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Literary Editors jay of Q! TLECHNISCRAM , .in l 1 n PUBLISHED BY THE JANUARYACLASS OF 1939 DALLAS. TECHNICAL H1GH,QsCHooL, .DALLAs, TEXAS . K ,, 1? f ff? Q -, . X , I 1 V, , J X, If PUBLICATION STAFF f Editor-in-Chief Lo Reese Garrett Society Editors James Douglas Albert Wood Geraldine Rhodes Associate Editor La Deene Turner Sports Editors Jack Howard Wallace Hoyle Wayne Freenzan Art Editor Ann H aolra I M artel Gilpin K ath,er11ne Autrey Marie Gerth Julia Porter Douglas LePori Margaret Novak Pictorial Editor Wallace Mason Club Editors ' Gene Stuart Edward Hale Business Manager M aurlne Busch . I Circulation Managers Ernest Nelson Billy Abbott Kenneth Kfltclt, Sponsor IZ. W. Castleberry, Business Advisor age., FOREWORD May this book, in later years, help to brighten even the darkest cloud. May it help you to feel the enjoyment of reliving the most beautiful, most pleasant, and most wonderful days of your life-YOUR SCHOOL DAYS. DEDICATION VICTOR H. PYEATT Though only a few of us have had the priviledge of be- ing in his classes, We have learned to appreciate his kindness and helpfulness to Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior alike. For his helpfulness to us in making this semester a memorable one, We the Senior class dedicate this Techni- scram to Mr. Victor H. Pyeatt. Bob Campbell Wayne Freeman ' Also to-Bob Campbell and Wayne Freeman we dedicate th1s.Techniscram. Their untiring efforts and willingness to sacrifice their time have made this publication possible. They have truly lead their class to victory! IN APPRECIATION To the best Class Mother ever, Mrs. Hammer, we extend our appreciation. She has made our Senior year a memorable one in our lives. As we travel down life's highway, we shall remember her sweet smile and lasting influence and be spured onward to success in our endeavors. To Miss Pauline Warner, our 4A sponsor, we also extend our sincere appreciation. She has shown us through her untiring effort to please us and make it possible for us to enjoy our last year school, that she is one of the most tolerant and understanding persons that it has been our pleasure to know. APPRECIATION C. A. BRYANT The January Seniors of 1939 wish to say of our beloved friend and teacher, Mr. Bryant, that our words are inadequate to express our appreciation for the many kindnesses and pleasures that he has extended to us. He has made our senior year one that we can look back on with great pleasure. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER I DR. MAX STRANG Dr. Max Strang, present pastor of the Central Congre- gational church located at Carroll and San Jacinto, has been chosen to be the guest speaker on the commencement program by Mr. Schiebel. Because of the fine representation given by a number of the teachers of the faculty of Technical High School on his behalf, the choice was made. . Dr. Strang came to Dallas in 1927 as pastor of the Central Church, but after five years moved to Buffalo, New York, as pastor of the Pilgrim Congregational Church of that city, where he remained until January 15 of this year. V His Doctor's degree was conferred upon him by Trinity University, Waxahachie, Texas. In Buffalo he was connected with various reform movements and has had many honors be- stowed upon him by the Congregational Church of that city. We feel honored to have Dr. Strang back, after an absence of six years, as the guest speaker of the January '39 graduation class. SENIOR OFFERINGS if ' A I Cu , WILL PROPHESY WHAT WE'RE LEAVING BEHIND GIVER Wayne Freeman ,,,.,,,,....... Bob Campbell 77,7......,...,,.,. Geraldine Rhodes ..,7 ,.7.,.,. LoReese Garrett. ,,..,..,,,,,. . Marie Gerth l.......,.. Helen Hammer ....,,,l......,., LaDeene Turner. ..,..,,,,... . Jack Howard ..............,,,,e, . Alfonso Fields .,w,.,, Dorothy Poole........ Billy Abbott ,,,,l7, Charles Tucek ,..,...,.. Ernest Nelson ,.., Elmer Gross. ...,, . W. S. Seale .,,,..7,,.77 R. L. Edwards ..,,,7 Douglas LePor1 ..........,..... - Maurine Busch.. ,.......,. Jimmy Coke....... Arthur White. ...., , George Skains .,,, James Baugh ,r,,.,, . GIFT Basketball ability .,..........,.. Orchestra leader ability... Bright blue eyes ....,....,,,.,,., Popularity ................. ....... r Radiant beauty ................... Best all-round honor ......... Baby talk. ...................,......... Magnetic personality ........ Social entertainment. ,... Curly eyelashes .................. Cheerleader ability ......,.,.,,. Dark eyes .............,... ...,,,,. . Neat appearance .....,.......... Drumming technique. ...,.... Ability as a trumpeter ..... Polite ways .... . .................... . Girl troubles ........,,... ........ Good nature.. ..................... .. Military knowledge .......... Good looks ..,......, .. Effect on girls ......... ........ Smooth dancing .................. RECEIVER Robert Bushnell Ben Ribble Dorothy Dodd Betty Hendricks Maxine Johnson Doris Goodnight Doris Thatcher Bill Grubbs Josephine Harrison Naomi Burris Mickey Arthofer Ray Gibson Sam Campisi R. A. Pitts Dutch Garrison Marion Evans Kendall Buchanan Maxine Fisher Richard Schneider Monard Mann Bill Conner Billy Sherman Glenn Clark Tom Scheibel Rosemary Elliot Bernice Brison Billy Cowdrey Lucille Cluck Dick Simpson Norma Brawner Anna Mae McClain Norman Gallagher Ordway Ferrel Exer Mae Eudy Betty O'Nele Ann Calhoun Gene Stuart ............ .. ...... .Pleasing ways .......... ........ Wallace Mason . .............. Brains . .............. .... . Julia Porter ....., ............... S weet smile ....... ....... Beverly Mashburn ........... Rhythm .......... .. ...... .. Francille Fuller... ............ Red hair .......... .... . Louise Watson ................. Cute figure ........ ........ Cecil Allen ........................ Bashfulness ...... .. ....,, ,, Minnie Rutledge ...... . ...... .Giggles .... ........ .... . Helen L. Brown . ............. Southern accent ............ . .. Don Hadlock ................. .... J ournalistic ability ...... . ...... Olvye Shepherd ............ .Study halls ....................... Virginia Acker ................. Cute ways .......................,.,, Christine Hale ..... ........... W riting technique .............. Ann Hadra ........................ Art Ability ........................,,, Wallace Hoyle ................. Letter sweaters ..........,....... Ross Weatherford Ability to go steady ..... Raymond Tucker Harold Sides A DAY IN THE FUTURE This can't be-I must be dreaming. Yet I seem older. Maybe this is 1949 after all. Yet,-oh well, I'll make the rounds today and if I still feel this ways tonight, I'll see a doc- tor. Something's wrong, for I see that--2 S. H. Kress is now signing the pay check of Christine Hale, Jerry Summers, Virginia Poulter, and Katherine Autrey as well as Maude Philbrick, while Virginia Acker, Margaret Clark and Mary Jane Rice are selling for Sam Dysterbach and Company. I-Iere's a letter from Francille Fuller, she says that Geraldine Rhodes and Mildred Rice are working as secretaries in some man's office. I'll park here and go to see how Ernest Nelson is making out as a bus driver for Greyhound Bus Co. Here is a new shop, "Bill Dyer's Printing Co." Elmer Gross and Alphonso Fields are busily putting out announcements that Bob Camp- bell and his famous orchestra are going to be in the Century Room very soon. I didn't get my paper this morning so I'll stop at the Dallas Morning News building and report it Who do you think took my complaint? Wayne Freeman, and he turned it over to Don Hadlock, 'it seems they are both working in the circulation department now. Sangers, what do I need here? Well, I'll look around, Gee, Helen Hammer, and modeling an exquisite bridal gown which I see LoReese Garrett is about to buy. Since I'm this close, I think I'll take a run over to the Records Building and see who is married that I know. Gosh! Wedding Bells are Breaking Up that Old Gang of Mine! Alvie Strickland and Barbara McCommon are oneg Ross Weatherford is married and is acting to feed his wife and two lovely girlsg while Dorthy Allen is watching the clock to see when her "bitter half" is coming in. LaDeene Turner is happily married to a successful young machinist.-Ugh greecey work. Maybe I had better stop in at the beauty parlor. Say! Here's one right here, "Mason's La Belle Shoppee", Wallace Mason expert eye lash dyer is owner, and Arthur White is about to go into the movies and is having a permanent wave and mustache dye. Marie Gerth is the cosmetic expert, so I know I'll look better. I might as well drop in at the old Alma Mater. I hear that Earline Phillips is now the Civics instructor, and Kathe- rine Hogg is teaching typing. That's too much-better get out of here. Hum-m what's nextl I guess I had better go to the Municipal Building and see about this speeding ticket. Good- ness! Bill Heaton and Fred Holly must be really cleaning up-the streets. Holy Catsl, look at Elizabeth Tucker's title, "Algae Water Expert, and Only Woman Dog Catcher." Doggy business I calls. it. Of all things Loy Parris and James Webb are Jail Guards. Coming up in the world is Perry Stacy and Gene Stevens, they operate the elevators here. That speeding ticket was a good thing after all, I got to see some old pals. Hot Tamales! Ferman Morris is the vender. I don't want tamales, I'm going to Dunton's for a snack. Erin Cox, Lillie Travis and Louise Watson are woaking there, s oI can chat while I'm eating. There's a Jitterbug Contest here and Peggy Rachel, Ross Hurst, Lamar Kemp and Bob Simmons are leading the con- testants. Douglas LePori is now President of the I. Swindle Bank and Trust Co. The head tellers are Billy Joe Biggerstaff, Frank Dodge and Bob Evans. Olvy Sheppard is still looking for the perfect girl and hasn't time to work. Wasn't that R. L. Edwards and Kenneth Emerson in those taxis that just whizzed by? Driving a taxi eh? Well how unique, a truck driver's parade. Chiminey! There,s Billy Abbott, Cecil Allen, Claude Fox, and Larry Den- ms. Edward Hale, who now has his own electric shop tells us that Katherine Stewart is singing with the Singflat Opera Co., and is making a personal appearance at the Palace. I'll go and listen to her. Look who, in all her swlank, is sitting next to me. Gene Stuart. There is Elmira Stephens in row behind me, look at that ermine wrap she has on. I've got to use the phone. Bless -my cats, Minnie Pearl Rutdledge is the operator. She says that Beverly Mashburn Harriet Morgan, and Evelyn Jones are also working at the Telephone Company. The Little Theatre is showing Daddy Shortlegs tonight so I'm going to take that in. Raymond Flores, George Han- cock, and Vernie Lewis are the ushers. Saints Above! Wallace Mason and Gloria Henderson are taking the leeads in tonight's production. Smack! Pop! Smack! That must be LeoneGreen, he is a professional gum chewer for the Double Mint Co., and-well he is sitting with the Fuller Brush Man, Leonard Lutes. I'd better get out of here or he'll be selling me something. What? Do I want a professional guitar stringer? No, but say, aren't you Elbert Clark '? I knew it. Unemployed, why? Jack Howard quit. Quit what? Singing to Margaret Novak. Well can you beat it, but have you tried James Baugh I hear htat he is serenading Julia Porter now days. Everything happens to ime. I see spots before my eyes, my head is going around. I'm falling, falling-Thank Heavens, it w-as only a dream. No more second helpings for me anymore. SENIOR LEADERS 43 4-v GJ S-4 S-4 CG CD .-C1 4-J Q-4 O was is an on Di o .S o J? Howard, president: sv: Left to right, Jack 4 YF cv These officers serve CYS ,SI 'a bs CD .S E4 mee-prestdent. Hoyle, allace th dW 3.11 ery 7' SU, -trea WJ secrete, commencement plans. The efforts -4-5 CI its way. GJ E 8 5 E E ass on ours an ldeal co g ade atin U1 well cl is DOJ 'CSP 5,53 60 oil ,QU .QU MSE OO U1 CD U1 encement exerci pla nlng of these The comm and intellige C! 4-w S2 Aoq AA qnq SB qou qm quasald U9 1 all a.1m,ogd AA SE 51141 CD E5 oq .mludod 'S sw 5 cz. E 'JL CD :s I so E 3 CD F cr CD U1 ff' si T' '1 O f: 5 Q. UE. ll IP 'T rf F Q "1 2 r FF CD 2 S53 m Supiool qsaq uasoqo 9021112 M 'QIAOH CT' CD U1 FY' .gi 'T' '1 o C1 I5 CL U' o Wm amz 1-wo 'Q qsouu FI SHIBHOQ 21.35 lnggqnwzaq de 'IJO 5' o U1 C+ G 5' O Us CD T3 U' Q4 rr 5' CD C-4 SD 5 C 99 P1 'C 0 v-1 S0 tn U2 2 CD P1 CD ..... CD r-+5 rf' C+ O "1 .... UQ 5' rr esaegoq 91.1125 ff Cf B O U7 Cf' fu o 'cs 5 S59 P1 UQ .-. '1 ,- qsaq 'lelndod qsouu se Luaqq 9112.1 sogqsgxaa, uuo.1-He .Io 'p 131001 1S6q '53 u wil QS pm? aqq .xaqsi-nu fiugqeu 00110 SJOILIQS QS Xgs 1S apn squ asoqm Bugpueqsqno emqo -0 5IDYd HOINHS HI-Il. .EIO 5IOIcI HI-Il. JANUARY SENIORS F qi X '52 651. 2 X, Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, Is our destined end or wayg Ent to act, that each tomorrow Find as farther than today, sLongfell0w Benard Geo Klein John Lindley R.O.T.C. Captain Drum Major Band Commander Diamond Disc Secretary Leonard Lutes Intramural Sports Wallace A. Mason Student Council Library Council Chairman Social Com. Good Scholarship Club Hi-Y Terlmiscram Staff Pat Milam Joe Montgomery Tech Talk Pottery Art Club Archery Club Intramural Sports Douglas LePori Pres. Student Council V.-Pres. Nat. Honor Sol Most Popular Senior Boy Office Assistant Championship Baseball Vernie Louis Albert Mansour Football Freshman Coach 1938 Barhara Ellen McCommon James Mitchele Guard Captain Good Scholarship Club H. B. Moran, Jr. Arzella Bosley Nat. Honor Laociety Com. Art Club Teehniscram Staff Linz Pin Charles Brown Football Intramural Sports Guard Good Scholarship Cluh Maurine Busch Ed.-in-Chief Tech Talk Bus. Mgr. Teehniseram Girl Reserves Aviation Club Good Scholarship Club Elbert Clark Student Government Linz Pin Nat. Honor Society Intramural Sports D. 0. Program Jimmy Coke Lt. Colonel R.O.T.C. Diamond Disc Club Com. Crack Company Cum. Crack Squad Jimmy Douglas Social Committee Bansl Hi-Y Techniscram Staff Library Council Senior Day Program Camera Club Frederick Britt Linz Pin Nat. Honor Society Good Scholarship Club Nannie Belle Burt Senior Social Comm. Chorus Rohert W. Campbell Diamond Disc Club Military Band R.0.T.C. Lieutenant Pres. Band Officers Club Com. Art Club Technician Staff Cir. Mgr. Tech Tnlk Senior Day Program Techniscram Staff Mararet Lois Clark Good Scholarship Club Nat. Honor Society Linz Pin Tech Talk Staff Girl Reserves Erin Cox Larry Dennis S . Bill Abbott Cheerleaader Baseball Hi-Y Good Scholarship Club Techniscram Staff Dorothy Allen Public Speaking Nat. Honor' Society Pep Squad Nell Altizer Bill Arp R.0.T.C. Sergeant Crack Company Good Scholarship Club School Plny Edith Baker Vernon Baughman Cecil Allen Guard Student Government Virginia Acker Tech Talk Staff Public Speaking Dept. Good Scholarship Club Manuel Anguiano Katherine Autrey Technisrram Staff Good Scholarship Club Chorus Jack Barnett R.0.T.C. Captain Crack Company Nat. Honor Society Linz Pin Good Scholarship Club Mary Helen Bell ' x x ' J. W. Dickerson Slip Carrier Billy Dyer R.0.T.C, Sergeant Advanced Printing Technician Staff Milton Elrod Hi-Y Kenneth Emerson Wayne Freeman Pres. Not. Honor Socwty Linz Award Tech Talk btaff Tevhniscram Staff Basketball fro-Capj All-City Staff Technician Good Sc-holarship Club Student ljounril Baseball Raymond Flores Frank Dodge Guard R. L. Edwards Intramural Sports Good Scholarship Club Student Government Virginia Elrod J. C. Faulkner Technician Staff Alfonso Lee Fields Student Government Senior Hi-Y Chess Club Aviation Club Tech Talk Staff Claude Fox Peggy Rachel Mary .lane Rice Harold Ridgley Football Paul Rue Student Council Tech Talk Staff Minnie P. Rutledge W. S. Seale V.-Pres. Band Club Military Band Tech Talk Staff R.O.T.C. Sergeant Technician Staff Orchestra Senior Day Program Geraldine Rhodes Vice-Pres., Girl Reserves Drum Major Linz Pin Good Scholarship Club Mildred Rice Com. Art Club Student Government Good Scholarship Club Junius Ritchie J. C. Rogers Perrin Scudder Crack Company Diamond Disc Club Olvy Sheapard Guard Captain Edward M. Hale Student Government Student Gov't Senator Linz Pin Staff Technician David C. Harrison R.0.T.C. Captain Crack Company Diamond Disc C lub Rifle Team Football Bill Heaton Larry Henderson 4A Sgt.-at-Arms Good Scholarship Club Jack Howard 4A President Football Basketball Cheerleader Tech Talk Sports Ed. Hi-Y Student Council Evelyn Jones Tech Talk Stuff Com. Art Club Geo. W Hancock Hillard Hart Pan.-Amer. Student Foruu Library Council Crack Company is Gloria Henderson Student Council Wallace Hoyle Baseball Captain Championship Baseball All-City Football 4A V.-Pres. 4 Student Council Best All-Round 4A Boy Fred Holly Lamar Kemp R.0.T.C. Lieutenant Dall 3. Geo. Skains Vice-Pres. Archery Club Student Council Perry Stacy , Latin cum ' vR.0.T.C. iliaptain Diamond Disc Club Good Scholarship Club Crack Company Claude Steel R.0.T.C. lilmire Stephens Alvie Strickland as News Correspondent T. T. Sports Editor Jerry Summers ' Cheerleader Student Government Good Scholarship Club 12 Frank Spivey Hi-Y V.-Pres Radio Club Track Team Noel Standridge Nat. Honor Soc. Gene Stevens Nat. Honor Society Sec. Hi-Y Spk. House of Repr. Staff Technician Youth Forum Ronald Hill Stokey R.Q.T.C. Good' Scholarship Club Crack Company Gene Stuart Nat. Honor Society Sec. Student Council Linz ,Pin Girl Reserves Lillie Travis Student Gov't. Senator Tech Talk Staff ,. , 'Ei AJ D. B. Trees Champion Baseball Elizabeth Tucker ' Pep Squad volley Ball David Turner, Jr. Good Scholarship Club Im. Basket Ball Linz Pin Student I Council Louise Watson - 1 Arthur White Best Looking Senior Boy ,if , ., Fred Zimmerman R.0.T.C. Lieutenant Football , f Wwml.-Q.-Q. -.Q-,...,...... , Charles Tucek l . Juliiv Tgqllis Com. Art Club Edith LaDeene Turner Good Scholarship Club Student Government Tech Talk Staff Assn. Editor Techniscram School Play Girl Reserves Linz Pin Dallas News Correspondent Volleyball Ross Weatherford R.0.T.C. Latin Club George S. Williams Guard Fermand Morris ' ff ., MX or awe' I I -9 4 A v. 31 if L l Q 5 1 . ii l .. 5. .1 '. Leon Kahn Frankel Pan.-Amer. Stu. Forum Nat. Honor Society Interschol. League Debate LoReese Garrett Sec.-Treas. Senior Class Sec.-Treas. National Honor Pres. Girl Reserves Most Pop. Senior Girl Ed.-in-Chief Techniscxam Tech Talk Staff Linz Awar.-1 Good Scholarship Club See-Tres. Pottery Art Club Martel Gilpin Student Government Tech Talk Staff Techniscram Staff Com. Art Club Senior Day Program Leon Green Band R.0.T.C. Lieutenant Elmer Gross Good Scholarship Club Band Band Officers Club Tech Talk Staff R.O.T.C. Sergeant Ter-hniscram Slaft Anna Louise Hadra Techniscram Art Ed. Secy. Camp Fire Girls Com. Art Club Art Ed. Tech Talk Lois Francille Fuller Good Scholarship Club D. 0. Program Linz Pin Student Government Nat. Honor Society Marie Gerth Most Beautiful Senior Girl Girl Reserves V.-Pres. Pottery Art Club Tech Talk Stuff Tcchniscrum Staff Good Scholarship Club Harlan Green Military Band R.0.T.C. Sergeant .lcrrell Gregory Football Royal Don Hadlock President Camera Club Good Scholarship Club Asst. Bus. Mgr. Tech Talk Dallas News Correspandent Christine Hale Tech Talk Staff Harriet Morgan Joe Morale Victor 0'Reilly Nat. Honor Society Good Scholarship Club Willie L. Peteet Pep Squad Linz Pin J. P. Pope Military Band Virginia Poulter Pottery Art Club Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Ernest Nelson Pottery Art Club Pres. Archery Club Pres. Intramural Sec.-Treas. Teclmiscram Staff Margaret Novak Leslie Pittman Advanced Printing Dorothy Poole Nat. Honor Society Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Julia Porter Student Government Good Scholarship Club Girl Rr-serves Com. Art Club School Play Jack Carson Presley R.0.T.C. Good Scholarship Club 4B SENIOR OFFICERS The' 4B Seniors chose the following members to lead their class: seated, secretary - treasurer Doris Goodnight: standing, left, president Bill Conner: center, Sergeant - at - Arms James Jones: and, right, vice - president Kenneth Rogers. These oflicers will be in charge of preparations for the June graduation. 5 S CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION JUNE, 1939 BOYS Ackley, Thad Hart, Ralph Alexander, Clarence Allen, Lawrence Allison, Jack Anderson, Ben Andres, Reubin Ausley, Wilburn Baker, J. T. Barker, Carl Bennett, Henry Wayne Bennett, Wilson Bean, James Black, Carl Blackburn, Mark Blanton, Everett Boscoe, Johnny Brandenburgh, Reed Broxson, Philip Bushnell, Robert Byrd, Joe Carroll, Grady Cervantes, Manuel Chandler, Delbert Chapman, Jack A. Coleman, Richard Conner, William Cook, Bacil Cooper, Hal Cooper, Turner Crews, Jimmy Cuthbertson, Raymond Davis, Harold Day, Jois Dismukes, Cleo Drake, Howard Duckworth, Robert Duffy, Oliver Dunn, Louie Elliott, Bill Erwin, Edward Evans, Marion Falkner, Rex Flowers, Robert E. Ford, Joe Fugitt, Jimmie Gallagher, Norman Gilmore, Bob Goodrich, Milton Gray, Corbett Grube, Robert Grunau, Roy Hall, James B. Harman, Travis Harris, E. W. Hart, Jack Hawkins, L. C. Hayes, Joe Hendricks, Harland Hesse, Elmer Herron, Howard Heigert, Walter Hill, T. J. Hinman, Jack Hubert, Charles Jacobs, Nathan Jones, James Kellam, Truett Kerr, Richard King, George Koonce, James LaMoyne, Jack Lee, Robert Locke, Hershel Lowe, Johnny Loyd, Wilfred Lutz, Lon Lynch, T. S. Macaluso, Nace Mankins, John Martinez, Eladio Mathews, W. H. McCants, Alford McDermott, Fred McGinty, Gene McKinnie, Foster McMillin, Maurice McNeil, Bob McNeil, John Mentesana, Morris Milke, Leonard Minter, Buford Mollenkamp, Fred Montgomery, J. H. Morgan, Dean Morse, Gifford Morris, Tom Mullin, Frank Mullins, John Myers, Eugene Myers, Van Buren Nelson, Ray Knute Nicholson, Ernest N oa, William Nunn, T. J. Oswalt, Crayton Palmer, Jack Patton, Johnny Peters, Harry Peterson, Philip Phillips, Joe' Podhrasky, Julius Prater, Burtis Pritchett, Bill Pruitt, Henry Samuell Putnam, Fred Ransom, James Reeves, Lester Rhodes, Harold Ribble, Ben Richardson, Joseph Rick, F. B. Roberts, C. H. Rogers, George Kenneth Satchell, Lawrence Sagnibene, Joe F. Sanders, Jack Schiebel, Tom Schmidt, Henry Schneider, Richard Scott, O. Q. Short, Elias Sides, Harold Simmons, Howard Sloan, Jack Smith, Edward D, Smith, Harold Sosebee, James Spain, Doyle Spaugh, Earl Strangi, Carl Strehorn, Billy Stove, Dial Struckmeyer, Herman Taylor, Clarence Thomas, Grady Thompson, Milton Roy Thurston, James Tucker, Lemmie Wall, Douglas Ward, William Warren, Frank Wheelis, Bill Whitis, Edwin Williams, Aubrey Williams, Billy Williams, Herschel Wing, Ralph Witt, Bernard Wittram, George Wondell, Fred YVoolridge, Brice Work, Joseph Wrights, Ted Voss, Roy Lee Young, Hollis Zapata, Abel GIRLS Adams, Marion Alvarado, Manulita Arbaugh, Marion Ashley, Eleanor Balch, Frances Bandy, Gladys Barkhurst, Louise Barunes, Bessie Berger, Alice Bezerill, Virginia Bichell, Helen Bixby, Theresa Bohme, Constance Bouldin, Ruth Boydston, Clara Brawner, Norma Brownlee, Christine Burris, Naomi Cabanis, Mayrue Calhoun, Margarett Ann Case, Mary Lois Chism, Daisy Clemons, Mozelle Coffeen, Ruth Coffman, Felicia Collins, Martha Collum, Mary Agnes Coston, Jean, Cunningham,- Mary Dewey, Floy Dodd, Dorothy Dorris, Addelene Dutton, Pricilla Edwards, Fay Epley, Marguerite Evans, Doris Gene Faulkner, Nina Fisher, Maxine Gersch, Bernice Godfrey, Reba D. Goff, Virginia Goodnight, Doris Greathouse, Margarite Green, Elizabeth Guilliams, Velma Hall, Mary Lois Hamm, Roberta Hannon, Mary Frances Hawkins, Dora Mae Hendricks, Betty Hisae, Bernie Hope, Juanita Hornberger, Susan Howard, Anita Howard, Dorothy Fayruc Jacobs, Jewel Jaynes, Edna Fay Johnson, Maxine King, Mariam Kutil, Lillie Lanier, Edria Lee, Marie Lemons, Mary Ethelen Luck, Cordelia Ludwick, Lila McCallum, Doris McClain, Anna Mae McKay, Virginia McKinley, Ruth McKissock, Betty Gene Mahaffey, Nita Middleton, Catherine Mims, Katherine Montes, Josephine Montgomery, Jimmie Lou Moultrie, Dorothy Newell, Irene Olinger, Martha Ann Olsen, Olga Peck, Eloise Philbrick, Bernidine Pickoff, Julia Porter, Joan NOT IN THE Billy Jo Biggerstaff A. D. Chester Elbert Clark James Congleton Henry Eslick B. P. Evans Bill Heaton Fred Holly Ross Hurst James Baugh Ferman Morris Loy Parris Bob Simmons William Spillers James Webb Albert Wood SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES Carl Arthofer Kessy Bowman Walter Darr Frank Gray Dan Isherwood Orville Lott Buford Simms John Parker Janie Loper Y Fl' - . ' ,af 3 , 4 Txfeff Proza, Victoria Rocha, Rosario Ross, Elsie Grace Ross, La Verne Sanders, Beatrice Schetlin, Clara Anne Scotch, Nona Scudder, Mary Jane Shultz, Mildred Simmons, Mildred Skaggs, Geraldine Smith, Audrea Smith, Izelle D. Smithson, Dorothy Young, Isabel Valencia, Corine Watts, Frances Whittington, Hurel Deane Wilkinson, Dorothy Lee Williams, Allene D. Williams, Dorothy Marie Williams, Zan Williamson, Mary Alice Woodley, Margaret York, Rhoda PICTURES HelenHelen L. Brow Pauline Cofer Maudell Garrett Helen M. Hammer Katherine Hogg Edna Mae Holt Norris Maye Knapp Dorothy Lee Knight Beverly Mashburn Dorothy Jean Parker Maud Philbrick Earlene Phillips Peggy Rachel Katherine Stewart NIGHT SCHOOL GRADUATES David Foster Woodrow Gray Wayne Hill John Reidy Vera Wunderlick Esther Patrick 11 TECH'S PEPPER-UPPERS The Techniscram is proud to present this season's cheer- leaders, all of whom made an excellent showing for Tech this season. We are happy that three of them, Bill Abbott, Jerry Summers, and Jack Howard, are among our graduating seniors and hope that the others will carry on the courageous desire for a "yell and a scream, a tough battle, and a better team." The cheerleaders are, Ctop rowj left to right: Bill Abbott, Jack Howard, and Joe Sagnibene: fbottom rowl Betty O'Nele, Exer Mae Eudy, and Jerry Summers. DALLAS TECHNICAL R. O. T. C. Dallas Technical High School possesses one of the finest mili- tary units in Dallas. Under the leadership of Lt. Martin S. Ryang Col. Instructor A. A. Harrisg and Col. Instructor J. Homer Brown, it swept the field in last years competition and bids fair to do so again this year. The officers are: Jimmy Coke, Regimental Commander Richard Schneider, Regimental Executive Oiicer Claude Steele, Staff Oiicer of Co. A Nathan Jacobs, Staff Officer of Co. B .Henry Bennett, Staff Officer of Co. C Perry Stacy, Stai Officer of Co. E John Lindley, Band Commander Company A : F. B. Reik Howard Herron Duane Smith Arthur Becker Company C: V. B. Meyers Douglas Wall Bill Pritchett Howard Wess Company B: Jack Barnett Douglas Petty Ben Worley Charles Monk Company E: D. C. Harrison Fritz Lynne Raymond Petty Wilfred Loyd NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Miss Zoe McEvoy, Sponsor OFFICERS Wayne Freeman IYI.......Y.....f.I..IIIIv...I.......III D III7.. ..IF...I - O President Douglas Le Pori .III. .Y..,,...............IIIII,IIII,. - Vice President Lo Reese Garrett --- ....................ee..ee.,ee....eeee.v e,..ee ee,.e S e cretdry Graduating Members Dorothy Allen James Doyle Webb Ted Britt Victor O'Reilly Elbert Clark Noel Strandridge Margaret Clark Francille Fuller Gene Stuart Wayne Freeman Edward Hale Douglas Le Pori David Turner Lo Reese Garrett Gene Stevens Dorothy Pool Margaret Novak Helen Hammer Arzella Bosley Julia Alice Tullis Leon Kahn Frankel GIRL RESERVE Miss Vera B. Neel, Sponsor OFFICERS Lo Reese Garrett K,ee..eee..,eeeee4eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee President Geraldine Rhodes . . .ee... I Vice President Dorothy James E ssss eeee I eeees.'f. E eefs Secretary Phyllis Kickerillo eeee.f..e.ee,4ef...eeee,eee4..ef.-veef. A. l-eTreasnrer Graduating Members Lo Reese Garrett Norris Maye Knapp Gene Stuart Geraldine Rhodes Marie Gerth Elizabeth Tucker Maurine Busch Julia Porter LaDeene Turner SENIOR I-II-Y Mr. Kenneth Kitch, Sponsor GFFICERS Bill Grubbs ee-.Af, ---,--....--ge.. V gffff g ,Y ffffg .ffrfg I ,,,,gg....,. President Bill Sherman -eaeeee ...e.... V ice-President Gene Stevens I .,v.. ..... S ecretary Edward Hale ,. .- l. ,,,e, ,,.., T reagurey- Tom Schiebelwsg ,Sgt at Arm Graduating Members Edward Hale Gene Stevens Wallace Mason Pat Milam Alfonso Fields Elbert Clark Frank Spivey POTTERY ART CLUB Miss Mary Lightfoot, Sponsor OFFICERS Ernest Nelson. ,...aaa.,..4av...aa..a.a.aa,ar.rrrrrr. aaa.arrr.,vaaa.vaa,..., .President Marie Gerth. .aaar...a..,.. ....aa,.aas F irst Vice President Dorothy Chastain.. ........ - eeees Second Vice President Edna Mae Holt. .......l. -. oo.. Tliird Vice President Lo Reece Garrett ...eesse - SrSS.SSSSelo.eoeoo,......ve....r, Secretary Rhoda York e..e,..rr .. .,.. ...ro.. C orresponding Secretary Anna Mae McClain . .oof...eeee.............V..eeY....l Typist Virginia Poulter.-- ........e...eeYeeo..oo.. . .eeee...feeere..Y.,..Ve .Parliownentarian Graduating Members . Lo Reese Garrett Edna Mae Holt Marie Gerth Ernest Nelson Ross Hurst Virginia Poulter Joe Montgomery Minnie Pearl Rutledge DIAMOND DISC CLUB OFFICERS Richard Schneider .. v.....-.gv-..l...egg, . g....gg,... President Jimmy Coke-.--.. . gggg.w. ggggfgg gggg,g . . . g....... Vice President John Lindley ggfggggg gggg gf.gg. ggggg,,g,g,g... S e c rdtdry Henry Bennett.. .. . ggggggg,.gV.g, . gggggg .. . ............... . ........ .Treasurer Nathan Jacobs, Van Buren Meyers .. ........ Sergeant-dt-Arms. Graduating Members Jimmy Coke Bob Campbell Claude Steel P Perry Stacy John Lindley Jack Barnett Leon Green D. C. Harrison BAND Graduating Members John Lindley Elmer Gross Bob Campbell W. S. Seale Leon Green Harlen Green PAN-AMERICAN FORUM Miss Florence Davis, Sponsor OFFICERS Bessie Barunes ..,sss ..A..ss....... ..s.-.s - -F President Hillard Hart .... ..ss....,ss L or ,e.e C s..ss .....ssssv.....s, V C Vice President Norma Jean Skinner ..,...,. C ...e . e..,.v..s....e..... sYh.ee . I V Secretary Leon Frankel ........Ae eee.,. I V. Advisory Board Representatives Othelda Glossup Graduating Members Leon Kahn Frankel Hillard Hart COMMERCIAL ART CLUB Mr. George W. Kadel, Sponsor Margaret Ann Calhoun.. ...... - .........,g...., F ,.g. C gggg ,. ,. President Jane De Fir C L so C ,gg.ggg.ggg ......gg.gg. L or .---.....Secretary Graduating Members Mildred Rice Julia Alice Tullis Julia Porter Anne Hadra Arzella Bosley Bob Campbell James Congleton AVIATION CLUB OFFICERS Billy Weldon - gggga . g-.g..gg-f .gg.......g.g...g.,.. L va...,.... C President Billy Hutchen ........, g..v,.........gg. Vice President Marcil Everett e..e - C Secretary Roy Heath. .,..g.-f.., n...g . I eegg . -i Aeeeiee ,e,-,g O ....,....e T reds-urer CAMERA CLUB Mr. O.A. Homer, Sponsor OFFICERS Don Hadlock ........ ee.e or I C L so .. egge. e.,.t-ePresident Bedford Phelps .4...,M.... L. or eg.. .....ee.e.w.ev ...,....... V ice-President Christine Brownlee ....-.........4 L ..4. ege..vs,.... Secretary-Treasurer Graduating Members Don Hadlock ARCHERY CLUB Mr. Jim Ashburne Sponsor OFFICERS Ernest Nelson .. f. ..,. ,......, C C C ,v . C. ..,, C. ...,..... .President George Skains .......... ........ ...e . . ,..v C ............ - Vice-President Jewell Johnson ..................,..,.vo C .oo..vo.,Ao........... Secretary-Treasurer Graduating Members Ernest Nelson Joe Montgomery George Skains STAMP CLUB Miss Ela Mae Jones Sponsor OFFICERS Lawrence Cole .... ..... vr... C C g.......--... - ..........g... .......gv.... P r 6S'Ld97Lt Charles Dean C C .... ........ V ice-President James Webb ......wg,f.fgggggg.s..gg....wfgggg-Yf-gggg,.sg,-f--v.v. .........gggg S ecretary Charles McKool or C... ggggggggg....gggg .f.. .... E ...gggg.....ggsgggg . . - ........ . Treasurer Graduating Members James Webb TECH ALL STARS 2 The Techniscram pays tribute to the four players of our football squad who were awarded positions on the All-City team, picked by our coaches and sports writers of the city. Each year boys are chosen for this honor but this year there was a larger group than usual chosen from Tech. These boys have shown through their outstanding play during the past season and their untiring effort to win that they are fully worthy of this honor. Left to right, ftop rowj Monard Mann, endg Billy Sherman, center. fBot- tom Rowj A. D. Chester, tackle. and Wallace Hoyle, full-back FOOTBALL As the 1938 football season drew to a definite close, the curtain came down on a season which was a success in some waysg a disappointment in others. We find that out of 9 games, Tech won 3, lost 5, and tied 1. Not too good, it's true: but much better than Tech's disasterous 1937 season when it failed to win a game. The dope bucket was upset many times as the Wolves beat favored teams. Here's a rough resume of the season: Tech 0, Breckenridge 18 The Wolves started off the season with a lossy although the team as a whole looked good in defeat. Speedy John Antone was the star for the Wolves as he ripped off tackle and raced around ends time and again for long gains. Inabil- ity to solve a shifting defense during the early periods, accoun- ted largely for this defeat. Tech 7, Longview 14. The Wolves played the state champion Loboes in the second game and roundly trounced them for 58 minutes--only to lose in the last 2 minutes of play. Nearly the whole game was played in Loboe territory, but the Wolves lacked the scoring punch when the ball was in the shadows of Longview's goal line. Tech 0, Adamson 20 In the first city series game, the Wolves were upset by Adamson, 20 to 0, and it began to look bad. The tricky cats surprised the Davis Pack as they lateraled all over the field. Tech 27, Greenville 13 It was circus day for the Wolves as they defeated the Greenville Lions, 27 to 13, for their first victory in 2 years. The game was marked by long runs by both teams and was a thriller throughout, with Hoyle and Termin proving the standouts. Tech 15, Woodrow 0. Upsetting the dope bucket on their own account, the Wolves won their first city series victory-downing the highly favored Wildcats, 15 to 0. While the score does not show it, the game was a complete route with the Davismen in full charge. George Lomonaco furnished the feature thrills. Wolves 0, Hi-Park 20 Playing without the services of 3 regu1ars- Hoyle, Philbrick, and Lomonaco--a crippled Tech team was turned back 20 to 0 by the strong Highland Park Scotties at the Highlander Stadium. John Law, second-string fullback did most of the ground-gaining for the Wolves. Tech 13, N. Dallas 13 After completely outplaying the Bulldogs the first half, the Techsters slowed down and nearly lost the game, but managed to pull into a 13 to 13 tie. The tie dimmed the Pack's chances for the district 8 crown. Tech 24, Forest 19. Tech's battling Wolves' game with Forest was a thriller as the lead changed hands several times before the Davismen came out victors, 24 to 19. Hoyle was the standout for this fracas. Tech 6, Sunset 13. In the final game of the season, the city champion Bisons deafeated the Wolves, 13 to 6, in a hard-fought battle. Tech held a 6 point lead at the end of the first quarter, but the Bisons turned on power to score 2 touchdowns to win. Chester and Hoyle were the Maroon and White stars. As the climax, Tech took third place in the city standing. - -Y-f -an-of - BASKETBALL As the Techniscram goes to press, the Tech Wolves are on top of the City Basketball race with Woodrow Wilson with two wins and no defeats charged against them although in reality the Wolves have lost one and won one. Theloss was to the Sunset Bisons who later forfeited the game due to an ineligibility of one of their players. The Wolves won the city series opener from Forest in a thriller, 26 to 22, but the chances of Tech being City Champions was somewhat dimmed, but not blackened, by a, defeat hung on their chins by Sunset, pre-season favorites. Regardless of the outcome of the city race, the Wolves can rest assured that the quint will be in there battling for Alma Ma-ter from the beginning to the end. The following letterman are the players Coach Hayes is depending on to win the championship: Wayne Freeman, Kendall Buchanan, Billy Sherman, and Kenneth Rogers. INTRAMURAL SPORTS The beginning of school in September started the Intra- mural Sports with a bang. A new committee was chosen and the sports for the fall season of 1938 were decided upon. Basketball was the main event of the semester, with the 4A seniors 'winning the championship from the sixth hour Crimson Tide. The Techniscram extends COI1g1'Eltlll3tl0IlS to the Intra- mural Committeemen and their sponsor, Mr. Tysor, for their Work in making the Intramural Sports a big success this season. inf. 1.46.3 ji 1 'e2'ir5j" f ... 1 ,. 54,3 , This book was printed by the following students of the Dallas Technical High School printing classes, under the supervision of V. H. Pyeatt, instruc- tor. COM POSITORS W. S. Seale Wayne Freeman Bob Campbell Manuel Cervantes Weldon Garrison Billy Joe Leverett Otto Marinick J. C. Lowry Billy Dyer Jerry Merchant Elmer Lee Gross Eugene Melton Pat Little Ferris McKool Oliver Werst Charles Mitchell PRESSMEN Manuel Cervantes W. S. Seale Bob Campbell Wayne Freeman Claud Doughty MAKE UP Wayne Freeman Bob Campbell W. S. Seale Manuel Cervantes Many of the group cuts in this Techniscram were furnished by The Dallas Morning News and The Dallas Times-Herald. The class appreciates this courtesy. The Techniscram wishes to express special appreciation to Mr. Goodrich and his associates for advice, and for allowing us to use the facilities of the Advanced Printing Department in the making of this book. g gg AUTOGRAPHS W 2: n ' f 11: 'L ' W 3. .-r, f , 1 ,, , n, 4. A

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