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-Q .WN awe- M - - ..wmm rmfmna-vw -qw. ,Q-aggf,m'v .M M, ,,- W- V , ,. - , , , ,f ,. , 1, 1 LQ.-mm-pvawf 1 ' .wsu 4 se 3, 1 gg. , . ,gg fl 1 3, uifwf .,w',,:fw 3eM ' :1" kg.,-1 , , . .4 ,Fm-A - , " r'+' - Mx: X 1 3 , 7 V v gf av ,Qu fm 1 Q Y 5 W W W , N..y.gQ.4.4.. ,Y .un ' . jl Q. U ,N if .73-5 ' ati, . Ai S2 -Viv? ' I 9351 ' yn N' , 11 ' ff, , - 1795? .: gpg' "9 K iff! ia.-g,3,5i , Q?-:Jw will -f' H, if as 31: 4 1 al ,, I. , avg ' , 1. if E:- ' i 4 V l g, 15 11 Ly A. J. ,X f ' ffl? 1, 41 .2 "I, pg .S QW' A mr 1' aff VE. W f , 3:1 lk ' - fn ,vt 7 H ' ' ef A VOL. II MUSKEGON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Editor in Chief - STUART BONNEY Business Manager - RICHARD SWANSON and STAFF I x lu I3 f qt MN, Yisy ,X f ,XX N' 7zcw6666a4e of 776cee4e9a4 Senior: 7694 Se4aa6 4ewe a6eue6apee6 aaefa 4 6449 ,ended of 66me. 74eq ma4e 64e 446166 of 64e ee4aa6, 7a 64e a4c6ezgacw64e6ee of 776aa4e9a4 Semin 7694 Se4aa6 64e aeniofw a6ea66ecz6e 6464 64114 ee6664g ,6az64 64a4e 64466666444 ca46e4 4cwe 4e6,eee6 6a ma,4e 776cee4e9a4 Seudwz 7694 Se4aa6 ca4cz6 66 Je 6ac6czq, 74ego ea4f6e6en66y 4a,ee 6446 eceeeeeddag e6cw4ee 41666 46644646 64e 4a4afaec6 6fmc6666a44 and 4e6,e 6a e46e66644 464064, if Z ww W Q' W 4 XX' X ww M A 6 ,W ,W mx an if 'if x x wf . . gmx haves . gs L x ,, . 'Mr ax A... 'f K A-S , -ri: N ww , ,R ff 77, ww ,yxwff X W S sv W". . mu 5 A wifi QI' Q ,f .L .1 wif A X NS. .ff N 'Wm .w of x X wt za 9 A , .mx N NM, -W Q- 4 -X w R, mlm Nl xv AMN lf! vw -'rf' 1 an "f".iff. X x ,W . wh A - SPV f Q K ,, Q of X 'X i .1 P3347 x mgy fx x Q5 , S'-G X- X .Q Lf ,S . S V f-- sim -1-S Saws WAQX mf X y N-www uf sw Q.. W, Q ,- gwk, .- Ng .mv QM, Y rw QQ! -Q 'W , 0 Wifi 'xr Q wx fx- SW 'Huh- 'Y 1 ugh... VZ' X 4 W ,. M A X ff, f f . W 4 X ' ffm - ,, f WWW' v, -- ww ,X W I ff X 'KW xmff If M6 Hs, M2 M51- ww ms W is W, We un wx ,w -Wm K V . . zmz ww if f M M 'ww X, www A, V z W I . - m ' 1 xx ! If -gjf.. """-1 X M N X Q Q..-+ . Y Rx '75 . N ,Pts X '2 x M 4 . W, bf Vw M f wav M , f,., . K ' W ' M ww, , , ff fn , f ,, WW' WM .- f f V.. W - . WW. ' . X ' 099WM'hw,f' , 0 ,nf WWW' ' as . NA ,I Q Qkiqzx X K .Q sg Y' , 1 W - .iii-Y? 1 -"""-.x fa'-A n I .. lzt. H sl' f ,W-'WW A Q MA' .ff-f' Www? 7fmaf6zf6oaezZ6y Wicwiegoa Sendafz Wig! Sedona? doaafw Mode academia alia gaae lien Zdaee fan Me ,efzeaefwcufdaa of Me ,vfmozdocm may af Zdfe. 7fzuaf6Z6auul6'u Wiuciegau Seuicvz 7694 Sedan! uauaw Euuzlee W, Zfuoufeu cada jafzeacua tue ,lnagzew Wiuadeyau would mude uud uelpeci ,ezaadde eafucu- tdauul fuadfdzfrfec da ,dfzomote Cue duduehduf deadapmeut of Me commuurltu, x 45 f 7'Z40flZ6d0td6ZQ 77Za46e9aa Sendafz 21694 Salon! oiaace 654 cufilezfda pzaaueec and die aezaaldlddy of C24 mafzckdwg Kandi in 6464 ofczddam, 'Me deff ,meaewta time faaefa of ddkddf life emfakaaqiwg time donned vwwldtiona of . , . Formulating policies and developing ideas. Establishing foundations. Building traditions. Training the body. Passing the torch. Knitting the friendships. Developing business acumen. 0 o o o o o o a o a Q RADITIONALLY the school administrators formulate policies for the efficient running of Muskegon Senior High School. These policies are carried out by well trained leaders who strive to establish foundations and inspire ideals. C C O O C Q O C Q O I I O C O WMVW Z , f f W- GZ ,,, w PRINCIPAL GEORGE A. MANNING and ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL EDWIN KNUTSON discuss a matter of extreme importance to the senior class. Through their administration of school affairs these men are well known to all M. H. S. students. Throughout the day, MR. EDWARD J. HUTTENGA can be found attending to his busy schedule as DIRECTOR OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION. Being head of the Hackley Manual Training School involves a program consisting of all the various departments, for example, homemaking, printing, foundry or music. To successfully manage these activities requires tact and understanding, amply supplied by Mr. Huttenga. Mrs. Theresa Casterline, Miss Car- oline Toxapias, Mrs. Julia Ash, Office Clerks, always get the stu- dent's trouble. Tardiness, excuses, call slips: All the details of school life are their problems. Graduating seniors will always re- member with pleasure Mr. William Denton, Boys' Counsellor and Mrs. Alice Kyes, Girls' Counsellor. Scheduling classes, checking credits, selection of colleges: these are but a few of the many problems brought to them during a student's three years at Muskegon Senior High School. Mrs. Kenneth Rolfe and Mrs. Lorraine Cooper finish checking absence records in their Hackley Manual Office. Y I 'Wh w-..,,,, Teaching English accounts for the formal pose of these instructors. However, they still make literature and grammar live for M. H. S. students. Standing L. to R.--Mr. Clifford Hill, Mrs. Alice Scott, Mrs. Mabel Quail, Mrs. Thora Lundell, Mr, Ralph Plummer, and Mr. William Harrison. Seated L. to R.-Mrs. Sarah Cout- chie and Mrs. Marcella O'Connor. Testing equipment for speech work seems an interesting proiect for Miss Patti Keefe, dramaticsg Mrs. K. N. Franke, radio, and Miss Peggy Powers, forensics. Comparing new texts for social studies is the objective of this con- ference. Standing L. to R.-Mr. George Russcher, Mr. Russell Partington, Mr. George Carlsen, Miss Ethel Pihlstrom, and Mr. Paul Dunworth. Seated-Mr. William Young. These instructors bring the customs, history and the languages of Latin, French, and Spanish to Senior High students. L. to R.--Miss Edith Merritt, Mrs. Alice Kyes, and Miss Marian Hel- vie. L. to R.-Fred Rays, Miss Con- stance Strouf, Francis Martin, Alex Posvistak, and William Stewart, Jr. look over new music for the instru- mental department. Science progresses under the able leadership of instructors Mr. Wil- liam Toole, chemistry, Mr. Claire Cook, physics, Mr. Raymond Bauer, chemistry, istandingl and Miss Elizabeth Vandegrift, Mr. Winthrop Trautman, biology, seated. xii 94' I Z f ,Mm W. W 'G-P! M .fs + 4 f , Z Z M y f, Z 5 , WWW? , f f w. xx. Rig: -- if N S . NS K 1 it iii? Manual Training School faculty plan for an expansion of their program. Standing L. to R.-Mr. Leonard Lundell, related subiectsp Mr. Rex Sheathelm, printingg Mr. Hohn, welding. Seated L. to R.-Mr. Henry Bolt, cabinet makingy Mr. Donald Moon- ey, shopy Mr. Oren W. Rodewald, electricityg Mr. Frederick Brail, auto mechanicsp Mr. Sherwood Krause, shop math. Miss Doris Radde and Miss Emily Herkimer study a costume designed by a member of the clothing class. The preparations for the annual Christmas Tea are discussed by foods teachers, Miss Agnes Mc- Intyre and Mrs. Marie Larson. 17 , ,l 2--1 5 ' wi r-5 .. f X z 4 .ff?',,':5Tf vdsifi T, "" fi if i 525 's A E -'-" 5 x f M. - s is X x N ff? 9 4 X 1 L 1 5 XX sw xc 1 sexy x 4 Xfxx E Q! X fvxx 'x ! X X- KM f si XX XS ,QQ so X in iws X. xg 1 xx Amps A fss nssszzssam " ww,-H LFS? ,Q , I ffff JM,-v ff Personnel of the cooperative busi- ness training program read letters of commendation about students on the part-time training program. L. to R.-Mr. George Saul, Mrs. Pauline Dunsmore, Mr. Derwin J. Walvoord, Miss Joy Anderson. The direction of students in crea- tive and functional art is super- vised by Mr. Walter Ladd, Mr. E. G. Appel, and Miss Ann Molzen. Festive decorations for the library will be the result of Miss Gwen- dolyn Webster and Mrs. Margaret Elliott's handiwork. 18 Miss Harriel Reid and Mrs. Ade- laide Seasfrom, physical education insfruclors, supervise M. H. S. girls in developing healthy bodies. Aches and pains are soon gone after a visit to Mrs. Mildred Cowan, school nurse, who came fo M. H. S. iusl' last fall and has proven her- self invaluable since her arrival. Mrs. Virginia Cooper and Miss Ida McKinney discuss clothing proiects for girls. - ' - . N f ,MQ ,, p, ,A , . Z , . Q! f X WW, ff f 4' G' 1 N E s ff fm' """ ' - f .... , .' H 4 ri -. ..,,...,.....,,.,......, . .,,, , .-...,,.,.... V ,Wx 5 -Q ,....,.,,........,,,,,- ...... ,. ...rdf Q gf WEETING responsibilities in the present world of rapidly changing events, students ot Muskegon Senior High School are building their foundations in varied class room activities. Q a Q 0 0 Q Q 0 e Q Q Q 0 Q i Q 1 1 W W'- gg- f Q W M, A . Sharon Day and Joyce Dykstra con- centrate on laying out a pattern. We don't know what they're mak- ing, but we bet it's good! L. to R.: Mary Bouwkamp, Beverly Stewart, Anna Hekkema, Donald Pitch makes with the bellows in the foundry. LW! ,f"'W Shocking, isn't it? L. to R.: Louis Dumas, Pete Jcxblonski. "Look, Mo, no fingers!" Bob Segelstrom concentrates on Cl wood- working proiect. Exploring the unknown with "Muggs" Groszowski. "Here's how it's done": Frank LaComte and Jim Brooks in machine shop class. Bill Larson machining a proiect in plastics. Dick Liddle makes a pattern for his proied. Proof reading copy are Larry White and Don Truman, while Bob Buil' feeds the press. "SiIence! Genius at work!" Wayne Bathrick puts finishing touches on Q siill life. Don Rufener concentrates on his design in architedural drawing. Hugh Farber, Norbert Woelfl, and Miss Ethel Raue seem to find dia- graming fun. Don Kroes and Bruce Weflin broad- cast while Jack Grimm and Ted Vredeveld are in control room. "That doesn't sound like me!" L. to R.: Jerome Stern, Nathan Van- derwerf, Sally Grimm, Louise Arsnoe. 4 Ali NmWf W W Arifhmetic made easy wifh adding machines. Nimble wits make nimble fingers. "Up you go boys:" Gym class. E 27 "Bening up for ca test, boys?" Bob Gillies and Ken Sikkenga con- duct an experiment in titration. Latin students use the democratic procedure in class. will Pursue BREWER cr f S SCH GGL learning history the modern way through films. Tom Byrnes, Tom Wiard, and Marcus Okkonen gain practical experience in trigonometry field work. Loretta Taylor and James Reinoldt contemplate signing for the course. WHILE engaged in a variety of extra-curricular activities, Muskegon Senior High School students are preserving and build- ing traditions. e Q Q Q 0 e 0 Q e Q 0 Q Q e 'f X S 3 Q Z X i I 'c ' ff! Xi :,K?m1.1 WS, f X- f X f 1 X xx Ii' I I Q, 4. , ., X 7 f f, yn X X 5? X l f ' Mm Q, bf, f K 2 X q 91 V 93 I X 13 ff 3? Z 'Q 7 W wwi X 7f! , K ,gf ii , W x :W , , f lst Row-L. to R.-Edythe Grotenhuis, Secretary, Ann Harrington, Vice-President, Wendell Jacobson, President, Helen Carlson, Treasurer. d L t R Bett Ba ne Marian Ward Betty Johnson Janet Lower Betty Kelly, Miss Vera Klontz, advisor. 2n Row- . o .- y y , , , , 3rd Row-L. to R.-Ruth Lakanen, Robert Briney, Margaret Borgeson, Ron Wortelboer, Leila Poppen, Dick Kozal. Waliaaai Qmafz Society Wwluola ddzleea One of the more recent organizations which is becoming a fine tradition at M. H. S. is the Na- tional Honor Society organized in l948. Students who have displayed high standards of scholarship, character, and citizenship are inducted into this society. The M. Berry Wood Chapter was named in memory of Miss Berry Wood, a former Latin and history teacher. At present there are 28 members. Joan Randall serves refreshments to 1'IA inductees, Helen Carlson, Mary Wickland, Margaret Borgeson, and guests. MID-YEAR INITIATES GET INSTRUCTIONS. An organization that helps to perpetuate and Boys from Winesap School, Tennessee, play ball with equip- ment provided by M.H.S. students through the Student Council. laden!! awed Wana 69 Z fa promote traditions in our school is the Student Council. lt was organized in 1914 under the lead- ership of John B. Cleveland, and reorganized in l92l. Since then it has been an active force in guiding our school. The council's constitution states the aim and purpose of the group as follows: "To promote a finer high school spirit." Activities and projects undertaken the past year include: being hosts to the Southwest Conference of Student Councils, arranging for exchange as- semblies, forming a service committee to supervise the noon hour recreational activities, arranging in- ter-school council meetings and exchange of stu- dents in the Greater Muskegon area, developing a questionnaire for the driving course that was in- augurated in September, and promoting a school booster club. Some activities initiated by the council in the past for the betterment of Muskegon High School have included a standard insignia for the ring, student activity books, a student court and police, and a plan for landscaping the campus. Seated-L. to R.: Paul Ladas, Ed Hine, vice-president, Art Summerville, president, Kay Ryan, secretary, Ann Harrington, Bill Booth. Standing-L. to R.: Mary Wickland, Earl Morrall, John Schrier, Phil Poort, Helen Carlson, Jim Buck, Dick Swanson, Jack Grimm, .loan Randall, Mr. Kenneth Rolfe, adviser, and Leila Poppen. ' Ed Morrall, Delores Workman, John Reiben, and Phyllis Anderson take time out at the "Shoeless Shuffle." ",, , L. to R.: Nancy Gilroy, Sandra Nelson, Peggy Nelson, Dick Swanson, Bonnie Hohenstein, Dorothy Bates, and Shirley Sikkenga were winners in local forensic contests. 9 Ili ,SZ Speed! 5 764 7 The Speech Guild is one of the youngest organizations existing in Muskegon Senior High School. It was organized in i947 by Mr. Char- les Robert Patchen, faculty advisor at that time. The purpose ofthe organization has always been to develop and promote speaking skill among the students of our school. During the past year, Speech Guild members have taken part in the Community Fund Campaign, the T.B. Speaking Contest, non-league debates, and the spring forensic contests. They have planned and conducted many of the school assemblies which have been presented. Various individual members have presented speeches, readings, and interpre- tative selections before local organizations. The Thanksgiving dance, "Turkey in the Straw," proved to be one ofthe outstanding social events of the year, and was followed by other all-school activities which the Speech Guild sponsored. 'lst row-L. to R.: Dobby Schrieber, Peggy Nelson, vice-president, Dick Swanson, president, Nancy Sells, secretary, Eloise Krupp, treasurer. 2nd row-L. to R.: Elaine Paige, Betty Johnson, Bonnie Hohenstein, Kathleen Hartwell, Phyllis Anderson, Dorothy Bates, Anita Caris, Shirley Sikkenga. 3rd row-L. to R.: Jim Buck, Sandra Cook, Dave Stipe, Phylis Rhode, Harris Liechte, Barbara Carson, Doris Morse, Grace Thompson, Miss Peggy Powers, adviser. QA Norman Lager, Don Swier, and Frank Morris give directions for the technical production of "Berkeley Square." Jack Grimm, Dick Duncan, Neola Anderson, Georgia Caris, and Leila Poppen in the ballroom scene of "Berkeley Square." Sgawaen 74 Widfjafa F9 ' The Masque Dramatics Society has always maintained a program rich in tradition. Each year the three-act play is presented by Masque's fifty aspiring actors and actresses. This year the play enacted was a fantasy entitled, "Berkeley Square," under the direction of Miss Patti Keefe, club advisor. ln l9-47 Thespian Troupe lO7 was established, thus enabling Masque mem- bers to receive national recognition of their high achievements in the dramatic field. Three one-act plays are given annually in the spring of the year. A play festival bringing plays from the various schools in this area has been promoted since 1948. First Row-L. to R.: Rochelle Cherin, Barbara Fleischmann, Vivian Plumhoff. Second Row-L. to R.: Pat Lancaster, Terry Connell, sgt-at-arms, Ron Wortelboer, sgt-at-arms, Janice Mish, treasurer, Marylyn Hain, secretary, Leila Poppen, president, Frank Morris, historian, Ed Hine, sgt-at-arms, Bonnie Hohenstein. Third Row-L. to R.: Shirley Nedervelt, Ernie Fordham, Patsy Steiner, Edythe Grotenhuis, Georgia Caris, Harry Voss, Jean Klayf, Anita Caris, Alan Arms, Kay Ryan, Miss Jenette Faber, advisor. Fourth Row-L. to R.: Sandra Cook, Neola Anderson, Henry Riekels, Peggy Nelson, John Schrier, Doris Morse, Jack Grimm, Mary Ann Cramer, Don Rufener. fi: Patricia Lancaster, president, pledges Nancy Fagan into Car- menta while Ann Wallerstrom and Barbara Maher look on. cmmewm mpdowdgea Zdzfefzmq 705606414 Old members are served at the fall tea by Ann Harrington. L. to R.: Joan Randall, Bonnie Hohenstein, Marilyn Plant, Mary Olson, Georgia Caris, and Cleo Ballas. , . f Row 'I-L. to R.: Kathleen Hartwell, historian Mary Nolan, treasurer, Cleo Ballas, flower chairman, Ann Harrington, president, Ruth Nolan, vice-president, Kay Ryan, secretary, Nancy Fagan. Row 2-L. to R.: Shirley Housman, Pat Sikken- ga, Cynthia Ladd, Helen Koschinski, Barbara Arnson, Marilyn Plant, Pat Lancaster, Ann Wallerstrom, Kay Harrington. Row 3-L. to R.: Carol Yonker, Patsy Johnson, Bonnie Hohenstein, Mary Bolema, Doris Mc- Nitt, Marilyn Quick, Joan Randall, Georgia Caris, Anita Caris, Shirley Sikkenga. Row 4-L. to R.: Mary Olson, Dorothy Bates, Barbara Fleischmann, Maxine Januszchwicz, Sandra Seyferth, Sandra Cook, Ella Marie Will- ingham, Jacqueline Ortquist, Norma Ortquist, Leila Poppen, Miss Mildred Werntz, advisor. 36 In l924, a group of Muskegon Senior High students expressed a desire to study creative writing. As a result of this interest, the Carmenta Literary Society was formed with Miss Ebba Bedker as their chosen advisor. The club was first composed of boys and girls, but eventually the club was limited to a membership of forty girls. Since the club's formation many changes have been made. Meetings are now spent discussing ancient and modern prose and poetry. The club also devotes time outside of club meetings to proiects of a literary nature. Therefore, Carmenta's creed of today is to further establish literary knowledge and interests. Through the school year, several annual social events are given. The fall football dances, the initiation teas, the Christmas tea for mothers and alumni, the annual "Cotton Ball": these things will always be remembered by its members. By these proiects, Carmenta Literary Society offers a splendid program of varied social and academic activities. X-. Senate girls are inducted in im- pressive candle lighted ceremony. L. to R.: Rita Klooster, Janice Rogers, Mary Knooihuizen, Mari- anne Kolbe, Pat Clark, Beverly Lindstrom, Marian Grotenhuis, Nancy Gudelsky, Moyra McNeill, president, Mary Ann Cramer, Helen Carlsen, Colleen Saylor, Jane Dempsey, Joyce Yonker, Peggy Knapp, Janice Mish, Betty Pennell, Marlene Hanson. evmfte ,eamaw dw! iawmflg Since its establishment in l9l8, the Senate Fine Arts Society has annually carried out a program full of varied social and cul- tural activities. The club's constitution calls for a minimum of two cultural meetings each semester. These meetings may consist of perhaps a group attendance at a lecture, visits to the Hackley Art Gallery, or the study of a musician and his works. Each year the club undertakes two proiects that will be of benefit to the entire school. As a result of this work, the Senate Talent Assembly has become an annual event. Scattered throughout Senate's program can be found many dates for annual social activities, such as the initiation programs for new members, the Senate-Carmenta dinner, the "Senator's Swirl," annual club parties. These are but a few of the many activities in Senate's enioyable and interesting yearly plans, and following the American Congress' example, Senate's "Senators" have numerous outside activities, also. Senate girls enjoy a back-scene snack. L. to R.: Elaine Paige, Betty Kelly, Sally Schmidt, Colleen Saylor and Barbara Stordahl. Row 'I-L. to R.: Rochelle Cherin, Pat Robinson, Collette Neil, Neola Anderson, Kay Frauenthal, Jean Klayf, Marlene Krupp, Colleen Saylor, Janice Mish. Row 2-L. to R.: Midge Westerlund, Betty Pennell, sgt-at-arms, Joyce Yonkers, sgt- at-arms, Marian Grotenhuis, secretary, Carol Ann Rolfe, treasurer: Jean Rolfe, president, Carrie Bartch, Helen Carlsen, vice-president: Mary Ann Cramer, report- er, Janice Rodgers. Row 3-L. to R.: Barbara Stordahl, Elaine Paige, Betty Kelly, Jane Dempsey, Peggy Knapp, Nancy Gudelsky, Beverly Lind- strom, Sally Schmidt, Mary Ann Kolbe, Pat Clark, Mrs. Mabel Quail, advisor. 37 'Ist row-L. to R.: Bob Christian, Dick Versalle, chaplain, Raymond Ceasar, secretary, Ted Vredeveld, vice-president, John Schrier, presi- Scarff, treasurer, dent, Harold David Tietsort, Bruce Williams, Roy Bayne. 2nd row-l.. Boyd Bosma, to R.: Don Evans, Fred Ulrick, Eugene Matteson, Dave McCormick, Earl Morrall, Bob Dolsen, Jack Clock, Tom Collins, Jerry Spyke, Lawrence Berman, Mr. George Russcher, advisor. ,vw--..,,X KK rel' Busy d W6-Z 540604 ammmi Q ,admit The local Hi-Y group was organized in l9l6 with the purpose of promoting high standards of Christian living in the community and school. Their platform is clean sports, clean speech, clean scholarship, and clean living. Traditionally, it has been a service club. This year the boys sent a radio and gave money to Winesap School, helped a needy local family at Christmas, sent CARE packages overseas, sent a needy boy to the YMCA camp, and contributed money to the Community Chest and other organizations. To raise their money the thirty boys manage the concession stands at the football games, give a dance, and sell doughnuts. ecorating for the "Shamrock Shuffle." E .X X,,'N .Qs Hi-Y boys operate concession stand. ' 7eem gwcmfea 'Wand me During Roll Call Week in October, the formal initiation of Y-Teens was held and candy was sent overseas. ln November the Y-Teens dressed dolls for the Goodfellows and collected food and money for Thanksgiving baskets. Caroling and making favors for the hospitals for Christmas were the chief occupations in December. They also sent ten dollars to the Winesap School. At the first of the year the Y-Teens collected clothing for the needy families of Muskegon. ln March they held a doughnut sale and also sponsored a dance to raise money for their pro- iects. So as it can be seen the Y-Teens, too, have had a very busy year. Seated-L. to R.: Janet Westling, Margaret Borgeson, Jean Rolfe, Betty Bayne, Mary Lou Medendorp, Pat Girdner. Standing--L. to R.: Joanne Young, Faye VanVIeet, Nancy Renkenberg- er, Alice Ferris. On ladder are Barbara Brace and Marilyn Hain, standing is Janice Scribner and seated is Mary Lou Medendorp decorating for Clancy's Capers. 1st Row-L. to R.: Ruth Myers, Ann Stark, Faye VanVleet, Mary Lou Medendorp, Janet Lower, vice-pres- ident, Peggy Johnson, president, Doris Burr, Dawn Barber, Carol Bell, Betty Bayne. 2nd Row--L. to R.: Charlene Young, Carol Yonker, Jean Rolfe, Janis Scribner, Bessie Crickfield, Margaret Borgeson, Dorothy Jor- genson, Donna Stewart, Elsie Low- er, Beverly Holcomb, Doris Runquist. 3rd Row-L. to R.: Mrs. Julia McCrea, advisor, Barbara Arnson, Mary Lee Eldridge, Arlene Beck- with, Barbara Brace, Doris Morse, Maureen Anderson, Doreen Dress, Charlotte Medendorp, Janet West- ling, Elloise Krupp, Mrs. Marcella O'Connor, advisor. s X ' I, .cj . A M K ny vw, . t ff - 'f . 4, 2 A s ,.,. ' l Happewa 7 Adams, Penny Allen, Nancy Anderson, Maureen Andrews, Jane Asbury, Sue Ann Bayes, Harlan Beauvais, Carole Bensinger, Ken Bergman, Shirley Carr, Dan Champion, Nancy Christian, Bob Cox, Barbara Duff, Kathleen Forema n, Belly Fry, Jean Gattield, Doris Genta, Joel Hansen, Marlene Hartwell, Kathleen Houseman, Shirley Hovey, Barbara Humphries, Pat Hunter, Mary Jackson, Margaret Johnson, Mary Joneson, Jerry Kalman, Mirelle Koscinski, Helen Kramer, Mary Kuehn, Flora Ladd, Cynthia Leeds, Sally Loman, Garden Lower, Elsie Lou Martin, Marilyn Mendham, Shirley Meyers, Shirley Menuttn, Joan Morrisin, Kathlyn Nelson, Leeda Nolen, Mary Ortquist, Jackie Quick, Marilyn Rademaker, Marilyn Riekels, Mary Jane Scanlon, Shirley Ann Schutter, Ruth Scott, Doran Sells, Nancy Seyferth, Sandy Swier, Norma Vanderlaan, Lois Vanderwerf, Nathan Varner, Lou Walcott, Nancy Ward, Margaret Ward, Marian Wickerink, John Wright, Rhoda Wortelboer, Judy Zirk, Arlene Arms, Alan Ballas, Cleo Boyne, Betty Bell, Carol Bont, Sue Bos, Charlotte Brace, Barbara Branch, Hilas Bultema, Gloria Burgess, Robert Bush, Pat Caris, Anita Caris, Georgia Carlson, Barbara Cashbaugh, Betty Christenson, Betty Cramblet, Charles Custer, Eleanor Dahlsted, Ardyce Hansen' Drent, Bonnie Dunham, Harvey Evelsizer, Ron Frauenthal, Kay Girdner, Patricia Graessley, Bill Grotenhuis, Edythe Haight, Steven Hansen, Ardyce Heaton, Muriel Hendly, Florentina Hickman, Vada Hine, Ed Howell, Marylu Ivanick, Paul Jacobsen, Wendell Johnson, Kenneth Keller, Babette Klang, Nancy 1. .m 1 li,. u .d.n.....t 0446554 Lakenen, Ruth Lancaster, Patty Land Bill Lower, Janet Mayrose, David Medendorp, Mary Lou Morton, Jane Nelson, Sally Nolen, Ruth Norton, Theda Olson, Mary Parkinsen, Lee Peterson, Joyce Purainen, Geraine Poling, Patricia Poppen, Leila Rahrig, Arlene Renkenberger, Nancy Sue Riekels, Connie A Cappella members honor director John W. DeHorn at fare- well banquet. Rode, Phyllis Roelofs, Norma Rolfe, Carol Ann Rolfe, Jean Schalk, Don Scheidegger, Delores Schutter, Jack Schuitema, Janet Sironen, Mary Alice Seebuld, Carla Smith, Joan Smith, Peggy Versalle, Dick Weflen, Bruce Weiss, Barbara Weiss, Beverly Wortelboer, Ron Zimmerman, Bill Waco! Qzaapa Fzeaewe m6645666 mdiliam Traditionally the A Cappella choir has given its harmony to add to the rich cultural back- ground of our school. Each year the group is busy during the Christmas season with a round of concerts presented for the various local service clubs and organizations, besides the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas program at school. ln the spring they participate in the district music festivals and present their annual concert. This year Mr. John Wheeler has directed the choir in the absence of Lt. John W. DeHorn. gmwl Wdm 77cLt'6anaZ 70: Z6 ' AFENDULIS, ALEX ASHCRAFT, DICK BANNINGA, PAUL BECKER, ELEANOR BEEBE, BETTY BENNETT, MURIEL BENTON, TOM BERGGREN, BETHEL BERGLUND, DICK BERMAN, LAWRENCE BOLTHOUSE, ROBERT BOOTH, BILL BOS, DAVID BOYD, DELORIS BRINK, MARILYN CAHILL, ELLEN COLLIER, JENEANE COLLIGAN, JIM COLLINS, JANICE COMER, RICHARD COOPER, JACQUELYN DAILEY, EDWARD DALRYMPLE, SALLY DANIGELIS, ALEX DAVIS, DENNIS DAVISON, NANCY DOBBERSTEIN, DALE EKSTROM, PETE ERICKSON, DARWIN FAGAN, NANCY FARBER, HUGH FITCH, ROGER FLEISCHMANN, BARBARA GARTER, JACK GEORGE, JIM GIGGY, ELAINE GREEN, DOUGLAS GUNDERSON, HAROLD HECKER, JOE HELLING, FRANCES HUBACKER, EVELYN HUBER, MARK HILT, RAYMOND HODSON, RICHARD HOEFAKKER, GILBERT HUTCHINSON, GWEN KATZ, PAT KOOMEN, WALLACE LAMAN, GORDON LEADY, KENNETH LINDBACK, PEGGY LOGAN, DON MAYCROFT, DON MENGES, CHARLES MOSELER, LOUISE MOORE, LYLE NELSON, HELEN NOLLAR, DARRELL NOLEN, JANE OLSEN, TOM ORTQUIST, ALAN OSTERHOUSE, VIRGINIA PEARCE, RONALD PETERSON, BURTON PETERSON, KARLEEN PIATT, ROBERT PIXLEY, LLOYD RADEMACHER, FLOYD RICHARDS, GWEN ROGERS, GILBERT SAMPLE, DAVID SCHAEFER, GORDON SCHMIDT, SALLY SCHUUR, GERALD SCHREIBER, DOBBIE SCOUTEN, CAROLE SHAW, BETTY SHEGGRUD, CARROLL SHUNK, JACQUELYN SIKKENGA, KENNETH SKIDMORE, PAUL SPOELMA, DON ST. AMAND, JUDY STARK, DAVID STEWART, DONNA STIPE, DAVE SWIFT, DELORES TRAUTMAN, DAN TWINING, KENNETH VAN HUIS, LESTER VANDER WALL, JOEL VANDER WERF, NATHAN vuorEvEEN, MARY voLz, BILL WESTFALL, DARRELL WILDER, ooN WILLIAMS, Buck ZELLER, ROBERT ZIMMERMAN, DOROTHY The MHS band and orchestra are two of the busiest departments in the school. The band, beginning rehearsals in the fall before school started, played for many local, out-of-town, and even one out-of-state football game. Their biggest oppor- tunity came, however, when they were chosen as one of the four high school bands in the United States, to play for a thousand nationally known band directors and composers at Chicago, December I5. The band obtained a first division at the District Band QW L. to R.: Gilbert Rogers, Eleanor Becker, Mark Huber, Virginia Oosterhouse, Delores Swift rehearse for festival. Working hard for a First Division are Betty Beebe, Phyllis Rode, and Linda Frazee. Uzcieatm Wim BECKER, ELEANOR BEEBE, BETTY BEERS, NANCY BERGLUND, DICK BOSCH, PAT COLLIER, JENEANE FARBER, HUGH FRAZEE, LINDA GEORGE, BOB GREEN, DOUGLAS HANSEN, ARDETH HARRINGTON, ANN HARRINGTON, KAY HOLTROP, JANE HUBER, MARK KOOMEN, WALLACE LADD, RUTH MORTON, JANE NELSON, HELEN NOLLAR, DARRELL NUTT, JAMES OSTERHOUSE, VIRGINIA PAIGE, ELAINE PENGILLY, JANICE PIXLEY, LLOYD RICHARDS, GWEN RODE, PHYLLIS ROGERS, GILBERT SCOUTEN, CAROLE SWIFT, DELORES SWISHER, MARGARET WELLS, PAULINE WIERSEMA, HELEN WILDER, DON WOELFL, NORBERT JUNIOR HIGH MEMBERS AMOS, DAVID BARBER, JANET BEEGLE, ROBERT BENNETT, MURIEL BONT, SALLY BROWN, ALBERTA COLLIER, DARLENE COLLINS, JANICE DIAMOND, MARY EKSTROM, PETER HAUGHEY, LOIS HASPER, PEARL HUDY, CHARLOTTE KLEIN, HENRY LIGHTON, MARY LUTHER, ROSEMARY MOESLER, LOUISE ODEN, FILLMORE POE, FLORENCE RODEWALD, BILL STURGEON, DARLENE SWANSON, JULIE ANN TWINING, KEN VAN HUIS, LESTER VUGTEVEEN, MARY mv Dimmer Wamw and Orchestra Contest at Grand Rapids, March I7, and also in the State contest, April 21. The orchestra, too, has been kept on their toes. They have played numerous concerts for the various service clubs throughout Muskegon, and played their annual spring concert late in May. They also made a first division in the District contest, and in the state competition. The orchestra in a ioint assembly with the band, played an hour concert for the students of MHS. Both of these splendid organizations are under the direction of William L. Stewart. 1mwfmfm--M,--1-1-New - fn-R-my --1 1--inn-in-:funn-an WM.-117.-. .1-in-1 ggi, Members of the Booster Club show enthusiasm Ewan 66246 '74 Wm One of the newest groups to organize this past year is the Booster Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Peggy Powers. Their purpose is to stimulate school spirit for the various activities. They were present at the basketball games and other athletic events to spark the cheering section. The more than seventy-five members hope that eventually all the students of M.H.S. will become members. ldffzmg Smaioe Organized in T931 and reorganized in l95O, the Library Club is promoting an interest in reading, books, and library techniques. The girls get actual practice by working in the library. They take care of the library exhibits and keep the bulletin boards filled with inter- esting displays of books relative to various seasons and interests. Their biggest proiect for the year has been the purchase of transparent covers for the new books. Seated: Marilyn Zelinski, vice-president, Bessie Crichfield, treasurer, Sandra Nelson, president, Pam Hollar, secretary, Nerita Howard, historian. Standing: Dorene Karkanen, Josephine Van Chilcote, Kathleen Vredeveld, Peggy Bozema, Mrs. Margaret Elliott, advisor. 2nd Row: Miss Gwendolyn Webster, advisor, Bonnie Drent, Betty Jensen, Jane Holtrop, Dorothy Herbst, Laura Putnam, Shirley Greene. 'lst Row-L. to R.: Janet Lower, Jacqueline LaPointe, Ann Archer, Helen Carlson, vice-president, Pat Girdner, historian, Barbara Fleisch- mann, Rochelle Cherin. 1 2nd Row-L. to R.: Margaret Ward, Dianne Deska, Bonnie Hohenstein, Dorothy Bates, secretary-treasurer, Margaret Borgeson, Jacqueline Cross, Ardys Hansen, Elaine Baru. 3rd Row-L. to R.: Miss Ethel Raue, advisory Marilyn Plant, Marian Ward, Marylyn Hain, Jule Ann Gatfield, Janet Westling, Mary Lou Medendorp, Carol Ann Rolfe, president, Evonne Showers. , 7 p'!f46t'f666 ecwiduq The John A. Craig Future Teachers of America Club was chartered May l, l95O. The purposes of the Future Teachers Club are: to encourage young men and women to cultivate in them- selves the qualities of personality and character neces- sary for successful teaching, and to provide these young people with specific information about opportunities in the various fields of education. To prepare girls to take their place in the commun- ity and home is the aim of the Future Homemakers of America, organized here in l949. Every girl must have one semester of homemaking to qualify for the club. Activities for the first semester included attending the state convention, an International dinner with an exchange of Christmas gifts and Christmas caroling. Their sponsor is Mrs. Stuart Cooper. Standing-L. to R.: Norma Ortquist, Sally Grimm, Marlene Wickerink, Laura Putnam, Donna Verholst, Mariio Leyanna, Charlene Squiers, Mary Ann Kulicamp, Jackie Ortquist, Marva Iverson. Seated-L. to R.: Pat McCormick, Marva Spyke, Maxine Kulicamp, president, Virginia Buckner, Alma Hinschel, Pat Schonover. Msg J as ft J' Guiding Pro Musica activities are Ann Harrington, president, Helen Nelson, treasurer, Gilbert Rodgers, vice-president, Betty Beebe, secre- tary, Barbara Fleischmann, historian. Zim- 770mm Zzeaaea edema! Q felczzfiaww This organization is not a club in the literal sense tions between the students and faculty of the instru of the word, but represents the social side of band and mental music department, and second, to have a social orchestra activities. gathering once a month so the members of the band and orchestra can get to know each other socially as Its aims are two-fold: first, to promote good rela- well as musically. Members of Pro Musica enioy the banquet at Toledo, Ohio K. .4 f hotzfmlaga Salon Wim Ffzczdae The fine exhibit of photographs in the main hall this year was the work of the Shutterbugs. The thirty members meet for the purpose of fostering an interest in photography, exchanging ideas, and helping to improve the photographic work of their co-members. The club provides the students with a useful as well as an interesting extra-curricular activity that keeps a permanent record of school and student functions. Upper Right-Working in the darkroom are Paul Champoux, Bernd Thomas, Harris Liechti, Bill Flemen, Jerome Schaner, and John Oclen. Right-Bernd Thomas sits for Jerry Hall. 'lst Row-L. to R.: Harris Liechti, John Oden, Boyd Bosma, Dixie Tobin, Bob Mixer, Jerome Schaner, Ken Spurgat. 2nd Row-L. to R.: Mr. William Denton, advisory Dick Wilson, Paul Champoux, Gerrit Kuer, Ken Johnson, Jerry Hall. I ""??:zQte1' 'lst row-L. to R.: Betty Johnson, Dorothy Zimmerman, Peggy Smith, Arlene Gosseling, Jacquelyn LaPointe, Janet Lower, president, Char- mayne Westfield, Delores Swift, Nancy Gilroy, historian, Elsie Lower, secretary. 2nd row:-L. to R.: Dave Stipe, treasurer, Jordis Miovig, Barbara Gelinas, Evonne Showers, Janice Rogers, Mary Mezeki, Irene Gee, Mary Lee Eldridge, Jane Morton, Melba Shively, Ken Johnson, vice-president, Mrs. Alice Kyes, advisor. Joan Midboe, Richard Kozal, Dave Stipe. lea ,-4mm de Za mace ww Weenie Qbdlwd Les Amis de la France, or Friends of the French, traces its origin to l92O. At that time its purpose was to give students a chance to study the langu- age and become familiar with the customs of the French people. The club, under the advisorship of Mrs. Alice Kyes, has accomplished many things in the past year. They have sent money to the Winesap School, sent CARE packages to Mr. Rene Robert, an exchange French teacher, and to a needy family in France. They sponsored an after-game dance early last fall. The first semester was completed with a gala Christ- mas party. Pat Poling, Betty Johnson, Ray Caesar, Dave Stipe. 48 Z Husain apaaai fzeaemie ?6eam El Circulo Espanol carries out a varied program throughout the school year. The main purpose of the club is to help familiarize the members with the customs, literature, and arts of the Spanish and Spanish- Americans. This naturally helps to increase the amity between their countries and ours. The group commemorates Pan-American Day with an ap- propriate program. The Fiesta was the highlight of l95l. l.ast Christmas the Spanish Club and the French Club enter- tained each other with skits in their respective languages. There has been a Spanish Club in existence here since World War I. The largest number of members at one time was eighty. 1st Row-L. to R.: Jerome Schaner, Don Scofield. 2nd Row, Seated-L. to R.: Rochelle Cherin, historian, Dick Swanson, vice-president, Marilyn Plant, president, Phil Poort, secretary, Barbara Stordahl, treasurer. 3rd Row-L. to R.: Neola Anderson, Jucquelyn Cross, Jean Klayf, Joan Randall, Janis Scribner, Ruth Spitale, Betty Kelly, Kathleen Duff. 4th Row-L. to R.: Dianne Deska, Sandra Seyferth, Barbara Arnson, Arlene Beckwith, Frank Morris, Marlene DeVette, Sandra Cook, Judy Kelley, Miss Marian Helvie, advisor. E Back row-L. to R.: Pat Adams, Norm Rathbun, Bessie Crichfield, Norm Medendorp, Janis Scribner, Boyd Bosma, Shirley Bergman, Jim Rieckels, Doris McNitt, Darell Westphal, Mary Bultema, Bob Carr, Ruth Scott, Jim Nutt, Floy Ann Howard, Dave Mudgett, Vivian Plumhoff, Ken Bensinger, Miss Vandegrift-Advisor. Middle row-L. to R.: Jane Andrews, Phyllis Anderson, Bob Wilson, Betty Christianson, Babette Keller, Virginia Cook, Bill Reinholdt, Jerry Porter, Bonnie Drent. Front row-L. to R.: Henry Stepping, Harry Voss, Bob Harp, Charles Black, Earl Christie, Jerome Schaner, Bill Zimmerman, Ray Baker, Bob Mixer, Harry Liechti, Ken Johnson. ciao! mam 74 cwzaefzaaflian M5 p'L07'60Z' Sri? '..,, ,Lys Q if V T' fY is - sg' I N i s ' ic. 'Ji ' .sS 8? GS 5 Roger Bennetts and Gordon Gibson plant pine seedlings on school farm. Ch The Muskegon Senior High School Conservation Club, in co-operation with the biology department, tries to promote interest in conservation among the student body of Muskegon High. lt tries to make them realize the need for the prevention of forest fires, the need for hunting and fishing laws, and the need for the practice of soil conservation. lts obiective is to have the students practice conservation by administering the school refor- estration tract. This proiect is one of the many important activities of the Conservation Club. Each spring and fall the members plant trees at the school farm. Annually, sur- plus trees are cut and sold as Christmas trees. During National Wild Life Restoration Week, ex- hibits are displayed throughout the school. At the meetings various educational programs give conserva- tion instruction. ww 6444 ,awake Wewa 14712454 Promoting journalism and social activity for jour- nalism students are aims of the MHS Press Club, organ- ized early in l95O. The club entertained the Acorn staff of Muskegon Heights High School at a Christmas party, had a break- fast before the journalism final exam, an annual picnic, a social meeting every other week, and sponsored an after-football-game dance. National Newspaper Week is publicized by the group. OFFICERS President ............ Theresa Weippert Vice-President ,......... Betty Johnson Secretary ....... ....,. P eggy Knapp Treasurer ......,......,.... Ruth Lakanen Program Chairman ..................,...,... Margaret Swisher L. to R.: Peggy Knapp, secretary, Betty John- son, vice-president, Theresa Weippert, presi- dent, Ruth Lakanen, treasurer. L. to R.: Dobby Schrieber, Dave Stipe, Ruth Lakanen, Peggy Knapp, Betty Johnson, Marian Ward, Nancy Sells, Jim Buck, Mr. William Harrison, advisor. Sl feeble ge a The Campus Keyhole has undergone more changes during 1950-51 than at anytime since being changed from a mimeograph sheet to the printed page. At the beginning of the second semester the Keyhole enlarged to a five-column page. Then it changed over from letterpress format to that of offset. 1 C if L5 X fm 1 VX' ,K , As a result, the paper became more alive with illustra- tions and type faces. Added to all this was the "Photo," a pictorial section, given with each paper. This year ushered in a new advisor, Mr. William Harrison, and a new staff who have helped to make the Keyhole an integral activity of M.H.S. Assembling the "Keyhole" prior to distribution are: Seated-L. to R.: Norbert Woelfl, Peggy Knapp, Nancy Sells, and Gene Towsley. Standing-Marian Ward and Dorann Hamil. ,-m-N 'N-N sm. Seated-L. to R.: Dobby Schrieber, Peggy Knapp, Betty Johnson, Ruth Lakanen, Mar- garet Swisher. Standing-L. to R.: Jim Buck, Dorann Hamil, Dave Stipe, Marian Ward, Kenneth Spur- gat, John Borrowman, Nancy Sells, and Mr. William Harrison, adviser. 20 ape Zan .fake 7 Above- Seated-L. to R,:Jacqueline Cross, Betty Kelly, Mary Lee Eldridge, Dave Stipe, Leila Poppen, Elaine Paige, Maxine Kulicamp. Standing-L. to R.: Jim Buck, Joyce Hazekamp, Marian Ward, John Borrowman, Colleen Saylor, Norma Roelofs, Helen Carlson, Dick Swanson Nan- I cielu Inman, Dorann Hamel, Janet Westling, Pat Rice, Dobby Schrieber, Margaret Borgeson, Kenneth Spurgat. Hard at work are: L. to R.: Barbara Stordahl, Nancielu Inman, Betty Kelly, and Mary Lee Eldridge. Dick Swanson, business manager, and Stuart Bonney, editor, are really concentrating. MANY traditions center around athletic activities in Muske- gon Senior High School, notably the football classic between Muskegon ancl Muskegon Heights. 0 ,f if-,EX 25, Z 1 Q" Z Q x I 'V' W. fw Sf W ,J 1 'MQ 55 S f 3 9 Z fi 4 X ,f , -f,4,,,,f ffw mf .MX ,yfwq www X f 'lst row, L. to R.--Banninga, Schalk, Wood, Eller, Cuthrill, Groce, King, W. E. Kelly lasst. coachl, 2nd row, L. to R.-Sigren, Eberbach, Schutter Byrnes, Masar, Versalle, Bohn, Cook, Rademaker, 3rd row, L. to R.-H. E. Potter lcoacht, Fett, Bosma, Clanton, Scarff, Earl Morrall, Kendall Ed Morrall, Murdaugh, Butterfield, Dumas, T. McShannock lasst. coachl, 4th row, L. to R.-Drent, Wiard, Gillies, Wilson, Mehl, Cowan, Smith Llronesg 5th row, L. to R.--Younts, Jacobsen, Swiers, Lindsey, Bush. in W QA, M ,5 A 770: began admfczdvza cz This year as in previous years the Muskegon Senior High football team tackled one of the hardest schedules of any team in the state. lt included Grand Rapids Catholic Central, i949 state champions, and two strong out-of-state teams, Libbey High of Toledo, Ohio, and Harrison Technical High School of Chicago. The first two games of the i950 season seemed to be almost a replica of the i9-49 season. ln the first game, the Big Reds fell before a powerful Catholic Central team by the score of 25-l9, but the Big Reds came back strong on the following Friday to down Flint Central 7-O, to even up their standings. ln the first game of the Southwest Conference, the Big Reds traveled to Grand Haven to meet the Buccaneers. The Big Reds outplayed the Buccaneers and went on to defeat them 35-O. Morrall, Scarff, and Bosma were the sparkling trio. The Benton Harbor Tigers, a very worthy opponent, were next to invade the teepee of the Big Reds. At the end of the four quarters the score read Muskegon 6-Benton Harbor 6. The following week the Holland Dutchmen clomped into Hackley Sta- dium, but the Big Reds showed their strength and the final score read Muskegon l4-Holland O. Scarff Ed. Morrall Wiard Bosma runs interference for Eberbach Versalle gets his man TOLEDO GAME and Zaafefzence landing Eller Schutter Bush Riding the crest of a three game winning streak the Big Reds traveled to Toledo, Ohio, to meet Libbey High. The band accom- panied the team and the combination of the two must have had a psychological effect on Libbey, as the Big Reds came out on the long end of a l3-O score. Muskegon out-ran and out-passed Libbey. The next team bowled over by the rampaging Reds was Harrison Technical High School of Chicago. They went down to defeat 34-14. Kalamazoo Central was a strong contender, but the Big Reds again marched on to leave the field, victors by the score of 12-O. ' On a very fateful November ll, with the field so completely covered with the snow that one found it hard to distinguish the yard markers, the high-spirited Muskegon Heights Tigers complete- ly wrecked the Big Red tepee by the score of T3-6. All in all the 1950 football season was fairly successful, for the Big Reds final standings read: won 6, lost 2, and tied l. MUSKEGON FOOTBALL SCHEDULE-1950 Sept. T5 ................................................ Catholic Central Sept. 22 ....... ......... F lint Central Sept. 29 ....... ....... G rand Haven Oct. 6 ........ ..............,,, B enton Harbor Oct. 13 ........ .............................. H olland Oct. 20 ........ ....... L ibbey Hi, Toledo, Ohio Oct. 27 ........ .... H arrison Tech., Chicago, Ill. Nov. 3 ....... ............. K alamazoo Central NOV. ll ....... ...... M uskegon Heights Flu' ,f', f Byrnes Wlccakegm Wdgk ohm! ?aaZ5a!6 Bohn Jacobson Coaches Potter, McShannock and Kelly seem pleased about the team's SCOTS. Vs: , X. ,, ev wg 4-.c 4,.,r,-.Wm -Wm A s Wi' ,H X l Athletic organizations at Muskegon Senior High School were established approximately between i890 and l900. The earliest record kept, to our knowledge, was in 1904, when the school monthly magazine Said and Done printed the results of that year's football games. The organization of athletics at Muskegon was brought about when Cl group of students hit upon the idea of forming a football team in the high school. At this time there was no fund to provide the necessary expenses for the game, so the students gathered sufficient funds to send away for a football and a copy of the rules. This was the beginning of Muskegon's first football team. ln order for the boys to look like a team, uniforms were sought. The inability to gather the necessary money for uniforms resulted in each player furnishing his own. The consequence was that the eleven boys ran onto the foot- ball field not with the customary red and white colors of Muskegon, but rather a variety of colors and ideas for protection from the rigors of the game. No sooner was the team organized, than it received challenges from Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Big Rapids, Hi Folks! We Won! V f mmm Fate 2462 Za Me 7270 '4 lonia, Grand Haven, and Ferris Business College. With the arrival of these requests for competition, it became necessary to form a governing body, so under the direction of Mr. Edward Taylor, a teacher, the present Athletic Asso- ciation was formed. With the establishment of this organ- ization, it became their task to select Muskegon's first opponent. On November 2, l895, Muskegon Senior High School played their first football game against Ferris Business College. lt cannot be said that Muskegon made a glor- ious debut by overpowering their opponents, but rather they fell to defeat before the Ferris eleven l2-8. Muskegon played their first out-of-town contest at Grand Haven November 25, 1895, and gained the first of a long series of football victories by virtue of an 8 to 6 score. A great deal of the success of Muskegon's teams lies in the fact that they have always been under very capable coaches. Harry E. Potter took over as head coach when C. Leo Redmond retired after 22 successful years. Groce Verscllle . sc- s V ' A3 ' , W ,M im, ,, , gi " 9 Q f - A 5 Qsfwx ZZ, 5 y wi ,, ' ,W , , ,,,,, -. M f ,f A 'X 1 ' Q .. A, ff A zz W. A 251 41,-semi. I ' ' Muskegon Scores in Harrison Tech Game Masar LITTLE REDS FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Date Visitors Muskegon Sept. l5 G. R. Catholic .,....,,... .... 7 Sept. 29 Grand Haven 6 24 Oct. 6 Benton Harbor .... .... 7 i2 Oct. i3 Holland ,...,..,... .... O 32 Oct. 20 G. R. Union ..... .... 7 2l Oct. 27 Fremont ...... .... O 58 Nov. 3 Kalamazoo ......,... . .... 6 Nov. TO Muskegon Heights ..... ..,.,. l 3 19 Coaches Carlson and Nestor .fdzflie eala Wm eaewe kawwdaaaiqe Winners in six of eight games, the Little Reds of M. H. S. again annexed the Southwest Conference reserve championship. The only blots on the Little Red's record was a 7-O loss at the hands of a powerful Grand Rapids Catholic Central team, and a 6-6 tie with Kala- mazoo Central. The offensive and defensive records show these amazing facts: the Little Reds scored a total of 172 points to their opponents' 46. A large share of these points were scored by Jim Kelly, Ray Eckert, Gerald Eaton, and Dick Baade. Much of the Little Reds' success must be given to the line, for this line held its opponents to an almost unbelievable 46 points in eight games. The mainstays of this line were Floyd Clanton, Tom Collins, and Captain Bob Soderman. The victorious Little Reds were mentored by Coach Nestor ably assis- ted by Post and Carlson. Front Row-L. to R.: McNiff, B., Allore, J., McDonald, R., Bishop, W., Clanton, F., Soderman, R. lCapt.J, Collins, T., David, L., Sucheck, D., Eckert, R., Mr. Carlson iAssistant Coachl. Second Row-L. to R.: Mr. Post lAssistant Coachi, Miller, G., Porter, J., Runnells, R., Perry, R., Schutter, J., Baade, R., DeForest, K., Voss, H., Kelly, J., Hoos, J., Moore, T., Mr. Nestor iCoachl. Back Row-L. to R.: Smith, D. iMgr.l, Schutter, R., Stepping, H., Wells, R., Fultz, J., Rathbun, N., Berghuis, K., Eaton, G., Robbins, R., McGuffey, J. a we fate eacwzd 7a S. 70. Emfefzemze The year 1950-1951 proved a very successful season for the cagers of Muskegon Senior High. Under the leadership of Coach Tom McShannock the Big Reds hung up a most impressive eleven won, three lost record. In conference standing, the Muskies finished second, losing only two games. The first defeat came at the hands of the Holland Dutchmen by the score of 52-50. The other loss was inflicted by Kalamazoo, Southwest Conference cham- pions and State champions. The final score of the game was 41-34. ln return bouts with these teams the Muskies bested the Dutchmen 62-33 and then beat the Kalamazoo Giants 57-56. They were the only team in the state to accomplish this feat. The Big Reds scored double victories over the Benton Harbor Tigers, the Grand Haven Buccaneers and two very important victories over our arch rivals, the Muskegon Heights Tigers. The Muskies also scored single victories over Grand Rapids South, Battle Creek, and Flint Northern. Muskegon's third loss of the year was administered by Lansing Sexton, 5A champions. When the final horn sounded, the score read Lansing 37, Muskegon 29. In the first round of the regional tournament, the Muskies drew Holland with whom they had split during regular season play. This time, however, the Dutchmen proved the better team and when the game ended, the score showed Muskegon on the short end of a 47,to 38 score. First row-L. to R.: Beaucamp, Rademaker, Scarff, Sigren, Morrall 1EarIi, Eberbach, Bosma. Second row-L. to R.: Coach McShannock, Dumas, Nyblacle, Clanton, Knutson, Morrall lEdl, Fairfield, Byrnes, Byro 1mgr.l. Earl Morrall gets the re-bound. "Bud" Beaucamp Bob Fairfield Ed Morrall BIG REDS' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 39--Grand Rapids South 52-Holland ........................ 41-Kalamazoo ......... ........ 40-Benton Harbor .... 31-Muskegon Heights .,,,.... 54-Bottle Creek ......A. 41-Grand Haven ..,.. ....,,,, 33-Holland .......... 56-Kalamazoo ......,,. 42-Benton Harbor .... 36 46-Grand Haven ...,. 50-Flint Northern ...... 37-Lansing Sexton .............. TOURNAMENT -Muskegon Heights ,.,..... Muskegon-53 Muskegon-50 Muskegon-34 Muskegon-50 Muskegon-46 Muskegon-59 Muskegon-42 Muskegon-62 Muskegon-57 Muskegon-52 Muskegon--48 Muskegon-64 Muskegon-67 Muskegon-29 47-Holland ........................ Muskegon-38 62 "Red" Scarff Earl Morrall Don Rademaker SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE FINAL STANDINGS lBaskefball l Won Lost Kalamazoo ,..... ..,.... 9 l Muskegon ..... ....... 8 2 Holland .... ....... 6 4 Heights ....... 7 Grand Haven ............ 2 8 Benton Harbor .......... 2 8 Pct. 900 800 600 300 200 200 "Red" Scarff scrambles for the ball at the Regional Tournament .- x v w- :life evle 14242 6 meme Jermyn Row l-L. to R.: Bob Dobyns, Leland David, Norman Rathbun, Fred Heuser, Keith DeForest, Harry Voss, Henry Riekels. Row Il-L. to R.: Jerome Stems lMgr.l, Jim Kelly, Ron Perry, Bob Wells, John Fultz, Norman Hine, Bob Harp, .lerry Porter, Coach Kelly. The Little Reds under the direction of Coach Wilbur Kelly annexed their fourth straight reserve championship. The Little Muskies ended the season with a thirteen won and one lost record. The only loss was at the hands of the Holland Dutchmen who bested them 40 to 39. The Little Reds averaged nearly 46 points a game while holding their opposition to a mere 30 points. The team also made nearly fifty per cent of the free-throws they attempted. Leading scorers for the Muskies were Norman Rathbun, Leland David, Fred Heuser, and Harry Voss who was moved up to the Big Reds at mid-semester. Coach Kelly in summing up the past season was inclined to say that this year's squad was the best all around team he has ever coached. LITTLE REDS' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. l Muskegon ,....... G. R. South Dec. l2 Muskegon ............., Holland Dec. l5 Muskegon .......,.. Kalamazoo Jan. 5 Muskegon Benton Harbor Jan. l2 Muskegon ...... Musk. Heights Jan. l3 Muskegon ..,..... Battle Creek Jan. i9 Muskegon ...... Grand Haven Jan. 26 Muskegon .............. Holland Feb. 2 Muskegon ........., Kalamazoo Feb. 9 Muskegon Benton Harbor Feb. l6 Muskegon ...... Musk. Heights Feb. 23 Muskegon ...... Grand Haven Feb. 24 Muskegon ...... Flint Northern Mar. 3 Muskegon Lansing Sexton Kneeling-L. to R.: Stephens, Byrnes, Hill, Karis. . 1 Row l-L. to R.: Fairfield, Eaton, Nyblade, Juergens, Beaucamp, Morrall, Reis, Schutter, P. Fett. Row 2-L. to R.: Hart, Nelson lMgr.l, Soderman, Dell, Bishop, Balkema, Workman, Greeno, David, Wells lMgr.l, Klinkner, H. E. Potter lCoachl, Cox. gcwefalf S aaa Za Stan? Weudez grad The Muskegon Big Reds baseball team, under the expert leadership of Coach Harry Potter, will be at- tempting to better last year's record of nine wins and two losses. The Muskies placed second last year, losing out to Kalamazoo inl one of the last games of the year. Muskegon's hopes will rest mainly with tive return- ing lettermen. Two of the five are outfielders Bob Hill and Bob Fairfield. Also returning is the keystone com- bination of Earl Morrall and Jerry Stephens. Here ....... ....... S t. Mary's ............ There ..... ...... . North Muskegon .... Here ....... ...... . Muskegon Heights There There Grand Haven ....,.. Holland ...............,. Here ....... ...... . North Muskegon ...... There St. Mary's .......... There ...... ...... , Benton Harbor ..... Here .,..... ...... There There Here ....... ...... .Holland ..,......,..... Kalamazoo .......,...... Muskegon Heights .Grand Haven ...,... The brunt of the pitching chores will be carried by Kurt Knutson, one ofthe leading pitchers on last year's squad. Due to the bad weather conditions, which have plagued the team in early season drills, the Big Reds may be somewhat slow in starting, but we are sure that the squad, under the guidance of Coach Potter, will continue to be a prime threat in the Southwest Con- ference race. ....,..April l7 ........April 23 .......April 26 .,....May l ..,,,.May 4 ....,.May 7 ......May 8 ....,.May lO ..-...May lo ...,..May l8 ......May 22 ......May 24 771. W. S. gaming info! 24,144 Wigi Muskegon Senior High School has long been famous for its outstanding athletic teams, however, most of the credit for these fine teams should go to our coaches. Muskegon is privileged in having an outstanding coaching staff. Head Coach Harry E. Potter needs no introduction to the students of MHS. Mr. Potter has been head coach for the past four years. Prior to this he served as assistant to former Head Coach C. Leo Redmond. He works principally with the backfield of the football squad, and he also is coach of the baseball team. Coach Potter is a graduate of Western Michigan College. Before coming to Muskegon he served as coach at Crystal Falls, Michigan. Tom McShannock has been a coach since l947. His story is that of a home town boy who made good. He graduated from MHS in l937, after making an outstanding record in athletics. Mr. Mc- Shannock is head coach of both the basketball team and the track squad and assists Coach Potter with the football team. The new assistant coach is Wilbur Kelly, former coach of the Little Reds football team. Coach Kelly works principally with the line on the football squad, and is coach of the Little Reds basket- ball squad. Formerly he worked with the golf team, also. He is a graduate of Western Michigan College. The coach of the new tennis team is Bill Bos, a graduate of Muskegon Senior High where he was an outstanding basketball player. After graduation Coach Bos attended Kalamazoo College where he made an outstanding athletic record. lt is because these men spend so much time in drilling and practicing their teams, that Muskegon is always able to field out- standing teams in any sport they enter. These men well deserve any credit given them. Kurt Knutson Wf s 72 3 ' X T'if S a,yQxi x ' ' Ny X B . -Xi. 's -X lxx I , , , . . ,. -er . f 5 ..., 4 , Mr. Potter is happy over a good practice game. X 45 ' X f f 'flat "" 5 T420 244- - f 4 4 Earl Morrall 1 ,, W .W f1'WtY' 2 f 1 ' f I 4 M, f fy ,x-.qfw fm QQ. , w ,ZH iff' ' Q' 'VW , fl'-W QV Q7 D f s G . Sffffy L .,,.,,... V Gordon Sigren The Dugout Seated-L. to R.: Rederstorf, Hine, N., Murdaugh, Hine, E., Lundeen, Scarff, Bush, Clanton, Bathrick, Smith, Kuipers. Row 'l-L. to R.: McShannock lCoachl, Eakert, Segelstrom, Krueger, Sievers, Ruchs, Hazekamp, Spurgat, Roy, King, Manchester, Nestor, lAssistant Coachl . Row 2--L. to R.: Swanson, Schafer, Stark, Kelly, Bonifield, Jensen, Harris, David. Row 3-L. to R.: Allore, McWhorter, Clanton, F., Pierce, May. mek ?7faaa,eeaL' 74 Dim: ew Zetzfefzmea 26560208 The Big Reds l95l track team will be trying hard to better last year's fourth place conference standing. The Muskies look exceptionally strong in the half-mile with veterans John Lundeen and Ed Hine returning. The possibilities in the mile also look strong with Wayne Bathrick and Bob Smith returning lettermen. "Red" Scarff will no doubt carry the brunt of Muskegon's chances running both the high and low hurdles. Here the Muskies chances seem to end as the Big Reds have no high iumpers, broad iumpers, or pole vaulters re- turning. The Muskies also suffered the loss of all of last year's weight men with the exception of Ken Schalk. So, in summing up Muskegon's chances, one might say that the outlook is rather dark. However, there remains the chance of new track men with good possibilities appearing on the horizon. This seems to be Coach McShannock's greatest hope. There ...... ...,.. H olland ............... ,,,,- A pril 24 Here .............. ...,.. M uskegon Heights ..... ,,,,,, M ay 1 Mt. Pleasant ...... ...... C entral State Relays ,.,. ,.-,,, M qy 5 Here ................... ....,. F remont ..................................... .........,......................... ,,,,,. M Q y 8 Grand Rapids ............. Southwest Conference Schools vs. Grand Rapids Schools .,,,.,,,,, May H Here ................. ...... G rand Haven .,........................... ,....,.......,........,...,..,,.,.,, ,,,,,, M q y 15 Kalamazoo ....... ..... . Conference and Regionals .... ,,,,,, M ay 19 East Lansing ......, ...... S tate Finals .....................,. ......May 26 geaacczmp, gaymea 7426 me ffzfkiezfea Three boys in the June graduating class will long be remembered at MHS for the athletic ability they have displayed. They are the only boys in the class who have competed in three maior sports. Harold "Red" Scarff will be remembered for his foot- ball, basketball, and track ability. "Red" was the standout performer on Coach Tom McShannock's track team, competing in both low and high hurdles, the lOO yard dash, and the broad jump. He was also anchor man on the 880 relay team. While not busy on the athletic fields, "Red" served as sergeant-at-arms of the senior class and treasurer of the Hi-Y club, thus demon- strating that his ability is not limited to athletics. Another outstanding player on Big Red teams was Harvey "Bud" Beaucamp. Although he was iniured early On the last lap-AI Bush and Jim Morse. in the football season last fall, "Bud" recovered in time to make a good showing as center on the basketball team. "Bud" was also pitcher on this year's standout baseball team. The final salute is to Tom Byrnes. Tom's stellar per- formance as a guard on Coach Harry Potter's football squad won him state-wide acclaim and a berth on sev- eral all-state teams. He was also a member of the bas- ketball and the baseball squads on which he held a regular outfield position. lt is impossible to make individual mention of all the boys who participated in athletics at MHS during the past year, however, Said and Done would like to con- gratulate them and wish them continued success. John Lundeen and Ed Hine iog around the track. 68 Kneeling--L. to R.: J. Joneson, H. Voss, E. Fordom, R. Maycroft, D. Van Eenenaam, W. Kieft, B. Miser. Royv 'I-L. to R.: Coach Bill Bos, J. Wilson, B. Bosma, D. Huldin, P. Ceasar, J. Warren, K. DeForrest. Row 2-L. to R.: H. Stepping, D. Bun, J. Buck, R. Kowalski, R. Winters, J. Schrier, G. Cheonis, P. Ladas. mazda Zayed amefack Zlffwlefz and gnc, Here ...,... Here ....... Here ....... There ...... There ...... There ...... There ...... Here .......... Holland ..... Kalamazoo ............. TENNIS SCHEDULE .Holland ......,......,..,...........,..,........ .Grand Haven ....... .Benton Harbor ,.,,. Kalamazoo .,........... Muskegon Heights Holland ................ .......,,Grand Haven ....... .Muskegon Heights .. ..............Reglonals ,Stale Finals .,... ....,..April l9 ....,,.April 23 .......April 27 .,.....April 30 ......,.May 3 ........May lO ,,,....,May l4 ....,..May l7 .............May T9 nel8.2 N, A A. Front row-L. to R.: Robert Brink, Bernard O'Connell, Gene Hathaway, Dennis Suchecki, Jack Lewis, Ron Bostrom, Mr. Paulson lSponsorl Second row-L. to R.: Max Reck, Bill Pippin, Ray Bostrom, Dave Cook, .lim Przybylek. Sad 4 77575 cz ee Last year Muskegon's golf team had lust a medi- GQLF SQHEDULE ocre season. The Big Reds ended the season with a three-won four-lost record which was good for a fourth place conference standing. At the regional golf tourna- ment held in Grand Rapids the Muskies finished in fifth place. Leading the team last season were four juniors, Dave Cook, Ron Bostrom, "Gene" Hathaway and Chuck Ashley. These four boys were constantly pressed by two adequate replacements, Rich Miller and Bob McNiff, a promising sophomore. All six boys received varsity letters. Coach Ray Schruba's high hopes for this year were somewhat shattered by the loss of Bob McNiff, who is attending school in Florida and Chuck Ashley who is swinging for Uncle Sam. However, Coach Ray Schruba and his veteran quartet of Big Reds still think this is the year to triumph, and will be doing their best as they circle the links for Muskegon in 1951. There Here Here Here There There There Here There There Montague ...,,. Holland ........... North Muskegon Montague ......... Benton Harbor .. Holland ......,.. Kalamazoo Grand Haven ..,. North Muskegon Regionals .......... Grand Haven .... State Finals ...,.. April April April April .May .May .......May .......May .....,.May .. ....... May V- ....... May ..,,...May eddy, Ze! yd ga L. to R.: Betty Johnson, Maxine Janusie- wicz, Anita Ccris, Shirley Sikkenga, Doris McNiH, Nancy Berglund, Jack Lewis, El- Iouise Krupp. L. to R.: Pat Weirengo, Sally Grimm, Midge Wesferlund, Pat Sikkengu, Jackie Brown, Jane Dempsey, Beverly Holcomb. 71 , 7 f . W ff es' ,Msn VH- rwfaawsae .:yM,,,.d::- wc, -- . ,f , ,wk f M ' -if f , A .. . , ,,.,. fc M.. kc- t e sf - mx V I , X sv W, , 'X RRI? - w ilt 4- Qi . , 'FC ' .v xy, wg: 4 ' ' 'v 1 1. '3gg:25,. f , Wfi i' cs , ' . N f N- ,, L N W' E fi 7.4: ,Ay l l V 1 -ws ,Efw X A ,. F, i,i',,,g. X ,,?W:,j,,.? ,!, X ,W J ,, 5 L ,,..:s..g,,.. .: 4' c,,,,. ,-+ . c, N . n , , . f Q X 'A'x - ' . fs f . . or - I ,M F' A Q .- X as we 3 ff r - - in I F f ,l rx ' V ' :. ..:4" o' w S6156 I 34? Ni. .Q I I -,CX QQ Q? V N .. ,. - 1 ' s 1 Q f X Q K .MZ ' ,, ' 3- 31 f fx if 2 5 , ' Q 'Q fu - , ff L ' J ,f V .. ,, ,X ' A c 'f . ff , V 1 V , ex X 5 1 ":?2f f X X 3' Ugg? .. Quan-gnc-an-susan M.. Row 'I-I.. to R.: Judy St. Amand, Carol Stewart, Betty Bowen. Row 2-Doris Ahrens, Shiela Sedgely, Louise Anderson, Norma Thompson. Row 3-Edythe Grotenhuis, Joyce Hazekamp, Mariorie Luttrell, Connie Vrooman. ma! S eawwtfz emu Wim ,beecldcdl awmeq Speedball is a combination of football, basketball, and soccer which requires a great deal of ability and agility on the part of each player. lt is an exciting game comparable to football since there are eleven thinking, and team work. Forty-tour girls participated in this sport. They were divided into four teams captained by Carol Stew- art, June Lennox, Virginia Mavis, Phyllis Liddle. Carol ggi Qi Ni .X XX ,fx-IM. f X-tw if -c .-wb. - - cgi.: -- -..,,,.. V . .N 4. players on a team. The game develops speed, quick Stewart and her team were champions. .loyce Hazekamp Scores Jump ball, girls 'Z N. Q x 4 a ,.. Pj- ..: C 4 .... bf. wig is . 3s..,, Hs... , lla. . . A.'fl.?, gf ' A . ,M we X f" ,,,,.f,, ' Ruse. ,, , I , I V f..,..,, ff' 5 - fs - w fi, v" W, 3 V, -K Ks , ii ' X f 10 5 'WU "' s'm,W!"'-.V 5 'N X f Z, KW . 1 N ,fvfm m 5 11,7 p , ,,, , s , , ,f , ff N. ,, f f f nam, 7 V' ,' X ,-ff V, , X .: X t whi m , Z ,,,w,,,f g f QL - ' i ' 1' . f' , 1 V X , 3 VV x ,I V , , J . f f R . Y ,, , ' -9 A z mwwsf '- ,5'ii ' - ix, ' f X . 2 sg . .1 , ' ff ' ff A 65 , I f" - V 6 f ff ' E ' 1 ' , in I -, 4 ,.,f, se fr f .,,.. v, r 4 ,, 5, 1 c cf, JV If I x - , J.. , ff ' , Q, f .- -..., vrfysmwf A f, . , J.g.,:,.,0,., - f - V , ,, , Q W 9-1- , A , . , . , . ,, ,,.,. ...,,h,,,,,,.,.,,., ,f , J ' - ". '- ' .. 'f ,,,+x Q ' f- f' 'V' f' bg, .,.W,.., ,jf - , f Wx. f fl f Vgfyff f f -' ff ,, :S597 , f j fi? f f , . .Af gf. f!f4f7,,k,:.jl V V, ff , xii 55533 . ,I A, X . , ff few" f ' ,, f.fww,f. s - - -4 W , ,, .. f,,f hgywffg, ,Qi,f:eg7f.,'.,,f, ' ,,,,,,,ff,w ,J 1, :z2fz:,Lff:5::gjj!f ' j 1,zifffj wSn J I72,,w,r 451s f -1-ff-v-f,M-...5 My., ,,f, uf, K, ,fs-1 .,' ff " ,4,,,,,.,,,,3:::Q,,2f:-mf? sn, .s VZ, -, ,Wig ,ggfgv sm-f i ,fc V. , , I f M K H w,,m.,:,,,,,,,.,5,M:,,4,2w xr 77,1235 hayek L.4:,.,,A.v?,,.,:MY, ,I V, 'f W , 7 , 'Q ff:-' iff .Www 411' ' ,fe fc, w 436' eifrgvy, ?.',.,ffe,'f n 4, W' .,.,,,,f 4 ff ,,gW.,Qg,4gp,.,,g,gjvg15.S ,-, ,,- ,Ns f ' 5321 - Q .W-1. ' .' ws wfl-.fmfgx-an w' vw, rs,"-'. "W ' Q ,xl ,, ,..,'ff--g,,,y.f Q 4, nh. 'rj wg , W1 as p u R 4 In you go ife owing 74 M705 pfaayecl 7 wcmmmg Senior life saving was the aquatic activity of the This summer, several girls are hoping to use their year. Eighteen girls were awarded certificate cards experience in life saving as instructors or guards at the and badges by the instructor, Mrs. Seastrom. various camps around Muskegon Row 'I-L. to R.: Inman, Mavis, Parkhill, Westerlund, Adams, Aurlch, Arnson, Grotenhuls, Frauenthal Row 2-L. to R.: Mrs. Seastrom, Ryan, Hazekamp, Scribner, Willingham, Randall, Thompson, Berglund 535' ' ' K ' if ' 'z W' U ' f 3' X-s f IV' . i Q f A , , Y ' 4 "H - .T v . N 3 ? A , K r-s-.,, x g 0 1 l ' iw , . A 1245.5 w Row 1-L. to R.: Mary Bernadini, Joyce Hazekamp, Mariorie Luttrell. Row 2-Nancy Fagan, Leila Poppen, Mary Alice Sironen. Row 3-Shirley Rosema, Louise Anderson, Mary Louise Johnson. am 7eczma Wake 'fam 7of6 7a 2d4 October 31 started a thrilling basketball season for the one hundred and twenty-eight girls who took part in the sport. Out of the twelve teams that were formed, four fought most of the season for the first division. The Rederettes, captained by Joyce Hazekamp, took first place. Two teams tied for second, Mary Wickland's Little Lampwicks and Janet Hamel's Dribblers. The Rocket lO headed by Phyllis Lid- dle ended in third place. A Christmas banquet at which GAA awards were given, was held December i2 to close the season. Carol Ann Rolfe and Mary Lee Eldridge. L. to R.: Judy Simms, Mary Ryan, Phyllis Anderson, Peggy Knapp gee f Siena Waaow The local bowling tournament ended in a co-championship. Nancy Klang's Strikerettes tied with Ruth Shepard's Ten Pins. Ruth Shepard was the season's top individual bowler with 425, Pat Lancaster was second with 4l8, and high individual game winner was Joyce Hazekamp with l59. ln the National Telegraphic tournament held March 31, Joyce Hazekamp's team took first place. Betty Bowen, Nancilu Inman, Jo- anne Stratil, and Mariorie Luttrell helped Joyce roll for the 2247 pins. Awards were presented at the annual bowling banquet. Back row-L. to R.: Nancy Klang, Janice Hazekamp, Beverly Nichols Ruth Shepard. Front row-L. to R.: Pat Robinson, Nancy Fagan, Ella Marie Willingham Keeping score are Nancielu Inman and Marjorie Luttrell. It's a strike for Betty Bayne. l Qfezgeeampe emu 77Za6ee Zieme weep Joyce Hazekamp's team bounded through the tournament as champs, not losing a sin- gle game to any of the other eleven teams. Timing, quick thinking, and good team work, essential to make headway in volley- ball, were displayed by Hazekamp's team. This series of three pictures shows the typical action of a volleyball game. gccaefafl 74 ?7a,bwZczfz 70654 ' 4 I'-Sidi L. to R.: Mary Bultema, Doris Morse, Carol Stewart. L. to R.: Mary Bultema, Carol Stewart, Betty Heethuis, Doris Ahrens, Joyce Hazekamp, Artis Medendorp. Girls as well as boys are affected with baseball "spring fever". Baseball has a great turn out. lt is second only to basketball in popularity. Over a hundred girls participated in the sport with each team having at least twelve players. The girls are iust out there playing to have a lot of fun. L. to R.: Doris Morse, Mary Bultema, Carol Stewart, Betty Heethuis, Doris Ahrens, Artis Medendorp. ,vs Mary Wicklund, secretary, Leila Poppen, president, Miss Harriet Reid, advisor, and Joyce Hazekamp, consult on policies for G.A.A. Q ,4, ,4. Wow mam mm 4. Between the years of 1903 and l905, the Girls' Athletic Association of Muskegon Senior High was formed. Since then it has been a growing organization with more girls ioining every year. The aim of the GAA is to get all types of girls interested in sports. In this way they will meet other girls in their own school. For every sport imaginable the GAA forms a league with often more than a hundred and fifty participating. ln the fall, soccer, hockey, or speedball is offered. Bas- ketball follows, then volleyball, and in the spring base- ball is the number one activity. lntermixed with these ac- tivities is bowling, swimming and tennis. You may be sure G.A.A. Pin Winners. L. to R.: Joyce Hazekamp, Carol Stewart, and Jean Rolfe. Back row-L. to R.: Beverly Nichols, Nancy Fagan, Virginia Slocum, Annetta Ruys, Judy Sims, Norma Thompson, Barbara Schmeiding. Seated-L. to R.: Mary Wicklund, Pat Sikkenga, Mary Ryan, Betty Heethuis, Artis Medendorp, Mariorie Luttrell, Dorann Hamel. Wanted ,bafztax 77Zcwq get' Waaaw that when a group of girls come to Miss Reid, GAA ad- may be won only in the lOth grade for having parti visor, with a desire for a certain sport, their needs are quickly answered. cipated in three sports throughout the year. An "M' is given with 750 points, and the highly coveted "M-pin' GAA operates on G point System with awards given with 1500. Following each activity a banquet is held following the accumulation of these points. A "GAA" and each year the GAA gives its annual dance. The girls heap their plates at one of the many G.A.A. banquets. HE torch of learning must be kept burning brightly tor the future citizens of our democracy. The seniors pass it on to the undergraduates. o Q a o o 0 a 0 u o o 0 o o f 4 ,f f f 3 4 M N. ,M-4. 1 in I .., .,, 6' 12A CLASS OFFICERS 1 Sf? I X . X .WAX SQ X 1 X -1 X X2 X Q X S2 M X051 Ax f A Buck row-L. to R.: "Red" Scarff, sergeant-at-armsg Leila Poppen, sergeant-at-armsg Jack Lewis, his- forian. Firsi row-L. to R.: Ellouise Krupp, treasurerp Dick Versalle, vice-presi- dentp Dick Kozul, presidentp "Skip" Lundeen, secretary. www sung NNW .. ro P 'L Q M .A Q u. E. Vi o - T Z - Y' 3 n -Q n 2. 'E O n o :J J o -. Q :1 o. 3 7 so Q -4 3 o :x a. un Q C m -. ADKINS, PAUL, Office Training AHRENS, DORIS JEAN, Bookkeeping-GAA 1,2,3,-Y-Teens 2-Bowling 2,3 ANDERSON, DONNA LOU, Relail Sales ANDERSON, ESTHER MARIE, General-Mixed Chorus 1,2 -GAA l,2,3-Monitor 1,2 ANDERSON, NEOLA RAE, College Prep.-Bowling 1- Masque 2,3-Senate 2,3Ihisl.l-Life Saving 2-Thespians 2,3-Spanish Club 3lsec.l ARCHER, ANN WICKLUND, College Prep.-GAA 1,2- Bowling 1-Life Saving 1-FTA 3-Spanish Club 1,2,3- Senole 2,3 ARMS, ALAN AIMER, College Prep.-A Cappella 1,2,3-- Sfudenl Council 1,2-Masque 2,3 ARNSON, BARBARA ANN, College Prep.-GAA 1,2-Bowl- ing 1-Life Saving 2-Y-Teens 3-Spanish Club 2- Cormenla 2,3 ASHLEY, DONALD KENNETH, General AURICH, SHIRLEY MAE, Stenogrophic-GAA 1,2,3-Y- Teens 3-Life Saving 3 BAKER, JACK RAYMOND, College Prep.-Conservation Club 1,2,3 BATES, DOROTHY JEAN, College Prep.-GAA 1-FHA 1- Dramolics 1--Chorus 1-FTA 2,3-Press Club 2,3-Car- menla 2,3-Speech Guild 2,3-Shullerbugs 3-Boosler Club 3 BATHRICK, WAYNE, General-Track 1,2,3 BAYNE, BETTY JUNE, College Prep.-Bowling 1,2,3-GAA 1,2,3-A Cappella 1,2,3-Sludenl Council 1-Camera Club 2,3-Ludi Romani 2,3--Y-Teens 3-Latin Club 3- FNA 3-Nalional Honor Socieiy 2,3-Boosler Club 3 BEAUCAMP, HARVEY ROBERT, College Prep.-Football 1,2,3-Baseball l,2,3-Basketball 1,2,'3 BECKWITH, ARLENE H., College Prep.-GAA 1,2-Bowling 1-Spanish Club 2-Y-Teens 3 BEEKMAN, BEVERLY ANN, Cooperative Office Training- Chorus 1-A Cappella 2 BEERS, NANCY RUTH, College Prep.-Camera Club 1,2- Orcheslra 1,2,3-Conservalion Club 1-Speech Guild 1- Pro Musica 2,3 rs U BELL, CAROL ANNE, College Prep.-Chorus 'l-A Cappella 2,3-Y-Teens 3 BENNETTS, DALE HENRY, General BENNETTS, RODGER JAMES, General BENNITT, JAMES THEODORE, Day Trade Machine Shop- Track I-Football 'I BENSINGER, CHARLES EDWARD, Day Trade BERGLUND, NANCY LEE, Sfenographic-Cheerleadina 2,3 -Life Saving 3 BERGLUND, RICHARD BARTLETT, General-Orchestra I,2,3 -Band I,2,3 BISHOP, CLIFFORD LLOYD, Vocational-Foolball I-Track 2lmgr.I BOLLENBACHER, HAROLD LAWRENCE, General-Football 'I BONNEY, STUART ELWIN, College Prep.--Ar? Club I lpres.I -Baseball I-Campus Keyhole 2--Conservation Club 2,3 -Masque 2,3--Dramalics 2-Student Council 2-Said and Done led.I BOS, CHARLOTTE CAROL, College Prep.-A Cappella 'l,2,3 -Ludi Romani I,2-Orchestra 2--Hi-C 2 BOWEN, BETTY MARIE, Sfenographic-GAA 2,3 BREWER, ROBERT VICTOR, Day Trade BRINEY, ROBERT EDWARD, College Prep.-Forensics I- Masque 2,3-Thespians 3-National Honor Sociely 3- Lalin Club 3lpres.I BRONDYKE, RUSSELL, General BROOKS, JIMMIE ALLEN, Day Trade Machine Shop BRUFLADT, RAYMOND LEROY, General BRUNSON, KENNETH, General 6' Nb 'ein V' X :fix 4' 4, f f up gy df ggfniifjgiwf I H . BUCK, JAMES RICHARD, College Prep.-Student Council I,2,3-Service Squad I-Basketball I-Baseball 2-Radio 2,3-Speech Guild 2,3lhist.l-Press Club 2,3-Forensics 3-Inter-school Council 3lpres.l-Booster Club 3lpep chairmanl--Thespians 3-Keyhole 3-Said and Done 3- Senior Play BUIT, ROBERT ALLAN, Vocational Printing BUITENDORP, CLARENCE VERN, General BULTEMA, GLORIA RUTH, College Prep.--Chorus 2-Ludi Romani 2-Hi-C 3-A Cappella 2,3 BURGHDUF, MARLENE MILDRED, General-Y-Teens BUSCH, CARL LOUIE, General BUTTERMORE, TIMOTHY LESTER, General BYRNES, THOMAS PETER, College Prep.-Football I,2,3- Basketball I,2,3-Baseball I,2,3 CARIS, GEORGIA MARY, College Prep.-Speech Guild I- Latin Club I-Ludi Romani I-Carmenta I,2,3-Chorus 'l-A Cappella 2,3--Masque 2,3-Thespians 3-Booster Club 3 CARLISLE, MARVIN, General-Hi-Clv. pres,l 3 CASHBAUGH, BETTY JUNE, General-A Cappella 2 CHAMPOUX, PAUL E., College Prep.-Camera Club lv. pres.l 3 CHERIN, ROCHELLE LOUISE, College Prep.-Senate 1,2 lsgl-at-armsl3lv. pres.l-GAA 2,3-Masque 2,3-Thes- pians 2,3-FTA 3-Spanish Club 3lhist.l CHRYSTLER, CARROL CLINTON, General COMER, RICHARD CLINTON, College Prep.--Band I,2,3 CONKLIN, ROSEMARY, Office Training CONNELL, ALEXANDER A., General-Conservation Club 1,2-Retail Sales Club 2 CRAGO, MARGARET ANN, General MW ,VX A , :5 X4 1-Im' ,, .. 5 I + aQ1 I 2 f Z 4 ,nm nv ' f u Q f , af 4,1 4 xg..-sv , , , sf f X sz X Sw X 1 , , ,g,,,,:iff 1 , we Q. 1 X f 1 yy HC! ' Z? xii ,J X xv 1, M -Ri, fi 4 xx Xsywf Mg,-Il, ', e .. ..f, .1 X-A 3 ' Nm S X wi: X Z in 1 CROSS, MARILYN ROSE, Stenographic DAVID, GLORIA LOU, Clerical Co-operative DAVIS, DENNIS HOWARD, College Prep.-Band l,2,3 DAVIS, HAROLD GEORGE, Clerical DAY, SHARON LEE JOHNSON, General DECKER, ARDYCE RUTH, Co-operative Business DERR, MARILYN JOYCE, Slenographic-Bowling 3 DESKA, DIANE JOY, College Prep.-Sludenl Council I- Spanish Club 2,3-Tennis 2-FTA 3-Senior Play DEVRIES, KATHLEEN, College Prep,-Ludi Romani I-GAA 2,3-FNA 3-Senior Play DEWEY, CLARA JEAN, College Prep. DIEPENHORST, LEWIS JOHN, General DIETZ, GERALD N., General-R.O.C. Club 3 DOBBEN, MILDERD LORRAINE, Office Training DOORN, DONALD MARVIN, Retail Sales DRENT, ROBERT NEAL, General DUNHAM, HARVEY MARTIN, College Prep.-A Cappella l,2,3 EDMONDS, MARJORIE ANN, General ELDRIDGE, MARY ELIZABETH, College Prep.-GAA l,2,3 -French Club 2,3-Booster Club 3-Said and Done 3- Y-Teens 3 ELLER, WILLIAM JOHN, General-Football l,2,3-Basket ball I-Baseball I,2,3-Mosque 2,3-Dramalics 2-Radio 3 ERICKSON, JAMES STUART, Refail Sales ERICKSON, RONALD RAYMOND, General EVELSIZER, RONALD VINCENT, General--Football 'l,2- A Cappella 'l,2-Baseball I FARBER, HUGH ARTHUR, College Prep.-Band I,2,3- Orcheslra 3-Pro Musica 2,3--Latin Play I FERRIS, ALICE JEAN, General-Conservation Club I-GAA I-Bowling League 'l,2-Speech Guild 2,3 FILIPIAK, PATRICIA ANN, Relail Sales-ROC Club 2,3 FISCUS, EMMA LOU, College Prep. FLEISCHMANN, BARBARA RUTH, College Prep.--Masque I,2,3-Carmenla I,2,3-Band I,2,3-Orchestra l,2,3- GAA 2-FTA 3-National Thespian 2,3-Pro Musica 2,3 lboardl FOX, WILLIAM FRANCIS, College Prep. FRAUENTHAL, KAY, College Prep.--A Cappella 2,3--Sen- ale 2,3-Senior Life Saving 3-Radio 3-Dramatics 3 GARTER, JACK, College Prep.-Band I,2,3-Latin Play I -Pro Musica 2,3-Radio 3 GATFIELD, JULEANN, College Prep.-GAA I,2,3-Ludi Romani I,2,3-Monilor 1,2-Bowling I-FTA 2,3 GEORGE, ROBERT VINCENT, College Prep.-MHS Slring Quartet I,2-Orchestra I,2,3-Keyhole 2-Band I-Pro Musica I,2,3-A Cappella 2,3 GIGGY, ELAINE ELMA, General-Band I,2,3-Orcheslra 3-Pro Musica l,2,3 GILLETTE, LYLE MILTON, General GILLIES, ROBERT WILLIAM, College Prep.--Camera Club I -Football 3-Conservation Club 3 GIRDNER, PATRICIA LEE, College Prep.-Chorus I-A Cap- pella 2,3-FTA 2,3-Y-Teens 3-Radio 3 GOLDSMITH, DONNA JEAN, Slenographic-French Club 3 GONZALES, DORA, General-Art Club l,2,31Frencl'1 Club 2 GORYL, WILLIAM J., College Prep. GRAESSLEY, WILLIAM WALTER, College Prep.1A Cappella l,2,3-Sludenl Council I,3-Latin Club I GRIM, BEVERLY JOANN, Co-operative Office Training- Y-Teens 2 GRIMM, JACK MARSHALL, College Prep.-Student Council l,3-Latin Club l,2-Band l,2-Speech Guild I,2-Pro Musica I-Baseball I-Basketball 'I-Forensics I,3--Con- servation Club 2-Masque 2,3-Radio 3-Booster Club 3-Senior Play-Assembly Programs 3--National Thes- pian Society 3 GROTENHUIS, EDYTHE LOUISE, College Prep.-Masque l,2,3-A Cappella l,2,3-Sludenl Council I,2,3-GAA I,2,3-Ludi Romani I-Speech Guild l,2lsec.I--Forensics I-Life Saving 3-National Thespians 2,3-National Hon- or Sociely 2,3lsec.l HAIGHT, STEPHEN LIVINGSTON, College Prep.1Conserva- lion Club I-Track I--A Cappella 2,3-Senior Life Saving 3 HAIN, J. MARILYN, College Prep.?Spanish Club L2- GAA l,2-Masque 2,3lsec.l-Bowling 3-Y-Teens 3- FTA 3 HAMEL, DORANN KAY, College Prep.-GAA l,2,3-Latin Club I-Press Club 3-Keyhole 3-Said and Done 3 HARRINGTON, ANN, College Prep.-French Club I-Or- cheslra 'l,2,3-Pro Musica Ilsec.I2lIreas.I3lpres.I-Blue Notes Ilpres.I2llreas.I3iEnsembles l,2,3-Ludi Romani 2-Carmenta 2lhist.l3lpres.I-National Honor Society 2,3-Band lcolor guaudl HART, HERMAN JR., General HATHAWAY II, FRANK EUGENE, College Prep.-Football I-Golf l,2,3-Basketball llmgr.I-Sludenl Council I-- Masque 2,3-Radio 3-Hi-Y 3-Thespians 3--Boosler Club 3 HAZEKAMP, JOYCE PHEMIA, Stenographic-GAA l,2,3lv. pres.I-Monitor I,2,3lIl.I-Said and Done-Bowling 2,3 lsec.I-Conservation Club 3 HEETHUIS, BETTY EILEEN, College Prep.--GAA I,2,3- Monilor I-Ludi Romani 1,2 HEIDEMANN, BETTY JANE, General-GAA 1,2-Hi-C 2,3 HEIDEMANN, EUGENE LEE, College Prep. HENDERSON, SUSIE MAY, General-Hi-C 2 HENDON, JACK GARY, General HERLEIN, MERLIN ROBERT, Vocalional Auto Mechanic Day Trade HINE, EDWARD WILLIAM, College Prep.-A Cappella l,2,3 lpres.l-Track l,2,3-Student Council l,2,3lv. pres.I-- Masque 2,3 HOEFAKKER, JR., GILBERT, General-Band l,2,3-Pro Musica l,2,3-Orchestra 2,3 HOHENSTEIN, BONNIE, College Prep.-Carmenla l,2,3- Speech Guild l,2,3Ihisl.I-Masque 2,3-Bowling 'l,2- Forensics l,2,3-FTA 3-National Thespians 3 HOLCOMB, BEVERLY SHERILL, General-Band l,2,3-Pro Musica l,2-Conservation 2-Y-Teens 3 HOLLAR, SHIRLEY ANN, Office Training HOSKO, MARY ANN, Retail Sales HUBACKER, MARY MARGARET, College Prep.-Conservm lion 1,2-GAA I-Spanish Club 3 HULDIN, DONALD HERBERT, College Prep.-Band l,2,3- Conservation l,2,3-Spanish Club l,2,3-Pro Musica I- Sludenl Council I-Masque 2,3-A Cappella 3-Boosler Club 3-Monitor I-Basketball 1,2lmgr.I HUMPHREYS, PATRICIA, General-Chorus 2-Life Saving 2-A Cappella 3 HUNDERSMARCK, MARY LOUISE, College Prep.-Chorus I-A Cappella 2-Ludi Romani l,2,3 HUTCHISON, LOIS EVELYN, General HYBARGER, CONSTANCE LOUISE, College Prep.--Alpha Rho Tau 2,3-Life Saving 2,3-Boosler Club 3 INMAN, NANCIELU, College Prep.-Volley Ball l,2,3- Bowling 2,3-Life Saving 3-Conservalion 3-Said and Done Slassociate edilori JACOBSON, WENDELL LEE, College Prep.-Sludenl Coun- cil I-Football 2,3-A Cappella l,2,3-National Honor Society 2,3lpres.I-Track 2-Speech Guild 2,3 JAGER, PRESTON JAY, Relall Sales JENSEN, ELGIE MORGAN, General x -xl. ex JEWETT, LORETTA ELLEN, General--Hi-C 2,3 JOHNSON, BETTY JUNE, College Prep.-Cheer Leader l,2,3-GAA l,2-Latin Club I-Ludi Romani l-Keyhole 2,3leditorl--French Club 2ltreas.l3-Speech Guild 2 lv. pres.l3-Press Club 2lv. pres.l3--National Honor Society 2ltreas.l3-Library Club 3lsec.l JOHNSON, LORRAINE O., General--Girls' Chorus l JOHNSON, MARILYN LOUISE, College Prep.-Girls' Chorus 1,2-GAA l-Spanish Club 2-Hi-C 2-Bowling 3 JOHNSON, PATSY ANN, College Prep.-GAA l,2,3- Carmenla l,2,3-Chorus I-Y-Teens 2-Conservation Club 2-Spanish Club 2lpres.l--Radio 3 JOHNSON, PEGGY LOUISE, Clerical-Y-Teens 2,3lpres.l Student Council 3 JONES, BILL MELVIN, General JONES, ROBERT G., General-ROTC 3 JORGENSEN, DOROTHY B., General-Volley Ball 2-Tennis 2-Y-Teens 2,3-Booster Club 3-Shutterbugs 3 KAHLER, DON PAUL, Retail Sales KALMAN, MIRELLE UGEE, General-GAA 1,2-Monitor l,2--A Cappella 3 KAPPHAHN, RONALD EARL, General KELLOGG, LAVANGE ANN, Office Training KELLY, BETTY ANN, College Prep.--Conservation Club 2- Senate 2,3-Spanish Club 2,3-Said and Done-National Honor Society 3-Senior Play KLAYF, RALEAH JEAN, College Prep.-Masque l,2,3- Spanish Club l,2,3-Senate 2,3 KLOSS, GORDON WILLIAM, Vocational Printing KOEHNE, CAROL ROSE, Retail Sales-Retail Sales Club l,2,3 KOOI, ARDIS FAYE, College Prep. KOWALSKI, RICHARD JOHN, College Prep.-Football I- Basketball I--Tennis 3 KOZAL, RICHARD EDWARD, College Prep.-National Honor Society 2,3Iv. pres.I-French Club-Class President 3- Chairman of Senior Prom 2 KOZIK, LOWELLA MAY, General KRISS, LAVONNE MARY, Office Training KRUEGER, WILLIAM CHARLES, General-Football 'l,2- Track 1,2 KRUPP, ELLOUISE ARLENE, Stenographic--Cheerleading I,2,3-Speech Guild 2,3-Class Treasurer 2,3-French Club 3-Y-Teens 3 LACOMTE, FRANK RICHARD, Day Trade LAKANEN, RUTH IRENE, College Prep.-Girls' Chorus I- A Cappella 2,3-Ludi Romani 2,3-Press Club 2,3-Nw tional Honor Society 2,3--Keyhole 2,3leditorI LANCASTER, PATRICIA ANN, College Prep.--A Cappella I,2,3Isgt-at-armsI-Mosque l,2,3-National Thespians 2,3-Cormenta 2Isec.I3Ipres.I-Dramatics 2-Radio 3 LANGE, BARBARA JEAN, College Prep.-Latin Club I,3- Dramotics 2-GAA 3 LE CLEAR, MARY, Secretarial-Y-Teens 2,3Ihist.I-Shut- terbugs 3-Booster Club 3 LEE, DONNA MARIE, College Prep. LEROUX, HOWARD MELVIN, General LEWIS, JACK ALAN, College Prep.-Masque 2,3-Golf 2,3-Cheerleading 3-Booster Club 3Iv. pres.I-Class Historian 3--Student Council LINDSTROM, ROBERT JAMES, General-Baseball 'l-Bas- ketball I LIVINGSTON, DONALD GENE, General-Conservation Club I-Retail and Office Club 3 LOWER, JANET CORINNE, College Prep.-GAA l,2,3-Y- Teens 2,3Iv. pres.I-A Cappella 2,3-National Honor Society 2,3Isec.I-FTA 3--French Club 3Ipres.I-Student Council 3 LUNDEEN, JOHN GILBERT, College Prep.-Student Council 1,2-Golf I-Track 2,3--Class Historian 2--Class Secre- tary 3 .fiv Z4 -W ' " N064 f i A 1 Ze ,f .7 6 gr fcfri "1 3, . YQ ff , . W E pl' 'ff .kyy 'Qin HW' LUTTRULL, MARJORIE RUTH, Sfenographic-GAA 2,3- Booster Club 3-Monitor 3 LYONS, ESTHER ROSE MARIE, General-Monilor I,2-- GAA 2-Chorus 3 MANN, WILLIAM ROBERT, College Prep. MARSH, RUSSELL ARLAN, College Prep.-Conservation Club 1,2 MARSHALL, HOWARD JAMES, Day Trade-Basketball I MAY, GEORGIA LYNNE, College Prep.-GAA I-Band I -Conservation Club I-Keyhole l,2-Said and Done I- FNA 3 McCLAIN, LEWIS CLARENCE, Co-operative Retail Sales- Relalling and Office Club 2,3 MCCORMICK, JAMES HUGH, General MEDENDORP, ARTIS LEE, Slenographic-GAA l,2,3-Chor- us I-A Cappella 2-Bowling 2,3 r -M ' I' ,, xii V Mi ,f ffl- ,I , m l 5 . MEDENDORP, MARY LOU, College Prep.-Shulferbugs 1,2 --Girls' Chorus I-A Cappella 2,3-Y-Teens 2,3-Ludi Romani 2,3--FTA 3 MEDENDORP, NORMAN, General MEYERS, MARY ANNE, Slenographic-A Cappella 2 MILLER, JOANNE JUNE, General-FHA 3 MILLER, RICHARD PEARL, Day Trade Machine Shop-Golf I,2,3 MONSON, DONALD EARL, College Prep. MORIN, JOAN MARIE, General-Camera Club 2-Chorus 2-Press Club 3-Keyhole Staff 3-Office and Sales Club 3 MORK, DONALD CHARLES, College Prep. MORRALL, EDWARD CARL, College Prep.-Football l,2,3- Baskelboll l,2,3-Baseball 1,2 'CJ' Rr 'ful' MORRIS, FRANK J., College Prep.-Masque 2,3-Radio 3 -Cheerleading 3-Boosler Club 3-Spanish Club 3 lpres.I -Nalional Thespian Society 3-Dramalics 3 MORSE, DORIS EMMA, General-Masque I,2,34GAA I,2,3-Alpha Rho Tau 2-Speech Guild 3-National Thespian Sociely 3-Radio 3 MORSE, JAMES WILLIAM, General-Track 1,2 MOSELEY, NORMAJEAN, General MURDAUGH, RAY D., College Prep.-Baskelball I-Fooh ball 2,3--Track 2,3 NASH, JOANN PEARL, General-Alpha Rho Tau l,2,3- Shuflerbugs 3 NEIL, COLETTE ANN, College Prep.-Senate I,2,3-GAA 2,3 NELSON, HELEN EVELYN, College Prep.--Band I,2,3-Or- cheslra I,2,3-Latin Club I-Pro Musica 3ilreas.I- Library Club 3 NELSON, PEGGY ANN, College Prep.-Girls' Chorus I- Speech Guild Ilv. pres.I2,3lv. pres.I-Forensics I,2- Sludenf Council l,2,3-Carmenla 2lhisf.I3-Class Presi- denf 2-Campus Keyhole 2-Dramatics 3-GAA 3- Masque 3-Radio 3-National Thespians 3 NETZLER, ROBERT DALE, Vocational Machine Shop NOLEN, RUTH ANN, College Prep.-Carmenla I,2,3-Girls' Chorus I-A Cappella 2,3-Ludi Romani I NOLLAR, DARRELL C., General NYBLADE, ROBERT ANDREW, General OGREN, JACK DEAN, General OKKONEN, MARCUS, College Prep. OLSEN, MARY LOUISE, College Prep.-Rex Omnium I- Girls' Chorus I-Ludi Romani 1,2-Carmenla 2,3-A Cappella 2,3-Boosler Club 3 ORTQUIST, JR., RUDY CARL, Office Training-ROClpres.I OSLUND, DORIS ELAINE, College Prep. l 93 PACILLO, WILLIAM JOHN, Day Trade PAGE, GARY LEE, College Prep. PAIGE, ELAINE JOYCE, College Prep.-Orcheslra l,2,3- Pro Musica l,2,3-Shullerbugs I--Forensics l,2,3-Speech Guild l,2,3-Senale l,2,3-Conservation Club l,2,3- Solo and Ensemble 2,3-FNA 3-Said and Done 3- Boosler Club 3 PAUL, CHARLES IRWIN, General-Track 2 PAUL, GORDON WILBUR, College Prep.-Sludenl Council I-Baseball l,2-Band I-Radio 2,3-Thespians 3 V PENGILLY, JANICE DEE, College Prep.-Camera Club l,2 -Conservation Club I-Orchestra l,2,3-Speech Guild l,2,3Ilreas.l-Masque 2,3-FTA 3 PETERSON, BURTON, College Prep.--Band l,2,3-Pro Mus- ica l,2,3 PFEIFFER, DONALD wluaun, college Prep. PIERCE, ALICE JEANETTE, Secrelarial-GAA l,2,3-Alhpa Rho Tau lIsec.l-Chorus 2-Radio 3 PIERCE, JOHN BRIAN LLOYD, College Prep. PLANT, MARILYN ARLENE, College Prep.-Conservation Club I-Spanish Club 'l,3Ipres.l-Class Secrelary 2- GAA 2,3-Carmenla 2,3 Iv. pres.l-FTA 3-Sludenl Coun- cil 3 POORT, PHILLIP E., General-Golf 2,3-Monitor 2-SIu- dent Council 3-Spanish Club 3-Conservation Club 3- Camera Club 3-Booster Club 3-Chorus 3-A Cappella 3 POPPEN, LEILA MARIAN, College Prep.-Carmenla I IIreas.I 2 Iv. pres.l 3-Masque l,2 IIreas.l 3 Ipres.l-GAA l,2,3Ipres.l--Sludenl Council l,2Isec.I3-A Cappella l,2Isec.l3Isec.l-Nalional Honor Society 2,3-Boosler Club 3-Said and Done 3 PRICE, AMBER JEAN, General-Retail and Office Club 2 PUGH, LOIS MARIE, Co-operaiive Business-Chorus I- Relail and Office Club 2,3 PUNCHES, ELOISE ELEANOR, General-GAA PYMAN, ROBERTA HELEN, General REGECZI, DONNA HELEN, General-GAA 2,3-Bowling 3 -Arl Club 3-Y-Teens 3 RICE, PATRICIA ANN, College Prep.-Speech Guild 2,3- Campus Keyhole 2-Ludi Romani 2-Said and Done 3- Radio 3 RICHARDSON, TAPIANN, Co-operalive Business-Y-Teens 2,3 Ilnler-Club Council Represenfafivei-ROC 3 IIreas.I RILLEMA, PAT DIONNE, College Prep.-Ludi Romani I,2- Lalin Club 3 RENKENBERGER, NANCY SUE, College Prep. RINCKEY, RUSSELL VERNON, General-Conservalion Club 'I ROLFE, CAROL ANN, College Prep.-GAA I,2,3-Ushers I,2,3Ico-chairmanj-Senate 2,3Ifreas.I-A Cappella 2,3 -Student Council 3-FTA 3Ipres.I ROLFE, JEAN ELIZABETH, College Prep.-Senale 'l,2Isec,I 3Ipres.I-GAA I,2Isec.I3-Ludi Romani 1,2-Usher I,2,3Ico-chairmanl-A Cappella II 2,3-Sludenl Council 2Ihist.I3-Campus Keyhole 2-Y-Teens 3 ROWE, DOLORES EVAN, College Prep. RUFENER, DONALD DEAN, General-Masque 3 RUMMELT, CLAYTON EARL, General RUNNELS, ARCHIE DUANE, General-Football 'I-Monitor 2 SCARFF, HAROLD MAXWELL, College Prep.-Track l,2,3- Basketball l,2,3-Football I,2,3-Hi-Y I Ifreas.I2IIreas.I 3 IIreas.I-Class Sgt-AI-Arms 3 scANLoN, Rosen LESLIE, College Prep. SCHRIER, JOHN CHRISTIAN, College Prep.-Band I,2- Golf 1,2-Pro Musica 2-Hi-Y 2,3Ipres.I-Masque 2,3- Sludenl Council 3 SCHUITEMA, MARILYN JOYCE, General-GAA 2-Radio 3 SCHUTTER, PAUL HERMAN, College Prep.-Football l,2,3-- Basketball I-Track I-Sludenl Council I,2-Baseball 2,3 SCHWARZENBERG, JULIA ANNE, General--GAA 1,2- Band I,2 SCRIBNER, JANIS RUTH, General--Conservation Club I,2,3 -Spanish Club I,2,3Iv. pres.I-Y-Teens 3--Booster Club 3-Senior Life Saving 3 SCOTT, HAROLD MAYNARD, Commercial SCOTT, WANDA BLANCHE, Stenographic SCOUTEN, CAROLE JANE, General-Pro Musica 'l,2,3- Band 'l,2,3-Orcheslra I,2,3 SHAFFER, CLARENCE WILLIAM, College Prep.-Basketball I -Foolball I-Baseball I-Dramalics 2-Radio 3 SHAW, BETTY ANN, General--Bond I,2,3 SHEGGRUD, CARROLL RONALD, General-Pro Musica 'l,2,3 -Band 'l,2,3 SIKKENGA, JACK ROGER, College Prep.--Football 2 SIKKENGA, PATRICIA ANN, College Prep.-GAA I,2,3- Tennis I-Carmenla 2,3-Senior Life Saving 2-Maiorelle 2,3 SINGLETON, VERDENA, General SMITH, ROBERT OTIS, General-Football I,2,3-Track 'l,2,3--Sludenl Council 3-Art Club 3 SOLMAN, ALLAN GENE, General SPOELMAN, DONALD PETER, Vocational-Band I,2,3 SPURGAT, KENNETH WAYNE, College Prep.-Camera Club l,2,3lpres.l--Track I,2,3-Said and Done 3-Keyhole 3 ST. AMAND, JULIA ANN, Secretarial-GAA 3-Band 3- Orcheslra 3-Pro Musica 3 STARK, R. ANN, General-Student Council I-GAA 2- Y-Teens 3 STEWART, CAROL BRADFORD, Clerical-Junior Life Saving 'I-GAA I,2,3-Monilor 1,2-Senior Life Saving 2 STEWART, CURTIS WILBUR, College Prep.-Art Club 2 STEWART, DONNA BELLE, General-Band I,2,3-Pro Mus' ica 'l,2,3-Y-Teens 3-Monitor 3 STIDHAM, VERLEY M., General STORDAHL, BARBARA MARIE, College Prep.-Conservation Club 2-Spanish Club 2,3Itreas.I-Senate 2Ilreas.I 3 Ilreas.l-Monitor 2-Radio 3-Said and Done 3 STRANDBERG, CLARE J., General STRATE, BETTY MAUREEN, College Prep.-Conservation Club I-GAA I SWANSON, GLEN ARTHUR, General-Track 2 SWANSON, RICHARD ARTHUR, College Prep.-Spanish Club 2,3lv. pres.l-Speech Guild 2,3Ipres.l-Student Council 2,3-Forensics 2,3-Booster Club 3-Said and Done Ibusiness mgr.l3-Debate 3 SWISHER, MARGARET LEE, General-Orchestra l,2,3- GAA I-A Cappella 1,3-Pro Musica I,2,3-Press Club 2,3-Keyhole 2,3 SUMMERVILLE, ARTHUR LEE, General-Chorus 2-Sludenl Council 3Ipres,I-Boosler Club 3 TAPEK, ANGELINE HELEN, Slenographic-Y-Teens 3Iv. pres.l THIES, RICHARD LEONARD, General-Arl Club 2 TJAPKES, DORIS BEVERLY, Retail Sales TOBEY, ALBERT DALE, Relail Sales TOBIN, DIXIE ANN, Bookkeeping and Accounting-Band 1,2-Pro Musica l,2-Shulferbugs l,2,3Iv. pres.l-Chor- us I-Keyhole 3-School Photographer 3 VANDERLINDEN, WINONA PATRICIA, General-Band I- Conservalion Club I VANDERWEST, IRMA JEAN, General VANVLEET, FAYE JEAN, College Prep.-GAA 1,2--Y-Teens 3-Sludenl Council 3-Spanish Club 3 VERSALLE, RICHARD LEE, College Prep.-A Cappella l,2,3 lv. pres.l-Foolball l,2,3-Hi-Y 2,3IchapIainl WALKER, PATRICIA RUTH, College Prep.-Bowling I WALLERSTROM, ANN JEANETTE, College Prep.-GAA 1,2 -Cormenlo 2,3-Spanish Club 2-Conservation Club 2- Rodio 3 WARREN, JOHN DAVID, College Prep.-Speech Guild 1- Cumero Club 1,2,3-Spanish Club 3 WEIPPERT, THERESA MARIE, Slenographic-GAA 1,2-Y- Teens I-Press Club 2lpres.l3lpres.I-French Club 2- Reloil and Office Club 3 WESTERLUND, MILDRED, College Prep.-GAA 1,2-Muion elle 2,3-Senule 2,3 WESTFIELD, JOAN AUDREY, Clerical-Chorus 1,2-Y-Teens 1,2,3 lsec.l-GAA 1,2 WHITE, ENGENE PAUL, College Prep. WIARD, THOMAS DAWSON, College Prep.-Football 1,2,3 -Hi-Y 1,2,3-Bosebcll 1-Sludenl Council 1,2 WIERSEMA, HELEN JEANNETTE, College Prep.-Orchestra 1,2,3-Pro Musica 1,2,3-Junior Cecilion I,2,3 WILDER, DONALD DAVID, General-Bond 3-Orchestra 3 WIKMAN, GRACE MARIE, College Prep.-GAA 2-Chorus 2-Spanish Club 2-Bowling 3 WILSON, RICHARD KEITH, General WINEMIUS, RUSSELL ANTON, General--Sludenl Council 1 WINTER, ALAN STOCKBRIDGE, College Prep.-Football 1 WINTERS, ROY CLARK, College Prep.-Football 1,2 WOELFL, NORBERT, College Prep.-Press Club 3-Lulin Club 3-Keyhole 3 WORTELBOER, RONALD C., College Prep.-A Cappella 1,2,3--Lolin Club 1-Sludenl Council I-Mosque 2,3 lsgl-cl-crmsl-Keyhole 2-Nculionol Honor Society 2,3 WORTHING, LORNA EVELYN, Sfenogrophic--FHA 2,3- Monilor 2,3 lll.I WRIGHT, WILLIAM F., General YONKER, CAROL JEAN, College Prep.-Usher 1,2-Can menfa 2,3-GAA 2-Y-Teens 3 YOUNG, MARY JEANNE, General ZUIDEMA, CONNIE JANE, Retail Sales-ROC Club 2,3 RICE, RODNEY, General-Monilor I-Art Club 2 HUBER, MARK, College Prep.-Band l,2,3--Orchestra l,2,3-Pro Musica l,2,3 MEADLEY, RONALD JACK, Retail Sales MILLER, BETTY JEAN, General SCHUITEMA, SHERWOOD, General SLATER, DALE, General 7ZaP' ROBERT H. BAUER, Office Training JERRY DON BOONE, General JOHN HARRY BORROWMAN, College Prep. ROBERT RAY FOSTER, General BEATRICE MAY GERST, General GEORGE WILLIAM GREEN, General LEO GRISWOLD, General DARLENE ELOTA KERBERSKY, General ALICE MAE McGOVERN, Retail Sales JOHNSSON MARTIN ODEN, College Prep KENNETH EUGENE PICKETT, Day Trade DONALD EUGENE SCHALK, College Prep. JOANN ELAINE SEMELBAUER, College Prep. Standing-L. to R.:Dann Corona, secretary, Dave Cook, sgt-at-arms, Paul Murphy, vice-president. Seated-L. to R.:Maxine Kulicamp, sgt-at-arms, Colleen Saylor, presi- dent, Mary Wickland, historian, Janice Mish, parliamentarian. Not present when picture was taken was Peggy Smith, historian. 12B CLASS OFFICERS 'l2B Class Advisors, Mrs. Alice Scott and Mr. Russell Partington AFENDULIS, DENO JAMES, College Prep. ASHCRAFT, RICHARD, General-Band I,2,3-Conservalion Club 1,2-Pro Musica 3 BLANCHETTE, WILLIAM, Retail Sales BABCOCK, LOIS, General BORGESON, MARGARET ANNE, College Prep.-Conservch tion Club 1,2-FHA I-National Honor Sociely 2,3-FTA 2,3-Y-Teens 2,3-GAA 2,3-Said and Done 2,3-Ludi Romani 2-Boosters 3-FNA 3 BORGESON, PAUL, College Prep . BOSCH, DOROTHY, Office Training BASHAM, JAMES, General BOSTROM, RONALD WARREN, General-Golf l,2,3 BRACE, BARBARA ELIZABETH, Clerical-GAA 'l,2,3-GirI's Chorus I-A Cappella 2,3-Y-Teens 2,3 snoolcs, MARILYN, General ' BULTEMA, MARY JANE, General-Cormenlo 'l,2,3-GAA l,2,3-Forensics 2--Conservation Club 2,3-Y-Teens 2,3 BURMAN, MARGARET, College Prep.--GAA l BUSH, ALBERT EDWARD, College Prep.-Football 'l,2,3- Track 2,3 CALLOWAY, FLOSSIE, General CARLSEN, HELEN LORRAINE, College Prep.-Ludi Romani 1,2-Student Council I,2,3-GAA l,2,3-Said and Done 2,3-FTA 2,3llreas.l-Senate 2,3lvice pres.I--National Honor Society 2,3ltreas.I-Life Saving 2 CARLSEN, PAUL, T 8. I Coop. CHASE, VERA, General 02 CLANTON, CHARLES, General COLLIGAN, JAMES EDWARD, College Prep.-Student Coun- cil I-Band l,2,3-Track 2 i CONNELL, TERRY, College Prep.-Masque l,2,3 COOK, DAVID PAUL, College Prep.-Football l,2,3-Golf I,2,3-Class Officer 3 COOPER, EDWARD, Retail Sales COREY, MAUREEN, Commercial CORONA, DANIEL RICHARD, General-Football l-Con- servation Club 2,3-Class Secretary 3 CRAMER, MARY ANN, College Prep.-Senate 2,3-Spanish Club 2,3-Masque 2,3-FHA 2-FNA 3 CROSS, JACQUELYN HOPE, College Prep.-Said and Done 2,3-Spanish Club 2,3-FTA 2,3-FNA 3-Boosters 3- FHA 3 DAULT, SALLY, General DEMPSEY, JANE, College Prep.-FHA 2-Band 2,3Imaior- ettej-Pro Muica 2,3-Senate 2,3-Ludi Romani 2 DE VRIES, BEVERLY, Retail Sales DIESEL, AUDREY LOUISE, Retail Sales FRANKE, JOAN, General-GAA 'l,24Art Club 1,2 GELINAS, BARBARA, College Prep.-French Club 'l,2,3- FHA 2,3-GAA 2,3 GROCE, ROGER, College Prep.-Football l,2,3-Track 2 GROSZOWSKI, MARVIN, Day Trade Auto Mechanics-Com servation Club I GUNN, DARLENE, General HALL, JERRY, Retail Sales HAMEL, JANET MARIE, College Prep.-GAA 1,2,3 HARPSTER, RICHARD, General-Sludenl Council 1,2 HAUGHEY, MARILYN IRENE, General HICKS, WILLIAM OSCAR, General-Football 1-Track 3 HILDRETH, RUBY CARROL, Commercial-GAA 1,2,3-Ludi Romani 1-Booster Club 3 HOEKSEMA, AUDREY RUTH, Office Training JABLONSKI, PETER, Co-Operative T 8. I KALAVITZ, GORDON, Machine Shop Day Trade KAMINSKI, JACK, General KNUTSON, KURT, College Prep.-Foolball 1-Baseball 1,2,3-Baskelball l,2,3-Conservalion Club 1 KULICAMP, MAXINE, College Prep.-FHA 1,2,3-GAA 1,2,3--Said and Done 2,3-FTA 3-FNA 3-Y-Teens 21 Class Sergeanf-al-Arms 2,3 LARSON, JOYCE ARLENE, College Prep.-Chorus 1,2 LAWITZKI, LEONARD, General LILLMARS, PAUL, College Prep. LICHTE, PHYLLIS, Reiail Sales LINDBACK, PEGGY, College Prep.-GAA 2-Conservation Club 2--Band 2,3-Pro Musica 2,3-Ludi Romani 2,3- Cecelian 2 LOFGREN, RONALD, General 10 04 MARTINEZ, CARMEN, Office Practice-Glee Club 'I,2 MAZADE, HENRY, Day Trade MC NITT, DORIS MAE, Clerical-Y-Teens 1,2-GAA I- Conservalion Club 2,3-Carmenta 2,3-Cheerleading 2,3 -Booslers 3 MEIER, RODNEY ALLAN, College Prep.-Football I-Com servaiion Club 2,3 MISH, JANICE, General-Masque I,2IIreas.l,3Ureas.l- GAA l,2,3-National Thespian Society 2,3-Senate 2,3- Closs Pcrliamenlarian 2,3 MJOVIG, JORDIS CORALIE, General-French Club 'l,2 lsgl-at-armsl ,3-Bowling 2 MOSIER, BARBARA, Office Training MURPHY, HILDA, Sfenographic-GAA I-Monitor 'I,2,3 MURPHY, PAUL, College Prep.-Masque 2,3-Class Vice- President 3 NELSON, BETTY, Retail Sales--Retail Sales Club 1,2 NELSON, DORIS ELAINE, Clerical-GAA I,2,3-Y-Teens 2,3-Conservalion Club 2,3 ODMARK, MARIANNE, College Prep.-Y-Teens 1,2-French Club 2-Conservation Club 2 ORTQUIST, RICHARD, College Prep.-Sludenl Council I- Baseball 1,2-Latin Club 2,3 OSTERHOUSE, VIRGENIA, General PENNEL, BETTY, General RAFFERTY, GERALDINE, Office Training REINHOLDT, JAMES, General-Hi-C l,2,3-Refuil Office Club 2 RIDDERMAN, JACK, Retail Sales ROBERTS, LULA, General--GAA l,2,3 ROELOFS, NORMA JEAN, Secretarial-A Cappella 1,2- Hi-C 2 ROGERS, GILBERT, College Prep.-Band l,2,3-Orchestra 2,3--Student Council 2 RYAN, MARY LOUISE, Bookkeeping-GAA l,2,3 SAYLOR, COLLEEN ROSE, Stenographic-GAA l,2,3-Stu- dent Council 1,2-Senate 2,3-Conservation Club 2,3- Said and Done 2,3-Life Saving 2-Class President 2,3 SCHALK, KENNETH LYLE, General--Track 1,2-Football I,2,3 SCOTT, RUTH LOIS, Clerical-Y-Teens l,2,3-Conservation Club 2,3-GAA 2 SHEFFER, DOUGLAS, Day Trade SKOGLUND, RAYMOND, Day Trade Auto Mechanics SMITH PEGGY ELAINE, Colle e Prep.--A Cappella 1,2 1 9 Iaccompanistl,3Iaccompanistl-French Club 2,3 SMITH, RICHARD, College Prep.--Conservation Club I,2,3 SPOELMA, JOANN, College Prep.-Latin Club 2,3 SPRINGER, ELODA, General-Life Saving 3 THOMPSON, GRACE, General TRUMAN, RAYMOND, Electrical Day Trade VANDERWIER, GORDON, Day Trade VREDEVELD, TED, College Prep.-Conservation Club I- Hi-Y 'I,2,3lvice pres.l-Radio 3-Student Council I,2,3 VRIESMAN, ROBERT, Day Trade Printing WALDORF, BETTY, General WARD, MARIAN JEAN, College Prep.-Conservation Club 'I-GAA l,2,3-A Cappella 2,3-National Honor Society 2,3-Keyhole 2,3-FTA 2,3-Press Club 2,3-Said and Done 2,3-Boosters 3-Ludi Romani 2,3 WEIRENGO, PATRICIA, General WENTING, PATRICIA JO, General-Boosters 3 WERNER, ERNIE, College Prep. WESTLING, JANET WINIFRED, College Prep.-Chorus I- GAA l,2,3-Student Council I--FTA 2,3-Y-Teens 2,3-- Said and Done 2,3-Ludi Romani 2-Boosters 3 WICKLUND, MARY ALICE, College Prep.-GAA I,2,3- Student Council I ,2,3 WILLEA, ROBERT LORENZ, Retail Sales WILLIAMS, CHARLES, General ZACKERY, BURNIS, General ZERNS, LUCILLE, Retail Sales ZIMMERMAN, DOROTHY, College Prep.-Y-Teens l,2- Pro Musica l,2,3-Student Council I-Band l,2,3-GAA I,2,3-French Club l,2,3 ZYLMAN, LOIS, Retail Sales BELASCO, IRENE, Retail Sales BURCH, JOHN, Day Trade BUICK, KENNETH, General BRUFLADT, THOR, Auto Mechanics Day Trade DANIELSON, GILBERT, General DAVID, LEOLA, General 106 X Wd Zpddmea DORUS, DENNIS, General ERICKSON, RONALD, General FERGUSON, JILL, General FINN, BILL, General FUES, REGINALD, General GILBERT, BARBARA, General HALL, KENNETH, General JOHNSON, KENNETH, College Prep. KEUR, GARRETT, General KORAL, LOIS, General KUYPERS, MARIE, General MACY, BEATRICE, Retail Sales MC GREGOR, NANCY, General MC SORLEY, DIANNE, General PARKER, RICHARD, Vocational RAMONES, CLEMENTINA, General -Baseball I-Swimming 2- Radio 3-Spanish Club 3 SHAEFER, NAT, General TERBEEK, DONALD, General Sana de gddwddftd 70655 L. to R.-P. Adams, D. Allard, J. Allen, N. Allen, E. Anderson, L. Anderson, N. Anderson, F. Asp. L. to R.-C. Ballas, J. Banninga, G. Barker, M. Barnes, B. Barrett, M. Barringer, M. Beal, D. Beebe. L. to R.-L. Bekkering, H. Bellinger, B. Berggren, A. Berntsen, P. Boeroman, D. Boes, R. Boettcher, R. Bolkema. L. to R.: G. Bonifield, S. Bonney, R. Boomer, D. Bos, P. Bosch, B. Bosma, A. Bouwcamp, M. Brink. L. to R.-J. Brown, V. Buckner, B. Budd, D. Buik- ema, T. Buit, R. Burgess, D. Burr, P. Bush. L. to R.-R, Caesar, E. Cahill, B. Cann, A. Caris, B. Carlsen, L. Carlson, A. Cary, D. Castonia. L. to R.-G. Gattley, G. Chonis, B. Christenson, B. Christian, B. Christiansen, J. Clark, P. Clark, B. Conroy. L. to R.-S. Cook, V. Cook, P. Coon, B. Cooper, C. Copleman, J. Cotton, J. Cox, C. Cramblet. any mcldldam afzcaczfwl l 2 . qc. , ,W , Q I . Y. I fe V 1 K we +V, ,f 41, f 3 4-27. W ' f fu 7 W, I if axle, We If " 4 3? B J 75 'fn 'X X f .4 ggi. ,:f.:'., 2 f ff v .Q 1 1 V: if ,lff 31, f 'ff "ff J X ,V :NV 6: it Gi ,Q FX kk F I aug: fi 71. - t 4 W N. . , -ff. ws fu ,vu 1. N' ' XG! 0' 1 WU 77-,-44 S . . ' L- .W ' K 7 V ,, X. f as., V HN af N H 7 " w 1 9 W B24 M Q s w C V as, , 'lmjk w .sf QW 0:11, as X R' ml L ,..,, . , ,., Q 1 ,., .,.. i ,ff W ,M Wa-V I 5, ,, ...ML 45:1 'X -M-' ' We '41 . , 3' 2:5 Bd K 1 F' . gs .,., MI.. M! l J X ,, " X'i' . ff J is f .,,, L- ..... -.-E wwf .. .,.,.... ., r nf do If li V , , 2 V VV: . .V rs. .. 4 1 "Lf Lili. Q- . - 1 vb F zz' ' 2 ., xic' 5 . f ' 5" ' ig' , X.. V 1 X . Ni' .iv N Ii, W' l ' Q l . B' . , L f we V M . at .,........,,,,........ 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Jensen, A. Jell. L. io R.-J. Jirschele, K. Johnson, M. Johnson, A. Juergens, A. Karis, B. Keller, B. Kendall, S. Kennedy. L. lo R.-M. Kenl, D. King, N. Klang, R. Knop, M. Kolbe, H. Koscinski, R. Kramer, D. Kroes. L. io R.-M. Krupp, P. Ladas, R. Ladd, G. Laman, D. Lancaster, M. Larsen, C. Leady, K. Leady. L. to R.-D. Lewis, E. Linslrom, G. Liniier, D Logan, B. Lund, F. Maki, C. Madendorp, S. Mars L. to R.-E. Martin, M. Mastenbrook, G. Matteo, D. Mayrose, V. Mavis, J. Mazade, D. McCormick, B. McNiff. L. to R.-N. Miller, B. Mixer, P. Moody, J. Morley, E. Morrall, B. Morse, M. Mulready, S. Nedervelt. L. to R.-D. Neibarger, S. Nelson, B. Nichols, B. Noble, T. Norton, B. Nyeblade, B. O'Connell, J. O'Neill. L. to R.-F. Osborn, C. Parkhill, P. Passage, S Pearo, J. Peterson, K. Peterson, D. Piotr, D Poland. L. to R.-P. Poling, B. Pugh, G. Piirainen, M Quick, F. Rademacher, A. Rahrig, J. Randall, B Reck. L. to R.-B. Reinhold, G. Reynolds, G. Richards J. Rieben, C. Riekels, J. Rhodes, P. Robinson, J Rockcale. L. to R.-P. Rode, P. Rollins, A. Ruys, K. Ryan D. Sample, C. Schaner, J. Schaner, R. Scharf. L. to R.-B. Schmieding, S. Schmidt, D. Schreiber, P. Scholtens, D. Schow, G. Schuur, D. Scofield B. Scott. L. to R.-R. Segelstrom, N. Sells, R. Shepard, M Shivey, D. Schlueter, B. Shivley, E. Showers, K. Sikkenga. L. to R.-S. Sikkenga, J. Sims, C. Sischo, V Slocum, D. Smith, J. Smith, P. Smith, J. Sobotta. L. to R.-K. Somero, D. Spade, M. Spier, J. Stephens, D. Stipe, J. Stratil, L. Strong, G. Sturges. L. to R.-J. Swanson, R. Swanson, D. Swift, N. Swier, J. Szendre, B. Tanis, B. Temple, B. Thomas. l .6 1 S l l . J sf' X - . X .Qin 1 ' .. H, . ,Z N M 3 M .. . . X ,I X- we ff ff . Y'-f in N , - . . -, x , 'I Us-'X . , Y ,N ' A ,,. fu N' S "" " 'fr T .W ,gem . , :,v A ? T NA 1. X -R Z, Z, 1. .V -.1 .gy -1 . 4. -fx. W I .S .....QM. , me wif' . - "5 VS if J A J N' 4 Q ff ' in J B' E if . S Q A K f 5 Q 1 L. . ,R A 4-L Q' Ai, 'i A' J Sw is i' H Liss.. 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Wittenburg, D. Wood, K. Woodard, R. Woodard, D. Workman, D. Wright, M. Yar- ranton, D. Younts. L. to R.-B. Zimmerman, A. Zuidema. L. to R.-A. Alcorn, M. Anderson, L. Aris, W. Baker, L. Banks, B. Beebe, M. Bernardini, P. Binnett. L. to R.-C. Black, S. Bont, H. Branch, M. Bun- nell, D. Burr, D. Cashbaugh, H. Christenson, F. Clanton. L. to R.-J. Clifford, B. Connell, D. Cooper, G. Curtis, J. Curtis, E. Custer, K. DeForest, R. Dell. L. to R.-A. DeLong, M. DeVetle, D. Dobberstein, D. Dornbos, K. Duff, J. Dykstra, V. Eberbach, R. Estipp. L. to R.-C. Fordham, E. Fordham, E. Fris, J. Fry M. Goodman, M. Hagan, M. Harrigan, D. Hazekamp. L. to R.-J. Hazekamp, C. Hermanson, F. Heuser, N. Hine, A. Hoekenga, J. Holmes, A. Inman, M Jackson. L. to R.-J. Johnson, S. Johnson, B. Johnson, R. Kleyn, B. Kline, A. Klinger, P. Knapp, B. Knapp. L. to R.-W. Kooman, M. Kramer, F. LaPorta, B. Lauterberg, J. Lennox, K. Lundholm, C. Lutz, L. Marchino. L. to R.-M. Martin, W. May, G. Medema, R. Meyers, T. Moore, K. Morse, R. Muck, L. Nelson. L. to R.-D. Nye, M. Oudsema, F. Overkamp, H. Paquin, B. Peapplea, C. Peterson, R. Piatt, D. Plikes. L. to R.-M. Postmus, D. Pruim, N. Rathbun, M. Riekles, J. Riekles, J. Robinson, W. Robinson, S. Rop. L. to R.-S. Rosema, D. Runclquist, F. Sargent, D. Scheidegger, N. Schoenberger, L. Schulz, J. Schutter, S. Sedgley. L. to R.-C. Seebalcl, B. Shriver, M. Sirones, E. Smith, P. Spyke, V. Summerville, H. Swain, M. Swayer. L. to R.-N. Taylor, J. Thue, F. Tiapkes, H. Voss, C. Vrooman, B. Walters, D. Warner, B. Weiss. L. to R.-B. Weiss, D. Westfall, R. Wiercla, A. Wolford, A. Workman, R. Wright, J. Yonker, C. Young. L. to R.-M. Zielinski. M m s, fb - , 'Q .. g , - ' 's ' 'fc A 7' : , ,.- 4 'rf' We , 1-' ' 'f fu vw f - , V ,M .... K 2, J . V ,VVV V V xi, . V- V 1 f if! l .s V V . F ' - sag, W. of A ' U 'C' C A. ", J. f if L- ' FH W sw .WX f 'M Cf' ' M ' 54 fix N' . -',,, . B' Q .. N we . f' A 2.4 1. fm,,,wff4N X 'A L W ,mn Q it W PW ' W' V V V V, Z. j ,,f.,. 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Brand, B. Braun. L. to R.-J. Brewer, R. Brink, A. BriHon, B Bromberg, J. Brown, L. Bryan, M. Buit, L Bullion. L. to R.-J. Burnham, R. Burrows, B. Bush, D Byro, B. Cabocel, P. Campbell, B. Canning, J Canlu. L. to R.-D. Carr, R. Carr, J. Carey, N. Champion, J. Chilcote, S. Christensen, V. Christenson, C. Cihacz. L. to R.-G. Cleveland, J. Clock, P. Coburn, J. Cogar, T. Collins, B, Conroy, H. Cook, J. Cooper. L. to R.-B. Cox, B. Crichfield, C. Curow, F. Curow, S. Dalrymple, A. Danielson, S. Dault, M. David. L. to R.-R. David, J. Davis, N. Davison, J. DeVries, D. Dilling, J. Donley, M. Dood, M. Doom. L. to R.-D. Dyer, E. Douglas, D. Draper, B. Driscoll, M. Duncan, R. Eckert, B. Edmonds, O. Enner. , L. to R.-E. Fellman, C. Ferguson, B. Fielstra, L. Fonger, D. Fouse, J. Forward, B. Francis, C. Frantz. L. to R.-L. Frazee, M. French, A. Furman, D. Gable, W. Gale, R. Garza, D. Gatfield, B. Gaughler. L. to R.-I. Gee, L. Gellness, K. Gillette, N. Gilroy, K. Glover, J. Gray, E. Green, S. Greene. L. to R.-D. Greeno, R. Grimm, S. Grimm, M. Gross, M. Grotenhuis, S. Gorenflo, H. Goss, N. Gudelsky. L. to R.-H. Gundersen, S. Gundy, T. Gunst, R. Hubel, D. Hagen, R. Hamel, B. Hammond, D. Hanks. L. toXR.-A. Hansen, C. Hanson, M. Hanson, B. Harker, B. Harp, K. Harrington, B. Hart, K. Hartwell. L. to R.-M. Hasko, D. Hegbloom, M. Heimann, D. Hendrickson, B. Henion, A. Henschel, D. Herbst, L. Hill. Q , , ., iv., , - . 2 sa W- I' L' if 4' w " ' ., f I Q., - ff' fan X , QL 1 f' M, ,ff 1 . , . ' N S ffwgf' R f - ,X gt? , ,, V gee.. " ,ww , Nr. K., ggfaw, A 352' , 3, , X 6 H wg? !.X',5..,., HX F. XX X ' ' i vi .11 15 li .7 vw'-f V t X N" 1 L x ' of r J "Mf'ff we we - f: of F f v QW V' Q , 135 1 , - 7 S xl D g, . ,,.. 31.7 X Mg? 1 ,. - Y 3 z X fi- ' 'kia Q . Sh ' Q., f QT: 'c ' nf" ,,, ,. , ' . yi Q X X X- A .X 1 ,Y ' X I l - fi" Www ' wi. f . 'i 'N , -' 5 1 A if a y . .yr r 1 . 1 J f 4 ti ,W W X 1 if . ft,-X Xl X H .,,,,,,.. I .f , x writ tiiilii f I , 6. li 5 xx , ' . 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Kramer, R. Kroll, F. Kuehn, Q" . 'W' 1 . , -on fly, , ' 25+ 2 R. Kniper, lvl. Kulisnnsp, c. Ladd, G. Lnlnnnln. vl Q ' J fini" ,V A .wif ' P. 1 r A KI N 4 5' lx lv 1 J xv L X '. A4 1 w L . A " 1 xg 7 ' ' M M K-V L. to R.-L. Lamphere, N. Lange, P. Larabee, ,g,..',b J 'Y -' I Q. Nqr, QE, J. Lawburgh, W. Lawrence, J. Leafers, D. Leak, y l A I ll ' X f ' ix X , S. Lechie. s A ls- f - Q'Z51i"if7lF?E?l'li'fl2l Nj N? , -P 5'-Q f f 'WA' L. lo R.-S. Leeds, L. David, M. Leyanna, H. ' ' Y al - Liechti, D. Lifes, L. Lifes, L. Lifer, la. Lindsirom. , fs ,wwf l " .llllft NIR , 'lf ., M lsss- 19: K. ' Ny' ' ' 1 X' l F sv- Q la ss 2 2 is . 'fs ' l ,M Y L. lo R.-G. Lindblom, R. Lloyd, A. Lorenz, E. T ,ri 121 Q13 lxbif. 1- YK LIL, -' 2" I Lower, L. Marvin, B. Ludlow, A. Markham, E. JJQWQ , X is ,fit -2 iw M w ' - 'if MI' ,Q 7 Malecun. gs... 1 J so K x 1, .Quia 5: .Lt I ff f K , I .1 'MMM . A , .sn is nfs - . 55555 F35 4 if .- sl' I l f' 4. 1 2 2' Q !.' .1 + f me 1,1 M M, E L. to R.-M. Maflhews, J. Maxwell, W. May, R. Q X 'f - : gg-.,, , PQ' 'Tw Maycroft, A. McCombs, P. McCormick, G. Mc- .. 1 Q s ' x 1-J' " W h ,V 3 Daniel, R. McDonald. 1 . lf Us f ' . 'sf l s J . ... of ,Gif e M, Q fl 'A ' V ' f f An ,,. Q L. fo R.-J. McGuffey, P. McKim, B. McNlff, J. A Q' lk ' ' , X: If Riff. McWhorter, S. Mendhan, S. Meyers, M. Mezeske, ' N J "sl F-s . fy J. lvlnlls . li M y . U. Qing, fi? .1 3 as 1 at Q. 7.1, X J ,QL L. to R.--G. Miller, J. Minufh, G. Morrison, H. Q" , gm , ,,:g,,. jf 'TL V ,J 5 ' Morse, P. Musk, D. Mudgett, R. Mulder, P. Xl J' A f l ' lx' W' ' J N"pie" :Q 'T-V45'E?4x'aL41!'E ' . N " 1 f '5'?"'7f,g' Q,-1 L. Io R.-J. Nelson, L. Nelson, s. Nelson, L. in X N Y-I-X ski- 1 XT' ' Z Nelund, M. Nolen, J. Nuff, B. Olsen, D. Olsen. ffff ' f i . , 5: 4. 's 6 Yi es Q.. 'j ' ! l I f 'l 'I4 - W, W, L. to R.-J. Ortquist, G. Patow, G. Penon, Pfieffer. N. Ortquist, D. Patarozzi, R. Perry, D. Peterson, S. L. to R.-N. Pfester, Pickle, B. Picton, V. Porter. P. Phillips, P. Pickett, L. Plumhoff, J. Pomersy, J. L. to R.-J. Price, Rademacher, B. Rebone. L. Putnam, W. Racklin, M. F. Rahn, M. Randall, T. Rasmussen, L. to R.-M. Reck, L. Reterstoff, H. Riekels, M. J. Riekels, J. Rosinske. Ricco, R. Robbins, J. Rodgers, I. L. to R.-J. Roy, V. Ruel, D. Rundquist, B. Run- nels, C. Russell, B. Ryan, C. Sanford, B. Sayles. L. to R.-S. Scanlon, P. Schoonover, R. Schutter, R. Schutter, D. Scott, D. Seaman, S. Sequin, S. Seyferth. L. to R.- C. L. Sheldon, M. Shively, J. Shunk, S. Simmons, D. Smith, G. Smith, R. Spitale, L. Springer. L. to R.-J. Spyke, M. Spyke, C. Squires, B. Soclerman, D. Starks, T. Stathis, P. Steiner, J. Stern. L. to R.-B. Sterritt, D. Steuerwald, D. Suchecki, M. A. Sutherland, L. Taylor, J. Taylor, P. Terrian, C. Thies. L. to R.-A. Thompson, R. Thompson, S. Thomp- son, D. Tietsort, F. Timmer, G. Titus, K. Tobin, L. Tomon. L. to R.-T. Trautman, G. Tromp, V. Tromp, H. Udel, B. Ulfsax, M. Westphal, C. Westfield, M. Ward. L. to R.-L. Varner, N. Vander Werf, W. Vander- stelt, L. Vanderlaan, C. Vander Laan, J. Vander- Kooi, D. Van Eenenaam, K. Vredeveld. 1 H 7 7 W, xg: A new V X M X I,:..,J I Q' 0 1 UJZTL' 5 , , , 4 I X., . fs, ,IQ is gi gf- 'ns' ,X . 1 I.- , -, , , , J , wail 14555 fi . fi A . I f X 54 uw, -- L 'if . . 42 ff X . I I In RQMWI. . . 5. ,IQ as ' Ze Q I .-agf 'w' ' 'X -1 Ilgll -4 ' -' ' XSS "ff -if if ...A ml if! , fi ?, Q ' f ,s c J Q 2' ,,, ,.. , fc .t 4, . s. S' . X- A ,Q fe . -s- 5 -If QQ ,z we-' I XY' ig: , ' -II' I I W as , f . 2 s . I' 1 4- ' .Y A697 K' .A . . X W .. , f f. ,Q ,F V .. ff' . 1 1251 s ' A ' fu 1 -ff , ...M , .M , Q ,y V S , 1 f . . 'K sz 15-3323-If I L -f I-f 1 2' 5 .1 ' I, , f .ffkgg fi' Q ,gg Q3 'I ir wi 2 Q fi , LI X 5 A . If f ' mei? 4032, . f I 1 i-I4 'CJ , X , 'gi g-w, N , f- 9 , N. ' fs fy QNQI, , ,V X , if-ff f' 323. f 5' Jw- G1 '- N. ff, ' I is I 'I .f . Nw X to ' 5 , EAM , f J , f W Q.. me if 4. J ,, nz J., .., 'V in J X z"'I. rs fi IT no .-fr., .ff Mfg V' 'f'5I ' so 2 1 It s .1 5 ' 9- IC- 9-.. X-2 4' 2. 24- we .W ,z 1 I KY , if J ' " I' fi Z'-1 , I K?-1' ' f, 1 5 ..t.. f 2? i fi my W ms" sa w 5 ,,. 1" . ' ,W F ' ". . Y M ' ' " - N' 'f L M. I A 7 .H . ' ' , Y ,V . , , ,W M m , , -ef ' 5 1 I f , N -.1 e 1, 7. 1 I , ,Q Q. I I ... q- :g f on , 4 J X ff, Zh Y - , ' 1 f 545.4 'i is-ff! ' V f 3-ff I Q, W V . ' fffibll vw ff Q3-JV' . I 1 J .Nd P' If ' MI' "" ,J fy- . ,rr We-.ig ,, TI ,2,I,g iff 1 - ff .Izf . V f J ,J ,ff ff I .JW 1 QQX 'irq ' K ' l L , II. I I. . ' r 1 I S , -Q .fi 5? 1 - ,gf . gym' ' , .5 X Q1 gl .2 S, X K ' X , . H Q' sw N' . T' 4 'T R f . 'G' . W' 'J i 11. if -7 Ki I 1 4 A , K W t .ff 'f' , r' K' af 'fr 1 7. 7,4 II ie , 415 It e V J 0. I L- 1 f N... 55 5. , . If , ag W .f tv-. 3 Q 2 lkgs v K7 sm A 11' I . 1 gg 1 4, ., A A W Q my 4' W fn' In I W, i' . ,, W 5 'f " ' V, ,I 'A . 2 - . ws... E --vw of We II -N . 7 . M. ff . .. g H 1 4 . X ,If .ff l f " f' l . X 1 I . V . Q 1 f lt' ' l S l 7 ii? f fd 01 X 4, "y 4 V 7 Q X , F 7 ' ,gf 552 l Z A I z ifv I . 5' ' if l1f?f ' 'ii f li if-lf . Vi' 4 . f ff. I zfw-Q . . 3. 5 X ,I .. K, -fy, f X .A I X , A I fflifl ,Q i ' Q l Rfw, 5 ,He gill A I fi 5 QP ,Mg I, xv' jg. fe. ,, .f ' 'l'l5 4 my 5.1 J' , ,. f an , W 'A-me " li ' , ' iiiaf , if f 'r ' f , .2 5 3' 3' A is ' 'Q elif , f K . , l ligv iif 'M' W ie A X fn J , ' Z' , Q 1 ' 4 ' .. ,Yi 4 , I -' 4 f.. J . I, 5,5 5 .agp S- ey V . xt? 55, ,K at ga .L avr.. X 4 M. Q f , ,, A. . 4' T ' f. .Q 17 q. ic Ji. 5:5 . -131 If . . 1 .V ,NL t A , I Jiffy J ...Q I - ..,. . , Jr 'Ff' -- Jil A21 A 1 ' ii US? is 57,5 fig' ,, if Q ., . f 9. A W 1 Jr f : .si li.. P V A M 1 I W '-QQ 'a ,N -A if R . A 4- n . r, i A - R V Q' + - A. L1 i'f"T'fL Qi4'5' 4 . :ver 2. : ki S 'WA' A ass. - al ii an 2 K' 1 K," V N e... 1 - Q- .1 5 13"-Z, ,L 1 is", XR A sf Xp A of ff 9 A , , gk If P '7' f ' L' ,, ,f "1 if .. il Q so my br 'lr ' A as '4 ,R .f- gsm 3- le- M. . A 'F 1 . if 7 ' "2 Q? if ', 5 -1 7 'gr 35. if A if 'ff' fx. gym y K . X . y il , M, X X ,5 gif V X I K A in g .ings V . as l .. me -1544 . ..f .fi 1 'f fr R L ci: ii L 'i "Q QL A J il A if . .11 f . df f if, f I... W- -".... lf WAR' 5 'I' .- 3 xi F A L ev, .272 " Q1 fell- ,KL ,, X, pf .-fix ff S2 Y Q - ,. ,K ,:x,1', X. X 1 y , K ' in . , , I f x ia. 59' 1 - w. 5 I .. , 2. fs K x sf. A '. P-N - WJ., T' ', 'iq gf-L' V41 1' if- .2 1 - I. ' L ' Y .f V 'H f . IQ., . 1 - J - ,W - ' X , - is ,9T'r. X ,. Q- Q, . ss: r , - 'Q if, f" A. E. ' - -A 3555 f' lik . i22'Q"4f?3"!z 116 L. to R.-D. VerHulst, C. Villanueva, C. Visser, H. Wichter, J. Wickerink, M. Wickerink, P. Wil- coxson, J. Wilkinson. L. to R.-M. Williams, J. Willis, N. Wolcott, J. Wortleboer, R. Wright, M. Yonker, M. Zeanwick, B. Zielinski. L. lo R.--A. Zirk. L. to R.-B. Anderson, C. Anderson, M. Archer, W. Balaban, P. Banninga, S. Belasco, T. Bitzer, M. Bohn. L. to R.-L. Bon, C. Boone, B. Bowen, N. Bruning, M. Buck, C. Buckley, P. Buris, L. Cannaday. L. to R.-B. Carr, L. Carter, H. Connell, D. Cratty, J. Decker, R. Decker, L. Dill, G. Dippel. L. to R.-C. Dobberstein, N. Durgan, J. Dykstra, J. Fairfield, K. Fearnley, E. Fethke, B. Flemen, M. Foosc. L. to R.-D. Greene, B. Greer, J. Grimm, C. Gustine, R. Harris, D. Harvey, C. Hasseldahl, B. Heaton. L. to R.-M. Hill, J. Howard, G. Johnson, H. Johnson, M. Johnson, H. Jones, H. Kampenga, D. KarKanen. L. to R.-A. Keillar, N. Kendall, J. Kidd, S. Kid- der, R. King, M. Klasno, J. Klevering, R. Klinkner. L. to R.-C. Knapp, B. Knoll, A. Kooi, B. Kozck R. Kuypers, J. LaCourse, R. Larsen, P. Lash. L. to R.-D. Leak, F. Leventis, K. Linton, C. Lipton, K. Maginity, R. Manchester, M. Lyle, B. Matthews. L. to R.-D. Mavis, D. Moycrcft, P. McCormick, C. McGinthy, B. Medenclorp, P. Menzies, W. Monroe, J. Morrall. L. to R.-D. Newmann, A. Oakes, A. Olsen, B. Osborn, J. Parker, S. Parker, P. Peterson, B. Pippen. L. to R.-L. Postema, S. Pulsifer, L. Roberts, G. Russcher, R. Scheidegger, C. Seastrom, N. Skelton, S. Slover. L. to R.-J. Start, Y. Sternburgh, M. Swanson. A. Taylop, D. Tohman, D. Vanderlaan, G. Van- derLeest, M. Vanclerstelt. L. to R.--D. VanDyke, G. Visscher, J. Vredeveld, T. Wall, M. Way, K. Welbes, K. Westling, R. Wikman. L. to R.-R. Wilcox, H. Winter, N. Witham, M. Wright, B. Zwicker. ,424 wart' , 1' ,.?,1k W - 9" .s Mf g! is fS'Q,f r, QR V L .1 -.1 2 , . W' 5,14 ffm ' ' ww- , Q11- K.. f .-.Q A l"f Q aff' P 9 7-if vw it . f" t N 1 he 53.2.4 tt than il 18 , ,S . , .4 . ' ' V , '- f ' KL! . ..,. -' . . 4 ' i f T Q rf 'S y' J' P P ' .3 lg . Q Rf 2 ' f . n l . i ll 1 42.5 4-Q14 rn. , X Q. 'D 2..' I G S F: Q 2 Q - . 1 Xyf X ev' Q W X fd Q If ,N XQT, I ... ,, ya Ex, , H S ,, I Um, .A J , ff 7. 5-4 N 75 r . W . A '19 XV. J fa 1, ' . 5 W, , .,- , ' r .,, Q k ,W lf' QQ, iff XY. Xt' , I - jf izgff, X yu- x wg K - .f' K Q , 29 Y' fx. V L ff f .. ,gym 2 4 , ' 1, , gifs: SR- 94, .-M W 5 2 'gk f. I .gy 1 . 1- , VV? , Q f in V , X YZ?-,K P M n y , X, , gf-7 XX Q, YR- '- , V, ' Q... it ,fi , V 'Q We t ff an P PM Q X I , . X, G A .V Q A. , 4 , QQ -Q, ' I .. ' V 1 V I -his A . 3 , .,,, . W J, V We r . . P e 9 X 9. 7 8 RIENDSHIP and understanding is the basis for world unity School life endows students with the clrt of making friends. O 'Q ff' Q' MK! wr V wfa ,,A"9"v 2 , Q ,ly fa, .25 f , 1 x ' x , its . X 413 Wdruym G 4 X , Q f V 4 1 H9 , fm 0 A f V , f R ff Qxa xx, f 1 cf' ,W ,7 M 4.,,.-YV ffm. W Q, Q Wh www Ni-, fm-- 1 f , Q s"' 2 A 42 Mi" 1 2 'Q .V , wr f ' X "7 ff z, J. is? ,W "Q 5 H36 W. , M x .J H, , , , + , f X ' m,,f5 ,, Y, 'JN X 9 W3 I , 2 W ' , . f V, W. , ff, W9 A 'l ,ljfw -fs' JR W 2 'Q Q 'iff ' J ik if X , x . 'fi 4 'X fif- V Blix! MWW? My , R I 4 ' A e WW W .M 4 K, 4 A LQ!- ?4,'4' I K 1 Wm ,ZX MA A M., ff Aw ' Sm I th w MSW w- f w mf 4 'fs y 45-sw .6 x , , f W 1 O Football dances are very popular and everyone has a good lime. w N ' Ab , ' in , UW xx x .iillix x, Most likely to succeed are Peggy Nelson and Robert Briney of the 1951 class. X N N .L emi X X Ns X cxgfff MQW' fememiefz Me feelin!! dance Zim! Zed aff Me gem. 74nd Jaw com we fungal Me Zaaiaffafze 7 Mr. Paulson sells Georgia Caris supplies while Pal Sikkengcx, Paul Murphy, and Paul Ladus wait their turn at fhe book store. Most likely To succeed in class of 1952 are Helen Carlson and Dick Ortquisl. km fi... 'Yi A tense moment in the game draws mixed emotions, Fl If 1 , , We efeclfed aide aacwlfzq 4 a ccmla Dave Stipe, Dobbie Schrieber, Jim Buck, Elaine Paige, and Margaret Borgeson wait their turn to vote. , fn. ffl Q-nu-1121 I I I f 1 We ,ly agua play game aa onlime, aw! Courtly manners are dis- played by Jack Grimm and Neola Anderson in "Berkeley Square." " mkeq 7a 7 haw" game cw can . , . Aw, don't cry, honey! Peggy Nelson and Bud Schaffer in the exchange assembly. Dick Duncan, M.C., awards Bill Zimmerman wilh prize turkey. 4 . 123 QQ i X X x Q' N' f i,g,gq.! I I I Doris McNiYt and Dick Harpsler are voted best-locking in class of 1952. ' we melee! Za Me we mf nam 125 -K ASKK HI? Wi, ,,..,..,f--1---H' mm Tlme out for Archie Runnels. Qcwlgdag lg, Me ,ed me, 1. .1 1 W7 Bo ordclhl are voied cutest couple by class of 1951. b Smith and Barbara St 1951 class cut-ups are Jack Lewis and A ' cl rhs Med- en orp. 12 6 V - Hackley Manual Training School --the firsf in the siule. Me fum! Mem made cz gaad ,Mace Za deep, B I Ihl P f 1951 R d S ff d Joyce H k p 'I27 2 Students lake time out for CI mid morning snack. knee elecegde-we meme geeel, weeee 'L' Meg 7 "Dudes", Bill Eller, Bob Wilson, and Archie Run- nels. L ,N 3 A W-my ,, ememfefz ide 5416664 aj Me miami' adam Dixieland Band enfertains during the show. - ev- fr , -fflw-ffgfgidij L:-if-"-' H-nwlvvai.. Q-1 -1-L-1-1--m1-wnL. ,.,m...... Ann Stark and Richard Kowalski, best looking in class of 1951. We Jeiped Zag Me foundation az Reginald Fues, Bernd Thomas, Tulo Stathis, and Norbert Woelfl were am- bassadors from Germany and Greece to our school in 1950-5'l. 130 Jetta mwlewzkwddag away wwdam xg-N X mwsbgak I I I I x,X wwf s Ceniral Junior High School is the alma maier of many senior high studenls. ll' is a landmark here on the campus. , , . am dew came Za lea -mmf , v 'P sf, 'Q I I I the Annual Tea 1OA's. Mothers are served at for 1'2'l Y S 1 E V Left-Best all-around students of 12B's, Colleen Saylor and Dave Cook. . , . cmd we had am ,edatmea taken, Q wmch the birdies li-1 :wide atadeala MEZZ mm' gavage! Me new canine! mam, Dicklcol dLI Ppp Best all cl td 1 f 1951 I 13 Left--"Jack," Gordon Paul, tells "Angie" Barbara Fleischmann, that he loves her. Above-Betty Kelly receives instructions about props Lower Left-L. to R.-"Mrs, Morrow," Ann Harring tony "Lorraine," Marilyn Hainp "Martin Keefe,' Terry Connelly "Kitty," Pat Girdnerp and "Mr. Mor row," Wendell Jacobson. Lower Right-"Margaret," Leila Poppen, and "Art,' Alan Arms, pack the lunch basket. an fa M eawleemfd Z nw r i 4 4 f 4' ' X' M fl 4 A 7- - 74 Z, Nw- . f Z if J? ' af M ,QXQZSH A 6111111 W Above-"Fitz," Rirhard Kozalg L'Margie," Janice Mishg and "Jane," Patsy Johnson. Left-Pat Lancaster helps "Tony," .lim Buck, with his makeup. Lower Left-Pat Girdner as "Kitty" advises everyone to, "Have a gumdrop." Lower Right-Dick Swanson and Ron Wortelboer are ready at the light board. l 4 0 ummm, " aww cz Zag I r I 1 s i 1 N Miss Ebba Bedker Miss Ethel Raue S.. i S .Sf C '- - . ' "' , .1 -. Students of Winesap School Last year Muskegon Senior High students were introduced to the need of helping students in local- ities suffering from poverty by joining the Save The Children Fed- eration. This federation provides assistance for any unequipped school desiring aid. Under this plan MHS adopted Winesap School in Tennessee. Miss Ebba Bedker was named sponsor and with the help of the Student Council began sending books, magazines, art supplies, and a teacher's desk. Last sum- mer Miss Bedker and Miss Ethel Raue visited the school and found a broken-down school house very much in need of paint. The child- ren were, for the most part, un- derfed. MHS students responded gener- ously. With their contributions food, dishes, sporting goods, books, and many other things were bought and sent to Winesap. The various organizations of MHS sent more books, a radio, sports equipment, games, films, and Christmas gifts to them. This proiect is a tribute to Miss Bedker for her wonderful super- vision and to the students for their unselfishness. lt would be fitting for a project of this nature to become a tradition at MHS. We Zeawed la Mme md!! Zydaeaap cdifahea 6 my -f-- - -1.-.qw 1-Wi-fl .1 l Mrs. and Mr. Hubacker char with Mr. Manning at Dad's Nighf. l l l S l Left-Cutesf couple of the 12B class is Colleen Saylor and Marvin Groszowski. l J . . cz new 6112675014605 Zan! 'a Wdgfali aww cz Macaw Best 12B athletes are Mary Wicklund and Kurt Knulson. -- an n - I I 137 Best citizens of the 12B class are June! Westling and Paul Murphy. 8 Zoot af caccwe, tie mad! memafmlie mamenta A Maior social event -The Prom. meme gfmclcmldcwz and lie ,beam Ari Summerville and Marilyn Hain are best citizens of the 1951 class. 139 0 HE business men ot Greater Muskegon believe in greater educational opportunities for the youth of the area. They will- ingly help to train young people for the business world. Q e If o 0 o l . o 1 0 o 0 0 0 0 140 'xx 5X x XXQW, A 1 Y . X ' xqk L, M X :QR 1 E4 g 70' 0757 1 f I Our most grateful appreciation American Coil Spring Co. .... . American Store Equipment ...... Arbor Floral Co. .....,...,,K.... . Balbirnie Funeral Home ..,.......,,.... Baxter's Launderers and Cleaners John Wood Co. ................,...... . Bishop's ............,....................... Boaz Boot Shop .,........................ Brunswick, Balke, Collender Co. Budd's ,,,....,..............................., Buel's Boot Shop ...,. Camera Shop, The .................... Campbell, Wyant and Cannon .. Chaddock, Winter and Alberts .... Clock ........................,............ Coca-Cola ............ Commercial Press ..... Cole Bakeries .,...... Columbia Studios ................... Consumers Power Company ...,.... Continental Motors Corporation .... ........ Cutshall's, lnc. ......................... . Damm Hardware ..,.,.. Dana Printing Co. .... . Daniels ............ ...... . .. Earle Press ............ ..........., Enterprise Brass Works ..., Factory Supply Co. ..... . Federal Savings ,,..,.. Francis Jiroch Co. ....... . Garnaat Floral Shop ........,,......,.. ...,.... Hackley Union National Bank ...... ......,. Harwood-Nelson ......................... ........ Hasper's ....,,.,.. Hosler's .,... Hostess ..,............... Hunter, Alfred J. .... . Jones Electric Co. 17 6 27 for your financial support. It has made this, our forty-eighth yearbook, possible. Krautheim's ....,,........,................. ,,.... 3 4 Lakey Foundry and Machine Co. ...., ,..,., 2 9 Long, George A. ...................,.,..... ...... 2 5 Manning, Maxwell and Moore, Inc. .. ..... .36 Marsh, C. W. ....................,.,..,....... ..,,.. 2 9 Matson Oldsmobile .... ..3l Michigan Bakeries ...............,,.,... ,...., l 4 Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. ..,.. ,..... l 4 Milady's ...,..............,.,.,,..,..,..... ,,,,,, 2 1 Mill's Ice Cream ........... ,,,,,, 1 9 Muskegon Agency ,,......., ,,,,,, 2 3 Muskegon Savings Bank ,....,,- ,,,,,, 3 3 Muskegon Tool and Die Co, ,,,,. ,,,,,, 7 National Lumberman's Bank ,,,,- ,,,,,, 1 1 Office Supply Co. ,.,.....,,,,, ,,.,,, 1 1 fs ' 6 O-So Grape Bottling Co. ..... . Parmelee s ........,,,.,,.,,,, Peerless Plating Works ,,,,.,, ,,,,,, 3 1 Peterson's ........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,-,-, 3 0 Pine Street Furniture Co. ,,,,,,25 Pringle, Merrill A. ,,,,,.,.,,,,, .,,,,, 1 0 Pyle Pattern and Mfg, Co. ,,.,,- ,,,.-,, 2 4 Quality Cleaners .,,,.,,,,,-,,, ,,,,--- 2 0 Quality Service Stores .... ...... 1 8 Radium Studio ,,,,.,,,., ,,,,,-- 1 0 Sanitary Dairy Co. ,,,,,,,,,A,,, ,,,,,. 3 2 Schlossman, P. J. and Co, .,,, ,-,,-,, 7 Sealed Power Corp. ........ .,,,-,, 3 7 Square ..........,.,..,,.,,,,,,, ..-.,-- 3 2 Steel Fabricating Co. .-,, M28 Ted's Pants Shop ....,, ..,,,, ,,,w,,- 3 1 Tourcotte .....,...,.,....,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,- ,,,,,,, 1 8 Vandervelde's Furniture Co. 9 Vet's Men's Wear ........,..,,-, ,,,,,,, 2 O Walters' Pharmacy ..... ,,,,,,, 2 7 Weber Lumber Co. .... ,o,,,,, 1 3 Westshore Printers ..... .....,, 1 7 Yonker and Son ........ ..,,,.. 2 7 PHOTOGRAPHY by , ' 5' aiffvfgy ' pl Wai' -3 . 4 ' . A 'A 1 I J, -. ' '.l . 1!'HgI',,fxx '- L F 26" ' Q "fr - ,I -A f i 'Pi ' ' 1' . wif' ll? af' ,!"" CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - - - PARMELEI-f'S Cjeweiflefffmd mc! Your Credit QM? WMM Jewelers fe me I Glam af I In Muskegon ' 1957 214 W. Western I In The Heights I The Camera Shep 12,27 Peck Street I EU E.B1-oadwaq Muskegon HI g Y Y 60 fke CLASS OF 1951 CONGRATULATIGNS And BEST WISHES JUHN WUUD GUMPANY BENNETT PUMP UIVISIUN MUSKEGUN, MICHIGAN Gompfimezzfs 1vrUsKEGoN Tool. S' . p Left to Right -- Bob Rop, Bob Fcurfleld, Duck Versclle, Bud , uucomp, Gordon Vcnderwier -The Cafeteria DIE CCMPANY I 392 Irwin Avenue Muskegon, Mich Congratulations to the Class of 1951 Michigan Regent State Strand PAUL I. SCHLCSSMAN CO. - ll - I l i I I Tl or V - - , 4 .7177 Y We on-gs pf , , fn ,e xl W B 335355323185 X H4NUFf4CfURfRS 0fl7lUNEfR5 HR455 O00l15'HR455L.HR0NZf ANDAIIXMINIIM CASIINGS! H S 3 Qualitg Shees for All the Femilq Sav " Mor Florsheim, Rhqthm Step Markets Vitalitg, Red Geese Convenient Locations 260 Mason Ave. 9 I37 E. Lalceton Ave. . .. In S 788 W. Laketon Ave. 00 3 f 333 W. Wesiern Five. Tel. 2-3232 Best Wishes fro the class of 1951 Ralph James Balbirnie gan alliandf TO THE CLASS OF 1951 YOU are the Home- mahers of Tomorrow! Let us furnish your future home with lovelier home furnish- ings at the lowest possible prices. f Jawa 52 1' 32" WW-We .- -' -.-lf'-'li 1 l23'T'f." .rf-.if ,,. 3f-.'g1"- ,-'.-,Q-iv...-xr.-L'1-1-..fag-:T--:,,.13.3-11-xv'-V -'f-3: ' V-1-1 -44-1.-.sph-'I-zfsz-.V-. '-e.',-4f.9g-,.4-'- , .- 34.1.10 ,3-qhzff 411- 7.2:-3-. '-'ez-136179-'ffP:1Ef'-'fi,vzftzlrffp-. i1i:':'2i1' .1:',..-3'.1iJ'-1 W'EA-2-, -fliiffwl Q" F f 1 lifgfiffi " ' 'ff fi I '4'-925' w'1M'A'-f"-"-'- .--.1-acl. --iv:-.51-141-wig-1-1:--1 -' - " . . g.54-cgi:-:45.11ga1o.4 .- . . ii" "-1:1 1117 g:2-,fz2'2:-2:jif?jQ:Q"fg'3' Q f.f1:'5Q:Q'S 1:-QQ A :W 3.--5: 1-16511-z-5-151 .2-ii - '1 1' 11" ii:?11.:f1:1:-2-1:1141-1-' 9 1z-1-15vu:-1-1-'sz-1.-1-1-114:-f11-.-1-1.1-1:--N11 - .V iff-?5'5FLl51'1GZ: -1114.11 J 2. . 5:1-.ziia 1: -. .. 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BROADWAY AT FIFTH ACROSS FROM NORGE Compliments ugh!-Edylhe Grolenhuls, Joan Maha ni Ncncielu Inman, Beily J Radium Photo L Service ' 367 W. Western Q Complete Lite, Accident, Health, and Hospitalization Insurance Service FOR EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY Merrill A. Pringle GENERAL AGENT WASHINGTON NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. 202 Muskegon Building Telephone 2-5797 Qanqfmfllzfzfaiiafai Za Me Glam cj f95f ge: Evergthing lor the home and office desk i Ullice Supplies Inc 885-HB7 Terrace St. Muskegon, Michigan - Save Regularly And Watch it Grow The National Lumberman's Bank Mmkegnwa Ulrfefu' Bank l l ,i 1 L ,l 1 ' T "wi , 1'-I Oar Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Graduates Of 1951 I-IOSLER'S ONES ELEC TRI COMPANY MOTOR WINDING ELECTRIC WIRING HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS Congratulations and Success to the Graduating Class of 1951 CLOCK iln1 :Z- ' 'in' '4L- H! ' Gcmqfmjwfcziicmd Za Me ' lewelers, Gpticians QQQJMQQHQ SQMZCQM 227 WYestern Ave. Nationally Advertised Gif Diamonds, Watches f95f and Jewelry Factory Set Cash Prices o I Credit at no extra cost 455 UTTAWA STREET PHONE 2-E519 We Mme Wm ccwfzcfmce Bw!! l ,I il 1 Si! l 24 I-lour Service I3 -l' Congratulations to the graduating Class ot 1951 V ef emacs mae Bakers of Perfect Bread and Rolls M Qczkmzed fnc. we Top Left t R ght -- Ken Schulk, Ben Lindsay, Chu l Cl l BH Lnrngm-snyey D Stp CIA Rlf lllary Margaret lllollride is u world-famous radio reporter, whose counsel on food products and household equipment is sought by millions of listeners. "I advise my friends und listeners . . . if you want the best in refrigerators, buy the silent Servel GAS refrigerator . . . the one refrigerator that stays silent, lusts longer." Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. I1 L 1 11' GancffzczZwfaZian4 and gui! Wfblfzei Za Zee CJZQ44 af f95f BILTMURE V EULUMBIA STUDIOS tto Right - Collette Neil, Dick Duncan, Jack Grimm, W t L ncoster n L ftt R'ght--P r P I' g s nyJ h L 1 Pop- "A Gift That Only You Can Give' B b Fl h Phone 2-3013 for Appointment 184 W. Western Avenue D 'H Z W- Y - Re esh add zest 1 fp- to the hour eomso UNDER Aumomrv OF me cocA.cotA COMPANY ev Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Muskegon illlllll ardware fompany Muskegon's Athletic I Equipme i: Store Quality Beverage Co. A 660 Tch St. Phone 2-24-90 I . , om-, oo, m,,,,,,,.....,l r r i ,, .....l WW Smear fallm Me Somew flaw-mf he ham O Continental Motors Corporation -qi i ' T - I"-1 Cjcwqfzcziizfaifcand Compliments mmf of Emi Wzwm ZC9- like I 81641 af X957 2 Wm . AMERICAN CUIL West Shure Printers 3 1 SPRING CQ. Y gfarwoog-Oyefson ff-ww K X ' ,,,, I W X-WW UCQQDLQZM Left to righf-Joyce H k p Don Kohler, Tom By J Muscr, B b L' d t 7 Top-b tt -Pl S'kk g Midge Wesierlund a d M Lyman Bldg. Tel. 2-57l4 ' Qinea r . 'DNS LEAN' 'Q S' Qc . i . Q A Q ' Q'-' 58' sf' 44 Sv 1.20 Slam afefm vzmm one an Wm nv S . I8 400424 lffficfziqan efl lo Right - Par Lancasler, Duck Duncan, Don Huldln, ,, , -1-ii Um Qcmqfzainlailzca-444 am? Rea? WLMQJ Za Me Qmcfnaiea Z riney, Nancy Sells Ca m Left to Righl - Barb Arnson, Belly Cashbaugh, Pele R h ll Ch i Mills Ice Dream Bankin That's Buildinv Greater Muske on g Z9 g Complete Bank and Trust Service GREATER MUSKEGON'S LARGEST BANK, THE HACKLEY UNION NATIONAL BANK Muskegon Muskegon Heights Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ' 1 Y '1 1n l QCQWLQZZZQQQ Y- -QOMPJQENTS CQ r FAMOUS I I ly FAUTURY vers ze: SUPPLY UU. W. H135-42 Terrace Street Her GFENQQEY PLAN CLEWZQS CLE JNG r X ,K . f , I ,,.,f'fpI,V,,,g,if,,2A Cpposite Central Ce mpus Ray Wierda l50f+-8 S f d Ph 23IO9 7:-1 ?Y4 -..L-,in - -- i f , y X Him' anyone H, af A rfeciafes Wm viwnlfing V W .ii .,,1 M UANA PHINHNIE EUMPANY - 7 - W Y- Y '1 LYY MILADY'S 4 e . . the new "soft-as-Chamois" it brushes up like a ADVERTIZED IN ESQUI R E THE MONTHLY NEWSMAGAZINE leather. N0 shining! Suede-surfaced, fine fedora. Double-stitched soles. Brown or Blue. e X544 e m uf? ' yffl kgq fre Q FREEMAN Mae ,Ht F00'rYK'FAH UF SUCCESSFUL MIN Freeman Shoes 45995 to 52495 CUTSHALIJS eww af smiefez Mm Lyman Bldg. 294 W. Western ii Ist i - l q -I Upper left, left to right--Curtis Stewart, Hank Ri kals D Livingston Virginia Mudgett Ron Patton Je L f T B t Upp 'ght-Ei ' P g D A N I E L S i Distinctive Gifts it Office Equipment Books U L ,L Portable Typewriter ARBOR FLORAL COMPANY 24 gears ol Dependable Service .x'T4,i,if:jlei.kfA . 'l'fifi5 " N V 359 .inf Uur Flowers Are Alwags Greenhouse Fresh 1222 Peck Street Muskegon, Michigan X DRIVE CAREFULLY BUY CAREFULLY Get Your Auto and Other lnsurlnco at THE MUSKEGON AGENCY, INC. , --ig93i.l,Terrace Phone 2-2871+ Opposite Court l-louse i im' JULY if o,..................,1 Compliments 4 ot ,H F J H 'I I ' I. ff-M Y l Eldridge. 1 i Upp 'ddl I p-Jim Bcshom Ron Lofgr B H COYO BH Bl h H . l Middle, I fl 9 'ghi--E I M ll A 1 C P 9 lg asler, Gene H Oh y T y C Il I light, lop-Barbara 51 d hl d G Righh boffom--Bcrba S9 k an gl nl l Congratulations Campbell yant and Cannon Foundry , , ,,,, ,YYL , ,Y l'-- -4- --l l 13--W 24 X f zi pi iiii l Congratulations to the June Q Graduating Class gin Y p If io right-Helen Nelson, Verdcn S I I S h Colleen Suylor. n If 'h--D' B A C I l f GEORGE A. LGNG "Your Typewriter Mann Headquarters for School Supplies 6cwzgfmZwfczZZcw4A Za Me Glam I Ulf 795' Pine Street Furniture Co. Home Furnishers to Greater Muskegon For Holi oi Century Your Savings Account Invited Muskegon Federal Savings 6' Loan Association "Blm'lf Front lgllllfllllg on l'1rsl St 41 I I I I Left-Clayton R It Mid dle -R h Il Ch Righ N yB gl d Q1 EARLE PRESS INC Compliments I "QUALITY PRINTING" O OFFSET AND LETTERPRESS PRINTING Francis Jiroch Co. Wfloolesale Candy, Cigars, etc. i 915 PINE ST. 248 Market Street EARLE --Pat Lancaster, Ann Stark. per middle- Anita Cons. ' if A-il 'tg ' Qmmwmedd ca YUNKER and SUN Plumbing gl Heating 1147 Third Street 1 , e e 11' Flowers for oil i Ylfillflflvs Occasions PHARMACY Qsilifsiz 9 0553 Rexall Drug Store GAHNMT FLUHAI. SHUP I Teleeeeee 2,3663 1378 Peck Street Tel. 2-3391 ' 1394 Peck St. Muskegon, Mich l N' ,F .rl A 'l l -. ' . rr CQ M M4 1 Q . J if f g Fi 'Fi , Y' WQQ , If ,---:Sf Upper left, lop-Gary Page. Bottom-Paul Sculler. Upper middle, left to right-LaVcmge Kellogg, Shirley Aurich, Belly Pennell. STEEL FABRICATING co. lr Lower left-Dorothy Bates, Art Summerville. ' Middle, left to righl-Chuck Eberbach, Bud Beoucamp, Ro- chelle Ciherln. . Lower rlghf--Junel Wesllmg. ' i-.zf 5 gfw- ,-ef -:4rL::---'-'-""g ' ' W'-' g' w pig li Q fczll4'cWz4 fo Qfzczcfuafllei of 195.7 Alfred Hunter 8c Co. 1818-1838 Henry .T li , Qgw vw f fy, Z, I , ...J 1 .Li X 4427 4 Q 1 ", 'V gi ,V V -...J 'Eff 4 . 14 551 1.1 1,4 W hz e Z, Q ' K :wif f' f me 'G' ,. 1 Top, left to right-Betty Johnson, Helen Nelson, Betty Bowen, 1 Ardis Kool. Bottom, left to rgiht-Janet Lower, Betty Casbaugh, Betty 1 Boyne. , 0. . Aland: li 1 w bi!! wpplim Lakey Foundry and Machine Company QMZQQLZ4 4? 7 Lyman Bldg. Tel. 2-57llt Top, left to right-Sue Bont, Don Currie, Jean Thue, Be Scott, Put Hum It. . . . O k N 0nqrafL1fafi0125 rom The Careful Workers at BAXTER LAUNDERI-:Rs and CLEANERS PETERSON'S t for Better Foods 1386 Peck St. Phone 2-3448 phreys, Georgia May, Kenny Pickett, S Upper lefi, left io righ!-Maureen Corey, Jean Thue, Pa! H h h B fl dt M E Th ump reys, T or ru C1 , Georgia ay, ugene ue. B k J Cl ff d -' ior. Upp 'ght-T p' R' h d Mddl b k-L 'I P pp A C T W d Eclyih Grh'P1MphyMy MNH F -T y C II M y A C G g C Bon- H h I ' L I f-J W H' ld - I QGMQZZMBWZ4 1 U1 I " 4 MATSON OLDSMOBILE -V -- nf- nf- 1 1 Qcangfzainfczfzcand Zia like QQQJMQZQJ af X951 Tedgs Pants Shop Specializing in pants - sweaters - jackets 212 VV. Western Ave. Peerless Plating Works 2554 Getty St. Phone 3-8470 31 SANITAR DAIRY CGMPANY 5 1 'Use EM! f "Just k Ask T pl ff I ffi 'ghl-D Huldi PI IP ! D k S 33:11 Sl:H,T'ghLTAIgBh WB K3 kB kj kc Gan ' nd la llfze Qfzacfualat usnooo s lu gmnf' INA uovs b..,:.,15.-1,:,1,,--1- . .,., .,,:-.:1::::1-2-.- - .V-.11 QV,12f2'j12iiiQi'QQ1if15552sf555551ig535352E5555:iii225525552Qi532ii255Q53311Q5Q.i:.fgfg1gaiQ:ii5i-?1'i '9 A. -"Q" 1 :z252ifif1Efiti1M. , ..,., N' I N ! ,,w,, AA,..... efEia11FZz"'P11if1fi3f5?5i5i-':.. 51 Q .. K ,wifi 3- Don't let money worry you N Work for it and it will work tor you MUSKEGON SAVINGS BANK IV-1 " 'ply ' i Courtesy ot BISI-IOPS The Friendly Furniture Store 427-435 W. WESTERN K NUW I CAN GET Xl K AROUND TO MY WORK! xx Sc QQ 3 l x.. , E Q 'SEBQYCCESPWATT 3 - f 1 Upp l ft-P ggy J h n. -Q m m upp r -J ' M h M ' rf: p B lyzu 11 R'ght--R d y B' . L ce-JYH kpM KI pBlIBl THnoueH Fzmzq kof Reoovwxes .1 J 1 Your Greater Mugkegon Adequate Wirilmg Bureau will be glad to help you with your wiring Problems. Phone 2-2634 l 1 l YE li I ll '-r-A-'V 'M' 'H' " E 'H " - -. ' For Finer Gifts-Select From KRAUTHEHVTS Quality jewelry Since 1887 l 6 l AMERICAN Store Equipment Gil. jfrauffzeinz - and 329 W. WESTERN AVENUE l E Construction Corp. 34 3 l 5 , 5 P T' arty :me 1 ls a Good Time To See Us 1 .?. WE CAN HELP YOU gif- 'U f 1 5 9 Af l Upper lefi left to right-John Shrier Jim Buck Tom Byrnes K I I I . ,Qi Upper right-Bill Eller, Pal Johnson. .. Q55-gn--.inf 3 ' 5-P Q-un , 161-Q' L I f-Beverly Weiss, Peggy Lmdb k L 'gm-Jim suck, chuck Williams. " 0 1 Gale Bakefuat I -1 5 ,,,, , it For the "Sharpest" Shoes I l C W A Insurance l l 1. in T Dick Stop in io see us Bev Tocn ,BOAZ SHOES I "The Family Shoe Store" ' Next To THE SQUARE ,li 1,-I I "This dependable Agency sells only dependable Insurance." Chadclockr Winters U land. V, Alberts e 301 Hackley Bank Bldg. idillll 10126. THE CUMMERCIAL i s E' 7 Qv ? wi H ,mxJ I fi Q 1, ,, "The Master Printers" i 2 -sawn is ,kiyv 'S " ' ,I ' M A " f I iii f l v 5 , ,J I Top, left 1 gh!-Mr. Knudson, Bob Scanlon, Clleve He d k J C ll D k V ll ric , i 'g n, ic ersu e. N 1 I 1981 Sanford Ph. 2-2575 i 1 , ,,,,Jl W Z is-. K , Gonqra fufa fiom Manning, Maxwell, and Moore, Inc. Shaw-Box Crane and Hoist Division Muskegon ........ Michigan 1 l, ,I I Si if 2 Qfzdciudfeaf - - We me flfmmcf of Qcm Like every good citizen, Sealed Power is proud of the fine young people graduating from our Greater Muskegon High Schools. You are the product of excellent teaching staffs and some of the best school facilities in the state of Michigan. In our 40 years, as one of Greater Muskegon' s largest em- ployers, we have followed a policy of giving preference to lo- cal graduates whenever possible. Many of them have advanced through our organization to top positions. We shall continue to follow this policy to the best of our ability because we have faith in you and we have faith in our local school systems. EALED 1, i Powsn ' Piston . runes SlfAllfD PIIWYEIH C0IllP0lHAfI0lI Piston Rings - Pistons - Cylinder Sleeves qgullnqsvii f, ,W Imfm A Cappella ,.,A7 ,. ,, 4 2 Administration .s ,... . 12 Band .,..,.........A ,A ,,A,,, 4 O Booster Club ..l,., ,,,,,, 4 4 Carmenta .........w.lA .-,,,, 3 6 Classes .A,o...,..,.,ooo..oo ,,,,,, 2 O Conservation Club ,,,,, Y,w,,Y 5 0 Faculty .............,..rsYs ,,,,,, 1 4 F.H.A. ...........,, 77,,,, 4 5 French Club ......,s -,.A,, 4 8 F.T.A. ..,.,,.,,, ,,.,,, 4 5 Hi-Y ,.v,,rsss,., ,,,A,, 3 8 Introduction 2 Keyhole ......... ,,,,,, 5 2 Library Club ....,.,rs..,.,,... 7w,,Aw 4 4 Masque ...,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,., A--,.A 3 5 National Honor Society ,vs,.. ,,,,,, 3 2 Orchestra ....,A,,....s.......,rs,. ,,,,,, 4 1 Press Club ..,.,.. ,w,,,, 5 1 Pro Musica ........ ,,,,,, 4 6 Said and Done ,,.,, ,,,,-- 5 3 School Life ,,,,..,, ,,,,,, 'I 'I8 Senate .....,,..,.... ,,-,.- 3 7 Senior Pictures ...., ,,,-,, 8 0 Shutterbugs ..,..s,, ,,,.,- 4 7 Spanish Club .,.. ,,.,-, 4 9 Speech Guild ....... ,,,,,, 3 4 Sports, Boys' ....., ,.,,4, 5 4 Sports, Girls' .....,,,, ,,,,,, 7 2 Student Council ....,,.s ,,,,V, 3 3 Table of Contents sss,,ss,,,.-. 9 Undergraduates Pictures ,,,,, A4.,,, 1 07 Y-Teens ,,,, ,,,Av. 3 4 .. ,,,,,. Sm.. M K ,4 4,,1.,,,,,.., ,,, , ,, ., V , , 'L Q. 1 -tis r W - - W- fm. . ... ,mn . .. .jf -, V mf , w we..-V-:-4-1 lung-Q.:w 1 I-'Q k lf. . 'g lffgi' hd, " V yP:., 1q.y -. --:xy V . QL' , - f 71011 334235 1-. 4+ . 3-5, aw 2. 5 bv f, La-Smurf . -. -ww ,- 1. 5 ' , z 1. 'L' if 2? 'X Yi-?a:ih:" 9 - A , ga, ff 1 fa .1 U1 wk.. 4.mnu.m,Q,1,: .1 . fm. .im I mn. A,,.:,4-A..m1mQnl-...Ju 'R uw 1553, 1-.ww X S Q 1u.:1?w - - Y

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