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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA VOLUME 16 PATTI FLYNN, EDITOR + + + LYNN ZAGORA, BUSINESS MANAGER In on effort to create in her students a desire to " read beyond the book " Mrs. Long spends several periods early in the year acquainting her classes with the wealth and variety of material to be found in the library, and laying the foundation for their study of World Literature. Dignified, Warm, Dignified, warm, understanding, she has strived at Myers Park for eight years to produce a caliber of student capable to cope with the challenges he will ultimately face as a college stu¬ dent. She possesses a quality not found in many, no matter what their voca¬ tion—the ability to communicate her own enthusiasm to others and espe¬ cially to impart some of her own infinite joy of learning to her students. From her we have gained more than a thorough knowledge of the literature she reveals to us. Her concern and respect for the individual ' s ideas in¬ spire us to rise above what we have thought we are capable of doing. The respect we have for her grows out of the respect she shows for us in her mature presentation of material to us as intelligent individuals; as she en¬ courages us to think and then to organize those thoughts. It is not at all " odd, strange, and peculiar " to see Mrs. Long in the crowd at a basketball game. 2 Understanding, She Instills Joy of Learning in Students Out of her belief that an understand¬ ing of great literature leads to an understanding of oneself, comes her effort to present that literature in as interesting a manner as possible. Whether a lecture or a discussion or a demonstration of how to arrange an Indian " sari " , her classes are always unique. But she is just as concerned with what we learn on our own and urges us to search and think inde¬ pendently. Her interest in her students extends outside of the classroom. As Honor Society advisor she serves as an example and inspiration to all stu¬ dents to achieve academically. A true Mustang, she attends the games and supports in spirit the school to which she gives so much of her time. We, the Senior Class, dedicate the 1967 Mustang to an inspiring teacher and a rare person, Mrs. Edith S. Long. In a pensive moment ' , Mrs. Long displays the quiet dignity which has endeared her to her students. 3 The singleness of purpose of all in striving for academic excellence at Myers Park provides the key to the outstanding record which typifies the Mustang spirit ACADEMICS 10-115 4 STUDENT LIFE 116-135 - I The identity with the whole that an individual feels as he works with others for a common goal, for in unity there is strength and purpose ACTIVITIES 136-175 6 UNITY Is the desire to win, the spirit that a game inspires, and the realization that only a common school effort can produce a truly great team ATHLETICS 176-207 7 - UNITY is the intangible that is the backbone of a school, the feeling of belonging and pride in Myers Park that gives us the incentive to excel 9 10 ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE ACTIVITIES ATHLE TICS ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE ACTIV ACADEMICS 11 Faculty-Curriculum Editor, Clyde Allen + Senior Class Editor, Melanie Motley + Underclass Editor, Laura Murphy 12 SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Bill Griffin, President Sissy Beam, Secretary David Hawkins, Vice-President Betsy Smith, Treasurer The Senior Class of 1967 has repeated and excelled the fine performance of previous classes through its outstand¬ ing achievements in leadership, schol¬ arship and athletics. The class spirit and unity have developed through three years of co-operation and asso¬ ciation in classes, in school projects and in extra-curricular activities. Through this unity and spirit the Seniors of ' 67 have set high ideals for the underclassmen. The Senior Class, led by officers Bill Griffin, David Hawkins, Sissy Beam, and Betsy Smith, presented the play " Our Town " for the benefit of the Senior Class Gift. Scholarship is also an attribute, as the class again attained more National Merit Final¬ ists than any other school in the system, and also had finalists and scholars in the Reynolds, Angier B. Duke, and Morehead programs. Sev¬ eral of the talented senior athletes received bids from colleges for their abilities and their contributions to M.P. ' s winning seasons. Past honors only predict greater ones to come as the ' 67 Seniors leave Myers Park saying so long to the three wonderful years filled with the responsibilities and privileges we enjoyed as Mus¬ tangs. Senior Class Officers and Committee Chairmen. 1st ROW: Kenworthy, Pres. Griffin, Sec. Beam, Vice-Pres. Hawkins, Treas. Smith, Morrison, He. ner, Dixon. 2nd ROW: Burnham, Page, Martin, Aramoonie, Mauney, Pease, McGoogan. 3rd ROW: Spratt, Lonon, Byerly, Gwinn, Nichols, Barnes. 13 Profits From Senior Class Presentation “Our Town” Sheila Abraham Todd Adams Ben Alexander Boyce Alexander James Alexander Nickie Alexander Helen Alford Clyde Allen I Fred Alexander Trudy Allen Linda Allen Toehie Anderson Robert Allen Wendy Anderson Barry Allison Max Angerholzer Ginny Alstrin Phil Aramoonie John Amon Carol Ashcraft 14 Go Toward ’67 Senior Class Gift Alice Ashley Debby Atchinson Francoise Auque Patsy Austin Mike Autry Jody Austin OUR TOWN was presented as the 1967 class play. The presentation afforded $200 profits for the Class Gift. Mary Babcock Joe Barnhill Stan Bane Chippy Baucom Phil Barfield Sage Baucom Mary Ann Barker Sissy Beam Nell Barnes Thomas Beckham 15 Only One Snow Day Deletes Senior Class Privileges ,1 Carolyn Beeson DeVon Bell Barbara Belue Nancy Bentley Pam Benton 16 ‘oncerning Make-up After Graduation Exercises June 2 m David Bourke David Bowser Laura Boyd Mac BrockeM Ready Bradford 17 Griffin, Northey, Page, and Pettus Bring Honor To MP ' Randy Broome Ken Browder Diane Brown Donna Brown Doug Brown Gloria Brown Kent Brown Susan Brown Terry Brown Sue Buck Griffin, Northey, Pettus, and Page were honored as scholarship contestants. Tommy Buice Virgie Birch Mary Bullock Bill Burnham IS Tommy Caldwell Vicki Caldwell Frank Call Deb Cameron David Carter Nancy Campbell Donnalyn Cathey Tommy Capps David Caudle Margaret Carney Carole Chambers Anne Carroll Mary Chambers 19 Summer Exchange Students Gain International Poise Dennis Citron Bradley Clapp Danny Clare Joel Clark Ken Clark Sandy Clifton Leslie Cole Harriet Clontz Isaac Coley Theron Clyburn Teresa Collins Campbell Cochran Tec Collins Betsy Cochrane Wallace Colvard 20 As Representatives of Our Country Carolyn Convey Thomas Cooley Anne Cooper Lisa Cothran Mary Cowhig ' Cindy Craver As summer exchange students, Eddie Poe, Kacky May, Lee Miller, and Carolyn Nodel represented the U. S os well as Myers Park. Kent Crawford Mollie Crouse Frances Crutcher Chris Culp Richard Culp Clay Cupples Joe Curtis Don Dancy Sallie Daniel Freedomae Cunningham 21 Senior Example Sets Ideal For Bessie Demos Marina Demos And ree Dixon Doris Dixon Mike Donnelly Kit Dorrier Ben Douglas Fredd ie Dow Carole DuBose Eloise DuBose 22 Underclassmen to Grasp in Remaining Years at MP Kirk Duncan Becky Edwards Dee Eaker Cathy Eck Ray Emser Annette Evans Dunny Dunlap Ginny Duvall Kathy Efird Wallace Ervin James Faile Lee Elf Jim Elliott Catherine Elwood School spirited Mustangs, Tobie Steele and Mary Lu Walker, watch an MP game. 23 Foreign Students Add Cosmopolitan Air to Campus As Bill Faucette Bruce Faust Eugene Fisher Dorothy Fleming Jody Fletcher Mike Fletcher Robin Ford talks to Sibe Debesa, her vivacious sister from Chile. Ned Flynn Patti Flynn Toy Flynn Ann Fogartie Jennings Ford John Ford 24 Betty Foster Barbara Frank Robert Franklin Sandy Freeman Terry Fridell Rose Marie Friesen Doug Furman Mary Gange Barbara Gardner Linda Garrett Jim Garrison Susan Garrison Glen Gatlin 25 Class Committee Chairmen Work On Graduation Activities Janet Godfrey Pixie Gordon Ginny Gotherman Cherryl Glisson Elaine Glover Sandra Green Bill Griffin Michael Greenspan Mary Clay Grogan Ronnie Gregory Bruce Gwinn Claudia Grice Patty Hadden Linda Griffin Carol Hagemeyer 26 As June 2 Ann Hamilton Exercises Approach Jesse Hamilton John Hamilton Nell Barnes and Bill Nichols work on plans for the Senior Breakfast as Chairmen of the Breakfast Commit¬ tee. Steve Hancock Virginia Honner Bonnie Harkey Glenn Harris Tommy Houghton Bob Harris Frank Hawfield Henry Harkey Ronnie Haston Bobby Haubenreiser Paul Harrington 27 UNC-G Wisely Designates Betty Mayfield and Sarah Skoochie Hawthorne Dennis Healy Frances Hearne Cathy Hawkins David Hawkins 23 Shaw As Recipients Walt Hilderman Elizabeth Hill of Highly-desired Scholarships Rosalyn Hill Sally Hill Shirley Hill Jane Hinson Jake Hipps Nancy Hobbs Jay Hofsess Beth Holder 29 Biology II students, Carol Lane and Martha Farmer, concentrate on the precise outcome of a lab. College Level Classes Provide Bob Hoppe Dorothy Hough Harris Houston Larry Howe Mary Howren Richard Hudson Marilyn Humm Ralph Irwin Dottie Huneycutt Bill Isenhour Sally Hunt Bill Jakes Katherine Idol Dan Jennings Nancy Irvine Louis Jewell 30 Advanced Training For Many Academically Inclined Students Beatrice Johnson Christine Johnson Frank Johnson Ronnie Johnson Ted Johnson Carol Johnston Jack Johnston Lynn Jones Margaret Jordan Bobby Jones Sue Jung Kirk Johnston Cammie Jones Linda Jones Knox Tate, Muffy Morrison, Bonnie Harkey, and Bill Griffin attended Wild- acres ' 66. 31 Team Captain David Martin Brings Football Distinction To Charles Kale Donna Kalevas Nick Karres Betsy Kayser Kathy Keesler 32 MP As Shrine Bowl Participant Swiss exchange student Barbara Leuman enters the library with her American sister, Betty Mayfield. Harold Kossove Helen Lacy Betty Lambeth Carol Lane Donna Laney Barbara Leumann Susan Lewin Don Lee Ann Libes Mike Lee Mark Lightcap David Lowing Mike Lewis 33 Industrious Seniors Lend Their Wholehearted Support To Grady Lonon Elsie Love f Loanda Lytle Tonsie McAden Angus McDonald Seniors support their end of school spirit by decorating the new cafeteria. Lee McDowell Sally Mclver Graham McGoogan Tippi McKeown 34 Competitive Myers Park Spirit Day Martha McKinney Hunt McKinnon Clare McMahon Senior Gift Co-Chairmen Nancy Kenworthy and Grady Lonon work on details for the class gift. Johnny McManus Dick McMillan Marianne McTear Edd ie Maddox Mary Martin Steve Major Monice Martin Lynn Macrae Martin James Martin Carol Machen Dock Mangrum Pam MacKinnon David 35 In support of Myers Park, Phillip Wilson and Dan Jennings buy tickets to the ' 66 Show Biz Revue. Academically Talented Students Rebecca Martin Paula Marus Helen Massey Carroll Matthews Bill Matthews Billie Mauney Palmer May Lee Miller Betty Mayfield Phyllis Melvin George Mills Molly Mitchiner Tibby Mercer Jacqui Moelter David Mayfield Becky Miller 36 Receive Scholarship Grants for Future College Study Allen Moore Dianne Morris Dianne Morris Claite Morrison Muffy Morrison Melanie Motley Larry Nabers Laura Murphy Louie Nachman A clever poster displays senior support of the Mustangs during basketball season. 37 Artistically Talented Seniors Capture Top Prizes In Dave Nash Billy Neal John Needy Truett Nettles Mike Newman Bill Nichols Jim Nicholson Tom Nisbet Carolyn Nodell Paul Nordman Sally Norris Billy O ' Neal John Northey Dyrrle Osborne Joyce Novak Lewis Osterhoudt Rick O ' Brien Brenda Overcash Bobby O ' Brien Pat Oxidine 38 Regional and National Contests Bruce Page Pete Pappas Michael Parker John Patterson Joanne Pearson Carson Pease Jones, Fox, Hollars, Bell, and Nettles spy on neighbor through a hole in the floor in OUT OF THE FRYING PAN. Rita Perry Colleen Pigott Tommy Pettus Eddie Poe Karen Phillips Stan Poliakoff Mike Phillips Cindy Polk Debbie Pierce Judy Pollhammer 39 Talented Seniors Help Make Musical Productions And Carol Porter Hu Poston Koty Proctor Donna Raley Glenn Rape 40 Plays at Myers Park A Success Tommy Richardson Mark Richardson Joe Riddle An art student. Senior Stan Bane, reflects his athletic inclination in his sculpture of a boy shooting a basket¬ ball. Phil Riley Patricia Robbins Steve Roberts Alan Roberts Holly Rogers Mollie Robey Myrtle Robinson Mike Rochelle Barbara Rockecharlie Sharon Ross Mike Roush Beverly Russell Sara Russell 41 ' Gold Tassels Worn at Graduation Symbolize Outstanding Ann Samson Mark Saunders Becky Saunders Dan Sawyer Lea Scantland Butch Schnerr Marnie Schreiber Jim Seacord Jay Seay Ann Sebrell 42 Scholastic Achievement for Senior Members of NHS 43 Myers Park Repeats High Performance as 1 7 Seniors Candy Smith Libby Smith Julie Smith r Peggy Smith Lucy Smoot Betty Ann Snyder Raymond Snyder Pam Sopher t Bee Sotir Susan Sovacool Denis Speckman Martha Stanton Ed Spooner Tobie Steele Ray Spooner Harry Stephens Julian Spratt Missy Stewart John Stancill Millie Stewart 44 mm Qualify as National Merit Finalists Bruce Gwinn and Nancy Byerly share support in their efforts as Cap and Gown Chairmen. Frank Stinson Don Stone Joe Strickhouser Wesley Sturges Juli Sullivan Jimmy Sumner Andy Summerville George Tate Christer Svensson Knox Tate Anne Sykes Sharon Sykes Gwynne Tathwell Tommy Taylor Ken Tanner Neal Taylor 45 Gifted Class Day Officers Reflect Tommy Buice and Tommy Pettus enjoy a " friendly " discussion on a lazy afternoon. Linda Tharp Robbie Thies Jim Thomas Patti Thomason Susan Thompson Tommy Thompson y Leslie Tindal Linda Toler Mike Tucker Ana Maria Turner David Thrailkill Anthony Tzannis Angie Uhl Julia Valentine Debbie Van Sciver Cynthia Van Vynckt 46 Personalities, Achievements, and Expectations of Seniors Darrell Varney David Vaughn Elsya Verdone Paul Vincent Paula Vinroot Denney Voss Mary Lu Walker Bill Walton Frances Ward Diane Word Berta Wardell Nancy Walker Clarence Wallace Jimmy Wallace Two of the most conscientious dressers ot Myers Park—Eddie Maddox and Alec Moody. 47 American Legion Recognizes Henry Harke y In Local George Waterhouse Joe Watts Lucy Welch Linda Wells Rodger West Phillip Weston Bill Whalen Beverly White Mary Reid, Sherry Graham, Margaret Jordan, and Ann Sebrell contribute to a GAC paper drive. Ernie White Deborah Wilkerson William Wilkerson David Willis George Williams Billy Willis 43 High School Oratorical Competition Invitations Chairmen, Carson Pease and Graham Mc- Googan find relief for the many headaches concerning graduation invitations. Steve Wilson Marilyn Wilson Phillip Wilson Linda Yarbrough Randy Young Wendy Woodcock Vivian Young Phyllis Woodward Leslie Zaccagni Tommy Yarborough Lynn Zagora Vickie Zilk 49 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 ♦ SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Sheila Clanton Abraham Sheila entered ' 64. Clubs: Spanish 2; GAA 1, 2. Linda Marcelle Allen Linda entered ' 64. Chorus 2. Deborah Jane Atchison Debby entered ' 65. Clubs: FHA 3; Spanish 3; Y- Teens 3. Todd Douglas Adams Todd entered ' 66. I.C.T. Club 3. Benjamin Boatwright Alexander Ben entered ' 64. Student Council I, 2; Committees: Chairman House and Grounds 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Key Club 2, President 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Junior Marshal; JV Football. Boyce W. Alexander Boyce entered ' 66. Tennis 3; Soccer 3. Fred Lee Alexander Freddie entered ' 66. James Franklin Donnald Alexander James entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1, 3; Chorus 3; Boys ' Glee Club 2, 3; Clubs: Red Cross 1, 3; Limelighters 1, 2, 3; Thespians 2, 3; Library As¬ sistant 2, 3; Senior Class Piays 1, 2, 3; Talent Show 1, 2, 3; South Pacific, My Fair Lady. Nickie Madrene Alexander Nickie entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1; DE Club 3, Associate President 2. Helen Anne Alford Helen entered ' 64. Student Council School Spirit Committee 1; Clubs: French 1, 2; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2. South Pacific. Frontis Clyde Allen III Clyde entered ' 65. Student Council Foreign Exchange Committee 2; Mustang Staff 2, Faculty-Curriculum Editor 3; Boys ' Glee Club Accompanist 3. Gertrude Person Allen Trudy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Publi¬ city 1, 2, 3; Dance 1; Clubs: French 1, 2 , 3; Latin 1, 2; Mustang Medics 1; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 3; French NHS 2, 3. Robert Frank Allen, Jr. Robert entered ' 64. Orchestra 1, 2, 3; French Club 1; Honor Society 2, 3; French NHS 2, 3; Mod Music M 1, 2, Pres. 3. George Barringer Allison Barry entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1, 2 , 3; Clubs: Key 2, 3; Latin 1, 2; Football 2, Co-Capt. 3; JV 1; Track 1, 2, 3. Edith Virginia Alstrin Ginny entered ' 66. ' Spark Staff 3. John Edward Amon Johnny entered ' 64. Soccer 3. Kathleen McClintic Anderson Tachie entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Publicity 1, 2, 3; School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Clubs: French 2, 3; Mustang Medics 1; Pen Pushers 3; Red Cross 3; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; GAA 1. Mary Linda Anderson Wendy entered ' 64. Maximillian Angerholzer, Jr. Max entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1. Philip Aramoonie Phil entered ' 64. Student Council 3; Committees: House and Grounds 2; Dance 2, 3; Publicity 2, Co- Chairman 3; Homeroom Officer I, 2 , 3; Orchestra 1, 2; Key Club 2, 3. Junior Marshal. Senior Class Committee Chairman. Carol Linelle Ashcraft Carol entered ' 64. Student Council School Spirit Com¬ mittee 1, 2; Choir 3; Mustang Medics Club 1, 2. Gold Key 3. Annie Get Your Gun. Alice Hudgens Ashley Alice entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 2; Choir 3. South Pacific. Senior Homeroom Presidents for ' 66- ' 67 are Gwinn, Jennings, Waterhouse, McMillan, Herran, McGoogan, Irwin, Pettus, O ' Brien, Howren, Newman, Belue, Fleming, Robey, Brown. These stu¬ dents presented the opinions of their respective homerooms in the Myers Park Student Council. Francoise Auque Francoise entered ' 66. Student Council 3; Ambassa¬ dors 3. Talent Show 3. Foreign Exchange Student. Joy Carol Austin Jody entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Committee 1; Clubs: FHA 1; Pen Pushers 2. Patricia Ann Austin Patsy entered ' 64. Student Council 2, 3, Committees: Publicity 2; School Spirit 2, Co-Chairman 3; Home¬ room Officer I, 2; Cheerleader 2 , 3, JV I; Clubs: Ambassadors 2, 3; Mustang 1, 2. Samuel Graham Autry, Jr. Mike entered ' 64. Mary Hawes Babcock Mary entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit 1; Dance 1, 2; Public Relations Co- Chairman 3; Homeroom Officer 2; Clubs: Ambassa¬ dors 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3; French 1; Latin 2, Secretary 3; Red Cross 1; GAA 1. Walter Stanley Bane Stan entered ' 64. Student Council 1; Homeroom Officer 1; Chorus 3; JV Football 1; Basketball 2, 3, JV 1; JV Baseball 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. Clayton Phillip Barfield Phil entered ' 64. Band 1, 2, 3; Mustang Medics Club 3; Track 1, 2. Mary Ann Barker Mary Ann entered ' 64. Clubs: Pen Pushers 2; Spanish 2; Y-Teens 2. Nell Goodwyn Barnes Nell entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1; School Spirit 1, 2; Homeroom Officer 3; Chorus 1; Choir 2, 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 3; FTA 2, Sec¬ retary 3; Mustang Medics 3; Red Cross 2; Spanish 1, 2, Secretary 3; Y-Teens 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Mod Music M 2, 3; Spanish NHS 2, 3; Madrigals 3. Junior Marshal. Senior Class Committee Chairman. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Joe Barnhill Joe entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 2; DE Club Historian 3. Amon Lovell Baucom Chippy entered ' 64. Football 2, 3, JV 1. Mary Sage Baucom Sage entered ' 65. Student Council School Spirit Com¬ mittee 2; Y-Teens 3; GAA 2. Carole Lee Beam Sissy entered ' 64. Student Council 2, Committees: Handbook-Scrapbook Co-Chairman 2; Publicity 2 , 3; Welcoming 2, 3; Class Secretary 3; Homeroom Of¬ ficer 2 , 3; Band 1; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Clubs: Am¬ bassadors I, 2, Treas. 3; French 2, 3; Red Cross I; Y-Teens 1, 3, Vice-Pres. 2; Honor Society 3; French NHS 2, 3; Mod Music M 1, 2, 3; Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. Thomas E. Beckham Tom entered ' 64. N Forensic L 3; JV Football 2; Track 2, 3. 50 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 + SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Anne Cooper combines talent and stage per¬ sonality to help make the Show Biz Review a great success. Carolyn Ruth Beeson Carolyn entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Donee 2; Publicity 2, 3; Clubs: Red Cross 2 , 3; Spanish 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 2, 3; GAA 2, 3. Samuel DeVon Bell Von entered ' 64. Football 2, 3, JV 1; Baseball 3, JV 1. Mary Barbara Belue Barbara entered ' 64. Student Council School Spirit Committee 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 3; Clubs: Spanish 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 1, 2; Homecoming Queen 3 Nancy Ann Bently Nancy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit 2; Dance I; Clubs: French I, 2, FHA Vice-Pres. 2, President 3; Y-Teens 2, 3 Pamela Clarice Benton Pam entered ' 64. DE Club 3. Anne Brooke Berger Anne entered ' 64 Student Council Committees: Citizenship 1; Dance 2, 3; School Spirit 2, 3, Home¬ room Officer 3; Chorus 2, 3; Clubs: Latin I, 2; Span¬ ish 2, 3; Honor Society 3; Madrigals 3; GAA 2, 3. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Louise West Berkeley Louise entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: House and Grounds 2; Publicity 2; Welcoming 1, 2; Clubs: FTA 2, 3; Spanish 2, 3; Y-Teens I, 2; Keyettes 3; GAA 1, 2, Sports Leader 3. Teacher Assistant 2, 3. Marjorie Lee Berry Sally entered ' 64. Lynn Hurst Beyer Lynn entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Foreign Exchange 3; School Spirit I, 2; Welcoming 1, 2; Clubs: Latin 1; Mustang Medics 1, 2; Red Cross 1 , 2; Y-Teens 2; Keyettes 2, 3; GAA 2, 3. Terry Lynn Black Terry entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Citi¬ zenship 2; Dance 1, 2 , 3; Welcoming 2, 3; Clubs: Latin 1, 2; Y-Teens. Brantley Barksdale Blair Brantley entered ' 64. Student Council Treasurer 3, Committees: House and Grounds 2; School Spirit 3; Class Treasurer 2; Homeroom Officer 1; Clubs: In¬ teract 1, 2, 3; Latin 1; JV Basketball I. Our Town. South Pacific. Robert George Bohnhoff Bob entered ' 65. Hi-Y 2, 3; Basketball 2, Co- Captain 3. Celia Luiza Bolen Lu entered ' 64. Student Council. Warren Dale Boone Warren entered Janice Elizabeth Booth Janice entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Welcoming 1; School Spirit 2; Foreign Exchange 3; Homeroom Officer 1; Mustang Staff 2, Clubs Editor 3; Clubs: French 2; Latin 1, 2; Y-Teens 1, 2; Key¬ ettes 2, 3; Honor Society 2 , 3, GAA 1, 2. Junior Marshal. James Bard Bost Jimmy entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 3; Hi-Y 1; Basketball 2 , 3; JV 1. David Lamont Bourke David entered ' 64. David Edward Bowser David entered ' 64. Choir I, 2, 3; Band 1, 2 , Drum Major 3; Orchestra 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2; Mod Music M 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Madrigals 2, 3. Laura Rose Boyd Laura entered ' 64. Chorus 1. Marion McDowell Brackett, Jr. Mac entered ' 64. Samuel Ready Bradford Ready entered ' 64. Barbara Ann Bradley Barbara entered ' 64 Student Council Committees: Foreign Exchange 3; School Spirit 2; Clubs: Latin 1; Spanish 2, 3; Y-Teens 2 , 3; Speech 3. David Fielding Brantley David entered ' 64. Student Council House and Grounds Committee 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Key Club 2, 3; Football 2, 3; JV I; Swimming 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 3. Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman. William Abbot Breeyear Bill entered ' 66 Nancy Smith Brewer Susie entered ' 64. DE Club 3. Theodore Lee Brewer Ted entered ' 64 Clubs: Key 3; Monogram 3; Foot¬ ball Monager 3. Richard Albert Bridges Albert entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 2; Chorus 3. Dianna Kaye Britt Diane entered ' 64. ' Spark Staff 1; Clubs: FTA 1; Latin 1, 2; Y-Teens 1. Kathryn Leigh Broadway Kothy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit 2; Foreign Exchange 3; Welcoming 1; Clubs: French 3; Latin 1, 2; Y-Teens 1, 2; Keyettes 2, 3. James Boyd Broome Jim entered ' 63. DE Club 2 , 3. Randolph Davis Broome Randy entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 3; Band 1, 2, Vice-President 3; Clubs: Engineers 3; Key 3. Kenneth Gerald Browder Ken entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 2; Committees: Dance 2, 3; House and Grounds 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Key Club 3; Latin Club 1, 2, Treas. 3; JV Baseball 1; Tennis 3. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Junior Marshal. Diane Daisy Brown Diane entered ' 64. Donna Ann Brown Donna entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Dance 1; School Spirit 1, 2 , 3; Welcoming 2 , Co- Chairman 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Lettergirl 3; JV Cheerleader 1; Clubs: Ambassadors 2 , 3; Spanish 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2 , 3; Junior Marshal. Talent Show 3. My Fair Lady. Stephen Douglas Joseph Brown Doug entered ' 63. Gloria Catherine Brown Gloria entered ' 65. Clubs: French 2, 3, Speech 3, GAA 2. Roger Kent Brown Kent entered ' 64, Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: Hi-Y 2; Mustang Medics 1; Red Cross 1 Susan Elizabeth Brown Susan entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Welcoming 2; Homeroom Officer 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2. Terry Due Brown Terry entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 2, 3, Com¬ mittees: Citizenship 3; Public Relations 3; Home¬ room Officer 2 , 3; Choir 2; Boys ' Glee Club 2 , 3; Clubs: Debote 2 , Pres. 3; French 1, 2; Key 2, 3; Honor Society 3; N Forensic L 2, Pres. 3; Tennis I, 2, 3; Soccer 1, 2, 3. Junior Marshal. Susan Elizabeth Buck Sue entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Citizenship Co-Chairman 3; Publicity 2 , 3; Welcoming 1, 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Chorus 1; Clubs: Am¬ bassadors 2, 3; French 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens I; Honor Society 2, 3. Chief Junior Marshal. DAR Aw am 51 SENIOR STATISTICS CLASS OF 1967 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 ♦ SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Thomas Sanderson Buice Tommy entered ' 64 Homeroom Officer 1; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; JV Football 1; Wrestling 3; Tennis 2. Mary Frances Bullock Mary entered ' 64. Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Spanish NHS 2, 3. Virgie Lee Burch Virgie entered ' 64. Clubs: French 2; FTA 2, 3; Y- Teens 3. William Charles Burnham Bill entered 64. Student Council 3, Committees. Assembly 2, Co-Chairman 3; Publicity 3; Boys ' Glee Club 2, 3; Clubs: Debate 2, 3; Engineers 2, 3; Interact 2, 3; Mustang Medics 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Spanish 1, 2 3; N Forensic L 2, 3; Social Studies 2. 3 Senior Class Committee Chairman. South Pacific. Kathleen Elizabeth Burns Koty entered ' 65. French Club 3; Honor Society 3. Nancy Younts Byerly Nancy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 2, 3; School Spirit 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Choir 3; Clubs: French 2, 3; Mustang Medics 3; Limelighters 2, 3; French 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2, 3. Senior Class Committee Chair¬ man. Bull in a China Shop. Mary Elizabeth Cadieu Betsy entered ' 65. Clubs: Mustang Medics 2; Pen Pushers 3; Social Studies 2 , 3. Tommy Gerald Caldwell Tommy entered ' 64. VIC 2 , Secretary 3. Victoria Lynn Caldwell Vickie entered ' 64. Student Council Publicity Com¬ mittee 2; Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: Mustang Med¬ ics 1, 2, 3; Pen Pushers 3; Red Cross 1, 2; Spanish 3. Frank Arnold Call Frank entered ' 64. Football Manager 2, 3. Deborah Deaton Cameron Deb entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Publicity 1; Welcoming 2; Homeroom Of¬ ficer 1, 3; Clubs: Spanish 1, 2; Y-Teens 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Junior Marshal. Nancy Margaret Campbell Nancy entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2 , 3; Choir 3; Clubs: French 1; Latin 2 , 3; Red Cross 2. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Tommy Bryan Capps Tommy entered ' 63. ' Spark Staff 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Madrigals 3. Carousel. Annie Get Your Gun. My Fair Lady. Margaret Eileen Carney Margaret entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Welcoming 2, 3; Clubs: French 2, 3; FTA I, 2 , 3; Latin 1; Red Cross 1; Y-Teens 1; GAA 1. Rhuea Anne Carroll Anne entered ' 65. Chorus 2; DE 3. Irvin David Carter, Jr. David entered ' 65. Student Council Publicity Com¬ mittee 2; Chorus 3; Soccer 3. Donnalyn Holly Cathey Donnalyn entered ' 64. David Roddye Caudle David entered ' 64. Band 1, 2, 3; French Club 2; JV Football 1; Track 2, 3. Carole Anderson Chambers Carole entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Com¬ mittee 1; Clubs: French 2; Y-Teens 2 , 3. Mary Chambers Mary entered ' 64. Philip Dennis Citron Dennis entered ' 64. Clubs: Engineers 3; Key 3; Mustang Medics 2, 3; Spanish 2, 3; Spanish NHS 2, 3. Bradley Folger Clapp Brad entered ' 64. Band 1, 2, 3; Track, 1, 2, 3. Delia Louise Clegg Dede entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Welcoming 1, 2, 3; Publicity 1, 2, 3; Clubs: French 3; Y-Teens 1, 2; Governor ' s School. Donna Rose Clemmer Donna entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Commit¬ tee 1; Lettergirl 2, 3; JV Cheerleader 1. Gerard Jean Cleyrat Gerard entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Citizenship 1, 2, 3; Foreign Exchange 1, 2; School Spirit 1, 2; Clubs: French 1, 2; Mustang Medics 2. Junior Marshal. Ronald Paul Clifton Ronnie entered ' 64. Sandra Kay Clifton Sandy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 2, 3; Welcoming 2; Clubs: FHA 2; Pen Pushers 3. Harriet Louise Clontz Harriet entered ' 64. Student Council Publicity Com¬ mittee 2, 3; Clubs: Speech 3; FTA 1 Sec. 2 , Na¬ tional Secretary 3; German 2 , 3; Social Studies 2 , Pres. 3. Teacher ' s Assistant 2. Daniel Curtis Clare Danny entered ' 64. Chorus 3; Golf 3. Joel Edward Clark Joel entered ' 64. Engineers Clubs 2, 3. MacKenzie Curtis Clark Ken entered ' 65. Wrestling 3; National Merit Finalist. Doris Clay Doris entered ' 64. FTA 3. Teacher ' s Assistant 3. Theron Junior Clyburn Frank entered ' 64. Football " B " Varsity 1, 2; Bas¬ ketball " B " Varsity 1. Campbell Carrington Cochran IV Campbell entered ' 64. Library Assistant 2. National Merit Finalist. Elizabeth R. Cochrane Betsy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Foreign Exchange I; School Spirit 1, 2; Clubs: French I; Latin 2, 3; Mustang Medics 2; Red Cross I, 2; Y-Teens 1; Limelighters 2. Swedish CESP student Chris Svensson laughs with his American brother David Hawkins. Leslie Covington Cole Leslie entered ' 64. Student Council School Spirit Com¬ mittee 2; Clubs: Pen Pushers 3; Y-Teens 1, 2; GAA I, 2. Isaac Eugene Coley Isaac entered ' 66. Boys ' Glee Club 2, 3; Basketball Manager 3. Teresa Carolyn Collins Teresa entered ' 64. Thomas Elton Collins, Jr. Tec entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 2; School Spirit 2; Social Studies Club Secretary 3; JV Football 1. Dean Wallace Colvard Wallace entered ' 66. Band 3; Interact Club 3; Honor Society 3. Carolyn Staton Convey Carolyn entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1; Publicity 2; Clubs: French 2; Y-Teens 1, 2 , 3. Thomas Milton Cooley Tom entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1; Spanish Club 2, 3. 52 SENIOR STATISTICS 4 CLASS OF 1967 4 SENIOR STATISTICS 4 CLASS OF 1967 Martha Anne Cooper Anne entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 2; Choir 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Clubs: French 3; Mustang Medics 2, 3; Mod Music M 1, 2, 3; Madrigals 2. Annie. South Pacific. Governor ' s School. Elizabeth Anne Cothran Lisa entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 2; Clubs: French 2; Mustang Medics 1; Y-Teens 1, Honor Society 2, 3; GAA 1, 2; Point Recorder 2. Junior Marshal. Mary Elizabeth Cowhig Mary entered ' 64. Student Council Publicity Com¬ mittee 1; Clubs: French 2; Mustang Medics 1; Pen Pushers 3. Cinthia Dimmette Craver Cindy entered ' 64. Kent John Crawford Kent entered ' 64. Social Studies Club 3. Mollie Wannamaker Crouse Mollie entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 2; School Spirit 2; Clubs: Spanish 2, 3; Y- Teens 3. Frances Wannamaker Crutcher Frances entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; Welcoming 2, Clubs: French 1, 2, 3; Pen Pushers 3; Speech 3; Y-Teens 2, 3; Social Stud¬ ies 3. Christopher Payne Culp Chris entered ' 64. Clubs: Great Books 3; Latin 1, 2; Speech 3; JV Football 1; Wrestling 3; JV 1, 2. Our Town. Richard Bryant Culp, Jr. Richard entered ' 65. DE Club 2, 3. Freedamae Cunningham Freedamae entered ' 64. Clay Colbert Cupples Clay entered ' 64. Band 1, 2, 3. Spanish Club 2. Joe Gobb Curtis Joe entered ' 64. Don Dale Dancy Don entered ' 64. Sallie Preston Daniel Sallie entered ' 64, Student Council 3, Committees: Dance I, 2; Publicity 1, 2; Student Opinion Co- Chairman 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 2, 3; Latin 1, 2, Pres. 3; Y-Teens 2, Vice-Pres. 1; GAA 1. Nationai Merit Finalist; Honor Society 3. Sarah Kathryn Davidson Sally entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; Public Relations 1; School Spirit 2, 3; Home¬ room Officer 1; Lettergirl Alternate 3; Clubs: French 1, 2; Red Cross 2; Y-Teens 1; Keyettes 3; GAA 1 , 2 . Dale Alan Davis Dale entered ' 64. Band 1, 2, 3. Parks Clifton Davis Cliff entered ' 64 Student Council Dance Committees 3; Homeroom Officer 1. Lunch provides a welcome break from class¬ room routine for seniors Sally Mclver and Nancy Irvine. Stephanie Stuart Davis Stephanie entered ' 64, Homeroom Officer 1; Our Town. Gold Key Award. Willie Bernard Davis Willie entered ' 65. Chorus 3. Our Town. Peter Matthew Delaney Pete entered ' 64. Mustang Medics Club 1, 2. Bessie Agesilaos Demas Bessie entered ' 64. FHA 1, 3. Marina Agesilaos Demas Marian entered ' 64. Chorus 2, 3; Choir 3; Clubs: Red Cross 3; Limelighters 2, 3; My Fair Lady. Andree Margaret Mae Dixon Andree entered ' 64. Chorus 2; DE Club 3. Doris Ann Dixon Doris Ann entered ' 64 Student Council Committees: School Spirit I, 2, 3; Dance 2, 3; Publicity 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Letter- girl 2, 3; JV Cheerleader 1; Clubs: Ambassadors I, 2, 3; French 1, 2, 3; French NHS 2, 3; Homecoming Attendant 3. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Michael Scott Donnelly Mike entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Citizenship 2, 3; House and Grounds 2; Publicity 3; Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: Hi-Y 2, 3; Key 2, 3; Monogram 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Limelighters 3; Cross Country 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 3, JV 1, 2; Track I. Junior Marshal. Jr.-Sr. Committe Chairman. Our Town. Out of the Frying Pan. Catherine Clark Dorrier Kit entered ' 64. Student Council Publicity Commit¬ tee 3; Mustang Staff 2, Copy Editor 3; Clubs: French 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 2, 3; Honor Society 3; GAA 1, Sports Leader 2, 3. Ben Elbert Douglas III Ben entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Annie Get Your Gun. My Fair Lady. All State Orchestra. Frederick A. Dow Fred entered ' 64. Mustang Medics 1, 2. Carole Huntley DuBose Carole entered ' 64 Homeroom Officer 1; French Club 1. Office Assistant. South Pacific. Eloise Hampton DuBose Eloise entered 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Elections Co-Chairman 3; Welcoming 1, 2; Publicity 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Chorus 2 , 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 2, 3; FTA 2; Mustang Medics 1; Spanish 1, 2 , Treas. 3; Y-Teens 2 , 3, Treas. 1; Spanish NHS 2 , 3. Charles Kirkland Duncan Kirk entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Interact Club 3; Football 2 , 3, JV 1; Track 1, 2 , 3. Maurice Edwards Dunlap Dunny entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 2 , 3; Choir 1, 2 , 3. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Virginia Latimer Duvall Ginny entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Dance 1; Publicity 2; Homeroom Officer 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Majorette 2, Head 3; Limelighters 1, 2. National Merit Finalist. Dee Ferrell Eaker Dee entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 2; Choir 1, 2, 3; French Club 1, 2; Honor Society 2, 3; Mod Music M 3; French NHS 2, 3; Madrigals 2, 3. Junior Marshal. Governor ' s School. National Merit Finalist. Catherine Mayson Eck Cothy entered ' 65. Clubs: Debate 2, Secretary 3; Y-Teens 3; N Forensic L 3. Amy Rebecca Edwards Becky entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 2; Clubs: French 1; Spanish 2, 3; GAA 1. Kathryn Gray Efird Kathy entered ' 66. Lee Caroline Elf Lee entered ' 64. Clubs: French 1; Mustang Medics 1, 2; Y-Teens 2 , 3; Speech 3. Basil James Elliott Jim entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2 , 3; Red Cross 2 , 3; Mod Music M 3; Madrigals 2 , 3; Baseball Catherine Diann Elwood Catherine entered ' 64. Chorus 3; Pen Pushers 2; Secretary 3. 53 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 ♦ SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Henry Ray Emser Roy entered ‘65. DE Club 2, 3. Wallace Cornelius Ervin Neol entered ' 66. Miriam Annette Evans Miriom entered ' 65. Chorus 2; DE Club 3. James William Faile Jimmy entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 2; Choir 3; VICA Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3. Susan Lee Faile Susan entered ‘64. Student Council Committees: Donee 2 Welcoming 1; Homeroom Officer 3; Chorus 1. 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Clubs: French 1, 2; Pen Pushers 3 Y-Teens 3; Limelighters 3; Madrigals 3. Annie Get Your Gun. My Fair Lady. Martha Carolyn Farmer Martha entered ' 66. Student Council Committees: Dance 2; Public Relations 3; Clubs: French 2, 3; Y- Teens 2, 3. National Merit Finalist. William Lenoir Faucette, Jr. Bill entered ' 64. Band 1, 2 , 3. National Merit Letter of Commendation. Bruce E. Faust Bruce entered ' 64. Limelighters Club 2, 3. Eliger Eugene Fisher Eugene entered ' 64. Dorothy Ellen Fleming Ellen entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Wel¬ coming 1, 2; Publicity 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Clubs: French 1, 2, 3 ;Pen Pushers 1; Red Cross 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Y-Teens 1, 2; Keyettes 2, 3; GAA 1, 2, Point Recorder 3. Jo Ellen Fletcher Jody entered ' 64. Clubs: French 1, 2; FHA 2, 3. Thomas Michael Fletcher Mike entered ' 64. Chorus 3; Varsity Football 3, JV 1 , 2 . Ned Thomas Flynn Ned entered 64. Patricia Carson Flynn Patti entered ' 64. Student Council 3; Committees: Foreign 2, 3; Publicity 2, 3; Welcoming 1; Home¬ room Officer 1, 2; Mustang Staff 2, Editor-in-Chief 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 2, 3; French 1, 2, 3; FTA 2; Y-Teens 2; Limelighters 1, 2, Secretary 2; Honor Society 2, 3; Thespians 2, 3. Junior Marshal. Dele¬ gate to Girls ' State. Alternate to Wildacres. Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman Sabrina Fair. Bull in A China Shop. Talent Show 1, 2. Toy Riddle Flynn Toy entered ' 64. Ann Douglas Fogartie Ann entered ' 64. Clubs: FHA 3; Mustang Medics 1; Spanish 2. Library Assistant. Hoyle Jennings Ford, Jr. Jennings entered ' 64. Baseball 3. John Baskerville Ford John entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3 Speech Club I, 2, 3. Robin Elise Ford Robin entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Foreign Exchange Co-Chairman 3; Dance 1; Citizen¬ ship 3; Clubs: French 2; Mustang Medics 1; Y-Teens 1, 2 , 3; GAA 1. William David Ford David entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 2, 3; DE Club Pres. 3; JV Football 1; JV Wrestling I; Baseball 2, JV 1. Elsie Lee Fortune Lee entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit I, 2; Welcoming 2; Clubs: Spanish 2; Y-Teens 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3. Betty Jean Foster Betty entered ' 66. Pen Pushers Club 3. Barbara Joyce Frank Barbara entered ' 64 Student Council Committees: School Spirit 1; Welcoming 1; Clubs: French 1, 2, 3; FTA 1. Robert Everett Franklin, Jr. Butch entered ' 64. ICT 3. Beverly Lafayette Freeman II Sandy entered ' 64. Choir 1, 2 , 3; Mod Music M 2 , 3. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Floyd Terrell Fridell, Jr. Terry entered ' 64. Band 1, 2, 3; Engineers Club 2, 3; Tennis 3. Rose Marie Friesen Rose Marie entered ' 65. Orchestra 2, 3. Paul Douglas Furman Doug entered ' 64. Baseball " B " Varsity 2, JV 1. Mary Louise Gange Mary entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer I 2 Pen Pushers Club 2, 3. Barbara Gail Gardner Barbara entered ' 64. Clubs: Mustang Medics I, 2; Red Cross 2, 3; Girls ' Glee Club. Melinda Lee Garrett Linda entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Publicity 2; Welcoming 1; Homeroom Of¬ ficer 1, 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 3; French 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 2, 3. James Marvin Garrison, Jr. Jim entered ' 64. Mary Susan Garrison Susan entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; Publicity 2; School Spirit ], 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Mustang Staff 2, 3; JV Cheerleader I; Clubs: Spanish 2; Y-Teens 2; Limelighters I, 2; Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman. Talent Show 1. Lewis Glenn Gatlin Glenn entered ' 64. Mary Linda Genes Linda entered ' 64. Clubs: FHA 3; Y-Teens 2, GAA 1 , 2 . Thomas Doyle Ghent Tom entered ' 64. Student Council 2; Homeroom Of¬ ficer 1, 2; Spanish Club 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Baseball 2, 3, JV 1. Frances Elaine Gilbert Elaine entered ' 64. Choir 2, 3; Band, 1, 2, 3; Clubs: French I, 2; Mustang Medics 1, 2, 3; Limelighters 1; Madrigals 3. My Fair Lady. Jill Diane Gilbert Jill entered ' 64. Clubs: Spanish 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; Student Council School Spirit Committee 1, 2. Cheerleaders, majorettes and Pep Band lead cheers at a pep rally. Pep rallies, preceding important games, have special significance to seniors as it is their last year of opportunity for exhibiting their class and school spirit. 54 SENIOR STATISTICS + CLASS OF 1967 + SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Robert Joseph Glazier Bob entered ' 64 Homeroom Officer 1; Track 1 Cherryl Lynn Glisson Cherryl entered ' 64. Student Council 2, 3; Com¬ mittees: Publicity 1, 2, Co-Chairman 2; Dance 1, 2, Co-Chairman 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 1, 2, 3; French 1, 2; Mustang Medics 1; GAA 1, 2; Jr.-Sr Commit¬ tee Chairman. Mary Elaine Glover Elaine entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Committee 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1; Clubs: French 3; Latin 1; Y-Teens 3; Keyettes 3; Limelighters 1, 2, Pres. 3. Talent Show. Our Town. Janet Kelly Godfrey Janet entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: For¬ eign Exchange 3; Dance 1, 2; Elections 3; Home¬ room Officer 1, 2; Mustang Staff 2, Student Life Editor 3; ' Spark Staff I; Clubs: German 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 2, 3; Honor Society 3 Peggy Lou Gordon Pixie entered ' 64. Chorus 3. Virginia Collins Gotherman Ginny entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Publicity 1, 2; School Spirit 1; Dance 2; French 1, 2, 3; GAA 1, 2. Sandra Ruth Green Sandra entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Committee 1, 2; Clubs: DE 2, 3; Pen Pushers 2; Spanish 1; GAA 1. Michael Robert Greenspan Mile entered ' 64 Band I, 2; Orchestra 3, Clubs: Mustang Medics I, 2, Spanish I, 2, 3; Spanish NHS 2, 3. Ronnie Gregory Ronnie entered ' 66. DE Club 3. Claudia Marie Grice Claudia entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Commit¬ tee 2; Clubs: Pen Pushers 2; Speech 3. Linda Neal Griffin Linda entered ' 64. William Cooper Griffin Bill entered ' 64 Student Council 1, 2, 3, Commit¬ tees: House and Grounds Co-Chairman 2, School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Dance 2, 3; Class President 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Clubs: French 1; Interact 1, 2, 3; Mustang 1, 2; Honor Society 3; Football 2, 3, JV 1; Track I. Junior Marshal. Wildacres Dele¬ gate. Morehead Semi-Finalist. Mary Clay Grogan Mary Clay entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1; French Club 3. South Pacific. Mansel Bruce Gwinn Bruce entered ' 64. Patricia Jean Hadden Potty entered ' 64. Student Council Publicity Com¬ mittee 1, 2, 3; ' Spark Staff 2, 3; French Club 1, 2; Mod Music M 3. Carol Jean Hagemeyer Carol entered ' 65 Homeroom Officer 2, 3; Clubs: French 3; FHA 3; Red Cross 1. Ann Christine Hamilton Ann entered ' 64. Jesse James Hamilton Jesse entered ' 64 Football 3, JV 1; Track 3 John Alexander Hamilton John entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Commit¬ tee 2 , 3; Homeroom Officer 1; Spanish Club 1, 2. Steven Thomas Hancock Steve entered ' 64. Virginia Lee Hanner Virginia entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: Y-Teens 2; Social Studies 2 , 3. Bonnie Lynn Harkey Bonnie entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 2, 3, Com¬ mittees: Public Relations Co-Chairman 3; Citizenship 1; Foreign Exchange 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Chorus 3; Choir 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 1, 2 , 3; De¬ bate 2, 3; French 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2, Vice- Pres. 3; N Forensic L 3; Mod Music M 3; French NHS 2, 3; Madrigals 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Junior Marshal. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Talent Show 1, 2, 3. Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman. Wildacres Dele¬ gate. Catherine Adele Harkey Cathy entered ' 64. Student Council 1, Secretary 3, Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Publicity 2; School Spir¬ it 1, 2; Class Secretary 1; Homeroom Officer 2; Cheerleader 2, 3; JV 1; Clubs: Ambassadors 1, 2 , 3; Debate 3; Mustang 1, 2; Y-Teens Secretary 1; GAA 1. Henry Averill Harkey Henry entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 2, 3, Commit¬ tees: School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Assembly 1, 2, 3 ; Publicity 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Clubs: Debate 3; Interact 2, Pres. 3; Spanish 2, 3; N Forensic L 3; Basketball " B " Varsity 2, JV I; Track 1, 2. Paul Gilbert Harrington, Jr. Paul entered ' 63. Chorus 3. Choir 3; Monogram Club 2, 3; Mod Music Masters 3; Madrigals 3; Football Manager 3; Basketball Manager 3; Wrestling 3; Baseball 3. Glenn Campbell Harris Glenn entered ' 64. Engineers Club 2, 3. Robert Preston Harris Bob entered ' 65. Lucy Lea Harrison Lucy entered ' 64 Student Council Committees: Citi¬ zenship 1, 2, 3; Dance 3; School Spirit 3; Home¬ room Officer 2; French Club 1, 2, 3; GAA 1. Ronald Glenn Haston Ronald entered ' 64 VIC 2, 3 Robert James Haubenreiser Bobby entered ' 64 Homeroom Officer 2 , 3; Foot ball 2 , 3, JV 1; Basketball 2 , 3, JV 1. Thomas Hill Houghton III Tommy entered ' 64 Spanish Club 2 Frank Erwin Hawfield Frank entered ' 64 Student Council Citizenship Com¬ mittee 2, 3; Spanish Club 2; Football Manager 3; Baseball Manager 3. Catherine Teresa Hawkins Cathy entered ' 64. Clubs: Red Cross 1; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, 2. David Broughton Hawkins David entered ' 64. Student Council School Spirit Committee 2, 3; Class Vice-Pres. 1, 2; Homeroom Of¬ ficer 2; Clubs: Hi-Y Secretary 1, 2 , 3; Interact 1, 3, Vice-Pres. 2; Mustang Medics 1; Golf 1, 2 , 3. Boys ' State Delegate. Wildacres Alternate. William Henry Hawthorne Skoofchie entered ' 64. Spanish Club 3; JV Football 1 Dennis Francis Healy Dennis entered ' 65. Homeroom Officer 2; Cross Coun¬ try 2, 3; Track 2, 3. Frances Kay Hearne Kay entered ' 64, Spanish Club 3. Kathryn Shelton Heath Kathryn entered ' 64 Student Council Committees: School Spirit 1, 2 , 3; Dance 1, 2; Homeroom Of¬ ficer 1, 2; Clubs: Ambassadors 3; French 1; Spanish 2, 3; Social Studies 3. Lynne Bender Heermans Lynne entered ' 65. Student Council School Spirit Committee 3; Chorus 2, 3; Choir 3; Clubs: French 3; Mustang Medics 3; Y-Teens 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2, 3. My Fair Lady. Stephen Ford Heiner Steve entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Assembly Committee Co-Chairman 3; Clubs: Interact 2, 3; Latin 1, 2, 3; Monogram 3; Mustang Medics 1, 2, Treas. 3; Basketball 2, 3, JV 1; JV Baseball 1. Junior Marshal. Belinda Margaret Helms Belinda entered ' 64. Carla Jean Helms Carla entered ' 64. Student Council Citizenship Com¬ mittee 1; Homeroom Officer 3; Honor Society 2, 3; French NHS 2 , 3. Junior Marshal. James Robert Healey Bob entered ' 64. Band 1; Great Books Club 3; JV Wrestling 1. 0 Kale Radford Henry Kale entered ' 64. Peter Rafael Herrdn Peter entered ' 64 Student Council 3; Homeroom Of¬ ficer 3; Band I, 2, 3; Clubs: Engineers 1, 2, 3; Spanish 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 3. Junior Marshol. Elizabeth Norfleet Heyward Beth entered ' 64 Student Council Welcoming Com¬ mittee 1; Latin Club I, 2; GAA 1, 2. Joyce Wendolyn Hicklen Wendy entered ' 66 Robert George Higgins, Jr. George entered ' 64. Student Council 1, Committees: Publicity 1; House and Grounds 2; Homeroom Of¬ ficer I, 2, 3; Clubs: Mustang Medics 2; Red Cross I; Spanish I, 2, 3; JV Wrestling I. 55 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 ♦ SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Walter Carrington Hilderman III Walter entered 64 Homeroom Officer 1; Chorus I, 2. 3; Choir 3; Boys ' Glee Club 2. Elizabeth Ann Hill Tiffo entered ' 64. DE Club 2. Rosalyn Diane Hill Rosalyn entered ‘64. Chorus 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3. Sara Willona Hill Solly entered ‘64. Student Council Committee: Donee 1, 2, 3 School Spirit 2, 3; Welcoming 1; Home¬ room Officer I, 2, 3; Lettergirl 3; JV Cheerleader I Clubs: Ambassadors 3; French 1, 2, 3; Red Cross 1; Y-Teens 1. Shirley Kay Hill Shirley entered ' 64. Student Council 3; Committees: Publicity 2, Co-Chairman 3; Dance 2, 3; Welcom¬ ing 2; Homeroom Officer 2; Lettergirl Alternate 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 2, 3; Debate 3; Y-Teens 2, 3; Limelighters 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 3; Thespians 2, Vice-Pres. 3; GAA 1, 2. Jane Gillette Hinson Jane entered ' 63. Jake Eugene Hipps Jake entered ' 64. JV Football 1; JV Basketball 1; Track 1. Nancy Dale Hobbs Noncy entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Committee 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: Red Cross 1, 2; Spanish 1, Secretary 2; Y-Teens 2; Honor Society 3. Jay Stephen Hofsess Joy entered ' 66. Elizabeth Simmons Holder Beth entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Wel¬ coming 1, 2; Dance 1, 2, 3; Citizenship 3; Home¬ room Officer 1, 2; Clubs: French 1, 2; Y-Teens 1, 2; Annual Rep. 1, 2 , 3. Penelope LaRue Hollars Penny entered ' 64 Student Council 2; Homeroom Of¬ ficer 2, 3; Clubs: French 3; Keyettes 3; Limelighters I, 2, 3, Thespians I, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Pres. 3. Mary Henrietta Holliday Penny entered ' 65. Clubs: French 3; Mustang Medics 2. Patricia Sue Holmes Patty entered ' 64. GAA 1, 2. Danny Kaye Honeycutt Danny entered ' 64. Robert William Hoppe, Jr. Bob entered ' 64. Dorothy Preston Hough Dottie entered ' 64. Benton Harris Houston Harris entered ' 64. Monogram Club 2, 3; Track 1 2, 3. Frank Larry Howe Larry entered. Spanish Club I, 2; Football 2, 3- JV I; Track 1, 2, 3. Mary St. Cl ire Howren Mary entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Welcoming 1; School Spirit ], 2, 3; Dance 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 3; Chorus 2, 3; Choir 3; Clubs: French 2, 3; Pen Pushers 1; Red Cross 1; GAA 1, 2. Richard Edward Hudson Richard entered ' 64. Chorus 1; Choir 2 , 3; Madrigals 3. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Marilyn Jeannette Humm Marilyn entered ' 65. Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: Spanish 2, 3; Y-Teens 3; Social Studies 2, 3. Dottie Sue Huneycutt Dottie entered ' 64. Student Council 2, Committees: Welcoming 1; School Spirit 2, 3; Dance 2, 3; Home¬ room Officer 2, 3; Chorus 2; Choir 2, 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2, 3; Cheerleader 3; Clubs: Spanish I, 2, 3; Y-Teens 1, 2; Limelighters 3. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. Sally Hunt Sally entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit 1; Welcoming 3; Clubs: French 2; FTA 2, 3; Y-Teens 2. Teacher ' s Assistant. Katherine Jane Idol Kathy entered ' 65. Mustang Staff, Photography Editor 3. Nancy Elizabeth Irvine Nancy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Publicity 2; Dance 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 2; Clubs: Y-Teens 1, 2, Pres. 3; Keyettes 2, 3; GAA 1, 2, 3. Ralph Zellars Irwin Ralph entered ' 65. Student Council 3; Homeroom Officer 2 , 3; Spanish Club 3; Football 2. William Luther Isenhour, III Bill entered ' 64. Clubs: Engineers 2, Sgt-at-Arms 3; Great Books 3; Honor Society 3; Tennis 2, 3, William Estus Jakes III Bill entered ' 64. Hi-Y 1, 2; Speech Club 3. Carlos Daniel Jennings Dan entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Citizenship 1, 2, 3; Dance 3; Hall of Fame 3; Homeroom Officer 3; ' Spark Staff Sports Editor 3; Clubs: Debate 3; Engineers 2; French 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y 2, 3; Interact I, 2, 3; Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman. Louis G. Jewell Louis entered ' 65. Clubs: Monogram 3; Spanish 3; Football 3; Track 3. Beatrice Lillie Johnson Beatrice entered ' 66. Senior Ambassadors Shirley Hill, Betty Mayfield, Patti Flynn, Sue Buck, and Carson Pease present their version of " Sob, Sob " at the New Girls ' Tea. Homemade refreshments and homegrown wit introduce the GAC to prospective new club members. Christine Christine entered ' 64. Pushers 2; Y-Teens 1; Studies 3. Ann Johnson Clubs: FTA 1, 2, 3; Pen Speech 3; GAA 1, 2; Social Francis Leo Johnson Frank entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 2 , 3; Red Cross 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 2; Golf 2. Ronald Webster Johnson Ronnie entered ' 66. Band 3. Theodore Robert Johnson II Ted entered ' 64. Engineers Club 1, 2, 3; Mustang Medics 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Junior Marshal. National Merit Finalist. Carol Ann Johnston Carol entered ' 64. DE Club 2, 3. Jack Craven Johnston, Jr. Jack entered ' 64. Band 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 1; Mod Music M 1, 2, 3. Kirk Loveless Johnston Kirk entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1, 3; Mustang Photography Staff 2,3; Band 1, 2, 3; Social Studies Club 3. South Pacific. H 56 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 + SENIOR STATISTICS CLASS OF 1967 Leslie Fox ' s dramatic ability draws the aud¬ ience into the emotional whirlpool of OUR TOWN. Cameron Margaret Jones Cammie entered ' 64 Homeroom Officer 3, Clubs: Spanish I, 3; Y-Teens 3; Limelighters 3; Gold Key Art Award. Linda Anne Jones Linda entered ' 65. Mary Lynn Jones Lynn entered ' 64 Student Council 3, Committees: Publicity 2; Welcoming 1, 2; Elections Co-Chairman 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 2, 3; French Secretary 1, 2; FTA Vice-Pres. 2; Y-Teens 1, Secretary 2, Treas. 3. Robert Emory Jones Bob entered ' 64. Chorus 2; Choir 3; Limelighters 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Thespians 3. My Fair Lady. Sabrina Fair. South Pacific. Out of the Frying Pan. Margaret Long Jordan Margaret entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 2, 3, Com¬ mittees: Dance 1, 2, 3; School Spirit 2, 3; Student Opinion Co-Chairman 3; Cheerleader 2, 3; JV 1; Clubs: Ambassadors 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3; Junior Marshal. Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman. Sue Yim Jung Sue entered ' 64. Clubs: Pen Pushers 2; Y-Teens 2. Stephen Charles Kale Charles entered ' 64. Donna Lee Kalevas Donna entered ' 64 Clubs: French 2; Mustang Medics 1; Pen Pushers 1; Y-Teens 1, 2 , 3; Keyettes 3; Honor Society 3; GAA 1, 2. Nicholas James Karres Nick entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Mono¬ gram Club 2; Football 2, 3, JV I; Track 1, 2, 3. Elizabeth Anne Kayser Betsy entered ' 66. GAA 3. Kathy Diane Keesler Kathy entered ' 64. Pen Pushers 2. Stephen Frederick Kelly Steve entered ' 64. Band 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 3; JV Football 1. Kevin Thomas Kennelly Kevin entered ' 65. Clubs: Hi-Y 2, 3; Interact 2, 3; Basketball 2 , Captain 3; Baseball 2. Nancy Eleanor Kenworthy Nancy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Welcoming 3; Publicity 1, 2; Clubs: Ambassadors 3; French 1, 2, 3; Gold Key Art Award; Senior Class Committee Chairman. Donald G. Kerns Donald entered ' 64 Chorus I; DE Club 2, 3. Mary Ruth Kessaris Mary Ruth entered ' 64. Student Council Welcoming Committee 1, 2; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Clubs: Red Cross 1, 2, 3; Spanish 1, 2; Mod Music M 2, 3; GAA I, 2, 3. Office Assistant. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. Frances Kathy Keziah Kathy entered ' 65. Student Council Publicity Com¬ mittee 2; Governor ' s School. Ray Allen Killian, Jr. Ray entered ' 65. Homeroom Officer 2; Clubs: French 3; Hi-Y 2, 3; Interact 2, 3; Red Cross 2, 3; Basketball " B " Varsity 2. Jr.-Sr. Committee Chair¬ man. Susan Clara Kimbrell Susan entered ' 64. Clubs: French 1; Y-Teens 2, 3; South Pacific. Hallmark Art Nomination. Sharon Lee Kimler Sharon entered ' 65. Chorus 2. Sara Louise King Susie entered ' 64. Office Assistant. Thomas Dwight Kirkland Tom entered ' 64. Grady Gene Klutz Grady entered ' 64. DE Club 3; Red Cross 1; Base¬ ball 3, JV 1, 2. Ronald Dale Knight Dale entered ' 64. DE 2, 3. Terry Ann Kokenes Terry entered ' 65. FTA 2, 3. Karen Estelle Kologiski Karen entered ' 64. Clubs: Pen Pushers 3; Spanish 1, 2; Y-Teens 2. Frederic James Kopp Fred entered ' 64. French Club 3; Tennis 3. Susan Orlene Koralek Susan entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1; Publicity 2; Clubs: French 1, 2 , 3; Y-Teens 1, 2 , 3; Honor Society 3. David Bruce Kossove David entered ' 64, Student Council Committees: Citi¬ zenship 2; House and Grounds 2; Spanish Club 2 Harold Kossove Harold entered ' 64. Marguerite Helen Lacy Helen entered ' 64. Clubs: Pen Pushers 1, 2, 3; Red Cross 1, 2; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Betty Sue Lambeth Betty entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit 1; Dance 1; Clubs: Mustang Medics 3; Pen Pushers 1, 2, 3. Mary Caroline Lane Carol entered ' 64. Student Council Citizenship Com¬ mittee 1; Homeroom Officer 2; Clubs: FTA 1, 2, President 3; Latin 1, 2, 3; Mustang Medics 1, 2, 3; Pen Pushers 2; Keyettes 3, Junior Representative 2; Honor Society 2, 3; Junior Marshal. Girls ' State Representative. Donna Gail Laney Donna entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: DE 3; FHA 2; Mustang Medics 1, 2; Red Cross 1, 2, 3. Library Assistant I. David Andrew Lowing David entered ' 64. ' Spark Staff 2; Debate Club I; JV Basketball 1. Donald Edward Lee Don entered ' 64. Michael Joseph Lee Mike entered ' 63. Red Cross 1, 2. Barbara Leumann Barbara entered ' 66. Student Council 3. Keyettes 3; Foreign Exchange Student. Susan Meryl Lewin Susan entered ' 64. Band 1, 2, 3; Clubs: Speech 3; French 1; FTA 2, 3; Social Studies 2, Vice-Pres. 3. South Pacific. Michael Allen Lewis Mike entered ' 64 Band 1, 2, 3; Mustang Medics 3. Junior Marshal. Elizabeth Ann Libes Ann entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; School Spirit I; Homeroom Officer 1; Chorus 2. Mark Norman Lightcap Mark entered ' 66. Monogram Club 2, 3; Swimming 2, 3. Janet Carol Lindsey Janet entered ' 64. Lynda Jill Link Lynda entered ' 64 Student Council School Spirit Committee 2; Clubs: FTA 3; Y-Teens 2. Teachers Assistant 3. 57 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 SENIOR STATISTICS + CLASS OF 1967 SENIOR STATISTICS + CLASS OF 1967 Robert Swope Link Bob entered ' 64. Daniel Clyde Lisk III Danny entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 2, 3; Spanish Club 2; Swimming 2. Effie Jonelle Logan Jonelle entered 64. Student Council Committees: Donee I; School Spirit 1; Homeroom Officer 3; JV Cheerleader I; Clubs: French 1; Latin 3. Oscar Graydon Lonon Ml Grady entered ' 64. Choir I, 2, Pres. 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Latin Club t, 2; Honor Society 3; Mod Music M 1, 2, 3. Madrigals 2, 3; Junior Marshal. Governor ' s School. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Elsie Louise Love Elsie entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Wel¬ coming 1; School Spirit 2; Foreign Exchange 3; Mustang Staff 2, Treasurer 3; Clubs: French 2; Latin 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 1, 2; Keyettes Chaplain 2, 3 Honor Society 2, 3; GAA 1, 2. National Merit Finalist. Junior Marshal. Loanda Fisher Lytle Florence Morrison McAden Tonsie entered ' 64 Chorus 1, 2, 3; Choir 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2, 3; GAA 1, 2. Office Assistant. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Angus Morris McDonald Angus entered ' 64. Student Council House and Grounds Committee 1; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Clubs: Hi-Y 2, 3; Interact 1, 2, 3; Latin 1, 2; Honor Society 2, 3; Basketball 2, JV 1; Golf 2, 3. Junior Marshal. Peggy Lee McDowell Lee entered ' 64. Chorus 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3. Edward Graham McGoogan Groham entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Hall of Fame Committee Chairman 3; Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: Interact 3. Sewanee Award. Junior Marshal. National Merit Finalist. Sally Covington Mclver Sally entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Public¬ ity 2; Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: French 2; Pen Pushers 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Y-Teens 1, 2; Keyettes Secretary 2, President 3; GAA 1, 2. Stewart Lynn McKeown Tippi entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1; School Spirit 2. Martha Jean McKinney Martha entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Commit¬ tee 1, 2; Clubs: Red Cross 2, 3; Spanish 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 1, 2. Talent Show 2, 3. South Pacific. Walter Huntley McKinnon, Jr. Hunt entered ' 66. Speech Club 3; Social Studies Club 3; N Forensic L 3. Evelynn Clare McMahon Clare entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; School Spirit 1, 3; Homeroom Officer 1; Spanish Club I, 2, 3. Johnny Lee McManus Johnny entered ' 64. John Dickson McMillan Dick entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 2, 3, Committees: Athletic 2, Co-Chairman 3; Dance 1, 2, 3, Assembly 2 , 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 2 , 3; Clubs: Hi-Y 3; Interact 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Monogram 3; Football 2, JV 1; Basketball 2 , JV 1. Junior Marshal. National Merit Letter of Commendation. Marinnne McTear Marianne entered ' 66. Teacher ' s Assistant. Senior Class Committee Chairman. Carol Loraine Machen Carol entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; School Spirit 1; Spanish Club 3. Pamela Ann MacKannon Pom entered ' 64. Elizabeth Lynn Macrae Lynn entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 2; Clubs: Spanish 2; Y-Teens 1, 2; South Pacific. Edward Nicholas Maddox III Eddie entered ' 64. Clubs: Engineering 1; Mustang Medics 1; Red Cross 1; JV Football 2; Wrestling 3; Soccer I. Stephen Poberts Major Steve entered ' 64. Spanish Club 3. Dock Mangrum Dock entered ' 64. David Richard Martin David entered ' 64. Clubs: DE 3; Spanish 3; Foolball 2, Captain 3, JV 1; JV Wrestiing 1. Phil Aramoonie and Billie Mauney, Senior Class Publicity Chairmen, post " April 13 " signs. James Olin Martin Jim entered ' 65. Mary Townes Martin Mary entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Public¬ ity 1, 2; Welcoming 1, 2; Public Relations I; Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: French I, 2; FTA 2; Mustang Medics 2, 3; Red Cross 2; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; Keyettes 3. Monice Guerry Martin Monice entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 2, 3; Choir 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2, 3; Y-Teens 1. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Rebecca Carson Martin Rebecca entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Publicity I, 2, 3; Welcoming I, 2, 3; School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Officer I; Band 1, 2, 3; Clubs: French I, 3; FTA 1, 2; Red Cross I, 2; Y-Teens I, 2, 3; Keyettes 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3. Junior Marshal. Senior Class Committee Chairman. Paula Jeanne Marus Paula entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Com¬ mittee 1, 2; Chorus 1; Clubs: French 2, 3; Y-Teens 2, 3. Helen Adair Massey Helen entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Wel¬ coming 1; Publicity 2, 3; Clubs: French 1, 2, 3; FTA I; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; GAA 1, 2, 3. My Fair Lady. Herbert Carroll Matthews Carroll entered ' 65. William Camp Matthews, Jr. Bill entered ' 64. Student Council Publicity Commit¬ tee; Clubs: Latin 1; Spanish 2, 3; N Forensic L 3; Social Studies 3; International Relations 3. Billie Hicks Mauney Bill ie entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1; School Spirit 1; Clubs: French 1; Pen Pushers 3, Y-Teens 2; French NHS 2 , 3. Senior Class Committee Chairman. Palmer Mackall May Palmer entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Committee 1; Homeroom Officer 2 , 3; Red Cross 1; Tennis 3. David Langford Mayfield David entered ' 64. Mustang Staff 2; Band 1; Engi¬ neers Club 3; Track 3. Marie Elizabeth Mayfield Betty entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 2, Committees: Citzenship 1, 2; Foreign Exchange 2, 3; Welcoming 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 2, 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 2, 3; French 2, 3; FTA 2, 3; Y-Teens 2, Secretary 3; Honor Society 2, Secretary 3; GAA 2, 3. Junior Marshal. National Merit Finalist. Reynolds Scholarship Recipient. Phyllis Melvin Phyllis entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: French 3; Latin 1; Social Studies 2, 3. Margaret Isabelle Mercer Tibby entered ' 64. Caroline Rose Lee Miller Lee entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Publicity 1, 2, 3; Public Relations Co-Chairman 3; Clubs; Ambassadors 1, 2, 3; French 1, 2, 3; Mustang Medics 1; Red Cross 1; Talent Show 1, 2, 3. My Fair Lady. Exchange Student to Norway. 53 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 ♦ SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Rebecca Lynne Miller Becky entered ' 64. ' Student Council Dance Commit¬ tee ), 2; Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: Spanish 1, 2; Y-Teens 2. George Monte Mills George entered ' 64. ' Spark Staff 3; Chorus 3; Choir 3; Clubs: Speech 2; Spanish 2; Social Studies 2; Boys ' Glee Club 3. Talent Show 2, 3. Molly Ray Mitchiner Molly entered ' 64. Clubs: French 1, 2; FHA I, 2, Treas. 3; Student Council Dance Committee 1; Betty Crocker Award. Jacqueline L. Moelter Jacqui entered ' 64 Gary Keith Moen Gary entered ' 64. Baseball 2, 3, JV 1. Robert Alexander Moody Alex entered ' 64 Homeroom Officer 1; Chorus 3, JV Basketball 1; Track 3. Herbert Maurice Moody, Jr. Bert entered ' 65. Latin Club I; Swimming 2, 3. Eva Faye Moore Faye entered ' 64. DE Club 2 , 3. Melani Marion Moore Joy entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 2; Choir 3; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Spanish NHS 2, 3. Robert Allen Moore, Jr. Allen entered ' 64. Engineers Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3. Dianne Carol Morris Dianne entered ' 64. Chorus 1, 3. Dianne Elizabeth Morris Dianne entered ' 64. Clubs: DE 1; Red Cross 1. Claire Virginia Morrison Claire entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Commit¬ tee 1, 2, 3; Clubs: Mustang Medics 2, 3; Spanish I, 2, 3; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2, Treas. 3; Spanish NHS 2, 3. Junior Marshal. Millicent Thatcher Morrison Mufty entered ' 64. Student Council 2, 3, Commit¬ tees: Hall of Fame Co-Chairman 3; Dance I, 2, 3; School Spirit 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Chorus ! 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2; Sec. 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 1, 2, 3; French 1, 2, 3; Mustang Medics 3; Y-Teens I; Honor Society 3; Mod Music M 1, 2, 3; Madrigals 2, 3. Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman. Senior Class Com¬ mittee Chairman Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. Melanie Jean Motley Melanie entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Hall of Fame 3; Publicity 1, 2, 3; Dance 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Mustang Staff 2, Senior Class Editor 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 2, 3; Latin I, 2; Y-Teens 1, 2; GAA 1, 2; Red Cross I. Jr-Sr Committee Chairman. Nationai Merit Letter of Com¬ mendation. Gold Key Art Awards Annie Get Your Gun. Laura Anne Murphy Laura entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Committee 1, 2; Clubs: French 1, 2; French NHS 2 , 3. South Pacific. Mustang Staff 2, Sophomore Class Editor 3. Ann Sebrell and Cherryl Glisson prepare to wash Mrs. Long ' s Corvair at the GAC Teachers ' Carwash. Lawrence Melvin Nabers Larry entered ' 64. Louis Isadore Nachman III Louie entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1, 3; Chorus 3; Football 2 , 3, JV 1; JV Baseball 1. David Blaine Nash Dave entered ' 64. ICT 2 , 3. Billy Mosleys Neal Billy entered ' 64 Chorus 3; Football 3, JV 1, 2, JV Wrestling 3; Track 2. John Alfred Needy III John entered ' 64. Hi-Y 2; Cross Country 2; Basket¬ ball 2, 3, JV 1; Track 1, 2, 3. Forrest Truett Nettles Truett entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Dance Com¬ mittee Co-Chairman 3; Chorus 3; Choir 3; Clubs: Hi-Y 1; Interact 2, 3; Latin 1, 2; Limelighters 1, 2, 3; Mod Music M 1, 2, 3; Madrigals 1, 2, 3. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pocific. Michael Edgar Nerwman Mike entered ' 66. Student Council 3; Homeroom Of¬ ficer 3; Football 3. William Ayres Nichols, Jr. Bill entered ' 64 Student Council Committees: House and Grounds I, 2; Citizenship 2; Clubs: Engineers 1, 2; Interact 3; Spanish 1, 3; Talent Show 2, 3 James Sumner Pettit Nicholson Jim entered ' 64. German Club Vice-President 3; Soccer 2. Thomas Gluyas Nisbet, Jr. Tom entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; School Spirit 1; Homeroom Officer 3; Spanish Club 1, 2. Carolyn Carter Nodell Carolyn entered ' 64. Student Council 2, 3, Com¬ mittees: Publicity 1, 3, Co-Chairman 2; Elections Co-Chairman 3; Dance 1, 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 1, 2, 3; French 2; Latin 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Y-Teens 2, 3, President 1; Honor Society 3; GAA I, 2, 3. Junior Marshal. Foreign Exchange Student to Denmark. Paul Dewey Nordman Paul entered ' 64. Red Cross 1; Spanish Club 1, 2. Sally Anne Norris Solly entered ' 65. French Club 2; Social Studies Club 2, 3. John Henry Northey III John entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; House and Grounds 1, 2; School Spirit 2 , 3; Homeroom Officer 1; Clubs: Hi-Y 1, 2; Key 2, Vice- Pres. 3; Latin 1, 2 , 3; Cross Country 2; Tennis 1, 2, 3. Chief Junior Marshal. National Merit Finalist. Morehead Scholarship Finalist. Joyce Nancy Novak Joyce entered ' 64 Chorus 1, 2 , 3; Choir 2 , 3, Clubs: Latin 3; Mustang Medics 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2 , 3; Mod Music M 3; Madrigals 3. Library As¬ sistant. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Richard Wiggins O ' Brien Rick entered ' 65. Chorus 3; Choir 3; Latin Club 3. Robert Michael O ' Brien Bobby entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 3; Interact Club 2 , 3; Soccer 1, 2, 3. William Buford O ' Neal Bill entered ' 64. Band I, 2, DE Club Vice-Pres. 3; JV Football 1; JV Wrestling 2. Talent Show 2. Dyrrle Eugene Osborne Dyrrle entered ' 66. Track 3. Lewis Elting Osterhoudt Lewis entered ' 64. Choir 2 , 3; Boys ' Glee Club 2 , 3; Engineers Club 2, 3; Madrigals 3. South Pacific. Brenda Kay Overcash Brenda entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Commit¬ tee 1; Clubs: French 1, 2; Y-Teens 2, 3; French NHS 2. Patricia Anne Oxidine Pat entered ' 64. Pen Pushers Club 2. Bruce Curry Page Bruce entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Handbook-Scrapbook Co-Chairman 3; House and Grounds 2; Chorus 3; Clubs: Speech 1, 2, 3; French 3; Interact 3; Mustang Medics 1, Vice-Pres. 2; President 3; Honor Society 2, 3; N Forensic L 2, 3. Junior Marshal. Harvard Book Award. National Merit Finalist. Morehead Finalist. Peter Nicholas Pappas Pete entered ' 64 Homeroom Officer 2, 3; Spanish NHS 3. Gold Key Art Awords. 59 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 + SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Michael Lynn Parker Michael entered ' 64. John Edgar Patterson John entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Citi¬ zenship 3; Dance 1, 2; School Spirit 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3 Clubs French 2, 3; Social Studies 3; Speech 3. Mary Joanne Pearson Joanne entered ' 64. Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Office As¬ sistant 3. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Mary Carson Pease Carson entered ' 64. Student Council Foreign Exchange Committee 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Clubs: Am¬ bassadors 2, 3; Latin 1; Mustang Medics 1; Y-Teens 1, 3, Pres. 2; Honor Society 3; GAA 1, Treas. 2. Junior Marshal. Senior Class Committee Chairman. Rita Lynn Perry Rita entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1; School Spirit 1; Choir 1; Y-Teens 1. Thomas Keller Pettus Tommy entered ' 64. Student Council 2, 3; Home¬ room Officer 1, 2, 3; Mustang Sports Editor 3; Clubs: Hi-Y 2, 3; Interact 1, 2, 3; Latin 1, 3, Sec¬ retary 2; Honor Society 2, 3; Basketball " B " Var¬ sity 2, JV 1; Tennis 2, 3. Junior Marshal. Jr.-Sr. Committee Chairman. Boys ' State Alternate. National Merit Finalist. Morehead Scholarship Alternate. Karen Nelsen Phillips Karen entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Welcoming 3; Clubs: French 1, 2; FHA 2, Secretary 3; Y-Teens 3; Limelighters 2. Michael Dean Phillips Mike entered ' 64. Football 2, 3; JV Wrestling 1; Baseball 2 , 3, JV 1. Deborah Ellington Pierce Debbie entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1; Citizenship 1, 2; School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 3. Frank Huling Poston III Hu entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: House and Grounds 1; Dance 1, 2; Homeroom Officer 1; Red Cross 1; JV Football I; Wrestling 2, 3, JV 1; Track 1, 2, 3. Kathryn Barron Proctor Katy entered ' 64. Chorus 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 1, 2; Modern Music Masters 2, 3; Talent Show 1. All-State Orchestra 3. Donna Jean Raley Donna entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Com¬ mittee 1, 2; Homeroom Officer 1; Chorus 1; Clubs: French 1, 2; Red Cross 3; Y-Teens 2, 3. Glenn Darryl Rape Glenn entered ' 64. Spanish Club 2; JV Wrestling t Suzanne Caroline Rapp Suzy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1; Publicity 1; Clubs: Red Cross 1, 3; Spanish 1, 2 , 3. Robert Clyde Rea Bob entered Robert Willis Reep Bob entered ' 64. DE Club 3. Robert Samuel Register Bobby entered ' 64. Engineers Club 3. Catherine Caroline Rehm Cathy entered ' 64. Clubs: Spanish 1, 2 , 3; Y-Teens 2, 3; Limelighters 1. Ronald Ernest Reich Ronald entered ' 64. JV Wrestling 1, 2; Tennis 3. Mary Delight Reid Mary entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Dance 1, 2 , 3; School Spirit 2 , 3; Homeroom Officer 1; Cheerleader 2, Head 3, Head JV 1; Clubs: Am¬ bassadors 1, 2 , 3. Craig Stephen Renwick Craig entered ' 64. Clubs: DE 3; Monogram 3; Basket¬ ball 2 , JV Captain 1. Susan Irwin Richards Sue entered ' 66. Billy Thomas Richardson Tommy entered ' 64. DE Club 2, 3. Joseph Wilson Riddle Joe entered ' 64 Philip Douglas Riley Phil entered ' 65. Band I, 2; Spanish NHS 2, 3. Patricia Ann Robbins Pat entered ' 64. Student Council School Spirit Com¬ mittee 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2; Choir 3; Red Cross 3; Spanish 3; Y-Teens 2; Limelighters 2, 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2, 3. Herbert Steven Roberts Steve entered ' 64. Spanish Club 3; JV Football 1; Soccer 2, 3. James Alan Roberts Alan entered ' 64. Wrestling 1, 2. Mollie Claywell Robey Mollie entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 2, 3, Dance Committee 1; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3, Mustang Staff 2, Organizations Editor 3; Letter- girl 2, 3; Clubs: Latin 3, Sec. 1, 2; Keyettes 2, 3; Honor Society 3; GAA 1, 2. Governor ' s School. Junior Marshal. Colleen Mary Pigott Colleen entered ' 65. William Edward Poe Ed entered ' 64. Student Council 1, 2 , President 3; Committees: Dance 1; Citizenship 1, 2; Athletic 2; Chorus 1, 3; Choir 1, 3; Clubs: Key 1, 2 , 3; Latin 1, President 2; Basketball 2 , JV 1; Baseball 3. Junior Marshal. Exchange Student to Austria. Stanton Vance Poliakoff Stan entered ' 64. Speech Club 1, 3. Regina Cynthia Polk Cindy entered ' 64. Chorus 3. Judith Karen Pollhammer Judy entered ' 64. Carol Franklin Porter Carol entered ' 64. Student Council Welcoming Com¬ mittee 3; Mustang Medics 1, 2; Pen Pushers 3. Seniors attend a Social Studies Club meeting. Club activities and projects find support in the club ' s senior members. 60 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 ♦ SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Myrtle Marie Robinson Myrtle entered ' 64. Thomas Michael Rochelle Mike entered ' 65. VIC 2, 3. Mary Barbara Rockecharlie Barbara entered ' 64 Clubs: French 2; Mustang Med¬ ics 1, 2; Pen Pushers 2, 3. Holly Morris Rogers Holly entered ' 65. Student Council Dance Committee. Sharon Jean Ross Sharon entered ' 64. Student Council Foreign Exchange Committee 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3 Charles Michael Roush Mike entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1. Beverly Christine Russell Beverly entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Welcoming 3; School Spirit 3; Clubs: French 1, 2; Y-Teens 3. Sara Ellen Russell Sara entered ' 64. Pen Pushers 2. Ann Samson Ann entered ' 64. Mark Bangle Saunders Mark entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit 2, 3; Publicity 1, 2 , 3; Dance 3; French Club 3; JV Wrestling 3; Wrestling Manager 3. Hallmark Nomination and Gold Key Art Awards. Rebecca Ann Saunders Becky entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Welcoming I; Dance 1, 2, 3; School Spirit 3; Home¬ room Officer 1, 2, 3; Mustang Medics 2; Spanish Club 2. Daniel Webster Sawyer Dan entered ' 65. Engineers Club 2, Pres. 3. Virginia Lea Scantland Lea entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Committee 2, 3; Band 1, 2; Spanish 2, 3; Spanish NHS. Frank Grant Schnerr Butch entered ' 66. Martha Elaine Schreiber Mamie entered ' 64. Student Council Publicity Com¬ mittee 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Clubs: French 2; Red Cross 2 , 3 ; Limelighters 1. Talent Show 1. James Edgar Seacord III lim entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 2; Clubs: DE !; Red Cross 1; Football 2, 3, JV 1; Track 1, 2. William Jay Seay Jay entered ' 64 Swimming 1, 2, 3. Ann Bell Sebrell Ann entered ' 64 Student Council 3, Committees: Dance 1, 2, Co-Chairman 3; School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Citizenship 1; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 2, 3; French 1, 2, 3; GAA 1, 2. Chairman of Jr.-Sr. Barbara Jo Seeley Barbara entered ' 64. Charles Allen Serrell Charlie entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; Mustang Medics 2; Wrestling 1, 2, Captain 3. Mary Sue Serrett Sue entered ' 65. Frederic Owen Shackelford Fred entered ' 64. Student Council 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 3; Band 1, 2 , 3; Clubs: Key 2, Secre¬ tary 3; Mustang Medics 1, 2; Honor Society 3; Pep Band. Junior Marshal. Sarah Frances Shaw Sarah entered ' 64. Clubs: French 3; Keyettes 3; Honor Society 2, President 3; French NHS 1, 2, 3; Junior Marshal. National Merit Finalist. Alan Craig Shelton Alan entered ' 65. Donna Elaine Sherard Donna entered ' 65. DE Club 3. Lisa W. Shockley Lisa entered ' 64. Dessie Melinda Shook Melinda entered ' 64 Ralph Hemperley Short Randy entered ' 64 Student Council Vice-President 3; Committees: House and Grounds 2; Dance 3; Homeroom Officer 1; President of Sophomore Class I; Clubs: Key 1, 2, 3; Latin 1; Football 2, 3, JV I; Basketball 1; Baseball 2, 3, JV 1. Vesta Gay Short Gay entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 2, 3; Publicity 2; Pen Pushers 3. Anita Marie Shultman Marie entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Welcoming i, 2, 3; School Spirit 2, 3; Clubs: FTA 2; Pen Pushers 3; Y-Teens 2. Inez Anita Simmons Inez entered ' 65. Red Cross 2 , 3. Robert Lewis Sims Bob entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: House and Grounds 2; Dance 3; Basketball " B " Varsity 1; Golf 3. Susan Ann Sinnicks Suzi entered ' 64 Chorus 3; Limelighters 1, 2. Alice Marie Siskron Alice entered ' 64. Girls ' Glee Club 2 , 3; Chorus 1; Choir 2 , 3; Y-Teens 3; My Fair Lady. Rose Mary Sledge Rose entered ' 64. Eugenia Ann Sloan Eugenia entered ' 64. Clubs: French 1, 2; FTA 1, 2 , 3; Mustang Medics 1, 2 , 3; Y-Teens 2, 3; Honor Society 3. Junior Marshal. Teacher ' s Assistant. Barbara Jean Smith B. J. entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 2, 3; School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Of¬ ficer 1, 2; Social Studies Club 2, 3; Speech Club 3. Betty Scott Smith Betsy entered ' 64. Class Officer 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 2, 3, JV 1; Clubs: Ambassadors 2, 3; Red Cross 1; Y-Teens 1. Miss-Hi-Miss. Homecoming Attendant. Candice Lynn Smith Candy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; Welcoming 1; Homeroom Officer 2; Clubs: Spanish 2; Y-Teens 3. Elizabeth Walton Smith Libby entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 3; Red Cross 1, 2, 3; GAA 1, Sports Leader 2, President 3. Judith Walthall Smith Julie entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; Foreign Exchange 1, 2 , 3; Citizenship 2 , 3; Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: Speech 3; French 1, 2, 3; FTA 2, 3; Mustang Medics 1, 2 , Secretary 3; Red Cross 2 , President 3; Keyettes Treasurer 2 , 3. Joyce Ann Smith Peggy entered ' 65. Homeroom Officer 1; Red Cross 1; Y-Teens 2. Mary Lucy Smoot Lucy entered ' 64. Clubs: Pen Pushers 2; Spanish 1, 2, 3; GAA 1. Betty Ann Snyder Betty Ann entered ' 64. Pen Pushers Club 1, 2. Raymond Murray Snyder Raymond entered ' 64 Pamela Kay Sopher Pam entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Committee 2; Chorus 1, 3; Choir 2, 3; Clubs: FTA 2; Spanish 1, 2; Spanish NHS 3. Girls ' Glee Club. 61 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1 967 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 ♦ SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Bee Frances Sotir Bee entered 64. Susan Susan entered ' 65. Marie Sovacol ' Spark Staff 3. Dennis Dennis entered ' 64. Reid Speckman Clubs: French 1, 2; Red Cross I. Edward Michael Spooner Ed entered ' 65. DE Club Parliamentarian. Ray Alden Spooner Ray entered ' 64. Mary Melissa Stewart Missy entered ' 64. Student Council 1, Committees: School Spirit 1, 2; Dance 1, 2; Homeroom Officer I, 2; Cheerleader 3, JV 1; Clubs: French 1, 2; Latin 2, 3. Carousel Princess. Mildred Montagne Stewart Millie entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Citizenship 2; Dance 2; Clubs: French 2, 3; FTA 1, 2, 3; Latin 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 1. Frank Thompson Stinson Frank entered ' 64. VIC Treasurer 3. Donald Cary Stone Don entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; School Spirit 1, 2; Citizenship 2; Chorus 3; Choir 3; Clubs: Red Cross 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 1; Track I; Boys ' Glee Club 2, 3. Johan Sigurd Christer Svensson Christer entered ' 66. Student Council 3; Homeroom Officer 3; Interact Club 3; Soccer 3; Foreign Ex¬ change Student. Anne Ellen Sykes Anne entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; Welcoming 1, 2; Citizenship 1, 2; Chorus 1; Choir 2, 3; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Mod Music M 2, 3; Madrigals 2, 3. Annie Get Your Gun. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Sharon Lydia Sykes Shay entered ' 65. Student Council Dance Committee. Kenneth Wayne Tanner Ken entered ' 66. Julian Robert Spratt Julian entered ' 64. Senior Class Committee Chairman. John Lester Stancill III John entered ' 64. Clubs: Engineers 1, 2, Vice- Pres. 3; Latin 1, 2, 3. Martha Campbell Stanton Martha entered ' 64. Band 1, 2, 3; Clubs: Spanish 1, 2; Y-Teens 2, 3; Student Council Committees: Welcoming 1, 2, 3; Publicity 1, 2; Dance 1. Tobie Kell Steele Tobie entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Mustang Photography Staff. Harry Wade Stephens Harry entered ' 64. Clubs: French 1, 2; Latin 2 , 3; Honor Society 3; Speech Club 1, 2 , 3. Junior Mar¬ shal. National Merit Finalist. Joseph Andrew Strickhouser Joe entered ' 64. Band 1. Wesley Watts Sturges Wesley entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Citizenship 2; School Spirit 3; Choir 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Clubs: Speech 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Red Cross 3; Spanish 2, 3; Mod Music M 3; Madrigals 3; Social Studies 3. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Talent Show 2, 3, Boys ' Glee Club 2, 3. Mary Julianne Sullivan Juli entered ' 65. Chorus 2 , 3; Choir 2 , 3; Madrigals 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3. South Pacific. James Robert Sumner Jimmy entered ' 64. William Andrew Summerville Andy entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 2, 3; Welcoming 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Clubs: Mustang Medics 3; Red Cross 2; Golf I; Tennis 2, 3; Soccer 1. George Wilson Tate Pudge entered ' 64. Student Council 1, House and Grounds Committee 1; Clubs: Key 1, 2, 3; Latin 1, 2; Mustang 1, 2; Basketball 2, 3, JV 1; Base¬ ball 1, 2 , 3. William Knox Tate, Jr. Knox entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: School Spirit 2, Co-Chairman 3; Dance 3; Junior Class Vice-President; Homeroom Officer 1; Clubs: Hi-Y 2; Interact 1, 2, 3; Mustang Medics 2, Vice- Pres. 3; Football 3, JV I, 2; Wrestling 2, 3; JV 1. Wildacres. Gwynne Camilla Tathwell Gwynne entered ' 64. Student Council 1, Committees: Dance 1, 2; School Spirit 1; JV Cheerleader 1; Home¬ room Officer 3; Spanish Club 2, 3. Thomas Herbert Taylor, Jr. Tommy entered ' 64. William Neal Taylor Neal entered ' 64. Senior Mike Donnelly characterizes a " cop " as he writes a ticket for sophomore Barry Bell. This hilarious play OUT OF THE FRYING PAN was produced " in the round, " including the audience in the action. The success of such plays is partially attributed to the time and talent lent by par¬ ticipating seniors. Linda Jane Tharp Linda entered ' 64. Clubs: Mustang Medics 2, 3; Pen Pushers 2, Treasurer 3; Y-Teens 2. Robert Melvin Thies Robbie entered ' 64. Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. James Robert Thomas, Jr. Jim entered ' 63. Patricia Bryant Thomason Patti entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Foreign Exchange 3; Clubs: Spanish 2, 3; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; Limelighters 2, 3; " Our town " . Susan Jeanne Thompson Sue entered ' 64. Clubs: DE 3; Mustang Medics 1, 2. James Stapleton Thomson Tommy entered ' 64. 62 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 4 SENIOR STATISTICS 4 CLASS OF 1967 Hj gL|r . ML • ' ■Psrrj. - V s - ■ mwt Vivacious Francoise Auque, French exchange students, talks with her sister, Patti Flynn. David Edwards Thrailkill David entered ' 64 Deborah Jean Van Sciver Debbie entered ' 64. Chorus 3; Choir 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 3; Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2; Mod Music M 3. Cynthia Diane Van Vynckt Cynthio entered ' 64. Mustang Medics 1, 3, Secretary 2; Office Assistant 1. Darrell Dean Varney Darrel entered ' 64. German Club 3. Lewis David Vaughn II David entered ' 64. Engineers Club 1, 3. Elsya Watt Verdone Elsya entered ' 64. Student Council School Spirit Com¬ mittee 1; Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: French 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 2, 3. South Pacific. My Fair Lady. Gold Key Art Award. Paul Lynn Vincent Paul entered ' 64. ' Spark Staff 3, Monogram Club 3; Cross Country 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Soccer 1, 2; Captain 3. Paula May Vinroot Polly entered ' 64, Student Council 3, Committees: Dance 1, 2; Publicity 1; Homeroom Officer 2; ' Spark Staff 2, Editor 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 1, 2, 3; FTA 1, 3, Pres. 2; German 1, 3, Sec. 2; Red Cross I; GAA I, 2. Annie Get Your Gun. South Poeific. Honor Society 3. Leslie Gail Tindal Leslie entered ' 64. Library Assistant 3. Linda Sue Toler Linda entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Commit¬ tees 1; Homeroom Officer I; Pen Pushers 3; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Michael Luther Tucker Mike entered ' 64. ICT Club 3. Ana Maria Turner Ana Marie entered ' 66. Spanish Club 3; Honor So¬ ciety 2 , Secretary 3; Thespians 1, 2 , 3; Spanish NHS 3 Anthony Tzannis Anthony entered ' 64. Forrest Denney Voss Duey entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 2 , 3; House and Grounds 1, 2; School Spirit 3; Clubs: French 1, 2 , President 3; Hi-Y 1, 2 , 3; Mus¬ tang Medics 1, 2; Basketball " B " Varsity 1, 2. Mary Luna Walker Mary Lu entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit 1, 2; Homeroom Officer 3. Nancy Wallis Walker Nancy entered ' 64. Band 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Clubs: French 1, 2; Mustang Medics 2; Mod Music M 3. Clarence Spencer Wallace Clyde entered ' 64. Red Cross 1; Football " B " Varsity 3, JV 2; JV Wrestling I; Track 2, 3. Angela Susan Uhl Angie entered ' 64 Student Council Committees: Welcoming 1; Publicity 1, 2; Dance 2, 3; Clubs: French 1, 2; Y-Teens 2 , 3; GAA 1; Forensic Club. Julia Curtis Valentine Julia entered ' 66. French Club 3 James Grier Wallace Jim entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Hall of Fame 3; House and Grounds 2; Dance 3; ' Spark Staff 3; Clubs: Interact 3; Spanish 2, 3. Billy Roberts Walton Bill entered ' 64 Student Council 2; Homeroom Of¬ ficer I, 2; Clubs: Hi-Y I, 2, 3; Spanish 2; JV Wres¬ tling 1. Diane Cochrane Ward Diane entered ' 64. Orchestra I, 2, 3; Mod Music M 1, 2, 3; All-State Orchestra 2 , 3. Frances Berkley Ward Frances entered ' 64 Clubs: Speech 3; Spanish 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 3; Spanish NHS 3. Roberta Winifred Wardell Berta entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: School Spirit 1; Foreign Exchange 3; Clubs: French 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 2, 3. George Waterhouse George entered ' 64. Student Council 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 3; Clubs: Hi-Y 1, President 2, 3; Interact 2, 3; Latin 3; Monogram 2, Secretary 3; Golf 1, 2, 3. Timothy Joseph Watts Joe entered ' 66. Clubs: Hi-Y 3; Interact 3, Spanish 3; Captain Wrestling 3. Lucy Echols Welch Lucy entered ' 64, Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2, 3; School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 3; Mustang Medics 1, 2, 3. Linda Carol Wells Linda entered ' 65. Clubs: FHA 3; Pen Pushers 3; French 1; Red Cross 1; GAA 1. Rodger Milton West Rodger entered ' 64. Monogram Club 1, 2, 3; Cross Country I, 2, 3; Wrestling JV 1; Track 1, 2. Charles Philip Weston Phil entered ' 64. Engineers Club 3; Soccer 2, 3. William John Whalen Bill entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committees: Dance 1, 2; House and Grounds 1; Welcoming I, 2; Homeroom Officer 3; Band 1; Latin Club 1, 2. Beverly Anne White Bev entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 2, 3; School Spirit 2, 3; Welcoming 2; Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: French 3; FHA 3; Mustang Medics 2, 3. Joseph Ernest White Ernie entered ' 64. Deborah Lynn Wilkerson Deborah entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 2; Chorus 1; Choir 1, 2, 3; Clubs: French 1; Red Cross 1; Keyettes 2, 3; Honor Society 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Mod Music M I, 2, 3; Madrigals 2, 3; Annie Get Your Gun. My Foir Lady. Junior Mar¬ shal. 63 SENIOR STATISTICS 4 - CLASS OF 1967 SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 ♦ SENIOR STATISTICS ♦ CLASS OF 1967 Kacky May Chris Moody Lynne Owen Stephen Shaw Valerie Wrenn William Andrew Wilkerson William entered ' 65. George Evans Williams George entered ' 64. David Shelton Willis David entered ' 64. William Thomas Willis Bill entered ' 65. Red Cross 2; Football Trainer 1, 2, 3; Basketball Trainer 1, 2, 3; Baseball Trainer 1, 2, 3. Daniel Jeffrey Wilson Danny entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 3; Basketball " B " Varsity 1; JV Wrestling 1; Baseball 2, 3, JV I. Elizabeth Joy Wilson Joy entered ' 65. Spanish Club 2, 3. Harvey Edgar Wilson Eddie entered ' 64. James Stephen Wilson Steve entered ' 65. Mustang Photography Staff 3. Marilyn Wilson Marilyn entered ' 64. Student Council Dance Com¬ mittee 1, 2; Clubs: Pen Pushers 3; Social Studies 3. Phillip Stuart Wilson Phillip entered ' 64. Homeroom Officer 3; Clubs: Engineers 1, 2; Hi-Y 2, 3; Interact 2, Treasurer 3; Monogram 2, President 3; Cross Country Captain 2, 3; Track 1, 2 , 3. Wyndolyn Dahl Woodcock Wendy entered ' 65. Clubs: Mustang Medics 3; Red Cross 2; Spanish 2, 3; Limelighters 2. Phyllis Bowles Woodward Phyllis entered ' 64. Trio, Poe, Miller, and Nettles, highlights its MP singing career by presenting the " April 13 " Concert. Thomas Earl Yarborough, Jr. Tommy entered ' 64. Linda Anne Yarbrough Linda entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; School Spirit 1, 2, 3; Welcoming 1; Student Council 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 2; Lettergirl 2, Head 3; Y-Teens 1, 3. Mary Randolph Young Randy entered ' 64. Student Council 2, 3, Committees: Co-Chairman Welcoming 2; Publicity 1, 2; Public Relations 1, 2; Homeroom Officer 1, 3; Ambassadors 1, Secretary 2, President 3; French 1, 2, 3; Y- Teens 1; Honor Society 3; GAA 1, 2, 3. Vivian Elaine Young Viv entered ' 65. Band 2. Leslie McRae Zaccagni Leslie entered ' 64. Student Council 3, Committee: School Spirit 2, Co-Chairman 3; Dance 1, 2, 3; Citizenship 1; Honor Society 3. Susan Lynn Zagora Lynn entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1; Welcoming 2; Foreign Exchange 3; Mustang Staff 2, Business Manager 3; Clubs: Ambassadors 3; French 1, 2; Y-Teens 1, 2; Honor Society 2 , 3. Junior Marshal. Vivien Winifred Zilk Vickie entered ' 64. Student Council Committees: Dance 1, 2; Clubs: Mustang Medics 2, 3; Spanish 1, 2; Y-Teens 2, 3. 64 JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS As their second year at Myers Park began, the juniors returned with en¬ thusiasm to face the challenges ahead and a strengthened feeling of be¬ longing as each individual found him¬ self more and more a part of his class and the school as a whole. Capably filling leadership positions, juniors elected their class officers, served as varsity cheerleaders, Millie Mustangs, club officers, and Student Council Committee Chairmen. In addi¬ tion to the endless task of preparing for the Junior-Senior, the juniors staged a class first—Hootenanny ' 67, the proceeds from which were put into the dance budget. Spring brought the long-awaited class rings and the anxieties of cheerleader and lettergirl tryouts. In recognition of two years of conscientious effort, juniors were also inducted into the NHS and chosen to be Junior Mar¬ shals. As their second year at Myers Park ended, the Class of ' 68 could look back with pride at their accomplishments, and look forward with anticipation to the even greater responsibilities and pleasures of being a senior. Junior Homeroom Presidents. 1ST ROW: Potter, Blokeney, Morrison, Horkey, Woods, Patton, Belk, McLaughlin, Austin. 2ND ROW: Blucher, Schiffman, Neal, Currie, Hinkle, Babcock, Horney, Thomas, Gallant. 65 . Ellen Roberts and Buddy Thomason sell tickets to Hoote¬ nanny ' 67. The show was staged by the junior class to raise money for Jr.-Sr. M. Melinda Abney John W. Adams Deremia W. Alexander Douglas S. Alexander Eleanor H. Alexander June M. Alexander Keven D. Alexander Troy C. Alexander Martha N. Alley Lisa Altbach Frederick Amon, Jr. Robert R. Anders Responsible Committee Chairmen Direct Jr.-Sr. Efforts J. Martin Anderson Elizabeth J. Andrews Ellen W. Apperson Laurice M. Aramoonie Peach E. Archie Anne W. Armstrong Susan Arrington H. Milton Ausherman Billie J. Austin Jeanine S. Austin Stephen B. Austin Douglas L. Ayers Gary N. Babcock Brenda K. Bailey Daphney Bailey Lavalette P. Baker Linda D. Baker Robert E. Baker James T. Banbury Maja L. Banks Joe D. Barbee Frederick M. Barden Terry W. Barrett Lloyd G. Barrier Marcia M. Barton Pamela J. Bayne Marion L. Beaty Timothy P. Beaver Irene G. Belk Barbara L. Benner Gene P. Bennett Cherry A. Bentley 66 Co-operative Class Endeavor Produces Unusual Prom R. Kathleen Bergen William H. Bethune Norbert A. Black Steven A. Blackmon Johnny F. Blackwelder Emily J. Blackwood G. Vaden Blackwood Rory W. Blake Thomas S. Blansett J. Christine Blucher Phillip Blumenthal Susan L. Bowermaster Harry G. Boye Johnny D. Bradley Meredith A. Brantley Michael G. Brewer Carrie B. Bridges C. Maree Briggs Charles W. Brookey Charlie W. Brooks L. Kay Broome Charles R. Brown Gaines E. Brown, Jr. Karen O. Brown Helen H. Browning Elizabeth A. Brownridge Sarah C. Bruton H. Edward Bryant Ruth A. Buker Kathleen A. Bullock Hunter M. Bumgardner Frank J. Burke Paula N. Burroughs Ward L. Bursley J. Michael Burton Linda J. Byrum Emily B. Caddell John V. Caldwell Reginald R. Caldwell Edward M. Campbell Sandra K. Campbell Mallory K. Cannon B. Lynn Cansler M. Frances Capel Patricia A. Caraway Glen R. Carnrick W. Anthony Corrothers E. Lane Carson John F. Casanova Sarah K. Cates R. Patrick Cauble C. Edward Cecil Dennis R. Chapman Douglas A. Chapman Christine M. Christensen Christi A. Clanton Janette D. Claridge Barbara H. Clarke Dianne E. Clifton Johnny B. Clontz Kenneth S. Coe, Jr. Thomas R. Coffey Catherine E. Coker Martha Ann Cole 67 Enthusiastic Junior Cheerleaders Spark Varsity Squad Elise E. Coleman Barbara J. Collins Vicki L. Collins Barbara F. Connell Stephen M. Conrad M. Robert Couick M. Joyce Cox David L. Crawford Karen E. Crawford Jo Anne Crilly Peggy A. Crowell Robert L. Crump Frances N. Culp Mollie L. Culp Ronald M. Culp Gregory A. Culpepper Alice L. Cunningham Gragory A. Currie Paula N. Cushman Pamela K. Daniel Dean R. Davey E. Christine Davis Gary B. Davis Johnnie B. Davis Lanny Davis Willette Davis Jane M. Dayvault H. Eugene Deal Phyllis A. Deese C. Elaine DeMars Jan C. Denmark H. Leigh Derby Perry P. Diamaduros Donald G. Dietrich Jean N. Dillard Nancy E. Ducker Joseph H. Duckworth Lawrence W. Duckworth Margaret L. Duncan Jane E. Dunning Clara M. Durbin A. Patricia Durham Edward C. Dwight Anne M. Earnhardt Winston B. Edmond James C. Edwards Mark J. Edwards S. Victoria Elder Deborah S. Ellis Mike W. Ellison Christopher C. Ely P. Frederick Erexson Dagmar M. Erion J. Suzanne Ervin Robert F. Eure Jane F. Farmer Phillip C. Farmer Tony L. Farris Gayle E. Faust Darlene O. Felder C. Berkeley Fellers Joyce A. Felts Robert T. Ferguson, III Marcia G. Finfroek 68 Frank H. Fite Jay M. Fleming David C. Fletcher Robert S. Fligel Elizabeth V. Fogartie James H. Ford Larry W. Forrester Susan I. Foster Leslie C. Fox J. Edward Foy Nancy M. Frye Cynthia A. Fuller Henry M. Funderburk Cynthia A. Gaffney William C. Gaffney Herbert F. Gale Paula J. Gallant Lesa C. Gantt Deborah A. Gary Jerome B. Gary M. Sue George Lawrence W. Gibbes N. Jean Ginn Douglas M. Glasgow M. Rebecca Glenn Richard A. Glensor Beverly B. Glover William E. Godwin C. Duff Goforth, III Linda D. Gordon Laura L. Graham Sharon L. Graham Vivacious Millie Mustangs Also Boost Spirit At Games Stephen G. Graham Wynne Greeley Gwendal 0. Grier D. Sharon Griffin Sue Griffith J. Lawrence Grist Ernest P. Groce E. Maria Guillet Morris N. Guller Billie J. Gunn Marsha M. Gwinn Glenn D. Haene Enthusiastic Libby Andrews adds her voice and vitality to the spirit at an early-morning send-off pep rally for the football team. 69 " Iff Mark Edwards (34), George Tate (14), and Tim Beaver (54) wait for the rebound as Tersch Whitesides (20) shoots from the foul line. Rita C. Haene A. Bundy Hales E. Patterson Hall Randolph S. Hall W. Hugh Hall Stephen M. Hall James L. Hamilton, III Patricia A. Hamilton Catherine M. Harkey Linda C. Harkey Linda C. Harmer Betty R. Harris Talented Juniors Star In Annual Fall Show Biz Revue G. Timothy Hart K. Scott Hartsell Cynthia J. Haslam Lydia A. Haslam Brenda K. Haston Lewis G. Hawkins William R. Haynes R. Damon Hearne Mike D. Hefner Sally A. Helms Sheila A. Henry William F. Heptig Joan C. Herring Odell Hicklen P. Kathryn Hicks R. Stancill Hicks Thomas M. Hicks Ann E. Higdon Burt S. Higgins George F. Hinkle William L. Hinson David Hurst Martha J. Hoag Linda A. Hoffman Molly M. Hoffman Owen A. Hoke Roger E. Holman Roy L. Hood Douglas M. Horack Nicholas F. Homey Eugene T. Horton Susan I. Hostettler 70 Juniors Make Valuable Contribution To Forensics At MP Catherine A. Hout Katherine F. Howe M. Reid Howell M. Dawn Howell Margaret A. Howie Katherine C. Huey Richard L. Huffman Bruce H. Huffstetter Debrah L. Huggett Dorothy A. Hungerford Brenda G. Hunt Lex R. Hutchinson W. Hart Hutchison Peggy J. Hutson Bobbie A. Izzard Deborah C. Jenkins Jacqueline Jenkins C. Colette Johnson Dennis L. Johnson Gwendlyn V. Johnson Hubert D. Johnson James A. Johnson Mary G. Johnson Sarah V. Johnston Mary H. Jones Mary M. Jones William H. Jones Nancy L. Kane Thomas G. Keller L. Mitchell Kelly Russell A. Kelley Suzanne Kennedy Sandra A. Kennington H. Dean Kent Holly K. Kimball Joyce I. Kimbrel Donna J. Kinsman John F. Kirby, II Patricia C. Kirby Roxanne B. Kiser Sam N. Kleto Sandra A. Kleto Harriett M. Kline Carol S. Knight Stephen J. Kraft Frank L. Kuester Sally M. Kuester N. Ronald Lane Robyn L. Lankford E. Randolph Land Barbara L. LaPointe E. Anne Laseter Luther Leary Hendrika M. Lemckert Ramon J. Leon Risa J. Levine Karen S. Lewis Warren H. Linde J. William Lindeman John B. Lindgren Thomas H. Lineberger Robert Marvin Lipscomb Jeanne B. Livengood Ronny P. Lofland 71 PSAT Prepares Juniors For Future College Boards William L. Long Elizabeth E. Loonan Edward F. Lowe E. Eddly Lutz Cynthia R. McCollum Koy McClung Dorothy N. McCullough Caroline McDonald Mildred E. McDonald Raphael C. McDowell Michael R. McElveen Margaret E. McEwen Mary Lou McFarland Anne C. McLaughlin B. Susan McLaughlin David C. McLaughlin j E. G. Emmett McLaughlin Glenalynn G. McLaughlin Steven M. McLaughlin Herman McMullen Lucinda McQueary Paul I. Mabel Margaret E. Macklin Mary A. Maddock K. Gayle Madison Nora L. Maple Thomas C. Markham, III Evaline J. Marshall Hunter Marshall J. Chandler Martin Marcia D. Martin Zenitha Martin Jimmy C. Massey Mary J. Massey John L. Matthews M. Ray Mattox Sandra J. Mattox Nancy V. May Deborah L. Mayfield Blondie Melton Melody A. Melton S. Russell Mickle Susan R. Miles Barbara T. Milford Linda D. Miller Robert M. Milling Elizabeth J. Minehardt B. Elizabeth Minnis Kenneth W. Moak Elizabeth A. Mock Donna E. Monroe Cathey S. Monty Carol B. Moody C. Dwight Moore David E. Moore H. Edward Moore Victoria A. Moore Garrett Morehead, Jr. George M. Morrell Susan R. Morrison E. Watson Morse G. Fredric Mundorf Harold S. Muse Robert F. Myers 72 DeWitt B. Nance Stephen W. Neal Paula A. Newman F. Eddie Noblett Michael J. Norris David B. Norton John P. Oakes Houston Odom, Jr. Barbara M. Otto Margaret B. Parker Stephen O. Parker Robert W. Parrott Karen Y. Partridge Robin K. Paterson Pamela D. Patton David N. Payne Thomas L. Peek Vicky J. Peeler Mortha A. Pennigar Vera L. Perry Deborah L. Pesta Karen M. Peterson Ha rvey L. Pettis Robert A. Pierce Pamela J. Pillsbury Phillip A. Piscitelli Barbara A. Pixley Camilla D. Polk Nicholas D. Polyzos Michael E. Pondo Charles E. Poteat Patricia L. Potter NHS March Induction Takes Top 5 % of Junior Class Emily J. Potts Johanna S. Powers Amelie W. Pressly Pomelo M. Price T. Eorl Privette William C. Proctor Eric L. Protz Caroline L. Purnell Johnny H. Purser Linda P. Quincy Calvin L. Rayin William A. Ranson The voices of Carol Knight, Sally Johnston, and Kathy Huey blend as they sing ballads and folk songs in the junior class Hootenanny. 73 Kathryn A. Redwine June B. Reeves Linda L. Reid " Double, double, toil and trouble, " seems the order of the day as Laura Graham and Libby Andrews work in their chemistry lab. Mary C. Rendelmon Lester J. Reynolds John T. Rhyne David W. Rich Rodney D. Richardson Jacqueline E. Richmond Ellen Roberts H. Lynn Roberts John W. Roberts Capable Junior Marshals Aid Seniors During Graduation Philip E. Roberts Robert G. Robinson, Jr. E. Camille Rockett M. Carol Rogers M. Celeste Rogers Rebecca C- Rollins E. Lloyd Rose Susan B. Rose Rita D. Roseboro Lina T. Ross David S. Rousso James A. Rowe E. Dale Ruff L. Bertram Rupert John W. Sadoff Douglas D. Sanders Henry H. Sanders Sharon L. Saunders Thomas E. Scarborough Dennis B. Scercy Lloyd I. Scher Samuel A. Schiffman C. Preising Schnerr Otto M. Schuster Martha J. Schworm Ruth W. Scott Edith E. Seanor Rhonda L. Seegal Emily S. Selden Oliver W. Sharman Rebekah S. Sherman David H. Shirah 74 Juniors Prepare to Represent MP Abroad This Summer M. Jean Shook David M. Sidbury William M. Sigmon Patricio A. Simpson Willie J. Sinclair James J. Singer Barbara A. Sito Stephen W. Skidmore Carolyn H. Smith Eddie L. Smith Linda F. Smith M. Craig Smith Richard F. Smith Terri A. Smith Melville C. Sorrell John T. Soule Michael J, Sovacool R. Michael Sparks Susanna Spencer Gabriel Spil Rosetta Spring Dale F. Sprinkle John B. Spurrier Kathryn G. Squires Eugene M. Stallings James R. Stallings Barbara D. Stancill Karen J. Starr E. George Stellings Robert S. Stern Susan M. Stewart Elizabeth A. Stickley Robert C. Stoffel Anita G. Stoneeipher Stephanie Stothart Fitzhugh L. Stout G. Cleveland Stowe, III F. Lawrence Street Guy L. Stritzinger Robert J. Stroupe Brenda N. Stroupe Thomas C. Stuart William G. Suk Susan L. Sutton E. Linda Taormina Samuel C. Taylor Brenda K. Thomas Charles L. Thomas David M. Thomas Jeffrey H. Thomas Hubert H. Thomason Bruce J. Thompson Deborah D. Thompson Willard J. Thompson Douglas B. Thrift Anne C. Tigler M. Elizabeth Timanus David Tobin E. Mark Todd Margaret E. Townsley Boice E. Triplett Christopher M. Trotter Benjamin B. Turner Portia M. Vaughn 75 Versatile Class Anticipates Challenging Final Year At MP William M. Venning Scott C. Verner Cynthia Wade Levonde A. Walker Marilyn J. Walker Robert J. Walker Barbara H. Wall Shirley A. Wallace Wendy R. Wallas Geoff H. Wollwork Sandra J. Walser D. Susan Walton Christine A. Ward Susan L. Ward Barbara A. Warner Mary A. Watermeier M. Melissa Watkins Cathy Watson Debbie A. Watts P. Allen Weaver Charles F. Webb E. Craig Webb Helen W. Webb E. Ann Welch Lindsay M. Welch Henry L. Weldon Mary B. Wheeler Robert B. White Ronald C. White Nancy L. Whitener William C. Whitesides Carl H. Whittaker Catherine B. Wilkinson Henry D. Wilkinson Laurens G. Y. Willard Henry W. Williams Minnie R. Williams Thomas R. Williams Elaine Willingham William R. Willis George N. Wilson Jacquelyn M. Wilson Penelope D. Wilson Kathy A. Wise Alma B. Withers Charles A. Withers Barbara R. Wollman Julie M. Wood David S. Woodall Carol J. Woods Katherine H. Woods Kathy L. Worley Marsha A. Wright Sue E. Wright Carol M. Yarus Deborah A. Yates C. Marshall Young S. Vida Young Alissa D. Younge Elbert D. Younger Brukie L. Zeigler Patricia A. Zuehlsdortf 76 Chan Martin and Ellen Apperson are Myers Park ' s American Field Service finalists. They are notified in May about their summer homes abroad. This year four Myers Park students will represent Charlotte abroad on the Charlotte Exchange Student Program. Ellen Roberts will go to Chile. Johanna Powers to New Zealand, and Scott Verner to Finland. Not pictured is Steve Graham who will spend the summer in France. Juniors Have Become Active, Vital Part of Life at MP Talented John Rhyne plays a drum solo as part of the junior-class-sponsored Hootenanny ' 67. The juniors, aided by class advisor Mrs. Sawyer, showed imagination and initiative in sponsoring the show which raised over two hundred dollars toward the Junior-Senior Dance. Lloyd Rose stands solemnly during a quiet moment in the ploy OUR TOWN. Juniors won major roles in the senior class production this year. Carol Woods, Lane Carson, Anita Stonecipher, Susan Rose, and Mary Jones combine their ideas and efforts making posters to decorate before the Garinger game. The junior class was responsible for collecting enough money to buy materials to decorate one half of the old cafeteria. One of the main attractions of the juniors ' side was a huge stuffed, caged wildcat. Becky Rollins (34) takes an active part in after-school GAA activities. Junior girls con¬ tinue to make a great contribution to girls ' sports at Myers Park. Time Passes Slowly, But Finally Year Is Over Too Soon Jr-Sr Committee Chairmen. 1ST ROW: Sam Taylor, David McLaughlin, Sherry Graham, Holly Kim¬ ball, Becky Rollins, Steffi Stothart, Pam Patton, Sally Helms. 2ND ROW: Laurens Willard, Buddy Thomason, Kitty Wilkinson, Marshal Young, Nick Horney, Margaret Townsley, Anita Stonecipher, Irene Belk. 3RD ROW: Hank Williams, Bobby Crump, Carl Whitaker, Steve Austin, Johanna Powers. 73 Dicky Corbett, President Beth Squires, Secretary SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES In September more than six hundred sophomores entered Myers Park, full of spirit and vitality. Drawing from three junior high schools, they repre¬ sented a group of well-diversified students. Each came with his own ideas, abilities, strengths, and weak¬ nesses. The uncertainty and hesitancy which marked his first weeks were soon overcome and this heterogeneous mass became a smoothly working unit welded by the spirit which is Myers Park. Now, the Sophomore has become an active, vital part of the whole—our student body. His intellect was a welcome addition in the class¬ room, his creativity enhanced extra¬ curricular activities, and his physical prowess was an extra dividend on the athletic field. Sportsmanship, leader¬ ship, scholarship — these qualities which are the hallmark of our school are in the hands of the Sophomore class. Leaders are developing; able leaders who will govern the student body in the same efficient manner as their predecessors. The Myers Park tradition of excellence will be fulfilled. Sophomore Homeroom Presidents. 1ST ROW: Nichols, Dunaway, Stroupe, Gossett, Bell, Kennedy, Repetto, Heermans. 2ND ROW: Phillips, McMillan, Brooks, Jordon, Curry, Archer, Corbett, Austin. 79 JV Cheerleaders Monica Daniel, Michele Marine, Beth Squires, and Sally Fleming exude spirit at one of the Myers Park games. W. Wray Abercrombie David J. Abraham Mack Adams, Jr. V. Ryle Adams F. Anne Akers Joyce A. Albro Ray L. Alexander Bill L. Allen Cynthia L. Allen Gary W. Allen McCallum Allen Russell N. Allen Sophomore Class Rounds Out Myers Park Student Body Jerry W. Alexander Carol E. Allison J. Robert Allison Sandra H. Altbach Catherine J. Anderson Fred Anderson William S. Anderson Henry E. Andrews Richard G. Archer W. David Archer Nancy Arthurs Barbara Ashcraft Hugh G. Ashcraft Pamela L. Ashmore Janice R. Ausbon John G. Austin Thomas E. Austin H. Michael Bacon Stuart O. Baesel, Jr. Erskine G. Baker Shelley T. Baker William L. Baker Shelia M. Ballard Jimmie A. Banke Barbara L. Banner Phyllis S. Barach Brent Barnett Cassandra L. Barnette William B. Barnhardt Madelyn H. Barret Dana M. Barton Melanie A. Botes 80 Sophomores Adjust Successfully To New Surroundings Carol D. Baucom John T. Boyne Tamara L. Beocham W. Jane Beall Groham M. Beasley Donna D. Beaver Jan E. Beaver Patty J. Beaver F. Thomas Beiderbecke Barbara E- Bell Barry L. Bell Thomas A. Bell John D. Benfield William K. Bennett W. Curtis Benoit, Jr. Carol A. Berry Robert H. Bertini Carol E. Beyer Gale S. Bibb Marilyn C. Bing C. Gail Bishop Craig A. Blackwell Julie A. Blythe R. Wayne Bobo N. Carol Boditord Beulah E. Bolen Barbara J. Boone Patricia N. Booth David R. Bordsen Daniel S. Boyd Barry D. Brewer David L. Brewer Micheal J. Brian William S. Briggs Joanne Brigham Dorothy E. Brigham Michael G. Brissan James Bristow Barbara A. Britt Cynthia A. Broadway Carl L. Brodt Charles V. Brooks Janet Brooks Patricia L. Brooks Nancy C. Broome Robert W. Brown Robert C. Brownridge Margaret A. Bryant Mary Jane Bryant William I. Bryant Steve W. Buckaloo Richard C. Burgess L. Neil Burkhead Douglas H. Burns William H. Burwell Karen K. Bush Rickie A. Byars Tonda J. Byram Belinda K. Byrum Curtis Caldwell Jerry Caldwell Patricia A. Caldwell Barbara S. Call Henry C. Callihan, Jr. 81 Sophomore Orientation Assembly Held Early In The Year H. Brem Callum Evonne S. Campbell Greta J. Campbell James C. Campbell, Jr. Richard D. Campbell Thomas J. Campen Vicki A. Cannon John A. Carlisle Deborah L. Carlson R. Eugene Carrigan Linda R. Carrothers Horace A. Carson Lawrence E. Carter Thomas S. Case Carolyn G. Cassels Thomas R. Cates Patrick H. Cathey Sally J. Cathey Luther G. Caudle Jeffrey M. Chanter Jeffrey M. Charatz Morton L. Church Katherine A. Clanton Melvin A. Clanton John W. H. Clark Edward Clawson, Jr. W. Cheryl Clawson John J. Clinard Ralph C. Clontz Mary A. Cloran Dwight D. Cloud Margaret E. Cochran Caroline I. Cochrane John B. Cockrell Steven J. Cohen Gerald K. Colbert Deborah A. Coleman Deloris Collins Fredrick L. Collins Carol A. Conder Gary W. Conn Richard A. Connelly Y. Diane Cook Dianne M. Cooke B. Jane Coone H. Dickson Corbett Catherine O. Cornell Corine Cornwell N. Russell Corzine David R. Couick Thomas H. Courtney Deborah L. Cowan Pamela A. Crabtree Cynthia L. Craddock Brenda K. Crawley Edward D. Crotts Leonard G. Cummings Donald D. Cunningham James C. Cunningham Judith L. Curry Patricia Y. Dabney Mary G. Daniel Jan C. Davidson Elizabeth I. Davis 82 Fred D. Davis John M. Davis Priscilla A. Davis Wayne B. Davis Pamela F. Day Douglas L. Deal Mary K. Delaney Elizabeth J. Demarest Claude E. DcMars F. Marquerite Dente John H. DeRamus Roger J. Dickson Robert B. Diggle J. Taps Doerrbecker Douglas A. Donald, Jr. Stephen T. Douglas William C. Dowd Charlotte A. Drake Sharon L. Driggers Eric Corman Drumm H. Yates Dunaway Kemp R. Dunaway, Jr. W. Gregory Duncan Franklyn J. Dupont Judson R. Durbin G. Vincent Durham Sylvia A. Edgerton Susan E. Edwards Robert M. Elliot Gloria J. Ervin Carrie B. Evans Darla J. Evans Many Elective Courses Offered To Larry V. Evans Lawrence D. Farber Jacqueline R. Fehon Timothy P. Ferguson Patrica A. Ferraro Barbara E. Ferris M. Melinda Finch Mildred A. Fincher Sally C. Fleming Andrew R. Flowers E. Micheal Flowers Richard M. Foard, Jr. Christine E. Foster J. Giles Foushee, Jr. Sybil R. Fowler Andra J. Fragakis Sophomores At MP In her sophomore English class, Susan Teat delivers an interesting and informative report. 83 Sophomores Participate In Required Drivers’ Ed. Program Peter G. Fronkford Ronnie S. Franklin M. Laurie Fraser Harry D. Freeman Josie D. Freeman Clay H. Gatewood Kathy A. Geary Susan E. Genes Catherine A. George Myra A. Gesse Russell D. Ghent Angelia R. Gibson Richard K. Gibson Jackson G. Gilbert, Jr. Patricia K. Gilbert Donnie L. Gilmore Carolyn L. Glasgow Gary A. Glaze Adrian G. Glisson Elliott Clarence Glover Mary S. Goforth James R. Goins Margaret K. Gold Rafael Antonio Gonzalez Luther S. Goode, Jr. Lillie M. Goodwin Brenda D. Gordon Stephen P. Gossett Brenda G. Graham Deborah S. Graham Joan W. Graham John J. Greagan Vivian J. Greear Rachel C. Greer Faye L. Grier Joseph W. Grier III Brenda D. Griffin Robert L. Griffin Pamela A. Grogan Benjamin F. Hager Janice H. Hall Edward W. Hallibur ton, Jr. Cheryl A. Hallman William H. Halsey Susan E. Hanner Betty A. Hargro Bradley K. Harkey Harold W. Harkey John P. Harloe Patricia A. Harrington Allen M. Harris, Jr. Connie B. Harris Reid A. Harris W. Townsend Harris Stella J. Harrison Deborah L. Hart Larry W. Hart A. Dale Hartsell Bonnie J. Hattersley A. Victoria Hawes Stephen J. Hawes, Jr. E. Anne Hayes H. McClain Hayes H. Baxter Hayes 84 Terry G. Heath Jerry R. Hedgecoe Nancy S. Heesmans Anne M. Hege Carol T. Hege Patricia A. Henderson Naomi T. Hendrick Charles E. Henley H. Elizabeth Henry Vincent W. Herron Emma E. Heyward Brenda C. Hicklen Cliff J. Hicklen C. I. Gaye Hicks Pamela R. Hicks Pamela Y. Hill Jacqueline R. Highsmith L. Cecily Hines Sandra Hinson Elizabeth A. Hoag Alma V. Hoke Stephen R. Hoke Lawrence N. Holden Elizabeth P. Holmberg Janet S. Holroyd Harriet L. Holt Brenda L. Honeycutt Clarence C. Hope Carl B. Horn Katherine L. Horton Patricia L. Hudson P. Scott Hummel Sophomore Plays Lead Role In Senior Class Production A. Ruth Huneycutt Donald C. Hunt Kathryn S. Hunt Laura J. Hunter B. Baxter Hutcheson Debra M. Hutchison John W. Ibach Nancy S. Iden Stuart I. Ingram, Jr. Doris L. Ivester Maggie E. Jackson Gunta G. Jankavs Lou Nachman gaily converses with Robert Elliot during class change about one of the myriad school activities offered at MP. Barry Bell portrays a young actor in the play OUT OF THE FRYING PAN. The p lay was presented by the Thes¬ pians on March 9, 10, and 11. Mary J. Janyssek Sally N. Jarrell Mark S. Jayson Nancy E. Jeffries Patricia A. Jeffries Barbara L. Jetton Charles B. Job Angelia G. Jackson D. Aaron Johnson Deborah L. Johnson Gregory W. Johnson Janet L. Johnson Sophomore Cheerleaders Elected To Back Jayvee Teams N. Katherine Johnson Susan Johnson Verida M. Johnson Carol R. Jones Carolyn S. Jones Christopher W. Jones Dianne E. Jones Jan L. Jones Linda L. Jones Thomas M. Jordan J. Rustin Josephs Leslie A. Julian Nicholas S. Kantsios Chris G. Katsiagianis Nancy L. Katz Sandra E. Keesler J. Randolph Keller Larry E. Kelly Patricia A. Kelly C. Robert Kelso Virginia L. Kennedy Charlotte H. Kepley Richard L. Kesler Raymond F. Kimball, III Ann G. King Donna G. King J. Lynwood King Mary S. King Nancy R. King Robert B. Kinney Linda S. Kirby David T. Kirkland 86 Jayvee Boys Promise Future Success As Varsity Members Thomas G. Kiser Floyd J. Kisiah R. Jane Kistler Kathy A. Klotzberger Katherine M. Komenok Carol S. Kurtz Deborah L. Lakin Karen A. Lampke Debrah J. Lampley R. Morson Lampley J. Trent Land Thomas W. Land Carol V. Lane Thomas G. Lane Walter F. Lane Jerry Lanier Fred L. Lapish W. Bennett Latimer Susan J. LeAnna Claire leB. Lee Cynthia L. Lee Gregory A. Lee Richard V. Lee Ann L. Leslie James L. Lewis Mina J. Libby Edward H. Lipford, III Larry A. Little Stanley H. Livengood, Jr. Robert H. Livermon M. Gerald Locke Douglas B. London Ann B. Long Kathy S. Lowrey T. Taylor Lucas Dodie B. Lyle M. Edward Lumberis John A. Lyon, III Valerie J. MacKinnon Peter W. McClain Gary S. McClure Gary W. McCoy Deborah J. McCracken Kathleen M. McDermott Beulah C. McDowell Patricia A. McElveen Paula A. McElveen James W. McEwen F. Lisa McGaughey H. Cline McGee, Jr. Linda C. McGill Joe L. McGuirt Patricia J. McKeown Deborah A. McKee! Carl B. McKern M. Annette McKinney Betty J. McKinstry Laura L. McLeod M. Shelton McLendon Marcia F. McManeus Hartridge B. McMillan, Jr. Robert A. McMillan Joan D. McNeal Anne V. McQuilkin 87 Talent Of Youngest Class Exhibited In Show Biz Revue G. Robert Moddox J. Gerard Madert David D. Malphurs Gus P. Mandrapilias Myra Mangrum Alan M. Mann Stephanie A. Mann Michele A. Marine Susan R. K. Marrash William H. Marsh Richard C. Marshall James H. Martin Cynthia A. Marus F. Bonneau Matthews Paul E. Mauney Janet P. Mayo Joseph M. Mazziota Judith A. Medearis Ellyn E. Merrill Catherine C. Metzger Robert E. Miller H. Chandler Mitchell James F. Mobley Burton S. Mooney Eric D. Moore Leslie H. Moore S. Johve Moore lla E. Moose Michael H. Morgan M. Ann Morris Ruth E. Morris Gary F. Morrison Joyce A. Moser Lida M. Moser Mary A. Mullis Thomas K. Mundorf Colin A. Munroe James M. Murphy Richard W. Nabers A. Louise Nachman Elizabeth A. Naumoff James M. Neel, Jr. Brennan J. Neilson Brenda L. Newman Diane E. Newman Linda G. Nichols M. Jackson Nichols Marion Nix Ronald R. Nordman Isiah Norman Lewis A. Norman David B. Northey Laura R. Northey Michael J. O ' Neil Ellen R. Orlick David J. Orr Rodolpho F. Ortiz Anne C. Osborne Karen D. Osborne Sherrill L. Osborne E. McGuire Owen Stephen C. Owens William B. Packard Marilyn M. Pappas 38 E. Diane Parker G. Stewart Parker John J. Parker Elizabeth A. Patterson Mary M. Patterson Marcia L. Payne Shirley E. Payne Richard A. Pearsall Jackie L. Peeler Eddie C. Pendergrass Kenneth W. Perry W. Stowe Perry Jerry R. Pettus J. Michael Phelan Elizabeth C. Phillips Frederick A. Phillips Kay F. Phillips Margaret B. Pierce Thomas A. Pickard Virginia S. Pinson Shaun E. Planck Stephen D. Poe Steven D. Poliakoff Alfred M. Pollard M. Lynn Pound B. Samuel Powell, III Elihu R. Powell Elizabeth B. Powers Kelly B. Pratt, Jr. Richard G. Pratt Sandra E. Presson Yvonne Price Sophomores Lend Support To Various Myers Park Clubs Cornell C. Pride Lawrence L. Prince Robert C. Proffitt Dewey E. Rockley Juliann Rankin Rebecca L. Ranson William E. Ranson Debra R. Ratcliffe Mark V. Rotcliffe Richard H. Ray C. Linda Reeder Thomas J. Rehm Sophomore Homecoming attendant, Monica Daniel, is escorted on the playing field by Johnny Austin during half-time ceremonies. J 89 Sophomore Chip Clark (55) turns the corner in the South game. The Ponies went ahead to win the game 27-0. Donna M. Repetto Hendrieka M. Reynders Wihhelmina I. Reynders B. Gail Rhyne William A. Richardson Deborah Richmond Jan e P. Ridenhour Harrell D. Ritch Patricia A. Rixon Douglas G. Roberts Sarah A. Robinson L. Gurren Rockecharlie Sophomores Display Spirit In Decorating Old Cafeteria Pamela E. Roehrs Roy A. Rogers Kenneth Roland Robert L. Roland, III Glorius A. Roseboro Otho B. Ross Robert G. Ross Janet L. Roush Susan L. Russell Mark W. Ryburn Isabel M. Sabates L. Rose Sabates Marian J. Sample Lugenia Sampson Victor Sanders Wayne A. Sanders Francine Scevers Bruce W. Schoonmaker Neal D. Schwantes John W. Scott John G. Sears S. Jane Seeley Howard L. Segal Donald M. Seltzer, Jr. Michael E. Sewell Clyde Shankle Lewis H. Shankle Donald Shapiro Stephen R. Sharman C. Patrick Shaw, III Sarah E. Shaw Pamela R. Shinn 90 Exceptional Sophomores Attend ’67 Governor’s School Carol L. Short Sylvia V. Simms J. Scott Sistare H. Teague Skaggs, Jr. Barbara A. Sledge Henry M. Sluder Linda C. Sluder Michele D. Small Claudia M. Smith Cynthia D. Smith David M. Smith E. Delores Smith Grady F. Smith Harry W. Smith, II H. Wakefield Smith Martha Smith Martin C. Smith Steve K. Smith William R. Snapp Worner L. Sparrow Christina W. Spence Kenneth B. Spencer Daniel A. Spicer Paul Spil Mary E. Sprinkle Martha K. Spurrier Elizabeth R. Squires Dennis L. Stanley Judith A. Starnes John W. Steedly Caroline S. Steele V. Ribinson Steele Neil A. Stephens Bradley Sterling Sharon E. Steward Ivey W. Stewort, III Kenneth L. Stewart Frances A. Stiles Betty L. Stoffel Marilyn A. Stout Michael E. Stovall Larry Stowe Anne B. Stratton Jay T. Stratton Paul A. Stroup Deborah S. Suddreth Barbara A. Sweatman Daniel C. Tort Catherine E. Tate Alice M. Taylor Cynthia B. Taylor Theodore C. Taylor Susan S. Teat Robert E. Terrell M. Elizabeth Therrell Deborah V. Thevaos Charyl D. Thomas Cynthia F. Thomos Diana C. Thomas Donna F. Thomas Jane P. Thomason Sharlee J. Thompson S. Rebecca Thompson Howard A. Thullbery 91 Remaining Two Years At Myers Park Eagerly Anticipated E. Clay Timanus M. Stephen Tinsley G. Henry Tippett Stephen M. Tobin Clifford L. Todd Maurice L. Todd, Jr. T. Michael Todd Betty F. Transou John F. Trexler Susan E. Trice Borry A. Triplett C. Matthew Tritschler Karen K. Turner T. Timothy Turner William T. Turner Margaret J. Uhl Evelyn D. Underwood Linda N. Valentine Sandra G. Vandevere Stokes A. VanPelt Houston L. VanHoy C. Lamar Vaughn Shirley D. Veazey J. Michael Vehue Vickie E. Venable Alan H. Verch Margaret K. Vestal S. Lillian Vestal Dolly A. Voss Judith C. Van Vynckt Lynn L. Wagner Charles W. Walker, Jr. Kathryn L. Walker S. Lee Walker Amanda F. Wallace Charles W. Wallace Cora A. Wallace Dexter A. Wallwork Marsietta D. Walton Catherine H. Word Nancy W. Wardell Judy L. Watkins J. Christopher Watson Kenneth D. Watts Nancy F. Weatherly Doloris A. Weaver B. Suzanne Webb Carolyn J. Webb William B. Webb, Jr. Charles H. Weeks Christopher J. Weiant Harry Welch Henry F. Welfare David H. Wells R. Charlie Wells Deborah A. White Lucy G. White Elaine K. Whitesides Julie W. Whitney Howard M. Widis Bert L. Wiener William M. Wilkerson D. Andrew Williams Elizabeth A. Williams 92 Emily B. Williams J. Morris Williams Jean L. Williams Pamela J. Williams Roderick Williams Stephonie J. Williams J. Carol Williamson John H. Williamson Marcia L. Williamson Theresa C. Williamson David Willingham, III Helen P. Wilmer Ann T. Wilson Robert R. Wilson William S. Wilson Brenda E. Windham Robert W. Withers David E. Withrow Joan E. Wolfe Dianna M. Wood David M. Woodord Nancy B. Woods Deborah L. Wright E. Alvin Wright Carol L. Wyatt Lauro H. Yarborough Edward R. Yopp Timothy H. Younce Mr. Browne ' s first period English class studies intently for one of his infamous tests. The dedicated scholars are Mark Ratcliffe, Dee Rockley, Jeff Chantes, Karen Turner, Chip Holden, Buz Dowd, Marcia McManus, and Henry Sluder. Sally Fleming and Rusty Josephs attend an after-school meeting in the old cafeteria. Their enthusiasm is typical of fellow sophomores. Dr. Laird W. Lewis Mr. Johnny H. Lee Principal Assistant Principal Administration, Teachers, and Students Work Together for Success at MP Administrative leadership, teacher interest, and student co-operation all combined to produce a successful year at Myers Park. Dr. Lewis, Mr. Lee, and Mr. Oliver led the faculty in striving to maintain outstanding programs in curriculum, activities, athletics, and guidance. While Mr. Lee and Mr. Oliver were mainly in charge of dis¬ cipline, Dr. Lewis assumed complete responsibility for the school. The four counselors—Miss Sifford, Mr. Feimster, Miss Poag, and Mr Rorie— were always eager to help any student with his individual problems. Furthermore, they spent endless hours helping students with applications to the college of their choice. The cafe¬ teria and maintenance staffs deserve much recognition for the many hours of work given to serving wholesome food in the cafeteria, and keeping the school and grounds in superior con¬ dition. Mr. William Oliver Assistant Principal Dr. A. Craig Phillips Superintendent Miss Sifford, a counselor, expresses her thoughts at a party given for all teachers by the FTA club. Feimster Poag Rorie Sifford McClintock McCracken The parents of students once again crowd the halls of high school as they attend Back-to-School Night at Myers Park. 95 Students at Myers Park Have Opportunity to Study Grammar Baker Bennett Blackwell Brice Browne Miss Nelson joins in the discussion with her class. These discussions give the student a chance to express himself fully. Miss Evelyn Baker English 12, Senior Literature Scholarship Committee Winthrop, Duke Mrs. Duane Cain Bennett English 10, 11 Limestone, Campbell Mr. John Edward Blackwell English 10 Advisor: Key Club Johnson C. Smith, Duke Miss Elizabeth Brice English 12, Advanced Placement English Advisor: Honor Society Winthrop, Western Carolina Mr. G. Leslie Browne English 10, Journalism III, IV Advisor: The Mustang, Senior Class Lenoir-Rhyne, UNC-CH, Duke Mr. Floyd 0. Campbell Reading Improvement, English 10 Advisor: Sophomore Hi-Y A.S.T.C., Indiana University Miss Willa Donnelle Coleman English 10 Advisor: FTA Winthrop Miss Susie W. Devereux English 10 Advisor: Mustang Medics Queens Mr. Thomas Franklin Elmore English 10, Drama Advisor: Limelighters, Thespians Elon, UNC-CH Miss Mary Hazel Hatchette English 12 Scholarship Committee Berea, UNC-CH Mrs. Elizabeth G. Hinson English 12 Advisor: Keyettes Winthrop, Univ. of Michigan Mrs. Virginia Miller Johnson English 12 Fellowship Committee Winthrop, Duke Mr. John Edgar Kiser English 1 1 Advisor: Civitan Club Central Wesleyan College Mrs. Edith Storm Long English 10 SAT, World Literature Advisor: Honor Society Winthrop, Queens Mrs. Audrey Heath McMullan English 11, Physical Education School Spirit Committee East Carolina, Mars Hill Campbell Coleman Devereux Elmore Hatchette 96 And Explore Great English, American, and World Literature At Myers Park, English might be said to be the cornerstone of the academic system. It is the only subject required for all three years a student is at Myers Park. Beginning in the tenth grade, sopho¬ mores study a variety of great lit¬ erature. Students thrill to the power of Julius Caesar, probe Tennyson ' s Idylls of the King, and study every detail of Eliot ' s Silas Marner. In the eleventh grade, a comprehen¬ sive study of American literature is offered. The juniors begin with the earliest American writers and advance I to the works of Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Bryant. In addition, detailed studies of Na¬ thaniel Hawthorne ' s masterpiece The Scarlet Letter and Herman Melville ' s Moby Dick are fundamentals of this course. While in the twelfth grade, seniors delve into the world of British litera¬ ture. Beginning with the Anglo-Saxon period the students also study British history up to modern times. Between the two extremes seniors discover the genius of Shakespeare as they read Macbeth and Hamlet. The grandeur of Milton ' s Paradise Lost and Bunyan ' s Pilgrim ' s Progress are studied soon after Shakespeare. From the Romantic Age, students have the opportunity to read the works of Wordsworth, Cole¬ ridge, Shelley, and Keats. This period is followed by a study of Tennyson and the Victorian Era. Modern works complete this interest¬ ing course. As well as the required English courses offered at Myers Park, many seniors may wish to take an advanced literature course. Myers Park has two such courses: Senior Literature and World Literature. Senior Literature is a course offered on a one-semester basis. In this course, students read great classics from all over the world. World Literature, which is a full-year course, involves a study of the great literature of every major nationality, from ancient to modern times. Cherryl Glisson, Doris Dixon, Ken Browder, and Donna Brown enact a scene from Chaucer ' s Canterbury Tales. The Canterbury Tales represent only a short phase of the English 12 course, which is entirely devoted to the study of English literature. Terry Brown delivers a speech in Mrs. Potter ' s Speech II class. Debate and speech are both vital phases of this course. Hinson Johnson Kiser Long McMullan 97 Public-Speaking Courses Complete Language Arts Program The speech program at Myers Park is an essential part of the Language Arts curriculum. The student partici¬ pant is first taught the art of being able to stand up in front of a group of people and speak well. Students quickly lose any fears they had before entering the classroom. Not only do students give speeches of their own, but they also engage in debates or listen to various guest speakers. In Current Events, students participate in active discussions of world situa¬ tions. In this half-year course, students often listen to outside speakers, or give speeches of their own. Drama is one of the most interesting courses offered at Myers Park. In Drama I and II students study every aspect of the theater. Without the in valuable assistance of the Drama Department, the plays and shows given at MP would not be possible. Productions this year included My Fair Lady, and Our Town. Susan Teat, a sophomore, gives a report in Mrs. Devereux ' s fourth period English class. Mrs. Devereux surveys her class as they copy major information. Sophomores soon learn to take notes. Members of Miss Nelson ' s advanced English 11 class take part in discussions of literature every week. Throughout the year, this course is entirely devoted to the study of great American literature. Mrs. Lydia A. McNeary English 1 1 Advisor: Majorettes Converse, Queens Miss Nina A. Nelson English 1 1 Advisor: FTA Univ. of Minnesota, Columbia Univ. Mrs. Ramona F. Potter Speech, Current Events Advisor: Forensic Club Ripon, Northwestern Mrs. Evelyn Smith Stanton English 12 Advisor: JV Cheerleaders Winthrop, UNC-G Miss Jean Phifer Librarian Winthrop, Peabody, UNC Miss Audrey M. Sidden Assistant Librarian A.S.T.C. McNeary Nelson Potter Stanton 93 During the lunch periods, the library is always crowded with the many students wishing to make use of the library ' s many fine facilities. Librarians Provide Well-balanced Program for Myers Park Under the capable leadership of Miss Phifer and Miss Sidden, the library became the focal point of Myers Park ' s academic life. Materials were made available in every field, and some of the newest modern fiction was added. The staff purchased three thousand new books, bringing the total number of books in the library to about fourteen thousand. Myers Park students also made use of four new sets of encyclopedias. The foreign language department, the largest in the school system, was expanded to contain four hundred volumes in French, Spanish, German, and Latin. Several magazines were made available in foreign languages as well as English. Thus, the librarians enjoyed a success- on reading for enjoyment as well as research. Sophomores explored the new and often unfamiliar facilities the ful year while placing more emphasis library had to offer, and juniors and seniors found new worlds of knowledge open to them. Miss Phifer works diligently to put many new Miss Sidden, the assistant librarian, works hard to help Miss Phifer keep Myeis Park ' s books on the shelves for students to check out. library running smoothly. The library itself contains more thon fourteen thousand books. 99 Mr. Mims concentrates carefully on the violin section of one of his daily orchestra classes. Members of the classes may join the symphonic orchestra under Mr. Mims ' approval. Mr. Cronstedt holds one of his familiar poses while directing the Chorus III class in re¬ hearsal. Many Chorus III members belong to the choir also. Barber Benson Cronstedt Mims i Mary Howren, Nancy Byerly, and Terri Smith eagerly await their turn to sing in the Chorus III class. Talented Myers Park art student Chris Moody begins another project in Mr. Barber ' s Art II class. Each year, Myers Park art students bring back countless art awards to Mr. Barber and their school. 100 Fine Arts Classes Offer Opportunities to Talented Students Mr. Benson conducts the Symphonic Band during the winter concert. These talented musicians give two concerts each year. Some students prove their versatility by joining the Marching Band and sometimes the Orchestra. At Myers Park, students are fortunate to be able to participate in the out¬ standing Fine Arts courses offered. The Fine Arts Department offers Art and Music programs to interested students. Any student who so wishes may par¬ ticipate in Art I. This course, which is for the beginner or junior high graduate, teaches the student funda¬ mental concepts of color and design. In Art II and III, the more advanced art courses, students perfect their own style as originality is encouraged Examples of student work are dis¬ played at the school while other paintings or sculptures may be sent to contests—city-wide, state-wide, or national—to compete for various prizes. The Music Department provides a great deal of opportunity for talented musicians. Chorus I may be selected by any student who wishes to sing. In the following years, he may wish to ad¬ vance to Chorus II or III. Members of the Choir are chosen from the Chorus II and 111 classes. The bands provided exciting entertain¬ ment at Myers Park. The marching band presented colorful halftime shows at the football games and the symphonic band ' s concerts were the result of diligent practice. The orchestra presented enjoyable concerts throughout the year. Also the music for Myers Park ' s musical, My Fair Lady, was provided by the orches¬ tra. Mr. Richard Dean Barber Art I, II, III Dance Committee Western Carolina, UNC-CH Mr. Edward Darnell Benson Instrumental Music East Carolina, Columbia Univ. Mr. Carl G. N. Cronstedt Choral Music, Theory Advisor: Choir, Modern Music Masters, Columbia School of Music, Northwestern Mr. Spencer R. Mims Orchestra East Carolina, Univ. of Illinois Gold Key award winner Cherryl Glisson demonstrates her style as she begins work on a new drawing. The Myers Park student is continually faced with the challenge of developing new styles and techniques. Members of the orchestra concentrate intently on the sheet music before them. Besides talent, perseverance and interest are qualities of the potential musicians. 101 Myers Park Offers Great Variety in Social Sciences At Myers Park, many fields are open to the student in the social sciences. Required for graduation are Ameri¬ can History and World History, which all students take. However, the So¬ cial Studies Department also offers Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Bible I and II, and Problems of De¬ mocracy. World History is a challeng¬ ing course that involves a detailed study of mankind — tracing back to prehistoric times. However, special emphasis is soon put on the more civ¬ ilized areas of the world. In United States History, students not only learn facts and dates, but also gain valuable insight into the way our government works. They begin such a study by delving into the Con¬ stitution — the foundation of our democracy. Psychology affords the student begin¬ ning study of the human being — his mind and his emotions. Students are able to participate in the many interesting experiments included in this course. On the other hand, Sociol¬ ogy deals with human relationships in today ' s world. Economics introduces the student to the complex laws of business that keep our economy sta¬ ble, and Problems of Democracy is a discussion forum on the world situa¬ tion today. Mr. Wayne Houston Ayers American History Advisor: Senior Hi-Y, ' ntramurals Coach: JV Basketball, JV Baseball A.S.T.C. Miss Suzanne G. Bost World History Advisor: Cheerleaders Wake Forest Mrs. Scott waits for answer to a fundamental question in one of her psychology classes. Any person wishing to take this course may do so. Mrs. Carolyn Park Good World History Advisor: Ambassadors Queens, UNC Mr. James Alex Hartman World History Coach: Basketball, Golf A.S.T.C., Peabody Palmer May reads through chapters of his Bible with new insight through the Bible II course. Above, maps of the ancient world provides information. Mrs. Grace D. Hawfield American History, Economics Advisor: Ambassadors Duke Mr. Thad A. Jones American History Advisor: Social Studies Club A.S.T.C. 102 Ann Sebrell, in a moment ' of serious concen¬ tration, studies parts of the Bible intently for a Bible II class assignment. Smith Sutherland Shotwell Whitaker Mrs. Joan H. Peck American History Advisor: Citizenship Committee Marshall Univ. Mrs. Gladys W. Scott Psychology Advisor: Charlotte, exchange Student Program Duke Mrs. Alice M. Smith Bible Univ. of Richmond, Presbyterian School of Christian Education Mrs. Florence H. Sawyer American History Advisor: Junior Class Salem Miss Judith Anne Shotwell World History Wake Forest Mrs. Virginia P. Sutherland Psychology, Biology I Miss Jeon G. Whitaker World History, American History Advisor: Ambassadors, Social Studies Club UNC-G Mrs. Sawyer presides over one of her American student. History classes. This course is required of every SAT 10 students re-enact the Salem witch ' craft trials. 103 Skills of Reading, Writing, and Speech are Emphasized in For the future college student, two years of a foreign language are almost always required Myers Park provides one of the most thorough foreign language curriculums in the system. French is offered for five years at Myers Park. French I and II give pronunciation rules and lay founda¬ tions of grammar. While continuing to study grammar, French III students also read magazine and news articles along with excerpts from modern works. French IV puts the emphasis on great literature, whereas in French V, the objective is to teach the student to speak the language well. Spanish I introduces the basic prin¬ ciples of rhetoric while Spanish II con¬ tinues this grammatical study. In Spanish III students learn the histories of Spanish-speaking countries. The Spanish IV course is designed to intro¬ duce the student to great Spanish literature. Latin is also offered for four years at Myers Park. Latin I begins with basic grammar combined with the history of Rome. In Latin II, grammar study is continued, but students also read Caesar ' s history of the Gallic Wa rs. Latin III students read the prose of Cicero and Virgil and the members of the Latin IV class study poetry. Myers Park also offers a three-year course in German. The first course provides fundamentals of grammar. The second year introduces students to the literature of the Germanic peoples. In French V class skits, Ann Sebrell portrays the part of the " wolf " in a French version of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. Beverly White, Carla Helms, Lynn Zagora, and Patti Flynn present their skit to the rest of the French V class. French V is an advanced foreign language course designed to teach the student how to speak the language without hesitation. The Foreign Language Courses Offered at Myers Park Grossman Macy McEntire Partin Rogers Miss Martha Cabell Akers Spanish II, III, IV Advisor: Spanish Club, Spanish NHS Scholarship Committee Randolph-Macon, UNC-CH Mrs. Catharine D. Cox French III, IV, V Advisor: French Club Univ. of Richmond, Mary Washington, Middlebury Miss Dorothy E. Dixon French II Advisor: Cheerleaders Wingate, UNC-G Mrs. Dorothy Waller Grossman Spanish I, II Advisor: Red Cross Peace, St. Andrew ' s Mr. Jacques Berr Macy French MIC, Spanish IT Advisor: Interact Club Coach: Wrestling UNC-CH Mr. Russell Hicks McEntire French ll-C, French lll-C Advisor: Engineers Club A.S.T.C., Univ. de Besancon, France Mrs. Ann Miller Partin Spanish Advisor: Sophomore Y-teens UNC-G, UNC-CH Miss Lillian B. Rogers French I Advisor: Red Cross Duke Mr. Richard W. Sizer German I, II, III; Political Science, Problems of Democracy, Journalism I, II Advisor: MyerSpark Mrs. Irene L. Wright Latin I, II, 111, IV Advisor: Latin Club Agnes Scott Mr. McEntire and his French III class seem to enjoy a good joke in a moment of relaxa¬ tion from study. David McLaughlin gives a special report in his Spanish II class as Miss Akers adds her own humorous comments in the background. Each student is required to give these reports several times during the year. Ann Littlejohn leads a conversation in German III class. Taught by Mr. Sizer, Myers Park students find rare opportunity to study a language other than French, Spanish, or Latin. 105 Sunny days make perfect weather for staying outside as members of Coach Purcell ' s Phys. Ed. class participate in a lively game of softball. Softball, soccer, football, archery, and track are among those outdoor sports that make up an integral part of the Physical Edu¬ cation program. Physical Education In keeping with the theory that a sound mind needs a sound body, Myers Park provides an excellent Physical Education program. While taking the course, students have the opportunity to enjoy themselves as they receive valuable exercise. Many team sports are a part of the physical education program. Students participate actively in touch football, basketball, soccer, and softball. Indi¬ vidual skills are also encouraged as Gym class members take part in such activities as cross-country running, weight-lifting, archery, and wrestling. Calisthenics is another important as¬ pect of the P.E. course. Each day the boys and girls exercise strenuously for about ten minutes. Girls learn to be more poised and graceful as boys increase their physical resistance and agility. Perhaps the most important things the students learn are the principles of safety and sportsmanship. The impor¬ tance of safety is emphasized through¬ out the entire program. Sportsmanship is, at all times, encouraged — not only by the instructors themselves, but also by the students as they work together in friendly competition and recreation. Stowe Perry gives it all he ' s got as he parti¬ cipates in a healthful session of softball. Louis Jewell leads the rest of Coach Allen ' s gym class in a daily session of exercises. About fifteen minutes of the gym class period is devoted to calisthenics each day. Girls in Phys. Ed. class provide an interesting pattern as they do their daily exercises. Exercises for the girls are carefully planned to help accentuate their figures and develop co-ordination. These Phys. Ed. students take a run around the track; grueling laps are required daily of these boys. 106 Grace Courses Promote Bodily Stamina and Rotan t Smith Purcell Allen Mr. Stuart Beamon Allen Physical Education Coach: Track, JV Football Advisor: Athletic Committee Emory and Henry; UNC Mr. Augustus B. Purcell Physical Education Coach: Varsity Football UNC-CH Mrs. Elizabeth Sifford Rotan Physical Education Advisor: GAA High Point College; UNC-CH Miss Sarah L. Smith Physical Education Girls in Mrs. Rotan ' s physical education class engage in a lively game of volleyball. Volleyball is only one of the many activities of Gym class that students participate in at Myers Park. Steve Parker begins another pull-up as part of the strenuous exercises required daily in Myers Park ' s Physical Education classes. 107 Bob Harris cheerfully assists a customer while working at his job in a shoe store. Students may keep any money they might earn. Many Different Fields Open to Students Wishing to Follow Bill O ' Neal helps his employer by answering the phone at his job in a sports store. Through the ICT program students gain experience while attending classes. Mr. William Grant Cloaninger Business Law, Shorthand, Physical Education Advisor: Key Club Coach: Cross-Country, Tennis Miss Jane Elizabeth Harrison Shorthand II, Typing I, Office Practice Advisor: Pen Pushers Club Randolph-Macon; Univ. of Indiana Mr. James Patrick Hart CDE I, CDE II Advisor: DECA UNC-CH Mr. Frank Norville Harton Industrial Co-operative Training Advisor: Vocational Industrial Club UNC-CH Mrs. Ella Mae Morris Data Processing, Typing I Western Carolina College Miss F. Evangeline Stewart Bookkeeping I, Typing II, Shorthand I Faculty Recreation Committee Campbell Jr. College; Wake Forest; UNC-CH Mrs. Earline McNeill Tetrick DE I, DE II Advisor: DECA Winthrop; Indiana University This student works hard at his studies for a daily session of the Industrial Co-operative Training class. 108 David Nash exemplifies the standards of ICT. ICT means developing character, citizenship, and trade. Butch Franklin, an Industrial Co-operative Training student, works on his job in a machinist shop. Betty Snyder works rapidly on one of the elec¬ tric typewriters in Mrs. Stewart ' s class. Business Careers Jane Hinson, Teresa Collins, and Suzy Draddy work on an important typing assignment in Mrs. Stewart ' s class. Typing is a course that is useful to any student. At Myers Park, the field of Business Education features many varied courses keyed to interest any busi¬ ness-minded student. For juniors and seniors, there is the Distributive Edu¬ cation course. While attending re¬ quired classes, these students receive on-the-job training for which they are paid. Special emphasis is put on fun¬ damentals of retailing, marketing, and salesmanship. The Industrial Co-operative Training course is open to any student with a vocational goal. This course operates much the same as the D.E. course ex¬ cept the emphasis is on the skilled professions such as mechanics or elec¬ tronics. For all students useful courses in Typing, Bookkeeping, Office Prac¬ tice, and Business Mathematics are offered. All of these courses provide a foundation helpful to the future accountant, secretary, or colleqe stu¬ dent. T ' Tn .» Stewart Tetriek 109 Challenging Science Miss Jean R. Carmichael Chemistry Erskine, A.S.T.C., Syracuse University Mrs. Doris W. Elliot Biology I Advisor: Sr. Y-teens Erskine, UNC-CH Mrs. Edna Galloway Fletcher Biology I Coker, UNC-CH Mr. Charles S. Fulcher Physics Advisor: Great Books Club VPI, UNC-CH Miss Mary Elizabeth Macfie Biology I, II Advisor: JV Cheerleaders Winthrop, Univ. of South Carolina Miss Winnie Davis Moore Biology I Scholarship, Faculty Advisory Committee Mr. Rae C. Padgett Biology I, Physical Science Mars Hill, Wake Forest, UNC-CH Gene Horton and Craig Smith evaporate a solution to dryness during one of the many interesting lab exercises offered in the Chemistry I course. Students have two opportunities each week to ex¬ periment. Mrs. Bernice H. Taylor Chemistry Advisor: Lettergirls Mr. Fulcher, the Physics teacher, contem¬ plates a math problem during a moment of quiet in class. When a student enters Myers Park, he is immediately presented with the vast opportunities the Science Depart¬ ment has to offer. From the beginning he is able to take part in the many interesting experiments in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. Biology I offers a study of plant and animal life. Experiments are performed not only with the large for ms of life, but also with bacteria and other micro-organ¬ isms. In Chemistry, students are more con¬ cerned with inorganic substances, as the significance of atomic and molec¬ ular structure is discovered. The Chem¬ Carmichael Elliot istry course usually has two lab exer¬ cises a week in which students observe and study chemical reactions. Physics students delve into the com¬ plex laws of nature and motion. Al¬ though Physics is primarily a science course, it also involves a great deal of mathematical work. After taking Physics or Chemistry, students who wish to advance even further may wish to participate in the Biology II pro¬ gram. This advanced course involves deeper study, observation, and experi¬ ment. Other twelfth-graders may wish to take Senior Science, which offers an overall review of the sciences. Flefcher Fulcher Macfie I 10 Curriculum Opens New Worlds to All Interested Students Miss Macfie pauses for a moment to finish One of Mr. Fulcher ' s Physics classes actively engages in a discusion of a problem that he has her lunch as she supervises a Biology lab just presented. Students prove many theories and laws by taking part in varied labs and demon¬ exercise. strations. Dick McMillan and Angus McDonald test several different cultures in a Biology II experiment. In this course students are expected to pursue their theories outside the observation and experiment of the classroom. Carol Lane checks instructions and records information while Martha Farmer tests the cultures. 11 1 Hard work and diligence characterize this math student as he hurries to complete his test paper. Myers Park Offers College Mathematics The world of mathematics is complex, but fascinating. To the Myers Park student, the doors to this world are open, and he is free to explore. The exploration begins with Algebra I, which introduces the student to basic algebraic principles. Plane Geometry, the course usually taken after Algebra I, involves the study of important theorems, proofs, angles, and other figures. After taking Geometry, the student advances into Algebra II. This course continues the study of Algebra I, although it is more difficult. When a student finishes Algebra II, he may wish to continue his studies through Algebra III - Trigonometry. In this course, advanced algebra and the circular functions are introduced. Mathematical Analysis is the most advanced course Myers Park offers in the field of mathematics. Students continue study of the circular func¬ tions and mathematical induction. Analytic Geometry is a new area introduced in this subject. Myers Park students are fortunate to have the opportunity to begin study of the college courses. Varied Geometry projects adorn the ceiling in Mrs. Brosius ' classroom. All students are required to make at least one project a year. Mr. Glenn Robert Bridges Geometry, Algebra II A.S.T.C., UNC Mrs. Laura Lovina Brosius Geometry, Algebra I Western Carolina, UNC-CH Mr. B. J. Coble Algebra Ill-Trigonometry, Geometry Catawba, George Peabody Mrs. Mattie Solice Grigsby General Mathematics, Algebra II N. C. College at Durham, Johnson C. Smith Univ. Grigsby Hutchison Sams Scarborough Smith 1)2 To Many Students Miss Hutchison prepares to give her daily lecture to her advanced Algebra II class. Many of these students will advance into a higher math next year. This interesting project, named the " G. 0. Metric Building, " is one of many turned in during the course of the year. Projects of this sort not only enable the student to be creative, but they also illustrate important principles of Geometry in an attractive way. Miss Louise Erwin Hutchison Algebra I and II Fellowship Committee Winthrop Mrs. Sue Williamson Sams Geometry, Algebra I, General Math Advisor: Dance Committee Western Carolina College Mrs. Betty Brandon Scarborough Geometry, General Math Advisor: Keyettes SMU, LSU, UNC-CH Mrs. Mary Barnette Smith Geometry, Algebra Ill-Trigonometry Furman Miss Sarah Frances Stewart Algebra I, General Math, Geometry Faculty Recreation Committee UNC-G Mrs. Betty T. Thomas Algebra II, General Math Advisor: Jr. Y-teens Florida State Univ., Emory, Tulane, A.S.T.C Miss Ethel Julia Whitley Algebra Ill-Trigonometry, Math Analysis Scholarship, Administrative and Faculty Advisory Committee UNC-G, UNC-CH, Duke, Univ. of Virginia Mr. William Henry Williams, Jr. Geometry, General Math A.S.T.C. 113 Sophomores Learn How to Drive, as Other Students Work Mr. Vernon Lowery Booth Industrial Arts Advisor: House and Grounds Committee Western Carolina Mr. Willie L. Little Driver Education Advisor: Interact Club Johnson C. Smith University Mr. Bill Donald Cordell Driver Education Advisor: Monogram Club Lenoir-Rhyne Mrs. Janey Correll Lyerly Home Economics Advisor: FHA UNC-G Mr. Jack H. Sink Driver Education Advisor: Jr. Hi-Y Coach: Baseball, Assistant Football Lenoir-Rhyne, UNC-CH Helen Massey, the only girl that takes Industrial Arts at Myers Park, begins a new set of plans. Mechanical Drawing, though sometimes complicated, is required of every student in the Industrial Arts program. Greg Johnson works diligently on his project during Shop period. Each student must first draw the plans for the object he wishes to build. 114 In Arts and Crafts When a student first enters Myers Park as a sophomore, he is given the opportunity to take on a new respon¬ sibility. Through the Driver Education program, he is able to get his license after passing the 30-hour course. The Driver Education program is indispens¬ able, for it builds safe and conscien¬ tious drivers of tomorrow. In the Home Economics course, girls learn to become superior homemakers. Skills of cooking, sewing, and good housekeeping are taught. Each girl must assume that she is managing her own home and clean up after each day ' s work. Girls also study the art of fashion and problems of health and nutrition. Industrial Arts introduces students to the complex world of mechanical drawing as well as crafts of construc¬ tion. If the student wishes to build anything in the shop, he must first design plans for it. This year, Mr. Booth and the shop class undertook a special project. They built furniture and made toys for a youth center in another neighborhood under the spon¬ sorship of the Methodist Church. During one of Mrs. Lyerly ' s Home Economics classes, Molly Michener and Bessie Demos knead the proper amount of dough for a baking project. Besides working and baking, these students learn the nutritional values of foods. A new dress seems to be the subject of these girls ' attentions as they make sure the hemline is straight. Sewing is just one facet of the interesting course. Ann Fogartie concentrates intently on her sewing project in Home Ec. class. In this course girls have the opportunity to make beautiful clothes for themselves. 115 116 STUDENT LIFE ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ACA DEMICS STUDENT LIFE ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ACADE MICS STUDENT LIFE ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ACADEMI STUDENT LIFE 1 17 Student Life Editor, Janet Godfrey STUDENT LIFE 118 Participation Brings Renewal of School Spirit; Three Classes Unite for Good of MP Sam Taylor displays his spirit on Mustang Day. Retrospect. What do we see? Three years—long years, yet too short for all the demands on our time. These years are good ones filled with exciting victories, warm friendships, and the proud self-assurance that comes with being a Mustang. These memories are stored for the bright future. As the small moments dim, one thing shines clear. A spirit of one¬ ness prevails over Myers Park. For all that is done by every Mustang be¬ comes a part of Myers Park ' s story. We have found unity in diversity. We have learned to respect the con¬ tribution of every individual. As we develop our talents and abil¬ ities, we share with one another those special moments when we are Mustangs. Working at the Bar-B-Que, yelling at pep rallies, and making Junior-Senior the best ever are bonds which we treasure. No longer do we think of high school as a necessary evil in our formal education. It is the beginning of the search for truth, a greater understanding of our fellow man, and a greater knowledge of ourselves. Pep rallies sponsored by the cheerleaders and (he School Spirit Committee help to bolster enthusiasm before a big game. Seniors rally to answer the call for support by signing their names to a " spirit poster. " V 119 Diversified Phases of Extra-Curricular Activities Provide Bob Jones, Grady Lonon, David Bowser, Nancy Byerly, Sandy Freeman, and Ollie Sharman perform in the Talent Show put on by the Drama Department. A skydiver was obtained by the Key Club to promote school spirit before a big game. Queen, the Homecoming Dance was greatly enjoyed by students,. Sadie Hawkins, held in the Li I ' Abner and Daisy Mae tradition, was a turnabout for boys, who had to sit by their phones and wait for a date. Junior- Senior, the juniors ' annual project, was characterized by the closely- guarded secret of the theme, which was carried out by the decoration of the foyer, old and new cafeterias, and the patio. Money for the dance was raised this year by the presentation of a hootenanny displaying talent from all three classes. The Foreign Ex¬ change Banquet, sponsored by the Interact Club, gave the students at Myers Park a chance to meet our Foreign Exchange students. Penny Hollars dispenses holiday cheer for the Keyettes. Bill Griffin sells tickets to the Senior Class Play produced to raise money for the Senior Class gift. A vital part of student life at Myers Park is the various assemblies, dances, and plays, which are enjoyed and appreciated by the students. The World of Carl Sandburg, presented by Flatrock Players, was one of the first assemblies of the year. This program gave insight into Sandburg ' s life and included some of his famous works. Displaying a surprising amount of talent here at Myers Park, the Show Biz Revue was a complete success, and aided in increasing the Drama De¬ partment ' s treasury. Our Town, the senior class production, was attended by a large number of juniors who were trying to avoid reading it in their Lit books. Climaxed by the announcement of the For arch-rival Garinger, the caged Wildcat expresses the hope of the Junior Class for a victory. 120 Student Council gives students a chance to participate in decisions. This year the point system was revised to make the Council open to more students. Many Opportunities for Achievement and Self-Expression The Novas, a group of talented students, entertains during the annual PTA Bar-B-Que. Students provided entertainment at set times throughout the day. In order to raise money for the Junior-Senior, the Junior Class sponsors a Hootenanny featuring bands and singing groups composed of talented students. Mary Reid, Head Cheerleader, voices her opinion to a question brought up in Student Council. 121 National Merit Finalists. FRONT ROW: Farmer, Mayfield, Duvall, Shaw. SECOND ROW: Cochran, Love, Daniel, McGoogan. THIRD ROW: Stephens, Northey, Allen, Page, Pettus. Honors Received Again the high standards of education and citizenship at Myers Park were demonstrated in the number of schol¬ arships, awards, and honors given to Myers Park students. To receive such honors as the Harvard Book Award and the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award, a student must have not only good grades, but he must also possess outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership. He must be well- rounded and active in school affairs. He must be aware; not only of him¬ self, but of others and also of his school. Sue Buck exemplified these attributes, and thus was chosen by the Daughters of the American Revolution to receive their Good Citizenship Award. Bruce Page, for outstanding achievement as a scholar, was rec¬ ognized as recipient of the Harvard Book Award. The library affords students a chance either to study or leisurely read a daily newspaper. In his junior year, Graham McGoogan was selected to receive the Sewanee Award for Excellence from the University of the South. At Honor Society induction for the second 5% of the Senior Class, Janice Booth gives Donna Kale- vas her ribbon and badge. 122 By Deserving Students for Their Endeavors The National Merit Tests, which were given to all interested juniors in February, separate the merely good students from the excellent ones. Those scoring above a certain level became Semi-Finalists. This year all sixteen of Myers Park ' s Semi-Finalists became Finalists, giving us the highest number of winners in the county. The Sewanee Award for Excellence, given by the University of the South, rewards high achievement in scholar¬ ship, leadership, and citizenship. This award was given to Graham McGoo- gan at Honors and Awards Day last year Another honor bestowed on qualifying students was membership in the National Honor Society. Students el¬ igible for this honor must be of high character and also have achieved an outstanding scholastic record. Fifteen percent of the Senior Class was in¬ ducted into the group. Furthering her honorary accomplishments. Sue Buck is the recipient of the DAR Good Citizen Award. The only snowfall of the year causes definite excitement as everyone looks forward to a holiday. Bruce Page is awarded the distinguished Harvard Book Award for his outstanding en¬ deavors. During the annual Back-To-School PTA meeting, Terry Brown serves as a guide, helpfully giving directions to confused parents. 123 Well-Rounded Students Are Rewarded For Hard Work and Devotion to MP Myers Park ' s traditional Homecoming Dance was held this year after our victory over East. Announcement of the Queen and her court was made during the halftime show. The Queen Barbara Belue, was joined by Betsy Smith and Doris Dixon, Senior Attend¬ ants, Anita Stonecipher, Junior At¬ tendant, and Monica Daniel, Sopho¬ more Attendant. At the annual Thanksgiving Day parade, Missy Stewart represented Myers Park. She was one of the three honor princesses traditionally chosen to represent the student bodies of Garinger, Harding, and Myers Park. Missy ' s selection allowed her to attend the Carousel Ball and to ride on the King and Queen ' s float in the parade. Each year singling out the qualities of leadership, dependability, and devo¬ tion to the school, the student body selects two seniors as Mr. and Miss Myers Park. Randy Short and Betsy Smith were the two chosen to receive this honor which rewards three years of continual efforts to serve Myers Park. Every senior class has the responsi¬ bility of electing one boy and one girl to receive the Danforth Award. The two receiving this honor were selected on the basis of outstanding qualities of leadership. Cathy Harkey and Bill Griffin were chosen by their class¬ mates as deserving of this important awa rd. Elected Carousel Princess, Missy Stewart rep¬ resents Myers Park in the annual Thanks¬ giving Parade. The Seniors of Myers Park chose, as Mr. and Miss Myers Park, a couple possessing the qualities of friendliness, pride in their school, and a dedicated willingness to serve. Randy Short and Betsy Smith received this honor. National Merit Letter of Commendation win¬ ners are Melanie Motley and Bill Faucette. They rank just below the finalists in test scores. 124 Bill Griffin and Cathy Harkey receive the Danforth Award honoring special leadership qualities. Sponsor Muffy Morrison and her escort, Brantley presentation. Blair, leave the Carousel during the half-time Barbara Belue, who sponsored David Martin, is crowned Homecoming Queen during half-time. She was elected by the members of the football team. Without the help of many dedicated students, MY FAIR LADY could not have gone on. Bonnie Harkey speaks at the Honor Society Assembly. The theme was " No man is an island. " School life consists of much more than academic work. After school activities, such as decorating the cafeteria, do much to complete a student ' s growing up. 1 25 Patsy Austin Sissy Beam Brantley Blair Horner Awards Honor Seniors Displaying Outstanding Abilities, Service to School Each year, outstanding members of the senior class are honored with the Horner Award for their outstanding achievements and invaluable service to the school and their fellow students. Those selected exhibit exceptional traits in the fields of leadership, schol¬ arship, dependability, character, and service. The number of students varies each year, but the qualifications re¬ main the same. Established in 1962, the awards are niven annually in honor of Dr. Jack Horner, principal of Myers Park from 1955 to 1960. They commemorate his five years of leadership and faithful Patsy Austin Co-Chairman, School Spirit Committee . . . Publicity Committee ... JV Cheerleader. As a Varsity Cheer¬ leader, Patsy sought to spread school spirit among the students of Myers Park. Girl Ambassador . . . Sophomore, Junior Beauty. Sissy Beam Co-Chairman, Handbook-Scrapbook Committee . . . Publicity, Welcoming Committees . . . Honor Society . . . Girl Ambassador. As Secretary of the Senior Class, Sissy extended service qualities to her fellow students. Vice-president, Y-teens . . . Co-Chairman, Junior-Senior Committee. Brantley Blair Treasurer, Student Council . . . House and Grounds, School Spirit Committees . . . Interact. As well as being a student leader, Brantley displayed his acting ability in Our Town. Latin Club . . . Treasurer, Jun¬ ior Class ... JV Basketball. Sue Buck service to the school in its early years. This special recognition is given only to students who have contributed unselfishly of their time and talent toward the betterment of Myers Park. The differing interests of the chosen seniors show the varying opportunities which Myers Park provides for all its students. The achievements and con¬ tributions of the Horner Awardees set an example for everyone to follow These students have proven through¬ out their three years at MP that par¬ ticipation brings enjoyment and ful¬ fillment. Sue Buck Co-Chairman, Citizenship Committee . . . Welcoming, Publicity Committees . . . Chorus . . . Girl Ambassa¬ dor . . . Honor Society. In recognition of Sue ' s qualities of citizenship, she was awarded the DAR Good Citizen Award. French Club Chief Junio r Marshal. Sallie Daniel Co-Chairman, Student Opinion Committee . . . Dance, Publicity Committees . . . Girl Ambassador. Render¬ ing dedications and leadership, Sallie served as Presi¬ dent of the Latin Club in her senior year. Vice- President, Y-teens . . . National Merit Finalist. Pafti Flynn Foreign Exchange, Publicity, Welcoming Committees . . . Junior Marshal . . . Honor Society. Patti spent many long hours co-ordinating the 1967 Mustang. Girl Ambassador . . . Secretary, Limelighters . . Thespians . . . Representative to Girls ' State . Co-Chairman, Junior-Senior Committee. Sallie Daniel 126 Patti Flynn Cherryl Glisson Co-Chairman, Publicity Committee . . . Girl Ambassa¬ dor . . . French Club. As Co-Chairman of the Dance Committee, Cherryl displayed her artistic talents for the enjoyment of fellow students. Mustang Medics . . . Co-Chairman, Junior-Senior Committee . . . Gold Key Art Awards. Bill Griffin Co-Chairman, House and Grounds Committee . . . School Spirit, Dance Committees . . . Honor Society . . . Junior Marshal. Bill served his class as class president, junior and senior years. Wildacres Dele¬ gate . . . Morehead Semi-Finalist . . Football , . Track . . . Interact Club. Bonnie Harkey Co-Chairman, Public Relations Committee , . . Citi¬ zenship, Foreign Exchange Committees . . . Vice- president, Honor Society Bonnie ' s singing and dancing abilities were artfully displayed in South Pacific and My Foir Lady. Girl Ambassador . National Forensic League . . French NHS Wildacres Delegate. Cherryl Glisson Cathy Harkey Dance, Publicity, School Spirit Committees . . Sec¬ retary, Sophomore Class. Cathy was elected by her fellow students as secretary of the Student Council in her senior year. Cheerleader . . . Girl Ambassa¬ dor . . , Debate Club . , . Secretary, Y-teens. Henry Harkey School-Spirit, Assembly, Publicity Committees Debate Club . . . Spanish Club. In his senior year Henry received the presidency of the Interact Club. National Forensic League . . . Track . . . Runner-up, American Legion High School Oratorical Contest. David Hawkins School Spirit Committee . . . Secretary, Hi-Y . . Vice-president, Interact Club. As a recognized leader, David was elected Vice-president of his class his sophomore and senior years. Golf . . . Representa¬ tive to Boys ' State . . . Wildacres Alternate. Cathy Harkey Henry Harkey Bill Griffin Bonnie Harkey David Hawkins 127 Margaret Jordan Ed Poe Bruce Page Carson Pease Margaret Jordan Dance, School Spirit Committees . . . Cheerleader . . . Girl Ambassador. As Co-Chairman of the Student Opinion Committee, Margaret did much to further the interests of her fellow students. Honor Society . . . Junior Marshal . . . Co-Chairman, Junior-Senior Committee. Bruce Page Co-Chairman, Handbook-Scrapbook Committee . . . House and Grounds Committee . . . Interact. As a varsity debater, Bruce won many honors for himself and MP. President, Mustang Medics . . . Junior Mar¬ shal . . . Harvard Book Award . . . National Merit Finalist . . . Morehead Scholarship. Tommy Pettus Hi-Y . . . Interact . . . Secretary, Latin Club . . . Honor Society . . . Basketball. As Boys ' Sports Edi¬ tor of the Mustang, Tommy worked to give com¬ plete coverage. Tennis . . . Junior Marshal . . . Na¬ tional Merit Finalist . . . Morehead Scholarship Alter¬ nate. Ed Poe Co-Chairman, Athletic Committee . . . Key Club . . . President, Latin Club. Ed demonstrated his leadership ability by serving as President of the Student Council. Basketball . . . Baseball . . . Honor Society . . . Jun¬ ior Marshal . . . Exchange Student to Austria. Carson Pease Foreign Exchange Committee . . . Girl Ambassador . . . Latin Club. As President of Y-teens, Carson helped further the scope and influence of the club. Honor Society . . . Treasurer, GAA . . . Junior Mar¬ shal . . . Co-Chairman, Senior Class Committee. Mol lie Robey Dance Committee . . . Organizations Editor, Mustang . . . Secretary, Latin Club. Mollie ' s vitality showed up on the field as she went through the paces of Lettergirl. Keyettes . . . Honor Society . . . GAA . . . Governor ' s School . . . Junior Marshal. Mollie Robey Ann Sebrell 123 Student life does not consist entirely of academic curriculum as this game during lunch shows. Ann Sebrell Co-Chairman, Dance Committee . . . School Spirit, Citizenship Committees. Ann worked long and hard to make Junior-Senior a memorable occasion for everyone. Girl Ambassador . . . French Club . . . GAA. Knox Tate Co-Chairman, School Spirit Committee . . . Dance Committee . . . Vice-president, Junior Class Hi-Y. As a representative to Wildacres, Knox proved his well-rounded qualities. Interact . . . Vice-presi¬ dent, Mustang Medics . . . Football . . . Wrestling. Randy Short House and Grounds, Dance Committees . . . Vice- president, Student Council . . . President, Sophomore Class. Randy ' s athletic, scholastic, and leadership abilities made him a natural for the honors he received. Key Club . . . Latin Club . . Football Baseball. Polly Vinroot Dance, Publicity Committees . . . President, Future Teachers ' Club. Polly served on the staff of the Myerspork in her junior year and was made Editor in her senior year. Secretary, German Club . . . Girl Ambassador . . . Red Cross. Betsy Smith Treasurer, Sophomore and Senior Classes Secre¬ tary, Junior Class . Cheerleader. Betsy was chosen by her fellow students as a Homecoming Attendant each year. Red Cross . . . Y-teens . . . Miss Hi-Miss. Randy Young Co-Chairman, Welcoming Committee , . . Publicity, Public Relations Committees . . . Y-teens. As Presi¬ dent of Girl Ambassadors, Randy served her school and community through the club ' s participation in worthwhile projects. French Club . . . Honor Society. Randy Young Polly Vinroot Randy Short Betsy Smith Knox Tate 129 130 131 Sen jo Miss AeSecca Martin Senior Attendant " As you can imagine, judging from pictures alone is most difficult, and perhaps not the fairest way. " My best wishes and congratulations to all the girls. " Best wishes, Johnny Carson 132 beauties JRis s r Joy ( ox ' Junior JJeauty JRJiss JKonica Daniel c jop no n ore JJ)eauty JRJi ss Anita JtonecipAer JRJiss J) ax ter JfutcAison JJunior Attencfant c S op Aom ore Attendant 133 With Service, Achievement, and Social Activities, Unforgettable The moment of recognition for hard work comes upon induction into NHS and a smile from a friend. Students returning in the fall, or entering for the first time, bring with them a multitude of diverse interests and talents. Each quickly becomes a Mustang and strives for that common goal—excellence. This search for ex¬ cellence covers every facet of school life—in the classroom, and in extra¬ curricular activities. The Sophomore rapidly learns that his greatest reward comes through par¬ ticipation. He becomes an activist, a worker, and welcomes and contributes new ideas. What Junior can forget the thrill of being an upperclassman and the secure feeling of knowing his way around? He belongs and has a part in making the decisions that will make this year the best ever. The Juniors have al¬ ready learned the most important lesson of all—that nothing generates enthusiasm more than enthusiasm. They are eager to pass on their hard won knowledge. All of the wonderful experiences that have enriched three years makes being a Senior a time of anticipation and nostalgia as one reflects on his disappointments and joys. Seniors are the proven leaders of a school that has a vital purpose, and Myers Park has such a purpose. Just os snow enhances and complements the monument at the entrance to the school, so do its students complement Myers Park. A moment of solitude is found by one lone student in the tense moments before a per¬ formance. 134 Years at Myers Park Pass Altogether Too Swiftly for Us Certainly, no one will ever forget that first day at Myers Park, the first pep rally, or the first research paper. Nor will any of us forget the ordinary day-to-day events which we must live as ordinary people. True, these expe¬ riences do not seem momentous, but they become the things we recall most often. Suddenly here at the end we realize it is merely how we utilize our opportunities when we have them that counts. These days at Myers Park build upon each other, rewarding everyone who dares to become a part of the Myers Park story. Hurry, scurry, this is the symbol of school life. Yet, there ore moments when, oblivious to their surroundings, two girls find themselves alone and apart from everyone else. The mobility of the hand and its search for more time and more knowledge is a familiar sight to each and every student at Myers Park. MUSTANGLAND — a place that prepares us for life. And after graduation a new world opens up; a world that will pass just a quickly as three years at MP. School life is a mixture of winning and losing, ups and downs, as mirrored in the passing faces. 135 136 ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE ACTIVITIES AT HLETICS ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE ACTIV ITIES ATHLETICS ACADEMICS STUDENT LIF ACTIVITIES Clubs Editor, Janice Booth Organizations Editor, Mollie Robey 137 ¥ ' ++ ACTIVITIES 138 Student Council Promotes “Unity for Victory’’ Theme The Seniors decorated the new cafeteria to prove that they have the most school spirit. The Student Council officers worked hard to unite a student body of two thousand. Choosing a theme supported by the rest of the students, the entire council emphasized the importance of “Unity for Victory " . All students were urged to take a more active part in student government. Working through homeroom representatives, each stu¬ dent was asked to give helpful sugges¬ tions and opinions on student life. This step added another dimension through which there was better com¬ munication throughout the school. This year ' s Student Council worked diligently in uncovering a more effec¬ tive means of student government and policy-making. It concerned itself in writing and presenting a revised con¬ stitution, enabling a smoother-run organization and involving a greater percentage of the student body. Bob Haubenreiser as a clown makes a dif¬ ferent wall hanging at the Homecoming Dance. The School Spirit Committee sponsored a cow- Knox Tate headed a committee to revise the old constitution. Here he suggests ways to change boy day for the North football game. the point system to enable more students to participate in school activities. Elections Committee Chairmen, Eloise Dubose, Lynn Jones, and Carolyn Nodell take up ballots for for Sophomore officers. These girls were responsible for all elecfions held fhis year. Randy Shorf considers a proposal broughf be fore a meeting of the Inter-Club Council. 139 Thirteen Committees Concentrate on Bringing Together All Along with their other duties, the School Spirit Committee also hunts for lost articles. This year they found the canvas through which the football players run before games. A vital section of the Student Council was the thirteen committees which concentrated on the diversified phases of student life. Students were greeted by an enthu¬ siastic Welcoming Committee at the New Students ' Tea which initiated a friendly atmosphere for newcomers. At a tea at the beginning of the year, the Foreign Exchange Committee in¬ troduced the foreign exchange stu¬ dents to the rest of the student body. The Publicity and School Spirit Com¬ mittees informed students of various athletic events and activities through¬ out the week. These committees met to work on informative signs and banners. After distributing handbooks to new students in September, the Handbook-Scrapbook Committee gath¬ ered materials for the Scrapbook, commemorating outstanding school events. President of the Student Council, Eddie Poe, puts a motion to the vote of the Student Council. Secretary of the Student Council, Cathy Harkey, talks with Treasurer Brantley Blair during a Student Council meeting. Randy Short, Vice-President and head of the Inter-Club Council, listens to proceedings. The School Spirit Committee helped to make spirit a big word this year. Here they put up the spirit chain around Memorial Stadium before a football game. Dick McMillan, Chris Culp, and Angus McDonald enjoy intramural football. The Athletic Committee sponsored such teams as the Crazy Cougars and the Marijuana Brass. 140 Phases of Life Student Opinions brought about some desired changes in school policy by acting o n student suggestions. Public Relations strived to improve commu¬ nication and relations among the schools. Myers Park unanimously accepted an Honor Code presented in December by the Citizenship Committee. " Carou¬ sel " , the theme for the Homecoming Dance, delighted all who attended. The Dance Committee featured Ben E. King for the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. The work of two committees was less publicized but greatly appreciated. The Assembly and House and Grounds Committees set up for scheduled meet¬ ings and cleaned up the campus. The Elections Committee saw that the numerous elections were run smoothly The Hall of Fame Committee worked to select outstanding former students for induction into Myers Park ' s Hall of Fame. Committee Chairmen are: Athletic: Burnham, McMillan, Graham; Citizenship: Whittaker, Buck; Dance: Nettles, Sebrell, Glisson; Elections: Nodell, Jones, Dubose; Hall of Fame: McGoogan, Belk, Morrison; Handbook-Scrapbook: Aramoonie, Page; Public Relations: Babcock, Miller; Publicity: Hill, Young, Aramoonie; Foreign Exchange: Ford, Parker; School Spirit: Tate, Austin; Student Opinion: Daniel, Jordan, Wilkinson; Welcoming: Roberts, Thomason, Brown, Muffy Morrison tells the Hall of Fame Committee about the previous Myers Park students to be considered for the Hall of Fame. Their advisor is Miss Baker. Bruce Page and Laurice Aramoonie look over last years scrapbook to get ideas for 1966- 1967. Shirley Hill and Marshall Young get mad at Lee Miller gives her side of Americans abroad Phil Aramoonie for another Publicity " sug- at a Foreign Exchange Assembly in March, gestion " . Sallie Daniel, Student Opinion chairman, gives her " opinion " during Student Council. 14 ! 1st ROW: Potter, Chop. Love, Sec. Porker, Vice-Pres. Fox, Pres. Mclver, Treas. Smith, Kalevas, Davidson. 2nd ROW: Crilly, Martin, Blucher, Harkey, Patton, Lane, Robey. 3rd ROW: Martin, Irvine, Hollars, Beyer, Berkeley, Culp, Fleming. 4th ROW: Faile, Glover, Leumann, Dunning, Jones, Duvall. 5th ROW: Littlejohn, May, Wilkerson. Huggett, Broadway, Shaw, Booth. Keyettes Become Active Part of MP: Paint Gay Flowers, Work at Nursery Nancy Irvine trims run-away grass around a walk for a Keyette project. With the discovery of the need for another girls ' service club, the Keyette Club was started late last year. Taking as their motto, " To Build, " the mem¬ bers have become active in both school and community. At the beginning of the school year, the Keyettes wore " Ask Me " tags, inviting sophomores, new students, and absent-minded old ones to ask them the location of build¬ ings and rooms. The girls joined with the Interact Club in an effort to beautify the campus by mowing and clipping the grass. To brighten the day for Myers Park girls, the Keyettes spent three weeks on an original project of painting bigger-than-life flowers in the girls ' bathrooms. Two girls helped at the Sunshine Day Nursery on Monday ' s and Wednes¬ day ' s. This nursery provides supervised activities for children whose parents work. At Christmas the Keyettes played Santa not only to the students at Myers Park during lunch but also to a welfare family of eight children. The girls took the children Christmas shopping and furnished gifts for them to open on Christmas morning. Two Keyettes each week attended the Thursday luncheon-meetings of their sponsoring club, the Charlotte Kiwanis. Ellen Fleming ' s knack for making sand-pies comes in handy at the Sunshine Day Nursery. LEFT: Santa (Penny Hollars) receives a slight beard adjustment before distributing candy to students. RIGHT: To increase communications among members, Ginny Duvall puts a notice on the bulletin board. 142 Members of NFL Win Recognition for Speaking Abilities The National Forensic League recog¬ nizes the talents and abilities of stu¬ dents who excel in public speaking, debating, and interpretive readings. To become a member, students earn points by debating, making speeches, and participating in contests held by different NFL chapters. Members of the Debating Team gained recognition this year through their successes in various tournaments. At the tourna¬ ment at the University of Pittsburgh in which eighty schools participated, Myers Park received a " Superior " rating. Speech Club members attended an official Congress and speaking con¬ test in Erwin, Tennessee, and did exceptionally well. The club earned money to help pay trip expenses by selling tickets for parking spaces at the Shrine Bowl game. Regular meet¬ ings held at the Park Road S W feature guest speakers and programs planned and conducted by the mem¬ bers themselves. NFL members. FRONT ROW: Odom, Seanor, Eck, Hope. 2nd ROW: Matthews, Burnham, Brown Burns. 3rd ROW: Harkey, Page, McKinnon. Forensic Club off.: Pres. Brown, Cor. Sec. Eck, Vice-Pres. Sturges, Treas. Seanor, Historian Burns. Mapping out their plan of attack for an upcoming debate are Henry Harkey and Hugh Odom. Terry Brown develops a forceful delivery for his participation in speech contests. An interesting speaker provides one of the many entertaining programs of the Speech Club, held at the Park Road S W. 143 1st ROW: Treas. Allison, Sec. Shackelford, Vice-Pres. Northey, Pres. Alexander, Tate, Edwards, Donnelly, Aramoonie. 2nd ROW: Sgt. at Arms Brantley, Short, Marshall, Coe, Babcock. 3rd ROW: Bethune, Willard, Thomason, Hinkle, Jones. 4th ROW: Brown, Broome, Poe, Browder, Beaver, Brewer, Citron. Key Club Adds Zest to Pep Rallies Randy Short announces Bobby Haubenreiser as the lucky recipient of the Cager-of-the-Week award. The most spectacular of the Key Club ' s activities this year featured a skydiver who brought a spirit message during a pep rally. More down-to- earth projects included publishing the Key Club Directory, cleaning and painting parts of the stadium, pur¬ chasing college guidance books for the counselors ' use, and sponsoring the student-faculty basketball game. The boys collected over 250 pounds of reading material for soldiers in Viet¬ nam. Sounds of the Tams and Temp¬ tations were heard during lunch on several occasions. The parent appre¬ ciation banquet, conducted by the members, honored Jim Beaty as speaker. During " Key Club Week, " prominent men in the community spoke over the intercom about citizen¬ ship and scholarship. Ken Coe explains the absolute necessity of owning a key chain purchased from the Key Club. This parachuter dropped from the sky to bring a spirit message from the Key Club to the team. Members of the Key Club solemnly mourn the death of a South football player who wandered into the MP gym by mistake during a pep rally. Modern Music Masters Serve as Ushers Modern Music Masters Off.: Viee-Pres. Bowser, Sec. Rendleman, Pres. Allen, Treas. Sharman. Modern Music Masters is an honorary organization which recognizes out¬ standing musical achievements of students. The MP chapter is one out of 700 all over the world. New mem¬ bers are inducted twice a year and must show their worthiness by per¬ forming in unique skits at the May banquet. There is much room for originality in such parts as a swan lake ballet and a concerto on four gasoline cans The members ushered at most musical performances given at Myers Park. They also gave a chamber music concert featuring small vocal and instrumental ensembles. This program was open to the public. At the monthly meetings of Modern Music Masters, interesting speakers such as Robert Chapero Hazzan and Purvis Lee pre¬ sented talks. 1st ROW: Von Sciver, Hadden, Word, Sibley, Proctor, Gallant, Barnes, Novack, Sykes, Hotkey. 2nd ROW: Eaker, Taormina, Cooper, Walker, Morrison, Nettles, Harrington, Free¬ man, Lonon. 3rd ROW: Elliott, Sturges, Johns¬ ton, Shaw, Cauble. Social Studies Club Hears Speakers Organized for only two years, the Social Studies Club has become one of Myers Park ' s most interesting activ¬ ities. Guest speakers such as Mr. Joseph Myers and the Reverend Daniel Durway helped to broaden the members ' knowledge of problems, situations, and events occurring in the world today. Question and answer I periods and small discussion groups give members an opportunity to ex¬ press their own opinions. Although the club ' s main purpose is education rather than service, it has participated in several projects this year. For three weeks the club members kept the Student Lounge clean. They also painted the TV room at the Tin Can, a favorite meeting place for Myers Park students. Social Studies off.: Club Rep. Cadieu, Sec. Col¬ lins, Pres. Clontz, Vice-Pres. Lewin, Club Rep. Crawford, Treas. Hanner. Wesley Sturges sweeps up trash in the student lounge for the Social Studies Club. Social Studies members wonder if they were all once ants after Joe Myers ' talk on re¬ incarnation. Bill Matthews, Harriet Clontz, John Patterson, and Elaine DeMars gather equipment to paint the TV room at the Tin Can. 145 Efficiency was their motto! Randy Young, Shirley Hill, and Melanie Motley kept the tables clean at the annual Myers Park Barbeque. Ambassadors use soap, water, and elbow-grease on teachers ' cars, which they washed free of charge. As a frightened first-grader, Cathy Harkey performs in a skit for the New Girls ' Tea. GAC Sells Green and White Beanies 1st ROW: Belk, Sebrell, Miller, Buck, Pres. Young, Vice-Pres. Babcock, Sec. Rollins, Treas. Beam, Hill, Dixon, Stroupe, Stothart, Harkey. 2nd ROW: Graham, Daniel, Mayfield, Young, Knight, Austin, Jones, Andrews, Auque, Morrison, Harkey, Hill, Motley. 3rd ROW: Garrett, Heath, Johnston, Cush¬ man, Dubose, Vinroot, Walton, Smith, Nodell, Roberts, Glisson, Flynn. 4th ROW: Barnes, Zagora, Morrison, Powers, Pease, Reid, Huey, Brown, Jordan. to Encourage “Basketball Our Pride” The GAC added several projects to their traditional activities of pushing the Cheer Cart at Memorial Hospital, selling pom-pons, and sponsoring the New Girls ' Tea and the Teachers ' Banquet. Once a month the girls took children from Thompson Orphanage on outings such as a trip to Douglas Airport. The club had signs made directing traffic from Selwyn Avenue and Colony Road to Myers Park. To encourage school spirit, the Ambas¬ sadors sold green and white beanies to students. The girls provided the art work and Interact Club Members provided the muscles and height in decorating SC for Christmas. Weekly projects included making school sup¬ plies and keeping bowling scores for retarded children. Francoise ducks as Randy Young sells a pom¬ pon to Mary Martin. J 146 In charge of the trash cans on campus are Jr. Hi-Y members, Jeff Hinkle and Buddy Thomason. Green Rock, Compliments of Jr. Hi-Y’s Affiliated with the YMCA, the Junior Hi-Y Club participated in both athletic and community activities. The sensa¬ tional basketball team played other Hi-Y teams around the city. Each member of the club took an under¬ privileged child to one of Myers Park ' s athletic events. Throughout the year the boys arranged a bulletin board on automobile safety in the SC patio showcase. One of the most unusual and original projects that the Junior Hi-Y members did this year involved a gigantic rock. The boys put this bolder in the circle and painted it a lovely shade of MP green as another of Myers Park ' s symbols. Jr. Hi-Y off.: Treas. Cassanova, Sec. Hinkle, Chap. Beaver, Vice-Pres. Graham, Sgr. at Arms Moore, Pres. Thomason. Jr. Hi-Y basketball team members: Horney, Norton, Lipscomb, Graham, Hinkle. Some Jr. Hi-Y members paint the Rock, while others add helpful suggestions as to what would produce the most striking artistic effect. Pen Pushers Make Thanksgiving Baskets Pen Pushers is a club organized for girls who plan to enter professions in the business world. Speakers, whose topics range from the correct dress of secretaries to legal matters, are pres¬ ent at many of the meetings. Mrs. Anabell Prevatte, a representative from Ivey ' s Department Store and an instructor of the Seventeen Modeling Course, spoke to the members about a possible career in that field. Again this year the girls offered to the students Myers Park pillows mono- gramed in the school colors. For their Thanksgiving project, the Pen Pushers filled baskets with fruit. The girls placed a Thanksgiving message in each basket and then distributed them among the patients of the Charlotte Rehabilitation Hospital. Pen Pushers off.: Vice-Pres. Mclver, Pres. Lambeth, Treas. Tharp, Sec. Elwood, Reporter Rockecharlie. Pen Pushers members fill Thanksgiving baskets for patients at the Rehabilitation Hospital. 147 Interact Club Improves Appearance of Campus, Classrooms Barbara Leumann and a fellow countryman sing Swiss songs at the Foreign Exchange Banquet. The Interact Club members devoted several Saturday ' s to the service of the school. The boys improved the appearance of MP, inside and out, by polishing desks and cutting grass. To promote school spirit and interest in extra-curricular activities, the mem¬ bers distributed sports schedules, sold booster tags, presented a pep rally skit, and made possible the football and basketball programs by selling ads. Returning by popular demand were the Myers Park license plates, sold by the Interact Club first semester. The club also sold Christmas cards to MP students to be sent to the soldiers in Vietnam. Another project on the world level was the setting up of beds for the " International Holiday House, " which was held for foreign students during Christmas. Interact Club members sell Christmas cards to students to send to soldiers in Vietnam. 1st ROW: Homey, McLaughlin, Austin, Svensson, Duncan, Neal, Gale, Watts. 2nd ROW: Water- house, Thomas, Griffin, Kennedy, Hawkins, Tate, Verner, Burnham. 3rd ROW: McGoogan, Stout, Moore, Page, Jennings, Wallis, Nichols, O ' Brian. 4lh ROW: Colvard, Heiner, McDonald, Pres. Har- key, Treas. Wilson, Vice-Pres . McMillan, Sec. Whittaker, Forrester, Pettus. Dick McMillan, Bruce Page, and Scott Verner achieve " waxed beauty instantly " on classroom desks. Interact Club members clobber the enemy in a pep rally during football season. The boys " mop up the green-wave " who sky-dived and missed. U8 Linda Garrett, Jill Gilbert, Candy Smith, Deb Cameron, Sage Baucom, and Lynn Jones plant daffodils for a Senior Y-Teens service project. Y-Teens Make Paper Turkeys, Valentines, and Print Cheers Jr. Y-Teen Off.: Treas. Morrison, Sec. Black¬ wood, Vice-Pres. Townsley. Adding to the beauty of the Myers Park campus, the Senior Y-Teens planted flowers again this year. The girls made paper turkeys at Thanks¬ giving to put on trays for patients at Memorial Hospital. To give the entire student body a Christmas present, the members decorated and put up thirty Christmas trees in LA—paper ones, that is. Near the beginning of the school year, the club gave a tea for the sophomore girls. The seniors ex¬ plained the purposes and activities of the Y-Teens and offered their help in the organization of the sophomore club. To get MP spirit off to a good start, the Junior Y-Teens printed and dis¬ tributed cheers before one of the first football games. The members also had a party for the children at the Amy James Nursery. The Sophomore Y-Teens brightened Valentines Day for the Presbyterian Hospital patients by making red paper hearts for their dinner trays. At Christmas the girls sent presents to the Crittendon Home. As a service project for the school, the Sophomore Y-Teens washed the blackboards in the rooms of the Math building. Al l three clubs are sponsored by the YWCA. The blackboards in the Math building receive a thorough bath from Sophomore Y-Teens members, Pam Day and Mandy Wallace. Soph. Y-Teens off.: Sec. Lampke, Treas. Broad¬ way, Pres. Whitesides, Vice-Pres. Steele. VIC Develops Goo On his ICT job, Robert Franklin works on a piece of machinery at Gillis Manufacturing Co. d Business Practices The purpose of the Vocational Indus¬ trial Club is to teach its members the dignity of work, good working habits and attitudes, desirable personal traits, self-confidence, and money management. By participating in the club activities, students learn the requirements of employers, the adjust¬ ments necessary when transferring from a part-time to a full-time job, and the citizenship and leadership qualities expected of VIC members. Each ICT student selects a trade that he is interested in and studies it two days out of the week, learning the specific requirements of this trade. On the other three days, the students study together to learn about the general requirements of getting and keeping a job, appearance, and character. Because ICT students hold regular jobs, they follow a special schedule which allows them to leave school at 12:30. Mr. Horton, ICT teacher, talks to Sophomores about the ICT program at Myers Park. Members of DECA Honor Employers at Bosses Banquet Distributive Education gives students at MP a head start in business through a program of classroom instruction, work on the job, and club activities. Participating in contests such as sales¬ manship, job interview, advertising, and public speaking, members demon¬ strate ther knowledge. The DE Sweet¬ heart and Boy and Girl Student of the Year are also chosen. One of the most important events of the year is the Bosses Banquet, when student em¬ ployees honor their bosses and others who have guided them throughout the year. Bill O ' Neal, working as an accountant- at Faul Crymes Inc. for his DE job, answers a customer ' s question about some sporting goods. DE Club member David Ford works on an architectural draft for his job at Charles Morrison Grier Harris, DE member, makes a sole in Ivey s and Associates Inc. Shoe Department at the Mall. 150 Boxes for Vietnam Susan Russell, Betsy Powers, and Julie Smith collect bags of toys for Vietnam. Red Cross Fills Red Cross Off.: Pres. Julie Smith, Vice-Pres. Ellen Fleming. The Red Cross devoted most of its time and efforts this year to the fighting men in Vietnam and the Vietnamese school children. The Red Cross received assistance through the home¬ rooms in making Cheer Books for the American soldiers at Christmas. The booklets contained jokes, puzzles, word games, and cartoons. Several other clubs around the campus be¬ came interested in the Red Cross- sponsored project and participated also. The club collected school supplies and other articles including soap, mirrors, toothbrushes, and toothpaste for the children of South Vietnam. The Charlotte chapter of the Red Cross was one of the only ones in the United States to take part in such a program. The homeroom representa¬ tives collected $150 through the annual Red Cross Membership Drive. Monogram Club Cleans and Reorganizes Trophy Cases 1st ROW: Thompson, Godwin, Houston, Jewell, Tate, Chapman, Turner, Vincent. 2nd ROW: Erex- son, Homey, Williams, Browder, McMillan, Heiner. 3rd ROW: Ranson, Taylor, Treos. Austin, Vice- Pres. Donnelly, Pres. Wilson, Sec. Waterhouse, Renwick, Forrester. The Monogram Club is an athletic organization which endeavors to im¬ prove the athletic funds of the school and to promote good sportsmanship. Ingenious phrases urging the anni¬ hilation, or at least the defeat, of Myers Park ' s sports opposition could be seen on booster tags purchased from Monogram members. During football season, the boys organized a spirit section at games. The welcoming sign painted by the club greeted MP students each morning. One of the biggest activities that the club under¬ took was the cleaning and reorgan¬ izing of the trophies in the SC cases. Raising and lowering the US flag each day was another of the Monogram Club ' s responsibilities. Phillip Wilson carries out a Monogram Club service project by raising the U. S. flag each morning. Members of the Monogram Club clean, polish, and reorganize the trophies in the showcases in the SC hall. % 151 Lady Macbeth (Mollie Robey) (Carolyn Nodell) prepares to NHS skit. sleeps as the White Tornado remove a—uh—spot during a Leslie Zaccagni ' s happiness is evident on her face after being tapped by Margaret Jordan. National Honor Society Members Revise Booklet Giving Scholarship Information Composed of the top fifteen per cent of the Senior Class and the top five per cent of the Junior Class, the National Honor Society acquired its members through three suspense- filled tapping ceremonies. The new inductees were not official members, however, until they displayed their acting abilities before the old mem¬ bers. These performances at the tra¬ ditional banquets were perhaps the least scholarly (but most entertaining) activities in which the NHS partici¬ pated. The members served as guides and ushers at the Regional Teachers ' Conference held at Myers Park. This year a committee undertook the task of revising the scholarship booklets which were made available to all in¬ terested Juniors and Seniors. Members provided a tutoring service at $1.25 an hour, the first three dollars going to the Society. Sue Buck shares Shirley Hill ' s excitement of being tapped into the National Honor Society. 1st ROW: Turner, Allen, Burns, Love, Helms, Kalevas, Buck, Zaccagni, Harkey, Robey, Cameron, Korolek, Lane, Burger. 2nd ROW: C. Morrison, Monty, Eaker, Hill, Young, Moyfield, Nodell, Jordan, Brown, Beam, Woodward, Sloan. 3rd ROW: Booth, Pease, Pearson, Barnes, Flynn, Zagora, Martin, M. Morrison, Wilkerson, Hobbs, Dorrier, Cothran. 4th ROW: Colvard, Gwinn, Griffin, McGoogan, Shackelford, Johnson, Herran, Page. 5th ROW: Lonon, Northey, Pettus, MacDonald, Poe, Alex¬ ander, Isenhour, Allen, Brown, Stevens. 1 152 Engineer Trips to Allen Steam Plant Engineers Off.: Sec. Stancill, Pres. Sawyer, Treas. Moore, $gt.-at-Arms Isenhour. WBT Studios and Highlight Activities The primary aim of the Engineers Club is to increase the knowledge of science and engineering among its members and to help them explore the possi¬ bilities of engineering as a career. Local representatives from firms such as Southern Bell Telephone and Tele¬ graph Company and Celanese Corpora¬ tion provided interesting topics for discussion at meetings. The members visited the WBT Studios and the Allen Steam Plant to broaden their knowl¬ edge of chemical and electrical engi¬ neering. Taking an interest in the progress and development of Myers Park., the club participated in several service projects. The boys cleared trees on the campus, delivered barbe- que, and worked on the lighting ar¬ rangements at some of the school activities. Engineers take a personal guided tour of the WBT studios. TOP: Bruce Page introduces Dr. Duncan to Mustang Medics. BOTTOM: Members enjoy refreshments. Careers in Sight for Mustang Medics Mustang Medics Off.: Pres. Page, Sec. Smith, 2nd Vice-Pres. Burnham, 1st Vice-Pres. Tate, Treas. Heiner. Mustang Medics introduces students to the available opportunities in the field of medicine. The club provides information to the members concern¬ ing the necessary schooling, specific areas, and rewards involved in med¬ icine as a vocation. At one of the monthly meetings, Dr. Duncan, head of biochemistry at Memorial Hospital, gave a talk on laboratory technology. Serving as a guide for the Mustang Medics, Dr. Duncan conducted a tour of the lab at Memorial Hospital. At another meeting the club visited the Red Cross Blood Center in Charlotte. Carol Lane practices her technique on Vickie Zilk as she measures her for height. Ted Johnson wonders if he should reconsider letting Julie Smith apply first aid. The Mustang Medics made a survey of the available equipment found in the Myers Park Health Unit. 153 FHA Attends District Rally in Kannapolis The FHA Club provides the members with an opportunity to develop their homemaking skills. The girls sold name tags which could be sewn into clothes for identification purposes. At one of the meetings, two representa¬ tives from Merle Norman ' s presented a talk and demonstration on the cor¬ rect use of make-up. A needy family received a very nice Christmas—com¬ plete with food, clothing, and a tree— from the club. The members attended the annual District Rally in Kannapo¬ lis, where girls from all over the state were present. FHA officers: Parliamentarian Culp, Vice-President Brown, Secretary Phillips, President Bentley, Treasurer Mitchiner. Bessie Demas adds flour to Molly Mitchiner ' s bread dough. FTA Offers Services to the Teachers The members of the Future Teachers of America receive valuable experi¬ ence in the field of teaching, which many will undertake as a career. By assisting teachers during seventh period and after school, the members were able to become familiar with the technical work that must be done. The assistants graded papers, organized and arranged bulletin boards, typed stencils, and performed other jobs pertaining to their specific subjects. The teachers as well as the club mem¬ bers benefited from this project. On the teachers ' work day at the end of the semester, the club gave a tea in the library for the faculty members. In order to gain classroom experience, the Future Teachers were excused from school to spend a day in ele¬ mentary or junior high school class¬ rooms. As a teacher assistant, Betty Mayfield helps Miss Macfie with some paper work. During semester break teachers took time out from busily recording the results of many FTA Off.: Vice-Pres. Berkeley, Sec. Barnes, hours of diligent exam study to enjoy the tea given by FTA. Pres. Lane, Treas. Young, County Sec. Clontz. 154 Latin Club Off.: Sec. Babcock, Treas. Browder, Vice-Pres. Nodell, Pres. Daniel. Jonelle Logan interviews Cicero (Ted Lymberis) and George Washington (Bo Moreh ead) in a 2nd year skit. Emily Seldon works on the screenplay for the play given by the 3rd year Latin class. Novae Fabulae Sunt Summae Libellorum Donatorum a Sodalibus Circuli Latini The Latin Club, one of Myers Park ' s more active language clubs, promotes and preserves interest in the language, literature, and customs of the ancient Romans. Each Latin class is responsible for the program at one of the meet¬ ings. The members of the fourth year class presented a skit about Pyramus and Thisbe in Latin. Although many students at the meeting did not fully comprehend all the Latin speeches, they were able to understand the main idea of the play from the vivid portrayals by the actors. Delegates from the club attended the annual National Junior Classical League Con¬ vention and also the State Conven¬ tion, which was held in Chapel Hill. The members competed in contests involving mythology, Roman history, and word derivaties. Highlighting the activities of the year was Latin Week. Of the programs given each night, the slave auction traditionally was the most popular. Unfortunate first year students willingly volunteered them¬ selves to be sold to the highest bidder. The elaborate Roman Banquet featur¬ ing student entertainment and a toga contest climaxed the festive week. Starring in the 4th year class ' s adaptation of PYRAMUS AND THISBE are Steve Heiner as the Tombstone, Eddie Poe as the Wall, John Northey as Pyramus, Carol Lane as Thisbe, and Tommy Pettus as the Lion. The 3rd year Latin class gives a brilliant skit about Nero and the customs of the age during which he ruled. 155 Les Participants Ont une Fete de Noel a la Francaise en Chantant des Chansons Voss, Griffin, Graham, and Steele work on a French sign urging the Mustangs to victory. In order to learn more about French customs and way of life, the French Club members had at two of their meetings very able and interesting speakers: Mr. Macy, one of Myers Park ' s French teachers and Francoise Auque, a foreign exchange student from Nancy, France. During the holi¬ day season, the club had a Christmas party and sang French carols. The members, hoping to acquaint other Myers Park students with aspects of life in France, decorated one of the display cases. Individual members wrote letters throughout the year to the American soldiers fighting in Viet¬ nam. Picking up glass and trash in the parking lots was another service rendered by the club. Los Socios Del Club Espanol Tiene Los Reuniones en la Lengua Espanola The Spanish Club meetings, conducted almost entirely in Spanish, provided a variety of programs including films, speakers, and plays given by the members themselves. Dr. Lopez, a professor of Spanish at UNC-C, spoke to the club on Spain in the language. At the banquet held in April, the members enjoyed Spanish food and played games designed to provide students with an opportunity to dis¬ play their knowledge of the language. The members washed the language teachers ' blackboards, delivered or¬ ders at the October Barbeque, and set up a display in one of the LA showcases. Nell Barnes, secretary of Spanish Club, keeps accurate minutes in Spanish. Each new member lights a candle as he is inducted into the Spanish Honor Society. These students have maintained an " A " average in advanced Spanish. French Club members put up a French Christmas story in a display case in LA. Joy Moore, Donna Brown, Mike Greenspan, and Wesley Sturges act in " Quien No Juega " at a meeting. Dr. E. D. Turner, Jr. speaks at the Spanish Honor Society Banquet. 156 Glieder Betrachten Dias Deutschlands, Eroten Traditionen The first service project for the school that the German Club members per¬ formed was folding boxes at Myers Park ' s barbeque. Each year the club gives some type of German literature to the school library. A subscription to a popular German magazine was this year ' s gift. Barbara Leumann ' s talk and slides of Switzerland and Ger¬ many helped to increase the mem¬ bers ' knowledge about modern-day Germany. Celebrating the coming of spring, the club members attended a Fasching party wearing gaily deco¬ rated costumes. Presiding at one of the monthly meetings of the German Club is Ann Littlejohn. The members discuss future plans for celebrating a German holiday. French Club Off.: Treas. Townsley, Vice-Pres. Belk, Sec. Powers, Pres. Voss. Francoise ' s humor adds to the enjoyment of her talk to the French club. Several members of the French Club pick up broken glass in the SC parking lot as a service project. German Club Off.: Treasurer Hunter Bumgardner, President Ann Little¬ john, Secretary Mary Burton Wheeler. Foreign exchange student Barbara Leumann shows slides of her country to members of the German Club. 157 Majorettes, Lettergirls, and Cheerleaders Add Color, i Dottie Huneycutt Libby Andrews Margaret Jordan Displaying their enthusiasm even with sore muscles and throats, were this year ' s JV and Varsity cheerleaders. They were dedicated to urging the Mustangs to victory. In most instances their " Two bits, four bits " cheers brought a tremendous roar from spec¬ tators. Before each football game, the Var¬ sity cheerleaders with their green and white pom-pons led the football team on to the field through a funnel formed by the band. At home games they bought Cokes for the rival cheerleaders to promote a friendly spirit. The cheerleaders personified good sportsmanship. Their conduct at games was an outstanding example at all times for the rest of the school to follow. They played a vital role in keeping school spirit a dominating and unifying force. Head Cheerleader, Mary Reid has worked hard to drill her squad to perfection. V Missy Stewart Patsy Austin Betsy Smith Joy Cox Myers Park cheerleaders take half-time to run across the field to meet the cheerleaders of the opponents. In this way they promote good sportsmanship. Spirit to Games Who were those other girls walking around school in green and white uni¬ forms? They were the Myers Park Lettergirls and Majorettes. During football season, the Majorettes made up their routines to the music of the sixth period band class. They then practiced with the Lettergirls, flag- bearers, Drum Majors and Band twice a week after school. The talent and sparkling uniforms of the Letter¬ girls and Majorettes added much to the skilled performance of the band during half-time shows and the Ca¬ rousel Parade. While the Majorettes put their uniforms away after football season, the Lettergirls continued to cheer with the cheerleaders during basketball games. In the spring, new Lettergirls and Majorettes were chosen on the basis of their skill, poise, and appearance. J.V. Cheerleaders: Gingy Kennedy; Joan McNeal,; Barbara Britt; Ruth Huneycutt; Monica Daniel; Michele Marine; Beth Squires; Sally Fleming; alternates: Cathy Metzger; Carol Short; Leslie Moore; head, Baxter Hutcheson. The Majorettes are: Rita Haene; Susan Miles; Marcia Martin; Ginny Duvall, head; Becky Rollins; Dianne Cooke. Lettergirls and majorettes stand at attention with the band for the national anthem during the pre-game performance. Millie Mustangs, Ellen Roberts and Lane Carson cheer at a basketball game at Park Center. Lettergirls: Head, Linda Yarbrough; Donna Clemmer; Sally Hill; Donna Brown; Doris Dixon; Kathy Huey; Susan Arrington; Pam Bayne; Sally Helms; Mollie Robey. 159 Becky Rollins and Ellen Fleming spot as Julie Wood springs up to the horse for a spread-eagle. Irene Belk, Susanna Spencer, and Kitty Wilkinson wait their turns. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP is practiced at all times by members of GAA!?! GAA Sports Leaders. BOTTOM: Reeves, Dor- rier, Spencer. MIDDLE: Kimbrel, Young. TOP: Minehardt. STANDING: Berkeley, Blackwood. H v m . ■ GAA Members Collect for Heart Fund GAA emphasizes " the more the merrier " in their bridge tournaments. The program of the Girls Athletic Association at Myers Park is guided and co-ordinated through the direc¬ tion of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. To provide a better understanding of games and sports, to provide healt hy recreation for high school girls, and to encourage good sportsmanship in all of its mem¬ bers are the purposes for which the club strives. The members engaged in several service and money-making projects throughout the year. During football season the girls sold programs at the games. The small profit re¬ ceived from the sale of these programs went to the enriching of the GAA sports activities. Another project de¬ signed to benefit both the club and other students was the selling of Myers Park sweatshirts. GAA members Liddy Minehardt and Lisa Altback collect for the Heart Fund at Park Road Shopping Center. Each year GAA participates in this worthy charity. 160 Betty Mayfield returns a serve in a fast- moving game of ping pong. Libby Mock, Betty Mayfield, and Robin Kimbrel set out enough refreshments to feed a small army at a GAA meeting. Good Sportsmanship Exhibited in GAA Susanna Spencer drops back for a quick pass before Frances Culp rushes in for a hard tackle. Foot ball is one of the more rugged sports offered by the club. Form may be lacking but certainly not enthusiasm as GAA members hold an exciting game of football after school. Lisa Altback sells a Myers Park Sweatshirt to Sandra Kleto. 161 » wmmm Basketball is one of the most popular sports that GAA sponsors. A jump ball can decide the game in tournament play. Mrs. Rotan ' s duties do not end as gym teacher, GAA advisor, ond referee; she is the official " ball-getter " when it misses the basket. Beth Timanus is having a tough time trying to get the ball to a teammate. Susanna Spencer has her well covered. On occasion, some of the less physically fit club members find it necessary to have some assistance in being removed from the court. Several members of both teams rush in to try to capture the rebound as the ball " just barely misses the basket. " 162 GAA Off.: Viee-Pres. Mayfield, Point Rec. Fleming, Treas. Rollins, See. Patton, Pres. Smith. Kitty Wilkinson clears the hurdle with room to spare in a GAA track event. Frances Culp " flies through the air with the greatest of ease " in a broad jump. GAA Offers Members Thirteen Sports " On your mark, get set, ... " Jane Ridenhour gets ready for a lightning start. Any girl at Myers Park can participate in any of the activities sponsored by the GAA. Membership is not required in order to form teams and compete in intramurals. Girls may earn points to become members by practicing and playing in games, and by serving as referees or scorekeepers. When a girl earns a minimum of fifteen in¬ dividual and fifteen team points, she is made a member at an induction held at the end of the semester. After a rigorous initiation ceremony during which only the most physically fit sur¬ vive, new members are officially wel¬ comed into GAA. Emily Blackwood adds some words of encour¬ agement to her own running broad jump. To the members of GAA, Libby Smith vividly explains the variety of sports opportunities offered by the club, all of which are apparently not solemn occasions. Robin Kimbrel, Frances Culp, Emily Black¬ wood, and Betty Mayfield dash to the finish line. t ij f nm HwBi a V w , M4 uu mil Wh l , . . M • M sk Jl lZs _J 163 Editor of the MYERSPARK, Polly Vinroot, tolks with Morris Guller, the Business Manager, about a newspaper ad. Spark Staff Wins Coveted Mr. Richard Sizer, advisor of the MYERSPARK staff, playfully pulls Polly Vinroot ' s ear while she proofreads copy. Sophomore, Vivian Greear, reads the newspaper, a popular pastime during lunch in the cafeteria. Features Staff, Kacky May, Betsy Cochrane, and Patty Hadden talk over the work to be done on their articles. They spend much of their time after school in the student lounge gathering informa¬ tion for " Colt Cuts. " 164 mmm Title as Best Newspaper Staff at Myers Park High School This year the MyerSpark staff tried to devote as much space as possible to school news and endeavored to represent the reader and his opinions. By using a more inexpensive type of paper, the staff was able to publish twelve issues of the ' Spark. The Editor, working under the super¬ vision of advisor Mr. Sizer, was re¬ sponsible for layouts and assigning stories. The Business Manager was in charge of selling ads and other finan¬ cial duties. The Features staff gath¬ ered gossip in the Student Lounge for " Colt Cuts " and " Seniors of the Is¬ sue. " A large sports staff added to the excellence of the sports coverage and composition. As was traditional, the ' Spark staff published a large issue at Christmas in which homerooms and organizations placed their Christmas greetings. In March, the staff sponsored the Li I ' Abner and Daisy Mae contest in con¬ nection with the Sadie Hawkins Dance. The final edition of the paper in¬ cluded the Senior Superlatives, Last Will and Testament, Class Prophecy, and Poem. The MyerSpark staff artist, Chris Moody, designed all sketches for the newspaper, the cover of the Key Club directory, and his own work for contests. Dan Jennings, Sports Editor, and Paul Vincent, Assistant Sports Editor, have kept up to date coverage of all sports events at Myers Park. Dan is proofing Paul ' s work. Morris Guller checks ad payments of backers for the news¬ paper. This is his job as Business Manager of the MYERSPARK. 165 Mustang Works Furiously to Make September Distribution The Mustang staff had a responsibility to two thousand people to keep the contents of the annual a surprise and to meet the printer ' s March 8 dead- ne The aim for the annual this year was to come up with an original approach to the presentation of a summary of three years of life at Myers Park. Our ' 67 staff consisted of twelve major and thirteen minor staff mem¬ bers all working under the guidance of the Editor-in-Chief. The major staff bore the overall responsibility for the design and execution of the year¬ book. All major decisions regarding the annual were made during major staff meetings. The Editor-in-Chief was responsible for co-ordinating the entire book. As well as designing the opening section, she kept the work moving by checking on the progress of each sub-editor. The Copy Editor co-ordinated all liter¬ ary work of the yearbook. The photog¬ raphy Editor was responsible for as¬ signing all pictures taken and distrib¬ uting the finished photographs to the editors. The Classes Editors co-ordinated the entire class section, seeing that the individual pictures were identified and prepared for the printer. Keeping up with school activities in order to give better picture coverage was the job of the Clubs, Organizations, and Stu¬ dent Life Editors. The Faculty- Curric¬ ulum Editor was responsible for pre¬ senting the opportunities offered by the academic program. Co-ordinating the entire sports section, the Sports Editor had to secure proper coverage of each sport and identify each pic¬ ture. Responsible for all financial matters pertaining to the annual and for advertising and billing was the Business Manager. The Mustang treas¬ urer received all money and kept ac¬ curate financial records. Copy Editor, Kit Dorrier, adjusts her pencil to make changes in the grammar and punc¬ tuation of copy given to her by a section editor. Mollie Robey tries to write copy on all Organizations at Myers Park, while Janice Booth, Clubs Editor, checks her copy material against her lay-out sheets. They co-ordinate all student activities. Pam Patton, a member of the minor staff, shows a Chilean student last year ' s annual. Elsie Love, treasurer, and Lynn Zagora, Business Manager, count money received from annual payments in February. They collect as much as 1700 dollars at a time. Clyde Allen draws lay-outs to make sure the teachers are fully covered in the Faculty section. 166 The Minor Staff members are: Ruth Buker, Howe, Mary Lou McFarland, Jane Dunning, Fite. Penny Wilson, Pam Patton, Emily Caddell, Kathy Robin Ford, Steve McLaughlin, Bill Venning, Frank Photography Editor, Kathy Idol, sorts contact strips to distribute to the various section editors. Melanie Motley, Senior Class Editor, and Janet Godfrey, Student Life Editor, discuss plans with Editor-in-chief, Patti Flynn. Sports Editor, Tom Pettus, marks contact strips for enlargements of pictures of sports to be put in the annual. Each of the envelopes which Sophomore Class Editor, Laura Murphy, is getting in order contains a completed page of the annual. 167 Mustang Photographers Master Camera Technique Steve Wilson and Gene Stallings look at the enlargement they have just developed from a contact. Tobie Steele and Tommy Thomson use the enlargement machine as they blow up the contacts. The minor staff, consisting of juniors, represented a cross section of the student body. Each minor staff mem¬ ber was given an opportunity to work on as many aspects of the yearbook as possible. The minor staff work pro¬ vided valuable training and served as a basis for selection for future major staff positions. The photographers had the most time- consuming job. Their task was to take and develop the more than four hun¬ dred pictures that went into the mak¬ ing of the ' 67 Mustang. Most of their afternoons were spent working in the darkroom and learning and practicing « the skills necessary for taking interest¬ ing pictures. Each photographer was assigned picture jobs on Fridays for the following week. The hardest worker on the Mustang was the advisor, Mr. Browne. Each year he has dedicated himself to helping produce a well-balanced year¬ book. Without him the annual would not be possible. Ben Douglas and Rocky McDowell put the negatives through a process to make contact strips. Afterwards they cut apart the sheets of contacts. All work is done in the darkroom in Physics. 168 Cleve Stowe and Rory Blake pour chemicals together to begin to make enlargements. Kirk Johnson and Biv Efird clean the camera equipment before it can be used. L The Boys Glee Club practiced every Monday night before choir practice. Here Mr. Cronstedt drills them in a new number. The fifteen member Madrigal group performed more often than any other choral division in the music department. Choir sings “Ballad for Americans’’ at Dilworth Methodist The Myers Park choral music depart¬ ment had four main performing divi¬ sions this year: the Choir, the Madri¬ gals, the Boys ' Glee Club and the Girls ' Glee Club. This department has been under the direction of Mr. Carl Cron¬ stedt for several years. The Choir, consisting of about eighty members, performed at other schools and assem¬ blies. Members of the Choir gave shows at the Woman ' s Club. They also presented ' ' Ballad for Americans ' ' at Dilworth Methodist Church in Feb¬ ruary. As in previous years, the Choir plus the Girls ' and Boys ' Glee Clubs won honors in the State Contest at Ovens Auditorium. The Madrigals were the most popular group. Composed of a small number of exceptionally talented boys and girls, the group was asked to perform at such places as Queens College, on the educational television station, Channel 42, and at private parties. All four groups perfected their vocal abilities once a week after school. This was in addition to their daily choral music classes. Most of the performers in the musical My Fair Lady by Lerner and Lowe were drawn from these groups. They practiced with the leading actors for a month before the performance. Mr. Cronstedt conducts the Boys Glee Club during the winter program. Choir Officers are: Ollie Sharman, Muffy Morrison, Truett Nettles, and Grady Lonon. Soprano: Ashley, Campbell, Eaker, Foster, Horkey, Huey, Pillsbury, Siscron, Smith, Van Sciver, Wilkerson, Richmond; Apperson, Ashcroft, Ferris, Heeremone, Johnson, Johnston, Knight, Martin, Minehardt, Morrison, Robbins, Sopher, Sullivan, Stiles, Bowles; Alto: Berger, Graham, Howren, McAden, Moore, Novak, Sherman, Sykes, Barnes, Byerly, Demas, Faile, Gaffney, Gilbert, Hoffman, Leris, Madison, Payne, Stickley; Tenor: Bowser, Capps, Elliott, Lonon, Mills; Banbury, Brooks, Fer¬ guson, Hudson, Lindeman, Sharman; Bass: Cauble, Clontz, Dunlap, Ericson, Faile, Freeman, Harris, Hildcrman, Jones, Nettles, O ' Brien, Poe, Scher, Schoonmaker, Sone, Sturges, Wilkerson, Boone, Deal, Halsey, Harrington, Osterhoudt, Stoffel, Watson. 169 Students who wish to take part in the Dramatic activities find enjoyment by working on scenery. Show-Biz Review and Our Town Display Talented musicians, composed of Myers Park students, perform at the Junior Class Hootenanny which was co-sponsored by the Drama Department. Brantley Blair has a little father-to-son talk with Bill Wilkerson, who is about to marry Leslie Fox-only as characters in OUR TOWN, of course. Limelighters Off.: Pres. Elaine Glover, Vice- Pres. Bobby Jones, Sec. Melissa Watkins. In a scene from the Senior Class Play, Bill Wilkerson leads Leslie Fox down the aisle. Deborah Wilkerson, Stephanie Davis, and Lloyd Rose chat together after the weekly choir rehearsal in OUR TOWN. 170 Amazing Talent of Myers Park Students The outstanding dramatic productions at Myers Park are the result of a great deal of time, effort, and talent. Students look forward to the annual talent show, this year entitled " The Four Seasons. " Our Town, co-spon¬ sored by the Senior Class and the Drama Department, was a unique play in that little scenery and few props were used. The comedy. Out of the Frying Pan, was an arena production in which the audience felt almost a part. Working together, the Lime- lighters and Thespians presented the one act play, " Gloria Monday, " pro¬ duced and directed by Penny Hollars and James Alexander. As usual, the climax of the dramatic year was the gay musical. My Fair Lady. The Limelighters ' interests lie in in¬ creasing their ability and interest in the dramatc arts. While some mem¬ bers appeared on stage, many worked behind the scenes—applying make¬ up, painting scenery, and ushering. Speakers involved in radio, television, and the theater presented interesting programs at the monthly meetings. The National Thespian Society is com¬ posed of those who have participated in the theatrical productions at MP. The skit, " The Fatal Quest, " was pre¬ sented by the club at the yearly " Festival in the Park. " The Thespians also gave a performance for the Children ' s Theater. Each year the two dramatic clubs have a spring banquet, highlighted by the presentation of awards to the outstanding members, both on and off stage. Ana Maria Turner plays a rather bothersome, but lovable, landlady in OUT OF THE FRY¬ ING PAN. Bobby Jones is caught in a rather embarrassing position as Truett Nettles and Barry Bell try to " put him back where he belongs. " The theater-in-the-round was a great success. Anita Stonecipher displays perfect form in her ballet routine during the Talent Show. National Thespian Society Off.: Treas. Fox, Singing in the rain are Ruth and Dottie Huneycutt, who performed a duet in the Pres. Hollars, Sec. Rose, Vice-Pres. Hill. annual SHOW-BIZ REVIEW. 171 Mr. Benson conducts the Orchestra with his " magic wand " during the Winter Concert. The Myers Park High School Marching Band marches onto the field in perfect formation to stand with the band of the opposing school for the national anthem. The Marching, Pep, and Concert Head majorette, Ginny Duvall, stands poised in the middle of the field during pre-game. The excitement of the football sea¬ son was heightened this year by the precision and fine performance of the Myers Park Marching Band. Before the games the band marched onto the field and played The Star-Spangled Banner. At half time it displayed the results of hard work in various forma¬ tions. The seventy-seven member band plus Majorettes and Lettergirls practiced twice a week after school drilling for perfection. An important event for the Marching Band was rep¬ resenting Myers Park in the Carousal Parade on Thanksgiving Day. The Marching and Pep Bands were the Drum Majors, Wesley Sfurges and David Bowser show the Lettergirls how to mark time. most school spirited and active groups during football and basketball games. There seemed to be a kind of com¬ mon bond holding the group together. They made banners and even shouted their own cheers between those led by the cheerleaders. During both football and basketball seasons, the band urged the Mustangs on to victory at pep rallies. The newly organized Pep Band complete with hats, ties, and vests was a welcome sight on home basketball courts this year. The band also performed at a Jeffer¬ son Standard Convocation in March. Flag bearers stand at attention for the national anthem during the pre-game performance. i 72 Flutes: Proctor, Von Sciver, Sehrieber, Seeley, Berry; Oboes: Moore; Bassoon: Damon Mearne; Clarinets: Bowser, Stanton, Kelly, Johnston, Shaw, Lewin, Martin, Lewis, Robinson, Trexler, Poly- xos, Payne, Jankavs, Bordsen, Duvall, Jones; Alto Clar.: Gilbert, Patterson; Bass Clar.: Lipscomb, Sturges; Contra Bass Clar.: Fridell; Alto Saxes: Johnston, Shackelford, Livermon, Burwell; Tenor Sax: Bristow, Schwantes; Bar. Sax: Caudle; French Horns: Moore, Colvard, Poteat, Williams, Gre- gan; Baritones: Davis, Faucette; Cornets: Alexander, Van Hoy, Herran, Riley, Callihan, Thomas, Pride, Burkhead, Locke, Lampley, Walker, Biederbecke; Trombones: Crawford, Broome, Rowe, Burs- ley, Richardson, Archer; Basses: Cauble, Todd, Proctor; String Bass: Walker; Percussion; Schiffman, Barfield, Clapp, Clontz, Archer. Bands Display Spirit and Talent at Games, Performances Each year they join the Orchestra in Spring and Winter concerts in the auditorium. Included in these concerts were the performances of the sixteen member Stage Band. At their weekly practices, the group worked on their specialty, presentation of music of a contemporary nature. Under the guid¬ ance of Mr. Benson, in his second year at Myers Park as director, the band has shown that their efforts have been worthwhile. The band provided an opportunity for students to participate in an instrumental organization whose The band faces the home side in the MP for the last formation of the half-time performance. To goal Was musical excellence. perfect their precision and timing the entire band practices twice each week after school. The Stage Band performs before the rest of the Concert Band comes on stage. This unusual group prides itself in performing contemporary music. Pat Cauble, playing the tuba, practices with the orchestra. He and many others are interchanged between the orchestra and band as needed. 173 Mary C. Rendleman is Concertmaster at All-State Orchestra Nancy Walker follows the music in order to be able to begin her string bass part on time. Having begun the year with a pro¬ gressive spirit, the Myers Park Orches¬ tra gave an impressive performance at the Myers Park Auditorium in De¬ cember. The arduous practice of the members was continually revealed by their superb displays of talent. The Orchestra was constantly being asked to play for various events here and away from Myers Park. The December and April assemblies provided an opportunity for the students to be¬ come acquainted with the ability of the organization. In March, the Or¬ chestra presented a concert at Sedge- field Junior High School. Each Orchestra member hoped for approval at the annual Orchestra Festival in Greensboro. Perhaps the most important events at which the Myers Park Orchestra performed were the musical, My Fair Lady, and com¬ mencement. The troupe ' s talents were displayed at their finest at the end of the year. There are always certain people who excel in any particular field. This year ' s Orchestra had several members who were acclaimed as out¬ standing musicians. Carol Yarus was selected as the Charlotte, Youth Sym¬ phony Orchestra Young Artist Com¬ petition winner. This honor afforded her a chance to appear with the Symphony in March as piano soloist. Mary Catherine Rendleman was cho¬ sen runner-up in the Charlotte Sym¬ phony Young Artist Competition. She was also accepted as a member of a Youth Symphony which will tour Eu¬ rope next summer. Each year Orchestra members antici¬ pate the selection of the All-State Orchestra. In January, seven individ¬ uals were chosen to represent Myers Park at the Eastern Carolina College event in which high school musicians from all over North Carolina combine their instrumental talent and knowl¬ edge to produce exceptional programs. Mary Catherine had the additional distinction of being selected Concert- master for the All-State Orchestra, an honor not usually given to a junior. Mary Catherine Rendleman performs a solo at an Orchestra Concert. She was concert- master at All-State Orchestra this year and will also travel to Europe in the summer for her talents. Trombone player, Danny Michael, gives last minute instructions to Eric Moore and others. Mr. Mims conducts the woodwind, brass, and stringed instru¬ ments at the Winter Concert. Perfection displayed here was the result of hours of practice. Much of the effort of a concert comes before and after the per¬ formance. Here members set up chairs, music stands, and the piano. 174 Violins: Rendlemon, Ward, Hutchison, Kessaris, Ross, Pearson, Baker, Fehon, Aramoonie, Friesen, Clontz, Woods, Grier, Campen, Naumoff, Soule, Bruton, Farber, Alexander, Cochran, Altbach, Jefferies, Genes, Griffin, Cowan, Sibley; Violas: Powers, Benner, Tate, Albro, Morris, Leslie; Cellos: Cooper, Newman, Lipford, Younge, Fogartie, Foster, Mayo, Snapp; String Bass: Walker, Dixon; Flutes: Beam, Lonon, Yarus, Ward, Proctor; Oboes: Moore, Van Sciver; Clarinets: Bowser, Shaw, Packard; Bass Clar.: Barden; Bassoon: Allen; French Horn: Moore, Greenspan, Greagan; Trum¬ pets: Clark, Lindeman, Alexander, Wallwork; Trombones: Michael, Edmond, Charatz; Tuba: Cau- ble; Percussion: Douglas, Harris, Archer, Abraham, Frankford. Mr. Mims watches intently as the violin section practices the " Dance of the Tumblers. " The French horn, trumpet, and trombone players practice their music while the strings rest. Many fifth period orchestra members are seen in band practice also. All-State Orchestra members are: Ward, Rendleman, Proctor, Clark, Hutchison, Grier. 175 176 ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE ACTIVITIES A THLETICS ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE AC TIVITIES ATHLETICS ACADEMICS STUDEN ATHLETICS Sports Editor, Tommy Pettus 177 178 Willie Wells turns the end around a Huss opponent. Myers Park won the game by a final score of 46-0. The Mustang defense, which does much of the work but gets little of the glory, lines up to crush its opponent. Gridders Make District Semi-finals The 1966 Myers Park Mustangs, a po¬ tential championship team, compiled a record of six wins, two losses, and two ties before going into the confer¬ ence play-offs. They were defeated by South 20-7 in the semi-finals, a game full of " bad br eaks " for the Mustangs. Four MP fumbles were recovered by South in the first half, three of which were converted into scores. The Myers Park score came on a 70-yard drive directed by quarterback Randy Short in only nine plays. David Brantley caught the 27-yard touchdown pass, with Louis Nachman converting the extra point. Short was extremely ac¬ curate on his passes, hitting 20 of 29 attempts. They went for 69% and 230 yards. Brantley caught eight of them for over 100 yards. The Mustang defense had trouble withstanding the South ground attack as the Sabres ' runners account¬ ed for 300 yards. Fortunately, games such as this were not typical of the Myers Park season. It was a season which held many high and low points for the Mustangs and one in which they seldom got together for a unified team effort. It was also a season plagued by injuries which claimed several starters. The team, studded with outstanding players such as Short, Martin, Brantley, Karres, and many others, lacked something that could have made it a champion. How¬ ever, a 6-3-2 record does not justify the effort contributed by the team. Junior flanker Duff Goforth makes one of his 25 receptions of the year. He made four TD catches. Half-back Ivey Stewart (40) runs behind the blocking of Jimmy Dowell (33) and Mike Phillips (45). Stewart, o sophomore, has a strong future for Myers Park. He gained 435 yards on offense. 179 Mike Todd (31) runs around end behind the blocking of Short (14), Willard (67), and Phillips (45). Todd gained 111 yards on passes for the Mustangs. Duff Goforth (24) re turns a punt behind the blocking of Louis Jewell (39). Football Team Survives Rough Season VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD MP Opponent 46 Hunter Huss 0 6 Garinger 20 21 North 21 21 South 7 9 West Charlotte 6 14 Asheville 14 41 Harding 28 35 East 13 41 Rocky Mount 13 7 West 12 7 South 20 The 1966 Mustangs began the season with a smashing 46-0 win over Hunter Huss. The team was sparked by a fiery offense led by Randy Short and Mike Phillips and a stubborn defense led by Nick Karres and David Martin. Short ' s passing, in which he completed 19 of 32 for 291 yards, was comple¬ mented by receivers David Brantley, Bob Haubenreiser, Willie Wells, and Duff Goforth. In spite of this encour¬ aging beginning Myers Park lost to Garinger 20-6 in the second game. The Mustangs were hampered by Mike Phillip ' s broken nose, Duff Goforth ' s injured hand, and Charlie Jetton ' s two touchdowns. In the third game Myers Park tied North 21-21. The Mustangs easily defeated their next two oppo¬ nents. Sophomore Ivey Stewart (40) makes one of his 88 carries on which he averaged 5 yards per carry. They defeated South 21-7, and West Charlotte, 9-6. Travelling to Asheville for their sixth game, the Mustangs tied them 14-14. In the next game, Myers Park held off a rally in the second half by Harding to beat them 41-28. This game was highlighted by a 62-yard punt return for a touch¬ down by Tersch Whitesides, two touch¬ downs by Ivey Stewart, a 66-yard touchdown pass from Short to Mike Todd, a touchdown pass caught by David Brantley, and a touchdown run by Barry Allison. The Mustangs beat East 35-13 in the Homecoming game. Short directed the team to a total offense of 419 yards and passed for 295 of them. Quarterback Randy Short fires one of his season ' s 280 aerials in the Huss game. 130 David Brantley (80), Barry Allison (37), and Terch Whitsides (41) rush an East kicker. Myers Park won the game 35-13. Willie Wells (29), Barry Allison (37), Terch Whitesides (41), and Chip Baucom (53) return to the huddle in the South game. with 6-3-2 Record Their first score was a touchdown by Barry Allison. The Mustangs ' next score came of a 68-yard touchdown pass to Duff Goforth. East fumbled the kickoff and Jim Seacord recovered to set up a scoring quarterback sneak by Short. The scoring for Myers Park was completed by Short ' s touchdown run, Nachman ' s extra point, and a 32-yard field goal by Mike Phillips. Myers Park then stomped Rocky Mount 41-13. They scored on two TD passes to Goforth, two TD ' s by Mike Phillips, and touchdowns runs by Short and Mike Todd. Also starring in the game were David Martin, Bob Haubenreiser, and Knox Tate. The Mustangs were then upset by West 12-17 and beaten by South 20-7 in the playoffs. Ivey Stewart (40) heads for the goal behind the East. Myers Park won in the Homecoming Garni blocking of Dowell (33) and Whitesides (41) against : 35-13. Louis Nachman (70) kicks an extra point against Harding as Randy Short (14) holds. Myers Park won this game 41-28. Nachman did a fine job as the Mustangs ' only extra point kicker. 181 Mustangs Find Coordination Problem Mike Todd (31) pulls in a pass against Huss. He caught eight passes during the season. The Mustangs won this gome 46-0. Despite excellent coaching by Gus Purcell and brilliant play co-ordinating by quarterback Randy Short, the foot¬ ball team seemed to lack the spirit and teamwork necessary for an un¬ defeated season. Often sparked by outstanding back Barry Allison, out¬ standing lineman Jim Seacord, and most valuable player David Martin, the Mustangs could not get the " breaks " that are so helpful in the tough games. Short found excellent receivers in Bob Haubenreiser, Duff Goforth, and David Brantley. Doing a good job on the " dirty work " up front were Chip Bau- com, Bill Griffin, Nick Karres, Larry Howe, and many other outstanding linemen. The 1966 varsity football team was definitely one of great potential. This potential was evident in the great plays produced by spirited team effort. The problem was that these moments would not come frequently enough or at the right time. Had more of this spirit and teamwork been available, the accomplishments of this team would have been unlimited. The trouble may be in the fact that em¬ phasis was placed on individual effort and performance that should possibly have been placed on team effort. Although this practice does not pro¬ duce an overwhelmingly successful team record, the outstanding players that are produced cannot be over¬ looked. Two fine examples of players such as these are Randy Short, who turned in a magnificent season at quarterback, and David Martin, who brought honor to his team and coaches by being selected to the Shrine Bowl team. Randy Short (14) hands off to Jimmy Dowell (33) against West Charlotte. Myers Park won the game by a score of 9-6. Varsity Football Team. 1ST ROW: Neal, Allison, Fletcher, Todd, Haubenreiser, Jewell, Phillips, Tate, Bell, Wells. 2ND ROW: Mgr. Willis, Mgr. Brewer, Whitesides, Willard, Beaver, Couick, Reynolds, Cassanova, Williams, Hinson, Blackwelder, Pierce, Stewart, Howe. 3RD ROW: Mgr. Privette, Mgr. Hawfield, Hamilton, Newman, Moore, Tate, Seacord, Martin, Baucom, Goforth, Brantley, Short, Nachman, Karres. 32 Charlie Wallace (70) and Bob Goins (87) close in on a Garinger back. Alan Verch (43) gets off a punt with the blocking of Prince (24) and Pearsall (36). Tough Colts Boast Undefeated Season The Junior Varsity completed its season with an impressive 10-0 record. Coached by Stuart Allen, the JV ' s found it hard to get tough competi¬ tion, winning only two games by less than ten points. They began the out¬ standing season with a 17-6 victory over West. After shutting out Hunter Huss and boiling Garinger 25-0, the Ponies won their hardest-fought game against North 20-19. Following were a 27-0 humiliation of South, a win over Catholic 13-0, and a close game in which the jayvees beat Ashley 12-7. They wound up their season with a 20-point defeat of Garinger, a 25- point win over East, and a 33-point victory over Second Ward. The 1966 jayvees possessed the unity and team spirit necessary for an un¬ defeated season. Led by outstanding backs Richard Pearsall, Tim Hart, and Coleman Smith and hard-working line¬ men such as Tommy Jordan and Harrell Rich, they accumulated 218 points while giving up only 38. Richard Pearsall (36) fires an aerial behind the protection of Coleman Smith (30) against Garinger. Larry Prince (24) turns the corner against West behind the blocking of Coleman Smith X30). The Mustangs defeated the Indians by a score of 17-6 in their first game. Coaches Johnny Lee and Stuart Allen give pointers to Larry Prince at the half. M J. 183 Horrel Ritch (66) ond Bob Goins (87) put pressure on an East quarterback. The Ponies won the game 25-0. Caudle (72) heads around end behind the blocking of Corbett (11), Ross (71), and Bradley (51). Superior Coaching Staff Drives Jayvees This year Coach Stuart Alien, with the help of Johnny Lee and Jim Hartman, produced another outstanding JV team. His successes with the junior footballers have often been over¬ shadowed by his accomplishments with the track team in the last few years. Each year it is his job to take boys coming from several different junior high schools, who have played under several different coaches, and mold them into a unified, spirited body. Because of Coach Allen ' s success at this job this year, Myers Park has much to look forward to in the football future. JV FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD MP Opponent 17 West 6 32 Hunter Huss 0 25 Garinger 0 20 North 19 27 South 0 13 Catholic 0 12 Ashley 7 20 Garinger 0 25 East 0 39 Second Ward 6 WON- —10, LOST—0, TIED—0 Stuart Allen, one of the best, if not the best, of Myers Park ' s coaches, de¬ serves great praise for leading the jayvee football team through an un¬ defeated season. Of course, a coach cannot instill in his players all that is necessary to complete a season without a loss. Whether it be spirit, dedication, de¬ sire, or any other quality, that decid¬ ing factor must come from within the players themselves. This year ' s junior varsity was able to produce this effort and may foreshadow a renewed spirit coming to Myers Park. Chip Clark (55) turns the corner against South. The Ponies won this gome by a score of 27-0. JV Football Team. 1ST ROW: Land, Smith, Jordan, Prince, Hart, Johnson, Blansett, Ross, Bayne, Allen, Goins, Madert, Perry, Bradley. 2ND ROW: Clauson, Horn, Elliot, Corbitt, Pearsall, Yopp, Allison, McClure, Ibach, Timanus, Terrell, Drum, Anderson, Gilmore, Cohen, Bertini. 3RD ROW: Phillips, Ritch, Alexander, Kantsios, Clark, Verch, Mooney, Burkhead, Wallace, Withrow, Caudle, Holden, Ferguson, Perry, Watson, Coryine. )64 Dennis Healy (90) and Steve Austin (91) run in the state meet. Because of a team effort the Myers Park Harriers won the championship. CROSS COUNTRY SCOREBOARD (low score wins) MP Opponent 23 North 43 First place, 5-way meet at East 34 Hargrave 21 First place, Wake Forest Invitational 28 Davidson Freshmen 27 First place. Conference Meet First place, State Championship Cross Country Team Clinches State Title In the tradition of Myers Park runners, the Mustang Harriers posted another fine season. Led by Larry Forrester and Phillip Wilson, they defeated all high school competition, losing only two meets to Hargrave and the Davidson freshmen. Following Forrester and Wilson were Lanny Davis, Dennis Healy, and Steve Austin. The cross country team opened its season with a dual meet in which it defeated North. Next they took first place in a five-way meet at East. In the third meet they suffered a loss to Hargrave Military Academy at Myers Park They then took first place at the Wake Forest Invitational Meet. Their last dual meet resulted in a defeat by the Davidson frosh. The cross country team finished out its excellent season by winning the conference meet, in which Forrester placed second and Wilson third, and the state meet, in which Wilson placed third and Forrester sixth. Steve Austin placed eighteenth, Lanny Davis twenty- fourth, and Gary Allen thirty-fourth. This year ' s state win was Coach Cloaninger ' s second in the five years he has been at Myers Park. Larry Forrester, who took second in the stote meet, runs against Hargrave. Harriers. 1ST ROW: Austin, Herran, Allen, Horney, Grist, Donnelly, Verner, Van Hoy, Davis. 2ND Phillip Wilson, one of the team ' s top harriers, ROW: Forrester, Wilson, Smith, Vincent, Huffman, Whittaker, Healy, Beiderback. runs in the Hargrave meet. 185 Jimmy Bost (31) shoots o jumper as Tindol (43), Bohnhoff (53), and Kennedy (11) rebound. Myers Park won this Ashley game 65-59. Bob Bohnhoff (52) drives over a Harding opponent on his way to the bucket. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD MP Opponent 56 Page 54 65 Burlington 74 106 74 South 49 59 79 80 North 60 83 65 50 Ashley 59 53 65 Second Ward 38 70 West Charlotte 72 74 57 Garinger 72 66 75 130 Harding 34 51 80 91 Hunter Huss 65 51 76 52 West 64 53 84 87 East 64 56 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 65 East 52 74 Garinger 85 77 West 70 WON—16, LOST—7 Determined Basketball Team Has Trouble The story of this year ' s basketball team has been one of ups and downs. With thirteen returning lettermen from last year ' s team which placed second in the state, the Mustangs were expected to be one of the best teams in Myers Park ' s history. Instead, the best they could manage was a season of sixteen wins and seven losses. Myers Park opened its seasor with an exciting come-f rom-behind victory over Greensboro Page. They produced the win in spite of the absence of three starters. Bob Bohn¬ hoff led the team with 20 points while Gabriel Tindal added 15 and John Needy had 10. Quick guard Stan Bane (33) puts up a foul shot against Garinger as John Needy (25) watches. The score was tied at the end of reg¬ ulation play, but a field goal by Bohn¬ hoff and a foul shot by Needy gave the Mustangs a 56-54 victory. In the second game of the season, Myers Park was beaten by Burlington 74-65. The loss came in spite of 21 points from Kevin Kennelly and 15 from Gabriel Tindal. Fired up by their de¬ feat, the Mustangs stomped South in the third game 106-49. Led by Ken¬ nelly with 17, Bost and Bane with 14 each, Tindal with 12, and Hauben- reiser with 10, the Mustangs featured a dazzling offense and a relentless defense. Hustling guard Pudge Tate (23), quarterback of the teom, pressures a Garinger opponent. 186 Versatile guard Kevin Kennedy (11) drives around the Garinger defense on a screen from Bob Haubenreiser (45). John Needy (25) puts up a jumper behind Bob Haubenreiser (45) against Garinger. Myers Park won the game 84-72. Producing Championship Combination Still going strong, Myers Park trounced North 79-60. Stanley Bane did an out¬ standing defensive job on Marcus Rivens, North ' s hot-shooting guard, holding him to six points. In their fifth game the Mustangs downed Ashley 65-59, securing their fourth win. Next to fall was Second Ward, who lost to Myers Park 65-38. Kevin Kennelly again paced the team with 17 points. West Charlotte then handed the Mus¬ tangs their second defeat of the sea¬ son by a score 72-70. In this fast- moving game the Lions were able to edge the Mustangs in spite of Ken- nelly ' s 25 points, his best performance so far. In the next game Myers Park came back to defeat Garinger 74-72 in an overtime win. After the lead had changed hands several times, Hauben- riser, Kennelly, and Tate finally com¬ bined their efforts to put the game out of reach for the Wildcats. After the close win over Garinger the Mus¬ tangs entertained Harding on their home court and easily defeated them 75-34. Bob Bohnho ff led the team with 24 points. Next to fall to Myers Park was Hunter Huss by a score of 80-65, as the Mustangs were paced by Kennelly and Needy. Bob Haubenreiser (44) shoots a foul shot against Ashley. The Mustangs lost this game 53-50. 6-4 center Cheetah Tindal (42) controls the tap over an Ashley opponent as Bob Haubenreiser (44) heads down court. Valuable sub John Needy (25) drives around a Garinger defender as the Mustangs won 74-72 in overtime. 187 John Needy (25), a substitute who added greatly to Mustang strength, lays one up against Hun¬ ter Huss as Gabriel Tindal (43), Bobby Haubenreiser (45), and Pudge Tate (23) get in position for the rebound. Difficult Season Leaves Cagers with Center Jimmy Bost (31) puts up a jumper as Bohnhoff (53) and Tindal (43) wait for the rebound. Bost started for the Mustangs most of the season. Playing one of their best games of the season, the Mustangs ran over West 76-64. Kevin Kennelly hit his career high of 31 points with strong support from Bohnhoff, Tindal, and Haubenreiser. Still looking like a unified team, Myers Park defeated East 84-64 with a balanced attack led by Bohnhoff, Kennelly, and Needy. In their second game with South the Mustangs dealt them a 74-59 loss. Ending Myers Park ' s winning streak, North upset them 83-80 with superior rebounding and a third quarter surge. The Mustangs dropped their next two games, losing to Ashley, future state champions, 53-50, and Garinger 66- 57. Coming out of their slump, Myers Park broke the city scoring record by defeating Harding 130-51 with eight men in doub le figures. Next a 91-51 win over Hunter Huss preceded a 53- 52 loss to West. In the last game of the regular season Myers Park defeated East 87-56. The Western 4-A Tournament held both encouragement and disappoint¬ ment for Myers Park. Varsity Basketball Team. Kennelly, Whitesides, Needy, Haubenreiser, Anders, Tindal, Beaver, Bost, Bohnhoff, Edwards, G. Tate, Bane, B. Tate. 188 w Cheetah Tindal (43) pulls down a rebound in the Ashley game with the help of John Needy (25). Final 1 6-7 Record The Mustangs defeated East for the third time in the first tournament game, 62-52. They were led by Pudge Tate, who added nine points, and by Kennelly, who poured in 27 points. In its second tournament game Myers Park fell to Garinger 85-74. Plagued by a weak 32% scoring average, the Mustangs could not keep pace with the hot Wildcats. Myers Park fin¬ ished out its season by beating West 77-70. The team was led by Kennelly with 25 points, and by Bost, Hauben- reiser. Bane, and Needy, who were all in double figures. Bob Haubenreiser (45) puts up a jumper against North as Kennelly (11) and Bane (33) prepare for the rebound. The Mustangs defeated the Rebels in a hard-fought game 79-60. Skilled forward Bob Bohnhoff (53) drives around a Garinger defender as Stan Bane (33) backs him up. All-county guard and Most Valuable Player for Myers Park, Kevin Kennelly (11) eyes the North Defense as he sets up a play. 189 Stowe Perry (23) shoots o jump shot os Johnny Austin (33) goes in for the rebound. Dickie Corbett (30), quarterback of the Ponies, sets up a play while Fred Lapish (44) comes up for the pass. 190 Jayvees Produce The Junior varsity basketball team began a successful season by stomping an inferior Catholic High team in a game led by Johnny Austin, Robert Diggle, and Fred Lapish. In their sec¬ ond game the Ponies were upset by South 53-52. Several Myers Park starters fouled out as South went ahead to win by one point. Lapish and Diggle paced the team with 16 and 13 points respectively. Following the South game the Ponies defeated the Rebels of North by one point 59-58. In their fourth game the jayvees downed Ashley 51-46. Next to fall to Myers Park was Second Ward, 51-49. Guard Dickie Corbett (31) lays one up against Hunter Huss in their gym. Tommy Land (53) pulls down a rebound with the help of Fred Lapish (45) and Mack Adams (15). Fred Lapish (45), aoes up for the tap as Austin (33), Corbett (31), and Perry (35) get in position for the play. 15-4 Season Over Tough Opponents Then came West Charlotte, 58-54, and Independence 71-48 . The seventh victory for the Ponies came as they defeated Garinger 51-38. Still hot on their winning streak Myers Park trounced Harding 65-31, Hunter Huss 63-53, and soundly thrashed West 61-32. The Ponies ' nine game spree was halted when they were defeated by East 82-63. Coming out of their defeat by East, an inspired JV team edged by South 54-53, a team which had previously beaten them by one point. Next game was a 58-54 squeeze in which the Ponies beat North for the second time. The jayvees received their third loss of the season which they dropped to Ashley 61-56. The Ponies lost their next game in overtime to Garinger 61-57. Fred Lapish was high scorer with 18 points, but fouled out with two minutes left. Then came a 63-64 humiliation of Harding, followed by a close game in which Myers Park defeated Hunter Huss 60-57. The Ponies took their fourteenth win over West 58-31. The JV season ended on a bad streak in a loss to East 43-36. The final tally was 15 wins and 4 losses. JV Basketball Team. 1ST ROW: Elliot, Wagner, Corbett, Prince, Austin. 2ND ROW: Diggle, Perry, Harkey, Spil, Stewart, Land. 3RD ROW: Hayes, Lapish, Wallace, McMillan, Cox, Adams, Withers. JV BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD MP Opponent 63 Catholic 40 52 54 South 53 53 59 58 North 58 54 51 56 Ashley 46 61 51 Second Ward 49 58 West Charlotte 54 71 Independence 48 51 58 Garinger 38 61 65 63 Harding 31 34 63 60 Hunter Huss 53 57 61 58 West 32 31 63 36 East 82 43 WON—15, LOST—4 191 Gregg Currie, who wrestled in the 133-pound weight class, rides a South opponent. Currie missed part of the season because of injury. Bruce Thompson, one of the team ' s most dependable wrestlers, tries for a pin. Bruce was the district winner in the 120-pound class. VARSITY WRESTLING SCOREBOARD MP Opponent 44 Independence 9 51 North 6 43 Olympic 13 43 Garinger 10 19 Harding 27 43 South 8 41 West 18 44 East 4 40 North 13 17 Watauga 30 34 Country Day 9 35 Hunter Huss 22 1st place, District Tournament 4th place, State Tournament Wrestlers Obtain Outstanding 11-1 Record The Myers Park wrestling team opened its season this year by soundly thrashing Independence 44-9. The Mustangs posted pins by Chanter, Thompson, Serrell, Poston, Buice, and Williams. In their second match of the season the Mustangs defeated North 51-6 in another show of remarkable power. Wides, Chanter, Ure, Serrell, Watts, Clark, Poston, Tate, and Williams all scored pins. Next to fall to the MP wrestlers was Olympic by a score of 43-13, followed by Garinger who lost 43-10. In their fifth match the Mustangs lost to a strong Harding team by a score of 22-19. Harding got off to an early lead, win¬ ning in the 97, 105, and 114 pound classes. Myers Park then came back with wins from Thompson, Serrell, and Watts. Harding was able to take the major part of the heavier matches. Myers Park then went on another four game winning streak beating South 43-8, West 41-18, East 44-4, and North 40-13. The streak was ended by the Mustangs old nemesis Watauga High, by whom they were defeated 30-17. Fired up after the loss at Boone, the MP wrestlers came back to beat Country Day 34-9, and Hunter Huss 35-22. Varsity Wrestling Team. 1ST ROW: Widis, Chanter, Eure, Thompson, Serrell, Currie, Watts. 2ND ROW: Culp, Clark, Poston, Tate, Buice. 192 Hu Poston, district winner in the 165-pound class, stalks an opponent. Plus District Crown In the district tournament the Mus¬ tangs walked away with the cham¬ pionship. Ten of the thirteen wrestlers were in the semi-finals with Serrell, Watts, and Williams winning cham¬ pionships. Serrell brought his total to 16 wins and no losses and Watts ended the tournament with 14 wins and 1 loss. Williams pinned all four of his opponents, retaining his unde¬ feated record. The Mustangs ended a great season with a fourth place in the state tournament. Williams got to the semi-finals, Serrell to the finals, and Knox Tate pinned his final oppo¬ nent to win the state championship in the 180 pound division. Wrestling in the 180-pound weight class, Knox Tate, the state champion, goes after an East opponent. Tate pinned in the finals of the state tournament to win the championship. Howard Widis, Myers Park ' s 97-pound wrestler, rides a Harding oppo¬ nent. Widis won the district championship. Joe Watts, district champion in the 180-pound weight class, works on the leg of a South opponent. 193 Strong Jayvees Smash All Competition JV WRESTLING SCOREBOARD MP Opponent 34 Independence 7 18 North 10 20 Olympic 10 5 Garinger 0 16 Harding 8 20 South 0 11 East 0 10 Hunter Huss 0 22 Country Day 2 WON—9, LOST—0 This year ' s JV wrestling team prom¬ ised a great varsity in the future by posting an undefeated season of eight wins and no losses. With a team that could have beaten many varsity teams in the conference, the junior wrestlers swept all competition. Their first win came at the expense of Independence, a new team which lost by a score of 37-7. In their second match the jay¬ vees defeated North 18-10. After beating Harding in their fourth match, the JV ' s defeated South 20-0 with only four men, all of whom scored pins. The Mustangs then edged by West 8-3. In this match the Indians offered the Mustangs their hardest competition. The seventh team to be crushed by the MP jayvees was East who lost by a score of 18-4. Rounding out their undefeated season Myers Park ' s junior varsity wrestlers stomped Country Day 22-2 for their eighth win. Dedication and spirit have been the key to success for the junior wrestlers this year. Much hard work is needed to post an undefeated season. Led by outstanding wrestlers such as Dennis Chapman, Fitzhugh Stout, Ken Coe, and Buddy Thomason, and with dedicated coaching from Jacques Macy, the jayvees have a bright fu¬ ture. In the jayvee match with Harding Rick Lee tries to take down his opponent. Myers Park won the match 16-8. The Harding match was the fifth of the season. Rick Lee rides an East opponent. The jayvees won the match 11-0. JV Wrestling Team. 1ST ROW: Chapman, Stout, Coe, Thomason, McCoy. 2ND ROW: Horn, Barn- hardt, Lee, Trexler, Saunders, Mundorf. 194 Tim Turner, a junior who swam several different events for Myers Bill Ranson, a junior, swims the 100-yard backstroke in the Park, comes in on the last lap of the 100-yard breaststroke. meet against Spartanburg. Myers Park won 58-37. Mermen Record Another Fine Season The 1967 Mermen, despite many difficulties again this year, produced a fine season. As last year, the team could only practice one half an hour a day because of insufficient facilities. More time was needed, shown by a record not considered as good as past years, but still good under the circum¬ stances. The team was coached by Mr. Niver, new to the school this year. Niver took a real interest in his position, and his honest spirit for the team proved a considerable inspiration. The team was comprised of four sen¬ iors, juniors, and sophomores. Gene Stallings was top swimmer, swimming the 200-yard and 400-yard freestyle. The 200-yard medley relay was com¬ prised of Steve Hawes, Mark Lightcap, Jay Seay, and Tom Rehm in the back- stroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle, respectively. The 50-yard freestyle was dominated by Tom Rehm, with Jay Seay, Bill Ranson, and Edward Godwin also turning in good times. The 200-yard individual medley was swum by Tim Turner and Kemp Dunaway. David Brantley, the team ' s best driver, makes a turn in the 100-yard backstroke. Brantley swam little, but was a great asset to the team as a driver. SWIMMING TEAM SCOREBOARD MP Opponent 56 East 30 50 Wake Forest 42 Freshmen 24 UNC Freshmen 68 41 Chapel Hill High 54 58 Spartanburg 37 42 Spartanburg 53 71 East 42 North 44 40 USC Freshmen 51 Second at ECC Invitational Fourth at State Meet WON—5, LOST—4 195 Swimmers Take Fourth in State Meet Jay Seay, a senior and one of the team ' s best swimmers, gets ready for his next event. Rehm, Turner, and Dunaway also swam the 100-yard butterfly. Top man in the 100-yard freestyle was Edward Godwin, with Bill Ranson giv¬ ing him tough competition in every meet. Steve Hawes led the 100-yard backstroke. Mark Lightcap and Bert Moody battled for leader in the 100- yard breaststroke. The last event of each meet was the 400-yard free¬ style relay. The relay proved to be the deciding factor of many meets, and it was an excellent one, led by Edward Godwin, Jay Seay, Bill Ranson, and Tom Rehm. They turned in excellent times, with Steve Hawes, Kemp Dunaway, and Tim Turner filling in. Diving was the strongest point this year. David Brantley and Steve Mc¬ Laughlin dominated the opposition, both undefeated in dual meets. Brant¬ ley finished first in the state and Mc¬ Laughlin second. Other winners in the state meet were Tom Rehm, fifth in the 50-yard freestyle, and Gene Stallings, fourth in the 200-yard free and third in the 400-yard free. The 400-yard freestyle relay placed fourth, giving the team a fourth place in the state and rounding out the season. Gene Stallings (center lane) leaves the blocks in the 400-yard freestyle event against East. Myers Park won the meet by a score of 56-30. Mermen. 1ST ROW: Hawes, Rehm, Stallings, Dunaway, Turner, McLaughlin. 2ND ROW: Moody, Seay, Brantley, Lightcap, Godwin, Ranson. Gene Stallings, the team ' s 200-yard and 400-yard freestyle swimmer, leaves the block. 196 1ST ROW: Perry, Segal, Karres, Allison, Howe, Duncan, Clapp, Funderburke, Whitesides, Clauson. 2ND ROW: Keller, Mgr., Wallace, Ibach, Cassanova, Willard, Curry, Barnhardt, Burton, Glover, Mundorf, Hamilton. 3RD ROW: Wallace, Needy, Harkey. Track Team Headed for State Crown The 1967 field team for Myers Park has gotten off to another great start as it has done its part in contributing to a so far undefeated season. After a strong victory for the Mustangs at the Duke-Durham Relays it looks as if no one will be able to defeat this year ' s cindermen. Turning in the best performance for the field team has been Nick Karres, who has starred in the shot and the discus. Karres took a first in the shot and in the discus with a throw of 159 ' . Larry Howe, who also puts the shot, took a third in Durham. Barry Allison and John Cassanova have also been doing well in the discus this year. John Needy and Henry Funderburke have been performing the high jump¬ ing duties for the Mustangs. Bradley Clapp and Kirk Duncan have been outstanding on the broad jump. Tersch Whitesides and Bob Annas, both jun¬ iors, have supplied the talent in the pole vault. The field team has certain¬ ly been a successful complement to the track team in their mutual suc¬ cess thus far. Pole vaulter Bobby Annas clears the bar against East. Annas was the team ' s second vaulter. Phillip Wilson, Dennis Healy, and Steve Austin participate in the mile run against East. Wilson also ran on the mile relay which took first place at the Duke-Durham Relays and set a meet record. Broad jumper Kirk Duncan jumps in the five¬ way meet at East. Myers Park easily dominated the meet. 197 Junior Steve Austin, who ran in the third position most of the season, runs the mile in the East meet. Shot putter Larry Howe, who backed up Nick Karres, puts the shot against East. Howe took third at the Duke-Durham Relays. Track and Field Events both Contribute David Todd and Lanny Davis lead the field in the half-mile run. Todd and Davis are juniors. Coach Stuart Allen has produced another remarkably successful track team this year at Myers Park. They are undefeated through the Duke- Durham Relays, and should remain so up to the state meet, which they have a good chance of winning. The big victory at Durham was pre¬ ceded by wins in the News-Piedmont Relays and a five-way meet at East. The biggest win of the season came at the Duke-Durham Relays which were held on April 15. The cindermen defeated Washington and Lee High of Arlington, Va., the only team to beat the Mustangs last year, by 30 points. Jimmy Dowell, Mike Todd, Harris Houston, and Louis Jewell won the 880 relay and set a meet record in the 440. Houston, Phil¬ lip Wilson, Paul Vincent, and Todd set a meet record in winning the mile relay. Lanny Davis, Larry Grist, Wil¬ son, and Larry Forrester also set a new record in the distance medley relay. Track teom. Bennett, M. Todd, M. Anderson, Grist-, Huffman, T. Todd, McLaughlin, B. Anderson, Verch, Clark, Brisson, Caudle, Burkhead, Goins, Burns. 2ND ROW: Parker, Pride, Baker, Sparrow, Herran, Austin, Gale, Lane, Poe, Brown, Kent, Houston, Chapman, Campbell. 3RD ROW: Campen, Burwell, Williams, Lee, Davis, D. Todd, Allen, Van, Hoy, Smith, Watkins, Beiderbeck, Blackwell. 4TH ROW: Dowell, Forrester, Vincent, Clontz, Erexson, Jewell, Wilson, Brantley, Moody. 193 Sophomore Rick Mundorf approaches the bar as he executes a vault. to Successful Slate Louis Jewell took first in the 100- yard dash followed closely by Mike Todd in second. Paul Vincent won the high hurdles and David Brantley was second. The Mustangs won every run¬ ning event they entered except one relay which was disqualified. The remaining regular season meets are the Queen City Relays and the North Invitational. After sweeping those, the team will go on to the con¬ ference, sectional and state meets. With a little bit of luck, the 1967 track team will go all the way. Nick Karres, the team ' s leading shot putter and discus thrower, puts the shot. Karres took first in the shot and the discus in the Duke-Durham relays with throws of 159 ' and 13 ' 10 " . Gary Allen, a sophomore and a promising miler, runs the mile in a meet with East. Lanny Davis and David Todd, both juniors, run in the 880. Davis and Todd handled the duties on the half-mile run for the Mustangs for the entire season. They also ran the distance medley. 199 Well-balanced Baseball Team Provides Dale Sprinkle, a pitcher, gets set for a pitch against South. The Mustangs won this game by a score of 4-3 for their fourth win of the season. The 1967 Myers Park baseball team seems to be breaking the recent trend of mediocre baseball teams at MP. At the end of 10 games they have won 5 and lost 5 and are in fourth place. In their first game the Mus¬ tangs trounced West Charlotte 26-0. They also took the second game over Harding by a score of 4-1. A slump followed, in which they dropped the next four games. In the third game Myers Park fell to West 12-0 and then to Hunter Huss 12-2. The Mustangs then took their third and fourth defeats of the year at the hands of North, the defending state champions, 19-3 and against East 6-1 Coming out of the four-game slump the baseball team won its next three games. The third win of the year came over Garinger 6-0. They then defeated South 4-3 and Independence 4-3. Myers Park lost its last game to date to Gastonia Ashley 11-1. The Mus¬ tangs will play most of these teams a second time. Varsity Baseball Team. 1ST ROW: Wagner, Poe, Wilson, P. Tate, Short, Moen, Ghent. 2ND ROW: Holden, Babcock, B. Tate, Land, Couick, Pierce, Moore. 3RD ROW: Hawfield, Mgr., Call, Mgr., Wilson. Robbie Couick (29) gets set for a pitch in the Harding game. Couick catches for the Mus¬ tangs. 200 unior outfielder Pete Skidmore gets set for a pitch in the Harding ame. Skidmore has another year left on the team. Junior Rob Pierce slams o line drive in the Harding game. Pierce, one of the team ' s best hitters, plays second base. Hope for Mustangs Dale Sprinkle, the team ' s best pitcher, fires a fast ball as second baseman Pudge Tate gets set for the play. The varsity baseball team is coached by Jack Sink. Coach Sink has had limited success in the recent past, but as there are only six seniors on the team the coming seasons should be very successful. Dale Sprinkle has been doing most of the pitching with help from sophomores Chip Holden and Tommy Land. Rob Pierce, Pudge Tate, and Eddie Moore have been hitting well for the Mustangs. Randy Short, who has been sick, is getting back into the line-up. Senior Gary Moen is captain of the team. Senior outfielder Tom Ghent encourages his hitter as he takes a lead off of third base in the Harding game. Second baseman Pudge Tate slides into second for a double against Harding. The Mustangs won the game by a score of 4-1. 201 Talented Sophomores Bring Spark to The Junior Varsity baseball team looks like it will put a spark in the baseball program at Myers Park. It is made up of many talented sopho¬ mores who in the coming years may give Myers Park some of the best teams in its history. In addition to the sophomores olaying JV ball, there are also some tenth graders on the varsity, such as Chip Holden and Tommy Land, who will be assets in the next two years. In their first game of the season the JV ' s downed South 9-7. They then took a loss to East by a score of 5-2 in the second game. Their second loss came to Garinger Chuck Brooks, a sophomore who played some varsity ball, waits for a throw at third. 4-3, but after defeating South again 8-7, they got their revenge over the Wildcats by beating them 7-1. Thus to date they have brought their rec¬ ord to three wins and two losses. The junior varsity is coached by Wayne Ayers, who has done a fine job of finding a winning combination. Skip Bennett, Danny Tart, and David Withrow have been handling the pitching duties for the Ponies. Jerry Alexander, Steve Sharman, Chuck Weeks, Richard Pearsall, and Tim Hart have been hitting well for the team. Larry Prince, Johnny Bayne, and Robin McMillan round out the starting line-up. Steve Sharman, shortstop, gets set for a pitch in the second South game. JV Baseball Team. 1ST ROW: Prince, Weeks, Hart, Bennett, Sharman, Brooks. 2ND ROW: Bayne, Ritch, Allen, Pearsall, Archer, Tart, Marsh. 3RD ROW: Alexander, McMillan, Withrow, Wilson, Kaudle. MP Baseball Scene Jerry Alexander, one of the JV ' s best players, plays first base. Robin McMillan, the team ' s catcher, warms up his pitcher before the Garinger game. Chuck Weeks, second baseman and one of the best hitters, gets set for a pitch. 202 Promising sophomore Jimmy Martin drives one against East in the Mustang ' s first match. In this match at Cedarwood Myers Park beat East 12-0 and South 10-2. Jimmy will have two more years on the team. George Waterhouse, who played in the number two position, hits a long drive in the Ashley match. In this match the Mustangs beat Ashley 15-3 and West 14-4 to bring their season to a record of 3-0. Golf Team Smashes All Opponents Early in Hopeful Season Myers Park ' s golf team is turning another outstanding season this year as it has defeated all competition through its first four matches. The first match was a triple match with East and South at Cedarwood Golf Course. The Mustang golfers defeated East 12-0 and South 10-2. Their sec¬ ond match was with West Mecklen¬ burg and Ashley in Gastonia. Myers Park downed West 14-4 and Ashley 15-3. In the third match of the sea¬ son the Mustangs played the David¬ son freshmen at the Myers Park Coun¬ try Club course and defeated them by a score of 13-8. The golfers final match to date was a dual contest with West Charlotte, which was played at Bonnie Brae Golf Course. Myers Park won this one by a score of 1 5-8. The 1967 golf team owes much of its success to experience. The first two players, David Hawkins and George Waterhouse, are two year veterans on coach Jim Hartman ' s golf team. Playing in the third slot is a junior, Bo Turner, who also played last year and should have a strong season next year. In the team ' s fourth position is Jimmy Martin, and following him in fifth is Doug London. Golf Teom. Bo Turner, George Waterhouse, Doug London, Rob Roland, Dennis Stanley, Jimmy Martin, and David Hawkins. David Hawkins, the team ' s leading golfer, lays into a tee shot against West. Myers Park won 14-4. ! 203 Terry Brown, the teom ' s number one ployer, strokes a backhand in the East match. Stokes Van Pelt on the first court, Terry Brown on the second. Bill Isenhour on the third. Tommy Pettus on the fourth, Kemp Dunaway on the fifth, and John Northey battle their opponents. Fiery Start Promises Outstanding Season for MP Netmen Tommy Pettus, who played in the number three position, smashes a serve in the South match. Bill Isenhour, the tennis team ' s number two player, hits a forehand against his South op¬ ponent. The 1967 tennis team got off to a great start as it won its first five matches. The first match of the sea¬ son was a close duel with Shelby which was highlighted by victories from Kemp Dunaway, Tom Pettus, John Northey, and Stokes Van Pelt in singles and Pettus and Northey and Dunaway and Van Pelt in doubles. In their second match the netmen thrashed West Charlotte on the op¬ ponent ' s courts by sweeping the sin¬ gles and doubles for a final score of 9-0. The next two matches were easy victories which came over Indepen¬ dence and Olympic. The fifth match of the year was against Ashley, which proved to be another easy victory for the Mus¬ tangs. The tennis team, composed of, in singles order, is Terry Brown, Bill Isenhour, Tommy Pettus, Kemp Dun¬ away, John Northey, and Stokes Van Pelt. The first doubles team is Brown and Isenhour. Playing second doubles are Pettus and Northey, and the third team is made up of the two sophomores Dunaway and Van Pelt. The second and third teams have yet to lose a match. Coached by Bill Cloaninger, the tennis team is looking for another great season and a trip to the state tournament. Tennis Team. 1ST ROW: Brown, Isenhour, Pettus, Dunaway, Northey, Van Pelt, Farber, Hoke, Alexander. 2ND ROW: Grier, Mgr., Allison, Hummel, Fligel, Roberts, Gatewood, Drumm, Lind- gren, Dunaway, Kraft, Haene, Foushee. Intramural Program Offers Additional Athletic Opportunity The intramural athletic program at Myers Park has done a fine job again this year in providing a chance for boys unable to participate on varsity teams a chance to take part in school athletics. Wayne Ayers, as head of the program has worked hard to supply this supplementary opportunity in sports. The intramural program started off with football, which was held in the fall of the year. There was a good turnout and wide participation. The championship boiled down to a rivalry between two teams. The Kentucky Gentlemen, starring Pudge Tate, Tommy Nisbet, John Hamilton, Danny Wilson, Pat Hall, Dick McMillan, and several others took on the Silly Cou¬ gars, featuring Kevin Kennelly at quarterback. They also had Tommy Buice, Louis Nachman, Bob Bohnhoff, Chris Culp, Stan Bane, Jimmy Bost, Ralph Erwin, and several players. In spite of a hard-fought battle from the Cougars, the Gentlemen were able to capture the crown. Following football was basketball in¬ tramurals. The Silly Cougars gained their revenge by sweeping all competi¬ tion to win the championships. A second basketball intramurals was held in the spring. It was won this time by the Winos, a junior team fea¬ turing Bob Anders and Mark Edwards. Intramurals is an important part of the athletic program at Myers Park. Coach Ayers had made this one of the best years for boys to participate in non-varsity athletics. Bob Anders, guarded by Paul Spil, puts up two in basketball intramurals. Max Angerholzer defends against Lewis Norman as the Kentucky Gentlemen defeated the Silly Cougars for the intramural football championship. Pudge Tate fires an aerial for the Kentucky Gentlemen under a heavy rush. Tommy Nisbet, pursued heavily by Ralph Erwin, streaks around end for the Kentucky Gentlemen in football intramurals. 205 Soccer Team. 1ST ROW: Vincent, Roberts, Harris, Woodall, Baesel, Davis. 2ND ROW: Stowe, Mc¬ Gee, Mandrapilia s, Alexander, Svensson, Watts, Stroup. 3RD ROW: Martin, Williams, Amon, Caeter, Burnham. 4TH ROW: Weston, Smith, O ' Brien, McClain, Van Pelt, Glover. Paul Vincent (32), a senior, steals the ball from a Christian High opponent. i Soccer Team Plays Important Role in Intramural Program One of the most important parts of the intramural program is the soccer team. Coach Floyd Campbell has brought the soccer program almost to the level of a varsity sport. The soccer team had its first match against Christian High, which ended in a 2-2 tie. Both Myers Park goals were scored by Paul Vincent. The second match was against Ben Lippen. The Mustangs were defeated 7-1 with Chris Svensson scoring the goal. The third match of the season resulted in a 6-0 loss for the Mustangs against Celanese. In the fourth match Myers Park lost to Christian 3-2. Vincent and Svensson each scored one goal. The soccer team finished up its sea¬ son with a 2-2 tie with East in which Vincent and Svensson scored the MP goals. Paul Vincent and Chris Svensson, the only two players to score all season, headed the team play. Bobby O ' Brien and Phil Weston also played well for the team. The line-up also consists of Coleman Smith and Jim Watts on the front wall, Stokes Van Pelt, Boyce Alexander, Reid Harris, and David Woodall on defense, and Cleve Stowe and Terry Brown, who alternated at goalie. Soccer at Myers Park has been improving in recent years and if the improvement continues, it may soon become a varsity sport. Bobby O ' Brien (31) maneuvers around an op¬ ponent- in the Christian High match. David Woodall (30), Reed Harris (12), and Cleve Stowe (33) de¬ fend the goal against an attacking opponent. 206 David Woodall (30), Boyce Alexander (14), and Jim Watts (54) attack the Christian High goal. MP Coaching Staff Drives for Another Outstanding Year Wayne Ayers Floyd Campbell Bill Cloaninger Bill Cordell Jim Hartman Johnny Lee Jack Macy Gus Purcell Jack Sink Assistant coaches Jim Hartman and Johnny Lee help head coach Stuart Allen with the undefeated JV football team at half time. Myers Park ' s JV ' s have a tradition of success. Stuart Allen Athletic Director The coaching staff at Myers Park has again proven itself one of the best in the state. As Athletic Director for the school, Stuart Allen has coordi¬ nated the entire program. In addition to his services in this capacity, he coached the undefeated JV football team and the outstanding track team. Gus Purcell turned in another success¬ ful year as head varsity football coach. Bill Cloaninger ' s cross country team won the state title, and his ten¬ nis team looks like it will have another great year. Donald Niver, in his first year at Myers Park, coached the highly successful swimming team. Jack Macy ' s wrestlers won the district and took fourth place in the state tournament. Jim Hartman turned out another fine basketball team and coaches the so far undefeated golf team. Bill Cordell worked hard as as¬ sistant football coach, as did Jack Sink, who also coaches the baseball team. Wayne Ayers, in addition to coaching the successful JV basketball and baseball teams, directed the in¬ tramural athletic program. Jack Sink, head baseball coach, plans his strategy in the Harding game. Cross country coach Bill Cloaninger poses with the trophy for the state championship. Coaches Jim Hartman and Wayne Ayers study the team ' s performance in the Garinger game. 207 A Abercrombie S Wroy 80 ArrGham David 80,175 Abrohom S, C Sheila 14 Abnev M. M Melinda 66 ACADEMICS 10-115 ACTIVITIES 136-175 Adoms J. A John 66 Adams, Mack Jr 80 191 Adorns D. A Todd 14 Adams, . R Ryle 80 Akers. F. A.. Anne 80 Akers, Miss Martha 104 A ' brc J A Joyce 80,175 Alexander, B B. Ben 14,143,152 Alexander, B. W Boyce 14 206 A exander. D. VV De Ree 66,175 Alexander. P S Doug 66 Alexander. E H. Bunny 66 Alexander. F. L. Fred 14 A exander J D. James 14 Alexander, J. W Jerry 80 Alexander, J M. June Marie 66 Alexander, K. D Kevin 66 A exander. N. M Nickie 14 Alexander R L. Ray 80,173,175 Alexander T. C. Troy 66 Alford. H. A Helen 14 Allen B. L , Bill 80 Allen C L., Cyndy 80 Allen. F. C. Clyde 14 A len G W. Gary 80,198,199 Allen, G. P., Trudy 14 Allen L. M., Linda 14 Allen Mackey 80 Allen, R. F., Robert Jr. 14,122, 145,152.175 Allen R. N. Rusty 80 Allen, Mr. Stuort Beamon 107,183, 193 Alley, M. N., Martha 66 Allison C E. Carol 80 Allison, G. B. Barry 14,144,181, 182,197 Allison, J R., Bob 80,184 Alstrin, V. E. Ginny 14 Altbcch Lisa 66,160,161 Altbach, S. H , Sondy 80,175 Amon, F. A., Fred Jr. 66,207 Amon, J E John 14 Anders, R. R., Bob 66,188 Anderson, Bob 198 Anderson, C. J. Cathy 80 Anderson, Fred 80,184 Anderson, J. M., Morty 66,198 Anderson, K. M., Tachie 14 Anderson, M. L. Wendy 14 Anderson, W. S., Bill 80 Andrews, E. J., Libbie 65,66,69,74, 146,158 Andrews, H. E., Henry 80 Angerholzer, Max 14 Annas, Bobby 197 Apperson, E. W., Ellen 66,77,169 Aramoonie, L. M., Laurice 66,141, 175 Aramoonie, Phil 14,58,141,144 Archer, R. G., Richard 80,173,175 Archer, W. D., David 79,80,173 Archie, P. E., Peaches 66 Armstrong, A. W., Anne 66 Arrington, Susan 66,159 Arthurs, Nancy 80 Ashcraft, Barbara 80 Ashcraft, C L Carol 14,169 Ashcraft, H. G Hugh 80 Ashley, A H Alice 15,169 Ashmore, P. L., Pam 80 Atchison, D. J., Debby 15 ATHLETICS 176-207 Auque, Francoise 15,63,146,157 Ausbon, J. R., Jan 80 Ausherman, H. M., Milton 66 Austin, B. J., Billie 66 Austin, J S., Jeanine 66,190,191 Austin, J. G-, John 79,80,89 Austin, J. C., Jody 15 Austin, P A., Patsy 15,126,130, 141,146 Austin, S. B., Steve 65,66,78,148, 151,158,185,197,198 Austin, T. E. T.E. 80 Autry, S. G., Mike Jr. 15 Ayers, D. L., Doug 66 Ayers, Mr. Wayne 102,190 B Babcock, M. H., Mary 15,141,155 Babcock, G. N., Gary 65,66,144,146, 200 Bacon, H. M., Mike 80 Baesel, S. O., Stuart 80,206 Bailey, B. K., Brenda 66 Bailey, Daphney 66 Baker, E. H., Erskine 80 Boker, Miss Evelyn 96 Baker, L. P , Lovalette 66 Baker, D. B., Linda 66,175 Baker, R. E., Bob 66,198 Baker, S. T., Shelley 80 Baker, W. L., Bill 80 Ballard, S. V., Shelia 80 Banbury, J. T. Jim 66,169 BAND 172,173 Bane, W. $ Stan 15,41,186,188,189 Bcnke J. A., Jimmie 80 Banks M J Maja 66 Bcrach, P S. Poppi 80 Barbee, J D Joe 66 Berber, Mr. Richard D. 100 Barden, F M., Fred 66,175 Barfield Phil 15,173 Barker, Mary Ann 15 Barnes, N. G„ Nell 15,27,145,146, 152,154,156,169 Barnett Brent 80 Barnette, C L. Cassandra 80 Barnhardt, W. B. Bill 80,194,197 Barnhill, Joe 15 Barrett, M H., Mindy 80 Barrett, T W., Terry 66 Barrier, L. G., Lloyd 66 Barton, D. M Dona 80 Barton, M. M., Marcia 66 BASEBALL 200-201 BASEBALL, JV 202 BASKETBALL, JV 190 BASKETBALL, VARSITY 186 Bates, M. A., Melanie 80 Baucom, A L., Chippy 15,181,182 Baucom, C. D., Carol 81 Baucom, Sage 15,149 Bayne, J. T., John 81,184 Bayne, P. J., Pam 66,159 Beacham, T. L., Tammy 81 Beall, W. J., Jane 81 Beam, C. L., Sissy 15,19,126,146,152, 175 Beasley, G. M., Graham 81 Beaty, M. L., Marion 66 Beaver, D. D , Donna 81 Beaver, J. E., Jan 81 Beaver, P J., Patty 81 Beaver, T. P., Tim 66,70,144,147 182,188 Beckham, Thomas 15 Beeson, C. R., Carolyn 16 Beiderbecke, F. T., Tom 81,173,185, 198 Belk, I. G., Irene 65,66,78,141,146, 157,160 BEAUTIES 130-133 Bell, B. E., Barbara 79,81 Bell, B. L , Barry 39,62,81,86,171 Bell, S. D., Von 16 Bell, T. A., Thom 81 Belue, M. B. Barbara 16,50,125 Benfield, J. D., Johnny 81 Benner, B. L., Bennie 66,175 Bennett, Mrs. Duane C. 96 Bennett, G. P., Skip 66,198 Bennett, W. K., William 81 Benson, Mr. Ernest D. 100,101,172 Bentley, C. A., Cherry 66 Bentley, N. A., Nancy 16,154 Benoit, W. C., Jr. Curt 81 Benton, P. C., Pam 16 Berger, A. B , Anne 16,152,169 Bergren, R. K., Kathi 67 Berkeley, L W., Louise 16,142,154, 160 Berry, C. A., Carol 81,173 Berry, Sally 16 Bertini, R. H., Bobby 81,184 Bethune, W. H„ Will 67,144 Beyer, C, E., Carol 81 Beyer, L. H., Lynn 16,142 Bibb, G. S., Gole 81 Bing, M. C., Nuner 81 Bishop, C. G., Gail 81 Black, N. A., Norbie 67 Black, T. L., Terry 16 Blackmon, S. A., Steve 67 Black.welder, J. F , Johnny 67,182 Blackwell, C. A., Craig 81,198 Blackwell, Mr. John E. 96 Blackwood, E. 1. Emilv 67.149,160,163 Blcckwood, G. V., Vaden 67 Blair, B. B., Brantley 16,125,126, 140,170 Blake, R, W. Rory 67,168 Blakeney, Whitey 65,67 Blonsett, T. S., Tommy 67,184 " Blucher, J, C., Chris 65,67,142 Blumenthal, PhiliD 67 Blythe, J. A., Julie 81 Bobo, P. W., Wayne 81 Bodiford, N. C., Carol 81 Bohnhoff, R. G., Bob 16,186,188,189 Bolen, B. E., Besty 81 Bolen, C. L,, Lu 16 Boone, B. J., Barbara 81 Boone, Warren 16,169 Booth, J E , Janice 16,122,142, 152,166 Booth, P. N., Tricia 81 Booth, Mr. Vernon L. 118 Bordsen, D R., David 81,173 Bost, J. B., Jimmy 16,186,188 Bost, Miss Suzanne G. 102 Bourke, D. L., David 17 Bowermoster, S. L , Sue 67 Bowles, M. K., Marv 169 Bowser, D. E., David 17,120,145, 169,172,173,175 Boyd, D. S., I, Donny 81 Boyd, L. R , Laura 17 Boye, H. G., Jr. Bud 67 Brackett, M. M., Mac 17 Bradford, S. R., Ready 17 Bradley, B. A , Barbora 17 Bradley, J. D,, Johnny 67,184 Brantley, D. F., David 17,144,181, 182,195,196,198,199 Brantley, M. A., Meredith 67 Breeyear, Bill 17 Brewer, M. G., Mike 67 Brewer, B, D., Barry 81 Brewer, D. L., David 81 Brewer, N. S., Susie 17 Brewer, T. L., Ted 17,144,182 Brian, M. J., Mike 81 Brice, Miss Elizabeth 96 Bridges, C. B., Carrie 67 Bridges, Mr. Glenn R. 112 Bridges, R. A., Albert 17 Briggs, C. M., Maree 67 Briggs, W. S., Billy 81 Brigham, Joanne 81 Brigman, D. E, A., Dotty 81 Brisson, M. G., Michael 81,198 Bristow, J., Jim 81,173 Britt, B A., Barbara 81,159 Britt, D. K., Diane 17 Broadway, C. A., Cynthia 81,149 Broadway, K. L., Kathy 17,142 Brodt, C. L., Carl 81 Brookey, C. W., Charles 67 Brooks, C. V., Chucky 81,79 Brooks, C. W., Johnny 67,169 Brooks, Janet 81 Brooks, P. L., Patti 81 Broome, Jim 17 Broome, L. K., Kay 67 Broome, N. C., Nancy 81 Broome, R. D., Randy 18,144,173 Brosius, Mrs. Laura L. 112 Browder, K. G„ Ken 18,97,121,144, 151,155 Brown, C. R., Charlie 67 Brown, D. D., Diane 18 Brown, D. A., Donna 18,97,141,146, 152,156,159 Brown, G. E., Jr., Gaines 67 Brown, G. C., Gloria 18 Brown, K. O., Karen 67,154 Brown, R. W., Bob 81 Brown, R, K., Kent 18 Brown, S. D., Doug 18,198 Brown, S. E., Susan 18 Brown, T. D., Terry 18,50,97,123, Browne, Mr. G. Leslie 96 Browning, H. H., Helen 67 Brownridge, E. A., Betty 67 Brownridge, R. C , Bobby 81 Bruton, S. C., Sarah 67,175 Bryant, H. E., Jr., Edward 67 Bryant, M. A., Peggy 81 Bryant, M. J., Jane 81 Bryant, W. I., Bill 81 Buck, S. E., Sue 18,56,123,126,141, 146,152 Buckaloo, S. W., Steve 81 Buice, T. S., Tommy 18,46,192 Buker, R. A., Ruth 67,167 Bullock, K. A., Kathy 67 Bullock, M. F., Mary 18 Bumgardner, H. M., Hunter 67,157 Burch, V. L., Virgie 18 Burgess, R. C., Richard 81 Burke, F. J., Frank 67 Burkhead, L. N„ Neil 81,173,184,198 Burnham, W. C., Bill 18,22,141,143, 153.206 Burns, D. H., Doug 81,143,198 Burns, K. E., Katie 19,152 Burroughs, P, N., Paula 67 Bursley, W. L„ Ward 67,173 Burton, J. M., Mike 67,197 Burwell, W. H„ Bill 81,173,198 Bush, K. K., Karen 81 Byars, R. A., Rickie 81 Byerly, N. Y., Nancy 19,45,100,120, 169 Byram, T. J., Tonda 81 Byrum, B. K., Bebe 81 Byrum, L. J., Linda 67 C Caddell, E. B., Emily 67,167 Cadieu, M. E., Betsy 145 Caldwell, Curtis 19,81 Caldwell, Jerry 81 Caldwell, J. V., Johnny 67 Caldwell, P. A., Tricia 81 Caldwell, R. R., Reggie 67 Caldwell, T. G., Tommy 19 Caldwell, V. L., Vicki 19 Call, B S., Barbara 81 Call, F. A., Frank 19,200 Callihan, H. C., Jr., Henry 81,173 Callum, H B., Brem 82 Cameron, D. D., Deb 19,149,152 Campbell, E. M., Ed 67 Campbell, E. S., Penny 82 Campbell, Mr. Floyd O. 96,206 Campbell, G. J., Greta 82 Campbell, J C., Jr., Jimmy 82 Campbell, N M., Nancy 19,169 Campbell, R. D., Ricky 82,198 Campbell, S. K., Sandra 67 Campen, T. J., Tommy 82,175,198 Cannon, M. K., Mike 67 Cannon, V. A., Vicki 82 Cansler, B. L , Lynn 67 Capel, M. F., Fran 67 Capps, Tommy 19,169 Caraway, P. A , Pat 67 Carlisle, J. A., John 82 Carlson, D. L., Debbie 82 Carmichael, Miss Jean R. 110 Carney, M. E., Margaret 19 Carnrick, G. R., Glen 67 Corrigan, R. E. 82 Carroll, R. A., Anne 19 Carrothers, L. R., Linda 82 Carrothers, W. A., Anthony 67 Carson, E L., Lane 67,78,159 Carson, H. A., Horace 82 Carter, I. D., David 19 Carter, L E., Larry 82 Casanova, J. F., John 67,147,182,197 Case, T S., Tommy 82 Cassels, C G., Carolyn 82 Cates, S. K., Sally 67 Cates, T. R., Thomas 82 Cathey, D. H., Donnalyn 19 Cathey, P. H., Patrick 82 Cathey, S. J., Sally 82 Cauble, R. P., Pat 67,145,169,173,175 Caudle, D. R., David 19,173 Caudle, L. G., Luke 82,184,198 Cecil, C. E„ Eddie 67 Chapman, D. R., Dennis 67,194 Chapman, D. A., Doug 67,154,198 Chambers, C. A., Carole 19 Chambers, Mary 19 Chanter, J. M., Jeff 82,93,192 Charatz, J. M., Jeff 82,175 CHEERLEADERS 159 Choir 169 Christensen, C. M., Christi 67 Church, M. L., Ty 82 Citron, P. D., Dennis 20,144 Clanton, C. A., Christi 67 Clanton, K. A., Kathy 82 Clanton, M. A., Melvin 82 Clapp, B F., Bradley 20,173,197 Clare, D. C., Danny 20 Claridge, J. D., Jan 67 Clark, J. E., Joel 20 Clark, J. W. H., Chip 82,90,175 1 84,198 Clark, M. C., McKenzie 20,192 Clarke, B. H., Barbara 67 Clary, Mrs. Ethel 94 Clawson, E. Jr., Ed 82,184,197 Clawson, W. C., Cheryl 82 Clay, Doris 20 Clegg, D. L., Dede 20 Clemmer, D. R., Donna 20,159 Cleyrat, G. J., Gerard 20 Clifton, D. E., Dianne 67 Clifton, R. P., Ronnie 20 Clifton, S. K., Sandy 20 Clinard, J. J., John 82 Cloaninger, Mr. William G. 108 Coble, Mr. Bob J. 112 Coleman, Miss W. Donnelle 96 Clontz, H. L., Harriet 20,145,154 Clontz, J. B., Johnny 67,169,175 Clontz, R. C., Ralph 82,173,198 Cloran, M. A., Mary 82 Cloud, D. D., Dwight 82 Clyburn, T. J., Theron 20 Cochran, C. C IV., Campbell 20, 122 Cochran, M. E., Margaret 82,175 Cochrane, C. I., Caroline 82 Cochrane, E. R., Betsy 20,164 Cockrell, J. B., John 82 Coe, K. S. Jr., Ken 67,144,194 Coffey, T R., Tommy 67 Cohen, S. J., Steve 82,184 Coker, C. E., Cathi 67 Colbert, G. K., Gerald 82 Cole, L. C., Leslie 20 Cole, Martha Ann 67 Coleman, D. A., Debbie 82 Coleman, E. E., Elise 68 Coley, I. E., Isaac 20 Collins, B. J., Barbara 68 Colins, Deloris 82 Colins, F. L., Freddy 82 Collins, T, C., Teresa 20,109 Collins, T. E., Jr., Tec 20,145 Collins, V. L„ Vicki 68 Colvard, D. W., Wallace 20,148,152, 173 Conder, C. A., Carol 82 Conn, G W., Gary 82 Connell, B. F., Barbara 68 Connelly, R. A., Richard 82 Conrad, S. M., Steve 68 Convey, C. S., Carolyn 21 Cook, Y. D„ Diane 82 Cooke, D. M., Dyanne 82 Cooley, T. M., Tom 21 Coone, B. J., Jane 82 Cooper, M. A., Anne 21,51,145,175 208 Corbett, H. D., Dicky 79,82,184,190, 191 Cordell, Mr. Bill D. 114 Cornell, C. O., Cathy 82 Cornwell, Corine 82 Corzine, N. R. Jr., Rusty 82,184 Cothran, E A , Liso 21,152 Couick, D. R , Dovid 82 Cou ick, M R , Robbie 68,182,200 Courtney, T. H,, Thomas 82 Cowan, 6. L., Debbie 82,175 Cowhig, M. E., Mory 21 Cox, Mrs. Catharine D. 104 Cox, Fred 191 Cox, M. J., Joy 68,133,158 Crabtree, P. A., Pam 82 Craddock, C. L., Cindy 82 Graver, C. D., Cindy 21 Crawford, D. L , David 68,145,173 Crawford, K. E., Casey 68 Crawford, K. J., Kent 21 Crawley, B. K., Brenda 82 Crilly, Jo Anne 68,142 Cronstedt, Mr. Carl G. N. 100 169 CROSS COUNTRY 185 Crofts, E. D., Ed 82 Crouse, M W., Mollie 21 Crowell, P. A , Peggy 68 Crump, R. L., Bob 68,78 Crutcher, F. W., Frances 21 Culp, C. P., Chris 21,140,192 Culp, F. N., Frances 68,161,163 Culp, M. L., Mollie 68,142,154 Culp, R B., Richard 21 Culp, R M., Ronnie 68 Culpepper, G A., Greg 68 Cummings, L. G., Leonard 82 Cunningham, A. L., Alice 68 Cunningham, D. D., Don 82 Cunningham, Freedamae 21 Cunningham, J C., J.C. 82 Cupples, C. C , Clay 21 Currie, G A., Greg 65,68,192,197 Curry, J L., Judy 79,82 Curtis, J. C., Joe 21 Cushman, P. N., Paula 68,146 D Dabney, P. Y., Pot 82 Dancy, D D., Don 21 Daniel, M G., Mary 82 Daniel, Monica 79,80,89,133,159 Daniel, P K., Pam 68 Daniel, S P., Sallie 21,122,126,141,155 Davey, D. R., Dean 68 Davidson, J. C., Jan 82 Davidson, S. K., Sally 22,142,146 Davis, D. A., Dale 22,173 Davis, E. C., Chris 68 Davis, E. I., Libby 82 Davis, F. D., Fred 83 Davis, G. B , Gary 68 Davis, J. M., John 83 Davis, J. B., Johnnie 68 Davis, L. M., Lanny 68,185,198 199 Davis, P. C., Cliff 22 Davis, P. A., Pricilla 83 Davis, S. S., Stephonie 22 Davis, W. B., Wayne 83 Davis, Willette 68 Davis, W. B., Willie 22 Day, P F., Pom 83,149 Dayvault, J. M., Jane 68 Deal, D. L., Doug 83,169 Deal, H. E., Gene 68 Debesa, Sibe 24 Deese, P. A., Phyllis 68 Delaney, M. K., Mary 83 Delaney, P. M., Pete 22 Dellinger, Mr. Jim 83 Demarest, E J., Betty Jane 83 DeMars, C E., Claude 68,145 Demas, B A., Bessie 22,115,154 Demas, M. A., Marina 22,169 Denmark, J. C., Jan 68 Dente, F. M., Marguerite 83 DeRamus, J. H., John 83 Derby, H. L., Leigh 68 Devereux, Mrs. Susie 96,98 Diamaduros, P. P., Perry 68 Dickson, R. J., Roger 83 Dietrich, D. G., Don 68 Diggle, R. B., Robert 83,190,191 Dillard, J. N., Jeon 68 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB 150 Dixon, A. M., Andree 22 Dixon, D. A , Doris Ann 22,97,146, 159,175 Dixon, Miss Dorothy E. 22,104 Doerrbecker, J. T., Tops 83 Donald D. A., Doug Jr. 83 Donnelly, M. S., Mike 22,62,144, 151,185 Dorrier, C C , Kit 22,152,160,166 Douglas, B. E , Ben III, 22,168,175 Douglas, S. T , Stephen 83 Dow, Freddie 22 Dowd, W C„ Buz 83,93 Dowell, Jimmy 179,181,182,198 Draddy, Suzy 109 Drake, C. A., Charlotte 83 Driggers, S. L., Sharon 83 Drumm, E. C., Eric 83,184 DuBose, C H., Carole 22 DuBose, E. H., Eloise 22,139,141,146 Ducker, N. E., Noncy 68 Duckworth, J. H., Joe 68 Duckworth, L. W , Larry 68 Dunaway, H. Y., Yates 83 Dunaway, K. R., Kemp 79,83,196 Duncan, C. K„ Kirk 23,197 Duncan, M. L., Margaret 68 Duncan, W. G., Greg 83,148 Dunlap, M E., Dunny 23,169 Dunning, J E., Jane 68,142,167 Dupont, F. J., Franklin 83 Durbin, C. M., Clara 68 Durbin, J. R., Chip 83 Durham, A. P., Trisha 68 Durham, G. V., Vince 83 Duvall, V. L., Ginny 23,122,142, 159,172,173 Dwight, E C., Edward 68 E Eaker, D F„ Dee 23,145,152,169 Earnhardt, A. M,, Anne 68 Eck, C. M-, Cathy 23,143 Edgerton, S. A., Tibba 83 Edmond, W. B , Winston 23,68,175 Edwards, A. R., Becky 23 Edwards, J. C., James 68 Edwards, M. J., Mark 68,70,144,188 Edwards, S. E., Susan 83 Efird, J. B., Biv 168 Efird, K. G., Kathy 23 Elder, S. V., Vicki 68 Eif, L. C., Lee 23 Elliot, R. M„ Hoppy 83,85,184,191 Elliott, B. J., Jim 23,145,169 Elliott, Mrs. Doris W. 110 Ellis, D S., Deboroh 68 Ellison, M. W., Mike 68 Elmore, Mr. Thomas F. 96 Elwood, C. D., Catherine 23,147 Ely, C. C., Chris 68 Emser, H. R., Roy 23 ENGINEERS CLUB 153 Erexson, P. F., Rick 68,169,151,198 Erion, D. M., Cindy 68 Ervin, G. J., Gloria 83 Ervin, J S., Suzanne 68 Ervin, W. C., Wallace 23 Eure, R F., Bobby 68,192 Evans, C B., Carrie 83 Evans, D. J., Darla 83 Evans, L. V., Larry 83 Evans, M A., Annette 23 F Faile, J. W., Jimmy 23,169 Faile, S. L., Susan 24,142,169 Farber, L. D., Larry 83,175 Farmer, J. F., Jane 68 Farmer, M. C., Martho 24,30,122 Farmer, P. C , Phil 68 Farris, T. L., Tony 68 Faucette, W. L., Bill Jr. 24,124 173 Faust, B. E., Bruce 24 Foust, G. E., Gail 68 Fehon, J. R., Jacquie 83,175 Feimster, Mr. Ernest D. 95 Felder, D. O., Darlene 68 Fellers, C. B., Berk 68 Felts, J. A., Joy 68 Ferguson, R T., Bob III 68,169 Ferguson, T. P., Tim 83,184 Ferrard, P A., Pat 83 Ferris, B. E., Barbara 83,169 Finch, M. M., Melinda 83 Fincher, M. A., Mildred 83 Finfrock, M. G., Marcia 68 Fisher, E. E., Eugene 24 Fite, F. H., Frank 69,167 Fleming, D. E., Ellen 24,50,142,163,160 Fleming, J. M., Jay 69 Fleming, S. C., Sally 83,80,93,151,159 Fletcher, D. C., David 69 Fletcher, Mrs. Edna G. 110 Fletcher, J. E., Jody 24 Fletcher, T. M., Mike 24,182 Fligel, R S., Robert 69 Flowers, A R., Andy 83 Flowers, E M., Mike 83 Flynn, N. T., Ned 24 Flynn, P. C., Patti 24,56,63,104, 146,152,167 Flynn, T. R., Toy 24,126 Foard, R. M., Dickie Jr. 83 Fogartie, A. D., Ann 24,115 Fogartie, E. V., Elizabeth 69,175 FOOTBALL, JV 183 FOOTBALL, VARSITY 179 Ford, H. J., Jennings 24 Ford, J H., James 69 Ford, J. B., John 24 Ford, R. E„ Robin 24,25,141,167 Ford, W. D.. David 25,150 Forrester, L. W., Larry 69,148,151, 185,198 Fortune, E. L , Lee 25,149 Foster, B J., Betty 25 Foster, C. E., Christine 83 Foster, S. I , Susan 69,169,75 Foushee, J. G., Giles 83 Fowler, S. R., Sybil 83 Fox, L C , Leslie 39,57,69,142, 170,171 Foy, J. E., Eddie 69 Fragakis, A. J., Andra 83 Frank, B. J., Barbara 25 Frankford, P. G., Pete 25,175 Franklin, R. E., Butch 25,109,150 Franklin, R. S., Ronnie 84 Fraser, M. L., Laurie 84 Freeman, B. L., Sandy II 25,120, 145,169 Freeman, H. D., Freeman 84 Freeman, J. D., Josie 84 FRENCH CLUB 156,157 Fridell, F. T., Terry 25,173 Friesen, R. M., Rose Marie 25,175 Frye, N. M., Nancy 69 Fulcher, Mr. Charles S. 110 Fuller, C. A., Cynthia 69 Funderburke, H. M., Henry 69,197 Furman, P. D., Doug 25 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CLUB 154 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB 154 G Gaffney, C. A., Cindy 69,169 Gaffney, W. C., Bill 69 Gale, H F. Jr., Herb 69,148,198 Gallant, P. J., Paula 65,69,145 Gardner, B. G., Barbara 25 Gange, M. L., Mary 25 Gantt, L. C., Lesa 69 Garrett, M. L., Linda 25,146,149 Garrison, J. M. Jr., Jim 25 Garrison, M S., Susan 25 Gary, D A., Debbie 69 Gary, J. B., Jerome 69 Gatewood, C. H., Clay 84 Gatlin, L. G., Glenn 25 Geary, K. A., Kathy 84 Genes, M L., Linda 26 Genes, S. E , Susan 84,175 George, C A., Cathy 84 George, M. S., Sue 69 GERMAN CLUB 157 Gesse, M. A., Myra 84 Ghent, R. D., Rusty 84 Ghent, T. D„ Tom 26,200,201 Gibbes, L W. Jr., Lorri 69 Gibson, R K., Richard 84 Gilbert, F. E., Elaine 26,169,173 Gilbert, J. G. Jr., Gil 84 Gilbert, J. D„ Jill 26,149 Gilbert, P. K., Trisha 84 Gilmore, D. L., Donnie 84,184 Ginn, N. J., Jean 69 GIRL AMBASSADORS CLUB 146 GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 160-163 Glasgow, C. L., Carolyn 84 Glasgow, D. M , Doug 69 Glaze, G. A., Gary 84 Glazier, R. J., Bob 26 Glenn, M. R., Becky 69 Glensor, R. A., Dick 69 Glisson, A. G., Gay 84 Glisson, C L., Cherryl 26,59,97, 101,127,141,146 Glover, B. B , Beverly 69 Glover, E C„ Elliott 84,197,206 Glover, M. E., Elaine 26,142,170 Godfrey, J. K., Janet 26,167 Godwin, W. E., Edward 69,196 Goforth, C. D III, Duff 69,179, 180,182 Goforth, M. S., Mary Sue 84 Goins, J. R., Bob 84,183,184,198 Gold, M. K„ Kathy 84 GOLF 203 Gonzalez, R. A., Rafael 84 Good, Mrs. Carolyn P. 102 Goode, L. S. Jr., Luther 84 Goodwin, L. M., Lillie 84,151 Gordon, B D., Brenda 84 Gordon, L. D., Linda 69 Gordon, P. L , Pixie 26 Gossett, S. P , Steve 79,84 Gotherman, V. C., Ginny 26 Graham, B. G., Gail 84 Graham, D. S., Debbie 84 Graham, J. W., Joan 84 Graham, L. L , Laura 69,74,156 Graham, S. L., Sherry 48,69,78,146 Graham, S. G , Steve 69,77,141,147 Greaga n, J. J., John 84,173,175 Greear, V. J., Viv 84,164 Greeley, Wynne 69 Green, S. R., Sandra 26 Greenspan, M R., Mike 26,156,175 Greer, R. C., Rachel 84 Gregory, Ronnie 26 Grice, C M , Claudia 26 Grier, F L , Faye 84 Grier, G. O., Gwen 69 Grier, J. W. Ill, Joe 84,175 Griffin, B D. Brenda 84,156 Griffin, D. S., Sherry 69,175 Griffin, L. N., Lindo 26 Griffin, R. L., Bobby 84 Griffin, W. C., Bill 18,26,31,120, 125,127,148,152 Griffith, Sue 69 Grigsby, Mrs. Mattie 112 Grist, J. L., Lorry 69,185,198 Groce, E. P , Ernie 69 Grogan, M. C., Mory Clay 26 Grogan, P. A., Pamela Ann 84 Grossman, Mrs. Dorothy W. 105 Guillet, E M., Maria 69 Guller, M.N., Morris 69,164,165 Gunn, B J., Billie 69 Gwinn, M. B., Bruce 26,45,50,152 Gwinn, M. M., Marsha 69 H Hadden, P. J., Patty 26,145,164 Haene, G. D., Glenn 69 Haene, R. C., Rita 70,159 Hagemeyer, C. J., Carol 26 Hager, B. F., Benny 84 Hales, A B., Bundy 70 Hall, E. P., Pat 70 Hall, J. H„ Jan 84 Hall, R. S., Randy 70 Hall, S. M., Steve 70 Hall, W. H., Hugh 70 Halliburton, E. W., Ed Jr. 84 Hallman, C. A., Cheryl 84 Halsey, W. H., Bill 84,169 Hamilton, A. C., Ann 27 Hamilton, J. L., Jimmy III 70 Hamilton, J. J., Jesse 27,182,197 Hamilton, J. A., John 27 Hamilton, P. A , Pot 70 Hancock, S. T., Steve 27 Hanner, S. E., Susan 84 Hanner, V. L., Virginia 27,145 Hargro, B. A., Betty 84 Harkey, B. L., Bonnie 27,125,127, 145,146,152,169 Harkey, B K., Keith 84 Harkey, C. A , Cathy 27,125,127,140, 142,146,158 Harkey, C. M., Cathy 70 Harkey, H. W., Harold 84,191,197 Harkey, H. A., Henry 27,127,143, 148 Harkey, L. C., Linda 65,70 Harloe, J. P., John 84 Harmer, L. C , Linda 70 Harrington, P. A., Patty 84 Harrington, P. G., Paul 27,145,169 Harris, A M., Al Jr. 84,169 Harris, B. R., Betty 70 Harris, C. B., Connie 84,175 Harris, G. C., Glenn 27 Harris, R A., Reid 84,206 Harris, R P., Bob 27,108,150,206 Harris, W T., Townie 84 Harrison, Miss Jane E. 108 Harrison, L. L., Lucy 27 Harrison, S. J., Stella 84 Hart, D. L., Debby 84 Hart, G. T„ Tim 70,184 Hart, L. W., Larry 84 Hart, Mr. Pat 108 Hortman, Mr. James A. 102 Harton, Mr. Frank N. 108 Hartsell, A D., Dole 84 Hart sell, K. S., Scott 70 Haslam, C. J., Cindy 70 Haslam, L. A., Lydia 70 Haston, B. K., Brenda 70 Haston, R. G., Ronnie 27 Hatchette, Miss Mary Hazel 96 Hattersley, B J., Bonnie 31,84 Haubenreiser, R J., Bobby 27,139, 144,182,187,188,189 Houghton, T. H., Tommy 27 Hawes, A. V., Vickie 84 Hawes, S. J., Steve 84,196 Hawfield, F. E„ Frank 27,182,200 Hawfield, Mrs. Groce D. 102 Hawkins, C T., Cathy 28 Hawkins, D B., David 28,127, 148 Hawkins, L G., Lewis 70 Hawthorne, W H , Skoochie 28 Hayes, E. A., Anne 84 Hayes, H. M., Mac 84,191 Hayes, H B , Baxter 84 Haynes, W. R , Butch 70 Healy, D. F., Dennis 28,185,197 Hearne, F K., Frances 28 Hearne, R D., Richard 70,173 Heath, K S., Kathryn 28,146 Heath, T. G., Terry 85 Hedgecoe, J. R., Jerry 85 Heermans, L. B., Lynne 28,169 Heermans, N. S., Nancy 79,85 Hefner, M. D., Mike 70 Hege, A M., Anne 85 Hege, C T , Carol 85 Heiner, S. F., Steve 28,40,148,151 153,155 Helms, C. J., Carlo 28,104,152 Helms, M. B Belinda 28 Helms, S. A., Sally 70,78,159 Henderson, P A., Potty 85 Hendrick, N T., Naomi 85 Henley, C E , Charlie 85 Henley, J R„ Bob 28 209 Henry, H. E., Libby 85 Henry, K. R. Kole 28 Henry, S. A. Sheila 70 Heptig, W, F, Bill 70 Herron, P. R. Peter 28,50,152,173 Herron, V. W. Vincent 85,185,198 Herring, J. C. Joon 70 Heyward, E. N. Beth 28 Heyword, E E Emma 85 Hicklen, B. C., Brendo 85 Hicklen, C. J Cliff 85 Hicklen, J. W., Joyce 28 Hicklen Odell 70 Hicks, C. G., Goye 85 Hicks, P. P„ Pam 85 Hicks, P. K., Katie 70 Hicks, R. S Ston 70 Hicks, T. M.. Tom 70 Higdon, A. E. Ann 70 Higgins, B. S., Burt 70 Higgins R. G George 28 Highsmith J. R., Jackie 85 Hildermon, W. C. Walter 29,169 Hill, E. A Elizabeth 29 Hill P. Y„ Pom 85 Hill, R. D., Rosalyn 29 Hill, S. W., Sally 29,146,159 Hill, S. K. Shirley 29,56,141,146, 152,171 Hines, L. C. Cecily 85 Hinkle, G. F., Jeff III 65,70,144,147 Hinson, J. G., Jane 29,109 Hinson, Mrs. Elizabeth G. 97 Hinson, Sandy 85 Hinson, W. L., Bill 70,182 Hipps, J. E., Joke 29 Hirst, David 70 Hl-Y CLUBS 147 Hoag, E. A., Betsy 85 Hoag, M. J., Martha 70 Hobbs, N. D„ Nancy 29,152 Hoffman, L. A., Lindo 70,169 Hoffman, M. M., Molly 70 Hofsess, J. S., Jay 29 Hoke, A. V., Alma 85 Hoke, O. A., Owen 70 Hoke, S. R. Steve 85 Holden, L. N., Chip 85,93,184,200,201 Holder, E. S., Beth 29 Hollars, P L„ Penny 29,39,120,142,171 Holliday, M. H., Penny 29 Holmberg, E. P., Bidi 85 Holmes, P. S., Patti 29 Holman, R. E., Roger 70 Holroyd, J. S., Janet 85 Holt, H. L., Horriet 85 Honeycutt, B. L., Brenda 85 Honeycutt, D. K. Danny 29 Hood, R. L., Roy 70 Hope, C. C , Chip 85,143 Hoppe, R. W., Bob Jr. 30 Horack, D. M., Doug 70 Horn, C. B., Buddy 85,184,194 HORNER AWARDS 126-129 Horney, N. F„ Nick 65,70,78,147, 148,185 Horton, E. T., Gene 70,110 Horton, K. L, Katie 85 Hostettler, S. I., Susan 70 Hough, D. R., Dottie 30 Houston, B. H., Harris 30,151,198 Hout, C. A., Cathe 71 Howe, F. L., Larry 30,182,197,198 Howe, K. F., Kathy 71,167 Howell, M. R., Reid 71 Howell, M. D., Dawn 71 Howie, M. A., Peggy 71 Howren, M. C., Mory 30,50,100,169 Hudson, P. L., Patricia 85 Hudson, R. E., Richard 30,169 Huey, K. C., Kathy 71,73,146,159,169 Huffman, R. L„ Dick 71,185,198 Huffstetler, B. H., Bruce 71 Huggett, D. L., Debbie 71,142 Humm, M. J., Marilyn 30 Hummel, P. S., Scott 85 Huneycutt, A. R., Ruth 85,159,171 Huneycutt, D. S.. Dottie 30,158,171 Hungerford, D. A., Dottie 71 Hunt, B. G., Gail 71 Hunt, D. C., Don 85 Hunt, K. S., Kathy 85 Hunt, Sally 30 Hunter, L. J., Laura 85 Hutcheson, B. B., Baxter 85,133,159 Hutchison, D. M., Debbie 85,175 Hutchinson, L. R., Lex 71 Hutchison, Miss Louise E. 112,113 Hutchison, W. H., Hart 71 Hutson, P. J., Peggy 71 I Ibach, J. W., John 85,184,197 Iden, N. S., Nancy 85 Idol, K. J., Kathy 30,167 Ingram, S. I., Stuart Jr. 85 INTERACT CLUB 148 INTRAMURALS 204 Irvine, N. E., Nancy 30,53,142,149 Irwin, R. Z., Ralph 30,50 Isenhour, W. L„ Bill III 30,152,153 Ivester, D. L., Doris 85 Izzard, B. A., Bobbie 71 J Jackson, M. E., Maggie 85 Jakes, W. E. Ill, Bill 30 Jankavs, G. G., Gunto 85,173 Janyssek, Mary Jane 86 Jarrell, S. N., Sally 86 Jayson, M. S., Mark 86 Jefferies, N. E. Nancy 86 Jeffries, P. A., Potty 86,175 Jenkins, D. C., Deborah 71 Jenkins, J., Jackie 71 Jennings, C. D. II, Dan 30,36,50, 148,165 Jetton, B. L., Bobbie 86 Jewell, l G., Louis 30,106,151, 180,182,198,199 Job, C. B., Charles 86 Johnson, A. G., Angelia 86 Johnson, B. L., Beatrice 31 Johnson, C. C., Colette 71 Johnson, C. A., Christine 31 Johnson, D. A., Aaron 86,184 Johnson, D. L., Debby 86 Johnson, D. L., Dennis 71 Johnson, F. L., Frank 31 Johnson, G. W., Greg 86,1 14 Johnson, G. V., Gwen 71 Johnson, H. D., Hubert 71 Johnson, J. A., James 71 Johnson, J. L., Janet 86 Johnson, M. G., Mary 71 Johnson, N. K., Kathy 86,169 Johnson, R. W., Ronnie 31 Johnson, Susan 86 Johnson, T. R., Ted 31,153 Johnson, V. M., Rida 86 Johnson, Mrs. Virginia M. 97 Johnston, C. A., Carol 31 Johnston, J. C., Jack 31,145,173 Johnston, K. L„ Kirk 31,168,173 Johnston, S. V., Sally 71,73,146, 169 Jones, C. M., Cammie 31 Jones, C. R., Carol 86 Jones, C. S., Carolyn 86 Jones, C. W., Chris 86,173 Jones, D. E., Dianne 86 Jones, J. L., Jan 86 Jones, L. A., Linda 86 Jones, L. L., Linda 31 Jones, M. H., Mary Helen 71 Jones, M. L., Lynn 31,139,141,146, 149 Jones, M. M., Mary 71,78,142 Jones, R. E., Bob 31,39,120,169, 170,171 Jones, Mr. Thad A. 103 Jones, W. H„ Bill 71,144 Jordon, M. L., Margaret 31,48,128, 141,146,152,158 Jordan, Lanny 198 Jordan, T. M., Tommy 79,86,184 Josephs, J. R., Rusty 86,93 Julian, L. A., Leslie 86 Jung, S. Y., Sue 31 JUNIOR CLASS 65-78 K Kale, S. C., Charles 32 Kalevas, D. L., Donna 32,122,142,152 Kane, N. L., Nancy 71 Kantsios, N. S., Nick 86,184,197 Karres, N. D., Nick 32,182,197,198,199 Katsiagianis, C. G., Chris 86 Kayser, E. A., Betsy 32 Katz, N. L., Nancy 86 Keesler, K. D., Kathy 32 Keesler, S. E., Sandy 86 Keller, J. R., Randy 86 Keller, T. G., Tommy 71,197 Kelly, L. E., Larry 86 Kelly, L. M., Lloyd 71 Kelly, P. A., Pat 86 Kelly, S. F., Steve 32,173 Kelly, R. A., Russell 71 Kelso, C. R., Bobby 86 Kemper, Mrs. Helen 94 Kennedy, S., Sue 71 Kennedy, V. L., Gingy 79,86,159 Kennelly, K. T., Kevin 32,148, 186,187,188,189 Kennington, S. A., Sandra 71 Kent, H. D., Dean 71,198 Kenworthy, N. E., Nancy 32,35 Kepley, C. H., Charlotte 86 Kerns, D. G., Donald 32 Kesler, R. L., Richard 86 Kessaris, Mary Ruth 32,175 KEY CLUB 144 KEYETTES CLUB 142 Keziah, F. K., Kathy 32 Killian, R. A., Ray 32 Kimball, H. K., Holly 71,78 Kimball, R. F. Ill, Ray 86 Kimbrel, J. I., Robin 71,160,161,163 Kimbrell, S. C., Susan 32 Kimler, S. L., Sharon 32 King, A. G., Ann 86 King, D. G., Donna 86 King, J. L., Lyn 86 King, M. S., Mary 86 King, N. R., Nancy 86 King, S. L., Susie 32 Kinney, R. 6. Buzz 86 Kinsman, D. J., Donna 71 Kirby, J. F. II, Jack 71 Kirby, L S., Linda 86 Kirby, P. C , Pat 71 Kirkland, D T., David 86 Kirkland, T. D., Tom 32 Kiser, Mr. John 97 Kiser, R. B,, Roxanne 71 Kiser, T. G., Tommy 87 Kisiah, F. J., Floyd 87 Kistler, R. J., Jane 87 Kleto, S. N., Sammy 71 Kleto, S. A., Sandra 71,161 Kline, H. M., Harriett 71 Klotzberger, K. A., Kathy 87 Klutz, G. G., Grady 32 Knight, C. S., Carol 71,73,146,169 Knight, R. D., Dale 32 Kokenes, T. A,, Terry 32 Kologiski, K. E., Karen 32 Komenak, K. M., Kay 87 Kopp, F. J., Fred 33 Koralek, S. O., Susan 33,152 Kossove, D. B., David 33 Kossove, H. J., Harold 33 Kraft, S. J., Steve 71 Kuester, F. L., Frank 71 Kuester, S. M., Sally 71 Kurtz, C. S., Carol 87 L Lacy, M. H., Helen 33 Lakin, D. L., Debbie 87 Lambeth, B. S., Betty 33,147 Lampke, K. A., Karen 87,149 Lampley, D. J., Joy 87 Lampley, R. M„ Morey 87,173 Land, E. R., Randye 71 Land, J. T., Trent 87,200 Land, T. W., Tommy 87,184 191 201 Lane, C. V., Carol 87,1 1 1 Lane, M. C., Carol 30,33,142,152 153,154,155 Lane, N. R., Ronnie 71 Lane, T. G., Tom 87,198 Lane, W. F., Walter 87 Laney, D. G., Donna 33 Lanier, J., Jake 87 Lankford, R. L., Robyn 71 Lapish, F. L., Fred 87 LaPointe, B. L., Barbara 71 Laseter, E. A., Anne 71 Latimer, W. B., Ben 87 LATIN CLUB 155 Lowing, D. A., David 33 LeAnna, S. J., Susan 87 Leary, Luther 71 Lee, C. L., Claire 87 Lee, C. L., Cindy 87 Lee, D. E., Don 33 Lee, G. A., Greg 87 Lee, Mike 33,183,198 Lee, Mr. Johnny H. 94 Lee, R. V., Rick 87,194 Lemckert, H. M., Hennie 71 Leon, R. J., Ramon 71 Leris, Katina 169 Leslie, A. L., Ann 87,175 LETTERGIRLS 158 Leumann, Barbara 33,142,148,157 Levine, R. J., Risa 71 Lewin, S. M., Susan 33,145,173 Lewis, J. L., James 87 Lewis, K. S., Karen 71 Lewis, Mr. Laird W. 94 Lewis, M. A,, Mike 33,173 Libes, E. A., Ann 33 Libby, M. J., Mina 87 Lightcap, M. N., Mark 33,196 LIMELIGHTERS 170,171 Linde, W. H. Jr., Warren 71 Lindeman, J. W., Bill 71,169,175 Lindgren, J. B., John 71 Lindsey, J. C., Janet 34 Lineberger, T. H., Tommy 71 Link, L. J., Lynda 34 Link, R. S., Bob 34 Lipford, E. H. Ill, Ned 87,175 Lipscomb, R. M., Robert 71,147, 173 Lisk, D. C. Ill, Danny 34 Little, L. A., Larry 87 Little, Mr. Willie L. 1 14 Littlejohn, A. R., Anne 105,142,157 Livengood, J. B., Jeanne 71 Livengood, S. H. Jr., Stanley 87 Livermon, R. H., Robert 87,173 Locke, M. G., Gerry 87,173 Lofland, R. P., Ronny 71 Logan, E. J., Jonelle 34,155 London, D. B., Doug 87 Long, A. B., Ann 87 Long, Mrs. Edith S. 97 Long, W. L., Bill 72 Lonon, O. G. Ill, Grady 34,35,120, 145,152,169,175 Loonan, E. E., Bet h 72 Love, E. L., Elsie 34,122,142,152,166 Lowe, E. F., Edward 72 Lowrey, K. S., Kathy 87 Lucas, T. T., Taylor 87 Lutz, E. E. Jr., Eddie 72 Lyerly, Mrs. Janey C. 114 Lyle, D. B„ Dodie 87 Lymberis, M, E., Ted 87,155 Lyon, J. A. Ill, John 87 Lytle, L. F., Loanda 34 Me McAden, F. M., Tonsie 34,169 McCallum, C. R., Cindy 72 McClain, P. V„ Peter 87,206 McClintock, Miss Ann 95 McClung, Kay 72 McClure, G. S., Rock 87,184 McCoy, G. W., Gory 87,194 McCracken, Mrs. Alma 95 McCracken, D. J., Debbie 87 McCullough, D. N., Dot 72 McDermott, K. M., Kathy 87 McDonald, A. M., Angus 34,111 140 148.152 McDonald, Caroline 72 McDonald, M. E., Mimi 72 McDowell, P. L., Peggy 34 McDowell, R. C„ Rocky 72,168 McDowell, B. C., Beulah 87 McElveen, M. R., Mike 72 McElveen, P. A., Patricia 87 McElveen, P. A., Paula 87 McEntire, Mr. Russel H. 105 McEwen, J. W., Jimmy 87 McEwen, M. E., Margaret 72 McFarland, Mary Lou 72,167 McGaughey, F. L., Lisa 87 McGee, H. C. Jr., Cline 87,206 McGill, L. C., Linda 87 McGoogan, F. G. Jr., Graham 34 49 McGuirt, J. L., Joe 87 Mclver, Sally 34,53,142,147 McKeel, D. A., Debbie 87 McKeown, P. J., Patti 87 McKeown, S. L., Tippi 34 McKern, C. B., Carl 87 McKinney, M. J., Martha 35 McKinney, M. A., Annette 87 McKinnon, W. H., Hunt 35,143 McKinstry, B. J., Betty Jo 87 McLaughlin, A. C., Anne 72 McLaughlin, B. S., Susan 72 McLaughlin, D. C., David 65,72,78 105,148,198 McLaughlin, E. G., Emmett 72 McLaughlin, G. G., Glenalynn 72 McLaughlin, S. M., Steve 72,167, 196 McLendon, M. S., Shelton 87 McLeod, L. L., Laura 87 McMahon, E. C., Colre 35 McManeus, M. F., Marcia 87,93 McManus, J. L., Johnny 35 McMillan, H. B„ Buck 79,87 McMillan, J. D. Jr., Dick 25,35,50, 1 1 1,140,141,148,151 McMillan, R. A., Robert 87,191 McMullon, Mrs. Audrey H. 97 McMullen, Herman 72 McNeal, J. D., Joanie 87,159 McNeary, Mrs. Lydia A. 98 McQueary, Lucinda 72 McQuilkin, A. V., Anne 87 McTear, Marianne 35 M Mabel, P. I., Paul 72 Macfie, Miss Mary E. 110,111,154 Machen, C. L., Carol 35 MacKinnon, P. A., Pam 35 MacKinnon, V. J., Valerie 87 Macklin, M. E., Peggy 72 Macrae, E. L., Lynn 35 Macy, Mr. Jacques B. 105 Maddock, M. A., Mary Anne 47,72 Maddox, E. N., Eddie 35 Maddox, G. R., Bob 88 Madert, J. G., Rod 88,184 Madison, K. G., Gayle 72,169 Major, S. R., Steve 35 MAJORETTES 158 Malphurs, D. D., David 88 Mandrapilias, G. P., Gus 88,206 Mangrum, Dock 35 Mangrum, Myra 88 Mann, A. M., Alan 88 Mann, S. A., Stephanie 88 Maple, N. L., Nora 72 Marine, M. A., Michele 80,88,159 Markham, T. C., Tom 72 Marrash, S. R. K., Susan 88 Marsh, W. H., William 88 Marshall, E. J., Evaline 72 Marshall, Hunter 72,144 Marshall, R C., Richard 88 Martin, D. R., David 35,125,182 Martin, J. C., Chan 72,77 Martin, J. H., Jim 35 Martin, J. O., James 88 Martin, M. D., Marcia 72,159 Martin, M. T., Mary 35,142,146 Martin, M. G., Monice 35,169 Martin, R. C., Rebecca 36,132,142, 152,173 Martin, Zenitho 72 Marus, C. A., Cindy 88 210 Morus, P. J., Poula 36 Massey, H. A., Helen 36,114 Massey, J. C., Jimmy 72 Massey, M. J , Mary 72 Mathews, C. H , Carroll 36 Matthews, Mrs. Christy 94 Matthews, F. B., Bo 60 Matthews, J. L., John 72 Matthews, W. C., Bill 36,143,145 Mattox, M. R., Rickey 72 Mattox, S J., Sandra 72 Mauney, B. H., Billie 36,58 Mauney, P. E , Paul 88 May, K. B., Kacky 21,142,164 May, N. V., Nancy 72 May, P. M., Palmer 36 Mayfield, D. L., David 36 Mayfield, D. L., Debbie 72 Mayfield, M. E., Betty 33,36,56, 122,146,149,152,154,161,163 Mayo, J. P., J. P. 88,175 Mazziotta, J. M., Joe 88 Medearis, J. A , Judy 88 Melton, Blondie 72 Melton, M. A., Melody 72 Melvin, Phyllis 36 Mercer, M. I , Tibby 36 Merrill, E. E., Ellyn 88 Metzger, C C., Cathy 88,159 Michael, Danny 174,175 Michener, Mollie 115 Mickle, S. R., Russell 72 Miles, S. R., Susan 72,159 Milford, B T., Barbara 72 Miller, C. L., Lee 21,36,64,141,146 Miller, L. D., Linda 72 Miller, R. L., Becky 36 Miller, R. E., Rob 88 MILLIE MUSTANGS 158 Milling, R. M., Bobby 72 Mills, G. M., George 36,169 Mims, Mr. Spencer 100,174,175 M inehardt, E. J„ Liddy 72,160,169 Minnis, B. E., Libby 72 Mitchell, H. C., Chuck 88 Mitchiner, M. R., Molly 36,154 Moak, K. W., Ken 72 Mobley, J. F., James 88 Mock, E. A., Libby 72,161 MODERN MUSIC MASTERS 145 Moelter, J. L., Jacqui 36 Moen, G. K., Gary 37,200,201 MONOGRAM CLUB 151 Monroe, D. E., Donna 72 Monty, C. S., Cathey 72,152 Moody, R. A , Robert 37,47 Moody, C. B., Carol 72 Moody, C. J., Chris 64,100,165 Moody, H. M„ Bert Jr. 37,196,198 Mooney, B. S., Burt 88,184 Moore, C. D., Dwight 72,173,175 Moore, D. E., David 72,148 Moore, E. D., Ricky 88,173,174,175 Moore, E. F., Faye 37 Moore, H. E., Eddie 72,147,182,200 201 Moore, L. H., Leslie 88,159 Moore, M. M., Joy 37,156,169 Moore, R. A , Allen 37,153 Moore, S. J., Jake 88 Moore, V. A., Vikki 72 Moore, Miss Winnie D. Ill Moose, I. E., Ila 88 Morehead, Bo Jr. 72,155 Morgan, M. H., Mike 88 Morrell, G. M , George Jr. 72 Morris, D. C , Dianne 37 Morris, D. E,, Dianne 37 Morris, Mrs. Ella Mae 108 Morris, M. A., Ann 88,175 Morris, R. E , Ruth 88 Morrison, C. V., Claire 37,152 Morrison, G. F., Gary 88 Morrison, M. T., Muffy 31,37,40 Morrison, S. R., Susan 65,72,146,149 Morse, E. W., Watson 72 Moser, J. A , Joyce 88 Moser, L. M. Lida 88 Motley, M J., Melanie 37,124, 146,167 Mullis, M. A., Mary Ann 88 Mundorf, G. F., Rick 72,194,197,199 Mundorf, T. K., Tom 88 Munroe, C. A., Colin 88 Murphy, J. M., Jim 88 Murphy, L. A., Laura 37,167 Muse, H. S., Harold 72 MUSTANG MEDICS 153 MUSTANG STAFF 166-168 Myers, R. F , Bob 72 MYERSPARK STAFF 164-165 N Nabers, L. M., Larry 37 Nabers, R. W., Ricky 88 Nochman, A. L , Louise 85,88 Nachman, L I. , Louie 37,181,182 Nance, D. B., DeWitt 73 Nash, D. B., Dave 38,109 NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE 143 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 152 Naumoff, E. A., Liz 88,175 Neal, B M., Billy 38,182 Neal, S. W., Steve 73,148 Needy, J. A. Ill, John 38,186,187, 188,189,197 Neel, J M. Jr., Jimmy 88 Neilson, B. J., Brennan 88 Nelson, Miss Nina A. 96,98 Nettles, F. T., Truett 38,39,64, 141,145,169,171 Newman, B. L., Brenda 88 Newman, D. E., Diane 88 Newman, M. E., Mike 38,50,182 Newman, P. A , Paula 73,175 Nichols, L. G , Linda 88 Nichols, W. A Jr., Bill 27,38,148 Nichols, M. J., Jack 79,88 Nicholson, J. S P., Jim 38 Nisbet, T. G. Jr., Tom 38 Nix, Marty 88 Noblett, F. E., Eddie 73 Nodell, C. C , Carolyn 21,38,139 Nordman, P. D., Paul 38 Nordman, R. R., Ronnie 88 Norman, Isiah 88 Norman, L. A., Lewis 88 Norris, M. J., Mike 73 Norris, S. A., Sally 38 Northey, D. B., David 88 Northey, J. H., John 18,38,122, 144.152.155 Northey, L. H., Laura 88 Norton, D. B., David 73,147 Novak, J. N., Joyce 38,145,169 O O ' Brien, R. W., Rick 38,169 O ' Brien, R. M., Bob 38,50,148,206 O ' Neal, W. B., Bill 38,108,150 O ' Neill, M J., Mike 88 Oakes, J. P., John 73 Odom, Hu Jr. 73,143 Oliver, Mr. William 95 ORCHESTRA 174,175 Orlick, E. R , Ellen 88 Orr, D. J., David 88 Ortiz, R. F., Rodolfo 88 Osborne, A. C., Anne 88 Osborne, D E., Dyrrle 38 Osborne, K. D., Koren 88 Osborne, S. L., Sherrill 88 Osterhoudt, L. E., Lewis 38,169 Otto, B M., Barbara 73 Overcash, B K., Brenda 38 Owen, E. M , Mac 88 Owens, S. C., Steve 88 Oxidine, P. A., Pat 38 P Packard, W. B., Bill 88,175 Podgett, Mr. Rae C. Ill Page, B C., B ruce 18,22,39,122, 123,128,141,143,148,152,153 Pappas, M. M., Marilyn 88 Pappas, P. N , Pete 39 Parker, E. D., Dianne 89 Parker, G. S., Stewart 89 Parker, J. J., John 89 Parker, M B,, Margaret 73,141,142 Parker, Mike 39 Parker, S. O., Steve 73,107,198 Parrott, R. W., Robert 73 Partin, Mrs. Hugh 105 Partridge, K. Y., Karen 73 Paterson, R K., Robin 73 Patterson, E. A., Beth 89 Patterson, J. E., John 39,145,173 Patterson, M. M , Mary 89 Patton, P. D., Pam 65,73,78,142, 163.166.167 Payne, D. N., David 73 Payne, M. L., Marcia 89,169,173 Payne, S. E , Shirley 89 Pearlsall, R. A, Richard 89,183,184 Pearson, Deveria 152 Pearson, M J., Joanne 39,175 Pease, M. C., Carson 39,49,56,128, 146,152 Peck, Mrs. Joan H. 103 Peek, T. L , Tommy 73 Peeler, J. L., Jackie 89 Peeler, V. J., Vicky 73 PEN PUSHERS CLUB 147 Pendergrass, E. C , Eddie 89 Pennigar, M. A., Martha 73 Perry, K. W., Kenny 89,184 Perry, R. L., Rita 39 Perry, V. L., Vera 73 Perry, W. S., Stowe 89,184,190,191 Pesta, D. L., Debbie 73 Peterson, K M , Karen 73 Pettus, J. R., Jerry 89 Pettus, H. L , Harvey 73 Pettus, T. K., Tom 18,39,46,50,122, Phelan, J. M., Mike 89 Phifer, Miss Jean L. 99 Phillips, Dr. A. Craig 95 Phillips, E. C., Elizabeth 89 Phillips, F. A , Fred 79,89,184 Phillips, K. N , Karen 39,154 Phillips, K. F., Kay 89 Phillips, M. D , Mike 39,179,180,182 Pickard, T. A., Tommy 89 Pierce, D. E., Debbie 39 . Pierce, M. B., Margaret 89 Pierce, R. A , Rob 73,182,200,201 Pigott, C. M., Colleen .39 Pillsbury, P. J., Pam 73,169 Pinson, V. S., Ginger 89 Piscitelli, P. A., Philip 73 Pixley, B. A., Barbara 73 Planck, S E., Shaun 89 Poag, Miss Oveda E. 95 Poe, S. D., Steven 89,198 Poe, W. E., Eddie 21,39,64,128,140, 144,152,155,169,200 Polk, C D., Camilla 73 Polk, R C , Regina 39 Poliakoff, S. V., Stan 39 Poliakoff, S. D., Steve 89 Pollard, A. M., Alfred 89 Pollhammer, Jody 39 Polyzos, N D., Nick 73,173 Poodo, M. E., Mike 73 Porter, C. F., Carol 40 Posten, F. H., Hu 40,192,193 Poteat, C E., Chorles 73,173 Potter, P. L„ Patty 65,73,142 Potter, Mrs. Ramona F. 98 Potts, E. J., Emily 73 Pound, M. L., Lynn 89 Powell, B. S., Sam III 89 Powell, E. R., Elihu 89 Powers, E. B., Betsy 89,151,175 Powers, J. S., Johanna 73,77,78 146,157 Pratt, K. B., Kelly 89 Pratt, R. G., Richard 89 Pressly, A. W., Amelie 73 Presson, S. D., Sandra 89 Price, P. M., Pam 73 Price, Yvonne 89 Pride, C. C., Cornell 89,173,198 Prince, L. L., Larry 89,183,184,191 Privette, T. E , Earl 73,182 Proctor, K. B , Katy 40,145,173 175 Proctor, W. C., Bill 73 Proffitt, R. C., Robert 89 Protz, E. L., Eric 73 Purcell, Mr. Augustus B. 107 Purnell, C. L., Caroline 73 Purser, J. H., Johnny 73 Q Quincy, L P., Linda 73 R Rackley, D. E., Dee 89,93 Ragin, C. L., Calvin 73 Raley, D. J., Donna 40 Rankin, Julie 89 Ranson, R. L., Becky 89 Ranson, W. A., Bill 73,151,195,196 Ranson, W. E., Bud 89 Rope, G. D., Glenn 40 Rapp, Susie 40 Ratcliffe, D. F., Debbie 89 Ratcliffe, M. V., Mark 89,93 Ray, R. H„ Dick 89 RED CROSS 151 Redwine, K A., Kathy 74 Reeder, C L , Linda 89 Reep, R. W., Bob 40 Reeves, J. B., Junie 74,160 Register, R. S., Bobby 40 Rehm, C. C , Cathy 40 Rehm, T. J., Tom 89,196 Reich, R. E., Ronald 40 Reid, L. L., Linda 74 Reid, M. D., Mary 40,48,121,146,158 Rendleman, M. C., Mary 74,145 174 175 Renwick, C. S., Craig 40,151 Repetto, D. M., Donna 79,90 Reynders, H. M., Henka 90 Reynders, W. I., Willie 90 Reynolds, L J. Jr., Butch 74,182 Rhyne, B. G., Gail 90 Rhyne, J T., John 74,77 Rich, D. W., David 74 Richards, S. !., Sue 40 Richardson, B. T., Tommy 41 Richardson, M. A., Mork 41 Richardson, R. D., Rod 74 Richardson, W. A., Bill 90,173 Richmond, Deborah 90 Richmond, J. E , Jacqueline 74,169 Riddle, J. W., Joe 41 Ridenhow, J. P., Jane 90,163 Riley, P. D., Phil 41,173 Ritch, H. D., Harrell 90,184 Rixon, P. A., Pot 90 Robbins, P. A., Pat 41,169 Roberts, D. G., Doug 90 Roberts, Ellen 65,66,74,77,141,146,159 Roberts, H. L., Lynn 74 Roberts, H. S., Steve 41 Roberts, J. A., Alan 41 Roberts, J. W , John 74 Roberts, P. E., Philip 74 Robey, M. C., Mollie 41,50,128,142, 152,159,166 Robinson, M. M., Myrtle 41 Robinson, R. G. Jr., Bobby 74,173 Robinson, Sarah Ann 90 Rochelle, T. M., Mike 41 Rockett, E C., Camille 74 Rockecharlie, L. G., Gurrie 90 Rockecharlie, M. B., Barbara 41, 147 Roehrs, P. E., Pam 90 Rogers, H. M., Holly 41 Rogers, Miss Lillian B. 105 Rogers, M. C., Carol 74 Rogers, M. C., Celeste 74 Rogers, R. A., Roy 90 Roland, Kenny 90 Roland, R. L. Ill, Rob 90 Rollins, R C., Becky 74,78,146,159, 163 Rorie, Mr. Raymond P. 95 Rose, L. E., Lloyd 74,77,170,171 Rose, S. B., Susan 74,78 Roseboro, G. A., Glorius 90 Roseboro, R. D., Rita 74 Ross, L. T., Lina 74 Ross, O. B., Trip 90 Ross, R. G., Robert 90,184 Ross, S. J., Sharon 41,175 Rotan, Mrs. Elizabeth S. 107,162 Roush, J. L., Janet 90 Roush, Mike 41 Rousso, D. S., David 74 Rowe, J. A., Jim 74,173 Ruff, E. D., Dale 74 Rupert, L. B., B.J. 74 Russell, B. C., Beverly 41 Russell, S. E., Sara 41 Russell, S L., Susan 90,151 Ryburn, M. W., Mark 90 S Sabates, I. B., Isabel 90 Sabates, L. R,, Rose 90 Sadoff, J. W., John 74 Sample, M. J., Marian 90 Sampson, Jean 90 Sams, Mrs. Sue W. 112 Samson, Ann 42 Sanders, D. D., Dke 74 Sanders, H. H., Harrison 74 Sanders, Victor 90 Sanders, W. A., Wayne 90 Saunders, M. B., Mark 42,194 Saunders, R. A., Becky 42 Saunders, S. L., Sherry 74 Sawyer, D. W., Dan 42,153 Sawyer, Mrs. Florence H. 103 Scantland, V. L., Leo 42 Scarborough, Mrs. Betty B. 112 Scarborough, T. E., Tommy 74 Scercy, D 8 ., Dennis 74 Scevers. F., Francine 90 Scher, L I , Lloyd 74,169 Schiffman, S. A., Sammy 65,74,173 Schnerr, C. P., Preis 74 Schnerr, F. G., Butch 42 Schoonmaker, B. W., Bruce 90,169 Schreiber, M. E., Marnie 42,173 Schuster, O. M., Otto 74 Schwantes, N. 6., Neal 90,173 Schworm, M. J., Martha 74 Scott, Mrs. Gladys W. 102,103 Scott, J. W., Johnny 90 Scott, R. W., Ruth 74 Seacord, J. E., Jim 42,182 Seanor, E. E., Edie 74,143 Sears, J. G., John 90 Seay, W J„ Jay 42,141,196 Sebrell, A.B., Ann 42,48,59,104,129,146 Seegal, R. L., Rhonda 74 Seeley, B. J., Barbara 42 Seeley, S. J., Jane 90,173 Segal, H. L., Howard 90 Seldon, E. S., Emily 74,155 Seltzer, D. M., Don 90 Serrell, C. A , Chorlie 42,192 Serrett, M. S., Sue 42 Sewell, M. E., Mike 90 Shackelford, F. O., Fred 42,144,152,173 Shankle, C., Clyde 90 Shankle, L. H., Lewis 90 Shapiro, D. Donald 90 Sharman, O. W , Ollie 74,120,145,169 Sharman, S. R., Steve 90 Shaw, C P., Pot 90 Shaw, S. E., Saroh 90,122 Shaw, S. F., Sarah 42,142 Shaw, S. P., Stephen 145,173,175 Shelton, A. C., Alan 42 Sherard, D. E., Donna 43 Sherman, R. S., Becky 74,169 Shinn, P. R., Pom 90 Shirah, D. H. Davey 74 Shockley, L. W., Lisa 43 Shook, D. M., Melinda 43 Shook, M. H., Jean 75 Short, C L., Carol 91,159 Short, R H„ Randy 43,124,129,139, 140,144,159,180,181,182,200,201 Short, V. G., Gay 43 Shotwell, Miss Judy A. 103 Shultman, A. M , Marie 43 Sibley, Susan 145,175 Sidbury, D. M , David 75 Sidden, Miss Audrey 99 Sifford, Miss Patsy L. 95 Sigmon, W. M , Bill 75 Simmons I A Incx 43 Sylvia 91 S mpson P. A Patricia 75 Sims R L Bob 43 Sinclair W. J . Willie 75 Stncjer J. J Jim 75 Sink, Mr. Jack H. 114,201 Smnicks S. A., Suzi 43 Siscron Alice 43.169 Sisrare J S Scott 91.169 Sito 6 A Barbara 75 Sizer, Mr. Richard W. 104.164 Skaggs, H T Teague 91 Skidmore. S W Pete 75 201 Sledge, B A Barbara 91 Sledge Rose 43 Sloan, E A Eugenia 43.152 Sluder. H. Henry c 1,93 Sluder L. C Linda 91 Small, M. D , Michele 91 Smith, Mrs. Alice E. 103 Smith B S Betsy 43.124,129,132. 146.158 Smith C L Candy 44,149 Smith C. H Carolyn 75,169 Smith C M Claudia 91 Smith C D . Cindy 91 Smith D. M.. David 91 Smith E L Eddie 75 Smith, E W., Libby 44,163 Smith E D Delores 91 Smith, G. F Grady 91 Horry 91 Smith, H. W„ Wake 91 Smith. J. W., Julie 44,142,151,153 Smith, L F. Linda 75 Smith - Martha 91 Smith C Coleman 91.183,184, 185.198,206 Smith, M. C, Craig 75 Smith, Mrs. Mary B. 112 Smith, Miss Sarah L. 107 Smith C C ra ig 110 Smith, P. A., Peggy 44 Smith, R. F., Rick 75 Smith, S. K Steve 91 Smith, T. A., Terri 75,100 Smoot, M. L., Lucy 44 Snapp, W. R. Bill 91,175 Snyder, B. A. Betty Ann 44,109 Snyder, R. M Ray 44 SOCCER 206 SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB 145 Sopher, P K. Pam 44,169 SOPHOMORE CLASS 79 Sorrell, M. C. 75 Sotir, Bee 44 Sovacool, S. M. Susan 44 Soule, J. T„ John 75,175 Sovacool, M. J. Michael 75 SPANISH CLUB 156 Sparks, R. M., Mike 75 Sparrow, W. L., Warner 91,198 Speckman, D. R., Denis 44 Spence, C. W., Christina 91 Spencer, K. B., Ken 91 Spencer Susanna 75,160,161,162 Spicer, D. A., Danny 91 Spil Gabriel 75 Spil Paul 91,191 Spooner, E. M., Ed 44 Spooner, R. A., Ray 44 Spratt, J. R., Julian 44 Spring, Rosetta 75 Sprinkle, D. F., Dale 75,200,201 Sprinkle, M. E., Mary 91 Spurrier, J. B., Johnny 75 Spurrier, M. K., Martha 91 Squires, E. R., Beth 79,80,91,159 Squires, K G., Kathy 75 Stallings, E. M., Gene 75,168,196 Stallings, J. R., Jim 75 Stancill, B. D., Barbara 75,153 Stancill, J. L., John 44 Stanley, D. L., Dennis 91 Stanton, Mrs. Evelyn S. 98 Stanton, M. C. ( Martha 44,173 Starnes, J. A , Judy 91 Starr, K. J., Karen 75 Steedly, J W., John 91 Steele, C. S., Caroline 91 Steele, T. K., Tobie 23,44,168 Steele, V. R., Robbie 91,149,156 Stellings, E. G., George 75 Stephens, H. W., Harry 44,122,152 Stephens, N. A., Neil 91 Sterling Bradley 91 Stern, R. S., Bobby 75 Steward, S. E., Sharon 91 Stewart, Miss F. Evangeline 109 Stewart, I. W., Ivey 91,179,180,181, 182,191 Stewart, K. L., Ken 91 Stewart, M. M., Missy 44,124,131,158 Stewart, M. M., Millie 44 Stewart, Miss Sarah F. 113 Stewart, S. N., Susan 75 Stickley, E. A., Beth 75,169 Stiles, F. A . Frances 91,169 Stinson, F. T., Frank 45 Stoffel, B. L., Bee 91 Stoffel, R. C. Bob 75,169 Stone, D. C., Don 45,169 Stonecipher, A G Anita 75,78,133 171 Stothart Stephanie 75,78,146 Stout, M A. Lyn 91 Stout. F L. Fitzhugh 65,75,148,194 Stovall. M. E Mike 91 Stowe G. C Clcve 75,168,206 Stowe Larry 91 Stratton A. 6., Anne 91 Stratton, J. T., Joy 91 Street, F L., Larry 75 Strickhouser, J. A., Joe 45 Stritzinger, G. L., Guy 75 Stroup, P A Paul 91 Stroup, R J., Bobby 75,206 Stroupe, B. N., Brenda 75,79,146 Stuart, T. C., Tommy 75 STUDENT COUNCIL 139-141 STUDENT LIFE 1 16,135 Sturges, W. W., Wesley 45,143,145, 156,169,172,173 Suddreth, D. S., Debbie 91 Suk, W G. ( Bill 75 Sullivan, M. J., Juli 45,169 Summerville, W. A., Andy 45 Sumner, J R.. Jimmy 45 Sutherland, Mrs. Virginia P. 103 Sutton, S. L., Susan 75 Svensson, C J. S., Christer 45,148,206 Sweotman, B. A , Barbara Anne 91 SWIMMING 195 Sykes, A. E., Anne 45,145,169 Sykes, S. L., Sharon 45 T Tanner, K. W., Ken 45 Taormina, E. L., Linda 75,145 Tart, D C. Danny 91 Tate, C. E., Cathy 91,175 Tate, Billy 70,182,188,200 Tate, G. W., Pudge 45,1 44,148,1 51, 186,188,200,201 Tate, W. K., Knox 31,45,129,139, 141,153,182,192,193 Tathwell, G. C., Gwynne 45 Taylor, A. M., Alice 91 Taylor, Mrs. Bernice H. 91,111 Taylor, S. C., Sam 75,78,119,151 Taylor, T. C., Theodore 91 Taylor, T. H., Thomas 45 Tavlor, W. N., Neal 45 Teat, S. S., Susan 83,91,98 TENNIS 204 Terrell, R. E., Bob 91,184 Tetrick, Mrs. Earline M. 109 Tharp, L. J., Linda 46,147 Therrell, M. E., Betsy 91 THESPIANS 170-171 Thevaos, D. V., Debbie 91 Thies, R. M., Robbie 46 Thomas, Mrs. Betty T. 113 Thomas, B. K., Brenda 75 Thomas, C. L., Charles 75 Thomas, C. D., Cheryl 91 Thomas, C. F., Cindy 91 Thomas, D. C., Diana 91 Thomas, D. M. David 75 Thomas, D. F., Donna 91 Thomas, J. R., Jim 46 Thomas, J. H., Jeff 65,75,148,173 Thomason, H. H., Buddy 66,75,78, 141,144,147,194 Thomason, J. P., Jane 91 Thomason, P. B. ( Patti 46 Thompson, B. J. J., Bruce 75,151,192 Thompson, D. D., Debby 75 Thompson, S. J., Sharlee 91 Thompson, S. J., Susan 46 Thompson, S. R., Becky 91 Thompson, W. J., Willard 75 Thomson, J. S., Tommy 46,168 Thrailkill, David 46 Thrift, D. B., Douglas 75 Thullberry, H. A., Bud 91 Tigler, A. C., Anne 75 Timanus, E. C., Clay 92,184 Timanus, M. E., Beth 75,160 Tindal, Gabriel 186,187,188,189 Tindal, L. G., Leslie 46 Tinsley, M. S., Steve 92 Tippett, G. H., Henry 92 Tobin, Dovid 75 Tobin, S. M., Steve 92 Todd, C. L., Cliff 92 Todd, Dovid 198,199 Todd, E. M., Mark 75,173 Todd, M. L., Maurice 92,198 Todd, M. E., Mike 180,182,198,199 Todd, T. M., Mike 92 Toler, L. S., Linda 46 Townsley, M. E. ( Margaret 75,78, 148,157 TRACK 197-199 Tronsou, B. F., Betty 92 Trexler, J, F,, John 92,173,194 Trice, S. E., Susan 92 Triplett, B. A., Borry 92 Triplett, B. E., Boice 75 Tritschler, C. M., Matt 92 Trotter, C, M., Chris 75 Tucker, M. L., Mike 46 Turner, A. M., Ana Maria 46,152,171 Turner, B B., Bo 75,151 Turner, K K., Koren 92,93 Turner, T T. Tim 92,195,196 Turner, W. T , Bill 92 Tzannis, Anthony 46 U Uhl, A. S., Angie 46 Uhl, M. J., Peggy 92 Underwood, E D., Evelyn 92 V Valenstein, L, N. Linda 92 Valentine, J. C , Julie 46 Vandevere, S. G., Sandra 92 Van Hoy, H. L., Houston 92,173, 185.198 VanPelt, S. A,, Stokes 92,204,206 VanSciver, D. J., Debbie 46,145, 169.173.175 VanVynckt, C. D , Cynthia 46 VanVynckt, J, C., Judy 92 Varney, D. D., Darrell 47 Vaughn, C. L., Lamar 92 Vaughn, D. D., David 47 Vaughn, P. M., Portia 75 Veazey, S. D , Shirley 92 Vehue, J. M., Mike 92 Venable, V. E., Vickie 92 Venning, W. M., Bill 76,167 Verch, A, H., Alan 92,183,184,198 Verdone, E. W., Elsyo 47 Verner, S, C., Scott 76,77,148,185 Vestal, M. K., Margo 92 Vestal, S. L., Lillian 92 Vincent, P. L., Paul 47,151,165, 198.199 Vinroot, P. M., Paula 47,129,46,164 VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUB 150 Voss, D A., Dolly 92 Voss, F D., Denny 47,156,157 W Wade, Cynthia 76 Wagner, L. L., Lynn 92,191,200 Walker, C. W. Jr., Charles 92,173 Walker, K. L., Kathy 92 Walker, L. A., Chuck 76 Walker, M. J., Marilyn 76 Walker, Mary Lu 23,47 Walker, N. W., Nancy 47,145,173, 174.175 Walker, R. J., Bob 76 Walker, S. L., Lee 92 Wall, B. H., Barbara 76 Wallace, A. F., Mandy 92,149 Wallace, C. W., Charles 92,183,184, 191,197 Wallace, C, S., Clarence 47 Wallace, C. A., Cora 92 Wallace, J, G., Jim 47,148 Wallace, S. A., Shirley 76 Wallas, W. R., Wendy 76 Wallwork, D. A., Dexter 92 Wallwork, G. H., Jeff 76,175 Walser, S. J., Sandra 76 Walton, B. R., Bill 47 Walton, D. S., Susan 76,146 Walton, M, D., Marisettia 92 Ward, C. H., Cathy 92,175 Ward, C. A., Chris 76 Ward, D. C., Diane 47,145,175 Ward, F. B., Frances 47 Ward, S. L., Susan 76 Wardell, N. W., Nancy 92 Wardell, R. W., Berta 47 Warner, B. A., Barbara 76 Waterhouse, George 48,50,148,151 Watermeier, Mary Ann 76 Watkins, J. L., Judy 92 Watkins, M. M., Melissa 76,170 Watson, Cathy 76 Watson, J. C., Chris 92,169,184 Watts, D. A., Debbie 76 Watts, K. D., Kenneth 92 Watts, Jim 206 Watts, T. J., Joe 48,148,192,193 Weatherly, N. F., Nancy 92 Weaver, D. A., Doloris 92 Weaver, P. A., Allen 76 Webb, B. S., Suzy 92 Webb, C. J., Carolyn 92 Webb, C. F., Chuck 76 Webb, E. C., Craig 76 Webb, H. W., Helen 76 Webb, W. B. Jr., Will 92 Weeks, C. H., Chuck 92 Weiant, C. J., Chris 92 Welch, E A., Ann 76 Welch, Harry 92 Welch, L. M., Lindsay 76 Welch, L. E., Lucy 48 Weldon, H. L., Henry 76 Welfare, H F., Hank 92 Wells, D. H., David 92 Wells, L. C., Linda 48 Wells, R. C., Charlie 92 Wells, Willie 179,181,182 Weston, C. P., Phil 48,206 West, R. M., Rodger 48 Whitaker, Miss Jean G. 103 Whitley, Miss Ethel J. 113 Whalen, W. J., Bill 48 Wheeler, Mory Burton 76,157 White, B. A , Beverly 48,104 White, D. A., Debbie 92 White, Ernie 48 White, L. G., Lucy 92 White, R. B , Robert 76 White, R C , Ronnie 76 Whitener, N. L., Nancy 76 Whitesides, E K., Elaine 92,149 Whitesides, W. C., Terch 65,70, 76,181,182,188,197 Whitney, J. W., Julie 92 Whittaker, C. H., Carl 76,78,141,148 185 Widis, H. M., Howard 92,192,193 Wiener, B. L., Bert 92 Wilkerson, D. L., Deborah 48,142, 152,169,170 Wilkerson, W. A. Jr., William 48 Wilkerson, W. M, Bill 92,169,170 Wilkinson, C. B., Kitty 76,78,141 160,163 Wilkinson, H. D., Henry 76 Willard, L. Y., Laurens 76,78,144, 180,182,197 Williams, D. A., Andy 92 Williams, E. A., Libby 92 Williams, E, B., Emily 93 Williams, G. E., George 48 Williams, H. W., Hank 76,78 Williams, J. M., Morris 93,173 Williams, J. L., Jean 93 Williams, M. R_, Minnie 76 Williams, P. J., Pam 93 Williams, Roderick 93 Williams, S. J., Stephanie 93 Williams, T. R., Tommy 76,151,182 Williams, Mr. William H. 113 Williamson, J. C., Carol 93 Williamson, J. H., Johnny 93 Williamson, M. L., Marcia 93 Williamson, T. C , Theresa 93 Willingham, David III 93 Willingham, Elaine 76 Willis, D. S., David 48 Wills, W. R., Sandy 76 Willis, W. T„ Bill 48,182 Wilmer, H. P., Helen 93 Wilson, A. T., Ann 93 Wilson, D. J., Danny 49 Wilson, E. J., Joy 49 Wilson, G. N. Jr., George 76,200 Wilson, H. E., Eddie 49 Wilson, J. M., Jackie 76 Wilson, J. S., Steve 49,168 Wilson, Marilyn 49 Wilson, P. D., Penny 76,167 Wilson, Phil 36,49,148,151,185,197,198 Wilson, R. R., Robert 93 Wilson, W. S., Billy 93 Windham, B. E., Brenda 93 Wise, K. A., Kathy 76 Withers, A B., Alma 76 Withers, C. A., Charles 76,191 Withers, R. W., Robert 93 Withrow, D. E., David 93,184 Wolfe, J. E., Joan 93 Wollman, B. R., Barbara 76 Wood, D. M., Anne 93 Wood, J. M., Julie 76,160 Woodall, D. S., David 76,206 Woodard, D. M., David 93 Woodcock, W. D., Wendy 49 Woods, C. J., Carol 65,76,78 Woods, K. H., Kathy 76,175 Woods, N. B., Nancy 93 Woodward, P. B., Phyllis 49,152 Worley, K. L., Kathy 76 WRESTLING, JV 194 WRESTLING, VARSITY 192 Wright, D. L , Debbie 93 Wright, E. A., Alvin 93 Wright, Mrs. Irene 104 Wright, M. A., Marsha 76 Wright, S. E., Sue 76 Wyatt, C. L., Carol 93 Y Yarbrough, L. A., Linda 49,159 Yarborough, L. H., Laura 93 Yarborough, T. E., Tommy 49 Yarus, C. M., Carol 76,175 Yates, D. A , Deborah 76 Yopp, E. R., Eddie 93,184 Younce, T. H., Tim 93 Young, C. M., Marshall 76,78,141, 146,154,160 Young, M. R., Randy 19,49,129, 146,152 Young, S. V., Vida 76 Young, V, E., Viv 49 Younge, A. D., Alissa 76,175 Younger, E. D., Bert 76 Y-TEENS CLUBS 149 Z Zaccagni, L. M., Leslie 49,152 Zagora, S. L., Lynn 49,104,146,152 Zeigler, B L., Brukie 76 Zilk, V. W., Vickie 49,153 Zuehlsdorff, P. A., Pat 76 212 the MUSTANG STAFF Lynn Zagora Business Manager Laura Murphy Underclass Editor Patti Flynn Editor-in-Chief Elsie Love Treasurer Melanie Motley Clyde Allen Senior Class Editor Faculty-Curriculum Editor Tommy Pettus Sports Editor Kit Dorrier Janet Godfrey Copy Editor Student Life Editor Kathy Idol Photography Editor STAFF Ruth Buker Emily Caddell Jane Dunning Frank Fite Kathy Howe Robin Kimbrel Mary Lou McFarland Steve McLaughlin Robin Paterson Pam Patton It is impossible to recognize all those whose patience and co-operation have helped make the 1967 Mustang a reality. The staff would like to thank those individuals and organizations without whose special help we could not have produced this book: Mr. Frank Fleming, Consultant, Delmar Printing Company; Mr. Ralph Criminger, Art Director and Mrs. Anne Hoyle, Layout, Delmar Printing Company; Bill Venning Mrs. Virginia Christenbury, Mrs. Jean Penny Wilson Howarth, Beverly Studio, senior portraits; Mr. Bill Renfro, Delmar Studio, under¬ class portraits; Mr. and Mrs. Phil Aull, beauty por¬ traits; Mr Johnny Carson, beauty judge; Dr. Lewis and the Myers Park faculty; The Myers Park student body; The 1967 Staff and Homeroom Rep¬ resentatives; Mr G Leslie Browne, Advisor; And the parents and other friends of Myers Park who have supported the Mustang as Sponsors and Patrons PHOTOGRAPHERS Kirk Johnson Tommy Thompson Head Photographers Rory Blake Ben Douglas Biv Efird Rocky McDowell Gene Stallings Tobie Steele Cleve Stowe Steve Wilson UNITY is 214 215 UNITY is 216 217 218 ...a class 219 UNITY is serving 221 UNITY is 222 ...achievement 223 UNITY is 224 1 being together 225 226 ...Myers Park 227 MYERS PARK CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS The Distributive Education Club of America The Limelighters The Modern Music Masters The Girl Ambassadors The Interact Club The Latin Club The Junior Y-Teens The National Honor Society The Key Club Myers Park Chapter Vocational Industrial Clubs of The Keyette Club America SPONSORS Al Browne ' s Service Station Providence Pharmacy Fuel Oils 705 Sharon Amity Road Phone 366-7131 Bank of Charlotte 122 South Tryon Street Providence Sunoco Service 507 Providence Road Colonial Barber Shop 1041-A Providence Rd. " It pays to look well " Record City Discount 105 West Trade—Phone 375-6205 Christ Episcopal Church 1412 Providence Road All Your Favorite Albums 45 ' s Reid ' s Super Markets Gordon Auto Service Inc. 707 Providence Road 1414 E. Morehead Street 915 S. McDowell Harry and Bryant Co. Funeral Directors since 1803 SPA Space Planning Associates, Inc. 715 Providence Road Morrison ' s Jewelry, Inc. The Sportsman Inc. It Pays To Play Park Lanes Inc. Your Bowling Pleasure Is our Business Stanley ' s Drug, Inc. PATRONS MR. MRS. HOWARD BELUE MR. MRS. DOUGLAS W BOOTH MR. MRS. KEN BUKER, JR. MR. MRS. E. L. DANIEL MR. MRS. JOHN P. DORRIER DR. MRS. E. J. DUNNING MR. MRS. KIRTLAND FLYNN, JR. MR. MRS. DEWEY D. GODFREY MR. MRS. T. C. HEYWARD, JR. MR. MRS. T. M. MAYFIELD, JR. MR. MRS. JOHN D. MORRISON MR. MRS. L. J. OSTERHOUDT MRS. R. C. PATERSON MR. MRS. M. W. SLOAN MR. MRS. GEORGE T. WILLIAMS, JR. MR. MRS. E. J. ZAGORA

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