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Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Ewa," 'Ceielftfefg SENIOR CL MYNDERSE ACADEMY seufcn E5 QR vmume xxw -ugh 'K If HPV' ..a4naL:.nar F4 1445 si-T23 4 wffic-we HIS is the yearbook of the "Forty-Niners," a collection of nuggets of knowledge and experiences acquired through the past year. lt is with regret that we realize that our high-school prospecting is so nearly finished. The parties, the classes, the everyday events that have filled our lives will soon be turned to memories-golden memories. To record these has been the purpose of this book. Wise teachers have "panned" the knowledge to be given us and filled us with hopes, dreams, and ambitions for bright futures. When first we hit the trail in search of priceless knowledge, we little realized that we would find not only that knowledge which can be learned through text- books but also a wisdom and deeper understanding of life acquired through the daily associations that are an integral part of Mynderse life. As the weeks, months, and years passed, a sense of superiority surged in our veins. The pauper had become the prince with this new discovery of knowledge. Now we feel humble again, because we have learned enough to realize that our training is iust beginning. The following pages will reveal, in part, the good times brought about by the dances, plays, extra-curricular activities, and classes that have gone to make up the rich ore of our school life. Those of you who are leaving Mynderse Academy will treasure the memories these pages will induce, those remaining in school will know what Mynderse has in store for you. 5 if Qx in xu.:.guY'51!".i:K I f ...nw ww 3,4 ,,,., div., 'lj ' -i ' Q . i 1 .,,,5:2,nn5s,wmSFS32'i 55 ,. ll M.u,,V.ff.V It kg J , 'U I 3 f In ' "'W..,.,.,, W. A, mr -f " f , wr " my ,. 5 Q af1,.,,,, 'ti ' T ,Wg Q M- . ., 1 MW, 1 -, Aww g 'WU-,..,.,,,, , Q s ,grew V- 4 . ,,,,, Q ffl: ,Q it i ' S: " V - . ,ffl 4, .- .' .,.N,.'A"4"u ' 4 ' -" 't"ss-:woe ' i , , T .L ., ' f ' i ff f 'I ,,.,-., 1' . . -fa ,. vi .4- . , 'idiif-44-.-. Wfxvv,-fy 'M' fp , I fo' W " A 4 ., . . N iv W' i . .i 'gain . . ,,.c:":'j f""' " if ' A ,Q-wvliz' , . ,, , f fu Ire i ' f ,L , ' ' - , .,, 1-PM W Y f ,- K M, V.. pf. I. V 4 We I , - fx - ... .rf 1' 'mf 'f"""""i's sf 9"'v'l'T ' ' -sf N - - ' J 4 , ' ml..-lifw .sf .wg ' V ' , Y - ,, ' - ,. , ' ' V 'X ,Ht ,,,', ww... . X V h .,, ,, N it v I . , W f , . , - fwabnwgxa ,V T 5, -. A W W h5,,,,. hi, ,fv.,,, I 1 V , V V: I V - A ' 'X f -,,v ,'-fs . K.. W' vi 'fi' 5' W ' ' V ' .I L 9 A ' i . ,,?,y,,,,,,s,,4rr if wwfhmxvuff 444:-WI, NVW'H"'E f tv: t I .W I 13, .gf I F ' 5 5 5 3 K WO YEARS AGO, MR. MARSHALL, YOU CAME TO MYNDERSE ACADEMY FROM SERVICE IN THE EUROPEAN THEATER. SINCE THEN YOU HAVE WON OUR RESPECT BY YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF YOUTH PROBLEMS AND OUR RECREATIONAL NEEDS AT "THE BARN." YOUR REVIVAL OF TRACK HAS BROUGHT US A NEW SPORT INTEREST, AND YOUR INTERESTING SCIENCE CLASSES HAVE BEEN STIMU- LATING EXPERIENCES. FOR THESE REASONS WE DEDICATE THIS I949 'MYNDERSIAN TO YOU. di. STANLEY MARSHALL Science and Athletics W g. ,,Q, ,I .L 'q'5fs-hi! 'L 1 A ,V 4 , , ' e vw - - ' , x ,K 'NZ ef, V A gn' k ,x 4 ' may , V. X ' ag-if : 'L 3' if 4 X 1 'Y 'J is T ff 4 ft kwa ' if-New - .. ,A RFP-2 we , f- - WW -1.53 A413 , , ,. ., f 'V P5 'N' ' - z . f ,uf ' y . .P 1 x 7: A ,- ggi A 'l x , , N N f vmm- j:l?Qs?:,gQffv WML, Lqiwiiziin A- 'ggwgfwsmueafw 2 ' ' E 5342 . . ,x", f" X-A if 1 - W - Q . ,, , ffm +'.a . ' f fa, I f - ,-. wi 58' ,yfw-' fd " . 'SL ' 'Wi - X., Qmiwfw , "'1. 'V,VQZj3:?,JH my 5 F 5fSX ?,1,,,k..,.1 ,'Tf'MNl i.4 x, A kw, ., V , N ' N . f:w,.r, ,X N., ,,A- A , . R. .. .rg!':m.-1 , K V .-: V,-,Y-f:--f"' K ,A 1 A , ,, , .,., V .gpg -1 -.5 i.,3g,,-,..,5,,,.,afd f 2..,f-'KM , Q, KM Y hw ,.-. .w, .M W.. Rift'-. ,- . 1 , ,Q mywbi, ,-A K - f , f - K , .ar mf w t Q. M, .., , .,,wM,if:r.3g, gb ,g,'w, A 51,2 E 1 - '7'fff?-S5-If ., 4.11.29 ,fri ' N. M- -ft, trv"'i'?e-'5,g-,rM,,".i,f: ' M 1 , , Q - ww- . 1 Q , . we 4 .Mm im .M by - 6 fp ,Ny N , , 3, . 4. Y RQ. ,, Q .g A fim,,'1,,,, VJ, ,N -1 Wsfff my 'w?i:2?fJ'?m. Sr" a1!Q32e2g?'bz, , 1 . T-' ii-33323 'gulf K1 J" " "'J'1"s?fa"i ' F ab .1125-vfQj23rf f"""C..f 'f . .u f 7, " x , wpAQ'5::wQ'Qvjgq,,f2,f,gn95-j"fe1:? ' - 1 i' ' K 1 " ' , A- 3 ,- 1 ' Z4 ff ' Q uia' . , F . ' 7 VA. 4-kv?-Q-f1g,5'53-21' 'imfdmiV.Z'Y,QiiEmfQ4K,'s25S.fW,:V ?7ff2.f',"m,Z'9i5'.f Wfff .X " .- ,H--. .,,", . '3."E"'7'?-' , . E . . ' - ' .J , "" if!!-. 1 W M' . 'f1lg"4f,.u"Zw'5f' Mi V -. 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'- 9- . we ww sf-awww, 1 A-Mfr" 1,1 . ,Mia BOARD UF EDUCATION Our Board of Education, that group of seven men who govern the destinies of' our school system, is made up of the following: Mr. John Bracht, president of the board, and Mr. Frank Knight, Mr. Robert Glanville, Dr. Angelo Romeo, Mr. Bernard Vergamini, Mr. Robert Pollard and Mr. Orville Yates. At their monthly meetings they consider such subjects as maintenance of the several school plants, recommendations of teachers and textbooks, and other problems involving the efficient maintenance and operation of the schools. During the past two years they have made several improvements. Among these are the installing of the radio intercommunication system, the redecoration of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton School, the Homemaking Center, First Ward School and Mynderse Academy, the acoustical treatment of Mynderse Academy Auditorium, the purchase of band uniforms, the installation of fluorescent lighting in First Ward, new equipment for the Homemaking Center, the erection of a steel fence around the athletic field, and the completion of other desirable improvements to increase the efficiency of the school system. Not all the plans of the Board center around the present, but the future needs have been anticipated in the contracts that have been let to the John Bellardino Inc., Contractors, for the creation of three projects: a new cinder track, a new foot- ball field, a new baseball diamond, and draining, grading, and seeding of the State Street athletic field. B. Vergamini, A. Romeo, 0. Yates, J. Bracht, Pres., R. Pollard, F. Knight, R. Glanville. 9 WAGON TRAIN FRANK PAGE Superintendent of Schools Seneca Falls, N. Y. Congratulations and best wishes to the modern 'UFORTY-NINERS." While the objective of the 1849ers was primarily material, you 1949ers are qualified for far greater achievements. You are among the fortunate 49 per cent of our nation's youth who will graduate from high school in '49. We trust that your GOAL wi-ll be greater than mere gold. Your knowledge, skill, critical thinking ability, and moral character, if properly developed and implemented, will insure personal success. The proper utilization of your abilities will also be effective in desirably shaping the future world situation. For every privilege there is a corresponding obligation or responsibility. Consequently, your GOAL in life should be much higher than that of the less fortunate 51 per cent non-graduates. HFORTY-NINERSQ' I challenge you to be always ambitious, courageous, strong and prosperous "GOAL DIGGERSY' Keep your AIM high and you will meet the CHALLENGE. FRANK PAGE 10 L EADERS The theme of this year's Myndersian suggests "Then and Now" and is especially appropriate since this marks the one hundredth anniversary of Free Education in New York State, for in 1849 the legislature first attempted to mandate a minimum amount of free common schooling. Previously each community was a law u11to itself relative to education. Those who wished for an education, and had the means, managed to obtain what they deemed necessary, but the majority received very little. Today education is free for all youth between the ages of five and eighteen. Beyond this the state through its teacher colleges, institutes and scholarships, has made it possible to obtain an education which fits the present student for almost any career. Let us hope that you, the Seniors of 1949, and those who are to follow, will make use of these opportunities and fit yourselves as better citizens for this, the best country in the world. FRANK VOGEL FRANK W. VOGEL Principal Mynderse Academy 11 N WAGON W ggmwd' : HQ' E 1. Science-J . Bourdon, F. Vogel, S. Marshall. 2. Language Arts-Standing-M. Howes, T. Compitello, A. Seld. Sealed -M. King, M. Miller, G. Gibbs, J. 0'Brien, L. Shannon. 3. Fine Arts--J. Fraser, E. Trulan, R. Schlosser. 4. Malhe matics-D. Jacobs, J. Canale R. R d. 5. G 'cl - ' ' ' - . , ee un ance G. Wllber. 6. Social Sludzes H. Welcher, B. Campany, Lt 12 Oliver, E. Smlth. 4 DRIVERS vmw 7 Health and Physical Education-L. Pontius, R. Schindler, A. Driscoll, F. Cooley, F. Anderson. 8. Commercial- M. Smith, H. Hammond, B. Becker. 9. Office-A. Poole, B. Sherman. 10. Home Economics--L. Cardwell, D. Sim mons. 11. Induslrial Arts-R. Radtke, V. Davies. SCHOOL AT WORK I 1 L. ,,Q,s-W 14 1. Silence! The Library. 2. Typing Specialists. 3. Scientific Ice Cream. 4. The Fraser Hour. 5. Miss Campany's Angels 6. The Nurses Aid. 7. Culinary Experts. 8. History in the Making. e 2, 5426 1 M . W.,-f' CLASSES SENIOR ADVISERS and OFFICERS Back row-Miss Hammond, Mr. Wil- ber, Advs. Second row-Blawski, Vice- Pres.g Miss Smith, Adv.g Miss O'Brien, Chief Adv., Oakes, Pres. Fronl row- Mackey, Treas.g Suglia, Sec. MARY LOUISE ALLEN-Our own Katherine Cornell. With her personality she should go far in dramatics. Frosh-Soph Play 1, 2, Director 3: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 23 Latin Club 2g Student Council Constitutional Convention 2g Open House Program 2, 3, Junior Play 33 Junior J umbles 3, Junior-Senior Party Committee 3: Wig iid Rouge 3, 4, LeCercle francais 3, 4, U. N. Radio Quiz Team 4, Senior Play 4g Senior Ball Committee 4, Myndersian Co-E itor 49 alutatorian 4. IVA JANE AMIDON-Iva will be a good secretary. She gets plenty of practice writing letters to Marv. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 25 Science Club lg Freshman Dance Committee lg Frosh-Soph Picnic Com- mittee 1, Tumbling Club 1, 2, Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Open House Program 2, 3, Junior Jumbles 35 Junior Play and Prom Committees 3, Junior Prom Court 3, Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Senior Play and Ball Committees 4: Senior Ball Court 4, Myndersian 4. CHARLES EDWARD ANDREWS-When Chuck is behind the wheel of his model "A," everyone beware. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Tumbllng Club 1, 2, 49 Operetta lg Senior Ball Committee 4. Ia the CATHERINE MARIE ANNETTA Kay's art ability will come in handy when she opens her beauty salon. Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Microphone 2,3,43 Library Club 2,3,43 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior- Senior Party Committee 33 Acanthus 3,43 Senior Play Committee 43 Myndersian 4. ANGELINE MANUEL BANTUVANIS "Tops"-that's Angie. Some day she'll be a good phys-ed teacher. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Library Club 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic, Play and Dance Committees 1,23 Open House Program 2,33 Acanthus 33 Junior Party and Prom Committees 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Play 33 Wig and Rouge 3,4, Treasurer 43 Officials' Club 3,43 Microphone 43 Senior Play 4g Girls' Athletic Association 43 Magazine Campaign Business Manager 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 4. ELEANOR MARIE BEATINI Elly, a whirlwind of energy, is a peppy cheerleader who talks it up early and late. Cheerleading 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Class Secre- tary 13 Glee Club 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic and Dance Committees 1,23 Tumbling Club 1,23 Frosh-Soph Play Committee 1, Director 3,43 Lat- in Club, Cantor 23 Open House Program 2,33 Microphone 2,3,43 Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,43 Student Council Alternate 33 Jun- ior Jumbles 33 Junior Play and Prom Committees 33 Junior Prom Court 33 Officials' Club 3,43 Wig and Rouge 3,43 Le Cercle fran- cais 3,4, Secretary 43 Senior Play 43 Senior Ball Court and Commit- tee 43 Myndersian 4. WILLIAM REYNOLDS BENNETT The '49ers' gift to France-accent and all. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Frosh-Soph Picnic and Dance Committees 1,23 Open House Pro- gram 23 Le Cercle francais 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 43 Micro- phone 3,43 Junior Party and Prom Committees 3g Junior J umbles 33 Junior Play 33 Senior Play 43 Wig and Rouge 43 Junior Kiwanian 43 Myndersian 4. JOSEPHINE MARIE BLAWSKI Dimples, brown eyes, and pleasing smile, that's Josie, our popular Prom Queen. Library Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 2,3, President 43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 13 Frosh-Soph Dance and Picnic Committees 1,23 Latin Club, Quaestor 23 Tumbling Club 2g Student Council 23 Open House Program 23 Junior Party and Prom Commit- tees 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Prom Queen 33 Microphone 3,4, News Editor 43 Class Vice-President 3,43 Senior Ball Court and Com- mittee 43 Girls' Athletic Association 4g Myndersian 43 Honor Stu- dent 4. DORCAS ELIZABETH BOWMAN There's never a dull moment when 'KDork" is around, with her dynamic personality, sizzling ideas, and humorous stories. Intra- murals 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic and Dance Com- mittees 1,23 Tumbling Club 23 Latin Club 23 Frosh-Soph Play Com- mittee 2, Director 43 Open House Program 2,33 Acanthus 2,33 Microphone 2,3,4, Fashion Editor 3, News Editor 43 E.S.S.P.A. Conference 43 Officials' Club 33 Junior Play 33 Junior Jumbles Director 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Wig and Rouge 3,43 Le Cercle francais 3,43 Senior Play 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian Art Editor 43 Honor Student 4. HELEN JEAN BRADY Skies are never cloudy when cheerful Helen joins us. That's why Grant's packs 'em in. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,4, Operetta Committee 23 Frosh Dance Committee lg Frosh- Soph Picnic and Play Committees 1, 23 Soph Dance Committee 23 Junior Play and Prom Committees 33 Junior J umbles 33 Hearth Club, Treasurer 43 Myndersian 4. MARY BARBARA BYRNE Barbara manages things well and doesn't "burn" if Fortune smiles in another direction. Glee 'Club 1,2,3,4, Librarian 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,4, Operetta Committee 2,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Frosh-Soph Picnic and Play Committees 1,23 Open House Program 23 Junior Party, Play and Prom Committees 33 Junior Jumbles 3g Acanthus 3,43 Senior Play and Ball Committees 43 Myndersian 4. FOUR YEARS AGO in SEPTEMBER 1945 TWO GROUPS of us CONVERGED to FORM the CLASS of 1949, THOSE WHO HAD COME up THROUGH THE WARD SCHOOLS and MYNDERSE, 16 and THOSE FROM ST. PATRlCK'S-ALL EAGER for the ADVENTURE of BEING MODERN '49ERS. '49ers JOHN JOSEPH CAPACCI Johnny likes to bother people, whether it's his opponent in athletics or Lucy in Room 19. Football l,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Baseball l,2,33 Intramurals l,2,33 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Airplane Club 23 Junior Party Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3g Block M 3,43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Track 4. LUCY JOSEPHINE CAPPELLO Lucy's infectious giggles have enlivened many a dull moment in study halls. Freshman Dance Committee 13 Intramurals 13 Frosh- Soph Picnic Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior J umbles 33 Junior Party Committee 3g Junior-Senior Party Com- mittee 3. SHEILA ANN COFFEY Sheila spends a lot of time at the Country Club. If practice makes perfect, she will be world golf champion some day, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,43 Intramurals l,2,3,43 Library Club li Freshman Dance Committee 13 Bond and Stamp Committee 13 Majorette 1,23 F rosh-Soph Play and Picnic Committees 1,23 Tumbling Club 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Open House Program 2,3Q Junior J umbles 3g Junior Party and Prom Committees 33 Junior Red Cross 33 Junior Play Committee 3g Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Band 3,4, Festival 3,43 Girls' Athletic Association 4g Myndersian 4. LOUISE MARIE CROUGH Louise likes to take her time but she always manages to get there. Band l,2,3,4. Festival 1,2,3,43 Glee Club l,3,4, Festival 1,3,43 Sopho- more Dance Committee 23 Open House Program 23 Junior J umbles 3g Junior Prom Committee 3g Myndersian 4. BYRAM LESTER DEAL No, that wasn't a streak of lightning you sawg it was Byram, "king of the roller skaters." Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Operetta 23 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Com- mittees 1,23 Science Club 1,2,33 Airplane Club 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior Prom Committee 3g Junior Jumbles 3g Senior Ball Committee 4. FRANK JOHN DEL RUSSO Is there anything Frank likes better than music? Yes, more music and? Band 1,2,3,4, Manager 4, Festival 1,2,3,4, All-State 3,4, State Finals 2, Solo Competition 1,2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Baseball 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committees 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Orchestra 2,3,4Q Glee Club 2,3,43 Track 2,3,4Q Junior Prom and Party Com- mittees 3g Junior Jumbles 3g Senior Ball Committee 43 Block M 4. LEIGH NORMAN DEMING Norm, our scientifically-minded Myndersian who just lets the rest of the world go by. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Science Club 1,2,3,4, Presi- dent 33 Band lg Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,22 Glee Club 2,3,4, Festival 2,3,4, Operetta 2, All-State 4g Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Basketball 2, 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Senior Play 43 Senior Boys' Quartet 4. GLORIA MARY DIDIO Versatile Gloria is not only an excellent student but also a fine public speaker and pianist. Frosh-Soph Play Committee 13 Soph Dance Committee 23 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 23 Junior Red Cross 2, Treasurer 23 Open House Program 2g Acanthus 2,3, Secre- tary 23 Microphone 2,3343 Library Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 43 Junior Party Committee 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Student Council 3,4, Secretary 43 Wig and Rouge 43 Christmas Operetta Committee 4g Senior Play Committee 43 Myndersian 43 Honor Student 4. THE STUDENTS from MYNDERSE WERE STILL CHASTENED by the DEATH of ONE of our CHER- ISHED CLASSMATES, JOAN LEAHY, WHOM WE MISSED SORELY. IT WAS DIFFICULT to GO on WITHOUT HER in THIS NEW ADVENTURE .... BUSY, CONFUSING DAYS MARKED the BE- 17 the GLORIA JEAN DRACONE Sincere, intelligent, and congenial-that's Gloria, who is fun to know and good to work with, whether it is studies or plays. Intra- murals l,2,3,43 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee lg Glee Club 1, Festi- val li Tumbling Club 1,23 Frosh-Soph Play 1, Committee 2, Director 3,43 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Open House Program 23 Wig and Rouge 2,3,43 Microplzone 2,3,43 Le Cercle francais 2,3,43 Christ- agfrw mas Play 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Play 33 Junior Jumbles Chairman 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Christmas Operetta Com- mittee 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 4. SHERMAN WILLIAM EIGHM EY Sherman is a barrel of fun and ideas. With his personality he should go in for radio, yes, even television. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee lg Orchestra 1,2, Solo Competition 23 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Baseball 1,23 Science Club 1,2, Treasurer 23 F rosh-Soph Play 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Glee Club 2,3,4, Festival 2,3,4, Operetta 2. SYLVESTER LEE FAIOLA, JR. Sylvester, sportsman and singer, has shown us that school can be fun. Tumbling Club 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,4, All- State 3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Com- mittee 1,23 Intramurals 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Foot- ball 2,3,43 Open House Program 2,43 Junior Party and Prom Committees 33 Junior J umbles 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Basketball 3,43 Block M 3,4, Vice-President 43 Student Council Alternate 43 Senior Ball Committee 4. ROSYLN TILLIE FARNEY Roslyn's abilities in riding a horse and in playing the mouth organ classify her as a typical forty-niner. Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Intra- murals 1,2,3,43 Girls' Athletic Association 13 Majorette 13 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Cheerleading 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 2g Junior Jumbles 3. ROBERT KEITH FREELAND Bob's talent both in studies and sports, augmented by his keen wit will surely be an asset to his success. Basketball 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4: Le Cercle francais 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Minister Without Portfolio 33 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Com- mittees 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 2g Open House Program 23 Acanthus 2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 43 Microphone 2,3,4, Associate Editor 4g Junior Party and Prom Committees 3g Empire Boys' State 33 Track 3,43 E.S.S.P.A. Conference 43 Block M 43 Wig and Rouge 43 Junior Kiwanian 43 U. N. Radio Quiz Team 43 Captain of Subscription Team 4g Senior Play 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 43 Honor Student 4. BENITO JOHN LEO GIOVANNETTI Benny manages the 3 B's: "The Barn," basketball and Benny. Football 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committees 1,23 Airplane Club 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Track 2,3,43 Junior Party and Prom Commit- tees 33 Asst. Basketball Manager 3, Head Manager 4g Block M 43 Senior Ball Committee 4g Junior Kiwanian 4. VICTOR ALBERT GIOVANNINI Vic, a golden gloves contender and a football player, has many admirers and especially one in Canoga. Football 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4Q Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh- Soph Picnic Committee 13 Basketball 1,23 Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 23 Block M 2,3,43 Tumbling Club 2,33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3g Junior Play Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 4g Senior Ball Committee 4. ANNA LOUISE GREEN Cheerful Anna is going to put her homemaking course to work very soon, we hear. Intramurals 1,2,33 Hearth Club 3,4, Secretary 3, President 43 Junior Red Cross 43 Senior Play Committee 4g Senior Ball Committee 4. GINNING of our HUNT for TREASURE MADE UP of KNOWLEDGE cmd DISCIPLINE, FUN cmd ACTIVITIES. WHAT GAY TIMES WERE FURNISHED by the FRESHMAN DANCE and the SOPH- 18 FROSH PICNIC3 WHAT WEALTH of TALENT by the PLAY TOURNAMENT. THEN MOVING UP '49ers PHYLLIS JUNE GREENLY With Phyllis' voice and smile she should have a bright future. Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Festival l,2,3,43 Open House Program 23 Intra- murals 3,43 Junior Jumbles 33 Senior Ball and Play Committees 4. ROBERT FRANCIS HARTMAN If it's action you want, just watch our "Nutty" on the basketball Court. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Tumbling Club 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 23 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Basketball 3,4Q Baseball 3,43 Block M 4g Senior Play 4. JOSEPHINE MARILYN HAYES Joey, the triple threat gal, terrific, 'tractive, tantalizing. Cheerlead- ing 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Le Cercle francais 1,2,3,4, Vice- President 33 Library Club 13 Junior Red Cross 13 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Glee Club 1,4, Festival 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Open House Program 23 Microplzone 2,33 Tumbling Club 2,43 Junior Party and Play Com- mittees 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Prom Court and Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Senior Ball Court and Committee 43 Girls' Athletic Association 43 Mynder- sian 4. CARL ROBERT HIBBARD Carl, the irrepressible, is a rip roaring cheerleader and a fun loving Sea Scout. Tumbling Club 1,2,3,43 Baseball Manager 13 Airplane Club I3 Freshman Dance Committee 13 F rosh-Soph Picnic Committee 13 Intramurals 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Open House Pro- gram 2,32 Cheerleader 2,3,43 Junior Party Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Glee Club 3,4. BETTY MAY HOLCOMB Betty just seethes with energy, enthusiasm and determination. Science Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 1,23 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 1, Festival 13 Majorette lg Frosh-Soph Play 1, Director 33 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Tumbling Club 1,23 Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 23 Le Cercle francais 2,33 Open House Program 2,33 Wig and Rouge 2,3,43 Microphone 2,3,43 Junior Play Committee 33 Junior Party and Prom Committees 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior J umbles 33 Legion Oratorical Contest 3,4, County Winner 43 Hearth Club 4g Senior Play 4g Myndersian 4. DELORES MARGUERIETE JOHNSON Delores with her piano playing will always Ci? and never Bb. Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 13 F rosh-Soph Play Committee 2g Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Open House Program 2,33 Junior Party Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3g Myndersian 4. EARLE LA VEBNE JONES The country "Bed," not Russian but blushin'. Open House Pro- gram 2g Junior Play Committee 33 Intramurals 3,43 Senior Play Committee 4g Camera Club 43 Acanthus 4. MARGARET ANINA JORGENSEN Peggy majors in Homemaking and in making a home. Geneva: Junior Historical Society 1,23 Glee Club 1,23 Intramurals 1,23 Mynderse Academy: Intramurals 33 Hearth Club 3,4. DAY BROUGHT US SOPHOMORE STATUS .... WITH the I946 SCHOOL YEAR CAME RE- NEWED PROSPECTING in the VARIOUS LODES-NO ACTIVITY WENT UNMINED. WITH THE ACQUISITION of EXPERIENCE, WE GAY, YOUNG SOPHS PUT on o SUCCESSFUL HOP, WON 19 the RICHARD ALOYSIUS KNIPPER "Knipper" is a "pro'.' behind the eight ball-at Worski's that is! Intramurals 1,2,3,49 Basketball 19 Junior Jumbles 39 Band 3,49 Football 4. HELEN JOSEPHINE LA MANNA With her baton of friendship, Helen can whirl her way to anyone's heart. Intramurals 1,2,3,49 Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Librarian 3, Festival 1,2,3,4, Operetta 29 Majorette 1,2,3,4, Band Festivals 3,49 Student Council 29 Open House Program 29 Acanthus 2,32 Junior Play Com- mittee 3g Senior Play Committee 4. FRANCES CARMELLA LAMURAGLIA Fran's interests lie outside of school, in art and in Auburn. Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,4, Operetta 2g Intramurals 1,2,3,49 Junior Play Committee 39 Camera Club 4g Senior Play Committee 4. MARION ELIZABETH LANDBERG A charming package of beauty and brains, tied with a ribbon of glowing personality. Microphone 1,2,3,4, News Editor 3, Editor-in- Chief 49 E.S.S.P.A. Conference 3,49 Soph Dance Committee 29 Frosh- Soph Play 29 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 29 Latin Club, Secretary 29 Open House Program 2g Acanthus 2,3,4, Vice-President 2, Trea- surer 3, President 4g American Legion School and District Oratorical Contest 3g Elmira College Key Award 39 Junior Play, Party, Prom Committees 3g Junior Prom Court 39 Junior Jumbles 39 Le Cercle francais 3,49 Senior Ball Court and Committee 4g D.A.R. Essay Contest 4g U. N. Radio Quiz Team, Captain 4g Captain of Subscrip- tion Team 49 Myndersian 4g Honor Student 4. ANGELINE ROSE LAPOMARDA Angie, our athlete of distinction, makes the game of life more pleasant for everyone. Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,4, Operetta 29 Intramurals 1,2,3,49 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 19 Junior Play Committee 3g Girls' Athletic Association 49 Camera Club 4. JOSEPH JAMES LEMMA Joe, our fiery quarterback, is short in stature, but not in friends. Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Festival 1,2,3,4Q Intramurals 1,2,3,49 Frosh-Soph Play Committee 19 Freshman Dance Committee 19 Le Cercle francais 2,3,4, Treasurer 39 Baseball 2,3,49 Junior Party and Prom Committees 3g Football 3,49 Basketball 3,49 Block M 4. BETTY IRENE LENO Swing low, sweet clarinet, is one of Betty's pets. She has others thoughg that's how she keeps her man in "tow." Band 1,2,3,4, Festi- val 1,2,3,4Q Glee Club 1,2, Festival 1,2, Operetta 29 Intramurals 1,2,39 Class Vice-President 19 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,29 Sopho- more Dance Committee 29 Junior Party and Play Committees 39 Junior Prom Court and Committee 3g Junior Jumbles 39 Junior- Senior Party Committee '39 Microphone 3,49 Senior Play Committee 4g Senior Ball Committee 49 Myndersian 49 Honor Student 4. ANTONIETTE MARIE LILLA VVhen it comes to sports and business "Netta" is on the team. We hear that in both she's really on the beam! Intramurals 1,2,3,4Q Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,29 Sophomore Dance Committee 2g Open House Program 29 Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 49 Microphone 2,3,4-9 Class Secretary 39 Officials' Club 39 Junior Play Committee 3g Junior Party and Prom Committees 39 Junior J umbles 39 J unior-Senior Party Committee 3g Senior Play and Ball Committees 4g Wig and Rouge 4. THE FROSH-SOPH PLAY TOURNAMENT and TIED with the FROSH In the FOOD CONSUMPTION at the FROSH-SOPH PICNIC .... WHEN FALL CAME WE FOUND OURSELVES MINING on the 20 THIRD LEVEL. UNPLUMBED TALENT WAS DISCOVERED at THE JUNIOR PARTY THE PLAY and '49ers MAR Y ELIZABETH LIJCKE RN Mary is a mixture of studionsness and dreams, and we have great hopes for this future pedagogue. the girl with the gay glint in her eyes. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Clee Club 1, Festival lg Tumbling Club 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee li Latin Club 23 Open House Program 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Frosh-Soph Play Director 33 Microplzone 2,3,4, Magazine Editor 43 .lunior Play 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Ollicials' Club 33 Le Cercle francais 3,43 Wig and Rouge 3,43 Senior Play and Ball Committees 43 Acanthus 43 Girls' Athletic Association 43 U. N. Radio Quiz Team 43 Myndersian 43 Honor Student 4. JOHN GERALD LYMAN Happy-go-lucky Jerry has added mueh to make our class merry. Intramurals l,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Airplane Club 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior Party and Prom Committees 3: Junior-Senior Party Commit- tee 33 Football 33 Track Manager 3,43 l.e Cercle francais 3,4, Vice- President 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Christmas Operetta Commit- tee 43 Junior Kiwanian 43 Mynrlersian Business Manager 4. DONALD GORDON MACKE Y Don has been a lady's man all the way through sehool. When the girls look at him, they're quite inclined to "drool," Glee Club l,2,3,4, Festivals 1,2,3,4, President 3,43 Band l,2,3,4, Festixals l.2,3,43 lntra- murals 1,2,3,43 Class President 13 Frosh-Soph Play I3 Basketball 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Track 2,3,4, Captain 33 Student Council 2,4, Treasurer 23 Junior Party and Prom Committees 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Boys' State 33 Football 3,43 Class Treasurer, 3,43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Block M 43 Junior Rotarian 4. ELOISE CECILIA MACKIN Eloise always tries to please with her charm and ease. She cheers the girls with a placid smile and the boys with a bit ol' subtle guile. Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 13 Freshman Dance Conunittee 13 Majorettes I3 Intramurals 132,33 Glee Club l,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,43 Junior Play Committee 3g Junior Jumbles 33 Christmas Operetta Committee 4. if JOSEPHINE AMELIA MARTELLO J osie's free and easy laughter and her ready kindness have bright- ened dreary days for many of us. Intramurals 13 Freshman Dance Committee 13 F rosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior Play Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Red Cross 43 Wig and Rouge 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Christmas Operetta Committee 4. PATRICK PETER MASTROLEO Mastroleo the "maestro" of the Class of '49 never seems to have anything but music on his mind. Band l,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,4, Solo Competition 33 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 F rosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 2g Track 2g Open House Program 2,33 Orchestra 2,3,43 Glee Club 2,3,4, Festival 233,43 Junior Party and Prom Committees 33 Junior J um- gges 3i Senior Ball Committee 43 Senior Boys' Quartet 43 Senior ay . THOMAS EUGENE MCGUIRE Tommy is our gift to the Marines. This six-footer is a witty lad whose interests lie in baseball and other outdoor sports. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Commit- tee 13 Tumbling Club 3g Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Ball Committee 4. JULIA MARIE MELLINI Petite Juliaf is a live wire, just'full of ideas and secretarial lore. Intramurals 13 Glee Club 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee lg Sopho- more Dance Committee 23 Microphone 2,3,43 Junior Red Cross 33 Junior Party Committee 33 Junior Prom Court and Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Senior Ball Court 43 Myndersian 4. the JUMBLES, THE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES and TEAMS. THE JUNIOR-SENIOR PARTY AND THE PROM GAVE us A CHANCE fo DISPENSE HOSPITALITY of the MYNDERSE BRAND, INFORMALLY AND FORMALLY. ANOTHER GOOD YEAR WAS ENDED .... AFTER G GOLDEN SUMMER of 21 the JOHN RICHARD OAKES, JR. Everybody knows our casual King John, who is sure to be a success as a pharmacist. Intramurals l,2,3,4g Freshman Dance Committee li Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Band 2,3,4, Festival 2,3,43 Micropllone 2,3,4, Business Manager 43 E.S.S.P.A. Conference 3,43 Open House Program 2,3,43 Student Council 2,43 Junior Party and Prom Committees 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3g Junior J umbles 33 Boys' State 33 Basketball 3,43 Baseball 3,43 Senior Play Committee 43 Class President 43 Senior Ball King 43 Junior Kiwanian 43 U. N. Radio Quiz Team 43 Honor Student 4. ALLEN GIDLEY ODELL Lovable Giggy: athlete, sportsman, leader and regular guy-take a bow. Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Festival 1,23 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Class Treasurer li Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh- Soph Committee 1,23 Class President 2g Sophomore Dance Commit- tee 2g Football 2,3,43 Track 2,3,4, Co-Captain 43 Student Council 2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 43 Boys' State 33 Junior Party and Prom Committees '33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Block M 3,4, Secretary 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Junior Kiwanian 4. DOMENICK JOSEPH ANTHONY PARADISE, JR. Deco is Room 61's politician. He's also a smoothie in athletics and with the girls. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Tumbling Club 1,2,3,4g Freshman Dance Committee 1g Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Block M 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 43 Foot- ball 2,3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Student Council Alternate 2,3,43 Open House Program 2,3,43 Junior Party and Prom Committees 3g Junior J umbles 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Camera Club 43 Myndersian 4. CLIFFORD EDWIN PAYNE Cliff's two loves, hunting and trapping, pay dividends. Who knows? Maybe your next fur coat will belong to one of Cliff 's outsmarted victims. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. LAWRENCE WARD PETERSON "Pete" is a whiz on those mats and behind the wheel of his car. gtrlamurals 1,2,3,43 Tumbling Club 1,23 Junior Jumbles 33 Glee u 4. RINO LOUIS PIAGENTINI Although Rino looks like the quiet type, his liking for music and sports shows that he's a regular fellow. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Band 2,3,43 Junior Dance Committee 33 Orchestra 4. JOHN STERLING PRATT Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. That's our Jack with those drum- sticks. Football 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Band 1,2,3,4, Festival 3, Solo Competition 3, All-State 33 Basketball Manager 13 Frosh-Soph Play and Picnic Committees 1,23 Freshman and Sophomore Dance Committees 1,23 Wig and Rouge 2,43 Glee Club 3, Festival 3g Junior Party and Play and Prom Committees 33 Junior J umbles 3g Junior- Senior Party Committee 33 Open House Program 3g Tennis 3,41 Orchestra 3,43 Christmas Operetta 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Block M 43 National Association of Rudimental Drummers 4g Myndersian 4. ELAINE MAE RAWSON Elaine, our Rochester import, is a friendly addition to the '49ers. Intramurals 2. LAZY DAYS, WE FOUND OUR FOURTH LEVEL-WE WERE THE SENIORS of 1949, with JOHN OAKES LEADING OUR EXPEDITION for the YEAR WE WENT JUNE MAD IN OCTOBER but 22 IT WAS ONLY in PLAY. ANGIE, AS USUAL, STOLE THE SHOW with her INIMITABLE CHAR '49ers JANET IRENE REYNOLDS Janet loves chemistry. With a scientific background and that pleasant smile, we're sure that she'll be a wonderful nurse. Band l,2,3,4, Festivals 1,2,3,43 Intramurals l,2,3,43 Library Club 13 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 .I unior Red Cross 1,2, Vice-President 23 Sophomore Dance Commit- tee 23 Microphone 2,3,43 Junior Party and Prom Committees 33 Junior Play 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Open House Program 33 Wig and Rouge 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 4. MARY ELLEN ROGERS Mary Ellen is demure with a warm, sympathetic personality. Le Ccrclc francais 23 Open House Program 23 Intramurals 2,3,4. IVIICIIEAL FRANCIS ROSSI Mikc is a loyal friend and true-blue Senior. He's no lady-killer, but we hear he doesnit avoid them. Freshman Dance Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Baseball 23 Intramurals 2,3,43 Band 2,3,43 .lunior Jumbles 3g Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Football 4. RA YM ON D ROBERT RUTZ Our athletic "Herky" likes life, laughter, and the ladies. Intra- murals l,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committccs 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Open House Pro- gram 2,31 Basketball 2,33 Football 2,3,43 Track 2,3,4, Co-Captain 43 Studcnt Council 2,3,4, Treasurer 43 Junior Party and Prom Com- mittees 33 .lunior .Iumbles 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Block IVI 3,4-. ALD ALDO SANDRONI "Babe's" chief pastimes include sports, driving a taxi for '6Frog" and entertaining a certain tiny sophomore. Football 1,2,3,4, Captain 43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,4Q Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Block M 2,3,4, Treasurer 43 Junior Party Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Senior Ball Committee 43 Camera Club 4, Vice-President 4g Myndersian 4. DOMINIC JAMES SCARAMUZZINO An accomplished performer on the ivories and a brilliant student : our "Professor" and future M.D. Band 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 13 Glee Club,2,3,4, Festivals 2,3,4, Operetta 23 Frosh- Soph Play 23 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 23 Junior Play and Party Committees 33 Junior J umbles 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Empire Boys' State 33 Junior Kiwanian 43 U. N. Radio Quiz Team 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian Co-Editor 43 Valedictorian 4. JOHN LEWIS SEITZ Here he is, girls, our talented singer, musician, actor, and leader. Line forms to the right, please. Band l,2,3,4, Festivals 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Festival 1,2,3,4, Operetta 2, All-State 43 Junior Red Cross 1, Treasurer 13 Class Treasurer 23 Track 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 23 Intramurals 2,3,43 Class President 33 Junior Play 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Empire Boys' State 33 Student Council 3,43 Senior Play 43 Senior Ball Committee 4g Orchestra 43 Junior Rotarian 43 Senior Boys' Quartet 4. BERTRAM CHARLES SERLING Bert has an ,exuberant personality which he uses in his "good neighbor policy," even in Geneva. Football 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3, 43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Play 1,23 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Science'Club 1,2, Vice-President 23 Basketball 2,33 Wig and Rouge 2,43 Junior J umbles 33 Junior Party and Prom Committees 33 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Tennis 3,43 Camera Club 4, President 43 Microphone 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myn- dersian Photographic Editor 4. RON ACTER ROLE AFTER AN INTERLUDE CAME THE SENIOR BALL, "A WINTER WONDERLAND" WITH BARBARA YATES PRESIDING AS QUEEN, WITH KING JOHN. GAYETY RULED. DURING INTERMISSION OUR OWN QUARTET AND DOMINIC SCARAMUZZINO FURNISHED THE HAR- 23 xv' 1' . f, ff 2 p f ELEANORE ELAINE SHEPHERD When Eleanore becomes a nurse, perhaps she will lull her patients to sleep with sweet music. Another assetg she's a life saver. Band 1,2,3,4, Librarian 4, Treasurer 4, Festivals 1,2,3,4, All-State 43 Glee Club 1,2.3,4, Festivals 1,2,3,4, All-State 4, Solo Competition 3,4, Operetta 23 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Play 13 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Science Club 13 Intramurals 1,2,3Q Tumbling Club 23 Open House Program 23 Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 23 .lunior Play 33 Junior Party and Prom Committees 33 Junior Jumhles 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Orchestra 3,43 Senior Play and Ball Committees 4g Christmas Operetta Committee 43 Myndersian 4. ALLEN RU SSEL SNYDER We hear "Booner" likes to hunt for deer-dear whom? Or would that be telling? Intramurals,l,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Glee Club 2,3,4, Festival 2,43 Basketball 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Senior Ball Committee 4. JANICE M YRNA STAHL Country air must make one alert, happy, and friendly, for that describes "George" to a J. Glee Club 1,2,3',4, Festival 1,2,3,4, Oper- etta 23 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Le Cercle francais 13 Student Council 33 Junior Dance Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Open House Program 33 Senior Play Committee 4g Myndersian 4. JEAN ASUNTA SUGLIA An athlete and musician, Jean, alfectionately called "Sugo," is a wit no class should be without. Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4, Festi- val 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Class Secretary 2,43 Band 2,3,43 Junior Party Committee 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Jumhles 33 Officials' Club 3,42 Senior Ball Committee 4. :NQVJS1 M323 ROBERT FRANCIS SULLIVAN Epicurean creations and getting either in or out of trouble seem to be "Sully's" extra-curricular activities. Band 1,2,3,4, Festivals 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4Q Airplane Club 13 Glee Club 13 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Frosh-Soph Play 1, 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Open House Program 2,32 Micro- phone 2,33 Wig and Rouge 2,3,4, Treasurer 3g Christmas Play 2,3,43 Junior Play 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior- Senior Party Committee 33 Football 3,4. MARY JOAN TIMMONS Friendly Joan has a personality that blends into the atmosphere of any gathering. Her interests lie in the Junior Class. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic and Play Committees 23 Band 2,3, Festival 23 J unior-Senior Party Committee 33 Girls' Athletic Association 43 Senior Play Committee 4. JOAN ELIZABETH VAN CLEEF Flashing eyes and a winning smile go to make up petite Joan, or so Lonny will tell you. Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 13 Junior Play Committee 33 Junior Party Committee 3g Open House Program 33 Senior Ball Court 4. PETER NUNZIO VERZILLO Sports, girls, shop, and girls occupy the most of Pete's time. Intra- murals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Baseball 1,23 Frosh- Soph Picnic Committee I,2Q Football 2,3,4Q Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Play 33 Junior J umbles 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Le Cercle francais 3,43Student Council Alternate 3,43Wig and Rouge 43 Junior Kiwanian 43 Myndersian 4. MONY. NEXT CAME VACATION cmd THE YEAR'S END. JANUARY THIRD FOUND US '49ERS BACK after the HOLIDAYS THINKING in TERMS of APPRAISALS in the FORM of MIDYEARS. 24 THEN WE STARTED WORK ON THIS MYNDERSIAN-PICTURES, WRITEUPS, RECORDS-THE ,49BI'S ,eg BARBARA MAE WADE "Bobby," subject of Vic's interest, is a girl with a bubbling person- ality and a flare for secretarial work. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Tumbling Club 1,23 Glee Club 1,23 Festival 1,2, Operetta 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 F rosh-Soph Play Com- mittee 2 3 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 23 Junior Red Cross, Presi- dent 23 Open House Program 2,33 Junior Party Committee 33 Junior Jumbles 33 Junior Prom Court 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Micro- phone 3,43 Wig and Rouge 3,43 Senior Play Committee 43 Myndersian 4g Senior Ball Court 4. THOMAS DONOVAN WATERS Tommy always has had trouble remembering little things, like coming to school3 but he never forgets baseball practice. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 13 Sophomore Dance Committee 2g Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 33 Junior J umbles 3g Junior Red Cross President 4. DAVID NORTHRUP WEART He's the class of '49's "Red" Skelton, Louella Parsons, and Nelson Eddy all rolled into one dynamic personality. Band I,2,3,4Q Football 1,23 Baseball 1,2,43 Basketball 23 Microphone 23 Student Council Constitutional Convention 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Junior Jumbles 33 Boys' State 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Junior Prom' Committee 33 Orchestra 3,43 Glee Club 3,4, All-State 43 Wig and Rouge 43 Senior Play 43 Junior Kiwanian 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Senior Boys' Quartet 4g Myndersian 43 Student Council 4. ROBERT FREDERICK WILSON Bob's a Shop "Shark" who adds to the bright spirit of Room 60. Open House Program 2,33 Industrial Arts Scholastics Awards Con- test 33 Junior Play Committee 3g Senior Play Committee 4. I BARBARA JEAN YATES "Atomic," that's Barb, our Senior Ball Queen. Need we say more? Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4, President 43 Cheerleader 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 1, Festival 13 Class Vice-President 23 Freshman Dance Committee 13 Frosh-Soph Picnic Committee 1,23 Tumbling Club 1,2343 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Gym Exhibi- tion 23 Frosh-Soph Play 2, Director 3,43 Student Council 2,4, Vice- President 4g Junior Party Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Com- mittee 33 Christmas Play 3g Junior Prom Court and Committee 33 Microphone 3,43 Wig and Rouge 3,4, President 4g Senior Ball Queen and Committee 43 Senior Play 43 Myndersian 4. KENNETH WARREN ZETTLEMOYER Next year Ken is going in for corn in a big way-seventy acres of it, but plans for this didn't prevent him from being an active ticket seller for our play. Open House Program 23 Junior Play Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 4. RAY LOUIS ZETTLEMOYER Whether it's farming, hunting, playing the piano or the guitar, Ray always plays fair. Open House Program 23 Junior Play Commit- tee 33 Senior Play Committee 4. MARGARET JOSEPHINE ZONA Margaret's athletic ability will come in handy on bargain days in her dress "Sho pe." Band 1,2,3,4, Festivals 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Hearth Club 1,2,33 F rosh-Soph Picnic Committees 23 Sopho- more Dance Committee 2g Glee Club 2,3,4, Festivals 2,3,4Q Junior Party Committee 33 Junior-Senior Party Committee 3g Officials' Club 3,43 Girls' Athletic Association 43 Orchestra 43 Senior Ball Committee 43 Myndersian 4. STORY OF OUR YEAR. AS WE LOOK BACK over the YEARS WE FIND THAT OUR SENIOR YEAR HAS BEEN THE MOST EXCITING and UNFORGETTABLE of ALL. WE ARE GRATEFUL to MISS O'BRlEN, OUR ADVISER, and the ASSISTING TEACHERS, WHO HELPED to MAKE THIS LAST YEAR 25 ONE BRIGHT with the RECORD of HAPPY DAYS in o SCHOOL WE LOVE. 4 i x K 2 M . lr, f '41 x, 1. Faculty Tots at the Ball. 2. King John Reigns Tonight. 3. Carl's Toast. 4. The Sextette Compare Notes. 5. A Give and-Take Proposition. 'l!""'v CLASS UF OFFICERS President . . . . . RICHARD DCBER Vice-President . . FRANCES TERRUSI Treasurer . . . . BRUCE KNAPP Secretary . . ...... BEVERLY VREELAND Advisers . . . MRs. OLIVER, Miss MILLER, MR. BECKER On a bright, cheery, September morn, a small caravan was seen beginning its trek across the land towards a great goal. The wagons carried a gay, laughing group of boys and girls, known as the Jolly Juniors. As we rumbled along through colorful autumnal days, we began planning for a get-together party, so on November 11 our plans were formulated and the "Junior Armistice Soiree" made its bow. Such a delightful time we had dancing, eating, and watching the entertainment, especially the prize fight. These prize fighters had acquired their exceptional brawn by participating in the various activities and organizations. About a month after our Junior Party, and while passing through an extremely cold region, we realized that Christmas was here so stopped in a small clearing to spend the holidays. After two weeks of pleasure, we again trundled on across the thick blanket of snow. Since all had a premonition of some hard task ahead, we decided to have a last fling. Seated together one sunny afternoon we shouted in laughter at what the others had made into a talent show. We can't forget "Rambling Roses," our quartet, and the band who had sung and played at "Cornegie Hall." It was well that we had our jollity then, for a few weeks later we were challenged by a band of inquisitors and it took all our mental ingenuity to conquer. The contest waged for almost a week. While we rested at night we planned our strategy for the next day. Day after day we fought to sur- vive and when the week ended, the Battle of the Midyears ceased, and we had triumphed. One clear afternoon our caravan stopped at a little schoolhouse, and after all had alighted, we entered. A group of boys and girls rushed forward to a platform, and after an announcement the rest of us realized we were to be entertained by our talented actors in the annual play, "Date Bait." Afterwards we all agreed that our play was a big success. The journey went on over steep hills and smooth plains, and finally on an evening in June we came in sight of another caravan named the "Grave old Seniors." To wish them well on their trip, we held a wonderful party, which included "eats," enjoyment and entertainment. Soon the end of the trail was in sight. With great care we proceeded on the plans for our Prom. Everyone eagerly gave his services to make it the best and loveliest Prom ever held. A year has passed and we have traveled over smooth plateaus, along calm sections and in troubled regions, and now have reached our goal--the border of Senior Land. Our final tests are over and only the Prom is left of our activities .Our advisers and teachers who made the trek with us, gra- ciously gave us their aid, without which we would have stumbled many times. To them we say thank you. None of us will ever forget our Junior trip across the Land of Knowledge. MARY ANN BCLICH Class of 1950 28 FIFTY Back row-Sandy, Ryan, Magill, Lind, Batty, Freeland, McParland, McBride, Seman, Amidon. Third roui-Tom, Rossi, Lama, Manzari, Vreeland, Piscitelli, Smith, Sharp, Woodward, Stahl. Second row-Mastroleo, Dalesslo, Duo- nolo, Gaines, Klandatos, Bolich, Horle, Knapp, Woods, Fisher, Barrett, Jorgensen. First row-Brown, Buck, Meeks, Terrusi, Selleck, Lombardo, DePasquale, Colgrove, Bauso, Knight. Back row-Cammuso, Stuck, Shuster, D., Twist, Brand, Keach, Baker, Krantz, Piagentini, Bishop, Brady. Third row-- Peterson, L., Smith, L., Parker, Pioli, Knapp, Russo, Lama, Cracknell, Borden, Scannell, Carpenter, Clark. Second row-Yeo, Shuster, E., Galgano, Povero, Reardon, Sinicropi, Peone, Turkett, Fiano, Smith, C., Staley. First row- Hughes, W., Smith, W., Dowd, Hughes, C., Peterson, D., Van Houten, Riegel, Dombrowski, Kreutter, Dober. 29 CLASS UF OFFICERS President . . . RICHARD GIOVANNETTI Vice-President . . VIVIAN CHRISTOPHER Secretary . . ..... ALICE BOLICH Treasurer ..... FRANCIS EIGHMEY Advisers . .... MRS. SHANNON-HEAD ADVISER Miss KING, MISS SIMMONS, MR. MARSHALL A short one hundred years ago, the Forty-Niners in their covered wagons, started out iI1 search of precious gold which would make them rich and prosperous. In September, 1948, nearly one hundred years later, we new, eager, sophomores began our quest for the possession of a different kind of gold-knowledge and friendship. We were sure our year'S journey would turn out successfully because of the competent leadership of our advisers, teachers, and well selected officers. Our class cooperated with other Myndersians to welcome the new frosh who have inherited our places and to help them adjust themselves to new conditions, for we were happy to give them the benefit of our suggestions. It was an ambitious, talented class, well represented in the many Mynderse organizations such as band, chorus, Microphone, Student Council, Junior Red Cross, Science Club, Girls Athletic Associa- tion, Block M, Hearth and Camera Clubs. All found sophomores ready and willing to take advantage of the extensive activity program Mynderse has to offer. In sports, our teamwork was outstanding. Many of our loyal sophomores played on the J ay Vee Team, showing their ability and sportsmanship all through the basketball season. To help lead us in cheering at these exciting games, three of our peppy sophomore girls were chosen by the cheerlead- ing organization. Football, tennis and track also attracted the attention of our athletic group. The girls in our class must not be forgotten for their participation in intramurals. Early iI1 February, we examined the results of our midyear exams and found that many of us had gathered quite a bit of dust along with the real gold we had been searching for. Our aim for the second semester was to replace this dust with more gold. May 13, 1949 found us and all other Myndersians clamoring to attend the wonderful sophomore dance, "Maytime Magic." It was one of the biggest events of this exciting year with enchanting music, dancing, food and lively entertainment. Almost before we realized it, the time had come for the Frosh-Soph play tournament in which we worked hard, discovered and were able to show our hidden talents. It waSn't long before we met, on our journey, the hot summer sun and warm breezes which led us and the freshmen on our annual picnic at the lake for a day of relaxation and fun. Food, of course, played an important part in this fun-packed day. Many pictures were taken of our bathing beauties, and as the day ended, we compared our golden tans which were to remind us all summer of this delightful day. At last we reached our journey's end and to test the quality of the gold we had acquired, came final examinations. A happy group of sophomores emerged from these, some battle-scarred but all full of plans for the coming year. SALLY MARTIN Class of 1.951 30 'FIFTY-UNE Back row-Noyes, Lyneh, Ashbaugh, Keach, Hilbert, Bells, Broadbent-, Gibbs, Andreas, Clark, Carroll, Borys, Brown. Third rowhSmith, L., Carbone, Covert., Hilkert, Lilla, Soseia, N., Soscia, R., Martin, Carroll, Williams, Marrapese. Second row-Lind, Holland, Keating, Fredenburgh, Van Houten, Smith, J., Griggs, Ashley, De Stefano, Kinney, Weaver, Marcuceilli, Christopher, Haley. First row-Bolich, Peterman, Rossi, Bennett, Platten, Walters, Buck, V., Franceschi, Albro, Conley, C., Conley, E., Hauss, Mills. Back row-Benassi, Farney, Kreager, Johnson, Staudmeyer, Hubbard, Vergamini, Fahey, Brown, H.,.Br0wn, J. Beerse, Smith. Third row-Mahoney, Nugent, Denman, Saraeino,Kn1ght, Glovanettl, Desmond, Cherchia, Walters Second row-Marconi, Bianchi, Malone, DiNatale, Irish, Lafler, Alford, Schaertl, D'Urso, March, Eighmey,Firsl row- Mc Laren, Bauso, Landherg, Hibbard, Wolfe, Appell, Laude, Dark, Wedge, Urwin, Bonacci, Petrella. 31 CLASS UF OFFICERS President . . ...... NICHOLAS CARELLO Vice-President . . BARBARA CHURCH Secretary . . . . THERESA MARSELLA Treasurer . . . . DOMINIC CARACCILO Advisers . . . . - . MR. REED-CHIEF ADVISER Mas. SELD, Mas. SMITH, Miss THULAN September found one hundred and twenty-one eager young freshmen entering the halls of Mynderse Academy searching for fun and knowledge. When a prospector looks for a mine he searches for the one that will provide the most gold. After he has discovered a vein of gold of great value he is most pleased with himself. So it was with the '49ers in 1849 and so it is with the Freshman Class of 1949. When we finally got settled we found, much to our disgust, that our homerooms were up on the third floor. A few of us decided that someday when we strike gold we will install an escalator system. We also began to realize all the "gold" which was a part of our class. We recognized personality, scholastic ability, musical talent, and all the other golden qualities that make a class outstanding. We showed our spirit of adventure when we started joining the school activities. Band, Orchestra, and Glee Club interested our musical classmatesg French and Latin Clubs received the attention of the language students and the Hearth Club of the homemakers. Many of us interested in other specialized fields joined Library, Science, Camera, and Acanthus Clubs. We also stood out in varsity and intramural sports. Some of our classmates show great promise in becoming second Blanchards on the football field. Our basketball team certainly put up a good, stiff fight on the court. Most of us studied hard during the first couple months of school, but we turned out full force when we were needed to support the school's football and basketball teams. The first big event for us was the election of class officers. We went in search of some capable and fun-loving classmates and found them. Next on our program was the annual Freshman Dance. The girls did a little gold digging when "Musical Snowflakes" whirled around the corner on January seventh. We were very much honored when the Senior Quartet agreed to perform for the entertainment. Everyone had fun and the Fresh- men of '49 really struck it rich. During the following few weeks it was found beneficial for all to do some studying as midyear exams drew nearer and nearer. At last they arrived and now the not so eager freshmen entered the school to meet their fate. Most of us survived, however, and we started our second and more im- portant term of our freshman year. We struck gold, in the form of talent, when the freshman play came along. The next few weeks were spent in hard work frantically rehearsing. Our greatest hope was to triumph over the sophomores who had won for the past three years. With the annual Frosh-Soph Picnic we settled our differences with the sophomores. Everyone had a fine time. Now, as we come to the end of this first year of treasure hunting, we look back on our accomplish- ments with gratitude to our able advisers, who guided us on our search. We hope that during the next few years we may acquire some of the golden qualities so evident among our upperclassmen. We intend to devote ourselves to improving our class, so that when the year 1952 comes around we will possess as much "gold" as the class of 1949. ' J ANETTE THORPE Class of 1952 32 'FIFTY-TWO Back row-Hartman, Simone, McMillen, Piscitelli, Jones P., Bauso, Paulich, Ingandello, Cafaro, Parks J., Kidd Decker, Mahoney, Morehouse A., Walters, Brewer, Dutton, Nicandri. Third row-Oakes, Hughes, Marsella, Gallettx Jorgensen, Zona, Timmons, Jones, H., Amidon, Meeks, Gurba, Hughes, J., Blue, Eastman, Decker. Second row- Poole, Lamuraglia, Kenney, Gigliatti, Bears, Salone, Twist, Moulton, Annetta, Barrett, Irland, Buck, Mackm, Kana- ley, Brand, Knight, Thorpe. First row-Farney, Northrup, Yates, Wade, Souhan, Struble, Sinicropi, Klandatos Church, Chubb, Doyle, DelRusso, Bevins, Hiegel, Murphy, Parks, J. gi MKG' tw ads? 'ing Back row-Gallina, Caraccilo, McCann, Frappoli, Conley, Congdon, Olsowske, Eno, Sanpietro, Lorenzetti, Palumbo Bonacci, Dowen, Schupp, Garnsey, DiDominico. Third row-Zwick, Deal, Meyers, Irland, Blaisdell, Urquhart, Russo Verzillo, Ward, Dober. Second row-Pavio, McNaney, Parrish, VonBergen, Pioli, Reynolds, Lyman, Peone, Lapo- mardo, Vona, Smith, Noble, Wolfe. F irsl row-Rice, Yeo, Addona, Wilson, F orshee, Cunningham, Hibbard, Crull Lawrence, Stuck, D'Urs0, Decker, Carello, Cooley. 33 EIGHTH GRADE Las! row-Baker, G., Zettlemoyer, Potter, Amidon, J., Fiorelli, L., Fiorelli, G., Spano, Wilson, R., Maier, Martin, Sabatini, Baker, L., Sherman, Amidon, A., Bennett, G. Third row-Reynolds, Snyder, M., De Nard, Lindsey, Huff, Pollard, Scott, Conley, Wolfe, Snyder, F., Scscia. Second row-McComb, Morehouse, Shuster, Wilson, B., Bennett, V., Lockwood, Cline, Brown, .loang Forjone, Brown, S., Madigan, Ashbaugh, Bishop. F irsl row-Sullivan, Stapleton, Knight, Howland, McCann, Jones, Hibhard, Urwin, Carbone, Aldrich, Salerno, Brown, Janet, Struble. H l Lasl row-O'Connell, Leno, Lawrence, Green, Bennett, Congdon, McCann, Jodeit, Ellison, Shepherd, Sherman. Third rofw-Brunskill, Salone, Sanderson, Young, Decker, Schmitt, Livingston. Second row-Saunders, Romeo, Whiting, Rogers, D. E., Proseus, Morehouse, Magill, Turkett, Dombrowski, Trapp. First row-Andreas, Carpenter, Watkins, Irland, Grinstead, Cusimano, Bishop, Rogers, D. N., Yates, Cator, Scharett. 34 SEVENTH GRADE Back row-Twist, Meeks, Santoro, J., Jacoby, Goodman, Marrick, Wolfe, Cafaro, Forjone, Thatcher, Sinicropi. Third row-St. Germain, Swinehart, Santoro, E., Reese, Lawrence, Harris, Baldasarie, Kaufman, Knight. Second row- Fields, Zwiek, Bonacci, Brown, Babcock, Piscitelli, Anderson, Radway, Tanghe, DeWall, Pezzulo, Dyson. First row- Robinson, Lilla, Green, Bennett, Hally, Sage, Turkett, R., DiDomineck, Walters, Turkett, J., Marr, Ludovico. gzld .- nw M- in Mr or ll'1wsr 8 mfehs r . .,,. .,,, -swam an V. s L at 'Eff i'lflTff H WEEE! EE W 16? !9!Q.3""' ll in Z7 Q TXEWVN-Mfg? Back row-Deal, Palandro, Millis, Clingerman, Brand, LaBour, Prayne, Hhinehart, L., Reynolds, D. O., Cosentino, St. Germain, Trapp, Andrews. Third row-Beerse, Howes, McComb, Buck, Farney, Agnello, Timmons, Young. Second row-Rhinehart, W., Jorgensen, Reynolds, D. A., Maloney, Serling, J img Serling, Joe, Coombe, Schmitt, Wormouth, Kane, Bennett. First row-Barrett, Best, Sinieropi, Shuster, Amidon, Swan, Scialdone, DelRusso, Updyke, Zwick, Lotz, Frankenfield. 35 ggaeg -sw 36 1. Lenten Fasters CPD. 2. "Two is Company." 3. Friendly Custodians. 4. "Three is a Crowd." 5. The State Street Court 6. Exodus from Freedom Train 7. Wild! Angels? 8. "Double It Up and Keep Moving." LET Varsity Cheerleaders-1. DePasquale, 2. Ashley, 3. Vreeland, 4. Holland, 5. Hibbard, 6. Hayes, 7. Beatini, 8. Lombardo 9. Yates. N J. V. Cheerleaders-Klandatos, Hughes, Poole, Yates, Thorpe, Franceschi. CHEERLYEADERS .Q Wt PIOLI, Manager SANDRONI, Caplain. SEASON'S SCORES Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse .... 33 Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse UN Baldwinsville ..... 6 Palmyra .... Newark ..,.. Canandaigua Lyons ...... Pen Yan .... Clyde ..... Waterloo. , . .O 24 .6 13 13 .6 .0 THE GRIDIRUN For the first time in Your years, the Myndersc Academy football team ended the season with a sub-par record. Led by Captain Ronnie Sandroni, the locals finished the season in a fourth place tie in league standings, their record was 2-3-3. The team was in there fighting all season but couldn't seem to strike pay dirt. The three top league teams-Penn Yan, New- ark, and Canandaigua accounted for the three losses. Palmyra and Lyo11s were the only victims. Baldwinsville, Waterloo and Clyde tied us. Coaches Cooley, Marshall and Bourdon will have a problem in molding a IIGW playing com- bination because they will lose sixteen players by graduation. Some of these athletes may return for post-graduate work, but this is indefinite. The three year string of' victorious home games was also broken this year, butthat record will still be remembered by the sports fans of Seneca Falls. The annual Football Banquet, held January twentieth, climaxed the season. The Elks spon- sored the gala occasion and have voted to make it their yearly privilege to honor Mynderse's foot- ball teams. Back row-Rossi, Lorenzetti, Povero, Frappoli, Benassi, Dowen, Blaisdell, Manager. Fourth row-Denman, Lyman, Managerg Bauso, Hughes, Lafler, Staudmyer, Carello, Palumbo, Smith, A., Garnsey, Reardon. Third row-Sinicropi, Giovannetti, R., Sullivan, Eighmey, Verzillo, Giovannetti, B., Caraocilo, Galgano, Knipper. Second row-Pratt, Butz, Russo, Knapp, Dellztusso, Serling, Schaertl, Lemma. First row-Cooley, Head Coach, Piscitelli, Faiola, Capacci, Sandroni, Cap'tg Mackey, Giovannini, Paradise, Bourdon, Assistant Coach. THE TEAM UN THE COURT Back row-Paradise, Sandroni, Freeland, Bishop, Oakes. Front row-Peterson, Hartman, Faiola, Lemma Capacu THE TEAM Mynderse Academy's 1948-49 basketball team finished in fifth place in the final league standings. Led by Captain John Capacci the Blue and White cagers salvaged four league wins and one non- league victory to leave a season's record of five won and eight lost. Bob Freeland led the team's scoring as he netted 94 points during the season. Nearly all the losses were accountable to a dis- astrous third period, or second half. In the entire season the locals never had a really bad first half, but they seemed to fold in the second many times. Coach Cooley will have to build a new quint for next year' as most of the team are graduating. They include: Capacci, Freeland, Paradise, San- droni, Hartman, Lemma, Faiola. and Oakes. Returning next year will be Bishop and many of' the Jay-Vee players, but none of these have played as a unit. There may also be some post- graduates, but this is not certain. SEASON Mynderse. .16, 18 Mynderse. .31, 31 Mynderse. .37, 29 Mynderse. .44, 40 Mynderse. .33, 35 Mynderse. .22, 44 Mynderse ..... 43 'S SCORES Canandaigua. Pen Ya11 ..... Lyons ....... Waterloo .... Geneva ...... Newark ..... DeSales. . . CAPACCI, Caplaing GIOVANNETTI Manaffer .3 JAYVEE BASKETBALL Although the record made by the J. V.'s during the year was not outstanding from the mathematical standpoint, the team itself was impressive. It met and reck- oned with teams thirteen times during the year, winning six, and dropping seven. High scorers for the entire year include Peterson, Sinicropi, and Staley. Marked improvement was noticed among the team in handling the ball, setting up plays, etc. Bob Knight in particular showed great improvement. l The 1948 edition of the Blue and White tennis team ended its season with a 5-5 record. The ten game schedule consisted of two matches each with Geneva, Clifton Springs, Canandaigua, Waterloo, and Penn Yan. Captain Tom Olmstead was a consistent winner in the singles competition and Cramer and Cafaro won many double matches. Losing them, Coach Wallace Smith will have only two lettermen, Jack Pratt and Bob Knight, returning to form a nucleus for the 1949 squad. M TENNIS SEASON'S SCORES M.A. .... 40 M.A. .... 38 M.A. .... 57 M.A. .,., 35 M.A. ..,. 38 M.A.. . .. M.A.. . .. M.A.. . .. 32 27 40 M.A. ,... 28 M.A. .... 18 M.A. .... 22 M.A. ..,. 26 25 M.A..... Lyons ........ Waterloo ...... De Sales. . Geneva ..... Newark ..,.... Canandaigua. . Penn Yan ..,.. Lyons ..,... Waterloo. . Geneva ..... Newark ....... Canandaigua. . Penn Yan ..... Back row-Knight, Sinicropi, Knap Staley, Peterson. Second row-Sar cino, Pioli, Wedge, Hughes, Giovanet First row-Staudmyer, Cherchia P Vero, D'Urso. Standing-Cafaro, Smith, Coach mer. In F ronl-Pratt, Olmstead 1948 SCORES M.A.... , 1 1 M.A....5, 5 M.A.. . .0, 0 M.A....5, 5 3 2 M.A.... , Geneva....... Waterloo ,..... Canandaigua. . Clifton Springs Penn Yan ..... UN THE CINDER PATH Mynderse's second track leam in several years showed great promise in the l948 season. The team competed in l'our dual meets, one triangular, the other, conference competition. We sent three athletes to the Section V meet in Rochester. Al- though winning only one, the team inspired an avid interest for track and field in this town by holding two home meets and by nearly upsetting Waterloo. Mynderse took second in the triangular meet with Geneva and Solvay. Canandaigua trimmed us as did powerful Penn Yan. Newark was our sole victim. The team could gain only twelve points in the conference meet but qualified the following for the sectionals: Mackey in the individual 4-40, Hizzieri in the individual 220 hurdles and Dom- browski, who won a shield, in a relay. Louis Hizzieri led the team's scoring with 5445 points. Captain Don Mackey was next with 23M points. Ray Butz and Bob Freeland added 23 and 20 each. Allen Odell and liay Butz were elected co- captains of the 1949 team. Caracillo, Rizzieri, Carpenter, Sisson, Ashbaugh, Aronson, Baker, Cherchia and Piseatelli were lost by graduation. ODELL, MARSHALL, Coachg RUTZ M ynderse Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse. . 1948 SCORES ..26 ..40 25M ..50 Mynderse .... 53 57 Geneva .... .... Solvay ...,...... 2 5 Canandaigua .... 63 Penn Yan ..... MM Waterloo ....... 53 Newark. . . ...,49 S SEE Back row-Coach Marshall, Baker, Aronson, Delliusso, Piscitellf, Odell, Mackey, Freeland, Caraccilo, Hutz, Rizzieri Ashbaugh, Carpenter. Second row-Dober, Benassi, Cherchia, Povero, Sisson, Hubbard, Schaertl, Staudmyer, Turkett Noble, Kreager, Cherehia, S., Mgr. First row-Cammuso, Mgr., Reardon, Yeo, Dombrowski, Saracino, Giovannettl Lyman, Mgr. THE TEAM 85523, I Back row-Leno. Borden, Spiegelman, Giovannetti, Lemma, Swinger, Asst. Coaohg Canale. Coach. Firsl row-Broad- bent, Giovannnn. S3l'ldI'0Ill, Hartman, Letizia, PBSSITTOIIC, Capacci. Bowers, Staley, Franceschi, Hanlm, Waters. THE TEAM 1948 SCO HES Mynderse 5, 10 Mynderse. .2, 10 Mynderse .3, 3 Mynderse .5, 8 Mynderse. . .1, 1 Mynderse .0, 4 DeSales ....... 2, T Holy Family. . .6, 9 Canandaigua. . .2, 4 Penn Yan ...... 8, 9 Waterloo ...... 3, 5 Geneva ,..... 12, 13 UN GIOVANNINI, SANDIIONI JOHN CANALE, Coach. The Blue and NN hite nine, under lhe guidance ol' coaches Canale and Swinger, salvaged four wins out ol' a twelve game schedule, including l'our non- league contests. Captain Lee Letezia's charges had spirit but lacked in hits and runs, and there were several close losses. The most valuable player award, determined by the coaches, went to Lenny Passifione, who also led the team's batting over the campaign. Lost by graduation were: Broadbent, Bowers, Letezia, Passifione, Hanlin and Franeeschi. With several returning veterans, Coach Canale hopes to have a victorious team next season. The story of the 1948 games can be briefly summed up. DeSales was a victim of Broadbent's pitching and Passifione's three hits. Waterloo then took a sloppy game. DeSales again lost to the locals. Franceschi saved a victory over Canan- daigua but poor ball gave Waterloo another vic- tory. Geneva tossed a no-hitter and Holy Family upset us. Canandaigua took a heartbreaker as did Penn Yan. Geneva romped again and Penn Yan took another thriller. Staley's hitting took Holy Family. THE DIAMOND in jf WW? 1. Maybe lt's Sousa! 2. Mass Reaction. 3. Tense Moments. 4. Did We Go Over? 5. Bert says, "N0!"6. Benched!! 7. A Blockmg Tackle. 8. 1, 2, 3-HIKE!! 9. Those Gentle Mynderse Gals! 10. V00-DOO! 1. Cooley, Adviser: 2. Paradise, 3. Faiola, 4. Odell, 5. Sandroni, 6. Knapp, 7. Schaertl, 8. Lemma, 9. Pratt, 10. Rutz, 11. Eighmey, 12. Capaccl, 13. Freeland, 14. Mackey, 15. DelRusso, 16. Giovannetti, D.g 17. Galgano, 18. Hartman, 19. Giovannlni, 20. Russo, 21. Giovannetti, B. The Block M worked commendably in helping promote sportsmanship and school spirit. Dominick Paradise, president, Sylvester Faiola, vice-presidentg Allen Odell, secretaryg Ronald Sandroni, treasurer, and Coach Cooley, adviser, directed the club. The initiations and special team programs were major fall operations. The club also held athletic contests and contributed to the March of Dimes. Members cleaned school trophies, published Hsiillltf-ESV, in the "Microphone" and drafted a new constitution. Fun for the year included a sleigh-ride, a formal party and a picnic. The athletes of the Block M combined fellowship and fun with active school service. Buick M Fourth row-Hayes. White, Ashley, Carroll, DePasquale, Terrusi, Timmons, Colgrove, Stahl. Third row-Lapomardo DeStefano,.Beatini, Holland, Lombardo, Luckern, Bells, Knapp, Blawski. Second row-Horle, Albro, Buck, Bantu vanls, Suglla, Andreas, Marcuccilli, Zona. First row-Lilla, Yates, Clark, Franceschi, Miss Driscoll, Adv. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The new constitution of thc Girls' Athletic As- sociation went into elfect in September, 1948, cover- ing membership open to all girls in the high school with a first requirement that a girl must earn 100 points through participation, according to the point system. The three main purposes of the G.A.A. are stated as follows: 1. To provide for a diversified program of games, sports, outings, and social activities. 2. To promote interest in athletics among the girls and interest in girls' athletics among the students and faculty. 3. To foster good sportsmanship. At meetings of the G.A.A. during the noon hour, the year's program of basketball, volleyball, softball, archery, and other sports was planned. Special events of the year included: selection of an official emblem, Playdays with Geneva, VVater- loo, and Pen Yan as well as return Playdays, a lecture from the boys' coach on the fundamental rules of basketball, participation in the All Girls' Sports Night on March ll, 1949, G.A.A. dance, April 29. A spirit of co-operation and good sportsmanship always prevailed, under the supervision of Miss Driscoll, club adviser. 45 OFFICERS President .... BARBARA YATES Vice-President . . ANTOINETTE LILLA Secrelary . . . . CAROL CLARK Treasurer . , DINA FRANCESCHI Adviser . , Miss DRISCOLL LILLA, Miss DRISCOLL, Adv., YATES 1. Tumbling Club. Slanding-liawson, Brady, Struble, Thorpe, Hibbard, Weaver, Jones, Sullivan. Pyramid-Harb man, Stapleton, Annetta, Decker, Farney, Knight. 2. Girls' Basketball Action. 3. Bowling Team. Back row-Church, Poole, Yates, lngandello. Fronf row-Bantuvanis, Yates, Zona, Suglia, Coffey. 4. Girls' Dancing Class. GIRLS' SPORTS 5. Archery Team-Marsella, Jorgensen, Hughes, Bantuvanis, Bauso, Amidon, Zona. 0. Girls' Volleyball. 7. Basket ball Champions Uunior and Senior Highj. Fourth row-Farney, Dragone, Stahl, Zona. Third row-Amidon, Yates Wade. Second row-Bennett, Wolfe, Martin, Urwin, Zettlemoyer. First row-Spano, Potter, Sherman, Brown, Wilson 8. Girls' Mixed Sports. 1948-49 . 1. Boys' Intramural Basketball Champions-Odell, Rutz, Mackey, Deming, Eighmey, Snyder. 2. Boys' Volleyball. 3. Boysf Bowling Team. Standing-Sinicropi, Knipper, Scannell, Peterson, Peone. Front row-Laude, Kreager, Schmit. 4. Paradise in Action. BUYS' SPORTS pwumw' ww ,Mui va 1 5. Junior High Basketball Action. 6. Touch Football Champs. Back row-Mastroleo, Deming, Seitz, Weart. Fronl row- Snyder, Oakes, Freeland, Bennett, Hartman. 7. Knipper and Peone at the Alleys. 8. Boys' Tumbling Club Sees Action FY? Z. ywff 'A Mk 55 Egzeiw if ew' 4. 50 1. The .lay Vees Reach for lt. 2. A Backboard Scramble at the Waterloo Game. 3. Interested Bleacherites. 4. J0hnny's Tryin'. 5. Barbara Takes to the Air. 6. Varied Opinions. 7. Before That Rally. 8. After. 233, ,, 5 Qgw f . ' -Li' aair-'X 'ii 'Wi L A-Jnfg, Aa-,. , .,M1k,A .N -xii f 54 , r , if ACT 433 Y 1: M " fmvf ,, .F 'ff' ff +" nv . A' .,w.fuMw'qQWs.j4f'1,,eC, ,,,gfjL,g':x 45 ' f' .gg N J. rf , ,M V A wwsfz! 1. mygxffgffix. 44-1- ', irwf M. ,,,,,,Q?ff1., Q VITIES Back How-Yates, Cosentino, Giovannetti, Cherchia, Weart, Carello, Grinsted Scialdone. Second row-Dober, Mas- troleo, Oakes, Doyle, Sandroni, Keating, Palumbo, Marsella, Cracknell, Smith, L., Elghmey. Sealed-Rutz, Yates, Odell, Didio, Terrusi. The Council continued its activities of last year in distributing fruit baskets, cards, aI1d gifts, collecting funds for the March of Dimes, and taking over the jobs involved in the management of the games. Other important projects included helping to sponsor the Pep Rallies, co-operating with Mr. Becker for American Education Week, and work- ing with Mr. Wilber on Career Day. New uI1dertakings of the council were the es- tablishment of Corridor Aides to act as guides and messengers for the office, the reading of the min- utes over the public address system by the home- room representatives. As a means of raising Inoney, the council sold Mynderse football pins, participated in games with various groups, set up a pencil machine on the first floor, and held an assembly quiz program entitled "Twenty Questionsf, A dance was held for the faculty aI1d students ill an effort to promote friendlier relations. Ill June, Mr. Davies completed his second year as adviser, Miss Miller carries over as chief adviser for next year. OFFICERS President ..., ALLEN ODELL Vice-President . . BARBARA YATES Secretary . . . GLORIA DIDIO Treasurer . . . RAYMOND RUTZ Advisers . . MISS MARY MILLER MR. VINCENT DAVIES STUDENT COUNCIL JERRY LYMAN, Business Managler CO-EDITORS DOMINIC SCARAMUZZINO MISS 0'BRlEN. Adviser MARY LOUISE ALLEN ART AND PIIOTOGRAPHIC STAFFS Standing-SERLI N G , PRATT. Sealed-BRADY , BY R NE, BOWMAN . BUSINESS STAFF Slanding-Annetta, Bennett, Hayes, Coffey, Crough, Beatini, Zona, Amidon. Sealedf-Bantw vanis, Sandroni, Lyman, Business Managerg Verzillo, Holcomb. the'49 LITERARY STAFF AND TYPISTS Back row-Dragone, Weart, Reynolds, Yates, Wade, Johnson, Stahl, Mellini, Leno. Fronl row- Didio, Blawski, Landberg, Freeland, Scaramuz- zino, Co-Edilorg Allen, Co-Editor: Shepherd, Luckern. Treasure hunts were the goals oi' the I849ersg pleasure hunts have been added by the I949ers. In carrying out the theme of this yearbook we have endeavored to show a parallel between the efforts of the pioneers and us. The results of our project we present in these pages. For the first time in its history, the Mynder- sian is headed by Co-Editors, Mary Louise Allen and Dominic Scaramuzzino. These two seniors won their positions by achieving iden- tical ratings in the competitive "tryouts" Jerry Lyman was named Business Manager. Other departmental chiefs are Dorcas Bowman, Art Editorg Bert Serling, Photographic Editor, and Barbara Yates, Head Typist. The rest of the staff assisted greatly in the preparation of this yearbook. The aid given us by Miss O'Brien, our ad- viser, was invaluable. The entire staff joins in thanking her for her interest and guidance. YNDERSIAN THE MYNDERPSE MICROPHONE Microphone Heads: Landberg, Freeland, Miss Compitello, Adviser. MIKE CHANGES MAKE-UP Students Laud Revisions Several progressive changes have been made in the 1948-1949 Myn- derse Microphone. In the February tenth issue the second page had a complete new make-up. These changes were so well received by the students that succeeding issues were done in a similar manner. A poll of current topics, short biographies on outstanding, senior Mynderse girls and boys, teen-age etiquette letters, feature stories, and questions about Mynderse and Myndersians were in- cluded in the new make-up changes. When the fashion column was used, photographs of Myndersians in striking apparel were frequently shown. Due to the increased cost of print- ing and paper the Microphone price was increased. Only twelve issues were published because of the rising price of printing, nevertheless, the students supported the paper with their usual enthusiasm. Microphone members receive no high-school credits for the work they do. This work takes study halls and after school time. When you are a Microphone member you learn not to count on study halls. You can never tell when the galleys will come back. However, Nlicrophone mem- bers feel rewarded when they sec each issue roll off the press. The Microphone has continued lo retain its high standard of journal- ism. This bi-weekly publication is still rated among the best by Myn- dersians and outsiders. Much ofthe credit for this goes to Miss Compitello who is adviser for the Microphone. Although the Microphone has no regular journalism classes, the "Mike" under Miss Compitello's direction maintains its outstanding record. Mike Editor Places Third Marion Landberg, Editor-in-chiel' of the .7VIicrophone, placed third in news writing at the Empire State School Press Association Conference at Syracuse, October 30. The contest, a feature of the con- ference, included about one hundred fifty contestants. They covered a speech given at the opening as- sembly by Charles John Stephenson, Washinglon Counly Post, on "There's a Handle on Your Newspaper Scoop." Bob Freeland, Associate Editorg Dorcas Bowman, News Editor, and John Oakes, Business Manager, also attended the conference. Miss Com- pitello, faculty adviser, accompanied the delegates. Microphone Editors: Didio, Oakes, Serling MICROPHONE STAFF Back row-Beatini, Ashley, Woods, McMillen, Vergamini, Dober, Palumbo, Alford, Malone, Knight, Di Natale, Terrusi, Dragone, Leno, Annetta, Fran- ceschi. Second row-Bolich, M.A., Toni, Clark, Lilla, Magill, Lnckern, Carroll, Bantuvanis, Lyman, Holcomb, Hilbert, Reynolds, Freeland, D., Sandy, Wade, Yates, Mellini, Bolich, A. Sealed-Marconi, Blawski, Oakes, Landberg, Free- land, R., Bowman, Serling, Didio. 53 Buck row-Bonacei, Selleek. Freeland, Colgrove. Magill. Sandy, Sinicropi, lieynolds, Carroll, Clark, DuStcfano, Mar- tello. Peone. Third row-Didio. Malone, Luokern, Serling. Holcomb, Vcrzillo, Bowman, liennett, Dragone, Weart, Beatini. Second row-Allen. Freeland, Terrusi. Yates, Wade, Bantuvanis, Pratt, l.illa. First rowfDowcn, Bolich, Franceschi. Nugent. The members of NN ig and liougc have led a wry at-tive lifc this year. Iaresidenl .'.' BARBARA YATES .lfirst on the srhedult- was election of officers. Girls seemed to be favored, since they won all four offices. lVliss llowcs, thc new dramatic coach, with her enthusiasm and ability and her readiness OFFICERS Vice-President . . FRANCES TERFUSI Secretary ..... BARBARA WADE TPCCISIIVFV - - ANGELINE BANTUVANI5 for fun, made an excellent. club adviser. fidriser . . .Miss MARY Howes Wig and liouge struck pay dirt when they joined with the .lunior Choir to put on the Christ.- mas Operetta. It was a great success. Appreriation for drama and the theatre was stimulated by attending college plays, doing make- up for various productions, putting on an assem- bly, and directing the Frosh-Soph Play Tourna- ment. That members had other interests and talents was shown by their participation in basketball games. Both masculine and feminine teams de- feated their opponents, the Wild Angels and the G.A.A. Wig and Rouge members relaxed with their friends at the annual spring dance. Then came the final event of the year, a gala picnic. Seniors attended with sadness in their hearts at tl1e thought that this was truly the last Wig and Rouge party at which they would be present. Other members found themselves looking forward with anticipation to another year. Vllti AND ROUGE VICIKHUSSI, MISS HOWES, Aflv.,' YATES S E N I 0 R The seniors presented "June Mad," a play about fifteen-year-old Penny wood CMary Louise Allenj. The understanding attitude of' her family and friends aided Penny in her trials and tribulations, caused by sophisticated Roger Yan Yleck P L CDavid Weartj and air-minded Chuck Uack Seitzj. The other characters added much to the plot and l'un. Thanks go to Miss Howes, the director. 'lamling-Mastrolvo, Bantnxanis. owes, AdI'I.SCl",' Yates, llartlnan. eming. Seitz. Silling-lim-nm-lt, owrnan, Allen. VVeart, Bvatini. olcmnlr, Freeland. .. Q11 Q ...A-. W 1 ,wtt flanding-Manzari, Magill, Seman, Iammuso, Scannell, Dober, Smith, 'reeland, Peone, Barrett. Sitting- iauso, Borden, Lombardo, Rear- on, Knight, Sinicropi, Craeknell. ....,.......... M... ....,.,... : 45 . .. ................z::a::::::::'mmm ::::.z.:r.:Z..:..":. is I U N I 0 R "Date Bait," a three-act comedy, was presented by theqjuniors under the direc- tion of Miss Mary Howes. Emily Walker CCar0lyn Knightl deplored the fact that she was not "date bait" P L as were her sisters, Pat CCarolyn Semanl and Mary CGrace Bausof. When Emily became engaged to Harley Allen Uimmy Heardonj, surprising things happened. The play was rounded out by a fine supporting east. 55 MR. FRASER Director Third row-Seman, Knight, C., Ashbaugh, J., Mills, DelRusso, R., Sherman, W., Shuster, D., Hubbard, Landberg, Carpenter, Shepherd, Malone. Second row-Ashbaugh, N., Carbone, J., 0'Connell, Weart, Clark, Seitz, Dowd, Rossi, Zona, Carpenter, F., Agnello, Mastroleo, Serling, J. Sealed-Mackey, DelRusso, F., Crough, Leno, Smith, Forshee, Grinstead, Suglia, Bears. DelRusso, J., Horle, Shuster, J. The Mynderse Band first hit pay dirt in September when they received sixty-two new uniforms which are very different from the old ones. Each uniform consists of a double-breasted coat of blue embellished by a gold trim and gold citation cord. A military cap of corresponding colors is also included. There are four three-piece drum majorette uniforms and a white uniform with shako for the drum major. The excellent progress made by the band and by various individuals through the year was dis- played at the annual spring concert, presented March 18 before the usual enthusiastic audience. Beverly Vreeland, Nancy Ashbaugh, Frank Del Russo, Pat Mastroleo, Jack Pratt, and Jack Hubbard participated in the All-State Band at Canandaigua, November 21 and 22. ,.,,. Q .ge - , . Z 3, si ' t . X N r . : V .tw-ji . lg .V I 2 - 1 . ..:s.-:gc-':'-1: '-s11-I'.1.,f.5-:-- .. I .. D 1 5 '4:4l5f't?'fV1 w Z?'v. - ...., we at , -A ,.fm.a. ggg,.,fS.Qg312 1 W- 5 .t , C , A .,... M' fi. M iw "" Snare Drummers-SULLIVAN, PRATT On December 2 through fl., Eleanor Shepherd and Frank Del Russo took part i11 the All-State Band at Eastman School of Music in Rochester. The entire organization of sixty members, attended the Music Festival at Geneva, May 21 and 22. This 1948-49 band is different from last year's in as much as a great number of first chair and important players were graduated last year. With the exception of Janet Reynolds, flute player, all first chair people are play- ing those positions for the first time. Although the band as a whole is rather new to the parts, there are several good soloists. Those who presented solos at the concert were Frank Del Russo, Pat Mastroleo and J ack Hubbard. On January 3, Jack Pratt was granted membership in the National Association of Rudimental Drummers, and was awarded a certificate of merit for his drumming abilities. Mr. John Fraser directs the band, while Frank Del- Russo acts as manager and Eleanor Shepherd, librarian of the organization. 56 2 l i E E , i l ' 3 3 , 5 5 Q , All Back row-McNaney, Pratt, Sullivan H., Knipper, Irland, Eighmey, BROWN, MASTROLEO, SELLECK, Parks, Jean. Second row-Scialdone, Sherman, S., Scaramuzzino, LA MANNA Piagentini, Gibbs, Knight, H., Oakes, Serling. Sealed-Lind, Hilbert, Sullivan, M,, Zwick, Vreeland, Shepherd, Coffey, Martin, Reynolds, Parks, Joan. M.,-nm Slanding-Fraser, Director, Ashbaugh, Shepherd, E., Shepherd, D., Carpenter, Hubbard, Shuster, D., Seitz, Smith, Assistant Instructor. Sealed-Whiting, Jorgensen, Shuster, E., F rankenfield, Zona, Clark, Pratt, Weart, Mastroleo, Gibbs, DelRusso, Vreeland, Mackey. The orchestra, under Mr. Fraser, assisted by Mr. Smith with the string instruments, played for all the assembly programs, the plays, graduation, and other functions held in the auditorium this year. Several members of the orchestra also play with the "Mynderse Madmen" at many social affairs. 57 MISS SCHLOSSBR Back row-Ashbaugh, Amidon, B., Gaines, Knapp, Ryan, Gibbs, Parks, Joan, Bianchi, D1 redo' DiDominick, DelRusso, F., Scaramuzzino, Deal, B., Stuck, Russo, Caraccilo. Fourth row- Hughes, B., Covert, Church, Rawson, Jones, Jorgensen, Coffey, Hibbard, Weart, Faiola, Odell, Deming, Hubbard, Denman, Smith, L., Parker. Third row-Mills, Annetta, Lapomardo, A., Keating, Brown, Lamuraglia, Marcuculli, Irland, Smith, A., Deal, J., Decker, Eighmey, F., Peterson, L., Galina, Smith, W., Ward. Second row-Hayes, Byrne, Lynch, Piscitelli, Barrett, Peterson, D., Lapomardo, J., Eno, Smith, W., Carello, Seitz, Mastroleo, P., Mc Naney, Reynolds. First row-Noyes, Zona, Lama, Meeks, LaManna, DePasqua1e, Mackey, Holland, Suglia, Lemma, Eighmey, S., Benassi, Turkett, Staley. Under the direction of Miss Schlosser, the Senior Chorus presented two programs throughout the year. the "Pop" Concert on March 4, 1949, and the annual Spring Concert on April 7th and 8th, 1949. The types of music pursued by the group have been varied, both in subject and in degree of difficulty. The chorus earned the highest rating possible to attain at the Spring Festival sponsored by the NYSSMA. Miss Schlosser hopes that this will set a precedent that will continue for many seasons to come. , Since the Senior Chorus did not give an operetta this year, the group was given the opportunity to choose the music it felt would be the most enjoyable to perform and hear in the concerts which would be given during the year. It is felt that a good choice of numbers was made and both concerts were well received. One of the problems of the present chorus was proper seating arrangement. Due to the increase in strength in the men's section, an arrangement providing proper vocal balance was sought. This was finally accomplished by placing the men in the center of the group. The following were the officers selected to carry the group through the year: President, Donald Mackey, Vice- President, Nona Holland, Treasurer, Joe Lemma, Secre- tary, Jean Sugliag Librarians, Barbara Byrne, Chief Li- brariang Joyce Lind, Dominic Caraccilo, Anna De Pas- quale, Dia11e Rossi, Joan Del Russo. Accompanists, Carolyn Knight, Nancy Noyes, Eric Landberg. The Junior Chorus made up of' those people in the lower grades who are vocally inclined, at Christmas time, to- gether with the Wig and Rouge, presented an operetta based on Dickens' 'fChristmas Carolf, Another activity was participation in the April Spring Concert given by the combined choruses of Mynderse Academy. Glee Club Pianists Top-Rogers, Second row-Lockwood, Landberg, Baldassari. Front row-Knight, Noyes. 58 Back rowm-Lamuraglia, Fredenburgh, Broadbent, Martin, Stahl, J., MASTHOLEO, DEMING, SEITZ, WEART Hughes, Batty, Keach, Salerno, Andreas, Johnson, Lind. Third row- Woodward, Horle, Amidon Marrapese, Manzari, Maekin, Weaver, Crough, Carbone, Buck, Kinney. Second row-Smith, E., Greenly, Shepherd, Delliusso, Knight, Chubb, Rossi, Smith, L., Eastman, Christopher. F irsl row-Farney, Allen, Salone, Lind, Lombardo, Mastroleo, Fisher, Stahl, B. Senior Boys' Quartet In their Junior year, four boys decided they liked singing so much that they would try to form a quartet to sing in the talent show at the "Barn," Whether as entertainment at a dance, concert or club, or just for their own amusement, these chaps who call themselves the "Solid Four," are always in harmony. Duly elected officers are: 2nd Tenor, chord-flatter, and President-Jack Seitzg 2nd Bass, note-giver, and Vice-President-Pat Mastroleog 1st Bass, music-carrier, and Secretary-Norm Deming, lst Tenor, publicity agent, and Treasurer-Dave Weart. ' Junior Operetta--"The Christmas Carol" N, A W4 xg . fn Standing-BLAWSKI. Seated-DIDIO, MISS COMPITELLO, Adv. OFFICERS President . . JOSEPHINE BLAWSKI Vice-President . . . GLORIA DIDIO Secrelary .... PATRICIA DOYLE Treasurer . . . DINA FRANCESCHI Adviser . . Miss TERESA COMPITELLO LIBRARY CLUB Library Club started oll' the new school year with the election ol' officers. Membership reached a new high, as thirty-l'our applicants were accepted into the organization. The club members displayed their co-operativc spirit, when they joined with the Science Club in sponsoring a Talent Program, first ol' its kind in Mynderse. The whole school was invited to parti- cipate. Big event ol' the year was the Silver Tea, Qc- Cember 9, 19418, in observance of Book Week and in honor ol' the mothers of the Library Club members. The purpose was to acquaint the adults with the functions of the library and the work ot' the Library Club. Library duties and procedure ol' library usage, along with the various classifica- tions, were explained. Some brief book reviews, on books recently added to the library, were given. A social hour followed. In addition to the regular desk work, the girls took inventory during Regents week, learI1ed to process the new books, aI1d carried on a campaign to restore missing books to the library. A picnic was held to close a year made success- ful through the efforts ot' Miss Compitello, club adviser. Back row-Bolieh, Marsella, Farney, Piscitelli, Poole, Zona, Sinicropi, Jorgensen, McMillan, Klandatos, Ingandello, Yates. Second row-Kanaley, Nicandri, Mahoney. Riegel, Bevins, Jones, Wade, Keach, Chubb, Salone, Buck, Tlm- mons, Eastman. Souhan, Annetta. First row-C. Annetta, Murphy, Peterman, Didio, Blawski, Franeeschi, Doyle, Fredenburgh, Griggs. A? . 3, , K a..N,,,, ' "H " A lk J F 33' :ii 'wa LAI-,f:....-45' Back row-Bonacei, Dragone, Meeks, Jorgensen, Verzillo, D., Bowman, Klandatos, Fisher, Lyman, J. Second row- Luckern, Landberg, DiNatale, Freeland, D., Verzillo, P., Conley, C., Bantuvanis, Freeland, R., Conley, E., Hayes, Staudmyer, Sandy, Vergamini, Allen, Williams. Seated-Cherchia, Beatini, Lyman, G., Bennett, Krantz, D'Urso. Sous la conduite de Mme. Seld, Le Cercle frngais se mit a ses activites avec Velection des officiers capables. Envers la fin de 1948, le Cercle donna aux classes de frangais quelques livres au sujet du "French Clubs" et aussi des films. Le Cercle commenca ses dances en decembre et les continua une annee. C'est une partie du pro- gramme social du Cercle. Aux seances du Cercle, les membres repondent a Vappelnominal, en francais en donnant les noms des fameux Francais ou produits de France. Comme ci, on se sert de sa connaissance de la langue et aussi de la civilisation. Aux seances aussi, les membres jouent ei "Vlano" qui se res- semble a 4'Bingo" americain, excepte qu' on appelle tous les numeros en francais. Ce sont quelques activites des seances du Cercle. La soiree d'iniation eut lieu en fevrier a la Grange pour terminer une semaine d'iniation pendant laquelle six nouveaux membres reciterent des parties de la constitution et des regles d' orders pour les seances. Le Cercle eut un banquet en mai et un piqueni- que en juin. OFFICERS President de Cercle . . . WILLIAM BENNETT President du Conseil . . . GERALD LYMAN M inistre sans Porzfefeuille . . PETER KRANTZ Minislre de l'Ecriture . . ELEANOR BEATINI M ifnisire des Finances . . SAM CHERCHIA M tnislre des Programes . . . JOHN DURSO Adviser ..... . . Mas. SELD LE CERCLE FRANCAIS 61 l Back rowfCammuso, Walters, Reardon, VanHouten. Front row-Amidon, Ashley, Marrapese, Holcomb, Deming, Brady, Hlbbard, DeStephano. Farney. Magill, Sinicropi, Seated-Barrett, Tnrkett. OFFICERS Great things were planned and carried out this . , year by the Science Club under the leadership ol' Pfesldenl I ' ' ' FRANCIS TUBKETT Mr. lVIarshall. The new constitution, drafted last V100-P Y' esldeflf - - - JOHN SINICROPI year, was put into effect. Among other provisions, Secrelary . . , BARBARA AMIDQN it limited membership in the club to eighteen stu- dents, and divided the membership into work groups in the fields of their choices: photography, medicine, machines, animals, or chemistry. A project on the lighter side was the talent show sponsored by the Library and Science Clubs. Hidden talent among the faculty and students appeared, so it was voted to make it an annual affair. Since Francis Cammuso was the only new mem- ber accepted this year, there was no formal initia- tion party. There was, however, a Christmas party in its place, at which the members had a gala time singing carols and playing games. Throughout the year at the meetings, various members gave lectures 011 scientific subjects of interest to other members. The scientific attitude was lost sight of at the annual picnic. Food, more food and fun were the objectives. Treasurer . . NANCY BARRETT Adviser . . Mn. MARSHALL TURKETT, MARSHALL, Adv.,' SINICROPI S C I E N C E C L U B 62 LNHN CLUB The Latin Club, with Miss Miller as adviser, and Patricia Doyle and Janette Thorpe as consuls, has worked this year to provide a broader knowledge and under- standing of the Latin language. Other officers of the club are Darlene Chubb and Margaret Soulnan, aedilesg Janet Lamuraglia, cantorg Lillian Jorgensen, censor, Dorothy Albro, quaestor, and Made- line Lynch, janitor. The club ended its activities as usual with a Roman banquet, to which all mem- bers came dressed in typical Roman style. Guests were invited from the faculty, and Latin I students, who possessed the highest averages, acted as slaves for the event. The -menu was written entirely in Latin, and it included everything "ab ovo ad nuces" which translated means from eggs to nuts. Standing-Galletti, Morehouse, Souhan, L4HIllllI'8gii3. Miller, Adv., Chubb, Lynch. Jones, Kanaley. Second row-Albro, Doyle, Thorpe. First row-Mahoney, Paulich, Jorgensen, Eastman, Bevlns, Gigliatti. M ..., ... - , 55 5 Back row-Beerse, Jones, Krantz, Brand. Middle row-Wedge, Byrne, Andreas, Holcomb, Luckern, Erulan, Adv., Scannell. First row--Annetta, Landberg, E., Decker, Landberg, M., Freeland, landatos. ACANTHUS CLUB Election of officers: president, Marion Landbergg vice-president, Bob Freeland, treasurer, Erik Landberg, secretary, Delores Decker, marked the beginning ol' the new Acanthus Club year. Six members were also initiated into the club. Acanthus sponsored the idea of the decoration of homeroom windows for Christ- mas. The plan was successfully carried through and prizes were presented to the winning homerooms. Group projects, including assisting organizations with decorations and publicity VCSGFC completed. Individual entries were made for the National Scholastic Art ontest. Under the direction of Miss Trulan, this Acanthus year has been both a profitable and interesting one. 63 Under the leadership of Thomas Waters, president, and Miss Jacobs, adviser, the Junior Bed Cross maintained its l00fZ, membership in Mynderse. Other officers of I U N I 0 R the club are Barbara Church, vice-president, Marie Toni, secretary, and Lucy Lama, treasurer. During the year, the members made scrapbooks of cartoons, jokes, and crossword puzzles, and tray mats for the Canandaigua Veterans' Hospital. They R E D also purchased and wrapped prizes and collected jigsaw puzzles for this same hospital. Through this club, Miss Smith's and Miss Campany's social studies classes made School Correspondence Booklets to exchange with schools in Europe. These booklets gave the people of Europe an opportunity to see life in our school, community, C R 0 S S and country. Slafldliflyflfvffdgc, Poole. Martin, Oakes. Miss Jacobs, Adxiserg Dowd. Be-4-l's4-. Nlartcllo, Green. Palandro, Barrett. Sealed-Snncropl, Lama, Church, Waters. Toni, Salerno, Cnsimano. i Back row-Lapomardo, A., Lamuraglia, Wilson R., Lapomardo, J., Bogers, D. E., Romeo, Jones, Yeo, Congdon, XV5lson, J., Maler, BCIIIHCCI, Blalsdell, Amldon, Dalessio, Woods. Sealed-Bauso, Sandroni, Serling, Marioni, Becker, viser. The Mynderse Camera Club, whose purpose is to further interest in photography, was .re- organized last November under the supervision of Mr. Becker. At the first meeting Bertram Serlmg and Ronald Sandroni were elected president and vice-president respectively. Later, Grace Bauso C A M E R A was elected secretary and Anthony Marconi was selected as treasurer of the Club. The Camera Club constitution was drawn up by a committee headed by James Romeo. It was adopted at the December 9th meeting. The Club made arrangements by which it received slides and material for lectures from the Eastman Kodak Camera Club and School Services. The first of these lectures, entitled "Introduction to Picture Making," was given by Mr. Becker at the January 13th meeting. The Club members have enjoyed many similar lectures. 64 Standing-Magill, Brewer, Zona, Buck, Salone, Platten, Seman, Gurba, Broadbent, Meeks, W., Holcomb, lrland, Barrett, J., Reigel, Farney. Sealed-Jorgensen, Hartman, Amidon, Green, Lind, Bells, Buck, Northrup. This year the Hearth Club, open to all members of Homemaking classes supervised by Miss Card- well, pursued further its aim to increase the social training ol' its members, and to teach them more about intelligent and happy living. In September a tea was held for all girls in the Homemaking department for the purpose ol' select- ing new members. Their initiation took place in November. During December, the club held its annual for- mal dinner dance for members and their guests and planned another such affair for Easter. One of the main projects ofthe year was the tea held for the guest speakers who participated in "Career Day." Other activities of tl1e club included a Valentine party on February eighteenth for all members, a basketball game against the Library Club, a coke dance, and for May, a tea for the members' mothers. The club terminated its activities with the annual picnic at the end of the school term. HEARTH CLUB 65 OFFICERS President .... ANNA GREEN Vice-President . . . JOYCE LIND Secretary . . . BARBARA AMIDON Treasurer . . GLORIA BELLS Adviser . . Miss CARDWELL GREEN, MISS CARDWELL, Ad:-.,' LIND . 57 1. A Peek at the 1948 Dedicatee Dinner with Mr. Ross as Guest Speaker. 2. Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Fraser, Dedicatees' Wives. 3. A Cross Section of the Ball. 4. The Law Catches up with Mr. Davies at LONG LAST. 5. Scrooge and The Spirit of Christmas Past. 3 YH ami. Riiiiiiifhx li fi 6ww.22wwWQ'fw42z'55'ff.ff so 7'!iWf1S'W ., f..,.,,:,zg33:,? g: ?2,???wir.,UzQ.:, Uiigwh VN' iw 'H+ WW? Q 52 fp rye .4 .fl "iv ,111 eww 6. Junior Operetta Choristers. 7. Stick 'Em Up, Bob! 8. Hostess Elly Wakes Up! 9. Experts at Work. 10. Meet Mr Marshall. 11. The Slumber Party at Elly's. E 3 5 rv .wi , 'V-fn v. '- 5 A.-3:55, Q, A 'S -,I . f U' A - if .f" 23fl 1 LL2 -'f'if" W., ., .V Es ' Q 3 155:34 lx.: K-:gg A fdgfm 1 iii .: . 4 4i'2fi5IfT::Lf 'IM Q fr Fzsafs : !f3'3 Q75? g 'I Wg ge.: 1 QQ W'-'wf hwf - 1 l 2 f 5, . Mfgzggg-'RSS AX 'Trim' KW :r-T. f gy ?7f'22:f:Si'fb J Q- 'i"jjV"4 ,S5?5. H 5 Q ig ' f""i' ' - gj Aww.: N . 4' f fs. .2 V - 3 S 5 ,M "z: . 'Q V5 . HQQQLZ Ziff 'A ' ZV. xzu. M , , - X.. ,., Y f ' 2: 6 A ,VNWQ 'iii-.. -' . +42 W 'Sw ' ' ff - '2Z: '-: - 1. 7 .5: 1 J - An? ,, ' . 'V ff? ,, ,F 4 7? -' -""" S 'N':wzAf5Wf'553 ' fl riff . , -.V 5ggs'....ggyfQ, , ,.,. ,Wy Wg fy, ,. . r 3 , W, E H 1 4 f 5, Q , . ff tj? . , .,: ' ,lm 'ifivr - y 3 A ,Q 2 " 4 ' ' ..., ' N' M ,mil 5 If Q ,. -, Q, . ' -' - -l ,.::ei?1-'- 5, ww I 5 s Ii R N COIYIIQEHQ ell fa of f7Ae Roman 0F EDUCATION SENECA FALLS, N. Y. C Amenla of GEB GARVAN HI Complimenfs Qf Goulds Pumps, Inc. WORLDIS LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF PUMPS EXCLUSIVELY Compliments of SENECA PRESS PUBLISHING CO. 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Beacon's conception of feeding service, then and now, calls for the unrestricted use of ingredients in its formulas according to their proven feeding value, and for the production of the best possible rations that science, experience and modern equipment can make. To complete this feeding service, specially trained Beacon service men give up-to-date practical aid to the farmers using the feeds. Back of this corps of service men are the Beacon Poultry Research Farm and the Beacon Dairy Research Farm, which are constantly alert to develop progressive steps in feeding and management. The BEACON MILLING COMPANY, Inc. Cayuga, New York STETSON HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS CLIPPER CRAFT SUITS O SENECA CLOTHING COMPANY Seneca Falls, N. Y. O FREEMAN SHOES INTERWOVEN SOCKS Success to THE CLASS OF 1949 Lyle D. Van Gorder VAN GORDER PHARMACY Build the Right Way BOB WRIGHT Post Office Box 383 Seneca Falls, N. Y. Shop 7 Chestnut St. MASTEN SUPPLY CO. 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MCNANEY Meats and Groceries 22 Haigh St. Tel. 896-M Compliments of JOHN CLINE'S GARAGE I . ' E u Tel. 172-J E B KIBBEY MACHIN CO 74 Green St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. LORY'S BEAUTY SALON Tel. 863 128 Fall St. Seneca Falls Compliments of GRACE TRIANGLE ERWIN F. AUSTIN Western Auto Associate Store 78 Fall St. Phone 619 M, S. MATTERSON General Contractor and Builder Seneca Falls, N. Y.

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