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 - Class of 1960

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f""'f7ffCQ'1- .ffm 1 +4 't 1 . 5 , l ,til . 9 6 ...., , ,.. - sleek 1 1 H, A - ,. Q . . it V .b i L 1 ar. at - www , , .V V l' FB 'Q 4 e e pi , N 1 1 1 Q th.Quv:-- e ex Q., lg , X M., if ' f mfum PM . High school is the place where we formulate our clreumls and plans for the future. It is an way of life, il fabrication of deli- cate and hold clesigris created from the emotions that are re- - flected in all we rlo. To capture these moods for you. the MUSTANG stuff . . . , K ,z U . . 'Cv' ,,., .1..,l. , .,.1, I- 'Ah L Mu A . 1- Y" hi, ' r W l.-., V., K .Am ' wwwfzf fm., ' :HU if M- ' A ..' '-I, - ,-' e H '-V :. lv., LTA 5 H577 i' .wif 2 A I. 1' """4H-'Tiff lf I : ,N ,IWW a N 1 , 5W11LE':-f'!L"7H' 444- ax.. 34:-p,,+,1 fgjlkn- W ff Lb ""v1 U 7-1 4 1 , X Q I 3.,,!J!i!L-LA:-Hlxj 1:7145 :lwu r I A w --., ft-X1-W-J 11:-fz.ff.2:g?1:5eg? jEi e'f'Q7ff,.,. ,.T+iV i .1 -' Ipit' if -!"'L.g:4, Z' '1g.g2-Vg?-Fg:Ei4 .lgrzieqiilfaij-F'ff'L'f Lg:-,W wglgiggfggxggggry '-LZ' .' :A 'i vhyf V. "?ffLfFNf.EiQ' 5" ' :xl+:n':.' FH 'f+f2'if. W 1 -'f I- ' v rim 3241-111 ffl' Ji,-vi-"':' ' '11-,,'f.f2Lf"' w1 1 , . b ' g ' 1, " 1 ' 5. . jf g Q AGE Q i-'J gl MT" 1 W . N 2 4 M'-.. , WH w'l ' 1. ,li .rs qi . ,. Lr?'5 , . w , . ,. , ., . WV .. I -Vg-A w 4 x LBS . -.Www J ' JI '1gQ'u21. 1 ,w1b::y' N , .y. . r Yf,...L., .- -. - A "ga T, I ag! 9,551 ' ,. -Qi 1. ': g " ' '92 ' if . . -- - ig ".gL"ffi.3 .1..N,,f.4 liflbxifsil ' " ff l .:T -5 ' ' - A '1-..:.,.g'.sf'. "" Q, I, : "1.xff j iii.-if " Yi.-.., .,.,. .., , V YM-4:-4' - . fp.. , - -B.-.V 1, ..,:,3f5fggw,.. ' 1+-. ,V 'L 1 , . k 1.7 ip. -.- '?i' .'.- S F 'Q 'i E . A TEE f 'J k""1e :W-5-w3?f1,':g.qfM 1: U ,,,,, - V Xwf- '-161 war-"Af" ' . 'f 'g',i.....,. L , H- . -WT'-.....1f-'fi ' .,, Vg H -. . 'I 5 A ' 1, , 'wg ' Y..v.-1,57 -. I-: -9, .' J 4- 4, 'H Hi: - '- ' I I '.f'V-1:-A-5-.x .V V1 5, . - 'w'.tf.5..rzf1' - - - - J--2 1- ., ,-. , ,, - fd .15 ag-V ,f:.iQg,, -, .352 1 ,sax V 1 . ggri.-at f.q:1,'f1'7m 1 1 " fflzxaiywa- w 5:4115 1 X .. 4?'15xelf1i1 1. "Q 1 :F-.. .-.:.'-J "fx .. M N .,.-- gi..-1:-V ' ., .M-fa W., . ,, . , .-.V UA' -..., N 0. L vm.- Q . . H Jive- .qfefs , , .K . 11.-.,-.,:p,-.. . . 4 551555 L 1 -W :fm f n -V -Jw?-z..-inn , '.jl-.-Q11-AL: - ff.11'4.::1E.5 . ,.-vg - ,N . ,. --, Iv- - 13:-yr-3 Kip '-Lf' iv ' .-W. V451 ,. W. eq DR. JACK HORNER PRINCIPAL enfzfafm FRIEND... I , 'K 'weafig ADMINISTRATOR fl. v A: K xgf Y 1 1 'x Q., ,l.g1:.'....p .,,ng1:,. Q, nu.- 1 1.11141 ln -Q1 ,f 'lf ni nib' .Q ' J ' ,"1fg'1'Q7igV"',517-31gir'4K.LQ'12'L4 l ' i 1 -wh . 4, , 'I' :Q-J R, 1, m.- ' X ' ' , Cf "Q.,i'., fi Yiv"?',1nh1'2Vify1 ggi f - ,.' -- 'av 1 -. -A ' ' 1- I q I' ' .f ' "1 ' Y . f ' g ' :rv " . 1 ,. Q .x, , . .ff ' ' - A . qi .I . 'fl A . A '. , ,'. Y A " , x- -' lisp ' -1 , ,W 'Q ' ' f , - x 1' ,B " ' '1 ' V Q ' n' .1 N' if 19 0 M' Y" .QXQ , ' M ' .'p"',' , 'E , ,-A W- 'K' xy p xl ' L' . - ' , v -1 .X ' ' - ,. Activities ..,i Dances .. Beauties ...,,,.t Student Congress . , , MyerSpark ,,.... Mustang ..,.,... Fine Arts Clubs , . . Language Clubs , . . Service Clubs .,.. Career Clubs ,.,..,. Distributive Education Honor Society c . , . . Choral Music . . , . Instrumental Music 4 , Cheerleaders, Majorettes, Lettergirls . . . . . . EM of .. Boys' Sports . .V . . . Monogram Club . . . Girls' Sports Y. . . . Mustang' Club .,.. Athletic Association Academics ......., M , Administration . . . Faculty ...,... Curriculum ....., Sophomore Class , . Junior Class . . Q Senior Class . , . Advertisements , . ,, .44 ' ' gbtllwnfwgqg-:-,ft-imma:-mu ,l , rj-Q W- .vi 2, K ??,,.,,,. 'if?1'fL'7 May am' . , I Me mam? az' V iff" " ...V v X Wyefr pa fi . 1 Q ""4-"K -v-'-n-in., 5'3" .j,.J s.-v"' . Anil 'fl f' i!:..1l 'G if my ,A fic Joy: happiness that bubbles over . . . the coveted invitation to pledge a club . . .' the breath- held moment at Honor Society assembly, then the tap on the shoulder . . . a day when warm Winds bring summer thoughts . . . the thrill of a job Well done . . . light- hearted freedom of a Friday afternoon. . . Gaiety: joy that is voiced in a happy exchange ' of insults and wise-cracks . . . lunchtime jokes and carefree laughter . . . parties... the enchanted moment of a dance . . . Eafcite'ment: unbearable suspense before the big- game . . . seeing the team off . . . the stadium . . . day-brilliant floodlights . . . the Worn turf . . .the smell of victory . . . the wild cheering . . . the endless waiting for a holiday . . . Follies opening night . . . backstage jitters, stagefright, then the thrill of audience response . . . the tense expectancy of elections . . . I0 ie fuzzy . .file erczfefnefzf. .. Anxiety: a tied-up score . . . "Come on, Mustangs!" Hope: the goals we seek . . . nominations . . . "Will . . . exam week . . . apprehensions . . . the dread- it be me ?" . . . papers returned . . . "Did I ful' moment before report cards . . . the prob- pass ?" . . . the anticipation of sophomores who lem that will not solve . . . the theme that re- will be juniors . . . the juniors who will be se- fuses to come. . .the half-fearful, half-hopeful niors . . . and for the seniors fulfillment of waiting for scholarship announcements . . . dreams . . . attainment . . . deadline time . . . l W l i l 1 5 M !?'?" 1 fa M ...fa ri, A it Companionship: the crowd . . . the exuberant feel- ing of belonging . . . a walk between classes . . . good-natured banter . . . a smile . . . a friendly "I-Ii!" . . . a promise . . . "See you at the game!" . . . shared moments of joy and sadness . . . jostling crowds in the halls the Student Lounge after school. . . . 'C' Xu.. i 3111-""' ' YQ' .' 1 5 h X ' 1 1 x -Ii .Me J' ifizf.. Solitude: The late-afternoon loneliness of silent classrooms and empty halls . . . deep shadows playing across the campus . . . a moment of quiet, strange yet friendly . . . a time to re- flect. . . Spirit: green and white tassels . . . White shirts . . . 8:00 a. m. pep rallies . . . hoarse cheers . . . "Mustang meat is too tough to eat!" . . . victory A 'J' banners . . . "Bought your booster card yet?" . . . . fight songs . . . "Keep the victory bell ring- if ing!" . . . but more, too . . . love tor the school . . . service . . . respect for others . . . honor Q x D 'X . .4- 1-"" V -Zkxwv, ' rx ' XE-eff 13 . The warm relationship of students and teacher working together . . . the close fellowship of serving the school . . . the satisfaction of blending talents in orchestra or choir . . . the responsibility of help- ing publish the newspaper or the annual . . . the innerglow from making someone else happy . . . the beauty of the campus, especially at twilight when it is at rest . . . these and so many more moods . . . this is Myers Park. We may yuafzfw -A -QL' 1,1-'ij . JF- 'Z-. -4- .' 1 4 rl3'-fgiasl .-Pl M Wfilllv 1-A ' 3 wiw 59"f'f ...L 1' , 0,1 0 H15 4' fn '62 '?' ,N -.4 'if fu My H54 0 ,gf . , R fa 5 SA 00 .AH if . 1 2 If I 2 Qcztaffzier Perpetual motion . . . club meetings . . . projects . . . lowly pledges . . . "We are meas- lies!" Student Congress . . . symbol of unity . . . Working together. Choir rehearsal. . . the scrambled notes of orchestra tune-up . . . con- certs. Deadline panic . s. . "I njeed six more inchesof ads!" And dances . . . a wonderful Never-never Land. Curtain time . . i. clammy hands . Q . "Break a leg!', . . . the show is on. The sweet taste of victory in debating . . . the inexpli- cable pride in seeing your story in print. Enthusiasm . . . Work that is love made nvisible. y ..:s:"' 1 ,S - f", 5- - s I HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS and their escorts await the big moment-presentation Ceremonies. Seated: Casey Sherrill and Barbara Martin. Standing: Paul Barefoot, George Cutter, Hill Wellford, Anna Beddingfield, Kaye Blickens- derfer, and Jimmy Woods. CHATTING BY THE GAILY decorated tree at the , Christmas Dance are Mary Stella Leak, Thad CROWNING OF QUEEN Linda Summerville climaxes Adams, Harry McArver, Betsy Benoit, Tommy another memorable Homecoming Dance. Stockton, and Carol Stuckey. l l 0671060 74Ql7Z6d0i7ZZq Uafzce Ig9'dfll!'6,P 7501741 M12 a gem' I l .AXE INTERMISSION TIME means refreshments and a chance to rest weary feet. FAVORITE COUPLES chosen as Valentine attend- ants were Bobby Helbein, Mopsy Grayson, Byron glaughter, Eleanor Stowe, Bill Hinson, and Nancy ouzer. No year is complete without the gaiety of eager- ly-awaited dances. Dance chairmen Lydia Alex- ander and Dale Davenport with their committee members were responsible for three dances, two semi-formal and one informal. Combining their many talents, this group handled decorations, music, refreshments, and the hundreds of details that go into planning our dances. Saturday morning would find them scurrying all over SC, looking for ladders, Scotch tape, scissors, and misplaced decorations. By late afternoon they had performed their magic, and the stage was set for another memorable evening: "Football with a Beat" at Homecoming, "An Old- fashioned Yule" at Christmas, and "Sadie Hawkins" in April. Special dance features included the crowning of Linda Summerville as Homecoming Queen and the presentation of her attendants. Tim Thomas and Frannie Delmotte, elected King and Queen of Hearts, were presented at a special assembly after the Valentine Dance was cancelled because of snow. DANCE COMMITTEE MEMBERS add last-minute touches to the decorations. Cornelia Graham, Marion Berryhill, Sloan Schoolmaker, Judy Nicholson, and Mary Hamrick. ALTHOUGH A HEAVY SNOW cancelled the Valentine Dance, Frannie Delmotte and Tim Thomas were presented as King and Queen of Hearts at a special assembly. Wdztiriiafzen' Mile I maker gffiffmdf Dame mm .wwf 'm . -I I .zlfgf EEE .:. ., , I I III 'I EIII-I II I '.1 'I-4 I.l-'-- ' If H' " I JI 'rf 'if I I gg:-f I .I I IAI I X SI 1 3 II -3 III , -.-.III.I-,. .. , w III W... II Ixfgg 2 I1II. I I: IIII I. I 1 I I II I.' I e ug? 'If ' Y . :III I I 4 -. IIIIIIIIL- II II f' 4 yi' T- .W 5553 3 . ,IQI In, Q.. W -MI-Li, fsv X 1' ' 2725" - 5235, I-H ' I L -Y Ir--.. III. I 555 II, I I I. -L.':'I'e.Y..1 I if -... -I I. I I II IL? 7 ML.. WF iii Y' ', ?J1i?, - ,' gf: FF 'Ia m 'I 1.":-gizl I. 'I -I 'I "2 'll .I.I . rm I I A V Y Im, ,QIWJ I' Q-'lf' . - "rl A L 'fi 'I ' IH 4 I IF I' IE II I I ,III I I I I 4 ' I I :',II I -W 13:3 fl? . . -f. ' I1 1-II"'gII'.'WII I. I I , I II I L' I I-I 3 I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII .. I' - ' 51 'I .C,Ie2HHI'3g34L" I -, - . If,,, A :Ig II . I. LI- . I I- ' IRI 11.5-II IF? I . x II - ? 4 ' fi' 5' -' A If-' Yi-:"I'.5 1 " E- .',:II ,K 4 ' 4.:". In I "III I E .I ' If' fi' A J. ' 'gg rjl q , I-.I ,'qIIIgIi.III III I .' ": -pk 353 ' IEE, :I fix -MII, A" 'H -I II .IL E .I,,I -II IIIIII III I ' .. IIIIIZQ, I., -, I I I - Iv- ,.'I.v' A I ,IRI I I' I If I:aI'+ .I ff .I I-If 223' . I . , Ip, - . --I. ,--'-1-- , w I -I II - '.II. II?:'.III IQIIJ'-'IiIn".?A .ALI ' I II ' ':I.IIIl: I' f 5 ' ,S -:" 'f"',-3 V 'J X fflnmw. IE?i' .,I.ggIII"II II- '? 1 1' -FII n IIIQIIII I I, I-M II II III-I I I I II X III I i ve: 1- I 77' A II I 'J II'I I if 3" ,IA1,I I QIIIIIIQII . 'A I-fi ' IQ :JI I I IL 'Mail , aww Y ' "f,"',.jw. WIZWEI mmm 5 fmgri W . I--wg-' '- Ifapf.-b-Wh -+I ' 'J - , 1 1 I I 1 I 3 I I I I .P + ' V ' LIHFLJ ' ' " 11 g IrII I 3 'YEI i ' Iv' 15 X I I I I I -- I ' I I i 1 Z . I 'yi - 'f' ' m ' I I :Z I I I I I II If I I I I -LI I I I I'I"1.' I 5'I1'IL V214-i-Iii? IIIfII.I,1':'LlZ I' " I ' ' YP-I+'-'rl f'?Li5T'7 I II - I -fI--1- III I - -' "-. I 3' II"IIII1" II'1 I II IIIIII , .. Ig I'I ' - II LII. I' I '1 I IIII ! If-:I :L I - 'vm I' Il I ' fl II 1 'N-'z I... I I ' ' . . - I H363 7-MI ' - , 'QI Yi' "H I'f'r1' 1 . 1. 15. ' I I I . I 1- '.- I. 'min LE- '11 I I I 'HI III - " 'N ' 'V' I I ' ' 1 if NWT."-"?' I Fl fp' L E'-'TIT - ' I I I , HI " I V A. I-If If: I I .I I I .I'-NLI I Il? ' 'I I ' ' .. II ki .PII I .I I . III- ff: AI'-my-'1..'I . 1 Ll' .Ig JT I 2 IIN III KX I I -I III-.III-III I 1 JUNIOR BEAUTY WM Wafzcy Razer !0Zd,6!'0h.P.9 Epwufef SOPHOMORE BEAUTY WM gwm 321549 -Jil.Ja.4...-,.,.,,., . 44' -f -4 ,wg '-'---- - 1' 'P iraq - -3,-J"5 W A f 13'A-Z'iT'fU- 'I H' .ME Q "r-SH ' 1 -- 2 -2Q,fF',' 5 'M'1' 1f'w"l'U " 5."f"1 V-25:24. .- 9' - 1. gl . . . v . v M A1 H ml ., . -, , win L-. Q Ii I, 1- . If ' 'Msmyi W m.m2i,' -I WH . 4' K T L hi -Y1..n,, .ryl a i-:Riga 6 aw-- V4 A W? 1 'WI ng Q T1 X .- . wffa, Z -1Cr'ff1 -- 1"- - ' "-fi ll: 'K tl ,. " I '41,-v ,.,4 : f" . ' "! A I ".f.f:f,AZr,2' V ' M 'N QU ELF- if jig" J-F1353 siiftwi AL ' ' 'rfr W4 Y s'i'T'L if I :W 'H n 3.1. , 3' V,-wi. 1 jp ,Jj" '-" H.-" iAl .:fNjLfl."'l.J' :,.,'L.4-,5,.-1 L lw - 3,5 .,.,,,,- V ,I H: M.: H. V 3 p , V ik, tux-Lin! i gjul :Ju iib 43.151 G5 5 37.53, my .W 1 ,.g "--' -0 F, 3' ".-A .if-,' J . Q- " 'fi REE? V ' WTA: 7-im vm' ,HHS -M 1.'FFf-l- gf A V-V, -rf -'K .H :I '53-ah -. I-23' ' " ff -- 3 ,Q 1- ,IW I, 'iw 11, H- lvl V . L 31, i f I L ru' , " 3EE?I"' f i-"'. -g2!S"":' ,gli 'L if .15 .. ,-,E Efx'1JjP, ,'-.ffL' .. .I wiutfh ,L,Q,w:tDwLI..iI:,M.,.I I . ,-Q. -HMT. fgilus-:Rem Y'gn',M,,,u,. JMX., g A1EhflhUfvl - '-' H22 -' 1 " :V '1. F f V- L' ' 21-1-fu ' -9..g,eL5r niiE"'dM,:hg,,- v Y Q Jn wif- E I W ' lvl .lm ww! uw TL' i mx-ww in X 'P+ M iw-QW,f 0,1 4 1 ', H4 -. l 'M " '. .1 ' ' 1. 1 i K 1' 'Z-'I' 7.41: ,L QQ.. ' e 'ff -if ' -if 3594 5'-f' 2 "' 10' ,- . 'N I s 7 F.- . fu X K V e-.IS ,1-pflw. af: 1 -,M f v. "SIL f , . A1 'r -l.Q"4'3i - , V s rv.. i qA,.-IT: ,Y W... ' Jr. 7974 ' ' . 5, . r .uw 'fig V . , ' NH --1 ,Q T4 2 2 . Mya glviemdezrgr E IOR BEA TY A ff: 1 , ii" V rj , 9 P 4 . 1 J 'HPF J :ah 'Ili Y ,. u ' r 1 7 LV? 4M V. , f. 'M' ' IQ, E ,t ' ' ,- .-'L X ,jr 7' 1 fi' ' f 1 :ffh 15, Y' F ,,..,fl 5, - .Z I. fl , 1 " . gh-f ' '25 - S-an v- F11 4 rw sr. , ?wuH'w H , ., X, " .gi f H .N njzfhv , 1311 'fl ' ., V if? A 'J ...... , 'E -N 1 1 , sizrff-1" ' ' VIZ , J 1 -Q --:ja iff, H I' ' Tull I- ,Q . -. . Y m . Q 1 f, -jf' lr, A Q WW '- ,iff 111 'V "' 5 .:- , 7. ' , H -1-t -A 1: xg, "L 1 N N N llkiiisszzzw H H 111 HN Ng XJ ku' , ask 5 W: D- A JT! M Y .' ' vi lf, X if an fy I N? ,P I 2 gi 5, .f ., QQ . 1'WQ'rfQ- 5 X my -a L-- ---- :ss M AV. f 4 mime Mffddyfy "" " SE ICR BEA TY Mygff Par! f' iyzrhfzve im' Although solving school problems was an in- tegral part of Student Congress duties, the most important function of the legislative body was the betterment of Myers Park through strong student leadership. President Johnston, Dr. Hor- ner, officers, committee chairmen, and home- room representatives kept the student body in- formed on campus policies and issues through reporting to homerooms and publishing the min- utes of each meeting. The activities of Student Congress were not limited to its immediate mem- bers, however. Through twelve committees, any student could work to improve the school and campus. Outstanding committee work was evident in the accomplishments of the Public Relations Com- mittee Who published "Council Comments," the Clubs Committee who revised constitutional re- quirements for organizations, and the House and Grounds Committee who helped beautify the cam- STUDENT GOVERNMENT leaders are, Treasurer John 19118. Thomas, Secretary Betsy Glenn, Vice president Sally Mc- Kaig, President John G. Johnston, and Advisor Dr. Horner. REPRESENTATIVES FORM a liason group for the student body. First row: Weisman, Worcester, Hudgins, Green, Kuester, Hurt, Brokhoff, Forshaw, O'Rourke, Bowles. Second row: Lobdell, Willard, Manning, Del- motte, Norton, Shaffer, Johnston, A. White, Owens, Richardson, Pierce. Third row: Lineberger, Davidson, Ranson, Cothran, Howie, W. Rogers, Shinn, Allison, O'Hair. Fourth row: Harris, Cheek, Hinson, Davis, Cowan, Kuykendall, Knuthsen, Hart, Slaughter, Whitton, J. Rogers. Fifth row: McClure, Lowrance, Barber, Ayers, C. White, Seawright, and Wallace. nf, 24 6!Z00!lfd!8!' .fffmlefzf kadefyizp, Wir if Miva! ivrinfaaemefzzif' 2 STUDENT CONGRESS COMMITTEE chairmen make plans for the year. Seated, left: Dan Brawley, Assemblyg Larry Graham, Athleticg Hugh Huntington, House and Groundsg David Pfohl, T-ish Smith, Citizenshipg Ann Crosson, Carol Stuckey, Handbook. Seated, right: Mary Lucas, A. F. S.g Gail Thomson, Spirit, Laurie Hurt, Public Relationsg Terry Flynn, Spiritg Rusty Page, Public Relations, Barbara Hanks, Monie Argo, Clubs. Standing: Nancy Weldon, Publicityg Lydia Alexander, Dance, Frank Anders, Trafficg Dale Davenport, Dance. In addition to service projects for the school, the Student Congress sponsored three dances. As community projects the group collected food for Charlotte orphanages at Thanksgiving and adopted a needy family at Christmas. Nine members represented Myers Park as Junior Rotarians. As their busyggear drew to a close, Student Congress members, looking to the future, or- ganized and conducted the lively campaigning for the election of the 1960-61 officers and committees. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE members Jimmy Howie, Dick Ranson, and Ann Smith help make the Student Lounge a favorite after- school meeting place. , I ' ,M I 1 ANNUAL A. F. S. party gives students and faculty a chance to meet our exchange students. Miss Rankin, Nancy Lou Jones, Frannie Delmotte, and Kjeld Knuthsen. CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE sponsors Honor Week. Laura Kissiah, Frannie McClain, Meredith Clifton, and Paul Lucas. ,k Y Y 7 Y , - I V -. Homo .: i . L - if " . .4 , ' , .-w:lg"' . J f new . X 5 E 5 ' . ' ' ' ull"--'L .F 'J .1 N Z f-A 0 iw,-.iywr -f .. .-I , - -, gr5.,g-re 'A ' 1? I me ' ' 'Ki - . ei M' if ' r V1 'V' W I I if N g in j . -. Q g qizusg .fe5,.Q,..'-wgiffli 4 .S 1- ,Q P ' ' .7'fa-3f7'zi3.'i5-E1l3'q'."lilfifl' - ' -f ' ' ' ' ':,1.-is.-V1-hh-1 ' N , ' .-, L ,: 21. .lf - , ' - vii-'3Q5.f.4f4Q,s, -firfgf' . .... . 4 ' 1 'Zmif ,,-1. " 1' , ri. ' ii41""fi:" f .J f ffl '--' 25 . ,, ai, EACH ISSUE of the 'Spark begins with a planning session for Co-editors Bess Forshaw and Carol Stuckey and Mr. Sizer. Ingenuity and enthusiasm combined With hard work have helped this year's 'Spark staff pro- duce one of the best papers in the school's his- tory. Keeping the students informed about the latest school happenings was the main objective of the staff as they planned and prepared each 1ssue. More art work, an issue printed in green ink, and well-planned pictures added special touches to the year's issues. New features and columns SPORTS WRITERS HOLD frequent conferences to insure accurate coverage. Seated: Jack Sulli- van, Editor Norman Scott, Johnny Phillips, Bruce McClure. Standing: Hecky Stellings and Herb Morrison. ...1 . ---- sx A ' t , --HM' ,A i 4 vp 9'2"-yy -ff Q31 - W A555-A 26 i lf' CO-ADVERTISING MANAGERS Mary Stella Leak and Peggy McNeal, Promotion and Dis- tribution Manager Judy Adams, and Business Manager Linda Mayo are responsible for the 'Spa1'k's financial success. :QQW35 zfzafearef fzewf mapa greatly increased reader-appeal. "Klub Korner" kept the student body posted on all club activ- ities. In "Council Comment" the Student Con- gress published its latest plans and announce- ments. Other new columns included "Marler's Parler," a lovelorn column 5 and "Snooping Around," an informative letter to the-students from the "Snooper" Special issues were published for Thanksgiv- ing, Christmas, April Fool's Day, and Gradua- tion. The Christmas edition carried special greetings sponsored by clubs and homerooms. SECTION EDITORS check the 'Spark files for news leads. Susan Barnette, Exchangeg Sarah Kerr, Featuresg Suzanne Bost, Copyg and Minette Conrad, News. The Top Fifteen Seniors and the Class of 1960's Last Will and Testament were the main features of the Commencement issue, the final edition of the year. The 'Spark staff not only published an excel- lent paper but also sponsored many school ac- tivities. Included in these were the Mr. and Miss Myers Park Contest, the Miss Hi-Miss Award, and the election of Daisy Mae and L'il Abner to reign at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. In February the group held a dance for the students, featuring a fashion show at inter- mission. Through the combined efforts of Co-editors Carol Stuckey and Bess Forshaw, Mr. Sizer, and the staff, the Mye1'Spa1'lc has maintained high publication standards and has established good journalistic style at Myers Park. Stuckey, Hfriaw og ll l TRIPS TO PRESS are part of a busy schedule. Carol Stuckey proofs a galley sheet while Caroline Martin and Bess Forshaw make adjustments in the ad section form. 0094216 new ffafufe cajwzlzr REPORTERS ARE THE mainstay of a good paper. Dolly Prather, Kathi Darling, Cornelia Graham, Micki Convey, Caroline Martin, and Trey Snepp. PHOTOGRAPHERS WORK CLOSELY with re- porters to cover student activities. Kneeling: Joe Caldwell, Allen Otten. Standing: Jane Mauney, Ann Thompson, Sara Bambauer, Milton Van Hoy, and Sandra Welch. COPY TYPISTS Pam Cowing and Meredith Clifton work to meet another deadline. . Xia MINOR STAFF. Seated: Nancy Grubb, Jo Patter- son, Nancy Schwartz, Jody Blackwell, Diane Croc- kett, Barbara Hanks, Mary Van Wagner, Susan Stephenson. Standing: Margaret Whitton and Pat ox. C BUSINESS STAFF. Seated: Dick Ranson, Martha Hackney, Happie Peralta. Standing: Mr. Browne and Susan Naumoff. Wurfag Jamey' df exeelefzae, Each new Mustang staff has as its slogan, "This annual will be the best one yet!" When the 1959 book won three first-place awards, the 1960 staff set their sights on a repeat per- formance and began working on their book last May. After many long sessions, they decided on their theme-"Moods of Myers Park." There were several innovations in this year's Mustang. The features section was included under activities and the class section. Editor Harry Shinn kept the beauty finalists a secret. Extra-curricular groups were handled in two sections-organizations, edited by Linda Willis, and clubs, edited by Tish Smith. To relieve the layout monotony in the class section, Ann Cros- son added informals to the senior pages. Sports coverage remained the same, edited by Bob Allen. Staff photographers spent untold hours taking and printing the many pictures which each editor needed. Dick Ranson and his business staff made a concerted effort to raise advertising and sub- scription revenue to meet the budget require- ments. Through promotion contests and ad sales, this group reached their quota by the end of December. Martha Hackney filled the new posi- tion of treasurer. REPRESENTATIVES MAKE annual sales soar. First row: Martin, Couric, Herring, Naumoff, Moseley, Wes- ley, Schwartz, Cordle. Second row: McDougle, McDonald, Adams, Shull, N. Godwin, Curnow, Mauney, Butner, Williams, Farthing. Third row: Harris, Sims, Huff, Frost, Wilkinson, Owens, Smith, Hackney. Fourth row: Vick, Rhyne, Watson, Clark, Allen, Logue, Flowe, and K. Godwin. Q l ' fiiiiiiu Q e pm Meme za meant zzlfaiarer of 495 afffyefr PM EDITORIAL STAFF. Tish Smith, Linda Wil- lis, Harry Shinn, Ann Crosson, Miss Freeman, Bob Allen, and Mr. Fleming. The annual staff again attended the North Carolina Scholastic Press Institute at Chapel Hill in October. Dick Ranson was state presi- dent, and Miss Freeman and Mr. Browne were advisors. Now that the 1960 Mustang is a reality, the cycle begins once more with next year's staff already busy planning ways to capture another unforgettable year at Myers Park. ,lp- xi .,.-' STAFF MEMBERS SPEND many sessions checking copy accuracy. Margaret Whitton, Tish Smith, Susan Naumoff, and Nancy Grubb. 29 TO MEET THEIR ADVERTISING quota, staff members sold ads during sixth period and after school. By December they had topped their goal. Margaret Murrell, Wallene Threadgill, Judy Smith, and Steve Van Every. BY ASSIGNING SPECIFIC areas to canvass for ads, bus- iness staff members had a very successful year. Nancy Best, Joy Bass, Grier Haddon, Carolyn Transou, Anne Kendrick, and Jo Ann Elliot. THE PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF was responsible for all phases of picture taking-from checking the picture sche- dule to delivering the final glossy print. Walter Graham, Ben Horack, Barney Young, and Jeff Pollock. r"'k AA ,Qfuzfefzzfv ZlZZ2f6J'fM, in zrfaffzafzcr, rfeiazffgy, affzfazy 6720, oaffez' Students interested in spoken and written art forms found expression for their talents in de- nt bating, dramatics, and creative writing. These l I three groups, essentially a part of the school's l curriculum, are considered extra-curricular since their activities extend beyond school time. Through the Debate Club, members gained ex- perience in organizing, expressing, and defend- ing their views clearly and logically. Productions by the Limelighters brought new dramatic talent to the forefront and afforded other members the excitement and fun of working feverishly on flats, props, and make-up as opening nights drew near. In creative writing aspiring Hemingways and Kerouacs kept journals and wrote and revised ad infinitum. Their greatest thrill was seeing their work published in Pegasus. The Debate Club, previously sponsored by the Honor Society, became an independently char- tered organization this year. Negative and af- firmative teams spent January and February meetings preparing for triangular debates in mid-March with Mooresville and Shelby. The na- tional topic for the 1960 debates was, "Resolved: That the Federal Government should substan- tially increase control over labor unions." NEGATIVE AND AFFIRMATIVE teams make plans for their forthcoming triangular debates. Guilford Oldham, Ned Mathews, Jim Hemphill, llerosann Alexander, Lynn Whisnant, and Jean evm. LIMELIGHTER OFFICERS are, seated: Pres- ident Sally Martin. Standing: Vice president Marion Berryhill, Advisor Miss Mclnnes, Secre- gary' lJoey Sherrill, and Treasurer Gretchen anie . "LET'S NOT MAKE THIS too realistic!" says Steve Sobell as Harvey cast runs through a difficult scene during grass rehearsal. Jimmy Rea, Tommy Austin, Steve Sobell, Joe Crawford, Joey Sherrill, Allen Josephs, and Pat yan. of ae! 6g0f6J'J'Z0lZ zzz char Two three-act comedies and two one-act plays made up the Limelighter's dramatic fare for this year. The delightfully whimsical Harvey was presented in November, followed by The Curious Savage in February. In the spring the group en- tered "The Bad Children" and "Before Break- fast" in the Palmetto Dramatics Festival held at Winthrop College. Concluding the year was the annual Limelighter banquet held late in May. At this time Miss Mclnnes presented the yearly dramatic awards. Creative writing students had an opportunity to sample the techniques for various fields of composition through writing short stories, poetry, essays, mood pieces, and plays. To find new and original ideas for writing assignments, members of the class, armed with their "Ebeneezers," Cjournals used to jot down ideas and impres- sionsj often went for field trips to observe in- teresting people and places. Friday night "gab sessions" in the Student Lounge, with hot choco- late, coffee, and an open fire, provided times for sharing ideas and favorite literature. Twice during the year the class published Pegasus, Myers Park's literary magazine. ONE OF THE PARTICULARLY humorous scenes from Harvey: Joey Sherrill relates her harrowing experience with a psychiatrist to Sis Smith and Tommy Austin. APPEARING IN THE February production of The Cwrfious Savage were Paul Lucas, Wallene Threadgill, Gayle Rogers, Phyllis Agresta, Jim- my Rea, Yorky Johnston, and Carol Beasley. MEMBERS OF CREATIVE writing class put the finishing touches on the winter issue of Pegasus. Counter- clockwise: Editor Kit Hudgins, Merrie Marcotte, Billy Trotter, Judy Keenan, Sara Ann Hill, Johnny Johnston, and Bob Allen. .ff '1 'v-T Q-fd? 1. 196004, ,!dZ?lZ, .Qmfzzri My REFRESHMENTS ADD EXTRA special touch to the Spanish Bingo Party. President Meredith Clif- ton, Vice president Dagmar Stoll, Secretary Betty Moore Chase, and Treasurer Carl Rupprecht. in 1, x . if ' MIZUZ MW chfrfoom f2J'J'0lZ.9 Offering students opportunities to use and sup- plement their classroom knowledge, the Latin Club, the French I and II Clubs, and the Span- ish Club sponsored many projects and activities this year. The Latin Club was a prominent chapter in the State Junior Classical League. At their first fall meeting the club members enjoyed guest speaker Scott Summers, president of the North Carolina JCL, who reported on his trip to the National Convention. In February the group pub- lished the League's magazine, The Torch. Late spring brought Latin Week, which consisted of four nights of informative evening programs and terminated with a banquet honoring club advi- sor Mrs. Irene Wright and all second-year stu- dents. The attire for the banquet was strictly Roman, with first-year "slaves" serving a typi- cal Roman meal to the honored guests. Because of the large number of students tak- ing French this year, two French Clubs were formed. The French I Club, composed of first- year students had their advisor Miss Medlin as a speaker at their first meeting. Later, in prep- aration for the French Banquet in the spring, the group saw movies on French restaurant eti- H l 'T 'F""' . .. 1, 1 " E!! a L -- 1 - V I v W FRENCH I AND II CLUB officers meet to coordin- ate club plans. Seated: Anne Elrod, Sarah Herring. Standing: Robert Allen, Tinka Lee, Laurie Living- ston, and Paul Barefoot. TRAVEL PAMPHLETS HELP French II Club mem- bers plan an imaginary trip to France. First row: Ann Morrison, Kit Hudgins, Shep Henderson, Mary Lee Mar- shall. Second row: Margaret Murrell, Ed Adams, Dickie Sidbury, Joe Burns, Bobby Mullis, and Bartlette Smith. MARDI GRAS PROVIDED the decoration theme for the French I Club banquet. Ad- visor Miss Medlin, Dick Rhyne, Marti Ross, Betsy Heeseman, Richard Sargent, and Ben Horack. PROJECT CHAIRMAN Monie Argo and her committee Paul Lucas, Tim Thomas, George Goodyear, Ann Stafford, Bobby Stern, and Advisor Miss Akers display their posters for school improvements. SPANISH MUSIC AND SONGS were fre- quently a part of the monthly club meetings. Dee-Dee Waller, Bill Kreamer, Frannie Mc- Clain, and Caroline Shiver. cQ'mQfzzff' fam 142119 -ima' f6!Z0i0f?!l?6 of MQ zzz offer cowzzfzkzf' quette. The French II members, advised by Mrs. Cox, also had interesting programs. They espe- cially enjoyed talks by Frannie Delmotte and Kjeld Knuthsen, our exchange students. Display- ing a traditional French creche at Christmas was their school project. Starting the year's activities with a bingo party, the Spanish Club enjoyed a very active year. Through a series of carefully planned pro- grams, the members learned more about life and travels in Mexico and Mexican art. The Christ- mas progressive dinner during the holiday sea- son, a well-established custom of the club, was highlighted by a pinata and carol singing. As their project to benefit Myers Park, the mem- bers under the leadership of Monie Argo, project chairman made signs in Spanish urging careless smokers and grass-walkers to reform "pronto." Having planned the year's activities during the summer, with the helpful suggestions of Miss Akers, their advisor, the officers led the Span- ish Club through a Well-organized and effective year. With bright hopes of a language laboratory in the near future, these clubs continue to work toward better international understanding. LATIN PROJECTS INTEREST club members. First row, seated: Kenny Godwin, Pat Hout, Mary Quern Marsha Miller, Jo Patterson. Second row, seated: Trey Snepp, Malinda Lobdell, Betsy Benoit, Butch Allison Anne MacKinney, Gail Crowell. Standing: J. D. Sturdivant, Patti Tarr, Karen Kreamer, Skip Motley, Robert Whitton, John Apperson, Robin Wright, Dottie McDougle, Libby McCombs, and Ann White. . - iw- . ...-I . .. ,..-,-H 14 ' I lf! - G l A , - ul V O Mg-S if ll - . -3 I .ar ! +A as g , Qtr Qnziarfaatfr, l KQHSSADOAQ , ' Filling this year with traditional activities fx and many new projects, the Girl Ambassadors Q - 'E Club had the most active year in its history. l 3 ' , l '14 Their most outstanding project, a novel auc- 'T' ' ' A 1' tion on a "lucky" Friday the thirteenth, was H ,. W .isles si ABMSSBUUQ ' 81,55-M 045' EACH AMBASSADOR MEETING was successful because of the careful planning by the officers. Seated: President Mary Lucas and Treasurer Cyn- thia Blythe. Standing: Vice president Nancy Lou Jones and Secretary Margaret Whitton. held to raise' funds for the Thomas F. Braaten Scholarship. Cheryl Hoffman and Judy Adams, co-chair- men of the Social Committee, acted as hostesses for the annual New Girls' Tea and the Teach- ers' Banquet. Christmas holidays came, and with them the cheery sounds of caroling Am- bassadors. Late into the night, there was gay laughter as Pollyanna gifts were exchanged at the traditional slumber party. Ambassadors, whose main objective is serv- ice, helped their school and community in many ways. P r o j e c t Committee co-chairmen Betty Hemphill and Ginger Allison were constantly busy planning service opportunities for the en- thusiastic m e m b e r s. Decorating SC for the Harding game and boosting school spirit by wearing "Cage the Cats" and "Bam the Rams" on signs and shirts were a few of the clubls foremost fall activities. During Christmas holidays the girls visited FOOTBALL GAMES BROUGHT "selling tassels" to the minds of G. A. C.'s. Advisor Miss Sifford, Carol Stuckey, Betty Hemphill, Bess Forshaw, Cheryl Hoffman, Betsy Glenn, Norma Nuttall, Judy Adams, and Advisor Miss Carmichael. AT THE NEW GIRLS' TEA, G. A. C.'s welcomed newcomers to Myers Park. Seated: Peaches Payne, Jody Blackwell, Brenda Yandle, Nancy Weldon. Standing: Betsy Benoit, Barbara Hanks, Alice Stratton, Shirley Spratt, Ann McClintock, Sarah Herring, and Vera Butner. Good Samaritan Hospital to wish the pediatric patients "Season's Greetings." Later in the year, the Ambassadors solicited for the Mentally Re- tarded and took part in the house-to-house cam- paign for the March of Dimes. Spring activities included the traditional initiation, cake bake, and car wash. The Girl Ambassadors Club, through its many services this year has heightened the meaning and feeling of pride in the tradition of wear- ing the green-lettered sweater and silver key of the club. AMBASSADORS SING "Merry Christ- mas!" First row: Linda Orr, Donna Wood- side, Susan Hall, Frannie Delmotte. Second row: Dale Davenport, Sarah Herring, Terry Flynn, Monie Argo. Third row: Alice Mauzy, Tish Smith, Becky Biggers, Dag- mar Stoll, and Sally McKaig. M7 UM Md! rzaadafafr if mme, Jeadefriga az addr KEY CLUBBERS WORKED hard to prepare the 1960 Student Directory. Seated: Harry Shinn, Hill Wellford, Robert Allen. Standing: Wiley Horne, Rich Harris, and Kjeld Knuthsen. Key Club at Myers Park honors boys who have done outstanding work in school leadership and service. This year, Mr. Adams and Mr. Cloaninger, as club advisors, aided the officers in planning their many projects. Publishing the traditional Key Club Directory was the most important accomplishment of the year. Each member sold three ads to pay for the expense of the publication. The club also undertook the operation of the Snack Bar after school. Revising membership requirements and correcting constitutional flaws took prominent places in the group's improvements with special committees working on these projects. Before the Garinger game, Key Clubbers in skirts and scarves led spirited cheers at the big night pep rally. In the annual Ice Carving Contest, spon- sored by the Park Road Shopping Center, Myers Park's chapter won acclaim for their display of a Christmas candle. During an active year, Myers Park's leaders improved their club's standing and rendered val- uable services to their school. l i HOLDING A BRIEF council in the Student Lounge are Vice president Steve Watson, President Hugh Hunting- ton, Treasurer Neal Cheek, Secretary John White and Representative Jay Rog- ers. RUNNING THE SNACK BAR was fun for Key Clubbers Jim Wallace, Steve Seawright, Tim Thomas, and Trey Snepp. ,ly 'sl' nigga! , T- , '12 I- X ' I -t-4 f ,7 KEY CLUB MEMBERS Tommy Blanton, Paul Barefoot, Freeman Barber, John Thomas, and Johnny Johnston admire their 1960 Scrapbook. 1 BEFORE A MEETING Advisor Mr. Cloaninger, George Harris, John Thomas, Dan Brawley, and Advisor Mr. Adams discuss Key Club activities. 35 SENIOR Y-TEENS ENJOYED their last year at Myers Park. First row: Caroline Shiver, Rita Robertson, Cor- nelia Graham, Connie Booth, Sandra Gravitte, Ann Stafford, Lynn Stevenson, Suzanne Prince, Frances Walker, Bartlette Smith, Ann Crosson, Judy Manning, Jody Blackwell. Second row: Jeanne Myles. Margaret Murrell, Betti Bush, Pat Garbark, Bonnie Miller, Susan Hall, Sandra Moore, Sandra Anderson, Candy Hill, Marion Berryhill, Penny Carter, Jean Freeman, and Phyllis Tipton. Mfeefz, 14?-7 0lyd!ZZZdZ?0!Z.9 defnofwztafe rerwce, atwzfvfz TENTI-I GRADE Y-TEENS had a record membership. Top, first row: Coffey, Parker, L. Little, Roper, Sherrill, President Hassler, Vice president G. Williams, Secretary Carr, Treasurer Johnston, Lookabill, Benfield, Weiss. Second row: Freedland, Barnette, Pickett, Bost, Seawell, Todd, Holder, Bowles, Brooks, Schwartz, Wilkinson, Gar- finkel, Miller, Roth. Third row: Austin, Latimer, Hudg- ins, Koralek, Horney, Venning, Sonneborn, Kephart, Holthaus, G. Little. Fourth row: Butz, Fullerton, Hend- erson, Eskridge, Graham, Kontos, Carabateas, Baynard, Gallager. Bottom, first row: Byrd, O'Rourke, McDougle, Skinner, Smith, Quern, Martin, Worchester, Knauff, Wiseca1'ver. Second row: Law, M. Williams, Shotwell, Koth, Oldham, Barnes, Stokes, Garden, Meacham, Keeter, Jerman. Third row: Beck, Gebhardt, J. Johnston, Coon, Huntington, Ferris, Loring, S. Little, Gaskell. Fourth row: Sheppard, MacKinney, Vaughn, Ratchford, Talley, and Crouse. Five enterprising clubs represented the YWCA and YMCA at Myers Park this year. Counseled by Mrs. Lyerly, the Senior Y-teens began their year with enthusiasm. Over seventy girls attend- ed the first meeting, a kick-off banquet at the S8zW. Committee chairmen planned interesting programs on careers, marriage, and extra-sen- sory perception. Projects, fun, and friendship sparked the Ju- nior Y-teens to a successful year. With Miss Hatchette, the council planned a car wash to help 17 , N al-,ii'?',? ll P iii- EXECUTIVE COUNCIL of the Senior Y- teens met on alternate weeks to plan the next week's agenda. Clockwise: Alice Mauzy, Sally Tathwell, Carolyn Transou, Louise Milford, Helen Brokhoff, Mary Hamrick, Norma Nuttall, Tay Lawson, and Ginny Smith. 36 CONTINUING ITS SERVICE and loyalty, the 11th Hi-Y had a successful junior year. First row: Caldwell, Treasurer Barefoot, Marshall, Hamilton. Second row: Vice ipresident Thomas, Rogers, President Adams, Brietz, Stone, Hollifield. Third row: Rogan, David Caldwell, Copeland, White, Elrod, Snepp, Genois, and Advisor Mr. Browne. CHARTER MEMBERS of Sophomore Hi-Y organized their club well in its first year. First row: Allison, Mallard, Secretary-Treasurer Short. Second row: Vice president Wood, -Whit- ton, Clark. Third row: Thurman, Adams, Slaughter. Fourth row: Rogers, and President Sprock. Wemiefr rfeaefqv refaufzdefrfafzatfzy drag! aafzeatfrfoyfafnr send Mariana Kuester to the NationalY-teen Con- vention. Other activities included a Thanksgiv- ing dinner for a welfare family and a Christmas visit to the County Home. Entertaining programs, designed to help the girls become well-rounded Y-teens, were organ- ized by the council and officers of the Sophomore Y-teens. The tenth grade group, advised by Mrs. Braun, boasted a membership of over eighty girls. As their service project, members of the Ju- nior Hi-Y undertook a ''Clean-up-the-Campus" campaign. In early fall they attended the North Carolina Hi-Y conference at Kannapolis, and in the spring they sponsored a workshop for the Western District Hi-Y's and Tri-Hi-Y's. The club, advised by Mr. Browne, grew in size when seven new members were initiated after first quarter. The newly formed Sophomore Hi-Y's spent the first semester laying the foundation for a work- ing club. Mr. Jones, their advisor, worked with them in planning their constitution and electing officers. By the beginning of second semester, they had become an important part of club ac- tivity at Myers Park. ' JUNIOR Y-TEEN GIRLS worked enthusiastically this year. First row: Elliot, Lee, Benfield, Carey, Tribble, Glensor, Smith, Henderson, Treasurer Owens, President Guthrie, Secretary Orr, Martin, Crockett, Pearson, Armstrong, Patterson, Swain, Rouzer. Second row: Ross, Stephenson, Mullis, C. Lane, Sullivan, Shull, Huff, Poole, McDonald, Heeseman, Kuester, Grubb, Cox, Pierce, Pharr, Moore, Kerns. Third row: Advisor Miss Hatchette, Otts, Bagby, L. Lane, Harpham, Farthing, Walters, Van Wagner, Holden, Little, Shumate, Bowen, White, Graham, DeMik. Fourth row: Agresta, Hull, Fodel, Pearcy, Henry, Monckton, Couric, Buice, Best, Crowell, Wagner, Spurrier, Burrier, Hitchcock. Fifth row: Oetzman, Shields, Vogler, Stokes, Clutz, Kendrick, Tarr, S. Abernethy, Peeler, Rembert, Branon, Nolen, and A. Abernethy. 11 H -4.11 .fs I aug, . mn. - - .W-: ...,,.. M N I ENGINEERS' CLUB PROGRAMS were based on interesting topics in modern science. First row: Mann, McKinnon, Sidbury, Little, Smith, Williams, Caldwell, Young, Spoon, Elmore. Second row: Advisor Mr. Greene, Haddon, Sargent, Cassanova, Grosboll, Grant, Deegan, Titus, Reep, Rupprecht, Klotzberger, M. Stenhouse. Third row: Thomas, Ranson, LEWIS, MacDonald, Alexander, Moore, Liggett, Favor, Stanford, Farnan, J. Stenhouse, and Downs. Future engineers, scientists, secretaries, home- makers, and teachers can all find out more about their careers through four active organizations. The Engineers' Club, led by its first feminine president Jeanne Myles, is composed of students who have special interests in scientific and engi- neering fields. With helpful advice from Mr. Greene, the members planned an agenda of trips, programs, and speakers that held special interest. With the aid of Miss Harrison, their teacher, members of the shorthand classes united for the second year to form the Penpushers' Club. On meet- ing days, members wore the club's insignia with red vests and dark skirts. During the year they learned about secretarial opportunities through discussions and lectures led by Charlotte stenographers and businessmen. The Future Homemakers, under the leadership of their officers and advisor Mrs. Lyerly, gained valuable tips on interior decorating, clothing, and homemaking in general. Special programs dealing with arrangements of both cut and dried flowers were given in the fall. Career ahh' Mer Jamfm ce, JM mflhaf' if flZ6!7Zd6fJ' FUTURE TEACHERS of America carry on club business at one of their meetings. Standing: President Abernethy. First row: Secretary Stokes, Burrier, Stafford, Crowell. Second row: Marple, Crockett, Stephenson, Hill. Third row: Tarr, Davis, Downs, Townsend. Fourth row: Treasurer Mason, Vice president Grubb, Hitchcock, and Advisor Miss Brice. , ns- X -ff-.w - Q. ,., af- l Y A A FJ. ' "fn ' I a f .4-V, I .- K 1 . N' if X as .. ff' vii if I ! u in 4. X,-xi.. PENPUSHERS' CLUB OFFERED future secretaries opportunities to learn about their career. First row: Pres- ident Sheila Gantt, Secretary Phyllis Lovings, Treasurer Rita Robertson, Betti Bush, Pat Garbark. Second row: Marsha Love, Sally Martin, Anne Long, Gerry Sprengel, June Scott, Judy Collins. Third row: Joyce Katzenmoyer, Sandra Gravitte, Mary Alica Roth, Barbara Cloud, Joey Sherrill, Pat Norris, and Donna Segrest. Teaching a polio victim was the main project of the F.T.A. With six other high schools the group attended the State-wide F.T.A. Convention at High Point College. As their school service project, the members and Miss Brice, their advisor, provided decorations for the SC foyer during the Christmas season. With an eye toward the future, these four clubs serve the community as Well as the students by keeping the citizens of tomorrow informed of ca- reer possibilities in varied fields. Mfmyi eatzcmafzaflwoyfafvzc kcfufef' n , Q -i s 1 in fl .X OFFICERS PLANNED AN ACTIVE agenda for the Engineers' Club. Secretary Eddie Clayton, Vice president Charles Vin- root, Treasurer Bob Beatty, and President Jeanne Myles. TEACHING POLIO VICTIM Anne Comp- ton was a pleasure for F.T.A.'s Susan Stephenson and Patti Tarr. PLEASED WITH THE OUTCOME of their cooking are F.H.A.'s Carolyn Morris, Phyllis Tipton, Carolina Shiver, Margaret Murrell, and Judy Nicholson. ull ' J ' FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of America enjoy a demonstration of flower arrangements by Mrs. Aubrey Palmer. First row: Margaret Murrell, Bartlette Smith, Linda Hawkins, Ellen Elrod, Secretary-Treasurer Carolyn Morris, President Judy Nicholson, Vice president Elaine Fodel, Pat Garbark, Mary Clutz, Pat Harris. Second row: Advisor Mrs. Lyerly, Marsha Love, Anna Peeler, Meta Kessaris, Betty McGuire, Phyllis Tipton, Mary Hamrick, Marion Berryhill, Helen Brokhoff, Permelia Harkey, Pat Cox, Sandra Cheney, Sharon Mclver, and Mrs. Palmer. , -166 . fl ' ' as ,M I 9.5. mefrziefx' fate define lam' zzz Qrhczi .Qfafe fifwefzfmx' 'Jil W D. E. CLUB COMBINED hard work and fun for members. First row: Huddleston, Stephan, Lyman, Sharpe, Camp, Secretary Coleman, Simpson, Newton, Neal. Second row: Elting, Turner, Lipscomb, Pearson, Ward, Clayton, Triplett, Scercy, Newman, Newell, Kendrick. Third row: Reinstein, Brown, Greene, Harmon, Bev- erly, Frye, Walker, Cook, Clifton. Fourth row: Spratt, Bozeman, Jennings, Shannon, Robbins, Smith, Pres- ident Turnipseed, Deese, Gardner, Hunter, and Advisor Mrs. Burgess. In its third year at Myers Park, the Distribu- tive Education Club has become one of the most active chapters in the Charlotte district. Its forty-four members, working for prominent Charlotte firms, gained valuable business ex- ' perience while continuing their education. In an evening program which presented the work the students were doing and the over-all purposes of the D.E. program, members gave their parents a better understanding of the ac- tivities of the club. When the District Convention was held in Charlotte in October, the chapter took an active part by entering four contestants in the speech and job interviews competition and by actively .l supporting candidates for district offices. 44 limi 1 w A contest between the junior and senior mem- 'T - - bers added zest to the Christmas card sale spon- ' ' sored in December. The juniors came out vic- torious, and through the combined efforts of l both classes, club spirit and treasury funds N ,it reached a new high. ' This year's D.E. members have upheld the ' high standards for which their club is noted nf' and in doing so have brought distinction to their -xg, chapter and to Myers Park. A A MERRY FESTIVITIES took place at the D. E. Christmas party in the Student Lounge, Cindy Forbes, Bob Salen, Bob Beacon, Barbara Lips- A uma comb. - '71 ' I ,, A", .Y A AMERICAN COMMERCIAL BANK offered a -1, 4-qi.-, H position as Desk Clerk to Naomi Camp and ...- 1- ' " , l V M :g "5 5 Mail Carrier to Larry Harmon. 40 iii' HAPPY EXPRESSIONS on the faces of new Honor Society members reflect feelings of achievement. INITIATION RITES ARE given by Laurie Livingston to new N.H.S. pledges as old members look on. ffvgwemae fl! 144 ,Q zzfalmf fecojafzzer .rcinhrztc JUZZRMEHZBIZZI Tapping ceremonies for the National Honor Society have become impressive events at Myers Park. This year's assemblies were dignified and thrilling as each new tappee received the re- galia and traditional yellow flower from an ac- tive member. After the ceremonies, new and old members ate lunch together in the Student Lounge. New members had charge of entertain- ing the club and its advisors, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Johnson, Miss Good, and Mr. Hunt, at the ban- quet given the night of the tapping. Members, wearing their distinguishing yellow regalia, served as guides for representatives from the fifty-three colleges participating in Myers Park's College Day in November. Monthly meetings offered a variety of pro- grams. In December the group held their annual Christmas party, and in January, Dr. Brown from Queens College spoke to N.H.S. members on current trends in education. Recognizing students who have attained high standards of scholarship, citizenship, service, and leadership, the Myers Park Chapter of the National Honor Society has upheld the distinc- tion associated with membership in this honor- ary organization. COLLEGE DAY PROVIDED an excellent opportunity for N.H.S. members to serve Myers Park. First row: Berg, Kissiah, Blickensderfer, Biggers, Smith, Crosson, Myers. McKaig, Vice president Butner, Manning, Treasurer Stoll, Vaughn. Second row: Hemphill, Secretary Clifton, Whitton, Stratton, N. Jones, Whitehead, Rogers, Livingston, Stuckey, Lucas. Third row: Hope, Sturdivant, President Watson, Rupprecht, Goodson, Barber, Mullis, Oldham, Weber, Harris, Haddon, Grant, James, Shinn, M. Jones. O - - - l CHOIR PERFORMS AT numerous public appearances. First row: Walker, Grier, Swanzey, P. Anderson, Brok- hoff, Prather, Rehm, Mulwee, Waller, Nuttall, C. Booth, Woodside, Myers. Second row: Alma Cordle, Range, Anne Cordle, Robertson, Linker, Minor, Harris, C. Anderson, Holden, Henderson, Holliday, Barfield, West, McNeill. Third row: Lindeman, Spearman, Barnhill, Heath, George, Berryhill, Kissiah, Marcotte, Kratt, Heston, Summer- ville, East, Brumfield, Howren, Elliott. Fourth row: Hart, Sehorn, K. Goodson, Allen, H. Booth, Chadwick, Sharpe, Rhyne, Potter, J. Goodson, Lefew, Clontz, and Fisher. Vacaf maria yfowfar We Myers Park's vocal groups are an excellent example of our school's fine music program. Students who enjoy singing may join either of two groups as an elective course, however, mem- bership in the choir is based on acceptance through audition. From the choir two other groups, the Boys' Octet and the Myers Park Singers, are chosen. fe iam' IQ! IUUIQUZQUIZ of fme Under Mr. Cronstedt, the choir and chorus studied music fundamentals during the fifth and sixth periods, but prior to concerts, their re- hearsals often extended to after-school and eve- ning sessions. Performing both secular and sa- cred music, these two groups continued to thrill concert audiences with their musical finesse. Their most outstanding performance was the Messiah. BOYS' OCTET is favorite musical group. First row: O. C. Gravitte, Jimmy Lefew, Wayne Fisher, Deno Elliott. Second row: Dave Lindeman, Dick Rhyne, Howard Chadwick, Morris Spearman, and Joe Clontz. NEWLY FORM- ED Myers Park Singers are, first row: Sylvia Radford, Caroline Shiver, Betsy Allen, Linda Hawkins, Janis Altizer. Second row: Jenny Griffin, Carolyn Transou, Betty Richardson, Hilary Bell, Peggy Slagle, and Marya Bell. F ff 42 CHOIR OFFICERS and their director Mr. Cronstedt arrange all public performances. President Merrie Marcotte, Vice president Morris Spearman, Secretary Margie Rehm, and Treasurer Joe Goodson. MES- SIAH REHEARSAL after school is lead by Choir Director Mr. Cronstedt. The choir met on Monday nights and several afternoons a week to prepare for the Christmas assembly and the December concert with the orchestra. fiom, Mara! fini 00006!'Zl MQQM06 wh Aaadefr Mffidf The A Capella Choir entertained Christmas shoppers at the Park Road and Charlottetown Mall Shopping Centers and joined with the or- chestra and chorus for a December concert. The Boys' Octet was a favorite entertainment group with local churches and business clubs. A new girls' ensemble, The Myers Park Singers, was another popular group. Along with their busy schedule of public ap- pearances, the choir and chorus also devoted a great deal of time to preparing for the state contest in April. In keeping with their past ac- complishments, both musical groups won high ratings. Presenting music at the Baccalaureate Service and Commencement brought to a close their successful year. CHORUS OFTEN JOINS with the choir in concert performances. First row: Susan Griffin, Patricia Beck, Janice Willard, Mel Durham, Don Titus, Mike Pressman, Marsha McNeely, Brenda Klutz, Bunny Devereux. Second row: Linda Hawkins, Leslie Purifoy, Phyllis Lovings, Billie Holden, Jack Fulmer, Jerry Goodman, Bobby Gibbons, Marrena Kirkpatrick, Joan Massey, Dona Davis. Third row: Sherrill Watkins, Frank Anders, and Frank Bird. 0f0f6.!'Z7d ,0en5fm.f' af w!'!I9f!7?d! aryefndy XMAS 9. fafalwyx Mg, Performing with their traditional skill and V v 319 beauty, the Myers Park orchestra concluded ' " Q V this year with another fine record of achieve- ments. Under the direction of their conduc- tor Mr. Mims, they participated in many school programs and presented concerts of their own. - .F-EP: W" gl,-1 . . av Honor Society assemblies gained an im- pressive atmosphere from the music fur- nished by the orchestra. The traditional pre- sentation of the Messialz. during the Christ- mas assembly combined the skill and talent of both the choir and orchestra into one in- spiring work. During the year, two concerts gave the student body an opportunity to hear the accomplishments of the group. ., - f f' mp ,Pict ' ,Us-. f- L ,, s 4 ,rdf Nr 12" 12 1 Q s ae '1 nf- 0 '- TL' w--Y: F' .i -4 - ga 19' ,H . W , it wi Qi , Q.-4 -sung Receiving a high rating at the State Con- test-Festival again this year, orchestra mem- bers maintained the reputation they have won for themselves through superior perform- ances. Mac Smith, Steve Seawright, and Mary Meade Owens were honored by being selected to participate in the All-State Orchestra in January. Five members also held chairs with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. ORCHESTRA OFFICERS for the year are Vice president Caroline Pilcher, President Jimmy Web- er, and Secretary-Treasurer Bronnie Berg. MYERS PARK'S ORCHESTRA places among top in state. First row: Pilcher, Jones, Rosenblatt, Blickensderfer Stafford, Stowe, Stanfield, Branon. Second row: Gravely, Husband, Staton, Otts, Loftin, Elliot, Liner, L. Price Lobdell, J. Thomas, Poole, Pfohl. Third row: Weber, Berg, Smith, Sargent, Sternbergh, Orr, Gale, Marshall, Mitchell Rupprecht, Wisecarver, McNeill, Blythe, Rogers, H. Price, T. Thomas. Fourth row: Holdredge, Efird, Woodside Booth, Seawright, Counts, Holder, Director Mr. Mims, Carey, Petrea, Brietz, and Kissiah. D 1 v 1 l l i 4 I i 44 memieff mace Qlftafe, 14,06 lady wifi bca! Qyffgaiofzy 5 MEMBERS OF THE clarinet section strive for smoothness. Bill Sternbergh, Richard Sargent, and Mac Smith. VIOLA PLAYERS Dot Poole and David Pfohl run through a difficult passage. TROMBONIST Ernest Holdredge takes lead-in for brass section. TRUMPET AND CORNET PLAYERS perfect a cadenza. Tommy Efird, Harry Booth, and Don Woodside. The basic aim of the orchestra is to afford a mode of musical expression for its members who also receive credit for the class which meets during the fourth period. As with other musical groups, their rehearsals often extend to evening sessions as they prepare for concerts. BASS VIOLINS add depth to orchestra tone. Phil Carey, Larry Petrea, and Bobby Brietz. gmzflaefiflvzx' Hzfficazt zgbffnafzbfzl' 01111277 ztiofial ,fmmfz ,.,,N I Q f f -1 ,r I I INTENSIVE SECTION rehearsals go into the preparation for the band's numerous public performances. SAXO PHONES: Graeme Shull, Harry Holden, and John Neis. FLUTES: Ann Talley, Yorky Johnston, and Mary Meade Owens. PERCUSSION: Markham Alexander, Tom Flowe, and Jean Melvin. Another outstanding gr o u p in Myers Park's vast music program is the band com- posed of two sections-marching and con- cert. Throughout the football s e a s o n the marching section spent sixth period perfect- ing intricate formations for half-time shows. Occasionally they even worked on through a "seventh" period. At game time the results of their intensive practice were evident in the entertaining performances which they provided. The moving "MP" formation was a fore- most achievement of the marchers as they became one of the few high schools in the state to master this difficult maneuver. The color guard, which was re-established this year, added a great deal to the marching band's appearance. Lettergirls and major- ettes also were an important feature in the novel half-time pagentry presented by the group. MYERS PARK'S BAND MEMBERS are, first row: Ridenhour, Smith, Lambert, Alexander, Timberlake, Flowe, Melvin, MacAleer. Second row: Holdredge, Siskron, Nordman, Gathings, Goodyear, Kelley, Holder, Kreamer, Reed. Third row: Neis, Sternbergh, Welch, Newlin, Murchison, Shull, Logue, DuPont. Fourth row: Wilson, McDoug1e, Hancock, Milford, Davis, Talley, Johnston, Beasley. Fifth row: Efird, Bam- berger, Newberry, Clapp, Eaker, Eskridge, Hubbard, Holden, Shackelford. Sixth row: Barnett, McArver, Branon, Caldwell, Stinson, Vick, Bowers, Wegner. Seventh row: Abrams, Director Mr. Mims, Short, and Drum Major Barber. efrzdeff marc! ifz zzfzfzuaf Qffmref, Qififze gawflmmdex' -44' S.. - l BRASS SECTION ADDS sparkle to the band. TRUMPETS: Richard Wegner, Ronald Bowers, and Dan Stinson. FRENCH HORNS: Hank Davis, Charles Milford, and Deems Wilson. 3 , 4 ,Quik BAND OFFICERS discuss coming appearances and programs. Secretary-Treasurer Mary Meade Owens, Ilfrresident Ernest Holdredge, and Vice president John els. With the close of football season, the march- ing band made two other appearances-the Carolinas' Carrousel and the Shrine Bowl pa- rades. After that time, rehearsals for the con- cert band got underway as they prepared for their first public appearances and for the Dis- trict and State contests. The concert group once more won a high rating at the contests. Eleven select members were chosen to participate in the All-State Band in early March. THE MARCHING BAND held frequent "dress rehearsals" in Myers Park's stadium to perfect their football half-time performances. , ! J . --4 523-Ji ..' Q, ' H ,Q ' ' .. em- ef i +""i'F ' ' 'hit , W 1- .B--1 dp- A . I -'gb - H Y rl.-N llffigpaw Y A, ,mg l lx , Hu jul -gem ' -5- 'fillfi' fb-f -' V ' . tif jf 'Wi ew- -- V fig ' ,. - - .1k.m tg Ji , - -- T- - , an .3344 x , ' . ., mek, M, Y-" C ' ' -. .- 5 'fsfiiz-, ' T 2 41' ' V -,-Qtr -fi is . r ' ' V 'v-: fa, a..-1 W -, , --" nr.-, : ' ' ' ' 1 4 '- .1 VI' ' 1 1 i '-' 'A ' was ' L. '.i'X1,'Z,7f'51:.13.-- f'L'i,,:-:A ' M... - -1..m,n-.fs : Li- - ..... VTVACIOUS CHEERLEADERS spark school spirit with their enthusiasm and energy. Kneeling: Terry Flynn, Cyn- thia Blythe, Head Cheerleader Sally McKaig, Ginger Allison. Standing: Nanette Minor, Linda Summerville, Wallene Threadgill, Barbara Martin, and Nancy Rouzer. "HERE WE GO! HEREWWE GO!" yell cheerleaders Wallene Threadgill, Terry Flynn, Linda Summerville, and Sally McKaig during a South game. CHEERS BY JUNIOR VARSITY yell belles add pep to J ayvee games. Kneeling: Eleanor Stowe, Gaye Harris, Sally Wiggins, Judy Keeter. Standing: Wonda Moseley, Barbara Banks, Linda Holder, Gay Williams, and Leslie Freedland. MWMNY Md wwe! mlm' School spirit with a capital WS" could be found in our cheerleaders, majorettes, and lettergirls, for no matter how cold or rainy the weather on game night, they were always on hand to spur the football spectators into frenzied cheering. The varsity cheerleaders staged novel pep rallies during the last fifteen minutes of sixth period on big game days. Two of the cleverest were the rock 'n roll and the cowboy theme ral- lies. At the first football game the girls pre- sented a victory bell to the student body. Also cheering in their own spirited way were the junior varsity cheerleaders. Elected by the Sophomore Class, these nine girls were always on hand to boost spirit and enthusiasm at all Jayvee games. They also attended all varsity games and added their cheers to those of the varsity cheerleaders. The pep of the varsity and junior Varsity cheerleaders did not end with the football sea- son. They were on hand at all athletic events during the year. 48 1 V . yi..- f" w ' 1. LETTERGIRLS ADD DASH of color to Marching Band performances. Ann McClintock, Casey Sherrill, Betsy Benoit, Linda Mayhew, Suzanne Bost, Caroline Pilcher, Head Lettergirl Sandra Summerville, Martha Rogers, Libby McNeely, and Donna Woodside. frgfbreffer, lezifeyfrd aah' nobr fo Mia! iniffm .fwfr Because of their energetic pre-school practice, the majorettes provided a special touch to the band performances. Strutting and twirling dur- ing the half-time at football games, the major- ettes provided color and spark to the band for- rnations. MAJORETTES STRUT IN TIME to lively marches. Tinka Lee, Jane Ann Coffey, Pam Kopp, Rosalind Rollins, Carol Ann Garrison, and Head Majorette Mary Meade Owens. Our lettergirls, who also began practice last August, represented Myers Park well through- out the year. Proudly bearing our school's name, the girls marched before the band at the foot- ball games, the Carrousel Parade, and the Shrine Bowl Parade. MAJORETTES, LETTERGIRLS join the cheer- leaders in victory yells. 27- ' . fit31?9W?'lZTlT'l'. D . --.??i"Jf,,llT-1e,', , 'ffff' ,zg? i?fXF"l3rflQ21l l 'r 1 1' L r' if " 'Z - 1 fl. l. r",,'l Hr " 4' ,. V... ' f" -rdf-.' HTS, nc Ex Qian Kira 'mifguge .11 .jxryh 'LJ QJLHA 49 Q J . I an ,,, lr Q ..--i-""",,!l,,-0' .rf 'jp-A-1' -" , . 'Jw . X ,LL 1-'X 'Z In V 'nf i xr ,gi " 5 A A 'Q x pf ,I I Y' vl,I J':.,,f'e-Q 9 i 'V 5' I ' -J' P Q ' gif, I Q Q Q Q ' A. 9. f Q, gs , f f f fvgupe.-' we iw ,gif 'v 5 if 7- Y-- - S- ' ' 2 ,413 QE: 'if' ' 55"-lun Ill X '-1. i lib ' . avg: 1'- -Y h t , , .v ,A 'iv 4 , , " an Rel? Hfifeztcr Physical growth . . . team- work . . . sportsmanship. The hushed quiet of the locker room before a game . . . the roar of the packed stands . . words of encouragement during halftime. Fantastic one-point basketball upsets .the sharp report of the starting gun in' swimming and cross country . . . the race against the stopwatch. The crack of the bat against the hardball . . . the expanse of the fareway . . . the sing of the tennis racquet . . . the overflowing trophy case. Mustangs proud in nvictory, undaunted in defeat. Mya? green MM Mer Wiz' gnlmfzefzzfff Omgaikf' Jeff 46 ' MOST VALUABLE BACK Lou Sullivan breaks into secondary in action against West. As school opened and the concentrated summer football practice drew to a close, sportswriters throughout the state consistently left Myers Park out of pre-season ratings. Many people almost laughed at the undersized "Ponies" Ten weeks later people did not laugh. The "Ponies" were second in the final state ratings, sporting the best record in the state of 8-1-1. This excellent show- ing surprised even the coaching staff. After whipping North, tying Garinger, and losing to Salisbury, the team was not coordinated and the starting lineup underwent a major shake-down. The popping of leather paid off. In the seven re- maining games, the victory bell rang seven times. In the biggest game of the season, the Mustangs rolled over favored Harding, avenging the frustrating 0-0 deadlock of 1958. l l Lg. W i-..Ut1l.f'1i:- 'Tilly "v' 3 :fv..?1.A.TgjIl'j t i A' VV 'I 1 I- 'if3"Qff--'if-. ' A ' A' i ' i ' "fi i BLANTON SENDS ,BOB Allen Off tackle behind HARDING IS Too late to stop Rich Harris on end interference of Sullivan and Hall against Salis- sweep with Blantgn and Sullivan blocking. ury. Hartsell Ellison Moser Spain Stork Favor Tackle Tackle End Guard Guard End ll 6 .-- ff Ll- . ' ,.l - "f ' f ,, L 3 5 1 :- 3 s l l A- -l ' In 4, .Y S.,-'lr ,Nl - 'IN U' l ' 'YQ +' l sig x l . ,Ani i.V.:j1f'v2B X -55551 ix ,lr gl Q Q' . I j. .fa Q ' - A 5 'A' ' 'uf' A '-'wr - 'Mr7':Q rl .' ' '-' A 4 lqlgllni-gif' '34 ls- 1 - 447 ' l' '30Q"'f','i f ' I A lib' A ,s ,VN 'x iii i l S ' 'Q "B '71 'frail ' - in a ' 7 5? Nl- ef -I - -.w wf . ' ,- 4, f' "' mi igrfi l .- l- .,. . wp , , , . ' ' an .. , . l if . 4 ! " l rl ' f - M -. .HY " ae :.-nz 1 E ' f 5' ' A --e 'l. 1 lg .ln nn 1 A! Y l VQAI lffifq 91.31" Q M A I V. when ,Y-QL HL ' - 4 , .di Mill: ,fg X 7 V ?"',,-'il' 5' , , H A .V A V ""' ill...-'rs-X" 'iff 'i.f.,..lf,af .gil-'f'iF'? P, .,,. , We as - in s of , ff H - e 41 fcyuhf mmm recom' az WM Averaging only 178 pounds, the stubborn Mus- tang line functioned as a well-balanced and highly effective machine. Led by defensive captain Vance ' P Gr cu 'Q " 1 ' ., , 1 '!. 2 - ,"i" ' . . - - .5 . ,r sz jf' . , ' - 'YL'- 16.5 . 4 '-5 1 ,f,, 'Y' - N iw, o r ff ' i. 'C P'l'.'e'liJ':11f - "v 1 .V - tif-CWS? 1 . ,, . -.1 .75 . ,3, 1 '-'wiefifwg -A , 411:-:ir-3 Y,-kg A 1: . - " " 'F m .P-F I-fv grigjf fb ' - - 5 . , ' Ye .ia-:.g',g3g5, A. . . I 9. refs - I ' "'-' -Q '-:V .L -pf , ff' ji"2sf-.-:3xg-Q, - , .-. -1 L11-.2 '- ,- ilg.-wg7L1Fff. .f""-"":'.2.'.-1-1' H- -N M . E74-1: - . . iz- ',,1....,,.:-':,51" .. e 1 L . - ,-,gc gn 'P' '. ' -.1 W'-' -up 't,i-.ati-ffv 134 ' ,sn-n 9-lw?5':w' bi. ,gl-EMM . SW.. ':v.:w.54y :u'effLf+'f3"j,,, ..,lLf.,..Js . . 1 . . -. . 1 xW5?5'Qf'3fk1.'m fi 1.--' -3?-'fbijiif g Y f Q if-'l 'll' I 535 '- wiv'-'f -11 ' 51- -151' TLP,-1--f 531. "Ml ., 1- .".2'j- fa 4' -f'--Q:.1-?"-f',-1-'19 Q5 'i -is -' , ' "t -Q--'J ?l'ifh'1."1 xilvlw "Ziff-51. sf! kiwi . , , 1 '-'Lila ..-JF' 'tlffiiu .Xin Cockerham at linebacker, who averaged over twenty tacklesa game, this unit stopped powerful Burling- r ton, Asheville, and Gastonia attacks in close vic- Cutter tories. Other consistent p e r f o r m e r s were Paul End Stork, Larry Hartsell, Joe Cox, C h u c k S p a i n, Horne Johnny Johnston, Pat Ellison, and Howard Duvall. Back Hill Wellford, Ron Moser, George Cutter, Bill Mal- Weuford ' t lard, Perky Roberson, and Charles Favor provided End ' rugged end play. Harris .--3:-V: .Q Q Standouts in the defensive backfield were Bruce Back Qqygm X, 1 McClure and Jim Mascho. Offensively, Lou "The Allen fQg,9,g fQgl Train" Sullivan anchored the running attack. Ham- Back 3? W .. 1 - pered by an early season injury, halfback Rich ,ag 1 1 A Harris established himself as an important cog in V if 4 :- the victory machine, accounting for touchdowns 'sign 6 4 against Harding and Garinger. Bob Allen led the ..f,.,,,5i'ii'5 ' 5-"al team in scoring with 45 points and in rushing with Mascho A . 1 5-1. I, ,, a 10.7 average. Specialty men Wiley Horne and Back L E? Henry Hallett proved invaluable. Blanton fjigf ' ,i '.?:.-ff.-F' f.., .f!3f1, - " ' Captain Tommy Blanton amassed over 1000 total Back ' f-' Q21f7jf- , I yards through a concentrated aerial attack and A 5 dangerous broken field running. Voted to every all- SE 5. 1 -1 . state eleven, he became the third consecutive Mus- . .'r- - 1 ' M, gwflff ..- tang quarterback to be chosen to play in the Shrine 'f if A V A ' -i"1f 'f A Bowl. He was honored at the football banquet as it Most Valuable Player, along with Sullivan, Most Fgq figp ...L l Valuable Back, and Stork and Cockerham, Most ,P 5 Valuable Linemen, and McClure, 1960 Captain. H311 l , 2 f Voted to All-County teams were Blanton, Wellford, Guard ,f.g,A, , ,, ? - V. Hartsell, Stork, Cockerham, and Sullivan. Named Mcclure zl' fx, to the All-Conference team were Wellford, Blanton, Back 'iw ,L is , ,i Cockerham, and Allen. it After the final close play-off defeat to Greens- " ,. boro, head coach Gus Purcell summed up the gen- 1 -... .'., g f f eral sentiment. "Although we are disappointed," N , he commented, "we feel that the boys surpassed Sullivan J if I H our highest expectations, showing more spirit than Back i Q 1 ' any other team in the history of Myers Park." Cockerham Q lli Center . ' A-lea? Cox Y y ..".'. Tackle Hr ' Johnston a - 1 Tackle . QQ 4 Rogers Duvall Tribble Hamilton Q Center Guard Back Back "' . .Www ! 5 C C ' 3" 4' -1 V qi . T' 7' A - "' ' ' ' - ---- . ' 1 ,eau A . A - i 1 ' '31-'-f 3, -' '75 ' f W , D, ' . - - I s X L . ...V 1. ? ,Ig ,.:- I ' k ff t .la- . r A A 4 .4 t . 7 0llZfPZZlZOQfy f' PM rghlig fzamea' fo farf- Werf 472.2-150 . " I , V-ff. rg.-711, ,'i,,.,,.,, , N , A : v V Q, ' 1-'M.1r,,'-va ,wgftg -A-ll4y,,y'1,f . 5 f 'A rvfwgwb -,iuY.i,,i . Pr., U V V-,v,,,-,9 '7i,v, : gigcw y. lm: N, ., ,I .1 ,Mb li' ,AN , Q ,H M E gx , L rv! Q, .. 1,,: , E A , , V , 'L Mun it , , , ,N -A f N , A "1 - W W H' "A, ' -,Y ' " .1 Q . . Ng, , . A ,, 1 4, y if r iw ae ll ff sau- -.X -.f W 5. T T l , Y L., . 1 V A - . . .-,-1 A' ,' L.. ,r ,. .' - .. EBF -1- 2: , gf . H X A 1 H .-in Q . . . 4 1 an-wash -"' J ig fran.. .nf--" v." .V-1. 1- ',',.'- . 71,1 ,, A ,.'.::,A.1-5. , "" , 'fi .rewggQ.-e-'r,fE'f14.e.:2-'....,f:f1r'f'?f in .-Stiff-.V - M1 "ve 'fs ff T3 e,gf.5gf51o if lfE.h"1.i Vlfigs-' fi . LINEMEN Salen, MacRae, Allison, Wood, Adams, Willis, Mallard, quarterback Rogers, and backs Fuller, Slaughter, and Short form the varsity sophomore unit. North Meck. 7 Garinger 7 Salisbury 20 Burlington 12 Asheville 6 Gastonia 7 Wadesboro 6 Harding 6 East Meck. 6 West Meek. 7 Garinger 19 Greensboro 6 SALISBURY RUNNER NAILED by Harris and MOST OUTSTANDING LINEMEN awards are-pre- Blanton as Hartsell, Spain, Cutter, Cockerham, and sented to Paul Stork and Vance Cockerham by Coach Mascho close in. Sink. ELUDING WEST DEFENDERS in a fancy piece of broken field running, Captain Tommy Blanton is covered by Jay Rogers and Ronny Moser. 54 , ' v l i i A KEY BLOCK by Fenton Wells enables halfback Byron Slaughter to baffle North pursuers. The coaching staff initiated a new system of orga- nization for the 1.959 Jayvees. In an effort to promote depth and experience, Coach Allen did not separate his team from the varsity until mid-September. A complete sophomore unit was also maintained on the varsity throughout the season by a unique system of rotation. Handicapped by this system, the Jayvees never- theless opened the season by rolling over South and North in easy victories. After a second romp over South, 30-0, the team spoiled an otherwise perfect record by losing a close game in the rain in Gastonia. The strong J ayvees, nonetheless, would not be de- nied success and bounced back to roll over East and I Harding. Garinger was edged 7-6 in the final con- test which established the Mustangs as undisputed city champions. Ray Fuller and Byron Slaughter drew praise from Coach Allen for their consistent offensive perform- ances, while Butch Allison was singled out as the de- fensive leader. HARDING BALL CARRIER smothered by Slaught- er, Taylor and Short as Forshaw, Arivella, and Wells close in. jeweler atm f4!afa'z7zJn mm' Qmfyef, can CITY CHAMPS, 1959: First row: Eddie Roland, Butch Wilson, Johnny Short, Pat Hart, Phil Bechtold, Woody McGinn, Bud Palmer, Jim Wallace. Second row: William Thrift, Tom Forshaw, Peachy Hightower, John Apperson, Robbie Sieburg, Henry Hallett, Phil Welch. Third row: Dick Rhyne, Joe Spencer, Fenton Wells, Bobby Stafford, Bing Vick, Bill Hollifield, and Tommy Meacham. . ,-F, -H. ' .-1-V A ,-vs i 7 -R . -.,.,- ' -' . gn- .- "" - - :'- . ' . , 55 DUBOSE AND ARBUCKLE wait for Out- water's opening tap in the North rematch. Gene Curtis Ronnie Smarr fed hy 0611052 ma' Uufzwzztf, 50 Wmhay Mraz? As a wide array of varsity basketball aspirants reported for early workouts in October, Coach Powell complained of an age-old problem-lack of height. The permanent squad sported only two "big men" in Captain Howard Arbuckle and Steve Seawright. December ushered in two straight disappointing non-conference losses to Hendersonville, the second in an overtime. Tough conference competition which included meetings with top seeded East and Garinger before Christmas hinted of a dismal future. The unexpected happened. After whipping North handily in a breather, the-Mustangs shot from their heavy underdog position to score two major upsets, edging East 54-53 and Garinger 51-50. Buddy Dubose and Steve Sobell turned in torrid shooting perform- ances to give the team the needed impetus. As the holidays put a halt to the action, Coach Powell com- mented that he had never seen such team spirit and effort at Myers Park. After Christmas the squad continued to upset all predictions, easing by Gastonia and South. Suffer- ing the first conference loss to Asheville, the boys rebounded to whip Harding and West behind the fine clutch rebounding and shooting of Fisk Out- water. A romp of North in a rematch served to strengthen the Mustangs' top berth in the conference. THESE UNDERCLASSMEN gained valuable experience for future varsity SEAWRIGHT COMPLETES a drive for teams: Wayne Ayers, Buddy Dubose, David Pfohl, Jack Sullivan, Curty White, 312-Y'UD agaiHSf2 N01'th GS C'-1TtiS, Pf0h1, and Donnie Kaleel. and Kaleel wait for the swish. 56 Steve Sobell Howard Arbuckle Fisk Outwater Steve Seawright Don Woodside yfawfef WMM 52.96 Qdl'l776f,' fair MW cmfifeace fan' The starting quintet consisted of Arbuckle, Out- water, Sobell, Dubose, and Ayers. Arbuckle, noted for his tight defensive play, hit consistently from the corners. Outwater combined tremendous spring and quick hands to score frequent tip-in's. Sobell pro- vided stubborn scoring punch under the boards. Dubose and Ayers, an outstanding junior guard combination, set up and ran all patterns smoothly. Dubose turned. in several excellent shooting nights, while Ayers became famous for his ability to pre- dict openings and freeze the ball. Although the loss of Co-Captain and 1959 high scorer Tommy Blanton weakened the bench, Coach Powell frequently mixed the starting line-up with reserves. First call usually went to Steve Seawright, owner of a dangerous soft jump shot. Ball hustler Gene Curtis saw constant action, while Ronnie Smarr, Don Woodside, Donnie Kaleel, Curty White,iDavid Pfohl, and Jack Sullivan rounded out the bench. WITH WAYNE AYERS watching from behind the foul circle and Curty White in position in the corner, Gene Curtis out-maneuvers two Garinger defenders to get off perfect jump shot. Steve Sobell moves into a good re- bounding position. jayaeef fuzz dawn fafebe cwwecwae ia' ,' eye my afozm Veteran Coach Sink produced another Jayvee bas- ketball team of championship caliber. Undefeated in early February, the squad appeared headed for its eighth city crown in nine tries. Opening the season with two easy victories over Hendersonville, the team cut down North, East, and Garinger before taking a break for the Christmas holidays. Early January found them setting the same torrid pace, mowing down Gastonia, South, Ashe- ville, and Harding. Winston Salem Reynolds, West, and North fell to the J ayvees as they ran their win- ning streak to twelve games. Billy Clark was the big gun offensively. An adept shooter and playmaker, he consistently scored in the double figures. Bob Cass and Larry Graham gave the team much needed height under the boards. Jon Logue and Bobby Cato rounded out the starting quintet. The many one-sided victories also gave Coach Sink the opportunity to use his reserves. As a result the well-balanced Jayvee bench gained the valuable game experience necessary for varsity success. LARRY GRAHAM DRIVES past two South defenders as Bobby Cato moves into position. UNDEFEATED JAYVEES ARE, first row: Jon Logue, Bob Cass, Larry Graham, Billy Clark, Bobby Cato. Second row: John Skidmore, Byron Slaughter, Ray Davis, Rex Gribble, Bobby Melton, Johnny Phillips, and Shorty Short. 58 fllafmefz eyby ma0e.f1f'z7ff.f'ea.mfz,- QUQZIZ Staff mdefeaztd -'rf'-r-"'r+'r' ' ""' ' v - F MUSTANG GRAPPLERS display standard match uniforms. First row: Woody McGinn, Richard Sar- gent, Butch Rogers, Alan Aitken, Gus Anastes, Deno Elliot. Second row: Henry Hallett, Butch Allison, Bill Hollifield, Doug Maddock, Paul Stork, Mark Meade, Ed Genois. Third row: Kenny Godwin, Ray Fuller, Earl Taylor, Fritz Mercer, Freddie Sprock, David Snook, Roy Bain, Robin Wright. Fourth row: Jim Hemphill, Mike Miller, Hank Boyd, Billy Hope, Jule Griffith, Terry O'Hair, and Charles Venning. With final examinations completed and the 1960 season in full swing, the wrestling squad was rated underdog only to Boone in the approaching state meet. Boasting a 6-1-1 record, the matmen turned rigid conditioning into double wins over Asheboro, Salisbury, and Mooresville. After an early season tie with Albemarle, the squad dropped the return match by a close 21-24 count. The matmen capped the strong season with a sec- ond place finish in the state meet. Winning individual medals were Doug Maddock, Bill Hollifield, Alan Aitken, and Richard Sargent. Captain Paul Stork, voted the best individual wrestler in the state, turned gorilla-like aggressive- ness and strength into an undefeated record. On his way to the 165-pound state championship, the rugged-grappling senior pinned his first two oppon- ents and won his last matches by decision. COMPLETING A REVERSAL, Bill Hollifield tries to work an Albermarle wrestler into a pin. , AFTER TACKLING and gaining control of this Albemarle opponent in the first few seconds, Paul Stork works to roll him over. l Qfn, , 59 l fo- l ll l 4 . iv..-TTT... .,,.r,. , T Ejijl . t JH'-f' :srl ,'- J .J W . A . L24 . 4 , 5-' ' l .1 5 X A' i A 5 is fM'l 1, . : IW -f p 'L 0. X l' N . Q xl A l j-Ig li, A' "Q if l . ' . 1 J ' ' - ap A 5 it - 'fffiifff .-,.-. ,J 1 J ll. of . J.. , , ,I.' .f Q . V 1 w lx li tl l 3, ng A ' ,X 513' ' lr 1' Hg lite il J' ix dn, ' at -2-1 . 1 V ll' "4,'4L-.. ,in','flQ' KQ' -- - ,'1'4 'g . . V ,--,jiri ' . I- -L, 3 ' 1.4 , fa - I'l1!43" ..,g,:Zff '-" --' , y '1:'fl7,Vi f I' ', "9'lf-51" .1 1960 CHAMPION GREEN Dolphins are, first row: Drew Taylor, Sonny Charnley, Bill Guerrant, Jim Caldwell, Bobby Turner, Joe Goodson, Jim Gray. Second row: Bobby Glasgow, Lou Sullivan, Phil Livine, Walton Rogers, Deems Wilson, John White, John Thomas, Dan Caldwell, Paul Barefoot. Third row: Steve Van Every, John lAlexander, Norman Scott, Thad Adams, Vance Cockerham, Jim Moore, and Bobby Helbein. fam DOQZZIZLP wry, facie! my ffm, mfiearziffz ffler WINNING IS A habit with Bill McGinty, here ac- cepting a first place award at Eastern Carolina. Losing only four 1959 championship squad let- termen, the 1960 swimming team turned experience l and added depth into an aqua powerhouse. The squad T literally drowned all opposition, dropping only one close meet to the UNC frosh team, one of the best in the country. In dual meets with Asheville, Greensboro, High Point, and Raleigh, Coach Purcell swam his Weak- est men in the relays to avoid unnecessary run- aways. The big state invitationals proved no chal- lenge, either, as the team rolled up sufficient points to better the combined total of all opponents at UNC and Eastern Carolina, rewriting the record books. The high point in the 2,000-mile travel schedule of the team-was the Emory Invitational in Atlanta, an all-day meet which drew over forty of the strong- est swimming clubs in the southeast. A handy vic- tory for the second straight year established the swimmers undisputed southeastern champions. . High pointmakers in the star-studded line-up in- cluded Captain Deems Wilson, Joe Goodson, Thad Adams, Norman Scott, Phil Livine, Bobby Helbein, Paul Barefoot, and Bobby Mobley. 60 Myers Park All-American Bill McGinty, called "the fastest high school swimmer in the nation," broke the national record in the 100-yd. freestyle. N. C. State Coach Casey said of McGinty, "I have never seen a swimmer with more potential." The 1960 Dolphin diving quartet featured Drew Taylor and state champion Lou Sullivan. Sullivan took first place at the Emory Invitational, sharing individual honors with McGinty, who easily won the 50 and 100-yd. freestyle events, setting a new college pool record in the 50. ' ' I iiil. p lli l iilllll l lp ii . . .Q .,.:. i H wumwww DOLPHIN DIVING ACE Lou Sullivan executes a JUDGES START WATCHES as Guerrant and perfect jack-knife in winning the finals of the Emory Barefoot begin 50-yd. freestyle against Greensboro Invitational. and Asheville. 31 rezff' fzafmfzaf fecomf fzamea' Qlhefmaa SURROUNDED BY MEMBERS of the swimming team, Coach Purcell happily accepts the championship trophy of the Eastern Carolina Invitational. 1 Sl Um My Wllddlffddl' M 00!Zf'60llZfW6 .fmt 0l'0iWZ,' was l .- AH X if ' 1 - " X F it ll' I z 4-L- " 5 . , , I , H' , . 1 of ' 7 C, T - U g H, ,i -,....,- v - . A-tx,-' ... 'F .b mfg Q-,avg ' 1. LINING UP FOR a start are, first row: Neal Cheek, Morrison Lowrance, Eddie West, John Neis, Jimmy Cothran, Tommy Stockton, Guilford Oldham, Ned Mathews, Hugh Walker. Second row: Hal Thompson, Robert Whitton, Marty Ridenhour, Billy Mitchell, Dan Page, Robert Kellogg, Tommy Norman, Bill Pitts. Myers Park is fast acquiring a reputation for turning out state championship Cross Country teams. The 1959 squad was no exception, copping the state crown for the fifth consecutive year. The success of the Cross Country team is often overlooked as it is forced to compete with the foot- ball team for attendance and popularity. But the record, a result of hard work and determined team effort, remains to speak for itself. BUNCHED UP RUNNERS sprint for position The strong early season contenders for the top quintet, including such 1958 greats as Tom Stockton and Ed West, hinted of a peak season in the offing. But early hopes were crushed as West was side- lined with a serious foot injury. Although local prep competition was no match for the Mustangs, col- lege competition proved too severe. Whipping only Wake Forest, the cinderman bowed to Duke, State, and UNC frosh. in state meet. TOP MYERS PARK runners warm up for a hard workout. ' -as . .., Q.. Nw: gi 1 ' , ' "' vi- -.-- Ac- , 53 ,i v-, U , .tar-,...,-'alll-, .,-. wg H" ' :' ' ,: . 1, -,.f.:. f-Q W, ,,, ,, . , , mf I . " s , -:,.----1-:..e,,vj - I--HQ" .1 , ,.. 1 4 34' ' -. F A 4, '-,.. 4-9.1.-,, Y .. , , -. , ,g-.. iv, ' J ,-.: 1 -f . vi. -1 '1 - '- 5, '43.'-R+ . ..,.,,.Y ' - L fi v ., : , , -4,-TYZT, iff? ' 'M' 'f ' - "W ' I ' '..: . ff wwii-5713-'l'lfLl MW Qmifm zfzdainfmf rzhzfe Dv P ww .2 Ttlgudvfltv , .. 5 I i '. Q. Alf .3 Ju: A' l jf. ti L5 :gl p5 "V . 4 Q -fi - YL EJLQYAEQLE is ' 2 L' Dfw -lf, li.. ONE LOOK AT Tommy Stockton's face is enough to tell who is individual state champion. Cross Country mentor Coach Allen, coaching his second championship squad in as many years, viewed the oncoming state meet with optimism. He knew that the team with the most depth would win and that the pressure was great on every runner. He had every right to be proud when the top five Mus- tangs compiled the first place low of 32 points, whipping second-place South by 40 points and Gar- inger by over 300 points. Tommy Stockton was the outstanding performer, PERFECT FORM, EASY stride-John gleishjockeys for position in state meet mis . COACH ALLEN ACCEPTS the coveted state championship trophy as Stockton and West look on with approval. x fm 0 f0lZ, 601'-yfdf !?Z?l8!77M!Z EDDIE WEST MOVES ahead with his relaxed giant stride as Billy Mitchell and Marty Ridenhour vie for position. turning in excellent runs in every meet and win- ning individual honors for the second straight year in the state meet. His long list of achievements, a legend within itself, includes four varsity Cross Country letters. Ed West bounced back into shape to finish sec- ond to Stockton in the state meet. Ned Mathews nailed down a spot in the top ten with his best run of the year. Morrison Lowrance and Billy Mitchell rounded out the top five positions. 5 63 3 ll , ' H5155 1- 'rv E -1... .S Nw ml 4 -Hi V , 16:4 :Y nl - - sign, i s' 045' if if Qfgifi v 'Q'-il f 2, Qu 1 . - 1-,Ga r .4 ' ' In Q-.' , , .' ' ' I, ,gn . ' j"'Lf f.wfwwwlsa, T bg , 1 -, '-I.. .v MONOGRAM CLUB officers find a minute to plan for club activities. Treasurer Hill Wellford, Secre- tary Howard Arbuckle, Vice president Rich Harris and President Tommy Blanton. MONOGRAM MEMBER Dan Brawley puts pledges Monty Ridenhour, Tommy Meacham, and Bill Hamilton through their paces. 95510, ,900l'ff'mf'f50 are yard' 015226129 172 Wmoymm ffl? to members. In January a large number of boys who lettered in fall sports became active members. Continuing with the revisions begun by last year's club, the group held constructive initiations and made service projects their foremost activity. Enthusiastic officers and their advisor, Coach Purcell, directed the Monogram Club in a year filled with school service. Before each football game, the lettermen displayed school spirit by their tradi- tional sale of booster cards. Through their intra- club tutoring system, scholastic help was available MYERS PARK LETTERMEN are proud members of the Monogram Club. First row: Wyche, Cowan, Hulse, Moore, Barefoot, Goodson, Grey, Wilson, Husband, Ellison. Second row: Charnley, Anastes, Aitken, Rogers, Elliott, Holder, Robinson, Mobley, Taylor, Morrison, Thompson. Third row: West, Stockton, Cheek, Holhfield, Barnett, Shaw, Farr, Gray, Reed, Genois. Fourth row: Maddock, Harris, Deason, Hancock, Connelly, Cothran, Watson, Neis, Allen, Rhyne. Fifth row: Sullivan, Sieberg, Cockerham, Helbein, Smarr, Cutter, Jones, Outwater, Brawley, Lowrance, McClure, Hartsell. , .:fef::,. Y - ,.e I- -f--- A . lnuunuunn WET? :Sie N51 V7 235 Q: f . . jf ff? 4-4-an mane , ,..- , 41115-,, ,. , . ' 7 1 J jf Q LW4 gi. " QWF?-" ? if rg Lx, gan-,-1, ' " gm :Tana .- 'L Wg i 1 ,,, , ,W -'lz2..L., ,Q ' IV 1 I . V 4 , , 1,, - of-a-A R ' FEET :- X 1: 'f I -N-..,,, ,V fl 'T . uirl-' , Qxx 'E 5 iv "1 ' 5 17 I f 5:56, -Q A 47 ' Lfiiwi :Tiiii I I 'mg - -,Q ix G.R.A. OFFICERS ARE, seated: Recorder Gay Williams, Vice president Barbara Hanks, President Norma Nuttall, Secretary Linda Orr, Treasurer Blanche Willard. Standing: Advisor Miss Jones. SHOWING THE RESULTS of carelessness is Nancy Godwin to Marya Bell, Mary Alice Roth, Jan Gaskell, and Diane Littlefield. Q. 2 Q ,Meer rim' zfz gd!!-90116 ruler if Mira' year G.R.A. began its third year at Myers Park with a The first projects were selling small stuffed ani- membership of 475 girls. With the aid of Miss Jones mals-skunks and ducks being the most popularg de- as advisor, the officers, executive council, and club livering the morning devotional over the inter-com chairmen undertook a number of projects to com- for a month and taking over the upkeep of the plete before the end of the school year. flower boxes at the gym. LEFT: SMILING AT THEIR victory are Monie Argo and Toni Kratt, while Minette Conrad, Patsy Crouse, and Tay Lawson check their scores. CENTER: BINGO PROVIDED ENTERTAINMENT for several hundred girls attending a party sponsored by the club. RIGHT: TENNIS COMES NATURALLY to Dale Davenport, who shows Darlene Hassler the correct grip for the racket while Barbara Hanks watches. Y 1 . i I ' H U w H - . i- , , H H . i i ii ii, - , F, I - FJ .lr V 1 , I gf " -+1 A f 4:-.. ' V162 4 . 65 UM mmm, wa alfme aww 475 EXECUTING A PERFECT slam in volleyball is Slusian Gebhardt as Jan Gaskell waits to receive the s o . BASKETBALL IS A favorite sport of Anne Rouser, who demonstrates for Marya Bell, Fran Condon, and Lesley Marine. With a variety of thirteen sports clubs from which to choose, a G.R.A. member had no difficulty in finding the clubs to suit her individual interests and talents. Many of the girls 'competed in tourna- ments in archery, badminton, tennis, and golf. In- tramurals were held in volleyball, softball, and bas- ketball. In celebration of the approaching Christmas holi- days, the G.R.A. gave a bingo party for all mem- bers. The party was financed by using the money which was awarded to the club for placing first in the annual Barbecue sales. The club was able to buy many gifts and more than enough refresh- ments for the several hundred girls who attended the party. As a result of the enthusiasm of club members for good sportsmanship and school spirit, the G.R.A. concluded another successful year. TOP: GRACEFULLY PERFORMING one of her many dives is talented Betsy Benoit. Betsy's skill is viewed with enthusiasm by several G.R.A. members participating in the swimming club. They are Norma gufgall, Patsy Crouse, Norma Binder, and Billie o en. CENTER: GOLFING IS ONE of the many talents of Barbara Boone. She is shown here with several of her friends who are interested in the sport. Bar- bara demonstrates her ability by showing Mary Convey the correct hand positions. Looking on are Nancy Lou Jones, Peggy McNeal, and Ginny Smith. BOTTOM: CHAIRMEN OF THE various sports clubs hold a meeting at which they discuss and plan the activities of their individual clubs. Jo Pat- terson, Nancy Lou Jones, Laura Livingston, Kaye Blickensderfer, Sarah Herring, Tay Lawson, and Dagmar Stoll. " ' "bf" 'slag . Q f, . .f 11-5 v 4' .Y ,, A ., 5 Eva L h GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM completes another successful year. Kneeling: Captain Sandra Summerville. Standing: Pam Guthrie, Jan Gaskell, Darlene Hassler, Sally O'Rourke, Nancy Baker, Mary Van Wagner, Nancy Grubb, Anne MacKinney, Jan Dulin, Dagmar Stoll, Toni Kratt, Kaye Blickensderfer, Sally McKaig, Catherine Kuralt, Meredith Norton. and Judy Suttle. gm, Maha A72 J'00tf8f af we gm 'awww am With Miss Jones as coach, the Girls' Basketball Team was victorious over Garinger twice and Hard- ing once. Only a defeat by Harding in the second MYERS PARK SCORES another point to win over Garinger for the second time of the season. round of play marred their season record. In the final play-offs Myers Park was defeated by Hard- ing, thus losing the city championship crown they had held for two years. High scorer for the Fillies was Sally McKaig who averaged 19 points per game while Meredith Norton was honored as the most improved player. Outstand- ing forwards were J an Gaskell, Sally McKaig, and Toni Kratt. Sandra Summerville, Judy Suttle, and Dagmar Stoll served as the team's leading guards. GOING IN FOR a lay-up shot is Jan Dulin, Sally McKaig and Harding opponents rush for the rebound. Through constitutional improvements, a more selective point system and many school service pro- jects, the Mustang Club became a well-established and stable part of Mustang spirit this year. Now in its third year, the club carried out many activities leading to their goal of promoting and maintaining school spirit. Mary Lucas and Lydia Alexander found the old school flag and saw that the band put it to use. Working with a very large committee, Anne and Alma Cordle planned and supervised card sections at two football games. In the fall, Mustangers spent a busy Monday .night decorating LA for the Harding game. Sponsoring buses to out-of-town games and printing basketball rosters with players' names and numbers were other projects designed to help boost school spirit. In co-operation with the cheerleaders, members helped paint signs and banners for pre-game pep rallies. Working with the officers, executive committee, and committee chairmen were Mr. Kiser and Miss Medlin who gave much of their time and talent act- ing as club advisors. Made up of active and enthusiastic students, the Mustang Club of 1959-1960 helped produce a spirit that will be long remembered by Myers Park. ll 'luv F55 fff, ..,, -l D wr- "Wei za-1 CHAPERONES FOR MUSTANG CLUB buses posed a problem for Larry Graham, Sarah Herring, Carole Lane, and Betsy Benoit. DISTRIBUTING PROGRAMS at basketball games was a Mustang Club project. Morrison Lowrance, Robert Whitton, Tinka Lee, Byron Slaughter, Carol Stuckey, and Laurie Hurt. aa, enemy a!'!Wm'z'afzJa UM ,awk gaecfafnf MMLPWM MUSTANG CLUB was strong in members and service in 1960. First row: Summerville, Herring, President Lowrance, Vice president Glenn, Secretary Lane, Cheek, Barefoot, Clark, Gibson, Graham. Second row: Rouzer, Mulwee, Alma Cordle, Conrad, McNeely, Stuckey, Hurt, Anne Cordle, Shiver, Threadgill, Davenport, Minor. Third row: Martin, Harris, Norton, Delmotte, Tathwell, Thomson, Howell, McClintock, Elrod, Beddingfield, Battle, Rosenblatt. Fourth row: Stokes, Benoit, Blythe, Lee, M. Rogers, White, Thomas, Blackwell, Willard, Schwartz, Cowan, Finley, Barber, Connelly. Fifth row: Advisor Miss Medlin, Advisor Mr. Kiser, W. Rogers, Knuthsen, Stockton, Lucas, Adams, Moore, Slaughter, Sprock and Oldham. 1,1 is M- -.1 . li l ...-'JT WP dfiwd' fifyfdhi 1270.9 zzz ffm ,Z -- MYERS PARK ATHLETIC coordinator Mr. Shep- pard checks tentative basketball program with Coach Powell. Boasting nine varsity sports, the successful Myers Park athletic program ranks second to none. In nine short years the name Myers Park has become synonymous with powerful athletics in sports cir- cles throughout the state. This fast-growing reputa- tion is no mistake. The members of the Myers Park High School Athletic Association have earned the credit for this record by years of patient and de- voted effort. RELAXING FOR A COKE, Coach Sink, Coach Allen, and Coach Purcell rehash football season. 'I .f Q. " U. if X - In ARRANGING DAILY GYM workout schedule is 3115 onie phase of the work of Miss Jones and Mrs. o an . Miss Lou Jones, who coaches girls' basketball, and Mrs. Dorothy Holland supervise the girls' athle- tic program. Athletic coordinator Porter Sheppard, Who coaches the golf team in the spring, spends long hours behind the scenes arranging schedules, plan- ning programs, and handling ticket sales. The large intramural program is supervised by head basket- ball coach George Powell. Football coaches Gus Purcell, Jack Sink, and Stuart Allen are on the job nine months a year. Pur- cell coaches varsity swimming and' tennis, Sink handles J ayvee basketball and varsity baseball, and Allen coaches Jayvee football, varsity wrestling, cross country, and track. The coaching staff is enthusiastic about the 1959- 60 seasons. As one coach summed it up at an athle- tic assembly, "This is the peak year in athletics at Myers Park. Our overall record is the best in the state. Our football team reached the state play-off's and our cross country team won its fifth straight state championship. Our basketball team leads the conference and our wrestling squad has only drop- ped one match. Our swimming team has won state and southeastern championships for the second straight year. We are looking forward to strong baseball, golf, and tennis teams in the spring, and to another state championship in track. This record speaks for itself." 69 A-3-3, la..--rs aw "- '- , K 7 - .iii-'iv J,,.,.,,.+.. ,. .-5 . M - H wx lr i 4- V4 .azmrblswvlffi ,-A rl-no 50,1 X i f j "'-Q.. I .f Qcadmzzw Respect for learning . . .the hum of classroom activity . . . a search for unknowns . . . questions . . 4 elusive answers . . . the elation of discovery. Frustrations . . .term papers . . . quizzes. . . exams . . . College Boards. The steady tempo of typewriters . . . building with our hands . . . self -evaluation in psychology . . . seams to be 'basted . . .e the study of color and form. Creative thinking . . . vocabu- lary drill . . . the wonderful world of classics . . . balanc- ing equations . . . "truth tables" . . .leaf collections . . . dreaded memory work. Ap- preciation for the past . . . anticipation for the future . . . new vistas of understanding. MZUZZIPZQHZIZUIZ wir zbwam' f95fcow90!ef1vfz of new auatzbfwn X 4-J' Q!!! l INSPECTING PLANS FOR the new auditorium is the Myers Park Administration. Assistant Principal Mr. Wil- liam S. Adams, Dean of Girls Miss Frances Gunter, Dean of Boys Mr. Porter Sheppard, and Principal Dr. Jack Horner. DR. ELMER H. GARINGER Superintendent of Charlotte City Schools 72 Important changes in both local and city-wide organizational policies and a continuation of the building program of our school were the main con- cerns of Myers Park's administration this year. With the opening of school in September, Myers Park became an all-senior high school for the first time in its nine-year history. Although the school's perimeter area was enlarged, the actual enrollment of 1313 students was slightly under the expected total. The drop in enrollment brought about an ad- justment in teacher allotmentg three teachers-Mr. Matus, Mr. Cronstedt, and Mrs. Holland-taught at Myers Park only part-time. One of the most significant issues to face our administration was that of consolidation. Dr. Horn- er and other faculty members have been active in the preliminary planning sessions. The merging of the city and county schools presents many problems, yet offers a challenge to strengthen both systems into one of the finest educational units in the South. Another milestone this year was the final ap- proval for construction of the long-awaited audi- torium to be completed by the spring of 1961. De- signed to seat 850 people, the auditorium will also house drama and music classrooms. P zicaly, lmfefzzff' 00-ofdvzazt aimr' lzwfrzozt Z ,vzhfznhf DISCUSSING SUCCESSFUL P.T.A. meeting with the Executive Board and officers of this organization is Dr. Horner. To meet the educational goal of producing well- rounded individuals, the school must have close con- tact With the home. Through the co-operation of teach- ers, counselors, and parents, Myers Park successfully co-ordinated the many facets of school life. Under our expanded counseling program, we were able to offer more individualized help to students. Mr. Hunt, our full-time counselor, worked closely with Miss Gunter, Mr. Adams, and Mr. Sheppard to assist parents and teachers in solving students' academic problems through the standardized testing program. The traditional back-to-school night provided par- ents an opportunity to become acquainted with the school's curriculum as the faculty explained the year's course of study in each subject area. FIRST FULL-TIME COUNSELOR at Myers Park, Mr. Hunt checks a stu- dent's records with Mr. Wallin. THE ANNUAL P.T.A. back-to-school night gave the Myers Park faculty an opportunity to meet the parents of their students. Miss Hatchette explains 11th grade English course to her class , .Avi- , Mas I I 73 "'f""' Q IXCOUAINTAN WALTER Ill NAI7 MGT? MIT Y ,- ., -rp I HK l , QM: . ,, .3 4 ' C iq "' ,psf 1n,:-T'-W.. r " 1 ga' H ' : if '1 D 1 ' F1 ' Q .: s,-1. '. , , 1 1 'Jir 1 ' Akers Allen Baker Booth Braun Brice Bridges Browne Burgess Cal'miCh361 Cloaninger Coble Cox Cronstedt MISS MARTHA C. AKERS Spanish II, IV: Advisor: Spanish Club. MR. STUART BEAMON ALLEN Biology: Coach: Cross-Country, Wrestling, Track: Asst. Coach: Football. MISS EVELYN BAKER French I, Latin II: Advisor: French I Club. MR. VERNON L. BOOTH Industrial Arts. MRS. MARGARET D. BRAUN English 10: Advisor: 10th Grade Y-teens. MISS ELIZABETH BRICE English 10, 12: Advisor: F.T.A. MR. GLENN R. BRIDGES Algebra I, II: Advisor: Junior Class. MR. G. LESLIE BROWNE English 11: Advisor: Junior Hi-Y, Mustang. MRS. ELINOR F. BURGESS Distributive Education I, II: Advisor: D.E. Club. MISS-JEAN R. CARMICHAEL Chemistry: Advisor: Girl Ambassadors, Cheerleaders. MR. WILLIAM GRANT CLOANINGER Typing, Economics: Advisor: Key Club. MR. B. J. COBLE Plane Geometry, Senior Math: Advisor: Dance Committee. MRS. CATHARINE D. COX French II, III, IV: Advisor: French II Club. MR. CARL G. N. CRONSTEDT Choral Music: Advisor: A Capella Choir. I' V 31 ' 553351 P? - - Jg,J,.i,g, 15:1 Fifty-six faculty members enabled Myers Park to -- Y .1 '-H6-I-22:41, . . XM sv P, "ffl 'W -, - offer a program of sixty-three courses this year. H ' New additions to the faculty included Mrs. Braun, new to the teaching field: Mr. Greene, who came to us from Bradenton, Florida: Miss Hatchette, from Spartenburg, South Carolina: Miss Medlin, form- erly at Concord High School: Mrs. Holland from Appalachian: and Mr. Jones, who joined us from Stanley High. After a year or more away, Miss Ba- ker, Mrs. Devereux, Mr. Matus, and Mr. Booth re- joined the faculty. IX CONDUCTING ALMOST DAILY seventh pe- riod class, Miss Moore provides an excellent example of faculty members whose work hardly ends when the final bell rings. IC-4006? 172617256129 214,62 QOZIIWB fd!!! 172 17Zd1W!01'0LIQi'.PlD1Zdf!1'0i90.P 7 r ,-' H: 'V 1 n I . 'N w 'w ill x . -.r. 1. ':,4. 9 Devereux Harrison . 4 . . -cg.: ff L ' .f-,H . aff' ART TEACHER, Mr. Matus displays his work from the previous year at Florida State University. MRS. SUSIE WILKIE DEVEREUX English 10. MISS ROSE DUPREE Bible I, II. . MR. ERNEST DAVIDSON FEIMSTER World History. MRS. EDNA G. FLETCHER Biology: Advisor: Red Cross. MISS SARAH L. FOSTER Spanish Ig Advisor: Spanish Club. MISS GORDON Q. FREEMAN English 12, Creative Writing: Advisor: MRS. CAROLYN PARK GOOD World History: Advisor: Honor Society. DuPree Feimster Hatchette Holland Mus tang, Pegasus. Fletcher Hunt To keep up with the latest educational trends, members of the Myers Park faculty attended va- rious summer schools. The University of North Carolina, Indiana University, and Winthrop College were just a few of the institutions where the faculty studied during the summer of 1959. Receiving scholarships for advanced Work were Miss Sifford to Williams College, Mr. Coble to Peabody College, and Miss Carmichael to N. C. State. Miss Brice and Miss Newland were members of the Advanced Placement English Conference at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York: and Miss Akers attended the language laboratory workshop at Elon College. Mr. Matus received his M. A. degree in Art Education last June at Florida State University. MISS JANE E. HARRISON Shorthand I, II, Typing, Office Practice 5 Advisor: Pen Pushers. MISS MARY HAZEL HATCHETTE English 115 Advisor: 11th Grade Y-teens. MRS. DOROTHY HOLLAND Physical Education. MR. H. RAY HUNT Counselor: Advisor: Honor Society. MISS LOUISE E. HUTCHISON Algebra I, IIQ Advisor: Senior Class. MRS. VIRGINIA MILLER JOHNSON English 125 Advisor: Honor Society. MISS MARY LOUISE JONES Physical Education: Coach: Girls' Basketball: Advisor: G.R.A., J.V. Cheerleaders. Foster Freeman Good Hutchison Johnson Jones XWAQ9 Hem' lafcmafa' ,cha gfmwd ,IM af M6119 Q05 75 Wim' fV?l0fd!Zd,!0lD!Z66!1f Qzbafzcezl pdcefnefzf Qgfwi az' M ? f- '- C' W " W w 'U' is 'i .l ez P l sf -A, I it Kiser Mclnnes Lafferty Long Lyerly Medlin Mims Moore MR. EDWIN MARTIN KISER Plane Geometry, Advisor: Mustang Club. MISS OMA CLARE LAFFERTY World History: Scholarship Committee Chairman. MRS. EDITH S. LONG English 11, World Literature, Advisor: Honor Society. MRS. JANEY LYERLY Foods, Clothing I, II, Family Living: Advisor: F.H.A., 12th Grade Y-teens. MISS BETTY MACFIE Biology, Chemistry 5 Advisor: Senior Class Follies. MRS. HELEN LEACH MACON American History 5 Advisor: Citizenship Committee. MR. THEODORE P. MATUS Art: Advisor: Publicity Committee. K 76 EQ? -D v At -7 Macfie Macon Matus Moose Newland Phifer MISS LAURA SCHAFER McINNES Drama, Speech, English 115 Advisor: Limelighters. MISS DOROTHY M. MEDLIN French I, II: Advisor: French I Club, Mustang Club. MR. SPENCER R. MIMS 0Qeom..f.m, slmfea .Mice-17 QA Band, Orchestra. -74 ,TLbiJLE,I dll, 1173156 MISS WINNIE D. MOORE .f,1,3,k:, n A l I Biology: Advisor: Sophomore Class. " IA-if -fQLaf4,,QZ1g 1-A 0, , af- fw"'Sri 1 f MR. JOHN DANIEL MOOSE JR. A ' Driver Education' Advisor: Traffic Committee, 1' 93 f 'L il"'fL thc: 1 Grounds Committee. "i"l"" i MISS MARGARET NEWLAND "fii314Jll,gi,.,.L English 12, Advanced Placement English. MQW A K .,,,, I Miss JEAN PHIFER ,ji 0 ,W 7 44' W- ' Librarian. "'-'fu ,.. riff 'Q ' '-I ' Many of Myers Park's faculty members hold positions in local and state professional groups. Miss Akers is chairman of the city-county committee on the study of foreign languages in the public schools and vice president of the N.C.A.A.T.S.P. Miss Brice is vice president of the South Piedmont Class- room Teachers Association and a member of the North Carolina English Teachers Steering Com- mittee. Miss Lafferty serves as chairman of the International Understanding Committee of the Classroom Teachers Association. EXPLAINING THE WEEK'S schedule is only one of the many responsibilities of Miss Whitley and other homeroom teachers. Wim' Widfq 11646529 egoefwzefzfafwafm dz PM Qomezty THE LIBRARY, AN important facet of Myers Park life, is well supervised by Miss Wheeler and Miss Phifer. Mr. Matus works on two committees with the Southern Art Teachers Association. Miss Newland is a member of the State English Curriculum Com- mittee. Miss Phifer serves as secretary of the local N.C.E.A., while Mr. Snyder is building representa- tive for the unit. Mr. Wallin is building representa- tive for the Classroom Teachers Association. Mr. Powell is a committee member of the N. C. Associa- tion of Health and Physical Fitness. Miss Rankin is actively engaged with the committee for Consoli- dation of City-County Teachers Associations. Mrs. Wright is president of the South Piedmont District Latin Teachers. Miss Whitley is a teacher partici- pant in the geometry program of the School Math- ematics Study Group Which is financed by the National Science Foundation. MR. GEORGE P. POWELL MISS ANNE WHEELER Physical Education I,II: Coach: Basketball: Advisor: Ath- Librarian. letic Committee. MR. AUGUSTUS B. PURCELL MISS ETHEL J. WHITLEY Physical Education LII: Coach: Football, Tennis, Swim- Solid Geometry, Plane Trigonometry, Plane Geometry fSchool ming, Advisor: Monogram Club. Mathematics Study Groupl. MISS JESSIE RANKIN MRS. IRENE L. WRIGHT American History: Advisor: A.F.S. Committee. Latin I, II, IV: Advisor: Latin Club. MISS PATSY L. SIFFORD STAFF: MR. MATTHEW E. BREEDEN American History, Problems of Democracy: Advisor: Girl Maintenance Engineer Ambassadors, Cheerleaders. MR. CHARLES R. SNYDER MISS MARILOU GOWER Algebra II, Plane Geometry: Advisor: F.T.A., Dance Com- Secretary-Treasurer mittee. MISS EVANGELINE STEWART MRS. T. CHRISTY MATHEWS Bookkeeping, Typing. Dietician MR. STEVE D. WALLIN MRS. ALMA McCRACKEN College Algebra, Plane Geometry. Nurse Powell Purcell Rankin Sifford Snyder Stewart Wallin Wheeler Whitley Wright Breeden Gower Mathews McCracken err Par! efzztfr farmed pQOBl7Z6!Zf lwoymm dz Qyilfi lg WORK ON WRITING English term papers begins in the doing research work on various subjects. Carolyn Transou, Following the national trend of providing stim- ulating courses for the superior student, Myers Park expanded its English and foreign language de- partments. ' The English addition, Advanced Placement, gave fifteen carefully screened seniors an opportunity to study English on a college freshman level. Spon- sored by the College Entrance Examination Board and taught by Miss Newland, the course emphasiz- ed English composition and literature. In other English classes, revised textbooks pro- vided a .new modern approach to literature. Elec- tives such as creative writing, world literature, journalism, dramatics, and public speaking com- pleted the English curriculum. This year marked an increase to fifty-three hours of daily classroom instruction in English and Eng- lish electives, taught by ten faculty members. school library where students spend many hours reading and Nancy Weldon, and George Harris. THE GUILT OF CONTROVERSIAL Thomas a Becket in Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral is lively topic of discussion in the Advanced Placement Eng- lish class. Tom Grant, Miss Newland, Susan Snyder, and Jeanne Myles. 78 I 1' fflwfeffz hfzyuayef 0792! dm?-year aoufref , Mfdbfy EXTENSIVE PARALLEL READING brings French IV students to French section of the library. Ned Mathews, Valerie Baan, Betty McGuire, and Kaye Blickensderfer. STUDENTS IN Miss Hatchette's English class display their poems on the bulletin board. Seated: Nancy Collier. Standing: Richard Sargent, Katharine Atkins, and Kenny Counts. TO PERFECT HIS public speaking, David Cald- well uses a tape recorder to test his first speech. Two goals of the foreign language department were realized this year. The acquisition of a lang- uage laboratory and fourth-year instruction in Latin, Spanish, and French were highlights of a year in which this department flourished. Sponsored by the National Defense Act, the laboratory emphasized the oral-aural approach to language study. In individual booths, students lis- tened to specially recorded lessons and recorded their own readings for comparison. They also held conversations with instructors who super- vised the labs from a master control unit. Increased emphasis upon the importance of studying languages was the determining factor in the growth of this part of the curriculum. Sixty-seven per cent of the student body studied at least one language, with seven per cent in third- or fourth-year courses. The advanced study in all three languages laid the foundation for more extensive programs in the future. NEWLY ACQUIRED LANGUAGE lab, demon- strated by Bobby Cato and Sandra Welsh, revises methods of teaching languages. Muff zfgmfffnefzf milf' 00lll'J'6 lahfze, mikfjaeomeziy . '-xe Q, SENIOR MATH STUDENTS, Ginny Smith, Joe Burns, and Wayne Smith, work their basic algebra and geometry problems on the board. MATH STUDY GROUP pupils compare projects in the two aspects of their plane-solid geometry class. Seated: Nancy Grubb. Standing: Vernon Robinson, Jan Gaskell, and Larry Harrison. ,--- . -153- Y - ,-,f-.1113 MATHEMATICS Mathematics and science again led in the school curriculum with 1085 and 821 students participating in the respective fields. The most outstanding feature of the math program Was a Math Study Group sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Miss Whitley taught fifty-seven sophomores and juniors in this experimental course which combined the study of plane and solid geo- metry. Working closely with the science teachers, the math department strived to prepare students for en- gineering and scientific vocations vitally needed by our country. The three algebra courses featured equa- tions, unknowns, and logarithms and prepared stu- dents for higher math. Plane geometry taught sound reasoning and logical thinking through a study of figures, while trigonometry dealt with ratios and right angles. SHOWING THE CORRECT slide rule technique, Mr. Wallin helps Sally Tathwell and Carl Rupprecht solve college algebra logarithms. 9- .,,., 1,1 ,, .1 1 L I xl I w ,,.,,.-.r,..,.s. I ,, l , 11 fa 1 1 1 Zzmdnem' zfz mfm! fefefzcer iacrermf amief af' chrrer at Q U, .V .' ..' ,... D i,.,.......-, .. . t -IVA FWZ. PRINCIPLES OF CONVERTING electrical energy into mechanical energy with the use of a model electric motor are demonstrated by Grier Haddon to other physics class members Robert James, Mac Alexander, Bobby Cassanova, and Jim Drake. Parallel with the national trend in scientific educa- tion, our science department increased the number of classes in biology, chemistry, and physics to thirty. Through the use of extensive modern apparatus, stu- dents learned the scientific approach and the basic principles of science during lab periods. Physics classes gained practical experience from the many projects that they constructed to test and prove physical laws and theories. Units on matter, force, and light were important parts of the stimulating course. Learning about the properties of substances, chemis- try students acquired lab techniques in the numerous experiments which provided an opportunity to apply the facts learned from the lecture periods. Biology traced the development of life in the various stages of growth through a study of the relationships of living things. Leaf and insect collections were the main projects of students who spent many hours pre- paring their specimens. Another important phase of this course was a study of the anatomy and physiology of animals through dissection of frogs and Worms. ,N "MR, BONES" GIVES Ronald Sutton, David John- son, and Allison Hyatt a view of the skeleton. c f I or ii ' ff-H e T . v-fm' f'.3!"" 1 if I . Social studies courses continued to educate students in history and governmental affairs. Added to the department Was a new class in consumer economics, which gave pupils an opportunity to study practical information about the market world. An overview of the story of mankind, world history acquainted students with the progress of civilization from primitive man to the present. Featuring the television class with an enrollment of eighty-five, American history taught the basic development of our nation. Required parallel reading, an integral part of these classes, enabled students to prepare for college teaching methods. Problems of democracy, a popular elective, was con- cerned with the foreign policy of the United States and current issues such as segregation and juvenile delinquency. in V- EN ' 5,-A .... K 1 PROBLEMS OF' DEMOCRACY student teacher Miss Merry answers Lynn Stevens0n's question about labor relations. Stem! ,fcfzefzcef .vzifdy imzbfy aflmfzi ,0f0ff0Z!' 0Il'!0fZf'6!Zf AMERICAN HISTORY OFFERS students the opportunity to study the birth of our government by re-enacting the Constitutional Convention. In Mrs. Macon's class Jo Patterson, as Charles Pinckney, delivers a speech to fellow dele- gates to the meeting. 405' g::M-, . ..,, I- '4,-:2 ,'3r4.Z 1 . - ,. x. l' . ':L',.. X l ECONOMICS CLASS MEMBERS chart the decline of the purchasing power of the dollar. Hank Hobbs, Mr. Cloaninger, Phyllis Grosswald, and Harry Holden. . .,,- , -- - I we. K. ' at ,' --, K ... nr...-L s',....:V I.OOO M5555 "l" ' . .jar -'-' AEE, a """ I I' . Q, . T' i . : . . , w 2 mlm MU l l as x . A ,f-.- BIBLE CLASSES MAKE notebooks on the Old Testa- ment. Clockwise: Millie McManus, Robert Kellog, Jenny Pagker, Ronald Stone, Lynn Wilkinson, and Don Apple- ga e. egafzmfrm dwarfed fy 6g06!ZZlZ06 famed :fm eicfzvef' From a choice of twenty-nine electives, students were able to enroll in courses which strengthened their curricula. The various subjects delved into both aca- demic and non-academic fields. Through some of the electives students acquired technical skills, while in others they gained experience in learning how to use leisure time, a cardinal principle of education. The business department provided a comprehensive program for students desiring secretarial training. Courses in typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping furn- ished an opportunity for students to obtain a basic clerical education. In the general office practice class, prospective secretaries learned to use computers, dicta- phones, and other standard equipment. Vocal and instrumental music again were popular with Myers Park students. The choral groups, in addi- tion to preparing for their many concerts, increased their ability to read music and became better acquaint- ed with choral literature. The orchestra and band also afforded students an opportunity to improve their musicianship and enjoy participation in concert per- formances. First- and second-year courses in Bible were inter- esting studies for pupils. The classes analyzed the Old and New Testaments in the historical and literary aspects. USING THE COMPUTER is just one of the practical sckills lthat student Anne Long acquires in office prac- lce c ass. 'WWW - n ,,r' Sifadefzzt' iahnce HUHJZIMZJZ' ,myfam 40512 warez? wfeaufrex' i CLOTHING CLASS GIVES Arzelle Mitchell an op- portunity to make some of her own apparel. Through elective courses in home economics, girls were able to prepare for their roles as future home- makers. The classes consisted of combination lecture and lab periods. Nutrition and the preparation of foods as well as meal planning and budgeting were the main objectives of the foods classes. To complete the course, the girls planned and prepared typical family meals. In the clothing classes, students stud- ied textiles, color designs, and pattern construction in addition to constructing garments. Family living, a new course this year, was directed toward helping students prepare to assume home re- sponsibilities. The classes also discussed problems that arise in daily home life. This course was open to boys as well as girls. Adding new courses and revising the old ones, the art department expanded its program. Classes in ceramics, general art, and jewelry had an increased enrollment over last year. The art classes provided various exhibits of ceramics, paintings, and other art work done by students for the LA display cases. A new addition was interior design, a popular course which developed understanding of planning, designing, and decorating homes. As a part of their course work, students compiled notebooks of interior decoration schemes and constructed scale models of homes which they planned. L9 i Q me YI Ifllf' . I I .fa mu L Y'll,ll,lQl'I "' 4- ,f I, if J FAMILY LIVING STUDENTS Donna Woodside, Bob Simiril, and Carolyn Vaden discuss teen-age prob- lems. s . 4- . 1, . 'ri 1 1 F 't Q.. lk AN ABSTRACT INTERPRETATION of the Madonna is Betty Battle's creation in ceramics class. 171 mi me iw, mtfmafnffr, aizaef wmfm Other electives open to students were industrial arts, driver education, and physical education. Shop classes learned mechanical skills through using various tools. Projects in woodwork, metal crafts, and lathe work provided the core of the course. In the other aspect of the industrial arts program, students studied fundamentals of mechanical draw- 1ng. From on-the-road training and classroom lectures, students in driver education became familiar with all aspects of driving. The course emphasized safety, traffic regulations, and maintenance of automobiles. Required courses in physical education developed athletic skills of students. The recreational activities and calisthenics provided an opportunity for phy- sical growth. Through the efforts of the administration, Myers Park's curriculum has become one of the most exten- sive in North Carolina. With a program of college preparatory subjects, business courses, and electives, students are able to obtain well-rounded educations. lw-075-ai? ,. -TT1-01v,.1lE35.,,7."f"Q" 212 I ll I ll' ,li 1 THE IMPORTANCE OF SAFE, skillful driving is explained by Mr. Moose. DRESSING A PIECE of rough lumber for his project, Mike Jones shows other shop boys, Wayne Smith, Lou Sulli- van, and Tom Earnhardt, the correct technique in using the planer in the modern industrial arts shop. Qqaioffmfer fair new bwwfeaye, egaefrfzce, l7MZ2ll'!2lf,' CLASS OFFICERS, helping the sophomores to begin their first year of senior high life are President Butch Allison, Vice-pres- ident Wonda Moseley, Secretary Eleanor Stowe, and Treasurer Byron Slaughter. Senior high at last! A storehouse of know- ledge, extra-curricular activities, and fun lay ahead for the sophomores. Every activity that Myers Park offered- sports, clubs, musical groups, and publications -was represented by sophomores. Officers and advisors guided them in making decisions and reaching higher goals. Teachers started the class on the road to a greater knowledge of living things through biology, ancient civilizations through world history, and ancient and romance languages through Latin, French, and Spanish. Although upper-classmen were accustomed to two-hour exams, sophomores found them to be real "humps" Through useful, balanced curricular and hard work, the Class of 1962 became prepared for their next two years of high school. WN if John Winston Abrams Charles Jerry Adams Dorothy Adriella Adams Robert Wray Adams Rosann Lucile Alexander John Lawrence Alford James Walter Allison Janis Ruth Altizer Carol Grant Anderson ig Jeanne Anne Anderson f ' ' Miriam Lee Andrews I John Samuel Apperson IV 1 ' , I , N W - W fwylg- ,-: e K ,ii , I, M Efcw ww, J , H, mil rig E M 'Dix ' V, ' ' I Y' i 'b f 2 ' .Q , H ' , l " A' Q' X Elizabeth Jane Applegate ' M , 1 Y up n in ' , gn. 'N , ' if M, V1 1 r Q Susan Lorene Arzberger f Q. 1 ' ' ' Q, ," ii t. V! ,Q 'V 'LN . A if N A A ' Patricia Ann Austin any X ' ' 1--, " A ' ' ' 1 .l 1 li - X Roy Connelly Bain i ' . i I f ' 5' , " Nancye Rebecca Baker ff f - I ' ' JJ 'A 1 Edward Wells Ballenger Jr. . F, 1 ' . . ,fl i I N X X i l 'N-f x., rf, 'A f Q, "ff .- 1+ . , . .4-' - ' 'g ,A hi, . y ' m , i i w 'IU 86 Sara Louise Bambauer Barbara Cleveland Bamberger - ' , , Barbara Jane Banks 'Ei' 1 Brian Downs Barksdale ' Catherine Elaine Barnes James Alford Barnes Nancy Carol Barnes George Eldrige Barnett Pamela Barnett Susan Everett Barnette Harriet Murray Baynard Toni Kathryn Beach J'124zfz22J', aura -cwfficuhf acfrwidlef MMR, auf 145119 year af KW. P . ' I - -V Q T 47 t James Tyson Beachum 'N V I I ' S I 'B MIP Phillip Arnold Bechtold , N , 1 it I I 7 . Patricia Rae Beck ,fl ' ' , - ' , A -L 3. 41- gf '55 9 Marya O'Hara Bell I g. X I ' qrfflg fi" I I 'ff V N5--kj ff. Susan Elizabeth Benfield y 'fi 5111- . , A I 1 fd Betty Sue Biggers ' A ' N I A 'ik Ki" l, ' ' " M i e.', zze 'I ' H Qarfi . .iii A I liie I IJ' Worth Franklin Bishup Jr. i 5 55 A I ,5 W Claude Garner Blackwell ' in g ,,. vi, WM j .' 6 P Us l 'J' ji Thom Williamson Blair Jr. , I " l-Q E G. ' H " " ,V '55 I L, '35 iii g ' Virginia Claire Blakeney A tl A - 1 "Y 3 , -3- 5 I L. 'V X Charles cook Boger Jr. ' - ' ' I r I I J Suzanne Griffin Bost I xi - ' l y X ' ' -9 ,V A I L . Trez Middleton Boulware . ' V Carol Anne Bowles , ,,, A I li .. 1, .. - , i'- I ' E Harry Morgan Boyd Jr. 'I '7'-A " - Q. N I A ' 'Q q. in H I Roy Ingram Boyd :Q '- ,QD 'T' -al Q:-F ' 'I Leigh Richmond Brenizer N' ' - I' -V I Sandra Lee Brooks x Y x f I Q: Z F. H 5 J ,,.r. My Y H, .James Robert Bryant . X "'. I k A "iyi John Charles Burgess 5 ' " W If X "" Q5 " .. Millicent Lourene Burley I W ' A- 'S , V' 92 " " ' V " I l I , fa l Harriet Leah Burns I Q, I 1- l2Ae3f,,X ,il , Q' x ' '3 Aline Sanders Burr I X ' A .', ' I ,.-' 1 3 Dolores Ellen Butler " ' K C. - f ' fi' y l ' Q x at or - ll I 0 i J so C Sally Spencer Butz V Y - Frances Carolyn Byrd 4. ' v i 5 i 4 F Marty Jeane Byrd ' W and , 'IA W 9 Q' N, AI' ":1 X ' ' if' Henry Alexander Caldwell Jr. N W" , I I I A"N ' ,QQ . .figs 4" 1 H' James Caldwell A A , gg.. if 'lf' Q-"5 .- Thomas Gray Camp ,, I' fP' :"f y . ' X " , - -1' . ry X . Q i I f Angela Carabateas b I W - ' I Alice Alexander Carr A A 9 I L 1 ' ' Helen Eleanor Carroll .gg I H 'ee' I . 'Z 4- X Robert Carroll Cass K - ' lj ,Ll ' , QE ' ' Q Howard Kenneth Chadwick II 'If ' "ji , 755 5 y Nancy Carter Chambers -- f , L 1 reggae A eeer C Judy Rae Champion Walter Charnley III ,,. vb , ' 4 as Charles Carroll Chase A 'vw Carolyn Ann Chittenden Mfg-1 P , -.. , , Milton Clapp III William Mackey Clark 1 . ,515 ' me ' Mary Janette Clontz f - It " ' I ' I E Jane Ann Coffey ' ' , . li 5 I V Cheryl Anne Connor " A " 4' 57 --. Y" f A i 'R ,R-.. Margaret Carolyn Coon '- lj, :L Yi xg , '13 1" , fi be Q, Linda Kay Cooper ., U -A , ' y ,, L I 'A' ' ' -,4 31 ' I' " Nr? -- James Allen Crockett Jr. - 'Y ,n , 4: J Q , w fl' I C, A --,. t - V 1. g 1 1' , I if M I lnefiigg. I: H ff k D I 1 I 87 ,,,,! N 'vs Q!-5" "J, vw - Q. E' 41 , 7 , , ,Q ,. y '19 1: 7 i"i'W 5-. 395, 5.5 2 4. Q- '53 L' l it ra, M. .5 lla! Camille Willingham Crouse Edward Lester Crowell Elisabeth Cunningham Charles Douglas Curd Ann Campbell Curnow Gretchen Davey Daniel John Edgar Darling' Jr. Mary Todd Davies Harold Johnson Davis Harry Burnley Davis Jerry Ray Davis Miriam Dona Davis Linda Ann Dean Elizabeth Fleming Devereux Charles Alexander Dewey Monica Lynne Doerr Judith Ellen Dougherty Stephen Arnold Douglas John William Downs Jan Jordan Dulin Deanna Kay Eaker Judith Allen Earnhardt Leonard Gary Edwards Jr. James Irvin Eisler Roy Tilton Ellis III Richard Turner Elmore Jr. Patricia Louise Eskridge David Braddock Evans Miriam Raye Evans Daniel Ford Faris Barry Richardson Farr Dorothy Lynne Faulkner Gwendolyn Mae Ferris Lee Thompson Ferris Edward David Finman Lynne Merle Firestone Linda Ann Flint Thomas Webster Flowe Katharine Graham Follmer John Alan Folsom Cynthia Marie Forbes Kay Peoples Ford Mary Ellen Forehand Thomas Forshaw III Leslie Ann Freedland Dorothy Byers Frost Raymond Browning Fuller Jr Martha Suwalt Fullerton Sfmfedfffwf Mffrzg eiwkadwr denied dy QW Afmzr Robert Martin Furman Robert Manley Gaddy James Mclnnes Gale Elizabeth Morrow Gallagher Carol Louise Gange Christine Josephine Garden Eileen Carol Garfinkel Jean Ann Gaskell Susan Clair Gebhardt Gayle Marsh George Barry Dean Gettys Gail LaVerne Gilreath Robert Glasgow Jr. Robert Kenneth Godwin James Edward Gordon Julianne Graham Walter Raleigh Graham Jr. Jo Cherry Granger Lucy Robertson Grasty Carol Ann Green Roger Cary Greenspan Rex Norman Gribble Jr. Julius Virgil Griffith Jr. Richard Gary Grosswald Donald William Guggenheim Linda Dianne Gurley Dennis Lorenz Guthrie Frances Diane Hair Paul Edward Halberstadt Edward Sprunt Hamilton Jr. l James Rickford Hanner Jr. Sara Ann Harper Dianne Elaine Harris Gaye Karyl Harris Mary Jane Harris James Lawrence Harrison John Langdon Harrison James Patrick Hart Cheryl Malinda Hartsell Richard Wayne Hartsell Dana Darlene Hassler Ann Lynn Hawkins Linda Ruth Hayward Bobby Brown Helms Kenneth Eugene Helms Patricia Ann Hemby James Calvin Hemphill Martha Nell Hemphill 64 t"j'X- in 'aj ig V ,Q L x . V :Q . ij A V ' V ' CL V X' A ' ' ' i V ' 1 , F77 be Gifs ' A 1 ' R M 'SR H ff- R -- - I an -1 J M . A. 'ff " . Q MV 51 :.. .513 1 -l X . .. Helix A lffi ga. ' L "' .e . . - Ji -W W l l , - ' rfb- Qi V y 1 5 M H ' 5 l '-7-', .J igr' " 3 4V os! X' r 7 . ? ,am 5: c.. ' ' w- . 4, J Q . Q . -Q.. 'N' ..... l J n we .' s - I . J - - 1?-:H A . - . ' l 1 ' ' . , ' ' VVV - K V . V V fy" Q , .i M gh T. yy y is y . W Fx , Y Z .V V: :ZIV " V .6 V V 1 - 1 e . ' " . 1- l "ij 'E as 1 S'-' is N i cf' l r , 4 -' l Q. , ' i . I VV 1..,- :V . V VV g.-1 V , -- - - V , 141 kj m f ' I V iriifail Y "'A iggNV V ' F W 31 ' 1 l .,..,. J . I w i " , af. M. Mxggg, ' . - .f. 'ISV VV R V , , V V V ..,. 2 1 ,Q 1 1, J . I ai -- , ws., , , .. Y V ,Y 3 1 To ,,, 17 VR V -ri? V . V. I Ei VVQV 1 i ' vi ' . , -, .P-. gil E 2 VV i -X. .V E , L l L . J -. I ip ' 4- 'ii' gs Qqviowfe efzfafinenf of 4609 Mawr WL p. if pqmfazim zfzcfeafe money emi wed, fqviomafef' frm -,QA ,Mm :S ..: is . 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Diana Hamilton Van Every Nancy Lucinda Van Every Alice Vickers Vaughn Mary Dianne Venable Neil Howard Vener Virginia Ross Venning Bingham Lafeyette Vick Jr. Charles Clarence Vining Thomas Westbrook Waldron Robert Freman Warclell Sharon Arlene Weisman Audrey Lee Weiss Candace Carroll Welsted Judith Lynne Wesley James Ross VVestmoreland Ronnie Bernad Whetstone Betty Lynn Whisnant Cecelia Hammond White Michaele Mary White Earle Howard Whitton Robert Clark Whitton Sally Hoppe Wiggins Virginia Gay Wilkinson Janice Garnette Willard Frances Gay Williams Margaret Nell Williams Joseph Neely Williamson III Donavan Jordan Willis Jr. Eugene Franklin Wilson Maurice Hamilton Wilson Jr. Daniel Townsend Winter Marva Anne Wisecarver Charles Edward Wood Marion Gordon Wood Michael Lee Wood Barbara Jean Wooten Linda Dell Worcester Dianne Martin Wrenn William Ray Wright Robert Bruce Wright Sterling Wilson Wright Jr. Brenda Paulette Yandle Patricia Jane Yarbrough Thomas Kelley Youngblood Harriet West Younginer A nr-. ,, Q 'ij-f K 'Ck 6. 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W.. . i Q 4 L- l . 'inf ' l ' - ' . R ' qs- 5 f'rz1,g..., '- r pii'-gg 'tfmo'-'ref .e 5 Q w - x g if l iii J. ' I "A .4, e'.h wary en . ' 'l ,g V A ' - 1 e fiwfrrierrar r.+2 X ' 'e:...?..-u-. ll IJ A qi, -1 V. I 4 X, all u . I i, . i' m .f - 4423+ T V13 5 . '- , wh! ' .f glll , -f I 1 y -,cf-9 i 444 WU ' 'J f Y' l' V' Q.. v Hi 95 JUNIOR MARSHALS, CHOSEN by the faculty on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and character, usher at Com- mencement exercises. First row: Stephenson, Sargent, Patterson, Smith, Broach, Counts, Blythe, Lefew. Second rowz. Adams, Genois, Orr, McKinnon, Pharr, Caldwell, Lobdell, Farmer, Benoit, DuBose. Third row: Elrod, Snepp, Spratt, Thomas, Grubb, Copeland, Abernethy, Alexander, Crowell, and Pfohl. ufzzm' 5fg06!ZB!Z08 yew 0tI!'6AZ'!f?!7Z60Zf alzkrgvofrzaf zfeczlriofzf With the opening of school in September, over four hundred juniors plunged enthusiastically into their second year of high school. There were so many things to be accomplished-selecting Junior- Senior committees, ordering class rings, raising funds for the treasury, taking scholarship qualify- ing exams and first College Boards, participating in sports and extra-curricular activities, and, most important of all, maintaining sound scholastic aver- ages. In their curriculum juniors learned the finer FOUR CAPABLE LEADERS with much responsibility are the Junior Class officers. Treasurer Doug Caldwell, Secretary David Caldwell, Vice president Paul Barefoot, and President Buddy DuBose. points of American literature and the true mean- ing of "parallel" in history. Some class members qualified for advanced study in math. Outside the classroom, juniors won acclaim as members of var- sity sports and leaders in various clubs and organ- izations. Twenty-eight members were chosen as Junior Marshals and five per cent were tapped into the Honor Society. Through their many activities, the Junior Class emerged as a group well qualified to assume the role of seniors and school leaders for the coming year. RECEIVING THEIR LONG-AWAITED class rings from Mr. John Bruce are Maurice Stone, Gail Crowell, John Rogan, Betsy Benoit, and Anna Peeler. I 1 mam' flee !Vnzibvzaf!Wefzf Sfmfn, 747921 Uoleye game' lair Eleanor Ann Abernethy Sally Johnston Abernethy Alfred Edward Adams III Judy Lyttleton Adams Thad A. Adams III Phyllis Ann Agresta Alan Gordon Aitken John Pressly Alexander Markham Robertson Alexander Susan Kay Allen Gus Anastes Margaret Gaines Anderson Susan Kellv Anderson Lurline Angerholzer Donald Moser Applegate Mildred Susan Archer William Francis Arivella Brenda Mayo Armstrong David Arthurs Katharine Greer Atkins Ralph Leonard Austin Jr. Nancy Lee Ayers Wayne Houston Ayers Kathrine Oliver Bagby Jack Ernest Baker Jane Wellington Baker Joseph Leonard Barach Jr. Paul Drum Barefoot Dessie Elaine Barfield Alfred Haywood Barnett III Julian Henry Barnett Linda Ann Barnhill James Bruce Barrett Jr. Robert Eugene Beach Barbara Carole Beasley Patricia Ann Benfield Mary Elizabeth Benoit Nancy Goode Best Jacob Curtis Blackwood Jr. Linda Camille Blake sa, .za-f' f- v :vs A as ' ..:-if ' ,, :H uf. f if . ' -. 4' .- 'EA '. A - , , L -,5 15 fr ' N 0 -'WA 'N 1- V- ,S at S X K I g, 52. . f 1 it fm' , ' - . . ' ' , ' if- ':-- , --N 'sj' IA '53-' -' I' . - 5 '- are f It , , .5 - - F--'R l . 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William Davis Boyd Jr. 2' 5' ', --" -TCT Q' V Nui- Kenneth Inglis Bozeman L 4 nn ' L I - I if A ' Hannah Grace Bradford , ' l ' x ' h r-5 f , , Martha Carolyn Branon it 9 it ix in - - A In 'X J J 0 Charles David B1 azzeal Jr. 5 L hi' , "L " -A f 45 11 . - ,I-A, nga- R i. ,,., -H H N Robert James Brletz Q , fi . W J 'ill "2 " ' K liffl J Thomas Watson Britt , L 1 vxiz - - fix:-.:.. R L, w L iai - , ' JA' - -- X- fi ll' Donald Lee Britton L . 6, ,- Q q ,fi .37 , ,I 4 Mary Arnall Broach , -,,. 33 ' MQ f'-- R 'J -A 'wifi ra. 35' :Rt 75 William Alexander Brower Q14 " f -ff f-Ag V aaa. at '- i v-ig. A Troy Lafette Brown Jr. """ yy L l DT ' fr" Edith Merrill Buice " 'D' A -.44 ...L wi . 1 Vmaw, , ' A N Charles Dean Burns in U A Judith Ann Burrier ' If -at . I ni ' ' W fl , Q Daniel Lee Caldwell 41- . 'L Q ,Q 5, David Franklin Caldwell Ji- - K l"Sff? Douglas William Caldwell . - .in as M h ' . r Joseph Elliott Coldwell ll i. 'wi ll if A X . A I I R V Q 1ll" Emmett Allen Canady A. 'J' wg h - Q - ' :Q p 'cyl QE' fl, Frances Anne Carey l .- -5 3 l Q' Philip McKnight Carey Q- 56 ' ' Q V ' 'SH' V Leonard Hewell Carter Jr. L.. A A' L i.. V ' x . V Robert Lee Cato an .gr I . 7 if-Q ,E Loren Charnley Jr. ' I 17 A '-6 , fn ' ,V-,, S4 iq "" 'A' Elizabeth Moore Chase A l lv 1 wie i fiif , rf.. lk ff Sandra Lee Cheney B lk "" ' 'I A fi ' 1 'ff' A ' ' ' Walter Edward Clayton Jr. J A 'Lia -l-, I A ,Q J ' .J N ' . , ,Q XXX: , 4 ""'- -. ' -W Lee Hunt Clippard ' K i D ' , V I m l' I I Franklin Eugene Cloyd Jr. ' ' +5 ' no "' lx an ' ' '75 " Mary Elizabeth Clutz an ' ti.. ' - i , y -Q: i wi-6 James William Coggins Jr. TIL' A . X H "': ' . f Nancy Gibson Collier -il. 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M ,ef 'Z' Lt:,,, ,,,, - Constantine James Elliott La Georgia Ann Ellis Anne Craig Elrod Charles Ellison Elrod Jr. James Wallace Elting Sarah Frances Farish Bernice Divine Farmer III Margaret Stewart Farris Jane Elizabeth Farthing Charles Henry Favor William Pinkney Finley III Lillian Elaine Fodel Thomas McKay Gaede Bobbie Jean Gantt Carol Ann Garrison Ross Keith Gathings Jr. Edmond Renald Genois Dewey Andrell Gibson Jr. Marshall Brown Gilchrist Pamela Dorothy Glensor Jerry Martin Goodman Cynthia Chapman Graham Laurence Starr Graham Harvey Moore Grasty Ronald Eugene Greene James Thomas Grey Susan Elizabeth Griffin Virginia Irene Griffin Nancy Jane Grubb William Harrison Guerrant Pamela Jane Guthrie Coleman Moore Hambley William Stewart Hamilton Carol Frances Hammersley William Geremain Hancock Jr Thomas Allen Harcharik Aldridge Kirk Hardee III Mary Permelia Harkey Kathryn Paar Harpham John David Harris 191 Fader efcfea' emma of X950 Pgamr' Skizbfaf Fam! Patricia Dawn Harris Robert Kenneth Harris Jr. Thomas Hendrix Hartley Jr. Linda Palmgren Harvell Melva Lane Heath Elizabeth Brantley Heeseman Daniel Tucker Hefelfinger Mary Shepard Henderson Janie Marie Henry Sarah Leilia Herring Gayle Susan Heston Charles Edwin Hicks David Michael Hill Jerry Gene Hilton Janet Louise Hines William Carl Hinson III Lucy Elizabeth Hitchcock Nicholas Hairston Hobbie Jr. Clarence Warton Hobbs III Carol Jean Holden Robert Raymond Holder James Reginald Holderfield William Walter Hollifield Jr. June Marriott Hopkins Benjamin Shambaugh Horack Jr. Frank Mackey Hough Michael Hogue Houston Patricia Joan Hout William Michael Hovis Edward Stevens Howie Robert Stewart Howie Mary Ann Hubbard Patricia Ann Huff . Thomas Alexander Huffaker Peggy Anne Hull Edwin Scott Hysler Pamela Ann Inderfurth Jon Charles Jackson Paul Johansen Constance DeAnne Johnson ,iw-14. i . . 'I w Q , Q is -:T U-rigid .TJ It 0 f W . - ia! . lg . M N, . tj wc is L we is ., ., E-E,. 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Z: 'TE-ffl' A .ly Q. . 57I rs, , xy Cl l Rebecca Elizabeth Otts Gloria Clements Owen Laura Elizabeth Owens Charles Judson Palmer III Josephine Parham Patterson Nancy Ann Pearcy Grace LeNoir Pearsall Gail Wesley- Pearson Judith Louise Pearson Robert Alfred Pearson Anna Shuford Peeler Hubert Albert Peralta Jr. Larry Jay Petrea David Nelson Pfohl Jean Wheeler Pharr Frances Allen Pierce Caroline Jean Pilcher Jeffrey Wayne Place Morton Allen Poliakoff Dorothy Agnes Poole David Lebron Pope Sarah Brown Porter John Frank Potts Jr. Michael Simon Pressman Leslie Neal Purifoy John Alan Purvis Jr. Lois Elizabeth Raff Joyce Annette Ramsey Phillip Houston Randall Jr. James Tucker Rayburn James Henry Rea Charles Harmon Reed Jr. Arthur Ronald Reid Ronald Marcus Reinstein Shirley Ann Rembert Robert John Rice Elizabeth Watt Richardson Carole Anita Riggs Herbert Douglas Riles Otis Percy Roberson Vvfw Uafaivze Hiker laenifmx' wid Mafia? Qyffgaiafzy Mary Louise Robertson Vernon Joseph Robinson Richard Lee Rochester John Patrick Rogan Gayle Rogers Jr. Jay Patrick Rogers Thomas Franklin Rogers Jr. Melville Brice Rose III Elizabeth Louise Ross Martha Averaux Ross Nancy Thorne Rouzer James Burnett Rowe Jr. Sarah Ellen Rupprecht Charles Gayle Rust Patricia Ann Ryan Richard Berton Sargent Barbara Yvonne Scercy Gretchen Cluthe Schoof Herbert Charles Schoof Jr. June Latimer Scott Jerry Segal Donna Lee Segrest William Elledge Selby William Herring Shackelford Judith Carol Shaffer Linda Lee Sharpe Alan Page Shaw Clarence Raymond Shaw Jr. Lawrence McRae Shaw David Gwin Shelton Joey Elaine Sherrill Linda Lee Shields Martha Helen Shull Judith Carolyn Shumate James Richard Sidbury Gary Mitchell Silverstein Melanie Anne Simpson Judith Louise Sims Dottie Anne Slipher Clyde Waddell Smith f 4, H MI X rl. . '- Eg gif" lf' ""'-T ,T Rig- Q ..I.h. V4 xr 5- bfi? ,Q l mg E Q... 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A I' ' A 7Q000fz.f' pm! garefvvii fain Wife fm Mina! 6002 .WVR 106 Judith Judson Smith Marvin McLeod Smith Jr. Myrtleanne Smith Frank Warren Snepp III Harry David Snook Joseph Milton Spencer Jr. Carolyn Haynes Spoon Charles Augustus Spratt Shirley Anne Spratt Stella Mae Spurrier Robert Blanton Stafford Cathy Elizabeth Stanley Marjorie Elaine St. Clair James Boyd Steele Jr. Fred Graham Stephens Jr. Susan Lillian Stephenson Robert Fred Stern Vera Emma Stettler Garold Allen Stewart III Margaret Caroline Stokes Nancy Estelle Stokes Maurice Preston Stone Ronald Douglas Stone Emmett Reid Sturdivant Neva Frances Sullivan Bennie Jeanne Swain Rebecca Louise Syvanzey Mary Patricia Tarr Fredric Lee Tathwell Penny Delaine Tatum Robert Daniel Taylor Roberta Annette Taylor Robert Guy Thaxton John Stephen Thomas Hayward Martin Thompson James Barry Timberlake Gerald Frederick Titlow Catherine Ravenel Townsend Anina Tribble William Rufus Trotter Jr. Warren Caldwell Tucker Judith Ann Turner Virginia Gene Turner Milton Spangler Van Hoy Mary Isabelle Van Wagner Charles Gibson Venning William Ellis Vinson Helen Anne Vogler Carol Wagner Douglas Hendren Walker Robert Lochlin Walker James Gilbert Wallace Diana Fay Walters Olivia Ann Ward George Lee Wasson Jr. Sherrill Edward Watkins Richard Fiske Wegner O. Fenton Wells Jr. Sandra Jean Welsh Thomas Henry Westerfield Ann Stewart White John Gettys White Ransom Curtis White Jr. Kirk Reynolds Whitney Margaret Lynn Wilkinson Robert Emmett Wilkinson Blanche Gregg' Willard Frances LaDean Williams Kenneth Eugene Wilson Lach Robert Wolverton Frederick, William Wood Susan Wrede Benjamin Wyche IV William Michael Yett Barnett Cabaniss Young Q ,I 5,4 ll , R' v s...... 1 pg ev: .H f.. ii' --'vs T Q. J' 'ru vs C. gi. ' I -1 at. I, ' f.-. yl -1 .Y ,1-ef: Y ,T Ljg. 1, z . , ss, 1 A , w H .J X32 4 lp, R' fs, 1. 5 Q 'L 'C Wa A. l UP tr? J . ..1jQ'v!N4'Pi i . , .L I Q 5:4 Y' s J, in Q N - fi, I Q, 'J F .I 'gs-' y "Al 1r- 5' dv L . ' sg, Q uv, , Q i V 'fi' ii A li ""N is , 4. s ' fx ' ' A fl i .,X . . ' 'I Qgb- ,., ,. X . 1 .. if? yi , Q is ,A is . ' , - L In Memoriam JAMES STEVEN LEFEW March 3, 1943-February 27, 1960 .--1, 4, Q YY A! : 'Ps S' - M xf - , KT, V S..-', i 'iw Q-, .I ,. Qs " I WA '- .w ' 2 M- ,Q in I 'gyms :fr . Ak 'E' I ' Mah Off, .Quran egifigviefzfofz, H0612 Q . . 15'7ml.f'fP X SENIOR OFFICERS HAVE the important task of leading the class through its last year of high school. President Rich Harris, Treasurer Tim Thom- as, Vice president Neal Cheek, and Secretary Alice Stratton. Qefzzm' 7506 ffwflww ,mae Seniors entered their final year with a feel ing of pride and accomplishment. But there wa barely a moment to enjoy this new prestige be fore they plunged into the many activities whic preceded graduation. The first realization of change was in scholas tic fields. Characterized by individualism o study, the curriculum of most seniors include advanced math, science, and languages, with varied and useful electives rounding out sche E . A... e . -1 v - Y - V-'.-vw -- .I .-,1-..-- , . . . y ............,.-o . - "'-"' - R.-Q "-" ' I' 1 , .V K- ' "T- ' y l I ,: . ' I f' M 1 , g . S I? THROUGH COLLEGE DAY, seniors learn about institutions of their choice and gain a new insight into higher education. REPRESENTING THE TYPICAL senior boy and girl of Myers Park are John G. Johnston and Sally McKaig-Mr. and Miss Myers Park. DIRECTORS Kit Hudgins, Margaret Whitton, Mary Stewart Rosenblatt, and Judy Keenan examine the musical score of the Follies. 1""""q'uv-- l 1 'F' A s FJ 'L ax' mffea' ebayer, aczivzztef, 4 dules. Yet a typical senior's life was hardly de- stined to end in a classroom. Members of the class served as faithful leaders and workers in every club and organization of the school. They added sportsmanship and ability to all nine varsity teams at Myers Park. As editors, managers, and staff members, they made out- standing contributions to the various school publications. Throughout the year, foremost in every sen- ior's mind was graduation. Committees for every phase of this event began their work early in the year. In January four talented writers were chosen by their classmates to preside over Class Day. With extensive plans for graduation, seniors did not fail to think about their future. In November they met representatives of many col- leges at the annual College Day and began to make important final decisions. In December and January they took their final ,College Boards, submitted college applications and transcripts, and waited anxiously for letters of acceptance. Looking ahead, they realized that Commencement was indeed only the beginning. SENIOR CLASS DAY OFFICERS are Poet Bob Allen, Prophet Howard Arbuckle, Historian Mary Lucas, Lawyer Phil Hazel. isfwf-" 55 X W . ?d r'Nw.-- f 0fi606!7Z6!ZZff' :Whey hwy year SENIORS GATHER in the Student Lounge to talk with friends and play the jukebox before homeroom begins. MISS GUNTER DISCUSSES with Dick Rhyne, Norma Nuttall, and Kathi Darling, a matter of great importance to them-College Board Scores. AT THEIR FIRST CLASS meeting attentive seniors listen to Presi- dent Rich Harris as he outlines plans for their final year. 'Fl ,, . N-Q? lrff i 1 1 n .Ur -ii- nie fzvdryrfm, M650 amen' dr .Pemi-14'7m43'zfv if I nl Qif Q 5 " F' ,pn-. iw' 'E 6- '51 Q1 .. .-:- .A . P' f ' f f if ,151 I., ', THE? .il .fi .5..,w. ' ' 3 N 'xl qi - in ,i 4:2225 I slea- '53 l 1 D. Alexander L. Alexander B. Allen J. Allen R. Allen Allison Anders Anderson Arbuckle Argo Austin Baan O DAVID MCKNITT ALEXANDER Mac Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 10,115 Mustang Club 10,115 French Club 10,125 J.V. Football 11. LYDIA ANN ALEXANDER Lydia Entered '575 Student Council 11,125 Y-teens 10, 11, 125 Mustang Club 11,125 F.T.A. 125 French Club 10,11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Committees: Dance 10, Co-Chairman 11,125 Pub. 1O,11,125 Spirit 10,11. BETSY JANE ALLEN Betsy Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 115 Y-teens 1O,11,125 Girls' Glee Club 125 Mustang Club 10,115 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 G.R.A. 1O,11,12. JOHN MARSHALL ALLEN Johnny Entered '545 Student Council 115 Homeroom Officer 125 Mye1'Spa1'k 115 Choir 125 Chorus 115 Spanish Club 115 J.V. Football 11. ROBERT TRAWICK ALLEN III Bob Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 10,115 Mustang 11, Sports Editor 125 Pegasus 125 Jr. Marshalg Key Club 11,125 French Club 10,11, Sec. 125 Latin Club 105 Track 10,11,125 Football 11,125 Monogram Club 12. VIRGINIA WRIGHT ALLISON Ginger Entered '545 Student Council 10,115 Jr. Marshal5 Girl Ambassadors 10, 11, 125 Y-teens 10,115 Choir 10,115 Mustang Club 10,11,125 Cheerleader 10,11,125 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 Red Cross 115 G.R.A. 10,11, 125 Citizenship Committee 12. FRANK ROBINSON ANDERS , Frank Entered '545 Student Council 125 Monogram Club 11,125 Engineers' Club 115 Football Mgr. 10,115 Committees: Dance 10,11,125 Traffic 10,11, Co-Chairman 12. SANDRA ELIZABETH ANDERSON Sandy Entered '545 Y-teens 10,125 Chorus 105 French Club 11, 12, G.R.A. 11,12. HOWARD BELL ARBUCKLE Howard Entered '565 Homeroom Officer 115 Jr. Marshal5 Key Club 11,125 Monogram Club 11, Sec. 125 Hi-Y 11, Treas. 105 Spanish Club 10,12, Treas. 115 Basketball 10,11, Captain 12. MONIE ARGO Monie Entered '545 Student Council 125 Homeroom Officer 125 Mye'rSpa,'rk 125 Girl Ambassadors 11,125 Y-teens 11, Pres. 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Spanish Club 125 Committees: Clubs Co-Chairman 125 Dance 12. THOMAS EDWARD AUSTIN Tommy Entered '585 Band 11,125 Limelighters 11,125 Baseball 11. VALERIE JOAN BAAN Valerie Entered '575 Honor Society 11,125 Jr. Marshalg Y-teens 10,115 French Club 10,11,125 G.R.A. 11,125 Spirit Com- mittee 12. MOST DEDICATED SENIORS Hugh Hunt- ington and Mary Lucas personify loyalty and service to Myers Park. ..4, XV 144 Sf Qctohfrigm' OUTSTANDING SENIOR BOYS who represented Myers Park as Junior Rotarians are, first row John G. Johnston, Tommy Blan ton, Tim Thomas, Morrison Low rance. Second row: Hugh Hunt- ington, Wiley Horne, Rich Har- ris, Steve Seawright, and Hill Wellford. DAVID HARNED BAMBERGER David Entered ,545 Homeroom Officer 103 Band 10,11,123 Engineers' Club 123 Latin Club 103 Cross-Country 10. WILLIAM FREEMAN BARBER Freeman Entered '573 Student Council 1O,11,123 Honor Society 123 Jr. Marshalg Key Club 11,123 Band 10, Drum Major 11,12Q Mus- tang Club 1O,11,12Q French Club 11? Committees: Dance 10: Grounds 113 Pub. Rel. 12. BETTY RUTH BARBERREE Betty Entered '583 G.R.A. 113 Homeroom Officer 11. JOHN QUIENCY BARNES John Entered '57. JOY LEE BASS Joy Entered ,541 Mustang 123 Y-teens 103 Latin Club 103 Red Cross 103 G.R.A. 10,11,12. JUDITH HAMPTON BATES Judy Entered '593 Pen Pushers 123 Y-teens 123 G.R.A. 12. Bamberger Barber Barberree Battle Baxter Beatty ELIZABETH BATTLE Betty Entered '543 Y-teens 10,11,123 Mustang Club 11,12Q Latin Club 10,113 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Dance Com- mittee 12. GATHA DELORISE BAXTER Inky Entered ,58Q MyerSparIc 113 Y-teens 12, Chorus 11, Lime- lighters 11,12Q French Club 123 G.R.A. 11,123 Spirit Com- mittee 12. ROBERT ROWE BEATTY Bob Entered ,543 Engineers' Club 11, V.P. 123 Latin Club 10. ANNA WESLEY BEDDINGFIELD Anna Entered '543 Homeroom Officer 103 Mustang 123 Y-teens 10, 11,123 Mustang Club 123 Latin Club 103 Spanish Club 12' G.R.A. 10,11,123 Committees: Spirit 123 Dance 11,12. HILARY FLOWERS BELL Hilary Entered '573 Y-teens 10,11,123 F.H.A. 123 French Club 123 Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 10,11,12. BRONWELL CHRISTINA BERG Bronnie Entered '563 Honor Society 123 Orchestra 10,11, Sec.-Treas. 123 French Club 12. Barnes Bass Bates Beddingfield Bell Berg JR 'fb- K A 0 qw H, f ki' I" 1 'S 1 "VH-Q as MQ rf th at Q , I XX, N 5... I Nl LL. H1 'K l 'P , , J. l .as 5 " ' iff!" I 3 -. f . Af ' If . A A I 51. 4--,I X E . wssfssrfe ' are f I 1 I eees gdlilbllf' meme rzifdmzt, zrrciefr mr Mba, .coerce dffiffdlill' ,. V. - an Q' . IW, in ,JL ,, A "' 'gt F ' P 'I -f .TL lvl, ' . 5. l Berryhill Beverly Biggers Black Blackwell Blakeney MARION REECE BERRYHILL Marion Entered '575 Y-teens 10,11,125 Choir 10,11,125 Chorus 105 125 Limelighters 10,11, V.P. 125 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 Red Cross 115 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Committees: Dance 125 Pub. 12. TED MICHAEL BEVERLY Ted Entered '595 D.E. 12. REBECCA GWYNN BIGGERS Becky Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 1O,11,125 Honor Society 11,125 Jr. Marshal5 Girl Ambassadors 11,125 Y-teens 10,115 Mustang Club 11,125 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Dance Committee 10,11. LEADERS IN THE SCHOLASTIC field at Myers Park are Laurie Livingston and Harry Shinn, MOST INTELLECTUAL seniors. ,D S-Yi p..k .w 1 R R S l C, Q, s- c ,Q .-,, ,, ' 1 1 .1 Binder Bird Bishop Blanton Blickensderfer Bohannon NORMA VAN LANDINGHAM BINDER Norma Entgred '545 Y-teens 10,125 Spanish Club 10,11,125 G.R.A. 10, 11,1 . FRANK DUNCAN BIRD Frank Entered '59. JOSEPH WESLEY BISHOP Joe Entered '575 J.V. Football 11. JANE BATTON BLACK Jane Entered '545 Student Council 105 Honor Society 125 Y-teens 10,115 Latin Club 10,115 G.R.A. 10. JOSEPHINE SHANNON BLACKWELL Jody Entered '545 Homeroom Officer,125 Mustang 125 Girl Ambas- sadors 11,125 Y-teens 11,12, V.P. 105 Mustang Club 11,125 French Club 11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Committees: Dance 115 A.F.S. 125 Pub. 11. HENRIETTA REDFERN BLAKENEY ' Rhetta Entered '575 Student Council 10,115 Homeroom Officer 10. THOMAS RUDOLPH BLANTON III Tommy Entered '565 Student Council Sec. 115 Class Officer 105 Ke Club 10,11,125 Monogram Club 10,11, Pres. 125 Spanish Clull 10,115 Baseball 10,11, Co-Captain 125 Basketball 11, J.V. 105 Football 10,11, Captain 125 Hi-Y 11, Sec. 10. KAYE BLICKENSDERFER Kaye Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 105 Honor Society 125 Jr. Marsha15 Y-teens 10,11,125 French Club 10, Sec. 11, V.P. 125 G.R.A. 10,11, Council 125 Orchestra 10,11,125 Dance Commit- tee 1O,11,12. ' EDWIN GORDON BOHANNON Booty Entered '54. Aifyi Aizafbiyzba if-efeynzie ab Qfoffzar 'Hy fda! OZIZWBIZZIIDH LEADERSHIP, SERVICE, dependability, and patriotism are the requirements for the DtA.R. award, won by Betsy Glenn. JOHN WALTER BOLING John Entered '57, CONSTANCE MORSE BOOTH Connie Entered '545 Y-teens 10,125 Choir 125 Chorus 115 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 10,11,12. STEVEN CARLTON BOST Steve Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 115 Band 10,115 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 Citizenship Committee 12. ROVY FROST BRANON Frost Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 105 Pegasus 125 Band 10,11,125 Orchestra 115 Limelighters 115 French Club 5,125 Latin Club 105 Committees: Dance 11,125 Spirit DANIEL LEE BRAWLEY Dan Entered '575 Student Council 125 Homeroom Officer 10, 11,125 Jr. Marshalg Key Club 11,125 French Club 10,115 Golf 10,11, Captain 125 Monogram Club 125 Committees: Assembly Chairman 125 Grounds 115 Dance 11,12. MEREDITH BERRY BRENIZER Meredith Entered '595 Y-teens 125 G.R.A. 125 Dance Committee 125 French Club 12. EDWARD WILLIAM BRODY Ed Entered '545 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 Citizen- ship Committee 12. HELEN ELAINE BROKHOFF Helen Entered '545 Student Council 125 Y-teens 10, Treas. 11, Sec. 125 Choir 125 Chorus 105 F.H.A. 125 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 11,125 Mustang Club 125 Red Cross 125 G.R.A. 11,125 Committees: Dance 11,125 Citizenship 12. GEORGE ANTON BURKHALTER George Entered '545 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 Dance Committee 11,12. JOSEPH ALLEN BURNS Joe Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 10,11,125 Jr. Marshalg Ersnsla Club 10,11,125 Hi-Y 115 Track 11,125 J.V. Foot- a . ELVA ELIZABETH BUSH Betti Entered '545 Pen Pushers 11,125 Y-teens 10,11,125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Spirit Committee 12. - VERA JANE BUTNER Vera Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 115 Honor Society 11, V.P. 125 Jr. Marshal5 Girl Ambassadors 125 Y-teens 10, Sec. 11' French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 Red Cross 10,115 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Dance Committee 12. Boling Booth Bost Branon Brawley Brenizer Brodv Brokhoff Burkhalter Burns Bush Butner 5 Q , ,, ,r 11 I I , ntl. 1215 5 1 6 I l r , I- .. "1 X - g I 1 2 i . 1 .- I X X X- XXX Xi? I 'H f ' " X U wg XXX IL' .4 l X ' w ..-,. 1 l .i H ,, gi Y., l "" 'VQXQXXHQX' ""' ' X -.JX XXXYXX XXMXXQIXXQ ww Wife Ww'zZfy.f' 0012612 ef, Qfzce Qztaziba 50429 gain? M-mix X,,X " 5 tvl L.. 9 . 1 f Y Camp Carpenter Carter Cassanova Caulkins Chapman Cheek Clayton M. Clifton W. Clifton Clontz Cloud NAOMI RUTH CAMP Naomi Entered '54, Pen Pushers 11,125 Y-teens 10,11,12g Chorus 109 Limelighters 10g Latin Club 10g Red Cross 1O,11,12g G.R.A. 10,11,12, D.E. 12. MILES SMITH CARPENTER Buzzy Entered '54g Monogram Club 11,123 Hi-Y 113 Baseball 103 Football 11, J.V. 10. SUSAN PENELOPE CARTER Penny Entered '54g Y-teens 10,11,12g Choir 10,11,12g Chorus 10, 11, Engineers' Club 11,125 Limelighters 103 Latin Club 10,113 Spanish Club 12g G.R.A. 1O,11,12g Spirit Commit- tee 12. ROBERT ANTHONY CASSANOVA Bobby Entered '58g Engineers' Club 12. ELIZABETH BEALL CAULKINS Betty Entered '57, Homeroom Officer 12g Y-teens 10,11,12g Spanish Club 11,123 G.R.A. 115 Committees: Dance 125 Spirit 12. GEORGE WILKES CHAPMAN JR. George Entered '57g Baseball 10,11,12. NEAL KING CHEEK Neal Entered '54g Student Council 12, Treas. 113 Class Officer 125 Mustang 125 Key Club 10,11, Treas. 129 Monogram Club 10,11,12g Latin Club 103 Mustang' Club 10,11,12g Cross-Country 10,11,12g Committees: Spirit 105 Citizen- ship 11g Pub. Rel. 12. ANNA GRACE CLAYTON Anna Entered '57, G.R.A. 10,11g D.E. Corresponding Sec. 12. MEREDITH JANE CLIFTON Meredith Entered '54g Homeroom Officer 125 Mye'rSpark 12g Honor Society 11, Sec. 129 Girl Ambassadors 125 Y-teens 10,11, 12g Spanish Club 10,11, Pres. 123 G.R.A. 10,11,12g Citi- zenship Committee 12. WAYNE HARRIS CLIFTON Clif Entered '57g Hi-Y 10,119 J.V. Basketball 10, D.E. 12. FLOYD JOSEPH CLONTZ JR. Joe Entered '57g Choir 10,11,12g Chorus 10, Red Cross 10. BARBARA ANN CLOUD Barbara Entered '57g Homeroom Officer 10g Y-teens 11,125 Span- ish Club 12g G.R.A. 10,11,12g Committees: Spirit 125 Dance 12. MYERS PARK'S CARROUSEL Princess, lovely Wallene Threadgill, represented the school in the annual Carrousel Parade. afyamef, ,mga fader MEMBERS OF THE CLASS Gift Committee tabulate ballots for the class gift. Kneeling: Mar- ion Lawrence. Seated: Lydia Alexander. Standing: Dick Rhyne, Ritch Lucas, Don Wood- side, Mary Lee Hardin, Nancy Godwin, Kaye Blickensderfer, 'and Paul Lucas. GLEN AUSTIN COAN JR. Austin Entered '543 Homeroom Officer 11,123 Jr. Marshalg Engi- neers' Club 123 Spanish Club 103 Track 103 Committees: Dance 11,12Q Pub. 12. ZEBULON VANCE COCKERHAM Vance Entered '573 Homeroom Officer 10,11,123 Monogram Club 123 Spanish Club 123 Swimming 10,11,12Q Football 11,12, J.V. 10. MARIAN LEE COLEMAN Marian Entered '573 Pen Pushers 123 Y-teens 103 G.R.A. 10,12Q D.E. Recording Sec. 12. CLARENCE DEMPSEY COLLINS Clarence Entered '59. JUDITH FAY COLLINS Judy ldlntgred '57g Pen Pushers 11, Sec. 123 Y-teens 11,123 G.R.A. CHARLES WEARN CONNELLY JR. Charlie Entered ,543 Homeroom Officer 10,11,123 Monogram Club 11, 123 Mustang Club 11,123 French Club 123 Tennis 10,11,12Q .BV Fcicgtball 115 Committees: Grounds 123 Athletic 11,123 ance . Coan Cockerham Coleman Conrad Cook H. Cordle 1 w ., 4 I .1 Ni. ,, if ef' l . JEANNE MINETTE CONRAD Minette Entered ,543 Homeroom Officer 123 MyerSpark l1,12Q Y-teens 10,113 Mustang Club 11,12Q Latin Club 10,113 Red Cross 123 G.R.A. 10,11,12Q F.T.A. 10,11. PATRICIA ALLEN COOK Patricia Entered '543 Y-teens 10,11,123 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 10, 11,12Q Committees: Spirit 123 Dance 10. HARRIETT ANNE CORDLE Anne Entered '543 Homeroom Officer llj Y-teens 103 Choir 123 Lettergirl 10: Mustang Club 11,123 Spanish Club 1O,11,123 G.R.A. 10, 11,123 A.F.S. Committee 12. RACHEL ALMA CORDLE Alma Entered '543 Y-teens 103 Choir 123 Lettergirl 103 Mustang Club 11,123 F.H.A. 123 Spanish Club 1O,11,123 G.R.A. 10,11, 123 Citizenship Committee 12. ELIZABETH ANNE CORNELIUS Betsy Entered '573 Y-teens 10,11,123 F.H.A. 123 G.R.A. 1O,11,12. JAMES CLARDY COTHRAN Jimmy Entered '543 Student Council 10,123 Homeroom Officer 115 Spanish Club 103 Track 10,11,123 Cross-Country 11,12j Mono- gram Club 123 Grounds Committee 12. C. Collins J. Collins Connelly R. Cordle Cornelius Cothran i 6 X ig' um- gif' 1 -ti :" 'Q , r . I ., .-,.. . Q: , 3 3 Fanfic! fem cioocerfmah QMMMUUM 14!0l7Z800!?ZMy Queen ,f WE' r - s. ." . f ' -N '- , ly up v .I I Cowan Cowing' Crawford Curtis Cutter Darling WILLIAM SWAFFIELD COWAN A Bill Entered ,545 Student Council 11,12Q Homeroom Officer 103 Mustang Club 11,123 Spanish Club 1O,11,123 Swimming 10,11, 123 Tennis 10,12Q Monogram Club 123 Committees: Dance 11,123 Grounds 11,12. PAMELA COWING Pam Entered ,543 Mye'rSpa'rk 123 Y-teens 10,11,12j F.H.A. 12g Spanish Club 10,11,123 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Committees: Dance 11,123 Spirit 12. JOSEPH GUY CRAWFORD Jose Entered '593 Limelighters 12. MANY TIMES EQUALING the antics of their "friend" are WITTIEST seniors Gail Thomson and Steve Sobell. Crosson Crouse Curlee Davenport Davis Dean ANN WARD CROSSON 3 Ann Entered ,545 Student Council 123 Mustang 11, Classes Editor 123 Honor Society 11,123 Girl Ambassadors 123 Y-teens 10,11, 123 French Club 11,123 Latin Club 10Q G.R.A. 10,11,123 Com- mittees: A.F.S. 123 Handbook Co-Chairman 12. PATRICIA LEIGH CROUSE Patsy Entered '543 Y-teens 10,11,12j French Club 123 Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 10,11, Council 123 Committees: Pub. 10,1l,123 Dance 12. REGINALD RAMSEY CURLEE Reggie Entered ,57Q Spanish Club 113 Track 10,11Q Committees: Pub. Rel. 123 Citizenship 123 Grounds 12. EUGENE CLAY' CURTIS Gene Entered '583 Homeroom Officer 12g Spanish Club 113 Basket- ball 11,12. GEORGE KING CUTTER George Entered ,545 Student Council 123 Homeroom Officer 103 Monogram Club 11,12Q Hi-Y 11g Football 11,12. KATHERINE FRANCES DARLING Kathi Entered ,591 MyerSpa1'lc 123 Girl Ambassadors 123 Y-teens 122 G.R.A. 123 Citizenship Committee 12. FRANCES DALE DAVENPORT Dale Entered '573 Student Council 123 Homeroom Officer 10? Jr. Marshal3 Girl Ambassadors 123 Y-teens 10,11j Lettergirl 123 Mustang Club 11,123 F.H.A. 113 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11,12Q Dance Committee 11, Co-Chairman 12. NORMAN MCBRAYER DAVIS JR. Norman Entered '573 Student Council 125 Honor Society 11,123 Jr. Marshal3 Engineers' Club 11,12Q Latin Club 10,11,123 Citi- zenship Committee 12. EDWIN LITTLE DEAN Eddie Entered '54. frfegfz J'Z2Q,8!ZZJ' We 172 f0i7ZEJ' of gezffy Qkfzfz, flhffy ,Qi fzfz 35 , 173' WINNER OF THE HARVARD Book Award -a symbol of scholarship, leadership, merit, and service-is Jimmy Weber. JAMES EDWARD DEEGAN Jim Entered '555 Mye1'Spa1'k 11,125 Engineers' Club 125 De- bate Club 12g French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 Swim- ming 10,125 Track 11,125 Citizenship Committee 12. JOHN ASTLEY deKRAFFT John Entered '575 Monogram Club 125 Baseball 10,11,12. FRANCOISE ANGELE DELMOTTE Frannie Entered '59, A.F.S. Exchange Student 125 81 rue Carnot, AnzinNord, Franceg Student Council 125 Girl Ambassa- dors 12g Mustang Club 12. HAROLD JUDSON DILLEHAY JR. Jud Entered '58, Wrestling 11. FRANK SHANE DOTY Frank Entered '585 Spanish Club 12. MARGARET SANDRA DOVER Sandra Entered '54, Y-teens 11,125 Limelighters 105 French Club 11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Dance Committee 10. JAMES EDWIN DRAKE Jim Entered '583 Wrestling 11,12. JULIUS AUSTIN DUNCAN Austin Entered '59. THOMAS MORRISON EARNHARDT Tom Entered '59. THOMAS EDMUND EFIRD JR, Tommy Entered '545 Band 10,11,125 Orchestra 125 Engineers' Club 11,125 Latin Club 10. MARGARET ANN ELLIS Peggy Entered '575 Y-teens 10,125 F.H.A. 103 G.R.A. 11,12. ERNEST ELLISON Pat Entered '54, Homeroom Officer 105 Monogram Club 11, 526 fgi6Y 10,115 Mustang Club 10, 11, 125 Football 11, 12, Deegan deKrafft Delmotte Dillehay Doty Dover Drake Duncan Earnhardt Efird Ellis Ellison iv, .--:V fue La-v"' E IZ- Qefziofr ref .PIMP wid IIMMQJ' ouffifv, fofzzbvz zigfhciezi, - . si BX. ll S 4 M 55555555 I 5555 l 1 ,X , " ' gm. J" 1 ill l i i i ii ll l ll , , , 75 f 1 4' A ii mi F 'wh ' 5 Li , N 5 : W' K. WI, A ' U12 N 'Y-. f- I-, N 'P , I es sale. .W ng--1-A vga W tw ..., Pia Q, Elrod Farnan Ferrell Fisher Flint Flynn Forshaw Freeman Frye Fulmer Gall Galloway RUTH ELLEN ELROD Ellen Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 10,115 Pen Pushers 125 Y-teens 1O,11,125 Chorus 105 Mustang Club 11,125 F.H.A. 11,125 G.R.A. 10,115 Committees: Dance 10,115 Citizen- ship 12. FRANCIS XAVIER FARNAN Frank Entered '545 Engineers' Club 11,12. LINDA KAY FERRELL Linda Entered '575 Y-teens 10,125 F.H.A. 125 G.R.A. 11,12. VERNON WAYNE FISHER Wayne Entered '575 Choir 10,11,125 Limelighters 125 French Club 11,12. DONNA MARY FLINT Donna Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 125 Y-teens 125 F.H.A. 125 G.R.A. 10,11,12. , ALICE TERESA FLYNN Terry Entered '545 Student Council 11,125 Mye1'Spa1'lc 115 Jr. Marshalg Girl Ambassadors 125 Y-teens 105 Lettergirl 115 Mustang Club 10,11,125 Cheerleader 125 French Club 115 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Committees: Spirit 10, Co-Chairman 11,125' Pub. Rel. 11. BESS COCKE FORSHAW Bess Entered '545 Student Council 125 IllyerSpa1'k 10, Adver- tising Mgr. 11, Co-Editor 125 Girl Ambassadors 125 Y- teens 10,115 F.H.A. 125 Red Cross 10,115 G.R.A. 10,115 Citizenship Committee 12. JEAN WALKER FREEMAN Jean Entered '595 Y-teens 125 French Club 125 G.R.A. 12. JERRY LYNN FRYE Jerry Entered '59. JACK HOWARD FULMER Jack Entered '575 Chorus 11,12. WILLIAM ROSS GALL Bill Entered '59. CAROL SUE GALLOWAY Carol Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 10,115 Y-teens 10,11,125 F.H.A. 125 Spanish Club 11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Dance Committee 12. ITEMS IN EVERY WELL-DRESSED Se- nior's wardrobe are modeled by Gene Curtis, Susan Schwartz, Dan Brawley, and Meredith Brenizer. mzifehr, fill' mfm L SHARING THEIR INTEREST- J ING and enlightening summer experiences are some of Myers 3'2- Park's representatives to Boys' Shri State, Girls' State, and foreign ' . SKI countries. Mary Lucas, Sally Mc- Kaig, Wiley Horne, John G. John- ston, Betsy Glenn, and Lynn Stevenson. SHEILA ANNE GANTT Sheila Entered '57'3 Pen Pushers 123 Y-teens 11,123 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11,12. PATRICIA ANNE GARBARK Pat Entered '583 Y-teens 123 F.H.A. 123 G.R.A. 123 Commit- tees: Spirit 12, Dance 12. JAMES LUTHER GARDNER JR. Jimmy Entered '573 D.E. 12. ELMER LEE GARRETT Lee Entered ,57S Engineers' Club 12. LOUISE ANN GATHINGS Ann Entered '57lg Chorus 113 French Club 11,12. ROBERT LOMAX GIBBONS Bobby Entered '543 Limelighters 11,123 Baseball 11,12. DOROTHY ANN GIBSON Ann Entered '573 Y-teens 10,11,123 Mustang Club 11,12Q F.H.A. 125 F.T.A. 123 French Club 10,11,123 Red Cross 10,113 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Committees: Dance 11,12j Spirit 10. A Q 3 .vi - , 1 M '21 , uw - fn 5- A l is , 1 , uw BONN ARTHUR GILBERT Bonn Entered '54, Student Council 103 Homeroom Officer 10? Zgztitavgg 123 Orchestra 103 Engineers' Club 11,123 Spanish u 1 . ELIZABETH MURRAY GLENN Betsy Entered '543 Student Council Sec. 125 Homeroom Officer llj Class Officer 113 MyerSpark 103 Girl Ambassadors 10,11,123 Y-teens 10,113 Mustang Club 10,11, V.P. 123 French Club 10, 11,123 G.R.A. 12, Council 10, Sec. 113 Girls' Basketball 10, 113 Committees: Spirit 113 Dance 11,12. SHIRLEY ELAINE GODFREY Shirley Entered '573 Y-teens 10,11Q Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 10,11,12. NANCY LLEWELLYN GODWIN Nancy Entered '573 Y-teens 10,11,123 Band 10,11j F.T.A. 123 Latin Club 10? Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Committees: Dance 123 Pub. 12. JOE MILLER GOODSON Joe Entered ,545 Homeroom Officer 123 Honor Society 123 Jr. Marshalg Choir 10, Treas. 11,12j Swimming 10,11,123 Mono- gram Club 12. Garrett Gathings Gibbons Godfrey Godwin J. Goodson f 'I' 5 ' Gantt Garbark Gardner Gibson Gilbert Glenn . 4 f wfii. as . Lf ff' I I if , ' 1-it-. J- , 1 is -.71 , .rr f . Qfvyef Mm , AM Wefifwd iam' emefyefzcy Milf of Wimelf' ww "smear Y A 'Y "-'uv' ' L I r I l i - 1-Q L , X I W. Goodson Goodyear Graham S. Gravitte C. Gray K. Gray WALTER KENNETH GOODSON Ken Entered '585 Choir 11,125 Limelighters 11,12. GEORGE SULLIVAN GOODYEAR George Entered '545 Spanish Club 11,125 J.V. Football 115 Grounds Committee 12. CORNELIA MCDONALD GRAHAM Cornelia Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 11,125 Mye'rSpa1'k 125 Y-teens 10,12, V.P. 115 Mustang Club 125 French Club -11,125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Dance Committee 12. THROUGH THEIR PARTICIPATION in all phases of school life at Myers Park Sally McKaig and John G. Johnston are BEST ALL-ROUND. I , Grant Gravely O. Gravitte Grayson Grier Grosboll THOMAS GRANT III Tom Entered '545 Honor Society 125 Engineers' Club 125 Lime- lighters 115 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 Track 115 Committees: Pub. 10,11,125 Dance 125 Citizenship 12. JAMES WILLIAM GRAVELY Jimmy Entered '545 Orchestra 10,11,12. OLLIE CLINTON GRAVITTE O.C. Entered '545 Choir 10,1l,125 J.V. Football 10. SANDRA ROSE GRAVITTE Sandra Entered '545 Pen Pushers 125 Y-teens 10,125 Choir 10,11,125 Chorus 10,11,125 Red Cross 10,11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,12. CHARLES WALTER GRAY Charlie Entered '585 Track 11,125 Monogram Club 12. KATHRYN MICKLE GRAY Kay Entered '595 Spanish Club 125 G.R.A. 125 Spirit Committee MARY MARTHA GRAYSON Mopsy Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 115 Y-teens 115 Mustang Club 125 Spanish Club 11,125 G.R.A. 11,12. SANDRA LORRAINE GRIER Sandra Entered '575 Choir 11,125 Chorus 105 Limelighters 125 French Club 10. GARY DEAN GROSBOLL Gary Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 125 Engineers' Club 125 Latin Club 10,11. ffdfmaflmfzy teh' ifz Febuary ,0f00lZl,6J' 7502 if .Qefziov 85.0.9 REPRESENTING MYERS PARK at Win- throp College as Miss Hi-Miss was Alice Strat- ton, an outstanding senior. PHYLLIS FRIEDA GROSSWALD Phyllis Entered '595 Y-teens 125 Spanish Club 125 G.R.A. 12. MARTHA LOUZETTE HACKNEY Martha Entered '545 Mustang 10,11, Treas. 125 Mye'rSpark 115 Girl Ambassadors 125 Y-teens 10,11,125 Mustang Club 11,125 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11, 12511Committees: Dance 10,115 Citizenship 125 Pub. Rel. 10, . RALPH GRIER HADDON Grier Entered '575 Mustang 11,125 Honor Society 125 Engineers' Club 11,125 Grounds Committee 12. RUPERT THEODORE HALL Ted Entered '575 Monogram Club 125 Mustang Club 125 Red Cross 105 Football 12, J.V. 10. SUSAN HILLIARD HALL Susan Entered '545 Student Council 115 Homeroom Officer 10, 125 Jr. Marshal5 Girl Ambassadors 125 Y-teens 12, Pres. 11, Treas. 105 Debate Club 115 G.R.A. 10,11, Council 125 Citizenship Committee 12. HENRY STRATTON HALLETT Henry Entered '575 Engineers' Club 125 Basketball 11, J.V. 105 Football 12, J.V. 115 Wrestling 125 Dance Committee 11. MARY MARGARET HAMRICK Mary Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 11,125 Y-teens 10,11, Pres. 125 F.H.A. 125 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 Red Cross Sec.-Treas. 11, Pres. 125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Com- mittees: Dance 11,125 Citizenship 12. BARBARA ELIZABETH HANKS Barbara Entered '545 Student Council 10,11,125 Homeroom Offi- cer 125 Mustang Asst. Sports Editor 125 Jr. Marshal5 Girl Ambassadors 11,125 Y-teens 105 Mustang Club 10, 11,125 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 10,11, V.P. 125 Committees: Dance 10,11,125 Clubs Co-Chairman 12. MARY LEE HARDIN Mary Lee Entered '575 Mustang 125 Y-teens 11,125 Spanish Club 11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Dance Committee 11,12. LARRY WILLIAM 'HARMON Larry Entered '595 D.E. 12. GEORGE PARKER HARRIS JR. George Entered '535 Homeroom Officer 10,115 Chief Jr. Mar- shal5 Key Club 10,11,125 Monogram Club 10,11,125 Hi-Y 11, V.P. 105 Latin Club 105 Wrestling 105 Football 10,11. RICHARD FOSTER HARRIS III Rich Entered '545 Student Council 125 Homeroom Officer 10, 115 Class Officer 125 Honor Society 125 Jr. Marshal5 Key Club 10,11,125 Monogram Club 10,11, V.P. 125 Hi-Y 11, V.P. 105 Mustang Club 105 French Club 125 Latin Club 105 Track 10,11,125 Football 11, 12, J.V. 10. Groswald Hackney Haddon R. Hall S. Hall Hallett Hamrick Hanks Hardin Harmon G. Harris R. Harris , J. Hart ,ffl ,gr -I .Hart JAMES LEONARD HART Jimmy Entered 57 Choir 12 PHYLLIS ROSALIND HART Phyllis 10 11 Spanish Club 12 G R A 10 11 12 Committees: Dance 11' Spirit 12. GEORGE AUBREY HAWES JR. George Entered 54' Hi-Y 11' Mustang Club 12' Swimming 10,125 Dance Committee 10, 12. 910.4 Harm !0l'6J'lR,6J' df Wefzabzf XM . Wm Qzrfaifzfe , X 'A I ,H Entered 'sig' Y-teens.10,1l,125 r'.H.A. 125 French Club 5 V4 gm R, Hawes Hawkins x Hazel I. Helbein WMM!! am ' R. Helbein Helderman Hemphill T. Henderson W. Henderson G. Hill gk L, I A MJ., ER! I LINDA SUE HAWKINS Linda Entered '545 Y-teens 10,125 Girls' Glee Club 125 F.H.A. 125 G.R.A. 10,12. LOUIS PHILLIP HAZEL JR. Phil Entered '545 Homeroorn Officer 125 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 Red Cross 10,11,125 Mustang Club 125 Golf 11,125 Committees: Dance 115 Grounds 125 Assembly 12. ISAAC ROBERT HELBEIN Bobby Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 125 Monogram Club 10, 11, 125 Latin Club 105 Swimming 10,11,12. RICHARD DAVID HELBEIN Dicky Entered '545 Committees: Dance 125 Spirit 12. LINDA SUE HELDERMAN Linda Entered '575 Y-teens 10,11,125 Chorus 115 Dance Com- mittee 12. MARY ELIZABETH HEMPHILL Betty Entered '545 Honor Society 11,125 Girl Ambassadors 11, 125 Y-teens 11, Sec. 105 Mustang Club 11,125 Latin 105 G.R.A. 10,12, Council 115 Dance Committee , . THOMAS EDWARD HENDERSON Tom Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 115 Mustang 125 En- gineers' Club 11, 125 Track 10. WILLEEN RUTLEDGE HENDERSON Rutledge Entered '575 Y-teens 10,11,125 Choir 125 Chorus 11,125 F.H.A. 10,125 Limelighters 11,125 G.R.A. 11,12. GEORGIA CANDACE HILL Candy Entered '5'Z5 F.T.A. 10,125 Y-teens 125 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 Red Cross 10,125 G.R.A. 1O,11,125 Pub. Rel. Committee 12. BY THEIR EARNEST support of school activities Morrison Lowrance, Terry Flynn well deserve to be MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED. ie!! az' C'ia,0ef144! THE INVITATIONS COM- MITTEE gets a head start on addressing their invitations to graduation exercises. S e a t e d: Mary Meade Owens, Joyce Mills, Chairman Betty Hemphill, Toni Kratt, Norma Nuttall. Standing: . Inky Baxter, Jody Blackwell, I Margaret Murrell, and Dee-Dee ' Waller. -. SARA ANN HILL Entered '545 Y-teens 10,11,125 Spanish Club 105 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Pub. Rel. Committee 12. Sara. Ann CHERYL ELAINE HOFFMAN Cheryl Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 10,115 Jr. Marshalg Girl Ambassadors 125 Y-teens 10, 115 Chorus 105 French Club 115 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 1O,11,125 Committees: Dance 10, 115 Citizenship 12. BILLIE BRANDT HOLDEN Billie Entered '575 Y-teens 10,11,125 Chorus 125 French Club 10,125 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 10,11, Council 125 Spirit Committee 12. HARRY RICHARD HOLDEN Harry Entered '545 Band 10, 11, 12. MAXWELL ROBERTS HOLDER JR. Max Entered '545 Monogram Club 11, 125 French Club 105 Base- ball 115 J.V. Basketball 105 Committees: Grounds 125 Dance 10. ERNEST CARDWELL HOLDREDGE JR. Ernest Entered '585 Band 11, Pres. 125 Orchestra 11, 12. S. Hill Hoffman B. Holden Holliday Holman Hooper l X ix .X 5 -. I N. 4.4 " . "4 Q-,'- f 4 ANNE CORDELIA HOLLIDAY Anne Entered '545 Y-teens 105 Choir 105 Limelighters 105 French Club 125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Dance Committee 12. DONALD RANDOLPH HOLMAN Randy Entered '58. CONSTANCE MICHELLE HOOPER Connie Entered ,565 Y-teens 10,115 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 G.R.A. 11,125 "Millie Mustang" 125 Mustang Club 125 Com- mittees: Spirit 125 Dance 12. KATHLEEN HELEN HOOSE Kathy Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 105 Pen Pushe1's 11,125 Y- teens 10,11,125 F.H.A. 125 Red Cross 10,11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,12. ALEX CHALMERS HOPE JR. Chammie Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 105 Honor Society 125 En- gineers' Club 125 Debate Club 125 French Club 11, 125 Latin Club 105 J.V. Football 10. JO ANN HORN Jo Ann Entered '575 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 1O,11,12. H. Holden Holder Holdredge Hoose Hope Horn ands.. CTT? Aiwa, pda Q. joifzrfofz defyafex' fo gap ,Ship 3. 1 or in " . ,a A 4 Horne Howard Howell Huntington Huntley Hurt FREDERICK WILEY HORNE Wiley Entered '543 Homeroom Officer 103 Class Officer 10, 113 Key Club 11, 12: Hi-Y Pres. 113 Mustang Club 12, Treas. 113 Football 12Q Spirit Committee 10, 11. ELIZABETH STEWART HOWARD Libby Entered '57. JAQUELINE ROWE HOWELL Jackie Entered '573 Homeroom Officer 11g Y-teens 11, 121 Chorus 113 Mustang Club 11,121 Spanish Club 11,121 G.R.A. 11,12Q Spirit Committee 12. P E P, V I M, V I G O R, and vitality characterize CUTEST seniors Dan Brawley and Ginger Allison. 4-Q11 gif Howie Hudgins Hunter Huskey James Jennings JAMES GILMER HOWIE Jimmy Entered '543 Student Council 12? Homeroom Officer 113 French Club 103 Monogram Club 12j Track 113 Committees: Dance 113 Pub. Rel. 12. CATHERINE HARDING HUDGINS Kit Entered '56g Student Council 12, Homeroom Officer 11,122 Pegasus 11, Editor 123 Y-teens 10,12Q Limelighters 10,11,l23 French Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Spirit Committee 12. JOHN WESLEY HUNTER Johnny Entered ,59Q D.E. 12. HUGH HACKNEY HUNTINGTON Hugh Entered '543 Student Council 11,125 Homeroom Officer 103 Jr. Marshal3 Key Club 10,11, Pres. 12, Monogram Club 10,11,123 Band 103 Spanish Club 10,113 Track 10,11,123 Cross- Country 10,11,12Q Committees: A.F.S. 10,113 Grounds Co- Chairman 12. JOHN PORTER HUNTLEY John Entered ,54Q Latin Club 11. ' LAURIE TAYLOR HURT Laurie Entered '553 Student Council 12C Homeroom Officer 11,12Q Y-teens 103 Mustang Club 11,121 French Club 11,12Q Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 10,12Q Pub. Rel. Committee Co-Chairman 12. CECIL GRAHAM HUSKEY ' Happy Entered ,541 Homeroom Officer 11Q Track 11,123 J.V. Foot- ball 10. ROBERT VARNES JAMES Robert Entered ,541 Honor Society 11,123 Engineers' Club 12: Debate Club 11,12j Spanish Club 11. WILLIAM DWIGHT JENNINGS Bill Entered '57 . QQ W 0167 l0dl'Z?0f0df6J' ifz QM' I ,Qfafe af Mmaaf Helga W' " COMING FROM JEFFERSON High School, Roanoke, Virginia, Tom Bentley joined the Senior Class in December. JOHN GARDNER JOHNSTON Johnny Entered '575 Student Council 11, Pres. 125 Homeroom Officer 10,115 Class Officer 115 Key Club 11,125 French Club110,115 Track 115 J.V. Football 105 Spirit Commit- tee 1 . JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSTON JR. Johnny Entered '545 Wrestling 115 Football 125 J.V. 10. MICHAEL DOUGLAS JONES Mike Entered '545 Honor Society 125 Engineers' Club 12: Orchestra 11,125 Latin Club 10. NANCY LOUISE JONES Nancy Lou Entered '545 Student Council 105 Honor Society 125 Girl Ambassadors 11, V.P. 125 Y-teens 105 Orchestra 10,11,125 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 Red Cross 11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Mustang Club 125 Committees: Dance 115 Citizenship 125 Handbook 12. FREDERICK ALLEN JOSEPHS Allen Entered '57 5 Pegasus 12 5 Limelighters 11,125 Latin Club 10,115 J.V. Football 10,11. JONATHAN ARCHIBLE KAIGLER Johnny Entered '57. JOYCE CAROL KATZENMOYER Joyce Entered '575 Pen Pushers 125 Y-teens 125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Spirit Committee 12. JUDITH CAROLYN KEENAN Judy Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 10,125 Y-teens 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Dance Committee 11. JOSEPH LODGE KELLERMANN JR. Joe Entered '575 Student Council 105 Homeroom Officer 10,115 Debate Club 125 French Club 105 Red Cross 11,125 Mustang Club 125 Dance Committee 10,11,12. WILLIAM SAMUEL KENDRICK Sam Entered '545 Band 105 D.E. 12. SARAH CARRUTHERS KERR Sarah Entered. '585 Homeroom Officer 115 Mye'rSpark 11, Fea- t1irf:2Ed1tor 125 Y-teens 11,125 French Club 11,125 G.R.A. , . LAURA ELIZABETH KISSIAH Laura Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 115 Honor Society 125 Choir 10,11,125 Chorus 105 Orchestra 10,11,125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Citizenship Committee 12. J . G. Johnston J. W. Johnston M. Jones N. Jones Josephs Kaigler Katzenmoyer Keenan Kellermann Kendrick Kerr Kissiah WSI" 1 in 11,1 1. 1- in if-" 110 J I 1 YEL. 1. -X In Key me' Queen efzifeefzfv In Mm, lq'd!I!Zl2 Deineziie fe? Klontzberger Knuthsen Kratt Kreamer Kuralt Kurtz Lawrence ' Lawson Levine Lindsey Lipscomb Little CHARLES FRANK KLOTZBERGER Chuck Entered '573 Engineers' Club 123 Spanish Club 11,12. KJELD KNUTHSEN Kjeld Entered '593 A.F.S. Exchange Studentg Kaervangen 7, Gentofte, Denmarkg Student Council 123 Key Club 123 Mustang Club 12, French Club 12. LAURA ANTOINETTE KRATT Toni Entered '573 Y-teens 10,12j Choir 10,11,123 Chorus 103 French Club 123 Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Girls' Basketball 10,11,123 Citizenship Committee 12. WILLIAM JAMES KREAMER Bill Entered '583 Band 11,123 Engineers' Club 123 Spanish Club 11,12. CATHERINE TILLSON KURALT Catherine Entered '573 Homeroom Officer 10,11,123 Jr. Marshalg Y-teens 10,113 French Club 11,123 Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 11,12. KENNETH BEAL KURTZ Ken Entered '573 Spanish Club 11,12. MARION ELIZABETH LAWRENCE Marion Entered '543 Y-teens 10,11,12g French Club 123 Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 11,123 Dance Committee 11,12. MARION TAYLOR LAWSON Tay Entered '573 Student Council 123 Homeroom Officer 10,11Q Y-teens 11,125 French Club 10,123 G.R.A. 10,1'1, Council 123 Dance Committee 12. PHILIP ARLEN LEVINE u Phil Entered '573 Homeroom Officer 111 Monogram Club 123 Swimming 10,11,123 Track 10. GEORGE DAVID LINDSEY David Entered '59, BARBARA ELLEN LIPSCOMB Barbara Entered '573 G.R.A. 103 D.E. 12, Corresponding Sec. 11. JAMES MILLARD LITTLE Jim Entered '57, Engineers' Cllib 12, French Club 10,11,12. RELIVING THEIR MEMORABLE summers abroad in Japan and Germany are Mary Lucas and Lynn Stevenson. .Mer M!?!ZIll7Z6 fam' U TAKING TIME OUT from planning the Senior Class party held in February is the Social Committee. Seated: Co-Chairmen Wiley Horne and Terry Flynn, Libby McNeely. Standing: Mere- dith Norton, Connie Hooper, Bonn Gilbert, Bob Myers, Ann Smith, Steve Sobell, and Joan Reed. A JOHN CHARLES LIVINGSTON John Entered '545 D.E. 11. LAURA RUSSELL LIVINGSTON Laurie Entered '565 Honor Society 11, 125 Y-teens 105 F.H.A. 115 French Club 10511, Pres. 125 Spanish Club 115 G.R.A. 10,11, Council 125 Pub. Committee 12. JULIA FRANCES LOKEY Julie Entered '575 French Club 115 G.R.A. 11,12. PHYLLIS ANNE LOVINGS Phyllis Entered '575 Pen Pushers 11,125 Y-teens 10,115 Chorus 125 G.R.A. 10,11. MARION MORRISON LOWRANCE Morrison Entered '545 Student Council 11,125 Monogram Club 11,125 Hi-Y 115 Mustang Club 10, V.P. 11, Pres. 125 Track 11,125 Cross-Country 11,125 Pub. Rel. Committee 12. ANNIS RITCH LUCAS Ritch Entered '585 Y-teens 125 French Club 11,125 G.R.A. 11,125 Dance Committee 12. J . Livingston L. Livingston ILOkey J, Lucas M. Lucas MacDonald il I . 5 .5 ' uri--Q, .L ..,.. . ,..'. - .1-UH i .,1, . ---Y JOHN PAUL LUCAS Paul Entered '545 Jr. Marshalg Band 10,115 Orchestra 105 Mus- tang Club 11,125 Engineers' Club 125 Spanish Club 125 XV11E'es3:ling 105 Committees: Citizenship 125 Dance 11,125 . . . 12. MARY DAVIDSON LUCAS Mary Entered '545 Student Council 1O,11,125 Mustang 105 Honor Society 11,125 Jr. Marshal5 Girl Ambassadors 10, Treas. 11, Pres. 125 Mustang Club 10,11,125 French Club 115 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Committees: Spirit 10,115 Pub. Chairman 115 A.F.S. C0-Chairman 12. JOHN KINGSLEY MacDONALD J. K. Entered '595 Engineers' Club 125 Debate Club 125 French Club 12. IRA MICHAEL MADANS Ira Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 105 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 Baseball 11,12. JUDITH WALKER MANNING Judy Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 115 Honor Society 125 Stu- dent Council 125 French Club 11,125 Y-teens 10,11,125 Latin Club 105 Girl Ambassadors 125 G.R.A. 1O,11,125 Pub. Rel. Committee 12. MARTHA ELLEN MANSFIELD Marty Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 10,115 MyerSpark 11,125 Y- teens 105 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 11,12. Lovings Lowrance A. Lucas Madans Manning Mansfield 5, .3 rl l l l l i i Eg Eff? 152012, gary Qkfllz, H04 iqdfflf lMkz'a0fe.P defeyafer S it . -. f I ' 5 A 1125 I 4.5 11, 1 M v l I' l YKW A N l X 3 lynn L J L l lI..5...g M- " ' 1 ,LE 5 r 'UW nag: lf? 'Y' I ' . use , 5' W . my if Ff 1 l I wi wk. l J . ,,,,,., V llglwgmlggllliglllgrglllmllN. "illhQl'l91.',Q' ' ' ll l 1... 7151 rr H Marcotte Marler Marshall Massey Mathews Mauzy MERRIE ELIZABETH MARCOTTE Merrie Entered '545 Y-teens 10,11,125 Choir 10,11,125 Chorus 105 Limelighters 105 French Club 11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Citi- zenship Committee 12. MARY MARLER Mary Entered '565 MyerSpa'rk 11,125 Y-teens 105 French Club 115 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,12. MARY LEE MARSHALL Mary Lee Entered '575 Y-teens 10,11,125 French Club 125 Orchestra 10,11,125 F.T.A. 115 Red Cross 125 G.R.A. 10,125 Spirit Committee 12. A SENIOR GIRL'S FAVORITE period: lunch and a chance to enjoy socializing and trading the latest campus news. ,Wk A. !!f'.,,'! 5. V , . 45 ,Ear ' : Vagf ia "Abit .Arif . 411- WE l Y 1 5- -,E :UR gif.. A . S' .FW i ', I '-Mg' 5-, M., ll 1 ,L W, V' ' il' 1 W lm. . . . lL , will vw- Ml.-'ill 4.5 l' ,ug 'QQ -' 1 fl 1.5 'lll il f: ., L. J. my L L A.. 'LL all M. Martin S. A. Martin S. R. Martin Mayer Mayhew Mayo MARTHA ANN MARTIN Ann Entered '575 Y-teens 10,11,125 French Club 125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Pub. Rel. Committee 12. SALLY ANN MARTIN Sam Entered '575 Pen Pushers 125 F.H.A. 105 Limelighters 11, Pres. 125 French Club 10,115 G.R.A. 12. STEVE RUSSELL MARTIN . Lee Entered '545 Band 10. JOAN LA FAYE MASSEY Joan Entered '575 Limelighters 115 G.R.A. 10,11,12. EDWARD WILLIAM MATHEWS Ned Entered '565 Debate Club 11, Pres. 125 French Club 11,125 Track 11,125 Cross-Country 12. ALICE BYRD MAUZY Alice Entered '545 Girl Ambassadors 125 Y-teens 10,11,125 Mustang' Club 11,125 F.H.A. 115 French Club 115 Latin Club 105 Red Cross 10,115 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Committees: Dance 10,115 Pub. 115 Citizenship 12. JACOB L,eGRANDE MAYER Jacob Entered '575 Choir 10,11. LINDA MARION MAYHEW Linda Entered '545 Y-teens 10,11,12 5 Chorus 115 Lettergirl 125 G.R.A. 10,115 Spirit Committee 12. LINDA JO MAYO Linda Entered '555 MyerSpa.rk 10, Bus. Mgr. 11,125 F.T.A. 115 Spanish Club 115 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 10,11,12. 56612 refuvff mmm' !Vaz?wzaf Wkfif gdbhffw ' ' SENIOR BOYS' TABLE in the cafeteria is endlessly noisy with talk of sports, girls, and cars. EVE MAZOLY Eve Entered ,54Q Y-teens 10,11,123 Limelighters 103 Latin Club 103 French Club 11,123 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Dance Committee 12. FRANCES ENLOE McCLAIN Frannie Entered ,54j Homeroom Officer 123 Y-teens 103 Spanish Cgub 122 G.R.A. 105 Committees: Spirit 113 Citizenship 1 . EMILY SUZANNE McCLELLAN Suzanne Entered '573 Y-teens 10,1l,123 F.H.A. 123 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 11,12. DOROTHY ANN McCLINTOCK Ann Entered '573 Homeroom Officer 10,12Q Jr. Marshalg Girl Ambassadors 123 Y-teens 10,113 Lettergirl 11,123 Mus- tang Club 11,12Q Latin Club 103 Spanish Club 11,123 G.R.A. 11,123 Committees: Dance 11,121 Pub. 113 Pub. Rel. 12. RONNIE CLARK McCURRY Ronnie Entered '573 Chorus 11,12. WILLIAM FARMER McGINTY Bill Entered '543 Homeroom Officer 103 Monogram Club 10,11,123 Hi-Y 113 Swimming 10,11,12. ELIZABETH EAGLES McGUIRE Betty Entered '543 Homeroom Officer 11,123 F.H.A. 123 Y- teens 10,11,123 French Club 10, V.P. 11, Treas. 123 Red ilgoss 125 G.R.A. l0,11,123 Committees: Dance 111 A.F.S. SYLVIA JEAN McKAIG Sally Entered '543 Student Council 11, V.P. 123 Homeroom Of- ficer 103 Honor Society 11,123 Mustang 103 Jr. Marshalg Girl Ambassadors 10,11,123 Y-teens 103 Mustang Club 10,11,123 Cheerleader 11, Head 123 Latin Clu 103 Span- ish Club 113 G.R.A. 10,12, Treas. 113 Girls' Basketball i9,11,12j Committees: Spirit 10,113 Citizenship'1l3 A.F.S. BRENDA FAYE McKAY Brenda Entered '573 Y-teens 123 F.H.A. 123 G.R.A. 10,11,12. MARIE ELIZABETH McNEELY Libby Entered '543 Homeroom Officer 10,11Q Mustang 113 Y- teens 10,113 Lettergirl 11,123 Mustang Club 11,12Q French Club 11,123 Latin Club 103 Red Cross 103 G.R.A. 10,11Q Spirit Committee 12. THOMAS BOYD MEACHAM Tommy Entered '573 Chorus 113 Track 113 J.V. Football 10. JOHN BERNARD MILANO John Entered '58. , fi L ,O qfi Mazoly ,. N . McClain X is .xi X , l l ' Va McClellan . i f McClintock, A fl 2512049 f-,. - 8 ras . A 1 f , is I K su. at Sf w 1322321223 rl " Fin 1 1 3' , :iw 1 'H' .easy , 'pu gf -1' 1, ,- l 1 McCurry McGinty McGuire ' McKaig ,w , L. ' l 51 McKay -,Y ',- M cNeely V 1 'T V ---- - r Meacham Milano l fm? Matador Z7?dJ'!ll'8f Mflzdzfe Atmefmiefl' of dmeffm '3 it w , w 4 H, vw , 1 u Qu u ' I - sa.. r L C it - wut Y '1 W uv W' 'I " -fyn' WHJ'11lluull,...wIIl,, , ,V 3, 5, 1: ,wuldt Mila " ' 'uw' H ,11w.,."' ,f I , M N. : ,I F 1 i , Milford Miller Mills Mitchell Moffatt J. Moore S. Moore T. Moore Moores Morris Moser Mullis BETTY LOUISE MILFORD Louise Entered '57j Y-teens 10,11, V.P. 123 Latin Club 103 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11,12j Committees: Pub. 12Q Citizenship 12. BONNIE LEE MILLER Bonnie Entered ,581 Y-teens 11,123 French Club 123 G.R.A. 11,123 Dance Committee 12. JOYCE ANNE MILLS Joyce Entered '543 Pen Pushers 123 Y-teens 10,11,123 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Spirit Committee 12. ARZELLE CHRISTENBURY MITCHELL Arzelle Entered '583 Y-teens 11,123 G.R.A. 11,123 Dance Com- mittee 11,12. LINDA KAY MOFFATT Linda Entered '573 Y-teens 103 Orchestra 103 D.E. Assoc. Pres. 11, V.P. 123 G.R.A. 10. JAMES LEONIDAS MOORE Jim Entered ,57Q Wrestling 103 Swimming 11,12Q Baseball 10,11Q J.V. Football 103 Monogram Club 12. SANDRA ANN MOORE Sandra Entered ,575 Orchestra 10,113 Y-teens 123 French Club 11,123 Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 11,12. THOMAS FRANKLIN MOORE JR. Tom Entered '543 Mustang Club 10,11,123 Engineers' Club 123 Latin Club 103 Swimming 103 Tennis 10,11,123 Monogram Club 12g J.V. Football 11. KATHLEEN EDITH MOORES Kathy Entered '543 Y-teens 10,1lj French Club 10,11Q G.R.A. 10,11,12. MARY CAROLYN MORRIS Carolyn Entered '573 Y-teens 1O,11,123 F.H.A. Sec.-Treas. 123 French Club 103 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Committees: Citizenship 123 Dance 12. RONALD BRYANT MOSER Ronnie Entered '573 Jr. Marshalg Monogram Club 11,12Q French Club 123 Hi-Y 113 Football 11,12, J.V. 10. ROBERT BOYTE MULLIS Bobby Entered ,573 Honor Society 123 Limelighters 11,12j French Club 1O,11,123 Pub. Committee 12. BECAUSE OF THEIR many accomplish- ments and abilities, Wiley Horne and Alice Stratton are MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. 161' firfbfe airffzcf SELECTING A SPEAKER is one of the many jobs of the Com- mencement C o m m i t t e e. First row: Ginny Smith, Bill Cowan, Martha Hackney. Second row: Susan Schwartz. Co-Chairman Lynn Stevenson, Phil Hazel, Co- Chairman Dan Brawley, and Marion Berryhill JANE TAYLOR MULWEE Jane Entered '543 Y-teens 10,12Q Choir 123 Mustang Club 123 French Club 11,12Q Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Spirit Committee 12. ELLIOTT PAUL MURNICK Elliott Entered '543 Student Council 103 Homeroom Officer 103 Latin Club 103 Spanish Club 11,123 Wrestling 10,11Q Tennis 103 Committees: Dance 10,11Q Spirit 113 Athletic 10. MARGARET HUNTINGTON MURRELL Margaret Entered ,54Q Mustang 12, Pen Pushers 115 Y-teens 10,11,123 F.H.A. 123 Limelighters 103 French Club 11,123 Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 11,12j Spirit Committee 12. ELIZABETH GAYLORD MYERS Gay Entered ,58: Homeroom Officer 111 Y-teens 11,123 French Club 11,12Q Latin Club 113 G.R.A. 11,123 Committees: Citi- zenship 123 Dance 113 Pub. 12. MARYLYN ANN MYERS Marylyn Entered '573 Honor Society 12g Pen Pushers 113 Y-teens 10,11,123 French Club 11,123 G.R.A. 10,11. WILLIAM MARTIN MYERS Bill Entered '57Q Engineers' Club 12. Mulwee Murnick Murrell Myles Neis Nicholson JEAN ALBERTA MYLES Jeanne Entered '573 Y-teens 103 Engineers' Club 11, Pres. 12g De- bate Club 11, Sec. 123 Limelighters 10,11Q Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 103 Pub. Committee 10. JOHN McCORMICK NEIS John Entered '583 Band 11,123 Spanish Club 125 Track 11,123 Cross-Country 123 Monogram Club 12. JUDITH CATHERINE NICHOLSON Judy Entered '54g Homeroom Officer 113 Y-teens 10,11,123 F.H.A. 11, Pres. 123 Latin Club 103 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11,12Q Dance Committee 12. JEANETTE OTTILLIE NORDMAN i Jeanette Entered '543 Y-teens 123 Orchestra 10,113 G.R.A. 123 Dance Committee 12. PATRICIA DIANNE NORRIS Pat Entered '543 Pen Pushers 11, Pres. 123 Y-teens 11,123 French Club 103 G.R.A. 10,11,12. MEREDITH CELESTE NORTON Meredith Entered '543 Homeroom Officer 103 Y-teens 10,11Q Mustang Club 12: French Club 10,11,123 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Girls' Basketball 10,11,12Q Committees: Dance 113 Spirit 12. E. Myers M. Myers W. Myers Nordman Norris Norton I v i Mmy ghazbfz 024.669 Qlgfafe feam, fdhyff in Slime gm! : 4 1 '-f. -. . . f 3 -ra., . a fs . we if be 1 w-'C' ill" - V rl -1 J' 1 I 1 A 'I L 9 Ll l Nuttall Oldham Outwater Owens Page G. Parker J. Parker Prather B. Price H. Price Prince Range NORMA FRANCES NUTTALL Norma MARY MEADE OWENS Mary Meade Entered ,56Q Girl Ambassadors 125 Pen Pushers Ili Y-teens 10,11, Treas. 123 Mustang Club 11,12j French Club 11,125 Latin Club 103 Red Cross llj G.R.A. Council 10,11, Pres. 123 Dance Committee 1l,12. GUILFORD CARNEY OLDHAM JR. Guilford Entered '573 Honor Society 11,123 Mustang Club 11,12Q De- bate Club Treas. 11, 123 Latin Club 112 Cross-Country 12. FISK OUTWATER Fisk Entered 756g Homeroom Officer 123 Monogram Club 11,12Q Hi-Y 10, Treas. 113 Latin Club 10,11,123 Mustang Club 123 Track 11g Basketball 10,11,12. THE DIPLOMA COMMITTEE d i s c u s s e s the "sheepskins" for 1960. First row: Jim Drake, Judy Keenan, Max Holder. Second row: Valerie Baan, Frannie McClain, Chairman Dick Ranson, and Mary Meade Owens. Entered '543 Student Council llj Homeroom Officer 123 Girl Ambassadors 121 Y-teens 10,11,123 Band 10,11, V.P. 123 Majorette 10,11, Head 123 French Club 11,123 Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 11,12Q Mustang Club 123 Committees: Dance 113 Spirit 12. RUSSELL JACOB PAGE Rusty Entered ,57Q Student Council 123 MyerSpcn'k 103 Hi-Y 113 Pub. Rel. Committee Co-Chairman 12. GEORGE BRUCE PARKER Bruce Entered '58, JENNY ANN PARKER Jenny Entered '573 Limelighters 123 French Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11, 12. DORIS RUTH PRATHER Dollie Entered '573 Mye'rSpa1'k 123 Choir 123 Chorus 11, Spanish Club 12. BRENDA MERLE PRICE Brenda Ezntered ,573 Pen Pushers 123 French Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11, 1 . HELEN MURPHY PRICE Helen Entered '573 Homeroom Officer 103 Y-teens 123 Orchestra 10, 11,125 F.H.A. 123 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 123 Dance Com- mittee 12. SUZANNE PRINCE Suzanne Entered '593 Y-teens 123 G.R.A. 12. CAROLYN RUTH RANGE Carolyn Entered ,591 Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 12. Him! Qin nominee 257' Mfdkddf XV 2 Q I0 Qciohffigaf "I DIDN'T KNOW this was part of our job!" say MOST ATHLETIC Norma Nuttall and Tommy Blanton. RICHARD COBB RANSON Dick Entered ,54Q Student Council 123 Homeroom Officer 10, 11: Mustang 11, Bus. Mgr. 123 Jr. Marshal3 Engineers' Club 123 Pub. Rel. Committee 12. JOAN CAROL REED Joan Entered '543 Homeroom Officer 10,111 Pen Pushers 123 Y-teens 103 French Club 113 Spanish Club 103 G.R.A. 11,123 Committees: Dance 103 Spirit 11,12. TOMMY CLARENCE REEP Tommy Entered '57. SUSAN MARJORIE REHM Margie Entered '583 Choir 11, Sec. 125 French Club 123 Red Cross 12: G.R.A. 11,12. RICHARD WAKEFIELD RHYNE Dick Entered ,54Q Choir 11,123 Band 103 Mustang Club 11,123 French Club 123 Red Cross 11,123 Wrestling 10,11,123 J.V. Football 103 Monogram Club 123 Committees: Dance 12j Grounds 12. PATTIE SUE ELLEN RITCH Pattie Entered '57. RITA LEE ROBERTSON Rita Entered '543 Pen Pushers 11,123 Y-teens 10,11,123 Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Spirit Committee 12. STEPHEN ALEXANDER ROBINSON Steve Entered '583 Basketball Mgr. 115 Monogram Club 123 Athletic Committee 12. MARTHA EDWINA ROGERS Martha Entered ,54Q Honor Society 123 Jr. Marshalg Y-teens 11, 123 Lettergirl 11,123 Mustang Club 11,123 Spanish Club 11,12Q G.R.A. 10,11,123 Committees: Dance 103 Spirit 12. ROSALIND ROLLINS Rosalind Entered '553 Y-teens 10,111 Majorette 10,11,123 Spanish Club 113 G.R.A. 10,11,12. MARY STEWART ROSENBLATT Mary Stewart Entered '543 Y-teens 10,11,123 Mustang Club 123 Latin Club 103 Orchestra 10,11,123 Spanish Club 113 Red Cross 15,123 G.R.A. 11,123 Committees: Dance 113 Citizenship LEE ELIZABETH ROSOL Lee Entered ,59Q F.H.A. 123 Spirit Committee 12. Ranson Reed Reep Rehm Rhyne Ritch Robertson Robinson Rogers Rollins Rosenblatt Rosol 5.0 , . s i ' .V N . js L ,,. 5 A ' "xo 4., 'v I. ,NV-7 X u' 4l l m' . j 'gm' 2, ,fx if .3 it ir f ' ,g, , Q - v rr' .- Y .,, " 'is' ' . ri! 5314 , l -- . , , I In hLl'v'f' I i .,,, -X in - - ' . r XX - ' ' ,Z r- f 'X ll! ,ll . ,. Y A3 A . 'if' . ,.L , 572002 W. P Jeefzzmf quiz? ax' Qfyief 3 place .vmzi-zffzalrzii' X X 11" S A Roth Rotha Rouser Rupprecht Sadler Salen Sanders Schoonmaker Schwartz Scott Seawright Sehorn 4 MARY ALICE ROTH Mary Alice Entered '575 Pen Pushers 11, Treas. 125 Y-teens 10,11, 125 G.R.A. 10,11,12. GRETCHEN TRAVIS ROTHA Gretchen Entered '545 Y-teens 105 F.H.A. 105 Limelighters 10,115 G.R.A. 10,12. ELEANOR ANNE ROUSER Anne Entered '575 Y-teens 125 Orchestra l0,11,125 Lime- lighters 115 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Spirit Committee 12. CARL ALVIN RUPPRECHT Carl Entered '575 Honor Society 125 Engineers' Club 125 Spanish Club 11,12. BETTY MORTON SADLER Betty Entered '575 Pen Pushers 125 Y-teens 11,125 G.R.A. 11, 12. WILLIAM ROBERT SALEN Bob Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 105 D.E. 11,12. ANN LEDBETTER SANDERS Ann Entered '545 Student Council 105 Homeroom Officer 115 Y-teens 105 French Club 11,125 Spanish Club 105 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 115 Dance Committee 11. RICHARD SLOAN SCHOONMAKER Sloan Entered '595 Dance Committee 12. SUSAN BETTE SCHWARTZ Susan Entered '545 Mustang 11,125 Mustang Club 11,125 French Club 11,125 G.R.A. 115 Spirit Committee 12. NORMAN BUTLER SCOTT JR. Norman Entered '575 Mye1'Spa1'k 11, Sports Editor 125 Mono- gram Club 125 Latin Club 10,115 Swimming '10,11,125 Assembly Committee 12. DAVID STEPHEN SEAWRIGHT Steve Entered '545 Student Council 125 Homeroom Officer 115 Jr. Marshal5 Key Club 11,125 Band 10,115 Orchestra 125 Spanish Club 10,115 Track 115 Basketball 11,125 Monogram Club 12. SAMUEL LEROY SEHORN Sam Entered '545 Choir 12. THE MUSICAL TALENT of Bob Allen and the dramatic ability of Kit Hudgins well quali- fy them to be MOST TALENTED. hee femme zfmdrff MEMBERS OF THE BAN- QUET Committee see "What's cooking" for the Senior Banquet. First row: Anne Cordle, Alma Cordle. Second row: Minette Con- rad, Grier Haddon, Chairman Tommy Blanton, Mac Alexander, Ann Crosson. ANDREW KENNEDY SELDEN Andy Entered '543 Latin Club 10,11. JOSEPH GUY SHARPE Guy Entered ,595 Choir 12. LINDA ANNE SHELTON Linda Entered '59. HARRY LIVINGSTON SHINN JR. Harry Entered '573 Student Council 123 Homeroom Officer 10, 11, 12g Mustang 11, Editor 123 Honor Society 11,123 Chief Jr. Marsha13 Key Club 11,123 Engineers' Club 11Q Debate Club V.P. 11Q Limelighters 11, French Club 11,123 Latin Club 103 Committees: A.F.S. 11,123 Handbook 12. CAROLINE NOBLE SHIVER Caroline Entered ,54Q Y-teens 10,11,123 Chorus 10,123 Mustang Club 11,121 F.H.A. 123 Latin Club 10, Spanish Club 123 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Committees: Citizenship 123 Dance 12. JOHNSTON REID SHOEMAKER Reid Entered '573 French Club 11, Latin Club 103 Athletic Com- mittee 12. Selden Sharpe Shelton Sieburg Slagle Smarr I Q., w 4 RICHARD GEORGE SIEBURG Dick Entered, ,54j Monogram Club 11,123 Football 11, J.V. 10. MARGERY INEZ SLAGLE Peggy Entered ,59Q Girls' Glee Club 12. RONALD TAYLOR SMARR Ronnie Entered '57g Engineers' Club 123 Tennis 11,123 Basketball 11, 12, J.V. 103 J.V. Football 113,Monogram Club 11,123 Grounds Committee 12. ANN DOWNING SMITH Ann Entered ,565 Y-teens 10,11Q Spanish Club 11,123 G.R.A. 10,11, 12j Committees: Dance 113 Spirit 123 Pub. Rel. 12. ELIZABETH BARTLETTE SMITH Bartlette Entered '543 Homeroom Officer 11,123 Y-teens 10,11,12Q F.H.A. 123 French Club 11,12, Latin Club 10,115 G.R.A. 10, 11,123 Committees: Pub. 103 Dance 11,123 Spirit 12. JACQUELYN VIRGINIA SMITH Ginny Entered ,545 Homeroom Officer 11,123 Y-teens 10,11,123 French Club 11,123 Latin Club 10,11Q Red Cross 103 G.R.A. l.0,11,12j Committees: Dance 111 Citizenship 12. Shoemaker J . Smith Shinn Shiver A. Smith E. Smith I .Q ," ,l ' 4 9 A"' get zgofzfzie gay, ffm tgddldfyfli WMU, Qfaaey 7? I ll I ll L. Smith M. A. Smith M. W. Smith Spearman Sprengel Sprock LETITIA ANNE SMITH Tish Entered 754: Student Council 10,125 Mustang 10,11, Clubs Editor 123 Honor Society 11,12Q Jr. Marshalg Girl Ambas- sadors 10,11,123 Mustang Club 10,11,123 French Club 11g Citizenship Committee Co-Chairman 12. MELTON AUBREY SMITH Aubrey Entered '59. MICHEAL WAYNE SMITH Wayne Entered ,573 Homeroom Officer 11. THE FRENCH AND THE DANISH accents of Frannie Delmotte and Kjeld Knuthsen, A.F.S. stu- dents, became a familiar part of Myers Park. 1 nifnf'3i',1.l1" iii ' Q. . llixilllrlwl vli- " FRANCE ' S5 159 ' ' , H R-biz 1 ag... , ' U ml .32 my w I' 3 M -,N -X, LK.- Q amp. 5 f fi' . 'I 3 4. "PZT1""ff-, A""1 23' 1-.1 'II '- ' 2 f 'E I 1- M ,de2 ' "' 'fzvili N . svx L Aj X ..-7 A! Snyder Sobell Spain Stafford Stanfield St. Clair SUSAN ELIZABETH SNYDER Susan Entered '543 Y-teens l0,11,123 Limelighters 103 French Club 55,125 Latin Club 103 G.R.A. 10,11,123 Citizenship Committee STEPHEN IRA SOBELL Steve Entered '543 Homeroom Officer 105 Hi-Y 11g Limelighters 11, 123 Latin Club 103 Basketball 11,12, J.V. 103 Monogram Club 123 Spirit Committee 12. CHARLES HARDY SPAIN Chuck Entered '543 Monogram Club 123 Track 113 Football 12, J.V. 10,11. JAMES MORRIS SPEARMAN Morris Entered '57g Choir 10,11, V.P. 123 Chorus 10. GERALDINE MARY SPRENGEL Gerry Entered '583 Pen Pushers 123 Y-teens 11,125 Choir 103 G.R.A. 11,12. WINSTON EVANS SPROCK Winston Entered '54. ANN ELIZABETH STAFFORD Ann Entered '573 Y-teens 123 Orchestra 10,11,123 F.T.A. 123 French Club 103 Spanish Club 123 Red Cross 123 G.R.A. 11, 123 Pub. Rel. Committee 12. ESTHER BEEBE STANFIELD Beebe Entered '543 Y-teens 103 Orchestra 10,11,123 Latin Club 103 Spanish Club 12S G.R.A. 10,11,12. HELEN ELIZABETH ST. CLAIR Helen Entered '54Q F.H.A. 123 French Club 113 G.R.A. 10,123 Y- teens 10,11,123 Dance Committee 12. Eliza? Aohtecye !06!75fl7? MM fiafbzife Qyhgvidfy 0l'0f6J'Z?d THE FRIENDLY WAYS and outgoing per- sonalities of Tim Thomas and Wallene Threadgill make them MOST P O P U L A R with their classmates. JAMES ALLEN STENHOUSE Jim Entered '56. MICHAEL HUNTER STENHOUSE Mike Entered '57, Jr. Marshalg Engineers' Club 12: Track 103 Cross-Country 11. GAIL DENISE STEPHAN Gail Entered ,54Q Y-teens 103 Spanish Club 103 G.R.A. 10,11, 12: D.E. 12. CONNIE CLIFTON STEPHENS Connie Entered ,545 Y-teens 103 G.R.A. 10,11. WILLIAM WHEELER STERNBERGH Bill Entered y58Q Homeroom Officer 123 Band 11,123 Orches- tra 11,123 French Club 12. LYNN ELLA STEVENSON Lynn Entered '583 Student Council 123 Choir 10,11,123 Spanish Club 123 Red Cross 11, Y-teens 123 A.F.S. Committee Co-Chairman 12. THOMAS JOSEPH STOCKTON Tommy Entered '543 Monogram Club 10,11,12j Mustang Club 123 3'fack 10,11,123 Cross-Country 10, Captain 11,123 Hi-Y DAGMAR KRISTIN STOLL Dagmar Entered '563 Homeroom Officer 123 Honor Society 11, Treas. 123 Girl Ambassadors 123 Y-teens 10,11Q French Club 11,121 Spanish Club 10,11, V.P. 125 G.R.A. 10, Council 11,12Q Girls' Basketball 10,11Q Committees: A.F.S. 123 Citizenship 123 Handbook 12. SAMPSON PAUL STORK Paul Entered '563 Homeroom Officer 10,11,123 Monogram Club '11il1230Hi-Y 10,113 Wrestling 10,11,123 Football 11,12, . . 1 . CAROLYN WEBB STOWE Carolyn Entered '543 Pen Pushers 123 Y-teens 123 Orchestra 10, 11,123 G.R.A. 10,11,12. ALICE TAYLOR STRATTON Alice Entered '54, Student Council 11: Homeroom Officer 103 Class Officer 11,123 Honor Society 11,123 Chief Jr. Mar- shal3 Girl Ambassadors 11,123 Y-teens 103 Latin Club V.P. 105 G.R.A. 10,11, Council 123 "Millie Mustang" 123 Mustang Club 123 Committees: Spirit 123 Dance 12. CAROL LaGRANDE STUCKEY Carol Entered ,543 Student Council 123 Homeroom Officer 11, 123 Mye1'Spa,v'Ic 11, Co-Editor 123 Honor Society 11,123 Girl Ambassadors 11,123 Y-teens 10,11Q Mustang Club 123 French Club 113 Latin Club 103 Red Cross 10, G.R.A. 10,11,123 Committees: Dance llg Citizenship 123 Hand- book Co-Chairman 12. J. Stenhouse M. Stenhouse Stephan Stephens Sternbergh Stevenson Stockton Stoll Stork Stowe Stratton Stuckey ,lf Y X . 'f'2 a, X. M iw F ,ll I --wavy .,-. C KT, 1 A . gl. 3 ,f I J if ..-- -is ,Q ' . row .3 2 " ::' L 7 V - I 11 .A ,!. Wed Wlafiem, Qaida' UMM 00-aufim offefzmf Folia' i -q--- w - v W- ', .-1 1 6. U as v - . I he , , 5: . a. . 'r . M -. " , 5 2 " Will" N w I . . 5 F A , I I I .5 n. 1 1 en' .-rf' 'Sli 3-1-wer lt..-5 I I ul 1. 1, I - , Sturdivant Suggs Sullivan L. Summerville S. Summerville Suttle Tathwell Thigpen Thomas Thomes Thomson Threadgill 5 'S 138 JAMES DRAPER STURDIVANT JR. J. D. Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 11,125 Honor Society 125 Jr. Marshal5 Latin Club 1'l,12, Pres. 11. JAMES LAWRENCE SUGGS Lawrence Entered '575 French Club 10. LOUIS ARNOLD SULLIVAN Lou Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 11,125 Mustang Club 10,11,125 Swimming 10,11,125 Football 11,12, J.V. 105 Monogram Club 12. LINDA LOU SUMMERVILLE Linda Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 105 Y-teens 105 Chorus 105 Choir 11,125 Lettergirl 105 Mustang Club 125 Cheer- leader 11,125 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 10,115 Girls' Basket- ball 105 Dance Committee 11,12. SANDRA SUE SUMMERVILLE Sandra Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 10, 125 Lettergirl 10,11, Head 125 French Club 11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Girls' Basketball 10,11,125 F.H.A. 12. JUDITH MARGUERITE SUTTLE Judy Entered '545 Y-teens 105 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 F.H.A. 125 Girls' Basketball 10,11,12. SALLYE MEREDITH TATHWELL Sally Entered '545 Student Council 10,115 Homeroom Officer 125 Pen Pushers 115 Y-teens 10,11,125 Mustang Club 11,125 Spanish Club 125 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 11,125 Committees: Dance 115 Spirit 12. DANIEL GROVER THIGPEN Dan Entered '545 Latin Club 105 D.E. 10,11. TIMOTHY GRANT THOMAS Tim Entered '545 Student Council 115 Homeroom Officer 10,125 Class Officer 125 Jr. Marsha15 Key Club 10,11,125 Hi-Y 10, Sec. 115 Orchestra 10,11,125 Engineers' Club 125 Spanish Club 10,12, Pres. 115 Basketball 11, J.V. 10. ALBERT CHARLES THOMES JR. Tommy Entered '57. GAIL THOMSON Gail Entered '575 Student Council 125 Homeroom Officer 10,11,125 Y-teens 10,11,125 Mustang Club 11,125 French Club 125 Latin Club 10,11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Spirit Committee Co-Chairman 12. EDNA WALLENE THREADGILL Wallene Entered '545 Student Council 105 Mustang 125 Jr. Mar- shal5 Lettergirl 115 Mustang Club 11,125 Cheerleader 125 Limelighters 105 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11, Coun- cil 125 Girls' Basketball 115 Committees: A.F.S. 11,125 Spirit 12. MYERS PARK'S FRIENDLIEST seniors, Betsy Glenn and Neal Cheek always have a "Hi" and a smile for everyone. I x Q5 melamine' THE CAP AND GOWN COM- MITTEE holds a meeting to dis- cuss the robes for the 1960 grad- uation. Seated: Becky Biggers, Chairman Gail Thomson. Stand- ing: Wallene Threadgill, Jackie Howell, Bob Allen, Steve Sea- wright, and Harry Shinn. PHYLLIS JEAN TIPTON Phyllis Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 125 Y-teens 11,125 F.H.A. 125 Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 125 Red Cross 125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Dance Committee 12. DONALD RAY TITUS Don Entered '585 Homeroom Officer 125 Chorus 125 J.V. Football 115 Engineers' Club 12. CAROLYN LOUISE TRANSOU Carolyn Entered '575 Mustang 125 Y-teens 10,11,125 Girls' Glee Club 125 F.T.A. 125 French Club 10,11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Pub. Rel. Committee 12. HAL HODGES TRIBBLE Hal Entered '545 Hi-Y 115 Track 115 Football 12, J.V. 11. VIRGINIA ARLENE TRIPLETT Ginger Entered '545 Choir 115 G.R.A. 105 D.E. 11,12. MICHAELE LYNNE TUCKER Michaele Entered '57. Tipton Titus Transou Turnipseed Vaden Van Every Q-'w ig! 5 CHARLES PERRY TURNIPSEED Perry Entered '575 Red Cross 10,11,125 Baseball 10,11,125 J.V. Basketball 105 D.E. Pres. 12. JOYCE CAROLYN VADEN Carolyn Entered '545 Y-teens 10,11,125 F.H.A. 105 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 Red Cross 105 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Committees: Pub. Rel. 105 Dance 11. ,STEPHEN HEYWOOD VAN EVERY Steve Entered '565 Homeroom Officer 105 Mustang 125 Monogram Club 10,11,125 Latin Club 10,115 Golf 105 Swimming 10,11,12. PATRICIA ANNE VAUGHN Pat Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 1155 Honor Society 125 Band 10,115 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,12. CHARLES ARTHUR VINROOT Charles Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 12 5 Engineers' Club 11, Sec. 125 Latin Club 10. RICHARD BARKLEY WALDRON Dickie Entered '595 French Club 12. Tribble Triplett Tucker Vaughn Vinroot Waldron V 41 f-1-,' . ff. ,Vu 1 i I A. 5 5 J 5 I fie Lwlyfbfl may Stwwzef .fciefzce ffwfznzzt Qoiowfigo Shui D. Waller Weldon F. Walker H. Walker Weber Welch FRANCES ELLEN WALKER Entered '545 Y-teens 125 Choir 11,125 Chorus 105 G.R.A. 10, 11,125 Spirit Committee 12. Frances Ellen HUGH ANDERSON WALKER JR. Hugh Entered '575 Cross-Country 12. DOROTHY DIANE WALLER Dee-Dee Entered '595 Y-teens 125 Choir 125 French Club 125 G.R.A. ALL PHASES OF THE Baccalaureate Service are decided upon by the Baccalaureate Committee. Seated: Merrie Marcotte, Martha Hackney, Chair- man Hill Wellford, Barbara Hanks. Standing: Gay Myers and Bob Allen. ' ! S '-1 T' . 2 I. J., " ' 140 . 4 ' 1 E. Waller Washam Watson Wellford West Wheeler ELIZABETH ELLEN WALLER Bethe Entered '575 Homeroom Officer 125 G.R.A. 10,11,12. WILLIAM WORTH WASHAM Bill Entered '57.. WILLIAM STEVE WATSON Steve Entered '58g Homeroom Officer 125 Honor Society 11, Pres. 125 Key Club 11, V.P. 125 Spanish Club 11,125 Tennis 11,12. JAMES KING WEBER JR. Jimmy Entered '575 Honor Society 11,125 Orchestra 10,11, Pres. 125 French Club 10,11,125 Red Cross 12. WILLIAM PHILLIP WELCH Phil Entered '575 Band 10,11,125 J.V. Football 10,12. NANCY LEILA WELDON Nancy Entered '585 Student Council 125 Homeroom Officer 125 Girl Ambassadors 125 Y-teens 115 Spanish Club 11,125 G.R.A. 11,125 Pub. Committee 11, Chairman 12. HILL BEVERLY WELLFORD JR. Hill Entered '545 Student Council 10,11,125 Homeroom Officer 115 Key Club 11,12, Treas. 105 Monogram Club 11, Treas. 125 Hi-Y 11, Pres. 105 Mustang Club 10,115 Latin Club Sec. 105 J.V. Basketball 105 Football 11,12, J.V. 105 Committees: Spirit 105 Grounds Chairman 11, Co-Chairman 12. EDWARD CARLYLE WEST Eddie Entered '545 Engineers' Club 125 Spanish Club 10,115 Track 10,11,125 Cross-Country 10, Captain 11,125 Monogram Club 12. CATHERINE ELIZABETH WHEELER Kitty Entered '575 Y-teens 10,125 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 10,11,12. ,fdydff ,Qefzzof fhrw zzz izlrztfy MXH P 600.0 f 40f fnenziefr l In Memoriam EDWARD TAYLOR MOBLEY February 6, 1942-May 29, 1959 NORMA GLENN WHITEHEAD Norma Entered '555 Honor Society 125 Y-teens 10,125 F.T.A. 105 French Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 G.R.A. 11,12. MARGARET WINCHESTER WHITTON Margaret Entered '545 Homeroom Officer 10,115 Mustang 125 Honor Society 11,125 Girl Ambassadors 11, Sec. 125 Y- teens 10,115 Mustang Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 Span- ish Club 115 G.R.A. 12, Council 10,115 Committees: Pub. 105 Citizenship 12. JOHN EDWARD WILLIAMS Johnny Entered '545 Latin Club 11,125 Track 11,125 J.V. Foot- ball 10,115 Dance Committee 12, SUE ELLEN WILLIAMS Sue Entered '575 Engineers' Club 11,125 French Club 10,125 G.R.A. 10,12. JOSEPH DYER WILLIAMSON Joe Entered '585 Limelighters 12. LINDA LOU WILLIS Willie Entered '575 Mustang 11, Organizations Editor 125 Y- teens 11,125 G.R.A. 10,11,125 Committees: Dance 125 Spirit 12. RICHARD DEEMS WILSON Deems Entered '555 Homeroom Officer 11,125 Band 10,11,125 Red Cross 115 Swimming 10,11,125 Monogram Club 12. NATHAN EARL WISE Nathan Entered '57. JERRY KENNETH Woo Jerry Entered '57, DONNA RQCHELLE WOODSIDE Donna Entered '545 Student Council 105 Homeroom Officer 125 Mustang 115 Girl Ambassadors 11,125 Y-teens 105 Choir 125 Chorus 105 Lettergirl 10,11,125 Mustang Club 10,11, Tlreasb125 G.R.A. 11,125 Committees: Spirit 125 Citizen- s 1p . DONOVAN MACK WOODSIDE Don Entered '54g Student Council 105 Hi-Y 10, V.P. 115 Band 105 Orchestra 125 Mustang Club 11,125 Latin Club 105 Cross-Country 125 Basketball 11,12, J.V. 105 Committees: Dance 10,11,125 Spirit 10. BEATRICE ANN YORE B-Ann Entered '585 Y-teens 11,125 Chorus 115 F.H.A. 11,125 French Club 11,125 G.R.A. 11,125 Committees: Dance 125 Spirit 12. Whitehead Whitton J. Williams S. Williams Williamson Willis Wilson Wise Woo D. R. Woodside D. M. Woodside Yore Q l w Si' ll 1 ll litmus Best Wishes To The Mustangs. o 1 . South Boulevard At Park Ava. J , o Hacildjgfe ao-be vf4144?vvillff514f72'wd4"'Deav".la1wf4l --mia ww. JS.. o ,efeyo we Qffm 24 My M We ef o Medmewww' "'AW I K 7!'w""'f'."k" - nAnowAn: In srscmnv co. 'Q"Mf'1P2Q1JML'MfZz'5" AM' ww memo veg, 71-044 6 pfksizfoffikf M, -0.14 ef ,lily eiflfggfkoef jf? . ' . , muffevdlfoydvcggeygmgaeh-QA: K 'ee . - e, - WVQWM4 PLAZA THEATRE 1610 Central Ave. "Charlotte's favorite neighborhood theatre" X Y Qjmkibbhkly CMM 6lJULO.fYx J Angina. llxQ,QM ,Le ig 6,46 '71 My Ki, OSLL O:Qf' Lag Qfk Hfm5Q,,. of Q47-i 1 IAQ uxLkLlbwscLmlQ0AKFQKEL , t?5J-Jwmfb weLkf1,s2Qe! A, M H 45 I L L i Aiteli Stlillftillf Mttjt Q "'lO,L--f,fB'7'L .,A, 37'i-EQ? K lf F 9 A-" L Y. c ' ,nt g mi 4 as vvh MMQQ-llkgwigpgyf .l C QR at 0Xl U - ,. f K if . Q, Lb, , X! I rj V l .,. I V1 LS , . . 'N You want a job that's both useful and rewarding. Among OX the hundreds of people working to produce Electric Power fl JB for the Piedmont Carolinas are clerks, salesmen, home economists, farm experts, service men, linesmen, and engineers in many fields-agricultural, lighting, mechan- ical, construction, design, and electric. If you would like additional information write Personnel Department, General Offices, Charlotte, N. C. i 1 I. -' W ' . . ijxxji ,' ,Q 1,.- -, J,W J ' l J i --nj 1 . 1 -I ll 'l I f,5 I - l i -r - 4 4' ., . . 5 . X . 5 i 'J -1 'ri-ff: 151 K.,-A ,3 JD v L-1 - t x ln P , wg. 7, 1, cfs..-P 4, i X . ,A . I R xr l.,, x s?i va .X , I--Nk!.l' . 1+ "L" -A - in 11' fs. 't 2 ' 'g' ',l.'-Lu 1 '."T HJ X" . gl 1 I f I - 'J .1 - -- '- X.. ,-4,141 . ,ig 'N -- '- . ,-lQl'-X' tw- -" . , , , dressed t N Q x , A , . V. SYMVL WJ at -:xii .X lv-4 . x - F: Y I A . Xiy , all ws! 1 1 X' ,. 1 1 I 4 l. I X-W k-Lg. J il ,I 'hx li ' yy s. K P V ,fy 1 A V - lf V. .-if X , 1, -,,: . Y J. X. - V -D . -' i A A i s L I s 6 A . ix 6 V 4 . 5 K , , re , l .0-, ,X V ' ., N .s Va , ' , 5. ,dr x l . k , l, ' N - s G- 1 1 ,rwx -l tl A1 M.. '- l " lg-' i. 'fl ' f' l OI1 CCITIPUS g, ,K - K. t , J ' . - Y-' - - " Y, Q shop at ,..... ...,.. H we ,,,,.,t..... M,s,m,.,m,m ,.,.,...rr,,,,,,,,,,,.. Q Y- l qsE.vv-'-Q-"-:atv-5.-r-q:g"""8 em l43 MYERS PARK 66 STATION Charles L. Byers 427 Providence Road FR 6-8786 CAROL-ANN HAT SHOP 11-3 South Tryon st. ED 4-7961 NORTH AMERICAN ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. Bonn A. Gilbert, General Agent 230 N. Independence Blvd. ED 3-4306 Personal, Auto, Accident Insurance Savings Program the ANDERSONS RESTAURANT 1617 Elizabeth Avenue-Charlotte. N. C. LIBERTY LIFE BARBER SHOP Liberty Life Building AVONDALE HARDWARE 2222 Avondale Ave. ED 4-0925 "Your Neighborhood Hardware" HILL'S CLOTHING STORE 1500 Central Ave. "Traditional Ivy Styled Clothing and Furnishings" HARRIS OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Desk-Files-Chairs-Safes-Engra'ving-- Printing 3057 S. Blvd. J A 3-5341 Charlotte 9, N. C. We Deliver DOGGETT LUMBER COMPANY Building Supplies-Lumber-Hardware F 111 E. Park Ave., Charlotte 3, N. C. Since 1908 FR 6-7461 GUUI4 s ' fe .. , 5 A S E 'il .5 . 'f num'-". ' 'omn- 9. SOUTHEASTERN CONS Builders of Charlotte rnucnou comnnv I f 27 A C E - 2 .5 .'f Ammo.- " v 1 nn 0 for Forty Years 145 EASTOVER SHOP Gifts-Records 743 Providence Road 4 If 1,116 RADIO 8 TELEVISION CO..I . Park Road Shopping Center JA 3-3221 l., so CARBURETOR, ,MAGNETO 8: ELECTRIC CO. REEDER BROS. FR 5-1474-FR 5-1475 1201 East Fourth St. Charlotte 6, N. C. "Quality That Pays-Service That Saves" CAROLINA PAVING CO., INC. Asphalt and Concrete Paving Post Office Box 3613 ED 4-2075 76 Years of Service HARRY 81 BRYANT CO. Funeral Directors 500 Providence Road MYERS PARK BEAUTY SALON Providence at Cottage "The Best Is Boxed" FAIR MARTIN BOXES, INC. Set-up Paper Boxes Molded Plastic Packaging Concord, N. C. ST 2-3814 MONROE CALCULATING MACHINE COMPANY, INC. 805 Kings Drive, Charlotte, N. C. Machines For Business MORRISON'S 705 Providence Road EDison 2-1605 Watch and Jewelry Repair. Gold and Sterling Charms. Sheaffer Fountain Pens. Ladies and Men's Billfolds. WATCHES 0 GIFTS 6f'. all AON IU A it ree 4 at SD W riff Ml ,X-Fi mith 81 So s Co. Golf and Turf Equipment lyfylijgp-+1 100 t arihaldi X flaunt "Oar 64th Year" ., Charlotte, North Carolina K' 104 South Tryon st. FR 5-3331 l ALLISON FENCE C t I t, S, COMPANY ongra u a 1on . Residential and Commercial PRITCHARD PAINT 85 Chain Link Fence GLASS CO' A 140 Shuman Ave. FR 6-8561 Serving the Carolinas since 1919 fa 51,44 fl, V' D41 I 'F ,fi tae-feral-3 E 3 ff-'fe BETTY STU mls DRESS fimeff HAN KS 3. JERMAN at SHOP 'PLZUQZQ --z','flii"'97'lf' "a'!L'5'5 57268 , 'awk df 'Ll 119 Huntley Place 112 Eas Fourth Street ED 3-1 4 ,,., . A J 1 A Ui' Cfcfviegf' J-C.4,,Lci6?p H't?9ff"7fl j4Q'X'f4!,7Qd Haven for Teenagers who 643 cT2',-KZTKZV' 'Lic' ' '!4lCf,1u"f"' dress with style ff.-523442 .-.41 I A '71 .1 1 4-of .-f fx I A14 .-51511361-if-ftrf-'Q' -" ' W' 'V' ,iff " I F aee5+3ferreQeeaeeeeMe-- Lf KUWXQI 'A -i HARRI LL'S BAR-B-Q jltdgx Enom THE HOUSE OF "Barbecue At Its Best" 1025 Kings Drive ED 4-8808 Across From Doctors Bldg. l46 N . 3 HQJQQDIUIISWD A, r Q QI Q , gnu J pail firm, ggmcifu I QQLQ, Q3 mmm QD C-IJQQOLMC: Cf QQ -up -X ,ItQ,q,DLQeQ.p,c:UE,'Cl21Q Lyeggwt QW CIWKOQ553 LII QSJUX -tjfun Qufmwmm Qmmqwl, Cbmmfv QVTW QUE, QIQQLUI QQCLDJQQQ, Omni qmu, LPJIL L5Q.CbJl,9'3 Qtwcxtgn LQQQLQSLI with 'dw Ofwwqsifim Qi Jwgprr K MOVE WITH THE MUSTANGS! 'E QGLL Fw LQ55 CEJX-LQ fgjqg e.5lwClLIb.1Q1.kffkClfgI3 N1 - A 'X + J Quin qqgvun, QZE.Q,Q.f1Ua,, . i R LRG, J ' I RS lMlTH'S TRANSFER ' 'TCOJRPORATION 'Y I s DJAJ7 '4,fc..J CL"!QfLf I . of fLJL..z,fi?? Kg-624 X fMg J It D: . Staunton, Virginia LM7 I And Its Subszdzary 4. ' ww , ,mb 460440 It-J H. T. Smith Express Co. LpuffaQ,.6,Z2g X W 11' f d C a Ing or onn. f I, ' MQ-we ff !!!T'.?Cr ' A,74Q7?4,Z4.a SOUTHERN DIVISION OFFIT' Egwgdgggw Zeer fezzfemefwme 220 West 31st Street ED 3-9601 , . 1 ,-, In . 4 NI N V 7 , 4 ff ' V L if f E z in g"'?Z2f ' 147 , .X 1 ,HX 11k wi JI Y N' m i .SRF A, Q J Eva X T9 fy 9 Q, T, . Q1 I 3" f sh In t R x .xv 3:39 -. 5 1 ' ' 'Q3 K X N QTY I -9 'X L' X x x RJ 15 K+., X ' I , , , Q , 'N ,xx ' ' Q ' 1 . Q N ---4. N- sx Q qi' x'-- Q 7 iw R-N. ,, , 9 Y ' ' '-J ' 1 .' I 4 V -iw 1 . l A ,ax Qs ,JM ' Y , 0 .J wi I - t' -Qi.. N ex. AGE X3 KH, fl -Q' - I bvxi , fs N ' X. ,XX - -. ,xi X xv I T N.: ' ,A H 3 In . fi '4-1: 'Q Q 2- . Q, ,S 'xx . I ,L 'N VX , sg 33 g 'Q A x v X 'Q K9 QQ? in Qflm E. Bbq 5 v.. vos,- Refreshing remembrance AUTOGRAPHS ui' 131-il-1 -i 1 xl, NJ ' . 8 ' 11235 :V Ig, 2 :I I . I I I all II ,I ' 1 DRINK 6165 3 r' V I AN INVITATION R' Rlifflcvz to anything important IS ALWAYS ENGRAVED Wedding invitations Announcements Graduation invitations Party invitations Stationery-calling cards informals ARZBERGER ENGRAVERS, INC. 127 East Third Street Charlotte. N. C. CAROLINA TRANSFER 81 STORAGE CO. Local or Nationwide Moving Since 1918 Trust Your Allied Man -1 on 1, E. P. NISBET OIL CO. E. F! N ET CO. .U Over 30 years continuous service A M? li - ff- A Automatic degree day oil delivery HEA3-IQQZEE ,, . - . 24 hour oil burner service 1 .. .... i .: f' ,--1 . . . ' ' 'Sd j,2'iu'i"Qgl L Installation of heating and cooling W q P equipment 1 N isbet budget plan ED 2,7755 1818 Baxter Street I49 OCCIDENTAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. OF N. C. Julian "Chic" Burroughs, Manager, Charlotte Office THE HOOT MON RESTAURANT Your Satisfaction Is Our Greatest Interest The Stavrakas Brothers PROVIDENCE VILLAGE CHILDREN SHOPPE 619 Sharon-Amity Road Charlotte 7, North Carolina EM 6-1983 4 PLAZA SEDGEFIELD HARDWARE HARDWARE The Complete Hardware Stores 1513 Central Ave. 2815 S. Boulevard COLONIAL BSARBER SHOP 1041-A Providence Road ED 3-2418 "Built on Actualitiesu Bob Robinson's Auto Service Auto Repairs Auto Air Conditioners 1305 East 4th Street Charlotte 4, N. C. Service Air Conditioning ED 4-5091-ED 4-3818-FR 6-1704 CAROLINA DETECTIVE AGENCY Investigations for I ndividuals-Firms Banks-L awy ers-Incorporations Investigators since 1919 'Independence Bldg. ED 2-7948 Gront's Amoco Service 1374 E. Morehead St. Charlotte, N. C. FR 7-9385 1 N.G. Real Estates Sales Property Realtors 130 E. Fourth Street "4-'l ' Sf I' 'gf' it Tiff AI Browne's Service Stations di: Fuel Oil "It's Easy To Pay-The Neiman Way" NEIMAN'S JEWELERS 115 S. Tryon St. "Serving the Carolinas For Forty-eight Years" THE BLOSSOM SHOP FLORIST 2242 Avondale Ave. ED 2-6146 Corsages A Specialty NG 6 Cfzyrned 7 T 1 as -e'-,:o,-:x.-v...o'-i'- A bl h U9 SD. TIYIII I IHUIE ID -1-N51 STANLEY'S SUPER DRUG STORE 1949 East 7th St. ED 3-5103 X, 2 SUI! 'I' ll N F4 " ' ' V - LUMBER COMPANY, INC. 2010 S. Tryon St., Charlotte--ED 4-6708 FREE DELIVERY Ally Size Order "Do It Yourself" Center WE CUT T0 YOUR SPECIFICATIONS - Expert Guidance - Best Wishes! MISS SIFFORD'S HOMEROOM 12-2 SPEIR, INC. Mortgage Loans Management Multiple Listing Service FR 5-9871 Anytime 151 China Furniture Silver Objects d' Art REESE'S ANTIQUE SHOPS Distinctive Gifts For All Occasions Charlotte, North Carolina 1029 Providence Road ED 2-7761 120 W. 5th St. FR 6-4627 ' x 4, ,k, vw5,a ,U , qv ul X, xyv' mm' 1 ' X sd W 99 1 fWWQ Qw pQy gVw6WfM'3QiM X ' X ' W 'N 2 Lu. mUS5V' gyjQQ,vb5i'j null? eg f d! X WL wma? 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Ill, cg 'jfll'1193,fll'2,?l'E.i4flf HOUSE OF FLOWERS Zh 419' ' I HAWTHORNE Sedgefield Shopping Center ,f H if' D, 1 A f1fM,y p Blvd Efrfv wwf' ,ffl Dial' 'ni Merchant Members F'T'D' M, Llp, YB" 1' 'nlfl!ll702 I fel? ance Building Formal Wear For Rent U! 2' L if-' U' -14 P iso 4- 226 . . UL. HU H45 A W. A C J Fran r1ff1n, Owner Charlotte, N. C A ,fy ll' -' 1. i , 5 ,lf ll . 1 W ft e l ' it n l 2 fl, .yy ' X 'xl'- fll' 1 el X 2 AY Wall, N U x Appl N xp l B :Isle ro ight atrw 'K r . ' : u X A A 12 orthk yon Street dllgtzilis oldliifwa ix x ,X- Af gl l Enjoy 'S dt P' Wherever You Go ' IwwlllwllwlllllllWIIW!llHlIl1QIl1Iw'I QMVENQA 3 om 1 Saryzlis Road W p e is srafo 9 N' 9 0 r uates fp iw o e rpet Go ,,, :T X p Q :xg ost. if- ' Q , 5:-:fx '-nl . " 1 I I 'g:5 Sl! H xiyii l.WE?g?.iz::g -I-l r .'I V+ -v---v lllllw -fm :Tl Yegfeffxllll . i n H . C - l '- ll Re f ,- -wwf S.w-inion. noon non ucn, llc. 604 S. Church St. Charlotte, N. C. lg Ply O mis ole msyleracti Green 99S it if ffm UW 4 of f Wg f' S ' 13QS.lTr37 n st. t1.o 1 CGVTRI uare Shopping Center HARD'EE'S PHARMACY Selwyn Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina lr f, vfllrll x x t til! N 4 J ge My Quad- W M,f,S,OU2 mf. Wae 7hZ4 Space QM :Quia 4 Qblumwubmx slum ,-334 hx J x Nlmv ' ' ASQSJM QL ' ' W ' ??lm1J QMQ Mmxbwiizwsipi Lee, 31-SLB-l.mm33.,f5 Bmw, Wim Cb cv, fiisxxqg, Dawg LQJQMCL iii. filwdji, QRJYXQSLLJJ'-' Jwiiwyvi C-SLQQQQLQ vgcwww NSNCMNXNM' 1CQ?NQJ QGQIAMW Bflkwilf Quia-x5Yw55m1:.,wJ4i5t' E Q 1393, i ilxgS4'bQ3- 53533 CWSXSQD Q Sex-5Q2J.i.,. .333 L ik-DC5Q3U1n3.J JTXULOJ kaiiiir-DL: 350' NR Qqswyt Q53,l,LDi1 wuz, an X tY., Jf QYOVMQX-igg QNUQ-HUHQ Wxolmiw 53353 -Am SMMJ M JCB TE15KSSL w Nm 'J x gwm,sm,'5i x mo. im GJUXSL mfg-N iid QSM-YLJ QXQLUQ4 N bQffxf4J .r. HACKNEY, JR., Realtor S 1 ' WM' up , MMM 5 'V 0mJ .ff WWW Q lf' t WW' 6 AQ '11 ,Mafia lgfliffffe ,y?5V lymwwygfbpfjfg' pf' lla' AW Aff? ,vw at QW! lf' Nj' riff? wt tw tafa, K pg 6Val'd's Furniture 81 X914 Appliance Co'3wVlj1exxc5e?XCLT6'li:-yagpm Tgyoraggtgfexetlgg 'gp l JK! IJ ff 'WAV .nf X50 ' fix EW Djzv3i?5Q,?l ,gdxfyoifim ehgefrelh Lfbtyji-RfXxliL"NN,,f9Jx , 5 is -QQ Fw Vyomen s Weie yn AJ821 thsldglf JWWD fl were all 5 Wgagqi Q I- ,Ke at 2ig525iT?5?' QA gfgggixf ST ,I S 5 ARRI H ummnx N NATIONSL BANK I L ' K A AS norm cnoum Jf I S U P E R MARKEI5-,A V Save Regularly at Charlotte, Gastonia, Salisbury, 8a Xgliings Mountai1g,5North Carolina l . , .iv X. l llsfx Sqft 3 . NANONAL x itgia 55? Hlgkgxgst' stile ll YXSER , i.W - 3 leg QU 156 QNX l I iflilll ills? Y 3t53t5iS5lQlf W' ffrpfrliwjfle ell 35 ,Q A be if gxxilf QILLJ' fy' ev f N be ,D X, i. - ' Q. K' 1 wb - fl 9 i ,iT , V, 'X F75 I l N f X 1 ,f 1 1 sf . - - . 1 ' 1 . , 7 .1 ' ll ' ,Y lv L I , . ' J 5 .4 - 1 , 1 n , s. ,, if 1 g l P Ig , ' l . X ' it X' 1 i "Call us for prompt courteous service I lx ' ,X ,,, D x 'V l Q- '- .-1 ' 1' " ' 7 'sl l1l1' lllilill-lL Pllll ll UPPLY V4 I W 'il . ' ' 1 1 " U ll M P ll Y J 1' x L 1501 Dowd Road-P. O. Drawer 10218 , Charlotte, N. C. Bell Teletype CE 469 Phone FR 6-5661 All Types ot Industrial Piping Supplies ln Stoek y ,u o mrs umnlcx mutv snows ,1,, offering the Finest in Hair and Beauty Ca re rrs s 1 Nl By Our Skilled Operators and Nationally r'i:' """'t ' 5 Known Hair Stylists 11' ' " ' i i"i"4 ,Z '. - ari rol:lucts in Lea ' g 1. 4 N. ' rug a d I e- etic Departm nt y or 1 r ier Q f it 1 lll X I F If Llli 1 1 4 if , Y 1 fy LK 1, 1 15' TY SAL N ff'-N Al f ' . ' 1 I Phone 6-48,53 f . i4--' Bel so em I V FR 5-8811 ,C e f 9 ' l l' C W 0 Q-C DXLILQ Mari S th s Largest a7dWLeacl' eauty Sy te fm lg 1 6 157 Products INDEPENDENCE ' FR 5-9502 1401 Elizabeth Avenue Qflilhelf AUTO SERVICE, INC. 1 "At the Front Doofr of the Terminal"- 24 H our Service FRank1in 7-1177 Municipal Airport 9 Charlotte, N. C. Automobile Storage Q Lubrication Polishing Ka Waxing BRUCE ROGERS . SERVICEN TER 1300 E. Boulevard FR 5-9397 M A N 0 R SERVICENTER 617 Providence Rood Terry Jones 4011 Park Road JA 3-6061 ROAD SERVICE Motor Tune-Up-Complete Brake Service Wheel Balancing-Atlas Tires dz Batteries SELWYN ESSO SERVICENTER 2901 Selwyn FR 6-0045 au ll!- QUEENS Q SERVICE -Q Be Sooiable! D1-ink 931 Providence Road In the Student Lounge-At Games "For Better Service" Anytime Ein Charlotte Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. THE CASUAL SHOP Providence Village Qgruiiirlence C4JlT'Ien's Stare . . . wants you to know that our selection o f I vy League Clothing is the ,finest in the Carolinas. Store Hours 9:30 'til 6:00 Daily 1027 Providence Road ED 4-3012 THE MING TREE RESTAURANT 520 Providence Rd. ED 4-3028 DeLacy E. WYMAN REALTY COMPANY 1510-1511 Liberty Life Building ED 3-7551 DeLacy E. Wyman Residence Phone FR 5-8361 Charlotte, N. C. DORRIS' BEAUTETTE 220 Poindexter Drive JA 3-4195 Open Nights Q Serving Sedgefield BELCRAFT HOSIERY SHOPS 105 N. Tryon St. ED 2-8687 David W. White, DBA SOUTHGATE BROKERAGE COMPANY Post Office Box 1747 ED 3-7769 Charlotte 1, North Carolina Red Mill Brand Dried Beans Please Support . Our Advertisers orfraifqi Ay BOB STUDIO 3 JOHN G. JOHNSTON Student Council President, 1 959-1960 813 Providence Road Charlotte, N. C. FR 6-1472 AMERICAN BEAUTY FLORIST, INC. 1506 South Blvd. ED 3-4177 Flowers For All Occasions Corsages-cut flowers-Funeral Designs Tuxedos For Rent Sizes-3 years to men's 58L DRUM DRIVE-I N 1520 East Boulevard and WADS SODA SHOP 1608 East Boulevard E. E. Suttle and Sons Loans, Financing, Refinancing E' Jr MANUFACTURERS' G' M S tu ' REPRESENTATIVES . - - U 9 I E. B. Stone Finance Co. P. O. Box 565 Charlotte 112 E. Morehead St. FR 7-2601 ED 3-3408 Cable: SUSo ,Q:Q.5,L.u -Lbtvlfuzlvq R190 tewcw ftf ale? Quay .231 JQ,,w,,,,1,f awww dw 'Uwe -f-U-iw -wwf BIGGERS BROTHERS Wi 1 fp, -f wr, - f , , , Incorporated aaiiiiwf WWE, H 'f gl! any Mfg, Vf"'Z"'IfiLf' if l Wholesale Fruits and Produce an A V V'C1f.r10tte W V457 M Frozen Foods-International Canned VT-f'L6Lf.I Vfllqibj Q4 ,J?pL4z-64.1 Goods foo Qtrrfruzao ,gig 4,545-,fb nwrfyqvyaafgg 15?-JM Vcaleeaffgy g,L.5jfM,Lf5,yy Charlotte, North Carolina dn:-zJ ,awsdkjf Nick T. N ewberry, State Manager Woodmen Ot The World 703 Liberty Life Building ED 4-7694 Morse Sewing Center 128 West 5th Street ED 3-0192 161 Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Adams Dr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Austin Jr. Dr. Stuart A. Barksdale Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beaver Dr. William T. Berkeley . Dr. Basil M. Boyd Jr. Addison Brenizer Jr., M.D. Dr. Charles W. Brown Compliments of a Friend Dr. Chalmers R. Carr Dr. Allan H. Cash James W. Gibbon, M.D. Walter R. Graham, M.D. John P. Harloe, M.D. Dr. Henry C. Harrelson Jr. Dr. Cecil J. Hawes G. Aubrey Hawes, M.D. James E. Hemphill, M.D. Edward R. Hipp Sr. Dr. Victor B. Hollowell Homeroom 12-5 . Homeroom 12,12 SPONSORS - y Rufus G. Hoover, D.D.S. A. Chalmers Hope Dr. Julian E., Jacobs Dr. John H. Jarrett Dr. and Mrs. O. Hunter Jones Dr. and Mrs. Vaiden B. Kendrick Dr. Vance Kendrick Dr. William Francis Martin Dr. C. L. Miller Dr. Robert E. Miller H. L. Newton, M.D. William E. Selby, M.D. Drs. Steiger and Mitchener Dr. Grady L. Ross Mr. and Mrs. R. Ray Satterfield J. David Stratton C. L. Stuckey, M.D. "The Summerville Gang" Weather's Furniture Co., Inc. David G. Welton, M.D. Dr. Franklin LeRoy Wilson Dr. Fred E. Wise, Jr. l62 'Ld Ciood Luck And Best WishessTQfThe Class Of 1960! H9J2v1.44fcvJvUfn! Y - pa Q,,1,,n,,,f,ee,wZ:fQMMf0JQf7M mefiwe' ,,w,,Ze,,,,,QW,,0 12.4 r MJJQMJ6 , A JQmf"a yea Lage 704-xgajdfgozafawvmwnildwu ,,.,1fwvJfm1If570Mnf,,,.I5JGdQ7?Lwli,fL,.,f.fuf. MJMMM ajajvgfa-,.,,Zw4LJ,c4.WZJ2av-fZ7Mf1'fZ2Q Aww aafe-We Wwwfffeff- Cbgdhdbcgffwmidfkllfabg' WJ, V75f4.0-eQW1e,jCl?n,v.,l7rinf0ff"""""9"r"!'6g . ""'-4 fvrff354""y 21.206 4,vv'i'1fI-ff fA,,,,,4,, Weyyfv , fwuagqwolvw RUSSELL RANSON 1 Manufacturers' Representative Q 163 mf xxjcj CLJ I 5513, 1. 1 5 es 25 loft :VN!9fU'L'24Nf, I , , a g,,,,,,dL C1 ' 1.-1-ef.1,,B-of-A-' ,ly-uLE,7'f3-14, . r The-.X 3 J 'j L Q!! 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"Quality 62 Service is our Business" Underwood Corporation 1004 Kings Drive ' Associated Brick Agency All types and colors Ralph Haddon, Owner Typewriters-Standard, Electric, . Common . Face Portables o Jumbo 0 Fire Sundstrand, Olivetti, Adding Machines o Norman 0 Roman Sales Smm 2010 south Tryon si. FR 6-6165 F. W. Woolworth Company McEWEN FUNERAL A SERVICE 727 E. Morehead Phone ED 4-6421 i Charlotte 3, North Carolina 2.4 Hour Ambulance Service Charlotte's LARGEST Homefurnishers Haverty's "The Store for Young Modems" Shop and Compare ED 2-7144 227 N. Tryon St. Park Free Behind the Store WLAC in Nashville 165 J , of 'NQ"MtmW 'MW' JNM 'JNWW VQMM Que., .lf Xl up W 'ruarecw P-fe MM swfwu We my QfvsrLM, Vw j Aye! CJVKJX I IMHO!! .. Cwhv 1, X . 2 Vi, Gy' ' fic-in Q43 Lev-m. Ovvxd wi .M Us-,,, llY,L'!6 will--' YYX-Q YLLa.U,,Q xt. .jx ' J Follow the Gang to the AUTOBURGER 4100 N. Independence Blvd. lf' 'I H r l all lim Bhd Jag 'gi 'V ff. lid' , W ,1 llije lem . 1 5 U J n . 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QW' 0 f mfnfn g also o wing fo their contributions: ' W Mr. Frank Fl ng, Printing sultant, Delmar Publishing Companyg Mr. Bill Renfro, under s portraits, Delmar Studiog Mr. Jim Wadkins, underclass portraits, Delmar Studiog Mr. Medford Greenstreet, color photo, Delmar Studiog Mr. Ralph Crimminger, Layout Consultant, Delmar Publishing Company, Mr. Don Baker, Layout Consultant, Delmar Publishing Company, ZW -c It J Mr. Virgil Spencer, Delmar Publishing Companyg l wi Beverly Studio, senior portraits, V M X Mr. Bob Welsh, beauty portraits, I wx LU pf! ! M gd! . ., V K Public Relations Office, Queens College, Q9 K 'W , W Dr. Jack Horner, 1 U Q I The Faculty of Myers Park High Schoolg ' W 3 I " Miss Gordon Freeman, CW UAW jx 7,0 f I, x Mr. Leslie Browne 5 , M The 1960 Staff and the Homeroom Representativesg Miss Arlene Francis, beauty judge. ' 4. Ny M ' l Y fl J 'REU' QVEIJTRKXRBJ L .- 'i ,TI rj y f ,, . .N il Ly KT' k' Jig ' bf !1Yf4'l" - li, W 168 Dm L,Qam,,., ' , ' -71 5 fwyfinwafx ,Q-,417 V59 A 'A Q I f J X I, 'Q ,U i Gong. fa: 5- jlyz-Seri , --9f,',1,,v 43 ' f' ' 571 M '3"'1'l" -J' if --,.. , , ' "- ,bw . F, - L' 'A fu . 4 'iq J ' A 1 7 VW ,.-1,-f-w..n,- 1-y-.A 4?-:,:'Siv"....5-ful, I Ly? ak' AQGYPJV21 J fjrdzotl JE? J -X90 - ,rJ..g ..g1,2.k-9314-1,1 iq, if IN A I L7 I 1- 'I f! f B ' "1'v5'LLi3'1 " vrk. 0115.261 .fiwqchv JZ! Lgiii 1 J ' , E . ,- f Y.-,L , .. 5. 2 no .12 ima 9-W wa, 91 M . ' ' ?"'L"'0 'jhvzvl an ,,,Jf,'f of 7 .f - , , ,. . - '57 V, , , kxjci jg--.v ,-P-.,4.L.q,gZS .if,f,gypL 4, Y N I F , ,va J. fsggpzig ,4,.EIuf1fQ.i', gm rj 2, H. " ' 'f' f?'GJ'E"S xlfb "'E,,5Lf,, 'Dick h 4 E-3? M , I. J . '..:,4Ax,c 9.d2,,5QL 'xiLf!WJ'1m!A , . 6, It My - A,4,, ,, , -...V .J . 'T-ilm.. Z'-w H -:-. +2 ' Lv-Leu? 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'fix we Q cw? we Emma! ztmz rezfr' ,me if Wwztfgr fgmfgy ram? MYERS PARK'S BASEBALL TEAM completes another successful year on the diamond. First row: Rick Hulse, John deKrafft, George Chapman, Jim Moore, Perry Turnipseed, Tommy Blanton. Second row: Bill Finley, Wayne Ayers, Ray Shaw, Zan Copeland, Byron Slaughter, A1 Barnett, Don Kelly. Third row: Reid Shoemaker, Mgr., Tommy Westerfield, Pat Hart, Jim Mascho, George Barnett, Bill Vinson, and Morton Poliakoff, Mgr. SPARKING THE MUSTANGS to many victories were Co-captains John deKrafft , , and Tommy Blanton. f ,. AWARD WINNERS for the 1960 season were Rick Hulse, Most Improved, Jim , I I l i 1 Moore, Most Valuableg and Al Barnett, Teamed with two gratifying victories over Garm- Captain for 1961- ger and a revenge victory at Asheville, an upset victory over West and a 10-inning conquest of Gas- tonia in the final games showed the true abilities of the erratic Mustangs. Throughout the season the team experienced many short hot and cold streaks, however, Myers Park finished with an 8-6 confer- ence mark to place third. - The highlight of the season came when the Mus- .a' " r tangs up-ended the Indians. After West had over- N7-,N come an early M. P. lead and had taken control 4-3, Al Barnett delivered a timely two-run triple and later scored the game's last run. In the final contest the M. P. nine traveled to Gastonia Where, after nine innings of scoreless ball, they snared two unearned runs in the tenth to win. The Mustangs were led by the two-hit pitching of Jim Moore. A1 Consistent performers at the plate were few, but Don Kelly, who had a .348 batting averageg George Chapman, who was named All-county outfielder, and Tommy Blanton and John deKrafft, who were co-captains, posed the biggest threats to opposing pitchers. Jim Moore and Bobby Gibbons pitched con- sistent ball, compiling 3.13 and 2.86 earned run averages. ' 169 if" MMM Mm KW P mf' ,- 121202 iff ,Qfrfe amiga I in gmwl! . .4.-Q-'- U iii! "- T -i,.1lI,J. L f ,M -rj ,--.1 pau. gi' 'fi' TRACKMEN ATTAIN SKILL in many events. First row: Hugh Huntington, Reggie Curlee, Joe Burns, Steve Sea- wright, Jimmy Cothran, Tommy Stockton, Rich Harris, Phil Levine, Morrison Lowrance, Bill Lineberger. Second row: Charles Favor, Mike Houston, Marshall Gilchrist, Ray Fuller, Eddy MacAleer, Billy Mitchell, Bud Palmer, Curty White, Jimmy Wallace, Wayne Place. Third row: Hal Thompson, Jim Massey, Lou Sullivan, John Neis, Robert Kellogg, Dan gage, Joe Spencer, Bobby Currie, Monty Ridenhour, Jamie Bryant. Fourth row: Harry Spoon, Floyd Hurt, and Chuck pain. Continuing their domination of track in N. C., the Mustang trackmen captured their fifth state championship in six years. The Mustangs' victory in the state meet climaxed one of Myers Park's most successful track seasons. The thinclads were victorious in eight straight meets including the Queen City Relays, the Sectional Meet, the City-County Meet, and the Duke-Durham Relays. Co-captain Rich Harris, consistently winning the hundred, two-twenty, and the low hurdles, MUCH-IMPROVED H I G H JUMPER was high point man for the season. Bob Allen, John Neis, Tommy Stockton, and Curty White also sparked the Mustangs in the individual run- ning events and relays. Steve Seawright, Lou Sull- ivan, Mike Houston, and Curty White accumulat- ed many points in the field events. A long list of returning veterans and promising newcomers point to a continuation of Mustang track supremacy. Steve Seawright exhibits true f01'm to FIRST-PLACE WINNING STYLE is shown by shot-put star Jamie B1'Yant. Lou Sullivan to Wayne Place, Curty White, Hugh Huntington, and Marshall Gilchrist. V V,'J l i 170 W pyeff' fefzfzrr ztafm' hae mire ,mf ifz M12 fowffzamefzzff' PROUD RECIPIANTS of trophies are State Sin- gles Champion Steve Watson and Doubles Champ- ions Russell Jones and Charlie Connelly. , 'gsm Q ' A. -Y ll I I ll I I I -'salt .1 ' l' 1 .f i 71216260 meef rf! Q0!00.f'l?l!DfZ With Steve Watson winning the State Singles Championship and Russell Jones and Charlie Con- nelly taking the State Doubles Championship, the Mustang netters copped the state tennis title. The team. as a whole, was undefeated in nine high school matches and lost only in encounters with college freshmen. In addition to Watson, Jones, and Connelly, other consistent performers were Ronnie Smarr, Jack Sullivan, Vernon Robinson, and Billy Clark. With five outstanding lettermen returning to form the backbone of the 1961 team, Coach Purcell is opti- mistic about future championships. ' 1960 STATE TENNIS CHAMPIONS are, kneeling: Steve Watson, Ronnie Smarr, Charlie Connelly, Bill Cowan. Standing: Russell Jones, Vernon Robinson, Jack Sullivan, Billy Clark, Terry O'I-Iair, Robbie Stern, and Phil Small. ' ...ill-D23 M. P. LINKSMEN for 1960 are Tom Hartley, Dan graivley, Alan Shaw, Phil Hazel, Barry Farr, and Jim ra e. Pncyadmm .wwe ffm 12166 Led by Dan Brawley and Phil Hazel, who con- sistently shot in the low and mid-70's, the Mustang golfers experienced a successful season on the links. The team did not Win as many tournaments as in previous years, but they were impressive at times, and the underclassmen gained valuable experience. Returning members Alan Shaw, Tom Hartley, and Barry Farr give Coach Sheppard a fine nucleus for next year's team. l7l ff,-7" if : 1' 1 'nl 4' I P cw' .121--5' ft 'nf' ..r i va. 4' , Y X . apt A 'i All V I f-'-fl? A ril l' 4 alia: -LAX' ' A STARRING IN UGRENACHIKAH were Allen Jos- ephs as Appelgine and Happie Peralta as Molo. ROMAN GLADIATORS Walter Graham, Robin Wright, Shuford Smith, and Ken Godwin await the decision of judge Butch Allison. Spring brought a rush of activities and enthusiasm. Stage 11 was the scene for the presentation of two one-act plays, "Grenachika" and "The Book." At the Palmetto Dramatics Festival, the Limelighters receiv- ed superior ratings for both productions. During Latin Week, students held a "slave auction" of first-year students and a Roman Banquet over which Rex Tommy Marshall and Regina Gay Williams reigned. Each night, students presented skits dealing with the Roman Empire. Early in May came the time for choosing Student Council officers for 1960-61. Colorful posters hung from the ceiling and papered the walls. An assembly climaxed a week of vigorous and enthusiastic cam- paigning. ELECTIONS BRING a wave of activity-heavy campaigning, "politicking" at the assembly, and casting of ballots. LEFT: Kjeld Knuthsen, Harry Shinn, Margaret Murrell, Mary Lucas, Darlene Hassler, Alice Carr. CENTER: Zan Copeland, President-elect. RIGHT: Permelia Harkey, Judy Shaffer, and Tay Lawson. . .x.:. f- Q . . i x I it az Week, ,Mya efafffm My .gmrg mwzhv 172 FRENCH STUDENTS Jim Deegan, Bobby Mull- THREE COOL AUNTS Mary Lucas Mary Mailer and is, Tom Grant, and Carolyn Nolen rehearse for Lynn Stevenson in then show stopping Follies act plays. In addition to the Limelighter productions, Myers leaders provldes pre exam fun for Kathy Har Parkers enjoyed "An Evening of French Plays" sponsored by the French Department and the tradi- tional Senior Follies. The French plays included classical comedies, while the Follies featured a satire on the misunderstanding between the older and younger generations. Climaxing the busy spring months were three memorable dances-one formal and two informal. At the girl-ask-boy Sadie Hawkins Dance, Kjeld Knuthsen and Margaret Murrell reigned as L'il Abner and Daisy Mae. At the Junior-Senior, "Moon- light over Hawaii," students danced in a setting of tropical birds, palm trees, and beautiful flowers. Just before the hectic pace of exams, the cheerlead- ers sponsored a Sports Finale to honor Mustang team members. SADIE HAWKINS FAVORITES Kjeld Knuthsen and Maggie Murrell discuss "the big chase." mar-Qefzfvf, SME dllbfillf' .Qmzfv Fmle ,mama mem' Traditional commencement activities began with the Senior Banquet held in the cafeteria on May 27. Members of the class re-lived many memories as they heard their Class History and Class Poem, and they shared many laughs over the Class Prophecy and Last Will- and Testament. Honoring their advisor, the senior officers pre- sented Miss Louise Hutchinson with a silver service and a charm bracelet. Following the pres- entation of the senior gifts, two silver candelabras and a patio by the oak tree to become known as the Senior Tree, Editor Harry Shinn revealed the dedication of the 1960 Mustang to Dr. Horner. EXPRESSING HAPPINESS on his face, Dr. Horner re- cgelives the dedication of the '60 Mustang from Editor Harry mn. ff? . 1 is , . ,lu,, .sz m 1 ,-.. I1 Processional led by officiating ministers Dr. Carl Bates and Dr. Kenneth Goodson and Chief Marshals David Pfohl and Judy Adams forms at entrance of First Mfethodist Church. fre.- SENIORS REFLECT emotions of excite- ment, happiness, and sadness as they draw nearer to the end of high school. Commencement activities had their serious mo- ments also. On Sunday, May 29, the First Meth- odist Church was the scene for the Baccalaureate Service. Dr. Kenneth Goodson asked the challeng- ing question: "What will you do with your life ?" As the Recessional played, the seniors, ready to face life with new determination and courage, walked out of the church and down the steps through a path formed by the Junior Marshals. The final phase of their high school life was reach- ing its pinnacle. gmyaei Qccabwwzt lareaeat alma! nffemvf li? 174 N I , I E t l. fd, 16 A24 A .ntl .1 ON THE STAGE of Ovens Auditorium, 893 seniors received their diplomas, certificates of graduation from Myers Park High School. THE SENIOR CLASS honored the faculty, platform guests, and class officers at a reception following com- mencement. At 8:00 P.M., June 1, parents and friends of seniors filled the seats of Ovens Auditorium. They witnessed a commencement of dignity and beauty, beginning with the processional to "Pomp and Cir- cumstancef' After the Invocation by Reverend Charles Milford, Dr. John Cunningham, past presi- dent of Davidson College, delivered the address. Three awards were then presented to seniors: Civitan Award to Harry Shinn for excellence in citizenship, D. A. R. plaque to Betsy Glenn, and Thomas F. Bra- aten Scholarships to Norma Whitehead and Ronnie Moser. Dr. Horner presented diplomas to seniors of thirteen homerooms, and with the completion of the Benediction and Recessional, graduates faced the rnixd emotions of sadness at leaving Myers Park S- O and happiness at the prospects of the future. 554 '.,.NfAkV4 1 , "I K M595 f 0f?ZOZ6!Z06!7Z8!ZZl ffl' .vefzzbfr ' ofaclzier 1754 X959-X950 Atvzofr and awamfv D. A. R. Award: Betsy Glenn Civitan Award: Harry Shinn Harvard Book Award: David Pfohl Danforth Award: Margaret Whitton and Joe Burns Girls' State Delegates: Cynthia Blythe and Linda Orr Boys' State Delegates: Zan Copeland, Buddy DuBose, and John White Wildacres Representatives: Mary Stella Leak and Mariana Kuester' Red Cross Leadership Camp Delegate: Susan Stephenson United Nations Speech Contest: Trey Snepp SCHOLARSHIPS Morehead Scholarship: Bob Allen NROTC Scholarship: Bob Allen National Merit Scholarships: Jeanne Myles and Laurie Livingston Josephine Erwin Scholarship, Coker College: Valerie Baan Trustees' Scholarship, Converse College: Lydia Alexander Jefferson Standard Scholarship: Frost Branon Thomas F. Braaten Scholarship: Ronnie Moser and Norma Whitehead University of Miami Scholarship: Chammie Hope ACADEMIC AWARDS Charlotte News All-Star Scholars: Meredith Clifton, Laurie Livingston, Mary Lucas, Sally McKaig, and Alice Stratton Winner of South Piedmont Science Fair and participant in National Science Fair, biology division: Laurie Liv- ingston First Place Myers Park High School Science Fair, physics division: Ernest Holdredge State Math Contest, Myers Park Winner: Bill Kreamer Best Algebra II Student: Virginia Venning Best Plane Geometry Student: Dickie Sidbury Bausch and Lomb Science Award: Jimmy Weber Mecklenburg County Medical Society Auxiliary Award: Ernest Holdredge Flora Macdonald College Latin Awards: Gail Thomson and J. D. Sturdivant Best French II Student: J. D. Sturdivant Best French I Students: Jo Patterson and Sheila Roth Betty Crocker Homemaker Award: Anne Holliday Avondale Sewing Contest Winner: Ellen Elrod Outstanding Distributive Education Student: Judy Pearson National Office Management Association Award: Pat Norris ATHLETIC AWARDS Monogram Club Award, Most Outstanding Athlete: Tommy Blanton Key Club Sportsmanship Award: Rich Harris All-American Swimmerz Bill McGinty All-American Diver: Lou Sullivan ARTS AWARDS Best Actress: Joey Sherrill Best Actor: Steve Sobell Best Supporting Actress: Sis Smith Best Supporting Actor: Alan Henderson Most Promising Newcomer: Happie Peralta First Place State Art Contest, painting division: Patsy Crouse First Place State Art Contest, jewelry division: Betty Moore Chase and Jerry Deese First Place National Art Contest: Betty Moore Chase I i fl , '2-!CjLl'ff,f!f"40f ?'f,, fa" f 1, ,wr L4 'f4U- ffff N L 1 .1 7 JJUUU lmq H+ .+L 1 A MJ if-gpg T was e.r1f3Wj25L carb muck E159 'W jffuqf' Qsk abfca. qikfgs am? and s-'H-w-E5 4-Q Sgmew QUXX LGLL LFE, Q, gggqk WI XXXXXXXXXXXK Qs. -Qabwkowi ?g.r-.QQUQRXXXXV ana mm Surg xukd ..9QU-A Lu. 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