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 - Class of 1953

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Myerstown High School - Myrialog Yearbook (Myerstown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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!5S{ii!i ium mhiimhd yrnKTu nam -il ' X- T(n 95 ' 3 Table of Contents Page No. Foreword Dedication - " .Tribute 4 Myrialog Staff 5 Alma Mater 6 Administration 7-18 Seniors 19-46 Informal Snaps 47 Class Song 48 Class History 49 Class Will . . 50-51 Class Prophecy 52-53 Who ' s Who 54-57 Senior Play 58-62 Informal Snaps 63-64 Underclassmen 65-72 Sports 73-80 Informal Snaps 8 1-82 Activities 83-99 Queen of Hearts Dance 100-103 Memoriam 104 Autographs 105 Patrons 106-107 — 1- FOREWORD In this publication we, the Class of 1953, aim to preserve all the memories we have of our days in Myerstown High School. Although these impressions now seem well-imbedded in our minds, they will gradually grow dim and fade. The first yearbook in Myerstown High School was published by the Class of 1921. The Classes of 1922 and 1923 continued the tradition, but the yearbook then disappeared from the High School files until the seniors of 1949 resumed the task of editing a yearbook under the name of " The Myrialog. " Each senior class since then has issued a yearbook of the same name. It is our hope that " The Myrialog " will in future years help you to relive the wonderful high school years. —2- Miss Leah Loose Dedication We, the Class of 1953, proudly dedi- cate our yearbook, " The Myrialog, " to our faithful first-grade teacher, Miss Leah Loose. Miss Loose has served in the teaching profession for forty-seven years, forty-six of which were spent in the Myerstown Public School System; her first year of teaching being done in Main ' s School in Jackson Township. All Myerstownians deeply regret that this is Miss Loose ' s last year of teaching. This dedication is our way of express- ing our sincere appreciation for the firm educational foundation Miss Loose has given to so many citizens of this commu- nity. -3— Miss Mabel C. Immel Tribute We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Miss Mabel C. Immel, who has worked tirelessly to help the Senior Class reach their goal. Without her as- sistance, our Landis and Landis club would not have been even half as profit- able as it was, and our magazine cam- paign and other money raising projects probably would have been unsuccessful. To her we pay this tribute. Myrialog Staff The MYRIALOG staflf worked diligently to complete the work cut out for them. With the help of their various committees and their adviser, Miss Immel, they have compiled this annual publication. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ASSOCIATE EDITORS Shirley Rhoads John Wilhelm Kathleen Forry BUSINESS MANAGERS Gay Seibert Lester Phillippy Robert Bashore LITERARY EDITORS Shirley Lessig Marie Stauffer Alice Home ADVERTISING MANAGERS Doris Mader Robert Sattazahn Robert Webber CIRCULATING MANAGERS Virginia Haulman David Hain VARIETIES EDITORS Shirley Andrews Helen Gass Peter Hottenstein SPORTS EDITORS June Dohner Larry Mentzer PHOTOGRAPHER Gordon Lehman ARTIST June Latshaw —5— Alma Mater FaithfuF arid true-hearted, let us cheer our dear old high, We revere her and defend her, and her colors proudly fly: We will statid for her united, of her deeds we gladly tell, Her colors streaming, glad faces beaming. So here ' s a cheer for her that we all love so well. CHORUS Joyous and ever loyal, let us boost for our old high. Let ev ' ry heart sing, let ev ' ry voice ring; There ' s no time to grieve or sigh. It ' s ever onward, our course pursuing, may defeat ne ' er our ardor cool. But, united, we will boost for her, our old high school. II Honors she has taken, on the track and with the ball. May she always rank the highest, may her colors never fall. There ' s no other that can match her, when her team is on the field, Her boys the fleetest, her girls the sweetest, Then here ' s a cheer for her, for her who ne ' er will yield. —6— arh. Mr. Harvey L. Nitrauer B.A., M.A Supervising Principal Highspire High School Steelton High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania Principal ' s Mess?.2:e Those kind things we do and say today, will he big steps toward a successful life to- morrow. —7— School Board Left to right: Mr. Rodney Steltz, Treasurer; Mr. George Bleistein, Jr., Director; Mr. Robert Schaeffer, Vice President; Mr. Monroe Haak, President; Mr. Harvey Nitrauer, Supervising Principal; Mr. John Shenk, Secretary. Board Dinner Clockwise: Mr. Haak, Mrs. Shenk, Mr. Steltz, Mrs. Nitrauer, Mr. Shenk, Mrs. Schaeflfer, Mr. Ni- trauer, Mrs. Steltz, Mr. Bleistein, Jr., Mrs. Haak, Mr. Schaeffe-, Mrs. Bleistein, Jr. —8— Harold A. Batdorf B.S., M.A. Mathematics Millersville State Teachers College — Normal Teachers Certificate Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College Columbia University Teachers College Albright College Mrs. Helen H. Brightbill B.S. Health and Physical Education Myerstown High School East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Mr. John K. Brunner B.A. English Basketball Coach Swatara Township High School Elizabethtown College Mr. A. Lester Bucher B.S. Science Quarryville High School Elizabethtown College Temple University —9— Miss Kathryn L. Dech B.A., B.S., M.A. German Vocal Music Myerstown High School Albright College Ithaca College New York University Mrs. Lillian G. Enicrick B.S. Second Grade Myerstown High School Elizabethtown College Lebanon Valley College Kutztown State Teachers College Mrs. Joanne K. Fairlamb B.A. English Mohnton High School Lebanon Valley College Columbia University Mr. Dwight C. Fake B.S. Social Studies Baseball Coach Lebanon High School Lebanon Valley College Temple University — 10— Miss Joanne V. Fox B.A. Spanish English John Harris High School Lebanon Valley College Mrs. Mabel Groff B.S. First Grade South Lebanon High School Millersville State Teachers College Albright College Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College Miss Anne C. Gruber B.S. Home Economics Wyomissing High School Pennsylvania State College Mr. Robert A. Hoffman B.S. Health and Physical Education Soccer Coach Myerstown High School West Chester State Teachers College —11 — Miss Mabel C. Immel B.A. Mr. Howard Klopp B.A., M.A. Social Studies Myerstown High School Albright College Social Studies Richland High School Queens College Franklin and Marshall College Millersville State Teachers College University of Pennsylvania Miss Audrey V. Kopp B.S. Business West York High School Elizabethtown College University of Michigan University of Wisconsin Mr. Frederick W. Lantz B.A. Social Studies Guidance Mechanicsburg High School Muhlenberg College Columbia University Albright College Temple University —12— Mrs. Ruth T. Lantz B.A. Librarian Wyomissing High School Bucknell University University of Pennsylvania Kutztown State Teachers College Columbia University Miss Leah Loose First Grade Myerstown High School Albright College — Permanent Teachers Certificate Lehigh University Pennsylvania State College Mr. Robert W. Mitchell B.S., M.S. Science Lewisburg High School Susquehanna University Pennsylvania State College Albright College Albert A. Reed B.S. Mathematics Orwigsburg High School Muhlenberg College Kutztown State Teachers College —13- Miss Irene J. Schell B.S. Third Crude Myerstown High School Lebanon Valley College Millersville State Teachers College Temple University Mr. John R. Sherman B.A., M.A. A gric lilt lire Bethel High School Elizabethtowii Preparatory School Juniata College Columbia University Pennsylvania State College Mr. Adam Snavely B.A., M.Ed. Sixth Grade Jonestown High School Millersville State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College Mrs. H. Irene Snavely B.S. Fifth Grade Jonestown High School Millersville State Teachers College —14— Mr. Miles H. Steiner Industrial Arts Myerstown High School Albright College Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College Millersville State Teachers College Mrs. Blanche B. Weaver B.A. Fourth Grade Myerstown High School Albright College Wyoming University Millersville State Teachers College Elizabethtown College Temple University Miss Anita C. Welch B.S. Art Bethel Township High School Kutztown State Teachers College Harold G. Yeagley B.S. Instrumental Music William Penn High School Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College —15— Mrs. Angela Kercher R.N. School Nurse Lebanon High School Saint Joseph ' s Hospital, Reading Pennsylvania State College Lebanon Valley College Dr. Charles F. Rouh M.D. School Doctor Hahnemann Medical School and College, Philadelphia X Miss Ellen M. Snyder School Secretary Myerstown High School — 16— Custodians Left to right: Mr. Earl Bennetch, Mrs. Elizabeth Bennetch, Mr. Clafron Fink, Mr. William Kutz. Here are those unsung workers — the fine people who keep our school clean and neat. How would you like to spend every school day and some evenings in a filthy high school? These arj the men and women who are respon.sible for the cleanliness of Myerstown High School. We students certainly make their job extremely difficult. In the future let us respect them and assist them by putting our paper in the waste-paper baskets and keeping our books in our desks instead of on the floor or window sills. We, the students, thank our custodians for the neatness of our high school. —17- The masttr- " " luhi ' cV, iA !tt at: a are M ♦» u. s I n g f V IV, no J Mr. Kiopp 0 », tKose a-tfenJanc i! ' q-«. " t ar«vtn -tk - ! C ft 1 nc Homt- r ilmrt ' C —18— ' - : 2 4 TtJ__ Senior Class Officers Left to right: Larry Mentzer, Secretary; John Wilhelm, President; Peter Hottenstein, Vice President; Gordon Lehman, Treasurer. CLASS COLORS — Cardinal Red and Gray. CLASS FLOWER — Red Carnation. CLASS MOTTO — " If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed nothing will be impos- .sible unto you. " MEMORABLE MOMENTS Senior Play — November 20, 21 Class Trip — May 11, 12, 13 Junior - Senior Prom — May 15 Class Day — May 22 Baccalaureate — May 24 Commencement — May 26 —19— SHIRLEY LAVINA ACHEY 5 Muth Avenue " Chicken " Home Economics Known for her laugh — long " curly " hair — co-captain of cheerleaders — active in sports — leaves a trail of broken hearts. Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey— 2, 3, Cap- tain — 4; Basketball — 2, 3, Captain — 4; Softball— 2, 3, 4; Cheerleading— 2, 3, Co-captain — 4. SHIRLEY ELAINE ANDREWS 710 South Railroad Street " Shirley " Business Small but mighty — snappy cheerleader — Bleistein ' s partner — answers to the name of " Legs " — fast talker. Girls ' Chorus— 1; Tri-Hi-Y— 4; Band— 1, 2, 3, 4; Myrialog Staff — 4; Student Council — 4; Cheerleading — 3, 4. ROBERT LEROY BASHORE 20 South Cherry Street " Bay " General Perfect boy scout — likes to read — loves molasses bread and milk — basket- ball manager and official timekeeper — can tell you anything about guns. Hi-Y— 4; Newsgram Staff— 1, 2, 3, 4; Myrialog Staff — 4; Soccer — 3, 4; Basket- ball Manager — 2, 3, 4; Camera Club — 3,4. —20— SARA LOU BENNETCH 1 1 1 West Carpenter Avenue " Sara " Business Keeps a variety of boy friends — noted for her tenor sax playing — doesn ' t keep a job long — blushes easily — known for her giggles. Mixed Chorus — 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus — I, 2, 3, 4; Band— 1, 2, 3, 4; District Band — 3, 4; Hockey — 3, 4; Basketball — 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, 4. GLADYS EMILY BLEISTEIN 708 South Railroad Street ' Bleistein " Business Often seen with Andrews — has neat hair — can be seen with a certain Stouchs- burg boy — one of our tall girls — a senior drummer girl. Tri-Hi-Y— 4; Library Club— 1; Band— 1,2, 3,4. NANCY LOUISE BROWN 1 1 1 South College Street " Nan " Academic Often seen with Hilda — usually found in homeroom seventh periods — has a dia- mond since Christmas — has pretty black natural curly hair— known for her driv- ing. Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, 4 . —21 — JAY CARL BRUBAKER R. D. 2, Myerstown " J. C. " Agriculture Easy to get along with — usually sleeps in P. O. D. — tears around in a Ford — better late than never — future farmer. F.F.A. — 1, Sentinel — 2, Vice President ■ — 3, President — 4. HAROLD JOHN CASKIE R. D. 3, Myerstown " Hal " Agriculture Plays basketball for F.F.A. — has in- terests in sophomore class — doesn ' t care for English class — friendly with the girls in homeroom — another future farmer. Boys ' Chorus- porter — 3 . -1,2;F.F.A.— 1,2, 4, .Re- JUNE SHIRLEY DOHNER 103 South Cherry Street " Dohner " Business Sport fiend — tennis champion — good library worker — friendly disposition — un- decided future. Girls ' Ensemble — 2; Mixed Chorus — 1, 2; Girls ' Chorus — 1, 2; Library Club — 1, 2, Treasurer — 3, Vice President — 4; My- rialog Staff — 4; Hockey — 2, 3, Co-cap- tain — 4; Basketball — 2, Captain — 3, Co- captain — 4; Softball — 2, 3, 4; Student Council — 3, 4. —22— META GISELA DREYER R. D. 3, Myerstown, cjo Mish " Meta " Academic, Home Economics A good natured girl — comes from Ger- many — an excellent student — likes chem- istry and home ec. — enjoys our basketball games. Mixed Chorus — 4; Girls ' Chorus — 4; Tri-Hi-Y— 4; " Our Girls " — 4; F.H.A.— 4; Camera Club — 4. CARL ELIAS FIRESTINE R. D. 3, Myerstown " Carl " Agriculture Reads any kind of books — his favorite class is gym — loves to devil teachers — noisy in study hall — will probably be a farmer. Boys ' Chorus— 1, 2; F.F.A.— 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN JUDITH FORRY 12 East Maple Avenue " Kathy " Academic Sports a U. of P. college ring — co-cap tain of cheerleaders — has special interest in music — always seen rushing around, except to school — plans to enter Curtis Institute of Music. Girls ' Ensemble — 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chor- us— 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus— 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y— 2, 3, 4; Library Club— 1, 2; Band — 1, 2, 3, President — 4; " Our Girls " — 4; Myrialog Editor — 4; Class Treasurer — 1; Cheerleading — 3, Co-cap- tain— 4; Girls ' Trio— 2, 3. 4. —23- HELEN MARGARET GASS 216 East Main Avenue " Newt " General Friendly and good natured — always ready for a laugh — sports one dimple — holds interests in Palmyra — likes to come to school, but not to study. Girls ' Ensemble — 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chor- us — 1, 2, 3. 4; Girls ' Chorus — 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Chorus Accompanist — 3; Tri-Hi- Y— 2, 3, 4; Band— 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club — Treasurer — 1, 2; Myrialog Staff — 4; Student Council — 1, 2; Class Vice President — 1, Secretary — 2, Vice Presi- dent — 3; Girls ' Trio — 2, 3, 4. JOANNE PAULINE GASSERT Mt. Aetna " Joanne " Business Drives her own Mercury — covers a wide area for boy friends — a likeable girl — wants to be a secretary — an avid camera fan. GAIL JUNE GEIB 1 1 South Cherry Street " Gail " Business Lends a helping hand — attends most games — a great assistance on the " News- gram " — usually found laughing — wants to be a secretary. Mixed Chorus — 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus — 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3; Newsgram Staff— 2, 3, 4; Library Club— 1, 2, 3, 4. -24- ERLENE MINNIE GIBBLE R. D. 2, Myerstown " Gibble " Business Experienced driver — good-natured — can cut up in homeroom — ood business student — gets along witli everyone. LEE THOMAS COREY R. D. 1, Womelsdorf " Socrates ' Academic Used to start school at 10:00 A .M. — sleeps in Trig class — travels the further- est — flirts with all females — plans to en- ter Penn State. DAVID LEE HAIN 16 Washington Avenue " Hainy " General Has deep interest in opposite sex — can usually be found in shop or coke room — spends many Saturday nights in Reading — easy to get along with — romeo of the class. " Our Girls " — 4; Newsgram Staff — 2, 3, 4; Myrialog Staff — 4; Camera Club — 2. 3,4. —25- VIRGINIA LEE HAULMAN 433 North Tenth Street, Lebanon " Ginny ' Business Travels from Lebanon — talks up in English — head majorette — a lovely red head — always good for a laugh. Tri-Hi-Y— 2, 3, 4, Vice President— 1; Library Club — 1, 2, 3; Newsgram Staff — 1, 2, 3, 4; Myrialog Staff — 4; Student Council — 1; Class President — 1; Major- ette — 1, 2, 3, Leader — 4. SHIRLEY ANN HEFFLEY 619 South Railroad Street " Heffley ' Home Economics Hot rod with a Chrysler — works at the " H " — blushes easily — quick change in character — has own taxi service. Mixed Chorus — 4; Girls ' Chorus — 1, 4; Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, 4; Librarv Club— L 2, 3; Camera Club— 2, 3, 4; Color Guard —3,4. DORIS GWENDOLYN HEYDT R. D. 1, Richland " Sis " Business Always smiling — quiet and reserved — midget of the senior class — usually in a hurry — takes an interest in school. Tri-Hi-Y— 2, 3, 4. —26— ALICE HAGEN HORNE 6 East Park Avenue " Alas ' Academic Hails from Detroit — has trouble with the opposite sex — loves to argue — sly sense of humor — gets all ailments. Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club— 1, 2; " Our Girls " — Prompter — 4; Myrialog Staff— 4; F.H.A.— 3; Camera Club— 2, 4, Secretary — 3; Color Guard — 4 P ' S IB f . [ m ' ir ksa » 4 ' Kjt l Hjk i . BA ..: FRANK PETER HOTTENSTEIN 401 West Main Avenue " Pete " General Jimmy Durante the second — grins con- stantly — the class ' s future chiropractor — always looks guilty — expresses his opin- ion in P. O. D. Hi-Y— 3, 4; " Our Girls " — 4; Myrialog Staff — 4; Student Council — President — 4 ;Class Vice President — 4. ROBERT CHARLES HOUSER 123 East Center Avenue " Bobby " Business Interested in a sophomore girl — an all around athlete — likes swimming — makes a " good " typist — one out of the two boys in the business section. Boys ' Chorus— 1; Hi-Y— 4; " Our Girls " — 4; Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball — 2, 3, 4; Soccer — 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council — 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary — 1. —27— HARRY HARVEY HUNSICKER R. D. 3, Myerstown " Pop " Agriculture Usually found sleeping in classes — talks in a two-tone voice — doesn ' t like school — loves to hunt — can tell tall hunt- ing stories. F.F.A.— 4. WILLIAM GEORGE KETNER Stouchsburg " Bill " Agriculture Tall lad from Stouchsburg — drives a " big black " Buick — knows how to wrin- kle fenders — attends most basketball games — Miss Dech ' s bass singer. Mixed Chorus — 4; Boys ' Chorus — 4; Soccer — 4; Baseball — 4. ROBERT WILLIAM KRICK 812 South Railroad Street " Bob " General Good natured — likes to go fishing and hunting — good in school work — works at the A. P. — quiet around girls. S ' .udent Council — 1. —28— WILLIAM ROBERT KRICK 812 South Railroad Street " Bill " General Goes fishing and hunting like his brother — a good student in all sciences — has interest in Jr. high — works for an electrician — will probably be a mechanic. DONALD EUGENE LANDIS R. D. 1, Myerstown " Don " Agriculture Drives his own Chevie — always seen with Jane — one of our future farmers — good natured — likes P. O. D. Band— 1, 2, 3; F.F.A.— 1, 2, 3, 4. JUNE ELLEN LATSHAW R. D. 1, Richland " June ' General The class artist — enjoys movies and dances — writes daily letters to her guy in the service — another girl with a diamond — wants to be a housewife. Myrialog Staff — 4; —29— GORDON STANLEY LEHMAN 7 Washington Avenue " Gordie " Genera! Handles the money matters of our class — usually quiet — manager of all sports — sometimes called " Old Reliable " — a fu- ture photographer. Hi-Y — 2, 3, Vice President — 4; News- gram Staff— 1, 2, 3, 4; Myrialog litaff— 4, Basketball Manager — 2, 3, 4; Soccer Manager — 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball Manager — 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer — 2, 3, 4; Cam- era Club — 2, 4, Treasurer — 3. SHIRLEY MAE LESSIG 213 West Main Avenue ' Lessig " Business The blond (?) of ihe senior class — has her own dance steps — her interests are in the opposite sex — happy go lucky — known for her driving without a license. Girls ' Chorus— 1, 2, 4; " Our Girls " - Newsgram Staff — 1, 2, 3, 4; Myrialog Staff— 4. HILDA ROBERTA LIGHT 138 Washington Avenue " Shortie " Business Usually late for school — noted for her laugh — Nancy ' s right hand girl — always teased by the boys — holds a record for days absent. Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, 4. —30— DORIS ESTHER MADER 111 North College Street " Dorrie " Academic Tall and attractive — well-liked — inter- est in Sophomore Class — attends all games — also answers to name of " Tater. " Mixed Chorus — 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus — 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, President — 4; Library Club — 1, 2, 3, President — 4; Band— 1, 2, 3, 4; M yrialog Staff— 4; Hockey— 3, 4; Softball— 3. NANCY LOUISE McCURDY R. D. 2, Myerstown " McCurdy " Home Economics Experienced hooky player — likes home ec. — usually seen sewing — travels with Joyce — gets good marks in P.O.D. tests. F.H.A.— 3, 4. LARRY MARTIN MENTZER 14 West Park Avenue " Marty " Academic Ace in all sports — top guy in character and personality — studious — checks attendance in homeroom — doesn ' t bother much with girls. Boys ' Chorus— 2; Hi-Y— 1, 2, Vice Pres- dent — 3, President — 4; " Our Girls " — 4; Myrialog Staff — 4; Basketball— 1, 2, 3, Captain — 4; Soccer — 1, 2, 3, Captain — 4; Baseball — 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Coun- cil — 3; Class Secretary — 3, 4. —31— JOYCE MABEL M ILLER R. D. 2, Myerstown " Joyce " Home Economics First prize winner at farm show — home ec. is her favorite subject — runs around with Nancy — always laughing about something — noted for her long hair. F.H.A.— 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN MILLER 130 South Broad Street " Miller " Business Good shot in gym class — has one inter- est in Lebanon — willing to work — one of our tall girls — rarely seen in school Mon- days. Softball— 3, 4. REBECCA JANE PEIFFER 10 West Park Avenue " Becky " Home Economics Cute and active — a future homemaker — usually found laughing — a friend to all — good seamstress. Mixed Chorus — 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus — 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent — 4; Library Club — 1, 2, Secretary — 3, 4; Band — 1, 2, 3, Secretary — 4; Softball— 3; Basketball— 2, 3, 4. —32— PHILIP PFALTZ 302 South Cherry Street " Phil " General Tommy Yiengst ' s shoe shine boy — ex- pert at playing hooky — one of Miss Dech ' s proteges — usually found at the Taste Good — undecided future. Mixed Chorus- Staff— 1. -1; Hi-Y — 4; Newsgrain LESTER WILLIAM PHILLIPPY, Jr. R. D. 1, Lebanon " Phillippy " Business Has a car, but no gas — blond curly hair — Dinger ' s right hand man — always arguing — prefers twins when it comes to girls. " Our Girls " — 4; Newsgram Staff — 1, 2; Myrialog Staff — 4. I SHIRLEY ANN RHOADS 300 South Cherry Street " Dusty " Business Mr. Nitrauer ' s right hand girl — red head of the senior class — often seen m Richland — can handle a drum — hopes to be married soon. Girls ' Ensmble — 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chor- us— 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus— 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y— 2. 3, 4; Band— 1, 2, 3, 4; Dis- trict Band — 3; State Band — 3; Newsgram Staff — 1, 2, Associate Editor — 3, Editor — 4; Myrialog Associate Editor — 4; Stu- dent Council — 2; School Treasurer — 4; Girls ' Trio— 2, 3, 4. —33— GEORGE ELWOOD RITTLE Stouchsburg " Rittle " Agriculture A good soccer player — likes cowboy music — goes to most hoedowns — a flirt — likes chemistry. F.F.A Soccer — 4. JANE MARIE ROTHENBACH 208 South Cherry Street " Janie " Business Our emigrant from South Lebanon — attends most games — a good gossiper — one of our typists — a future secretary. Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club— 2, 3, 4; Hockey— 3, 4; Softball— 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY MAE RUPP Stouchsburg " Ruppy " Home Economics Drives the girls from Stouchsburg — quite talkative — active in homeroom- - has interests in Womelsdorf — was a makeup artist for " Our Girls. " —34— ROBERT LINCOLN SATTAZAHN R. D. 1, Womelsdorf " Satty " Agriculture Drives his own ' 52 Dodge — plans to be a farmer — attends most hoe downs — makes the rounds of the girls — drives the fellows from Stouchsburg. Myrialog Staff— 4; F.F.A.— 4. DENNIS LEE SAYLOR R. D. 3, Myerstown " Railer " General Owned a hot rod Ford — loves bear hunting — a crack shot with a gun — has a cute face and blue eyes — plans to join the navy. Hi-Y— 4. JULIA ESTELLA SCHAEFFER 8 South Broad Street " Penny " Home Economics Quiet — works at Sugar Bowl — good cook — will make a good housewife — po- lite. Girls ' Chorus— 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A.— 1, 2, Treasurer— 3, Vice- President — 4. —35— ROBERT ANDREW SCHOENER R. n. 1, Richland " Bobby " Agriculture Often seen in Richland — a good danc- er — easy to get along with — wants to be a carpenter — a good talker. F.F.A.— 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD WILLIAM SCHOENER 1 8 West Main Avenue ' Ron " General Quiet — faithful paper boy — usually starts school between 9:00 A.M. and 9:30 A.M. — a good student — drives his dad ' s Mercury. Camera Club— 2, 3, 4. . v SALLY ANN SCHOENER Stouchsburg " Sally " Home Economic Plays a mean alto sax — often seen with Gay — attends most games — enjoys music — hopes to be a medical secretary. Tri-Hi-Y— 4; Band— 4; Camera Club— 4; " Our Girls " — Prompter — 4. —36— MARY ANN SCHRACK R. D. 1, Womelsdorf " Schrackie " Home Economics A good sport — enjoys movies — likes to drive her father ' s Ford — travels with the Stouchsburg gang — very quiet. Tri-Hi-Y— 4; F.H.A.— 4. GAY GEORGENE SEIBERT 312 South Railroad Street " Gay ' Home Economics Recently started to give the fellows a chance — often seen driving a Chevie — cute and courteous — neat dresser — want5 to be an elementary teacher. Tri-Hi-Y — 2, President— 1, Secretary — 3, 4; Library Club — 1, 2, 3, Treasurer — 4; Band — 2, 3, 4; Myrialog Staff — 4, Basketball Timekeeper — 3, 4. JANET FAY SHANAMAN 305 East Main Avenue " Pewky " Home Economics Short — wears blue glasses — loves to play jazz — seldom found at home — loves her nickname. Mixed Chorus — 1; Girls ' Chorus — 1; Boys ' Chorus Accompanist — 1; Tri-Hi-Y —2, 3, 4; Library Club— 1, 2, 3, 4; Band — 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey— 3, 4; F.H.A.— 3: Basketball — 4; " Our Girls " — Prompter —37— ALMA RUTH SHENK R. D. 1, Myerstown " Shenkie " Business A good student — plans to be a secre- tary — drives a Plymoutli — a friend to ev- eryone — is a fast typist. Library Club — 1; Student Council — 3. SHIRLEY ANN SHOLLY 49 West Main Avenue " Dagmar " Business Works at Mary-Elton — answers to name of Dagmar — seen at most dances — blond hair — sweater girl. Mixed Chorus — 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus — 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, 4; Band— 1, 2, 3, 4; Newsgram Staff— 2 3, 4. Hockey— 4; Softball— 3, 4; Basketball JANE GRACE SIEGFRIED R. D. 1, Richland ; " Jane " Business Travels from Millardsville — always seen wjth Donald — helps to run the Lan- dis Landis club — acts up in homeroom — possesses a variety of ear rings. Tri-Hi-Y— 3; F.H.A.— 4; Softball— 3. —38— JANET ELAINE SPITTLER 515 South Railroad Street " Janet " Business Usually seen with her mouth open— • has a changeable heart — can take a joke — noted for her neat handwriting — al- ways on the go. Girls ' Ensemble — 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus —2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus— 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri- Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, Treasurer — 4; Band— 1, 3, 4, Treasurer — 2; " Our Girls " — 4; Newsgram Staff— 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A.— 3, 4. MARIE RUTH STAUFFER 38 West Main Avenue " Marie " Academic Is an active girl — often seen in chemis- try lab or dark room — likes music — is a good student — plans to go to Gettysburg. Tri-Hi-Y— 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus— 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus— 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' En- semble — 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club — Secre tary— 1, 2; Band— 1, 2, 3, 4; " Our Girls " — 4; Newsgram Staff — 1, 2, 3, 4; Myria- oe, Staff ' — 4; Class Vice President — 2; Camera Club— 3, 4. EVALYN MARIE THRASHER 38 East Main Avenue " Evie " Business First senior girl to get a diamond — faithful member of Color Guard — always ready to help — handy with a camera- has an outstandingly pretty face. Tri-Hi-Y— 2, 3, 4; Newsgram Staff— 2, 3, 4; Basketball Scorekeeper — 3, 4; Cam- eia Club— 2, 3, 4; Color Guard— 3, 4. -39— MARIAN ELLEN TICE 205 West Carpenter Street " Dolly " Academic Third girl to become engaged — handy at throwing erasers and boots — faithful band member — often seen with Nancy and Hilda — plans to get married after graduation. Tri-Hi-Y— 1, 2, 3, 4; Band— 1, 2, 3, 4. BETTY ALVERTA TOBIAS 365 West Main Avenue " Tobie " Business Has interest in Dauphin — fast typist — faithful waitress at Taste Good — one of the school treasurers — Miss Fox ' s typist. Tri-Hi-Y— 2, 3, 4, Secretary— 1; Library Club— 1; Band— 1, 2, 3, 4; .F.H.A.— 2, Secretary — 3, Historian — 4; Assistant School Treasurer — 4. ROBERT POTTEIGER WEBBER Stouchsburg " Bob " Agriculture Handsome lad from Stouchsburg — smooth dancer — plays basketball for F. F.A. — often seen at the Taste Good — a ladies ' man. Mixed Chorus Myrialog Staff- 4; Boys ' Chorus — 4; F.F.A.— 4. —40 JOHN HENRY WILHELM 22 South Railroad Street " John " Academic Head of the senior class — drives " Kate ' s " Chevie — always acting up — al- most an expert at ping-pong — known for his imitations. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Chorus — 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y— 4; " Our Girls " — 4; News- gram Staff — 1, 2, 3, 4; Myrialog Associate Editor — 4; Basketball Man- ager — 1, 2, 3; Baseball Manager — 3; Class President — 2, 3, 4; Camera Club — 2, 3, Vice President — 4. BARBARA ANN YOST 131 South Broad Street " Babs " Business Friendly attitude — outstanding in sports — has interest in Cornwall — natural curly hair — can usually be found in the movie. Tri-Hi-Y— 3, 4; Library Club— 1, 2; Band— 1, 2, 3; Hockey— 3, 4; Basketball —2, 3, 4; Softball— 2, 3, 4. JANICE MARY ZIMMERMAN R. D. I, Womelsdorf ' Zimmy " Home Economics One of our quiet girls — travels with the Stouchsburg gang — usually found in the movies — has an eye for nice cars — will probably be a housewife. —41 — Babs Les %ob Bobb «4 rtairti Daovn Pete Tta.r .e —42- S Kirlt i —43— T " ni t-t-fsig H f» a. £ V i e -44- —45— H « i n i —47— Class Song 1953 Voirds - t arie Stiotfer KVosic -Helen Gass i jljM Jlj:iji l i:j lg t± -• ' ■3-- -3- -m- ■ ■ 1-Our 4iV t inn-por-taht goal iS rcacWed ;Ttie tiV.e is drdui-ira neav Vhen oje ttiust sat fire.- 3 i (va 1 B=l ' i l«fa -prp - Jilf l . ' ij i -«: well ah i leave Our Al - m» n8-1;«r dear. We proud - 1 1 join the Sol- emu ranks Of i 3 l»7 V-V » — »■ I • • t -b ?« tJ mmm -Hi m . . -w- t it, voU) ujent bt-fore Ai h»il uoo granJ - Icj As our oojn To pnxt -for ev- cr- ynort f — r — (► : p p [ I; I r " r r I r w -y- %Ui 2.. We caftmot " turn arourtti ari l UltuJ The uears we leive loehind 3ut tf it a mernoru or Tu) o Will steal iv to eacW -m ' lnJ ■ Wt cKerisV. all 1W« pleasant 1l ou3Wts 0+ bri Wt and Wappy Kows } Yet khouJ " rf»e -future challenges Our Graces , i4is , and poaitrS . 3i We honor yoo , our M- H- S-; Our teachers and our friends , find, tKoujh uje tnaj he Scattered far To earth ' s revnotest ends, We. never lo ' ill i orget yoo or The +K ' ings which happened here- f nd. 8o loe sai ■ Fatewell " to ljoo , Oor Alma l ater dea.r. —48— I History In 1941 we gave up our five years of freedom and set our sails for the twelve years ' cruise of public school education. With tears in their eyes, our mothers bade us a fond bon voyage as we embarked on our journey to the land of the three R ' s. The first port at which we stopped was the strange metropolis of Miss Loose ' s first grade room. We were hastily divided into three groups; the bluebirds, robins, and wrens. After a one year stopover in Miss Arnold ' s second grade, we were all promoted to the rank of third graders with Miss Schell as our commanding officer. Now we were old enough to enact plays for assembly. The next year found us sailing into Miss Layser ' s fourth grade. Since it was leap year, we played girls catch boys and other such games. Wilhelm made his debut as a clown by standing in front of the class with a teddy bear on his head. Most of us made it to the fifth port, where we were drilled on personal habits. When the boys came to school with uncombed hair. Miss Uhrich tied a ribbon in it. We now came to the half-way mark of our destination and were masters of ihe Hill School under the watchful eye of Mr. Snavely. The Curtain Call Club was formed and it entertained the underclassmen. Romances began to bloom every- where, particularly after Heffley gave her unforgettable party. Seventh grade found us marooned on the strange island of Myerstown High School with only Miss Stout and Mrs. Stevenson as our chaperones. In eighth grade we were rescued from the island by Miss Werner, Miss Neal, and Mr. Daniels. We also multiplied by leaps and bounds when our friends from the country joined us, making our number ninety-three. In ninth grade we became Miss Immel ' s and Mr. Marquette ' s headaches, while in tenth grade Miss Donough and Mr. Bucher coun- seled us as we showed off our class jackets, emblems, and pennants. Our hats got lost in a storm at sea, but we didn ' t mind. Eleventh grade found us even prouder, under the supervision of Mr. Marquette and Miss Kopp, as we displayed our shiny, new class rings. Some of us didn ' t keep them for long. This year we also sponsored the biggest social event of our trip, the Junior-Senior Prom. The day before found us rushing around without any decorations. At last, after twelve years of sailing on a rough sea, we reached our destina- tion; the sunny shores of Mrs. Fairlamb ' s bird sanctuary and Miss Kopp ' s tropical gardens. Everybody was kept busy exchanging class pictures and publishing ihe annual yearbook. Since we completed the work on this book in less than two months, we had to invent all sorts of excuses to get out of classes. We were escorted for three wonderful days to New York City and after arriving home we prepared ourselves for Class Day. Now that graduation day is upon us and our wonderful trip is over, we will turn our sails and set our course for life ' s sea of experience and meet it surely, no matter what obstacles stand before us. —49— class Will Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1953, Myerstown High School, Borough of My- erstown. County of Lebanon, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Realizing full well that our school days cannot go on forever, we are leaving our per- sonal talents, property and characteristics to the underclassmen so that the school can continue happily and not too monotonously. First, to the class of ' 54 we leave our trip to New York. Second, to the Sophomores we leave our ability to give excuses and success in getting out of classes. Third, to the Freshmen we leave our intelligence (?) and good looks {?). And, in addition: Shirley Lessig leaves her dancing ability to Ronald Krall. David Hain bequeaths his trips to the " Plaza " to Johnny Mentzer. Doris Mader wills her pretty long hair to Barbara Spangler. Larry Mentzer wills his female fans to Charles Jonas Geib. Betty Tobias has only one thing to will, but she wants to keep that. Peter Hottenstein wills his glasses to his brother, Mike. Meta Dreyer leaves her studious attitude to Karl Grumbine. Lee Gorey wills the title of " Ten O ' Clock Scholar " to Bobby Ziegler. Janet Spittler leaves her " confidential " talks to Lois Mentzer. JJarry Hunsicker wills his naps in history class to his brother, Ronald. Carl Firestine wills his cigarettes to Gene Bucher. Carl Brubaker wills his F. F. A. jacket to Glenn Heim. Janet Shanaman leaves her pet " Elbidridges " to Dianne Seager. Shirley Rupp bequeaths her taxi service to some future Stouchsburg student. Robert Bashore wills his Lebanon girls to whoever wants them. Nancy Brown wills her wavy hair to Dawn Neiswender. Evalyn Thrasher wills her diamond to Now don ' t fight, girls! Nancy McCurdy leaves her earrings to Shirley Schwear. Joyce Miller wills her domestic abilities to Ronald Swanger. Janice Zimmerman wills her class participation to Eldon LeGay. Doris Heydt leaves her curly hair to Ernie Firestine. Joanne Gassert leaves her temper to Joanna Moore. Shirley Miller bequeaths her gym suit to Marilyn Yeakley. Jane Rothenbach wills her shorthand book to Carol HoUinger. Shirley Achey leaves her enormous appetite to Martha Heffelfinger. Bobby Houser leaves his sex appeal to Gene Lessig. Julia Schaeffer has cooking ability, but she needs that to catch her man. —50— I Class Will Barbara Yost bequeaths her position on the basketball team to Sandra Koller. John Wilhelm bequeaths the gas in his mother ' s car to some Junior, so that he ca n drive around getting play book ads. Shirley Heffley wills her cute blushes to Russell Shaak. Sara Bennetch leaves her sax to some lucky clarinet player. June Latshaw wills her height to Dolores Phillippy. Gay Seibert wills her shy manners to Sue Ann Zearfoss. Gladys Bleistein wills her soft voice to Nancy Fink. Shirley Andrews wills her gum to Ginny Lebo. George Rittle leaves his black hair to Julia Pieffer. Robert Sattazahn wills his love for cowboy music and cleaning barns to Walter Whit- moyer. Marian Tice leaves her love for being chased by David Hain to Anna Ressler. Philip Pfaltz wills his German books to George Lessig. Hilda Light wills her giggle to Barbara Bingaman. Ronald Schoener wills his shyness to Richard Miller. Shirley Sholly leaves her title of " Dagmar " to Ruthie Schaeffer. June Dohner bequeaths her playground tennis champ title lO Dorothy Evans. Lester Phillippy leaves his love of arguing in P.O.D. class to Pat Potteiger. Jane Siegfrie4 wills her red athletic sweater to her sister. Ginny Haulman wills her red hair to Rita Bowman. Billy Krick wills Marie Mays to all the eighth grade hounds. Marie Stauffer leaves her chemistry manual to some lucky Junior. Shirley Rhoads wills her singing ability to Martin Wenzler. Kathleen Forry wills her piano playing ability to Jay Wenger. Helen Gass wills her collection of class rings to Nancy Honker. Alice Home leaves her chest x-ray pictures to Mrs. Kercher ' s files. Bobby Webber wills that quiet smile to Harold Mann. Gordon Lehman leaves his treasurer ' s books to some poor sucker. Sally Schoener wills her dimples to Dale Fake. Mary Schrack wills her pleasing personality to Mary Ellen Sheetz. Donald Landis wills his Chevie to Paul Snyder. Alma Shenk leaves her typing technique to Richard Wagner. Robert Krick wills his two front teeth to Santa Claus. William Ketner wills his math ability to Sylvia Wandell. Robert Schoener wills his intricate dance steps to Callie Umbenhen. Erlene Gibble leaves her rosy cheeks to some paleface. Harold Caskie wills Vivian Deaven to the Senior Band Majorettes. Dennis Saylor wills his blue eyes to Wan en Heilman. Gail Geib leaves her undying devotion for Ray Dietrich to some lucky girl. Rebecca Peiffer wills her cooperativeness to Jimmy Shaffer. —51— Class Prophecy — 1953 As we, the class of ' 53, enter the year 1973, we find our class planning iheir twentieth reunion. Upon entering Myerstown, we enlisted the services of Heffley ' s " We Haul You Anywhere " taxi service to take us to Betty Tobias ' " Slurp-Burp " soda fountain where our banquet was served. Robert Sattazahn, Carl Firestine, and Carl Brubakei donated some of their extraordinary purple popcorn from their farms for the meal. During the banquet we were entertained by Shirley Lessig and Bobby Webber, world famous dance duo, appearing nightly at the Black Duck Nite Club, Womels- dorl ' ; and by our Girls ' Trio, composed of Helen Gass, Kathleen Forry, and Shirley Rhoads, which is currently touring Lebanon County with the Jack Hain ' s Show. Our treasurer, Gordon Lehman, who is now treasurer of the Young Ladies ' Auxiliary of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pheasants, is still trying lo collect unpaid class dues. Lee Gorey and Harry Hunsicker arrived two hours late and presented each member with a souvenir of their " We-wake-you-up-two-hours-late " Alarm Clock Company. President John Wilhelm, who is the star performer with Joie Chitwood ' s Hell Drivers, announced his regrets that two of our members could not be present; Den- nis Saylor is the Professor of German at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and Janet Spittler is recuperating from her operation of having her tongue retread. Some of our members have become items of the public eye: David Hain gives his popular lectures at the Plaza on " How to Prepare Wild Birds for Eating " ; Shir- ley Miller ' s picture is found on Life and Look covers showing what Gloworm Sham- poo does to her beautiful hair; Erlene Gibble was just voted Penna ' s Potato Bug Oueen; Admiral Bob Houser recently returned from his latest expedition to lower Lobovia; Babs Yost and June Dohner are the world Tiddle-de-wink-champs; Bill Ketner is the star of the " Wild Bill Ketner " movie series; Billy Krick is the only hunter to use atomic shells to hunt field mice; Joyce Miller was announced winner in the National Rug-Hooking Contest; and Lester Phillippy is now writing all of Jack Benny ' s corny T. V. scripts. As we strolled downtown to Myerstown ' s Radio - T.V. station we found " Dag- mar " Sholly entering the studio for her daily T.V. program. We were just in dme to catch Bleistein and Andrews in their " Mutt Jeff " show, and Becky Peiflfer doing her Donald Duck imitations on the Mickey Mouse program. The commer- cials were done by the Bologna Trio — Sally, Robert and Ronald Schoener. On the street corner outside the Public school we found Sara Bennetch playing her sax with the Salvation Army. Gay Seibert was working diligently to teach her darling 3rd graders the ABC ' s. In the gym, Shirley Achey was busy coaching her State Champion Boys ' basketball team. -52— Class Prophecy — 1953 Up in West Myerstown Dr. Meta Dreyer established an elaborate clinic for the treatment of hives. Nurses assisting Dr. Dreyer are Joanne Gassert, Doris Heydt and Nancv Brown. In a part of the clinic Mary Schrack is employed as a medical secre- tary to Dr. Pete Hottenstein, who has just completed his fourth book describing technicolor vertebrae. .Across the street from the school are situated McCurdy ' s Orphanage for Stray Dogs, and Shirley Rupp ' s " Morning in Myerstown " perfume company. Julia SchaefTer is a happy farmer ' s housewife in that vicinity. While pausing for a brief rest at Hilda Light ' s " Never-Rest Hotel, " we discov- ered Doris Mader still waiting for Terry to graduate from the Happy Homemaker ' s School, and Janice Zimmerman still doing nothing much. A glance at the " Myerstown Merchandiser, " edited by Marian Tice, informs us of some additional accomplishments of our classmates: Alice Home writes the Advice to the Lovelorn column, and June Latshaw is the creator of the " They ' ll Do It Every Other Time " comic strip. Advertisements included were for Bob Krick ' s X and Y supermarket; Ginny Haulman ' s world-famous strapless, heelless, toeless. topless, and soleless shoe; and for George Rittle ' s public guide service on tours to Mt. Aetna. Harold Caskie, who made his first million punching holes in Swiss Cheese, advertised for experienced cheese-punchers. Robert Bashore is the private eye of the Avon Detective Agency. His two sec- retaries. Alma Shenk and Jane Rothenbach, are kept busy taking dictation and sit- ting on their boss ' knee. Marie Stauffer is employed at a Key West Navy laboratory performing a com- plicated experiment to find the formula of water. Also in Florida are Janet Shana- man. who owns a huge plantation in the Everglades to raise blue-green elbidridges, and Larry Mentzer, who x-rays the canaries daily at the Marine-land Aquarium. Still furthering her education under the tutorship of Professor de Scribble, is Gail Geib, who is taking a new course in drawing straight lines with a ruler. Evalyn Thrasher and her husband own the famous " Mule Train " on their farm outside of Womelsdorf, and Philip Pfaltz is the caretaker of the Widow ' s Home in Lebanon. Our happily married couple, Landis and Siegfried, are kept busy supplying their brood of children with new red sweaters. After the reunion and memory-recalling tour of the hometown, the class of ' 53 once again separates, each to his own corner of the world, to meet again perhaps in another twenty years. And, what then!!! —53— MOST POPULAR Doris Mader — Robert Houser BEST DRESSED Virginia Haulman — Lester Phillippy CLASS CLOWN Shirley Acliey — John Wilhelm MOST POLITE Sally Schoener — Larry Mentzer -54— MUSICALLY INCLINED Kathleen Forry — William Ketner MOST FLIRTATIOUS Shirley Sholly — Lee Gorey BEST LOOKING Doris Mader — Robert Houser MOST TALKATIVE Shirley Lessig — Lester Phillippy —55— BEST ATHLETE June Dohner — Larry Mentzer MOST STUDIOUS Marie Stauflfer — Peter Hottenstein SHYEST Julia Schaeffer — Ronald Schoener MOST ARTISTIC June Latshaw — Philip Pfaltz —56— BEST NATURED Rebecca Peiffer — Gordon Lehman MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kathleen Forry — Peter Hottenstein PEPPIEST Shirley Achey — David Hain BEST DANCERS Shirley Lessig — Robert Webber -57— " Our Girls " CAST ELMER LOVEJOY Peter Hottenstein MILDRED LOVEJOY, his wife Kathleen Forry JESSE, 13 years old Robert Houser FRANCIS, 14 years old Lester Phillippy VIVIAN, just on 16 Larry Mentzer AUNT JESSIE, Mildred ' s Aunt Shirley Lessig MRS. WATTLES, a neighbor Janet Spittler CHESTER, Mrs. Wattles ' son about 14 John Wilhelm PHYLLIS, 15, her daughter . . ' Marie Stauffer HULDA, the Lovejoys ' " maid of all work " Meta Dreyer EXPRESSMAN David Hain DIRECTRESS Mrs. Joanne Fairlamb COMMITTEES Stage Setting — George Rittle, Robert Sattazahn, David Hain, Robert Bashore, Mr. Miles Steiner, Mr. John Sherman. Costuming — Shirley Achey, Sally Schoener, Julia Schaeflfer, Miss Nancy Gruber, Mrs. Helen Brightbill. Make-Up — Shirley Rupp, Mary Schrack, Janice Zimmerman, Shirley .Andrews, Evalyn Thrasher, Gail Geib, Gladys Bleistein, Barbara Yost, Shirley Sholly, Mrs. Ruth T. Lantz. Miss Joanne Fox. Tickets — Gordon Lehman, John Wilhelm, Shirley Rhoads, Mr. Harold Batdorf, Mr. A. Lester Bucher. Properties — Ronald Schoener, Doris Mader, Alma Shenk, Virginia Haulman, Mrs. Joanne Fairlamb, Mr. Howard Klopp. Publicity — June Latshaw, Shirley Heffley, Rebecca Peiffer, Meta Dreyer, Miss Audrey Kopp, Miss Anita Welch, Miss Mabel Immel. Music — Miss Kathryn Dech, Mr. Harold Yeagley. Prompters — Sally Schoener, Janet Shanaman, Alice Home. -58— I The Entire Cast A serious moment in tlie Lovejoy family — a broken window. —59- Brotherly Love (?)! ' Strawdinary creatures!! " Guess who? —60— " Nighty-NIghi, .Vunt Jessie! " " But, Aunt Jessie ! " —61— I PL I f B ac k " j t :i g- e S n a. Ri sm It aW- —62— —63— —64— .ULOXO i2 ijem4A . •MMMM I Junior Class Homeroom Teachers — Miss Joanne V. Fox, Mr. Frederick W. Lantz. Number of Students — Sixty-six. Junior Class Officers Left to right: Gladys Duffy, Secretary; Walter Whitmoyer, President; George Lessig, Vice President; Shirley Schwear, Treasurer. —65— if ' - iasife ' ■5s ' Sophomore Class Homeroom Teachers — Mr. Harold A. Batdorf, Mr. A. Lester Biicher. Number of Students — Sixty-five. Sophomore Class Officers Left to right: Marlene Hibshman, Secretary; .Toel Zinn, President; Terry Schott, Vice President; David Jeffers, Treasurer. —66— Freshman Class Homeroom Teachers — Mr. John K. Brunner, Mr. Dwight C. Fake. Number of Students — Seventy-nine. Freshman Class Officers Left to right: Beverly Ranaldi, Secretary; Dale Achey, President; Ronald Swanger, Vice President. Eugene Lessig, Treasurer. —67— Eighth Grade Class Officers — Audrey Kulp. President: Winifred Hollinger, Vice-President; Loretta Mader, Secretary; Donald Brubaker, Treasurer. Homeroom Teachers — Mr. Robert W. Mitcliell, Mr. Albert A. Reed. Number of Students — Sixty-six. iSi J:- Seventh Grade Class Oflficers — Jerad Yeagley, President; Mark Schwear, Vice-President; Mary Wolfe, Secretary; William Fulk, Treasurer. Homeroom Teachers — Mrs. Helen H. Brightbill, Mr. Robert A. Hoffman, Miss Anita C. Welch. Number of Students — Seventy-three. —68— Sixth Grade Teacher — Mr. Adam Snavely. Number of Students — Forty-four. Fifth Grade Teacher — Mrs. H. Irene Snavely. Number of Students — Forty-four. —69— Fourth Grade Teacher — Mrs. Blanche B. Weaver. Number of Students — Forty-one. Third Grade Teacher • — Miss Irene J. Schell. Number of Students — Thirty-two. —70- Second Grade Teacher — Mrs. Lillian G. Emerick. Number of Students — Thirty-seven. First Grade Teacher — Mrs. Mabel Groff. Number of Students — Twenty-nine. -71— First Grade Teacher — Miss Leah Loose. Number of Students — Twenty-nine. The Hill School —72— 3L(yc Soccer Left to right: 1st row — Coach HofTman, G. Rittle, R. Bashore, L. Mentzer, R. Houser, W. Ketner, G. Lehman. 2nd row — G. Bucher, K. Hower, G. Lessig, J. Shaffer, T. Schott, J. Pearson, D. Ebling 3rd row — L. Kline, R. Strause, W. Whitmoyer, S. Merkey, C. Youse, J. Mentzer. SCHEDULE AND SCORES 1st game 2nd game H V H V Heidelberg — 1 2 — 4 South Lebanon — 2 — 1 Cornwall 1 — 2 1 — 2 Annville 2 — 1 — 2 Jonestown 1 — 3 1 — 3 Fredericksburg — 1 2 — 4 The record of the soccer team this year was not too impressive, for it showed they had won only two games while losing nine and tieing one. Although their record was poor, they played hard and clean in all their games. The vari- ous times the team was defeated, the loss was either by one or two goals, which proved that the t eam was in there fighting all the way. Being handicapped from the beginning by a lack of experience and also with several bad breaks, the Mohawks ' record was not up to par. Their record at the end of the first half was one win, four losses, and a tie, putting them in a low position in the league standings. In the second half their record was one win and five losses. Although it did not improve, their playing did. We congratulate Coach Hoffman, Captain Larry Mentzer, and the boys on the squad for their fine work. We wish them luck in the coming seasons! —73— Varsity Basketball Left to right: 1st row — Coach Brunner, G. Bucher, L. Mentzer, R. Houser, J. Shaffer, G. Lessig. 2nd row — G. Lehman, K. Hower, W. Whitmoyer, D. Ebling, T. Schott, R. Bashore. This year our new coach, Mr. Brunner, had a difficult task of selecting a varsity team, because all the boys were new to him and rather inexperienced. The selected team didn ' t have much height, but their speed, determination, and cooperation proved to be very successful in winning their games. The Mohawks, fortunate in that they lose only two senior boys, are looking forward to a very successful 1953-54 season. SCHEDULE AND SCORES Myers. Opp. Myers. 0pp. Myers. 0pp. Womelsdorf 32—43 None 61—41 North Lebanon 67 — 21 None 58 — 27 Palmyra 38 — 50 39 — 67 36 — 70 Heidelberg 56 — 33 43 — 39 47 — 48 Annville 40 — 61 53 — 60 27 — 64 South Lebanon 35 — 43 61—59 44 — 52 Cornwall 61—49 64 — 62 46 — 44 Alumni 54 — 48 None None -74— an 1 m B H .to. M .Mi-Mi- R3i | - Si , ' " " ■■ " ' " ■ ' H B iV B H V »B»Mi 1 K 112 v 1 mm X. %-J " t " 1 :« :-- H Jl H l I SrH B ai ' " TP P • « " -WS M 1 R " If s w • K -- 9-- m " ' If - ll m. M " m : f ! - ; .s! s rH K. fc!Hiss ' « Junior Varsity Basketball Left to right: 1st row — Coach Brunner, E. Firestine, R. Strause, R. Shaak. 2nd row — D. Achey, B. Webber, J. Pearson. 3rd row — J. Zinn, J. Mentzer. The team this year was under the excellent coaching of Mr. John Brunner. The boys had all the spirit and drive necessary for a capable team. Although the team did not win many games, they did play enthusiastically. We are sure that there will be a strong varsity team next year and in the years to come. The games were played before the varsity games on Tuesday and Friday evenings. We congratulate Mr. Brunner and his team on their perseverance and sportsmanship. SCHEDULE AND SCORES Myers. Opp. Myers. Opp. Myers. Opp. Womelsdorf 23—45 None 33 — 35 North Lebanon 49 — 14 None 66 — 21 Palmyra 33 __ 41 27 — 35 42—43 Heidelberg 36 — 39 29 — 25 30 — 32 Annville 28—41 29 — 53 1 1 — 44 South Lebanon 27 — 3 1 36 — 63 19 — 55 Cornwall 50 — 46 38 — 51 32 — 42 -75— Junior High Basketball Left to right: 1st row — J. Yeagley, W. Cox, J. Swanger, E. Lessig, M. Honker, W. Fulk. 2nd row— A. Miller, R. Wolfe, L. Kline, C. Youse, P. Jeffers, F. Fields. 3rd row — Coach Hoffman, G. Seibert, H. Hibshman, L. Shenk, S. Merkey, J. Wenger. This was the first year for junior high basketball. The team, consisting of eighteen willing boys from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades, was coached by Mr. Hoffman. At first the boys were inexperienced, but their rugged practices soon showed great improvement in the boys ' athletic ability. The junior high program enables these young boys to participate more actively in basket- ball and provides training for their future years on a stronger varsity team. Altho this year ' s record was only three wins against seven losses, the boys showed a clean, fighting spirit in all the games. The highlight of the season was their victory over the scrappy future Palms of Palmyra. Coach Hoffman is eagerly looking forward to next year ' s season, when he hopes to cop the championship. —76— Cheerleaders Left to right: 1st row — S. Andrews, K. Forry, S. Achey, L. Mentzer. 2nd row — B. Garloff, P. Potteiger, J. Lindermuth, S. Gassert, R. Bennetch. Missing from the picture are S. Tobias and M. Sheetz. We present our cheerleaders, the hard-working and enthusiastic girls who cheered for our soccer and basketball teams. In October tryouts were held to select new cheerleaders to replace the ones who graduated. Barbara Garloff, Shirley Tobias, and Joyce Lindermuth had the honor of being chosen. The girls selected Shirley Achey and Kathleen Forry for their co-captains. With the help of their adviser, Mr. Hoffman, our cheerleaders planned and conducted pep meetings throughout the basketball season. These meetings consisted of cheering, singing, and occasionally a few words from some person connected with the basketball team. The " peppy " girls also added several new cheers to their already large list. Among these new yells were the popular " Jungle Yell, " " Yea Team, " and " Roll That Score. " —77- H V 2 - - 1 - - 1 - - 1 - - 2 Field Hockey Left to right: 1st row — Coach Brightbill, P. Potteiger, L. Mentzer, S. Achey, J. Dohner, B. Yost. 2nd row — L. Zimmerman, S. Tobias, V. Lebo, M. Hibshman, S. Koller, M. Sheetz, D. Seager, B. Ranaldi. 3rd row — J. Bowman, B. Labe, S. Bennetch, S. Gassert, D. Lengle, J. Shanaman, D. Mader, G. Duflfy. 4th row— B. Garloff, S. Sholly, J. Rothenbach, I. Fox, R. Bennetch, V. Deaven, B. Landes, G. Brandt, D. Neiswender. SCHEDULE AND SCORES: Jonestown Home Annville Home Jonestown Home Annville Away Opening the 1952 hoclcey season, twenty-two eager lassies could be seen going at a fast pace to their new hockey field at the Ulrich Playground. After two weeks of vigorous scrim- mages in frisky autumn weather, and in spite of bruised ankles and scuffed shins, the lassies were finally ready for their opponents. Before the first game the team elected Shirley Achey as captain and June Dohner co-captain to lead their team. Throughout the season Pat Potteiger was Myerstown ' s ace scorer. The team never once showed any sign of fatigue or of giving up, but fought on until the last second of the game was played. The success of the hockey team was made possible by the excellent coachi ng of Mrs. Brightbill and the efficiency of the man- agers. Every year when the season draws to a close, the lassies look forward to a most important event; " The All County Hockey Tournament, " held on the Lebanon Valley Hockey field. Each year the team goes to the tournament with the idea of setting new records, getting their team out on top, but, most important, developing good sportsmanship. This year Myerstown again came out on top by placing six of their girls on the first and second county teams. First Team — Shirley Achey, Right Inner; Lois Mentzer, Left Inner; Sandra Koller, Left Fullback. Second Team — Sara Bennetch, Right Wing; June Dohner, Center Half; Mary Ellen Sheetz, Right Full- back. During this half day of play many new friendships were developed. The continuance of the County Hockey Tournament is very important in order to promote good ;;ports, good teams, and a better knowledge of that autumn sport — HOCKEY. —78— Girls ' Basketball Left to right: 1st row— Coach Brightbill, R. Peiffer, B. Yost, J. Dohner, L. Mentzer, S. Achey. 2nd row — B. Labe, G. Duffy, V. Lebo, D. Seager, B. Ranaldi, M. Sheetz, P. Potteiger. 3rd row — P. Hottenstein, R. Bennetch, M. Hibshman, S. Koller, S. Bennetch, S. Sholly. 4th row — D. Neiswender, D. Lengle, E. Thrasher, G. Seibert, J. Shanatnan, L. Zimmer- man. Starting the 1952-53 basketball season, the Mohawks " sisters " captured the honors, with only one defeat during the regular season. With the idea of a one-man team taken out, and the full co-operation of the team. Coach Brightbill soon had the players in ship-shape condition. The sextette ' s only loss was to the Flying Dutch Girls of Annville. Throughout the entire game the score was in close numbers, but the time was running short and the Myerstown sex- tette ' s scoring streak came a minute too late. The Annville six defeated the M.H.S. lassies by the slim margin of three points. But later in the season the M.H.S. girls defeated the Annville sextette by ihe identical score to win the Lebanon County Girls ' Basketball Championship. Thus it was that the Mohawks " sisters " captured the County honors for ihe 1952-53 leason and became " The Champs. " SCHEDULE AND SCORES Myers. Opp. Myers. Opp. Heidelberg 31 _ 18 41—35 North Lebanon 50 — 10 31 — 21 Annville 35 — 30 44 — 47 Cornwall 53 — 28 46 — 21 South Lebanon 59 — 21 41 — 10 Robesonia 41 — 51 42 — 38 Alumni 39 — 25 None Lebanon 32 — 22 36 — 28 —79— Softball The first sign of spring and the old familiar cry of " kill the umpire " will bring eighteen girls out to try their softball skill. Since the softball team for 1953 has not yet been chosen, we are sorry that the team ' s picture could not appear in the yearbook. Ever since Coach Brightbill first introduced girls ' softball to M. H. S. in 1950, the team has had an excellent standing and shows the intention of maintaining it. Good luck to Mrs. Brightbill and the team in the future! They ' ll always be on topi Baseball With a strong pitching staff, good fielders, and high hopes, the Mohawks will enter their 1953 baseball season. Their experienced team stands a good chance in the pennant competition and perhaps, under the leadership of their new coach, Mr. Dwight C. Fake, they can attain their coveted goal, the league championship. We are sorry that the picture of the baseball team could not be included in this publica- tion, but it has not as yet been selected. In the past few years, the M. H. S. boys have shown that they are strong competitors in baseball, and this year they will be stronger than ever, for only a few players have graduated and these have worthy substitutes. We wish the Mohawks a lot of success in their coming baseball season. —80— I -81- —82— ucayuiti A !• XJl » Ml HHIk li ' ff M Ji fi - !3 M 1 K ' ' sBH V IBr 7 wmMm ? «. fW feiF fT- " Wmb [ il 1 l l Mi nn r in 1 « » - ft f student Council Left to right: •. • ; .- i 1st row — D. Rittle, A. Kulp, J. Swanger, W. Fulk, C. Brown, L. Umbenhauer, P. Smaltz, M. Wolfe. 2nd row — P. Hottenstein, R. Houser, S. Andrews, J. Dohner, L. Mentzer, B. Spangler, W. Gaylor, R. Schaeffer. 3rd row— L. Kline, P. Artz, L. Shenk, D. Jeffers, B. Webber, S. Louser, M. Schoener. The Student Council consists of four members from each class in both Junior and Senior High School. These representatives are chosen by their respective homerooms during the first week of school in September. The group elects its own officers. The President and Vice-President, who this year are Peter Hottenstein and Lois Mentzer, must be either Seniors or Juniors, while the Secretary and Treasurer, this year being David Jeffers and Larry Shenk, may be in any class. The organiza- tion ' s adviser is Mr. Reed. Members of the Council must have good school citizenship, leadership ability, and an average grade of one honor point. During the meetings the members discuss problems relative to the student body, select and finance the paid assembly programs, schedule high school dances, and sponsor three or more dances themselves. So me of this year ' s Student Council Assembly Programs were " The Mon- tagues, " " La Vaux, " and " Coleman Clark ' s Table Tennis Champions. " —83— Senior Tri-Hi-Y Left to right: , 1st row— S. Heffley, N. Brown, M. Stauffer, H. Gass, H. Light, M. Schrack, R. Peiffer, D. Mader, G. Seibert, J. Spittler, S. Rhoads, K. Forry, S. Sholly, J. Rothenbach. 2nd row — M. Dreyer, G. Bleistein, M. Tice, S. Schoener, S. Bennetch, E. Thrasher, S. Lessig, V. Haulman, S. Andrews, D. Heydt, J. Schaeflfer, B. Tobias. 3rd row — F. Hertzog, M. Stecher, L. Stohler, C. Hollinger, B. Spangler, J. Peiffer, D. Brandt, B. Yost, A. Home, G. Duffy, V. Lebo, L. Mentzer. 4th row — R. Kline, V. Saylor, G. Honker, P. Shartle, M. Mummau, K. Smith, A. Ressler, S. Achey, J. Shanaman, G. Scipioni, S. Schwear, J. Knoll, D. Phillippy, B. Showers, V. Deaven, G. Patches. 5th row — S. Tobias, R. Bowman, J. Lindermuth, S. Louser, B. Haldeman, F. Haldeman, M. Troutman, M. Hibshman, M. Sheetz, S. Gassert, S. Koller, R. Bennetch, M. Schoener, I. Fox, K. Brown, S. Wandell, L. Zimmerman, J. Bowman, P. Hower, G. Brandt, N. Honker, B. Labe, P. Potteiger The Senior Tri-Hi-Y, an organization branching out from the Y. M. C. A., consists of members from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. The enrollment this year is seventy-six girls, with Mrs. Joanne Fairlamb as ihe adviser. The weekly meetings began with a devotional period, which was followed by ihe business meeting. The Senior Tri-Hi-Y is one of the most active organizations in our high school. A Thanksgiving program was given for the guests of the Old Folks ' Home. The organization went caroling in the halls of the school on the morning preceding the Christmas vacation. Together with the Hi-Y, the organization sponsored a Christmas program for the student body at which Rev. Berkey Knavel was the guest speaker. The group also entertained the faculty at a pre- Christmas tea, which was held in the school library. One of the most important activities was the semi-formal Queen of Hearts Dance, which is sponsored annually by this organization. The Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y enjoyed seven " Teen Talks, " at which local personages spoke in connection with the topic under discussion. The group also sent ten dollars to " Care " to provide Christmas dinners for the needy people of Europe. —84— Hi-Y Left to right: 1st row — W. Gaylor, G. Bucher, J. Wilhelm, P. Hottenstein, G. Lehman, L. Mentzer, R. Houser, P. Pfaltz, D. Saylor, R. Bashore, R. Schaeffer. 2nd row— G. Yeakley, K, Miller, R. Yeakley, C. Donley, J. Shaffer, W. Whitmoyer, G. Lessig, R. Swanger, R. Strause, M. Hottenstein. 3rcl row — G. Heberling, R. Miller, J. Zinn, H. Baker, A. Noll, A. Bamberger, R. Howell, J. Pearson, T. Schott. 4th row — K. Hower, C. Geib, L. Morris, D. Ebling, E. Firestine, C. Miller, D. Jeffers, J. Tice, W. Pencil, T. Cox, J. Mentzer, B. Webber. President Larry Mentzer Vice-President Gordon Lehman Secretary Eugene Bucher Treasurer George Lessig Under the leadership of the Hi-Y officers and adviser, Mr. Bucher, and with the co-oper- eration of the committees, the members of the Myerstown Hi-Y are having a successful year. A large Hi-Y, 43 members, has worked together in a " 4-C ' s " campaign. Our Hi-Y has successfully completed two projects. The first was the buying and the pre- senting of Revised Standard Versions of the Bible to the Senior High homeroom ieachers. Th-; second was sending a donation to " Houses For All " in Europe. These projects have shown many people that our Hi-Y has tried to fulfill its platform and purpose. Speakers and films have made meetings interesting and worthwhile. Continued success will come if this large Hi-Y co-operates and accomplishes tasks that will benefit home, school, and community. —85— " f Junior Tri-Hi-Y Left to right: 1st row — M. Mastro, N. Phillippy, P. Beyler, P. Haag, J. Yeakley, F. Fulk, P. Hotten- stein, D. Seager, L. Mader, N. Fink, S. Schock, M. Yeakley, J. Geib, J. Wilson, A. Yeakley. 2nd row — P. Brown, M. Hopkins, N. Hunsicker, B. Yorty, M. Wolfe, M. Potteiger, L. Long, G. Brandt, C. Sholly, W. Hollinger, N .Urabenhen, S. Pearson, B. Reppert. 3rd row — J. Kurtz, P. Wolfe, H. Kreiser, J. Rutter, K. Zearfoss, B. Bingaman, P. Smaltz, M. Heffelfinger, P. Ebling, S. Troutman. 4th row — V. Houtz, E. Brown, D. Sterner, S. Zearfoss, A. Boyer, N. Kohl, J. Ficca, P. Troutman. 5th row — D. Neiswender, A. Kulp, E. Bashore, P. Artz, B. Ranaldi, S. Schoener, S. Stoudt, M. Brandt. 6th row — S. Houtz, E. Keener, S. Brightbill, M. Schaeffer, D. Rittle, D. Reeser, B. Landes, C. Saylor, H. Fullmer, N. Phillippy, I. Hedge, D. Lengle, N. Ewing, P. Light. The Junior Tri-Hi-Y, under the advisership of Miss Joanne Fox, is comprised of girls from seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Throughout the year the organization was very active. In October a covered dish social was held in the Home Economics room; in November, the group sponsored the Thanksgiving assembly, at which Rev. Merritt Jeffers was the guest speak- er; while in December all the girls exchangd Christmas gifts. As a special project to help the needy, the girls sent ten dollars to " Care " for the purpose of helping someone overseas. —86- Newsgram Left to right: 1st row — V. Haulman, S. Sholly, E. Thrasher, S. Lessig, N. Honker, S. Rhoads, J. Spittler, G. Geib, M. Stauffer, J. Wilhelm, G. Lehman. 2nd row— J. Zinn, H. Baker, R. Bashore, D. Hain, V. Lebo, W. Whitmoyer, S. Wandell, M. Hibshman. 3rd row — D. Seager, D. Achey, C. Yeagley, S. Zearfoss, T. Cox, J. Lindermuth, M. Sheetz. 4th row— D. Schaeflfer, D. Lengle, L Fox, W. Derr, S. Suhr, S. Roller. The " Newsgram, " a monthly pubUcation, is written and edited by and for the students of Myerstown High and can be purchased singly or as a yearly subscription. Members of the staff are students in grades nine to twelve who have, through competitive tests, met with the stand- ards of writing needed to make a good reporter. The " Newsgram " features all the latest news of school activities, sports, editorials, feature columns and interesting pictures of the students and faculty at work and play. This year ' s Editor-in-Chief was Shirley Rhoads, Mrs. Lantz is the head of the faculty advisers, ' 53, with Nancy Honker, ' 55, Co- Editor. —87— Library Club Left to right: 1st row — L. Stohler, J. Rothenbach, J. Shanaman, G. Seibert, J. Dohner, D. Mader, R. Peiffer, G. Geib, C. Hollinger, F. Hertzog. 2nd row — M. Sheetz, M. Hibshman, R. Bennetch. J. Lindermuth, B. Labe, S. Wandell, N. Honker, R. Swanger, L. Zimmerman. 3rd row — N. Phillippy, S. Zearfoss, C. Yeagley, S. Suhr, W. Derr, J. Moore, R. SchaefFer, D. Neiswender, D. Schaeffer. 4th row — N. Fink, N. Gettle, H. Kreiser, J. Wagner, F. Fulk, N. Umbenhen, P. Artz, D. Lengle, P. Light, H. Fullmer, B. Landes. This is an organization composed of fifty-five eager members. Each member has a duty to perform at least one period out of the week; that of working in the library. Although there is much work, there is also some play. In the beginning of the year there was the initiation party for the new members. A Hallowe ' en party, Christmas party and Valen- tine party were enjoyed. A new filing cabinet has been purchased by the club for the library. The officers this year are: President — Doris Mader Vice President ■ — June Dohner Treasurer • — Gay Seil ert Secretary — Rebecca Peiffer -88- Camera Club Left to right: 1st row — G. Lehman, A. Home, M. Stauffer, E. Thrasher, S. Schoener, M. Dreyer, S. Heffley, R. Schoener, R. Bashore, J. Wilhelm. 2nd row — R. Miller, W. Gaylor, A. Bamberger, A. Ressler, D. Hain, S. Wandell, N. Honker, L. Zimmerman, J. Bowman. 3rd row— K. Smith, J. Zinn, H. Baker, M. Sheefz, R. Kline. One of the more active clubs in M.H.S. is the Camera Club, which meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Last year its main project was to print and develop pictures of the entire student body. This year, under the direction of their adviser, Mr. Bucher, the Club is learning the art of positive and negative developing. The group plans to sponsor a contest to discover ttie club member most talented in the field of photography. Entrants are required to take, print, develop, and submit a photograph to be judged. These camera fans also completed a project in which they printed a large order of Christmas Operetta pictures for the Hill School children. —89— 4 Future Homemakers of America Left to right: 1st row — G. Long, D. Evans, N. McCurdy, J. Miller, M. Dreyer, B. Tobias, G. Scipioni, G. Duffy, J. Lindermuth, J. Schaeffer, B. Mays, J. Seigfried, M. Schrack, P. Potteiger. 2nd row — P. Shartle, M. Mummau, K. Smith, R. Bowman, H. Hixenheiser, A. Ressler, L. Betz, V. Lebo, L. Mentzer, J. Spittler, R. Ream, M. Stecher, F. Hertzog. 3rd row — R. Kline, S. Koller, F. Haldeman, B. Haldeman, S. Gassert, M. Troutman, M. Hibshman, S. Tobias, K. Brown, V. Saylor, L. Zimmerman, J. Peiffer. 4th row — L Hedge, V. Schoener, B. Seigfried, S. Suhr, C. Yeagley, S. Schoener, D. Seager, J. Bowman. 5th row — N. Yohn, K. Firestine, M. Copenhaver, M. Harnish, P. Troutman, K. Ernfield, A. Boyer, V. Houtz, D. Schaeffer, M. Hoffman, D. Lengle, S. Zearfoss, L Fox, B. Labe. The Future Homemakers of America, under the direction of Miss Nancy Gruber, complet- ed several projects this year. The club sponsored a bake sale after the operetta, provided transportation for Its members for a day at the Farm Show, had several parties, sponsored the annual Sweetheart Dance, and baked cookies for the Old Folks ' Home. The officers this year are: i ■ President • — Gladys Duffy Vice-President ■ — Julia Schaeffer Secretary — Gloria Scipioni Treasurer — Marlene Hibshman 1 Historian — Betty Tobias -90— III! Future Farmers of America Left to right: 1st row — C. Firestine, R. Derr, G. Heim, D. Landis, C. Brubaker, R. Schoener, T. Hafer, H. Derr, Mr. Sherman, Adviser. 2nd row— P. Snyder, D. Brown, R. Sattazahn, R. Webber, K. Grumbine, G. Rittlc, H. Hunsicker, J. Mentzer. 3rd row — F. Seigfried, N. Brown, H. Caskie, M. Umberger, H. Kerchner, E. Brown, R. Hess, R. Lebo, G. Krall. 4th row — J. DeHart, G. Moyer, S. Miller, F. Hunsicker, G. Derr. The aim of the Future Farmers of America is to prepare rural boys for the vocation of farming and related subjects and to enrich the secondary school curriculum so as to better serve those engaged in this occupation. The F.F.A boys enjoy many recreational activities. This past year the group attended the Ice Capades and the Ice Follies. They also sponsored a square dance. One of the impor- tant events was the " Chapter Sweetheart Dance. " The " Sweetheart " is a member of the F.H.A. The organization also enjoyed a day at the Farm Show. Each summer the F.F.A. has a county tour on which the boys view each other ' s projects. This is all done in the forenoon, while the afternoon is spent at an amusement park. In March local and county Father and Son banquets are held. The county boys also sponsor a beef and dairy judging contest; supple- mented by the spraying of fruit trees in the spring. —91— Safety Patrol Left to light: 1st row— G. Daub, J. Rittle, W. Fulk, R. Loose, L. Nixon, D. Grumbine, E. Eiler, H. Hibshman. 2nd row — R. Ferster, J. Yeagley, K. Harding, R. Prescott, E. Heffelfinger, J. Yeagley, E. Swanger, G. Hanley. The Safety Patrol, whose duty it is to instruct, direct, and control the elementary students in crossing streets and highways, is composed of sixteen boys, including a captain and two lieutenants. Mr. Mitchell is in charge of and supervises the operation of the patrol. —92— Girls ' Ensemble Left to right: R. SchaeflFer, S. Rhoads, N. Honker, J. Spittler, S. Suhr, C. Yeagley, M. Stauffer, H. Gass, J. Moore, C. Hollinger, P. Potteiger, K. Forry. The Girls ' Ensemble consists of twelve girls from grades nine to twelve who are selected for their reading ability, tone quality, and their ability to blend their voices with others. The Ensemble, under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech, sings at various school functions and at other local gatherings. Some of these include the Community Fair, the Senior Play, and, of course, the Spring Concert. " I Hea:d You Cried Last Night " and " Alice Blue Gown " were the favored selections this year. The group is accompanied on the piano by David Schell. Five of the members will gradu- ate this year. Shirley Rhoads, Helen Gass, Marie Stauffer, and Kathleen Forry have each served four years, while Janet Spittler has belonged to the organization for three years. The new members this past year were Ruth Schaeffer, Susan Suhr, Constance Yeagley, and Joanna Moore. -93- Mixed Chorus Left to right: 1st row — R. Schaeflfer, S. Rhoads, D. Schaeffer, N. Honker, R. Peiflfer, C. Yeagley, M. StaufFer, C. Hollinger, H. Gass, J. Moore, K. Forry. 2nd row— J. Spittler, S. Sholly, S. Suhr, M. Dreyer, S. Heffley, D. Mader, V. Lebo, S. Bennetch, G. Geib, P. Potteiger . 3rd row — R. Miller, G. Lessig, D. Fake, D. Achey, J. Wenger, G. Heberling, R. Garloff, R. Schaeffer, E. Lessig. 4th row— H. Baker, T. Schott, W. Ketner, R. Webber, J. Shaffer, A. Noll, G. Bucher, J. Wilhelm. The Mixed Chorus, or Senior Chorus, as it is sometimes called, is made up of boys and girls from grades nine to twelve. This year the chorus selected the following officers: Helen Gass, president; George Lessig, treasurer; Dolores Phillippy, secretary-librarian; and Gail Geib, assistant secretary-librarian. The chorus, under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech, and with David Schell as accompanist, takes part in the Spring Concert and Commencement exercises. Some of the members will attend County Chorus, and two of them, Helen Gass and Kathleen Forry, will attend District Chorus. They may also have the opportunity of participating in the State Chorus. The male section in the chorus, although not too large, demonstrated that they had singing ability. The chorus particularly enjoyed singing " Gandy Dancers Ball, " " Without a Song, " and " Ride the Chariot. " —94— Girls ' Chorus Left to right: 1st row — R. Schaeffer, H. Fullmer, S. Rhoads, P. Light, J. Lindermuth, M. Schoener, P. Garloff, G. Heberling, G. Scipioni, D. Phillippy. 2nd row — N. Krall, D. Schaeffer, D. Neiswender, H. Yiengst, R. Bennetch, L. Stohler, C. Hollinger, M. Dreyer, K. Forry, P. Hower. 3rd row— M. Sheetz, S. Roller, N. Honker, V. Saylor, V. Gibble, C. Yeagley, P. Potteiger. M. Stauffer, R. Peiffer, H. Gass, J. Moore. 4th row— S. Sholly, J. Spittler, S. Suhr, S. Heffley, D. Seager, S. Bennetch, G. Geib, D. Mader, V. Lebo. TTiis chorus is composed of forty-one girls from the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. The group is under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech, with Helen Gass as the ac- companist. Although they do not have the opportunity to participate in many other programs or concerts, the chorus does take part in the annual Spring Concert. This year the group particu- larly enjoyed singing " Blue Skies " and " All The Things You Are. " —95— Boys ' Chorus Left to right: 1st row— R. Schaeffer, D. Fake, D. Achey, J. Wenger, G. Heberling, R. Garloflf, E. Lessig. 2nd row— J. Zinn, R. Miller, K. Kieflfer, C. Geib, G. Lessig, C. Donley, G. Buchcr. 3rd row — H. Baker, J. Shaffer, T. Schott, W. Ketner, R. Webber, A. Noll, J. Wilhelm. This year the Boys ' Chorus, under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech, and with David Schell as accompanist, was composed of twenty-four boys from grades nine to twelve. The group, which rehearses every other Tuesday, have among their favorites, " The Wiffen- poof Song " and " Marching Along Together. " This year the chorus recruited three freshmen and will lose three senior basses. -96— Junior Chorus Left to right: 1st row — M. Mastro, M. Brandt, R. Prescott, W. Hollinger, N. Phillippy, P. Beyler, P. Wolfe, M. Schaeffer, A. Yeakley, E. Keener, W. Fulk, L. Souders, G. Hanley. 2nd row — M. Schwear, L. Claman, N. Fink, M. Brubaker, B. Reppert, C. Umbenhen, C. Sholly, N. Umbenhen, N. Kohl, S. Schock, R. Krall, J. Kreider. 3rd row — M. Honker, J. Yeakley, S. Pearson, R. Brandt, M. Potteiger, F. Fulk, R. Sanger, J. Yeagley, M. Grumbine, P. Jeffers, P. Stechman. 4th row — J. Ficca, M. Smaltz, M. Brown, M. Grumbine, K. Zearfoss, G. Noll, B. Binga- man, R. Merkey. The Junior Chorus, consisting of forty-five members from the seventh and eighth grades, is under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dech. The Chorus trains its members for future partici- pation in the Girls ' or Boys ' and Mixed Choruses. This year, the group took part in the Spring Concert and in occasional assembly programs. —97— I Senior Band Clarinet — N. Honker, M. Tice, R. Peiffer, D. Mader, T. Schott, B. Tobias, C. Yeagley. R. Schaeffer, D. Schaeffer, C. Miller, V. Houtz, N. Kohl, L. Zimmerman. Flute— S. Suhr. Saxophone — S. Schoener, C. Sholly, R. Miller, B. Webber, A. Kulp, S. Schoener, J. Shana- man, S. Bennetch. Cornet — E. Bucher, G. Heberling, D. Achey, L. Shenk, P. Jeflfers, J. Tice, M. Honker, S. Achey, E. Lessig, R. Loose, K. Harding, J. Wenger. Trombone— W. Pencil, R. Schaeffer, R. Garloflf, J. Yeagley, G. Daub. Mellophone — S. Andrews, V. Lebo, M. Stauffer, I. Fox. Baritone — H. Gass, J. Pearson, J. Yeakley, G. Seibert. Bass Horn— L. Kline, D. Schell, S. Sholly. Bell Lyre— C. Hollinger. Percussion — J. Zinn, R. Ziegler, G. Bleistein, G. Seibert, S. Rhoads, M. Schoener, G. Les- sig, K. Ferry. Majorettes — R. Bennetch, J. Lindermuth, V. Haulman, V. Deaven, M. Hibshman, E. Bashore. Color Guard — M. Stecher, A. Home, P. Potteiger, L. Mentzer, S. Heffley. Missing from picture — Color Guard, E. Thrasher; Saxophone, J. Spittler; Drum Major, H. Mann. The sixty-eight instrumentalists, six color guards, eight majorettes and one major of the Senior Band are under the guidance of Mr. Harold Yeagley. Membership is awarded to those who the director feels are proficient enough on their respective instruments to play the Senior Band music with competence. The group plays at various school functions, including the Spring Concert and Com.mence- ment. They also participate in many parades. For instance, the week of Hallowe ' en was a rather hectic one for most of the Band members. Since they took part in parades almost every night that week, there seemed to be no time to do homework. The harrassed teachers discover- ed that homework either wasn ' t done at all or wasn ' t done well. The organization also per- formed at the Lebanon Valley College Homecoming Football Game. —98— Junior Band Clarinet— N. Kohl, S. Nitrauer, B. Brown, K. Zearfoss, J. Krall, C. Wagner. Flute — A. Honker. Saxophone — C. Sholly, A. Kulp, L. Long, J. Yeagley. Cornet — P. Jeffers, S. Achey, R. Loose, K. Harding, G. Dreibelbise, M. Honker, E. Eiler, B. Donley, M. Honker, M. Schaeffer, C. Lengle, D. Brubaker, F. Stroble, G. Krall, J. Rittle, J. Wenger, R. Louch. Trombone — J. Yeagley, C. Saunders, W. Fulk, G. Daub, S. Schock. Mellophone — K. Stauffer, D. Grumbine. Baritone — J. Yeakley. Bass Horn — M. Grumbine. Bell Lyre — J. Schaeffer, R. Sanger. Percussion — G. Seibert, J. Wenger, T. Witter, R. Schoener, N. Long. Majorettes— B. Wiehs, L. Ziegler, L. Yeiser, C. Kratzer, L. Wolfe, P. Miller, A. Ober- holtzer, J. Sheiber, B. Daub. The Junior Band consists of seventy-five instrumentalists and fifteen majorettes under the direction of Mr. Harold Yeagley. By participating in the Junior Band, the instrumentalists are prepared for future membership in the Senior Band. They learn to co-operate and to blend their instruments with those of others. The group this year has some outstanding cornet talent. This organization takes part in the Spring Concert. They participate in the town Hal- lowe ' en Parade by dressing in various costumes. The Junior Band will welcome any promising young musicians to its ranks. —99— Queen of Hearts Dance The annual Queen of Hearts Dance is sponsored by the Senior Tri-Hi-Y. The iirst of these dances was held in 1944 with Harold Albert and Beatrice Loeb as the King and Queen of Hearts. The royal couple and their court are always elected by the popular vote of the Senior High School. The court consists of a Maid of Honor and four other attendants. Two pre-school boys and two pre-school girls are selected to serve as trainbearers and flower girls. 1 The Minuet -100— The Court Queen of Hearts Dance The reigning couple this year was Larry Mentzer and Doris Mader. The attendants were Kathleen Forry, Maid of Honor; Shirley Rhoads, Gay Seibert, Virginia Haulman, and Helen Gass. The Flower Girls were Frances Potteiger and Janice Sherk, while ihe trainbearers were John Witters and Bruce Troutman. The Queen and her attendants all were attired in long white gowns, decorated with red hearts. The minuet, presented by twenty senior girls, heralded the entrance of the royal court. After the coronation, the following program was presented: TRUMPET TRIO— Eugene Bucher, Larry Shenk, Dale Achey " Let Me Call You Sweetheart " " I Love You Truly " VOCAL SOLO— Ruth Bennetch ■ PIANO SOLO— Carol Hollinger " Will You Remember? " ■ " Deep Purple " The Class Presidents —101— QUEEN DORIS MADER I FLOWER GIRLS Janice Shirk — Frances Potteiger KING LARRY MENTZER -102— VIROW " ' ' OASS -103— 3n ilemoriam Franklin Kreiser— August 10, 1933— June 17, 1951 Carl McKeon— February 11, 1933— July 22, 1950 Ronald Weik— October 13, 1934— March 12, 1953 k - They have triumphed who have died; They have passed the porches wide, Leading from the House of Night To the splendid lawns of light. They have gone on that far road Leading to their new abode. And from curtained casements we Watch their going wistfully. They have won, for they have read The bright secrets of the dead; And they gain the deep unknown. Hearing Life ' s strange undertone. In the race across the days They are victors; theirs the praise. Theirs the glory and the pride — They have triumphed, having died! — Charles Hanson Towne -104- ■-€_ .q- V -w. V L ' -. . A y jCH -- y ,. 1 I J —105— Patrons Albert ' s Bakery American Legion Bahney ' s Furniture Store Harold Baker Thomas W. Batdorff Studio Bethel Mt. Aetna Tel. Tel. Co. Beyler ' s Flowers Bon Ton Brown ' s Atlantic Service Brown ' s Cut Rate Lockers Buffy ' s Auction Market A. C. Burkholder Burkholder ' s I. G. A. Buy-Rite Food Market Church Center Press Coca-Cola Bottling Works Mae Ann Copenhaver Crescent Products Co. Vivian Deaven Arlene Deck Dinger ' s Shoe Clothing Store Dotty ' s Beauty Shop Sterling Dubbs and Family Ebling ' s Meat Market Priscilla Ebling Feeg ' s Esso Servicenter Dr. and Mrs. George Flanagan Pat Forry Goodwill Fire Co. Grimes Hauer Poultry Processing Corp. Harpel ' s Studio Marlene Hibshman Helen Hixenheiser Hoffman ' s Lunch Room Carol HoUinger Nancy Honker Harvey Kegerreis Keller Bros. Kline ' s General Store Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Klopp Klopp Cetron Furniture Co. Mildred Kreider Audrey Kulp Dr. Kurtz Edgar M. Landis Landis Landis Lebanon Valley Farm Bureau Robert Lebo Harry L. Lehman Son Doris Lengle Levitz Furniture Co. Lupinetti ' s Service Station Lutz ' s Food Store McQuate ' s 5 10 Manbeck Kissinger Mary-Elton Drive-In Mrs. Miriam Mentzer Bruce S. Miller Richard Miller Myerstown Cleaners Myerstown Foundry Machine Works Myerstown Hide Tallow Co. Myerstown National Bank Myerstown Police Department Myerstown Trust Co. Nissley ' s Bottled Gas North Side Service Station Old Mill Julia PeiflFer i —106— Patrons Dolores Phillippy Pat Potteiger Publix Shirt Corp. Beverly Ranaldi H. W. Reppert Sons C. J. Rohrbach A. P. Store Dr. C. F. Rouh Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Sanger Earl V. Schaeffer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schaeffer Schnoke ' s Luncheonette Mr. and Mrs. Morris Schoener Mrs. Anna Schott Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Seibert Seyfert Orchards Shellhammer ' s Atlantic Service Shenk Tittle Kathleen Smith Curtis Souders, Ins. Agt. Steinmetz ' s Garage Stitzel ' s Pharmacy Linda Stohler Taste Good Shop Uhler Kline Hardware Store Mr. and Mrs. Miles Umbenhen Union Emblem Co. Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Wagner Mr. and Mrs. John Wandell Webber ' s Garage Carl Weihs Luanne Werner Walter Whitmoyer Whitmoyer Laboratories, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Wiley Wilhelm ' s Hardware Store Winthrop-Stearns Inc. Henry L. Zug John L. Zug -107— i i

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