto Dmotha. McClain, Rnb. Speaking Zoe McEvoy, History B. M. Mddinn, Mathematics Margaret Mosby, History George Myers, Ass't Culmandant Vera Neel, Bas. Eng., Shorthand J. 0. Neely, Gen. Math. Henman Neff, Adv. Shop W. C. Ogier, History Melton Owen, Math., Coach Jane Parker, Mathematics Ross Peterson, Coordinator Dovye M. Polk, English Buda V. 0'Pool, English V. H. Pyeatt, Printing Will Richter, Architecture D. B. Roark, Special Class E. R. Roberts, Booldceepzlng c. H. Rutledge, Biology Glenn Shackelford, Bookkeeping Henry Sholty, Sheet Metal May Stephens, Mathematics James Ellen Stiff, English Rnoebe Grace Storms, English Edith Stovall, Special Class Agnes Taylor, English Clarice Turck, Ccmptcmeter George Alma Terrell, Typewriting Annie lurner, English Jim Tysor, Physical Education Aline Walker, History Margaret Walraven, Librarian Pauline Warner, English Lenore Wilsan, English Mary Lou Wise, Study Hall E W Wright, Nat'l Defense Grace Lackey, Pr1nc1pal's Sec Mary Shiflett, Pianist I xi Q . . D . nto t uture . . Qby Principal W. I. E. Schiebel V ' MESSAGE T0 THE WOLF PACK n looking through my old assembly .otes I find the following memorandum ed February 2, 1937, 12130 p. m.J t 'Freshman 1B Enrol lmen t U. i I 1. welcome v l a. You are 'selected' b. Your obligation in this respect fassemb ly tomorrow! 9, 2. Purpose of this meeting: To give W direct-Long for 'enrolling' in your lasses--we want to roll you up a. Pass out schedules b. Go to home rooms--what are home rooms? Ill Alphabetic 122 Stay there until 1:30 today . Counsel with teacher and get choice cards and have explanation of next step C32 Go to various enrolling rooms : and get on to lists 3. Don't cry--take your time a. If you don't work it one way go U. Warnings ' back and try another a. As to room numbers ' b. Don't be afraid to ask b. As to gum and hall" T This was four years ago on your first day at Tech, and I suppose that most of le directions that I gave you then would be out of order now. It seems, however, that one of the directions I gave you is just as pertinent bday as it was then, and I believe will be pertinent down through the years: e.g. Q. 3--Don't cry--Take your time! If you don't work it out one way, go back and 'y another. Don't be afraid to ask! 9 II shall give a prize of two tickets to the best movie in town to the first .ry or girl that comes into my office and tells me the gist of what I said under ' the remarks, "You are 'se lected"' or "Your obligation in this .N I respect."J i " SE Former graduates come and visit us frequently, they write us, and we learn of their successes: and we are happy in believ- ing that the work done at Technical High School has not been in vain for them. We be lieve it will not be in vain for you. So at this time when you are "disenrolling", let me repeat, "Don't cry--take your time" and "Don't be afraid to ask." W. J. E. SCHIEBEL, Principal W Mm.. MM,-W ... .F-.,.w..-. Q Q..-,.,,,.e..- ,vw .... W--.W-51 A lovely 'v1s1on 1s 5 feet 2 lnches, 118 pounds, brown-hazred, green-eyed VADA PATTON, chosen "most popular girl" of the January senzar class. ' Vada's radzant beauty, sparhlmg 1Jersan,al1Ly and 11-zvac1ty have made her a favvrzte wherever she goes. Among her11arcedact1v-ztles have been cheerleader of '39, a member of the Tech Talk and Wulf Pack staffs, and sac1,alcha1rman of the 45 class. ..., ........f,... ...M Q.-,.,.-Q. ..,. ..,, .. .,.,.-,.-.-.,, ...,,,., ..,,,,, M... ., .,,,,,.,,..., 9Ef4ff:"f.1A Y Y r V Delightful to lznow as redheaded, brawrveyed CHARLES MITCHELL whose dynamo jsersnnalxty has won for hun the title of "most popular boy' of January '41, r His fwe feel eleven inches and 130 pounds of masculunty 1s well 'I Iznnwn around Tech for his fldshzng smile and ready humor. Charles l has serv d P e as reszdent and Vzre President of the Student Body, mem ber of the Senwr H1-Y and Nahanni lfonur Somety. Lf.-- -,,,M. ,...A,.l---u,.,.. ,Ml uw,m.,....,,,,..p. . , ,E , ,.,,. new if L Natural beauty won for MARY CATHERINE PRESSL7 the honor of January '41's "most beauhful gut". She 15 5 feet 2 xnches, lou puunds of fnendlxness. Her classmates have seen brown-hazred, brown-eyed Hary Cathenne as treasurer of the Student Government Assuczatznn, zlzre president ofthe Commercznl Art CLub, and social chazrman uf the Glrl Reserves. 2 Tech has no Clark Gablz or Robert Taylor but she does have JOHNNY PHILLIPS whose danczng brown eyes set all the gzrls' hearts to beatzng. Vzth brown curly hazr, standing 5 feet 105 inches, and wezghing 164, Johnny was voted "most handsom! boy" 1n the January '41 class. With his warm and friendly smile, Johnny has made many friends at Tech. ., w., , 4 iff? QQ we W3 A .S Beauty zntellzgence a charmzng personality and alertness go into the prescrzbtzon for this year s best all around gzrl which is f1lled by BARBARA WRIGHT go wlth th Barbara adds blue eyes blonde hazr and 111: feet four inches 109 pounds of vim vigor and uxlalzty um plelzng th1s prescnplwn she adds Edltur xn chzef of Tech Talk 4B and 4A secretary the Natlonal Honor Soclety and three Linz Awards ' ' , n ff To is, , , f f . . V - C " Jxtterbugging hrs way unto the hearts of all the lads and lass1es at TeCh, B. Y. BLALOCK was named the "best all around boy" zn the January '41 class. B. V. taps the scales at 158, 1: 5 feet 115 inches, has brown eyes, and blond hazr. Wherever you see B. W. youlll always see a crowd. B. W. is outstandzng zn basketball, and 1.5 active zn the Student Government Assoczatzan and Sevnor H1-Y. ,,g.1M.,,.-i' ,. M.,-.,.N,. .,.., ,hMux,..,..,.,,-.,,. ,-v-,YW .. - RBWTy Ig! 4 . 'ri , fl - ' x .M ...ew --f-.-.,,....fM,,-W.. 7,-w.w,f,-Q-sv.v...,.....,.,,.f.,.: ,. QW: 2 HIT' AA ' -ymm, T I ff Q H '12 f W oh a M M! 'Ji X M H.. T! T 51 uxcux, 5 T ig: Rx Q 4424? X W .Q Cgg LMI 1 n X I 'khan II l 1 lm :gpm Jhqw ,-1 MILL lnI'u:lh lu' Q 'N W 2 lg 4 f ,H QWMI v 'Wm7d'7x, hlf 7' fe ,ff ,. 15,2 -- -- ':'.,-:W-,.., ..,,,,,.,,, ,w, AMOUNG THE OUTSTANDING.. GIRLS Most Popular ---- Prettiest ------- Best School Citizen --------- ---------- Vada Patton Mary Catherine Pressly -------- Thelma Bender Best All Round ------------------------ Barbara Wright Best Dressed -------------------------- La Dean Thomas Wittiest -------- ----------- --------- Bernice Toland Most Sophisticated --------------------- Louise Martin Most Reliable --- ------------ -------- Rosalie Hahnl Best Personality ------------------ Bobbye Joe Maxwell Most Likely To Succeed ----------------- Sadie Jackson Most Jitter-Buggy ------------------ Neva Nell Gresham Best Dancer ------------------------ Virginia Campbell Chatterbox --------------------------- Mary Lee Wagnon Best Figure ----------------------------- Dorris James Sweetest ----------------------------- Pansy Salisbury Most Original ----------------------- Esperanza Porras BOYS Most Popular ------------------------- Charles Mitchell Best Looking --------------------------- John Phillips Best All Round -------- ---- ------- --- B W Blalock Wittiest Best Dressed Most Reliable Best School Citizen Best Dancer Fred Helton Wilbur Hale lewis Long Jack Hunter Ernest Jett Best Personality Billy Joe Leverett Peppiest Richard Clounch Most Likely to Succeed Jesse Fuller Best Athlete Clarence Beck Most Talkative Earl York Best Physique Allen McCorvey Sweetest Alfred Ross Most Intelligent Lloyd Cheek - - - , , -- ..... -- ..... -- ...... - ....... --- -------------- .......... ----- I 11911111111111111-xisninunnxxssxuguniix . c-:11111111111311111111 --- ....... ----- ..... --- ....... . 111a:1131nn111unu-uu:1un- . . 11111111-11chus1111u-Q11111111114: I 1:n1nn111s-1111111111 --------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------- .... - ..... ---- --------------------------------- ------------------------- Alexander Ben 515?,X Safely Commissioner 2?fiFTfWl Capt Rifle Team 'V"' We Q2,l rack Cc ' 'nl B 53 Cap ain R O.T C. Iu. ' quij Diamond Disc Club 'lb Qff Almoulst Curtis Arr: ngton Sam, J r Basketball Bartosh Wulllam James aood Scholarshxp Club Beck Clarence Edward Football Intramural Track Tech Talk staff 1 gf Wolf Pack Staff Bender, Thelma ,M Lanz Pans Pres Pan Amer Student Forum National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club Bennlngfleld Frances Loss Tech Talk Staff Bard James Wllluam Good Scholarship Club Pottery Art Club Guard gy Ng 2 'A g a Blalock, B. W., Jr. Basketball S.G.A. Senator Senior Day Program Senior Hi-Y Best All-around Boy Bonilla, Maria Esther Pottery Arr club Bradley, Oscar Franklin, Jr R.0JIC.. DlamOl'ld DISC Brecht, Louie Carl, Jr. Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff S. G. A. Guard Good Scholarship Club Briscoe, Floy Edith Tech Talk Staff Associate Editor wolf Pack Linz Award S.G.A. Representative Good Scholarship Club Brown, Gerald D. Good Scholarship Club Brock, Duard Roy Guard Slip Boy Brownlee, William Edward Tech Talk Staff ' X'-34,0 ...... at .- t ' -nf V , l i.- 1 , Lx ,'fi iz' , r l M-WMA, A . ..... N i - , 1 Brundidge, Robert Lee Campbell, Frances Juanita Tech Talk Staff S. G. A. Campbell, Virginia Lucile Pan American Student Forum Ghlhwwe Tech Talk staff , Commercial Art Club Wolf Pack Staff Carroll, Grace Lee Tech Talk Staff Stamp Club S. G. A. Library Council Good Scholarship Club Chaney, Milford luYearcem.J Major R.o.T.c. ' Rifle Team Crack Company Crack Squad Diamond Disc Cates, Charlo Vaye Cheek, Marvin Lloyd National Honor Society Linz Award . Part-time apprentice Clounch, Richard Track Senior Hi-Y Aviation Club Wai ii N..- ...N-1 -- M., .-....-,L f .. .l,.......w,.. , ...........a..L..4a.4,.gm.,gg.....,-. ...M .. 1 I I ' 1 Cluck,.Lucille Pottery Art Club Good Scholarship Club Compton, Mary Dee ill yr. Certificatel Copeland, Frances Margurette Conmerical Art Club Good Scholarship Club Cox, Royal Clifton National Honor Society Band R.O.T.C. Crenshaw, E. L. Hl-Y Cheer Leader Safety Commissioner Guard Capt. S. G. A. Crow, Johnie Evelyn Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Pottery Art Club D nel, Billie E e e A Senator Good Scholarship Club Feature Editor of Tech Talk wolf Pack Senior Day Program Dishner, William Evans Band Diamond Disc Club A f A an' ' ' l s s.c.. . 6 ,. 1 X , 5, Dixon, Deiora Irene S. G. A. Volley ball Champs - '39 Gklhwwe School Play Pottery Art Club Dixon, Dorothy Aline Girl Reserve Good Scholarship Club Commercial Art Club Drake, Edwin Mililary Dorsey, Betty Winona Tech Talk Staff Dyer, Jack B. Diamond Disc Dunham, Richard Carrol Fagan, Georgia Margaret s.G.A. Good Scholarship Club Ferrell, Ordway fsummer scnodiy C335 Wi i if ---A--- -2-:M -ML--1---ni-Ammonia---'-' hAinnanv--Ma-A'--1M-r-1- 2 i 1 A 5 l 3 i i I QNHN 3 Fioyd, James C u year Certificate Commercial Art Club Pottery Art Club Guard S. G. A. Ford, Peggy Mae Band Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Frazier, Ci eo Rebecca F reeman , J ames Edga r Military Fricke, Harvey R.O.T.C. Friedrich, Robert R. s. cs. A. Fui ier, Jesse Monroe MA President Lr..ce1. R.o.'r.c. National Honor Society Diamond Disc Club Linz Awards Fuiier, W. A. R X ve. QQ, V vi Y we Q 'N' , - 4-WQFWQ Godfrey, Jimmy R.0.T.C. , Diamond Disc Club Gossett, Vera Dunree National Honor Society Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Gresham, Neva Nell School Play Future Teachers Club Pep Squad Good Scholarship Club Guerrero, Richard Tech Talk Staff wolf Pack Staff Guard Hahml, Rosalie Virginia S. G. A. Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Pep Squad Girl Reserve Hale, Wilbur S. G. A. Senator Good Scholarship Club Hamilton, Forrest Lamar Good Scholarship Club Guard Hamm, Emily Margaret Linz Award Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club K G 1 ,, Y,,,, . -vm-, . .,,. . 7' V,-.-,.,,rw-,-.V , .f'2I,fiN .x b5',, iff' L . ft. ,,Lm - Egg? ,iw S W 1agQfEQ'g5:ig "?I ' C gl Egaiwiwiip ltww-C R QQI 7 H ,mls u, awww iiuig 5 . wfp fa, an ,5f'r be his 45 :Ewa Qfmaf ?WVwWWV?w - 'i-ff- Qifbw fx ii' Happel, Omar Carl, Jr. Heath, Roy Thomas Band Senior Hi-Y Aviation Club Helton, Fred Douglas Good Scholarship Club Hendricks, Albert Davis Guard Captain Herndon, Lilyan Loraine Hillhouse, Ruby Ester Holmes, Gladys Merle Good Scholarship Club Linz Awards Hubert Robert E Football Pottery Art Club Track Linz Pun Good Scholarship Club f Hooten, Caris Ton Good Scholarship Club Guard Hooten, iris Don Good Scholarship Club Guard Humphrey, Billy Senior Hi-Y Commercial Art Club Tech Talk Staff Guard Hunter, Jack H. Band Diamond Disc Club Pres. Future Teachers Ass'n Ingram, Mary Loree National Honor Society Stamp Club Pottery Club Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff lsom, Evelyn Mae Pep Squad Tech alk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Jackson, Sadie Marie MA Treasurer National Honor Society Linz Award Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club James, Dorris Freshman Football Queen '37 Pep Squad Majorette '39 Sec. of Student Gov. Football Queen 'HO Good Scholarship Club ummm , 18 WW ' l l 'auf' 4 5 P E " lg. lf' - I 774 'I I n 'I fl I I I . I 1 I ff , 1, P1 fllfl '46, ..g.,...4...wgQ,,..'.,,.A.., M, ,L..M.m1....u..,C.. ....,............m...........,a,t.,..,mkm,.,-.,. - 0. -, V -1' 1 i 1 4 , T , 1 1 . i I l 4 , E . I l 1 1 i 1 1 s i T 1 1 1 E I l l l I l 4 ,1 l 5 i l 1 1 l 1 F 1 1 A 1 1 i 1 1 5 A l 1 l l l as . fide e T gig 3 x . - 5.9!U Qf l' ,feed W f1+ese.i f ' Ik :A 'ff :" 1. 4. .'4.4, -' f. Mie.L yi .J,44f 1 v4 1 : ,". Jett, Ernest,. Jr. Pan Amer. Student Forum R.O.T.C. Diamond Disc Club Journal columnist Crack CO, '39 '40 Johnson, Edith Winnona Good Scholarship Club C "" 5 Johnson, Leota Hope E S rs Library Council J M C Good Scholarship Club HWET' Jones, Ernest Brady R.O.T.C. Diamond Disc Tech Talk Staff . av I! ..bsfQ !!,e,u S , , , 3? ' i N... .f , 'rs Jones, Virginia Odette U' Tech Talk Staff ff? . Library Council I5 qi' S. G. A. il E Keiiam, Harold George Senior Hi-Y ai 'W Q in f V Kinnard, Joseph Ellis, J Radio Club R.0.T.C. Guard Knight, Frederick S. G. A. Intramural Track Team GUBYG Senior Hi-Y Kriegei, John Weidon Assistant Baseball Mgr. '37 LaRoche, Paui F., Jr. Band '37 '38 '39 'no Diamond Disc Club Drum Major S. G. A. Ladymon, Aiice Virginia Linz Pins i S G A Good Scholarship Club Lindsey, James Haroid Band Leverett, Biiiy Joe Hi-Y ciub S. G. A. Chorus Tech Talk Staff Archery Club Lester, Sidney Tech Talk Staff Pottery Art Club Lawrence, Bennie Camera Club Law, Johnnie Eiien Tweed Ling Pins Latin Tournament Latin Club fi'-T 'AEK me . KY L , i L f, . X Nl -.3h. H 1.4 ' ' M S 3- iii . .- .... wry , r - , 3 .-vii as V f' as W1 if x di . , WMV ' A 1, X 7 IE? as as ' Lofiin, Vida Mae Good Scholarship Club Long, Lewis Football - baseball Lowry, J. C. Good Scholarship Club Guard Advanced Printing Mead, Frances Ray s.G.A. Good Scholarship Club McClendon, Ira Tech Talk Staff S. G. A. Good Scholarship Club McCommon, Giadys Jewel Linz Bible Pin Linz Pin A Good Scholarship Club McCorvey, Allan Sports McGregor, Venice Loraine Girl Reserves Conmercial Art Club 'GTYA f ,Q Vrx' N Nl ll' 1 hi ii ' .. Zu 'I- "f'..i- -' McNorton, Robert B. Senior Hi-Y News Ed. Tech Talk Wolf Pack Staff MA Second VICG-PFGS. Martin, Louis Travis Commercial Art Club Latin Club mpSmmd Public Speaking S. G. A. Maxwell, Bobbye Joe Tech Talk Staff wolf Pack Staff S. G. A. Pep Squad Meeks, Robert W. Assistant Guard Capt. Commercial Art Club Meyers, Helen Jane National Honor Society Art-Pottery Club Good Scholarship Club Miller, Dorothy CSum'ner Schooll Miller, Wynne H. Football Basketball Mitchell, Charles Ray Pres. S.G.A. Vice-Pres. S.G.A. i National Honor Society Linz Award Senior Hi-Y .44 T wa... -' ' u..ads,..t. if 1-L-gm... ..4.,...., -........-. ..-.a,,..... N-' B L- wk L5 mmf -'sigl 'L il , ,eg wig , wngjf? aygaal ,L ,w5,i?. E31 Montgomery, Robert W. Track Team 'UO Commercial Art Club S. G. A. Guard Moo res, Jesse Alvi n Guard Morgan, Joe Melvin Camera Club Guard Tech Talk Staff Morris, Robert B. Baseball Senior Day Program All-city chorus All-city quartet School chorus Morrow, Orville Neal, Junior L. Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club Guard Ninich, Dimitri Frances Camefa Club Guard Norton, Arthur Lawrence -5 li? , S Lui? , .7 Zag 1-'Kw-mf ., .' " A ., E Owen, Odell Patton, Rayfswmerscmwip iii ? 2 f fi" u. K m. ,P 5 9 glifyf 1 , 2 ,el G, R M f Q a , 75 s I ,W W G gs? i f 'x Patton, Vada Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Cheer Leader Good Scholarship Club Pendergrass, William Watus Capt. R.O.T.C. Diamond Disc Good Scholarship Club Petty, Douglas, Jr. Football Q o.T.c. Diamond Disc Club Crack Co. Phipps, Jewel Frances Tech Talk Staff Phillips, John Billie Senior Day Program Most Handsom Boy Pietsch, Ernest R. R. 0. T. C. Good Scholarship Club Guard X fi . I xl K f' cf D Ns X S i 7 ,ff' mgii ,f ra . 27' ' iii K. h Wlvi Q!'le fwif S528 Q , , , au.. . J iHW'3f iq, l Ng..-.M.u,..f..ui,....-......,, -.-U., .M-w-eff-.,, ,H-W W., W W... Poiiard, Anna Mae Tech Talk Staff i i Porras, Esperanza Tech Talk Staff Pressiy, Mary Catherine Vice-Pres. Com. Art Club Soc. Chairman Girl Reserve S. G. A. Treasurer Good Scholarship Club Most Beautiful Girl Redman, Wiiiiam i Redmon, Charlie Wiiiiam Rice, Clarence Edward i Lt. Col. R.O.T.C., Reserve Football Crack Company Diamond Disc Club Rifle Team Roberge, Minnie Margaret I Good Scholarship Club Future Teachers Club Pan Amer. Student Forum ' Pep Squad Robinson, George H., Jr. L o.T.c. Diamond Disc Crack Company T 1 'Q 4 fd was flgf fi e 1- v 'Kx9l! Z??QEgi ' fqgggzg 'digg ..H,c...u. ,.....l,..,,u,- - - .........-1i.i4g.u..M.Mm.,.. ....s.WM......... ...wu...sg............,, Robinson, Wayne Rodarte, Rudy Guajardo .ogers, Billie Rose Cnyr.ceM.l l Rodriquez, David Fernandez Tennis Ross, Alfred Sellers, Jr. Baseball Good Scholarship Club Rueggeberg, Erna Marie Linz Pin i Good Scholarship Club Latin Club National Honor Society lRussell, Jimmie Lee Pep Squad News Ed. Tech Talk Associate Ed. wolf Pack Linz Award Saffarran, Frank L., Jr. Tech Talk Staff Camera Club l'sx I I I . : nu!! p Q lf. ,3 ffx I N' mrwwum-am-an'-.,,:i,-v-swgaefawwm -.. to Q gg' ,K ,w5? Ba Zigf l"r'e 2 t as J Emi was Ei? W Y I ttmg gwa ,J ,ga ia, A la Salisbury, Pansy Ed.-in-chief Wolf Pack Associate Ed. Tech Talk National Honor Society S. G. A. Linz Pin Salisbury, Perry Pottery Art Club Guard D Good Scholarship Club f Sanders, Juanita Dewilda Tech Talk staff Sauer, William H. Good Scholarship Club Diversified Occupations Saunders, Wallace Good Scholarship Club Guard Seaman, Lawrence Edward S. G. A. Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Senior Hi-Y Schneider, Mildred Erline Tech Talk staff Scheurman, Mildred Pottery Art ciun s ' I I ' Lu:asianuuuumuuwHuQmnmummuuuuaANN.uumagumuuuuaaauuumguwumuuma pradi Bas ing, Paui Gordon ketba11 Stinnette, Evelyn Frances Good Scholarship Club tone, Geraid A. Capt. R.O.T.C. Rifle Team Fa ck Company C Diamond DiSC Club Stone,,Rodney Linz.Pin Tennis 'homas, Nonna LaDean S. Ma Q.A. Treasurer Jorette Pep Squad, '39 'MO Toiand, Bernice Girl Reserve Wolf Pack Staff Pottery Art Club GwdSmdamMpCwb Tech Talk Staff Nagnon, Mary Lee Nadeene Tech Taik Staff A W aiiace, Robert Mitcheii Good Scholarship Club Senior Hi-Y Camera Club Radio Club Amateur Station WSHYK u ff' H!! kk QIL 13 ",,,,f' 'JN' 'iuii il. I I g , V - ,..Mv'-7-.-,.. ,sw ,.,,.',,.- .....,,,,.. ..a.a..,.. . ..-.gy,a,.-.,.,...,.,u.,... .,.,,....-1--.. ,....,,.,. ..,-. ..-...-.., .V-...,.-.., W., ,...,....,--1-M-P-1-A-fv --wi-' West, John Stark S. G. A. i Good Scholarship Club Guard West, Mary Ann Pres. Com. Art Club Good Scholarship Club S. G. A. Future Teachers Club White, Douglas Arthur Good Scholarship Club Wiison, Wanda LaVerne Good Scholarship Club Orchestra Wright, Barbara Ruth Ed-inchief Tech Talk HB and UA Secretary National Honor Society Linz Awards Associate Ed. Wolf Pack Wright, Charies M yn Safety Commissioner Pres. of Hi-Y Guard Capt. Sgt. at Arms. S.G.A. Part-time course Wright, Leon s.e.A. Guard R.mr.m York, Eari M. A if '-1gk13k ST -4 -A-1--inks -..f A-A-.i ..a.w...,. -..n...........,.... ..,..........u.... f cert Young, Mary Al ice Library Council Girl Reserve Tech Talk Staff S. G. A. Good Scholarship Club Zirrmerman, Abe Good Scholarship Club BUTRS, Jim Ill yr. cert.l Guard Mart i nson, Harold Abery in yr. cert.J Guard Capt. King, Glen C4 yr- cert-J Baseball QQEG' - 555 Z ss' , 1 UTD E 4 VJ? i N: 4 gf -, S, -SQ M 5 1 T I . E5 if - ?2 rif4.nQ!u 5 , u i , , , adkl 'wo' Q - , GIRLS WITHOUT PICTURESI Evans, Norma - Summer School McKay, Bernice - Sunmer School BOYS WITHOUT PICTURESI Burks, Billy Creswell, Edwin Sanderson, Harold Austin Stewart, John R. Sy, John Richard Cunningham, Andrew - Summer School Grubbs, Bill - Sumner School Martin, Bob E. - Summer School Melton, Clarence H. - Sunmer School: Phillips, Herschel - 4 yr. cert. Anderson, Robert C. - Night School Wall, Jack - Night School Young, Frank iBusterl Night School i-T-..W..-.,,,.,,,..V.1,v., , ,M ,,,. ,s i i i i i P i i, r l l , s x l l E it i i TE i I il t i if S i x E 5 I, i E i i E. i i Acosta, Lupe Adams, Avis Adams. Mary Dean Akes, Mildred Allen, Ernestine ffrbough, Bobbie Ruth Arney, Mary Lois Badgett. Rose Baird, Susan Bard, Ellen Beane, Anna Marie Bellomy, Dorris Berryman, Patsy Bradberry, Inez Bradley, Willie M. fBramball, Mildred Brewer, Virginia Lee Briones, Adelina Brown, Geroldine Buccola, Victoria fBurton, Jacqueline Candy, Margaret Carlile, Ruth Carswell, Elizabeth Qaravella, Angeline !Chaney, Juanita Cornelison, Sarah Cox, Ethel-Deen Crabtree, Helen Louise fglunningham, Pauline Davidson, Grace Douglas, Rosa Lee Dvoracek, Evelyn Eckman, Doris Aguirre, Sam ,fAlexander, Floyd Arrington, Harry Ashley, Carman Aucoin, Joe Baker, James Wilborn 9Taker, Tollie Barnett, Paul Barunes, Pete Barron, Leon Bartel, Baity 'X Bartlett, Clarke Barton, Lysle Beaty, Gene Bateman, Pete Bedwell, Maurice Boyle, Kenneth Bradfield, Howard Bridges, Bobby Brooks, Jack Brown, Roy Crawford Bucklew, Nova Joy ,Burton, Jack Busby, A. L, Caddell, Tony Calhoun, Hugh Cardello, John Carr, Owen Carstens, Jack Cavalieri, James Chanel, Harold Wayne Chester, Bill 'Click, William Clopp, Joe Eldridge Collie, Allen Conoly, J. D. Cox, Jack B, Crownrick, Joe Roger Dalton, Billy Danner, Richard Daubitz Charles Daugherty Frank Dyson James E rnheart T W Eaton Sam Eberle Jack Charles Eddleman Hugh 0- Bees T THEY Elliott, Rosemary Elzey, Nary Ellen Fielding, Lorene Fowler, Wanda Garner, Sara Gatton, Rita Giles, Lois Gillespie, Annette Gibson, Marilyn Glosun, Betty Grissom, Vivian Grayson, Dorothy Green, Wilma Guy, Ruby Hadden, IsabeH Hardin, Mary Fay Hart, Bobbie C. Harrington, Vernelle Hayden, Rebecca Ann Hernandez, Hortense Hilderbrand, Jayne Hopson, Dorothy Hunter, Edna Mae Huse, Georgie Ingram, Anna lsminger, Ernestine Jeter, Marion Johnson, Sybil King, Marguerite Kinard, Mary Ki ements, Jewel Knapp, Gail Kathryn Layne, Billie Ruth Lenhart, Wanda Edwards, Winford Efflandt, Hertert Eider, Jimmy Emerson, Ernest Etheridge, Grady Evans, Floyd Evans, Vernon Farris, Bill Ferguson, Wm. Kenneth Ferril, James Gallagher, Harold Garland, Clifton Gates, Herschel Gebron, Albert Gebron, Henry Gilbert, Frank Gilbert, Tom Gilliam, Roy Goodnight, Ollie Grady, Kenneth Green, Nolen Gross, Henry L. Grubbs, Paul Hall, Raymond Hamilton, Jack Hardy, ,Clarence Hafnold, Joe Harrison. Robert Heinfield, Mark Herren, Mickey Hill, Raymond Hilton, Joe Hodges, Marvin Hoehn, G. L. Hoyle, Donald House, James Howard, Stephen Huerta, Cruz M. Huie, James Jacobs, Charles Jenkins David Jennings La Verne nnlngs Wil I Johnson Winfred Jo ns Jimmie J nelos Bal Kesner Tom HILL BE ALONG NEXT JUIEI GIRLS - Lewis, Ruth Lloyd, Betty June McBride, Marnette McCormack Floye McKinney, Elizabeth Madden,Virginia Maddox, Juanell Mann, Avva Mathews, ,Margarette Mauldin, Mary F. Melton, Geneva Merrell, Lanette Mitchell, Elizabeth Morrison, Imogene Moreno, Celia Moss, Dorothy Newell, Virginia Packwood, Cora M. Parks, Marjorie Patakuta, Hazel Patterson, Mary ivy Phillips, Vona Prewitt, Florence Reames, Ira Fay Rener, Bessie Rheinlander, Helen Ross. Betty Ann Ruis., Lily Salafs, Neomi Sassin, Myrtle Schoonover, Grace Sebastian, Jo Pearl Shelton, Maxine - BOYS - Lange, Bobby Charles Lane, Charles Lea, J. B. Lee, Charles Laird, Ray Lester, Virgil Little, Bill Little, Pat Long, Billy Gene Long, Eddie Lopez, Thomas Lovell, Don Loyd, Eddie Lyons. Bob Lyons, Kenneth McAlister, Claude-Fredrici McAllister, W. M. Mctiijatic, Eugene McKinney, Carl McKool, Ferris McLean, Edison McQuagge, Maurice McReynolds, John Mansour, Sheffie Martin, G. W. Marinick, Otto Martinez, Feliberto Milburn, Guy Miller, William Milliken, Spence-r Moore, Walter D. Morales, Joe Morrison, John Howard Maury, Thomas Mitchell, Jerry Mulkey, William Murray, Manford Naab, Philip Nash, Thomas Newman, Orion Nicodemus Kenneth Paschall Belker ps Clau Pickett Walter Potts Walter Pride Jack Price James ShiDP, Lavonia Skaggs, Mary Skinner. Charlie Ann Slate, Bonnie Marie Smith, Billie Ann Smith, Ruth Estelle Smith, Frances Sparks, Dorothy Sterling, Wanda Stevenson, Dorothy Stevens, Stella Stone, Donna Belle Strangi, Lena Tate, Gladine Tharp, Helen Jane Tipton, Louise Treadaway, Evelyn Turner, Betty Jean Underwood, Marjorie Vick, Cleta Fae Wade, Pegeen Wall, Rosa Lee Wolven, Ruth Ward, Evelyn Mae WeaveF, Dorothy Wester, Frances Williams, Jewell Ruth Witt, Ruth White, Lu Von Wilkinson, Billie Ruth Williams, Mary R Williams, Louise Wilberly, Jacquelyn Purnell. Hugh Allen Ransom, Eugene Ransom, Milton Reed, Carroll Reeves, James Rivera, Armando Roberson, Donald Ross, S. J.. Jr. Ruhnke, John Sanchez, Henry Schiebel, Richard Shaw, Harry Shinn, Leon' Shumway, Cecil Smith. Howawd Smithson, Buddy Stayton, Jimmie Stovall, Dwight Stover, William Stracener, Troy Stubbelfield, Charles Sullivan, Jack Taylor, Chester Thorne, Billy Tinnerell0,,Louis Toberny, Richard Van Fleet, Carneluis Wadley, Robert W. Walker, Ozell Walker, Russell Ware, Joe Warner, John Warren, Tracy Watson, Billy Ardrey Watson, Billy Thomas Weatherford, Arnold Weldon, Billy Wellman, Tom Whistler, George Ray White. Billy White Robert Jean ite Otis Wisely Clarke Wood Earl Works Verne Yates Frank l V f , , 'I I' wh. I . A i x , Je ' , ' l'am fhilli , de ' , ' a , . , , ' ' , , - , h , ' ' . , , , . Ka , ' ly J , . QI fx, VNV ,uf , x,,, ,ZT1 Il - 4 mf " , lznnons 'J ' iL'W 4, J 'A V' ' Uf' f' "fri ' ,wf 1 4 Y:.' 'Y ii' l ir 'A " ef J ,u,, efiiiik E '--1 J x They Led the Pack! Fran Left 'to Right, First Row: Paula Lemons, Lois Stevens, Mavanne Pittman, Billie Ruth Vaughn, Cath- erine Varcasia, Johnnie Buccola, Leona Ellis, Josephine Holloway, 'Frances Roppola, Patsy Campbell. Second Raw: Sacara Villafueta, Josephine Guerrero, Sue Nelson, Atma Brooks, Ruby Boyd, Genevieve Res- pante, Pauline Manicchia, Gloria Coppinger, Martha Romero, LaDelle Skaer. Third Raw: Bess Francis Ruth Nesmith, Josephine Santillan, Darlene Bennett, Ruth Crober, Frances Jenkins, Ellarose Morris. BillieMaeWills, Eunice Brown, Evelyn Dvoracek, Gwendolyn Jackson. Fourth Row: Anna Katherine Woody, Rose Mary Rosales, Gloria Webb, Virginia Gomez, Joy Boone, Dorothy Brown, Mildred Crockett, Ursle Lee fU rf' w-L l ,64 9 i ,M Womack, Juanita Anderson, Eva Lopez. Joyce Shelton, Doris Prater, Josephine Classe. Fifth Row: Edna Mae Hunter, Marie Pendergrass, Norma Wideman, Ola Fay Horton, Nan Mankin, Lil- lian King, Betty Alice Lyon., Allene Jones. Sixth Raw: Wanda Henry, Avva Mann, Edith McKinley. Other members not shawn in the pxcture an: Edith Mankin, Annie Mae Jones, Ruth Carlile, Maxine Clark, Angelina Hernandez, Ruth Lewis, Louise Williams, Mildred Hope, Jeanne Fenn, BobbyeJoe Maxwell, Mozelle Cauley, 1X Sybil Hawkins, Catherine Nater, Frances Benningfield, and Ma- l ife jorette LaDean Thomas. I A N xx Y, ,,...,,.,,, .,,,.. ,-1...,.-1 fmma-V .,--asMTH7,,Um-,rv-Fyiqngvlyw. . ,L M' l ,. v 4 , 'Z ' 'ff'-fhlft' li-ffl'-' . iii 'tai Zz'-9"-'--i?'l"if1-Q i - id" A ' --Vi ' ' - it-w" i COMMERCIAL ART CLUB Mary Ann West. President Mary Catherine Pressly, V. President Louise Martin. Sec-Treas. Ruth Williams Billy Tllson Pat Ashley Sue Nelson Loraine McGregor Mary Lee Wagnon Sayrah Cornellson Cora Packwood Virginia Campbell Bobby Arbaugh Laura Lee Davis Roy Gilliam Hortense Hernandez Perry Garner Frances Copeland Charlie Ann Skinner James Creech Ellarose Morris Stella Stevens Jlmmle Floyd Opal Allison Fred Wilson Henry Sanchez Clarence Jones Bess Francis Bob Kimbrell Mildred Crockett Juanita Anderson Frances George Margie Parks Billy Williamson Catherine Sassin Arnold Weatherford Betty Jaan Parka Myrt e Sassln Rlta Gatton Esther Mae Woodall Eunice Peters Blanche Tulnlan Gene Pruett Doris Ecken Morton Clary Dorothy Moss Robert Cummings Frances Wester Mary Louise Geer Gene Miller Royal Hocket R. L. Corley Joden Brans Dorothy Milton Fellbarto Martinez Jlmmle Baker Blllle Joe Casebier Ed Mongaras Vada Patton Bob Meeks Cruz Huerto Josephine Classe Russell Goad Rudy Morin Joe Lopez Henry Callahan Dorthea Hackler Freddie Watts Charles Young Rebecca Hayden POTTERY ART CLUB Frou Left to Rtght First Raw Violet Mackie Helen Asimakls Betty Jean Hawkins Catherine Sassin Lavon Vuckery Mary Ruth Stevens CSMIB Marina Lupe Acosta Angelina Caravella Connie High Bobble Klnq Second Row Perry Salisbury Ben Alexander JaneMeyers John McReynolds Dorris James Mary Williams ErnestJones Floyd Heath Jinmue Floyd Sarah Cor neluson Thzrd Raw Christine Ranft Albert Ramirez Edwin Drake Mary Ingram Don Lovell Bobble'Hubert Vada Patton Nonnan Kenp Fourth Row Esther Mae Woodall Opal Allison Margie Reed Nellie Cupp Lillian King Donald Hoyle Cliff Sadie Hollingsworth Genora Taylor Jewell Burks Mary Lynn Phillips Sfrth Row Lena Strangi Peggy Miller Ruby Kin nard Dorothy Lester Paula Hernandez Clara Ramos Josephine Classe Juanita Ragsdale Margaret Windsor Seventh Row Evelyn Miller Juanita Lasater Violet Tyler i Collins Fffzh Row: Mary Jane McMillan, Loulse Tipton, LaVerne Harlan, Bobbye JoeiMa5wellg Edith Mankinf Alice Stovall, Bobbie Ruth Arbough Adellna Brlones Annette Butler Vlrglnla Campbell Margaret Candy Blanche Coomes Lola Cordell Delora Dlxon Dorothy Dlxon Rosemary Elllott Leona E lls GIRL RES Mary Ellen Elzey Wanda Fowler Rosal le Hahnl Marllyn Glbson Katherlne Gllbert Annette Glllesple Naddlnne Greer Mary Fay Hardln Marguerlte Klng Jewel Klement Gail Knapp ERVES Avyollne Lindsey Louise Lindsey Martha Jo Mashburn Kathryn Mathews Lorralne McGregor Geneva Melton Dorothy Nelson Mary Pressley Ruth Rlvers Lily Ruls Grace Schoonover Lavonia Shipp Charlle Ann Sklnner Ruth Estelle Smith Jackle Stansel Blllle Rae Steldley Betty Jean Turner Mary Ulmer Loulse Williams Anlta Yehle Imogene Wyatt 1 Wyman Bass Maurice Bedwell B. W. Blalock Hu h Calhoun William Cllck Richard Clounch SENIOR HI-Y CLUB James Darby J. W. Hara son Roy Heath Stanley Howard Blll Humpherles Harold Kellam Evert Meyers R. B. McNorton Chas. Mltchell Orlon Newman-Pres. Harold Parker Tommy Paxton Hugh Allan Purnell Dlck Schlebel Harry Shaw Robert Wallace Belker Paschall-Sec. A Treas. Luther W' lson Claude Phllllps E.L. Crenshaw-Press Agent Bob Lyons h Richard Danner-Vlce Pres. Kenneth Lyons-Sarg.-At-Arms Paul Putnam Frank Yates W., .,.. wp-.-..,.7,....., .We-a.....i X , W- Y... ......--, ....,.,.. W... sm.-s..,..-.1......,...,..,...W.-.-,-W. .s....,,.,,,,,,.-, ti i-,., ' ' . -- Perry Garner, President J. A. Craver, V. President Sheri McLeland, Sec-Treas. Jayne Hildebrand Ellen Bard Susan Baird Avis Haddon Betty Raynor Ruth Williams Robert Peterson Robert Hayes CAMERA CLUB J. W. Roberson Mary Ann West Arthur Morrls Mildred Oke Royce Stlefer Ed Wellman Edgar Whitley Benny Lawrence W. M. Lawson Tiburclo Vldalls Herbert Mitchell Charles Butler Jack Vaughn Weldon Dunbav J. W. Coffman Tony Gonzales David Hurst D. L. Moore Eugene Benedict Eldln Chambers Darwin Findley Cornelius Vermllllon Johnny Konderla Paul Strucely Dewey Harris Frank Saffarrans Billy Fowler Mike Hernandez Anslmo Hernandez Jerry Escopor Arbaugh, Bobbie Arney, Mary Lois Bender, Thelma, Pres. Berryman, Patricia Briones, Adelina PAN AMERICAN CLUB Campbell, Virginia Casey, Eula Bell Copplnger, Gloria Franco, Carmen Frankel, Leon Daniels, Elizabeth Ann Johnston, Maribeth Lyons, Bob, Vice Pres. Lyons, Kenneth Matheues, Margaret Phillips, Alice Robinowitz, Frances, Sec Samaniego, Albina Samaniego, Anastasia Jett, Ernest Weatherford, Arnold .i..,..a.. M.......t.s.....M...,. ...,. ,1g............ ...el........,..o.-. Y .,., .,alL-,...... ,i,.,f,1,a4,.aL..a3.-A--...,.......-,, ....g.,., LIBRARY COUNCIL Badgett, Rose Lee Holmes, Ernestlne Rhlnelander, Helen Wagnon, Mary Lee Bullard, John Johnson, Hope Spangle, Loyce Williams, Fay Carroll, Grace Lee Nichols, Herbert Sturgess, John York, EaH Halbert, Dale Richards, Dixie ,.. Benny January Harry Clayton Dorothy Holman Nena Pickens Jack Giles Jack Ward Lawrence Cole STAMP CLUB Laura Lee Davis John Clark Aileen Ray Grace Lee Carroll Dal Dosey J. P. Barber Mickey Herren Bettye Dalton Marvin Rollins Nona Taylor Eugene Johnson Vernon Neal Adda Rawlins Thomas Worthy Marlen L. Tanner Mary MitcheN Mary Lois Moore Fred Cosby Mary Ingram Charles McKool Jack Burton i T,,...,,,.., .,.. .,,,..f..w,,,,,., ..::f::v-1.-......-.: .-::-rvwvlwywulm-W, X T ' is STUDENT X GOVERNMENT i ' f l ASSOCIATION E I T E pi ,I l A .l Pres., Chas. Mitchell, Sec., Dorris James, L ' - A 'X Q V. Pres., Kenneth Lyons, Treas., LaDean Thomas, Safety Commissioner, Ben Alexander. Tech's Student Government is composed of two houses, the senate and the .house of representatives. There are' 16 members in the senate, two members , from each home room compose the house of representatives, with 10 from 4B home lroom andy 12 from the 4A home room. 5' During the past semester the Student Government has placed loud speakers Qin 25 rooms. It appropriated S5 for the Red Cross and S10 for welfare work Kin school. P The Student Government heldits annual dance December 14. The 1940 foot- lball team were guests. and the football king and queen were presented with gtrophies at the intermission. E To further show appreciation for the football team, the Student Govern- ifment held a football banquet at the school lunch room, December 19. F K Throughout the past semester the S.G.A. has been successful with Friday fmatinee dances. I The Student Government's general aim is to create and boost school spi rit. J,Even though Tech's football team lost some games, the 1940 school spirit ran hi gh . Mary Dean Adams Thelma Bender Patsy Berryman Adelina Briones Margaret Candy Lois Cordell Laurette Eckstein Rosemary Elliott Annette Gillespie Vera Gossett Bobbie Hart NAT IONAL HONOR SOC IETY Anna Ingram Mary Ingram Sadie Jackson Gail Knapp Virginia Madden Jane Meyers Erna Ruggeberg Fredna Rust Pansy Salisbury Bonnie Marie Slate Frances Smith Ruth Estelle Smith Dorothy Stevenson Ruth Wolven Barbara Wright Billy Burnett James Cavaleri Loyd Cheeck Harold Chapel Clifton Cox George FFldFlCh Ray Gilliana Paul Heinberg Joe Hilton G. L. Hoehni Billy Gene Long Charles Mitchelll Philip Naab Robert Pendegras Walter Pickett Louis Tinerillo Cornelius Van Fleet 'gy 8 4' as TECH'S ROILQ Officers: Lt.Col. Jesse Fuller - President Capt. Eddie Boyd - VicePresident Capt. Robert Wadley - Secretary Capt. W. M. McAllister - Treasurer Capt. Ben Alexander l Capt. Gerald Stone l Sgt' af Anms T G it-2 5 rex: Herman Balka Richard Barker Eddie Brown Jack Brooks James Creech H. L. Darlington Billy Dishner Jimnie Godfrey, Henry Gross James Ferril DIAMOND DISC CLUB fR.0.T.C. Commissioned Officersl Members: Orin Hackett Paul Heinberg Thomas Hooper Joe Hulto Jack Hunter Charles Jacobs Benny January Earnest Jett James Jones John Jordon Charles Lane Bill Little Thomas Lopez Paul LaRoche Robert Pendergrass William Pendergrass Homer Penn Al len Redding llllll f ill li. ll 'I-4444iV-44x444 George Robinson Charles VanDusen Arnold Weatherford Billy Weldon Sherrill Woodall Gene Gambill Carroll Willis Dwight Strain Jack Filcher REGIMENTAL STAFF Lt. Col. Jesse Puller, Regimental Commamde Capt. Gerald Stone - S1 Capt. William Pendergrass - S3 Capt. W. M. McAllister - SLI Capt. Paul Heinberg Capt. Earnest Jones Capt. C. F. Linthicum, Commandant 4 Lt. George Myers, Asst. Commcmdant lst. Lt. George Robinson - Attached Sgt. John Jones - Attached Sgt. Charles Lane - Attached 1940-41 RIFLE TEAM CI TY CHAMPIONS COMPANY "A" Capt. Thomas Lopez Company Commander lst. Lt. John Cordon Platoon Leader 2nd, Lt. Richard Barker Platoon Leader N Maj. Bill Little, Regimental Executive Off Maj. Charles Jacobs 1 Capt. Ben Alexander - S2 Adjutant F 1 f Company Commander ' lst. Lt. Jack Herron 2nd, Lt. Homer Penn 5 V couPANY -B' Capt. Robert Pendergrass Executive Officer 2nd, Lt. H. L. Darlington Platoon Leader Platoon leader I W l EEE Eyis : en,,H-, .,uL a. ,,, ,,.. ' Hr f .' no H225 .5 - x gk V ' mfzffu-'-Y, .mfwf--' I X We L " , f 335 if P ,, il? , ' ' .1 L 2 z 1? wa5i,i ivfi H QJ+iE WF'i ..3ufE -M : V ki.-Q -' i ' fl 7. - IJ' v EQ z, .4 343 .2 , .A View In g3f7..igh 321 H MMF? :Wig M963 J .2 ' .Q?Qw55? f"r P lVf2 5 we ' fit 5 Bf 3' 7t' '. E n 'V ..Q ima..-e..: H., ., v 5 -' 1 K' - V - 'MQ-.!ifi1 ". Yu m " r 954 ' 9. 0 7 .Q C, ,,,, !l '!e Hu gy Q J. n n' Q AM.K in vo COMPANY 'C' Capt. Eddie Loyd Company Commander lst Lt. Allen Redding Executive Officer 2nd. Lt. Oscar Bradley Platoon Leader 2nd Lt. Jimmy Godfrey Platoon Leader COM ANY 'E' Capt. Robert Wadley Company Commander . 2nd. Lt. Earnest Jett EmwHw0Uww lst. Lt. Benny January Platoon Leader L 2nd Lt. Sherrill Woodall f N Platoon Leader -Y. -we, -..ff-wwf-5.1.-r'..,....w-wr--nersevewf e---- -W r--FY? , 1-...wwv..-.Y-Y kfvfw ,Tas-".V-..v.,:.:,gigv-uvpfqvn-.-yi.-vw w -.-drunk ...U K . 1 F' ,,. .f . T' ., - ,jmpsl-,i-1 fry- .A !,zl1r,,41--f.-,f.'.-.gf 2 - xy I1 l g 111,111 y5xx',X .ffy jx - 'NW Z ' ' '- l Q Q 1 'B S I" 'W' f ' ff1 'W wmllliiw Ill! X XXXXXX .tw 1 ll . Q Q' if l , D ' we , W "" ,VI ,nm , ysto5xxrf-A5 , 1 A-LLff,Qffi V1 i l 1 l S.G.A. - TECH FOOTBALL KING AND QUEEN Voted Freshman Football Queen of '37, lovely Dorris James again reigns on her throne as Football Queen of '40, Along withacharming personality, Dorris has becoming blond hair and bright hazel eyes. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. Charles Stubblefield, halfback on the '39-'40 football teams, was voted King. Charles has served as president of the S.G.A., has received Linz pins for scholastic duties and is a member of the Nat- ional Honor Society. Charles is6 feet tall and weighs 155 pounds. He has brown hair and gray-blue eyes. ' CHEER LEADERS Leaders of the Wolf Clan this year were the trusty six who boiled the pep kettle when game time came around. Always on hand, they were greatly responsible for the Wolves' excellent football showing. 'From Left no Right, First Row: Rosemary Elliott and Betty Jean Turner: Second Row:kE.L, Crenshaw, Ada Ruth "Rusty" Williams and John Jordan. Bob White is not shown. M a.a.tts..-- ,. uh..- .Iam , ,a.,...,.::.l ..-.-..t-sm. Lawrence Aguirre Pete Barunes Leon Batchelor Pete Bateman Reaford Black Leroy Briscoe J. T. Doss FOOTBALL SQUAD Bill Carson Carlisle Carter Jack Carter Douglas Coppinger Herschel Gates Ollie Goodnight C. W. Gray Vernon Lee Guttery Donald Hoyle Bobby Hubert Gilbert Kirk W. H. Miller Edward Mims Douglas Petty Eugene Ransome Edward Reeves Clarence Rice Joe Spears Charles Stubblefield Zack Thompson Others in the picture: Coach Perry Fibe, Coach Goldie Owens, Manager Ben Zavala, and Bus Driver W. T. King F BASKETBALL SQUAD l c is c e a am w s ec s oo or a ac n standings owe am le t a ri Bac Raw Coac Hay s Ro s I l Tommy York Assistant Coac Row Wyman Bass Richard Schvebel Co captain Charles Stubblefleld Co captain Pete Bateman Joe Ramos Fzrsz Row Bobby Rogers Wrnford Edwardsand Ira Shires Absent Paul Putnam Claude Sanders Douglass Copplnger Zack Thompson and Gilbert Kirk Wel into their 1941 city ra e ' Te h's bask tb ll te ith pro p t g d f high pl e i the ' . Ab , fr f t ghtg k : h e , y A h'l , , ' h Lancasterg Third Row: Burton Rollings, Tom Hamilton, Bennett Chisholm, Ted Camp, Joe Molina: Second -Ellfwywlil , ,..esaFlh--.W .-Hlwvilvvw-lvwgiv-vw-m-dvlgym--wm.11f LaDean Thomas Q f 1, T .E Lx, il We " "u44'Q IDEAL SENIOR A Y BOY AND GIRL Senior Alphabet CGirlsD HER? Adorable . . . . Bonny .... . . . Cute . . . . . Daring . . . . . Extraordinary . Friendly . . . Good-looking . . Heart-breaking . Innocent . . . . Jolly . . . . . Kind . . . . Lovable . . . . . Manhater . . . . . Naughty ibut niceb Optimistic . . . . Popular . . . . . Quiet . . . . Red-headed . . Sophisticated . Talented . . . Unique . . . . Vivacious . Witty . . Xciting . Youthful . Zealous . 1 o o o o o o v o o o n Delora Dixon Mildred Schneider Frances Camgbell Jimmie Lee ussell Barbara Wright Mary C. Pressly Doris James Virginia Ladymon Frances Benningfield Wanda Wilson Mildred Sherman Cleo Frazier Billie Daniel Mary Lee Wagnon Vada Patton Mary Ingram Mary Ann West Mary Dee Comptom Peggy Mae Ford Frances Mead Billie Rose Rogers Virginia Campbell Bernice Toland Erna Rueggeberg Sadie Jackson Senior Alphabet KBoysD Athlete . Bashful . Cute . . . Daring . . . Enchanting . . Fickle . . . Good looking Humorous Irresistible Jolly Kind Likeable Modest hoted Original Popular Qulet Red headed Stately Tall Useful Vivacious W1tty Xciting Youthful Zealous HIM? Clarence Rice Louie Brecht Ben Alexander E. L. Crenshaw B. W. Blalock Ernest Jett John Philllps Billie Joe Leverett Wilbur Hale Bill Bartosh Allen McCorvey Alfred Ross Lewis Lon Clarence eck Roy Heath Charles Mitchell Ernest Jones Ira McC1endon Bill Sauer Caris k Iris Hooten Bennie Lawrence Douglas Petty Frederick Knight Richard Clounch Billy Humphries Jesse Fuller u 1 D 1 Q I O O I f O I O Q U l Q O O Q I . - 1 1 4 Q o 0 E 7 I Q I v I , 1 1 v ' 1 a v 0 o " Q I O 1 o n o Q n 0 1 4 v I O I . Q I Q I I 1 Q U f Qgqfaxfib I, JANUARY SEN R l 3 xx! rw , W WILL AND 'BEQUEATH W! N lx Q.. IO y Ay K: DONOR Mary Catherine Pressly Douglas Petty Johnny Phillips Charles Mitchell Clarence Rice Billie Daniel Richard Clounch louis Long Doris James Ernest Jett James Floyd Pansy Salisbury Thelma Bender Mary Ann West Betty Phipps Robert Morris Mildred Snyder Minnie Margaret Rob erge Jimmie lee Russell R. B. McNorton Barbara Wright Sam Arrington Floy Briscoe louise Martin Vada Patton Rosalie Hahnly Sadie Jackson Emily Hamm Delora Dixon Evelyn Crow Jesse Fuller Clarence Beck Perry Salisbury Louie Brecht B. W. Blalock Douglass Petty DONATI ON Beauty Athletic Ability Way With Women Personality Football Ability Beautiful Eyes Tallness Bashfulness Lovely Complexion Dancing Ability Good Looks Adorable Ways Intelligence Red Hair Dressing Ability Singing Ability Baby Ways Dimples Winning Smile lazy Ways lovely Disposition Ability to Blush Figure Sophistication Popularity Wit Talent Ambition Friendleness Gay Disposition Military Ability Journalism Ability Curly Hair Cute Grin Jitterbug Ability Ability to win Letter Sweaters ' f f T0 Shirley Holtz Donald Hoyle Hollace Patton Kenneth Lyons Pete Barunes Sarah Cornelison Cecil Shumway leroy Briscoe Avyoline Lindsey Hazel Kinsey Homer Penn Rusty Williams lois Cordell Iilcille Woodruff Helen Rlfrinelander Alma Jo Tomlin Anne Smith Mary Nell Compton Marion Jetter Dan Clard Hazel Staughton Dorotha Weaver Mary Ruth Rooden Lavonia Shipp Rosemary Elliot Raliegh Blakely Bob Lyons Reford Black Ida Vern Thomas Lena Strangi Robert Pendergrass Evelyn Treadway Ruth Esstelle Smith R. K. Taylor Nadine Greer Charles Stubblefield 1.- "- I H A . ' Egwm I IL-:.:iS9:EQ ly S .. If ezlunr, g:.f,.::-- N Ai HOWING ' A4' I - -- I-Q me wg ,,, , 5333 :ga r Wx rm -L W . T Lsxigg-l,1Vi,..E Q??EEh Q25EQE'??i ES QJEHQ? ' H -- ,,., ' ,. ., ,, F-.frfff wiv' wgif-' ' ' V12J.,Z-,I-'fm E .. P512 3fT51QA?g - 1.-" IA.. 4.,4f 1454? ,' -. -- 4' ' ., 'x ., , -.,, W 9 .V ' ' wowmsa WHAT Mas. f ' ,. LEMNIERHIRT WILL 0 ' '59 SAY ? , bd? -'- - ZZ Q 'ig X 9 , I Jumrg FISH , ' . f --W -Y i r 7 " TE'CAH 'How as TWENTY sromss Q'AND HAS T0 HAVE ELEVATORS I 'I I h HIGH-j KX I Q Lv 1-. .Lf FT, " fmva,':w'Zif' , bQmQii!WL .-.,' -- l fyn X ,baiggi q fiii -.-' Qwwlwf STUDY HALLS ARE FQUIPPED WITH THE THIRD EDITION OF THE DRY BEDS FOR LAZY BONESI I Ygbggwm' I ' QQ - Q 1 I.QI P' 5vm2Q"" qg?ZWI 'afImWw2WI""' Q, IQ? S . , I f alll II' 5 ' . " ff-x ., Ole , , I jx " ' E-'-it ' I . N Q -v I A . ,Qi 'tf3::gg'Qb" J 'ff' Q G '.. W 71" Q- - " ,,. Lf ,L'.'. X A X - , ' " " - -. .., .,,5f .L'.'. f g gf ,Ql.'l 4 X I.. I X II W W, , ' Q N m r T 4 I I rff f II W J I AMI w f . Ji I ygi , I ga' f f'o' ' ' fXXXf7 A65 I f MECHANICAL. n.uNcHRooM .......... go? 51-usA,rfsAunaEss svsrefvs U EL ION nam A mcKu.s,PusH A suTToN Ann ou'r comes mv mm Hur moss!! 0, 0? L " .lf I fi " "" l M ,554 ' 09135, L . 4-1 " T 'um M Y Cflxis! JAJSTSLIK VV Qi: TH NX VIE I 5' THE TEAM IS E UIPPED WITH PROPELLERS T Invs Acuose sHAvE,5uT Pm MAKING IT! WM J ff se - ZH Ei Q AFTER THE FOOTBALL GAME TI-IE STUDENTS GO FOR ASNACK - :ff fg.iz':j:sg.-vga ii -.'.9iiiJg'i--we-fw T' ' V e.5:4a1i' ' ' I - f' gLffL 'fi:TS'f fi-Q'-'Q Gaigwj ', ' on. BOT! A ' fi 75, ,Q - wt mow U . N .3 X X L , I l I 'xt 'a '- X ' ' 1 Q ,Xxx I Ar ff 'LJ J K. X td H r ff ,531 ,, A f I 4 f , N B K il 5 1, -L. NI ff I 900 fs,-515 I W .3 f A ' 3 ""' 1 A rx 4' 1 1 :QQ cg SU. I ef z - Y :J -X sn.. rf J 'N Q. "-fi' W , x ' I X' ,g if Jw, J I I X H ' N ,T 5. , ,z T 1 W fr ri 'IH 7 it TAL.. NEW GUARDS WITH GUNS ..... .. SOUNDPROOF WALLS ..... HPNE YOU ' GOT A PASS qm, I lk fr xx' x V' YES g N133 1 Q, Q i S xi 0,1 r ' D Q Q? ICAN HEAR THE MRT? HERE VERY CLEAR G '-A.Jk.JN-CA-Jx.Js!J s I M COMFORTABLE CHAIRS IN THE AUDI' SENIORS GET CU S AND MEDRLS -romuml msrmu or .... .bananas -0429! ,h a I ' W " " "1-?"Tu,1 '-0 'f-Hill E .. 2lag5E0'AaIQLfB1SE . INT 'W .mga w5:M,-5155 .3-fs , - Q 'J I ai-ezzizzif ff:-'f--------""" vi F -1 4:1 I u AI !:Q'e6Zf-f- .- , .f 'ff' hmm 4fE fi... 1'M, ...,.-. .,.. A. . HM... ..,., ,,-.,,..,.,, L,....... .. . .M TEACHER mug .,,...V ,-..,.,,-,. w..,,.M E Y ,,,,,,V,,,, T0 YOU WE LEAVE WE BEQUEATH AS OUR CLASS GIFT A Clean Slate Z NEW STE R SX ....,h,g:L-H,-A.g,g,,,.-..-..-A, ....,.. J- 'M--Q-hd,-kA.,.. ,.,,, .. lf. - I . 2 ACULTY .Qi ff 5 'a x " ' X CLUB AUTDGRAPHS iv "9 '9 .i- gl A K D - Q . s ' ' J i ,4Zkmai.,,,g,,,,,u.M...uaJiQgB2w.J:Qxm,.u:.Qag?, .,:qgM.u2uM!:J9mM.1.m.wnL-4 ALfL....,.'.. .V ,A x..k..Q,,,.5,,M, Z-1 2 ll xx "1 u..J.-..m-ua,.Ls,.x.,1.S,....,.1.,..,,.b .-Mg.. W., .,.........f,. 1 .... mm... M.. ........w.,4..,. 'r HZ L5 s B' QMAEYMM ,Z F1n1s gpg! , V11 X ,f,,f 'f?SI wg X 1 LYXN CA 1 sf 4,,2Xf-'wr 5 fix If O 'l I' XX I ffm TE W W, 4 17, H ., .:.. . ,lk . X wN? i' Q G fffuif v..' z 'll J' IQ L . 1- N if 4 . +P' So Long! Farewell! We are Leaving 'But not forgetting Four years of work and play To end on graduation day. Four of the happiest years of our lives are gone. We will soon be out on our own going into a world of good and evil. It is hard to leave our friends and teach- ers, whom we may never see again. We shall never forget Tech, as it has started us on the ladder to success. With a cheer, not a tear, the June gradu- ates make this a gay farewell..'til we meet a- gain ---- ! ex 'D iq 'Q L I DUQLISLIED BY DALLAS TECHNKAL GRADUATING SENIORS ILHGH SC HOOL MAY -N1 I QLH , fx T , AJ 'L- 'Mh' ' X - S t a f f xg - IK Iii WALTER MOORE EDITOR-IN CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITORS UBY GUY MARY ELLEN ELZEY ELIZABETH CARSUELL CLUB EDITORS RUTH WOLVEN JAYNE HILDEBRAND PICTURE EDITORS OIS GILES HELEN RHEINLANDER WILMA GREEN FEATURE EDITORS AVIS ADAMS MICKEY HERREN VICTORIA BUCCOLA MARY FAY HARDIN MILITARY EDITORS , HENRY GROSS KENNETH BOYLE SPORTS EDITORS WINEORD EDWARDS EUGENE RANSOM CIRCULATION MANAGERS FERRIS MCKOOL PAUL BARNETT Dedicated 7o-- el We, the Seniors of Spring '41, dedicate this book to Mr. Bryant, sponsor of our class. In this way we wish to thank him for his un- failing kindness, con- tinual guidancezuuilast- ing patience. Thanks To-- , in est to all has proved him a great principal of Technical His kindness and interest has been appreciated by all th Seniors of Spring '41, WALTER J. E. SCHEIBEL, principal, whose fatherly inter- e ANNA M, HENDERSON, who has labored with patience an guidance in counseling us in preparation for our future. Our success in life shall be credited to her interest in us. DEAN SADIE LEMMERHIRT, who has aided us with her under standing advice and guidance during our four years at Tech. JIM G. ASHBURNE, circulation advisor ofnfhe Wolf Packn, whose faithful work made possible the new pre-subscription sales record. He has also been of great assistance in help- ing prepare the Senior Day program. GLENN E, SHACKELFORD, business adviser of nThe Wolf Packn, whose alertness in business matters has made it pos sible to publish a larger book for the same price. H. GRADY BAKER, head of the Placement Bureau, in help ing many to find jobs. His faithful assistance in banking has enabled Tech to win the thrift cup. lb ez 16 Ji? 6 fy- -. ,. N-.---.,.,7..7..,-,.-fm 1 Y xv., ...ay ,:,,,,,,.,,, I-,Nw mmkvvfw v H vw .1 f i MESSAGE T0 THE WOLF PACK Though I may know some dozens of you quite intimately lfor better or for worsel, nevertheless my know- ledge of most of you is only general in nature I see you as I would see a beautiful sunrise or more likely a beautiful sunset lwhich does not come quite so early in the morningl. I see you 'in toto,n as it were like a verdant lno offense meant! 1 I landscape viewed from the top of a ' mountain. - I see you like a team from the top row of the stadium or like a company of i cadets where the individual is submerged in the group, and of course I lose the pleasure of your personal acuuaintance. 1 3 A This does not mean that I have no individual impression of the mem- H 1 bers of the graduating class. I think that I can safely say that I can uspotu a Technical High School graduate, anywhere, any time. As I walk through business, professional, and industrial places of the city, my eye is caught repeatedly by young men and young women, former Technical gradu- ates, making their way in life. A 4 I suppose this is due to the light of recognition that flashes in T their eyes when they see me. I hope the individual members of this pre- I sent graduating class will find it possible to carry on this illuminating process when they meet their teachers and principal in years to come. In parting, let me wish that your light may shine not only to your own happiness butto the happiness of people around you, and let that light include the light of recognition of old friends when we meet again. Walter J. E. Scheibel J. Principal 'gl' I NY! i W5 tgp! Q .jx P 9 AX Q . : ,s-a.. .,., W, A ww , , , Y A A ' ...........,.-.-f.r.-...,..-.-......-...- f-J. - ...,,-..-,--11-.,.,.,. .1-.Q-.-f. --f,-V ...........mfeev,.-.v . ...., .--w-w-ff"-'--Q-1 sw-Y f-,-,...-.,..--Q-ww....v-.--Q........--.....f..... . ,,,,. .Y il-IEY f , y GI! If ll . W Faculty Walter J. E. Schiebel, Principal J. Floyd Alexander, Auto Shop Geraldine Andrews, Phys. Ed. Jim Ashburne, Bus. Training H. Grady Baker, Placement Bureau L. S. Barrett, Drafting Gladys Black, Bus. Training Martha Bone, Foods, Clothing C. A. Bryant, History Bernice D. Bullock, Comptometer Effie Butler, Shorthand W. M. Byrd, Wood Shop Catherine Cathey, Mach. Book Berry B. Cobb, History, Com. Law Andrew M. Cowan, Electric Shop Isabelle Cummings, Part Time Work Florence Davis, Spanish W. E. Davis, Drafting Lela S. Deavenport, Clothing Jettie Donald, English Mrs. F. W. Ellison, Study Hall Raymond Erickson, Shop Eula Ferguson, Study Hall Perry Fite, Drafting, Coach Dora Flack, Latin, English W. P. Fulton, Mathematics Virginia Goerner, English Ellen B. Gowdey, English M. T. Green, Mathematics May Haley, Special Class Ray Hardaway, Wood Shop J. L. Harrell, Social Science Arthur Harris, Music Clifford M. Harrison, Shorthand Ronda Hart, Special Class Dorothy Hayes, Study Hall E. O. Hayes, Gen. Sci., Coach Ruth Heckler, Dietetics Anna M. Henderson, Counselor J. S. Henry, Physics Opal Holley, Phys. Ed Orrbette Homer, Shop, Math W. F. Hunter, Chanistry Ela Mae Jones, Typing George W. Kadel, Com. Arn Odus Kerley, Drafting Mineola King, English Kenneth Kitch, Journalism Grace Lackey, Principal's Sec. Joe J. Lancaster, Science W. S. Lanhan, Gen. Science Lolita Lansdon, Foods Sadie Lannerhirt, Dean Mary Lenahan, History Mary Lightfoot, Pottery C. I. Linthicum, Military P. W. Loucks, Machine Shop H. G. Martin, Auto Shop Dorotha McClain, Public Speaking Zoe McEvoy, History B. M. McMinn, Mathanatics Margaret Mosby, History George R. Myers, Ass't. Commandant Vera B. Neel, Bus. Eng., Shorthand J. O. Neely, Mathanatics Hennan H. .eff, Machine Shop W. C. Ogier, History Helton Owen, Coach, Mathematics Jane Parker, Mathematics Ross Peterson, Coordinator Dovye M. Polk, English Ruda V. 0'Pool, English V. H. Pyeatt, Printing Will Richter, Arch. Drawing D. B. Roark, Special Class E. R. Roberts, Bookkeeping C. H. Ruthledge, Biology Glenn Shackleford, Bookkeeping Mary Shiflett, Piano Henry Sholty, Sheet Metal May Stephens, Mathematics James Ellen Stiff, English Phoebe Grace Storms, English Edith Stovall, Special Class Rufus Street, Shop Agnes Taylor, English Clarice Turck, Comptometer George Alma Terrell, Typing Annie Turner, English Jim Tysor, Physical Education Aline Walker, History Margaret Walraven, Librarian Pauline Warner, English Lenore Wilson, English Mary Lou Wise, Study Hall I Wm Natural curly hair, big brown eyes and a sweet person- ality with striking Latin beauty won for lily Ruis the honor of Spring '41's most beautiful girl' of the Hay graduation class. Lily is a member of the Good Scholarship club and the Girl Reserves. J Wt -f--f V. ----Wm-,s-ml!1u:5g:., ..1..m'.,-..--W Sparkling brown eyes and pleasing personality won for Kenneth Lyons, student presi- dent, the honor of 'most hand- some boy" of the Spring '41 class. Kenneth is outstanding for his many school activities. He is president of the Student Gov- ernment Association, president of the Senior Hi-Y, member of the National Honor Society and track team. ,, .we-Q ...-. ..,,,. r.. N, .....,,..,gwpx.-., .....,,...,.. N. .. ,.- ..-UN - ...W F' 1 With a sparkling person- ality, beauty and friends, Rose- mary Elliot was chosen the 'most popular girl' of the May '41 class. . 1 Hosemary's sweet and friend- ly ways has made her n favorite 5 wherever she goes. Rosemary has igwf been secretary of the Seniors Class and cheerleader of '40. f His broad smile and winning personality won For Bob Lyons 'most popular boy' of the May '41 class. ' Outstanding in many school activities, Hob has been presi- dent of the National Honor Soc- iety, president of the Senior Class, and a member of the Student Government Association. if E' , ,, 'W ' -"'-V-'f' x -1 afgaglwwyeipfvsqrnj fu 4 -fi .k.,,.,, , -7 When it came to choosing the 'best all around girln, dark-haired Myrtle Sassin won with her charm and alertness. K!yrtle's sunny disposition and good humor have brought her many friends during four years at Tech. Myrtle is president of the Pottery Art Club and treas- urer of the Senior Class. Besides being outstanding in football, basketball and baseball, Fharles Stubblefield was chosen "best all-around ,boy" of the May '41 class. Charles not only plays school sports but finds time for many other school activities. He was student president of' '40, and member of' the National Honor Society. V A l a at 25535 5511 ' 5 I N 0 Acosta, Guadalupe Pottery Art Club Adams, Avis Pep Squad Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club Adams, Mary Dean National Honor Society Linz Awards Student Government Association Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Aguirre, Samuel ' Guard Student Govermnent Association ,Alexander, Floyd J. Band Officer Good Scholarship Club Library Council ' K Allen, Mildred Ernestine Tech Talk Staff Pep Squad Good Scholarship Club Allen, Marion44 Yn Germ! Band 2 Yr. Letterman Good Scholarship Club A Arbaugh, Bobbie Ruth Good Scholarship Club Pottery Art Club -1 X S E523 Girl Reserves V Q N .KG l CN fx .X 1 ' I vt -mas,-,vga V, -- f-ed-,.,,k,.,,:.,a,,.g.fq1.,5.,,. , , G " " ' f ' K ' f- w i lk:lff?.Q'li Q Li x G. .'., . - V L. 5-Wi E115 if Q59 if Q Q5 GWHQQQQTHEQ' 1l2Fhae,t:as m, A. if .gif , rl. , .. - M.. , :ggi - - if ,, 'ef 1 as - Vw: 1: -FE" " ' ' if Q' on ..a,: i p 4 A A -. .: -f Q '3""i':':' ' ' 1 f,-Blmw ..8,,-. XkQL:::-i.'L.-K E55-:Qi A-QX'f5Z55jlri . 1-:i Q, :1g'3,5 ' -T ' ' "P" " "eww" --'---'-' -We W fe- -T -Yw1w.....-..,,.,.,-'-,-1-..,,,,--,.,,,- ..-...,..-,,e..M.-.,.-,..,.,. . Arney, Mary Lois Pan American Student Forum Good Scholarship Club Pottery Art Club Arrington, Harry Wesle Intramural Volleyball '39 Squad Capt. "Fit to Fight Progr Ashley, Charles Carman Linz Award Good Scholarship Club Guard Aucoin, Joe Lucas Linz Award Good Scholarship Club Guard Formaus Club Badgett, Rose Lee Pres. of Library Council Good Scholarship Club Baker, James 14Yn Cen. Band Q I Baird, Susan Jane Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club Camera Club Tennis Club Bard, Ellen Camera Club Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Q, A 'UL 5 . 1 arnett, Paul F. National Honor Society Ed.-in-chief of Tech Talk Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Bartel, Baity Pres. of Radio Club Hi-Y Guard Good Scholarship Club artlett, George Clarke, I4 Yr. Certificate! Barton, Lysle S. Barunes, Pete Senior Hi-Y All-City Football '40 Beaty, Gene Bedwell, Maurice Walton Guard Captain Senior Hi-Y Good Scholarship Club Bellomy, Dorris Norma Student Government Ass'm Good Scholarship Club Chorus kwin, xl if .' I K Di I -. u . n -' . A'1. . 1 -.....,g::!EE5g J F. 'f'1:"fs,f77nW!f-tes-vw-ff.w..,.. ---av--Q--..1n.,-.-4-1 ,--.-avr M . Y '3 A ,Z X x Q M. Q H if , A Ag: K I at Eiiffwirgggfis WE Berryman, Patricia Boyle, Charles Kenneth Lieutenant R.0.T.C Crack Company '39 Crack Platoon '40 Dianond Disc-Club Good Scholarship Club Bradburry, Katherine Inez Good Scholarship Club Bradfield, Howard E. Bradley, Willie Mae Good Scholarship Club Bragg, Anna Margaret Good Scholarship Club Chorus Senior Day Committee Student Government Associat Bramhall, Edna Mildred Bridges, Bobby Guard Good Scholarship Club :fx-Q ' ' E 0J0f?E-751: W M 'a Q ' ff. X, 4 M XM iones, Adelina National Honor Society Student Goverment Association Girl Reserves Pan American Student Forum Linz Awards Brooks, Lois Virginia K4 Yr. Certificate! ooks, Jack R.0. T. C. Officer Diamond Disc Club Good Scholarship Club Crack Platoon '40 Crack Company '38, '39, '40 -Brown, Geraldine F. D. A. Good Scholarship Club own, Roy Crawford I4 Yr. Cert.l American Eagle Club Student Government Association Buccola, Victoria Cecilia Good Scholarship Club. Ass. Feature Ed. of Wolf Pack Tech Talk Staff uckalew, Nova Jay Good Scholarsh ip Club Mrwn,Jmk Band Officer Good Scholarship Club Chorus CX W ,f SX 1 . Q Mi 7"'1vs'- 'T' I yi ., r WEL? K -Q A x 'wi .1 I Burton, Jacqueline Alice Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Chorus Volley Ball Chanps '41 Pottery Art Club Busby, A. L. Caddell, Tony Cain, Clarence E. Jr. 44 Yr. Cert Football Band Orchestra Machine Shop Foreman Fonnan Shop Club Calhoun, Hugh C. Jr. Hi-Y Guard Band Good Scholarship Club Candy, Margaret National Honor Society Linz Awards Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Tech Talk Staff Caravella, Angeline Pottery Art Club Student Government Associati Carlile, Ruth Good Scholarship Club Pep Squad Student Government Associ - . i...,. .a-..,..,.,,....4 rr. Owen Claude I4 Yr. cerm Good Scholarship Club Automobile Club Carstens, Jack :Howard Band Comercial Art Club rswell, Elizabeth Junior Red Cross , ,m.wz3ggQ4T,,ffl L . iii, ,, A 54, ,. ,- - f vmfsg o,o 1 'R fit? Y X if u if L, ,gt , ,, Kim 0 7 'vt 'x 13 if iff sw val ily 3 F it A z are 'rj 9 if A 6 Q f . ' A X fha 4 t Y Good Scholarship Club ' -Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff - Cavalleri, James Andrew naney , Juanita Tech Talk Staff ' Good Scholarship Club . Chapel, Harold Wayne National Honor Society Linz Awards Tech Talk Staff Student Goverment Association Good Scholarship Club lester, William Franklin 'V ' , . ' . , f V, I k 1 V,k' L . Clem, Charles ' U I r , , :L v V, , any , 14 Yr. Certificate! Q . ,. ., M 1 Q,5,f,,X3f,,r,.,A,au5i I L, . M, .e.,,,gi.a I - ,M 5,3 wg, gsm 4 , qi, I 1 o 'FS ' A A f Q 1-'fea+id7,M, f ' K 430.3 - ,7 . , V. K A .. . . va., wif i, A Y -. , N . gt , 1 n- - - ' it w lf. 4 ' V-g W A kwawf-"ifi" A A , U' -, A 3 'f, , , - - - V . -. fm, . . S 1 xlib L Q. . ., ,...n,,.. . fmmlz v fsei- ' ,. . eeww'f ?E3j S 3 .f?2v'51l232.1f?3ii" ff s Eegii-3135 1 " 5 fe' . 'fm-?f: 1' -V L 7: :QI k ,.', : .. ,e ,n,,K :., vl,nW .5 - -'--...fa-'.....t.-.A-,.,., QENESHM 35552- ,, . . , , ', ,. My . . ,, , . ,,..,g.. as QM .. ,Gb Jai H! 1' 9 I is Q sd ' 'X K qegsmsg 5. Y I! X geek is i 3 C 29 E Swag, , 4 .Nw F f be Q Q T- . f-it E EE., 2 f ,i K Y ff.-2. 3 Qi K 2 1 ui fee , if my ff S he af . K . M. -. 'iff A L 1 IM ' Q E. .R -.. lg eff. J 1 ff ,.a3 pw .f 5. .Wil he f?' fag? fn our . J - . ,, 'wgsefw -K . f f. ev . e X .M Y , YQ FL .4 nigga ' Q4 'W . .Q ., Al, , A -it Click, William Bartow Student Goverment Associ ation Hi-Y Good Scholarship Club Clopp, Joe Eldridge Radio Club Gu ard Collie, Allen Lloyd Good Scholarship Club' Band Guard R. 0. T. C. Cornelison, Sayrah Lei Comercial Art Club Pres. Pottery Art Club '41 Girl Reserves News Ed. of Tech Talk Linz Pin Cox, Jack Bristol Baseball Guard Good Scholarship Club Cox, Ethel Deen Perfect Attendance Crabtree, Helen Louise Co-Author of Constitution of F. F. T. A. Sec.-Treas. of Radio Club Sec. F. T. A. '40, '41 Chairman of Constitution Com- mittee F. T. A. Crober, Ruth Pep Squad Girl Reserves Pottery Art Club ----s W, MS ,.,..,.-..m .N-.-K.-.,..am,.,.f...., .. ew.. MW..--.. awe- ..-,,.,..,. wnrich, Joe Roger Good Scholarship Club Forauanship Club Guard R. O. T. C. Cunningham, Pauline Good Scholarship Club Junior Red Cross pp, Mary Nell Girl Reserves Pottery Art Club 4Good Scholarship Club Dalton, Billy Lee K Q 1 Q ubitz, Charles fDaugherty, Frank William Q Band Officer Dianond Disc Club ,vidson, Grace Good Soholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Dvoracek, Evelyn Margaret Tech Talk Staff Pep Squad V 2- '2ZAQ: i N ' .Niaiv. v'!W?F?'Wh":wm.-awanvsn ww,-vvvv-..-wff9vR?wv:,.wm.a--f ,,L,m,, 4... ,..,oA..l,..-...., ...W V ...l,...,.a....l-....lg,...,l,ga,.....,,,,,h ll. . Dyson, Jimmy fn- A ' - Guard - ' ' . . ,.,: i A V. -Eg L eroo - etln y .:A. Earnheart, T. W. ' gi ..L: eueigy : A: I f L -L gk -.egeoegeeseeexweefeeggi . .1 ., ' -2 tffQf4of,f-eeewe ti. Wim: . ,Q filo' ', xl nik il. 1 wi ll .ii h:u,l'f5o:k.:HrrJ 3 f - f me .reef--zswlriwnggqge 'eil rv' , 'res - we-egmffeflea-zzwgfef up r 5 Q ,Q S Q W agp 9 Q? 2 if W 51 2 f' P s o n wig l H f'-I Qu 70 T QQ ,gwgxk 5 ,X f, S , ,..., ., .V., V k,,7 fi' " ' K ia f- . L,-2 r:. ,Q 'Q a g f ' f' L " '1-L-fc - .1 5 -w-55rz21s'fGOU3 nzuesw-:Lu .. . 2.1 www . A, Wifuitfsitfff Eaton, Sam H. Eberle, Jack Charles Guard Eckman, Doris Alvena Vice-Pres. of Pottery Art C11 Comercial Art Club Eddleman, Hugh Hardmar Guard Efflandt, Herbert Rudolp Elliott, Rosemary Cheerleader Secretary of Senior Class Secretary of National Hono Society Band Qu een 1 Secretary of Student Gover ment Association QS W. Sffw f B vt. , y ey, Mary Ellen Linz Pin Girl Reserves School Play Pep Squad Tech Talk Staff Emerson, Ernest Allen Part Time Apprentice Science Editor Slip Boy Good Scholarship Club Student Government Association heridge, Grady Lloyd Diamond Disc Club Second Lieutenant Band R. 0. T. C. W Comnander 2nd Band Evans, Floydu Yr. certificate: Technical Safety Department person, Jeanelle ' I4 Yr. Cert.P Good Scholarship Club Pottery Art Club Farris, William E., Jr. Crack Company '39 , Crack Platoon '40 erguson, W. Kenneth Ferril, James E. l fc I g A41 e Q 't n K ..,..,,,,..,..,,.......v-.-....., , ,,,, ,f ,,, ...-. --. 2- 2 fig' ,ffm 19 X he 73' 1 s nv' T 5 3 1 xi T W. lf f sf M 5,1 H I A if . 1 f , ' . - , .Aw ,.f pg, N -, . ill - V1 ' 4 ,7 ,,-ng ,,5.-85532, E . me ' lf' Q1 7 4" me 2 Fielding, Lorene Elizabet Good Scholarship Club Latin Club V Fowler, Wanda Wynnell Girl Reserves Pep Squad Good Scholarship Club Gallagher, Harold David Distributive Education Apprentice Club Good Scholarship Club N Garland, Jessie Cliftor Gates, Herschel Leo Baseball Football Track Gatton, Rita Yvonne Girl Reserves Pottery Art Club Commercial Art Club Treas. of 4B Hane Room Good Scholarship Club Gebron, Albert George ' Gibson, Marilyn Luke Girl Reserves 1 4 Vi, 'f- ,JV . . 1 .lbert, Tommy Dee Gu ard Cap tai n Footb all Pres. o I Advi so ry Home Room Giles, Lois Tech Talk Staff-News Editor Wolf Pack Staff-Picture Ed. Student Goverment Association Good Scholarship Club Junior Red Cross , lllespie, Annette Linz Pins National Honor Society Student Goverment Association Girl Reserves . Linz Bible Award Gilliam, Roy Lee National Honor Society Linz Award Corrmercial Art Club osup, Betty Jeanne Student Government Association Linz Award Latin Tournanent, '39 Goodnight, Ollie Hamblin Football r w aham, Dorothy Madoline Grayson, Dorothy Lee Tech Talk Staff I wg rl:-ww: -' ,- we 3m4FTDr1e"T'1- .-' f my :agfnevffmw U 2 .k1v5Zi9f"1viTTf'1LWM E fi S . i f-ia : Q gfgvfzel , . 5325 in new 'R .. '45-.5 -K U A Q 3 ,A Nm,fQ ,LRG G1 , ga,-Qin.. YQ I qgkigpiq . . K I 9' -ff Green, Bert ' 4 Yr. Certificate Green, Nolan A. Green, Wilma Good Scholarship Club Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff J Stuqent Govermnent Associati Girl Reserves Grissom, Vivian Apprentice Club Distributive Education Linz Pin Good Scholarship Club Gross, Henry Louis Tennis Club Dianond Disc Club Crack Company '39 Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Grubbs, Paul Franklin Guy, Ruby Louise Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Linz Pin Hadden, Mary Isabel 4 Yr. Certificate l s aire, Oliver Charles 4 Yr. Certificate ' Guard Pottery Art Club Hall, Raymond Lee, Jr. Sgt. R. O. T. C. Guard amilton, Jack Winters Hardin, Mary Fay Girl Reserves Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Hardy, Clarence O., Jr. Harlan, LaVerne Apprentice Training Club Good Scholarship Club Pottery Art Club Linz Awards Distributive Education Harpold, Joe Lee R. 0. T. C. Officer Band Harrington, Mary Vernelle Student Government Association Good Scholarship Club , ,xg 5 FLA , x-:J - 'Ll lllt e I 1l!b llil A """""i "" f"""' ""c1vr?'E'7j'vn:fwf,g? -. 1- 'H:':W'L1""' T- :firm 'I 1' ra "H xt., ., it T env "' 3 f ,adfixf A "1 4 1 f 3 , kg , ' f 1, ' c K f'5f'l"T ig A fi . H - 1" 'Q' 111,-, ' ' -M, 51 , l lggi , H ,,,: ,Wwe ,,,,, , ww A Mwggw Fplghl n g C ,. f .. R 6 I 3 -Q e mma - My .... , .1 aa' ' 1 Uv 1- 4 Q, A se rf J Q lr Q N L B In ,gk e553 -Yfilivwf fe-. sgilh 5 4 df: gr NW Af 4 1 w H' 4 if X a y S ' sf A . 2 x 5 fi 5 S we mi, GB U Ex " 5' - gif feVfQ+m? ' ' ..f- " -wwf LL-5 ii K -A.f k 3 Hart, Bobbie Cathan National Honor Society Linz Pins Pan American Forum Hearn, Benny L. R. 0. T. C. Officer Student Goverment Ass'n. Tech Talk Sta!! Heinfeld, Mark E. Herren, Michael Eugene Wolf Pack Sta!! Tech ,Talk Staff School Play Stamp Club Hestand, Harland Dogglas I4 r. Cert.l Guard Hildebrand, Jayne Lorayne Camera. Clnb Tennis Club Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Sta!! Wolf Pack Staff Hodges, George Marvin, Jr. 4 Yr. Certificate Hoehn, G. L. Band Officer National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club 12 0 aa 1 . nj 5 .5 4Lf,...-- ss' 7 --- 2 ' 50 Hopson, Dorothy Virginia House, James Alvis Distributive Education Apprentice Club Good Scholarship Club Student Goverment Ass' n. Howard, Stephen ' Tech Talk Staff Guard ' Student Government Association Hoyle, Homer Donald Football Baseball Captain Pottery Art Club Huerta, Cruze 4 Yr. Certificate Hunter, Edna Mae Student Goverment Ass' n. Good Scholarship Club Debate Team '40 Pep Squad Huse, Georgia Helen Ingram, Anna Charlotte National Honor Society Texas State Junior Classical League ' Linz Pins Eta Sigma Phi Latin Tournament 1:5 U. 7,1545 -'L' -.,.',.,. ,,,,..,.,.........m-n,.,-. .Y Isaminger, Ernestine Conmerci al Art Club Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Jacobs, Charles Edward R. O. T. C. Major Track National Honor Society Linz Award Jenkins, Robert David R. 0. T. C. Declamation Contest '40-' 41 Student Government Association Stamp Club Distributive Occupations Jennings, William Grove Jeter, Marion Good Scholarship Club Johns, Jimmie Johnson, Betty Jo Student Government Association Pep Squad Chorus ' Journal Columnist V Girl Reserves Johnson, Sybil fi 52 t . xg V ohnson, Wilbern Johnson, Winfred Hershel Kanelos, Billy National Honor Society Guard Good Scholarship Club 'Kesnerg Tom Max' Guard Good Scholarship Club iimbrell, Robert Keith Cannercial Art Club Senior Assembly Jan.'41- May '41 Good Scholarship Club King, Marguerite Girl Reserves Klement, Jewel Knapp , Gail Kathryn National Honor Society Girl Reserves Linz Pin Student Govermnent Ass'm A7 1 1 I Is a' -2' ,,ii vslhk XO- .. .I:E3a ,Q:?.- xii P -an A W Q E I w ' A 4 We 1 an in 1 M s F ' A , K J N f gy ifw ,. A - M ,,,. TEH 1MHEQ5l A Ei me I W Nga S Jn Vw- wf ' N N X We, f'R.J". i i i W' A , ,fj,,. . L- ', - 1 f f -1. V f M' fs. fy - 4 Q Q 4 vi S' 44.1, 313' 1 3 wfkxgwi 5 f ijf' ' 22, I 5, Q . as I , L, - L. ' S3 5 iff +UQlf T iFfX' . LEWQK? is R 1 , L. Q 1 ' . 1 , - -: Q -swrlfgevgvhie. z , 1 .. :sf1f,g'f"fr.i,fj Q -Q - is X 5' fi . K . 5 , nf Krecek, Lloyd Lane, Charles Edward Sgt. Major R. O. T. C. Lange, Bobby Charles 4 Yr. Certificate Lawhorn, Adeline Inter-Schol astic Contest Layne, Billie Ruth Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Lea, John Brown Asst. Gu ard Captain Lester, Virgil Theo American Eagle Club Guard Good Scholarship Club Lewis, Ruth Pep Squad Tech Talk Staff mi N ZZ 9. rpsqgj 7 ittle, Patrick Good Scholarship Club Chorus Tech Talk Staff Advanced Printing Slip Boy Little, William Dallas Lt. Col. R. O. T. C. Sgt. of Arms Diamond Disc. Club All City Rifle Temn Crack Company Lloyd, Betty June Long, Billy Gene National Honor Society Linz Award Comercial Art Club Lopez, Thomas Neftali Cap' t. R. O. T. C. Tech Talk Staff Diamond Disc. Club Good Scholarship Club Lovell, James Donald Loyd, John Edward, Jr. Staff Captain R. O. T. C. Cap' t. Rifle Team '41 All-City Rifleman lst Place Crack Company ' 38-' 39 Crack Platoon ' 40 Lyons, Kenneth Hugh - National Honor Society Pan American Student Forum President Student Government Track Hi-Y W, ' hu ' 5 Aff? .9 . j I 34" EE! I .aspe- . Wqmm ffm:-www--.w.Qm,mn.T,.w,nvvn-.wwi--.-Y.. W Lyons, Robert Douglas President 4A Class National Honor Society . Pan American Student Forum Hi-Y Linz Pin McAllister, W. M. Major R. O. T. C. Crack Company '39 Crack Platoon F40- Vice Pres. Diamond Disc. Club Linz Award McBride, Marmette Pottery Art Club McCormick, Floye McKinney, Carl McKinney, Elizabeth Good Scholarship Club McKoo1, Ferris Tech Talk, Circulation Mgr Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club S. G. A. McLean, Edson 4 Yr. Certificate X. V Q42 S-- .fi QAWZ i McQuagge, Clifford Maurice McReynolds, John Oliver K4 Yr. Cert.l Pottery Art Club Madden, Virginia Linz Pin National Honor Society Maddox, Jaunell Good Scholarship Club Aviation Club S. G. A Mann, Avva Tennis Pottery Art Club Pep Squad Good Scholarship Club Mansour, Sheffie Football Martin, G. W. Jr.H YL Cernl Good Scholarship Club R. 0. T. C. Hi-Y Crack Co '40 Marinick, Otto 522' 3-10 ,f,r.--fmt- Y-ei-.. new. -..,. e. M, is-'kk in--f., ,. .4lL I J . .-xx H X-V ,AWA ' . .f we .Y ., ,g-.w,m.,,., ,.,,,, ,mv ,,,,,,. shi? Q f -.gf , 'Qi mwww r Martinez, Feliberto R. Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Cartoonist 1 Ya Cannercial Art Club Guard Mathews, Margarette Pan American Forum Linz Pins . S. G. A. Distributive Occupation Apprentice Club Mauldin, Mary Frances Linz Award Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Melton, Geneva Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Pep Squad' Girl Reserves Merrill, Lanette S. G. A. Good Scholarship Club Michael, Norma Jean Milburn, Guy R. Miller, William Oscar Guard Captain ,fix 1 1 . Mitchell, Elizabeth Ella Pottery Art Club Cannercial Art Club Student Govermnent Association Montgomery, Dale E.' 4 Yr. Certilicate R. On T. C. Moore, Walter D. Wolf Pack Editor-in-Chief , American Eagle Club Good Scholarship Club Senior Day Cmnnittee School Play Morales, Joe Frank Band Pottery Art Club Moreno, Celia C. Morrison, John Howard 4 Yr. Certificate Murray, Manford 4 Yr. Certificate Track Tennis Team Mulkey, William A. fl. X J. 1 ' N x :ww 'au V cffia A , t x' jj X x -me f 5f,wmL:j,'3 A -,.. . :A Y.,i1,v.:v,,V5i :qw Naab, Philip John Earl National Honor Society Linz Pins Good Scholarship Club Student Goverment Association Vice-Pres. Future Teachers Association Nash, Thomas Newell, Virginia Rose Good Scholarship Club Newman, Orion Fremont Captain of Golf Tenn Pres. oi Hi-Y Guard Good Scholarship Club Honor Graduate Ni codemus , Kenneth Lawrenc Packwood, Cora Conmercial Art Club Pottery Art Club Parks, Marjorie Conmercial Art Club Student Goverment Association Paschall, Belker D. Jr. All-City Hi-Y Pres. Senior Hi-Y Pres. Foreuanship Club, Pres. Good Scholarship Club S" I , 4 ' ' , .. x,.. N, 1. , ll. ' exft.-M'1,:4-:vA..f-mm. Phillips, Vona Muriel Pep Squad Pottery Art Club Good Scholarship Club Pickett, Walter Marion Baseball National Honor Society Potts, Walter Eugene Football Guard Captain Prewitt, Florene Girl Reserves Stamp Club Good Scholarship Club Price, James A., Jr. Guard Captain Track, '37, ' 38 Intermural Sports Civic Federation Junior Hi-Y M , 6 Pride, Jack Russell Good Scholarship Club Student Government Association, Senator Library Council Guard n Purnell, Hugh Allan, Jr. Captain of Tennis Tenn Tech Talk Staff Guard Captain Senior Hi-Y Putman, Paul Thom s 14 Yr. Cert.l Guard Captain Student Goverment Ass'n. Basketball, Hi-Y - guisfifmy' 1 N - ,. .- -aka-H - . ,rlx.,.., -,-1 -,-F-uctrwrsvgws L fe Ii-c - wir, 50311 5 in , . , 7 -- - Y,--Y ,ffffsp-We, ,Mi Y .F 1...,,h.,,,,,.ffs. Ransom, Eugene Football Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Ransom, Milton D. 14 Yr. Cert. Student Government Ass' n. Good Scholarship Club Guard Tech Talk Staff-News Editor Advanced Printing Reames, Ira Fay Good Scholarship Club Reaves, James Warren American Eagle Club Reed, Carroll Newfon Good Scholarship Club Guard Rheinlander, Helen Virginia Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Sta!! Library Council Good Scholarship Club Student Goverment Ass' n. Roberson, Donald Ross, Betty Distributive Occupations I2 Yrs. l Apprentice Club Good Scholarship Club K? ' 1 r , Eze' W o A V l Ruhnke, John William Good Scholarship Club Student Government Club Perfect Attendance Ruiz, Lily Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club !Salas, Neomi Sanchez, A. Henry Basketball Intra-Mural Lettennan Cmnnercial Art Club Sassin, Myrtle Theresa Pottery Art Club Treas. of 4A Home Room Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Schoonover, Grace P Sebastian, Jo Pearl Apprentice Club Good Scholarship Club Distributive Education Shaw, Harry Lavern Senior Hi-Y Sgt. at Arms of 4A Hone Roan Guard Captain Good Scholarship Club 1 ' x -P , ,,-quvq-we--.f--.-4---N.--t -..,. -,.A...,,..--.-.....---D-H -V- , wield! K , Q 2 il 3 if NEW K ei Ma W f, 3. T? 5 ,,ff,Quxw ,we . W' X " Q. f ifewesz I Q lap xt-9 Wggf r- 7,VVk, , wneousaws ,hi for wo, I Lev' ,L a Ja '51fg:.?n2gis9.y, -mmaaep rmmwwa lffigi? 1n-a' ,.Q,.,,.,.., ,... . 'EEEQ SAM , .M .V N, f z . 44' A ii-6 use 5, , .,..2:t. Wi ,riegf .L I M new W i , W nf- K .s K R. , ,k,5.ga.l 5: t, in . "Qin, a . ,L .. ,,kLk 43575 H X - f Q, J Q 3' 1 it gffvgiffqf , 'Y' , 1 fx is L llE:'uEeg . s' -Qggjg on Q , iz ' L--' "-- - -N1-fm-vvw ...-.,,,..t...,...--r,...,.m.,..W..-1-f-n.,.- Shelton, Maxine Student Goverment As soci at ion Shinn, W. Leon Shipp, Lavonia Girl Reserves Student Government Associat- ion, Senator Good Scholarship Club ' Shuford, Charles Britte Shumway, Cecil Buddy Skaggs, Mary Frances Linz Pins - Tech Talk Staff Everts Award National Honor Society Thrift Assistant Skinner, Charlie Ann Good Scholarship Club g Linz Pin Corrmercial Art Club Girl Reserves Student Government Association Slate, Bonnie Marie Linz Pin National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club ,PL , 14.- 30? C16 Z -iigf A , ,X 111 'K X Q ww' A mnm "m J YW.-.m-me Q---v W. mith, Billie Ann 4 Yr. Certificate Smith, Dan K4 Yr. Certificate! Commercial Art Club Camera Club Student Goverment Ass' n. mith, Hollie Francis National Honor Society Linz Pins Latin Club Smith, Howard Smith, Ruth Estelle Sec. National Honor Society - Pres., Sec., Treas. of Girl Reserves 4 Year Linz Pin Student Government Ass' n. Part Time Apprentice Smithson, Robert H. Jr. Student Goverment Associat- ion, Senator, Vice-Pres. Pottery Art Club Good Scholarship Club Guard Track Sparks, Dorothy ' Distributive Education Linz Pin Pottery Art Club Apprentice Club Good Scholarship Club Stayton, James E Crack Company ' 38, ' 39, '40 Good Scholarship Club , I ,X X. A 0- L M. L M,.Lf...si.........s..xl?.s,.. nl..l.,,,- ed. nv vin, ..mm,.e,: af: . V. -N --wt ',.Y..n. .W ..,., N.. .,...+-wwf-rv-.t,.-,Wpwnume,, Y., .fe M.. .,.,.W,v-,,,,., . r:,ef-faewarra ua ,V A . - - , Afwewfff - f A ft.,,yf:'1f-gr, ,, ,. ,, A ,A t. 2 as I , K fi . M551-,,-Q, diiurmr , Mia ' . Q A fa. ,i3'?.f?'f sgkaeav me W y at .s ' A V , M- 1 .H -, Wikia: V as tammy ' kmwwivfwwewgwvwwwwmw mem W - f s1,af:w-4'-1. Af f: 1 - W . -. :,- i."a,,g:.:25g: iv t. ,..: V S Q A0 1 I' W ,w, if an ' rp 5 ff ix get Ai fr ra f W J t s si ft 'egg rg , if? K ft- SEWQQQZ 'Wqtv'i, R iayeiimai f-Ju 211' 1 'v wr- Azz. 51' : , 5 rua? A a . V y te 49 'Y Stevens, Stella Pearl Girl Reserves Cumnercial Art Club Stevenson,-Dorothy Fay I National Honor Socie y Sec. of Student Government Linz Pins Essayist Stone, Donna Belle Band Band Editor Good Scholarship Club Student Director in Band Stovall, Dwight W. 4 Yr. Certificate Stangi, Lena Tech Talk Staff Pottery Art Club Good Scholarship Club Student Government Association Stubblefield, Charles Q Vice-Pres. National Honor Society Pres. Student Government Association Capt. Football Capt. Basketball Baseball Tate, Emma Gladine Student Government Association Thorn, Bill Q 46 wg 1 wut w5v E vii-4' .Je f e ' z r rr f A.1La.uAi1,i ima:-tha .xi . ......-.....a.......f..4,. innerello, Louis Gene, Jr. Vice-Pres. Senior Class National Society - Linz Award Student Government Association Guard Tipton, Silma Louise Pottery Art Club oberny, Richard Raymond American Eagle Club Superintendent Sheet Metal Intrmnural Track Good Scholarship Club Treadaway, Evelyn Distributive Occupations Linz Pin Apprentice Training Club ,Special Editor iTurner, Betty Jean Cheerleader Girl Reserve All School Play One Act Play Good Scholarship Club f Underwood, Marjorie Lois Vick, Cleta Fae Pres. of Cafeteria Manager Van Fleet, Cornelius National Honor Society Student Govermnent Ass'm Pres. ot Stanp Club Good Scholarship Club Guard x 'QQ n':1': 51'l' -:::. f'llll-P Yao' Hllll 79 X .1253 ""'o",.:::1 'ISEIII llklllli ,i -3 . 4 -, ' -fi . dv ' ,iran 655 ning' l 4 59.1 'L f. ...Q 41W' ' .pii A APWQAQQQQ to H .ngggg PM f. ,,., ,Q 3',.7QQgEg - Q V - nfrvzifv Z s..1f,af55fl233f:f? - , , .. Wu .,,f,,, ,, iggyyy A, '17-f S I V ., A fd 1. as 4',. .gi 5 3' Wade, Granville Pegeen Wadley, Robert W. Major R. O. T. C. Pres. Diamond Disc Club Rifle Team - 2 years Crack Company '38, '39 Crack Platoon, '40 Walker, Ozell, Jr. Walker, Russell Band Future Teachers - Sec. R. 0. T. C. Ward, Evelyn Mae Counselor' s Office Future Teacher Association Pres. '40. F. T. A. Vice - Pres. '41 Girl Reserves Tennis Club Warner, John Ernest Good Scholarship Club Stbudent Goverment Ass' n. Guard Watson, William Ardrey Gu ard Captain ' 1 Watson, William Thomas Good Scholarship Club Senior Hi-Y Tech Talk Staff Basketball - Student Government Ass' n. v 3 , I ,' 1 . - L 'rr-fvrv-'1wv.,y,,.----Q-r-g-3.7,-f ff-1'-vw..e..,.,.sWf-ev-u,,.,f ,, Wm W, I .,,,,,,,k,,.,, ,..,..,a .. ,,,e4m-.,. -W. -few . A . , .. . .4-gf . :?5tY'!'V3sv :2,iii!1g,,t A :eat ' Q 41, gl :fm ' ' - 1 A .. .L 1 .. 1 i z Weatherford, Andrew A.,Jr. National Honor Society I. P. I. National Essay Scholarship 2 Pan American Student Forum 5 Drum Maj or - Band Captain Diamond Disc Club g Weaver, Dorothy Ellen Tennis Team Student Goverment Ass'n. Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff 4Sportsl Webb, Hazel Wevona Pottery Art Club Wellman, Tom Band .A Wester, Mabel Frances Conrnerci al Art Club White, Billie Gee Baseball Tech Talk Student Government Ass'n. White, Lu Von White, Robert Jean XX m.n..,.. ...,,l-n.n.- ,M .,., .. .n...e,.-Lmwwm M -MM, A MN W- Mb ENN NNWQ, , 'CWTQP sic 2 ici? ireew iwirll sci-,G snwllssf sweeter Qiiiswwi FEQQTY s ziiiscswessi . in ,M V ,.v. , .L,: 3 .WQW Ml Q, fl Mwww QQ fm: .','f L',, fem I axis ggi Aa? iff 3213525 SP5 3, c, c ssshitil N 9 Qiwf, fx- 'QQ Wiseley, Clarke Milton LL L a L Q Rifle Tean Diamond Disc Club Track All-City Soloist Wilkinson, Billie Ruth National Honor Society Latin Tournament Pottery Art Club Sec. of Latin Club Williams, Celest Louise Girl Reserves Pep Squad Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff 'Williams, Jewelle Ruth Linz Bible Award Cunnercial Art Club, Pres Canera Club Girl Reserves . Williams, Mary Rebecca National Honor Society Pottery Art Club Willis, Robert Lee, Jr I4 Yr. Certificate Wolven, Amy Ruth National Honor Society Linz Pins Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Wood, Earl F. Good Scholarship Club nfl all AO ff 422220 Y A I R. O. T. C. A541 lhvf- . - f ,fff ' .a. wi, ' -flf , 'AiWR. A!! 2 , li ,,4 lggia I ,,,,A 2524 N .Z5gj:, as ismfl. ' Works, Verne Albert R. 0. T. C. . Hudson Flying Club Safety Contest Yates, Frank Lester, Jr. Linz Pin Good Scholarship Club Essayist Senior Hi-Y Guard are, Joe Part Time Apprentice Linz Pin Student Goverment Association National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club DwgMs,MmaLw Student Government Ass'n. Sec. of Advisory Home Room Chorus . Beane, Anne 4 Yr. Certificate Flatt, Carelton Jack 4 Yr. Certificate Hargrave, Cecil W. Hernandez, Hortencia Hill, Raymond Thomas '-'HwrnwrwAREMK4-e--4wnn'zmv.qywt-1-warewp-isff- --an-ff-my X ...-I Those Not Pictured-- Wilson, J. T. Huie, James Raleigh 4 Yr. Certificate Sgt. R. 0. T. C. Crack Platoon, '40 Parnell, Olen Ruce Phillips, Claude M. Rawlings, Laguine Rener, Bessie :Ji ' x 1 41' ' f e if dr pgsieilisii' om nmixi LL Bride lElV O If' GIRLS BOYS Lena Strangi Wilma Green Lois Giles Rosemary Elliott Wittiest Best Dressed Most Reliable Best Personality Billie Ruth Wilkinson Peppiest Juanell Maddox Best Jitterbug Ruth Wolven Most Likely to Succeed Charlie Ann Skinner Biggest Chatterbox Elizabeth Carswell Sweetest Anna Ingram Most Intelligent Betty Jean Turner Best School Citizen Anne Beane Rose Lee Badgett Adeline Lawhorn Sayrah Cornelison Cleta Fae Vick - .-'F'-3-1 .Ti- ii'- l Xl L Best Figure Best Sport Best Dramitist Most Inquisitive Most Melancholy William Miller Howard Smith Walter Moore Billy Watson Harry Shaw Tom Gilbert Arnold Weatherford Joe Ware William Click Bob Lyons Kenneth Lyons Richard Toberny Thomas Lopez Mickey Herren Ferris McKool William Jennings T?-'- E Q. --. 1 2 D '- . tba N B X, -,1 : A K-. fs 2 ',,51- ' ., L 3 I' V' B I I -'lx k .A V .,, N If H, ff , .. 11,5 .Q- t . V 11140 ' ff - Jiisiiss ,....v.,.T. -M .... . ...,..- ,.v..,,,.-.., ace.. GIRLS Albright, Irene Beck, Bonita Birdwell, Billie Burke Britt, Helen Brown, Dorothy Marie Brown, Katherine Buccola, Johnnie Buchanan, Mildred Burns, Lela Marie Campbell, Patsy Casebier, Billie Jo Clark, Maxine Billie Clark, Pearl Lillian Coppinger, Gloria Cordell, Lois Crawford, Betty Jo Crockett, Mildred Currey, Geneva Davis, Georgia Davis, Laura Lee Eckstein, Laurette Fazzio, Christine Gallatin, Ione Hawkins, Margaret Hayden, Rebecca Ann Hilton, Reta Ray Hitchcock, Dorothy Lee Hyde, Juanita Johnson, Roma Jones, Emojean King, Lillian Lemons, Dorothy Lemons, Paula LePori, Geraldine Lindsey, Avyoline Mashburn, Martha Jo Morris, Ellarose E Nater, Katherine Nelson, Sue Phillips, Dorothy Belle Poole, Margaret Ramey, Maggie Jo Raney, Katherine Rawlins, Adda Rivers, Ruth Roberts, Natacha Rust, Fredna Samaniego, Albina Sebastian, Vera Fern Smith, Grace Smith, Mary Lou Spangle, Loyce Evelyn Spreisterbach, Ruby Lee Stansberry, Iva Mae Stewart, Winona Stoughton, Hazel Streeter, Peggy Tharp, Helen Jane Thomas, Ida Verne Varcasia, Catherine Villasana, Ophelia Wells, Neta Fay Williams, Ada Ruth Witt, Ruth :av ............n.....n..i...,..n......,......................... . ......... .. C4 B'sD BOYS Anderson, Hugh Argovitz, Jack Bahn, Kurt Baker, Tollie Bartlett, Fred Batchelor, Leon Bateman, Pete Betz, James Black, Reaford Bogart, Walter Brady, Hudson Hill Brewer, George Brown, Sam Burnett, Billy Carson, Lawrence Carter, Jack Carver, George Wesley Chaney, Milford Charles, Sheldon Choate, Ben Classe, Joe Vick Collins, Cliff Coppinger, Douglas C. Crawford, Eugene Crawford, Wayne Crume, Ralph Darby, James Davis, Robert Elder, Jimmy Eitle, Leonard Epps, Mitchell Farmer, Curtis ' Faulkner, Jack Fehmel, Lawrence Flores, Mike Foster, James Fridrich. George Fulcher, Jack Gagliardo, A. C. Gilbert, Frank Gill, Elmer Goswick, Oliver Grady, Kenneth Halbert, Donald Harbison,'Hi1ton Hare, Ernest Hart, Doyle Henry, Fred Herron, Jack Hilton, Francis Hilton, Joe Hinton, Lewis Holanhan, James Howard, Stanley Hrabel, J. B. January, Benny Johnson, Curtis Jones, Cecil Andie Jordan, John W. Kannenberg, Charles Lambert, Clarence Leito. Leroy Litton, Perry Long, Loyd Luna, Jack Owen ,,,'5,.-.,.. -.N .W A .Wav cw, .,,-. Lutes, Calvin McAlister, lClaudel Fredrick McCall, Richard Ellis McCamey, Clifford McCratic, Eugene McGrew, Milton McKinney, George Miller, LeRoy Milliken, Spencer Minter, Billy Mitchell, Jerry Moore, Edwin Morale, Nick Morin, Rudy Morris, Arthur James Morris, Harvey ' Morrison, Charles Walter Neal, Vernon, Ray Nichol, Lynch Ogden, George Parker, Harold Patterson, Doyle Parnell, Olen Reece Pendergrass, Robert K. Penn, Homer Phillips, Jimmie Pickett, Harold Pope, Edward Reeves, Edward Redding, Allen Revelt, Jean Arnold Rivera, Armando Roland, James Sanders, Claude Schiebel, Richard Scholl, Ray Sears, Gordon Shaddor, Charles Shannon, Bill Shipman, Billy Shires, J. Q Shub, Jack Sorrell, Alfred Sparks, 0. Q Stanglin, Julius Stevens, A. M. Sturges, John Thompson, Zach Tuley, Benny Todd, Robert Toler, A. O Vaden, Edgar Leon Vickery, William Walker, Jack Walker, Lindal Weir, Clarence Wertz, Jimmie Weston, Alfred White, Otis White, Paul Whistler, George Wigley, James Williams, Hoyt Woodley, Billy Yarbrough, Thad Ray im: I mm Illlilf a I I The Tempest - - - - Report card day The Reign of Terror - - - Examination week The Clan - - ------ The faculty Daddy Long Legs ---- - Coach Hayes Blazed Trail - - - - - Dean's office Age of Innocence - ---- Freshmen All Quiet on the Western Front - Study Hall 102 Great Expectations ----- - Diplomas Around the World in Eleven Years - The Seniors Slave Ship - - - ---- Home Work So Big ----+--- Bill Carson Two Years Before the Mast - - The Sophomores The Pilot ----- Principal Schiebel Amazing Interlude ---- - Lunch Hour To Have and to Hold - Back seats in any class Ancient History ----- Football Team Tyranny of Words ------ English Tall Men with Long Rifles - - - R. O. T. C. The Little Minister - - - Grady Etheridge Keeping Physically Fit - Mr. Tysor's P. E. Boys What Shall I Be - - The Seniors' Big Problem Time Out for Adventure - - - Easter Holidays Young Man of Manhattan ---- Harry Shaw Your Baby and Mine - - Six years from now Your Money's Worth ---- - Pay assembly The Age of Reform ---- Detention Hall All This, and Heaven Too - - - - Graduation C.' F?g in ,I Qiizes '7EEi'. meal! 'SFR 1 fl 1igfB'-I AHF, rx - sd! X fV..,3 '5 'X' K f,1f'?iil2Ef' Y I V, . f . , voAAf.-J ' -A-1-L.-U...1. ' W. Y' 1 U V, ,Z x i ox iflk f 1 -1 ' avail Gran. 'ix fel! .C w 1. nk , A 'MX' 1 ,N xlf'L4v3HLuiwh f '-2,7722 Wi Mary Dean Adams Joyce Alexander Patsy Berryman Juanita Branch Adelina Briones Margaret Candy Lois Cordell Lanrette Eckstein Rdsenary Elliott Lucille Frels Annette Gillespie National Honor Society Gail Knapp Kathryn Lane Geraldine Le Puri Virginia Madden Miss McEvoy, sponsor Pauline Medley Ellarose Morris Kenneth Lyons John Malm Charles McKool Philip Naab Dixie Richards Fredna Rust Bonnie Marie Slate Frances Smith Ruth Estelle Snith Joyce Spense Charles Reid Jerry Rowan Charles Stubblelie Marion Surrmar Louis Tinerillo Dorothy Stevenson Billie Ruth Wilkerson Mary Williams. Ruth Wolven Paul Barnett James Cavaleri Harold Chapel Morton Clary George Fridrick ld Roy Gilliam Joe Hilton G. L. Hoehn Bobbie Hart Harold Parker Cgmeyu V F1 t Anna Ingram ' Robert Pendegrass Joe Waies an ee . gkfleiaixggs Evelyn Jacobs Walter Pickett Jack Lee Ward Billy Gene Lo Maribeth Johnson Taylor Reagovn Arnold Weatherford Bob Long 'ug -sex' 1 9 seniornuz-r from Legt to Right: F1-Tst Row: Kenneth Lyons, Sec. and Treas., James M. Darley, Sgt.-at-Arms,Beeker D. Paschnll, Pres-. ron! L. lates. from Left to Right: Sgcond'l?mn: Harry Shaw, Hugh Calhoun, Jack Argo, Baity Bax-tel. from Left to Right: Third Row: Maurice Bedwell, Bob Lyons, J. W. Harrelson, Paul Putnamg from Left to Right: fcrufrth, gow: Wyman Bass,lHa.ro1d Parker, Suther Hi1son,'Thomns Bostlclr. Mt. Green-sponsor. Blot Pictured: Orion Newnna.nQ ice-Pres., William Click, Evert Myers, Stanley Howard. l 'fn -.fu Y' ,- - with 1, an 'Six Student Government Association The officers of this year s Student Goverment are: Kenneth Lyons, 'Pres., Dick Schiehel, Vice-Pres., Dorothy Stevenson, Sec. , Shirley Holtz, Treas., and Buddy Shumway, Safety Conmissioner. The Student Goverment held its spring dance March 2. In February, they gave a dance in honor of the basket- ball boy. Student Goverment also sponsored the Friday mntinees. In May the S. G. A. gave an Athletic Banquet in honor oi all athletic boys. The general aim of the S. G. A. has been to improve conditions of the school and to create a better school spirit each year. Raymond Allensworth Opal Allison Margie Anderson Wallace Ashwood Leon Bachelor Roma Ball George Barnnes LaMarr Bentley Edna Earle Bigelow Ruby Boyd Don Brandenburg Lorene Bryant Juanita Branch Adelina Briones Joy Broone v Altor Brown Elton Brown Roy Brown Johnnie Buccola Charles Buckanan Charles Butler Esther' Carlile Lawrence Carson H. T. French Harold Gann Joe Garcia Mary Louise Geer Tcxnasco Gonzals Herman Grayson Nadinue Green Lee "Cotton" Gunner Vernalee Gutterly Thomas Hamilton Earline Hmmond Willian Hancock La Verne Harlan Harold Harkins Sybil Hawkins John Heckler Joyce Henderson Dale Henry Virgil Hester Jack Hill Betty Lou Hinman L. D. Hodges Earnestine Holmes Betty Jean Huddleston Edith Mankins Martha Jo Mashburn Pauline Medley J. C. Hiller Peggy Hiller Elizabeth Mitchell Billy Murray Mary Murphy Ruth Nesmith W. C. Nolen David Oswalt Morris Palumbo Marie Bendergrass Victor Phelps Margarie Phillhrick Gene Curtis Prewtt Doris Price Margie Pveks Frances Raney Taylor Reagon Charles Riek Frances Robinowitz Harold Rose Myra Jean Rose Gloria White Billie Mae Willis Glen Wilkins Hollace Wilson Thomas Voodoll Geneva Wright Myrna Young Ben Zavala Ferris McKool Billy Stephenson Virgil Carlson ..4,.....:., J, .f . . . ,fsa,l.., Ruth Crober George Carver H. T. Finch Jackie Stansil Charles Stubbleiield Sue Nelson Jack Pride Louis Tinnerello Rosemary Elliott Henry Seqnen Jack Carter Ula Bell Cassey Henry Cechan Dorothy Jo Clayton Billy Clouinger George Cobbs Mary Lee Collins Gloria Coppinger R. L. Corley Howard Coursey John Crisp Melba Curtis James Day Doris Deaton Helen Digiacinto Sidney Doss Joe Drake Leatrice Draper Warren Elliott Lerna Ellis Anna Ferguson Jack Fleming Lucile Frels Floyd Humphries Genevieve Ingram Frances Jenkins ' Joesphine Jimenez Roy Johnson Anna Mae Jones Virginia Jones Dorothy Kelsey George Kenner Richard Kolody Helen Kopocky Kathryn Laine Leo Lance Paula Lemnons Avyoline Lindsley Millred Long Eva Lopez Margaret McCorvey Gloria McCraH Honner Joe McGregor Charles McKool Audrey Faye McNeill Buster Mahaffi Bill Malone Enoch Salas Virginia Sanders Carl Sharp Lavonia Shipp Bill Shumon Ladelle Skaer Ed Smith Larry Smith Joyce Spence Roscoe Stephens Lois Stevens Alice Stovall Earl Swearenger Annette Tarter Gladine Tate Howell Thanpson Virginia Tipton Robert Tompkins Junius Tuley Billie Ruth Vaughn Jim Ed Vermillion Gene Walker Gwen Harren Charles Watkins Maurine Watts -,l...,..,.sl...f ,.,...u,..:.--......-us..a.....,.,e lo..- . . ..., ..,ae....'... Pan American Club First Row: Left to Right: Albert Nesuda, Elia Martinez, Annie Menasco, Louise Maneles, Val Jewel! Sam Moreno Second Row: Ehla Belle Casey, Lucille Frels, Bobbie C. Hart Maribeth Johnston, Mary Loyce Arney. Third row Miss Davis,--Sponsor, Francis Robinouirtz, Dora Villasano, Patricia Berryman. Fourth Row: Bob Lyons, Kenneth Lyons, John Mahm Lupe Acosta Opal Allison Emna Jean Bishop Frances Blane Jacqueline Burton Angelina Caravella Dorothy Clayton Walter Craig Pottery Art Club Lillian Dycus Edna Mae Eaton Jeanelle Epperscn Billie Fanner Rita Gatton Floyd Heath Genevieve Ingram Nell Lagon C anner Vela Dorothy Lester Miss Lightfoote, sponsor Violet Mackie Mary June McMillan Katherine Murray Cora Packwood Betty Earl Radick Christine Ranto Marjie Reed Catherine Sassin Myrtle Sassin Howard Snith Mary Ruth Stevens Louise Tipton Violet Tyler Mary Ulmer ,,,.,.-W. . Y... ,. :i.W,r.a-.-.Ween-e.. , ,-..,,w.ef'.,-......, ,.,...,,,.-q-N-m......-,..w,.w...-o. W. -...-..-W aw. Library Council Seated from left to fright: Mary Lou Ledbetter, Alma Sloan, Martha Lamb, Retta Mae Gauger, Joanna Myers, Rose Lee Badgett, Fay Williams. Standing: Bert Thompaon, Woodrow Peck, J. L. Wilson, Roy Crownover, Jim Vennill- ion, Jack Pride, Standford Stinson, Betty Jo Johnson, Ernestine Holmes, Bula Belle Casey, Loyce Spangle, Hel- en Rheilander, Billy Williamson and Mrs. Margaret Walraven, sponsor. Junior Red Cross From left 'to right: First Row: Angeline Morale, Louise Manelis, Betty Jean Hawkins, Violet John Mackie, Theda Hembree. Second Ron: Margaret Hawkins, Pauline Cunningham, Vesta Mae Duncan, Sybil Hawkins. Third Row: Lois Giles, Marjouie Harris, Elizabeth Carswell, Marshall Heflin, John Heckler. Fourth Row: Bob Heckler, Floyd Heath, Jack Harrison. . ..,......... ., . . .....,.....,... ....... . ,... ...., uma.. ...,.,.. ..-N ... - ........ ..,..,..-..,.a . ..-........, ...... ..,. .....--......l,,-,.,.i. - .., .. . , , -an " ' '5,wwmr-suse-sw-H ' if W M -- W- X- -A Us , . ,l . ' 1 F s X L.-, J . i V Guard Captains .Prom left to right: First F0105 Cecil Shumway, Safety Comm., Belker D. Paschall, Provost Marshall. Second Row: Richard McCallf5th, James Price-4b-c, Harry Shaw-Sth, La.Marr Beutleyfafter school, Bernie McSwa.in-4a-b, Bobby Lang-before school. 1'7111'rd Row: Billy A. Watson-4b-c, James Darley,-2nd, Maurice Bedwell-5th, Walter Potts-3d Eugene Crawford-4a-b, Francis Hilton-before school. Fourth Row: J. B. Tomson-Ist, Bill McDonald-6th, J. H. Lea '4b-C. Harold Mack-Aa-b,Wi11iam Vickeryflst, Asst. Comnander Lt. George R. Myers. Not pictured are: Paul Put- man-2nd, William Miller-3rd, Kent- Moore-alter school. Diamond Disc Club From left to 'rightg First Row: Commandant C. I. Linthicum, Major Robert Hadley, Pres., Major W. M. McAllister, Vice-Pres., Capt. Homer Penn, Sec., Capt. Benny January, Sgt. of Arms, Lt. Col. Bill Little, Sgt. 01 Arms, Lt. George Meyers, Ass. Conmandant. Second Row: Capt. Eddie Loyd, Lt. James Creech, Lt. James Jones, Lt. Thomas Hooper, Capt. H. L. Darlington, Lt. Jack Brooks, Capt. Thomas Lopez, Lt. Clarke Wiseley, Lt. Charles Van Dnsen, Capt. James Ferrel. Third Row: Major Charles Jacobs, Sgt. Charles Reid, Lt. Herman Balka, Sgt. Carol Willis, Sgt. Clifford McCamay, Lt. Jack Herron, Sgt. Nolan Green, Lt. Allan Redding, Lt. Kenneth Boyle. Fourth Row:Sgt. 0. Hackett, Sgt. Donald Wharton, Sgt. Bill Tilsen, Sgt. David Hurst, Sgt. Jack hxlcher, Sgt. Eddie Brown, Sgt. Charles Quirrium, Sgt. Donald Wharton, Lt. Jirrmy Elder, Lt. Grady Etheridge, Sgt. J. B. Wolfe, Sgt. Ernest Wor- ley, Lt. Henry Gross, Sgt. Jean Revelt, Sgt. Fred Roose. f-fr' Q I s 4 v 5 ii 1 L . i fligi- fu 5 4 .1 Rudi o Club ' - ' : H. T. F' h J Ferr'l, Stewart Wells Gene Beary Gene McCratic Billy 'Deutsch fggzncliegagnio Ray Bail2S,'BaT::sBartel, John Clark, Janes Jones, Helen Crabtree, bdes Choati, Pat Merrill, Walter Volkman, Lawrence Schmidt, Joe CIUPP. Marshall Heflilh DW Q"Ydef' I 1 Patsy Berryman Adelina Briones Billie Burk Margaret Candy, Esther Carlile Edna Chester Patsy Compton Marinell Cumpton Doris Dalton Helen Dvoracek Vi ce- Pees. Rosenary Elliott Leona Ellis Mary Ellen Elzey Wanda Fowler Mary Louise Geer Katherine Gilbert Wilma Green Ruby Guy Mary Fay Hardin Dorothy Kelsey Girl Reserves Jewell Klenent, Pres. Marguerite King Gail Knapp Dorothy Lsnon Kathryn Lane Violet Mackie Martha Jo Mashburn Geneva Melton Sue Nelson Evelyn Seale Anne Snith Lavonia Shipp LaDe11e Skaeer Jackie Stansil Ann Toodora Mary Ulmer Evelyn Hard Louise Williams Ursie Lee Womack Anita Yehle -...W i . . W.-. , L 1-5 . ,,,., , n ,,,, ,en Yw,. .,T...,,,.. W A fi-if fy-we fu-.Him X: 'Q ,::"fgo- ' wi -wise H-31 f Bti X Commercial Art Club F'1'm1 le6t to right: First Row: Billie Jo Casebils, Jewelle Ruth Williams, Pres., Mary Lee Wagner, Elizabeth Mit- chell, irginia Ganlt, Georgia French, Doris Dalton, Louise Mauelis, Inna Carsey. F-rom left to right! Second Row: Mildred Crockett, Mary Catherine Pressly, Laura Lee Davis, Cora Packwook, Dorothy Brown, Vanetta Perry, Edith Ellenburgh, Annette Reed. From left to right: Third Row: Juanita Anderson, Doris Eckman, Ursie Lee Womack, Sue Nelson, Henry Sanchez, Jixrmie Baker. from left to right: Fourth Row: Evelyn Seale, Billie Mae Willis, Inez, Cash, Norma Jean McOuire, Charlie Ann Skinner, Ellarose Morris, Hortense Hernandez, Frances Wester. From left to right: Fifth Row: Morton Clary, Joanna Myers, Tomy Davis, Stella Stevens, Opal Allison, Harriet Carter, Albert Ramirez, Joyce Mackie. From left to rightg Sixth,Ro1uf Roy Gilliam, Billy Williamson, Mitchell Epps, Filberto Martinez, Norman Kemp, Bob Kimbrel. From left to -right: Seventh Row: Mary Louise Geer, Richard Wilson, Ernest Edgefgsv DHD Sflifhy All-en Redding, Marvin Hodges. from left to right: Eighth Row: Mr. Kadel, sponsor, Betty Earl B 1C . H' gf , ' L ,A' A W V . ,, .. , I V, V 1 :V 4 t ,. wa 2 me i e as . .. ,.,. we . J' f V. f 714' Y 3 Nlf.,F M, :Wg 1' , QQ. kg 'Q x -fi , IQ ,Q V, ,N ,K :lf ' .1 Tw M A, ., - V1 3, mvefgq A . an get la-if of . , 'r-H Q A , . , ,, 'S - 1:51 ,- -Q e- if if , . , . ' : f"'2 if 3 1. 1 it 1 W p ia. .Mii,5' lf, A, Q .. :rk V wi gf. . . . , .F . . if i is A H A .f ' 4w11Q,1b2, ii" Iii,f wig W Dean 's Messengers FTUVIL left to fight: Front Row: Maurice Rodgers, Gearld Southern, Nathan Mnstain, Owen Scruggs, Melbnrn Hackett, Dwaine ee. Second, Row: Elvis Lam, Johnnie Snith, Frank Cornwell, Jimnie Phillips, Donald Halbert, Billy Vin- cent. Third Row: Herbert Chapman, Jack Green, Howard Snith, Harold Kaker. J' 5' 'P 1' Tech's 1941 R. O. T. C. Corps under the leadership of Captain C. I. Linthicum continued the efficiency that has been theirs for the past five years. Tech won the Fall Rifle Match, Corps Area Rifle Match, andthe Shoulder to Shoulder Match and is now in possession of all trophies given in R. 0. T. C. for the Dallas and Highland Park High Schools. HEH Company won the award for the most efficient company for the first semester. Captain Robert Wadley was commander. HGH Company won the award for the spring term with Captain Homer Penn in command. This year's Corps was streamlined by the addition of a new company. The new company to- gether with UDH and WEN Companies formed a Second Battalion, the first in Tech's history. This year's band was also efficient, carrying away honors in the All-City contest. The band also participated in the Greater Dallas Music Festival. 0 Y I f M gf fp- ' FE .J .ff i rf -'-'QM 1 .,vV,,,.,!.,,:. ,,. ,, . W ,. .. .. .. .ng Staff From left to right: First Rowg Lt. Col. Bill Little. Second Row: Major Rob- ert Wadley, Maj or Charles Jacobs, Captain Thomas Lopez, Captain Eddie Loyd. Third Row: Sgt. Donald Wharton, Sgt. Charles Quirium, Sgt. William Mulkey. 9 2 Hiflepfeam From left to right: First Ron: Major Robert Wadley, Lt. Col. Bill Little, Capt. Eddie Loyd, lst Lt. Clarke Wiseley, Capt. Homer Penn. Second Row- Sgt- Glenn Clark, Capt. Richard Barker, Capt. Benny January, 2nd Lt. JamesCreech. Third Row: Commandant C. I. Linthicum, Lt. George Meyers. N ,,Amm,,Mm,,,lN,, , . -1.5 -Cl omg QQ!-' .ao ts.-4 mo :n GJ v-I Pu O D GJ Ls o Z3 5 3 "D C Classe, Joe .5 -1 G -Pl :S u 0-' F- .1-4 2 'U v-4 'U 01:1 C416 D-4 G CD r-4 FST. lly Ted Canup, I-4 1-ld! 4.214 cl 1-r-4 HP n-NUI! S, Marvm Mullens, ..-4-rl CY-UID N GJ'-4 DAO O.-CI v-'40 -fl. VIZ ld Q O E o .aw I-I Hodges, Gilbert Martinez, r-4 GJ .2 4-v Q4 G! O Eh 5 Q bu r-4 u-1 .A D2 -1-4 -Cl 4-v G -r-4 A 8 ROM!! J our :G o 2 'SE' O U N Vi -e -Q 54 Q qs. .. V2 S-ar-4 0.216 P-I Z -we 01 R- --H li. 4-Y .u-'I -E+-V ha-I 'rl Q: 'U .I-4 -P O o-' 6-3 D 'DI 'iw N! O Q +3 .-4 www '-1005 'T 5 O. L 5- Lt A COMPANY Ul GJ v-4 H 11 -Q CJ --4 :I I U1 E V1 O VI 6 6 0 O bu O Q I-4 0 0-3 I-I ld O I-4 Nl O Ui O GJ r-I K3 I 'D -: GS Q cl K-4 O I Q O P 9-I .Pl 1-4 L7 . Q2 DD 'U C I El .61 O I 'U S-4 O WH D K5 U9 Pu r-I r-4 -v-4 D3 Fd 5-a I .D ID H O V1 'H P O Ei o as -Q OJ 5-1 D o cf.. 6 cs fe .5 .H :S O' 1-4 :Q 16 Q4 :I 3 O in B3 ,QU QW S-1 In ,-5 McConnell, an- ni :T es Bri el Leon Q1 .rl rl Ill GI n-1 UI ees, b W Hod S-4 KU O-' N! O. BIG v-UZ v-4 Q1 -. .Ev-4 Ov-4 4-ld GJ.: Vim Le ws no Y- O . SDL? CJ -.Di GJ .-4 Jack H1nson, 'O cl .1-4 N cr: Q id E OJ I 7 Parke r, lf! .64 O O Ll FD Joe V1 0 r-I I-Pu dv-I .Evil LJ.r4 D3 -- 3 O Ck: Pu 'Q P4 -E-v-4 4454 WN -e . 5.433 .PU In -F4 :U ug Ik be-C 33 UWB Q93 cf. ms u-IQ! -VU 5-v-4 Oh Rl 'Od n-41D Om I-4 GN -fa -.O Cl O- V101 Q-bd EE S sf .v-I Tompk i n QD 25 Q ld Z ie Robert arl -. 0 I-1 O O I J ames Yo tk, -Cl O :fi O b-1 Glen Clark, U1 cu S '1 P-T 1-4 xl n: ff Row: Marvin Dann eman, GJ -v-4 .Q O I4 4: GJ 4-v H O D-4 Howard 11, Eighth GJ .cz U H -.-4 E Georg e Garrett. 4-v s.. aa .a 1-4 as :c af W-l H o 3 Benny Ogata, nr-5 6 E we wood, Spots afd -Q -no E Q! D as V3 .-4 .-4 U-I 0.-E HU CJ-v-I EM bu.. v-IN -uv -ra.: CDO '1frdr'K'vf7i11fgG' f ' :f+5"'F'f-4,Mw:+NS9':fw ' CII 54:1 Rid Q!.,.q :Co-I VJ ,.v-1 O-'La u-1.5 O -5. U0-I -1-IDD HU! 'O OJ.. 5-nl-4 CY-409 n-4 .3 o-IN! s-'lr-3 CIP' O 'U 5-1 B. terrantq In O KD 4-2 Q cl O 4- tm ci .-4 Ross 1-I S-4 nd Q Shell, Pete S: ZITI Ad 4-3 cm 10 O 4-' as 1:1 nd O E :s o nthi Sgt. -1-4 r-I en SI RO t. Fo os D4 od O ef cm -HCI! 'Q --1 fr. lk -A 4-1 Q? DCO -Q-'U km VJ O +1 -mm an U01 'Qbu 2' From L B COMPANY J son, hn Jo Eugene P, o -CI an .H an 4: H cv ca :x an zz 3 O 2 'G L 'vi -If S1 cu o P b. as .-4 O o O u-4 .-4 as ,cs u H 'H IJ P rm cn :A cu H u :1 s.. 4-I W P UD ID VJ GJ DD D S-4 H OD 04 I-1 O CJ P -4 sd 3 E N 'U I-4 G! 3 'O Ii! Q O Ill -.da gs 'No E r-4 55.-4 our Q1-ca 3 sbs d ES HE WO Eff 41 .uf and og Un P4 :Tw 32 Cao gn E-4 .CI E-4 . CLE' no o O .. S 5:0 o wil 0-F -I-I . .alla 3 'UPS n-. o . r-iv-4 .-4.-1 .C S4113 03' on cn are .631 ws.. is P-T m Hamilton, Tom lly Maxwel J i -v-1 CD sf Davis Wyse, KD .hd I-4 ld D-1 'U Cl ld v-4 GJ v-I Jack Crozier, K1 dl 5-A 5-4 Nl 3 0 O '1 r 11, Jesse Seay 0 Smit H N! O D S KD DS 4-3 S4 CD .D O I 5.1. 41 6 -15 cs L1 ev -D I-I .I-4 -I Cl o 4-' H sd an on 45 ani uf u 0 E .12 LJ EI Q1 'O v-I Ii! 'Q 'U r-I G2 -v-4 'O-I W d .-4 -0-3 OJ CD CQ S-4 GJ cl .Q 4 LT QD .M G! D3 'CJ v-I N! CI O CZ 0-' P CD F-4 5-1 ti D3 GJ s -H "U cn GJ f-4 I-I K6 .cz CJ 3 O Q: -Q -u 'H --1 5. fn .r-1 P ad 2 -.9-4 DD:-l CIO DU O41 P1 P- r-I r-4 ,.-4 CD in-. DD :s o ,-4 .-4 :Q O o 21 E .I-I ": rn GJ Q-v rl cd P L4 ID O O .H U .f-4 Q cm n-4 cs O an f-4 v-l .1-4 H 4-2 no ID VJ -1-4 Q 8-4 16 In H cm U2 Q-1 0 --a 'H Cl -.-1 '54 U E af. cu ,-4 'va cd s.. an 1: v-t as Cl o Q 3 O 42 .fs '44 R we 'Zi Q-v ca cd :I n tu P4 'O P-1 O t-4 I5 ::: 5- rv CD 'U f-4 :G cz O Q .ca rm :1 o 5- .Q S-1 cd P-1 as no V2 -. 3 O Q -Q 4-w C Q: D uh ff: :I CU 1-I . ,-'52 ,5gS2E' mu -QE-ESM' goirsf-2 K5 Q. mmm, O 'P-52 an 'Tzu :l'-"' , 39-'1,,,H:'3g O-5 .Q 55,22 31:22 -aS::1.-Tvfqj-E S32 91325, ..W'5:l'-KG.Jr1.+1 " - owe' .sq mam-uwn"n D",-lb-..4rIih4-a . 84+-'-40'-'O.ao m3338333 m""D3'CL Ham N :Bbw ' ca Egzmggwj Q.. .-1,-1 cu , 511.15215 v-lingo-'lng,g .. cab-552-55052, gffqimjgnlg 3222-5:2035 no R . . 'OCgcn,f4S,2-fu "' Qfwfwarb' ld .cu Om -d'c1.:: -- 3 - Uocmaw.-mp! -"Cuban,-4 :Qu 943+-'wi-5 rv -Jaw S 'afvfllkgaisia QEQJ 4-wo Umfzfxmw ':r:-vol-e53f'T4v 'gi .addr 32 O Nos-ra.. . .Ag -H.-52:5 wiv.-ggqx V1-GO g02xfr.:D:':,3's': mfg r-if-m'o -omfil .S 09 . 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K-- Ci .DS Wk 'G .E 'li D Ct cz cd PS4 rn cv. 1-40-' S-4 :G Ch Burnet ID COMPANY S fi Pu OJ P I-e td IX: I-A CD DD B ev-4 W-I r-4 -C1 41 5 :Q V143 as CDO 3+-v Om 'cz Q m '.--I ' w v-1 .M .. Ub- 84: ei? 19:1 :IIS so-1 ld ..-40-4 .-4 .-4 -H sf 3 .. cs b. G5 21 CD BD'-I 'Uh Edd U James McAu1ey z-1 ed.. Ud KD O -v-4 u-I OJ -.CJ S-4 OCD ESQ .1-I Xl-1 GI CDA: Q! n-J Billy Tarrang D4 O on -.ID -Eva KDS-I 1-4-S1 HO 3 E2 ed-v-1 360 'U . FIJI-4 H, GJ Claude Pruetg At? me 5 CD3 QU! GJ .CID CJT3 .rl 5-4 Il kr ID .,-Q5 5 cwnsnz 5.3 - .4 45, .-.EIU PINK' N CDH 5-A ale, ,rl Q 5 0 -.LT 3 mum W me sg: "' -S O Q Ae 1: ,. S----'Q Elsa Q: o .42 W u 4a fi m we P O-'im CD w ,Ca :E 4 F4-3 nf -P4 nm o 'D 5-43 .H FI P 48 6-1 CD .au-v .um 166112 Hwb 1-In-1 cv rn ECW MS DEBT im' moo Dfw 5-is P18411 "'. ugh P, 25A '50-' n-4 o :: Q bw L. ld. :SMP- as-4 NFO O U2 I1 5 2 ca nw? .gig . 3: 0-3 CM . KIDO ON Vi. .. O P- cv.. .-ew.o 'US-1.0 QGQJQJ 3b.3 2' 4-W .D s-an-v mmm .ana 00:1 mmm 05:4 s- O... 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L4 O U O 'U Si Q5 LQ 4-I L: KD .Q O M -6 I-1 O 'D-1 'Q-I NS H VJ BI :R wa S-u nl GDC! ,.4.f-u 1-4 0 E ci CJ v-ill! n-I 41 KIT 2 III .-1 -4 CD .a u +4 -'14 Z uf 04 url -4 .-4 'FC .:: D-4 v-4 '14 .cm D-4 Q we 4-w LH -e G1 Q-' P G1 5 S-4 E-4 UD D L9 I-4 G! P O E4 0 f-4 'I-4 LD GJ O P1 D-1 -Q -I-w R -e PQ Q5 an O O as 'U CU I-4 B-4 CD 3 'U CII! I DD CD .5 Q 0 0 I-4 E O Z +5 UD CD .. DD E1 -1-4 hd YD CJ 5 71 ag, v'f 0-'GJ bb Robinson, S St Zi '-S si :- 8 f an :- LU BO 'Gil 2 MCI af O OJ v-4 gpm 'U 2 .rl Le .-4 8 3 .ac o N! P1 A4 O ..:1 -HI-4 5-4 1-4 r-C -v-4 CD vY J na U2 ll? r-4 1-1 O D5 G-he wo me 7-3 ff? Vi O D-4 z-1 D4 . .A r-1 f-c -v-1 .sz D-4 5 .H .-4 P4 -H 3 'T 15 :- -v-4 A! l-1 .54 El nl I-4 Lu CD 1 0 GD 5-4 O GJ CD gl UI U1 O La LD P- H cl CD LC I 1 +5 .-1 I 'UB Il N rf I bn U td OJ KD V1 QD r-4 S-4 G3 -EI O 1 Q SE .E DD Cl -v-4 C D C1 5 o. A cu rx rf. 'VX IE . N. 'QC I-1 .oi 5-I 3. cd 54 o: 2nd. 'S 0 O HJ TQ Homer Penn, A Q m v Z3 Capt. Asst. 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Oo-1 O F1 435 -E .M PU D046 S Sgt. J m.. -H u-4 v-I -v-4 3 Bennett, Wayne :T 0-U L.. Corp. Jack Fultciuer, 46 George oss, Corp. Lewis W velt Sgt. 5-102 mad cs o. 5:-1: 6. mm .J Dum s-rn o O0-' uz ,Ka -A fr-4 El O :I Dad 0.216 .5 U1 OJ -51 H .Z D4 DD CD CI.. 16. C14 I4 E r-I no wo GJ .. DAN-4 hr-4 16 O C332 LD GJ E Dim ,.-E Q44 C148 H. -1 r-IVJ E O Guinn Robert Hopkins, ouis Barber, 'L P. J. Matthew Blair, Robert Ferguson, Roche, as A rl :S G! at ES -- O '12 U Q5 VJ Q 3 O S-a D3 UZ Y":a E .E GJ O Il: .5 'H 7- Ni E Third ishner. D Bill .9 arvey H Morris, Ralp h Crume, Jesse Molina, Robert Todd, Mike Hernandez, J ack Ward, Ramirez, Albert rl v-I QD 3 O will: cf O H F4 2 VJ GJ S '1 -. L4 as .he .-4 td 3 f-4 .-4 an w rn :1 DS 3 8 th Ro Four 5 as -D ba N5 2 v-4 .-4 as rn cn :s as sl' an 'ca 1-I ua E .v-4 T 6 P-I f-1 KD .-4 LD o I-I .-4 L4 GJ .Q ED -6 54 N3 I S-4 5 U3 r-K v-l .A CQ rr? 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Lettermen include Gilbert Kirk, Lawrence Carson, and Henry Cechan, manager., Coach Fite's baseballers finished in a tie with Forest for second place in the city series. This year's team pro- duced Uwaoutstanding players, Captain Donald Hoyle, all-city catcher, and Pitcher Alvin Standifer, who won six games and X ilost only three. The Wolves were the only team this year to Lbeat the champion Sunset Bisons. Two players stood out on the tennis and golf teams. +Hugh Allen Purnell was undefeated in boys' singles play in ,the city but lost out in regional competition. Orion New- .man was outstanding on the golf team although Tech tied for Llast place with Forest. The boys Physical Education classes, with Mr. Tysor ,as sponsor, founded a new body-building club at Tech this Aspring, the American Eagle Association. Its aims are to Lmake its members HFit to Fight for Amerioa.hii5 j iii 'iii N ',,' - . 1 Nl w ZHFF + w 4 4 A BASEBALL TEAM From left to fright: First Row: Billie Gee White, catcher, Raliegh Blakely, out field, Tom Hamilton, first base, Donald Hoyle, catcher, Winford Edwards, outfield, Charley White, second base, Herschel Gates, outfield,. Walter Picket, second base. Second, Row: James Day, catcher, Janes Hodge, first' base. Johnnv Grizzaffi, infield, Charles Stubblefield, third base, Alvin Stan- difer, pitcher, Ira Trees, infield, James Scheueman, pitcher, Charley Tucker,4' pitcher, Harold Pickett, manager. Third Row: Coach, Perry W. Fite, Henry Pua1os,, outfield, Otto Marinick, outfield, Pete Piccola, infield, Lloyd Long, short stop, Bill Pipes, outfield, Bill Vincent, pitcher, Herbert Pruett, catcher, Tom Stafford, pitcher, A. D. Allan. 1 '57 xii!! I-asking D525 of-Mast! I x iron le t to 'ri ht: Pi-rst Row: Joe Gutierrez, Richz AMERICAN EAGLE Kolodeyf Rex Ga-file, Roy Brown. Second Row: Fred Mau Walter Moore, Jimnie Marshall, George HcGibboney. Third Row: Hr. Schiebel, Principal, James Hagness, Janes Tannery Johnnie Morale, Richard TOUGYIY, HT Tysor, sponsor. , : tx V , TENNIS AND GOLF TEAM From le 1: to nght F1,-rst Row E1a1ne Wagner tennms Magg1e o Ramey tenrus Dorothy Weaver tenn1s Avva Mann teams Seccmd Row Lyndal Walker tenn1s Or1on Newman, golf, Manford Hurry tenn1s Franc1s H1lton golf Thvrd Row Benny January golf Hugh Allan Purnell tenn1s Henry Gross tennls TRACK TEAM from left to fright: Front Row: Glenn Wilkins, W. L. Bring- non, Walter Hickman, Zach Thompson. Second Row: Coach Milton Owen, Lawrence Carson, Gilbert Kirk. , ..-,-..,,.14qf'r'7u eff Y., l 4-r,,,V FELIBERTO mmxrmsz I 0 Z NMR. TYSOR STARTED HIS MUSCLE GRADUATES GET TECH TALK BY DEVELOPING CLASSES MAIL' A gr GOSHY MY TECH TALK!! f' gimp L- ?'9 1 "" E'A'W?:3? aim, 5 ,EEL A Ji? L E4 LL S ' 3 Q5 v fcdkx ' ww llc :zrzzfg-1 654 THE swuozm eovsrmmzm AAD ONE SQUARE DANCING CAME To TECH OF lT'S CLOSEST ELECTIONS IN A LONG TIME Mr KENNETH, YOU'VE A worm: 5? , I , A F : 53 l f W v 5 X i , Lf ' ' , K "' x S-Eiffiizs. .. 51 Y 7 ' ,dyf ,:':'i:-155,111 , v ' -f-rv-fvflllllll 'TECWS MILITARY STUDENTS mms FLACK HELD AN ALL-GIRL W 1 ' ASSEMBLY I yf! X XXNXX X K ll M, i .BE T :XX XXXNM G 'NMTTIE s .MKNKf'2Q,Li,DRLQNg Q-,Q jj gx Q, 1 COUNTRY! 'N TH 45 'Q Q gm L. WW LUNCH Room ,J Lg-X xqilmw BLA BLAH BLA..- . .5 , K X , Q- N-SNWE - ' QL, it L 'E 3 mi A X I , mlnrulxy A-.5 I K i L ' X 6 :si X X L W A E ' Y--Y -- N 'ww .w4-1YH...,v-1-vwWm-vm.rvuwr-v'..,L-......-.L.,,--...H .C 1-.,..,H,-1-1--qw,ww1vf'-V-E ILUPE uvIoNTERo,oIcK TOEERNEY, EIGHT CHEERLEADERS WERE PAUL VVALLER , AND BENNY TULEY CHOSEN THIS YEAR MADE A ROBOT IN SHEET METAL SHOP f Z E Q W .. ,. FINE LT 1' T T :I " A Agn " M ' A Q '-'59 ? I if- " 'Q ' ' L 7 5 T. I ,f 05 A X WILL THE NEW BLDC-LEE FINISHEDN!! YE5, TECH ACTUALLY HAD A FIRE EVERYBODY WANTS TO mow. , .1 I aiu , . I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Wm A I N7 UUE QU A-Liam L ' 14' I-.sG'TEf',1,. 'HIIIII 6 L? IIIIII I :T ,mm If ' f alma,-fm' f ff TECH IS THE ONLY SCHOOL IN GUARDS USE TAes on POSTS DALLAS TO usE CAPS AND Gowns . f lx - if L2 42 P ' .4 Q! C Q. A A ll .1 f X TECH HAD BOYS INXITATIN6 WOLF HOWLS OVER THE LOUD SPEAKER LILY RUIS FIRST MEXICAN GIRL TO BE ELECTED BEAUTY IN TECH FJ-,OGG OOGDQVQ4, 'xx flu ' -f- TIQPZH ,nf I G3 . f WTAE ',E. ' 6 ,TTER G II 0 TT X T 'sis F K I X f gi ,I qi 5 . I HSI WC X If NH 31-,4:Zefi , h , ll 1 B' uv S ., ' 21 f X Seniors From A to Z GIRLS BOYS Ambitious - - Adelina Briones Athlete - Donald Hoyle Bashful - - Ethel Deen Cox Bashful - - Jack Cox Cute - - - Ruth Carlile Cute ---- Orion Newman Daring - Helen Rheinlander Daring - - Frank Yates Extraordinary- Bobbie Ruth Arbaugh Energetic Q Pete Barunes Friendly - Victoria Buccola Fickle - - Thomas Nash Goodlooking - Vivian Grissom Gogdlggking Kenneth Lyons Heart-breaking - Floye McCormack Humorous Buddy Smithson Innocent - - 11011156 Williams Innocent Ollie Goodnight Jolly ---- Susan Baird Jolly - William Click Kind E- - - - Avis Adams Kind - - B111 Little Lovable - - Georgie Huse Likeable - Stephen Howard Modest - - - Mary Skaggs Modest - Charles Lane Nice - - - Mary Ellen Elzey Noted - Cecil Shumway Optimistic - Anna Margaret Bragg Qriginal - - Mickey Herren Puzzling - Billie Ann Smith pleasing - Henry Gross Quiet - - - Jewel Klements Quiet - Belker Paschall Redheaded - - Hazel Patakuta Redheaded Clarke Wiseley Sophisticated - Lavonia Shipp Stately - Robert Wadley Talented - Donna Belle Stone Tall ----- Dan Smith Unique " Jayne Hildebrand Useful - Sheffie Mansour Vivacious - - La Verne Harlan Vigorous - Charles Stubblefield wise ..--- Ruby Guy Wise - - - - Philip Naab Xciting - Jo Pearl Sebastian Xcibing - - - Milton Ransom 'Youthful - - V Mary Fay Hardin Youthful - Benny Hearn Zealous -' - Mary Dean Adams Zealous - Paul Barnett ..,A. . , 7 ,,ll,.J .4 x ' mg ,' 2 V . 1 it QW .1 7 A iw A Q! 1 A X -XI xvmxyni-1-xx AA ' .-fLfiQ..A..4 W A Tj 1' 4' .f Xa A' 'O ,Q F A C U L T Y AUTOGRAPHS

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