Myerstown High School - Myrialog Yearbook (Myerstown, PA)

 - Class of 1959

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Myerstown High School - Myrialog Yearbook (Myerstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1959 volume:

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The first yearbook was edited at Myerstown in 1921. After two years of publication it was discontinued. The class of '49 once again resumed the task and named it "The Myrialogf' We wish to continue this tradition, of gathering all our mementoes of Myers- town High School, and present them to you, our readers. TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS ACTIVITIES FAIR EVENT OF THE YEAR ALMA MATER Faithful and true-hearted, Let us cheer our dear old High, We revere her and defend her, and her colors proudly fly: We will stand for her united, Of her deeds we gladly tell, Her colors streaming, Glad faces beaming, So here's a cheer for her that we all love so well. Chorus J oyous and ever loyal, Let us boost for our old High, Let ev'ry heart sing, Let ev'ry voice ring, There's no time to grieve or sigh. It's ever onward, our course pursuing, May defeat ne'er our ardor cool, But, united, We will boost for her, our Old High School. II Honors she has taken, On the track and with the ball, May she always rank the highest, May her colors never fall. There's no other that can match her, When her team is on the field, Her boys the fleetest, Her girls the sweetest, Then here's a cheer for her, for her who ne'er will yield. SCHOOL HISTORY The Hill School, which is located on North College Street, was erected as a result of the consolidation of the early limestone schools. The community library and the Hill School served as our educational institutions until the erection of our present high school. Architect, Edward Z. Scholl, and contractor, Andrew J. Fink, built our high school in 1915. The members of the first board of directors were Dr. D. U. Wolff, George Uhrich, Ephriam Bleistein, John Schoener, and Harry Line. We have had the following principals: J. J. Strahl, Ralph Davenport, Chester Hartzler, Henry Hollinger, Walter Richter, John Auld, and presently Harvey L. Nitrauer. Engravings on the cornerstones of our school are: "Education is the cornerstone of success," and "Wisdom is the birth of freedom." DEDICATION To Miss Kathryn Dech, we the Senior Class of '59 dedicate our annual year- book, the Myrialog. Miss Dech has given to many pupils of our student body a finer appreciation of music, chiefly in the vocal field. Beginning in Junior High School she made it possible for many of us to use our leisure time and vocal talent wisely. Re- hearsals of all musical groups Cnot forgetting the operettal, in preparation for spring concerts, occupied most of her time-not mentioning the extra hours that followed. In addition to this, her German classes also kept her in contact with other students of the school. For her helpful instruction, patience and humor we gratefully thank her. l lt AA . MYRIALOG STAFF Row I-left to right-D. Hipp, D. Shenk, C. Lengle. R. Fisher, R. Bicksler C Kopala J. Wise. Row 2-J. Garloff. C. Kratzer, F. Himmelberger, L. Ziegler, M. Gettle, R. Schoener L Althouse, F. Sterner. P. Miller, J, Kohl, P. Leininger, E. Boeshore, A. Bollinger Row 3-R. Steiner, T. Witter, J. Hess, M. Grumbine, R. Steltz, H. Houtz, D Brubaker D. Steiner, D. Lengle. EDITOR Ruthann Fisher ARTISTS Carole Lengle Loretta Ziegler PIIGTOGRAPIIERS Conrad Kopala Terry Witter Morris Grumbine SPORTS EDITORS Dennis Brubaker Donald Steiner Elsie Boeshore Maeanna Gettle LITERARY EDITORS David Shenk Ruth Schoener June Garloff VARIETY EDITORS Elizabeth Schaeffer Alice Bollinger Ronald Steiner C0-EDITOR Richard Bicksler CIRCULATION MANAGERS Harold Houtz Daniel Lengle James Hess Jan Wise BUSINESS MANAGERS David Hipp Rodney Steltz Fave Sterner Fay Himmelberger Dennis Brubaker CLASS SONG Brian Donley Carol Kratzer TYPISTS Louise Althouse Phyllis Leininger Patricia Miller TRIBUTE To Miss Mabel C. Immel, our Senior Class Advisor, who has advised and assisted us through our last year of high school. Throughout our entire year, she has helped us with the Fair, the Landis and Landis Club, magazine sales, and our Senior Play. We also appreciate all the time and effort Miss Immel has put forth in making our yearbook a success. Our sincere thanks to our Senior Advisor in deep appreciation of her help and assistance. Qhministratinn Mr. Harvey L. Nitrauer Supervising Principal Highspire High School Steelton High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Our world survival depends upon the workable philosophy that education is essential for all people. Harvey L. Nitraurer Principal MYERSTOWN SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Front Row-left to right-Mrs. Raymond R. Henry, Mr. William Derr, Mr. Leslie Groff. Back Row-Mr. Eldred K. Stauffer, Mr. Ralph Kline, Mr. Harvey L. Nitrauer. DR. JAMES D. YODER Succeeded Rev. E. K. Stauffer on Board of Education MR. YODER EASTERN LEBANON COUNTY IOINT SCHOOL BOARD Row I-left to right-Lee Eck, Ray Moyer, Eugene Rudy. Ira M. Krall, Stewart M. Klopp Glenn A. Trout. William L. Derr, Thomas L. Dierwechter, Kenneth Krall. Row 2-George Holstein. John Leihich. Cyrus Krall, John E. Fletcher, Mrs. Raymond Henry Leonard F. Strickler, Rev. Eldred K. Stauffer, Leo Blecher, Raymond H. Strickler. Row 3-Harvey L. Nitrauer, Ralph R. Brooks, Ralph Schaeffer, Lewis I. Keath, Leslie P Groff, Ralph R. Kline, Howard B. Weiss. Daniel Leib, Earl L. Horst, Roy E. Houtz McKinley Baker. 551 if X 1 X C3 ll Q3 MR. NORMAN V. BLANTZ A.B. Social Studies Annville High School Lebanon Valley College MRS. GAYLE BOMBERGER B.S. Art and English Ki-uni-t Consolidated High School Kutztown State Teachers College VVest Chester State Teachers Collegi- Penn State Summer School MR. ROBERT ARNOLD, JR B.S. Science and Math Cornwall High School Pc-nn State University Li-hanon Valley College MR. ROBERT AYERS B.S. Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra I 62 II Li-l mznx1 on High School Li-lu xilcy n Valley College University of Pennsylvania Penn State University M RS. HELEN BRIGHTBILL B.S. Health and Physical Education Mycrstowu High School East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College MR. MARTIN CHAPMAN, JR. B.S. F ifth Grade VVi-st Heading High School Kutztown State Teachers College ...-xw MRS. GLADYS EMBxcH R.N. Child Cure School Ll-lmlmll High Svhnul Philudvlphiu Gvm-ml Hospital MR. DWIGHT FAKE B.S. Social Studies In-hu llrxlx High Schuui l,1-lm lxmwll Yullvy Culla-ga' 'Il-mplv l'nivz-rsity MRS. JOHN CLAY B.S. Fourth Grade NI5L'l'Slown High Sm-html Nlilla-rwvlllf' Shih- 'l'x-u4'lwl'S Colin-go MISS KATHRYN DECH A.B., B.S., M.A. Vocal Music' czml German NIH-rS! crxx' n lligh Sclmul .-Xllrright Collvgm- Itl 11xm 'uffulh-L11- Culnmhiu Univvrsity Nm-xv York Uniw-rsity MISS CARM ELA FAN ELLI B.S. Spanish and English livll-Avml High School Imlmmx Shun- 'l'4'zu-lu-rs Coll:-gv MR. JOHN GATES A.B. English .-Xltmnm llillh School Unixw-rsity of l'4-nnsylvnniw MR. ROBERT HOFFMAN B.S. Health and Physical Education Myerstown High School West Chester State Teachers College Temple University MRs. CLARIAN HORST B.S. Sixth Grade Myerstown High School Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College West Chester State Teachers College Penn State University MRS. MABEL GROFF B.S. First Grade South Lebanon High School Millersville State Teachers College Albright College Lebanon Valley College Penn State University MR. EARL HESS A.B. Driver's Training Lebanon High School Elizabethtown College Millersville State Teachers College MR. PETER HOTTENSTEIN B.S. General Science dl Physics Myerstown High School Lebanon Valley College Temple University Miss MABEL IMMEL A.B. English and Social Studies Myerstown High School Albright College Millersville State Teachers College MR. FRED KREIDER, JR. B.S. English and Social Studies Almvillc lliizh School I.:-lumon Valli-y Collvgc MR. DoNA1.D J. KUGLE B.S. Social Stmlies Nlill'll'H2l High School Milli-rsvillc Shllc 'licachcrs Colh-gc MRS. RUTH JEFFERS A.B. English Pcrkasic Iligh School Ursinus Colle-gc Drcxcl Instituti- MRs. MARTHA KLINE B.A. Child Care School South Lchamon High School Lclmnon Vullcy Coll:-gc MISS NoRMA LADERACH B.S. Fourth Grade Pamiclisc High School Kutztown State 'l'1-zlchcrs Collcgc MR. DONALD LANSBERRY B.S. lndusrrial Arts Clcalrficld Iligh School Pcnn Stutc Univcrsity M R. LARRY M EN'rzER B.A. Mathematics Mym-rshiwn High School LUIHIIIOII Valley Collegi- iillwsvillc- Shih' 'l1t'2lC'hl'l'S College MRS. HARVEY NITRAUER B.S. Sixth Grade ll 4-4n4 lim: High Sul xlmnm l Ll-l mgnxnamnm Viilli-y Culli-gn 1' Qfllll Stun- Univ i-i-s ity MR. FREDERICK W. LAN'rz A.B. G uidanee Counselor xlllhiL'llhl'l'1l High School Muhlunhl-rg Culli-510 Culllmhizl University Lehigh University Telnph- University Albright Collegi- lVilfl-:'svilh- Ptah' 'l'1'ucl1ux's Ciillcm' Kutztown Stun- 'l's-iii-lu-rs Coll:-gc MRs. RUTH T. LANTZ A.B., M.S. Librarian Wyumissing High Svhool Huukns-ll University Columbia University University ui Poimsylvaniiu Kutztown Shih- Touch:-rs Collegi- TL-mplv Univvrsiiy i i ,xt PW' , ss Miss JANE NORTH B.S., M.Ed. Second Grade Mille i'l-l k Tl mxw'lis hip High Sch iici l Mill i-rsn' illv State 'I' fiiii- hi-rs Colle-ge P c-ii1i Stats- University MRS. HELEN C. RUDY B.S. Second Grade Puttsville High School Kutzlown State Teachers Collm-gc Mus. SALLY SHAAK A.B. I"ir.vI Gruclz' Xlxm-rshmlu llluh f-'r-luml lhvllllnsull Cullvum' Cn-rlzll'vl'n-st finllvm- lmlmlrzxll Xnllwy f.ulll'114' Nlilln-rsxilh' Stull- 'll-:u'l1r'l's ffullvg Mies. lVlAlilll',l, SHIQNK Fifth Grade Xlu-.stnwn llngh Sc-lmnl Xlillrxwxillc' Shah- 'I4m'zu-lxm's Culln-511' l.1-lx.nmn Vullvy Colll-ul' x, i 'lx , 'SAF' ,kwmlr JC: MRS. LENA SAUNDERS B.S. Bu.s'ines.s' Erlucution My c-:' sluwn lligh School lclzfgm.-fm. ,x.f.. 11011.-uv 1..-n ,1l.,f,1. vnu.-y c:.1l1.-g.- Miss IRENE SCHELL B.S. Third Grade My m-:- sl fnxw ' u High S4-I nlwf rl 'I' 1':un plv Univ 4'rs ity Lvl vaxumwwln Vullvy Cullvgl- Nlillvrsvillm- Slam- 'l'n'ucln-rs Cullvgu MR. JQHN R. SHERMAN A.B.. M.A. Vocational Agricullure Bm-tln-I lligh Sc-luml Elizaxlx-llmm'n P l'1- pnrulnry School ,luninlu Cullvgv cllllllllllllil Univvrsity 1' L'll ll Shah' Univvrsity Miss Lois SMELTzER B.S. Home Economicxv Cs-ntrv Hull Putt:-r lligh School Pm-un Stun- Univn-rsity MR. JAM ES WHITFIELD B.S. Chemistry and Biology Saxton Liberty High School Shippi-nshurg Stun- Tom-hi-rs College MR. HAROLD G, YEAGLEY B.S., M.Ed. History and Instrumental Music WVillium Pc-nn High School Le-bunon Vailvy College Pm-nn State, Univvrsity University of b Michigan il-land Crmifwencel Miss GLORIA PH1LL1PPY School Secretary NIH-rstown High Svhool DR. GEORGE C. FLANAGAN M.D., CM., B.A. Sclmol Pl1ysic'ian Avolllxnllw- lligh School, fllltilfill N4-w York Univ:-rsiiy 1Mm-mlivul Schmrll Dukv Univ:-rsity QMQ-dir-all Svlumlj Ns-w York l'oIyvlinic fMmliL'ul Sclmuli Illinois Unix'n'rxily MRS. ANGELA KIQRCHER R.N.. B.S. Svlmnl NIlf.S'l' 1,1-I maun11+nu High S4-hnnl St, Iuss-ph Hnwpiml Millvrsvillv Sum- 'l' 4-4n1f hm-5 Colle-yzv Truant Officers Russrzu, BORDER Chief of Police HERMAN HAAG MR. EARL BENNETCH MRS. EARL BENNETCH OUR CUSTODIANS We wish to reserve this place in our Myrialog for four people who play one of the most important parts in our school life. They deserve credit for the fine job they have done in heating our school and keeping it neat and clean. Help in the future by being courteous to them at all times. As the Class of '59, we wish to thank them for a splendid job well done. MR. GUY DUNDORE MR. CLAFRON FINK eras S015 Music: B. Donley Hi4li'Jff,tJ lagia IU-'ammfsa Heil? " J I-Ill 11'lT11l I 1 I 2-------1 at 5 .5 s H Ecifaaidgw 55:4-H 13134 EJ? f ggi? J :lies-fnqiw 4 3 5554 Rini? Hu l. Our senior class of '59, Accomplished things quite fine. We stuck together in time of need, And loyalty was our creed. We studied hard but And now our task is Each one will go his had some fun. done. separate way, And make his knowledge really pay. 2. We owe our thanks to all of you, Our teachers, parents too. You helped us in so many ways. We hope to earn your praise. The twelve school years have quickly But all the joys will last. The best we have we gladly give, So all our memories will live. 3. To say "Farewell" is hard to do, It makes us all feel blue. "Farewell" to you of '59 May every class be iust as fine. L'Farewell" to We leave you We hope that A better class dear old Myerstown H with a sigh. you will never find, than '59. passed igh. ,ivu V l E': it SENIOR MEMORIES 'I he year we all looked forward to has finally arrived: our Senior year. This was "our" vear. Our Senior year had just about begun when we started preparing for the Fair. This was our last Fair as students and we made the most of it! Promptly after the Fair we began rehearsing for the Senior Play which was presented November 20 and 21. We reached our goals in l.andis and Landis and the magazine campaign. After several difficulties, we received our revsard: A fabulous three-day trip to the magificent New York City from the eleventh to the thirteenth of May. On May 22nd we had Class Night and May 24 and 25 were Bae- calaureate and Commencement respectively. Our last year was filled with joys and disappointments. but it was a year we shall never forget, Wc leave M.H.S. hesitantly, because it served as a place of learning and companion- ship with all our friends. We will cherish our memories we leave behind, and wish all the happiness and success wc have experienced to the future graduates of Myerstown High School. CLASS OFFICERS PRISIDI-NlfFZtYC Sterner SliCRli'l'ARY+FliZill"lCIl1 Schaeffer Viet- PRlzSlDI1N'I-R0l'12llLi Steiner TRliASURliR+R0l'7Cl'l Phillippy Class Ft owl it-Red Carnation Ct ,iss C'ot,oits+Blue and White Ci Ass Morto-"lt matters not how long we live. but how." NANCY LOUISE ALTHOUSE Route 32, Myerstown "Weasel" Business The senior class clown-flips whenever you mention Henry-giggles and giggles and giggles!! ! Newsgram Staff 12 iFinancial Secretaryjg Myrialog Staff 12g Girls' Softball ll, 12. RICHARD LEE BICKSLER 121 North Railroad Street "Dick" A endemic Avid interest in sports--easy to get along with-interests in the sophomore class- future plans include college. Soccer Team 9, 10, ll, 12 ICO-Captainjg Bas- ketball Team 9. 10, ll, l2g Hi-Y 10, ll, 12: Newsgram Staff l0g Senior Play 12 CPromp- terjg Boys' Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12g Mixed Chorus 9, 10, ll, l2g Band 9, 10, ll, l2g Myrialog Staff 12, CCo-Editorl: District Chorus l2. DARLENE FAYE BIEVER 114 North College Street "Biever" Business Dependable-handles all the school's money-one of the lucky seniors to al- ready have a job--usually seen with Louise. School Treasurer 123 Basketball 9, 104 Hockey Team 9. 10, ll, 12. GENE DONALD BLAIR Route 43, Myerstown "Beagle" Business Voices his opinion-undecided future- attends school regularly? ? ? ..,,,,h-E aw Q 1, ' Weeks -M. LEE HAROLD BLOUCH 239 West Main Avenue "Lee" General Enjoys hunting-an "Elvis" fan-lots of fun to be around. Soccer Team IO. Il, 12. ELSIE MAE BOESHORE 3 East Mill Street "Tools" Business An active person-makes those real good shots at the basketball games--has a special interest outside of school fDonaldJ. Trl-Hi-Y 10, II, 125 F. H. A. 10g Myrialog Staff I2: Basketball Team 9, 10, 11, 12g Girls' Softball 9, 10, 11, 12. ALICE KRICK BOLLINGER Route 1751, Richland "A lice" General Always seen rushing somewhere-faithful waitress at the "H"-gets excited about everything-future teacher. Tri-Hi-Y 10, II, U2 Vice-Presidentlg Science Club 11, 12, fSecrelaryD: Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12, tTreasurerDg Newsgram Staff 9, 10, fExchange Editorj, 11, tAssociate Editorj I2, tCo-Editorlg Senior Play fAunt Pollyjg Myria- log Staff 123 Band 9, 10, 11, 12, tTreasurerJg Boys' Chorus 10, 11, 12, lAccompanistJg Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Mixed Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12g Cgunty Chorus 11, 123 County Band 9, 10, ll, I . SALLY NAN BORDNER 105 North Railroad Street "Sally" Business One of the brains in the class-owns a very pretty diamond-pleasing personali- ty-enjoys sports. School Treasurer 12g Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, ll, 12 tSecretary1g Newsgram Staff 10, 11, 123 Stu- dent Council I2 tPresidentlg Basketball Team 9, 10, Il, 12: Hockey Team 10, Il, 12, fScore- keeperlg Girls' Chorus 9, 105 Girls' Softball 10, 11, I2 fScorekeeperJ. LORETTA FAY BRAN DT Route 113, Myerstown "Loretta" Business Likes to have a good time-car hop at the Dixie-attractive to the opposite sex. Tri-Hi-Y I0. ll, 123 F. H. A. IO, 121 News- pram Staff I2 tTypistj. DENNIS LEE BRUBAKER 22 West Park Avenue "Brubaker" Academic Star athlete of the class-good student- usually found studying or with Faye- Penn State bound. Student Council 9, IO, Baseball Team 9, 10, ll, 12: Basketball Team 9, I0, ll, I2 fCaptainJg Soccer Team 9, I0, ll, I2 ICO-Captainl. MARILYN FAY BURKHART 3I7 West Carpenter Avenue "Marilyn" Business Hamburg's loss was Myerstown's gain- waitress at the Blue Star-future student at Reading Business Institute. Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, II, tHamburgj 12g Poster Club Il tHamburgJ3 Cashier II tHamburgJ1 Senior Play tPrompterIg Girls' Chorus Il tHamburgl. BRIAN THOMAS DONLEY I3 South Broad Street "Lii'er.v" General Truly rates being voted musically in- clined-Hollywood has Liberaceg we have Brian-has a fine voice also. Hi-Y I0, II, I21 Senior Play tUncle Phineasjg Boys' Chorus 9, I0, ll, 12: Mixed Chorus 9, I0, II, IZQ Band 9, 10. II, I2g County Band 9, I0, II, I2g District Band 10, ll, 12g State Band IO. Il: County Chorus 12: District Chor- us II: Soccer Team 9, 10, ll, 125 Basketball Team IO, Il. I2 fManagerJ: Baseball Team 9, I0. II, I2. LORETTA DARLENE FIRESTINE Route itll, Myerstown "Loretta" Business The best looking girl in the class-neat dresser-usually seen with Doris. Trl-Hi-Y II. IZ: F. H. A. IO, ll, I21 News- gram Staff I2 CTypistJ. RUTHANN FISHER Route 33. Myerstown "Fi.vl1 er" H ll.S'fIll'.S'A' A very active senior-has a neat ward- robe-Future government worker-usu- ally found with Bruce. County Chorus 9, l0, I2: Girls' Chorus 9, Ill, ll, l2g Mixed Chorus 9, IO, ll. IZ: Girls' En- semble l0, ll, I2g Band ll, l23 F. H. A. 9, IO. ll, I2 tPresidentl1 Tri-Hi-Y I0, Il, I2 tTreasurerJ: Hockey Team IO: Newsgram Staff I2 tTyping Managerlg Senior Play IZ tEstherl: Myrialog Staff I2 tFditorl. JUNE CATHERINE GARLOFF 524 South Railroad Street nfllllfn Conimerriul Efficient Landis and Landis secretary- works at the 5 84 I0-quiet. Tri-Hi-Y 10, ll, 123 F. H. A. 9, 103 Library Club 9. 10, ll: Myrialog Staff IZ. NANCY ANN GEIST l24 West Main Avenue "Nanr'y" Husimfss Participates actively in Basketball-em joys P.O.D. class-good friends with Elsie. Tri-Hi-Y IO, ll. l2: F. H. A. 9. 10: Basketball Team 9, I0. ll, 12. w vi 1 N Q mix 'fffxy 1 mYQ xxx Q sk N3 E' 5-,,.,..-uv ,x x -55f.5,,..' g . "i-,Q , ' ' ,. Y-I F SQg3:'15.' 5-if Kg J his 1, ' : S MAEANNA JOYCE GETTLE Route 33, Myerstown "Cookie" Busim'ss Second home is the Casino--an outdoor type of girl-loves to ride on Bobby's motorcycle. Newsgram Staff 12 1TypistJ3 Hockey Team ll. 12: Basketball Team 9, 10, 11, 12: Myria- log Staff 123 Senior Play tPhoebe de Roysterlz Girls' Softball 9. 10, 11, 12g Band 9. 10. 11, iCaptain of the Color Guardl 12. MORRIS LLOYD GRUMBINE 511 South Cherry Street "Mraz" Academic Goes all out for swimming-an asset to the senior band-wants to go to col- lege-seen in his Dad's DeSota. Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Senior Play CTommyJgScience Club 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12: Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Mixed Chorus 9. 10, 11, 12g Band 9, 10, 11, 12g County Chorus 11, 129 County Band 11, 12. JAMES LEE HESS Route 33, Myerstown "Hessy" General Nicest personality of the class-quiet- polite. Myrialog Staff 12. FAY ANN HIMMELBERGER 112 East Main Avenue "Fay" Business Attracted to opposite sex-likes a two- tone Mercury-friendly--t r a v e 1 s with Alice. Tri-Hi-Y 10. 11, 125 Myrialog Staff 125 Cheer- leading 10: Hockey Team 9, 10. DAVID I-IIPP Route 1953, Myerstown "H.'ppy" General Friendly-goes for younger girls-gets very excited-has interests in Lebanon. Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Science Club 11, 12g News- gram Staff ll, 12g Myrialog Staff 123 Mixed Chorus 9, 10, ll, 123 Band 9, 10, 11, 12: County Chorus ll. TERRY LEE HOFFMAN 119 South Cherry Street "Car" General Selected the best-looking fellow-has a special interest in the senior class--usu- ally working on his blue Ford. Student Council 93 Hi-Y 10. DORIS JEAN HOUTZ Route 33, Myerstown "Tools" Home Economics Short and cute-blushes easily-spends a great deal of her time writing letters- always borrowing her mother's car. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, II, 125 F. H. A. I0, ll, 12 tSecretaryJ: Science Club ll, 12: Senior Play tDeboroah de Roysterlg Hockey Team 10, 11. HAROLD ALVIN HOUTZ 344 West Main Avenue "Sonnv" General I-Iasn't much school spirit-hangs with the gang-enjoys talking about cars. Hi-Y 105 Myrialog Staff 12. JOAN CECILIA KOHL I Jefferson Avenue HJOIIIZIGU Home Economics Interested in a fellow named Ronnie- has a well-chosen wardrobe-a good art student. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 121 Science Club 11, 12g F. H. A. 10, 123 Newsgram Staff 9, 10, 11, 12 tArt Editorlg Myrialog Staff I2: Hockey Team 9, 10, ll, 12. CONRAD KOPALA 14 East Carpenter Avenue "Cmu1ic"' Academic Quiet and friendly-was a successful ghost in the senior play-enjoys chem- istry. Hi-Y 10, 111, I2 Chaplainlg Science Club 11. I2. tPresidentl: Myrialog Staff I2: Senior Play tGhost1: Soccer Team 10. 11, 12. CAROL ELIZABETH KRATZER 126 South College Street "Krut:er" G6llL'flll Drives a neat red Ford-has deep inter- ests in the Air Force-possesses a very pleasing voice-usually seen with Carole. Student Council 103 Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 10, Il, 12 IChaplainJ: Newsgram Staff 9, 10, II, I2: Science Club II. 121 F. H. A. 9, 10, II IHis- tor.an1. I2 IVice Presidentlg Library Club 9. I0 tSecretary 111. I2 IPresident1: Myrialog Staff I2: Basketball Team 9, 10, 111 Hockey Team 9, IO. 11, 121 Girls' Softball 9 tMan- agerlg Senior Play tPeneIope Maxwellhz Class President 91 Girls' Chorus 9, 10, II, 12g Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11. 123 Girls' Ensemble 9. I0. 11. 12: Band 9. 10, 11. I2: County Chorus ll, 12: County Band 9. 10, II. I2: District Chorus IZ. PHYLLIS MARIE LEININGER 151 West Main Avenue "Phil" Business The girl with the pretty blonde hair- works at the Co-Ed-has interests in the senior class. Tri-Hi-Y 10, ll, 12g F. H. A. 9, 10, Il, 125 Newsgram Staff I2 lTypistI: Myrialog Staff I2: Basketball Team 9, 10, Il. 12, IManagerI: Hockey Team 9, 10, 11, 12, ITimekeeper and Scorekeeperlz Girls' Chorus 9. 10. 4:10:69 CAROLE SARAH ALICE LENGLE 525 South College Street HLt'I1Hll'H General Artistic ability-enjoys music-soothed by the mention of John-future student at Millersville. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 F. H. A. 9, 10, 11, 12 tTreasurerlg Science Club 11, 121 Student Council 9: Basketball Team 9g Hockey Team 9, 10. 11, 123 Senior Play tHattieJg Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Mixed Chorus 9, 10,1l, 129 Band 9, 10, 11, 123 County Chorus 11, 123 County Band 9, 10, 11,12. DANIEL ISAAC LENGLE, JR. Route, 33, Myerstown "Buddy" A griculture Loves English class C??J-drives a hot black Dodge-faithful newsboy in all kinds of weather. F. F. A. 9, I0. 11, 12 CReporterJg Myrialog Staff 12. DAVID WESLEY LESSIG 58 West Main Avenue "Davr"' General Faithful wearer of Levis-long side burns -makes regular trips to Lebanon. Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Baseball Team 95 Basketball Team 91 Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Band 9. MILDRED ARLENE LOEB I11 West Main Avenue "Mic-key Marie" General Good guard on the basketball team-re- served-has interests outside of school. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 129 Hockey Team 9, 10, 11, 123 Basketball Team 9, 10, ll, 123 Girls' Chor- us 9, 10, 11, 123 Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 County Chorus 12. RICHARD EUGENE LONG Route 33, Myerstown "L0ngie" Agricultural Enjoys school C? 75-usually chewing gum in English class-possibly a future farmer. F. F. A. 9, I0 lChaplainJ: ll, I2 tSecretaryJ. KATHLEEN FAYE MILLER 353 West Carpenter Avenue "Dolly" Business Anxious for graduation-has a beauti- ful diamond-goes for a certain sailor- wants to get married. Tri-Hi-Y 10, ll, IZQ F. H. A. 9, 10, ll, 12g Basketball Team 9, 103 Girls' Softball 10g Band 9, 10, ll. l2. PATRICIA ANN MILLER 6l3 South Railroad Street "Put" Business Tall and attractive-likes a certain news- boy named Terry-good typist-loves pizza pie. Student Council I0 ll Secretar 'Tri-Hi-Y . C yl, IO, ll, IZ: Newsgram Staff 121 F. I-I. A. 101 Myrialog Staff IZ: Band 9. fMaioretteJ. ROMAINE MARIE MORRIS 304 South College Street "Rm1mim"' General Can really talk once she's started- sometimes seen with Marilyn-has a special interest in Jonestown. Senior Tri-I-Ii-Y IZL F. I-I. A. 9. t l J' as if E 'g FRI JEAN ELANA NEISWENDER 28 East Park Avenue "Jeanie" Business Friendly-spends many hours in New- manstown--changeable heart - cheerful character of the class. Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12g Basketball Team 9, 10, 11, 12, IManagerjg Girls' Softball 9, 10, 11, 12, CMan- agerjg Hockey Team 9, 10, 11, 12, QManagerJ. DOROTHY ANN NEVIN 526 East Lincoln Avenue "Dot" Honu'-Error:omics Enjoys roller s k a t i n g-would prefer "afternoon" school sessions. Tri-Hi4Y 12: F. H. A. 10. ARLENE MAE OBERHOLTZER 132 West Main Avenue "L'11kic"' Business A cute friendly girl-snappy majorette- clerk at the 5 84 10-future secretary. Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12g F. H. A. 9, 10, 11, 12g Band 9, 10, ll, 12. ROBERT CHARLES PHILLIPPY Route 32, Myerstown "Bah" Business Typing whiz-slaves C???J away at Zieglers-claims to be bashful when it comes to girls. Treasurer of Class 10, 11, 12g Student Council 10. Il. 12, fVice-Presidentlg Hi-Y 11g News- gram Staff 12g Senior Play 1DickJg Basketball Team ll, 12, fManagerJg Band 9, 10. ll If X 31' .t far' X .. Q V I R A :I . f .-. SQRQ .E ,K 13 2 ., 2 1 X , ? E f ,t-xml? W sg.-- , s , ,. Vs.- ROY SANGER Route 432, Myerstown "Roy" Agriculture Cruises around in a light blue Cadillac- an avid P. O. D. student--future politi- cian? ? ? ALICE JANE SCHAEFFER 8 Broad Street "A lice" Business Gym is her favorite class-never seems to lack energy "after" school-pals with Fay. Tri-Hi-Y 10, ll, l2g F. H. A. 93 Cheerleading 104 Hockey Team 9, 10, ll, 12g Girls' Softball 9, 10, ll, IZ. ELIZABETH ANN SCHAEFFER Route 33, Myerstown "Betty" Business Intelligence comes without study to this girl-thinks the name Jimmy sounds pretty nice-works hard at market. Tri-Hi-Y IO, ll. l2g Class Secretary ll, 121 Myrialog Staff I2: Girls' Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12. RUTH ELEANOR SCHOENER I8 West Main Avenue "Ruthie" Business One of the quieter?? students in our class - artistic ability - travels with Arlene. Tri-Hi-Y 10, ll, 12: F. H. A. 9, 10g Newsgram Staff 12, fTypistJg Myrialog Staff 12g Girls' Chorus 9, l0, ll, l21 Band 9.10, ll, l2. DAVID JOHN SHENK 200 West Park Avenue "Dave" Aerulelnic Takes great interest in school-very studious-remembered as Johnson in the Senior play. Hi-Y 10, 11, 12, tTreasurerJ: Science Club 11, 12, tTreasurerJ3 Newsgram Staff 11, 12: Senior Play Uohnsonjg Myrialog Staff 12: Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11. 121 Band 9,10,11, 123Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12: Student Council 11. WILLIAM A. SIVERLING 206 West Park Avenue "Bill" General Quite a flirt-travels with Skip-seen in a brand new Chevy-is planning on go- ing to college. Science Club 11, 12: Soccer Team 93 Baseball Team 9. RUSSELL EARL SPITLER, JR. 603 South Railroad Street "R rms" General Enjoys school? ? ! 1 - m a k e s frequent visits to Schaefferstown-hot rodder of the class-delights in flirting and sleep- ing in class. Hi-Y 9, 10, llg Newsgram Staff 103 Science Club 115 Soccer Team 9, 10, ll, 12g Basketball Team 9, 10, 11g Baseball Team 9, 10, 12. DONALD WAYNE STEINER Richland "Donnie" General Good looking and friendly - usually found with a certain blonde Junior- sometimes seen driving a two-tone panel truck. Boys' Chorus ll, 121 Mixed Chorus 11, 12g Myrialog Staff 12. Q '. ,I .. RONALD EUGENE STEINER Richland "Ronnie" General As good looking as his brother and just as friendly too-faithful worker at the A 8: P-one of our Richland students. Boys' Chorus 11, 12g Mixed Chorus ll, 12, Myrialog Staff 12. RODNEY TI-IIELE STELTZ 208 West Park Avenue "Skip" General Tall and handsome-hot rods in a '57 Chevy-friendly to everyone. Hi-Y 10, 11 CSecretaryJ, 12 tPresidentJg Senior Play CMajahDg Myrialog Staff 123 Boys' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, County Chorus 12, Band 9, 10, 11g County Band 10, llg Basketball Team ll, 12g Soccer Team 11, 12. FAYE EILEEN STERNER Route 33, Myerstown "Faye" General Attractive and popular-excels in sports -dependable -future e 1 e m e n t a r y teacher. Class President 11, 129 Student Council 11g Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12, fPresidentJ, Science Club 11, 12, tVice-Presidentlg Newsgram Staff 10, 11, 12, CGirls' Sports Co-Editorjg Myrialog Staff 123 Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12, CCaptainJg Basketball Team 9, 10, 11, 12, fCaptainJg Girls' Softball 9, 10, 11, 12g Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11g Band 10, ll, 12, lColor Guardjg Hockey Team 9, 10, 11, 12, lCaptainJ. GENE WILLIAM TROUTMAN 28 West Main Avenue "Troulman" Agriculture Has interest in junior class-always has some sort of car trouble-usually half asleep in school. HELEN IRENE TROUTMAN 220 West Carpenter Avenue "Helen" Home Economics Friendly-usually very quiet-coopera- tive and willing. SHIRLEY MARLENE UMBENHAUER Route :,f,+2, Myerstown "Shirley" Business Pals with Maeanna-goes for out-of-town fellows-enjoys parades and trips to Honeybrook. F. H. A. 10, 11, 12: Newsgram Staff 123 Band 10, 11, 12. JAN WISE 233 West Main Avenue "Jan" General The quietest boy in the senior class- loves Trig Class?-one of our shorter fellows. Myrialog Staff 12g Band 9, 10, 11, 12g County Band 9. TERRY LEE WITTER ll East Park Avenue " Willem" General Hot rods with at crazy motor bike-usu- ally found telling jokes-works "hard??" at the A 8: P. Hi-Y 10. 11, 123 Myrialog Staff 12. LORETTA SUZANNE ZIEGLER 131 North Railroad Street "Reita" General Best dressed Senior girl-an artistic asset to the Myrialog-known for her baton solos--future student at Penn State. Cheerleading 10, ll, 12 CCO-Captainjg Senior Tri-Hi-Y 10, ll, 123 Newsgram Staff 9, 10, 11, 12 1Artist7g Senior Play fHelen Maxwelljg Science Club ll, 12: F. H. A. 9, 10, ll, 123 Girls' Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12g Band 9, 10, lHead Majorette ll, l2Jg Library Club 9, 10, ll, 123 Myrialog Staff 12. 41- I ,1-5 i 5:?'fg95Fff' S -'- ,X X if 'B Gt V7 ,Q Wfijyw JM My XJ! pw Q fffpJ3ZS'.6Cb 5, V ,mfsgnfafzifil ?'L?gix ,MW 2 Z UQ! 11 eb. .fl W mlm M mjpgfry f 1-QX X fxvgliowgxwj 'M' P N MfW"Cw'?0JK gf il 61 My pf? so MW? V ifQi?hf'3,vm ffQQ MMM ' QV if W 5 M gf W Aim? 533 mi QS f WMM' ,Q A v XM W 5479 J , --M' Qzww 6g4 XJ, , .0 Q42 , 335154 , W 1 z we s an ,im -H ....s W' H HN Q I mf Q7 XYTQTUQ HISTORY In 1947 we left the comforts of home to start our journey through school. Our first stop was in first grade with Miss Loose and Mrs. Snavely. We were promptly divided into three groups for our reading classes: the Robins, the Wrens, and the Bluebirds. All of us enjoyed the privilege of ringing the bell at recess. We made our next stop in second grade with the assistance of Mrs. Emerick and Mrs. Snavely. Here we were required to tell what we had for breakfast every morning. Finger- nail and handerchief inspections were daily routine occurrences. Miss Schell and Mrs. Snavely led us into third grade where we happily welcomed a new subject called division. Fourth grade was a happy year for we were promoted to the second floor and had our own private stairway. Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Snavely helped us to put on a Columbus play for our parents. Competition was hot and heavy on those Weekly Reader Tests. Mrs. Groff helped us through fifth grade. We all made coal gardens as a class project. It was this year that we had a lover's quarrel between Rodney and Brian for the affections of Loretta Ziegler. We also worked in committees of four in our classes which in turn taught us to work together. Finally we reached the middle of our journey when we entered Mr. Snavely's sixth grade. This was the year of flying chalk and erasers. They almost always found their mark. We had a library of our own and enjoyed choosing our own books to read. We also had a private fire escape and many of us became members of the Safety Patrol. The next half of our journey landed us in the strange new world of seventh grade. Miss Fox and Mr. Hoffman explained the complicated routine of this place to us. We quickly became acquainted with Mr. Nitrauer and his faithful friend Betsy. Mrs. Brightbill and Mrs. Shover really had their troubles with us in eighth grade and we spent many nights after school. This year the Corn Sisters, Billy and Jan, made their debut in our assembly. We felt very important when we acquired the title of Freshmen. Mr. Batdorf and Mr. Bucher were our homeroom teachers. We were all completely baffled by our new subject, Algebra. Tenth grade brings with it thoughts of class jackets. We were very proud of them and wore them as often as possible. Mr. Gates and Mr. Henderson tried to teach us that "Silence is Golden." Biology class was the favorite subject of all the girls, especially when we dis- sected frogs, worms, and grasshoppers. Our class rings came with our Junior year and some of us passed them around many times. We were guided through this year by Miss Gudemann and Mr. Whitfield. Our class parties included an ice hockey game at Hershey and a night of bowling. Our major project was the Junior-Senior Prom, centering around the theme "Spanish Gardens." This year we also acquired double vision in the form of the Steiner twins. The Senior year was one of studies and numberless activities. In October the Fair made us proficient cooks along the line of French Fries and instant coffee-not overlooking the capable cooks and waitresses of the cafeteria. A very short course in dishwashing and drying was demonstrated in the kitchen during the three days of the Fair. Our major profit making project was Landis and Landis. Other projects pursued were magazine sales and the Senior Class Play entitled "Great Caesar's Ghost." Two short trips by the P. O. D. classes to the County Court House and Harrisburg were also included in the busy schedule of this our last year. The Myrialog Staff was kept busy planning, designing and assembling material for our annual year book. The immediate reward, looked forward to by all, was the trip to New York. This was closely followed by Class Day, Baccalaureate and finally, Graduation which was always our chief goal. Now that our journey is over, we shall all start in a new direction on life's highway of experience. We shall travel with the faith and the knowledge we have gained at Myerstown High School, and will always keep in mind, "It matters not how long we live, but how." CLASS WILL Be it remembered that we, the Class of "59", or is it "69", of the Myerstown High School, or is it the Hill School, of the County of Lebanon, and the state of Pennsylvania, or is it the state of Cbnfusion, publish and declare this as our first, or is it our last, will and testament hereby making null and void any writings here- tofore made. Therefore, being of sound mind C? ?J we bequeath: First to the Class of "60", our class trip to New York and to Harrisburg. Second to the Class of "6l", our variety of musical talent. Third to the Class of "62", Mr. Fake's 8:00 A.M. tardy classes. Arlene Oberholtzer wills her love for food to Sally Watson. Elsie Bashore and Mildred Loeb will their athletic ability to Jennifer Kenny. Dorothy Nevin wills her red hair to Charlotte Hoffman. Carole Lengle wills her bass horn to Richard Walter. To Pam Stechman, Helen Troutman wills her green eyes. Jan Wise wills his ability to miss Trig class to Tom Honker. Ruthann Fisher and Richard Bicksler will their positions on the "Myrialog" staff to some deserving Juniors. David Hipp wills his jokes to Gregory Miller. To Fred Strobel, Conrad Kopala wills his scientific knowledge. Billy Siverling wills his freckles to Judy Trout. Dennis Brubaker wills his athletic ability to George Brightbill. Faye Sterner wills her blushing face to Shirley Fullmer. Alice Schaeffer wills her tardiness to Susie Nitrauer. Marilyn Burkhart wills her politeness to Verna Day. Louise Althouse wills her clowning ability to Noel Kopala. To Joan Krall, Loretta Firestine wills her good looks. Roy Sanger wills his ag ability to James Keener. Romaine Morris wills her quietness to Faye Ellen Krommes. Sally Bordner and Darlene Biever will their treasurer's books to some fortunate business students. Nancy Geist wills her chewing gum to David Walter. Brian Donley wills his trumpet to John Nevius. Terry Witter wills his motorbike to Darlene Miller. To Martha Reed, David Shenk wills his love for Spanish. Richard Long, Gene Blair, David Lessig, and Gene Troutman will their homework papers to Andy Honker and Tubby Auchenbach. Carol Kratzer wills her letter writing to Corinne Shenk. Robert Phillipy wills his typing ability to Bobby Lengle. Daniel Lengle and Harold Houtz will their paper routes to George Arnold. Alice Bollinger wills her chemistry questions to Carol Wagner. Ruth Schoener wills her cymbals to a noisy underclassman. Pat Miller and Joan Kohl will their black hair to Barbara Burkholder. Loretta Ziegler wills her artistic ability to Judy Schaeffer. Rodney Steltz wills his horse laugh to Brian Wagner. Lee Blouch and Terry Hoffman will their good looks to Corky Erdman. James Hess wills his personality to Gary Hibshman. Maeanna Gettle and Shirley Umbenhauer will their Landis and Landis papers to Elaine Feeg and Sharon Lebo. To Glenn Dreibelbis, Russell Spitler wills his fairy tales. Doris Houtz wills her fraternity pin to a lucky underclassman. June Garloff wills her job at McCrory's to Sally Ressler. Fay Himmelberger wills her naturally curly hair to Georgetta LeGay. Jean Neiswender wills her cheese crackers to some hungry sophomore. Morris Grumbine wills his fan club to some poor soul. Donnie and Ronnie Steiner will their identical looks to John Hain and Teddy Mays. Loretta Brandt wills her flirtatious ability to Pat Pfautz. Phyllis Leininger and Kathleen Miller will their blonde hair to Sandy Miller and Joyce Wagner. It is our sincere wish that these gifts will be deeply appreciated by the underclassmen. Signed, sealed, published, and declared as the will of the Class of "59", we have sub- scribed our names as witnesses thereto: Ruth E. Jeffers, witness Donald J. Kugle, witness CLASS PROPHECY As we look into the future to see the jobs and professions which we will be fulfilling in I979. we see that: Lee Blouch, Perry Como's understudy, has just opened Blouch's Tint Hair Salon -for discriminating women. Madam Troutman, who just returned from visiting her relatives abroad, was his first patron. Daniel Lengle has opened Big Buddies Body Builder Buses Bureau for doubtful Dodges. Mechanic Houtz and Machinist Wise are doing remarkably well at changing tires. Alice Schaeffer, growing money trees in Siberia, .has developed a ,combination ruble- dollar tree with the assistance of Lucifer the Librarian Lengle who is havmgidifflculty cataloging the money. However, with the able assistance of Thumpy Umbenhauer, it appears .as if the accounts will balance. David Lessig has been court-martialed from the Marines for failing'to hit the waste- basket with his chewing gum. Roy Sanger, and Bon Voyage Troutman, stationed on the S. S. Hawaian-Alaskan, failed to salute Lieutenants Garloff and Loeb and are now in 'the process of walking the plank. They are going to visit Davy Jones' Locker to return their uniforms. Entering the Women's Air Force are the new recruits Fay Himmelberger and Hot Rod Schaeffer. Quiet as a mouse Schoener scared them with a gigantic cymbal crash and Fill Her Up with a Scent of Gas Witter with a noiseless blowout. Tycoon Phillippy has organized East-West Manufacturing Plant where he makes glass Boola Hoops. Chief Tester Hoffman was just fired because he couldn't make them go around anymore since he stopped chewing gum. Salesman Siverling insisted that the glass Hoops were broken when truck drivers, Spinner and Filler Up Steiner, delivered them to him. Short Farmer Long has just found the ideal way to raise lemon-meringue trees. In fact he had so many trees that he had to hire two foresters, Timber Brubaker and Smokey Steltz, to consume the excess sap. However, when Choppy Hess saw the yellow forest, fol- lowing the instinct of his name, he started chopping down the trees. Alice Bollinger was teaching her fifth grade the way to ask questions correctly when a squeaky voice from the back of the room said, "2+2:5." David Hippostock is teaching Russian history in Spain. Senor Shenk, who tried to teach active verbs to his Spanish class, is now recovering in a rest home for tired teachers. Faye Sterner has just taken her class on a three minute jaunt to the moon. She wanted her class to see the size of basketballs there. Director Donley's one man symphony is touring Myerstown. He is playing his latest composition, Concerto in F Sharp Flat, mostly flat. Mademoiselle Ziegler and Femme Kohl, famous costume designers, are presenting their summer collection for the unconscious housewife. Madame Bordner and Frau Kratzer were the first to purchase these feed bag creations. Dressmakers, Sew-a-Stitch Houtz and Run-a-Seam Miller, were kept so busy that Secretary Biever had to help them in addition to taking care of lawsuits from chicken feed producers. Mr. Blair, C.P.A., Chicken Protector Associate, has a million dollar suit before the Superb Court against her, saying that she is degrading chickens. Electrode Kopala, static-electricity engineer for making telephone operators and chemistry teachers all shookup, is working on his next victim, Chief Operator Neiswender. H2804 Bicksler, chemical engineer for Morris' Inc., has found a super duper waving lotion called Morris Grumbine's Harem Lotion for beautician Romaine Morris. Patrolman Gettle recently received a medal for capturing Speedy Burkhart, Medical secretary, while she was on her way to the Drop Dead Hospital on Living Street. Secretary Leininger was forced to take over and could not figure what filing system Speedy used. Finally she found that all papers were filed in the desk and Alca Seltzer was in Speedy's filing cabinet. Russell Spitler has finally finished college and is now a professional photographer. His first secretary, Clown Althouse, resigned because she was going to be married. He finally hired Twenty Words a Second Fisher to fill the position. Because Spitler studied with Bob Cummings, he takes only well composed pictures, with models of course. Heading his list are Winking Brandt and Shaky Pat Miller. Nancy Geist, secretary for Yesterday's Food Today Restaurants, received a complaint from Waitress Nevin. She insisted that Hungry Oberholtzer ate her check so she wouldn't have to pay it. Two other diners, Miss Firestlne and Miss Boeshore, who are also secretaries, noticed that the check was still in the waitress' pocket. SENIGR PERSONALITIES BEST LOOKING Loretta Firestine Terry Hoffman MosT POPULAR Faye Sterner Rodney Steltz NICEST PERSONALITY Doris Houtz James Hess QUIETEST Mosr - DRAM1X'l'lC Ruth Schoener Ruthann Fisher Jan Wise Robert Phillippy SENIOR PERSONALITIES Mosr ATHLETIC Faye Sterner Dennis Brubaker M0 MUSICALLY INCLINED Carol Kratzer Brian Donley Mosr AR'I'lS'I'lC l.orcltu Ziegler C'onrucl Kopulu si' TAl.Knivu Mosr Swuious Alice Schaeffer Sally Bordner Russel Spitler David Shenk Name Louise Althouse Richard Bicksler Darlene Biever Gene Blair Lee Blouch Elsie Boeshore Alice Bollinger Sally Bordner Loretta Brandt Dennis Brubaker Marilyn Burkhart Brian Donley Loretta Firestine Ruthann Fisher june Garloff Nancy Geist Maeanna Gettle Morris Grumbine Iames Hess Fay Himmelberger David Hipp Terry Hoffman Doris Houtz Harold Houtz Ioan Kohl Conrad Kopala Carol Kratzer Phyllis Leininger Carole Lengle Daniel Lengle David Lessig Mildred Loeb Richard Long Kathleen Miller Patricia Miller Romaine Morris lean Neiswender Dorothy Nevin Arlene Oberholtzer Robert Phillippy Roy Sanger Alice Schaeffer Elizabeth Schaeffer Ruth Schoener David Shenk William Siverling Russell Spitler Donald Steiner Ronald Steiner Rodney Steltz Faye Sterner Gene Troutman Helen Troutman Shirley Umbenhauer Ian Wise Terry Witter Loretta Ziegler Wants To Be housewife engineer secretary accountant barber housewife teacher housewife secretary forester medical secretary hand director secretary secretary Wave secretary policewom an mathmetician carptenter WAF history teacher Midland Western employee housewife mechanic commercial artist electrial engineer housewife secretary librarian in the Army Marine Wave farmer housewife secretary beautician Bell Tel. worker waitress secretary business man sailor gym teacher WAF secretary Spanish teacher salesman college grad truck driver truck driver forester teacher sailor factory worker typist machinist in the Air Force fashion designer WHATS WHAT Should Be secretary sanitary engineer embezzler street cleaner drag strip racer Yankee ball player professional dehater Mr. Lantz's assistant car hop tree primer dope peddler organ grinder model record shop sales clerk 5 61 10 manager gym teacher bouncer mfg. of Chinese counting beads math teacher iet pilot school janitor drawing unem- ployment child actress paper boy artist alchemist school teacher ink well filler minister's wife farmer escape artist coach for Globe- trotters school teacher race driver balloon blower dog clipper wire tapper dishwasher typewriter cleaner owner of a harem safe cracker bubble gum tester parachute tester mad musician flamingo dancer Kiddy car tester President of Liars' Club Miss Dech,s assistant stock boy arsonist instructor in a re- ducing salon deck scrubber babysitter tractor driving in- structor Robin Hood dog catcher button sewer Prize Possession Henry Sandy class pin driver-'s license comb Donald driver's license George a certain someone Faye class ring cornet a certain picture albums iob at the 5 81 10 ability to talk roller skates slide rule '52 Ford cats money Pat Dale '51 Dodge Ronnie his capacitor Stan a certain picture John '54 Chrysler Kay '51 Ford chewing gum Bobby Terry Bobby Terry diamond camera '52 Plymouth P.O.D. course nothing Jimmy records organ '59 Chevy girls' Barbara dog his Dad's car '39 Dodge Teeny quietness class ring car m otorbike clothes Expression Hey Now what's the matter Yeh well Big deal Get out You better believe it Oh thrill See! I donit know Censored That's OK No kidding Does it bother you? He-'s not well Well that's the way it Hoes I feel my nerve That's beside the point How ,bout that That's nice Gee Yea Gadsl O Come On! Cut it out You scrounge Boy Oh! Tbat's all right with me It's real neat Cut it out Oh fudge! Let's bug daddy Wait a minute That's all right Don't rush me I say there That's beside the point Cotton pickin Suffer Gee whizl l'm hungry Thatis tough I don't know Holy hamburger Cotton pickin Oh darn I'll see you later No kidding Aw come on! How 'bout that We don't learn much but we have a lot of fun You lie! Oh shoot! I'll think about it I'n1 just kidding Yes dear Oh well They say It was fabulous Recognized Bv her giggle his friendly smile her treasurer's job being absent elaborate hairdo basketball ability her chemistry ques- tions her diamond being at the Dixie spo her his her her her her her his rts ability friendliness confused look poise editor's job quietness gabbyness pretty smile curly hair personality her his goo her his natural curly hair jokes d looks frat pin car long hair his red smi her his not her his experiments Ford le bass horn little boy look being in school shyness slow gait blonde hair her long dark hair quietn ess being with the red gang hair Ruthy his his laugh quietness being on time? her laugh Arlene his red his manners hair tall stories looking like Ronnie looking like Donnie his goo innocent looks d grades being one of the Ag guys her friendly smile Landis and Landis iob his his height pestiness clothes Senior Play "GREAT CAESAITS GHOST" MRS. PEN ELOPE MAXWELL Carol Kratzer MRS. PHOEBE DE ROYSTER '.'.1'ivlaeanna Getlle DEBORAH DE ROYSTER PHINEAS FARTHINGALE . HELEN MAXWELL ........ TOMMY TUCKER , AUNT POLLY MAXWELL ,. JOHNSON .. . . l-,STHER .,.............. MAHJAH THE MYSTIC' DICK O'DONNELL ......... HATTIE ,.....,.., . . GREAT C'AESAR'S GHOST ............ UNDERSTUDIES AND PROM D PTERS .,................ SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEES Dmecroir . , .. ............. .... STAGE Siarriwo-Mr. Donald Lansberry. Mrs. Gayle Bomberger, Lois Smel MAKE-UP-l.OlllSC Althouse. Loretta Brandt. S'l'M1if Kohl. Donald Steiner. Ronald Stefner. Conrad Kopala. . , . Doris Houtz . . Brian Donley . . Loretta Zeigler Morris Grumbine .. Alice Bollinger . . . . David Shenk Rllth Ann Fisher Rodney Steltz Robert Phillippy .. Carole Lengle Conrad Kopala Marilyn Burkhart Richard Bicksler Mrs. Ruth Jeffers tzer. Siuxoii PROPERTIES-TJ2il'lCl1C Biever. William Siverling. Terry Witters. LlI'lll8l' supervision of M r. Dwight Fake. ALivi4,R'i'ise1s1Lim'-Richard Bicksler. Lee Blouch. Dennis Brubaker, Arlene Oberholtzer, Eliza- beth Schaeffer. Phyllis Leininger, Linder supervision of Miss M. C. lmmel. 'I'lcKi2'is-Sally Bordner. Mildred Loeb. Patricia Miller, Linder supervision of Mrs. Lena Saunders. l'uBLiCi'iv-Terry Hoffman. David HilJP. Nancy Geist. Usuhus-Seniors. The senior class of '59 presented a mysterious comedy. "Great Caesar's Ghost." The action of the play took place in the living room of the Maxwell home, located in the suhurhs of a large metropolitan city. Uncle Phineas decided to visit his him was great, but putting Lip with Great Caesar was something else. ln t famed out to he a great economical asset. relatives. Seeing he end. the ghost NOW COME HERE, DEAR, AND SIT ON THE SOFA. l'l.L CLUB YOU TO A PULP. YOU YOUNG RASCALL! JUST LET ME GET MY HANDS ON YOU! "HERE. WHAT'S THIS-THE JOLLY JUVENILE SOC'lE'I'Y'."' UO AHEAD. GHOST. SHOW HIM YOU'RE HERE." "SIR! DON'T DO THAT. PLEASE! A REAL-REAL. LIVE GHOST? Ohhh! SOUTH AMERICA, HERE WE COME! 04' SDI if .gm 'Q U Q 3538 1 9 9 ' 7 gg Sac Ss pro-1 IUNIOR CLASS JUNIOR CIASS Ol-'FICFRS right lflnim- F-mcg. vII'L'll.KlH'C'l'.' Durlcnc Miller. .S'l'1'l'l'l!lI',V,' Kznlhryn SILHIHACI l'r1xiflz'l1!.' Rrlnh ,'X1:chcnlmch, l'f'4'.xi4lv11l. ,s L l'l'Kll 5 H, 1: 1. , Q Q .W , -,..,.,...............,........ v-w,..,,WM,M. gnuruuns-we-w A Ma 4, M sv 'rf 2: A'-- giiii Z 3531 ff wffw SOPHOMORE CLASS 'IKFNIAII GRADE OH-xlC'FRS l uit lu righl-W .l. 'I l'0lll. vI'l'l'1l.NlIl'1'l',' C. Schaeffer. .S'4'f'l'l'l1ll'X',' ,I. Durkcx. Vim' ,,H'Aflfl'Ill,' R. Smilh. IM Vi. I NINTH GRADE NINTH GRADE OI-'FICFRS :annum an 3,5 2 Q 9 Vi' lcfl lu righl Ci. Illlhhlkl. vIVl'tl.XIIl'l'l',' ,l. Hilwhmzln. S1'f'1'4'tr1rjv,' Ii. Bcclxlcy. Vim' l'1'miflw1l,' R. V5L'I1QL'l'I, l'l'4'.xi1fc' I LII In I 5 VW, f Ill i TTT 2 . ,,g.v ,Z,,.. ,. iii! 3 Ai EIGHTH GRADE V Q V lflGH'IH cslmlnaQwflclflzs xh.. . . lglll--l'. Shuuy. ll'A'llNlH'1'l',' .l. Hollll. .Sf'1'm'ru1jv,' VV, Suhr. Ill-l'l' I'r'wxi1l1'r1I,' Ci nun l,f'l'Nl-lll'llf .0 SEVENTH GRADE SEVEN IEH UR.-XDIJ Ol-'FICFRS ld! lo riuhl--I3 Wagner. Alkl'!'ll,Xlll't'l',' Ci. Fixlmcr. .S'w1'wrf11'x'.' l.. Yicglcr, Vim' I'n',ml4 Spf In l Ill mcfI'cr, ' ' nm 4' fi i"E"'?W .fa QC? MRS NIIRAUFR MRS CIAY SIXTH GRADE glll7K'IffIlfl'1MRS. HORST FIFTH GRADE SIlh.S'lfIIlfl'--M RS. SH ENK Wi iw MRS. DOLL MR. CHAPMAN FOURTH GRADE MISS LADERACH MRS. CLAY Substitute-MRS. SHENK THIRD GRADE MISS SCHELL SECOND GRADE Mlss NORTH FIRST GRADE MRS. SHAAK Slzlrxtillztcf-M RS. WHITMOYER MR9 RUDY MRS CROFF rv? I II! -. - 1-'f""""'Tf"2-QQ, ,W 1 "" . if-'5zL.1wf'l4g s Q , , Q-,mi CHILD CARE SCHOOL This is the third year we have had the scout room as a special classroom for mentally retarded children. They have two well-qualified teachers, Mrs. Kline and Mrs. Embich, who have devoted much of their time to these students. These children, who attend sessions from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. each school day. have shown a lot of improvement since their first day at school. f . t SCHCOL SAFETY PATROLS The Safety Patrol was organized in 1931 by Mr. Robert Mitchell. This patrol was or- ganized shortly after Palmyra Lebanon County Alito Club began sponsoring school patrols. Mr. Snavely was the second advisor and held this position for four years. This year the Hill School Safety Patrol has Mr. Martin Chapman as its advisor. Each year the Myerstown patrols march in the annual Safety Patrol Parade which is held in Palmyra. During the years I936-4l representatives from Myerstown attended the National Safety Patrol Parade in Washington, D. C. On the completion of a semester's service the members receive a certificate and badge. Letters are given to Junior High members for their outstanding services. The patrol takes a traditional bus trip which is sponsored by the police department and the faculty advisors. These trips included Trexler.Game Farm. Hershey Police Barracks. Lebanon County Jail. Miniature Village. Pennsylvania State Museum. and the State Capitol. The Patrol proudly displays a record of no accidents or injuries to pupils on patrol- covered corners in twenty-eight years of service. 52791373 T5 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Center-Coach Hess Left to right-D. Brubaker, R. Steltz, J. Keener, L. Saunders, L. Salem R Blcksler B Wagner, G. Dreibelbis, G. Hibshman, A. I-lonker, R. Phillippy, B Donley managers The scoreboard reads: T , 1 Myerstown .. . . 60 Victory Patton Trade Myerstown . . . . 36 Loss Bethel . . . . . . Myerstown . . . . 59 Loss Patton Trade Myerstown . . . . 38 Loss ELCO . . . . . . Myerstown . . . . 54 Loss Norlebco . . l Myerstown . . . . 48 Loss Palmyra . . . Q Myerstown . . . . 53 Loss Cornwall . . l Myerstown . . . . 47 Loss Bethel . . . . . . 1 Myerstown . . . . 64 Victory South Lebanon N Myerstown . . . . 47 Loss Annville . . . . 1 Myerstown . . . . 49 Loss ELCO . . . i Myerstown . . . . 54 Loss Norlebco . . 5 Myerstown . . . . 73 Victory Palmyra . . . . 1 Myerstown . . . . 53 Loss Cornwall . . . Q Myerstown . . . . 60 Loss South Lebanon Q Myerstown . . . . 59 Loss Annville . . . . The team had 3 wins and 13 losses. The team this year was not too successful. The fellows lost five of their players last year and it was difficult to make the new team bring home a lot of winnings In the end of the season, however, the Mohawks put up a real fight and showed some excellent teamwork They are under the supervision of Coach Earl Hess. l. Rodney Steltz 2. Dennis Brubaker 3. Richard Bicksler 4. James Keener 5. Brian Wagner 6. Lee Saunders IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Left to rlght-G. Mader. L. Salem, L. Saunders, R. Royer, G. Dreibelbls D Miller L Copen haver, G. Hibshman, A. Honker, W. Blecker, R. Phillippy, B. Donley manager 9 Myerstown ...... 31 Victory Patton Trade . 1 Myerstown ...... 24 Loss Bethel ....... Myerstown ...... 26 Loss Patton Trade . Myerstown ...... 30 Loss Elco ........ I Myerstown ...... 33 Victory North Lebanon Myerstown ...... 34 Loss Palmyra ..... Myerstown ...... 23 Loss Cornwall .... M yerstown ...... 41 Loss Bethel ....... Myerstown ...... 31 Loss South Lebanon N Myerstown .,.... 41 Loss Annville ..... Myerstown ...... 21 Loss Elco ........ Myerstown ...... 26 Loss North Lebanon Myerstown ...... 35 Loss Palmyra ..... Myerstown ...... 30 Loss Cornwall .... Myerstown ...... 23 Loss South Lebanon Myerstown ...... 21 Loss Annville ..... The team had 2 wins and I4 losses. The Junior Varsity team is under the coaching of Mr. Hess. The team IS made up of five Juniors and five Sophomores. Next year's Varsity team looks promising, as most of the Junior Varsity players will be advanced to the Varsity squad. L I UN IOR HIGH BASKETBALL Row 1-left to right-G. Haag, R. Fredrickson, B. Beckley, F. Souders, R. Garloff, D. Bicksler, M. Lebo. Row 2-R. Hoffman, P. Hook, D. Field, W. Snoke, L. Forry, H. Lutz, L. Helder, R. Shenk. Row 3-R. Firestine. L. Eisenhower, K. Burkholder, L. Sterner, J. Loeb, J. Schaeffer, J. Garret. Row 4-R. Hoffman, L. Schaeffer, G. Hibshman, M. Haak. The scoreboard reads: l Myerstown Loss Elco ........ 30 Myerstown Victory North Lebanon 4 Myerstown Loss Palmyra ..... 34 Myerstown Victory Cornwall .... Myerstown Victory South Lebanon 26 1 Myerstown Loss Annville ..... i Myerstown Loss ELCO ...... 38 1 Myerstown Victory North Lebanon 13 , Myerstown Loss Palmyra ..... Myerstown Victory South Lebanon 34 i 5 Myerstown Loss Annville ..... f Myerstown Victory Cornwall . . i The team had 6 wins and 6 losses. The Myerstown Junior High Basketball team was formed in the school year 1952-53 by Mr. Robert Hoffman. Our '56 graduates were the first boys to play on the team. Myers- town is one of the seven teams which participates in the seven school leagues formed within Lebanon County. ln the six years of the teams existence there was a total of 60 boys who played on the team. Those players learned a great deal which prepared them for the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams of future years. a ftbyiiiwf 5 atc AW X J' SOCCER TEAM Row I-left to right-B. Beckley, B. Donley, R. Bicksler, D. Brubaker, R. Steltz, R. Spitler. L. Blouch, L. Saunders. Row 2-R. Hoffman, C. Kopala, G. Dreibelbis, B. Wagner, J. Hain, R. Wenrich. Row 3-A. I-Ionker, T, Honker, A. Heilman, L. Copenhaver. C. Saunders, F. Strobel. Row 4-R. Weirich, M. Lebo, R. Garloff, R. Fredrickson, F. Souders, R. Wengert. Row 5-J. Loeb, G. Haa, M. Daub, L. Forry, L. Eisenhower. Row 6-L. Schaeffer. The scoreborad reads: Myerstown Loss Myerstown Loss Myerstown Tie Myerstown Loss Myerstown Loss Myerstown Loss M ye rstown Loss Mverstown Tie Myerstown Tie Myerstown Loss Myerstown Loss Myerstown Victory Myerstown Tie Myerstown Tie 4-M. -YYYY . , Alumni ..... Garden Spot . . Penn Manor .. Norlehco .... ELCO ....... South Lebanon Annville ..... Lancaster .... Norlehco .... ELCO ....... South Lebanon Annville ..... Reading .,... Bethel . . . l The team has 1 win, 8 losses, and 5 ties. The team this year suffered due to the loss of many players who graduated last year. Despite the fact that they only won one game this year, the team played hard and gave a good battle to their opponents. This is evident from their scores. Of their eight losses, four were lost by one goal. The team also played five games which ended in a dead-lock. BASEBALL TEAM Row 1-left to right-L. Saunders, G. Hibshman, R. Bicksler, D. Brubaker B Donley R Spitler, B. Wagner, G. Dreibelbis. Row 2-Coach Fake, A. I-lonker, C. Saunders, R, Smith, D. Bicksler F Souders L Forry, H. Lutz, D. Tevault. The scoreboard reads: l N Myerstown . . . . 7 Victory Cornwall . . . . ' Myerstown ...... 14 Victory South Lebanon Myerstown . . . . 2 Victory Norlebco . . . . Myerstown . . . . 3 Victory Palmyra . . . . Myerstown . . . . 3 Victory ELCO . . . Myerstown . . . . 5 Victory Annville . . . . Myerstown ...... 10 Victory Cornwall .... Myerstown ...... 12 Victory South Lebanon Myerstown ...... 2 Loss Norlebco .... The team had 8 wins and 1 loss. The 1958 baseball team was well balanced and brought home a fine record They won the Eastern Division title without suffering a defeat. The 3-2 loss suffered in the championship game with Norlebco was a heartbreaker. GIRLS' SOFTBALL Row l-left to right-R. Althouse, M. Gettle, A. Schaeffer, E. Boeshore V Day P Brubaker S. Nitrauer. S. Miller. B. Garman. Row 2-C. Hoffman. S. Bugg, L. Althouse, F. Sterner, J. Schaeffer, D Williams B Brown Row 3-J. Neiswender, Manager: Mrs. Brightbill, Coachg S. Bordner Scorekeeper M Reed Manager. The scoreboard reads: l l Myerstown . . . . 3 Loss Cornwall . . . . Myerstown . . .. 22 Victory South Lebanon ' Myerstown . . . . 31 Victory ELCO .... . . . t Myerstown . . . . 23 Victory E-LCO . . . . . . ' Myerstown . . . . 2 Loss Cornwall . . . . Myerstown . . . . 23 Victory South Lebanon The team had 4 wins and 2 losses. The Softball team was organized by Mrs. Brightbill in the school year 1950 51 The '57-'58 team had a good chance at the county championship Myerstown and Corn wall were tie for the championshipg however, Myerstown lost 2-15. This has been the best showing of the Softball Team since its organization. 13 1 m un GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Row I-left to right-E. Boeshore, M. Loeb, S. Bordner, J. Schaeffer, F. Stemcr, S. Nitrauer, N. Geist, M. Gettle. Row 2-R. Deck, V. Day, P. Stechman, B. Garman, P. Brubaker, B. Brown, S. Miller, L. Frederickson, G. Schaeffer, M. Schoener. Row 3-J. Neiswender, P. Leininger, L. Feeg, S. Lebo, Managersg Mrs. Brightbill, Coach: P. Honker, L. Feeg, C. Shenk. The scoreboard reads: . .. 7. 7 , . .- . 7.21777 -7 .. .77777 V E? l . Myerstown ...... Loss ELCO . . . l Myerstown ...... Loss Annville ..... l Myerstown ...... Loss Cornwall .... Q Myerstown ...... Victory North Lebanon . Myerstown ...... Victory South Lebanon 3 Myerstown ...... Loss ELCO ....... Myerstown ...... Loss Annville ..... F Myerstown ...... Victory North Lebanon w Myerstown ...... Victory South Lebanon l Myerstown ...... Victory Comwall .... l The team had 5 victories and 5 losses. Basketball was first played in the county in the form of a Tri-Hi-Y league. When Miss Werner came in 1948, the county basketball league was organized. in the 1950-51 season the county league was started. Since that time our girls have won four championships under the leadership of Mrs. Brightbillg one in 1952-53 season, the 1954-55 season, the 1955-56 season, and the 1956-57 season. The team will lose six seniors which means next year's team will have to do a lot of building up. Our team was in third place this year. GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY Row l left to right-M. Loeb, M. Gettle, J. Kohl, F. Sterner, V. Day A Schaeffer E Feeg S lebo C Kratzer. Row 2 Mrs Brightbill, Coachg S. Ressler, D. Miller. B. Burkholder J Schaeffer C Hoff mm D Miller, C. Lengle. Row 1 A Strauss, P. Honker. R. Deck, P. Brubaker, C. Shenk, S. Houser S Miller Row 4-P Leminger, Managerg S. Bordner, Scorekeeperg C. Kline, J Neiswender Managers The scoreboard reads: Myerstown Myerstown M yerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown Myerstown ELCO ....... Annville ..... South Lebanon Cornwall .... North Lebanon Annville ..... Cornwall .... North Lebanon South Lebanon ELCO ....... The te tm had 2 wins. 3 ties and 5 losses. ln 195' S3 we had a championship team, but since then we were not able to reach the top Despite this fact, our girls still have the spirit and energy to try for the championship next year We all wish the Hockey Team "lots of luck" next season. Hockey was organized VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Center-F. Sterner.'t to right-S. Lebo. L. Ziegler. P. Stechman, S. Miller. B. Burkholder, J. Dinger, C. Hoffman. Our lovely cheerleaders have been chosen by a committee with Mr. Hoffman as the chairman. These girls started as cheerleaders for the Junior Varsity squads. Many long and tiring practices have made them the upholders of morale at all our games. This year our Varsity Cheerleaders have new uniforms which are very attractive-short hlack skirts. white longrsleeved blouses. black Como sweaters. and gold bow ties. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were organized in l954-55. IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS l.eft to right-P. Honker, M. Lindermuth, C. Kline. K. Keener. B. Garman, C. Shenk. JLCTWST585 STUDENT COUNCIL Row l-D. Walter, S. Ressler. S. Bordner, R. Phillippy, J. Dinger, R. Hibshman. Row 2-M. Lindermuth. D. Bicksler, L. Feeg, R. Smith, B. Garman, C. Miller, S. Houser. Row 3-D. Fields, J. Sell. R. Wengert, C. Himmelberger, R. Shenk. Row 4-W. Schaeffer, K. Burkholder, B. Dinger, L. Long, D. Lausch, L. Schaeffer. PREs1DENr-Sally Bordner SECRETARY-Judy Dinger VICE PRESIDENT-Robert Phillippy TREASURER-Sandra Houser Mr. Blantz is the present advisor of this organization. The Student Council is made up of four students each from seventh to eleventh grade and two from the senior class. Their fellow-classmates elected them to these positions. Their various jobs include sponsoring several school dances, hall patrol, arranging special assemblies, and taking part in such drives as Red Cross, March of Dimes, and The Christmas Seals. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y Row l-left to right-E. Schaeffer. R. Schoener, M. Loeb, N. Geist, L. Firestine, P. Miller L. Ziegler. C. Kratzer. R. Fisher, F. Sterner, A. Bollinger, S. Bordner, P. Leininger L. Brandt, F. Himmelberger, A. Schaeffer, C. Lengle, D. Nevin, J. Kohl, D. Houtz. Row 2-A. Oberholtzer, K. Miller, J. Neiswender, D. Miller, E. Feeg, K. Stauffer, V. Day B. Burkholder. L. Fredrickson, M. Wenrich, P. Stechman, A. Umberger, J. Boyer J. Dinger. C. Hoffman, M. Burkhart, J. Garloff. E. Boeshore, R. Morris. Row 3-S. Lebo, J. Wagner, S. Ressler, M. Neiswender, S. Nitrauer, J. Schaeffer, C. Shenk S. Miller, S. Houser. B. Garman, G. Bicher. Row 4-D. Moyer, J. Flamini, M. Hower, C. Sweigart, M. Houtz, F. Krommes, P. Brubaker E. Haak, S. Watson, S. Umberger, S. Dubble, J. Trout, S. Ruoss, M. Reed, S. Brandt R. Wiley, L. Crouse, G. LeGay, E. Auchenbach. Row 5-M. Boyer, C. Rager, B. Garrett, N. Donley, R. Deck, B. Donmoyer, G. Spitler S. Wike. R. Lengle, J. Darkes, C. Engle, H. Troutman. OFFICERS PRESIDENT-F. Sterner SECHETARY-S. Bordner VICE PRESIDENT-A. Bollinger TREASURER-R. Fisher CHAPLAIN-C. Kratzer The Senior Tri-Hi-Y is a Christian organization composed of senior high girls. Its membership at present is 85 students. lt was organized in the school year of 1942-43 under Miss Betty Anne Rutherford's leadership. The following year with the help of Miss Esther Zug, they organized and coached a Tri-Hi-Y basketball team. This remained in effect until the board hired a Physical Educa- tion teacher, who then organized a high school team. ln February of 1944, the big event of now and then was held, the first Valentine dance. In this year Miss Rutherford left Myerstown and Miss Zug assumed full duties as advisor. When in 1950-51, Mrs. Helen Brightbill joined the faculty as Physical Education teacher, she assisted Miss Zug. Miss Francene Swope became the leader when Miss Zug resigned in 1951-52. In 1053-54, Miss Welch took over leadership duties. ln 1955-56, Mrs. Merrit Jeffers became leader and in 1956-57, Mrs. Lena Saunders joined as assistant advisor. They are at present our advisors. Weekly meetings are held and are opened with a devotional period, followed by discus- sions and program as planned by the state-wide organization. Some activities of the club during the year are the Christmas Pageant, caroling through the halls at Christmas, holding services at the Old Folks' Home, Christmas parties for the first grade, the Retarded class. and finally the Valentine Dance. x I 1 1 1 1 9 HI-Y Row l-left to right-R. Steltz. Row 2-A. Honker, B. Donley. Row 3-D. Shenk, C. Kopala. Row 4-M. Grumbine, T. Witter. Row 5-R. Bicksler, D. Lessig. Row 6-B. Wagner, D. Hipp. Row 7-A. Heilman, G. Dreibelbis, N. Kopala. Row 8-R. Walters, R. Auchenbach, F. Messerschmidt, L. Saunders, T. Honker, F. Strobel, R. Hibshman, T. Mays. OFFICERS PRESIDENT-R. Steltz SECRETARY-A. Honker VICE PRESIDENT-B. Donley TREASURER-D. Shenk CHAPLAIN-C. Kopala The Hi-Y was organized February 17, 1950, with Mr. Bucher acting as the advisor. This year the Hi-Y, along with the Senior Tri-Hi-Y, presented the Christmas and Easter assemblies. A new feature added this year was the formation of a basketball team which played South Lebanon and lost. As in former years the Hi-Y Club has supplied the student body with ice cream at basketball games and after school. Mr. Whitfield, Mr. Lansberry, Andrew Honker and Brian Wagner visited New York as representatives of the Myerstown club. This was the annual trip sponsered by the County Y. M. C. A. Mr. Lansberry followed Mr. Bucher as advisor of the Hi-Y. Presently, Mr. Whitfield and Mr. Lansberry are the directors of this organization. I UN IOR TRI-HI-Y Row 1-left to right-C. Haag, M. Garlin, D. Umberger, S. Reber, J. Blethen, M. Mentzer A. Strauss, S. Bordner, M. Lindermuth. S. Phillippy, M. Gaylor, G. Ruppenthal, S Yeagley. N. Oberholtzer, M. Helder, B. Neiswender. Row 2-P. Engle. D. Christ, C. Nitrauer. J. Sell, D. Urich, E. Schnoke, J. Kenny, N Pfautz P. Good, K. Sholly, M. Wiley, J. Haverstick, B. Dinger, G. Sanger, E. Hess. Row 3-D. Ruppenthal, M. Raposki, S. Siverling, C. Zeigler, P. Salem, D. Wagner, P. Schott S. Zearfoss. D. Brown. A. Hibshman, J. Gettle, R. Miller, F. Eisenhower, C Ruoss A. Mays. Row 4-J. Gilmore. W. Schaeffer, S. McKnight. G. Williams, K. Schworer, C. Kline, K. Keener, L. Feeg, E. Sprecher, J. Henry, J. Rittle. OFFICERS PRESIDENT-S. Bordner SECRETARIES-M. Lindermuth, M. Mentzer Vice PRESIDENT-P. Honker TREASURER-A. Strauss CHAPLAIN-J. Sell Miss Donough probably started this "Y" club. She was advisor from I947 thru 1951. e Shover became its leader. Mrs. Brightbill was its leader for l95l-52-53. ln 1953 Mrs. Joann ln the school year of l956-57, Miss Gudemann took over leadership. This year the ad- visors are Mrs. Shaak and Miss Smeltzer. The club has approximately 59 members. 1 - s NEWSGRAM STAFF Row l-left to right-S. Nitrauer, S. Lcbo, B. Burkholder, K. Stauffer, A. Bollinger, J. Kohl, F. Sterner. S. Bordner. Row 2-C. Hoffman. N. Kopala, D. Hipp, D. Shenk, M. Reed, S. Houser, P. Honker, L. Feeg, S. Watson, E. Haak, L. Ziegler, C. Kratzer, R. Auchenbach, R. Phillippy, A. Honker, R. Fisher. Row 3-Mrs. Lantz, S. Bordner, N. Donley, S. Miller, M. Gettle, L. Firestine, R. Schoener, L. Althouse, S. Umbenhauer. P. Miller, L. Brandt, P. Leininger, A. Strauss, M. Houtz. CO-EDITORS A. Bollinger, K. Stauffer NEWS EDITORS ....... .............. S . Nitrauer CLUB EDITOR ........... ..,........ B . Burkholder GIRLS' SPORTS EDITORS . . . ....... F. Sterner, S. Bordner BOYS' SPORTS EDITORS .... .. . R. Auchenbach, A. Honker VARIETY EDITOR ...... .............. C . Hoffman EXCHANGE EDITOR .. .............. S. Lebo PHOTOGRAPHERS . . , ........... D. Shenk, N. Kopala ART EDITOR .... ......,................... J . Kohl . . . , . . . . . , . . . . . . . .. L. Ziegler, W. Schaeffer, L. Ziegler .M.Reed,E.Haak,S.Houser, S. Watson, S. Miller, A. Strauss, L. Feeg, P. Honker, C. Kratzer, S. Bordner, D. Miller. N. Donley, C. Nitrauer . L. Althouse FINANCIAL SECRETARY . . ............................ . . TYPING MANAGER .... ..... R . Fisher BUSINESS MANAGER .... CIRCULATION MANAGER . . . ................,.. .... . . . . ARTISTS ........... REPORTERS ...... . . . . . R. Phillippy D. Hipp CHIEF ADVISOR ........ ........................... M rs. Lantz ADVISORY STAFF .... . . . Mr. Kugle, Mrs. Bomberger, Miss North, Mr. Krieder, Miss Fanelli, Mrs. Jeffers The Newsgram got its start in the year 1928 with Kendig B. Cully as the Editor-in-Chief. lts subtitle was, The Advocate of School Spirit. This paper was published every two weeks at a cost of five cents a copy. In 1948 Mrs. Lantz became the supervisor of the staff. The Newsgram is now pub- lished eight times a school year at a cost of twenty cents per copy. Awards are presented to members who have been on the staff for three years or to those who have held a major position for two years. LIBRARY CLUB Row l-left to right-E. Haak, J. Dinger, C. Hoffman, C. Kratzer, A. Bollinger S. Houser, M. Wenrich. Row 2-C. Rager, M. Reed, M. Houtz, L. Ziegler, S. Watson, C. Wagner, K. Keener D. Spitler, M. Helder. Row 3-J. Blethen, M. Garlin, F. Derr, R. Noll, B. Fisher, J. Houtz, B. Boyer Mrs. Lantz. OFFICERS PRESIDENT-Carol Kratzer SECRETARY-Charlotte Hoffman Vice PRESIDENT-Carol Rager TREASURER-Alice Bollinger The Library Club was organized in the fall of 1938 under the advisorship of Mrs. Gillmore and Miss Ruth Livingood. The purpose of the club is to provide service to the students and the faculty of the high school. ln 1945 Mrs. Lantz, who is our librarian. became advisor to the Library Club. During the Christmas season the Library Club, along with the F. H. A., presented a faculty tea by candlelight. Awards are presented to those who have given three years of service. s 9 EUREKANS CSCIENCE CLUB J Row I-left to right-M. Grumbine, L. Ziegler, D. Hipp, F. Sterner, C. Kopala, A. Bollinger, D. Shenk. Row 2-K. Stauffer, S. Nitrauer, W. Siverling, J. Kohl, N. Kopala, D. Houtz, R. Walters, C. Kratzer, A. Honker, C. Lengle. Row 3-R. Auchenbach, G. Dreibelbis, L. Saunders, A. Heilman, G. Brightbill, J. Atkins, F. Messerschmidt. Row 4-T. Honker, B. Burkholder, M. Kleinfelter, B. Wagner, V. Day, L. Fredrickson, S. Ressler. OFFICERS PRESIDENT-C. Kopala SECRETARY-A. Bollinger VICE PRESIDENT-F. Sterner TREASURER-D. Shenk Mr. Whitfield formed the Eurekans Science Club in the fall of '56. Students from the Chemistry and Physics classes are eligible to join the Eurekans. Bi-monthly meetings are held on Thursdays, with special evening sessions at which demonstrations, films, or discussions are presented. The club visits various business concems and museums of scientific interest. ' m '. Yun' s-xf-egg we... is 2' ' F. H. A. Row 1-left to right-D. Houtz, C. Kratzer, R. Fisher, C. Lengle, J. Schaeffer. Row 2-B. Brown, A. Strauss, C. Sweigart, L. Feeg, J. Lausch, P. Brubaker, L. Ernfield, S. Souders, L. Ziegler, C. Schworer, L. Labe. Miss Smeltzer. Row 3--R. Mays, S. Fuller, R. Althouse. S. Umbenhauer, L. Firestine, P. Honker, L. Brandt, P. Leininger, A. Oberholtzer, J. Kohl, D. Garlin, K. Miller. OFFICERS PRESIDENT-R. Fisher SECRETARY-D. Houtz Vice PRESIDENT--C. Kratzer TREASURER-C. Lengle HISTORIAN--J. Schaeffer The first year for the F. H. A. was 1945-46 with Miss Edna Miller as the advisor. Other awarded the State Homemaker's Degree. This award has not been given to anyone in the Miss Lois Smeltzer is the club's advisor. Projects which the club has taken on are sending packages of clothing to an orphanage, sponsoring a dance in January, and preparing favors for the Twin Spruce Home and the Church Home during the holidays. This year Carol Kratzer brought special recognition to the Myerstown chapter by being awarded the State Homemaker's Degree. This award has not been given to anyone in the Myerstown High School since Lucy Bamberger received it about ten years ago. COLORS: Red and White. Morro: "Toward new horizons." F. F. A. Row 1-left to right-L. Ziegler, R. Wenrich. Row 2-H. Miller, M. Diem, P. Nolt, P. Gogets. Row 3-M. Derr, R. Sanger, J. Hain, R. Long, D. Lengle, J. Keener, G. Troutman, A. Yohn. Row 4-P. Moore, E. Brubaker, D. Harnish, E. Brown, M. Hunsicker, G. Dubble, L. Snyder, L. Feaser. OFFICERS PRESLDENT-R. Wenrich CHAPLAIN-J. Keener VICE PRESIDENT-L. Ziegler SECRETARY-R. Long TREASURER-J. Hain REPORTER-D. Lengle SENTINEL-D. Hamish The F. F. A. was started in 1934 under the supervision of Mr. Brubaker, who was then the agriculture teacher. Mr. Sherman, the present teacher, has been with Myerstown High School for twelve years. Each boy is required to do one project a year, dealing either in crops or with animals. They then display their project at the annual Pennsylvania State Farm Show in Harrisburg. The boys also repair old farm equipment or make new equipment in the shop. In October they are given the assignment of arranging and setting up the equipment for the fair. The F. F. A. consists of twenty-five boys from grades nine to twelve. SENIOR BAND Row l-left to right-A. Honker, N. Donley, E. Haak, S. Yeakley, K. Yeagley. Row 2-S. Nitrauer, B. Burkholder, A. Bollinger, C. Nitrauer, C. Rager, K. Stauffer, M. Grumbine, L. Forry, R. Hoffman, D. Hipp, S. Lebo. S. Miller. Row 3-C. Hoffman, B. Brown, R. Wiley, M. Reed, J. Krall, F. Krommes, B. Dinger, B. Beckley, F. Souders. Row 4-S. Houser, C. Wagner, J. Haverstick, M. Wiley, B. Donley, G. Dreibelbis, J. Wise, M. Wenrich. T. Honker. J. Nevius, V. Day. D. Mauer, R. Fredrickson. Row 5-B. Blatt, C. Kratzer. W. Blecker, R. Bicksler, W. Suhr, L. Saunders, R. Shenk, R. Garman. L. Gettle. T. Christman. R. Miller. Row 6-C. Lengle, C. Wilson, F. Messerschmidt, R. Schoener, D. Shenk, M. Miller, L. Klick, C. Shenk, S. Rhoad, R. Auchenbach. OFFICERS PRESIDENT-Brian Donley SECRETARY-Suzanne Nitrauer VICE PRESIDENT-Richard Bicksler TREASURER-Alice Bollinger Our Senior Band was started in 1933 by Mr. Myers. For the past eighteen years it has been under the direction of Mr. Yeagley. Band rehearsals plus special classes help prepare the students for their annual Spring Concert. and parades. This year the Senior band played at our Community Fair, the Burd and Rogers Memorial Home. and the Pretzel Bowl game in Reading. In the spring the top players from each instrumental section are sent to the County Music Festival where they compete to secure first chair. There are approximately 65 members in the band. COLOR GUARD AND MAIORETTES Row l-left to right-S. Bordner, G. LeGay, L. Crouse, B. Garmen, A. Oberholtzer. K. Miller. C. Kline. Row 2-F. Sterner, P. Stechman, M. Gettle, L. Ziegler. S. Umbenhauer. E. Feeg. R. Fisher. These two squads precede the band in all its parades, with the color guards presenting the schoolk colors and the majorettes twirling to a stirring march. The captain of the Color Guard Squad is Faye Sternerg the head of the majorcttes is Loretta Ziegler. Q I UNIOR BAND In I9-ll Mr. Ycaglcy formed the Junior Band. 'lhix hand ix the stepping stone to the Senior Band. 'lhcae students also perform at an annual Spring Concert. 'I'he Junior Band participatcx in the Hill School Dental Parade and the Myerstown Halloween Parade. The hand is composed of approximately 70 members. I UN IOR BAND MAIORETTES GIRLS' ENSEMBLE I.eft to rightfG. l.eGay. M. Wenrich. C. Kratzer, E. Hank, F. Krommcs. K. Stauffer, S. Rcsslcr. N. Donley. S. Miller. P. Stechman. R. Fisher. M. Reed. The Girls' Ensemble was organized in 1936 under the direction of Miss Deck. The group is composed of twelve girls from grades nine to twelve. This year the girls have per- formed at the Fair Concert, Senior Play. the Spring Concert and local organizational groups. MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus is composed of twenty-five girls and eighteen boys from grades nine to twelve. Each year under the direction of Miss Dech they present zt portion of the annual Spring Concert. Another annual performance of the Mixed Chorus is to sing at Commence- ment exercises, Row l-left to right-G. LeGay. N. Donley. .l. Dinger, C. Kratzer. L. Frederickson. R. Deck, R. Wiley, M. Reed, S. Miller. B. Burkholder, P. Stechman. R. Fisher. A. Bollinger. Row 2-K. Stauffer. S. Ressler, P. Honker, B. Blatt. F. Krommes, M. Wenrich, E. Haak, S. Nitrauer. J. Schaeffer. D. Miller, M. Loeb, C. Kline. C. I.engle. Row 3-A. Honker, T. Christman. l.. Forry. J. Nevius. D. Lessig. D. Hipp. D. Steiner, R. Steiner, D. Shenk. B. Donley. Row 4+R. Bicksler. D. Bicksler. A. Heilman, T. Honker, L. Saunders, R. Steltz, R. Garloff, M. Grumbine. 93 MH fw-fx.. GIRLS' CHCRUS Row l-left to right-H. Trotman. C. Hoffman. M. Boyer, R. Deck, N. Donley, C. Ruger S. Miller, M. Reed. B. Burkholder, A. Bollinger, S. Bordner. Row 2-J. Dinger, L. Crouse, G. LeGay, M. Wenrich, L. Ziegler, E. Auchenbach, R. Wiley J. Trout. E. Swisher. M. Loeb, M. Helder, M. Houtz, M. Lindermuth. Row 3-C. Shenk, L. Fredrickson. C. Kratzer, S. Houser. F. Krommes, R. Schoener, J Schaeffer, L. Ernfield, B. Blatt, K. Keener, D. Miller. P. Stechmun. Row 4-A. Strauss. L. Feeg. E. Haak. S. Nitrauer, M. Neiswender, S. Ressler, K. Stauffer P. Honker. C. Kline, C. Lengle. B. Neiswender, M. Miller, R. Fisher, S. Lebo. The Girls Chorus was started under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech about 1935. The chorus, which consists of fifty girls from grades nine to twelve. sing at the annual Spring Concert under the direction of Miss Deck. v - v BOYS' CHORUS Row l-left to right-T. Christman, L. Forry, J. Nevius, D. Hipp, D. Steiner, R. Steiner, D. Lessig. Row 2-M. Daub, A. Honker. D. Bicksler, D. Shenk. T. Honker, B. Donley. Row 3-R. Bicksler, R. Royer, A. Heilman, L. Gettle. R. Steltz, M. Grumbine, R. Garloff, l.. Saunders. The Boys' Chorus under the direction Miss Dech consist of twenty-one boys from grades nine to twelve inclusive. The boys sing at the annual Spring Concert. I UNIOR CHORUS Row l-left to right-S. Sivcrling. M. Lessig, C. Ziegler. S. Phillippy, W. Schaeffer. J. Gil- more. J. Rittle. F. Eisenhauer, M. Raposki, S. Yeakley, G. Miller. B. Donley. G. Hihshman. R. Trout. Row 2-J. Hauer. M. Gaylor. A. Fake. K. Barr. J. Blatt. J. Blethcn, J. Haverstick. K. Sholley G, Williams. R. Hoffman. K. Burkholdcr. G. Dubble. Row 3-K. Yeagley. B. Schnoke. S. Zearfoss. M. Field. D. Ulrich. C. Himmelberger. M. Gibbs. M. Wiley. B. Dinger. R. Miller, B. Rittle. L. Helder, L. Sterner. Row 4-C. Haag, R. Noll, D. Umberger. E. Sprecher, R. Rupp, C, Nitrauer, S. Reber, C. Himmelhcrger. R. Shenk, D. Mauer. W. Suhr. The last of the musical organizations to be formed was the Junior Chorus. This group which was started by Miss Dech consists of fifty girls and boys from the seventh and eighth grades. The Junior Chorus performs at the Junior High Spring Concert. 1 T558 , 00 o' ZX 1 I' ff' . JW 0 NW oi K 5453 :W X W0 0 xx 3515 MYERSTOWN COMMUNITY FAIR I934 Lebanon County, Pa. 1958 The Myerstown Community Fair started in 1934 and was discontinued during the war years, l94l-46. The Annual Community Fair directors were as follows: President, Charles L. Moyerg Vice President. Robert F. Smith: Secretary, Earl J. Brubaker: Treasurer, Edgar Landis. These first directors gave our Fair an excellent beginning. The purpose of this community venture. in a broad sense, is to promote the interests of Agriculture. Home Making. and Community Commerce: and to effect a spirit of good-will and cooperation between the various realms of community interest. In a more specific way, the Myerstown Community Fair seeks to perform many educational functions. lt developes rural. town and school leadership by actual cooperation in the conduct of the Fair and educates by providing best products to be viewed bv neople of the community. Each year the privilege of exhibiting products at the Fair is extended to all thc patrons in Myerstown and anyone else in Lebanon County. The officers of the Community Fair in 1958 were the following: President, Arthur Alspachg Vice President. Harvey Nitrauerg Treasurer, Larry Mentzer: Secretary, John Sherman. The grades from seventh to twelfth each are given a specific item of food to sell at the Fair. ln this way the grades earn money for their class treasuries. Regular meals are served in the cafeteria provided by the senior class. In l958 the Myerstown Community Fair was the only fair conducted in Lebanon County and enlisted the cooperation of the people of the entire county to aid in making this institution one of state wide recognition. lt is a three-day affair, free to the public, featuring entertainment. athletics. educational exhibits and commercial exhibits, without objectionable features. ln previous years there were over one-thousand exhibitorsg that made over three-thousand entries in various departments of the products that they exhibited. The commercial exhibitors displayed their products under the large tents. 855 KDIT FN 'W X Ill , Wx .I ' WI , l Wt in f ov ,R X o N , XXX XX W lffllll 'ff 4. ' N M ' 'I II Al I . ' ff! XXX . . 4 0 fy 0 O . 5 E-Q-3: QQB 'i' 4' . f S 0,0 0 . x X lg if . ' . XX ww .. mm iff ' A ' .. MW I In 0 T558 38193 was , TV QUEEN OF HEARTS DANCE Saturday, February 7, 1959, 8:00 p.m., the traditional Queen of Hearts Dance was held. The royal court, which was composed of senior students, was selected by the student body. King, Brian Donley, crowned our lovely Faye Sterner to reign over this festive occasion as Queen of Hearts. Attending the royal couple were Maid of Honor, Carol Kratzer and Dennis Brubaker, Sally Bordner and Richard Bicksler, Loretta Ziegler and Rodney Steltz, Ruthann Fisher and Donald Steiner, and Doris Houtz and Ronald Steiner. The flower girls were Karla Sterner and Sallyann Donlcyg the trainbearers were Brent Brubaker and Jonathan Yoder. Following the coronation, an officer of each class presented gifts to the King and Queen, while a Senior Tri-Hi-Y officer presented the flower girls and the trainbearers with gifts. The following program of musical entertainment was then presented: Kathryn Stauffer and Andrew Honker sang "People Will Say We're In Love." A saxophone trio including Faye Ellen Krommes, Sandra Miller, and Brenda Dinger, played "I Love You Truly" and "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." The Mixed Ensemble sang "Anywhere I wander" and "Hello Young Lovers." After the final fanfare presented by the trumpet trio, the Master of Ceremonies, David Shenk, announced the official dance of the King and Queen and their court. They danced to the tune of "Melody of Love," played by the Frank Taylor Orchestra. The dance was under the sponsorship of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y and the supervision of Mrs. Ruth Jeffers and Mrs. Lena Saunders. The first Queen of Heans Dance was held in 1944 with Harold Albert and Beatrice Loeb as King and Queen. ,J 1 Carol Kratzer Dennis Brubaker Sally Bordner Dick Bicksler Loretta Ziegler Rodney Steltz Ruthann Fisher Donald Steiner Doris Hgutz Ronald Steiner Ionuthzm Yoder. Karla Sterner, Sally Donley, Brent Brubaker -3 Y? DC I v. xg 1 + S553 v ff? 4 I - "Tam I A Friend Albert Brothers Bakery A 8: P Food Store, C. J. Rohrbach, Mgr. Ralph Auchenbach Ronald Banks Bahney's Furniture Store Bethel 8: Mt. Aetna Tel. 8a Tel. Co. Bingaman Ford, Inc. A. W. Beyler 8: Son, Inc. Willard Blecker Bleistein Coal, Grain 8z Feed Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bordner Betty Boyer Frank Brown Mark Brubaker B. B. Buffamoyer Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burkholder Burkholder's I. G. A. Supermarket Jane Burkholder Buy-Rite Food Market Casino Roller Rink Tom Christman Church Center Press Drew Courtney, M.D. Crescent Plastics Company Marlin Daub Verna Day Deck's Gulf Service Station Rose Deck Dotty's Beauty Shoppe Eblings Meat Market Fay M. Eisenhaur Feeg's Esso Service Station Beryl Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Norman Forry Linda Fredrickson Garman's Sheet Metal Shop Bonita Garman Mr. and Mrs. Isaac J. Gass Jesse Gingrich John Good, Jr. D. M. Grumbine, Upholstering Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Haak Hamish Store Harpels' Studio PATRON LIST Matilda Heck Arthur Heilman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Heilman Hersheys Chocolate Corp. Arlene Hibshman Hibshman's Garage Helen Hixenheiser Charlotte Hoffman Hoffman's Luch Room Andrew Honker Penny Honker Sandra Houser Emma Houtz Linda Houtz Shirley Houtz Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hower Kapp Advertising Service Kline's General Store Kohl Brothers, Inc. Joan Krall Edgar M. Landis Landis 8: Landis Layser Jewelers Sharon Lebo Mr. and Mrs. Chester Leininger Leininger's Lunch Room Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lengle Lessig's Dept. Store Carol Loeb Charles C. Loose 8z Son, Inc. Mader's Beauty Shoppe The Mary Elton McQuates 5 8: 10 Franz Messerschmidt Carl S. Miller, M.D. Darlene Miller Debbie Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller Sandra Miller Miller's Sunoco Mr. Earl Moyer Myerstown Bank 8: Trust Co. Myerstown Cleaners Myerstown Hide 8: Tallow Co. John Nevius Nissley Bottle Gas Corp. Northside Service Station The Old Mill Lynnette Ondrusek Marion Oxenreider Pinky's T. V. 8: Appliance Ronald Pohronezny John Pollack Publix Shirt Corporation Quaker Alloy Casting Co. Martha Reed Mary Reposki H. W. Reppert 8: Sons Marlene Rhine Barry Rittle Earl V. Schaeffer Gladys Schaeffer H. E. Schaeffer 8: Company Jimmie Schaeffer Dennis Schnoke Shellhamer's Atlantic Station Shenk 8z Tittle Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sherk Janice Grace Sherk Delores Spitler Kathryn Stauffer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stechman Steiner's Record 8: Candle Shop George S. Steinmetz Stitzel's Pharmacy Fred Strobel Christine Sweigart Swopes Store Judy Trout Miles Umbenhen Dolly Umberger Brian Wagner Calvin J. Wagner Oscar E. Waltermyer Masonry Contractor Brian Wartluft Webber Chevrolet Mary Ann Wenrich Carl Wetzel Dr. and Mrs. James Wiley Wilhem's Hardware Store Winthrop Laboratories Jay A. Yeagley Kay Yeagley Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Zinn 13 - . . .r .. r 13:5z'.'." I , 1 .fi - 4, ' i L+? -13 41. P. K v . rgqm.. ' L. .'l4:' - 1.1-15' '-':"f'4 ' ' ,.. ,.,.4.. A - I. 6 1 . A N 1 lx 1 My 1 f A I' X. " I -9 -I ' 1 3. A 1,4 J: a Q ,. . . 4, mv ' ' ' -, V 1 . , . , ., 1. . .' Gs. . Y,.' .. P Q A , - ,. . . -- - 'I ' , ', ' ,ul ,. 7,2 Q .A -'Jw rw - ff. 1- 13' . " ' , tr' ff , - Y ,-up K-. --,I -' .31 49' ,t-3 Q A V- X: r 1.-Q fi ' '.,: ' r, . .-fx, - ' .1 -, ,rf'13.,- 4 ', ., .:f'7f Q-ij 5 ' I A L 4 jig ' -'-J'1l1'7'-.":-' .9 lla-32' '- .' -.A 9 L- ':- A-52.115, ' If 1 11-"m ' 'gfffff Sir?-'A J - XL". 5"1 H215-9572" , -1 gf- Eg V5 .' fi- . ,F-1' .1 ,f -"f if "'..A... ,.' . ..-'P ' J ', . J., '?f'w,'. ' X' ' ,II ' '-4v'1.'.1 -, r- . '. ,i't.1.Q'j fl, - , V... - , :H .-.4 -l .. W .v.- . '- .. :-' ' 1-w -165 1. -'HT ' ' -.-- -. L 1' ' 'Q :Y , ,. 'V :IF .- . I . ,, 'r . , - af-'D T' cs ' k 114 'JJ' ,N --4,51 . 4- ' 'Eli'-'-L 4 - 1 '- HA .... ..- . Lf, 1- '- Q-I, QF: .3 .." . 4 -1, -zg"5f'r' I V '-. .1 .HL .17 W ,4- W: - "af 1' " f .F :P -' .3-F . . ., .,., 1-nvvh .f... - -,I ,. ,.. ,Nl 'f f ' . YV.: f , ."' ' ' in ' 4 ' - ff . - ,- H., 'x 'V i 3' Q71-,Z 1"'g'.' XL?-Wifi 31 11 f'- . ,,M. , -,. ... .-It I . . l '. 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