Myerstown High School - Myrialog Yearbook (Myerstown, PA)

 - Class of 1956

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Myerstown High School - Myrialog Yearbook (Myerstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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lfnf -f4.,'-,ang-x... ,,.,3wx4u'r 'wr'-f ana! A.. Q -1 'f 14.1 ! ji,-r fa, lr Q YY, 3 vi-1-A-P W L., ' f A vw L . n , . X ' 5 gignhul- 5. 5, ,. , 1 .J J'. 1 Q -41 . 1 .,. a H V w. . ... -- ' ww - v L EJ in ., , - -H .f - A."-1 r .. L, 04.1, , M . ' . . 'Q 1 ,4 lyk., ' f x 2,51-Sw -' 1 55:3 -. , , 6 - I .. , . , , 1-1 'n 4 4 BF- 'x' Ltr " ww? 'gf - . r.'. ll H., pw- V1- . T .F -A ,Z Z D '2 - .'... A ' X . ' ' ,nh ,, ,t,, f y 4,.'.:IvJ A V , , in ,T , . .e ,- I I U l , " ' ' ' ' -5.'f11"31"1 5? ,. .3 ., -gy. L. 111 ,.: ,, s-rf? - . -,Q ...A .... ,. 'f -f ' ' P ' f 1,.x. . D n V' 5.1, :A f H w. L I 4 1 1 X n X 4 9 Al" F1 I .M 7 ,, v u 'X f N 4 -1 lr- rr ' J -, 1 1 'I . , .P I ff 1 5? 'k N 49 Fee as fx 45 Q2 if' iz ff zijn 5 ax M1 3 1:15 X dm K Q V v A ' " ' " ' ki '.' .. 1 ..- fl 1711 V1 '-. '-19 I Foreword . . . Dedication .... Tribute ..... Myrialog Staff . . . Alma Mater . . . Administration .. Seniors ....... Informal Shots .. Who's Who . . . Senior Play ..... Information Please Senior History . . . Senior Will ..... Senior Prophecy . Senior Class Song "Our John Henrys" Underclassmen .. Sports ....... Activities ....... Event of The Year Grateful Acknowledgment . In Memoriam . . . Patrons ..... 4 Table of Contents -3- Page Nc. . 4 5 6 7 8 . . 11-34 . . 37-65 . . 69-76 . . 77-81 . . 82-85 . . 86-89 90 . . 91-92 93 . 94 . . 95-96 . . . . 99-111 . . . .115-127 .131-147 .151-159 . 160 . 161 .162-163 FOREWORD We publish this book, "The Myrialogf' in order to preserve the memories, failures, and triumphs of the Class of 1956. In the future it will stand as a lasting memento of our deeds and experi- ences Waiting to be brought back to students, parents, teachers and friends by a flick of the cover. The first edition of a yearbook appeared at Myerstown High School in 1921. It continued for two years and then lapsed until the Class of 1949 picked up the tradition and named it "The Myria- log." Each class since that time has carried on Where the last left off. i We, the Class of "56", carry this tradition forward to remind us of our grand times and pleasant associations made during our years at Myerstown High School. .4- Dedication We, the Class of 1956, proudly and sincerely dedicate our yearbook, the Myrialog, to Mrs. Ruth T. Lantz, school librarian. From the time she came to Myerstown High School in 1946 she has been giving of her time and effort willingly and ably in the managing of the school library, advising the Library Club, and sponsoring the publication of the News- gram. Her great assistance, patience, wise coun- sel and unfailing efforts in forwarding our edu- cation will long be remembered. -5 Tribute To Miss Mabel Immel, who has counseled, assisted, and urged us on to finality, we pay tribute. Her outstanding work in helping us raise enough money for our Sr. year, by successful Landis and Landis and Magazine projects was appreciated by all. She worked untiringly, will- ingly and generously with us on our Sr. play and the yearbook. Truly our Sr. adviser deserves this tribute in deep appreciation of all her help and assist- ance, I + Myrialog Staff Row I-William Derr, Doris Lengle, Lawrence Shenk, Ruth Schaeffer, Loren Kline, Phyllis Artz, Constance Yeagley. Raymond Kreiser. Row 2-Joanna Moore, Rodney Stonesifer, Dawn Neiswender, Paula Light, Dale Achey, Vio- let Houtz, Franklin Field, David Swanger, Beverly Ranaldi, Richard Shaeffer, Patricia Hottenstein, Elwood Miller, Dawn Schaeffer, Gary Troutman, Sue Zearfoss, Susan Suhr, Naomi Ewing. Not present when picture was taken-Marlene Hoffman and Helen Fullmer. The members of the Myrialog Staff are chosen by the class. They represent them with their best ability to do the jobs they are suited for in organizing the Myrialog. Staff Myrialog EDITOR-INK-CHIEF-Ruth Schaeffer CO-EDITOR Gary Troutman Loren Kline Richard Shaeffer ARTISTS VARIETY EDITORS Doris Lengle Pat Hottenstein Dawn Schaeffer PHOTOGRAPHERS Raymond Kreiser Dale Achey SPORTS EDITORS Larry Shenk Frank Field Dawn Neiswender Violet Houtz LITERARY EDITORS Connie Yeagley Susan Suhr Conrad Youse WHAT'S WHAT EDITORS Naomi Ewing William Derr Beverly Ranaldi Marlene Hoffman Helen Fullmer CIRCULATION MANAGERS William Derr Gary Troutman Sue Zearfoss BUSINESS MANAGERS Phyllis Artz Elwood Miller Rodney Stonesifer CLASS SONG Joanna Moore Violet Houtz CLASS OFFICER IDENTIFICATION Paula Light Violet Houtz Kathleen Erniield Josephine Swanger -7... Alma Mater I Faithful and true-hearted, Let us cheer our dear old High, We revere her and defend her, and her colors proudly ily: We will stand for her united, Of her deeds we gladly tell, Her colors streaming, Glad faces beaming, So heres' a cheer for her that we all love so well. CHORUS Joyous and ever loyal, Let us boost for our old High, Let ev'ry heart sing, Let evlry voice ring, There's no time to grieve or sigh. It's ever onward, our course pursuing, May defeat ne'er our a But, united, We will boost for her, our Old High School. II Honors she has taken, On the track and with the ball, rdor cool May she always rank the highest, May her colors never fall. Theres' no other that can match her, When her team is on th Her boys the tleetest, Her girls the sweetest, So here's a cheer for her, for her who ne'er will yield. -3- e field, GL 1 -1 fx " , - ' K 1 ,,l.,,,,. , v.. ' 1 if A2f.Lvw:ff?-'f-'- 3 w ,' , 1 .N ,ffm-.,'r,' xx "'s'?':f:'1:f. P.. f..,5N.:'5--A-f,L--3 4, 1 Z 5. - 3' J9. 115 - in-QQ514. ' . -,T rig., .,,,,. . - .., ., . .I ,nr L.. , 6: ' " fv- M-5 rv. ,.,. I.- Y W N 4- ...g --.z-sin: ' 1. ...1,1,, V 3 r ' w q x .,-P 1 , r xa 1 Mr. Harvey L. Nitrauer B.A., M.A. Supervising Principal Teaching Experience-28 years Principal's Message To think and act creatively is one of our aims in education-may your actions be governed by your thinking. HARVEY L. NITRAUER ...1 11 School Board Left to Right: Standing-Ralph Kline. Director: Harvey Nitrauer. Supervising Principal: Seated-John B Shenk, Vice President: Monroe Haak. President: Mrs. Dorothy R. Henry, Secretary: George Bleistein, Jr.. Treasurer. The first hoard of directors consisted of Dr. D. U. Wolff, George Uhrich. Ephraim Blei- stein. John Schoener. and Harry Line. They Came into office in l9l5. when our present day high school was completed. Board Dinner Clockwise-Mrs. Robert Schaeffer. Mr. Monroe Hank, Mrs. Harvey Nitrauer, Mr. Ralph Kline, Mrs. John Shcnk. Mr. Raymond Henry, Mrs. George Blcistein, Jr., Mr. Harvey Nitrauer. Mrs. Ralph Kline, Mr. John Shenk, Mrs. Monroe Haak, Mr. Robert Schaeffer, Mrs. Dorothy R. Henry, Mr. George Bleistein, Jr. ....12.- Mr. Harold A. Batdorf Mrs. Helen L. Brightbill B.S., M.A. B-8- Trigonomeny, Geomeny, Health and Physical Education Algebra If ll Teaching Experience-6 years Teaching Experience-41 years Mr. A. Lester Bucher B.S. Miss Kathryn L. Dec B.A., B.S., M.A. h Chemistry, Physics, Biology Vocal Music and German Teaching Experience-20 years Teaching Experience-26 years Mrs. Lillian G. Emerick MF- Dwight C- Fake - . Seggnd Grade SOCil1l Studies Teaching Experience-21 years Teaching EXPCUGHCU-7 Years Dr. George E. Flanagan - Mrs- M3121 Gfoff B.A., M.D., C.M. School Physician Fi'-V' Gmde .-.14-. Teaching Experience-16 years Mr. Earl Hess Mr. Robert A. Hoffman A.B. B.S. English and Driver's Tarining Health and Physical Education Teaching Experience--5 years Teaching Experience-5 years Mrs. Clarion L. G. Horst Miss Mabel C. Immel B.S. B.A. First and Second Grades English and Social Studies Teaching Experience-8 years Teaching Experience-18 years -15-. Mrs. Ruth E. Jeffers B.A. English Teaching Experience-ll years Mrs. Angela Kercher R.N. School Nurse 6-. Mr. Howard L. Klopp A.B., M.A. Social Studies and General Business Teaching Experience--6 years Mr. Donald R. Lansberry B.S. Industrial Arts Teaching Experience-1 year Mr. Frederick W. Lantz Mrs. Ruth T. Lantz A.B. A.B. History and Guidance Counselor School Librarian Teaching Experience-20 years Teaching Experience-17 years Mrs. Dorothy Lutz B.S. Science Teaching Experience-1 year Miss Gayle Mendenhall B.S. Art and English Teaching Experience-1 year Miss Jane North Mr. Albert A. Reed B.S., M.Ed. B.S. Fourth Grade Mglh Teaching Experience-7 years Teaching Experience-28 years Mrs. Lena Saunders Miss Irene Schell B.S. B.S. Business Education Third Grade Teaching Experience--5 years Teaching Experience--28 years ...13.. Q 21 . Mr. John R. Sherman Mrs. Joanne F. Shover A.B., M.A. B.A. Vocational Agriculture English and Spanish Teaching Experience-27 years Teaching Experience-4 years ' f Miss Lois Smeltzer Mr. Adam Snavely B.S- A.B. M.Ed. Home Economics Sixth Grade Teaching Experience-1 year Teaching Experience-23 years ...19.. Mrs. Irene Snavely Miss Agnes M. Souders B.S. B.S. Fifth Grade Third Grade Teaching Experience-24 years Teaching Experience-8 years Mrs- Ellen S- Tobias Mrs. Blanche B. Weaver School Secretary AB- Experience-5 years Fourth Grade Teaching Experience-15 years fzo- Mr. Harold Yeagley B.S., M.Ed. History and Instrumental Music Teaching Experience-16 years Faculty Status MR. HARVEY L. NITRAUER Supervising Principal Highspire High School Steelton High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University MR. HAROLD A. BATDORF Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra I, II Millersville State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University Columbia University Albright College MRS. HELEN L. BRIGHTBILL Health and Physical Education Myerstown High School East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College MR. A. LESTER BUCHER Chemistry, Physics, Biology Quarryville High School Elizabethtown College Temple University MISS KATHRYN L. DECH Vocal Music and German Myerstown High School Albright College Ithaca College Columbia University New York University MRS. LILLIAN G. EMERICK Second Grade Myerstown High School Elizabethtown College Lebanon Valley College Kutztown State Teachers College Temple University MR. DWIGHT C. FAKE Social Studies Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley College Temple University DR. GEORGE E. FLANAGAN School Physician Avonmore High School, Ontario Queen's University, Canada New York University Medical School New York Polyclinic Medical School MRS. MABEL GROFF First Grade South Lebanon High School Millersville State Teachers College Albright College Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University MR. EARL HESS English and Driver's Training Lebanon High School Elizabethtown College Millersville State Teachers College MR. ROBERT A. HOFFMAN Health and Physical Education Myerstown High School West Chester State Teachers College Temple University MRS. CLARION L. G. HORST First and Second Grades Myerstown High School Millersville State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University MISS MABEL C. IMMEL English and Social Studies Myerstown High School Albright College Millersville State Teachers College MRS. RUTH E. JEFFERS English Perkasie High School Ursinus College Drexel Institute MRS. ANGELA KERCHER School Nurse Lebanon High School St. Joseph's Hospital MR. HOWARD L. KLOPP Social Studies and General Business Richland High School Queens College Franklin and Marshall College Millersville State Teachers College University of Pennsylvania MR. DONALD R. LANSBERRY Industrial Arts Pennsylvania State University Clearfield High School ' Faculty Status-Continued MR. FREDERICK W. LANTZ History and Guidance Counselor Mechanicsburg High School Muhlenberg College Columbia University Kutztown State Teachers College Millersville State Teachers College Temple University Lehigh University Albright College MRS. RUTH T. LANTZ School Librarian Wyomissing High School Bucknell University Columbia University University of Pennsylvania Kutztown State Teachers College MRS. DOROTHY LUTZ Science Columbia High School Lebanon Valley College MISS GAYLE MENDENHALL Art and English Kennet Consolidated High School Kutztown State Teachers College West Chester State Teachers College MISS JANE NORTH Fourth Grade Millcreek Township High School Millersville State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University MR. ALBERT A. REED Math Orwigsburg High School Kutztown State Teachers College Muhlenberg College MRS. LENA SAUNDERS Business Education Myerstown High School Elizabethtown College MISS IRENE SCHELL Third Grade Myerstown High School Temple University Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College MR. JOHN R. SHERMAN Vocational Agriculture Bethel High School Elizabethtown Preparatory School Juniata College Columbia University Pennsylvania State University MRS. JOANNE F. SHOVER English and Spanish John Harris High School Lebanon Valley College Temple University MISS LOIS SMELTZER Home Economics Centre Hall Potter High School Pennsylvania State University MR, ADAM SNAVELY Sixth Grade Jonestown High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University Millersville State Teachers College University of London MRS. IRENE SNAVELY Fifth Grade Jonestown High School Millersville State Teachers College MISS AGNES M. SOUDERS Third Grade Myerstown High School Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College MRS. ELLEN S. TOBIAS School Secretary Myerstown High School MRS. BLANCHE B. WEAVER Fourth Grade Myerstown High School Elizabethtown College Wyoming University Albright College Millersville State Teachers College M R. HAROLD YEAGLEY History and Instrumental Music William Penn High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State University University of Michigan LBand Conferencej Custodians Keeping the school neat and clean is not an easy job, when one remembers that six hun- dred pupils and students pass thru these halls and rooms. Our custodians have done a good job and thus we wish to express our thanks to them for a job well done. Of course, it is each students duty to help them, and we hope each one will do so in the future. ..24.. WW Facultv "Arc you with us?" "Take it home and work on it! In "Open your pads and set your margins!" "Oh, the filth!" Action l'his will he oft a bit because of the chalk!" "That's neat! N-E-A-T neat!" ..25Q "Repeat those announcements! nstop., "Now watch yourself!" Alright, therc's your bell!" "l'll fan your pants!" "lsn't that awful!" -26- "Get rid of that gum!" 'Are you still single?" D0n't be 50 rude!" "Open a Little Wider" "Let's play chess!" "Open the windows! -27- "Uh what next?" "Let's settle down out there!" "What the time?" "lt's sprained" Give him a chance! Comment!" "What would I do without you girls? -28- --I-m learning" 'ilecpcrs Jenny!" "Now let's get quiet!" "Keep those drawers in order! What page are you on?" "Get busy" -29.. It's a Hot One ..30.... Ej5j5f:If X X ' "--P11 C-1:s:gs:1:2ffs55ssaasj::1"N X f-iEfE:"5EE'E1E5EfQ"' X Q , , '"'-''f'I:Q:535:5z4'ZE3Eg15EEE1:I::5555555::E3EFxi:5Eg552E?515a'E535:f5E5E5E:53:551"'"2':3:t5?SE5Er5x:..EEEE1EF3sxzNfqmggq4--. , :I-::.: -'-fr-:-:ws-4-s-:r::::1-:::-was::E5:'::::::13:::::fm::':4:r:r.-- 'I'--:::4:: :rwmr.:1:::,:::1:naw1,:,:4::31Sf2zqsNew,QEQw,,e ,-1:.Lk'-' :elf"""'-'-'Y'fb.:zr':':5:,:'::g:-1-1:"""'-'+P gil: 21512125"H5515:2:rE:':5:lS?N5:E:2:2:Er:v-'i:?QE2E.'' 2. N3ffii" ' . -. L, H M ' ,A 4 - X' 'Y Wissleiwiw. ,. x ' , Rv 'NHS : Q ffff: f - -Girl., 221235551 .":iSE':fEfWI:,:1EiEfQ3?'15':""' " 5225235r'-"I:1335':?:fIE3E1Ef':5:551535551E:1E1E5h??z5E351rP -an f:-2. " 3Sa,.Ev:. 15255-33:32522:-:2EI'21 Q- ,, - . W.-f.1.4.,,.--W4.-xml4:.-.:.,.m.4,:.:fm-2 .. . .. N X-NX,-.Q-X.-wx-. Q:-::.-.-XE.-.-.-:.: -, , -'-- 4 Q35 ' ' , ' b .z A X - QXN S f . Q 12' '- :.::pwwQ - 8 5 1 ,::2?1:, ziz-ss:::ws-1-'G2:ss3::s-93,mea-:'v1kr,x2'9N W 1'2"'5"x" ' U- if , ,. ' " -' ga -- -X N ,,,. I , , , ,, , 'E::i.z:,,, Aj' I ?jj,s'aiE1E55Z5" 2,-I., ..,:1 .,r'::5'ss:::.: "1'::::,::':-, .. , .,sf5:sf:z::fss::rs5::f an-K. ' +--'.'f...w25:s::.,.,: -f::.:.5: .,., . .... , N -1,,.--ggfqiggag New -'-' EQ-1-:sf:f2"'1. ":-'sE5ifi:E233Es5-ali.::.:r X X. 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ACHEY 524 South Cherry Street "Louachie" General Tall, dark, handsome-A brain-Rec- ognized by his funny laugh-Will make a good doctor. County Band 1, 2, 3, 4, State Band 3g District Band 3, Soccer Team 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Newsgram Staff 1, 2, Senior Playg Class President 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 2, 3 CTreas.J, 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3 CV. Pres.J, 4, Myrialog Staif 4, Basketball Team 39 Baseball Team 3, 4. PHYLLIS JEAN ARTZ 108 North College Street "Phyl" Commercial The tall one-Often seen with "Pill" or "Connie-a good guard-Likes to go to the Villa. Basketball Team 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff CFin. Sec.Jg Student Council lg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, fColor Guardjg Library Club 1, 2 CTreas.Jg Myrialog Stafi 4. 37- DONALD GENE AUCHENBACH 115 North Railroad Street "Socky" General A good paper boy-Hot rods around town in his free time-Loves C???J school. Hi-Y 2, Myrialog Staff 4. RAYMOND EARL BROWN Route 3 "Brownie" Agriculture Has interests in 11th grade-Brown wavy hair-Likes?? to work at Albert's Bakery-Drives a green "38,' Chevy. ANN LEE BOYER 150 West Main Avenue "Boyer" Commercial Our Hillbilly singer-Often seen with the opposite sex-Likes to draw horses- Brown hair, blue eyes-Quite friendly. Girls' Softball Team 2, 3. 49 Basketball Team 43 Hockey Team 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 4, F. H. A. lg Girls' Chorus 1, Band Color Guard 3, 4 fSquad Leaderlg Library Club 1. -33.- NEAL RAYMOND DOHNER 103 South Cherry Street "Dohner" General A great ice skater-Seldom gets the car Pla s a ood ame of soccer-Is often - Y g 2 found at the Fire Hall. Soccer Team 2, 3, 4. .'i."" WILLIAM F. DERR Route 1 "Willie" General A future Vet-Behaves like a gentle- man-likes to argue in P.O.D.-Is very friendly-Girl hater. Senior Play, Myrialog Staff 4g Library Club 1, 2g Newsgram Staff 1, 2, 3. KATHLEEN A. ERNFIELD Route 3 "Kathy" Commercial Often seen driving her "hot" Plymouth -Works at the Dixie-Nice personality -Attracted by opposite sex. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4g F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. -.3 9... GRACE NAOMI EWING 19 South Locust Street "Nomie" General Future Dietician-Drives her father's new Plymouth-Can take a joke--A good actress-Likes CD Chemistry. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Newsgram Staff 43 Senior Play, F. H. A. 4, Girls' Chorus 4, Myrialog Staff 4. FRANKLIN F. FIELD 307 South Railroad Street "Frankie" General Quite the romeo-Always with the girls -George's shadow-Nice personality- Drives a new Cadillac C???J. Baseball 2, 3, 43 Soccer Team 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team 3, 6, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, Myrialog Staff 4. DALE CLYDE FAKE Route 3 "Smiley" General Has interest in the Jr. class and Potts- ville-Good baseball player-Likes to go to church. Soccer Team 23 Baseball Team 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3. .40.. HELEN GRACE FULLMER 2 North College Street "Helen" Commercial Mary Elton worker-Likes to sleep and run around-Has interests at Ebenezer- A business student. Girls' Softball Team l, 2, 3, 4 fManagerl: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 1, 2, 3 QV. Pres.Jg Myrialog Staff 4. BARBARA ANN GARLOFF Route 3 "Galof" Commercial A "happy-go-lucky" kid-Always star-- ing and laughing-recgonized by her pink lipstick-Pals with Pat and Ruthie. Girls' Softball Team 1, 2, Cheerleading 1, Hockey Team 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. ROBERT GEORGE GARLOFF 524 South Railroad Street "Gigger" General A good worker at the Buy Rite-Sings in the Chorus-Doesn't seem too interest- ed in the girls. County Chorus 23 County Band 1, 2, Boys' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. -41-. CLYDE EMERSON GETTLE 130 South Cherry Street "Gettle" General One of our He-men-Very quiet-Hot- rods around with Rocky-Future unde- cided. ROBERT FORREST HAFER Route 3 "Bob" Agriculture Brown curly hair-Drives a motorcycle -Spends most of his time working in Lebanon-Good sense of humor. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 CV. Pres.Jg Band 1, 2. KARL GRUMBINE Route 2 "Cutie" Agriculture An F.F.A. member-Likes to drive the girls around - One of Mr. Sherrnan's boys. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 CPres.J. -421, A ROBERT LAMAR HESS EDWARD N. HAIN Route 3 "Eddie" General A quiet boy until you get to know him -Likes ice skating at Strack's Dam- Never gets "mad." Route 3 "Hessy" General Short-Glasses which make him look like a student-Loves to miss school- A Very quiet. BETTY M. HIBSHMAN Route 2 "Betty" Commercial One of the more quiet girls-Has a nice smile-Is often seen with Kathleen- Cute pony tail. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. ..43-. MARLENE ANN HOFFMAN 226 West Main Avenue "Marlene" Commercial A petite, cute girl with a ready smile- Our Variety Manager-Good waitress at the Taste Good Shop. Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 fChanlainJ, F. H. A. l, 2, 3, 4 fPres.j, Band Majorette l, 2, 3, 4 fHead Majorettej, Myrialog Staff 4. VIOLET M. HOUTZ 21 South Locust Street "Violet" Commercial A 5 84 10 clerk-Good actress and poet-Likes South Lebanon for some strange C73 reason-Often seen in a black Buick. County Band 2, Hockey Team 3, 4 CScore Keeperjg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 CV. Pres.D: Newsgram Staff 3, 4, Senior Play, Camera Club 2, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 4, Myrialog Staff 4, F. H. A. 2. PATRICIA ANN HOTTENSTEIN 315 South Railroad Street "Pat', Commercial A vivacious, blond girl who doesn't C71 pay too much attention to the boys-Of- ten responds to the name "Hottentot"- Resides in room 2. Basketball Team l, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1 CV. Pres.J, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. -44-. -,. J FRANKLIN D. HUNSICKER Route 3 - "Hunnie" Agriculture Works at the Hund Shop-Gives the girls a hard time-Likes to have his hair combed. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES DAVID KARSNITZ 14 West Main Avenue "Ships" Agriculture A part time OJ student-A real ladies man-Sports a goatee-Friendly to all. LOREN EUGENE KLINE 405 South Cherry Street "Loren" General A basketball co-captain-Very good athlete-Likes OJ to carry mail-Is well liked by everyone-Will make a good en- gineer. Soccer Team 1, 2, 3, 4 CCo-captainjg Bas- ketball Team l, 2, 3, 4 CCo-captainjg Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Council 1, Senior Play, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Myrialog Staff 4 fCo-editorjg Class Oiiicer, V. Pres. 1, 3. .45- GEORGE ROBERT KRALL Route 1 "Krallie" Agriculture A very quiet, reserved boy-Intends to be a farmer-Pretty blue eyes-Is often found at home. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 CI'reas.J. RAYMOND CLAYTON KREISER, Jr. Route 2 "Kriser" Commercial Our photographer-Has interests in 10th grade-Very cooperative-One of the lucky few boys taking Business. Myrialog Staff 4. BONNIE YVONNE LANDES Route 3 "Chicken" Home Economics A calm, unexcitable girl who is often found with Gary - Beautiful hair and complexion-Nice personality. Girls' Softball 1, 2, Hockey Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 CTreas.Jg Senior Play, Library Club 1. -46-. DORIS ELAINE LENGLE 525 South College Street "Dog" General Our artist-Works hard to get the best -Is Mary Elton's right hand girl-Re- sponds to name "Dog." Girls' Softball Team, Scorekeeper 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 3, 4 fTreas.Jg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, News- gram Staff 1, 2, F. H. A. 1, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Stal? 4. SHELDON WOODROW LATSHAW Route 3 "Latch" Agriculture A hot rod-Has dimples-Works at the "Blue Star"-Never drinks-Likes to ice-skate. F. F. A. 3, 4. - EUGENE EDWARD LESSIG 213 West Main Avenue "Flyboy" General A cute chum who likes to take chances -Deeply interested in the Junior class- Good dancer. County Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, County Band 1, 2g Soccer Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 1, 2, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 CPres.J, Senior Play, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4. -.47-. PAULA KAY LIGHT 138 Washington Avenue "Sneezyi' Commercial Occasionally drives a green Ford- Known for her excessive sneezing-Quite dependable. Girls' Softball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team, Manager 2, 3, 4, Hockey Team, Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 3, 4, Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Stall 4. NELSON N. LONG 209 East Main Avenue "Netsy" General Is a good story teller-Likes younger Talkative. Band l 2, 3, 4. PAUL A. LONG Route 3 "Longy', General Likes hillbilly music-Plays hookey oc- casionally-Likes to sleep in P.O.D.- Can handle the girls. .....48.-. girls-Only aim is to get a diploma- HARRY ALBERT MARKS, Jr. Route 1, Lebanon "Bud" General A quiet boy who likes to get in trouble -Learned not to fight with younger chil- dren. NORMAN G. MARKS 310 South Railroad Street "Marksie" Agriculture A good looking blonde with a Chevy that sometimes gets him in trouble-Has deep interests in 10th grade. JOSEPH B. MATTEY 214 West Carpenter Street "Mattey" General Likes to read-Doesn't have too much interest in school-Travels with Harry Marks. Camera Club 1. ...49.. GRACE A. MAYS Route 1 "Grace" Commercial Better known as Gracie-Doesn't take much from "those darned guys"-Is quite comical-Easy to get to know. Tri-Hi-Y 4. STARR LAROY MILLER Route 1 "Starr" Agriculture A neat guy-Has to "push" the girls away-Very good natured-Tries hard OJ to behave. Soccer Team 3, 4g Student Council 2, 3 CV. Pres.Jg F.F.A. 1, Sec. 2, 3, 4. ELWOOD A. MILLER 122 South Cherry Street "Woody" General Short and cute-Loves CPD school-A lot of fun-Another hard working mail carrier-Intends to enter the service. Soccer Team 2, 3, 4g Basketball Team 2, 35 Boys' Chorus 45 Myrialog Staff 4. .50- DAWN LOUISE NEISWENDER 28 East Park Avenue "Nicie" Home Economics A good Home Ec student-Works at Krilly's occasionally-Loves C23 P.O.D.- Likes to have a good time. Girls' Softball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball Team Manager l, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Team Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. JOANNA ELIZABETH MOORE Ramona Road, Route 2 "Jo" General A great pianist-Always busy study- ing, practicing for her organ job, or-?- Has nice dimples. County Chorus 3, 4, County Band 2, Stu- dent Council 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus Accom- panist 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Accom- panist 3, 4, Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1 2, Library Club 1, 2, Myrialog Staff 4. 3 GLORIA FAYE PHILLIPPY 200 East Main Avenue "Pill" Commercial A nice, peppy cheerleader captain- Very good Business student-Is often found working in the office. Basketball Team Timekeeper 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 CCapt.J, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 CHistorianJ, Senior Play Prompter, Band Color Guard 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2. ..51.... BEVERLY ANNE RANALDI 14 North College Street "Bev" Commercial A good athlete and sharp dresser does most modern dance ste s-Likes to P go to the Villa. Girls' Softball Team 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Sec- retary 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team 1, 2 CCO-Captainj, 3, 4 CCaptainJg Hockey Team 1, 2, 3, 4 fCaptainJg Student Coun- cil 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 CPres.Jg News- grfm Staff 3, 4, Senior Play, Myrialog Staff 4. RAYMOND JOHN ROTHENBACH 208 South Cherry Street "Rocky" General Teacher's pet-Loves to pest people- Never gets into trouble-Should be a dog catcher. DOLORES JEAN REESER Route 3 "Dolores" Commercial A very shy, reserved classmate-Has interests at Bethel-Occasionally her rare giggle UD is heard-Beep! Beep! Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. ..52- EDWIN FRANKLIN SALEM 21 East Richland Street "Eddie" Agriculture Likes to dissect animals-Is interested in girls-Drives CPD a sleek Ford-Better known as Grissley. Hi-Y 2, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. DAWN ILENE SCHAEFFER "Dawn" General One to whom it comes naturally-Is undecided about her future--A good ar- tist-Plays a clarinet. County Chorus 3, 4, County Band 4, Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 1, 2, F. H. A. 1, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Library 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. RUTH ELLEN SCHAEFFER 8 South Broad Street "Ruthie" General A little ball of tire-Has an abundance of brains--Usually seen dashing around doing several things at once-Dangerous behind the wheel-Will make a good nurse. County Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, County Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 CSec.J, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Myrialog Staff Edi- tor 4. ..53.. SANDRA G. SCHOENER 31 West Main Avenue "Sandra,' Commercial Often seen with Ronnie-Wants to get married-One of our efficient school sec- retaries-A willing worker. Basketball Team Scorekeeper 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 1, 2, 3, F. H. A. 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, School Treas- urer 4, Newsgram Staff 4.. BETTY ANN SIEGFRIED Route 1, Richland "Betty" Home Economics Hails from Millardsville-Likes to go to basketball games-Drives OJ her dad's car-A whiz in Home Ec. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. QV. Pres.J. GEORGE F. SEIBERT, Jr. 312 South Railroad Street "Seib" General The neat guy of our class-Often seen at West Myerstown-Wha' happened to the car, George???-Plays a mean drum. Soccer Team 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 3, Student Council 4, Boys' Chorus 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. -54-. RICHARD HAROLD SHAEFFER 214 East Main Avenue "Slim" Commercial A good athlete-One of the better Bus- iness students--A tall one-Has quite a fan club. Soccer Team 1, 2, 3, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4 CCo-Capt.D, Student Council 2, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 4, Mixed Chorus LAWRENCE GORDON SHENK 338 West Main Avenue "Graboski" General A good musician and athlete-Knows all about sports - "how are your front teeth???"-Well liked. Soccer Team 1, 2, 4, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 1, Newsgram Staff 3, 4, Senior Play, Boys' Chorus 1, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 fPres.l, Myrialog Staff 4. 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialog StaE 4. DONALD RODNEY STONESIFER 238 West Main Avenue "Snifer" General Works for his dad-Has interests in 10th grade-Knows it all-Portrayed Ste- vie in Sr. Class Play. Hi-Y 3, 4 fSec.J, Senior Play, Myrialog Staff 4. 55- SUSAN ANN SUHR 196 West Maple Avenue "Susie" General Likes to have a good time-A fellow gum-chewer-Works at the Doggie shop -Penn State bound. County Chorus 1, 3 4, Count Band 1 , Y , 3, 4, District Band 1, 2, 3, 4, State Band 2, District Orchestra 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 fTreas.J, Girls' Chorus 1, Accompanist 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, Myrialog Staff 4. JOSEPHINE L. SWANGER 16 South Cherry Street "Josie" Home Economics Another hot rod-Plans to get married -A very efficient baby sitter and waitress -Likes to roller skate. Tri-Hi-Y 3 4, Myrialog Staff 4. DAVID ALFRED SWANGER Route 2 "Swanger" General Good looker -!Swell actor - Would make a shrewd Dick Tracy-Has a large fan club-Likes blondes. Class Oflicer 1 CV. Pres.J, Student Council 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, Camera Club 2, Myrialog Staff 4. Q- , '-56- PHYLLIS V. TRAUTMAN 814 South Railroad Street "Phyllis" Home Economics Sports a new watch-Has interests on Railroad Street - Can really cook and bake-Nice long wavy hair. TriHi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. GARY EUGENE TROUTMAN 204 E. Main Avenue "Gary" Agriculture Rates high with Bonnie-Neat dresser -Often seen washing or driving his nice gray Studebaker. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 CV. Pres.Jg F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Boys, Chorus 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. HARRY C. UMBENHAUER Route 2 "Sonny" Agriculture A typical Penna. Dutchman - Will make a good husband and farmer-Al- ways working or cruising around. Soccer Team 33 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3 CReport- erj. .-5 71 KENNETH G. WAGNER 839 South Railroad Street "Kenny" Commercial Like father, like son-A good mechan- ic-Always talking about some wreck or new car-Red hair. RUTH E. WARTLUFT Route 2 "Shorty" Commercial The little girl with the giggle-Always has her hair combed neatly-Is often found with Grace Mays. ELLEN G. WOLFE 700 South College Street "Ellen'l Commercial The first girl to sport a diamond--Will make a good wife-Sort of reserved- Very pretty and easy to get along with. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. -58-. CONSTANCE JOANN YEAGLEY 101 North College Street "Connie" General A cute girl with a cute figure-Despises cats and wolves-Very nice personality- Plays a clarinet well. County Chorus 1, 2, 4, County Band 1, 2 3, 4, District Band 4, State Band 4, Hock ey Team 3, Student Council 4 CPres.J, Tri Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 7 RICHARD L. YIENGST Route 2 "Dick" General Little but oh my!-Has neat wavy hair -Still has his class ring CD - Likes to smile at the girls. 'V ca 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1 , 2, Myrialog Staff 4. CONRAD B. YOUSE 114 West Park Avenue A good athlete-Wants to be a preach er-Has pleasing humor-Popular. Soccer Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 4, Myrialog Staff 4. lf -59- Connie" Academic SUE ANN ZEARFOSS 41 West Main Avenue "Sue" Cemmorcial A nice looking girl who hot rods in the station wagon-Likes the boys-Is quite sexy. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Newsgram Staff 1, 2, Camera Club 3, F. H. A. lg Library Club 1, 23 Myrialog Staff 4. CHARLES M. ZECHMAN, Jr. Stouchsburg "Charlie" Agriculture One of our Stouchsburg gang-Always friendly-Is often found in school-We wonder why?-Has his own car. F. F. A. 3, 4. -.601 . ' ""' "'5E5E5E' "-'-:2sEfE'i21'1 ' f:'1:E:.,. i:"'5'5 35 gs.. .. . ,. g V - ,....,. Ii A avr .li ,"' We V ','x' ii ik Senior Class Officers Lett to Right: Vice-President-C'onrad Youse: Treasurer-Fugene Lessig: Secretary--Beverly Ranaldi: Asst. 'lireasurer-Richard Shaeffer: President+Dale Aehey. Class Colors - Blaek and White Class Flower - Orange Delight Class Motto - What we are is God's gift to us: What we make ourselves is our gift to God. Memoirs of the Senior Year Our senior year found us working very hard in order to raise money for our trip to Nevs York. We began in October at the fair. where we sold eofTee and french fries: as well as work- ing in the cafeteria, ln November we rehearsed on our play. "Let Me Out of Here." Two per- formances were given on November I7 and IX. ln addition, we were all busy selling Landis and Landis Club Memberships, and magazine subscriptions. At the close of our twelve years ot' studying, we were rewarded with a glorious. three-day trip to New York. After the return from our trip. rehearsals for Class Day began. Our Class Day exercises were held on May IX, Bacca- laureate on May 20. and Commencement on May 22, Now we are entering upon a new experience. We hope the wonderful instruction and ex- periences we have received in our school days will guide our paths to happiness and sueeess. mm? Kina? 2-. 9'-wtf- Q.s2aEfz' .53- Eime 1- EN 5? Wlaiitmg Qsfgrs seg. QXQWQ ,Swag Efiaffk iliif. :fini Qi'1?f.hG'E f,,-11'a'Q:' -' ' ff:'g5:E!' , , ,, . ' fi. I I I 1 .,,f:'4'- 7' 11-W? f iirf ,YJ-lil. 1132 IH. .if" y ,I-. ,IJ bv-' . .' L . ':T,1Q" -1 , . f , . , ' If , . VA , '. , . If Q WW Q, .1 fs f r, ""' n 4. A 1 11 .- ' lr A um s J 'Gil Mr! , M1 ,AL un . 1 A on. Q 2 f ""'. 169-.. -7o- wanna ,-: -,:,::5- ::3151g:...EZ .: I '-1, Nag., .- "' P X A v. 1: ' Xb N X N YQ A . 6. zz:-:: ,.,:x, X Q N X X Q x , 'W' 1 M 5 '- ' H A "' '.II,:. - ' ' ".::sf-::1:'-: fm Emir.: , ..:,,3,.,.,,,,:.:- -. - -ern:-sw :ww .. -2 1 -71- www .-.72.. 1 4 I v ' -73- ...74-. N R --Isisfs -::: , VHS? wmmwmw. K .NW 'mis' Y w ...7 6-. WHO'S WHO E ,I as M., w., MOST POPULAR MOST LOVELORN Bcvcrly Runuldi Loren Kline Bonnie Lundcs Gary Truutmun BEST LOOKING . Ellen Wolfe David Swungcr Ruth Schucf VOCAI LY INCLINFD fer Eugene Lessig 177- WHO'S WHO INSTRUMENTALLY INCLINED MOST STUDIOUS SUSHU Suhr Dale Ache!! Joanna Moore William Derr MOST COURTEOUS Gloria Phillippy Conrad Youse ..7 3- PEPPIEST Barbara Garloff Elwood Miller WHO'S WHO MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ATHLETES Ruth Schaeffer Dale Achey Beverly Ranaldi Loren Kline BEST DANCERS BEST DRESSED Marlene Hoffman James Karsnitz Betty Hibshman Gary Troutman ..79.. WHO'S WHO ,,,, , . :.: :.:.,.:,.k K .,., ,,. , I :I lill E? ili ....., R I '4 NICEST PERSONALITY Phvllis Artz Conrad Youse BEST ACTRESS AND ACTOR Violet Houtz Lawrence Shcnk Afi MOST VERSATILE MOST FLIRTATIOUS 'MSI Ruth Schaeffer Loren Kline Sue Zearfoss Norman Marks is O-. WHO'S WHO MOST TALKATIVE Ann Boyer Starr Miller MOST COMICAL Barbara Garloff Elwood Miller QUIETEST THE WHEELS Dolores Reeser Richard Yiengst Beverly Ranaldi Dale Achey ..g1.. Eve Boyd . Bona Lynn .... . .. Bessie Rhodes ..... Hazel Miles .... . Angela Boyd . Stevie Cobb ..... Garret Lynn ..... Victor Ward .... Gifford Morton Marshall Ward Everything is all clear. Let Me Out of Here cAsT . .Beverly Ranaldi . . . . . .Susan Suhr . . .Naomi Ewing . . .Bonnie Landes . . . . .Violet Houtz Rodney Stonesifer . . . . .Loren Kline . . . .Dale Achey . . . .William Derr . . . . . ................ ..... L awrence Shenk Understudy to boys and oif-stage voice -32- . . .Eugene Lessig "Stevie, you're a nut!" I'm Marshall Ward, father of Victor Ward." 183.- Whoever you are, you'd better come out." You should see her in athletics, she is simply out of this World." ...34... LET ME OUT OF HERE Cast and Committees Director-Mrs. Merritt Jeffers. Stage Setting-Senior Manual Training classesg pupils of Related Arts classes-Mr. Donald Lansherry-Miss Gayle Mendenhall. Make-up-Betty Seigfried, Doris Ames, Ann Boyer, Mrs. Frederick Lantz. Stage Crew-George Seibert, Franklin Field. Stage Properties-Raymond Rothenhach. Nelson Long, Kathleen Ernfield, Josephine Swanger- Mr. Dwight Fake. Prompters-Patricia Hottenstein, Eugene Lessig, Dawn Neiswender, Gloria Phillippy. Advertising-Conrad Youse, Richard Shaeffer. Phyllis Artz. Marlene Hoffman, Kathleen Ern field, Ruth Wartluft. Charles Zechman-Miss M. C. lmmel. Tickets-Phyllis Trautman, Paula Light, Richard Yiengst. Ruth Wartluft, Mr. Harold Batdorf, Mrs. Dorothy Lutz. Publicity-Donald Auchenbach. Kenneth Wagner. Doris Lengle. Josephine Swanger. Music-Girls' Ensemble-Miss Kathryn Dech. Ushers-Barbara Garloff, Patricia Hottenstein, Sandra Schoener, Sue Zearfoss, Helen Fullmer, Grace Mays, Dolores Reeser, Betty Hibshman. ...g5.. bg 250 WE E--GEAR cm: Sm as wi going WE an-U 'god he as E: mgw ENE mi VEE Saw mi gsm Ewa HO mega DESC wig MO is Ewen NEHOEQ wma EE'--E 350: 2026 an as rm E .EE sr-EU bg H208 N wig MO Wage -Ewmvmgm ONE gd HO Bow OE? go 8-Em HE E -gag NEOEHE5 H-gsm 05 he E28 ENEUEOO 4 :Bun-go :Baia Ou-HOOD was-5? 05 he S2356 wmpani Em 53.55 COEEAE0 Emma Ngsm HOMOQEOU DMNENE HBE EE-m-HOU Eno 20 EMBO 05 GO OWEEOUE 20:9-:BSO E21-mm he H250 as gg QBOO 0986 ZERO on 36 0O:Om Damam .Baba I-9103 E085 EWMOESOS SF BNMUIDNOQ WMU-:msg E54 05 E .5222 nigga assign EWMUEUDE ENT-2105? .536 VQUEF 58203 Slam 'HE E .Sm EMEA SQOOMMOOQ Gswsw 38 3 .QOEUHNEM .ag we 'SOE H H23 ace- sg 535 :EO EEUEM Hog an-do? tg SQA mm 305 :SOG sm '32 E 8,507 ig-Aw DOM EMC EX EQEVOOG 52 no NNE? 30 no NEB NEG DO? 4 EN :gm -Eine ug B FH :Da 532.55 HOG En 32 2-NOMWNEAH no gmac O gpm HE? 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EBQPEQ ag as 2:60205 HES 05 GC .SFUSD sew E 2-Eom as WQSOT-M03 HN ia-Nm 3592 3 M-aa mia!-UU Sew gg E02 icon 2:22 dw -OEUEHWU so Ego EE :Neg-an wi:-A :SHS-mg wise-W -E-su so 335 gmgecswg mg-O .wq E wing-W M-dk HS 5:2023 150203 w-been wean Ea EES Q E wesmm EOOES nga Nite mwgwoo-N ,sm Sims? Nm-EDM as Nita -in BH EE EOS EDN Ea Nmopaonv mi H302 320 wsnmngew issa he 32 EOOH Um gan ue E not NCES gaag he SOG Us NECSO DEQ an wsia U-OEF so wh?-ZZ MEPEV EOS O0 DEOA we E wiv-HOB 8 23 Sig :E U2 MH-5. al HEEASN 3:20 mme-SN gm 83? EWEOO Hass EN-ta Nsmwsg BE-OO 0:03 5-E mats? SEM san? egsvm H32-REED bg: DEE-EH o SEEEH EEE gwgam 2-Saxon Bwssm Egg new 52-m gmmggm 5036! UUEM-Bw NEB Miogm A .suv-Em E202 2-az Class History In 1943, forty-five boys and girls presented their bright, shining faces to Miss Loose. We launched our school careers in the high school first grade room. Under the leadership of Miss Loose we soon adjusted to our new surroundings. Our 'first public appearance occurred when many of us participated in the rhythm band in the operetta. Mrs. Emerich was the next captain for our crew. By now, we could read and write quite well. We became a part of the Hill School in Second Grade. Our next public appearance was in the play, "Hansel and Gretel and The Talking Trees." Progress was also being made in the Achey-Ranaldi romance. Poetry books and arithmetic workbooks were introduced to us in third grade. Under Miss Schell's watchful eye, we developed into fine scholars. Additional letter writing in the form of love notes became a common practice among the students. Fourth grade was an exciting year. Miss Dech helped us build a house right in our classroom. Many of us joined the junior band this year. Remember the mouse, "Beady Eyes," and Gene Lessig's crow? Mrs. Groff taught us to construct weather maps in fifth grade. We became the world's worst weather predictors. We also began those now familiar book reports. 1949 found us at our goal-sixth grade. Mr. Snavely appointed many of the boys to be patrols. A new student from Germany joined our class. Her name was Valli and we took turns teaching her the English language. In sixth grade Joanna Moore spent most of her spare time behind the piano in Siberia. We had fun duck- ing chalk and through the use of the fire escape we found it was fun having fire drills. We started out all over again in seventh grade. We felt lost in the big halls of M.H. S. Mr. Reed and Mr. Mitchell tried to guide us through this year. We were joined by our friends from Jackson Township and our total enrollment was nine- ty-six. By eighth grade we felt quite comfortable at Myerstown High. Mr. Reed and Mr. Mitchell again acted as home-room advisers. This year our class was divided into three sections. As punishment a teacher put one section in the corner for going to the window and watching the Senior Band which was practicing outside. We began making our mark in school in ninth grade. Members of our class could be found in almost every organizotion. Mr. Brunner and Mr. Fake had our homerooms. As freshmen we also took a very memorable trip to Gettysburg. Tenth grade was an important year. Under the guidance of Mr. Batdorf and Mr. Lantz, we chose our class colors, black and white, and ordered our snappy class jackets. We worked very hard in our junior year. This was probably the most difiicult year as far as lessons were concerned. We received our class rings in December. Strangely enough, several sophomore girls were soon wearing junior class rings. Our prom was a big success. The theme was "Oriental Gardens" and the gym was very beautifully decorated. Mr. Reed and Mr. Lantz worked hard helping with our activ- ities. Bobby Hess started getting his reputation as a jokster by setting a Ere cracker off in History class, for which he was well rewarded by Mr. Klopp. Our Senior year was definitely the big year. We made lots of money at the fair, and on our Landis and Landis and Magazine sales. Our class play, "Let Me Out of Here," was a big success. Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Lutz, and Mr. Fake all acted as homeroom advisers. Mr. Fake, having no respect for the dignity of seniors, forced many of us to attend eight o'clock classes if we were late. Our year was climaxed by a trip to New York, Class Night, and Commencement. -.90... Class Will We, the class of 1956, of the High School of Myerstown, of the city of Myerstown, county of Lebanon and state of Pennsylvania, do make this our last will and testament, that is to say: We appoint the Junior class of said High School of Myerstown executor of this will. First, to the Class of '57 we leave our trip to New York. To the Sophomores we leave our athletic abilities and good looks. We bequeath to the lucky CID Freshmen our brains and study habits. To continue: Doris Ames wills her love for hoedowns to Betty Hixenheiser. To Barbara Buck, Phyllis Artz wills her cute freckles. Ann Boyer leaves her love for hillbilly music to Nancy Fink. To Carole Sholly, Kathleen Erntield wills her job at the "Dixie." Naomi Ewing and Dawn Schaeffer will their quiet personalities to Suzanne Pearson and Mary Wolfe. To Anita Yeakley, Helen Fullmer bequeaths her ability to sleep late. Barbara Garloff and Pat Hottenstein will their giggles to Marilyn Mastro and Peggy Beyler. Betty Hibshman bequeaths her pretty clothing to Joan Kohl. To Linda Long, Marlene Hoffman wills her job at the "Taste Good." Violet Houtz wills her way of managing things to Janet Schell. Bonnie Landes bequeaths her flawless complexion to Suzie Nitrauer. To Nancy Umbenhen, Doris Lengle wills her "hot rod" driving. Paula Light leaves her sneezing to some poor soul. Grace Mays wills her love for girls' basketball to Peggy Smaltz. loanna Moore bequeaths her ability to play the piano to Brian Donley. To Rachel Sanger, Gloria Phillippy wills her cheerleading ability. Beverly Ranaldi wills her athletic ability to Faye Fulk. Dolores Reeser leaves her shyness to Elaine Bashore. Ruth Schaeffer bequeaths her pep to Patty Wilson. To some bright junior, Sandra Schoener wills her job as school treasurer. Dawn Neiswender and Betty Siegfried will their abilities in home economics to Millie Brubaker and Myrtle Boyer. Susan Suhr leaves her musical ability to Carol Kratzer. To Joan Wilson, Josephine Swanger wills her love for roller skating. Phyllis Troutman and Ruth Wartluft will their long hair to Janet Yeakley and Barbara Rep- pert. Ellen Wolfe wills her diamond to some lucky junior girl. Connie Yeagley bequeaths her naturally curly hair to her brother Jerry. Sue Zearfoss leaves her love for the opposite sex to her sister Kay. Dale Achey wills his brains to his brother Stanley. To his brother Ralph, Donald Achenbach wills his paper route. Raymond Brown bequeaths his beautiful curls to Callie Umbenhen. William Derr wills his love for P. O. D. class to Thomas Brown. To Michael Honker, Neal Dohner leaves his soccer ability. Dale Fake wills his baseball ability to Dickie Loose. Franklin Field and Starr Miller bequeath their abilities to tlirt to Arnold Miller and Miles Brandt. To Gene Daub, Robert Garloff leaves his trombone. ...91.. Class Will Clyde Gettle, Paul Long, and Richard Yiengst will their silence in classes to Rodney Steltz. Dennis Brubaker, and David Lessig. Karl Grumbine and George Krall bequeath their farming abilities to John Whitmoyer and Lee Saunders. Robert Hafer leaves his motorcycle to some outdoor-loving underclassman. Edward Hain bequeaths his blond, good looks to John Bird. Robert Hess leaves his ability to set off firecrackers in history class to Leroy Sauders. Franklin Hunsicker and Raymond Rothenbach will their love to pest girls to Michael Hibshman and Billy Siverling. To some fortnuate junior, Jimmy Karsnitz wills his place in Mr. Fake's heart. Loren Kline, Richard Shaeffer, and Conrad Youse will their athletic abilities to three deserv- ing underclassmen. Raymond Kreiser and Edwin Salem leave Loretta and Judy to some lucky underclassmen. To Ronnie Krall, Sheldon Latshaw bequeaths his car. Eugene Lessig wills his love for girls to Donald Dubble. Nelson Long leaves his ability to be late to some unfortunate junior. To Billy Fulk, Harry Marks wills his love for gym class. Norman Marks leaves his interest in the sophomore class to the lucky guy that gets her. Joseph Mattey bequeaths his ability to play hookey to Edward Heffelfmger. Elwood Miller and George Seibert leave their junior girls to some junior wolves. Larry Shenk wills his false teeth to Eddie Swanger. Rodney Stonesifer wills his job of driving the Nissley's Bottle Gas truck to his brother Dale. To his brother, J on, David Swanger leaves his outstanding manners. Gary Troutman wills his singing ability to David Shenk. To Kenneth Brown, Harry Umbenhauer leaves his fan club. Kenneth Wagner bequeaths his red hair to Jan Wise. Charles Zechman wills his trip from Stouchsburg to Clarence Sattazahn. We hereby revoke any and all former wills by us made. In testimony whereof we have here unto set our hand this twenty-second day of May, nineteen hundred and fifty-six. Class of 1956 Signed, published, and declared by the above named Class of 1956, as and for their last will and testament in the presence of each other, have hereunto set our hands as witnesses. MR. DWIGHT C. FAKE The City of Myerstown, County of Lebanon, State of Pennsylvania. MRS. HELEN BRIGHTBILL Of the City of Myerstown, County of Lebanon, State of Pennsylvania. -92... Class Prophecy Come with me to the land of deep dark mystery, THE FUTURE, as in the year of 1956, we see our classmates-some are failures, some successes, mostly successes, however. ARE YOU READY? Robert Hess, Joseph Mattey, and Harry Marks, the infamous trio, are now on the program sponsored by the State Penn University. Phyllis Artz is head janitor at Franklin and Marshall College. Neal Dohner has opened the world's first elephant hospital. The head surgeon is Dale Achey, chief dietitian, Naomi Ewing, and Ruthie Schaeffer is head nurse. Their goal is for "slimmer trimmer elephants." Doris Lengle and Helen Fullmer are the coowners of the Ptomaine Place where Sheldon Latshaw is the chef and Marlene Hoffman is the boss of the dishwashers, namely Dawn Nei- swender, Betty Siegfried and Phyllis Trautman. Dolores Reeser and Richard Yiengst have just been chosen by the President of the United States, William Derr, as the world's quietest people. They will compete in the 1968 Olympics. David Swanger just made his first million and now has a helicopter to deliver his papers. Barbara Garloff, Pat Hottenstein, and Kathleen Erntield are tri-owners of the Hottentot Beauty Salon, the home office in Myerstown. Conrad Youse, with the help of Dawn Schaeffer, has just made the world's first portable electric brain. It is now used by all M. H. S. Trig. students. Susan Suhr and Connie Yeagley are still in the Myerstown High School Chemistry Lab. trying to prove that water condenses. Incidentally, Loren Kline is the chemistry instructor. Eugene Lessig has taken over his mother's business and has enlarged it. His two book- keepers at present are Doris Ames and Ruth Wartluft. Franklin Field is a captain in the ranks of the ground-pounders. Robert Garloff still has his job at the Buy-Rite, but he has been promoted to proprietor. Raymond Rothenbach and Clyde Gettle are co-owners of the Duz-Ty-Race Track. Nor- man Marks, Starr Miller and Eddie Salem are their top drivers. Sandra Schoener, Sue Zearfoss and Ellen Wolfe are in a group of traveling models. The manager of this group is Robert Hafer. Beverly Ranaldi and James Karsnitz are the owners of the Tango Dance Studio. They are rivaling Arthur Murray for top honors. Kenneth Wagner has a monopoly on the Sale of Chryslers in Pennsylvania. Joanna Moore has just published her first piano concerto in Fb. Raymond Kreiser is her publishing agent. Donald Auchenbach holds the world's record for wrecking cars-his total is 1,999M. George Krall and Charles Zechman are co-owners of the Sour-Milk Dairy with its head- quarters in Krall's pasture. Bonnie Landes and Gary Troutman are the only married ones in the class. They own and operate the Landes Amusement Park. Violet Houtz and Gloria Phillippy have just returned from Europe where they gave extend- ed talks on Raising and Training Grasshoppers. Dale Fake has his own Television show, "Be Ye Saved," on Larry Shenk's station, R. U With Us. We see our two anchor-crankers, George Seibert and Elwood Miller, still trying to get through boot camp. Richard Shaeffer is in charge of athletics at M. H. S., but he still has a burning ambition to be a paperhanger. Betty Hibshman and Grace Mays are co-owners of the Never-Fall Roller Skating Rink. Franklin Hunsicker and Carl Grumbine have just completed their project of raising the world's largest tomatoes. The weight when dehydrated is 7 pounds, 15 ounces. Harry Umbenhauer and Ann Boyer now have their own Hill-Billy Hit Parade on Station HUAB coming out of Myerstown. Rodney Stonesifer is now President of the Lonely Hearts Club of Pennsylvania. Two of the members of our class have joined Edward Hain's Circus. They are Paula Light, the champion sneezer, and Nelson Long, who is a Lion Tamer. Paul Long and Raymond Brown Incorporated have just finished the construction of the S1,000,000,000.00 High School in Myerstown where Josephine Swanger is the Home Ec. in- stnxctor. Now let us come back to Myerstown High in the year of 1956 and see these classmates gathered on this their class night for one of the final meetings at M. H. S. .-.9 3... Class Song Music: J'. Moore Words: V Houtz fi 4 A U i i,i'i-iifil 1 are the class f fif ty six, as you can pla1n-ly see We're thank-ful to our teach...ers, our fac-ul- ty and friends FF'HFjfFFiFF EN fi as FFF? The pranks we played, the work we did, 'twill soon 'fre his- to J For all the help they gave us, to make pos,-:Ei-ble this end WFEFFFFL We worked to-geth-is through tae ygf-s,11xe a game of hile 8a seek Too soon 'twill all be o.. ...... ver, we'll be scat.-t.?red far 80 near F F F FFL F F Hs' F sf FE on and on we plodimii, and now we've rihed t e p-gk But the days we spent in Myers-town High, in mem...o .... ..ry hold dear :iss f A a Chorus Yes we' re the class of fit? six, s ve-ry-one can tell F f EFTTTR' HHFFFF .shrasswrf And 1? the time has come for us to say our sad fare-well ff 'FF Fri WEP? :FI M figs?- Q cw WM ULTE we Qijwwf Wg? A9 wa, f9'9 my ffiuffw V!!! Vxkbif .- fz...,,,,h - MQW 7,f,,,,,,,f,wL ,W YM W SJ' H N fgwwy WX. E QAM M WW QQ, J fa w qpifiilmeki WM X Q 9 11 Q if M9234 Jmiwfwf MX WMM Www -95... K W xN9f'ff"'7'4?V'47 www? wfwrx Qpasnyabmifay WiiW3f4T AMW-Aww-HW 1" W aw V5 XV Jn-'w"l'J f?QQ,?q64Z7Jf wi My rayxz NN! Qfyjlfvg .o,,Qmt may Q? E CS? IQ!! vp? Qlgfffjy Q 37 Q fjgkff dj pbifly llynftwzf Zigi 6 ....5.. 26 NO 'TW V A K s 2.5 Q z 9 5,-1 W-,M..,.L.y-vqpp13!E,E,!.. , .1 ,,' . Y --H ' I N , rv k ' " ' ' .-' 1 .1 ' w . .. .ft 3-Q., 1:11 ' ,.,.-., UF-.-'xx-L 'Q 5-f .. :Uri i:f:ffe,1 5 .V W., , 4- sh Q. -- Q fi... A J-,,, , . . Y 2fgg1?.g.3k A 5. -' 7. 'I':-'fi' l K K 5 '. A -4' -ju: 'A . 'Z qi- f:'w:lL--- A H ,, - ' H1 If If - ,,,, 44 5. A,, 3 . g 'l?:"'N ., - 1 '. ug, . , ,-L m..,- . 1 .aa 11 'X 21. ef? . '- 1 M . . x . ,1 - -fvi?:'--ff: ' x xl 1 fri? . ' - -, ai:.1'. 3, , JQL. -3.--fr-4 Y' w F1-,.A. 4 , I 1 4 .,. Y. ' Q .' 1 . V 4.' "L: . mi. I af: X ,A .,. P r ,:-" 1 I I.,-: ,X ..1,--" 4 - A.. X , w. . wif.. ,W an N ,- X .1 .1 ,x L J 1i.' 'A 4.. Z: HW 'Sa.-':: '- 1 :4idxu.:Ls1In.:.:. lst Row- 2nd Row Eleventh Grade A. Sattazahn, T. Kershner, M. Boyer, K. Brown, A. Phillippy, P. Jeffers, M. Hon- ker, W. Hollinger, F. Fulk, C. Heffellinger, D. Kieffer, C. Brown, P. Long. -R. Snyder, B. Reppert, C. Sattazahn, S. Achey, R. Krall, P. Stechman, W. Tobias, J. Swanger, J. Bird, M. Brubaker, R. Sanger, N. Umbenhen. 3rd Row-N. Gettle, H. Kreiser, K. Umberger, J. Wenger, C. Zellers, D. Dubble, T. Brown, B. Buck, M. Demmy, A. Miller. 4th Row-J. Stauffer, M. Brown, D. Sterner, C. Leed, R. Wolfe, J. Yeakley, N. Fink, E. Bashore. 5th Row-J. Wagner, S. Smith, S. Troutman, J. Schell, L. Mader, J. Ficca, B. Hixenheiser, C. Sholly. Eleventh Grade Officers Lett to Right: Secretary-Winifred Hollinger, President-Michael Honkerg Vice-President-Peter Jeffers, Treasurer-Faye Fulk. -99.- . mc. . Kg av -' ' igm-,:3.,.:q -5 -5 -, gf.-. W f 455 : lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Tenth Grade -M. Yeakley, G. Lutz, L. Darkes. G. Hanley, M. Mastro, J. Ernfield. M. Wolfe, M. Schwear. M. Smaltz, P. Ebling. J. Kreider, N. Phillippy. L. Souders, E. Brown. -E. Swanger, J. Geib. P. Sanger, R. Brandt. C. Umbenhen, J. Wilson, P. Wilson. K. Zearfoss, G. Daub, S. Pearson, G. Baeshore, P. Beyler, E. Eiler. -M. Brandt, S. Harnish. R. Loose. B. Bingaman. K. Harding, H. Hibshman, D. Grum- bine, E. Strauss, D. Nixon, L. Long, W. Fulk. 4th Row-R. Derr, J. Rittle, J. Yeakley. J. Kurtz, J. Yeagley, B. Yordy, G. Noll, J. Hess, J Rutter, R. Prescott, L, Donough, Ax Miller. 5th Row-M. Schaeffer, N. Kohl. S. Floutz, P. Haag, H. Long. H. Smith, L. Umbenhauer P. Wolfe, M. Hain, E. Keener, A. Yeakley. Tenth Grade Officers Left to Right: Secretary-Marilyn Mastro: President-Mark Schwear. Vice-President-Margaret Smaltzg Treasurer-Mary Wolfe. -100- lst Row-C. Kopala, J. Neiswender, D. Lengle, R. Morirs, R. Phillippy, M. Ninth Grade Gettle, J. Hess, F. Sterner, D. Brubaker, D. Lessig, A. Bollinger, W. Smith, F. Burkholder, J. Wise, D. Stauifer. . R. Sanger, A. Schaeffer, D. Hipp, G. Spitler, K. Miller, S. Waltermyer, L. Althouse, 2nd Row- J. Katzaman, D. Biever, J. Gingrich, D. Houtz, I. Matthews, K. Smaltz, W. Siverling. 3rd Row-L. Blouch, S. Ernst, T. Witter, L. Gogets, K. Fair, R. Steltz, G. Achey, E. Kratzer, H. Troutman, D. Bicksler, C. Lengle, H. Houtz. 4th Row-T. Hoffman, M. Grumbine, B. Donley, L. Zeigler, M. Loeb, L. Firestine, S. Bordner, R. Spitler, B. Daub, R. Schoener, S. Umbenhauer, B. Brandt, D. Shenk, M. Hibsh- man, R. Long. 5th Row-L Yeiser A Oberholtzer, E. Baeshore, E. Derr, J. Kohl, F. Himmelberger, D. Ne- P. Leininger, J. Stauffer, A. Smith. -101- vins, C. Rratzer, M. Gettle, N. Geist, P. Miller, L. Brandt, R. Fisher, J. Garloff, Ninth Grade Officers Left to Right: Treasurer-Betty Daubg Secretary-Doris Staufferg President-Carol Kratzer Vice-President-Dennis Brubaker. -102- lst Row- 2nd Row -A. Umberger, M. Sadler, R. Mundt, M. Derr, C. Eighth Grade R. Walters, S. Shirk, T. Whitcraft, C. Hoffman, R. P. Stechman, R. Auchenbach. E. Feeg, N. Kopola, C. Wagner, A. Honker, J. Boyer. R. Kreiser. Mentzer, P. Ernest, J. Wagner K. Stauffer, M. Kleinfelter, S. Ressler, H. Deck, L. Fredrickson, F. Strobel. 3rd Row-L. Labe, G. Hibshman, W. Royer, S. Lebo, J. Whitmoyer, G. Dreibelbis, F. Messer- schmidt, M. Wenrich, J. Atkins, J. Dinger, L. Saundees, B. Burkholder. 4th Row-G. Gogets, C. Becker, A. Heilman, J. Schaeffer, L. Ernfield, S. Nitrauer, T. Honker R. Mays, M. Lehman. 5th Row-G. Brightbill, D. Merkey, D. Harnish, R. Lengle, M. Neiswender, D. Miller, H Leed, R. Lasch, L. Houser. J. Keener, C. Sweigart, R. Wenrich, M. Derr, R. Long J. Hain. 6th Row-E. Brown, E. Swister, M. Rhine. J. Krall, S. Fullmer, G. Diem, D. Williams, R Smith, J. Wolfe, B. Blatt, L. McCurdy, C. Loeb, S. Rhoads, V. Day, M. Martin R. Long. -103- Hibshman, N. Harnish. A. Yohn, Eighth Grade Officers Seated: President-Pamela Stechmang Treasure-Elaine Feeg: Standing: Secretary-Arthur Yohng Vice-President-Ralph Auchenbach -104- Seventh Grade lst Row-G. Wagner, P. Moore, L. Lahe, D. Tevalt, H. Troutman, C. Schaeffer, K. Boyer, L. Ewing, F. Krommes, C. Saunders, M. Hauer, R. Kleinfelteg C. Engle, J. Morris, N. Donley, L. Lutz. 2nd Row-D. Stonesifer, J. Wagner, R. Miller, G. Spitler, R. Deck, B. Gettle, L. Salem, E. Auchenbach, C. Wilson, J. Swanger, D. Gassert, S. Rutter, L. Feaser. S. Umberger, D. Spitler. 3rd Row-G. Kiehl, B. B own, M. Shuey, S. Houser, D. Troutman, L. Crouse, D. Miller, M. Houtz, L. Snyder, D. Moyer, O. Burkholder, S. Ruoss, T. Wolford, R. Lengle B. Garman. 4th Row-R. Louser, R. Smith, E. Brown, R. Sadler, C. Shenk, S. Smith, H. Althouse, G Bicher, G. Dubble, D. Garlin, G. Brown, E. Shepler, D. Beam, C. Rager. Sth Row-S. Dubble, L. Zeigler, C. Miller, R. Althouse, G. Mader, R. Brubaker, R. Shaak E. Haak, M. Hunsicker, V. Martin, G. LeGay, A. Gettle, S. Souders. 6th Row-L. Martin, B. Lengle, S. Brandt, M. Reed, D. Coppenhaver, J. Mosser, D. Schoener S. Watson, M. Snoke, J. Trout, J. Darkes, R. Wiley, J. Lasch, B. Donmoyer, S Miller. -105- 1 1 Seventh Grade Officers Left to Right: Seated: President-Donald Millerg Vice-President-Martha Reed Standing: Secretary-Judy Mosserg Treasurer-Glenda Bicher. -106- Sixth Grade Number of Pupils - 31 Teacher - Mr. Adam Snavely li. Fifth Grade Number of Pupils - 38 Teacher -- Mrs. H. Irene Snavely X -107-- ,2531s., A' ..-W... mm, +aEEz l Fourth Grade Number of Pupils - 27 Teacher - Miss Jane North We Fourth Grade Number of Pupils - 28 Teacher - Mrs. Blanche B. Weaver -108- Third Grade Number of Pupils - 32 Teacher - Miss Irene Schell Third Grade Number of Pupils - 33 Teacher - Miss Agnes Souders -109- Second Grade Number of Pupils - 29 Teacher -- Mrs. Lillian Emerick ---3 Q' ,, , . Sill ' ,, l , ,,,. ful? . f?fgf1 2 if : bw nfifw First Grade Number of Pupils - 33 Teacher - Mrs. Mabel Groff -110- First and Second Grades Number of Pupils - 26 Teacher - Mrs. Clarian Horst -111- I I S E . 1 X 1 Wh 1 J Y v -'-5:-V-wqw.-1-qu-H-e".v:-P71116 x , .K 1-M' 1 f - i - -,. XT -maj,-H -.,.,.,:..,-::1,,3r'-5 I 1, ,. . -, U 1 1' ms - , H AL -' .,,1...,g1.,.ig-. 2 . , - . 1 1 . 1. , .. . .. 19" 1'--v 1-- 91 A M r. x -'I 75, . -l . 'il 45... V. g. 3l'2g Lf ' A gf" - . 'tg ' K "ia 15- 1 , "Jai A ' gi". . mi...- J , "vi-Q - 1' . -ff. A ESC 1 .3 ,rd , .D , 12.5. ' ill' . ' " MFT hi' " 1.23 . 1,-. .x I E' .V95 '1,11..:, . , ,515 ., Ig, , f .gl - 4, . .' f'1' ' nu -- " 4 7 U.. I ,VJ U ' 3 Y ' 15 ' 1QX2k.Qv'i1 ffl .5 gl-ji' b .- if M arx. '. ,gp 1 I-'Q .. Ji ' . lx 'f.. T A 3 If . . 35 gs. .3 -Ju aj- IL v ,FV 'Aki Siigg ' 'S' 'iff K 'if2Eif1' .. HQ' ff V -R l' jg. .. .fl 3' 'wr G .-,311 . ...l l if v Li? qi 1 kk 17' ' LE ' . . ' iA : ,gf 4 ' ry IA ' - , 1 ' 1. . I I' L : , '.iii4mg1....- .-w-..v.:X'.':-,j!E 'V ' " 4?-,351 J'I"'PN" vu- 9'- van -.f ww- A. :dv --f Jia N- at b r 2 1, f f Sf: JN . Alu 9 L, -W 'M 'A -4 " ' N . a ,hblf h. 3. we 'R' 'Th 'lx asketball Season Opens Tomgh Mohawkg Play Host 5 Giris To Gpen To Conrad Weiser The 1955436 kmzsizstbail ssesisscxrx Boys Bent S. Lebanon In Playoff For First The Mfiflf3'3ii,1XRf3l Mimyixswvizs' vu Mahcxwks Beat Reading High LS Hecxrtbrecxkar Takes Championship Hays Lose: Hard Fought To North Lebanon Soccer Loren Kline and Connie who headed varsity. get under Wifkff with the Mo- piaving hast to Conrad -115- Ranaldi and led girls' haekey . ...,x. K , A N Varsity Cheerleaders Standing left to right-B. Reppert. R. Sanger. C0-Captain: A. Ycakley, C. Sholly, .l. Ficcu Scutcd in front-G. Phillippy, Captain. -116- Soccer Team Left to Right lst Row-Elwood Miller, Starr Miller, George Seibert, Dale Acheyg Co-Captains: Loren Kline, and Conrad Youseg Franklin Field, Neal Dohner, Eugene Lessig, Lawrence Shenk. 2nd Row-Peter Jeffers, John Bird, Michael Honker, Jon Swanger, Gene Daub, .lerad Yeagley, William Fulk, Herbert Hibshman. 3rd Row-Russel Spitler, Richard Loose, Dennis Brubaker, Arnold Miller, Miles Brandt, Lloyd Nixon. 4th Row-Managers: Jonas Kreider, Kenneth Harding, Martin Wenzler. Sitting on Wall-Richard Bicksler, William Siverling, David Lessig. Soccer Team The 1955-56 soccer season was the best season for soccer at M. H. S. for a number of years. After a slow start, the Mohawks came along in the second half of the season and wound up in a tie for first place with North Lebanon. However, we dropped the playoff game to North Lebanon l-0. Coach Hoffman was well pleased with the boys' great determination during the second half comeback. Over all, their season's record stood at seven wins, four losses and two tics. Three of our boys made the Lebanon County All-Star team-Loren Kline at center for- ward, Neal Dohner at fullback and Starr Miller at halfback. Making the second team were Larry Shenk as the goalie, Connie Youse, Gene Lessig, Jerry Yeagley and Billy Fulk, all linemen. Our J.V. team played three games, beating Lancaster 5-3 and 2-0 and lost to Eastern Lebanon 2-0. non 2-0. SCHEDULE A Annville ........ ........ 1 ...... M ohawks A Lancaster H.S ...... I .... Mohawks A E. Lebanon . . . ..... 2 .... Mohawks H N. Lebanon .. ,.... 4 .... Mohawks H So. Lebanon .. ..... 0 .... Mohawks H Annville ...... ..... 0 .... M ohawks H Lancaster H.S. .. ..... 0 .... Mohawks H E. Lebanon .. ..... l .... Mohawks A No. Lebanon .... ..... 2 .... M ohawks A So. Lebanon ..... 2 .... Mohawks H Reading . . ..... 2 .... Mohawks A Ursinus J.V. .. ........ 2 .......... Mohawks No. Lebanon ............ l .......... Mohawks CPlayofT gamej -1 1 7- Left to Right: Varsity Basketball lst Row-E. Lessig, P. Jeffers, W. Fulk, L. Kline, F. Field, C. Youse. 2nd Row-M. Honker, G. Seibert, H. Hibshman, R. Shaeffer, L. Shenk. 3rd Row-Coach E. Hess, Managers K. Harding, E. Miller. Varsity With Earl Hess at the helm for the first year, the Mohawks finished with 9 wms and 9 losses. As for the league competition, their 5 and 7 record put them in 4th place. Some nights of poor shooting from the floor was the cause of a few of the losses. Graduation will take seven boys, but a promising J.V. team will be taking over. Good luck, fellows! Conrad Weiser .. Wyomissing ..... Conrad Weiser Tulpehocken Joint Tulpehocken Joint SCORES Annville .. ..... . . . Alumnl .. ..... . . . ELCO.. ..... North Lebanon . .. Palmyra ........ Cornwall ........ South- Lebanon . . Annville .. .... . . . ELCO .. ..... North Lebanon . Palmyra ..... .. . . Cornwall ........ South Lebanon .. -118- Mohawks 53 28 55 65 60 49 53 72 54 56 54 86 59 44 57 38 65 53 Y Q ...., ' 1+ vm :. 37 ' .yy gi. - - MZ:::11?f5s.s.s, ,x 'S 'M ,X K -WC T11 1955 Baseball Team Left to Right: First Row: George Seibert, Franklin Field, Kermit Hower, Dale Fake, John Mentzer, David Ebling and Ernest Firestine. Second Row: William Fulk, Conrad Youse, Jerad Yeagley, Peter Jeffers, Thomas Ruth, William Fencil, Edward Swanger, Marvin Umberger and Loren Kline. Terry Schott and Dale Achey were absent when the picture was taken. The 1955 baseball team had a very good season, winning 7 and losing 3. The boys started off the season by winning their first six games and the Eastern Division Championship. How- ever, we lost the play-off for the county championship to Palmyra, who was the Western Divi- sion Champion. Even though a number of boys graduated, we look forward to a good season this year. SCHEDULE Opp. Mohawks Robesonia ...... 0 25 Robesonia ........ 1 9 South Lebanon .. .. Cornwall . . Annville ...... .. North Lebanon .. .. ELCO South Lebanon . Cornwall . Palmyra ...... 4 7 2 4 0 2 3 7 4 2 3 8 9 1 4 0 Championship game --1 20- .imma A -fr: -:ge Junior Varsity Basketball Lcft to Right: Sitting in Front-J. Yeagley, 1. Bird, H. Hibshman, E. Swanger, R. Loose. Standing in Back-Coach Hess. A. Miller. T. Kerschner, M. Brandt. Manager G. Daub. The Junior Mohawks under coach Earl Hess for the first year completed with ll wins and 6 losses, including a 9 and 3 league record. As a team promising for next year's varsity. Lots of luck for the oncoming future. SCORES 42 Conrad Weiser ................ 44-Wyomissing ..... .......... .... 59-Conrad Weiser 26-Tulpehocken Joint . .. 40-Tulpehocken Joint . . . 48-Annville ......... 24--ELCO .......... 30-North Lebanon .. 46-Palmyra ........ 43-Cornwall . . . . . 39-South Lebanon 47-Annville ........ 33-ELCO .......... 39-North Lebanon . . . 39-Palmyra ........ 44-Cornwall ..... 38-South Lebanon . -121- .Myerstown their hoop season they looked very -33 Myerstown-22 Myerstown-25 Myerstown--53 Myerstown-56 Myerstown-46 Myerstown-31 Myerstown-42 Myerstown-54 Myerstown-51 Myerstown-45 Myerstown-53 Myerstown-32 Myerstown-54 Myerstown-30 Myerstown-60 Myerstown-50 . . . .... Myerstown-26 Junior High Basketball Left to Right: D. Brubaker, R. Steltz, R. lasch, J. Whitmoyer, R. Spitler, J. Keener, B. Donley, L. Saunders, G. Mader, G. Hibshman, L. Salem, B. Wagner, R. Bicksler, R. Auchenbach, F. Strobel, W. Grubb, C. Saunders, D. Miller, and A. Honker. Kneeling is Coach R. Hoffman. Jr. High The Jr. High boys wound up their season with a four and six record. They were coached by Robert Hoffman for the third straight year. The first Jr. High team at M.H.S. consisted of the boys who graduated this year. Even though the team had a losing record, the experience they received will help a great deal later on when they are Juniors and Seniors. SCORES 18-North Lebanon . . . .......... .... M yerstown-32 234outh Lebanon 49-Annville .... 34-Palmyra ..... 39-Cornwall .... 3 1-North Lebanon 24-South Lebanon M yer stown- M yerstown- Myerstown- M yerstown- M yerstown- 38-Annville ...... .. . Myerstown- 37-Palmyra ..... Myerstown- 40-Cornwall .. .... Myerstown -122- J. V. Cheerleaders Left to Right: E. Keener, P. Ehling, F. Sterner, M. Mastro. J .WiIson. History J.V. Cheerleaders started in l954-55. Five girls are chosen from grades 9 and l0. There are four cheerleaders and one substitute. These girls alternate every game. They try out in the spring of the year. Th number of cheerleaders chosen depends on the Varsity cheerleaders who graduate. From the .l.V. squad they graduate to the Varsity squad. The cheerleaders are select- ed by the faculty committee and named by Mr. Hoffman. Between forty and fifty tried out for the team of five. A different girl captains each game. -123- lst Row- 2nd Row -P. Wolfe, J. Ficca, 3rd Row- 4th Row- 51h Row- Girls' Basketball Team K. Zearfoss, P. Smaltz, B. Ranaldi, C. Sholly, F. Fulk L Mader R. Sanger, P. Artz, D. Lengle, D. Sterner J Yeakley Coach, Mrs. Brightbill, P. Haag, E. Strauss, N. Phillippy J Kurtz P Eblmg Time keeper, G. Phillippy, Scorekeeper, Sandra Schoener. Manager, P. Light. Manager, D. Neiswender, F. Sterner, S. Bordner, E. Bashore K Miller D Beaver N. Geist, M. Loeb, N. Gettle, C. Lengle, absent, A. Boyer North Lebanon Annville ..... . Girls' Basketball 1955 - 1956 Cornwall .. .. South Lebanon Elco ........ North Lebanon Annville ..... . Cornwall ..... . South Lebanon Elco .. .... Basketball Basketball was first played in the county in the form of a Tr1HrY league When Miss Werner came in 1948, the county basketball league was organized In the 1950-51 season the county league was started. Since that time our girls have wor three championships under the leadership of Mrs. Brightbillg one in the 1952 53 season the 1954-55 season and the 1955-56. There are only four seniors on the team, so the team should make an excellent showing again next year. -124-- 5, biqb X .. I Q' 3 , xi F 'E'1v.'AvA-V Q if V 68,0 4 o Q , 'KA '4 4 , " v O QQ WG. 1 'f-' xfhgzglwg .'A,1-: . . f -125- Girls' Hockey Team lst Row-B. Landes, F. Fulk, B. Ranaldi, K. Zearfoss, L. Mader D Lengle A Boyer 2nd Row--R. Sanger, J. Yeakley, D. Sterner, E. Bashore, J. Ficca C Sholly N Gettle W Hollinger, A. Sattazahn. 3rd Row-D. Daub, A. Yeakley, J. Kurtz, P. Smaltz, L. Long, P Eblmg C Lengle C Kratzel D. Beaver. 4th Row-Manager and Timekeeper, D. Neiswender, A. Schaeffer K Smaltz M Loeb J Kohl, Manager, P. Light, Scorekeeper, V. Houtz. Elco ......... Annville ..... South Lebanon Cornwall ..... Elco .. .... . .. Cornwall ..... North Lebanon South Lebanon Annville ..... North Lebanon Girls' Hockey Team M55 - 5699 Hockey The girls' hockey team was organized in 1950 when Mrs. Brrghtblll came to M H S In these six years of playing the team has only reached the top once that was m the 1952 53 SCHSOII. Our girls have energy and zip on the field and topped their record of last year by winning two games. The team will lose only four girls this year. Lots of Luck to next year s girls -126- Girls' Softball Team lst Rowhj. Ficca, K. Zearfoss, B. Ranaldi, B. Buck, C. Sholly F Fulk D Stcrner Znd Row-B. Hixenheiser, P. Light, P. Smaltz, R. Sanger, J Yeakley P Long 3rd Row-Coach, Mrs. Brightbill, P. Ebling, Manager, D. Nelswender Scorekeeper D Lengle absent, D. Ames, A. Boyer. Softball Softball was organized in the school year 1950-51 by Mrs Helen Brightbill The girls' softball team had a fairly good record, as they won five games and lost three last year. This year the team should have a better record, since only a few members have been lost Elco .. ..... Cornwall ....... South Lebanon North Lebanon Elco .. .... Cornwall .. South Lebanon North Lebanon Girls' Softball 665599 ..127.-. .av 1 ,QM 'Af 1' .- ..- .4 ,' , 3 1 , . , K . ,I , - ,- . ,f . L pr?-3 1.2.5, ..,.,.-,,-5.50 - ,J ,a A , . f-11 Q..- , 4., aaa. .. amz. -Nr M AIITI V1 TIES l l if Y' AK E N L, -ff g -1-.. .,,.4-.' . v 1,1- s 4. w v - 241' 1"-v 4. wifes? -nlrrxqg LJ1 li v Q 'rf I W " f r ., 1 .. ' ..,,.1 , ' " 'f 7 "1 L 1 A I x nfl K 4 ,1 1X x wax an Student Council Left to Right: lst Row-J. Swanger, M. Brubaker, R. Shaeffer, C. Yeagley, D. Lengle, G. Seibert, N. Fink, P. Stechman. 2nd Row-B. Daub, T. Hoifman, N. Phillippy, L. Umbenhauer, R. Loose, P. Smaltz, D. Bru- baker, C. Lengle. 3rd Row-D. Stonesifer, M. Schnoke, A. Yohn, P. Stechman, S. Nitrauer, J. Whitmoyer, G. LeGay, C. Schaffer. Oflicers of Student Council President-C. Yeagley. Vice-President-N. Fink. Secretary-P. Smaltz. Treasurer-D. Lengle. Mr. Reed has been the adviser of th'is organization for the last ten years. It is composed of four students each from seventh to twelfth grade. They are elected by their fellow class- mates. This year the student council has been in charge of several school dances, arranged four paid assemblies and took part in such drives as Red Cross, March of Dimes and The Christmas Seals. ' -131- Senior Tri-Hi-Y Row 1-P. Long, R. Snyder, B. Garloff, M. Mastro, N. Phillippy, G. Phillippy, B. Landis, B. Ranaldi, V. Houtz, R. Schaeffer, M. Hoffman, M. Schaeffer, P. Beyler, D. Kieffer, L. Darkes, A. Sattazahn, M. Yeagley. Row 2-R. Brandt, J. Wilson, M. Brandt, P. Hottenstein, S. Troutman, E. Strauss, P. Wolfe, P. Haag, J. Geib, N. Kohl, P. Ebling, M. Boyer, B. Reppert, R. Sanger. Row 3-D. Schaeffer, D. Neiswender, P. Troutman, N. Umbenhen, L. Long, M. Wolfe, P. Light, A. Boyer, G. Mays, B. Hibshman, A. Yeagley, Eileen Keener. Row 4-M. Demmy, J. Wagner, F. Fulk, J. Ficca, S. Schoener, J. Stauffer, D. Sterner, N. Fink. J. Yeagley, W. Hollinger. Row 5-E. Baeshore, J. Kurtz, N. Ewing, S. Pearson, C. Sholley, K. Ernfleld, S. Zearfoss, L. Mader, S. Suhr, C. Williams, B. Siegfried, J. Swanger, B. Buck, H. Fullmer, D. Lengle. Row 6-P. Brown, D. Ames, P. Smaltz, C. Yeagley, P. Wilson, P. Artz, K. Zearfoss, E. Wolfe, B. Hixenheiser. The Senior Tri-Hi-Y was organized during the school year 1942-43, under the leadership of Miss Betty Anne Rutherford, who was also leader the following year with Miss Esther Zug. This was the first year of Miss Zug's teaching at Myerstown. That year they organized and coached a Tri-Hi-Y basketball team, which remained in effect until the school board hired a physical Ed teacher. This teacher then organized a high school team. In February, 1944, the first valentine dance was held at Myerstown. This was and still is the event of the year. Miss Betty Anne Rutherford left Myerstown in 1944, and Miss Zug assumed the full lead- ership of the club. Mrs. Helen Brightbill came to Myerstown as a Physical Ed teacher in 1950-51. She assisted Miss Zug with the club and was a great asset. In 1951-52, when Miss Zug resigned, Miss Francene Swope became the leader of the club. Then in 1953-54 Miss Welsh was the leader. Activities of the club are: Christmas Pageant, Singing in the halls at Christmas, Decorating the classroom doors, Services at Old Folks' home, Christmas Party for first grade, Valentine Dance, Easter Pageant, Attending Holy Week services in a group. Officers for 1955-56- Beverly Ranaldi, President, Violet Houtz, Vice President, R. Schaef- fer, Secretaryg Bonnie Landes, Treasurer, Marlene Hoffman, Chaplain. The advisers of the club are Mrs. Merritt Jelfers, Mrs. Dorothy Lutz. -132- Hi-Y Left to Right: lst Row-E. Lessig. 2nd Row-G. Troutman, R. Stonesifer. 3rd Row-M. Honker, P. Jeffers, S. Achey. 4th Row-J. Bird, R. Krall, W. Fulk, G. Daub. 5th Row-M. Brandt, R. Loose, J. Yeagley, E. Swanger, 6th Row-J, Kreider, C, Umbenhen. K. Harding, A. Miller, G. Hanley. 0fHcers of Hi-Y President--Eugene Lessig. Vice-President-Gary Troutman. Treasurer-Peter Jeffers. Secretary-Rodney Stonesifer. Chaplain-Stanley Achey. Advisers-Mr. Bucher and Mr. Lansberry. The Hi-Y Club is the newest extra curricular activity of the school, being organized Febru- ary I7, 1950, under the capable direction of Mr. Bucher. Each year the boys of the club present a play at the Easter Assembly. This year a chess club is being organized and is under the direction of the co-advisers of the Hi-Y, Mr. Lansberry and Mr. Bucher. -133- The Newsgram Staff Row 1-B. Ranaldi, S. Zearfoss, S. Schoener, J. Rittle, F. Fulk, N. Fink, P. Artz, N. Ewing, P. Light, A. Boyer. Row 2-S. Nitrauer, J. Ficca, P. Smaltz, L. Long, S. Suhr, L. Shenk, C. Yeagley, V. Houtz. M. Demmy, B. Buck, L. Zeigler, J. Kurtz. Row 3-P. Ebling, K. Staulfer, C. Kratzer, J. Kohl, P. Beyler, R. Sanger, N. Kohl. E. Derr, A. Bollinger. The first Newsgram was published in 1928 with Kendig B. Cully as the Editor-in-Chief. ln the first few copies the title of the paper, Newsgram, was written in hyphenated form. The sub-title of the paper was, The Advocate of School Spirit. The main object of the Newsgram is to help build a greater and better M. H. S. . At this time the paper was published every two weeks and cost five cents. The staff consist- ed of approximately thirty-five members who had various jobs to do. In the year 1948 Mrs. Ruth Lantz became the chief adviser of the Newsgram with six other teachers as an advisory staff. The Newsgram is published monthly and the cost is twenty cents an issue. The Newsgram is published commercially and has many patrons to help to support it. The Newsgram publishes more school events than it used to and it contains more pictures and illustrations. In each issue, a poem is published that has something to do with some event of that month. Each issue contains M-Grams, one or two Senior Lettermen, and Sportscopes. The Newsgram staff consists of approximately thirty-five members who do their jobs and make the Newsgram a good and interesting paper to read. Co-Editors--Faye Fulk, Nancy Fink. Financial Secretary and Business Manager-Phyllis Artz. Circulation Manager-James Rittle. Page Editors-Susan Suhr. Peggy Smaltz, Constance Yeagley. Sports Editors-Lawrence Shenk, Violet Houtz. Exchange Editor-Priscilla Ebling. Photography-Rachel Sanger. Artists-Carol Kratzer. Loretta Zeigler, Judy Ficca, Joan Kohl, Marcia Schaeffer. Circulation Staff--Peggy Beyler, Nancy Kohl, Ethel Derr, Judy Kurtz. Reporters-Linda Long, Priscilla Ebling, Barbara Buck, Kathryn Stauffer, Suzanne Ni- trauer, Judy Ficca, Elaine Strauss, Mareeta Demmy, Mildred Brubaker, Alice Bollinger. Typists-Paula Light, Beverly Ranaldi, Sandra Schoener, Doris Ames, Ann Boyer, Sue Zearfoss, Naomi Ewing and the Senior Business Department. The Chief Adviser is Mrs. Ruth Lantz. The Advisory Staff is Mrs. Shover, Mrs. Jeffers, Mr. Klopp, Miss Mendenhall, Mrs Emer- ick, and Miss North. -134-- Library Club Row 1-B. Bingaman, L. Long, P. Ebling, N. Fink, R. Schaeffer, F. Fulk, P. Light, D. Lengle, D. Schaeffer. Row 2-N. Kohl, S. Lebo, S. Houtz, G. Noll, L. Wolfe, P. Haag, L. Zeigler, C. Kratzer, B. Daub, M. Demmy. Row 3-D. Stauffer, M. Schaeffer, E. Derr, J. Garloff, A. Bollinger. From available information the Library Club was started approximately in the fall of 1938. under the direction of Librarians Miss Ruth Livingood and Mrs. Gillmore. Members of the club served in the library to help to prepare books and run the desk and miscellaneous jobs which help the students. In 1945 Mrs. Ruth Lantz became our Librarian, and under her advisorship the club has grown to a membership between 45 and 50 boys and girls. Between 1949 and 1951 there were so many 'members that the club had to be divided be- tween a Junior and Senior group. This became unwieldy and the membership was restricted to one main club of 45 girls. The club continues to provide all types of Library service for the school and in addition conducts numerous other activities. The club has taken part in our school assemblies, and has presented plays, quiz shows. and a minstrel show. The club has also given radio plays over WLBR for different occasions. ln the first year of the Hallowe'en parade the Library club won the first prize on their Cinder- ella iioat. Starting in 1953 the Library club and the F. H. A. club combined efforts to put on the Christmas tea for the faculty. The library club decorated the library, sent the invitations and provided the entertainment. The F. H. A. prepared refreshments and served as fioaters and provided small favors for each guest. The presidents of the two clubs poured tea and coffee at the serving table. Awards were given to members of the Library club for service of three years. Awards are also given for outstanding service. Officers for 1955-56 are Ruth Schaeffer, President, Nancy Fink, Vice President, Priscilla Ebling, Secretary, Faye Fulk, Treasurer. The adviser is Mrs. Lantz. -135- Future Farmers of America Row 1-W. Smith, G. Spitler, D. Lengle, R. Long, G. Achey, L. Donough, L. Umbenhauer. P. Sanger, L. Souders, J. Erniield. Row 2-J. Dehart, J. Karsnitz, E. Salem, C. Zechman, G. Troutman, K. Brown, G. Krall, S. Miller, K. Grumbine, R. Hafer, H. Umbenhauer, H. Smith, K. Umberger, K. Leed. C. Sattazahn, C. Heifelfinger, J. Katzaman. On truck-R. Derr. In 1934, the F. F. A. was started by Mr. Brubaker who was then the agriculture teacher. Mr. Sherman, our present agriculture teacher, has been with M. H. S. for ten years. as of March, 1956. Each boy must have one project a year which may be in crops or animals. After their project is completed, it is exhibited at the Harrisburg Farm Show. There is also a possibil- ity for the boys to belong to the F. F. A. state chorus or state band. The boys in the shop take care of the repairing of farm equipment and the building of new equipment. During the fair these boys put up tents and arrange for the fair. Officers for 1955-56 are Karl Grumbine, President, Robert Hafer, Vice-Presidentg Starr Miller, Secretaryg George Krall, Treasurer, Kenneth Brown, Chaplaing Herman Smith, Sentinel. The adviser is Mr. John R. Sherman. --136- Future Homemakers of America Row 1-K. Smaltz, A. Schaeffer, R. Fisher, P. Leininger, N. Phillippy, M. Burkholder, H. Hoff- man, B. Siegfried, S. Suhr, P. Beyler, A. Oberholtzer, L. Yeiser, J. Neiswender, L. Darkes. Row 2-M. Hain, M. Boyer, A. Phillipy, P. Long, M. Schaeffer, M. Gettle, B. Brandt, C. Krat- zer, P. Ebling, E. Brown, M. Brandt, J. Garloff, E. Derr. Row 3-D. Neiswender, D. Ames, D. Schaeffer, N. Ewing, S. Harnish, P. Troutman, C. Yeag- ley, P. Wolfe, R. Brandt, J. Wilson. Row 4-J. Rutter, L. Zeigler, S. Waltermeyer, P. Wilson, K. Ernfield, B. Hixenheiser, J. Katza- man, L. Long, S. Pearson. Row 5-S. Troutman, R. Schoener, C. Lengle, N. Geist. From available information we find that Miss Edna Miller had the FHA in 1945-46, Miss Edna Lockart in 1946-47-48, Mrs. Arloa Stiegel in 1949-59-51, Miss Gruber in 1952-53-54-55, and Miss Smeltzer at the present time, 1955-56. In the first year, 1945-46, there were twelve girls in FHA, now there are fifty-four girls in the club. The FHA is represented at the Regional convention. They attend the Farm Show, serve at the faculty tea, have an assembly program, and at the end of the year they have a banquet for outgoing seniors in FHA. Oiiicers of the club are-President, Marlene Hoffman: Vice-President, Betty Sicgfriedi Secretary, Mildred Brubakerg and Treasurer, Susan Suhr. Adviser-Miss Smeltzer. -1 3 7- Junior Tri-Hi-Y Row I-A. Umberger, J. Neiswender, R. Mays, P. Stechman, L. Fredrickson, S. Nitrauer, F. Sterner, D. Miller, K. Stauffer, C. Hoffman, C. Wagner, S. Shirk, J. Boyer. Row 2-J. Dinger, B. Burkholder, S. Ressler, R. Mundt, S. Lebo, C. Sweigert, M. Neiswender, J. Schaeffer, C. Mentzer, C. Becker, B. Brown, S. Baeshore. Row 3-J. Garloff, J. Kohl, S. Ernst, S. Rhoads, B. Blatt, R. Schoener, L. Zeigler, C. Wagner, F. Himmelberger, A. Schaeffer, K. Smaltz. Row 4-B. Lengle, B. Garman, J. Musser, E. Haak, S. Brandt, C. Shenk, J. Darkes, D. Garlin. Row 5-G. Spitler, H. Troutman, S. Houtz, A. Oberholtzer, J. Trout, G. Bicher, J. Brubakei, S. Watson, J. Snoke, D. Copenhavcr, M. Houtz, S. Souders, E. Auchenbach. Row 6-B. Gettle, S. Ruoss, R. Lengle, G. LeGay, J. Wagner, S. Umberger, C. Rager, S. Mil- ler, L. Crouse, M. Reed, F. Krommes, J. Lasch, B. Whitmoyer, R. Wiley, D. Spitler N. Donley. From available information the Junior Tri-Hi-Y was probably started by Miss Donough who had the Tri-Hi-Y in 1947-48-49-50-51. Mrs. Brightbill had Junior Tri-Hi-Y in 1951-52-53 and Mrs. Shover had it from 1953 until the presnt time, 1955-56. The club takes part in various projects throughout the year. They send care packages, Christmas packages to the Twin Spruce Home, and sell seeds. They also have Teen Talks, panel discussions, the Thanksgiving assembly and a spring dance. The club has approximately eighty members from seventh to ninth grades. Ofhcers are: President, Fay Sternerg Vice-President, Betty Schaeffer, Secretary, Suzanne Nitrauerg Treasurer, Darlene Miller, Chaplain, K. Staufferg Chairman of Speakers, Charlotte Hoffman. Adviser-Mrs. Shover. -13 8- W .,.. .eoR,,,.W --Q , ,V .-.-, -. . :.::--'. - :,, .- as.-if ... L . . g as ,, ,., fi an y as is Wi WWW ' 'tire wr ss High School Safety Patrol D. Gassert, L. Crouse, L. Ewing, E. Auchenbach. J. Swanger. J. Musser, M. Shuey. A. Gettle. C. Saunders. M. Hower. The Myerstown School Safety Patrol was organized in 1931 by Robert W. Mitchell shortly after the time when the Palmyra Lebanon County Auto Club began sponsoring school safety patrols. Myerstown Patrols accompanied by the High School Band have marched in the annual Safety Patrol Parade since 1935. Elected representatives attended the National Safety Patrol Parade at Washington, D.C., during the years 1936 to 1941. Members receive a certificate and badge on the completion of a semester's service. Junior High members may earn a letter. The bus trip sponsored by the police department and the faculty advisers at thc close of the school term is traditional with the Patrol. Points of interest visited by the Patrol were Trexler Game Farm. Hershey Police Barracks. Lebanon County Jail. Miniature Village, Pa., State Museum. and the State Capitol. The Patrol is proud of its record of no accidents or injuries to pupils on patrol covered corners in twenty-tive years of service. Hill School Patrol -139- Mixed Chorus Row 1-R. Schaeffer, D. Schaeffer, R. Sanger, B. Reppert, R. Fisher, S. Suhr, J. Moore. M Loeb, R. Krall, E. Lessig, D. Shenk, G. Troutman, M. Honker, D. Fake. Row 2-J. Ficca, C. Kratzer, N. Umbenhen, P. Brown, B. Bingaman, D. Sterner, C. Lengle M. Grumbine, R. Loose, G. Yeagley, S. Achey, L. Shenk, R. Shaeffer, J. Bird, P Jeffers. Row 3-J. Yeagley, N. Fink, F. Fulk, C. Yeagley, A. Bollinger, N. Kohl, R. Bixler, G. Daub, B. Donley, D. Lessig, R. Steltz, W. Fulk, R. Garloff. The Mixed Chorus is composed of forty boys and girls from ninth to twelfth grades. The chorus is under the direction of Miss Dech. The chorus sings at the Spring Concert each year. It is interesting to note that in the chorus there are 9 members from ninth grade, 6 from tenth grade, 14 from eleventh grade, and ll from twelfth grade. -140- Girls' Chorus Row l-R Schaeffer, H. Fullmer, N. Fink, P. Beyler, R. Sanger, F. Fulk, P. Light, C. Yeagley, B. Schaeffer, F. Fisher, S. Suhr, J. Moore, M. Loeb. Row 2-J, Yeagley, R. Schoener, D. Schaeffer, C. Kratzer, P. Wilson, D. Neiswender, W. Hol- linger, P. Leininger, N. Philippy, B. Bingaman. F. Sterner, C. Lengle. Row 35-L. Zeigler, J. Ficca, N. Ewing, L. Yeiser, B. Reppert, N. Umbenhen, P. Brown, M. Demmy, A. Sattazahn, D. Sterner, S. Bordner, A. Bollinger. The Girls' Chorus is under the direction of Miss Dech. The chorus was started sometime after 1935 under the direction of Miss Dech. The chorus has thirty-eight members who sing at the Spring Concert each year. lt is interesting to note that in the chorus there are twelve girls from ninth grade, five girls from tenth grade, twelve girls from eleventh grade, and nine girls from twelfth grade. --141- Boys' Chorus Row 1-R. Krall, E. Lessig, D. Shenk, E. Miller, G. Troutman, M. Honker, D. Fake, C. Um- benhen. Row 2-R. Bixler, M. Grumbine, R. Loose, G. Yeakley, S. Achey, L. Shenk, R. Schaeffer, J. Bird, R. Garloff. Row 3-David Hipp, Gene Daub, Brian Donley, David Lessig, George Seibert, Rodney Steltz, Wm. Fulk, Peter Jeifers. The Boys' Chorus is composed of twenty-five boys from ninth to twelfth grades. The chorus is under the direction of Miss Dech. Each year the Boys' Chorus sings in the Spring Con- cert. lt is interesting to note that there are seven boys from ninth grade, five boys from tenth grade, five boys from eleventh grade, and eight boys from twelfth grade in the chorus. -142-- Girls' Ensemble Left to Right: Ruth Schaeffer, Janet Yeakley. Nancy Fink. Carol Kratzer. Peggy Brown, Faye Fulk, Barbara Reppert. Connie Yeagley, Susan Suhr. .loanna Moore, Nancy Umbcnhcn, Nancy Kohl. Girls' Ensemble The Girls' Ensemble was organized in 1936 under the direction of Miss Dech. The Ensem- ble is composed of twelve girls from ninth to twelfth grade. Each year they have sling at the Spring Concert, Women's club, Senior Class Play and the Fair. This year they also sang on the radio and at the Valentines Dance. -143- Junior Chorus Row I-J. Musser, L. Fredrickson, J. Dinger, S. Nitrauer, K. Boyer, J. Schaeffer, C. Hoffman, J. Trout, D. Copenhaver, D. Miller. P. Stechman, K. Stauffer, A. Honker, D. Gassert. Row 2-B. Garman, C. Shenk. F. Krommes, E. Haak, S. Miller, S. Lebo, L. Ernfield, M. Nei- swender, M. Houtz, C. Mentzer, M. Reed, N. Donley, T. Honker, L. Saunders. Row 3-G. LeGay, E. Auchenbach, L. Crouse, B. Lengle. R. Mundt, J. Wagner, M. Wenrich, P. Brubaker, B. Burkholder, S. Ressler, G. Spitler, A. Heilman, L. Ewing, C. Saun- ders. The Junior Chorus was the last musical organization to be organized. It is under the di- rection of Miss Dech, who also organized it. The Junior Chorus is composed of 45 girls and boys from seventh and eighth grades. Each year the chorus sings at the Spring Concert. OFFICERS President-T. Honker, Secretaries-Librarians-A. Honker and C. Saunders, Treasurer-J. Dinger. -144- Row Row Row Row Row Junior Band I-S. Nitrauer, B. Burkholder, B. Brown, M. Reed, F. Krommes, C. Nitrauer, C. Hoff- man, C. Rager, S. Houser, R. Wiley, B. Beckley, J. Haverstick, K. ner, S. Yeagley, E. Haak. N. Donley, A. Honker. 2-B. Donley, C. Himmelherger. J. Rittle, P. Lutz. A. Hibshman. M. R. Salem, J. Gettle, J. Page, B. Donmoyer. D. Haag, S. Miller. B. S. Lebo, F. Souders. 3-R. Bicksler. B. Suhr, L. Saunders. L. Gettle. R. Shenk. R. Miller. H. man. R. Hoffman, D. Wagner, K. Stauffer, R. Young. G. Lebo. Bollinger. Sholly, C. Schoe- Gibbs, P. Salem Dinger. D. Hipp Hacker. R. Gar- S. Siverling, A 4-G. Dreibelbis, T. Honker, A. Haulman, J. Whitmoycr. F. Strobel, H. Deck, R. Phil lips, L. Zeigler, D. Gassert, D. Beam. L. Ewing. L. Forry, R. Fredrickson. D. Lutz D. Maurer, E. Hibshman. R. Leander, J. Yiengst. J. Nevius, B. Blatt. 5-S. Rhoads, C. Shenk, R. Auchenbach. R. Garloff, E. Auchenbach, D. Shenk, C. Len gle, C. Wilson, D. Lessig, L. Klick. R. Sadler. C. Saunders, R. Banks, L. Schaeffer History The Junior Band was started in 1942 hy Mr. Harold Yeagley. There are eighty members in the Junior band. The Junior Band marches in the Myerstown Halloween parade and in the Dental parade. They also take part in the Spring Concert. Row l-G. LeGay, P. Ernst. Junior Majorettes Row 2-N. Firestine, S. Siverling, P. Lutz. M. Gibbs. S. Zearfoss, K. Balmer, A. Hibshman L. Lebo, S. McKnight, K. Yeagley, L. Zeigler, M. Reposki. P. Salem. Row 3-S. Bordner, H. Troutman, M. Hower, D. Miller, C. Kline, J, Laush. A. Smith. B Garman, J. Musser, L. Crouse, D. Christ. R. Lengle, M. Wiley, C. Haag, N. Ober holtzer. -145-- Senlor Band The Senior Band was started in l933 hy Mr. Myers. Following Mr, Myers were Messrs. Brubaker. Erh, and Landis. ln 1941 Mr. Harold Yeagley hccame the director. Mr. Yeagley is still our director. and has heen for fifteen years. The Senior Band plays at the Fair. a Concert for Burd Memorial Home. and at the Spring Concert. There are approximately sixtyreight memhers in the Senior Band. Senior Band Officers President-Larry Shenk Vice President-Carole Sholly Secretary-.lanet Yeagley Treasurer-Faye Fulk Librarians-Brian Donley. Andy Honker Assistant LihrariansiSuzanne Nitrauer. Kathryn Stauffer Color Guard and Majorette Squad Row I-J. Wilson, M. Demmy. L. Zeigler. l.. Yeiser. A. Oherholtzer. Row 2-A. Boyer. L. Mader. P. Ariz. M. Hoffman, G. Phillippy. L. Wolfe, B. Reppert. These two squads lead the hand in parades. The Majorettes also twirl at concerts. The caller of the color guard squad is Ann Boyer. The head majorette is Marlene Hoffman. -146- Senior Band This marching unit composed of sixty-eight students has marched in the Robesonia Par ade, the Newmanstown Parade, the Myerstown Parade and the Palmyra Auto Parade. The band is transported to and from the parades by bus. -147- ,. rl.. :ar di :UQ ...4 Y Xin 11.-J, I um iv! - w az, ,- 1 'UP' , v " 5 8 A Lx w m W 11 , 964mg ,I I 1-'wa P fs-'v-'g1,vwfgzmFmf '11 a n vu J'-'54 J-. f Aa rv- ww gr I' x N,- 1'4- .- V N fs ,fs 1 pf J w Q l 'MN . I , 1 .1 ' h , , , , In c' P 'V , N.. A 9-:QR Lu-Y, N Q' 4 7, S F -. -4,..y Queen of Hearts Dance The annual Queen of Hearts Dance was held Saturday, February ll, 1956, at 8:00 p.m. in our gymnasium. The court consisted of the King and Queen, Maid of Honor and four attend- ants with five escorts. These students were all chosen by the popular vote of grades ten, eleven and twelve. The two flower girls and train-bearers were of pre-school age. At this year's Queen of Hearts Dance Bonnie Landes was crowned Queen of Hearts by King Loren Kline. The Queen's attendants were Beverly Ranaldi, Maid of Honor, Constance Yeagley, Marlene Hoff- man, Ruth Schaeffer, and Phyllis Artz. They were escorted by Conrad Youse, George Seibert, Eugene Lessig, Dale Achey, and Larry Shenk. The flower girls were Margo Crouse and Deb- orah Slayton and the trainbearers Dennis Fake and Michael Kauffman. Twenty junior girls partcipated in the traditional minuet. They were accompanied by Joanna Moore. The follow- ing program was presented: Ballet Dance - Jean I-Iaverstick Vocal Solo - Kathryn Stauffer - "Ah Sweet Mystery of Life" Ensemble - "When Day is Done" - "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" Trumpet Trio - Peter Jeffers, Stanley Achey, and Brian Donley Music was supplied by the Tune Stylists for the remainder of the evening. This yearly affair is sponsored by the Sr. Tri-Hi-Y under the advisorship of Mrs. R. Jeffers and Mrs. D. Lutz. Miss Esther Zug introduced the Queen of Hearts Dance to Myerstown which was the sec- ond school in Lebanon County to have this dance, Fredericksburg being the first. Harold Al- bert and Beatrice Loeb reigned over the first King and Queen of Hearts Dance in 1944. -151- Coronation -152- 00253 700 CC mm W-ZZWU FLOWER GIRLS F A K E TRAIN BEAKERS -153- ROUND Ib TW JP 'KY -2 Zo cf H AK EA L WN A N ZOW -Z ,QS VW L O R E N MOZJ:-IUXZOFDFQN rnnmcmn Ubvnzo as -4:-:u"v4rvUo mrmg W2 mf UTZUWGHC I-N270 qv o A L E w-f'r'-411: -Q705Ubf' 1 N .-" is N-M ""'w-M 6"""w..., Minuet Group The traditional minuet was danced by our minute group which was made up of twenty junior girls from Senior Tri-Hi-Y, Miss Kathryn Dech directed the dance and Joanna Moore accompanied them. Girls' Ensemble -158- Trumpet Trio k ws Class Representatives -159- Grateful Acknowledgment In publishing this 1955-56 Myrialog the staff asked many students and teachers to help with various jobs. At this time we wish to express our appreciation to all those who gave of their time to make this publication of the Myrialog a great success. -1 60- 3511 jmlenxwriamz Mr. Robert Mitchell - May 2, 1955 Mr. Albert Reed - February 28, 1956 -161- Patrons A 8: P Food Store C. S. Rohrbach, Mgr. Albert Brothers Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Ames Bahneys' Furniture Store Bethel 8: Mt. Aetna Tel. 8: Tel. Co A. W. Beyler 8: Son, Inc. Ruth Bennetch Bingaman Ford Inc. Richard Bixler George S. Bleistein, Sr. Alice Bollinger Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bomberger Joanne Boyer Boyer's Radio 8: Appliance C. D. Brightbill Sales 8: Service Brownls Atlantic Service Station Franklin Brown Brown's Cut-Rate 8: Lockers Mrs. Elsie Buffamoyer Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burkholder Fern Burkholder Burkholder's I G A Buy-Rite Food Market The Co-Ed Drew E. Courtney, M.D. Crescent Plastics Company Gene Daub Oscar Deamer Deck's Gulf Service Station Dinger's Clothing and Shoe Store Dotty's Beauty Shoppe Ebling's Meat Market Priscilla Ebling The Mary Elton Faye M. Eisenhower Feeg's Esso Service Center Judy F. Ficca Ruthann Fisher Dr. and Mrs. George Flanagan Peggy Garloff Garman 8: Crouse Sheet and Metal Works Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gass Grimes 8: Hauer Poultry Processing Corp. William Grubb D. M. Grumbine, Upholsterer Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Haak Red Hammer Harnish City Service Station Harnish's Store Harpel's Studio Hershey's Homogenized Milk Harold Hibshman Betty Hixenheiser Hoffrnan's Lunch Room Winifred Hollinger Mike Honker Doris Houtz Shirley Houtz Mary Hower Doris Keener Dolores Keiffer Kline's General Store Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Kline Kohl Bros. Nancy Kohl Joan Kohl Mr. and Mrs. Luther Koppenhaver Dr. and Mrs. Kurtz Edgar M. Landis -162- Landis 84 Landis Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lengle Lessig's Clothing Store Charles C. Loose and Son, Inc. Loser's Music Store Mrs. Barry Lutz Lutz's Food Market Mader's Beauty Shoppe Marilyn Mastro McQuate's 5 Sc 10 Miller's Blue Sunoco Bruce Miller Dr. Carl S. Miller Darlene Miller Donald Miller Kathleen Miller Mr. and Mrs. Walter Miller Myerstown Bank 8a Trust Co. Myerstown Cleaners Myerstown Hide 84: Tallow Co. Nissley's Bottled Gas, Inc. North Side Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ondrusek Old Mill Nancy Phillippy Pinkyls TV and Appliance Publix Shirt Corp. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Ranaldi Barbara Reppert H. W. Reppert and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ruppenthal Mr. and Mrs. Earl Salem Paul E. Sanger Audrey Sattazahn H. F. Schaeffer 8: Co. Patrons Earl V. Schaeffer Glass Service William Siverling Mr. and Mrs. Heber Siegfried Gladys Shaeffer Shellhamer's Atlantic Service Janice Sherk Jacob M. Sherk Carol Sholly Shirley Smith Dolores Spitler Glenn Spitler Mr. Wayne Spitler Stein Bros. Clothiers Rodney Steltz Doris Sterner Stitzel's Pharmacy Swope's Store Taste Good Shop Ellsworth Troutman Helen Troutman Uhler Sc Kline Miles Umbenhen Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Wagner Richard Walter Lee C. Webber John Wenger Whitmoyer's Laboratories Inc. Dr. and Mrs. James R. Wiley Wilhelm's Hardware Store Winthrop Laboratories Jay Yeagley Janet Yeakley Barbara Yordy Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Youse Loretta Zeigler '--1 63- " 1' 4 . 1- . If Q',"!1f', -HQ-0' K. 4 Y'7'i1" :ji ,V.A F Q .,.. ,1 ,- Y H, 'X Qu. c 'r 1 -1" . . .1 In , 'vi 1 .pp YV, Marv A I . +1 , X' . 1. ' 1 , ' - -, Q35-ggi 'K .. 'ggi'-..': ' g?'a5,5'f5 '-Yiix? -L. -A -' MQ:a2:-FA-fl eil - ' --.Q M , I 7,,vr 'A 'f .WZ I f 7' 13 . .1-1 . T61 .4 4 ' " ' 1. 1 , . if '7' ,Q in ,Q S w , 'Q' . Q ' : , :rf V " ' , X . iw-1 A 4-5 , F' f Q Nj-. , .i 035' w 1 ' . "qi . V . in A 4 ' 4"1',.,. . 5 gg 1 ' ' , ' -,-Q if ff: 4 -. 4-,f ., 31 'lf X 5 pri, ' I 'WM : .,, . ,l xl .1 V v - 1 . .vi , V .vi-J Eg- - E4 I .Ai . . , . . !'9' A1 'Q .Pr -1 - , - 'f' Q J, 7 V IL , n 9 if 5 54 if ggi A' , I ww V p ,. -r. ., - : ,- ,L V--- . -' HW.. .- . an-f -. A ' V -.','-' ,Vg - - g --,S -. .- V 1 -1 v-V.-g 1- !- "g'3?4'f-Ari-' - 1 ' Hifi' 94 -4 Wi'-" -" f"vf-'1 x ' A 5'-Q yt? .- Z3.?"1 ..fi1,AA. ' -. , V ' ka' -57-'fffzQf'1'- ' K' as S ' ' My - -1 ... "J "Y-.... - , . .. " V. Ei -gf ,-:-wry P--V 124 -.3 ff ., ,.,,,g.,. g,i 1:3' .V.m'fw,.,. ,,. :V ,i,q,.,.. , - , - ,-mf : 4' . ,V 5. J, I f --4 . r I ,,- , L -- . . - ,., rm. ,K Vg: ,5 55-'T , k ,. ,lf in AY ,.., u - 7 .. . Q, ,- .fg V , V V Y E33 31. V J 3, ,V V- - , . 1 'nj K -ff , .1 M V , ,. ., g, , . .4 ' gg. , N.. "W -". -. -1? J., ' ,J 'E A.J, . ' Y 5 . f ' , A ' 1 V. . 1 ,ig V, ai . A , ,M ,. Q. , , . V , ,.,' .. ' 'h,:jl" 531' A V L , j . ,., ' 1 A w - 1 Vs. , , 4 .-K+. 2 -u-4 Y-aiu -11 ,fx vi , 1 ' 4 -' V , ,s ' -Vw: ' 1, .. N ' -i f 1 W, ' ' A .115 ,,' f ,v -rg. 324, '2' 1 A- 3, 4- . , ,., -A: f f, 5- Ar-. , "V ' f zu V V Q V"5L'- r G' Va-. ' Y- V' ' 5' " ' - ' 1' , iii' -' " -...E ,f?15?A' 33514 A ' ' ' ' L x , 7' ' .-2 "P" 'VR :..K -.,.- W, I gi: , .2 V 1 'L - V.j1wgf:H,,'H-:- 1. 14, f ' .-1 ' ' .- "' - --14" - u 4. - ' "L " --.vw f'-"Vw-'f.-.-:,- , " - - ' -f-V1'

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