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IQQQ S S GQ!!-'1c.?"i siwvwtci 7 A 'fir A K 50 S,,ru1yX H WDW "?'W'u if xx J 'Hx it 'lg J" QW" 4 , , Q4 39. ff' Xg, ,w"w U, .-Q . FE X - tit T'f"'L - -A fu, ' 1' ' if-ga W M X .J ,5 g,Wf,Q, .L 5 , R' , gk 99 Q5 35 w wuw m, lf' bf 'E 5' ' Mp pl- J SW ' 01.41 J 'QS E 3 JW aMMrc?""Q Lyffyrnglzdj Li X W' W Y PML, 4 fl zwf'J2Q,JfJr ww Zz? Q! ?11"5 'f 7' fifii ff 65011 faq .EX . Ng!! hlfn jr ' 'A' if W ff ,-JJ! gfaaqwcg .1 'wld' 35 U2 1 eww Q2g,ML4.Mf GMM x Wah gf ' '5wLl,, ,i .V ,, - ,UM 91493.22 ,. , , I W' 5' 'A 1---v.. J-0 WJ' Q' In Q v p 'jk jj'9",Y:,t'Nl'MVjK! X0 R-. 19 NU W Zz J f QMW 910 Qi fy Hsvbwmxng EAW, 294' ' ,.v A J. O 1 0732 for Q7 Wx . Hn' FAQ: 0.iZx0G G"aJW-rv 3:31 Kfl Q X 3 A QP? 6'fvv gl 5? 3 ff 1? 'Z" 'jf " I We " Xtfla-f S ff' ' 'J QM' Cb!-775 f uaviff dw GWWKVWJ F YQ 'OK Q J, 'WL' q"'z Muff 'QAM QJMD fl yy 5 V ff ,MW wb Z JJ? QQ X dw' x M is M game Jw WEQQSZ6 ' we 21, - K H Y J 3 llblv J -Q ig in rea! Ufnjp ,mf 0zfuz"a,?4 femffgw U JC: 573 THE S 1939 MYNDEIQSIAN GENRVIHVE DRSANTO Editor-in-Chief ROBPZR'l' HoRToN Bu.vi1zes.v Manager fi sl 1 V I r Jthtl J e fenioral In ndewe Ana em ' Jineca 3al1J, 5 ix S- fx six K Y if KR M? X . . 1 ' i " qib 55255 Q WSWELX Y . 3 X. X .M Qi .,.. .A . X N. X X, QQ, Ni ai GQ' -ms X 1 Q v S I if ii Y x . x Q. W 'H ,, , ,,,' M V ff L 7 W M - .R ,M , 4 :fu Q3 i n 5 8 Z s . x 9 A W , 5 z 1 un. 'W Lu. JOHN BRACHT President of Board of Education . OHX WE ADIDIQECIRATE THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE SENECA FALLS UNION FREE DISTRICT FOR THEIR UNSELFISH SERVICE TO OUR COM- MUNITY AND IN PARTICULAR FOR THEIR FORESIGHT IN SPONSORING PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION IN OUR SCHOOLS. PROUDLY VVE SALUTE THESE REPRESENTATIVE CITIZENS. l j . FNB 2. MRS. XXVILLIAAI AIEDDEN 3. THOAIAS Bsvms 4. FREDERICK AIARSH 5. FRANK KNIGHT 6. QI.-XINIES Roman W .ai- kk x X . -sm .T Sffxvw R. wx 'KW Q S r 1 S MR. REXFORD Rocxiwau, V ice-Principal Mywderse Academy FACULTY MR. FRANK Vomzx. Principal Mynderse Academy wma- . .AQ 1 . ga if XXX i 1. 1 'diff' Q M , f X I A 9 X fxigi f 'ee 5' Lf K X A Q 'W X . V A. 2 3 X X - "Ty-:S 5 'X 11 L f Q N J , 1 fx 6 x . ,.-. eg 5 2' Wm, ss: . Y . X ff gf, , wpww was-vw Q54 1 wwf? .ff A sv 4. .,.. N 5 5 X,.. ,wwf , :X V5 s - K 2 1 f 2 5 In if , ,S-,. - W, f ,W M, Q, x ik f-if K: b V jx X , Y AL..L. 5 V i X sh AA-- : ,- , z wazzfff , , if ' .wel 1 I A ' Owmx x 'WML 1- ,N .3 MQ, M.. .. fb. w I i- - w inf' X M ,ii :H w,51ii.fX.. 03? 92? if Sf- P- -5, - Q .ff fmui, , Q.. A 41:35 k , Q pg , . ,xii . -Rs 1 ,ff ,fl x aww.: . S Q Y I v M X :km xx. .. X-NfQg.XEj.ig X35 xx M W' X -. 2 . in , 5 5 5, S 3- xx L A ,, I ' Q . 325 FN Xi vs' iujg X M Y x 21 2 Ei 3 iii 2 2 E E N v .-..., A XNWX X SN fwg-1 - 5 ix Wi N N X X ,, X N ,pr ,,uJ"' sz. .. ' -xii N B4 1 7 7 ' A SAL ,KSN FACULTY Of, MYNDEIQSE ,ACADEIMY 1. FRANK PAGE, BI S., M. A. Superintendent of Schools A Alabama Polytechnic Institute Cornell University 1 2. FRANK W. XIOGEL, B.S., M.S. Colgate, Syracuse University Principal, Mynderse Academy, Chemistry 3. REXFORD M. ROCKXVELL, B.C.S., M.C.S. Vice-Principal, Social Science, Rider College 4. JULIA H. O'BRIEN, A.B. English, College of New Rochelle 5. ARTHUR A. HOPPE, B.S. English, Syracuse University 6. BESSIE WICKES English, Cortland Normal 7. JEAN GEoRGE, B.L.I. - Dramatics, Speech VVork, Emerson College 8. HAZEI. RILEY JENKINS, B.L. French, Guidance, Syracuse University 9. lx-'IARY IMILLER, A.B. I ' Latin, Albany State College 10. FRANCES D'URso, BA. Italian, Adelphi, Advanced Study in Uni- versity of Toulouse- ll'. EAIILY B. SlXIl'l'H, A.B., M.A. History, Syracuse, WVisconsin 12. VV. ELLIOTT XVORAILITH, A.B. , Mathematics, Hamilton 13. DAVIII J. DoYLE, B.S. g Commercial, Syracuse University 14. ELSIE KELLER.HUNTING'l'ON, B.S., M.S. Typewriting, Algebra, Albany State Col- lege 15. HELI-:N J. I-IARIRIOND, B.S., M.A. I Commercial, Syracuse, Northwestern Uni- versity ' . ,16. RAYAIOND G. BI-ICKER, B.C.S. Commercial, Plattsburg State Normal, Rider College 14 17. 18 19. 20 21 22 23. 24 25. 26 27. 28 29 30 31 32 33 HAROLDVE. NIARBLE, B.S., MQS. Science, Syracuse University ARTHUR L. BAKER, A.B., B.S. Physical Education, Syracuse University RUTH HUYCK Physical Education, Cortland Normal RPZNA IYIACIQINNEY STEIGERWALII, B.S. Art, Syracuse University LUCY CARIIWELL, B.S. Home Economics, W'illiam Smith College JOHN C. FRASER , Band, Orchestra, Ithaca Conservatory NIARJORIE BURNIIAAI, B.S. Music, Ithaca College TERESA COIXIPITELLO Librarian, Geneseo Normal LILLIAN B. OLIVER, A.B. Junior .High, Syracuse University BIRDENA E. CAINIPANY, B.S. Seventh Grade, Buffalo State Teachers College HAZEI. M. YVELCHER Grade History, Brockport Normal GRACE J. GIBBS Grade English, Geneseo Normal DORIS L. JACOBS , Grade Mathematics, Oswego Normal FLORENCE E. ANDERSON, R.N. School Nurse, Pennsylvania Hospital Lois A. PONTIUS, D.H. Dental Hygienist, Rochester Dental Dispensary NIARY HARRIET lh'IAIER,'B.A. Secretary, Wellesley College ALYCE TRULAN Clerk, Mynderse Academy . i ASS "With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino," we freshmen boisterously descended upon a hapless Mynderse in.l935 with all the fury of a miniature thunderstorm. Although we were immediately con- fronted with new surroundings, new faces, new problems, and new modes of thought and action, we were disturbed not at all. In truth, so exuberant were our spirits, that the sounds of our laughter and shouts reverberated from every wall. However, under the skillful guidance and tutelage of our advisers, Miss George, Miss Wfickes, Miss Cardwell, Mr. Doyle, and Mr. Wormuth, we early learned to adapt ourselves to our new environment. The results of our class elections held early in the year were Bob Dyson, president, joe Cerep, vice- president, jane NVest, secretary, and Dale Kissell, treasurer. At the annual Freshmen-Sophomore picnic held at Cayuga Lake State Park at the close of the year we veritably stuffed ourselves with weiners, wash- Class .Ad'Ui.YE7' ing them down with deeps drafts of lemonade. Be- tween that and the swimming, the rowing and the popcorn and candy that we indulged ourselves in, it is little wonder that we returned home in a state of extreme agony, our proverbal constitutions having, in all veracity, revolted. Miss JULIA H. OYBRIEN' As sophomores, we selected Bob Horton to play the role of executive. During this year, although we again distinguished ourselves in the Held of athletics, we spent most of our time making rapid inroads in the paths of learning. That, our second year, also concluded with a picnic, and having pledged ourselves to eat more than the freshmen, we returned home, as one may expect, barely able to toddle, not a whit wiser from our former experience. Our first two years passed like sand through our Hngers, we became jolly juniors, basking in the Mynderse sun, at long last. VVith Dale Kissel as our President, we immediately proceeded to make hilarious plans for our all-school party, which featured "A Night of Horror." Our presentation of "The Patsy," a three-act comedy by Barry, was an overwhelming success, indeed, all Mynderse was positively astounded by our realistic portrayals of the various characters. In April, two of our number, Philip Mclineny and Dale Newman, were chosen as junior Rotarians for a combined period of one year. BARBARA jENNr1R Vicc'-Presidmzt JOAN Haiuucax T7'Ui15II7'67' 16 IDT The junior Prom, with its Hawaiian theme, was in eH:ect, the crowning point of our entire year. Barbara Jenner with her pages, Billie Baker and Cameron Fraser, and her court led the grand march, and "soft, Lydian airs" were diffused through the gym as we lightly danced away the glamorous hours. Thus it came to pass that the Class of '39 occupied the senior ll0l11C1'O0lllSQ and September, 1938, marked the advent of an epoch-making year at Mynderse. lflection day came and was gone, leaving in its wake the following results: Bob Cologgi, presidentg Barbara jenner, vice-president, Duane Gustafson, secretaryg and joan lelarrigan, treasurer. Our tea-dance was held at l-lomemalting Center in October, at which time the student body was formally presented to Mr. Page, our new superin- tendent of schools, and Mrs. Page. Many guests, good music, and good food were the order of the day. Again, the Class of '39 triumphantly scored a hit when we presented to an appreciative audience on November I0 and ll, the "Royal Family," a three- Romani' Corouui C lar: President act play by George Kaufman and Fannie Ferber, which was based on the turbulent life of the Barrymores. Then, came the Ball! The spicy fragrance of evergreens permeated the gym as .Ioyce Lindsey, surrounded by the fair maidens of her court, was enthroned as Snow Queen. As we glided to the music of Pete Renzi's Band we felt very proud of our gay party-a happy prologue to the holiday season. ln parting, due credit must be given to perennially good-tempered Miss O'Brieng we can feel ought but immeasurable affection for her kindly. lovable personality, her etliciency, and her far-sighted judgment. All too soon is our shortest, but fullest and sweetest year, coming to an end. As we complete our cvcle of days at Nlynderse, it is truly with deep regret that we leave this school we love so well and turn to the new ventures that lie ahead. NIR. El.l.l0'I"l' XVo1uiL"i'H A ssisraizt A dcirer IJLANIQ CiL'S'l'.-XFSON S L'L'l'L'I'i1I"Y 4 17 f 4Im:.,, X, ya if li -I ,. ix Xa, ' ' , NORMAN Anoxsox Intramurals fl, 2, 3, 475 Band Cl, 2, 3, 475 Orchestra Cl, 2, 3, 47g Latin Club C275 Football 12, 375 Science Club 137g junior Play, Party and Prom Commit! tees 437g VVig and Rouge 63, 475 Senior Ball Committee C475 Myndersian C47. LEO GEORGE BAI.DAssARI Intramurals C475 Senior Ball Committee Q47. ENIILY -IOANNA BARBIERI Intramurals fl, 2, 47g Library Club ll, 27: junior Party, Play Committees Q37 5 Microphone 43, 474 Debate Club H75 Senior Tea Committee ' t47g Myn- dersian 147. josEPII S.-USIUEL BERIIETTA Football 117g Senior Ball Com- mittee H7 . class l H' ,I W .Hilti If Q yy., .X y JE li f flu' Sy X71-IT0 JOSEPH BI-LRRETTA Radio Club Cl, 27g Junior Party Committee 137g Baseball Man- ager C473 Mynclcrsian 447g Sen- ior Ball Committee H73 Intra- murals C47 . IYIICHAEL jome BLAVVSKI Intramurals 61, 2, 37g Basketball 42, 3, 474 Baseball 427g Football 147g Senior Ball Committee 147. JEAN TRIPP Boanmiax junior Party Committee 137 Glee Club 647g Operetta L47 Myndersian C4 75 we wilt' . JOSEPHINE NIARIE Boxacci Senior Tea and Ball Commit- tees Q47. F 1939 EVELYN Gluarra Bowls From MARY C.-KLARCO Library Club 11. 27, Secretary- Treasurer 117g' Intramurals 117, Commercial Contest 127, Italian Club 12, 3, 47, President 147, Play 1373 Glee Club Concert 12, 3, 47. Glee Club 13, 47, Treasurer 147, Checker 147, Festival 12, 47, junior Party and Prom Committees 137, Senior Tea and Ball Committee 1473 Glec Club Operetta Committee 147, Myndersian 147. ANNA AI.-KRIE CARACCILO Library Club 11, 27, Marshall 127, junior Party and Prom Committees' 137, Le Cercle Francais 13, 47. French Club Play 13, 47, President 147, Mi- crophone 13, 475 Senior Ball Committee 147 g Myndersian 147 . james RAI.PII Cakxizvars Italian Club 11, 27, Play 1279 Glee Club 12, 3, 47, Operetta 137, Microphone 13, 47. Vero jossm-1 Ciao Italian Club 11, 27, Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 47, Intramurals Man- ager, Volleyball 147, junior Party and Prom Committees 137, Baseball Manager 13, 47, Science Club 13, 475 Senior Tea and Ball Committees 147, Sen- ior Play 147, XVig and Rouge 147, Myndersian 147. Daisy PEARL CLARK Intramurals 127, Glee Club 147, Senior Ball Committee 147. 4.A,a'2:AM,e W. ,. 7 ' M7 ROBERT XXIILLIABI Coroutai Italian Club 11, 27, Treasurer 127, Play 127, Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 473 Baseball 12, 3, 47, junior Party and Prom Committees 137, Football 13, 47, Science Club 13, 47, President 1473 Block M Club 1475 Myndcrsian 147. joHN Fkaxcis COYNE Band 12, 37. if ....., , .f 1 , ,' 7 19 4. I W ' "9 HELEN AGNES DECRER Library Club C1, 2, 3, 45, Presi- dent C253 Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 45, President C35, Awards Cl, 2, 3, 453 Operetta Cl, 2, 45Q Musi- cal Comedy Cl, 353 Nvig and Rouge C2, 3, 453 Le Cerele Fran- cais C3, 453 French Club and Vkfig and Rouge Play C3, 453 Americanization Pageant C453 Vice-President' C353 junior Play C353 junior Play, Prom, and Party Committees C353 Senior Play C453 Senior Play, Ball and Tea Committees C453 Myndcr- sian C45. JOHN ANTHONX' DEI.I.EFAX'E Italian Club C252 .lunior Party and Prom Committees C353 Basketball Manager C3, 45g Science Club C453 Senior Tea and Ball Committees C453 Senior Play C453 XVig and Rouge C453 French Club and lVig and Rouge Play C453 Myntlersian C453 Prize Speaking C45. BURR GEORGE IUEAUNCI junior Orchestra C253 junior Party Committee C353 Micro- phone C3. 453 Science Club C3, 453 Senior Ball Committee C453 Myndersian C45. A lARTHA XNCIGGINS DERmnER Glee Club Cl, 252 .lunior Prom Committee C353 Acanthus Club C3, 45Q Senior Ball Commit- tee C45. DC5NEl.l..4 GEN EVIEYE DESANTO Library Club C153 Glee Club Cl, 2, 45, Musical Comedy CI5, Librarian CZ5, Operetta Cl, 2, 45, Awards Cl, 2, 45. Glue Club Concert C3. 453 Intramurals C2, 3, 45, Awards C2, 35: junior Play, Party and Prom Commit- tees C353 junior Play C35Q XVig and Rouge C3, 453 Le Cercle Francais C3, 453 XVig and Rouge and French Club Play C3, 453 Microphone C453 Senior Tea and Ball Committees C453 Myn- dersian, Editor-in-Chief C45. :,! PEARL LOUISE DEMING Acanthus Cl, 2, 3, 45, Treasurer C 353 junior Party and Prom Committees C353 Senior Ball Committee C453 Myndersian, Art Editor C45. I 20 MW A .ANNA RlARlE lDlN.-XTALE Library Club C153 Glee Club Cl, 453 Italian Club CZ, 3, 453 Italian Club Play CZ, 353 junior Prom Committee C353 Hearth Club C45, Secretary C453 Senior Play and Ball Committees C45. ROBERT CHESTER l-DYSON Class President CI53 Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 45g Football C2, 3, 45, Captain C45Q Block M Club C3 453 Senior Ball Committee C45. I: 1939 LEUN.-XRD EDXVARD EDINGTON Football 42. 3, 475 Basketball 42, 3, 475 Glec Club 4375 Tumbling Club 43. 47. President 4475 Block M Club 447. AlARGARET TERESA ELLl0'I'T0 Library Club 4175 Intramurals 41, 2, 3, 475 junior Party and Prom Committees 4375 Senior Ball Committee 4475 Sports Night 447. i Al.-RRY .XGNES GARGAN Band 41, 2, 3, 475 XVig and Rouge 425' 3, 475 Latin Club 4375 junior Party and Prom Committees 4375 junior Play 4375 Le Cerelc Francais 4-+75 Senior Tea and Ball Commit- tees 4475 Senior Play 4475 Myn- dersian 447. Fl.oRENc:E CATH:-:RINE GREENE Latin Club 43, 475 XX-'ig and Rouge 447, Amerieanization Pageant 4475 Le Cerele Francais and lVig and Rouge Play 4475 Debate Club 4475 Senior Ball Committee 4475 Myntlersian 447. .,3vV"5""' si-',DVM,Q, LEONARD DL'ANE GUsrAFsoN Tumbling Club 4375 Intramu- rals 43, 475 Glee Club 43, 47, President 437, Opcretta 4475 junior Play 437, Secretary 4475 Science Club 4475 Myndersian 447. ELIZABETH ANNA HAMu.i. Library Club 4175 Glee Club 41, 2, 3, 475 junior Party and Prom Committees 4375 Hearth Club 4475 Senior Tea and Ball Committees 447. joax Nl.-XRIE, HARRIGAN Library Club 4175 Glee Club 41, 275 Operetta 4175 Latin Club 42, 37, Cantor 427.Quaestor 4375 Treasurer 43, 475 Le Cerele Francais 43, +75 Le Cercle Francais and lYig and Rouge Play 4375 junior Play, Party and Prom Committees 4375 jun- ior Play 4375 Senior Tea, Ball and Play Committees 4475 Myn- dersian 447. AlARY ELIZAIXETH HENRX' Library Club 4175 Glee Club 41, 275 Needleeraft Club 41, 27, Vice-President 4275 Intramurals 41, 2, 3, 475 junior Prom Com- mittee 4375 Hearth Club 43, 475 Senior Tea and Ball Commit- tees 4475 Myndersian 447. 71 1 I f ff", A x ' 4 3 X." if S 4 ROBERT ELNIER HORTON President 11, 25, XVoleott 115,- Glee Club 115, President 115, Tennis Club 1154 Band 11, 2, 3, 45, Drum Major 145, Baseball 115, Basketball 11, 2, 3, 45 g Intra- murals 1l, 2, 3, 45,'Orchestra 12, 3, 45, junior Party Com- mittee 135g XfVig and Rouge 145, Senior Play 145, Senior Ball Committee 145, Myndersian, Business Manager 145. XX'7ILl.lAlX'l HENRX' I-l1:1,By Aviation Club 11, 2, 35. ETHEL AlAE JONES Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 45, Vice- President 145, Latin Club 13, 45, Cantor 145. l-lARvEr SENECA Kim: Glce Club 11, 2, 3, 45, Operetta 12, 3, 45, Intramurals 145. H D H ..,' OXVARD ARNVIN UINIPHREY ' 4, Giee Club 11, 2, 3, 45, Aviation fgfL,,,,,,,.,,n-it, -et,--.52 135, Operetta 135, Jun-ior Party V' , - E- . Committee135gl-larmonica Club ' Wt' 13, 45, Debate Club 145, Senior --'vj.,!..4A.f 1. 4 I ' Play 1453 Senior Ball Commit- b ,,,' I, 5 . tee 149. - '5-f'- ec, BARBARA ELIZABETH JENNER Library Club 115, Vice-Presi- dent 115, Glee Club 11. 25, Awards 11, 255 Indoor Track Meets 11, 25, Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 45, Awards 12, 3, 45, Glee Club Concert 125, Tumbling Club 12, 3, 45, lVig and Rouge 12, 3, 45, Recording Secretary 1455 Secretary 135, Physical Education Demonstration 135, French Club Play 135, junior Play 1353 junior Play, Prom and Party Committees 135, Le Cer- cle Francais 13, 45, Secretary and Treasurer 145, Microphone 145, Illyndersian 145, NVig and Rouge Pageant 145 Senior' Play 145, Vice-President 145, Senior Ball, Play and Tea Committees 145. I.-'gr er.,-fafj, -'Cxk' ,-"J 1: GILBERT LEE KINNETZ Science Club 145. DALE XVILSON KlssEL Secretary 115, Treasurer 125, Latin Club 12, 35, Aedilc 12, 35, junior Party, Play and Prom Committees 135, Science Club 135, French Club Play 13, 45, XVig and Rouge 13, 45, junior Play 135, Microphone 13, 45, Business Manager 13, 453.Le Cercle Francais 13, 45, Vice- President 145, Senior Play and Ball Committees '145g XVig and Rouge Pageant 145. CLASS I: 1939 STI-IPIIEN K1.oP PAULINE MARY I..m1ANNA Library Club 117, Glee Club 11, 47, Italian Plays 12, 37, Ital- ian Club 13, 47, IVig and Rouge 147, Hearth Club 147, Senior Tea Committee 147, Intramurals 147, Senior Play Committee 147. FANNIE Gewsvisve LARSEN Al.-XRGARET IQI,IzAIsI-:Tri LEONARD Library Club 117, Latin Club 137, junior Prom Committee 137, Hearth Club 13, 47, Award 137, President 147, Glee Club 147, Senior Tea and Ball Com- mittees 147, Myndersian 147. jores Caaoi, LINIJSEY Tap Club 117, Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 47, Awards 12, 3, 47, Tum- bling Club 127, Glee Club 127. Operetta 127, Physical Educa- tion Demonstration 137, XVig and Rouge Plays 13, 47, junior Prom and Party Committees 137, junior Play 137, Cheer- leading 13, 47, Le Cercle Fran- cais 13, 47, 1Vig and Rouge 13, 47, Microphone 13, 47, French Club Plays 13, 47, Senior Play 147, Senior Tea and Ball Com- mittees 147, Acanthus 147, Myndersian 147. PHILIP PATRICK A ICFNENY Radio Club 117, Latin Club 12, 37, janitor 127, Consul 137, Glee Club 12, 47, Secretary 147, Award 127, Operetta 127, Mi- crophone 12. 3, 47, Assistant Editor 137, Editor-in-Chief 147, XVig and Rouge 12, 3, 47, Presi- dent 13, 47, U-'ig and Rouge Play 13, 47, Prize Speaking 137. Intersectional Speaking Contest 137, Honorable Mention 137, junior Party, Play and Prom Committees 137, junior Prom General Chairman 137, junior Play 137, junior Rotarian 147, Senior Play 147, Senior Play and Ball Committees 147, Intra- murals 147, Myndersian 147. InoLo FRANCIS AIASTROLEO Radio Club 117, Glee Club 117, Intramurals 12. 37, Band 11, 2, 3, 47, Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 47, junior Prom Committee 137, Senior Ball Committee 147. FRANCES xv.-XRREN MII.I.I:Ix Hearth Club 117, Library Club 117, Indoor Track Meet 117, Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 47. Awards 12, 37, Microphone 12, 3, 47, Assistant Editor 147, junior Play, Party and Prom Commit- tees 137, Physical Education Demonstration 137, junior Play 137, Acanthus 13, 47, Finance Committee 147, Le Cercle Fran- cais 13, 47, French Club Play 13. 47, XVig and Rouge 13, 47, Vice-President 147, XVig and Rouge Play 147, Senior Tea and Ball Committees, 147, Senior Play 147, Myndersian 147. 93 u l I ,ia '. A 'lil 5 " -' B . i. x ' I w .:,-,., ' Q Q ge 4 . 5 5 4 VVILLIAM NORTON IVIOORE Band 41, 275 Operetta 41, 275 Glee Club 41, 2, 375 VVig and Rouge 43, 47, 7-Vig and Rouge Play 43, 475 junior Play 4375 Senior Play 4475 Senior Ball Committee 4475 Le Cercle Fran- cais 4475 French Club Play 4-475' Prize Speaking 447. CON'ERT LESTER AIOREHOUSE Radio Club 4175 Football 4275 junior Party Committee 437. AUROR.A IYIARY IXIORGANTI Library Club 4175 Glee Club 41, 275 Italian Club 42, 3, 47, Secretary 437, Italian Play 42, 373 junior Prom Committee 4375 Hearth Club 447, Vice-President 447 5 lVig and Rouge 447 5 Senior Play 4475 Myndersian 447. DINO JOHN AIORGANTI Intramurals 41, 2, 3, 475 Italian Club 41, 27, Treasurer 41, 27, Italian Club Play 4275 Baseball 4275 junior Prom Committee 4375 XVig and Rouge 447, XVig and Rouge Play 4475 Senior Ball Committee 4475 Senior Play 447. I X8 f 24 O XXYILLIAIXI GEORGE 'AIOYER Band 41, 275 Orchestra 4275 Latin Club 4275 Football 42, 3, 475 Senior Ball Committee 4475 Myndersian 447. JANICE ARLENE IYIYERS Library Club 41, 2, 37, Presi- dent 4275 Intramurals 41, 2, 3, 47, Awards 43, 475 Prize Speak- ing 4375 VVig and Rouge 43, 47, Corresponding Secretary 447. DALE EDNVARD NEXX'lNIAN Le Cercle Franeais 42, 37, Treas- urer 4375 junior Party Com- mittee 4375 junior Rotarian 447. 's-. PZ' 2 Hg gg ' Q lsxi as JOSEPHINE RosE NIC.ANDRI Library Club 4175 Commercial Contest 42, 375 Acanthus 447. CLASS , , .92 ef 1- J I . 1' -'L Q .J - 3 3 II ,..' . ' I I I ,3- ', f - 3 J 5. U x fr' 1 3 I "' 9' A- I rs 1' f .V J - , -A .--- r , ,Ll ,X x if V.-le ' .1 ' , ' 33' 5' ...I .151 A 'E A. 1 I Ll" If A - fs I 4 I .. - in ROBERT IVILLIAIN1 NOBLE Tumbling Club CZ, 373 Athletic Tournament C373 Senior Play C47. ANNA IYIARIE ' Nozzouo Glee Club Cl, 273 Latin Club CZ, 373 Italian Club C2, 373 Italian Play C373 junior Party and Prom Committees C 37 3 Intramurals C373 Le Cercle Francais C473 Senior Ball Committee C473 Mi- crophone C473 Myndersian C473 Christmas Play C473 Saluta- torian. ANTHONY Louis NUCCI Radio Club C273 Orchestra C373 Operetta C373 Band C3, 473 VVig and Rouge Play C473 Glee Club C473 Senior Ball Committee C47. PAUL EDWIN PERKINS President C173 Band Cl, 2, 3, 47, President C273 Orchestra CZ, 3, 473 junior ProIII and Play Com- mittees C373BascbaIl C37Q Senior Ball Committee C47. ROSABELLE NIARIE PITRELLA Library Club C173 Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 47, Librarian C27, Awards Cl, 2, 373 Operetta Cl, 47, Musical Comedy C37, Glee Club Concert C3, 473 Intramurals Cl, 2, 3, 47, Awards C3, 473 Mefley Ball Captain C373 Physi- cal Education Demonstration C3, 473 Tumbling Club C3, 473 XVig and Rouge C47, VVig and Rouge Play C475 Senior Ball and Tea Committees C47. ROBERT VVII.I.IAIvI PLUNKETT Band Cl, 2, 3, 473 Orchestra CZ, 3, 473 junior Party Commit- tee C373 Senior Ball and Play Committees C47. 0 A , , W E g. . ,gf 4. wvvls Irv-ff Cf" 'IN EUNICE MARY PoI.I.ARu Intramurals Cl, Z, 3, 47, Awards C3, 473 Glee Club Cl, 273 Indoor Track Meet Cl, 275 Glee Club Concert and Operetta C273 Ro- tary Minstrels C273 Tap Club C2, 37, President and Instruc- tor C373 Commercial Contest C2, 3, 473 Physical Education Demonstration C37 3Sports Night C473 junior Prom, Play and Party Committees C373 Tum- bling Club C3, 473 Prize Speak- ing C47. ELLA MAE Pnoasr Library Club C173 Glee Club C1 Z, 3, 473 Glee Club Operetta CI 2, 373 Glee Club Concert C373 junior Party and PronI Com- mittees C373 HeartlI Club C3, 47, Treasurer C473 Senior Tea and Ball Committees C473 Mynder- sian C47. J- 1 9 HENRY Lr:Rox' REINBOLD Tumbling Club 41, 2, 3, 4lQ Intramurals 41, 2, 3, 47, Presi- dent, Intramural Athletic As- sociation 4473 Indoor Track 41. 273 Football 42, 3, 473 Science Club 43. 47, Treasurer 43, 473 Block M Club 43, 47, President 4473 Intramural Club President 4473 Physical Education Dem- onstration 4373 Basketball Man- ager 43, 473 junior Prom Com- mittee 4373 Lc Cercle Francais 447, Play 43, 471 Senior Ball Committee 447. LUCY jaws RHINEHART Band 41, 2, 3, 473 Intramurals 41, 2, 3, 47, Awards 42, 373 In- door Track Meet 41, 273 Or- chestra 42, 47 3 Commercial Con- test 42, 473 Tap Club 4273 Ro- tary Minstrels 4275 junior Play and Party Committee 4373 Phys- ical Education Demonstration 4373 Senior Ball Committee 4475 Myndersian 447., ' . ' r . jx Cnneiuxe AIARIE RILEX' Intramurals 41, 2, 3, 47, Awards 42, 3, 473 Library Club 4I7Q In- door Track Mcet 4273 Latin Club 42, 37, Censor 4373 Physi- cal Iiducation Demonstration 4373 junior Play and Party Committees 4373 Sports Night 4473 iGIce 'Club 447. Secre- tary 447. 3 i MARY ELEANORE Roczeas Library Club 4173 Needle Craft Club 4273 junior Prom Com- mittee 4373 Hearth Club 4473 Senior Tea and Ball Commit- tees 447. Sana EI.IZAI'1ETIl Ross Intramurals 41. 2, 473 Library Club 4173 Indoor Track Meet 4273 Commercial Contest 42, 3, 47 gjunior Party and Prom Com- mittees 4373 junior Play 4373 Microphone 43, 473 IVig and Rouge 43, 47, Treasurer 447Q Americanization Pageant 4473 Senior Play 4473 Myndersian 4473 Valedietorian. joAN IiL12ABE1'H Royce Library Club 41, 2, 37, Marshall 42, 373 Glee Club 4273 Intra- murals 42, 37, Award 4373 NVig and Rouge 42, 3, 47, Christmas Pageant 4373 Latin Club 43, 47, Consul 4473 junior Play and Prom Connnittees 4373 Senior Tea and Ball Committees 4473 Senior Play 4473 Debate Club 4473 Americanization Pageant 4473 Myndersian 447. ANGELO Tuomas Russo Intramurals 41. 2, 3, 473 Italian Club 41, 2, 37, Treasurer 4173 junior Prom and Party Com- mittees 4373 Football Manager 43, 473 Senior Ball Committee 4473 Senior Play 447. V -,- - ',n '. 3'+fVl"'- " .x 43, ,, 4,4 , 'X Louisa Iluzxle SCHREADER Intramurals 41, 2, 473 Tap Club 4273 Acanthus Club 4473 Senior X an X Ball Committee 4473 Mynder- 9 Sian 4474-' I , 'xt er M, rbi? I 6 X4 I sway 'Soil' T: rf". T . Tri' 74 l l 'U 1 :SS 7 ,wil Ns J' 26 7.--".s- ffe Xl . - Oi ji! N . , . 7 3 4- QD ,Wie CLASS r 1939 Donori-n' AIARION SHARPE Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 47- Awards 12, 3, 47, Library Club 1175 Glee Club 11, 27, Awards 11, 27, Indoor Track 11, 273 Glee Club Concert 127, Tumbling Club 12, 3, 47, Commercial Contest 12, 37, junior Party, Play and Prom Committees 1371 Le Cer- cle Francais 13, 47, junior Play 157, XVig and Rouge 147. Americanization Pageant 1473 Senior Tea, Ball and Play Com- mittees 147, Senior Play 147g Microphone 1475 Sports Night 147, Myndersian 147. ,i . .1. l. 4, IJONIINIC SINICROPI Commercial Contest 1375 Intra- murals 147: Senior Ball Com- mittee 147, Prize Speaking 1473 Myndersian 147. Euuoiza Eoirn Sanm Glee Club 11, 2, 3. 47. A3V2ll'dS 12, 3, 47,'Conccrt 12, 3, 47. Choral Festival 12, 3, 47g Myn- dersian 147. Xhxiifitan AIARIE Sums Library Club 1179 Glee Club 11, 27, Concert 127. Operetta 127, Hearth Club 13, 47, Sec- retary 1373 Needlecraft Club 12 73 Intramurals 11, 2, 373 Senior Tea and Ball Committees 147. Rcurxe Samxa STANTON Band 11, 2, 3, -173 Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 47. Al.-RRY 1.-XNGELINE Taaotrixo Library Club 117, Glee Club 12, 47, Choral Festival 127, Con- cert 127, ll Circolo Italiano 12, 3, 47. Play 127g junior Prom Committee 137, Senior Ball Committee 147. XIIRGINL-X DELL Towxisk Library Club 1179 Indoor Track 11. 27, Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 47, Awards 12, 37 , Glec Club 12, 37, Secretary 137. Operetta 127, Musical Comedy 137, Concert 12, 37, Festival 137, Award 137, Tumbling Club 12, 37, President 137, Physical Education Dem- onstration 137 gCommereial Con- test 137g junior Party. Play and Prom Committees 1375 Senior Ball Committee 147, Sports Night 147. PEARL Aiuaxs Taorrsn Needlecraft Club 137, Hearth Club 13, 47, junior Prom Com- mittee 137, Senior Ball Commit- tee 147. 27 1 "' ""'l. f mmf. iff' X 9 'nfl .S .-' ' LX., r A I fl, I X3 .1 ""'x ........ ave. f,m0.X 't Qi 'tfg Q e e i C, 7 S., .4 BARBARA GRACE TRUMBLE Freshman Councilor C175 Cheer- leading Cl, 2, 3, 475 Intramurals Cl, 2, 3, 47, Awards Cl, 2, 3, 475 Glee Club Cl, 27, Awards Cl, 27, Operetta C 1, 275 Indoor Track Cl, 275 Secretary C275 Wfig and Rouge C2, 3, 475 Tumbling Club C 2, 3, 475 Sports Demonstration C375 'junior Play C375 junior Party and Prom Committees C375 Microphone C3, 475 Le Cer- cle Francais C3', 475 Senior Play C475 Senior Tea and Ball Com- mittees C475 Prize Speaking C475 Sports Night C475 Myndersian C47. Doatmlc Louis XIALENTI Intramurals Cl, Z, 3, 475 Italian Club C27, Play C275 Senior Play C475 Wfig and Rouge C47, Play C475 Intramural Manager, Bas- ketball C47. NIARGUERITE l7'1ARlAN XCAN Dirro Glee Club C175 Library Club Cl, 27, Marshall C275 Italian Club CZ, 3, 47, President C37, Play C275 Microphone C2, 3, 47, Award C375 junior Party Com- mittee C375 Senior Play C475 Wig and Rouge C475 Senior Tea and Ball Committees C47. ALBERT Rostnr V Enom Intramurals C 1, 475 Commercial Contest CI, 47. JANE :XDELL XVEST Treasurer C175 Library Club C175 Glee Club C2, 3, 47, Con- cert CZ, 3, 47, Festival C475 ln- tramurals Cl, Z, 3, 47, Awards CZ, 3, 475 Indoor Track Cl, 275 Rotary Minstrels C275 Tap Club CZ, 37, Treasurer C375 junior Party, Play and Prom Commit- tees C375 -Physical Education Demonstration C37g Commercial Contest C375 Sports Night C475 Senior Ball and Play Commit- tees C475 Myndersian C47. RUTH Etoise XVORDEN Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 47, Librarian C37, Operetta CZ, 3, 475 Latin Club CZ, 375 junior Prom Com- mittee C375 Senior Tea and Ball Committee C475 Prize Speaking C474 VVig and Rouge Play C475 Myndersian C47. LMA MATEIQ As 'we lezzfve thee, Alma Mater, To tread paths, anefw, Grateful hearts loafve fwe, for Mynderse And ber teachers, too CHORUS Mywderse, Myvzderse, bear our praises As each 'voice is raised Glory to the Alma Mater Of our high-school days. UUTSTANDIN SEN DDS SARA Ross , . Valedictorian Class Average 91.815 Regent's Average 94.250 R . o SOYCE Lgrgx Total Ax erage 93.032 AH LF::I:l:n?YS0N . v eagu 011 Sgghof Ball Teimlfaskegbau ANNA Nozzouo Salutatorian Class Average 89.802 Ay Regent's Average 93.846 DA! . PHxLxvRl:kf5i::q,ndd Total Average 91.824 Junifr1R'2V.uAN ' ' . l 9. f ' "1 Slgllxohzswn man BY Counw' Away Contests Or.atQIKC 29 1. - Xf-wa. M.,-.S L . ...Lf .ff -. -- Nw 5-iii. X K gg-is .FM .. ... A .ggi N' . -. M. :1f....i.. rx ...X 1 Y tx. ...1e.f:.w:1-w-...N .- Q' lx- .ti-Az..-'xvr Of N-fs--K -:rw ' -- X . . gi -fr g'fg"S1-ii 1 'Ei A T. :E g,.,..f .- . vw- :Q :slim .. - 1.25 -f vw.. 1. 2. ... ., - ,, 3 ,. K Qgfmfs:-ffii' , ..x. A Nfswyww. Q QSM X i-,EXQAW . .. . .. X ' x. mlb' - 5, -- my-. . xg . --...f irxw . X N XQ -wiv . . W.. X ax - -Kyiv. ilfl.. ' X5 k 5 H . ' if ,fjfwmfmx .X N.. '- , .......,. wfmxi 11.555 T. 1 X W:- 5 X.. . Q. .- Q 'fifs ' -A FX T5 ...rg x k . X . lQixr,.5tWi.f.if- . .S Y... wr. ., .. si-.aff Q . M n A., gzgcgxsi - X 7 ,- uw. 5:9 fa X Q -X wx N NN 1 ' ix X . fx .Q X if 3,54 SX. .N f ..1 . ,XX 1 a - A 191 1 QQ.. - k X Q. 5 JS Q. SPY .X Q. QE, Ziyi. K A --Hg.. X Q. wwf, X -QQ-.iw .1 - f ww . Q. 1. ... -li 2 .. ..-- x- .,. x.xX .. .. .W Q 0' sf iiijigw- 1 .115-X 5235: -:ak w 'x -:--ME EES-111 -X ' 5 .fQX....... 5 X -. QXX X" XX 'x 1' ,x . f . 5 5 5. f x QM.. ------ .1 .aaa .. i- . YA Q xl cf: S . wx - .QM...... .. .... S 5. ws: ff:--ww gf. 1. xxx Aff fxilii ' S!-Q . ..,- N.. 1: X .. .... . .. N 1 -me frm. .YA ...W . tw .1 V. . V ,Z 5 X .UQ Q .X ....- Q .f - if-Q ...xy - ,..-- -'ff X .X fs-1+ ...s Q3 .X 1: :wm . XM.-4' QQ Xfgfk KV -Xi I - Amr: ff - T N 5 .mffsvrffx ' ?:L..'i..gf5.g f engggg-5 D, ...X .53 5 . .QE . sas! 1 il Li lui! Ass f N 'NE li X x We are the Class of Forty-One, Enjoying our special place in the sung , One hundred and thirty strong are we,-L A nobler class there never will be. if i This is our second year in Mynderse Academy and we feel quite at home. We haven't scored many history-making events, nevertheless, we wager that you have heard a thing or two about us to make you sit up and take notice. ki R First of all, we elected oflicers, and an able staff it is. RolandC:Lind is president, Shirley Rice, .3 'l X . . rx. r Back Ro-wr Page, Gleason, Burchim, Hoster, Magill, Koziraski, Conley, Amidon, Riese, Reynolds, N. Gustafason, Gallina, Calabro, H. Marcella, Torchinelli, Terussi, P. Marcella, Middle Ro-w: Gustafason, Bowman, Angerola, Fitzsimmons, Laws, Kinnetz, DiNatali, Sufilerdini, Caraccilo, Fridley, jones, Cafola, XVest, Vonliergen, Beck, Giese, Parker, M. Carroll, McGuire, Front Row: Deal, Utieone, Keach, F. Amidon, Tamburrino, V. Deal, Parisi, Marsh, Stromak. A. Carroll, Moio, I. Sanderson, Riel, Peters, Sabitini. Olmstead, Masten, Rice, Nearpass. vice-president, Janice Olmstead, secretary, Harold Bartran, treasurer. Then we became interested in various activities about school, especially in sports. No doubt, you've heard of Shel Miller, Varsity joe Carrissimi and other sophomores who did their share in assisting our football team through-undefeated, untied and unscored upon. In basketball, the junior Varsity team is literally made up of sophomores. The Lind brothers, Roland and Leslie, and john Hartman will, in all probability, be members of next year's varsity squad. No need to worry, Coach! n As to other activities, we have been distinguishing ourselves also. Don't you think our members of the Glee Clubs gave splendid performances in the operetta, "Crocodile Island?" Quite a num- ber of them went to the Glee Club festival at Penn Yan. 1 3 2 I TEEN IQT om? We should like to say for your information that there is a budding, young artist in our midst, . Betty Masten, by name. We are rather proud of her. S Ordinarily, sophomores do not join the Wig and Rouge, but this year you will notice that those of our number in the group have been doing rather outstanding work. Instrumental music hasn't been slighted either in our class. Several students take part in both the band and orchestra. We have several radio-minded people in our group who are doing rather promising work in the Radio Club. . Furthermore, we have a fair representation in the Library Club, the Latin Club, the Italian f f 9- ,W ,wr-Y-V, 0,4 W.-,1,.v-- H- -- --- .--v--, --1-44 Back Rofw: Ragan, Ritter, Marsh. Saunders. Youngs, A. Sinicropi, Zona, Rizzierri, Li Lind, R. Borden. Smith, Hayes, Zona, ' Delia, Barbi, Callahan, Giovanninnig Middle Row: DiDominic, DcSarro, Carruso, Tamburrino, Lamanna, Ceo, Tanzerella all ..fgl.r,gAJ..,L ' ' D Klionski, Klop, Bartram, R. Lind, Vedora, Carasinmmi, Miller, Ferara, A. Bianco, Marks, Front Row: Matthews, McGclligot, LGJQQ - EC Hartman, Kelleher, Carroll, Chalkcr, Brignall, Pagana, Semmons, Cunnn, Riesc, Conley, Durling, Durnan, Trumble,U ', Brown, Luckern, Vergainini. QQ1C.,,t.s.Q fI:.ot.-XMAXJ ' 1 fb Club, the Tumbling Clubs and the Block M Club. 0 You all have probably remarked on the showing of the sophomores at the dances, now and then. You see, we are preparing for future balls and proms. Right now we can hardly wait for the Freshman-Sophomore picnic. VVe expect to do a great many things besides eating refreshments and harassing our advisers, Miss Miller, Miss Smith, Mr. Hoppe, Mr. Marble, and Mr. Rockwell. This year has been a fruitful one for us and we feel a little sorry to have it end. But we are anxiously looking forward to Moving-Up Day and a happy next year. 53 4 -' I f f T " A S S N lf' . xr , 0 -, t, f f y t XJ " P! ' XNith the coming of September, old Mynderse was once again swamped with swarms of X" , I res men-one uint re :ix y o 1 in ' e wi 1 an ici a ion o a g orious our vears o' ie in Llfh lldstftlehlldtlt f f 1 f rlf . 1 "if ' ' " high school. ,f' Class elections were held in October, Norton Bachman was chosen for president, to lead his J class through its turbulent first year of life in high school. As his assistants, the class selected june Holland to fill the office of vice-president, Helen Rogers as secretary, and Robert Gillispie Eg as treasurer. ' f if This important activity over, the class as a whole settled down to the important business of . E, acquiring passing marks in at least a malority of the freshman subjects. Apparently they were ,V t'NsQ..r successful in this attempt, for each honor roll of the year has had its share of freshmen names. 'Nl .' . . . . . . . 'BQ In addition to this achievement of the class, a majority of its members seem to have heeded the s. X ll advice of their elders and become members of the various clubs open to them. The Library and i' Glee Clubs have been the most popular choices. Indeed, the Frosh have proved themselves not s ff El only useful but practically essential to these organizations. vi All freshman boys who are blessed with brawn as well as brains are eager to become handsome E RQ QE Back Row: Sentinello, Lamaraglia, Riccardo, Ludivico, Fitzenberger, Fillingham, Mclilligott, Page, jones, Larsen, Bianchi, 3 Giovennetti, Drumm, Russell, Tarquino, Third Raw: Peterson, Gargan, Barbi, Blawski, Torehinelli, Stahlnecker, Casey, X if Rogers, Pioli, Moio, Lamma, Marino, Fredinburgh, Holland, Malone, Fitzgerald, McCarthy, Cazzoto, Second Row: johnson, QQ Qi Bonacci, Annetta, Deming, Delselys, Hatch, Little. Fulton, Alarm, Riley, Sabatini, Humphrey, Callan, Hoster, Alderman, rss? Zona, Scale, Giohnotti, Pannucci, Front Row: Lamanna, Sozanski, Gleason, Trotter, Laude, Ross, Holcomb, Plunkett, RQ V 5 Fornesi, ClarkQ1,Austin, Mackey. V Nix N T ti TEEN football heroes-well, at least football heroes. As a result, Coach Baker has not lacked volunteers for the scrubs, and undoubtedly by 1941 these boys will be the backbone of the team. They are also eager to play a good game of basketball, and they spend all their spare time in perfecting their passes and foul shots. VVithout a doubt, there is some potential basketball material in their ranks. The freshmen girls added another activity to their program this year, in the shape of a tea given in the library just before the Christmas holidays. This came as a result of Mrs. jenkins' orientalization course. The tea gave the girls practice in social graces and their mothers, an op- portunity to become better acquainted with the school. By the time these freshmen become seniors, they will be adept at the art of juggling the ICHCLIPS, napkins, and the tiny cakes without disaster. Chalk up a social gain for the yearlings. As we go to press, training is starting for the annual Freshman-Sophomore picnic, for it would be unthinkable for any sophomore to be allowed to boast of consuming more hot dogs and lemonade than a freshman. This strenuous activity, scheduled for june, just before final examina- tions, will terminate the year for the freshmen. Back Rofw: Rhinehart, Yells, Esposito, Giovannetti, Cappcllo, DeSaro, D. Hutchings, Pagano, Dragone, Capacci, Ludovico Hall, XVayne, Updycke, Farney, Cooper, Marks, Snyder, j. Sinicropi, Comisky, Third Row: Ashley, Spencer, Burroughs Aniidon, McParland, A. Sinicropi, Grahling, Chalker, Lint' A lzrten, Gillispie, jones, McCahn, Prayne, Brand, Bruch F. Lamaragliag Second Row: Piwinski. Delia, Fisher, Nlastrole mitius, Relfc, D. Sinieropi, Brower, Lamaraglia, Luchessi Gargan, Peterman, lVilcox, Trowbridge, DeStefano, VonBer Petermang Front Row: M. Fisher, jones, Rausch, Stuck ,X Kemak, P. Hutchings, Lancer, Lattimer, Ritter, lfaulkn X -'estcott, XVright, Bachman, Kunev. Rosetti, Bianco. x N ' -L , ., , 5 91 gawk .L gm- x . J, X A 'f A is, Q xg f - Y. A , . .N M .- . ' S Si S if ff 1 f " ff, ,.V, TA MW ,V 2 Z , f Z w My W M k . Q.. ix lx : Y-gf " A N,::51 3, . , gm , J, E X x X S 2 If X X by V .V XR S . 1-S 5 N Amy' 1 5 NN "W ROBERT HORTON Business Manager THE JULIA H. OBRIEN Publication Adviser s 1939 MYNDEIQSIAN CQENEVIICVE DRSANTO E dfl'07'-i71-Chief xg, f .- :M ...-k .K 1 -iwyfxt. .. Q, x. 1 -ww: i T, . A af. A xxx. ,x-MQ SX All 'T N X A N X 3. -X - X .sk K A . N ,XX ,W . X , Q 3 32 S S f 5 5 5 ,Q . Tm, ,ff- .ss- C1 , M X I Q . , A X x XM J.. Q nu, xxx. 'ff TY vfx XX N R YQ. .xnxx KN wmmxm K N ' L, NM' N ...Q 1 Q' ' INS .nmkX. " -ea . , 'lm "W M ,Jaw A1 m W5 .gs xmyqlofin .,g v f K we N"Q'3a ,L'22"'5ffS19i" i V H' Ms. Q vagq K0 : rv. fs oxwvfffx ,NM NW. , M, NNN-- xx ,,,..f.,,, v :ix 0 0 xv H v -. ic L-I V -msn .Xxx X x g , 'NQH X '34.A"'i Lwiwlrk 'g BM. 0 -Nike, Xxx fg J' 'QA 1 ff-, 'fy'-A 4 E' Y , 3 . . 'N np br 10, sky Q xy 1 3 , N ., ,N .X A ,. . 'fx xx, Xa M A 'K H , - A R..- wt :gE3' f',15 x3?iQSQA 'Swim S ww Kff S91 -.Q sw x NM - , ' A 4, . - K K - N-5. K Y? N-., ' 'f"'-mmm 3: X.wNiNbQs.Qs V ,f:f'lFe1.g,, Vu.,--,.,h MMM' yn D bxxib H5155 X ' f3.?ii?? E'2I"5x ' ., . with , ,I , N X 'Q'.'l:xl.:fffZfT, - , "'m?S?"""'-is .,, N, IS' wf:f z4 :' ' ""'w'!'fx, . e M? if x Fkmdwwxkw f-fM lfmksfbw N W -wifwwkwqnxitzk HN., A N"f-fx' 4 NQQQ x4 us ny luxm-nu,-vw A Erwin- sc uns. vc NDI! v..4.w -,.. nw. 8 mrricun X N4 Yrwihv 4 Rook Rrek b QKNN ailfgivlf XX X M X. wx 3- N .l'Q'gf1,??W'- X 'K 'zlwwfl QNX, N .Jvwg . x X '-11" ig R' .fxwf-Q ' KX Qgxxgvfxxa. XY J SQAX K :tu x:.Nm,,. uw. . 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Platten, Carrol, Brower, Ludovica, Leonard, Rizzieri, Pagona, Burtr Angarola, Zona, Hayes, Lawler, Vcrgaminig Middle Row: Baker, Coachg Carnevale, Carrissimi, Youngs, Moreland, Bot Johnnie Marsh, the best blocking linesnian since Ccc Fitzgerald starred for Mynderse, was largely respon- sible for the success of the running attack of the 1938 season. Marsh at eighteen tops the scales at 181 pounds, and is five feet eleven inches tall. He, too, won a place on the Tri-County team. 56 Captain Bob Dyson of the Myndcrse team is eighteen years old, six feet in height and weighs 160 pounds. He showed good leadership as quarterback this last year. He is probably the best pass receiver developed at Mynderse yet and is- exceptionally fast. He is also a good' defense man. 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This hard running back was an excellent pass receiver and a good passer. At safety he did a fine iob of returning punts, being the leading ground gainer and scorer in the league. MV. ELLIOTT Womxrurn Assistant Coach fi:-'il' .,i'- -.fe I .W-,,.,,. . .,M,,M 2, vs. . n W .rf-"' Like? 51'-fbi' fff ff' if, ,ii ,,5j,iQ,f-1 1i.4f"'3"' of , , X 'L 021, 1,1f"C9fV' .. -fs L. 2--L? ' ,J ,J fi," A J:-,r 'ff an .7 I - f KJ ff ' .f,,i-,,--75"'- fs x ff ff - . f , .. " : I ,ig tfff, If MMV .If N e N ... w .xg 1 The 1938 football season stands out as the tops in foothall ac- complishment in our school history. The story in hrief is this: nlynderse went through the season unbeaten, untied and unscored upon. For the second successive year the liakerites have won the Tri-County League Championship. That is no mean accomplish- ment in the light of the strong competitive spirit of the par- ticipating schools. At the opening of the season a host of postgrads, Stromak, Pioli, Salotti and Soper, turned out for practice so the varsity was com- posed of all lettermen. Mynderse opened the season at Dansville. They trounced the Dansville team hy the overwhelming margin of 52 to 0, Perry, Clyde. New ark. Lyons, Penn Yan :md XYaterloo all met the same fate-bowing liefore the lilue and XVhitc. Power plays, reverses and tricky pass plays played an important part in winning these games. llard practice under the critical supervision of Coaches Baker and XVormuth had ironed out many weaknesses and smoothed the execution of plays. The success of the team was largely due to the etiorts of Coach Baker and Coach XYormuth, and the man power they developed. Under the watchful eye of Captain lioh Dyson, the team clicked hoth otfensively and defensively. The hard running, passing and punting of Stomak and .-Xmidon wearied the opposition. The lines- men-Nlarsh, Reinhold, joe Barhi-opened the holes for the hacks to plunge through. The slashing drive of Pioli and Salotti helped keep the opposition from our goal line. The alertness of Myn- . derse's secondarv defense helped check passes and kept opponents 41 '11 safe distance from scoring territory. 1 Although Mynderse has had a very successful season, don't he inclined to think that it was an easy one. The opposition of Clyde, Newark and Penn Yan illustrates this. Penn Yan otfered the great- est opposition. They were constantly threatening to score through- out the game and for the maior part were in .Xlynderse's territory. The spirit and light of this battle in which Penn Yan tried to defeat Nlynderse demonstrated the caliber of the Alynderse feam. john Stromak, triple threat man, was chosen captain of the All Tri-County team, and john Marsh and Louis Pioli also secured spots on this team. Comernisky, Salotti and Reinhold rated posi- tions on the second team. Dyson, Amidon, Edington, Soper, Stroniak, john Barhi, Pioli, Salotti, Cologgi, Marsh, Moyer, Reinhold, Blawski and Lyke will he lost by graduation or ineligihility. joe Comernisky and Len lfdington were elected to tiptnns for the 1939 The scores: 58 season. Mynderse 52 Dansville 0 Mynderse I8 Perry 0 Mynderse I2 Clyde 0 Myndersc 19 Newark 0 Mynderse 21 Lyons 0 Mynderse 7 Penn Yan O Alynderse +I XVaterloo 0 BASKETI3 LI. Close league competition, ineligibility, forfeited games by oppos- ing teams, a subsequent four way tie for Hrst position at the end of the season-these were highlights in a hectic basketball season. All through the season, the hold on first place fluctuated among four determined teams-Geneva, Xlynderse, Canandaigua and XVater- loo, The closeness of the games made it dilhcult to forecast results, but the league ended with Geneva in first place. lt was then discovered by Geneva that one of their players was ineligible and all the games he participated in must be forfeited. This made Mynderse the league champion. Under the circumstances, Mynderse refused the cup, and a four-way tie was agreed upon with the competing schools concurring. Mynderse was to play Canan- daigua at NVaterloo, Geneva, Wfaterloo, at Canandaigua. This play off resulted in Geneva's winning the right to represent the league in the sectional contests. The A-lynderse team had two outstanding players-Bob Dyson and john Stromak. The former was AR'l'HUR Baurza C ouch chosen forward on the All-League Team, composed of individual stars from the various league teams. His chief merits were reliability and fast cutting. john Stromak, who always played a strong defensive game and was particularly useful in getting plays off the backboard, made center on the second All-League Team. Since Dyson, Stromak, Pioli, Blawski, lidington, Marsh, Amidon and Horton won't be available next year, the 1940 team will probably include R. Lind, I.. Lind, Kelleher, Hartman, and Platten-all promising players. Dellefave, Mgr., lidington, .-Xmidon, Horton, Dyson, Blawski, Pioli, Marsh, McCarthy, Reinhold, Mgr., Stromak, Captain. 59 The scores of the 1938-39 season were: Mynderse 'Mynderse "'TMynderse Mynderse 'Mynderse Mynderse 'Mynderse Mynderse 'Mynderse 'Mynderse 'Mynderse Mynderse 'Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse """Mynderse " League Gan1es 'I' Forfeit "Play-off Shortsville . Canandaigua . Waterloo . Clyde . Geneva . Newark . . Penn Yan . . Onondaga Valley Canandaigua . VVaterloo ,. . Geneva . Newark . Penn Yan . . Clyde . . . Onondaga Valley Canandaigua . . 14 . za . o . zo 26 ,pzs . 17 . . zo . 14 . za- Q. 14 . 27' . zz . za . zo . so sa foul and fair a shot I have not seen. I eat spinach. Go-o-o-i-i-i-n-n-gl Dyson, Star For- ward. Butch, you must have been a beauu- ful baby. GONE! to Water- loo for two points. Pioli takes a prac- tice shot. The iump. Reserves' coach, Hoppe. my X K . , N , . 9 K Q Q xg, 5 A . V s K ' - , . E T J .,.. :L ...A A X - - x NX ml r . X i xr .- X.. ri. Sf ii Q - 3' Qsizfl N 1' F- ywmqy I - f gg, A sk-S5 M . ,AW Q N - . ' X i Y K , 4. L ' x 'QQ X Q A fs gm i X , X L. . A Xb . X S .N . - 4 - YE . , --- -- X Q X f ---li, W -A x X. .. S X v -3, .A.. . Xi K- 3 3 k " 1 - - - - .X . wg - x X N , 'Y - 5 - if . X .. E N.- I ,.. Ai 3 .h.::i . gi 5 :lr A- x .... .S - S.-Q.:--,. 1Ng.1.- a - - , -' W 'Q i wgbt: - ::'-, -W W. XXX'-K-T N- W N- ---M 1 - 53 . -. Ska x 2, -H gg. N iw X Q-5 x x S, fx, Nl ' 3 ' - A' - - 1- . X L ----- 3' 1:-iz QW K ,. -r 3 Q- wr- .,- .. g 1 X- .. .-M .. .XX g ..1,, . M N sa M as 5 l . Q .53 . 1 . .f N X xxx K .0 x- H: x Q' X ,, A KAAKK x. .. , X X Q if ' " - X F5227 .. - Si- - A 954 if S ,Q ' . F2 f Sr -, EX x W Q . X?- - 4 X +1 . rw -'ni k f it -.u M ,gf fi-N-L -,X :Q X N55 A vas sirixog, Sass tcmws exe. oigadvrgb xo cogopexe Ko ew.: Audow 'Remix wdxxi' uoxmoxcox.'iXxe, semixos xmox, fQxxxeA Xvj Ymbaw 'iixxw A Axe dva0xQxoo w.c.f.x6N The success ok no cu0Qcm- oiwsm mf D41 own XOXQ, MQ.-3 ui imc Q-mano. Axe xcfmx was Boo iwc, xcfmx mace., wisx fmmgxg, Axe QXQQ exe-. e-Q01 QYVAYXQXQXQ, md 86819 un Qkpg, ' wxo,X,x06-ses, . 'Wx Vlhci. VB . QBXXL -Sxo-, BM Vxm: CAQK sei . Xcooci . we fi comic , 'Y owl Q Sway Ylofovz xxl gg N Buck 3003: 0111 fx 255 R :,ect0U.rH H r 0 U f G YCK iffj-.a A f 111 . etic 5 o'ixXx Xx C.Yl6c'i ,NMNR cxamxmo. Cfaqvixo-,9'w,cXXm. Sowxxwcx biooggxx K xx, QGQ, WLAXGQ HQ gmxes. YKQXK, -acqixuf Xkgx mmm-5 Q-aiixclv Qazc,6'x0 fa AQQXJXQ dxoixwyixuo xoxxiivmxcox. 'imp win vfxw we-ms wi csc cmvixoeb Xxoiwu Q-06? :fines is 'xxxixux Xixqbx 'xv -a "swab 'QYXXG SYJKKY YN ack Bomb: cYf.xsXfmA,X Pwr om Row. S .Yikvg , '60 M ' 9 P 'oqqfb WMM. um0'5 cooxgac xddxd' mxxswmwco was xqcxe cfwcmqx Wxtqlxdxm Xmxcs- wb BM: Pviicq . 62 H90 -. img, do omg 'ive , wb Q. ' Q16 i xnxx Q 00661 'TON wxo , Qs ' xyxw , Cm, Xlofcbz z A 344025 ,X Vmck ' 'X x 0rxD cxeb 'xo oo CMS-5 xcpxxxq, Qxmxq mxxxmoxexxxs. 'iXxc, ckwxpx GYM-5 xclxoxs Qxxi cb xnxx qxxfAx-. Qxcfxxxxxxx-5. xxx Qxpoj 'BQOWS QxQxx.'YXxc ixibx Qcxlxub QMS-ix xcxxxx, c-xqvzlxoeb W Qxxxixco Yxymxk c-mxc 'xxx Exxsx QYACC, 'xxx Axe xoxxxxxxxxxcox, -mA Aw Axxw Qcfxxh che-5 xcmxxx. CAQ- vixow XN Xmc Nfxc'?mxXfxxxA, Q mob -aoc,xxxxA. xxxxxaxxxcx , 'iwgixxc-:Act . wcxxxx-,Vxxx cXYx,NX1 osx. axe L1fQfNiX'l,ZA Xxx Axe uxxif Ywfxqklcixxfbx Q4 . Gxicc Xuxqxscs. 'knxxfxd xokixxx' x bcfagxxc, Ps, Axe A XN Ong- qox xxx Yr. 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If Q I . at , QQ L Q35 K XR: 1 X X N V A .... b ix Q 5 ' K 1 K x K F . .. , J? X P' 1 H X 'Q 3 S . A rw-X X -S - f X X.-ff? mf. Q si e Q, N 5 .af xx .. W WJMMW, X .x,A,x , . X , KN - X ww .. Q T r , ' M N fig? 3 gm 'X' x X .f .. j 5 F Q .. 'ka liww -- .x ..., -Y N' i t 'BV SW . ,q x 4 QLL ' ' - Qs i S +m- xx.x K smifw fx N AUTO ACCESSORIES AMMUNITION FISHING TACKLE ' OIL BURNERS SENECA FALLS AUTO SUPPLY JOSEPH A. JUST CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH 'K' Fred L. Huntington Complzments of COULD HOTEL Rox' FRENCH, Mgr. Compliments of 68 Fall St. Seneca Falls, N. Y. DR. M. H. SAHLER ' AND DR. J. H. SAHLER Complimenls of S, A, KICK Compliments Manager of W. T. Grant Store Of Quality F oolwear KNOX 81 KNOX I4 STATE ST. AUBURN THE ROTARY CLUB Compliments of William D. Royce INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Always Drive Carefully Compliments of AL'S GULF STATION ALBERT CIRONE, Prop. L. M. RUTHRAUFF FLORIST Green House 18 DANIELS ST. PHONE: 427 STORY 81 STRONG HARDWARE Heating, Plumbing, Tinnin and Paints Compliments of WELLS W. PERKINS Compliments of ' HENRY WILI.IAM KOCH QUALITY FOODS LOUIS BROS. Clothing, Shoes, Men's and Boys Furnishings . 27-29 GENESEE ST. AUBURN, N Phone: 105-W SCHOOL SUPPLIES Complimeflls Of MRS. B. R. ARMITAGE 69 CAYUGA STREET Compliments of CEB and GARVAN 74 COMPLIMENTS OF M. J. COSENTINO 81 SONS DOAN'S CASH MARKETS 2 STORES SENECA FALLS WATERLOO NEW YORK PAULINE SINICROPI Complfmems Of Florist 48 OAK ST- PHONE: 541 WAGNER RUG WORKS, INC GAY 8: SON, INC. Insurance Experts SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Compliments of JOHN CRAVINA Barber Shop 17 Bridge Street 75 BENNET AND TRACY Shoes ' Hosiery ' Luggage AUBURN, N. Y. Compliments of PINCKNEY 31 HADLEY Best Wishes to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1939 Stephen L. Kelleher HARDWARE Compliments of H MARTIN CASEY of Demonstrated Quality 0 JOEL D. RITTER FAYETTE, NEW YORK Garage Repairs House Wiring and Contracting Smith 81 Pearson, Inc. AUBURN, NEW Yom: SOUTH SIDE GARAGE STANLEY Nonns, Prop. SPRINGSIDE INN Qenified. Mobilubrication West Side, Owasco Lake Auburn, N. Y. 'I' DELICIOUS FOOD 'I' TELEPHONE! 697 SULLIVAN'S CIGAR STORE Dagget's Chocolates Dairylea Ice Cream Compliments of PETER DORAN Compliments of S. S. VARY The Cost of a Safe Deposit Box Is Less Than One Cent Per Day AT The State Bank of A Seneca Falls, N Y Compliments of SENECA FALLS SALES CO., INC Ford Cars and Trucks Complbnents of S M S SOCIETY MANSFIELD S STORE T J MANSFIELD Cayuga New York Best Wzshes to the Class o 1939 THE POST OFFICE EMPLOYEES Compliments o SANDY S RESTAURANT C plz nt I MAGILL 81 MCGRAW Groceries and Fruzt 22 BRIDGE ST PHONE Complzments o HOOD COAL CO SENECA FALLS N Y THE HARPER METHOD SHOP PHONE 585 117 FALL ST SENECA FALLS N Y C mplzme ts f BYRNE FUNERAL HOME BAYARD ST ll0N T STUP SHORT your GOAL Q o l tl ur P p O a oo ns s 799 J hs fo g adu t 1938' Wwe for Rochester Buslness Instltute Catalog 172 CLINTON AVE So 9 5 om 'me s o " 7 . 72-.I Of , . . U If y ur goa is business don't stop uni yo business pre aration is com lete. nly sch I of advanced business MRS' D' H' MAYNARD education can i ure . paying respon ible posi- tions. R. B. I. secured ' ' ' 'o r r aes in . o ' n o I ' 77 COMPLIMENTS OF The Board of Education SENECA FALLS, N. Y. GUY BERRETTA u E- C- GIUSTI D A Chaim Gmceries and Meal lzxperl Clock and Watch Repairing PHONE: 519 67 OVID gf, T3 ovm STREET SENECA FALLS Compliments of SENECA FALLS FIRE Complimenls of LAMBERT SERVICE STATION DEPARTMENT Eg 'IX' xllm AGT 'K ci 5j,g,TfHE PARAMONT PRESS c0m,,1f,,w,,,s of f L ,' ' 1' Ur W-Ty - H. W. KNIGHT E SON. INC. k K X XX: STATE ST. SENECA FALLS SENECA FALLS, Y- M' E YN HARRYS TIRE SHOP lfireslone Prmlm'1s - Complete Service 153 FALL ST. SENECA FALLS. N. Y. Compliments of VICTOR C. MOUNT CLQSE Sl BRADY Complimenls of GOOD FOOD GRAND UNION Open All Night Auburn, N- Y. Il. J. Glmlllnaz W. Mrrcmzn Graduation Dresses T F COIIIIQFIIIUIHS UID 3 L IIE AYETTE- ARICK ISTRICT R. E. CONNOLLY AND SON SCHOOL BUS DR. F. E. DOWD JOHN BELLARDINO INC. C1-:NERAL CONTRACTOR SENECA FALLS. N. Y. Compliments of FRANKLIN HOTEL XVILLIAM XVOODS. Prop. Compliments of CUDDY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE CAMILLA M. GENTILE 128 I-'ALL ST. PHONE: 560 Compliments of THE CLASS OF 1938 Compliments of SENECA.FALLS DRY CLEANING COMPANY 4? Phone: 246 Compliments of DE MATTIA FRUIT STORE PHONE: 352-W KALET'S Five and Seven State Street AUBURN, N. Y. Compliments of THE ROLFE MOTOR CO. CONGRATULATIONS TO Clothiers THE CLASS OF and 1939 Menfs Furnishings O SENECA FALLS AND WATERLOO Compliments ol RED AND WHITE STORE C. L. BROOME, Prop. CANOGA, N. Y. The BULLOCK SENECA SHOE REPAIRING 104.15 FALL STREET DOWD I LEO CO' "Hellow F ellows" Clothzers Hatters AUBURN, N. Y. COME TO MARSHAI..LSl If you want quality clothes-Suits built Be a salisfed user of our famous D 81 H and LEHIGH VALLEY COAL COKE - WOOD Y AMBRICOAL MALONE BROTHERS 28 CLINTON STREET PHONE: 313 William B. Hislop 81 Co. DEPARTMENT STORE The Store That Saves You Money 'I' AUBURN, N. Y. the way college men like 'emg styles the way university men wear 'emg and priced the way parents like 'em. Suits 819.50 up! Sport Coats 39.50 Slacks 152.95 up -0 MARSHALUS CLOTHING STORE 131 Genesee St. Auburn's Leading Store for Men and Boys When in Need of FURNTTURE, FLooR COVERINGS on DRAPERIES TRY WAIT'S FIRST Also Complete Decorative Service THE H. R. WAIT CO. Au.burn's Largest, Most Completely Stocked and Best Equipped Home Furnishing Establishment Main Store Stove Store 77-83 Genesee St. 22 Dill St. Used Furniture and Antiques 24026 Clark Street Upholstering and Furniture Repairs Now at Main Store RIDER COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bachelor of Science Degrees in Commerce and Education Special Intensive Courses Founded 1865 Trenton, N. J. Compliments of ALFRED RAUSCH FEED GRINDING PHONE: 622 FAYETTE, N. Y. Compliments of DEERHEAD INN Fish Fry Bevera es Patronize Home Industries POI'ILE,S BAKERY KELLOGG'S GARAGE A Complete Service for the Motorist Compliments of WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH State St' Phone 58 W. S' FgQ'MaMger SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 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Compliments of New York State Electric 81 Gas Corporation 71 Fall St. SENECA FALLS, N. Y. ' SANDERSON'S Class Funeral Directors of Since 1829 Phone: 360 1939 C I I ' I MARKET BASKET STORES VITgf'rl"eggIKLE THOMAS REDCLEFT WILLIS RHINEHAR1' 39 BRIDGE ST' 1 SFNECA FALLS Compliments of P ' - soUTH SIDE BILLIARD RooM tm! A Fflend MARIO GIOVANNINI, Prop. q 'v ks , if r-- M-A .. Af. as NX , SFR? fuk!! QW P x fazck-. 1 X Q Ekxxkj 5 5 ii fxx--1k,,,wri' 6' if, fi 04 k ' ? pm YXUQ KY l-'WJ If X 5 ,V JIM! aff, sig- rj 6' iyclkflfv QQ SQ L2 A- ,J w fp,4f2f7il7!""' clx 4355 I 0.2 xgffw 1 ' . vii B L 3'-.X XJQQVW Q? ff Mi? L" fm Q ff 3 'WL f KZQ YQ M T R iQ 5 V3 X f 63 xv X fi' 4 f QCZ 1 Q fu XX , 'L .. can wb get LIN 5 6 sf V Q' 'R af MQ 'N 3' 1 El 6 fx J tbl in ,fy C3 Q' 'Q GHC -5 W 'Q cf - , Q1 2 A-f . ,N iv 5 'WJ R - XL WX? f 9 K I X 5 Jg"f"'J 5fxA'vQ ' U Gm Y X5 ,YW g,Q9-NK N ly . fy' 56 Y X' Ju ' flip on ffxxkqj 'S QX A V J, ,f L, t V I If ' J -QQ 4 07,1 lymqlifill bg NUQVJ JE! A E i A 5 1:5 X, X. ,di ,L 0,Lf'bl1'! D -All -N I G rj . x t 1. llfff f 'KA , I gy Ii l 0.10 I I if IK '1 H'A' : I f!f7!f jf 1716 cf ,if-fLA'Mx f Vt 'f4fUAUmfJL Z Lf H .ff-Jug JMW 0? 5 T? Cana A45 JS QW F W '32 'C'-KU ff ,I C .dy pe 'K fp CHX Q Q rg of ,D , QP' 3 M ,' fb 'gf vv It lib, L Cd' jf Q5 L+' . L- f' . 1 J qua L9 I4 XSQNXYO jgyp,-1 wax. ' 3 wa f L w .ch :2 w,-f Q2Q1MwfxMf 230 0 :ond ,M

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