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' Q will 6 A W Q, 1.1 'Y if-3595 , f 1 . 1 . 'I k A lf 3 ,E , ' k f"' ' " f .Q ' 1 g " k 4' 45 ' as ! ' . : - 5 i K J u ', 5' 11 ' , - 1 I, Q In Ag ,Q 1 ,ti . t - Q - 1 - 1 0 'lk - , f Q, V 1 34. , 1,-'N , ' .1 lr. ff , , V, S t v ,. , I, ., L 4,1 ja d , .Q A fgtfm . 1,1 'H , 5 .1 I., 1 , ,vf ,,,,1 ,rw . , 3 f A , ' .- ,Q f , . , I I 355, . gm ,lg fi, , 1 X vm, I, 9 f .1 51' 1"' , ' ,Q A , ' ffxii .h ,Y -YiKxXJ 1 pl, 5, 'J.a,v.'2 Vw van' 'g. , 2 ,ff I I Tiff ' A If ,np 1 . 4,5 1 1 , .1 11 . ff W 1. ff. , ., 1 41: f .1 1 1 , 11-vw ff .. if nf' J i hgifllf 'V 1 If .13 ,212 51" .3 , ' Qf Mu"-' ffm. ' 5, 'M:Av:.'t!: A, 1 ti: 1,4 .nf W., l X' 4 I 4 I E ii gl . Q' lf, f i,,,,'K'6 .4 J Q 1 1' Al-.1 'Y y '14 if f' S , 'V' .n ' . V I 17 'P:'q.4 if 'K . '1 " ' x if'-" , ' Q 1.14 0.11 ' 1 1 , , '1 17 .. 1 QI ii my My ,' 1 A , dt g1'. ', I , ,yr f ' IMI, 0 if 11' mf- , ' 1 '- 1 A-t"c'1 -1 , ' , ' , 7 V.. uri 1qar'Jwll'l?!"",f in gf L VZ" tk 5. '5"'. , ' 'r ' , ,wi ',,g-la,-nt Af1, q ,lj Lv -1-,Qin -'vii--ASH A W gy., A1 V111 ,1 gi ,ff,x, M4 J , W fp - ' , , ,' ' Hp", , b 1, A 1 1, , I " H' 'V , ',,' . , 'lk JI? b'!i7'. W: Q i. Q' :, 'e 3,4 ,zfgffg f ,. 9 1 .V 5' -ew-r,ff' -' , 'f-'ff-11,4 , 5 1- fn, 1,1 4, . . 1 M, ..1, 11 . . Y ,V Q, ,, L mx: g,fft'g,x-1 1 A, , ,- Plz, 'Y' J KA vw H 2, I , I . V t I vu 1' 1 4 f ,H ' 'b - I . g , Q i ' 1 ' Q 4 Y 7 2 1' ., . , . ya , f., ' 1 ASI' 1 ,M A f 'y , 2. . y- ,ffl f. f fda-9 ' 'jf ...Q 1. I '51 1 4. ' 4 ' 9, - I 1' ,,.yf"1 3 .11 E f, 1 , ,I f fs r , V, '40, NIJ w -.,,l, Q 1,1 I , I ff' , . f v 1 A - f 541115 ,1 p , J. 1 1 . .' F JA ,. 1 , . ., 1 .Y 1 ,,.,1 ,, 41,,,.f , , , , 1 . ' ' 1 J . JM r aa:'v1"""" 1 Ju' na, ' , 9" - , . , 1 Q 4 W 1 1 1 .1 H mg- ' 1.4, 1 . 1 FF 1 , 2 1 1 f4pE"fqF':f"' !2g:i,','r5,q is - I X V 525612 Va 'A Qi K 1, x-,. I 115 '.'-.' Q' 1 M 1 'G 5 uf A 5. 9' '!- 45' , 1, . 41 N.: M., H - V A I If 'W ' .1 A 1 Q' . Si :N V 1 , . P 1 15 . 1 f L 1- 1' I Q. ' 1 I ' A , if 311- 5 t , tgn., -.f':':Y.P-'41 mmm '51 W5',!m,F 'xp , ,N , - , A 5.1 ' ,ggi ' V4 Q M F K 1 'S Q. K w - ,' ' 1 W-A Af' 3' "f 'Z , .. .H : fgfy 51,3 5 ' - '7 A ' ' , ' 7 sf " D ' 'Z "f . , H 1 -,,-'w , v ., ' " " ' L x,' - '11 1 9' " .1 l' 3 1 ."-'." 5 .fa .' . I 51 -. 1., 5 ,,f, , , , - , . ' .VMI ' -. -, fag ,V-" 2 'f' -.-113 mi. -r , ' - ff , - .uf 1. u X . . Q , Z 2.3. '.j 5.5 1 Q, A gf ' " n. ,Q ,. is 1968 REMUDA MUSTANG HIGH SCHOOL contents Introduction 1 School Board, Administration and Faculty l Senior High Classes Junior High Classes Grade School Classes Organizations Activities Athletics 53 VV' E Time 5111811 IHIKFS mf Elm Q iwiiim Q We L.,,. .vf,i 4 1, A fr, r Cha rles Holleyman, superintendent, heads one of the nation's five most modern school systems. He is a member of Phi Delta Kappa, President-elect of the Oklahoma Education Association, past president of the Oklahoma Association of School Adminis- trators, member of the Red Red Rose, and was featured in the 1961-62 issue of "Who's Who in Education. " SCHOOL BOARD SHAPE SCHOOL Throughout the school year the men who make up the mem- bership of the schoolboard and the men who make up the ad- ministrative group of Mustang Schools work together for the good of the student body, the faculty and the community. These men shape the policies, the standards, and the princi- ples by which the school is guided, They endeavor to work in such a way that the student School board members - Quin- ton MacMahang D. A. Tomlin- son - Pres.: Jack Dunbar - Clerkg Elisha Griggs - Vice Pres.: AND SUPERINTENDENT POLICIES body can develop into a comprehensive unit with the highest of ideals and standards there by making it the greatest high school in Ok- lahoma. During the past three years, the faculty and student body of this school have almost doubled in size and these men assumed the responsibility of seeing that it develops in the proper way as it continues to grow through the coming years. watch Vernon Urban, another member, operate the new book- - - G K CHAFFIN Principal of high school keeping machine. H MOTIVATION IS THE HEART 0F TEACHING Mr. Billy Armstrong ' P-I Mr. Billy Carmack Mis. Dorothea Cooley JU? Mr Johnny Mc Fatndge """ WNEERQHE 7 fr K 'X ' 1 sy.-R1 Jgf Slsr ' C B " S' f 4 X K f f W VH S 'IE mm Q . Billy Carmack tells Santa, Mike Jones, what he wants for Christmas. Who's who in the line up? Mr. School Spir- Mr, Bob Smith 'B I i,i 'R Mrs. Betty Ousley it, fBob Smithj, Mr. Ugly, fCarl Grizzlej, Miss Beautiful, fCaro1yn Stoverj, and Mr. Friendly, fBilly Carm ackj. Mrs. Joyce Smith Mr. Jerry Stegall Mr. Jerry Stover Mrs. Carolyn Stover Miss Gloria Stone Miss Betty Turner Mrs. Ettie Wells Mr. Charles Winkles aw f -h-'X ervfr Hkx Sh...r.,,-1 STUDENTS AID ADULT STAFF Library aids are in the FRONT ROW! F. Dahl. Office Aids and Secretaries are in the FRONT ROW: D. George, D. Frazier, and L. Hogan, SECOND ROW: S. Carpenter, and L. Gooch. SECOND ROW is R. Henthorn, C. Grissom, D. Hilton, D. Tomilson, K. George, T. Owens, E' Rogers' K' Pfesgfove' and D' Berkley' D. Holaday, L. Mercer, G. Horton, K. Haskin, I. Garner, G. Bejcek, D. Bennett, J. Kitch, S. Dunbar, K. Smith, P. Kortemeier, P. Smith, C. Hinshaw, and S. Cerveny. 4 . 3 , ij K 5 , 4. Projectionists are K. Black, J. Kitch, G. Cooks are R. Robison, E. Tate, M. McDowell, C. Horton, G. Bejcek, and D. Bennett. Close, C. Bornemann, F. Kirkland, L. Kortemeier, and F. Franklin. Janitors are I. Batterrnan, E. Kortemeier, J. Bus Drivers are P. White, E. Veneck, W. Owens, Hanna, C. Close, and E. Veneck. I. Nold. J. McFatridge, G. Van Buskirk, E, Kri- vanek, H. Powell, G. Stewart, B. Smith, and B, Stejskal. Mustang Valley cooks are N. Schritter. O. Myers. Student Janitors are in the FRONT ROW: R. Fore- and O. McNeill. man, and M. Nold. SECOND ROW isj. Garner, K. White, and K. Haskin. Each year the sophomores and juniors see the departure of a senior class, a class of students rich in the knowledge gained from a high school education and in associations. Through use of educa- tional tools gained in four years. These seniors will be able to open the door to the world of tomorrow. Sophomores and juniors look forward to having the privilege of using these tools of education and when they depart as the senior class of 1970 they too will go out as students and citizens of tomorrow with spirit and exuberance. ,fy ,NL 'hir .4 . "t" '4 sp,assat r sg V "' K .....-,lt HH L! X A -1- .a.. 'V' 1 vi -1 '. .W ',. Q ev 'E 1- 3 .kv W, ,E 5 , ' l U 4 A sauna :mean ' 'mlm H ' M0 mf DONNA GARRETT JAMES BENGE MARK BLACK SENIORS ACHIEVE GOALS Realizing that the were spending their last days together at M. H.S. , the forty-eight seniors united to make a successful fun filled, ear. They have striven to become leaders - scholastically an academically. They have brought forth exuberant spirit, a distinctive loyalty, anda unique personality. They have fulfilled a senior spirit by participating in school clubs, leading major activities, and doing the everlasting stacks of homework. An inherited pattem of end-of-school activities besieged them, the unprepared seniors. The annual speech play in April took them into May whirl-of-action. The Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom offered them the oppor- tun1t1es to dance their hearts away and be wished a fond farewell bv their successors. Seniors left expectantly, arrived in a fever of excitement, and returned wearily from the end of the year class trip. The final days which were both tiresome and gratifying, were anxiously awaited and at long last they did arrive. U The traditional tears fell on many faces during baccalaureate, senior night, and graduation ceremonies, Although these activities signify the end of twelve years of learning, they mark the beginning of a long search for dreams that have so often interrupted thoughts. Some will cha lenge careers, others will attempt college, and several will begin homes of their own. The spirit of M. H. S. will shine forth in the hearts of the '68 seniors long after the bright lights of our depar- ture have dimmed. As they look back on their high school days, they will remember that certain boy, that special girl, those wonderful parties, and of course that precious moment, graduation night. The Junior-Senior Prom, t e crowning of queens, and the little things like getting to class on time, throwing paper wads in study hall, and trying their best to fake an answer on a test, will always stand out in their minds. There will always be memories o that special basketball, baseball, or football game, and the feeling of victory' afterwards. As they depart from their friends and teachers, thrall shall cherish the happy days and gay times at M. H. S. They shall be proud to say that they graduated from ustang, and as each of them go their separate ways they shal hope that they have left their mark upon the spirit of Mustang. A mark that will create for all who know them, a loyal exuberant pride in them. SHARON BooTH DONNIE BREsHEA RS SHARON CERVENY X i Q MIKE CLARK PATTI CRIBBS FAYE DAHL 'UN HAROLD DA RROW LA RRY DeTAR SHERRIE DUNBAR Senior Class officers Karen Smith, Beverly Elliott, Mark Black, and Dean Williams lead the other class mem bers through a successful year. BEVERLY ELLIOT JACKIE WELCH QFINCHJ STEVE FRANKLIN MARION GAYMAN KATHY GEORGE RICHARD GRISSOM MARVIN HAMBROOK JACK HENDERSON DONEETA HILTON r CA ROL HINSHAW LYNDA HOGAN SENIORS HANDLE MANY TASKS Creative ability develops in art class. DONNA HOLIDAY MONTE HUDDLESTON MIKE JONES RHONDA KEEN ,,,.--sv" JAMES KIMBLE REX KING STEVE LOPER X 'if--7 AUDREY MABRY JONNIE MANASCO LINDA MERCER Seniors Monte Huddleston, Rex King, and Mark Black leave the following advice to their succes sors: Speak no evil. Hear no evil. See no evil. 353, MICHAEL NOLD CYNTHIA OWENS JANICE OWENS ADRIAN PURVIS STANLEY REIMERS DANNY SIMMONS KAREN SMITH PAM SMITH KENNETH STREETER .43 an 'is Yue-N..fX DEBBIE TOMLINSON MIKE TOMPKHXIS CANDACE VERNON 'YUM X81-1' ,- PAUL WIEDEMANN DEAN WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WILLIFORD Gi Sherrie Dunbar becomes a flower child with minor applications GLENDA CLARK CWINTER, Zi paint, wh11e fellow classmates, Rex King and Cynthla Owens rry on. l I JUNIORS HANDLE CONCESSIONS - ANNUALLY The Junior class of 1968 began the year with members ready to perform the activities that have been the routine to the Juniors in the pastg but to this class, they were projects to be tackled with pep and enthusiasm. The annual magazine drive brought forth their salesmanship ability, while wait- ing on patrons in the concession stand brought only a smile and tired feet The Junior-Senior banquet and prom took many hours of work and thought. But eventually all decorations were completed and the evening proved to be one well worth the planning. The Juniors have but one more year to walk the paths that will lead them from M. H. S, Knowing this, they made the best possible effort to make themselves re- warding memories. , ac: Gary Bailey eh ni rw, pa, J J if if S' Keith Bailey Jeanie Batterman '95 it ,W g' A 3. Judy Becker i' K "' 5 Garnet Bejcek s.. wg Grant Bejc ek H t.t, .s,.t W, -IM '9f133i" '7 F t ::,. fi J Mehila Bennett up rt ,F ,Q 5 ,L Q g ,gf Daryl Bennett up 5 ' f A 'D H Kenneth Black 3 i f ' y I fts ego' -P Janie Breshears ' g N'q A Sue Bright ' y:1't H K 'J Stella Capps sfJllll,t Leola Casey 5 d Q A Q" 5 JJ A g La Vern Dahl fe, Peggy Dunn Q 'rili ,Ny 4 J Steve Enter Q srlsy ng, :.V da6.:2':ZzEisf?tk 5 Jan Foreman 9, -. 5 5 4 2 Richard Foreman g g , , A ' ' J Q 'J sq V,y . ff. Cafhy Frazier fi tif Ali I Danny Godwin Q Q ., T J it Kevin Goin Q :mug s 'T at J' Q g t J E'. e,, K Bert Griffin A g Carol Grissom ' ,g'-4 t J John Haskin "",' p . Kenneth Haskin of 'ig I J Carl Hawkins F5 y 5 Nancy Hendricks q LaDonna Hicks N 35 Gary Horton Tommy Huffman l'l' ,N .nm 1 I Fred Hussfeldt 'N yt-1 Horton, Juni a busy year. xt JUNIORS HAVE FUN Carol Grisson, LaVerne Dahl, Sue Bright, and Gary ' 'or class officers, guide their class through Jean Jones Melvin Justice Wanda Kelly W . 4 si 141 1 ,W si, lsr 'W it ,, i s J., S D i' iess i"" S ' Dennis King Jim Kitch Len Landrith Dale Landsberger Earl Manos Edith Massey Glenda McClain Robert McDowell Gary Melugin Mike Parker Dorothy Post Wayne Pruitt Michael Richardson Steve Robertson Donnie Robinson Danny Shupe Joe Smith Linda Smith Tim Wells Karl White fnot pictured, Allen White Robert Vanbuskirk SOPHOMORES PREPARE FOR JUNIOR YEAR Alan Akin Judy Bailey Earl Bassett Linda Bassett Steve Benda Gary Bennett Deborah Berkley Allen Boatman Terrea Briscoe Donna Brown Tommy Brown Richard Buxton Gary Carpenter Steve Crossley Robin Davidson Billy Dillard Scotty Dobbs Melvin Drake Janice Elliott Terry Enloe James Garner Nancy Gayman George Gooch Bruce Gracy Lloyd Gunter Charlotte Hambrook Carl I-lilbum Rita Henthorn Ronald Keen Patty Kortemeier 5- Q X ,b, K Ek 0' f saw' Judy Bailey, Connie Tirnms, Bill Dillard, and Patty Korte- meier aze into the future ears at Mustan 8 Y 4 Afy,s y y ' x g. Az- I 'P ' 5 -J " 1 A I l il 5 X' 7 I9 Vs. K Q . "Roni, move your finger, " Judy Bailey says, as the J21HiC6 E11iOtI is installed as musi sophomore class works on slides. in FHA Organization. SOPHOMORES SLIGHTLY CONFUSED J 1 J . W- J if 3 3 W Q ii. S . H s R3 . r Lsrr' J R ' S22 3 A I n my .. . a is Q,j 0 ' X 0 H s K V in 'YA P: ,f 5 im '-si? sir , eoye oe , Rs' L-Vr . E' , V A qi . s g k ""' Xe .s , A Q 1 V N 5 l ir.. . NVQ ssee J ,:,i 1 Jimmy Warren Carla Welch Randal Wells fno picturey William Madsen Jack Merrick Roni LaFever Ruth Langley John Maupin Donna McClain Grover McDowell Diane Morrell Debbie Morris Debra Muse Russell Myers Larry Nowlin Karen Nyquist Jody Owens Glenn Payne Louetta Powers Kay Presgrove Ellen Rogers Raymond Simpson Sherry Terrel Connie Timm Vernon Van Buskirk c leader -:-fA , . A M X! Ziil ,Xf,:X Q ,L'P1e1i..111 r Q .i 1 s s mi 2 Time after time the junior high school h h has proven itself to be one of the best. The students have shownvivacity through- ' "f- out the school year and especially during . the basketball season. 1 fl 'Q " 54 N40 0 'Jk- 1.-., ' ui' be .s Frankie Avila 3 i I. f Cathy Bailey g t Ronnie Baker I Geary Benge W W I lier Glen Blaney Sammy Bradford , Q--at Donald Butler as me Linda Casey Nancy Cerveny Gary Clark 1 FRESHMEN ARE ENTHUSED WITH SPIRIT The freshmen entered their last year of junior high school with 68 members determined to succeed as leaders. Filled with the productive Mustang spirit they became leaders in forming the first junior high pep club in the history of Mustang schools. They went on to compete with the high school students in the heart fund drive, making the honor roll, and just trying to prove themselves as one of the best. With the help of class officers and sponsors they have worked together to promote all worthy activities, leader- ship, and school spirit. They have spent many hours within the halls of MJHS and it is with regret and joy that they prepare themselves to walk the halls of M.H.S. But the many hours have not been wasted for these students are tomorrow's school and community leaders. Their junior high years have merely been a training field for the future and the spirit, determin ation, and knowledge acquired here will help them to advance rapidly in the society which they must face, Glen Collins Roy Conn Charlene Courtney Larry-Crofford Tommy Duckett Larry Dunbar Paula Dunbar Denzil Dunn Dianna Dunn Donna Dunn Janet Fitzgerald Steve Franks Doris Frazier Barbara Griffin LaDonna Gunn 45? 22 Jack Hawkins, Bobby Smith, and Larry Parsons, learn the power of tools in their shop class. FRESHMEN WORK HARD Bradly Hett Larry Hicks Keith Hilburn Eugene Hilton Janetta Hixon Regena Horton James Jackson Carol Jones Beverly Jung Luella Justus Carl Keenan Gilbert Krivanek Deborah Lay Brenda Mantooth Bonnie McDowell W .. V Donna Hacker David Hambrook Jack Hawkins iai ri A 'Xi 5 ,tt , ,,,, , wb: 4 QA V 'Z if . -4 'B ' n It 7 i . M!! V w Regina Horton receives a free demonstration in home economics. if ffm fi-W X if 1 ff iinife--J FRESHMEN OF 1968 SHOW LEADERSHIP I -.E , 1. P,- Nw -JR . ,x.. om ,Lx E+ Ji W of-rd. .. ,V lf- -er.. W 1 X X if 95 1 Carol Jones, Regena Horton, Bobby Smith, and Eugene Hilton take on the responsibility as freshman class officers ,P is h wil. I . n,. r -. if 5- -2 Q . A . X """ fizi 2 K O E 1. : 1 1- F P' .,.. ., no is 1' a-as-. , r as m Q. 6 g 1 N 0 ' 2. L I xl 4 Qth H 4' W x V , is 41 R iff' - I - A , f xg , 'L' ef! 16 1 .ffl 'fs 65 " Y. :m:iA is.. .5 K ' -ili Tre John McMahan James Mengers Gary Morgan Charles Nall Phil Nold Gus Nyquist Sheila Parker Larry Parsons Ronald Potts David Raper Larry Riley Gene Robertson Steven Sanders Linda Sipes Dale Smith Mike Smith Robert Smith John Sneed Randy Terrel David Thomas Sherry Ward Phil Wiedemann Sarah Williamson Gary Young Bobby Yount , Eighth grade class officers, Raymond Lay, Renae No- vak, Terry Good, and Kenny Brewer, relax while waiting for the action to begin. EIGHTH GRADE WINS ROYALTY AGAIN The days were long and weary for the '77 eighth grade students at M.J. H. S. but out of each one grew a bright spot. Though the day may have been filled with upset teachers, incor- rect arithmetic problems, or fussy friends they never failed to come through with that mischiev- ous smile. They enrolled in subjects to enter- tain and inform them, puzzle and delight them. Always, they were ready for competition, and they fared quite well in the race for yearbook royalty. Alice Akin Rickki Avila Nancy Bailey Dale Bejcek Phillip Bennett Bobby Bradford Kenneth Brewer Janet Briscoe Karen Briscoe X? Each morning the patriotic spirit of the Mustang students shines through as they give the pledge to the flag. .-...X ' ,gh . A sl , ,El gang' 'warg-fee! ' ' ,V Odessa Brown Gwen Capps Grace Carlisle Duane Claborn Richard Davidson Robert Davis Zta. 1665 ,JL ,4 , TEL .. it 1 K 25 Lonnie Watson ei hth rade student hel s 0 0 1 g 3 1 P others remember that safety comes first. ' Jay Dillard John Doern 5.5 Kathleen Durbin Luana Enloe Steve Fatherree Craig Fitzgerald Cathy Foreman Terry Good Johnny Gorrell Ricky Gorrell Mark Gracy Glenda Hacker Lynda Haley Don Hamilton Barbara Harris Shirley Henderson Ricky Henshaw Rena Hill Verbel Hixon Greg Holleyman Randy Huffman Dennis Jeffrey Carla Johnson Ric ky Jones Vickie Jones Nickie Keenan Dale Krivanek -W.,'.,wQ...V11,,,lt,f . M EIGHTH GRADE SHOWS MATURITY Joyce Krivanek Lynn LaFever Wendy Landsberger Raymond Lay Sheila Liebman Bobby Manos Vicky Marlow Pat Merrick Mike Neal Steve Nelms Renae Novak Jerry Owens Allen Parnell Terry Pewitt Randy Powers Debra Pruitt Marvin Reimers Joan Sallinger Ernie Schritter Nila Smith Ray Smith no Rhonda Smith T 5- James Stevens '-,k 7 Kathy Thomas sl my if Pamela Tolbert Mike Tomlinson A T Marcia Tompkins Rita Trull ' if Ricky Turpin ' W Veronica Urban W' Pete Van Deventer Randall Wakefield Lonnie Watson Ronnie Wells Mike York fno picturej Nancy Stucky 1. ' ,fit VX SEVENTH GRADERS EXPLORE NEW KNOWLEDGE The first week in September, 83 seventh graders came marching upon Mustang Junior High. They were excited about exploring a new building and were eager to begin learning new material. They were anxious to begin try- ing out for the junior high basketball teams and were soon busy with many extracurricular activities. The year proved to be just what they had expected - enjoyable. Although this class was smallest in size, they made history by being the largest seventh grade class of Mus- tang. They are looking forward to furthering their training Seventh grade class officers, Pat Clifton, Robert Wake at Mustang Schools. field, Pam Armstrong, and Billy Smith, absorb knowl edge. 28 rr All Pam Armstrong Alan Barber Donna Benda IQ Ss r af' I fl' xb- ,, ,,... , 315.9 'fm + 4 at liar if , g fa Lee Blaney David Bogle Carol Brewer Becky Bolton Cathy Booth Sandra Brown Ricky Burroughs William Butler Randy Chandler Pat Clifton Darla Conn Jeanne Cosper Ronnie C ribbs Luann Daniel Dewane Darrow Mark Davis Bobby Duggins Mike Dunn Cheryl Enloe Ellen Enter Phillip Estes David Fatherree David Franks Eddie Frazier Jerry George Karla Goin Diana Gooch Timmy Griffin Mike Griggs Ricky Gunn Bruce Hager Joe Harlin Allen Henson Ric ky Henthorn Jeff Hett Robbie Holaday Sidonie Holmes David Johnson Jackie Johnson Bill Johnson Barbara Justus Jimmy Keen Kay Keenan Fred Langley Tommy Lewis Janice Loper Terri Lunsford Judy Manasco Janis Manasco Don Manos Barbara Watson, Kevin Vaughn, Ricky Burroughs and Freddie Langley imitate "The Monkeys" in .Language Arts Class. W 2 'fs 4 Vi ke, 'iv '......., 4. SEVENTH GRADE PEP CLUB ENTHUSIASTIC x get C V, QW I A . ,su , K 1 1 X av ,- it as-w U N, i ' . f, R' Fa. ju ' Alb f- ,al 2. QV' wr , mr . I ,YS 6 G' 9 S , an E EE 24 al 'fi . , f Qu rq 'af 'H W , ' vw ffrl fix 1- , J .a,E' ,.,4f A I fl" 'F , ' f 5 x " P Q3 ,ff We 1 ..,.. N ,M L4 I N! ,. M '56 K ' is., ,- f "X if Y ,S 5. Greg Yates Linda York Brenda Young Elesha Yount Qno picturej Patricia Bailey Ronnie Hall David Martin Sandra McDowell Sidney McDowell Linda Mengers Marilyn Moody Tommy Murray Terry Myers Richard Nall Kathy Nold Lorraine Nowlin Brenda Owens Richard Pamell Carol Parsons Nancy Parsons Joanna Pewitt Dianne Raper Danny Reeves Scot Sanders Linda Shaw Jerry Shirley Donna Simmons Diann Smith Billy Smith Carmen Stamm Kevin Vaughn Robert Wakefield Tammy Walker Cheryl Warren Barbara Watson Debbie Williamson 3.4.1. ' fri- H' '-'M-5-gash' Chlldren 1n the Mustang School system enjoy the frne facrlmes that have been grven to them for recreatlon The sp1r1t of the Mustang Elementary and Mustang Valley as they play together on the many ideal recre- ational items shows exuberance 'Q' N011 ,A F123 JOHN COOLEYg Mustang Elementary Principal. RANDALL PRESGROVEQ Mustang Valley Elementary Principal. PRINCIPALS WORK FOR BETTER SCHOOLS Jenene Bailey Kathy Beard Olice Berry Waldhyne Cavett Johnnie Collins Susan Copeland Carolyn Cury Charline Duckett Lou Ella Fitzgerald Catherine Garrett Nina Harlin David Henderson Ada Hill Alice Irvine Sibyl Ivester TEACHERS BRING SPIRIT TO YOUNG Marcia Johnson Clemont McKane Leta Miller Jane Moen JoAnn Morgan Lottie Page Jeanette Rogers Gertrude Schmidt Flora Stewart Margaret VanDeventer Doris Veron Joyce Walker Ann Wegener Freda White Mary Williams ,- we -E vtxztgh my 4' , Z V ws.. 'Sea sb 1 'B' 5 Yi e K H !fWt g V'h. L 54 sw f NN DQ, ..,. y fx .Ji R J? I Y px 5 . ' 'C' A X 7 SIXTH GRADE WINS LORD AND LADY 9 LJ '03-Sf 4 vw 3 x 1 .4 '- 4, t Abs X X I E kqir I A 4 s -S, J if -. Av . v I.-V ,1- ia. Y -I if sr 1 fs., 'X , sl.. s 15"-fy A he wi XI' iY,,., " ' J N ,G 34 X Phil Alexander Kevin Anderson Mike Avila Becky Baer Johnnie Baker LaVerne Bennett Danny Berkley Roger Boatrnan Ricky Bright Mike Buchanan Janet Carpenter Burt Chamberlain David Coffman Mike Collins Janet Conn Gerald Cook Bruce Curnutt Patricia Darrow Kathy Deen Diane Drewry Marty Duggins Belinda Dunbar Randy Dunbar Russell Dunbar Dwayne Eaton Eddie Fields Phillip Ford Tim Good Paul Gorrell Jane Gunns Steve Griffin Sandra Hambrook Larry Hamilton Kim Hanna Larry Hickman Jeanne Hicks Dorothy Hinshaw Ralph Hixon Danny Hogan Roger Jackson Paulette Johnson Rhonda Johnson Steve Johnson Tony Johnson Cheryl Jones Kent Jones Kathy Kelly Paul Kin Kay Lansrith Kathy Mann Donna Martin Billy Mayo Tom McMahan Thonda Miller Gary Montgomery Debbie Morris Denise Murray Vickie Murray Vikki Nelms Ga O'Dell Jef?Olson Cheryl Orahood Jay Owens , Mike Owens Mike Panchal Cindy Phipps Tommy Potts Laina Powell Donnie Raper Linda Riley Renee Root Debra Schritter Ricky Scott Lafonda Smith Randy Smith Ramona Spittler Stanley Stephens Jany Sullivan D'Liza Late Mike Linsley Randy Lurpin Ronnie Vaughn Sandra Wakefield Jim Ward Rhonda Warren La Wanna Watson Russell Welch Cyndty Wells Davi White Sandra Williamson Ricky Wilson Mark Alford Teddi Avila Dennis Bane Billy Benda Rickie Bennett Bobby Bolton Tommy Booth Vickie Booth Janie Boyer Cherly Briscoe Janet Briscoe Bambi Burroughs Debbie Capps Mary Carmac Bruce Clifton Kathy Corley Venita Cosper Lisa Cribbs Cathy Daniel Keith Darrow Rickey Deen Rickey Denison De Wayne Dobbs Tami Duggins Karen Farris Amy Foreman Randy Franklin Kirk Friend Angela Gable Ronnie Gooch Kenneth Griggs Angela I-lamman fv- Q 1 1 -. -21, .. . -J - ., 4 4 Ei? -. -55- j , - 3- I , Y 4 I I R F W 5 ' - 1 "" if Wiffffii 'f:', "f: 1156 . 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"I'f IA. f' ?'f."'9?f3:3153'if7? .X B if Daireth Holleyman 55 tfststx I X B5 35 wr V ,J as f 1 Q? 2' -sr rf n K .nn- , Q P ' , LLL1 X Ag s kg x 5 f x Rx - 1 " .e:f.r., i k ' ' f 8551, 1. , Lv -J ' i Y 1 --1 T L -- ,... , Jeff. A ., i 1 jg 2 ' X- ,- h ,,. K 2 . A. is 4' 2 Q ,. ':' 'f ,, at Q 0 'Q 6 3 4 v I -,,Q ghi, is , . , 1 ...N A syst ' Beckie Howard Larry Huffman Tony Jacob Donna Jeffrey Carl Johnson Frankie Johnson Terry Johnson Frankie Kelley Jannie Kirdes John Kolar Carolyn Krivanek Karla Lahman Rub Lan le Kathy Laghazln Michelle Mason Preston McWhirter Terry Montgomery Step en Montgomery Phillip Morris Judy Moye Roger Neal Randy Nowlin Rita Orr Wayne Payne Phillip Parker Billy Powers Mark Presgrove Rathena Preston Mike Pruitt Mike Pybas Ronnie Roper Howard Schmidt O i 4 -.f MES ii ss I Linda Segler a . James Sheppard . Mike Shirley Rex Simpson Gar Sipes Andbrea Smith Connie Spencer Donna Staman Keith Svejkovsky Danny Tate Don Terrell Dana Thiessen Danny Tolbert William Troutman Donita Twalthey Roy Tyler Brenda Van Buskirk Bradley Urbor Marcia Johnson shows Marie Briscoe the Valentine list. Pamela Altstatt Willie Armstrong William Baer Rayma Baker Jeri Bowlin Ricky Bradiird Vickie Brewer Marie Briscoe Gary Clowdus Ricky Chandler Perry Coffman Carla Corley Randy Crof ord Twila Curnett Sheryl Darrow Terry Davis Timmy Davis Alice Dunn Sharon Durbin Etta Effinger Gay Estes Treva Ford Danny Foreman Francita Franks Mark George Sherri Gooch Matt Grac Debra GifEin Lesa Griggs Christi Jacob Robert Johnson Kelly Jones Kevin Jones Suella Jones Raymond Kirkes Don Kortemeier Tina Hammon Kenna Harrelson J ennyi Hett Sue inshaw Earnest Hixon Tommy Holleyman Becky Horton Bobby Huffman Mike Landsberger Eddy Lewis Doug Mantooth Patrice Maravski Robin Mason Melaney Merrick Lynda Miller Janet McNeil Ronnie Montgomery Delta Morris Lori O'Dell Kent Owens Sandra Oxford Diane Parnell Tim Parsons Donnie Pewitt Deen Phillip Connie Phipps Patty Pithan , --1: 'WK - '16 W1 is r Y S S- :Q A rv,L g i A . 1 ' FE V A ssfs -i ri i ti s ttt iiytii ' , sf as ll..- T ' A at '--a itt it 'ii i N j i'iiididii P it '5',sF.,r5 s it if ,P 'r t H- 5 id in 1 . Q if img .. 4, A T! vi NAM H , E P . Q ' rss . FOURTH GRADERS HAVE N0 TIME T0 SPARE riir r E . T P i.rr r ffif f or yrrr ? y my 1 Q, ig rw ' fe ' Q Q . 4, Cya Q' ' - Qi S , TH sr g ggyygg 5 Zggl ' ' ,R " f x iii ssstta E - P i l i' t iiitt t P , P P T it T i s ti f ' , zr A,,f I .. H- -T as kf' ,IH E' ia ' '55 , " I i T -Q , A H ' . 5:55 .-., ,:::g3:3 A 4 "-. JQL' syrrr yntt a . ' I Q 4 1. 6 i . iii 'ff sslr ' i r .. ss ii f' 4? - , T iiid ' iiidd P, t " V xx 5 if in ' f 'if5.a,,.aI Chris Preston - X' ' , . so Ja kRame J 'Q' 2, , A ,Q S A 1 Dgnna Rapgr WAT? r ir,.4'f" if A A fi 1 in A W' 'Q Thomas Rice ' " wr.-f ' " ' lf 55 Steve Richardson E ! ., in g ig, LTI-U k,,,kk', I ri K A .. 1 R911 Roles ..,: ,tl "Q , "S .1 - iffy We R k R . sts i ff . 10 Y OPM H - V Mark Root y "' nk Greg Schmidt . , . . ,ar y r A A 4- A David Scott ww-kg . xkxk Q-is Y sk I 2 M 1 X ,, l gp A gp 5. Jerri, Shaw W- A A CSL Lys:-Pe ' Deb ie Sheppard 4 X Sii A A, r My 1 W . .A Z Kelli suiirvan ff W 5 - X4 gi ,Q Ab ,Q A S Shelia Thomas A .-. . ig 'A '11-f ' ' 1 v A y A Renee Tindell Q . N 4 gg' i ff--. f' 2 " v 3 A Kelly Todd xg or ' as 4 'B " kzttig f T :L E 4 X wt xg' Regina Trull ' ' if, V - . A il" fi fi Ronnie Turkin i .- 3 , X - ' r y Barbara Urban ,Y P ., .az , v sf A A- , - - ' - - rf. Q g - 7 eggs,-,.5:Lsy32' 4 - A r. La Nita Watson N f ' ' . 1' ' i' itisiiiffzffifii .4 ' Coy Welch ,f y ' Julie Welch 6 , J . Peggy Welch 5 ' , " -sr to Karen Wells 'S :Lv ff Danny White A 4 4 ' Nm Doug Williams x . j . F' Rita Williams ' N 1 ., A-M THIRD GRADERS HAVE VITALITY Q . I. 4 X , . 6' dd 1 M W ,Q-' r, 'QA 1 'D ' v gi K "fs, A 5 ,fp s .. 'kk,, in A , , A X Y ' W ' an U' ' f . ,H ,, N3 t t 4, 1 r,sr g g .., f 'Q 'Q' ts' N iff' I italy 'SZ' ,,f I in wi, 1--f xii as i A K - 1. J-:gy -5 if 'Q Q... v , 1- safe - ter- ' 1 t1tt Ilsf e1t212- mall? .lm fx wee ,R . .X x B 'QP K' 0' if Y M S Nl , 'R "W ' 'M lk , 5 sir! y Z 3 'A '7'h "" 2 I Ann Alexander Roy Altstatt David Anderson Rosemary Avila Linda Bailey Kathy Bamberger Curtis Burger Bobby Bassett Mike Bassett Timmy Bennett Becky Blaksley Carla Booth Sandra Briscoe Kent Brogden Dusty Butler Cathy Cain Teresa Cook Karen Corley Cris Cyrus Frankie Daniel Sharon Day Paula Dennis Douglas Duncan Steve Eaton Mollie Fitzgerald Beverly Freeman Monica Gifford Bethe Good i Donald Gwaltney Jeff Haines Kyle Henson Russell Henthorn Jeff Hickman Mark Hilburn Laura Hood Betty Howard Bryan Howard Karlene Jackson Karen Johnson James Johnson Connie Jones Ray Lacy Pam Laham Pat Landsberger Ronna Lay Bobby Liebman Nancy Liebman Tinka Lunsford Debbra Manos Darla Martin Phylesa Mason Mike McCalister Larry Mengers Anna McFadden TommyVlMcHargue Nancy irick Russell Mitchell Bryan Moody Kathy Murray J erre l McWhirter Mark Myers Dennis Neal Donny Phares Richard Potts Glenna Pybas Kevin Rice Tony Richardson Tong Ritter Ryu all Schnake ike Leger Bobby Sloan David Smith Janet Sneed Dee Anna Stamm Tony Stevens Lila Stone Karen Streeter Franna Tate Liz Troumaan Teresa Trull RodneyJTurkin Scott hales Debbie Walkner Kevin Warner Leona Watson Sharon Welch Mark Wiedemann Billy Wright David Yates Genny Yount ' A J I -u-L, 4 1 - sua , 2:74 if J are ' - - - - ,t,, L, if f "'i 4 - r ' N J ip if -31 ' 'rv - "A L L ff' x X? :s..L ' X ' I K ' , S, K , gn is " ' V Q "ill L 'L .JZ gt, E L L , . K , 1, ,aa - r 5, ir s,L '1 "':' 1 g . .1 tits if . ,rsr L srrss - L 1 1 is 5 J V L Q53 Z 5 L V LL: A.., Lk JJ,A L Lzhu I ,, J rrrs rss .L - ssrs 1,53 L. 1 L , e' 'iri 155. J J L ' -2" f iii' 1 ' H I ' iiif h 5 ,, sa L4 f 3 L L Q ef if s p sf' Lf F' , 5 L if ' N sf J , fin ' ' . L . 1 as R J ff J ,asia B - I K x i- -4, i- ff' ' 'fs 's" "' Ex! 1 - ' I s z...'.... 1 , I Harris, JJ f Lu: :S.,,mffQ'f'ism- " ' W ' L M L - as rv L 1 'Z L if L R Lf ' sf-Q Lb i"r""' Q 1 'f srst L , 1 :gk 'L 14,24-5 I K j ig jim 'V X " -H. .s":Y-if Y f , I gilmlf, ix 6 i J-0 it 1 K,,r KL " 1 Qi-5' A' 731 :Q A L15 I, L A J s :Iv L, fx ir, H: L y Ld. - ' . 1 fs' is , -- 2 -is 1' ali L N - L ' J' 'vs 1,1 A V.-I A A -L B L ' ' '- PSR K S ' r'LL , - 4 5 - - -A,, 41 L, J . L ' NH ' L an La T L ,L LA. , 3, ,J ,J L - , - is .x -Q . A ' ' '-' Q L 'fx 5 k mea., Vx ,Six .Q CEYL ite, 5 ' K sv V vw-f s W " - ,J ' M-fix K., .J N L. ' s sr" I v M 'Eggs' L ' s 'P' L 's I 'HE 3 ' ' X 13 '- "'i ..r .. L, L rr 'E Q iff ' .A Lx ' J if ,L Aa. LL L L RLL L a ' o f tr wig W fs-t -.f L f'fV 'L , ' Q s f ,L - k,- i .L LLLL, L? ' L, ' ff ' ' .gf L , L L J 1 ,jx H -L y My ff Lf 4 J' RP A.. . -A1'L Z 5 FZ E' Ea Q... M R as .. -...L. L-:us nm- 1 ,.,, -V -QVL F. 'L V- YL, H ff: 75' 'ti A ,X 'fm A tx tsrs Q we K Q.-'xi I in-s I I Mrs s:L1f X J is it K if SECOND GRADE SHOWS SPIRIT as R ,i ss. cf W , . V Jerry Casper Johnny Chaffin Mike Clowdus Donna Cobb Lonnie Craig David Crossley James Cude Robin Daniel Mark Davis Darlene Alford Mike Anderson Genea Arnett Eddie Avila Chuck Bay Jimmy Bolton Ric key Boswell Randall Bowling Bett Bradford Cindry Brewer Patrick Burke Brenda Canada Ginger Carpenter Teddy Carter if New In ii, Shelly Denise Karen Dunbar Rodney Dunbar Loretta Dunn David Durbin Joe Drake Karla Engle Anita Enloe Mike Fields Mike Fink Clydean Freeman Maressa Gable Renee Good Angela Gooch Debora Gorrell Wesley Greening Lynda Hadlock Gariy Joe Haines Au ie Hamman Merry Hanna Sharon Hanna tgia' ' '4.jf-s Mike Harris ,1. I zi Dean I-lenderliter Vg -X Shelly Jones 'ii Y gh ,sis Jamie Johnson , J' f Q 5 Jody J ohns " ,S 7 Laffy Johnston 5 2 to i ,ff Bobby Keen :'A iff, W ' R in ti x. Terry Kell Dennis Kirkes g ' ' A Gail Kolar s1:,h..s Q ' Mark Kolar o n Sharon Kolar is"., ' Deena Loper ,k. , ol ssi M John Manos Hayden Richards Steven Riggs Wendell Roberson Gary Segler .r 1 Annett Sipes Marisa Smith Billy Snodgrass 1" 1 Ronnie Spencer Kayllynne Stedman Shel y Stevens ,s.. i Rody Stevens -3 Brenda Stone wi f Arron Tindell ' - Lou Thissen i, 4 Randy Truim Deborah Tyler iiin- K. Tori Vaughn ,, ,, Kim Weldon J ,- Dale Williams Donna Wolford ywhy Ricky Wullschle ger Jack Medley Carolyn McFatridge Charla Miller Debbie Mills Tammy Morgan Paul McSperritt Susan McWhiter .. Rfk Keith Newton , so v! 6 isa oi,sl 3 - gfiti -x K lm is la' K 1 .rd I , 1, ,, . f Q -1 wzr t - , Anita Paris' Avg - Qs m7 ,lg Jimmy Paris vs- J t gy - Mark Pruitt 1 A g is I 1 B Q ,Ji ff" . i an 1 s,-s ef- 4I FIRST GRADERS JUST BEGIN SCHOOL LIFE . 75' 'J A-:rf wb R 3 n L +1 . 4. 4- L. X L Q s-ii ' Y 'J r 1. J ,JI lf" fx' me f fr' :'v'iHfr'i I ,, , I, ,Jiri TZ sg, ...- 4,1 I , Y I ' hx 5 f-:J Danny Abla Penny Alford Danny Avila Nancy Baer Darnell Bailey Ronnie Baker Freddie Bennett Dale Bogle Debra Booth Gregg Broden Janie Burnett Andy Cain Mar Clark Shelly Clifton Kimberly Cook Kelly Corley Marty Culberson Daen Davidson Rebecca Day Lisa Denison Melissa Denton Toni Dillard Donna Drewry Bill Farris Dayna Franklin Julie Friend Gary Good Bonnie Gorrell Shawn Gaza Cindy Gracy Dennis Greening Melody Greening Stacy Haines Christo her Hall, RichardPHarrelson Della Hilton Mellany Hixon Tim Holiday John Holmes Patty Howard Robert Huffhines Corbet Huffman Scott Johnson Tommy Jones Jackie Kelly Danny Kolar Vickie Kolar Christopher Lanham Wendy Lewis Carl Marlow Gene Marrow Darrell Martin Linda McCalister Shelly McCalister Amy McFadden Terry McHargue Darla Miller James Mirick Deborah Mitchell Kim Mitchell Melody Morwski Karen Moses Wesley Newton Nancy Nyquist Tina Oxford I eff Parsons Scott Paty Cheryl Phipps Sandra Potts Leatha Preston Janet Romey Roslyn Reisman Diane Richardson Mike Roper Brian Root Donna Schnake Shelly See Troy Simms Mike Sipes Cindy Shaw Barbie Smith Debra Smith Paul Smith Keith Streeter Wesley Stover Dawrence Tallant Russell Todd Jerry Wakefield Martha Wells Hal Wiedemann Richard Winders Cindy Winkle Vickey Abla Carol Bailey Kathy Bay Karen Blaney Sharon Blaney Donald Boatman Sheila Bridges Danncy Bright Davi Capps Roberta Carmack Misti Carter Jim Cartwright Karen Coffman Scotty Coleman Jeff Cook Kelley Cooper Gloria Cosper Mark Coughran Johnnye Dallas Darla Darrow James Dew Shelley Dillard Marissa Dobers Larry Fields Don Hadlock Nancy Hanna Reed Hanna Marty Harris I - , Q A "t . 54 .K ,, an 2 p 'ima V 1 i t- at Q nv at 1 S L iih' if N K r .. V 'V I Aipr .. , KE S V . 1 tt p X lyt l p r.. T . S 1 4: ' 4- i V i JL W if ' 4 'QT is 4- ' ' -if ,, .. ,.,. Y , K . Q I 3 1 . S . K fav sJ'-r 1 2. ,, y A rliilit rf ists P fl W A p sap A K A,QW I A "i 'K ., " f--' . yy 1 5 e T , 5 n gm N 5 ., -M K -0 C A X if Q! SW' rig? ' 1 N, , fi . Pls K , r,. nr ' S 1 P' istn K 7.5, gyms' .Mt , , Donna Wolford " ' , K W - if S, Q K Larry Wright tp L' ' A 4 ' as ' Aida Rickey Yerley A K 3 Timothy Yerley ' A N Kr Bruce Yount 4 K' t 1 . : K f ' ,iz "" N I KINDERGARTEN ENROLLMENT RISES S-7-J fix ' q:'.-J. 43"-.D 5 . . . fl gyxj- gif "fi-1 A ., . :mr mr ms ' 2 5 K - A 4 d. pi .M as ,X ' . H X 'jf 'Q .af sw 4 Wx Q' ci fs U ff ' 5...,+s ,L """, 1 , f .- e 1-' 7 ' ylz, , , 1 , Q .- .., :rm I n .r , gg 1 am if , S43 ...T 'r-ii ff K JS? vnnriijr .!':1Kns Alan - J f i t ' ' L I , f W l5yY yyppp p p ttt ' fi " . "wi l Q 1. va f- m. I 'W T' 3 ' be qw ' U X ai' JE Qtr? an J ' KlLkif A V, fr Jr' C "m F X ,, 5 x ,f fvf Roy Hendley Janet Hickman Tammy Hobgood Brenda Howard Collette Howard Rick Huffman Mar1?Jacob Ronald Jung Billie Johnson Danny J ohnson Cheryl Kelley Carla Lacy Brad Lahman Michael Lewis Bruce Lyons Tobi Lunsford Earl Melony Melisa Marrow Allan Marvin Bill McDaniels Karl, Mengers Ronnie Mills Michael Moses David Nelms Terry Nillott Roann Patzack Chris Pemberton Royce Phares Kevin Pruitt Jamie Pybas Tina Ro erson Dale Saviers Lori Schmidt Jeff Scott Toni Schuake Cathy Shaw Dannie Smith Allen Snodgrass Brian Spencer Kathy Stedman Carrie Stevens Joann Stone Terry Wakefield John Walker Mark Ward Danny Williams Gilbert Wilson Deborah Wolford Terry Van Buskirk SPECIAL ED. DEVELOPS VARIED TALENTS ln addition to developing skills in academic areas, . if C ffff ffffff C C students in special education classes are given the oppor- is 1 Q- ,.. tunity to learn physical skills related to encouraging phys- V- - ical dexterity and mental alertness. ve? 0 P Robert Bennett Connie Finch Terry Keen Charles Kelley Mike Kelle Stanley Kefley Janice Lacy Steven Pamell Louis Shupe THE SPIRIT My school has a spirit Freed by a rousing cheer, A clapping of hands, Or a broad smile of victory. My school is spirited, In time of demise, On the athletic field or in the classroom. And there is always a swelling Pride of awe when the Mustang Fight song is sung. I f, " v .L M ' ',Ag'! 49 W, its 'V QW VN, lw fe f , .. gf: gig f',jfQ:g f A .is ' H 5 ,, vs 'm:,...z., ., z-X Q- , , -- 1: . , 3-t ' 'N : ,1 : 7, . 2. r V -'g za 1 "fi ,X 'Q + , ' ,X I ' " I as H ..,, v' .I ey -4 ., A FIRST ROW: B. Dillard, D, Hilton. I. Manasco. J. Benge, D. Tomlinson, G. Horton, J. Kitch, T. Duckett. SEC- OND ROW: V. Hoffman, R. LaFever, S. Cerveny, L. Hogan, D. Muse, C. Welch, R. Myers, C. Grissom, C. Haw- kins, P. Wiedemann. THIRD ROW: J. George, G. Collins, M. Smith, N. Parsons, B. Jung, M. Tomlinson, R. Lay STUDENT CGUNCIL BUILDS RESPONSIBILITY The Mustang Student Council, composed of 34 members and alternates, works to help the administration better the student body. In this manner the sportsmanship committee set up a code of ethics for each Broncho to follow. The council followed up last year's Heart Fund drive and ended the week with 3328. 31. One of the council's main objectives was to promote school spirit through a spirit week. Each student participated to make it a great week. This year the council supervised an assembly conducted by Dr. Cunningham from O. S. U. His topic was "So You Think You're in Love. " The council also saw the need of change of pace from the past, girl ask boy party. They worked out a mixer for the boys to ask the girls. The council ended a happy and successful year. K. Vaughn. The 1967-68 Student Council Officers are: James Student Council altemates are: FIRST ROW: D. Benge - President, Debbie Tomlinson - Secretary, Frazier, C. Warren, P. Armstrong, D. Hamil- Velma Hoffman - Counselor, and Johnnie Manas- ton, P. Wiedemann. SECOND ROW: S. Benda, co - Vice-President. D. Landsberger, B. Elliott, N. Hendrick, J. Bat- terman, G. Bejcek. THIRD ROW: K. Goin, K. 46 Durbin, B. Jung, M. Huddleston, T. Murray. HEART FUND KING AND QUEEN Jonnie Manasco and Steve Franklin At an assembly Thursday, February 15, the coronation of the King and Queen of Hearts was held. Mr. I. W. Bell and Mrs. Lois Blanche from the Oklahoma Heart Association were guests. Carol Grissom, chairman of Social Service Committee dedicated the money collected to the Heart Fund. The King and Queen of Hearts of 1968 were the seniors, Steve Franklin and Jonnie Manasco. The first runners-up were freshmen, Steve Sanders and Nancy Cerveny. The second runners-up were the seventh graders, Bobby Duggins and Diana Gooch. Third runners-up were the eighth graders, Raymond Lay and Rena Sue Hill. Fourth runners-up were the juniors, Toby Haskins and Nancy Hendricks. Fifth runners-ups were the sophomores, Bill Dillard and Patti Kortemeier. As a member of the student body at Mustang, you have the privilege of voting in all student elections. All registered voters in Mustang High School crowded into the polls Wednesday, April 24, to vote in Student Council officers for the year of '68 and '69, Serving as President for the coming year will be Jim Kitch, Bill Dillard as vice-presi- dent, along with Connie Timm as secretary. Ronnie Jay, Mustang's first Student Council Pres- ident, was guest speaker for Student Council Instal- lation assembly held in the new gym on May 1. Ronnie is a graduate of Mustang High School of the year 1966. STUDENT CDUNCII. IS ACTIVE WITH HEART FUND AND ELECTION lr Jim Kitch, a Junior, wins election Campaign speeches for Student Council Officers were held in the new gym- for Student Council President for the school year '68 and '69. Courtesy of DEE'S TIRE STORE 4th Sc Main Yukon, Okla. Courtesy of THE MUSTANG MIRROR 450 W. Main Yukon, Okla. 47 HONOR SOCIETY ENCOURAGES ACADEMIC RATING FRONT ROW: N. Hendrick, K. Presgrove, L. Hicks, K. Smith, S. Williford, K. Goin, L. Casey, C. Timm BACK ROW: B. Carmack, B. Turner, D. Cooley, J. McFatridge, G. K. Chaffin, P. Kortemeier. Mustang High School chapter of the National Honor Society was organized for the first time this year under the sponsorship of Billy Carmack, social studies teacher. The society has a total membership of ten. Within the coming school years this organization will become a great influence on the student body. Until now, the Superintendent's Honor Roll has been the highest acclamation that students who achieve academically could have. The National Honor Society will give these students a place in which to work and will encourage others to have the desire to do well in this area. Students who are on the Superintendent's Honor Roll from Mustang Junior and Senior High School for the year 1968 are: David Franks, Terry Good, Cathy Foreman, Linda Casey, Kevin Goin and Doneeta Hilton. Students who were on the Superintendent's Honor Roll for the year from the Mustang Elementary and Mustang Valley Schools made straight "A's' for all four nine weeks' report periods. FIRST ROW Mrs Breashers S Cerveny S Br1ght,I. Batterman, K. George L. Hogan, P. Kortemier, J. OWCHS. D Muse D Tomlinson I Elliot K Smith Mrs. Tomlinson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Muse, P. Smith, S. Dunbar, C Hinshaw P Cribbs D Holiday R Keen D. Garrett, D. Williams, B. Elliott, L. Mercer, S. Williford, J. Man- asco D Hilton Mrs I Smith THIRD ROW S. Capps, C. Grissom, J. Breshears, N. Hendricks, L. Dahl, G, Bej- cek K Frazier L Smith I Becker J Jones B. Jung, D. Dunn, B. Griffin, D. Dunn, P. Dunne. FOURTH ROW: K Bailey T Briscoe N Gaymon D Berkley, D. Merrell, K. Nyquist, R. Henthom, Langley, S. Terrell, L. Powers J Bailey L Bassett R LaFever, K Presgrove, C. Welch, S. Parker. FIFTH ROW: D. Justus, J. Hixson, S Williams C Courtney C Jones R Horton, B. MacDowell, L. Gunn, B. Mantqoth, J. Fitzgerald, D. Lay, L, FHA OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED .J t 6 . ',, K, I ,af av- FHA Officers are: FIRST ROW: I. Elliott, P. Kortemiere, L. Ho- gan, K. George, S. Cerveny. SECOND ROW: J. Owens, D. Tom- linson, J. Batterman, D. Muse. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Tomlinson, Mrs. Smith, S. Bright. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Breshear, Mrs. Muse, and K. Smith. 49 Wm RONNIE LaFEVER, Head TERRI BRISCOE and CARLA WELCH, Alternates KAREN SMITH, Senior i 'E .Ja 1 , . 50 PAM SMITH, Co-head CHEERLEADERS INVOKE SPIRIT The football and basketball games will always be re- membered as events full of excitement and crowd enthus- iasm. But who created that excitement and enthusiasm which seemed not quite as prevalent in the other sports contests? The cheerleaders created it! DEAN WILLIAMS , Senior FRONT ROW: T. Briscoe, C. Welch, D. Williams, R. LaFever, P. Smith, K. Smith. SECOND ROW: E, Wells, sponsor, C. Timm, J. Bailey, I. Owens, B. Elliott, K. George, C. Hinshaw, L. Hogan. J. Elliott, B, Tumer, spon- sor. THIRD ROW: P. Dunn, S. Cerveny, S. Williford, J. Manasco, D. Tomlinson, D, Hilton, C. Owens, and L. Powers. A PEP CLUB'S PRAYER Let us pray that strength and courage abundant be given to all who work for a world of sportsmanship and under- standing. That the good that lies in every pep club member's heart may day by day be magnified to those who listen and watch. That players and spectators will come to see more clearly not that which divides them, but that which unites them. That each game may bring us closer to a final victory, not of school over school or team over team, but of person over his own evils and weaknesses. That the true spirit of the competitive competition, its joy, its hope and above all its true school loyalty may live among us. That the blessings of true competition be ours - the peace to build and grow, to participate and live in harmony with others will help us to plan for our future with confidence and understanding knowing that it was "how we played and cheered" that really counted above. Cheerleaders rally around the Mustang Bronchos. They are Terri Briscoe, Carla Welch, Dean Williams, Ronnie La- Fever, Pam Smith, and Karen Smith. X 5I . I ft l' ,- if - I' . KW - A E, ' 1. 1. X. Nr .sf i W I f t ff RX W Q ' as I AlAL 1 - .4..,. A l- FIRST ROW: J. Hixon, N. Cerveny, R, Novak, C. Courtney, C. Jones. SECOND ROW: J. Stegall, C. Warren, C. Brewer, B. Young, T. Lunsford, J., Johnson, B. Jung, P. Dunbar, B. Mantooth, L. Gunn, R.,Horton, J. Smith., spon- sor. THIRD ROW: N. Parsons, P. Armstrong, R, Trull, C. Foreman, J. Krivanek, D, Simmons, K. Goin, J. Cosper D. Williamson, P. Clifton, D. Lay, L. Sipes, J. Loper. FOURTH ROW: V. Urban, S, Parker,,S. Williamson, V. Jones, A. Akin, C. Johnson, S. Brown, J. Pewitt, S. Shaw, S. McDowell, J. Fitzgerald, K. Brisco, FIFTH ROW: R, Hill, D. Dunn, B. Griffin, D. Dunn, B. Justus, V. Merrick, K. Durbin, B. Harris, L. Haley, R. Smith, W, Lands berger, J. Brisco, S. Ward, L. York. THE ECHOES OF SPIRIT Oh, when those Mustang Bronchos fall in line, we're going to win this game another time: for the dear old team we're going to toss that ball and make a scoreg We're going to roll our opponent on the floor, out the door, M, H. S, Junior High Cheerleaders are Carol Jones, Charlene Courtney, Renae Novak, Jeanette Hixon, and Nancy Cerveny, 52 we love so wellg for the dear old team we'll yell and yell and yell, We're going to fight, fight, fight for ever moreg -iffiffl .,,,L. , 3 FRONT ROW: J. Henderson, L. Casey, J. Manasco, L. Hogan, C. Hawkins, I. Benge. SECOND ROW: E. Rogers, S. Franks, Instructor, C. Vernon, P. Dunn, J. Foreman, K. Haskin. THIRD ROW: K. Goin, F. Cumby, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: G. Horton, L. Smith, D. Simmons, G. Bejcek, and T. Wells. 1 I I NEW CLUBS ADDED THIS YEAR Everyone recognizes that Spanish requires a lot of skill and knowledge in foreign language. Follow- ing t is idea, the Spanish Club with its 21 members strives to create interest in languages by introducing the members to materials and activities not available in the class room. The club consists of students who have had, or are in, Spanish I. They presented the play Asi Es La Vida! fSuch Is Life lj to the student body. Among their guest speak- ers were Dr. iliana Enri'- guey from the Dominican Republic. Frank Cumby and Sallie Franks sponsor the club, while I. Benge - Pres. , J. Manasco - Vice Pres. , J. Finch - Sec. , L. Casey - Reporter, J. Hen- derson - Sergeant -at -A rms , Student Council Represent- ative - C. Hawkins, G. Bejcek - Altemate. FRONT ROW: C. Frazier, I. Myers, K. Smith, S. Beflda. G' Bejcek. I. Benge. R. Foreman, J. Kitch, K. Goin, D. Muse. SECOND ROW: J. McFatridge, B. Dillard C. Grizzle. The Science and Math Club helps bring the 12 charter mem- bers together with common in- terest in math and science. It also makes them aware of the many professional opportunities in these areas. They are still in the stage of being organized and have not yet held regular meetings. Moore 's Science Club visited the Mustang ,Club during the year to give an insight on the purposes of the organization and officers. The sponsors are Carl Grizzle and John McFat- ridge. The officers are as fol- lows: Pres. - Jim Kitch, V. Pres. - Grant Bejcek, Sec. - Treas. - Karen Smith, Reporter - Cathy Frazier. 53 FRONT ROW: C. Stover, instructor, D. Morrell, J. Elliott, J. Bailey, P. Kortemeier, L.'Powers, D. Muse D. Hilton, C. Timm, S. Cerveny, L. Mercer, R. LaFever. SECOND ROW: D. Holiday, C. Welch, R Myers, K. Goin, R. Foreman, G. Horton, R. Keen, C. Vernon, B. Elliott, D. Williams, C. Hinshaw R Keen. THIRD ROW: D. Berkley, C. Nyquist, J. Hayes, K. Presgrove, L. Bassett, T. Briscoe, S. Dunbar C. Owens, L. Hogan, N. Gaymon, D. Garrett, J, Jones, K. Smith. FOURTH ROW: D. Woods, B. Dillard F. Hussfeldt, A. Akin, J. Kitch, J. Benge, D. Simmons, M. Huddelston, B. Bassett, T. Wells, S. Gooch G. Melugin, S. Benda, J. Henderson, A. Boatman, and J. Garner. HAPPY VOICES B.LENDING FREELY This past year, Mustang's Choral Winds, was active with contests, assemblies, special programs, and festivals. Underthe supervision of Mrs. Carolyn Stover, the members of the Choral' Winds have brought home many honors. After receiving I at district contest, held at Southwestern State College, the Choral Winds attended state contest on April 18 at Stillwater. The rating at Stillwater was superior. The Choral Winds performed at the annual Christmas concert, open house, and gave two Christ- mas performances at FAA. The music department also helped to produce the first suc- cessful musical comedy, "Plenty of Money", along with the stage band and speech department. These were the main highlights of the year. 54 Music Officers are: Beverly Elliot - Vice-President, Danny Simmons - President, Jimmy Kitch - Reporter, Karen Smith. Courtesy of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Yukon, Okla. JUNIOR HIGH WINS HONORS Mustang Junior High Chorus with its 51 members under the direction of Carolyn Stover has completed another successful year. This year the chorus has performed often and received phenomenal acclaim. ln this year's musical competition at district, they were awarded a one in mixed chorus, the highest possible score for the most difficult type of music. Under the direction of Mrs. Stover, individual soloists have attained countless honors. Among the many things they have par- ticipated in were the festival in Yukon and singing at Shepard Mall during Christmas. Many students planning to continue their musical careers have hopefully learned something from their experiences with the chorus, and the chorus has truly benefitted from their The Junior High Chorus loads bus for journey to Shepard Mall. efforts . J""" FRONT ROW: B. Smith, J. Dillard, G. Morgan, J. Sneed, B. Smith, AI Q' J. Hawkins, E. Frazier, M. Griggs, D. Manos, D. Bogle, M. Davis, W. Butler, J. Hett, B. Johnson, D. Martin, R. Hall. SECOND ROW: C. Stover, P. Armstrong, E. Yount, D. Smith, L. Daniel, K. Hayes, C. Parsons, C. Booth, D. Gooch, L. Nowlin, L. York, J. Briscoe, B. Harris, L. Haley, W. Landsberger, R. Smith, R. Wakefield. THIRD ROW: J. Owens, S. Henderson, P. Talbott, B. McDowell, C. Foreman, V. Jones, K. Durbin, B. Justus, S. Mc- Dowell, S. Sanders, R. Cribbs, P. Estes, R. Parnell, B. Hager, L. Blaney, P. Barley, J. Krivanek. FOURTH ROW: R. Burroughs, L. Shaw, K. Keenan, C. Stamm, B. Owens, C. Johnson, A. Akin, S. Holmes, D. Wil liamson, V. Merrick, K. Avila, R. Lay, S. Justus, S. Brown, J. Cosper, J. Pewitt, N. Smith, A. Barber. FIFTH ROW: O. Brown, R. Trull, V. Urban, N. Cerveny, P. Dunbar, B. Jung, B. Mantooth, R. Horton, C. JQHCS, C- COUIUICY. S. Ward, C. Bailey, K. Briscoe, L. Sipes, D. Hacker, N. Bailey. SIXTH ROW: G. Yates, T. Lewis, G. Collins, A. Jackson, L. Riley, D. Darrow, -E. Hilton, C. Fitzgerald, A. Parnell, R. Wells, J. Ellifrett, R. Vaughn, S. McDowell, J. George, R. Gunn. Courtesy of Courtesy of MUSTANG BEAUTY SALON BRISCOES L. P. GAS SERVICE Mustang , Okla. Mustang, Okla. X Me mb ers ROW: J. Dunn, D. Dunn, R. J. Garner, Band officers are Karen Smith, President, Bob McDowell, Vice-President, Connie Timm, Secretary, Danny Sim- are, FRONT ROW: K. Goin, J. Fitzgerald, L. Hicks, E. Massey, D. Dunn, K. Smith. SEC Benge, B. McDowell, S. Enter, S. Parker, P, Dunn, G. Robertson, S. Bradford, M. Benge, D. Robinson, L. Dunbar, F. Hussfeldt. THIRD ROW: R. King, B. Griffin, J. Hixon, R. Myers, D Conn, V. VanBuskirk, S. Williamson, T. Wells, C. Timm, B. Bassett, D. Simmons, L. B. Mengers, G. Morgan, G. Melugin, A. Akin, S. Benda. FOURTH ROW: W. Krivanek, S. N l Stage band members are, FRONT ROW: K. Goin, R. Jackson, R. Foreman, R. King, D. Dunn, J. Benge, D. Robinson, L. Dunbar, F. Hussfeldt. mons, Reporter, and Tommy Duckett, Student Council Representative. I rrrr SENIOR BAND ENHANCES PARADE Drum Major, Rex King, calls the band to attention at the Czech Festival in Yukon. ranks, R. Foreman, K. Hilburn, B. Yount, F. Duckett, K. Haskin, J. Stover, instruc- .or, P. Nold, J. Foreman, and C. Nall. Under the direction of Jerry Stover, the Mustang High School Band has become an outstanding feature in Mustang High. This year the forty-eight piece band made a II in concert and a I in sightreading at District contest in Weatherford. Steve Benda made a I on his solo in District contest at Weatherford and went on to State. Among the many activities the band participated in was the Czech Festival Parade at Yukon, and the Oscar Rose Parade at Midwest City. They also played during halftime at the basketball games and have added much spirit to Mustang High school. EFCOND Row: C. Nan, T. Wells, C. Timm, I. Bassett, D. Simmons, G. Morgan, G, Melu- gin, A. Akin, S. Benda, and J. Stover. Courtesy gf Courtesy of Mg.M BMT SHOP LARRY's BARBER SHOP Mustang, Okla. Mustang. Okla- JR. HIGH BAND, FRONT ROW: C. Ernee, C. warren, P. Clifton, C. Hixson, C. Brewer. SECOND ROW: R,wITru1l,- C. Foreman, K. Briscoe, T. Good, N. Parson, J. Johnson, J. Masasco, L. Enloe, R. Novak, R. Hill, K. Goin, T. Griffin. THIRD ROW: J. Krivanek, V. Urban, D. Simmons, L. Mengers, D. Raper, B. Bolton, K. Nold, M. Dunn, D. Nall, J. Keen, T. Myers, A. Henson, D. Johnson, D. Benda, D. Franks, M. Tomlinson, M. Reimers, P. Van Deventer, D. Bejcek, K. Brewer, R. Huffman. FOURTH ROW: B. Young, M. Moody, B. Watson, J. Manasco, T. Lundsford, E. Enter, T. Murray, D. Conn, J. Loper, D. Krivanek, L. Watson, R. Wakefield, F. Langley. I. Harlen, D. Reeves, J. Stephens, G. Holleyman, D. Claybome. FIFTH ROW: J. Stover, R. Foreman, R, King, R. Henthorne, R, Smith, R. Holaday, D. Fatheree, J. Dillard, D. Hamilton, B. Duggins, D. Davidson. This year the junior high and elementary bands have completed a successful year. Under the direction of Mr. Stover, the bands seek to pro- vide a cultural and aesthetic experience for the students. These dedicated musicians have proved that music is a fine art and gives purpose and value to life, but perhaps most important of all is the fact that it reveals man to himself. DEDICATED MUSICIANS KINDI.E SPIRIT M LL ELEMENTARY BAND, FRONT ROW: C. Wells, J. Conn, J. Carpenter, S. Wake- field. SECOND ROW: K. Hanna, D. Tate, B. Baer, R. Spitler, D. Drury, D. Mor rison, S. Williamson, M. Duggins, L. Hamilton, R. Johnson, M. Buchanan, B. Dunbar. THIRD ROW: C. Phipps, C. Jones, R. Miller, D. Martin, T. Good, J. Hicks, R. Smith, I. Olson, R. Dunbar, G. Cook, R. Vaughn, T. Johnson, B, Cur- rent, R. Iackson, R, Wilson, D. White, D. Burkley, P. King, R. Scott, P. Alex- ander. FOURTH ROW: D. Hogan, R. Dunbar, K. Anderson. 58 Courtesy of S TEWA RT'S DAIRYLAND Mustang, Oklahoma FRONT ROW: L, Powers, L. Bassett, J. Bailey, R. Jones, S. Nelms. SECOND ROW: F. Hussfeldt, R Gunn, R. Wakefield, J. Stevens, L. Watson. THIRD ROW: D. Simmons, J. Loper, P. Clifton, R. Powers. ,FOURTH ROW P. Estes, R. Burroughs, R. LaFever, E. Massey, T. Murray, T. Lewis, L. Hogan, J. Kitch, and B. Bassett. 4-H PROMOTES FUTURE CITIZENS Last year's officers were L. Hogan - president, J, Kitch - vice-president, F. Hussfeldt - secretary, E. Massey reporter with Mrs. Polask as sponsor. The 4-H pledge is - I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands fo better service, and my health to my club, community, country, and world. Their motto' is - to make the best better. FRONT ROW: T. Davis, S. Richardson, T. Davis, R. Gooch, R. Simpson, E. Lewis, D. Pewitt, M. Landsberger. SECOND ROW: I. Baker, S. Gooch, R, Baker, M. Merrick, K. Lahman, T. Avila, S. Hinshaw, E. Fields. THIRD ROW: P. Altstatt, V. Brewer, K. Sullivan, J. Bowling, T. Johnson, L. O'Dell, D. Mantooth, D. Hin- shaw, L. Cribbs, R. Langley. FOURTH ROW: C. Daniel, K. Farris, L. Griggs, D. Capps, S. Stephens, S. Ham- brook, C. Orahood, R. Neal, M. Gracy, K. Landrith, and R, Denison. Q iw if .wi S .2 abut. fl- -f "Broncho Corral," the voice of Mustang High has expressed the accomplishments, the goals, the ideas, and the good times of the students Printing a weekly newspaper is the goal of D. Williams - Editor, G. Clark - Co-Editor, L. Mercer - News Editor, J. Kitch - Sports Editor, S. Booth - Exchange Editor, N. Hendricks - Club and Social Editor, G. Clark and D. Williams - Cartoonists J. Kitch, M. Richardson, J. Henderson - Photographers, L, DeTar, J. Barber, L. Dahl, M, Richardson, J. Breshears, J. Henderson, C. Hawkins, and M. Clark - Editorial Writers and Reporters. PUBLICATION CLASSES INFORM PUBLIC W ,af xx 4 Striving to meet a deadline are S. Cerveny, P, Smith, P. Dunn, S. Williford and J . Owens. 60 Jack Henderson and Mike Rich- Editors - - Business Manager Class Editors - - Crop Editors - - Sports Editors - - Activities Editors ardson develop pictures for the annual and newspaper. . - - J. Owens, I. Henderson - - - S. Cerveny - - - - P. Smith, S. Williford - - - P. Dunn, S. Cerveny - - - - J. Kitch, M. Richardson S. Williford, K. George Organizations Editors - - P, Smith, J. Jones Sponsor ---------- E. Wells X 5:51 1 I A If It at , wi wa. 'P ik I Q ' fr- . gf- " 'xr ,. ! I f , . . S X W, . I W,,. ,,, ,x..L, , '.., -4 'Wm 'Wssff Sqqff R4 M x x x F S is I ' ACTIVITIES IEANIE BATTERMAN JUDY BAILEY and and MARION GAYMQN PAUL WIEDEMANN SENIORS TAKE TITLE The Basketball King and Queen were crowned January 30 during the homecoming game with Tuttle. Prior to the game, Karen Smith, senior, Jeanie Batterman, junior, and Judy Bailey, soph- omore, were selected as candidates by the boys' basketball team. Theme of the 1968 homecoming was "Stair- way to the Stars. " During halftime of the boys' game the pep club and basketball team mem- bers formed a star through which the candidates and their escorts were preceded by flower girl, Ro Ann Patzack and crown bearer, Michael Moses. Announcement of the winner was made by Mr. Cumby. Following the crowning cere- mony, the song, "She's Like an Angel, " sung by Danny Simmons, was dedicated to the queen. The queen was then escorted to her throne by king Monte Huddleston. Karen Smith, sen- ior candidate, had been chosen to reign as Bas- ketball Queen of1968 at M.H.S. Q ,x w .1 I SENIORS TAKE ROYALTY As an annual event, the selection of yearbook royalty has played an important part of student life. Yearbook sales ended with the announce- ment of King and Queen from high school, Prince and Princess from junior high, and Lords and Ladies from Mustang and Mustang Valley Elemen- taries. . Students were allowed one vote for each year- book purchased. Votes were counted by Sharon Cerveny'and Peggy Dunn, business managers who planned the yearbook sales. Janice Owens and Mark Black were elected King and Queen, Renae Novak and Kenneth Brew- er as Prince and Princess, Kim Hanna and David Coffman as Lord and Lady from Mustang Elemen- tary, and Lafonda Smith and Ralph Hixon Lord and Lady at Mustang Valley. Kim Hanna and David Coffman LORD AND LADY Elementary ' Qu' Renae Novak and Kenneth Brewer PRINCE AND PR.lNCESS Junior High Lafonda Smith and Ralph Hixon LORD AND LADY Mustang Valley 'Q E i "Is this man allowed to make such state- E ments?" said Mr. Whit- 3 field, James Benge, while Larry Regan, - Don Wood, is ques- :l tioned by Mr. Flint. 3 1 Mrs. John Hutchins, Garn Bejcek, is being interro- j DEFENDANT FOUN Mustang was the scene of an intense court- room drama, on April 25, in the old gym when Karen Andre went on trial for the murder of Bjorn Faulkner, "On the Night of January 16th. " The death of Bjorn Faulkner was found to be murder, but not at the hand of Karen Andre. The District Attorney, Flint, attempted to bring them to a rapid decision. With his case, which was handled very well, he called many witnesses to prove that Karen Andre did push Bjorn Faulk- ner frorn the roof of the Faulkner building. Defense Attorney, Stevensjused his defend- ant on the stand, as she stated that she would Mr. Flint, Steve Franklin, questions Dr. Kirkland, Dar- kill for Bjorn Fauuqnefs Sake, rel Bennett, about the body of Bjorn Faulkner. Elmer Sweeney, Richard Jackson, is questioned by Mr. Flint, Steve Franklin, as the jury looks on. Steve Loper, court clerk, swears in twelve jury members. Courtesy of YUKON I. G. A. 66 Yukon, Okla. l , not to testify. "One of us is lying and we both know which one" says Karen Andre, Janice Owens, to Nancy Faulkner, Carol Hinshaw, as the scene ended in Act I. ,ted by Mr. Flint, Steve ianklin. , , , , , The District Attorney which involved Mr. Flint and his NNOCENT IN PLAY iiciifffik 21155flZ3f15eItZ?feJ3TtZffi2?TLiiifilrilg ' She said that he married Nancy Faulkner for "On the Night of January mth' H a price which was the money to keep his empire from collapsing. This powerful drama by Ayn Rand thrilled the students and citizens of Mustang. The characters were as follows: Judge Heath - Monte Huddleston, District Attorney - Danny Simmons, his secretary - Carla Welch, Karen Andre - Janice Owens, Nancy Faulkner, Carol Hinshaw, John Whitfield - James Benge, Larry Reagan - Don Woods, Dr. Kirkland - Darrell Bennett, Mrs. Hutchins - Garnett Bejcek, Homer Van Fleet - Marvin Hambrook, Elmer Sweeny - Richard Jackson, Jane Chandler - Karen Smith and Debbie Tomlinson, Magna Svenson - Peggy Dunn and Sharon Cerveny, Inger Junquist - Lynda Hogan, Roberta Van Rensselher - Judy Bailey, Court Clerk. Steve LOPCI, Bailiff. Mike 101165. The bailiff, Mike Jones, holds back Larry Reagan, Don PHSOH UUUOH, Shirley Williffifd- The Play WaS Woods, as he tries to convince Karen Andre, Janice CilI6CIICd Flank Cumby, Mustang SPCCCII Qwgng, that her 5301-j-fice is useless. Teacher. Larry Reagan, Don Woods, interrupts court session to tell Karen Andre, Janice Owens, Courtesy of Courtesy of MIDWAY BARBER SHOP YUKON CAFE Yukon, Okla. Yukon, Okla. Frank Cumby, head of the speech department at Mustang High School, with the help of 51 students directed the musical, "Plenty of Money". , In cooperation with the music department, Jerry Stover, stage band director and Carolyn Stov- er, vocal music director, acted as co-producers, Page 50 turned out to be the best rehearsed as "Sallyl', Dean Wil- liams, and "Arnold", Danny Sim- mons, embraced each other warm- '--qv' MUSICAL 'BRING .L 68 I Grandma and her friends can't stand why charity could be so wrong the boys 'from the snydicate check o 1 Monte Huddleston and Tim Wells, the FBI agents, investigate for counter- feiting. "Horace", Jim Kitch, checks Grandma's, Jeanie Jqnes, printing job as Bill Dillard and Russell Myers look on. Courtesy of YUKON NATIONAL BANK Yukon, Okla. X OWN THE HOUSE' "Plenty of Money" was presented by the Choral Winds, speech, and stage band of Mustang High School on Thursday, February 8, at 1:30 and 7:30 with a performance Friday, February 9, at 1:30 and the, final performance was given Saturday, February 10, at 7:30. The main characters were Grandma Maude played by Jeanie Jones, Arnold played by Danny Simmons, Sally played by Dean Wil liams, the gangsters by Jim Kitch, Steve Franklin, Russell Myers, and Bill Dillard, Mr. Winthrop played by Kevin Goin. Other char- acters were the secretaries, old people, the FBI agents, the guests for the testimonial dinner, waitresses, bank clerks, and singing de- positors. Jerry Stover, stage band director, Carolyn Stover, vocal music director, and Frank Cumby, speech -- 1 1 1 .nv . r11,,,,, nv ie plates, Arnold insists on taking lem . The "sexytaries" sing "Busy Busy" as Arnold looks 5 "You shouldn't oughta yell at him that way, he's On- got feelings just like Spike, Bill Dillard. any other animal," says Courtesy of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Mustang, Okla. STUDENTS GO T0 DISTRICTS Expression is shown by Patti Cribbs as she gives her Original Oratory. "The Cop and the Anthem" pre- sented by Pam Smith was a de- lightful humorous reading written by O. Henry. Among the students to reach semi- finals at Northwest Classen High School and Central State in Edmond, were Patti Cribbs, Steve Franklin, and Dean Williams. Other students who entered the contest were Peggy Dunn, Lynda Hogan, Pam Smith, Debbie Tomlin- son, Janice Owens, and Rex King. Ter-' ry Enloe, Danny Simmons, Steve Franklin, and James Benge went as de- bators. 1 T T 1 u - U al in men's extemporaneous speak- ing. "The Murder of Lidice, " a dra- matic war poem, is given by Lynda Hogan. Dean Williams gets into her part wholeheartedly in "The Tell Tale Heart". Carol Hinshaw gives her tragic poem "The Suicide." ara X Courtesty of Courtesy of LT.LLlAN'S BEAUTY SALON PRITNER'S FLOWERS 70 MUSY-wg, Okla. 715 Elm Yukon, Okla. SADIE HAWKINS HELD AT DOGPATCH Steve Gooch catches Danny Sim- mons in Sadie Hawkins race. Mrs. Cooley is dressed for Sadie Hawkins Day in her mini gunny sack dress. Lil Abner and Daisy Mae get the race started. The tug has begun! Martin' Sam, Mr. Holleyman, and Mammy Yokum, Mrs. Hoff- man, pose for picture. Thursday, April 19th, the Mus- tang Bronchos changed into Mus- tang "Dogpatchers" for Sadie Hawkins day. They decorated the main hall walls with appropriate his and her footprints, cute sayings, and a sweetheart tree, which many girls signed their names on plus their hopeful "catches" on. Marriage licenses and tickets to the party that night were sold. The licenses were ten cents and twenty-five centsg tickets fifty cents per couple. The party started at 7:30 and ended at 9:30. The day began as the students and teachers arrived at school in their 'Dogpatch best'. Marryin' Sam, Mr. Holleyman, came at noon to conduct the race and wed- dings. Brides had to buy their marriage licenses, tickets to the party, furnish pen and paper when needed, answer their "catches" questions in class, carry his books, and get his shoes for him when he wanted them. The faculty, with student council members, worked hard ins Day the most enjoyable pre- sented at Mustang. Jim Kitch, "Lil Abner", and Lynda Hogan, "Daisy Mae", were in charge of the noon ac- tivities. Al.l in All, the " Mus- tang Dogpatchers had a marvel- ous day." Ya'l1 better run! "Wahl D0H't 80 Yet' H Courtesy of RUSSELL'S TV SERVICE 405 N. Mustang Rd. Mustang, Okla. 7I to make this year's Sadie Hawk- -sxx .xx by Mark Black, the wandering troubadour, described the wonders of Venice. I - l q Sue Bright, Master of Ceremonies, wel- comed the juniors and seniors to the city of Venice. Stardusters play at banquet. Dancing seems to be a favorite of Judy Becker and Mike Jones. 4 72 The Juniors sing "Volare" and "More" accompanied by Ricky JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET SUCCESSFUL As jtuiiors and seniors from Mustang arrived at the Okla- homa Home Builders' Association building at 625 Northwest Expressway Saturday night for their junior-senior banquet and prom, the girls admired each others dresses and hairdos, and the guys and gals chatted until time to eat. After the meal Sue Bright, Master of Ceremonies, intro- duced a junior vocal octet composed of Kevin Goin, Jeanie Jones, Tim Wells, Carol Grissom, Sue Bright, Fred Hussfeldt, and Jeanie Batterman, who sang two songs. They were accompanied by Kenny Haskin on the drums, Ricky Fore- man on the bass, and Carolyn Stover on the piano. The theme of the evening was "Ro- mance in Venice". Speeches were 1, given by Sue Bright, Gary Horton, h Mark Black, Carol Grissom, Donnie Robinson, and Jim Kitch. After the music and the speeches, the prom began. The Stardusters band was hired to play for it. During the break of the prom, punch and cookies were served to the fatigued and thirsty dancers. The main decorations for the evening consisted of a 15 foot mural painted by A Danny Godwin, Adrian Purvis, and Butch Bassett. Everyone was excited about the ban quet and enjoyed it. The juniors are now looking forward to next year's ban quet and prom. ' Those present were Mustang School Board members and their wives, the faculty and their spouses, and the jun- ior and senior class parents. Courtesy of T. J. HANKER AGENCY Wheatland, Okla. s. Carolyn Stover, Kenny Haskins, and Everyone enjoyed the food catered by G1en's. Steve said, "Jill, someone took your shoes." Ricky Foreman and Grownups seem to enjoy the slow !Kathy Frazier swung dances as well as the students en- with the beat of the joy the fast dances. Stardusters. Nr-- Courtesy of WILSON'S GROCERY Wheatland, Okla. Debbie Tomlinson showed a pleasing smile as she dances with her father. 'X The seniors listened to Mr. Hart who presented the speech at baccalaureate. ,le BACCALAUREATE srnvlcrs HELD Baccalaureate for Mustang High School seniors came on Sunday, May l9. The processional was N given under the direction of Mr. Jerry Stover. Fol- ' ' lowing the invocation by Reverend Charles D. 3 panied by Mrs. Sallie Franks. 3 The address given by Reverend Keith Hart was Aly followed by the high school band. The benediction was given by Reverend Robert Parr, and the recessional was played by the high school band. Mr. Holleyman speaks to the senior class. Standing for the invocation, seniors bowed their heads in reverence. f-.WW V,- Saviers, the Choral Winds sang "Climb Every Moun tain", directed by Mrs. Carolyn Stover and accom- AWARDS HIGHLIGHT SENIOR NIGHT tr I Q, Y at H i Q " , - , , t I if -ini 1 yd it If ,Q -.5 Billy Carmack, National Honor Society sponsor, hands awards to members. ,ji - Shirley Williford accepts trophy qt 3 I.. .- n Donneta Hilton received award from Joyce Smith. State Honor Society awards are passed to students in upper ten per cent. Parents were delighted by the flower ceremony. SENIORS TAKE PART IN GRADUATION EXERCISES Karen Smith leads the seniors on their final march. Donetta Hilton gave the invocation A W' . W .ff x -ff:, -ff ,.. -5 2 ' fry K w ta y h y tl 1 y p I an ll 1" in x Commencement night brought scholarships to Carol Hinshaw, Doneeta Hilton, Beverly Elliott, Shirley Willi ford and Karen Smith. Karen Smith gave the valedictory speech. i 4 'lx , 'X -'fi Jack Henderson received the long awaited diploma. Awards were presented by G. K. Chaffin. 311 ' y X mf 3 fl A I 6, 5, s x Ai: t yu, Waiting line seems too long for the seniors. Families all crowd in to take pictures of the seniors receiving diplomas. Mi Sharon Cerveny shakes hands with Mr. Holleyman and the tassel of Paul Weidemann is moved from left to right by Mrs. Cooley AWARDS GIVEN STUDENTS S s i Q I , . 3? A,,.,,. ix.. ' s , f Ki' , ,p Q. X Karen Smith, Mustang senior, accepts the award for outstanding student. Ju :Ai Doris Frazier is selected as outstanding junior high student. Tommy Duckett is outstanding student in Mustang Junior High. Valedictorian, Karen Smith is presented with the 'I Dare You' award by G. K. Chaffin. Jim Kitch, Mustang High junior, is presented with the award for outstanding student. i 79 The graduating class look forward to high school days. FRESHMAN SCHOLARSHIP EXCELS The valedrcrorian, Linda Casey, gave her speech. ,,. . M, gre The devotional was given by Tom Ducketr M -, Q - L- ili K 92 LLs s"' L L L L 'Y L L L A A , L. L A ia - ' 7 V il Wm. L--. 'f-'1 L, I ,Lk.. K gffz. ,L I nil! - 4- A 3 ff ' E": 4 1 ' .en L l5 Q ' Q -A He: . i?f k .. f 1 L ' ' , s .5 , Q1.f M 'iff br' 1 1 z 1 ' ' I Y L A N-iii Lf 2' 7' 5 Q ,-.n.,, . .L - - .- 4 ,gpg 'P+ LL i s X, i l my 5 WW it 5 , L L I L E - r L LL f ' , ' gg, gtxyig 5 L LL pi LLL "-W f M14 'giy I it B , IJ, 5 ' 2' L 33 ...L 'Ui' A 15 LL' KL , ' L AL ,LL, 'L VYXK ,L K ILLKL T j , L , J ' WA A L ::.. ,A.L ii, f if ' L 5 ' LLL L L k ' L L L lL LL X ,I sPoR1s ml L my DD law FOOTBALL SEASON 1967: SECOND TO DESIRE '53 'ns 'NS' End, Danny Godwin, stops a long run by this explosive Bethany halfback. High school football got its beginning on Aug- ust 15, 1967 when 35 brave rested boys reported for Mustang's first high school football practice session. The result: 35 tired men. EXPERIENCE RAN +925 ' Hear footsteps, Jimmy? 82 Quarterback, James Garner, hands off to Broncho fullback, Toby Haskin in a power drive Bejcek kicks off for Bethahy game early in the season v' h r 'f' r f ff , , s g wwf r ., vb-"W """1""'1'1- + I N sam' N xr Bronchos reverse play for long gamer against Bethany HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM: R. Myers, V. Van Buskirk, R. Wells, C. Hawkins, J. Garner, S. Crossley, J. Smith, J. Warren. SECOND ROW: C. Hilburn, D. Shupe, T. Wells, S. Benda, R. Davison, G. Bejcek, B. Mc- Dowell, D. Landsberger, C. Horton. BACK ROW: Coach B. Smith, B. Dillard, D. Godwin, R. Black, B. Bas- sett, A, Akin, J. Kitch, G. Melugin, T. Haskin, and Coach C. Winkles. FOOTBALL SCORES SR. HIGH B OPP. M.H.S. 5 Harrah - - ......... 12 6 , 'Q J.. .s Bethany - - - 27 21 Purcell - - - -------- 12 12 JR. HIGH Westem Heights --------- 6 12 Noble ------ - - 6 12 Lexington - - - - 0 8 Tuttle - - - - - 22 8 Harrah - - - - 12 12 Cresent - - - -12 12 Minco - - -------- 24 6 8th GRADE Lexington - - --------- 0 14 7th GRADE Purcell - - - ------- - - 0 8 El Reno ---- 1 ------- 20 0 HIGH SCHOOL SCRIMMAGES Casady ------------- 42 36 Minco - - - - 42 6 El Reno - - - - 32 14 Kenny Hadkin closes in on a Bethany Fullback. JR, HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM: J. Snead, L. Dunbar, I. MCMahan, R. Lay, F. Avila, E. Blany. SECOND ROW: Cfoach C. Winkles, B. Smith, K. Hilbum, G. Nyquist, S. Sanders, R. Terrel, D. Dunn, Coach B. Smith. THIRD ROW: G. Collins, G. Robertson, S. Franks, R. Baker, A. Jackson, B. Yount, R. Smith, C. Keenan, S Bradford. BACK ROW: M. Tomlinson, C. Fitzgerald, M. Benge, E. Hilton, L. Riley, L, Hicks, B. Mengers, JR. HIGH FOOTBALL HAS HIGH PROSPECTS Bobby Yount stopped short after handoff from Eugene Hilton runs for gain against Noble. Bobby Smith. Courtesy of MUSTANG'S DX STATION Mustang, Oklahoma EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM: M. Huddleston, student coach, B. Bradford, D. Davison, E. Schritter, C. Hickson, R. Huffman, T. Good, D. Fatheree, R. Wells. SECOND ROW: L. LaFever, J. Dillard, P. VanDeven- ter, D. Claboume, T. Pruitt, R. Hinshaw, K, Brewer, P. Bennett, L. Watson, Coach C. Winkles. BACK ROW: Coach B. Smith, D. Hamilton, S. Nelms, R. Wells, D. Jeffrey, J. Stephens, W. Keenan, R. Powers, D. Bejcek JR. HIGH TEAMS ROUND OUT THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM SEVENTH GRADE TEAM: D. Franks, J. Shirley, B. Smith, B. Duggins, T. Myers, D. Johnson, D. Fatheree, J. Keen, P. Estes. SECOND ROW: L. Blaney, S. Sanders, R. Gunn, R. Holaday, J. George, R. Henthorn, A. Hen- son, R. Wakefield, M. Griggs. Courtesy of Courtesy of MUSTANG HARDWARE BUXTON STORE Mustang, Oklahoma Mustang, Oklahoma SEASON HIGHLIGHTED BY TRIP T0 REGIONALS cell. of this year, 76-57. Bronchos are led out of dressing room by M. Gaymon. Huddleston and Gaymon grab rebound. After winning the district play- off at Mustang, the Mustang High School boys basketball team re- ceived the honor of playing in the regional tournament held at Pur- The Br onchos were out heighted and had a rough night going down to defeat with the biggest margin f, J. Kitch takes shot over Lindsay defense X . 2225 J. Kitch comes down with re- bound as M. Gaymon and F. Hussfeldt looks on. Mustang made use of last year's experience by coming up with a district title and winning the Central Conference race. The Bronchos, who had all starters back from last year, picked up two trophies as well as several individual honors. Central Conference Forward Monte Huddleston. CENTRAL CONFERENCE ANI ii :Meri te -XJ Cf' N-1' n '67 Front Center Clockwise: Jim Kitch, Gary Melugin, Paul Wiedemann, Fred Hussefelt, Marion Gaymon, Danny Godwin, Monte Huddleston, Stan Reimers, Glen Payne, r Don Robinson, Gary Horton, Steve Loper, Center Left: Coach Charles Winkles, Right: Coach Jerry Morgan. sa 5 A QR , m:2,A iiiizii K I 1 ' s ELA 2 ,W j sm ..: Z- i' ' 'ES' - 3 ' .5313 L K , ex fl , Pr gwfgx 'Basil S ii we si ' X .. 9 X X Ms . QW X 31 A 4 d ff S 'gba i 'X 1 if ::.L1,.F' 3.1, lg- I - if-K Nmgwv 1: :Ei -1 'aa '55 Ny , W .-ff an 51.5. 15:-, A K Lyk. ,. .3 1 1 NJ 8.1 1- 1 5 3, 'W 89 BRONCHOS WIN CONFERENCE WITH 9-I RECORI Mustangfs first basketball year in the Central Conference was completed with a 9-1 record capping the 67-68 conference crown. The only defeat came by a 7-point margin at the hands of Harrah. Mustang's graduating five are: P. 'W y Wiedmann, S. Reimers, M. Huddle- Marion Gaymou 3fCheS 0116 at Jones. ston, M. Gaymon, and S. Loper. f - ' A 11' If "'I K . . f TN, ' fi .. Nw .... Fred Hussefeldt 1335 puts one up as Monte Hud dleston q34Q and Marion Gaymon 4443 watch. vvfvf' iw W1-Y' haw' 4- -' W Y VIUSTANG FINISHES WITH 20-4 RECORD The over-all look at the Bronchos season turns out exceptional. Mustang's longest string of victories was 10 at the seasons end before losing to Lindsay. A record of 8-0 was accomplished before the first defeat. Mustang lost its four games in the semi- finals of two tournaments, a regular season game, and the first game at regionals. S. Reimers scores two against Dibble. Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang 1 w Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang ----51 Noble--- ----63 Jones--- - - - - 85 Union City - - - - 75 Bethany - - ----69 Harrah-- ----65 Dunjee-- ----8O McLoud-- Mustang Invitational ----63 Dibble-- ----49 Wayne-- ----'76 Bethany-- ----38 l-larrah-- Bethany Invitational - - - - 58 St. Marys - ----49 Yukon-- ----84 Dunjee-- - - - - 71 Union City ---- 58 Tuttle-- ----61 Tuttle-- ----77 Jones-- ----42 Noble--- ---- 63 McLoud-- ----58 Dunjee-- District - - - - 60 Bethany - - ----68 Dunjee-- Regional - - - - 57 Lindsay - - M. Gaymon aims for a basket. Courtesy of Courtesy of CHILTON AUTO PARTS DAWSON FEED COMPANY 2021 Agnew Okla. City, Okla. 7310 S. Council Rd. Okla. City, Okla. FRONT ROW: J. Bailey, P. Kortemeier, K. Presgrove, C. Welch, R. LaFever, L. Dahl. BACK ROW Coach Jerry Morgan, K. George, K. Smith, J. Monasco, S. Dunbar, S. Bright, T. Briscoe, 1. Batter man, C. Grissom, N. Hendricks, Coach Glo Stone. Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang High School Schedule ----34 Noble-- ----45 Jones-- - - - - 35 Union City 'B' - - 31 Choctaw 'B - - - - 37 Choctaw - - - - - 44 Harrah - - ----47 Moore-- 'B' - - 33 Choctaw 'B - - - - 26 Choctaw - - - - - 45 McLoud - Mustang' Invitational ----37 Dibb1e-- ----42 Noble-- ----52 Moore-- ----44 Harrah-- Karen Smith pulls down another rebound Qcont. J Bethany Invitational Mustang - - - 58 Harrah - - Mustang - - - 44 Lindsay "B" Mustang - - - 42 Union City Mustang - - - 43 Tuttle - - Mustang - - - 58 Tuttle - - Mustang - - - 41 Jones - - Mustang - - - 44 Noble - - Mustang - - - 48 McLoud - Mustang - - - 34 Moore - - District Tournament Mustang - - - 53 Moore - - Terrea Briscoe goes in for another SCOIIC, SENIORS: Kathy George, Jonnie Monasco, Sherrie Dunbar, Karen Smith are all proud to be on the team. Sherrie Dunbar attempts a jump shot GIRLS WIN 2nd PLACE TROPHY Mustang girls receive trophy. Mustang girls won two out of three games after being defeated by Moore in the finals of the Mustang Invitational tournament. They ended the season with seven wins. For having been up against experienced players in a new conference, these girls showed valor and lots of spirit. Carrol Grissom shoots .as opposing team tries to block. Terrea Briscoe attempts lay-up. GIRLS DISPLAY PLENTY OF SPIRIT IN NEW CONFERENCE Up, up, and away as Judy Bailey tries for two points. Carrol Grissom shoots as Karen Smith and Sherrie Dunbar wait for rebound. 95 "B" BOYS GET VALUABLE EXPERIENCE FRONT ROW: R. Meyers, J. Garner, C. Hilburn, K. Haskin. BACK ROW: D. Shupe, B. Gracy, B. Dil- lard, G. Payne, D. Wood, S. Benda, A. Akin, Coach Charles Winkles. Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang - - - - 22 Bethany - - ----26 Harrah-- -- ----51 Dunjee------ - - - - 38 Western Heights ----43 Bethany---- ----49 Harrah------ ----47 Dunjee-- -- For the first time, Mustang has a regular "B' team consisting of boys from senior high school who need the experience as a playing unit for the next year. The team finished with a 3-4 record and gained that needed valuable experience for the next year's varsity. Completing their first full year, they find themselves ready to begin next year with zest and knowledge. Courtesy of Cguftegy of REDDING AGENCY MUSTANG LAND CORPORATION MUSI2J1g, Okla- Mustang, Okla. JUNIOR HIGH HAS WINNING SEASON FRONT ROW: P. Wiedemann, L. Dunbar, K. Brewer, B. Smith, L. Crofford, G. Morgan. BACK ROW Coach Charles Winkles, Manager M. Smith, M. Reimers, G. Fitzgerld, M. Tomlinson, E. Hilton T Duckett, R. Smith, D. Bejcek, E. Blaney, Manager C. Nall. Mustang McLoud - - Mustang Union City Mustang Bethany - - Mustang Jones - - Mustang Dunjee - - Mustang Jones - - Mustang Harrah - - Mustang Dunjee - - Mustang Union City Mustang Bethany - - Mustang McLoud - - Mustang Harrah - - Mustang McLoud - - Mustang Minco - - Mustang Purcell - - Tom Duckett makes bucket for Junior High. Courtesy of Courtesy of DRABECK GARAGE CONRAD MAR 85 DRUG Box 154 Wheatland, Okla. 334 Elm Yukon, Okla JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS SHOW HUSTLE , ' -X rl -mm . . NJ al "fi N. Smith, N. Cerveny, P. Dunbar, S. Williamson, C. Courtney, C, Jones, R. Horton, R. Trull, V Urban D. Benda, I. Hixon, I. Fitzgerald, C. Foreman, S. Warren, R. Hill, K. Briscoe, J. Briscoe, V. Jones Coach Glo Stone. Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang 7th Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang 7th Spirited huddle spurs girls on to victory. Mustang - ' 98 Junior High Schedule McLoud - Union City Moore 7th Moore - - Jones - - Harrah - - Jones - - - Union City McLoud - - Jones - - - Harrah - - McLoud - - Tuttle - - Moore 7th Moore - - X, i FRONT ROW M Relmers R Lay L Watson J Drllard K Brewer D Bejc BACK ROW C Nall G Holleyman M Tomllnson D Jeffrey J Stevens C Fitzgerald R smrrh M Smlth Coach Wlnkles SEVENTH GRADERS GET IN ON THE ACT . "TE-gJ'sa:'Q+" I 'W S rerr , W "S: . ' rl x ' fa: 3 , 2 7 f 1 X , ! E 1 sf ff x ,'J T FRONT ROW: D. Johnson D Franks P Estes M Grlggs B Smlth T Meyers BACK ROW C Nall, R. Gunn, R Burroughs K Vaughn J George R Henthorn R Wakefleld S Sand ers, Mike Smith. FRONT ROW: L. York, T. Luns- ford, C. Warren, K. Goin, P. Arm strong. BACK ROW: D. Benda, J. Manasco, J, h J Jo nson, , Manasco, N. Par- sons, B. Young, Coach Stone, SENIOR HIGH BASEBALL GOES 5-10 FOR SEASON FRONT ROW: K. Black, K. Haskin, R. Wells, A. Boatman, R. Meyers, D Robinson BACK ROW Coach Charles Winkles, A. Akin, S. Benda, D. Godwin, J. Kitch, J. Garner, D Wood F Hussfeldt M Richard son, B. Gracy, Coach Gary Morgan. NOT PICTURED: G. Horton. Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - "Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - Mustang - - 4' Two Games 101165 - - Harrah ----- Western Heights Bethany ---- Jones ----- Dunjee - - McLoud - - McLoud Tournament Harrah ----- Bethany Tournament Putnam City "B' Western Heights Bethany ---- Union City - - Dunjee - - - McLoud - - IOO T NEXT YEAR LOOKS PROMISING FOR BASEBALL TEAM Mustang's baseballers ended their season losing only one member, a senior. They finished with a 5-9 record, winning almost every statistic in the books except the score over the opponent. The team's was . 240 compared to the opponent's . 230. The scored 65 runs to the opponent's 75. Leading hitter this year was Gary Horton who ended with a . 349 batting average, while also leading in runs batted in with ten. Leading scorer for the Bronchos was James Garner, who crossed the plate twelve times during the year. Leading workhorse for the mound corps was Dan- ny Godwin who pitched fifty-eight innings while posting a 3-7 record. Next, was Donnie Robinson who went seventeen innings and finished 1-l on the year. Fred Hussfeldt, the other pitcher, threw thirteen innings while also finishing 1-1. Other players and their seasonal batting averages are as follows: Donnie Robinson . 297. James Garn- er . 279, James Garner .286, Steve Benda .279, Alan Boatman .273, Kenny Haskins .250, Jim Kitch .2l2, Fred Hussfeldt . 200, Randall Wells . 188, Danny Godwin . 050, Russell Myers . 167. Kenny Haskin comes across with a score for the Bronchos. James Garner takes a good cut at the ball in game against Harrah. Courtesy of CARPENTER'S OTASCO Yukon, Okla. i Courtesy of TURNER FUNERAL HOME Yukon, Okla. HIGH SCHOOL TRACKSTERS COMPLETE FIRST YEAR Bill Dillard jumps hurdles. RELAY TEAM: G. Bejcek, B. Bassett, S. Loper, T, Haskin HIGH SCHOOL TRACK TEAM: Coach Bob Smith, Mike Tompkins, Steve Loper, Carl Hilburn, Grant Bejcek Toby Haskin, Bill Dillard, Robin Davidson, Butch Bassett, Tim Wells, James Benge, Bob McDowell Glen Payne, Marvin Hambrook. Courtesy of MUSTANG MEDICAL CENTER Mustang, Okla. JUNIOR HIGH ROADSTERS WIN TROPHY FRONT ROW: L. Parsons, G. Nyquist, S. Nelms, G. Holleyman, R. Smith, S. Franks, D. Dunn. SECOND ROW: Manager, M. Smith, G. Roberson, B. Hert, S. Bradford, J. Jeffries, E. Blaney, E. Hilton, R. Terrell, M. Benge, F. Avila, B. Mengers, B. Smith, W. Krivanik, Glen Collins, B. Yount, L. Crofford, Coach Smith. Wayne Krivanik heaves shot during meet. SPRINTERS: L. Crofford, E. Blaney, S. Bradford, D. Jefferies G. Collins. Courtesy of Courtesy of RAINBOW CLEANERS KIMBELLS WHOLESALE Yukon, Okla. Yukon. Okla- WRESTLERS MAKE UP FIRST YEAR Coach Bob Smith, R. Wells, M. Tompkins, V. VanBuskirk, M. Hambrook, B. McDowell, B. Bas- sett, R. Davidson, J. Benge, T. Haskin, M. Drake, L, Detar. Wrestlers demonstrate holds. L. Detar grasps I, Benge during wrestling practice. 104 1 1 WK? f if J fljfiyfif' w I V- V ' 1 x . 1, Q W- .W - M f - , , .. f -,-.4f,,. 1 ,.,. - ,-..,, .,4,.. 1. JN M.. V , -. ,M .V N .. -...K-,,,- ,K L. Q. , 1 .1 'Ww'q""s'v?'-313'7:f'i7W"tw-6KT.-'-15wRfs?'f"2iQfvDi1'?"A'1'17"'5l"!Ff'1"f'F2ff''5:'v'fQ'95Er::'4!K'v"if i5WxFf'tVWvi17JHw'h-frwis-w'?W:?ff ,1?W'5'?"'x , ., g. 1 , . X - V, .,,, . .y ., 4 - M 4 , , - , g , ,. ,MV M-.. ,, Q V.,,.Y f-1,,,Lg1.,M,i.A,WF , , H 3 , W I K A , .. H -fcsw, , W N .1 WN., ,y ,..,, 5, 7,,,5,,M, M A,M: .N ,1,L :,Ti ,is ., V .,.,.. N , . 14 - . .. -,f '- , L. g...,ve1, .- .1 -. . , ww U-MM, mm. Mp. wwf.. ,.,.,,M,,,,,,.,.,, .N ,vw W., , w...,,,.W.,,,x A 1 . ,. , ,, L H '1 Amw.1.H-Jai-izftidu' qui' L :S

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