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I a - mug PRESENTING THE 1962 MYRIALCDG FOREWORD We, the Class of 1962, present to you the last publication of the Myrialog- a treasure of photographs and information to remind you of the school and its activities, as edited by the Myrialog Staff. I We, the seniors, have aimed to preserve all the memories of our days at Myers- town High School and all the wonderful times we had working together. After twelve years of work and fun, we have reached our goal. We present this yearbook to you, the students who will be entering the new school, and hope you will have a yearbook which will enable you to relive your school days in the Elco School. TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS ACTIVITIES VALENTINE DANCE ALMA MATER Faithful and true-hearted, Let us cheer our dear old High, We revere her and defend her, and her colors proudly fly, We will stand for her united, Of her deeds we glady tell, Her colors streaming, Glad faces beaming, So here's a cheer for her that we all love so well. Chorus J oyous and ever loyal, Let us boost for our old High, Let ev'ry heart sing, Let ev'ry voice ring, There's no time to grieve or sigh. It's ever onward, our course pursuing, May defeat ne'er our ardor cool, But, united, We will boost for her, our Old High School. II Honors she has taken, On the track and with the ball, May she always rank the highest, May her colors never fall. There's no other that can match her, When her team is on the field, Her boys the fleetest, Her girls the sweetest. Then here's a cheer for her, for her who ne'er will yield. SCHOOL HISTORY The Hill School, which is located on North College Street, was erected as a result of the consolidation of the original limestone school. The Infirmary and the Hill School served as our educational institutions until the erection of our present high school. Architect, Edward Z. Scholl, and contractor, Andrew J. Fink, built our high school in 1915. The members of the first board of directors were Dr. D. U. Wolff, George Uhrich, Ephraim Bleistein, John Schoener, and Harry Kline. We have had the following principals: J. J. Strahl, Ralph Davenport, Chester Hartzler, Henry Hollinger, Walter Richter, John Auld, Harvey L. Nitrauer, and presently Walter W. Wertz. Engravings on the cornerstones of our school are: "Education is the cornerstone of suc- cess," and "Wisdom is the birth of freedom." DEDICATION We, the Class of 1962, proudly and sincerely dedicate our yearbook, the "Myrialog", to those staff members of the past who began and continued publishing facts, information, pictures and other interesting data relative to the school. We do not overlook the untiring efforts of various individuals who assisted us, and the patrons who financially aided us in this project. May all the Myrialogs of the past and the present one be pleasant memories to recall in the future. TRIBUTE We pay tribute to the following faculty members, Miss Immel, Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Hartung, Mr. McNeal, Mr. Fake, and Mr. Kugle who have counseled, assisted, and urged us on to finality. Throughout our Senior year they have encouraged us to greater responsibility and reminded us not to "squander time for that is what life is made of." CB. Franklinj MYRIALOG STAFF Back Row, left to right-R. Wengert, M. Lebo, L. Forry, K. Keener, L. Feeg, G Bxcher D. Bicksler, R. Garloff, M. Haak. Middle Row-M. Daub, C. Kline, B. Neiswender, P. Honker, D. Scipioni, C. Schworer C Eckenroth, G. Shaeffer, M. Schnoke, L. Klick. Front Row-T. Christman, N. Boyer, M. Helder, M. Lindermuth, R. Weirich, M Schoener J. Reed, N. Oberholtzer, S. Bordner, G. Haag. Co-EDITORS: Mary Schoener Richard Weirich ARTISTS: Michael Lebo Charlotte Eckenroth PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jerry Reed Monroe Haak SPORTS EDITORS: Marian Helder Larry Forry Ronald Garloff Betty Neiswender LITERARY EDITORS: Robert Wengert Linda Feeg Catherine Schworer Penny Honker Nancy Oberholtzer VARIETY EDrroRs: Katherine Keener Nancy Boyer Donna Scipioni BUSINESS--CIRCULATION Larry Klick Glenn Bicher Gene Haag Marilyn Lindermuth Connie Kline Dean Bicksler Marlin Daub TYPISTS: Gladys Shaeffer Susan Bordner Marion Schnoke CLASS SoNG: Thomas Christman Ann Strauss MANAGERS PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Congratulations graduates! We wish the best for you that the world has to offer. Being adults ourselves for quite a while now, we know that you will be seeking different kinds of knowledge and for more understood purposes. Our hope is that you have gained from your home, your church, the organiza- tions you belong to and your school, the necessary background which will enable you to recognize opportunities as they arise and to make use of them for a happy and productive life. We extend to you our continual services. Good Luck! Walter W. Wertz Mr. Walter W. Wertz Principal Millersburg High School Kutztown State College-B.S. Temple University-Ed. M. EASTERN LEBANON COUNTY IOINT SCHOOL BOARD lst Row, left to right-Thomas Donkel, Glenn Williams, Lee Eck, Melvin Kreider, Earl Horst, William Derr, Lewis Keath, Mrs. Jean Honker. 2nd Row-John Leidich, Walter Wertz, Daniel Leib, James Beard, Howard Weiss, Ray Moyer, Stuart Klopp, Walter Hess, Leon Reppert, Marlin Bennetch. 3rd Row-Cyrus Krall, James Shelhamer, George Ross, Jr., Charles Anspach, Raymond Strickler, John Zug, Raymond Miller, John Gettle. MYERSTOWN SCHOOL BOARD First Row, left to right--Leon M. Reppert, Vice Presidentg William L. Derr, Presidentg Mrs Jean M. Honker. Second Row-Walter W. Hess, Dr. James D. Yoder, Secretary, Ralph R. Klineg Treasurer Cnon-memberj . Na ilyx CY K- TEACHERS DRIVER TRAINING. ART. LIBRARIAN AND GUIDANCE Mr. Hess, Mrs. Hartung, Mrs. Lantz, Mr. Lantz MR. EARL R. HEss B,A. Driver Training Lebanon High School Elizabethtown College Millersville State College MRs. FREDERICK W. LAN'rz A.B., M.S. Librarian Wyomissing High School Bucknell University Columbia University Kutztown State College Temple University MRS. RUTH ANN HARTUNG B.S. Art Norristown High School Kutztown State College MR. FREDERICK W. LANTz A.B. Guidance Counselor Mechanicsburg High School Muhlenberg College Columbia niversity Lehigh University Temple University Albright College, Millersville State liege Kutztown State College SOCIAL STUDY TEACHERS Mr. Noll, Mr. Graybill, Mr. Fake, Miss Immel, Mr. Loos MR. LEONARD D. Nou. Miss MABEL IMMEL B.A. B.A. Social Studies Social Studies Reading High School Myerstown High School Albright College Albright Colle e Lebanon Valley College Millersville State College Temple University MR. DWIGHT FAKE MR. RONALD A. GRAYBILL B.S. BS' s 'alS d' . . oc: tu :es Social Studies and Geography . Lehxmon High School Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley College Millersville State College Temple University Mr. L. DONALD Loos B.A. Social Studies Elco saint School Franklin an Marshall College Temple University SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS TEACHERS Mr. Arnold, Jr., Mr. Hottenstein, Mr. Dunkle, Mr. Ayers, Mr. Mentzer MR. ROBERT ARNOLD, JR. B.S. Science and Mathematics Cornwall High School Penn State University Lebanon Valley College Temple University Bucknell University MR. RODERICK J. DUNKLE B.S. Science Reading High School Kutztown State College MR. LARRY M. MENTZER B.A. Mathematics Myerstown High School Lebanon Valley College Millersville State College MR. F. PETER HOTTENSTEIN B.S., M.S. Ed. General Science and Chemistry Myerstown High School Lebanon Valley College Temple University MR. ROBERT AYERS B.S. Algebra II Trigonometry, Geometry, Business Mathematics Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley College University of Pennsylvania Perm State University LANGUAGE TEACHERS Mr. McNeal, Miss Blank, Mr. Hartung, Mrs. Papson, Mr. Kugle MR. CHARLES F. MCNEAL B.S. Spanish and Geography Coclcranville High School Millersville State College MR. DONALD J . KUGLE B.S. Social Studies CEnglishJ Marietta High School Millersville State College University of Pennsylvania MRS. CHRISTOPHER M B.A. English and Public Sp Lebanon High School Elizabethtown College Duke University MR. JOHN W. HARTUNG B.S. English Reading High School Kutztown State College Miss JUDITH A. BLANK B.A. English Lehighton High School Lebanon Valley College East Stroudsburg State College . PAPSON eaking VOCATIONAL AND BUSINESS TEACHERS Mr. Lansberry, Miss Smeltzer, Mrs. Saunders, Mr. Sherman MR. J OHN R. SHERMAN B.A., M.A. Vocational Agriculture Bethel High School Elizabethtown Prigoaratory School Juniata llege Columbia University Penn State University Miss Lols J. SMEI.TzER B.S. Home Economics Centre Hall Potter High School Penn State University MR. DONALD R. LANSBBRRY B.S., M. Ed. Industrial Arts Clearfield High School Penn State University MRS. LENA B. SAUNDERS B.S. Business Education Myerstown High School Elizabethtown College Lebanon Valley College PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND MUSIC TEACHERS Mr. Kline, Mr. Yeagley, Miss Dech, Mrs. Zartman MR. LOREN E. KLINE B.S. Plzysical Education 8: Health Myerstown High School Penn State University Temple University MR. HAROLD G. YBAGLEY B.S., M. Ed. Instrumental Music William Penn High School Lebanon Valley College Penn State University University of Michigan Miss KATHRYN DECH B.S., B.A., M.A. Vocal Music and German Myerstown High School Albright couege Ithaca College Columbia University New York University MRS. Louise U. ZARTMAN Physical Education 8: Health Mount Gilcnd High School Appalachian State College ELEMENTARY TEACHERS-HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING Mrs. Groff, Mrs. Nitrauer, Mr. Chapman, Miss Shilling, Mrs. Shenk Miss PATRICIA SI-BILLING B.S. First Grade Lebanon High School Millersville State College MR. MARTIN CHAPMAN B.S. Fifth Grade West Reading High School Kulztown State Teachers College , JR. MRS. HARVEY NITRAUBR B.S. Sixth Grade Reading High School Lebanon Valley College Penn State University MRS. LESTER SHBNII Fifth Grade Mlferstown High School M'lersville State College Lebanon Valley College MRS. LEON GROFF B.S. First Grade South Lebanon High School Millersville State College Albright College Lebanon Valley College Penn State University ELEMENTARY TEACHERS-HILL BUILDING Mrs. Jane Alexander, Mrs. Kathryn Royer, Mrs. Martha Beard, Miss Jane North, Mi Schell, Miss Ardell Arndt. MRS. JANE ALEXANDER B.S. Second Grade Lebanon Valley College MRS. MARTHA BEARD B.S. Fourth Grade Lititz High School Lebanon Valley College Millersville College Miss IRENE SCHELL B.S. Third Grade Lebanon Valley College Millersville State College Temple University MRS. KATHRYN ROYER B.S. Fourth Grade Lebanon Valley College Miss JANE NORTH B.S., M. Ed. Second Grade Millcreek Township High School Millersville State College Pennsylvania State University Miss ARDELL ARNDT B.S. Third Grade West Chester State College ss Irene CARL S. MILLER M.D., B.A. School Physician Palmyra High School Gettysburg College Jefferson Medical College Germantown Dispensary and Hospital Miss GLORIA PHILLIPPY School Secretary Myerstown High School MRS. ROBERT KERCHER R.N., B.S. School Nurse Lebanon High School St. Ioseph's Hospital Millersville State College Custodiczns The custodians are forced with a most diffi- cult task-keeping the school neat and clean. So at this time we wish to express our most sincere thanks to all of them for a job well done. Mr. C. Fink, Mrs. E. Bennetch, Mr. E. Bennetch. Mr. G. Dundore. sisssss. Driver Training The Driver Training program was started in the school year of 1939-1940 with twenty-four members in the class. Today it is under the able leadership of Mr. Earl Hess. DRIVER TRAINING CAR Mr, Hess, Jane Sell, Shirley Reber. Truani Officers HERMAN HAAG RUSSELL BORDER-Chief of Police POLICE BEGINNING OF EDUCATION IN OUR COMMUNITY Education dates back to the first settlers of the Myerstown region, for they and their ideas laid the foundation for the schools of yesterday and today. As they made their homes in the rich valley, the German settlers brought with them from Europe the idea of church schools. This idea prevailed until 1767 when the non-parochial school system began. In this year Simon Bassler, and John Meyer provided for the erection of a long, low school building of logs. It was located at Main and Goodwill Streets and accommodated children within a five mile radius. It was not until 1804 that the German School was built just west of the Lutheran Church. This school was managed by the Reformed and Lutheran Churches from which each had a trustee to do their managing. The next school to be constructed was a log structure founded in 1820 on the present site of Thomas W. Batdorf's Memorial Studio. In 1845 the first school tax was levied in acceptance of the public school law. Eight schools were erected throughout the town, of which seven are still standing but used as homes. These schools convened for only two or three months a year. The erection of those eight schools marked a definite advancement, for in addition to the three R's the following subjects were added: grammer, geography, history, physiology, and English. The consolidation of the early schools resulted in the erection of the presently known Hill School building on College Street in 1885. In 1895 on Railroad Street a high school was built which now is used for a rest home. The final educational institution is the present high school which was built in 1915. This building is now under the direction of Mr. Wertz, supervising principal. The first yearbook was edited in 1921 by the senior class and was re-published by the senior classes of the following two years. The Myrialog, as it came to be known, was resumed in 1949. Since this time a Myrialog has been published each year. It is the policy to dedicate the yearbook to a faculty member who has been of great help to the senior class. CThis issue is the last Myrialog for a Myerstown Classj. F, G 4 rf, Q -,Z ,N SENIORS v!'l'9--,JY V v THE CLASS OF '62 Q I Ann Sitauss lom Chrxelrnan Ighn Nevgug ei e '1 1 egfg e e ef ef We are the class of sixf- ty two, The faith-ful, loy-al, brave and true. We would re-calltthe best of each: The stu-dents and the ones who teach. 3 The times pf part-:Lng bring dis-may, with joy we greet grad -ua-tion day. rixti , , ,," "f -V ' Y , Q l ff fig we-5 ef eg e e l lv A-5 5 5542 ee-fi -.,4,a.J..a.p e M -at j t tt' A ' " Now that the year is near- ly done, We all re-call our Joy and fun. Not al-ways goed,non al--gays bad, We near-13: drove our teach-ers mad. And tho we have to say goed-bye! Nefll al-ways, chez--ish bU'rs-town High. 1.11 ' 1" ' f ' Y' , , ' 'r t Pdf M F 4,1 he e ,Ee ee fn Y es e eg f e :LL ' -Eff I And we are ver - ry proud to state, That wefre a.-bout. to grad-u-ate. We work for -get what we were 'haughty In la- ter life can-not be bought. The fu - ture is all bright and new, A great big year is six-ty-tim. gs:-553' eg g e MEMOIRS OF THE SENIOR YEAR No one need ever tell us that the senior year is one of leisure. Projects must be persued in order to financially enable us to attain our goals in this our final year. We became salesmen through the Berger Plan early in September. At the same time we canvassed the town for subscribers on the magazine campaign. The Class Play took many weeks of preparationg this being followed with staff appointers for the issuing of the Myrialog. Our trip to New York we our eagerly anticipating with a great deal of pleasure. Then the serious days of Baccalaureate, Class Night, and finally Commencement on May 31. PRESIDENT . . . . VICE-PRESlDENT SECRETARY .... TREASURER . . CLASS FLOWER--Red Rose CLASS Mo'r'ro-"It is not how SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Iongf but how well we live." .... .. Linda Feeg . . . Richard Weirich , . . Donna Scipioni . . . Susan Bordner John Ray GLENN MORRIS BICHER R. D. :,if2, Myerstown "Jack" Agriculture Handsome and friendly-interested in the Junior Class-works at Feegs--loves English class? ? Myrialog Staff 12. DEAN HARRY BICKSLER 121 N. Railroad St., Myerstown l'Deano" General Drives a hot '57 Plymouth-very popular-an ex- pert milkman-Romeo of the class-athletically inclined. Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 113 Mixed Chorus 9, 105 County Chorus 105 Soccer Team 10, 11, 12g Baseball Team 9g Basketball Team 10, 11, 129 HiY 10, 11, 12 CPresi- dentjg Myrialog Staff 12. SUSAN RAE BORDNER 105 N. Railroad St., Myerstown "Susie" Business Neat dresser-fun to be around-works at Zinns- very studious-good President of Senior Tri-Hi-Y. Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Band 9, 10, 11g Basketball team Cscorekeeperl 10, 11, 123 Hockey Cscorekeeperj 9, 10, 11, 125 Softball Kscorekeeperj 9, 10, 11, 12g Tri- Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12 CPresidentJg Newsgram Staff 9, 10, 11, 125 Class Treasurer 10, ll, 129 Myrialog Staff 12. NANCY ANN BOYER - R. D. 1393, Myerstown "Nancy" Business Known for her giggles-faithful school treasurer- interested in a certain '58 white Ford-always has a friendly smile. Girls' Softball 10, 11, 123 Student Council 12g Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12, Myrialog Staff 12, School Treasurer 12. THOMAS JOSEPH CHRISTMAN 118 S. College St., Myerstown "Tom" Academic Quiet-hard worker at the A 8a P-enjoys watch- ing football-friendly. Track 113 Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Band 9, 10, ll, '12, County Band 9, 105 Dis- Atrict Band 125 Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12, Myrialog Staff 12. MARLIN SMITH DAUB 226 W. Carpenter Ave., Myerstown , "Daubie" General Owns a fast Oldsmobile-works at Sunset-likes the girls. Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Soccer Team 9g Hi-Y 10, 11, 125 Myrialog Staff 123 Senior Play. CHARLOTTE JEAN ECKENROTH 616 S. Railroad St., Myerstown "Charlotte" General Snappy color guard-very artistically inclined- played Teresa in Senior Play-talkative. Band 11, 12g Basketball Team 10, 11, 12 CTimekeeperJg Tri-Hi-Y 11, 123 F. H. A. 11, 129 Science Club 11, 12g Future Teachers 11, 12, Newsgram Staff 11, 12g Myria- log Staff 12g Senior Play. J EANNETTE FAY ERNFIELD R. D. 5453, Myerstown "Jeannette" Home Economics Good Home Ec. student-is interested in Robe- sonia-has natural wavy hair-good President of F. H. A. Band 10, 11, 129 Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 123 F. H. A. 10, 11, 12 CPresidentJg Library Club 9, 10, 11. LINDA FAYE FEEG R. D. 422, Myerstown "Feegie" Academic Well liked by everyone-writes many letters to Turkey-very athletic-played a good part in the Senior Play. Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Band-Colorguard 9, 10, 11, 12g Basketball 9, 10, 11, 123 Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12 QCD- Captainjg Student Council 9g Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12g F. H. A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Science Club 11, 129 Newsgram Staff 9, 10, 11, 123 Senior Play, Class President 12. LARRY HENRY FORRY 9 W. Jefferson Ave., Myerstown "Larry" General Always drives Fords-all around athlete-easy to get along with-neat dresser. Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, Band 9, 10, 119 Soccer Team 9, 10, 11, 123 Baseball 9, 103 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Track ll, 12g Student Council 11, 123 Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Myrialog Staff 123 Senior Play. Staff 12g Senior Play DOROTHY GETTLE 130 S. Cherry St., Myerstown "Dorothy" Business Sports a diamond-likes to dance-very friendly -loves Shorthand. RONALD LEE GARLOFF 524 S. Railroad St Myerstown "GuzzIes" General Neat green eyes--pleasant personality good ath lete--plans to attend college Boys' Chorus 9, 10 11 Mixed Chorus 9 10 11 Soccer Team 9, 10, 11 12 fCo Captamj Baseball 9 10 11, 12g Basketball 10 11 12 H1 Y 10 11 12 Myrialog x LESTER EARL GETTLE, JR. 15 Jefferson Ave., Myerstown "Lester" General Tall and quiet-serious about school-John's first "sidekick"-plans to be a minister. Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Band 9, 10, 11, 12. MARK KRIEDER GIBBLE, JR. R. D. :H:3, Myeistown "Mark" Agriculture Usually joking-drives a hot "little" car-loves school? ? ?-a good Dutchman and golfer? ? Mixed Chorus 95 F. F. A. 9, 10, 11, 12. GENE RUSSEL HAAG 315 S. Railroad St., Myerstown "Haagie" General Never seen speeding? ?-interested in girls-a1- ways smiling-good athlete--another newspaper boy. Soccer 9, 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 115 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 123 Myrialog Staff 12g Senior Play. MONROE LOCKART HAAK 724 S. Railroad St., Myerstown "Butch" General Always taking pictures-enjoys going to the movies -is usually confused-loves English class? '? ? Boys' Chorus, 9, 10, 113 Baseball Kscorekeeperj 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball fscorekeeperj 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 11, 123 Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Science Club 11, 12, Newsgram Staff 9, 10, 11g Myrialog Staff 12. MARIAN LINDA HELDER R. D. Jil, Myerstown "Marian" General Faithful worker at the Mary Elton-a future nurse -peppy girls' sports manager. Girls' Chorus 95 Basketball team Qmanagerl 9, 10, 11, 125 Hockey team Ctimekeeperl 9, 10, 11, 12, Girls' Soft- ball Cmanagerj 9, 10, 11, 12g Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12, F. N. A. 10, 11, 123 Library Club 9, 10, 113 Myrialog Staff 12, Senior Play. PENELOPE JEAN HONKER 108 W. Carpenter Ave., Myerstown "Penny" Academic Good athlete-loves mashed potatoes and gravy- fond of horses-pleasing personality. Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Basketball Team 9, 10, 11, 12 CCO-Captainjg Hockey Team 9, 10, 11, 12g Girls' Softball 9, 10, ll, 12g Cheer- leading 9, 10, 11, 125 Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12, F. H. A. 9, 10, 11, 12g Science Club 11, 12, Newsgram Staff 9, 10, 11, 12 fEditorJg Future Teachers 11, Senior Play. NANCY LEE HOWER 16W E. Park Ave., Myerstown "Nancy" Business Very quiet-loves a certain black '54 Ford-sports a diamond. KATHRINE ELAINE KEENER R. D. if 1, Myerstown "Kathy" Home Economics Good hockey player-beautician-can be found with Bob-pleasing personality. Girls' Chorus 9, 103 Hockey Team 9, 10, 11, 123 Cheer- leading 9, 10, 11, 12 fCo-Captainjg Student Council 10, 11, 12g Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12, Science Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Myrialog Staff 12g Senior Play. LARRY EDWIN KLICK 242 E. Main Ave., Myerstown "KIicky" General sidekick--quiet. Boys' Chorus 11, 12g Mixed Chorus 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Hi-Y 10, 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12g Senior Play. A good drummer--loves to swim-John's second l CONNIE MAE KLINE 241 W. Main Ave., Myerstown "Connie" Business Always smiling-peppy cheerleader-makes many trips to Bethel-played a good part in the Senior Play. Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Band 9, 10, 113 Hockey Ceo-captain? 9, 10, 11, 123 Cheerleading Ceo-captainl 9, 10, ll, 125 Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 125 Myrialog Staff 125 Senior Playg School Treasurer 12g District Tri-Hi-Y 12. MICHAEL REUBEN LEBO 203 W. Carpenter Ave., Myerstown "Lebo" General Neat dresser-good artist-handsome--often seen with Brenda. Boys' Chorus 103 Soccer Team 9, 10, 11, 123 Basketball Team 10, 12 fManagerJg Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Myrialog Staff 129 Senior Play. MARILYN MAE LINDERMUTH 123 Washington Ave., Myerstown "Marilyn" Home Economics Has interests in Pine Grove-very popular-peppy cheerleader. Girls' Chorus 9, 10, Band 9, 10, 11, 12g Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 93 Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12g Nurses Club 10, Myrialog Staff 12. BETTY ARLENE MAUSER R. D. 4761, Richland uBe!tyn One of the more quiet girls-works at the Twin Kiss-has pretty black hair. F. H. A. 9, llg Newsgram Staff 12. HAROLD LLOYD LUTZ 402 W. Main Ave., Myerstown "Harold" Agriculture Never late for school? ? ? ?-faithful newsboy- will make a good farmer. Baseball 9, 10, ll, 123 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 F. F. A. ll, l2g Senior Play. Business HERBERT GEORGE MILLER R. D. 113, Myerstown "Herb" Agriculture Always has car trouble-works at Hoffman's Lunch Room-neat dark hair-likes the girls. F. F. A. 9, 10, 11, 12. i BETTY JANE NEISWENDER 50 E. Jefferson Ave., Myerstown "Betty" General Very friendly--has pretty dark hair-good man- ager of girls' sports-interested in nursing. Girls' Chorus 93 Basketball team Cmanagerj 9, 10, 11, 12g Hockey Team ftimekeeperj 9, 10, 11, 12, Girls' Softball Cmanagerj 9, 10, 11, 123 Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12: Nurses Club 10, 11, 12 fPresidentJg Myrialog Staff 12. 4 JOHN ALBERT NEVIUS 204 N. Railroad St., Myerstown "Johnny" Academic Rolls a fast bowling ball-works hard in math class-seldom very quiet? ? ? Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 129 Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 124 ' County Chorus 103 Band 9, 10, 11, 12. NANCY PAYE OBERHOLTZER 132 W. Main Ave., Myerstown "Nancy" Business A good artist-likes pizza and bar-b-q's-enjoys dancing-easy to get along with. Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, ll, 125 Newsgram Staff 12, Myrialog Staff 125 Senior Play. GLADYS ALICE SHAEFFER 214 E. Main Ave., Myerstown "Gladys" Business Excellent basketball player-good typist-tall and slender. Basketball 9, 10, ll, 123 Tri-Hi-Y 9g Newsgram Staff 12g Myrialog Staff 12. JERRY EILEEN REED 3 E. Mill Ave., Myerstown "Jerry" Business Very petite person-has pretty light brown hair- interested in a certain '61 Dodge-good softball player-will make good cashier. Girls' Softball 10, ll, 12g Newsgram Staff 11, 12g Myria- log Staff 12. MARION FAYE SCHNOKE 401 S. College St., Myerstown "Schnokie" Business Giggles constantly-has natural blonde hair? ? ?- loves Business English. Newsgram Staff 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12. MARY LOUISE SCHOENER 18 W. Main Ave., Myerstown "Mary" Home Economics Works at McQuates-usually seen with Gary- co-editor of the Myrialog-friendly. Band 99 Basketball 9, 10, 115 Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 125 F. H. A. 10, ll, 125 Myrialog Staff 12. CATHERINE MARY SCHWORER 228 E. Main Ave., Myerstown "Cassie" Academic Very dramatic--often found around horses-well liked-good student. Girls' Chorus 10, 11, 123 Band 10, 11, 12g Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12g F. H. A. 9, 10, ll, 123 F. N. A. 10, llg Science Club 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12g Senior Play. DONNA ROSE SCIPION I 215 E. Main Ave., Myerstown "Skip" Academic Has pretty blond hair-mixed up about boys-has a smile for everyone-popular. Girls' chorus 12g Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 F. 1-1. A. 10, 11, 12g F. N. A. 10, 11, 123 Science Club 11, 12 CPresidentJg Newsgram Staff 123 Myrialog Staff 123 Senior Play. RONALD DEAN SMITH R. D. 33, Myerstown "Smitty" Agriculture Always busy doing homework? ? ?-often seen with Kitty-works for his father. F. F. A. 11, 12. ANN ELIZABETH STRAUSS 516 S. Railroad St., Myerstown "Straussie" Academic Pretty blue eyes-"always clowning around"- always talking and eating-easy to get along with. Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Hockey Team 9, 10, 11, 123 Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 123 F. H. A. 9, 10, 11, 123 Science Club ll, 125 Newsgram Staff 9, 10, 11, 123 Myrialog Staff 125 Future Teachers 11, 123 Senior Play. RICHARD JAMES WEIRICH 214 W. Main Ave., Myerstown "Wooly" General Has blond curly hair-studious-Co-Editor of the Myrialog-works at Hoffman's Lunch Room. Soccer Team 9, 10, ll, 123 Track 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12. ROBERT HARVEY WENGERT R. D. 3-3, Myerstown "Bob" General Very bright-often visits his neighbors! 1 !-- friendly to everyone-a good baker. Soccer Team 9, 10g Baseball 9, 10, 11, 123 Student Coun- cil 9, 12 fPresidentjg Hi-Y 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12. JAMES HENRY YIENGST 116 S. Broad St., Myerstown "Jimmie" General Enjoys horse shows-travels to Richland fre- quently-pleasing personality-a real Dutchman. Band ll, 12g Baseball 10, 12g Hi-Y 10, 11, 12g Senior Play. Schworer Wengert Scipioni Lebo Helder Haak . M. Schnoke S. B. C. L. R. Bordner Neiswender Eckenroth Feeg Garloff K. Keener Gibble Oberholtzer Mauser Haag L. Gettle T. Christman A. Strauss M. Schoener J. Nevius L. Klick D. Bicksler R. Weirich H. Lutz M. Daub J. Yiengst M. Lindermuth C. Kline J. Ernfield G. Bicher . L. Forry P. Honker N 1 1 1 N N W I1 w W w 4 w I 1 CLASS HISTORY In 1950 thirty-one miniature geniuses were torn from their mothers' apron strings and tossed into the first grade. Here Miss Loose tried to give us a start in formal education. We showed off our musical skills in the rhythm band and Cdue to an unfortunate incidentj lost our big base drum-remember Kathryn Myer regurgitated. The following year we migrated to the school on the hill. Mrs. Emerick taught us to eat the right thing for breakfast, and we became members of the Cardinal and Bluebird Breakfast Clubs. Even the walk down to Main Street seemed several miles long. Those were the days we read about Alice, Jerry, and Jip, and were divided into classes according to our reading ability. During our third year, taught by Miss Schell, we became skip-rope enthusiasts. This year we were proudest of our prize possession, our huge paper-mache elephant, which our own little hands had designed. The two most thrilling events of the year were: Little Oscar arriving in his hot dog truck, and our visit to the Shrine Circus at Harrisburg-recall how the huge monkey came and visited the audience. Too bad it didn't come near us. Our fourth grade, with our own lockers, was spent on the second floor of the hill school under the supervision of Mrs. Weaver. Marion Schnoke, from Mt. Aetna, joined our class at this time. Who had the neatest arithmetic workbook and handwriting in the fourth grade? Nobody else but Kathrine Keener. Yes, this was a memorable year for we made our first public appearance in two plays: "William Penn and the Indians" and "A Good America," which were amusingly interrupted by the fact that Connie Kline had stage fright-her mother washnotlpresent. Naturally we played the traditional games of girls catch boys and boys catc git s. It was in the fifth grade that Mrs. Snavely took us into her tender loving care? ? ? We learned the meaning of perseverance and how to do the tongue test. Remember this, seniors? It was to make sure your teeth were clean. Square dancing became the current rage, our favorite being "Picking Up Paw-paws." Competition was hot and heavy on weekly reader tests-high scorers were Larry Forry and Susie Bordner. This year the girls became great baseball lovers--remember our Casey at the bat-yes, it was Mary Schoener. We were now the "upperclassmen" of the Hill School with Mr. Snavely in complete control. More than once we came home from school looking like erasers. We got into the routine of coming in early to do over our "do overs," especially arithmetic. This was the year we were introduced to a new subject "boys" by none other than Ann Strauss. As we entered M. H. S., Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Fabel guided us through the halls. As we struggled to find the right class rooms, the halls of M. H. S. became a lot noisier. Our class was greatly enlarged by newcomers from Jackson Township which increased our total to seventy-three. Mr. Gates, our famous English teacher, spent countless hours in the shop after school designing an unbreakable paddle for Mike Lebo. Also during English classes our boys acquired a steady aim with a water pistol, and we learned to cough and drop books on time-remember the time we had to write five chapters of our English book because we all coughed at two o'clock. Miss Fanelli and Mr. Ayers were our homeroom teachers during the ninth grade. It's a miracle the boys did not get ptomaine poisoning seventh periods due to the delicious C?j cake smuggled to them from Home Ec. class. We couldn't count the number of essays written for Mr. Ayers on chewing gum and talking. Betty Mauser, from South Lebanon, joined the class at this time. Our theme song became "A Capital Ship," while our favorite piano imitation was the "Anvil Chorus." The most outstanding event of the year was our trip to Gettysburg with Mr. Kugle setting a track-like pace. Tenth grade came, giving us the honored title of sophomores. Our pride and joy was our baby blue charcoal grey class jackets. Our natural acting abilities were portrayed in "Comin' Round the Mountain," with Ann, Fred, Wooly, and Marian Helder making their debut. Biology classes, which were especially pleasant for the girls, were spent disecting worms, cray- fish, and frogs. Donna Scipioni, Charlotte Eckenroth, and Jerry Reed, three light heads fwe mean hairj, joined our class. Yes, it happened to us. Donna and Catherine arrived at Hershey Stadium after the first quarter of the hockey game,-why? They missed the bus. How inter- esting l??J our English classes became due to Mr. Kugle's inspiring C??J lectures featuring Charles Van Doren, Henry Steele Commager, as well as Franklin and Marshall College. Mr. Whitfield and Miss Fanelli were our homeroom teachers that year. Eleventh grade appeared and with it came geometry, German, and bookkeeping. The arrival of our shiny new class rings had us all beaming. The usual pattern followed-fresh- man and sophomore girls were soon wearing junior class rings. Mr. Kugle was confronted with many major, as well as minor problems in our homeroom. Mr. Hess taught us how to be efficient drivers, although some of the boys forgot quickly. The highlight of this year was a beautiful evening spent entertaining the seniors at the "Mardi Gras." We labored many hours decorating for this event under the careful supervision of Mrs. Brightbill. We had our trials and tribulations. Seniors at last! A busy year of hard work was ahead of us which was to bring great rewards. Mr. Fake, having no respect for the dignity of seniors, forced many of us to attend eight o'clock classes. The reason for these early classes was tardiness-and who do you sup- pose were charter members?-Lutzie, Penny, and Donna. The first three months of our senior year were devoted chiefly to three major projects: The Berger Club, the magazine campaign, and the senior class play, "Terror in the Suburbs." Being a murder mystery we uncovered new talent and had two nights of howling success. The staff for the annual publication of the Myrialog was chosen in October and work began within a few weeks. While I am writing this the completion is within view. Tireless hours by some members of the staff, and their able advisor Miss Immel, in order to secure information, in research, in designing, in class polls, in hours of photographing classes, as well as class officers -plus many more details necessary in the editing of a yearbook took up our time. Another customary and annual highlight of the senior year is the Valentine Dance sponsored by the Sr. Tri-Hi-Y. The memory is a beautiful, but unfortunately, short one-one night and it is all over. Remaining, however, are four more months which will be filled with such activities as field trips in P. O. D. to court, and the jail. Tentative plans to New York are in the makingg Class Day activities and Baccalaureate to be planned in the future. Twelve years in school life has past and gone-good days, bad days, long days, short days, busy days, loafing days, new friends, a sense of responsibility, and plans made by many in terms of the future. These are the memories of our school life. CLASS WILL The Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1962, Myerstown High School, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Be it known by all those present, that we, the Class of 1962, being of sound minds, stable characters, the usual mentalities, and ofttimes first class prevaricators, do make and publish this our first and last Will and Testament. We all will our thanks to Mr. Nitrauer and Mr. Wertz who taught us that crime doesn't pay. Glenn Bicher wills his chalk and erasers from Room 6 to Mr. Kugle. Dean Bicksler wills his love for Wilt Chamberlain to Richard Deck. Susan Bordner bequeaths her typing speed to Bruce Wemer. To Mr. Fake, Nancy Boyer wills her giggles. Thomas Christman wills his job at the A 8: P to Donna Kline. Marlin Daub leaves a few extra pounds to Shirley Schaeffer. Charlotte Eckenroth bequeaths her art ability to Gayle Angstadt. To Candy Nitrauer, Jeannette Ernfield wills her job at the Dixie. Linda Feeg wills Feeg's Esso to Glenn Hibshman. Penny Honker and Larry Forry will their acting abilities to Sandy Hibshrnan and Stanton Templin. Ronald Garloff wills his athletic ability to Ronald Houtz. Dorothy Gettle leaves her seat in typing class to Beryl Fisher. To Sylvia Yeakley, Lester Gettle wills his height. Mark Gibble wills his jalopy to his brother Jimmy, while Gene Haag bequeaths his driver's license to anyone immediately interested. Monroe Haak wills his public speaking class back to Mrs. Papson. Marian Helder leaves her job at the Mary Elton to Gloria Ruppenthal. Nancy Hower and Larry Klick leave their quietness to Kathy DeLuca and Joe Brown. Kathrine Keener and Marilyn Lindermuth will their love for cheerleading to Mary Phil- lippy and Glenda Williams. To Barry Rittle, Connie Kline wills her numerous activities. Michael Lebo bequeaths his love for English class to Leonard Helder. Harold Lutz wills his tardiness to Gregory Miller. Betty Mauser leaves her driving sense to Mr. Hess. Herbert Miller wills his love for Ag. to Ed Shuey. To Peggy Good, Betty Neiswender wills her dark hair. John Nevius leaves his bowling scores to Jennifer Kenney. Nancy Oberholtzer and Jerry Reed leave their jobs as Berger Secretaries to two expert Mathematicians. Marion Schnoke wills her naturally ????? blonde hair to Darlene Lausch. Mary Schoener wills her love of Home Ec. to Linda Houtz. Catherine Schworer leaves her love for horses to Roy Rogers. Donna Scipioni bequeaths her position as Science Club president to Marcia Mentzer. Gladys Shaeffer wills her athletic ability to Yvonne Hoffman. Ronald Smith leaves his hunting ability to Florence Derr. Ann Strauss wills her shyness toward boys to Kay Yeagley. Richard Weirich wills his ability to get into trouble in German Class to Mary Wiley. James Yiengst leaves his tender memories of typing class to Dennis Fields. We sincerely hope that the gifts we have bestowed upon our underclassmen and the members of the faculty, will be deeply appreciated and cherished. In Witness Whereof: We have hereunto set our hand this 25th day of May, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and sixty-two. Dwight C. Fake, Witness Peter Hottenstein, Witness CLASS PROPHECY "Time-a-vac" a mechanical brain that has been fed detailed information on the Senior Class of 1962 has provided us with the following information of that year twenty years from now. The year is, 1982. Susie Bordner is head secretary at the Hopeless Book Publishing Company, Inc. located on Satellite One. Their slogan is "If you can write it we can sell it." Marion Schnoke and Nancy Hower, assistant typists, are having trouble handling the Martian transcripts. Jim Yiengst has opened the "Happy Hoppy Horse" Riding Stable. His most frequent customer is Millionaire Flying Haak who owns and operates an airport. Jim, however, has trouble keeping the happy horses from hopping and has Catherine Schworer, part owner of the stable on de-enargizing their diet. Artist Charlotte Eckenroth has opened a spacious art studio which deals with the draw- ings of space radiation forms which are invisible. Nurse Marian Helder is working at the Live Long Hospital. Her special job is to take care of the accident cases that come in from Mars and Jupiter. A most frequent patient is Mark Gibble who is the test pilot for the Z-7296 3116 Rocket. Connie Kline's Dietetic Food Stores are going to merge with Thomas Christman's O 8a P Stores to form the largest chain of stores in the universe. On Luna Tuny Vision we see that great bowling star John Nevius who has 623W per- fect games to his credit. He is now enroute to compete with the moon singles champion. Fighting for our Solar System are Robert Wengert and Larry Forry. Working for the F. B. I. and investigating invasions of flying saucers, they have received silver matching cup and saucers. Heard for the first time anywhere this year, the new singing star Herb Miller who has sold a million copies of a recording of the "class song of '62." Marilyn Lindermuth and Donna Scipioni have opened the "More Beauty, Less Weight" shop. This is a beauty and reducing salon on the planet, Amos. Nurse Betty Neiswender has recently joined the firm to help give revival pills to persons who collapse from exhaustion or surprise. Richard Weirich is top salesman for the VO Spherical Wig Company. His product guarantees hair that will last a lifetime and maybe even longer. Mary Schoener has worked her way up to the position of head designer for the House of Christian Schiors. Mary's design called the "Half Moon", modeled in the Spring by Jean- nette Emfield, won recognition as the most unusual design. Penny Honker, lady tycoon, is President of the manufacturing company for Peppy Panta- lope Pills. Lester Gettle has the job of guarding the gold door to the room that holds the secret of how the pantalope pills have acquired their peppiness. Nancy Boyer and Nancy Oberholtzer are at the Universal Fair this year to compete for top honors of Miss Giggle Box of 1982. Ron Garloff has taken time off from teaching gym classes at "Falling Stars Space School" to judge the contest. By the way the "Falling Star Space School" is located half way between Satellite 7 81 8, and is Kathrine Keener's private un- finishing school for space cadettes. In the sport's world we find coach Gene Haag of the Tiros playing the championship game against coach Bicksler's Nimbus champions with Recovery Hal assisting along medical lines. Marlin Daub has recently opened his new missle center on Aeros, employing Larry Klick to count asteroids. Gladys Shaeffer, Secretary for the Under-Secretary to the Under-Secretary of the Secretary of the Fuel Development, has written a letter to Linda Feeg selling her half of Asteroid 47. Miss Feeg plans to drill for 3 and 1 oil and establish a refinery for the Rocket Oil Company. Foreman of the refinery-none other than Glenn Bicher. Ann Strauss is now teaching school to the Venusians. Also on Venus are Jerry Reed and Betty Mauser who can be found training baby Astronauts for the year 2000. SENIOR PERSONALITIES BEST LOOKING MosT COURTEOUS Marilyn Liudermuth, Glenn Bicher Nancy Boyer, Tom Christman MosT LIKELY T0 SUCCEBD MosT ATHLETIC Linda Feeg, Robert Wengert Penny Honker, Ronald Garloff QUIBTEST MOST STUDIOUS Nancy Hower, Larry Klick Susan Bordner, Robert Wengert Mosr ACTIVE Mosr TALKATIVB Connie Kline, Dean Bicksler Marion Schnoke, Monroe Haak CLASS CLOWNS BEST Dnassan Kathrine Keener, Harold Lutz , , Jeannette Ernfxeld, Dean B1cks1er Mosr FunrAT1ous BEST Acrxusss AND ACTOR Jerry Reed, Herbert Miller Charlotte Eckenrolh, Larry Forry THE BODY "TERROR IN THE SUBURBS" PLAY CAST THE SIX STRANGERS . . . ....... . . . . MARCIA CLOUD .............. TERESA DRAKE , . . . . . MRS. STANLEY HARRINGTON .... LORETTA PAGE ................ BETSY FORRESTER ........... CARLA BASLOW ....... GEORGE MOLLISON . , . BILL HENDERSON . . . HANNAI-I CLOUD . . . HORACE MASON . . . MR. I-IARRINGTON . . . .................. . . . . SYNOPSIS OF SCENES The action of the play takes place in the living room of an outside Washington, D. C. ACT I ACT II ACT II: ACT III Nightfall. The present autumn Scene One Immediately following the close of Act One Scene Two, Later that night, about 8:30 A few moments later BETWEEN THE ACTS MIXED ENSEMBLE Without a Song-Vincent Youmans GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Mr. Wonderful TRUMPET TRIO Daniel Maurer-lst Cornet Norman Umberger-2nd Cornet James Christman-3rd Cornet Accomp.-Dianne Marquette . . . . Gene Haag . . . . Ann Strauss Donna Scipioni Nancy Oberholtzer Harold Lutz Marlin Daub James Yiengst Linda Feeg . . . Charlotte Eckenroth . . . . . Marian Helder . . . . Kathrine Keener Penelope Honker Connie Kline . . . . Ronald Garloff LanyForry Catherine Schworer 1 ....... Larry Klick . . . . . . Michael Lebo old Maryland mansion, just MEMBERS or THE ENSEMBLES: Brenda Dinger, Fay Eisenhauer, Judy Henry, Eileen Hess, Carol I-Iimmelberger, Donna Kline, Candace Nitrauer, Janice Sherk, Karen Sholly, Doris Walter, Mary Wiley, Glenda Williams, Sylvia Yeakley. Malcolm Bliss, Bryce Donley, David Dubble, Edward Hibshman, Gregory Miller, John Nevius, Charles Schworer, Richard Shenk, Stanton Templin, James Yoder. ACCOMPANISTZ Dianne Marquette THE SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEES THE SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEES CosrUMiNG-Mary Schoener, Marilyn Lindermuth-Miss Smeltzer. STAGING-Robert Wengert, Herbert Miller, Glenn Bicher, Ronald Smith--Mr. Lansberry and Mr. Graybill. PROPERTIES-NHUCY Boyer, Nancy Oberholtzer, Lester Gettle, Mark Gibble-Mr. Noll and Miss lmmel. SOUND EFFECTS-Tom Christman-Mr. Dunkle and Mr. Arnold. Lion-mNG--Monroe Haak-Mr. Hottenstein and Mr. Sherman. MAKE-UP-ADH Strauss, Jeannette Ernfield-Mrs. Hartung and Mrs. Lantz. PUBLICITY-Richard Weirich, James Yiengst-Miss Blank and Mr. Hartung. Usmsns-Mrs. Zartman. Trcxcers-Dean Bicksler, Gladys Shaeffer-Mrs. Saunders and Mr. Ayers. ADVERTISEMENT-Marion Helder, Betty Neiswender, John Nevius, Marion Schnoke, Gene Haag-Mr. Fake and Mr. McNeal. Music-Miss Dech and Mr. Yeagley. IN CHARGE AT rms Doon- Thursday-Mr. Mentzer and Mr. Kugle. Friday-Mr. Loos and Mr. Kline. COACHING AND DIRECTING-Mrs. Papson. SENIOR CLASS PLAY First Row, left to right--C. Eckenroth, D. Scipioni, A. Strauss, N. Oberholtzer, C. Kline, L. Forxy, P. Honker, L. Feeg. Second Row, lStandingJ--M. Daub, H. Lutz, J. Yiengst, L. Klick, G. Haag, R. Garloff, C. Schworer, M. Lebo, M. Helder, K. Keener. "PM SURE WE COULD ALL USE A CUP OF TEA." IF THEY MAKE ONE FUNNY MOVE . . . SHOOT "SH-H-HH" UNDERCLASSMEN MJ IUNIOR CLASS HOINiEROOM TEACHERS-Mrs. Saunders, Mr. Hottenstein. STUDENTS-ISI row, left to right-G. Miller, B. Boyer, G. Hibshman, M. Gaylor, M. Lessig C. Himmelberger, E. Smith, C. Nitrauer, C. Kreiser, S. Yeagley, J. Gogets, M. Phillippy R. Hoffman, C. Deck. 2nd Row--D. Field, J. Kenney, G. Arnold, B. Fisher, D. Maurer, D. Umberger, J. Bird G. Williams, L. Helder, G. Ruppenthal, O. Landes, M. Garlin, L. Vindich. 3rd Row-R. Shenk, R. Reed, R. Leander, P. Hook, S. Phillippy, B. Rittle, J. Houtz T. Hain, P. Good, R. Atkins. 4th Row-H. Morris, E. Shuey, E. Sweigart, B. Werner, C. Lehman, K. Sholly, K. Eiler A. Ilus, R. Blouch, R. Noll ,E. Brown, E. Hibshman, S. Templin, R. Smith, S. Smith D. Fisher, L. Wenrich. 5th Row-J. Sell, G. Angstadt, I. Williams, J. Smith, J. Haverstick, M. Wiley, S. McKnight S. Reber, C. Haag, E. Snoke, L. Houtz, M. Mentzer, G. Rudy, F. Derr, N. Pfautz D. Christ, C. Weigley, S. Schaeffer. RX i R , A ELEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . . .................. . ..... . . . Candace Nitrauer VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . . . . . . . Clarence Kreiser SECRETARY . .... . .... Cheryl Himmelberger 'FREASURER ........... Eric Smith 1 1 s SOPHOMORE CLASS HoMERooM TEACHERS-MIS. Papson, Mr. Dunkle, Mr. Noll, Mrs. Hartung. STUDENTS-lst row, left to right-D. Schnoke, J. Garrett, L. Sterner, H. Hacker, B. Lutz, J. Harnish, L. Maurer, R. Salem, C. Hower, D. Dubble, M. Wartluft, J. Gettle, J. Ebling H. Snyder, D. Haag, R. Young, E. Umberger. 2nd Row-R. Zellers, S. Brown, D. Heberling, W. Schaeffer, B. Wartluft, N. Miller, B. Donley, D. Kapp, D. Lausch, N. Garlin, K. DeLuca, G. Fisher, D. Ruppenthal K. Fullmer. 3rd Row-J. Loeb, J. Becker, L. Stauffer, E. Sweigart, D. Haag, N. Berger, H. Penny- packer, L. Pieffer, J. Walker, C. Ruoss, R. Fisher, E. Sprecher. 4th Row-K. Burkholder, F. Eisenhauer, J. Weaver, A. Nordmann, P. Himmelberger, E. Pierson, R. Gibble, G. Gettle, K. Erdman, C. Kapp, B. Binkley. 5th Row-J. Hauer, R. Firestine, A. Mays, D. Wagner, J. Rittle, J. Shutter, L. Eisen- hauer, W. Lutz, P. Salem. 6th Row-R. Weigley, C. Althouse, J. Schaeffer, J. Goodison, R. Smith, D. Pohronezuy B. Houtz, B. Sandoe, C. Hain, R. Flamini, C. Ziegler, R. Banks, J. Blatt, D. Sadler L. Long, L. Schaeffer, R. Deck, L. Eisenhauer, L. Fetter. 7th Row-R. Miller, S. Werner, D. Moyer, C. Shepler, G. Baum, D. Wagner, N. Fire- stine, R. Brandt, S. Zearfoss, E. Hess, C. Himmelberger, J. Gettle, P. Shott, J. Henry K. Yeakley, M. Reposki. G. Sanger, M. Field, J. Page, D. Brown, L. Leed, A. Hibshman K. Balmer, S. Shaak, Y. Valerio. TENTH GRADE OFFICERS PREs1nENT ................................... Brian Donley VICE-PRESIDENT . . . ..... Dennis Kapp SECRETARY ...... .... D arlene Lausch TREASURER .... .... N ancy Miller 9 1 NINTH GRADE Homenooiu TEACHERS-Mr. Loos, Mr. Ayers, Mr. Mentzer. STUDENTS-lst row, left to right-B. Miller, C. Umberger, C. Shellhamer, M. Bliss, N. Um- berger, L. Brightbill, J. Hill, L. Hibshman, A. Weaver, J. Rhoads, B. Vogelson. 2nd Row-G. Ross, C. Caskie, W. Lawrence, S. Lengle, J. Putt, D. Walter, R. Houtz N. Lutz, J. Gibble, D. Lausch, J. Christman, P. Spitler, R. Gerhart, 1. Smith, R. Royer. 3rd Row-left to right, F. Weidman, D. Garloff, R. Hibshman, D. Garloff, W. Weaver, D. Moyer, J. Blouch, P. Weiant, F. Martin, L. Hook, D. Ziegler, D. Banks, R. Frantz. 4th Row-J. Herk, P. Haverstick, A. Donley, C. Wetzel, L. Saltzer, E. Boyer, L. Zuck, K. Lutz, J. Hammer, P. Heilman. 5th Row-T. Umberger, K. Brough, M. Klopp, D. Klopp, D. Shaak, M. Ressler, R. Snyder, M. Hummel, J. Yoder. 6th Row-B. Gibble, D. Bicksler, J. Blatt, L. Bugg, J. Gassert, R. Gaylor, J. Fehr, D. Bashore, G. Geist, T. Hipp, C. Christ, J. Witter, H. Mauser, D. Grumbine, A. Reber, E. Tobias, C. Schworer, B. Troutman. 7th ROWA. Becker, B. Messerschmidt, N. Knarr, C. Moore, D. Brandt, K. Kline, F. Valerio, D. Bugg, R. McKinley, A. Diem, D. Kline, D. Manquette, E. Groff, R. Whit- moyer, F. Hibshman, J . Shuey, S. Hibshman, L. Schoener, L. Salem, W. Behney, D. Kohr, Z. Berehulak, M. Miller, J. Demmy, L. Martin. NINTH GRADE OFFICERS PRESIDENT ............................... Sandra Hibshman VICE-PRESIDENT .... ' ...... . . Malcolm Bliss SECRETARY ....... ........... D onna Kline TREASURER ..... . . . William Messerschmidt y EIGHTH GRADE HoMERooM TEACHERS-Mr. Graybill, Mrs. Zartman, Mr. Kline, Mr. McNeal. STUDENTS-ISI row, left to right-S. Yohn, D. Sands, C. Rabold, S. Scipioni, B. Hibshman, E. Gogets. G. Haldeman, C. Morris, V. Auman, G. Miller, D. Leedy, R. Pohrouezny, Y. Hoffman, L. Horst, J. Yeagley, R. Wartluft, C. Sweigert, D. Snyder, N. Layser. 2nd Row-R. Border, S. Himmelberger, P. Lawrence, P. Heckard, P. Haverstick, E. Salem, D. Eisenhauer, H. Eckenroth, D. Miller, M. Miller, C. Hibshman, A. Lehman. 3rd Row-D. Bashore, A. Martin, R. Brodeur, B. Yeiser, J. Schaeffer, A. Ilus, M. Kirby, S. Lutz, L. Gettle, M. Hess, L. Strauss. 4th Row-R. Risser, G. Long, O. Ream, E. Sprecher, K. Graver, S. Gibble, R. Shuey, D. Swisher, T. Haag. Sth Row-B. Latshaw, E. Digiacomo, J. Strobel, T. Leed, C. Weaver, M. Ilus, M. Trout- man, S. Pierson, C. Bender, L. Ondrusek, D. Ziegler, L. Sanger, A. Weaver, B. Werner, W. Flory, B. Hamish, D. Bicksler, G. Deck, H. Ernfield. 6th Row-J. Gingrich, P. Schaeffer, E. Royer, J . Page, J. Hoffman, C. Leedy, S. Grimes, D. Garman, I. Long, N. Hain, J. Houtz, M. Klick, P. Hummel, C. Bowman, L. Zuck, L. Schaeffer, L. Palm, L. Klopp, J. Hamish, C. Hardy, J. Pearson, J. Hixenheiser, R. Tobias, H. Walmer, R. Miller, B. Hamish, H. Laudermilch, G. Jury, J. Daub. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS V PREs1DEN'r ................. . ........ . ..... Park Haverstick Vice-Pnesmem .... ...... ............ .... . . . Timothy Haag SECRETARY-TREASURER . . . . . . YVONNE HOFFMAN SEVENTH GRADE HOMER00lsi TEACHERS-MY. Hartung, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Kugle. STUDENTS-lst row, left to right-D. Kocher, A. Boyer, C. Tevalt, B. Bordner, S. Uhrich S. Hainley, R. Haag, L. Salem, K. Liskey, M. Wartluft, P. Harnish, A. Layser, P. Fuhr- man, E. Martin, L. Becker. 2nd Row-S. Kohl, R. Ream, D. Haak, R. Gerhart, L. Helder, A. Oxenrider, S. Rudy M. Sweitzer, D. Koller, N. Gettle, K. Palm, D. Mays, D. Royer, T. Wolfe. 3rd Row-L. Hoover, J. Schaeffer, D. Smith, C. Tobias, T. Miller, J. Fullmer, T. Wart luft, S. Meck, B. Stokes, R. Keeney, J. Christ, S. Evans. 4th Row-S. Smith, R. Eckenroth, L. Shuey, L. Litzenberger, L. Zuck, D. Smith, E. Zim- merman, L. Rittle, C. Sebastian, A. Althouse, M. Martin. 5th Row-L. Garloff, G. Bugg, D. Risser, T. Burkhart, R. Leed, E. Althouse, C. Hill D. Smith, M. Bliss, J. Siegfried, M. Ney, D. Keeney, C. Dubble, S. Weik, K. Biver L. Miller, G. Wells. 6th Row-B. Behney, J. Mauser, J. Snyder, E. Jury, M. Shellhamer, G. Miley, J. Nelson D. Leininger, S. Miller, K. Line, S. Daniels, D. Miller, B. Miller, L. Martin, K. Peffley S. Wartluft, R. Shenk, L. Himmelberger, J. Lucas, R. Friend, M. Keylor, D. Gettle D. Bollinger, J. Laurence. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS PRESIDENT ................................ Thomas Wartluft VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . . . Stephanie Wartluft SECRETARY ..... . .. Alvin Oxenreider TREASURER .... Earl Althouse 9 SIXTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE FOURTH GRADE THIRD GRADE SECOND GRADE FIRST GRADE HIGH SCHOOL SAFETY PATROL HILL SCHOOL SAFETY PATROL 'TK ,W W ,I Wu... wif 1,9 3 SPGRTS VARSITY BASKETBALL Flrst Row, left to right-R. Deck, G. Hibshman, L. Helder, R. Garloff H Lutz L Elsen hauer, R. Firestine. Second Row-J. Brown, Manager, L. Schaeffer, J. Schaeffer, E. Swelgert B Lutz J Loeb M. Haak, Scorekeeper. Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Bethel ......... Patton Trade . . . Bethel ........ Patton Trade .... Alumni ......... Annville-Cleona . North Lebanon . . South Lebanon . Eastern Lebanon . Cornwall ....... Annville-Cleona . . North Lebanon .. South Lebanon .. Eastern Lebanon Cornwall ....... Annville-Cleona . . North Lebanon .. South Lebanon .. Eastern Lebanon . Cornwall ....... The team was under the direction of Coach Larry Mentzer. The team lacked depth but by next year we are hoping for bigger and better things. The team had a record of 8 WIHS and 12 losses. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row, left to right-J. Loeb, R. Deck, L. Eisenhower, R. Firestme Second Row-D. Rubble, Managerg J. Schaeffer, E. Sweigert, B. Lutz L Schaeffer, B Wexgley Manager. Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Annville ..... North Lebanon South Lebanon East Lebanon . Cornwall ..... Annville ..... North Lebanon South Lebanon East Lebanon . Cornwall .... Annville ..... North Lebanon South Lebanon East Lebanon . Cornwall ..... IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL First Row, left to right-M. Bliss, B. Troutman, C. Shellhammer, I Hill K Lutz J Wltter Second Row-K. Brough, Managerg P. Haverstick, R. Wartluft, C Hibshman, D Brcksler B. Behney, P. Haverstick, M. Troutman, T. Haag, N. Knarr, Manager Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown North Lebanon Palmyra ...... Cornwall .... . South Lebanon Annville-Cleona Eastem Lebanon North Lebanon . Palmyra ...... Cornwall ..... South Lebanon Annville-Cleona Eastem Lebanon The members of the Junior High Team are the varsity players of the future We hope they will keep improving their ability in the future. The Junior High Team IS coached by Loren Kline and had a record of 6 wins and 6 losses. SOCCER TEAM First Row, left to right-G. Haag, L. Forry, R. Weirich, D. Bicksler, R. Garloff tCo-captainjg M. Lebo, L. Helder, E. Shuey. Second Row-P. Hook, C. Kreiser, D. Field, B. Wemer, L. Long, R. Young, G. Hibshman Third Row-Coach Kline, J. Loeb, R. Deck, L. Eisenhauer, C. Shellhammer, K. Burkholder, R. Flamini, D. Bicksler, Asst. Coach, Mentzer. Fourth Row-Mgr. Brown, R. Firestine, B. Troutman, I. Hill, B. Lutz, L. Schaeffer, D. Bicksler K. Lutz, Mgr. Smith. s Myerstown .... Alumni ...... Myerstown .... Garden Spot .. Myerstown .... Penn Manor . . Myerstown .... North Lebanon Myerstown . . . . Eastern Lebanon Myerstown . . . South Lebanon . Myerstown . . . Myerstown . . . Myerstown .... Myerstown .... Myerstown . . . M yerstown .............. Myerstown ......... ..... Play off game for 2nd half Myerstown .............. Annville-Cleona Lancaster . . . . . Eastem Lebanon North Lebanon South Lebanon Annville-Cleona Reading ...... North Lebanon The Myerstown soccer team had a very successful season under the direction of their new coach, Mr. Loren Kline. They had a season record of 12 wins and 3 losses. In achieving this record the Mohawks were crowned County Champs. yn W l 2 S ' BASEBALL First Row, left to right-D. Field, H. Lutz, R. Garloff, E. Smith, G Hibshman Second Row-L. Eisenhower, J. Schaeffer, B. Lutz, R. Deck, J. Loeb Third Row-R. Sandoe and J. Brown, Managers: M. Haak, Scorekeeper Myerstown . . . .. . lg Myerstown . . . . Myerstown . . . . . . Myerstown . . . . . . Myerstown . . . . . . Myerstown . . . . . . Myerstown . . . . . . Myerstown . . . . . . Myerstown . . . . . . 7 0 2 Myerstown . . . . . . 3 0 7 2 Bethel ........ Patton Trade .... South Lebanon .. Cornwall ....... Annville ........ Northern Lebanon Palmyra . ...... . ELCO ......... South Lebanon .. Cornwall ....... Myerstown's Mohawks had a very trying season this year. Mr Larry Mentzer coached the team to a record of three wins and seven losses. We hope that with the experience in the past we will be able to do better this season. i GIRLS' HOCKEY First Row, left to right-J. Gettle, K. Sholly, S. Phillippy, S. Schaeffer, P. Honker, E. Hess, L. Feeg and C. Kline, co-captainsg K. Keener, M. Mentzer, A. Strauss, K. Deck, B. Boyer. Second Row-D. Lausch, B. Dinger, M. Wiley, S. Zearfoss, N. Miller, S. Himmelberger, K. Yeagley, G. Angstadt, J. Haverstick, J. Hower, K. DeLuca. Third Row-M. Helder and B. Neiswender, Managexsg P. Weiant, A. Douley, D. Kline, D. Marquette, P. Spitler, N. Lutz, S. Bordner, Scorekeeperg Mrs. Louis Zartman, Coach. Myerstown .... . Myerstown . . . . Myerstown . . . . Myerstown . . . . Myerstown . . . . ELCO ....... North Lebanon Cornwall .... South Lebanon Annville ..... Although the girls didn't win any games this year, it cannot be said they didnt try They always had lots of energy and good spirits. Good luck to next year's team. GIRLS' SOFTBALL First Row, left to right-G. Rudy, M. Mentzer, N. Boyer, P. Honker, J. Reed, S. Schaeffer, S. Yeagley. Second Row-K. Yeagley, S. Werner, B. Boyer, J. Gettle, S. Hirnmelberger. Third Row-B. Neiswender, Managerg S. Bordner, Scorekeeperg M. Helder, Manager. Myerstown . . . . . 11 ELCO ......... . . . 15 Myerstown . . . . . 16 North Lebanon .... . . . 34 Myerstown . . . . . 29 Cornwall ..... . . . 12 Myerstown . , . , 13 South Lebanon .... . . . 16 Since the girls only won one out of their four games last year the season ended as a disappointment to the whole team. We hope this year's team will have a better record. GIRLS' BASKETBALL First Row, left to right-E. Hess, M. Wiley, S. Schaeffer, M. Mentzer P Honker L Feeg S. Werner, K. Yeagley. Second Row-G. Geist, L. Schoener, S. Hibshman, G. Williams N Pfautz J Haverstick C. Himmelberger, B. Schnoke, S. Zearfoss, C. Eckenrothg Timekeeper Third Row-M. Helder, B. Neiswender, Managersg P. Weint, M Hummel M Reposkx D. Kline, K. DeLuca, S. Bordner, Scorekeeper. Myerstown .... . . . 50 South Lebanon Myerstown .... .... 3 1 North Lebanon Myerstown .... . . . 44 Annville . . . . . Myerstown .... . . . 26 ELCO . . . . . . Myerstown .... . .. 42 Cornwall Myerstown .... . . . 39 South Lebanon Myerstown .... . . . 56 North Lebanon Myerstown .... . . . 36 Annville . . . . Myerstown .... 36 ELCO . . . Myerstown .... . . . 39 Cornwall . . . Basketball was first organized in the county in the form of a Tri H1 Y League In the 1950-51 season the county league was started. Since then they have won six county league championships, three of these undefeated seasons. This year our girls finished in third place. Good luck to next year's team. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS First Row, left to right-K. Keener, Co-Captaing M. Lindermuth, C. Kline, Co-Captain. Second Row-M. Phillippy, S. Phillippy, M. Mentzer, P. Honker, G. Williams, C. Deck. This year our School-Spirit was roused by our nine peppy Varsity Cheerleaders. Their leaders were: Co-Captains, Connie Kline and Kathrine Keener under the advisorship of Miss Judith Blank. They were a proud and happy squad to cheer their soccer team to a glorious victory as "County Champions." Throughout the year they cheered at basketball games, had pep rallies, sponsored dances and had practices every first and third Thursday during activity period. IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Front-K. DeLuca. Back Row, left to right-W. Schaeffer, B. Dinger, D. Kline, R. McKinley, P. Spitler. This year the J. V. squad consists of six members with Kathy DeLuca acting as Captain. They are under the advisorship of Miss Judith Blank. They cheered at Junior High basketball games and helped in sponsoring the Cheerleaders' Dance. Practices were held the first and third Thursday during activity period. ? vw my is 4 ww A C T Iv ITIE S STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, left to right-J. Sell, R. Wengert, N. Boyer, K. DeLuca. Second Row-Gail Rudy, L. Forry, K. Keener, S. Scipioni. Third Row-G. Miley, C. Shellhamer, M. Bliss, L. Long. PRESIDENT ............................ . . . Robert Wengert VICE PRESIDENT .... .... N ancy Boyer SECRETARY ...... ....... J ane Sell TREASURER ........ .......... ............ K a thy DeLuca The advisors to the Student Council this year are Mr. Ayers and Mr. Loos. The Student Council consists of four Seniors, two Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen, and one Eighth and Seventh grade representatives. All the representatives are elected by the members of their class. They meet every other Tuesday throughout the year. The Student Council scheduled this year twelve school dances and arranged three special assemblies including Duo-Pianists by Victoria Markowski and Frank Cedrone, South of the Border by Photographer and Lecturer Adam Shaffer and New Frontiers In Space by Robert E. Keiper. They also purchased three film strips this year entitled Student Council In Action. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y First Row, left to right-B. Boyer, M. Helder, B. Neiswender, C. Schworer, A. Strauss, J. Houtz, C. Nitrauer, L. Feeg, S. Bordner, C. Kline, N. Boyer, S. Yeakley, M. Lindermuth, J. Ernfield, M. Schoener, C. Deck. Second Row-M. Wiley, J. Haverstick, S. Phillippy, J. Kenney, G. Williams, C. Weigley, S. Schaeffer, K. Keener, C. Eckenroth, D. Scipioni, N. Oberholtzer, M. Good, N. Pautz. Third Row-S. McKnight, R. Brandt, M. Mentzer, G. Rudy, C. Haag, S. Reber, K. Sholly, A. Ilus, B. Snoke, J. Sell, D. Christ. Fourth Row-K. Balmer, K. Shepler, S. Zearfoss, A. Hibshman, D. Brown, M. Raposki, R. Miller, S. Werner. Fifth Row-N. Miller, C. Himmelberger, E. Hess, D. Wagner, C. Kapp, A. Nordmann, J. Hauer, N. Berger, A. Mays, L. Eisenhauer, L. Zeigler, P. Salem, J. Rittle, C. Ruoss, F. Eisenhauer, W. Schaeffer, D. Lausch, K. DeLuca, B. Houtz, D. Moyer, J. Gettle, J. Blatt, B. Fisher, M. Garlin, G. Angstadt, K. Yeagley, J. Henry. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS PRESIDENT . .... ............................. S usan Bordner VIcE PRESIDENT .......... . . . Connie Kline RECORDING SECRETARY ...... . Nancy Boyer CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Candy Nitrauer TREASURER ................ ...... L inda Feeg CHAPLIN ......................... ........ J eannette Houtz The Senior Tri-Hi-Y is a Christian organization branching out from the Y. M. C. A. It is under the able leadership of Mrs. Esther Z. Papson and consists of members from tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. The enrollment of the club this year is seventy-six girls. The meetings are held weekly and the organization is considered one of the most active in the school. The club was organized in the school year of 1942-43 under the leadership of Miss Betty Anne Rutherford. In February of 1944, the Senior Tri-Hi-Y sponsored the first Valentine dance, an event that has become a tradition in our school. Some activities of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y are as follows: Thanksgiving favors for the Evan- gelical Congregational Home, Campfire Service, A Christmas Pageant, caroling in the school halls, a Christmas party for the first grade, the Valentine Dance, and active participation of the county Y clubs. HI-Y First Row, left to right-G. Haag, J. Yiengst, M. Lebo, R. Blouch, D. Maurer, R. Shenk, D. Bicksler, L. Forry, R. Garloff, E. Hibshman, M. Haak, T. Christman, R. Hoffman. Second Row-M. Lessig, G. Hibshman, P. Hook, L. Helder, M. Daub, R. Wengert, L. Klick, H. Morris, S. Smith, J. Brown, G. Miller. Third Row-S. Templin, R. Leander, O. Landes, G. Arnold, J. Bird, B. Wemer, B. Rittle, L. Wenrich, B. Lutz. Fourth Row-L. Eisenhower, R. Atkins, E. Sweigert, D. Field, R. Smith, J. Shutter, B. Wagner, D. Dubble, J. Schaeffer, R. Young, D. Firestine, R. Flamini, M. Wartluft, D. Haag, L. Long, J. Loeb, R. Deck, R. Banks. Fifth Row-B. Wartluft, D. Heberling, D. Kapp, J. Walker, I. Goodison, L. Sterner, C. Hower, K. Burkholder, W. Lutz, D. Sadler, L. Stauffer, B. Donley. HI-Y OFFICERS PRESIDENT ...... .................... . . . Dean Bicksler VICE PRESIDENT . . . . . . Larry Forry SECRETARY ..... ..... D ick Shenk 'TREASURER ............ .... R onald Garloff Cl-IAPLAIN ................ ....... D avid Maurer CO-ORDINATE SECRETARY .................. Edward Hibshman The Hi-Y was organized February 17, 1950, under the capable direction of Mr. Bucher. Today the Club is supervised by Mr. Lansberry and Mr. Kugle. Each year the Hi-Y, along with the Senior Tri-Hi-Y, presents the Christmas and Easter assembly programs. In order to raise money for the club, ice cream is sold at basketball games, at noon, and after school. There are 70 boys belonging to the Hi-Y this year. IR. TRI-HI-Y First Row, left to right-L. Hook, V. Kline, A. Donley, L. Schoener, D. Garman, P. Spitler, D. Kline, F. Hibshman, J. Hammer, Y. Hoffman, N. Lutz, D. Walters, I. Smith, P. Weiant. Second Row-P. Heckard, B. Yeiser, E. Salem, S. Himmelberger, D. Marquette, R. McKinley E. Groff, S. Hibshman, D. Banks, B. Hibshman, N. Layser, C. Rabold, J. Yeagley. Q Third Row-U. Ilus, S. Pearson, J. Hamish, J. Houtz, J. Hixenheiser, C. Hardy, J. Pearson L. Ondrusek, S. Grimes, S. Wartluft, B. Miller. s Fourth Row-K. Line, S. Gibble, D. Leininger, J. Nelson, G. Miley, C. Hill, M. Bliss M. Shellhamer, E. Jury, C. Dubble. Fifth Row-M. Wartluft, S. Meek, S. Rudy, J. Schaeffer, C. Sebastian, K. Palm, D. Koller, L. Helder, S. Evans, J. Fullmer, S. Daniels, L. Shuey, R. Shenk, K. Peffley, D. Miller A. Layser, L. Salem, D. Haak, S. Hanley. 1 JR. TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS PRESIDENT .................................... Donna Kline VICE PREsmENr ........................,.... Fay Hibshman RECORDING SECRETARY ........ ....... P atty Spitler CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . . .... Donna Garman TREASURER ............... .. JoAnne Hammer CHAPLAIN .............. ................. Y vonne Hoffman From available information the Junior Tri-Hi-Y was probably started by Miss Donough, who was the first Junior Tri-Hi-Y advisor from 1947-1951. Its leader for 1951-1953 was Mrs. Brightbill, and in 1953 Mrs. Shover became its leader. In the year 1956-57 Mrs. Shaak and Miss Gudeman became the advisors. In 1958-59 Mrs. Shaak and Miss Smeltzer took over the leadership. In 1960-61 Miss Smeltzer was sole advisor of the club. In 1961-62 Miss Smeltzer and Mrs. Hartung share the duties of advising the club. The club takes part in various projects throughout the year. They sponsor a dance, have panel discussions, Teen Talks, and also the task of presenting the Thanksgiving Assembly. They give Christmas packages to the Twin Spruce Home and send care packages abroad. NEWSGRAM STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF: EDITOR ............... .... P enny Honker ASSISTANT EDITOR . . . . . Candy Nitrauer NEws EDITOR ........ . . . Gregory Miller ASSISTANT ....... ...... L inda Feeg CLUB EDITOR ........ ..... J ennifer Kenney ASSISTANT . , . , . ...... Mary Wiley GIRLS, SPORTS EDITOR . . . . .... Cathy Deck Boys' SPORTS EDITOR . . . . . . George Arnold VARIETY EDITOR ....................................... Ann Strauss EXCHANGE EDITOR ................... . . . . . . . . Susie Bordner REPORTERS-Kathy DeLuca, Anna Mae Donley, Charlotte Eckenroth, Arlene Hibshman, Maxine Hummel, Kenny Lutz, Shirley Phillippy, Donna Scipioni, Mary Ann Shellhammer, Janice Sherk, Cathy Weigley, Bruce Wemer, Carl Wetzel, Glenda Williams, Jim Yoder. PI-IoToGRAPI-IER ............................. , ......... Lynn Sterner ASSISTANTS ....................... Brian Wartluft and Roger Blouch ARTIST .................... . . ...... .... . . . . . , Cindy Ziegler ART STAFF-Anna Mae Donley, Charlotte Eckenroth, Carl Wetzel, Wanda Schaeffer, Cathy Weigley. BUSINESS STAFF: FINANCIAL SECRETARY ...... ...... . . ..... Betty Mauser TYPING MANAGER ................ ................... G ladys Shaeffer BUsmEss MANAGER .............. . . . . . . . Bruce Wemer CIRCULATION STAFF-Susie Bordner, Elmer Boyer, Carol Haag, Jennifer Kenney, Kenny Lutz, Susie McKnight, Nancy Pfautz, Jerry Reed, Gladys Schaeffer, Wanda Schaeffer, Marion Schnoke, Lynn Sterner, Ann Strauss, Cathy Weigley, Mary Wiley, Jim Yoder, Cindy Zeigler. CIRCULATION MANAGER .................................. Bryce Donley TYPISTS ................................ Jerry Reed and Marion Schnoke ADVISORY STAFF: CHIEF ADVISOR .............. .... . . ...... . Mrs. Ruth T. Lantz ADVISORS-MTS. Hartung, Miss Blank, Mr. Hartung, Mr. McNeal, Mrs. Shenk, Miss North, Mr. Graybill. The first Newsgram was published in 1928 with Kendig B. Cully as the Editor-in-Chief. ln the first few copies of the paper, the title was writteI1 in hyphenated form, and its subtitle was "The Advocate of School Spirit." In its early years the paper was published every two weeks at a cost of five cents. In 1948, Mrs. Ruth Lantz became chief advisor of the Newsgram and today she is still serving in this capacity. The Newsgram, a monthly publication costing twenty-five cents, is published commercially and includes many local patrons who help to support it financially. The main objective of the Newsgram is to help build a greater and better M. H. S. It accom- plishes this aim by improving the material in every issue. The staff today consists of 40 students and eight faculty members contributing to the fulfillment of its goal. LIBRARY CLUB First Row, left to right4. Schaeffer, S. McKnight, C. Haag, J. Kenney, S. Hibshman, G. Miller, B. Boyer, I. Henry, C. Weigley, F. Derr. Second Row-D. Snyder, D. Marquette, R. Hoffman, E. Boyer, C. Ziegler, L. Sterner, M. Reposki, J. Yoder, C. Wetzel. Third Row-K. Lutz, R. Miller, W. Schaeffer, S. Reber, C. Ruoss, S. Gibble, M. Hess, P. Heckard. - Fourth Row-D. Haak, R. Shenk, S. Daniels, D. Miller, M. Bliss, M. Shellhammer, D. Koller, S. Kohl. LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT . ................................ Gregory Miller VICE PRESIDENT .... ..... B etty Boyer SECRETARY ...... . . , Jennifer Kenney TREASURER ................................ Sandy Hibshman The Library Club was organized in the fall of 1938 under the advisorship of Mrs. Gilmore and Miss Ruth Livingood. In 1945, Mrs. Lantz, who is our present librarian, became advisor to the club. The purpose of the Club is to provide service to the students and faculty of the high school. In order to do so, each member serves a minimum of one hour per week in the school library. Some members devote more of their time, which is taken during a study period. Awards are given to those who have given three years of service in various capacities. Various events and activities are sponsored by this club through out the year. Among these are the Initiation Party for new club members, The Faculty Tea, along with the help of the FHA, Assembly program, Christmas Party for members, Celebration of National Book Week, visits to Millersville College for Library Conference, and a Farewell Party for the Senior members. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First Row, left to right4. Reber, J. Sell, J. Houtz, S. Phillippy, L. Feeg, S. Schaeffer, 3. Sghoener, J. Ernfield, S. Yeagley, L. Houtz, R. Reed, B. Boyer, D. Umberger, B. Fisher, . ood. Second Row:-S. Lengle, C. Caskie, C. Kapp, C. Ruoss, D. Christ, C. Eckenroth, A. Strauss, D. Sciploni, C. Schworer, P. Wient, D. Lausch, W. Schaeffer, P. Spitler, D. Walters. Third Row-D. Moyer, V. Kline, L. Hook, M. Klopp, M. Hummel, E. Swiegert, B. Houtz, L. Eisenhauer, A. Mays. Fourth Row-N. Miller, E. Hess, L. Ziegler, C. Shepler, P. Salem, J. Blatt, C. Hain, E. Pearson. Fifth Row-J. Hammer, A. Donley, R. McKinley, D. Marquette, E. Groff, S. Hibshman, F. Hibshman, J. Gettle, L. Leed, D. Brown, N. Miller, J. Henry, C. Himmelberger, A. Hibshman, M. Fields, D. Bugg, R. Whitmoyer, H. Mauser, C. Christ, G. Geist. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS PRESIDENT .............................. Jeannette Emfield VICE PRESIDENT . . . . . . Mary Schoener SECRETARY ...... Sylvia Yeakley TREASURER .... .... S hirley Schaeffer HISTORIAN ................................... Linda I-Ioutz The F. H. A. was organized in 1945-46 with Miss Edna Miller as the advisor. The present advisor in Miss Lois Smeltzer. In 1961 the F. H. A. was represented at the county meeting held at Palmyra on May 7. This year they attended the Farm Show on Tuesday, January 9 and sponsored a dance, called "Swing and Sway with the F. H. A." President Jeannette Ernfield and Vice President Mary Schoener, both received on Jan- uary 10, at Harrisburg, their State Degrees for their outstanding leadership. The F. H. A. also helps to sponsor an orphanage at Crossmore, North Carolina. The Club is affiliated with the State and National F. H. A. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Row, left to right-C. Althouse, J. Weaver, E. Shuey, S. Smith, C. Lehman. Second Row-A. Nordmann, H. Lutz, K. Eiler, H. Miller, D. Fisher, R. Smith, J. Gogets, L. Vindich. Third Row-B. Gibble, J. Gettle, E. Umberger, R. Salem, H. Snyder, D. Schnoke, C. Umberger, K. Erdman. Fourth Row--R. Hibshman, R. Gerhart, I. Demmy, D. Grumbine, A. Reber, L. Bugg, D. Brandt, D. Kohr, R. Frantz, G. Boyer, R. Snyder. PRESIDENT ...... .... . . . . . . Edward Shuey Vice PRESIDENT . . . .... Stanley Smith SECRETARY .... .... J ohn Weaver 'TREASURER .... .,... C arl Lehman CHAPLAIN .... .......... ....... E u gene Umberger The Myerstown Chapter of F. F. A. was organized in 1934 under the supervision of the agriculture teacher, who at that time was Mr. Brubaker. Mr. Sherman, the present teacher and F. F. A. advisor, has been with Myerstown High School for fifteen years. Each member is required to either produce a crop or raise an animal. When completing project, it is exhibited at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show at Harrisburg. For the musically inclined it is possible to became a member of the F. F. A. National or State Band and Chorus. The repair of farm equipment and the building of new equipment gives the Agriculture students some practical experience and training in relative industries. EUREKANS iScience Clubl First Row, left to right-A. Strauss, C. Eckenroth, C. Schworer, C. Deck, D. Scipioni, L. Feeg, M. Mentzer, P. Honker. Second Row-D. Field, G. Hibshman, C. Nitrauer, M. Wiley, J. Haverstick, K. Keener, P. Hook, G. Miller, R. Hoffman. Third Row-R. Smith, R. Flamini, K. Burkholder, D. Maurer, J. Bird, L. Helder, R. Weigley. FOUYEI gov?--D. Wagner, J. Shutter, D. Dubble, J. Schaeffer, P. Himmelberger, J. Walker, . on ey. Fifth Row-A. Mays, J. Gettle, E. Hess, M. Raposki, K. Yeagley, C. Ziegler, W. Schaeffer. EUREKANS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ................,............ . . . Donna Scipioni VxcE PREs1DENr ............ . . . ......,..... Linda Feeg SECRETARY .................... ........... C atherine Deck TREASURER ........... , . . . . . Marcia Mentzer The Eurekans Science Club was organized by Mr. James Whitfield in the fall of 1956. Students from the science classes in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades are eligible to join this club. Bi-monthly meetings are held on Thursday evenings. Films, demonstrations, and dis- cussions are presented at these meetings. The club visits museums, and many other places of scientific interest. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA ADVISOR-MIS. Robert Kercher. First Row, left to right-C. Haag, M. Helder, B. Neiswender, D. Scipioni, K. Sholley. Second Row-J. Rittle, F. Eisenhauer, W. Schaeffer, K. DeLuca. Third Row-A. Mays, E. Hess, N. Pfautz, C. Zeigler. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA OFFICERS PRESIDENT .................... . . .......... Betty Neiswender VICE PRESIDENT ............ .......,... ..... D o nna Scipioni SECRETARY AND TREASURER ................ . . . Marian Helder The Future Nurses Club is ably-handled by Mrs. Kercher, our school nurse. This has been the third year for the club and its second year as a member of the National Charter of the F. N. C. of America. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the student with the nursing profession and what different fields of nursing are available. The clubs activities include field trips to hospitals, films on the nursing profession, speakers, and demonstrations. tOpposite Pagej LEAH LOOSE FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB First Row, left to right-J. Kenney, P. Honker, A. Strauss, C. Eckenroth, C. Ziegler. Second Row-B. Wiegley, J. Goodison, E. Smith, B. Donley. Third Row-D. Wagner, M. Mentzer, J. Henry. LEAH LOOSE FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT .......... . ......................... Ann Strauss VICE PRESIDENT .... Penelope Honker SECRETARY ..... ........ I ennifer Kenney TREASURER . .. .... Charlotte Eckenroth SENIOR BAND The Senior Band was started in 1933 by Mr. Myers, and for the past twenty-one years was under the direction of Mr. Harold G. Yeagley. Band rehearsals are held weekly as are the special instrumental classes. They prepare the students for their various activities, such as the annual Spring Concert and parades. They also have Summer Band classes which present concerts on our High School Campus each year. The next day the Summer Band has a picnic at Hershey Park. This year the Senior Band played at the Myerstown Street Fair, the Pretzel Bowl at Reading, the annual Spring and Summer Concerts and at numerous parades. We are proud to say that our Myerstown High School Band won second Prize at the Bicentennial Parade held at Jonestown this year. There are aproximately seventy members in our Senior Band. SENIOR BAND OFFICERS PRESIDENT .............................. Thomas Christman VICE PRESIDENT . ............................ Daniel Maurer SECRETARY ....... . . ......,............ Mary Wiley TREASURER ............ ...... . . Jean Haverstick LIBRARIANS ............. . . . Catherine Deck and David Haag ASSISTANT LIBRARIANS ..... ............. S ylvia Yeakley and Franklin Weidman PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGER ................ Candace Nitrauer FLUTES Left to Right-K. Yeagley, A. Donley, W. Schaeffer, S. Yeakley, C. Caskie, J. Yeagley. CORNETS AND TRUMPETS First Row, left to right-J. Christman, A. Maurer. Second Row-F. Weidman, L. Ziegler, D. Bashore, R. Flamini, G. Arnold, I. Nevius N. Umberger, D. Maurer, W. Lutz, J. Yiengst, D. Shaak. SAXOPHONES First Row, left to right-K. Brough, R. Shenk. Second Row-C. Deck, C. Schworer, C. Wetzel, L. Wenrich, D. Marquette, C. Himmelberger, B. Dinger. TROMBONES AND BARITONE First Row-J. Yoder. Second Row, left to right--R. Shenk, T. Christman, D. Pohronezny, R. Hoffman, C. Schworer, L. Gettle, R. Miller, L. Stauffer, B. Troutman, R. A. Miller, R. Brodeur. PERCUSSION First Row-R. Gaylor. Second Row, left to right-J. Willer, D. Bicksler, K. Sholly, S. Templin, L. Klick, W. Mes- serschmidt, W. Bahney, N. Knarr. CLARINETS D First Row, left to right-D. Koller, P. Weiant. Second Row-J. Rittle, D. Miller, J. Haverstick, M. Wiley, G. Rudy, D. Haak, S. Hibshman, C. Weigley, B. Donley, D. Kline, C. Nitrauer, J. Becker, S. Himmelberger. JUNIOR BAND DIRECTOR-MF. Harold Yeagley. MEMBERS-B. Barrall, L. Becker, B. Behney, D. Bicksler, M. Bliss, P. Bradeur, R. Bradeur, S. Daniels, S. Fasting, R. Fidler, P. Fuhrman, J. Fullmer, D. Garman, S. Grimes, R. Grum- bine, T. Haag, D. Haak, P. Haverstick, D. Heberling, S. Heiland, P. Heilman, B. Hibshman, C. Hibshman, L. Hibshman, R. Hibshman, E. Himmelberger, R. Johnes, K. Keifer, D. Kline, D. Koller, M. Kauffman, A. Layser, J. Layser, N. Layser, D. Leininger, P. Lein- inger, H. Lindermuth, K. Liskey, J. Long, A. Maurer, B. Marquette, V. Migliaccio, G. Miley, D. Miller, L. Miller, R. Miller, L. Ondrusek, C. Rabold, S. Rudy, E. Salem, I. Schaeffer, R. Schrieber, B. Seager, G. Shellhamer, R. Shenk, S. Smith, A. Spangler, K. Swope, B. Tice, H. Walmer, M. Wartluft, K. Weiant, S. Weik, G. Wenger, T. Wetzel, J. Wiley, J. Yeagley, B. Yeiser, J. Zimmerman. The Junior Band is composed of sixty-nine boys and girls from the fifth through the ninth grades. These young musicians are preparing themselves for the Senior Band. Learn- ing to work together as well as the Blending of harmonious tones are the chief objectives of this organization. The Junior Band plays in the Halloween Parade and also takes part in the Spring Concert usually held in February. COLOR GUARD SQUAD Left to Right-L. Feeg, G. Angstadt, E. Hess, C. Eckenroth, J. Sell, M. Mentzer. The Color Guards lead the band in our parades with the squad presenting our school's colors. The caller of the Color Guard is Linda Feeg. V Q S MAIORETTES First Row, left to right-W. Schaeffer, M. Lindermuth, P. Salem. Second Row-K. DeLuca, C. Zeigler, J. Ernfield, N. Oberholtzer, P. Spitler. The Majorettes, headed by Marilyn Lindermuth, lead our High School Band. They march and twirl in parades and at the Annual Spring Concert. GIRLS' ENSLMBLE First Row, left to right-D. Walter, S. Yeakley, K. Sholly, D. Kline, G. Williams, F. Eisen- hauer, J. Sherk. Second Row-C. Nitrauer, B. Dinger, E. Hess, M. Wiley, J. Henry, C. Himmelberger, D. Mar- quette. The Girls' Ensemble, which represents the best vocalists of our school, was organized in 1936 under the direction of Miss Dech. The Ensemble is composed of fourteen girls from grades nine to twelve. Each year they perform at the Spring Concert, at the Senior Play, and also for local organizations. BOYS' CHORUS First Row, left to right-G. Hibshman, B. Troutman, R. Hoffman, W. Bahney, Wm. Messer- schmidt, C. Wetzel, J. Christman, K. Brough, B. Donley, M. Lessig, J. Yoder. Second Row-C. Schworer, L. Klick, R. Shenk, K. Burkholder, D. Bicksler, R. Blouch, L. Gettle, J. Nevius, D. Dubble, N. Umberger, E. Hibshman, G. Arnold, M. Daub. Third Row--J. Witter, T. Christman, S. Templin, B. Rittle, J. Bird, M. Bliss, D. Maurer, G. Miller, N. Knarr, D. Bashore. The Boys' Chorus, this year, is made up of thirty-four boys from grades nine to twelve. It is composed of fifteen Freshmen, four Sophomores, ten Juniors, and five Seniors. The Chorus is under the direction of Miss Dech. Each year the Boys' Chorus sings in the Spring Concert. GIRLS' CHORUS First Row, left to right-S. Bordner, K. Sholly, G. Williams, D. Walters, F. Eisenhauer, J. Sherk, L. Saltzer, D. Garloff, M. Hummel, M. Klopp, K. DeLuca, W. Schaeffer. Second Row--J. Becker, C. Ziegler, B. Dinger, D. Kline, C. Nitrauer, M. Wiley, J. Henry, D. Scipioni, L. Feeg, A. Strauss, P. Honker, M. Mentzer, E. Hess, F. Hibshman, J. Blatt, B. Fisher, P. Spitler. Third Row-S. Yeakley, C. Caskie, P. Wient, H. Mauser, C. Weigley, C. Haag, S. Hibshman, J. Hammer, E. Groff, C. Himmelberger, C. Kline, J. Rittle, R. McKinley, J. Haverstick, A. Donley. The Girls' Chorus originated in 1935 under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech. The Chorus consists of girls from grades nine through twelve. At the present time the Chorus has 45 members: composed of 7 seniors, ll juniors, ll sophomores, and 16 freshmen. MIXED CHORUS Dnzecroa-Miss Kathryn Dech. MEMBERS-first row, left to right-D. Walters, R. McKinley, S. Yeagley, K. Sholly, E. Hess, M. Wiley, D. Kline, C. Himmelberger, G. Williams, F. Eisenhauer. Second Row-J. Shirk, J. Hammer, E. Groff, J. Henry, D. Marquette, S. Hibshman, P. Honker, M. Mentzer, C. Kline, A. Donley. Third Row-J. Christman, P. Heilman, J. Yoder, B. Donley, N. Umberger, J. Nevius, M. Bliss, B. Troutman, C. Schworer, L. Klick, W. Bahney. The Mixed Chorus is composed of twenty girls and eleven boys from ninth to twelfth grades. Every year, under the direction of Miss Dech, they participate in the Spring Concert. They also give a performance at the annual Commencement exercises of our school. Rehearsals are held every Wednesday, 7th period. I IUNIOR CHORUS First Row-N. Layser, Y. Hoffman, S. Himmelberger, S. Rudy, D. Derr, D. Koller, J. Schaef- fer, A. Layser, R. Shenk, M. Shellhammer, S. Wartluft, L. Helder, S. Kohl, J. Fullmer, D. Haak, J. Nelson, L. Zack, B. Miller. Second Row-B. Bordner, J. Lucas, G. Miley, S. Urich, C. Tevalt, K. Hiever, J. Christ, B. Stokes, D. Snyder. B. Bahney, K. Biever, R. Miller, G. Wells, D. Bicksler, C. Weaver, D. Miller, A. Miller, M. Sweilzer, T. Wartluft, R. Gerhart, B. Miller, D. Leininger, E. Salem. Third Row-C. Sebastian, K. Peffley, S. Evans, S. Fastings, D. Miller, K. Line, C. Dubble, M. Bliss, M. Hess, L. Zuck, C. Hill, R. Leed, J. Hixenheiser, E. Jury, S. Daniels, K. Palm, L. Shuey, E. Zimmerman, S. Smith, J. Yeagley, S. Meek, R. Keeney, S. Hanley, L. Salem. The Junior Chorus, organized by Miss Dech, was the last musical organization to be or- ganized. It is composed of sixty-five boys and girls from the seventh and eighth grades. Each year the Junior Chorus takes part in the annual Junior Band and Chorus Spring Concert. VALENTINE DANCE QUEEN OF HEARTS DANCE On February 9th the annual Valentine Dance of Myerstown High School was held. The King, Queen, and their royal attendants were previously elected by the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students. The court was presented to the spectators with background music provided by Dianne Marquette. After the coronation and the speech of acceptance, the presentation of gifts was made by all the grades and organizations. The program was announced by the Mistress of Ceremonies, Susan Bordner, and the acts by a trumpet trio consisting of Daniel Maurer, John Nevins, and George Arnold. The junior girls danced the minuet and a short skit was presented, narrated by Charlotte Eckenroth. Participants were Richard Eckenroth-Little Bad Heart, Cindy Brown-Little Girl, Jennifer Kenney-Wise Old Woman, Jeffrey Christ-Ragged Little Boy. The Mixed Ensemble sang selections from the "Student Prince" and there was a selec- tion by the Petite Coleenetts consisting of Cindy Brown, Jane Haverstick, Barbara Reigle, and Mary Heiland. A duet was also sung by Candace Nitrauer and Bryce Donley, followed by a Trombone Solo by Thomas Christman. After the program official pictures were taken and refreshments were served by the senior Tri-Hi-Y members. Following intermission the King and Queen along with the court danced to the music of Johnny Leffler's Orchestra. Train Bearers and Flower Girls were David Jupenlatz, Kevin Shellhamer, Cynthia Chang, and Valerie Eckenroth. King Dean Bicksler and Queen Connie Kline were attended by the Court consisting of Donna Scipioni, Larry Forry, Ann Strauss, Ronald Garloff, Penelope Honker, Gene Haag, Kathrine Keener, Glenn Bicher, Linda Feeg, and Robert Wengert. This year's annual and final Valentine Dance called "Hearts in Dreamland," was a big success, due to the co-operation of everyone. I THEIR MAJ ESTIES King Dean Bicksler Queen Connie Kline King Dean and Queen Connie reigned over the annual Queen of Hearts dance in the Myers- town High School Gymnasium on the 9th day of February, 1962. Flower Girls and Train Bearers Cynthia Chang, Valerie Eckenroth, Kevin Shellhamer, and David J upenlatz. MA1D OF HONOR Donna Scipioni Penny Honker Ann Strauss Kathrine Keener Linda Feeg Larry Forry Gene Haag Ronald Garloff Glenn Bicher Robert Wengert i i w 4 THE ROYAL COURT THEIR MAJ ESTIES A Friend A 8L P Food Store Charles Althouse, Jr. George Arnold Bahney's Furniture Store Darlene Banks Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bashore Bethel 84 Mt. Aetna Tel. 8a Tel. Co. A. W. Beyler 8a Son Jim Bird Malcolm Bliss Blue Star Diner Dr. 8L Mrs. Daniel A. Bomberger Susan Bordner Jerry Bowman Joe Brown Brown 8: Kohr Atlantic Gas Station B. B. Buffamoyer Kenneth Burkholder Buy Rite Jean Claman Dr. and Mrs. Drew E. Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Gene Daub Mr. and Mrs. Nester Daub Catherine Deck Deck's Gulf Kathy DeLuca Darlene Derr Dinger's of Myerstown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Donkle Eblings Meat Market Fay Eisenhauer Larry Eisenhower Susan Evans Feeg's Esso Servicenter Fern Feeg Paul Furman Donna Garman Garman's Sheet Metal Shop John Good, Jr. Elyse Groff Dennis Haag V Mr. and Mrs. Herman Haag Henry Hacker JoAnn Hammer Harnish's Store Harpel's Studio Jean Haverstick Hibshman's Garage PATRON LIST Carol Hill Hi-Way Lanes Jane Hixenheiser Yvonne Hoffman William K. Honker Hower Bros. Speed Wash Mr. and Mrs. Davilla Hower Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hower Maxine Hummel Robert Jones Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Jones Kapp Advertising Service Dennis Kapp Dennis Keener Ruth Keeney Jennifer Kenney Kilmer's Bar 8c Grill Mrs. Edna Kline Kline's Store Neil Knarr Susie Krick Owen Landes Dora Lang Layser Jewelers Nancy Layser Lebanon Valley Dairies Loretta Leed Marion Leed Leininger's Lunch Room Lessig's Department Store Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lindermuth Henry Lindermuth Jerry Loeb Charles C. Loose 84 Son Inc. Mary Elton Dianne Marquette Daniel Maurer McQuates 5 84 10 Susan Meck Marcia Mentzer The Old Mill Bruce Miller Carl S. Miller, M.D. Russel Miller Sandra Miller W. W. Miller Motor Co. Myerstown Appliance Myerstown Bank 8L Trust Co. Myerstown Cleaners Myerstown Hide 8L Tallow Myerstown Twin Kiss Doris 'SL Earl Moyer Nissley's Bottled Gas Alta Nordman Mr. 84 Mrs. George Neiswender Lynnette Ondrusek Alvin Oxenrider Finky's TV 84 Appliance John Pollack David Pohronezny Publix Shirt Corp. Ee ty Puttis Beauty Shop H. W. Reppert Ronald Risser Barry Rittle Gail Rudy Louise Schaeffer's Beauty Shop Roy K. Schoener Jeweler Scipioni's Hide-A-Way Richard and Louise Shaeffer Shellhamer's Atlantic Mr. and Mrs. Jacob M. Sherk Ed Shuey Smith's Candies Ronnie Smith Stanley Smith Daniel Snyder Snyder's Grocery Store Fred Sauders Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Spangler, Jr. and Sharon George Steinmetz Lynn Sterner Swope's Store, Inc. Templin's Restaurant Howard Umberger Richard Walter Tommy Wartluft John Weaver Webber Chevrolet, Inc. Cathy Weigley Wengert's Dairy Louis Wenrich Dr. Wiley Wilhelm's Hardware Store Glenda Williams Winthrop Laboratories Terry Wolfe Kay Yeagley Brenda Yeiser Cindy Ziegler Louella Zuck J Wi ,- .o, x " ,Q Q1 ' fx 4.0209 do THE END A. N L10 - m -f X-AX. . ...W yu -V Xi SX if X5 N 'XS Y SSTQN X5 "5i53"':' 4 mf' Mtg wg- XX.fw,,,j X cwsivigx X ,xxx .X '11 X M i w. g Z X' Q .. R i ff XM Vx I is at X Agi,s:.fw dm XM XX m fg t K Q. R. MX X XRS x M. N X as 3 v w , Q A ' Y" XQSXQX- - Y - .-fav-v ' - ., -- L Q ,. il - X x xx ' V -LI - - -MCM " "" , "XX 1359, M V 'X sv- f ' ,YW 1 ' 3 X 0 A 5 'S A X 3 JI , W N A X ,XX xg: 5, N-. Xv-3 x is , tx , in X S? 5 ..., X Y jfs' . , -2 - X33-' X Y QM, ' X "Y M' 'L LQ-Xgqfg X fgvx " 'Q s auf. 'gsfw if 1- f--V' - '.,. . , t . J ,X X Q Ng Xi Q: Q X 1 'HQ' I., x Wg - ., XXX l - x gy , +524- Xg, ,Xu ' ' gaskh -Q, , X' ,Q 'W -'F 5, wg',fXs',g .X . V LN HXQE v ,HI x wx Q S Q 'Q . X Xfvgi, XX. .fx X- -X .QS X. .X XXX. Q, .. ' 75is..qsixX A xx fy -iE+?"X.-X X QNX .nf , V if-gm K fX fi X Sv 'Ni Xi N ii - Q' f Q 7: Qkkfxiiiifw. QS K N' ' We QS' SSX fffw X Av k N XJ.. .vfnm .,', . ,xii XA e lvgwf f luv- X it ' gxgff Xx XX.vX.Xw' f vi. ilk Xrilm . ' " X.. ' X9 'X Xu .. Q' .XX Q. - ' N" W MASX 'xiii-X Q fb Y: RQQK- , XX . V, . X X qv, x v X X XXK., XXX. S . 5 X... xg. .M MAXSS is wks www .Ax.:j,fg3f 5 bi :X ' 3.55 X A I QM Q4 X -.xv ,gf mfg-.ivy t .. ,X w . x xixxfx EX 2- NW x fi X - if 'S' Asif., O aE'X',.."'?w'-X , f'5TXfX1:5 'il X. X Q N Q QQ x "BN, mQ'9g '22 x ' .-rw ' .f , QX f ,NF fig v Q K dsyg lx X ig X P ,H X- !.,Lw-Ea.,aXE- H. N ,X X 'SX 2 , : 1 ' -'X J X- . Q -' 5' M V X X. Q, E55 x 5 ii . Q 3 S' ' , hiya' XXX WA. S - - S 5.9 X X L 'i R .,..'-X si.-,, I N -XXX 4 .'jf,3g?3wQ N93 . we X XX, 5 w M.. 6 XS X. -wx , XS? X be ,E . --f"'1 ? ' E5 -' ,' in f'V'9f'yf'T E" , x, . ,Ac .1 W- if . X X ,, . .ff . If A F :x 1' -K+ Wig, figs f KE - .Ffw Q. X 'Q fJ"L .X,. 'gf Xe X 9 -glizxguy. Q.,-i' SMX . Q F. 1 , X, x- ,vas .9-,ij X 3 Qing ai Ef xi J. :X 1 X-we . . NX- 'M."'A:. -wi' . X. gg. ,ff , .. .. .Q .. M ffXg+1s if NE? as F 5 :IT X ,XL X: :' :' 2g ", s-'V .- -- '55 ' 5 " gf if XXX SQQXQ xx fatpwi xg 'Q ff R. 'SX -N", ' I if FSS ,X X A gwfs' . 3 Xi.-5 ,e .Q X... - X QR g xt ij tx 'Q ,. C :N Q . 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Myerstown High School - Myrialog Yearbook (Myerstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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