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NROTC University of Minnesota - Gopher Log Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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73,2 Cm" swmvg 727, fzwf,,,..M,.,e.M4,g.J,4 ,2,Z.?,Z.? ,vm -cfm 304106 el' Yi!-Ogibvlivw, MMER W'M? - Dleqfev- ma, 32 1 Waleevf Umm 1 x i 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 i Q l 1 www: --fq...,mm. A 'lv' r .af 'k "" .v W .. A ,, Mlm N me N.- W. an -Wb JI' N fum. ,. .. , k Refi, .4-'ff . Wg. m 1 swf-17' 1 JZFA1 1 ' A WEN CAPTAIN JOHN W, GATES gfafmfec 1rom we .,,i ann if Nava1 Academy a+ 1AxFIV15DO11S in 191 1. He served 'MA 1,1 -. - '+f' 'N 1 ,ANA In A11an11c and European walrers In 1vVer1d War 1. V In 1919 He 10011 command 01 11ve U, S. NQVG1 11 Wgyklh ",V Forces in Wwe Eas1em Medkerraneer. fy 5125121 In June, 1943, Cap1a1m Safes V965 eroereci To dwy 5 LZr1 1 as Cereewamoarwlr 0? the Neva Q1":efg1 1ra1m'mq X L1r11 EEUU-+1'1G Naval '1ra1-mmq S1a+1eeFva1 'me Umfverfi ' . b 5 X s1+'y 01 M1mme5e1a. He 15 Sewer C' Qer Dresem Q1 Um , .kgmi-'X 7-5 A - rife' ,W 11115 area. R 'L Durhq We any were Camar Gees was earned 5 514 N,rV A M Y,-it i 11we shwcere resped 01 Those serving meer mm. For A -XA 1115 d1Q17111y Qi rrwammjfr and beemmg 'iv H15 meg' ,K XFX, gi nI11cen1embod1mer11o1ar1 o111Cer and 5 ger111emfm, Camahv Gafes WT11 1creve1 carry 11311 Him We hi? Z 1111 adrrEre+1on 01 frle cess C5 1944. CAPTMN ,1Q1'11N1 VV,G1AX1ES U.S.5A1. 11251112531 CQ1x4MAND11X1G CFFWCER HAS IT BEEN WORTHWHILE UQ 111111 c11111f111'f11'11f 111 11114111111 111111 1111:111,!i'1 1',11111',11'111' f11'111111'.11111' 1,11 1g111,11 f111111111X11f, 111111111 1ff4g11'. 111111111111 j111fXg1111111 .1111 .111 111111111 111.1111 'AHF' 161111111- 11131. I 1111 111111 711111 111.111 1v1f11f11'1'.111f1f 1111111 111 111 11 111'111.m11f1r1f1.1 1.1.1f111111. 1 1111 11111 1' 1111112111 1111 .11.111:f11111',1 I1'Z1!l'!7 1111 A1111 111111 111111 111111111'1.Uf11'.1 111 11111 I'1111 111111 W1 111111 I ,'11'111,1V1 11111"111'1' 1111.11 11111 11111 X761 1'1lL'L'LU111f 111 31,111 11111111 1111 L1L'J',1. 111 1111111 ,v11'14u1f11 ff1L' Jffl-l',1.1'jflvl 111 '111111' 1111'1f111l111114q 1111 Jfijfjfbl 111 1111111111 1111111- tQ'U11t1C41' 1111 1111111111 1111111 1111j1' 111111 111. 3711114 43111111 1111111111111 ,1Lfl,'.19L" 111111 111111 1'111'1f 111 1'111111111f. T111 111111111 11111 11111111 1f'f77f'lfq7L'IA 111' 11111 ,11111'1'1f 11.1 43111111 11.1 Il 1 fiCf16'I'f' 11111 111 fnf. 11I1111',v 117111 1111171 111 G1111 .11111 111 111111111111 11 111 KQ11111. H1111 111115 111 111111 111111 11111 11111 111' 1l1ff. -1. XY. Ci1x'1'11s. C'.1f1111111 If S. N.11Y1 Ql3111z'111'j E en n fhe busy afmosphere ol u Capfains office. fhere 15+ e for an occasional pause a Cl a heariy laugh. Um xec LIEUTENANT COMMANDER CALVlN A. WALK- ER, JR., was among ihe officers who es+ablished ihe Minnesoia NROTC unii. He graduaied from rhe Naval Academy in i929 and served wilrh desiroyers in rhe Ear Eas+ and China Seas. In I933 he received his wings af Pensacola. Afier serving aboard Jrhe U.S.S. Saraioga, he was assigned io The Universiry of Minnesora. Complef- ing anorher +our of sea dury, he reiurned in I942 and in June, 1943, became Execuiive Ciciicer of Jrhe Naval Training Esiablishmeni ai' Jrhe Universiiy of Minnesora. To ihis uni? Mr. Walker broughi ihe spirii of old Navy. Sincerely concerned wi+h Jrhe welfare of NROTC, he has s+riven ro bring before us rhe affribufes of a good naval officer-franlcness, in- fegriiy, knowledge. ' i M' ""w,ov x my fv114,g Wiifrmw.. o"' V " 4 Y K 'Y . ,J , i "" "TWT, A V ff' fi7'wiiA . 1 - 1 lrsr - 1 aw.. A L i A I 3, .rrr N, fr 'N , iffa, 5 Q , r ' Y Qi' lvl 4.5 gi' 4595" jf" ' E43 M f W' iii. Arr, f g if f - 7 A ,gran ,f ,rj,f,,v.,.., , .rsr r fm ... , , ff' . , N 'f ,g V ' if I , A w, i it , ,, ,fig , .,'. ,LY QV I H,w,',V G,i, i 'Q ff. fffffrff . A' 'P fi L a Qwigir' My 'NWT f"r N -frr r A Rf' 2 2? X LT. wg.. COMMANDER CALVIN A. WALKER, JR. u.s.N. lRETlREDj ExEcunvE oFFicER ff s 4 1 5 i i Communications LIEUTENANT COMMANDER ROSSER H. MAT- SON, Naval Academy '25, is The genial Head OT The DeparTmenT, insTrucTor in communicaTions and marine engineering, and second class adviser. As- signed To The uniT in T942 LieuTenanT Commander MaTson has shown a deep personal inTeresT in The welTare oT NROTC and has helped make This uniT one oT The TinesT in The counTry. He received his promoTion To The ranlc OT LieuTenanT Commander in April, and anTicipaTes a change OT duTy. Seclmcmship . . . LT. COMMANDER THEODORE L. HASBROUCK U.S.N.R. LT. COMMANDER ROSSER H. MATSON U.S.N.R. - - A" ,ff ,fvjrwff-P-16, e : .O ,, C ', L f-A ' f K ' A, ff f 7 c Q5 f we , C 'L Q ff 1 7 7, ."' ,v V 257, if 'Fl' '-.Qfitg ' fgiifix-Q., '- . f f 5 - -- I- ! 'W J' l W C iff y!!! 'Q 1 Q qv .e L: fi xi E2 if off ff f f ,Q if rf' 'f" . - fr . f aff ' A ,..- 'f' " ' T ,ff ,f f fi 45 ' fi . .' I ' ' 3 J ,UQ :. T f x -f 14. ff' " f 1, "H-i 3. ' flwf, Z "' 'va "' 1:"i' , T f 52:1 Z 5:4 4 i 4, ,, fm- .we ei,Q!'..jJ'v1" ljv A , '30 riff f' , "'.'fLyf , " K QT If 1 ff 1 ' r . T . mf, ,- , .. f ff ,yr It ' Wg , 1 1 lr' A! A X K ,. ' , X' .. i Hg. l.-avi I ., X LIEUTENANT COMMANDER THEODORE L. HAS- BROUCK, Naval Academy '23, is The head OT The gunnery deparTmenT, insTrucTor in ordnance and seamanship, and EirsT Company OTTicer. As Third class adviser and insTrucTor exTraordinary, he has won The admiraTion OT The men in The uniT wiTh his cheerTul gruTTness and ready wiT. Those who have Taken insTrucTion Trom him will always remember his old powder bag and The innumerable para- phanalia wiTh which he illusTraTes his lecTures. He also received his promoTion To LieuTenanT Com- mander in April. Navigation . . . If 5 1 l---- , ,. ff 357, Y ,,r,,il,5. y W., .. , , .5gg5f, ,. f1691 5f I W 'Hn' YTIF -f,ip W'-. f' .1 --, :-1 .,-.LA 4'i13f-YES . . ' "An --'fffk' fl f 'sm' ,,g-1.-zlggya,-,ggzfmj1,15 V AJ f i T 4,41-h V ---- --- ... -. - N.-1,3 . , f'x: V V 4 W ul :QQ . - fi '19-1 - f ss., T a- ' ' -N5 1' ' - ' i" fL-'-If 'c T, JF' 17 -4.-.PF-E?-." "iii" I ' - xf'f"'v1W is-1 1 ' .- .Z 3,4 ,N -3 tink, ' . ' - V -' T '- - ' 'Q'-'. - . . F iseff. - -C ':if-xx-':..r21.f.-.Sri-AP43!" :f.j.:gq'1-1: 1'.f1:1 5 :jj-jg ,- -jf, , 'L. - LTEUTENANT JQSEPH LEICHT, Naval Academy '25, is The insTrucTor oi navigaTion, Second Com- pany OTTicer, and GOPT-TER LOG adviser. ln pre, LOG days he was adviser ol The SCUTTLEBUTT, a mimeographed magazine, wiTh which he was never quiTe saTisTied. OuT oT This dissaTisTacTion grew his idea To have a uniT yearlooolc. Wirh unceasing eTlorT, he has succeeded in making his idea TacT and has given The uniT a proiecT oT which iT can pe iusTly proud. Tactics . . . LIEUTENANT WALTER A. REINHARD U.S.N.R. LIEUTENANT JosEPH LEICHT usn. TRETIREDJ LIEUTENANT WALTER A. REINF-TARD, Naval Academy '30, and youngsTer oi our Academy men, came To This uniT one year ago. ln ThaT shorT space oT Time, as insTrucTor in Tic Tacs and naval law, Third Company OTTicer, and TirsT class adviser, he has won a prominenT place in The hearTs of NROTC men. We lcnow him as a real Triend and a splendid insTrucTor. l'lis many siories and meThods oT emphasis will secure in our minds his sound advice and The realizaTion ThaT we have lcnown a Tine oTlicer, a real man. Recognition . . . ,ff iw?FT?"l7'Z'-3.-Q""??"' ' jf ffm, -A 4, 2 'Glue ' " Xjilf I ee? J asf- n Mid? 9 rg I i h xl-'-Jiri' If e . i S a I- Le I n i- f. , --. gi' i','f,,a 'xiii-gif,-f.?w4 La i LIEUTENANT WILLIAM F. TRUSTY, JR., came Io Ihe Minnesoia Unii March I4 as an ensiqn ase signed as recogniiion oiliicer. In civiIian Ii'Ie he was a lawyer in Keniucky. I-Ie Iook his indocfrina- Hon fraininq aI' Darimoufh, and his recogniiion 'rraining af Ohio Siafe Universiiy. He received his promofion Io Lieuienanf ApriI I. Lieuienani IrusIy's dunes consisf oi Ieachinq a 'Iwo mon+hs' recognifion Course aI'rerna+eIy a+ Mihnesofa and Marqueffe. VVhiIe here, Lieuiehani Irusfy won The re-spec? and admirafion of The uni? wifh his quief considefafe and soufhern manner. INIRQIC men UEUTENANT WILLIAM F. TRUSTYV JR' eagerIy awaif his refurn. U S N R Fuzzbuzzing . . . Pipe down back ihere, you guys!" "We'II 'rurn our 'rhinking back and seek fhis oui' I'oge+her I know more abouf insurance +han any living man alive." "There's nofhing you can do aboui i+. Dammit Period.' xaa i: Cr-TTEF QUNNER STACK CT-TTEF BCATSVXATN T-TAMTLTON CT-TTEF SHTRS CLERK AXELSON Um ' The NROTC losT Three grand Navy men when and M. A shorT while laTer, ChieTs STack and Axel- ChieTs T-lamilTOn, STack, and Axelson were promoTf son Took Over new duTies aT The ElecTricians' TVlaTes ed To The rank OT ChieT WarranT GTTicer. Soon School. The upperclassmen will noT soon TorgeT aTTer lvlr. T'lamilTon donned his sTripe, he was i'The Gunner," "T-Tam," and TiAxelsOn." Cur besT TransTerred To The Navy V-I2 UniT aT Texas A. wishes are wiTh Them. CT-TTEF QUARTERTVTASTER RUSSELL T-TOYER has The job wiTh The uniT OT helping To make navigaTors OuT OT a bunch OT Tair-haired lads. Backed by I4 years OT reserve and acTive duTy, The ChieT's abiliTy and Triendliness have made him an imporTanT parT OT NRQTC liTe. BeTore coming here he was cOllecTing ribbons on a 'round-Thevworld cruise and LST operaTiOns in The SOuTh PaciTic. CHIEF YEQMAN ANTQN KOMPERDA, youhgesT OT The NRQTC chieTs, spends his Time keeping The uniT records and Tiles shipshape. T-le received his Training aT The Rhiladeiphia Receiving STaTion, and was The TirsT man assigned To The newly commissioned USS LudsTown. ChieT Kom- perda is known To The lads as The "Mad Reveille-er"l CHIEF GUNNERS MATE CARLTON ENGLE, 'lChuckie," has seen service in boTh World Wars. In The TirsT one he served aboard The Tlagship OT The convoy squadron, The USS SeaTTle, and laTer he was wiTh The Suicide FleeT, clearing The mine bar- rage ouT OT The NorTh Sea. DuTy in This war began in T942 aT Navy Pier, Chicago. l-le was assigned To This uniT eighT monThs ago, and now serves in The capaciTies OT Gunners MaTe, STorekeeper since Fergie's deparTure, and coach OT The pisTol Team. STOREKEEPER Ifc RQBERT FERGUSON is a naTive OT ST. Paul. T-le gOT his Training aT The STorekeepers School, Blooming' Ton, lndiana. 'Fergie' was recenTly deTached Trom The uniT, and aT presenT is in San Francisco, awaiTing orders To The RaciTic l:leeT. Cl-HEP T-IOYER PETTY OFFICER lic FERGUSON Cl-HEP ENGLE CT-MEF KOMRERZA ,. 1 February lasl, sixlyfrwo more men exchanged Jrhe uniform ol NROTC 'lor Jrhe dress ol Naval line officers. The February gradualing class of I944 was unique in lhal il was made up ol noi only regular NROTC seniors, buf also of a selecled group ol upperclassmen who had undergone a special speed-up program lo equip Jrhem for duly ar lhe earliesr moment Under lhe very able lulelage of Annapolis lrained ohfi- cers, lhese men progressed. From lheir bewildered and frying plebe days, Jrhrough Jrheir second class year, when fhe lighf of responsibilify began lo glow, up lo lhe advenl ol lhe almosl enlirely new life, lhal of lirslr classmen, complele wilh ils responsibililies, dillicullies and pleas' ures, lhese men had buf one obiecliveelhe salisiaclory complelion of lheir officer Jrraining lo insure success al Their new commands. These men, nor long ago here, are now al Naval shore sralions and aboard Navy lighling ships around lhe globe. We wish Jrhem clear sailing, Gods speed, and bounlilul hunling on lheir missions ahead. 1"Huu-.,, do , ?eZwwzq Seniafaa ROBERT G. AMICK. Bob." Journalism. Infer- esls include bull sessions, burnming ciqarelres, and a gal named Belz. Firsi' Plaloon Commander. Sub- cliaser, Allanlic. LYLE E. BARTEL. Barr." General. Anclior and Cliain. Power mad lad from Hinckley, and cliarfer rnernber ol llne l-leallli Club. Second Plalc-on Cornrnander. Carrier, Pacific. ROY E. ANDREWS, "Andy," Universily College. Sigma Alplwa Epsilon, Anclrior and Chain. Plurnb Bob. Edilor of Teclwnolog. Acquired a ball and cliain name ol Bey Sliores before lie lefl. Firsl P. O. Submarine. Allanfic. ALBERT W. BEISAN6. Ounnerf Aero. Enqi- neering. Anclior and Cliain. A rouqlw and ready guy, ine apple ol Gunner Sraclcs eye. Company C. P. O. Eliglil Training. EDWARD P, BABCOCK. 'Edj Business Adrninv Esrrafion. Alpha Della Plii. Presidenl of Union Board. No one lnnows abouf llwis quie-T boy bul lwis lwo buddies Fraser and Robb, and Tliey wouldrilf Tallc, Tliird P. O. Cruiser, Aflanfic. ALLAN W. BRUNSELL. 'Brunsf Aero, Engi- neering. Anchor and Chain. Underclassrnen claim llwaf lie was unblugable. Bail. C, P. O, Cruiser, Allanfic, SEYMOUR BARER. 'Lunqilundf' Chem. Engi- neering. Presidenl ol Siqrna Alplwa Siqrna. Var' siiy Baseball. LOG Slalil, A naliye of Elarbusli. Eourlli P, O. Balnlesliip, Soulln Pacific. THOMAS K. CONNORS, 'TKQ Foreslry. Anclior and Cliain. Tliis sea-going woodsrnan spenl lnis spare 'firne racing carrier pigeons. Reminisced abou? bis days in flue lonely woods. Tliird P. O. Balllesliip, Pacilic. 6055054 WlLLlAM J, GEIST. "Duich.' Educalion. Payv masier ol: Anchor and Chain, LOG Siaii, Varsiiy Eoorball. Nexl ro playing guard he likes bruneffes besf. Firsi' Company Commander. Desfroyer. Paciiic. DAN R. CROSWELL. JR, "Dan'l," "Danny." Min- ing Engineering. Collecis rocks and boxes. A ciuier, likable lrishman, wiih an engaging smile. Cruiser, Pacific. EDWARD E. GRADY. 'lEd." General. Looked like a shorr beer wifh a reporf sheer, and used borh! Third P. O. Cruiser, Pacific. ARTHUR W. ENGSTROM. "Art" Mech. Engi- neering. Phi Kappa Psi, Anchor and Chain. Known rhroughour The uni? For his many girls wifh super converiibles. Elecied To Tau Beia Pi. Bail. Sub- Commander. Diesel School. RODNEY E. GAUMNITZ. "Rod," "Gonnmy." Eco- nomics. Sigma Nu, Anchor and Chain, Track. Wrofe leifers by ihe gross. Finally exchanged The navy blue for ihe marine green. Third P, O. Marine Corps. HOWARD EVANS. l'Esky." General. LOG busi- ness siahi sharpie, Slag-Robb's cohori, Fourfh P. O. Submarine. GEORGE N. HADDEN. 'Bubfi Aero. Engineer! ing. Anchor and Chain. His guier manner was a decided confrasr io his Flaming red hair. Fourth P. O. Carrier Escorr, Pacific. DONALD M. FRASER. l'Don." Marh. Alpha Della Phi. Swimming Team. Licensed amaieur radio Mharnf' Took a maior in marh and a minor in women. Money changer oi ihe LOG business siaici. Second Company Commander. Deslroyer, Ailanlic. RICHARD T. D, HANSEN. "R.T.D. Aero. Enqi- necrinq. Silcnr Yokurn QT Quarfers Charlie. Tnird Submarine AT an if ARTHUR I. JAFFEE. JaTf. Acgcuniing, Rrrr EpsiTon Pi. ATNQTTCS in qenfgral and boxing iri pai. rseaT'x packs a waTTop. Gbos for raTT bkwndes a Lani. Cruiser RaciTfc. ALBERT S. HANSON JR. Sid' Aero. Enni- rowinq. Ancncr and Cnain. Happy-qc-Trmky Tao. Bibi nxan bfeLir'o We sLiu.QssTuT Winrer Dance. T JQSERH W. JANECKY JR. Jafuck Pussy- rfir. N. S. ana T. AnzLrr ara Chair. His :abaciry Tczr Sriio and Toed fany warieryr was 'orvirip Mace his srudy new inspecricrs in sid- inQ Toi-'. Tivird R. O, Barrlcsrrib, Arhnric. ARTHUR J. HAYES. Arr. Genfarai. CH Rsi, Ancncr and Chain. LCG Srax. Bocrzief Wccixie Ling QT We unif. His boys :a'Ted rirn Wood and Gus. Tnird Cffrnpany Corrrrrandew. Bawesnip VW ROBPRT VJ. JOHNSON. Happy! Business. AIWFRV' and Crain. Soerzr his spare rims rakinu :vm A'pTna Rbis and barinq SAE. A gunnvr, bu' ds-Lr'ifQ?y1 SQ-LOnd R. O. De-sfrcrybr Rabif WALLACE R, HOLTER. 'WfaTTy,' Arcbiiedure. Ancbor and Chain. Earned bis room and board by playing bridqc. Fmrrin R. O. BaiTTesnip ArTan+ic ROBERT C, JOHNSTON. Johns. N. S. and T. Siqnra ATpha Epsilon. The unifs sea lawyer. He broke our rbe powder raq when he Q01 his orders. Fmirib R, O. Arrrrnurririon Ship, A1TanTiC. inc nd rrcuTaf are bis hobbies. For a Urrk- TQNCW A effzdafza STANLEY l-l. KRlNSKY. i'Krins." Engineering. Anchor and Chain. Kepi Nav classes lively. "Sol a maich, l-lam?" Drum and Bugle Corps C. P. O. Baiileship, Ailaniic, ROSS W. JORDAN. 'Sfraighl Edge." Aero. Engineering. A big lad wiih a lull lenor voice ihal had io be coaxed oul of hirn. Third P. O. Submarine, Pacific. HAROLD J. LARSON, JR, "Lars," Aero, Engi- neering. Anchor and Chain. Third P. O. Cruiser, Ailaniic. STANLEY A. KARATZ. "Carro+s." Business Ad- minislraiion. LOG Siaii, Phi Epsilon Pi, The carrof-lopped lad who finally go+ himself engaged fo May. Fourfh P. O. LCT, Aflaniic. HENRY M. LEE, JR. i'Doc." General. Bela Theia Pi. Swimming. LOG Siaii. Srnoolh boy, queen picker, haunied lhe Varsiiy, Firsf Plaloon Commander. Deslrover, Allaniic. JACK W. lflEEE. "Kee'iy." Mech. Engineering Anchor and Chain. Riile Tearn. Capiain: Crac Drill Squad, Caplain, A sfraighl-shooier and a big noise, GOT drunlc on 'lcoliesf' Bail. Adiulani. Submarine. Pacific. i RlCHARD M. LEVERSEE. 'l.evi," "The Brown Nose." Aero. Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Anchor and Chain, Silver Spur. Varsiiv Fooiball. Propriefor oi The Levi-Weis-Wei-Wash. The Oogie Boogie boy. Eourih P. O. Escorf Carrier, Allanlic. LOUIS R. KOEPP. 'Sleepin' Jezzuzf Business Adrninisiraiion. Della Sigma Pi. Earned for ihe six or seven leiiers per day from Ehfie. Finally married her. Palrol Crail, Ailanlic. DEAN C. LINDOUTST. "Link," Enqineerind Varsiiy Hockey. Sfrong. siieni rype. The hermit irom Monfana. Fourfh P. O. Desfroyer, Pacific. MATHEW R. MANUEL. "Manuel." Archifecrure Alpha Rho Chi, Deifa Kappa Phi. Hobbies ini ciude fools and blondes. one of which he married. Second P. O. Cruiser, Pacific. ROBERT M. M. LTNSMAYER. "R.M.M." Mech. Engineering. Anchor and Chain, Phi Kappa Psi, Tau Beia Pi. Ouiwhe The proper boy. Scholasricaily and socially on +he Top. Bait Commander. Cruiser, Aiianfic. JAMES E. MARTIN. "Jymy." Crenerai. Deira Tau Deira. Ciown of The keyboard. Only man in The uni+ who qof his money's worfh our of The Union Tee. Second Piafoon Commander, Sub- marine, Ahanfic. LEONARD E. LUNDAHL. i'Bunny." Enqineerinf. Anchor and Chain, He is a 'iirnerf' Taiks abou? himseii in his sieeo. Eourrh P. O, Escorf Carrie Afianric. HAROLD M. MATHEWS. 'Mouse' Generai. Phi Epsiion Pi. One of The smoofher operaiors wifh efchinqs fo boot Eourfh P, O. Carrier, Pacihc. JOHN T. LYONS, 'Tigerf Generai. Ancho' and Chain. Bieary-eyed card shark. Philosophicai abou? women, he foierafed Them, Second P. O. Cruiser AHan+ic, ALDON J. MOOERS. "Aidy." Aero, Engineer- ing, Ouier and sfudious. One oi fhe brains of The ouiiii, Second P. O. Cruiser, Pacific, eiwmq Z r X iVlARTlN L. RASKlN. 'Marne General. Sigma Alpha Mu. Transfer lrom Marquefle. Navy law shark who lelr his fralernily pin behind, Third P. O. Communicalions Auxiliary, Pacific. HAROLD S. MORTON, JR. ihflorl "Jellyrcv'l.' Mech. Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi lan Siqrna, Anchor and Chain. Silent sorl, bw he could really send you wirh his boogie wcrqi Fourlh P. O. Submarine Allanfic, EDWIN G. ROBB. Edf Qeneral. Alpha Della Phi, Anchor and Chain. Editor-in-chief, LOG. Swimming. Caused rio' al lhe s'aq wilh anlics and imoersonalicns. Second Plalcon Commander. Tanker. Pacific. ROGER F. NOREEN, "The Loolqerf' Law. Anchor and Chain. A cagey characler, Fasl lallcer. Woman irouble. A lawyer, lhrough and lhroiiqh. Sol his degree, B. S. and I.. Ballleship. ROBERT N. ROSAS. Bob." Chemical Engineer- ing. Anchor and Chain, Biq noise in lhe Drum and Bugle corps for several years. Drum and Bugle Corps. Corrimander. PAUL A. NCRQLHST. Norhi Aerc. Encfneev ing, Anchor and Chain. Arl Edilor LCG. Famed lor his reyised colleclion ol Varoa dirrs. Foiirlh cor Carle A an EARL V, ROSENGREN, "Omar," "The Ten? Malc- erf Civil Enqineerinq. A biq, quiel boy wilh a flashing smile. Neyer had much io say, buf lhe boys claim he did a lol ol lhinkinq, Sea-Bees, D c ROBERT F. CUlMETTE. Bob. Enzzineerind, Anchor and Chain Skipper, The lfombore was his onfy love. TD was his insoiralior, Faith FRANK VV. RUTHERFORD. "Bud.' N. S. and T. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Aqenl lor The California Chamber oi Connrnerce, Business Manager, LOG Slaif. Second Rlaloon Commander. Submarine, Ailanlic. NORMAN D. TPHNGVOLD. 'Thornperf' N. S. and T. Baslcelball, swimming, and The craclc drill squad his rnain inieresfs. The silenl one ol: Quar- lers Fox. Plans on U.S.N. Third R. O. Cruiser, Pacific. JOSEPH F. SLADKY. doe." Engineering. Trans- ferred from Marqueffe. VVoody's counlerparl, lo- geiher 'rhey lcepl Quarlers George a lively spot Fourih R. O. Deslroyer, Aflanlic. MERLE.J.TOrv1iv1ERAASEN. "Tommy," Enqineer- ing. The sporrsrnan. Every speech, every conversae lion fhal he was in on sooner or lafer qol around io deer, pheasanf, and duolc. Fourlh P. O. Cruiser Aflanlic. R. RCSCOE STlNCl-IFIELD, i'S+inch." Aero. En- gineering. A heo Cai whose lasles ran io I-larry Jarnes and Sinaira, alter whorn he pallerned his shower balh egorfs. Escorf Carrier, Allanlic, HENRY B, Tll.l.0TSON. Ill. 'I-lanlcf' Mech. Enqineering. ln on everylhinq ihal came oil, from cruises lo crack drill squad. Ball. Supply Ohliicer. Avialion Mainienance, Allanlic. GEORGE H. SWANSON, 'Big Swans." Mech, Enqineering. Anchor and Chain, Della Tau Della. Big bug of Enqineersl Day. ll loolc a lor of 'Talk- ing lo change his mind, and no one ever seemed lo have enough. Fourfh P. O. Escorf Carrier. JACK VV. WALLIS. "Slrelch." General. Anchor and Chain, Bela Thela Pi. LOG Sfarf, Unifs lallest rnan. 6'5". BTO of Sorority Row! Second P. O. Cruiser, Aflanlic. endafw A lilile curli headed 'o Omega. Eourlh P. O. SCOTT DAVID WALTON. 'Tan' maker ol more. Never quile hap lelling down his hair. Cruiser, A Malh whiz who rever HENRY R. WEBER. "Du+ch." A Eoolball. Burly lad, unassuming old uarlers Eas , and The dean Carrier, Allanlic. l l DAVTD H. DULEBOHN. "Dule." Mech. Engineer- ing. Anchor and Chain, Phi Kappa Psi. Women and machine fools lascinaie him. The lad who used lo gel in Mr, l-lasbrouclcs hair. Submarine Ailanlic. HOWARD V. WOODY. f- iv Ov- - George. Lover oi horseplay. Dream boy ol: Chi and Chain. LOG Slali. Teller of wild iales and ARNQLD L, WAXMAN. 'Wax.' Elec gineering. Used fhe back door of She accenl. Cruiser, Ailaniic. Ci Y - socieiy, i.e., Viclors. Company C. P. O. Escorl "Woody." Engineering b Ghosl' oi Quarlers RT., Pacific. General. Anchor DY unless he was llanlic. lricaf Enz- V vin Hal. is eas'ern grew Gigi' of h ero. Engineering. air, pafriarch of ol S+ Paul cafe NOT PICTURED JOHN OLSEN. "OIs." Mech. Engineering. A silenf, curly-haired guy, who loaded himself down Wifh a ball and chain before reporling fo duly. Second Plafoon Commander. Submarine, Pacific. gh Qi? . X sfffjj J iff? . X , is QQ, iii .4 . fix IJ , C lggl F -1 S liQ3l.l.l its Q 1? , LYS ,Qs .L fix! f In G V 'ff ft!-Di f i f T Lighter 1 Q., X at X ii . liilll 5 X me Ven' le KQQJQ if ""m.... Ca? Pers lnsp Color Girl present- My gawo, ws Na+ all. I+ musf be idly . .. She wen? info I+ wifh her eyes open Qs., Queen Convoy COMNINE Inspeds Ghos+ of Quarfers George as snmuggk The Shaq. Remember? The Carmorfs sea lawyers The iirsl class lo enier NROTC aufier Pearl l-larbor and 'lhe youngesu group fo leave lvlinnesoula as commis- sioned line ouclicers, The June gradualing class of IQ44 is now ready lo ioin Jrhe fleeu. Of lhe IIS men lo begin naval ouclicer Jrraining here as plebes, 42 will now receive uhe covered gold suripe and slar-and duly aufloal. Some will go aboard subs and some will reporl lo baullle- sluips. Some will have duly on desfroyers, while ouhers will ship aboard carriers. Wherever uhey go, however, +hey'll always remember lhe Ring Dances, Salurday ruighl exlra duly, 'rhe ucirsl whole weelc-end ol liberfy, navigalion puzzlers, Wauerbury speed gear days, Tic-Tacs, and fha? inevilable "TT" reply: Juice wilh lhose many Hinfelleclual- ly enligh+ening" leclures, Joe's iillerbugging al l'he Navy Balls, our inlrocluculion +o "Tupeda" consurucuion, u'he sfags, and uhau feared Greaf Lalces swan song. All of rhese go +o malce up memories which none of uhe 42 will ucorgel. Wifh lhese memories and fheir irurroducfory "push" behind fhem, These men are aboul fo enler upon lhaul much greauer laslq for which uhey have urained . . . aleru, impauienu, and ready. x Qixgay W W H + W fzzlbxwb? W ha L- S Qxgzseiwiiii W' .Q 5 mag B - fszzi i3wf?xQ5aEB - - A x 55 WARREN EADAMS. llBlaClcle.l General. Alena Della Plni. Swirnrninq, lennis. 'lne "lawyer" cl fre unil wlwdd ralner 'nalce 'rlwe olebes brace lnan ear DA ll Qlwcw. 'llwird .G. Cruiser Alanllc. ROBERT A. BERGLUND. 'Orange Ace 'Pine Soealcerf General. Phi Kappa Psi. Baseball. Lcolfeo besl unwrapping l'1is lanky sell lrorn liis Cfcsley. Tlien Were was Tlial baby-rallcing girl friend. Firsl P. O. Barfleslwip, Allanlic. HENRY G. AHNMARK. "l-lanlcf' General. A very unassuming lad. All lwe would say is, 'll don? go sieady. Pu? down sornelliinq ina? Mom can read." Fourfli P. O. Bafflesliip, Allanfic. C. LEEDS GEORGE D. BROADSTON. "F.G.ll Engineering. Tlwe silenl gunner willi The loclcer door arrislry. Firsf P. O. Cruiser, Allanlic. BAUMAN. 'Leedsf' General. Copy Edilor LOG. Bunnyls Boy no longer. Couc argue a Barlleslvip, MlL'lON Alpina Mu leg of? anyone af lvand. Fourlln P. O. A+lan'ic. Rlcl-lA.PD E. CARLSON. 'RE' Eriqireering. Cribbage player exlraordinary-aslc Durr on pay- day. TT clairrs he s a snake. Secord P. O. Cruis- er Af anlic. B. BELLlS. 'Milf' General. Sigma . Anchor and Clwain. Managing Edilar, LOG, Journalism and women lreep flwis well .r slweepls cl Pacilic. ofnlng busy. Firs? P. O. Submarine JOHN F. DABLOW. "Dah," "Deacon" General, Anchor and Chain, Acacia, Edilor-insclwief, LOG. BMOC. Blue-eyed 'linnocenlll who always go? in l'l'1e bloody llwick of fliings. Second Plaloon Com- mander. Ballleslwip, Pacilic. 66066 JOSEPH P. D. ENGSTROM JR. "Pierponi," Lips." Engineering. Anchor and Chain. Malic- ulous soul who has never been cn repori. Corn- panv C. P. O. Cruiser, Aflanlic. ARTHUR R. DERDERIAN. 'Pebelf' General. Foorball, LOG Sfaff, A Navy boy lhrouqh and fhrough, and can"r be slumped on his firsl love. Submarine, Pacific. ARNOLD O. GlLBERTSON. 'Arnief Engineer- ing. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Anchor and Chain. Gynwnasrics. The daleless wonder oi rhe unir. Pholoqraphy and qvmnasiics are his hobbies. Eirsl Plalcon Commander. Cruiser, Alianlic. WILLIAM G. DUNN. "Jerry." Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Though his locker door looks like a Rogues' Gallery, he claims il only con- lains his Tavorire women. Firsl P. O. Cruiser Arlanlic. ALBERT T. GOLDSTENN. 'Goldief' General. Phi Epsilon Pi, Anchor and Chain. LOG Slahf. Posilive aclion boy and Greal Lakes worry-warl. Fourfh P. O, Marine Corps. GEORGE P. EDGERTON. "Edgie." General, Phi Gamma Della. LOG Slaii. 'Twas worlh drill, ing all affernoon lo hear his "reporil" Ball. C. P. O. Balrleship, Allanlic. NORMAN E. GROTH. iNorm." General. Anchor and Chain, LOG Business Manaqer. Pre- Ters river banking io leading rhe Drum and Bunqle Coros. Headquarlers Company Commander. Balllcship, Ailaniic. JOHN H. ElDE. "Scads." General. Likes classi- cal music, buf il's iusl a sideline foward mainrain- ing his repulalion as rhe Greal Lover. Fcurfh P, O. Cruiser, Aflaniic. JUEL K. HAUGEN. "Haugen." General. A lad wilh a Tong reach, ready Tor arivfhing. Been drowning his sorrows since Bens left Second P. O. Ballleship, Allanlic. EARL L. MAHACHEK, 'iGoosegrease," "Ma- hachf' Engineering. Gymnasfics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Anchor and Chain. Roorer King oi Min- nesola. On again, oii again when ii' comes lo women. Firsl Plaioon Commander. Submarine, Pacific. LAWRENCE D. JOHNSON. "Larry," "Flalfop." General. Anchor and Chain. Psychoanalvsf of fhe ouliil. Deep voiced, quiei, and slaady going. Third P. O. Submarine, Pacific. GEORGE A. MILLS. "Uncle George." General. Bela Thela Ri. The barber of Ouariers Dog. Hanging in The clouds 'Tor Three years over a gal named Billy. Third P. O, Ballleship, Ailanlic. MAURICE R, KATKOV. "Karlcov, The Mad Rus- sian." General. Phi Epsilon Pi. One oi TTS boys, Wan's 'o be a doclor-some day. Fourlh P. O. Cruiser Allanlic. MARWN E, MORAN. 'Milcef General. Sigma Alpha Eosilon' Skipper Anchor and Chain, LOG S+ar3. The Cover Boy is pinned fo a converiible narmed Sfuev. Firsr Company Commander. Cruis- er Allanric. HARRIS D. KOST. i'Harry." General. Phi Kappa Psi, Anchor and Chain, Likes golf and lable Tennis, Alas, he goes sieady. Third P. O. Bailleship, Ailanfic. MERTH G. MORTENSON. "Mori" Engineering, He fried hard 'lo develop his voice, buf remained a quiet unassuming lover oi sack Time. Fourlh P. O. Bailleship, Pacific. eniafza JOHN E. RYAN. "Jack" Generai. Phi Kappa Psi, Anchor and Chain. Loves To roiler slcaTe and never worries abouT "noThing." FourTh P, O. BaTTleship, ATianTiC. JAY M. NASH. "NeiL" General. Copy EdiTor, LOG. The Washburn piayboy and nemesis oT OuarTers Fox V-l2's. Claims his curiy hair is naTural. FirsT PiaToon Commander. Cruiser, AT- lanTic. PAUL E. SAMUELS, Sammy." Generai. DeTTa Tau DeiTa, WiTh his buriesque bumps and his KenTuk candids, Sammy is a one-man show. WanTs a band OT his own some day. C, P. O. BaTTief ship, PaciTic. RICHARD L. NELSON. 'Svvedef' Generai. Exec. QT Anchor and Chain. PooTbaii, wiesThng. The 'Teiephone hidwibiq operaTor OT QuarTers George. Company C. P. O. Cruiser, ATianTic. RODNEY D. SANDERS. "Rod.' Engineering. Siqma A!pha Epsiion, Alpha Phi Omega. Radio is his TirsT iove, buT There is a gai or Two, or Three. Second P. O. Submarine, ATlanTic, ROBERT F. NIELSON. "Bob" Engineering. LOG PhoToqrapher. The phoToqrapher oT The uniT who poinTs wiTh pride To aii his picTures in This book. Hoiy Joes boy. Company C. P, O. Cruiser, ATlanTic. JOSEPH W, SCHTERL. 'Joef' Oenerai, The WAVE's arrivai made The BuTcher very hapoy. BuT Then he aiways was. Second PTaToon Com- mander. BaTTTeship, ATlanTic. RUSSELL H. PETERSON, 'PeTe." Generai. A sack-hound who'd much raTher sieep Than make ouT The WaTch BiiL Truiy, a whiTe-haired Tad. BaTT. AdiuTanT. Cruiser, ATianTic. LEONARD H. SCHROEDER. 'Gus.' General. Anchor and Chain. WresTling. STaunch deTender oT The farmer, buT dwelT in The eTTeminaTe powder room oT The Phi Kappa Psi house. Second PlaTocn Commander. Submarine, Pacific. JOHN R. TAYLOR. "Buck," "Skipper," Genera Alpha Phi Omega. Hockey. Eiye romances wiTh Tive girls-aT The same Timel The Tailor OT Ouar- Ters George. Third P. O. Cruiser, PaciTic. CLAYTON E. SONMORE. "STony." General. By Tar The champion sacksTer oT The uniT. BUT sTill Toun EourTh P. d Time Tor a very cuTe young iady. O. BaTTleship, ATlanTic. JACK R. TERRY. "Red Mike." General. Jive hound and drummer boy. As supply oTTicer he raTioned wax wiTh an eye-dropper. Had a hidden genius Tor high iumping and ring ceremony pro- cedure. BaTT. Sub-Commander. Cruiser, ATlanTic. HARRY XN.SPELL. "Spy." Engineering. Anchor and Chain. Famous Tor abilify To sew raTings on wiTh scoTch Tape, and his meTiculous care oT The coiT'Ture. EourTh P, O. BaTTleship, ATlanTic. GEORGE A. THOMPSON, JR. "Thomps. gineering. DelTa Tau DelTa. The engineering genius oT The class, ParTial To The WAVES and a Tickle liTTle gueen. Third Company Commander. DesTroyer, ATlanTic. C, WlLLlAM SPRIGGS. "Bill," General. Tennis. So pessimisTic ThaT he reTused To order uniliorms Till The day before graduaTion. Third P. O. BaTTleship, ATlanTic. ROHLAND H. THOMSSEN, JR. "The Nose. General, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Anchor and Chain. Swimming. Spark plug oT The sTag, and imper- sonaTor exTraordinary. OuiTe The sororiTy co' ordinaTor. BaTT. Commander. Cruiser, ATlanTic. EDWARD H. SULLIVAN. "Sully." General. Phi Kappa Psi. EirsT man oT The class To pop The quesTionfand gelr The proper answer. Plans on a Navy career. EourTh P. O. DesTroyer. Pacihc. HENRY B. WEISNER. "V!iezy,' 'Buzzf' General, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Compiled The amazing rec- ord oT going sTeady wiTh one gal Tor TwenTy monThs. OuiTe The good deal. Second Com- pany Commander. DesTroyer, ATlanTic. 744 We See 74am Wg Awiqmm A Nf5Z?!5f3l TP K? m f 5? l R MX, 93 Xxfff I fbkxkfi P-XS 7' lj ,, J X, ,, , ,. ,. Am J ZW' A , ,V , If ff, NENI, ix If ,ffygigwikz Q, LE! V ""6'l'01Q SC? 155' bfi in X RX 5 5 5 ,O ff? NW f65 db-Q-nfh ff KX Xfw 9 I -jd-' XE ' 'EJ ffjggr'jD --'Md A g ? - 7 F' o 60 gr- - X kk ? .J 91535 WN '- K A V 'ffff' ,. 446 A m ag! xJ Irf sfMP1f'f 553 """ " 'T- X f? O X K' -fi:jZile Q 3 LQ M wo if 0 ff' K Qx 00 'fi , , , ' 1 hope MSL lwniillwj 5' fl gn N-"N, Q H of IYI7' lj Q Q Qt XXQ I' , - fp, 1 Q N f JINGL X . ui fa lk KX-XJQ jfwblg K Q CLANK gf 5 513110 xkvj 4 , - A an 4 1 x t f z - X 'L ' h x W Q - 1 ' f ' if I , f ' I f ., ,M XD an ,ii X X Q-9 gg' fin E?S?xNs x X O X nn s' x K QQL Q 1... R-2-' SULLY' ROT-TLAND T-T. Tl-IOMSSEN afzfmfian cwdm BaTTalion Commander Rohland Thomssen, alias "Nose," was The mosT versaTile "Tour sTriper" The uniT has had. WheTher iT was personiifying Lepidas aT a sTag, acTing as M.C. aT a GJ. Jamboree, or ironing ouT baTTalion problems, Bud served well. AlThough lcidded abouT his niclc-name, Bud always was smiling and ready Tor more. l-lis love oT good Tun never dulled, Trom his enTrance inTo The uniT To commissioning day. Bud's happy-go-luclcy aTTi- Tude was maTched by his high scholasTic and aTh- leTic abiliTies, and wheTher he be lcnown as Rohland, Bud, or Nose, They all add up To one grand guy. l,eTT: Terry, J. R., Sub-Commander: Lower CenTer: Thomsgen, R, I-I B H I Commander: Upper CenTer: EdgerTon, G. P., BaTTalion CPO, RighT Pezeisbonn Battalion Staff BeneaTh The digniTy oT swords and sabers, The baTTalion sTaTT was iusT good guys. BaTTalion Sub'Commander Jaclc Terry was always ready To leT down his hair Tor a hoT iive session, beaTing The skins and n'iuTTering 'ldu-wa du-wa" wiTh ThaT hep, Tar-away loolr in his eyes. Russ PeTerson, BaTTalion AdiuTanT, would much raTher wash his TeeT, say his pray- ers, and hiT The saclc To dreamily TorgeT malcing ouT waTch lisTs. A new variaTion oT calling Tor The musTer reporT aT drills was inTroduced by "Jawdge" EdgerTon, BaTTalion ChieT PeTTy OTTicer, when he soTTly reguesTed, "Companies Re- porrrrrrrrrrTl" l-lowever, in carrying ouT Their numerous assigned duTies, The sTaTT deserves much crediT Tor a iob well done. Color Guard Under The consTanT surveillance oT every eye as They march, The color guard necessarily musT be craclc in all maneu- vers on The drill Tield. IT was True This Term. When drill was over, however, Jerry "Casanova" Dunn, PeTTy OTTicer, TirsT class, was cornpleTely saTisTied To spend The evening admiring The gallery oT Tormer sweeThearTs on his crowded loclcer door. Lanlcy Juel l-laugan, PeTTy OTTicer, second class, on The oTher hand, waTched his healTh very closely and during liberTy could invariably be Tound aT The T-lealTh Club Talcing The well- lcnown TreaTmenTs. Dunn and l'laugan were assisTed by second classmen John Chelgren and Bolo SmiTh, who acTed as guards Tor The colors. LeTT To RighT: Chelgren, J. l.., Dunn, l-laugan, J. K., and SrniTh, R. P. W. G., R. H., BaTTalion AdiuTanT. Q .... .Q K Drum and Bugle Corps . . . FirsT Row: Adams, W, E.. 6roTh, N. E., Samuels, P. E. Second Row: MacDonald, C. D., Karinen, R. S. Ward, D. W.. Elliot A. L., Creekman. C. T., Coriman, J. L. lhird Row: Kaclc, K, E., Gaijdin, R. J., CarTwrighT, R. W., l-losTy, W. l.. Soukup, N., Nevins. R. G. Wirh The boom-boom OT The 'Z' large drum and The shrill blare oT The bugles, The drum and bugle corps gave The baTTalion The miliTary airs needed To give a "liT+" To marching. lo Norm GroTh, Commander, The sounding oTT aT reviews was The Tinal resulT oT hard worlc. To Talce his mind oT'l This hard worlf, Norm wenT in Tor romance-ThaT blonde, curly hair oT his really "senT" The gals. f'XnoTher "super-wolT" wiTh The girls was NNarren 'll.awyer" Adams, PeTTy QTTicer, TourTh class, whose innocenT appearance was a good camouTlage. He had Trouble wiTh "Tl" and diffi- culTies in malcing his shirTs give a weelc's service beTore laundering. ChieT PeTTy OTTicer Paul Samuels, "Sexy" To The boys, played The hoTTesT TrumpeT in The uniT. Sammy has quiTe an inTeresT in candids Trom KenTuclcy, which are really arTisTic. The home OT The drum and bugle corps, QuarTers Charlie, was The "nervous" cenTer OT The uniT, since iT was also l3aTTalion headquarTers. First Company Set away Trom the rest ot The battalion, Quarters Able A ' -35' 'if' --'ary' ' 'i T Tound that isolation had many advantages. Missing many ot the whirlwind in- spections by the 0.0.D. or 'i 7 -15 an eager-beaver J.0.0.W. was more than compensation Tor the extra distance that marching To class entailed. Clayton Sonmore, Petty QT- Ticer, Third class, liked Able because There weren't too many people watching when he gave his girl a goodenight kiss in tront oT quarters. Sonmore also had an unmatched attec- tion tor his liberty Card. Company Chiet Petty Otticer J. P. D. Lips" Engstrom tinally Threw over- board his orderly and digniTied way ot lite. lt Caught unprepared by NTT" in a law class, he would go on a Cheap drunk by spinning himselt into dizzi- ness. STeuy's Marv Moran, Company Commander, had Trouble arranging her picture to get The best L At- f- 'I L ' 'C wt fc..- iw. :-.-:' gg :yi-Q ,il It T, F-4:41. -'- ' 1' 9:51 -'ff . s ' '- h ur-,p, , ,fill 'ap ,, XX '36 ' ' '67 9' 'rl K . 1, , -iii.. If Qt Iii if ' ,. 1 -5. . l 295' - 12512511 5034 1554 1 L'?r5T'i 'Z 'ii - J . I iq, -H- tw ' Jmwr-HAH . . . First Platoon view ot his Pi Phi lovely. When not hard at work on The LCG, Milt Bellis, Petty Otticer, tirst class. took time out to pertect his Mortimer Snerd voice. Exercise, Exercise, Earl Mahachek's maior interest did not keep this platoon commander trom having another interest in The Waves quarters. Straight shooting Art Derllerian was usually pretty tight- iioped, but when the topic ot conversation was Navy, Art Could really turn out a stream ot tacts. First Row: Wundernnan R. L. Engstrom, J. P, D., Moran M. E. Mahaohek E. L. Second Row: Bellis M. B. Sonmore, C. E.. Burnann, G, A., Dolan W. S. T-tier, S. V., Saltz t-l. VV. Third Row: Poehler, A. Rosenow A. l-l. Clark, R. E, Elliott, W. C. Brownstien, M. Fourth Row: Peterson, J. R. Rude, t-l. E., Vkfalstad, D. E., Holland J., Nitchie W. F. Not Pictured: Revnoids, G. W.. DerDe1ian A. R., Dougherty, T. L. Osborn C, A. First Company . . . Second Platoon . . A Row 1: Jonnsor, l. Lf' Scnleri. J, W: Carison R. L. Row 2: Mwiwisrwri, M, Ep isaacson, C. F: Sduireii, G. E.: Fauii, J. D.: Gran? 6.5.1 Goidsiein. A. T. Row 3: Burkinsiiaw K, L.: Uubinslci, E. J: Baker D. S: Daiidori,J.E.:SafriL1eison, C. FA Weiiiai, R. W. Row 4: Sparizqiud, R. VV: Perrin LU. R3 Bord, H. D.: Pain, C. E3 Daiei, R, J.: Kvarnar, Q. G. Noi Piciuicrd: Keiiy R, OJ Swanson, D. E. E Led by Joe "Res+ric'red" Scnierl, Piaioon Commander ine second piaioon oi firsi company was duariered in Baicer, Joe was resiricied so nnucn rnis senfiesier ina? he inougni oi navinq a coming' our par+y fne iirsi week-end he nad iuii iiberiy, Waifing icr ine oay ne woaid be- corne an Ensign Ricnard E. Cariscr Peny Qriicer, sec- ond ciass wore ns new unifonns as oiien as cos- sioie. Even me re piayed criboacge, nis iavorife oasfirne, be couio not keep Lis rnind on cornrnisf sioning. Mirfn iviorienson, Perry Qriicer, iourfn ciass, was a lover of sieeeinq, i-le was sc ouief fnar if was nard fo feii wneiner he was awake or ready io sack in. Say. ieliowsw . . . idenfiiied N Goidsrieri, ciean sieever and cniei Greaf Lakes worrier ior +ne unit Since Goldie qof fwo sfrilces on ninfiseiif af ine beginning of ine sernesfer he fried ro dispiay Mposifive ac+ion" in every iob he did. Larry iiiziai-foo" Johnson, Peify Officer, rnird class, annougn ciuief and siudious, was aiways ready wifn a 'Hen-nenu for a QOOG ioke. Cr if if was conversa- iion you were iooicing For, Larry wouid failc abou? anyininq from women io Socrafes. F . i . ,,. , Second Company . . . First Platoon In llie richly oaneled lounge ol Quarlers Dog, llme men oi firsi plaloon Could lind relax- alion from llie monolony ol sfudy. l-lere Arnie 'Dalelessl' Gilberlson, Plaloon Com- mander, lliumbed llirougli magazines looking lor pin- up girls. Arnie llew llfirougl llie air so muon on llie llying rings, parallel bars ano lramoaline llial he eoulo gualily lor a pilols license. A slorm in flue lornr ol Morris iillie Mad Russian" Kallcov, Pelly Qllicer iourllfi class, would upsel llze serenily by snouling orders lo all in range. Alllwougn he sounded-olif many limes lo 'TT' lie won a place in Mr. Rein' X I '-ffrug: ua, "+i'5 CQ' if i,-'.-2:55 Ur' '1' -J ' ' il' 'TUB - '--far .P f we A 1 H 'QF Af fl h.'f?,- l ' :gif If , Z f' -' I 7 ' r GS! ':":r'5q" e' . 'i'f.2'. 'I i 5. if-4' nares lavor. A sleady girl nao goodfloolbng George Mills Belly Olifcer 'ni'-o class :lose 'T We ring-giyrg slage. Uncle Czeorge was a relormi er and rsisloo lnal some 35 'le wanderer-, irom ln' lrue say llieir prayers lo nim. Comoany Command er "Buzz" Vlfeisner lamous lor liis laleeoizls ol any ano all maraelers fn his more serious momenl lnougnl of nis one ano only, Lou. Usually unnearo i r is r oeiause of nie ow Delly Olltiligf lirsl "ol ywrrja ii, i ,od el manner George Broadslon lass, was a man ol aclior ano Row l: Howilr, l., R: Gilberlson, A. Qf Weisner, l-l. BJ Broadslon, F. G. Row 2: Durbalin, D. A., Brink, E. W., Mills G A. Kallcov M. R.: Schell, J, B: Keyslone D. H. Row 3: Clarlc, C. C: Dulqiny W5 Carlson M. E3 Yaidloy. T. P5 Coder. D. C,f Rolerino, V. S. Row 4: Goodman, l-l. R3 Cronemillei C. F: Spqilfs R, B.: Pringle, R. C: Jail, R, MJ Plwares J. V.: Bosecker' E Second Company . . . Second Platoon Row !2 Nie!son R. W: Dabiow J. Ps Sanders R. D. Row 2: !ay!or, R, W.: Newffn, F. C: Spriggs. C, E' Spa!! H. W.: Harker. T. R. Row 3: Ga!!up, W. Ax Harper R. W.' CaTc!1po!o, H. C.: Michae! S, B.: Ba!! F. N5 Unriedi, H. D. Row 4: Ge-o!c!nlus, J, .lg Vlnifney. J. R.: Reumr, R. R5 Ma're!!'y, H. D.: Vanfluson, R. Cx S!vra!ce, F. B.: Rizhardson, C. C. WH? roonns !i!4e nonne, Quarf iers Easy suf!ed !!we second pfafoon Jro near perifecfion. !n !!ie homey arnnospnere Bi!! Spriggs, Re!'ry Qwcficer Hfiird c!ass. res!ec! !1is danc- ing fee! by siflring down fo a coup!e o! rubbers of bridge. Bi!! was edua!!y af nome on a Tennis pour! or down ar !!ie "V" being snnoorn. Quic!cA!a!king Harry Spe!! Refiy Qfiicer, four!!! dass, was no! Handy wi!!! +!ie Hair brus!'1 as a single !oo!c af !wis !iair proved. A quick wif, !'1is razoreedge quips were gems of humor. A rrip fo !!1G WAVES quarlrers was no! foo rar for Rod Sanders, Re!!y Officer, second C!ass on a warrn spring evening. Fixing Mr. Rein!iard's code nnac!'iine was on!y a side-!ine for Rod,w!1o was a wizard in +!ie iie!o oi radio. Bob Nia-!son, Corn pany Chief Reffy Qriicer, and cbie! pnorograpber ior fne GORHER LOG, nad a super ga!!ery of cheese-ca!ce picfures. P!a!oon Connnnander. John Dab!ow, energefic edifor o! !!ie LCG, was a fig!w!'er ior any!!iing be !!woug!1! right ... , '. .. - Thhd Compony I -H-0,5 . 1 3 'ff.3,?f.'., .K 42 , - f'2:,:A'+., N. 6.51 H , . -::::: r"gc.'-ig. I 'i'-.1 'T ,J h Ivffgwu, 4..2'4f1' ,. - . :,. - 1 9 11-7 .'u ,nl ' 'f ,iff ' nffy.. jj. gr, ,T-:Q I -'r --U iv I:Q'f1 .QTVR 9f":i'. PT, .fc ,l .J - ... . - ,. , s oi his booming voice cieariy. An Irishman Ryan, Periy Officer. iassie named Ryan ro Jack was famous for whenever rrouioie was From The French doors open- ing onfo fhe ferrace To The iop room on rhird deck, Quariers Fox was buiir ior cornioriabie iiving. Sprawled on an oversiuwcied couch wirh his massive legs fouchinq ihe deck, Harris Kosf, Periy Gif-- ficer, Jrhird ciass, waired nighfiy for his babe io cali so i'ha'r he couid save a nickei. To Jrhose wifhin range his corny iokes came ali To ihrouqh and fhrouqh, John iourrh ciass, picked an Irish be his drag for fhe semeslrer. me worried iook on his face brewing. Plaioon Command- er, Niei Nash, reaiiy wen? aii our For any wrierngr if -N633 iriqjggrrinahnq cieoes or piiking gm oeaafimi oiris from a dis+ance. The smoorh boy -' r'p, ,Cr f-4-.. BOEN Beroiund, .eiry Q icef, hrs. c5185 was igrrigng ior fhe ibana grin wore on nis kace. A hi? w7+r I First Platoon rne qiris because of giadly have Traded savvyness in physics, Perry Qgicer, iourlrh ?ers Fox in offer fer riahs seeking creace lx I 'T', TWSFNCGV Lvecrrge inc The snip. Qecvfoe ' I . ' ..4'-.' hoancs oi ine oa-Yan a siick Technique, Bob wouid some Technique ior a bir or Roweremad Leeds Bauman, ciass, heid The piebes oi Quar- ror as he sfrode rhrouqh ine and duiei. Company Corn rncscn knew every WAVE ar was cane of me ace iioerry on. Row is Dysfe, P. R: Nash, J. M.: Thompson, 6, As Berqiond, R, A. Row Q: Kcsr, H. D.: Jamison R. Fx Reiiine, J. Eg Borgerdinq, G, Rx Larson, D. i-i.' Suifoif W, My Ryan J. E i Row 3: Jesoerson R. L5 Loydiieh Ny Dunn, C. W: Leose, J. S: Sireich, A. My Neiscrn R. F: Bauman, C. L. Row 4: Ccrneii, F, CJ Warner, R. C: Deianefy. E. Fu Bcrn R. F: Ariiy, C. S.: Larson, R. F, Third Company . . . Second Platoon Row l: Nelson, R. l..' Schroeder, L, H.: Ahnmarlc, H. G. Row 2: Taylor J. RJ Himmelman, C. H.: lhorson D, S.: Eide, J. H5 Hanschen, R. J.: Gullerson, G. D. Row 3: McQuisTon, M. L.: Porler D. E.: Magnusen, H. M.: Rehwaldl, D. T.: Ralslen. H. E.: Sullivan, E. M, Row 4: Julerboclc, A. R.: Morse, C, E.: Soden, W. V5 Feldman, H. U.: Gorgen, R, L.: Slevens, S. K. NOT Picluredf Halvorsen, J. A. ,fm Quarlers George, wilh ils 1, second slory porch, was a popular place lor lhe wolves ,ll-yi ol second plaloon lhircl 1 company, mainly because ol: f The unobslrucled view ol lhe Q' passing parade ol hose. Gus Schroeder, Pialoon Com- I mander, who could very well , pass lor an Oberlieulenanl was lamous lor lhe lales he lold ol work on lhe larm. The cleanesl room in Quarlers George was lhal ol Henry Ahnmark, Pelly Ollicer, second class, who will malre some woman a good wilel Henry usually could be lound buried deep in his lexlbools, Company Chief Pelly Ohficer, Diclc "Swede" Nell son, was longing lo be ouleol-doors hunling ano lishing inslead ol lceeping plebes in line. A lillle blaclc boolr conlaining scads ol names was John "Wealc Slomachu Eides pride and ioy. Drawing figures in lhe air lo conluse The prols and himsell and lhrowing in a lew wharenols belween lwo-bil diclionary words was John's way of showing superi- or inlelligence. John "Buck" Taylor, is a U.S.Q. com- mando lrom way baclc in Michigan. His cadence calling was lhe pride ol lhe ballalion. Ed "Sully" Sullivan, Pelly Ohficer, lourlh class, was "Dory rigged" and became lhe lirsl' man from lhe class lo pass cigars around. His sub+le wil, his unlil pipe, and his lcnaclr lor being absenl-minded aboul drilling arlicles, gave Ed an unbealable combina- lion lor lriendliness. Navigalion was lun excepl when your parallel rules were oul of line or your dividers were snalued . . . PT, along wilh a lew eager chiels, gol us in lrirn for lhe chores ahead. ll was greal sborl lloafing on a 'rrouser lull ol hol air, il you had enough lo blow lhern upl . . . The snow finally carne and NRQTC nnen fried a hand al snow sculbluring and a lillle frigid horseplay . . . And lhen fhere was Salurday drill: hol blues, leggings, and willing while collars . . . When blood donaling day came around, lhe unil wen? all oul and lraded ISO binfs ol blood for gallons ol soup, dozens ol doughnuls, and cup aller cup ol rnud . . . Flag hoisl gol Comblicaled al limes, bul Chief ldloyer and lhe Signal Book slraighlened us oul . . . And iusl To remind you-lhar was a good slag, wasn'+ il? . . . The old lhree-incher gol a lhorough worlcoul al every ordnance drill . . . The EASY way ol lile .... l 5 Anclior and Cnain's professional meelings brouglwl us Commander Rosser and sally lales ol llie sea . . . Tlien lnere was llie lwenlyfone inclw lllupedaf' inlricale and bewildering , . . Wlual we all lilced besl and complained abou? mos?-CHCW . . . "Nose" and some of llme slarlels wlwo briglilened 'lliursday allernoons lor us al Clwiel Boyer's G.l, Jamborees . . . Full speed aliead-Bob gives llie engine room 'flue green liglwl . . . Selling a bead on someflwing or ollwer, willn flue ral-a-la? on lop declc . . , Bored willm sludies and lovely ladies-a symbol ol 2400 lale liglils . . , The feminine louclw came lo llve NRQTC office willm Jerry . . . Bul no maller wlial, saclc lime was llwe besl lime ol all .... "The Naval Reserve OTTicers Training Corps is charged wiTh The responsibiliTy of providing by a permanenT sysTem oT Training and insTrucTion in essenTial naval subiecTs, a source from which qualiTied officers may be obTained Tor The Naval Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Regular Navy, and Marine Corps . . Preceding pages oT This book are TesTimony To The TacT ThaT men here are loeing Trained in necessary naval subiecTs. However, The Training oi a naval oTTicer musT include Tar more Than This. AcTiviTies, alThough secondary To academic Training, are none-The-less imporTanT- imporTanT To The poinT oT being compleTely necessary To a well-rounded Training. The Tollowing secTion's purpose, Therefore, is To presenT a picTure oT The acTiviTies which TosTer co-operaTion, social ease, disciplined bodies, creaTive work, and TraTer- niTy, which are essenTial To a Thoroughly qualified naval oTTicer. f4az'6a6z'6ea Undoing fhings "Third finger, ieff hand" Keep fhose berries guief Um-mm-mm mm-mm-mm-mmf Nancy 'fakes ever Umm Zag D Wirh rhe aufumn moon sireaming down upon Uni, versiry Ciup in Sainr Paul, Ocrober 25 iasr, ihe rings oi fhe February V14 grads were dipped in wafers from ihe seven seas, and placed upon Third ringer iefr hand by eacn manis feminine iavorire. Wirn a kiss in rradiiienal sryie, each ring was wsneg on in me shadows of rhe gianr r'rg repiica. To cempiere ar impressive ceremony a roasi was proposed +0 ine men who had gene peiere and fa fhose rhen soon io Weave, The receiving iine, very appropriafe reireshmeni iaciiiiies, and ciup ierrace permijrfing an exiraordi' nary view of Sain? Pauiis sicyiine, added much re rhe exciusive aimosphere for which Ring Dances are Famous. Wiih an exceprionaily fine evening oi dancing, cliniqing of glasses, and renewing friendships wiih grads recenfiy rehirned from shipboard duries, rhis dare wiii be long remembered as a high poini' in Navy life af Minnesora. A Jun or comes Hurouglu Tlue new queen ascends Hue Hurone Less lalk Nose' mn- 2: An air oi expeclancy was in Hue luearls our all girls as Huey danced To Hue Ring Dance music ol Bob Qwen's orclueslra au Golden Valley Counlry Club. Qne ol Hue girls was lo be presenued as new Queen ol Hue Navy. Tluis added lo Hue usual Hurill of a Ring Dance. Willu a fanfare ol Humpels Hue dancing was slopped and all eyes 'Focused foward Hue Hood-liglufed mam- moHu ring reproduclion. Ll. Commander Malson escorled beaulilul Joanne Bulur Hurouglu Hue ring and presenled ner as new Navy Queen. Miss Nancy Briscoe, queen during Hue pasl' year, pre- senled Miss Bulur wiHu Hue Navy Queen Hopluy and Ll. Commander l-laslarouck presenled luer a Navy Queen pin. From Hue lime Hual Bal, Commander Bud lnomssen gave luis girl une 'rraoilional kiss, Huere was a succes- sion of oluls and ans as Hue seniors and second class- men sluowed a pracliced Ring ceremony leclunigue. Wiun Hue Ring clurislening over, dancing, walking down dreamy lanes, and good-spiriled lellowsluip ended a wonderful May Ring Dance. Wolf in Cluieups cloHuing Wisluing will make if so 4e2aew SweeThearT oT The uniT during The pasT year was Nancy Briscoe, Aipha Phi. ATTer a Tormal inTroducTion oT Queen candidaTes during a coTTee hour aT COTT- man Memorial Union TasT QcTober, where oTTicers and men oT NROTC had an ooporTuniTy To meeT The beauTies represenTing The many campus organ- izaTions, one oT The Teminine ioveiies was decided upon To grace The Navy Throne, No announcemenT was made oT The iudges' decision unTil The evening oT The Fall Ring Dance. There Nancy was pre- senTed wiTh a Navy Queen pin and The Navy Queen Trophy, To be T4epT by her, as is TradiTional, aT her sororiTy house during her reign. Qne oT The many duTies oT The Navy Queen, who is honored guesT aT all Navy TuncTions, is To chrisTen The gianT ring aT The commencemenT oT The im- pressive ring ceremony, MISS NANCY BRISCQE Navy Queens T943-44 TALC meThod ueen Candid . . . daTes A. Wmlm Dance Gay aTTermaTh To The hohy, yuTe Togs, and misTieToe oT The T943-44 ChrisTrnas season was The WinTer Dance aT SainT Pau! I-ioTel on January eighTh. TmmediaTe scene oT The merrimenT was The Tuxurious Mirror Room where underciassmen, seniors and oTTicers alike enioyed The cabareT sTyTe evening presided over by MaesTro Bob HewiTT and his band. CabareT Cuddlersi DI!! Tar Tires The dales . . . March 25lh and 26lh, beller known as "Two Days in Plebe's Heaven" or "Shine your own shoes, lvlr. Terry, lhis is my nighl lo howl." The place . . . Camp lduhapi on lhe shores ol whal was lhen a good sized ice cube called Lake lndependence. The sponsors . . . The Minneapolis Y.M.C.A. The characlers . . . 80 NROTC slu- denls and lhe lale, lamenled Cuddles, lormer ballalion mascol. The vision ol len unescorled co-ed hoslesses al lhe lodge caused lhe near-dealh ol one unknowing plebe who unsuspeclingly chanced lo slep inlo lhe palh ol lhe onrushing "Scads" Eide. Also seen loping over fha horizon wilh oulslrelched arms and wildly burning eyes were "Gus" Schroeder, Jay Nash, and a lew olher prominenl dash men. The main lodge, lhal lirsl allernoon, had an amaz- ing resemblance lo an inslilulion lor lhe menlally disabled. No less lhan lwo ping-pong games, lwo badrninlon games, boxing, a game ol baskelball, cards, and dancing were in progress al once. One innocenl young plebe was seen wrilhing wildly on lhe lloor wilh a shulllecock lrom lhe rackel ol an over-zealous badminlon player imbedded in his lell ear. Ampulalion al lhe shoulders was neces- sary, bul we are happy lo inlorm you lhal he has recovered and is in line lor promolion lo Pelly Ollicer, lhird class. The evening was highlighled by a lalk by Dr. Rich- ard Raines and some speciallies worked up by prominenl Minneapolis cilizens. The bugle blew reveille al 0600 on Sunday .... Wail a minulel l-low did lhal sneak in here? However, mosl ol us did gel up in lime lor church services al I000. l-O9 rollin' End ol a perlecl da 606 We mourn our dead. We bewail our brolcen Tor- Tunes, We lamenT our cursed exisTence. YeT, who shows compassion To The ignoble blebe7 The asTuTe SocraTes said, 'No evil can happen To a good man in liTe or aTTer deaTh." How erronef ous This assurnoTionl Surely There musT have been no olebes in his day. Could he have buf viewed The unembellisned exisTence oT The plebe clan, he would have modiTied his philosophy. Evil is The plebe's loT, AdversiTy is brevalenT in The daily rouTine oT This common man. BeTore dawn unTil long aTTer The sun has seT, The enTiTy oT The plebe is bane. ForTy seconds aTTer reveille he loses his idenTiTy and becomes Mr. JOE OIST-l or Mr. W, T. DOOR. From Then unTi! Tabs, when he Tells wearily inTo The sympaTheTic arms oT Morpheus, The plebe endures worse Than The primal curse oT The ages, The piebe assumes all The characTerisTics oT a roboT l-le wallcs aT The lbracell. No iewelry is allowed To lessen his obscuriTy. l'le uTTers in monoTone The daily menu, The Time oT all evenTs. The innumerable answers To The unreasonable guesTions oT his elevaTH ed superiors. For The upperclassmans convenience he carries maTches and sTring. To Them he re- linguishes his TurniTure. The ple-be c:annoT even loolc To The eyes oT his "One and Only" Tor symf baThy, because her porTraiT is secured To The inside oT a closed locker door. Every minuTe oT every clay is a succession oT "double Timing," 'lsnapping To," llsiringf' and saluTing. DespiTe These Hshoclcs ThaT Tlesh is helr To," The blebe will some day rise To The highepurposecl liTe oT an upbberclassman. Then he, Too, will loolc wiTh uTTer disdain upon The TuTure lowly plebe. QI' ov .5 'WL F 'izxleqqilll l M K Vw claw of vhncznng s.L I . 2' fa? 4 gjiaqpgsg QQ 6 'P - 1 """'x' O63 UGH, -1-V-X f f f egg? Q' Tu X X n .:' "- 2 'sw ----.:--"' S k2Qf514 WM' 5? f 'R"xf-I ff , RQ 1 S. U .9 I W X' A f 7 Q,K1!Se1nio wk -E Q do of. Sf X' ?iH2+xLQYS f, 7, 1 1 'DLEK-5E5 Om+wz Doo bmf . -.fx.fsA.fs-IN' -""""' .- tg Q x K5 frfxf-J -- '1-:. , --- 'gtg 57 -ihQii3,?1Q?:ShgTgk4'9 I 'Va-ffibx 1 X 1 ,, N, 1 . 35?-2DrQ 2 ixifx . 2 ww '11 -r-M" H Q 7' A 7 ,-, A.- f f ' h LJ 42-mdf 22001-MAYBE! I -l- f-f 01 P- ' 'fr f f L - 7 , I I I FOOTBALL Four men oT The UniT were on The Gopher TooTbalI squad lasT Tall. OuTsTanding was Hank Weber aT guard who raTed honorable menTion on several AII- American selecTions. Along wiTh DuTch were GiesT and Leversee who saw a loT oT gridiron acTion as guard and end, respecTively. GreaT promise was shown by DerDerian, Then a iunior, as end. WRESTLING AND HOCKEY Big plug on The maT Team was Swede Nelson along wiTh TeammaTe Gus Schroeder. Swede grunTed his way inTo The conTerence Tinals beTore being deTeaT- ed. Schroeder wresTled in The I45 and l55-pound class. Nelson sTarTed aT I55 and laTer compeTed in The l65-pound class. Only NROTC regular on The hoclcey Team was dee Tense man GuTTerson, alThough I-lolTer, Taylor and Dean LindguisT were also on The squad. The puclc- sTers crammed in an eleven-game season, dropping Tive and copping six. BASKETBALL The inTer-guarTers baslceTbalI TournamenT was chuck Tull oT close games and hoT buclceTbalIers, The TournamenT was divided inTo Teams oT Two groups, A and B The A group being made up oT The sTronger Teams. In The A group compeTiTion, QuarTers Easy's Team, made up oT NROTC and V-I2 men, copped The TiTle by nosing ouT QuarTers Able by a slim Two poinTs, Sparlcs oT The Easy Team were Spriggs and SWIMMING AlmosT all Navy-and appropriaTely so-was The varsiTy Tanlc Team capTained by Eraser. Erom The NorThwesTern conTerence meeT, Adams, Eraser, Robb and Thomssen broughT home a Third place. Robb and Gorgen swam The breasT evenTs while Thomssen handled The baclcsTroke. Weisner com- peTed in The disTance evenTs along wiTh Eraser. Adams specialized in Tree-sTyle evenTs. OYMNASTICS MosT amazing aThleTic Team oT The year was The Toureman gym Team which won Top honors in The NorThwesT classic. A very good halT oT The cham- pionship Team was GilberTson and lvlahachek who placed second and Third, respecTively, in The meeT, Injury Torced ouT a TiTTh poTenTial member, in The person OT Samuels, around midseason. During TooTball season, GilberTson, Samuels and lvlahachelc were The baclcbone oT The cheer leader squad led by Mahachelc as BooTer King. Tommeraasen, wiTh Danielson and Conley spurring Able on. QuarTers Charlie Toolc The B group playoTTs by de- TeaTing QuarTers Balcer by anoTher close margin. QroTh was usuaily high poinT man wiTh AI Biesang close behind. John Olsen managed The TournamenT, in which II Teams were enTered. Frank RuTherTord and Colin Samuelson draw a bead on The bull's-eye as lvlerTh lvlorTenson waTches in- TenTly. Samuelson and lvlorTenson were Two oT The mainsTays oT The riTle squad This semesTer. Frank graduaTed in February. Pistol Team Sparked by Three veTeran TirsT classmen, The pisTol Team won Two and dropped one ma+ch Tor an above average l943-44 season. Coach Fngle's sharpshooTers were handed Their lone deTeaT by a crack Annapolis Team. They came back To Top TuTT's College by The beTTer end oT 78l-608, and Colorado 8l8'784 in ThaT order. Big gun Tor The plebes was Pringle who was Top man in The TirsT Two maTches. SalTz and Mahachek Tied Tor Top honors againsT Colorado. FirsT classmen held down Tour spoTs on The pisTol squad wiTh DerDerian, lvlahachek, GilberTson, and Morjrenson. SalTz and Jamison Tired Tor The second classmen. The plebe Third classmen dominaTed Team posiTions wiTh Tire men. They were Pringle, EllioTT, Sparks, Goodman, and Nevine. ChieT Gunnens lVlaTe Engle Took over in mid-season aTTer ChieT Gunner STack's TransTer To The ElecTrical School. ChieT Engle whipped TogeTher his high- scoring ouTTiT around veTerans Derllerian, GilberT- son, and lvlorTenson plus seven underclassmen wiTh no previous experience. lvlerTh lvlorTenson, wiTh The sad sack look, seems Tired OT iT all, buT ClayTon Sonmore and Ed Carlson keep plugging away under The waTchTul eye oT Gunner STack. Rifle Team Coach LieuTenanT Commander Hasbrouck had prac- Tically The same Team on The Tiring line This winTer as he had during a successTul season lasT year. DerDerian, MorTenson, and Sonmore led The TirsT classmen wiTh some Tair scoring. And sharp scores were needed To keep ahead oT second classmen Carlson, Poehler, and Samuelson. Led by Nevins, The plebe class came Through wiTh enough To keep all oT The upper classmen on The ball. AT presenT, The squad has well Tounded hopes oT beTTering Their TwelTTh place sTanding oT lasT year in The lNlaTional NROTC RiTle lvlaTch. AlThough several maTches were called oTT lasT season because oT a shorTage oT ammuniTion, This year The ready boxes were Tilled To The brim, wiTh plenTy To spare. The only deTeaT oT The season was a close march wiTh Michigan. DerDerian was high man againsT The Wolverines wiTh a very Tine IS3 ouT OT 200. CUDDLES, lfc, Jrlue lilfle bundle out fuzz llual woru flue luearl our Minnesola NROTC. Re- member luer during inspeclion, all rigged oul in luer uruiuform? Or flue way slue iealously lcepl civilians and army lclualci away from guar- lers? l"ler queenly prance, exciled barlc, and ll'ue ever-preserul ball? Cuddles luas lefl' us, laps luave been sounded, buf slrue will nor soon be ucorgollen. Sauurday open luouse af flue sororulues and Hue Greal' Lover is in Huere pilbluing . . . Sully and Karlcov luave a iruendly game in flue middle ol sludy luoursl . . . Nilcluie llurows a life line lo some wounded American All ser for a swim 30 o 40 laps' And uluis of Sub. Ball. Commander Jack Terry, is Hue end' Anchor and Chain . . . Frarernal big gun ol NROTC is Anchor and Chain. Founded by lhe lirsl class in W39 lo pro- mole Jrhe spirif and unily ol lhe corps, Anchor and Chain has since been in lhe loreironl ol all social and professional lunclions. The lrarernily was founded as a peacehme organ-- izarion lo slrenglhen lhe navai bonds ol officer candidares scarrered in praclically every college and school on campus. If succeeded in pulling engineers, business and arf sludenls ol every maior on a solid lronl as a solid unir. ll assumed a high- ranlqing posilion among ofher prolessional lrarer- nilies al lhe Universily. When NROTC was ordered lo acrive duly lasl July, Anchor and Chain mel lhe change lo a srricl warrime basis. l-low well rhey have mel' lhe new demands may be measured by Jrhe success of every lunclion They have sponsored during The pasl year under Slcippers Linsmeyer. Ouimelle, and Moran. As coeds began l'o brighren 'rhe scenery ol 'rhe aurumn campus, Anchor and Chain lurned lo 'lhe annual business ol snagging a gueen lor 'lhe unit The lralemify made up for lhe necessily ol skip- ping over rhe Sweelhearl Dance by lhrowing a midf winrer dance in February. ll came lhrough as one ol 'rhe besl parries ol rhe year. Came spring ferm and a beer busl was held al Dully's lhal ser every- one buzzing lor a while unlil rhe spring picnic iusl before commissioning Time. And mixed Through if all were lhe slormy seleclion periods, fhe paddling-plus rigors ol pledging, a lew excellenr open discussions wirh rhe men who have been in lhe lhick ol fhings, and lhe sororily open houses. Faced wirh 'fhe arlendanl problems ol a lralernily wirhin a group on aclive dufy, Anchor and Chain has lqepl lighring for irs purpose, and remains Jrhe sponsor of many acfivilies lhal develop esprilr des corps wilhin rhe unil. Raw I: Gallup VV. A., Comfnunicaricns Olficer' Larsor R. F, Paynrasrer' Moran. M. E. Shipper' Nelson R. l.. Erecufi-fe Ollicer. Row 2: l-lowili. L. R: Gilberrsoh A. Of Gullerscn G. Dy Grorh N. Ep Ryan, J. E. Row 3: Jamison R. Pj Dufbahn. D. Ay Newton, F. Ci Gwgeri R. Ly Feldniar- H. U. Row 4: 'Schroeder l., lr-lg Thomsserr R. Hx Kosi l-l. Dx Cheigren, J. l..' Dablow J. F, Nor Picmred: Mahachelc E. l..' l-laworsen J. A.' Pererson, J. P. .695 JOHN DABLOW ED ROBB June EdiTor-in-ChieT February EdiTor-in-ChieT GroTh's Tigure-heads LasT November The NROTC STaTT named Robb To ediT The I944 ediTion oT The GOP!-TER LOG. Fraser and RuTherTord were named To handle The Tinancial end oT The book. l.ieuTenanT LeichT, ad- viser, was TreguenTly subiec:Ted To a severe case oT nervous sTrain by a bunch oT unpredicTable TirsT classmen, unTil The book was Tinally puT To bed in May. In The middle oT The snowless winTer, EdiTor Robb began To sTruggle wiTh The LOG along wiTh anoTher sleazy genT by The name oT Dablow. When The GreaT lmpersonaTor said hello To his Tanlcer in early March, The June class said hello To Their new ediTor . . . John The Dab. Then began a Turious period oT inacTiviTy. Finally The sTaTT began To realize ThaT There ac:Tually was such a Thing as a deadline, and Things began To pop. Schierl and GroTh began To grapple wiTh conTribuTions, aided by every TasT Tallcer in The uniT. Bellis began To annoy people Tor copy. Nielson camped in his darlcroom Tor weelcs aT a Time. Gold- sTein and KaTlcov Turned inTerviewers. Bauman Tore up "FraTerniTy Row" geTTing copy Tor The BaTTalion OrganizaTion secTion. Nash Toolc up The habiT oT mumbling To himselT. EdiTor Dablow guieTly wenT mad. T-Tow The book Tinally goT puT TogeTher, The sTaTT doesn'T exacTly lcnow. BuT There is The haunTing memory oT a Tew sleepless nighTs sweaTing ouT copy, and There is The recollecTion oT a number oT crazily rushed aTTernoons by a loT oT The TaiThTul ad dogs. No, The sTaTT isn'T guiTe cerTain iusT how The LOG oT I944 came To be, buT They somehow suspecT ThaT a loT oT unmenTioned people had a greaT deal To do wiTh iT. Bellis and Dab: "WhaT The hell" .. T' 4-1, ., yah I ,, I ,fy :-. f 'T-'rw , 51.5.3 "ITT Nielson poinTs wiTh pride JUNE STAFF Eoiror-in-Cnfel ---- JOHN DABLQVV' Managing Ed'ior ---- MTLT BELLIS Copy Eoifofs - JAY NASH and LEEDS BAUMAN Business Managers- NQRM QRCTH and JCE SCHIERL ChieT Rhorographer - v A BOB NIELSQN Arr Edifor ----f ED SULLIVAN Circulafion Manager - - - HARRY KOST Ediroriai S+ahf: Morry Karkov, AT GoTds+ien, Marv Moran, Buzz Weisner, Chuck Morse, Ralph Nevins, John Goerchius. WIIT ETTIOH, Dick Van Dusen. Business SfaFT: John Ryan, George Edgerfon, R. E. CarTson, NVarren Adams, Howie MaTeTTy, Jerry Dunn, Arr DerDerian, Pere McDonaTd, Chuck Arr Srahf: Dick Carfwrighr. Circuiafion S+aFT: Earl Mahachek, Al Goldsfien, Raul SarnueTs, George MiiTs, Bih Spriggs, Bob Larson Dick Neison. MARCH STAFF Ediror-in-ChieT f--4-- ED ROBB Managing Edifor - - - JQHN DABLOVV Business Managersf FRANK RUTHERFORD and DUN FRASER Chieic Rhorographer - - - BOB NIELSQN Arr Ediror ----- RAUL NCRQUIST Edifrorial S'raTT: Seyrnour Barer, Ai Goldsfien, Morry Karkoy. Business SfaFT: John Geist Jack WaTTis, Arr Hayes, Hank Lee, Howie Evans, Ken Hornibrook, Joe Creeknnan. Schieri, Rhorography S'raTT: Rod Sanders, Arnie GiTber+son, Rhofograohy STaFT: Rod Sanoers and Arnie GiTber+- Ari' DerDerian, Wes ReynoTds, son. Rcw T: Grorh N. E., Business Manager' DabTow, J. F., Eoi'or-ir-CnieT: Bekis M. B., Managing Edi+or. Raw 2: Nash, J. M.: Gifberfson A, Of Goeichius, J. J.' Moran M. E.: Wr2isnei, H, B, Rcw 3: Kafkoy, M. R.: Sanders R, D., Ryan J. Ex MiTTs, G. A: Bauman, C. Lp Goidsfein, A. T. Row 4: MacDonald, C. Da Creekrnan, C. T., Larson, R, F., CarT5en, R. E., SuTTivan, E, Hg NieTson, R. F. Row 5: Kack, K, E.: VanDusen, R. C.: Nevins, R, GA Carfwrighi, R. W5 Kost, H. D. 6 Y ,A ,Q ,,, ..,.W Q ...., .mN...f. ,. . -wvfh T2 zgfgg -.f ,g1,f,g3 ,,1. -1 f ,,, . :P V 1 ry . i . 2 Q . . , 19, J 1 1 - n J y Q 311. -X . V . . gg . . . ?n 1 7. A X, f s , Y E V. V Ms., T ..,, JL-,,.,4g.,.4., M, , .,.. MQW, , AM-..-., AA,-,M.A .m....m,,L 1 M.. ,-g,.a 'X 'v-EM o'fxo0 A SoQQXq 00 P6160 e oN oo 505 9 dwoix gxc, adm Oo-5 0Yxo0 0? 0 as Room . P.c!fxsl'x'fx WXKSWK BY kYNXXXkX'cS0Xv. XBXNX W h 4 1, 1-mx 1 W Q ,sw - 4 R 5 A V,5,mh, W , 95 ,. A jx 'ff Y ' A . 'tv 1, 'R I ' X, J 1 , .w V Q .y X. , 'Y' ' ,eva ,LW f S ,xx E .. A M 4.7-KW" ' ' , . qi ka -r Q xg R 0 N , 'g ' . J 'I . gl,-,,Q,'1', q V ' -L R 9 'E' ' ,g. n , g. 5.1 iw: K , qv Q E 'N gltf' . as r 4 l ,gl ,l N X' .gffPi,,gs..' ku ,fu X0 " ' ' ry 5,1 -N'-2. ji-V, xt Avg. 1 O xl. fr. 'Q QS. 1: - ' , N . 7 K'---5. +13YgV 'lsr 5 nn, 'Z '34 4 swA'. D2--,mx , 1 . ,iw g At' gn 5 , I K .-of f X Nw: W U.. , , f5f5'5"?'f-+1-, 1 2-wjim3'i1Q,,1, .. ., , . , 4 , '-1-'am' " ' - V. - ww f Q- X ,..'q,,'.-V ., I ,, . .,g+sM,,i,t- ,, .. ,- .Q- - ,,, . , . 4 . L E',,?A,x. . N , 4k,:'ig3-,, K WNW 1 THE NAVY ON JULY I, I943, CREATED THE V-I2 PROGRAM FOR THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF GIVING PROSPECTIVE NAVAL OFFI- CERS THE BENEFITS OF A COLLEGE EDUCATION IN THOSE SPE- CIALIZED AREAS MOST NEEDED BY THE NAVY, THEREBY CREAT- ING A CONTINUOUS RESERVOIR OF POTENTIAL OFFICER MATE- RIAL TO MEET THE NEEDS OF THE SERVICE. THE V-I2 UNIT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA IS MADE UP OF VARIOUS TYPES OF ENGINEERS, PRE-MEDICAL, PRE-DENTAL. DENTAL AND MEDICAL STUDENTS. TRAINEES IN ENGINEERING COMPLETING THE V-I2 PROGRAM ARE SENT TO A PRE-MIDSHIPMEN'S SCHOOL FOR INDOCTRINA- TION AND FROM THERE TO A MIDSHIPMEN'S SCHOOL FOR FINAL TRAINING, WHICH, SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED, LEADS TO A COMMISSION IN THE U. S. NAVAL RESERVE. PRE-MEDICAL AND PRE-DENTAL STUDENTS, UPON COMPLETION OF THEIR PRE- MEDICAL OR PRE-DENTAL REOUIREMENTS, ARE SENT TO A NAVY-SPONSORED MEDICAL OR DENTAL SCHOOL FOR THE REMAINDER OF THEIR TRAINING. MEDICAL AND DENTAL STU- DENTS MAY TAKE THEIR INTERNSHIP IN EITHER A NAVAL HOS- PITAL OR CIVILIAN HOSPITAL. GRADUATES OF THE V-I2 PRO- GRAM HAVE JUSTIFIED THE NAVY'S FAITH IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES TO HELP IN THE PROBLEM OF TRAINING SPECIALISTS FOR OUR RAPIDLY GROWING NAVY. LIEUTENANT DAVID MQDONALD U.S.N.R. HEAD OE THE V-I2 DEPARTMENT LieuTenanT David McDonald received his AB, Trorn BeThany College, BeThany, Kansas: his M.A. Trom The UniversiTy oT SouThern CaliTornia, and his Ph.D. in AdminisTraTion and Applied Psychology Trom The UniversiTy oT Oregon. LieuTenanT McDonald served as Commanding 0TTicer oT The V-I2 UniT aT The UniversiTy oT MonTana beTore coming To The Minne- SOTa V-I2 UniT. ENSIGN FRANK W. PATRICK U.S.N.R. Ensign Eranl4 W. PaTriclc received his BS. Trorn The UniversiTy oT PiTTsburgh. An All-American Tullbaclc he played in The Rose Bowl in I937. Ensign PaTriclc also played proTessional TooTloall Tor The Chicago Cardinals. l-le heads The Navy physical educaTion deparTrnenT aT MinnesoTa. LIEUTENANT GEORGE E. W. BOYLE U.S.N.R, l.ieuTenanT George E. W. Boyle received his Ph.D. in educaTion Trom NorThwesTern UniversiTy. l'le served wiTh The V-I2 UniT aT MargueTTe and was assigned To The MinnesoTa V-I2 UniT in January oT I944. BeTore enTering Naval Service l.ieuTenanT Boyle was Vice PresidenT oT Chicago Teachers College. LIEUTENANT ELMER J. ERICKSGN U.S.N.R. FORMER HEAD OE V-I2 DEPARTMENT LieuTenanT Elmer J. Ericlcson holds a Ph.D. Trom The UniversiTy oT SouThern CaliTornia. He was a sec- ondary school adn'1inisTraTor in CaliTornia, auThor oT books, and wroTe arTicles Tor proTe-ssional maga- zines. l.ieuTenanT Ericlcson leTT The MinnesoTa V-I2 UniT To Talce charge OT a similar uniT aT lndiana STaTe Teachers College. l Umm! LIEUTENANT COMMANDER G. E. BURPEE U.S.N.R. l.ieuTenanT Commander G. E. Burpee received his MD. Trom WashingTon UniversiTy, ST. Louis, Missouri. He was sTaTioned aT The Naval Training STaTion aT EarraguT, Idaho, beTore being assigned as Senior Medical OTTicer oT The V-I2 UniT aT MinnesoTa in April oT I944. Com- mander Burpee pracTiced medicine in Wisconsin beTore enTering Naval Service. LIEUTENANT lJ.G.l FREDERICK MURTAGI-l U.S.N.R. LieuTenanT Eredericlc MurTagh received his M.D. aT The UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania. BeTore being assigned To MinnesoTa in February oT I944. he served eleven monThs aT The Philadelphia Navy l-lospiTal. LieuTenanT MurTagh leTT This uniT in April of I944 Tor NorTollc To receive amf phibious Training. COMMANDER JOSEPH C. l-TUTCHINSON U.S.N.R. Commander Joseph C. l-luTchinson enTered The Naval Medical Corps in l9I7, irnmediaTely aTTer receiving his MD. Trom The UniversiTy oT MinnesoTa. l-le saw aCTive service in The lasT war, serving Tor a Time under CapTain GaTes. Commander l'TuTchinson was Senior Medical OTTicer assigned To V-I2 unTil recenTly when he leTT Tor duTy on a seaplane Tender in The PaciTic VVar Zone. LIEUTENANT GEORGE A. SCHAEEER U.S.N.R. l.ieuTenanT George A. SchaTFer received his D.D.S. Trorn MinnesoTa in I936. l-le served wiTh The Marine Corps aT The Naval Training STaTion, San Diego, CaliTornia, Tor IO monThs and was assigned To MinnesoTa in February oT IQ44. LIEUTENANT lJ.G.j MARY W. WQOLRIDGE U.S.N.R. LieuTenanT lvlary W. Woolridge holds a B.A. Trorn Pennsylvania College Tor Vlfonnen aT PiTTs- burgh. ATTer connpleTing "Wave'l Training aT SrniTh College and Harvard Supply Corps School, she was assigned as AssisTanT To The Disbursing OTTicer. LieuTenanT Woolridge became Supply and Disburs- ing CTTicer in Eepruary oT IQ44. ENSIGN SUZANNE E. SCOTT U.S.N.R. Ensign Suzanne E. ScoTT received her B.A. Trom The UniversiTy oT PiTTspurgh. ATTer con'ipleTing Training aT lNlorTh HannpTon lVlidshipnnan's School, she was assigned To The Supply DeparTrnenT aT The Charles- Ton Navy Yard and Then To Supply School aT Har- vard. Ensign ScoTT came To The UniversiTy in Janu- ary oT I944 as AssisTanT Supply and Disbursing OTTicer. ENSTGN ALICE lvl, BOLLARD U.S.N.R. Ensign Alice lvl. Bollard has a B.E. Trom LaCrosse STaTe Teachers College. Having connpleTed her Training aT SrniTh College, she wenT To Harvard Supply School and Tronn There To The UniversiTy oT lvlinnesoTa where she became AssisTanT Supply OTTi- cer Tor VVI2. Ensign Bollard was deTached recenTly Trorn The MinnesoTa UniT To The Naval Air STaTion aT Key WesT, Elorida. 'W-72 6 ' EronT Row: ChieT SpeciaIisTs, Lavin, Jones, ScaTide, Wengel. Back Row: SpeciaIisTs, Zarnow, Isenberger, Cooper. CI-IIEE SPECIALIST JONES-Born in Syracuse: New York: aTTended Oswego Teachers CoIIege in New York: TaughT school in Syracuse: Trained aT NorToIk and The Naval Training STaTion, Samson, New York. CI-IIEE SPECIALIST SCAEIDE-From ST. Louis. Mississippi: received degree Trom TuIane: Took his Navy Training aT NorToIk and GreaT Lakes: member oT The varsiTy coaching sTaTT. CI-IIEE SPECIALIST Vi!ENGELhNaTive OT BIoom- TieId, New Jersey: wenT To prep schooI aT ST. Bene- dicT's: connecTed wiTh a prominenT insurance com' pany in civiI IiTe: received his Training aT Bainbridge, MaryIand. CI-IIEE SPECIALIST LAVIN-Born in MiIwaukee, Wisconsin' was a deTecTive on The MiIwaukee poIice Torce: Took his Navy Training aT EarraguT, Idaho, and Bainbridge, MaryIand. SPECIALIST ISECQND CLASSI COQPER-Erom AugusTa, IIIinois: received his B.E. degree Trom WesTern Iowa STaTe Teachers CoIIege and coached aT The CoIchesTer, IIIinois, high schooI: served in The Navy aT EarraguT, Idaho: Bainbridge, Maryland? was wiTh The VAI2 UniT aT OberIin, Ohio. SPECIALIST ISECOND CLASSI ISENBERGERH Born in CIarian, Iowa: graduaTed Trom The Univer- siTy oT Iowa' was high schooI principal and coach aT I-Iubbard, Iowa: enfered The Navy in SepTember, I943, and served wiTh The NorThwesTern V-I2 LIniT beTore coming here. SPECIALIST ITI-IIPD CLASSI ZARNQWeATTend- ed The LIniversiTy oT Missouri, where he played varsiTy TooTbaII: received Navy Training aT EarraguT, Idaho: served as aThIeTic insTrucTor aT The Purdue V-I2 UniT beTore being assigned To The MinnesoTa UniT. ln accordance wilh rhe purpose of rhe Navy V-I2 pro- gram lo provide po+en'rial officers lor Jrhe various special- ized fields in which They are needed, Jrhe V-I2 Uni? al lhe Universily of lvlinnesola provides such men by gradu- aring Seniors, who have compleled eighi semesiers ol college work. Seniors, leaving Jrhis Unii, proceed on +o furiher specialized lraining in Jrhe form of pre-midship- men's school and from lhere io midshipmerfs school. Upon successful cornplelion of Jrhis course of sludy and indocrrinarion, ihe srudenl receives a commission in Jrhe U. S. Naval Reserve. Memories carried wilh each Senior leaving 'rhe Univer- siry of Minnesola V-I2 Unil include Jrhe senior parry held Jrhe laller parl ol each semesler, Commencemenr exer- cises, and finally lhe lasling friendships made during Jrhe Time spenl here. Swim HARLAN W. JOHNSON Mining Engineering Iviinneapoiis, Minnesofa DONALD D. GOVFFEN Eezfricaf Engineering SH Dai Mirresya PUSSELL E. KARPENKO Mecnanicai Enqineerinizg Voifaire Nfnriln Dakma IRWNG GORDON Cnernicai Engineering Si, Paui, Minnesofa ARNOLD R, KNUTSEN Civii Engineering Fargo Norfin Daiwfa lv1!l.O L. HANSEN Pre-Medica! Giennive Monmna O ERNVIN A. KOLLER wens, Bmw, S . Clnernicai Engineering ,ni and SCM ,HY Si. Paui, Minnesoia ni K r fwck ML . 4 Cribbage wx 7716164 eadafza '3f3 cf, ilbxwam sf HOVVARD C. LANGPAP Mecnanical Engineering Tracy, Minnesora WCHARD K, NELSON Aeronauiical Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesofa LENNIS J. MALTBY Aeronaulical Engineering Manfoniedi, Minnesola HUGH J. O'BRlEN Aeronauiical Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesofa i i d G L Bergen Moxnesg AXEL C. MCGRAW Mecnanical Engineering Cogswell, Norln Dalfola an TAILORMADE MILES B. OLSON Mechanical Engineering Sl, Paul, Minnesola I R. E. TALMO Eiedricai Engineering Roznesier, Minnesoia RiCY-IARD J. SELLS Pre-Medica! Monessen, Pennsyivenia MAURICE R. VAUNE Aeronauiical Enqineeving Si. Paui, Minnesota EUGENE R. SHELLEY Mechanicai Engineering Minneapoiis, Minnesofa JOSEPH WEICHSELBAUM Arciwiiecmrai Engineering Lakeviiie Minnescva JOHN E. SLATKY Aeronauficai Engineeving Poriiand, Oregon CHARLES J, VWLLIAMS MeiaiiurgicalsEngineering Hibbing, Minnesofa SQUARE NEEDLE I EDWIN GOMSI Pre-Medical Evelelh, Minnesola HICKS WALDRON Mechanical Engineering Amslerdam, New Yorlc Varsily Eoolballr Phi Gamma Della BRUCE JAMES lvlelallurgical Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesola Track Team JOHN ZEMIJN Chemical Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesola Alpha Chi Sigma: A.l,Ch.E. JOSEPH MEYER Mechanical Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesola RAYMOND ZWEBER Chemical Engineering l-laslings, Minnesola BYRON SlVllTl-l Chemical Engineering Minneapolis, lviinnesola Thela Della Chip A.l.Ch.E. 357 - 358 - 359 X If im' NN K if-is 413 7 '5 I i l 4. l L X X , 5 14, -- SWGNSO rnifgs fo I' :Dl7OfO graph OO!e GERALD BERGER Ciiernicai Engineefdg Si, Cioud, Minnesf'a Tiieia Tau Tai. Bye Ri fe-rnify' V 12 Edircr Grcsner Luci: A.i.Cn GEORGE ANDERSCN Mecnanicai Engineering Minreapdis Minnesora Tau Bera Pi, Honorary Engine ring Fraiefniryq Pr Tau Sigrna Rnaianxq A,S.M.E. GERALD BOREN Eieciricai Engineering Duiurii Minnesofa HENRY ARNESON Civil Engineering Minneapoiis, Minnesota JAMES BROWN Medanicai Enaireewmx Waseca Minnese'a A,S.M,E. DEAN BABCOCK Eiecirica Engineering Mirneapciis Minnescra Rni Gannrna De'+a- Tau Baia Pi! Honorary Eni neering Fraiefniry Era Kappa Nu: A.l.E.E,q LRE CYRiL BURGSTAHLER Aeronauiicai Engineering Minneapolis. Minnesoia Y and Tufninf fook on, r-i3nf7raivE'i5.i'iL-1 ini E 1 Lawrence KElTl-l BUTTERWORTH Aeronaulical Engineering Dululli, Minnesoia ALLAN CEDERBERG' Mechanical Engineering Sl, Paul, Minnesofa Alpina Phi Omega DONALD CARLSON Meclianical Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesola Sdlfiaiff- Pi Tau Sigrnaj Tau Bela Pi, l-lonorary Engineering Eraiernily MARSHALL CEDERSTRAND Civil Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesola Alplna Della Plii WALTER CARLSON Aeronaulical Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesola Tau Bela Pi, Honorary Engineering Member l. Ae. S. ROBERT CARON Eralernityg Gnd CO urine d o an EX Pfirfme f , n in Dnysigai Chem- Isl lk Chemical Engineering Cloguel, Minnesola A l i l X INSPECTION , F Z' , "X fi ix tffflilfx Lfjii-CC L W uiidimq' iiarfiiwiv B . iirsi MO Beigie S dass on We Siep UV ' Oi WG C i i i i iii ff!!! K i sg' X HANDLEY CORTNUSI-4 JP. Mecinanica' Engineering Minneapciis Minnesoia Siqnra NL ROBERT COMFQRT Eieciricaf Engineering Minneapoiis, Iviinnesoia MAURICE COUTURE Ciiemicai Engineering Eau Ciaife Wisconsin SHERMAN COOLEY Mecnanicai Engireefinq Heron Lake Minresofa Deira Tau Deira CARL EKERN Mechanical Engineering Fargo North Daiofa Varsiiy Goff EDGAR FRITZE Eiecrricai Engineering Minneapoiis, Minnesofa Ha Kappa Nu: Kappa Era Kappa: A.l.E,E,q . Y.M.C.A. REVEILLE Waaemfez KENNETH GRINA Aeroneu+iceI Engineering BarnesviIIe, Minnesoia RICI-IARD I-IOAGLUND EIecIricaI Engineering MinneaooIi5, Minnesoia RICI-IARD I-IAMMEL ArcI'iiIecIuraI Engineering Owefonna, Minnesoia Rmffliiiversiiy Siudeni COunciI3 Acacia Ereierniiy BARTON I-IOGAN MeIaIIurgicaI Engineering Aberdeen, Semin Daicoia Masguersg A CapeIIa Cnoir RICHARD I-IARTMAN Aeronaufical Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesoia WARREN I-IOLTER IvIecIianicaI Engineering CI1isI1oIrn, Minneseia GLENN I-IEBERLING EIec+ricaI Engineering AnnandaIe, Minnesofa GESTAPO FN a iy by ff E :I F. ., C W : ' 3 Er'-f g L C, X x 4 squad xoflilila mural bask efball Cha mpxom in in unwefsiil' 1 B JOHN JENKlNS Mechanical Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesola Bela Tlweia Pi: A.S.M.Ei DONALD HURD Civil Engineering Hibbinq, Minnesofa HAROLD JOHNSON Aeronaulical Engineering Brainerd, Minnesola I. Ae. S. DONALD HUSTAD Arclwileclural Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesola JAMES JOHNSON Arclniiecfural Enqineerinq Tracy, Minnesofa RICHARD ILK Aeronaufical Engineering Owalonna, Minnesola Tau Orneqa, l. Ae. S. ROBERT JOHNSON Civil Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesola I V12 DNQFJ u .. . . fu fd ,, 5 5 N, ,dm Snssfon wmwi .ioamgfbm 'H We Loun, , 99 'sf p- NA+2'iWafv:a C"U'X'?f2'xH'1 '9 H3 Waf'Pyf5'- Ffwsa X -4 . KENNETH KRAKE Chemical Ervqinecrlnq Emma Mmegom Awplv-3 LM Swqma A,,,CH,E. WNLUAM JJHNSON Elecrfizal Efqmeerimq S+. Pm., Mlrncsom NORMAN LAWRENCE Ciwervlcfi Engineer-Im Sf. Pad, Mimme-som CRANK KUNE Mmmrapl ws Mmmrsfvffa ,'AVES UPPKE E e'f'iieW Emqimov-im AEf1'dHf3r1 Scmiw DGLOQEI S1 :Na 39 "1 Epsilon 4 X STUDY Howe 55 1.1 -Nr ' .3142 1 army' la El YQ E , - gf P JQGW S GEORGE MILLER Chemical Engineering Alberl Lea, Minnesola RlCl-lARD LUNN Mechanical Engineering Nasnwaulp Minnesofa WILLIAM MORIN Chemical Engineering Alberl Lea, Minnesola Alpha Della Plwi DONALD MA'lHlSON Aeronaullcal Engineering Minneapolis Ivllnnesola JOHN MOXNESS Mechanical Enqlneennu Foley Minnesola The-ia Ta.: JOSEPH MERCIER Meclnanlcai Enqineerintx Lincoln, Nebraska Newman Foundallorw ROGER OLSEN Chemical Engineering Sl. Raul, Minne-sofa S.A.A.Cli.S.p Gopher Log W6n5On H dr C1 af Wor lf, I S 3 6 x X if we I QV fig? 6 f, G. 1 . niavfe fn f he mess BERI. OWENS AeronauIicaI Engineering Eairrnoni, Minnesota JACK ROBERTSON Pre-Medical Ausfin, Minnesofa LYLE PETERKA CIwernicaI Engineering Orieni, SOUTIW Dalcofa JACK RODDY Aeronaufical Engineering Robbinsdale, Minnesofa Tau Beia Pi, Honorary Engineering Frafernifyy Tau Ornegag I. Ae. S. DONALD REI-IDER Aeronaufical Engineering Goodnue, Minnesofa Triangle Eraiernifyi I. Ae. S. JUSTIN SCI-IMIT AeronauIicaI Engineering MinneapoIis, Minnesofa Beia Tliefa Pi: Infer-Erafernify Cc-unciI: I. Ae, S. RUFF 'N TUFF 'N HARD TO BLUFF Savdx Pdaxf DOW W . xx , R f 6 pm MAS OU RUG Qxse BLAKE SOWHQ CM-"1f'e f'w517mf-:firm W ROBHQT SCHNAVTH Cho'wfa3 Erqxref-'mn Mwrwm Tn ANDLTE1 CN Siufvm fx x ,L 41. ,N 1 x r. -,Y Q 4 I k W i 1 ART?-JUL? QCHWAR 7 Mecnamca' Efmvweir 'lil vu " 'fl ri " " 11 A 1 AS E AFA LLOYU SXNANSQN Um frwza' Enmneeewnq Shwburn, MInrw5O9a CALISTHENICS SENIORS NOT Ausfin Davis Verne Frosf Kenneih Johnson endow EMMET TUMINT Mechanical Engineering EveTe-in Minnesofa MARVIN WAMSTAD Meialiurgicai Engineering S+. Paul, Minnesofa Sigma Rho JOHN TYR!-TOLM Aercnauficai Engineering Owaicnna, Minnesoia Varsiiy Swimming Team' ATpl'ia Deira Phi JAMES WEBBER Me1aiiurgicaT Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesoia Mines Socieiyq Sigma Rho? DOMINIC VENIER Mecnanicai Engineering ASM. 1 Ta. 'M 'fi PICTURED Merlyn Nawrocki Carl Peferson David Polur Adrian Sorenson Keewafin, Minnesofa LESTER WULKAN Electrical Engineering Heder, Minnesoia Kappa Era Kappa:A.1,E.E.:Varsify Wres+Ting Team MR. PATRICK! Ti? 'Q-Cf ff, X x The Navy V-I2 Baffalion s+a+ioned ar fhe Universiry of Minnesora is composed of six companies. The iirsr Tour companies are composed of engineering sfudenfs and are sjrafioned in Pioneer Hall. The Fiffh Company is made up of medical and denial sfudenrs who live in quardrers of +heir own choosing. The Sindh Company con- sisrs of pre-medical and pre-denial sfudenfs and is srae iioned af The NROTC quariers. Each Company is divided info Plafoons and each Plafoon is divided info Squads. Slrudenf Officers are in charge of fhese respecfive groups, and Jrhese Officers are alfer- nafed every iwo mon+hs. gobilfaficwz 0 an-M ak QOUAU f --Um'-fy L-.-if Qu-, : .M-Lbs LL C. fN!ffC"'E3is'N 'S' A63-'Q -' ,PN M' 1 7 E' mr W"ai'. T . ' Ak xr 1" 1, x ng IQ.. N ,HK 1, 3 f: 7: " 3. 3, in L'1..N: ' S'1'JW: L. 3. A-'11 V A, , f. ,l.',. , ry',..,, , .4 - W, ,L 31,. :V 3 5, P V 'VV Vv' VV. ?1- '. 'H i "1 1 X 1 PAH- ,-" ' '. Z-V' S. 1711 C'I"5S" f-5 M. M'-H, P' --'L ' L H. L. MIM, ',A. V i13"S"-fa"i"' PN. if -31" 1 1 F? Y-, 4: 'Nl,Lw-'z M. Nl. VFP z' Siyup Q. PX. 5""'x . .. J 5' VM, - vvvll L P- Vlj Hlf FH-'W D. L-'. PJ- 'X WW- B F . V xr'-1 is w' SQUAP 3 -Luvvf.-v WML' Qow N: PPM-LM R. ,L Mhmeexpzfis pxfr A, J. Na-.".1 N. H5 Swfxrvsfm LL L., Mffmedpoiisj SEXY' O L. Mi-br 1 S.L3f1L. RCM 172 CUNA Urwusf-' Swxfrx RAW 3: Pvfrm L N 1 ld wi' Wwmps api If Rfw 4: 5-Ms Vwlmuf-' VT, Q, QM, R. A. Palfh. S. DM. MfziS5rwv P. VV' ,vm J. J. Jamesvme' KHHQ E. J. Ames lwwx C. fx., Pm'Harvd. Graf Sfzzddavd, A. SGW' Cf.N1.,CrGSb'y, N. Dal' Kvfopi P J. MINN- .-' L. 0, Mlwneaoofa' Q: Q, E Gvwhfi'P-4er'1ws'v" S. L. N 1 First Platoon QUN1 2- C I ,-""'kPy x1r- N ,-, ,, A A 1 L,,., L C F za' F- Ukwfs' A A -4 1 J p. Q, ..- P 1 Af N 1 M B ,. p N v-v'x-Nw-wx ,. . X' L . -YS HX N 1 -fN..1 N 'VB Hi.. . F. P-wx f ,. L., T 1 A J J, LJ V 1. L1Na., HW 52 KJ , D+- I -Q f H "1 .A ,cm Second Platoon D 2--Cenfer 1: SHevHn R. C., Redflelo S. Dain' Lind, M. S., Soufh Sf. Paul, RydeH, L, E., Benton: Anderson, R. E., Minneapdis' Morrow I-1. Wy Feviq Q, Ah Moorhead- J., Aberdeen, S. Dak: News W. M., Nasfwwauk. w 3: Brewing, W. L. Basin Wyo: Barf'eH, M. Minneariboiis Tnede Q. W., Fergus aflsl Haque, F. H. Sf. Paui. w 4: Senshad, R. This? "uv r-a S Jclwifz C. P, Wjghgum N, DQLQ7 Sfj,,,,fdf' R., Triumph. SQUAD f-Upper Right Row I: Enqelrnann, R. R, Davenporf, iowa' Mmony, R. F Loreffoy Honebrink R, W. Sf. Rami, Piccard, D. L., Minn aooHs' Pegg, C. Q., Va,Wey Cify, N. Dak, Row 2: Sdiivan J. F. Waclcduckq Burdde, C. P., Kansas Ciiy, Kansg We4zeL D. E, NorfoUc, Nebr.: Olson O. E Toi'efson, R. D., Austin. Row 3: Saiveson, O. E., DuiuTn1SaiWor, D. E., Tacoma Wasn Gibson, R R. Sf. Pad: Ranek, M. A.: Morgan, J. E. Row 4: Jenson J. C., Aipena, S. Dak.: Mead, M. H., Rao Affo, Cawy Modding, E. L., WheaHand, Wyo.: Rude K. G Hecfof. SQUAD 3--Lowe" LJ' Row N, VVQS' R. E. Maffln S. Dah' VVa in NV, R. Mlnne apois' Ryerson Q. P. Kansas Cilxf Kans: Boroagn W R Miwixkee- Wiz. Hoa G. R. Mlnnfiaofis, Ri ',Af 2. Pouivzn R. L. EW River .MAL LN. C. Baikvi--, Q J Bai of Pvc" 3 L. E. Ciero S. Da-1 Row 3, Ramiin L. C, Minneapolis' Lfndeiu.-f O. V. Ma' dan N Dah Mifam C. S., Wfesf Pano N. Dakq Enm- son D. W,S'f1:f Fa 5 S. Dak. Rim 4' ?-4'3"'s D. j. Wfayrfwavf REL' Tome soo S He ,-.' le. Tana: L. M7'v'vfaooiEs Rudy R. R f' UAL' 5 -'Lf-ww PNAFH Rn' N: Hifxfuf J, T. SH HQM' fisvwifv, T. J, Si Van Vxmlf' K, V Fdifw' Hr-vim-i T, SM Vv1Ir'r:f1pffis' Sdmwidf W M, MXnm'fnp4"Us. K v. Y: Zfwf-r K, 1.. Gskicffigxlci lcwvmq KfwHf'v J, Mw'vF4f14'1' XSTOH R Q S? Pau" Slwpgwfxrd R. Ii Wlssivlzgf 1 P215 S. IVEHQ Mah" H. N. Nmfrw Bvfmdr. ' 3: Hn-In F, L, R,-d 'VVF w.1' Jdvwkrv '. A. S? Van .mfw H. N7Iv'waL-f'-55 .Iwi F 1. 3' C'ur1'S"a.L '. SE' m CS'-, 1. L' M 42 ' Ng, NNY! -fl f" ffnufiv Mffrf S' KW" 'qc f.V,, fvfrvf' LJM' Mp." .', Q. M'vi"' U f G' 11- N MX,fQ.h,," W,,mp W P m4,'v.lff 2 ecaad First Platoon . ,,. Ufm A , - L' Vt . A D NN " ' ,N Fw U 4. Q, V Q R ' 1. ..,l,' A V " 1 fi Lulu- .'F,- A LU L mv- M F"vfw:'-rv Second Platoon S UAE 2-Cenfer SQLJAU 1-Uooei Riqin Row I: Reinnarof, T. A. Jasper' Cedersfrano, M, A. Minne aooiis' Jonnson W. VV. Sr, Rauii Bransconnoe J. A., Oufuiln Speinrnan D. H. Sioux Paiis S.Dai1. Row 2: Jusiice, J. O. Auqusfa, Kans: Nyqren R. T. Harne Boren G. W., Dulufni Owen, B. W., Fairrnonr Brown J. H Waseca' Cooiey, S. J., Laiceiieid. Row 3: Johnson. W. E., Mannaffan, Kans: Mynffi, D. E EW: Mynre, R. A., Ausiinq Jones. G. H., Mound' Horpedani L. C., Giyndon. Row 4: Sfrandberq, D. E., Minneapolis: Soinnaiiin R. F.. ST PGUL WUikGni R. E-i HGCTOVZ Cederberq, A. G. S+. Pau Wiiianri, D. C. New Uirny McCabe, R., S+, Paui. Q QD Row I: Anderson, Vv'. E., Duiuin' Braif, R. T. Minneapoiis' Waiiin, W. R.. Minneapoiist 4-f Gouiei R. R. Eiyf Guiiickson, W. D. Buiaio, S. Dali. Row 21 Sfone, T. E. Lead S, Daicq Fuiien, W. J. Ausfin' Kuip, R. L., Parkviiie. Mo: Soarqer J. H. Greensboro N. Caro'ina' Johnson, W. N. S+ Paui' Hoifef, W. G. Cnisnoifn. Row 3: Sfni+n B. D. Minneapolis' Schafer E. C. Buiferiieid' Swanson, L. G. Snerburn Asnef G. W. Mifcinei' S. Dain' Kirkpafrick G. E. Miiwauide Ore. Row 4: Pauius H. C. SS Pau" McAda'vi R. B. Mosinee, Wisj Lusiarn, R. G.. Rob binsoai-2' MCDavid J. C. Kinqspori Kyf Bolir E, J. ST. James' Tunnini E, C. Eveiefn. 'SQUAD 3-Lower Leif Row I: Kiinq F. W., Minneapoiis' Eiiinqooe, J. U., iwo Rivefs Wis.: Wviard, F, H., San Diego Ca'i'i.- Hiii R, J. Minneapois' Harninei, R. F., Owaionna. Row 2: Oiioson C. L., Norfniieid' Durieii M. J. San Francisco Calif' Cafes, T. V., ST. Pauit Waidion H B. Arnsierdani N. Y.i Oisen R. D. Si. Raui' Kosifiren VV. C., Hibbinzg. Row 3: Faust W, C., Duiuiii' Rowe R. W., Sioux Ciry iowa Mcciuskey, L. D., S+. Pauiq Hann, C. G., Kansas City Ka Gouier, D. D. Eiy: Frirze, E. H., Minneapoiis. Row 4: Anderson, M. C., Minneapoiisf Griswoio J. ns. VV. Minneapoiis' Hofie A. V., Keofa, iowa: Sfurrn, L W. Sine ooyqan, Wis.: Fosier J. W. Neiisviiie WiS, had First Platoon :,xQ,UA1 1 muy' RQA ,Z 51? FX, n- xl-..:-xr Nr, ,v Niuiff N. H1-Ts' ,. ff 5.5,-Nnx X 4 M P Y. L .Hs Mr ' -' 3' nw, 71 Hwmfsfg , '. Hin-rm: A f'-X, Aw '.n:'1'D1' ffk .1 SE. A., V' 'wi X 'Lai'-' P L, Q-nw - UQJ- Av' " ' . .., - . X " ' MA 5: E 'nm 1, V, SJ' , Um" L. VW. 1, M, Mf"'f--11. ls' Quin' 1 W , ik, 5.157 H, ., Mir'-.fe,np'1 NfVeff"hf- T, ' F'-' C' Q 'x ag.. 41 M Q' . E, mf l Q g Q X .- 'W VV. v sw L E Ce-fi N-fxviili SQUAY 2 C'-nv Rim 1: F-4,--1.-.L-' 1. ff.. M'.f'w-gem' K I 9 WM 55 ' ' L: L,.gf1x N 4 K f 'NfVf1QV'QSY"'fx 3. E xN,1."', f3"':' vVaw1.-'.:'- Ak, C, Vfnn P ':r's M! Ffwf, 2: MWF' P. R. Hi' SV7 15 S, fish' L V Fi. NB-and S .fury 13, ' .HE EVPOTF Hf1'Lkf" L4',S"7'u nr. Vl"" IK Er' "Kip X XJ E.,"' NCVYKT 3. 9, vw' Bw 0 H in u.,.,., Q, C. P'a'fL"d Unk' ,,A, A. x.. Q Kuna' t,,2' 'f V A'Y':"K: x Kane. 1 Raw 4: Vrfsrid' F. L Seem. Eyff' P2 1, M 9 t. Mifrwuzv-5, 1 BL'-'slr-V RN, F21 Kansas QFW M-.5 lvnf-5 G V. Vvvlzf' 1 Y SQUAD 3f-Lower Rlqnf if Row I: Sfriclcef, J. B.. Minneapoiisz Jensen S, N. Redsmne Mont' Jones. R. G., Buriinqerne Canff Barfcc W. H. Spokane. Wasnx Dfelner, VV. C. Owafcrna. Row 2: HKU, R. R., Weccpnia' Conrcv, T. E. Cnlcago W5 Gfoenwav W. C., Mifcneii, S, Dairy Knutson B. N. Tacoma Wasfn, Row KL Newrocki, M. G., Mlnneapcfis' Zefniin J. C. Minne- ' a1:,oNIs' ZVVEbE1'. R. J, Hasnnqs' Gisnafn L. Kennet MQ,- Wnsz R. C., Mason Cify. iowa. RCW 41 Fklldi. ul R, F'OpWar BMA, VVX5. Braun H, D. Foy' . UC-dqe Iowa' Hanfnan VV, F, Rlgnfrfnc Hfeiawg M45 E Tviw J, R. Minnearrcns, 24 :3 . Second Plotoon SQUAD 2--Carver iRow L: Brown C. L, Mirweepciis' Foiey N. Aiber' Lea Krmnserr K. R. T5CC""75 Wesh,' Seimer C,, Mimoaooiis' Kimafwder W, F. Erie Pa. Row 2: Lmz W. Faifrworif' Mcreweg T, E. Tfavivrs Faiis' Rivera J. F. Marfinez, Caiiiy Frakes J, K., Bird lsiawc, Raw 3: P-larwigseri G. L., Som? Murrow UTBLEQ Hager A. F. Hawuv N. Deir: Hirs- bero J, Vv'. Breinffrif' Hersrr, H. A. Slow Feifs S. Llak, Raw 4: Qyde-W E. W. F. Minoeanciis' Dimqha L A. Fciey' Grarvav F, C. Siem Faiif S, Lick' Haw. P, Q. Forms' Lake, SQUAD W--Urirer Qian? Raw ir ircmpscw, K. FT. Liuimh' NVa'ns+ao, M, L. Sf. Fm. Crowley J. E. Ausfin' Vecper VV. B. Lirfiefon, Coit, Beroe' G. A,. S+, Cicod. Row 2: Marwsrieid E. V. Fai! Brock, Caiiig Coiilnsor' ii. E. Carriiaqe, S. Dah' Reiiiv, L. E, Derrcif Mich' Webb T. E. Wessirzfoo Springs, S. Daky Murory, R. Y. Occmfo Vxfis. Norris C. K, Kansas Ciiy Mo. Row 3: Delfko, C. E, Ada' Mcxriess, J. B,, Foiey: Thomas W. E., Duiuriw' Pedersen, D. L., P-iasiimgs' Tiworson, R. L. Degwei, S. Dal. Row 4: Frirz, C. L. Denver, Colo.: Hurd, D, L., Hibbinq Mueiief, W. J. Garriaviiie, iowa' Marin W. D. Waierrcwrz Jaccicsm C. C., Camrri, S. Oak. SQUALQ 3--Liwiv Lei' Pew ii MrcL5i+is, L P., Ci'i:a11o, LL' Johnson O. R, Uwdc' wand N, Ufak' Bed, J. R. Mctiirraiv 'row 9-lobe-rf, WV. N, Arm-rw Wi5,- Wczii F., Cmffeiowc, Qific. Raw 2: Mc-rszrz J, Grarwfvr' Siimf L. Q., Wi'iisfQr4 N, Lak. H' omsev J. S., HQLQHCF, S. Llakp Gpib R. L. A., Wr.-s, Bama Vifisf Gum-SrrAi'r A. M. Two Harbors. Fm, 3: A1Ciffrs:,r,Q'.E. Mi1ncaoc,i2s'SCawr1v, B. M, Rsgrifes- fer' Grimes K, i. Barocsvi L-' Cisco G. W. 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Row 3: Relerson, W. H. Liicnfield' Gaard, R. C., Faribaull: Lewis, C, W., Henning: Jolnnson, D. R., Benson: Sollwauq, S. B. Minneapolis: Suinerland, D. A., Minneapolis: Lund, G. B,, Clarkiield' McKenna, W. in Auslin. Row 4: Jarnes T. W., Lake Cryslalz Forsqren A. L. Minneapolis' Lalzond. E. M., Lillle Falls' Donis V. A. Woodsfock' Hirsch SASlRalLookenJHMi plsRl CRSrPllw . UT , . ., innea, oi i euso, . . . au: Jo nson, E, W. Bernidii. SQUADS 3 AND 4 Row I Rollins, T. G., Blue Eariln: Pelerson, O. H., Minneapolis: Gabrielson, R. M., Mable' Lunqslruni, R. E., New London: Jen sen, R. E., Minneapolis: Kelly, C. M. Lacrosse, Wis.' Jolinson, D. W., Minneapolis' Rowberg, R. G.. Spokane, Wasli. Row 2 Jensen, A. R., Minneapolis: Jolinson, M. N., Minneapolis' Ylilalo, W, H., Keewarin: Jolnnson, K. E. Helena, Moni.: Sulli van, R., Wedes, D. Sf. Paul' Zupanc E., Gilberi: Wolfe, L. l.. DJlulli: Snwerslv, J. l., Owalonna, Row 3 Larson. L. W., Humboldt S. Dak.: Sweifzer, T. H., Minneapolis' Drake, R. M. Minneapolis: Cnarnbers R. Q., Shelby Kullsen, R.' Hakanson, Ex Alrnire, W.'Jol'1nson, R. ROW 4: Graiewski, S, J, E-lurlgy Wis.' Conley T, ,Ig Anderson M. JJ McCluskey W. Rx Kusfernwan S. D., Minneapolis: Levin B. B., Minneapolis: Fine, G., Sl. Fault Kevean, J. L. Sealile Wasln. SVNMADS I Platoon III fDentoI . . . iANKT2 V. Qu. N- Pw:i.'H.1o R. C. New rvcvffc N. Pang Hudksf Wav" f Nfwa' VVVTATS J. N. PfbCi'SC6i'9' Cawescr' NA. O. S1HX,'f?V" Bvfffv. H. C. SC Fa... Qfw P: Nfq 561 W. MYMI-npr is' Lwfm' E. A. Fe-sw-ddr-r' N VM: Ffsf- k 1' V. O. MWWQ-QCCRS' fX':1e'Si' S. 5. S' Fail. Ff-.f. 3: Lam f'.1 E. H. E?s'fa'Ck N. frakf G ':-1 j -rmu f. H. Alb'-" Lfff' LPG F' G. L. 52 Fab' ObC'VS'V..f'E F Q. S2 Pm. Flux 4: MVVXEV ff G. Sg"I'..1 Va 1- 'nfs A. M. Ackdi-Y' Amir'-'Kc' R. J. L' VGIEC1 C. N. PM UF. EQUALS 3 ANU 4 Pcv. N: Chfgvwausfll U. S. f'fk'r'5:1" N. Luk' Fw-dsc R, J. M 'N"nr1LWf IS' C..'Y'Yfn'xs A. ff. SL fa.: KCcf J. fx. S2 paul. Rm. 2: Bmg H. F. SY. Fm,'fX.1srRw J. C. 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VV., Minneapolis' Racliie, G. L. Minneapolis: Swanson l-l. R., Minneapolis, Colby, GN S+. Pauli Silyerlliorne l-l. M., Orlordyille Wis. Row 2: Benson, L. A.. Argyle? Geist G, A., Sf. Paul' Swansffom. R. L., Dulullw' Birnberg L. D. Minneapolis, Lynn E. L, Redwood Falls, Perlman, l'-l., Sl. Raul. Row 3: Zwisler, C. F, Sl. Louis Park: Conley- L, W, Sl. Pauli Swanslronn A, W., Minneapolis, Sende J. P.. Two Harbors: Slariaslv D. P.. Soulh Sl. Paul. Row 4: Silva J. F. Lead S. Dalc: Girnpel A. J, Minneapolis' Korda L. L. Dulullit Holland M. R. Minneapolis, Cornarfin E. L.. Rocnes'er. 5.,.XUfx5f 1 Uni-f' ' L u M KW - -- NAP- ' ' -rv ' k mv' ,A.'kfr f' 'A lxl, mv 1. ' K M, Q, Cr. 2- LH kt.' Yf 1 SLN' c . CT"Y"i'v. A. -5. St 51, H 91 4 1. "N, a '4f:N"" L VV- . . ,AQ W! Q" 3, pi 1, V 5 P, 1- C Aww:-vw" F, E MM 1 L 5.1" 'K J, MF' 54. -1: In ."y 9 fv""f-f1Lf1?e' M lf ' 6 ff, M?-'A F, .. , I., ,- .K Z- VA, ,, . SQUAD 3-Lf-wo' Rlchi RCW N: Fink R. Minneapolis: Perreif R, E. ST. Pau Lewis J. 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GJ CCCQI, S, J. BIcwn J. I-I. Row 3: Mcxness J, B. faIofcv I-I. 33 Ekefr. C. RQ Cerkcf D JJ ILIMINI E. C. cm 4: Move' J, E: Cederbero A. Gu Schwaffz A. Uwe' I-I, M, I CIVIL ENGINEERS md D. L.: Jcbnscm R. WJ Ceda- sfrand M. Ax Arnesom I-I. O, IAETALLURGICAL ENGINEERS E I M- J B DE' -J. ,. LJCI Wa'IIs+ao M. L CHEMICAL ENGINEERS r ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Rcff I: KIIWQ E. W: Babcock, D, E: C':"I,Cc:'+ R14 RCW 2: Erhze E, I-I.: WuIIce' L. EJ I'Ietiff1'w: ' . D.: I-Icaqurd R. D. RQ.-.I 3: Ecr7f G. IN. Jmnwsam W, NJS wAf' amen LG. Rf, ii F'-iffflfkfl L, E.: Krew- IC. V5 SMI? E. L. ZL I L Q, C: Ewci-I G, A, Raw 2: SCL-mfr B MJ MIIQI G. L,' I I 'ff' N L5 Schrwaifh R, E, Rm. 3: Mm? Vw. v. ,ff J. R.: I-ILIs'ad. E. Lew 'If ,rl CUM' R, M5 Cf. IMLIIE M. J: QISQU R, UQ ZWELQEI R. J I-afynmfl RA E, Differing qreefly from acfivifies as commonly spolsen of in college life, flue exisfence of fne V-I2 sfudenf is filled wiflw an agglomerafion of experiences flmaf are only pos- sible in flwe closely lsnif Comradesliip builf up befween lwimself and lwis slwipmafes in Pioneer Hall. Sucli organized acfivifies as flue V-I2 orclxesfra, infra- mural compefifion in baslsefball, soffball and fraclc, Var- sify compefifion, and flue weelcly dances in Coffman Memorial Union, are buf a parf of flue evenfs flmaf are incorporafed in flue life of flwe sfudenf. Small, buf mem- orable, facfors are flwe waif in line fo malce fliaf one imporfanf feleplmone call, or fliaf game of cards before sfucly call, or maybe a "coke" before faps. Eaclw clay from reveille fo faps adds ifs liffle piece fo flue puzzle of evenfs flmaf surrounds eaclw V-I2 sfudenf. I I I W-72 107 koqrapher ROGER OLSEN and Assisiani LUNSON My Jfheh hand ai hes? 'xobs 05 the Siaff Pho E LBERT CO 2 the iouq dVfor DE one 0 Edifor G of fh ERALD BER goeg ioproofs befOr GER Ch9Clc Press. G fhe GOMS some er Log page makeup, yearbook. Ska? Arisis JAMES JOHNSON and DONALD HUSTAD skeidn oui some og The cartoons Wai ave seen Prxrouqhouk We book. Co age, BL sofve G QKE SRCQBERT U I7 fhefrd Cfrcuf f a io Zzle . hee ds 7LOgeZ7eA!,6n- fo P y Edifor ,Sf Q ' s 5, 2 R M N W' 'f ---f 1-1: -.-.-.:v, ,,.,g , 5 :.-. Q am, M H ',.Vj Q 7 - Q, . wma-W m .,,iA, X Y -'sa:s x 1 ip wf 1 95' 5 13 2 Q 2 -Af. ..., ..,.AA.,. z N we M- R393 F-Y ,, pw 1 ax, , -sag AYVYJQ . 5533! SSERJ 2 QS? 5, a jg, wx Xi as n X S Q , pw zawni Jef we wfxfmxafsfs-Ax Q SMA 1 J imma 2 M 1' .- wk ' 'if' ,gas-U we .x,:.:.:.:.,.:. X V : 6 .,..555: ::2: 5 ww N N, . 'wk WY, ,d-8' f , g f K' ' ' ' ' '1 In I906 fhe Navy insfifufed in fhe Fleef an award for excellence which has been lcnown ever since as fhe Navy "E." Firsf awarded for excellence in gunnery, fhis was lafer exfended fo include oufsfancling performance in engineering and communicafions. An honor nof easily won nor lighfly besfowed, if became and has remained a maffer of deep pride fo fhe men of fhe Service who receive if. When fhe rising fide of war in Europe placed a premium on fhe pro- ducfion of war equipmenf, fhe Navy "E" award was exfended fo embrace fhose planfs and organizafions which showed excellence in producing ships, weapons, and equipmenf for fhe Navy. Then came Pearl Harbor-and wifh if a demand for war producfion such as fhe world has never lcnown . . . an awareness fhaf our fighfing forces and fhe men and women of American indusfry are parfners in fhe greaf sfruggle for human freedom . . . and on fhe parf of all Amer- icans a grim ancl enduring resolve fo work and figh+ fogefher unfil vicfory in fhaf sfruggle is final and complefe. From fhaf high resolve was born fhe Army-Navy Proclucfion Award -which sfands foday as our fighfing forces' ioinf recognifion of excep- fional performance on fhe producfion fronf . . . of fhe defermined, per- severing, unbeafable American spirif which can be safisfiecl only by achieving foday whaf yesferclay seemed impossible. :am Im ffwafwl 70' ! AMERICAN GAS MACHINE CO. ARROWHEAD ELECTRIC CO. BROWN 81 BIGELOW , BROWN STEEL TANK CO. BUCKBEE-MEARS CO. . , CLYDE IRON WORKS CROWN IRON WORKS ALBERT LEA DULUTH ST. PAUL MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL DULUTH MINNEAPOLIS DULUTH DIAMOND CALK AND HORSESHOE CO.. THE FAIRMONT CREAMERY, MOORHEAD PLANT FLOUR CITY ORNAMENTAL IRON CO. GENERAL MILLS MECHANICAL DIVISION INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. , INDUSTRIAL TOOL AND DIE CO. E. F. JOHNSON CO. .. MAICO CO. . MOORHEAD MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL MINNEAPOLIS .. , WASECA MINNEAPOLIS ., .DULUTH MARINE IRON AND SHIPBUILDING CO. . MINNEAPOLIS ELECTRIC STEEL CASTINGS CO. MINNEAPOLIS HONEYWELL REGULATOR CO. MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE POWER IMPLEMENT CO., COMO PLANT MINNESOTA FIRE EQUIPMENT CO. . MODERN PLUMBING 81 HEATIN MUNSINGWEAR, INC. . . NORTHERN PUMP CO. G CO. D. W. ONAN AND SONS IaII five pIanIsI OWATONNA TOOL COMPANY, . SAVAGE TOOL COMPANY ., , ST. CROIX GARMENT CO. TWIN CITIES ORDNANCE PLANT . ZENITH DREDGE CO. . MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS . LINDSTROM . , , DULUTH , MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS OWATONNA ,. ., SAVAGE ...STILLWATER NEW BRIGHTON ,. .DULUTH HE FOLLOWING PAGES REPRESENT THE GOOD WISHES AND ENCOURAGEMENT GIVEN THE NROTC AND V-12 UNITS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA AND THEIR YEARBOOK, THE GOPHER LOG, BY THE MANY BUSINESS ESTAB- LISHMENTS IN THIS IMMEDIATE AREA. WITHOUT THIS AID, WITHOUT THIS ENCOUR- AGEMENT, THE GOPHER LOG COULD NOT EXIST TO DO ITS JOB, NAMELYg TO ACQUAINT THE PUBLIC WITH THE OFFICER TRAINING PROGRAM OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY. TO THESE ESTABLISHMENTS GO OUR HEART- FELT THANKS AND SINCERE APPRECIATION FOR THE MAJOR PART THEY HAVE PLAYED IN PUBLISHING THIS YEARBOOK. Thank You ,l THE NROTC AND V-I2 UNITS af the UNIVERSITY OF MNNIESOTA CONGRATULATIONS To UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA NAVAL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS V-U. UNIT I L w M WJ fx xx W! A "' ,4,,,,.we.z fy, me an s. llfawf X we . , .. if A , in-1 1- .-a -,.. -. Q.. IN THE NAVY TRADITION Q? if 'nf 'ff E A' F ' jg .I U S T E R B R O S ,pf i " 2 '1 451 W RI. ix , , SEPT 30 'I942 O, Of ' The maior objective of the Navy Uniform plan 5 "'."' I ' To create the best uniforms for the U S. A Navy personnel at the lowest prices consistent ,E 4 4' with practical quality 'J Here at Juster Bros. Naval officers not only get these excellent values . but also the X 5' famed Juster fitting service intelligent sales 1 attention . all those facilities that mean A much in assuring thorough satisfaction. . PRICES ESTABLISHED BY NAVY DEPARTMENT Complete Assortment Navy Furnishings, Insignia and Braid Officers Service Blues ,,,,, 540 Aviation Winter Work Uniforms . . sso Olficers Overcoat-Raincoat with Detach- Officers New Slate GYUY Uniforms SI5-38 able Wool Lining, Body, Sleeves 537.50 Slate Gray Extra Slacks .... 54.88 Oficers Cap with Devigg , , , sI0,5Q OEICQFS while Twill UI1If0I'fl1S . . 513.50 ARMY AND NAVY UNIFORM DEPARTMENT . . . SECOND FLOOR C lotlaiers- Tailo rs- Fu rnisbers 2LUsZI"e?1 U U U 'QML .JUST :MUS 2.2225 on Request On Sixth Street . . . Near Nicollet .... 1.1.55 Q3 T Y .f' 11 ml . 55 M3555 at 9 I I I Er men of acflbn - - - it ir fyUlVflV6Wf1W.f WE ARE SERVING THOSE WHO SERVE THEIR COUNTRY IN THE NAVY and THE ARMY ALL OVER THE WORLD .... By manufacturing in our Minneapolis plant, various types of Electrical Panel Instruments, for wide application and purpose. THEY ARE BUILT TO TAKE PUNISHMENT AND STAY ACCURATE These And Many Other Items Of War Material Are Going Out In A Constant Stream To Serve Our Fighting Forces Everywhere. WE ARE PROUD OF WHAT WE HAVE BEEN PERMITTED TO DO BUT A WHOLE LOT PROUDER OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING. O. B. McClintock Company DESIGNERS -- ENGINEERS -- BUILDERS ELECTRONIC. CABLE AND SOUND WAVE BANK AND COMMERCIAL ALARM SYSTEMS AUTOMATIC BANK VAULT VENTILATORS. OUTDOOR CLOCK AND CHIME SYSTEMS SUPPLEMENTARY ELECTRIC AND ELECTRONIC CONTROL DEVICES MINNEAPOLIS 3, MINNESOTA Compliments' Qf CUMMINS DIESEL SALES AND SERVICE OF MINNESOTA Owned mm' Operated by ED. STOCKLAND EQUIPMENT SALES CO. St. Pam! - Hibbmg, Minnefofa f"'l"l" Q excl.. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY FROM WAREHOUSE STOCK PA PEI CALMIEFI SCN BI CO. 975 E. Yth ST. SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA WAR BQNDS YOUR BEST BUY FQR 1944 Compliments Your Launderers and Cleaners Gross Bros. and Kronieks Minneapolis -2- St. Paul Ma 1199 Ma 5219. TIHITIII T00lS In file Payi- flze sPre5w1f and in the Future H HAVE STUOD lruth Extra Heavy Duty Sockets , , , ll 11 ,mf , ,, p6,,m, , , , "THE TEST OI' TIME - - - ffT1,1"kff 1.11 ld 1' ,fvk For 7716172 By Name Af Your Dvczfer TR TH TOOL CO. M anka The Official Headquarters of TAILORED UNIFORMS FOR Iqafny amf CONGRATULATIONS FROM Minneapolis Tailoring Company W n n 1:1:-... .. ' W if 608 Ist Ave North 2nd Floor Mcun 0429 Mlnneapolls ' I I I Comlblimemif 0 az Friend "THERMO KING" STANDS GUARD Thermo King mobile, gasoline-driven refrigeration units stand guard over vital food and medical supplies in theaters af action from the South Pacific to the Arctic. From mammoth IO-ton Thermo King equipped trailers, perishables are quickly trans- ferred to semi-stationary coolers. Other Thermo King rolling U. S. THERMO CONTROL ,ww refrigerators are carried right up to the front lines, and still another unit travels by plane. On the home front, too, Thermo King units on civilian motor transports are guarding the food of the nation. As long as the need exists, the entire facilities of Thermo King factories are at the service of the armed forces. CO., MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. ' Eau' Ztlalwa to the Naval V-19. Unit of the University of Minnesota and to all the gallant men of the Armed Forces of the United States. Remembrance Adver- tising is "Backing the Attack" on the and "Home" fronts for a speedy, decisive victory. Brovvn 84 Bigelow 2 St. Paul, Minnesota Conipliinenif of Minnefofn Mining fini! Mnnnfncfnring C0 St. Piinl, Minnefotii The short, fast route between hicago and eattle Nonrnwssw Alumnus N YAKIMA S C S ,,., If: 'L nsso 5 n AND M if' B S 1 PAUL fl-318 C O ' MILWAUKEE DHQEIT NEW YURK .515 L mi m resent route IIIIIIIIQIJ nluuuntll 1152122155255 'oposed ex' 0 CLEVELAND V,:V221Q51g2252Eg1E2' cmcAco ggviiffgigigggjggi - P . llllll P , AMERICAN Electric Anchor Windlass AMERICAN Uniwinch Electric Cargo Winch AMERICAN NCIST 81 IIERRICK C0 'IVI 'i SAINT PAUL 1, MINNESOTA ',". A M AMERICAN Electric C p f Beft Wifbey fa the Nam! V-IZ Program SMITH VVELDING EQUIPMENT CORPORATION ERICAN MARINE DECK MACHINERY CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD WISHES THE FLIIUII CITY 0FIIIhIIIIfIEN'I'AL IIIIIN CII AWARDED THE ALL-NAVY "E" BURGEE AND FOUR STARS SINCE PEARL HARBOR 1 Conzplzments Qf St. Paxil HYcIraL1IiC Hoist COIIIIJRIIY I fl Ur1Ix'er'5Ity Ave., MlIIllCL11JOIl5 , Mlllll. .Iviannfarturers of 1-St.Paul: HYDRAULIC HOISTS f BODIES - TRUCK PATROI S Compliments gf F. H. PEAVEY 84 COMPANY 3 17. Chamber of Commer cf Minneapolis, Minncsot You Are Invited T0 .... NIINNEAPULI Gateway t0 Lama' QF 10,000 Lalzey MINNEHAHA FALLS IN CALL AT E.1L'T1fUL uzwwawo CITY GATEWAY TOURIST BUREAU OF MINNEAPOLIS CIVIC Sc COMMERCE ASSN. FOR INFORMATION NICOLLET AND WASHINGTON AVENUE C0nfgmm!0zz0m 00 the Nam! R. O. T C. f1f0m CROWN IRON WORKS COMPANY MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA N ...., :2:r1-:4:-:-:-::.::::,- 155-','-1:11-1-:izf-I:21::,51g::k:::::':g?g5Eg izqgokgjf Q 5522555222252222525255Essas5553553ifI2125E2aQ:azs:::agegag2g1:a3qfgaft. ,J -,Q 15- if? - PIIIIIE Illi SERVICE Pride in their service must indeed be great among men who have won the right to serve as officers in the United States Navy. Certainly there can be no t N greater inspiration for pride than the might-and mission- of the U. S. Navy. So it is that Greyhound takes real pride in serving the officers and men of the Navy-transporting them to and from their homes and be- tween duty stations, across the length and breadth of the Nation. X ff Y ,Y-fTf"1Qi:t'j'EEr-A Uniicfgfg f EREYHUUND L I N E S Complzmemf 0 d Friend Camplimemir Uf Sf. Paul Afyocmfion of Commerce ft. Paul, Nlimfewm COMPLIMENTS OF I WALTER BUTLER SHIPBUILDERS, INC SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA SHIPYARDS DULUTH,MINNESOTA SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS To UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA NAVAL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS V-19. UNIT NORTHERN STATES POWER Co. MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Q Best Wishes from Russell-Miller Milling Co. Millerr of Occzkient Flour Besf W1.Sl16.9 to the Naval V-12 Tfdl-H668 ir f ff The Gray Company, Inc MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA vi' 'ir ir Manufacturers of Navy Lubricating Equipment and other WZII Products Za V '4 f ., Y . . If you need high quality ---f ' steel plate products. our complete and highly 'specialized service in this field can give you valuable help. Brownie engineers have developed new time-saving methods in designing and fabrication which speed up produc- tion, give you the advantages of excellent craftsmanship, yet keep costs down. Brownie engineers will study the product you need and quickly calculate time and costs of fabricating in quantity. The dies and tools for forming and I fabricating steel products are made in our own plant. Plant facilities include all modern equipment for rapid, efficient production lsuch as the 70-ton press break shown abovej. VVe can handle any job involv- ing steel plate fabrication fpup to ik" thicki to meet your specifications. Le! Brownie Save You Time and Expense Tell us what steel plate products you need and our engineers will gladly quote costs. You'll see how Brownie produc- ' ethods can do your job better tion in for less! VVrite for details. Q. "' y Every yearbook, aside Trom iTs regular sTaTT, has persons behind iT whose inTeresT and enThusiasm do much To give The book any success ThaT iT mighT deserve. So iT is wiTh The LOG. lT is To These persons ThaT l wish To express my appreciaTion. May I say Thank you To: The LOG adviser, LieuTenanT Joseph LeichT, Tor his sound advice and Tor his ToleranT and paTienT aTTiTude Toward The sTaTT, ArT Segal and The Bureau oT Engraving Tor a iob splendidly done, and Tor all The exTra services and invaluable advice which helped make This book a beTTer one. To The David J. Molloy planT oT The S. K. SmiTh Co., Tor The beauTiTul cover which appears on This l944 Gopher Log. PhoTocraTT STudios Tor The excellence oT Their work, The encouragemenT given by Them To The LOG, and The consideraTe manner in which They dealT wiTh us. The oTTicers oT The Naval Training UniT aT The UniversiTy oT lvlinnesoTa, and especially To our Commanding OTTicer, CapTain John W. GaTes, Tor granTing many requesTs and Tavors, all imporTanT To boTh The ediTorial and business sTaTTs. Mr. and Mrs. EnTrikin Tor The inTormaTion needed Tor The LOG regarding Their son, which They gave so graciously. ZinTsmasTer STudios Tor The picTure oT John EnTrikin. Phyllis Kremer, I944 Gopher ediTor, Tor The use OT many cuTs and The supply oT ideas and sound advice. Joan DysTe Tor her skeTches OT our CapTain and ExecuTive OTTicer. ScoTT Tyler, Daily phoTographer, Tor The many candids he so generously allowed me To use. Jahnke TypeseTTing Co. Tor a remarkably able iob. The exacTness oT Their work saved us many hours oT work. The Tour men on The LOG sTaTT who did more Than Their share, and wiTh an enThusiasm and spiriT ThaT gave a someTimes Tired ediTor renewed vigor: lv1ilT Bellis, Bob Neilson, Neil Nash, and Leeds Bauman. JOT-TN F. DABLOW, EdiTor-in-ChieT. Ucgfermaf hkgflzer, sfrong fo save Qfjqfzose cwni Laila Lozfwzcl file resifess wave Qljlzo LIMS file rzfzzglzfy ocean cfeefn ,' . . . JS own ujufuozufecl fmmls Lseefv Q!! Lecw ms wlzen we cry fo ifzee ll QQ f ' 'I Z ov' ffzose wa fww on i ze sea

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