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Myerstown High School - Myrialog Yearbook (Myerstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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1 4. we! ,wif 2 V., mr, NV 1 X 1 L- l Foreword In years to come the pages of this Myrialog will inspire the class of '57 to live again the treasured days - gay, sad, average or super-special days that made up a wonderful high school career. Seniors of Myerstown High produced the first year book in 1921, and the two succeeding classes continued the adventure. Then there was none until 1949 when Seniors called their annual the "Myrialog.'l This custom has taken root, and the staff hopes this edition is truly bringing it to flower. May it be a beautiful memento of busy days at M.H.S. This book is made possible, not only through the efforts of the staff, but also through the cooperation and kindness of many other people. We wish to thank our Principal and the entire faculty for the assistance rendered in preparing this book. Our efforts would have been useless without the patrons of this annual. Finally, we thank the Church Center Press for the fine work it has done. Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all these many fine people. We hope this 1957 Myrialog will be enjoyed by everyone. As the steps of progress march on, we will still hold on to our memories and look back upon them as stepping stones of our lives. Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION SENIORS INFORMAL SNAPS UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS ACTIVITIES VALENTINE DANCE Alma Mater Faithful and true-hearted, Let us cheer our dear old I-ligh, We revere her and defend her, and her colors proudly fly: We will stand for her united, Of her deeds we gladly tell, Her colors streaming, Glad faces beaming, So herefs a cheer for her that we all love so well. Chorus Joyous and ever loyal, Let us boost for our old High, Let ev'ry heart sing, Let ev'ry voice ring, There's no time to grieve or sigh. It's ever onward, our course pursuing, May defeat ne'er our ardor cool, But, united, We will boost for her, our Old High School. II Honors she has taken, On the track and with the ball, May she always rank the highest, May her colors never fall. There's no other that can match her, When her team is on the field, Her boys the fleetest, Her girls the sweetest, Then here's a cheer for her, for her who neier will yield. Our School History As the result of the consolidation of the early limestone schools, the Hill School on North College Street was erected in 1885. The community library, once our high school, and the Hill School served as our town's educational institution until the erection of our present high school. Our high school has been standing since 1915 and compliments greatly the work of its architect, Edward Z. Scholl, and its contractor, Andrew J. Fink. Dr. D. U. Wolff, George Uhrich, Ephriam Bleistein, John Schoener, and Harry Line were members of the first board of directors. We have had the following principals as supervisors of the school: J. J. Strahl, Ralph Davenport, Chester Hartzler, Henry Hollinger, Walter Richter, John Auld, and presently Harvey L. Nitrauer. Engravings on the cornerstones of our school are: "Education is the COYIICI- stone of successj' and "Wisdom is the birth of freedom." School Colors - BLACK AND GOLD Dedication We, the class of 1957, grateful to him for his many services, dedicate Your yearbook, 'The Myrialogi' to Mr. Dwight C. Fake. During our high school years, it was our pleasure to have him as our history, civics, and problems of democracy teacher. During our Senior Year, he served as one of our homeroom teachers. Many times his wise counseling, willingness to help, patience, cooperation, dynamic personality, and abund- ant sense of humor were a source of inspiration to us. His ceaseless strivings to forward our education will be memories cherished by our class. Myrialoq Staff lst Row-J. Bird. W. Hollinger. N. Umbenhen. N, Fink. F. Fulk. J. Wagner, J. Yeakley. E. Bashore. P. Jeffers. 2nd Row-A. Sattazahn. M. Brubaker, P. Brown, B. Buck. J. Ficca. J. Swanger. J. Wenger, A. Miller, R. Krall, S. Achey. L. Mader, C. Sholly, D. Sterner, R. Sanger. Not present when the picture was taken: Shirley Smith, Kenneth Brown. The members of the Myrialog Staff are chosen by the class. They represent the class and have been chosen according to their abilities. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Faye Fulk CO-EDITOR VARIETY EDITORS Nancy Fink Doris Sterner ARTISTS Barbara Buck Carole Snolly Judy Ficca Mildred Brubaker PHOTOGRAPH ERS Rachel Sanger John Wenger SPORTS EDITORS Elaine Bashore Janet Yeakley John Bird Peter Jeffers LITERARY EDITORS Nancy ljmbenhen Winifred Hollinger .Janet Wagner Loretta Mader CIRCULATION MANAGERS Ronald Krall Jon Swanger Audrey Sattazahn Allen Miller Kenneth Brown BUSINESS MANAGERS Stanley Achey Shirley Smith Peggy Brown CLASS SONG Janet Yeakley Nancy Umbenhen Mildred Brubaker Judy Ficca Tribute To Miss Mabel C. Immel who has so graciously counseled and assisted us during our final year ot high school. Her exceptional work, in helping us earn money for our New York trip, was appreciated by the entire class. Miss Immel worked many long hours especially for our class. Without a doubt, she deserves this small recogni- tion we are giving her. Y!-'-ll '11 ,I MR. HARVEY L. NITRAUER - Supervising Principal Highspire High School Steelton High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University Principc:1's Message Do not under estimate the capabilities of a Democracyg it is the hope of world peace. May we strive for this peace. Harvey L. Nitrauer fi 2 .: -.-.-,. .. X X . 5, 'iw 1:33 ' ..,., 1 ,,,,.,' 2 :' -5' ,X 1 Q 2 2 1 1 Q , aff' F' Wwsa 1 I in-W' ' V , Q mf .v run -N 'fb wav QQ ,iugxs nn"" .egglli vuflsfo nys: wg. sz: - , , ,fu , Q 1 H a Q"f'S ' 1 ni Q ,' 'S -a as U I 2 Q. , 4 a Q v X o 4,4 sa' ,s-wa ,, , H , Q V QM, , -, Q, msn- ww- x " U yi" 4 c ' 1 'f . It: :::,.,,, , 1' .X V 1, 'EM N' il , 'H ' V, ww f ,ig 3' , 2 , i n . ? V, 1 - 4 . if Mrs. Helen Brightbill, B.S. Health nml Pl: ysicul Education Mycrstown High School East Stroudsburg State Tvachvrs College Lebanon Valley Colli-gf' Miss Kathryn L. Dech, AB., B.S., M.A. Vocal Music nnrl Gorman Mycrstown Iligh School Albright Collm-gc Ithaca Collt-gn Columbia University New York Univc-rsity Mrs. Lillian G. Emerick B.S. Svcoml Grade Myerstnwn High School Elizabethtown Collt-gc Kutztown Stats- Vl'L'ilL'l'lCl'S Collage Temple University 7 Mr. Robert Ayers, B.S. T1'ig07l017Il'fTy, Gvmnrftry, Algebra 1, II Lebanon High School Lebanon Valli-y Coll:-go University of Pt-nnsylvnniax Mr. Norman V. Blantz, A,B. Social Sfurlivs Annville High School Lebanon Vullcy Colli-go Mr. William Fabel, B.S. Mathefmzfics Lock Haven High School Lock Haven Statc 'l'cat-lil-rs Collegi- Mr. Dwight Fake, B.S. Social Studim Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley Coll:-ge Temple University Mr. John J. Gates, A.B. English Altoona High School University of Pennsylvania Mrs. Mabel Groff, B.S. First Grade South Lebanon High School Millersville State Teaellers College Albright College Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University Mr. Robert Hoffman Health mul Phglsicrzl Education Myerstown High School VVest Chester State Teachers Co e 4' Temple University Miss Mabel Immel, A.B. English mul Social Studies Myerstown High School Albright College Millersville State Teachers College Miss Marilyn Gudemann, B.S. Spanish, English Schuylkill Haven High School Kutztown State Teachers College MR. L. Bruce Henderson, B.S., M.A. Science Palmyra High School Temple University , Columbia University University of Pennsylvania Millersville State Teachers College Mr. Earl Hess, A.B. Drivefs Training Lebanon High School Elizabethtown College Millersville State Teachers College Mr. Donald Lansberry, B.S. Inrlustrirll Arlx Clearfield High School l'L1msylvania State University Mr. Frederick W. Lantz A.B. Guidance Counselor Mechanicsburg Iligh School Muhlenlmrg College Columbia University Kutztown State Teachers College Temple University Lehigh University Albright College Mrs. Ruth T. Lantz, A.B. School Lillnlriun Wyomissing High School Bucknell University Columbia University University of Pennsylvania Kutztown State Teachers College Temple University Mrs. Ruth jetters, A.B. English Perkasie High School Ursinus College Drexel Institute Mr. Donald J. Kugle, B.S. Social Studies Marietta High School Millersville State Teachers College Mr. Dean J. Laubscher, B.S. Math Lock Haven High School Lock Haven State Teachers College Miss Gayle Mendenhall, B.S. Art and English Kennet Consolidated High School Kutztown State Teachers College XVest Chester State Teachers College Pennsylvania State Summer School Mrs. Harvey Nitrauer Librarian Reading High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University Miss Jane North, B.S., M.Ed. Fourth Grade Millcreek Township High School Millersville State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University Mr John R. Sherman, A.B., M.A. Vocational Agriculture Bethel High School Elizabethtown Preparatory School Juniata College Columbia University Pennsylvania State University Miss Lois Smeltzer, B.S. I Home Economics Centre Hall Potter High School Pennsylvania State University Mrs, Lena Saunders, B.S. Business Education Myerstown High School Elizabethtown College Lebanon Valley College Miss Irene Schell, B.S. Third Grade Myerstown High School Temple University Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College Mrs. Richard Shaak, A.B. First Grade Myerstown High School Dickinson College Cedar Crest College Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College Mrs. Blanche B. Weaver, A.B. Fourth Grade Myerstown High School Elizabethtown College Wyoming University Albright College Millersville State Teachers College Mr. James Whitfield, B.S. Chernistfy, Physics, Biology Saxton Liberty High School Shippensburg State Teachers College Mr. Harold Yeagley B.S., M.Ed. History zmzl 1n.i-trumcnlal Music William Penn High School Lebanon Vallcy College Pennsylvania State University University of Micliigan fBand Conferencej Queen's University, Canada Mr. Adam Snavely A.B., M.Ed. Sixth Grade Jonestown High Schoc Lebanon Valley Colleg Pennsylvania State Unive Millersville State Teacli College University of Londor Mrs. Irene Snavely, Fifth Grade Jonestown High Schoi Millersville State Teacl' College Miss Agnes Souders, Third Grade Myerstown High Soho Lebanon High Schoo Lebanon Valley Colleg Millersville State Tcache College Dr. George E. Flanai A.B., M.D., C.M. School Physician Avonmore High Schoo Ontario New York Universits Medical School New York Polycliniz Medical School Mrs. Angela Kerchi R.N. School Nurse Lebanon High Schoo St. joseph's Hospitai Millersville State Teacl College Miss Gloria Phillip. School Secretary Myerstown High Soho Tructnt Officers RUSSELL BORDER HHRMAN HAAG Chief of Polin' The Custodictns Too often taken for granted, yet indispensible, are the two phases which sum up all there is to say about our four custodians. Keeping the schools neat and clean is their job. It would be a help to them if all of us were to be more courteous and not throw paper on the floor or paste gum under our desks. We are taking time now to thank these people for all they've done for us. Let's aid and respect them in the future. The Senior Class of 1957 C 1.135 Sona .. ,..k M, F Ff ?'0'fF? F SEFFPS FF E' EWU? H 6 5,1i,'0iAi,3jti'.. Q- F E'F?'5 F H BTfB1? LU'fPg'F u l Jerold lu 5' 'L v - ' -A ' ' N326 MD ug The we 30 iorfhtheunlhosaz 'IL mreiudesi5G -bje H P-En F151 pw Hmm H P Lit a Q05 wSn'fhecA - at-Ddhbibxd om-hgiiggy 2 4. 'gwg?QwMgEis 1.15. D- H1955 ffl-H gi 1 35? ld -ff! t 3- ' ' + 3 Lum-gb high Fiisrgiiaw-J J 7190 Jcablffcd or'e separale wfys Q4 011516, apnlls, and 19853 Cugerg Per Me fnfare cdffs. M15 pbdsr GX Karyn? GAJJS. I 'O O .4 Senior Class Officers Left to right: - President, Michael Honkerg Treasurer, Faye Fulkg Vice President, Peter Jeffers, Secretary, Winifred Hollinger. CLASS COLORS - Red and White CLASS FLOWER - Red Rose CLASS MOTTO - "The measure of zz murfs life is in the spending of it, not the length." Our Senior Year Memoirs This year has found us struggling furiously for our once in a lifetime thrill, the three days in seventh heaven. We had a swell time selling coffee, french fries and needling Mr. Fake, and Miss Immel at the Myerstown Community Fair. Our girls served dutifully at the cafeteria with our enlisted men serving K.P. Our next big moneymaking project on the agenda was the production, "Thank You, Mr. Parker." From the beginning of the year until Christmas we wandered aimlessly about and occasionally collected for Landis and Landis. Our salesmanship training was further advanced with our magazine sales which turned into a yery successful project. Finally after weeks of hard work and anticipation we received our hair sizzling reward. We went to New York May 13th and came back the 15th, spending three of the most exciting days of our lives in that great metropolis. We came back intact but tired. Our next performance was to be May 24, when we held Class Day. What a day it was! There was excitement galore but it was nothing compared to Baccalaureate and Commencement. After all these experiences, happy and sad, we at last had our high school education. We will shortly be answering the roll call of life. STANLEY FRANKLIN ACHEY Myerstown "Stan" General Sports a neat crewcut - usually found laughing - nice personality - expresses his opinions in chemistry classes - plays a hot trumpet. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, County Chorus 2, 4, District Chorus 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4, Senior Play 4, Myrialog Staff 4. ELAINE MAE BASHORE Myerstown "Elaine" Business Happy-go-lucky -- has a changeable heart-attends most ames always has a good time playing hockey g l - loves cats t'???j. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey l, 2, 3, 4 leo-captainj, Basketball 1, 3, Softball 1, Band 1, 2, Myrialog Staff 4. CARL EDWIN BROWN Myerstown "Pap" General Sports sideburns - lots of fun - gets a thrill out of rolling cars - faithful employee at Wilhelms. KENNETH CALVIN BROWN Route 1, Richland "Kenny" Agriculture Always has a twinkle in his eye - can talk an ear off a tin monkey - enjoys being a clown - will make a good auctioneer. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. JOHN CHARLES BIRD Myerstown "Birdie" Academic Noted for his weird laugh - loves to hot-rod motor- cycles - hilarious when acting - thinks trig is ter- rific t'?'?l. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Student Council 3, Science Club 4, Band 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Myrialog 4. MYRTLE MAE BOYER Route 3, Myerstown "Meri" Business Spends her spare time with Bobby - will make a good secretary - lots of fun - always found studying t'??J. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. 4, Newsgram 4, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1. 699253 SHAW MILDRED ELAINE BRUBAKER Route 2, Myerstown '1Mil1ie,' GL'llFl'Ili Always seen rushing around iexcept to schoolj - won- derful actress - loves to argue in class - likes to read - plans to be a nurse. Student Council 3. 4, Newsgram Staff 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4, Girls' Chorus I1 Senior Play 4, Myrialog Staff 4. BARBARA ANNE BUCK Myerstown "Bucky" General A good dancer - likes to have a good time - never skips classes C73 - enjoys chemistry classes - hails from Philadelphia. Girls Softball 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 tSports Reporterlg Science Club 4, Myrialog Staff 4. MARGARET WALTON BROWN Myerstown "Peggy" Business A very quiet girl - possesses beautiful blue eyes - loves to go shopping - often seen working C71 in the Sugar Bowl. County Chorus 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble l, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Myrialog 4. THOMAS LAMM BROWN Myerstown "Tom" Agriculture Our city farmer - fills gas tanks with water at Feegs - rarely seen at school - always studying C??J - another Sr. Hot Rod. Soccer l, Basketball 1. MAREETA LOUISE DEMMY Route 2, Myerstown "MMU" Business Very attractive - gay and carefree - fun to be around - smooth dancer - her dreams are in the "clouds" - loves school t???j. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 3, Library Club 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4. DONALD EDWARD DUBBLE Route 3, Myerstown Bula bula boy - drives a hot Ford - noted for his deep voice - Buy-Rite's right hand man. Science Club 4, Library Club 1, 2. JUDITH LOU FICCA Route 2, Myerstown "Judy" Acuf1'el11it: Active in all sports Q easy to get along with - neat dresser - the type of student a teacher likes - plans to enter Penn State. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Newsgram Staff 2. 3. 4: Basketa ball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leading 2, 3: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Ensemble 4: County Chorus 4: Band 2, 3, 4, County Band 3, 4: Science Club 4: Myrialog 4. NANCY LOUISE FINK Myerstown "Finley" B11.s'i1zz'ss Very good Business student - loves to talk - friendly to everyone - capable of handling any task assigned to her - likes peanut butter sandwiches. County Chorus 3, 4, Student Council 3 tvice-presidentjg Tri-Hi-Y 1 fsecretaryj, 2, 3, 4 tchaplainl: Newsgram Staff I, 2 Cexchange editorl, 3 tco-editorl. 4 teditor- in-chiefjg Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Library Club l ltreasurerj. 2, 3 tvice-presi- dentj, 4 Cpresidentlg Myrialog Staff 4 tassociate edi- torjg Ensemble l, 2, 3, 4, CARL FREDERICK HEFFELFINGIER Route 3, Myerstown "Heffy" A,Ql'fl'IllfI!i'r" Takes things slow and easy - prize possession is his pipe - usually seen wearing a red shirt - attends hoe-downs occasionally. F.F.A. I. 2, 3, 4. BETTY AGNES HIXENHEISER Route 3, Myerstown "Berry" llama lic. Proud possessor of a diamond - good home ec. stu- dent - fun to be around - will make a good house- wife. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Softball 2. 3, 4. stxgp A 1 FAYF ANNA FULK Myerstown "l"a,vz"' Collage Prrfpurutary A good athlete A has an abundance of brains - de- pendable - always busy studying - works hard at the Buy-Rite. County Chorus 2, 4: Girls' Softball l. 2. 3. 4: County Band 2. 3, 41 Basketball Team l, 2. 3. 4: Hockey Team l. 2, 3, 4: Ceaptainili Tri-Hi-Y l, 2. 3. 4: Newsgram Staff l, 2, 3 tco-editorl. 4 tassociate editorj: Senior Play 4 tMargaret Wakefieldjg Science Club 4: Girls' Chorus l. 2. 3. 4: Mixed Chorus l. 2. 3, 4: Ensemble 3. 4: Band I. 2. 3 ttreasurerj, 4: Library Club l, 2, 3 itreasurerl. 4 fvice presidentl: Myrialog Staff 4 tedi- tor-in-ehiefl: Class Treasurer 3, 4. NANCY LOUISE GETTLE Route 3, Myerstown "Gattlc"' Bl1.S'iIll'.S'.Y Second home is the Casino - gets a delight out of eating spaghetti - has big brown eyes - is lots of fun - loves school t'?'?j. Hockey Team I, 2. 3: Library Club 1. mack., 2 1 ,,,sasQ,emw .,f, STEWART WILLIAM HOWER Mt. Aetna "SIN" BIISIIIFSS Ever see him in school? - another non-resident - ace in shorthand t?'?j - looks studious.!! Baseball l, 2, 3, tmanagerl. NANCY JANE HUNSICKER Myerstown "Hot Rod" Business Terry should be her middle name - finds an enjoy- ment in hot-rodding A future is set on selling Cheese -has an attractive wardrobe. l Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3. 4, Band l, 2, Library l. MICHAEL DAVID HONKER Myerstown "Mike" Academic Well liked by everyone - good athlete - future presi- dent of United States - possesses a pleasing personal- ity and good sense of humor - versatile. County Chorus 2, 3, 4, County Band 1, 2, Soccer Team l, 2, 3, 4 tco-captainj, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4 Cpresidentj, Hi-Y 3, 4 Cpresidentb, Newsgram Staff 3, 4 tboys' sports editorl, Senior Play 4 tConrad Parkerjg Science Club 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 3, 4. WINIFRED LORRA INE HOLLINGER Myerstown 'tWinnie" Business Second home is school office - chief interest is Gettysburg 4- loves dogs - detests complainers - favorite pastime is "doodling". Hockey Team 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Myrialog Staff 4, Class Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4, School Treasurer 4. PETER MOYER JEFFERS Myerstown "Pete" Academic Craves pancakes and syrup - hard worker at the "Taste.Go0d" - loves to eat his own concoctions - act1ve in all sports - one of the "brains" of the senior class. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Soccer Team l, 2, 3, 4 Cco-captainl, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Ceo-captainjg Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4 tpresidentj, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, County Chorus 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4 Cpresidentl, County Band 1, 2, 3, 4, News- gram 3, 4, Senior Play 3, Myrialog 4. THOMAS KERSHNER Myerstown 'tKersh,' General Has neat blond hair and blue eyes - drives a '56 Ply- mouth - noted for his physique - loves to hunt Cirlsj - one of Mr. Ayer's brains. ' Basketball 2, 3, Soccer 1. DOLORES ANN KIEFFER Myerstown "Dolly" Bll.S'fIIl'S.S' Craves shorthand t?'?J - has interests in Ursinus - favorite pastime is tending her sisters U9 - will make a good housewife. Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 4. RONALD WARREN KRALL Route 2, Myerstown Noted for his curly hair - crazy laugh - loves to drive around in his Ford convertible ltop downl -4 one of Miss Dech's top tenors. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus I, 2, 3, 41 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g County Chorus 3, 43 Science Club 4: Senior Play 4g Myrialog Staff 4. LORETTA KAY MADER Myerstown "Rattan Gwicral Attractive popular - loves chemistry t'f?'?J - finds certain interest in Green Oldsmobiles - sharp dresser - wants to get married. Basketball team l. 2, 3, 4 tcaptainlz Hockey Team l, 2, 3 Ceo-captainl, 4: Student Council 2, 41 Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4g Newsgram Staff 43 Band 3, 4: Myrialog 4. MARIE MAYS Route 3, Myerstown "Maysie" B1I.S'flll'.S'.S' A hard-working girl - often seen with Bill - gets plenty of exercise just walking to school - small hut mighty. HELEN IRENE KREISER Route 2, Myerstown UlIC'll'lln Business Pretty and quiet - has a heavenly voice - takes an interest in school - will make a good secretary. Student Council I: Tri-Hi-Y l, 2: Band I, 2: Library Cluh l. PAULINE ANN LONG Route 3. Myerstown "l'unlinv" Home EC. Giggles and giggles and giggles - whiz at sewing - an efficient Landis and Landis secretary - will make a good housewife. Softball 2, 3, 41 Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 4g F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ANNA MAE PHILLIPPY Route 2, Myerstown UA lll'll8u Binfyqglg-5 ls usually laughing - enjoys gym - likes to eat, sleep and be merry - main ambition is to be a secretary - loves to study 173. F.H.A. 2. 3, 4g Library Club l. DOROTHY JULIA RITTLE Route 3, Myerstown "Dottie" B11sil1f's.x' Short and cute - blushes easily - usually seen with Raymond - favorite pastime is eating - loves short- hand classes l'??D. Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus l. 2. ALLEN CLARENCE MILLER Myerstown "Eater" General Tall, dark, handsome - usually seen hot-rodding in a black Chevie - always friendly - loves school 673- likes out-of-town girls. Myrialog Staff 4. DONALD ROBERT NIXON Myerstown "Donnie" General Cute and quiet - eats profits at Albert's Bakery - usually seen driving his green Mercury - travels with Nip and Eater - enjoys playing with his brother's rabbits. RACHEL RUTH SANGER Route 2, Lebanon "Rae" General Her motto: better late than never - captain of the cheerleaders -- noted for long black hair - bees always buzz around honey iSpangJ - loves chemis- try C'???J. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Newsgram Staff 3, 41 Softball 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4g Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Ensemble 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, County Band 4g Myria- log Staff 4. AUDR EY LEE SATTAZAHN Myerstown "Rat" Business Has blond hair OJ - is most commonly known as "Rat" - loves pizza pie - can be found in New- manstown - is little and mighty. Hockey Team 1, 2, 3, 4-g Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 3g Myrialog Staff 4. CLARENCE CHARLES SATTAZAHN Route 1, Womelsdorf "Salty" Agriculture Our representative from Stouchsburg - has pretty blue eyes - can handle a car - will make a successful farmer. F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 fpresidentj. JANET MARGARET SCHELL Myerstown "Janet" Academic Quiet and reserved - likes to read - always ready to help - pleasant to be around. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Softball 3, 4. RUTH ELEANOR SNYDER Route 1, Richland "Ruthie" Business Sports a diamond - has an rare time at the Farm Show - easy to get along with - travels with Joanne and Charlotte. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. JOANNE MARIE STAUFFER Star Route, Myerstown "Jeanie" Business Quiet business girl - cute smile - nice personality - very polite - travels with Ruth and Char. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. CAROLE LOU SHOLLY Myerstown "5h01l" Home Ec. Craves sports - terrific art ability - faithful employee at "Dixie" - the name Larry soothes her nerves - always ready for a good laugh. Girls' Softball 1, 2, 3, 49 County Band 2, 3, 4g Bas- ketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Ccaptainjg Cheerleading 1, 2, 33 Hockey Team 2, 3, 4g Student Council 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Cpresidentjg Newsgram Staff 1, 25 Senior Play 4, Science Club 4, Girls' Chorus lg Band 1, 2, 3 tpresidentj, 4g Myrialog Staff 4. SHIRLEY ANN SMITH 213 West Carpenter Street "Shirley" Business First girl to sport a diamond - often seen working in the lnfirmary - easy to get along with - will make a good wife. Myrialog Staff 4. JON PHILIP SWANGER Route 2, Myerstown "Nip" Gwiwuf Steers clear of opposite sex - ace in scccer - faith' ful paper boy - an admirer l'?'?'?l of trig - has a large fan club. Soccer I, 2, 3. 4: Basketball l, 2. SHIRLEY ANN TRAUTMAN Myerstown "Shirl" ClIlllll1l'l'l'llll Extremely fond of school till - Enjoys roller skating- often seen with Marie - finp's health class interesting - white Fords appeal to het. Tri-Hi-Y l. 2. PAUL DANIEL STECH MAN Myerstown HPFIUTIIIU Business Enjoys hunting and fishing W- drives a "big black" Ford - terrific ice skater - nice personality - good business student. Camera Club 2. DORIS JEAN STERNER Route 3. Myerstown 'lLefty" Business Enjoys chauffering in a green Plymouth - loves to eat - favorite pastime is thinking about Woody -- always busy. Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4, Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, County Chorus 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. NANCY LOU UM BENHEN Myerstown "Nancy" Business Future opera star of M.H.S. -4 favors her brother UD -drives a "hot" Dodge - nice personality - her alias is Carrie Bloom. County Chorus 2, 4, District Chorus 4, State Chorus 4, County Band 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4- tvice-presidentjg Senior Play 4, Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l. 2, 3, 4, Ensemble l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Myria- log Staff 4. KENNETH PAUL UMBERGER Route 3, Mycrstown, Pa, "R Gd" A gricnllurf One of our future farmers - has flaming red hair - girls don't bother him 4 noted for his brilliant re- marks in English class. F.F.A. l, 2, 3. 4 tvice prcsidentj. JANET ELAINE WAGNER Myerstown 'flanetu Acazlrflriir' A good student - very dependable - has a friendly smile - a hot-rod 4- plans to go to college. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Library l, 23 Myrialog Staff 4 Cliter- ary editorj. JOHN ALAN WENGER Route 3, Myerstown "Smokey" General Loves to act up in classes - handy with a camera F enjoys hot-rodding his brother's Chevie - Miss Dcch's star German student 1771. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 2, 35 Myrialog 4. JANET ELAINE YEAKLEY Route 3, Myerstown Ujtllln ClIll1lI1l'I'K'fllf A calm, friendly girl - has deep interests in the Army - a 5 81 I0 clerk - plans to enter the Armed Forces -faithfully attends Girl Scout meetings. County Chorus 4, County Band 2, 3, 4: Girls' Soft- ball I, 2, 3, 4g Basketball Team I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey Team 2, 3. 4,1 Tri-Hi-Y l tChaplainJ, 2. 3, 4 fll'CkiSlll'CI'J1 Senior Play 4 Uoan Wakefieldlg Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3. 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Ensemble l, 2, 3. 4: Band 1, 2, 3 lsecretaryl. 4: Myrialog Staff 4. CARL LESTER ZELLERS Myerstown "A pcf' Gwzvral A hard-working shoe-shine boy - always has a vast supply of gum - drives a Mercury in his spare time - not very interested in girls. MARTIN GEORGE WENZLER Route 1, Richland "Dutch" lfll.YflIl'.5'S A flirt - looks for bargain sales on Sweaters - always knows a new joke -- deeply interested in the Sophomore class. Soccer Team 3: Camera Club 2. CHARLOTTE I'RlSCII.I.A WILLIAMS Route 3, Myerstown "Clmr" Bl1.viua.s's Pals with Ruthie and Joanne - avoids the boys - has real black hair - enjoys playing softball. X Girls' Softball 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3. l RICHARD ALVIN WOLFE Myerstowrl "Dickey" General Can tell you anything about cars - proud owner of a '48 Mercury - tops in tumbling - hard worker at the A 8 P l'?'."?j. Basketball l, 2: Baseball I, 2: Student Council l. I7777' aww mm 3L,,,,,,,,a6.., ,s Q f Q ' FQJQD-J wwfff fQm...0.Q Wdw az ALL Aix.:-M, 4 0 W 62,19 ite, IwV ,.,s rcM,.,,Mv MWJMM :':' :ji :12A,..,.. . 2wi.Qwmwwmm iwfnfyqiff X 1 ...,.., if V ff K nf 2 A i 5 f 4 .g:.:.:..,,...:.1 ,....: .:.:.: ,.:.,.:.1..:.:.:. 4 . :I ,.,.: gd. :V 133555: ,,.1 mai Zim k:35E.:':'5'E'I'E'E:E525221: 1:11 :E ", ' ,. - 1yL4f.,tff.5of1.nAf Dawzfff Kszwg.-1 JLWAQZW.. 4, W 7 AKA.- f f.S MW i WMM wiflfw 0zM,2?,,f ,M - l M 0 vwfwyaeaw I4 iywfff 70711 f1'4-nice! UF x.. 34" M421- 'Y' w -' ' ...fzq 1 SZ :Wi N' Wi M 'gfgduf ' M: ff ' :. , 1,-,g,jE:.5:i V A M V S ' an ,rw . if ,wx of r' .' f- 'rm fi: -: yi 4.1, : 'em- .Y,'+,.-f . -1 fffmipx 1 . A ge,Qki,. . ,:. if Y? f w , ::--1 5- :.:5 M w iw , ,a1:.,,:.,.,. my f aa- f,--- 1 Q . ff ' ,d4,4wv cya 2 .,,,.. :,sQs5s:'ff5si 1",.52,a51g:,1:s:s-1 2. '-'1:. ,.,,:f:"1:--.:. ...... A """ " 5: 3 ' f " Ei Q I ,-'. an IM sn"""'f5 fi Wffw 1r ow 9.1-M-M I W 11-vqP-'q""""- Class History There comes a time in the life of all children, fresh out of kindergarten, when they no longer stay at home to help mother during the day, but are sent instead to a large building in charge of a lady for most of the day. Well, in 1944 this drastic thing happened to us. One day we found ourselves in a school room in charge of a very nice lady named Miss Loose. As the days progressed and we adjusted ourselves to our new surroundings, we found this to be better than spending a whole day at home. While in first grade we learned to read, print and do simple addition and subtraction. We also spent many enjoyable moments playing "Penny Penny," and participating in the Rhythm Band. But we found we enjoyed playing "Old Mammy Witch, Fell in a Ditch" most of all. Then one day we found ourselves climbing a steep hill to reach the big red building at the top. We were now second-graders. We were told by Mrs. Emerick that we were here to conquer the 3R's, and we immediately started the struggle. On the last day of school Janet Yeakley invited all of us, much to our surprise, to bring her birthday presents up to her house. In third grade we learned that Nancy Fink was allergic to the smell of burning leaves and had to leave Miss Schell's pleasant classroom, full of progress charts, every afternoon when the leaves were burned. By the time we reached fourth grade, the boys forgot that they hated girls, and as a result we gave Mrs. Weaver quite a hard time. We also became quite accustomed to finger- nail inspections. Mrs. Groff welcomed us into fifth grade. Here we had our first experience with a library and weather maps. Much to our disappointment we lost Nancy Umbenhen's talents wh,le she fought off rheumatic fever. This year we found we had much talent within our class. Loretta and Carole enjoyed singing "lf I Knew You Were Coming, l'd Have Baked a Cake." Finally we reached the top-sixth grade. We had many new experiences this year, too. We used the fire escape, had Mr. Snavely for our teacher, and learned to duck when we saw an eraser or piece of chalk coming in our direction. This year we really proved we had talent. We formed the Drama Club andtgave our own original productions for everyone's enjoyment. Remember the time Nancy Fink danced to "Goofus" in her pink evening gown? In the year 1951, we entered the halls of M.H.S. wide-eyed and optimistic. We soon became adjusted to sitting patiently for 50 minutes and then running wildly through the halls to our next class. This continued for a whole year, but, once in eighth grade we settled down and began the beginning of a long five year journey. By the time we entered ninth grade we were well adjusted to the many activities of High School life. We were very proud of the title of Freshman which was bestowed upon us, and frowned with disgust when referred to as ninth-graders. In our Sophomore year we were busy choosing class colors and class jackets. We were so proud of those fire-engine red and white corduroy jackets that we wore them all day in school. We also spent many pleasant hours dissecting crayfish in biology class. All this passed quickly and we soon found ourselves in the role of Juniors. This year we chose class rings. They were our pride and joy. The one big goal we had as Juniors was sponsoring the fabulous Prom for the Seniors. The theme for our Prom was 'Stairway to the Stars." And now in our Senior Year we became salesmen to earn our way to New York City. By selling magazines, running a Landis and Landis Club, and giving a two-night production of "Thank You, Mr. Parker," we finally reached our goal. Now that graduation day is upon us we remember all the troubles, and struggles of High School, but we must remember all the joys and friendships we acquired during our school days. As our first goal is reached, we say "farewell" and leave our Alma Mater dear. Class Will 1957 We, the class of 1957, residents of the Borough of Myerstown and Jackson Township, being of age to graduate and of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting under duress, menace, fraud, or influence of the faculty or underclassmen, do make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament, in the manner following, to wit: First, to the class of '58 we will our class trip and promptness for class. Second, to the class of '59 we leave our deep concern for one another. Third, to the class of '60 we leave our good looks and interest in school. Kenny Umberger, Clarence Sattazahn, and Kenny Brown will their ability to hunt "Elbid- ridges" to Gerald Hanley. Mareeta Demmy wills her sleek page-boy to Loretta Yeiser. Jon Swanger wills his Trig book to Kenny Fair. Nancy Hunsicker, Shirley Smith, and Ruth Snyder will their diamonds to Alice Bollinger. Mike Honker wills his place as class president to Bill Fulk. Carole Sholly wills her artistic ability to John Whitmoyer. Stanley Achey leaves Carol Kratzer to the M.H.S. "Cats." Ronnie Krall wills his interest in younger girls to Tubby Auchenbach. Dorothy Rittle wills her love for Elvis Presley to Grace Diem. Nancy Umbenhen wills her singing ability to Faye Ellen Krommes. Janet Schell leaves her quietness to Alice Schaeffer. Donald Nixon wills his love for school to Dave Lessig. Elaine Bashore wills her unique dance steps to Carole Wagner. John Bird leaves his flirting "know how" to Franz Messerschmidt. Millie Brubaker wills her acting ability to Terry Hoffman. Faye Fulk wills her athletic interests to Kay Zearfoss. Allen Miller wills his charm to Mark Schwear. Loretta Mader and Audrey Sattazahn will their pretty blue eyes and naturally CU blonde hair to Patsy Miller. Paul Stechman wills his nice personality to Glenn Dreibelbis. Nancy Fink leaves her participation in many activities to Jeanette Rutter. Carl Zellers wills his shoeshine job to Cally Umbenhen. Charlotte Williams and Joanne Stauffer will their deep interest in the opposite sex to Judy Dinger. Stewart Hower wills his long vacations from school to Skippy Steltz. Janet Wagner wills her "big cars" to Jimmy Knapp. Tom Brown wills his deep interest in English class to Brian Donley. Nancy Gettle and Dolores Kieffer will their job at the Twin-Kiss to Pam Stechman. Martin Wenzler wills his love for shorthand to Bobby Prescott. Judy Ficca wills her attractive wavy hair to Judy Mosser. Richard Wolfe wills his love for study halls to Donald Miller. Myrtle Boyer and Peggy Brown will their top-typing speeds to Herbie Hibschman. Peter Jeffers wills his instrumental ability to Dickie Bicksler. Rachel Sanger wills her promptness to Susie Pearson. Carl Brown wills his 'thot car" to Russel Spitler. Helen Kreiser wills her gracefulness to Sally Watson. Donald Dubble wills his sex appeal to Arnold Miller. Doris Sterner and Janet Yeakley will their letter writing habit to Anita Yeakley. Carl Heffelfinger wills his cigarettes to Ralph Derr. Barbara Buck wills her pet peeve, teachers, to Russell Lausch. Tom Kershner leaves his scientific interests to Dickie Loose. Winnie Hollinger wills her job as school treasurer to some lucky junior. Marie Mays and Shirley Trautman will their roller skating talent to Bernice Brandt. Pauline Long wills her sewing technique to Shirley Hamish. John Wenger wills his driving skill to Mr. Hess. Anna Mae Phillippy wills her well-recognized giggle to Faye Sterner. It is our sincere wish that the underclassmen appreciate these gifts that we have bestowed upon them. In Witness Whereof: We have hereunto set our hand this 27th day of May, in the year of our Lord, 1957. Witness: Mrs. Russel Brightbill. Address: Borough of Myerstown, County of Lebanon, and State of Pennsyl- vania. Witness: Dwight C. Fake. Address: Borough of Myerstown, County of Lebanon, and State of Pennsyl- vania. Senior Class Prophecy The footsteps of time take us to the year 1977 and we find that the Class of 1957 has come a long way since its graduation from Myerstown High School. Our classmates are fill- ing these unusual positions and professions: As we enter town we find Janet Schell has just been named as the first woman Chief of Police. Her favorite hangout is the "Soda Less Soda Fountain" owned by Dorothy Rittle and Anne Mae Phillippy. l Donald Nixon is busy setting up bowling pins at the "Knock 'Em Dead Bowling Alley. His chief customers are Tom Brown and Carl Heffelfmger. l Have you read "Frog Hollow News" published by Nancy Fink and Faye Fulk? Elaine Bashore and Myrtle Boyer are lzept busy delivering this daily paper on their Mickey Mouse tricycles. Peggy Brown has opened her "Free for All Who Survive Gymnasium." Her numerous victims are dragged to Ronnie Krall's "Kill Me Quick Hospital." Millie Brubaker is his head pill peddler. Pete Jeffers is a trick professor at "Hop, Skip, and Jump Kindergarten" located at Frog Hollow. Another professor, Tom Kershner, has invented a flying saucer which can travel to the moon in 367-l!60 seconds. His understudies are Charlotte Williams and Joanne Stauffer. One of the largest business establishments is the "You Mess 'Em We Press 'Em Dy1Dee Service" operated by Dolores Kieffer, her main customers are Betty Rutter Hixenhelser, Shirley Fake Smith, and Ruth Heller Snyder. Stewart Hower is operating his "Nut Cracker Race Track." Busy terrorizing the many spectators are daredevils, Wolfe, Dubble, and Hunsicker, just back from the Mt. Zion 500. Moody's Junk Yard employee, John Bird, has just invented a new wrinkle resistant metal to be used on all driver training cars. He is now enjoying a vacation at the Millardsville Quarry on his 252,000 bonus. Allen Miller, that tall dark, handsome, dashing, masculine, lovable, heartbreaking actor from Elbow Creek is appearing at the premiere showing of his first movie, "The Hot Rod and the Cop." As we wander back into our Alma Mater we find John Wenger in the chemistry lab still trying to prove that fire burns. Jon Swanger is busy taking curves out of the Millardsville Road. He wants to be sure that Carl Brown won't try to drive in the quarry again. As you wander down to Buffy's you will find Kenny Brown running the auction. His chief auctioneer, Rachel Sanger, can be heard at the outskirts of Weavertown. Mike Honker has just had his first case, Kreiser vs. Achey. Helen claimed that Stan, the painful dentist, pinched her tongue in the process of getting rid of a tooth. Pauline Long was the only witness. Loretta Mader has her own beauty salon with many little Maders trying to help. The scalp scrubber, Mareeta Demmy, has just finished torturing her first victim. We hear she can really rub hard. Did you ever see the new dance studio in Chicago? lf you haven't you are really missing something. Barbara Buck is the instructor with her best pupil, Audrey Sattazahn, making daily T.V. appearances. Janet Wagner has just been named Imperial Salesman of the year. She has done so by selling an Imperial to each of her classmates. Multi-millionaires, Stechman and Wenzler have purchased two apiece. They attained their wealth by pressing shirts for the Myerstown High School faculty. The rodeo has just come to town. Judy Ficca is the number one horse lady of the year. Clarence Sattazahn is kept busy keeping the horses in shape for the rodeo. Winnie Hollinger is now the only minister's wife to be a marriage counselor. Her only problems are, Janet Yeakley and Doris Sterner because they can't join the army. Their main protest is, "We're sick of writing letters." Nancy Umbenhen is now appearing in her first opera as a metropolitan star. The name of the opera 1s, "My Dame's Cuckoo." As we turn on our T.V. sets we see .the famous roller derby in progress. Champions, Gettle, Trautman, and Mays at present with two broken arms, make this exciting since they all hold first place records. Carole Sholly is really rolling in.the money. She is now sketching for McCall's pattern company. Take a look at one sometime and notice the great work she's doing. After all these steps your shoes must be rather dirty. How about a shoeshine at the "Super Duper Shoeshine Shop" operated by Carl Zellers and Kenny Umberger. They use a new ma- chine which shines shoes like old in one minute. Cmntz. Qwlawc W .duh Wm' Z Hmmm J-c.6.cLL A Jflnfzile, l4rLL1a70v 77lUCf,'Ho-nkEA.f Jaya Juli, Qu fLau.?u:, Fadlomc, f C25'wi.8 15Z2Mugc57 N X GZ! fndsw Rx Jays, Jun wwf faifffi X x X.- ?zzz7Ziw1we.u. fan m0st,8'AaJna,t1lc, 7?l0aL' .Z'azfaC04n, JIML7' Jmdl, 777cvefn LJf,n3L!A. Jaycjuuz '7m,4L24WwL ' BQ fx 7220.1 Jauaaw i -,ff -,J 5 ,,,w- ,V Kf- j fm Wmf mf 77101-tC0UJr1ZLo1,u, J awww Jf,.,.1,7 ,Bat Immun' 7 X Ja 4771? Qlaruy .Zl-ylflb Www Www L7?1u1.r,7'7Zm.6azfLcrL ?9au.L 75.5 772015 ' 470' .5uff.zzarL 0701. ?7Zl:!f2,l1.'fL ilfarzfwfz. , ?ww7 Jazzajwm fm 160.4 WW P . --.1 E I Humghazm .L1f,zm7rzQ4n What's What Name Recognized By Where Found Wants 'Io Be Ought 'Ifo Be Prize Possession Stanley Achey His laugh Driving the Ford Commercial Pilot A T.V. Salesman Carol Elaine Bashore Her temP9l' With Winnie Receptionist Chorus girl Her list of guys john Bird His flil'fafi0l1S manner With Iudy Engineer Marriage counselor His motorcycle Myrtle Boyer Sweet disposition With Bobby Secretary Commercial teacher Her brains Carl Brown His shots in gym class In hardware store Operator of a hard- Another Elvis Presley His sidebums ware store Kenneth Brown Twinkling eyes At Buffy's In Air Force Clown His car Peggy Brown Her pretty eyes Secretary Sugar Bowl Concert pianist Typing ability Thomas Brown His sleepy expression Feeg's gas station Mechanic Mattress-tester His bed Mildred Brubaker Charming personality at the Blue Star Actress Nurse Her acting ability Barbara Buck Her red hair Co-ed Teacher Ax-thurMurray teacher Her dog Mareeta Demmy Her long hair With Dennis Beautician Can-Can girl Her studious attitude Donald Dubble His slowness Buy Rite State Trooper Fuller brush man His rosy cheeks Judy Ficca Her peculiar drawl At the Dixie Teacher Horse doctor Her wavy hair Nancy Fink Her constant chat- Running through the Bookkeeper Floor-walker Newsgrams tering halls Faye Fulk Her versatility Studying Social worker An I.B.M. machine Her brother. Nancy Gettle Her big, brown eyes Casino Housewife Roller-skating Billy Instructor Carl Heffelfinger His pipe On the corner at the In service Dishwasher His love for English Keystone class Betty Hixenheiser Her short hair Home Ec. Room Housewife Assistant to Emily Her diamond Post Winifred Hollinger Her wonderful In the office Secretary An embezzler Connie personality Mike Honker The pencil on his ear Making announce- Lawyer President of the His gavel ments United States Stewart Hower His sleepy expression At home State trooper Truant officer His place in Miss Immel's heart Nancy Hunsicker Her clowning At market Office-worker Race driver Terry Peter Jeffers That "intellectual Studying Engineer Mailman Sandy look" Delores Kieffer The color blue In a white Ford Secretary Acrobat David Thomas Kershner His curly blonde Lebanon Apprentice at Beth- Weight-lifter His physique hair lehem Steel Ronald Krall His curly hair Drivinganeat Ford Doctor Beautician His corny laugh Helen Kreiser Her shyness Trivet Secretary Shorthand teacher Lebanon High Class ring Pauline Long Marks in P.O.D. Home Ec. Room Nurse Second Betty Crocker Cooking Ability tests lamuuc Loretta Mader Marie Mays Allen Miller Donald Nixon Anna Mae Phillippy Dorothy Rittle Rachel Sanger Audrey Sattazahn Clarence Sattazahn janet Schell Carole Sholly Shirley Smith Ruth Snyder Joanne Stauffer Paul Stechman Doris Sterner jon Swanger Shirley Trautman Nancy Umbenhen Kenneth Umberger janet Wagner john Wenger Martin Wenzler Charlotte Williams Richard Wolfe janet Yealdey Carl Zellers What's What Recognized By Where Found Her neatness Riding her horse His wavy, black hair His quietness Her laugh Her shy smile Her long, black hair Her height His Howdy-Doody smile Her quietness Her long blonde hair Her diamond Her diamond Her constant smile His black hair Her auburn hair His love for Trig class Her height Her voice His red hair Her courteous smile His love for school Turtle neck sweaters Her black hair His absence from school Music ability His unusual nickname Wants To Be g Ought To Be 1'rizefPossession With Ernie Married Beauty queen Ernie At the Casino Factory Worker Another Annie Oakley Her horse With Tilly A barber A baker His good looks With Ape In service Lion tamer His car In front of the T.V. Receptionist laughing lady Her car At Dolly Farms Secretary Shoe Model Raymie Taking pictures Beautician Toni-girl Spang At Co-ed Secretary Champion gum- Her blonde ?? hair chewer Hoe-downing Farmer Howdy-Doody His blonde hair understudy With Joanne At the Dixie At the Infirmary With George With Charlotte Delivering papers Driving the hot Dodge In the Co-Ed At the Casino Delivering chickens Hunting elbidridges In her father's garage Talking Walking with Ethel With Ruth Driving his car C-rant's 5 Br 10 Fighting with "Pap" in German class Anything connected with money Artist Secretary Secretary Office-worker In Air Force Receptionist In Navy Waitress Secretary Farmer A teacher In Air Force In Coast Guard An office worker In Navy In Wacs In air force Phys. Ed. teacher Revlon girl Nurse Housewife President of Lonely Hearts club Bookkeeper Manager of 5 Gr 10 Movie-star Skating instructor Opera Singer Manure spreader Car salesman Photographer for a scandal magazine Barker at a carnival Secretary for a millionaire Professional bouncer Witch in Macbeth Shoe repairman Her softball glove Sports ability Dale George Ability to play the piano Paper route Woody's letters Paper route Skating ability Her car Love for English class Her job as Landis 81 Landis secretary Camera Ethel Het typing ability His car George His job at Tommy? Senior Play "THE CAST" "THANK YOU. MR. PARKER" Theodore Wakefield ........................,.,. .... . lohn Bird Margaret Wakefield .,.... Faye Fulk .loan Wakefield ..... .. Janet Yeakley Stan Wakefield .... Ronald Krall Beth Wakefield .. Mildred Brubaker Conrad Parker .... Michael Honker Mark Cooper ..... Peter Jeffers Helen Fields .. ...,.. Carole Sholly Carrie Bloom . . . . . Nancy Umhenhen Jessie Bloom .. Winifred Hollinger Homer Quinn . . . .................................. ,... S tanley Aehey SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEES DIRECTOR - Mrs. Ruth Jeffers. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - Miss Marilyn Gudemann. STAGE SETTING - Mr. Donald Lansberry. pupils of the High School Art classes under the supervision of Miss Gayle Mendenhall. MAKE-UP K Pauline Long. Dolores Kieffer. Rachel Sanger under the supervision of Miss Marilyn Gudemann. STAGE CREW - Kenneth Brown, John Wenger. STAGE PROPERTIES - Stuart Hower. Donald Dubble, Judy Ficca. Myrtle Boyer under the supervision of Mr. Dwight Fake. PROMPTERS - Elaine Bashore. Doris Sterner, Nancy Fink. ADVERTISEMENT k Doris Sterner. Audrey Sattazahn. Loretta Mader. Anna Mae Phill- ippy, Thomas Kershner. Paul Stechman under the supervision of Miss M. C. Immel. TICKETS - Janet Wagner. Margaret Brown. Martin Wenzler. Clarence Sattazahn Linder the supervision of Mrs. Lena Saunders. PUBLICITY - Barbara Buck. Shirley Smith. Janet Schell. USHERS - Senior Girls. 1 ii Sim JV Y ng Q X .2 .yr T 'NV ul, " f Q 2 , .A .5 , E J Q Anus "I'm all tangled up - hck tangled up 4- everything'-x tangled ll "Oh h h h I1 hh h ' I I" xv,- 3 af f .. iw ug 2 WEVSQJQQ Vx K -xv , . Q fffii 1 any W 4 1 41 1 , M gt Z 1' 3 if 15" QM-' v:,:e.,.- 'f Q Mm .k..NLn.n5vYy:. ,Nz V.. U Y --Mk , i 41 3. xx 9 '53 .Mg Q? W is - ggi "I like people with hobbies." "Gcc. Helen. you do'."' say. Mn. Wakefield. :arc you all ri ., . , Wm .- -1 W .ww "'- ' " - 'f v I ' Y V 1 f fx 2 X f 1 wh A- VV ,. ,QM , , . . ???s9zQa2v.1llJA fm- N. ,, -ww M fr "Sol YOU were the snake -" Who cheated our dear little habelle? "Study your lines!', 6 I .1 V WN 21.41 -2 -'Nnhnv V7 sk? Q YY K - .: F ' ymmw-, , , 1:4 ., Ju L. 'Q www Tl W ....- i 5 I V I - , -5, . ,,,. .1 ..1'... , ,,,.,- f f 1..Q'i P: A , , ,,... :,,, R "'V 1.' bzuz bi ' ---"V "Z uuzzqz 1 :',i :Z 1 X Y . ..,,.,.,,.. , , A .,-. f 51 . ,... zzblz 1:-: eg E Cg gs i Q A A K W m ms big... .,.:.-,:,--f,-5. :.:f::::..::-Y:-:: - 5. fi ,, , ,SW Y 1 ' K Q W " HWY S x- x A wx Q Mmm 2 . -.-.Q-.-- ,A gl , , U: . .Q . 2 sf- ww ' Q ' QW W 2 if 333 W , M 0 Wg N Q, Q Q X Q Nr Wi M N2 5' 3 Q sg. M 1-5 Q Y Q J' su X Z2 fx . 5 W .Xxx N Q f. ws w 3, 'X B' Q x F X ifwz K Z5 K ' P Q Q b sf U wr? X +4 Q 3, K if 5 We A hail 1? f 2 wings 5 ' R9 0, RS We Q53 1 , ,. ,YEA ,.... Q N W .1V:,-1.,..f,- , 1-V xg Q 9 F1121 'Nga Q' X 'V ,.l,,4NmE 1 y .xv ww' - X r -.-..2f::.v1. ,,T W., " -Q I .gi vm, S ,, -en A M, W .,,,,. , WM ,G ,..,.1'- X .WW R, aww ,Q My if A 1, 1 P n I W , 5? 'gi 1 X w f Mm w l 1, 'X f ,.,, A ..g.s : 114 J .F V I, 4 1 WV, , l-, ,, 4 u ,QA J I 04" Q 1 1 . rd- w ii, L .V v,gLff5b, -- WT ., ...4,:.:,,.. T, if' f b F? ,...1. gs- -rw - S v 1, X 4' H X K 4 , 1 A N , .f F wfwm lk My 1 ,w 50 I W 1 1 1 A 1, sv 1 Y mx ,, ff I I x 1 1- .:5w,.:i.: c W .1 Z2 f XD I R, law 1 2 "',, V , ! 3 "" L 3 V W 4 intl 0 D al ffkZ.j,,, N r ff cb f 4 1 Q 699 O Q Q offianlt' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Elaine Strauss, Treas. Eileen Keener, Sec. Margaret Smaltz, V.Pres William Fulk, Pres. I unior Class lst Row-L. Darkes. M. Yeakley, M. Mastro, L. Souclers. N. Phillippy. J. Kreider, M. Smaltz, W. Fulk. E. Strauss, E. Keener. J. Ernfield. G. Lutz, G. Hanley, F. Brown. M. Schaeffer, N. Kohl. ' 2nd Row-E. Eiler, L. Donough, H. Smith, M. Brandt, P. Beyler, G. Daub, R. Loose, P. Sanger, L. Nixon, J. Hess, L. Claman, E. Swanger, J. Knapp, J. Rittle. 3rd Row-S. Houtz, M. Hain, R. Brandt, G. Bashore, D. Grumbine, R. Prescott, K. Harding, J. Yeagley, M. Schwear, R. Derr. ,4th Row-L. Long, B. Yordy, G. Noll, J. Wilson, P. Haag, P. Wolfe, J. Rutter, P. Ebling, J. Geib. Sth Row-A. Yeakley, S. Brightbill, M. Wolfe, A. Miller, C. Umbenhen, H. Hibahman, K. Zearfoss, S. Pearson, P. Wilson, B. Bingaman. 3534 I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Sophomore Class lst Row-J. Kohl, K. Smaltz, L. Yeiser, D. Hipp, R. Bicksler. D. Lengle. C. Kopala, F. Sterner. D. Brubaker, S Bordner. R., Phillippy. J. Neiswender, D. Houtz. E. Derr, K. Miller, R. Sanger, I. Wise. 2nd Row-H. Houtz, W. Siverling, A. Schaeffer, F. Himmelbergcr, A. Bollinger, R. Morris, R. Steltz, R. Spitler, J. Stauffer, H. Troutman, L. Gogets, L. Blouch, T. Witters, D. Lessig. 3rd Row-E. Boeshore, A. Smith, J. Garloff, D. Nevins, J. Hess. T. Hoffman, L. Zieg- ler, A. Oberholtzer, C. Kratzer, P. Leininger, G. Blair. 4th Row-D. Shenk, B. Donley. J. Longenecker, K. Fair, W. Wise, B. Daub, M. Grumbine, R. Long, S. Umbenhauer, C. Lengle, R. Fisher. 5th Row-R. Schoener, M. Loeb, N. Geist, B. Brandt, M. Gettle, L. Wolfe, P. Miller, L, Brandt, D. Biever, L. Althouse, B. Schaeffer, S. Walterrneyer. Left to Right: Faye Sterner, V.Pres. Robert Phillippy, Treus Dennis Brubaker, Pres. Sally Bortiner, Sec. NINTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Left Io Righlr Judy Dinger, Sec. Elaine Feeg, Treas. John Witmoyer, Pres. Kathryn Stauffer, V.Pres Grade 9 Row l - C. Hoffman, M. Hower, P. Gettle, N. Hamish. R. Mays, C. Wagner, E. Feeg, J. Dinger, J. Whitmoyer. K. Stauffer. A. Honker. M. Sadler. N. Kopala, W. Smith, T. Whitcruft, R. Hibshman. D. Walters. Row 2 - C. Erdman, M. Kleinfelter. R. Grubb. B. Wagner, G. Spitler, R. Kreiser, R. Long. T. Honker, V. Day, J. Krall, J. Boyer, R. Long, A. Umberger, S. Rhoads. Row 3 - C. Becker. E. Brown, C. Wagner, R. Mundt, C. Mentzer, R. Wenrich. D. Walter, M. Derr, G. Hibshman, R. Auchenbuch, J. Marco, S. Atkins. Row 4 - A. Yohn, L. Saunders, A. Heilman. D. Hamish, G. Brightbill, R. Lengle, G. Dreibelbis, F. Messerschmidt, M. Hibshman, R. Smith. Row 5 - C. Sweigart, C. Loeb, D. Williams, S. Fullmer, J Wolfe, M. Wenrich, L. Fred- rickson, B. Burkholder, P. Stechman. S. Ressler, D. Miller, L. Ernfield, S. Buck, L. Houser, P. Phantz. S. Nitrauer, M. Neiswender. J. Schaeffer. Row 6 - M. Rhine, B. Blatt, E. Swisher. J. Keener, R. Launch, J. Hain. S. Lebo, G. Diem, F. Burkholder. F ? 3 3 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Row Rom Row R ow 4- Row Row Grade 8 l Y M. Reed. S. Miller. S. Houxer. R. Wiley. B. Gettle. D. Spitler. S. Souders. .l. Mower. D. Miller. D. Coppenhaver. l.. Salem. R. Miller, P. Moore. D. Sl0llCSlf6I'. J. Morris. R. Sadler. D. Tevalt. Z - C. Wilson. D. Gzwert. J. Swzinger. D. Trziulman, R. Deck, L. Fewer. C. Schaef- fer. M. Houtz. C. Ruger. N. Donley. Umberger, O. Burkholder. G. Wagner. G. l.eGay. 3-K. Boyer. L. Lube. R. Lengle. IE. Auehenbuch. S. Ruom. B. Lengle. D. Gnrman. C. Saunders. R. Klick. R. Brubzilxer. L. Snyder. L. Ewing. R. Smith. H. Althouse, M. Shuey. G. Bicher. B. Gairmun. J. Lausch. V. Martin. R. Louser. G. Gogets. G. Kinlzer. H. Deck, D. Behm. M. Musselmun. Smith. 5-S. Brandt. L. Blair. J. 'lrout. Nl. Snoke. P. Brubaker. E. Hank. S. Wznxon. R. Alt- houxe. C. Shenk. G. Dribble. L, Lutz. C. Miller. G. Mader. 6-M. Hunsicker. L. Ziegler. D. Sehoener. M. Hower. H. Troulman. I.. Lube. S. Dubble. F. Krommes. J. Darkes. A. Gettle. L. Crouse. B. Brown. D. Moyer. B. Don- moyer. C. Engle. G. Spiller. E. Brown. G. Kiehl. H. Leed. Lvfl to Rigllli Donald Miller, Pres. Logan Salem, V. Pwx. Judy Mosher. Ser. Diane Coppenhaver. 7'n'u.v SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: l Dean Bicksler, V.Pzl Connie Kline, Pres. J Frederick Souders, Ann Strauss, Treus. i l Grade 7 l Row l - S. Bordner, M. Schnoke, J. Wesley, J. Erufield, N. Hower, F. Souders, C. Kline, D. Bicksler, A. Strauss. L. Klick, H. Christman, M. Sadler, J. Claman, N. Ober- 1 holtzer, J. Blair. 1 Row 2 - H. Mann, L. Forry, L. Martin, H. Miller, L. Burkholder, G. Bicher, E. Mar- tin, R. Smith, H. Johnson, M. Boyer, M. Reed, E. Sheppler, J. Hibshman, S. Rutter, M. Lindermuth. Row 3 - D. Smith, C. Schaeffer, B. Neiswender, D. Haak, D. Gettle, G. Dubble, M. Lebo, R. Fredrickson, M. Daub, R. Wengert, M. Haak, M. Diem, J. Nevius. Row 4 - D. Deck, J. Yiengst, D. Nolt, K. Eiler, P. Honker, M. Schoener, E. High, M. Helder, K. Schworer. Row 5 - I. Miller, M. Gibble, H. Lutz, C. Shaak, D. Louser, L. Feeg, J. Bowman, N. Martin L. Houtz, R. Garloff, L. Gettle, R. Hibshman, C. Boltz, K. Keener, B. Beck- , ley, P. Gogets, G. Haag, B. Leibig, B. Brown. E 5 "'NX,,,,. Sixth Grade Class Teacher - Mr. Snavely Number of Pupils - 43. Fifth Grade Class Teachers - Miss North and Mrs. Snavely Number of Pupils -- 57 Fourth Grade Class Teachers - Mrs. Weaver, Miss Souders, Miss North Number of Pupils -- 63 Third Grade Class Teachers -- Miss Schell and Miss Souders Number of Pupils - 45 Second Grade Class Number of Pupils - 50 Teachers - Mrs. Shaak and Mrs. Emcrick First Grade Class Teachers - Mrs. Groff and Mrs. Shank Number of Pupils - 40 2 LK Q4 22 3 f A 1xx'w x'l:xms1'm111x lxzxs lxxw-11 lkxxrxxxxxxl in Klyxrstxmlx lliuh S1-lxxml. It ix lu- MVS. 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" - 'V ' ' - ' - - 4 ' -- - llxx l.xl1x1l Is 1110x141 nl lla xxxwxcl ul xxxx .xuxxlxnlx 411 111111x1xw lu pxxpxlw O11 IXIx'11xl1x'rs 1'x'x'xxiNx' ax Cx'1'lilic':xlx- xxxxcl hxxllgv U11 lhx- L-x11xxplx-tioxx ol xx NPIHCQ- pzxfrxml c-m4'1'xxrl 1-rn'114-xx ixx lxxx-xzly-lixu yxxxxrx ull xx-x'xix'x-. ' e 1 1 1 33 '52 J ? N 1 1 1 Q ' 1 yi eff 2? N 2 5 X is 393 M! Varsity Basketball Kneeling Center-Mr. Hess, coach. lst Row-P. Jeffers, E. Swanger, W. Fulk, R. Loose, M. Honker, J. Bird J Yeagley H. Hibshman. K. Harding. scorekeeperg G. Daub, Manager. The Mohawks, with some hot and some off nights. some sparkling wins and some tough losses, brought home a respectable eleven win, seven loss record to M.H.S. for the 1956 57 basketball season. The Myerstown boys, handicapped with a lack of height, made up with a fighting and determined spirit. Their coach was Earl Hess. The varsity schedule and scores follow: Myerstown Opponents 44 Mt. Penn .,.45 66 Bethel . . . .. .39 64 Bethel ... ..,51 47 Annville ..... . . .62 40 Alumni ...... .. .37 62 ' Elco ......... . . .52 65 North Lebanon . . .33 45 Palmyra ..... . . .77 48 Cornwall ..... . . .53 80 South Lebanon . . .47 Myerstown Opponents 87 Patton Trade . . . .54 56 Annville ..... .. .62 63 Elco ......... . . .68 60 North Lebanon . . .45 60 Cornwall ..... . . .55 67 Palmyra ..... . . .93 73 Patton Trade . . . .56 74 South Lebanon . . .55 N BIRD MIKE HONKER JOH BILL FULK PETE IEFFERS JERRY YEAGLEY Iunior Varsity Basketball Center-Brian Donley. lst Row-A. Honker. R. Bicksler. R. Auchenhach, G. Hibshman, J. Kielder 2nd Row-Mr. Hess. coachg R. Spitler. G. Dreibelbis, D. Brubaker, J Whltmover L. Saunders. B. Wagner. The Junior Varsity, our next varsity. showed promise of fine future teams 'ls they ended the season strong to turn in an eight Win nine loss record. They were also coached by Earl Hess. Lost 8 Won 4 40 ....33 Annville ... Elco ..,..... North Lebanon . . . . . . 38 Palmyra ...... . . . 57 Cornwall ....... ... 39 South Lebanon . . . . . . 44 Annville ........ . . . 38 Elco ....,...... . . . 30 North Lebanon . . . . . . 65 Palmyra ........ . . . 40 Cornwall ....... . . . 30 South Lebanon . . . . . . 49 Myerstown 30 29 22 27 34 36 40 33 30 37 36 54 I unior High Basketball lat Row-A. Honker. l.. Salem. G. Hibshman, L. Saunders. B. Wagner, G. Drcibelbis, R. Auchenbach. 2nd Rowwqk. Hoffman. coach: D. Miller, J. Whitmoyer, G. Mader, C. Saunders, C. Frdman. 3rd Row-L. Forry. J. Morris. H. Mann. D. Tevalt. H. Lutz. G. Haag. 4th Row-R. Miller. L. Burkholtler. M. Lebo. B. Beckley. J. Yiengst, R. Fredrickson. Sth Row-J. Neviun. D. Bicksler. F. Souders. H. Houtz. R. Wengcrt. R. Garloff, Nl. Daub. Junior Hivh Baaketball ix the xtarting point for future berths on the Junior Varsity and Varxity teani. The boys gain experience and practice which are of ultimate importance in the other teamx. The Junior High team wan under the guidance of Robert Hoffman. SCORES Myerstown Opponents I8 North Lebanon . . . . . Z4 22 South Lebanon . . . . 38 50 Annville ....... .. I5 43 Palmyra ..... .. 23 39 Cornwall ...... . . I6 ZI North Lebanon . . . . . 28 36 South Lebanon ... .. Z5 38 Annvillc ....... . . I I 40 Palmyra .... . . I9 33 Cornwall ... .. I6 f w www 1-Q-msmwww vwmQ Soccer Team lst Row-L. Nixon, J. Yeagley, B. Fulk, J. Swanger, P. Jeffers, co-captaing M. Honker, co-captain, J. Bird, E. Swanger, A. Miller, D. Loose. 2nd Row-L. Saunders, R. Wenrich, B. Donley, M. Brandt, D. Brubaker, H. Hibsh- man, R. Steltz, G. Daub, I. Whitmoyer, R. Spitler, A. Hellman. 3rd Row-Mr. Hoffman, coachg A. Honker, C. Kopala, R. Bicksler, F. Strobel, R. Auchenbach, L. Blouch, G. Hibshman, K. Harding, manager. The Myerstown High soccer team lost out in some tough games to come in third in a strong Lebanon County league. The Mohawks turned in a respectable five and five record for the season. With the shoes of only four seniors to be filled, the prospects for next year appear promising. The season records and results of games follow. Myerstown Opponents 2 Annville ...... ..... 1 0 East Lebanon . . . . . 2 3 North Lebanon . . 5 7 South Lebanon . . . . . . 3 6 Annville ....... . . . 1 0 East Lebanon . . . . . 4 l North Lebanon . . . . . . 2 12 South Lebanon . . . . . . 1 1 Reading ........ . . . 2 2 Lancaster . . . . . . 1 Baseball Team 1956 Top left: Coach Mr. Fake, Dickie Bicksler, Billy Siverling, Russel Spitler, Brian Donley, Stuart Hower, Gene Daub, Conrad Youse. Middle, left, Frank Field, Dennis Brubaker, Slim Shaeffer, Loren Kline, Dale Achey, Larry Shenk, Billy Fulk. Lower left, Gary Troutman, Peter Jeffers, Dale Fake, Eddie Swanger, Dickie Loose. The 1956 Myerstown baseball team had a highly successful year in copping the Eastern Division championship of the Lebanon County baseball league for the second consecutive year. However the Mohawks lost the championship to a strong Palmyra team in a well played contest. The final record of the team was six wins against four defeats. The game by game results are as follows: Myerstown Opponents 1 Bethel .......... .... 4 10 South Lebanon . . . . . . . 0 8 Annville ........ . . 2 11 Cornwall ...... . . . 4 3 East Lebanon . . . . 2 2 Palmyra ........ . 8 1 North Lebanon .... . . . 2 4 South Lebanon ............ 2 8 Cornwall ................. 0 4 Palmyra Cchampionshipj 9 Girls' Softball Team lst Row-J. Yeakley. D. Sterner. C. Sholly, J. Ficca, F. Fulk, P, Smaltz, F. Sterner, P, Ebling, K. Zearfoss. 2nd Row-P. Long, C. Lengle, M. Gettle, B. Buck, B. Hixenheiser, Janet Schell, S. Bordner, Mrs. Brightbill, Coach. 3rd Row-K. Miller, E. Boeshore, A. Schaeffer, J. Neiswender, Mtmagerg C. Kratzer, Manager, H O Cornwall ..... .... 1 7 16 South Lebanon . .... 19 10 North Lebanon .. .. 5 12 Eleo ......... .... 1 3 14 Cornwall ...... .... l 4 9 South Lebanon ... .... 9 10 Elco .......... .... 1 5 3 North lebanon .. ..... . ............ 7 11 Softball was organized in the school year 1950-51 by Mrs. Helen Brightbill. This year the girls are hoping to better their record since only a few members have graduated. The Girls' softball team last year split their games in half. winning four and losing four. MRS. BRIGHTBILL Girls' Basketball Team lst Row-C. Sholly, Captaing L. Mader, Co-Captain. 2nd Row-M. Loeb, F. Fulk, P. Smaltz, J. Ficca, K. Zearfoss, D. Miller. 3rd Row-S. Lebo, J. Yeakley, D. Sterner, S. Nitrauer. 4th Row-M. Gettle, R. Swanger, S. Bordner, F. Sterner, E. Strauss, P. Wolfe, P. Eb- ling, J. Schaeffer. 5th Row--N. Geist, J. Neiswender, Managerg P. Leininger, Managerg E. Boeshore, C. Kratzer, Mrs. Brightbill, Coachg P. Haag, P. Stechman, P. Beyler, Scorekeeperg M. Mastro, Timekeeperg D. Biever. SCHEDULE AND SCORES Myers. Opp. Myers. Opp. North Lebanon . . . . . 76 -- 44 71 - 45 Annville ....... . . . 59 - 19 69 - 40 Cornwall ...... . . . 71 - 29 62 -- 40 South Lebanon . . . . . 53 - 32 76 - 51 Elco ................... 55 - 30 69 - 34 Basketball was first played in the county in the form of a Tri-Ti-Y league. When Miss Werner came in 1948 the county basketball league was organized. In the 1950-51 season the county league was started. Since that time our girls have won four championships under the leadership of Mrs. Brightbill. ln the 1952-53 season, the 1954-55 season, the 1955-56 season and this year, with the full co-operation of the team, Coach Brightbill had another championship team. Due to the skill and agility of the team they became the undefeated team of the county. Thus it was that our girls "did it again." JUDY FICCA PEGGY SMALTZ CJ E47 Q wg A FAYE FULK C AROLE SHOLLY 2 Q X A7 Y O - M KAY ZEARFOSS LORETTA MADER Hockey Team lst Row-W. Hollinger, D. Sterner, C. Sholly, E. Bashore. co-captaing K. Zearfoss, F. Fulk, captaing J. Ficca, J. Yeakley, A. Sattazahn. 2nd Row-K. Smaltz, A. Schaeffer, F. Sterner, L. Mader, R. Sanger, P. Ebling, S. Lebo, J. Kohl. 3rd Row-D. Houtz, R. Fisher, F. Himmelberger, B. Burkholder. S. Ressler, C. Kratzer, C. Lengle, P. Leininger, manager: J. Neiswender, managerg S. Rhoads, manager. 4th Row-S. Bordner, scorekeeperg D. Miller, J. Schaeffer, M, Loeb, D. Biever, Mrs. Brightbill, coach. Field Hockey Hockey was organized in 1950. In 1952-53 we had a championship team, but since then we were not able to reach the top. Our girls never seem to lose faith in themselves and always have lots of zip and energy. We topped the record of last year by winning 1 game and tying 7. This year we had a team of Seniors with the exception of the "goalie". We all wish the Hockey Team "lots of luck" next season. SCHEDULE AND SCORES Myers. Opp. Myers. Opp. Elco ........ . . . 1 - 1 1 -- 1 Annville ........ . . . 0 -- 0 1 - 0 South Lebanon .. . . . . 1 - 1 1 -- 1 Cornwall ......... . . . 0 - 1 1 - 1 North Lebanon . . . . . 0 - 3 2 -- 2 ,Q 4 Student Council lst Row-P. Beyler, P. Jeffers, M. Brubaker, M. Honker, I.. Mader, W. Fulk, M. Smaltz. 2nd Row-C. Sweigart, G. Dreibelbis, D. Miller, J. Whitmoyer, C. Kratzer, R. Phil- lippy, B. Daub, D. Brubaker. 3rd Row-C. Saunders, M. l-lower, R. Louser, E. Haak, G. Bicher, J. Blair, D. Bicksler, A. Strauss. President - M. Honker Vice-President - P. Jeffers Secretary - P. Beyler Treasurer - M. Brubaker Mr. Ayers and Mr. Blantz are the advisors of this organization. They have taken the place of Mr. Reed who had served as advisor for the last ten years. Four students are chosen to represent each grade. They are elected by their fellow classmates. The Student Council has done some fine work this year within the school, arranging special assemblies, and sponsoring dances. Senior Tri-Hi-Y First Row-R. Snyder, M. Boyer, R. Sanger, W. Hollinger, N. Fink, D. Sterner, J. Ficca, C. Sholly, N. Umbenhen, J. Yeakley, P. Brown, A. Sattazahn, N. Hunsicker, P. Long, D. Rittle, D. Kieffer. Second Row-P. Beyler, M. Schaeffer, N. Phillippy, F. Fulk, J. Stauffer, B. Hixenheiser, L. Mader, E. Bashore, B. Buck, J. Wagner, L. Darkes, M. Mastro, M. Yeakley. Third Row-J. Geib, P. Haag, E. Keener, E. Strauss, P. Smaltz, K. Zearfoss, S. Pearson, L. Long, P. Wolfe, N. Kohl, P. Ebling. Fourth Row-C. Lengle, L. Ziegler, R. Schoener, N. Geist, F. Sterner, E. Schaeffer, S. Bordner, M. Loeb, C. Kratzer, P. Miller. Fifth Row-J. Garloff, A. Schaeffer, R. Fisher, E. Boeshore, A. Smith, A. Oberholtzer, F. Himmelberger, L. Brandt, P. Leininger, J. Kohl, K. Smaltz, D. Houtz, K. Miller, A. Bollinger. OFFICERS OF SENIOR TRI-HI-Y President - C. Sholly Vice-President - N. Umbenhen Secretary - D. Sterner Treasurer - J. Yeakley Chaplain - N. Fink The Senior Tri-Hi-Y is a Christian organization composed of senior high girls. The ad- visors are Mrs. Merritt Jeffers and Mrs. Lena Saunders. The club consists of sixty-four members. During the year various activities are performed, the activities include a Christmas pag- eant, Christmas caroling, Christmas parties for the first grade and the Retarded Children, Valentine Dance, Easter pageant, and conducting Teen Talks for the Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y. Iunior Tri-Hi-Y lst Row, left-right: N. Harnish, R. Mays, C. Wagner, J. Boyer, D. Mentzer, S. Rhoads, R. Long, C. Hoffman, J. Dinger, S. Nitrauer, M. Reed, N. Donley, S. Lebo, J. Wagner, S. Fulmer, B. Brown, L. Fredrickson, A. Umberger. 2nd Row: M. Houtz, R. Wiley, D. Coppenhaver, L. Crouse, G. LeGay, M. Neiswender, C. Becker, C. Sweigert, L. Houser, E. Auchenbach, R. Lengle, K. Boyer, M. Hower, H. Troutman. 3rd Row: S. Miller, S. Houser, B. Gettle, S. Souders, D. Spitler, S. Umberger, S. Watson E. Haak, P. Schnoke, C. Shenk, J. Darkes, R. Althouse. 4th Row: K. Keener, C. Kline, P. Honker, R. Schoener, J. Miller, D. Louser, S. Dubble, D. Moyer, C. Rager, J. Trout. 5th Row: J. Blair, J. Ernfield, J. Wesley, H. Johnson, M. Schnoke, N. Hower, B. Neiswen- der, M. Helder, L. Feeg, J. Bowman, B. Brown, K. Schworer, A. Strauss, M. Leed, J. Hibshman, M. Lindermuth, N. Boyer, S. Bordner, N. Oberholtzer. From available information the Junior Tri-Hi-Y was probably started by Miss Donough who had the Tri-Hi-Y in 1947-48-49-50-51. Mrs. Brightbill had Junior Tri-Hi-Y in 1951- 52-53 while Mrs. Shover supervised it from 1953 until 1956. It was taken over for the present school term 1956-57 by Miss Gudemann. The club takes part in various projects throughout the year. They send CARE packages, Christmas packages to the Twin Spruce Home, and sell seeds. They also have Teen Talks, panel discussions, the Thanksgiving assembly and a spring dance. The club has approximately 60 members from seventh to ninth grades. The Officers are: President, Suzanne Nitrauerg Vice-President, Judy Dingerg Secretary, Christine Sweigartg Treasurer, Martha Reed, Chaplain, Charlotte Hoffman. v Hi-Y First Row-G. Hanley, R. Krall. J. Yeagley. P. Jeffers. M. Honker, S. Achey. B. Fulk, J. Bird, E. Swanger. Second Row--W. Siverling, D. Lessig, D. Hipp, C. Kopala, R, Bicksler, G, Daub, R. Loose, C. Umbenhen, J. Yeagley, K. Harding. Third Row-H. Houtz, B. Donley, R. Spitler, D. Brubaker, R. Steltz, D. Shenk, M. Grumbine, T. Hoffman, OFFICERS OF HI,-Y President - M. Honker Vice-President - P. Jeffers Treasurer - J. Yeagley Secretary -- B. Fulk Chaplain - S. Achey The Hi-Y is an organization composed of high school boys under the sponsorship of the Young Men's Christian Association. The advisers are Mr. Whitfield and Mr. Lansberry. Newsgram Staff lst Row-J. Fieea. M. Boyer. P. Jeffers. F. Fulk. N. Fink. M. Honker. I.. Mader R. Sanger. M. Bruhaker. 2nd Row-Mrs. l.2iIll7. F. Derr. N. Kohl. C. Kratler. l.. Long. P. Smaltz. l.. Ziegler P. Ebling. .l. Kohl. 3rd Row-Ci. Hoffman. B. Burkholder. K. Stauffer. E. Strauss, R. Spitler. S. Nitrauer. B. Buck, P. Beyler, A. Bollinger. Editor-in-Chief - N. Fink Assistant Editor - F. Fulk Business Manager - L. Mader Financial Secretary - M. Boyer Circulation Staff - P. Beyler, N. Kohl. E. Derr Page Editors - P. Smaltz, I.. Long. P. Ebling Sports Editors - M. Brubaker. M. Honker Exchange Editor -- A. Bollinger Photographer - R. Sanger Artists - J. Kohl. C. Kratzer, L. Ziegler Reporters - B. Buck. J. Ficca, E. Strauss. S. Nitrauer, K. Stauffer. B. Burkholder, C. Hoffman, P. Jeffers. M. Reed. E. Haak. S. Watson. S. Houser. S. Miller, M. Houtz. Chief Advisors - Mrs. Lantz. Mr. Kugle. Advisory Staff - Mrs. Jeffers. Mrs. Saunders. Miss Mendenhall. Mrs. Emerick, Miss North. Mr. Gates. The Newsgram staff is made up of students from the seventh to twelfth grades. The Newsgram is published every month and the cost is twenty cents an issue. The paper is published commercially and has many patrons to support it. Library Club lst Row-L. Long. N. Kohl. F. Fulk, N. Fink. C. Kratzer. P. Ebling. E. Derr, B. Bingaman. Znd Row-Mrs. Lantz, J. Dinger. l. Garloff. S. Watson, E. Haak, S. Nitrauer, M. Wenrich, K. Stauffer, S. Dubble. S. Ressler. D. Coppenhaver. 3rd Row-C. Hoffman. M. Houtz, R. Lengle, C. Ragcr. M. Reed, S. Houser, F. Krommes. C. Wagner, S. Rhoads, L. Frcdrickson. A. Bollinger, N. Harnish. OFFICERS OF LIBRARY CLUB President - N. Fink Vice President -- F. Fulk Secretary - C. Kratzer Treasurer - N. Kohl The Library Club provides all types of Library service for thc school. takes part in as- semblies. and conducts numerous other activities. This organization began in the fall of 1938 under the direction of Librarians Miss Ruth Livingood and Mrs. Gillmore. It has continued to grow in activity and membership. The advisors are Mrs. Lantz and Mrs. Nitrauer. Eurekans lst row, l. to R: R. I.Oose. R. Krall. M. Srnaltz. P. .leffers. J. Bird. J. Ficca. C. Sholly. Znd Row: Mr. Whitfield tinstructorl. K. Zearfoss. F. Keener. F. Strauss. B. Buck. 'Pear- son. l.. Long. F. Fulk. F. Swanger. 3rd Row: A. Miller. J. Yeagley. S. Achey, J. Yezngley. G. Daub. C. Umbenhen, D. Dubble, W. Fulk, M. Honker. OFFICERS President - Peter Jeffers Vice-President - JOhn Bird Secretary - Judy Ficca Treasurer g Peggy Smaltz Laboratory Assistants - Ronald Krall and Richard Loose The Furckan Science Club was formed in 1956. lt is an organization Composed of those students from the Chemistry and Physics classes who have a special interest in science. Besides the bi-monthly meetings on Thursday for business purposes. evening meet- ings are scheduled at which demonstrations, talks. and discussions. or films are presented. The club also plans trips to various business concerns and museums of scientific interest. The sponsor and advisor of the Furekuns is Mr. Whitfield. Future Homemcrkers of America lst Row-L. Darkes, M. Hain, S. Pcarson, P. Long, B. Hixenheiser, P. Beyler, L. Long, P. Ebling. C. Kratzer, M. Brubaker, M. Boyer, A. Phillippy, E. Brown, N. Phillippy, J. Rutter, P. Wilson. 2nd Row-L. Brandt, D. Nevins, D. Houtz, K. Smaltz, A. Schaeffer, L. Yeiser, I. Neis- wender, D. Miller, E. Derr, R. Fisher, A. Oberholtzer, J. Garloff, R. Morris. 3rd Row-L. Ernfield, D. Miller, J. Schaeffer, S. Nitrauer, R. Schoener, N. Geist, S. Umbenhauer, B. Daub, P. Miller, L. Ziegler, C. Lengle, P. Leininger. 4th Row-P. Stechman, L. Fredrickson, S. Fullmer, B. Burkholder, S. Lebo, S. Ressler, M. Wenrich, E. Feeg, K. Stauffer. 5th Row-N. Harnish, R. Mays, C. Wagner, D. Mentzer, S. Rhoads, I. Dinger. OFFICERS OF FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA President - P. Ebling Vice-President - M. Brubaker Secretary - L. Long Treasurer - P. Beyler Historian - C. Kratzer In the first year of this organization, l945-46, there were twelve girls in this organiza- tion. The club has increased tremendously in membership and activity. The F.H.A. is represented at the Regional Convention. They attend the Farm Show, serve at the Faculty tea, have an assembly program, and at the end of the year, they have a banquet for outgoing F.H.A. members. The advisor is Miss Smeltzer. Future Farmers of America lst Row. L to R: J. Kreider, L. Donough, M. Brandt. C. Heffelfinger, R. Sanger, A. Yohn. H. Smith. J. Hain, 2nd Row: M. Derr, J. Keener. J. Hess. l.. Claman. C. Sattazahn, K. Brown. D. Lengle, R. Wenrich, W. Wise. R. Long. W. Smith. T. Brown, M. Sadler. I.. Souders. R. Derr. P. Sanger, G. Spitler. OFFICERS OF FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA President - C. Sattazahu Vice-President - K. Umberger Secretary - J. Hess Treasurer -- L. Claman Chaplain - R. Long In 1934, the F.F.A. was started by Mr. Brubaker who was then the Each boy in the club must have one project a -year, either in crops or project is completed, it is exhibited at the Harrisburg Farm Show. There for the boys to belong to the F.F.A. State Chorus or State Band. The ization help in school activities as well as taking part in projects outs The advisor is Mr. Sherman. agriculture teacher. animals. After their is also a possibility boys in this organ- ide of school. lfIm'l'. II, fl.u'm.m. .X. 5 IIIIII, Sn-LUIIQI Kun. I.. Icisvr. I.. XI:lLIn'l'. I.. NYuIIv. I'h 1 1-rtx ix .IIN 3 ,J W1 I ww WW 2,3 wx' XIUIC ISXXIJ - INI Iimm. II. 5.xn!:'r, I,. Ixlic-IQ. S. IIImfmciw. Cf, SIU-nk. II. IIII Iimm. I". Krmlnmw. S. I.4-Im, II, Iirmxn. Ii. Ixn-1-m'l', I., Lung, 4-mr. QI. Iiir-I. I7. SIn-nk. X. I'mIwnI1m-n. II. .Xm-I1vx1Iw.lcI1. II. I'II1Llt, I', 5. Xitmlu-1', Cf. Shullx. ID. Ilipp. S. XIIIII-r, II. Stn-Itz. K. 5t.u1I'f4'1. un. QIIII Iiuu, II. I'I1iIIippy. XI, II'vnrinIx. fl, Ixrz1t1c'r. 'If IIu11Iwr. ll. XI. Cl1'umIvim-, I". I"uIIx, XY. I'uIk, CQ. I7au1Im. I. Ymuuls-5. RI. Ifivr-xl. NIM-Ilvis. X. Ixrvhl. II XYiI4-3. II, Imnm-. I'. .In-IInrs Ii. Dmllvy. If. I"IlIs'r. LIc1w. I. I.m1gw1nc'Iv-r, I. M-In-II. QI. XYx'vrf1s'x'. Gxh Iimx. UI. Im-:nLIrky. 'iv-, SHI Ibm. X. Ilnmlvx. X, Ilmmlu-r. Cf. NY.ugml'. I. Ixx'nII. I-'., Ilamk, In-r. CQ. NYIIXIHI. I7. llrnmlmim-. ff. I,n'lrgIv. Ii. Ilzxrrlinu. II. Ilirkslm I'. Nnmllf 3II1 Ihm I.. Num NI I Im' -l'. X4'In'5. S. II.xuw1'. II, l5m'IxIx-mlclm-1. II. Ilulmmxn. Cf. II,luvx'. .L Iiullmim-r. IIN' Xlyn-lxl-mn Sumn Iinml Imx In-ms .nu inlvuml part NI IIN xc-InmIK 1-4-pullntifm nf I1l'HcImul: HIIIXIMILIIIIQ INHNIL VIHIK' pIminu .II Hn- Ifzxir. In , lx-v1lv'rim'vuI.11' .utixuii-fx umm- il unix Ntxxrtul m 153853 hy Xlr. Xlyvlx lynch-x prfvgrqnn Iur lIn Iiylcl XInmm'l.xI IImm .md in thx .mmml Nprlnu 1-um-1-rt n-.qu.xI:I- Ilxrwnliun uf XII. II:n'nI4I Iunglwy. II14- Iv.mmI Inu uItnlm-II .1 IKIM-rx .uv .xppruxm1.xtn-ly wnuntx rm-nxIw1'N m thu urg.1nx1.xtiuxu, SENIOR BAND OIQFICFRS I'x'wl4I4x1l I'vtn' In-HL-nw I,iImr.n'i:mN ffI1.u'IwlIv IIuttm.m. Yum I'1wlmIrm Xllkv Ilmzkm' I,m- S.u1mI4-lx Sw-rw-t.x1y - Iqmfl Yv.xIxI1-5 Xvlxhunl I.iIwx'.n'i:mN Il.nizI SINIIIQ. 'I'1'4-.umm-1' - IIIII I"1lII4 fln'x'i1nv SIII-:IL IUII fLl'XIII3 .mul XIXtllIIII-Q'Ik'I'IC5-fIfilwi Iimx. Ii. NIIIII-V. C. IA-12.15. I., NI, C24-ltlff, 5. I'lnIwnI1.un-r. 5. IIHQIIIIHII. I". Sn-r1um'. A. Ulu-rImIt14-1. mx xml I.rn'4'II.l 4' Svniux Ii.urmI ix I.-fl In III:-Nr umm xuv1.nLIN m .III p.u'.uI4-x. 'IAxxIrIIng .nt lvl' .wh -KN U-lII"l IW' IIN' 4"I4'l' MIUMI JNCI 5I11Vl'4'flI DFW . - fn .ul iallpurhmt pmt nf IIN- NI,lIul'x'tt1-N nvtixitiw. I.nn'vIf,l KIA- Z1m'!Ivl' .uw ww-m.npI.mxx ni thu- XI.x1m'Q-HL' squzul. Mixed Chorus Ist Row-.l. Yeukley, N. Fink. F. Fulk, H. Httrkltultler. P. Steehmztn, Nl. Ioelv. R. liieksler. A. Honker. T. Hnnlser. M. Honltcr. W. Fulk. P. .lel't'ers. A Intl Row--N. Donley. R. Sanger. S. Ressler. N. Phillippy. K. Stuttlfer. R. l-isher. ID. Miller. N. lsuhl. B. Btngttmztn. D. Htpp. Nl. Cirtttnlwine. .l. Yeztgley. D. Shenk. R, Steltf .l. Bird. . 3rd Rim-N. Umhenhen. J. Ficett. CI KlA1tllCI'. Nl. limvtn. A. Bollinger. D. Steiner Peztrsnn. Ci. l.engle. R. Krall. D. l.essig. B. Donley. S. .-Xehey. R, Loose. Cr. Dtttth. lhe Mixed Cihortts is composed of forty https ztntl girls frmn ninth to twelfth grzttles. lhe chorus is under the direction of Miss Deeh. 'I he eltortts sings tit the Spring foneert ettuh yeztr. It is interesting IO note that in the ehurtts there ure 7 memhers from ninth grqttle. I2 from tenth grzttle. 9 from eleventh grzttle. ztnd 12 lrotn twelfth grzttle. Girls' Ensemble l.el't tn Right: .l. Yeztkley. N, I-ink. 1. Krtttzer. .l. I-teezt. P. lirovin. lx. Stztttfter. R. Stinger. lx l'nlls. N. Urnhenhen. P. Steehmztn. N. Kohl, R. Fisher. The Girls' Fnsemhle was organized in I936 ttntler the nlireetior: of Miss Deeh. 'lihe lin- semble is eumposed of twelve girls from ninth to twelfth grztde. Fzteh year they have sung att the Spring C'oneert. Womans Club. Senior Cilztss Plzty :tml the Fztir. 'lil'lls yeztr they .tlsu sztng on the rztdiu. Girls' Chorus lst Row-P. Beyler. M. Mastro. .l. Yeakley, N. Fink, M. Yeakley. N. Phillippy. R. Sanger. F. Fulk.'P. Stechman. F. Sterner. B. Burkholder. M. Loeb, D. Sterner. 2nd Row-N. Hunsiclser. C. Kratzer. M. Neiswender. J. Ficca. E. Strauss, Bordner. N. Umbenhen. P. Brown. L. Ernfield, J. Schaeffer. B. Bingaman, D. Miller, S. Pearson. S. Lebo. D. Mentzer. 3rd Row-C. Hoffman. W. Hollinger. L. Ziegler, M. Wenrieh. S. Nitrauer, R. Schoener. B. Blatt. E. Swisher. .l. Dinger. L. Fredrickson. K. Stauffer. S. Ressler, E. Schaeffer. N. Kohl. C. Lengle. R. Fisher. C. Bollinger. The Girls' Chorus is under the direction of Miss Dech. The chorus was started sometime after l935 under her direction. The chorus has thirty-eight members who sing at the Spring Concert each year. ln the Chorus there are IX girls from ninth grade. 9 girls from tenth grade. 8 girls from eleventh grade.. and lt? girls from twelfth grade. Boys' Chorus lst Row-R. Krall, D. Lessig. D, Shenk. .l. Yeagley, M. Honlser. C. Umhenhen. Znd Row-D. Hipp, T. Honker, B. Donley, D. Loose. D. Grumbine, R. Steltz, J. Bird. 3rd ROWMA. Honker. D. Bieksler, M. Grumbine, S. Achey, W. Fulk, P. Jeffers, G. Daub. The Boys' Chorus is composed of twenty-five boys from ninth to twelfth. grades. The Chorus is under the direction of Miss Dech. Each year the Boys' Chorus Sings ln the Spring Concert. lt is interesting to note that there are 3 boys from ninth grade, 7 boys from tenth grade, 7 boys from eleventh grade, and 5 boys from twelfth grade in the chorus. Wg J I 1.:22 .--' he W ,L ig. .. E. I unior Band Maiorettes P. Snlm-in. X. Olufrluwltn-r, Ze-nrfoss, H. 'I.l'Ullllll4lIl. M. Ilmvq-r, D. Moya-r. C. Klinu. I.. Cruusv, G. Li-Cay, li. ilnrnuin. 1. Lausch, R. Laugh-. L. Lubv. K. Ilzilnn-r AI. Zicglur, M. Giblw, Sixvrlinig. S. Iim'clln'r. Tln- junior Iklnjurc-th-s In-url tht- junior Bnncl in pumcls-s .incl urs' tmiiim-cl for futiirv participation in Sa-nior nizijori-th' aiclivilivs. I unior Band Thi- junior Ilauul cuiisists of yuunz inusiciniis nf grmlm- sn-html aunl juninr high ago. Sz-x'1'niI ut' tha- 80 nn-inhvrs also In-loin.: tn thi- Ss-uiur Band. l'ucIt-r thc din-c-tinn of Mr. Ilurulcl Yr-aglf-y the group pri-:cuts un nnnunl Spring Kluiiufrt and niarc-hm-S in thx- Mya-i'stuwn lliillmu-'L-ii 1':irncI1- and in thv Dvntnl Pziranli-. -ith Grzulv ! ll. Banks. D. I'lzuImrL'. B. lit-1-klty, ll. Ill-lnwy. D, Bin-kalvr, K. Bruligli. Ii. Burkhulclir. j. Christnuin. M. Gibbs, P. Ile-ilnmn. A. Hibshmrni. I. Ilininn-llu-rgn-r. Il. Ilnutn. D. Kline, N. Krall. D. Man'- qin-ttv, D. Millt-r. I". Milla-r. D. Puhroncnyy. A. Ili-In-r, Al. Ilhmxcls. l'. Sala-ni, M. Trontnmn. X. l'iiiIwrgur, II, Vl'ittm'rs, S. Ziuirfusi. :Sth Grncla- ! B. Dingi-r. H. Dnnlvy. H. Gnrmiin, G. Gm-ttli-. ll. Lutz. I'. Millvr. Q. Millvr. S. Sivvrliiul, D. llnigiu-r, VI, Yurlcr. I.. Zin-gli-r. 6th Crznlc f N. Gnrclm-r, J. Ilnw-rstic-k, R. lluffnuin, D. M.uu'i-r, C. Nitrinu-r, R, Shank, K. Shrilly. Il. Suhr, M. Vl'ili-y, S. Ya-aiklr-y. Tth Crnclv -- Il. Iii-1-klvy, D. Bit-ksler. S. Bnrdncfr, 'l'. Chrislnuin. I.. Furry, Il. Fre-dric-ksmi, Il. GairluH'. J. Cvtllv. M. Ilzulk. M. Iluwvr. I... Klicli. C. Klint: I.. l.nlw. M. IA-Im, M. Millcr. Nvvius. N. Olimlmltzm-i', M. Sc-Inn-iivr, K. Schwurvr, If. Suuclurs. I.. Yicngst. Sth Grzulm' - D. Ili-Inn, N. Donlay, Dubhlv. I.. Ewing, Il. Gzirnuni, D. Gzisst-rt, E. Ilzink. IIuus4'r, I". Krmnnn-S. I.. Cruusi-. J. l.1lll5L'h, Ll-Cay, S. Milli-r. D. Muyi-r, C. Ilngi-r, C. Sniimli-rs, C. Shvnk, D. Spitlm-r, Il. Trnuhnzni, Il. VVili-y, C. VVilson. 9th Grucll' - Il. Iilnlt, V. Daly, A. Hvilinnn, I". Strubvl, M. VVm'nri1'Ii. I unior Chorus Ist llnwAC. SL'llNYltTUT, G. I.PGuy, B. N4-iswc-iuli-i', j. VVQ-slvy, M. Lindt-rmuth, C. Spitlvr, N. Olivr- holtlm-r, S. Bnrclna-r. M. Iluuk, M. Gihlmlv, D. 'IK-vzilt. :Incl lluw-L. lfn-1-11. E. Am-Infiihach, C. Klinn-. M. Iluutv, M. Ilzflch-r, N. Donley, C. Rum-r, L. Ewing, T. Christlnnn, II. Lutz. Jlrrl Iluw-Il. IA'llMll'. I., Crouse-, Iluoss, K. Ki-vin-r, M. lim-cl. J. Swaingur. G. Kintlvr, If. South-rs, M. Dnuh. 4th Ilmxfll. VVils-y, S. Millvr, P. Hunk:-r. D. Cnppvnhnu-r. M. Sclmm-in-r, D. Bin-kslvr. I.. Ge-ttlv, Il, Gnrluff, ll. Ifri-clricksmi. Sth Ilnwffl. Shm-nk, Ii. Iinnk. F. Krmnnws. J. Truut, I. Nl-vins, I.. Furry, D. Gassvrt, D. BL-Inn. I'r1-sicli-nt A Nrulinv Donlvy l.iIn'nrinu:-2 - Linda Freg and Martha BL-Lcd Thx' junior Chorus. consisting uf about 50 ine-:nhl-rs from the' si-vvnth und eighth graclvs, is nnmlvr the clirs-ctioii nf Miss Kathryn Der-h, who organized the- group in I9-Il. Tha- L-horns trains its ins-mln-rs for fu- gire participation in thu boys' or girls' und mixed chnrusvs. Thu junior Chorus pre-se-nts un annnuil Spring .oncert ,v A w mv' i v s...Z l Queen of Hearts Dance The Queen of Hearts Dance was held Saturday, February 16, 1957, at 8:30 P.M., in the gymnasium. The royal court was composed of the King and Queen of Hearts, Maid of Honor, four attendants and five male escorts. These people were all chosen by the student body of our Senior High School by popular vote. This year's Queen was Loretta Mader who was crowned by Michael Honker, the King. The Queen's attendants were Carole Sholly, Maid of Honor, Faye Fulk, Judy Ficca, Wini- fred Hollinger, and Elaine Bashore. These young ladies were attended by Stanley Achey, Ron- ald Krall, John Bird, Peter Jeffers, and Allen Miller. The flower girls were Sheila and Shar- on Garman, and the trainbearels were Jeffrey Zimmerman and John Sanger. The traditional minuet was danced by Senior Tri-Hi-Y members in grade ten and eleven. The girls were under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech and accompanied by Carol Kratzer. Vocal Solo - Nancy Umbenhen - "Sweethearts" Trumpet Solo - Brian Donley - 'tNapoli" Accompanied by Nadine Donley The trumpet trio presented the fanfare. Jerad Yeagley served as Master of Ceremonies for the event. Music for dancing was supplied by the orchestra of Frank Taylor. The dance was under the sponsorship of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y whose advisors are Mrs. Ruth Jeffers and Mrs. Lena Saunders. The first dance of this type was held in the year 1944 with Harold Albert and Beatrice Loeb as King and Queen. Q EW if 3? N Q wr o o E Coronation TRAIN BEARFRS FLOVVER GIRLS my Zimmerman amd .lohn S1lI1gCl' Sharon amd Sheila Gzarrman .IUDY FICCYX CKAROLF SHOl,l.Y l,ORF'l"I',-X MADER ,WS 9 .4 JOHN BIRD YIKANLFY ACXHFY MICAHAFI, HONKFR ALLEN MILLER RONALD KRALL PETER .IEFFERS ELAINE BASHORF FAYE FLll.K WINIFRFD HOl.l.lNGER Minuet BRIAN DONLEY NANCY UMBENHEN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES TRUMPET TRIO JERAD YEAGLEY MASTER OF CEREMONIES QUEEN AND COURT ESCORTS SOME OF THF COURT i Memarlam BET MITCI-ELL MR. ALBERT R 2. 1355 Pebmm-Y 231 1956 called md all lm! two me here. summoned to eternal resi. cur hmm cmd clouds our eyes, nuts hm deemed it best., mow so kttle of Gocfs tems cmd sormws md prevfmhngf md molds A Friend Albert Brothers A 8: P Food Store C. S. Rohrbach, Mgr. Bahney's Furniture Store Bethel 8: Mt. Aetna Tel. 8: Tel. A. W. Beyler 8: Son, Inc. Peggy Beyler Bingaman Ford, Inc. Mr. John C. Bird Richard Bicksler George S. Bleistein, Sr. Joanne Boyer Boyer's Radio 8: Appliance Brown's Atlantic Service Station Franklin Brown Brown's Lockers 8: Cut-Rate Mildred Brubaker Mrs. Elsie Buffamoyer Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burkholder Burkho1der's I G A Super-Market Leon Burkholder Buy-Rite Food Market Church Center Press Co-Ed Restaurant Drew E. Courtney, M.D. Crescent Plastics Company Janet Darkes Gene Daub Oscar Deamer Ethel Derr Dinger's Clothing and Shoe Store Dixie Drive-In Dotty's Beauty Shoppe Glenn Dreibelbis Co. Patrons Ebling's Meat Market Priscilla Ebling The Mary Elton Faye Marie Eisenhower Feeg's Esso Service Center Lucille Fink Ruth Ann Fisher Dr. and Mrs. George Flanagan Garman 8: Crouse Sheet and Metal Works Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gass Nancy Gettle John Good Jr. Grimes 8: Hauer Poultry Processing Corp. D. M. Grumbine, Upholsterer Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Haak Pat Haag Harpel's Studio Hershey's Homogenized Milk Harold Hibshman Betty Hixenheiser Hoffman's Lunch Room Mr. Charles Hollinger Mrs. William Honker Larry Houtz Shirley Houtz Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd D. Hower Kapp Advertising Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Klick Kline's General Store Howard Klopp James Knapp Kohl Bros., Myerstown Nancy Kohl Noel Kopala Jonas Kreider Dr. and Mrs. Kurtz Edgar M. Landis Landis 8z Landis Carole Lengle Lengle's City Service Lessigis Clothing Store Charles C Loose and S n, Inc. . o Mader's Beauty Shoppe Marilyn Mastro McQuate's 5 Sz 10 Arnold Miller Mi1ler's Blue Sunoco Bruce S. Miller Dr. Carl S. Miller Elwood Miller Kathleen Miller Mr. and Mrs. Walter Miller W. W. Miller Motors Mr. and Mrs. Ray Moyer Myerstown Bank Sz Trust Co. Myerstown Cleaners Myerstown Hide 8: Tallow Co. John Nevius Nissley's Bottled Gas, Inc. North Side Service Station Old Mill Paul Patches Nancy Phillippy Pinky's TV and Appliance Public Shirt Corp. Quaker Alloy Casting Co. H. W. Reppert and Sons Mark Sadler Patrons Earl V. Schaeffer Glass Service Shellhamer's Atlantic Service Mr. and Mrs. Lester Shenk Shenk 8a Tittle Mr. and Mrs. Jacob M. Sherk Janice Sherk Carole Sholly Suzanne Siverling Smith's Candies Dolores Spitler Stan's Record Shop Paul Stechman Stein Bros. Clothiers George Steinmetz Rodney Steltz Stitze1's Pharmacy Fred Strobel Swope's Store Taste Good Shop Helen Troutman Uhler 8z Kline Richard A. Walter Calvin J. Wagner Lee C. Webber Whitmoyeris Laboratories, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. James R. Wiley Wilhelm's Hardware Store Winthrop Laboratories Jay Yeagley Anita Yeakley Marilyn Yeakley Loretta Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Zinn I I i s i I E i , s s I N Y A"' l r AJ ' eww . 'V' ' f gy' in Q My-.QM WJ in .,: " M' ,, . A, -9, Q, " gf 1251 E536 3 7 ' ":' I ' ..:, , ' ' Q ' 1.,. 5 " Lf' f ' W2,pi: 'VM 1 In 6 :VI ' I -S' X , 4 ff , 'XA Q ,5 QM I F AVVVVQV - , 2 vel., -I 11. . , - , V. ,, ,- . fi v ,X 4 ., ' .v , ,QI L. 71 6154. Q .: ' " .- " "5 ' , . Izz V-1 !" Pix :E- 'S af I x , H Of, 21156. ,Q A-4 V sv, ,E v::,..:1f:i5Z-I .. , 'jf S .2 .,.. AJ A 1 Qwlwr W gggiixgtg 0 ,ggi V. E S .A,, .Egg ,.,.,., iv, W 1. I , V ,I wi V g ,wha A-sw ,. M V SMLQQQ .- ,, , fe? W3 5 574 , 5 if" . Q 'uf , ,J Q 5 'GU' f-f--A' ' 'X-A". 1-A 53 2' ' ' .gg . A 'ifx,:, . A 'fem ' , ' f gfif ,Cf " p 5 dw xx: -A if 5 fi? , A, 1, R - , - 1 . , zu D. , , . , V , -- . X - "v" ' g..,,Qg . y Y 'N 33545 vi, " 15. 5.-N,,Q:"S?w cp? A fh a :,. ,,::..,:,,, - ' if W' N' . 1 ,M -LL ,. 'w5,j ' K fx f iafigS3s2 . fl.:-g1f2r:s2: f Ng ad?" X' W " 'L' 'm"n:"' z .J Mi? F M?" Q- W-. "':': ::': : f'fi"sf '1v': 25:23-:g,: S6 A lv sf xx ' ' vfsC'i?"W'x" 5' 'Fil 1 55.6. f 4? Wl-A 1 .. 3,4 .ff . 43,542 VV ,-gsiiw :N X t ,, 14: 4, -I .ki it V' Y gig.. . Q l f VV ,ge-:M W .i :,i,:.j s:.4. ,Q-:gE:5.,. ,:.:. ming ff A ff W ' .,V, , fixk A .::- ' 4 M- ,M ', hw Wi' 2 ' " My "' ,XA "' QQ' "A ' A -"'Yx'ii:::'P-1 1 4 EP I Z" M ' ix Ng"'Y- 1. , ., wif? Q 35- Q ,Qu ,..x,,,,,.x,kn I V, . 4 x V5 'M 'A' Q-.wr 1 N 7'ff1,l'R,,IA5l m..,:f-xg" 92, ,.,. -F 'A ' ag, .gn Vg, gfwf 'Y " gknj , x'f,3Q9'..fQkg, . W. mx A M f Mfg, 'P if wg ,N S Ar-i t ' A V A , if .M as 'f 5 w-TQ! 51 Mgiil gf! ,al Wk . L in -20 www .i siww " , -Q? 'Q' vMQf'f5y,,j5Q Wg I . 'fir ' w ,VW ww . wwiyf -I Mx Sk faq 1 ""',,ff""s,,3- fb 'fswf.'1f fa ' ' x 3-w'vT.g'2gSmr FXQSQW ,Rl v 'vmkw ', ' In ' azfgji W ww A. QQ? W - , S, 4- .. M ge, A Qs ,-.. , av MW , avg?-QW .1 as .-3,59 ' 1 X v Z 1 v ,J

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