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Myerstown High School - Myrialog Yearbook (Myerstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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i hlAodu ... 95 Table of Contents Page No. Foreword 2 Dedication 3 Tribute 4 Myrialog Staff 5 Alma Mater 6 Administration 7-21 Seniors 22-46 Popularity Poll 46-50 Senior Play 50-53 Senior Personalities . 54-56 Informal Snaps 57-66 Class Song 67 Class History 68 Class Will 69-70 Class Prophecy 71-72 Underclassmen 73-8 1 Sports 82-89 Activities 90-106 Oueen of Hearts Dance 107-1 10 Alumni 111-116 Patrons 117-118 — 1- FOREWORD " One day a hush will fall, The footsteps of us all will echo down the hall and disappear. " The Class of " 54 " wishes to preserve all the memories of their happy high school days through this yearbook. As our footsteps carry us away from school into our separate lives we long to think back over our experiences in Myerstown High. The work on the yearbook began before Christmas 1953, when Miss Immel, the Myrialog staff of twenty-two members, and coop- erative students began fulfilling the assignments given them by the editor, Dolores Phillippy. Miss Welch aided the artists in com- pleting the cover. Finally, the students ' work was submitted to the Church Center Press at Myerstown. The presses rolled off these handsome yearbooks all ready for the seniors and patrons. Our sincere thanks to these workers. And now as you turn each page, may a remembrance fill your heart of the joys you had at Myerstown High. —2— DR. CHARLES F. ROUH Dedication We, the Class of 1954, sincerely dedi- cate our yearbook. " The Myrialog, " in memory of Dr. Charles F. Rouh. who died January 7, 1954 Dr. Rouh faithfully and unhesitatingly served as the school doctor for fourteen years, besides rendering extensive medical service throughout Myerstown and sur- rounding areas. His patients thought high- ly of him, both as a doctor, and as a friend. The school, too, will not forget the untiring efforts and medical assistance which were so willingly given by Dr. Rouh. The dedication of this yearrbook is our mettioriam to this man who contributed so greatly to the welfare of our school and our community. —3— Tribute We oft times take for granted the work of Miss Immel. She scampers around deUvering Lan- dis and Landis orders, oversees work at the fair, makes us fill our quota selHng magazines, and always has words of ad- vice for those in need. We need to express verbal thanks to her as well as these words of thanks. To her now we pay special tribute for the careful planning of many important occasions in the senior year. We are sure her excellent judgment will guide future classes to a successful graduation. Myrialog Staff Row 1 — Richard Roller. Virginia Lebo, Michael Hottenstein. Carol Hollinger, Dolores Phillippy. David Schell. Darlene Brandt. Gerald Heberling. Luanne Werner. Row 2 — Joan Knoll. Julia PeifFer. Linda Stohler. Gene Bucher. George Lessig, Walter Whitmoyer. Jean Kline. Dino Marcozzi. Marion Mummau. Victor Fahnestock. Ruth Ream, Wilbur Ga Ior. Gladys Duffy. The M rialog Staff for 1953-54 consists of Dolores Phillippy — Editor in Chief. Carol Hollinger and David Schell — Associate Editors. There are also 3 Literary Editors, 2 Circulating Editors. 2 Variets Editors, 3 Business Managers, 3 .Advertising Managers. 2 Sports Editors, 1 Photographer, and 3 Artists. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF- -Dolores Phillippy ADVERTISING MANAGERS Joan Knoll Julia Peiffer Michael Hottenstein VARIETY EDITORS CO-EDITORS Carol Hollinger David Schell ARTISTS Virginia Lebo Richard Roller Luanne Werner PHOTOGRAPHER Walter Whitmoyer SPORTS EDITORS Gene Bucher Gladys Duffy LITERARY EDITORS George Lessig Linda Stohler Gerald Heberling The members of the yearbook staff worked untiringly in their efforts to make this book one that they could be proud of. With the faithful and much appreciated help of their advisor, Miss Immel. they have turned out this annual publication. Marian Mummau Dino Marcozzi CIRCULATION MANAGERS Ruth Ream Victor Fahnestock BUSINESS MANAGERS Wilbur Gaylor Jean Kline Darlene Brandt —5- Alma Mater Faithful and true-hearted. Let us cheer our dear old High, We revere her and defend her, and her colors proudly fly: We will stand for her united. Of her deeds we gladly tell, Her colors streaming. Glad faces beaming. So here ' s a cheer for her that we all love so well. CHORUS Joyous and ever loyal. Let us boost for our Old High, Let ev ' ry heart sing, Let ev ' ry voice ring, There ' s no time to grieve or sigh. It ' s ever onward, our course pursuing, May defeat ne ' er our ardor cool. But united, We will boost for her, our Old High School. Honors she has taken, On the track and with the ball. May she always rank the highest. May her colors never fall. There ' s no other that can match her. When her team is on the field. Her boys the fleetest. Her girls the sweetest. Then here ' s a cheer for her, for her who ne ' er will yield. —6- XClynn00xZ4 aZa yK . Mr. Harvey L. Nitrauer B.A., M.A. Supervising Piimipal ' ' " i: Teaching Experience — 26 years Principal ' s Message Look within yourself when you are prone to criticize. -7 — School Board Left to Right: Mr. George Bleistein, Jr., Treasurer; Mr. John B. Shenk, Director; Mr. Robert Schaeffer, Vice-President; Mr. Monroe Haak, President; Mr. Harvey Nitrauer, Supervising Principal; Mr. Rodney Steltz, Secretary. Board Dinner Clockwise: Mrs. Harvey Nitrauer, Mr. Monroe Haak, Mrs. Robert Schaeffer, Mr. Rodney Steltz, Mrs. John Shenk, Mr. George Bleistein, Jr., Mrs. Monroe Haak, Mr. Harvey Nitrauer, Mrs. Rodney Steltz, Mr. Robert Schaeffer, Mrs. George Bleistein, Jr., Mr. John Shenk. —8— Mr. Harold A. Batdorf B.S., M.A. Math Teaching Experience — 37 years Mrs. Helen H. Brightbill B.S, Health and Physical Education Teaching Experience — 4 years Mr. A. Lester Bucher B.S. Chemistry. Physics, Biology Teaching Experience — 17 years Miss Kathryn L. Dech B.A., B.S, M.A. Music Teaching Experience — 24 years —9— Mrs. Lillian G. Emerick B.S. Second Grade Teaching Experience — 19 years Mrs. Joanne K. Fairlamb B.A. English Teaching Experience — 4 years Mr. Dwight C. Fake B.S. Socicd Studies Teaching Experience — 5 years Mrs. Mabel Groff B.S. First Grade Teaching Experience — 14 years -10— Miss Anne C. Gruber B.S. Home Economics Teaching Experience — 2 years Mr. Robert A. Hoffman B.S. Health and Physical Education Teaching Experience— 3 years Miss Mabel C. Immel B.A. English and Social Studies Teaching Experience— 16 years Mr. Howard Klopp B.A.. M.A. Social Studies Teaching Experience— 4 years -11 — Miss Audrey V. Kopp Mr. Frederick W. Lantz B.S. B.A. Biisiiic. ' .s History — Guidance Teaching Experience — 7 years Teaching Experience — 19 years Mrs. Ruth T. Lantz Mr. Robert W. Mitchell B.A. B.S., M.S. School Lihrtiruui Science Experience — 15 years Teaching Experience — 27 years —12— Mrs. Catherine Nitrauer Mus.B. English Teaching Experience — 9 years Miss Jane North M.Ed., B.S. Second Grade Teaching Experience — 4 years Mr. Albert A. Reed B.S. Math Teaching Experience— 26 years Mrs. Harold Risser Mrs. Maebelle Shenk has been teach- ing the first grade since Mrs. Risser left us near the beginning of the year. Mrs. Shenk has 6 years teaching e. - perience. -13— Miss Irene Schell B.S. Third Grade Teaching Experience — 26 years Mr. John R. Sherman B.A., M.A. Vocalioiud Agriculture Teaching Experience — 26 years Mrs. Richard Shover B.A. English and Spanish Teaching Experience — 2 years Mr. Adam Snavely B.A., M.Ed. Sixth Grade Teaching Experience — 20 yeras —14— Mrs. H. Irene Snavely B.S. Fiflh Grade Teaching Experience — 22 years Mr. Miles H. Steiner Industrial Arts Teaching Experience — 48 years Mrs. Blanche E. Weaver B.A. Fourth Grade Teaching Experience — 14 years Miss Anita C. Welch B.S. Art Teaching Experience — 2 years —15- Mr. Harold G. Yeagley B.S. Bnini ciml History Teaching Experience — 14 years Mrs. Angela Kercher R.N. School Nurse Experience — 3 years Miss Ellen M. Snyder Scliool Secretary Experience — 3 years —16— M H S Faculty Status MR. HARVEY L. NITRAUER Highspire High School Steelton High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania MR. HAROLD A. BATDORF Millersville State Teachers College- Normal Teachers Certificate Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College Columbia University Teachers College Albright College MR. DWIGHT C. FAKE Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley College Temple University MRS. MABEL GROFF South Lebanon High School Millersville State Teachers College Albright College Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College MISS ANNE C. GRUBER Wyomissing High School Pennsylvania State College MRS. HELEN H. BRIGHTBILL Myerstown High School East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College MR. ROBERT HOFFMAN Myerstown High School West Chester State Teachers College MR. A. LESTER BUCHER Quarryville High School Elizabethtown College Temple University MISS KATHRYN L. DECK Myerstown High School Albright College Ithaca College New York University MRS. LILLIAN G. EMERICK Myerstown High School Elizabethtown College Lebanon Valley College Kutztown State Teachers College MRS. JOANNE K. FAIRLAMB Mohnton High School Lebanon Valley College Columbia University MISS MABEL C. IMMEL Myerstown High School Albright College MR. HOWARD KLOPP Richland High School Queens College Franklin and Marshall College Millersville State Teachers College University of Pennsylvania MISS AUDREY V. KOPP West York High School Elizabethtown College University of Michigan University of Wisconsin MR. FREDERICK W. LANTZ Mechanicsburg High School Muhlenberg College Columbia University Albright College Temple University —17— Kirs, ruth t. lant: Wyomissing High School Bucknell University University of Pennsylvania Kutztown State Teachers College Columbia University MR. ROBERT W. MITCHELL Lewisburg High School Susquehanna University Pennsylvania State College Albright College MRS. CATHERINE NITRAUER Reading High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College MISS JANE NORTH Millcreek Township High School Millersville State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University MR. ALBERT A. REED Orwigsburg High School Muhlenberg College Kutztown State Teachers College MRS. RICHARD SHOVER John Harris High School Lebanon Valley College MR. ADAM SNAVELY Jonestown High School Millersville State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College MRS. H. IRENE SNAVELY Jonestown High School Millersville State Teachers College MR. MILES H. STEINER Myerstown High School Albright College Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College Millersville State Teachers College MRS. BLANCHE B. WEAVER Myerstown High School Albright College Wyoming University Millersville State Teachers College Elizabethtown College Temple University MISS IRENE J. SCHELL Myerstown High School Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College Temple University MRS. MAEBELLE SHENK Myerstown High School Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College MR. JOHN R. SHERMAN Bethel High School Elizabethtown Prepar-itory School Juniata College Columbia University Pennsylvania Stale College MISS ANITA C. WELCH Bethel Township High School Kutztown State Teachers College MR. HAROLD G. YEAGLEY William Penn High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College MRS. ANGELA KERCHER Lebanon High School Saint Joseph ' s Hospital, Reading Pennsylvania State College Lebanon Valley College MISS ELLEN M. SNYDER Myerstown High School —18- Earl Bennei iam Kuiz Mrs. Earl Bennetch Mr. Clafron Fink Custodians Here are the fine workers who keep our school neat and clean. These are the people who are responsible for the cleanliness of Myerstown High School. We, the students of M.H.S., want to express our thanks to you for the neatness of our schools. In the future let us respect them and assist them to keep our school clean. — 19— Get Busy Keep Your Pitch Up! 1 2-3-4 Nellie The Nurse Lots of Work To Be Done —20- There ' s Too Much Loud Talking Get Those Excuses In All Right. Get Those Books Open Place That Decimal Point Don ' t Touch Those Sandwiches I ' ll be with you in a minute. —21 — Senior Class Officers Left to Right: Walter Whitmoyer, President: George Lessig, Vice President; Luanne Werner, Secretary; Shirley Schwear, Treasurer. CLASS COLORS— Forest Green and White CLASS FLOWER— Talisman Rose CLASS MOTTO — " And each must make, " ere life is flown, A stumbling block or a stepping stone. " Memoirs We shall never forget our class play rehearsals and then the big event of public perform- ance on the evenings of November 19th and 20th. Our other " big " events all occurred at the end of the year. Our Class Trip was first, on the 10th, 1 1th, and 12th of May. We had one day of I est, than the Junior-Senior Prom. Our Class Day was on May 21st. This was our last chance to " blow off our steam. " The more serious events came next, with Baccalaureate on May 23rd. The final, but most significant event, is Commencement. Now we are out on our own facing the problems of a life-time which we hope will yield success and happiness to everyone. -22— je K j: L4 ROBERT GEORGE ANDREWS 346 West Main Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Andy " Business Course Doesn ' t care for English Class — doesn ' t let his curly hair attract the girls — one of the big four in Miss Kopp ' s room. Baseball 2, 3; Soccer 4. ALLEN MORRIS BAMBERGER 27 East Main Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Bambi " General Course Heavyweight contender of the class — never carries paper or pencils — always ready to laugh — loves to catch fish, al- ways big ones!!! Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 2. 3, 4. LUCILLE MAE BETZ Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Lucy " Home Economics Course Quiet type??? — Plans to get married — works at the Key Drive -In — Will prob- ably be a housewife. F.H.A. 2, 3, 4. —23— DARLENE RUTH BRANDT Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Dolly " Business Course Tall and attractive — works at the Dixie Cup — attracts the opposite sex. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Myrialog Staff 4; News- gram 4; Secretary of Class 1. GRACE MABEL BRANDT 840 S. Railroad Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Grace " Business Course Noted for her laugh — always making up typing work — good waitress at the Bahney House. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Hockey 2. DONALD GEORGE BROWN Route 1, Richland, Pa. " Ducky " Agriculture Course Sports a bright blue Chevie — good for a snooze in English Class. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. -24— ERNEST ARTHUR BROWN Route 1, Richland, Pa. " Ernie " Agriculture Course Has a professional farmer walk — deep- ly interested in girls??? Likes to ask Mrs. Fairlamb questions. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. t i- NORMAN THOMAS BROWN Route 3, Myerstown. Pa. " Norm " Agriculture Course Has become a television star — wears lipstick, but not on his lips — has interests in the Junior Class. Boys ' Chorus 1, 2; F.F.A. 3, 4. LESTER GENE BUCHER Route 2, Myerstown, Pa. " Bucher " Academic Course Ace in all sports — has interests in Ann- ville — gets A ' s in Chemistry??? — plays a hot trumpet. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Boys " Chorus 2, 3. 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; County Band 1, 2, 3, 4; County Chorus 4; Class Play " Curly " 4; Myrialog Staff 4. Hi-Y Secretary 3; President of Hi- Y 4; Soccer and Basketball Co-Captain 4; Band Vice President 4. —25— HENRY WILLIAM DERR Route 1, Richland, Pa. " Derr " Agriculture Course IVIrs. Fairiamb ' s pet — sly and bashful?? — Cowboys in a hot Chevie — Ever sec him study??? F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD LEE DERR Route 1. Richland, Pa. " Derr " Agriculture Course Often seen working on his car at noon hour — seen in Richland frequently probably will be a farmer. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F.F.A. Chaplain 3; F.F.A. Vice President 4. CHARLES CORIN DONLEY 1 18 North College Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Donkey " Agriculture Course Trying to raise a DA — works at the Buy-Rite — always found with the girls. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. —26— ' •Duf GLADYS JUNE DUFFY Route 3. Myerstown. Pa. Home Economics Course Pepp ' waitress at the " H " — leaves a trail of broken hearts — plans to be a Doctor. Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: F.H.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; F.H. A. President 3; Class Secretary 1,3. RICHARD RAYMOND DUNDORE Route 2. Myerstown, Pa. ■■Red " Business Efficient business student??? — One of our quiet boys — Starts school at 9 a. m. GENE CLYDE EBERLY Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Cherub " General Often seen with Jerry — Noted for his rosy cheeks and curly hair?? — He knows it, but won ' t sav it. -27— GEORGE EDWIN EISENHAUER Route 3, Myerstown Pa. " George " General Ever see a handsome fellow in a snaz- zy Ford? — Successful truck farmer — Known for his weird noises. Baseball 2, 3. DOROTHY ELIZABETH S. EVANS 208 East Main Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Dotty " Home Economics Quiet and reserved — midget of the sen- ior class — polite. Tri-Hi-Y 2; F.H.A. 2, 3, 4. VICTOR WENGER FAHNESTOCK Stouchsburg, Pa. " Vic " General Romeo of the class — Knows how to wrinkle fenders — Noted for his Physique. Hi-Y 4; Myrialog Staff 4; Class Play (Sammy Fester) 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Boys ' Chorus 4. —28— ROBERT LEE FICHTHORN Stouchsburg, Pa. " Beany " General An admirer of Trig — Master of jokes — television fiend. Hi-Y 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Boys ' Chorus 4; County Chorus 4. STUART KLINE FLEAGLE Stouchsburg, Pa. " Stu " General Interested in that senior blonde — Cow- boy with a car — Mostly found with girls or Vic. Hi-Y 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Boys ' Chorus 4; County Chorus 4. WILBUR JOHN GAYLOR, Jr. Route 2, Myerstown, Pa. " Squirrel " Business Spends his study halls in Room 2 — Another member of the big 4 of the Com- mercial Room — Always has a desk full of pin-ups. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Cam- era Club 2, 3; Boys ' Chorus 1, 2; News- gram 4; Myrialog Staff 4. -29— THOMAS BERNARD HAFER Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Hafer " Agriculture Known to Mr. Lantz as chicken thief — has curly blonde hair — would be capable of taking Mr. Peepers ' part on TV. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F.F.A. President 4. GERALD KERVIN HEBERLING Chestnut Street, Richland, Pa. " Hebby " General Mr. Dinger ' s right hand man — likes to get his dad ' s new Ford — well dressed. Camera Club 2; Boys ' Chorus 1, 3, 4; Senior Play (Ed Small); Myrialog 4; Mix- ed Chorus 3, 4; Mixed Octette 4; District Chorus 4; Senior Band 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; County Chorus 3, 4; County Band 1, 2. Hi-Y Secretary 4. GLENN HARRY HEIM Route 1, Myerstown, Pa. " Pud " Agriculture Will probably be a farmer — drives a modern car? — His heart belongs to Glo- ria. Student Council 1; F.F.A. Treasurer 4. -30— FAY CYNTHIA HERTZOG 30 Washington Avenue, Myerstown, Pa. " Blondie " Business Sets her alarm for 8:30 A.M. — works at the Elton — has a changeable heart. Tri-Hi-Y !, 2. 3, 4; Library 1. 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. I, 2, 3; Band 3, 4; Hockey Team 2; Library Club Secretary 4. X n PAUL WINFIELD HIBSHMAN, Jr. 526 South Cherry Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Snooky " Business One of the big four of the Business sec- tion — seen with Squirrel — crazy laugh. Newsgram 4. HELEN HILDA HIXENHEISER Route 3. Myerstown, Pa. " Hixie " Home Economics You can always hear her laugh — Never in a bad mood??? — Will probably be a housewife. F.H.A. 2, 3, 4. -31— CAROL JEAN ELIZABETH HOLLINGER 13 Bahney Avenue, Myerstown, Pa. " Carol " Business Course Lucky Senior with a job — Bees always buzz around the honey (Ted) — Usually last to " get " a joke. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Ensemble 1, 2. 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Play (Maw) 4 Myrialog Staff 4; County Band 1, 2, 3 Mixed Octette 3, 4; District Chorus 4 County Chorus 4; School Treasurer 4 Library Club President 4; Mixed Chorus President 4; Tri-Hi-Y Scribe 4. MICHAEL PHILIP HOTTENSTEIN 401 West Main Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Mike " General Course Works at Burkholder ' s — Math brain — plans to be an engineer. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Chorus 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Myrlaiog 4; Senior Play (Paw) 4; Hi-Y Treasurer 4; Student Council President 4. RONALD ROY HUNSICKER Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Ronnie " General Course Fills Albert ' s creampuffs with air — proud owner of a ' 49 Ford — Noted for his great chemistry experiments. —32— JEAN HENRIETTA KLINE Stouchsburg, Pa. " Jeannie " Home Economics Course Noted for her tobogganing — Victim of Bambi ' s pesting — Barbara ' s right-hand girl. Tri-Hi-Y 4; F.H.A. 4; Myrialog Staff 4. ELSIE MARIE KLOPP Route 1, Wonielsdorf, Pa. " Kloppy " Home Economics Course Redhead of the class — Works at the " H " — One of the sick-list girls. F.H.A. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. JOAN ANN KNOLL Route 1, Myerstown, Pa " Joanie " Business Course Has a diamond — Driver of her Dad ' s 98 Olds— Good roller skater. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Myrialog Staff 4 . —33— " ■■ " ' »t.-s RICHARD RAYMOND KOLLER 308 West Main Street, Myerstown, Pa. " GuUie " Academic Course Good poker player — one of Mr. Bat- dorf ' s brains??? — Cool guy with jokes. Newsgram 1, 2, 4; Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 4; My- rialog 4; County Chorus 4. MILDRED SUSAN KREIDER Route 2, Myerstown, Pa. " Mickey " Business Course Quiet??? — Pleasant to be around — Where does she get her POD answers? Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 3, 4; F. H.A. 2, 3, 4; Newsgram 4. ROBERT EUGENE LEBO Route 1, Richland, Pa. " Bobby " Agriculture Course Marrying type — Henry Derr ' s right- hand man — One of our Brains?? F.F.A. 3, 4. —34— VIRGINIA RAE LEBO 203 W. Carpenter Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Jinny " Business Course Heart is in Palmyra — Will fit you with shoes at Kinney ' s??? — If you can ' t park a car. drive it!!! Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2. 3. 4; F.H.A. 1, 2. 3, 4 Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Girls ' Chorus 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3 Hockey 1, 2, 3; Soft Ball 1. 2; Newsgram 1. 2. 3, 4; Senior Play (Corney Bell) 4; Myrialog Staff 4; County Band 1. 2, 3; County Chorus 3. 4. Tri-Hi-Y President 4 ;F.H.A. Secretary 4; Mixed Chorus Sec- rethary 4; Newsgram Financial Secre- tary 4. GEORGE ROBERl LESSIG, Jr. 213 West Main Street, Myerstown, Pa. " George ' Academic Course Carried the Trig students through — plans to be a minister — Very forgetful. Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play (Bob) 4; Myrialog Staff 4; Band 1, 2 ' , 3, 4; District Chorus 4; State Chorus 4; Mixed Octette 2, 3, 4; County Band 2, 3; County Chorus 3, 4; Mixed Chorus Treasurer 3. 4; Band President 4: Hi-Y Vice President 3, 4; Class Vice President 3, 4. EARL WILMER LONG 355 West Main Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Earl " General Course Loves gym — Interested in baseball — Quiet type. —35— GLADYS MAE LONG Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Longie " Home Economics Course Likes to crocliet — Works at McCrory ' s — Noted for her eternal giggles. F.H.A. 2, 3, 4. ERWIN MAHAFFEY Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Erwin " General Tallest boy in the class — menace with a car — beginning to get over his shyness. DINO ANTHONY MARCOZZI 8 E. Richland Ave., Myerstown, Pa. Another of the big four — has rare hu- mor — always pesting Dickie. Myrialog 4. -36— BETTY JANE MAYS Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Masie " Business Shy but oh my — often found at the Casino — bread winner for a dentist. Tri-Hi-Y 4; F.H.A. 3, 4. LOIS WINIFRED MENTZER 14 W. Park Ave.. Myerstown, Pa. " Specky ' s Sister " General Active in all Girls ' Sports — frequently seen in Annvillc — girls envy her pretty red hair. Class Play (Doris Dean); Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Basketball Team 2, 3, 4; Hockey 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3. 4; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3. 4; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 3, 4. Captain of Basketball, Hockey, Baseball Cheerleading 4; Stu- dent Council Vice President 3. BARBARA SUE MILLER Stouchsburg, Pa. " Barb " Home Economics Sports her Christmas diamond — always must get home to write a letter — likes to play jazz. F.H.A. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. —37— RICHARD RAY MILLER Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Dick " General 1, 2, 3, Agri. 4 Sells anything that you need — has his chemistry in P.O.D.?? — spends his time? (latest was Lebanon.) Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3; Camera Club 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Mixed Octette 3; County Chorus 2, 3, 4. Treasurer Camera Club 3. MARION GREINER MUMMAU Route 1, Myerstown, Pa. " Marion " Business Seen driving in THAT Buick — willing worker — our first Stouchsburg immigrant. F.H.A. 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Myrialog 4. JULIA ANNE PEIFFER 10 West Park Avenue, Myerstown, Pa. " Jut " Business Only TRUE blond of Senior Class!— girl with many dreams for the future — ask who drives that black Chrysler. Myrialog 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 1, 2; F.H.A. 2, 3. 38— DOLORES JEAN PHILLIPPY 200 E. Main St., Myerstown, Pa. " Dolly " Business Has interests in many towns — " loves " the Y — small but mighty. Tri-Hi-Y 2, ,3 4: Library 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 2. 3. 4: Girls ' Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4; Class Play (Ellie Lou); Myrialog Editor 4: County Chorus 4; Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer 4; Mixed Chorus Secaretary 3, 4; School Treasurer. RUTH STELLA REAM Route 1, Myerstown, Pa. " Ruthie " Home Economics Noted for her pony tail — girl with a thousand faces — the most fluent blusher. F.H.A. L 2, 3, 4; Library 1, 2, 3; Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2; Myrialog Staff 4. ANNA REBECCA RESSLER Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Anna " Home Economics Seen hot rodding in her Olds — winner of many trophies — noted for her skillful ; parking. r ' F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Camera 2, 3. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; —39— ROY ALBERT SCHAEFFER 8 South Broad Street, Myerstown, Pa. ' " Lemon " Agriculture Great fire-fighter — Mr. Sherman ' s fa- vorite student — should have adjustable seats in car. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; County Chorus 3, 4. DAVID HENRY SCHELL 110 N. Railroad Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Dave " Academic Conservative driver — tops at the piano — Miss Dech ' s favorite German student. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Myrialog 4; Accompan- ist for County Chorus 4; Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 3, 4. SHIRLEY MAE SCHWEAR Route 1, Richland, Pa. " Shir! " Business First girl with a diamond — has an eye for sailors — in charge of ALL the Senior money! Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3,4. —40— GLORIA ROSE SCIPIONI 108 W. Main Street, Mverstown, Pa. ' " Skip " Business Ever see her in school?? — can ' t keep her feet quiet — our future telephone oper- ator. Girls ' Chorus 1. 2, 3; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3: Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 1. F.H.A. Secretary 3: and Historian 2. RUSSELL WAYNE SHAAK Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Russ " General Bashful type — Albert ' s dough boy — German brain?? Basketball 3. N PAULINE JEAN SHARTLE Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Beanie " Business Mrs. Fairlamb ' s " victim " — girl with the giggles — only twin in our class. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2. 3, 4; F.H.A. 2, 3, 4. —41 — KATHLEEN HILDA SMITH Route 2, Myerstown, Pa. " Kassie " Home Economics Another girl with a diamond — usually seen with her mouth open — Lotwarick Queen. Camera 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2. BARBARA ELAINE SPANGLER 125 W. Main Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Barb " Business Attractive — always seen with Billy — weil-liked — also sports a diamond. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4. Iri-Hi-Y Vice President 4. JEROME CURTIS SPANGLER 125 W. Main Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Jerry " General Job-hunter — our January graduate — • Jerry and Marion were the only couple in our class. -42- MYRNA LOUISE STECHER 21 1 N. Railroad Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Peep " Business Looking forward to her future in Leba- non — loves those motorcycles — McCro- ry ' s efficient sales girl. Library 1. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2; Band 3, 4. LINDA LUCILLE STOHLER 18 E. Carpenter Avenue, Myerstown, Pa. " Lin " Business Heart found in South Lebanon — kid that can spot a gray Plymouth a mile away — no plans for the future except to get married. Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Myrialog 4; County Chorus 4; Library Vice President 4; ri-Hi-Y Chaplain 4. RONALD PAUL SWANGER 16 S. Cherry Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Ron " General Expert at cards — works at the A. P. — noted for wise cracks in P. O. D. Hi-Y 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2. -43- RICHARD LEE WAGNER 837 S. Railroad Street, Myerstown, Pa. " Dickie " Business ' Brilliant " typist?? — his secret love in the Senior Class — competing for a record in wrecking a Chrysler. LUANNE MAE WERNER Park Street, Richland, Pa. " Lif Home Economics Waitress at the " H " — looks forward to Friday night — our southern gal!! County Chorus 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3 4; Myi rialog 4; Senior Play (Dizzy Mae); Coun- ty Band 1, 2. Tri-Hi-Y Secretary 4; F. H.A. Vice President 3; Band Secretary 4; Class Secretary 4. CLARENCE WALTER WHITMOYER 100 S. Railroad St., Myerstown, Pa. " Whit " Academic Always late for school — most studious boy in the class — found hot-rodding the " Caddie. " Myrialog 4; Basketball 2, 3; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 1; Hi-Y 3, 4; News- gram L 2, 3. Class President 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice Persident Camera Club 1; Student Council 1. —44— GERALD LEE YEAKLEY 45 W. Main Street, Myerstown. Pa. " Jerry " " General Works at the Dixie Cup — one of the best-dressed fellows — interests in Leba- non. Camera Club 2. RONALD DEAN YEAKLEY Route 3, Myerstown, Pa. " Ronnie " General Future TV producer — expert soda jerk — ardent sports fan. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 2; Senior Play (Zeke); Basketball L HAROLD EARL ZECHMAN Route 1, Womelsdorf, Pa. " Harold " " Agriculture Stouchsburg chauffeur — man of few words — excellent gym ability. —45— ROBERT MARK ZEIGLER 10 Jefferson Avenue, Myerstown, Pa. " Ziggy " General Known for his expert driving — smooth dancer — sports a neat crewcut. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. MOST POPULAR Barbara Spangler Walter Whitmoyer MOST FLIRIAIIO US Gladys Duffy Victor Fahnestock -46— MOST LIKELY JO SH t III) Luannc Werner — George Lessig MOST POLITE Barbara Spangler George Lessig BEST DANCERS Gloria Scipioni Robert Zeigler MOST STUDIOUS Carol Hollinger — George Lessig —47— MOST LOVELORN Marion Mummau — Richard Miller MUSICALLY INCLINED Carol Hollingcr David Schell MOST TALKATIVE Joan Knoll — Dino Marcozzi MUTT AND JEFF OF CLASS Robert Andrews — Erwin Mahaffey -48- BEST ATHLETE Lois Mentzer Gene Bucher BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS Mike Hottenstein Carol Hollinger BEST DRESSED Darlene Brandt Gerald Yeakley MOST HUMOROUS Kathleen Smith — Allen Bamberger MOST ARTISTIC Virginia Lebo — Richard Koller MOST VERSATILE Dolores Phillippy — George Lessig She ' ll Be Coming Round the Mountain CAST MAW Carol Hollinger PAW Michael Ho ' .tenstein CURLY Gene Bucher CORNEY BELL Virginia Lebo DIZZY MAE Luanne Werner ZEKE Ronald Yeakley ELLIE LOU DUFUNNY Dolores Phillippy SAMMY FESTER Victor Fahnestock ROBERT BRUCE George Lessig EDWARD SMALL Gerald Heberling CAROL HUGHES Gladys Duffy DORIS DEAN Lois Mentzer COMMITTEES Stage Setting and Ticket Printing — Manual Training Group, pupils of art classes — Miss Anita Welch, Mr. Miles Steiner. Make-Up — Kathleen Smith, Helen Hixenheiser, Gladys Duffy, Lois Mentzer, Anna Ressler, Dorothy Evans, Marion Mummau, Mildred Kreide ' ' — Mrs. Frederick Lantz. Ticket Sales — Barbara Soangler, Jean Kline, David Schell, Wilbur Gaylor — Mr. Harold Bat- dorf, Mr. Lester Bucher. Publicity — Fay Hertzog, Elsie Klopp, Ruth Ream, Gladys Duffy — Miss Anita Welch. Stage Crew — Walter Whitmoyer, Paul Hibshman, Robert Fichthorn, Ronald Swanger — Mr. Howard Klopp. Prompters — Julia Peiffer, Linda Stohler, Gloria Scipioni. Music — Mr. Harold Yeagley. Director — Mrs. William Fairlamb, Jr- :] —50- " Coming Round the Mountain " Left to Right: Ronald Yeakley — " Zeke " ; Carol Hollinger — " Maw Skitter " ; Dolores Phillippy — " Ellie Lou " ; Gene Bucher — " Curly Skitter " : Victor Fahnestock — " Sammy Fester " ; Virginia Lebo — " Corney Bell " : George Lessig — " Bob " ; Gerald Heberling — " Ed " ; Luanne Werner — " Dizzy Mae " : Gladys Duffy (seated) — " Carol Hughes " ; Lois Mentzer — " Doris Dean " ; Mike Hotten- stein — " Paw Skitter. " " Woe is me. " say Bob and Ed. Sammy got his " shootin " iron " and is all set for any false moves. The other hillbillies around them don ' t seem to care much for the boys ' feelings. " Coming Round the Mountain " Left to Right: Ronald " Veakley — " Zeke " ; Carol Hollinger — " Maw Skitter " ; Dolores Phillippy — " Ellie Victor Fahnestock — " Sammy " ; Lois Mentzer — " Doris " ; George Lessig — " Bob " ; Virginia Lebo — " Corny Bell " ; Gerald Heberling — " Ed " :: Dolores Phillippy — " Ellie Lou " ; Gene Bucher — " Curly " ; Gladys Duffy — " Carol " ; Carol Hollinger — " Maw " ; Mike Hottenstein — " Paw. " Those smiling faces show that everyone ' s having a rip-roarin " time! The seniors really enjoyed their class play and they should have, don ' t you think? —51 — Sr. Class Play Ronald Yeakley, Michael Hottenstein, Carol Hollinger, Gene Bucher, Virginia Lebo, Luanne Werner. Sr. Class Play Victor Fahnestock, Lois Mentzer, Gerald Heberling, Dolores Phillippy, Gene Bucher, Gladys Duffy, Michael Hottenstein, Carol Hollinger, Ronald Yeakley, Luanne Werner, George Lessig, Virginia Lebo. —52— Back Stage Snaps JjpiP nf —53— a e •a til « s, o •c 0. •a o o o o 2 S g cd — - CO •- T- QJ N c . L C •H o o o o u. o u i (U X M ■o x: 00 [_ o o I o 3 O E 00 CO o S o o 6 u o c ' a M I. C g u D . E s= .a = a. £S ( 5 ca ' c T3 ca E ■o o x: E O. CO o o UJ ca e B -a ' . 2 3 U O P3 o Q (U U ti E E CQ E 03 O uO E c t. o u. U -C E OJ 1 E CO 4-1 a , 1- u h M o 2 H •c o ■ a b — o H c o - ' i 1! oh 4 « u o j= (U c « j: t ) L- 2i E-S u 3 o n £ l-l . H E 3 O °E g I " o " O J2 £ ' E E S a E ai:: o Q-5 " - (L Sg .i " Q. - 3 -= " ,So: i:-= H « Q S 0:= O H ' cfl O B •a.S o T3 C x: c o n 00 3 C 5 , _ CO 00 X ij; w o CO U 1 c O 5: S Q BQ 00 « — . E . 13 _ _ o x: _ ■ - a lU V) H 3 o as 00 Ct D a CO 5o.E 00 c E to ■o . CO Q c o CJ £3 00 C 1 O c CO . C X CO ._ X .2 J= « ■■? = I X I aa o -u .t Ir •- en _ ■■? CO «i CO ■ - . I x: X X X oa o ■a o o O X in 00 en ■2x X S a.-S fr- IT: tj 00 o u E .s: X " X .— CO 1J X S X 5 ii a o (u CJ X w o CQ CO c o D o u c o oa o Z o o Q S " It o 00 S o -: Ji; u U. li- 4J 1- E Xi CO 3 X Q U v5 H o o n - u C ' 7i c 3 X a K c 1 2 s " co c c .u is CO C 1 -54- o o $ S ' V. • — ■■J =3 § 2 s • 5 5 -=.2 J C : 6 iZ r o -T- O X c o = o o -r — -C s •= £ s C s if S C v: 2 -. 5 = C 55 Z X = i O S ■2 . C " E. H 1 ■ fit ■s ■■ •O " - o — i ° •= 5 . - s c. C ? s c E J3 !li £ - C c c S C -J G-- O ; Oi 5 o — = L- ■ — OE - 2 2 u ? O I E C ■£ i: -U — c C 1- o o G o - c § 2 u S " -a o — — , - S E ' • = x£ ir z - 5 _; a: oi O tL O " = = o - — 1 E LZ o ■o u E jC :3 u ■ N N 2 2 kfl M o w C X cs ai I X —55- e PL, O 5 ■§ CQ U. cx y. (U X tx -o cQ o a. ' C 1 -J o h- -b ; , . U o ft! a c ■- ■c .2 £ 15 ■ « ' to o c c o o 1- c c E o o 5 = T3 •5 4- i n E S o 5 ' 3 3 5 " 1 =0 S 1 5 3 u ' •- ' O O S D. ji: = o KJ I I o u S I CD C I S o 2 SOS o • " o CO U ■t: . — j= -o u — o u e o X o a-H • — x: ? is oa Soa I . nj OJ ' oj c : i- D u ■O X :: a a. Q. o O U u ol (U CO QJ ra c M u ii5 (A «5 M 1) « OJ O M E o ■ lU s „ Id o o o p ■a £• o O OJ x; o o o o c o o o OJ o x: jj . sz Q Z o I O ' O f- o o = c 1 2. « o E Q- U • " « 5 o u o CO i o Q U J - oo ,u o ■3 S D .S ' S I- m E u. CQ Jr O c bljT3 C CO O o X CO J- CO a. Qft. •a c c£ E u. .E r3 — ■ - ° S ° -5 QJ CO CO - — =3 CO o a. c CO J= Uj Wl 3 01) 3 60 — c CJ C - S E •o a c« c« IE ;e 01 E a E CO CB aa c — JJ o S j: _ OJ t: CD , i CO — -- CI. CO O o o U = I — « s 5 s 00 o i_ O. u ■ " o Q e N ■0 (J :d I ; CO s s s — " = , X) g OJ Cl. ' a oa OS 56- HBL€H J INN: —57— Gi-O X ' 1 r J X 3 yE OMtey fii I., I r? ' 1 hi ' ft ' ;s cH :4 eoRcr 3 X B ?i 6it i- SHiRL-ey £ i »€ -58- 3?UCK Crt«€«t| 5 a Ai6ir SJii 4- Jean i,m9a 3ot.i.y UJH I E Nl€ f lLi-lE ■MftniAifcy ilUSSEL Friy Hat saic£ e —59— Jui-i£: HE66y X£CHm iN i?aTH fiNO -60— —61— — 62— s —63— —64— -65- -66-- 1+ cv -er I am lone-ly,Wh«h Don ' t ev -er be. down-heart-ed, Just ' ll I I i l r r UJ5- » rfcr jXo-rt dilA t ll So l ' . - ' ' i Jlj- ; J ■! I 4tti W -from lyre, a.nL Atop try hedA iw Sifli a lit 4;le son J, We know oLii- Hig i S o J- « i ! ■ I F ir S4 i - ntss arid sfieJ a lii -t(e ieac. ; mem-orv«i will alw- vjoys K 1 jifi ' ' n Ve ■ e r f F 7 ' t ' i i 1 i IJ i ' knovv I couU be Ihap - ' py If woyi ' t fot- -get ou - te4 - cKe s when Se i J l i III , r I WouWjust re -call t if fvn I had a We a. r Mr a -■w4y,v e|| eheir-Lsh all out- A ° - I 8 _ T h ouj ?- S J " ' ' ' Ci-o«-t|ffs a h ' i 6e PP tKcve ' s B 1 ?- — - f -q f- F =i J H = We»-fc.r dll t e Ukah-ttir dt irh Mg a r ■? . -- -: )i ScAoo ljJ)Kiit) e C a.ssof fif-7j, — f oar IU6.S t ieye, — 67- Class History In September of 1 942 a group of frightened but eager students started pacing the streets to their new adventure. After a few weeks we found it was not exactly a dream, but Miss Loose tried to make our dream come true by showing us the easiest way to learn the three R ' s. Second grade found us surveying the grounds of the hill school with Mrs. Em- erick as our guide. Our advancements toward the third grade were learning to tell time, attending the assembly programs and being in the operetta. We advanced to third grade where Miss Schell taught us more complicated things, such as the weath- er maps, keeping health charts, and also learning to snap our fingers. Miss Layser had the unfortunate task of taming us down in 4th grade, since it was leap year and the girls took advantage of the fact. In fifth grade a few of our classmates decided school would be more interesting sitting in the hall, so Miss Uhrich granted them their wishes. This was also the year we had Mrs. Frantz, and Miss Leib. Sixth grade was the half-way point in our adventure. As Mr. Suavely guided us we thought ourselves geniuses and could go our own way. Seventh grade found us a little baffled, as were our new classmates from the rural schools, in finding all the new rooms of the high school. This was the year of many new adventures for all of us, such as learning to dance, with Mr. Daniels as our instructor. We were also greeted with the two most loved expressions, " In the corner quickly! " by Mr. Mitchell, and Mr. Reed ' s " Don ' t forget your decimal point. " Mr. Reed and Mr. Mitchell remained with us as our homeroom teachers in eighth grade. With great enthusiasm we were greeted by Miss Immel and her ring and also welcomed Mr. Marquette and his memorizing of many historical events. In ninth grade we initiated Mr. Klopp, but he also made us write many essays, as " Speech is silver, silence is golden. " The fair found us selling soft drinks. Tenth grade Mr. Batdorf and Mr. Bucher chaperoned us as we strut- ted about with our new class jackets, beanies, and pennants. We also acquired the scientfic knowledge in the biology lab. Quiet a few of us chose the romance language of Latin under the guiding hand of Miss Donough. Miss Fox and Mr. Lantz supervised us in eleventh grade as we proudly dis- played our new class rings. There was quite a fad as girls were seen wearing boys ' rings. After Mr. Mitchell was through with us in the corner, he taught us how to be efficient drivers, although some of the boys forgot very quickly. This is the un- lorgettable year we sponsored the Junior-Senior Prom. The day of the prom found us worrying about a program. In twelfth grade Miss Kopp and Mr. Fake had to cope with us as we excitedly exchanged class pictures. The peculiar noises in Mrs. Fairlamb ' s class, the jokes of Mr. Fake, and Mr. Bucher ' s idea of letting us run the chemistry lab was part of having a good time. We were sales clerks for the Landis and Landis Club and our magazine selling was a minor chore. After being haunted by the thought of prepar- ing the year book we finally wrote the last pages. After studying and working for twelve years, our dream became a reality — our three day trip to New York. As graduation day approaches we stand at the threshold of a new and different life and we look back upon our twelve years as time well spent. We deeply regret having to leave the halls of dear old M. H. S. —68— Class Will Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1954, Myerstown High School, Borough ot Myerstown, County of Lebanon, and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We the Class of 1954, having sound and somewhat brilliant minds, do leave our personal talents, titles, property, and characteristics, both visible and invisible, to the remainmg members of Myerstown High School. First, to the Class of " 55 " we leave our card-playing ability, and our class trip. Second, to the Class of " 56 " we leave our bright ideas and good looks. Third, to the Class of " 57 " we leave our versatility, our intelligent minds, and the way we use them. And, in addition — Thomas Hafer wills his A ' s in Agriculture to Karl Grumbine. Donald Brown wills his smokepipes to Billy Cox. Dolores Phillippy leaves her job of yearbook Editor to whoever deserves it. George Eisenhauer wills his used car agency to Wilbur Wagner. Virginia Lebo leaves her artistic ability to Harold Mann. Walter Whitmoyer wills his address book to Joel Zinn. Elsie Klopp leaves her pleasing personality to Barbara Reppert. Gerald Yeakley wills his D.A. haircut to Miles Brandt. Jerry Spangler leaves his silly giggle to Charles Geib. Julia Peiffer wills her blond???? hair to Audrey Sattazahn. Gene Eberly wills his sense of humor to Mr. Batdorf. Darelne Brandt leaves her wardrobe to Fern Wenger. Ronald Swanger wills his card-playing strategy to some young card shark. Erwin MahafTey leaves his towering height to Miss Immel. Luanne Werner wills her arguments in P.O.D. to Sylvia Wandell. Henry Derr wills his Model A Ford to his brother Gerald. Barbara Miller wills her long hair to Peggy Smaltz. Ronald Yeakley leaves his love of chemistry to John Tice. George Lessig wills his straight A average to Nancy Honker. Jean Kline wills her bashfulness to Sue Zearfoss. Richard Miller wills his way with the girls to John Mentzer. Anna Ressler leaves her F.H.A. projects to Geraldine Heberling. David Schell wills his musical ability to Joanna Moore. Lucille Betz leaves her trips to the movies to Starr Miller. Richard Koller wills his ability to make excuses to Robert Howell. Grace Brandt leaves her class jacket to Janet Wagner. Paul Hibshman leaves his " 35 " Chevy to his brother Mike. Joan Knoll leaves her typing ability to Violet Houtz. Mike Hottenstein wills his green bow tie to Thomas Cox. Ruth Ream leaves her favorite expression " Stop It " to Nancy Yohn. Stuart Fleagle wills his library of jokes to Terry Schott. Pauline Shartle wills her ability in Shorthand to Ruth Bennetch. —69— Class Will Richard Wagner wills his driving skill to Mr. Mitchell. Mildred Kreider leaves her feats in Gym Class to Barbara Labe. Richard Dundore wills his job at Feeg ' s to Tom Brown. Barbara Spangler leaves her dynamic personality to Pat Potteiger. Wilbur Gaylor wills his glasses to Conrad Youse. Shirley Schwear leaves her trips to Buffy ' s to Paul Snyder. Myrna Stecher wills her skating ability to Nancy Gettle. Robert Andrews wills his title of " The Mighty Mite " to Bernard Webber. Lois Mentzer leaves her position on the athletic squads to Beverly Ranald!. Charles Donley wills his trips to the roller rinks to Bobby Miller. Linda Stohler wills her trips to the Y.M.C.A. to Marilyn Potteiger. Ernest Brown leaves his day-dreaming to Ralph Derr. Carol Hollinger leaves her LQ. to David Jeffers. Dino Marcozzi wills his lantern to Jere Pearson. Fay Hertzog leaves her telephone calls to Nancy Fink. Gene Bucher wills his athletic ability to Dave Ebling. Betty Mays leaves her class ring to Blanche Weihs. Gladys Long wills her giggles to Kitty Lou Firestine. Roy Schaeffer leaves his hunting experiences to Dale Fake. Robert Fichthorn wills his shyness toward girls to Kermit Hower. Gloria Scipioni leaves her flirtatious eyes to Ruth Schaeffer. Harold Zechman bequeaths his taxi service to some future Stouchsburg student. Gladys Duffy leaves her many nicknames to Dianne Seager. Earl Long leaves his quietness to his brother Ralph. Ronald Hunsicker wills his " Dutch Songs " to his brother Franklin. Helen Hixenheiser wills her temper to Dolores Reeser. Robert Lebo leaves his technique to become engaged to Larry Morris. Richard Derr wills his trips to Richland to Kenneth Brown. Kathleen Smith wills her job at the Mary Elton to Betty Haldeman. Glenn Heim leaves his F.F.A. jacket to Marlin Umberger. Dorothy Evans wills her stature to Richard Schaeffer. Gerald Heberling wills his naps in German Class to William Fencil. Victor Fahnestock leaves his title " Romeo " to Ernie Firestine. Allen Bamberger wills his fish stories to Neal Dohner. Robert Zeigler leaves his dancing ability to Gerald Hanley. Russell Shaak wills his natural jokes to Edward Salem. Marion Mummau leaves her pleasant smile to her sister Mary Jane. Norman Brown wills Shirley Louser to the 11th grade wolves. —70- Class Prophecy With the aid of our super duper futurascope slapped together hy our enthusiastic shop loafing students we look into the future of 1974. As we enter the great metropolis of Myerstown, Pa., we notice the great industrial im- provements that have hecn made within the community. On the right side of the street we first of all sec Irwin Mahaffey ' s " Super Deluxe Hot Rod Junk Yard " where George Eiscnhaiier is trading in his twenty-fifth car for the year. Right ne.xt door ue find Wilbur Gaylor ' s insurance company, " You Hit Them — We Help You Run. " Dino Marcozzi and Robert Andrews arc his chief side-walk solicitors. A new industry has just opened in Myerstown — Julia Pieffer " s sophisticated, exclusive de- signs from Florida have just arrived and are being sold at " Mademoiselle Julia ' s .Salon. " Mrs. Smith, the former Shirley Schwear. has just arrived home after a cruise in the Medi- terranean with her husband — Admiral Smith. The new movie. " We Love Them All, " prodticcd by Ronald Yeakley and directed by Ger- ald Heberling has just hit town. In the cast we have starring — Linda Stohler as the famous dancer. This movie is followed by a sho.t feature intioducing Pauline Shartle and Grace Brandt, the famous Shorthand experts illustrating perfect shorthand outlines. Next we have the world-wide famous moving and hauling company, " We Wander Any- where We Go. " It is owned by Maiian Miimmau and operated by Jerry Spangler. Gloria Scipioni is still making steak sandwiches and getting her meat from Ebling ' s Meat Market. Every year at our annual fair, we see Myrna Stecher and her famous " Motorcycle Hell Drivers. " Dolores Phillippy is still getting promotions and is now chief mopper and duster at Waltei Miller ' s. Myerstown High School has obtained a new principal, Robert Lebo. He is so interested in education thai he goes to school every summer for special degrees. Lucille Betz, Gladys Long, and Dorothy Evans have just opened their new super " HELP YOURSELF AND LIVE " restaurant in the southeast corner of Myerstown. Donald, Ernest and Norman Brown are experimenting how to grow French Fried potatoes. They put the potatoes through a French Fry Chopper in odcr to save time. Their chief buyer is Dickie Wagner ' s Hot Shoppe restaurant. Richard Dundore is still trying to find a left-handed monkey-wrench to tighten the loose screws in his car. Helen Hixenheiser, the new head of Dogcatcher ' s Association, is trying to get more freedom for dogs. Gladys Duffy, the world ' s greatest hair doctor, has just discovered a new type of rinse for bald-headed women. She claims it does wonders for the scalp. Lois Mentzer holds the world-championship in " Picking up Sticks. " Henry Derr has finally given up his Model " A " Ford in favor of a Model " T. " He claims he was having difficidty in finding parts for the Model " A. " Richard Derr has become a millionaire through his new type of sleeveless Gym shirts. Fay Hertzog is enjoying her stay in the Hikini Islands, claiming it is very educational. Richard Miller, star photographer for PEEK magazine, is trying to get a piclure of Elsie Klopp, now taking Terry Moore ' s place. Anna Ressler has now opened her Veterinaiian ollicc specializing in the treatment for guinea chickens. -71- Class Prophecy Charles Donley is currently president of the " Dishwashers Union " and is holding a posi- tion as dishwasher at the Taste Good Shop. The Barbara Miller and Kathleen Smith " Learn to Drive " agency are the successors of Mr. Mitchell ' s agency and cater principally to bachelors. Fahnestock and Zechman Real Estate Brokers have just bought all of Stouchsburg ' s real estate hoping to strike oil. Mildred Kreider and Betty Mays have just tied for the lead in the Women ' s Open Golf Tournament held in Hershey Park. Barbara Spangler has just won Mrs. America Title. Glenn Heim and Thomas Hafer have decided that they liked their English course in school .so much that they are now full-fledged English teachers on the Indian Reservation in .Arizona. Earl Long, the famous chemist, invented a new style tear gas bomb. He is now working on how to bottle tears. Lessig has just disproved Einstein ' s latest theory of relativity. Hunsicker is still making cream puffs and Shaaky is filling them. Hottenstein is a successful engineer. He ' s still trying to find his way around Penn State ' s campus. Allen Bamberger has just won a medal for catching the smallest minnow. Luanne Werner is continually gazing into her Magic 8 Ball trying to foretell her Friday night. It ' s really complicated sometimes. Ruth Ream, now a head nurse at the Reading Hospital, is specializing in how to sterilize needles. David Schell is now pianist in Robert Fichthorn ' s Symphony Orchestra now playing at Carnegie Hall. Ronald Swanger has been promoted to head tissue stacker at the A P store. Stuart Fleagle is still trying to win the world ' s milk-drinking contest. Jean Kline won the world ' s toboganning title last year and is trying for it again this year. Carol Hollinger and Ginny Lebo are the inventors of a new type of a tyepwriter. " Can ' t Make Mistakes. " Mrs. Popeye. the former Joan Knoll, has just quit her job. for she just earned her first million. Darlene Brandt has just finished her new full-length feature film, " Service at a Drive-ln. " Paul Hibshman ' s business. " Rent a Cadillac. " is really thriving. The only thing you pay is the gas. Men ' s fashions have changed some since Richard Koller ' s suspender factory has been established in Myerstown. Gene Bucher has just been selected as the water-boy for the National All Star Team. Walter Whitmoyer is giving a lecture in Myerstown High School Auditorium on " How to Remain a Bachelor. " Gerald Yeakley, Robert Zeigler and Gene Ebcrly have just opened a " cat " shoppe on Main Street, specializing in already trained D. A. ' s. Roy Schaeffer, recent winner of Mr. America title, is now giving body-building lessons. As we leave Myerstown once more, we can hardly imagine what things will be like in the next twenty years. —72— uykdjAcJ aAyL. ykhJi h — 1 Junior Class Number of Pupils — Sixty Homeroom Teachers — Mrs. Harvey Nitrauer, Mr. Albert Reed Eleventh Grade Officers Left to Right: Kermit Howcr — Vice President, Peggy Garloff — Secretary, Joel Zinn — President, David Jeffers — Treasurer. -73— Sophomore Class Number of Pupils — Seventy-eight Homeroom Teachers — Mr. Harold A. Batdorf, Mr. Frederick W. Lantz Sophomore Class Officers Beverly Ranaldi — Secretary, Dale Achey — President, Conrad Youse — Vice President, Eugene Lcssig — Treasurer. —74— Freshman Class Number of Pupils — Sixty-seven Homeroom Teachers — Mrs. Joanne K. Fairlamh. Mr. A. Lester Bucher Ninth Grade Officers Sitting — Loretta Mader. President. Standing — Winifred Hollinger, Secretary; Judy Ficca. Vice President: Donald Brubaker, Treasurer. —75- II I HEP Eighth Grade Number of Pupils — Seventy Homeroom Teachers — Miss Anita Welch, Mrs. Helen Brightbill, Mr. Robert Mitchcl OFFICERS — President — William Fulk Vice President — Sandra Brightbill Treasurer — Mary Wolfe Secretary — Anita Yeakley Seventh Grade Number of Pupils — Eighty-three Homeroom Teachers — Mrs. Richard Shover, Mr. Robert Hoffman OFFICERS — President — Russell Spitler Vice President — David Lessig Treasurer — Dennis Brubakcr Secretary — Lyanna Knavel —76— Sixth Grade Number of Pupils — Forty-six Teacher — Mr. Adam Snavely Fifth Grade Number of Pupils — Thirty-seven Teacher — Mrs. H. Irene Snavely —77— Fourth Grade Number of Pupils — Thirty-two Teacher — Mrs. Blanche B. Weaver Third Grade Number of Pupils — Thirty-six Teacher — Miss Irene J. Schell —78— Second Grade Number of Pupils — Twenty-eight Teacher — Miss Jane North Second (Irade Number of Pupils — Twenty-nine Teacher — Mrs. Lillian Emerick -79— First Grade Number of Pupils — Thirty-five Teacher — Mrs. Mabel Groflf First Grade Number of Pupils — Thirty-six Teacher — Mrs. Ruth Ann Risser —80- I HE HILL SCHOOL —81- Soccer Team First Row — Walter Whitmoyer, George Lessig: Co-Captain, David Ehling. Co-Captain, Gene Bucher, Terry Schott, Robert Andrews. Second Row — Conrad Yoiise, Loren Kline, Kermit Hower, Jere Pea son, Charles Miller, John Mentzer. Third Row — Elwood Miller, Jon Swanger, George Seibert, Franklin Fields, Dale Fake, Neil Dohner. Fourth Row — Coach Robe t Hoffman, Manager, Joel Zinn, Michael Honker, Thomas Kerchner, Thomas Brown, F.ugene Lessig, Peter Jeffe:s, Manager, Jay Wenger. Myerstown South Lebanon 2 Annville 2 1 Cornwall 1 Heidelberg 3 North Lebanon South Lebanon 1 2 ' Annville 2 1 Cornwall 1 2 Heidelberg 3 North Lebanon 1 3 The record of the soccer team was 5 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie. In the first half of league play the Mohawks ' record was 3 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. They lost the first half championship to North Lebanon by one point in the standings. In the second half their record was 2 wins and 3 losses. We all congratulate coach Hoffman and the 2 Co-captains for a successful season. -82- Varsity Basketball 1st Row. L-R — J. Mentzer, Co-Captain D. Ebling. Co-Captain G. Bucher. K. Hower, Coach R. Hoffman. 2nd Row. L-R — Manager J. Wenger, J. Pearson, G. Lessig, T. Schott. E. Firestinc, Man- ager J. Zinn. SCORES WE THEY Wyomissing 27 39 Wyomissing 57 54 Womelsdorf 52 60 Womeisdorf 36 50 S. Lebanon 38 54 Alumni 47 50 Annville 48 71 Heidelberg 47 42 N. Lebanon 53 50 Palmyra 38 65 Cornwall 43 51 Richland 55 46 S. Lebanon 56 61 Annville 54 81 Heidelberg 64 69 N. Lebanon 46 47 Palmyra 45 68 Cornwall 56 63 This was one of the poorest seasons in Mohawk history, as they won only 4 games out of 18. The boys played very hard, but always lost the close games. Next year ' s squad loses only 2 players. So we are sure that they will have a much stronger varsity than this year ' s. —83- Junior Varsity 1st Row — Coach Hoffman. B. Cox, C. Youse, L. Kline, E. Lessig. 2nd Row— Manager R. Howell, G. Seibert. L. Shenk, R. Schaeffer, C. Miller. SCORES WE THEY Wyomissing 26 18 Wyomissing 33 41 Womelsdorf 43 23 Womelsdorf 40 24 S. Lebanon 33 36 Annville 37 52 Heidelberg 31 32 ■ N. Lebanon 39 29 Palmyra 25 38 Cornwall 43 45 Richland 47 18 I. S. Lebanon 34 46 ;■ Annville 47 60 Heidelberg 31 29 N. Lebanon 48 37 Palmyra 38 45 Cornwall 32 49 The record of Junior Mohawks was 7 wins and 10 losses. The team consisted of last year ' s Jr. High team. At times the boys looked pretty good, while at other times they looked just as bad. We hope that they will show a lot of improvement for next year ' s varsity. -84— Junior High Basketball Team 1st Row — M. Honker, J. Bird. P. Jeffers, J. Swonger. H. Hibshman. 2nd Row — R. Brown. A. Miller, E. Swanger. J. Yeagley, L. Nixon. 3rd Row — Coach Hoffman, D. Achey, A. Miller, B. Fulk, D. Loose. SCORES WE THEY N. Lebanon 30 17 S. Lebanon 18 22 Annville 31 35 Cornwall 24 22 N. Lebanon 23 18 S. Lebanon 23 36 Annville 22 38 Palmyra 21 39 Cornwall 36 50 Palmyra 13 25 This was the 2nd year for the Junior High. Although they didn ' t have a very impressive record — won 3, lost 7 — they played hard. The purpose of the Jr. High is to prepare the boys for Varsity action when they enter Sr. High. We all wish them the best of luck in the future. —85— Cheerleaders First Row — Shirley Gassert, Shirley Tobias, Lois Mentzer, Captain; Patricia Potteiger, Mary Ellen Sheetz, Ruth Bennetch. Second Row — Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Rachel Sanger, Gloria Phillippy, Diane Seager, Carole Sholly, Barbara Reppert. For the first year the faculty chose Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. The girls did a splendid job in keeping up the school spirit. Lefs all get out to the athletic activities and co-operate with our Cheerleaders. -86— Girls ' Hockey Team First Row — Faye Fulk, Diane Seager. Ruth Bennetch, Patricia Potteiger, Lois Mentzer, Captain; Mary Ellen Sheetz. Co-Captain; Beverly Ranaldi, Nancy Honker, Doris Lengle, Sandra Roller. Second Row — Loretta Mader, Elaine Bashore, Carole Sholly. Ann Boyer, Bonnie Landis( Vivian Devin. Irene Fox. Third Row — Audrey Sattazahn. Paula Light, Lorraine Zimmerman, Manager; Shirley Tobias. Manager; Rachael Sanger, Mrs. Helen Brightbill, Coach. Myerstown North Lebanon 5 Heidelberg 5 Annville 1 South Lebanon 2 3 North Lebanon 3 Heidelberg 3 1 Annville 2 1 South Lebanon 1 2 Wins — 3; Losses — 5 —87- Girls ' Basketball Team First Row — Barbara Labe, Patricia Potteiger. Lois Mentzer, Captain; Beverly Ranaldi, Co-Captain; Mary Ellen Sheetz, Faye Fulk. Second Row — Patricia Hottenstein. Ruth Bennetch. Loretta Mader. Irene Fox, Diane Seager, Nancy Honker, Doris Lengle, Sandra Roller. Third Row — Carole Sholly, Doris Sterner, Elaine Baeshore, Rachael Sanger. Fourth Row — Dawn Neiswender, Assistant Manager; Gloria Phillippy, Time Keeper; Sandra Schoener, Time Keeper; Phyllis Artz, Lorraine Zimmerman, Manager; Janet Yeakley, Mrs. Helen Brightbill, Coach. Due to illness and graduation, we lost many of our basketball games, but these lassies will work harder and next year we hope they will come through with many wins. Myerstown Heidelberg 65 56 North Lebanon 45 39 Annville 62 50 Cornwall 37 40 Heidelberg 58 50 North Lebanon 44 43 Annville 46 29 Cornwall 55 43 South Lebanon 30 41 South Lebanon 43 44 Wins — 3; Losses — 7 " -88— Baseball Team 1st Row— Coach D. Fake, D. Ebling, G. Bucher, G. Lessig, T. Schott, E. Firestine, K. Hower. 2nd Row — R. Andrews, E. Lessig, J. Pearson, J. Mentzer, C. Miller, W. Pencil. 3rd Row — L. Kline, A. Knoll, L. Shenk, Manager J. Wenger, C. Youse. WE THEY Robesonia 6 3 S. Lebanon 11 Palmyra 2 1 Annville 4 2 Richland 6 5 Newmanstown 5 Elizabethtown 8 7 Heidelberg 12 1 N. Lebanon 3 5 Cornwall 9 10 The Mohawks had a very successful season in 1953. winning 7 and losing 3. This year the Mohawks hope to finally bring a baseball championship to Myerstown. The Mohawks this year are blessed with a strong pitching staff, good fielders, and hitters, and plenty of experience at every position. So here ' s wishing the Mohawks the best of luck. —89- Student Council 1st Row — P. Potteiger, T. Schott — Treasurer, L. Mentzer, M. Hottenstein — President, B. Spangler, M. Schoener. 2nd Row — B. Ranaldi, R. Schaeffer, J. Moore, S. Miller, W. Hollinger. 3rd Row— R. Wolfe, P. Ebling, M. Brandt, S. Brightbill, P. Jeffers, H. Kreiser. 4th Row — D. Lessig (seated), B. Schwear, R. Fisher, S. Bordner, D. Hipp. The Student Council has done some fine work this year arranging special assemblies and sponsoring a dance. Their advisor, Mr. Reed, is very capable and guides them well. —90— a ctc iritaz4 . ' iR mm ™ M ™ ' ™ m 1 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 1st Row— p. Shartle, M. Stecher, J. Knoll, D. Brandt, C. Hollinger, G. Scipioni, D. Phillippy, L. Werner, V. Lebo, B. Spangler, L. Stohler, M. Kreidei. K. Smith, M. Mummau. 2nd Row — S. Louser, B. Showers, V. Deaven, G. Brandt, B. Mays, J. Peiffer, J. Kline, L. Mentzer G. Duffy, S. Schwear, F. Hertzog, E. Klopp, M. Brandt, R. Bowman, V. Saylor, R. Kline, G. Honker, L. Zimmerman, S. Tobias, B. Haldeman, M. Sheetz, S. Wandell, P. Potteiger, N. Honker, P. Troutman. 3rd Row — M. Mummau, P. Hower, F. Haldeman, D. Seager, S. Schoener, I. Hedge, P. Artz, E. Wolfe, G. Phillippy, B. Ranaldi, J. " Moore, S. Suhr, C. Yeakley, N. Ewing, R. Bennetch, D. Lengle, R. Schaeffer. 4th Row — D. Reeser, G. Heberling. H. Yiengst, A. Deck, B. Landis, P. Hottenstein, K. Brown, H. Fullmer, V. Houtz, B. Labe, I. Fox, S. Gassert, S. Koller, P. Garloff, M. Schoener, P. Light, D. Schaeffer. The Senior Tri-Hi-Y, a Christian organization, consists of girls from grades ten to twelve. The club consists of seventy-three members with Miss Anita Welch as advisor. Weekly meetings were opened with a devotional program followed by a business session. Senior Tri-Hi-Y is one of the most outstanding and active organizations of the school. During the year various activities are performed; the activities include a Christmas program at the Old Folks Home; together with the Hi-Y, the clubs went caroling through the halls the morning preceding the Christmas vacation and also sponsored a Christmas program. One of the biggest events for the club was the Queen of Hearts Dance. The Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y enjoyed a number of Teen Talks discussed by various persons of the community. —91 — 1 f9 U if . Tfi ■■■■?■ I ■Z t tWk ' I r L-j ' mtM itt Uk UaMt AuMK Hi-Y 1st Row — Richard Roller, Roy Schaeffer, Wilbur Gaylor, Walter Whitmoyer, Arthur Noll — Recorder, Gerald Heberling — Secretary, Gene Bucher — President, George Lessig — Vice President, Michael Hottenstein — Treasurer, David Jeffers — Chaplain, Richard Miller. 2nd Row — Allen Bamberger, Ronald Yeakley, Ronald Swanger, Robert Fichthorn, Victor Fahnestock, Stuart Fleagle, Charles Donley. Jere Pearson. 3rd Row — William Pencil, John Mentzer, Thomas Cox, Charles Geib, Joel Zinn, Richard Schaeflfer, Charles Miller, Robert Howell, Kermit Hower, George Peiflfer, David Ebling. Larry Morris. 4th Row — Eugene Lessig, Robert Miller, William Cox, Dale Achey, Dale Fake, Bernard Webber, Edwin Salem, David Swanger, Donald Achenbach. The Hi-Y Club is an organization composed of high school hoys under the sponsorship of the Young Men ' s Christian Association. The name Hi-Y is an abbreviation of the longer name, " High School Y. M. C. A. " The Hi-Y for boys is a companion club to the Tri-Hi-Y for girls and together they form the High School Youth Program of the Y. M. C. A. The purpose of the Hi-Y Club is: " To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. " The platform of the Hi-Y is composed of four points: clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean scholarship, and clean living. —92- Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Row 1 — Audrey Sattazahn, Winifred Hollinger, Rachael Sanger, Janet Yeakley, Judy Ficca, Barbara Reppert, Loretta Mader, Priscilla Ebling, Nancy Umbenhen, Faye Fulk, Anita Yeakley. Marilyn Yeakley, Romaine Morris. Row 2 — Mareeta Demmy, Nancy Hunsicker, Carole Sholly, Elaine Bashore, Fern Wenger, Shirley Trouman, Helen Kreiser, Doris Sterner, Peggy Brown, Shirley Smith, Dorothy Rittle, Kathleen Miller. Arlene Oberholtzer. Row 3 — Carol Saylor, Lyanna Wolfe, Doris Schamber, Betty Daub, Margaret Smaltz, Judy Kurtz, Sandra Brightbill, Mary Wolfe. Row 4 — Jeanette Rutter, Josephine Katzaman, Edna Brown, Shirley Houtz, Darlene Biever, Mildred Loeb, Marcia Schaeffer, Joan Wilson, Jean Spancakc. Row 5 — Bonnie Flick, Jean Neiswender, Loretta Brandt, Margaret Gettle, June Garloff, Lucille Darkes, Blanche Weihs, Patricia Miller, Elizabeth Schaeffer, Ruthann Fisher, Ethel Derr, Joan Kohl, Patricia Haag, Fay Himmelberger, Alice Schaeffer, Kay Smaltz. The purpose and objectives of the Junior Tri-Hi-Y are the same as those of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y. Girls of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades may become members of this organization. All girls must be true to the ideals of the club and must be faithful in attendance. For the school year of 1953-54 the girls of the Junior Tri-Hi-Y elected these girls into their respective offices. Loretta Mader — President Barbara Reppert — Vice President Priscilla Ebling — Secretary Judy Ficca — Treasurer Janet Yeakley — Chaplain —93- Newsgram Staff Row 1 — Virginia Lebo, Irene Fox, Nancy Honker, Susan Suhr, Harold Mann. Row 2 — Dawn Schaeffer, Richard Roller, Sandra Roller, Doris Lengle, Sylvia Wandell, William Derr, Dale Achey, Carole Sholley, Anita Yeakley. Row 3 — John Ernfield, Priscilla Ebling, Marcia Schaeffer, Constance Yeagley, Linda Long, Mary Wolfe, Faye Fulk, Gerald Hanley, Paul Hibshman, George Lessig, James Rittle. Row 4 — Mildred Kreider, Marion Mummau, Kay Zearfoss, Sue Zearfoss, Dianne Seager, Darlene Brandt, Pat Potteiger, Wilbur Gaylor, Judy Kurtz, Leroy Souders. The members of the Newsgram Staff elected Nancy Honker as Editor-in-Chief for the school year of 1953-54. Page editors are Irene Fox, Susan Suhr, and Sandra Roller. The Newsgram, the school newspaper, ranks high among the commercially printed publi- cations in the country. It has won awards regularly for a number of years in the National Scholastic Press Association. Membership on the staff is limited to students of grades 8 through 12. .Anyone interested in assisting the publication of the Newsgram should consult with the faculty advisor. If your qualifications are satisfactory, you will be considered when a vacancy occurs. -94- Library Club 1st Row— N. Fink, P. Artz, C. Hollinger, L. Stohler, F. Hertzog. 2nd Row— D. Schaeflfer, D. Neiswender, P. Light, J. Kurtz, P. Smaltz, S. Wandell, D. Lengle, M. Wolfe, N. Kohl, S. Pearson, S. Brighthill. 3rd Row— R. Schaeffer, S. Houtz, K. Zearfoss, P. Ebling, L. Long, G. Phillippy, E. Keener, W. Derr, M. Sheetz, S. Zearfoss, F. Fullc, D. Duhble, M. Schaeffer, C. Yeagley, P. Haag, J. Moore, A. Yeakley, N. Honker, L. Zimmerman, J. Wagner, M. Potteiger. This organization is composed of thirty-seven active and helpful members. Each member must servj one period a week working in the library. The members enjoy doing their work, but also enjoy the social meetings they have. They include an initiation party, Christmas party and Other parties during the school year. -95— Camera Club 1st Row — Lorraine Zimmerman, Richard Miller, Joel Zinn, Nancy Honker, Sylvia Wandell. 2nd Row — Allen Bamberegr. Roseanne Kline, Mary Ellen Sheetz, Charles Geib. 3rd Row — Kathleen Smith, Mildred Kreider. Officers of the Camera Club are Richard Miller — President, Sylvia Wandell — Vice Presi- dent, Nancy Honker — Secretary. Charles Geib — Treasurer. The Camera Club was organized during the school year of 1947-48 for the purpose of promoting a greater interest in photography. -96— IP««»- " II II iNrw F. F. A. 1st Row — Gerald Derr. Paul Snyder, Richard Derr. Glenn Heim. Starr Miller, Thomas Hafer, Harry Umbenhauer, Robert Hafer. Franklin Hunsicker. 2nd Row — Franklin Seigfried, Kenneth Umberger. Edwin Sakm, Carl Grumbine, Donald Brown, George Krall. Roy Hess, Ernest Brown. Gary Troutman. 3rd Row — Henry Derr, Carl Leed. John Mentzer, Norman Brown, Norman Marks, Carl Heffelfinger. Kenneth Brown. Many fine projects have been undertaken by these future farmers during the year. We know they will be prosperous after they graduate. —97- Safety Patrol Left to Right: Front Row — J. Rittle, R. Loose, L. Nixon — 2nd Lieutenant, B. Fulk, D. Lessig — 1st Lieu- tenant, J. Yeagley, G. Daub. 2nd Row — B. Bicksler, R. Spitler, H. Hibshman — Captain, M. Hibshman, J. Yeagley, M. Giumbine. 3rd Row— H. Houtz, B. Donley, D. Shenk, D. Brubaker, C. Kopala, L. Blouch. Our sincere thanks to these boys who protect the little children as they scurry along to their homes. Mr. Mitchell does a fine job in keeping the boys efficient and trustworthy. -98— Ensemble Left to Right: Ruth Schaeffer. Janet Yeakley, Nancy Fink, Nancy Honker, Barbara Reppert, Constance Yeagley, Susan Suhr, Peggy Brown, Joanna Moore, Patricia Potteiger, Carol HolHnger, Nancy Umbenhen. The Girls ' Ensemble is composed of twelve girls from grades nine to twelve who are selected for their vocal ability. The Ensemble is under the capable direction of Miss Kathryn Dech and the group sings at various community gatherings. This year they sang at the Commu- nity Fair, and the Spring Concert. The group is accompanied by David Schell. Carol Hollinger will be the only member leaving the Ensemble. The new members this year were Janet Yeakley, Nancy Fink, Barbara Reppert, Nancy Umbenhen, and Peggy Brown. —99— Junior Chorus Front Row — S. Pearson, S. Bordner, P. Leininger. L. Yeiser, L. Knavel, L. Ziegler, M. Hain. P. Wolfe, P. Beyler. N. Phillippy, M. Maestro, E. Keener. 2nd Row— D. Lessig, D. Hipp, N. Kohl, B. Yordy, G. Noll, R. Schoener, K. Zearfoss, M. Grumbine, B. Bingaman, L. Long. M. Potteiger, C. Kratzer, C. Lengel, R. Spitler. 3rd Row — J. Kreider, D. Shenk, R. Loose, R. Steltz, J. Yeagley, G. Daub, C. Umbenhen, B. Fulk, B, Donley, M. Grumbine, R. Bicksler. Miss Dech has a fine Junior Chorus to work with this year. Their weekly get-togethers on Thursday are always enjoyed by the boys and girls, — 100 — Girls ' Chorus 1st Row — R. Schaeffer. N. Fink. D. Rittle. N. Hunsicker, W. Hollinger. B. Reppert. J. Moore, N. Umbenhen, V. Lebo, P. Potteiger. C. Hollinger. D. Phillippy. 2nd Row— N. Honker. M. Demmy. J. Yeakley. M. Brubaker, M. Sheetz. S. Roller. C. Sholley. M. Boyer. 1. Hedge. L. Werner. S. Suhr. C. Yeagley. P. Light. D. Seager. L. Stohler 3rd Row — D. Schaeffer. J. Ficca. D. Neiswender, H. Yiengst. V. Saylor. N. Krall, V. Gibble. M. Schoener. F. Fulk, P. GarlofT. D. Sterner. P. Brown. G. Heberling. The Girls ' Chorus consists of forty members under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech. The girls enjoy their rehearsals and look forward to taking part in the annual Spring Concert. This year the Chorus sang " The Continental. " " British Children ' s Prayer, " and " Oh. Dear! What Can the Matter Be. ' " — 101 — Boys ' Chorus Left to Right: Seated— G. Peiffer, B. Webber, D. Brubaker, C. Donley, R. Koller, A. Noll, C. Geib, T. Cox, D. Fake, G. Heberling, J. Bird, R. Krall. Standing— R. Miller. M. Hottenstein, K. Kieffer, R. Fichthorn, G. Lessig, R. Schaeffer, V. Fahnestock, R. Garloff, D. Schell— pianist, E. Lessig, D. JeflFers, P. JefTers, T. Schott, S. Fleagle, J. Wenger, M. Honker. Every other Tuesday you can hear the auditorium ring as these masculine voices sing out. Among their favorite songs are " Vive La Campaigne " and " Nut-Brown Maiden. " -102— Mixed Chorus 1st Row — Ruth Schaeffer, Barbara Reppert, Dawn SchaefFer, Peggy Garloff, Winifred Hollinger, Nancy Fink, Linda Stohler, Virginia Lebo, Joanna Moore, Pat Potteiger, Carol Hollinger, Nancy Umbenhen. 2nd Row — Marlene Schoener, Janet Yeakley, Peggy Brown, Mary Ellen Shectz, Luanne Werner, Nancy Honker, Susan Suhr, Constance Yeagley, Doris Sterner, Faye Fulk, Dolores Phillippy, Geraldine Heberling. 3rd Row — Richard Miller, Robert Fichthorn, George Lessig, David Schell, Victor Fah- nestock, Terry Schott, David Jeffers, Stuart Fleagle. 4th Row — Roy Schaeffer, Bernard Webber, Robert Garloff, Richard Koller, Gerald Heber- ling, Arthur Noll, Dale Fake, Thomas Cox, Jay Wenger, Eugene Lessig, Michael Honker, Peter Jeffers. Officers for 1953-54 are: Carol Hollingei — President, Virginia Lebo — Librarian, Dolores Phillippy — Secretary, and George Lessig — Treasurer. Each year the chorus presents a concert for the public. The best singers from the senior choruses represent the school in the County Festival. District Choral Festival and, if they qualify, the State Choral Festival. This year three students attended the District Choral Festival, which was held in Leba- non High School, fhey were George Lessig, Gerald Heberling, and Carol Hollinger. George Lessig went to Meadville, Pa., to represent Myerstown in the State Choral Festival. -103- Senior Band Majoretles — Marlene Hoffman, oiin Wilion, Marilyn Potleiger, Ruth Bcnnetch, Harold Mann, Vivian Deaven, ICathryn Brown, Eluinc; Bashore, Shirley Gannerl. Clarinets — Nancy Honker, Connie Yeagley, Ruth Schaeffer, Dawn SLhuclfer. II Row — Nancy Kohl, Violet Houiz, Lorraine Zimmerman, Suzanne Nitrauer. Saxophones — Faye Fulk (Back Row), Barbara Burkholder, Betty Brown, Carol Sholly, Bernard Webber, Sandra Schoener, Jay Yeagley, Linda long, Mary Lllcn Sheet . FlutfiS ' — Susan Suhr, Andy Honker, Joanne Moore. Horn.s — Virginia Leho, Irene Fox, Janet Schell, ICathryn Stauffer, Morri. ' i Griimhine. Trombones — William Feneil, Connie Youie, Richard Schaeffer, Robert Garloff, Jeriul Yeagley, C ene Daub. Triimpet.s — Ciene Bucher, Dale Achey, Larry Shenk, Peter Jefferi, John Tice. II Row — Fugene Lemig, Richard l.ooie, John Wcngcr, Brian Donley. Ill Row — Rodney Stelt , kcnncih Harding, fchon Biler, Jan Wue, Carol Krat er. Color Guard — Left — Pat Potteiger, Myrna Stecher, Pyhllii Art . Right — Loii Meni cr, Fay Hertzog, Ro eanne Kline Baritone.i — Mike Honker, Jere Pearion, and lanet Yeukley. Bell Lyres — Luanne Werner, Carol Hollinger Ba-iiies — David Grumbine, Loren Kline, David Schell. Percu.-i.iion — Nancy Umbenhen — Lympuni, George Leiiig — Baii Drum, Robert legler — Snare, Joel Zinn — Snare, and George Seihert — Snare. Director — Mr Harold G. Yeagley. The hard-working hand ha.i enjoyed lomc new piecei Ihii, including I ' ocl .md Peasant " and the nifty " Third Street Rhumha " The students enjoy playing together aiiiJ Mr Yeagley Is proud of them. —104— Junior Bund M Row— N. Kdhl, S. NiHiHKT. H. Hrown. M. Kceil, A. Honker, N. Donley, R. Stellz, K. Loose. 2n(.l Row — H. Hiirkholder, J. Kr;ill, P. Sm;ilt , C. Wagnei. K, Sliuiirti. M. (Iiiinihine, J. Whitmoyer, [. Honker. R. Filer, ( . Kr;il cr, I. Wise. 3r(l Row — Ci. I.nCiay, A. Oberholt er, I,. Yeiscr, I. Sp:inc;ike, If, 0:iuh. H. Krclser. N. Hunsicker, I., long, J. Yeagley. G. Diiiih, W. Fiilk. .1. Yeagley, J. l-icca. I . Donoiigh. I,. Saiinilers. L. F.wing.. D. Gassert. A. Heilman, F. Strobel. 4lli Row — J. Schaell ' er. D. I.essig. I). Cii iiinhiiie. N. I ong. K. Selioener, .S. Rhoads, R. Aiiclienhaeh. ( . Slieiik, I Weiiger. R. Sanger, I.. Wolie, I,. Zeigler, U. Weihs. K. Small , B. Gaifiian, L. I.ahe. — lO.S— F. H. A. OFFICERS President Shirley Tobias Vice President Shirley Gassert Secretary Virginia Lebo Treasurer Susan Suhr 1st Row — Gloria Scipioni, Pauline Shartle. Julia PeifFer. Dianne Seager, Susan Suhr, Shir- ley Tobias, Shirley Gassert, Virginia Lebo, Lois Mentzer, Gladys Duffy, Mildred Kreidcr, Dorothy Evans. 2nd Row — Patricia Hower, Betty Mays, Luanne Werner, Jean Kline, Helen Hixenheiser, Lorraine Zimmerman, Lucille Betz, Marian Mummau, Kathleen Smith, Elsie Klopp, Ruth Ream. 3rd Row — Kitty Lou Firestine. Virginia Saylor, Martha Heffelfinger, Kathleen Ernfield, Rita Bowman, Connie Yeagley, Geraldine Honker, Sandra Kohler, Mary Jane Mummau, Gladys Long. 4th Row — Betty Hixenheiser, Kathryn Brown, Mae Anna Coppenhaver, Betty Ha ' deman, Shirley Louser, RoseAnne Kline, Nancy Yohn, Arlene Deck, Carol Saylor. 5th Row — Florence Haldeman, Marlene Hoffman, Martha Brandt, Dawn Neiswender, Helen Yiengst, Phyllis Troutman, Vivian Schoener, Betty Seigfried, Geraldine Heberling, Irene Fox, Myrtle Beyer, Pauline Long. The FHA is an organization enabling girls to prepare for homemaking. Each year an FHA Queen is chosen by the FFA chapter to reign at a dance sponsored by these clubs. The queen was Kathleen Smith for this year. -106— THE COURT Queen of Hearts Dance The reigning couple this year was Waller Whitmoyer and Barbara Spangler. The attend- ants were Galdys Duffy, Maid of Honor; Virginia Lebo, Lois Mentzer, Darlene Brandt, Shirley Schwear, and Luanne Werner. Assisting the Queen as flower girls were Yvonne Hoffman and Nancy Layser, while the trainsbearers were Jimmy Strobel and Jimmy Hoffman. The Queen and her attendants all were attired in long white gowns, decorated with red hearts. The minuet, presented by twenty senior high school girls, performed for the royal court and the audience. After the coronation, the following program was presented: TRUMPET TRIO— Dale Achey, Peter Jeffers, Eugene Lessig who heralded the entrance of the royal court SEXTET — " Love Walked In " ' Two Hearts in Three Quarter Time " PIANO SOLO — Joanna Moore — ■ " Romance " BALLET -Ruth Schaeflfer -107— CLASS PRESIDENTS Queen of Hearts Dance The annual Queen of Hearts Dance is sponsored by the Senior Tri-Hi-Y. The court consists of a Maid of Honor and five other attendants. Two pre-school boys and two pre-school girls are selected to serve as trainbearers and flower girls. The royal couple and their court are always elected by the popular vote of the Senior High School. The first of these dances was held in 1944 with Harold Albert and Beatrice Loeb as the King and Queen of Hearts. MINUET —108— QUEEN BARBARA SPANGLER KING WALTER WHITMOYER TRAIN BEARERS Jimmie Slrobel Jimmie Hoffman II out R GIRI.S Yvonne Hoffman Nancy Layser —109— VIRGINIA LEBO SHIRLEY SCHWEAR GLADYS DUFFY LUANNE WERNER LOIS MENTZER DARLENE BRAND! — 110— 1943 Ruth Albert Jeannette Andrews Vernon Baker Anna Beamesderfer Richard Blecker David Brandt Arlene Buchter Lawrence Clay Verna Deck Marian Ensminger El Roy Fehr Betty Jane Fink John Grier Donald Haak Clara Hauer Earl Hauer Herman Heberling Carl Heffelfinger Betty Hibshman Charles Hibshman Geraldine Hibshman Robert Hoffman Lester Keefer Ray Klein Paul Kline Marjorie Klopp Carl Leininger Dorothy Light Kenneth Line Cleon Long Alma Miller Mildred Miller William Muth Kermit Oxenreider Elsie Ream Martha Ross Russel Salem Annie Sattazahn Marvin Shaak Lita Sherman Rachel Spangier Neva Stover Madelyn Swanger Carl Tice Wayne Treida Joann Tyson Arlene Uhrich George Uhrich Milford Weiant David Yarnall Dorothy Yarnall Elaine Yeagley Elmer Zimmerman 1944 Harold Albert Betty Bean Dallas Beyler Lillian Brightbill Marian Brown Elizabeth Deckert Anna Dierwechter Betty Hardy Allen Harnish Betty Heberling Mildred Heffelfinger Ethel Klick Mae Klick Erda Light Beatrice Loeb Pearl McCurdy Roger McKinley Joyce Muth Pauline Neisley Mildred Peiffer Henry Reppert Mildred Royer Lee Rudy Pearl Schnoke Mary Elizabeth Shaak Roger Showers Grace Smith Marie Stitzel Elaine Stoudt Louise Swonger Norman Umberger Gwendolyn Wagner Gloria Warner Joyce Weirich Harold C. Wolfe Joyce Yarnall Ernest Yeagley 1945 Paul Abert Harold A. Alspach David Bahney Ruth Balsbauch Harold Batdorf Russel Border LeRoy E. Brandt Arlene R. Deaven Lucille A. DeHart Pauline Donley Beverly Dotter Mildred D. Dubble Edith Fenstamaker Rosie Ferretti —111 — Hilda Frantz Roger Frantz Janice Garloff Jean Garman George Gass Fern Gibble Mildred S. Gibble Harold L. Grumbine Clara Helder Frank Hertzog Lila Hoffman Betty Hollinger Marian J. Houser Roger Karsnitz Berneda Klick Betty Killer Katliryn Layser Ann Lester Richard Lutz Janice Moyer Arlene Patches Sara Reiter Mary Schaeffer Julia Scholl Ernest D. Shenk Ralph T. Spangler Patricia Steltz Ethel Tice Joyce Weiant Joyce A. Weidner 1946 Lucinda Beck Doris Berky Daniel Bomberger Dorothy Brandt Russel Brightbill Pearl Cox Jane Deck Mildred Deckert Mary Louise Dubble Helen Eastman Mary Louise Fake Jennie Gargenes Woodrow Gargenes Robert Gockley Clarian Groff Charles Heberling Alvin Hibshman Helen Hoffman Clarence Houtz Allen Kline Leighton Krum Lyle Layser Ruth Anna Layser Russell Loeb John Miller Kermit Miller Roy Patches Florence Peiffer Luther Phillips Nancy Jane Rhoads Elizabeth Royer Loretta Souders Grace Sherman Lawrence Snyder Clyde Shaak Richard Shaak Harold Werner Joanne Zinn Kathryn M. Wolfe Phylis Webber Harold Umberger John J. Hibshman Earl Miller 1947 Martha Albert Joan Andrews Eugene Blauch George Bowan Betty J. Brandt Richard Brown Allen Clay Esther Clay Louise Dech Kathryn Dubble Lowell Ebling Jean Frantz Anna Heffelfinger Verna Hess Nelson Heydt Paul Hibshman Lillian Houser June Klick Thelma Klopp Anita Layser Ruth Lester Carol Light Herbert Marks Daniel Meyer Richard Miller William Reber Ruth Schnoke Charles Schott Malcolm Seager Hattie Shott Anita Showers Emile Uhrich Lester G. Weaver Harold Weidner Betty Jane Yiengst 1948 Nancy Andrews Marion Auman — 112— Jean Bashore Shirley Bender Gloria Bleistein Harvey Bomberger Donald R. Brown George M. Brown Clyde E. Deck Joyce E. Duffy LaVerne Fetter Robert A. Fidler Elmer Fox Michael Fox Dorothy Fritz William M. Gasscrt Bernard C. Gettle Harvey B. Good Herman F. Hardy Lloyd Hartman Virdis Hauer Franklin U. Heffelfinger Josephine Herman Bernice Himmelberger Ruth Himmelberger Eileen Hoke Grace Houser Kenneth Houtz Kenneth F. Houtz Richard Houtz Kathryn J. Hunsicker Ruth F. Kline Cora Low Krall Donald C. Layser Patricia Leininger Elizabeth Lesher Lola Line Richard Long Sarah Long Joyce Lutz Patricia Miller Bettie L. Noll Harold Noll Barbara M. Oberholtzer Mary Jane Reiter Phyllis Ressler Arthur W. Rinehart Pauline Rittel Lois Royer Kenneth Salem Mary C. Schaefl ' er John Seager Jean Shaak Leroy Z. Shott Violet Smith Irene Swanger Wayne S. Umberger Betty J. Walters George Webber Reta Weidman Sarah Wcirich Carl Wolfe Russel Wise Robert W. Yiengst Kenneth Ziegler 1949 Betty Mae Achey Harry Bean Annabelle Brubaker Curtis DeHart Helen Emerich Ruth Fogelman Mildred Fulmer Hilda Groff Mylesetta Gross Dorothy Heim Mahlon Hemperly, Jr. Philip Hunsicker Gloria Keeney Helen Kintzer Cora Kline Donald Klopp Dorothy Kopak Ethan Krall Josephine Landes Helen B. Light Betty Ann Loose Marguerite Marks Myra Maze June Miller Richard Moyer Marie Oxenreider Edwin Rittle Betty Rouh Jessie Rowe Luke Rover Ruth Schell Ellis Shenk George Shott Marian Siegfried William Swonger Roberta Trautman Pauline Weirich Kenneth Wengert Phares Whitmoyer Catherine Woelfling George Wolff Edward Woodford Allen Yiengst Carl Yiengst 1950 Robert Albert Glen Balthaser Jean Balthaser Lucy Mae Bamberger —113— George Brightbill Jay Isaac Brown Richard Brown Mildred Deck Thomas Doni el Lois Dundore Miriam Firestine Betty Jane Gass Grace Hacker Paul Hauer Russel Heffelfinger Gene Irwin Helms Jean Himmelberger Joyce Himmelberger Helen Houser Neal Hower Shirley Keeney Robert Kohl Edgar David Landis Kenneth Leffler Kenneth Lentz Clarke Levengood Dorothy Matty Donna Miller Jeannette Miller Mary Miller Ray Moyer Herman Noll Elsie Peffley Theodore Ressler Lorraine May Schaeffer Lucille E. Schell Ellwood Schnoke Stella Schnoke Carolyn Schott Richard Sholly Arlene Smith Lee C. Smith Harold Swanger Patricia Swonger Ernest Trautman Elmo Wagner Carl Wenger Bonnie Ann Wise Norma Wolfe Ronald Youse Neil PeifTer Harley Rupp Donald Wetzel Ray Dietrich 1951 Bernice Mamie Achey Marion Verna Alspach Esther Kathryn Aulenbach Jack Christian M. Bicher Paul Ronald Blouch Mary Anne Bollinger James Koller Bowman Morris Miles Brown Elizabeth Leah Brubaker Stanley Bicksler Deck Richard Melvin DeHart Elmer Albert Derr, Jr. Walker Ray Diamond Richard Irvin Dohner Joan Elizabeth Donley Donald Eugene Duffy Lloyd Earl Dundore Theresa Ferretti Mary Elizabeth Firestine Marilyn Jean Heffelfinger Curtis George Himmelberger Blanche Arlene Hunsicker Carl Dechert Katzaman Stewart Robert Keener Patricia Ann Koppenhaver Calvin Monroe Krall Irvin H. Kreider Lloyd Robert Kreiser Betty Jean Layser Joan Ruth Layser Thomas Leonard Lehman Arthur Mahaffey Leona Erla Miller Dorothy Irene Moyer Robert Richard Muth Joseph Samuel Oberholtzer Robert Maze George Philip Pfaltz Nellie Theresa Pfaltz Clarence Harold Richard Melvin Joseph Rudy Bernetta Mae Ruhl Grace Irene Schaeffer Betty Marian Schnoke Ronald Uhrich Seibert Frederick Lee Shaak Ray Royer Shaak Mary Johanna Shaffer Nancy Ann Shanaman Elwood Paul Shectz Verna Magdelene Lillian Shower Geraldine May Swope Richard Horting Swope Donald Mark Uhrich Robert Henry Wagner William Shaak Weirich Patricia Sally Ann Whitmoyer Joel John Wiest Jeanette Emma Yiengst Larry Franklin Zartman Clifford Ream Zinn, Jr. -114- 1952 Richard Charles Andrews Janice Mae Bashore Calvin E. Beamesderfer Julia Ann Beidler Carol Harriet Bird James Norman Bollinger Howard John Brandt, Jr. Iris Shirley Bricker J. Henry Brightbill Robert Grant Brown, Jr. Millie Mae Clay John Alfred Clay Jessa Gail Henrietta Dietrich Glenn William Donough George Grant Eisley, Jr. Loretta Frances Fogelman Maryellen Frantz Shirley Ann Frantz Marlene Anne Garloflf Orval Wayne Garloff James Edward Gaylor Jeanne Lois Harding Emerson W. Hauer Alta G. Hess Neil Gordon Hoke David Warren Hoover Doris Jean Keener Joyce Elizabeth Keeney Constance Julia Kessler Phylis Mae Kline Carolyn Lou Lebo Ronald LeRoy Lehman Delia Ann Long Gwendolyn Mae Miller June Janis Miller Shirley Ann Miller Shirley Marie Muth Marian Louise O ' Bryan Lynn Anspach PeifTer Raymond Jacob Phillips, Jr. Charles J. Powell Shirley June Ranaldi Nancy Jane Ream Carolyn June Ressler William Harry Rittle Mary Louise Rothenbach Freddie Eugene Ruppenthal Marilyn Jean Schell Leonard Howard Schott Ronald Miller Sell Harry Paul Shaak, Jr. Barbara Rosene Shott Arlene Grace Shower William Claude Shuey Ellen Marian Snyder Richard Allen Souders Evelyn Bertha Stecher Loretta Mary Stum Ray Gene Tobias Marian Agnes Umberger Patricia Ann Umberger Guy Earl Wartluft Marvin Gene Weidner Jean Bernice Wengert Robert Lee Wetzel Lila Jane Wise Joan Ella Yeagley Kenneth Oscar Yiengst Russell Robert Yost Gladys Mary Ziegler Rita Gail Zug 1953 Shirley Achey Avon Shoe Factory Shirley Andrews Buy-Rite Robert Bashore A P Sara Bennetch Kapp ' s Advertising Gladys Bleistein Logan ' s Nancy Brown Housewife Carl Brubaker Farming Harold Caskie Farming June Dohner West Chester ST College Meta Dreyer German School Student Carl Firestine Bernville Shoe Factory Kathleen Forry Albright College Helen Gass Housewife, Womelsdorf Tele- phone Exchange Joanne Gassert Max Shrack Factory Gail Geib Kutztown STC Erlene Gibble Housewife Lee Gorey Armed Forces David Hain Lebanon Daily News Virginia Haulman Housewife, waitress Shirley Heffley —115— Karen Spinning Company Doris Heydt Richland Shoe Factory Alice Home Reading Business Institute Peter Hottenstein Lebanon Valley College Robert Houser Whitmoyer ' s Harry Hunsicker Albert ' s Bakery William Ketner Lebanon Valley Screen Print- ing Robert Krick A P William Krick Shirk ' s Contractors Donald Landis Farming June Latshaw Lincoln Diner Gordon Lehman Ensminger ' s Studio, Harris- burg Shirley Lessig Publix Shirt Factory Hilda Light Geotze ' s Meat Market, Balti- more Doris Mader Lebanon Business College Nancy McCurdy Lebanon Blouse Factory Larry Mentzer Lebanon Valley College Joyce Miller Richland Shoe Factory Shirley Miller Housewife Rebecca Peiffer Housewife Phillip Phaltz Wyomissing Polytechnic Institute Lester Phillippy Smith Motors Shirley Rhoads Secretary, Mr. Thomas Gates George Rittle Feeg ' s Esso Servicecenter Jane Rothenbach Salvation Army Office Shirley Rupp Housewife Robert Sattazahn Farming Dennis Saylor U. S. Navy Julia Schaeffer Switchboard Operator Robert Schoener Bernville Shoe Factory Ronald Schoener GMC School Sally Schoener Reading Business Institute Mary Schrack Womelsdorf Blouse Factory Gay Seibert Millersville STC Janet Shanaman Peabody Music Conservatory Alma Shenk Myerstown Bank Trust Shirley Sholly Winthrop Stearns, Inc. Jane Seigfried Housewife Janet Spitler Housewife Marie Stauffer Gettysburg College Evelyn Thrasher Bon Ton Marian Tice Housewife Betty Tobias Housewife Robert Webber Penn State University John Wilhelm Lafayette College Barbara Yost Air Force Janice Zimmerman Womelsdorf Blouse Factory -116- t atrons A P Food Store — C. J. Rohu- bach Albert ' s Bakery Anthony ' s White Leghorn Bahney ' s Furniture Store Ruth Bennetch Bethel Mt. Aetna Tel. Tel. Company Beyler ' s Flowers Geo. Bleistein, Sr. Beyer ' s Radio Appliance Brandywine Iron Metal Co., Leb., Pal. Brownie ' s Place Brown ' s Cut Rate Lockers A. Lester Bucher, Farm Bureau Ins. Agt. B. B. Buffamoyer A. C. Burkholder Burkholder ' s I. G. A. Buy-Rite Food Market Church Center Press The Co-Ed The Mary Elton Drew E. Courtney. M.D. tor) Arlene Deck Deck ' s Gulf Service Station Dinger ' s Clothing Shoe Store Dotty ' s Beauty Shop Ebling ' s Meat Market Feeg ' s Esso Service Center Dr. Mrs. George Flanagan Peggy Garloff Garman Crouse Sheet and Metal Works Isaac J. Gass Charles J. Geib Grimes Hower Poultry Processing Corp. Mr. Mrs. Monroe S. Haak George Hain (Electrical Contrac- tor Allen Harnish Harnish ' s Store Harpel ' s Studio Hershey ' s Homogenized Milk Hoffman ' s Lunch Room Geraldine Honker Alice Home Wally Hottenstein Shirley Houtz Lloyd D. Hower Doris Keener Kline ' s General Store Marion Klopp Kohl Bros. Nancy Kohl Dr. Mrs. Walter Kurtz Edgar M. Landis Landis Landis Carole Lengle Lessig Variety Clothing Store Charles C. Loose Son, Inc. Shirley Louser Morris Luppinetti ' s At!antic Station Lutz ' s Food Store Mader ' s Beauty Shop Manbeck Kissinger ■117- Patrons Martha Martin McQuate ' s 5 10 Millardsville Hotel, Paul Knoll, Prop. Bruce S. Miller Dr. Carl S. Miller Verna Miller Myerstown Appliance Myerstown Bank and Trust Company Myerstown Brikcrete Co. Myerstown Cleaners Myerstown Hide Tallow Co. Myerstown Police Dept. Nissley ' s Bottled Gas, Inc. North Side Service Station Old Mill Pinkey ' s T. V., Radio Appliance Pat Potteiger Wayne R. Potteiger Memorials, Strausstown, Pa. Publix Shirt Corp. H. W. Reppert Sons Martha Sadler Paul E. Sanger Leroy Sattazahn Earl V. Schaeffer Glass Service H. F. Schaeffer Co. J. H. Schell Plumbing Heating Scipioni ' s Bar Grill Seibert ' s Store Shellhamer ' s Atlantic Service Jacob M. Sherk Janice Sherk Samuel W. Smith Steinmetz ' s Garage Stitzel ' s Pharmacy Mr. Mrs. Melvin Sweigert Swope ' s Store Taste Good Shop Uhler Kline Hardware Ira I. Uhrich Post No. 55 Miles Umbenhen Mr. Mrs. Calvin J. Wagner Mr. Mrs. Robert H. Wagner Lee C. Webber Jay Wenger Kathryn Werner Whitmoyer Laboratories; Inc. Dr. Mrs. Wiley Wilhelm ' s Hardware Store Winthrop-Stearns, Inc. Loretta Zeigler John Zug —118-

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