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94' 1 I f wlvffbl X L 4M X y f v W fu , f " -ATN!! I952 SAID and DONE MUSKEGON SENIOR I-IIGI-I SCHOOL MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN VOL. III STAFF EDITORS ............ DAVE STIPE, DOBBY SCHRIEBER BUS. MGRS. .... KEN JOHNSON, KEN SIKKENGA ADVISOR ................................ ETHEL PIHLSTROM PHOTO ADVISOR .................. WILLIAM DENTON ACKNOWLEDGMENTS - THE MUSKEGON CHRONICLE DEDICATION Mr. E. G. Appel, instructor in architectural drawing in Hackley Manual Training School, has been in the Muskegon Public School system for many years, first as a student and later as an instructor. He was one of the first graduates from the Hackley Manual Training Normal School in l9l7 and later obtained his degree from Central State Normal School. Since then he has done graduate work at the Universities of Michigan and Wisconsin. In addition to heading the architectural drawing de- partment, Mr. Appel is business manager of the Muskegon High School Athletic Association to which he has devoted endless hours of work. Mr. Appel, in his quiet manner, has been of help and inspiration to his students and colleagues. He has given unstintingly of his time to school proiects and has helped establish the reputation of Hackley Manual Training School in the state as an outstanding vocational institution. For his service to the school and community the T952 staff of Said and Done is happy to dedicate this yearbook. E. G. Appel INTRODUCTION Muskegon, the port city, is one of Western Michigan's greatest industrial centers. At least seventy factories, doing heavy industrial work, call Muskegon their home. Automotive parts, bowling equipment, office and school furnish- ings -these are only a few of the maior manufacturing concerns. Though the men who produce these commodities are extremely interested in their work, they also find time for recreation such as boating . . . fishing . . . bathing . . . and other forms of outdoor sports. The harbor is one of the finest on Lake Michigan. 'Crafts of all sizes and types, including some from foreign nations, come and go during the year. Culturally, Muskegon boasts its own library, historical museum, art gallery, and symphony. Educationally, also, Muskegon boasts fine schools, whose schol- astic ratings are recognized by the institutions of higher learning throughout the state and nation. Thus, Muskegon is a well-rounded community providing a means of livelihood in varied types of occupations, avocations, and cultural achievements. sw' is s ls 1 ,Q 4 125 A Q Q 'af .ff " X ,QM gig X 2 Q, MW Q Q6 5 U, , ,Wa , ,A , . .. ,.., 3, E .Q W I A 0 V. W m , ffzffw? ,Q 1 Y 6 7 , Nady ., ,,,. '.4,Mf,- -',- 3 ,L--+ ,fly ""f71s1 , - .,-- f We '- ., Xiviwf, X W . W . f ' ,A . ' A g " , ,. f- V - I Q-VV Af , U is , f N 1' i f. , A b " Q V. X , L , , "" K ' f ' ' '--"' -' A " ., ., ., ,, ----' ' ,A 1 A' ,QQ I X 'V 2,1 ,f .,-.. f Q V 1 -. .., Q-fyaepif M , ., V f gvw X , - ' K 2 . - -K , 'L A ,,L, ,, , 135, V W LM I N , ,Aj,,f 'Q , 1 ' H ' v'-" "W af 55' , -W, . fiifi f ' ' " Q '-5 "'P?m, Y INDUSTRY wx, , - - Vi .,,4 4 -ww f 1 52 ,ze if N433 if K fa ff 2 5 W 4: Wig 6 , S? wx fsiff - -ve. A49 1 H wwfww iii- W' Y yu-.wfan 'sggwsxiygyiw-wyn 5-4'f?,:mhv4.:,kr'9mg,e, is .Q Q 4 44 f. 1..4fm,f M4 M- ,J-W , f4,,44QfS. ,idea 554 WWW M, Am-, 4:L..f.,, an-A.. ,?f,.m,,,g, .L f'fxe.f:y,,f4f-., w-:fe.,-"4-- rw ' f.- f ff: - ., -.,f.,,-. gg ' ' . , ' H'-'arm ,W ,.1 f " -9+ We - ,fry-12' f.:- 4 w ,Q , gm fr gm-11 ws- 7 v ' CA" I Rffwfi 2-3 -WR tw 53:5 EQ' SOCIAL AND COMMUNITY WELFARE GOVERNMENT, PERSONAL AND PROPERTY WELFARE 3 1 N rf - -- -A f yw.-,,.. fl ,- CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS vf""""" he benefits of their studies will also homes and churches. its be seen in their . rw' Y54'-W "Ny, TABLE OF CONTENTS Faculty and Classes ...... ....... p age 14 Seniors .......,.......... ....... p age 28 Organizations ..... ....... p age 54 Boys' Sports ...... 84 Girls' Sports ...... 96 Undergrads ...... page 102 Student Life ...... page 116 Advertisers ...... page 136 Senior Index ....... page 170 FACULTY AND CLASSES he faculty is giving its best to meet the requirements of an industrial community in the training of its youth. Classroom activities are the hub of the school where stu- dents learn the fundamental training for later life. S c P' Mr. Manning, principal of Senior High, relaxes. Smiling at items in the school newspaper is Mr. Knudson, assistant principal ot Senior High. They are the people who advise us... Mr. Edward Huttenga, Director of Vocational Educa- tian, discusses course of study with Eugene Cuthrell. Mrs. Alice Kyes and Mr. William Denton check records for counselling students. 2 ' I l , I 1 16 yi , , A The office counsellors, Mrs. Costerline, Mrs. Ash, and Miss Seifers take time out for checking credits. . . . and these keep all the records. 1 s s Mrs. Rolfe and Mrs. Cooper, secretaries in Hackiey Manual, take time out to pose for Said and Done photographer. Miss Emily Herkimer, director of Home Economics, admires Christmas decorations. Co-ordinators for vocational courses, Mr. Lobenherz and Mr. Lowry go over records of students. 1 I Talking over a sales display in Retail Sales class are: L. to R., Mr. Walvoord, Mrs. Dunsmore, and Mr. Saul, instructors. E e They prepare us for business ff '-., x ,L I E NX K Z .N Us X Assisting Bookkeeping students are: L. to R., Miss Klontz, Mr. Stevens, and Mr. Paulson. Mr. Gilsdorf, Miss Hitchcock, Miss Knoll, and Mrs. Mayrose are discussing merits of a new typewriter. Donna Dahl is busy at her assignment. I8 , 'wit Mrs. Dorothy Andiews, geometry instruc- tor, discusses diagram on blackboard while Miss Mildred Werntz, geometry, and Kenneth Rolfe, algebra, kibitz. and hey guide future scientists. Students watch instructors work on an ex Bauer, chemistry, Claire Cook, physics Phyllis Anderson, Douglas Tool, chemis try, Kerry Ainsworth. Winthrop Trautman and Elizabeth Vande grift, biology teachers, show their stu dents two of the department's many fos sils. L. to R.: Ronald Wilcox, Mr. Trautman, Polly Young, Jack Moran, Margaret Swan son, Miss Vandegrift, Larry White. periment. L. to R.: Jerry Allore, Ray Social sciences, languages, and . . . Discussing their social studies are Mr. A. J. Reed, economics, Mr. Russell Parting- ton, sociology, Mr. William Young, gov- ernment. Mrs. Kyes and Miss Helvie are competing for their respective language, French and Spanish, to the amusement of stu- dents, Joel Boyden, Mary Lou Allore, and Ruth Beers, A Boning up for their history classes are Mr. Victor Prestholm, Mr J P Dunsw th . . . or , Miss Ethel Plhlstrom, Mr. George Carlson. research training ready us Miss Webster and Mrs. Elliott check books in the library. Mr. Harrison, Mrs. Quail, Mr. Villiers and Miss Bedker listen to Miss Raue's explanation of the new opaque pro- iector for the English department. 'Q--. Qf ,4- Mr. Russcher, Mrs. Coutchie, Mrs. O'Connor, and Mr. Gerard pause to pose during their conference on English lll. Directing skit in their speech classes are Miss Peggy Powers and Miss Jenette Faber, foren- sic and dramatic instructors. L. to R.: Donna Kenney, Carr Lee Sheldon, Ed Berg, and Dove Smith. On floor is Jerry Allore. Speech will be useful. . . Radio students programming in the school studio. Ted Vredeveld is in the projection room, while Earl Morroll handles the board equipment, Bob Mixer the tape recorder, Mrs. Franck supervises and Shir- ley Sikkenga directs. Broadcasting basket- ball game over WKBZ-FM are Jack Hathaway, at board, Mrs. K. N. Franck, radio instructor, Bob Mixer, Gene Hatha- way, and Coach Har- ry Potter, at mike. je u nd WSU' ef o .nQ Ckn 9013160 au Vi' . POC WS d 0 R,,afi'n2. 155 qu .Ce M S D' 'Cowen NUS' ne xoyst neo c We Gm ei V.. ' h W" iobncs .ll domestic Sfleme aS W' r .f ' l I j j . F Miss Dorothy Petrie, cooking instructor, gives Joyce Gee, Arline Zirk, Ba Fisher, Alydc Delonge, Anita Clopper, Carol Homfield, Pot Rad Scott help in concocting this delectable dish. rboro ernuker, and Ruth Useful trades are learne d if ,,,- Don Truman, Mr. Shealhelm, and Ro V ' n ersolle are getting the res Mr. Rosengren walche B' s rian Connell, in cabinet making, sand his proiectg while Mr. Henry Bolt gives Dick Scoulen a few poinlers ab ' ' out his lawn chair. 24 p s ready for ci prinling iob. Mr. Frederick Broil shows two of his auto mechanics boys, Wendell Willoughby and George Burns, how lo put on a gaskel. "'v-suvgnv 4-um W Roger King and Ken Schalk observe Mr. Rodewald's explanation in eleclricily course. d will benefit the community QM Mr. Arthur Pe work in machine shop while olh f ll arson checks 0 siudenl's er e ows look on, L. to R.: Bill Ryan, Glenn Slurgiss, Ernie Sundell, Leon Lifer, Mr. Pearson, Roberl Jacobs, and Clair Leach. Foundry inslruclor, Mr. Adrian Archombaull, shows Dale Lifer and Fred Broil how to check one of the gauges. 25 Don Groothuis and .lim Fairfield look on while Mr. Appel and Mr. Mooney explain techniques in me- chanical and architeclural drawing. Strong bodies as well as Mr. Walter Ladd gives a smile of approval on an art project by Anita Bobick while Miss Ann Molzen shows Bruce Ashley a hand- made vase, culture come from Muskegon. Looking over the new Arion award plaque and medals are: Seated: Mrs Stroef, assistcntg Mr. Stewart, senior band di- rector. Standing, L. to R.: Fred Royes, band di- rector at Angell, Vernon Benedict, band director erg and Alex ot Bunk Posvistak, band director ct Central. 27 SENIORS hese are the young men and women who have met the requirements of the school's curricula and are now ready to step into the community to assume their places of responsi- bility. I L ' ,Q 3 New -1- VQZ. ,,. , Hia 1-:WV ,4 "f X'-wx., - M , , P" 1 l2A Class Officers lnduslriously planning big lhings for lhe Senior Class are: Sealed, L. lo R.: Don Scofield, treasurer, Penny Adams, secretary, Don Rademaker, presidenlg Bruce Weflen, vice-presidenlg Phil Smilh, hislorian. Standing, L. Po R.: Pal Rollins and Jerry Ban- ninga, sergeanls-al-arms. Mrs. Andrews, Class advisor. Mr. Tool, Class advisor ADAMS, PENNY, College Prep.-Y-Teens I-FHA 'I- Lalin Club 2-Ludi Romani I-Boosler Club 2--Sludenl Council 2-Senior Life Saving 2-Keyhole 2,3-A Cap- pella 2,3-Press Club 3-Said and Done 3-Senior Play Crew ALCORN, ANTIONETTE, General-GAA I,2,3 ANDERSON, GORDON, General-Conservation Club 'I ANDERSON, NANCY IKRAVAKAI, Cooperative Business Training-Band I ANDERSON, RICHARD RAY, College Prep. ASP, FLORENCE RUTH, Slenographic--FHA I-Consen valion I-Booster 3-Hi-C 3-Speech Guild 3-Na- lional Honor Sociely 3-Tennis 3 BALCOM, WILLIAM RALPH, General BALKEMA, LEE ROGER, College Prep. BALLAS, CLEO, College Prep.-A Cappella I,2-Car- menla I,2,3-Sludenl Council. 1,2-FTA 2-Booster 2,3-National Thespian 3--Senior Play Crew BANNINGA, JERRY LYLE, General-Conservation 1,2- Football I,2,3-IZA Class Sergeant-al-arms--Senior Play Casl BARNES, MARY KATHERINE, General-Spanish Club 2,3-GAA 2,3 BARRETT, BARBARA JOAN, General-GAA 1,2-Press Club 3fSec.I-Keyhole 3-Hi-C 3 BARRINGER, MARITA RAE, Slenographic-Conservalion Club I-Senior Play Crew BARTSCHT, CAROLYN AUGUSTA, College Prep.--Senate Dramalics 3-Senior Play BECKER, ELEANOR ANNE, College Prep.-Band I,2,34 Orcheslra I,2,3-Pro Musica l,2,3-Latin Club I BEEBE, DIANE ELAINE, Clerical Co-op. BELLINGER, HOWARD JOHN, College Prep.-Baseball IiSludenl Council I-Conservation Club I. BERGGREN, BETHEL RUTH, General-Band I,2,3-Pro Musica 2,3 N X 1' .QS . X R 31 BERMAN, LAURENCE HOWARD, General-Band I,2,3 -Hx-Y l,2,3 BEYER, WALTER GEORGE, College Prep. BOERTMAN, PATRICIA JOANN, Cooperative Business Training-GAA l-Conservalion Club I-ROC 2 BOES, DAVID LEWIS, Bookkeeping and Accounting- Baseball l,2 BOETTCHER, RUTH MARIE, General-GAA l,2-FHA 1,2-ROC 3 BONIFIELD, GORDON SCOTT, College Prep.-Ludi Ro- mani I-Track l,2-Sludenl Council 3 BONNEY, SUE ELLEN, College Prep.-Ludi Romani I- Hi-C I-Press Club 2,3-Keyhole 2,3 lEd.l-FNA 2,3 lPres.I--GAA 3-Said and Done 3 BOOMER, RAY, Cooperative Business Training--ROC 2,3-Baseball 2 BOS, DAVID B., College Prep.-Band l,2,3-Conserva- lion Club I-Hi-C l,2,3 BOSMA, ROLAND BOYD, College Prep.-Conservalion Club I,2-Camera Club 2,3-Speech Guild 2-Hi-Y 2-Lalin Club 3 BOUWMAN, KENNETH JOHN, General BRIGHT, MERLE LEROY, General-Baskelball 3 BRINK, MARILYN DAWN, Stenographic-Band l,2,3- Pro Musica I,2,3-Conservation Club 2 BROWN, RICHARD ALLAN, Day Trade BRUFLADT, THOR HUGO, Vocational Trade and lncluslry BUCKNER, VIRGINIA MAE, General-FHA 1,2 BUDD, BEVERLY LUCILLE, General-GAA I-TAB 2- HIVC 2,3-FNA 3 BURGESS, ROBERT WAYNE, General-A Cappella 1,2 -Conservation Club l,2-Latin Club 1,2-ROC 2- Ludi Romani I BUSH, ORRIN, College Prep.-Foolball 1-Camera Club 3 BUSH, PATRICIA, General-A Cappella l,2,3-Hi-C 3 CAESAR, RAY S., College Prep.--Tennis 2-Hi-Y 2iSec.1 3lPres.1-Senior Play Casl CAHILL, MARTHA ELLEN, Slenographic-Pro Musica l,2,3-Band 1,2,3-Orcheslru 1-National Honor So- ciely 3 CAREY, ARDETH ARLENE, Clerical Co-op--Conservation Club 1,2-GAA 1,2 CARIS, ANITA BETTY, College Prep.-A Cappella 1- Carmenla l,2,3-Masque l,2,3-Thespian 2,3fPres.l -Sludenl Council 1,2-Region IV Secretary l,2- Cheerleader 1,2,3-Booster Club 2,3lPep chairman1-- FTA 2-Speech Guild 2,3-National Honor 2,3-Radio 3-Senior Play Crew CARLSON, BARBARA JEAN, College Prep.-Conservm lion l-GAA l-A Cappella l,2,3-FNA 2-Press Club 1,2lTreas.l-Speech Guild 2,3-Keyhole 2-- Chronicle Page Edilor 2-Hi-C 2,3 CARLSON, LEWIS HERBERT, College Prep.-Press Club 2,3--Keyhole 2,3-Boosler Club 2 CASTONIA, DONNA JEAN, Cooperalive Business Train- ing-Conservation Club 1-GAA 1-ROC 2 CATTLEY, GAYLE ANN, College Prep.-GAA l,2,3- French Club 3-Said and Done 3 CHONIS, GUS WILLIAM, College Prep.-Press Club 2,3 1Tennis 2,3-Keyhole 2,3--Spanish Club 3-Senior Play Crew CHRISTIAN, ROBERT WAYNE, College Prep.-Conservm lion Club 1-Chorus 1-Hi-Y 2,3-A Cappella 2,3- Senior Play Crew CLANTON, CHARLES, JR., General-Football l,2,3- Baskelball l,2,3-Track l,2,3 CLARK, BARBARA Jovcs, General-French Club 2,3 CLARK, PATRICIA LOUISE, General-Spanish Club 1- Conservalion 1-Senale l,2lV. Pres.1-Said and Done 3-Senior Play Crew-Dramatics 3 COLLIER, JENEANNE RUTH, General-Pro Musica l,2,3 lHisl.1-Band l,2,3-Orcheslra l,2 COLVARD, MARY HELEN, Slenographic-Y-Teens 1,2- Conservalion Club l,2,3 COOK, SANDRA LOUISE, College Prep.-Carmenla l,2,3-Ludi Romani l-Masque 2,3--Speech Guild 2,3-Radio 3-National Thespians 3-Radio Guild 3 Senior Play Casl COOK, VIRGINIA CLAIR, College Prep.-Conservation Club l,2lSec.l-National Honor Society 2,3-Library Club 2-Booster Club 2-National Thespian 3-Radio 3-Senior Play Crew COON, PEGGY JEAN, Clerical Co-op-GAA I-ROC 2,3 COPLEMAN, CLARE WAYNE, College Prep.-Booster Club 2 CORONA, DANN RICHARD, General-Football 'l-Con- servation Club 1,2-Student Council 2-Senior Play Crew COTTRELL, ROBERT WARREN, Bookkeeping and Account- ing-Conservalion Club I COX, JERRY JOSEPH, Vocational Cabinet Making- Baseball 2,3 CRAMBLET, CHARLES CLIFFORD, College Prep.-Conser- valion Club 1,2-A Cappella l,2,3-Hi-Y 3 CRYDERMAN, GLEN RUSSEL, Vocational Trade and ln- dustry CUTHRELL, EUGENE, JR., Vocational Cabinet Making- Football l,2,3-Track I,2 DAHL, DONNA MAY, Stenographic DAHLSTEDT, ARDYS ELAINE, College Prep.-Y-Teens 'l Student Council l,2-Conservation Club l-GAA 1,3 -A Cappella l,2,34Spanish Club 1,3-Senior Play Crew DANIGELIS, ALEX SAMUEL, Retail Sales-Band l-Pro Musica I-ROC l DECKER, LOIS ANN, Clerical Co-op-Senior Play Crew DENNIS, LEE BERKLEY, General DE VETTE, MARLENE, College Prep.-Conservation Club l,2-Spanish l,2,3-Y-Teens 1,2-Senior Play Crew DEYO, MARLENE ANN, Clerical Co-op-FNA l-ROC 3 DE YOUNG, ROGER LEE, Bookkeeping and Accounting DION, ROBERT ARTHUR, General-Senior Play Crew DOLSON, ROBERT LA VERN, College Prep.-Hi-Y 'l,2,3 lSgl.-al-ormsl-Ludi Romani I DOOM, CHESTER EUGENE, Vocational Trade and lndus- lry DRENT, BONNIE JUNE, Clerical Co-op.--Conservation Club 'l,2,3-A Cappella 'l,2,3-Library Club 2-Boosb er Club 2-ROC 3 DRESS, DOREEN LOUISE, General-Y-Teens 'l,2,3-- FHA I DUISER, ARDIS RUTH, College Prep.-FHA 2,3-Hi-C 3-Spanish Club 3 EVANS, DON DEE, College Prep.-Hi-Y I,2,3-Ludi Romani I--Sludenl Council 3-Senior Play Crew EWALT, ANN, College Prep.-GAA I-FNA I FAGAN, NANCY LOUISE, College Prep.-Conservalion Club I-Spanish Club I-Pro Musica I,2,3-GAA I,2,3-Carmenla 2lJournalisll3lPres,l-Band I,2,3 -Senior Play Crew FAIRFIELD, ROBERT JULIUS, General-Football I,2,3-- Boskelball I,2,3-Baseball I,2,3 FESKO, MARGARET J., General--Y-Teens 2,3-Boosler Club 3 FETT, RICHARD CARL, General-Foolball I,2,3-Base- ball I,2,3-Basketball l,2IMgr.l FLICKEMA, PAUL ALBERT, Bookkeeping and Accounling -Conservation Club 2 FONGERS, ROBERT, General-Conservalion Club l,2,3 -ROC 2 FREDERICKSON, PAT, Retail-GAA I-Conservolion Club 1,2-Camera Club 2 FRIZZELL, JOYCE, Clerical Co-op.-GAA I-ROC 2,3 FRIZZELL, JULIA, Clerical Co-op.-GAA I-ROC 2,3 GILLHESPY, MARILYN JUNE, Clerical Co-op.-Student Council I-ROC 3 GOSSELIN, ARLENE MARIE, College Prep.-Conserva- lion Club l,2-Y-Teens l,2-Booster Club 2-French Club 2,3 1 I GOULD, RITA KATHERINE, Office Training--ROC 2 GREEN, DOUGLAS EUGENE, General-Pro Musica l,2,3 -Orchestra 2,3-Band l,2,3 GRENELL, LARRY EUGENE, General-ROC 3 GRINNEWALD, BEVERLY MAE, General HACKEY, BARBARA, General-FHA I-Hall Guard 1,2 --FNA 2+Hi-C 2,3 HALL, BRUCE EUGENE, College Prep. HALL, KENNETH JAMES, Trade and Industry HALLECK, JOSEPHINE ANN, Clerical Co-op. HATHAWAY, JACK BALDWIN, College Prep.--Press Club 2,3lSec.l-Booster Club 2,3lPres.l-Radio 3- Radio Guild 3-Dramatics 3-Senior Play Cast HEATON, MURIEL ALICE, Bookkeeping and Accounting -GAA l,2-A Cappella l,2,3 HELLING, FRANCES, College Prep,-GAA I-Band l,2,3-Pro Musica 2,3-Conservation Club I-Booster Club 2-Orchestra 2-Senate 3--Spanish ClublPres.l HENDLEY, FLONTEENIA M., General--A Cappella 2,3 HENRY, WILLIAM FRANKLYN, Vocational Day Trade Electricity HEPLER, FLORENCE JOSEPHINE, General-Chorus I- A Cappella 1,2-Dramatics 3 HICKMAN, VADA MAE, General-Conservation Club 1,2-Spanish Club l,2-Art Club I-Y-Teens I-A Cappella l,2,3 HILL, ROBERT JOHN, General-Football I-Baseball l,2,3 HILL, ROBERT KING, College Prep.-Student Council l,2,3-Conservation Club 'I-Said and Done 3--Sen- ior Play Cast-Ludi Romani I HILL, RUTHANN JEAN, College Prep.-GAA l,2-Hi-C I-Driver's Training l-Ludi Romani I-Said and Done 3 HODSON, RICHARD KENNETH, College Prep.-Band l,2,3-Conservation Club I-Track 2 HOFMANN, ELAINE, Bookkeeping and Accounting- GAA l,2 HOVEY, BARBARA ELAINE, College Prep.-Ludi Romani I-FHA I-Conservation Club I-Booster Club 2- Lalln Club 2lSec.l-A Cappella 2-FTA 3-Senior Play Crew HOWELL, MARYLOU CAROLYN, College Prep.-Ludi Romani I-FHA I-A Cappella I,2,3--Booster Club 2,3-FTA 3-Nalional Honor Sociely 3lTreas.I--Said and Done 3-Sludenl Council 3 HUBER, ELAINE, General HUNTER, MARY ANN-College Prep.-A Cappella I,2,3-Ludi Romani I-Conservation Club 2-Keyhole 2,3-Press Club 2,3lSec.l-Lalin Club 2--Nalional Honor Sociely 2,3-Said and Done 3 HURRELL, PHYLLIS RUTH, General-Baseball I-Bas- ketball I-Volleyball I-Tennis I HUTTENGA, GWENDOLYN KAY, College Prep.-Grand Haven H. S.-Spark Plug I-GAA I-Band L2- Girls' Bowling League I-Sludenl Council 2lSec.- Treas.l--Prom 2IDec.l-Junior Play Crew 2-Opereb la Crew 2-MHS Band 3-Pro Musica 3-Carmenla 3 IVANICK, PAUL F., College Prep.--Conservation Club I-A Cappella I,2,3 JACOBS, ROBERT FRANCIS, Vocalional Machine Shop JENSEN, CHARLES LARS, College Prep.-Track 2,3 JENSEN, MARCIA, College Prep.-Ludi Romani I JIRSCHELE, JANICE LENIECE, General--ROC 2,3 JOHNSON, KENNETH COURTNEY, College Prep.-A Cappella I,2,3lPres.l-French Club I,2fV. Pres.l3 lTreas.l-Camera Club 2,3--Conservalion Club 2,3- Boosler Club 2-Said and Done 3-Senior Play Crew JOHNSON, MARY LOUISE, College Prep.--Sfudenl Council I-Chorus I-Ludi Romani I-A Cappella 2,3 -FNA 2,3,lSec.l-Press Club 2,3lPres.l-GAA 2,3 lHisl,l-National Honor Society 2,3-Lolin Club 2,3 -Conservalion Club 2-Keyhole 2-Camera Club 2- Said and Done 3 KARIS, ANTHONY GUST, College Prep.-Football I lMgr. second leaml-Baseball I,2,3 KATZ, PATRICIA ANN, College Prep.-Band l,2,3- Pro Musica I,2,3-Spanish Club I-Carmenla 3 KENDALL, ROBERT, College Prep.-Football l,2,3- Baskelball I,2-Conservalion Club I-Sludenl Council I-Golf 3 KENNEDY, SHIRLEY MARIE, Slenographic KENT, MARY JANE, Clerical Co-op.-FHA I-Hall guard I-ROC l,2 KING, DANIEL DONALD, General KING, DONALD LEWIS, General-Football l,2,3-Track l,2 KLANG, NANCY ANN, College Prep.-A Cappella l,2,3 -Bowling 2,3-FHA 2-Senate 2,3lHist.l-Dramalics 3-Senior Play Cast KNOP, ROGER CHARLES, College Prep.-Conservation Club I-Football I KOLBE, MARIANNE, College Prep.--GAA l,2,3-Senate 2,3lSgl.-at-armsl-Dramatics 3-Senior Play Crew KOSCINSKI, HELEN MARY, College Prep.-Conservation Club I-FHA I-Spanish Club I-Booster Club 2,3- National Honor Society 2,3lV. Pres.l-Carmenla 2,3- Speech Guild 2,3 lSec.l--A Cappella 2-Student Coun- cil 2-Senior Life Saving 3-National Thespians 3- Said and Done 3-Tennis 3 KRAMER, RANDALL LOUIS, College Prep. KROES, DONALD JAMES, College Prep.-Debate l,2,3 -Speech Guild I-Forensic Contest I--Masque 2,3 LADAS, PAUL MICHAEL, College Prep.-Debate l,2,3- Conservation Club l,2lHist.l-Football I-Speech Guild l,2,3IV. Pres.l-Student Council l,2lTreas.l 3-Senior Play Crew-Hi-Y 2-Press Club 2-Booster Club 2IPres.l3lServ. Chairmanl-National Honor So- ciety 2,3-Tennis 3 LADD, RUTH JEAN, Clerical--Hi-C l,2,3-Orchestra l,2,3-District Solo and Ensemble 1,2 LAMAN, Gannon DALE, College Prep.-sand 1,2,3- Hi-C l,2lV. Pres.l3-Orchestra l,2,3-A Cappella 2,3 -Forensics 3 LA POINTE, JACQUELYN ANN, College Prep.-GAA 2 -French Club 2,3lHist.l-FTA 2, Booster Club 2- FNA 3-Senior Play Crew LA PORTA, FRANCES JOANN, Stenographic-Y-Teens 3 LEACH, CLAIRE WILLARD, Vocational Day Trade Ma- chine Shop LINSTROM, FRED, College Prep. LIRONE5, NICK GEORGE, General-Foolball l,2,3- Track l,2 LOGAN, DON PATRICK, College Prep.-Conservation Club l-Band l,2,3-Ludi Romani 'l LONGCORE, PATRICIA LOUISE, General-Conservation Club l-GAA 2 LOWRY, ROBERT FRANKLIN, College Prep. MCCORMICK, DAVID CHARLES, General-Hi-Y I,2,3 IV. Pres.l MC NIFF, ROBERT MARTIN, College Prep.-Student Council I,3-Football llMgr.l--Golf I,3-Basketball 2,3 MEDENDORP, CHARLOTTE ANN, Bookkeeping and Ac- counting-Student Council I-Y-Teens 2,3IV. Pres.l MAKI, FRANKLIN RICHARD, Vocational Day Trade Cab- inet Making MARS, SHARLENE JOYCE, Clerical-Bowling 1,2-Hi-C I MARTIN, ELAINE RAE, Co-operative Business-Chorus I-Y-Teens l,2-ROC 2,3 MATTEO, GRACE VICTORIA, General MAVIS, VIRGINIA DELORES, General-Conservation Club I-GAA I-Spanish Club I MAYROSE, DAVID LEE, College Prep.-A Cappella l,2,3-Baseball I MASADE, JACQUELINE, General--Hi-C l,2 MEZESKE, ROBERT MICHEL, Vocational Machine Shop MILLER, NORMA JUNE, Clerical Co-op.--ROC 3 MIXER, ROBERT LOCHWOOD, College Prep.-Conser- vation Club I,2,3-Track l,3-Camera Club 2-Tennis 2-Booster Club 2-Student Council 3-Football 3- Radio 3-Senior Play Crew MORRALL, L. DAVE, Vocational Day Trade Cabinet Making MORRALL, EARL EDWIN, College Prep.-Student Coun- cil l,2,3lPres.l+FootbaIl l,2,3-Basketball 'l,2,3- Baseball l,2,3-Conservation Club I-Hi-Y 2,3-Radio 3-Senior Play Crew MORRELL, BARBARA ANN, General-Y-Teens 3 MORSE, BETTY ANN, Co-operative Business MORTON, JANE LOUISE, College Prep.-Orchestra l,2,3-A Cappella l,2-French Club I,2,3-Pro Musica l,2,3-Band 2,3--National Honor Society 2,3-Stu- dent Council 3 NASH, JOAN JEANETTE, College Prep.-FNA 3 NEDERVELT, SHIRLEY ANN, Stenographic-FHA IlSec.l -GAA I-Masque 2,3-National Thespiuns 3-Sen- ior Play Cast NEIBARGER, DAWN, College Prep.-French Club 2- Y-Teens 2-Alpha Rho Tau 2 NELSON, ALBERT, Vocational Day Trade Electricity NELSON, SALLY LEE, General-GAA 1,2-A Cappella I,2,3 NICHOLS, BEVERLY JEAN, Bookkeeping and Accounting -GAA I,2,3 NOBLE, BEATRICE MAY, General-GAA 2 NYBLADE, WILLIAM CARL, College Prep.-Basketball l,2,3-Baseball I,2,3 O'CONNELL, BERNARD KEITH, Bookkeeping and Ac- counting OLSEN, STERLING MALCOM, General O'NEIL, JOYCE, Clerical Co-op.-ROC 2,3 ORTQUIST, ALAN JOHN, General-Band l,2 OSBORN, FRANK, College Prep. PARKHILL, CAROL ANN, College Prep.-Conservation Club l,2-Y-Teens I-Spanish Club l,2-Booster Club 2,3-Speech Guild 2-Life Saving 2-Senior Play Crew PARRISH, CONRAD ACKLEY, General PASSAGE, PATSY A., Clerical PEARO, SHIRLEY MAXINE, General PETERSON, A. KARLEEN, College Prep.-GAA 'l-Band l,2,3-Pro Musica 2,3-Booster Club 2 PETERSON, JOYCE ANNETTE, College Prep.-Conserva- lion Club I-Spanish Club 1,3-A Cappella l,2,3- Carmenfa 3-Senior Play Cast PIATT, DELORES IMAVISI, Clerical-GAA 1,2 PIIRAINEN, GERANE KATHERINE, College Prep.-Senale l,2,3lPres.l-A Cappella l,2,3-Senior Play Crew POLAND, DUNCAN EMMET, College Prep.-Conservm lion I-A Cappella I-Sludent Council 3 PUGH, ROBERT, Co-operative Business-ROC 3 QUICK, MARILYN RUTH, College Prep.-A Cappella I,2,3-Carmenla 2,3-Spanish Club 3-Senior Play Casl RADEMAKER, FLOYD HENRY, College Prep.-Conserva- lion Club I-Pro Musica 2,3-Band 2,3 RADEMAKER, DON ALLEN, College Prep.-Football I,2,3-Basketball I,2,3-Senior Class President 3- Senior Play Crew RAHRIG, ARLENE MARIE, Clerical-A Cappella I,2,3- Conservafion Club 1 RAKosKY, Rosen STEVENS, College Prep. RANDALL, DOLORES JOAN, College Prep.--Speech Guild 2,3-Boosler Club 2lTreas.I3--Carmenta l,2 lSec.I3-Conservation Club llMem. chair.I2lTreas.I -Spanish Club 2-Sludenl Council l,2lSgl.-al-armsl3 lCorr. Sec.,-Interschool Council 2 REINHOLD, ROBERT, Co-operative Business-ROC I REINHOLD, WILLIAM, College Prep.-Conservation Club l,2,3-Lalin Club I-Student Council 2,3-Senior Play Crew RETERSTOFF, DELPHINE MARIE, General REYNOLDS, GLORIA IRMINE, Clerical Co-op.-FHA I- Arl Club I RHODES, JEANNE DARLEEN, Slenographic-A Cappella I-Senior Play Crew RICHARDS, GWENDOLYN RENA, College Prep.-Bond l,2,3-Orcheslro l,2,3-Speech Guild l,2-Conservo- lion I-Lalin Club I-Pro Musica 2,3-Spanish Club 2,3--Press Club 2-Senior Play Cosl RIEBEN, JOHN ROBERT, College Prep.-Foolboll 'l- Speech Guild 2,3-Masque 3-Keyhole 2,3-Press Club 2-Boosler Club 2,3-Senior Play Cas? RIEGLER, LESTER ROBERT-General RIEKELS, CONSTANCE FERNE, College Prep.-A Cap- pella l,2,3-Ludi Romani l-Hi-C 2 ROBINSON, PATRICIA LOUISE, College Prep.-Senate l,2,3--Senior Play Crew ROCKCOLE, JULIE ELAINE, General-Arl Club IlPres.I RODE, PHYLLIS, College Prep.-Orcheslra 'l,2,3-A Cappella l,2,3lV. Pres.l--lalin Club l,3lPres.l-Pro Musica l,2-Carmenla 2,3-Speech Guild 2,3lHisI., Parliamenlarianl-Color Guard of Band 2,3-National Honor Society 3-Student Council 3 ROLLINS, PATRICK JOSEPH, College Prep.-Ludi Romani I-Latin Club 2,3lConsull-Said and Done 3-Senior Class Sergeant-at-arms ROSE, JOYCE JULIA, General-Capistrano H. S. Glee Club 1,2-Dancing I-Girl's League 1,2--MHS ROC 3 RUYS, ANNETTE JEAN, Secrelariol-GAA l,2,3lSec. and Treos.l-Band I RYAN, KATHLENE NORA, College Prep.-Carmenla l,2,3-FHA I-Sludenl Council l,2,3lSec.l-Spanish Club 1,2-Masque 2,3-Nalional Honor Sociely 3- Senior Play Crew SAMPLE, DAVID HALE, General-Pro Musica l,2,3- Band l,2,3-Conservation Club I SCHANER, COLLEEN JOYCE, General--Conservation Club I SCHUSTER, DONNA MAY, Office Training-Y-Teens I -ROC 2,3 SCHMIDT, SALLY ANN, College Prep.-Band l,2- Orcheslra 2-Senate l,2,3 SCHMIEDING, BARBARA ANN, Bookkeeping and Ac- counting-FHA l,2,3 QSec.J-GAA l,2,3-Conservation Club I-Senior Play Crew SCHREIBER, DOBBY, College Prep.-Benton Harbor H. S.-Thespian I-Band I-Orchestra I-MHS Press Club 2-Boosler Club 2-Speech Guild 2,3-Thespian 2,3lV. Pres. and Treas.l--Bond 2-Lalin Club 2- Said and Done 2,3lEd.l-Keyhole 2--National Honor Sociely 3--Masque 3-Student Council 3-Dramalics 3-Senior Play Cast SCHUITEMAN, JANET ANN, College Prep.-A Cappella 1,2,3-GAA I-Ludi Romani 1-Senior Play Casl SCHUUR, GERALD FREDERICK, College Prep.-Pro Mus- ica 1,2,3-Band 1,2,3 SCHOFIELD, DONALD ALLEN, College Prep.-Baseball I-Spanish Club 1,2,3-Conservation 3-ROC 3 lTreas.I-Senior Class Treasurer SEGELSTROM, ROBERT JAMES, Co-operative Trade- Track .1 SEASTROM, JOAN MAE, Sfenographic-Chorus 1,2- FHA 1,2,3-Ar! Club 1 SEIFERS, PEGGY HELEN, Clerical Co-op. SELLS, NANCY LOU, College Prep.-Speech Guild 1,2 ISec.I3IPres.I-Masque 1,2,3-A Cappella I 1,2 IAccomp.I-A Cappella lllAssI. accomp.I lSec.I- Thespian 2,3ISec.I-National Honor 2,3-Sludenl Council I,2,3-Boosler Club 2lSec.I3-Said and Dane 3-lnler-school Council-Senior Play Casl SCHARF, ROBERT DALE, General SHEPARD, RUTH, Clerical Co-op.-Bowling 2-ROC 3 ISec.I SHOWERS, EVONNE JOAN, College Prep.-GAA 1,2- French Club 2 IHisl.I 3 ISec.I-Hi-C 1,2 IV. Pres.I FTA 2 2-GAA-Boosler 2 SIEVERS, ANTON WILLIAM, College Prep.-Football 1,2,3-Press Club 1,2,3 SIKKENGA, KENNETH EUGENE, College Prep.-Band 1,2-Pro Musica 1,2-Sludenl Council 2-Said and Done 3 SIKKENGA, SHIRLEY ANN, College Prep.-GAA 1,2 -Curmenla I,2,3IV. Pres.I-Cheerleading I,2,3- Masque 2,3IPres.I-Speech Guild 2,3-Booster 2,3- Nalional Honor ,Society 2,3-National Thespians 3- Assf. Director Senior Play SIMS, JUDITH ELAINE, College Prep.-Hi-C I-GAA 1,2,3-Ludi Romani 1-FNA 3 SLOCUM, VIRGINIA MAE, College Prep.-Ludi Romani I-GAA 1,2-Bowling 3-Keyhole 3 SMITH, DELORES MAE, College Prep.-Ludi Romani I -GAA 1 SMITH, JUDITH LEONE, College Prep.-Ludi Romani 1 Boosler 2-FNA 2,3 SMITH, PEGGY ANN, General-Y-Teens I 'wwe SMITH, PHILIP LAWTON, College Prep.-Ludi Romani I Forensics I-Student Council 2,3-Speech Guild 2,3 ITreas.-Boosler Club 2-Inlerschool Council 2--Sen- ior Class Hislarian-Co-ed Council 3-Nalional Honor Society 3-Senior Play Casl SMITH, RICHARD IRWIN, College Prep.-Conservation Club I,2,3 SMITH, WAYNE R., Retail Sales-ROC 2,3 SOBOTTA, JOHN CARLIN, College Prep.-Ludi Romani 'l-Dramalics 2 SPADE, LILIAN DELORES, General--Press Club 2- ROC 2 SPIER, MILLICENT ELAINE, College Prep.--Chorus 1,2 FHA I,2,3-Art Club I4Spanish Club 3-Hi'C 3 STEPHENS, GERALD GORDON, General-Baseball I,2,3 -Basketball I-Sludenl Court I-Conservation Club I-Sludenl Council 3 STIPE, DAVID WARD, College Prep.--Press Club I,2- Speech Guild I,2,3-Band l,2-Pro Musica I,2-- French Club 2ITreas.l3-Said and Done 2,3IEd.l- Chronicle Page Editor 2-Campus Keyhole 2-Debate 3-Masque 3--National Thespians 3-Sludenl Council 3-Senior Play Cas? STRONG, LAVERLE ANN, Co-operative Business STRAUD, BENJAMIN RAY, Vocational Day Trade STURGIS, GLENNA HARLENE, General SWANSON, B. JOYCE, Clerical-Senior Play Crew SWANSON, RUSSELL, General-Conservation Club I- Track I,2,3-Football 1,3 SWIFT, DELORES ANN, College Prep.-Band I,2,3- Orcheslra I,2,3-Pro Musica l,2,3IV. Pres.l-French Club 2,3-Bowling 2-National Honor Sociely 2,3 ISec.l SWORDS, BARBARA JEAN, Slenographic TANIS, ROBERT, College Prep. TERRELL, EDNA, General THOMPSON, NORMA JEAN, College Prep.--GAA I,2,3 lPres.l-Student Council 3ICorresp. Sec.l THORNBERG, JOYCE MARILYN, Retail Sales-ROC 2 TIFFANY, DONNA JEAN, General-Conservation Club 1,2-Press Club 3 TOLISH, MARIE MAE, College Prep-Hi-C 3 TOPEL, JOY MARIE, Clerical-Conservation Club I VANDER KOOI, LAWRENCE BERNARD, General VANDERSTELT, CLIFFORD MAURICE, Retail Sales VANDER WALL, JOEL MARQUIS, General VER HULST, GLADYS LE VERLL, Clerical Co-op. VERSALLE, RONALD V., Vocational Printing-Football I lMgr.l-A Cappella I-Track I-Art Club 1,2 WALTON, JOAN ADELE, College Prep.-GAA I,2-- Chorus l,2-Conservation Club I WARNER, BARBARA E., General-ROC 2 WEFLEN, BRUCE GERALD, College Prep.-A Cappella l,2,3-Radio 2,3-Senior Class Vice President- Masque 3-Tennis 3 WELCH, JOYCE ARLENE, College Prep. WELCH, MARION, General-Conservation Club I- French Club 2-ROC 3 WENK, RICHARD DAVID, College Prep.-Hi-Y 2-Com servation Club 2 WHITE, LARRY CLEMENTS, Trade and lndustry WHITE, WAYNE HARVEY, College Prep.-Baseball l,2,3 -Conservation Club I WILLEA, ROBERT LORENS, Retail Sales-ROC 2,3 in WILLIAMS, BRUCE, General-Band 1,2-Hi-Y 2,3- Booster Club 3-Masque 3-Senior Play lCo-Slage Mgr.l WILLINGHAM, ELLA MARIE, College Prep.-Y-Teens I -GAA l,2,3-Conservalion Club I--Carmenla 2,3- Spanish Club 3-Senior Play Crew WILSON, JACK, College Prep.-Camera Club I,2,3- Tennis 2-Radio 3 WILSON, ROBERT GLENN, General-Spanish Club I- Foolball l,2,3-Basketball I-Track I-Conservalion Club 2lV. Pres.l-Senior Play Crew WILTENBURG, YVONNE ANN, General--Volleyball 2 -Baseball 2 WINTER, CAROL ANN General WOOD, DELORES JEAN, Office Training WOODARD, KENNETH WILLIAM, Trade and Industry WRIGHT, DELORES MADELYN, College Prep.-Ludi Rom- ani I-Boosfer Club 2,3-French Club 3 YARRANTON, MARY ALICE, General-Conservation Club 1,2-FHA l,2 ZIELINSKI, MARILYN JOYCE, General-Library Club 2,3 ZIMMERMAN, WILLIAM GILBERT, College Prep.-Fooh ANDERSON, LOUISE JOYCE, General ball l,2lMgr.l3lMgr.l-Conservation Club 'l,2,3-- Ludi Romani I-A Cappella I,2,3-Sludenl Council 3-Senior Play Cas? NO PICTURES ADKINS, PAUL ERVIN, Co-operative Business Training ARNOLD, HAROLD, General BRIGHT, MARY LOUISE, General CHRISTIANSON, HARRIET RUTH, Clerical Co-op-Bar kelball 2-TAB 'l,2-French Club I-Y-Teens L24 ROC 3 DODSON, NORMAN, Vocational Trade and lndustry- ROC 2,3 HARPSTER, DICK EMMETT, Vocafional Trade and Inclus- try-Sludent Council l,2 HAUGHEY, MARILYN IRENE, General HICKS, WILLIAM OSCAR, General MORRIS, EUGENE KENNETH, Vocational Trade and In- dusfry NELSON, SALLY LEE, Office Training-GAA 1,2-A Cappella l,2,3 RAYMOND, JAMES EDWARD, General-Conservation Club I SPRINGER, ELODA MARIE, General STURGIS, GLENN HARLAND, Co-opeiafive Business SZENDRE, JANET MAXINE, General WILZAK, DORRINE MAXINE, General ANDERSON, MAUREEN WILMA, Secretarial--A Cap- pella 1,2-Y-teens I,2,3ISec.I--GAA I,2,3 ARIS, LOIS, College Prep.-R.O.C. Club 3 BAKER, WAYNE ARLEN, College Prep.--A Cappella I BEEBE, ELIZABETH JO, College Prep.AludenI Council l,2,3-Band I,Z,3-Orcheslra I,2,3-Pro Musica I,2,3 BENTON, THOMAS JOEL, General-Band I,2,3 BERGHUIS, KEITH-LOUIS, College Prep.- Conservalion Club I-Foolball I,2--Hi-Y 2,3 BERNARDINI, MARY Esrsn, seenogwphif-GAA 1,2 BONT, SUZANNE KAY, College Prep.-A Cappella I,2,3+Y-teens I-Spanish Club 2,3-Senate 2,3 BROWN, JACQUELYN M., Secretarial-Senale 1,2- Band l,2,3 BUNNELL, MARJORIE LOUISE, General-Hi-C I-- Library Club 3 BURR, DORIS A., Relail Sales--GAA I--Y-teens L2- ROC Club 2,3 CONROY, BERNARD, General CHRISTENSEN, HARRIET, Clerical Co-Op CASHBAUGH, DAVID R., College Prep.--Track I DAGEN, BEVERLY, Secretarial-GAA 'I DE FOREST, KEITH LINFORD, College Prep.-Football -Basketball I,2,3-Tennis 2,3 DELL, RICHARD LYLE, Dcly Trade-Baseball 2,3 DE LONG, AUDREY YVONNE, Retail Sales-Chorus I Hi-C I,2-ROC 3 I Sifik DOBB, BETTY ANN, General-GAA 'I DOBYNS, ROBERT GERALD, General--Football 'I- Baskelball 1,2-Track l,2,3 DORNBOS, DAVID M., Day Trade-Foolball l DYKSTRA, JOAN, Office Training-Basketball 'l-Y- Ieens 1,2-ROC 2 FITCH, ROGER ALAN, College Prep.-Band l,2,3- Pro Musica l,2,3--Orcheslra 2,3 FORDHAM, CHARLES RANDALL, College Prep.-Conserw ation Club I FRIS, ED, Retail Sales-ROC 2,3 FRY, JEAN ANN, College Prep.-A Cappella 2,3--FTA 2,3-Spanish Club 2,3-TAB 2,3 GALE, WAYNE, Trade and Industry-Senior Play Casl HAGAN, MARION LOUISE, College Prep.-Spanish Club 2 lTreas.l 3 lTreas.l HARRELL, BERNARD AARON, Day Trade HARRIGAN, MARY ANN, College Prep.-GAA 1-Y- leens l,2,-Spanish Club 2lPres.l3lPres.l HAZEKAMP, .IANICE MAE, Clerical-GAA 'I,2,3-Hi- C 2,3 HERMANSON, CARL IVER, General HINE, NORMAN HERBERT, College Prep.-Hi-Y l,2,3 ITreas.l-Sludenl Council l,2,3-Baskelball 'l,2,3- Track 1,2-lllh grade Class President-A Cappella 3 HOEKENGA, CHARLES ALBERT, General HOLDEMAN, ELIZABETH LOUISE, General-Conservw lion 2,3-Y-Ieens l-GAA 1,2 HOLMES, JERRY, College Prep.-Conservation Club I- ROC 3 INMAN, ANITA MARIE, General-Art Club 'l-Chorus I JOHNSON, SHIRLEY RUTH, Secretarial-GAA 1,2,3- Student Council 1-Y-teens JONESON, JERRY LYNN, College Prep.-Tennis 2,3- Conservotion Club I-Chorus I-A Cappella 2,3- Press Club I KLEYN, RUTH, Office Training-GAA 'l-Chorus I-HL C 2-ROC 3 KLINGER, ARDIS LEE, General-GAA I,2,3-Booster Club 2 KNAPP, MARGARET JEAN, College Prep.-Conservation Club 'I-Senate l,2,3-Speech Guild I,2,3--GAA I,2,3-Press Club I,2lSec.l3lV. Presl-Keyhole 1,2 lEdl3lAss't Ed.l-Student Council I,2,3-Spanish Club 2,3 KNAPP, PATRICIA JOAN, College Prep.-Conservotion Club 'l,2-GAA I,2,3-Senate 2,3-Press Club 2,3- FNA 3 LAUTERBERG, BETTYLU ANN, College Prep.-Conservcv tion Club l,2--GAA 'I-Press Club 2,3 LUNDHOLM, KENNETH WAYNE, College Prep. LUTZ, CAROL EVON, General-GAA 'I-Y-Teens 2,3- Student Council 2 MEDEMA, GLADYS JEAN, College Prep.-GAA I- Speech Guild 2,3-Hi-C 2,3-Student Council 2 MOORE, TOM CLIFFORD, College Prep.-Football 1,2,3 MORSE, KATHRYN ANN, General-GAA I,2-Conserv- ation 1 NYE, DONALD HENRY, College Prep.-Basketball I OUDSEMA, MARY NELL, Secretarial PLOUGH, JOAN, Secretarial POTTS, JOHN, College Prep.-Hi-Y l,2,3-Conservcr tion Club l,2,3-Student Council 2,3-National Honor Society 2,3-Booster Club 2,3-Senior ploy crew. PRUIM, DOROTHEA MAE, Office Training-Bowling I -Basketball I-ROC 2,3 REEK, ROBERT, General-Ludi Romani l-Lalin Club 2 -Boosler Club 2 RElS, RAY, General-Baseball l,2,3 RIEKELS, JIM, College Prep.-Basketball l,2,3-Con- servalio.n Club l-Masque l,2,3-Keyhole 2,3-A Cappella 2,3-Foolball 2,3 ROBINSON, WARREN, College Prep.- ROP, SANDRA, Secretarial-Tennis l-Masque 2lSec.l -3 lSec.l-Senate 2 lSgl.-at-armsl 3 lSgl.-al-armsl- Thespian 2,3-Radio 2,3--Keyhole 2-Senior Play Cast 3 ROSEMA, SHIRLEY, Slenographic-Tennis 1-GAA l,2,3 RUNDQUIST, DORIS, Secretarial--Y-teens l,2 SCHEIDEGGER, DOLORE5, General-French Club 1,2- A Cappella l,2,3 SCHANER, JEROME, General-Camera Club l,2,lSec.l 3-Spanish Club 1,2-Conservation l SCHOENBERGER, NANCY, Office Training-GAA 1,2 SCHUTTER, JACK, College Prep.-Baskelball 'l,2-Fool- ball l,2,3-Masque l,2-Conservation l-A Cappella l,2,3 SEEBALD, CARLLA, Callege Prep.-A Cappella l,2,3- Latin Club 2 SHARON, MARJORIE, General SHIREY, MARIE, Office Training SEDGLEY, SHEILA MAE, General-GAA 2,3-Boosler 2 --Hi-C 2 SIRONEN, MARY, Sfenogrophic-A Cappella l,2,3- 3 Hi-C l--Keyhole SKIDMORE, PAUL, Relail Sales-Band l,2,3 SPYKE, PATRICIA, Secrelurial STEVENS, GLORIA, General SWAYER, MARILYN, Relail Sales-ROC I TAYLOR, NANCY, General-FNA 2 THUE, JEAN, General TJAPKES, FRANCES JEAN, Office Training VAN HORN, HARRIET, General VOSS, HARRY RUSSELL, College Prep.-Basketball I,2,3 -Football I,2,3-Track I-Tennis 2,3-Chorus I- A Cappella 2,3-Masque 2,3 WALTERS, WILLIAM DEAN, College Prep. WATTRICK, DOUGLAS ARTHUR, College Prep.-Conserv ation Club 2,3 WEISS, BARBARA JEAN, College Prep.-Conservalion Club I-Press Club I,2-Journalism I-Campus Key- hole I-A Cappella I,2,3 WEISS, BEVERLY JANE, College Prep.-Conservation Club I-A Cappella I,2,3-Press Club I,2-Journalism I-Campus Keyhole I WARNER, DAVID LEROY, College Prep.-Hi-Y I,2,3 WIERDA, RICHARD JAMES, Bookkeeping-Track I WOLFORD, ALYCE, Cooperative Training-ROC 3 WOODARD, ROBERT, General WORKMAN, AILEEN JOYCE, Secrelarial-Tennis I- Class Sec. 2 YONKER, JOYCE KATHLEEN, College Prep.-GAA I- Sludenl Council I,2-Senate 2ITreas.l3lTreas.l- Class Treas. 2-Spanish Club 3 YOUNG, CHARLENE MAY, College Prep.-GAA I,2- Y-leens I,2,3fPres.l-Hi-C I,2,3 R 14 WOOD, NORMAN, Day Trade-Football l,2,3-Basket- ball l YOUNTS, DEWEY, Vocational Day Trade-Football 1,2 N0 PICTURES BUIT, TED, General-Football 1 BURMEISTER, SHIRLEY, Stenographic BAILEY, DEAN, College Prep. FULTZ, JOHN, Day Trade-Football l,2,3-Basketball l,2,3 HUISER, FRED, Day Trade-Basketball l,2,3 HOOLIHAN, CLARK, Retail Sales-ROC 2,3 HUSS, GORDON, Trade and lndustry JUERGENS, AL, College Prep.-Conservation Clubl-- Baseball l KRUPP, MARLENE T., General--Senate 'l,2,3-Conserv- ation Club l-Senior Play Cast 3 LIDDLE, RICHARD, Day Trade LINTJER, GARRY, General-Football I LUTTRELL, HAROLD D., Day Trade MEYERS, RUTHANN, College Prep.-Y-teens l,2,3 PAQUIN, HARVEY, College Prep. RATHBUN, NORMAN, College Prep.-Basketball l,2,3 Football l,2,3-Conservation Club 1,2-Booster Club 2 -Keyhole 2 RINARD, GEORGE, General SEMELBAUER, MELVIN, Trade and Industry SHRIVER, WILLIAM, Clerical--Track I SUMMERVILLE, VESTA, General Checking over some plans for the l95i mid-year prom are the present 12B Class officers. L. to R., Seated: Gladys Medema, historian, Bettey Beebe, vice-president, Norm Hine, president, Eilene Workman, secretary, Joyce Yonkers, treasurer. Standing: Shirley Johnson, sergeant-at-arms, Miss Reid, advisor, Keith DeForrest, sergeant-ah arms, Mr. W. Trautman, advisor. "Meet Me in Sf. louis" is Senior Comedy. The Iighl crew is on the beam Same play L fo R Earl . . .: Mor- rall, Marlene DeVeHe, Jean Rhodes, and Kenneth Johnson. Ns 'hm 1 2 fan ii' I IW Mm 52,5 H5152 Iii iff F position against Boss, Wayne Gale. Gwen Richards, Sandra Rop, and Nancy Sells are shocked. Rehearsal scene from alher, Dave Slipe, defends his Meei Me In St. Louis, senior play. 53 0RGANllAl'l0lllS he extra-curricular activities of Muskegon High School give the students a chance to develop their ideas and talents, practice good citizenship, and contribute something worth- while both to their school and the community. wg: , -Q W we-wi :ix ., xl 56 X STUDENT COUNCIL Bob McNiff presents a ' 1. proposition to the Student A ii Council during a regular ' meeting. nr ll. 'Afv'f 2 X f A ,gas 45, Student leaders Are Born From Groups like This. The hum of fifty busy voices stopped haltingly as the gavel cracked sharply on the desk. Once again the Student Council was ready to conduct the business that would lead Muskegon High School through the coming school year. Winesap school proiect and the Inter-school coun- cil were only a few of the activities that the Student Council undertook this past year. The Student Council is a compact organization designed for the sole purpose of promoting better harmony between students and 'faculty and better conditions here at Muskegon High School. Ron Perry, treasurer, reads his report to officers of Student Council. Standing: Ron Perry, treas- urer, Tom Collins, Betty Beebe, Norm Hine, Norma Thompson. Seated: Kay Ryan, vice-president, Earl Morrall, president, Marian Grotenhuis, secretary, Mr. Kenneth Rolfe, advisor. 57 l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY vi N . ohonal Honor so Cfefy members wrile I ene,s of encouro Semen, fo h OIt0r roy, Hu dems. . O I O I C This Socret Honors Character Scholarshr and Crtrzenshr . I The National Honor Society, organized in T948, The nineteen members belong to the M. Berry Wood is open to all students who have displayed high Chapter which was named in memory of Miss Berry standards of scholarship, character and citizenship. Wood, a former Latin and history teacher. L. to R., Row 'l: Phil Smith, John Potts, Terry Connell, Dobby Schreiber, Paul Ladas. Row 2: Marian Ward, Miss Vera Klontz, advisor, Margaret Borgeson, Helen Carlson, Jane Dempsey, Delores Swift, secretary. . Row 3: Morylou Howell, treasurer, Maxine Kulicamp, Peggy Smith, Kay Ryan, keeper of the archivesg Florence Asp, Anita Caris, Jane Morton, Virginia Cook, Shirley Sikkenga. Row 4: Nancy Sells, Carlla Seebald, Ruby Hildreth, Mary Hunter, Mary Ryan, Phyllis Rode, Janet West- ling, Ellen Cahill, vice-president, Mary Louise Johnson. Not pictured: Helen Koscinski, president. Z Z 5 3 2 , Q ,?..m?75M.,f 7 CARMENTA One of the Carmenta girls' biggest events was their fall tea. Carmenta girls packed Christmas stockings for Winesap School. Carmenta Combines literary and Social Interests. The hum of fifty busy voices filled the halls around room ll2 though it was 4:30 on the day that Christ- mas vacation, began. Inside, the members of the Carmenta Literary Society were displaying the true Christmas spirit by donating their time to make other less fortunate people very happy. The girls were working hard to fill Christmas stockings that were to be sent to Winesap School. Created to do something for the school, the com- munity, and for themselves, the members read to hospitalized children, gave to the Day Care Center, and also to Winesap. Nevertheless, Carmenta members find time to sponsor many social events. Among these are the annual Kick-off Dance and Christmas banquet, and yearly highlight, the Cotton Ball. f , , , ,, , ., ,,,ff, ,Ml ww -HH v--f-V-',. - Y , . , n L. ro K., now u: mary vug.evee.., .w....... o...,-...., ...-.-..-.., -.-, .. Koscinski. Row 2: Eleanor Knudson, Mary Nolen, Maxine Janusiewicz, Kay Ryan, Shirley Sikkenga, Marilyn Quick, Nancy Fagan, president, Miss Werntz, advisor. Row 3: Cleo Ballas, vice-president, Helen Chonis, Anita Caris, Barbara Makemson, Gwen Huttenga, Jackie Ortquist, Sue Christensen, K d ll t asurer, Pat Katz, Doris McNitt, Jane Andrews, Kay Harrington. Alice Warren, Beverly Hammond, Nancy en a , re Row 4: Sandy Davidson, Joyce Peterson, Sandra Cook, Cynthia Ladd, Marlene Baker, Gwen Hutchinson, Mary Bultema, Betty Conklin, Phyllis Rode, Sandy Seyferth, Ellamarie Willingham, Joyce Decker, llse Hiltscher, Barbara White, Judy Wilson. SENA TE In the Good Old Summer Timefsings Sandy Cook to the ears of Nancy Sells. Marian Grotenhuis hands decorations to Sandy Rop, on ladder, for Senate-Carmenta Banquet. Girls setting table are L. to R. in foreground: Ruth Beers, Linda Frozee, Gerane Piirainen, Carolyn Bartscht. In background: Ann Keillor, Nancy Brunning, Marian, Sue Bont, Pat Spyke, Joyce Yonkers, Ruth Schutter, Senate Gives Equipment to Day Cure Center. "Have you made the final arrangements for,the Talent Show'?' '...' 'Are all the names checked for the book collection?" . . . "Did our share for the gift to the Day Care Center get sent in?" These inquiries were indications of some of the activities of Senate in the past year. The forty-four girls meet to further their cultural and humanitarian interests. Besides many social activities such as teas and a banquet, the girls contributed to the Urban League and Day Care Center, entertained foreign students, sponsored the Hidden Talent Assembly, and collected books for Win.esap School. L. to R., Row I: Patti Buris, secretary, Frances Helling, Sandro Rop, sergeant-at-arms, Pot Spyke, Ruth Schutter, parligmentariong Ruth Beers, Nancy Bruining. Row 2: Marianne Kolbe, Joyce Yonker, treasurer, Marion Grotenhuis, Colleen Saylor, Gerane Piirainen, president, Carolyn Bartscht, Jane Dempsey, Mary Ann Cramer, Marlene Krupp. Row 3: Janice Rogers, Pat Clark, vice-president, Sally Harpster, Sue Bont, Gloria Leach, Heleen Pelger, Nancy Davison, Janice Mish, Jackie Smith, Kay Kloosterman, Patsy Knapp, Marlene Hanson, Els Pelger, Sally Parker, Mrs. Quail, advisor. Row 4: Jean Murphy, Jean Ferguson, Beverly Lindstrom, Sally Schmidt, Jean Hansen, Ann Keillor, Nancy Klang, historian, Erika Mueller, Peggy Knapp, sergeant-at-arms, Linda Frazee, Patricia Robinson, Mary Kramer. SPEECH GUILD y Speech Guild Promotes Red Feather Drive. L. to R., On floor, John Wightman, Harris Liechti, Paul Ladas, Dobby Shreiber, Dave Stipe, Ron Perry, Jim Nutt. Seated: Peggy KnaPP, Mary Nolen, Janice Rogers, vice-president, Nancy Sells, president, Sandy Davidson, Phyllis Anderson. Standing: Nancy Kendall, Morva Spyke, Nancy Gilroy, Donzy Loomis, llse Hiltcher, Pat Campbell, Anita Caris, Kathy Tobin, Shirley Sikkenga, Mary Jean Polak, Erika Mueller, Sandy Cook. Not pictured: Miss Peggy Powers, advisor: Helen Koscinski, secretary: and Phil Smith, treasurer. One of the more recently organ- ized clubs at Muskegon High School is the Speech Guild, an organization that provides an outlet for the var- ious forensic talents which students may possess. The Speech Guild con- tributes to the good of the commun- ity through Red Feather speeches, Christmas readings, and TB speeches. Within the school, Speech Guild produces the Variety Show and pep assemblies, besides honoring out- standing members with its Speech Guild Award. The fame of the Guild is spread abroad through competition in the Voice of Democracy contest. Mariel Bennett, new induclee, signs Speech Guild register following the induction cere- mony. L. to R., Seated: Nancy Sells, president: Paul Ladas, vice-president: Helen Koscinski, sec- retary, Phil Smith, treasurer, Phyllis Rode, historian. Standing, New Inductees: Ruth Spitale, Ron Perry, Mary Nolen, Jim Nutt, Florence Asp, Donzy Loomis, Pat Campbell, Nancy Kendall, Mary Jean Polak. Talking over their achievements as Forensic winners are: L. to R., Seated: Kathleen Keur, humorous reading, Anita Caris, dramatic reading, Kay Ryan, extemporaneous speak- ing, Shirley Sikkenga, oratory: Sandra Davi- son, oratory. Standing: Paul Ladas, extem- poroneous speaking: Harris Liechti, humorous reading, Dobby Schreiber, dramatic reading. 60 - "Mg i. "V" ' MASQUE y Aspiring Actors Emote in Masque. l : -- L. to R., Row 1: Dobby Schreiber, Bruce Williams, Terry Connell, Bruce Weflen, Jack Clock, John Potts, John Hoos, Don Kroes. Row 2: Shirley Nedervelt, historian, Nancy Kendall, parliamentarian, Sandy Davidson, treasurer: Sandra Rop, secretary: Shirley Sikkenga, president: Anita Caris, vice-president, Harry Voss, sergeant-at-arms: Joan Maxwell, sergeant-at-arms. Row 3: Miss Faber, advisor, Margaret Ward, Pat Steiner, Cynthia Ladd, Kathy Tobin, Nancy Gilroy, Marian Grotenhuis, Helen Chonis, Anita Bobick, Maxine Janusiewicz, Kay Ryan. Row 4: Joyce Decker, Nancy Sells, Mariel Bennett, Sandra Cook, Mary Ann Cramer, John Reiben, Ardythe Hansen, Jim Riekels, Ruth Beers, Phyllis Anderson, Vivian Plumhoff, Harris Liechti, Hank Riekels. I Costumes lay piled in a motely colored heap in a corner, the audi- torium was littered with programs. The l95l presentation of "The Bat" was over: the Masque Dramatic So- ciety has added another fine per- formance to its long line of accom- plishments. But there are other things on the agenda of any Masque member: the production of the three one-act plays in the Spring, the participation in the Play Festival at Hope College, and the purchase of stage equip- ment for the school, and charitable donations. Requirements for Masque are stiff, but they are essential and worth- while in the development of an appreciation and understanding of dramatic literature and an effective method of self-expression. "We-'re in a tough spot 'men'," says Com- mander Rieben to his crew: Dave Stipe, Gor- don Schcrfer, John Potts. "Detective" Schreiber confronts "suspect" Jim Riekels with the watch in a scene from The Bat while Bruce Williams, Harry Vos, John Rieben, Ardythe Hansen, and Kay Ryan look on. L1 to R.,.Row l: Bob Dolsen, sergeant-at-arms: Jack Clock, chaplain, Norm Hine, treasurer, Ray Caesar, president, Dave McCormick, president, Dave VanEenenaam, secretary: Bruce Williams, sergeant-at-arms. 'V 2 Jim B0f"0Wm0n, DGVE WGYHQV, DOH Byro, Jerry Spyke, Reg Smith, Bob Driscoll, Larry Pickle, Burwell Sayles, Andrew Meyers, in Hoos, Roy Boyne. w 3: Keith Burgess, Don.Evans, Jim Vredevelt, Earl Morrall, John Potts, Charles Hasseldahl, Ron Habel, Gordon Keitt. w 4: Mr. Russcher, advisor, Jerry Patow, Dove Mudget, Dave Tietsort, Larry Anderson, Jim McWorter, Bob Christian, Charles zmblet, Gordie Benson, Lyle Moore. Christmas Boxes are u Hi-Y Service HI-Y "This isn't work, it's fun," say Hi-Y boys packing a box for the Boy's Camp. L. to R., Standing: Norm Hine, Bruce Williams, Dave VanEenenaa Don Byro, Dave Warner, John Hoos. Seated: Jack Clock and Don Evans. Hackley Stadium was filled to capacity. lt was a cool Saturday in November - iust right for a football game. Seconds after, the fairly ferocious Tigers had filed onto the field, Hackley Stadium groaned under the weight of five thousand loyal Muskie fans as the Big Reds, unbeaten and untamed, stormed over the turf. Ribbons shot through the air . . . and occa- sionally so did a student. But in the midst of all this chaos and confusion, battered but undaunted, fighting and clawing his way to the exit was Little Red, a member of the Muskegon High School Hi-Y Club. He was lust returning from a successful iaunt through the milling mob where he had sold the concessions which were purchased by Hi-Y for sale at the football games. This wasn't the first time that the students at Mus- kegon High School had seen Little Red as an active member of Hi-Y. He could be seen all through the year as he participated in the various club functions: preparing baskets for the needy in this community, A9 mf ni KZ? packing Christmas boxes for overseas, decorating the gym for the annual St. Patrick's Day Dance, and maybe you saw him last December riding with his dad to the Father and Son Banquet. These are the activities that instigate and preserve in the mind of each member the high ideals of Hi-Y: clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. ooo 63 l Y-TEENS and Y-Teens Contribute Candy to France. x Continuing their fine iob of making others happy, the forty females who are enrolled in Y-'lzeens sent cheer to France in the form of chocolates and money and spread Christmas ioy by carolling around the community. Better relations between schools are Donna Carlson and Kay Davis blow up balloons for the "Plaid Hop." emphasized by sponsoring dances and parties with neighboring schools, and by the annual mid-winter conference with Y-Teens from schools all over the United States. L. to R., Row 1: Dawn Andrews, Pat Rademaker, Jean Hansen. Row 2: Barbara Marrall, Doreen Dress, Charlene Young, Charlotte Medendorp, Maureen Ander son, Pat Steiner. Row 3: Lou Varner, Maxine Janusiewicz, Yvonne Sternburg, Sue Kraft, Helen Fitzpatrick, Kathleen Davis, Sally Parker, Sally .Harpster, Marlene Jensen, Valerie Johnson, Delaresann Prow, Row 4: Judy Kelly, Phyllis Anderson, Joan Maxwell, Virginia Edwards, Donna Carlson, Kathleen Russell, Barbara Galajda, Karen Kison. AA Above, L. to R., Row 'l: Marlene Travis, Sally Leeds, Sue Bant, Jane Andrews, Peggy Smith, Mary Nolen. Row 2: Marilyn Martin, Ardys Dahlstedt, Joyce Peterson, Marilyn Quick, Beverly Weiss, Barbara Weiss. Row 3: Mary Louise Johnson, Connie Riekels, Lois Vanderlaan, Bonnie Drent, Sally Nelson, Mary Alice Sironen. Row 4: Flonteenia Hendley, Norma Swier, Barbara Carlson, Vada Hickman, Nancy Klang, .loan Maxwell. Below. L. to R., Row 1: Penny Adams, Shirley Meyers, Lou Varner, Marilyn Rad- emaker, Carol Beauvais, Shirley House- man, Janet Schuiteman. Row 2: Arlene Rahrig, Sandy Seyferth, Jean Fry, Dolores Scheidegger, Marian Ward, Nancy Sells. Row 3- Arlene Zirk, llse Hiltscher, Carlla Seebald, Doran Scott, Jackie Ortquist, Beverly Lindstrom. Row 4: Ardythe Hansen, Marylou Howell, Leida Nelson, Mary Hunter, Phyllis Rode, Phyllis Anderson, Muriel Heaton. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Their Voices Blend . . . Adding harmony to the rich cultural background of our school' and community, the A Cappella choir spreads the fame of Muskegon High School far and wide. Each season is filled with a round of concerts and programs for various clubs and organizations in A Cappella traditionally carol in the halls at Christmas. of aw, Q QA L. to R., Row l: Floyd Clanton Gordon Laman, Nathan Vander Werp. Row 2: Paul Schuiteman, Bob Heat on, Howard Johnston, Jerry Jone- . . . in Sweet Strains. Greater Muskegon. Then there is the annual assem- bly for Muskegon High School, besides the tradition- al Thanksgiving and Christmas programs. The big proiect of the season, however, was the production of HandeI's Messiah. fa-wt. L. to R., Row 1: Dave Mayrose, John Wick- erink, Jim Colligan, Paul lvanick, Jack Schutter. Row 2: Ken Johnson, Bill Zimmerman, Bob Christian, Gilbert Rogers. R o w 3 : H a r l a n Bayes, Corbette Buckley, Charles Cramblet, Ken Ben- singer. Sl r Pat Campbell Sally Jedrezak, Harriet L. to R., Row l: Marva Spyke, Darlene Bunker, Sandy ove , , Wright, Ruth-Ryke, Jacqueline Smith, Delores Steuerwald, Sally Parker, Joyce Johnson, Elsie Lou Lower, Nancy Kendall, Barbara Anderson. Row 2: Florence Hepler, Mary Ferguson, Marilyn Vledder, Kathy Tobin, Elaine Martin, Bette Wierengo, Alice Warren, Janice Schutter, Sharon Seguin, Jaan Minuth, Flora Kuehn, Arthea Ouwerkirk, Nancy Moon, Eledhore Knudson, Delores Gable. Row 3: Nancy Stadt, Lois Brace, Barbara Hartz, Barbara Fisher, Joyce VanDeKoppel, Barbara White, Jean Timmer, Judy Wilson, Maudella Warren, Anne Fitch, Georgia Dodge, Marsha Irwin, Marlene Hansen, Doris Galfield. Row 4: Shirley Erickson, Jean Murphy, Carole Prinz, Sally Klang, Grace Middlecamp, Ken Arnold, Jerry ' Bob Carr, Ellen Seely, Florence Cassell, Shirley Bergman, Nugent, Jim Johnson, Walter Llndeman, Dorthea Cf, 'il-.s ,, J Q 'ff ,ar L. to R., Row 'l: Nancy Mikesell, bass clarinet, Jeneane Collier, alto clarinet, Marilyn Brink, oboe, Elea- nor Becker, bassoon, Delores Swift, oboe, Delores Pixley, alto clarinet, Gwen Hutchinson, bass clarinet. Row 2: Kay Gillette, John Sher- inger, Carol Prins, Jackie Shunk, Delores Boyd, Marilyn Swanson, clarinets. Row 3: Ronald Pierce, saxophone, Phyllis Phillips, saxophone, Tom Benton, clarinet, Lyle Christenson, clarinet, Priscilla Fields, tenor sax- ophone, Dick Ashcraft, baritone saxophone. f 0ur Band is Nationally Known. The Muskegon Senior High School Marching Band, one of the finest in the United States, is a big reason why Muskegon is on the map. Starting practice long before school starts, the band is ready to go by the time most students are awakening to the shocking fact that school has begun. Throughout the football season the band can be seen drilling every third hour during the 09 ry '- week, and then astonishing fans on the week-ends with their precise and clever formations. After the grid season has passed, the band goes through a quick change and reappears suddenly as the Muskegon High School Concert Band. Then a series of concerts and contests are held, and once again we find the band on the top of the heap. Ellen Cahill, clarinet. Francis Helling, clarinets. fer, Bill Booth, clarinets. Fitch, Bill Volz, clarinets. L. to R., Row 1: Gilbert Rogers clarinet, Kay Moesner, clarinet Sally Dalrymple, flute, Bonnie Walters, flute, Gwen Richards flute, Mary Vugteveen, flute Row 2: Jim Colligan, Peggy Lindback, Gwen Huttenga Nancy Fagan, Nancy Davison Row 3: Alex Afendulis, Jacque lyn Cooper, Marlene Way Marlene Dietz, Gordon Schae Row 4: Alex Danigelis, Roger L. to R.: Nathan VanderWerp, Charles Menges, David Ander- son, David Sample, Jim George, Lyle Moore, Pete Ekkstrom, Dick Rice, percussion. 291 L. to R., Row 1: Janice Collins, Marve LaNouette, Paul Bannin- ga, Lorna Bosma, Louise Moes- ler, Jane Nolen, French horn: Henry Klein, bass viola. Row 2: Joel VanderWall, Mike Humenik, Don Logan, Richard Hodson, Bob Hovey, Ed Edlund, Gene Broge, baritones. Row 3: Bruce Spink, Bob Platt, Don Atkins, Richard Lloyd, Ed Daly, basses. L. to R., Row 'l: Charles Ferguson, Dave Bos, Darwin Erickson, Ray Link, Lloyd Pixley, Gordon Laman, Darrell Westfall, Charles Richards, trombones. Row 2: Jack Chapel, Leonard Strong, Karleen Peterson, Marian Henyon, Floyd Rademccher, George DeFrench, cornets. Row 3: Bruce Matthews, Don May- crofl, Lawrence Berman, Dave Starks, cornels. Row 4: Harold Gunderson, Doug- las Green, Ray Hilt, Gerald Schuur, cornets. L. to R., Row l: Phyllis Rode, Jane Morton, Kay Harrington, Mary ef 2 ,f,, , Rodewald, Barbara Baker, cellos. Row 2: Linda Frazee, pianist, Hen- ry Klein, David Amos, Marjorie Becker, basses: Sue LaCore, pian- ist. Our Orchestra Makes lts Mark in Concerts. First cousin to the marching and concert bands is the Muskegon High School Orchestra, another fine organization, and no less famous. Producing a var- iety of music, the orchestra plays with finesse. Under the same able directorship as the band, that of Mr. William L. Stewart, Jr., the orchestra carries forward the fine, high traditions of Muskegon Senior High. The annual concert, presented in the early spring, is always something that the community and students look forward to. L. to R.. Row l: Margaret Wiers- ma, Pearl Hasper, Darlene Collier, Rosemary Luther, Geraldine Toxe- peius, Elaine Baru. Slow 2: Delphine Domont, Jane HoltroPPf Charlotte Hudy, Betty Duper, Ruth Ladd. Row 3: Ardythe Hansen, Dave Rob- bins, John Mayrose, Betty Beebe. Row 4: Robert Beegle, Jim Nutt, Bill Rodewald, violins. W L. to R., Row 'l: Ardys Duiser, Judy Kelly, Marlene DeVette, Mary Kramer, Joyce Yonker. Row 2: Miss Helvie, advisor, Mary Barnes, Peg Knapp, Marian Hag- an, treasurerg Mary Ann Harrigan, president, Francis Helling vic 1 9' president, Charles Menges, secre- tary, Karin Eriksen, Gladys Med- ema. Row 3: Marilyn Quick, Sandy Sey ferth, Jean Fry, Sue LaCore M'll'- , I I cent Spier, Mary Leu Allore Sue Bont, Beverly Hammond, Jackie Ortquist, Ellamarie Willingham, Joyce Peterson, Norma Ortquist. Row 4: Dave Veenslra, Bob Sod er- man, Jerry Eaton, Dennis Suchecki Gus Chonis, Ron Habel, Herberi , Kline. Spanish Club Gives u Bit of la in America. Let us be off to th where El Dynamito is taking on all comers. Here we e "boool fight" at the arena will find all the gay decorations, the lively music and the quaint customs of ' ' our South American neigh- bors, to say nothin of th ling senoritas. g e sauve senors and spark- A f ican atmosphere is at any meetin in.e place to acquire some of the South Amer- g of the Spanish Club, where students le literature, and arts of th Americans. arn much of the customs, e Spanish and Spanish- There u ents who are interested enough in this subiect to pursue it beyond the class room level, and they participate in a var- iety of activities. Among their activities are donut sales, parties, and proiects. are twenty-six Spanish st d "Nos gusta Ia siesta " sa D ' , y enms Suchecki and Jerry Allare. 69 SAID 8 DONE W it Jaafari., . ' Y. tions ugh h 56 X00 mfs Qeklrj Hunter. Mow x. to RJ Xdentitica Howell- UP appear anyway. W Mn Hill P05 e L. to R.. Pat Rollins, Dave snpe, Ru ond Dobby Schreiber. nm! Adam? pk-wfes. undef9'c We Gather Your Memories. The bell had rung for seventh hour. About five min- utes later students began to file into room 207A. By three o'clock everyone was present, and the chatter in- creased. Paper flew, pencils flew, and pictures flew. Then it was 3:lO, everyone began to get ready to go home. But suddenly, "there came a tap, tap, tapping," lquote the Ravenl. A cry of alarm went up, "Here comes Miss Pihlstrom!" Immediately the typewriters were beating out a reg- ular staccato, and everyone was hard at work. Never- theless the Annual is completed and we offer it to you with the sincere hope that you will .like it. L. to R., Seated: Ken Johnson, business manager, Dave Stipe, editor, Miss Ethel Pihlstrom, advisor, Dobby Schreiber, edi- tor, Ken Sikkenga, business manager. Standing: Pat Rollins, Marylou Howell, Gordon Keitt, Pat Clark, Bob Hill, Nancy Sells, Harris Leichti, Mr. W. C. Denton. Sue Bonney, Mary Hunter. Gayle Cattley, Penny Adams, Ruth Ann Hill. L to R.. Sedtedi Mary H CAMPUS KE YH0l.l:' P mg unter, Sue Bonney' PG' O 'ft Harris Leachttr BC"b"'o am Booth- . worth, Gordon 'Syn' standing: KWY .Am wauaom H0"'Sf' ' ...andthe Kehl y o e Records Your News. Who floods the hall oo every two weeks with a variety of news? Who pro- duces the paper that keeps the student body in stitches with humor and cartoons? Who keeps the students well informed of events' here at Muskegon High School, in the state, the nation, and the world? Mr. Harrison and his iournalism ll class get all th s of Muskegon High Sch l e Drawing up the page layouts for next week's issue are Jim Reikles and Sue Bonne K'b' ' oulder is Harris Lei ht' c I. In are Jerry Belisle and Bill o h y. I ttzing over their sh the background, pondering over a story Bo t . credit. And they well deserve it, for the Keyhole is a newspaper that is all b ut printed by students. We note that the Keyhole was permanently organ- ized for the purpose of serving the school and the student body. All will agree that this obiective is attained with a h' h ' ig degree of quality. Typing up all copy on the verityper is Virginia Slocum. Looking over her shoulder are Peggy Knapp and Bar- bara Barrett. Z .-' Zim Hl-C L L. to R,, lst Row: Leon Larson, Nathen VonderWerf, Dave Bos, Dave Starks, Gordon Loman, Bruce Matthews, Gill Koerner. 2nd Row: Yvonne Sternburg, Joyce Van de Koppel, Ruth Ladd, Ron Johns, Mary Mazes- ke, lrene Gee, Doralee Hanks, Geraldine Tindall. 3rcl Row: Millicent Spier, Ann Thomas, Arlene Zirk, Darlene Rocker, Florence Asp, Millicent VanderStele, Eleanor Holmes, Jursley McMahon, Geraldine Toxaopeus, Barbara Zelinski, Helen Josick, Charlene Yonkers, Pat Bush, Marie Tolish. 4th Row: Ardis Druiser, Glodis Medema, Beverly Budd, Chare lotte Visher, Janice Hazecamp, Lois Taman, Mary Ann Harri- gan, Shirley Kolbe, Delores Wright, Joyce Tuppany, Lois Zylman, Oda Neilson, Virginia Keillor, Wanita Jewitt. The Emphasis Here is Placed on Spiritual Values ln order to present Christian surroundings to the students at Muskegon High School, a club was formed that would fill this capacity and occupy the wasted noon hours for the students. That club is Hi-C. Time that would otherwise be spent wandering around can be used constructively in praying, singing, study- Lew- -' 72 LATIN CLUB M ,..,, , XM 's of Cicero, Virgil, and Memorle Dido are vividly re-enacted by: L. to R.: Judy Wilson, Boyd Bosma, David Amos, Sandra Eagles, Joan ' h on. Kirkpatrick, and Joyce Jo ns Hail! Mighty Romans of Yore! from that pattern established two thousand years The Muskegon High School Latin Club, LXXVI live members banded together to study the effects of a ago by the ancient, but practical, Romans. dead civilization on the modern world, functions under a form of government different from that of Organized to increase a knowledge of the Class- any other club at Muskegon High. The entire exe- ics, the club this year adopted a program designed ' ' ' ' l islative bodies are copied to describe the various types of Roman amusements. cutlve, IUdICIGl, and eg b Hovey Carol Curow, Leid Mar Vugteveen, Mary Fer- a Nelson, Donna Hinkley, y L. to R., Row 1: Carl Bartscht, Bo , guson, John Sibson, Matt Steiner. , Row 2: Barbara Makemson, Carolyn Mooers, Nancy Kendall, Mariel Bennett, Kathryn Brooks, Nancy Mikesall, Suzanne Kraft, Barton Berman, Henry Klein, Pat Rollins, Phyllis Rode, Erika Mueller, Yvonne Baston. Row 3: Joan Kirkpatrick, Lou Varner, Betty Dooper, Nancy Squire, Barbara Wyman, Lois Ashley, Nancy Witham, Joan LoCourse, Bonnie Wolters, Marlene Travis, Sandro Eagles, Margaret Wiersma, Joyce Johnson, Marilyn Vledder, Alice Warren, Helen Chonis, Darlene Bunker, Kaylen Champayne. Row 4: Barbara Joslin, Delphine Domont, Betty Conklin, Nancy Moon, Judy Wilson, Jean Murphy, Carole,Prins, Lois Brace, Darlene Collier, Pat Schoonover, Marilyn Martin, Carol Beauvais, Shirleyann Scanlon, Carlla Seebald, Marion Buck, Karen Westling, Jacquelyn Smith, Mary Louise Johnson. ' ' W tfall,-Glenn Russcher, Jim George, Fred Timmer, Lowell Dana. Row 5: David Amos, Darrull es Pro Musica ls Musicians' Diversion. ' Pro Musica officers gather at the piano to listen to linda Frozee. Because of the many extra hours of ' rehearsal, that contain nothing but hard work, an organization was founded, part of whose purpose was to make up for this sacrifice. That organization is Pro Musica, and its other aims are: to support the constant improvement in quality and the appreciation of the best in music in the public schools, to foster a maior award for outstanding graduates in music, to furnish programs for Band and Orchestra Parents, and to promote the concert activities of the band and orchestra. L. to R., Standing: Betty Beebe, vice-president, Nancy Davison, secretaryg Jeneane Collier, historian, Delores Swift, president. Cgntqining l55 members, Pro Musica ITt6el5 bl-ITlOt'tll1ly Seated at piano: Linda Frazee, treasurer. for many Social activities But social activities do n.ot constitute the entire program of Pro Musica. Arion Foundation Music Award plaques for band and orchestra are being financed and purchased by this group. Mr. Stewart, music director, looks over musi- cal scores for the annual concert. 'i Pro Musica's outstanding party was the hall- oween masquerade held in the bandroom. 74 75 Despite the common belief among some unfortunate souls, the Muskegon High School Press Club has nothing to do with laundering. Their washing machine is a typewriter, their dirty clothes are piles of un- sorted news, their blueing is printer's ink. They are the people who are responsible for the Campus Keyhole. This is the main project of the thirty iournalistically-minded students who belong to the Press Club. Their aim is to pro- duce a constantly improving paper. L. to R., Seated: Marian Ward, Kerry Ainsworth, Barbara Carl- son, Bill Booth, Barbara Bar- rett, Bill Sievers, sergeant-ah arms. Row 2: Peggy Knapp, vice-pres- identg Pat Poling, Mary Louise Johnson, president, Donna Tiff- any, treasurer, Penny Adams, Patsy Knapp, Bettylu Lauler- burg, Harris Liechti, Mr. Harri- son, advisor. Row 3: Louis Carlson, Mary Hunter, secretary, Gus Chonis, Sue Bonney, John Rieben. Future Pulitzer Prize Winners. Checking last minute lay-outs for the "Key- hole" are, left to right: Sue Bonney, Harris Liechti , Jim Riekels, Bill Booth, and Jerry Belisle. Enioying refreshments at the Press Club party are, left to right: Mary Hunter, Donna Tiff- any, Mary Louise Johnson, Peggy Knapp, Pat Poling. Your Children Will Know Them Well. L. to R., Seated: Marian Ward, Ardythe Hansen, president, Jackie Cross, Margaret Borgeson. Standing: Miss Raue, advisor, Marylou Howell, Karen Westling, Elaine Baru, Betty Beebe, Janice Howard, secretary-treasurer, Barbara Hovey, Joan LaCourse, Jean Hansen, historian, Marilyn Foose, Grace Middlecamp, Jean Fry. Not pictured: Shirley Houseman, vice-president. F. T. A. In order to learn of the opportunities in teaching and to cultivate the qualities essential to a good teacher, the student members of FTA, the Future Teachers of America, obtain actual experience by observing teachers in action, they begin to develop the ideas of student leadership, for they learn to do by doing. The twenty-one members of FTA also learn to develop fine human relations by sending Christ- mas gifts to Winesap School. llBRARY CLUB Did you ever notive that when you check a book out of the Library, often it is a student who takes care of the task? Or have you ever noticed the stu- dents at the rear of the room mending covers, or erasing your handiwork from the pages of some of the reference books? They are the Muskegon High School Library Club. They are being trained for future library training. Social functions develop the necessary poise for the twenty members who are also the sponsors of the Teen-Age Book Club. , 6 Wfffzq L. to R., Seated: Miss Webster, advisor, Mary Jean Polak, Sandy Davidson, Marilyn Zelinski, Joyce Van de Koppel, Mrs, Elliott, advisor. Standing: Walter Lindeman, Shirley Kolbe, Betty Cook, Betty Beach, Doreen Kcrkanen, Suzanne Hoffman, Marjorie Bunnell, Jackie Smith, Laura Putnam, Phyllis Barnhard, Wilson Dean. 76 Followers of Florence Nightingale. L. to R., Row 'I: Barbara Wyman, Kathleen Keur, president, Suzanne Kraft. Row 2: Margaret Borgeson, Sue Bonney, historian, Mary Louise Johnson, secretary. Row 3: Jackie LaPointe, treasurer, June Rittenhouse, Charlotte Hudy. F. N. A. The Future Nurses returned from their trip to Gerber Memorial Hospital much better informed about what their chosen vocation constituted. This was only one of their proiects -of the year to become better ac- quainted with the nursing profession. Many of the thirty girls have assisted in caring for children and have participated in Red Cross ac- tivities. They are preparing for an extremely worthwhile occupation. F. H. A. To learn the satisfaction and importance of home economics, to promote a wholesome family life, and to demonstrate democracy and good government in the home as well as in the community: these are the foundation of the Future Homemaker's creed. The thirty homemakers of Muskegon High School made ioke books for veteran's hospitals and engaged in other interesting social activities. Girls Train for Homemuking. L. to R., Row l: Evelyn Robertson, Ardis Duiser, Joan Seastrom, Marian Kulicamp. Y Row 2: Barbara Schmeiding, secretary, Carol Seastrom, treasurer, Norma Ortquist, president, Doris VanDyke, vice-president, Jackie Ortquist, Kathy Tobin. Row 3: Millicenl Spier, Pam Hollar, Mary Lou Allore, JoAnn McCormick, Sally Grimm, Moryio Leyanna, CONSERVATION David Smith and Jerry Porter carry their Sw specimens of Christmas trees to the pile. Timber-r-r-r-r-r! Tree planting and cutting, spring and fall camp-outs, National Wildlife Restoration Week: this is the fine schedule of outdoor work typical of all Con.servation Club proiects, which also includes financial support for Winesap School and various other club functions. The 'Conservation Club is a solid unit of ninety students who attempt to promote the conservation of natural resources through club activities and the school reforestation program. Besides a football dance and sleighride, the Conserva- 53, - . . KB JY tion Club sponsors an annual highlight at Muskegon High '4 School, the "Sadie Hawkins Day" Dance. Joe Suzor and Jean Timmer plant a tree while Chuck Menges watches. l 1: Bao! Schuileman, Bill Spellmen, John Wightman, Jim Johnson, and Bob Mixer. Row 2: Dick Harris, Bill Volz, Don Lohman, Bernard Eckwieler, Dave Carlson, Ted Sirocco, John Sherringer, Matt Steiner, Russell Wickerink, John Seelman, and Rich Smith. Row 3: Miss Vandergritt, Dave Smith, Bob Wells, Jerry Patow, Jim Nutt, Bill Reinhold, Carlee Sheldon, Elaine Baru, Shirley Berglund, Ken Bensinger, and Kenneth Johnson. Row 4: Janice Howard, Margaret Swanson, Sally Parker, Dorothy Herbst, Evelyn Fetke, Nancy Bruning, Carolyn Champagne, Ann Fitch, Barbara White, Sue Morris, Margaret Ward, Betty Lindstrom, Joyce Dykstra, and Wanda Brown. R w 5: Jud Wilson, Jean Timmer, Nancy Champion, Donna Martin, Muriel Bennett, Marilyn Swanson, Polly Young, Jerry 0 Y Porter, Leo Supera, Jack Seastrom, Charles Menges, Gordon Benson, Carolyn Moers, Ann Kelllor, and Marilyn Johnsgn, Row 6: Wayne Schmidt, .lerry Erickson, Dick Henrickson, Lewis Butrick, Henry Herbst, Earl Kersting, Jim Borrowman, Dave k B Charles Hasseldahl, Bob Hovey, 5Pe"l59' Ch0PPel, Lowell Dana, Mudgett, Bill Zimmerman, John Hoos, Joe Suzor, Jac oyer, and Lyle Moore. Row 7: Bill Rodewold, Douglas Waltrick, Charles Richards, and Bill Christenson. xii! l.. to R., Row 'l: Ray Boomer, Jack Draper, Alex Danigelis, Eddie Fris, John Cantu, Charles Houchins. Row 2: Wayne Smith, Robert Willia, Peggy Coon, Don Scofield, Robert Reinhold, Mary Jane Riekles, Ruth Sheperd, Don Bowen, Stan Pfeiffer. Row 3: Dawn Andrews, Doris Burr, Joann Dykstra, Norma Miller, Betty Nelson, LaVeryle Strong, Janice Jirschele, Carmen Leaf, Joyce O'Neil, Marlene Winkerink, Ann Marie Shirey. Row 4: Joyce Rose, Evelyn Sandberg, Lois Zylman, Bonnie Drent, Marilyn Gillhespy, Elaine Martin, Marian Welsh, Harriet Christianson, Betty Baker, Mary Mastenbrook, Joann Johnson. Row 5: Julia Frizzell, Norm Dodson, Eloda Springer, Marlene Deyo, Mary Jane Kent, Bob Pugh, Joyce Frizzell, Mr. Saul, advisor. RETAIL SALES Salesmen Gather for an Exchange of Ideas. "l'll meet you in the library seventh hour today, okay?" "Sorry, l can't make it. I go to work at 2:3O." "I didn't know you had a iob." "Sure, I got it through retail sales." Many students are furnished with jobs in this manner, and al- though happy to receive the op- portunity, these students have to sacrifice this time which might otherwise be used for social func- tions. ln order to make up for this, the Retail Office Club was formed with the added purposes of promoting an. understanding of democratic principles through par- liamentary procedure, and of pro- viding a better understanding of the problems of the business world through trips and proiects. B e s i d e s the many parties throughout the year ROC sponsors the novel Bosses' Dinner, an an- nual event. Mr. Walvoord and Mr. Knut- son give certificates of merit to members of R.O.C. -rn i f- CAMERA aus Q ,.., , W 5, JW I ss '71, ,7 - my ' zz- ' ,,. f W, Why not loin the Camera Club? Not a bad idea, where else can you enioy a fine hobby and profit so much with its results? The Camera Club wasn't organized to devel- op a troop of experts, but they will teach you the fundamentals of photography, and you will work with some fine people. And, like every other club at Muskegon High School, the Shut- terbugs do have social activities. The photographic work of the Camera Club has appeared in many forms in many publica- tions around the community. Where did you think the Said and Done got its pictures? ' f Members of Camera Club get practical exper- ience in developing and printing pictures. S Q . ' ,JW y , , 7 f,, Q ,k ,ff 5 lt's Fun to Click the Shutter. l L. to R., Seated: Linda Cu naday, Margaret Swanson Standing: Boyd Bosma, N C. Denton, Henry Klein, Je ome Schaner, Harris Liech Gordon Keift, Orrin Bus Jack Wilson, Ken .lohnso Bob Mixer. FRENCH CLUB Members of French Club test their skill in solving o French puzzle. Looking at a letter from the recipient of their CARE package are: left to right: Richard Thompson, Evonne Showers, Jackie LaPointe, and Tula Stathis. L. to R., Seated: lOfficersl Jackie LaPointe, historian, Mrs. Alice Kyes, advisor, Ken John- son, treasurer, Elsie Lou Lower, president, Janice Rogers, vice- president, Bonnie Showers, sec- retary. First row: Delores Swift, Arlene Gosselin, Mary Mezeske, Nancy Gilroy, Charmagne Westfall, Charlene Squires, Patti Buris, Joyce Decker, Marva Spyke, Kathy Tobin. Second row: Marilyn Foose, Joan Midboe, Delores Gable, Dave Stipe, Gayle Cattley, Richard Thompson, Joyce Mod- zelewski, Pat Poling, Melba Shively, John Hoos, Jane Mor- ton, Delores Wright, Janice Howard, Kay Harrington. Contrary to popular belief, the French people indulge in activities other than amoral pursuits, and the French Club is the best place at Mus- kegon High School to learn iust what these other pastimes are. A Spanish or Latin student would be lost in a meeting of Les Amis de la France lTh-e Friends of the Frenchl where the smooth French phrases slide back and 'forth between eager students. Parties provide the outlet where French stu- dents dance to French ditties, sing French songs, and play ,French games. With the generous spirit of the liberty-loving Frenchmen, CARE is well supported by the club. Club Sends Cure Packages THESPIANS L. to R., At table: .lenette Faber, ad- visor, Dobby Schreiber, vice-president, Virginia Cook, president, Phyllis And- erson, secretary, Jack Hathaway, Cleo Ballas. Standing: Harris Leichti, Sandy Cook, Sandy Rop, Nancy Gilroy, Nancy Sells, Anita Caris, Shirley Sikkenga, Sandy Davidson, Janice Rogers, Hank Riekles. They are Entrancecl by the Footlights . .. "Act well your part, therein all the honor lies." Though Pope may not have been thinking of this organization, his words have become the motto of the Thespians all over the United States. The National Thespians Society is devoted to the ad- vancement of dramatics arts in the secondary schools. An honorary organization, Troop No. 704 founded in l946, the Thespians have extra activities other than the semi-annual initiation ceremony and a June trip to the University of Indiana for a national conference. This year they were hosts at a spring drama festival. New Thespians are inducted to Troop No. 704. Nancy Kendall, J DRAMA TICS oan Maxwell, and Marva Sypke "keep the hemlines straight" for The Bat. John Potts interrogates Ruth Beers, while Gordon Schaffer, John Rieben and Kay Ryan watch tensely in a scene from The Bat. and Here Are Their Praductians. fr 48 if he Nancy Kendall, heroine in The Farmer's Dough ter, berates the villian, Harris Liechti, while Mcnrvo Sypke and Jack Clock struggle for free- dom. Ardythe Hanson writhe with agony in Mushioo Coming Up. "Doctor, we've eaten toc:dstooIs!" walls Marg et Ward while Pat Stl Ell ener, en Seeley c QQ SPORTS uskegon is definitely a sports-minded community. The football and basketball games are actively supported by the many fans who crowd the stadium and gym. The school, therefore, helps to provide recreational activities for the stu- dents as well as the community. The Temple Cup meet for track, held every spring, is the only intramural activity, with the exception of girls' sports sponsored by G.A.A. . 49? " wi, . ,ix wg, Q -23'v,,.,, V1.4 x Nil' ' ,lf fb in N- .M xiii-fs JL.. lg , ,W .. . A J. 0.1 3 .. .-fy.-R L to R Front Row Allore Mixer Cooke Banninga, King, Collins, Clanton, F., Rohn, Hoos. 2nd Row T McShannock lAsst Coachl Runnels McDonald, Schalk, Wood, Lirones, Soderman, Cuthrell, Groce, Rademaker, 3rd Row H E Potter tCoachl Fultz Voss Fett David, Fairfield, Morrall, Clanton, C., Kelly, Riekels, Swanson, W. Kelly 4th Row Moore Cribbs Wilson Rothbun Slevers, Wells, Robbins, Schutter, J., Schutter, R. Muskegon unveiled its i952 football machine with a 27-O win over Lansing Sexton at Hackley Stadium. Showing plenty of power and promise, the Big Reds then iourneyed to Flint where they met a highly rated Flint Central eleven and their first real test of the season. Behind l3-6 in the second period lthe only time they trailed an opponent this yearl, the Reds snapped back for a 36-13 decision and gained recognition of being the team to beat in the state. Against Grand Haven the following week the Muskies pound- ed out a lopsided 41-0 victory. Next came a terrifically under- rated Benton Harbor team which found the charges of Coach Harry Potter grinding out a lone touchdown to win 7-O over the downstate Tigers. This was a costly victory however, for during the rugged play, star defensive back, Bob Kendall, suffered a fractured ankle and was lost for the season. The next weekend, led by the smooth passing of quarterback Earl Morrall, the Big Reds smothered Holland 48-0 with reserves playing most of the second half. Hapless Hamtramck was next to feel the might of the ramp- aging Reds, and they fell under the 'conqueror's heel' 45-6. lt was a great homecoming display for the old grads with Ham- tramck's only score coming in the fourth period against Muskegon reserves. Battle Creek, the next opponent, fared no better. The final gun found them buried under an amazing total of 491 yards BIG RED FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Date Visitors Sept Lansing Sexton Sept. 2l Flint Central ..... Sept. 28 Grand Haven ...... Oct. Benton Harbor .... Oct. Hollan.d ........... Oct. Hamtramack ..... Oct. Battle Creek ........ Nov. 2 Kalamazoo ........... Nov. lO Muskegon Heights 6 'J 87 Jim Kelly gains yardage in the Holland battle and fifty-three points, while their own efforts netted only seven. Well on their way to a State Championship the Muskies clinched the Southwestern Conference Crown with a sizzling 33-0 win over Kalamazoo in a blinding blizzard and sub-freezing weather. As the final week of prep football rolled around, the Big Reds and Grand Rapids Catholic Central were tied for first place in the controversial AP poll. Despite the Cougar's final impressive win over their Detroit opponent, the Big Reds were nominated mythical State Champions by virtue of their complete mastery of the Heights Tigers. The annual rivalry was played in a sea of mud at Hackley Stadium, and the outcome was never in doubt as the Big Reds, displaying power everywhere, smashed the mediocre Heights ma- chine to a 26-6 count. Packed with power in every department, this was 'the' year for the Red and White. Led by All-American Earl Morrall, the well- balanced backfield was hardly ever stopped or even slowed down. The Muskie line, studded with All-Staters, devastated the running attacks of all opposition besides opening gaping holes in their lines for the hard-running backfield. When combined and under the direction of a most capable coaching staff, they presented a team which ranks among the best ever assembled at Muskegon High School and among the finest in the state. Morrall clears the way as David picks up yardage i -YQ , 1 L. to R., Row 'lz Harry Voss, Bob Fairfield, Merle Bright, Don Rademaker, Earl Morrall, Fred Heuser, Lee David. Row 2: Coach McShannock, Bob McNiff, Keith DeForrest, Norm Hine, Jim Riekels, Bill Nyblade, Bill Flemen. Grub that bull you Muskie. Don Rademaker 88 Merle Bright Muskegon won the regional championship while tying with Kalamazoo for the Southwestern Conference title. They were beaten, however, by Hol- land in the quarter-finals, 48-37, and thereby lost their chances for a State Championship. With good material, much of it from their champion football team, the Big Reds made a fine showing. ln their first game they rolled over Grand Rapids South 49-36. Kalamazoo proved later in the season to be a serious threat to Muskegon, but in their first encounter the Red and White came through with a decisive 50-37 victory. At Benton Harbor the following week, the Big Reds, although showing little scoring strength, came up with their third victory, a 38-30 win over the down-state Tigers. Scoring 47-33 the Muskies toppled Muskegon Heights. ln the Grand Haven game Muskegon's superior ball handling enabled them to rack up a smashing 65-47 victory over the Buccaneers. Battle Creek was the next opponent over whom they rolled, leading throughout the entire game, with the final score standing 44-3l. Against Holland an outclassed Muskegon team tasted their first defeat of the season 5l-36. Mus- kegon fell into second place in the confer- ence race as they ran into a rugged and improved team from Kalamazoo. Bob Fairfield The Reds snapped their losing ways against Benton Harbor the following week by coming up with a 56-4l triumph. A return game with the Heights Tigers showed that Muskegon still had it in them as they devastated the Bengals with an easy 59-26 win. Playing Holland at home seemed to make all the difference in the world as the Muskies rapped the Dutchmen for a 60-42 score. The Big Reds then overpowered a highly-rated, but much weaker, Grand Rapids Christian team, 83-38. Another one-sided game was played with Lansing Sexton and Muskegon emerged the victor 69-48. Muskegon then rolled over an inferior Grand Rapids Creston team 70-35. Continuing in the regional tourney, the Reds handed Union a crashing 50-43 defeat. Muskegon then met the upset victor of Grand Haven, Muskegon Heights, as the tournament neared its final stages, the Tigers extended the Reds 44-40 with brilliant ball-handling and an airtight defense. Then came the quarter-finals and Muskegon's final game of the season. The Hollanders sunk the Big Reds and closed the Red and White's season. Muskegon totaled 1009 points for the season and held their opponents to 766. They won l6 and lost three and placed three players, captain Don Rademaker, Bob Fairfield, and Earl Mor- rall, on the Southwest conference all-star team. Harry Voss Don Rademaker, Big Red's captain, lumps to add another Big Red forward, Fred Hueser makes an attempt for a rebound basket to the Muskie's score. during one of the tense moments ofthe game V ,,,. -i lf L. to R., lst row: Jerry Erickson, Jim DeVries, Ron Knop, Phil Berdinski, Dave Borgeson, Richard Harvey, and Joe Suzor. 2nd row: Gordon Barkell, coach, Norm Beaucamp, Ken Tousey, Larry Wherle, Bruce Ashley, Bob Heaton, and Ralph Burr, manager. Next year's "Reds " make a name this year. The Little Reds opened the 51-52 season with a 39-34 win over Grand Rapids South and a hint of what was to come. But Kalamazoo and Benton Harbor had ideas of their own, and the Red and White Basketeers fell to each: Kazoo 37-16, and Benton Harbor 47-33. The following week Muskegon surprised the local basketball world with a brilliant 62-49 upset of the Heights Tiger Cubs. Then came a succession of four defeats, to Grand Haven 50-34, to Battle Creek 53-24, to Holland 40-38, and again to Kalamazoo 40-31. But the victory-starved Reds rallied against Benton Harbor by a 54-43 triumph, and happy days were here again. However, they were short-lived. Muskegon Heights, seeking revenge for their previous defeat, snuck by the Red and White 31-29. But Muskegon avenged their earlier loss at the hands of the Little Bucs with a 38-35 victory. Flint Northern stopped Muskegon 53-23, and Holland fol- lowed suit 48-40 before the Little Reds racked up a 40-26 win over Grand Rapids Christian. The final game of the season found Muskegon floundering in a deluge of 67 points by Lansing Sexton while their own sharpshooters bucketed 47. With Coach Barkell, a graduate of Northern College of Edu- cation, in his first season at the helm, Muskegon showed a total of five wins and ten losses, 548 points for, and 653 against, and some fine prospects for the Big Reds in the persons of high-scorer Ron Knop, Capt. Phil Berdinski, and Dick Harvey. 90 LITTLE REDS FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Vis. ......l3 G. R. Union .... Hesperia ...... .. ..,... I3 AAIV WM Grand Haven L. to R., Standing: Larry Dell, Gordon Medendorp, Larry Bonifield, Joe Boyden, Coach Nestor, Coach Carlson, Larry Wehrle, Jim DeVries, Ken Tousley, Howard Calloway, Bob Benton Harbor ""' "' O Stevenson, Jim Johnson. Honcmd O Sitting: Bill Pippin, Bob Freiberg, Bob Manchester, Mickey Young, Lloyd Moreen, Roger """"" King, Jerry Sowa, Don Carpenter. Whitehall --A- O The opening of the Muskegon Reserves' season FFem0Flf 0 found them matched against Grand Rapids Union seconds who fell before them with a 25-l3 score. Kalamazoo """"""" 7 After cu game at home, Muskegon traveled to Muskegon Heights .......... 13 Hesperia where they steamed to a 21-7 victory. Slowed by the Grand Haven seconds after a l3-O defeat, they iourneyed to Benton Harbor where the l-lfile Reds emerged with Un l8'O winning and Heights reserves had everyone excited as Qeme' AWGY from heme CIQV-'ln MUSke90f1 hlf l'lOl' both teams clinched for a tying l3-l3 score. land for a 27-O victory. Whitehall was thrown Howard Callaway was high scorer with 61 for o 27-0 loss by the Reds. But Muskegon met points followed by Gordon Medendorp with 56 their scoring height as they rolled over the Fre- points, mont seconds 7l-O. At Hackley Stadium, the Grand Haven won the Southwestern champion- Little Reds made a pelting i9-7 victory over the ship leaving Muskegon in third place following ' Kalamazoo team. But rivalry of the Muskegon the Heights by a half a game. They finish a good third. L. to R., First Row: Nestor lCoachl, King, Neuman, Dagen, Dell, Connell fCaptainJ, Carpenter, Hamm, D. Herbst, Stephenson, Young, Bartscht lManageri. Second Row: Carlson fCoachJ, Bonifield, Tousey, Manchester, Wehrle, Boyden, DeVries, Moreen, Rodewald, Pippin, Clark, Friberg, Mavis. Top Row: Callaway, Dana, Medendorp, Sowa, Brown, Peet, Klasno, Bevins, Buttermore, R. Herbst, Johnson. 2 L. to R., Row Kersting lMgr.1, Allore, Schafer, Schutter, Hine, Wehrle, Manchester, Bonitield, Starks, Cooper, Potts, Roy lMgr.t. Row 2: Nestor lAss't Coachl, Carpenter, Swanson, Israel, Collins, Jensen, Pierce, Piatt, Larson, Armstrong, Hubbell, LeRoux, McShan nock lCoach1. Row 3: Woodard, Hamel, Kroll, Peet, Cooke, Frieberg, Boyden, Medendorp, Herbst, Hughs, Ramierz. Seven letter-men bolster squad. Lack of depth and balance are the chief woes of Coach Tom McShannock as he prepares his 1952 track squad for its initial meet with Holland. With miler Schaffer, half-miler Hine, dashman Starks, and shot putter Manchester, the only re- turning Iettermen, Coach McShannock will have to depend largely on untried material. Early practice sessions have shown Muskegon to be strongest in the mile run, but here, too, lack of experience may prove to be a disadvant- age. Coach McShannock believes that his squad will improve as the season progresses, but it is questionable if the boys will better their 1951 record. Last year's cindermen finished third in the Southwestern Conference winning three of four dual meets. ln the Grand Rapids meet the lads from Muskegon finished fourth. Early this year at Mount Pleasant Muskegon garnered but 6, points, and McShannock is keeping his fingers crossed that they will make a better showing in the con- ference. April 11 Saginaw Relays at Mt. Pleasant April 15-16 Temple Cup Meet April 18 Holland, here April 24 North Muskegon, here April 29 Muskegon Heights, here May 3 Central Relays, Mt. Pleasant May 9 S.W. Conference vs G.R. League, G.R. May 13 Grand Haven, here May 17 Regionals and S.W Conference, Kazoo. May 24 State Finals Joe Boyden practices the shot-put. Nice try, south pawl BASEBAU. The best in the State! That was Coach Harry Potter's baseball squad of l95'l. This year Coach Potter is hoping for another fine season since a nucleus of his championship squad is returning. Last season Muskegon 'won the Southwestern Conference crown, sailing through an undefeated season, and the Big Reds were victorious, defeating Battle Creek and Monroe for the State Championship in. the Battle Creek Base- ball lnvitational Tournament. Bad weather has hampered early practice ses- sions and the squad was picked only a few days before the opening game with Coopersville. Though veterans are expected to fill most of the positions on the first nine, capable reserves are being sought by Coach Potter. April April April May May May May May May May May Benton Harbor ...,.. ...... ..Here .There Grand Haven ...... .,...... H ere .There .There North Muskegon .... ........ H ere There ..Here Kalamazoo ...,......... ........ H ere Muskegon Heights ...... ........ H ere ..There Basebullers out for repeat championship. L. to R., Front Row: Mavis tManagerl, Karis, Balkema, Fett, R. Dell, Greeno, Cox, Reis, Dobberstein, Workman, DeVries. Second Row: Hart, Nyblade, Fairfield, Morrall, Hill, Knop, Eaton, Stephens, David, McDonald. Third Row: H. E. Potter lCoachl, Connell, L. Dell, Soderman, Hoos, Eckert, Cratty, Stephenson, Erickson, Starck, Hopkins, Dagen. ,s1,s.,,..,,,A x , . -. . L. to R., First row: Michael Humanick, Dave VanEenenaam, Bill Zimmerman, Harry Voss, Jack Clock. Second row: Ray Hilt, John Sherringer, John Wightman, Bruce Weflin, Dan Burr, Gus Chonis, Ray Caesar. Third row: Coach Bill Bos, Ted Sirocco, Thurman Brown, Leo Sepuro, Kerry Ainsworth, John Rieben, Bob Hovey, Keith DeForrest, Jerry Joneson, Captain Wayne Kieft, Manager Dean Bailey. Ready for another year. Jerry Joneson receives congratulations from opponent Keith DeForrest as Wayne Kieft, Harry Voss, and Bill Zimmerman look on. 1 '?I'I'!'QS TENNIS The netters of Bill Bos have taken their rackets out of moth balls and are loosening their kinks in preparation for another win- ning season. With lettermen Keith DeForest, Harry Voss, Jerry Joneson, and Captain Wayne Keift returning and several of last year's reserves on hand, the prospects for the year look fairly good. Added depth is expected due to the large turnout of 27 boys and the summer recreation program. Last year, the first season for tennis in tive years, a good beginning was made as the team won five of eight matches includ- ing two victories over Muskegon Heights and Grand Haven. The main problem facing Coach Bos is the lack of facilities, with McGraft Park offering the only courts. Still, with favorable weath- er, the boys will be in shape for the opening match against Holland. TENNIS SCHEDULE April Holland ..................... .,..,.. T here April Grand Haven There April Benton Harbor ...... ,,,,,,, T here April Kalamazoo .,,.,.,,,..,, ,,,,, H ere May Muskegon Heights ,,,,,, ,,,,, H ere May Holland ...,.....,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, H ere May Grand Haven ,,,,,,, IQIII H ere May Coopersville ,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,. H ere May Muskegon Heights ..... There May Regionals June State Finals GOLF The prospects for this year's golf season seem tip top. Two letter winners, Dennis Su- checki and Raymond Bostrom, are again with the team. Each of them has another season to play. Bill and Bob McNiff are back from Florida, where they kept in shape on the Florida greens. Also with the team is Bruce Ashley. Last year's season was a fairly profitable one, though the quartet didn't place in the Regional meet at Grand Rapids. Coach Ray Schruba expects more improve- ments this year over last year's nine wins and one drop. This year's schedule, as in past seasons, proves to be a tough one. GOLF SCHEDULE April 2l April 25 North Muskegon ..... . ..,.. There Holland ..............,....... ........ H ere .......Here May 2 Benton Harbor ,.... May 5 May 9 North Muskegon May l2 Grand Haven Holland ................ ...... T here .....,,Here ..,...There ..................Here May l4 Kalamazoo ..... May 17 Regionals .............. Grand Rapids May l9 Grand Haven ...................... Here May 24 State Finals ..... ....... M idland ruce Ashley demonstrates good form in follow-through The links-men hope for success L. to R., Row 'l: Dana, Lowell, Semelbauer, Herbert, Homes, Robert, McNiff, Bob, Ashley, Bruce, McNiff, William, Suchecki, W Dennis. Row 2: Herbst, Richard, Berman, Barton, Borgeson, David, Byro, Donald, Steiner, Matthew, Bostrom, Raymond, Benton, Thomas. 95 Girls' Athletic Association Seventy-eight girls are enrolled in girls' sports sponsored by G.A.A. From early fall until late in the spring these girls play together every week in varied sports ranging from field hockey, tennis, and baseball to volleyball and bowling. The group exists to help create an interest in sports and to provide girls with an opportunity to play and work together for better understanding and good feeling. GAA FIELD HOCKEY Field hockey is the answer for girls who like to participate in a sport full of thrills and hard play. Beginning in the fall, the teams play each other in a round-robin tournament. Last fall forty-four girls took part in this sport. They were divided into four teams headed by Heleen Pelger, Donna Carl- son, Norma Thompson, and Maudella Warren. Heleen Pelger's "Gazelles" were the champions. GAA BASKETBALL The eighty girls who participated in basketball this year found it a close tournament with two teams staying in the top position all the way. Karen Eriksen's "K-9'5" and Kathleen Keur's "Little Women" tied for first place after only losing one game apiece to the second place team, Mary .Iohnson's "Basketeers." GIRLS' BOWLING The girls' bowling tournament again ended in a co-championship with Phyllis Musk's "Sharp-Shoot- ers" and Nancy Fagan's "Strikerettes" tying for the top position. 96 Tula Stathis held the season's highest average with I27, Janet Khun was second with I24, and the high individual game winner was Tula with 225. ln the National Mail-o-graphic tournament held on March 22, Nancy Fagan's team, composed of Nancy Klang, Ellamarie Willingham, Pat Robinson, and Tula Stathis, bowled into first place with a total of 2264 pins. SWIMMING Girls in.terested in swimming have the oppor- tunity either to enioy themselves in recreational swimming or to work for their iunior or senior badges in life saving. Altogether about 50 girls participated in these two classes conducted by the instructor, Mrs. Seastrom. VOLLEYBALL Kitty Keur's team swept through the after-school tournament as undefeated champs of nine other teams. This exciting sport, which requires plenty of team work, timing, and follow-through, is also a regular part of the girls' gym program. BASEBALL Spring means time for one of the girls' favorite sports: baseball! As usual, over a hundred girls turned out for the games played on Wilson field. Some of the exchange students who had never played baseball before had as much fun learning the fundamentals of the game as the other girls did teaching them. 5 1 o 1 '. , . 1 a Q -1 , , 2 a a a Aw 4 u 9 G. A. A. Miss Reid checks points for G.A.A. pins won by Virginia Slocum, Nancy Fagan, and Ella- marie Willingham. s o G.A.A. letter winners admire their awards. L. to R.: Donna Hoos, Janice Hazekamp, Jane Andrews, Kathleen Keur, Mary Lou- ise Johnson, Tula Stathis, Sheila Sedgley, and Gayle Cattley. in fd-- Tliese girls learn fair play. L. to R., 'lst Row: Kathleen Keur, Norma Thompson, Annette Ruys. 2nd Row: Delphine Domont, Charlene DeVette, Marlene Travis, Polly Young, Nancy Moon, Jean Murphy, Carole Prins, Lois Brace, Nancy Stadt, Janice Schutter, Gayle Cattley. 3rd Row: Miss Reid, Alice Warren, Els Pelger, Heleen Pelger, Nancy Wiegand, Sue Morris, Corrine Cooper, Anita Bobick, Janet Logan, Judy Sims, Bette Wierengo, Margaret Ward, Kathleen Davis, Helen Flf1P0lfiCk, JUdY WllS0n, Shirley Sim- mons, Dorann Scott, Marilou Allore, Lois Crago. 4th Row: Irene Nelson, Marilyn Rademaker, Shirley Scanlon, Ruth Johnson, Ann Fitch, Sheila Sedgley, Catherine Glafeke, Joyce Klevering, Nancy Mikesell, Jeanne Timmer, Barbara White Donzy Loomis, Janet Nelson, Sandra Bee, Marilyn Swanson, Karin Kison, Jacquelyn Smith, Barbara Hartz, Ethel Liggens 5th Row: Karin Eriksen, Maudella Warren, Diane Hozer, Janice Hazekamp, Mary Alyce Driscoll, Barbara Schmieding, Pqq. rica Wryan, June Rittenhouse. 8 f F ff 1 f in-0 4 M ' If KEWM ffldiffif. fff Field Hockey girls make ca charge for the puck. Watch that goal. N N I G. A. A. ll 3 ods Q , W, 10-"fs i lOO Will the ball go over? lifesaving is useful and fun. Sheila Sedgley and Mary Louise Johnson have fun watching Ann Ew ull swing wild. Mickey Scoif, Jean Timmer, Po! Robinson, ond Ellczmarie Wiilinghonin wcuich the pins go down. Down the alle yy across the plate. Helen Koscinski and Sue Bonney tow in Sue LoCore and Pat Schooner respectively in life saving. UNDERGRADS upils from county schools and city iunior highs troop to Muskegon High School in the fall and mid-year to begin their advanced high school work. They arrive eager and enthusi- astic to participate in senior high activities. ' Soon they become an integral part of the school and contribute much to its esprit cle corps. U x J a : Q Q Q X . "And the three little pigs went home," quotes Ron Johnson to Anita Bobick, Flora Drake, and Mariel Bennett. lO4 2 These sophomores look happy despite a heavy burden of books. L. to R.: Bob Wierengo, Donna Jean Plumhoff, Joan Kirkpatrick, and Fred Field. "Will l get an A?" asks Alice Warren, Bob Stephenson, Shir- ley Henryx, and Wesley French in checking grades with Miss Pihlstrom. The llA's are the potential leaders ol school activities for I953. will L H ll A's L. to R.: M. Ackerman, P. Adams, A. Afendulis, K. Ainsworth, M. Ames, B. I Andfrson, H. Anderson, L. Anderson rnold, S. Asbury, D. Ashley, D. At- kins, B. Baker, D. Barber Anderson, J. Andrews, K. l 1 L. to R.: R. Bartrand, E. Baru, R. Bayne, B. Beach, J. Beadle, G. Beam- er, C. Beauvais, C. Beerman L. to R.: R. Beers, G. Belisle, A. Bell, K. Bensinger, E. Berg, S. Bergman, T. Bergren, B. Bishop L. to R.: C. Blodgett, M. Boettcher, B. Booth, B. Bogue, J. Borrowman, Y. Boston, D. Boyd, P. Bozeman L. to R.: B. Brand, B. Brink, A. Britton, J. Brown, M. Buit, L. Bullion, S. Bur- meister, G. Burns L. to R.: B. Burrington, B. Bush, D. Byro, B. Cabocel, P. Campbell, B. Canning, J. Cantu, J. Carney L. to R.: N. Champion, J. Chilcote, S. Christensen, C. Cihacz, J. Clock, P. Coburn, J. Cogar, T. Collins l 05 L. to R.: B. Conroy, H. Cook, J. Coop- er, B. Cox, B. Crirhfield, C. Curow, F. Currow, S. Dalrymple L. lo R.: J. Dalum, A. Danielson, S. Dault, L. David, M. David, N. Davison, G. DeFrench, H. DeVries E. Douglas, D. Draper, J. Draper, B. Driscoll, D. Dyer, J. Ealon, B. Ed- monds, M. Edsall L. to R.: 0. Enner, D. Fairfield, E Feltman, C. Ferguson, B. Fielsfra, L Fonger, D. Foose, E. Fordham , , , N , SX, . 'er ' H ge, '- vver- Qlhn iaz I V "'V ' L ' ye: ..,. ...Lk . em: Hg se.: X A N ff. + W mm Q.. jf: , ,. we an 59? x K. is , 5 X .W B .. .. Shi V x ..:,.,.., I ... k -. .5 vi X. -. , R 1 x .. mg.. . X ..... . R 'ei N eeee X Q , , ' Sxl N- ,Q s J I 5 : 1 .x ' X X X ,I KLA. ' .... .sQ'N R we 4 .. . ' 'f' ...ei .61 1 f A . 1 B ' E . f. ., Q "" - ,ls . h . '- 'rs ... . x Y .. 1 . , . L - f ' - - x...s., .,..3 ...., C . . YE- " N fs. 3 .u f . B aw f . W iv G ,.. S .- 5 'ismfif . W .fl I , ...YV L. lo R.: J. Forward, L. Frazee, M. 1 1 i s ,., E 21 A .Q ' W' . ' . W ' French, A. Furman, D. Gable, R. Gar- X x x .54 f .hi 10, D- Galfieldf l- G09 i f Q .l,. ,.Z5 , ,. .M .,.,. . ,ff f f e. . .. ge ,,,i,fx by L. Gellness, J. Genler, K. Gillelle, N. Z' J I I . .1 ...., . V , Gilroy, K. Glover, S. Greene, D. 1 in I X "l . VII- I ' " ' 'T1."..., .,, 1 il . R D . . .li 'J J fx. V2 . ii" " fZ'f'W',, jr., l -.1 i. '. T .,..,, Q 2 N A, , . -.wx X- , j f, ,w e If-ix. , L. to R.: M. Grolenhuls, N. Gudelsky, ' 'Q' ....- ff ' ' H. Gundersen, T. Gunsl, R. Habel, D. A . 1' 5 Z.. J 23' Hagen B. Hammond D. Hanks , f i .5 'V "" L J .,.1v 'I ' ' ' ' .A Ji .,,. -gn' , E - ,., ,Ra 5-5 , -g .jx J -. L ,U R I A Hansen M Han O B Q A . X A.. A A , . ks fg ., x x Yr , I A . .. . I , . S YI, . A ' . - 4, - QQ, 3 ,41 ' Harp, K. Harrington, B. Hart, A. Heg- " "". V Q" edus, D. Hegbloom, M. Heimann V . K . O . -, ,A V . 1 11. 1 ., will V RTV 1 QA X ,x J f l f 1 L. io R.: A. Henschel, D. Herbsl, R. 'gl , U 3 x A Hill, P. Hollar, J. Holtrop, J. Hoos, C. uf' "l, V 55' ., X " ' N w f Houchins, S. Houseman an "f l : g 5, L. to R.: F. Howard, N. Howard, J. ,J 4.5, If f lf 3, A Q3 Huston, G. Hulchinson, M. Iverson, A. X9 .4 ' -' 'J Y ,"2 ff 'f Jacobs, M. Janusiewicz, M. Janusie- I P-1 1: 4 ' ,6 Q f WIC! 3, QA . 'QQ' 'S . W U my aww . ,.,, I, L. lo R.. w. Jqzdzyk, D. Jen, w. Jew- ff... L ' -f K. V g X i M- ' ' f It A eh, A. Johnson, N. Johnson, B. Jones - ,f 7 J- .... L' , 9. , J' Ke"eY' J' Ke"Y :ii H gefg, Q ' "" fix' 4 -. I - 'xy ff 57 at ,Q .,,,,,. .J V M L. to R.: N. Kendall, D. Kennedy, E ...Q . NZ. 1 ,Q C., K ' , '- -1 , W Kersting, B. Keltler, K. Keur, G. Kieff, N Y 'I' J ,V XY?-V ' , X W. Kiefi, R. Klooslra H .. , F ,Q lgl ,L A ':'1 1+ A 1 'I 1 r 1. 3, x 1 106 11 . M-ww . .. .,., ,... - M -.- swf ,,,:L. . K Z, ,, . W , Q ' v if .4 0. L ff P 2.14.-ff-'...:-:fm . .C as if ,, a s if 4 a 2' ,, we .. .ff ' ., 1, . 4 7 .. -, , . K.. A L , , . .X I r f' 5 ' P y fy. 9 X . . , 1 . I fi Q. 4 1 f ff Q, X . ,.r , , f Z! ff X J r ,. f , " f .fr ': ff . 1 . N f Q . , ., , t 'f m ' 1. ..,,Z Q . 4. . i f ,. .. 4 N' .gg 5 eww.:--Q fwwfsffmw - We f f .7 . . 2.2LfzQP'- 'N Qu .rw " Q 5--:v ' 5 ,ffl fm: ITT' .'f':7If25i.-2- f,.- V . 7 - f- 45. . ww. .. H .. 1 - 1 -11 Q- vw- Q my X 27: 1 - i , ,h , H 'Air 1 . . Q' T - ' II , .. . ,. ff 4. . . ,,.L . 'E was ' 2 1 if f ,., M Jr '19 , 4 7 C 12.-mf ig... ' - g ' J W 2 N. ' .g-"Qijk, -. 'I 'P ,fwg " 5 -f , : yy .15 4 Q L. to R.: M. Kota, Kramer, F. Kuehn, M. Kulicamp, C. Ladd, G. Ladd, G. Lahnala, L. Lamphere, N. Lange L. to R.: P. Larabee, W. Leaf, D. Leak, D. Leak Leyanna, S. Lichfe ' f . j we .. ., . Nw, 95 , 11' f . ,x A ., Y J 5 ' f 'if 'ww f 412- " x f ' " 05' .ev I bl ' ' ' .- .. I i 1 'S is - Q ' - . "Z -ff-V Qwlsizia' ' PM -42. ' ' , 22.5, R-.. -I-2- .'.-53? " ' 2- ,2 ,fn .. - , IQ5. 45. . ' ' . ' E .M 4:15. 1 VH Q .' f' , . , V 0 . X M- A .. gg? . I- .... . Q ky 2 ,EE A WA I., V V Q SZ I 'i 1 - ' .-11-" S fir- file' Q 2.4-2 ' .J ' ,SBS A , . 49 55 .ifitfiilfl 4 X-' if . - -- ' Q -. we Q L ag ' 2 ' " J y Q . N., L. to R.: 0. Nielsen, quist, G. Patow, P. anoles, R. Pearce, H. J. Nutt, N. Ort- Pavlich, B. Pe- Pelger L. to R.: G. Perron, J. Perry, R. Perry, C. Petersen, D. Peterson, S. Pfeiffer, N. Pfister, P. Phillips L. to R.: L. Pickle, W. Picton, V. Plum- hoff, P. Poling, J. Pomeroy, J. Porter, J. Price, L. Putnam L. to R.: W. Racklin, M. Rademacher, M. Randall, B. Rebone, C. Reed, L. Reterstoff, M. Riekels, J. Rittenhouse L. to R.: R. Robbins, J. Rogers, C. Rosenberg, E. Rowe, B. Runnels, C. Russell, E. Sandberg, F. Sargent B. Sayles, S.AScanlon, G. Schafer, P. Schoonover, R. Schutter, R. Schutter, D. Scott, S. Scott x .. 5, ,F-.4 , fri ' , , I5 X r A 7 Q.. ,. . '., ' wg L fr f' ,Q bv ,f 'Q ,fb fa 1 5 5 fg . qv 9 'is 2- 1 ,S ? , ., ..., . - . , . . . f . - - s V. y ., w . VK . . , . ,Rl . ,,,. , 'eff . - 4 -1 ' Q... . Q . ' . QL . 5- ' , ng ge. . is f .- s...f,ag Q...-f '.sf..: . ,..,:z.:vM9v,e', . . . .v E . .s..Q. ...V N... ' 4 'I' .,.. , W. H Y ZQX 4. .sw . 7 as 'sfggg me :QL is Y welll-swf i Al ssvwaggga 4 I x VN! f Bw 'SWKQ QL wx. Xi X A 1 , -Y .Q ev' F g.. , if , X Q, 'P 352. Lawrence, C. , S. Leeds, M. L. to R.: H. Liechti, L. Lifer, B. Lind- strom, R. Lloyd, A. Lorenz, E. Lower, S. Kolbe, A. Markham L. to R.: M. Martin, L. Marvin, E. Matecum, M. Matthews, J. Maxwell, R. Maycroft, W. May, A. McCombs .I aw gl L. to R.: R. McDonald, P. McKim, B. McNiff, S. Meyers, M. Mezeske, J. Midboe, G. Miller, J. Minuth L. to R.: D. Mudgett, R. Mulder, P. Musk, P. Napier, J. Nelson, L. Nel- son, 5. Nelson, L. Nelund ..... .... . . .,,,.. 'wg-14 4. -, i I 4. V 'S M .. Wig .Qs X 9 gm' . X . si , . Q.'-7,- - .E .- : Gb A if K ix MN.. 3 Q . ,, ,..,. .. ' ' "-f ' - -' -. .vi . Sw' ' , ,, N r ' " I ,.., ' ' .... " f A , J. -. z. . .fx M:..:.yzx. ".. ww.-x.,.s:-si 1 I 7 - ...-. 1 '-r- - ,. -- , --2 " laik,-iiif .5-Q f-5 XS-51,55 5' J .,.- X W X be ., 1 --z.: . 1 .-iz.. W 6 Q . 3 X? A., Q we , , L2 . 6. . Q0 4. .-.1 'M' ev Q 5 M . . . 1 . '::.: ' ' 5 A Q... w,,,,+ A 3 , ' l Y ,. ' Z m ni'?fi1'-fre. 'w-V ri. , 1 wi. Y . ., L ? A - , 1' 5 -.5 7... . ., 0 . z N. -Q31 ?' X ' wr. 'f ' ' 4 Q X 7 1. J 01 ff A -'fl Lf. - ., ji 4 . X . Z 4' . , 41-L , , 5 -M0151-. .L if ggi 4 . f' .f E 'l H7 J, ir 4 'Q ,Z - ' L. to R.: S. Seguin, S. Seyferth, E. ...Im U-.i ' .. ' . I.. . I1 51 5 5' C Sh Id D "Z 2 ry if ' Q 1 We" ' """'o"5' ' 9 on' I '17 A ' .X X Sheldonr M- 5l1lVelYr J- 5lWf'k "" ' ,r .-.. ' U 4 V " 17":i1n' f.:-Ir ,-.- ' --f-, .1,., : L:-:.s.:,f -- , JW A , L f Q1 .Q C. L. to R.. D. Smith, s. Smith, la. saaar- Ztffiy f' '-22 .5 - - 'H mon, R. Spitule, L. Springer, J. Spyke, f . " , ' g. . M- Spvker C- Squires 8 ' J' llfyft : . 4 ii H 1 'lil J 'KW J . ' .1 J .,. 1 Q Dfw E. if . L. To R.: H. Stork, D. Starks, T. slallris, 1 I ' 'vw , fy 'LN ' "F 0 , .,. 'i.,,, f . uc ec l, . u er an I .. P Z gi 35 Q -I, . -. , S'-: K s, , I J I H ,, f N 3 . mr if W .. . 'rw L. lo R.. J. Taylor, L. Taylor, L. Taylor, ff' . , . "" ' Q . -V AY L - -QW ' , QW' A. L rf L if L 1. f C. Thles, A. Thompson, R. Thompson, I .3 , f J eg r 'nul ,I L In D. Tiefsonl G. -mug X6 , 1' A+ A - " T l 7 Sffkill . 1, I 2 A b SQ g .ig 1 h H , L. to R.: K. Tobin, L. Tomun, H, Udell ' 31.4. .ws : ff .31-Z G. Trump, B. Ulfsax, L. Vanderluan, fi., ', .1 Qlvv f "'- W. Vundersielt, N. Vander Werf ' il! L 'J .gf .156 elk? J Is? . r +LL VW A 'Lil' K . Q l Q Q vb gn Q g h ? f. .... . 1 1 ? L. lo R.: D. VonEenenunm, L. Vorner sg-Q ,Qty -- 4 xv L ggi D. VerHulsl, K. Vredeveld, M. Ward 7 f" V g L Q W ' J? " P. Weaver, J. Weersing, B. Wells .... I H qvlu It ,V .. M L. to R.: D. Westfoll, C. Westfield, M. A , r Zi -rig! W IA 5 . lf.. V V. . Wesfphal, J. Wickerink, M. Wickerink, -W ' 53 f J. Wilkinson, J. Willis, D. Workmun '. we l L, g ., ii " -' if l' , A . Z ' - . if ' f y 'iff'?.,, Q., fr, W Q .,.' L. lo R.: J. Worlelboer, R. Wright, .,.g?f 4696 .. ,, N ggi, M. Yonkers, M. Zeller, A. Zlrk kg? N V . ff J . J V I ll B 'S L. Io R.: C. Anderson, J. Allore, R. 4 W, Baode, M. Baker, P. Banningu, R. ... w i ll 5 ll, if 23 2 Barrows, B. Beckemun, M. aalrrr if il W V f' L. to R.: J. Bover, N. Bruining, C. ,J 'C' . L 4 Buckley, M. Buck, P. Buris, J. Burn- 124:25 L Q., 4 sham, L. Butrlck, C. Byer -. JZ? .1 .4 'W y 65, .M - L. to R.: L. Cclnnaday, D.. Carlson, R. H Y r f u ugwfyl nf 1 Carnes, B. Carr, B. Chrislinsen, H. if .- 1 ' V f 71427 .Q Connell, J. Decker, L. Dell WV Lf' l , V" I-JY 'Q . if li' N 42 'Q ,K ,- 1- J .fl Mg, 1 .iw-ll. 108 YS Rt, iv, 1 , ff L. to R.: C. Dobberstein, J. Dykstra, E. Fethke, W. Flemen, D. Greene, B. Greer, J. Grimm, S. Gundy L. to R.: C. Gustin, B. Hartz, C. Has- seldahl, B. Heaton, B. Henion, M. Hill, J. Howard, R. Jahn L. to R.: M. Johnson, A. Jones, A. Keillor, S. Kidder, J. Kidd, M. Klasno, J. Klevering, B. Knoll L. to R.: E. Knutson, R. Kroll, B. Lac- key, J. LaCourse, P. Lash, E. Liggins, G. Lindblom, K. Linton L. to R.: B. Marks, L. Martinez, B. Matthews, D. Mancroft, P. Menzus, B. Munroe, L. Moreen, D. Mummert L. to R.: A. Oakes, B. Osborn, S. Park- er, D. Percy, B. Pippin, L. Postema, J. Drzybylek, L. Roberts 'vi 5' .f of in L J- . X., ,ig -0 gf ' 1 C, S ' R A Q ' - , ' af? , ' wg A , 1 'S' 4 l 9 fr.. vi? ' If in L M l0 W . uf .1 " ,-l. f f X 1 I K 2 V"!,,,.'?', ff M42 ,, ff ' , f ri. E. 1: 7 ,,,,,., ,,..,,. , ., W 1 . 2 6 'tb wi ck! I ,, sz X . , X y 9 W . 5 V. V Z A . .15 Q 1. 2, f 1 w 2 f f XV f .f ,fa rl .1-we ,fggij mm .4 55. :J f - ' 'f 'if - 4 e. IJ., -. xx 1. I fn ,W ,.:., , .. 9 VV Q V 957 if ' f , 125 f Z if Q 2 1 7 , 1 .V .4 .W 5 've sr ' if fl FA. ,, , l f, . ., 5 . 5 is fl f ,Q ' I ,, . ..,, ,A Sw? ,,.' 12 'G i' f 1. 1 iv-2 ' ' .fi 1.55 my f' ' - 7 A s 7. ,44 5 ,f ' -V: 1 Iwi' - i. 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Allore, D. Amos, L. And- ersen, H. Anderson, D. Andrews, J. Applegarth, J. Armstrong, B. Ashley 1nn M f X' ,N 5-.' R5 1, . A . . Skye L m an m AHdnL L anode A.anb- n.fg. i Lg. .. -r .5 Q ni Tg,s2.: .',-fl X ff. gag? ick, A. Baker, B. Balkema, P. Barn- 4 A 311 , hard, C. Bartscht, C. Bauer 'ff . vg ' Yi X 1 LN A 'I o ' K jx K i ' G NL K A ,, , V Q N X I L. to R.: P. Beattie, E. Beauvais, A. 3 Q' ',., A if : aecksnnm, M, Bevel, s. Bee, J. Bend- . N-if 'R sg X. . E fn gg us, M. Bennett, G. Benson , ':lffA.g, 'g, 5,,g .4 x l Q ei'?QElf SSB fi En ,feg?f:g EZ??. Ef iiE?QQ?'U ig. Nay:- 'J L A. K? . ' l L. to R.: P. Berdinski, B. Berman, B. . , , Q . f x .Z,. Beshears, B. Boisvert, L. Bonifield, D. A A 'V Borgeson, L. Bosma, D. Boukamp 'K b s E s-S12-Z X, ..:'., . .1 , X rf . '- .51,.sa.' gas. X 5 J. -w. xox: new-' L. to R.: J. Boyden, L. Brace, E. Broge, 1 xqlu Q- V f 'V W ',,,..ZQQ, nr f K. Brooks, T. Brown, W. Brown, W. 5 ' as X 5' " , . E Bfownf J- Budde - F" ' 5. ' R , qn, 1 . ,512 - nm ' 'r f A A Q21 ' ,1" ...., .... ' ' X ' .n L. to R.. o. Budd, P. Bullard, D. Bunker, K P M f , 5- 5UfkeNf Y- 5UfHn9l0n, K- BUFH R- mQ,W'Qj ECS 2? 514: 3 gl Y W l.Q .G ""V LSB ',5N. rtiillf. Burr, R. Buttermore L, 7 1 A . , v i , , NY L. to R.: D. Carlson, D. Carlson, D. -5 " A' J ' . - Carlson, D. Carpenter, F. Cassell, K. .5"":'f'1'j.. 3 y hm . "V Vx fl' f --: , - Q Champ-woe' S- C'wPP'ef H- Chonif 2554 D ' Q? Y? 4',wi3 Ill' 5552 Q ' if. 'VV-fif, A 'wi ,, B, L. to R.. A. cinppef, M. Clarke, J. 1' Y 0 Clark, P. Clark, C. Cloetingh, R. Cluch- g.N . - . A ' 2 M ey, D. Collier, J. Collins , is if A " .J no A X -f , . - Q f " Q ' 1 , L. to R.. P. Colton, B. Conklin, G. Q. ' l X V Conley, R. Cooke, C. Cooper, C. Cotie, .X ALL, E ,,.,. 5 ., fm 7 M- Cox' L. Cmgo is M ' -- x -.'??.L. 2 .s iffy, JM . ' R. w Q V 'f l 4... . A .,.. 5 - , X , V x 5 nw. . ..,., 'F - ,f :- . X . . , . . .., , f . ,....,,,. N ,gy . .,.,. . R 1 .. I I A A B .akn za A Q . ,Q . 3 .1 Nidnsefngtl if llO to I . . .4 .4 ll fd r 'X' ff I ,Q f H' S2 , an 4 sl 1 ' ' -if: H ls 45. f' - ,.,. ,f V . -..-. ..-3 , -f ' A " 1 .,.. , 2... - gg an if - lr.. -f ' , 1 . .,.- T "1 Q , Q: ' , , . 2 , f Q: -ff 'I N lah Q Mt. A 1 . .feb A R . we L. to R.: J. Crichfield, J. Cunningham, R. Czarneke, N. Dagen, K. Davis, B. Dean, D. Deephouse, A. DeJonge L. to R.: C. DeVette, J. DeVries, M. Dietz, N. Dietz, P. Doctor, G. Dodge, D. Domonf, B. Dooper L to R.: F. Drakey, M. Driscoll, B. Dunbar, M. Dykema, H. Dykstra, S. Eagles, B. Echwielen, E. Edlund L. to R.: S. Edson, V. Edwards, P. Ek- strom, B. Engler, J. Erickson, S. Erick- son, J. Essenherg, C. Evans . .:- W ai 4 Y Z li' l.. to R.: D. Everett, T. Farquhar, M. 51355. V' , ' Ferguson, P. Field, J. Finkler, B. Fire.. ff ' stone, J. Fischer, B. Fisher ,. . ,. if Z. xxx-57,1 l 5 ' .J .ws R B , L. to R.. A. md-. H. Plz--Mk. L. ' Flickema, B. Freiberg, J. Frizzell, S. J' ' Q ,M A Frumpton, C. Fult, B. Galaidu J , , we L L. , L. to R.. M. Garvey, J. see, K. Gluf- '-.-:"'9's.: i f 1- 5 b 1 cke, R. Goldsborough, B. Gonyon, E. . Q Goodman' R. Grimm' F. Gundy ,vga ...K .. V, .mn A V Z V ,,: ' ' " ' V. L. to R.: B. Gunst, R. Hames, R. Hamm, 1- -7 ' if: ? ,M - -A G. Hansen, J. Hansen, 5. Happeny, . . S. Harpsfer, P. Huspev .I Sy., ..., Q. n ,.-. M ' Mfg- .....j-,: 'sg, 1 7 --.. f e 19 1 sh , . ...if g.. , ' IA, in 1 L. to R.: F. Heim, B. Hendley, S. Hend- , V, v -Q, 71: .ZA b j j ' ryx, D. Henridsen, H. Herbst, R. Herbst, . S w. Hinkle, D. Hinkley ' idk.-'M' ws .. 122 : Milf 1- . ' . .2 l'V'fi4:..Qu - , . . 9. . .- . VL, M 5 ' . J - I 'K L. to R.: D. Holcomb, S. Hollar, C. . ' . A ,zz 7" ft? jo R . fi if Homfeld, R. Hovey, D. Hozer, A. Hub- . , .g , , bell, C. HudY, R. Hughes, ' es r . ..I J 'fr Q., . ' L X ..., ' . w ' .,.1. ' ' . so . as D . . .. R C L. to R.: D. Hulzenga, M. Humenuck, S. " fb. . .u i J - Humphreys, C. Hutchinson, M. Irwin, "5 H N Q M- Jackson, C- laser 77 Q ' :"L . if 4 "' L 41+ f . f -f , so Q V L . V' I "" ' . L. to R.: H. Josick, D. Jensen, M. Jen- V f L .Q 1. . '.', g f "" sen, D. Jeppesen, J. Johnson, J. John- X , ...lf ' ., ' .gg ' x QP ..-L ' 5.3, J 7. 35. I . Lf A L. to R.: R. Johnson, R. Johnson, V. L X ""' ' .3 , - - .25 1 . we . . 2 is V3 Johnson, B. Joslin, J. Kalavltz, J. 4535 x - J. . jj .Qs .,.. Karel, J. Karkanen 2 K. .. E 5' U . I f L. to R.: D. Karkanen, V. Keillor, B. 'Nil' f V, . I T.. . 1 .,. I mv . Kllcrease, D. Kung, J. Kirkpatrick, K. , sf V . ' I A . Y -iffy N L. to R.: H. Kline, R. Kline, K. Klooster- man, R. Knop, S. G. Koerner Knowles, P. Knudson L. to R.: C. Koontz, C. Kotlewski, S. Kraft, R. Kramer, C. Kratovil, S. Krog- mon, J. Kuziak f' ' i . f -. i ff . V.. we ' ' -- -- ' X.. -V , xr V.-za. . ..-'.f-1.,.e.'SzQ:" .exe ff-4-.zz-zz-1. -' .rw .. V . f . X. .. -b 'l M. 1 - .F R J e,-52. . X-A J ' .- -v -fs. , . f ..v. tv: 1151.1 .."- 2 . W . S. ..,. . 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Olson, A. Ouwerkerk, P. Pastori, S. Pattison, H. Paul, B. Pease, B. Peet, E. Pelger L. to R.: S. Petersen, D. Pixley, D. Plumhoff, M. Polak, B. Prater, M. Predko, C. Prins, D. Prow L. to R.: B. Rademaker, S. Raymond, D. Recknagel, L. Reed, B. Reek, C. Richards, J. Rickett, G. Rillema L. to R.: A. Robbins, F. Roberts, J. Roberts, E. Robertson, D. Rocker, B. Rodewald, G. Roian, R. Rose ll2 xv ff gin, .os f 'Q NW' JNL if ' ef? 'tw ., f f ,., P' A Y 1 '44 -.,..,f Xfx X 34 J we A :wo f. f.--311. ' .1 I ve '1 Et . " 453, N .. X f' .1 Q : 2. - Q: ff if 43 4 gb 5 5 rf: is 5 M L. to R.: M. Lennox, W. Leonard, E LeRoux, N. Lindback, A. Lindstrom, A Locke, J. Logan, D. Loomis -as wb' . X 'FP 5 ff' ii L. to R.: D. Lowell, T. McConnell, M McCune, R. McDermott, J. McMahon H. McNarIand, B. McVicker, B. Makem- S071 . L. to R.: P. Mahoney, B. Maibauer R. Makie, M. Mann, B. Marchio, D Martin, J. Martin, B. Mason 5, .5 ...A gf, J at L. to R.: N. Mayo, J. Mayrose, L. Maz- .I 5 'Y ,wa 3 f 4.45, ode, C. Menges, A, Meyers, B. Mich- ' .Q 117'?"'E elman, G. Middlecamp, N. Mikesell ., L. to R.. D. Miner, L. Miovig, K. ' l z lgf' ' K. Moessner, C. Mooers, N. Moon, L. f Moore, R. Moore, S. Morris MQ W MW- Jw if.. L x xii?-ae. : f , ? Q 1 ,.. : A . 1 i me 1 f' ,1- :aff 2'-:ff 'f 1, 'M , , ' '- ' 'W i A , - .' Z l img? i3"f 'p" " A M W 44? , 9' A VU ,' l .. , , , , . Y ,TS -' t -:.f " 4 -51' W 'xg' ...H C .J A . l "" . ,Q , " I ... -L ...',.. g li ' Q ' ' I -'Zim 'f" ' U ' l 'V i n I ' 'fl ft ' Lv 'f . iMW'Vm oz. V 'V . " 5 1 ,,.., r M-. I if A V , - 1' x i f f l A L l 'fl . fs :Elf " . v l ., , l Q V. 6' l iw l ',' V I' L 'V ' . . 4. ' "' 5 L, -,"w .1 px L. to R.. E. Rowe, M. nummelr, K. Rus- J sell, P. Ryan, R. Ryke, J. Sampson, D. Schlueter, W. Schmidt L. to R.: J. Schmieding, J. Schutter, D. Scouten, J. Seastrom, J. Seelman, R. Seibel, R. Seifers, M. Seites e X 1 '51 ' is x s 'x A QF? 1 L. to R.: L. Sepura, G. Shaw, R. Shep- ard, J. Sheringer, K. Sherwood, D. Q ' Shockey, J. Sibson, J. Sietsema L. to R.: T. Siratko, J. Sischo, L. Sol- man, B. Smith, E. Smilh, J. Smith, R. Smith, B. Spellman er, B. Stephenson, M. Strickler Strong K. Strzelecxi L. Sturgis i 3 9' fk 14 fi' "af f fv'f L. to R.: N. Squire, N. Stadt, M. Stein- V :V ,L . ' . f -fl: L. to R.: J. Suzor, M. Swanson, B. Swift, J. Thies, L. Thompson, S. Thomp- son, G. Thurman, J. Timmer 3 " " Q f , 1. . '-i- ir -'i L W 1 fyy W , f V VJ 4 - -.-. , ....--:.,., 1 . f " z 2' 1. Y 4' ff, 2, . V' .1 :ff V .7 wx.. f Q ,-" if aff" A V " .... . 1 , 0 ,. .,,. 03 0 " " X ' " ' ,. ..,, ,Q Q. .,. .sw ,.,, ,L .. V- - S I -2, 'SWS I? 5: . .. .Z ,, ......, .. Qz.. , A, , 352 V fi IM '- .,f?' f i L . pik., .... , . ,,... . ' . 3 - ,I , 'ik L. Q - 5. yy , 15-5 f fi .L . ni. . .. if ' W . 4:2459 Vi "" U 'X "r 'B . T' ' -225 7 1'1" - 5" 'f f ,,.. . 5 I ' -L L' ' if ' . S ef ' .st .. . new- ' .... . . . s ,.t - S l .uf fy' Q. '- .L 'J' L.. L . . . ' vL-- ' N V L , ff., ' L. to R.. G. Tindall, D. Toad, G. Tox- , ,. ' gas. ,..,, 3 "': . opeus, J. Trappany, M. Travis, S. Tyr- , ,.,,,, , . .,, . .,,. ,Q J V, ii rell, J. VanDeKoppel, B. VanclerBoegh M H .,,, , . L. to R.: R. Vanderzee, Y. VanDinther, A wif- ,555 ggi' V ' ' Z7 ...i .3 ,. V v D. Veenstra, S. Veihl, D. Verway, M. ,V , B ,A '. 'x J ' A Vledder, M. Vugteveen, G. Wachter . V, SC f Q: 4 y L . .Q L, . L. to R.. o. weaker, L. wulswonh, J. ' ' S L if 1 S we-Hon. A. we-fren. M. warren. M. ' f ', Q 1 if Q ' g k Watson, B. White, R. Wickerink ' ' ,'.. .4 12. 3.1 - V , ' - ., - 5... " A. L .' 1 L s ...- V 1 - ., V I 2 'L A :s y-. . - - A V -3.5 -L L. to R.: N. Wiegand, B. Wierengo, so . . F W.. .Q Ii. g, .,..., Q I 1 Z .1 i. 1 N,,lA L.. .Aff L C. Wierengo, M. Wiersma, J. Wight- i, V b if ,' 1 xf ' man, M. Wilkinson, B. Willea, J. .. s ,Q fy, -fll - - l ' - Q Wilson .TQ Zhi A ,f-.- 93' ' 'Q V' I .J V' - . ? t q . J, K I ' , S H 'F b , A ,V L. to R.. w. Wiseman, B. Wolters, R. , l ... , ' VW ' ,Ag vve- X E !L,VL E , v ' Wood, D. Workman, B. Wyman, M. .- Y '.-- , ,L f YOUNG, M- YOUNQI P- Y0U"'9 C . . ,mv ,I . .,.. . X V EI... A. -, Q., .. . ., ...Q f ig- 4, H. L - ' L ' Q s .,.., .gy A , ,:., X . ! : .p. , yu ,,f:5:': " ' ,V ' A Lsfgg. L. to R.: L. Younts, W. Zeanwick ll3 I0 B's L. to R.: K. Abbott, R. Alfred, L. Arm- strong, C. Arnson, D. Ashburn, M. Bailey, N. Beuucamp, S. Beck L. to R.: J. Beede, N. Bench, A. Ber- nardini, J. Booker. N. Branch, M. Brott, M. Brown, S. Brown L. to R.: M. Buit, E. unnell, T. Cantu, M. Carr, J. Christensen, N. Christy, A. Cowles, A. Cramer me I L. to R.: S. Cross, J. David, M. David, E. DeYoung, C. Dobb, J. Dobb, D. Drent, L. Dykema 4 l : L. to R.: D. Egner, M. Elzinga, S. Fog- ,, . VE el, T. Fuller, M. Gadel, M. Garvey, 'P V. Gibes, T. Goosen "' 1-5 536 in A QQ mi ' Y ' iff: V . ,, i 13 V ., L. to R.. P. Green, c. Hall, N. Harring- :V A ,,,, 5 5 .. V Q lon, A. Haverkute, M. Hildreth, M. ' 'if , , Hittle, S. HodgeS, C. Hoover I "" H' ' t gi f X is V' J L v'.. lf : 5 ip- 1 ""' f L. to R.: L. Hopkins, R. Howard, N. f' -"LEW . L ' Hughes, D. lsrael, S. Jedrezak, B. VV N",. V jf V ' W ' Johnson, B. Johnson, K. Johnson . ' V VV V VV V V V .Vi I ,. 1 Lrlr V V ":i ,.,. lj. J R" gf ,QQVQ V L. to R.. M. Johnson, D. Kiel, a. King, "" V Q "V: 'I fy L. King, S. Klang, D. Kolkema, M. ll A 1 Kortman, P. Krogman i 'RV Q. A - K Q 'WV L. to R.: D. Kuck, S. Larabee, J. Lar- V i 'V' 5 V V.Q,f'f,. -i son, S. Leaf, R. Lorenz, M. Mars, J. V VV VV - V, l A' "" ' K' A 'ff iz: 1,,. ,V VV 4 Morchouse, l. Moreen it J i ":: - N ii 'V - if, ' in W 3 L. to R.: J. Norstram, T. Noser, P. ,,., .,, 5 if 5 ,,,.- 1 1 B . 1 li Movey, D. Nyqum, R. Odmark, c. - "" -' 4 " if ' V 4 Olson, H. Paulson, R. Peterson l .. 2 ii I 5 6 A 'I 'tl H" ' , Y V5 iff Q x , VV A' ' L. to R.: D. Phinney, R. Piercon, B. V, ' F. 253 H , W' Ramsey, K. Rasmussen, E. Rebedew, -V X ' VV Q 1 W. Ritter, E. Rork, S. Sandberg A 1 if o n -Q. V A L. to R.: J. Sandin, S. Schiller, E. See- . ' '- g , 'fi ley, G. Smith, J. Smith, R. Tischer, E. if - :'-- 'zfi' "' 'Q T' C T b' VV VN llus, . o In V A ' flz ' f .- . ll4 L. to R.: N. Tuori, R. Twining, J. Van- derWier, B. Veidman, D. Walters, S. Wells, A. Wheeler, B. White I.. to R.: N. Witte, H. Wright, J. Zeller 115 6 STUDENT LIFE rom early September until the middle of June, students at Muskegon High School are a busy group. Trips with the band, out-of-town football games, after-game dances, teas, exchange assemblies, school farm proiects, doing for others, welcoming foreign exchange students and teachers, noon movies, Student Council government, dramatics, the prom, and senior activities are some of the events that give color and life to our school and give boys and girls opportunities to work and play together, training for community life. JN 5 4 3437 ,qnlff The marching ban Q. V M... We They lead the band in parade. L. to R.: Kay Fernley Dawn Andrews, ond Janice Hazekump. The Band Plays 0n. d forms a solute fo Muskegon Hiah M--. . Student fans relax after a Big Red victory. These peppy girls lead the cheering for the Big Reds. L. to R.: Doris McNilt, Marianne Kulicamp, Maxine Janusiewicz, V Shirley Sikkenga, Anita Caris, MUTYIO , I Leycnnu, and Mary Jo Apple, Students Exhibit Grace ll9 Football Rouses Rallies. Representing an opposing ieam, John Rieben gels up- ended by would-be Big Red, Bill Flemen, in c pep as- sembly. All aboard! Students clamor on to the special excursion train bound for Benton Harbor. 20 W!! , Mem, ,Zz v. war M fVWWL,.fMwnM,,. .W ,,WAJ., ,..,., ,W V.. ..,,. Students display national awards in vo- cational proiects. L. to R.: Neil Salisbury, Roger Thomson, Phyllis Hurrell, Joanne Stratil, Evonne Wiltenburg, and Robert Hart. Standing behind them are their instructors. L. to R.: Edward Huttenga, 2 vocational director: Adrian Archambault, George Matthews: George Manning, Sen- ior High Principalp Robert Leitch, Walter Ladd, and Henry Bolt. '-ii "Are you sure he's doing all right?" a mother asks Mrs. Goldie Mayrose at the sophomore mothers' tea 2 , , . ,.,,., ?.,,m,,,,, W Mrs. Mildred Cowen, school nurse, checks student health. Standing, L. to R.: Janice Bendus, Delores Boukamp, Darlene Rocker, and Don Storck. Seated, L. to R.: Mrs. Cowen and Joyce Booker. . - 1 N-c TH 2 l2l Visiting stud llse Hiltcher and E ricka Mueller tell amusing stories of their home- land, Austria, as they locate Vien- na on the map. l22 Karin Ericksen dream s of skiing in Norwa Y. Something in American history amuses El and H s eleen Pelger of The Hague. ents learn our ways l I li s of every type. L. to R.: Bill Zimmerma , g H The bookstore is always selling schoo supp e D hlst dt, Mr. Paulson, Arlene Rahrig, and Bill May. Ardys a e n Ro er Knopoiwr Our bookstore does a "billion dollar" business Burwell Sayles listens for t "buzz" in a hearing test wh Marcella Janusiewicz, Kathle Nederveldt, and Grace Smith w their turns. he ile EFI ait mms mn, 'W Wa K' ?Q , , Y , rw M , V ' . W .c,,cmaeN? A L ax X . . I 5 , fy, 'Sc " H IV www M f K .. X :Z -A My I V up X1 of 0 41 4 ' X me M pc, af fc WX? X by X X 57 x V X Midge ws XSQQX K W W, W :.',x.- Afffw ' Q The campus takes an a peaceful aspect. 124 , f FW Coach Potter hands fullback Dick Fett his coveted "M" football letter in an award assembly. Football awards close season, basketball begins Expressions of the fans show better than a scoreboard that the Muskles are taking another basketball game. Carolers from A Cappella and a brightly lighted tree add to the festivity of Christmas. L. to R.: Marylou Howell, Ardys Dahlstedt, Joyce Peterson, Barbara Carlson, Phyllis Rode, and Nancy Klang. Row 2: David Mayrose, Gordon Layman, Paul Ivanick, Charles Cramblet, Ken Johnson, and Bill Zimmerman. Music and drama take the Christmas spotlight. The nativity scene from "The Song of Christmas" is presented by the A lla choir and the dramatics Cappe class. L. to R.: Jack Ogren, Ed Coop- er, Pat Steiner, Pat Robinson, Florence Hepler, and Pat Clark. l26 Gif H f- mmf , 7 Mrs. Goldie Mayrose signs excuses in sludy hall. L. Io R.: Karen Rassmussen, Mar- va Carr, Darlene Kiel, Lois Brace, Carolyn Jager, and Nola Bench. A change from study routine is Dudes' Day. Everyone sports his "Sun- day best" on Dudes' Day! L. fo R.: Rulh Schulfer, Hel- en Koscinski, Floyd Clanton, Marylou Howell, and Dawn Neibarger. , wmv H h I k hold? lockers and cafeteria are both crowded. Time out to sa is f ose hunger pains! . ,Z - .31 f G e. February s graduating semors are feted by the rumor class at the mid-winter prom, "The Blue Velvet Ball." Anxious sophomores become festive seniors. Mrs. Kyes, counselor, helps sophomores plan their high school courses of study. L. to R.: Jim Kemmerling, Pat Mahoney, and Mrs. Kyes. l29 isn't work. asket knows fh Only the wasfeb secrets of Barbara Morrall an Gordon Bonifield. "My, everyon hurry." e seems in such a library fines and guests make life interesting. How can anyone smile when paying a library fine? L. to R.: Anita Caris, Dennis Suchecki, Shirley Sikkenga, Ron McDonald, and Miss Webster, librarian, 131 Moy not look like cz hcl rod: but il rides like one. Big wheels roll in these. How some of the "Big Wheels" gel around. l32 4 ., . ,' 'N :mx-Q.,-1 ,, Y. ,K ,, Z Mr' .N I, Q ,' 359,33 7 -n Q! , ',fQ,41., , .wp 63' 1 ' ,X Jerry Eaton and Carolyn Mooers are awarded prizes for best Sadie Hawkins costumes by Sam Woodward and Shir- ley Bergman. Fancy This Yeur's Fads. Some of this year's fads 'n fancies, belts Signing out with hall monitor, Janet bucks, medallions, and scarfs, are modeler Logan, are Dave Cashbaugh, Jack by, L. to R.: Carol Sanford, Barbara Makem Larson, and Sally Parker. son, Pat Katz, and Nancy Kendall. A lot of fun . . . a lot of work. gi. is Nancy Sells "squares" herself with Father, Dave Stipe, while Gwen Rich- ards, Mother, worries in a rehearsal scene from Meet Me In St. Louis, senior class play. Cleo Ballas and Anita Caris put finishing touch- es to .lack Hathaway's make-u St. Louis. p in Meet Me In 4 Proud possessors of high school diplomas, these graduates will soon say farewell to Muskegon High School. L. to R.: Delores Swift, Duncan Poland, Nancy Klang, Dick Hodson, Nancy Fa- gan, and Randy Kramer. Seniors reminisce with classmates as they await the commencement processional. We will miss you, Senior High THC? 135 ' A D VER TIS E RS ndustry and business ioin hands with the schools, churches ancl homes to build a better community. Muskegon is espec- ially fortunate in this respect. o W V , 1 y I R INDEX T0 ADVERTISERS American Coil Spring Co. ..... . American Grease Stick Co. ..,... . American Store Equipment ....... Anderson Pattern .........,,.....,.... Arbor Floral Co. ,......................... ..... . Balbirnie-Apostle Funeral Home ..... ,..... Baxter's Cleaners and Launderers Boaz Boot Shop ..............,.,.....,... ...... Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. .... .,... . Budd's ................,,....,........... Buel's Boot Shop ...... Camera Shop, The ..,.,.....,.,...... Campbell, Wyant and Cannon .... ...... Central Hardware ................... C. Felt ..,................,.........,,........... ...,.. Chaddock, Winter and Alberts ....... Chadwick Drive-in ..,.........,,,....... ,..c.. Clock ......,,........... Coca-Cola .............. Commercial Press ...... Cole Bakeries .......... Columbia ,Studios ,...............,. Consumers' Power Company ...... Continental Motors Corporation ..,.. ..,... Daguerre Studios ......,.......,...... Dana Printing ....... Daniels ..,,....,.. Drelles .....,.. ,..... . .. Earle Press ....,................. Enterprise Brass Works .... Factory Supply Co. .... . Federal Savings ...... Francis Jiroch Co. ............,.... . Garnaat Floral Shop .........,,....,. Hackley-Union National Bank .... ...... Harding, Lee .................,,........ Harold's Men's Wear ...... Hasper's ....,...,.....,...... , Hathaway Motor .... Hostess ......,,..,......... Hunter, Alfred J. ,.... . John Wood Co. ..... . Jones Electric Co. Krautheim's ...... 1 138 139 150 139 151 153 167 164 157 164 145 149 161 162 147 144 140 157 145 166 140 167 160 150 167 143 160 144 157 154 151 160 154 154 159 153 164 157 165 151 155 142 139 156 146 Lakey Foundry and Machine Co. .,.... ..... . Lakos ...,...................,...,........... Long, George A. ....................... . Manning, Maxwell and Moore ...,... ...,.. Marsh, C. W. .,,....................... , Matson Oldsmobile ...., Michigan Bakeries ........,............. Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. ..... ..... . Michigan Associated Telephone ...., Milady's ..............,....................... Mills' lce Cream ..,,.. ,, Muskegon Agency ...,............ Muskegon Savings Bank ........... Muskegon School of Business ....,. Muskegon Tool and Die Co. .... . Muskegon Trust Company ........, National Lumberman's Bank ..... Office Supplies ............,,..................., ....,. Office Machine Sales and Service Parmelee s .....,.............,.........,..,.... ..,,,, Patterson Press ............. Peerless Plating Works .... Peterson's ......................., Pine Street Furniture Co. ..., . Pringle, Merrill A. ..,........ . Pyle Pattern Mfg. Co. Quality Cleaners ......... Quality Service Stores .... Radium Studio ...,......... Richman Clothes ...... Sanitary Dairy ......,... Schlossman Theaters Sealed Power .......... Shaw-Walker ............ Snowhite Baking Co. Square Clothing ........ Steel Fabricating Co. Ted's Pants Shop ...... Tourcotte ......,,..,.... Vandervelde's ....,.... Walters' Pharmacy ..,. Weber Lumber Co. West Shore Printers ..... WKNK .,................. 165 153 154 148 168 149 167 148 147 152 146 159 146 148 164 152 155 158 147 142 168 140 155 156 161 166 159 162 145 147 140 149 163 150 152 152 142 144 146 141 158 161 144 156 Compliments e of of AMERICAN ' AMERICAN I Store liixgpment Construction Corp. 60 fke CLASS OF 1952 CONGRATULATIONS And BEST WISHES JOHN WUUD GUMPANY BENNETI PUMP DIVISIUN Musxfann, ummm gl! g C. FELT 81 CG. i l P . Ph 5 DAIRY COMPANY Oftfalt OFOS , W 7fze gal' Day Light is Nature's Light Best for I NJ Weddings, Family Groups A Confirmations, etc. I Your C. Felt and See Yo lf 1205 Third sf. ' THE i Peerless CUMMEHCIAI. I'liltill2 "The Master Printers" i 5 2554 Getty St. 1981 Sanford Ph. 2-2575 Phone 3-8470 I 1 1 I l I' L1 I 1 1 g Q the elm of 195.2 if 35 f A 1 3? fs r?1:ff55::?if? I-' Y z:X'.-" . Q 1 A ff TI? ,g'j. f Q " zf Q . . . ' ' ' .. I f WTS' 1 X L-,..V...- .,.. , 3 5 Lf e5-ffrf..-.ff ll"-fsif ITL' QS ! P- ' 2 "5553E"'3: U ' """" 3:3 -2- 1 Y mgefzzzgzqgs- ' 3 .1 -. - ' ,,1yf x g4..! .- Q5 -S:-. 42.,'-yg::zv:tIs1.s5.15p2.g,g:4.-.4-M.,-. :er::::::-:g:1:::-q. ,---f 4 i 'fi -'-' M- . 'ffzfszf A IJ, 1 , ''-'-1-r-meV5E1512gs:121:-3I'fw:1'1FS:1:?:'EE-'1E2-?"' , .:.,:-1. ' V' "ff'fA- . '-""' f--- , I ' .- ""-- -: : , ,.., . - - . .. ..-V-, -zz ' -I-"N" V new W q ' ' . -:- . ' - .- ,: 'fr-y-:' .- 'Y if , : A. -- . -5 :,2.53:' ,.,-.5,55,619-wwsfvzfiii2:?2gy1:cQ::E:::E':rE"Z- -V '- 1 1 .,I tf7t:""' :Ng - , ,gCg4.51Zg.,.555:2252.31-23:-I-'Z"'7"' . 2' , , -5":" ' ' -. , ' ff'.r0.-LE -.-.v,.'-q:::: -1-:gg , 3.3-4:::3:'-:!:I:2g'155f:-:A -'I '-',-' 1- GL "-N :-, Q"K.g,.,,,.: ' " I , I,-2 5- A .',w:A4.,,s .vf1:,f,,: ,x g, ,f:.'. IX '-"'-X-f..-1-migfc.,,,f.gg2xs3is 5 1 '1:.:..,--.-' QA.. -,VI-:f" "' -. "I: "5 , . -. "WB dl , 41 " 're I ' ""' - - Sfsgggg, "4 "i':kP-'f-f1'- 1 N.: 1 --:5:fS.f'4.g- we . .-',g'I" . -. 1 +- , '-gps:..f,-ire. 4 , -ff, I. f '--. 'I 2.3151 3:51 ':3f:"1:'f - xx, , - J X ami X. 'afzfsgzsafs ' 'fail jg., nz 9 ff agf:33?" .zzmaf ofiam In a short span of time many of you will have established homes of your own. You can add NEW LIFE to your HOME LIFE with beautiful homefurnishings from our large modern store where all the leading nationally advertised lines of furniture are displayed. Our experienced personnel are always happy to assist you in making the right selections. anderveldek FURNITURE CO. BROADWAY AT FIFTH Acnoss FROM Norzee 'l 1,--,?i-il QGMWWWW Gcwgfzaialalftum and Baz' WMM Za Me M , of '52 The PHHBPSUH PPHSS sim FABRIGATING cn. 2232 S. Bettg Street Telellflm 7-5535 0 ' la Me Qaaduaia of 795.2 Alfred 1. Hunter 8: Co. 1818-1838 Henry Senior Pictures by fbaguwne Swim Chicago, Illinois g 4 Insurance MJ 'This dependable Agency sells only gait dependable Insurance." fa ffffe Chaddock, QW af 795-2 Winter pam and U Alberts West Shore Printers 306 Hackley Bank B1 dg . Cjmgfidwlaimm Za D A N I E L S Me Qmcfnaim Este-rbrook Pen of X952 Brief Covers Zipper Ring Bgoks Ted's Pants Shop and All School Supplies Portable Typewriters specializing in pants - sweaters -jackets 212 W. Western Ave. Compliments BUDD5' of lewelers, Opticians 227 Western Ave. Nationally Advertised Diamonds, Watches ancl Jewelry Radium Photo Factory Set Cash Prices on Credit at no extra cost W XVCStC1'I1 72a diode zfawz Bull Congratulations and Success to the Graduating Class of 1952 CLCCK Don't let money Worry you Work for It and lt W111 Work for you SAVINGS BANK Um G Em' WMM fa Zfze Qwcladw af For Fmer G1fts Select From KRAUTI-IEIM S Quallty jc elry Smce 1887 of Jfmufkm 329 W. WESTERN AVENUE by Ph g hy 1952 Zamcaik Mills Ice Cream MUSKEGCN - P ' P and T 1' '.-4 3 ll l '1 COMPLIMENTS C , If FAATIJCEUS L 6 af C O I-I T M I I-I , E VETIS III? S 20I W. Western Nliehigun Assoeiuied Telephone Compcmg CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES OFFICE MACHINES SALES and SERVICE AppIe and Wood Phone 24-5463 I "KNOWN FOR OUR SERVICE" MusIcegon's only Authorized RoyaI Typewriter DeaIer Royal Standard Royal Portabl For HARDWARE See CENTRAL Terrace 61 Catawba Phones 2-2787 2-6903 I47 Gonqrafufafiom Manning, Maxwell, and Moore, Inc. Shaw-Box Crane and Hoist Division Muskegon ........ Michigan Gompfimezzfs 0 Muskegon School of Business nl l 1 I ni Sing and Shave . ti- 1 ii, ti Sure -A .' Anytime if you have an Automatic Gas Water Heater To Keep the Water I-lot All the Time See Your Plumber or Dealer PIICHIcs.xN l'UNSUl,llJ.Xl'I-IU his limluycs M, 141 I -1 M - 1 l 1 Congratulations to the Class of 1952 Michigan Regent State Strand PAUL I. SCHLOSSMAN CO. Qualitg Shoes for All the Pamilg Florsheim, Rhythm Step of Vitality, Red House E E , J, ,,,,,,,,s MATSON Boot Shcp OLDSMOBILE 333 W. Western Ave. Tel. 2-3232 Shaw-Walker Sells Its " '7iwe-5f19iwMeJ" Products 4. -1: l MEZZ? Nationwide SHAWWALICER 16 Branches 400 Dealers Best Known Trademark in Office Equipment 1 l' I Z l 6 . mmf Em' Www Zia Me away i952 American Grease Stick En. Muskegon, Michigan N , 'D Yes, you will always find Reddy Kilowatt your electric servant at the - Head of the Line to wish all the .... graduates every suc- cess in the world. Consumers Power Co. Wood and Metal I I-latte o H Foundry Patterns N skegon I C . kj MUSKEGON A , I MICHIGAN B R A s s wo R K 5 4 Hllyllflcflfkfks Ofplvlffk-SIBRISS 6000-s'HRlSS,Bk0Nlf Alnllllllfllllf CAS-fllvasj ,WdhQm Established 1910 Dodge Plymouth HATHAWAY MOTCR C0 Thlrd at Memll GREATER MUSKEGON'S MOST POPULAR OUTDOOR JACKET FOR BOYS AND GIRLS I MUSKEGON TRUST COMPANY A Complete Trust Service Walton Av K Opposite Court H J 5mq mc! SPORTSCASTEIQ , M MW J EN-CEL-LITE M-JACKET Exclusively Ours in Greater M uslcegon io Me Elm of f95.,2 PM MILADY'S ARBOR FLORAL Compliments CGMPANY 25 gears oi of Dependable Service Lakos Cafe "Where fue food is served" ' llur Flowers Are I-llwags Greenhouse Fresh 428 W. Western 1222 Peek Street Muskegon, Michigan Banking That's Building Greater Muskegon Complete Bank and Trust Service GREATER MUSKEGON'S LARGEST BANK THE HACKLEY UNION NATIONAL BANK Muskegon Muskegon Heights Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation EARLE PRESS INC. "QUALITY PRINTING" OFFSET AND LETTERPRESS PRINTING 915 PINE ST. Phone 2-3044 Compliments Francis Jiroch Co 248 Market Street Uf O Wbolesak Candy, Cigars, etc. Your Savings Accounb Invited Muskegon Federal Savings G- Loan Association "Black Front Building" on First Street Congratulations to the June Graduating Class GECRGE A. LONG "Your Typewriter Man" Headquarters for School Supplies PETERSUWS Ul335???55S2TBfsf ms-YBTQAH fof HCJSTESS -ew CAFETERIA Better Foods "Health and Dietetic Foods" Phone 24-1307 1386 Peck St. Phone Z-3448 West C1aY Ave' l Why Not Start Your Savings Account At This Bank and Save Regularly. . c -T'---"I-L-I 1' YAY: The National Lumbermaifs Bank luudkeqoni 04541 Bank ONES ELECTRIC e,,,,,,,g,,,,,,f4 COMPANY f-I MOTOR WINDING ELECTRIC WIRING w K N K HARDWARE and I I SPORTING GOODS N-K Ilrlve-In """'. FURNITURE CU. Serving Muskagon's Best Homes Sinca 1900 ACROSS FROM OCCIDENTAL HOTEL oaz Qhnes CJ, Hwaafn fad Congratulations Congratulations Muskegon High School to the Seniors Class of '52 Graduating Class of 1952 me-fo CHADWlCK'S HARUI-Us Drive In MENS WEAR Broadway and Getty Muskegon 854 jefferson at Clay 6 4 Za wfillnl-lflls I Me elm PIIAIHNIRCY I Rexall Drug Store af 7952 Evergthing for the home GQ, and office desk i Uffice Supplies Inc Telephone 2-3663 1394 Peck St. Muskegon Mich Terrace Muskegon, Michigan SNOW!-IITE BAKIN6 CO. DRIVE CAREFULLY Distinciive F1OI'51 DGSKJTIS suv CAREFULLY Wedding Decorations Got Your Auto and Other lnsuronc THE MUSKEGON AGENCY , INC. 993 Terrace St. Phono 2-2874 1378 mek sum Te1.Z-3391 OPM" cw" """" gofmsy , I-EANERS CLEANING PLANT cusos I X,f, .,,,,, L Q , , , C . . ' - W K L Y Opposite Central Campus Ray Wierda , l505-8 Sanford Phone 2-3l09 6 M5 WW fa Me gf erm af 195.2 COLUMBIA STUDIO F "A Gm na: Only You can Give' SUPPLY HU- mizgxfszzm 1035-42 Tenaca-Sheet' - Aww bw -khelm' M, Q9 WWJWM ' 6 8 fa Me mf Qmlmjm? swam Bm' Www ia Zfze ef erm of 795.2 7952 WEBER LUMBER CU. The Camera Shop 455 UTTAWA STREET PHUNE 2-5515 50 E- Bmdwav MUSWUH me W V 57 aa , I A: 5 5 Complete Life, Accident, I--lealth, and I-lospltallzatlon lnsurance Service FOR EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY Merrill A Pringle GENERAL AGENT WAS!-IINGTGN NATl0NAL INSURANCE C0 202 Muskegon Building Teleplmone 2-5797 Winn aamld 1.27 Sloan Swat? Mmm Mzduyw 14.4.-4 one an ffm mamma Congratulations J Campbell, Wyant and Cannon Foundry Company Jud 70 Qmcfaallef Greater Muskegon is proud of you! Sealed Power is proud of you! As a graduate of our Greater Muskegon High Schools, you are eminently well qualified to step out, to college or to a job, and give us all cause for further pride. Since 1911, Sealed Power has been one of Greater Muskegon's largest employers. It has been our policy always to give pre- ference to young people who have been educated in Greater Muskegon. It has been our pleasure to see many of them ad- vance to top positions here. Never, in all time, has there been greater opportunity for high school graduates than now. Because of our faith in you, and in the Greater Muskegon schools you attended, we know you will make the most of that opportunity. Sealed JZIIIMWZZ62 f Gozzqrafufafiolzs Gonzpfinzenfs 140112 of The Careful Workers at MUSKEGON TOOL B AND DIE COMPANY LAUNIEERERS 392 Irwin Avenue Muskegon, unch PI-ION E 27-422 fee PORTRAITS SHOP II TERMINAL ARCADE BUILDING MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN I-lASPER'S Sav - Mor Markets 3 Convenient Locations 260 Mason Ave. I37 E. Laketon A 788 W. Laketo A . Ellamarie Willingham and Pat Robinson w i - - - Tula Slafhis, high poini scorer tally her sfri -2- .......--i af Lakey Foundry and Machine Company QQ? p,NUF ,Zu X Q99 qczxzf 5 Cf- 2n: ow S Z HDWYME Z 5' YJ 1 0 'S 0 S 'Y-9' AGRIGVG xwell and Maxine Jcmusiewicz have fun on h B on Harbor Speclcl. Re esh. K . add zest to the hour? somen unoen Aumomv OF me cocA-com COMPANY av Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Muskegon Congratulations ! Balbirnie-Apostle Mortuary 24 hour Ambulance Service MW Succwrf Wm Me .Swim O Continental Motors Corporation All success and happiness in Your utwre undertakmgs Ennched X II PERFECT BREAD Q-53252335 ' K r M MICHIGAN fx nsenzem., A FULLY ENRICHED WITH FOOD VITAMINS AND MINERALS of the big leap year activities was the Sa ins Day Dance, where the women chased the and usually caught them. PARMELEE'S Your Credit Jewelers In Muskegon 214 W. Western In The Heights 1227 Peck Street r In Wfemaay 0. W. liffauh Party Time ls a Good Time To See Us WE CAN HELP YOU .. 17 v x44 X ,- ei 2 f Q Q' 1 H -Fu, l . ' f' f ,1i.:,'T'-'5 ' -eev.s,,g- Gale Brahmin A Cappella Band .....,..., Camera Club Carmenta .... Conservation F. H. A. F. N. A. F. T. A. French Club G. A. A. ..... . Hi-C ...... Hi-Y ...,.. Keyhole ...... Club Latin Club ....... library Club WHAT THERE IS T0 D0 .......64-65 .......66-67 ......80 ......58 ......78 ......77 ......77 ......76 ......8l ......98 ......72 ......62 ......7l ......73 ......76 Masque National Honor Society One Act Play ....... Orchestra .... Press Club ....... Pro Musica ..... Retail Office .,,... Said and Done Senate ..... Spanish Club .... Speech Guild .... Student Council Thespians .... Y-Teens SENIOR INDEX -- WHAT WE 12 A's Penny Adams .................,...... ....... 3 1, Paul Adkins ........... Antoinette Alcorn Gordon Anderson Louise Anderson ..... Harold Arnold .... Nancy Anderson ..... Richard Anderson Florence Asp ......... William Balcom ..... Roger Balkema .... Cleo Ballas .,..... Jerry Banninga .... Mary Barnes ........ Barbara Barrett ..... Marita Barrin.ger ..... Carolyn Bartscht ..... Eleanor Becker .... Diane Beebe ..,..... Howard Bellinger Bethel Berggren ..... Laurence Berman Walter Beyer ......... Patricia Boertma n David Boes .......... 64, 70, 71 .......31, ,,....,31, Ruth Boettcher ,....,, .......,.. Gordon Bonifield Sue Bonney ...... Ray Boomer .,.,.. Dave Bos .,..... .. Roland Bosma ..... Kenneth Bowman Mary Louise Bright Merle Bright .......... . Marilyn Brink .A,.... Richard Brown ...,. Thor Brufladt . .... . Virginia Buckner .,,,.. Beverly Budd .... Robert Burgess ..... Danny Burr ............,. 32, 70, 71, 75, 7 .......31 .......31 .......46 .....,.31 31, 57, 60 31, 58, 82 ......31, 86 31, 98, 69 71, 72, 75 ......31, 59 66, 68, 64 31, 66, 74 32, 62, 67 ,....,.32 ......32, 79 .....,32, 56 7, 98, 100 32, 65, 72 32, 73, 80 ......32, 88 32, 66, 74 .. ....... 32 32, 72, 77 Orrin Henry Bush ....... ..,.... Patricia Nell Bush 170 ......33, 80 33, 64, 72 Madison Burdette ...... Ray Caesar .......... Ellen. Cahill ..... Ardeth Carey ...... Anita Caris .....,..... .....,.33, D0 57, 5 Barbara Carlson ..... ................ Lewis Carlson .,.... Donna Castonia ..... Gayle Cattley ...... Gus Chonis ,,,.,..... Robert Christian Charles Clanton, .lr Barbara Clark ....... Patricia Clark .....A Jeneane Collier ..... Mary Colvard ...... Sandra Cook ...... Virginia Cook ...... Peggy Coon ...,.... Claire Copleman ...... Dan n Corona ......, Robert Cottrell .... Jerry Cox .......,...,... Charles Cramblet ...... Glen Cryderman. ........ Eugene Cuthrell, Jr Donna Dahl ..,..,..... Ardys Dahlstedt Alex Danigelis .... Lois Ann Decker ..... Berkley Dennis .....,. Marlene DeVette ...... Marlene Deyo .... Roger DeYoung ..... Robert Dion ..... Robert Dolsen ...... Chester Doom ,,.... Bonnie Drent .,,... Doreen Dress ...... Ardis Duiser ..... Karin Eriksen ...... Don Evans .... Ann Ewalt .......... Nancy Fagan ...... Robert Fairfield ,.... .....,.,....33, 62, 94 33, 57, 66, 68, 74 8, 61, 69, 82,119 ....33, 60, 64, 117 ..........33, 71, 75 ......33, 70, 81, 98 33, 69, 71, 75, 94 65, 67 .......33, 86, 88, 92 81 .....,....33, 70 .......33, 66, 74 78 33, 53, 60, 61, 82 57, 82 ........,.34, 79 .UUH34 .HUH34 .HHUUHU34 uhunU34,93 .Uhn34,62,65 .UUNUUM34 .uun34,86 UUUUUUHUUUUSA unn34,64,69,98 ,UHUHHHHHH34 .unu34 .HHU34 HUUUU34 .nhu34,79 UUUHU34 HUUUU34 .unU35,62 .NHHUUHHHUQ5 .nnu34,64,79 sHnunUuu35,63 .......35, 69, 72, 77 .......35, 56, 62 ........35 35, 56, 66, 74, 98 uHuuu35,a6,aa 93 I Margaret Fesko .... Dick Fett ............. Paul Flickema .,,.. Robert Fongers ...... Pat Frederickson .... Joyce Frizzell ..... Julia Frizzell .......... Marilyn Gillhespy .. Arlene Gosselin .... Rita Gould ...... Doug Green .... Larry Grenell ........ Beverly Grinnewald Barbara Hacky ...... Bruce Hall ........,...,. Kenneth Hall ........ Josephine Halleck Dick Harpster ......., Jack Hathaway, Marilyn, Haughey ,. Muriel Heaton Frances Helling ..., Flonteenia Hendly Bill Henry .............. Florence Hepler .... Vada Hickman ....,. William Hicks ,,... Bob J. Hill ...... Bob K. Hill ...... Ruthann Hill .... Richard Hodson ..,. Elaine Hofman ,...,. Barbara Hovey ....., Marylou Howell .... Elaine Huber .......,.. Mary Ann Hunter .. Phyllis Hurrell ........ Gwen. Huttinga ...,.. Paul lvanick .... Bob Jacobs .... Charles Jensen Marcia Jensen ...... .....,..35, .,......36, 67, uHu36,59,66, ........36 uuH37,56,57 37, 57, 64, 70 uHuu37,5a ,..Qi i ff I Janice Jirschele .......... ......,........... ...,,, ,,.,. Kenneth Johnson .. Mary L. Johnson ..,. 37, 57, 37,65,7O,78, 64,7O,73,75, Anthony Karis ,..,. Patricia Katz ...,.., .....,.. 3 7, 58 Robert Kendall ...... ,.,.,,,, 3 7 Shirley Kennedy ....... ,,.c,, Mary Jane Kent ....... Daniel King ..,,,,,,., Donald King ...,... ,,,,., Nancy Klang ..... .,,... Roger Knop ,,.,... ,,,,,,,,, Marianne Kolbe ,,..... ..,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3 8 Helen Koscinski .... 38, 58, 59, 60 Randall Kramer ..,. .,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,, Donald Kroes ..... ,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Paul Ladas ,..... ,,..,,,, 3 8, 56, 57 Ruth Ladd .........,. ,.,,.,,,,,,,,.,.. 3 8 Gordon Laman ....,..,, ,,,,,,,, 3 8, 65, 67 Jacqualine LaPointe ......, Frances La Porta ,....,. Claire Leach ...,...... Frederick Linstrom .,,.. Nick Lirones .,,.... Don Logan .......,.... Patricia Longcore ..... Robert Lowry ...,,... David McCormick ..... Robert McNiff .,..,.,..,., Charlotte Madendorp Franklin Maki ,,,,.,.,,,,,,, Sharlene Mars .,,,,,,,,.,, Elaine Riegler lMrs.l Grace Matteo ............,, Virginia Mavis David Mayrose .,...,... Jacqueline Mazade ...... Bob Mezeske ........ Norma Miller ..... Robert Mixer ,.,.... Dave Morrall ..... Earl Morrall .......,.. ........39, 56 MuuH39,56,7s MunH39,56,62,a6 Barbara Morrall ...,... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,-,,,,,,,, Eugene Morris ...... Betty Morse ..., Jane Morton ....... Erika Mueller ...., Joan Nash ...... 40, 56, 57, 68 I Shirley Nedervelt ..,... Dawn Neibarger ..... Albert Nelson Doris Nelson .. Sally Nelson ..... Beverly Nichols ......, Beatrice Noble .,...,. William Nyblade Bernard O'Connell ....... Sterling Olsen ....... Joyce O'Neill ...... Alan Ortquist ...... Frank Osborn ...... Carol Parkhill .,.... Conrad Parrish .... Patsy Passage .... Shirley Pear .,,........ Karleen Peterson ,s..,, Joyce Peterson ........,............ Frances Piatte Mavis lMrs.l ..,. Gerane Piirinen .,...........,.. Duncan Ploand ,....,. Robert Pugh ..,,.... Marilyn Quick .......... Floyd Rademacher ....... Donald Rademaker ,... Arlene Rahrig ..,...s.. Roger Rakosky .... Joan Randall ..,,..,,. William Reinhold ...... Robert Reinhold ...,....... Delphine Reterstoff ....,., Gloria Reynolds ,.,,. Jeanne Rhodes .,........ ,..,. Gwendolyn Richards John Rieben ..,......V. Lester Riegler .,....,,, Constance Riekels ....,. Patricia Robinson ....,. Julie Rockole Phyllis Rode . Patrick Rollins Joyce Rose ..... Annette Ruys Kathlene Ryan .... 172 42, 56, 57, David Sample ...... Robert Scharf ...... Colleen Schaner ..., Donna Schlueter .,.. Sally Schmidt ........ Barbara Schmieding Dobby Schrieber .... Janet Schuiteman .. Gerald Schuur ...... Donald Scofield ..... Robert Segelstrom .. Joan Seastrom .... Peggy Seivers ........ Nancy Sells ..........., Ruth Shepard ........ Marie Shirey ...... Evonne Showers .,.. William Sievers .... Kenneth Sikkenga ,. Shirley Sikkenga .... Judith Sims ,......... Virginia Slocum ...... Delores Smith .,,... Judith Smith .,... Peggy Smith ,.... Philip smith ..... Richard Smith ...... Wayne Smith ...... John Sobotta ...... Deloris Spade ..,... Millicent Spier ,,.. Eloda Springer .... Gerald Stephens ., David Stipe .....,.... Laveryle Strong .... Beniamin Straud ..., Glenn Sturgis ,..... Glenna Sturgis .... B. Joyce Swanson ., Delores Swift ,4,,..,. Barbara Swords ..,. Janet Szendre .,s... Bob Tannus .... Edna Terrell ..,,,..... Norma Thompson ., 43, 56, ..,.....42, 67 ........42, 77, 42, 56, 57, 61, 70, ..,.....42, 67, ....,...43, 69, ........43, 57, 60, 61, 64, 70, 44, ........43, ......,....43, 75, 43, 57, 58, 60, 61, 77, ........43, ........43, ........44, 56, 57, ........44, .....,..44, 69, 72, 56 56, 60, 61, 70, 81 ........44, 57, 66, 68, 74 .,,,.,,,44, 56 I I I Joyce Thornberg ...... Donna Tiffany ..,.. Marie Tolish ......,.. Joy Topel ............,....., Lawrence VanderKooi Clifford Vanderstelt ...,., Joel VanderWall .... Gladys VerHuIst ...... Ronald Versalle ...,.. Ted Vredeveld .,.... Joan Walton .,...... Barbara Warner ....., Bruce Weflen ,....... Joyce Welch ....... Marion Welsh ...... Richard Wenk ..... Larry White ..., Wayne White ...,... Maxine Wilesack .... Robert Willea ..... .......45, ,,,....45, .,,,,.45, 61, Bruce Williams .,..,....,,,,, ..,,,,.,,, 4 6, Ella Marie Willingham .,,,, ,,.,,, 4 6, 58, Jack Wilson .,,,,.,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Robert Wilson ........ Yvonne Wiltenburg ..... Carol Winter ........ Delores Wood ........ Kenneth Woodard ..... Dolores Wright ..... Mary Yarranton .... Marilyn Zielinski ...... William Zimmerman ...,.. I2 B's Maureen Anderson .,.,........,,,,, Lois Aris ,.....,,....,,,, Dean Bailey ....... Wayne Baker ,.....,. Elizabeth Beebe ...... Thomas Benton ...... Keith Berghuis Mary Bernardini . Suzanne Bont ..,.. Jackie Brown .,,.. ......46, 56 .......47 47, 56, 67 ,.....47, 59 Ted Buit ..,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Mariorie Bunnell ...... .,,,, , , Shirley Burmeister ..., ,,,, Burr, Doris .....,....., David Cash baugh ,,... Harriet Christensen Bernard Conroy .... Beverly Dagen .,.... Keith DeForest .,.... Richard Dell .....,, Audrey DeLong .,,... Betty Dobb ...,.. Robert Dobyns David Dornbos ...... Joan Dykstra .. Roger Fitch ...,........ ,,,,,, 4 8, 66, Charles Fordham ...,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,., Ed Fris ...,.....,,,,,,,.,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jean. Fry ,..,,,. ,,,,,, 4 8, 64 John Fultz ........ Wayne Gale ....... Marion Hagan Bernard Harrell ....... .... Mary Ann Harrigan Janice Hazekamp .,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, Carl Hermanson Norman Hlne ,.,...,,,, ,,,,,, 4 8, 56, Charles Hoekenga 62, Jerry Homes ............... ,,,,,,, Elizabeth Holdeman Clark Hoolihan ,,..,,,,,,, -,,,,,, Fred Huiser .,,... Gordon Huss Anita Inman ....... Shirley Johnson ..,. Jerry Joneson ...,. Al Juergens . Ruth Kleyn ,..... ,,...,49, Ardis Klinger .....,,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Peggy Knapp .-..... .. Patsy Knapp ...,... .49, 56, 59, 60, 61, 7l, Marlene Krupp .,,..... ,,,, Bettylu Lauterberg Richard Liddle .,.... Garry Lintier ..,.... ,,.....49 l73 Harold Luttrell .,.. Kenneth Lundholm .. Carol Lutz ,.....,..... Gladys Medema ..... Ruthann Meyers ..... Tom Moore ....... Kathryn Morse .... Donald Nye ........ Mary Oudsema ....... Harvey Paquin .... Joan Plough ,.... John Potts ......, Dorothea Pruim ....... Norman Rathbun ,..... Robert Reek ......,, Ray Reis ........ Jim Riekels ....... George Rinard ......, Warren Robinson .... Sandra Rop ........... Shirley Rosema ....... Doris Rundquist ..... Jerome Schaner ..... Dolores Scheidegger Nancy Schoenberger Jack Schutter ,.,....... Sheila Sedgley .... Carlla Seebald ....... Melvin Semelbauer .. Mariorie Sharon ...,. Marie Shirey ....A... Bill Shriver ....,,. Mary Sironen ...... Paul Skidmore ,,.. Pat Spyke ......... Gloria Stevens ..,.... Vesta Summerville ., Marilyn Swayer ..... Nancy Taylor ,.,... Jean Thue ,,,,...... Frances Tiapkes ..... Harriet VanHorn .. Harry Voss ..,,.... William Walters ...,. Douglas Wattrick ....., 174 .......5l, 6 .......49, 60 A...,..49 .,.....49, 56 57, 62 .......86 6l,65, 71, 86 50, 59, 61 ......5O ..,...50 50, 65 ......5O ......50 50, 64 ......5O l, 86, 89, 51, Barbara Weiss . Beverly Weiss David Warner Richard Wierda Alyce Wolford . Robert Woodard Aileen Workman Joyce Yonkers , Charlene Young Norman Wood . Dewey Younts AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS .. 1. '-lx"+!ci?fm ra f nf'-" "' X- wg- 1 1 . u"1Zi'1 31' W '76 11 "f , v 1 Q wiv ug, -- .3142 FQ? - , g'An?f',, ' 1' 1- ' .1.-..- Q, ..1 f' M - eg ,H g-.7 gf xl " H' W' , 19' -' .12 1 His. ' sz'-11' " , J "ww, .- -. ,f5.1' 3" X: 'L 'L Ik., gi 'V' 7 " 14, .. J 4 E i V. 1 1 1 1 y .Q1 V 5' ,r .i ,U . f-',:'.1'Y9a.. 1" V 7-1 L-'A' , 11' ,. mf 1'a1-.Ae.1wf.,1 1 N 1 'I .1 1 . :Fwy 35.54. 1 D' !+5,W 1 u J 'Y , 1 ".5fFV"11:1,!' "h E5-1 1."5'1,. '-.' ' 1' -14 1 - ,, ' 111.45 '-zu". '5'1l51'.1V ww.. .1 ' . ' QF?-'15 ' - ,- 1,1 11' L1'M4lW"1-ofiv "1.11"x"31'g""?':"m '1' ' - ., 11 ' . 1 ' -"'1i1'Vf'1f"?2? : A' -' 1-f-'wfki " ' ' - , f...L.,1..zi:g.....Lm,e:'. ...-..- 1 M, .. .112 L . 4.16, J - .. 1-,5 . '31 ow.. - 1 .1-ua. S ' 1, 5. 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Suggestions in the Muskegon High School - Said and Done Yearbook (Muskegon, MI) collection:

Muskegon High School - Said and Done Yearbook (Muskegon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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