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THE MYHUMOG IQEHQBZ NXYEHSTOWN H IGH SCHOOL NIYERSTOXNN, PENNSYLVANIA Dedication .. Appreciation .. Myrialog Staff . . . Faculty ..... Seniors ....... Class History .... Class Prophecy . TABLE OF CONTENTS Class Will and Testament .. Class Song .............. Who's Who ...... Information Please . . . Candid Snaps .... Miscellaneous . . Baby Pictures . . . Senior Play . . . Athletics . . . Classes .... Activities ...... Queen of Hearts Community Fair Cartoons ...... Autographs . . . Dance . . . -3- Page No. . 5 6 7 . 8-18 . l9-44 . 45 . 46-47 . 48-49 50 . 5l . 52-54 . 55-58 . 59 . 60-62 . 63-65 . 66-72 . 73-80 . 81-95 . 96-97 . 98 . 99-lO0 . lOl DEDICATION We, the Class of 1952, are proud io dedicate THE MYRIALOG to Mr. Bat- dorf as an expression of our appreciation for his inspiration, guidance, cooperation, and understanding. HAROLD A. BATDORF -5- IN APPRECIATION The Class of 1952 wish to express their appreciation to Miss lmmel and Mr. Lantz for their kind and helpful guidance in our senior year, FREDERICK W. LANTZ ..6- MABEL C. IMMEL "THE MYRIALOG" STAFF xetl left to right: Gwen Miller. .lean Wengert. Della Long. Ellen Snxtlei no xslei M trlene Garlolf. George Eisley. Maryellen T'iI'2iI1ll. June Miller. nding. left to right: Shirley Ranaltli. David Hooxer. l.oi'etta Slum. Rum nt Phi p reg Miller, James Bollinger. Barbara Shott. Leonartl Schott. Marian O'l!ix in Iohn L l ix mm Hnding. Shirley Erantl. Rita lug. .Joann Yeagley. EDITOR-IN-C'Hll?F - - Carolyn Ressler CO-EDITORS Marlene Garloil' lillen Snyder LITERARY EDITORS Maryellen Frantz Raymond Phillips June Miller CIRCULATING MANAGERS Shirley Erantz Rita Zug VARIETIES MANAGERS Joann Yeagley Shirley Miller Jeanne Harding BUSINESS MANAGERS Della Long Jean Wengert Gwen Miller ADVERTISING MAN,-XG John Clay Leonard Schott Marian O'Bz'5an ATHLETIC MANAGERS Barbara Schott Daxid Hoover PHOTOG RA PH Y M AN AG James Bollinger ART EDITOR Shirley Ranaldi -7- 1147 Uffffaf Cf-.V jp JAC-J Lcufw ...g- HARVEY L. NITRAUER Supervising Principal Think soberly, play fair in the game of life, and your reward will be success. ...9-. President ..... Vice-President .. Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Director .......... Supervising Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION . . . . . .Monroe S. Haak . . . .Robert B, Schaeffer . . . . .John B. Shenk . . . . . . .Rodney P. Stoltz . . .... George S. Bleistein, Jr. . . . . . .Harvey L. Nitruuer ...10.. HAROLD A. BATDORF Mathematics A. LESTER BUCHER Science MRS.HELEN H.BRIGl-ITBILL Health Education KATHRYN L. DEC!-I Latin - Vocal Music MRS. RICHARD GATES ROBERT HOFFMAN English Health Education NANCY HOPKINS MABEL C. IMMEL Aft English - Geography ...12.. HOWARD KLOPP AUDREY KOPP Social Studies Commercial FREDERICK W. LANTZ MRS. FREDERICK W. l'.ANI'Z Social Studies Library ...13.. GEORGE R. MARQUETTE ROBERT W. MITCHELL Social Studies Science ALBERT A. REED JOHN R. SHERMAN Mathematics Agriculture .-141 MRS. ARLOA BETTS STICKEL MILES H. STEINER Home Economics Industrial Arts 4 HAROLD G. YEAGLEY Instrumental Music ..15... MRS. PAUL L. EMERICH MRS. LEON GROFF Grade 2 Grade 5 LEAH LOOSE IRENE J. SCHELL Grade 1 Grade 3 -16-. ADAM L. SNAVELY Grade 6 MRS. ADAM L. SNAVELY Grades 4, 5 MRS. BLANCHE B. WEAVER Grade 4 ....17... C. F. ROUH School Physician MRS. ROBERT KERCHER School Nurse W x S Ziff? X va QQ lic, X C77f0?ff X952 X.. -19- SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Scated left to right-Lila Wise, Secretaryg George Eisley, Prcsidentg Ellen Snyder, Vice Presidentg Raymond Phillips, Treasurer. i CLASS COLORS 5 Maroon and White A CLASS FLOWER American Beauty Rose CLASS MOTTO "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." i 1 -20- RICHARD CHARLES ANDREWS "Dickie', Business lf Faye Emerson needs a new secretary herc's her boy. Boys' Chorus-2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus -3, 43 Library Club-1. CALVIN E. BEAMESDERFER s'Callie" General Look to Callie for the latest in "joke-:sf JANICE MAE BASHORE "Janice', Business The gal with a warm spot in her heart for Navy Blue. Tri-Hi-Y-4. 121.- JULIA ANN BEIDLER "Julie" Home Economics The chauffeur from Stouchsburg. F.H.A.-4. CAROL HARRIET BIRD "Birdie" General Michigan's loss was Pennsylvania's gain. Tri-Hi-Y - 2, 3, 43 "Pigtails" - 4, Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chor- us-3, 4, F. H. A.-1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES NORMAN BOLLINGER "Suppie,' General Yes, Sussie. Hi-Y-2, 3, 4, Student Council-lg Band-1, 2, Soccer-1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball -1, 2, 3, 4, Myrialogg'Camera Club-1. -22- HOWARD JOHN BRANDT, Jr. "Brandy" General Mr. Lantz's pet independent thinker. Mixed Chorus-1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Chor- us-l, 2, 3, 4. J. HENRY BRIGHTBILL "Eugene" General Mr. Bucher's brainchild. Hi-Y--45 Boys' Chorus-4g Mixed Chorus-4. -23 IRIS SHIRLEY BRICKER Iris" Business The girl with the violin. Girls' Chorus-lg Tri-Hi-Y-l, 2, 3, 4g Library Club-1, 2, 3. ROBERT GRANT BROWN, Jr. '4Bobby" Agriculture You haven't lived till you hear one of his book-reports. Boys, Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chor- us-2, 3. 4. JOHN ALFRED CLAY "Clay', Academic "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo." Band-l, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus-l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus-l, 2, 3, 43 Bas ketball-l, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y-2, 3, 4, My rialog Staff-4. MILLIE MAE CLAY "Millie', Business Our future lady Marine. Student Council-4, Sr. Band-1 2, 3, 4, Newsgram-2, 3, 4, F.H.A.-3, 4, School Treasurer-4, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y-1. -24- JESSA GAIL HENRIFTTA DIETRICI-I '4Gail" Home Economics The only real redhead in the grade. F.H.A.-4, Tri-Hi-Y-4g Band-4, Girls' Chorus-4. GEORGE GRANT EISLEY, Jr. g'F1usher', Academic This boy has brains, but sometimes it's rather hard to believe. Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus--1, 2. 3, 4, Student Council-2, Class Presi- dent-3, 4, Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y -2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, "Pigtails"-4. GLENN WILLIAM DONOUGH 'Glenn" Agriculture Hey, girls, that Buick is his! F.F.A.-1, 2, 3, 4. 125-. ,It 'L , Q 5. MARYELLEN FRANTZ "M:1lcnny" Academic At least one person in the grade has to be studious. Girls' Chorus-l. 2, 3. 4, Mixed Chor- us-l, 2, 3, 4, Accompanistg Girls' lin- semblc-l, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y-l, 2, 3, 4, Band-l, 2, 3, 4, Librarv Club-lg Newsgram-1, Myrialog Staff-4. l '54 A -2 LORETTA FRANCES FOGELMAN "Loretta" Home Economics Her dreams are in the "clouds," Hockey-4, F.H.A.-3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y -3, 4, Library Club--4. SHIRLEY ANN FRANTZ "Elphmal1utz" Home Economics The kid that's been preparing for col- lege since first grade. Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A.-2, 3, 4, Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club-1, 23 Myrialog Staff-4, Newsgram-lg Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble-l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus-2, 3, 4g "Pig tails"-4. 6- MARLENE ANNE GARLOFF "Marty" General When you look in her eyes you see that diamond sparkle. Tri-Hi-Y-2, 3, 4g Band--l, 2, 3. 49 Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4g Library Club -1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council-lg Mixed Chorus-2, 3, 4g Newsgram Staff-l, 2, 3, 43 Myrialog-Associate Editor-4g "Pigtails"-4g Class President-l. JAMES EDWARD GAYLOR "Jimmy" Agriculture The girls sure go for those twinkling eyes. F.F.A.-4. ORVAL WAYNE GARLOFF "Peanuts" Business He'll probably win the National speed reading championship. Student Council-2. 5 ...2 7- EMERSON W. HAUER Emersonn Agriculture Slow and easy. F.F.A.-1, 2, 3, 4g F.F.A. Reporter- g Hi-Y-2. JEANNE LOIS HARDING "Tootie', Business Just a character, period! Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club- 1, 2g Myrialog Staff-43 Hockey Team- 4. ALTA G. HESS "Hessy', General "Did you hear about my operation?" ..28-. NEIL GORDON HOKE "Hokie" Business "I know it, I know it!" Soccer-2, 3, 4. DORIS JEAN KEENER Doris" Home Economics Why does she like to go to Buffy's? F.H.A.--1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y-4. -29 l DAVID WARREN HOOVER S "Chummy" General Silence is golden. Hi-Y-4g Myrialog Staff-4. CONSTANCE JULIA KESSLER "Connie" Home Economics Blows a "mean" sax. Tri-Hi-Y-43 F.H.A.-4g Band-4g Girls' Chorus-4. JOYCE ELIZABETH KEENEY "Joycie', Business The girl with the mixed up love life. Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 4g Library Club- 1, 2gABasketball-1, 2, 33 Cheerleading- 2, 3, 4g Softball-3, 4, Hockey-4. PHYLLIS MAE KLINE "Phyl" General The Newsgram is losing a good editor. Editor of the Newsgram-4, Tri-Hi-Y -1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4g Library Club-1, 2, 3, 45 Newsgram-1, 2, 3. ...3 O-. CAROLYN LOU LEBO "Stickie" Business The cute Hirt with a talent for doing naughty things. Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 4, Band--1, 2, 3, 4g Library Club-1, 23 Girls' Chorus- l, 2, 3, 4g Basketball-33 Hockey-4, Art Club-1. RONALD LEROY LEHMAN l'Limber', General The Silas Marner of the candy room. Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y-3, 4, Soccer-4. DELLA ANN LONG "Della" Business Give her ten years and shelll be giving Doris Day a run for her money. Tri-Hi-Y-3, Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus-2, 3, 4g Band-1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Ensemble-2, 3, 4. .-31... JUNE JANIS MILLER ".Iunie' ' Home Economics The lady of the Senior Class. Library Club-43 F.H.A.-4g Student Council-4g Myrialog Staff-4. GWENDOLYN MAE MILLER "Gwen" Business The girl with Z1 different boyfriend ev- ery week. Girls, Chorus-l, 2, 3, 4g Library Club-l, 2, 3g President-49 Tri-I-Ii-Y- 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN MILLER "Shirley" Home Economies A "slick chick" with a strong deter- mination. Tri-Hi-Y-4g F.H.A.-4g Myrialog Staff-4. -3 Q.. SHIRLEY MARIE MUTH "Muthie" Business Never a dull moment when this char- acter is around. Tri-Hi-Y--2, 3, 4. LYNN ANSPACH PEIFFER "Piffer" General Hey, can you spare a cigarette? Boys' Chorus-43 Mixed Chorus-43 Band-4. .5 I MARIAN LOUISE O'BRYAN "Mobs', Business The girl who is trying to tame Lanny. Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club- 1, 2, 33 Myrialog Staff-43 F.H.A.-1, 2, 3, Student Council-lg Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 43 Color Guard-3, 4g Asst. Treas- urer of School-4g "Pigtails"-4. .-33.. SHIRLEY JUNE RANALDI RAYMOND JACOB PHILLIPS, Jr. "Senator" General The Democratic Abraham Lincoln. Class Treasurer-1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council-Treasurer-35 Myrialog-Lit- erary Editor-4g "Pigtails"-4. "Shirts" Business The artist of our class. Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleading- l, 2, 3g Girls' Chorus-l, 2g Art Club- lg Library Club-1, 2, 3g Myrialog Ar- tist-4. NANCY JANE REAM "Nancy" Business in --34 Short wavy hair and a pleasant greet- g. F.H.A.-3, 4. CAROLYN JUNE RESSLER "Sussie" General "Jimmy-come here!', Art Club-lg Band-l, 2, 3, 4, News- gram-2, 3, Mixed Chorus--1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus-l, 2, 3, 4g Library Club -l, 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y-l, 2, 3, 43 Stu- dent Council-l, 25 Myrialog Editor. MARY LOUISE ROTHENBACH "Mary" Business Shirley Muth's right arm. Tri-Hi-Y-3, 4. WILLIAM HENRY RITTLE "Rittle', Academic Remembered for his cute dimples. Band-l, 2, 3, 4g Boys' Chorus-l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus-l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y -1. .-35.- FREDDIE EUGENE RUPPENTHAL "Fred" General If you hear a Southern accent, that's our Rebel! MARILYN JEAN SCHELL Molly" General Another one of our cowgirls. Band-1, 2, 3, 4. LEONARD HOWARD SCHOTT "Lanny" Business The guy with a namesake from Stouchsburg. Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball-1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer-1, 2, 3, 49 Student Coun- cil-3, 4, "Pigtails"-4, Hi-Y-2, 3, President-4, Boys' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Band-1, 2, 3, President-4, Myrialog Staff-4. 61 RONALD MILLER SELL "Sellie" Business Would you believe it-his truck goes out to Zug's automatically. Hi-Y-2, 3g Basketball-3, 43 Base- ball-3, 4. BARBARA ROSENE SHOTT "Shottie" Business What's the basketball team going to do without her? Basketball-3, 4g Softball-3, 4g Hockey-3, 4g Library Club--13 Myria- log Staff-4. HARRY PAUL SHAAK, Jr. ffshaakieu Agriculture Tall, dark, and handsome. F.F.A.-1, 2, 3, 4 - Chaplain and President. ...3 '71 WILLIAM CLAUDE SHUEY "ShUCy', General Ask him why he missed some of those basketball games. Hi-Y-3, 4g Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4. ARLENE GRACE SHOWER "Shorty" Home Economics Good things come in small packages. F.H.A.-l, 2, 3, 4. ELLEN MARIAN SNYDER "Hon" Business Mr. Nitrauer's girl "Friday," Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council -3g Class Secretary-3, Class Vice- President-43 Myrialog Associate Editor -4. -3g... RICHARD ALLEN SOUDERS Souders" General Not ready. LORETTA MARY STUM 'Poochie" Home Economics More bounce to the ounce. Myrialog Staff-4g F.H.A.-49 Band -43 Girls' Chorus-43 Softball-4. EVELYN BERTHA STECHER "Evie" Business She's always looking for that Chrysler. Newsgram-1, 2, 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y-1, 3, 4g Library Club-2, 3, 4g Basketball- 3, 4g Hockey-43 Baseball-3, 4. 39 RAY GENE TOBIAS "Toby" General It's almost impossible for him to get in trouble with the oflice. Basketball-1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y-l, 2, 3. MARIAN AGNES UMBERGER Umberger" Home Economics Gigglc, giggle, giggle, giggle- Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A.-1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN UMBERGER "Pat" Home Economies Who needs Jane Russell - we have Pat. Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus- l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus-l, 2, 3, 45 Art Club-lg Newsgram-1, 2, F.H.A.-1, 2, 3, President-4, Library Club-1, 2, 33 Band-1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader-3. GUY EARL WARTLUFT "Guy" Business He beat Marlene in the diamond game. JEAN BERNICE WENGERT "Wengert', Business A real blonde that doesn't flirt C???J. Basketball-3, 45 Softball-3, 4g Hockey-4g Myrialog Staff-4. MARVIN GENE WEIDNER "Dutch,' General Don't ever go for a ride with Dutch. Hi-Y-2, 3g Soccer-2, 3, 43 Boys' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus4l, 2, 3, 4. 141- ROBERT LEE WETZEL "Wetzel" General He hasn't missed a hoe-down yet. Hi-Y-4. LILA JANE WISE "Lulu" General Our answer to Liz Taylor. Tri Hi Y 2 3 4' I ibrar Club ' ' i a 7 a 4 y ' il 2, 3g Band-I, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus l 2 3 4 I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus- , , , "PigLails"-43 Cheerleader-1, , , Class Secretary-4. JOANN ELLA YEAGLEY "Yoklovitch" Business West Point, here I come. Tri-Hi-Y-2, 3, President-4g Library Club-1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus-2, 3, 4, Band-2, 3, 4g "Pigtails"-4, Class Vice President- 2, 3g Hockey-43 Myrialog Staff-4. 42- WN KENNETH OSCAR YIENGST "Yiengsty" Agriculture Oh. you should see that car. Hi-Y-1, 2, 3g F.F.A.-1, 2, 3, 4. GLADYS MARY ZIEGLER "Ziegler" Home Economics The Home Ec. course is going to come in handy. F.H.A.-2, 3, 43 Hockey-4. RUSSEL ROBERT YOST "Honkie', Business The boy with the Airedale haircut. Hi-Y-2, 3, 49 Soccer-43 Basketball -1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball-l, 2, 3, 4g Boys' Chorus-2, 3g Mixed Chorus-3. ...43- RITA GAIL ZUG "Riter', General The Hbreathless' girl with the jeep. Tri-Hi-Y-2, 3, 4g s'Pigtails,'-43 My- rialog Staff-4. A.. CLASS HISTCRY Back in 1940 a bunch of 48 misinformed children happily started school. After one week they realized that it wasn't the fun Mommy had said it would be, and they sadly settled down to face twelve years of reading, writing, and what have you. Second grade marked the beginning of Lila Wise's hectic love life, and her first conquest was Johnny Clay. In third grade Clay was out of luck because George moved to town. That was the year everyone came home with dirty pants- seats because Miss Schell made us sit on the iioor when we forgot our paint clothes. In fourth grade we had Miss Layser, but even a red head couldn't cope with us. Billy Rittle had a first class crush on her and she was having lots of trouble with Eisley, Bollinger, and Clay. Miss Uhrich was our fifth grade teacher. Most of us received our first slaps from her. However, we thought a great deal of her and fought with each other to clean out the dirty pigeon hole and to scratch her back. Mr. Snavely, our sixth grade teacher, punished us by throwing chalk. ls it any wonder that all of us came home looking like erasers? Seventh grade was a big year in our lives. Now we didn't play boys catch the girls. Certainly not, we were grown up. Now it was girls catch the boys. Eighth grade found us blase to the rigors of high school. This year many of us occupied the corners of Mr. Mitchell's science class. The voice of Miss Donough, our ninth grade homeroom teacher, was often heard echoing throughout the halls. This year many of us struggled in our efforts to understand algebra. Jeanne and Joyce had their first escapade with the office due to their hookey-playing. Tenth grade found Jeanne and Joyce still in trouble with the oliice. The 10-A section was exceptionally well-behaved since Mr. Batdorf was their homeroom teacher. The end of the year found us happily sporting our new class jackets. Miss Immel and Mr. Lantz were the unfortunate teachers to have charge of us in eleventh grade . The pupils in Mr. Lantz's homeroom never had the same seat for more than two weeks. This year class rings circulated throughout the various classes. Finally we achieved our goal. We were at last sophisticated seniors. 1952 found us ready and waiting to go out into the world, but what did the world have in store for us? It was very unusual for any of the seniors to be found in classes this, our last year. Much of our time was spent in the candy room enjoying candy and cokes. We worked hard this year, but were rewarded in our trip to New York City in May. By the end of the year we no longer were the mischievous students we had been, but were partially settled and more mature. Commencement exercises found us happy in our knowing that twelve years of school were now completedg and also sad to leave the halls of dear M. H. S. -45-- CLASS PROPHECY As we look ahead fifteen years we see the members of the Class of 1952 as- suming the roles of both leading and well known citizens of our country. Myerstown has elected its first woman burgess, Prohibition candidate-Caro- lyn Lebo. The man responsible for her election is Marvin Weidner, a sworn totali- tarian Cnot saying which way he teetotals.JAnother outstanding figure in the political world is Raymond Phillips, who has recently been nominated for the national presi- dency by the Vegetarian Party. "Wild Carol" Bird and "Saddle Crazy" Harding are touring the country with their exciting Wild West Show. Pat Umberger has recently been honored with the title of Mother of the Year because as well as rais- ing twenty-four children she also raised a brood of 500,000 chickens. Marlene Garloff, and Joann Yeagley are the featured stars in Ronald Sell's Aquacade. Mar- ian O'Bryan and Lanny Schott are the happily married proprietors of "Chuppie's Inn." The outstanding show on Broadway is "North Atlantic" written by Joyce Keeney. Its star is none other than Russell MMario" Yost, who is taking the place of the immortal Jack Haines. Two other famous showpeople are Shirley Frantz and Richard Andrews, who are appearing at the Met in Phyllis Kline's opera, Schnitzelbank. Robert Brown has been awarded an Oscar for his role in a remake of "The Great Caruso." James Gaylor's All-Girl Orchestra now features Iris Brick- er and her Magic Violin. Marian Umberger has recently obtained her thirteenth divorce, and she has been asked by the Nevada Chamber of Commerce to establish a permanent residence in Reno. Oil Tycoon, Fred Ruppenthal and his wife, Shirley Ranaldi Ruppenthal, have recently returned from Puerto Rico where they claimed two new gushers. The New York Social Register has named Lila Wise the Deb of the Year. Their president is George Eisley. Glenn Donough has been given the Emerson Hauer Award for outstanding research in the field of animal breeding. Glenn has cross-bred an owl and a goat and presented to the world a Hoot-Nanny. Doris Keener and Ray Tobias have opened an auction house on the road to Bul'fy's. The national basketball champs are Barbara Shott's Speedgirls. Her star players are "Tricky Dribble" Wengert and "Wingfoot', Stecher. Gwen Miller has signed a contract with the girl's Olympic Poker Team. Ronald Lehman is a prominent candy manufacturer, and his private secretary is Nancy Ream. Friends predict a marriage in the near future. Millie Clay, June Miller, Janice Bashore, and Lynn Peilfer are professors at Guy Wartluft's Streetcleaners and Janitors College. Alta Hess is the Dean of Women and Richard Souders the Dean of Men. The William Shuey Memorial Hospital has recently elected to the staff a new doctor and two nurses. The doctor is the brilliant brain surgeon, Harry Shaak, and the nurses are .-4 61 CLASS PROPHECY Mary Rothenbach and Shirley Muth. Multi-millionaire William Rittle has just published his life story, From Rags to Riches with a Lebanon Daily News Paper Route. The Zug Manufacturing Company, canners of Riter's Tomater Sauce has opened a new plant in Mt. Zion. Orval Garlotf is in charge of the rotten tomatoes and Kenneth Yiengst is the sales Manager. Calvin Beamesderfer has opened a new night club in Reistville called Calypso Callie's Cabana. He sells drinks to ex- minors exclusively and his business is exceptionally fine. James Bollinger, founder of Suppie's Slurpy Soups Inc., is Myerstown's latest millionaire which makes Carolyn Ressler especially happy. Ellen Snyder is still in M. H. S. with the additional duty of being secretary to Mr. Bennetch. Julia Beidler, Shirley Miller, Gladys Ziegler, and Gail Dietrich are old married women content and happy raising broods of children. Howard Brandt is a singer on the Grand Ole Opry hour, as well as a soap manufacturer. Maryellen Frantz has written a thesis on Einstein's Theory of Rela- tivity arguing that it is unfair to aunts and uncles. Eugene Brightbill is giving doc- tors the 30 day Camel test. His side-kick, Connie Kessler, is dancing for the Muriel Cigar ads. Arlenei Shower and Marilyn Schell have opened a new resort hotel in Atlantic City only ten miles from the Boardwalk. In the television field Della Long and Neal Hoke are delighting audiences with "Della and Nealie's Breakfast Club." Robert Wetzel and Loretta Stum have opened a dancing studio in New York where he is popularly known as the Square Dance Kid. Loretta Fogelman is having her first art exhibition of her breath-taking oil paintings in the David Hoover Museum for Struggling Artists. Last, but not least, we mention John Clay, our ill-fated ex- plorer who, when last heard from, was wandering in the Amazon Jungle looking for Chloe. ..47- LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1952. Myerstown High School, Borough ot Myerstown, County of Lebanon, and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Be it known by all those present, that we, the Class of 1952, being of sound minds, stable characters, brilliant mentalities and first class lairs, do make and publish this our first and last will and testament. First: We bequeath to the school board and faculty our intelligent minds and our sincerc concern for education. For this we confer our blessing to all students. Second: To Mr. Nitrauer we leave our thanks for always catching us when we did some- thing bad and teaching us that crime doesn't pay. Third: To the following souls we leave our most desirable t???J traits: 1. Shirley Ranaldi wills Gay Seibert a picture of Fred. 2. Loretta Stum leaves her nickname. Poochie, to Mr. Batdorf. 3. Joyce Keeney bequeaths her typing speed to Alma Shenk. 4. Calvin Beamesderfer wills Walter Whitmoyer his physique. 5. Lanny Schott leaves his ability to go steady and step out to his brother Terry. 6. Evelyn Stecher wills Ernie Troutman to Henrietta Fetter. 7 Lila Wise wills her man catching charms to Virginia Lebo. 8. Raymond Phillips bequeaths to Mr. Lantz his inhaler and chap-stick. 9. Ronald Lehman leaves the candy room to some unlucky jerk. 10. Robert Brown wills his ability to make book reports to Nancy Honker. ll. Fred Ruppenthal wills his knowledge of the Spanish language to Mrs. Gates. 12. Barbara Schott wills her title of Senior Cowgirl to Helen Gass. 13. Robert Wetzel leaves his hoe-downing technique to Mr. Yeagley. 14. Carolyn Lebo bequeaths her love for Palmyra to Sara Bennetch. 15. Carol Bird wills her ability to break things in the lab to Gene Bucher. 16. Billy Shuey leaves Barbara Spangler to the M. H. S. wolves. 17. Pat Umberger' wills her ability to do algebra to Jean Gettle. 18. Marlene Garloff leaves her seat in band to Marian Tice. 19. Joann Yeagley wills her red hair to Jinny Haulman. 20. Rita Zug leaves her jeep's parking space to "Chuck" Kribs. 21. John Clay wills his fan club to Harold Baker. 22. Maryellen Frantz wills her Trig papers to whoever will need them next year. 23. Shirley Frantz leaves her 'Kcollege bug" to Kenneth Wagner. 24. Jeanne Harding wills her seat in the otiice to some poor soul. 25. Carolyn Ressler wills her freckles to Russell Shaak. 26. Millie Clay wills her ability to be a teacher's pet to Jimmy Shaffer. 27. George Eisley leaves his chalk from Trig class to John Wilhelm. 28. David Hoover leaves his quietness to Robert Howell. 29 Ronald Sell wills his tender memories of days spent in the corner in Science Classes to Dawn Schaeffer. 30. Jean Wengert wills her athletic ability to Shirley Lessig. 31. Marvin Weidner wills his driving sense to Mr. Mitchell. 32. Marian O'Bryan wills her patience with wily men to Doris Mader. 148.. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Alta Hess wills her luck to get appendicitis in the middle of the school year lo Marie Stauffer. Phyllis Kline wills her quiet efticiency to Lois Mentzer. Marian Umberger wills Mr. Reed her happy giggle. Orval Garloff leaves his title "The Kutztown Kid" to Richard Miller. Gwen Miller wills her height to Miss Hopkins. Willian Rittle wills his paper route to Billy Fencil. Lynn Peiffer wills his bright answers in English class to Charles Geib. Richard Andrews wills his job at the bowling alley to some pinhead. Janice Bashore leaves her love for Navy Blue to Evalyn Thrasher. Julia Beidler wills her job of chauifeuring to Bobby Webber. James Bollinger wills his domineering nature to Kermit Hower. Howard Brandt leaves his pleasant smile to Pat Potteiger. Iris Bricker wills her blonde hair to Julia Peiffer. Glenn Donough wills his Buick to Ivan Hopkins. Loretta Fogelman wills her appeal to the opposite sex to Kathleen Smith. James Gaylor wills his tiirty eyes to Miss Dech. Neal Hoke wills his pesty nature to Harold Mann. Emerson Hauer wills his ability to take it slow and easy to Tommy Cox. Doris Keener wills her trips to BuiTy's to Kathleen Forry. Della Long wills that soft spot in her heart for Richland to Shirley Rhoads. Shirley Muth wills her gymnastic skills to Mrs. Brightbill. Nancy Ream wills Mr. Lantz's affection for her to Philip Pfaltz. Ellen Snyder wills her ability to be on the good side of Mr. Nitrauer to Robert Hafcr. Mary Rothenbach wills her walk to Mrs. Stickel. Eugene Brightbill wills his blonde hair to Warren Heilman. Gail Dietrich leaves her job at the Mary Elton to Shirley Achey. Arlene Shower wills her love for the sea shore to Maryellen Sheetz. Harry Shaak wills his ag. marks to his brother Russell. Marilyn Schell wills her trombone to Billy Fencil. June Miller wills her brains to Harry Hunsicker. Connie Kessler wills her collection of boyfriends to Mary Kurr. Shirley Miller wills her ability to get a man like Curt ibut only Curtl to any girl who wants it. Richard Souders wills his readiness in class to Jackie Royer. Ray Tobias wills his Ford to Dickie Wagner. Guy Wartluft wills his technique to get engaged to Larry Mentzer. Kenneth Yiengst wills his long wavy hair to Joel Zinn. Gladys Zeigler wills her domestic abilities to Barbara Yost. Russell Yost wills his position on the basketball team to Bobby Houser. -49- Musk-.I Shirley Frantz C lass , Hzryeutn F""f'- V""" :nfs B,-nk... 1 we thc Signs oi fwty two, -as wa heme! .Q ,,,, what em- Agyqiditx-nlC'VE,YQ1f'S QF .Schwab -1-,luvah we arumylea 354 gnu, Hf fmffpff il - J ff-QJQJJ Jim, JIJJ why, o'II IH rs-gmt" yn' M.H.S. CNR thguah wdpg -Par 3- phf..4 WMI N555 fhzfrienlsixlt we'vn M2J1.'Uu-ufhey'l"s and Miss the feaclm-S ' F' FF F F? F fl? F F F ' NU DJ UHJ wlyz WUI! hir f'0Y'3't The 3004 tivvws fhil' wviidin Mys"s'zwn's hallwnd too, wewill Som be leaving gui OIJ MH-S. to Mvlfc W' WEB in 'Y f F F F an U J U Lg, an : . J 17 J lvl! , , ' hulls, wfv-e Sn-I-7 th Leave you muse we Lava. you bear of -411, lik, S0 'A 3 we. lean than 5-gov-e.J halls win glwgasthigk pf Wu' I - H-f F F5 E ..5O.. Best dressed Best looking Most popular Most athletic Wittiest Most talkative Most flirtatious Class clown Quietest Best musician Most studious Gum champion Most dramatic Most artistic Outstanding couple Most courteous WHO'S WHO Lila Wise Della Long Carolyn Ressler Barbara Schott Joann Yeagley Shirley Muth Carolyn Lebo Joann Yeagley Ellen Snyder Shirley Frantz Maryellen Frantz Jeanne Harding Joann Yeagley Pat Umberger Marian O'Bryan June Miller .-51-. George Eisley William Shuey Leonard Schott Russell Yost George Eisley Robert Brown John Clay Marvin Weidner David Hoover John Clay Raymond Phillips Neal Hoke George Eisley David Hoover Leonard Schott Orval Garloff INFORMATION PLEASE 115. Name 129. Age 133. Noted for 141. Occupation fitted for 153. Probably will be. Richard Andrews Janice Bashore Calvin Beamesderfer Julia Beidler Carol Bird James Bollinger Howard Brandt Iris Bricker Eugene Brightbill Robert Brown John Clay Millie Clay Gail Dietrich Glenn Donough George Eisley Loretta Fogelman Maryellen Frantz Shirley Frantz Marlene Garloff Orval Garloff James Gaylor Jeanne Harding 2. Old enough to have a girl. 3. His sighs. 4. Porthole tester. 5. Pin boy. vs 2. Old enough to know better. 3. Shooting the "breeze. 4. Writing for True Confessions. 5. French Fry cutter. 2. l-+-. 3. His cream colored iokes. 4. Traffic light operator. 5. Shoe lace maker. 2. Sleepy age. 3. Swallowing chewing gum. 4. Chauffeur. 5 . Sulky racer. 2. Pokey age. 3. Her promptness. 4. Hores-tail setter. 5. Book- b inder. 2. Mature age. 3. Talking back to Sussie. 4. Henpecked hus- band. 5. Henpecked Husband. 2. Smart age. 3. His independent thinking. 4. White coliar worker. 5. Bone grinder for Hide and Tallow. 2. Musical age. 3. Her violin. 4. Concert violinist. 5. Fea- tured musician with Spike Jones. 2. Rather young. 3. His broken test tubes. 4. Glass blower. 5. A private eye. 2. Who knows if he doesn't? 3. His book reports. 4. English teacher. 5. Lawn mower sharpener. 2. Hot rod age. 3. His fan club. 4. Pool-ball shiner. 5. First chair trumpet-Sing Sing Symphony. 2. 17. 3. Being a teacher's pet. 4. High School principal. 5. A can can girl. 2. Flirtv age. 3. Her real red hair. 4. Car hop. 5. Chef. 2. Innocent age. 3. Shooting groundhogs. 4. Big game hunter. 5. Mouse trapper. 2. He was 18 in March. 3. His bench-warming in basketball. 4. Making Hower pots from tin cans. 5. Lila's satellite. 2. Fast age. 3. Her boyfriends. 4. Housewife. 5. A grommet fastener. 2. Serious age. 3. Doing her homework. 4. Pigeon hole filler. 5. A pigeon. 2. College age. 3. Lester's girl. 4. College professor. 5. Police- woman. 2. Old enough to smoke. 3. Her diamond. 4. Rich man's pam- pered darling. 5. Scrubwoman. 2. Old enough to drive a car. 3. Fast reading. 4. Speed reader. 5. Operator of a peanut farm. 2. Ask his mother. 3. His pretty eyes. 4. Watch breaker. 5. A plow sharpener. 2. Same as her house number. 3. Her chewing gum. 4. Fitting horseshoes. 5. A beachcomber. -52- Alta Hess Neal Hoke David Hoover Emerson Hauer Doris Keener Joyce Keeney Constance Kessler Phyllis Kline Carolyn Lebo Ronald Lehman Della Long Gwendolyn Miller June Miller Shirley Miller Shirley Muth Marian 0'Bfyan Lynn Peiffer Raymond Phillips Shirley Ranaldi Nancy Ream Carolyn Ressler William Rittle Mary Rothenbach INFORMATION PLEASE 2. Just right for Stanley. 4. Her operation. 4. A missionary. 5. A corn-pad saleslady. 2. He's pensioned. 3. His burnt hot dogs. 4. Hamburger grinder. 5. Hormel girl. 2. Quiet age. 3. Being shy. 4. Commercial artist. 5. A hair- dresser. 2. Rather young. 3. His slow, easy manner. 4. A farmer. 5. A plantation owner. 2. Same as her route number. 3. Her trips to Buffy's. 4. Bus driver. 5. Toby's wife. 2. Changeable age. 3. Her pearls. 4. Bead manufacturer. 5. Glass salesman. 2. Flirty age. 3. Her many romances. 4. Chorus girl. 5. Moth- er of 15. 2. Nobody knows. 3. Living on Cherry Street. 4. Newspaper editor. 5. Paper boy. 2. Itchy age. 3. Her shopping expeditions. 4. Old maid. 5. Plumber's wife. 2. Miserly age. 3. His candy room. 4. Water shoveler. 5. Prel- zel twister. 2. Old enough to go steady. 3. Her singing. 4. Clam opener. 5. Crab cake. 2. Pick-up age. 3. Standing on street corners. 4. A lady wres- tler. 5. 6 feet tall. 2. Polite age. 3. Coming from Stouchsburg. 4. A teacher. 5. Fish breeder. 2. Old enough for Curt. 3. Her sweaters. 4. Teaching chemis- try. 5. A loving wife. 2. Clumsy age. 3. Her gracefulness. 4. Janitor. 5. Ballet dancer. 2. Old enough to get a ring. 3. Weeping over Lanny. 4. An I.G.A. clerk. 5. An A. 8L P. clerk. 2. Old enough to bum cigarettes. 3. His bright answers in Eng- lish Class. 4. Comedian. 5. A minister. 2. Old enough to be interested in politics. 3. His love for F. D.R. 4. Republican Committeeman. 5. Follow in his fathcr's footsteps. 2. Settled age. 3. Hooking Fred. 4. Loving wife. 5. Two-tim- ing wife. 2. Silly age. 3. Her pleasant Hi. 4. Elocution teacher. 5. Rus- sian spy. 2. Bossy age. 3. Yelling at Jimmy. 4. Hog caller. 5. A habit- ual drunkard. 2. The square root of 4,587,948. 3. His shots in gym class. 4. Spike driver. 5. Second chair trumpet-Sing Sing Symphony. 2. Crazy 17. 3. Her peculiar walk. 4. Pickpocket. 5. Clerk at 5 8: 10. ...53... Fred Ruppenthal Marilyn Schell Leonard Schott Ronald Sell Harry Shaak Barbara Shott Arlene Shower William Shuey Ellen Snyder Richard Souders Evelyn Stecher Loretta Stum Ray Tobias Patricia Umberger Marian Umberger Guy Wartluft Marvin Weidner Jean Wengert Robert Wetzel Lila Wise Joann Yeagley Kenneth Yiengst Russell Yost Gladys Zeigler Rita Zug INFORMATION PLEASE 2. Old enough to hitch-hike. 3. His eloquent Spanish. 4. Chi- ropractor. 5. Pow-wow doctor. 2. Fresh age. 3. Her trombone. 4. Bullfighter. 5. Model. 2. Too old for Pat and too young for Marian. 3. His perfect two-timing. 4. Lighthouse operator. 5. Selling starched spider- webs for doilies. 2. Old enough to get in a bar. 3. His close crack-ups. 4. Put- ing tooth paste back in the tubes. 5. Feed bag filler. 2. Innocent age. 3. His driving technique. 4. Card shark. 5. Fisherman. 2. Athletic age. 3. Playing basketball. 4. Teaching Emily Post. 5. Driver for Chitwood. 2. Small age. 3. Her size. 4. Cleaning keyholes. 5. Lockpicker. 2. Ask Barbara. 3. Parking during the day. 4. Sabotaging Fred Fulk's groceries. 5. Parking lot attendant. 2. Just right for office work. 3. Being the only senior who en- joys being down in the office. 4. A secretary. 5. A secretary. 2. He won't tell. 3. His preparedness. 4. Minute Man. 5. I'wo minute man. 2. Car crazy age. 3. Looking for Ernie. 4. Getting boyfriends. 5. Chrysler dealer. 2. Cute age. 3. Her cute nickname. 4. Making hay while the sun shines. 5. Bartender. 2. Too young to play basketball. 3. Sitting with Eisley on the bench. 4. Truck driver. 5. Barber. 2. Wise age C???J. 3. Her authentic stories. 4. Bossing Arlo. 5. Grass widow. 2. Silly age. 3. Clubbing John Clay. 4. Milkmaid. 5. Fuller Brush Girl. 2. Old enough to get engaged. 3. His job at the Buy Rite. 4. Professional shop-lifter. 5. Evangelist. 2. Too young. 3. His l'seal" gag. 4. Nothing. 5. An old man sixty years from now. 2. Sporty age. 3. Her real blonde hair. 4. Traveling sales- woman. 5. Crooked politician. 2. Bouncy age. 3. Square dancing. 4. Teasing the girls. 5. Bachelor. 2. Older and smarter than George. 3. Her different shades of hair. 4. Well-driller. 5. Hoochie-koochie dancer. 2. Who cares? 3. Rolling cars. 4. Attendant at Wernersville. 5. Patient at Wernersville. 2. He doesn't know. 3. His car. 4. Dentist. 5. Dust Bowl farmer. 2. Old enough to have false teeth. 3. His upper plate. 4. Mak- ing cement for loose plates. 5. Clay's wife. 2. Ask Bill. 3. Her domestic ability. 4. A housewife. 5. A housewife. 2. She doesn't seem to care. 3. Chasing Mike Wagner. 4. Fish- ing for suckers tmenj. 5. Ambulance driver. 0 1 -5 6- z ...S 7-. K I -53- THEME SONGS OF M. H. S. CHEMISTRY - Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY - God Bless America HOME ECONOMICS - Home, Sweet Home SHOP - Whistle While You Work STUDY HALL - Beautiful Dreamer GERMAN - Ach, Du Lieber Augustine REPORT CARDS -- There'll Be Some Changes Made AFTER THE TEST - It All Comes Back To Me Now HOMEWORK - The Same Old Story PHYSICAL EDUCATION - The Man On the Flying Trapeze MISCELLANEOUS Mr. Bucher fassigning chemistry reportsjz "Julia, you take arsenic for tomor row." Mrs. Gates: "Carolyn, have you read 'Freckles'?" "Sussie', Ressler: "No, mine are brown." IMPORTANT QUESTIONS What does Ronald Sell? Is Lila Wise? David Hoover you with last night? Emerson Hauer you feeling today? When Barbara Shott did Lanny Schott the door? Do Arlene Showers bring May flowers? Does the Carol Bird have a Eugene Brightbill? Where does Molly Schell her corn? Does Della Long to get married? Does Howard Brandt cattle at round-up lime? After all, these questions are only Rittles. ...59.... f. f Mm, Glu Y "Q-X. Nik Q , , gg, 'f 50395 HQ: fav X, gm, LUTEH3 Li la, 1 Man-,exam Shirley s Judia, Joyce. Shirley WWW? Disk 'Z Cowniv. 70 ST FIuSHe.r F:-Egd Wi' 4, ni' f ,,., Z it ':Z5. X-Wg , - H Us '-" t fwwggggfgu' A, i x- 6 CLR 1 N R 3 r O , X, z H4.. 1 , ,u H -60- DuTc,h Juni Bob Baby W V Lynn 'P v xv ik Darfs VX N li, f Sovcliri Cfay D 2 Q4 ,S Q V Q1 'IFB 1 Hu- r s Y RES ' N , E, M 4 Us c V Jeanne Rafi. Mindy NNY Cattie, TQRYICY 4 U , ' 'Wal -1' "f" ef 1 ,,,.,9" 5 D 5 Ahzav A ,,,., ' im V , if ,ar , f O Suppl! . , . Zi, ,,, ...A ::,., , A ::E 1' ' . " ibv f Loi: EE5 'N 5011117 is 9 ..52... TQSNI MOB SENIOR PLAY "PlGTAILS,' A Comedy In Three Acts GAYE BROOKS, known as "Pigtails" ........... .... J oann Yeagley SYDNEY CAMPBELL, a small town business man ........ Raymond Phillips MRS. CAMPBELL CLucillaJ, his wife, who has social ambitions . . .Shirley Frantz ANNABELLE CAMPBELL, their attractive young daughter .... Marlene Garloff KENYON CAMPBELL, their son .................... . . .George Eisley FLORABELLE CAMPBELL, another daughter ...... . . .Lila Wise PRIMROSE WHITE, colored maid at the Campbells' .............. Ritz Zug NORMA KIRK, whose family is wealthy ................ Gwendolyn Miller BRENDA BAYNES, who loves to listen to the radio ............. Carol Bird WATT MANNERS, Kenyon's college chum .......... ..... M arvin Weidner THURLOW LADD, a business executive ..... .... L eonard Schott URSULA JAMES, a disappointed young lady . . . ......... Marian O'Bryan PROMPTERS ...... , .................... ...Millie Clay, Nancy Ream COMMITTEES Stage Setting-David Hoover, Lynn Peiffer, Wm. Rittle, John Clay, Mr. Miles Steiner, Mr. John Sherman. Costuming-Patricia Umberger, Loretta Fogelman, Marion Umberger, Doris Kee- ner, Mrs. Russel Brightbill, Mrs. Arloa Stickel. Make Up-Shirley Ranaldi, Loretta Stum, Connie Kessler, Mrs. Ruth T. Lantz, Shirley Miller, Miss Nancy Hopkins. Tickets-Ronald Lehman., Millie Clay, Iris Bricker, Mr. Harold Batdorf, Mr. A. Lester Bucher. Properties-Jeanne Harding, Lois Noll, Richard Andrews, Carolyn Lebo, Miss Mabel C. Immel, Mr. Howard Klopp. Publicity-Maryellen Frantz, Janice Bashore, Richard Andrews, June Miller, Miss Audrey V. Kopp. MUSIC - Miss Kathryn L. Dech, Mr. Harold L. Yeagley .-63.. 40? .:!... ,faq ,: '- - x v ak W x we xx 'N 9 , , SL .eg R , ax. x .' t:: ..65-. A Eofzifvz M ,, H Q1 S My ef 2 Y- .1 i...f" .1f" --Q g+ I 24 X jo .7116 74 QCQYLES BOYS' SOCCER TEAM l.el't to right Row l: R. Yost, M. Weidner. N. Hoke. J. Bollinger. L. Schott. l,. Mentfer, Row 2: R. Lehman. G. Bucher. R. Houser, K. Howcr. J. Shatler. D. lilwlin Row 3: Coach Hollman. G. Lessig. R. Strause. J. Mentzer. G. Lehman. Out of the fourteen games played. the soccer team won six. lost six. an two, 'llle latter two were played with Cornwall and Robesonia. The eo-captains were James Bollinger and Neal Hoke. ' .-1 f- iv b d tied VARSITY BASKETBALL 'lille memhers were l.anny Schott and Russell Yost. Ronald Lehman. ,Iohn Flay. Mentler. Ronald Sell. Ray lohias. Bill Shuey. Boh Houser. and George Fisley. Managers -- .lohn Wilhelm. Gordon Lehman. and Rohert Hashore. 'lliis season ladv luelt smiled on the M. H. S. Team. Our fellows played exceptionally good hall. and as a result won the County Class C' championship. One ot' the important games vias plaved with Palmvra. which WC lost. 44 to 43. 'lihe lwoxs from M. H. S. won fourteen games and lost four out of the :ighteen games played. llie Varsity team consisted ot' eight seniors and two juniors. lanny Sehott and Russell Yost were the Co-Captains. M. H. S. is very proud of its team this year. for it has been the lvest in several vears. V H V ll Denver ..... SI 57 Cornwall .. -15 52 Womelsdorl' .... 44 -35 Annville ..., 36 -4-1 llnmmelstown 37 35 So. Lebanon 32 53 Alumni .... 35 43 Heidelberg .. 33 -1-1 .Xnmille , ..... 49 53 Palmyra ,.. 45 55 So. l.ehanon 34 62 Cornwall .. -10 60 l'ornwall .., 46 Su Annville ..,,. 59 50 :gill-Itgyirzn . . . 30 Sl So. Lebzxnon 38 73 Us C 'CVS 4- 32 69 Pa ra . ,. Won I4 'my i 44 43 l.osI -l -6g-. M JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Ixt rovi. lcft to riglit-Gone Bucher. Gcorgi: Lcxxig. Ronziltl Sxxiingur. XMillcr XNl1itmo5cr. :intl .ltiiucx Sliaitlcr, Zml row. lctt to riglit-ff,lci'c l'ci1rxon. lirncxt Fircstinc. Kermit Homer. :intl Ilaixitl I Iwlmg 3rtl rms. lcft to right-f-Harrold Bulwix Nlunngcr. and Couch hllll'KlLlCllC, 'lhc .lunior Vzirxity has shown great improvement this acuson, with thc help of Mr. NIM'- qucttc. vsiiming 8 gumm out of IS. They are looking forward to :mother xiicccxxiiil watson iicxt year. Dcnxcr 3l -- Micrstovnn Z5 Annvillc 54 - AIXCINIUWII Z7 Womclxdort' 39 - lklycrxtovnn 35 South Lchunon 30 - lNI5cixiouii 3I Hummclstoxxn 34 f- lNIxcratoxxn Zl Heidelberg 38 -- lN15CI'Nl0Vkll 35 .-Xnnvillc 44 ff Mvcrstown I3 Pzilniyrn 54 -- lklgcixtoxsim 21 South l.chzinon 22 - lklvcrstovsn 33 Hcitlclhcrg Z5 f lX15crxtoun 23 t'ornviull 37 f - Mycrstown 39 Cornviall 32 - hlycixttmwii -il Pzilinyru -17 - Mycrstown IX Annvillc 3-1 ff Mvcrstoun 38 Hcidclhcrg 37 W- Mycrntovin 39 South Lchzinon 43 H- lNl5crslovsn 47 L'ornm1ll 33 -- lN1ycrstovin 34 Palmyra 51 - Mycistovsn 24 CHEERLEADERS lst ram. lelt tu right lxuthleeu l-urrv. Shirlex .-Nehev. .loxee Reenex. Iilgi Wise. luis Meutfer, Ind mu. left to iight Ruth Beuueteh, Pau Potteiger. Mary Iflleu SllCL'll. Sliiilex fiiissdl. Sluilex .-Xudiexxs, During llie year IUFI-52 these ten girls eheered ut huselmll. hoelsey. soeeer. and lmsketlmll gzuues. lluder Mr. Ilolliiiziifs instruction. the girls revived the eustom ut' pep meetings. tiud showed imprmetl leeluiique in the nrt of eheering. Because of their untiriug ellorts. ai l'eIler sehtml spirit luis heeu iuiected into the student hody, We-070W e l 1 HOCKEY Hoclscy, which uns initiztted att Mperstown this yezn' hy our couch. Mis. Helen liriplithill proved to he at veit successful timlertuking. The tetini hztd at seztson ot' one win. one loss. :int one tie. They took top honors by defeating Pnlrnyru. Annxille. und .Ionestoun :tt the liicld llzty 'l'otn'nnmcnt. held :tt lehttnon Yztllex' College in Octohci' und non more positions on the All County leatm than any other school attending. lhose selected :tt the tonrntnnent tot' tirst team were Shirlev Achex. ,loxce Keeney. Lois Mentzcr. und Bzxi'lwti'zt Yost. Second tcatm sclec tions included Jenn Wcngcrt. June Dohnci' und Btii'bui'ax Shott. SCORES OF THF SEASON: Jonestown Z-I won Annvillc I-I tic Annxillc 5-Z lost 171- GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Row I: Rebecca l'eiIl'er. .lean Wengert. l.ois Mentzer. Shirley Achey. .loyce Keeney. June Doliner. Barbara Yost. Barbara Shott. Evelyn Stechcr. Row Z: Virginia l.el'o. .Iovce Dutlv. Sara Bennetch. Barbara Labe. Pat Potteiger. Joyec lindcrmuth. Mary lfllen Sheetz. Sandra Koller. Row 3: Irene Fox. Shirley Ciassert. Nancy Honker. Jeanette Bowman, Marlene Hibsh- man, Ruth Hennetch. Row 4: luanne Werner. Mrs. Brightbill. Fvalyn Thrasher. Gay Seibert. Coach Brightbill's proteges strove for the girls' championship with Annvillc. Heidelberg, llethel. and Cornwall. 'Ihis year the girls' basketball team was successful in winning a number of their games. 'lhe team averaged about thirty points a game. Serving as captain was .lune Dohner. forward. Scoring honors for the team were taken by Shirley Achey with l-15 points. followed by June Dohnei with 120 points. lst game V. H. 2nd game V. H. Annville ......... 29 44 44 39 Cornwall .. 38 57 33 -ll Bethel ..... gf Z- 65 56 Heidelberg .. 54 54 38 16 Ol 1952 IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS I Io Right: Ciordon Lchmzm. Trczmlrcrz John Wilhelm. President: Hcfcn Gans. Sccrctzuy Larry Mcnlzcr, Vice Prcmidcm. lull! I UNIOR CLASS ...74-. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS t to Right: Shirlcy Schwurc. Tl'cz1su1'cr: Durlcnc Brandt. Vice Pcrsidcnt: Wultcr W'lliIl11n5jCl Prcnidcnl: l.uzmnc Werner. Secretary. My SOPHOMORE CLASS -75- FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS left to Right: Marlene Hihshmzin. Vice President: David Jeffers, Trezmurcrz Joel Zinn. Prezz- dent: Peggy Uarloff. Secretary. FRESHMAN CLASS .-76-. ., M. awmym- keg. .Ei s SW Mr' Q. EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE -77- SIXTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE ..78-. FOURTH GRADE THIRD GRADE .-.7kjD, SECOND GRADE FIRST GRADE .-.801 1952,- J , W, I 4 9 -81- . ' s SENIOR TRI-HI-Y Left to right lst row-l. Bricker. P. Kline, S. Frantz. M. Frantz. C. Ressler, G. Seihert. D. Mader, lx. Snyder, J. Yeagley, L. Noll. P. Umberger. M. O'Bryan. Znd row- -A. Showers. M. Umherger. S. Muth. D. Keener. E. Stechcr. G. Miller. S. Ran- aldi. R. Zug. C. Bird. M. Garloff. C. Kessler. G. Dietrich. S. Miller. 3rd row-H. Gass. B. Tohias. Sholly, J. Spittler, G. Geih. S. Heflley, li. Thrasher, C. Leho. .l. Keeney, ,l. Harding. L. Stum. S. Rhoads. S. Benneteh. 4th row-J. Shzmaman. A. Horne. K. Forry. M. Tiee, .l. Rothenhach. N. Fetter. R. Peifler, J. Shaffer, V. Haulman. Lessig. L. Mentzer. S. Achey. J. Bashore. Sth row--J. Seigfried. l.. Stohler. C. Hollinger. S. Sehware. M. Steeher. J. Peiffer. D. Phillipy. J. Noll. D. Brandt. H. Fetter. G. DufTy. L. Werner. L. Fogelman. D. Heydt. 6th row-L. Wise. G. Brandt. P. Shartel. V. Lebo, A. Ressler. G. Seipioni. K. Smith, M. Kreider, F. Hertzog, M. Rothenbach. N. Brown. M. Stauffer. and Advisor, Mrs. Gates. OFFICERS: President ..... ............. . .... J oann Yeagley Vice President .. ........... .... E llen Snyder Secretary ..... ........ G ay Seibert Treasurer ......... Doris Mader Chaplain ........ . . . . . . .... Maryellen Frantz Scribe ..,................................. Carolyn Ressler The purpose of the 'l'ri-Hi-Y is to create, maintain. and extend throughout our school and community high standards of Christian character. The program for this year included the Queen of Hearts Dance, First Grade Party, Christmas and Easter Assemblies. a Father and Daughter Banquet, and a Mother and Daughter Banquet. Teen Talk Discussions were regularly held during an appointed time of the school year. ?82... . . L-fx , ' -' ff ' f lifii5iiiFff'ii5i'i'.' ' i X ..,., , ,,.,. , Q '1 J HI-Y't to right lst row--R. Yost, R. Sell. L. Mcntler. l.. Schott. .l. Bollinger. M. Weidner, G. liisley. Ind row-K. Yiengst, R. Wetzel, D. Hoover. F. Brighthill, B. Shuey. W. Rittle. G. Heher- ling. 3rd row-W. Guylor. R. Yeaglev. C. Donley. R. Miller, R. Koller, G. Lehman. l'. Hol- tenstein. A. Bamherger. -1th row-.l. Shaffer. G. Lessig. G. Bucher, R. Shaeffer. M. Hottenstein. K. Miller. J. Clay. OFFICFRS President ..... .............. .... I . eonard Schott Vice President . . . . .Larry Mentyer Secretary ..... ...... R onald Sell Treasurer . .. .... James Bollinger Chaplain .. .... George Lessig The Hi-Y is the bovs' Christian organization in the school. Thev participated with the Tri-Hi-Y in the 'lcen Talk discussions. -83-. if al l l IUNIOR TRI-HI-Y l.eft to right lst row-F. Shower. M. Miller. M. Schoener, M. Hibshman. l. Fox. Tobias. S. Gas! sert, S. Wandell. B. Labe. J. Lindermuth. K. Firestine. Znd row--S. Koller. M. Troutman, S. Louser, B. Haldcman. P. Potteiger. P. Hower. R Bcnnetch, R. Kline. G. Honker. K. Brown. 3rd rowfS. Sheetz, D. Risser, V. Schoener. N. Yohn. l. Hedge. P. Troutman. M. Hop- kins, F. Haldeman, L. Zimmerman. R. Bowman. 4th row-C. Sholly, S. Zearfoss. D. Seager, S. Schoener, P. Hottenstein. B. Hainly, l'. Light. D. Neiswender, H. Fullmer. A. Boyer. 5th row-E. Goshert. N. Fink. S. Haulman, J. Yeagley, l.. Madcr. F. Bashore. l. Wagner A. Ristenbatt. W. Hollinger, B. Reppert. Mrs. Brightbill. 6th row-S. Schock. S. Troutman, N. Gettle, P. Long, N. Umbenhcn, F. Fulk, A. Kulp D. Rittle, M. Brown. H. Kreiser, R. Sanger. This worthwhile organization of junior high girls, Linder the leadership of Mrs. Brightbill holds Teen Talk discussions and takes charge of the Thanksgiving assembly. The members are prepared for future membership in the Senior club. ..g4.. MIXED CHORUS IN! row left to right l.. Werner. D. lung. S. Rliozidx. N. Honlter. R. llenneteli. l'. Pui- teiger. Nl. l'il'1ll1Il. H. Claim. lf Hollinger. R. Peiller. :ind l , Wixe. Ind mvt left to right R. Brown. R. Aiiitliexu, Nl. St1nitl'e:'. l. Nezielex. K. linux. S. iliully. .l. Spittler. S. l'il'1tl1ll. l'. llmherger. G. iieilw. D. Mander. S. llenneteli. if Rewlei. Na. Gairlotl. P. Ciurloll. D, Phillippy. :ind R. Sehuetlei. 3rd row left to riglitr- H. linker. M, Weidner. I. Slizillier. R. Miller. W. Rittle. l . l'eitliei. lf. lSrig.:litlNill, l.. Schott. Ci. lessipl. .l. lilxw. ll, lirzindt. fi. lllieliei. :ind li. lfisley. 'lhe Mixed Chorus of WSI-52 elected the tulltming utlieexxz Prexident. lienige lemgz See. lihi':n'i1in, Shirley Rhouds: 'l'reztxurer. Marlene A. ii:irlotl'. 'llie C liorux. under the diiee- tion of Nlixx Kathryn Deeli. ix eonipoxed of students fruin gmdex 9 to ll. and ix aieetmipdiiietl on the niunu lw Mitrvellen l"l'llI1ll. lhe Cltortim sings in the unnuul Spring Coneert amd tit t'uinnieneenient. Sexernl nieinlweix ire xeleeted eueh Vent' to attend the Conntv Muxie lfextixul. I UNIOR CHORUS W lui! to right Isl run K, Sliolly. N. lnihcnhcn. YN. I-ink. R. Scliaicffcr. IA. fczirioxs. In B.ixhoi'c. S 4 Hainlmun. I . Manlur, ,-X. Knlp. if. Fulk. P. I7orry. W. Hollinger. Zmi row B, Rcpncrt. D. Sh:icITci', P. Light, D. Nuiswcndcr, Ci. Phillipy. A. Hoycr. .I Moore. S. Shcclf, S. Suhr, Cf Ycziglcy. IJ. Sczigcr. B. Rzinaildi, V. Honll. D. Slcrncr. M. Brown H. Fullmcr. S, I'i'ontm:in. D. Ritllc. ,l. Ycuplcv. S. Schock. 3rd rim-V N. Hrmx n. P. Stcchniain. P. Jeffers. W. Dcrr. K. lziyscr. R. Shaxcifcr. R. Cimioil' N. long. If. l.cwip:. Ni. Honkcr. S. .-Xchcv. Ihc .lnnior Cliornx nicmhcrs :nc sclcclcd by Miss Kathryn Dcch from thc scwnlh aim cighlh grades. 'Iihc Chorus prcwnls zi concert in lhc Spring. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE left to right Shirley Rlioaulx. Ruth licunctch. licllu lung. Shiilcy l'I'llllll. Nliuic Stunt'- fcr. .lunct Spittlcr. Hclcn Univ-. Nancy llunltcr. liuiul Hollinger. Put Puttcigci. Kzithlccn Furry und Maury cllcn I-rzintl. lhc incinlfcrs of thc Girls' lfnxcmhlc uri: chown for their xupsiior xinging uhility. Ihr group ix tlircctctl by Misa Kathryn L. Dcch und is uccoinpunictl un thc piunu hy Duyitl Schcll. The Enncmblc mingy ut the Spring Concert. thc Fuir. thc Senior Pluy. und yuriouy mhct progrunn throughout thc year. SENIOR BAND Flutes -C. l.eho. S. Suhr. Clarinets-S. Frantz, M. Clay. N. Honker. M. Tice. G. Die trieh. R. Peitler. H. lohias. D. Mader. M. Garloff. C. Miller. C. Ycagley. V. Houtz. R. Shaef fer. D. Sehaeller. Saxophones-B. Wehher. R. Miller. M. Frantz. C. Kessler. C. Ressler. H Fetler. .l. Spitller. J. Shanaman. S. Henneteh. Horns-D. Long. S. Andrews. V. Leho, M. Stauf fer. 'l'rumpets- f-G. Bucher, G. Fisely. B. Rittle. J. Clay. G. Heherling. D. Aehey. L. Shenk. D Landis. H. Yost. J. Tice. P. Jeffers. M. Honker S. Achey. F. Lessig. 'liromhones-D. Fake, R Garloll. R. Shaelfer. W. Feneil. C. Youse. M. Schell. Baritones-H. Gass. L. Stum. G. Seihert J. Pearson. Drums-K. Forrv. G. Lessig. S. Rhoads. N. Fetter. J. Zinn. G. Bleistein. B Ziegler. Cvmhals- '-f. l. Yeaglev. Glockensniels-l.. Werner. C. Hollinger. Tubas-L. Peilfer D. Schell. S. Sholly. L. Schott. Drum Majorettes-L. Wise. V. Haulman, M. Kerr. J. Bow man. H. Mann. J. Lindermuth. M. Sheetz. R. Benncteh. Color guards-M. O'Bryan, E. Stecll er. R. Zug. E. Thrasher, S. Henley. and L. Mentzer. OFFICERS Persident ...... .............. .... l . anny Schott Vice President .. .... William Rittle Secretary ..... .... M arie Stauffcr 'Treasurer ..................................... Helen Gass The hand. under the direction of Mr. Harold Ycaglcy. presents two concerts annually one during the Community Fair, and the other, the Spring Concert. The Band also partie: pates in parades and at Commencement. f -33.- IUNIOR BAND l-'lutesS. Suhr. Clarinets-C. Yeagley. V. Houtl. R. Sehaetl'e:'. D. Sehaeller. N. Kohl. S Nitratter. R. Brandt. l.. Zimmerman. Saxophones--.l. Yeagley. Cl. Brandt. M. Sheetl. S. Wan dell. C. Sholly. S. Sehoener. Horn-HK. Slaulfer. Baritone-.l. Yeagley. Tronthonex flf. Danit D. Wartlult. .l. Yeagley. W. Fulk. if Youse. R. Schaeffer. D. Fake. R. Garloll. R. Sehaeller Trumpets-D. Aehey. P. Jeffers. S. Aehey. B. Donley. G. Krall. C. Fetter. M. Honlxer. l- Leasig. R. Loose. R. Steltz. K. Harding. R. l.axeh. F. Filer. l.. Shenk. .l. Wenger. J. Rittle M. Shaetler. G. Dreihelhis. Gloekenspiel-'.l. Shaetler. 'llttha-l.. Kline. Tympani- D. Seager Drums-M. Sehoener, T. Whitters. Ci. Seihert. .l. Wenger. The members of the .Iunior Band advance to the Senior Band when they have ntasteftt the fundamentals of plaxing instrumentx. The Junior Band. under the superxision ot' Mr. Harold Yeagley. prexented a Spring Con cert and took part in the Dental and Halloween parades. -go- LIBRARY CLUB The members of the Library Club of l95l-52 were: President-Gwen Miller. Vice Presi- dent-Phyllis Kline: Secretaryikelwecca Peiffer: Treasurer-June Dohner. M. Garlofl. l.. Fogelman. R. Peifler. R. Schaeffer. I. Moore. C. Hollinger. D. Phillipy. l.. Stohler. R. Beu- netch. I.. Zimmerman. V. Haulman. M. Hibshman. N. Honker, M. Miller. J. Lindcrmuth. D. Schaeffer. F. Hertzog. M. Stecher. J. Peiffer. A. Boyer, D. Neiswender, J. Shanaman. J. Rothenbach. J. Miller. G. Geib. D. Mader. B. Labe, M. Sheetz, S. Wandell. C. Yeagley. S. Suhr. R. Swanger, W. Derr, K. Layser. N. Brown. P. Light, P. Artz. B. l.andes. K. Ernlield, R. Ream. and D. Brandt. Under the instruction of our librarian. Mrs. l.antz. thc members of the club learn tiic fundamental tasks of a librarian. Each member is required to serve as library assistant one period each week. The club took charge of the Book Week Assembly this year and entered a float in lnc Hallowe'en Parade. They also presented their Book Week play on radio station WLBR. J NEWSGRAM The members of the NFWSGRAM Stall' are. liditoz'-Phyllis Kline. Assistant lfdito: - Shirley Rhoads. M. Garlotl. G. Geih. .l. Spittler. F. Stecher. S. Sholly. V. Haulman. M. Clay. J. lindermuth. V. Leho. M. Stauffer. M. Sheetl. l.. Werner. lf. lihrashcr. S, Koller. S. Wan- dell. M. Hihshman. l. Fox. H. Mann. N. Honker. S. l'ohias. l. Zinn. R. Koller. I. Wilhelm. R. Bashore. D. Hain. H. Baker. W. Whitmoyer. D. Achey. and Ci. Lehman. 'liHli NEWSGRAM. a monthlv. self-supporting paper. is pnhlished Linder the guidance of Mrs. Ruth All Lantz. The purpose of the paper' is to promote school spirit. to provide news coverage of school activities. and to give students who are interested in journalism an oppor- tunity to develop their talents. 'l'Hli NEWSGRAM holds a consistently high rating in the National Scholastic Press Asso- ciation. 'lheir coverage ofthe news during the l95 l-52 term has been exceptionally well done. -91-. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The memhers ot' the F. H. A. wcte: President-Patricia Umherger. Vice President A-Gladys YICglCl'. Secretary-ABetty Tohias. Treasurer-Julia Schaeffer. Historian- -Gloria Scipioni. l.. Betl. C. Bird. J. Bcidler. M. Clav. G. Dietrich. G. Duffy. D. Evans. l.. Fogelman. l. Fox. fi. Franti. P. Garlotl. F. Haldeman. B. Haldeman. F. Hertlog. D. Hihshman. H. Hixenheiser. D. Keener, C. Kessler. S. Koller. V. l.eho. .l. l.indermuth. N. lN1cL't1rdy. .l. Miller. .l. Miller. S. Miller. N. Ream. R. Ream. A. Ressler. V. Saylor. .l. Shanaman. A. Shower. K. Smith. l.. Slum. M. Umherger. l.. Werner, H. Yiengst. H. Fetter. P. Shartle. l.. Mentver. B. Spangler. A. Horne. G. long. .l. Spittler. M. Kreidcr. .l. Peiffer, M. Stecher. P. Potteiger. R. Brown. J. lint- merman. The lf. H. A. is an active organization comprised of 53 memhers. 'lihese girls from grades ten. eleven and twelve are under thc leadership of Mrs. Arloa B. Stickel. At Christmas the girls gave haskets of food to needv families. 'lihe outstanding affair of the year was the Etheart Dance at which time Gladys Ziegler. the Sweetheart of the lf. H. A.. was crowned hy Harry Shaak. President of the F. F. A. -og- uistvvp-annanuu-"WWI sf Qs. f FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Left to Right lst row-K. Yiengst, C. Brubaker. H. Shaak. R. Derr. Mr. Sherman. D. Landis. B. I.ulL, G. Donough. H. Kaskey. E. Hower. 2nd row-H. Derr. E. Brown. D. Brown. T. Hafer. J. Gaylor, R. Brown, G. Hcim, li. Hunsicker, R. Weaver, C. Firestine. ' 3rd row--J. Mentzer. G. Stelfy. R. Umberger, K. Nelson, N. Brown, R. Hafer, H. Buffa- moyer, P. Snyder, F. Seigfried, J. Derr. The purpose of the F. F. A. is to increase the boys' knowledge and interest in Agriculture. The organization sponsors a "Sweetheart" Dance during which they crown their "Sweel- hcartf' She is chosen from four year senior members of the F. H. A. The members of the F. F. A. also play an important part in the Community Fair. ..93.. CAMERA CLUB The members of the Camera Club of l95 l-52 were: President-David Hain. Vice-President -Alice Horne, Seeertaryswalter Wihtmoyer. TreasurerfGordon Lehman, F. Thrasher, M. Stauffer. S. Hefhey, N. Fetter. J. Wilhelm, R. Schoener, R. Bashore, H. Fetter. G. Lessig. O. Heberling, G. Gaylor. G. Yeagley, R. Ziegler, A. Bamberger, R. Miller, and R. Yeagley. The Camera Club is comprised of students who are interested in photography. They are assisted bv Mr. Bucher in various proiects. The elub has taken pictures of various Classes. The members have learned various tech- niques of developing and painting pictures. .-..94.. ,,n.Nm-www.x..vM A i . ,, wx lxt Ind 31d Mild I'hc I'li icll C SAFETY PATROL iovs- R. Shucifcr. D. Nixon. M. Honlxcr. D, Achcy. R. Ciurloii. mu S, Achcv. C. Bmw n. P. Stcchmzm, K. Bfown. row- B. Tobias. Ali. Kcrslincr. T. lizuun. R, VVolf. P. .lcffclx Sufcli Patrol nicnibctx direct thc mcnibcrw of thc Sludcnl body in crosxiiig the xllckils iiicinhcix ure from lhc .lunior High School und me undsi' thc iiislruutimi ul Mi fx?-as-R31'i ..q5.. , s 3 . I h I s f 1 5 . h 4 ' W , ,.,, . . X .. 396- QUEEN OF HEARTS DANCE 'l he dance was held on lfelwruarx ninth in the beautifully decorated gym. Following the entrance of the court. which consisted of the Queen of Hearts. Carolyn Ressler. the King. l.eonard Schott. Maid of Honor. Joann Yeagley. and the attendants. l.ila Wise. lillen Snyder. Marian tJ'Brvan. and Connie Kessler. there vias a Minttet ln some selected 'l'ii-lli-Y incin- hers. 'llte llower girls vtere Kathy De Luca. Donna Garmcn. and the train-hearcrs were Den- nis Sadler and Paul Haverstiek. The court was elected by popular vote. After the crowning of the queen. a short program was presented. PROGRAM Vocal Solo - "Garden in the Rain" ............................ , . .Della Long 'lrumpet Trio - "l Love You il-l'LllYn and "Let Me fall You Sweetheart" George Eislcv. .lohn Olav. William Rittle Vocal 'lrio - "Undecided" ..........,.. Kathleen Forry, Shirley Rnoads. and llelen Class The music was furnished hy Boh Fhyk Orchestra -97- EN xx 8 f 1 .Q ,w w L. Q1 - '1 yr , 6 . 6 if 59 by Q- nm , A - Wim W L ' 1 ' 2 ftfy ' Q , . 1 LB? WW 5 WX 1+-J ff 'X' K- 99- Q A Q' Q X W Wh X ,NX VJ -4 .ei gk'- PATRONS Shirley Achey Alba ros. Bakery aria'n spachft Andrews Cut Rate Store Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bahney Thomas W. Batdorff Studio Bethel 62 Mt. Aetna Tel. 82 Tel. Co. Beylers' Flowers George Bleistein, Sr. A Friend The Bon Ton Brennen Engineering Co., Inc. Arlene A. Brightbill Mrs. Irwin S. Brightbill Brown's Lockers Buffy's Auction and Market A. Clark Burkholder Buy Rite Food Market Calcite Quarry Corp. Church Center Press Mae Anna Copenhaver Mrs. Chester Carl The Corner Store Oscar Deamer, jr. Dinger's Shoe and Clothing Store Dotty's Beauty Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dundore Feeg's Esso Servicenter Lester R. Frantz Gantz and Uhler, Photography Gollam's Supreme Ice Cream Grimes and Hauer Barbara Hainly Harpel's Studio Hershey's Chocolate Corporation Marlene Hibshman Hoffman's Lunch Room Nancy Honker Mrs. Sadie Hoppman Lloyd D. Hower Mr. and Mrs. George Karsnitz W. H. Keener Kingsley and Brown Kline's General Store Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kline Kohl Brothers Krilly's Shanty Mr. and Mrs. Kurtz Edgar Landis Donald Layser Lebanon County Farm Bureau Leffler Coal and Texaco Pro. Levitz Furniture Company Charles C. Loose and Son, Inc. Lutz's Food Store Manbeck and Kissinger The Mary-Elton Drivc- In McQuates 5 82 10 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Mihalov Dr. and Mrs. Carl S. Miller Harold G. Miller Murray's Store Myerstown Appliance Myerstown Cleaner Myerstown Foundry 82 Machine Works Myerstown Hide and Tallow Co. Myerstown Trust Co. Myerstown National Bank Nissley's Bottled Gas, Inc. O'Bryan's I. G. A. Store Old Mill Palace of Sweets Elmer E. Plasterer Myerstown Police Department Public Shirt Corp. H. W. Reppert and Sons Lehman and Son Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Rettew Harnishes Store Charles F. Rouh Harley H. Rupp The Sample Store Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Sanger Mr. and Mrs. Isaac R. Schnoke Schnokes Luncheonette Sandra Schoener Mrs. Minnie Schott Seibert's Store Mr. and Mrs. Heber Siegfried Shenk and Tittle Smith and Bowman A. A. Spannuth and Sons Marie Stauffer George S. Steinmetz Stitzel's Pharmacy Swope's Store Taste Good Shop Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Troutman Mr. and Mrs. Miles Umbenhen Calvinj. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Wagner Weavers' Lebanon Bologna, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wengert Dr. and Mrs. james R. Wiley Wilhelm's Hardware Winthrop Stearns Inc. Whitmoyer Laboratories -101- AUTOGRAPHS -IO -

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