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h ! " ic ; f 0r -i tNtilvi o y oer- or oe a -6 f fo i CO €_ o f 4 - e(L- Cy( j r ; . . A , ■ . --,=(::. J. i o a1 . " c - d 6 - J ' , ' . ' ■ ' . ' r: " ' , l-- " ' ' t ' ' ,-4. (ixcrwnv w ° (3- _a " oVTN CxsL iIL O ' MiliilliliiliJiiiiliiljiliiiliiljiliil Ijl 3 183301881 7285 GC 977.402 M97HA, 1968 r 1 _JV i ' 1 . ' . , A V y . , nS- v. ■ r . ' - ' . ,. y ,..f - - E)- r- V . ) V : n X- ' V § " . 0 ' V V 0 " ■:? X x V ENCOUN Life Is a series of TERS Said Done ' 68 Volume No 19 Muskegon High School 80 West Southern Ave Muskegon. Michigan EXPANDING TO MEET EDUCA- IS THE STAGE FOR STUDENT XC i - W , Ny c " 0 GCfy c cooviV lO ' c. Qi€ c6l VvjcV v VV oor 6% o- (j i?O4 cV)ci)0: TIONAL NEEDS, MHS CAMPUS TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Staff Academics Activities Sports Organizations Underclassmen Seniors ACTIVITIES AND STUDENT LIFE seoDretov Advertisements Closing 1-17 18-41 42-67 68-101 102-133 134-175 176-205 206-217 218-238 239-240 3 P ' ECES of ' 2 Washed Poi EDUCATIONAL AND STUDENTS TO I • ■ • +toT Rous W s Chicken Grav EMPLOYMENT NEEDS LINK THE ADULT COMMUNITY STUDENTS, STRUCTORS, STIMULATED BY THE MHS IN- REACH OUT FOR KNOWLEDGE A VARIETY OF STUDENT ACTIVI- OF MHS STUDENTS WHILE ROUND- i TIES BRIGHTENS THE LIVES ING OUT THEIR EDUCATIONS EXPERIENCE IS THE KEY TO UNDERSTANDING THIS PREREQUISITE THROUGH SOCIAL CONTACT 10 OTHER PEOPLE; MHS STUDENTS GET ' WITH ORGANIZATION MEMBERS f i BIG REDS — ATHLETES AND TO WIN WITH HONOR NON-ATHLETES — STRUGGLE AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP Ms Wrf f ■ » ■ ■ « k H m ■. .; ' :;.. . , ■■.■■■ . ■ .. . ■■: ; : ;j nr» V ' S " ii sB fiflPjlBl FIRST AND SECOND YEAR STUDENTS ANTICIPATE SENIOR YEAR SENIORS ANTICIPATE GRADUAI DREAD, FEAR, AND JOY; IT ! nON WITH EXCITEMENT, TIME FOR ALL EMOTIONS STAFF ACADEMICS STAFF, ADMINISTRATORS MANAGE The Board of Education members from leh to right are Raymond C Carl- son, H Winston Hathaway. Frank A DeYoe, Dr William L Austin (Superin- tendent). George W Hansen, (presidenti, Ralph L Muller (assistant superintendent). John A Carlson. Walter F Moessner, and Mrs Kim Farmer Principal Murel Burdick keeps a watchful eye on the cafeteria during both lunch periods, A very busy man, our chief administra tor somehow manages to keep the school operating smoothly, with a minimum number of disturbances. Mr. Murel Burdick 20 JCHOOL AFFAIRS Mr. John Toppen. administrative assistant, Is Muskegon ' s own " jack of all trades, " He monitors the halls, watches students in the catena, and works in the attendance office. Mr. Toppen ' s |ob entails all the odds and ends of school administration as well as keeping track of the students Mrs. Jane Wilson stepped from her counseling office into the assistant principal ' s office with the retirement of Mrs Alice Kyes last year She joined the MHS faculty in 1964 as a counselor, after serv- ing as director of the YWCA summer camp for several years She is also an adviser for Student Council and Human Relations Committee Mrs Jane Wilson counsels Hallye Jo Fleishman about her coHege plans Although she is the assistant principal. Mrs Wilson ' s most important job is guiding Ihe future of her students Administrative assistant John Toppen keeps a watchful eye on the corridors of MHS COUNSELING STAFF OFFERS ADVICE TO STUDENTS Miss Joan Oodd Mrs Francis Fisher, MHS counselor, awaits her turn to speak before students and parents at the College Night program Mr John Dorns The word " counselor " is derived from the Latin word consilium, which means " to give advice, " and advice is precisely what counselors provide Guiding almost 2,000 students keeps MHS counselors busy all year around In the fall they are cor- recting mixe d-up schedules and working with seniors, making sure that each senior knows which college is best for his particu- lar needs Keeping seniors informed takes up the majority of the counselors ' time until spring arrives. At this time class scheduling for the following year begins and the underclassmen start to think of themselves as juniors and seniors. Mrs, Frances Fisher Mr. Kenneth Kolberg .4. Mr Edward Petron Mr Cunis Predigei Miss Harriet Reid 22 i Mr William Curtis Co-op coorrlrnator Dhwio Walvoorrl froalizes a report by phone CO-OP GIVES STUDENTS CHANCE TO LEARN AND EARN I f Mr. Lyle Monette Mr. Derwin Wolvoord Mr Gerrit Wiegennk Mr Beniamin Winslow I Mrs. Eleanor MendrJckson Mr Steven NorvtlitJs SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM GIVES SLOWER STUDENT CHANCE TO DEVELOP 23 Miss ShirleY Albers STUDENTS ' NEEDS ARE MET Mrs ArlcneBassett Mrs Elizabeth Schuler takes time out from her crowded sctiedule to help Joy Drinkard. a junior Mrs Donalda Benoit Mrs Miriam Briscoe Us Mariorie Oekker Mrs Helen Dykema Mr Ted Belccz, English instructor and ' •Keyhole " adviser, pauses between classes BY ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The English Department has developed a comprehensive pro- gram which is aimed at meeting the needs of all Muskegon High School students General goals, applicable at all grade levels and for all courses of study, include the development of literary appreciation, the improvement of reading and discus- sion skills, the application of previously learned language skills to many types of writing situations, and the addition of more mature language techniques as the student is ready for them English classes are taught both in the traditional pattern and in the team program. Team English classes utilize lecture and seminar techniques and place considerable responsibility on the student for his learning. Mr Donald Bliol Mis Chatlotte Gudelsky " S jfe Mis. Donald a Bcnoit, team English teacher, takes attendence m a lecture period. Mrs Eliiabeth Schule MHS Englishteacher Donald Hlioi takes time to relax between classes 25 LANGUAGE IS BRIDGE TO UNDERSTANDING OTHERS Language is the bridge to understanding foreign peoples. It is a bridge that one of every two people must cross. We can ' t understand other people unless we have some way of com municating our thoughts. In other words, we need a common language Foreign language studies provide students with a chance to express themselves in a language that some non- English speaking person might understand. Language studies give students a chance to understand the ideas and customs of people in foreign lands. Mrs Florence Tool listens to Connie Schweifler recite her daily French lesson as the rest of the class looks on. The lab is a big study aid for all language students and makes learning an active experience Muskegon High ' s only Latin teacher. Miss Mabel Sutton reads to her class from her Latin textbook. Mrs Florence Tool IS Mrs Huldah Burdick Judy Johnson, a junior, practices her skill at calling a meeting to order SPEECH IS STEPPING STONE TO SOCIALIZING Speech is man ' s fundamental way of com- municating ideas. Througfi ttie proper use of speecti one can sway people toward ones own way of thinking Speech, however, If not properly used can have the opposite effect as well. In other words, a poor speaker can turn listeners away from the main Ideas. Speakers are not born, but trained. It takes time and practice to become a good speaker. Speech, radio and drama classes give students a chance to practice their speaking abilities under the guidance of helpful teachers M, Franklin Poling Mrs, Marjoric Rice Irian Woltfis and Melody Houghteling test their abilities at running a meeting 27 ART AND MUSIC BRING THE HUMANITIES TO OUR CAMPUS We often think of art and music together although they are entirely different fields Perhaps the reason for this is that both require a certain amount of talent and a greater amount of prac- tice Another explanation is that both are often considered hob- bies Mrs, Jacqueline Kilgren, Miss Gail Jothen, and Mr Alex Povistak worked to make onetime hobbies their life-time ca- reers. Mrs. Jacqueline Kilgren Fine Arts Miss Gail Jothen Vocal Music Taking a guick and well-deserved break, Mrs Jacgueline Kilgren reads a student ' s " Co-ed " Miss Jothen goes ovei a new song with Greg Urcavich, Phil McRoberts, Malcolir Russ and Dan Ohs Ml Alex Povistak Instrumental Music 28 Directing takes all of Mr Carl Bjetregaar ' s lime. Students listen attentively during a family relations class Students such as these will be the adult citizenry of tomorrow HOME ECONOMICS, FAMILY RELATIONS BUILD TOMORROW ' S CITIZENRY Home economics and family relations classes prepare students for their future lives and marriages A man who marries a good home economist will never have to worry about heartburn or unmended socks Along with keeping a home in order goes keeping a family in order, and that ' s where family relations comes into the picture This class helps students to understand the underlying facts of mar- ried life and thus helps to comprehend and solve such problems Mrs Ruth Andrews %. Miss Bellaire, a sluderl leachet al MHS during Ihe firsl semester, has now become a regular member of the teaching staff Here she shows one ol her students the proper way to make a batch of brownies Mrs Donna Price 29 Mr. Wiltiam Paulson Mr Russell VanderWier SOC BLOC PROVIDES SENIORS WITH OUTLOOK ON SOCIETY Seniors study society, government and their relationship to each other in sen- ior SOC classes Social studies is a required course for all Muskegon High School seniors. The course is a two semester course, the first semester devoted to the study of society, the second to government. Society is a group of people living together Government on the other hand is the most complicated institution so- ciety has created Through social studies, it is hoped that each student will gam a knowledge and an understanding of his government and its people in relation to other governments and peoples. Ml David Zierath Remembering dates isn ' t always easy decides Mr Russell Vender Wiei as he tries to complete a li- brary slip for Herb VanDerHoevan. 30 fAs Jean Trump patiently awatis her turn to par- ticipate in a discussion. HISTORY LINKS PAST History is a link with the past and an answer to the future. Through studies of past events and those incidents which led up to them we can, to some degree, predict what today ' s actions will bring for us tomorrow With this knowl- edge we can hope that we do not make the same mis- takes in the future that we ' ve made in the past Mr. James Curnalia Mt Josiah Tazclaar hangs some maps which wcre mWe by h fylbth grade MU 1 hisrory students Mr Henry Paulson also leaches ttfis sub|cct. ,. ' rj ' U. Lowell Schiller Ml. Josiah Tazelaa Mr John Harris fA George Russcher Mr James Cnnalia, history teacher at MHS, strikes another one of his famous pose; ▲r4 Mr Raymond Bauer Mr Ronald Janczyk SCIENCE: A LINK WITH THE FUTURE Science has always been and always will be our link with the future Progress and advancement in this field increase every day In high school students receive the fundamentals of science necessary for an understanding of the world of tomorrow Biology, chemistry and physics, which are offered at HflHS, are only a few of the many dimensions of science. i i: Mr Edward Murphy Kathy Siewert and Gail Tretheway seem to be iiaving trouble witli one of their chemistry experiments, while Mr, Bauer watches from the background. Observa- tion and experimentation ate the most important elements in modern science classes. Ml Oien Rodewald Ml Douglas Tool A Mrs Mildred OeYoe Mr Peter Oakes corrects tests wtiile his math students complete their exams. MATH— THE KEY AND THE LANGUAGE OF SCIENCE Just as science Is the key to the future, math is the key to science Math, in fact, IS the language of science because, through math, scientists express for- mulas and ideas. For example, D = — is a mathematical formula which expresses V Density (D) in relation to mass (m) and volume (u) Without a knowledge of math, science could not exist Math is also important in business, for without a knowledge of math, no business records could be kept. Proving that even teachers get tired, Mr Nelson Vol; and Mr Nathan Roclofs take the load off their feet to spend a few moments socializing Mr Nathan Roelofs Mr Kenneth Rolle M Nelson Vol; 33 LIBRARIANS ARE RULED BY ORDER Mrs. Phyllis Hallbcrg Mrs Margaret Elliot, head librarian Mrs. June Unliedt Miss Sufijean Keinke Miss Mary Walters 34 Keeping the magazine racks orderly is just one of the many jobs which MHS librarians and clerks perform Here Mrs Hallberg straightens one of the racks Mrs. Margaret Elliot pauses to check on the author ' s name before placing the book on the library shelf Mis Kathenne McShannock takes time tiom her busy schedule to read a lettei Besides coaching, Mt Robert Knight teaches physical educalic PHYSICAL HEALTH DEPENDS ON PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical education ' s goal is to provide America with healthy, physi- cally alert people, hoping that physical alertness will continue to back mental alertness by providing the energy needed to carry out ambitious ideas in an ever growing world MHS physical education instructors have provided students with a program keyed to these ideas Lora Firlil, Ann Mooie. and Bette Swanson practice their skills Volleyball keeps MHS students on the go in their gym classes 35 Mr. Shtrwood H Krause Mr H Russell Reece Claude Taylor explains construction to some classmates MACHINES RULE TODAY S WORLD Skills in technical drawing, drafting, electronics, welding and printing may be obtained by students in the Industrial Arts These skills provide a good foundation for factory or engineer- ing bound students In addition, it helps students learn to coor- dinate mental and physical skills. Dennis Vinton is learning to operate a new machine In drawing class students are taught new technigues for designs ol the future The boys help each othe r on their projects Mr Henry Bdt Mr Richard Cornish Sluifents learn to operate the drill press under Mr Sherwood Krauses guidance Dennis Cook and Dwight Hozier get assistance from Mr Russell Reece Mr Robert Ennenga Mr David Sovacool Mr Rex Sheathelrr M Mchael Stra anac Mr Sherwood Krause watches each student to make suie each is caieful Mr Anthony Gilsdorf Miss Janet Jensen „- COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT OFFERS VALUABLE VOCATIONAL COURSES The commercial department consists of typing, shorthand, retailing, bookkeeping, and office machine and practice The goal of this department Is to prepare students for their futures In the business world. Typing, however. Is beneficial to all stu- dents, whether in a business, college prep, or general course. Shorthand Is a difficult but valuable course as It Is required of a secretary who wishes to get a higher paying |ob. Office ma- chine teaches the operation and care of office machinery. Re- tailing prepares students for |obs in the fields of clerking and store management, but secretaries are often expected to keep records, so future secretaries also find bookkeeping and record keeping helpful courses Mr Donald Livingston Mr Leslie Matthews Mr Michael Mulready tells his students to get down lo business Sophomore Sherti Hernngton prepares lo lype 38 Mr Michael Mulready Mrs Margaret Nielsen Typing skill comes only with lots of practice ooooooooc OOOO0OOO 000004 Cfiar Cogswell finds substitute Mt Russell Stevens a good source of informalic Mr Michael Mulready assists a student in office macfiines Office machines demands manual dexterity and mental alertness CLERICAL STAFF The office staff at MHS keeps tfie scftool running smootfily. Mrs, Marian Haglund works In tfie counseling office, Mrs, Dena Andersen keeps watch over the band as Its office secretary, Mrs Marge Nelson and Mrs Josephine Bartscht officiate in the main office Mrs. Elizabeth Comstock runs the new book store, Judy Brackenveldt works in the co-op office, and Mrs, Berta Urblna assists in the Team office. m§ - Mrs Majone Nelson Mr Kolberg questions Mrs Niemeyer about attendance problems Mrs, Nelson converses in her office cubbyhole Mrs Josephine Bartsch Mrs Jeane Niemeyer Miss Judy Brackenveldt Mrs Marian Haglum Mrs, Dena Andersen Mrs. Elizabeth Comstock CUSTODIAL CREW MAKES LUNCHES AND KEEPS CAMPUS CLEAN Mrs Evelyn Gardner Mr Norman Bradley Mr Clarence Dausen fA Tom Hawkins Mrs Bessie Stephens Mr Wallace Koomen Mrs Mary Morr Teachers Not Pictured Beleci. Theodore Johnson, James Bierregaarrl. Carl Knight. Robert Buerman. Beatrice McShannock. Katherine BurkholrJer, Margan McShannock, Thomas Chiaverlni. Roger Riters. Leonids Cook. Loren RItter. Raymond Cornish. Bernita Smith. Fred Fatka. James Tool, Douglas Geraril. Freij Trump Jean Gorl John Weaver, Harold Mr Albert Zuidema jmiH HEAD CUSTDDIAN Mr Kenneth Van Riper Mr Steuen Zydek ACTIVITIES HAWAIIAN DECORATIONS ENHANCE THE 1967 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM The 1967 Jr-Sr Prom took place on Friday. June 2 from nme to midnight " Aloha Kaua, " goodhye from me to you. fea- tured the Tony Horvath Orchestra Concerning decorations, each Senior received a personalized lei Pineapples, flower trees, and palm trees were present along with tribal tiki masks, spears, shield, and drums The orchestra pit was a beach scene with a surfboard The entertainment was climaxed by the singing of the Senior Class song, " Born Free, " by Barb Cross and Brenda Cotton Denny Karnitz served as Master of Ceremonies Junior Class President Marv VanderWeg was general chair- man The other committee chairmen included: Harold Mitchell — Advertismg. Mane Frantz— Chaperones. Bill Beckley— Clean-up. Char Pleiness— Decorations, Mary Stark— Entertainment, Janet De- Horn— Invitations, Mary Skeels— Refreshments, and Lynda Beam —Tickets and Programs The advisor for the group was Miss Winger The lagoon scene which included 3 large sail boat was a pleasant added attrac- The Hawaiian decorations centered around the larg tiki water fountain 44 A grass hut scene served dance floor and Ihc cafeteri; The glowing candle has occupied the minds of Eddee Meeske, Dan McShan- nock. Bienda Allaid, and Otto Hopma. Providing music at the annual Christmas dance was the Muskegon County Community College Stage Band Y-TEENS SPONSOR WONDERLAND BY NIGHT " Just aiMving at the dance are CIIH Cracauer, Pam Fcazier. and Susan Pressentjn. The annual Christmas femme Invite was held at the YWCA on Friday. December 22. 1967 from nine to the magical hour of midnight. The general chairman was Marcia Nash assisted by Margaret Mangold The Muskegon County Community College Stage Band provided music for the festive event. Decoration colors for " Wonderland by Night " were blue and silver as were the tickets. Included in the decorations was a bridge surrounded by young evergreen trees. Refreshments and chaperones were a necessary addition to make the dance complete. Lynda Beam, Chiis Schoocnbeck. Sally Johnson, and Rob Homan seem to have found something interesting to discuss 45 Seniors Joe Lowfy and Huey Hosted are waiting to be troduced by Coach Roger Chiaverini. Junior Craig Deiters was one of the football players to be honored by Student Council little Red riuarterback Jeff Billingsley was honored i his respective homeroom FOOTBALL PLAYERS, CROSS COUNTRY RUNNERS WERE HONORED AT ANNUAL HONORS DAY ASSEMBLY SPONSORED BY STUDENT COUNCIL MontJay, November 13, 1967 was designated as Honors Day for all Big Red and Little Red football players and cross- country runners. Student Council was m charge of the day ' s activities Members of Student Council got up at 4 am to put signs on the houses of the coaches and seniors Bill Beckley was in charge of the making and distributing of the signs. At 8 am , an assembly mas held The coaches introduced their teams Each member received a psychedelic flower as did the coaches The Little Red football players were acknowledged by having signs placed in their homerooms Sophomore Marianne McArthur was in charge of this aspect for the day Greg Daniels. Muskegon County ' s finest track runner, keeps in shap with a brisk walk to school 46 Play rehearsals are many times heclic and tiresome as Jan Zuidema. Jerry DeWald. Marsha Nash. Vera Poort, Toni Timmer. and Sue Hoeker will testify Tom Timmer and Sue Hoeker look on as Bill Wolters reads a part from the play THE ALL-SCHOOL PLAY MOUSE ON THE MOON " WAS A FOLLOW-UP OF THE 1965 PLAY THE MOUSE THAT ROARED. " Gary Kochin. better known as Benter in the play, seems to be imensely studying his part The director, Mr Frank Poling, is giving a helpful hint to one of the actors while Dianne Nobel and Gary Kochin look The All-School Play " Mouse on the Moon " began rehearsal at the end of February untier the direction of Mr Frank Poling and student director Leah Harriger The cast consisted of Gloriana. Sherry Cryderman: Tully. Richard Craig; Cynthia, Vera Poort; Vincent Mountjoy. Jim Case; Count Mountioy, Jerry DeWald, Benter, Gary Kochin; Professor Kok- intz, Ren Palmer; Helen, Tom Timmet; Norma, Marsha Nash, and Glorianas page, Eddee Meeske Citizens from the US. are the President, Dave Baldwin, Secretary of State, George Brown; the US astronaut, Harold Mitchell; Secretary to the President, Sandy Day; Secretary to the Secretary of State, Pat Krug, three U.S. tourists— Mary, Regan Teles; Pam, Mardi Smith, and Jane, Janice Nichols; teletype operators, Jan Zuidema and Meredith Bond; Miss Spender, Lois Hedlund; Miss Fender, Yvonne Bialik; and Marya, Carrie Wickstra. Also participating were Dianne Nobel and Sue Hoeker, prompters; Bryan Hunter, technical director; and Mary Stark, business manager. The Muskegon High School Marching Band again pro- vided entertainment during football half-times DRUM MAJOR LEAD THE BAND TO A Led by the lovely majorettes, the Marching Band again proved why they arc sidered one of the best marching bands in the state Nancy Morgan. Linda Kieft. Vera Poort, Caroline McShannock, Audrey Morgan, and Sandi Dunn were the high stepping majorettes for the 1967 football season The SIX lovely ma|Oretles with winning smiles were Nancy Morgan, Linba Kieft, Vera Poorl, Caroline Mc Shannock, Audrey Morgan, and Sandi Dunn. Drum Maior Ron Hannett successfully guided the band through all their hall-lime shows MAJORETTES REWARDING SEASON The M H S Marching Band, under the fine leadership of Ron Hannett. our Big Red drum major, enioyed another success- ful football season In spite of uncooperative weather through- out the season, the band ' s performances were in keeping with the M H S tradition of excellence Highhghts of the year were a Latin show arranged by Dave Kozal. a member of the Big Red band, and a trombone show which delighted the Homecoming crowd. It was also per- formed at the home of our arch-rivals, the Benton Harbor Tigers The season ended with the Halftime Highlights Show and the traditional marching band banquet - T The alternate majorettes who substituted for the regulars on several occasions were Janice Nichols and Char Wyant. 49 DESTINY: FINLAND Hallye Jo Fleishman spent the summer In Kuoplo, Finland, She travelled to Sauonllnna, Finland, where she saw one of the most famous castles in the area and the largest wooden church m the world. She also visited Helsmki. the capital of Finland. Hallye enjoyed the homemade food and five meals a day She stated that the people were very friendly and envied the American wealth Hallye also visited Leningrad, the cultural capital of Russia. She met many Russian people and found their ideas to be very interesting The Finnish National Flag has a white baclcground and i tains a cross of light Uue. Finland. Ihe land ot five thousand lakes, is where ffallye and Stan spent their summer. f-A r A ' Also spending the summer In Finland was Senior Stan Jones. He stayed with an English speaking Finnish family. Stan enjoyed his stay in Finland and found the people very friendly. One Finnish custom he misses very much is the sauna bath His family went to the sauna every week to relax and cleanse their mind and body. Stan travelled to Leningrad, Russia and also toured Helsinki. His most outstanding experience was a tour of Lapland 50 GERMANY, SPAIN BECKON Marie Frantz spent her summer in Germany For six weeks, she had the experience of travelling throughout Germany and was given the opportunity to become acquainted with Ger man life through her family. Marie feels that living in Germany was the most exciting experi- ence of her life and explains that she now has a new understanding of other people and hopes she left with them a favorable impression of America. Geimanv is the divided country. The land of Spam combines rich and po The teenage ambassador and representative of M.H.S. in Madrid. Spain was Pat Pehm Pat ' s low-middle class Spanish family couldn ' t speak English; but in time, they began to understand each other. Through them, she viewed the Spanish people ' s political, economical, and social ideas and began to see their reasons for being leery of the " rich, powerful Americans. " Pat found leaving Spain heart-breaking. She enpyed viewing the buildings, the delicious food, the bullfights, bullfighters, and |ust Spain on the whole. Someday, she hopes to return. eORDOBA OUR FOREIGN FRIENDS Oslo, Norway, is the hometown of Kari Aasen Karl spent her year in America with the Arnold Stark family at 1766 McGraft Street Kan enioyed her stay in America, She especially liked the sports of football and basketball Kari found the students at M.HS to be very nice and enjoyed the pep assemblies. She commented that she had never before seen such good school spirit, Kan has travelled throughout Europe in the countries of Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Yugoslavia. On returning to Norway. Kari will attend school and perhaps become a teacher Living with the Raymond Carlson family at 3141 Boltwood Drive was Swedish exchange student, Lars Zellman Lars enioyed viewing the sport of football and felt that the school athletic program here was very efficient He also liked the cars in America because they are larger than European cars " Student faculty relations at M H.S. are very different to those in Sweden, " stated Lars, " Here the teachers and students are good friends and can discuss things freely, " Upon returning to Sweden, Lars will attend the gymnasium for two years and then will go on to the University and study to become a physician Hildegatd Hennig, our German exchange student, stayed at the home of Mr and Mrs John Medendorp at 1947 Jitoch Street Hilde feels that Americans are very friendly and generous to newcomers. She likes American food, especially corn, hamburgers and hot dogs. She also en|oys watching football games When asked about M H S, Hildegard replied that it ' s a great school with terrific school spirit She stated that all the studems were very nice and very lucky to have so many educational and social opportunities After graduation, Hilde plans to go on to school and study psychology, English, French and Russian, 52 ADD LIFE TO M.H.S. Lars Zellmar. Hildegard Hennig, and Kan Aasen find Ihe vending machines a perfect pface to meet and discuss foreign customs Norwegian exchange student, Kan Aasen, was very pleased wit It our first snow fall Hildegard Henning, our German exctiange student, is an avid student and a regular honor roll scholar Along with being an eager pupil, our Swedish exchange student Lars Zellman was a member of Varsity Club Lunch hour proved to be a perfect time for Hilde to meet with friends Kan Aasen B quickly reviewing a lew of her note for an upcoming speech 53 The Big Red Cheerleaders Phyllis Lester. Ann Moore, Jill Johnson, Lora Firlit, Betle Swanson, and Laurie Holmslrom. CHEERLEADERS What does it take to lead our great teams to victory? Spirit! These girls, our Big Red Cheerleaders, are responsible for this. They have worked hard this past year trying to raise school spirit by making posters, the Victory Wall in the cafeteria, and by selling motto ribbons for each game. Their advisor is Mrs. Katherine McShannock. Last summer, the cheerleaders attended camp at Vincennes University in Indiana. Out of over 100 squads, they won first place. They were judged on personality, poise, ability, and originality M.MS, should be proud of their cheerleaders for the extensive work they have done this year. One of the many activities of tfie ctieerleaders in- cluded making spirit stgns Cheerleaders Ann Moore and Bette Swanson display their talent at an arena basketball game Lora Firlit and Laune Holmstrom show anxiety during the tinal moments of the tirsi Heights basketball " Let ' s go Big Reds, " shout Phyllis Lester and Ann Moore Jill Johnson is enthusiastic over the outcome of Lora Firlit is proud to be a Muskegon Big Red ARE SPIRITED LEADERS The Big Red Alternates are Thud— Joan Schanhals Second— Janet Friend, and First-Katen Beam 55 Mary Prentice, Susan Backstrom. and Peggy Scha Reds on to victory I are eager to cheer the Little ENERGETIC BEST DESCRIBES OUR The Little Red cheerleading squad was composed of Susan Backstrom. Susan Johnson, Gail Dornbos. Mary Prentice, and Peggy Schaalma LITTLE REDS The Little Red alternates consisted of: Sandy Day. thud: Mary Ames, second, and Sandy Kimmel first. little Red Cheerleader Susan Backstrom was gi»en the pnvil ege of announcing the Big Red games The Little Red Cheerleaders chosen at spring try- outs were Susan Backstrom. Gail Dornbos. Monette Garrett. Susan Johnson, Mary Prentice, and Peggy Schaalma This squad cheered for the reserve football and basketball teams and participated in pep assem- blies Their adviser was Mrs McShannock 56 Al Zuldema has chosen to aid Big Red Indian. Jerry Caviness, with his dulii INDIANS BOOST SCHOOL SPIRIT " I hope we win. " says Jerry Caviness at a Muskegon Muskegon Haghts basketball game Through his eflort. Jerry Caviness has added enthu- siasm to pep assemblies Senior Jerry Caviness was chosen as the Big Red Indian for the 1967-68 school year He was also our official mascot during the 1966-67 season Jerry, along with Chuck Birmingham and Tom Heethuis, alternates, boosted the Big Red spirit at pep assemblies and games. Alternate. Tom Heethuis. has loinsd Jerry in supply- ing spirit on many occasions. Big Red Indian Jeriy Caviness is on the warpath tor a victorious season 57 Angie found reading enjoyable and soon began proving her English South American exchange student Angle Urbina is discu assignments with her American sister. Carrie Wickstra. mg some homework ANGELICA URBINA, OUR SOUTH AMERICAN EXCHANGE STUDENT FROM CHILE, ESPECIALLY ENJOYED ATTENDING BASKETBALL AND HOCKEY GAMES. Angelica " Angie " Urbina, an exchange stu- dent from Chile, lived with Carrie Wickstra. Angie is the eldest of nine children When she was a junior, she applied for and received a scholarship to live in America for six months She wanted to visit America to improve her En- glish, exchange ideas , and gain knowledge to share with her country. In Chile, Angie took fourteen subjects and went to school six days, Angie likes to knit, go to parties, listen to good music, and attend basketball and hockey games. She enjoyed M.H.S. and exclaimed that she ' ll always remember her fine experience, all the wonderful people she met, and the country Angelica Urbina, better known as Angie, enjoyed the activities at M H S but was many times often surprised at some of tfie happenings I Junior Gloria Center, a member of the Honors Quartet, performed folk music. The rousing music performed by The Dave Kozal Combo was an excellent finale tor the 1968 Talent Show Included in the combo were Andy Drelies. Jim Wurtz Dave Kozal. and Tim Gilbert THE 1968 VERSION OF VARIETY HIGHLITES " UPHELD THE TRADITION OF PREVIOUS YEARS IN PROVING TO BE A BIG SUCCESS The 1968 Talent Show included twenty variety acts which ranged from comedy to an excellent performance on the balance beam by Laura Moore, The opening number featured the Big Red majorettes. The program ended with music by The Dave Kozal Combo Mr Frank Poling was again director of the show. Songstress Barb Cross, one of the popular attractions of tfie Talent ShoA was accompanied by Dave Kozal 59 I»-1 Student Council Vice-President Ken Carlson and President Mary Stark go over some material received at summer workshops. SUMMER Student Council officers Mary Stark and Ken Carlson were given tfie opportunity to attend Leader- sfiip Training Worksfiops during the summer Ken Carlson attended ttie Leadership camp at Van Buren Mary Stark served as a discussion group leader at the National Studem Council Convention in Ablngton, Pennsylvania She also attended a Nation- al Leadership Training Workshop held on Kelley ' s Island. Ohio Attending the Detroit Student Press Association Workshop this past summer were Marcie Schneider and Tom Carter Tom Carter attended a one week session on photography Yearbook Editor Marcie Schneider attended a two week workshop Proper lay-outs, how to finance a yearbook, and what and what not a yearbook should include were ma|or ideas presented While there, Marcie took advantage of the offered activities and attended the play " Funny Girl " and visited Greenfield Village TIME FOR Marcie Schneider and Tom Carter are reviewing notes they took while attending the Detroit Student Press AssKiation Workshop 60 Last spring, Suzanne Smrcina and Kathe Neilsen were appointed by Mr Ted Belecz, Keyhole advisor, to manage the Campus Keyhole Suzanne and Kathe attended a ten day course in advanced journalism at the Michigan State University Communicatmn Arts Institute during the summer KalhB Neilson and Suzanne Smrcina discuss ideas they re- ceived al the Michigan State University Arts Institute Maggie Herton was the recipient of a scholarship to the six week music session at Interlochen this summer Vicki Czar- niecki also received a scholarship to attend a two week session Receiving partial scholarships to attend Blue Lake were Susan Pressentin, Mary Stark, and Susan Stults Music enthusiast Maggie Heicon found Interlochen to be a learning experience VACATION PROVIDED FURTHER DEVELOPMENT A total of $1275 in scholarships was given to bandsmen who auditioned for the awards They were |udged on musical ability and attitude in the organization The William Stewart Memorial Fund award went to Carole Duiser and Allyn Beekman They attended a music workshop at M.S.U during the summer Also attending workshops on scholarships were Andy, Aner- son, Brenda Cotton, Sue DeBoer, Andy Drelles, Janet Friend, Chris Hagen, Jim Hallberg, Ruth Hoisington, Pat Larson, Ann Mixer, Charlotte Peterman, Barb Rosen, Kay Sullivan, Tom Twin- ing, Nancy VanRandwyk and Jim Wurtz, Carole Duisei and Allyn Beekmai William Stewart Memorial Fund n at ABE 12 GRADE 10 GRADE The Sophomore Monster was composed of Tir Boone. Tom Lucken, and Jeff Billingsley Dick Lavery, Ed Schrader, and Gary Gudelsky up the Junior Monster. The Senior Monster was made up of Ernie Wooton, Wilfred Dennie, and Ernie Wooton. Joniof Bill Price and Senior Dave Young are trying to determine who the monsters are SEND A BIG RED ABROAD WEEK " WAS HIGHLIGHTED BY TAG DAYS, THE MONSTER CONTEST, DUDE ' S DAY, AND A DANCE. February 19-23, 1968 was " Send a Big Red Abroad Week, " Marie Frantz was In charge of the activities She was assisted by Hallye Jo Fleishman, Stan Jones, and Pat Pehm. Student Council members sold stock to students during the week. Tuesday and Wednesday were Girls ' artti Boys ' Tag Day. Friday was Dud ' s Day, Friday night after the game, a dance was held. The Monster Contest, which was in progress during the week, was won by the Seniors. The money earned will be used toward scholarships for those students who wish to study abroad this summer. The cafeteria proved to be a fine gathering place for this group ol students who are anticipating the activities yet to occur during the week WOLVERINE STATE EMPHASIZES GOVERNMENT Our delegate to Wolverine Boy ' s State last summer was Ron Rop Boy ' s State is sponsored by the American Legion and held on the Michigan State Campus Its purpose is to teach young men the functions of local and state governments This is ac- complished by setting up mock govern- ments in which every boy is elected or ap- pointed to an office. The week does not consist of all work, for various sports activities are available The equivalent to Boy ' s State is Wolver- ine Girl ' s State, held annually for girls in- terested in government, Ruth Hoisington was given the privilege to attend jr class president, Ron Rop, received leadership nence al Boys Stale Ruth Hoisington, delei an active band membe )te Id Wolverine Girl s State, is J. A. BECKONS TO YOUTH Busily working on his J A product is |un Dave Fox Junior Achievement is introduced to luniors and seniors through an assembly. Interested students are encouraged to apply and are later notified of their acceptance J A, gives teen-agers a chance to organize a business, gam new ideas, make new friends, de- velop leadership and improve self-confidence. A Junior Achievement company needs a charter, name and by-laws, products and capital. It must meet certain requirements just like a large corporation such as paying rent, buying ma- terials, renting fixtures and machines and buying insurance. Junior Nancy Robarge participates in a J A company The Junior Class earned away the honors m the snow sculpturing contest. Their motto: " Don ' t leave your team defenseless " Ed Hurst. President of Key Dub. got a soaking from Key Club ' s " Slop-Drop " THE ANNUAL ATTRACTED A Senate ' s Ice Cream Parlor was a tremendous success with the hungry set Here Vera Poort and Anne Mixer scoop up the goods Y Teens ' annual " Jail " was again the most popular booth at the snow carnival 64 The Sophomore Class sphinx was a well done snow sculpture ■■ -68. -68. This IS the year we go to Slate • The Seniors had the right idea even though they didnl wih the snow sculpturing contest SNOW CARNIVAL LARGE CROWD The thud annual M.HS Snow Cat- nival was a big success. Co-chaitinen for the Student Council sponsored event were Ed Hufst and Cattle Wickstra Class competition was held in snow sculptuting The Juniors were awarded first place with their representation of a Big Red and a tepee There was plenty of fun and food fot everyone French Club presented " Shave a Balloon " and Varsity Club decide d to " sink " a Big Red Following the catnival, a dance was held in the auditotium Two enthusiastic Spaoish Club members hold the rope while Assis- tant Principal, Mrs Jane Wilson, tries to break a pinata Mr Tazelaar cringes at Ihe thought of another wet sponge He is always an asset to the Hi-Y booth The winning class float was Bntltled " Make War, Not Love " The first section por- trayed a Big Red football player m ' S The Junior ' s class float was entitled ' Tackle the Sharr rocks ■ ' " Not Love, " the second portion of the Senior class float, was a psyche delic display A Big Red pep rally was held on Thursday night. October 12, 1967 Bill Beckley and Dick Lav- ery were in charge of the parade The Future Nurses float, " Luck of the Irish ' " won in club com- petition, A skit was presented by Phyllis Lester and Bob Hollis Laurie Holmstrom and Gary Bunnell read a poem The bonfire which followed was arranged by Junior Tom Carter, HOMECOMING :Ili3Jlt=ill 66 Senior Homecoming Attendants Lora Firlii and Rob Homan were active Lora was a Big Red Cheerleader, and Rob was President of Varsity Club and co captain of the football team Football player Chris Schoenbeck and Big Red Maiotette Caroline IVIcShannock were Senior Homecoming Attendants Homecoming Queen Ann Moore receives her red roses While Queen Ann Moore looks on, Kmg Oan McShannock receives his robe V ' W(L ' 67: QUEEN ANN, IG DAN On Friday, October 13, the Muskegon Big Reds defeated Kalamazoo Hackett 16 - 6 The Homecoming festivities began immediately following the game. The Master of Ceremonies, Bill Beckley, introduced the Senior ' s winning class float en- titled " Big Reds Make War. Not Love, " " Luck of the Irish " took first place in club competition for the Future l lurses However, it was rained-out and could not be displayed. Next on the agenda: the homecoming attendants. Riding in the first car was Sophomore Annette Davignon accompanied by Phillip Young. Junior Bette Swanson and her escort Cal Tatum were introduced next. Last came the Senior attendants Lora Firlit, Caroline Mc Shannock and Ann Moore, one of whom was soon to be the 1967 Homecoming Oueen The King candidates Rob Homan, Dan Mc Shannock and Chris Schooenbeck greeted the girls and escorted them to the platform The moment of decision had arrived— the 1967 Home- coming King and Queen: Ann Moore and Dan McShannock They were crowned by last year ' s Homecoming Oueen Debbie Buikema and Student Council Vice-President Ken Carlson who replaced King John Usmial who was at Iowa State, busy playing football The " Few Too Many " were featured at the dance which followed in the gymnasium. SPORTS Spectators were often held in suspense waiting to see who had captured the ba Muskegon Lansing Sexton Opp Dnent 6 19 Mona Shores 7 14 Travetse City 21 - f U Benton Haibor 7 16 Kalamazoo Hackett 6 ■ ' l 39 Catholic Central 19 40 Lansing Waverly 13 f» 13 Roseville lb 7 Muskegon Heights yfSm The ram followed the Big Reds even to Roseville The Big Reds faced the impossible task of staying clean during the gan BIGGEST OPPONENT IS THE WEATHER The Big Reds placed seven men on this year ' s LMAC All Star Team Mus- kegon mas the only school that had one gridder make both teams Dan McShannock was selected for the offensive and defensive Imebacket posi- tions. Other seniors on the team were quarterback H larv VanderWeg, back Bob Mollis, and lineman Pete Moore, Juniors selected were Mike Shannon, an mtermr lineman, and George Ritcheske at deep back Five Muskegon players receiving honorable mention were Chris Schoonbeck, Dick Juntunen, Stan Berdinski, Tom Graham, and Stan Jones Three weeks after the end of the season, the All-State teams were named Dan McShannock was honored with being placed on the Class A first team At the fall sports banquet, many of the outstanding players were hon- ored Dan McShannock and Chris Schoonbeck shared the " Most Valuable Player Award, " Peter Moore won the " Most Improved Player Award. " Rob Homan and Ron Rop received the " Captain ' s Award. " Gary Gay received the " Coaches ' Award. " and Marv VanderWeg was Honored with the " Most Battered Player Award " Quarlerback Marv VanderWeg talks over Ihe play with Coach Chiavcr- row 1— C Schoonbeck. P Moore, R Mollis. R Homan. R Rop. M Vander- Weg. S Jones, D McShannock row 2-D Pulliams. S Beidinski, E Bach- eller. G Bunnell. D Morgan. R Marine. R. Flermoen row 3— J Carey (trainerl. D Young. G Gay. H Husted. B Peck. G Dyet. J Lowry. R Juntunen row 4— Coach Chiaverini. B Branch. S Tomasievicz. D Stout. R Gable. G Ritcheske. T Felgenhauer. T Graham. AssI Coach Knight row 5— A. Backstiom. M Shannon. M Reynolds. B Gibner. M Moser. R Mandigo. V Beckett. J Heneveld row 6— AssI Coach Lewis. C Talum. R Fteed. A. Smith. G Gudelsky. R Sustaila. D Riley. D Christiansen. Assl Coach Kutches row 7-G Kochin Imgr ). R Soltess. C Thomas. C Deilers. E Schroeder. D Riley. T Karis. J Barrett. R Baker (mgr ) BIG REDS MUSKEGON - LANSING SEXTON 6 In the season opener, Muskegon ' s Big Reds encountered one setback after another. The first came when quarterback Marv VanderWeg was unable to suit up because of a knee injury, Ron Rop did the calling but Sexton ' s defense proved too strong for the Reds to score. Muskegon made a last tremendous attempt to score when Craig Deiters threw a 38-yard pass to end Chris Schoonbeck Time ran out, though, before the team was able to carry the ball into the end zone. MUSKEGON 19 - MONA SHORES 7 The only disappomtment in this game came when Mona Shores scored with only three seconds left in the game, Muskegon ' s first tally of the year came on Stan Jones ' run from the four. The second touchdown was made by Marv VanderWeg who was making his first start after injuring his knee The final score was carried into the end zone by George Ritcheske Dan McShannock kicked the PAT after Jones ' run The outstanding defense needs to be praised on holding Mona Shores to only 28 yards rushing MUSKEGON U - TRAVERSE CITY 21 A touchdown with one second on the clock gave the Trojans a disputed victory over the mighty Big Reds, This game was the first of many to come that was played in a steady ram The first Muskegon touchdown was run by Bob Mollis shortly after a run by Jones was called back The Reds ' second score came with 10 minutes left in the game W hile attempting to pass, VanderWeg fumbled, picked up the ball, and tossed it to McShannock who ran it 61 yards McShannock kicked his own extra point, Muskegon went down trying, though, when they lost the ball on their own 21 after the fourth down with 32 seconds left. MUSKEGON 14 - BENTON HARBOR 7 Tight ball control by the previously fumbling offense was the key factor in Muske- gon ' s win over the Tigers of Benton Harbor The defense, too, played a tough game and held the Tigers scoreless umil the end of the final period. The Big Reds ' first tally came on an 86 yard drive which ended when Marv VanderWeg went over Dan Mc- Shannock ' s kick made the score 7-0 The second touchdown came early in the third quarter as the Reds went 57 yards with Hollis running the final 11 Again Mc- Shannock ' s kick was good and the score stood 14-0 until the final minutes of play, when Benton Harbor capitalized on an mterception and drove for their only touchdown SCORE MUSKEGON 16 - HACKETT 6 Another outstanding job was done bv the Muskegon defense on the ground but they found the going tougher when Kalamazoo took to the air Among the defense leaders were Chris Schoonbeck, Dan McShannock, Joe Lowry and Dick Juntunen Muskegon ' s first score came on a safety when Schoonbeck caught Hacketts quarter- back in the end zone A recovered fumble gave Muskegon a 9-0 lead The last TD came on a run of four yards by Stan Jones. MUSKEGON 39 -CATHOLIC 19 Overcoming a 19-19 half time score proved to be an easy job for a powerful Muskegon offense The first two touchdowns were made on runs by George flit- cheske. the second of which was 87 yards A fumble recovery by McShannock, combined with the running of Rob Homan, provided the final touchdown before the half Second half touchdowns were made on a pass to Schoonbeck in the end zone, a short run by VanderWeg and another run by the Red quarterback after Dan Riley stole a Catholic pass MUSKEGON 40 - LANSING WAVERLY 13 The Big Reds showed they had little trouble taking advantage of their touchdown opportunities Muskegon quickly marched for a score in 14 plays the first time it had the ball Rob Homan made the touchdown and McShannock added the extra point Fifteen seconds after Lansings touchdown, Pulliams ran 86 yards to score The second half touchdowns were made by Hollis and Tatum. MUSKEGON 13 - ROSEVILLE The powerful Big Red defense showed its never-ending ability to be tough despite a mud-covered field in holding Roseville to only 69 yards rushing The Reds ' first score came late in the 2nd quarter when Cal Tatum wem the final 9 yards after a 56 yard drive. The Big Reds started another drive late in the 3rd quarter which re- sulted m Bob Hollis going the last 3 yards making the score 13-0, which it remained until the end of the game MUSKEGON 7 - HEIGHTS Another steady downpour was the only thing that held the GREAT BIG REDS from scoring more than 7 points These came when Muskegon was second and 20 to go. VanderWeg threw a perfect pass to Schoonbeck waiting in the open He ran for the touchdown without a Tiger coming near him McShannocks kick was good and this was the end of the scoring The Big Red defense held the Heights to only 16 net yards gained, all through passing This was a perfect end to a great season ) i-3t.i:-.-:j;;. Bob Mollis, fullback Dan McShannock, end Rob Homan, halfback " e? Gaiy Bunnell, tackle Russ Flermoen, end Stan Jones, halfback t: tt ' - " - 1 " W w " ! Bruce Peck, end Marv Vandei Weg, quarterback Pete Moore, tackle INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS MAKE UP THE TEAM Dan Morgan, guard Cal Tatum, halfback Bob Marine, tackle Don Pulliams. halfback Dick Gable, tackle Tom Graham, guard CHIAVERINI, KNIGHT AND KUTCHES COACH WINNING BIG REDS CCnCH KNIGHT f i.:i Pi }.r„) i t n r CDflCH KUTCHES Coach Chev finds he has nothing to worry about when the team IS three touchdowns ahead. Cheerleaders saluted the coaches with a victory wall m the cafeteria. The Big Reds were made great by a threesome who never even hit the op- ponents. They were Roger Chiaverini, Rob- ert Knight and Pete Kutches who suc- cessfully filled the demanding |ob of coach. Next Year they ' ll be welcomed back with the same enthusiasm they ' ve found in the past. Larry Harp and Raymond Ritter coached the Little Red football team to another perfect season. Their combined coaching has brought the number of un- defeated games to 27 They started the season in the late summer along with the team members and continued working as hard as the boys throughout it. The weather was never pleasant for the coaching or playing since it was either very hot or cold and rainy. Despite these odds, the coaches were success- ful and formed a team of which to be proud Coacti Larry Harp is introduc ing the team during a pep assembly L R COACHES HAVE FINE SEASON Coaches Ritter and Harp show they ' re just as happy when they ' re off the field- Mr Raymond Ritter, the other Little Red coach, high school English teacher at the . n ' f In a game, the Little Reds show what it takes to become Big f LITTLE REDS ADD 8 TO UNDEFEATED STREAK Muskegon Opponent 46 Wlona Shores 38 Orchard View 2 32 Benton Harbor 6 39 Kalamazoo Hackett 39 Grand Haven 32 Grand Rapids Christian 31 Catholic Central 27 Muskegon Heights 78 The Little Red players go through rigid practices to gam the skills i For the third straight year the Little RetJs completed an undefeated season, this year compiling an 8-0 record Not only did they win every game, but they allowed their opponents only 8 points These points came on a touchdown hy Benton Harbor and a safety by Orchard View The closest an opposing team came to tying was 26 points by Benton Harbor The most impressive win, scorewise, was the 46-0 romp over Mona Shores At the annual fall sports banguet several of the outstanding players were recognized The coaches ' award went to guarterback Jeff Billmgsley Named honorable captain was Dick Schrader, while Terry Weaver received most valuable lineman award. Greg Voss, who was the team ' s leading scorer, was named most valuable back, and the coaches named Steve Schmidt as the most improved player. ■ ik % • " ' d- ' r? ' T ' U ' lu.,... ' , ■ If T Row 1 M Stewarl T Weaver. J Olson, G Stout. T Jewett. J Miller, S. Schmidt, L Blanchard Row 2 C Richmond, J Miller, J Billmgsly, R Williams, D Schroeder, Voss, P Young, J Lovny Row 3 D Smrth, D. Fairfield, M Lambkin, G Hoeker, J Green, J Bunce. J Panici Row 4: G Babbitt D Carlson. S BiinadaM, S Manak, B Yonkers, J Lipps, J Ehnen Row 5 B Straley, S Woodrufi, G Versalle, S Wilkins, 8 Shriwer, A Bolden, T Boone Row 6 D Berg, J Fredrickson, T VerHulst, A Larson, L Ingram, 6 Novalich, J Kucrth Row 7 P Prentcc |mgr ), W Hanson |trainer|, J Bailey, T Stuck, J Huston, J Seals, B Haines, Coach Rittei, Coach Harp 79 Row 1 C Deiters D, Stout. R. Love,oy, C. Tatum, P Hawkms. F, Brooks. D, Boone, M, VanderWeg Raw 2: H VanderHaeven, D Mc- Shannock, L Jefferson. R. Martin. W Thomas, C Morse. B Crawford, J Hopkins. J, Moore. F, Winston, Coach Murphy BIG RED BASKETBALL TEAM CAPTURES LMAC TITLE WITH THIRTEEN WINS Muskegon Muskegon Catholic G R Christian Mona Shores Heights Grand Haven Orchard View Kalamazoo Hackett Traverse City Benton Harbor Kalamazoo Hackett Mona Shores Heights Grand Haven Traverse City Benton Harbor Muskegon Catholic Opponent 36 47 53 The second Heights basketball team found the Big Reds -looking up ' 80 " i - !?:. , Coach Murphv gives instructit Hcfb VanDerHoevcn waits loi a rebound The Big Reds had a new look this season with their new coach Mike Murphy, Mr Murphy came to Muskegon from Grand Rapids South High School. Through the season he and the team proved that they could work well together by winning the covered LMAC crown. Under this coaching, the mighty Big Reds compiled an excel- lent thirteen and three over all record and a six and two conference record. The two conference losses were against a fired-up Benton Harbor team and a revenge-seeking Traverse City squad The third loss came at the hands of the Heights, Two of the most exciting games were against the powerful Heights Tigers, The first game saw the Tigers beat the Reds in the final seconds of play. 81-80, The second clash between these two teams saw the tables turned. The Big Reds got their revenge by beating the Tigers. 69-60, ] Red Ron Lovejoy is trying to prevent a Heights basket. Cal Tatum, high scorer for the Big Reds, effortlessly shoots a In throw. BIG REDS SHOW THEIR SKILL Herb VanDetHoeven goes in for an easy lay-up all alone. Dan Boone and Walt Thomas guard for Tatum as he goes in for a basket. 82 Big Red Walt Thomas seems to be taking a rebound from an opponent ' s hands. Row 1: Coach LeCompte, L. Ingrar D- Ingram. C. Pruitl, A. Boone, J. Grt F Collins, L latum. R Williams, J Panici Row 2 D Knox, J Newsome, J Billingsley, T Mai Muskegon Opponent Muskegon Catholic Grand Rapids Christian Mona Shores Muskegon Heights Grand Haven Orchard View Kalamazoo Hackett Traverse City Benton Harbor Kalamazoo Hackett Mona Shores Muskegon Heights Grand Haven Traverse City Benton Harbor Muskegon Catholic LITTLE RED BASKETBALL TEAM PLAYS THROUGH UNDEFEATEI Both learns are anxiously waiting fof a lebou 83 Ron Williams goes up for a jump ball while team-mates Jeff Billmgsley. Floyd Collins. Tim Manng. and Larry latum look on. For the first time in a quarter century, the Little Red basketball team played sixteen games without a loss. The junior varsity was under a new coach from Grand Rapids South, Frank LeCompte Two easy triumphs over Catholic ' s J Vs started and ended the season The only close games were against Heights, Grand Haven, and Mora Shores Many of these were pulled out in the final minutes of play Since the Little Reds play the same schedule, their victories provided the courts with a spirited mood for their older counter- parts. Leaders for the team were Larry Tatum. with a 60% shooting average. Jeff Billingsley, Tim Maring, Ron Williams, Jim Panici, and Floyd Collins The over all team shooting average was 46%. Larry Tatum was the J V high point man Tatum goes up for two pomts against the Heights J V. ' s. 84 LITTLE REDS END FINE SEASON A Utle Red freethrow is watched anxiously by the players at the line Don Ingram and Bob Whimper saw action in this J V game Jeff Billmgsley tries to prevent a Heights basket CROSS COUNTRY FINISHES FAST In the process of becoming conference cfiamps, tfie H luskegon Higfi cross country team ran its best season in many years Ttie harriers started the season with a new coach, Mr John Dorris. a high school counselor Winning the first seven meets, including two over Catholic Central, proved easy for the team One of the high points of the season was when the IVluskegon runners took first place in the LMAC conference Greg Daniels, a junior proved to be the spark of the team with his consistent first place honors. Ihe runners are oH to a fast break at the start. Muskegon Opponent 4 15 Grand Haven 48 m 24 Ludington 34 lE 26 Traverse City 29 19 Hackett 40 20 Catholic Central 38 24 Muskegon Heights 31 24 Catholic Central 31 ' H ' 29 Mona Shores 27 27 Traverse City 28 27 Ludington 30 36 Catholic Central 21 31 Fruitport 24 26 Reeths-Puffer 29 Coach John Dorris beams at his winomg tearr From row M VanderMeulen. L Zellman. P Jardme, G Daniels. R Seamon. T Kroll D, Kroll. A Hubbell Back row T Carter, D Beighley. K Carlson. D Berg, R Heethuis, J Radtke, K Medema, M, Weathetly. John Corns 86 From row B Duiser, R Sieplmgs. H Husled. E Hursl, G Gudclsky. J Howell Back row W Cross, A. McCaleb, T Twining, T Btitton. J. VanderMuclen, W Bcckley, K Medema. D Swanson The 1967 tennis team didn ' t fare as well as was probably hoped, compiling a record of only 5 wins against 1 1 losses Four of these wins were double victories over West Michigan Christian and Ludington In the Greater Muskegon Tournament, which included several of the area high schools, the MHS team placed a respectable third. In the LMAC conference meet the Big Reds came up with a disappointing last place, and in the regionals the netters also ended up in last place. Playing first and second seed for the Big Heis were Gary Gudelsky and Harold Husted. In the Greater Muskegon Tournament Gudelsky survived the finals and came out as the city champ Playing as the first doubles team were Dave Kooi and John Howell The second doubles team consisted of netters Jack VanderMuelen and Bob Sieplinga. BIG RED Muskegon Opponem 6 Orchard View 2 1 Grand Haven 6 1 Catholic B Holland Christian 7 4 WM Christian 3 3 Kalamazoo Hackett 4 NETTERS 4 Ludinglon 3 2 Mona Shores 5 4 WM Christian 3 Grand Haven 7 Traverse tie 1 Kalamazoo Hackett 5 4 Ludington 3 FIND OPI 3 Benton Harbor 4 2 Holland Christian 5 2 Mona Shores 5 2 Catholic 5 87 ROUGH The efforts of coaches Tom McShannock and Roger Chia- verini and the individual team members made the 1967 track team dominant on area cinders. An early wm over Muskegon Heights consisted of sweeping first place in every event. The win over Catholic and the loss to Traverse City was in a tri- meet. The loss to Mona Shores came in the Greater Muske- gon meet. Ending the season were the regional, state, and conference meets Dan McShannock was usually a big winner for the team, in one meet taking three individual first places and also taking part in a relay that placed first. Three other Big Red track standouts were Greg Flaska, throwing the shotput, John Usmial, running high hurdles, and Greg Daniels, running the mile New this year to the list of events was the two mile run, which was run by Paul Jardine. TRACKERS ENJOYED A WINNING SEASON IN MUSKEGON Muskegon Heights Mona Shores Catholic Central Traverse City Ludington Catholic Central Mona Shores Regionals— seventh Conference— fourth 1st Row De Jong. Allen. Bouwman, Flaska Usmial. Dobberstein, Ritcheske. Jardine. 2nd Row Russ. Gay, Bachellar, Thomas, Seamon, Jones. McShannock, Flermoen, Vander- Meulen. Gibna, Hansen (mgr ) 3rd Row McShannock (Coach), Borgman. Branch, Stout. Ritcheske. Daniels. Gillette, Berg. Lavery, Carlson. Smith. Chiaverini (Asst Coach). 4th Row: Barrett, Pietrald. Heethuis, MacPherson. Kennedy. Gable. Moser. Shannon. Chnsto- phersen, Schroeder. Soltpss Tipping the ball to a team mate is Larry Allen BOYS ' INTRAMURALS PLAY BASKETBALL Basketball was the first boys intramural sport this year After regular season play team eight, headed by Don Pulliams, was named the winning team. Jim Roach, with an average of 15.6 points a game, was high scoring man for all the teams. An ability lo jump high often pays off High in the air for a |ump ball go lariy Allen and Jim Roach 89 A l.l r r Rick Young and Ed Bachelor, high point men for the swim team, are set for a fast start. Big Red diver Gary Gay exhibits his form in a swan dive SWIM TEAM MAKES DEBUT Orchard View South Haven Fremont Orchard View Opponent Row 1 Hanes. Lundwall, Swanson, Luchen, Monroe, Spoelman, Stuart Row 2 Coach Chiaverini, Branch, Kingsley, Pienela. Hubble, Howard, McPherson. Row 3: Jones (mgr ), Gay, Young, Carlice, Anderson, Bachelor, Ricco. Garrison. Front Row; L Coffey, B. Erickson. C. Deiters, T. Ziara. S Paczosa, M. VanderWeg, D. Isley, J. Carey, G. Stanton, L Steigelman, B. Vargo. W Tazelaar. A. Backstrom, A. Hubbell Second Row: Mgr J. Maxwell, Mgr M Dault. G Smith, D Young, G VerHulst, B Peck, L Stegall, R. Rop, S Dellinger, J Roach, Pulliams, B Hiza, J Hopkins, R Homan. Mgt G Kochir Coach R. Ritter The Big Red baseball team of 1967 compiled a record of 14 wins and 7 losses. Toward the end of the season, they won the two games against Traverse City and Catholic Central in the L,IVI,A,C North Play Offs, Winning the Lake Michigan Athletic Conference Play Offs against Kalamazoo Hackett topped the year The Big Reds played an impressive game in the 15 to 7 win. Doing the pitching for the ' 67 team were Jim Roach and Ron Rop Catching for them was Tom Ziara, This was his first season playing be- hind the plate. Second and third base positions were filled by Craig Deiters and Gordy VerHolst, respectively Marv VanderWeg, the short- stop, was also top hitter. This was the first season the Big Red baseball team had Raymond Ritter as its head coach. jskegon 10 Muskegon Christian 5 Mona Shores 2 Orchard View 4 Holland Christian 3 Fruit port 3 Kalamazoo Hackett 1 Traverse City 3 Traverse City 4 Ludington 9 Mona Shores 3 Muskegon Christian 17 Catholic Central Frurtporl 7 Kalamazoo Hackett 6 Ludington 2 Grand Haven 2 Orchard View 5 Traverse Crty 8 Catholic Central 9 Holland Christian 15 Kalamazoo Hackett Opponent BIG RED BASEBALL TEAM IS LM.A.C. CONFERENCE CHAMP Muskegon A cameraman catches Coach Bob Knight and varsity wrestler Dellan Zlarnko in an anxious moment. Big Red wrestler Bob Solless waits for the referee ' s whistle Fruitport Orchard View Orchard View Mona Shores Catholic Central Reeths Puffer Row 1 P Prentice jmgr ), 0. Gradisher. D Ziarnko, D Sands, R, Frederick. R Hine, T Graham. T Karis Row 2 H Oclmar (mgr ), G Ritcheske. E Stout. B. Soltess. E. Schroeder, M, Mosher, B. Knight Icoach) 92 MHS WRESTLERS FINISH FIRST SEASON This year Muskegon High sports fans were introduced to a new varsity sport, wrestling. The 25 boys, under the direction of their coach, Robert Knight, were divided into two squads, varsity and junior varsity. Even though it was their first year at wrestling, two boys captured first places in the city meet. They were Rick Mine and Dellan Ziarnko A second place winner was Ed Schroeder Two thirds went to Bob Soltess and Tom Graham, while George Ritcheske took fourth. Rick Mine tries to stay within ttie limits ot the white circle. Row 2 B. Kaiis. L Pennington. D Christianson. S Schmidt. R Gable. B Perry Row B. Erickson, G. Smith, G. Voss -C Moles. B Ekiund. D EIrod. T McNabnay. 93 In gymnastics classes the girls learn various stunts which include acro- batics and the use of the halance beam and trampoline Also, routines are made up to music using the acrobatic movements and also the stunts learned on the beam Above, Debbie Wood demonstrates her skill on the balance beam To the right, she does a hand stand 94 I The girls practice group routines to music GIRLS LEARN GYMNASTIC SKILLS Phyllis Lester is shown here using a mini-tramp, part of the gymnastic equipment Here the girls demonstrate a darKe movement. When given a break, the girls practice individually on stunts VOLLEYBALL IS GAA ' S FIRST SPORT OF THE YEAR The gills are jubilant after scoring a hard fought over point Girls Intramurals, under the direction of Miss J Mears, played volleyball as the first sport of the year The girls were divided into eight teams, with each team playing seven games Play-offs were then held, with the team of Dona Jarvi, Bev Burwell. Con- nie Cummings, Kim Keck, and Mary Olds being named champions Later in the year, the girls are going to participate in basket- ball and, hopefully, a girls intramural track team Regan Teles is returning the ball as Bctte Swanson stands by ready to assist The championship volleyball team consists of Bev Burwell and Dona Jarvi, standing, and Connie Cummings and Mary Olds, kneel- 96 The ball is passed to the waiting arms of Ruby Walker. Bev Burwell makes an easy basket. The girl ' s Intramural Basketball team Is part of the GAA Every Tuesday after school the flue teams play with one of them playing two games. The action is plentiful when every team is out to slaughter the other. In the excitement, many fouls are committed but all the girls know it ' s |ust for fun Learning the rules of the game also makes watching Big Red Basket- ball more exciting GAA LEARNS THE RULES OF BASKETBALL The action is fast and furious wfien tlie girls play basketball Claire Kolmodin shows Sue Wissner fio wf)en a comes to a |ump ball Brian Banninga, Tom Newville. Rick Hine. and Mike Hogan make up the MHS golf team. BR GOLF TEAM OF tl ENDS SEASON WELL The 1967 Big Red Golf Team had as their coach Ed Hager The team showed much improvement as the season pro- gressed. After losing their first nine meets, they bounced back and won five of their last six matches. The Big Reds also took fourth place in the LMAC Conference. On the team were seniors Brian Gustafson, Bob McKinley, Mark Fredrickson, and Chuck Sepessy. Junior golfers were Tom Newville, Rick Hine, Dave Petroski, Brian Banninga, and Mike Hogan The only sophomore was Tom Felgenhauer Tom Newville and Rick Hine arc number one and two men for ttiis year ' s team ' 9 -? Sitting: Sue Hoeker. Sue Marmg, Ruth Banninga In water Beverly Mertz, Linda DeBoer, Lagratta Mitchell Standing Marcia Wm, Linda Freye. Pat Straley, Beth Vanderwall Cheryl Holmes, Beverly Burwell, Dona Jarvi, Marilyn Klont, Sitting: Holly Fischer. Caroline McShannock, Tern Vanderwvest. Kan Aasen, Jeanne St Amour. Marianne Mc Arthur. Chris VanKrevelen, Connie Cummings. Cheryl Owen SYNCRONIZED SWIMMERS PREPARE FOR SPRING SHOW OF TALENT Marcia Witt is seen practicing a ballet leg for her solo m the sho - v -w? ,. —tS " " ' , -««■ Donna Jarvi is appearir year in a row soloist for her third 99 G.A.A. GIRLS TAKE LEARN TO BOWL CLASSES ' Mrs Jerry Wellise, center, helps the girls learn scorekeepmg. Sherman Bowling Lanes hosted the G A.A. members to a five week " Learn to Bowl Class. " Every Tuesday night the girls viewed films on the steps of bawling and then practiced using the learned skills. Upon completion of the course all who finished the class received diplomas. Also, awards were given for the girls with high series, high game, and high score for a team in the last two weeks. Chris Piasecki and Belinda Holmes are hopefully preparing to throw strikes. Barb Gillespie, on the nearest lane, and Joan Yeck. the next lane over, are using the skills they have acquired 100 ORGANIZATIONS - zrr ' l -i - ' JS STUDENT COUNCIL IS From Row Sheila Pearsons, Elections: Mary Stack. President: Mary Noling. Student-Faculty- Row 2, Mrs. Jane Wilson. Adviser. Marcie Schneider. Recording Secretary. Ed Hurst. Student-Faculty. Row 3: Tom McNahney. Sgt - at arms: Janet DcHorn. Citizenship: Hallye Jo Fleishman. Historian: Perry Hawkins. Sgt -at-arms. Back Row: Char- lotte Pleiness. Interschool: Mary Russell. Point System: Malcolm Russ. Treasurer: Bill Beckley. Intramural. Missing: Ken Carlson. Vice-President: Sue DeBoer. Correspondmg Secretary: Gary Gudelsky. Parliamemanan: Barb Rosen. Newcomers Charlotte Pleiness presents a very important idea to Student Council members in Room 107 Mrs. Jane Wilson. Assistant Principal and Student Council Adviser, answers a question directed to her immediately following a Student Council meeting. 104 ACTIVE AT M.H.S. Student Council is the governing body of the school. It serves to pro- mote more friendly cooperation between faculty and students, to foster leadership and responsibility among the student body, and to better exist ing conditions in the school and community. This year, Student Council handled Sophomore Orientation and Home- coming. An Honors Day was designated for the Cross-country team as well as the Big Red and Little Red football teams. Prior to Thanksgiving, canned goods were collected for the needy: and at Christmas time, newsletters were sent to the men in Viet Nam The Snow Carnival was again held dur- ing the semester break, and Send a Big Red Abroad Week was designated to earn money for scholarships. The intramural sports program was put into effect, and a student lounge was established by the Student-Faculty Committee. M.H.S. has had the privelege of being represented in larger Student Council organizations. Char Pleiness served as President of Inter-school Student Council, Hallye Jo Fleishman was Councilette Editor of Regions 9, 13, and Mary Stark was President of Division 4 Student Council President, Mary Slark, is listening attentivelv to discussion on an important issue. yf § m 1 o Front Row: Marianne McArthur, Ann Moore. Sheila Pearsons, teah Harcigei. Su( Schweiflei. Regan Teles, Kristi Knowlcs. Mary Newell. Charletta McMillen. Selice Rob inson, Rosemary Reaset. Nancy Morgan. Patti Pleiness. Mary Lee, Cindie DuChane Jim McDermed, Melissa. Cloud, Elvia Rubio. Belinda Kohns Row 2 Sue Wirkulis, Mary Stark, Mary Noling, Ruth Hoisington, Gail Treihewey, Lynda Beam, Denise Weer sing, Ed Hurst, Perry Hawkins, Mane Frantz, Sally Johnson, Connie Schweifler Martha Baker, Dave Guslafson Row 3 Colleen Bmns, Debbie Wolffis, Tom Ziara Marcie Schneider, Hallye Jo Fleishman, Darlene Knapp, Sue Achlerhoff, Tom Mc- Nabney, Dick Vento, Dennis Smith, John Carey, Pat Pehm, Barb Brow, Janet DeHorn, Bob Hubbell Back Row Connie Van Bemmelen, Janet Gill, Kathy Kalavitz, Mary Russell, Jim Roach, Bill Beckley, Wilfred Dennie, Ron Rop, Lars Zellman, Sherry Cryderman, Charlotte Pleiness, Malcolm Ross, Lennic Borgman, Bob Sieplinga, Briar Wolffis, Jerry DeGroat 105 STUDENTS EXCELLING IN ACADEMICS AND DRAMATICS National Thespians is one of the most respected organizations at MHS. It gives students who are interested in dramatics an oppor- tunity to further explore this field while still in high school Also, it gives the student recognition of accomplishment in the dramatic arts The members of this club participate in one-act plays To be- come a Thespian one has to have an accumulation of 100 hours of dramatic activity. A tutoring service, a mixer, and the spring induction are all activi- ties of the National Honors Society. Members of this club are chosen by the faculty from those eligible on the basis of grade point average and on consideration of their character. This organization was founded in 1921 to give recognition to those students who excel academi- cally and show outstanding character, leadership, and service. The officers this year are: Tom Zlara, president; Ron Rop, vice-president; Janet DeHorn, secretary, Carole Duiser, treasurer; and Leah Harriger, historian Front row Mrs Marjorie Rice, adviser. Came Wickstra. Bryan Hunter, Edna Mccske, 2nd row Richard Craig, Chat Pleiness, Ron Mc- Dermed, 3rd row Harold Mitchell, Jim Case, Da»e Young, Ren Palmer RATE HONORS Botlom row: Mrs Donalda Benoit. adviser, Mary Slark, lirda Burnngton, Janet DeHom. Pal Cwynar, Tom Ziara, Karla Resterhouse, Mary Kay Allen, Leah Hamgei, Jean Humenick, Ann Moore, Joan Wortleboer. Linda Punches; 2nd row: Hallye Fleishman, Leslie Tyler, Carole Duiser, Sue Hoeker, Linda Freye, Barb Hoogewind, Debbie Bogue, 3rd row Nancy Anderson, Vince Mls Rick Galy, Fred Scherlenlieb, Ed Hurst. Andy Anderson, Ruth Hoising- ton. Mane Frantz, Nancy VanRandwyk, Phyliss Goodman. 4th row Bill Wolteis. John Barteau. Bill Beckley. Dave Kozal, Marv Vanderweg. Jim Roach, Ron Rop, Doug Sieplinga, Andy Drellas. Bob Kruse. Larry Steigleman Ron McDermed, Char Pleiness. Richard Craig. Carrie Wickstra. Harold Mitchell, and Edna Meeske act out a scene from a play. Andy Anderson and Tom Ziara discuss so ciety ' s tutoring program ideas lor National Honors So- 107 HUMAN RELATIONS COMMITTEE AND SPEECH GUILD REWARDED IN EFFORTS TO IMPROVE SCHOOL. " Hello! This is Room 310, bringing you the MHS morning news " Sound faintly familiar? Its the usual cheery voices of the morning announcers, bringing you anything from commercials to game sched- ules, and waking you up from your blissful home room nap Speech Guild members indulge in the following activities: assembly programs. Forensic contests, the Voice of Democracy contest, and the American Legion contest To get into Speech Guild, an oral two minute reading or talk is presented before the executive board This year the board is under the presidency of Pat Pehm with vice-president Harry Brown, secre- tary Meredith Bond, treasurer Ron McDermed, historian Edna Meeske, and parliamentarian Paula Nobes. FRONT Mrs Wilson, Shirley Garrett. Sue Schwelfler, Elvla Ru- bio. Sue McNair, Sally Johnson, Celisse Robertson, Linda Kieft, Jerry Collins ROW 2 Kan Aasen. Sue Hockat. Lynda Beam, Chatletta McMillan. Tom McNabney, Janet DeHorn. Mary Newell BACK John Barrett. Willord Denme. Vince Mish. Bob Mollis. Clemcl Thomas. Jim McDiarmid. Vera Connelius, Hilde- garde Henning. FRONT Mr Poling. Pal Pehm, Harry Brown. Meredith Bond. Ron McDermed Row 2 Eddee Meeske, Paula Nobes. Pat Ferris, Bryan Hunter BACK ROW Bill Dressier. Sherry Cryderman. Darlene Keely. Charles Aikens. John Treat MASQUE PRESENTS ANOTHER HUGE SUCCESS; DINO " Each year the Masque Dramatic Society pre- sents a 3-act play. This year " DIno, " a play con- cerning the problems of a young boy living In the slums of New York, was performer) by the Masque members Sherry Cryderman played the sexy secretary of the settlement house IW Edna Mecske and Ron McDercred find Ihcmselves by finding each other. Breaking up a fight is not as easy as it seems to be Just ask ttarold Mitchell, who ' s tryir 10 stop a fight between Tom Myeis and Ron McDeimed Front Row Mrs Rice, Pat Watham. teah ttarringer. Carrie Wickstia. Jim Case. Richard Ciaig. Edna Meeskc. Meredith Bond. Brian Hunter. Patti Pleiness. Judy Wood Second Row Linda Cahill. Yvonne Bialik. Ram Kruse. Janice Nichols. Ken Carlson. Maggie Herion. Vera Poort. Jane Seppamaki. Char Pleiness. Ron McDermed. Cal Curow. and Jeane Brown Back Row Dave Beighley. Harold Mdchell. Sherry Crydeiman. Darlene Keely. Ren Palmer. Tom Carter Dave Young. Dave Baldwin. Jerry OeWald. Bill Bodell. Greg Blackwell WEEKLY NEWSPAPER INFORMS AND ENTERTAINS STUDENT BODY Senior Susan Rust busies herself by preparing headlines tor the Keyhole, Dennis Cook explains the operation of the Keyholes camera to John Wells. Front row: Darlene Keely. Nancj Wirkutrs, Suzanne Smrcna (Editornn-Chief), Kathe Neilsen. Joan VanderLaan; Row 2: Cathy Gilbert. Colleen Binns, Pat Foy, Pat Pehm. Diane Meloche. Mary Keift, Back row: Chuck Brrminsham. Chris Stialey, Dan Ohs, Don Franklin, Dill Nelson, John Wells. Bflike Goulet. John Rop no Sue Schweitier looks her lay outs ; Mary Stark helps Sue Stults with Donna Weaver receives her 1967 annual at the pass-out party held last August Staff members shown here are Sue Stults, Mary Stark. Marcie Schneider and Ann Moore SAID DONE STAFF MAKES USE OF INNOVATIONS TO PRODUCE ' 68 ANNUAL Front row: Sue Schweifler. Debbie Wood, Mary Stark. Marcie Schneider, Carol Varela, Elvia Rubio. Ann Moore. Row 2, Paula Nobes. Hallye Jo Fleishman. Bette Swanson. Kan Aasen. Sue Stults, Sharon Thomas. Linda Lutz. Back row Tom Carter. Deanna Cooper. Laurie Holmstrom. Sue Pressentin. Pam Frazier. Tom Timmei. Al Davis This year the staff introtiuceif many new ideas in the yearbook. These ideas were brought back by Editor Marcie Schneider from the Detroit Student Press Association Workshop last summer. Also new to them this year was the Edwards Brothers Publish- ing Company Miss Sue Walling, the year- book ' s new adviser, was kept busy running from the Muskegon Chronicle to the Wilson Building where she lent her professional hand to the book She is the head of the executive board consisting of her, Editor Marcie Schneider and Ass ' t. Editor Mary Stark, plus other section editors. Ill GIRLS SPONSOR SOCIAL EVENTS DURING THE YEAR. " Somewhere My Love " was the theme of the Senior Girls ' dance Saturday, February 17th. The dance featured Socks Sabin ' s orchestra. Mrs. Judith Ryan was the adviser. The officers were Lora Firlit, and Char Pleiness, co-chairmen, Sandi Korndorfer and Mane Frantz, treasurers, and Gail Tretheway, secretary. The Junior Tea took place at the Holiday inn on December 29 Attending were last year ' s sponsors, all junior girls, and the invited guests of this year ' s sponsors. The officers this year were Laurie Holm- strom and Eddee Meeske, co-chairmen, Jeanne Brown, secretary, and Kristi Knowles, treasurer. vl Bonon, row Marca Young, Joan Go-yl, Ka.hv Brywerk, Ka.hy J..e„. Ca. Cas.eoholz. Kr,s„ Kno«les. Eddee Meeske. Barb Ro«en ,1 Wargo, Nancy 2nd ro« Yvonne B,a„k, Eloise M,o., Sue S o., Marca Nash, Deb.e Wood, Svanso. Lynda Bea. K„s., Ande.sen. D.nne Snow, Sue Slolls. D.anne, 3,d ,o» L.nda Mdke, Nancy Has. Karen " ' Karen S.kkenga. Sue, Pan, Jane, F„end, Cha, Wyanl. Pa. Drake. Ann Lowry. Jeanne Som.ervdle. Brenda Allard, Liz Peters Bottom ,o« Peggy Sullivan, Kathy Gran,, Cheryl Rogers. Peggy Pat Slraley. Pa, B,o»n. Laune Holmstrom. Joan Van- derLaan Julie Fredricksen. 2nd row Nancy Roharge. Jiil Johnson. Debbie Bu,ne„, Kay Ge„ans. Sue Dalquis,. Jeanne Skidmore. Came W,cks„a Barb Sheere, Lynn OeGraff 3rd row: Tern VanderWes,, Jeanne St Amour. Oianne Nobel. Pam Kruse. Pat,, Krug, Beverly Burwell, Marlyn Klont, Joan Sthanals, Vicky Czarneck,, Nancy Aamod, 4,h ,ow Kay Sullivan, Ru,h Gunasky, Sue DeBner, Tom Timmer, Lois RoHman, Sandy Curan, Chris Monro, Pam OeVnes. Linda Rylort. B.enda Co„on, Mary Sch.ier Co-chairmen Char Pleiness and Lora Firlit make las, minute pla for the Senior Girls ' dance. i Rust watches while Bette Swanson anii Oianne Nobel seive cranberry punch during Junior Tea t-M ' t " r " Bottom row: Kay Barton, Carol Varela. Pal Pehm. Leah Harringer, Sandy Dunn, Lora firlit. Gall Tretheway. Sally Johnson. Lynda Beam, Marie Frantz. Mary Ann Keat, Sandi Korndofet. Char Pleiness 2nd row Vera Poon. Diane Valk, Janice Nichols, Pat Cwynar, Paula Fetenscik, Linda Chrislianson, Mary Jo Matthews, Sheila Pearsons, Sue Rust, Kathy Stub- bart, Linda House, Jan VanKrcvelen, Anne Miller 3rd row Marcie Schneider. Nancy Olson. Pat Rhodea. Mary Stark. Cheryl Holmes. Joy Schmidt. Leslie Tyler. Pat Foy. Marcia Witt. Sue McNair. Jane Seppamaki. Sally Robertson. Mary Noling. Judy Klemp. 4th row. Nancy VanRandwyk. Janet DeHotn, Dona Jarvi. Kathy Olsen, Vickie Witherspoon, Hallye Fleishman, Cathy Phfistner, Jan VanderMolen, Gayle Skok, Donna Weaver, Sue Achterhoff, Anne Sutherland, Bonnie Karnitz 113 Bottom row: Ann Lowry, Cindy Anderson. Janice Niciiols. Sue Dalquist, Bob Marine. Randy Wagner. Ken Freye. Dianne Nobel. Pam Carlson 2nd row: Sue AchterhoH. Sally Robertson. Mary Frednckson. Beth Vanderwall. Tern Vander- west. Carol Varela. Pam Frazier. Julie Fredricksen. Kan Aascn, Debbie Wood. 3rd row: Kns VanKtevelen. Gayle Rrtter. Kathy Jacobsen. Roger Spoelman. Jerry Peterman. Char Wyant. Paul Jardin. Dan Gardner. Brian Willibrandt, Jan VanKrevelen 114 BIG REDS PARTICIPATE IN STRENUOUS ACTIVITIES Ed Bachelor, and Dan McStiannock help initiate Ciaig Deiters into Varsity Club Ken Freye. a Muskegon High Ski Club rr slopes during the first ski trip of the year Tiber, and Jim Church Iron Hhs Puffer meet on the Traverse City Holiday Hills ' Front row: Bob Hollis, Ray Baker, Gordon VerHulst, Bruce Peck, Rob Homan, Dan McShannock. Harold Husted, Chris Schoonbeck. Marv Vander- Weg. Ed Hurst. Bob Sieplinga: Row 2: Dick Lavery, Craig Deiters. Stan Paczosa, Gary Gudelsky, Gary Bunnel, Stan Jones. Ron Rop, John Carey, Ed Bachelor. Tom Zlara, Bruce Duiser, Row 3 Paul Jardine. Greg Daniels, Larry Stegall, Tom Newville, An Backstrom. Dan Stout. Jack VanderMuelen, Dennis Swanson, Brian Banninga, Ted Britton, Gary Dyer, Gaylord Stanton; Row 4: Lenny Borgman. Bill Beckley. Buss Flermoen. Jim Roach. Ken Medema. John Hopkins. Gary Kochin, Terry Kroll. Brad McArthur, Don Pulliams. Richard Jutenan ORGANIZATIONS BENEFIT SCHOOL AND The Key Club, sponsored by Kiwanis Internationals, is pri- marily a service club, striving to develop initiative, leadership, and responsibility. Each year the Key Club challenges the faculty of Muskegon High School to a basketball game Service activities, such as aiding in the March of Dimes campaign, are undertaken with the proceeds from this game and from other activities. Key Club officers are: Ed Hurst, president: Tom Ziara. vice- president: Tom McNabney. secretary: and Larry Steiglman. treasurer. Booster Club also helps others. Its members try to bring out the school spirit. They make posters which stir the interest of the students. This year ' s officers are: Bill Crawford, presi- dent; Linda Postema, vice president: Lynda Beam, secretary: and Phylis Lester, treasurer Lora FIrlil and Ann Moore, Booster Club members, work poster for a football game. Betty Swanson is trying to put up a Big Red poster 0- Bottom row Ann Moore. Lynda Beam. Linda Postema 2nd row Betle Swanson. Naomi Hommes. Wayne Dotn 116 COMMUNITY Bottom row Vince Mish, Tom Ziara. Ed Hurst. Tom McNabney, Larry Steigleman, Gregg Smith. Mr Ronald Janczyck— Advisor 2nd row Dave Grant. Ernie Wooten. Mark VanderMuelan. Rob Homan. Bruce Howe. Ken Medema 3rd row Dave Sent. Bob Kruse. Tom Newville. Jim Roach. Beckley Tom Newville shoots a basket while Jim Roach. Mark VanderMuelan. Gary Gudelsky. Bill Beckley, and Ed Hurst wait for a rebound SPANISH AND FRENCH CLUBS PROMOTE The purposes of both French and Spanish Clubs are to promote student interest in foreign languages, especially the one which they are presently studying This year, Spanish Club increased in size by a surprising number With the introduction of a new advisor, Mrs Toy. the members discovered ac- tivities all over the state which dealt with the Spanish people Operas, dances, movies, and guest speakers were on this year ' s new agenda These activities taught the Spanish students more about the people from a personal and realistic point of view. To top it off. Mrs. Toy prepared an excellent meal for the large group, consisting of authentic Spanish food The aim of French Club is also concerned with allowing French students to realize how the people live in a less stilted manner than that which appears in book form Mrs. Tool also offered the French members films and guests pertaining to the people of France FRONT Diane Bowman, Jim McDiacmid. El»ia Rubio. Rulh Gunansky. Connie Schwieflec MIDDLE ROW Mrs Tool. Debbie Siefert, Tom Timmer. Marianne McArther. Cindy Vento BACK ROW Diana Plont. Sheryi Cryderman. Nancy Fles. Dave El rod, Dave Baldwr. Mike Walker. Lee Erickson r riv ' ' f 118 FRONT Mrs Toy. A. Huizenja. E Guerrero. P Pehm. K Knowles. C Varela. C Wyam. K Gerrans. C Johnson. M Young. G Apple, 2. S Rusl. J Vander laan, N Reynolds. L Drummond. C Reed. R Brook. D Suslerick. R Schwartz, L Rubio. K Johnson, V Bialik ROW 3 J Cleveland, M Carlson. V Lohse. D Holtz. L Peters. L Rottman, N Rothoff. S Stults. R McDcrmed. T Whalen, K. Ibershotf Row 4: C Owens. M Nash. S Bytwerk. D WoUis. D Strohm E Newsome L. Sandin, J Ashendorf, J Creason, C Brault, J. Thompson J Schaadler INTEREST IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES Kristi Knowles. president of Spanish Club, conducts a meet- ing in Mrs Toys room Mrs Florence Tool and Mrs Mana Toy discuss future programs for their clubs as they arrange the language lab for Christmas carols Spanish and French students sang the carols m the lan- guages they are studying In a heated debate the members of Spanish Club exchange ideas on what kind of booth to use in the Snow Carnival It was decided that pinatas would prove a success 119 BIG REDS ARE PREPARING FOR Bottom tow Pat Foy, Ellen Karkosky. Sharon Jacuhus, Paula Landwei 2nd row: Karen Hivcrson, Linda Burrmglon, Diane Meloche. Sheryl Wescott. Rhoda Guikema 3rd row Janet Droid. Barb Syperda, Pal Dur ham, Judy Jocubus. Marcia Witt 4th row Sue Center, Paula Frensik, Connie Medema, Janet Hogston, Lagtetta Mitchell, Mary Kiett, Lynda Ijimer Students going through high school are constant- ly asking themselves, " What am I going to be? " Some students have already decided on their future profession Future Teachers Association, Future Nurses Association, and Latin Club help students to understand the nurse ' s and teacher ' s professions By knowing about the past we can learn more about the future Latin Club explains the past with relation to the future Future Teachers officers are: Linda Christiansen, president: Joy Schmidt, vice-president; Marcia Coch- ran, secretary: and Charlotta H lclWillan, treasurer The officers of FNA are: Sharon Jakubus, presi- dent, Linda Punches, vice-president. Ellen Karkosky, secretary: and Pat Foy, treasurer Latin Club officers: Holly Fischer, president: Tim Boone, vice-president: Melissa Cloud, secretary, and Martha Baker, treasurer. Members of FNA listen and learn from two experienced members of the profession. I F-f ' zzsj r : r ' ui Pam Carlson. Chris Buikema, and Kaly Jacobson discuss so future trip to the University of Michigan with Latin Club. plans for a 120 THE FUTURE Bottom row Mrs Mabel Sutton-Adviser. Tim Boooe. Tern Benedict, Holly Fischer, Melissa Cloud. Mary Lee. Martha Baker, Chris Buikema. 2nd row Charletta McMillan. Bob Hubbell. Lagretta Mitchell. Pam Carlson. Jan Heckman. Irma Lawrence. Lindsey Bond. Kathy Herrin. Terry Rhodea. Sue Maring. 3rd row: Sharon Nelson. Kevin Charles. Richard Nelson. Kalhy Jacobson. Debbie Diesel. Gail Christophersen. Pam Floyd. Kaihy Bo zell. Gail Dornbos. Gayle Ruiter. Sue Goranson. Claire Kolmodin. 4th row Steve Music. Greg Cleveland. Jerry Wawrzyniak. Gary Versalle. Knight King. Tom Stork. Greg Hoeker. Dick Carlson. Greg Babbitt. Gary Kochin, Bill Voss Bottom row Rosemary Reaser. Gloia Center. Charletta McMillan. Linda Christiansen. Joy Schmidt. Pat Cwynar 2nd row Barb Hoogewind. Barb Moodt. Yvonne Lhose. Pat Rhodea. Carole VandeiPlow. Irma Lawrence. Marcie Schneider. Mrs DekkerAdviser 3rd Shrier. Linda Milke. Wilfred Dennie. Dana Sai Sherry Cryderman w Chris Straley. Mary Pat Pehm. Dona Jarvi. Joy Schmidt a future teacher, and Rhonda Jackson, discuss their plans for the future 121 SENATE AND CARMENTA INTRODUCE Pickles or paiamas ' This year, pajamas were sold to raise money whrch supports their Korean orphan Officers here are Leslie Tyler, historian. Jan Def orn, sergeam-at-arms. Carole Duiser, sergeant-at-arms, Ruth Hoisington. treasurer, and Sheila Pearsons, president Each year Senate Fine Arts Society and Carmenta Literary Society accept new members through selection and try-outs. Senate requires an oral report on any state, while Carmenta views dramatic skits or poems By tradition, Carmenta sold carnations on days of home football games. This year the girls in Senate sold Big Red nightshirts and raked leaves Carmenta members started the fad of wearing flowers behind the ear, as Sen- ators pranced about town singing their theme song " Wly (VIother Gave Me a Nickle, " Induction ceremonies ranged from white bobby socks to candlelight and cor- sages, A profitable year was enjoyed by both clubs. FRONT Mrs Gunansky, Leah Harriger, Jan OeHorn. Carole Duiser, Sheila Pearsons, Ruth Hoisington, Barb VanWoerkem, Leslie Tyler, Mrs Silky ROW 2 Sue Stohr, Chris Hagen, Rosemary Reaser, Nancy VanRandwyk, Ruth Karel, Vicki Czarnieki, Barb Rosen, Kan Aasen, Eddee Meeske, Patli Krug, Marcia Witt. Cathy Pfhistner. Peg Sullivan ROV 3: Pat Pehm. Char Petterman, Yvonne Bialik. Vera Poort, Kay Sullrvan, Sue Stults, Mary Stark, Jill Johnson, Julie Fredrickson, Kris Anderson, Ruth Gunansky, Tom Tim- mer. Colleen Binns, Carol Redding ROW 4 Charletta McMillan. Nancy Olson. Joy Schmidt. Mane Frantz. Brenda Cotton. Janet Friend, Pam Frazier, Sue Pressentin, Laurie Holmstrom, Jan VanKrevelen, Sue DeBoer. Jan VanderMolen. and Nancy Fles MEMBERS OF CULTURAL SIDE OF MUSKEGON Front row Hallye Fleishman, Joan Goryl, Lynda Beam. Sue McNair, Sally Johnson, Caroline McShannock, Sue Achterhoff, Kathy Jewett, Lucy Aniekeier Row 2 Liz Peters. Diane Valk, Sue Hoeker, Janice Nichols. Debbie Wood, Carol Varela, Char Wyant, Sally Robertson. Pat Straley, Jeanne Brown Back row: Diane Snow, Brenda Allard. Pat Tyler. Pam Drake, Char Pleiness, Sandi Korndorfer, Ann Lowry. Hjidegard Hennig, Jeannjne Summerville. Jean St Amour, and Pam Kruse Junior Senators Edna Meeske and Sue Stults receive their membership pins frorr Senate ' s treasurer Ruth Hoismgton Carmenta profited this year not only due to large carnation sales, but also because the mem- bers were under the fine leadership of the girls pictured here Nancy Wagner filled the posi- tion of treasurer Lynda Beam was corresponding secretary Sally Johnson acted as vice president while Sue McNair. standing, officiated as president Not pictured are Jane Seppamaki, sargeant-at-arms. Sue Achterhoff, recording secretary, and Hallye Jo Fleishman, flower chairman. 123 GUEST SPEAKERS ADDRESS YOUTH FOR CHRIST Mr. Marv Wiseman, adviser for Youth for Christ, speaks wHh Kathy Olson and Mary Christophersen in an early morning session at Muskegon ' s Little Theater Braving cold Friday mornings every week at 7 a m are the dedicated members of Youth for Christ pictured here The " heavenly " group consists of, left to right, Roger Spoelman, Andy Anderson, Kathy Olsen, Paola Landwer, Dan Gardner Second row: Paula Nobes, Charlena McMillan, Ann Moore. John Carlson. Rick ffine Back row: Andy ffubbell, Linda Postema. Naomi ffommes, John Treat, Tim Maring MUSKEGON BENEFITS FROM Hl-Y AND LIBRARY CLUB Both Library Club anri Hi-Y include in their purposes the importance of service to others. Library assistants fulfill their goal by giving up free periods to acquaint fellow students with the library Hi-Y stresses the im- portance of sportsmanship, concern for others, and community service. The activities of Hi-Y this year included swimming, gymnastics, and guest speakers Hi-Y sponsored dances, and held another mock trial at the court- house. Joe Tazelaar was again the sponsor. Library Club was led by Mrs, Elliot FRONT: Nancy Sparkman, Darim Babcock. Charletta MacMHIian. Barb Heykloop, Mss Stevers MIDDLE ROW Celisse Robenson. Lois fox. Dan McCaulley. Angela Meyers, Kathy Medema. Miss Walters. BACK Mrs Elliot. Mrs Hallberg. Mrs Kienke. Mrs. Unlied FRONT Joe Maxwell. Jobn Mitchell. Steve Jctfety. Dick Sullivan, Ted JeHery BACK ROW Mike Dault. Steve Champian. Jim Jacobs. Cbuck Birmingham. Dick Isley. Tom Isley. Mr Tazelaar. advisor. Secretary-treasurer Tom Isley reports on the financial standing of Hi-Y in one of the busi ness meetings at the YMCA. Shown above are Tom Isley. Ted Jeffery. vice president. Jim Jacobs, Dick Isley. and Dck Sullivan Absentee Chuck Birmingham is president SYMPHONIC BAND Front row Janet DeHorn, Carole Duiscr. Nancy Erickson. John Wieganit, Amly Drelles, Nancy Szmadzinsid, Charlie Brault, Joan Medendorp. Janet Friend, and Paula Dumas 2nd row: Ken Cross. Sandy Day. Barb VanWoerkom, Nancy VanRandwyk. Ruth Hoising- ton. Pat Larson. Karia Reslerhouse. Marilyn Klont. Muriel Fordham. Sheila Pearsons, Kathy Howard. Vickie Aslakson. and Mary Bouton 3rd row: Charlotte Pelerman. Peggy Olsen. Brenda Cotton. Kathy Cross, Jill Johnson. Karen Sikkinga. Lloyd Holdeman. Larry Blood. Bruce Woiffis. Jim Hallberg. Williard Zirk. Dan Gardner. Wes White. Rich Craig. Chuck Smith. George Bell. Andy Anderson. Vince Mish. Gary Waite. and Allyn Beekman 4th row: Ruth Karel. Kay Sullivan. Anne Mixer. Dana Lasswell. Sue DeBoer. Lyn DeGraff. Gary Shriver. Chris Hagen. Sue Goranson. Dave Kleyn, Brian WolHis. Gale Kingsley. Mike Shannon. Steve Blanchard. Dave Ko2al. Gary Nelson. John Carlson. Kurt Mundt. Doug Sieplinga. Ron Hannett. Bill Wolters. Greg Cleveland. Jim Wurtz. Darreli Hogston. and John Jacobson. CONCERT BAND Front row Janet Rademaker. Pam Carlson. Chris Buikema. Sue Hoeker. Cyndy Vemo. Jan Zuidema. Gayle Peterman. Barb Syperda. Linda Wieringo. Vickie Koday. Rae Doumo- chelle. Ellen Goebel 2nd row Diane Plant. Debbie Diesel. Donna Brilhart. Chris Anderson. Linda Sandin. Sharon Wood. Diane Snow. Pam Drake. Jean Skidmoce. Debbie Wolflis. Ken Cross. Charlie Hough. Chris Hagen. Rhonda Jackson. Julie Fredrickson 3rd row: Shan VanderVeen. Gail Ruiter. Joy Schmidt. 4lh row: Linda Grewe. Ann Bouwman, Cindy Urcavch, Marcia Pierce, Colleen Sieradski, John Carr, Dale Pelletier, John Rop, Larry Welty. CliH Slater, Jerry Ashendorl Ron Topping, Dave Gustin. John Reed, Bob HoHman, Steve Leifers, Bob Sieplinga, Dan Cwynar, Mark Oobberstein, Jim Lawrence, Fred Castenholz 5th row: Ken Kerr, Jerry Peterman, Jack Adams, Bob Kruse. Jim Thompson. Dave Betz. Tim Gillete. Bob Jones. Tom Twinning. Bob Whimper. Doug Wolftis, Geo. Brown. Dick Nelson, John Treat, Joel Bell, Steve Fairfield, Greg Cleveland. 126 CONCERT AND SYMPHONIC BANDS IMPROVE AS THEY EXPAND Membership in Muskegon ' s two fine bands is determined through individual auditions at the beginning of each concert season Those instrumentalists with more experience and ability are members of the Symphonic Band, while members of the Concert Band utNIze their time in improving their skills Sacrificed lunch hours are used for sectmnals, and the bands meet during regularly scheduled class periods. The annual Christmas, winter, and spring concerts keep the bands busy presenting some of the finest music available Various competitive events such as Solo and Ensemble, district and state festivals help the members of the bands learn to work to- gether as precision instrumental groups To keep the kids on their toes, challenges are arranged to obtain a higher position within one ' s section Mrs Anderson, better known as Mother, guides the members from behind stacks of paper, Mr Carl Bierregaard directs the groups with a determined baton He is assisted by this year ' s officers; Wilard Zirk. president: Vince Mish, vice-president, Sheila Pearsons, secretary, and Ruth Hoisington. treasurer. Muskegon High School is very proud of its number one band, even more so than in past years. Julie Frednclcson, Barb Rosen, and Sheila Pearsons lorm a brass ensemble Band membeis are under Ihe walchlul eye ol Mrs Dina Anderson, the band ' s office secrelary Carl Bierregaard, band diieclot, teaches by example Practicing for a career director is Sheila Pearson a New York Philharmonic 127 Barb Brow and John Carlson review Iheli music before the first hour class gets under way Many problems beset the Madrlgalian group this year for they were without an adviser for the first part of It Madrigallans are: Brenda Cotton, Maty Stark. Sue Pressentin, Vickie Czarnlecki, Mary Ellen Christophcrsen, Edna Meeske. Dan Ohs, Phil McRoberts, Jim Hallberg, Bill Nelson, Jim Hylen, and Ron Hannett Perhaps the highlight of the year for this fine singing group was the chance to appear on Channel 54, a local station Honor ' s Quartet, the elite grou p of the vocal music department, again made the Allstate Choir As usual, the quartet performed at churches, restaurants, and school concerts. The members are chosen by auditions, the judges being outside authorities on music The Honor ' s Quartet is composed of Gloria Center, soprano; Brenda Cotton, alio, Ron Hannett, tenor, and Dan Ohs, bass 128 YULE CONCERT HIGHLIGHTS VOCAL MUSIC YEAR. After a long wait, the vocal music department was finally endowed with a teacher. Mrs Gail Jothen, a graduate of St. Olafs College in Minnesota, is the director of A Cappella and Girls ' Choir, and acts as adviser for Wladrigalians and Honors Quartet. She replaced Mrs. Ellen Pool, who resigned This year the choirs presented their annual Christmas Concert. It was unique in music and program. Songs drifted down from the balcony, the stage was constantly changing from choir to choir, and a processional to the stage held the attention of the audience A Cappella officers are: Jim Hallberg, president; Fion Han- nett, vice-president: Mary Christophersen, treasurer: Pam Kruse, secretary: and Sue Stults and Dan Ohs, robe chairmen A Cappella officers contemplate plans for ttie coming year, incloding fond raising projects. New robes are fiopefolly tfie reward of tfieir planning Seated are: Pam Krose and Mary Cftristo- Iterssn Standing in back are Jim ffallberg, Dan Obs. Sue Stults. and Ron htannett Front row: Marcia Nasb, Barb Cross, ftolly Fiscbet. Veronica Cooper, Melissa Cloud. Gloria Center. Regan Teles. Janet Cbapel. Edna Meeske. Susan Stults. Anita West Row 2 Diane Valk, Mary Stark, Ann Moore, Margaret Zimmerman. Maggie fferron. Ann Marcil. Lagratta Mitcbell. Chris Monro. Pam Kruse. Kann Ediund. Mary Chnstopheisen Row 3: Gail Cbristopbersen, Sue Goranson. Kalhy Olsen, Linda Postema, Hazel Roacb. Naomi Hommes. Clare Kolmodin, Betb Goranson. Mary Forsytbe. Cbarlotta McMillan Back row Greg Urcavich. Malcolm Ross. Dan Strutbers. Phil McRobens. Alan Davis. Chuck Pothoff. Dan Obs. Jim Hallbeig. John Schadler. Dick Carlson. Harry Hall. Ken Lund- wail. Jim Hylen. RonHannett PROFIT AND TALENT OF GIRLS CHOIR INCREASE Sell-out candy sales, a car wash, and the profit from the sale of cloth calendars have helped Girls Choir to surpass every other year in terms of making money This choir also experienced success as a vocal group The many new voices and instruction in music theory made the year a very beneficial one for this organization The officers of Girls Choir are: Raline Hall, president: Mary Fredrickson, vice-president: Sue Wissner, secretary: and Marge Dulmsky, treasurer. Happy over the unexpected Increase in their treasury, the officers of Girls Choir plan future fund-raising projects They are, from left to right, Mary Fredrickson, Marge Dulinslcv, Ralinc Hall and Sue Wissner Front Row Dehbie Seifert, Naia Baaes, Joan Romans, Mary Olson, Pam Nasser, Debbie Burnett, Kay Gerrans, Geraldine Collins. 2nd row Shirley Davis, Sue Wissnei, Jane Bennett. Jan Heckman, Vera Connelius, Doreen Carlson, Marge Dulmsky Back row. Kathy McNab, Judy Halverson. Jan VanderMolen, Sue Bytwerk, Phyllis Excle Mary Fredrickson, Raline Hall, Karen Ryder, and Colleen Binns 130 ORCHESTRA TAKES ON DIRECTOR AND CONFIDENCE. fB« (» ' »J « flN FRONT Mike Giacobassi, Nedine Wirtz. Lindsey Bond, Mary Schultz, Linda Cahill, Diane Kaub. Holland JacobiU Malcom Russ ROW 2: Duane Fishel. Jim Elliott. Linda Maicil. Lagretta Mitchell. Nancy Enckson. Carole Duisic. Jan DeHorn. Paula Dumas. Janet Friend. Greg Wurlz. Glynis Morrison. Randy Cogswell. ROW 3: Linda Smitb. Yvonne Long. Judy Jobnson. Gay Blood. Sue DeBoer, Andy Drelles. John Wiegand. Mary Bouton. Katbee Howard. John Simadzinski. Diane Geerlings ROW 4 Janice Tillman. Bill Sbreves. Mr John Ritters. Lloyd Holderman. Larry Blood. Brian Wnlfis. Willard Zirk. Vince Mish. Gary Waite. Allyn Beckman. Jim Benort. Doug Sieplmga. Curt Mundt. Steve Blancbard. Steve Fairfield. Jim Wurtz. John Jacobson , n Curt Muncit. flanked by Doug Sieplmga to the left and Steve Blanchard to the right, takes time out to relax during one of the orchestra ' s many practice sessions. Meanwhile, in the picture to the right. Mi. John Riters calmly directs the remainder of the group From row: Lynne Garrison, Barb Brow, Roxanne Clark, Cathie Lynn, Peggy Yates, Helen Kem- mering. Shirley Garrett, Brenria West, Geraldrne Collrns, Ciniiie DuChanc, Lrndsey Bonri, Regan Teles. Melissa Clouri, Jackie Yoong, Monette Garrett, Liniia Garrett, Kathy Jewett, Barb Cross Second row Miss Mcars, Marilyn KlonI, Pam Corey, Beth Cutler, Mary Prentice, Mary Lee, Joan Yeck, Bette Swanson, Nancy Morgan, Connie Commings, Ann Marcil, Chris Piasecki, Kathy Her- rin, Kathy Jacobsen, Kim Strawn, Caroline McShannock, Cathy Castenholtz, Kathy Nelson 3rd row Ruby Walker, Liz Peters, Barb Crose, Diane Rozycki, Marge Oulinsky, Joan Schanhals, Martha Baker, Lynda Beam, Jean St Amour, Debbie Wood, Kathy Wargo, Carole Varela, Janice Nichols, Cindy Andrews, Denise Carlson, Barb Carnegie, Belinda Koehne, Ann Moore Back row Linda Luckcn, Lynn Hart, Emma Newsome, Pat Straley, Brenda Allard, Karen Sikkcnga, Sue Wissner, Bcv Burwell, Hildegarde Hennig, Char Wyant, Linda Crow, Mary Lou George, Peggy Featherly, Dona Jarvi, Claire Kolmodin, Janet Gill, Char Faucher, Carol Reed GIRLS DEVELOP LEADERSHIP QUALITIES FOR FUTURE PERSONAL G A,A strives to promote an interest in a wide variety of phy- sical activities for high school girls. It develops potential leadership ability and good sportsmanship in our students This club is in cooperation with state organizations. Their ac- tivities include intramural volleyball, bowling, basketball, badminton, Softball, and track Also, G A A members give a gymnastics show Leading the girls this year are Linda Lucken. president, Caroline McShannock, vice-president, Bette Swanson, secretary, and Kathy Jewett, treasurer While Mrs Jerry Wellise checks the score, some G A A members prepare to t 132 While Y-Teens also strive to develope leadership and fair-minded girls, it goes about it differently In Y-Teens the girls learn how to live personally and socially in the knowledge and love of God The activities of Y-Teens are numerous They make clothing for Goodfellow dolls, put together Thanksgiving baskets, and decorate hospital trays. Funds are increased by baked good sales, and the highlight of the club is a trip to Chicago, About forty senior high schools ' girls participate in these activities They are under the leadership of Shirley Albers and Janet Ockaskis Carol Red- ding presides as president and is backed up by Marsha Antonelli. vice- president; Marcia Nash, secretary, and Teri VanderWest, treasurer Bette Swanson urges Jim Panci and Jeff Billmgsly lo go lo the Ctinslmas dan AND SOCIAL LIVES Bottom row Willma Walker, Katfiy Wargo, Kathy Gerrans, Marilyn Klonl, fiflarcia Nasll, Carol Redding, Charlotta McMillan, Leslie Tyler, Geraldme Collins, Nancy Morgan, Pat Cwy- nar, Shirley Garrett, Miss Jeoson 2nd row Knsti Knowles, Sue Rust, Diane Rozycki, Marge Dulinsky, Joan Schanhals, Beverly Burwell, Jean St Amour, Bienda West, Barb Jowers, Paula Hosier 3rd row: Joy Schmidt. Pat Rhodea, Pat Straley, Liz Peters, Brenda Allard, June Johnson, Mary Washington, Rosemary Reaser, Pat Fairris, Lois Fox, Vera Cornellius Back row Karen Priefie, Vickie Aslakson. Peggy Hutchinson, Mary Noting, Karen Sikkenga, Bette Swanson, Joyce Bibbs, Yvonne Simmons, Coral Passage, Judy Iverson, Debbie Pas- sage, Mary Carslake UNDERCLASSMEN aJi NEW MACHINES ADD TO SOPHOMORES ' ENJOYMENT OF CAFETERIA Lunchtime provides a convemenl talking session for Joan Yeck and Chris Plasecki. Sophomore eg Schwing waits for his turn at the cafeteria ' s pop machine as Dave Skldmore enjoys his The cafeteria provides a fine place to meet for many sophomores. Adams. John Ahen. Vivian Amaya, Armando Ames, Mary Anderson, Aurella Anderson, Cindy Anderson, Linda Anderson. Randy Anderson. Raymond Anderson. Roy Andrews, Cindy Anderson, Suberlia 136 Antonelli, Mona Lee Anthony. Viola Appel. Garv Austin. Frank Babbctt. Greg Bachtal, Ruby Backstrom. Sue Baglien. Robert Bailey. Charles Baird. Paul Baker. Judy Bakei. Martha Baldwin. Bill Baldwin. Michelli Banninga. Ruth Barbel. Julie Barett, Anthony Beattie. Keith Beehler. Jo Lynn Bellinger. Denise Belmarez. Richard Benedict. Sue Berdinski. Gary Berg. Dan Betz. Dave Billingsley. JeH Birmingham. John Black. Dan Blanchard. Larry Blevins. Bill MHS sophomores enjoy a chance to talk over the day ' s events. 137 Blink. Barbara Blood, Gary Bochenstein. John Bolden. Malvern Bolthouse, Tom Bomers. Dave Bond. Lindsay Boone, Tim Bonneville, Pat Bourdo, Gary Bouton, Mary Bouwman, Ann Bowman. Diane Boxer. Paul Bozell, Kathy Branyan. Cherrt Brault, Charles Brentana. Vickie Briggs, Bertha Brillhart, Donna Bringedahl. Steve Broek. Ruth Broner. Dan Brow, Barbara SOPHS START ' 68 SCHOOL YEAR WITH ORIENTATION On Friday, September 1. 1967. the sophomores were imroduce d to the hallowed halls of WIHS, Upon arriving, they received their schedules and name tags. An assembly followed m the auditorium Mr Murel Burdick, Mr John Toppen, Mr Kenneth Kolberg and Mrs. Jane Wilson spoke on the school policy, while Student Council President Mary Stark and Vice-President Ken Carlson welcomed the new students to the school. The Big Red cheerlead- ers performed a welcoming cheer After the assembly, students were set loose to find their way to class A new sophomore glances at her semester ' s schedule. Brown, Marsha Bruce, Beverly Brunette, Joe BrvdHt. Judy Buikema, Chris Buitendrop. Marcia Buckley, Aloa Bunce. Don Bunce, Jim Burt. Carol Campbell. 0»iiel Campbell. Jim Cardenas. Edie Carey. Tim Carlson, Doreen Carlson. Pam Carlson, Richard Carr. John Carslake. Mary CastenhoU. Fred Chambers, Wanda Upperclassmen help to Introduce new sophomores to Muske- gon High 139 CHAIRMAN SANDY DAY LEADS The Sophomore class had Sandy Day as Its Chairman, which takes In all of the of- fices Sandy was the only sophomore to take out a petition for a class office, showing her real concern for the class Walking to the Wilson Building was one problem faced by the sophomores this year Many felt that It was ridiculous to walk all that way. especially If It rained or snowed Others found that this walk got them away from school for awhile. Also soph- omores were required to go swimming every day for five weeks in gym Some may have liked this, but in winter, many sophomore girls found that the water m their hair quick- ly turned into Icicles, !■■■■ ■ ■■» ■ ■■■■ ■ ■■ ' , !■■■■ ■ ■■ .i !■■■■ ■ ■■■■ !■■■■ !■■■■ !■■■■ ■■■V ■ ■■■■ ■ ■■■ ■ ■■■I ■ «■■ ■ ■■■I ■ ■■r ■ ■■■I w ■ ■a - nmr ■ ■ Sandy Day. Chairman of the Sophomore Class, also participates in many other activities One such activity is Little Red cheerleading Champion. Mark Chapel. Janet Charles. Kevin Charles. Nikki Chartrand. Christine Cheyne, Barbara Christophersen. Gail Qapp. Joe Clarke. Francis Qarke. Roxanne Qawson. Jim Cleveland, Gregory Cleveland. Judy Cloud. Melissa Collins. Floyd Cooper, Deanna Corey. Pam Cousineau. Susan Cox. Dale Crago. Mary Creason. James Cress. Sheryl Crocken. William Cummings, Conni 140 CLASS OF 1970 Cutler, Eliza beth Cwynar. Dan Czekuc. Steve Damm. Mike Dault, Mike David. Linda Davignon. Annette Davis, Diane Davis. Judy Davies. Martha Day, Sandy Deal, Rita DeBoer. Linda Oellingei. Bob Delmar, Hall Dennie, Linda DeWitt. Shern Dial. Dick Diepen. David DieseL Debbie DilL Dan Dobberstein, Marc Doctor. Sandra Donnelly, Mike Dornbos. Gayle Douglas, Diane Dowell, Judy Driver, Barbara Dumouchel. Rae Dunn, Thomas Durham. Pat Dwyer, Peggy Dykstra, Karen Edgerton. Linda Ehnen. Jim Eichorst. Gail Ellis. Dave EIrod, Davjd Enckson. Kathy Enckson, Nancy Erxleben, Phyllis Evans, Verneda 141 ANNETTE DAVIGNON, PHIL YOUNG CHOSEN SOPHOMORE Fairfield, Doug Fstkowski, Gary Faucher. Charlotte Felgenhauer, Curtis Finstrom, John Fischer, Hoily Flores. Roy Royd, Pam Forton, Tom Forton, Jim Foster, Etia Fowler, Sue Fox. Jim Frazler, James Gabel, Roger Gagnon, Carolyn Gale, Tom Gantt, Cherri Garrison, Anita Garrison, Nancy Garvey, Diane Gates. Mary Garceau, Dan Garrett. Monette Gauthier, Gary Gauthier. Victor Gedmin, Debbie Annette and Phil displayed happy smiles when they found they had b elected to the court Genter. Susan Geribo. Beth Gerlmg. Diane Gerstenfleld, Mike Gierzak, Rosalie Gilbert. Cmdy ATTENDANTS FOR HOMECOMING Gill. Janet Gillespie, Barbara Gillette, Ralph Annette Davignon and Phil Young at- teniJed the royal court this year represent- ing the sophomore class. Although they didn ' t win in either competition, entering into the float and wood pile contests proved enjoyable to the sophomores The homecoming was also nice for the sophomores because the night before, the Little Reds, all sophomores, romped over the Irish of Kalamazoo Hackett 39-0 Graham, Bob Grant, Judy Grant. Lottie Grewe. Linda Gnmm. Valeti! Green. Joe Grevel, Chris Gue. Brenda Guerrero. Angelita Guikema. Rhode Haekins. Sherry Hakes. Pan Halverson. Cheryl Mall. Barbara Hamm. Jack Hammond. Pam Hatdwick. Barbara Harker. Donna Harreil. Mike Hart, Diane Hartsema, Betsy 143 Jesse Houston has a long reach to get to the top of his locker J erry Peterman and Jack Adams have a sure method for distinguishing their locker from the many others i : jk Hazelwood, Jay Meckathorn. Joy Herder, Tom Herrin, Kathy Hill, Richard Hoeker. Greg Hoffman. Gary Hogston, Janet Holman, June Holmes. Brenda Hopson. Cindy Hough. Charles Hough. Larry Houston, Jesse Howard, Vicki Hubble, Bob Huizenga. Ann Hylen. Jim Humphrey. Craig Ibarra. Elba Ingram. Don Iverson, Judy Jacobs, Joe Jacobson, Kalhy Jakubas. JurJy Jandt. Tom Jenkins. Dale Jensen. Jack Jespersen, Judy Johnson. Barb Johnson. Dale Johnson. Dennis Johnson, Judy Johnson. Lyndon Johnson. Phil Johnson. Raynel Johnson. Susan Jones, Robert Jones, Elaine KalaviU Kathy Kaminski. Linda Karnitz. Becky SOPHS ENJOY HIGH SCHOOL INDEPENDENCE M.H S sophomores welcome opportunities for after-school freedor 145 TWENTY SOPHOMORES Keck. Kim Keith, Peggv Kenney. Bob Kenney. Lori Keyes. Susie Kiefe, Mary Ktett. Charlene Kieft Linda King. Lois Kimmel. Sandy Kirtel, Betty Klinkner. Kathy Knowles, Mike Knox. Deval Koday, Vickie Koehne, Belinda Kolbe. Kenneth Komodin, Claire Kopplow. Caria Kornodorfer, Rick Kroeze, Greg Krypel. Sharlene Kuerth, Jim Kunnen. Vickie Kuypers. Ray Lambkin. Mike Landwer. Paula Sophomores listen attentively at a Student Council meeting held Room 107 Lang, Hawkins Larson. Art Larson. Larry Lawrence. Lois Lawrence. Jim Lawson, Dan PARTICIPATE IN STUDENT COUNCIL Lee, Mary Leifers, Steve Levelslon. Willy Twenty representatives of the sopho- more class regularly attended the Student Council meetings. They willingly partici- pated in discussions and presented their views on important topics A number of them made signs for the Little Red foot hall players Sophomore IVIarianne McArthur was elected to Inter School Student Council, an organization including representatives from the governing groups of area schools Lundwall, Ken Lul2, Kalhy Lynn. Cathie Lyyski, Mike Mabrey, Peggy tulacNab, Kalhy Manak, Scon Mansfield. Peggy Marcil. Ann Maring. Sue Marjng, Tim Markovitch. Julie Martin, Barbara Martin, Linda Matthews. Mike Mattivan. Mane Mattson. Sam Matuzeski. Micheal Maxwell. Joe May. Lou Ann Mayville. Louis McArthur. Marianne McCluie. Linda McDIaimid. Jim SOPHOMORES WIN FIRST SPIRIT COMPETITION Sophomores are small? You ' d never know it by the amount of spirit they have shown this year The class of 70 won the yelling competition at the first two pep assemblies However, after " letting " them win these two, the juniors and seniors decided that was all. Still, the " silly sophomores " kept trying and could definitely be heard. They strongly supported the Little Red team, cheering them on to victory— in fact, on to another undefeated season. Sophomores show spirit at pep assemblies by cheering loudly and with enthusiasm. McDowell, Betty McFal, Karen McGrane, Helen Medendorp. JonI Meiers, Diane Meloche. Diane Melosche, Pam Merriweather. Phyllis Merriweather, Joyce Mertz, Bev Miller. Jerry Miller, John MIsze. Jean Mitchell. Lagratta Mole, Barbara Monroe. Larry Morehouse. Gerald Morgan. Auitey Morris. Terry Morrison. Glenys Morse. Melodyc Monro, Linda Musick, Steve Nelson, Cherin M: Sk . t i Nelson. Cindy Nelson, Katlry Nelson, Muriel Nelson, Richard Newsome, Jimmi Nichols, Pennv Nichols. Steve Niemeyer. Lynn Neimi, Brenda Norris. Thelma Novoselich. Greg Nowakowski. Antoinette Olds. Mary Ohvei. William Olsen, John Osborne. Steve Oudsema. Pal Overton, Alexius Owen, Chenl Palmer, Jerry Palmer. Jim Palmer, Ken Panci, James Parker. Patricia Passage. Coral Passage, Debbie Pavlak. Bill Payne, Sharon Peck, Greg Plemess. Patti Pena. Mirlda Perigard, Joe Perigard, Jane Perry. Linda Peterman. Gail Peterman, Jerry Peters. Pal Peterson. Fred Peterson. Susan Phelps. Dennis Piasecki. Chris Pierce. Marsha 149 Richmond, Clarence Robertson. Jim Robinson. Kim Roelofs, Jane Rucker. Shateta Rubio. Elvia Ruiter. Gayle Ryan. Susan. Rynberg, Brian Salter, Steve Sander. Don Sandgren. Kathy Sands, Dan Sands. Dave Schaalma. Peggy Schadler. John Schaub, Frank Schmidt. Steve SOPHOMORES FIND SCHOOL FUN AND INTERESTING Stew Wllkins, Randy Schrotala and Jim Bunce leatr experimental tecliniques from Mr Peterson Barb Blink looks on as Cheryl Voss proves that learning to cook is fon. Schnotala, Randy Schrader. Carol Schrader. Dick Schullz, Gary Schultz, Mike Schulz. Mary Ann Schutler. Tom Schwelflet. Conr Schwing, Greg Selfen. Debbie Sepuro, Walter Shaffer, Marcia Shaw. Selice Shalney. Paul Shearer, Brenda Sherman. Cathy Shisenant. Bill Showers. Jim Shrivef. Bill Sieplinga, Darlene Slier. George Simonellie, Kathy Simpson. Sharon Simmons. Willy " A sophomore is one who wants to forget the past and begin anew ... we hope in the right direction. " This is Miss Reid ' s description of a sophomore. Mr Prediger believes that the 9th graders in junior high were " kings of the hill, " but as sophomores in senior high they realize that they are " a little splash in a big puddle. " Mss Harriett Reid. counselor, helps sophomore Dave Skidmore with a scheduling problem. SOPHOMORES ENCOUNTER STUDIES WITH HELP Sindeton, Mike Sledge. Robert Slocum. William Skidmore. Dave Smith. David Smith. Mardi Smith. Pam Smith, Terri Snow. Doug Sparkman, Kay Spencer, Theodis Spoelman. Roger Soderstrom, Sue Stanley. Arnold Stark. Julie Slenholm, Mark Steven, Priscilla Stewart, Mark 152 Stewart. Mark Stinson, Barbarc Stone, Lyie Stone, Mike Storck, Tom Strait, Arlynne Slraley, Bill Strawn, Kim Sugarbaker, Eugene Sustailas. Roland Sutherland, Travis Stout. Eugene Sutton, Bill Swanson. Terry Sweet. Patrick Swieringa. David Syperda, Barb Szmadzinski, John OF COUNSELORS Taylor, April Taylor. Claude Teles. Regan Terrill, Diane Telzlaff. Terry Thomas. Charles Thomas, John Thomas, Zebara Thompson. Alan Thompson. Jim Thorton, Janell Tice. Sandara 153 - ' B Sophomote Jeff Billmgsley looks down from hts height of 6 feet 4 inches at Paul Prentice, who measures 4 feet 1 1 inches Both boys are active on the Little Red football team, Jeff is a quarterback and Paul is the team ' s manager Timmer. John Tolenkar. Marvin Toman. Nancy Topping. Ron Torrie. Jacqueline Townsend. Diane Townsend, Frank Urcavtch. Cindy VanBemmelen. Connie VanBergen. Vicki VanderBosh. Paul VanderLaan, Phyllis VanderStett. Linda VanKrevelen. Chris VanMunster. Danny Veldman. Bert Vento, Cyndy Verhoven, Francis Verhulst, Tom Versalle. Gary Villalpando, Julia Villanueva. Virgil Villalpando. Leticia Vinton. Dennis Vos, Kenneth Voss. Sheryl Voss. Greg Walker. Ruby Washington. McKinley Wawr;vniak. Jerry Way, Mary Weaver. Terry Wells. John C III Wearly. Wayne West. George Westetlani). Randy Westphal. Gerald Whihe. Nancy Wiard. Detiorah Wiegand. Mike Wierengo. Linda Wildort, Pat Williams. Ron Wimple. Sharon Wirkutis. Sue Wisniewski. Mike Whimper. Roben Wiersma. Cheryl Wilier. Pat Williams. Mike Wilking. Steve Wills. Kathy Wohllard. Sharon Wolffis. Debbie Wolffis. Doug Wolffis. Joan Wolters. Phil Workman, Gary Wood. Pat Woodin. Judy Woodruff. Scott Yates. Peggy Yeck. Joan Yonker. Bill Young. Debra Young, Philip 155 HARD WORK, CONCENTRATION Aikens, Charles Allard, Brenda Alle. Sandra Allen. Larry Amoya. Martha Anderson, Kathy Anderson, Kristine Anderson, Nicki AshendoH. Jerry Aslakson, Vickl BacksUom, Art Baker, Bay Baldwin, David Baars. Naia Baker, Mike Beam, Karen Becker, Joyce Becken, Vern Don Franklin and Kathe Nielsen work on the student directory together Jean St. Amour is busy at work in her art class KEEP JUNIORS BUSY Beckley. Came Beighley, Dave Beekman, Allen Bell, George Blood, Larry Bennel. Jim Benmtt. Jane Berg, Doug Bergman, Oarcy Bialik. Roger Biaiik, Yvonne Binns. Colleen Birmingham. Charles Birmingham, Joyce Bole, Daria Bond, Meredith Boon, Arnette Boone. Dan Borucki, Sheryl Boucher. Doug Bouwman, Debbie Bouman. Dick Bowman, Sherry Boxer. Robin Junior Waller Christophersen is using hts studyhall to gain more knowledge 157 JUNIOR ACHIEVERS GET [)-. ' .s. y j . Tk . ' " If I had a hammer , " says Dennis Swanson Britton. Ted Brown, Carl own. Jeanne Brown. Linda Brunais. Dorothy Bryant, Bruce Budis, Harold Bunnell. Carol Burnett, Debbie Burwell. Bev Bytwerk. Kathy Bytwerk, Sue Cahill Linda Cambers, Jeanine Carnegie. Barb Carlson, Ken Carlson, Marcia Carter, Gloria Carter, Tom Castenbolz. Kathy Castle, Mike Chambers, Gertha Champion, Steve Chandonett, Maria Chartrand, George Chatman, Alice Christiansen, Dale Christensen. Debbie Christopherson, Walter Clarke, Candy Clifford. Tim Clay. Henry Coffey. Lyndon 158 BUSINESS EXPERIENCE 159 ONE CAN ALWAYS TELL Ken Carlson relaxes in studyhall after a hard day ' s work " Let me in the picture, tool " says junior Walter Bates to sophomore John Watkins Oewald. Jerry Dobberstein, Jii Doom. Wayne Drake. Pam Duchane. Gindle Dulser. Bruce Dunry, Larry Dulinsky. Marge Dumas. Paula Duiser. Bob Ecklund, Bruce aiiot. Jim Ellis. Ron Eppink. Carol Erickson, Bob Erickson, Neil Fairfield. Steve Fairris. Pat 160 JUNIOR Falcon. Laura Featherty, Felgenhauet, Tom Fishel. Duane Flannery, Toni Hes, Nancy Flynn. Steve Fotsm. Carol Forsylhe. Mary Fox. Dave Frazier. Pam Freder, Ron Frednchson, Julie Fredrickson, Mary French, Sally Friend, Janet Pam Drake, a junior, displays one of her highly developed talents— hlowrng bubbi ' 161 THE CLASS OF ' 69 GET George, Mary Lou Gerrans, Kaye Giacobassi, Mike Gibner. Bill Giroux, Harris Gillette. Tim Goins. Aylia Goldeman, Lloyd Goins. Aylia Goranson, Beth Goryl, Joan Goulet. Mike Graham, Tom Grant. Kathy Greenwell. Marcia Greider, Cheryl Grimm, Dale Gudelsky. Gary Guerrero. Eriirtda Gunansky. Ruth Hall. Harry Hall, Terry Halverson. Judy Hamil, Raymond Hamstra, Carlton Hand. Brian Hanson, Willard Harris, Cecil Diane Snow and Norm Cunningham admire each other ' s new rings. CLASS RINGS Hams, Debbie Harris. Diane Harris. Loristine Hartman. Ron Hatch. Harry Heckman. Sieve Heelhuis. Rob Heethuis. Tom Heisser. Pam Hepworth. Glenn Hertz. Harvey Hicks. Arnolii Hoffman. Dan Holmstrom. Laurie Hommcs. Naomi Hoo . Joa Hopkins, John Hopson. Paul Hosier, Bonnie Hosier, Paula Hosmer, Vicki Howarij. Larry Howe. Bruce Houle. Carolyn Hunter, Bryan Huflman, Karen Hurl hurt. Failh Hutchison, Peggy Huston, Rose Ibarra. Vi[:tor Isley. Richard Isley. Tom Ivetshotf. Karen Iverson. Brian Jacobrtz. Roland Jacobs. Mary 163 CLASS OF ' 69 CHOOSES SWANSON AND TATUM The junior attendants for homecoming this year were Bette Swanson and Cal latum. Bette IS one of the papular Big Red cheerleaders, and she is also a member of Booster club and Y-Teens. She is the secretary of G.A.A., sponsored the Junior Tea and is active in both Student Council and Said Done, Cal is one of the Big Red football players, and is also an ac- complished basketball player. Besides this he is on the track team and is a member of Varsity Club. Bette Swanson and Cal Tatum take time out from their busy schedules to pose for the Said Done camera Jansick, Linda Jarman, Linda Jeffery, Theodore Jennings, Sandy Jensen, Chris Jesson. Willie Jewett. Kathy Johnson. Althea Johnson, Jill Johnson, June Jowers. Barb Karis, Tom Kaminski. Patty Kaub. Diane Keck, Dawn Keely. Darlene Kennedy. Rich Kemmerhng. Helen Kerr. Kenneth Kestelaot. Carol Kibble. Joann Kidner, Charlotte King, Knight Kjngsley, Gale AS JUNIOR ATTENDANTS Bene watches anxiously as a teammate makes a sure score Cal shoots a free throw to add a point to the Biq Red score. Kjrdhner. Constance Klemp, Mike Kleyn. Dave Klont. Marilyn Klug. Steve Knowles. Kristi Knox. Brenda Kochin, Gary Kowalski. Greg Koday. Ann Kracht. Janet Kreifeldt. Mike Krug, Patti Kruse, Pam Kuberski. Becky Kunnen, Ron Latin. Larry Lake. Manan Landwer. Bill Lang, Jerry Langland. Lynn Latham, Linda Latsch, Bruce Lavery, Richard Lawrence. Irma Leioff, Steven Lester, Phyllis Levan. Jenifer Little. Elizabeth Lohse. Yvonne JUNIORS DISPLAY ENTHUSIASTIC SPIRIT, BUT WIN ONLY Long, Leonard Long, Yvonne Loper, Judy Lubbers, Linda Lundeen, Ray Lutz, Linda MacNab, Nancy Mac Pherson, Dale Uallory, Jacqueline Mandigo, Bob Mandt, Rhonda Mangold, Margaret Mastenbrook, Susan Masty. Carol Mathews, Iren Mayville, Barbara Mc Galium, A! McDermed, Ron Mc Dermott, Bill Mc Kee, Doug Mc Menus, Margaret Medema, Ken Meeske. Edna Mjovig. Eloise Miller, Mary Milke, Linda Mixer, Anne Moodt, Barbara Mole, Sharleen Montambo, Debbie Laurie Holmstrom, a Big Red cheerleader, is hard at work, she ' s making another " spirit poster. " ONE SPIRIT CONTEST Morgan. Nancy Moore, Laura Morse. Mary Mosei. Mark Moser, Ruth Moskwa, Kenneth Moulds. Chuck Moulds, Mike Mundt. Kurt Murdock, Joan Myrmel. Eric Nash, Marcia Neilson, Kathe Newson, Emma Nichols. Mary Niemeyer, Dave Nobel. Dianne Nolmg, Joe Students at MHS go all out to back their teams, they even go so tar as to create a bright poster to urge all to atlerH) a game JUNIORS DISPLAY Perry, Bill Prow. Mike Pruit Charles Peters. Liz Petersen. Kristine Peterson, Sue Ann Pienela, John Pietrala, Wes Plekes, William Price, Bill Plichta, Arnetta Postema, Linda Larry Latin and Doc Riley take time out to pose lor the photographer HELPFUL QUALITIES Reynolds, Mike Reynolds. Nancy Riley, Dan Riley. Doc Jt Rjtcheske, George Roach. Hazel Robarge, Nancy Robeds. Clementini Robinson, Jean Rockcole. Carlene Rogers. Cheryl Rottman. Loe Rosen. Barb Rothoff. Nadine Rozycki, Diane Rudholm. Katbryn Ruel. Jaynie Runyan. Dorothy Ryder. Karen Rylon, Linda Sage. Nancy St Amour. Jeanne Salts. Charles Sandin. Linda Saur. Dana Schadler. Sanrka Schaefer. Sheila Schanhals, Joan Scheerer. Barbara Schmieding, Lorraine Schmitl, Ken Schoonbeck, Debbie Schrier. Mary Sccreoder, Ed Schuttema, Bruce Scalon. Ted 169 INCREASED ENROLLMENT CAUSES Teachers and students enjoy the lunch in the cafeteria Joe Noling and Don Franklin are relaxing in the cafeteria after a good lunch. Sculley, Mike Secrest, Cindy Selim. Greg Senkow, Brenda Shannon, Mike Sfiavalier, Kittie Shreve, Bill Sieplinga. Bob Sikkenga. Karen Simmons, Shar Sircher, Diana Skidmore. Jeanine SI iter. Linda Smith. Allen Smith, Barb Smith, Charles Smith, Dave Smith, Donna Smith, Linda Smith, James Smith. Janine Smith. Karen Smith, Kenneth Smith. Mike 170 CROWDED CAFETERIA AND LOCKERS Smith, Vicki Smrcina, Siuanne Snow. Diane Soltess, Robert Sparkman. Nancy Stanton. Gaylord Stearns. Nancy Steele. Kathy Stewart. Marsha Stohr. Sue Stralcy. Christine Straley, Pat Stout. Dan Stribley. Pat Slruthers. Dan Stults. Sue Sullivan. Dick Sullivan. Kay Sullnan. Peg Summerville. Jean Swanson, Bette Swanson. Dennis Szmadiinski, Nancy Tazelaar, Robert Tazelaai. Walt .=9 T ' Tenninson. Brenda ' Too many books, " says Laura Moore to Nicki Anderson. 171 JUNIORS FIND CLASSES INTERESTING Thomas, Joe Thomas, Marshal Thomas, Sharon Thompson, Tonj Tjmmer, Toni Tolar, Sally Jeanine Cambers, a junior, works hard on a chemistry experiment Weigand, John Weinert, Gertie Wells. Jan Wellis. Jim Westerlund. Rich Weston. Debbie Whimpei. Phyllis While. Wesley Wick. William Wickstra. Came Wierengo. Barb Willacker. Barb Wilier. Sue Wilson, Larry Wilsnn. Sharor Wilson. Tom Wirlz. Greg Wissner. Sue Witham. Mary Woodrum. Paul Woods. Jim Wolffis. Brian Wolffis. Bruce Wood. Debbie Workman. Linda Wright. Arsemon Wyant. Char Yore Lauranne Young. Jackie Youn . Marcia Young. Rochetle Zeedyk. Paul Ziarnko. Dellan Zimmerman. Margaret SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Donald Abbatoy Ronald Abbatoy Mike Alstems Robert Arkin James Bailey Linda Bailey Roger Balcom Roger Bates Walter Bates Bertha Baugus Alfred Bell Joel Bell Velma Bell Gloria Benson Qaudia Black Tim Blood Arnette Boone Louie Bourne Tary Brown Leroy Byrd Carl Carey James Carhce Lynn Carlson Mke Carron George Churchwell AHheaClay Larry Coleman Curtis Copeland Doug Crampton Gloria Cunningham Sam Cunningham Diane Davis Dave Delmar Robert Dent Sheryl Dress Abe Dugue Pat Falcon Robel Retcher Ladon Rowers Norman Rowers Henry Foreman Don Frazier Jim Fredrickson Betty Freeman Kay Funderburg Bonrta Garrison Diane Garvey John Garzelloni Tom Gillespie Betty Gordon Walter GriHith Jim Mall Shirley Hamilton John Hare Sheryl Harrington Enice Harris Rufus Harris Alonzo Harton Geraldtne Harwell Constance Hawkins Sherry Hawkins Betty Hendrickson Richard Jewell Bill Johnson Judy Johnson Kay Jordan Andrew Kauianen Faye Keenan Lora Knight Thomas Lang Shelley Lane Ron LeRoux Grant Meyer Diane Meyers Uargari Montalvo Mathew Moore Larry Musicovin Joe Myers Brenda Newell William Oliphant Essie Petty Thomas Petty Bill Phillips Patricia Pleiness Jerry Price Chuck Pruitt Rosemary Rafferty Roland Riley Dorothy Runyan Richard Scheele James Seals Thomas Seals Mave Senkow Vestora Simmons Yvonne Simmons Larry Simpson Qifford Slater William Smalligan Carrol Smith Dennis Smith William Spyke Kathy Stanton Patricia Stone John Stubbart Edward Swiatek Larry Tatum Cmdy Thompson Mary Thompson Lena Tronovck Stephen Troyer Susan Voss Mike Walker John Watkins Denise Weersing Robert Wells Martin West Larry Westerlind William Whiscnaat John Wilson Rick Wilson 174 JUNIORS NOT PICTURED NancY Aamondt Mark Anderson Gloria Atkinson Mike Baker Henry Bates Thomas Bell Keith Black Greg Blackwell Tom Bolema Bruce Branch Mildred Briggs Jim Broadbent Royd Brooks Gregory Brown Harry Brown Paul Brown Thomas Camp John Carlson Pam Carlson Nick Carmean Louis Churchwell James Coleman Eari Cranston Terry Dealer Richard Deery Gary Doyle Joy Drmkard Linda Drummond BethOybal Phillip Edgerton Nancy Emmons Don Franklin Duane Frazine Richard Gable Gail Galbreath Dawn Goodman Bonnie Grant Gary Gray Sharon Hamilton Daisy Harris Dale Harlman Jim Heneveld Lloyd Holdeman Paul Hoos James Hopkins Otto Hopma Andrew Hubbell JoAim Jamison Calvm Johnson Dale Johnson Kay Johnson Kay Johnson Willie C Johnson Willie J Johnson Barbara Jowers Marcy Kauranen Glenda Keeton Nancy Krawczyk Sandra Krawczyk Bill Landingham Lynn Langler Sheila Larson Dana Lasswell Curley Lawson Larry LeRoux Mike Loomis Daniel McCauley Jerry Meisch Charles Montalvo Jerry Moore Mary Morse Christine Monro Ted Muskovin Larry Nunnery Mike Ogren KatW O ' Malley Ted Ostrander William Parker Helen Passage Sandra Peterman Daniel PothoH Mike Prow Andy Rattaele Paul Rainwder Andy Rameau Bernade Robinson Lois Rottman Steve Schaalma Perry Seals Wilhe Simmons Paula Smith Reuben Smith James Stenberg Bruce Straley Marjorie Stonex Roger Suslaita Cai Tatum Ron Taylor Clemel Thomas George Thomas Walter Thomas Fred Tillman Janice Tillman Patricia Tyler Jan VanderMolen Marcus Watts Essie White Beverly Williams Lasley Williams Jacqueline Wright SENIORS SENIORS MIX HARD WORK AND FUN— FIND GOOD BLEND in diM iik Aardema, Douglas Aasen, Kan Achterhoff, Susan Alexander, Lavern Allen, Mary Kay Anderson. Andrew Anderson. Barbara Anderson. Brook i Bi H Seniors Theodis Crawford and Claveon Davis are in a good mood to , study? 178 ruech. Joseph artctt, Jennifer arretl, John Barleau, John Barton, Kay Barton, Luvenha Basham, Clara Bassett, Mane Baun, LiniJa Beam, Lynda Beckley, Bill Benedict. Tern Benham, Kathy Bennett. Linda Benoit, James Berdinske. Stan Bergsma. David Bibbs. Joyce Bice. Carol Blanchard, Steven Mmk MiM 179 GRADUATION . PROVES HARD WORK WORTHWHILE P f ▲ i jfe Bolthouse, Robert Borgeson, Roger Borgman. Lennie Bouwman, Ray i f ? ' -S mk 4 Bouwman. Steve Bowden. John Bowmaster, Janice Branch, Diane 4 Brauer Carol Brauer, John t .- i d b?.sii ■.AH ■■m i iKJ . mMA! iimf Brown, George Burnngton. Linda Butler, Cheryl Butler, Dawn i i Cambers, Connie Carey. John Carlice. Ken Carlson, Christine 180 Caroline McShannock and Dick Juntunen make good use of our fine library Carlson, Denise Carlson, Gilbert Carlson. Janice Carlson. John Case, Jim Caviness, Jerry Chasteen. Daria Christian, David Christiansen, Linda Christophersen, Mary Ellei Clanlon, Mozell Clarke, Sheila Cochran. Marsha Cogswell, Randall Collins. Geraldine Connielies. Vera 181 ACTIVITIES FILL BUSY SENIOR YEAR Cook. Dennrs Cooper. Veronica Cox. GarY Craig. Richard Crebbasa Ronald Creason. Jerald Crockett. Joan Cross, Susan Crawford, Theodis Cryderman, Sherry Cwynar. Patricia Darwin. Jeffery Seniors use study halls for various purposes. 182 Davis. Dan DeBoef. Nancy DeGroat. Jeriald Dick, Randy DiHkmg. Gayle DeHorn, Janet mjkmAiiiM DeVarve, Burton Devetlc. Randy DeWald, Sandra DeWind. Craig DeWitt. Dawn Dobb. Rosanne Tom Ziara and Vince Mish try and make a good selec tion from Ibe NHS. bookstore 183 Dornbos. Barbara Doyle, Gary Dressier. Bill Drelles. Andrew Drink ard. Dale Drozd. Janet Duiser, Carole Dunn, Sandra Dykstra, Bonnie Dyer, Gary Ediund. Karin Ellis, Benita i ii iiM Farrington, Deborah Faolkner, Dooglas Felker, Rosalie Fcrenszik, Paula Firlit, Lora Flaska, Beverly Fleishman. Hallye Jo Flermoen. Russell SENIOR CLASS LEARNS LEADERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY Rowers, Beverly Fordham. Linda Fordham. Muriel Forman. Joan Officers for tfie Senior class of ' 68 are: Ron Rop. President Wilfred Dennle. Vice-President, Ann [ loote. Recording Secretary Janet DeHorn, Corresponding Secretary; Lynda Beam, Historian Marie Frantz. Parlimentarian: and Mary Ellen Christopherson, Sgt- at-Arms. Tfiis year, they tiave helped with selections for graduation announcements, picked the style for our name cards, and super- vised the selections for our class motto, flower, and song. Row 1 Sally Johnson, Ann Moore, Row 2 Janet DeHorn, Lynda Beam, Row 3 Mary Ellen Christopherson, Mane Frantz, Row 4 Ron Rop, Wilfred Dennie; senior class officers lead the largest class in school history SENIOR CLASS HAS BOTH QUANTITY AND QUALITY rSfJL Janet DeHorn and Tom McNabnay seem to be discussing Gardner. Dan Barren. Shirley Garrison. Robert Garzelloni. Barbara Gay. Gary Geribo. Debbie Gerran. David Gilbert. Cathy Gillette. Gale Gilliland. Claudette Gilliland. Colman Goodman. Phyllis Goosen. Robert Graham. Meri Grant. David Gray. Delores Green, Nancy Gteen, Sherry Grimm. Carolyn Grimmer. Arthur Gue. William Gustin. David Hagen. Christine Hahn, Betty Malverson, Dennis Hammond, Gerald Hammond. Linda Hampton. James Hams. Tom Hannett. Ronald Hansen, Donna Hansen, Kay Hansen, Michael Harriger, Leah Hart, Lynne Hartman. Dotts Hatch. Janet 187 Education — Hawkins. Perry Hazelbrook. Patricia Hecksel. Larry Hedlund. Lois Hethuis, Colleen Henderson. Mark Hendrix. Robert Hennig. Hildegard Herbert. Larry Heykoop, Barbara Hicks. Sally Hiddema. David Hine. Richard Hiza. Bradley Hoeker, Susan HoHman. Frederick Hoffman. Marcia Hoffman. Robert Hogan. Michael Hogston. Darrell Hoisington. Ruth Holmes. Cheryl KEY TO SUCCESS One of our most enthusiastic students, Bob Bolthouse. is working hard in study hall " Gee. I flnallv got an Al " says Bill Nelson. Homan. D Robin Hoogewind. Barbara Hooker. George Hopkins, Jacqueline Houghton, Christine House. Linda Houseman. Debbie Howland. Timothy Humenick. Jean Hunt. Forrestine Hunter. Thomas Hurst, Edward Husted. Harold Huston. Julie Irwin. Rae Jackson. Rhondi Jarvi. Donna Joy, Charles Jefferson, Lionel Jeffrey, Stephen WHAT LIES AHEAD? Jennings. Barbara Jesse. Antoinette Johnson. Jane Johnson. Kathleen Johnson. Linda Johnson, Norman Johnson. Sally Jones, Trevor Charlie Joy comes to the aid of his fair maiden, Rhonda Jackson, Helpful, isn ' t he " ? Dan Wilkins and Dan Etterman are ready to take off for parts unknown. 1 Joslin, Richard Juntnen, Richard i £h - d mh M Karnitz. Bonnie Karnitz, Dennis Karkosky. Ellen Keat, Mary Anne U I Kelley.Jean Kenney, Michael Kitchen. Edward Klemp, Judith Klug, David Knapp. Darleen Knapp. Linda Knight, Louise Knox, Irma J. Kolbe. Sheryl Korndorfer, Sandra Kozal, David KrotI, Dougta Laird. Dave Larie, Gregory Larson. Mary Larson. Patricia Uh Laskoski. Kathie LeMaire. Donald Leroux. Wayne Lester, Sandra Leverence, Wchael Lloyd, Paulette Longemire, Ruby Lowry. Joe Lowry, Kenneth Lubbers, Judrth Lucken, Linda Mabrey. Paula Mackey, Linda iii Mahoney, Robert Manak, Louis Marine, Robert Marshall. Gerald 192 Knowledge Is Experience nnie Karnrtz and Tom Myers check ovet some measurements m their chemistry da Martin. Frank Martin, Ralph Matthews, ftfery Mattice. Cora Mattson, Barbara McAnhur. Bradley McQoud. Willie McKay. Sharon McMyian. Charletta McNabney. Thomas McNair. Susan McRoberts, Phillip McShannock. Carolini McShannock. Daniel Medema. Connie Medema, Kathleen 193 Rob Homan Isn ' t in the mood to study. " %fc Mefford. Richaid Meloche. Penni Mikesell, James Miller, Anne Miller. Levetta Mish, Vincent Mitchell. John Mitchell. Vicki SENIORS ATTACK EXAMS Mollema. Loretta Moore. Ann Moore. Peter Moran. Michael Morgan. Daniel Moise. Chailes Muldci. Hennie Mullins. Wade dMmM Musk. Thomas Myers. Angela Myers, Thomas Nelson. Gary pf -,: V ft i i Nelson, Marianne Nelson, Michael Nelson, Thomas ,.ud(. Newell. Mary Lou Newville. Thomas Nichols, Carol Nichols, Jance Nobes, Paula Noling, Mary NooriihoH, Thomas Norris. Zelma i mM 4. Page. Carol Palmer, Ren Paniucki, Thomas Parchman, Marmda Parker. Alice Pamsh, Paul Parrott, John Pastoor, Stephen Pearcy, Richard Pearsons, Sheila Peck. Bruce Pehm, Patricia Peliotes, Thomas Penriall. John Penrlock. Susan Peterman. Charlotte Peterson, Alan Peterson. Max Petroskr. Davirl Pfhistner, Cathy Pleiness, Charlotte Pomeroy, Robert Ponce. Michael Poort. Kay Poort. Vera Portenga. Stephen Porter, Bradley Pothoff. Charles 196 CONQUERING THE FUTURE ... AS ADULTS Preston. Harold Puehler, Marcia Pulliams. Donald Pummel, Elaine Punches, Linda Reagan, Davtd Reaser. Rosemary Redding. Carol Reed, Barbara Reed. Mary Reid. Robert Resterhouse, Karia Rhodea. Patricia Ricco. Lawrence Richardson. Barbara Roach. James Robertson. Sally Robinson. Sharon Rockcole. John 197 M.H.S. IS WHERE IT ' S HAPPENING!! Romans Joan Rop John Rop Ronald Royle Fred Ruel. Richard Russell. Mary Blen Rust. Susan Sage. Suzanne Sandberg, Kenneth Sander, Micky Sandman, Diane Sarantakis, Maria Scarbrough. Linda Schaub. Rod Scheitenlieb, Fred Schmidt, Joy Ed Hurst. Jim Roach, Bill Beckley. and Dave Grant show top form at right Kan Aasen. to the left, learns the joy of writing on blackboards ' Senior Jan Nichols Is deciding which books to talse home Working fervently on decorations for the Senior Girls ' dance are Diane Valk, Barb Richardson and Gail Trethewey Schneider. Marcie Schoonbeck. Chris Schuitema, Larry Schulz. William Schwartz, Delores Schwartz, Robin Schweifler, Susan Secrest, Gordon SenI, David Seppamake, Jane Sherman, Frederic Showers, April d,hdhmMfM Sieplinga, Douglas Sieradzke, Colleen 199 Siewert, Kathy Simpson. Msriene Sire her. Caria Skeels. Mary Skok, Gayle Smith. Brenda Smith. Gregg Smith, James Soltess. Robert Spalding. Steven Sparrow, Jim Spencer. Sheila Spyke, Connie Stark, Mary " On your mark. Get set ' V , " Yes. it ' s a flying saucer alright. " says Andy Orelles. Stegall, Larry Sleigelman. Larry Stewart. Karen Stinson. Nina WHAT LIES AHEAD? ennis Wilklns looks like he ' s got something on his mh f- i 4i VVj Stong. Robert Strait, Michael Strohm. Diane Stromoski, Sherry Stubbart. Kathy Stubbs. Robert Summerville. Jarr Swarvar. Linda Swiefinga, Jacob Thaler, Jacquelyn Theus. Curley WE WILL CHALLENGE dM iM§ Thomas. Lewis Thompson. Dan Thompson. Joan Thompson. John Thumser. Joyce Treat. John Tretheway, Gail Tyler, Leslie Uicavich. Gteg Valk. Diane Vandenberg. Michael VanDyke. John VanOerHoeven.Herb VanderKooi, Janet VandeiLaan. Mary Ann VanderMeulen, Mark VanderMolen. Jan Vanderplow. Carole VanderStelt. Ellen Vanderveen. Charlene VanderWeg, Marvin VanKrevelin, Janice VanMunster. Jeanne Van Randwyk. Nancy 202 THE WORLD , VanWoerkom. Barbara VentD, Richard Vos, William Wagner. Nancy Waite. Gary Waldo, John Walker. David Walkef, Marsha Walker, Sue Walker. Wilma Wallace, Joseph Walsvworth, Terry Washington, Mary Weaver. Donna 1 Webber, Linda Welty. Lawience Wescott, Sheiyl Wessil, Dennis West. Anita West. Brenda Westerlund. Alan Wesuick. Carol Whalen. Teresa Wiard. David Wiegand. Sue km Wilkins, Dennis Willbrandt, frian Williams. LaVerne Wirripee, Edward Winston. Frank Woodruff. Candice Woodin. Barbara Wolters. William Wittierspoon. Vicki Wiszunski. Olga Win;, tiadme Wirkirtis. Nancy 204 S TCT ?■• ii-, Wootton. Ernesi Workman. Cheryl Workman. Duane Wortelboer, Jone JI: SENIORS VALUE LIBRARY AND TEACHERS ' HELP Perry Hawkins finds tA John Gort. chemistry teacher at MHS. willing to help with a problem Wurtz. Jim Wynbelt. Getharl) Yonker. Ruth Young. David Young, Rick Zandstra. Sharon Zellman, Lars Ziara. Tom wman Senior Soc Bloc students find the Soc Library to be a valuable source of information for exams 205 Senior Directory Aardema, Douglas— Team Teaching Activities; Football Aasen. Kan— College Prep. Activities; Said and Done, Senate, Ski Club, Human Relations, Exchange Student Achterhoff, Susan— College Prep. Activities; Student Council, Senior Girls, Junior Tea-Sec, J.A., Cheer- leader, Ski Club, Carmenta-Sec, G.A.A,, Synchronized Swimming, Booster Club, Jr -Sr. Prom Committee Adams, Larry- General Allen, Marykay-CollegePrep. Activities; Student Council, NafI Honors, J.A., Y F C. Anderson, Andrew— Team Teaching Activities; Nafl Honors, Symphonic and Marching Band, Y F C— V. Pres , Student Tutor Anderson, Barbara— Team Teaching Anderson, Brook— College Prep. Activities; Acapella, Masgue Dramatics, Latin Club, All-School Play, Swim Team Anderson, Howard— General Anderson, Nancy— Team Teaching Activities; Nafl Honors, Junior Tea, J.A , Student Tutor Anthony, Henry— General Activities; Football Anthony, John— College Prep. Antonelli, Marsha— College Prep Activities; Y-Teens— V Pres., G.A.A. Aris, Ronald— Team Teaching Armstrong, Susan— College Prep Activities; Keyhole, J. A., Co-op Babcock, Darlynn— General Activities; Library Club, J A Bachellor. Edward — College Prep Activities; Football, Track, Varsity Club, Swimming Team, J. A., N.O.L. Baker, Jon— College Prep, Activities; Latin Club, Ski Club Bankhead, Letlcia— College Prep Activities; Gym Aid Banninga, Brian— General Activities; Concert and Marching Band, Golf, Varsity Club Barnoske, Sandra— Business Activities Girls ' Glee Club, Co-op Barrett, Jennifer— College Prep Activities; Girls ' Choir, J A Y-Teens, Booster Club, G A.A , Human Relations, Co-op Barrett, John— General Activities; Keyhole, J A., Football. Track, Human Relations Barteau, John— College Prep. Activities; J A , Nat ' l Honors Barton, Kay— College Prep Activities; Girls ' Choir, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, Keyhole, French Choral Barton, Lubertha— College Prep Activities; Y-Teens, Booster Club, G.A.A. Basham, Clara— College Prep. Activities; F.N.A., Y F.C., G A A Talent Show Bassett, Marie— Business Activities; Senior Girls, Junior Tea Baun, Linda— General Beam, Lynda— Team Teaching Activities; Student Council, Senior Girls— Invlts. Chair., Junior Tea, Keyhole, J.A. Carmenta-Sec, Booster Club— Sec, G.A.A., Jr.-Sr, Prom Comm — Pro Chair . Senior Class Historian Beckley, V illiam- Team Teaching Activities; Student Council, Nafl Honors, Key Club— Treas., Tennis, Varsity Club, Jr -Sr Prom Comm., Student Tutor Benham, Kathy— General Activities; G A A Bennett, Linda- General Berdinski, Stanley Activities: Football Bergsma, David— College Prep Bird, Richard — General Activities; Library Club Blanchard, Steven— Team Teaching Activities; Symphonic. Concert, and Matching Band, Orchestra Blevins, Thomas— College Prep Activities; Baseball Bluhm. James— Team Teaching Activities; J.A Bodell. William— General Activities; Masque Dramatics, Masque Play, All-School Play. Camera Club— Pres. Bogue. Deborah — General Activities; Nafl Honors. J.A.. Future Secretaries— V. Pres Borgeson. Roger— College Prep. Borgman, Lennie— College Prep Activities; Student Council, J A , Hi Y, Track— Manager, Varsity Club 206 Bolthouse Jr , Robert— College Prep Activities; Student Council, Concert Band, Keyhole Bouwman, Steven— College Prep Bowmaster, Jams— Team Teachmg Activities; Senior Gitis, Junior Tea, J. A., Y F C, Branch, Diane— General Brauer, Carol — General Activities; NafI Thespians Brauer. John— General Brault, Jean— General Activities; Football, Baseball Brents, Floyd— General Brown. Bernard— General Activities; J A., Hockey Brown, George— College Prep, Activities; Student Council, Concert and Marching Band, Key Glut J.A, Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. Brown, Martha— General Bunnell, Gary— General Activities; Football, Varsity Club Burrmgton, Linda— Team Teaching Activities; NafI Honors, J, A,, Future Nurses, Student Tutor Butler. Cheryl— College Prep Activities; Co-op Butler. Dawn— General Cambers, Connie— General Activities; Begmning Choir Carey, John— College Prep. Activities; Student Council. Football. Baseball. Hockey, Varsity Club Carlice, Ken— General Activities; J,A , Human Relations Carlson, Charles— General Carlson, Christine— General Activities; Keyhole Carlson, Denise— College Prep Activities; Y-Teens, Synchronized Swimming, G A,A. Carlson, Janice— General Activities; Girls ' Choir, Beginning Choir, Girls ' Glee Club Carlson, John— Team Teaching Activities: Symphonic and Marching Band Carlson. Gilbert— College Prep. Activities; J.A,. Hockey Carter. Lavern— General Activities; Beginning Choir. Y Teens. Future Nurses. Booster Club, G.A.A., Human Relations Case, James— College Prep Activities; Masque Dramatics, Spanish Club. Masque Play, All-school Play, Dramatics Class Play Caviness, Jerry— College Prep Activities; Big Red Indian, Booster Club Christian, David— College Prep Activities; Wrestling Christiansen, Linda— Team Teaching Activities; Seniors Girls, Keyhole, Debate, J. A., Future Teachers Christophersen, Mary— College Prep Activities; Student Council, Acapella— Treas., Madrigalians. Keyhole, Latin Club, Talent Show. Senior Class Sgt. at Arms Clanton. Mozell— Team Teaching Activities; Human Relations Clarke, Sheila— General Activities; Beginning Choir, G.A A. Cogswell, Randy— General Activities; Orchestra Collins, Geraldine— General Activities; Girls ' Choir, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, Booster Club, G.AA., Human Relations, Talent Show, Future Secretaries Conmelies, Vera— General Activities; Orchestra, Girls ' Choir, Keyhole. Latin Club. JA. Human Relations Cook, Dennis— General Activities; Concert and Marching Band, YFC, Keyhole, Camera Club, Visual Aid Cooper, Veronica— General Activities; Acapella, Girls ' Choir Cox, Gary— General Craig, Richard— College Prep Activities; Symphonic and Marching Band. Masque Dramatics, Nat ' l Thespians, Masque Play, All-school Play, Dramatics Class Play Crawford, Theodis— College Prep Activities; Basketball, Human Relations Creason. Jerald— Team Teaching Activities; J.A Crebessa, Ronald— General Activities; Baseball. Track, Dramatics Class Play Crockett. JoAnn— General Activities J A. Human Relations Cwynar. Patricia— Team Teaching Activities; Nat ' l Honors. Senior Girls, French Club— Pres , French Choral — Pres , Library Club, Y Teens, Student Tutor Darwin, Jeff— College Prep Dauten. Richard— General Davis, Alan— College Prep Activities Acapella, Said and Done, YFC, All-School Play, Wrestling Team Davis, Claveon— General Activities: Hi-Y, Human Relations Davis, Byron— College Prep Davis, Donald— Team Teaching Activities: Spanish Club DeBoef, Nancy— General Decker, Thomas— General DeGroat, Jerry— General Activities Student Council, Camera Club DeHorn, Janet— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council— Cit Comm. Chair,, Natl Honors— Sec, Symphonic and Marching Band, Orchestra, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, Senate— Sgt. at Arms, Jr,-St. Prom Comm— Invits, Chair., Human Relations, Pro-Musica, Senior Class Sec. Dellinger, Stanley— College Prep Activities: Baseball Dennie. Wilfred— College Prep Activities: Student Council, J. A., Future Teachers, Human Relations, Senior Class V Pres Derovin, Judy— General DeVette, Randy— General DeVnes, James — College Prep. Activities Key Club DeVowe. Burt — General DeWald, Sandra— General Activities Student Council DeWind, Craig — Team Teaching Activities: Track, Wrestling DeWitt, Damn — College Prep Activities Student Council, French Club, Y Teens Dick, Randy— General Activities: Hockey Diepon, John— College Prep Dierkmg, Gayle— College Prep Activities Student Council, Acapella, Madrigalians, J. A. Dobb, Rosanne— College Prep. Activities G A A Dornbos, Barbara— College Prep Activities Junior Tea, J A , Booster Club Drelles, Andy- Team Teaching Activities: Nat ' l Honors, Concert and Marching Band, Orchestra, Latin Club, Stage Band Dressier, William — College Prep Activities: Concert and Marching Band, Speech Guild, Tennis Drinkard, Dale— College Prep Drozd, Janet— College Prep. Activities: Senior Girls, Future Nurses Duiser, Carol— Team Teaching Activities: Nat ' l Honors— Treas, Symphonic and Marching Band, Orchestra, Senate— Sgt. at Arms Dunn, Sandi— Business Activities: Marching Band, Senior Girls, Majorette. Cherokette, GAA., Talent Show Dyer, Gary— College Prep Activities: Football, Varsity Club E Ediund, Karen— General Activities: Student Council, Acapella, Keyhole Ellis, Benita— General Ernst, Charles— Team Teaching Activities: Key Club, Track F Facchini, Geno— General Fallon, Thomas— College Prep. Activities: Library Club, Hockey Farrington, Deborah — College Prep. Activities Booster Club Faulkner, Douglas— College Prep. Felker, Rosalie— General Activities: Y-Teens, Future Nurses Firlit, Lora— College Prep. Activities: Senior Girls— Co-chairman, Junior Tea— Co-chair , Said and Done, Cheerleader, Booster Club, GAA, Senior Homecoming Attendant Fisk, Ken— College Prep, Flaska. Beverly— College Prep Activities: Senior Girls, Junior Tea Fleishman, Hallye Jo— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council— Historian and Parlim , Nat ' l Honors, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, Said and Done, J A, Big Red Abroad— Finland, Carmenta— Pari and Flower Chair, Synchronized Swimming, GAA., Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm , Inner-school Council, Flermoen, Russell — Team Teaching Activities: Football, Track, Varsity Club Flowers, Beverly— College Prep Activities Y-Teens, Human Relations 208 Fordham, Muriel— Team Teaching Activities: Symphonic, Concert, and Marching Band Foreman, Dorothy— General Activities: Beginning Choir Forman. Joan— General Activities: J, A Foy, Patricia— College Prep, Activities: Keyhole, Future Nurses— Treas. Frantz, Mane— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, Nat ' l Honors, Senior Girls. Junior Tea, French Club— V Pres , Chairman of Big Red Abroad, Senate, Jr.-Sr, Prom Comm , Big Red Abroad to Germany, Student Tutor, Senior Class Parli. Freye. Jon— College Prep. Activities: Hockey Freye. Kenneth— College Prep, Activities: Student Council, Acapella. Beginning Choir. Ski Club Freye, Linda— Team Teaching Activities: NatT Honors, Junior Tea, J A, Latin Club— V Pres , Synchro- nized Swimming G Galbreath, Lucinda — General Activities: Beginning Choir Galbreath, Shirley— General Galy, Richard— Team Teaching Activities: NafI Honors, Latin Club. Wrestling Team Gardner. Dan— College Prep Activ ities: Symphonic. Concert, and Marching Band. YFC— Pres, Baseball, Ski Club, Wrestling Team Garrett, Shirley— General Activities: Girls ' Choir, Beginning Choir, J.A., Y-Teens. Booster Club, G A A , Human Relations, Talent Shorn Garrison, Robert— Team Teaching Activities: Key Club— Sgt at Arms, Football. Human Relations. Swim Team Garzelloni. Barbara— College Prep. Activities: Talent Show Gates. Janet— College Prep. Activities: J A Gathard, Virginia— College Prep, Activities: Girls ' Choir Gay, Gary— College Prep Activities: Football, Track, Swim Team Geribo, Deborah— College Prep Activities: Senior Girls, Jr — Sr Prom Comm Gerrans, David— General Activities: Orchestra Gilbert, Catherine Activities: Keyhole, J. A.. Y-Teens Gillette. Gale — College Prep Activities: Student Council. Senior Girls. Future Nurses — Sec, Gilliland. Claudette— General Activities: Girls ' Choir. J, A, Gilliland Jr . Colman— General Activities: Student Council. Acapella. Beginning Choir. J A Hi-Y. Booster Club. Human Relations Goodman. Phyllis— College Prep. Activities: Nat ' l Honors Goosen. Robert— General Activities: Track Gorkish, Sharon— College Prep Graham, Meri— College Prep. Activities: Student Council Grant, David— Team Teaching Activities: Nat ' l Honors, Key Club, J,A , Hockey, Student Tutor Green, Nancy— College Prep Activities: Girls ' Choir, Jr -Sr Prom, Comm. Green, Sherry— General Grimm, Carolyn— Business Gue, William— General Gustin, David- College Prep Activities: Student Council, Concert and Marching Band. J A Hagen. Christine— Team Teaching Activities: Symphonic. Concert, and Marching Band. Senate Hahn. Betty— College Prep Hall. Robert— General Hall. Raline— General Activities: Girls ' Choir— Pres . Beginning Choir. J A Hall. Roberta — General Hallberg. James— College Prep. Activities: Symphonic and Marching Band. Acapella— Pres . Madrigalians Halverson. Dennis— College Prep. Halverson. Karen— College Prep. Activities: Student Council. Orchestra. Cherokette. Pro-Musica Hammond. Gerald— General Activities. J A Hammond. Linda— College Prep Activities: Student Council. Keyhole. Future Nurses Hampton. James — General Hams, Thomas— College Prep. Activities: Booster Club Hannett. Ronald— General Activities, Symphonic and Marching Band, Orchestra, Acapella, Madrigalians, Human Relations, Talent Show, Drum Maior Hansen, Mike— General Activities: Camera Club— Treas, Harriger, Leah— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, Natl Honors, Masgue Dramatics— Historian, Senior Girls, Senate — Sec , Masgue Play, Dramatics Class Play Hart, Lynne— College Prep Activities: G.A.A.. Jr.-Sr Prom Comm, Hartman, Dons— College Prep Activities Y F C , Co-op Hatch, Janet — General Activities Senior Girls, J A , Y-Teens Hawkins, Perry— College Prep Activities: Student Council — Sgt at Arms, Football, Basketball, Human Relations, Boy ' s State— alt Hayes, Annette— General Activities: Beginning Choir, Keyhole Hazelbrook, Patricia — General Hecksel, Harry— General Hedlund, Lois— College Prep, Activities: Acapella, Y,F C Heethuis, Colleen— General Activities: Y,F C, Human Relations, Co-op Heethuis, Sandra — General Heinold, Richard— General Henderson, Mark— College Prep Hendrix, Bob— College Prep. Activities; Key Club, Cross Country Hennig, Hildegard— College Prep Activities Carmenta. G A A , Exchange Student Herbert, Larry— General Hewitt, Duane— General Heykoop, Barbara— College Prep Activities: Spanish Club, Library Club — Pres, Hicks, Sally— General Activities: Dramatics Class Play Hine, Richard— Team Teaching Activities: Concert and Marching Band, YFC, Golf. Wrestling Team Hiza, Bradley— Team Teaching Activities: Key Club, J A , Baseball HIadki, Roger— General Hoeker, Susan— Team Teaching Activities: Natl Honors, Concert and Marching Band, Junior Tea, Latin Club, J A, YFC, Carmenta, Synchronized Swimming, Human Relations, Student Tutor Hoffman Jr., Fred— General Activities: Acape lla, J.A. Hoffman, Marcia— College Prep Hoffman, Robert— General Activities: Concert and Marching Band, J A Hogan, Mike— General Activities: Golf Hogsto, Darrell — College Prep. Activities: Symphonic, Concert, and Marching Band, Orchestra Hoisington, Ruth— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, NafI Honors. Symphonic, Concert, and Marching Band, Pro-Musica— Treas , Senate— Treas., All-School Play, Girls ' State Holmes, Cheryl— College Prep. Activities: Senior Girls, Synchronized Swimming Holtz, Patrick— General Hollis, Robert — College Prep Activities: Acapella, Football, Varsity Club, Human Relations Homan, Rob— College Prep. Activities: Student Council, Football— Co-captain, Baseball, Varsity Club— Pres Hoogewind, Barbara— Team Teaching Activities: Nat ' l Honors, J. A., Future Teachers, Student Tutor Hooker, George— General Hopkins, Jackie— College Prep. Activities: G.A.A., Co-op Houghton, Christine- Business Activities Student Council, Co-op House, Linda— College Prep. Activities: Senior Girls, Spanish Clu b Howland, Tim— College Prep. Activities: YFC. Hummenick, Jean— College Prep Activities: Nat ' l Honors, Latin Club— Treas, Tennis, Synchronized Swim- ming, G A A, Talent Show Hunter, Thomas— Team Teaching ActivitiesFootball, Track Hurst, Edward— Team Teaching Activities: Studem Council-Student-Faculty Rel, Chair, Natl Honors, French Club, Key Club-Sec Pres., Football, Tennis, Varsity Club, 210 Human Relations. Student Tutor Husted. Harold— College Prep. Activities: Football. Tennis, Varsity Club. Jr Sr Piom Comm Huston. Julie — General Ibarra. Victor— College Prep Irwin. Rae— College Prep Activities; Senior Girls Jackson. Rhonda— Team Teaching Activities: Concert and Marching Band, Senior Girls. J A. Future Nurses— Histor.. Senate Jacobs, James— General Activities: Hi-Y— Treas,. Baseball Jacobson, John— Team Teaching Activities: Symphonic, Concert, and Marching Bands. Orchestra Jakubas, Sharon— Team Teaching Activities: J. A., Future Nurses— Pres Jardine, Paul— College Prep Activities: Keyhole, Spanish Club, Track, Varsity Club, Ski Club Jarvi, Dona— College Prep Activities: Senior Girls, J, A,, Future Teachers. Synchronized Swimming, GA.A Jefferson, Lionel — General Activities: Basketball, Baseball, Human Relations Jeffery, Stephen— Team Teaching Activities: Nafl Honors, Concert and Marching Band, Hi-Y Jennings, Barbara— Business Jesse, Toni— General Activities: Girls ' Choir, Y-Teens, Beginning Choir Johnson, Ella— General Johnson, Jane— Commercial Activities: Girls ' Choir, Beginning Choir Johnson, Julia— General Activities: Beginning Choir Johnson, Kathy— College Prep Activities: Spanish Club, Y F,C, Johnson, Linda— General Johnson, Norman— General Johnson, Sally— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, French Club. Cheer- leader, Carmenta— V Pres,, G.A.A., Jt.-Sr. Prom Comm., Human Relations, Senior Class Treas Jones, Stanley— General Activities: Football, Track, Varsity Club, Human Relation— Chairman. Big Red Abroad to Finland. Swim Team Manager Jones, Trevor— General Joslin, Rick— College Prep. Activities: Y.F C Joy. Charles— Team Teaching Activities Student Council. Latin Club. Football K Karel. Ruth— Team Teaching Activities: Symphonic and Marching Band. YFC. Senate, Foreign Lang. League Student to Europe Karis, Bill— Team Teaching Activities: Wrestling Karkosky, Ellen— College Prep. Activities: Girls ' Choir, Latin Club, J A , Future Nurses— Sec. Karnitz, Bonnie— College Prep Activities: Senior Girls, French Club, French Choral. All-school Play, Dramatics Class Play Karnitz, Dennis— College Prep. Activities: Football, Acapella Kayler, Charles— General Keat, Mary Anne— General Activities: Senior Girls, Keyhole, French Choral, Y-Teens Keeton, Larry— General Kelsey, Jean— General Kenney, Mike— College Prep. Kitchen, Edward — General Activities: Symphonic. Concert, and Marching Bands Klemp, Judy— General Activities: Senior Girls. Junior Tea. French Club, French Choral Klug, David— College Prep Activities J.A Knapp, Darleen— College Prep Activities: Student Council, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, J A, Carmenta- Hist , Synchronized Swimming. G.A A . Ski Club. Jr -Sr, Prom Comm. Knapp. Linda— General Activities: Beginning Choir. Library Club, Y-Teens Knight, Louise— General Activities: Beginning Choir, Y Teens, Booster Club. G.AA. Human Relations Knox, Irma— General Activities: Girls ' Choir, Beginning Choir, Junior Tea. Library Club. Y- Teens. Future Nurses. Cherokette, Human Relations Kolbe, Sheryl — General Activities: Student Council. Acapella. Beginning Choir. Latin Club, Y F C , All School Play, Booster Club-V Pres,, Talent Show 211 Koning, Steve— General Korndorfer, Sandra— College Prep Activities: Senior Girls, Junior Tea, J. A., Cheerleader, Carmenta, GA.A,, Jr.-Sr Prom Corrrm Kozal, David— Team Teaching Activities: NafI Honors, Symphonic, Marching, and Stage Bands, Key Club, Talent Show Kroll, Douglas— College Prep Activities Future Teachers, Football, Track, Cross Country, Varsity Qub Kroll, Terry- General Activities: Keyhole, Cross Country, Varsity Club Kruse, Robert— Team Teaching Activities NafI Honors, Concert and Marching Bands, Latin Club, Key Club, Student Tutor Kunnen, Terry— General Activities: Swimming Team Lambkin, Robert— General Lang, George— General Activities: Human Relations Larie, Gregory— General Activities Hi-Y, Baseball Larson, Mary- General Activities J, A,, Y-Teens, Boaster Club Larson, Patricia— College Prep Activities: Symphonic and Marching Band, Acapella, French Club, French Choral, YF.C, Senate Larson, Russell — General Laskoski, Kathie— Business Activities: Studem Council, Senior Girls, Junior Tea-Co-chairman, French Club, J A,, Booster Club Lasswell, Dan— College Prep, Activities. Football, Baseball LeMaire, Don— General Activities: Acapella, Football, Track, Talem Show Leroux, Wayne— General Lester, Sandra— College Prep Activities: Y-Teens. Cherokette, GA.A., All-School Play, Human Relations, Talent Show Lesiw, Walt -College Prep. lavelston, Mary — General Activities: Y-Teens, GA.A Laverence, Mike — College Prep, Longmire, Ruby — General Activities: Future Teachers. Human Relations Lovejoy. Ranald— College Prep. Activities: Hi-Y, Basketball Lloyd, Paulette— General Activities: Synchronized Swimming Lowry, Joe— College Prep. Activities: Hi-Y, Football Lowry, Ken— College Prep Activities: Football, Track. Varsity Club Lucken, Linda— College Prep. Activities: G.A.A — V Pres Mabrey, Paula— General Activities: G.A A Mackey, Linda— General Mahoney, Robert- General Manak. Louis— College Prep. Activities: Basketball Marine, Robert— General Activities: Football, Track, Ski Club-Pres. Marshall. Jerry— General Martin. Frank— College Prep. Martin, Ralph— General Activities: Basketball Matthews. Mary- College Prep Activities: Keyhole, French Club, Senior Girls Mattson, Barbara— College Prep, McArthur, Brad— Team Teaching Activities: Football, Baseball, Varsity Club McCloud, Willie— General Activities: Track McDonald, John— General McMillan, Charletta— Team Teaching Activities: Studem Council, Acapella, Senior Girls, Latin Club— Sec V, Pres., Library Club— Hist , Y-Teens-Sgt at Arms. Future Teachers— Treas., YF.C , Senate, G.A. A., Human Relations— Sec, Girls ' Glee Club McNabnay, Thomas— Team Teaching Activities: Studem Council — Sgt at Arms. French Club— Sgt at Arms, Key Club— Sec , Cross Country, Human Relations— Sgt. at Arms, Wrestling Team MclMair, Susan— College Prep Activities: Masque Dramatics, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, NatT Thespians, Carmema-Pres, Booster Club, Masque Play, Human Relations, Talent Show 212 McRoberts, Phil College Prep. Activities: Acapella, Madrigalians McShannock, Caroline— College Prep. French Club-Sgt. at Arms, Y FC, Talent Show. Ma)orette, Cherokette, Carmenta-Sgt. at Arms, Sychronized Swimmmg, G.A A -Pres, Human Relations, Senior Homecoming Attendant McShannock, Dan— College Prep Activities: Football, Basketball, Track, Varsity Club-V Pres., Homecoming King Medema, Connie— Team Teaching Activities: Latin Club, Future Nurses Medema, Kathy— General Activities: Girls ' Choir, Library Club, J,A , Future Nurses Meloche, Penni— General Activities: Beginning Choir, Keyhole Mikesell, James— College Prep Activities: Debate Millet, Anne— College Prep Activities: Concert Band. Senior Girls, Junior Tea, Keyhole, Y-Teens Miller, Levetta— General Mitchell, Harold— General Activities: Masque Dramatics, Masque Play, All-School Play, Talent Show Mitchell, John-College Prep, Mitchell, Vicki— College Prep, Activities: Said and Done Moore. Ann— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council-Pres V, Pres., NafI Honors, Acapella, Said and Done-Assist. Ed , Latin Club-Treas., J.A., Y.F.C., Cheerleader, Booster Club, Synchronized Swimming, G.A.A., Chairman of Homecoming 66, Student Tutor, Senior Class Sec, Homecoming Queen Moore, Pete— General Activities: Hi-Y, Football, Human Relations Morgan, Daniel— College Prep Activities: Football, Hockey Morse, Charles— College Prep. Activities: J A. Mulder, Hennie— College Prep Mullins, Wade— General Myers, Angela— General Activities: Library Club— V Pres. Nelson, Gary— Team Teaching Activities: Symphonic, Concert, and Marching Bands Nelson, Marianne- General Nelson, Mike— General Nelson, Thomas— General Nelson, William — College Prep Activities: Acapella, Madrigalians, Keyhole, J A , Hi Y, Masque Play Newell. Mary — College Prep Activities: Student Council, Orchestra, Latin Club, J A., Pro Musica Newville, Thomas— Team Teaching Activities: Latin Club. Key Club, Golf, Hockey, Varsity Club Nichols, Carol — Business Activities: Co-op Nichols, Janice— Business Activities: Student Council, Masque Dramatics, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, J A., Cheerleader, Maiorette, Cherokette, Carmenta, G A.A., Ski Club, Masque Club, All-School Play, Dramatics Class Play, Talent Show Nobes, Paula— College Prep Activities: Beginning Choir, Said and Done, Speech Guild. J A., Future Teachers, Y F C Noling, Mary— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council — Student-Faculty Chan., Senior Girls, Junior Tea, All-School Play, Booster Club, G A A., Dramatics Class Play Nordhoff, Thomas— General Activities: Cross Country Norris, Zelma— General Activities: Girls ' Choir, Y-Teens, Future Nurses O Oleiarczyk, Mike— General Activities: Visual Aid Olsen, Gary— General Olsen, Kathy— College Prep Activities: Acapella, Girls ' Choir, Senior Girls, Y.F C -Sec -Treas. Olsen, Peggy— College Prep Activities: Symphonic and Marching Band, Junior Tea, Senate Olson, Nancy— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, Senior Girls, French Club, Senate, Student Tutor Ortiz, Carmen— General Activities: Co-op Ostrander, James— General Paczosa, Stan— College Prep Activities: Latin Club, Baseball, Varsity Club Page, Carol — Business Palmer, John— General Palmer, Ren— Team Teaching Activities: Masque Dramatics, Natl Thespians, Speech Guild- Ptes , Latin Club, Masque Play, All-School Play, Dramatics Class Play 213 Parker, Alice— College Prep. Activities: Y-Teens Parrish. Paul — General Parrish, Terry— General Pastoor, Stephen— Team Teaching Activities Student Council, Latin Club, Key Club Paulson, Sue— General Pearcy, Richard— General Pearsons, Sheila— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, Symphonic, Concert, and Marching Bands- Sec, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, French Club— Pres,, Y-Teens, Senate— Pres , G,A,A„ Ski Club, Human Relations Peck, Bruce— Team Teaching Activities Football, Baseball, Varsity Club Pehm, Patricia— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, Senior Girls — Chair of Pic, Junior Tea, Keyhole, Speech Guild — Pres., Spanish Club— Pres, J.A., Y.F.C , Big Red Abroad to Spain, Senate, Boaster Club Talent Show. Jr -Sr. Prom Comm. Peliotis, Thomas— General Pendell, John— General Pendock, Susan— General Activities Talent Show Percy. Patricia— General Peterman, Charlotte— College Prep. Activities: Symphonic and Marching Bands, Y.F.C , Senate, Pro-Musica Petersen, Alan- General Petersen, Max— General Activities: HiY Petroski, Dave— General Activities Golf Petroski, Tony— General Activities: Football, Baseball. Hockey Petty, Robert — General Pfhistner, Cathy— College Prep, Activities: Senior Girls, Junior Tea, French Club, Y-Teens— Sgt. at Arms, Senate Pleiness, Charlotte— College Prep Activities: Student Council, Girls ' Choir— Treas, Masgue Dramatics- Sec, Parli.. NatT Thespians. Senior Girls— Co-chair.. Junior Tea. J. A.. Carmenta. Masque Play. All-School Play, Dramatics Class Play. Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm —Dec Chair, Inner school Council — Pres., Junior Class V Pres Poll. Olga— General Activities: Keyhole. Spanish Club Pomeroy, Robert — College Prep. 214 Ponce. Mike— College Prep Activities: Track Poort. Kay— General Activities: G.A.A. Poort, Vera— Team Teaching Activities: Masque Dramatics, Senior Girls, Ma|0iette, Cherokette, Senate. Synchronized Swimming. G.A.A,, Masque Play, Dramatics Class Play, Talent Show Parrott, John- General Activities: Masque Dramatics, Football, Hockey, Booster Club. Talent Show Portenga. Steve— General Porter. Bradley— College Prep. Activities: Said and Done. Track Pothoff. Charles— General Activities: Acapella. Madngalians. Football. Golf Preston. Harold — General Puehler. Marcia— College Prep, Pulliams. Donald— College Prep. Activities: Football, Baseball, Varsity Club Punches. Linda— Team Teaching Activities: NafI Honors. Future Nurses— V. Pres., Student Tutor, Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. Reaser, Rosemary— College Prep Activities: Student Council, Y-Teens, Future Teachers, Y.F.C, Senate. Dramatics Class Play Redding, Carol — Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, French Club, Y-Teens —Pres. Treas . Senate, Jr -Sr Prom Comm., Co-op Read, Barbara— General Activities: Beginning Choir, Y-Teens, G.A.A. Reed, Mary— College Prep Reogan, David— General Activities: Track Resterhouse, Karia — College Prep Activities: NafI Honors, Symphonic and Marching Bands, J. A., Y.F.C. Rhodea. Patricia— Team Teaching Activities: Senior Girls. Junior Tea. Y-Teens. J A,, Future Teachers, Booster Club, Jr.-Sr, Prom Comm. Ricco, Larry- College Prep. Activities: Swimming Team Richardson, Barbara- College Prep Activities: Senior Girls, J.A.. G.A.A., Synchronized Swimming. Jr -Sr Prom Comm. Roach, James— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council. NafI Honois. French Club. Key Club, Basket ball, Baseball, Varsity Club. Jr -Sr Prom Comm Robinson, Sharon — General Activities; Beginning Choir, J A , YFC , G A,A, Rockole, John— General Activities: Basketball Romans, Joan— Business Activities: Girls ' Choir, Beginning Choir Rop, John— General Activities: Concert anrl Marching Bands, Keyhole Rop, Ronald— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, Football, Baseball, Varsity Club, Boy ' s State, Senior Class President Royle, Fred— College Prep. Activities: Concert and Marching Bands, Acapella, YFC. Ruel, Richard— General Russ, Malcolm— College Prep Activities: Student Council— Treas., Acapella, Orchestra, Keyhole, Track, Human Relations Russell, Mary— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, Junior Tea, French Club, French Choral, J A , Future Teachers, All-School Play Rust, Susan— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, Keyhole, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, G.A A , Dramatics Class Play S Sage, Suzanne— General Activities: Girls ' Choir, Beginning Choir Sager, Larry— General Sails, Robert— College Prep, Activities: Acapella, Beginning Choir, Football Sandberg, Kenneth— General Sander, Micky— General Activities: Girls ' Choir, Beginning Choir, J, A., Talent Show Sandman, Diane— General Activities: Library Club Sarantakis, Maria— General Activities: Girls ' Choir, Beginning Choir Scarbrough. Linda— General Schertenlieb, Fred— Team Teaching Schmidt, Joy— Team Teaching Activities: Concert and Marching Bands. Senior Girls, French Club- V Pres, Senate, French Choral-Sec, Y-Teens, Future Teachers-V. Pres., G.A.A. Schneider, Marcie— Team Teaching Activities Student Council — Sec, Senior Girls, Said and Done- Editor, Speech Guild, J. A, Future Teachers, G.A.A,, All-School Play, Dramatics Class Play Schoonbeck. Chris — General Activities: Football. Track. Varsity Club. Homecoming Attendant Scholl. Paul — General Schwartz. Delores— General Schwartz, Robyn— College Prep Activities: Spanish Club. Latin Club, Booster Club, G A.A. Schweifler, Susan— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council. Senior Girls. Said and Done. French Club, French Choral, Jr Sr Prom Comm , Human Relations Seaman, Randy- General Activities: Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Varsity Club Secrest, Gordon— College Prep Sent, David— Team Teaching Activities: Key Club Seppamaki, Jane— College Prep Activities: Masque Dramatics, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, Speech Guild, Carmenta-Sgt. at Arms, Ski Club, Masque Play, All-School Play, Dramatics Class Play Sherman, Fredrick— General Showers, April— College Prep, Activities: Orchestra, French Club Sidock, Robert — General Siemen, Rodney— College Prep Sieplmga, Douglas— Team Teaching Activities: Nat ' l Honors, Symphonic, Concert, and Marching Bands, YFC. Sieradzki, Colleen— College Prep. Activities: Concert and Marching Bands Siemart, Kathy— College Prep Activities: Student Council, Carmenta Simpson, Marlene— General Activities: Beginning Choir, Y-Teens Sircher, Caria— Business Skeels, Mary— College Prep. Activities: Student Council. Masque Dramatics. Senior Girls. Junior Tea. Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Masque Play, Jr -Sr, Prom Comm Skok, Gayle— College Prep Activities: Senior Girls, Keyhole, Future Nurses Smith, Brenda— College Prep Activities Spanish Club 215 Smith. Gregg Team Teaching Activities: NafI Honors. Key Club, Baseball. Wrestling Team Smith. Patricia— Business Activities: Booster Club. GA.A, Smith, Vicky— General Activities: Beginning Choir Smith. Will— General Spalding, Steven— College Prep Activities: J,A , Basketball. Camera Club Sparrow. James— General Activities: Symphonic, Concert, and Marching Bands, Y,F C. Spencer. Sheila— General Activities: Junior Tea, Y-Teens St. Amour, Patricia— General Activities: GA.A, Stark, Mary— Team Teaching Activities: Student Council— President Corr Sec, Natl Honors, Acapella, Madrigalians, Senior Girls, Junior Tea, Said and Done— Asst Editor, French Club, JA., Senate. G.A.A., All-School Play, Jr -Sr Prom Comm. -Enter, Human Relations, Inter-school Council, Junior Class Treas , Natl Student Council Sect. Chair., Tutor Stedman. Remena— General Stegall. Larry— College Prep Activities; Baseball, Varsity Club Steigelman, Larry— Team Teaching Activities; Nat ' l Honors, Key Club, Baseball Stewart, Karen— General Activities: Senior Girls, Synchronized Swimming Stinson, Nina— Business Activities; Y-Teens. G A.A. Stott, Shirley— General Stong, Robert — General Activities J.A., All-School Play Strait. Mike— College Prep Activities; Concert and Marching Bands Strohm, Diane- College Prep Activities Sp anish Club, Latin Club. Future Nurses Stubbart. Kathy— College Prep Activities: Senior Girls. Spanish Club, JA,, Y-Teens, Ski Club Summerville. James— General Sutherland. Ann— College Prep. Activities: Girls ' Choir. Junior Tea, Senior Girls. Cherokette Swarvar, Linda — General Swiermga, Jacob — General Taylor, John— College Prep Zellman, Lars— College Prep. Activities; Student Council, Cross Country, Human Relations Thaler, Jackie— General Theus, Curley— General Thompson. Joan— College Prep. Activities; Concert and Marching Bands, Spanish Club, Y.F.C. Thompson, John— College Prep. Thumser, Joyce— College Prep. Tierman, Carl— College Prep. Townsand, Janice— General Traef, Dolores- General Treat, John— Team Teaching Activities; Nat ' l Honors, Symphonic, Concert, and Marching Bands. Speech Guild, Track, Y F C , All-School Play Trethewey, Gail— College Prep Activities; Student Council, Junior Tea, Senior Girls— Sec, Dramatics Class Play Tyler, Leslie— Team Teaching Activities; Nat ' l Honors. Concert and Marching Bands, Senate— Parli, Junior Tea, Senior Girls, French Club— Sec , French Choral, J A, Y-Teens -Parh U Ulmer, Lynda— College Prep Activities: Keyhole. Future Nurses Urcavich, Greg— Team Teaching Activities; Acapella, All-School Play V Valk, Diane— College Prep Activities; Concert Band, Carmenta, Acapella, Junior Tea. Senior Girls, J. A., Y-Teens VanDam. Pamela— General VanDerHoeven, Herb — College Prep. Activities, Basketball VanderKooi, Janet— College Prep Activities: Concert and Marching Bands, Senior Girls, J.A., Future Nurses. Pro-Musica VanderKooi, Ronald— General VanderLaan, Mary Ann— College Prep, Activities; Keyhole, Y-Teens. Ski Club, Cosmopolitan Club VanderStett. Ellen— General 216 VanderVeen, Chari— General Activities: Symphonic, Concert, and Matching Bands. Senior Girls. Pro-Musica VanderWeg, Marvin— Team Teaching Activities; Student Council. NatT Honors, Key Club, Sopho. Jr Class Pres , Football, Basketball, Baseball, Jr -Sr Prom Comm Chair , Varsity Vanderplow, Carole— Team Teaching Activities; Girls ' Choir, J.A , All-School Play, Dramatics Class Play VanderMeulen, Mark— Team Teaching Activities; Key Club, Track, Cross Country, Varsity Club VanDyke, John— General Vandenberg, Michael— Team Teaching Activities; Student Council VanRandwyk, Nancy— Team Teaching Activities; NatT Honors, Symphonic and Marching Bands, Senate, Junior Tea, Senior Girls. Future Teachers, Pro-Musica VanWoerkom, Barbara— Team Teaching Activities; Nat ' l Honors, Symphonic and Marching Bands, Senate— V. Pres , Future Teachers VanKrevelen, Jan— Team Teaching Activities; Senate, Junior Tea, Senior Girls, J.A.. Y-Teens, Dramatics Class Play, Ski Club VanMunster, Jeanne— General Activities; Speech Guild, Dramatics Class Play Varela, Carol— College Prep, Activities; Student Council, Carmenta, Senior Girls— Dec Chair., Said and Done, Spanish Club-Sec. J.A. Y-Teens, Cherokette-Sec, Dramatics Class Play. Jr -Sr Prom Comm . Talent Show, Ski Club, All-School Play, GA.A. Vargo, Bruce— College Prep Activities; Baseball, Co-op W Washington, Mary— General Activities; Keyhole, Library Club. Co-op. Y-Teens Wilder. Deborah— College Prep Activities; Girls ' Choir Wilkins. Daniel— College Prep, Activities; Football Wilkins. Denise— College Prep Wills. Dennis— Team Teaching Wilson, Linda— College Prep Activities; Keyhole, J.A,, Future Nurses, Y FC, Synchronized Swimming Winston, Frank— General Activities; J.A., Hi-Y, Basketball, Booster Club, Human Relations Wirkutis, Nanci— College Prep. Activities: Keyhole, Booster Club, Dramatics Class Play Wirtz, Nadene— College Prep Activities: Orchestra — Pres,, Sec, Treas, Junior Tea, Said and Done, French Club, J.A , Talent Show, Pro-Musica Witherspoon, Vickie— College Prep Activities: Concert and Marching Bands. Senior Girls. Future Secretaries. Pro Musica. Co-op Witt. Marcia— College Prep Activities; Senior Girls, Junior Tea, Senate, Future Nurses, Y Teens. Synchronized Swimming Wolffis. Charlene— General Activities; Girls ' Choir. Co-op Wolffis. James— General Wolters. William— Team Teaching Activities: Natl Honors, Symphonic, Concert and Marching Bands, Orchestra, Pro-Musica, French Club Wood, Sharon— General Activities: Concert and Marching Bands Woodin, Barbara— College Prep Activities; J A , Y.F C . Co-op Wooten, Ernest— Team Teaching Activities; Student Council, Speech Guild, Key Club Wortelboer, Jone— College Prep Activities: Nat ' l Honors, Orchestra, Keyhole. Latin Club, JA, Future Nurses, Y.F.C., G.A.A., Talent Show Wurtz. James— College Prep Activities; Symphonic. Concert, and Marching Bands. J A. Wynbelt, Gerhard— College Prep. Y Yonker, Ruth— General Activities; Beginning Choir Young. David— College Prep, Activities: Masque Dramatics. Nat ' l Thespians, Key Club, Football. Baseball, Varsity Club, Masque Play, All-School Play, Dramatics Class Play Young, Richard— General Activities; Football Zandstra, Sharon— College Prep Activities: Girls ' Choir, J A . Co-op Ziara, Thomas— Team Teaching Activities: Studem Council, Nat ' l Honots-Pres,, Speech Guild, French Club, Key Club-V, Pres., J.A,, Football, Baseball, Varsity Club, Boy ' s State Zillah, Marva— General Activities: Synchronized Swimming, G.A.A. Zirk, Willard-College Prep. Activities: Symphonic and Marching Bands. Orchestra. Acapella, Y.F.C. ADVERTISEMENTS ' c ? ; Thomas C. Clock Thomas C. Clock, Jr. Wayne A. Clock CLOCK Member by Invitation O National Selected Morticians 220 Everything lor office, except machines-chaits, desks, Fite-Files, filing cabinets, indexing systems, loose-leal and payroll sys- tems— 5.000 products, each " time-engineered " to help get more done, easier, and in less time Shaw-Walker Largest Exclusive Malcers of Office Furniture and Filing Equipment in the World Char P einess buys pastry at Cole ' s. For all your baked good needs go to COLE ' S BAKERIES Congrafulations Class of 1968 Photographs of Distinction Paris Studios Jnc. IN MUSKEGON IN FREMONT 137 E. 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Western Ave. Best Wishes to the Class of 1968 from The SAID DONE Staff 238 THE 1968 SAID DONE STAFF Editor-in-Chie) Marcie Schneider, at l eft, discusses final yearbook plans witti Mary Stark, center, and Hallye Jo Fleishman, business manager for the annual Edltor-ltt-Chlef Marcie Schneider Assistant Editor Mary Stark Business Manager Hallye Fleishman Faculty Paula Nobes Sue Schmeifler Activities Mary Stark Bette Swanson Sports Ann Moore L aurie Holmstrom Organizations Sue Stalls Pam Frazier Underclassmen Kan A as en Sue Pressentin Seniors Hallye Fleishman Carole Varela Debbie Wood Advertisements Toni Timmer Elvia Rubio Typists L or a Firlit Linda Lutz Sharon Thomas Photographers Steve Jeffrey Alan Davis Adviser— W 55 Suzanne Walling ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In order to tell the story of the 1967-68 school year. Said Done staff members have spent many working hours in the yearbook pro- duction room in the Wilson Building. However, the book could not have been completed without the cooperation and assistance of many people in addition to the regular staff members Special appreciation goes first of all to Miss Sue Walling, year- book adviser, who devoted much time and energy to the staff. Staff members would also like to thank Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Bartscht in the main office for the many errands and tasks which they performed with ease. Members are especially grateful to Mr John Toppen for allowing the use of the Wilson Building for staff headquarters and for getting the much-needed typewriters for staff members to use. Thanks also go to Mrs. Elizabeth Comstock. Principal Murel Burdick. and Mrs Jane Wilson The 1968 yearbook staff expresses its sincere thanks to Mr Conrad Brown of Columbia Studios. Mr. Brown not only took the senior pic- EDWARDS BROTHERS tures, he also reprinted 180 of them when they were stolen. In addition, the staff thanks Radium and The Camera Shop for other photographic needs. Special thanks go to Mr. Dave Carlson of the Muskegon Chronicle. who took many pictures for the annual in his spare time. The staff owes appreciation to the Chronicle for the sports pictures that were given to the staff. Members of the yearbook staff are also indebted to the Campus Keyhole and photographers Dennis Cook, Mike Goulet, and Don Franklin for many fine photographs. Finally, Said Done staff members wish to show appreciation to Mr. Harry Stuhldreher. representative of Edwards Brothers, the firm print- ing the yearbook, and to the representatives from Smith-Crafted, who are responsible for the annual ' s cover. It was with the understanding and effort of these people, MHS students, and faculty members that the Said Done staff was able to tell the story of Muskegon High ' s school year, 1967-68. Marcie Schneider Editor-in-Chief 239 Life Is just a series of encounters. For some of us the high school encounters are ending; for others they are only beginning What the results of these encounters will be is up to the indiviriual. What will you make of your encounters? " . V »Y kit (L V X . ' '

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