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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1970 volume:

Lv """"' 3 fr 1' - -..x"Sq, f' .H L " ma pr! , 'l f , 4 5 Q X Uv' 3 4 - x L vi ' l XX I Z ,Xi -lx , IR R - s u 'a i L. N 5 3 g , 5 3. 'iffy x "H ' , A S15 N, ' Ali f 7 'AB.1siiw',-fx V - J- .ff-iewitimi. IN MEMURIAM ln fraternal memory of SM2 LEWIS W. CARROLL USN who passed away on 76 March 7970. I They who think that you are gone Because no more your face they see. Are wrong - for in our hearts you live and always will, in memory. Sadly missed by all aboard USS MYLES C. FOX fDD'32-91 so AAL .. ...LLL 3,94 Twenty five years ago the news proclaimed Allied victories. The German army had been repulsed at the Battle of the Bulge, the Philippines had been liberated and American aircraft had pentrated the Japanese Island. American industry was geared for war . . . planes, tanks and ships were leaving factories and shipyards for combat 8l'68S. Newly built ships were being named after Navymen or Marines, men who had valiantly defended their country. Such a ship is the Newport-based destroyer NIYLES C. FOX. She went down the ways on a winter day in Bath, Maine, 26 years ago. She was christened on January 13, 1945, by IVlrs. Janes C. FOX, mother of Marine Following her commissioning in June 1945 Fox headed for the Pacific area of operations. Arriving there at the end of the war she helped cover the occupation landing on the Japanese home island and later operated in the China Sea with Task Force 58 until her return to the United States in April 1946. One of her highlights in the immediate post-war years was the rescue of 600 survivors of a stranded passenger ship which had been overturned in a typhoon near Hong Kong. In Nlay 1949, FOX was transferred to the Atlantic Fleet and to her present homeport of Newport, R.l. The years 1950 and 1951 found her in the Mediterranean. ln August 1952 FOX participated in Operation Mainbrace, the first large scale NATO manuever, during which the ship crossed the Artic circle. l SHIP" A i Q -Nl at l HISTURY 5.63 ,if 1, JL ,A V '14, I il wg fx ?x5 K K typr nnfqu 3, 1 xx 3 1- 3, , I 4, g , , f Q- , QW f 4' ' L, Hi 'th , 9 , 9 f , , ,M Z7 ju. 4 ., f f -, 5 ,iw 1 , Q fe w , , e U50 -r 'wav'-ani-'li' 1 ' '-f"1Zf5' af A 2 n aw- " wwf W W M, I ,, . bf i 4, 7+ , " , ' h,f0,'f,-,, K' ' 'gf' -'WW' f xl., 2 ,' 1 ' M ,QZW -W " ' if 'fa' 14 .ff of . ff- W , ,, wwf? fryhdfswffa M , rf N iv fr ffffwm 0 46 -W I ' ,rff-A Koa .MVN 'f,'fw,, V. - f 'r 121' ffffffr., ' ff l "f wff,f7 ,,fw W, I The next ten years found FOX in the Mediterranean four dif- ferent times. Her crew visited various Northern European posts during a 1957 NATO cruise, and she once served as a midshipman cruise ship while on a South American deployment. ln January 1964, FOX underwent Fleet Rehibilation and Nlod- ernization iFRAlVll in the Boston Naval Shipyard. Two new antisub- marine weapons, ASROC and DASH, were added, and the engineering plant was completely overhauled. For the next two years she operated with the Sixth and Second Fleets. Deployed as a recovery ship for Genini-8 she assisted in put- ting out a fire aboard the stricken Swedish merchant freighter PALMA, in early 1966. Upon returning to Newport, FOX underwent overhaul in 1967 and departed for the Mediterranean the following year. Upon returning, she deployed as a member of the Apollo 11 mission. Her last year deployment was to the Indian Ocean as an am- bassador of good will. Upon returning to Newport FOX prepared for UNITAS Xl. Once again FOX was an ambassador of good will. FOX has been, throughout her career, an example of an outstanding destroy- er one that is always prepared and ready to meet the challenge what- ever and wherever it may be. L ,:..'Wf..Z"' ' D 1 M 20 June 1970 REAR ADMIRAL HERBERT H. ANDERSON, U.S. NAVY Rear Admiral ANDERSON is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Walter ANDERSON of Bath, New York. He graduated from Savona Centr I S . I a chool in Savona, New York, in 1936 and entered Buckness University at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, the same year. He was appoint- ed to the United States Naval Academy from New York's 37th Congressional Distr' t b the Honorable W Sterling Cole H . 'C J' I . 1 Y . le graduated in February 1941 with the degree, Bachelor of Science, and was commissioned in the Line as Ensign. In March 1941, Rear Admiral ANDERSON reported f or his first fleet duty in the U S S LEXINGTON KCV-29 His duty assignments in I d d . c u e Navigation, Assistant to the Executive Officer, Gunnery, and Fire Control. With the outbreak of war and while in the LEXINGTON, he participated in early raids on Japanese installations in the Solomons Islands and in the Battle f th dispersal of LEXINGTON' o e Coral Sea. Upon the s shiD's comoanv in 1942. he was ordered for duty in connection with commissioning and fitting out of U.S.S. DAVISON CDD-6183 at Kearney, New Jersey. He served in DAVISON as Gunnery Officer and later as Executive Officer until 1944, engaging in convoyescort and in anti-submarine and anti-air actions in the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean, and participating in the North African and Sicilian invasions. In late 1944, Rear Admiral fthen Lieutenant Commanderj ANDERSON was ordered to th missioning detail of the U S S ROBERT e pre-com- . . . K. HUNTINGTON tDD-781J as Executive Officer. This destroyer later served with the Fast Carrier Task Forces in the U S Pacific Fleet in th In 1946 h . . e concluding actions of World War ll , e commanded the U.S.S. GEORGE E. DAVIS KDE-3572, delivering her to the Pacific Reserve Fleet. Immediately, he was reassigned as Commanding Officer, U.S.S. GEORGE ID E-6972. ln this command, he car- ried out surveillance operations in the Western Pacific and assisted in the evacuation of European nationals from Chefoo, China, in July, 1946. When reassigned in 1947 he re o t d , p r e at the Naval Reserve Officers Training Unit, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., to assist with the Navy Civilian Orientation Conferen ' ' S I . . ces conducted under the direction of the ecretary of the Navy, and to instruct in navigation, maring engineering, and leadership. In 1949, he was ordered to duty in the Mediterranean on the staff of Commander Sixth Task Fleet as Aide and Flag Secretary. He reported to the Chief of Naval Operations, the late Admiral Forrest P. SHERMAN, as his aide and Flag Lieutenant, in 1950. Rear Admiral fthen Commanderj ANDERSON graduated in 1953 from the Graduate School of Business Administration, Hanrard University, Cambridge Massachusetts, earning the degree, Master of Business Administration, and reported for duty in command of U.S.S. ZELLARS fDD-7773 flagship of Destroyer Div' ' 162. The ZELLARS engaged in fle t , ision e operations and training exercises in the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean, and in North European waters. His next shore assignment in 1955 was in th B e ureau of Naval Personnel, where he was responsible for the assignment of surface line lieutenants. This assignment was followed by duty under instruction at the National War College, Washin to D C ' ' g n, . . Upon graduation from the National War College in 1958, he reported to U.S.S. SAINT PAUL tCA-732, the flagship of Commander Seventh Fleet, as Executive Officer. In 1959, he was ordered for duty at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California. After having served as Director of the Navy Management School, Monterey, California, Rear Admiral ANDERSON received orders as Prospective Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. HALSEY KDLG-232. On October 31, 1964, he assumed command of Destroyer Squadron SEVENTEEN and Destroyer Division ONE SEVENTY ONE homeportedi S D' , n an lego, California, and deployed on Fleet Operations iri the Western Pacific, South China Seas, and the Gulf of Tonkin. In December 1965, Rear Admiral ANDERSON reported to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations as Director of the Pr C ogram hange Control Division and Deputy Director, Navy Atlantic Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet 19 March 1970. Rear Admiral ANDERSON is authorized to wear the following decorations and awards' Legion of Merit, Gold Star in lieu of Second L ' egion of Merit, Navy Commendation Medal, Gold Star in'Iieu of Second Navy Commendation Medal' American Defense Service Medal A ' , , mencan Campaign, European-Africa'Middle Eastern Officer tBrazill. Rear Admiral ANDERSON is ' d marne to former Marguerite Cornell of Lincoln, Nebraska. They currently reside in San Juan, Puerto Rico. gg' iw-3' Q. Mg es UEUTENANT COMMANDER ROBERT G, MCGANN EXECUTIVE OFFICER USS NIYLES C. FOX IDD-8291 Lieutenant Cornnitintltii lVltti.inii lit' lies irgmil 1-,rvnfice OH 22 SGDIGIITIJGI i958 glrttl Wars, ttiiiiiiii:-:eitiiit'il .iii lrtrsstgli Ori I May 1959 at tlte Olliver fit lit-til, Ntfwgioit, lfiltode Island. His first tour ol duty vim:-. .ilnniitl tlitf USS Fifi-?KlNS IDDR-877iWI1ere ite servtvtl .ls lust lit'iitt'iiiiii1 .intl ASVV Ulfiiler from June 1959 until Oetitriiilivi 15160, lluiing tins 1011! lie was promoted to Lieutenant Junior tiigitin on 1 Novunilncr 1960. Succeeding sea tours were strived ailiogiitl tlitf USS MARYSVILLE lEPCER-857i as Operations Ollititrrg USS-S CfL.AUl'Jl1 V, RlCKETTS IDDG-51 as First Lieutenant und Wifairitiiirs Officer, He was DIO- moted to the grade of Lieutenzint on 1 lVlziy 1963, He attended the Defense Intelligence School from Strrittrnilaei 1964 until June 1965, and after completion ol scgltool lite rizriortterl for duty at the Office of Naval Intelligence in Vvasliington, OC. vvliere he served until August 1967. He served on tlie Staff nl t,Ioinrnunder Cruiser Destroyer Flotilla TVVO in Newport, Rliotlr: Islzintl sis Readiness St Training and W93DOnS Logistics Ollititer until rtrrititting for UNIV 35 Executive Officer of lVl.C. FOX in Otrtolirer 15165-ci. L , , leutenant Commantlur lVlt:Liz,iriri, ai ltiilllvtt of OIidVV3f Illinois, attende and holds mer d Marquette Univtri:-sity in lVlilwtiulwt', VViscOl'tSll1f 3 Baflltelor of Science Degirtrtr, lltr is rntiirititl to tlte for- Elise , Wafham of Cdrlnonezir, Ntrvvltitintllnritl aintl lms one SOIL Robert Gregory, Lieute ,L , nam Commcinritir lVlr,t'izirin lioltls. tlw Arinetl ForC9S EXpeditionar ect, I V M9df1l,tl1eNfitioiiziI liieliirinrr Nltitlril .intl NZWV EXP' t'0'l3fV lVledal. PURIS UF CALL 21 JULY - 23 JULY - 23 JULY 28 JULY - 1 AUGUST 4 - 7 AUGUST 8 AUGUST 1 2 AUGUST 20 - 23 AUGUST 28 AUGUST - 3 SEPTEMBER 7 - 11 SEPTEMBER 14 - 16 SEPTEMBER 26 SEPTEMBER - 1 OCTOBER 7 - 10 OCTOBER 15 - 16 OCTOBER 21 - 22 OCTOBER 27 - 31 OCTOBER 3 NOVEMBER 5 - 8 NOVEMBER 9 - 10 NOVEMBER 12 - 16 NOVEMBER 21 - 25 NOVEMBER 29 - 30 NOVEMBER 1 DECEMBER 5 DECEMBER 6 DECEMBER DEPARTED NEWPORT NORFOLK, VIRGINIA SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO LA GUAIRA, VENEZUELA PT. LA cRUz, VENEZUELA PT. LA cRUz, VENEZUELA RECIPE, BRAZIL RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL RIO GRANDE, BRAZIL RIO DE .IANEIRo, BRAZIL PUERTO BELGRANo, ARGENTINA COMODORO RIVADAVIA, ARGENTINA LINAo BAY, cI-IILE ILO BAY, PERU CALLAO, PERU PAITA, PERU I GUAYAQUIL, EOUADOR A sALINAs, EOUADOR RODMAN, PANAMA CANAL CARTAGENA, COLUMBIA ST. THOMAS, VIRGIN'ISLANDS SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO NORFOLK, VIRGINIA NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND DEPARTMENT HEADS WEAPONS LT. M. B. BOOTH s 'f E A 5 J- E' V ' x y i I I A I T' I I ..E 1 f" 1 ' "E' T ' EE ,.., l 'A ..Qx. Q 'QV S I .. X. ,,,. i OPERATIONS LT. D.E. OLBERT ENGINEERING LT. R. J. LAMBERT SUPPLY LTJG. J.F. HETHERINGTON 6 I ENS. P.L. WOODSMALL DISBURSING if 5 o- g M, , 1 ,, Q i X. LTJG INGERSKI MAIN PROPULSION QV., -u.. Q '-W, . A 'Figs .A LTJG J.C. MOSES FIRST LIEUTENANT LTJG M.A. URBANIC GUNNERY No Picture , Available LTJG D.L. BALLARD LTJG. J. A. HERCKIS CIC NAVIGATOR comm ENS. R.W. GERBE QF-. ik' ENS. C.A. O'MALLEY DAMAGE CONTROL LTJG B.A. SMITH ASW ENS. A.B. LEAVENS EMO Jn-tx. ,.., Q' ki rmsr DIVISIUN 'va , 4 P ,, Y Q Q fl "' -"wma 'ff' .fs-" J... z ,, f .'11.'. f Ii A- M ff SKINNER, R.L. WOODS. D. 'YA 1 ,NN " , , , 1 L . ,. ' 4 X SCHMIDT, J.R. CONTANGELO, D.J. K DUNNING, M.R. 3 wi . , L: ,. V ' -W W- ,r ,ik 'Q'-, " g . LTJG J.C. MOSES lizx dig ii wif WRIGHT, E.R. HICKMAN. W.G. fd my Xa 3, L X RENTZ, c.E. ff Q' x if ONDUSKY, R.L. O A 1 CARPENTER, M.E. JACKSON, B.R. RODRIGUEZ. F.A. E L f j 57 BREEN, J.E. LAROCCA, D.M. SAENZ. R .D. GRAY, L, Sn X in A :E X1 ' 1. A CROUSE, J.P. SMITH, E.J. HARPER, F M .Y SECUNIJ mvlsmn f wa., THORNTON, o.P. LTJG M.A. URBANIC ,.-. ' .gs 49 K, 'gg , A-5- ,. I "1-fa if-E+ , Rf ff"-sl--. . R ' , , K Vg A, y Q ,.,, V 'AEM ff- ' ,Eg E MR? E 4 , E' J' My--.F , A X . "E A f? MONTGOMERY, V.0. FREDERICK, R.T. MUSCARA, F.s. BAKER, G.G. , NX X: A , K? if ' 5 x r A 1 , Q - fl ,R ' 'x J W X f X Af El HEMPHILL, J.E. vlcKERv, s,J, X I X JJ VERVERS, LA. NEFF, o,J, DAUGHERTY, Qs--Y R 'Uv THIRD nwlsmu QS.. .A L M In To V ANDERSON. B.G. g FORGACS, F.G. 11 ... il-EL J k N NE 1 BUCKLEY, M.A. if 353' 'ff 'wfwtd K E VANDENBURG, B.E. scHAKEuvnAN, Gr LI Monronl, P.L. , A - .. I .0 Q M fa f if X , . KIRKENDALL. L.T. I i A . A. , 11 X X .X 1. . X ,X f' S .. V ., f-.TTA - ,, N f, . f Q " ' 94? XM Q 475 S' , Q Q51 . X' A X , -Af" E .' Eff A :rj , Y ' ' v ,, Sa? if 3 W , . V 1 ,gk LTJG B.AE. SMlTH .au RUSS, N.0. 6 4 ' 4 'Z' 1. S 1 "M V 4- , 11 ,N .N , 1 .1 . V xx A I W 4,74 5, ' 5 Z f f, 5, 9 5.-. Q 1, My WK. , , , W , ' , f X yn 'W, W w Z'Wi'5f , i 7 , 1. f , f W G! I. COLLINS, K.J. KELLER- F-W. ff My rr 4:-,Nw ug f , dv-v 'Af X f , 1 X p ZIELINSKI, If N I SISSON. R.J. A -1. f ' 5 f, NA 7 43' 75, , E 1 E--L sTEvENs, D.J. N7 MEREDHH, n.w, f p 4 , ,2 -, I A , I ,, '. 1 A? EM? f, 4.-f .I KOONTZ, R.L. p K .,,, BENNETT, F.J. III ff 1,1 H. , , X 'N f f f p BENNETT, K.J. , ,,Z,.a'."' '- ,, f v f fl 2 5 f wif , X WIELOSZYNSKI, P.E 4 Q, g' - M x ,Q , KRONOFF, C.. R. fm -Q. 4 , I f-' ?" gk V,,, 1 K I ' . SHADOWENS, P.H. Y Q' ' fin' Era. 00 mvlsmn if 'ra' fi QW? , s I ': -. ' cw! A 1 71:3-Q:-Q-,P-rw-..-- - W. ei 5, If F , , KAY. n.E. O'CONNOR, W. GARCIA, G.A. 'M . r ' i f ff' X I A STRTCKQJXND, w.E. .,, . Q T , -, T N L0VE3IOY, c.P. T mi X ' f I DOUGT-ITY, G.P. KUNKEL, J.c. UMARK, J. ,R . ,'L-- 'A ix"-z is H. X sf COOK, D.W. A -"M f .Q a E , L 4 .A all I i , ,.,, 'f BLAKELY J.P WALCZYK, W. .A 'ew ,M ' ,ff ,. I f,, - . A f CAMPBELL, U.R. LTJG R.W. GERBE ' X if LITCHFIELD, S.G. , 2 X " maj? X X ff N 0 ,M . X NX X HILDEBRANT, P.c. C35 S fy , X , , X K A GOODMAN, C.J. UGRAY, w.E. CUTTING, R. T. PEASE, A. , b v Q No Picture , , Available f s.8' .. 1 5... 5 S5551 G - . A ,215 gf' Xf. ,5:-13-1- ' NELSON, R.J. L ...,, MILLER, J.A. rf A A A A '55, kk AAONT A ' ALEXANUER, B.n. GASPER, A.R. DIVISUN Y? QQ Humsua, .LM HIPPLE. A.G- TENNYSON. W.P. 'fk 11 4 " - 5. ,wf MAPLES, J.R. GAGLIANO, n.F. MAHERX, 1.4. xv f- , T are '- M , Xa. ' ,.,.,-...,1-1f.v-ufi-1f2'eivls2f'lSiisf1gu A 1 ,Ar , M vw 3 ' R R X ' a si- XX x - .xx. if Na R ' wx: FR- gn. 1 521- vyx. ASX. 1 -A S ifi fx ' . R xiixi' W X 2 .T QNX . . sg Q. Q' ENS A.B. L LTJG D.L. BALLARD W 5 ' 5 Q C.. 'Q gk K. , 5 Q my f f XM ! j fb , .fig , ' 1 f X ,- y X V Q cnoucl-I. nn. REDUI D- ,411- QR ,i ff ff CARPINIELLO. M. BROWN- 0-5- MORENO, R.A. SMITH, LARRY L. JARRETT, D.P. if -f' EAVENS SCOTT, D.E. SEEGER, R.A. 'rw THOM. A-5- SKINNER. A.B- ? sAncuoNe, JJ, LAGASSE, P.S. BURARDT. n.T. gi 1 V CRAIG. 6-D- FEREBEE. T-C' li ,si , .3 W. - -Q58 ,, g 5 ffl A W1 'K army . -W .ulu0l"'Uw"' 9, 1 Q 1 a 1 5 S W? DIVISIUN 5.1 EM WILLIARD. W.C. i X y vt . V 1 ' N. Fnev, omg - Q ' f , J. 0 fb 1 5 M f mm 4 Qs-Wh ' :K MZ? 4 7' PARDUE. G. Q 1, G,,,w,.,y , ,, Q , ,j J , f 1 , 7 - M f x?4 I L fi R ,,f,,f ,ff Zf W 4 uf X X X ?d? '-4 x iw X .1 , we M scAnBEcK, S.N. .. qw W , X, ,N ,f i 131' "ff FQ 7 7 3 I ff: - a ff , Monms, af, LTJG J.J. INGERSKI JABLONSK, C.J. , -. , ,i . av -Q, , al w 51-ff! SCHULTZ, H.J. f 'f 5,-,. . an V , x 2, I" CLARK, s.E. if ,A 'L 'WVR Y vyfwf W3 , , ,f Y 2, REHDY, M,S. f gill! ,ff i Q- HUGHES C B. Jn auf 1 - 1, "' 'Q SILVERMAN, R.M. MULLEN. W.D. el MERRILL, w.p, ff ' ROUSH, J.E. :ah I REX, GJ.. DUTTON, LD I 5 Q! 'Tv NEUMAN, c.n. 3 T' ' if Lx . n ' K M45 STOBAUGH, B.G. gf 'X f ff 3 BRADY JR., T.E. 3 HART. MA- KELLY, J.P. M DIVISIUN Al li LTJG J.J. INGERSKI Q 4 ifg'N'NX an , .X x g ..x- -w M : 1 Y- x x J ' V 5 xl X L K 15' FZ X X T CAGLE, W.L. ,Q , . 1:-L, fi.. all-fa sq, .lp ,np ... k , , WESTPHAL, J.J. HUQMAN, JI mules, ox. HoFrmAN. D.G. Q K1 FREDETTE5 n.F. "'P ROCKAFELLOFN, T.F. PATTON, F.W. DESIMONE, u.M, i i " " H DASILVA, JA, BINKLEY, Jn, A WIDEMAN. B.R. 5 3 mcxms, n.n. M0555 1' ' 4? , I tl MCHARD, .l.E. 1 - -LB M5 L , senmss, JOHNSON BR. -5 5 KA W ' wana. GB- J. YASUREK, G J, A j, -my r - n mvlsmu 33 iii? .. .17 ' " LJ X U .Rv far: x 3 1, gf aff A 'P Y L in SMITH, M.D. BOX JR., G.W. BEST W. ENS. C ' ex I 2 4 .A. 0'MALLEY 'Q' ' 4 5 s 1 W f. THOMAS, J.E. 45 fg .. 5-un' -It T wlsEcAnvEn, GARY J. MARTIN, .noun R. nruua, Le: a ....,, X.-A. , I 1f7 I , xff - -I GARBER, L. P. , . I KIRKMAN, w.M. X I , . , fxfx IK., '47 X ir: ,fx Q4 - h - 5 - iff f' f ,X - 'X I , I ,l , , ,W 5 f Y 4' X 1 L I , H . 'CKS' CD' ANDRLE, n.u. I 4 I , W ARME ' S' T' P- REICHERT, 1.6, I woosren R D X I ' ' ' MINERO, A.u. ARCO. w.P. ALVERSON, W. F. Vi q lvv g X I WALTER, E.V. 'fl ,l"9 LAPEKAS, mv: wemus, n,w. TOWNSEND, R WILLIAM, D. LANG, C.E. I JY' 'I f' 'fri' CLIFTON, J.B. I I SCHNEIDER, KJ... SAAK. EM. , Q . wueLAn,J.A. scon. RM SKC JONES SUPPLY K W xy . XL S K? 'T 4 X.. P ENS. P.L. WOODSMALL q E, GARCIA, R.S. ADAIR, F.D.l. gms! A .. -1 fan? SANTOS. E. BERSAMIN, JR. B. PAGE J. BOYCE, G.L1 VILLACORTAI SALVA G.T. B.U. MESINA, C.R. Auumo, s r' ,V E 1' 1 "- ,E nqf W -' E' W . REYE R.G. aAcmEL ma. zmm. D-W WILLIAMS, R.0. HARRIS .cr-13 Q L ......,... CUMCURTRUN TEN STAFF K I CDR. G. A. CHURCH sw, GM LT. sMuoA LT, GERMQND LT. VACCAFO LT. tcucb House LT-'G JOYNT Q ,,nm.g5..lx .HQ V , , W ,I ,,,. l ., Q K 'ef mvlcs GCLCSTEIN slvl1 BARNHILL vmz scoTT sua srEwAnr R03 WETTER'-'NG 1 LTJG G. n. FULLER PELIS ELBLE SCHLETER ANDERSON Y Q? fa. WILSON DEUBERT X Y 3 P0lYWOG REVULT Why me - why always me? f . A fr 5 Q- :Ls gs 5 fi Y fix 3 113 Xi Q Us 5 gi r 'V' I ii any 5 I. 5 1' r Let's talk this over sys This was number one. K so N me s so X , ff: S X S Hx x suck We've not yet begun to fight 9oX'Q3iY e - X Q, 5 as Where'd everybody go? Polywogs wrll wrn. Lot of freaks man - lot of freaks H ' fx Why's everybody always picking on Polywog Power fly way to treat an offrrgrrrr ,xy ? I. Birds of a feather s r ' Q' CRUSSING THE LINE Cock-adoodledo K ff X X 1 ff X 7 jr .,, ff 5 2,7 Chicken man Royal Dog 'X I QM - f:wL,,U,, fi ' 'Q-1 ' 4 fi lolly Roger And I said we were going around this line What would you do if we sang out of tune? And a touch of salt Washing off the slime K Qi sb 0' Watering the wogs. Togememess l still can't see that yellow line Singing to the dolphins mf' Waiting our turn It only hurts for a little while sf,.f. wr-" for This way to court My mama said there'd be days like this Why you do me wrong? M- I just had a haircut You're choking me! N., A 'oh ,hou Just a little ott the sides wan un zumwau nom Ibm' ' 'g f SQJSH The Royal Family ,.....-v-"""' You don't know who I am The Stockade Can you believe l'm the X0 Slop shoot MJ! Did anyone see my Watch? What do you mean I'm going the wrong way? yn Almost home V L Z-I 'T 1' :mv l 3 Q - .u, g . 4,6 NI '1 - ,Q 3 0'-ANT I es Mr. Ballard welcomes COMSOLANT aboard COMS arnv x. 9,0 Nr .,A, ff 'f'!.'Z57-' 'I saggy- mmm' ADM Anderson addresses the Fox crew Awaiting the Admirals addreSS C0 speaks with crew u Assgmhly nderway on knoll! 3 u . V ,gg . 5 , L 0 . ,ay f DEPARTING NEWPORT dl' V' W f' Qi . ' M ,,,,..gaull1"" QFVN ii Long road ahead A d Our last look As they fade away of 7' :f Newport Bridge 137 day! to gg Tu! dilllm UNDERWAY M5619- W S6076 A? 1' ,S New-S Us '- , in-ffif gf f NY ,. , xg: N--. N, xfmf ,Q--' 4 ,i--1 X 1 ,P 1 J.Q.-fly ng-i fr i 4 254912 Wg l - Q4 ' f' gs i 4. lg A fag". ?"i'L 7 'X if 5 Qlfm -i Q- i YL" M' 145' I I W Q gg x ...".1' ' -.,. 5 wi- 'N -f M 'x 'W -YQ, X M f'1"2.w RN A ,W ,,N i X-xw...'vw1. -.1 1 .xy ,Ms 1- X -- ,ji . . ..." -H 'Ll g -?L:'-' .S .Sgt .W sxkx H I.. 2 ...- N -- is .-.if i i '- fu-4 A . - 1 1 .1 4, tgp' V 'W H--K-4 Z ' M" 1 'Q i W -... -.... ,, ...., Q. ,,k""'f1-Q.: ..x.,,- -4.-..-...,,' Mn-.. q,.. --.,.,,, -ss.-. -Q., -5-. -.-.. npa- ...L -.1 ---.1 " s--.-.etqg -.....,,i 4-U-N...--.. nn- f uu--...---n- -a-...-..-..- 1--.-1.1.-q -1-.111 in--1., nu--1.--. 4- ....-..- 4-1 1.1.-.1 .-Nn. , n-im. ..... ..a-.- .. -1-.--.-...1..-..... ANTI "G" and his H :MQ S' FE 2 . K Lx twas a little rough QAM ,if In 1 ,L 1 ' jg 5 " "favs Calling Ralph It s not funny S638 r S , t, .L H I G H N I NG ia -'nf i Making preparations fx ,.., MTB' -1- , ' r 'rl' Y 2' f1!,-"5-'fjaliw ts i Q i ' -R-J-MN...-.. . ,lr walked N055 Navy transportation aw8Y REFUELING AT SEA 1 1 Let's get this thing started SS r in The modern way f 'wi Service to the fleet 3- Fox receiving rig Qty f , 0,3 'V T USS DETROIT Newport bound .,. ,,,,,Qf S V., ,. fe N Mighty Myles C. 5. . .W JO W' i R ffm if ri ,yi A 5 1 i i X X ,Mp .e,. . Y 'Q , , x-,M "4 4 .,,, V' I i -,-. P im 'v F 1, fl' J , if .X :, 1 . f , ,V 'J' F5-l5s5S5??flx5?:Pf'SS..i-1.f'1-gffpiii' , 5' 'Lf lyk- im ,ik , livi- Lx .4'.-.r "il ., -1, lf' ix 'K Q ' MJ Cx 'ff fy., fi ' Firing an ASROC. SHIPBUARIJ SHUTS OK Rex, what's next? , eeee Q, Wm T' wif!! A 'S'-31-' HHv'esee' ,gg ,is H ' f - 10 . . out the Igg If it don't flt, don't force lt. 1 , , 3 - F., J seg- V - Fake it, here comes the boss BVS hold conference 23' ' ' ,rf if E14 4, 'D V k 331 egg? N '1 L wwf i, f"v,,"K, L This diffuser is quite contusmg A bilge fat x F I Outside aftef dim! So this is the shipfitter shop ou' doc at Wm working in me lab. Sp The Supply Office "'l'r....:r Disbursing's Dean vm U Would you believe working on PAO Who took the mail? AYNanda..PN ji 1131 ,--A F..- What do you mean -you want to reenlist? lack of the dust The pantry A boot in the galley Working in the lanudry Laundry and pressing senrice with a smile Popcorn time 9' 'hd The Master-At-Arms Force The Interpreters A cook-out on the fantail lv I5 A broadcast from "WFOX" Steaks to order Johnny "J" and "D-J ---1 i f-'- ' f -vialerhaihffmw.-s. visirim: it I A qs Ia ' M We r An orphanage in Recife A family in Argentina A- ,pw it 'i ' J . , , , , fu, ,'4 i h 'gl' 'V -I . I, 1 r 4 I Jbrryxlf 1 'fly' 5,f7.v .K I 4 M r,- M-. . ,, ,W I ..i,t,Vm 1 A . 4 . nn-q--Alb-ink-...A ,,KLYz',,f,,yf . 'Q . if 74. u A signaIman's dream Come again when you can stay longer.. 3' .I . 5 5 is 0' x X i Q' - , K , nverymrng rs under control A mini gauchv IP" They came by the thousands an Rio Grande A pretty visitor .ll 7 su Uh . . . fellows, not on the gangway, please! They came at dusk l l 1 Y' v 'lk V W . A , l X I 'F' f 'f ' 5 u 1 n x! fig '1- 'V l l 3' ll Be careful now K Ya duff Say! HUNURS ANIJ CEREMUNIES 'J ig ten to go Repeat The last time ar Now you're "out", ound Now sign on the dotted line fx tl 'ss Now you're "in I! ...Q-?"sxsf X X fe r""' 2-I 1 fr ser . A Z: 7 i' e - N X Divisional trophy awarded to Third Division Divisional Trohpy was awarded to 0C Division fgf-,LIT fllflifl- S... 'Q Where do I go from here Dinner for the Chief ll salt drinks salt-milk Finally let him use a spoon RIO DE IANEIRU - BRAZIl sf' Copacabana Beach WWI monumeni on the left, WW-2 monument on the right - 'l I Q 1 1 Looking down from Corcavada The Redeemer Hugh on a mountain looking down on the city. Cable car on sugar loaf LIMA - PERU l 13,11-., - I f , gf - 4 Q V7 Y . igs A4 C ail- 2 1 i, Fx 5- ,Q , i vii 2 ' ,i..,' 1 v,?,,., 30 ,F ,. . 4 1, ,ma Q , :Vi r l W u 1 l If A161 2 1' ' in me J ' wa, zz. I f l wmv, 274i Country club in Lima UIYUIWC Size D00l ge.,,. lit ei ,D H X, Q lf .Q.a 'effni Noi Now alll need is a camera I'II have a fox on the rocks 'QW 4? Q Let me think this over Q Q un .l- lust coke Mom. WS' Coke' r V THE AIRIJALES-DRUNES Q . ,L ,uw H . . Q.. .......... ug -vu U Q ...AIX .www -I-ff v--'W-W .fri .IG JB I an ll PANAMA - CANAL ZUNE v--:asf-wg "A I A fwmrn ju. It q - is is M I lure, ilil lil 3 l lull ll lllllf......, Typical tourists To buy or not to buy! ai pair' .., Hug. hr y' xy ls it really a bargain? Stereo by the truckload. ...A V ',, ,rwip Q y E Z That the Ad mural on the brow? Q .d Now, Chief Engineer, lay lo lhe brl 29- Ni 1 l Pj, J in xr , .a ,, ,fx J' 1 r SJ' ' Q I I' K'- 'WY Stevens explammg ASROC They liked us in Panama I Look Ma, power steering! lust follow me, folks! Ahoy! May we come aboard? They came from everywhere- ASRUC RECUVERY BM1 Fitzhugh or Mike Nelson? Easy now Caffying the baby 'Yi Hook It up E' Now bring it up THANKSGIVING DAY Y' t ' rw Y' It really looked great Even fresh fruit lust like Mama used to make L J 5:11 We gave thanks together They Cooled it' ST THOMAS - VIRGIN ISLAND ., '+v.,:"' 1 'ke Virgin? Island Harbor Cruise 9 f J The booze boat The Shore Patrol r--. I , I W Ng! ,I W r,rj hw F . n.. y lust one for the road Smile we're on our wa home i i 4 T I 1 1 5 T i 2 3 T L i I 3 i i i i THE COUNTRY GENTLEMEN He's not a boot at this The Grand Ole Opry 05195165 Sticks Richard They did it together They loved them in Brazil Super-boot laying it On IZ' 1 2 5 PANAMA CANAL In Open sesame On the Forecastle 3 SIL. xxagwli. x NX you like to buy a camera Going down A waterfall in the Canal much I--W-.,-,,... yin! Halfway through The Iron Monster The Pilot Ban' "me 'sqnpvnw-owwvfav df:-1 41 ectators . Wake me when rt's over Y' THE CANAL SWIM CAll IN tl' V 0 S Slipped Look out below op , 7 E ia' aaa? 4 ' 4 11 A y up B, 'M Q l 5 I -gg . T., 3 Graceful Moose doing a one and a half i 5 3 1 5 3 5 i S 1 i u 4 I ouch! They just watched. 1 4 I i i 1 i r t I 1 r i i I hh, M ss' X ms-MQ- " if-395 it J sex , X ,A Q J xx gill' QQ,iSgWxi5 2-s..t s X -eww at ,fig qgf' Uncle Frank's creation is xsxg kggssg l.-W as , ss 3 me X 6 1 Fresh marlin for dinner .- ,f,,,,.-f Mrs. Dick in Panama Mrs. Urbanic and Mrs. 0'MalIey waited in Rio Smile pretty Visitors in Cartagena UN 0llR WAY NUME ,Alf Plotting our course ror Newpon ll sign on the bridge l Making preparations roi unc AW X She met him in Norfolk Oli loading in Norfolk , r "' ' ' 1 1 Ms. Aff? V' ' "f RETURN T0 NEWPORT 'ix The bridge at last Hello Daddy . is K 9 fs Will you hurry up - I r Y Here comes Dad, Mom if cf.. 1 - atm' R itll. f"f""""'liig:,. fri? 1 ,Jw Hu u .ei 1 it fr R, 11' "RR f R A H 'Fife ' ll E!-R wr- H .- rrf -' I' I9"'4 Il"?r 'J-f Put that brow Over Home vrsrts rn Newport aff? Reunited I' welcome to Newport F This is the best port of all. --A ff Never again This is where we I ett off five months ago. Liquor call. l 'N X X mx J . tw cnulsf noun mfr AdViS0l'a .......-- in-E-.Lqg-QQVQA-Q.Ag,la Q,Q.."QQl1 i'A' a Q A' ' nv is Editor ............. V. ' ' ' A ' ' 'V '..g, Qg'g1.QiQ'ggTQlLYN1fQ'WILL,lAM 15 Staff..' ..... g ........ '4V4 f?WlLLIAM 0'C ' 'V wi V Photographer...'.. .. EDWARD ZlELIW if W? , S M C' I P1 E P Y: 7 m S. 'Z If 'lx a 4 if r If V. ,- w. 1. :fa 4 fi' '-f , A E wi " 1. Q 1 Q . 5 . -'S .E- . ,, I Q V . L Q " . '1 1 A a , M.

Suggestions in the Myles C Fox (DD 829) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Myles C Fox (DD 829) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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1970, pg 37

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1970, pg 28

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1970, pg 58

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