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Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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- - ' 1' WI.-, ,,x',, Q, 1 ,Mr ' ' 1 W -F -lima k ... ,Z-A ni H 1 . , M- ....-- ...,--. , ..--, ,,...-- ..- -A-4- -.. Y--- .-.- . Y . ..-----Y-A-- -- A-A-ff A---f-- -- Qg--1. , fn-,,54.,.. -mg mfngrmza.-wg.:-,q,..,11..,.,, ,, ,JL ,z..,-4...--,.. 5 V, 2 igf if ,. f K. la fi , iff? , , 1 i s .. .- fr: 13 COPYRIGHT 1938 MARY A. RILEY, Enxxon-ln-Clue! EVERETTj.jACOBY,BusxNlss MANAoln 5. 1. 9' xo as K QB PS 59 5 9 1996 Q P90 QP B .56 OWN A e P fl . ky, FW EE E Y , I .E !!l.. Q Ill 'wwf-1 ' r 1. . I. 'SX is 1' ff! xx, "lx , X 1 3' ,, , Ye, , if 1 A .1 , Y I a 'vi P 6 TSW 5 XI N 1 Y 1. ' ' X 3' F lr! ' W 'Q ,sk ., x s I 3 T 5' x x .. ' X X ff' 1 .ef 31051 ' r I . At "F as, Q11 ff ,L 'W t?wf,j , W gf 13 x Qui? , an r'ffff va ' Q s -QE E E E - L n U 1 i I, "Q f,.3, , Q f-,,,m,-,f?41? ' 41,4 ff JP -ff -'Q-i-'+1 ' " -- S 2 N .n LS" X 0 fu, R 'Q as Q. X xjt, i xi K I W4 J P .5 95 xfill ' J. X :Q H-I -wg., I ,K 'W Q -'Q-. fi Ax , Sf ' . J xi ? Q Haiku V T, Ivw., , 'va' K 13- L if W q , 9 W I f , f ,x-h,- Q.- ' ,. Va i 1 ,xfgs-S 'its 741 '55, ll 224' n appreciation of HIS TEN YEARS OF SUPERIOR SERVICE IN THE LOCAL FIELD OF MUSIC AND HIS CIVIC USEFUL- NESS, WE PAY TRIBUTE TO OUR BAND AND OR- CHESTRA DIRECTOR. HE HAS GIVEN GENEROUSLY OF HIS TALENTS AND TIME AND HAS BROUGHT PRESTIGE TO OUR SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY THROUGH THE MUSICIANS HE HAS HELPED TO DEVELOP. FOR THESE REASONS, WE PROUDLY DEDICATE THE MYNDERSIAN OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT TO JOHN CAMERON FRASER ,411 34 X Q Q6 if 'Jr 4553 2239 5 ,sims SEN XOY5 Q3 tm 0 0 28 0 uilimfffm SPORTS .Mesa ADS Y el-Sf' ff 7, 5 1 , q ifgigi. I Y'..if'v Y, A-f'-+ Q.-'b ' 2 , S S 5 045' Qff+4'4Z. f. I ,Y A,:s5,.g,i'f' ly. W- ,gli-1.-:FT 54 , '15 , K :Nye 9.2155 JA, N. M. :kd , tp H" - N.g'.:fi5-' ' K H,-Lair., . Ibn,-.v.:,:. V, I ' i'..:422 " .. ' Y - my-f-' ..5.Q+" S A- , ,- If--" ,-ffi"i:f" k,'-if ' -"QT ' ' ,L ' jr" J",-. :.. ff' '-7 " ff ,-. W.-I , g 1' u' -' lr, : z' A -vzt--,-ljvlrr, V ' q S S ' mf" ' Vw' ,.sf 3 5 si! . wily' , frvlffr S 5' wa. fl! 1 . . .,-F I? L if , " Qs xf . 1 ww, 1- I G. lv ,Lx ,L 1'-2 ii - ,, ' ' a as 13- . 1' , .f K, , sdgi, ' ' 'E ' 2 . - il '7 ia .5 A fi I A A A s- f , Niiiikhwitvz Q as-,ev-ma-Q ' 0XTf9lP?PQ T C-XTHERINE FH FE SECRETARY ON J BRKLHT PRRSIDLNT F NXXRNH RONHLO J I E -I SULLIVAN I.hRlx REXFORD ROCIUX ELL XIQE PRINCIPAL, My ftfhf. 7 ,Nl QL. , --1 5:0-,,,x..-, " " ,ihf ' 10: YE ff' xi' K MM,- gf , Wi N 55.5. . . ' 44, . a- ' ff: A , 1 f ij LN ' A mi' .44 1 I r l 4 KY x "' A if auf, .,,g:,4,, ,,,.N, , f 'U' ,Y .i. sm... L J if jx lf' W 4 FACULTY HLBERT MoTT B S M A Wesley an Unry CfS1tV Cornell UHIVGYSIEX Supermtendent FRANK W VOGEL B S M S Colgate Syracuse UUIVCYSICICS Pr1nc1pal My nderse Academy REXPORD M RocKwELL B C S M C S V1ce Pr1nc1pal Soc1alScIence RIder College ULIA H O BRIEN A B Englrsh New Rochelle College EAN WEATHERLOXN A B Engllsh Keuka College BESSIE WICKES Enghsh Cortland Normal EAN GEORGE B L I Dramatlcs Emerson College HAZELC RILEY B L French Syracuse UnIversIty MARY MILLER A B Latln Albany State College FRANCES D URso B A Italran Adel hI Advanced Stud UHIVCISIKY o Toulouse EMILY B SMITH A B M A HISEOYW Syracuse Wrsconsln W ELLIOT WORMUTH A B MathematIcs Hamxlton ELSIEM KELLER B S MS TyPCWI'1I1I1g Algebra Albanv DAVID DoYLE BS Commercral Syracuse Umy ersrty RAYMOND G BECKER B C S CommercIal Plattsburg State Normal RIder ARTHUR L BAKER B B S Phys1ca1EducatIon Syracuse 12 of Schools RLTH HLYCK Phys1cal Educauon Cor tland Normal HAROLD MARBLE B S M S Sclence Syracuse Unry ersrty RENA MACKINNEY STEIGERVN ALD Art Sy racuse Unrx 6fS1ty LLCY CARDVNELL B S Home EconomIcs Wrllram Smrth College OHV C FRASER Band Orchestra Ithaca Consery atory MARJORIE BURINHAM B S MUSIC Ithaca College TERESA COMPITELLO Lrbrarxan Geneseo un1or H1gh Syracuse UH1V6fS1fy Ex ART A STom ELL Soclal Studres Oswego State Normal HAZEL M WELCHER Grade I-hstorv Brockport Normal GRACE GIBBS Grade Enghsh Geneseo Normal DORIS L Acons Grade Mathemaucs Oswerfo Normal FLORENCE E ANDERSON School Nurse Pennsylvanra I-Iosprtal LoIsA PONTILS DH Dental Hygrenrst Rochester Dental D1spensary CATHERINE FYFE Secretary The Wey lrster ALYCE TRULAN Clerk Mynderse Academy T s ,.., .. V .V. . .V J, J T ' T 7 , 7 .. Y , V 3 . , .., .. . V .V 1 7 ...j ... 3 7 F 7 7 I 7 7 if U 71 Y . .. Y 7 J , ,.. 7 7 7 J ,.. ', J I . Y 7 5 - Y ,.. 7 . 3 J , , . . 7 . ,.. . . LILLIAN B. OLIVER, A.B. 9 3 " r u 1 , , . . , L , ,.. , fp , ylfl ' . . J, . ,.., .. , . Y . . , ,7 7 . , .. , . . 7 3 7 1 7 I., nn . . - 7 7 7 , I . . J. ,.. - , , , , 4 I , . , , 7 L 7 . , , 1, J A . ,r..., .. , 7 S 4,L3.C.0O 'N-I 'Q-.,.p..d' :- 5' 4--TV .qu-v""' Il UA H OHRIIiNl,QI,NI1JEi MDX IXHQ fll.Il I' 'fxURNil ,EL .XwIxIfXN'I',KIDXI5t1R EYL ' ' ' 'RLTT ,f.M,Ol5H. I'RifIIJI.NI iI,MXHI'IH iXI.I.N1kN, Wil.-PR!fbI1Dl.N'T. ID11RCJI:1'1' '1l'I.I: Sl,fRf'.'I.iRW, ROBELRHI l,ONIS'IkOK.K, TRippXSlfRLR, XLILL IiI'lINf'.H.'xRI, X XI.i.LJ!f FUKI KN KO! Lilfx Ul.HKIJIN.X, 5iLlf'I'gXTlJRIAN STGRY OF THE SENIORS In 1934 one hundred and flftv SIX of us descended upon Mynderse Academy wonderlng what new adventures were to be ours dur1ng the next four years Our freshman and so homore years were spent rn adjustmg ourselves to the Mynderse deslgn for 1v1ng for as underclassmen we had few act1v1t1es Paul Perkms served as our pres1dent for both freshman and sophomore years Both years were brought to a close by the Freshman Sophomore PICHIC held at Cayuga Lake State Park These first two years sl1d by rapldly and we numbered only e1ghty SIX when we began our junlor year under the superv1s1on of M1ss R1ley w1th Howard Conklln as our pres1dent Our all school party attended by nearly three hundred featured dancmg and sklts resented by school organ1zat1ons In A fl we gave a commendable performance 1n the comedy Seventeen Also urmg th1s month two members of the class were chosen to represent the school 1n the Rotary Club Each was to serve a half year term dur1ng has sen1or year Th1s was the first txme a yumor class had been so honored We ended our successful th1rd year w1th the un1or Prom w1th 1ts black and white theme Dance muslc was supplxed by Darrell GIS-Ofd s orchestra and the grand march was led by Mar1or1e Luckern Prom Queen and Howard Conklm So three glor1ous years 1n whlch we worked and played 1n classrooms and extra currxcular HCIIVIIICS passed and September 1937 arr1ved We were SENIORS at long last E1ect1on day came and the v1ctors were Everett Jacoby pres1dent Betty Tallman v1ce pres1dent Dorothy Yells secretary and Robert Comstock treasurer Next came our sen1or play The Youngest 1n wh1ch fourteen of us trled our luck on the boards w1th adm1rable success ln the t1cket compet1t1on w1th Room 21 Room 19 was the v1ctor To celebrate we lunched and danced 1n the 8Ym mxttee trled new decorat1ve effects w1th our Chrrstmas trees After the tree s1tuat1on was 1n hand the center of our concentrated efforts was the surpr1se box and no box was better named When the amateur paper hangers 1nserted the favors wrapped the box rn streamers of hol1day red and ho1sted lt 1nto pos1t1on they were almost too t1red to go to the party That n1ght Santa VanHouten arr1ved to d1str1bute favors A near tragedy came when Lew1s swallowed part of h1s whrskers and almost lost a v1tal part of h1s abbrevxated costume It was a grand show and got everyone mto hol1day mood Our band was the Umverslty Revelers of Rochester and Mr and Mrs Mott Mr and Mrs Vogel and MISS O Br1en received for us Our greatest accompl1shment for the year IS th1s My nders1an M1ss O Br1en publ1cat1on adv1ser Mary Rlley ed1tor mn chlef and her staff have worked many weeks to develop th1s vear s ed1t1on Those on the staff have galned a valuable exper1ence from the hard work mvolved 1n 1ts preparatlon and we th1nk the book representatne of Mynderse l1fe w1th 1ts many 1nterests Our success as sen.1ors 1S due to M1ss O Br1en s unfallrng 1n1at1ve and klnd cooperatlon 1n help1ng us 1n all our HCIIVIIICS We couldn t have succeeded wxthout her Soon Mov1ng Up Day w11l come and then our gay commencement week and our 1nev1tab1e valedlctory The year IS almost over and 1938 says 1tS ad1eus w1th deep regret 14 7 4 - l 7 7 ' 9 a l , I . Q . , n u 7 7 - . . . . ' , , ,- . ' s l Q A n I ' I a 1 n , ls D ,y I . a Y I 3 . ' 3 I And then came the Ball ! Fragrance of balsam filled the gym while our com- , N . ., 1 n . - Q u u n 4 , I , 1 , u Q a . , ' . . - a u , . ' , ' . , . , . , . . . , li Y, .t 1-. - . , 7 . . . . , .. ' , I . , 1 .11-4? - A fi - .L-D - M . Margaret Baldasarrr Elame Balsley Yolanda Bafbl Anna Blfbwfl Christina Bennett Thelma Bemle Mary Capparellt john Casey MARGARET LoUIsE BALDASARRI Intramurals 1 2 3 43 Awards 43 Indoor Tract Q2 3 L1brary Club 1 Marshal 23 Glee Club 13 Needlecraft Q33 Treasurer Q33 Latm Club Q3 43 Hearth Club 43 Treasurer 4 umor Party Play and Prom Committees 3 Semor Ball Commlttee Q43 Mynderslan HELEN ELAINE BALSLEY L1brary Club 1 23 Glee Club 23 Operetta 23 Mus1cal Comedy 23 .Iumot Party and Prom Commlttees 3 umor Play 33 Wrg and Rouge Q3 43 Latxn Club Q33 Le Cergle Frangals 4 Semor Play 4 Semor Ball Comm1ttee Q43 Myndcrslan 4 YOLANDA RosE BAREI Lxbrary Club 1 Il Cxrcolo Italxano 2 3 Glee Club Q3 L.n1or Play and Prom Commxttees Q33 Latm Club Q3 43 Radlo Club Q2 3 43 Secretary Q33 XICC Pres1dent Q43 Glee Club 3 4 CHRISTINA ALYCE BENNETT Track Meet 13 Llbrary Club 1 2 Intramurals Q1 23 unlor Party Play and Prom Comm1ttees Q33 Le Cergle Frangars Q43 Semor Ball Comm1ttee Q43 THELMA MARY BENTLEY Acanthus Club Q2 3 43 Intramurals Q2 3 4 MARY AGATHA CAPPARELLI Llbrary Club Q1 23 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 unlor Partv and Prom Com mlttces Q33 Latln Club Q3 43 Hearth Club Q3 43 Presndent Q43 Needlecraft Club C3 43 Secretary Q33 un1or Advlser Q4 Glee Club 33 Scnlor Party and Ball Committees 43 Senlor Plav Q43 Mxcrophone Q43 xvlg and Rouge Q43 Mynders1an 4 GERARD orw CASEY Track 2 3 LeCergleFranga1s 2 3 4 un1orPlay 3 un1orPartyCommIttec C3 Wxg and Rouge Q3 43 Semor Play Q43 Football Q1 2 3 43 CLASS GF TI-IIRTY EIGHT A - C. I , , C 4 , 35 ' CD. C 4 C 4 , 4 ' , 4 ' C , C Dsl ' , ' C Ds ' ' 4 ' C43- ' - ' C, 9 C 4 C 4 ' C 4 ' ' C DQJ ' C 4 ' . 4 ' 4 ' C Di ' C Ds ' ' 4 ' C D- I Q. ' cm ' ' C, JI IJ-' ANNA MARIE BAREIERI. Library Club QI, 23, Marshal Q23, Intramurals Q1, 2, 3, 435 Debate Club Q2, 33, l 1 : 1 a V. ' l I C 1 l . C 4' ' v C , Ds t , JJ ' I . , , 5 , , Q 1 . ' , 4 A C, , , TJ ' , - .I ' A l Ds l ,C Q ' l l 3 C 4 ' ,L ' l 4 4 ' C D. D ,JA . out 'cum' cm' ' .W 010 Q0-I W- rf 5.4 vi ,Q,4,4-aa x .,.r"'.i ' . ,.. Q If v Chester Clark Dom Clarke Ed th Col Anthony Cazzato I vm Rose Comermsky John Clary Amelxo Cologgr Robert Comstock ANTHONY JAMES CAzzATO Lat1n Club C22 Aed1le C22 Junror Prom Commrttec C32 Semor Play Com m1ttee C42 Cunsmn HAMPTON CLARK Band C1 2 3 42 Orchestra Cl 2 3 42 Most Advancement 1n Band 1 Most Valuable Member of Band C22 L1brar1an for Band and Orchestra C2 32 All State Orchestra C3 42 Operetta C12 llndoor Track C32 Junxor Play C32 Junlor Prom Commlttee C32 Sen1Or Ball Comm1ttee C42 Acanthus C42 W1g and Rouge C3 42 Dolus ELIZABETH CLARKE Llbrary Club C12 Muslcal Comedy C22 Glee Club C1 2 32 OperettaC1 2 32 Orchestra C2 3 42 Jumor Play and Party Comm1ttees C32 Le Cergle Franga1s C3 42 Secretary C42 Senior Play C42 Wrg and Rouge C42 Commrttees C32 Senror Play and Ball Comm1ttees C42 AMELIO COLOGGI Commerclal Contest C32 ll C1rcOlO Italrano C32 Itallan Play Cornmlttee C32 Jumor Play Commlttee C32 Mlcrophone C42 Mynderslan C42 EDITH ELEANOR COLVIN Glee Club C1 22 Jumor Play and Prom Commxttees C32 State Champlonshlp Bookkeepmg C1 32 Natlonal Contest C32 Semor Play Commlttee C42 Mynderslan C42 RosE MARIE COMERNISKY Glee Club C12 Lrbrary Club C12 junlor Play C32 Junxor Prom Cornrnxttee C32 Needlecraft Club C32 Intramurals C32 Wrg and Rouge C3 42 Lat1n Club C3 42 Senror Play C42 Senlor Ball Commlttee C42 Myndersran 4 ANTHONY ROBERT COMSTOCK Operetta 22 Junxor Play 3 unlor Party and Prom Commlttees 3 Wig ar1dR0ugeC3 42 Treasurer 4 Senlor Play C42 Semor Ball Commrttee 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Aslatron Club C1 2 3 4 Treasurer C4 Treasurer 4 16 ,vc egg - , I, , I 4 , , , 5 ' C Dx JOHN PATRICK CLARY. Band C12g Audubon Club C125 Le Cergle Francais C32gJuniOr Party, Play and Prom ' V ' 9 ' ,C D- ' - C .4 ' CQQJ ' u ' C 54 u ' , , CD4 st CD4 C- 1 1 Ds Y I . I I D9 C D' 11544. 12 - A WRX - l f Muwmwauwvr T M2591 C00 CY Marcia Curry DeP l Howard Conklm James asqua e Kathleen Dorm Robert DeI.elys Dor1s Deming Mary Durmn HOWARD LESTER CONKLXN Vxce Presxdent 21 Presxdent 3 Radlo Club C3 Aviation Club 3 umor Play C3 umor Prom and Party Commuttccs C31 Football Manager C3 41 Senxor Play 41 Prxze Speakmg C41 Le Ccrglc Franga1s 4 umor Rotanan C41 Wxg and Rouge C41 SCICUCC Club 4 Mynders1an 4 MABEL AUGUSTA COOLEY Jumor Prom Comrmttee C31 Semor Ball Commnttee 41 MARCIA ELIZABETH CURRY Glee Club C1 2 31 Opercrta C1 31 Tap Club C2 31 Jumor Prom Com rmttee C31 Mynders1an C41 ROBERT WARREN DELELYS Band C1 2 3 41 Manager C41 German Band C1 2 31 Orchestra C2 3 4 Natlonal Contest Bass Flrst Dxvlslon 41 All State Band C3 41 Avlatxon Club C1 2 3 4 Latm Club C31 Jumor Party Comm1ttee C31 Semor Ball Commxttee C41 Glee Club C41 Mynderslan C41 DoRIs IRENE DEMING Jumor Prom Cornmlttee C31 AMES Louis DEPASQUALE Track C1 21 Football C1 2 3 41 Basketball C2 3 41 Glee Club 2 4 Il Cxrcolo ltalxano C31 Prcsxdcnt C31 Italxan Club Play C31 junxor Play Party and Prom Commxttees C31 Mncrophonc C3 41 News Editor C41 Senxor Ball Commxttec C41 KATHLEEN AGNES DORAN Lxbrary Club C1 Intramurals C1 21 jumor Prom Cornmxtrec C3 umor Play C31 Debate Club C31 Wng and Rouge C3 41 Hearth Club C3 41 X nce Presxdent C41 Commence rnenr Invltatxon Commxttec C4 Mynders1an 4 MARY CATHERINE DURNIN Lxbrary Club C11 Intramurals 11 17 'l -'- ' Cs ' CD4 ' D4 " C14 J ' Dsl' U U' 1 fi ' Cs ' ' 5 CDQJ ' 4' Q' C15 'CD- U . . U . . CU . , Q ,,s ,,D5 .U U ...UCU U UU .. UUUUDU. J U U -U ,QU QU ,,s CU,D4 D4 ,Q 'U U ' Dsl' 'M f Ds -inf A' ' .' 5 DNN- ElC3.I'l0I' Easton Gerard Easton Charles Fly nn Louis Giannotti Maryorie Dyson Marie Elliotto Michael Faiola Concetta Giardina MARJORIE XIIRGINIA DYSON MARY ELEANOR EASTOIN. Library Club C13' Intramurals 1 2 3 43 Award 3 ' unior Party Play and Prom Committees C33' Debate Club C33' Latin Club C3 43 Aeclile C3 43' Microphone C43' Senior Ball Committee C43' Commencement Imitation Committee C43' Myndersian C43. GERARD FREDERICK EASTON. Football C2 3 43' Junior Party Play and Prom Committees C33' Senior Ball Committee C43' Glee Club C43' Mvndersian 4 . -MARIE ETHEL ELLIOTTO. Library Club 13' Junior Prom Committee 3 ' Indoor Tract Meet C3 ' Intra- murals C1, 2, 3, 435 Senior Ball Committee 4 5Commencement Invitation Committee C43. MICHAEL FAIOLA. Football Operetta C335 Glee Club C3, 435 Senior Play Committee CHARLES MICHAEL FLYNN. Glee Club C135 Golf C2, 335Junior Play Committee Louis PAUL GIANNOTTI. Intramurals C1, 2, 3, 435 Radio Club C335 Wig and Rouge C3 5Il Circolo Italiano C2, 3, 435Junior Play and Prom Committees C335 Microphone C435 Senior Ball Committee C43. CONCETTA MARY GIARDINA. Library Club C1, 235 Il Circolo Italiano C335 Junior Prom and Party Com- mittees C335 Italian Club Play C335 Latin Club C3, 43, Consul C3, 435 Microphone C3, 43, Editor-in-Chief C435 Le Cergle Frargzis C435 Senior Ball Committee C435 Prize Speaking C435 French Club Play C435 Myndersian C435 Wig and Rouge C43. 18 , fp , Q, v V9 ,f7V'lfa-fnf' M I ,4 "r-4p0a1ul . - 'IJ D Peter Gxustl Bernadette Harrxgan lllllmm Kelleher PETER LEO GIUSTI Baseball C2 31 Glee Club C31 Presxdent C31 Operetta C31 Italxan Club Play 3 Band C3 41 Acanthus Club C3 41 X xce Pres1dentC41 Art Exhlblt Commxttee C41 Football C41 EARLLENE X ERoN1cA GRADY Hearth Club C2 3 41 X 1cc Presxdent C31 Budget Book Contest C21 State Wmner C21 Jumor Party and Prom Commtttees C31 Hearth Club Dance Chamnan C31 Myn dersman C41 WINURED MAE Gmc-cs Llbrary Club C11 juntor Prom Commxttee C31 HELEN HAMILTON L1brary Club C11 Jumor Party Comm1ttee C31 Senlor Luncheon Comrmttee Mynclersxan C41 Prom Commxttees C31 W lg and Rouge C3 41 Le Cergle Frangaxs C41 Senlor Play C41 Senxor Ball Com mtttee C41 Mynders1an C41 EUNICE ELBERTA HORLE Glee Club 3 4 EVERETT AMESJACOBY Presxdent C41 jumor Play C31 Jumor Party and Prom Commxttccs C31 Avtatnon Club C2 3 41 Presrdent C3 41 Mrcrophonc C41 Scnlor Play and Ball Commlttecs C41 Prtzc Speaking C41 Myndersxan Busmess Manager C41 XVILLIAM LAWRENCE KELLEHER Band 1 2 3 4 Latm Club C31 Jumor Play C31 Junior Party Corn rnxttec C31 Senxor Ball Comm1ttee C41 Mynderslan C41 19 A A 4 , . A ' . f . 1 ' UQ - . ' 4 ' ' Q ' ' C454 BERNADETTE CECILIA I-lAR1uGAN. Library Club C1, 215 Glee Club C31gJL1ni0r Play C31gJunior Party and . C , , U .. C, , , 15 ' 5 ' 4 ' ' Earllene Grady wlfllffed GUESS WJ!,j Eunice Horle El ellen Jacoby Helen Ham1lton 4 be L V Y 1 hlrzabeth Larsen John Laude Mem,-0 Klop Rxchard Louden Maryorxe Luckern Janet Lay Aclelarde Lntzenberger -.xv-af,2i , QM George Lvke fwfr MWC MENTRO KLOP Football 4 f 6 X M W M y ESTHER ELIZABETH LARSEN lf, W WU oHN ROBERT LAUDE Track 2 3D ANET DoR1s LAY Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Operetta 1 3 Prtze for Homemakmg Three Years 3 Semor Play C43 Myndersxan C4D Semor Luncheon Commlttee C43 Glee Club Festival C4D Glee Club Muslcal Show 4D RICHARD DEAN LOUDEN Ax 1at1on Club C1 2 3 4 MARJORIE ANN LUCKERN Ltbrary Club CID Treasurer 1 In ramurals 1 2 Indoor Track Meet 2 3 Debate Club C3D Junlor Party and Prom Commlttees 33 unror Prom Queen C33 Le Cergle Frangals C3 4D Presxdent C4D Mtcrophone C41 Semor Luncheon and Ball Commnttees C43 Myndcrstan Staff C4D GEORGE LEONARD LYKE Secretary C1 Orchestra 1 2 3 4D Band 1 2 3 4 Natnonal Solo Contests C1 2D All St te Band CU All State Orchestra C31 Jumor Prom Commxttee C35 Senror Ball Commtttec C4D Le Cetgle Frangaxs C41 Mynders1an C4D French Club Play C4D Q0 . . , l I C pu T44 f A 'T :lf . cb. aa, A ' - A M' I C tx, W L91 I . wt' J . C , . J . - ' C, , , Ds C , Ds ' ' CD5 ADELAIDE ELNORA LITZENBERGER. Glee Club C3, 4Dg Junior Prom Committee C333 Hearth Club C415 . . 5 . S . C . ' V- I Y Y 5 D' . ' , C Ds r A C , Ds C, Ds- H 4 ' v 1 ' C QJ t 4 . t Ds C,1,s C,-,,DQ, A -Qeaus Vi flwlv R fa Xfarsh ean Matthe S M le Nicgold ck Lee 'Ne ell Ch Sfme Nichols Leatha Nfixtchell Helen Nelson l7 7 a, fvu,e,z, vvx lk'- MARIE ELNICE MCGOLDRICK Lrbrary Club C1 2 3 45 The Audubon Soclety C15 Operetta C25 Glce Club C2 35 Jumor Party Commxttec C35 Latxn Club C3 45 Senxor Luncheon Comm1tteeC45 1- fef .4'a!met2"""Zl RTT-x MAE 'VIARSH Glee Club C1 25 Debate Club C3 45 Iunlor Party and Prom Commlttees C35 Scmor Play C45 Semor Ball Commlttees C45 Hearth Club C45 Wxg and Rouge C45 Myndersxan Staff C45 EAN Aww MATTHEWS Hearth Club C1 2 35 Glee Club C1 25 Operetta C2 35 Jumor Play Commxttee LE ATI-TA MAY MITCHELL Operetta C15 Hearth Club C15 Glee Club C25 Jumor Party Commxttee Semor Luncheon Comm1ttee C45 HELEN ESTHER NELSON Glee Club C1 2 3 45 Lat1n Club 35 umor Prom Party and Play Commlttecs C3 Hearth Club C3 45 XX lg and Rouge 3 45 Senlor Luncheon Commlttce C45 Mynderslan 4 LEE ARTHLR NEvs ELL Tumblmg Club C2 3 45 Acanthus Club C3 45 Secretary C45 Football C3 45 Sennor Ball Comm1ttee C45 Poster Contest C35 CHRISTINE NICHOLS Glee Club C25 Muslcal Comedy C25 jumor Party and Prom Commxttees C35 Le Cergle Frangaxs C3 45' Needle Craft Club C45 Presxdent C45. Lous onrs Pxou. Indoor Track C1 254 Band C2 3 45' Orchestra C3 45' Glce Club C35' Operctta 3 ' Italian Club Plav C35' Football C3 45' Baseball C3 45' Basketball C3 45' Le Cergle Francais C3 45' Wig and Rouge C45' Senior Ball Committee C45. 21 It. Xl Phil p Ragan V V UEd rd Rescorl Robert Plunkett Frances Riley if ff. y' Mary R ley Alice Rhinehart fa Alice Ro ers f Eila Riese IUC 3 'll ROBERT WILLIAM PLUNKETT Band C1 2 3 43 Orchestra C2 3 43 Junior Party Committee C33 Senior Ball and Play Committees C43 PHILIP OHN RAGAN Aviation Club 1 2 3 4 unior Play Committee 3 EDWARD THOMAS RESCORL Manager Football Team 3 43 ALICE IRENE RHINEHART. Library Club C1 23 Glee Club C1 2 33 Treasurer C33 Operetta C1 23 As- sembly Pianist C2 33' Commercial Contest C33'junior Party and Prom Committees C3 ' Senior Luncheon and Ball Committees C435 Tap Club Pianist C3, 43' Myndersian C43. EILA CARLEEN RIESE. unior Party and Prom Committees C335 Operetta C3 ' Needlecraft Club 3, 4 ' Hearth Club C3, 435 Senior Play C435 Senior Luncheon Committee C435 Wig and Rouge FRANCES HELENA RILEY. Tap Club C1 5 Intramurals C1 2, 3, 435 Indoor Track Meet C2, 335 Glee Club C2 3 435 Musical Comedy C235 Operetta C2, 335 Needlecraft Club C3, 43, President C33, Secretary C43' unior Play, Prom and Party Committees C335 Homemaking A Prize C33. MARY AGNES RILEY. Library Club 135 Intramurals C1, 2, 3, 4 , Awards C3, 435 Indoor Track C1, 2, 3 ' Physical Education Demonstration C435 Microphone C2, 3, 43, News Editor C435 Debate Club 3 ' Tumbling Club Junior Play C335 Le Cergle Francais 3, 4 , Vice-President 4 5 unior Party and Prom Committees C335 Wig and Rouge C3, 43, Vice-President C435 Senior Luncheon and Ball Committees C4 5 Mynclersian Editor-in-Chief C435 French Club Play C43. ALICE FLORENCE ROGERS. Library Club 13, President 1 5 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 5Cheer Leader 2, 3 5 Junior Play C335 Wig and Rouge C3, 435 junior Prom Committee C335 Senior Play C435 Le Cergle Frangais C435 French Club Play C435 Senior Luncheon and Ball Committees C435 Prize Speaking C435 Myndersian C435 Mvndersian Dance Committee C43. 'I 22 ff p I gfgiawrok Francis Ryck Raymond Salotti John Russo Mildred Smart Rvbfff sPe"Ce" John Scaramuzzino Sam Sinicropi Howard SOPH' JOHN PAUL Russo. Football Manager C315 Basketball Manager C3, 41. FRANCIS MATTHEW RYCK. ALDO RAYMOND SALOTTI. Stage Manager C313 Latin Club C3, 41, Aedile C415 Football C3, 41. JOHN NICHOLAS SCARAMUZZINO. Junior Play Committee C31g Intramurals SAM JOHN SINICROPI. Basketball CZ, 3, 41gJuniOr Party and Play Committees C31g State Bookkeeping II Champion C19371g International Bookkeeping Champion, Chicago C19371g Microphone C3, 41. MILDRED SMART. Library Club C114 Indoor Track Cl, 215 Intramurals Cl, 21gJunior Play, Party and Prom Committees C319 Hearth Club C41, Hearth Club Dance Chairman C41. ROBERT GEORGE SPENCER. Radio Club C1, 2, 3, 41. HOWARD SMITH SOPER. Aviation Club CI, 21g Intramurals C1, Z, 3, 413 Football C2, 3, 414 Junior Play C315 Indoor Track C314 Junior Prom Committee C315 Baseball Manager C3, 414 Acanthus Club C455 Senior Ball Committee C41g Tumbling Club C41. 23 - Jon,-I on-omak Genevxexe Sullivan 'L me Stevenson Frederick Truim Mari' Tuffi Helen suium ' Elizabeth Tallman Lewis Van Houfen MARY JANE STEVENSON. Senior Luncheon Committee C414 Intramurals C14 21. Baseball C2, 3, 414 Glee Club GENEVIEVE ISABELLE SULLIVAN. Library Club C114 Intramurals C1, 2, 314 Junior Party and Prom Com- mittees C314 Senior Ball Committee C41. HELEN CELESTIA SULLIVAN. Library Club C114 Intramurals C1, 2, 3, 414 Junior Prom Committee C314 Needlecraft Club CS, 41, Vice-President C314 Senior Ball Committee C414 Myndersian ELIZABETH JANE TALLMAN. Secretary C314 Vice-President C414 Nature Club C114' Musical Comedy C214 Intramurals C1, 2, 414 Glee Club Cl, 2, 31, Secretary and Treasurer C214 Acanthus C2, 3, 41, Program Chairman C31, President C414 Latin Club C31, Aedile C314 Wig and Rouge C3, 414Junior Play C314Junior Play, Party and Prom Committees C314 Microphone C414 Senior Play C414 Senior Ball Committee C414 Myndersian C41. FREDERICK GRANT TRULAN, Nature Club C114 Basketball C1, 2, 3, 414Junior Party, Play and Prom Com- mittees C314 Latin Club C3, 41, Questor C31, Aedile C414 Football C414 Myndersian C414 Junior Rotarian C41. MARY TURRI. Library Club C114 Glee Club C214 lntramuralsC1, 2, 3, 41. LEWIS ROMAYNE XVAN HOUTEN. Nature Club C114 Intramurals C24 3, 414 Commercial Contest C24 314 R'adio Club C314 Junior Play C314 Junior Prom Committee C314 Senior Play C414 Senior Ball Committee C414 Microphone C414 Glee Club C414 Myndersian C41. 24 9 JOHN CHARLES STROMAK. Track C114 Football Cl, 2, 3, 414 Basketball C1, 2, 3, 414 Indoor Track C1, 2, 31' ! CZ? Dororhx 'lclls gngs Martha ty ,I Lester Youngs jylgfjc V Stl NNUMQ tr NIARTHA XX 1cKEs XX ARNLR Glee Club 1 Musualfomedx C1 Intramurals C2 3 41 Band C1 2 3 4 Wtg and Rouge 3 41 Myndersxan 4 DOROTHY MM Yurs Treasurer 1 2 X 1ce Presldent 31 Secremrv 4 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Awards C1 2 3 41 Indoor Track 1 Z 3 Tap Club C21 Glee Club C2 3 41 V1cePres1dent 4 Award C21 Operetta C21 XX lg md Rouge 3 4 umor Plav C31 Iumor Party and Prom Commlttees 31 Tumbling Club C31 Needlecraft C41 Treasurer C41 Sentor Play C41 Semor Ball Commlttee 41 Mynderslan C41 Prnae Speakmg C41 Intersectlonal Speakmg Contest C41 Phys1calEducat1on Demon stratlon C4 onN ADLLBLRT Youm s Secretary C21 Treasurer C31 Indoor Track C31 Glee Club C31 Operetta C3 Prxze Speak1ngC41 XX lg and Rouge 41 Basketball Manager C4 LESTER MAYNARD Youwcs Football C1 2 3 41 l'5asketballC1 2 31 Baseball 2 3 Track C1 2 31 Glee Club C31 Intramurals C1 2 3 41 Tumbl1ngC,lub C2 3 41 Semor Ball Lommnttee 41 Semor Play C41 W xg and Rouge C41 Q5 in 1113 4 L I J x QW! ,' I' - xi X' V V ' ,U K , ' J lm H f ' WV R' I I I w , ' lQVt,,1'.-fx Mt Q" , A I 4 ld rr- ' I I 'Yr' I .I ' ,Ix I I R 9 1 a 2 1 Orchestra C1, 2, 3, 41g Indoor Track C1, 2, 314 Latin Club C31gJunior Play and Party Committees C31g " , C , 9 ' " C D- ' 4,54 ' tg -,cm U C,',,D, ' 4 ."'C,,D: 3' Ca '4 ,,, - UCD, 4. ' 4 ' 1 C, 54.1 4. v . C 4 ' U 4 V , V' gn ' 4 A A C Q . D. .I I T a Q 9 Q 15 4 ' C 4 ' ' ' ' C D- ' H 4' 'c,, Q. C,Ds. ,ni b Q ' , , , 5 ' ' C, , 5 3 C Q M ,371 aff! i Xylaw-'NA A yy 7 ,jx .f-7 fy 'fl 4 V---rf", " f Row: Harliill, Royce, Worden, Smith, Trotter, Nicandri, Larsen, Riley, Leonard, l-amana,h?dflardJ'Barb b5f, Rogers- T6lfRD,R0W VanDitto, DeRitter, Boyce, Gargan, Harrigan, Greene, Bonnacci, DeSanto, Caricillo, rdmah, Jones, lvlykrs, rlt G OND Rani? Smith, West, Henry, Lindsey, Trumble, Jenner, Miller,52hl1rpe, Morganti, Ross, Towner. ITONT gow: aeadgaia 1 07 io, Tag , 5, .,.ajf-gjy--: ' I Lalarco, DeNatalie, Decker. . ,NJ ,i V .VJ ' Haw A- 'ji E , x nd.-f 'N N " 'f y - V' J' L..." 3. Lp-'V will 'J , "" ,I X - , - S' 0 Oeirpfvc .g.,!'flill ,, ix' T M. V K M mf f7"4"'4'4! D x i id - 'MJK - " N f . DALE KISSEQT Rbesident X' ' 1" X -'Lf 'semis' it L if , .5 ' J xill lx, XQLBPDSX . i Q05 1 . f. 1' KIA, 'Ili 1 uf 'gf fi. -if fin A 'X c 1 X511 4 rj " ' X5 , X1 'V AV, .i' fi Q cs' Q t, Q . "x f . A N 7 -L Y: N -LX it K I X ii 5 XX . 5 .XC M f ,rf I i HELEN DECKER, Vice-President A ' BARBARA JENNER, Secretary mx.- A X 1 X JOAN HARRIGAN, Treasurer After we had settled in our assigned homerooms last fall, we at once assumed responsibilities as juniors and set to work to make this a successful year under a staff of efficient ofhcers. Our hrst social event was the Junior Party, which turned out very successfully. The plans for the party were in charge of Sara Ross, Philip McEneny, Lucy Rhinehart, Genevieve DeSanto and Frances Miller. All the classes contributed enthusiastically by dramatizing one-act skits written by each class. The skits, food and dancing proved an ideal combination of entertainment, and the biggest party of the year achieved a new high among upper class social activities. At the party, we presented Mr. Brumagim, who was leaving our school permanent- ly, with a gift as a token of our appreciation for his acting as one of our class advisers. Next, the question arose as to the type of play we should present. Just before the Christmas holidays, a committee consisting of Phili McEneny, Joan Harrigan, Helen Decker, Dale Kissel and Barbara Jenner selecte a three-act comedy written by Barry Connors, entitled "The Patsy." Many turned out for tryouts, but the leading roles were given to Joyce Lindsey, Frances Miller, Norton Moore and Duane Gustafson supported by a strong cast. The excellent acting of the entire cast under the patient coaching of Miss Jean George made the play a success. Q6 ON' ii 1l?,1f,- lfdgfdas,-e!l.1f,.s9lA4-in ,, - 1 X - - ft. ,BACK now: Eddington, Calabro, E, Yetlora, Klop, Coyne, Russo, Ceo, Valenti, Morgantifrluxnn nowg A. Vedora, Moore, Sinicropi Nucci Lancer, Humphrey, Deming, K' tz, Hulby, V. Berretta, Colloggi. sacoxo Row: A. Mastroleo, Kissel, McEneny, Horton, Aronso Gustafson, Siegfred, Morehouse, oble, Newman. rnoxr Row: Malone, Mastroleo, Delefave, Carnavale, Blawski, Barretta, Wilson Zona. fl 0 . I -1 J, w 'iff-"ZuJiAr"g ,A SSWYWQ ADVISERS W XF Miss RILEY Miss HAMMON MR. BECKER X Music and athletics haven't been slighted in our class. Ours is a musical-minded class, for both in the band and orchestra our students take part. All extra curriculars have been well represented by juniors. When the month of March blew in, more honors were conferred upon our class. In the prize speaking contest, both of our junior contestants came out victorious. Philip McEneny won first prize for the boys, and Janice Myers won second prize for the girls. The climax of our year is our Junior Prom. Since it is not planned until june, we can't tell you all the details, but we have been doing some serious thinking and have some good ideas in mind, and we can promise you that it will be not only the best prom yet but one that will be long remembered. Speaking of the Prom reminds us that by that time the Class of Nineteen Thirty- Eight will be graduated. For our fellow-upperclassmen we hope the future will be as bright and successful as their years in Mynderse. We hate to see them go, even though their passing means that we shall be the seniors then and the occupants of those coveted senior rooms. 97 jfs V, fy' OFFICERS f Jorm lVlARsH, President ji" if UNE MOLL, Vice-President RN 'ga' XVIRGINIA Hess, Secretary 5 7'x'.p,f Rfxvmoxn MARsH, Treasurer ef :fir . N ' l I a ' ' 1' . 1 2 . Eggs Y 'I A l 7. -,ge 'Brand Zone Errico Kozeraski Eighmey.F1x-'rHn0w:' Brady Back Row: Youngs Feltus, Balsley Grahlins, Brown, Morse, Vanlitren, , , , , r Speers, King, Crelly. Gleason, Barbi,-I. Ryclt, Crull. roumn Row: Hoster, W., Marks, Ireland, Morehouse, Bush, Marsh, A., Sutterby, Chalker. B ' ' Ra an Lavsler Cornerniskv Marsh I Carrol Barbi J THIRD Row' Allen, Moreland, Merritt, Crull, Decker, Hoster,j. SECOND now: Cillllfll, g ,, ' , , , ,, ., , , ., . . . V k. Ricci, Lorenzetti, Stevenson, Bentley, lzzo. rmsr Row: Chadwick, Kelleher, Carnavale, Galhna, Marsh, R., Trumble, McCarthy, Wat ins, Brown, Connolly, Amidon. The sophomores, one hundred and twenty-three strong, sixty girls and sixty-three boys, a trifle more mature and sedate than in the days of their hilarious freshman infancy, descended on Mynderse like a miniature avalanche last September. They were growing up, and although they didn't look particularly aged, they wanted everybody to know that they had passed their second birthday in Mynderse. They started off their year by electing a staff of capable ofhcers, andsince then they have been distinguishing themselves in the various extra-curricular activities offered at Mynderse, most notably in sports. As a part ofthe entertainment at the Junior All-School Party, the sophomores as a class presented a skit written and enacted by some aspiring, young playvvrights and entertainers of the same class. ' 28 E T E F o up faire gf'-'favl ,,,f,'p,7 ,'11fa,-.,,fl,1'4i. ' 4 in .f ADVISERS at - l ,,' M"7' 4 N l Miss WEATHERLOW V ' 4' , Ai fl Miss SMITH VJ p V Miss MILLER i I , ' t MR. lVlARm,E 4' 7 I Rexnolls Row Polushixo Peterman L Summers Piagewini 'Vlarsella Cjioxeanerti E Perdicho Delia Peterman Nl Rausch Perrotto Hess Clark Mres Del.elx Nliller sucoxn Row Terrussi Npeigleman Xergamrnmi NX nson Peterson Laurence most Row Suinehart Lent Nloll Horton Ylehnes BACK Row Yerzillo Qinicropi on s E Hooper Palumbo Thex look forward to thc Freshman Sophomore pectations and hope to outdo the freshmen in ox er offered The class anxiouslw awaits Moxing Lp Dax wh juniors they may turn their backs on their past year future filled with class successes in all the fields in including believe it or not that scholastic realm in so strongly entrenched. Q9 Nliles hen ale Ltduico Lahr Russo Deal Hulbx Potnrn sposito Newell lx eistein sullixan Blacl-tmer Brancifort S Nande son lxnox Dxson Po nesi Guthrie Baker Coolex Lxncn Lat int fhalser lrge soll Grahling NlcParland Lu liter owes X Giese Gianotti Blauski picnic this une with high ex consumption of all refreshments en as rexcred wise and potent s and look forward to a roseate which they have made a start which the upperclassmen seem OFFICERS EUGENE GUSTAFSON, President BETTY MASTEN, Vice-President NORMA GUSTAFSON, Secretary CHARLES CARROLL, Treasurer Dear Myndersian, You have asked us for our life story to date, and l shall endeavor to tell you the high lights of our remarkable career. Our outstanding class of eighty boys and sixty- six girls, healthy, happy, and excited over the prospect of being in "high," arrived at Mynderse, September 9, 1937. Since then we have been taking the bitter with the better, for the great majority of the people in school don't seem to realize that we are an impressive class. Who but us could have elected two members of the same family, the Gustafsons, to office, thus proving that we don't believe in houses divided against themselves, and that we stand four square for equality of the sexes when it comes to class burdens? Our sister class needed talent for the Junior All-School Party, and we gave them all the mountain atmosphere they needed with our Hill Billy skit. We gave such a good performance we just about convinced ourselves that we came from them that hills. BACK now Ulmstead, Suffredini, Conley, Campbell, Sanderson, Gallina, Carroll, Moio, Mursella, Kozeraski, Keenan, Masten, Riel, Brignal. FOURTH Row Riley, Russell, Alderman, Colabro, Marselila, Parici, Carroll, West, Torchenelli, Jones, Hoster, Terussi, Fitzsimmons, D1 Domenic THIRD Row: Van Burin, Roland, Lama, Didona, Vanliurgin, Tracey, Moio, Carcillo, Parker, Beck, Mahoney, Carroll, Burrovss SECOND Row: Pioli, Peters, Rice, Marsellla, Stromak, Marsh, McGuire Reynolds, Gustafson, Scarrimuzino, Keach. FRONT Row:Sabatini, Caffola, Kinnetz, Laws, Larsen, Fridley, Verzil a, ADVISERS MR. DOYLE Miss Wicxlzs Miss KELLER MRs. STEIGERWALD And say can we dance? You should see us truckin' at every dance. Really the Big Apple is too, too simple for us. As to our musical attainments, well were good, whether it's band, orchestra, or glee club! People have fre uently remarked that they never heard anything like uf. In fact, Miss Burnham sai as much herself. Then you've heard about our class in s orts, of course. Bill Woodard, John Hartman, Leslie Lind, Donald Hayes and Te Smith are just a few who have gained class glory in the fall and winter sports, and we've told coach he needn't worry about future teams as long as he has us. We admit to brawn, but we are right there in brain too. In debate, in social science, we scored some real victories. We doubt if Miss Compitello could keep the library straight without our Library Club members. Within a few weeks we'e going in training for the Sophomore-Freshman picnic. It's a matter of pride with us, not to let the sophs beat us even in eating. l I must sign off now and get my beauty rest. Ha, ha! That's supposed to be funny. Course we've got looks too. We just can't help it if we do have everything, can we? IMA FRESHMAN BACK ROVVi Gleason, Youngs, Klop, Masrroleo, Cunims, Ezvo, Wilcox, Ferrara, Brower, Vidora, Connely, Latermer, Ceo, Brand, Marks, Tan zarillo, Chalker. FUURTH RUVVIAIIIILIOFI,-I-3II1bLlff'IHO.RlZl2lI'l,SlIl1Hl6I1S, Bartuni, Mcflann, Burchin, Deal, Mciiullough. THIRD Row: Kilionsky Kelleher, Hartman, DeLelys, Prayne, Lurie, Sinicropi, Lind, Saunders, Lamana, Bowman, YanTassel. suoxn Row Riese, Mclilligot, Carrlslml Angorola, Peterman, Luckern, Borden, Gustafson, Woodard, Brown, Smith, QIOYLIHIIII, SIIIIIHFHHH, Della- WUT RUW5 Stuck: Tfowbfidge Hayes, Mathe 's, B1anconi,L'ticDne, Lind, L., Callahan, Taniburrino, Pigano, Amidon. gi 'I Q m nfl as 1 QLLNDAR ' v' 'WM ,,w,,, W, I , ,uni jf' ' M Y I K , V Q, ' A ' s 'U 'FJ 13773 .pf " v f 'FW . A '4 a 5 5 'Qi , .Y A ,L Aim, a uf., wif , fill N tio' wt -4 NK 'X' shingle 0655 B09 tO' gi t is x56 NX P we THE MYNDERSIAN FOR 1938 The th1r and supervxsed by M1ss O Brxen our class adv1ser brmgs you a p1ctor1al vrevv of our school l1fe Modern equlpment 1nstructors quallfled to transnnt the best of the resent because they understand 1ts past and env1s1on 1ts future a currxculum em racxng anc1ent culture and modern pract1b1l1ty HCEIVIIICS to develop the 1nd1v1dual bent part1c1pat1ng students all these are represented here rn p1ctures and story We hfope that you w1ll hke th1s our most amb1t1ous year book and that you w1ll a1n r g om It a sympatheuc understandrng of our ltttle Mynderse World teenrh Mynderrzan the product ofa staff of thrrty two sen1ors d1rected 34 -A 1 F 13 ,JZ 0 'pl . ,A N. Ei 'isa is 'is xl" V 5 tx X v 1, WSC . . , ., . . . . -, n , 7 1 I I , p 1 o Q ' , - 7 , .A . LITERAR Y STAFF Martha Warner Helen Nelson Betty Tallman Rose Comernisky Janet Lay Concetta Giardina Alice Rogers Eleanor Easton Bernadette Harrigan BUSINESS STAFF Bill Kelleher Gerard Easton Helen Sullivan Margaret Baldasari Dorothy Yells George Lyke Elaine Balsley Lewis Van Houten Helen Hamilton Earllene Grady Amelio Colloggi Alice Rhinehart Marcia Curry PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Fred Trulan Kathleen Doran Edith Colvin Howard Conklin Doris Clark Marjorie Luckern Mary Ca arelli Bob De Eelys 35 lv J KJ Q gi Wg? XS YMSC 265' 00' 9" si'-pe . KY 5 1 efflx G01 an 'A be vo 'F M40 .NY at new , 1 N' W9 ' 51 X K S U , BAXSWN YN Q- 6 CV xml- X2 L SN 58 a OXOEQ 0,4 FO gzlmsa ' x 6 Na .voo,'ke,S0 KY' ew' we . Ax 1 YF D1 eve C10 ' QOVX' Ken, Q95 00 'J - . O- nyx of 'XXV' KOLFO BACK now Clarke Lolxin, Doran. FRONT ROW DeLelys Lucltcrn Conklin, Capparelli, Trulan. QQMY DER MICROPHO 'el Q x' - ALL-ARouND SCHOOLf,,f?f,f'90a0 on 'five acllllv Club - ' 0 , f ' 100 F d Q Jacob Wins PARTx,fs511EMe,ie,,f0g, X ,Y ab'5,g1,eg,sgG,ad51gteS ll g X ,i,A-, -xl fx . , W . ' X if I ' V . A. 3 t- cholarshlp At S racuse University gh 'jfhjfl Xi ,le hx I EX'Pl'9il .Iacohy Wllll the S404 K il l K O scllolalsllip offelefl by Syrilcllsl l'llivel'sity to the highest scrol-el ry ll the Clll'l'Plll events contest he-lr ZALD ere last Fl'iflZlY. N' X l , N '5- :fm Philip NICEIIQIIY was 0110 of tl , Qu DQ ermlfmve wlm fy--M 1- MU- ' if X l mQ1llvlARv RILEY IS 5 'fi 13 q A24 EDITOR-lN-CHIEF OFQJ X ,V aa, QQ, 1938 MYNDERSIANYQ, 5 , X J. 4 L--T I J tl C .J 9 G 1' Nlarv lille-V was Cll0!iPll rl rv 9 Z - . . Y I lx ?: 9 Q12 glill-clliel' of the 1938 ' it D ,El 4lSheI wily? To Be 1 .V 0- 91 lowln 5 l KN ll 2-Bi Q l We Colo' Senior Ba A ' F 9 6 3 Fes l N . ' s .V ig'F13llGaVDecoY?1Uon ff will Wh : 2 f - ' . H' 7 I ' lm 'GW , sellwl KN. UQVQXX J? rj IQdit0r-in-chief, Concetta Giardinaui 'asf ,lib '2Businees Mana,ger,. .. Qaleuliissel Q1 hull Fl aber FWIU' DLUUUIILS S Ai, IUJI :ting , Attended All stale 3 ,, ' .Sv HOHOY a J I , O .o Q WX ...ff- gf Band Cllnlc At Ithaca Z WH J me W Juuag 0'Briell,yea1'lJ f -1' N -E: 'OW' ' iss -' ' celved U0 J Mr. Fraser and five Nlyll 0 O 1 W. 5, ldviser, has -Just le -cp U Q Z 'U , ,009 N U0na1SCh0l3SU .fl . students attended the all Q f' Q, out to 1-om the athat the 1937 Myn ij band clinic held at Ithaca Co Q Qc B and ,ssoclation irst f , .N Q 1 A I-f, . K GAVIYNDERSE BAND 0 64993 Qfx-50 Mynderse Faculty Member , 41 ' ' Cf! :ONCE-RT SCHEDULEDA6tOQQv.j 6,2 Elected Steyn Chalrm If KC FOR MARCH EIGHTP QVAEXN 5 Miss Cfolllpitello has hoell ele ivy ....- Q, Q Q., sl Qoffpo ted Cl12ill'lll2il1 of the lilll'zll'y secli Q 6' The annual My rbxqfoih kvoovllf the 5291111111 XV!-fSIPl'l1 zolle of t X concert will he held -'CQQQ' Q ss 00,9 hlevll lork State Telzlvllors As: lx 101-ium, KI2il'Cll eighth, Awe, px C 506 f?l8ll0ll llleetlllg to he held llc 'RU X the Qwlmylg, Both the . .- Sz Gish oo itell. She lfvill have charge of t Q second llalllls will lllay. Ullt S 5 Xe Q3 fro.-Qofl'b1'H1'Y blllldllllfi l11'0sl'uln alld w th - direction of MVA John Fl'llS11F, ,XG -Sage Q izqcollclllct the llhl'zll'y mvetlllg X Urogrum is Us fouowse rj!-xx-QN V SY Faculty Advlsf.,-5 la 6, fP2lCllolvs f'0llTf2l'r1nr-n in ln.,-lm.-. Y Xzfkgln it 3, X5 Miss l1't-l'eszl lll. Compilvllo 'x J Bl? ' ,Xllx llnvlll Doyle X THIRD now: Clarclllo, Van Ditto, Carnavalc, Delnlng, Jacoby, Slnlcropi, Civlaflllffl. SILCUND now: Lapparelll, Ross, Ingersoll, Miller, Doran, Q X Trllllllwle, Lindsey, Luckern, Easton. lllzsl now: Barhlerl, Yan Exten, Rllcy, Mdinerly, Depasllualel Tallmin,-Kan Houten. .K ,rt J is , ..' .n QQUJI1 l The senior play, "The Youngest," was presented in two performances hy a douhle cast in Noyeniher. In this rollicking three-act comedy, Nancy was portrayed hy Betty Tallman and Bernadette Harrigan, who made Richard, played hy Howard Conklin, stand up for his own rights in spite of the continued opposition of his family. The juniors produced i'The Patsyn in Fehruary, Philip Mclineny was convincing as the father. .loyce Lindsay and Francis Miller played the leading role of Patricia, and Norton Moore and Duane Gustafson alternated as Tony Anderson. The success of these plays was the result of hard work by good casts directed by Miss George and ably supported by appreciative houses. STANDING1COl"lkllFI, Comstock, Balsley, Yells, Tallman, smrhraz Rogers, Van Houten, Clarke, Youngs. stasnixu: Aronson, Decker 'vioore Lindsey. semen. Ross, Mclineny ' x. , inf ' ,,r" " ,fc ff? ' ,ff .f . q--,1 f - ' 5- J wr'- ,f , -wx, A . -' ,fc "1 I.-. A aw Q' 7'.,'.,R ,figwff ' ""4"- , ?,5g.w '-xx H .. Q XM, - , 1152? Q.,...., . ,,. .,., ,,. ..,.w 4. ,, V. 4, WW' M532 i 737 MIDI . f if -1 H kv- '- .wa , V x - 5 fi 1 1' ' M mel , Y ,. 4 4, ,-132.481 .W - ., U.. .,., YLL.-w,7K'5,,,,.,,,t.,1Wf-1.x,l Lwf. f v f Y ' - f ff laqg ,. an I r' i P "7'!!'lw' K .---- '-' 173 2225 The Mynderse Academy Band, which affords part of the musical education ofiered Mynderse students, has been under the eflicient direction of Mr. John Fraser for ten years. Since 1928 it has been making a place for itself in high school and in the community, it is now very po ular in Mynderse both for education's sake and as a form oljentertainment. Robert De Lelys was chosen manager of the band for 1937-38. The Senior Band this year consists of thirty-three members. Although smaller than bands of other years, it is still main- taining its high efliciency in contest work. The Junior Band, which is made up of young musicians now has a membershi of thirty-hve. These players are pro- gressing in music an are fitting themselves for the Senior Band. Mr. Fraser also has younger students from the Ward schools who are studying instruments. In all, he has over one hundred pupils under his instruction. The bands played several times during the year, always playing at the home football games where they gave fine demonstrations of maneuvers. Both bands gave their annual concert in March at which they hit new highs in successful accomplishment. An in- teresting concert was also given as an assembly program. At the Central New York Band Contest held in April, Mynderse placed first in marching and tied with Penn Yan for first place in playing, thus winning the right to compete in the state contest injamestown, May 14. Solo winners were Bob and Janet DeLelys, Bob Horton and Joe Calabro. Bob DeLelys, whom you see on this page, was a First Divi- sion Winner in the 1937 National Band Contest. 3 xx YK Ronan Da LnLYs, 1937 Winner National Band Contest jx' ffvvav,.J,,g If-S .ff ff x X I 'ri-:mn now: Lyke, Hayes, Uticone, E. Mastroleo, Lind, Plunkett, Aronson, P. Hutchings, Stuck, Garrigan, Comstock, Perkins. sucobm Row: i Fraser, Director-,Warner, J. DeLelys, Dickow, Colabro, Fridley, Kelleher, B. DeLclys, Riese, D. Hutchings, C. Clark, Clark. raorsrr Row: R. Lind, Moses, Carroll, Pioli, Zona, Peterman, Rafferty, I. Mastroleo, Rhinehart, Speers, Feltus, Grahling, Balsley, Staudemeyer. sg , ,,2ii'.,,fL .M 1 , . K, L?g7-7 N 1 X ' ei LEE CL BS 7 The Mynderse Academy Glee Clubs have been a source of great enjoyment to their members and the community since their organization in 1931. This year linds the club composed of sixty-four girls and twenty-two boys. Election of ofiicers was held at the begin- ning of the school term. The girls selected as president, Helen Decker, vice-president, Dorothy Yells, secretary, Virginia Towner, assisted by June Moll, with Ethel Jones, Virginia Hess, Ruth Worden, and Frances Riley acting as librarians. The boys chose as president, Duane Gustafson, vice-president, Joe Comernisky, secretary and treasurer, Howard Humphrey, with james Brady and Willis Hoster as librarians. Late in the fall, fifty-three members went to Canandaigua for the Finger Lakes High School Choral Festival, composed of Glee Club members from eleven neighboring towns. Mynderse girls rendered a selection entitled "Dedication", Miss Manjoiua BURNHAM, Director the combined club sang "Me and My Little Banjo." The First of April found the combined club performing -,N their production of Glee Club Capers, an original show 1 ' ' Nw,.,,,,,,,,,,, written by club members. VNS' ,- In May, the club combined with Mr. Fraser's orchestra in 1 ,U I-'-: : presenting a concert to parents and townspeople. This effort J, U ' 3- .v- :- -f was to show the public the more serious work of these .' 2 "-:ri organizations. ,M Ml!Mj,fi,,'l iillll In June, letters will be presented to members attaining a high standing based on attendance, ability, and cooperation, and this ceremony will mark the end of a successful year under Miss Burnham's direction. FOURTH now: Giusti, Humphrey, Leonard, King, Van Houten, Hoster, A. Barbieri, Ludovico, Lay, Liczenberger, Horle, Campbell, Gustafson, Conley, Stevenson, Amidon, Carcello, Sanderson, Sabatini, Smith, Worden, Jones. THIRD now, Barbi, Uticone, Stevenson, Birchim, Allen, Palumbo, Pitrella, Cafarro, Rice, Spiegleman, Weniss, Reynolds, Nelson, Guthrie, Fornesi, McGuire, Parisi, Torchinelli, Yells. secorfm now' Carnavale, Comernisky, DePasquale, Gustafson, Faiola, Peters, Probst, Calabro, Hoster, Moll, Hess, Clark, Reynolds, Kemak, Stromak, Ma- honey, Sanderson, Horton, Ayers, Towrierujones. rmsr now: Brady, Lorenzetti, Sinicro i, Mastroleo, DiDominick, Hoster, Luckern, Masten Riel, Decker, Riley, Brancefort, Perhichohlones, Riley, McFarland, Olmstead, Flamill, Sinicropi, Calarco,Gallina, Sufferdini. 'C :I it + H. L alarm-Jw .-..s..,... -T ,V , TF-Y .....-.1 CIRCULUS LATI Circulus Latinus, Miss Miller sponsore, extrema parte anni mille novem centum triginta sex institutus est. I-loc anno socii sunt triginta duo. Decem Magistratus, quotannis electi et plerumque similes eorum in civitate Romana, Circulo praesunt. Duo consules, Concetta Giardina et Philip McEneny, per vices conventibus praesident, quibus quattuor aediles, Eleanor Easton, Dale Kissel, Ray Salotti et Fred Trulan. auxiliantur in Constituendo ea quae gestura sunt.Janitor, Vito Lilla, ante congressiones extra januam remanet, et quemque socium admirtit postquam tessera, quam indicavit convenru roximo, recte data est. Quaestor, Joan Harrigan, est prae ectus aerarii, et quoque litteris rerum gestarum breviarium mandat. Nomina eorum qui adsunt ab Censore, Catherine Riley, scribuntur. Cantor, Shirley Spiegelman, carminibus praeest. Recentes soccii sociali coetu in Gymnasio Idibus Octobribus recepti sunt. Omnes non modo actionibus et carminibus et fabulis gestis ab Comitibus novis sed etiam vino ex malis confecto placentis farinaeque fructi sunt. Circulus multas res gratas hoc anno fecit, inter quas sunt spectacula, ludi nixi fundamento Latino, verba Latina ordinata ex dictis, exercitationibus verborum, carmina. jucundissimus conventus, fortasse, sedecimo die ante Kalen- das januarias habitus est. Spectaculum, "Dies sine Latino," actum est et de natale die Christi carmina Cantata sunt. Betty Clarke narravit descriptionem Sarurnalium, diei festi Roman- orum qui Hut simillimus nostro festo diei. Duae res gestae praesenti anno fuerunt confectionem adoptionemque praeceptorum praemiorum causa atque circuli formam, quorum utrumque sociis posteris magno usui erit. Eventus extremus anni erit convivium Romanum. 'ramp now: lvIcQoldrick, Barbi, Worden, 4Leonard, Royce, Hess, Horton, Clarke, Reynolds, Moll, Greene, jon Harrigan, Giardina, McEneny, Easton, Lilla, Spiegleman, Salotti, Kissel. vxnsnnow: Watkins, Cazzato, jones Nazzolio, Comernisky, Kazeraski. "' ie , IOXQYQ ffm Miss MARY MILLERJ A viser l. N . N. S t 0 A 4 XX if Nl N5 by v. ,Y w. 1 . I x Q x , if I ,I K' J 1 ' I' I 4 , 1 slzcown now: Trulan, Riley, fusmith, Baldassari, Caparrelli,l ,f iw' M J ' Qx'A Uwe - me uf' JL Jhefffcuk. 0 V--gf. .Ah 0122, sg, 1 u oXeo , Bs' Ysxce . TU LUB S Th thei C Tum T .r U gk- 7-filming Igenigg gl-glelbgghow d U Q h ' C bpygilisyvell . Straflon, finial g1r1S"C1u1lSginS?FCSidc Pf11 - fwncftgf the 7 kg- xw eXX , was S gs eXX , Q Y OXXAK 2x , GMX , Saneecsoo , .X -,V x , 3 I, , 'Arai I' Y mme now '. Y ODYXQS , GMM , Lu DeXeiave , EAcXmg,:on , XAQA, YX . , Suwv an , YK ., Key news, Xenoev, Sabaixcix , L. , Towne: Huw? x ' coneitxkco , Guswisoqx , Xhud , Ys . , S0961 ,CQUSSK :Q . SXeg5fecX, Yxekcxbok. secovm v-owt VKUCVO- NX x YK! Sharpe, 'YmmbXe. worm now: Capgbfg, K meg ieXXs PmfxAoo.Sa'omm, . non, Saockess , Ysegookks ,D 1 1 C,ooXeg , NYG gm 'ie XX aol., oekvn , on BX kk, Y eckaex. CWM LEM nes, . 1, ,M execs, X Y 019658 , Moko C , , E50 Lf QN427' pk QW U' .1 we K xpxsy IILX Ugg, 1 Keenan, Yexexso ' bMXosxe,YMSW0, 3 J xoYw., X fi 1 . I F f' 'r .3 ff X, ' J, I QXW 'LS Nurs x 'xxee ,go 1 CXMXL, Ynecxc, Hoc ' set . seamen v-OW 1 asky.iu1s1 sow em , YQKAXQJ . :bke-ck. sw wo- 'Loom X 5, hem Kose: Ox msc ee: Ba ' MXX, XL xo uc, , was ww: xllxonerl. Dkdona , Nxcfnixxe , ComQXxeXXo . NKcGoXcXec'xck , 'QM ers , Baker , Ysogl ce , sep.1ao'.Skfxc,1oQx,?ov4ets ,NXCTYKU , 5959 , mg-, ffegidofx, Comeg: , Snack, Deny Yxxese, Bug . 'swan Gusmisoqx, NXKOXC, PXCNKSCYQXMVVVWKOO, SQXQSYMYSC . LIB R ARY CLU B It-C the Mal Kc ,lbr OUC ' Ellgiiglntargfhfluf Pfgesidcnt r ' fool my Und of WGS? aCruf1 xml cfglcliifs- Cixi acrice igfirand ary R ADIC CL UB .The Tslaally Iiadio Cl Cc UP, hs 2 f gb, r mii F6503 ext?-ii? min Prin- dcnts. Broolfhrii ygd itihinics . C 'Rf to ma- rrltt is P1250 si- 'bow wx I rs fx LL BASKETBA The 1938 basketball record was a good one. Although the four losses, league games, put us in third place in the FingerLakes League, still Stromalc was high league scorer with 69 points, Macdonald was second, with 67 points. Mynderse beat Newark, Wayne County A League Champions, twice, in addition to the Syracuse teams that tied for that city's champion- ship. Mynderse . 31 Mynderse .40 'Mynderse . 54 'Mynderse .27 Mynderse .40 Mynderse .39 Mynderse .41 Mynderse .36 Mynderse .45 'League games THE SCORES WERE Onondaga Valley 23 North High. .26 Penn Yan . .47 Geneva . .25 Manchester . .27 Alumni . . 34 Lyons . .34 Manchester . ,25 Newark . .31 'Mynderse 'Mynderse 'Mynderse 'Mynderse Mynderse 'Mynderse Mynderse Mynderse HF fi 177 12100 S I1-omg k Waterloo .34 Canandaigua 20 Penn Yan .38 Geneva .26 Newark .39 XVa terloo .26 Canandaigua 28 Lyons . .23 ARTHUR L. BAKER, Coach J. DEPASQUALE, Capt. Jorm YOUNGS, Manager JOHN Russo, Manager Jowa, Jgvwollzrvfl Jaauwgybn 1 as 93 f 95' .gswlfo svlwf Rs C6247 ' fic. , S,-l7fCr0pi, Pioli, MacDonald ,fjqlcj . 51 . L f If-:Mgt J 4 ,tw Q ll I I ,X Y Y l BACK Row: Rockwell, Assistant Coach, Morganti, Moreland, Cologgi, Blowski, Marsh, Manager, Barbi, Comernisky, Hartman, Baker, Coach. szzcoND Row: Moreland, Fiano, Hayes, Colvin, Smith, Hayes. rmsr ROXVZ Bucknam, Pioli, Stromak, iossetti, Mayh, Amidorkd k f ft ' ARTHUR L. BAKER, Coach REX ROCKNA'ELL, Ass't Coach KNOXCFIANO, Captain BILL MARSH, Manager C, . if if ali'- f V Va.. .lm f' ' f . , ,4 , , , . ,A 1. , ' fa , The 1937 Mynderse baseball team, captained gy glQ9O,gj91'Cd the best season that a Mynderse team has had forisexieralfyearfsisiyn- derse was a member of the Finger Lakes League,-LcQmfosed'of'A!sc ools, and won the Finger Lakes League Championshi'p3Cup,Wi1h-ff record of six wins and no defeats in league competition. ln the semiftir1fds,,!Mypderse defeated Avon, 10 to 1, to earn a chance to play agains flfondelouoi 'iifn the hnals. The meeting with lrondequoit proved disastr us to the 4 nderse nine, because they were defeated by a score of 9 to O. Coach Baker will have John Stromak, John Marsh and Gordon Amidon around which to build the Mynderse team of1938, THE SCORES FOR THE 1937 SEASON WERE 'Mynderse Canandaigua Mynderse Ovid , . 'Mynderse Waterloo . 'Mynderse Penn Yan . 'Mynderse Canandaigua 'Mynderse Waterloo . 'Mynderse Penn Yan . 'HMynderse Avon . . "'Mynderse lrondequoit :"League games. "Semi-finals and finals. 'BASEBALL SOFTBALL Last year, in the spring, Soft Ball, the ever-popular sport, claimed the attention of many of the girls. Miss Huyck grouped the girls into four teams, and the annual tourna- ment to determine the best team began. There was the usual strong competition be- fore the victory was achieved by the girls captained by Eleanor Easton. Much of its success was due to the out- standing pitching ability of Lucienne Clary who could usu- ally hold her opponents to hit- less games. xi-' v' 3 nacx now: Riley M., Riley C., Clary, l-luyck, Coach, Turri, Tavenor. Pinsr now: Nicandri, Yells, Easton, Riley F. ELBANOR EAs1'oN, Captain ELLEN LYNcH, Captain STANDING: Riley, Miller, Peterson, Newell. ssnan: Reynolds, 3' Latting, Lynch, Swinehart. VOLLEY BALL Many girls were attracted to the sport of volley ball this year, and the result was that six volley ball teams were organized immediately after the soccer season closed. The lead- ers of the various teams were Ellen Lynch, Mary Capparelli, Rosabelle Pitarella, Virginia Towner, june Moll, and joan Royce. Ellen Lynch's team emerged victorious. The girls who rolled up the most points for their teams were Margaret Elliottowithforty-threepoints, Peggy Baldasarri with thirty- one points, Marie Palumbo wgth thirty-one points and Frances Miller with twenty- Five points. 53 Q .4 Q W M., A3 ,ir . Q 4 . R., Q 'Wu if J Q Q' ga V 3. Q 5 '..5 H9 W 1 1 F! 53: , ,A mg- .., 3 CQ- r il mm ? TOWN CLOCK SERY ICE STATION Seneca Falls N Y Cl enceC Conkeyj P prutor Compliment: a MOREHOUSE S at Cayuga Lake State Park THE HARPER METHOD SHOP Mas D H MAYNARD Phone 585 23 State St Seneca Falls N Y CLOSE 8: BRADY Goon Foon Open Al1N1ghr Auburn N Y In Trzbute to the Clan' o 1938 FRANKLIN HOTEL W KNIGHT 8: SON INC Seneca Falls N Y Best Wzrbes to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1938 KIWANIS CLUB A FRIEND Complzment: 0 RED AND WHITE STORE Canoga N Y Camplzmentx o C F HAMMOND Complzmentx 0 ALFRED RAUSCH FEED GRINDING Phone 22 Fayette N Y JOEL D RITTER Fayette New York Garage Repair: Home Wzrmg and Contracting Patromzc Home Indu:tmJ POHLE S BAKERY Complzmmn of PETER TARDELLI VICTORIA RESTAURANT f A 1 :ll ' 1 I f ar , , r., ra ' ' f . 10' Complimentx of H. . , , ' f f ' f . 55 COMPLIMENTS OF The Beard of Edueauon SENIECA FALLS 'Nl X Wben m INIeed of FURNITURL FLOOR Cox BRINGS OR DRAPERIES TRY WAIT S FIRST Also Complete Decorfmxe Qeruee THE H R WAIT Co Auburn J Larigmf Alon Comp! rch Sr ck Z I ftabfuf nz uf Mam Store Smxe Store 77 83 Genesee St 22 D111 St Used Furmture md Anuques 24 26 Clark Qtreet pholstermg and Furmture Rel urs NOW at lxldlll Qtore Bur Il zfbef C! zu 0 38 PLTFR M DURAN Cofzzplzzmzzrf to the CZIII 0 1938 IHL GRIQAT ATLXNITIC A PACI TFA CO FIC 56 f L , I . . . 7' . 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DEPARTMENT STORE 103 FALI ST SENECA FALLS It Pays to Buy Qualzg' LOUISE BEAUTY SHOPPE Seneca Falls New York LOLHSC M George Phone 498 Seneca Falls N Cnmplzmentf 0 Endurmg Protectzon X ICTOR G MOUNT 1 0 0 Years THE STATE BANK OF SENECA FALLS N Y H FORD GARAGE CO Deposits Insured by F D I C Complzments 0 Seneca Kmttmg M1lls, Inc 58 , I . , . Y. Serving tbix Community for over I - I , . . , A. . . Complimentf 0 GEB and GARVA Complzmenri a HENRY WILLIAM KOCH Aluuyf Drzze Care ulbf INSLRANCE REAL ESTATE WILLIAM D ROE CE ANTHRACITE Ir huts longer J LEO HAMILL Phone Seneca Falls N Complzmentf o GUS COLOGGI Confcctloncry Storc 19 Brldgc Street Bert Wubex to the Clan 0 1938 JOSEPHJ RAFFERTY Barber Shop 28 State Street Compliment: of W J MACKIN Men s Furmshmgs Bathlng Sults Custom Clothmg Ladncs l-lose Sport Clothes 59 Fall St Knox Hats and Mallory Hats E f . ' Z 173 , . Y. . f I . I f I' ' V 59 Concgeeztzeleztienf to the Members of The 1938 Clem' of Myndeefe Academy The Seneca Falls Savmgs Bank SENECA FALLS N Y AUTO ACCESSORIES GAY 84 SON INC Y AMMUNITION FISHING TACKLE OIL BURNERS PAULINE SINICROPI Fl rut 48 O k S CLUB DICIQVIANI SENECA FALLS AUTO SUPPLY 68F1lS JOSEPH A JUST DOAN S CASH MARKETS 2 STORES 60 Imuranee Experff ' Seneca Falls, N. . 0 . a t. Phone 641 Camplimentf of Auburn, N. Y. a t. Seneca Falls, N. Y. A SENECA FALLS N WAT EW Yoruc Complzmenty o SHANNON S QENECA BOOT SHP OUTHTTERS T0 MYNDERSE MEN famplzmezztf o the BUSINESS NIEN S -XSSOCI -XTION Seneca Falls N X Ben Wzfher The Clam 0 R G FITCH 1938 NX ALLP XPER PAINTS 34 Fall Street SHANNCN S GRADLAT10x DRESSES R E CONNIULLX and SONI COMPLIMENTS OF WESTCOTT RULE C0 INC 61 f if 3 97 L . IL f . L A 1 4 7 , . . to 1 DQ s , , T ' , . . L L L 07 I . Compliment: o WELLS W PERKINS QUALITY FOODS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliment: 0 SCHINE S STRAND THEATER Sander Lazar Mgr THE BEST REPAIR SHOP We Weld Anytbmlg AUTO REPAIRING MACHINE WORK Phone 389 'VI Olm DcLclys Prop 40 Water St Seneca Falls IN Y JOHN BELLARDINO INC GENERAL CONTRACTOR Seneca Falls N Y Ben' Wzfhex to the Gmduutzng Clan f 938 GRAND UNION STORES GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES Vx M M1tchell H Grahllng WAGNER RUG WORKS INC f f . O , . I 'lf Complimentf of , . 0 I Q3 :of 62 AMERICAN BEAUTY E G' ' ' W'llbe ' Be ty ' On I O FASHION G d t' ' 56.951 519.50 ' S 't -I-I'gh Type Corto , oc -S Chl? ' r N Co D' pl y 57.95 Up THE FASHION 16N h. . thO 'cl TYPEWRITERS New and Usccl All Standard Makes .Valer .Y r :ce and .fupplzef R M FLICKINGER COMPLIMENTS RUMSEY PUMP CORP Pumps For All Purpomr Interwoven Socks Stetson Hats Seneca Clothmg Company SENECA FALLS N Y M1cld1shade Blue Su1ts jantzen Bathmg Su1ts SENECA FALLS RULE 8: BLOCK COMPANY INC Makerx of .Yclvool Rulers Since 1883 Seneca Falls N Y S KELLOGG S GARAGE A Complete .Yerzuce for the Motorzrt tate St Phone 58 Freeman Shoes SENECA FALLS N Y And very 1rl 1nHer Teens 1 An American au ID e o ur ra ua 1on Gowns o Lmen 1118 1 n Fr ks treet 1 ons xn he ew Summer lors Now on IS a at ort St Auburn,N Y CWA C ur Wm owsD . rr v , e U' ' , . O . , . . , . . , , . . 63 BASTIAN BROS. CO. ROCHESTER N. Y. Manufacturers of I-hgh School and College P1ns and Rmgs Engraved Commencement Inv1tat1ons Announcements and Personal Cards WM R TIEFEL Rochester N Y Dzftrzct Manager CONGRATULATIONS GRADLATES May th1s success be but a small 1n your lnfe S work HAROLD E GREEN JEWELER Graduatzon G1 ft Headquarterf CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH FRED L HUNTINGTON HOWARD WARNER Elertrmzl C :fra for and Dealer Phone 222 Complzment: 0 DR ROBERTJ HOWLAND , 50 7 GVO , . . T f l part of that which awaits you O ' 07 c 9 : A f 64 V1or.1N INSTRUCTOR AND OncHEsTaA DIRECTOR Compliment! 0 WALLACE E SMITH THE L M RUTHRAUFF SENECA COUNTY FLORIST TRUST C0 Green House 18 Damcls Sr Phone 427 RESTAURANT AND CANDY SHOPPE Home Made Ice Cream and Candles Excellent Food F311 St SENECA FALLS N Y Complzmentr 0 BEACON MILLING CO INC Cayuga N Y Manufacturerf o BEACON FEEDS BEACON DOG PELLETS BEACON DOG AND PUPPY MEAL 65 , . f 19- THE ALPS ' f ., . me f MAGILL 8: MCGRAW Gnocmurzs AND FRUIT 22 Bridge St. Phone: 72-J SOUTH SIDE GARAGE Stanley Noble Pr p Cert fiad MOBILUBRICATION Compliment: 0 A E NICOT Manager of W T Grant Store Comphmenf: of MRS B R ARMITAGE 69 Cayuga Street BEST WISHES TO GRADUATING CLASS OF 1938 Stephen L Kelleher WOULD MON EY INTEREST YOU? More and more hlgh school graduates are turnmg to buslness fields for hfetune occupauons and steady mcomc To get that mcomc however you have to be tramed m busmess essentrals Rochester Buslness Instltute has three excellent courses any one of whlch makes an ex posmon 1n busxness Wnte for a catalog wxth dctaxls of the followmg courses Bunnen Admmzstmtzon majorzng m Ac counting, Buszners Admmutratzon majormg m .felling Advertising and Marketzng and .Yecretarzal Pmctzca Rochester Business Institute 172 Clmton Ave So Rochester N Y STORY 8c STRONG HARDWARE Heatmg Plumbmg Tnnnmg and Palnts Compliments a BRUCE S SERVICE STATION MARKET BASKET STORES Thomas Redcleft W1ll1S Rhmehart Ray F1tzgerald DR F E DOWD , 0 . i 7 Y I 7 3 I n . - ' ' cellent route to your fxrsr important , - ' D 7 . . , . . 66 SPRINGSIDE INN Wen .Yzde Owaxco Lake Auburn N Y DELICIOUS FOOD Telephone 697 Goon Lucx T0 'rms MYNDBRSIAN WARD CONSTRUCTION Complzmentr o THE ROLFE MOTOR CO Complzmentx 0 MICHAEL CAPPARELLI 14 Wh1tc Sr Phone 177 M Ben Wuhe: to the Clan o 1938 THE POST OFFICE EMPLOYEES Complzmentx o PINCKNEY 8: HADLEY HARDWARE M J o BRIEN GEORGE H LEET Complzmentx o SANDY S RESTAURANT CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF 1938 6 BULLOCK Complzmentx 0 S M S SOCIETY , . . 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Compliment: of KIPP'S SERVICE STATION Complzmant: 0 SENECA FALLS FIRE DEPARTMENT Compliment: of THE HOMESTEAD GRILL I P Jones Prop FRED MAIER 8: SONS Bu1ld1ng Matenals and Blue Coal THE PARAMOUNT PRESS PRINTING Phone 557 27 State St Seneca Falls MANSFIELD S STORE T MANSFIELD Cayuga New York ENDICOTT JOHNSON SHOES For the Entlre Farmly Latest Styles Newest Leather Full uahty and Value m Every Panr ,-,jf Nwwuihlw Alfa HOKE for the Entzre Fafmly at Przcef Thar Are Rzgbt ENDICOTT JOHNSON Complzmentr a SENECA FALLS DRY CLEANING COMPANY 71 Fall St Seneca Falls N Y Phone 246 . If + . J. - ' f , Q ' A S e . . 191 O 69 1885 1933 S S Palmer Co QW 0 Um HE UING via fHRAO Seneca Falls N ANDERSON 'S GRADUATION DRESSES CLASS DRESSES EVENING DRESSES I a ls van t whatyou w t uf: get thvm f you Complzmenn of M J COSENTINO SENECA CO AUTO CLUB AAA Seneca Falls N Y AAA .Ya e Drzuzng Payy Complzmentr o MARTIN CASEY Complzmentf a PHILIP SERLING Complzmenrf of CUDDY S BEAUTY SHOPPE Camllla M Gentzle 128 Fall St Phone 5 E J ROGERS Cbozce Meatf Grocerzef 56 VN Bayard St Seneca Falls N Y Phone RALPH SINICROPI CHOICE Gnocakuzs AND MEATS Vzur Our Resrtaumnt Phone 125 7 Walnut St Kaur' wzth 521 ely at THE REXALL STORE E H Hoslcy Complzmentf 0 SENECA PRESS PUBLISHING CO INC Seneca Falls N Y f w a ' an , of . f . . , . Y. A ' f . . ' . One doofwut of Bfidge St, l ' U , . . : 8 . : 60 .. . . .. . f : -J . E 70 Complzmentx o JOHN GRAVINA Barber Shop 17 Brxdge Street E C GIUSTI Expert Clock and Watch Repazrmg 73 Ovxd Street Seneca Falls Compliments o THE POPCORN and GIFT SHOP George Jensen Prop BUICK PONTIAC M A NEARPASS 161 Fal1Sr Phone 18 TQAINING' QE THAT 11956 YS I ACCOUNTING SHORTHAND TYPEWRITING ONTARIO BUSINESS INSTITUTE Phone 2284 64 Seneca St Geneva N Complzmentf o NEW YORK STATE ELECTRIC 8: GAS CORPORATION STYLES SOCONY STATION Mobzlga: Mobzlozl 209 Fall St Phone 5 CANOGA HOTEL John Antomak Enyoy Auromauc Hear wxrh the ELECTRIC FURNACE MAN Be n .ratufed ufef of our famous D 84 H and LEHIGI-I VALLEY COAL COKE WOOD-AMBRICOAL MALONE BROTHERS 28 Cllnton Street Phone 313 Complzmenu of SENECA BAKING CO Don Calarco Manager LOUIS BROS Clotbzng S'hoe.r, Meri: and Boyy' Fhffllihlilgf 27 29 Genesee St Auburn N Y Phone 105 W . f 1 I' A - I mb' ,f PA , , I ,,,, ,,, , I fmlp '1ff1iIh-- E ' f - - I 1 . 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Suggestions in the Mynderse Academy - Myndersian Yearbook (Seneca Falls, NY) collection:

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