Myers Park High School - Mustang Yearbook (Charlotte, NC)

 - Class of 1957

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Myers Park High School - Mustang Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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""""' L has.: Fj,W,,Q,wn CQKM9-L M1 71.64, " . A K- ' ,I -L L-4 - A- 4.4 ugafm 33X ' ' - , - + U . 'I r" ' ' . , . , . 1 -fx - 1'- - .Vw - -- W .. . , ., -N ww-' Q ' E- W' ,Wx X X , sk if V 'x Mo. KMQW' f HF 'L'-:Se ,vm fi XSS' 1 QQ. . J v v QP! We, the students ot Myers Park High School Charlotte, North Carolina present to you the 1957 JANE PIERCE AHTHUH5, Editor...BILL MUNTCUMEHY, Business Manager... CHARLES LUCAS, JH., Advertising Manager PgTh Table ot Contents Administration Paoulty Elasses Activities 5ports Features Epilogue Advertisements Page 15 Page 17 Page PI1 Page HH Page 1311 Page 142 Page 154 Page 155 Eoreword . SlX YEARS ASR A DREAM WAS BURN. As seventh graders there was the newness of junior high life . . . admiration for the upperclassmen . . . ambition to belong... desire to excel... and always the dream, beckoning. ln those early years we followed the footsteps of others, scarcely aware that we were adding our own to the trail of leaders . . . footfalls echoing, beating out a song for our dream . . , forward: searching, seeking, striving. We dreamed together, climbed together. As we grew, Myers Park grew with us. The dream unfolded. Echoes of footfalls . . . steadfast, achieving. New faces joined us, others left us. Halls rang with laughter and, at times, echoed sadness. The campus changed with new buildings added.. . our school won honors, recognition. The dream became reality, the awe-stricken seventh graders now the self- reliant seniors. It is an ending and a beginning. Here is the record of those years . . . those dreams as . . . A Page Five "if:-' U1 ' , ..-..,.- h .., -iv , 'V sv 41 ml H f 1. X ,.. ' ' 22, .,,.:,, ' ,.,.,?,i'.::- H 5 .5-.fx ..Vg?5?,,.zgg1?ff'.i3., .,.A, Q L2 5 1? .1 ' S111 l , ' 'uf'.-'-L-..e:-ft'3'f'!?71"554Al .j x ' ' 4:',-'J-.'-"" ' ' , .i N- L and IQ l V. . XIEAQ .J Qi -' yy . 1-"3 1+ 51,-.fa - . N 1.2. X , 1. ff' f' Q r s' .5i'. - X gg- fv 5 ' ' fl 1 f K ' 1. 'T'-ag 'ii "" F ":s'1f1 !.' -A" A- wk, 1:31 " ' Q Q. :' Ensrf- .-'w.:,:4a:--- Q V ----.A' 'r'f11'-3-'if '- '-' .' ., 25-fred, - fri,-5-2,.,. -,.-.v,:f+- ' '- ' ' h ,I .gg 1 6E,,.:.g.434f,5'.--' ,ff +A. .',.-:---wr-rw 217- . . L. " f A "T 'Ht' . -N f FifaA,a-,.1fSwg5g,'1zrSvefJQii+if'-fu1- . - -- k fa j 1 .-,.1i1.:.:f-:J.'..g.'- T'ifa1'+ff'? ' -.X W- ' -. ' A Y - ,5Eief5:2if:'E:"'-1' - 5? Hrs:-E, -:,:: If V ,, -grin.,-Q,9"!i96f ' , 4 - A ,. ,, .. - 11:55-:'.1r-'Ag x ,. Mfr... w"5i'f'2-5, ' JP -' ' ' 13' - E--xgg'v91f . .,- ' t 4' ' :-. . X "lit '-- 4 -9 ,r .. aff:-'L' '93 Y 'ci ' 4 ' f' z, U ,I 'Vis Ai- ,' -.z 3,155 -. .. .v . -'T Q fb ' -' ,LQ . ...Q-5.3 H " " X . -"1...5, .I , 4 I-ax , - ,..,. ,, -- I f , .. . n, ..,1 -!,, , J 5...- ri ':'4'i3, ",' .-..-. H . A Auf:-A: w., -wi 'i11.151131-.:f1.z::'49'':"1-.' - A' a ,ga qu. ,.-f j ::.:grawf'-'Qu-5 - , In H V. ,... I A - -. W1-twnzfrz . V J' ' ' r,, ,,4J' I "i's'--':?N'1'-f,'."'. .--- ' .'.'T'f"1 . Qjfffflffy-'grin'-1 x . .70 . Q "wsu, -,ff " - ' ' '-f,,.f.3.L4g. .-.izplf-jAj, j,-H , -' , if,-.2-:Fr "lf," '- 1 . .. . :,vgf,,..,,, t it -A V315 2.2.4-,-,, ...".:E"f'i3f' 'r'-f-ffrlm , " x, 9 .Q , '- 1-. gsgiha-g'iz,fg:,l-,..: I.. , ,J ti ., gf, 4. Is ui.fr5341.,:q,:Qfvfix'vfiCg:5,,,sg3a:f52"1-V - ' -A f 'iff-1 Q -.-.-1 "-.. , 'n-5'.-LA-fi'?'Z. 'Q-'v.flli. f -' -' ' 'L'T-.- ' " 2 ' V". f:.w,'y,.1g.f,:f..'---5 - I 5.1.1 A 4 -wma.:-..,.,.g, V. pfil--,L 'f-'-f.QI5Ef5'1 ggfg-ye--5''fglr'-'1''f"2:f.T..A:J-''-f'. 31 jg' olgi-ff?-M.' 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' ff 'F W 0 1j3 LhQ j"?53 l l, M M" igjjgg-QM 32-.Quyg.L: Q 1p,.,-- ,f .Z-3' E .Q Y 2 J Q ,X H 'f fN1" " 'S ' 2 Q" 5 - ' q" 1 , . Lv E,Q2s47f1' WX' " i WV' x - 'f1xmf'?i""' "' 'W " M 'wa M 7, au -au. 1 To Une Who Ureametl ith U5 Page Fonrleen A bringer of new thingy . . . . . . Spirit yearning in desire To follow knowledge like d sinking mar, Beyond the utmost bound of knnznn llaonglol . . . To Urine, to Jeek, to jind, and not to yield. "Ulysses," Alfred, Lord Tennyson Gracious . . . giving , . . dedicated to teaching. We all love her . . . yet she never cultivated, sought, or even expected that love. All she desired was that we accept the challenge of learning . . . to strive . . . toseek...tolind... Her dream was a vision of truth . . . that one cannot know fully until he knows abundantly . . . that love for books and the knowledge of other men opens the door for a greater love for life. She gave us her dream when she ignited in us the first spark of intellectual enthusiasm . . . without her our dream could never have been fulfilled. We proudly dedicate our 1957 MUSTANG to Miss Evelyn Baker. ge Fffleep pa A If Ha Q f VL ge 7 DR. JACK HORNER Prinripal DR. ELMER H. GARINGER ' Superintezzdenf of City Schoolr dminislralinn To oUR ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF, Dr. Elmer H. Gar- inger, Dr. jack Horner, Mr. Tom Braaten, Miss Frances Gunter, and Mr. Porter Sheppard, we wish to offer our heartfelt gratitude for the leadership and guidance which you have contributed to our educational adventure. Without your devotedness and wisdom, the seniors' dream could not have been fulfilled. To the faculty we wish to express appreciation for the enthusiastic knowledge you have imparted to us. It would take another book to recount the many claims you have on our hearts, for through your efforts our different futures have been shaped. At times we may have seemed uncooperative and un- gratefulg and it is only as graduation draws near and another school year closes, that we more fully realize the magnitude of our indebtedness to you. MR THOMAS F. BRAATEN MISS FRANCES M. GUNTER MR. J. PORTER SIIEPPARD A rfifmfzl Prifzripal Dem of Girlr Dean of Boyr Panult MR. JULIUS ABERNETI-IY Algebra MISS MARTHA CABELL AKERS Spfznifh MRS. EMMIE HAY ALEXANDER Engliflo, Sofia! Studie: MR. STUART BEAMON ALLEN Sfiefzve, Mallyemnfirf MISS ANNIE ANTHONY Home Efonomiri MR. DONALD ETI-IERIDGE BAILEY Mnlbemnlicf, Sciefzre MISS LULA EVELYN BAKER Englifb MR, GLENN R. BRIDGES Matbemafirf, Srienfe MR. G. LESLIE BROWNE Euglifb MISS JEAN R. CARMICHAEL Cbemiflry MISS IMOGENE CARTER Efzglirb, Sofia! Smdiex MRS. CATHARINIE DAWSON COX Frenrlv MR. CARL G. N. CRONSTEDT Mmir, Clmrm MRS. SUSIE W. DEVEREUX Englifb MISS ROSE DUPREE Bible MR. ERNEST D. FEIMSTER IVMM Hiflory MRS. EDNA G. FLETCHER Biology MISS GORDON Q. FREEMAN Efzglifb MRS. JEAN DEWITT GLASS Malbemativf, Svienre MISS BETTY JANE GODEREY I11.rlr11me12fz1I Mzuic Page Seventeen Pacult MRS. CLAUDE GRAY English, Sofia! Studiex MISS JANE ELIZABETH HARRISON Typing, Slaorllmnd MR. JULIAN WILBUR HELMS Bond. Orrlaexlra MR. HERSHALL RAY HUNT Malloemalirf, Svienfe MISS MARY LOU JONES Phyximl Edumlion MISS SARA ADDIE JONES Erzglixb, Sofia! Sludiex MISS OMA CLAIRE LAFFERTY World Hiffory MRs. BETTY T. LANCASTER Frenrb, Spfznifh, Engliffa MR. ROBERT W. LANCASTER Biology, Pbyxiff MR. ROBERT WAYNE LEITH Indmtrial Art MRS. JANEY LYERLY Home Eronomirf MRs. HELEN L. MACON Ameriralz Hixiory MR. THEODORE P. MATUS Art MR. HOYT MCCACHREN Geometry MRs. MARGARET F. MCKEEL EngliJlJ, Social Sludief MRs. DOROTHY I. MESSERLY Mallaemalicf, Sfielzce MISS WINNIE DAVIS MOORE Biology ' MR. JOI-IN DANIEL MOOsE, JR. D1'ive1"f Education MISS MARGARET MACDOWELL NEWLAND Engliib MR. EDWARD F. OLECI-IOvsKY Lulin MISS JEAN LENORA PHIFER Libmrimz MRs. RAMONA POTTER Englifla, loizrmzlixm MR. GEORGE PARKER POWELL Pbyxinzl Edumlion MR. AUGUSTUS B. PURCELL Playiiml Edomlion MISS JESSIE RANKIN American H iffory MISS PATSY LEE SIFFORD Eng!ifb, Sofia! Sflldiff, Civirf MR. JACK H. SINK Eizgliih, S aria! Studie: MR. FRED SITTON Pizblir Speakiizg, Dramafiff MISS BETTY WILLIAMS SMITH . E1zg!iIb, Piyrhology MR. GRAHAM W. SOMERS Malhemalirf, Srienre Miss PAULINE SPRINKLE A! gebra MISS EVANGELINE STEWART Typing, Biuinefx Efliffafion MISS ALICE FRANCES STOKES Eng!iJh, Sofia! Slzzdier, Ameriraiz History MISS KATHERINE STUCKEY Pbyfical Edzzralioiz MRS. HARRIETT TAYLOR Librariali MISS SALLIE M. THOMAS Malbematirx, Srienee MR. R. G. THROWER Iizdumia! Am' MISS ANNE ALPHIN TURPIN Mafbemafirf MR. LEWIS A. WARWICK Matbemaliff MRS. IRENE L. WRIGHT Latin MR. MATTHEW E. BREEDEN Malmenanre Engineer MISS MARILOU GOWER Seerelary MRS. ALMA MCCRACKEN Nmzre MISS MARY PARSONS Dieliziaiz Facult Staff Pa ge N iiieleen Page Twenty Olftlf' CKULMQ5 . . . A moving panorama of faces, events, and emotions . . . the teacher among them, behind them, above them . . . watching, encouraging, giving. She sympathizes with the tremulous seventh graders when they first behold the maze of corridors, the many buildings, the upperclassmen --all so much taller. She helps the eighth graders . . . still confused, but learning fast . . . a bit spirited now with their new age and wisdom. She knows a feeling of pride when her ninth graders acquire a title- Freshmen . . . and with it a sense of responsibility . . . the air of leadership She counsels the Sophomores, looking with their first real interest toward the future . . . the time has come for them to prove themselves. She works with the Juniors in their struggle to realize the seriousness of high school and what it means to them . . . to find the proper balance between the new and exciting extra-curricular and the suddenly important studying . . . to become seniors in the "best class yet!', She lives again the torn emotions of the Seniors . . . facing eagerly, yet half fearfully, an entirely diferent life . . . almost dreading to leave Myers Park which they have come to love so, yet anticipating the new life that beckons . . . eagerly awaiting Graduation . . . as 7554 5 .1 ,, 1 T 1 Senior Class . . . 15157 The Big Four CHARLES WATERS . . . ............. ...... P reridew PAT GREGORY . . . LETA KENDALL .... BILL STEPHENSON . . . MOMEN'I'S TO REMEMBER - every moment in the senior year is a moment to remember. Those now far away football games . . . Pat and the Shrine Bowl game . . . Mary Dale and that crazy car . . . the plays . . . Betsy and the newspaper . special recognitions . . . and even old Billy, always figuring out ways to save the class's money. Who will ever Page Twelzly-Two . . .Vice-Prerident . . . .Secretary . . . .Treurm'e1' forget the Junior-Senior . . . pretty faces like Mary Hunter's . . . friends like Joe and Ken . . . or the hnal step - Graduation. Underclassman, we leave to you Myers Park, whose walls will forever ring with our laughter - a place of honor, a place of glory, a place where part of our hearts will ever be. Seniors Ann Ross Abbey Entered 513 Mustang 103 MyerSpark 11, 123 French Club 11, 123 Cheer Club 123 Girl Ambassadors 11, 123 Bible Club 103 Y-Teen 10, ll, 123 G.A.A. 123 Limelighters 10, 123 School Spirit Committee 10, 11, 12: Citizenship Committee 11, 12. Mary Ann Adams Entered 54: Bible Club 10, 113 Y-Teen 10, 11, 123 G.A.A. 12. Sally Kerfoot Adams Entered 513 French Club 11, 123 Bible Club 10, 113 Y-Teen 10, 122 G.A.A. 123 Public Relations Committee 12: Letter Girl 12. Eleanor Jean Allen Entered 512 Mustang 103 Myerspark 103 Girl Ambassadors 11, 123 Junior Marshal 113 Cheer Club 123 Bible Club 103 113 Y-Teen 10: G.A,A. 123 Cheerleader 10, 11, Head 123 School Spirit Committee 123 Dance Committee 12. Florence Scheirich Anderson Entered 51g French Club 123 Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12. jane Pierce Arthurs Entered 513 Homeroom Oflicer 103 Mustang 10, 11, Editor 123 French Club 10Q Spanish Club 11, 123 Bible Club 103 G.A.A. 122 Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 123 School Spirit Committee 123 Citizenship Committee 11, 123 Swimming 11. William Herbert Ashendorf Entered 513 Student Council 123 Monogram Club 11, 123 Key Club 11, 12: Spanish Club 11, 123 Athletic Committee 10, 11, Chairman 123 Basketball 10, 11, 12. Sandra Ashkenazie Entered 55: Spanish Club 123 Y-Teen 123 Limelighters 123 Senior High Chorus 11. Judith Woods Atkins Entered 543 Student Council 10, 123 Homeroom Ofhcer 11Q Mustang 123 French Club 11, 123 Cheer Club 123 Bible Club 10, 113 Y-Teen 10, 11, 123 G.A.A. 123 Citizenship Committee 123 Club Committee 123 Swimming 123 School Spirit Committee 123 Honor Society 123 Homecoming Attendant 12. Cecil Percy Balderson, jr. Entered 513 Student Council 123 Monogram Club 10, 11, 12: Junior Marshal 113 Cheer Club 123 Engineers' Club 123 School Spirit Committee 123 Baseball 10, 11, 12. Judith Ann Bamberger Entered 51: French Club 11, 123 Y-Teen 10, 113 G.A.A. 123 School Spirit Committee 123 Honor Society 12. joe Wilson Barefoot Entered 513 French Club 10, 11, 123 Cheer Club 123 Boys' Glee Club 103 Swimming 12. Ann Ross Ann Sally Eleanor Florence Jane Billy Sandy Judith Cecil Judy Joe Seniors Beverly Earl Barksdale, III Entered 51: Honieroom Officer 11: Spanish Club 11, 12: Athletic Committee 10, 11, 12: Basketball 10, 11, 12: Mustang 11, 12. Edith May Bell Entered 51: Latin Club 113 Y-Teen 103 F.H,A, 12. Thomas Warring Best Entered 513 Horneroorn Oiiicer 11, 121 lVInnog'ram Club 11, 12: Junior Marshal 113 Spanish Club 11, 12: Latin Club, President 10: Honor Society 11, 12: Engineers' Club 11, 123 Track 10, 11, 12, Cleone Irene Blair Entered 51: Homeroom Officer 10, 11, 12: Mustang 10, 11, Fea- ture Editor 12: Spanish Club 10: Cheer Club 123 Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 123 Basketball 12. Phyllis Rae Blankenship Entered 52: Student Council 11: Mustang 10: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 123 Girl Ambassadors 123 Bible Club 10, 113 Y-Teen 10, 11, President 12: G.A.A. l2Q School Spirit Committee 12: Citizenship Committee 12. Patricia Rae Blanton Entered 56: Homeroom Oilticer 12: F.H.A. 12: Y-Teen 12. john Rich Boles Entered 56: Mustang 12: Cross-Country, Captain 12: XVrestling 12: Monogram Club 12. Margaret Ann Bostick Entered 51: Homeroom Officer 12: Spanish Club 10, 11, 12: French Club 11, 123 G.A.A. 12. Elizabeth Anne Boston Entered 51: Homeroom Oiiicer 10, 11: Spanish Club 11, 123 Cheer Club 12: Girl Ambassadors 10, 11, 12: Bible Club 10, Treasurer 11: Y-Teen 10: G,A.A. 10, 11, 12: Senior High Chorus 10, 12: Basket- ball 10, 12, Captain 11: School Spirit Committee 11: Dance Com- mittee 10. Elizabeth Olney Bowen Entered 51: Spanish Club 11, IZ: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G,A,A. 10, 11, President 123 School Spirit Committee 12: Swimming' 10: Tennis 10, 11, 12, Elizabeth Gibson Bradford Entered 51: Mustang 123 French Club 11, 12: Bible Club 10, 115 Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 12: Limelighters 12: School Spirit Committee 11: Citizenship Committee 12: Dance Committee 12: Swimming' 12. Susan Margaret Bretholl Entered 56: Limelighters 12. DIPLOMA COMMITTEE Our passport to the future. Bevo Edie Tom Cleone Phyllis Patty John Ann Betty Elizabeth Woody Susan Wendy Katie Joan Voris Joe Fred Calhoun Margaret Heath Ted Seniors Weimdy Ann Brol-:hoff Entert-il 555 Honieroom Officer 125 Spanish Club 121 Cheer Club 125 School Spirit Committee 12. Helen Katharine Bromeling Entered 555 French Club 11, 125 Y-Teen 11, 125 Senior High Chorus 125 F.T.A. 12. Joan Gertrude Brooks Entered 55. Voris Glenn Brookshire, jr. Entered 515 French Club 11, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Uri'-hestrn 10, 11, 125 'I'rafEc Committee 11, 125 Cross-Country 10, 115 All State Orchestra 11. joe Gray Brunson Entered 545 Cheer Club 12, Burton Frederick Buchan, jr. Entered 545 Homeroom Officer 11, 125 Junior Marshal 115 Latin Club 115 Honor Society 11, 125 Engineers' Club, Treasurer 11, President 125 Radio Club 10, 115 School Spirit Committee 125 Harvard Book Award 11. Anne Marie Calhoun Entered 555 Y-Teen 11. Margaret Ann Carpenter Entered 515 Homeroom Omcer 105 Mustang, Girls' Sports Editor 125 Junior Marshal 115 Latin Club, Treasurer 10: Cheer Club 125 Girl Ambassadors 10, 11, 125 Honor Society, Vicee-Presicltent 11, 125 Bible- Club 10, 115 Y-Teen 10: G.A.A. 105 Clubs Committee 125 Basketball 10, 115 French Club 11, 12. Albert Heath Carrier, III Entered 515 Boys' Glee Club 115 Enttineers' Club 125 Track 12. Allan Heath Cash, Jr. Ente-reml 545 Spanish Club 115 Band 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 1.1, 125 All State Orchestra 11. Carol Cathey Entered 515 F11-i1c'l1 Club 125 Latin Club 11, 125 Senior High Chorus 10, 11, 125 I1'.T.A, 11, 12. George Collins Entered 525 Spanish Club 125 Cheer Club 125 Senior Higrh Chorus 11, 12: Boys' Glee Club 11, 125 XVrestling 115 Tennis 11, 125 Foot- ball 10, 115 School Spirit Committee 125 Citizenship Committee 125 Athletic Committee 12. BANQUET COMMITTEE "We'lI be too excited to eat!" Carol George Kelly Cookie Mary Anne Margie Mary Rui' David Mary Jimmy Seniors Marilyn Davis Connor Entered 51: Student Council 11, 12: Homeroom Officer 10: Class Secretary 11: Cheer Club, President 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, Treasurer 12: School Spirit Committee, Chairman 12: Citizenship Com- mittee 1l, 12: Dance Committee 11: American Field Service Representative 12. Mary Virginia Cook Entered 51: Mustang 10: Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12. Mary Katherine Cotter Entered 51: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10, 11, 12: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 10, 11, 12: Swimming 10: F.H.A, 12. Anne Lawton Cowan Entered 51: Homeroom Officer 12: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Girl Ambassadors 11, 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 10, 11, 12: Limelighters 12: School Spirit Committee 12: Swimming' 10: Tennis 10, 12. Marjorie Ellen Cowell Entered 51: Homeroom Oiiicer 10, 12: Myerspark 11, 12: Spanish Club 10, 11, Treasurer 12: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: Letter Girl 12: Public Relations Committee 11: School Spirit Committee 11, 12: Citizenship Committee 11, 12: G.A.A, 12: F.H.A., President 12. Mary Blenn Cox Entered 52: French Club 11, 12: Horneroom Officer 10: Latin Club, Secretary 10: Bible Club 10, 11: Senior High Chorus 10: Public: Relations Committee 12. Mary Rutledge Crayton Entered 55: Homeroom Oflicer 11: Bible Club 11: Y-Teen 12: G.A.A. 12: Limelighters 11, 12. David Capps Creech Entered 55: Homeroom Oflicer 12: Monogram Club 11, 12: Key Club 11, 12: Latin Club 11, President, North Carolina Classical League 11: Cheer Club 12: Senior High Chorus 11, 12: Boys' Glee Club 11, 12: Track 11, 12: Football 12, Mary Allison Dale Entered 55: Mustang 12: French Club 11, 12: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 11: Y-Teen 11, 12: G.A.A. 12: Limelighters 11, 12: Citizenship Committee 12: Dance Committee 12: Swimming' 11, 12. James William Dellinger Entered 54: French Club 11: Bible Club 10, 11: Senior High Chorus 11, Boys' Glee Club 11: Traffic Committee 12. Ann Elizabeth Dillard Entered 51: Student Council 12: Mustang 10: Spanish Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Bible Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: Limelighters 10, 12: School Spirit Committee 12: Citizenship Committee 12. Jean Reynolds Dillard Entered 54: Student Council 12: Homeroom Officer 10: Mustang 10. 11: Spanish Club 10, 11, President 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Public Relations Committee 10, 11, Co-Chairman 12: Citizenship Com- mi tee 1 . SOCIAL COMMITTEE "Let's have a party !" Ann Renni Seniors Morrison Wenceslaus Divine, III Entered 565 Homeroom Officer 125 Golf 125 Football 12. julia Akin Doar Entered 515 Homeroom Officer 10, 115 MyerSpark 11, Class Editor 125 Swimming 11, 125 French Club 105 Cheer Club 125 Girl Ambassadors 10, 11, 125 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Citizenship Committee 12. Roger Alan Driscoll Entered 515 Myerspark 115 Latin Club 115 Football 11, 125 Mono- gram Club 12. George Franklin Dunn Entered 54. Barbara Lee Edwards Entered 515 Homeroom Omcer 10: Mustang 102 French Club 10: Bible Club 105 Y-Teen 10, ll, 125 G.A.A. 125 Limelighters 125 Citizenship Committee 12. Jean Carole Edwards Entered 515 Spanish Club 10, 115 Cheer Club 125 Bible Club 115 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 Senior High Chorus 115 School Spirit Com- mittee 125 G.A.A. 125 F.H.A. 12. Gail Frances Emory Entered 555 Bible Club 115 Y-Teen 115 Citizenship Committee 12. Carolyn Augusta Escott Entered 545 Latin Club 115 Cheer Club 125 Bible Club 10, 115 Y-Teen 10, 115 Limelighters 125 Palateers 10. Donald Grier Faires Entered 515 C.A.P. 10, Flight Leader 11, Cadet Commander 12. Evelyn Faires Entered 515 Homeruom Officer 105 Class Sevretary 105 Mustang, Assistant Editor 115 Junior Marshal 115 Girl Ambassadors 10, Treasurer 11, President 125 Y-Teen, President 105 Senior High Chorus 10. Steven Alan Firestone Entered 51. Beverly Ann Foard Entered 515 MyerSpark 105 French Club 11, 125 Latin Club 10, 11, 125 Cheer Club 125 Bible Club 115 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Public Relations Committee 125 School Spirit Com- mittee 125 Citizenship Committee 125 Swimming 105 F.H.A. 12. BACCALAUREATE COMMITTEE Mr. Creech? . . . Mr. Herbert? . . . Dr. Brockhoff? Boogie Panni Rog George Barbara Jean Gail Lyn Don Evelyn Steve Bev Seniors Beverly Bolling Foster Entvrefl 51: Front-li Club 11, 12: Latin Club 11, 12: Cheer Club 12: School Spirit Committee 11: Citizenship Committee 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 12: F.T.A. 12: Bible Club 11. Bruce Goodson Freeman, jr. Entered 51: Latin Club 11. Ann Shelton Frost Entererl 51: Home-room Ofhcer ll: Spanish Cluh 10, 12: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 12: School Spirit Committee 12. Richard Vernon Fuller Entered 51. Ed Givens Gallagher Entered 51: Student Council 11: Monogram Club 10, 11, 12: Junior Marshal 11: Bible Club 10, 11: Senior High Chorus 11: Boys' Glee Club 11: Baseball 11: Track 10, 11, 12: Football 10, 11, 12. Douglas Gordon Galvin Entorcrl 51: Monogram Club 11, 12: Spanish Club 12: Cross- Cuuntry 11: Basketball 10, 11, 12: Athletic Committee 11, 12. Mary Lynn Gardner Entered 51: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: Dance Come mittee 12: Spanish Club 12: School Spirit Committee 12. Robert Van Cleve Giersch Entered 51: Homeroom Oflicer 12: Monogram Club 12: Cheer Club, Secretary 12: Llmelighters 11, 12: School Spirit Committee 12: Swimming 11, 12, Catherine Stuart Gilchrist Entered 51: Homeroom Ofticer 10, 12: Mustang 10, 12: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 12: School Spirit Committee 11, 12: Citizenship Commit- tee 12: Bible Club 10, 11. Patrick Augustus Givens Entered 714: Monogram Club 12: Spanish Club 12: Track 11, 12: Basketball 11. Margaret Anne Goldsborough Entert-il 51: Student Council 10, 11, 12: Mustang 11: MyerSpark ll, Feature Editor 12: Junior Marshal 11: Spanish Club 11, 12: Cheer Club 12: Girl Ambassadors 11, 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 12, Secretary 11: Public Relations Committee 10: School Spirit Committee 12, Chairman 11: Citizenship Committee 11, Chairman 12. Dorothy Berryman Graham lrlntr-roll 51: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: C1.A,A, 10. INVITATIONS COMMITTEE "Let's send them to all our richest relatives." Bev Bruce Frostie Richard Ed Doug Lynn Van Cathy Pat Margaret Berry Allan Janet Ellen Ape Bob Tom Herb John Nancy Marie Judy Jeannette Seniors William Allan Gravely Entered 515 Student Council 125 Latin Club 115 Boys' State 115 Band 10, 11, 12: School Spirit Committee 11: Tratlic Committee 11, Chairman 12: Basketball 115 Limelighters 12. janet Phyllis Graven Entered 525 Spanish Club 10, 11, Vice-President 12: Y-Teen 105 G.A.A. 125 School Spirit Committee 12. Ellen Hollingsworth Graves Entered 515 French Club 11, 125 Y-Teen 125 Cheer Club 125 Limelighters ll. james Patrick Gregory Entered 515 Student Council 10, 115 Homeroom Officer 11, 125 Class Vice-President 125 Engineers' Club 11, 12: Monogram Club 10, 11, President 12: Junior Marshal 115 Key Club 10, 11, Secre- tary 125 Athletic Committee 10, Chairman 115 lVrestlin,eg 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Football 10, 11, Captain 12. Robert Louis Grossman Entered 555 Homeroom Omcer 125 Monogram Club 125 Cheer Club 12: Engineers' Club 125 Athletic Committee 125 Swimming' 11,125 Tennis 11, 12. Thomas Connally Guerranr, III Entered 545 Monogram Club 125 Band 10, 115 Orchestra 115 Engi- neers' Club 125 Traflic Committee 115 Dance Committee 125 Swimming 11, 12. jan Herbert Guettler Entered 565 Football 125 American Field Service Representative 125 Key Club 12. Val John Guthery, III Entered 525 Hnmeroom Officer 12: Mustang 125 Myer-Spark, Circulation Manager 115 Monogram Club 11, 125 Cheer Club 125 Bible Club 115 Engineers' Club 125 School Spirit Committee 11, 12: Citizenship Committee 125 Dance Committee 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 12. Nancy Farrow Hall Entered 51: Homeroom Oflicer 125 Spanish Club 11, 125 Latin Club 105 Cheer Club 125 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 G.A.A, 11, 125 Lime- lighters 115 Swimming' 11, 12. Helen Marie Harris Entered 515 Mustang 105 French Club ll, 125 Latin Club 105 Cheer Club 125 Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 Citizenship Com- mittee 12. Judith Ailene Harris Entered 515 Student Council, Vice-President 125 Homeroom Ofiicer 10, 115 Mustang 10, 115 Chief Junior Marshal 115 French Club 105 Girl Ambassadors 11, 125 Bible Club 10, Vice-President, Secretary 115 Y-Teen 10, 12, President 115 Cheerleader 11, 125 Honor Society 12. Jeannette Winsten Harrison Entered 515 Latin Club 11, 125 Cheer Club 125 Y-Teen 10, ll, 125 Limelighters 11, President 12. COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE "After this, what?" Hawkeye Jackie Jeanne Nan Libba Georgianne Ann Gaile Jo Sue Seniors Harry McAden Hawkins Entered 515 French Club 115 Cheer Club 125 Bible Club 115 Citizenship Committee 125 'Track 125 Basketball 10, 115 VVrestling 125 Monogram Club 12. Jacqueline Elizabeth Helin Entered 555 Student Council 11, 125 Mustang 11, 125 Spanish Club 105 Cheer Club 125 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 Public Relations Committee 125 School Spirit Committee 125 Honor Society 12. Gladys Jeanne Helms Entered 515 Mustang 125 French Club 125 Cheer Club 125 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 11, 125 Senior High Chorus 105 Citizenship Committee 125 Swimming ll, 12. Nancy Eugenia Hemphill Entered 515 Student Council 105 I-Iomeroom Officer 10, 125 Mustang 10, 11, Assistant Activities Editor 125 Spanish Club 10, 11, 125 Cheer Club 125 Bible Club 10, 115 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 Limelighters 105 Public Relations Committee 10, 11, 125 School Spirit Committee 10, ll, 125 Citizenship Committee ll, 125 Dance Committee 11. Elizabeth Rose Herbert Entered 525 Mustang 105 MyerSpark ll, News Editor 125 French Club 11, Treasurer 125 Girl Ambassadors ll, Vice-President 125 Bible Club 105 Y-Teen 11, 12, Vice-President 105 G.A.A. 10, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 F.T.A. 125 Public Relations Committee 115 School Spirit Committee 125 Citizenship Committee 11, 125 Swimming 12. Georgianne Hightower Entered 545 Spanish Club 115 Cheer Club 125 Bible Club 11, 125 Y-Teen 11, 12. Ann Marie Hirth Entered 56. Martha Gaile Holder Entered 515 Cheer Club 125 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 Limelighters 12. .Io Anne Huff Entered 555 MyerSpark 115 Spanish Club 125 Cheer Club 125 Honor Society 11, 125 Bible Club 115 Y-Teen 11, 125 G.A.A, 125 School Spirit Committee 12. Susan Victoria Hull Entered 515 Student Council 125 Homeroom Ofilcer 105 Mustang 10: MyerSpark, Copy Editor 115 French Club 10, 11, 125 Cheer Club 125 Girl Ambassadors 10, 11, 125 Honor Society 11, 125 Bible Club 10, 115 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 Limelighters 125 School Spirit Committee 10, ll, 125 Citizenship Committee 125 Clubs Com- mittiZ125 G.A.A. 125 VVinner of "I Speak for Democracy" Con- test '. Ronald Stephen Hulse, jr. Entered 515 Monogram Club 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 115 Football 10, 1 . Elizabeth Bomar Hunt Entered 515 Student Council 10, 115 Class Vice-President 115 Cheer Club 125 Bible Club 10, 115 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 10, ll, 125 Letter Girl 125 Citizenship Committee 115 Dance Committee 11, 12: Swimming' 10, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Home- coming Attendant 10, 11. TRIP COMMITTEE Washington? . . . New York? . . . or both? Ronnie Bette Seniors Cynthia Arm Hyatt Entered 51: Homeroom Omeer 10, 11: MyerSpark 10, Advertising Manager 11, Business Manager 12: Spanish Club 12: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Girl Ambassadors 11, 12: Y-Teen 11, 12: G.A.A. 12: Limeli,e,'hters 10, 11, 12: F.T,A. ll, 12: Quill 8: Scroll 11, 12: Public Relations Committee 11, 12: Ss-hool Spirit Com- mittee 11, 12: Citizenship Committee 11, 12, Marjorie Anne Jammer Entered 53: Homeroom Omeer 11: Mustang 10: MyerSpark 11: French Club 11: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A, 12: Limeli,s:'liters 10: School Spirit Committee 12: Citizenship Committee 12: Swimming' 12: Honor Society 12. Frances Catherine Jerman . Entered 51: Mustang 11, 12: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 10, 12: Danee Committee 12: Swimming 12: Basketball 10. Robert Randolph Jewell Entered 52: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Senior High Chorus 10, 12: Band 10: School Spirit Committee 12: Traliit' Committee 11: Danr-e Committee 11: Basketball 10, 11, 12. john Phillips Little Johnston Entered 51: Monogram Club 10, 11, 12: Latin Club 11: Bible Club 10, 11: Track 10, 11, 12: Basketball 10, 11. Harry Kirby jones Entered 51: Home-room Officer 10, 11, 12: Monogram Club 11, 12: Key Club 11, 12: French Club 10: Bible Club 11: Citizenship Committee 12: Cross-Country 11: Basketball 10, 11, 12: Most Valuable Player GCAA Tournament 11. May Wells Jones Entered 54: Mustang 11, 12: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Girl Ambassadors 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G,A.A. 12: Limelighters 10, 11, 12: Public Relations Committee 12: Citizenship Committee 11, 12. Janet Marie jordan Entered 52: French Club 10, 11, 12: Cheer Club 12: Girl Am- bassadors 11, 12: Honor Society 12, Treasurer 11: Bible Club 10: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: Band 10, 11, 12: Public Relations Com- mittee 11. Allen Yat Foon .lung Entered 56. Gail Jung Entered 56, Lewis Edward Kale, Jr. Entered 515 Cheer Club 12. David Allen Kaleel Entered 55. GIFT COMMITTEE "Myers Park has given so much-how can we repay the debt?" Cynthia Marii Fran Bob Phil Harry May Wells Janet Allen Gail Eddie Dave Seniors Eddie Ann Kelly Entered 54: Mustang, Assistant Girls' Sports Editor 11: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: G..-LA. 10, 12: Band 11, 12: F.'I'.A. 'l'1'easu1'er 11, President 12: Public Relations Committee 11, 12: School Spirit Committee 12: Tennis 10, 12: Basketball 10, 12. Leta Lynn Kendall Entered 31: Student Counc-il 11: Class Secretary 12: Mustang 11: French Club 11: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, Secretory 12: Limelighters 12: School Spirit Com- mittee 12: Citizenship Committee 11, 12: Miss-Hi-Miss 12. John Lowry Kennedy Entered 54: Limelighters 12: Band 10, 11, 12. Mary Hunter Kennedy Entered 51: Student Council 12: Mustang, 10, Assistant Features Editor 11, Activities Editor 12: Junior Marshal 11: Girl Am- bassadors 10, 11, 12: Honor Society 11, 12: Bible Club 10, 112 Y-Teen 10: G.A.A. 10, 12: Cheerleader 11, 12: School Spirit Committee 12: Clubs Committee, Chairman 12: Basketball 10, Cheer Club 12. Warren Cleveland Kennedy Entered 52: Myerspark 12: Track 11. Emma Lista Kirkman Entered 54: French Club 10, 11: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11: Senior High Chorus 11, 12. Robert M. Kirkpatrick Entered 55: C.A.P. 11: Football 11. Rudolph George Kugler, jr. Entered 54: Homeroom Onieer 11: Mustan , Photographer 10, 11, 12: Myerspark, Photographer 10, 11, 12: Key Club 11, 122 Spanish Club 10, 11, 12: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Engle neers' Club 12: C.A.P. 10: School Spirit Committee 12: Citizenship Committee 12: Tennis 10, 11, 12. Anita Kay LaFerney Entered 50: Y-Tr-en 12: G.A.A. 12: F.'l'.A. 12: Swimming 12: F,H.A. 12: Honor Soc-iety 12. joseph Finley Lee, jr. Entered 54: Home-room Ofnc-er 10, 12: Mustang 11: Monogram Club 10, 11, 12: Junior Marshal 11: Key Club 10, 11, 12: Latin Club 11: Boys' State 11: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10: Citizenship Cotnnilttt-1: 10: Alhletit- Committee 12: Tennis 10, 11, 12. Dennis Frank Leffler Entered 555 Monogrztm Club 11, 12: En,':,fineers' Club 12: Swirn- mins 11, 1. Dorothy Waddell Leggett Entered 5-1: Y-Teen 10, 12: Limelieghters 10, 12. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE "Pomp and Circumsl'ance" . . . pride . . . the turning of the ring. Kelly Letu Johnny Mary Hunter Warren Emma Bob Skipper Kay Fin Dennis Dori Sam Dorcas Anne Lynndy Buddy Jimmy Dean Catharine Charles Nick Jane Joey Seniors Samuel Oakes Lindeman Entered 515 Football Trainer 11. Dorcas Eileen Lineberger Entered 515 French Club 11, 125 Cheer Club 125 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 G,A.A. 10, 11, 125 F.T.A. 12, Secretary 115 Basketball 10, 125 Tennis 105 F,H.A., Treasurer 12. Anne Crawford Sadler Lipscomb Entered 515 French Club 10, 11, President 125 Bible Club 115 Y-Teen 105 Limelighters 125 G.A.A. 12. Lynnsday Lee Logue Entered 555 Mustang 125 Latin Club 115 Cheer Club 125 Y-Teen 11, 125 G.A.A. 125 Limelighters 125 Tennis 125 School Spirit Com- mittee 12. Ralph Dennis Long Entered 545 French Club 11, 12. James Vaughn Loven Entered 555 Senior High Chorus 125 Boys' Glee Club 11, 125 Traffic Committee 125 'Track 11, 12. Dean Powell Lowe Entered 565 Student Council 12. Catharine Maner Lucas Entered 525 Mustang, Assistant Art Editor 11, Art Editor 125 MyerSpar-k 11, Art Editor 125 French Club 125 Cheer Club 125 Girl Ambassadors 11, 125 Y-Teen 10, 115 Limelighters 115 Pala- teers, Secretary 105 Public Relations Committee 115 School Spirit Committee 115 Citizenship Committee 10, 11. Charles Craft Lucas, jr. Entered 515 Homeroom Officer 10, 11, 125 Mustang, Advertising Manager 125 Junior Marshal 115 French Club 11, 125 Cheer Club, Vice-President 125 Senior High Chorus 11, 125 Boys' Glee Club 11, 125 School Spirit Committee 10, 11, 125 Dance Committee 115 Honor Society 125 Key Club 12. Frank Claude Malcolm Entered 56. jane Louise Manson Entered 545 Student Council 125 Bible Club 10, 115 Y-Teen 10, 1.1, 125 G.A.A. 125 Swimming 12. Sallie Josephine Marcotte Entered 515 Mustang 10, 125 French Club 11, 125 Latin Club 105 Cheer Club 125 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 G,A.A. 125 Limelighters 105 Public Relations Committee 11, 125 School Spirit Committee 125 Citizenship Committee 12. Football players' choice. Von Mary Judy Jean John Katy Mary Lee John Sam Leighton Seniors Vonnette Abbie Massey Entered 56: Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 12: Limelighters 12: Senior High Chorus 12. Mary Lee Mathis Entered 51: French Club 11, 12: Bible Club 11: Y-Teen 10, 12: G.A.A. 10, 11, 12: Orchestra 10, 11, 12: F.T.A. 10, 11, 12: F.H.A. 12: Tennis 11, 12. Judith Ann Mathews Entered 51: Spanish Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11. Martha jean Mauldin Entered 51: Mustang 11, Class Editor 12: Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: Limelighters 12: Public Relations Committee 12: School Spirit Committee 12: F.H.A. 12. john Franklin McAu1ey Entered 51: Key Club 11, 12: French Club 10, 11: Engineers' Club 11, 12: Track 10: Cross-Country 10, 11. Katherine McCanless Entered 51: Mustang 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11: G,A.A. 12: Letter Girl 12: Public Relations Committee 12. Mary Lee McClung Entered 53: Spanish Club 11: Latin Club 11: Bible Club 11: G.A.A. 11, 12: Senior High Chorus 11: F.T.A. 12: Swimming' 12. john Edward McCullough Entered 56. Edgar Myers McGee Entered 51: Homeroom Oificer 11, 12: French Club 11, 12: Bible Club 11: Cheer Club, Treasurer 12: Limelighters 11, Vice' President 12: School Spirit Committee 11, 12. Leighton Edward McGinn Entered 51: Student Council 10: Homeroom Oflic-ei' 11, 12: Mustang 11, Boys' Sports Editor 12: Key Club 10, 11, 12: Mono- gram Club 10, 11, Secretary 12: French Club 10, 11: Bible Club 10, 11: Engineers' Club 12: Citizenship Committee 10: Dance Committee 11, 12: Baseball 10, 11, 12: Basketball 10, 11: Football 10, 11, 12. Barbara Ann McMillan , Entered 56. Donald Drake McNeill, jr. Entered 54: Key Club 11, 12: Spanish Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Boys' State 11: Cheer Club 12: Engineers' Club 10, 11, Treasurer 12: Radio Club 12: School Spirit Committee 11: Citizenship Com' mittee 12: House and Grounds Committee 10: Swimming 11: Track 10, 11, 12: Cross-Country 10, 11. School spirit undampened. Barbara Don Seniors Mary Moore Meacham Entered 555 Spanish Club 125 Cheer Club 125 Y-Teen 125 G.A.A, 125 School Spirit Committee 125 Swimming 125 Tennis 12. Patrick Bond Michael Entered 54. Jo Anne Miller Entered 515 Homeroom Officer 125 Mustang 12: French Club 125 Cheer Club 125 Girl Ambassadors 11, 125 Bible Club 10, 115 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 11, 125 Limelighters 115 School Spirit Committee 125 Citizenship Committee 11, 125 Swimming 11, 12. William Edward Montgomery, III Entered 515 Mustang 10, 11, Business Manager 125 Spanish Club 10, ll, Vic-e-President 125 Radio Club 12, Vice-President 10, President ll: C.A.P, 10: Public Relations Committee 115 Key Club 125 Honor Society 11, Treasurer 125 Engineers' Club 10, 11, Vice-President 12. Larry Alan Moore Entered 54: Radio Club 105 C.A.P. 10, 11. Hubert Lee Moorelield Entered 555 Senior High Chorus 11, 125 Buys' Glee Club 11, 12. Jerry Alfred Morgan Entered 515 Cheer Club 12. Elizabeth Charlotte Mraz Entered 515 Homeroom Officer 10, 11, 125 Myer-Spark 11, Adver- tising Manager 125 French Club 11, 125 Latin Club 105 Cheer Club 125 Girl Ambassadors 10, 11, Treasurer 125 Bible Club 105 Y-Teen 10, 12, Vice-President 115 President, Y-Teen Inner-Club Council 115 Honor Society 125 G.A.A. 125 Public Relations Com- mittee 125 School Spirit Committee 125 Citizenship Committee 125 Swimming 12. Brower Murphy, jr. Entered 545 MyerSpark, Photographer 125 Latin Club 125 Cheer Club 125 Engineers' Club 125 Radio Club 125 F.T.A, 125 School Spirit Committee 125 Citizenship Committee 125 Track 125 Astronomy Club 12. Hugh Grattan Murray, jr. Entered 515 Latin Club 105 Orchestra 10, 11, President 125 Citizenship Committee 125 Track 12. Millie Mustang Mustang Mascot 10, 11, 125 American Steeplechase Representa- tive 125 Superlative, "Longest Eyelashes" 125 "Lead Hoofer," Senior Class Follies 12. Gwendolyn Wiesen Neiman Entered 515 I-Iomeroom Omcer 125 Spanish Club 11, 125 Latin Club 105 Cheer Club 125 Girl Ambassadors 11, 125 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 12: Limelighters 115 F.H,A. 125 Public Relations Committee ll, 125 School Spirit Committee 11, 125 Citizenship Committee 125 Dance Committee 125 Swimming ll, 12. Joe College '57-'58. Meach Pal' Jo Bill Alan Hubert Jerry Betty Brower Hugh Millie Gwen Seniors Edward Carl Niven Entered 513 Latin Club 113 Bible Club 113 Baseball 11, 12. Kenneth Leon Oliver Entered 513 Student Council 10, 11, President 121 Homeroom Ofncer 10, 113 Class President 10, 113 Mustang 10, Assistant Boys' Sports Editor 113 Chief Junior Marshal 113 Key Club 10, 11, 123 Latin Club 11, 123 Boys' State 113 Cheer Club 123 Honor Society 11, 123 Clubs Committee, Chairman 113 All-City Brains Team 113 Myerspark 10. Sarah jane Oliver Entered 513 Mustang 123 French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 113 Cheer Club 123 Y-Teen 123 G.A.A. 123 School Spirit Committee 123 Citizenship Committee 12. Nancy Mason Patten Entered 512 Mustang 10, 123 Myer-Spark 10, Assistant Advertising Manager 113 Spanish Club 11, 121 Latin Club 103 Cheer Club 123 Y-Teen 10, 11, 123 G.A.A. 123 Limelighters 113 Quill 85 Scroll 113 School Spirit Committee 123 Citizenship Committee 123 Swim- ming 11, 12. William Dexter Payne Entered 533 D.E. Club 10, 11. Charles Emory Petty, III Entered 513 French Club 11, 123 Bible Club 10, llg Limelighters io, 11, 12. james Christian Pfohl, jr. Entered 523 Monogram Club 123 Band 10, 11, Vice-President 12' Orchestra 123 Baseball 10, 11, 12. Marian Taylor Pierce Entered 513 Latin Club 11, 123 Y-Teen 10, 11, 123 G.A.A. 12' School Spirit Committee 123 Citizenship Committee 123 Swim- ming 11, 12. Martha Marie Pierce Entered 543 Homeroom Oificer 113 Latin Club 12, Treasurer 11' Y-Teen 123 G.A.A. 123 French Club 123 F.T.A. 11. Kathryn Elizabeth Pittard Entered 513 Mustang 10, 123 French Club ll, Cheer Club 12' Bible Club 10, 113 Y-Teen 10, 11, 123 Public Relations Come mittee 123 School Spirit Committee 11, 12: Dance Committee 113 Latin Club 103 Homecoming Attendant 12. Katherine Ann Potts Entered 513 Mustang 123 French Club 10, 113 Latin Club 11, 123 Cheer Club 123 Bible Club 10, 113 Y-Teen 10, 11, 125 Public Relations Committee 123 School Spirit Committee 12: Swimming 112 Senior High Chorus 10, Treasurer 123 G.A.A. 121 Citizenship Committee 12. David Dockery Price Entered 513 Spanish Club 123 Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 11, 12' Engineers' Club 123 Trafhc Committee 123 Athletic Committee l2Q Cheer Club 12. "Congratulations, Judith." Ed Ken Jane Nancy Bill Charles Piffle Marian Martha Libby Trinie David Mariana Russ Boyce J ou n na Judee Butch Marnie John Bob Jimmy Patsy Antje Seniors Mariana Proctor Entered 541 Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10: Y-Teen 10, 11, 122 Limelighters 11, 122 Public Relations Committee 123 Mustang 11, 12. Lloyd Russell Ranson, Jr. Entered 51: Cheer Club 123 Engineers' Club 10, 12, Vice-Presi- dent 11: Radio Club 10, 12, Vice-President 11. Anne Boyce Rich Entered 51: Homeroom Omcer 10, 112 Junior Marshal 11: French Club 113 Cheer Club 123 Bible Club 10, 113 Girl Ambassa- dors 11, 123 Senior High Chorus 10: Majorette 11: Public Rela- tions Committee 10, 11: School Spirit Committee 10, 11, 12: Citizenship Committee 123 Dance Committee 11, 123 Y-Teen 19111, 12: G.A.A. 11, 125 Limelighters 10, 11, 12: Swimming' 1 1,12. Joanna Babcock Risdon Entered 523 Student Council 11, 123 Mustang 113 MyerSpark 10, 11, 123 Junior Marshal 112 French Club 11, 123 Latin Club 103 Cheer Club 123 Girl Ambassadors 10, 11, 122 Bible Club 10, 112 Y-Teen 10, 113 G.A.A. 12: Limelighters 10, 11, Secretary 123 Letter Girl 122 F.T.A. 10, 11, 123 Public Relations Committee 10, 11, Co-Chairman 12: School Spirit Committee 11, 123 Citizen- ship Committee 10, 11, 12: Miss School Spirit 11. Judithlynne Rivers Entered 56: Mustang 12: Latin Club 11, 123 Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 11, 12: G.A.A. 123 Limelighters 123 Public Relations Com- mittee 12: Sm-hool Spirit Committee 12: Citizenship Committee 123 Swimming 123 F.H.A. 123 MyerSpark 12Q Tennis 12: F.T.A. 12. Larry Arch Rogers Entered 53: Student Council 10, 12: Homeroom Officer 11: Class Vice-President 10: Myerspark 11, Sports Editor 12: Monogram Club 10, 11, 123 Junior Marshal 113 Key Club 10, 11, Vice-Presi- dent 123 French Club 103 Bible Club 10, 11, Assembly Committee, Chairman 123 Baseball 10, 11, 12Q Football 10, 11, 12. Marguerite Wood Rogers Entered 553 Student Council 113 Homeroom Officer 123 Mustang, Assistant Features Editor 123 French Club, Secretary 123 Cheer Club 123 Bible Club 11: Y-Teen 11, 123 G.A.A. 12: Llmelighters 123 School Spirit Committee 12: Citizenship Committee 123 Swimming' 11, 12. John Robert Rust Entered 56, Citizenship Committee 123 Track 11. Robert Bradford Sargent Entered 53: Spanish Club 11, 12: Limelighters 123 Band 10, 11, 12: Orchestra 11, 121 Swimming' 11, 12. james Everett Scott Entered 55. Patricia Ann Seaman Entered 543 Cheer Club 122 Bible Club 11, 122 Y-Teen 103 Senior High Chorus 11, Antje Selle Entered 503 Cheer Club 12: Girl Ambassadors 123 Limelighters 123 Swimming' 123 Anierivan Field Scrviuc Representative 12. "Are you sure it's not a word?" Tootsie lleene Debbie Harry Larry Ann Joe Marge Martha Buddy Mary Elizabeth Sandra Seniors Ione Stewart Sheppard Entered 58: Mustang 11, 12: Junior Marshal 11: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club, Vice-President 10: Cheer Club 12: Girl Ambassadors 10, 11, 12: Honor Society 11, President 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 10, 11, 12: Limelighters 11, 12: Majorette 11: School Spirit Committee 11, 12: Dam-sf Committee 10, 11: Clubs Committee 12: Swimming 12: Basket- ball 10, 11, 12: Citizenship Committee 11, 12: Tennis 12: F.H.A. 12: Student Council 10. Ileene Joyce Silvers Entered 51: Homeroom Ofiicer 10: Mustang 10: Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G,A.A, 12: Limelighters 10, 11, 12: School Spirit Ylorrignittee 11, 12: Dance Committee 12: Swimming 10, 12: Mascot Deborah Welhelmina Smith Entered 56: Y-Teen 12: G.A.A. 12: School Spirit Committee 12. Harry Franklin Smith Entered 51: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Limelighters 12: Public Relations Committee 12: School Spirit Committee 121 Citizenship Committee 11, 12: Honor Society 12. Larry Hamilton Smith Entered 51: French Club 11: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Honor Society 11, 12: Bible Club 11: Limelighters 12: Public Relations Committie 12: School Spirit Committee 12: Citizenship Com- mittee 1 , Ann Hall Snyder Entered 513 Homeroom Oiicer 10, 11, 12: Mustang 11: French Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Girl Ambassadors 11, 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11: G,A.A. 12: Senior High Chorus 11: Cheer- leader 11, 12. joseph Arthur Soldati Entered 51: Student Council 11: Homeroom Officer 12: Mustang, Assistant Advertising Manager 11: MyerSpark 10, 11: Monogram Club 11, Vice-President 12: Key Club 12: Bible Club 11: Senior High Chorus 12: School Spirit Committee 10, 11, 12: Traflic Com- mittee 12: Dance Committee 10, 11: Football 10, 11, 12: Mr. School Spirit 11: Boys' Glee Club 12. Margery W1lson Spexr Entered 51: Homeroom Officer 11: Mustang 10: MyerSpark 11, 12: Junior Marshal 11: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Girl Ambassa- dors 11, 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 12, Treasurer 11: G,A.A. 10, 12, Vice-President 11: Limelighters 12: School Spirit Com- mittee 10, 11, 12: Citizenship Committee 10, 12: Dance Committee 12: Swimming' 11, 12: Golf 10, 11, 12. Catherine Martha Spicer Flnterefl 51: French Club 11: Y-Teen 11: Limelighters 12: Basketball 11. james Merritt Spoon Entered 51: Homeroom Otiticer 10: Mustang, Pl'l0tOH'l'3.Dl1QI' 11, 12: Myerspark, Photographer 11, 12: Key Club 11, 12: French Club 11: Boys' State 11: Band 10, 11, President 12: Quill Sz Scroll 11, 12. Mary Elizabeth Spoon Entered 51: Mustang 10: Myerspark 10: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: Palate-ers 10: Public Relations Committee 12: School Spirit Committee 121 Lime- lighters 12. Sandra Caroline Springs Entered 51: Spanish Club 11, 12: Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: Girl Ambassadors 11, 12: Orchestra 10, 11: F.T.A. 11, Secretary 12: F.H.A. 12. Leave it to Lynndy. Seniors Verner Eugene Stanley, jr. Entered 51: Student Council, Secretary 11: Homeroom OtTlcer 10: Myerspark 11: Monogram Club 10, 11, 12: Junior Marshal 11: Key Club 10, Secretary 11, Carolinas' District Governor 12: Citizenship Committee 10, 11: Dance Committee 10, 11, 12: Golf 10, 11, 12: Cross-Country 10, 11, 12: Basketball 10, 11, 12: All- City Brains Team 11. Mary Ann St.Clair Entered 52: French Club 11: Y-Teen 10, 11: Citizenship Com- mittee 12. Steven Arthur Steele Entered 51g Football 11, 12. john Thomas Stephens Entered 54: Football Manager 11. William Alexander Stephenson, jr. Entered 54: Homeroom Officer 10, 11: Class Treasurer 11, 12: Mustang 12: Monogram Club 11, 12: Spanish Club 11, 12: Key Club 11, 12: Cheer Club 12: Athletic Committee 12: Baseball 10, 11, 12. Richard Mack Stiles Entered 51: Citizenship Committee 12: Baseball 10, 11, 12: Football 11. Hans Reiner Stoll Entered 56: Engineers' Club 11, Secretary 12: French Club 12. William Spence Stork, jr. Entered 56. Sarah Harriett Stroud Entered 51: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 12: F.H.A. 12: School Spirit Committee 12. Bobbie jo Stroupe Entered 51: Mustang 11: Bible Club 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12. Molly Lancaster Summers Entered 51, Homeroom Oflicer 12: Latin Club 10, 12: Bible Club 10, ll: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A, 10, 12: Orchestra 10, 11, 12: School Spirit Committee 12: Spanish Club 12. Carolynn Ann Taylor Entered 55: French Club 11: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 11: Y-Teen 11, 12: Limelighters 12: G.A.A. 12: School Spirit Com- mittee 12. Sometimes they get boring. Verner Ann Steve Jack Billy Dick Hans Spence Harriett Strou pe Molly Ca rolynn Seniors john Harris Temple Entered 55: French Club 11, 12. Lynne Thalheimer Entered 54: French Club 10, 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: Limelighters 12: Public Relations Committee 12: School Spirit Committee 12: Citizenship Committee 12: G.A.A. 12. johnsie Elizabeth Thomas Entered 51: Cheer Club 12: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: F.H.A. 12: School Spirit Committee 12: G.A.A. 12. Robert Chester Tourtellot Entered 54: Spanish Club 11, 12: Senior High Chorus 11, 125 Boys' Glee Club 11, 12: C.A.P. 10, 11, 12. Judith Frost Townend Entered 51: French Club 10: Senior High Chorus 10. Herbert Ronald Tuttle Entered 54: Engineers' Club 12: Swimming 12: Track 12: Foot- ball 10. Patricia Sigrid Villas Entered 51: French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10, 12: Cheer Club 12: Bible Club 10, 11: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 12: School Spirit Committee 123 Swimming 12. William Kent Walker Entered 55: Monogram Club 11, 12: Latin Club 11, 12: Track 11: Basketball 11: Football 11, 12: Golf 12. Janice Maudine Wallace Entered 51: Y-Teen 1.0, 11, 12: G.A.A. 10, 11: Limelighters 123 School Spirit Committee 11, 12: Basketball 10. Harry Franklin Waller, jr. Entered 56: Homeroom Oflicer 12: Monogram Club 123 Citizenship Committee 12: Golf 11, 12. Carol joan Walsh Entered 54: Latin Club 11, 125 Cheer Club 12: Y-Teen 10, 11, 12. Thomas William Washam Finterofl 51: Spanish Club 10, 11, 12: Senior High Chorus 11: Boys' Glee Club 115 C.A.P. 10. Smile while your feet are aching. John Lynne Elizabeth Bob Judy Ronnie Pat Kent Maudine Sonny Carol Tommy Charlie Anne Cliff Becky Chile Charlotte Scott Arthur Ralph Avery Seniors Robert Charles Wfaters Entered 521 Student Council 12, Treasurer 113 Homeroom Ofhc-er 10, 11, Class Treasurer 10, President 123 Mustang ll, Assistant Class Editor 12: Myer-Spark 113 Junior Marshal 113 Key Club 11, President 12: Cheer Club 123 School Spirit Committee 113 Traflic Committee IIQ Dance Committee ll, 123 House and Grounds Committee 123 Tennis 11, 123 Honor Society 12, Sarah Anne Way Entered 523 Homeroom Oflicer 103 Mustang 103 French Club 11, 123 Latin Club 103 Cheer Club 123 Girl Ambassadors 11, 123 Honor Society 11, Secretary 123 Bible Club 10, Ill Y-Teen 10, 11, 12, F.T,A., Treasurer 123 Public- Relations Committee 123 School Spirit Committee 123 Citizenship Committee 12. Clifford Dunbar Wayne Entered 563 Baseball 12. Rebecca Ann Weathers Entered 513 French Club 103 Cheer Club 123 Girl Ambassadors 10, 11, 123 Y-Teen 10, 11, 123 G.A.A. 123 Senior High Chorus 103 Public Relations Committee 11, 123 School Spirit Committee 123 Dance Committee 12. Charles Douglas Welch Entered 51: Latin Club 113 Bible Club 10, 11, Treasurer, State Bible Club 123 Track 10. Charlotte Ellis Welch Entered 513 Homeroom Officer 103 Cheer Club 123 Bible Club 10, 113 Y-Teen 10, 11, 123 G.A.A. 123 School Spirit Committee 12. David Scott W'elton Entered 56: School Spirit Committee 12. Arthur Pitts Werts Entered 54: Latin Club 111 Cheer Club 123 Honor Society 12. Ralph Norman Wesley, jr. Entered 543 Latin Club 11, Vice-President 123 Homeroom Ofilcer 122 Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 11, Vice-President 123 Citizenship Committee 10, 113 Tennis 10, 11, 12Q Honor Society 12. Anne Avery Westmoreland Entered 543 Latin Club 103 Y-Teen 10, 11, 123 Cheer Club 123 G.A.A. 123 Senior High Chorus 11, 123 School Spirit Committee 12. Michael Anthony Whelchel Entered 543 Monogram Club 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 123 Bible Club 10, Vice-President 113 Senior High Chorus 113 Dance Committee 11, 12: House and Grounds Committee Il: Swimming' 12, Captain 113 Baseball 103 Track 123 Basketball 10. Cary Hamilton Whitaker, III Entered 51. "Wait until he finds out his ice cream is gone." Mike Cary Seniors Jim James Samuel Whitehead Entered 553 Student Council 123. Monog-ram Club 11, 123 Key Club 11, 123 Latin Club 113 Band 113 Orehestra 11: Tennis 11, 123 Frank Basketball 11, 123 Athletic Committee 12, George Franklin Williams Entered 543 Bible Club 113 Boys' Glee Club 113 Astronomy Club 10, 11, Treasurer 12. Kaye Kaye Lorie wiuis Entered 543 Bible Club 10, 111 Y-Teen 11, 12. Betsy Elizabeth Walton Wilson Entered 513 Homeroom Officer 112 Mustang 10, 11: MyerSpark 10, Co-Editor 11, Editor 123 Junior 'Marshal 113 Spanish Club 10, 12, Treasurer 113 French Club 113 Cheer Club 123 Girl Ambassadors 11, 12: Honor Society 11, 123 Bible Club 10, 113 Y-Teen 10, 11, Vice-President 123 Quill KL Scroll 11, 123 Public Relations Com- mittee 12g D.A.R. Award 12. Joy Patricia Joy Zeigler Entered Mustang 11, 123 Latin Club ll: Cheer Club 12g Bible Club 10, 11: Y'Teen 10, 11, 123 F.T,A. 113 School Spirit Com- mittee 12: Citizenship Committee 123 Honor Society 12, 5k0l' N 0 explanation nereilnry. If that 4 chaperone I IEE 9 1 , . at Emir Nw .. Q QE zz sv fi A '1 'Q V N, . wr' 5 1' ' QLUEQSU' I 1 ,v ' "1-i??LL?2iA L, Ya N gm . V K maxi . S 'W f Ze: -:J 'kgs H' L, iq, f J f .iv-34. 1 ,i Mm A ' S 431m 'gm'--sam ' , . Q ,Q ,SAT EX! ' My 'WBZZJSMD no I vu Q, ...K Vi w 4 B1 37 5 1 4 li! ,wwgz . 4' H V' 1' '.iT!?'A7" W ' ' N-. ' 'IQ,L. .,wQg'i: , ?f " ', ' K - , A , ..A,, A , 2 ,z :KH ' f , - ' f If Qt 'Q " '9' . Q . ,,,,, F .MJ "' -' X ' . v7"Q,2 ' -.ik ' A . fx ll . .aw -.ff f .wx M Junior Class Robert Carl Hord, Jr. Roy Zachariah Thomas Catherine Ann Harris William Lake Taylor ROBERT CARL HORD, JR. .... ...... P reridenz .ROY ZACHARIAH THOMAS .... ..... V ice-Preridenz CATHERINE ANN HARRIS .... ...... S ecremry WILLIAM LAKE TAYLOR . . . .... Tmzfurer THE JUNIOR CLASS experienced all the joys and hard work of coming a step closer to their flnal year at Myers Park. November brought them their long- awaited class rings, and the second semester saw them working diligently on a car wash, a fashion show, and other fund-raising projects for the junior- Senior. Recognition for leadership came to members of Robert Sidney Abernethy Charles Stuart Adams Donald Lee Adams Susan Burr Alexander Thomas Perry Allen Graham Tillett Allison, jr. Page Forty-Four the class during Student Council elections, the nam- ing of junior Marshals, and in Honor Society tap- pings. Another important activity was the selection of candidates for the American Field Service Pro- gram for the summer of 1957. The two major class organizations, the Hi-Y and the Y-Teens, contributed many worthwhile services to the school and community. Juniors Lewis Robert Anastes Paul Alderman Anderson Virginia Ann Anderson George Eddings Archer, Jr. John Steen Arthur Lucy Glenn Barnes Linda Lee Barnett Caleb Harley Barnhardt Julius Johnston Barnhardt Grace Page Barnhill Andrew Marshall Basinger Sandra Bassett Charles Adrian Beard Ethel Louise Beatty Robert Purdy Bell Wfilliam Maurice Bell Alfred Hammond Bellows Joyce Mildred Bestgen Annette Tarlton Bivens Janette Tarlton Bivens Virginia Anne Blackwood Page Forty-Five Juniors Mary Glenn Boatwright Phyllis Jean Boone Nancy Rebecca Bost Patricia Ann Brannan Roberta Brashear Gilbert Martin Frederick Brauch Eileen Patricia Breeden Katherine Terry Broach - Betty Louise Brown Marvin Miller Brown James Herbert Browne james Ward Brownell Clayton Buening Bundy Carlos Arthur Burns David Harrison Burns James Reed Bush John Henry AByrd,.Jr. James Philo Caldwell, jr. Ann Harrington Campbell Page Forly-Six joretta Kay Campbell Margaret Eleanor Campbell Juniors James Miller Capps Katherine Eugenia Carpenter William Alexander Carr Aubrey Maynard Cary Dorothea Jane Cass Lota Angelyn Chambless Barbara Kay Chavis Fred Houston Cochrane, jr. john Grady Connelly, jr, David julian Cohen Philip Glisan Conner Edward Tollett Cook Carolyn Jane Conrad Nancy Gray Cook Lois Carlisle Copeland Patricia Elaine Cooper Mary Louise Costner Elizabeth Barry Couch Mary Rhodes Cothran Linda Heidi Cowing julia Kathleen Craver Page Farfy-Seven Juniors 'loan Fraser Croft William Spencer Crowell Carol Ann Daniels Donald Patrick Currie Cutter Dickinson Davis Bruce Crawford Denton Marjorie Bea Davis Wayne Morris Donoho Robert Wayne Dugan Susan Douglas Daniel Hugh Earp, jr. Edward Dabney Edwards Antonia james Elliott Mary Leach Elmore Ralph William Emmrich Carol Frances Elting Thomas Henry Ertel Ray Simpson Farris, jr. Paul Revere Ervin, jr. Michael Brown Field Mildred Ann Field Juniors Mary Elizabeth Fisher Mary Lynda Flowe Walter Hunter Floyd Frances Elizabeth Foster Rebecca Chloe Fowler Walter McKinney Franklin, John Wesley Fox Jr. Ben Barker Gallagher, jr. Sacra Jann Gannaway John Grant Garnett, Ir. Marcia Irvine Gay David Pollock Gilmour Ethel Keesler Gilmour Paul Milton Gold Allan Jay Goodman Dorothy Anne Grayson Norman Clements Guthrie, jr. Kathryn Elizabeth Hamilton Linda joy Hagen Luther Edwin Hamilton Esther Lee Harmon s Juniors Bobbie Yvonne Harris Sylvia Kay Hart janet Elizabeth Hawkins Nancy Elizabeth Hawkins Joseph Walter Helms jerry Robert Hendrix Charles Woodrow Henkel, jr. Leonard Elbridge Herring Patricia Carole High Lucy Virginia Hill john Gordon Holdforth Margaret Elizabeth Holdforth Thomas Wilson Hollifield Kay Carolyn Horrocks john Bernard Howren, jr. Grey Atkins Hunter john Nelson Hunter Yvonne Louise Huskey Elizabeth Ann Hutchens james Patrick jackson, jr. Page Fifty Gail Louise Jacobs Juniors Joseph Floyd Johnson Anne Scott Johnston Robert Story Johnston Marcia Paulette Jones Wayne Marshall Jones Florence Jennings Jordan Bernard Joseph McLain Kelley, Jr. Thaddeus Ralph Komorowski Charles Cothran Lambeth Sally Cothran Lambeth Susanne Bernice Lane Mary Frances Leak Minna Levi Amon George Liner, Jr. Eduard Nuessner Loring Michael Bruce Maddock Ernest Lynwood Mallard, Jr. Rudolph Lawrence Mansfield, Jr. Jean Cynthia Mantiply Gretchen Wriston Marsh Barbara Caroline Marshall Page Fifty-One Juniors Judith Ann Martin Edwin Lowell Mason, jr. Anna jean Mayhew George Richard Massey Charles Richard McArn Earle Wayne McCalla Caroline Harrison McClain Francis Dudley McDonald, jr. Karen Lewis McKinnon William Raymond McLester Judith Arlene McManus Frederick Stuart Means, jr. Sara Elizabeth Melasky Richard Meriwether Mitchell james Livingston Mooney Alice Elizabeth Moore Melinda Anne Morrison Patricia jean Morton Duncan Morton, Jr. Sylvia Marie Munn Patricia Ann Murray ' l Juniors Harriett Butler Nash Carolyn Elaine Naumoff Robert Hucks Nuttall Philip Dennis Needham Thomas Jerome Orr Jocelyn Marie Palmer Phyllis Hope Overcarsh Henry Clay Parker, III Joel Hampton Patterson David Lawrence Pearce Albert Theodore Pearson, Jr. Claire Ellen Petersen James Edward Peterson, Jr. Ruthlee Phillips Harry McFall Pickett, III Frances Wirden Pilcher Mary Frances Pipkin Nancy Lee Poley Doris Jeanette Plyler Gail Polk Charles Alexander Porter Juniors Dale Roy Powell Mary Josephine Price Harry Merrill Pressman john Robinson Prince, jr. Mary Irvine Reed james Rives Reiney, jr. Judith Woolard Rhodes William Barton Richards Mary Elizabeth Robbins Robin Gail Roberson Sandra Lee Roberts Charles Hunt Robertson, Jr. Elizabeth Carroll Rogers Thomas Schley Rogers May Lebby Rogers George Williain Rose Marie Melinda Rose James Montgomery Rose Robert Brent Rumfelt Page Fifty-Four Ann Catherine Rush Juniors Robbie Bernice Sams Joan Gail Sandler Robert Wagner Saunders james Michael Schmucker Sally Jean Seaman Murray Harvey Shohat Ann Austin Sherrill Judith Allen Shope Mary Wallace Shotwell Bonnie Sue Shubkin Ronald Lee Shubkin Michael Geoffrey Shulman Donald Walker Shuman Jr. Ernest jirard Sifford, Jr. Hugh Edward Singleton Bill Collier Sledge, jr. Patricia Jane Sloan Albert Copeland Smarr Brenda Powell Smith Fredrick William Smith Gary Lafon Smith Page Fifty-Five Juniors Gary Richard Smith Gibson Locke Smith Sylvia Louise Smith Rufus Kader Smith, jr. Wayne Beveridge Smith, jr. Robert Stephen Speizman Susan Kittrell Sprock Barbara Sue Spurrier George Wayne Stallings Loretta Lou Stafford Patricia Ann Stallings Lucius jones Stanley, jr. James Lawson Stanley LeRoy Elird Stanton William Worthington Starr Myra Lynn Steele Richard Henry Stephan Clifford james Stokes Carol Barbara Stiteler Mary Morgan Stokes Robert Tyler Stone, II Juniors Edith Ellen Storey John Sherman Anne Gibson Sullivan Straiton Robert Lee Stutts, jr. Robert Harvey Summerville Gerald McKibbin Suttle David Wayne Sutton Joseph jordan Tankersley Robert Douglas Therrell Foster Edward T Pri Caroline Thompson Tonda Anne Taylor homas, jr. scilla Louise Thomas Dorothy Lou Thomson George Ralph Timmerman George Alan Jay Newton Thrash Titlow Edwin james Torbet, III jane Ellen Torbet Claude Jeter Trapp, jr. Judy Caroline Trapp Juniors Michael Tribble James Thomas Trotter Kay Frances Turner john Goodman Turner, III Mary Katherine Ulmer Mary Elizabeth Van Every George Jerry Venable Sammie Jane Vermillion Ruth Elaine Ward Ramelle Lee Watterson Harry Lee Watwood, III Donald Edward Wegner William Harrison Wellford Alan Gordon Wells Charles Rex Welton Carleton Nettles Whilden, -Ir. Jerre Louise Whitsett Gaines Prince Wilburn Lydia Stewart Willard Gerald Garrett Williams, jr. Page Fifty-Eight Constance Natalie Winters Juniors Elaine Peggy Wiriden Mary Howell Withers Katherine Forsyth Wolf Evan Harvey Wood Hannah Day Woods Harvey Rush Woodside, Jr. Judith Gail Wooten Harvey Linton Wray William Lee Wright, jr. Frederick Richard Young Class fi"95-WI' OWN, at IGSH Junior-Senior Committee chairmen work toward the big night. Finalists for American Field Service Scholarshi Sophomore Class David Pollock Underwood Robert Bradley Cordle Charlotte Corinne Rowe Phillip Lee Burns DAVID POLLOCK UNDERWOOD . . . ..... Prariflefzz ROBERT BRADLEY CORDLE .... . . .Vice-Preridefzz CHARLOTTE CORINNE Rowe ..... S ecremry PHILLIP LEE BURNS ....... . . .T1'ea.rz1r'e1' THD LARGEST SOPHOMORE CLASS TO DATE, boasting a membership of 381, started early sponsoring drives, parties, and dances to raise money for the junior- Senior of '58. Their scope of activities was broaden- ed by the addition of a tenth grade Hi-Y club, The tenth grade Y-Teens had a busy year sponsoring rummage sales and other funderaising campaigns to support their service projects. Of all the events, how- ever, the aiding of needy families at Christmas stands out as the major project of the year. Sophomores work to share the real meaning of Christmas. Miss Stewart helps to plan the l0th grnde's spring dance. Sophomures plan their February da-nut campaign Snphumures Firft row: Mary Sylvia Abernathy, Steven Selby Abrams, George Douglas Aitken, Jr., Judy Kaye Alexander, Donald Speir Allen, Judy Lee Allen, Lyman Hall Allen. Second row: Paul Haywood Allen, Donald Ray Allred, John Edward Alt, Virginia Dowdell Anderson, James Martin Armes, Julia Munroe Arnold, Katherine Crowell Atkins. Third row: Frederick DeCosta Austin, III, William Edward Austin, Daniel Shelton Baan, Cynthia Kay Baker, Karen Shelley Bard, Patricia Anne Barefoot, Richard Lowell Barefoot. Fourth row: Alice Chase Barnhill, Richard Edward Barrett, Harry Duane Beaver, Clarence Neal Bell, Agnes Watkins Binder, Wade Marvin Blackwelder, Jr., Albert Darrell Blackwell. Fifth row: Rosemary Blankenship, Stephen Judd Blucher, Millie Jean Bolick, Barbara Winfield Booe, Marvin Aaron Boone, Lloyd Carlton Bost, Jr., Frances Anne Boyd. Sixlb row: Jon Perry Brady, Martha Anne Braswell, John Edwin Brietz, Betsy Treas Brockwell, Sandra Henderson Brown, Joy Bernice Bumgardner, Victor Kantor Burg. Page S1113 One Suphnmnres Firrl row: Sally Ann Burke, Barbara Elizabeth Burr, Wil- liam Ernest Byrd, jr., joseph Stephen Byrum, Thelma Elizabeth Campbell, Lucy Rebecca Cannaday, jessica Mal- lory Cannon, Sefozzd row: john Grant Carey, Eugene Roy Carpenter, jr., Michael Holt Carrier, John Atkins Carson, Andrew Ruel Chalabie, Mary Richard Chambers, Brenda Sue Champion. Third row: Carol Asbury Chaplin, jane Pate Charnley, Kitty Ann Clark, Curtis Lowe Cloud, William Henry Colley, jr., Marsha Lynn Cook, Ina Joanne Cooper. Fourth row: Archie Hiram Costner, III, Patricia Lyster Cotter, John Frank Courtney, jr., Mary Hilda Cowell, Linda Irene Cox, Helen Biddle Crevensten, Mary Ann Cromer. Fifth row: Elisa Hayne Culbreath, Bettye Jean Cullen, Catherine McArthur Currie, Charlotte Irene Daggett, Eliz- abeth Ann Davis, Frank Holbrooke Davis, Elmer Robert Davis, jr. Sixth row: Daphne Sue Dean, Walter Estes Dellinger, Dorothy Dale Delph, james Lawrence Devereux, Frank james DiVine, David Hugh Dillard, II, Gregory john Dobinson. Page Srcly-Two E l Suphnmnres Firff row: Frank Bernard Dove, John Henry DuBose, III, James Thomas Duckworth, Jr., Foster William Dugan, Julius Austin Duncan, Shelia Jane Duncan, Martha Evelyn Dunn. Second row: Nancy Malloy Duvall, John Myers Dwelle, Jr., Judith Virginia Edwards, Kay Frances Elder, Peter James Elliott, Christine Mason Farnan, Jack Davis Farr, Jr. Third row: Susan Elizabeth Favor, Robert Buchanan Fer- guson, Robert Frederick Ferguson, Gertrude Riva Finman, Judith Marcia Fitzjohn, Williain Laurie Focht, Noel Patricia Folsom. Fourth row: George Randolph Foster, Edwin Burke Fowler, III, Emily Louise Frazier, Martin Berke Freedland, Virginia Gail Freeman, Diana Bond Frost, Doreen Berry Frost. Fifth row: Ellen Craig Frye, Anne Jeane Fullerton, Jack Howard Fulmer, Ed Gaddy, Jr., Frederic Mercer Gallagher, Elizabeth Jean Gardner, Patricia Gray Garrison. Sixlh row: Gary Bruce Gebhardt, Eric Flynn George, Michael I-lildreth Gilbert, William Charles Gilbert, Jeannie McKay Glasgow, Judith Crane Godfrey, Paul Gayman Goodson. Page Sixly Tbfee Sophumures Fiffl row: Benjamin Tyson Gravely, Thomas Jackson Grib- ble, Hazel Monroe Grier, William Scott Guion, james Albert Gupton, III, james William Gurley, Louise Ann Marie Habicht. Second row: Millard Lucius Hair, William Level Halber- stadt, II, Hannah Sue Hamer, Nancy Carol Hamilton, Jerry Porter Haney, Robert Leon Hardin, Paul Curtis Hardy. Third rom: Mike Hosea Harmer, George Parker Harris, Jr., Charlotte Kathleen Harris, Alice Craddock Harrison, Helen Edith Harrison, Wanda Sue Hayes, Carole Dorian Hearn. Fomfib row: Kenneth Houck Heinbaugh, Jean Claudette Helms, Lynne Marlin Henderson, joan Ole Henson, Harriet Jan Hester, Helen Suzanne Higgins, Mary Lee Hinson. Fiffb row: Allan Garry Hirschorn, Adriene Myers Hogs- head, Nicholas Vedder Holland, Ila jane Holmes, Mary Louise Hopping, Margaret Harriet Horne, Nancy Catherine House. Sixth row: William Sherwood Houston, Hughes Bayne Hoyle, jean Montgomery Hudgins, Adele Marie Hults, Patricia Ann Hults, Eugene Elmore Humphries, jr., julia Ann Hunt. Page Szxfy-Fam' l Snphumnres Fifi! row: Evelyn Joyce Hunter, Martha Diane Hunter, Sara Jane Ison, Mary Virginia Jefferson, Rebecca Ann Jennings, William Dwight Jennings, Joyce Marlyn Johnson. Second row: Janet Louise Jones, Stephanie Nichols Jones, Stephen Franklin Jones, III, Robert Allen Karlson, Donna Jean Kelleher, Edith Mary Kellermann, Walter Hale Kel- ogg. Third row: Beverly LaMarr Kelly, Edna Louise Kelly, Whitelaw Plumer Kendall, Jr., James Robert Kenerly, Emily Marcia Kerns, Sarah Sentman King, Suzanne Holt King. Family row: Thomas Adams Kirkwood, Nancy Sue Knight, Karen DeMar Koth, Dorothy Anna Kuebler, James Mar- shall Kunkle, Thomas Cooper Lampee, Mary Lu Lander. Fifth row: Mary Martha Lander, James Davis Lane, Jared Alexander Law, Barbara Ann Lee, Barbara Anne Lee, Richard Marion Lee, Sarah Virginia Lee. Sixth row: Caren Shirley Lefiler, Gretchen Ruth Leffler, Sandra Dawn Lester, Myrna Madelene Linker, James Clay- ton Little, Jr., Anne Nugent Lobdell, Mary Ann Little. l u Page Sixty Five Suphnmores Fir!! row: Bernice Long, Brenda Long, Edithe Virginia Long, Sherlie Ann Love, William Mark Lusk, Clement Reynolds Marshall, Linda Ann Martin. Second row: Larry Massey, Judith Christy Mathews, Jo Ann Mathis, Virginia Wray Mauney, Ellen Westbrook Mayo, Kenny McArver, John Locke McCorkle. Third raw: Jane Kirby McCormick, Letitia Mebane Mc- Donald, Martha Lineberger McDonald, Mary Katherine McEwen, Marilyn Mackey McGarity, Judith Mathews Mc- Grath, Catherine Ann McGuire. Fomtfb row: Agnes Mooring McKee, Linda Gayle Mclver, William Bryan Meacham, Susan Hunter Meacham, Harry Avant Merritt, William Franklin Messerly, David Harold Milano. Fifth row: Margaret Lee Miller, Marianne Miller, Robert Plato Miller, Jr., Jerry Wayne Mitchell, John Gordon Mitchell, Linda Marie Mitchell, Judith Nell Mondy. Sixth row: Jean Gardiner Montgomery, Emily Ann Moore, David Michael Moseley, Albert Wesley Moss, Brenda Charlotte Mullis, Mary Efird Mulwee, Porter Courtney Munn, Jr. ' ggrzg: ,'f.,if2g:v3:p VV ' ' - Eff 1' I A at A J 5 'J p a 4- . V +? V V- A ' VV ' it -,lr 2.5 -A A .1 ., AL IV. V ' Vi like ' r fxrg f fx ,fg f ,ini Eat . .. ,.V,w.:,. J 'V - fy! ,Q --:F tagfzslrzl r-i:f1ti'1'i'.i Vilfzai I V '- Ii +V V ' i' gi?"fT?iif3i21fei-rfwaiiififA1s55:?i1l?ji' Vft2?i? ,, '-3 Tiff Til- fix, i?fSi?i?z1i3fl..,,rI2Eill -ai 'QffgigfiiiiliiligfiiiifififilillzA V -' van VA V -A 'sQf's":" vi an '-" ' y ifg . 'V 3 " , ... W K uf . K, , 4 aw' . 7, 4' if , S A -In V. , Qi' I . ., .,, Q- X f :.,., Q, if f 352. VV , tw . Vf fb'-1' c ws if .3 K- in V cg H I A .JN r1:.. .,W V is I f V i, ' -'x i v -qi -, . -, ' .1 2 ?i,. ' . Q, V, ,. V 5 'wit - V '- ' S f 2? , 'V.5lf:31?.Vifl VV Hlgfifiiiixfiz, ,iga' 'gggff .-,misftfflilf Wage .1 ill , A ' ' 'V . ' 1 i t aster wa... V V , lim .K 'br K, -ww . ' gg ,V X ,I a W, ..',. Maggy, , ' v, ', ' 'Z 1,4 i' 7' , V ,wiv Q -ni .st..,.'1 W- ti - , i, , - 1, vi. fi as - ' ft W V- - VV V V . jr iifiitliitt f'iW'V?fVif.V:VV ' ' 1. V f V' ' 'iiti' ii I ' f'? " wwlfw iwsifiriilfiiiif Q . N V , ,W , ,Aw . J .. .V ' J W ,X .W V 3 K 4 . as ' , V : - - ' . ' , ,V f 'M V ,gy V, if w e QV-V" A it g if Qi: , f- ' j V V Y .V Vx ' f - 't V tra. is 1 'aafgw .., V tr . t. n n E1 . t V V- i i Iii? V-ia, ilf-1 r gs,g55fggV ifwi:fV . -- K J' i ' 23115 'X 7 ti ' '- . if 37 ' -M. , ii 1. . . A J, V, V , x,., K . A. t J 1 . .1 VV " iV 5 ' A? ii 'w 11 ' VV V ,V i 'WQVF ri sq: an V , iw ' .,? . , ir . , ,V . - , , N. + 1 .-vm. V W X r f ' YfV?xffVf'Vl'm. V 'fftiiggfi V ' ' - V VV Vai, ftff haag.. . V Q- ' 2 A ' ,gf QQ - ' V V X J, '1 V, I ilu 51,3 M . A ' r 2 12- K f , 'Q 91 'K L 7, , , ki . -,y . 3 K w w' V' ' . -- if w . I Q , -V,1 . Q J Nj. ,s -V V - f 1 :1 NV - . 1 -,V j 251, ' X- ' ,J ,i ' fiinfif V. , Vi-V55 ' " WV. Ii1',51f 5.1 V Page Sixty-Six Suplmmores Firrt row: Evelyn Darst Murphy, Emily Murphy, Carolyn Rose Murray, Margaret Clair Murray, William Francis Myers, Martha Selwyn Myers, George Ormand Neely. Second row: john Garwood Newitt, Albert Whisnarut Nisbet, jo Ann Noland, Theodore Paul Nordman, james Theron Norman, Charlotte Anne Oberfell, Thomas Frank- lin O'Brien, Jr. Third 7'0Zlf'.' Robert Onley, jr., Kathy Lynne Orleans, Patricia Ellen Osborne, Michael Watlington Owen, Robert Allen Parlier, Deborah Susan Parrott, Jennie Anne Purifoy. Fourth faux' jo Ann Pettit, Sarah Wakeheld Pickens, Lynda Lea Pickup, joan Pierce, Robert George Pindell, Henry jackson Plummer, Brenda Elaine Pope. Fiffb row' Paul jones Potts, Joanna Poulakos, Rochelle Mary Price, Sara Ethel Prichard, Palmer David Quakenbush, Patricia Ann Query, Donald Edgar Rakow. Sixlb row: Mary Anne Ransome, Roy Robert Reavis, Chan- ning Orr Richards, Glenn Albert Robinson, jr., William Louis Rochester, Ellen Christian Rose, Margaret Ellen Ross. Page Sindy Seven Suphumures Firrf rozzfx Carlton Boyd Sanderson, William Arthur San- ford, jr., Richard Waller Scott, ,ludith Gail Scruggs, joseph Guy Sharpe, Patricia Marie Shaw, Catherine Chapman Shelby. Serena' four: Imogene Shipman, Janice Carolyn Short, James Franklin Shuman, Jerry Lee Shurig, Lionel Ronald Sikor, William Lee Skidmore, Carole Anne Slaughter. Third row: Anthony Dunwoody Smith, jane Beatty Smith, Paul Dennis Smith, Larry Wadsworth Smith, Helen Lois Smith, Louis Faulkner Smith, Vernon Windle Smith. Fazrrfla row: john Marshall Soldati, William Larry Spicer, Marion Paulling Spigener, Kathryn Olivia Spoon, Sally jean Spratt, Bruce Jackie Sprinkle, Barbara Marion Stancell. Fifth row: Blake Hunter Stephens, Norman Allen Stewart, james Alan Stenhouse, Sandra Anne Stellings, Nancy Stickley, Anne Richards Stratton, .lo Ann Strickland. Sixth row: Robert Lester Stringer, Gail Elizabeth Stroupe, james Robert Taylor, Margaret Ann Taylor, Terry Sullivan Taylor, William Elton Taylor, Gloria Jo Tinsley. Page Smly-Eigbl l Snphnmores First row: Wentworth Augusta Terry, Arthur Thomas, john Greenbury Thomas, III, Robert Goodwin Thomas, Sven Albin Thulin, Patricia Ann Tobin, Franklin Augustus Toole. Second row: William Lawrence Tourtellot, Tommy Philous Tucker, james Austin Turner, III, Anne Lydall Van Every, Odell Shemwell Vestal, jr., Lynda Kay Vichesky, Lewis Revel Waddey. Third row: Sue Carol Wade, Nancy Carol Wall, William King Wallace, Judith Irene Ward, George Patterson Wearn, David Saul Weiss, Sheila Maureen Welch. Fourlla raw: Hope Dahl Westerheld, julia Ervin West- moreland, Alice Marret Wheeler, Mary Frances Wheeler, Harvey Stewart White, Gwendolyn Annette Wicker, Peggy jean Wiley. Fifth row: Theodore DuBose Willard, james David Wil- liams, joseph Dyer Williamson, Barbara Elaine Willis, William Moore Willis, III, Mary Margaret Wilson, George Wisecarver. Sixlb row: joyanne Louise Wohlbrook, Linda Yarbrough, Mary Ellen Yount. ' as r I .95 lf"f' A W J, K 3 l 9, r 15. a . , My V Z ,Q r 1 JA? I -39,5 , b K iz , F r an H V , , 'f W' 'V " V , My :E H W Vi A. T, N My EW VX , ,!f,Mg,W g 3 , , W EV 'I' ,J ,, 1 fl , ' V' ,r V it -V W .U QV .- , . ,, aan r -it V, r . -Q 'V ,V 52. ' ' Vi 'lfffli SWL Q1 '., '-f fftfw- sa' ,, g1,:,V5,,s ,iv ,. 9-g,V.f,,,,!f .fy gg, , 1-'V , zz,-, r "lf, , if-f1':,w:5s!" '4. , K ,V ,i,,,fff,,A,,5 r ' V , a n ,i 'V 1: ,. faifayw-Vw Q?Q.a,lifsAzS?511f:Q, va, Hifi: f r ' I' " SV V' it lieff: " ' ' .. V if V '. f, ' " 1 Q. yfggg fi af W ' ,f , ' t ' , K, t H ,f ' I V- arf' , V, Vi V -' ..,,,i . . 1 if , . " ' ,, A 55,5-, . V Q i.f2ufa. A , ff' 'K has Vitiftf- X fgffffz. ttl,gi?t' V-EV.Vsazitffweffifibifffa1V,5 ' avr ri ' V VV V ' V 'V ' V V+ V V y ,MV-if A gg. V my -1 ,V' 433.-is-f ' t , af X: , - , jggf' J fs gg ' ' jiwiiw ' Q X ' ' ii? ,S . D 1,5 " 'ff' - fi R , 'I V 4 ' ,V V Q' 'Q 1 N91 I! , ' ' 1 V' NV A ' -9 L- ' ff" KQ V F I- kms .i ' N- P15.. 'f V " J I X' ' ,- 9 U, ' 6155121 flfIQ1Z'V,2 'W ' V ,yt " A ifv'-' ' ywtsfffz' 4 f V, ,.-at Vvffsiy ,gi ,V , " - V M 'ffff L.ii,Pi,f4,3-ai':Rfirfir 1 l ' JU!" lV, . A X I RQ. ,, 'iiffrfzi - . . .. :P 'K P Vg .IVV-7 ,gf V gi si, iff? dy.V,15553-a5?gfmV.::fsV': V, ,V .MV V 4 ' 15,1itlift'f1Vffif3Eriffji5,ffffffff liiieiig ami! ft-4'fifwwfifl9"ifi7'-'- Wi?lmi.5'f7ff':lfl9?i'li'Fi' li " 5.-iS":-3 ..5,'f'i a' "1 'I :.?4'iF1?f,f5'f" , ".:f4'zVi5Ia-'S 'G ' iv,.i'zFY35'hI1f??fZ73f' 5:':2':i3!Y'3f1?fI5f?'1:7lf3' :l:f',24Li':':!'5"!1 V f"fift5fzilv'f535'Vf 'I"'1'z K" 'w?7l4:fflifJ',iz'i".. 5 Qj:gggjg'?131g5lg::sa:V'atit V " , W " 8lffg,5yzf525'Vajg3V, ' "' -' ' -V Q .,, 'f' ,.: ,, fpgfxgfffgs ' " i at - ' .ii gmt V " 'VII' K 1 is ' ,Z . aa, , , y A-' .' . VV IK , I A If-ia 4 V .. A ?ffV'EVi 1 i ' . K 'i ra an E 4 A . It QL V ,QV , -V 1' 'fi' . "ies V ' ' ' il 'Mi 5 VV 'VV , ' -ia ' Q, ai' N' 'V H ii? ,. :Q S 45: aa .: , W " li 'V All " Q , t ' -Q, ' 'V fa, 'fp g y " . . ., .1 , .. . ., 1. LV V, ah . - V1.1 11, ,, .ia .ay ami. . 'V ' ' , 'V li , ' V wrist SafnffzimrfztarslgsaQVMQZQY - V , eff:f1:1"",fiaVWV'?mg VV ' i A 'assifrsfs rfasfgfz'-fri: ,fa-1:5 flffflfitifi 'I' ff"' ' " M:-V,:fi?.f ' - , : ,iygwfsasx f ,, , Vai n ' " '59, 3 VV V- ff, - .' . , ,,i,V,V5VVL V V , , V, -A 'z ay -V -V,VV?fif'C V V, , W ,, - M 7 ' - V ,z , g., ,V A 5' ' - P 'J ' ' 'V V ', , f . W ,v " ' ii , ' .,. V' g- F1 ff , ' V. ' ' -2 ,, V if A mf. Sr Fbpjvif ,Abt 'f' W If . ' iii: V, V . Ny ,, - fy ' ' I Q, , V , ' m,,V? , M - ws" si , QFZEW. 9, i w , .45-I , ,.1,V,, , 1 it VVc. :ayQ.V. av.,ri,zrtV:.-A,- 5 , V1fV,i,',, ,- , .- X. Vt? my .lz:jf'2'g2g:,Wi9 Sw, ,. iifitffmliftt lif flirliiftfgti U 5W3'??Z3flff"' "i"':ZffiV ff I ' .iWl5i5iTW,'t2,5iff ',f5?gV:,.,,i,,,,,, V M iw N?i55,iVg...,i., V Wm , 15-W 1 in klgwiii, L ,, ,gf,,Qg3fgV5a. - ' 1 ' lift?" 'W ' Q-V f iw, , 13,1-:,', I Vi- ggfyg " Va V ffflf il - ir s ' A ,.,,,,l i 'yy Q 'K ff we' ir? V .,.. :Self A ml isglflzl . I ,1 2512 U Page Sixly Nzzze Freshman Class Scott Earnest Summers Frederick Wiley Horne Mary Davidson Lucas Neal King Cheek SCOTT EARNEST SUMMERS . . ...... President FREDERICK WILEY HORNE . . . . . .Vine-Preridenl MARY DAVIDSON LUCAS . . . .... Secretary NEAL KING CHEEK .... . . .Treazrmfer THE FRESHMAN CLASS ably fulfilled their role as leaders in the junior high this year. Working in conjunction with the junior high Student Council, they sponsored an open house in the fall and a Christmas dance to raise money for the flag pole presented to the school for the stadium. The highlight of the year was the Spring Prom which marked the Close of junior high activities and the forward look to senior high days. By their enthusiastic support to the athletic teams and all school activities, the Freshman Class proved to be a valuable asset to Myers Park. Freshmen Betsy jane Allen john Marshall Allen l Robert Tr-awifk Allen, 111 Virginia Wright Allison Frank Robinson Anders, III Sandra Elizabeth Anderson Howard Bell Arbuckle, III Monie Argo David Harned Bamberger William Sutton Barber joy Lee Bass Elizabeth Battle George Wfashington Baxter, jr Robert Rowe Beatty, III Anna Wesley Beddingfield Freshmen Bronwell Christina Berg Rebecca Gwen Biggers Norma Van Landingham Binder jane Batton Black Jody Shannon Blackwell Thomas Rudolph Blanton, Jr. Edward Gordon Bohannon, Jr. Constance Morse Booth Steven Carlton Bost Edward William Brody Helen Elaine BrokhoFf George Anton Burkhalter joseph Allen Burns Elva Elizabeth Bush Naomi Ruth Camp Miles Smith Carpenter Susan Penelope Carter Gerald Marius Clegg Meredith jane Clifton Carol Louise Clouse Glen Austin Coan, Jr. Charles Wearn Connelly jean Minette Conrad Patricia Allen Cook Harriett Anne Cordle Rachel Alma Corclle james Clardy Cothran, jr. Dale Patrick Cousart William Swafheld Cowan, jr. Pamela Cowing Ann Wfard Crosson Patricia Leigh Crouse George King Cutter, jr. Oliver Franklin Davenport, jr. Dwight Larry Davis Edwin Little Dean Cameron DeCamp james Edward Deegan Dianne Anita Dessauer Margaret Sandra Dover Thomas Edmund Etird Ernest Pat Ellison Ruth Ellen Elrod Frank Xavier Farnan, III Alice Teresa Flynn Freshmen Bess Cocke Forshaw Howard Edward Frazier Mark Stone Gesoif Robert Lomax Gibbons Bonn Arthur Gilbert, jr. Elizabeth Murray Glenn joe Miller Goodson George Sullivan Goodyear, III Cornelia McDonald Graham Thomas Grant, III james William Gravely, III Ollie Clinton Gravitte Sandra Rose Gravitte Clarence Alonzo Griffin Gary Dean Grosboll Martha Louzette Hackney Susan Hilliard Hall Barbara Ann Hamilton Mary Margaret Hamrick Barbara Elizabeth Hanks Richard Foster Harris George Aubrey Hawes, jr. Linda Sue Hawkins Louis Phillip Hazel Nancy Isabel Heath Isaac Robert Helbein Richard David Helbein Mary Elizabeth Hemphill Thomas Edward Henderson Diane Louise Hile Sara Ann Hill Cheryl Elaine Hoffman Walter' Lee Hogan, III Harry Richard Holden Maxwell Roberts Holder, jr. Katharine Howard Holding Anne Cordelia Holliday Connie Mechelle Hooper Alex Chalmers Hope, jr. james Gilmer Howie Catherine Harding Hudgins William Fredrick Hulse Hugh Hackney Huntington john Porter Huntley Laurie Taylor Hurt Freshmen Cecil Graham Huskey Paul Johansen James Lindsay Johnson Nancy Louise Jones John William Johnston, Jr. Isabel Sullivan Jones Michael Douglas Jones Ingrid Lelia Kemp William Samuel Kendrick Ruthann Patricia Kilroy Laura Elizabeth Kissiah Pamela June Kopp Jo Alice Laughlin Emory Lifsey Susanne Guthrie Little John Charles Livingston Laura Russell Livingston Robert Lee Looper Margaret Melchor Lowe Marion Morrison Lowrance John Paul Lucas Alexander Graham MacFadyen Ira Michael Madans Nancy Lucinda Majors Judith Walker Manning i Martha Ellen Mansfield Merrie Elizabeth Marcotte Mary Marler Margaret Tribble Martin Stephen Russell Martin Alice Byrd Mauzy Linda Marion Mayhew Linda Jo Mayo Eve Martha Mazoly Frank Daniel McAllister Frances Enloe McClain Kenneth Rogers McCullough William Farmer McGinty Elizabeth Eagles McGuire Sally Jean McKaig Marie Elizabeth McNeely Sandra Anne Means Joyce Anne Mills Edward Taylor Mobley, Jr. J Thomas Franklin Moore, Jr Freshmen Kathleen Edith Moores Fletcher Bryson Morgan, III jane Taylor Mulwee Elliott Paul Mui-nick Margaret Huntington Murrell Elizabeth Gaylord Myers Nick Thomas Newberry, Jr. Judith Catherine Nicholson Daniel Edward Nolen, Jr. Jeanette O'I-Iille Nordman Meredith Celeste Norton Norma Frances Nuttall Fiske Outwater Mary Meade Owens Mary Robbins Pleasants Richard Cobb Ranson I-Iarris Nathaniel Raymond, jr Richard Wakeheld Rhyne joan Carol Reed Rita Lee Robertson Gayle Rogers, jr. Rosalind Rollins Deborah Sedgwick Rose Mary Stewart Rosenblatt Gretchen Travis Rotha Martha Edwina Rogers Temple Shaw Ryland, II Ann Ledbetter Sanders Thomas Wyatt Saunders Susan Bette Schwartz Janet Priscilla Scruggs David Stephen Seawright Samuel Leroy Sehorn Andrew Kennedy Selden, II Lawrence McRay Shaw David Gwyn Shelton Caroline Nobel Shiver Robert Tillman Shore joseph Rush Shull, III Richard George Sieburg Elizabeth Bartlett Smith jacquelyn Virginia Smith Letitia Anne Smith Susan Elizabeth Snyder Stephen Ira Sobell Freshmen Charles Hardy Spain Winston Evans Sprock Esther Beebe Stanfield Helen Elizabeth St. Clair Gail Denise Stephan Connie Clifton Stephens Thomas Joseph Stockton Dagmar Kristin Stoll Sampson Paul Stork Carolyn Webb Stowe Alice Taylor Stratton Henry Oswell Strohecker Carol LeGrand Stuckey Linda Lou Summerville Sandra Sue Summerville Judith Marguerite Suttle Sallye Meredith Tathwell Daniel Grover Thigpen, III Timothy Grant Thomas Edna Wallene Threadgill William Herbert Tonks Hal Hodges Trihble Virginia Arlene Triplett Edwin Scott Trotter Joyce Carolyn Vaden Stephen Haywood Van Every, Jr. Patricia Anne Vaughn Charles Arthur Vinroot Frances Ellen Walker Joy Gordon Walker William Phillip Welch Hill Beverly Wellford Edward Carlyle West Norma Glenn Whitehead Margaret Winchester Whitton John Edward Williams Richard Deems Wilson Judith Ann Witham Donna Rochelle Woodside Donovan Mack Woodside Roma Helene Wornall Eighth Grade Alexander Copeland Jean Wheeler Pharr Mariana Hancock Kuester Caroline Jean Pilcher ALEXANDER COPELAND . . . .... President MARIANA HANCOCK KUESTER . . . . . .Secretary JEAN WHEELER PHARR . . . . . .Vice-Preridenz CAROLINE JEAN PILCHER .... .... T mzfwer ACTIVITIES FOR THIS YEAR'S 228 Eighth Graders included sponsoring a Christmas Dance, a Sadie Hawkins Dance, and open houses. In addition the took t ' munity. The y par in many service projects both for the school and com- girls' Y-Teens were Outstanding in their work. Se entli Grade William Mackey Clark Polly Ann Pickett Mary Stewart Quern Brian Downs Barksdale WILLIAM MACKEY CLARK . . . ...... Pretidenz MARY STEWART QUERN . . . . . .Secretary POLLY ANN PICKETT .... . . .Vice-President BRIAN DOWNS BARKSDALE .... .... I 'rearurer THE SEVENTH GRADE HAS JUST completed a successful year marked by well-attended dances and actively sup- ported intramural sports. Even the election of class officers in December was a close One, with enthusiastic campaigning. Page Setfefzty-Six Eighth Grade Eleanor Ann Abernethy Joyce Anne Abernethy Sally Johnston Abernethy Gail Hart Adams Judy Littleton Adams Markham Robertson Alexander Gus Anastes Margaret Gaines Anderson Susan Kelly Anderson Brenda Mayo Armstrong Katharine Greer Atkins Kathrine Oliver Bagby Jackie Ernest Baker Jane Wellington Baker Joseph Leonard Barach, Jr. Linda Ann Barnhill Mary Elizabeth Benoit Nancy Goode Best Jacob Curtis Blackwood John Carey Bolen, Jr, Barbara Ann Boone Ronald Lee Boylston Hannah Grace Bradford Helen Carolyn Brents Robert James Brietz Mary Arnall Broach Carolyn Ann Brauch Susan Elizabeth Browne Edith Merrill Buice Robin Suzanne Burke Judith Ann Burrier Joseph Elliott Caldwell James Robert Callaway, Jr. Leonard Hewell Carter William Richard Chappell Rochelle Barbara Chariton Loren Charnley, Jr. Elizabeth Moore Chase Sandra Lee Cheney Mary Elizabeth Clutz Nancy Gibson Collier William Cornelius Sarah Elizabeth Couric Patricia Ann Cox Alan Dean Craver Diane Elaine Crockett Elisabeth Gail Crowell Donna Kaye Cullen l E Page Severity-Seuezz Page Seventy-Eight Eighth Grade Armand Turner Daniel David Allen Daniel Ann Lindsay Davis Hazel Jones Deason, jr. james Flynn DeRamus john Brewer Dickinson Robert Thompson Dickson Katharine Anne Dietler Charles Oliver DuBose Jeanne Denise DuBose Peggy Angela Duckworth Rebecca Larkin Duncan Walter Massey Dunlap, III Melvin Murphy Durham Howard Mareen Duvall, III Sara Cothran Dwelle Nancy Hill East jo Ann Elliot Charles Ellison Elrod, Jr. james Wallace Elting jane Elizabeth Farthing William Pinkney Finley Daisy Pearce Fitch Carol Ann Garrison Pamela Dorothy Glensor Edward Alexander Glover jerry Martin Goodman Cynthia Chapman Graham Harvey Moore Grasty james Thomas Grey Sara Marvin Griffith William Harrison Guerrant Pamela jane Guthrie jack Louis Hardy, jr. Mary Permelia Harkey Melva Lane Heath Mary Shepard Henderson Chesley Carlisle Herbert, III Williani Carl Hinson, III Lucy Elizabeth Hitchcock Benjamin Shambaugh Horack jr Frank Mackey Hough, Jr, Michael Hogue Houston Edward Stevens Howie Robert Stewert Howie Patricia Ann Huff Thomas Alexander Huffaker Peggy Anne Hull Eighth Grade Henry Nash Carrier Hunt Pamela Ann Inderfurth Anne Deron jalces David Gardner johnson john Lawrence jones, III Mary Frances jones Kenneth Roberts jordan Robert Richard jordan Frances Anne Kendrick Elizabeth Farnsworth Kenna Margaret jane Kennedy Claudia Virginia Kerns Mary Leila Lane Virginia Carol Lane Mary Stella Leak Linda Lee Katherine Ann Ligon David Marley Lindeman Henrietta Linker Linda Elaine Little Dianne Littlefield Mary Malinda Lobdell james Shepherd Lofton Wilson Truman Love Paula Marian Lumpkin Douglas Moore Maddock Thomas Styles Marshall Barbara Sue Martin jean Craig Mason Oscar Lee Mathis james Rosebrow Meacham Ann Mebane McDonald Nancy Sharon McIver William Harold McKee Peggy Lynne McNeal Raphael jay Miller Ronald Webster Miller Robert Hawkins Mobley Linda Lou Moller jane Morrison Moore Jennie Marian Moore Georgie Ann Morrison Katherine Aubrey Munford Martha Matthews Munroe Susan Gail Naumoff Michael Scott Newberry William Marshall Newman Sara Carolyn Nolen Page Sevefzfy-Nine Page Eigloiy wr Eighth Grade Linda Orr John Henry Palmer, III Grace LeNoir Pearsall Gail Wesley Pearson Judith Louise Pearson Robert Alfred Pearson Anna Shuford Peeler David Nelson Pfohl Frances Allen Pierce Linda Sue Pinkston Michael Simon Pressman James Tucker Rayburn Charles l-Iarmon Reed, Jr. Robert John Rice, Jr. Robert Preston Richardson Dale Ball Rivers Jane Wylly Robb Joseph Vernon Robinson Jay Patrick Rogers John L. Rogers Thomas Franklin Rogers Anne Fontaine Rose Nancy Thorne Rouzer James Burnett Rowe, Jr. Charles Gale Rust Richard Berton Sargent Gretchen Cluthe School Herbert Charles Schoof, Jr. Carolyn Schwam Jerry Segal Alan Page Shaw William Arnold Shaw Judith Carolyn Shumate Judith Louise Sims Dorothy Jeanne Slaughter Dorothy Anne Slipher Marvin McLeod Smith, Jr. Ronald Frank Smith Frank Warren Sriepp Barbara Gene Spann Joseph Milton Spencer, Jr. Carolyn Haynes Spoon Eighth Grade Shirley Anne Spratt Fred Graham Stephens, jr. Robert Fred Stern Margaret Caroline Stokes Maurice Preston Stone Charles Pryor Sugg Rebecca Louise Swanzey john Gilbert Swinney, jr. Frederick Lee Tathwell john Stephen Thomas Catherine Revenal Townsend Anina Tribble William Rufus Trotter Warren Caldwell Tucker Judith Anne Turner Virginia Gene Turner Milton Spangler Van Hoy Mary Isabelle Van Wagner Charles Gibson Venning Merrie Haynes Walker james Gilbert Wallace Diana Fay Walters Craig Millard Wardlaw Warren Wade Way, jr. Richard Fisk Wegner Thomas Henry Westerneld Ann Stewart White john Gettys White Mary Netta Wiggins Diana Dunbar Wilburn Blanche Gregg Willard Nancy Randolph Willard Lyndon Dale Williams Diane Ridgely Wilson Frederick William Wood Benjamin Wyche, jr. William Michael Yett Barnett Cabiniss Young l l Page Eighty-One Page Eighty-Two Seventh Grade Sandra Lou Abernethy Charles jerry Adams Rosann Lucile Alexander Mary Ann Allen James Walter' Allison Patricia Ann Austin Susan Lorene Azsberger Judith Susan Balkincl Edward Wells Ballenger, -Ir. Barbara Cleveland Bamberger George Eldridge Barnett Pamela Barnett Robert C. Barnett Susan Everett Barnette james Harper Barnhardt, Jr. james Harold Bateman Harriet Murray Baynard james Tyson Beachum Brenda Gwynn Bethel Donald Barton Betts, jr. john Franklin Biggerstaff Charles Cook Boger, Jr. Suzanne Griffin Bost Harry Morgan Boyd, Jr. Kaye Terrell Boyle joan Bass Brown Harriet Leah Burns Aline Sanders Burr Frances Carolyn Byrd George Brent Callahan Wilburn Wells Campbell Susan Hall Cannon Alice Alexander Carr Eleanor Helen Carroll Robert Carroll Cass Frederick Allen Candle Catherine Lorraine Centorbe Howard Kenneth Chadwick, II Wfalter Charnley Charles Carroll Chase, jr. jane Ann Coffey Margaret Carolyn Coon Samuel Linton Corpening, jr. John Wlesley Craig, jr. james Allen Crockett, jr. Bryan Patterson Crutcher james Shelton Culbertson, jr, Elisabeth Cunningham Seventh Grade Laila Adele Dahir Gretchen Davey Daniel Mary Todd Davies Phoebe Joyce Davis Susan Coit Divine Stephen Arnold Douglas, VI John Steele Edgerton Leonard Gary Edwards Richard Turner Elmore Patricia Louise Eskridge Barry Richardson Farr Gwendolyn Mae Ferris Nathalie Colleen Floyd Robert Johnson Flynn, Jr. Katharine Graham Follmer Thomas Forshaw, Jr. David Wayne Fowler Leslie Ann Freedland Alice Dale French Carole Ann Friend Dorothy Byers Frost Martha Sumwalt Fullerton James Mclnnes Gale Elizabeth Morrow Gallagher Eileen Carol Garfmkel Jean Ann Gaskell Susan Clair Gebhardt Gayle Marsh George Robert Glasgow, Jr. Merylee Goldburg Julianne Graham Walter Raleigh Graham, Jr. Lucy Robertson Grasty Rex Norman Gribble, Jr. Ralph Harrell Griffin, Jr. Julius Virgil Griffith, Jr. Dennis Lorenz Guthrie Linda Jean Hackett Shirley Ann Hagen Frances Halsey Hamer Edward Sprunt Hamilton, Jr Donna Jean Hanes Rickford James Hanner, Jr. Gaye Karyl Harris John Langdon Harrison Dana Darlene Hassler Ann Lynn Hawkins Martha Nell Hemphill Page Eighty-Three Page Eigbly-Fam' Seventh Grade john Leslie Henderson John Peach Hightower, jr. Linda Susan Holder Mary Louise Holliday Marilyn Rose Honey William Douglass Hope Robert Markham Horton Roy Wilson House Sheridan Lynn House Martha Melinda Hudgins John Wayne Hunter Nancy Grant Huntington Floyd Hurt, jr. Ralph Henry Husband, Jr. Harry Boyd Ingle, II Kathie Lee jarrell J. Donald johnson, Ir, Mary Yorke Johnston joan Brantly Johnstone Edwin Lee jones, III Tommie jean jones Maria Kaperonis Stathula Kaperonis Daniel Charles Kaufman Robert B. Kellogg Vaiden Pearson Kendrick Anastasie Kanela Kontos Pamala Baker Koth john Evans Ladley Kay Latimer Kathryn Bane Law Susan Wiley Ledford Ilow Waddell Leggett, jr. William Murray Lineberger lll Ruth Gwynn Little Ruth Lynn Little Linda Ann Lookalnill Carol Zeigler Loring Mary Wilhemina Lowe Eddy Lee MacAleer Anne Mackinney Wfilliam Paul Mallard Caroline Armistead Martin Judith Elizabeth Martin james Clayton Massey Harriet Iris Mayer Maxine Sue Mayer Michael Downs McAllister Seventh Susan Love McCarty james Stewart McCullough Dorothy Ellen McDouglc Wocmtls Monroe McGinn William Bulgin McGuire, jr. Alice Gibson McNeill julian Curtis Meadows, Ill Robert Dean Melton Michael Grant Miller William Boone Mitchell, jr. Wiley Herbert Morrison, III Elliot Rector Motley, IV Girard joshua Myers, III Miriam Anne Needham Robert john Newlin Frieda Rose Nordman Thomas Edward Norman Ralph Margon O'Hair Arnett Stanton Oliver, jr. Sally Ann O'Rourke john Allen Otten, jr. Lyn Outwater George Daniel Page Margaret Kingslon Parker johnny Mayo Phillips jeffry james Pollock Ann Beth Pressman joyce Ann Ray joseph Allen Renfroe Harold Richardson Monroe Hobson Ridenhour, Manuel james Rogers, jr. Betty Penny Rogers Walton Worth Rogers Constance Elinor Roper joyce Rowe Nancy Lynn Schwartz Elizabeth Ann Sheppard Kay Saville Sherrill Cheryl Ellen Shipman juclith Anne Shotwell Graeme Hunter Shull Robert Hubbard Sieburg Michael Flynn Simon john Arthur Skidmore Dennis Eugene Smith Sarah Laura Snyder Madeline Sonneborn I fade B 2 I a Page Eigbly-Five Page Eighty-Six Seventh Grade Harry Matthews Spoon Frederick Evans Sprock, Jr, Herschel Everett Stellings Addison Dent Sullivan Andrew DaVal Taylor, jr. Henry Harold Thompson, Jr. William Johnson Thrift, Jr. james Brandon Thurman Penelope Margaret Tonks Roberta Diane Turner jane Emaline Utley Mary Patricia Vaden Diana Hamilton Van Every Nancy Lucinda Van Every Alice Vickers Vaughn Neil Howard Vener Virginia Ross Venning Marvin Howard Wallace Robert Ferman Wardell Sharon Arlene Weisman Candace Carroll Welsted Betty Lynne Whisnant Anne Lee Whitlock Agnes Ayers Whitton Earle Howard Whitton Robert Clark Whitton Sally Hoppe Wiggins Virginia Gay Wilkinson Frances Gay Williams Margaret Nell Williams joseph Neely Williamson, III Donavan Jordan Willis Marva Anne Wisecarver Larry William Witham Charles Edward Wood, jr. Marion Gordon Wood Robert Bruce Wright Ein illivmnriam ifinhert Gilbert Sviffurh JULY 6, 1940 - NOVEMBER 29, 1956 Pg EglayS Our ,Aciiuiiied . . Page Eighty-Eight Surely as all of us entered Myers Park, there were in our minds certain images of ourselves a few years hence and in our hearts the hope that these dreams would some day become reality. And in a variety of ways they did . . . as we served on the student council . . . saw our writing in print . . . were inducted into an idolized club . . . made our debuts on the stage. These were the highlightsg yet perhaps more meaningful were the many hours spent working on various Y-Teen and Hi-Y projects . . . taking part in athletic events either by participating or by attending . . . serving on various committees . . . enjoying the vast music program at Myers Park. And all the while beneath this surface-as our parents viewed them -those dreams and their fulfillment were making indelible imprints on our character and our personalities as, through these activities, we freely gave and even more freely received from our school. Our dreams of nthe past have truly flourished . . . materialized. We have grown and matured, as Myers Park High School has made us capable of cherishing more beautiful dreams . . . more beneficial dreams . . . believing that they will come true . . . as 1 Q, Miwuuw Um? ustanq . . . H2157 THE MUSTANGIS 1957 RACE AGAINST time and deadlines began long before school opened in September and gained momentum as hurdle after hurdle was reached and cleared, not always on the first try. There were pictures to be made . . . "Hey, George!" "Say peacherf' "Buddy, where are you?" "When does the Latin Club meet ?" There were pictures to be identified . . . "Can anyone tell these twins apart?" "What grade is he in ?" "I had that picture just a minute ago." There were ads to be sold . . . "Hello, Mr. Smith, I'm from the Myers Park MUSTANG .... " There were articles to be written, copy to be corrected . . . "Where is your write-up ?" "Does anyone know how to spell this girl's name?" mls it !a0y'.f or boys?" There were hundreds of deadlines . . . "Catharine, we're going to lock you in the closet if you don't finish those sketches by Thursday." "We mmf have those pictures!" "Smile, everybody, smile!" Winning the race meant work, but our work was our fun. All were striving for a yearbook that would equal the high standards of our school. There were smooth stretches and the inevitable bumps along the road, but the racers stayed mounted and made it over the finish line to give you - the 1957 MUSTANG. BRINGING THE MUSTANG DOWN THE HOMESTRETCH ARE: Mr. G. Leslie Browne, Burifzerr Ad1!iI01',' jane Arthurs, Editor-izz-Cbief,' Mary Hunter Kennedy, Actiuiliey Edit01',' Charles Lucas, Adrfertiring Mmzagerg Catharine Lucas, Art Editorf Cleone Blair, Featurer Ediiorg Jean Mauldin, Clair Ediz'01',' Buddy Spoon, Plaotogmpben' Bill Montgomery, BZl.ffl7C'J.Y illalzagerg Margaret Carpenter, Girly' S lD01'f.f Editory Leighton McGinn, Boyr' Sporlr Edilorg Miss Gordon Freeman, Editorial Adviror. ff' -,-'iv ustanq Staff THE EDITORIAL STAFF PLAN TO MAKE THE '57 MUSTANG THE BEST YET. Mary Hunter Kennedy, KEEPING FINANCES IN ORDER FOR THE Cleone Blair, Catharine Lucas, Miss Freeman, Jane Arthurs, Leighton McGinn, Margaret Carpenter, MUSTANG, Charles Lucas, Mr. Browne, and and Jean Mauldin. Not pictured Ethel Gilmour, Assistant Editor. Bill Montgomery are hard at work. THE 1957 MUSTANG is THE RESULT of the work and cooperation of many students at Myers Park. In addi- tion to the eight major staff members, forty-two students were enrolled in fifth- and sixth-period an- nual classes. These staff members were assigned to the particular section of their choice and worked closely with the section editor in planning lay-outs and theme suggestions. A highly successful subscription campaign was due to the fifty-one homeroom representatives who sold annuals and collected payments, and the advertising staff depended to a large extent on the line work of "WHICH ONE-SHALL WE INVADE NEXT?" Charles Lucas, Advertising Manager, Christine Farnan, George Archer, May Wells Janes, Robin Roberson, Martha Hackney, Harriet Hester, Bill Taylor, Assistant. ten volunteers who sold one hundred ads in their free time and helped secure sponsorships. Many other talented individuals were tapped for much-needed assistance in art work, photography, picture identification, club write-ups, and other small but vital services. A special indebtedness goes to the faculty, and especially the English teachers, who were so gracious and helpful in their assistance during individual picture-taking and in picture sales. Truly, this year's MUSTANG is the embodiment of the spirit and cooperation of the entire school. THE MUSTANG'S BEST PROMOTERS, THE HOMEROOM REPRESENTA- TIVES: Firsf row: Mary Lucas, Nancy Heath, Libby McNeely, Letty McDonald, Katy Carpenter, Lynn McGarity, Merrie Marcotte, Anna Wesley Beddingfield. Second row: Susan Barnette, Carolyn Schwam, Polly Ann Picket, Susan McCarty, Gail Adams, Denise DuBose, Virginia Anderson, Loretta Stafford, Marianna Proctor, lleene Silvers, Hannah Sue Hamer, Betty Mraz. Third row: Arnold Shaw, Frank Dove, Fred Austin, Mike Gilbert, Jimmy Little, K. Smith, Gayle Rogers, ..sW,....i ..,, W ,, . N-... ' mi unn- ,f CHECKING OLD ANNUALS FOR NEW IDEAS FOR FEATURES. Jo Anne IDEAS, LAY-OUTS, DUMMY, AND PICTURES-THEY PLAN ALL THESE Miller, Sherlie Love, Judith Atkins, Marnie Rogers, Assistant Features AND MORE FOR ACTIVITIES. Fran Jermon, Non Hemphill, Assistant Activities Editor, Susan Alexander, Lee Harmon, Lebby Rogers, and Editor, and Katy McCanless. Mike Tribble. "THlS BOY'S PICTURE WILL BE IN CLASSES THREE TIMES IF WE'RE NOT CAREFUL!" Nancy Patten, Sistie Bootwright, Anne Sullivan, Sally Spratt, Jackie Helin, and Charlie Waters. "ISN'T THERE SOME WAY WE CAN POSE A PICTURE OF THAT GAME?" Tondo Taylor, Assistant Girls' Sports Editor, Margaret Carpen- ter, Girls' Sports Editor, Leighton McGinn, Boys' Sports Editor, ond lush Thomas, Assistant Boys' Sports Editor. "ONE-SIXTEENTH OF AN INCH THE TABLES TURN as Buddy Spoon, OVER . . ." Lynndy Logue, Assistant Chief Photographer, and Bill Carr BUSY FINGERS TYPE OUR COPY. ' " ' """ """"""'t have their pictures made, Katherine Potts and Sallie Marcotte. Page Nirlety-Three "Look good, Butch?" 'I g L 1 at 'lp sv 2+ ' L "' L , , c- v , P u " 3 I 1 u LITTLE DoEs THE AVERAGE STUDENT REALIZE what goes into the make-up of his bi-weekly issue of the MYER- SPARK. The finished product is the result of many hours of planning and work: stories are assigned and written, ads are sold, copy is checked and typed, the lead print is set, proofs are checked and re-checked, headlines are written, pages are made up, final adjustments and checks are made, and finally the paper is sent to press. Excited and weary journalists exclaim, "We have been to press!" But Betsy Wilson Editor before they can catch their breaths, the individual copies are ready for folding and circulating. Thus, another copy of the 'Spark appearsg but rest assured that the same busy schedule is well underway for the succeeding issue. It is a never ending task! r.mua neroerr Margaret Goldsborough Butch Rogers Cynthia Hyatt Ann Ross Abbey Betty Mraz News Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Advertising Ma Manager FIRST YEAR REFORTERS LOOK OVER THEIR OWN NEWSPAPERS: Bonnie Currie, Pat Stallings, Dottie Leggett, Jack St h ' ' ' ep ens, Dee Dee Elliot, Mrnette Conrad, Linda Mayo, s 1, - s N' 7 . - s I 1, - -1 : ' .!-V lx xi 5 1 A ' 3 ,H Jn .- This year the MYERSPARK staff has endeavored to maintain superior standards in our newspaper by pre- senting the news in an interesting style through the best in student writing. Most important of all, they have endeavored to represent the reader and his opinions. The twelve-page monstrosity at Christmas, the crazy mixed-up April Fool's issue, the reminiscent graduation issue, and fifteen others-these made up the 1957 issues of the 'Spark. The staff has thoroughly enjoyed its workg and feeling that its efforts have been well spent, it hopes the results have been enjoyable. And another 'Spark is out! Julia Doar Judy McManus Catharine Lucas Joanna Risdon Billy Trapp Marjorie Cowell Class Editor Exchange Editor Art Editor Promotion Manager Assistant Advertising Assistant Advertising Manager Manager Mrs. Ramona Potter Advisor REPORTERS SCOOP SCHOOL SECRETS: Billy Starr, Ann Chambless, Mary Frances Leak, Gail Polk, Warren Kennedy. Senior High Student Euuncil WUHHING 'HUUNU THE ELUEH MLM GYAVEU lhliflf' Elitiulilti BUTCH R0 inuwzlsiou KEN MMR WW iam Wi is rf ww- iw' r' N .1 isa H? HDYNFR AIYYSSYI? ,flfifflfiiifw S 1 ' 6 fr if tl! Hlllfl MRIUN EDNOK li Ct HTH Iiliill ZAEH TIDHAS ROBERT DUGAN WJSEMG GKSUNDS USHHPUEE :qw - -5. X fry. . ,.f,,j -, A SERS OKKEDLL RUSHS we c 0 This iff 3 . lg, X , THE HANDS or THE CLOCKS in Myers Park have ticked away many hours of work by the Senior High Student Council, both during and after school. Under the inspiring leadership of Dr. Horner, the Council, composed of the four officers, committee chairmen, homeroom representatives, and class presidents, worked diligently to better their school and to unify the student body. Outstanding achievements for the Page N mel y-S ix year were the publication and distribution of the first school handbook, "Information Please," the helping of a needy family at Christmas, and the sponsoring of the three main dances-Homecoming, Christmas, and Valentine. The loyalty and unseltish service of the Student Council have made this year outstanding in every way. JUST ENOUGH TIME TO FINISH DECORATING, EAT SUPPER, AND TINSEL, CREPE PAPER, THE BELL, AND HARD WORK-THE WINNING COME BACK TO CHEER for Catharine Lucas, Anne Sullivan, Harry COMBINATION FOR A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS DANCE! Boyce Rich, Smith, Marilyn Connor, Chairman of the School Spirit Committee, and Kay Hart, Chairman of the Dance Committee, Becky Weathers, Johnny Larry Smith. Hunter, Ruthlee Phillips, Sue Lane, Lois Copeland, Sylvia Abernathy. THE OFFICERS LEAD THE GROUP WHO DIRECT SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Bobby Stone, Treasurer, Carroll Rogers, Secretary, Judy Harris, Vice-President, Ken Oliver, President. First row: Robert Dugan, Sue Hull, Hal Beaver, Goody Thomas, Chan Richards, Victor Burg, Punch Harris, Julia Ann Hunt, Walter Dellinger. Second row: Jane Manson, Marilyn Connor, Cecil Baldersan, Ann Dillard, Allan Gravely, Billy Ashendorf, Zach Thomas, Ralph Timrnerman, George Titlow, Bill Taurtellot, Wade Blackvyelder, Mike Shulman, Mary Hunter Kennedy. Third row: Margaret Goldsborough, Lucy Barnes, Mary Lib Van Every, Ethel Gilmour, Kay Hart, Judith Atkins, Graham Allison, Dean Lowe, Bill Taylor, Rob Abernathy, Jackie Helin, Antie Selle, Charlie Waters. TRAFFIC COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN ALLAN GRAVELY GIVES A TICKET WORKING ON ANOTHER SIGN FOR THE CAFETERIA: Jackie Helin, May FOR OVERLOADINGI Ben Gravely, Jimmy Williams, Frank Anders, David Wells Jones, Cynthia Hyatt, Larry Smith, Mariana Proctor, Joan Sandler, Price, Jerry Clegg, Barton Richards, Allan Cash, Voris Brookshire. Jean Mauldin, Anne Cowan, and Leta Kendall. Leading the Homecoming Parade . . . Eleanor Allen Head Cheerleader Senior Hin LEAD DURING THE HOT, LAZY DAYS or AUGUST, nine loyal, school- spirited girls worked long hours learning new cheers, polishing old ones, and synchronizing their motions. Because of their pep and enthusiasm, school spirit reached an all-time highg the teams were encouraged to new victories and honors. THE FAITHFUL Ellen Rose Rulhlee Phillips Ann Snyder Mary Hunter Kennedy Page Niwlj'-Eilqlv! heetieaders EER CLUB The Myers Park cheerleaders, with the invaluable guidance of their sponsor, Miss Martha Akers, formed a closely knit group which shared many exciting and rewarding experiences. i THE CHEER CLUB C roll Rogers Gretchen Marsh "Mustangs . . . Fight!" 4504 i 52 fl 1 Miss Martha Akers Advisor Judy Harris Lydia Willard ur T Page INi17e!y-Niue Junior High Student Ifliilrlrtil l Commie DeCamp, Dance Committee. nm vvellroru Sally McKoig Buddy DuBose Trudge Herbert President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN DISCUSS PLANS FOR THE YEAR. - . ' Sally Melcalg, clrizenshlp commmee, Jinger Allison, School HILL XWELI-1'0RD - - - ----- P' 65746771 Spirit Committee, Donna Woodside, School Spirit Committee, U . SALLY MCKAIG . . . . . .Vzce-Prerzdezzz l BUDDY DUBOS13 . . . . .Sec1'elfz1'y TRUDGE PIERBERT . . . . .Trenrul'el- HILL WELLFORD PRESIDES AT A TYPICAL JUNIOR HI H THE JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL had il busy and successful year sponsoring several open houses, three dances, and the election of class officers. By means of the monitor system they made much progress in better- ing the standards of conduct and citizenship in the junior high grades, especially in the cafeteria. The council is composed of four officers and twenty- one homeroom representatives. Miss Sara jones is the advisor. l G STUDENT COUNCIL MEETING. First row: Shirley Spratt, Susan Nclumoff, Nancy Rouzer, Buddy DuBose, Sally McKalg, Trudge Herbert, Rosann Alexander, Dot Frost, Brenda Bethel. Second row: Miss Sora Jones, Advisor, Fay Walters, Jeannie Pharr, Susan Hall, Helen Brokhoff, Cammie DeCamp, Dick Ransom, Scott Summers, Hugh Huntington, Jimmy Ruvburn, Brin-h Alllefm cmfafl.. :...A-f. THEIR VIM, VIP, AND VIGOR LEAD ON T0 VICTORY! Ann Cordle Donna Woodside Sandra Summerville Sally McKaig Jmger Allison Head Cheer leader, Nancy Willard, Linda Summerville, Mebane McDonald, Alma Cordle Cathy Nwens Mascot Junior High Cheerleaders "WERE GONNA FlGH'1'lH was the theme of the junior High Cheerleaders from 1956 to 1957. Yes, they kept this cheer going when they were winning, losing, or tied with their opponent. Practicing throughout the month of August, attempting to teach the mascots to cheer, selling booster cards at 7:45 in the morning, providing buses for the games away from Myers Park, and sponsoring parties for the teams showed hard work on the part of these nine little jump- ing jacks. Good sportsmanship, teamwork, eating to- gether before games, and sharing their ideas an ro ems at ractices wit t eir a visor, cl p bl p h h cl Miss Sifford, made these nine individuals one big, closely united family. Giving their boys the strength that they need To curry the ball and give them the lead' -Q'-v -K f 7' 'lift' - ' - I . 5 11, , ' K ' I .V I Q. K Y", K A, - excl, . . - . 3' QQ I 'f?'7'5. ,' I ,, . vihl s, , 4 , rf , - I M ,. I o Xi Q . t , fr ' ' Q- Lg K I -4. .,t , 'sew Q 'L , jf T l VK iii' f-3 'I i - ' ' r a ,p , N A I, N I g, . 4..,.. A I ,:v, I ,,f1L,1,, t , ,L 3 I vu AA.. Wi, 1 . an - Jeannette Harrison Ed McGee Joanna Risdon Jean Fullerton M Yi' ' President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 'ef U , S V,, it if lN THE BPUTLIGHT' ' I' UNDER THE DIRECTION or FRED SITTON, the Limelighters ' ' ' ' held the spotlight with four dramatic productions. The season began In September with Tennessee Williams The 'i 'f2"'f4 'I Qfs' f frr- Glam Meflflgerze featuring Jeannette Harrison, Mary Wil- M'- Ffed SW" M'- HOV' M'C""'2" son Paul Gold and Robert Du an. November introduced I I S Advisor Advisor v my U .fL,J'21..i.-L !i,,-qw.-glxx 1 sp Rial' 'A .I' I 2 the production of Thornton Wilder's Our Town, which utilized the acting talents of Ed McGee, Vonette Massey, Tootsie Sheppard, Stewart Wluite, Amon Liner, and Harry and Larry Smith. Paul Gold played the coveted role of the Stage Manager. In February the Limelighters pre- sented Andre Obey's Noah and introduced a new group of thespians. John Kennedy, Tommy Thomas, May Wells jones, David Burns, Lynn Flowe, Robin Roberson, Frankie McDonald, and Sue Hull assumed major roles in the production along with Robert Dugan, a veteran Lime- lighter. Mary Dale and Dottie Leggett set the pace for a group of dancers, most of whom made an initial appear- ance on the boards at Myers Park High School. The month of May served as a finale to the active group who chose The Taming of the Shrew for the annual Shakes- JEANNETTE HARRISON ..... . . .,... Preridefzz Pearean Production. ED MCGLE """" ' ""Vlm'P"e'Wdwt The Limelighters won three of the twelve "Highest JOANNA RISDON - - ------ SW"fM"J' Awards" given at the Carolina Dramatic Association JEAN FULLERTON . . . .T1'ea.rz11'e1' Festival at Chapel Hill. R'OBERT PORTRAYS THE GRIEF-STRICKEN HUSBAND IN "OUR TOWN." THREATENED BY THE SAVAGE, NOAH'S FAMILY STANDS BACK IN Flrst row: Sue Hull, Frank McDonald, Vonette Massey, Jeannette Harri- TERROR. John Kennedy, Tammy Thomas, David Burns, Robert Dugan, son. Second row: Robert Sargent, Margie Martin, Tommy Thomas, Marv Robin Roberson, Sue Hull, May Wells Jones, Lynn Flowe, Frank Rutledge Crayton, Antje Selle, Kneeling: Robert Dugan. McDonald. "He went as tar away as that moon, Son . . ," In "Noah" Sue seeks to comfort the children Jeannette pleads for one loving glance in Our soys Jeannette Harrison to Poul Gold in "The as they gather around her. Robin Roberson, Town." Tootsie Sheppard, Jeannette Harrison Gloss Menagerie." Sue Hull, Moy Wells Jones, Lynn Flowe. . . UN THE EPUT . A Nlzxv LILJHTING sYs'ri3M installed in the Little Theater Room and the Cafeteria contributed a great deal of enthu- siasm in the technical ranks of the Limelighters. Ed McGee and Van Giersch lent their talents to the new switchboard during the multi-cued Glam' Memzgeiie as jean Fullerton concentrated on two turntables for sound and a multitude of props. Om' Town initiated the new theater accommodations in the Cafeteria. jean Fullerton exercised an iron glove back- stage in her technical duties. She was ably assisted by David Burns, Pete Elliott, and joe Williainson. Millard Hair served as lighting technician for the show. Noah posed a problem from the start. Three settings were constructed by the Production Class for the small "Why don't we just spend the night here?" stage of the Little Theater room. Trallic confusion pro- vided by seventeen members of the cast was controlled by the assistant to the director, jean Fullerton, as flats and platforms were shudled by John Gravitte, joe Brunson and members of the cast. Paul Gold left the boards for back- stage duty in assembling the .electronic devices for pro- ducing a multitude of sounds accompanying the flood. Paul was given moral support by Karen McKinnon. Chore- ography for Noah introduced the talents of joe Helms, Dottie Leggett, and Mary Dale in devising dances which contributed much to the pace of the play. The annual Shakespearean production, The Taming of Ike Sluerzf, was produced out-of-doors on the cafeteria terrace. Every member of the Limelighters was pressed into service to bring a climax to a full year of drama. "Listen, people-" hey Club SEHVllIE...THElH HEY TU SUEEE55 THESE KEY CLUB MEMBERS FORM THEIR "KEY TO SUCCESS": Front to back: Buddy Spoon, Billy Ashendorf, Charles Lucas, Leighton Mc- Ginn, Phil Johnston, Zach Thomas, Jimmy Caldwell, Paul Ervin, Mike Shulmon, Bob Johnston, Bill Montgomery, Bill Taylor, Skipper Kugler. Clockwise: Joe Soldoti, Linton Wray, Billy Stephenson, Lynwood Mallard, David Creech, Ken Oliver, Don McNeill, Rob Abernathy, Harry Jones, Mr. Olechovsky, Advisor, John McAuley, Harrison Well- ford, Jim Whitehead, Bobby Stone, Pat Curry, David Gilmour, Herb Guettler, Finley Lee, Charles Powell. Extreme right, first row: Charles Waters, President, Pat Gregory, Secretory. Second row: Graham Allison, lreaziiireijrg Verner Stanley, Governor of the North and South Carolina ey u s. Page One Hundred Fam' WE BUILD. This year, as in years past, the Key Club has worked to achieve a goal so ably named in its motto. This building took place in many forms and activities. For the school the members worked in the con- cession stand during football season. At out-0f- town football games there was always a good stu- dent representation because the Key Club spon- sored buses to carry students. At Christmas the Club presented every student a city directory of high school students. ' For the community the Club provided ushers for the Ice Capades. During the Holiday Season they gave presents to an underprivileged family. In the spring they were host to the Carolinas, Key Club Convention. To carry out many projects, boys of the highest calibre are needed. Myers Park's Key Club has pride in the high standards of leadership, citizen- ship, sportsmanship, and scholarship it upholds. "ONE FOR YOU, TWO FOR ME," says BUTCH ROGERS, Chairman of the Key Club Directory Committee to committee members Charles Waters and Ken Oliver. KEY CLUB SCRAPBOOK COMMITTEE MEMBERS Skipper Kugler, Don McNeill, Buddy Spoon, Co-Chairman, Zach Thomas, Co-Chairman, and Bill Montgomery inspect their work. Girl Ambassadors 5EPrVlEE...THElll SYMBUL U17 EUUU WILL THE AIM or THE GIRL AMBASSADORS is to serve their school and community, and all of the activities for the year have been centered around this ideal. At the beginning of school they gave their annual new girls' tea. During the football season the members made and sold tassels before all of the football games. Groups of Ambassadors visited the Methodist Home regularly to cheer the elderly folks living there, and at Christmas they heartily supported the Student Council's project of helping needy families. They also spread the joyous Christ- mas spirit when they went caroling one rainy night. Certainly they have lived up to their motto, "Duty makes us do things wellg love makes us do them beautifully." Making tassels to sell at the next football game . . . "I'm Dreaming of a While Christmas!" GIRL AMBASSADORS GATHER 'ROUND: Front row: Libba Herbert, Vice-Presidentg Evelyn Faires, Presidentg Betty Mraz, Treasurer. Inner row: Gwen Neiman, Anne Way, Cynthia Hyatt, Anne Cowan, Harriet Hester, Phyllis Boone, Jo Ann Mathis, Bonnie Currie, Patsy Tobin, Margaret Goldsborough, Patsy Morton, Eleanor Allen, Betty Boston, Judy Harris, Melinda Rose, Sue Hull, Robbie Brashear, Carolyn Mc- Clain, Mary Leach Elmore, Susan Alexander, Antje Selle, Marilyn Connor, Boyce Rich, Julia Doar, Betty Lau Couch. Outer row: Sandra Springs, Joanna Risdon, May Wells Jones, Sally Lambeth, Betsy Wilson, Carroll Rogers, Ann Snyder, Tootsie Sheppard, Lee Harmon, Phyllis Blankenship, Marcia Gay, Mary Hunter Kennedy, Catharine Lucas, Ann Ross Abbey, Anne Sullivan, Margaret Carpenter, Margery Speir, Page One Hundred Fwe Y-Teen Clubs Cynthia Hyatt and Ann Ross Abbey serve Mr. J. P. Hackney, President of the P. T. A., and Mrs. Hackney al' the barbecue. "Look at this one! Let's keep it!" HARD-WORKING SENIOR Y-TEENS PAUSE IN FRONT OF L. A. First row Lctq- Kendall, Sue I-lull, Molly Summers, Mary Cotter, Cynthia Hyatt: Marla Jammer, Jackie Helm, Marnie Rogers, Anne Cowan, Lynne Thal- heimer, Gwen Neiman, Janet Jordan. Second row: Phyllis Blankenship, SENIOR Y-TEEN OFFICERS POSE ON THE STAIRWAY OF SUCCESS: Phyllis Blankenship, President, Betsy Wilson, Vice-President, Leta Kendall, Secre- tary, Janet Jordan, Assistant Secretary: Marilyn Connor, Treasurer, Anne Way, Sergeant-at-Arms, Margery Speir, Sergeant-at-Arms. TH13 Y-TEEN CLUB is a world-wide inter-faith organiza- tion sponsored by the Young Women's Christian Associa- tion of America. Its purpose is to build a national fellowship of girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith in God. During the 1956-57 school year, the Y-Teens of Myers Park High School have been a part of many community- aid projects. Examples of their work were aiding in the Hungarian Relief fund, helping the March of Dimes at its convention and with its sale-projects, and providing food and clothing for many underprivileged families. As a service club, the Y-Teens have given time and effort toward upholding the worthy name of their school. Sandra Springs, Jo Anne Huff, Jean Edwards, Carolyn Taylor, Margery Speir, Ann Ross Abbey, Boyce Rich, May Wells Jones, Marilyn Connor, Marie Harris, Anne Way. Third row: Libba Herbert, Avery Westmoreland, Kay LaFerney, Nan Hemphill, Jean Mauldin, Joy Zeigler. "THEIR STRENGTH IS IN THEIR NUMBER." First row: Kay Ulmer, President, Dottie Cass, Vice-President, Lucy Barnes, Secretary, Cynthia Mantiply, Treasurerg' Barbara Chavis, Sergeant-at-Arms. Second row: Claire Petersen, Virginia Blackwood, Nancy Bost, Ramelle Watterson, Janet Hawkins, Frances Pilcher, Dottie Groyson. Third row: Sandra Bassett, Koky Wolf, Jocelyn Palmer, Phyllis Boone, Lindo Hagen, Judy Wooten, Beth Hamilton, Pat High, Fourth row: Margaret Holdforth, Annette Bivens, Myra Steele, Robbie Sams, Jane Torbet, Phyllis Overcarsh, Ann Daniels, Bonnie Shubkin, Sue Sprock.-Fitth.row: Melinda Rose, Mary Leach Elmore, Janette Bivens, Mimi Levi, Ann Brannon, Ann Chambless, Prissy Thomas, Peggy Wiriden, Somrnie Vermillion. Sixth row: Nancy Paley, Coral Elting, Carolyn Noumotf, Mary Stokes, Louise Beatty, Peggy Campbell. Seventh row: Lindo Barnett, Lebby Rogers, Ann Sherrill, Ann Campbell, Ruthlee Phillips, Robbie Broshear, Susan Douglas, Eileen Breeden. Eighth row: "Jo" Price, Ethel Gilmour, Mervine Reed, Mary Costner, Sue Lane, Molly Pipkin, Lois Copeland, Betty Brown. Ninth row: Sistie Bootwright, Judy Rhodes, Judy Trapp, Betsy Melasky, Joan Sandler, Ann Morrison, Judy Martin, Mary Cothron, Virginia Hill, Frances Foster, Mary Frances Leak, Pat Sloan, Gail Polk, Joretta Campbell, Karen McKinnon, Pat Stallings, Tenth grade Y-Teeners have collected food, clothes, toys, Eleventh grade Y-Teeners cover their "tree" presents at Christmas-all for others! with soap for the Hungarians! "RISING UP WITH HIGHER IDEALS": First row: Christine Farnan, President, Kay Elder, Vice-President, Darst Murphy, Secretary, Patsy Tobin, Treasurer. Second raw: Susan Favor, Mary Hopping, Kathy Orlean, Alice Bornhill, Ann Barefoot, Agnes McKee, Beverly Kelly, Lois Smith, Sylvia Abernathy, Peggy Wiley, Bunny4StancelI, Myrna Linker, Ellen Mayo, Sally Spratt, Alice Wheeler, Jeannie Glasgow. Third row: Caren Leffler, Gretchen Lettler, Betty Campbell, Sheila Duncan, Agnes Binder, Pat Cotter, Bettye Cullen, Harriet Hester, Jane Holmes, Marcia Kerns, Jo Ann Noland, Lynne Hen- derson, Mary Ann Little, Anne Obertell, Joanna Poulokos, Mary Frances Wheeler, Dianne Hunter, Suzanne Higgins. Fourth row: Charlotte Doggett, Carole Hearn, Ann Moore, Kenny McArver, Corol Chaplin, Terry Taylor, Mary Cowell, Karen Koth, Katie Shelby, Barbara Willis, Kirby McCormick, Ellen Ross, Margaret Miller. Fifth row: Judy Scruggs, Cynthia Boker, Trude Finman, Adele Hults, Ann Hults, Elisa Culbreath, Janice Short, Judy McGrath, Jessica Cannon, Betsy Brockwell, Nancy Stickley, Judy Mathews, Anne Stratton, Gloria Tinsley, Marsha Cook, Dorothy Kuebler, Kitty Ann Clark, Miss Turpin, Advisor. THIS YEAR THE EIGHTH GRADE Y-TEENS had many projects, but their most important one was the wrapping of Christmas presents for the children at the Spastic Hospital. Miss Imo- gene Carter is the club's advisor. EIGHTH GRADE Y-TEENERS INSPECT PRESENTS FOR THEIR CHRISTMAS PROJECT: First row: Mariana Kuester, Vice-Presi- dent, Corol Lane, Treasurer, Haynes Walker, Secretaryg Barbara Martin, President. Second row: Nancy Collier, Nancy Rouzer, Pam Glensor, Nina Tribble, Susan Naumaff, Carolyn Spoon, Kay Munford. Third row: Kay Walters, Peggy Stokes, Betsy Benoit, Blanche Willard, Peggy McNeal, Linda Bornhill, Ibbie Kenna, Gail Adams, Daisy Fitch, Fourth row: Jane Kennedy, Susie Brauch, Ann Morrison, Shirley Spratt, Ann White, Diane Crockett, Gail Crowell, Kathy Dietler, Anna Peeler, Arnall Broach, Page One Hfmdred Eight Jr. High Y-Teens THE NINTH GRADE Y-TEENS had as its main projects selling booster cards and making toy pillows for the Spastic Hospital. Mrs. Margaret McKee1 was the club's advisor. GETTING THE LATEST TIPS ON FASHION: First row: Tish Smith, President, Linda Summerville, Vice-Presidentg Sally McKaig, Secretaryg Martha Rogers, Treasurer. Second row: Ruthann Kilroy, Sally Tathwell, Alice Mauzy, Frannie McClain, Martha Hackney, Ellen Elrod, Rabbin Pleasants, Laurie Livingston, Rosalind Rollins, Judy Nicholson. Third row: Betsy Glenn, Jane Mulwee, Carol Stuckey, Mary Meade Owens, Ingrid Kemp, Joy Walker, Nancy Heath, Nancy Lou Jones, Mary Stewart Rosenblatt, Helen St. Clair, Jody Blackwell. Fourth row: Dianne Dessauer, Mary Lucas, Cheryl Hoffman, Laurie Hurt, Betty Hemphill, Margaret Whitton, Monie Argo, Merrie Marcotte, Becky Biggers, Ann Crosson, Norma Nuttall, Mary Hamrick, Mrs. McKeeI, Advisor. Fifth row: Gail Stephan, Sandra Anderson, Martha Ellen Mansfield, Ja Laughlin, Minette Conrad, Joyce Mills, Betty Battle, Betsy Allen, Betty McGuire, ,linger Allison, Linda Mayo, Betty Bush. FORTY-ONE ENTHUSIASTIC GIRLS formed the first seventh grade Y-Teen Club at Myers Park. The group took part in many service projects. Miss Annie Anthony is the club sponsor. "EVERYBODY HAS T0 FILL OUT ONE OF THESE CARDS!" says PRESIDENT ALICE CARR to SEVENTH GRADE Y-TEENERS. First row: Jane Ann Coffey, Sandra Abernethy, Lynne Whisnant, Harriet Burns, Judy Shotwell, Dot Frost, Patricia Eskridge, Kathie Jarrell. Second row: Lynn Little, Pat Austin, Lucy Grasty, Madeline Sonneborn, Darlene Hassler, Gina Venning, Dottie Mc- Dougle, Candace Welsted, Joan Johnstone, Suzanne Bost. Third raw: Carolyn Coon, Vicky Vaughn, Gwynn Little, Sandy Burr, Terrell Boyle, Mariam Needham, Susan Barnette, Melinda Hudgins, Fourth row: Miss Anthony, Advisor, Rasann Alexander, Colleen Floyd, Linda Lookabill, Mary Yorke Johnston, Connie Roper, Anne MacKinney, Katy Law, Gay Williams, Bippy Van Every, Linda Holder, Kay Latimer. Hi -Y THE GROWTH or H1-Y organ- izations on the campus is a tribute to the high ideals of this national youth movement sponsored by the Young Men's Christian Association. Two clubs are active at the present time- a Sophomore and a junior Hi-Y - and a ninth grade club is being formed. These organiza- tions, which are basically service clubs, have contributed greatly THE ELEVENTH GRADE HI-Y PAUSES BEFORE GETTING DOWN TO WORK. David Gilmour, Harrison Wellford, Charles Powell, Jimmy Coldwell, Bobby Stone, Chaplin, Lynwood Mallard, Secretary, Bobby Hurd, Vice-President, Paul Ervin, Presidentg Joe Kelley, Treasurer, Bill Taylor, Sergeant-at-Arms: Clayton Bundy, Perry Allen, Ray Farris, Julius Bornhardt. "Many hands make light work." "A little bit goes a long way." in time and effort to the prog- ress of Myers Park. Money raised by the members has partially fmanced many stu- dent projects and the members themselves have served the school in many capacities. Spon- soring a car wash and the pre- paring of Thanksgiving baskets are just two examples of the fund raising projects and the utilization of such funds. "ALWAYS LOOKING AHEAD": First row: Hal Beaver, Paul- Goodson, Spike Sp-igcner, Sccretaryj David Underwood, Treasurer. Second row: John Soldati, Stewart White, Bill Messerly, Billy Skidmore. Third row: Butch Gallagher, Billy Wallace, Bill Sanford, Bob Cardle, President. Page 0170 H lmrlrwl Nine "THE BIG M'S": First row: McGinn, Secretary, Gregory, Presidentg Soldoti, Vice-President, Thomas, Treasurer, Second vow: Walker, Waller, P, Johnston, Whelehel, Glersch, Sink, Advisory Givens, Balderson, Steele, Leffler, Driscoll. Third row: B, Gallagher, Houston, Burg, Goodson, Guerrant, Barnhardt, Emmrich, Allison, J, Shuman, Caldwell, Creech, Fourth row: Wray, Gilmour, B. Johnston, L. Stanley, Powell, D. Shuman, Devereux, Stephan, Timmer- mon, Wells, Maddock. Fifth row: Blucher, Bundy, Trapp, Brownell, Rogers, Mallard, Lee, Smith, Shulman, E. Gallagher, Ashendort, Sixth row: Willard, Fox,.Renney, Anderson, Mansfield, Mason, P, Burns, Carr, V, Stanley, Jones, McDonald. Seventh row: Farris, Beaver, Bolcs, Pfohl, Stephenson, Galvin, Harms, Wilburn, B. Burns, Currie. L Monogram Club THE MONOGRAM CLUB began this school year with an unusually large club composed of seventy-five members. As more and more boys won recognition for athletic achievements, the membership swelled to approximately one hundred and thirty members. Pledges wearing green and White beanies survived the initiation ceremonies and proudly joined the ranks of the White sweater and green letter set. Since the club is composed entirely of athletes, the members voted to support the athletic fund with proceeds from their main projects of selling booster cards and operating the concession stand at home basketball games. In addition to contributing to the athletic fund, the club participated in the annual Empty Stocking Fund and in various other programs . at school. Certainly this has been a successful year l for the boys who so proudly wear the colors and "W"""' l' be?" monogram of Myers Park High School. The Beanie Brigade Page One Illmdred Terr Girls' lhlelirl ssrlrialiun GIRLS AT Mi'ERS PARK are sports-minded, too! This year an enthusiastic group, tripling former years in membership, has participated in a varied and interest- ing program of activities. The Athletic Council, composed of the Association officers, homeroom rep- resentatives, and sports leaders, has met throughout the year with an aim to meet the needs and interests of every girl. Whether for competition or enjoyment, this active association of girls joined together in taking golf lessons, swimming, bowling, playing tennis and basketball. A major goal of the G.A.Afs was ful- filled when members sold booster pennants and pins during football and basketball seasons to further school spirit and stimulate wide interest in all athletic events. "Sl'rike!" ' Officers Millie Field and Elizabeth Bowen show how it's done! "PARDON THE MUSCLESV' First row: Nash, Marcotte, Potts, J. Edwards, Foard, B. Edwards, Villas, Cotter, Stroud, Summers, Adams, Cass. Second row: C. Cook, Foster, Harris, Welch, Morton, Beatty, Brown, Stafford, Campbell, Ward, Levi, Naumoff, Chambless, Burke, Jammer, Harrison, Spear. Third row: Miller, Spratt, Barnett, Bassett, Thomas, Cooper, M. Cook, Connady, Kuebler, Breeden, Martin, Alexander, Cowell, Boone., Fourth tx-ow: Huff, Graves, Croyton, Oliver, Bowen, Barnes, Shaw, Weeks, McGrath, McArver, Lambeth, Sullivan, Wall. Fifth row: Barefoot, Sherrill, Hamilton, Hamer, Frost, Slaughter, Field, Hunt, Lineberger, Hunter, Mathews, Brannon. Page One Hmfzhcd Eleven "It's true, Judy." Senior Honor Society Junior Honor Society "I pledge . . ." "LEADERSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP, CHARACTER, SERVICE . . ." First row: Anne Way, Secretaryj Tootsie Sheppard, President, Margaret Carpenter, Vice-President. Second row: Judy Harris, Morji Jammer, Jo Anne Huff, Kay LaFerney, Judith Atkins, Betsy Wilson, Jackie Helin, Judy Bomburger, Janet Jordan, Jay Zeigler, Sue Hull, Mary Hunter Kennedy, Third row: Charles Lucas, Larry Smith, Ralph Wesley, Ken Oliver, Arthur Werts, Fred Buchan, Tom Best, Harry Smith, Charles Waters. FIFTEEN PER CENT of the graduating class who have shown outstanding qualities of leadership, service, char- acter, and scholarship are tapped for membership in the National Honor Society. The members Sponsor College Day, support a coaching program, and present an Honor Society Scholarship. THE NATIONAL JUNIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY upholds scholarship, citizenship, service, character, and leadership. Fifteen per cent of the ninth grade and five per cent of the eighth grade students who fulfilled these qualifications were tapped into membership. TOP STUDENTS IN THE JUNIOR HIGH PAUSE JUST LONG ENOUGH FOR A PICTURE. First row: Jim Deegon, Steve Bost, Jenny Smith, Secretary, Dick Ranson, Trecsurerg Sally McKaig, Vice-Presidentj Rich Harris, President, Wally Horne, Tom Grant. Second row: Monle Argo, Mary Meade Owens, Betty Hemphill, Meredith Clifton, linger Alli- son, Helen Brokhoff, Susan Hall, Norma Whitehead, Susan Schwartz, Mary Lucas, Jane Black. Third row: Tish Smith, Ann Crosson, Mary Hamrick, Becky Biggers, Bonnie Burg, Chammie Hope, Dagmar Stoll, Laura Kissiah, Alice Stratton, Steve Seawright, Rita Robertson, Mr. Olechovsky, Advisor. TEACHERS OF TOMORROW PREPARE THEMSELVES. First row: Sandra Springs, Secretaryp Ann Kelly, President, Harriett Nash, Vice-Presidentg Anne Way, Treasurer. Second row: Mary Stokes, Barbara Chavis, Ann Chambless, Ann Daniels, Kay Brome- Iing, Miss Anthony, Advisory Carolyn Naumoff. Third row: Ann Brannon, Dorcas Lineberger, Judy McManus, Dee Dee Elliott, Mary Costner. MEMBERS OF THE FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA have fulfilled a vital need in our school by acting as substitutes. Composed of aspiring teachers, this group participated in programs designed to increase their knowledge and understanding of the teaching profession and attended the State F. T. A. Convention. GIRLS INTERESTED IN bettering home, school, and com- munity life formed a chapter of the Future Homemakers of America this year. Their first project was collecting old clothes, toys, and canned food for a needy family at Christmas. Mrs. Janey Lyerly is the club's advisor. "YOU MIX THIS WITH THAT AND GET?" First row: Jean Edwards, Vice-Presidenfg Patty Blanton, Jean Mauldin, Bette Hunt, Secretaryg Marjorie Cowell, Presidentg Judee Rivers, Dorcas Lineberger, Treasurer. Second row: Ileene Silvers, Harriett Stroud, Tootsie Sheppard, Sandra Springs, Mary Lee Mathis. Anne Way gets practical experience. Future Teachers uf America Future Humemakers ul America "Just any old paper or hangers for the F.H.A.'s." "UN FLAMBEAU, JEANETTE ISABELLA . . ." First row: Kelleher, Miller, Helms, Pilcher, Lucas, Sullivan, Jammer, Reed, Ulmer. Second row: Finman, Willis, Cothran, Bromeling, D. Smith, Wooten, Tribble, Rose, Roberson Villas Mantiply, Morton, Anderson, Third row: Graves, Graham, ,Thomasi McCorkle, Prince, Stanley, L. Smith, H. Smith, Stoll, THE FRENCH CLUB made its objective this year the provision of a specific time and place for any students of French to meet together and enjoy the language by doing such things as singing songs and performing skits in French. All members agree that the objective was well fulnlled. Mrs. Catherine D. Cox is the advisor. SPANISH CLUB IN A ROOM decorated with bulllight posters and Cuban Maracas, the Spanish Club meets monthly. The unsuspecting student is likely to encounter Mexican candy, or, at Christmas, a pinata stuffed with prizes, The club also offers an opportunity for students who have completed the course to keep up with their Spanish. 'BUENO, BUENO!" Standing: Renni Dillard. First row: Joyce Bestgen, Mervine Reed Second row: Donald McNeill, Judy Townend. Third row: "M-M-M-M, C'EST SI BON!" First row: Palmer, Gilchrist, Rich, Hull. Second row: Barnes, P. Harris, Dole, Bost, Marcotte, M. Harris, Cowan. Third row: Blankenship, Daniels, Sandler, Foard, Taylor, Foster, Murray, Atkins, St, Clair, Thalheimer, Rogers. Fourth row: Stroupe, Leak, Alexan- der, Petersen, McManus, Holdforth, Thomas, High, Spicer, Smith. Fifth row: Steele, Van Every, Gay, Hunter, Janes, Barnhardt, Petty, Gilbert, Therrell, McGee, Lucas, "OH, TO BE IN GAY PARIS!" Dottie Cass, Vice-President, Marnie Rogers Secretoryg Anne Lipscomb, Presidenty Libbo Herbert, Treasurer. "HABLA USTED ESPANOL?" First row: Janet Groven, Vice-President, Rennr Dillard, President. Second row: Mervine Reed, Secretary, Moriorie Cowell Treasurer. "REAL SPANISH CANDY, TOO!" First row: Marjorie Cowell, Nancy Katie Carpenter, Jenny Jordan, Billy Ashenclorf. Fourth row: Doug Patton, Gwen Neiman, Molly Summers Miss Martha Akers, Advisor, Galvin, Beverly Barksdale, Pat Givens. Janet Graven. Second row: Ann Bostickj Jo Anne Huff, Lynn Gardner. "BRITAIN EST INSULA." First row: Crouse, Bush, Tathwell, Blackwell, Nicholson, Mansfield, M. Rogers, McNeely, Hunter. Second row: Mar cotte, Mills, Allen, Mauzy, Graham, C. Leffler, G. Leffler, Bass, Lucas. Third row: G. Rogers, Nuttall, Pleasant, Black, G. Smith, Kissiah, Owens, Jones, McGrath, Bost. Fourth row: Sullivan, Deegan, Witham, Robertson, Thigpen, Mahrick, Hackney, Kilroy,-B. Smith, Carson, Fifth row: Burk- halter, Nolen, Sehorn, Battle, Murrell, Elliott, Rakow, Grant. "LATIN IS NOT DEAD!" Officers Ralph Wesley, Vice-President, Sally McKaig, Secretary, and Vic Burg, President plan one of their meetings. UELABORATING ON THE VARIATIONS 0F A RECIPROCATING ENGINE" are Hans Stoll, Secretaryg Fred Buchan, President, Bill Montgomery, Vice- President, Don McNeill, Treasurer. ENGINEERS GATHER TOGETHER AS MR. LANCASTER SPEAKS. First SECOND YEAR LATIN STUDENTS POSE IN FRONT OF THEIR ROMAN COLUMNS: First row: M. F. Wheeler, A. Wheeler, Wohlbruck, Mont- gomery, Wall, Spratt, Currie, Second row: Lester, Stratton, Long, Hester, Slaughter, Martin, Harrison, Hamer. Third raw: Strickland, Cook, Beaver, Ervin, Higgins, McArver. Fourth row: Brietz, Duncan, Robinson, Newitt, Needham, T. Smith, Gallagher, Spigener, D. Smith. Fifth raw: Cordle, Wallace, Emrnrich, Straiton, Loring, Underwood, Wesley, Burg, O'Brien, Dellinger. LATIN ELUB THE LATIN CLUB this year had the awe-inspiring total of 500 members who were ably directed and assisted by Mr. Olechovsky and Mrs. Wright. They had two main projects: the Christmas Language Festival and Latin Week in mid-spring. Their year's activities closed with a banquet in true Latin style. ENGINEERS' ELUB THE ENGINEERS' CLUB was or anized with the ur- S P pose of better acquainting its members with the various fields and job opportunities in engineering. At the club's bi-monthly meetings different engineers of the city were present to discuss their respective jobs. This year the club visited Southern Bell, Ameri- can Cyanamid, and other industries of the city. row: Russell -Ranson,-Skipper Kugler, Jimmy Caldwell, Don Rakow, VIEWING EQUIPMENT ON ONE OF THEIR FIELD TRIPS: First row: Walter Franklin, Ronnie Tuttle. Second raw: Cecil Balderson, Leighton Richard Fuller, Glenn Robinson, Danny Baan, Bill Taylor, Paul Allen, McGinn, Heath Carrier, Dennis Letfler, Brower Murphy. Third row: Charles Adams. Second row: Hubert Moorefield, John Byrd, Fred Cutter Davis, Rob Abernethy, Mike Gilbert, Bob Miller, Jimmy Norman. Buchan, John McAuIey, AI Bellows, Hans Stoll, Tom Best. THE MESSIAH: OUR FIRST MAJOR WORK! First row: Peggy Wiriden, Prissy Thomas, Doreen Frost, Grey Atkins Hunter, Vonette Massey, Cathy Harris, Judy Alexander, Annette Wicker, Rosemary Blankenship, Barbara Chavis, Katherine Potts, Virginia Long, Carol Cathy. Second row: Dee Dee Elliott, Avery Westmoreland, Kay LaFerney, Emma Kirkman, Kay Bromeling, Kay Turner, Joyce Bestgen, Harriett Nash, Joanne Strickland, Linda Vichesky, Betty Boston, Tootsie Sheppard, Sandra Bassett, Anna Jean Mayhew, Third row: Charles Lucas, David Quackenbush, Paul Smith, Paul Potts, Jimmy Little, Emory Lifsey, John McCorkle, Joe Soldoti, Jimmy Loven, K. Smith, Sandy Saunders. Fourth raw: David Pearce, Bob Nuttall, Jack Plummer, Bob Tourtellot, Clarence Bell, Jimmy Dellinger, Al Bellows, David Creech, Don Shuman, Henry Parker, Bob Jewell. "Joy to the World . . ." Senior High Chorus VERsA'r1LE AND HARMONIOUS are apt descriptions for this yearis Myers Park Chorus. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Carl Cronstedt, they presented concerts at the First Methodist Church, the First Presbyterian Church, the Coliseum, and at school assemblies and P. T. A. meetings. In addition, they presented broad- casts over WBT and WIST. In April they entered the North Carolina State Music Contest for the first time. The most outstanding work of the organization was their presentation of Handel's Messiah, ac- companied by the high school orchestra. This talented group is indeed a credit to our school. Along with their musical work, the Chorus also enjoyed good fellowship at several parties and a banquet. "Once more, now." BU 5' lfilee Club "ALL EYES HERE-CHIN5 DOWN!" First row: Bob Nuttall, Emory Lifsey, Charles Lucas, David, Quackenbush Henry Walker, Jimmy Loven. Second row: Bob Tourtellot, K. Smith, Paul Potts, Paul Smith, John Mc- Corkle, Joe Soldati, Don Shuman, David Pearce. Third row: Jimmy Little, George Collins, Sven Thulin Clarence Bell, Alfred Bellows, Jimmy Dellinger, David Creech, Bob Jewell, Jack Plummer. EACH DAY during sixth period, members of the Boys' Glee Club met and combined their talents in what they fondly called music. Under the skillful guidance of Mr. Carl Cronstedt, who was faced with the task of blending the various parts into a harmonious whole, the group advanced daily toward greater perfection. The diligent work of its members was mixed with wholesome fun to make the Glee Club very worth- while. Junior High Chorus THIS YEAR produced the largest junior High Chorus in the history of Myers Park High School-a total of 190 voices. The students were divided into two different sessions and met every other day. From the "DO, RE, ME, FA .... " First raw: Anna Beddingfield, Dianne Dessauer, Penny Carter, Donna Woodside, Meredith Norton, Nick Griffin, George Burkhalter, Charles Connealy, Betsy Glenn, Carol Stuckey, Joan Reed, Nancy Heath, Terry Flynn. Second row: Sandra Anderson, Nancy Majors, Sandra Gravitte, Anne Cordle, George Hawes, George Goodyear, Dick Rhyne, Judy Witham, Cornelia Graham, Margaret Whitton. Third row: Joy Walker, Monie Argo, Naomi Camp, Scott Summers, Eddie West, Joe Goodson, Barbara Ann Hamilton, Anne Holliday, Caroline Shiver, Fourth row: Frances Ellen Walker, Kathy Moores, Ellen Elrod, Rick Morgan, Dick Ranson, Sandra Summerville, Jane Mulwee, Linda Summerville, Ann Crosson. Fifth row: Ingrid Kemp, Martha Rogers, Susan Schwartz, Jinger Allison, Dagmar Stoll, Jane Black, Alma Cordle, Cheryl Hoffman, Frannie McClain, large chorus, forty members were chosen to attend the state music contest in Greensboro, where they won meritable recognition. w? M-,,..,,f, 1, T s 0 Q" -'.qf.iMm,'. my --.Q-Q-Qfw, .. . x , .. 1 M Q Q , 1 s s, , -. 4 1 . C B: . I ' vp H .lk 'A' I 1. , .,, . ,, : +, ,. . -. K A ja A 1 My 5 N L ' v' N9 X X . 'S-1' 'S V W N fi fn -f e ilrcns' ' X, . r f A Eksgbh V 5 iq wk' I ,159 K Q ,ga A f g I 3 JH , ,P K-FHM ,' 3: 1 'B- - ff f L NN M 4 I my li' 1? 2. ru 3 ' Q 9 fa ' fa: s ,fn .v .. ...Jn ,WGQQ 1' f 'Z 5' uh- . . an W 'cv M , :Q 1 A 5 Q X F , - 43 gage 33 K Qmhww. . ,wg td M 'J T . :ff a ' ,fi ,, " - A . TU ez ' Q- fjfg V if M35-1. -1 il K " - , 337- Y WJK "' ,Q '-" -91 it- , " if-v,w"?:-iii: :jg-,32?4jiEi2'?:fi,IE Y me WwW"M , E?:l YgLT1. ,5f 1 N 2 " 'W m., . Ummm .fa-1 I -55, sf lun-uv Wifi ,NNW 1? ff i'3 4. f YF ' 5 ' M 9 Z Q Wx Q P . A , h' , . 4, , xii A M ,L ,,-'X - fc. el.. W ' ,1 ,V E 3 .4 ,T 7 Q , A V. ,,. ,if ii ' ' "f ' - ff 2 W Q if Q r ff ff ,A V A . ,' , W ajft f X jg- Q: ,wi gl h L ,QR ' , ,,. ., W Zi , ,,.1,. , K . k,,V J 4 I , lm, :UQ K I Q- in f 3 't .5 V bqg' Q R153 , f A nfT'Eif. Q 1 L V X 4 ' mf' -' ff 1 an 'El 'A' gf Page One Hundred Twenty Oar ,Snark . From rented fields to our own stadium . . . from A.G. at night to our modern gym . . . from underdogs to state champions: these the heights to which Myers Park has risen in the past few years. Six short years ago the football team dressed in the teachers' lounge the basketball team practiced away from school . . . the trophy case was bare: these were the obstacles to overcome. The early teams-four including junior high-were like the facilities, bad. Now grown to thirteen teams we have state champions . golf . . . tennis . . . track . . . cross country. Our basketball team is one of the best in the state . . . our football team, the strongest ever. Our first player in the Shrine Bowl . . . many All-City players . . a trophy case bulging with golden hardware: these typify a gangling colt grown into a steaming, puffing, dangerous Mustang . . . as Tha GTB Page One H uzzdred T1 uefzly-One I I yt C Ed F I g Il II arsit MYERS PARK's MIGHTY MUSTANGS steam-rolled through an 8-2 season. This far surpassed any pre- vious season as the MUSTANGS showed the power they had hoped for in other years. The season opened rn the brand new Myers Park Stadrum on September erghth wrth a 60 wrn over a surprrsrngly strong North Mecklenburg eleven A hard hghtrng MUSTANG eleven fell to tradrtronal rrval Central 26 0 a score whrch drd not truly reflect the flghtrng sprrrt of the Steeds Once more rn strrde Myers Park breezed past East wrth a score of 19 7 In the all rmportant game wrth undefeated Hard mg the MUSTANGS were unable to overcome the Rams attack gorng down by 240 rn the game whrch decrded the GCAA champronshrp Myers Park next traveled to Burlrngton where rn .1 rarny excrtrng game the MUSTANGS downed AAA Burlrngton 266 Comrng from behrnd early rn the first quarter they ran wrld over the held SCHEDULE North Meek Central East Meck Burlrngton M BIIyWII K IWk h . ' 1 . , . . . - , - G Ir Allison Pau Anderson Ha Beaver Steve Blucher ' ' n ' J y Bownell Cla on Bundy Pat urry Eddie wards I U , Q 7 1 urris Wes ey Fox Ben Gallo her , A D . , . . . , . MP 6 .................... ' . 0 MP 0 .................... ' - 26 MP 19 .................... ' ' . 7 MP O ................ .... H arding 24 Divine and Gregory "rack up" as Cree: , Mason, and Mc ard move """" ' ' ' """" 6 in for the kill. orton i o are Jimmy Reiney en al er Butc End Tackle Guard Back Bc: k '. if 'li -ffxr LMS .f- ' Rv! N..-Z:-'n1.',-.1-, f'-" D .AA-2 " '4 'lf' 1 . . .xx , , ' ' , ,. . A . ' 'Y r ' Football 'The MUSTANGS had a night's work in putting down the Indian attack of West, 20-12, winning the game in the last quarter, after losing an early lead. Monroe fought gamely, going down by only one point, 7-6. A cold, wet crowd saw the MUSTANGS sneak by AAA Rock Hill 6-0, this ruining their homecoming. The Steeds were not to be denied in their home- coming game against Granite Falls. Before a wildly- cheering "throng of MUSTANG supporters, the Steeds scored a 6-O victory. Closing their season in knee-deep mud, the Park- ers defeated Mooresville, 13-0. The uwinningest MUSTANGS ever" were led by Shrine Bowler Pat Gregory, Most Valuable Player Award, Butch Rogers, Outstanding Back Award, Morrison Divine, Outstanding Lineman Award, and Jimmy Brownell, Sportsmanship Award. SCHEDULE , . P" .1-' i qw- - Ed Gallagher George Harris Joe Johnson Emory L f y y Mansfield Lowell Mason Leighton McGinn Bill Skid Joe Soldati Steve Steele Linton Wray MP 20 .... .............. W est Meck. 12 MP 7 .... .... M onroe 6 MP 6 .... .... R ock Hill 0 MP 6 .... .... G ranite Falls 0 MP 13 "" "" M Oofesville 0 Steele, Hardin, Skidmore, and Lifsey Captain Pat Gregory prepares to p look on with mixed emotions. Ly od Mallard Jimmy Mooney Morrison Divine David Underwood David Creech Bock Back Tackle End Billy Ashendorf Duncan Morton H vJo s RoblS II Zach Thomas Verner Stanley Ralph Timmerman J MP 61 .... .... G astonia MP 58 .... .... C eutral MP 66 .... .... G astonia MP 78 .... .... C entral MP 65 .... .... A lbemarle MP 49 .... .... S alisbury MP 67 .... .... W adesboro MP 59 .... .... H ickory MP 69 .... .... W est MP 56 .... .... A sheville SCORES 62 MP 61 MP 61 MP 68 MP 47 MP 55 MP 60 MP 70 MP 41 MP 44 MP . . . .East . . . .North . . . .Harding . . . .East . . . .Hickory . . . .Wadesboro . . . .West . . . .Asheville . . . .Harding . . . .North Ralph Timmerman, Duncan Morton Harry Jon , and Za h Thomas mov in f th b u d Zach Thomas goes p f fh h t Varsity Basketball WITH RETURNING LETTERMEN Billy Ashendorf, Doug Galvin, Harry jones, Verner Stanley, Robert Summerville, and Jim Whitehead, the MUSTANGS had the material for another successful season. Myers Park's completing a tough twenty-game schedule with an 11-9 record showed the cagers had the will to win. Gastonia, a strong AAA team, played host to the MUSTANGS in the opening game of the season. A nip-and-tuck battle saw Gastonia edge the Parkers by one point, 62-61. Later the same week, Myers Park hosted the Central WILDCATS in a game which gave the Centralites a 61-58 victory. Gastonia visited the Myers Park campus to drop the third game of the season 66-61. In quick succes- sion Asheville downed the MUSTANGS 44-36, East defeated Myers Park 60-58, North dropped an im- portant game 68-61. In the Coliseum, Myers Park met the Harding RAMS in a game which saw slow play and accurate shooting, the RAMS taking the game by a score of 64-56. As the season progressed, Myers Park racked up five additional wins against two losses. The winning stretch saw East downed 65-53, Hickory, by 66-52g Wadesboro, by 79-61g and West, by 71-58. The Parkers bowed to Asheville in a 54-52 thriller, smashed the RAMS 73-61, and closed their season by falling to North, 61-58. The MUSTANGS were led all season by the out- standing playing of Harry Jones. Harry averaged slightly over twenty points per game, was voted the Most Outstanding Player in the county, and was selected for the North Carolina Kiwanis Classic Team. In the GCAA Tournament, Myers Park won the Consolation trophy. In the District Tournament they were defeated in the quarter-finals by East. Linton Wray Jim Whilehead D0lI9 Gdlvifi BeVe"Y B k d I Cross Euunlr First row: Tommy Stockton, Neal Cheek, Captain John Boles, Bob Johnston. Second row: Gaines Wilburn David Moseley, David Messerly, Bill Carr. Third row: Charles Powell, Buddy Burns, Coach Braaten, Don Shuman, David Gilmour. THE MYERS PARK HARRIERS had their most success- ful season to date this year. The team finished with a record of seven wins and one loss. They opened their season against East, the team which gave the Harriers their roughest competition of the year. Wins over Carolina, North Carolina State, and Wake Forest freshmen highlighted the season. Another highlight came in the North Carolina High School Cross Country Meet where Myers Park won the team championship, and David Gilmour won the indivi- dual state championship. john Boles also ran well all season for the Mustangs. MP 24. .. ...East 36 MP 39. .. . , .Duke 52 MP 28. ., ...East 56 MP 27... .. .U.N.C, 29 MP 26... . , .East 47 MP 21. ,. ...N. C. State 36 MP 29. . . . . .Wake Forest 54 Captain John Boleshufinishes it out Charles Powell and Verner Stanley some State Champion David Gilmour breezes with a kick." through for the Mustangs. in for the win. arsii Baseball AN ENTHUSIASTIC AND EXPERIENCED GROUP of diamond dusters greeted Coach jack Sink when Hrst practices began in early March. From the very beginning, all indications pointed toward another successful season. With the wither- ing hurling of Buddy Herring and Ray Farris and the mighty bats of Zach Thomas, Ralph Timmerman, and Billy Stephenson, the MUSTANGS slammed out the season. Lettermen returning were: Jimmy Pfohl, mlclaerg Cecil Balderson, jimi hafeg Leighton McGinn, Jecand,' Zach Thomas, .fh07'f.fl0p,' Ralph Timmerman, third bang Buddy Herring, pitcberg Billy Stephenson, outfield. New talent included: Ray Farris, pilcberg Paul Ervin, pilfberg Hal Beaver, mlcloery Chan Richards, jim! barey Butch Rogers, ozzlfieldj Robert Parlier, ouifield. March March March April April April April April April April April April May May May May 20 26 29 2 5 9 ..... 12 16 18 24 26 30 3 7 9 14 SCHEDULE Kings Mountain Wfadesboro Wadesboro Salisbury Central West Harding East Rock Hill West Rock Hill North Harding Central East North A V N-aug .F-'Zi W --.. , .'.- Paul Ervin Buddy Herring Ray Farris Pitcher Pitcher Pitche Pfohl crosses the plate. McGinn: "Look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp." Zach Thomas Short Stop Ralph Timmerman Third Bose Goody Thomas Catcher Tirnmerrnan moves ln for c ground hall. Leighton McGinn Second Base Tommy Blanton Second Bose Bill Stephenson Outfield Cecil Balderson First Base Robert Cordle Second Bose Dick Stiles Outfield Chun Richards First Bose Hal Beaver Catcher Butch Rogers Outfield Robert Parlier Ouffield Jimmy Pfohl Catcher Ed Niven Oulfield Couch Allen discusses times with Allison, Gallagher, and Loven. Murray soars into the pit with good distance again Track COACH STUART A1.1.1sN's 1956 Track Team went undefeated and w OD the State Championship. This year the MUSTANG'S winning ways were continued in another highly successful season. The team was much stronger in the middle distance, distance, and Held events. The ex- Currie and Porter fly over the hurdles for the Mustangs. First row: Coach Allen, Phil Johnston, Pat Gregory, John Boles, Linton Wray, Bob Johnston, John Guthery, Graham Allison. Second row: Pat Givens, Charles Powell, David Gilmour, Buddy Burns, David Creech, Jimmy Loven, Billy Trapp, Ed Gallagher, Frankie McDonald, Jimmy Mooney, Tom Best. Third row: Don McNeil, Bill Houston, Jimmy Trotter, Hugh Murray, John Kennedy, Robert Shore, George Wisecarver, Charlie Porter, Bill Carr, Ed Singleton, Ben Wyche. Fourth row: Jimmy Deegan, Harrison Wellford, Walter Hogan, Jimmy Taylor, Lowell Mason, Jimmy Reiney, David Underwood, Bill Tourtellot, Gerry Wil- liams, Spike Spigener, John Rust, Albert Pearson, Paul Lucas, George Archer, Don Shuman, John Williams. Fifth row- Ben Gallagher, John Newitt, George Burkhalter Joe Burns, Julius Duncan R Robinson, Chu k L ' ' ' , , ex Welton, Edward West, Butch Gallagher, Joseph c ambeth. Sixth row. Cutter Davis, Fletcher Morgan, Austin Coan, Bob Pindell, Evan Wood, David Quakenbush, Ed O'Herron, Pat Currie, Ed Loring, Larry Davis, Johnny Hunter, Billy Wallace. in 1 ' K y Gufhery prepares to ioss the discus. Johnston, Hogen, and Burns lead as Wlsecarve Pearson Car Gul o 1 a d Lo ng pull p fr behind perience which the team's distance runners received from participating in the State Championship Cross Country Team in the fall helped greatly in making the track season successful. The returning lettermen this year Were: Tom Best, Ed Gallagher, David Creech, john Guthery, Pat Givens, Pat Gregory, Phil Johnston, Graham Allison, Buddy Burns, David Gilmour, Bob Johnston, Frankie McDonald, jimmy Mooney, Charlie Powell, Billy Trapp, Linton Wray, Bill Houston, Barrow Mullis. EEHEUULE March 29 .... . . .Reynolds April 5 .... ...Florence, S. C., Rock Hill, S. C., Gastonia, N. C., Central April 12 .... . . .Central April 20 .... . . .Duke-Durham April 27 .... . . .Queen City May 5 .... . . .N0rth, West, East May 10 .... . . .District Meet May 18 .... ..... S tate Meet Captain Verner Stanley lines up his putt. Ulf reslling Reiney pins for a Mustang victory. First row: Mike Tribble, Lawson Stanley, Danny Baan, Andy Anderson, Verner Stanley, Wayne Smith, Second row: Robert Summerville, Sonny Waller, Bill Barber, Clayton Bundy, Johnny Turner, Johnny Byrd. MYERs PARK's GOLFERS, with four returning lettermen, began the season with a strong team. Led by State Champion Verner Stanley, Lawson Stanley, Robert Summerville, and Sonny Waller, the MUSTANGS turned in outstanding performances on the green, During the season the golfers met strong teams such as U.N.C. and the Wake Forest Frosh. THE MUSTANG GRAPPLERS opened their second season on January 7. They closed on February 7, with a record 'of seven wins and one loss, bowing once to Statesville and defeating them later in the season. The team was led by undefeated jimmy Brownell and john Boles. First row: Johnny Turner, Goody Thomas, Phil Burns, Bo Willard Jimmy Reiney, Harry Hawkins, Alex MacFayden. Second raw: Martin Freedland, Bobby Speizman, Bill Messerly, George Harris, Paul Stork, Buddy Brauch, Pete Elliot, John Boles. Third row: Gayle Rogers, Spence Stork, Ralph Emmrich, Mike Mcrddock, Mike Gilbert, Don Allen, Jimmy Shuman, Coach Shoe. 1 First row: Charles Connoly, Neal Cheek, Bill Cowan, Elliot Murnick, Alex Mciclfoyden. Second row: Mike Shulmon, Bill Taylor, Freddy Austin, Louis Woddey, Ralph Wesley, George Collins, Bob Grossman, Finley Lee. Third row: Pot Ellison, Poul Stork, Kenny McCollough, Rob Abernathy, Louis Boyd, Bobby Bell, Skipper Kugler, Jim Whitehead, Hons Stoll. WITH THE EXPERT PLAYING of Finley Lee, jim Wliiteliead, and Mike Shulman, the Myers Park Netters turned in another successful season. These three lettermen, ably assisted by the strong backing of the other team members, led Myers Park against such strong opponents as the Freshmen teams of David- son, U.N.C., and Duke. The Netters also met with strong opposition in a match with the Eastern Carolina Varsity. In the high school league they played against Central, Asheville, and Belton, S. C. MYERS PARK,S SNWIMMING TEAM entered its second season of competition stronger than last year. The team was captained by Van Giersch and Tom Guerrant. Being led by Mike Wliel- chel, Alan Wells, and Philip Conner, the MUSTANG swim- mers turned in a successful record. First row: Mike Whelchel, Tom Guerrcmf, Von Giersch, Dennis Leffler. Second row: Bobby Helbeiri, Vic Burg, Alon Wells, Rich Horris, Bill McGinty, Phil Conner, Jimmy Coldwell. Third row: Rob Abernethy, Bill Sonford, Tommy Rogers, Julius Bornhordt, Steve Von Every, Paul Goodson, Don Wagner. Finley Lee smashes on backhand down the line. Tennis S imminq . Philip Conner and Bill Sanford hit the water to win for the Mustangs. Junior High Football WITH NO RETURNING LETTERMEN and only three boys who had played in the past, Myers Park's junior high football squad finished this season with a 3-3 record, This year, with the addition of three new junior high schools in Charlotte, the football teams were divided into two separate leagues, eliminating the possibility of a city championship. All of the games were played in the Myers Park Stadium. On October 4, the Colts opened their season by stomping the A. G. Bulldogs to the tune of 7-0. In their second match they met Sedgefield and emerged victor, 12-O. A touchdown and extra point in the final seconds of the game with Eastway Junior High brought the Colts their first defeat. The final score was Eastway 7, Myers Park 6. X The McClintock Scots became the second team to down the juniors, the score was McClintock 6, Myers Park 0. Piedmont provided the Colts with their third victory. The game was won by a wide margin of 14-0. A 95-yard return of a Piedmont kick by Tommy Blanton and a 65-yard sprint by Mike Houston highlighted the triumph. On November 8, the junior MUSTANGS brought their season to a close falling before Hawthorne junior High. The score was Hawthorne 6, Myers Park 0. With ten of this year's players coming from the First row: Coach Thrower, David Daniel, Dick Sieburg, Scotty Trotter, Charles Elrod, Armand Daniel, Bitter Baxter, Hal Tribble, Johnny Palmer, Jimmy Wallace, Coach Allen. Second row: Dan Thigpen, Kenny Jordan, Don Woodside, Wiley Horne, Tommy Blanton, Rich Harris, Buzzy Carpenter, George Cutter, Chalmers Hope. Third row: Kippy Carter, George Burkhalter, Larry Davis, Robert Shore, Scott Summers, Howard Arbuckle, Robert Allen, Jay Rogers, Frank Farnan. Fourth row: Hugh Huntington, Johnny Johnston, Tommy Saunders, Paul Stork, Steve Seawright, Hill Wellford, Pat Ellison, Mike Houston, Jack Hardy. 34.--ry, fx , Q , Q ', 4 fin, as il' fs J, ,,ff...Q,f.Zx-d..,,W, r If 2' Qm..wrf5c:fzp Q 1 I , LW., , ,, nu , ? 5 'N ss, K ,, ,xg Q sv if 4 . Wil" ' Ag ,. I' K, t,g. 3' ,ig , Him Juunanr Lolfs gather around Pat Ellison Blanton hits again for the Junior Mustangs after winning the :ity championship. Junior High Basketball Foxx THE THIRD coNsEcuT1vE YEAR, Myers Parks junior High basketball squad won the Charlotte City Championship. The hard-hitting Colts finished this season with a record of thirteen wins, one loss. Their lone defeat came at the hands of Alexander Graham Junior High. Top scorer for the season was Tommy Blanton with a total of 239 points. Fisk Outwater held second place in the scoring column with 163 points. Howard Arbuckle registered 104 points, putting him in third position. In the fourteen outings, they defeated Piedmont, Wilson, McClintock, Sedgeheld, Eastway, and Hard- ing junior High twice each, they tied A. G. with one loss and one defeat. This year's junior high IV squad was also success- ful, losing only two games out of twelve. Mike Houston was high scorer. First row: Don Woodside, Fisk Outwater, Howard Arbuckle, Tommy Blanton, Hill Wellford. Second raw: David Pfohl, Zan Copeljzindi Miki Hcguston, Bill Finley, Billy Mallard Buddy DuBose Elliot Murnick Bobb Melt T POW' GC O , , , y on, ommy Westerfield. Third T- .Th r y, cott Summers, Pat Ellison, Kenny McColIougI1, Biff Baxter, Bob Presler, Jimmy Wallace, Harvey Grastv, im omas. r l 'I r ,.f- fi' are r r J , First row: Chammie Hope, Zan Copeland, Bobby Pearson, Phil Hazel, George Cutter, Wiley Horne, Buzzy Carpenter, Rick Hulse, Hal Tribble, Bobby Gibbons, Johnny Palmer, James Lotten. Second row: Robert Allen, Allan Shaw, Howard Arbuckle, Scott L n Williams Trudge Summers, Andy Selden, Butch Rogers, yn , Herbert, David Pfohl, Mike Houston, Billy Hinson, Alex Glover. Third row: Mike Yett, Butch Mathis, Truman Love, Jack Hardy, Howard Duvall, Jimmy Johnson, Franklin Davenport, Sam Ken- drick, Richard Wegner, Morrison Lowrance. Fourth row: Buddy DuBose, Tommy Westerfield, Charles Elrod, Doug Maddock, Buddy Tathwell, Robert Rice, Jay Rogers, Jimmy Wallace, John Livings- tluniur High Baseball Filling the positions were: Buzzy Carpenter, Rick Hulse, and Bobby Gibbons in the outf1eld. Bill Mc- Ginty covered third baseg Buddy DuBose, secondg ton, Dickie Rhyne. W1'rH A coau or RETURNING lettermen aided by strong newcomers, Myers Park's junior High base- ball squad enjoyed another successful season. Under Coach Purcell, the Colts played ten games, and Scott Summers, mst' meeting Hawthorne, McClintock, and Harding Junior High twice each, and playing Eastway, Pied- mont, Sedgefield, and Wilson once. Ira Madden was catcher, Mike Houston and Robert Allen supplied the pitching. ,117 l Q n .6 . fav, X F ff "Thr " If g Vx 1.-.l ' Q1 First row: Larry Withom, Eddy MacAleer, Freddy Sprock, Rush Shull, Second row: ' 4 , -I R so '39 k Stanton Oliver, Billy McKee, Sam Sehorn, Bonn Gilbert, Dick Sieburg, Nick 'I - Griffin. ,b 'b 1 "" xf , 7 N -71' Qg55Tf3"' ' X XX ,ea , MYERs PARKS JUNIOR HIGH golf team en- joyed a successful season, highlighted by an all-city tournament and six matches. Partici- pating in the tournament were Alexander Graham junior High, Hawthorne junior High, Eastway junior High, Sedgefield junior High, McClintock junior High, and Myers Park junior High. The dual matches were set against McClintock, Sedgefield, and Eastway. Each school played twice. Returning golfers included Bill Barber, Billy McKee, Sam Sehorn, Rush Shull, and Dick Sieburg. Playing for their first season were Bonn Gilbert, Freddy Sprock, Eddy MacAleer, Larry X5Uitham, and Stanton Oliver. L, , f , 4 ..,. . , A if f 2, 'w ? 'QW wa .w i ,, , , w nw, ' my W -1 4 H, sf ' 2 Qt ig, H .,,. , ii , as ,. u ii H G 3 i Q 5 C E 6 Q. gg 2- ,1 1 5 5 5 ' mf, ,, .4,, , Q, ,ff S Y ' - - "-'W k Y A Rf if ' ' 5 7 4' 'H 34 " Q X 1 ' Z kt gV,k an 3 , Q , 3 , L, " a In ,:1. 1 --fl nf if Y . E ' E - Qi "1L 'll f e ' J A i Lf ,, :, , , 5 Q,. ' 'Q'Q n , , S,, '?.Qli:,: ,L W I.: A g E' i f vllgia J ,i h f A I . '1 , h. f, JJ ki 5 - iw- v i ,,A L Qsfzi 32:2 Z Wai we-53. ' My tluninr High Girls' Basketball MEMBERS OF THE JUNIOR HIGH girls' basketball team finished the season with eight wins, no defeats, and won the city championship for the second consecutive year. During a junior high assembly, Miss Mary Lou jones, coach, presented individual trophies to twelve of the players. At this time she also presented the trophy for the junior High City Championship to the school. The team was invited to attend a dance which was held for the boys' and girls' junior high basketball teams. Sally McKaig and Betsy Glenn were out- standing forwards. Their co-ordination and accuracy won the games and thrilled the elated spectators. The Summerville twins, Sandra and Linda, were outstanding guards. These girls helped to make every game an exciting and unpredictable one. M "Hit that ball right into my hands." Another two points for the green and white iss Lou Jones: Coach of the Junior High Girls' Basketball Team A SUCCESSFUL SEASON MADE THESE GIRLS HAPPY-First row: Sally McKalg and Betsy Glenn co captains Second row Pam Kopp, Terry Flynn, Minette Conrad, Barbara Hanks, Jo Laughlin, Linda Summerville Sandra Summerville Judy Suttle Dagmar Stoll, Roma Wornall, Mary Marler, Cammie DeCamp, Melchor Lowe, Jeannie Pharr Leila Lane Judy Adams Wallene Threadgill Pam Guthrie. All right, William Tell, "Miss Stuckey, what do I do now?" "What am I in for?" it's my turn now." S immlnq Club ONE or THE Mosr POPULAR athletic organizations of the year was the Girls' Swimming Club. The en- thusiastic participants met at the Y.W.C.A. every Monday afternoon to perfect their techniques and to enjoy wholesome recreation and fellowship. During the winter months they practiced synchro- nized swimming, and in the spring they entered competitive events. Miss Stuckey was the co-ordinator and advisor for the group. TWENTY-FOUR MERMAlDS ALL POSED AND READY- First row: Antje Selle, Jennie Purifoy, Brenda Pope, Anne Sherrill, Mary Cowell, May Wells Jones, Patsy Shaw. Second row: Jeanne Helms, Mary Dale, Millie Field, Cynthia Hyatt, Betty Mraz, Ellen Mayo, Elaine Weeks, Jane Charnley, Carolyn Naumoff, Anne Sullivan, Woody Bradford, Ann Ad M M ams, ary oore Meacham, Becky Cannaday, Julia Doar, Boyce Rich, Nancy Patten. mai "" WM "Mi WAITING TO BEGIN PLAYING-Susan Alexander, Millie Field, Nancy Patten, Moy Wells Jones, Joanne Cooper. Tennis EARLY IN THE SPRING the Girls' Tennis Club was formed. A great many girls turned out. The more advanced players began playing each other almost immediately, while the beginners were given individual instruction by Miss Kitty Stuckey, the physical education teacher. Each Wednesday the club met at Freedom Park, and under the supervision of Miss Stuckey the girls worked hard to improve their skills in serving, vollying, and the backhand and forehand strokes. Often, after working hard, they relaxed and en- joyed refreshments provided by the club. Beginning in May the club held an intra- squad tournament, as they were not able to schedule any games with the other city high schools. Everyone enjoyed this very much, for it brought to a climax all the time that each had spent in practice. Gall THE GIRLS, GOLF CLUB met during the tall for individual and group lessons at Carmel Country Club. This enthusiastic group was made up of beginners and more advanced players. A large number of girls took part during the fall. Wlieii the winter months came, the club disbanded until spring. Their interest did not lag, however, and in the first warm days of March the girls met again. The spring club continued the same type of program that had been followed in the fall. Toward the end of the season a tournament among N the more advanced members was held. Many girls, by working hard to improve their skill, were able to take part in this. A trophy was awarded to the winner of this tournament. All felt that they had improved their game and had fun doing so. SIX GIRLS HANDY WITH THEIR RACKETS-First row: Sol-ly Lcmbeth,-Tondo Taylor, Murcia Gay. Second row: Joanne Cooper, Dorcas Llneberger, Elizabeth Bowen .... I... t we., . l Qlftlf' XZZQULLLULVQ5 . . Page One Hfnzdred Forty-Two Always in our dreams, as we near the end of our journey, there is the final surge of efort . . . the last ami greatest of goals yet to be reached . . . long and faithful work to be recognized. These honors and awards, a goal for which we have been striving from our first days at Myers Park, are now assigned and will not leave our memory. For beauty . . . special talents . . . character . . . personality . . . scholarship-from a senior class rich with potentiality in every direction- classmates have chosen superlatives. There is outside recognition, too . . . the Harvard Book Award, most outstanding boy, DAR Award, most outstanding girl . . . Mr. and Miss Myers Park, symbols of school-spirit, vital enthusiam . . . Miss Hi-Miss, exceptional achievement. They are ours, we are theirs . . . their accomplishments representing a final chapter in the fulfillment of our drealns . . . as Thus' Q F . PgO Hfzfzrf rm 5, 3 S. H J '. ff : -If 'f' Vi May I extend my kindest regards and best wishes to you and to these lovely young ladies, And to all my friend: at lyers Park High School. .,f1" Cord ally Dfw mm Page One H mzdred F011 y-Six L45 EMM HW md pafricia C904 WM Wane? ponzer 555 'Cmeg .glnerriff Page Ozze Hundred Forty-Seven MOST TALENTED BEST LOOKING MOST ATHLETIC Tbeir laleflt ii' nlzwzyi' in the Jpolliglvl. Afzmyf in flae plzlalirhr eye Tbeyre 10,171 in the grml of .fp0rl.r. Catharine Lucas Hugh Murray Judith Atkins Scott Welton Pat Gregory Ann Kelly 581110 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED A llrru of lbe key and lbe drum' lo ,l'llt'lIE.Y.l' will be opened, Betsy Wilson Bill Montgomery XVITTIEST CUTEST MOST PQPUI-AR "Lel'.v lake if wifb 11J."' A foam lo the fllfllff The PEOPWJ' fb01fe joe Solclati Betty Mraz Boyce Rich Ronnie Tuttle Cl12lflC'S WHfCfS Elealwf Allen ll--.J fwm.f-LM..-2,,,.,.m, .a-W-n.m.,w..,f..r.--,-,,,,t,as.1zp.....,. , I I 'I 'Y ' 1 ,, BEST DRESSED BEST ALL-ROUND UNSUNL1 ruzrxu nr-HJ ,.,,rW,..... The height of fa,rhi01z,r-011 parade Af1l':lw1'.l' in the whirl of everything A peep behind the Jcefzes Barbara Edwards Charles Lucas Ken Oliver judy Harris Buddy Spoon Joanna Risdon uparlati as BIGGEST HEARTBREAKERS Trying to menu' one of the many hearty theyfzfe broken. Katy McCanless Kent Walker FRIENDLIEST MOST INTEL-I-ECTUAL 1 i They may fmt greet you with a "H0wtly ,L 'M-,.14l,,,,,f "I.f1'f mfr crack BIIST DANC-ERS Pardtzef' and a flap on the bark, but " ' ' ' theafre im! nr frietzdly. -lTA ,,.. .- mine Jonnsron, Paul Anderson, Janette Bivens Bobby Hard Robin Roberson J h Zach Thomas, Gretchen M h L' ' , , , o ri Connelly, Robbie Sams, Paul Ervin, Kay Hart, ars , inton Wray, Graham Allison, Carroll Rogers, Bill Taylor, Pat Stallings, Harrison Wellford, Lucky Huske C Powell, Annette Bivens, Bobby Stone, Sue Lane, Ray Farris, Lois Co eland, D 'cl G'I ' Junior arshals r i l 1 Fred Buchan HARVARD BOOK AWARD From the top students of the Senior Class, one boy is chosen by his teachers as outstanding in scholarship, service, and leadership. He receives the Harvard Book as a symbol of his achievement. y horles p avi I mour, Ethel Gilmour. ' From a ballot of eighty-seven juniors, twenty-six were chosen for the highest honor of their class. These stu- dents usher at baccalaureate and commencement and lead the graduating class in the final procession. l Betsy Wilson D.A.R. AWARD Sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution, this award is merited by dependability, service, and leadership. The girl most deserving of this honor is chosen by her classmates. KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS MISS-HI-MISS A night lo remember A pnme that refrefbef Boyce Rich Verner Stanley Leta Kendall Senior Royalty HOMECOMING QUEEN "Iw'l thif ffm?" Eleanor Allen, escorted by Ralph Timmerman CAROUSEL QUEEN MR. AND MISS MYERS PARK Mirror, Mirror on lbe wall . . . Perfefl Bette Hunt Verner Stanley Boyce Rich Top RIGHT MISS ALICE STOKES FOR lhe Senior High Bufhethull Team TOP CENTER MISS TERRY FLYNN FOR RICH HARRIS Preyident of Junior High Honor Soriely TOP LEFT MRS. EARL ARTHURS FOR JANE ARTHURS Editor of Mumzng LEFT MR. JAMES W. WILSON FOR BETSY WILSON Editor o f M yerS pizrh LEFT MISS LINDA SUMMERVILLE FOR HILL WEI.LFORD Prexident of junior High Student Council BOTTOM LEFT MISS MARNIE ROGERS FOR KEN OLIVER Prefidenl of Senior High Sludenr Counfi! BOTTOM CENTER MISS PAM KOPP FOR the junior High Bushelhull Teum BOTTOM RIGHT MISS JACKIE HELIN FOR CHARLES WATERS Prexidenl of Senior Cluyf Sponsor ' A PI, N' V IK . '14 'Ql igf '. I -Wikia! 'Q , , V TM I: M 22 25" I ' V Y' -fin. A ,I Q K I ' if ' I :Imax T yi, -A :asm - Kilim L. x,.A, I ,,V. V, Q-I 1. , H1957 TOP LEFT MISS LOIS COPELANII FOR ZAN COPELAND P'l'C.I'jdCllf of Eighth Grade TOP CENTER MISS SANDRA ESTES FOR SCOTT SUMMERS P1'e.I'ide12Z of Nifzlh Grade TOP RIGHT MRS. EMMETT UNDERXWOOD FOR DAVID UNDERWOOD P1'6'.fid6l2l of Sophomore Clan' RIGHT MR, BILL VAN EVERY FOR TOOTSIE SHEPPARD Prefiafwzt of Senior Hi gh H 01201' Sofiely RIGHT MISS HARRIIETT HORII FOR BOBBY HORD Prexidezzl of jzmioi' Clan' BOTTOM LEFT MRS. JULIAN J. CLARK FOR BILLY CLARK P1'6J'i6ZI6I1l of Seventh Grade BOTTOM CENTER MISS ANN FROST FOR fha SLIIIO1 High football 'Z cam BOTTOM RIGHT MISS DONNA WOODSIDE TOR tha umm High Football Team COMPLIMENTS OF PROVIDENT Lf? and Acazkfeni Imumme Company EARL ARTHURS General Agent Q 719 Iohnston Building Charlotte, N. C. g H llllli red Fifty-Four , ww at re, Forcl Compliments of Charlotte Chemical Laboratories Ine. PINEVIL ffj W Xf- mx Q KA X N C X., Q,a.xsof,57 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY Page One Hfnzdrezl Fifly-Six tor over 62 years it has been ellis i i CHARLOTTE --' lor better va lues Compliments of SPANGLER REALTY COMPANY Sales and Rentals Property Management J. C. Purnell, Jr., Sales Manager J. W. Byers, Jr., Rental Manager Clyde C. Daves, Assistant Rental Manager lO29 South Boulevard FRanklin 5-3736 Pg O Hundred F f 1- r'1L, if.1'HLII"' It 'fxffffvn fi .j11 ,iff ff'f,-,J , ,, , 1. I -I 37 tl T74 17'lil 7 Haj- HQ , AJLA L. , HLA. . ,H QI: ' p 1 . :I U 1' 47 lu., -E6 -,'f"'f'I'f-1 71 04, i'f!,1f1 :MJF '.7?-A .!:fn.'-' Il . 1I-'0 .VNU , 51 1 :rf .rffl I ' l.'.', JIF1' 'fn ,okLfI'f-'f'1'-I:fG4f:'.l x A ,.,' . - ,ldl'l'1" .Q M .1 we ' V 'Io The Mustan s I' ,. I 1 ,-iM4l,f0"' 0' of A 11 .1 w . 'I u ,..'2L"117f5 L ax Afuy 31' .C zu .1 "1 1' 15,1 JC Jl'Al1Lff-bu' 'l'4LIe-I -1 T' fu-101.5 Mt." f11-- ww NW" 'l.-vr-V4 :r'n' ' -t'v'J gnoift IJ' ' . ' E' 72 JW x'M'HP'WMENTs .5411-f. -' " J" 41, Y-L11 rn wn.l,'x-. f1.tM2...g,,, .QAM 614' --oboe -meg 5 K'I.l4.4"!"y -:zY.,L4-L. J -IL-u4Pu.J' J., r-.1 -'-I-fu-kk 'Q"'-"'-"-'-bil' Gvxuauiw ,x-ffufH,- ,fe lu. Z.-U-1-f3ar1Ux4,1,Bg webl- -jb' Cbtmqvvbort-1 ,V Yoyligv: .fzvuaj Yticg. 5'Yl-L, J3WMAJE -3' 1300! d Ha rrls Expressfw In vorporate wwf-1 A-m,,wf1Q of X' f"' f" , ,,4L V .4 ' ? XJ . X I THE NEWEST TRUCK EQUIPMENT IN USE TODAY GENERAL OFFICES 1425 North Tryon Street Charlotte, North Corolino Page One Hzmdred Fiffy-Eighl Compliments of Dayton Tire Sales Company 210 West Morehead Street-P. O. Box 1659 Charlotte 1, North Carolina INTERSTATE SECURITIES Compliments of -: n s 'Q Minis PARK 'ia T05 5 HIGH SIIHIIIII BIIIIII 3111111 nrprriabir f' ' -Insurance Manager Assistant Manager 1220 Euzabefl' Avenue Wayne Smith, Jr. Lynwood Manara, Jr. FRanklin 6-1511 mu' 689 Srl? g .arg - ' 'T nl ffsf It sr- ,9,7lDTTE5X' DRUM DRIVE-IN 1520 East Boulevard FRankIin 6-4010 Beau Monde Beauty Salon lgkarfoffek .jadfdon Cjtealfomv 1342 Romany Road FRankIin 7-6904 lNew Myers Park Medical Building! Mary Ellen Stokes, Owner The South Shops at MECKLENBURG for Fine Furniture and Decorating! MECKLENBURG Furniture SHOPS, Inc. Charlotte, N. C. Page One Hmzdred Fifly-Nine BAUGH 81 MUUCHET TEXTILES Bowl and Skate for Fun and Health AT Morehead Bowling Center AL BROWNE'S SERVICE Cavalaris Skating Rink 919W Eost Morehead Street Private Parties Fuel Oil and Kerosene PYRAMID LIFE I URA CE CII. HOME OFFICE CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA i- Associated General Contractors VAIV I 1 Q Amenca qr,. " I -aie CAROLINAS' BRANCH Page One Hundred Sixiy-One You Always Meet Your Friends When You Shop A11 EFIRDS Hackney 81 Vauglwn Realty Co. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT and RENTALS A Complete Line of Fire and Automobile Insurance 7 Elf' Qlflf if C8 6f'Q6LlflfL Lady Borden is America's Finest Ice Cream Your Favorite Dealer Has It BIGGERS BROTHERS INCORPORATED WHOLESALE FRUITS AND PRODUCE Frozen Foods - Institutional Canned Goods CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA "Dollar for Dollar You Can't Beat a Pontiac" FRANK WOODS, Inc. SALES-PONTIAC, JEEP-sERvicE 522 South Tryon Street "Serving Charlotte tor 23 Years" FRankIin 6-4871 Page One Hundred Sixty-Three . . BIIWER CIIMPA INC. TEXTILES OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE Corner Old Pineville cmd York Roads CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA One Hundred Six 1" l V iter chool - h I x. i V 53 hat ext? Qu You want a job that's both useful and rewarding. Among the hundreds of people working to produce Electric Power tor the Piedmont Carolinas are clerks, salesmen, home economists, farm experts, service men, linesmen, and engineers in many fields-agricultural, lighting, mechan- ical, construction, design, and electric. If you would like additional information write Personnel Department, General Offices, Charlotte, N. C. DUKEQ POWER COM PANY CbwM7Z ""' l'Ii5i5FI5z5.55:555Ei55:5Q5f.f5f1?2f51552E1i.11 . 1F''I'Z4'A'i55fE1:51i'555Ef2 J P .- . : : . f. - :1 5 : 3 , . : 5 555 5 g , g Q? 5351117 TRY TRAILWAYS THRU-LINERS Same Seat-Same Bus All The Way DAlLY THRU-LINERS SCHEDULES J R from CHARLOTTE to . Knoxville Birmingham Nashville Dallas Chattanooga Augusta Memphis Tampa Chicago Fayetteville Cincinnati Wilmington REALTOR and many other cities CHARTER COACH SERVICE Let us help you arrange a trip for your group on a big, new air-conditioned bus. The privacy and con- venience ot a "private" coach is unexcelled for group ' travel. Rates are often less than individual fares. QUEEN CITY TRAILWAYS Charlotte, North Carolina Page One Hznzdred Sixty-Five Qngrafozfalfionff Cfadd of 15 7 B. Ivey and Company Swan Soda Shop 1301 East Boulevard Phone ED 2-31 12 Across the Hall or Across the Country Carolina Transfer 8t Storage Company EDison 2-5131 MYERS PARK HARDWARE CO. 923 Providence Road. . . EDison 4-1614 Charlotte, North Carolina Compliments of Gardner 81 Benoit Inc. Providence Shoe Repair Service S. B. Wooten, Proprietor 601-B Providence Road . . . EDison 2-6281 A. Z. Price 8t Associates, Inc. Engineers and Contractors Heating . . . Plumbing And Air Conditioning FRanklin 6-2466 , . . 206 South Church St. Charlotte 2, North Carolina PRITCHARD PAINT 81 GLASS CO. 112 West Fifth Phone FR 6-8561 Compliments of BLACKMON AND PATTERSON 'A' f 'A' 1724 South Boulevard . . . Charlotte, N. C. Page One Hundred Sixly-Seven GARIBALDI AND BRUNS JOCIE MOTOR LINES, INC 21 I5 North Tryon Street . . . Charlotte, N. C. Phone ED 3-98I4 ar -if at Serving - North Carolina, South Carolina, Atlanta, Savannah, and Augusta, Georgia. ak f ir ESTABLISHED I93I George H. Roberts Lumber Co., Inc. 22I South Church Street WHOLESALE Treated and Untreated Yellow Pine Lumber HARDWOOD FLOORING V EDison 3-7566 One H mzdred Sixfy-Eight HUNTER PAINT COMPANY, INC. 212 North Church Street Paint 8. Paint Supplies Distributor of DUTCH BOY PAINTS lloso Brothers Piano Company "House of Baldwin" 5094 North Tryon Street ED 3-4 I O8 Charlotte 6, N. C. Compliments of M. R. SNYDER COMPANY 0 I I Enjoy S G. P PEANUT PRODUCTS Always osk forh 'S fd P' in the Stugent L d t 't w ere ygxnnggetoyou,ofrizhdsazgrfirsfrgscaesg treats! num when ,pisuummro cm, T ' ff ste the D1 erence Swlosoo Fooovoowos U , nut' And You ll Agree . .. ' There's None Better Than 'S 8. P' Page One Humz'1'ed Sixly-Nine COMPLIMENTS OF SPEIR 8: CQMPANY, IIIC. 'Manmade and gaada Si? 13OE t4thS1' et-- ED 45386 CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA PNEUMAFIL CURPORATIUN OHddSy Compliments of 1404 Central Avenue R I S 1900 Hutchison Avenue 2707 South Boulevard E R MARKETS ' 1924 RozzeII's Ferry Road 5118 Park Road CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA 514 West Franklin Avenue 301 South Main Street GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENT5 OF COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK gl1r2i1 fl. Wiggins Qlnmsiwriinxt 0111. T311 Gust gflnuxih 5117221 Qlhmflnibz Z, QI. an 5,4555 CAROLINA BEDDING Sl CHAIR CO., INC. 'A' "BUILDERS or THE Best" Charlotte, North Carolina Page Ozze Hzmdred Seventy-Ozze PAUL dc CBYMES 409 South Tryon SPICIILIZINF IN PREf0IlPfl0N SERVICE N TRYON 7h . IO! Z l . ' nnuc sromas mc 5 3-7l77 . ' 4541 "Ask You Docto Hbout Ste I' g Drug Sto EDA-0897 .,- V v XA Sporting Goods xjf 2,55 L V a K 1 5 ' .n v 5 woussiown uma I IN THE c mi D jf? :mm ' rams... r I' r In The AMANA Foocl Plan The very finest in meats and frozen foods delivered regularly to your freezer. 73? Diamond Service Company l82O Sunnyside Avenue - Charlotte ..f.., "i:"' zl- .ii ,., l .fi llll lllll 8' Mum ul' , . :'5E E5 RYPWV 1, fl .1155-32353225 'i" f C ill '.'2 1 zf- - -. 1-X. if ff? Stationers - Office Outfitters Gi Hs ::::ll:':: f 'THE CHAPELUIN THE 0 K ' 304 saufh Tryon sf. FR 5-7751 C0, Funeral Service - 500 Providence Road Page One Hundred Seventy-Two IVIARSH REALTY CUNIPANY "See Marsh For A Home" WILDER BUILDING EDison 4-8631 ,MONTALDUSQ Charlotte l E fy Compliments of l' l L Y F h' 49 . lhompson, Inc. I Oung as Zono 1 General Contractor xl from our , f ' Young Third Floor r 19 NT J Charlotte, North Carolina 'e K l ff N QP-5:5 5 -K I J NEW CAR USED CAR DIRECT LOAN PLAN DIRECT LOAN PLAN S5 EEE LEZR X I S6 55552531 Compliments of We Make Automobile Ownership Eosy For You B 0 Insurance 7lO S. College ED 3-5435 Page One Hundred Seventy-Tl: McDonald Realty Company J. Coldwell McDonald M rs. Virginia R, Johnston Lloyd Withers John McDonald J. H. Huntly Henry Aldredge Ike Lowe Stuort Elliot John Durham - "Know that your Realtor knows" - Johnston Building Phone FR 6-4441 061, 58:5 ja5Ai0n5 MARGIE DAVIS Myers Pork Representative lllllllllglllll ll JACKETS - GYM suits '. :': :J Charlotte Sporting Goods Co. . of 3 l 4 South Tryon 'f!:!: , - Everything for the Sportsman - 'Eg g s 600 S. College St. ED 3-3282 Page One Hundred Seveniy-Fam' SPIQINSUHS A Friend Circulus Latinus Charles W. Connelly A. l.A. T. C. Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Elbert E. Foster Funderburk's Food Center Dr. and Mrs. Monroe T. Gilmour George Goodyear Company Porter Graves Hardies Pharmacy Homeroom 8-4 Homeroom lO-5 Homeroom l l-9 Homeroom l l-IO Homeroom l2-l Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Jacobs Wood's Shoe Shop Floyd B. Johnson Frank H. Kennedy Lisks No. 2 Charles Lucas, Jr. Mary Lucas Mr. and Mrs. W.'B. McGuire W. L. Parrot F. Grainger Pierce Ranson, Wallace 81 Company H. Haywood Robbins Senior High Chorus Frank W. Snepp C. L. Stuckey, M.D. Mr. R. Zach Thomas, Jr. David G. Welton, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Woodruff Page One Hundred Severzly-Five J . V, A! ' I 'JF ' .E V , C E' 'T ' ' , A uv ' J 'I ' X h a "ff f. n ' ' 'l Q. .' NJ'a-I mA.fv..a ' . ,lvl T ' .J 1 -all Q' - J 'I l g 2 -. iz 'Z A I I 1 ia. 3 w-Lb ' M 5 'i' I Q Q 1 . T la, A f CR, A ' 5' A - v . "H C A ' vu.: uy,QQ9C, a E-.1 4 4 A ' ff -, E 5 r 1 , N 4 ' g 1' 3 . A i ' " 33.1 A xt Q20 ' ' ' 3 tgp .. ui 1'-'5 X V 4 E 4' O ' V P " X 4. fy' r 4. ' 3 ,T x . ve ,V ibut. X -7, s . , -wiping ,r -" A . 'w Qdiyx .' , it '.,.f" A .+,,, , f A iw, A , A K' t I 'I Ai!! ' -3' 7 X., ' Aw ' '-9. . ,527-"' ' .. -A in '5 KJ ' KQTQ' ' 1' A1-A "2 T ." jg 'E Ig- L A A sf " 1 . ' if GRAPPIICALLY ,I Q ' . -. PF A ' . 'V 'L 5 ' A JDISTINGI JISI-IEE I ,I s E . ' ' ' N X ' h I-A f 33 a - X ' ..a Q- : Y A - MTETE-T - , lp' ' ' : ,AM my L 5' ' cnyslxlliw 'F ' 31 ' ' .+ geanboobs by Washburn ' - ' PRINTING comnuv " Pg X A I. MAIN OFFICE AND PLANT: 214 WEST MOREHEAD STREET 1, 1. 1. . SALES OFFICE: 304 WEST MOREHEAD STREET G: T- kg QQ 'H CHARLOTTE, N. C. X 'S' 0. ,.f:p"1'Q.'-1j. ' A , wfifE"'f'f" " " 2 'Lt' 1 . 1'1459" '-- 4 E V :JJ Mt. , '- ,,g,g1g"r! L ' ugJl:1i71..5i1' '- Q- - J !'.v.E?::,M.'A.wl:iEQWNTLW,:,,:,,p:.-.1r,. . f l W 'FW K QQ, , V L if t ' ' -1 . - . sw' ' 7 - zg g N I 'R'- 3 41 u H' sa 'vw ,lv Q ,AA xi 1 -"gs f ig, ,.-,.g- 1 - , 1- ,Lv r, . 335 Q -Q " -1- , V , 5 1 . . r , : sJ9 W N - - . ,H N '. "f'.'S 3,3 A mga .. . . gs. ' , 'N-.1 .. ' ' 22 S, m af TQ. , Y ff - at 3 -Aww Q X ,5- M .. ' S K if M s . 0 Q , ,ng . 5-' , f Q -fwu..."" 'fiwn x . r 1 1X I ,M 1 , ir JA: ' iq CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY RICHMOND RALEIGH Fw N 1 E E De ' lflg lssfg g if-.i. FEAR DWARE In S PECIALTY CO. CHARLOTTE COLUMBIA GREENVILLE Page One Hlnzdred Seveizly-Eight .!yCLlfL0lfULC!glflfLQlfLt5 We Wish To Thank . . . Mr. Mr Mr. Bill Renfrow . . . Mr. George Taylor . . . Mr. jack Morris . . . Mrs. Marjorie Bartlett . . . Mrs. Betty jo Moore . . . and Frank Fleming of Nlifashburn Printing Company, . Price Coursey of Charlotte Engraving Company, Mr. johnny Payseur of Delmar Studios, Mr. Bob Cummings, Our Advertisers and Sponsors, Dr. jack Horner and the Myers Park Faculty, Miss Gordon Freeman, Mr. Leslie Browne, The MUSTANG Staff, Buddy Spoon, and Bob Welslu of Bob Welsh Studio . . . For Many Hours of Patient Advice and Assistance. acne, Clmrba, ana! Page One Hfnzdred Sezfelziy-Nizze el OW Ajuerfiderd cm! sS?00lfL:50l"f5 . . The students of Myers Park High School and the stall of the 1957 MUSTANG extend our heart-felt thanks to our advertisers and sponsors for their wonderful cooperation during the past year. Any publication of this size would be impossible without the aid of outside support. We want each of our contributors to realize how very sincerely we appreciate their assistance. We urge our students and their families to patronize the advertisers as this is the most genuine way of showing our appreciation to them. Charles, Jane, and Bill Page Ofze Hffudred Eigbfy ' Jwffvwf My Wvjw aww' 3 6' w if f cf WN XM of' KIM M q!lj'x'Nic VJ Qffwffif WMC gfgwgff ,M MM! ff' M W . . . 6Ll'L6! may AUQ fmloloifg v 3. 2 a n QUQI' JAP? . . . me THE 1957 SCRAPBCDCDK SECTION RAPHS, soi1Z!ri1isAND X522 fi 1 OF YOUR YE ,QLRZQLHEQQQ MYERS PARK OQN - if KT! ffifiolk aff slim Qi A QS2XT?Q QW 3535? Q CS. A sf-alia ggi W7 fifk dx if Qiljwh qi aff m5Q QK Q2 1 0134 x k"ra..n 59: -5. 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