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Muskegon Heights High School - Oaks Yearbook (Muskegon Heights, MI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Un L. A fi ,gb n 5:93 haf 2 aw 29 Lf, H255 5 Fifi W 5 QL if Bl 5. fi fx: ,1 -- --vw-, 1, .F F- - ,A Y - ,,,f..- V -- . W, ,,w.,dAL:,- . . qv yi., ,. -, .W V. V. . ,. . A . . fu M H -1 ,. V. 1. wff' W-, ffffi, W, , , 11-M, . . -94 fa UQ W. -r' ' i ' , k V . .1 1. , K 1-21 .54 .f ,-f 1,0,f9' 1W7r'1,7r'vir9f'p"2g"f- as gy, p -y-L Af H- v.-Z-V ,V -,Nw -W, K N J I 14 'i g J Pg-'Y' f u ! A 4' ' ear my 9' an MTE 'Gig' g HW wird ' L M.. .V , , . Q 2 K I ' ' fi 1 X . ,. - Y ff P ' if , N , , , f- ' ' if' i - ' ' V t .cv , ' ' , z' . . ' Sa , , - K N , 212, L ' ' , ' ' L if? A ' V , ' V V 41. Q A V V , as Y , - th f Y ' . ' , V A 15? 1 K' fa ' - ' A . , ' N nf.. - V - K ' V V , 1 L L ' ' . Q ' 1 , 0 ' ' ' K " ' t 1 ' - 'JI ' iw , 1 ,' , A f ' . 1 . . , 1 . ii?-'--"A . fr f-g:fgf,:s:':'4v,s1-:w.:fvf T .Q , .. , f f ma nf 'T-vff-1-r . v ,vw-fV,.vv.m , Y Y -.W ,. . W.. .. .Y. -v.... . ,-V ---.. -f ,.. . .. .. . N-. , ,,f,,i,41-,35,,:,:4,.mLwW,,Qv,,f, -,,,L,1,gh,.gim .Q 1- ,Agfa -,Q ,-, my ,:c.g-1,35 A,--i f 4, . - fm.. , ,mf pw. 1-,.L,.:p5f-w - -W, ,,.-.53 :fgafam ff, ,f "' -yy ,-41.M ,,.,. -,iw ff -,...- , mf . ,W ,rg lm,-:.1. ff, . 3-M ,Mil f-I A - 2-- f " 31" f . - ., ,: ' I b'- 1' . , ' "' Y. , ., . .-f, 1' fm wwf- -c ' ' Izu mi'-Y .. . , 4 f .. ,, A '- 1,-U, , ,L ,'.',.:4. fg.'f My l k' ei . ' v.'1' f ' f 352 ' K' ' K ' Q2 H- Q- ?ii,i,,, ,.,, -,,,,,,,,,4 , , 4 1 , , , ,,VV A, .... fu., ..,,...,.,V i,,..,,,,,,:T-w.-,.-,. YW-V.--.. .L CJXE S U E VOLUME XXXDC MUSKEGUN HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, wnomaam GVA Edltor Sandra MUSICII Lmda Valachovlcs Dedlcatlon Admlmstrahon Faculty and Maintenance Sensors In Memoruam Page Who s Who for 60 Undergrads Athletics Music and Actnvutles Advertusements Publlcatlons staff EDITOR IN CHIEF Sandra Musuch ASSOCIATE EDITOR Linda Valachovlcs SENIOR EDITOR Marlene Chrlstlan SPORTS EDITOR Ted Harnngton PHOTOGRAPHER Lee Fortm PHOTO EDITORS .Ioan Schlhl Barbara Raymond ART EDITORS Glorna Amaya Alma Holstme UNDERGRAD EDITOR Loretta Scott ACTIVITIES EDITOR Cam Bromley PASTE UP EDITOR Luanne Ruphagen CHIEF TYPIST .Iudy Enckson SHIPPING MANAGER James Fulton 2 ADVERTISING EDITOR Karen Olsen FACULTY EDITOR Kathy Alexander STAFF SECRETARY Karlene Haase MUSIC EDITORS Anna McQulnn Roberta Lulofs STAFF ADVISERS Mr Murray Stat? Mlss Kenllor r Mr Schregardus A s Mr Krunzenga Consultant O Table of Contents ' ................................. . 4 U , , ' ........... 6 ' ................................ I8 ' ' ............................ 54 ' .................................... 72 ' ................ ........... . 90 ' ............ ................... I I4 I .' . i-At ' . . - d Foreword Our environment rs an Influential factor an our lives and the more mntuatuve we use to Improve at the more enloyable and profitable the years ahead wnll be We seniors feel that Mnchugon IS the foundatuon on whuch we can build our own andthe nation s future We beheve that our great state has much to offer us now but as graduates our outlook IS even brnghter Mlchlgan s many colleges and umversltles are ranked wlth the best In the nation therefore we know there ns an excellent educatlonal program awantnng us Her great automoblle plants and varied sources of productlon provude models for the world to emulate Indeed her mdustnal power IS recogmzea by those an all corners ofthe earth Mnchugan s rolhng farm lands her great Iron ore and copper mmes ofthe Upper Pemnsula and her ever beauhful water wonderland of lakes and streams are more factors which show us her well rounded personaluty Now that the world famed Mackmac Brudge has been completed Muchlgan has become more than ever a tremendous force strlvmg to meet the needs of her mother nation Furthermore the seaway has made It posslble for ships of foreign orlgm to soul into port almost to our very door' These are the reasons why we are proud of her why we want to make her better than she IS now why we chose Michigan as the theme of our l960 Oaks S M M 3 1 'r . . . , I . 1 I . . . . , , . I I ' I . . . , . ' I . , - - rr vu ' 1 I I ' I 1 1 D dicatlon Leonard Schregardus B A M A To you Mr Leonard Schregardus we dedicate this thirty ninth volume of The Oaks our senior class yearbook for l96O We are proud to do so and we sincerely hope you ws l be happy to receive the honor Born in Holland Mich gan you attended Holland Public Schools the Davenport McLac1lm Business School and thcw we understand a lot of other things happened didn t they? for instance there was your service with the military and a solourn in the Phillipine Islands Then you complet d more of your education at Citadel Military Col lege followed by a term at Northern Michigan University and a bachelor of arts degree from Hope College A few years later you earned your master of arts degree tta' an Somehow somewhere along the line you found time to acquire a wife and family to quo e you directly a grand wife and two wonderful children Kathy eight an.l Karen five During your tenure here at Heights High you were semor class acl vlser three times Hi Y adviser six times and advertising adviser of our yearbook The Oaks, seven times You also have been an officer active in the affairs of the Covenant Reformed church in our community These therefore are some of the more important reasons why we seniors chose ballot to oedlcate The Oaks to you th s year May we top it off by adding loyalty to ou school plenty of good spirit and pep when we need it most and a general love of leaching Good bye and good luck to you and your family from the Class of T960 4 I O I ' I - ' J - , 'I ' . I x I V I - , . . 1 . ' 1 " 1 1 I U U . . I . . . . I . . I . . . . I , .5 g more mathematicsl from Michigan State University. I . I . . . . . . . . . E' ' : H ' ' , ' , , I . . . I . I . . I .- . . . I . . . I I - I . . , , ' ' ' by , . , . . . r I I ok'5 O s. N N xg- ,.o Q' N 0 x A .nl - R x ,Ein E. 'N ax: 3' jf! K qw v A a 1 my ., Ai i 7:1 ,Z N' ' my f. we I I 1 'u ffgffiif 'J ,-+Q1vv ,-XX Superintendent iff! Fred E Strong Admlnlstratlve Board Organization Assistant James W Verduln Mrs Mclntyre MY Mafquand Mr. McCaleb Mr. Curl Mr- Campbell Mr, Faust My. Johnson Jr Mr Strong Take Me To Your Leader lf a little man from Mars should suddenly drop to earth one of these days somewhere in the vicinity ofthe Muskegon Heights Schools he might possibly walk up to you with his interpreter and say: Take me to your leaderl' Some of us we are sorry to say might be at a loss to know iust who our leaders really are ex- cept of course for our teachers principals and other administrators. Behind the organizatiow of our schools in this community is a hard-working, sincere group of individuals who, without pay and often without any public reward, do their best to make our schools equal to any in the state. Therefore, since we seniors this year are paying respect to the great State of Michigan and all its varied organizations, may we add the names of the Muskegon Heights Bocrd of education to the top of the list? Board of Ed ucatlon H A Krulzenga Principal A Word from Us to You As we leave our high school days behind and make our way into the future, we shall always remember you, Mr. Kruizenga, for the outstanding leadership you have given us throughout the past three years. We are sure that you not only have a sincere desire to build the good character of all of our students but you also should be commended for your leadership In the community where you continue to take an active part In civic and church affairs No doubt we shall appreciate your In fluence more as the years go by Thank you for your help Miss Bonnie Grilles Mn Annu Maryam Othce Secretar Office Secretary 7 Englls Alice Stangland BS Bob Jones University James V Cobb AB MA University of Michigan Gloria Deilke BS Bob Jones University Donald G DeWitt A B M A Bob Jones University Dannelle Barton BS Bob Jones University Mary Kelley A B Central Michigan William E Murray A B University of Michigan Jane Schroeder A B M A University of Michigan And Social Studies Ancl Speech David McKenzie A B Central Michigan College John Regenmorter B S M A Northwestern University Jack W Rice AB MA Hillsdale College University of Michigan Eugene W Gillaspy AB BS Western Michigan University Northwestern University Michigan State University James B Norris BS MA Central Michigan College University of Michigan Oscar E Johnson A B Western Michigan University Ruth Erikson B.S. Eastern Michigan College Delmar W. Firme, A.B., B.S., MVA- Western Michigan University Stangland Cobb Deilke DeWitt Barton Kelley Murray Schroeder F' Unl'e'5llY of Mlchlgan McKenzie, Regenmorter, Rice, Gillaspy, Norris, Joh nson, Erikson, Firme. Gray Wlrschem Galombeck Sutton Kelllor Davles Hosting Olala Kennedy Courtrlght Brush Dlngler Carter Murphy Harmon Music,Art Ancl Languages Lawrence Gray A.B. Umverslly of Muchlgan Robertl Wcrschem BS MM Western Mlchugan Umversuty Michigan State Unnverslty Warner Galombeck B S Cmclnnatl Conservatory of Muslc Mable Sutton A B M A Unlversnty of Mlchugan Kathryn Keullor A B M F A Western Michigan Unnverslty Cranbrook Academy of Art Barbara Davaes A B Hope College Ruth Hostmgs A B MA Adnan College Umverslty of Mnchngan Industrial Arts Ancl Home Economlcs Elmer O Olala BS Western Mlchngon Umversuty Ronald Kennedy BS Western Mlchlgan Umversuty A M Courtrught BS MA U of M Columbia Umverslty O Curtis Brash BS MA Western Mvchlgan Umversuty Wlllzam H Dlngler BS Western Mlchngan Unaversuty Eugema Carter BS Michigan State Unlverslty Dorothea W Murphy BS North Dakota Agrucultural College Ruth Harmon BS Stout State Teachers College Sclence Ancl Mathematics Elmer Morehouse A B Albuon College Grover Nlergarth BS Central Mlchugan Wmtleld R Studler AB Muskegon Communuty College Western Mnchlgan Umverslty J Kenneth Thornley AB MS Eastern Michigan College Unlversnty of Mlchngan Charles Nenr AB Eastern Muchlgan College Rudy hues AB MA Western Mrchugan Unlversnty Leonard Schregardus A B M A Hope College Mlchlqan Stale Unlversnty Drlver Eclucatlon PhystcqIEclucatlon Llbrarlan Ancl Counselor Wllluam Bosserdel BS MA Central Muchugan Mnchngan State Harold Westman BS Western Mlchlgan University E Bldvla BS Central Michigan College Maxane Cobb BS Western Mlchlgan Unlverslty Eleanor Kudwell BS MA Indiana Unlverslty Denver Umversnty Florence Murray BS Northern Michigan College Morehouse Nnergarth Studser Thornley Neur Thues Schregardus 1: Bosserdet Westman Bndvua Cobb Krdwell Murray Commercial Department Claretto Thompson, B.S., M.S. Western Michigan University University of Michigan Gerald Williams, B.S. Central Michigan College Richard Farabaugh. B-A- Western Michigan University Kathryn Reid, A.B. Western Michigan University Cafeteria Caoks Mrs Pohl Mrs wlsty Mrs Webster I4 Hi ar Ruchcrd Pederson Bullclmg Custodlcns Mr George D Mendhnm Mrs Margaret Sauders Mr Eugene Hllllord Wlllmm F Horvalh I5 In Memoriam llIIlI I.. I .IIII aff" ERNESTINE THOMPSON 1940 - 1959 JUST AWAY I cannot say, and I will not say That she is dead. She is iust away. With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand She has wandered into an unknown land, And left us wondering how very fair It needs must be, since she lingers there. And you-oh, you, who the wildest yearn For the old time step and the glad return, Think of her faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Here, Think of her still as the same, I say: She is not dead -she is iust away. James Whitcomb Riley Senlor Class Officers 1'-"Tl As these offrcers Connle Lynn secretary Karen Olson treasurer Jlm Staple president and Jack Briggs vice pres: dent along with advisors Mass Stangland Mr Nsergarth and Mr Thles gather In our mam hall they keep ln mlnd the sensor class motto From the halls of learning to the streets of labor forward one step at a time but always forward Class Colors Class Flower GOLD AND WHITE ROSE 'I9 O O O I Pin s I Q hw A ' fT"'-N.. 11 N' ff 1 5 N .f l . as A 'f ' ' ' ls? . tx i l O gg C .Li will ,yep .3 , 5 is, I if . . I I I I I 1 I r ' ' I ' I . . . . . . ' I I 1. - I I YU lD ! BONNIE ABRAHAMSON College on will be remembered by her many friends for her sparkling personality and sincere friendliness She was active Oaklian Players FTA play casts and Committees and the Orchestra Bonnie also had the honor of being a Junior Arbor Girl DOROTHY ALEXANDER General Dorty was a member of YTeens and Future Nurses in her sophomore and lumor years She works part time at a local store Drawing is her hobby Extra time is spent with her special interests Dorm and bowling GLORIA AMAYA General Gloria was very active on the Acorn and Oaks Staff She also participated in YTeens Art Club Sub Juniors and Span ish Club lwhere she received a special awardl Gloria dislikes pizza and lusts dancing slumber parties and Joe as her ukes KAREN ANDERSON College A wonderful personality and a swell pal is our Andy She was Secretary of Span ish Club Historian of Future Teachers be longed to Sub Juniors and won second place In o forensics contest She likes bas ketball games readmg music and sewing DIANE ARGETSINGER College Diane the cheerleader with a special smile participated in Spanish Club Y- Teens and Student Council. She had the honor of being a Junior Arbor Girl and a Homecoming Arbor Girl. Our Town saw Diane as Mrs. Webb. Hobby-'ce skating- likes - desserts. Seniors 1 HI -A Wye KW -st' Arn 'Q- 20 'Nl GUNHILD AEVERMANN College Gunhild one of our wonderful foreign exchange students from Germany was in Student Council French Club YTeens and Sub Juniors We at Heights High bud you farewell but never goodbye Sometime somewhere may we meet again Until then may God go with you KATHLEEN ALEXANDER College We wouldnt be able to recognize er without her smile Kathy is one of the more active members of our class She participated in Student Council Oaklrans Sub Juniors Future Teachers YTeens and A Cappella Choir Kathy has one special I e ic ALBERT ANDERSON College Dick as we all called him played both Varsity and Reserve Football along with Varsity Track Besides sports he loves fly ing At sixteen he soloed a plane and a year later earned has private pilots In cense Dick also likes water skiing hunt mg and meat cutting SHARON ANDERSON College A nice gurl to know is our Sharon She was a member of YTeens Future Teach ers Spanish Club and Oaklian Players Sharon also was an the staging commit tee for the Senior Play She lists her likes as Don and dislikes homework DORIS ARMITAGE General ln her iunior year Doris transferred to Muskegon Heights from Ravenna High School. At Ravenna she was Secretary of Pep Club and a member of Library Club along with Nurses Club. Her hobby is dancing and she considers people and singing her likes. I W WILLIAM ASHFORD General Although he was one of the quieter members of the Senior Class Bill always manages to have fun with the girls s favorite pastime He likes to work on cars and go huntong A nicer fellow is har to find RONALD BAKER College Ron as he was known around school won a certificate in a loremans Wood work Contest He has several hobbies which include hunting fishing skung boating Ron likes both cars and girls but he says his dlsllke IS homework DANIEL BARBERINI College Dan was more the quiet type but a better guy IS hard to find He participate in Football for three years and Track lor two Don was nicknamed Tiger Dan b cause of his love and participation sports Dan dislikes homework DAVID BARNHILL General Sports dominated mast of Doves time while at Heights High. He played football during his sophomore and iunior years. Dave was also active in Hi-Y. His hobby is cars and he likes food. PETER BARTELS College 'Pete was very active in Dramotics. H is remembered for his wonderful perform- ance in the All-School Play. He also par- ticipated in Football Gymnastics and Track. Pete was not only talented and athletic but intelligent. He was a member of Na- tional Honor Society, Thespians, and A Cappella Choir. 'Q' .Q A-5'-rf EDWARD BADER General Though usually quiet Edward was al ways ready with a quick remark when it was called for Ed likes hunting which he spends his spare time at After school he works at a local grocery store His only dislike is homework PHILLIP BALDWIN College Phil was a three year Football player and participated on the Gymnastic squad as a sophomore Phil has the honor of State Lightweight Golden Gloves Cham pron wrnnmg the Bobby Rings Sportsman ship Trophy Of course he also engoys watching athletic events RALPH BARKER General A real avid basketball fan best d scribes Bark a he rs known to rs friends Barks hobbies include cars and reading When not doing any of these hobbies he likes boats winter sports and bowling JAMES BARRET College Jim one of the "cutest guys' in school has been active in Baseball for three Years. He was initiated into Hi-Y and played Basketball this year. For some 5"C"'9e reason he likes to visit North Muskegon frequently. THOMAS BASS General The smallest athlete in the senior class Mr. Mogoo " as he was known by many was a member of Reserve and Varsity Football and Basketball. He also was Q three-year Track man. Tom likes girls and iust having fun. I . , I , S- . . . ' , hi ' u . s n d A ' . . . I . I .. I and , . - . ' I I ' .. .. . I I , I eh . d ' .. In S . h, ' K -' - I . . . I. . it ' . N , . e- , - In I ' I ' I I 8 I gf' ' ' Wx is X E.: ies- 4 in 3 ' A ' I A .Celia , 5 rg xqiivfli , if ,F ' 1-is-'.'Qx ,. i i lea'-.Q-N I ,I :ic . W' 'f , I ., N x ,es- Z E I .. ' f , , . CLAUDETTE BATTLE General Actuve descrubes Claudette She has partucupated un Intramural Basketball and Softball YTeens Future Teachers Band Student Councul and was on the Play commuttees Her hobbues are playmg the drums skatung dancung sungung and act mg Claudette was a Student Councul commuttee chaurman for Campus Cleanup ANN BERRY College Sugar n spuce and everythung nuce best descrubes Ann Ann partucupated un Spanush Club Future Teachers Oakluans A Cappella Chour and play commuttees and casts She had the honor of beung a Junuor Arbor Gurl and of belongung to National Honors Society VICTOR BIRD College A trombone and Vuc seem to go to gether He has been an outstandung mem ber of band and orchestra for three years besudes playung for our musucal produc tuons Thus year he got unto the act by actung a part un the Senuor Play CAROL BLODGETT General Carol a quuet member of the Senuor Class was very unterested un musuc Her unterest us proven by beung un Orchestra all through hugh school Carol was cu mem ber of the Art Club She lukes pauntung musuc and Sonny Duslukes readung LINDA BOLTZE General Quuet untul you get to know her that s Lynn Whule un hugh school she partucu pated un the Style Show lynn lukes to dance and she also Iukes to eat hot dogs and puzza She doesnt luke homework or doung dushes Senuors 22 .IUDITH SCOTT BENNINGER College Judy partucupated un Natuonal Thespuans Oakluan Players Future Teachers French Club A Cappella Chour and Orchestra She danced un Oklahoma and Paloma Game Judy was class presudent un her lunuor year and class treasurer un her sophomore year Her hobbues are dancung vuolun and puano GERALD BERRY General Jerry a fruend of all who knew hum played Reserve Football whule at Heughts He had the honor of wunnung first and second place un machune shop durung hus sophomore year Jerrys maun Ike us to sleep Hus dusluke us homework MARLENE BLANCHETTE College A nucer gurl us hard to ind Marlene partucupated un many actuvutues durung the tume she was un school Youth for Chrust Club Booster Club French Club Intramural Sports and Band number among these actuvutues Morlenes luke us a certaun Mus kegon Senuor MARTHA BLOW General Martha was called Marty by all who knew her Marty worked hard on the play commuttees durung her lunuor and senuor years She was a member of the Paloma Game cast Marty lukes are dancung and Muke Her dusluke us hustory DAVID BORNS College ave he us known by all ts fruends won thurd place un the Foreman s Contest He was also a Junuor Commence ment Usher Daves hobby us huntung and he lukes cars DENNIS BOTTEN General Dennrs known as Denny to hrs frrends rs one of the qureter members of the Senror class He had the honor of wm nrng an award rn Waodworkrng rn rs sophomore and lunror years Dennys fav arrte lrke rs fast cars JUDY BRAMER General Judy known to her frrends as BB rs always around where theres fun Her actrvrtres rncluded the Chorr Lrbrary Club YTeens and a member of the play com mrttees Judy adores dancrng partres and przza but she gust cant learn to re homework JACK BREWER General Shy and frrendly best describes Jack A person known for hrs great abrlrty lwhrch IS workrng wrth carsl This rs Jack s hobby and you can always see hrm work mg wrth an engrne Jack also thrnks some grrls are O K JOHN BRIGGS College lntellrgent Jack Vrce president ol the Senror Class was a full fledged debater as been actrve rn Student Council and was a Junror Commencement Usher H was Vlce presrdent of Natronal Thesprans and a member of the Natronal Honor Socrety CAMILLA BROMLEY College Full of fun and always on the go de scrrbes Cam Voted Best Actress she was Presrdent of Oaklrans rn Booster Club Forensrcs Latrn Club YTeens Sub Juniors on the Oaks and Acorn Staff and co charrman of the annual Snow Ball prom Class of '60 sd ,.... and' -JW 23 V1 GORDON BRADLEY General Gordy has a quret smcere personal rty whrch assures hrm many frrends After hrs busy days at school you wrll flnd Gor dy busy at hrs hobbres whrch are huntrng and flshrng Hrs Irkes are grrls JACQUELINE BRANOT Commercral Always rn a good mood seems to be Jackre She partrcrpated rn Booster Club rn lunror and senror years Oaklran Players rn her senror year and the Plcy Commrtlees She has an extensrve love for horses for she owns one herself EDWARD BREWSTEII General Pete wrll lang be remembered for hrs cheerful smrle for everyone He sang rn a local Rock n Roll srngrng group and par trcrpated rn Intramural Basketball and rn Track rn hrs sophomore year He plans to go Into the Navy sometime thrs year KENNETH BRINK General Professor as he rs known to many of hrs frrends was one of the less actrve members of the Senror class Hrs hobbies lrke mast boys rs fishrng has Irkes are grrls and of all thrngs work Ken s brggest drslrke rs hot roddrng PHYLLIS BRONDYKE Commercral A fine grrl wrth a pleasang smrle as Phyllrs She took part rn Brble Club and Future Nurses whrle at Herghts Her hob bres are sewrng and wrrtrng letters She drsllkes roller skatrng JULIANA BUFORD General Quuet but nuce us Julue whuch made her well luked by all who knew her She partucupated un the Style Show three tumes Julues hobbues and lukes unclude roller skatung dancung wrutung collectung and lustenung to records basketball and base a DANIEL BUSMAN General Dan was always ready wuth a fruendly smule for everyone Dan lukes workung on cars and duslukes people who talk all the tume Hus hobby us huntung A part tume lab at a local plumbung company occupues hus spare tume after school MARILYN CARLSON General Marulyn wall be long remembered for her fruendly smule She lukes musuc and whule at hugh school partucupated un Chorus awarded a Chour pun She was also actuve un Buble Club Her hobby us uce skatung EUGENE CHANDLER General Gene as he us known to hus many fnends was a swell guy un school He par tucupated un Student Councul and Tennus for three years Gene lusts hus hobbues as table tennus and gurls He lukes basketball and football games MARLENE CHRISTIAN College Chrus who wants more than anythung to be a nurse was un Future Nurses Boos ter Club Oakluans YTeens Latun Club Senuor Edutor of the Oaks and a .lunuor and Senuor Arbor Gurl She loves horse back ndung and us very partual to puzza Senuors 24 ELLEN BURNETT College Hoppuest when busy and always busy thats our gurl Ellenl Ellens many actuvu tues Include Future Teachers Latun Club vuce presudent of Sub Junuors Booster Club Senuor Flay Student Councul Gurls lntra mural Baseball and Chronucle Edutor El len lukes puzza and slumber partues dus lukes ish JEANINE CAMPBELL Commercual Jeanune the lutlle brunette wuth spark lung eyes seems to be quuet unlul you get to know her Jeanunes hobby us readung and she lukes bowlmg skatmg musuc and Bud Her duslukes are unfriendly people and lots of homework JAMES CETON College Jum who seems to do everythung well us the popular senuor we saw do an excel lent portrayal of George un the Senuor play Jum s other actuvutues unclude Junuor Commencement Usher Jets Presudent and Natuonal Honor Socuety Hus hobbues are archery huntung and bowlung he lukes physucs RONALD CHILDRESS General Ron as he us known to all of us fruends was un the play cast durung hus sophomore and uunuor years at Heughts Hugh H played football un has sensor year Rons hobby us cars and he also lukes gurls MIKE CHVALA General A rather quuet member of our Senuor Class was Muke He was one of the top bowlers un the school bowlmg league and also played Baseball as a lunuor He has won many honors un mochune shop also I I . I ' I I I 1 w ' - s s s 1 4 . . : I ' I u 1 s n . U . ' . I I , . . . . I 0 1 1 . I I - , , , , , o 1 I 1 ' ' . ' 0 s s b ll. , ' I . - , . ' . . . 8 . 2 . . I . I . I K . I L .5 n I . I I ' ' u lu s 0 and A Cappella Choir where Marilyn was ' , I . I . I . .. .. . . H H , h l , . I . . . , . A e . . . ' r lu - vu ' , , , I D I ' . . I ' I - I . I ' I I I . . n ' . , W ' ' ' . 'sv t I 'Q J , 2 " i i DOUGLAS CLARK General A friendlier person than Doug hard to find Doug sang in the Choir a a bass and participated in many musical shows When not in school Doug likes to work on cars sleep and keep tabs on a certain gurl JO ANN COLE College Theres always a twinkle in her blue eyes and a smile for everyone Jo as participated in YTeens Booster Club In tramural sports Oaklian Players and has also helped on the Junior Senior Prom committee Jo likes spirited pep assemblies ond people SHIRLEY CROSBY Commercial Shirls bright and bubbly personality is proven by her long list of activities and hobbies including Intramural Volley countants and YTeens Her hobbies are sewing sports food and typing Shirley was also a member of the A Cappella Choir CAROL CZERWON College Carols personality and sense of humor will take her far in lite. She took part in Sub-Juniors Debate Latin Club Future Nurses National Honor Society and Stu- dent Council. She likes chocolate sodas. LILLIAN DAVIS General 'Jean's' smile is well known at Heights High. She has been active in intramural basketball and volleyball Chorus and Y-Teens. Also she has won an M.H. Jean dislikes rock n'roll but likes skating danc- ing modern iazz L.F. and shoes with little heels. ap. it JAMES COFFIN College A likable guy thats Jim He was on the Tiger Track Team during his Junior and Senior years Jim has also been an active member in Ht Y His hobby is waterskung Jim s like is working for a local realtor MARCIA COOK College Cookie participated in French Club National Thesplans Orchestra Band West Shore Symphony Debate Forensics Stu dent Council and was Vice president of YTeens Cookie also won Junior Actress of the Year and a first and second place in the Cherry Pie Baking Contest BONNIE CUNNINGHAM Commercial Personality Plus best describes Bon me Mae Bonnie was active in Booster National Honor Society She had the honor of being a Junior Arbor Girl and will always be remembered as our Tiger ROSELYN DANCZ Commercial Rosie is the kind of person you are proud to call your friend. While at Heights she sang in the Chorus and A Cappella Choir Rosies hobbies are dancing and skating and she lists her likes as Danny and my diamond ring." SHIRLEY DAVIS College 'Neat and petite" that's our girl Shirley. Shirley in her high school years was a Junior Arbor girl. Having won a Latin Award proves her scholastic ability. Shirley we might add has her interests set on a certain boy. . . .I ii is ' I ' ' . Y , a i ' " - . ei L I . . . , , as I J , I 1, ' H- - .I - 1 Sir' ball, Basketball, and Softball, Future Ac- Club' Ysreem' ocknans' Subdunlors' and I - .. . '.. ' . L .,:iYi1sf2?' it ff , 1 , t if X 'F DONNA DeGRAVES College Happy go lucky Donna was In Sponrsh Club FTA and Oaklnan Players She served on the Play Committees and also sang In the A Cappella Cholr Donnys hobbles are sewlng and SWIMMINQ her lrkes are pina and hovmg a good tame EDWARD DEVENPORT General Ed a fellow who was well liked by all the klds of Heights Hugh that knew htm :ss hs hkes as machlne shop an auto mechamcs Hts favonte sports are fishung and huntnng Ed doesnt care for Englush and his other hard subgects LOUISE DOGGER General Loulse more commonly known as Lou everyone She was an Llbrary Club and YTeens nn her tumor year Her hobbres are roller skatnng and volleyball She hkes slumber partces JAMES DOXEY General um as he as known to hrs man lnends put hrs heart Into Varslty and Reserve Basketball and Tenms Hts special hkes are musrc and swxmmmg He duslnkes golng to school ln the wlnter Oh yes he hkes gurls too COENEAL EASTER General Although very actlve Conme always finds tume to let her pleasant personallty show She partlcnpated ln YTeens Future Nurses Style Show Intramural Basketball and won an M H Her hobbies rnclude danclng skatmg and travelmg Connle dlsllkes hard test but especlally hkes Joe Seniors 'QIPW' 26 LEO DEUSTER General Leo who IS called by hrs many friends as Deuce IS very actave In car desngnmg and hls hobby I5 drawmg customlzed cars Hts many hkes are swlmmlng fish Ing boatlng and auto actovltles whsle his mam dusllke as book reports DlANA DINGLER College Full of fun and carefree ns our Duane Her many actuvmes were A Cappella Cholr Band Spamsh Club YTeens and Oakluans She won a Muslc Scholarshup to Mnchngan State and her specual luke us teachmg muslc CHRIS DONLEY College Chrus has taken part un Basketball Track and Football He was Student Coun cll representatlve m hls sophomore year Hts hobbies are huntung and fishmg He hkes a good tlme and puzza SHIRLEY DRIER General Shlrl as she ns called by her friends always has a smule for everyone She participated In Intramural Basketball played an the Band and was a member of YTeens She partlcularly hkes basket ball football and boys especlally Tom JUDITH ELNICK College Qulet but pleasant ns Judy Along wlth hovmg partuclpated In YTeens Spamsh Club History Club Future Nurses Foren slcs play casts and commlttees Judy won second place an nnterpretlve readmg ln Forensncs She selects her likes as swum mmg and dancung D 1 . . I - . . I N .I . . ,. . . . . I . I . I - - . . I - . . . . 7 I I . I . .. I . l - , ,, I.. . . . , Q . .. sv 4. I. ' i .. . .. . d Q - I I . I h I . my I -2 ,. , . 1 1, -get Y wr - l - .. .. ' ' . . is quiet, but always has a smile for ' . . , . ' ' ' . Q . - h . . . . . X r . - . - ..J- .. . . Y .. - .. . - r , . . . e I - ' - . . , . , 1 ' ' ' . . , , . A 3 s . .. . .. . . . , fl . A . . . . - I . ' ' ' ' 1 I f 1 ' 1 1 r 1 ' , ' , I I ' I Q . , ' I ' . I - JUDY ERICKSON Commercial "Full of fun and well-liked" describes Judy. She was active in Y-Teens, Student Council, and was a member of the cheer- leading squad in her sophomore and senior years, and worked on the Oaks and Acorn Staff. Her pet peeve-setting her hair SANDRA FILONOW College Extra special sweet and a swell friend to all is Sandy Being active In YTeens Future Nurses Oakllons Latin Club and Journalism didnt keep Sandy from being an Arbor girl and member of the National Honor Society She likes reading and ce skating MICHAEL FORTENBACHER College Happy golucky Mike likes various sports After school when not working at a local drugstore Mike cuts trees to make extra money He likes Joan and his peep but does not like it when the geep breaks down DONALD FOWLER General Don was a friendly guy with o quiet personality Although he didnt partrci pate In many activities he was known to many people and played Football Dons very special Interest is a certain sophomore girl dislikes nothing JAMES FULTON College Carefree and lunlovlng Jim was Pres: dent of Hi Y and a past Secretary He was on the Varsity Football and Baseball teams and the Oaks and Acorn Staff Sports in general interest Jim bl he also likes dancing pizza and cars Class of '60 1 I A- 4 QQ 'is' X ff 27 are LARRY FALOR College A real nice guy, that's Larry. While at Heights, Larry won the honor of being awarded first place in the Industrial Arts Award. His hobby is hot rods, and he likes working with machines of any kind. CARRIE FINLEY General Carrie took part in Intramural Volleyball Future Accountants History Club and Y Teens as a senior She has been a member of Chorus for three years Carrie s hobbies are dancing and skating she likes grapes and Jerry but dislikes washing dishes LEE FORTIN College You can always see Lee walking around the halls with his camera taking pictures since he was the photographer for the Acorn and Oaks He enloys music plays the organ and also has special interests outside of school la certain girll MARY FRIEND General A merry laugh and a witty mind de scribes Mary who always has a lake or two to enliven a conversation She partici pated in Intramural sports and won an MH letter Mary likes dancing and traveling JUDY GARDNER Commercial Judy belonged to Future Accountants in her sophomore year She was a Junior Arbor girl belonged to the A Cappella Choir and various play committees Judy dislikes cheese but likes music and base a She holds a part time 'ob in a Heights law office I I ' ' , . ' I A - . , 1 I I ' I ' , I - it .1 - - . . , . I , . , , , --' I s ". 4 Q' ..-' M" flgz. ' H ' 1 i '- i' ' - I - - ' . . X ' is ' I f '."'s I A il , ' ' . . . . . , , .1 ,,.,. Z, . . 1 . - . -. . sv -' K ' TY' - - r A - ,My - 1, an I 1 I f : s A V. -.3 -I .- , yr, , -f W , . , ,4 Q ' 1 ' ' " ' af: 143 :af , . f ' - . ,X 'g. rf j , '-n ga, .J Af ' , . , -1 2 with .J . r ye, ' E - , . V 2w:'9 . Affi 1 fv LW- 'Z as H' Lg . , -r - H i" . ' -.-'7"fjl. -f A 1' i".-,2i1i'2f:,--'ai 4. ,N 52-- ' 4 1 U b ll. - ' ' ' I 1 - 1 ' RICHARD GERMAN General "Dick" was well known for his behind- the-scenes work on the staging of plays and printing the Acorn in the print shop. Dick likes dancing and girls. He lists his accomplishments, "I graduated." LILLIE GILL College Lillies happy smile and gay sense of humor are well known by all Lillie has been in Y Teens Spanish Club Style Show and on the Acorn and Oaks staff Among her many hobbies her favorite is writing letters to Los Angeles FREDRICK GLOMB General Fred although not very active n s lool activities has his spare time occupied by a part time gob at a local appliance store as electrician He likes girls and cars but dislikes school and homework lSo h saysll KAREN GOMERY Commercial Kane was active in Student Council YTeens Chorus and also worked on the play committees in her sophomore year Her hobbies are dancing and swimming and she states pizza Roger and school as her likes Karnes only dislike is Home work CAROL GRAVES College With a sense of humor and personality plus thats our all around Gravey Carol was a reserve cheerleader Latin Club President Junior Class Secretary Arbor girl Acorn editor a member of YTeens Booster Club and National Honor Society Seniors ww rs:1zw".,.t.e. g fee :fi 2,1 V . ' w.fe11ge1...1i. f 4. -',f we 7-ef ., -. wg , .. ee, ss S -I . 'UQ A N-,X 5 fe . , ,ixl g I .gt ",. ig, I ii 'tu an it "hir eg ff Legg,-5 fr MM H lil 'V' Ss? wig. 5 fl l 28 ,.., wt ,, . 4, 4 g .sipeftw -g ,I A K CARLTON GILBERT General Carlton was known around school for his glibness. He was a member of all school play cast in his junior year. Carlton likes cars and teachers, and his dislike is girls. One of his hobbies is working. EDWARD GI LLHESPY General Ed as he was called by his many friends wasn too active in school because of his part time work after school He lists his hobbies as hunting and fishing is ambition is to work his way through co lege rn Flint .IANICE GOLDEN College Tiny and ver atile describes Jan She was Homecoming Queen Cocaptain f the Cheerleaders Secretary of Student Council and Future Nurses and a member of Y Teens Jan also sang in the Choir and danced in the All school Play JUNE GRAHAM General June likes music of all kinds and she plays the violin in the Orchestra in which she participated in her sophomore lunlor and senior years She also participated in the A Cappella Choir June was a member of the Future Nurses Club MARY GREENE College Mary known to all for her friendliness has a special interest in music Her hobby is listening to records and she has been a member of the Orchestra three years Mary also participated in Y Teens Future Teachers and Spanish Club ' ' ' ' n vv . - - fl - -1. - - ' Q 'JL . . , . - H. K l A rug , 4 ' E . 5 1 l :ii ,. . E H ,,,. Q , 1 . . . . . - - . ' . -. . Y.. I 4 tj . I - O . e A , X , - - -- , - ' - . 5 .4 Q . f Y , 1 Q 1 amd'-I - ' if I 7 ' T V ' r ,. , ' ' . . i - 'A . H 2,5 ,. I 1 - :W-1,1 , ' ' -Fw 1 - . .. . . .. - - . ' - 'i 'fi-'!:l"' :flt" "V l i-fi: -id , - , if 2' E 1? 'Q ll , fflf:':"5: , ff KK K ' is l . ' - lf " A A - - ' . .. .. - w , : ' " 'F ' ' f r 1 we V. ,wmeciwr sy , - ' ' 55' ' ,I f ' H 1 ' ' filing, I 1 , ' RICHARD GRlFFES General Dick has won both second and sixth place in the Foreman s Woodwork contest His spare time is occupied by working at a local hardware store His hobbies are drawing fishing and hunting Has likes are girls cars and horses KARLENE HAASE College A lor of fun and a friendly smile or all thats our Karlene She was on e play committees play cast prom commit tees secretary of Biology Club an active member of Oaklians and the Acorn and Oaks Stat? and Future Teachers er rumor and senior years NANCY HANSEN College Nancy who was an active member of our class had the honor of being our Foreign Exchange Student She participated in Student Council Debate Forensics Re serve Cheerleading Y Teens Booster Club National Honor Society Future Nurses and Ca chairman of the Junior Senior Prom TED HARRINGTON General Ted was a Student Council Representa tive In his lunior year He played Reserve and Varsity Football Ted also played Baseball for three years and was a Bas ketball Manager in his sophomore year He likes girls hockey and being Sports Editor of the Oaks and Acorn DANIEL HARTUNG College A real swell guy to know Dan was too busy working in the advertising depart- ment at a local store to be able to ioin in the extracurricular activities at Heights. He spent what spare time he had hunting and trout fishing. Class of 60 EULYSSES GRISHAM General Lysses os he is known by his friends is the boy who always has a lake and a laugh for everyone Eulysses was a member of the Reserve Football team and was a miler on the Track Squad He en lays roller skating MARY HALE College All through school Zandy played in the West Shore Symphony and was a member of Orchestra She was Concert Mistress in her senior year a Junior and Senior Arbor girl Secretary of Jets and o member of latin Club RUTH HANSEN College Happy go lucky describes Ruthie whos friendly to all Ruth was President of Future Nurses Sergeant at arms of Y Teens and a member of Spanish Club and the Prom Committee Ruths hobbies are bowling and swimming she also likes clothes dancing and pizza MARIEL HARTMAN General Friendly cheerful and a smile for every one best describes Mariel Participating in Spanish Club on play committees and in our terrific marching band occupied most of her time Mariel lists bowling tennis and pizza as her likes She dislikes snabs and show ofls EDWARD HAUBRICK College Ed' will long be remembered t Heights for his pleasant smile fo all. Ed lists his hobbies as all sports and dancing. He likes pizza and girls with long ponytails. Ed works part time at a local supermarket. JOHN HELMUS General There s never a dull moment when John ns around John was a member of the Varslty Tenms Team and took part lh In tramural Cage Ball He likes modlfied stock car races but llterature and typxng have to go MARLENE HERRALA College Its nlce to be natural when you re naturally mce Marlene was a member ol National Honor Socuety and Vnce Pres: dent of YTeens In her sophomore year She was also actlve In FTA of which she was hustorlan She held the honor of benng .lunuor Arbor Glrl RUTH HORNE General Ru y full of lun with a spark Ing personality was nn Chorus at Heughts Hugh Her favorlte hobby IS rudmg rn Franks convertlble She also held a part tnme lab at a local varlety store Her dns lvkes are people who brag and her spe Clol like IS Frank BENJAMIN HOWE College A very actlve member In athletlcs Ben He played Reserve and Varsity Football and he was also on the Basket ball Team Ben was on the Track Team also Ben s hobbles are werght lnftnng and gurls Hrs llkes are eatmg hamburgers and well food' MERYELINE HOWELL General Pert pretty and popular best descrlbes Merl She has been actlve In Student Councnl Intramural Baseball and Volley ball YTeens Chorus and the Style Show When not workmg at a local drugstore Merl enloys records and skating Her llkes are Johnny Mathes and Steve Seniors fs. CX 'LA -if S5- KRW JOHN HENDRICKSON College Tall and ambltlous John dusllkes ldle ness Vlce Presudent of the Band he was nn both the marchung and concert band and also In Jets He enloys sknng swlm mmg and workmg on cars Keepmg parttrme 'ob rs has so called unusual accomplushment ALMA HOLSTINE College Vavaclous Rusty who was Secretary of Oaklnans and Vlce Presndent of French Club belonged to Booster Club Latln Club Future Teachers and YTeens On varuous play commnttees she was also Co chalrman of the Annual Snow Ball plus bemg a Junuor Arbor Gnrl MARGARET HOUSTON General Margaret IS fun and well liked Her well known hobby as smgmg through whnch she won a trlp to Columbus Ohlo Mar garet likes modern 'azz but dlsllkes rock and roll She partacupated un Intramural Baseball and the A Cappella Cholr BERTHA HOWELL General Bnrdue as she IS known to most people has many fnends becaue of her sweet personallty and her bright smule Durmg her years at Henghts Hugh Burdue has par tlclpated In Chorus Her pet peeve ns people who clown Most of all she lnkes Arthur PATRICIA HULIN General Full of fun describes Pat to a tee Whnle at Heights she was o Student C uncut Rep esentatlve but was kept pretty busy workmg at a local dmer She especially llkes plzza and a certam guy named Base As dlslukes she lusts homework MAC ARTHUR HUNTER College A ve'y active member in the sports field was "Bird." He participated in Track and Basketball for three years as well as Re- serve and Varsity Football. Mack lists his hobby as running. Oh yes, he says he also likes progressive jazz. MARY HUTCHINS General A pretty girl with a wonderful person ality She was better known to some as Little One She was in Student Council A Cappella Choir and on Professional Problems committee in her Senior Year Her hobby IS roller skating DASSIE ISAAC General Dassie is one of the quieter students who went to Heights Hugh She was in the Style Show in her lunuar year Dassnes like and favorite pastime is attending church because she finds satisfaction there She dislikes rock and roll LUCINDA JACKSON General A thoroughly all round girl is Cindy Listening to modern 'azz eating pizza and skating are her favortie pastimes She has participated In YTeens lntra mural Basketball and Student Council Cindy also has a 'ob in a local cafe LEE JAMES General Lee a quiet spoken member of the Senior Class belonged to our Band in h s sophomore lunlor and senior years Lee lists his favorite and most important hob by as bowling Ohll He also goes for 'azz In a big way Class of '60 if It 3'I EDMUND HUTCHERSON General "Bo," as he is known to most of his friends, is one of the quieter students of Heights High. Bo's favorite pastimes are sketching and painting, progressive ian. His dislike is large crowds. DAN HYLEN General Tall and quiet is Dan also known as Tiny He was on the Reserve Football and Basketball Teams and had a part time lab As lar as his personal likes are concerned hunting and water skiing rate the highest CHARLES JACKSON General Carlos was a member of the A Cap pella Choir for two years and a member of the Football and Basketball teams H also was a fine 440 man on the Track Squad He likes dancing cars and grls He dislikes washing dishes LINDA JACOBS College lynn s beautiful blond pony tall has set her apart from others She participated in the Style Show Variety Show Civic Opera Oaks and Acorn Staff was Pres: dent of French Club and a cheerleader for three years Lynn s special like is Jerry JANICE JAY College Jan participated in Future Teachers Oaklian Players Future Nurses Spanish Club and A Cappella Choir She also was on the Oaks and Acorn Staff in her senior year Jans hobby is collecting stuffed animals and her special likes are pizza and music ' 1 . .. - it .. - .. . - . 1 - 1 - - 'X '-Q I ' H - - ' t. it ' . 8 . . . . . U H - . , , . . - - 1 . . . . . . Q ,V . . . . , , I I 1 'if . ' ' ' I I . I . I I '. I - , ' ' ' I 1 . - ' J ' . , , riff T 1 ""' YNY ,ft .. -ec. if - 7. 3" V - A. it . .. .. - - - 1 , , ,f "' I , I ' , , 2, 'V 1 I I 1 L I ' BRUCE JOHNSON College Bruce partucupated un Jets Club un hus uunuor and senuor year Hus hobby us aur planes and let engunes Bruce won second place un the Foremans Contest for me chanucol drawung un hus sophomore year and first place un hus uunuor year JERRY JONAS General No one could possubly know a nucer guy than .lerry He has a wonderful per sonaluty and us a lot of fun He played Football and Baseball was a Junuor Com mencement Usher un Hu Y lTreasurerI and Jets whule un hugh school ANNETTE uucucweuz Q College nette ho us Iked by II IS 0 of our forexgn students from Germany She has partucupated un the French Club Y Teens Student Councul and A Cappella Chour Her hobby us to study foreugn lan guages She lukes musuc LA VONNA KAMMER Commercual A sweeter gurl could not be found La Vonna often called Bonnue at home was un Lubrary Club un her uunlor and senuor years La Vonna lukes to watch not play football games and basketball games Her hobbues are bakung and cookung PHILLIP KELLEY College P K as Phullup us known by hus many fruends was un Student Councul and was a three year Football Basketball and Track man Hus hobbues are huntung and flshung He Iukes gurls, roller skatung, and eotung barbeque rubs, duslukes gettung up at eught o'clock Senuors vi' OK U Q- 'lu we sag ah? 32 .fl GENE JOHNSON College Gene a very sweet and even tempered gurl was actuve on stagung commuttees un her uunuor and senuor years She belonged to Future Nurses Buology Club and Oak luan Players Guuld Gene served Buology Club as a very capable presudent thus year also WILLIE MAE JONES General Baby Wullue was a member of the chorus and the A Cappella Chour She also partucupated un Intramural Volleyball Y Teens Hustory Club and Future Account ants Her hobbues and lukes unclude danc ung sungung puano talkung a certaun boy and puneapple upsude down coke JOHN JUDD College Jack was a colorguard for our hugh school band and also a member of the A Cappella Chour Because school work came relatuvely easy t hum Jack had plenty of tume left for makung a host of fruends DAWN KEITH College A fruendly gurl wuth a smule for every one best descrubes our Dawn Dawn was a Junuor Arbor Gurl un both her lunuor and senuor year at Heughts She was also actuve un Spanush Club and the Sunset Ruders a 4 H Club PATRICIA KERSTING General Rusty as thus quuet gurl us commonly called by her many fruends belonged to Lubrary Club un her sophomore year Rusty also belonged to YTeens and a church chour un her senuor year Her hobbues are boys and swummung KENNETH KIEFT College K n is a senior who is full of n He had the honor of being Junior Com mencement Usher Ken was active in Band all through high school and was in the Orchestra He works part time at a local supermarket JAN KING General Quiet but full of fun best describes Jan H won third place in the Foremans Contest h tumor year H liss is unusual accomplishments as l0tY1ll'tg the Naval Reserves He makes fishing and hunting his hobbies and he hkes cars CHARLES KITCHKA College Always poking Chuck wasinthe school plays Oklahoma Paloma Game and Our Town He also was in A Cappella Choir a Student Council representative and a Junior Commencement Usher H thrives on hunting and fishing but also girlsl BETTY KNOBE Commercial Throughout her high school years "Smi- ley was an active member of Orchestra- but she also worked on play committees prom committees and was active in Stu- den Council. Besides saving things for her hope chest Betty likes Jerry pizza and tobogganing. SALLY KOZLER General 'Sal' is the nickname of a really nice gal. She was a member of Questers and has ushered for some of the musicals at our school, She likes oll sports which ' clearly visible from her hobbies-swim- ming and roller skating. 405 Q' ,-q, if QQ! I J 4 J Je- cf" JOSEPH KIMBLE College Joe was well known around school although he only participated in gym nastlcs Hrs likes are guns cars and a certain lumor girl Hts hobbies ore danc mg and swimming Joe works part time at one of our local supermorkets ROGER KIRKPATRICK College Roger tall and friendly was active an Band for three years Orchestra for two and was on the Varsity Track Team though hunting and fishing tie for first place as far as hobbies are concerned Kirk also likes cars and gnrlsl RUDOLPH KLOPP College Rudy as we all know htm IS a very active person He was a student coun cil repre entative in his lunlor year Rudy played Reserve and Varsity Football His favorite hobbies are stamps football and JACK KOOYERS General A buddy to all describes Jack. Jack was active in the Hi-Y and participated in Varsity Football 2 34. As for hobbies Jack likes hunting and fishing and o sports. Jacks spare time is taken up by a certain girl. GEORGE KUNCAITIS College A friendly guy with a smile for every- one best describes our George. Because of a part-time iob George didn't have time for school activities. George lists hunting and fishing and collecting stamps as his hobbies. George dislikes women drivers. -- e '- - - ' fu . H .. .. . e ' ' I I in is ' A . e 't h' ' H 4 - f . . . . n Y ' . A'- .Q Q I 1 " ' Y y r K3 eq Ag I I ' ' . , A ' ' ' . e 4- - ' ' ' .L l.,f 1 3 :5 A - L 741' J 1 I likes music, swimming, and you guessed it 'X basketball. Rudy's nickname is "Klopp." H 3 ' 1 , ll if M -fa . . ,R ' 6? , is I 1 Q 'Q' 'xi is Y s 252 ' if E jg , sf 'il 4 Aj MICHAEL KUNCAITIS College One who as well lrked by all as Make He was octave an the Jets Club an whlrh he held the olirce of treasurer Make Sllllei that has unusual accomplrshment rs gradv ating He lakes sports but drslrkes Beal naks ROBERT LANGE College Because of has obalrty and enthusaasm for dancang Robert was chosen Best Dancer of the Senror Class He was a member of the Tumblang Team Band and was octave rn the All School Musrcals Brads rnterests also anclude waterskr ang and cars SHIRLEY LEAVELL General Shrrley was very octave an sports he partacapated an Intramural Basketball Base ball and Volleyball an her sophomore and aunror years She also was an Chorus three years and Y Teens two years Sharley Irkes Rock and Roll musac skatang and dancang EARLENE l.E FEAR General Wherever theres lun youll Gnd Ear lene She partacapated an Intramural vol leyball Y Teens and the A Cappella Chorr Her hobbres are dancang and srngang Her Irkes are boys rn partacular and clothes She drslrkes cookrng concerted boys and garls who smoke JAMES LINDSEY College Full of fun and very trrendly thats our Jam Pleasang everyone wrth has per sonalrty Jam headed Campus Coll had the lead n Paloma Game and won o Cavac Opera Award Jams hobbaes are huntrng and actang He drslrkes doang thangs poorly Senaors 1743 1' 'sn HELENE LAFKAS College Helene our Class Flart partacrpated an Varsaty Debate Forensacs YTeeM 5115 Junaors and prom commrttees She Seftled as vace presrdent ol Booster Club Seve tary ol Honor Socaety treasurer at Latan Club a .lunror Arbor Garl and a member of our Homecomang Court DAVID LANGSTON General Rapp as he was called by many of has fraends was a manager of the Foot ball team and he ran the half male an track for whrch he reecrved hrs letter Dave was an the A Cappella Chorr TERRENCE LEE College Happy go lucky Terry as as good of Cl frrend as one as lrkely to meet anywhere Because of has extra frrendly smale he as one of the more popular Senaors Terry lasts hrs specral anterests os huntrng cars and o specral grrl MARTIN LIHAN General Marty an hrs Junaor year won thrrd place award for hrs accomplashments an machrne shop Marty lakes to work on such thrngs as automobales an has spare tame and he has an after school rob Martys tavorate hobbaes are huntrng and flshang MARJORIE LIUPAKKA College Trny and blond always smrlrng and never blue descrrbes our Marge Whale at Herghts she was a member of the Latrn Club and FTA Her hobby as bowl ang and she drslrkes concerted people Marge lakes przza and a certarn guy SALLY LORENZ Commercoal Sal partuclpated In Intramural Base ball and Volleyball In her Jumor year She was In YTeens for three years Sals hobbles are danclng ace skatmg and roller skatmg She llkes boys and rldlng rn cars she dlslukes homework CONSTANCE LYNN College Conme partucupated on Y Teens Oaklnan Players Future Nurses Student Councll an was the asslstant editor of the Acorn e was class secretary m her Sophomore and Sensor years and also a malorette e works parttnme at a local hospltal JERRY MABREY College Because of Jerrys frnendly smnle he has made many lrlends durmg hrs years at Helghts Hugh Jerrys speclal hobby IS huntmg and he also lnkes automobules a great deal On the other hand thus qulet boy doesnt like Engllsh JERRY MANGIONI Commercnal A swell but quuet guy He was In ture Accountants m his Sensor year Jer rys hobbies are working on hrs car and playmg has bongos Hls llkes are gurls lmannly Karenl and workmg alter school at a local grocery store JANICE MARKS College Tume goes steady and so do I Always cheerful and smllmg ns our Marksy She partlclpated In Debate Forenslcs Oak llans Natuonal Thesplans the plays Fu ture Nurses and Future Teachers Y Teens and she also was our tumbler Jan luke: muslc dancing Herghts teams and Ron Class of 60 35 ROBERTA LULOFS College Bobble was very actlve all through hugh school She was on the Oaks and Acorn Staff partuclpated nn YTeens Fu ture Nurses Future Teachers French Club Oakllan Players and also on the play commlttees and casts She also was a member of Band and Orchestra DENNIS LYNN College Pleasant with a ghnt of mlschlel about hum would best describe Denny This un Iovmg sensor llkes readmg and work :ng on cars and us an all round sports fan Dennys specnal Interest hes In sum mer sports and wmter sports SHIRLEY MALMSTROM College Personallty plus describes Shlrl per fectly She was actlve nn YTeens Future Teachers and Spamsh Club She was ac tlve an sports and because of this recelved her M H letter Her llkes are :ce skatmg swummmg and scuence and her dlsllkes are concerted boys and roller skatmg KENNETH MANSCHESKY College If silence were golden he would be a mnlllonalre Along wlth water skung and keepmg hrs model A Ford In runnlng condmon Ken llkes travelmg He does however luke to enloy hls car mstead of workmg on It all the time EMMA MARTIN General Emma IS well known and llked by all her frnends for her happy go lucky per sonalrty She partuclpated m hugh school choruses chonr and Intramural volleyball Her hobbies are slngmg and llstenlng to the music on the radio . - I Q ' ' .. .. . . . - ,i i f .. - .- - n 3 I K v I , .. F' . . . Q - ' u xv- K I ' . . I . . ' N I I , . . . .. .. . 5 . . - NI . "Hmm 33:5 I ' If H Il F- '- I . . . . . . . . E . , I , 5 . , Q ,J I . - .. I.. - d I I . I f ff -- :J U . n . sh . 'N , , - . ', I I - K , , . . . . 1 ef... v H f K . Sh ' ' fist 7 . 5 I K , J 'Nt Q ' , s ggw i ' I l ' I ll ' ll ' ' 1 I . . . . . I . . . . . . , n . . I . I . . ' . ' Fu- ' I . . . . - - .. .. . . I . I . . ' I 1 .. . H . . . . . .. I., ar QW . .. - . -. - . . . I . I I . i . . . . . . . I . . l I h , . . l I I I . . . . . . l I I . I ' JANE Mu:COMB General Pe su as she us known by all her fflehds partucupated un the school play :asts and commuttees Intramural sports Plflyed un the Students vs Faculty basket bell Qame YTeens and Oakluan Players Her lukes are horses and dancung KAY MCLAUGHUN College MARY MCQUIRTER A pleasant and good fruend to all Katue as she was called by some of her fruends She was actuve un YTeens Spanush Club Future Teachers and Oak luans Lukes hot fudge sundaes and danc ung Duslukes conceuted boys ANNA MCQUINN College Future Teachers YTeens Orchestra and Spanush Club all profited from Anna s tal ents and personaluty for three years Thus year she was secretary of Spanush Club and a member of the Oaks Acorn Staff too Anna lukes sleepung late dancung and boys but duslukes rauny weather JOY MEDENDORP College A steady worker who always has a fruendly smule for everyone us Joy She worked on a Buology Prolect was actuve un Future Teachers Oakluan Players and Future Nurses Joy also worked e play commuttees She lukes dancung DARLENE MIDDLECAMP General "Susue , always had a pleasant smule for everyone she saw She partucupated un the school style show un her semor year Among her many hobbues are drawung and horseback rudung Her lukes are Frances and dancung Senuors sd. 4, iw- LAWRENCE McFARREN General Larry a quuet member of the Senuor class was well known by has many fruends fo hus pleasung smule and hus fruendly personaluty One of Larrys favorute sports us swummung whuch he us quute good at durung the summer months U 36 -sl SVU' WAYNE McPHERON General Wayne was one of the more quuet mem bers of the Senuor Class Whule at Heughts he was on the bowlung team for two years Waynes hobbues are huntung and tlshung and hus specual lukes are gurls and puzza He duslukes school General Marys brught and fruendly has made her many fruends Hugh Mary has partucupated Councul YTeens A Cappella personoluty at Heughts un student Chour and untramural baseball volleyball and bas ketball She lukes sungung dancung bowl ung and beung wuth a certaun young man ERIC MEISTER College Eruc partucupated un Reserve Football Varsuty Football Track Debate and Band He had the honor of beung a .lunuor Com mencement Usher provung he was not only athletuc but untellugent Hus hobbues are skuung bowlung and swummung and hus luke us puzza JAMES MILLER General "Jam" as he us known was a member of Student Councul un hus Junuor and Sensor years and he also partucupated un Reserve and Varsuty Football Jum states that boxung us hus hobby He lukes datung a certaun cheerleader LARRY MILLER College Larry was known around school as a swell lookung and very fruendly fellow Larry was on the track team durung hus uunuor and senuor years un hugh school Hus lukes are gurls and cars Larrys hobby us pool HECTOR MlNOTT College Whule at hugh school Hector made many fruends and always had a fruendly smule lor everyone He was very actuve un sports partucupatung un football and basketball Hectors hobby us roller skatung whuch he does un hus spare tume EARNEST MOORE General arnue e k own o a us fruends was another one of the quuet members of our Senuor class Earnue has many hobbies but he lusts hus lavorute one a gurls Earnue lukes many sports espe cually football and basketball DOUGLAS MURRAY College Doug played Reserve and Varsuty oo ball three years of Baseball and aso played Reserve Basketball He was Junuor class treasurer and a member of the Na tuonal Honors Socuety Doug was voted Most Bashful un the Senuor class FRED MYLES General Fam as he us known has an o d hobby talkung Fred was a member of the Reserve Football team and was member of the Track Squad as a uunuor He lukes dancung and dlslukes lustenung to hull bully musuc Class we. Ni! of 60 Bl Auf-iw' 37 SHARON MILLER Commercual Cue and quuet bt sincere us our Sharon She has put her efforts un the Chorus and the Style Show At the top ol her lust of lukes us Harold and her dus lukes us work SALLY MOHRING Commercual A real cute blond who us lots of f n and has hobby o real swell personaluty Her wrutung letters lcould these b sports Sal was un YTeens her sopho more and uunuor years MARY MUCKEY Commercual Mary partucupated un untramural baseball and she receuved her M H letter Her hob bues unclude stamp and coun collectung Much to her teachers despaur she duslukes oral reports Mary does luke gardenung and druvung Mary unsusts that she has cn unusual accomplushment gettung through school SANDRA MUSICH College Sandy chuef edutor of the Oaks partucu pated In YTeens of whuch she was vuce presudent and presudent un her lunuor and senuor years She also was actuve un Booster Club Oakluan Players on the play and prom commuttees and receuved her M H letter CHARLES NEIR College Due to Chups lughtung abuluty our plays have been very successful Chups partucu pated un Jets, Oakluan Players and was presudent of Natuonal Thespuons and hus church MYF A part un the Senuor play and Track also kept hum busy fl' E gf ' . I U 1 s g 1- t A 'gift gf, wr 'r-... O n ' n l . . , 3 y W is .. B V U . ' to Ffedm. she likes sumuing, dancing, and A .au .sf 'HITS' " X Q. E as h us n t ll h if g . . . ' ,,,, ' -or . . ' ' . ' , ' I - l 5 1 ' F z- , ' ' , ' '- . v . . . . . .. . I d U , H A I H U . . I VICTOR NORKUS General A friend of everybody thats Vic He participated in Baseball two years and played a defensive tackle on this years Football Team Vlcs hobbies are hunting and bowling His likes are Baseball and a certain girl KAREN OLSON College e tes hgh on our s a friend to all She has participated in Oaklnan Payers Sub Juniors Latin Club and held the office of Secretary of Y Teens and FTA She is also Treasurer of the Senior Class College Pat participated In Bible Club and was on the YFC Bible Club Quiz Team in her senior year Pat was an Band for three years She was also picked a a Junior Arbor Girl Her special interest is Ice skating LINDA PARKER Commercial A real cute and swell girl who is better known a "Lynn was in Bible Club in her sophomore and senior years. Her hob- bies are ice skating and tobogganing. Her likes are winter and meeting people. She dislikes homework. WILLIAM PARKER Although Bill did not participate in many school activities he was kept very busy after school working as a cook in a local restaurant. Bill says that his main interest and desire is to travel travel travell MICHAEL OHRLING College Mischief is my middle name A very well liked boy is our Mike who partlcl pated in Band throughout all his high school years Mike has a very special IU terest land talentl in snow skiing Hunt Ing also captures a large amount of his time KATHLEEN OVEREEM College Kathy friendly to all was active tn A Cappella Choir and Band while at Heights High She also was In Orchestra for one year YFC and her hobby is playing the piano H r special like is music of coursel General Little Eds special activity at Heights High has been Football He played tackle his three years as a Tiger Gridder Ed die s hobby is working at a local grocery store His dislike is 8-OO classes and his likes are sports and gurls SAUNDRA PARKER College Cute perky bashtul yet always friend- ly is our ' Parker. Participating in Future Nurses Oaklians Y-Teens Cheerleading and also driving that big Lincoln and curling her long pony tail kept Sandy pretty busy. She likes sports dancing boys and stuffed animals. BILL PERRY College Bill who is quite a swell person to know has a wide circle of friends. H took an active part in Reserve Basketball and he likes cars and good music. Bill has the very interesting hobby of collect- ing iazz albums. S ' "Ol " ra i list s a H "' ' I ' ' , . . . F ' ' D e ' . l FQ. 'I PATRICIA OWEN ' A EDDIE PACE .-., 4 Q -...S I q 't -Q . I ' . S . I l h 5 H , el. ig, ' I ' H ' S I if , , I I 1 N 1 M. S. , e CHARLES PETERSON General "Chuck" was well liked by all who knew him. Basketball and Baseball were Chuck's main interest in school- especial- ly in his iunior and senior years. He says has unusual accomplishment is getting all the way through school so naturally h s dislike is school RICHARD PETERSON College Although quiet a better friend you will never tind This describes our Dick Duck played on the tennis team Hrs hob bles are hunting fishing and swimming He likes to have fun and he also likes to eat His mam dislike is homework JAMES PICKERING General Jim was well liked by all who knew him He had the honor of wlnmng a sec ond place award in machine shop Jim has no particular dislikes but listed his likes In the following order Darlene eating cars and pop music SHERRY PIERCE General A girl who has a personality everybody adores Sherry works afternoons Her hob by I5 studying Spanish She likes people and Melvin She adores being dlflerent bush Catching her guy is her accomplish ment MARY JO PORTER College Jo an active member ot the Senior class was the Treasurer of Student Coun cal Secretory ol the Orchestra Head Ma lorette and a Junior Arbor Girl She also participated In Future Nurses Future Teach ers YTeens Booster Club Sub Juniors National Honor Society and Homecommg Court Class of '60 ' WR are Y if 2.- HAZEL PETERSON General Hazel was active in Bond tor four years, Student Council, the All-School Play Com- mittee, and the Style Show. Her hobbies are listed as drawing and skating. Her likes are Joe and her diamond and her dislike is food THOMAS PICKEL General Puck who is quite a sports enthusiast finds special delight in hunting fishing and bowling As for his school activities Pick was a member of our Band all through his high school years He also participated ln Jets during his sophomore year RONALD PIECZYNSKI Ron although not as octave as some members of our Senior Class was well liked by everyone Ron likes quite a com bnnatnon ot thang gurls cars and pizza He states his hobby is model cars ln which he has quite an interest SHIRLEY PORTENGA Commercial Showd w s In the Art Club during her senior year at Heights Her hobby is painting which she does in her spare time Ice skating and John are among her pizza PATRICIA PORTER College Pat an active sensor really enloys life She was active in Intramural Basket ball in her sophomore year and Booster and French Club her tumor year Band and YFC have been her mam interests all through high school Muslc and skating are Pat x likes 5 im 4 4 ,Qfwlf . I ' ' f . -S-H 5 fhssif., 4 3 I I l ' ' My , is XLS' I ' . eg has Q 1 I if- u Tri? -,fvg-t f ' I ' n In 1 vu - . a I ' 1 I I I I l ' a I , v . . I . . . Q- . . ' - - -f 1 . . . . . . ' I I . , : , ' . , . ' ' l KA Al rl ' v , ' i 0 . . - 5 , .. .,,- ' ' , ' Her only dislike is people who are snob- 2 first likes. "Showd" dislikes reading and . ' . . . . I . ' E?i? 2-2? " " ' ' -H4 I- .- . . . , I I , , V . . . h I I . 'ei . I - ' ' ' ' ' 7 . T . . . ' ' 1 1 1 1 g F ' QDV- ,411 1- , . . . I' , K, 5 fx-, , 47 53: faq. Q' s 1 A-,if fcgj,-.H. K X ' , fy . 'I-g1Kf..r:-:guy-li-,A-' 31 ,V 1 LANDIE POTTS College A most versatile girl is our Landie While here at Heights Landie w s in YTeens and Band She likes every kind of music from operas to progressive 'azz landie also likes records especially Beet hoven and Little Junior Parker JOHN PROKSA General Prox as he was called by his many friends always had a cheerful smile for everyone His hobbies are hunting and fishing Prox likes printing pizza and girls He holds a part time 'ob at a local greenhouse Proxs dislike is lamb Chops! VERNON RAKE General Vern as his classmates called him con siders his likes to be cars While in school y... one of his favorite classes was auto me chanics He also likes to go hunting Vern along with the malonty of students dislikes doing schoolwork THOMAS REED General Tom" has played in the Band and Orchestra for three years. His hobbies include coin-collecting amateur radio and playing the cornet and guitar. He likes radio electronics and working on cars. He dislikes reading books and potato salad. PAUL REID College Paul is one of the quiet kind but a better guy is hard to find. Paul lists his likes as skiing and bowling. Having a jab after school left Paul with only enough time to participate in Baseball. JUDY PRITCHET General Fritch as known to her friends likes roller skating water skiing pizza and a certain guy ln her lunior year Judy took part in the publicity for Paloma Game A special hobby is spending money her dislike IS homework JANICE RAGER Commercial Janice is known to her friends for her sweet and friendly personality She par ticipated in Bible Club in her sophomore year and in Chorus during her sophomore and senior years Jans hobby is sewing while her dislike is Rock n Roll BARBARA RAYMOND Commercial Sweet and pretty Barb s many activi ties included Y Teens Oakllans Future Ac countants and the Acorn and Oaks Stal? Barb was also on many school play com mittees and was in the Senior Play She likes spring and summer and meeting peo ple Dislikes chop suey GERALD REID College lnquisitive and friendly best describes Jerry. He lists radio and skating as his hobbies and Linda as his like. Along with playing Football and Track in his iunior and sophomore years Jerry was quite active in Jets. JAMES RETSEMA College "Rex" was a quiet, but sincere fellow. He had the honor of being a Junior Com- mencement Usher and was active in Biol- ogy Club in his iunior and senior years. His hobbies are hunting and--"looking." THOMAS RIFENBERG College Always a good fellow describes our Tom He was a member of the Band and Jets Tom was also a Junror Commence ment Usher Besldes worklng at a local drrve In he hkes to swim and hunt In hrs spare time GWENDOLYN ROBERSON General A frlendlter person than Gwen would be hard ta find Gwen has been active In YTeens Chorus Chotr and lntramural Baseball Basketball and Volleyball She was also an MH winner Gwen dlsllkes unfriendly people and llkes dancrng skat mg przza and a certarn young man SHIRLEY ROBSON General Although a quiet member of our Sensor Class there was always a lrrendly smile for everyone Shirley has a very specral luke and that as Larry Her other hkes are bowltng and Mexrcan food She drslukes gettrng up an the morning GREGORY RUITER General Greg towers above many not only has height but also an has abrllty to have lun and make friends Definitely rncllned toward sports Greg can usually be found on a panr of water skrs playmg foot ball or basketball or out huntrng THOMAS SAVAGE General Cee spends most of has spare txme at has hobby whlch as hunting Whrle at hugh school he was very active In lntra mural Basketball luke most boys he says that he hkes grrls Hls O'1lY d'5l'ke '5 tlshrng Class of 60 .Q 4'l LUANNE RIPHAGEN College Luannes sensor year was very busy wrth Student Councnl Spanrsh Club Oak lrans and the Senror Play She was also on the Oaks Acorn Staff One of her accomplrshments was a Frrst Year Spanrsh Club Award Her hkes are musnc pizza and arrplanes JOHN ROBINSON General Na that I love study less but that l love lun more descrlbes John He was not partrcularly actlve In school but llsten ang to 'azz records and playmg pool are counted among hrs hobbres A typical guy John admits he partrcularly lakes gars SHIRLEY ROLLINS Commercial Shrrley who always has a ready smile for everyone was a member of the A Cappella Choir for three years Her hobby I5 savmg thrngs for her hope chest Shlr leys hkes are Wayne przza and her rob at a local store SHEllA SATTORY College Sherla bemg voted Most Athletc the Sensor Class was active tn lntramural Basketball Baseball and Volleyball Y Teens and was an OHICSY In Booster C'ub and Band She also won her MH Sherla hkes dancrng and H Fr JOAN SCHIHL College Cute and sweet, best describes our popular Jon: Joan had the special honor of belng rn the Homecommg Court Her other actlvltles Include Junlor Arbor Qrrl, Natronal Honor Socrety, Student Councll, Y Teens treasurer, and Latln Club Jon: dlSlIkSS late mallmen, hkes dancxng 1 ,K f I I ' - Fii h - ' ' , ' . 5 '57 7 D . ll ' I . In . . ' I I . I I . ' Q . . , I ' I D ' ' l . . Q . . 7 ' ' I ' - S' Y , rn Sv " e an I U Y . . ' 1 7 . . . i- . SALLY SCHMIDT Commerclal Sa peppy and lull ot lun was tn YTeens whnle at Helghts Hugh Wherever there us o dance youll find our gal as dancmg ns her lavortte pastume She also lakes swummmg plzza and a very spectal guy Qutte a combmatuonl LINDA SHANTY General fm e kno n b a lrtends has a llvely pergonqllty and ,S 0lWUY5 Ve0dY to have fun She has sev erol hobbles and many lrkes The mam lakes are donclng and o very cerlam guy DORINE SHORT General Dottt as she ts known by her frrends was very o twe tn a local Drum and Bugle Corp of whtch she as recordmg sec retary Thtnklng and dreaming are among her many hobbtes She lakes hot dogs ptzza and cookmg BETTY SMITH College Corky as she was known by her luends partrclpated un Intramural Sports Future Nurses Student Counctl and also Y Teens lor two years Ltstemng to records bakmg and espectally Ice cream are her spectal llkes Corky dlsltkes gossip ROBERT SMITH College Qutet but o pleasant person to know Il Bob I-In mam hobby IS auto mechanics lwhtch stands to reason smce he ns always workmg on hu carl Bob lusts tus lrkes and doslskes as cars and money and soup and Pontnacs respectrvuly Senlors Gif? Ang xxx IU' LORETTA SCOTT Commerclal Scotty known to all lor her lrlendlr ness and leadershup was acttve Y Teens the Oaks and Acorn Stal? Student Council Prom Commlttee and Intramural Sports Scotty also on MH wmner ltkes all sports French Fnes and typung L dtsllkes spelling SHARON SHEPARD General ay ho us a vey qulet gtr been a member of YTeens and the A Cappella Chou In her tumor and senlor years Shays hobby as collectmg stamps and readxng One certam boy has cap tured her mann Interest DOROTHY SIMS eneral Dot was a very actlve member of her sensor class She partlcupated nn Stu dent Council YTeens Htstory Club Future Accountants and Chorus Slngmg and danc mg are among her mony hobbtes Her lukes are eatlng and Curt JANET SMITH Commerctol Janet known lor her sweet and friend ly personolrty has been secretary and neawm' of B'9l99Y Club and actlve on the Acorn Staff Janet was a hard wg'-key "' oolllmlli on Play commlttees and as 5'09"19 Chonrman She lskes to keep busy JOHN SNYDER General So called Spuder John calls tus un usual occompltshrnent makmg his way through school He lakes lock and Roll mghttnme gurls and summer vacatlonsp he dulvkes homework and utttng around the house, and lusts has hobbuos as hunt mg and llshmg JOSEPH SOLMAN College Fun lovung and fruendly Joe receuved two French awards and was a member of French Club tor three years servung as treasurer the last two He has also been a member of the Natuonal Honor Socuety and presudent of Y F C SUSAN STAPLES General Sue voted Best Dancer partucupated un YTeens Oakluan Players Job s Dough ters Intramural Sports Oaks and Acorn Staff Prom Commuttees Faculty vs Stu dent Basketball game and the Style Show Her hobby us wrutung to guys un the serv Ice Her lukes doncung of course THOMAS STEELE College A quuet sort of guy us he but gust as nuce as he can be best descrubes Tommy He has partucupated nn track for three years Tommys hobby us collectung sports plctures and magazunes Hus lukes are sports and gurls DALE STRAAYER General Dole us one ol our quueter people but he us a fruend to all He lukes to collect stamps and has quute a collectuon Other hobbues ol Dale s are swummung and bowl ung After school he works at a local photography shop MARVIN SUSTRICH General "My unterest us un the future because l'm goung to spend the rest of my lule there' Hts our "Marv " Marv enuoys spend ung many long hours workung on cars and lust bemg hus own good natured and lun lovmg self Q Q en en maiilffsf 'QQ' si :fi 3' of 60 JAMES STAPLE College .lum goes un lor the more academuc aspect at school lute as proven by his actuvutues He was Senuor Class Presudent a successful deboter partucupated In For ensucs and was a member of JUN also was a Junuor Commencement Usher JUDY STEEGSTRA College Steeg us mdlspensable to many clubs beung Presudent ol Future Teachers and Booster Club and Secretary ol Sub Junuors She was a member of the Natuonal Honor Sacuety and was a Junuor Arbor gurl Judy also Received a latun Award FRANKLIN STEINHAUER College Frank can best be descrubed as swell guy wuth a bashful grun Beung more of the out of doors type he much prefers huntung and flshung to books Frank lukes cars and can often be seen druvung a sharp Edsel about RICHARD STREVEL College Duck loves musuc and has proven thus by belongung to Chorus and Chour H was also a Color Guard for the Band When not workung un o local market Duck enloys huntung tlshung and ployung bas ketball lor the Explorers Post DAWN SWANSON Cornmercual 'Nuce and Sweet" best descrubes Dawn She belonged to YTeens, Future Account ants, Debate, Forensuc, A Cappella Chour, was on play commuttees and un play costs, a Junuor and Sensor Arbor Gurl, won a Debate pun and certutlcate and Cuv uc Opera Assocuatuon Award ALLEN SZPIEG College Never a dull moment when Al s aroundl Al partscspated sn Student Councsl and Future Engsneers and also won a thsrd place award sn Mechanscal Drawsng Al though hss hobby sleep may keep hsm busy Al stsll finds tsme to ensoy pszza and tomato soup PATRICIA TEMPLE Commercsal Pat has always had a frsendly smsle and a h for everyone Her lskes are horses and popular mussc She dsslskes oral book reports moody people and very borsng classes JACQUELINE TERRELL General Jackse played volleyball and basket ball and won an MH letter dursng her sunsor year In her sophomore and sunsor year she was sn Y Teens She partscspa ed sn the Style Show tor two years Her hob bses are readsng and sewsng She dsslskes everythsng unreasonable BOBBIE THOMPSON General Bobble was on the Tennss team three years Hss masn snterest was sn Orches tra and Band He won a first dsvsssan on drums sn solo and ensemble sn hss soph omore year Hss hobby ss playsng n teen age dance band JULIE THORSTENSON College Julse ss a carefree and charmsng gsrl wsth a pretty smsle for everyone She was actsve sn the Band for three years and also sn the Buble Club Her hobby ss bowlsng an her lskes conssst of Bsll and her future Seniors is' no-s as cs .Me 44 JAMES TARAK College ln hss sophomore and sunsor years Jsm was an actsve member ol the Jets Sher rse rates at the top of hss lsst ol Interests whsle fishsng watersksmg and bowlsng follow Jsm also works part tsme at a local clothsng store ROBERT TERPSTRA College was member of HIY n s lunsor and sensor year He served as chaplasn to the club sn hss sensor year Lske more boys he also played lootball whsle sn school Bob conssders swsmmsng and woterskssng hss hobbses BEVERLY THOMAS Bev ss a gsrl who almost always has a smrle on her face She has partscspated sn Chorus YTeens Style Show and Intra mural Baseball and Basketball When not worksng at a local hospstal she enloys readsng Bevs pet peeve ss unambstsous people Her Iske Jsm SALLY THOMPSON College Sully lskes mussc best She won the honor ot besng the soprano for the State Honors Chosr She was actsve sn A Cap pella Chosr prom commsttees YTeens Future Nurses Oaklsan Players an ls brary Club Among her hobbses are sce skatsng and tennss LOIS TJAPKES Commercsal We wouldnt recognsze Loss wsthout her sweet and radsant smsle Lushsous we nscknamed her partscupated sn YTeens for two years Oaklsan Players play com msttees and was sn the Sensor Play Loss lskes to bowl and watch basketball games I , ' ' Bob a '- i hi ws . AQ Y t ' f . l , . . A .,,, Q , - , , - t- - -- rerre P C ' ' J XT .if ..r- ' . . - - ri . . . - I . . . i G A I ' , d '. 95: l 1 L i 'lmasiui ' ' l ' . ' - - . ss . ls- as d - o - i. ' . . . gf' U if ry ,fy gj LINDA VALACHOVICS College Lynn althaugh voted Most Bashtul of the gurls was a busy gurl She partucu pated un Spanush Club YTeens Senuor play and was assacuate edutor of the yearbook Lynn craves root beer malts but duslukes puua WILLIAM VALUCK College Bull who was chosen Mast Luluely to Succeed us Presudent ol Student Councul member at the Natuonal Honor Socuety and us 57 and 59s Muskegon J C Gall Champuon He partucupated un basketball and track Lulues puzza and gurls from G LARRY VANDERSTELT College Stults the boy wuth a friendly word for all was a letter wunner un sports hav ung partucupated un track and football Larry was also a member of A Cappella one certaun gurl have captured Larrys mam unteres JAMES VAN FOSSEN General Jum was very actuve on the football team partuclpatung un football un has sophomore and tumor years and was also a member ol the bowlung team thus year Hus hobby naturally us bowlung He lukes goung out and swummung Jum duslukes Englush JUANITA VASQUEZ Commerccal Usually Iaughung always gay descrubes Jonnue She was a member ol the A Cap pella Chour and the Student Cauncul Jon me served on the Prom Commuttee and AllSchoal Play un her lunuar year She was also actuve an Sub Junuors and Y Teens Class of 60 318 vw! Hn.. 45 DAVID VALK College Dave has had the honor ol bemg Junuor Commencement Usher He was a member of Future Enguneers and louned Buble Club twa years ago An Outstand mg Newspaper Boy Award was grven to hum m l957 Dave lukes musuc and puzza RICHARD VANDERBURG General Duc us full at lun and a truend to all Hus specual hobby us huntung H claums to also have a partucular lake for cars whule hus duslalue ts Englush Duck also holds a pob wrth a local hardware store MARILYN VANDERWATER Commercuat Y Teens has counted on cheerful Shmunk for three years now and Oakluan Players cans der her one of uts mast valuab e mem bers She was an the prom cammutlee and us a Student Councul representatuve Maru lyn won a M H letter and lakes dancung JEAN VAN NOORDWICK College Jean partucapated un Orchestra Semor Play All School Play and Buble Club Her hobbues are swummung watersluung and musuc She says her unusual accomplush ment us to have gotten thus tar un school Her luke us classucal musuc Dusluke-celeryl RONALD VEIHL General Ran wull be best remembered as a star un Football He was selected coptaun un hus Sensor year and also won Honorable Mentuan an the All State poles Ron also played Basketball and Baseball Ron dus ltkes Englash and Iukes french frues .. .. .. .. ' U ' u 1 - ' . . . I . I . . U ' ' u 4 ,, , ,, ,. . .. . k.. . , . 6 1 1 ," ' , - . e , . , , , , . . . . . , , . . . , . P. I ,Q In r un - . 'I . H , . I . . , - I . . . . . I E - 5 . Chair. State Police work, woodwork, and ' ' . ' ' u 4 1 uv I ' . ' I ' T. , . . Q - . . . L I ' I . ' I we . . . . .. . . . . ' I I . . ' . 1 . . s . 1 I , . 1 . I ' 2 I Q s ' . is . MARCIA VICKERS Commercial Helpful and considerate are Marcia's traits. In school she took part in Student Councsl Oaklsan Players YTeens and was treasurer ol Spanssh Club She worked on the Junsor Sensor Prom and the All School and Sensor Play Commsttees Marcsa also won a Spanssh certstlcate RICHARD VITEK General Rschard was very actsve wsth the plays whsle at hsgh school worksng on lsghtsng and stagsng commsttees He was a member of Oaklsan Players Thespsans and Csvsc Opera He also partscspoted sn Debate and Band Rschards hobbses are skssng and swsmmsng JOYCE WALKER General Joyce s gay sense of humor and pleas ant attstude make her well lsked by all She has partscspated sn Student Councsl Style Show Intramural Baseball YTeens Chorus and A Cappella Chosr She lslses lsstensng to records but most of all Edwsn BETTY WALTON General To be thoughtful thats Bettys dessre In her sophomore and sunsor years she ensoyed besng sn Intramural sports Be ssdes athletscs her habbses are cooksng readsng and ssngsng She dsslskes skatsng and dosng a lot ol homework Bettys fav orste pastsme ss vssstsng ssck people JANET WANGERIN Commercsal Happy go lucky Jan was sn Chorus and A Cappella Chosr and also was an M H letter wsnner whsle attendsng Hesghts Hsgh For hobbses she Issts playsng the psano at whsch sncsdentolly she ss very accomplsslsed Seniors 's4"Q- vid 46 DAVID VISSCHER College Dave who was one of the more qulet members of the Sensor Class ss very snter ested sn sksn dsvsng He Issts hss Iskes as certasn foods and football and hss dss Iskes as studysng and baseball RONALD WADE College Roach smslsng all the whsle has par tscspated sn Baseball Football and Bas ketball and was Sophomore Pressdent of the class Hss hobbses ore huntsng and fishsng He Iskes horses and he dsslskes nothsng CHARLOTTE WALTHERS College Charlau has put her efforts sn Band Student Councsl Spanssh Club YTeens Oaklsan Players and has won her letter Char lskes dancsng ssngsng and lsstensng to mussc She also works at a local grocery store DORIS WALTON General Dorss was very actsve sn sport She par tscspated sn Intramural Volleyball Basket ball and Baseball and recesved her etter Doll as her trsends call her sang sn the chorus and had the honor of wsnnsng the Sslver Cup gsven by the Recreatsan Center CAROL SUE WARREN College Squeak wsll be remembered by all as our Isttle Tsger wsth a squeaksng laugh She was an octave member of Y Teens FTA Booster Club and Spanssh Club She dsslskes pszza and homework and Iskes a certasn guy Carlton ELAINE WATSON Commercial Y-Teens was one club that couldn't do very well without "Lanie." She was elected Inter-club Council Representative and at- tended the Y-Teens camp, on the Senior Play committee Campus Call an mdls pensable Journalism student and active in MYF Elaine dislikes sewing KAREN WEINERT General Peppy and perky describes Karen She was a member of Student Council Y Teens Future Accountants and also partici pated in Intramural Softball Her friends ca her Lover Her like is a special boy Tom and her dislike is math GORDON WELLS General Gordy as he as better known is one of the quieter members ot our Senior Class He lists swimming and water sknng as his hobbies He likes girls and to sleep late on week ends His dislike is home work GLENDIA WHITE General Glendia participated in Y Teens for three years and the Style Show while at Heights Also she sang in the Chorus and playe Intramural Baseball Glendia won her letter because of this Modern 'azz and pizza are her likes DONALD WILKINS College Lee will long be remembered tor his friendly smile and easy going way Lee was very active in the orchestra and played on the tennis team for three years His hobby is tishmg lee takes good food Class of '60 if we tw .1 yiffxlf fi 47 ROBERT WATSON General Bob, although one of the quieter boys in our senior class was active in sports. He participated in reserve football and track. Bob's hobbies are fishing and hunting in which he is quite accomplished. He espe- cially likes sports and girls MARY WELLER General Mary was In the band tor three years and also participated in YTeens History Club Spanish Club and worked on play committees Among her hobbies are wa ter skiing horseback riding and skating Mary likes a special lunior boy Paul and pizza KAREN WEYERBACKER Commercial Karen was in band in her Sophomore year Although she was a quieter member of the class she was known by many Karens dislikes includes 8 oclock classes and shorthand Her special like is a cer tam fellow named Jim KEN WIERENGO General Ken is a boy with a lot of ambition who also has a wonderful personality He was on the bowling team in his Senior year in Jets in his Sophomore year H ot an honorable mention in mechanical drawing CHARLES WIRSCHEM College Duce as he is known by has particl pated in Football Basketball and Track He was a Commencement Usher He likes toad pretty girls popular music and sports ot all sorts His hobbies are water skiing and hunting I I - . ' . . . . . ,, . ,, . I l I ' . . 1 I I I ' 1 ' . . 1 . I . I , , . I . I I 'f . , . . cv, ' ' 1 ' ' I' Q - it f it ,:2'- ' ' . W QJ . ef? iil e sgr f A M yn A - I M-l'l- zieu LLf:H I' 'I 1 ' ' ' e ' - 5 I M - 5 f. 3 9 ' I A f yee I I ' "" Q fs .,, sl ll 1 . d I I . . . . , . - u I l I l I EDWARD WITTKAMP General Ted a fellow who was well luked by all the kuds of Heughts Hugh that knew hum was a fruendly guy wuth a quuet personality Hus very specual unterest us o certaun gurl and he lusts hus dusluke as school work MICHAEL WITTKOPP Muke sang In the chour three years un hugh school partucupated un French Club durung hus uunuor and senuor year and served on the play cast for Oklahoma n hus sophomore year Muke consuders food hus best and most useful luke MARY BETH WOOD College Neat and nice descrubes Mary Beth She was actuve un Student Councul Pay Committees and Casts alternate cheerlead er band prom committees YTeens Oak luan Players Future Nurses Secretary of National Thespuans and Sub Juniors She lukes football games and dancung DENNIS BARBER G.E.D.T. STEPHEN COHAN College THOMAS GRAY General RICHARD PAWLAK G.E.D.T. 48 ROBERT WITTKAMP General Bob us another one of the more quuel members of our Senuor Class Always ready wuth a fruendly word for everyone he us well luked by all who know him Among hus lukes are hot rods and cus tamuzed cars PATRICIA WOLF Neal ond necessary its Pat to a tee She was actuve as a member of YTeens Future Teachers und was secretary of the French Club un her Senuor year She was also a member of Sub Junuors Pat lukes dancung LINDA WRIGHT College Lynn who has been very actlve par tucupated un Student Councul and Sponush Club un her senuor year She also belonged to YTeens Booster Club and Oakluan Players Lunda duslukes teachers who QIVE homework and lukes boys and French Frues PEGGY WEST General Gentle PCYIWUPS Shy but a true friend to all who know her.' Pegg's hobby is ice skating which she does a lot of during the winter months, Her like is one boy. Whats his name P ggy. S . , A I Iusu 5 . . . . ' mix - ' ' , I f 4' uu I Co ege College . . . . 53- Q 5. ti: ' ,, ,, I . I . . . , ,W Y i gr . - ' i li . . . 2 Furs 1 J E , my-. ' ff i H ' . . . I I I L ' E . . . . . I . ,I , gm V ' u u I 1 ' u ' QW: dkrk - I , l .S , e 'f' Jw, fu., Class of '60 BENJAMIN BARTLETT College I a he was known to all famtltar figure at Heights He has a pleas ant personalnty whtch explanns hls many fnends Skups acttvlttes constst of work Ing on play committees and acting In Paloma Game and Our Town Hts hobby IS archery BRUCE DEAN College Bruce was a member of A CUPPellu Chotr for three years and was also se lected to sung nn the Honors Chonr In hIS semor year Hts hobbY '5 We'9h' lmmg and he enloys classtcal and sacred rnuSIC PAUL RIBECKY General Beck was a qutet guy but full of fun Paul spends most of hrs spare ttme playmg pool baseball and gomg bowlnng Pauls blggest ambttuon to go to General Motors School Hts only dtsltke ts wrmng letters LATRICE SAlN Little Lot was an acttve member of athlehcs Reserve and Varsity Football and Track Latrnce was a surprtse sprmter who dud an expert tob He was also a member of the A Cappella chotr and took part tn the Varlety Show WILLIAM SERVER College BI a guy who ts a swell frtend to all of us was a member of the Student Council In bath hrs luntor and gentgr YGCIVS HIS hobby ts trappung and he lmes to be wath other teen agers JACOB VELTMAN General Jake being one of the quteter mem bers ol the Sensor Class has hls extra tlme taken up by outsnde actlvltles .lake lusts huntnng and tishmg among hns hob bles He ltkes workmg on cars and takmg out gurls EDWARD DAVEY College Ed was one of the qU'e' memben of our Senior Class but was well liked bY all who knew hum Among hrs many hobbles he lasted huntun9 and nshmg as his favorites He lllleS all SPOHS d's"kes school work GEORGE KITTEL George recelved hls dlploma when he was In South America whale un the Army He has taken lots of Spanlsh and has attended school through many corre spondence classes THOMAS ROBINSON General Waldo was very octave nn sports H was actlve In Basketball all through hugh school and on the Football team hs sophomore year Waldo had the honor ol being captatn of the Reserve Basketball team and has won letters and medals for sports JOAN SCHOONBECK Jo as she as called by her frtends and acquaintances was one ol our qutet but very frlendly gurls She parttctpated Buble Club tn her tumor and sensor years Jos hobby IS sewlng and she lusts her mann like as sports BRIAN SULLIVAN General Speech IS great but sulence us greater descrtbes Brlan Hts hobbles anclude work mg on automobiles and sports Hts mann Interest ts workmg part time as a mechanic at a Grand Haven garage CARL YOUNG General Carl was quiet but well liked by all who knew htm He parttclpated In Track and Football m his sophomore and tumor years Hts hobbtes are photography col Iectmg record albums and eating Hes known to hrs lnends as Cool Breeze ll G "step" 1 , -s o " . , . 1 . , 1 Q 1 1 A I ,, . .. .. V. . . . D I , . , I .. .. . , .. ., - . . 1 1 ' e I I . . . . K . ' " 3, " In I H ' -- - General .. .t . . . . . . . I . I . . . G . . in HI - . nl 1 I . 1 In , . - . . . ,I . . . - . . .. ., . . . . . . . ' I . - - . . . . . . I l ' I ' ss ll Honor Student Judy Steegstra was the wlnner of the D A R award at Muskegon Heughts Hugh School The D A R award ns guven to the gurl who us outstandlng n cltzenshap and servuce to her communlty Ann Berry placed In the upper 461 of the Honor Soclety members un the United States who part clpoted In the Prelrmunary Scholastic Aptltude Tests She then com peted for one of the scholarships but at the time the Oaks went to press the results were not known UPPER THIRD CLASS of 1960 Mary Hole placed among the top 10000 students n the Un ted States who took the National Merit Qualifying Tests She then competed for one of the 1 000 scholarshnps to be a arded to outstandlng sensors At the time the Oaks went to press the results were not known Judy Steegstra Ann Berry Helene Lafkas Jack Brlggs Dawn Swanson Mary Jo Porter Dawn Kelth Nancy Hansen Judy Gardner Marlene Chrlstlan Patrlcua Owen Bonme Cunnmgham Sandra Fulonow Bonnie Abrahamson Duane Argetsunger Marlene Herrala Carol Graves Shurley Davis Thomas Rlfenberg Kenneth Kleft Mary Hale Kathleen Overeem James Ceton Alma Holshne James Retsema Joan Schlhl James Staple Bull Valuck Lmda Valachovucs Kathleen Alexander Charles Neur Sheila Sattory Carol Czerwon Pete Bartels Joseph Solman Dave Valk Douglas Murray Charles Wlrschem Sally Thompson Anna McQumn Ellen Burnett Michael Kuncaltls Camilla Bromley Shirley Rolllns Gunhrld Aeverman Ben Howe Shirley Malmstrom Carol Sue Warren Jack Judd Karen Olson Marlene Blanchette Judy Elmck Marcla Vickers Karen Anderson Charles Kltchka Allan Szpueg Karen Weyerbacher Jean VanNoordyk Jacqueline Brandt Sandra Musnch Erlc Merster Patrlclcf Porter Glona Amava John Hendrickson Bruce Johnson Jo Ann Cole Annette Juckwer Mack Hunter Jerry Jonas Marcia Cook Mnchael Wsttkopp Sharon Anderson Jack Brewer Constance Lynn Judy Enckson Betty Knobe Shnrley Crosby Lmda Wright Mary Beth Wood Patrlcla Wolf Loretta Scott Landle Lee Potts Dave Borns Larry Muller Lmda Jacobs Chrnstopher Donley Larry Falor Lee Wllkms Lee Fortm Thomas Plckel Roger Knrkpatrnck Lnllle Gull Leo Deuster Janet Smuth June Graham Judy Scott Bennlnger Paul Reid Marilyn Vanderwater Edward Davey William Server Sally Lorenz 1. 26. - ' 51. - 76. 2. 27. 52. ' 77. ' 3. 28. ' 53. ' ' 78. ' ' 4. ' 29. ' ' 54. 79. 5. 30. 55. ' 80. ' ' 6. 31. ' 56. ' 81. 7. ' 32. ' 57. 82. ' 8. 33. 58. 83. 9. 34. 59. ' 84. ' 10. ' ' 35. 60. ' 85. ' 11. ' ' 36. 61. ' ' 86. ' 12. ' A ' 37. 2 62. ' '. 87. 13. ' 38. ' 63. ' 88. ' ' 14. ' 39. 64. ' ' 89. ' 15. ' ' 40. ' 65. 90. ' 16. 41. 66. 91. ' ' 17. 42. ' " 67. 921 ' ' ' 18. ' ' 43. ' 68. - 93. 19. ' 44. ' ' 69. 94. ' 20. ' 45. ' 70. ' 95. 21. 46. 71. ' ' 96. - ' 22. 47. ' . 72. 97. ' 23. 48. 73. 98. ' 24. ' 49. 74. 99. 25. 50. 75. ' 100. ' ' Senlgr Class Personalmes President 41-4 MR The Tall and the Shorfof It 1 . O O C JAMES STAPLE I - :Zi it w MISS ALICE O R STANGLAN ' RUDY T S G TH Cafeteria Snapshots M 4: Ablxke-bu She LS-crtmfg MKLIL YVX WHO S MAAW Rah Brad La 'i S Shoup! O05 Xxx, Class :F-I H5 'Been pc.-c. 'Q' +I len LQQCQS I ip K-P-rule ctwgmgmtq 4 HX 'BRQMLEY I ,j Qi 1i Z it Q -JW' wr ox Q IH! , f O5 C Pon' eihl M u 1 M V 51 W ,M . ..g, . ew T f U99 s ' ,.- f tk UE 'CSV f-f ' 5, .F ' f ,, N WIN IQ! V or-5 V QC 9 rson m a,r 25 1 V ,, -4 5, S ' " N. A ff? g 'jg LJX 6 I WHO 3-My r- F 'Q nw x N ' MOO'c"B0SH3ul MoitA il- rwrd I . 3 Numa, Chvdiwirschem l Lmcka Xlamhows Carol Gmws 0 N . 4 , ,LLL ' 7 Q , X , 1. Cu-best. Couple Janice Marlfs f, - - li..-. Ron Wade Mos? LQZ?lB T7 Suceggl Y - -Eu I Qjvg 3 , 'I' X , X X IJ Nopckllwanien Q- - 'H , l' - ' Y X I CMS? C'-'i2'UP5 rf Eric. Melsber' . Judi., Erfclsch W1 ' locghg x Janne 'ad 7Ben4-kwa , Q.-5 ff- A alML'M. l1?. .... if '25 From left to ngh VanAelst presldent Sherman v president Mrs Dawes advisor Snel treasurer Mr Norris advusor Crocker secretary Absent Mr C ov advnsor e Sopl10m0fe Class Officers Of e Junior Class From left to nght Mr Westman advlsor Wvllunson secretory Mass Kelley advusor Mr Wnrschem advisor Wade treasurer Heethuls v presudent seated Comstock presudent Th 0flicersOf 0 - Th 58 Juniors 59 Lois Achenbach Paul Adams Tom Aho Fred Ammond Tom Ammond Alfonzo Anderson Barbara Anderson Pat Arterbndge Dave Ashendorf Frances Aue Dave Babcock Blll Bartels Denms Bash Betty Basktn Bob Beckley Karen Bell Mlke Benedict Norbert Bennetts Sherry Benson Karen Bingham Duane Blrd Elbert Black Wllhemlna Blackman .hm Blaschke Gary Bogner Judy Bohannon Duck Boltze Joe Bomers Shurley Booker Pat Borgeson Pat Borgman Betty Bradford Jacque Bradford Charles Brewster Judy Broadbent Robert Bunts Ken Buck Arleen Burrmgton Gwen Burt Helen Buthker Basul Butler Karen Buttermore Came Campbell Bonnle Carlson John Carlson Davnd Castagna Lana Chandler Rhonda Chapin Sharon Chrlstuan Harry Chrlstlansen Patrlcla Clark Jantce Cook Leon Cool Sharon Coston Garry Cottrell Shnrley Crocker Kay 'Cross Crawford Crowell Antomo Cullen Lnllne Cummmgs Melvtn Cummmgs Carolyn Delano Marlon Devenpart Lucllle Doon Barbara Dogger Kathryn Drozd Dan Edie Solomon Edwards Carol Eggleton Bill Carnes Juniors 4-1 l ill s J" w A 5- M' Q- 'Gs lr '53 60 9 l Sharron Evans Phyllis Falknowski Frank Farkas Edward Farmer John Felcoski Sandra Ferguson Belly Fields Lillian Fife Carolyn Finnemcn Marvin Flowers Lynn Forward Joyce Fox Brenda Frierson Mari Jane Frisbie Jim Galpin Sherrie Garvey Carol Gaullney Thomas Gierzak Jerry Golliver Judy Gornes Brian Gould Joyce Gowen Sandy Graves Angle Greer Lonnie Hannahs Lana Hansen B n Harvey Marilyn Haven Ronald Hayward Joyce Hennlngs Allce Herald Lynn Herder Darrell Hudges Ronald Hopkins Alan Housler Ruby Howell William Hubler Wayne Huddleslun Jim Huey Leroy Hughes Suzanne Hurd Norman Hurfublse Grover Hutcherson Pearlene Jackson Ronald Jacoby Fred Jaehnag Mike Januska Barbara Jefierson Palrlcla Jensen Charles Johnson Dennis Johnson Gloria Johnson Jeff Johnson Loren Johnson Richard Johnson Surveary Johnson Wall am Johnson Willie Johnson Charles Johnslon Kalherane Jones Georgia Kekom Marion Kelly Gayle Kung Paul Kllchka Robert Klopp Belly Koelle Connie Kovals Tony Kowalski Judy Krause Pal Krentz Juniors 61 Rose Kulesza Beatrice Kurburski Gerald lampman Judy LaNore Wrllram landlngham Janet lane Bettue Lee Alma LeFear Bull Leltoux Henry Levandowskl Cecile levy John lewls David Lrnk Mary Lou loomrs Frances Lorenz Pat Luuck Terry Lutz Carmen Madsen Marsha Madsen Kay Malmstrom Bruce Marquand Bob Martxn Marnlyn Martm Jessne Martinez larry Mast Karen Mathews Marcia Maynard Ester McClain Gary McCormrck Judy McCoy Trudy McDowell Jum McGarey Rex Mclntosh Gordon Mclntyre Curtls Mclemore George McPherson Mary McPherson Rose Medema John Mensch Loulse Memtt Edward Meyers Phyllus Mezeske John Mldluff larry Muller Stan Mills Bull Mlnnerlck Carrie Mitchell Alice Modlsett Duane Morris Frank Murphy James Murray Pat Murray Ellen Musgrave Dave Myers Ida Nncholas Kathy Nncholes Rosalne Noble Dan Oberlin Betty Ochs Mabel Ogborn Lnnda Olsen Jlm Ordlsh Freddie Pace Darleen Paczesny Enleen Paczesny Carol Palmer James Parker Bull Parmalee Bonnne Parmalee Kay Miller Junlors 62 Susan Parmalee Vurglma Paschal .lon Paul Kathleen Pavllck Matt Pearson Sally Pearson Dorothy Pehm Sandra Pelkey Harvey Pfennmg Louis Phllllps Martha Puerce Charles Pupluns James Porter Lnnda Prus John Pulsls Joan Raap Florence Raessler Arthur Ratluff Duane Remertson Wllllt Richmond Shlrlev Robmson Mary Ann Roder Sandra Rokos Jean Romans Jnm Root Henry Rorye Darrell Rose Jack Rosenhaurer llnda Rowell Jlm Ryerson Duck Sabourm Gary Scheldegger Helen Schmidt Jeanne Schmndt Norma Schnender Janet Scott Phyllis Scott Alan Seng Sharon Shafer Ronald Shelkey Brenda Sherman Dan Shugars Geraldlne Saronen Garry Skodack Thomas Slezak Carol Smlth Charles Smlth Garry Smith Jack Snnth Peggy Snnth Casey Snel James Sorenson Janna South Barb Spencer Caryn Stahl ,Ice Stelnhauer Pat Stem kraus Karen Sternberg Ken Stewart lanora Stewart Joan Stockh Mackey Stralt Janet Struckler Wall am Strrckler Carl Suchovsky Jams Sukup Michael Sutton Robert Sydnor James Taylor G Albert Russell fm 1 rf 11 'sig-"' Lx Juniors W L .dn ss- nifi- A 41 N16 if 's v-' 11" Sophomores ian, 'san Gm an Joanne Tenny George Terrell Edna Thomas Pal Thompson Neal Thorslenson Mlke Thurketlle Marllyn Thurnhofer Loree Townsel Mnchell Trammell Dnane Trlano Gayle Tudor Joanne Tuller Luanne Tyler Jerry VanAeIsl Sherrle Vanderlaan Mary VanderSchaaf Gerald VanderStell Sandra Van Sparrenlak Geraldme Velvman Nancy Vlckers Earlene Vlsscher Pal Vnlek Ron Voss Glarna Wagenmaker Wanda Walden Mlke Walker Raymond Walker Glona Wambaugh Mary Ellen Warren Dave Webb Pal Websler Barb Werly Ellen Weslerhouse Bob Wesllohn Tom Whaling Kay Wnlkuns Gary Walks Charles Wllllams Jerome Wnlluams Mary Wllhams Terry Wnllaams Larry Wllllams Dorolhy Wood Jamce Wood Lunda Yonkman JoAnn Youngs Mllchell Adams Rodger Addrcall John Alexander Thomas Ammond Joann Anderson Pele Anderson Richard Andrew Mlllon Armslrong Barry Aseltme Donna Ashcroft Dennis Barley Emily Baird Ellzabelh Banks Joyce Barberum T, f 6 Qc A T We M- A ' 1 'A il 1 ji T T "' ' ' f s A . - 3 'T' '? ' T' ' is TT 5 T ll QXQX 'J XT w ' T T.. . ' . T ' f""' 5 T' 'T 'T ' T ' , W, A Q Tn: I 1 ss 5 , Q -, 1 T T T - T T 2 A A L A' H ff me N Qf A I f -f-, b -1 Am 1 fb, , Tl T ef5,g,1W . o ' . - . T , V . at-izlfrl T N Q- 5- 4. I ,,o, gf or Ts: '5' '- ' 1' . 'J efiilf A ' -iff ' - AT V ' 'FEE ljgfgssf XL A ' Tg N K ' Y ,Tr i T ,K . g' Tw uf A y - -- 351 T ,M 'Ti 7 I 1, 'Xa ' ' fl 4 - ' T " Q , Q 5- . T 'N I A Ar A' ' I I TW 1 'fr gli- ago, 15 , V h gig fx T Qs- S . T - ,y,' X - , ' J' ,X I "KT T A 1 is , ' x gl T X JI ' ' I A -X , ' 'f A N .. ' .T "7i1a? 4 . W A 1 f ' ' 2 Mfg T rl iff. K? ,Q fsg ff x. Eg, QT: h 53:2 ' ' Tl-Q ff ' T, f . -: ff . . ' T. , V73 ' 5' TQ4?-las? s Tl- ' i g T T - ,kk 215555 E ' ' . sex J K D, V A ' n :ar ' ' XT? f " ff2gI 5'Z:fE'. T A '1' i'?,fTQi ',-,'T E ' xx: liek k9':'f x Ts 'QT ' "-'A ' H l T T1 " 'f .Wi 9 , T M sg " T si : V 1 Q - as ' "fi " ' ' M 7. 'V L N S' z -T 1 T .. s i T .-e -f ' en'T' 1 T A -' . A A , T ' A T A ' 'o X wk l . W' 1' Z ' l,,3. g, ' 5 a, V1 1 , A- f Q1 'T v l ' 1 -f rs. s x TX 7 A ' I sig ? ' v . . kg, Jb- Sophomores Avx X A A s , Qs t-.4 kg'- if Q. fs fm WB nd' 'Ve ss, X0 "1 an .854 ...Q f ,7 HRX Q63 .WAX Q51-1 B or Vs an 4 fxim if-F " ffl. 64 -R s ew tv ,rv gif X X ,av MX -xl' a,'L on 'T L-xl ? fee' ,,.. I Clalre Bartels Ann Bass Elizabeth Battle Bonnle Baxter Frank Beebe Cheryl Bendus Sharon Bennett Robert Bennetts Frank Benmnger .hm Benson Patrlcua Benson .lim Berkel Nathaniel Berry Thomas Berry Chet Beverly Evelyn Theda James Blake Benny Eddie Don Boutell Bullnps Blackmer Bond Booker Larry Bouwkamp Jerry Bowcamp Juduth Boylan Charlene Bramer Jerry Brandow Donna Brewer Bvllle Bradges Betty Bnggs Eva Briggs Allen Bnngedoul Joe Brmgedaul Jessne Broadway Josephine Broadway Roger Bromley Ethel Brooks Pat Brunk Raymond Bronk Robert Buford Mnchael Bugalsku Patsy Butler Rodney Burns Dons Burrlngton Baker Burton Gloria Burton Mary Ellen Butler Nettle Butler Nancy Carden Duck Cans Joan Carlson Darlene Carmean Carol Carpenter Andrew Carson Lucille Carson Shlrley Carter Gay Chambers Larrby Chandler Jeraldlne Chapman Leodls Cheatham Bull Chuldress Patrlcla Christiansen Pat Chvala Jum Cobb Nadnne Cole Harriett Colluns Jean Comstock Joan Comstock Glorna Conley Bruce Cook 3.11 fi! 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' . yi' , . 2.73, wig me Q 5, W L, ,,, s . if K, m i. ., 9 i Q ,, A, . 1, , ,ix - ,A KM 3 Q- mx ., if - V, -5? 2 ,gf , My , , X 4. t L .4 I N Y ,L,. , , - A X 5 - .. , P, ., M A , xv f A 54,51-.7 i ' ' 'F - ' gf ? ,pf " 3 Q 'h" f H ff '. " , N? an QV , ,, ,L . ... v.f wb 2 if . 1 an w 2 x V v. z Q EQ r a a s fwfwsf . A New 9 Y K jg 1 Q Ji 9 K Pi 5 f 1 is ':"" Swirl A ,if 1, XR! Gil ,Q NX! .1 kiwxr , v Willie Williams Rosie Mae Wimbley David Wingale Dave Wirschem David Wisniewski Judy Wisniewski Jane Wood Duwayne Wrighl Jim Young Charles Zack Dennis Zeedyk , , , ' ir W Q, i fn ffwgmff . 4, Q, ,Lg K, , , A. , Q" Z 5 , 14.5, ,, T , 'W Q, ,Mfr .sq-W 'K x,s,,ems + .i QM. . 'THE LINEUP" The snow may be snowing, the wind may be blowing, but these fans can weather the storm. For these basketball fans are real Tiger fans, waiting to see the undefeated Tigers of MHHS play the Big Reds from across the tracks. An eager Heights senior, Jane McComb, was first in line, arriv- ing at 2 p.m. The line stretched from the C. F. Bolt Gymnasium door to Jefferson street and down the block as far as the school parking lot. Many enthusiastic fans from Muskegon High School also arrived early in the afternoon. The white puffs in the photo are not snow- balls, however, merely splots of heavy snow which settled on the lens of the photographer's camera. Inside the gym there was a definite contrast. Spirit ran high and the temperature of the gymnasium even higher. Fans were lined along the walls and every available seat was taken. The final outcome: Heights 57, Muskegon 39. W NW! ASSISTANT COACH Mr Del Fnrme we----Qty-fe -,.. ww- "'-9'-' VARSITY SCORES Tlgers Opponents Grand Raplds Unnon Grand Rapids South Holland Chrcago Thornton Muskegon Cathollc Grand Haven Benton Harbor Grand Rapids CC Muskegon HEAD COACH Mr O E Johnson Varsity Football BottomRow Bartels, Stewart, Menster, Phullups, Pupkms, Norkus, Klopp, Dcnley, Anderson, Jackson, Wlrschem, Oosterhart Second Row Langston, Thorstenson, Harrlngton, Beckley, Verhl, Felcoskn, Kooyers, Jonas, Pace, GaIp'n, Mclntyre, Ccach O E Johnson Th rd Row Carson, GrlHnn, Klopp, Murray, Kelley, C Johnson, Hubler, Zulthof, Plckel, Parham, Bartels, Muller Top Row Hunter, G Sain, Tipp ns, Baldwun, Wade, Messner, L Sam, Barberlm, Cullen, Ba.s, Muller, Coach Del Flrme 74 U ERIC MEISTER Senior CenIer EDDIE PACE Senior Tackle 'A JACK KOOYERS Sensor Tackle 1 1. E 5 'CT' x 5 CHUCK WIRSCHEM Senior End 1 -fm 1 I RON WADE Senior Hclfback CHRIS DONLEY Senior Guard , by LATRICE SAIN Senior Holfback 75 RUDY KLOPP Senior Center '11 A I .' QW:-1 L, I I f : V 7'3 , 4 'H TOM BASS Senior Halfback xy 1 Yi MVC 5 A CHUCK JACKSON Senior End JIM MILLER Senior Guard Va rslty Trger defense stops Cath0'lc ball carrler Parham dances across Chscago goal Ime Jackson Parham Velhl Howe and Norkus swarm over Chucago ball carrrer OZElL PARHAM Junior Fullbnck All Cnty Isl Team RON VEIHL Sensor End All Caly Isl Team Tiger, score against South, Griflin, Jackson, and Veihl close in on Mus kegon ball carrier. 76 Venhl snags pass aqcunst South WILLIE GRIFFIN Sophomore Tackle All Cnty 2nd Team Highlight Senior Quarterback AII Cnty Honorable Mentuan Tigers plle across Grand Raplds Catholics goal lme Sam runs around end to puck up first down PHIL BALDWIN Semar Halfback All Cnty Honorable Mentlon Cullen fakes Catholic defenders Tuger bench at tense moment an ball game 77 . . , 5 .1 li 3 I I oouc MURRAY RESERVE SCORES Tigers Opponents 7 Grand Rapids Union l2 20 Grand Rapids South 12 I9 Holland 12 I2 Muskegon Catholic 2 I3 Grand Haven 19 l9 Benton Harbor 12 6 Grand Rapids Catholic 20 7 Muskegon l8 . ,Jn , ASSISTANT COACH R"SlIRVE COACH Mr Rudy Thles Mr Jerry Williams Reserve Football Bottom Row Moore Metcalf McMurray Petty Parham John on Velhl Smith Wade Swenor Mclemore Rulter Second Row lelloux Wsrschem Whnsenant Fox Davis Gray Cobb Chand er Fountain V Glbert G Gilbert Third Row Root Greer Goodwin Thomas Ross Glover Jones Armstrong Walker Blake Perreault Top Row Coach wllllOmS Reagan Boutell Gnmmett Bennetts Mitchell Morris Muller DuRose Booker Kutchka Coach Thles 78 . L ' T 1 1 1 1 1 -' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 I - 1 - - 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I - i 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Varslty Basketball Front Row J Van Aelst W Johnson T Roblnson P Kelley R Velhl A Cullen T Bass Back Row Coach Johnson C Wtrschem J Doxey P Adams J Coloway B Howe H McPherson C Ptpklns M Hunter Scores Grand Roplds Umon Grand Rapuds Chrrstnan Muskegon Holland Grand Haven Muskegon Cathollc Muskegon Holland Benton Harbor Fremont Grand Haven Grand Ropnds Ottawa Muskegon Cathohc Benton Harbor Dlstrtct Tournament Muskegon 67 Hetghts Herghts Heights Heights Heughts Heights Hetghts Hetghts Heughts Heights Hetghts Hetghts Hetghts Helghts Hetghls o ' ' 52 ' Grand Rapids Central 52 Heights . . . 58 . 85 ' 66 ' 54 ' ' 48 ' 39 ' 58 ' 50 ' 40 ' 63 ' ' 69 ' ' 34 ' 62 ' Champs In Achon !i""" .9 80 ...uf- -4lninlQ.,4u- Varsity Cagers John Calloway Ron Veshl Chuck wmchem Phnl Kelley JUMOY Came' semo' Guard Semor Forward Semor Guam Tom Robmson 2 ff h wp'-g,,,,,.,,,,,, Senior Guard Harold McPherson Senior Guard Paul Adam' Muck Hunter .lumor Forward Senior Forward I I I 'fe I ' Q ,,,, l,'L f ,- N' ' ,N , Haifa , L w I X 3157 ,. ' ' f 1, - M .1 ' Q55 V. 5, .gf ' E , ' V i , ,M A www .1 ...., -4 , , - ' - 'Lf Q 4' I7' 1 . gr Q pf N i'Y h ' N., ,4 fi I ' i r , . It I L se: ,1 i Q, hryei ' -iq 7' - . I ' w' ' ,H 5 A 1 1, ,fn Z WE.?3F'7U N , A . h .I fwg,fvNfiggf,,,,,m- K W .5 h " ' ' ' A .. 7,1,5r,,M,vjQ L- N I V V 'MA YM I , h . ,,... jk, I L' " .f9,ffUQZglrg'jg5- , 5 - . ' K, ,v 'fi ' i . f ,A ' W' 2,3 .1 1 Vw- . J ' -' -i f yf- ,5 ' , fHfQ",511e Q 4-el, ""K"" V V ' "W fr - W4 X 1 " 'X -9 ' X' fffiw 771 Z '- ' ' . 4 , 4 r , ,M rr 4 - . . f- 'f gpg, f- - ,J .. 1 E f -' 7 Y ai I ' ir ,f ' 1 33 ,Q . , ,xgsxaz N-5. mo as Em 9-2 0 C a 'U a. :wr ' 45 4354 Aff E12 Q- i ff! 524 J-m DOXUY Charles Jackson 500407 F9fW0"d Sensor Cenier Reserve Basketball Front Row D Wade S McMurray O Moore C Thomas W GrlHm Second Row Coach Rudy Thses G Gnlbert D Sovacaol C Swenor V Gnlbert J Petty Thnrd Row A Carson V Johnson A Metcalf M Adams Sam McMurray Leading Scorer Hexghts Henghts Heughts Heughts Helghts Heughts Helghts Heughts Henghts Helghts Henghts Helghts Henghts Henghts Won ll RESERVE BASKETBALL l959 60 Lost 4 Grand Rapuds Umon Grand Rapids Central Grand Rapnds Chrustuan Muskegon Holland Grand Haven Muskegon Holland Benton Harbor Fremont Grand Haven Grand Rapnds Ottawa Hrlls Muskegon Cathollc Central Benton Harbor fl ' ' ' .............. 68 ' ' .... . ' ,,...,...,.... 62 ' . . . ' .............. 49 ' ' ' . ' ............., 32 ............. ' .............. 50 ............... ' .............. 57 ....,..... ' Heights ............., 43 Muskegon Catholic Central ' , ............. 36 ........... . . ' .,............ 47 ....,...,...... ' ....,......... 60 .....,... ' ....,......... 50 ...,.,.,..,.... ' .............. 50 ...... ,... ' .............. 49 ' ' ' .............. 62 ' ' .,..,......... 59 ......... 82 Baseball Back Row Mgr Klopp Muller Perreault Phelps Coach Flrme Thnrd Row Vanderloan Mclntyre D Wade Galpln Sternburgh Bunt Cook Second Row John Morre Barrett Strlckler Velhl R Wade Harrington Murray First Row Metcalf Armstrong Velhl Walker Whlsenant Cullen Stemhaurer Coach Del Flrme Muskegon W M Chrnstuan Grand Haven Muskegon C C Grand Haven Holland Muskegon Muskegon C C W M Chnstlan North Muskegon Benton Harbor Holland 1959 sEAsoN scones Opponents Tigers Henghts Heights Heights Herghts Herghts Heughts Helghts Heughts Heights Heughts Heights 83 . , " ...,,................, 3 ' ,,.,,,,. H . . ..................... 8 ' ,,,.,,,, ,, Heights.......... .. ....................., 3 ' .,,,,,,, ,, . . " ..................... 6 ' ,.,,,,,, A, Track and Flelcl Bock Row P Bortels T Steele Locke Scheldegger G Gllbert Petty J Parham Fourth Row Trlse Pearson J Johnson Nye Rlchords Hall L Steele Thlrd Row La Roux Bupp Mclemore O Parham Melster D Wlrschem Swenor Levandowskl Second Row B Bartels Ashendorf Grlffin Smlth W Johnson Schneider Morrls Coach Thles C o a c h 'l959 SEASON SCORES Aprul l4 Holland 42 5fl2 Kalamazoo 67 lf6 Allegan 2l lf3 Henghts 53 lfl2 Aprll 2l Muskegon 57 lf6 Heughts 46 576 April 28 Holland 44lf1 Heights 64'f1 Aprll 30 Benton Harbor l6lA Muskegon 65V1 Helghts 55M IConlerencej May 2 Central Relays Heights 22 pomts May 5 Holland 56 Benton Harbor ZIV2 Helghts 59'f2 May 6 Grand Haven 47 l4fl5 Heughts 61 lfl5 Monroe Relays 8 polnts 2 mule relay May 9 May 12 Muskegon 45 Muskegon C C 44 lf3 Heights 47 lf6 Greater Musk May I5 Muskegon 38 Heaght 2nd 36 Regnonal May Zl State Meet Heughts I5 pomts May 24 Muskegon C C 5l Henghts 58 Rudy Thles 0 : - 1 - 1 1 I 1 - l 1 1 - : I I ' I I I I ' : I I I ' I ' I v I I : ' I I I I . I ' I I I I First Row: Sain, Coffin, C. Wirschem, Hunter, Langston, Jackson, Howe, McMurray 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 7 . 7 . 1 1 ' 1 1 ' F . I . . 2 . 1 7 . . Tennis Coach Sydnor DeHudy Doxey Mclemore Suchovsky Rutter Wnlluns Galpm Thompson Cobb Cullen Bennmger TENNIS SCORES Allegan Heights Muskegon Heights Muskegon Helghts Chnstuan Heughts Chrustnan Helghts North Muskegon Heights Grand Haven Heights Grand Haven Heughts Holland Helghts Holland Helghts l O r'O 5.5.5 .7 r,'Q' 1 'Q'O 0 'ff0I':' I Q O 9 'f'o"f' 0 OI 85 U ::-: Q.. l..: H l Q 'Q l:h:l. 'Q I., 0 I I I COACH JOHN SYDNOR 6 ' 1 7 ' o - 6 ' l . ' n . . 4. 'Q . T l . 'fi :Q W X .D . . 6 o,:,.ya '.::ii.,' . Q Q r I' 'I N Q, O., . J. 4 s 4 - 3 X A A P 7 ' o J 7 ,J,J . 0 0 S 7 L Q 0 s 7 ' o Sports Personollhes XX ,f v 'QW fu! Ron Venhl Ron Wade Football Baseball 'Xi Mack Hunter Track Harold McPherson Basketball Mr J K Thornley Business Manager Y Mr O E Johnson Durector of Afhlehcs Mr E W Glllaspy Buslness Manager MY H'-'Qh C0mPbell Mr Robert McCaIeb Member of the Member of the Alhlehc Assocrahon Afhlehc Assocmhon o 0 X 5 'F' 1 :V 5 . I 55' Z, 1, - . 1 5 5 P Q Q: " Q WZ f Q fi 'kr QR 1 1 , 'tl l ,M 2 X ,A 4 5 H E 5gi!fYH:gf Q A I f "ny M X :X V- if X f fe if - 1 W ' . X WX , as he , , K or fl wr' ,yi i 'IW wb, DIANE ARGETSINGER ROSE MEDEMA riff' I M- 1. 4' mfr-'Sz' fr 1 . lf - , 5 W 112, Jr!! fig zu a-11:7 wt VUYSITY Cheerleacle JANICE GOLDEN Qs SANDY PARKER 1 JANICE MARKS SHIRLEY CROCKER Tumbler Q LINDA JACOBS Reserve Cheerleaders JUDY ERICKSON Allernule X HV' M 's 51 4 H A D l 5 'U . Q 1 aa 51 CAROL SUE WARREN Judy Boylan, Pam Heelhuus, Conme Remerlson, Nelly Snell lollernatel, BONNIE CUNNLNGHAM Vlcll Phylhs Murray lco captaml, Jane Wood, and Bonme Sherman leo capfuun, Reg., not pncturedl J +1 0 L 5 f' 5 fu J L' X 6 . - l -.f I f -I Y ' 1 I a ws1'TfiVEf A , xglff gdfi 7 N f ' ' 7 I - 9 r y , ' X ', , X X ,L X M r X , f I 5 ,QI AND Director Q J lu 1 , F YJ-eg LAWRENCE GRAY Bark R-S '-': TET-1.,'flPSOi'l, Cheuiham, Baiile, Benson, Mclemare. Third Row: Edme, Farkas, Hegedus, Skodack, Rnchards, Bingham Scoif, Broadway, Smith. Second Row: Ogborn, Wilkinson, Harris, Sieenhagen, Lopez, Har rington, Zuirhof. Front Row: Hartman, Groves, Sieinkrause, Thorstenson. r w V W Concert And Marching Band Standing: Hendrickson, Huey, Bradford, Johnson, Richards. Fourth Row: Meister, Brown, Mclntyre, Johnson, Ohrling, Bird. Third Row: Webster, Taylor, Broadbent, Strickler, Cavendar, W ll P t P Rifenberg, Reed, Kirpatrick. e er, o ts, orter, Mittleider, Sydnor, Thomas 1 Second Row: Kelly, Chambers, Krause, Gray, Hulka, James, Sorenson, Achenbach, Keith, Pickle, Sattory Front Row: BUPP, Carlson, Clson, Vinlk, Floyd, Warren, Wood, Long, Strong, Dingler, Owen, Vitek. X v Maiorettes 4, From left to right: Ruth Ann Long, Transeda Kelly, Ruby Howell, Connie lynn, Mary Jo Porter, Karen Sternburg, Betty Baskin, and Bonnie Parmelee. Drum Maior, Curtis Mclamore f' I I ,. N 5 N. ' .. . at: l 1 ,. M .. I I . I al? ' I-' M . 5 I Q ' , s if I In Ii' -Mr . ' I I I I I I I 1 I ' f 1 I I I . I ' A I ' ' I ' ' I ' ' ' P I I I I I - I I I I I I I , , , ' I . 5 I f I I 1 ' ' 2 I I I I - I I I I I I I - I I I I , , , , l , I I I I I I - , . sf me - I I. .. .I I . , I I , II I'-2-H -, 2 ,I -' Is . 1 I I m I L If . p - . L I I - - W Sv 'ff' If 3 I -ffl 1' I -I 1 , I L I I - I 1,1 - I Ti s -. ' i f? gil- :W .ii ' I If . fi , . - I f - - I 5' --gi 'if J .I vi 1. Si A I . ' f, E - 3 I- I I - -I I ll? . 5. 11 I Sig. I I I Q 'X 1? I ' . 1' Q gg -I 2 4 I , I 4 , -. ' ,, f i .,, ,1'sH- .- I Sw v-I '38 " 'S-1 - Q I ' ' , '. I 3. LJ J -1 - ' -ffm 5 III-I I - 2 s f 3 I .5 I I, - I , I I I5 ,. 4 :L ,M - , 5,7 I I I In I EI , - I I I I I 'Q I .I I-.I , W i f-u 1.5.5 . -' I- , 5 - -I - I -1 ,I -g I -Q. - - 5. I I . I I . 2 7 - I .QI I I I .- I... I I ir, I I I . - I . ,- . xg I I II I I, I . -- I f - . Ia .. ,ii . I- I -I -S -fi :I gs 2 M : - -' . I W ' I. I I 1.4 Q I ' . ' F af L I 2 ' 1 2 .1 S 5, . II Q ,- -' 2 I- 12: ' I K? ,S IqI.j's.I3 fu' I ja If Y -ff 0 ' ' I , 2 . I I ,- .I .- . as ' . +I I. . I A I I-5 I I - ' - I , f ,, .. .. ,. .ar -Im , - ,, 4 Q . so ..- vu 8 ' " A ' I, I . , A 1 ,gg I. I I I . . gs . . .. I , I I L -- ' II II ,I I . . ,I I ev I --I . .',, 1 at . ' I 7 - I I I I I I I F I , . . I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I ' , I ' I ' I I I ' ' ' ' ' ' I D I I I . I . : I I I I I I 5 ' I ' I I I ' I I I I I I I I I ' I ' ' ' I ' I I I I I I I I I , , I I I I I . I I I - , ' , . Choir Top Row Shepherd Overreem Carlson Dnngler P Bartels Wnttkopp Langston J Judd Nelson Llndsey C Jackson Alex ander Musgrave South McClam Martln Thurd Row Walker Jonns Hutchins Crosby McQulrter B Bar tels Beckley Strevel McCormick D Clark Barrs Thorstenson nu rv Q - N4 O -. o 3' o 3 P c rn UI H o 3 W a - an 0 .I- o D I rv - E. a. Second Row Roberson Thompson Lee P Clark Phnlllps Cot trell Mathews Kltchka Klopp Sam B Johnson Wangerm Stewart Wagenmaker LaFear Perklns DeGraves Front Row Dancz Rollms Jay Cook M Judd Simms Golden Sternburgh Vasquez Coston Houston Swanson Smnth G Jackson Juckwer Chorus 'HSL ww-wma it W 63 P Mm 'AQAQ A A nn FY F' A 4 A Top Row Wiseman Collins Haven Larson Short Easter Pav luck Banks Kleyn Harvey Huey Golllver Calloway Brown Jackson Christiansen Bennetts Stone Townsell Webb Davus Armutage Lasson Burton Warren Hamstra Muller Third Row Schoolcraft Rogers Whllhem Bramer Kelley Schow Leavell Hasenbank Tlpprns Paul Frazier Brink Parham Scheldegger Davis Hay Robmson Battle Brunk Chrrstlansen Prentklewncz Horton Skok Cooper Second Row Mr Wnrschem ldarectorl Cook Hull Burt Mack Cole Howell Fmley Burt LeFear Lepley Chandler Johnson Sam Mclntyre Mitchell McClam Armstrong Green Garvey Romans Gabns Plank Jeflerson Smith Benson Bottom Row Edlck Wlegand Wagenmaker Walton Wlegand Wood Medema Muller Povllaltls Whlte Howell Bramer Pruce Wood Stapleton Walton Nelson Wells Welcome Mor row Brocklnn Cook Candid Snapshots Director Chorus At Work ROBERT WIRSCHEM Z,---' A Cappella Cholr Kathleen Overeem has the tedious task of being one of the Chonr pnannsts -an-nu-nun-o-A--f F These A-Cappelo Choir members, Karen Sternburgh, Diane Dingler, Dawn Swanson, Bill Bortels, Pete Bartels, Charles Jack- son, and Bruce Dean, form on Octette. Practice Session Officers President ...... .... M arcia Cook Vice-President ..,. ...... J ames Cobb Secretary ,.... ......... M ary Hale Treasurer .... . . ,Barbara Sleegstra Board Bonnie Abrahamson Sue Parmolee Jean Van Noordyk Judy Boylan Cecile Levy Jean Irwin Slanding: Cook, McQuinn, Greene. Lewis, McBride Third row: Griffin, Parmolee, Dierking. Second row: Knobe, Campbell, Williams, Graham. Fronl row: McLaughlin, Cummings, Levy, Blodgell. Crchestra Standing: Irwin, Mr. Galombeck ldirectorl, Smith, Thompson. Fifth row: Mittleider, Reed, Lulofs, Covender. Director Warner Golombeck it 5 li gi f if 1 1 Fourth row: Achenboch, Graves, Steenhcgen, Bupp, Kelly, Weaver, Cobb, Wilkins, Van Noordyk. Third row: Dingler, Warren, Vitek, Long. Second row: Abrahomson, Ryerson, Cline, Schwing, Temple, Floska. Front row: Hole, Boylon, Steegstro, Kiukowski, Williams, Daniels. Homecoming 'T -.R Q X... ,Q 'tw X- 3.2! ff ix' Ss 'xg A SN Homecoming for 1959! . . . really a gala affair. Norma Schneider was chairman of Homecoming sponsored as usual by the M. H. Club, and Student Council of which Mr. Jack W. Rice is adviser. Queen Janice Golden and King Bill Valuck dressed in flowing robes and wearing be-ieweled crowns of great beauty, made an impressive sight. A new attraction was the ieweled scepters made to match the crowns. Kay Malmstrom created them under the direction of Mr. William Dingler woodshop instructor, The honor of crowning the King and Queen was given to Mr. and Mrs. William Howell whose six sons all played, at one time or another on M. H. Tiger teams. The M. H. Club arranged also for the King, Queen, and Court to "take the field" in sleek, new convertibles. All of us will recall u grand night . . . October 9 . . . Homecoming... a night to remember! .. my .ewes We Senior Play 0ur Town Movlng rn nts drama expressive ln nts phalosophy and charming In :ts srmpllclty Our Town by Thornton Wllder was the choice of the Seniors for the 60 Senior Class Play Our Town takes normal darly lrves of ordinary people In a typlcal American small town and weaves them unto the heartstrmgs of the audience CAST Stage Manager Doctor Gubbs Joe Crowell Howie Newsome Mrs Gibbs Mrs Webb George Gibbs Rebecca Gibbs Wally Webb Emily Webb Professor Wllllard Mr Webb Simon Stampson Mrs Soames Constable Warren Sl Crowell Sam Craig Joe Stoddard Woman In the Balcony Lady ID the Box STAFF Mrss Danelle Barton Director Mr Eugene Glllaspy Producer Jack Briggs Pete Bartels Dan Nye Chuck Kltchka Ellen Burnett Duane Argetsmger James Ceton Cecile Levy Bull Bartels Basll Butler Victor Bird Ben Bartlett Marcna Cook Dave Zulthoff Dan Nye Charles Near Bob Rork Judy Elmck Alma Holstune Mr Warner Galombeck Muslc Director C . . . , . . . . I I I I n sl ' - - - ' . . ...................... . . .Cam Bromley I ' I ' I For Understandnng An exchange student to Ireland last year Nancy Hansen chalrman of the Foreign Exchange Program for l960 tells her experlence at an assembly kuckmg ot! a tund ransmg dnve on January 8 1960 Wlth her on the platform are Annette Juckwer Gunhlld Aevermann both German Students at our hugh szhool and Blll Valuck Student Council president FI'GUl9lI1S Snapshots Ol Germany These pretty German gurls come to Hetghts t-hgh for thenr Sensor Year through the Much :gan Councnl of Churches Annette: Amer lcon parents were Mr and Mrs Gerald Porter and Gunhllds were Mr and Mrs Robert Marhn i o w ANNETTE GUNHILD UIQ! NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front Row Valuck Graves Schlhl Murray lvlce presndentl Hansen lpresldentl Cunningham ltreasurerl Porter Steegstra Czerwon Mlss Barton advisor Second Row Mclntyre Ceton Solmon Herralo Filunow Berry Bortels Argetsinger Klopp Third Row Krause Pormalee Staple Near Abrahamson Holshne Bromley Swanson Chrlstnon Keith Fourth Row Marquand Jacoby Pierce Murray Madsen Koelie Herald Achenbach Malmstrom Roder Not present for picture Lofkas lsecretaryl Briggs Wrrschem STUDENT COUNCIL 'QL - --em Q. of 6 Fifth Row: Beaucamp, Pace, Veihl, Wood, Jonusko, Pace, Crosby, Glover, Cook. Fourth Row: Wirschem, Povalitis, Wilkinson, Madsen, Koetie, Carlson, Nicholes, Luick, Leos. Third Row: Wirschem, Schneider, Harrington, Malmstrom, Rader, Spencer, Kirsting, Howell, Mosler. Second Row: Mr. Rice ladvisorl, Johnson, Argetsinger, Hendrickson, Hutchins, Amayo, Juckwer, Martin Parmelee, McComb. Front Row: Wood, Wolf, Valuck lpresidentl, Golden lsecretaryl, Porter ltreasurerl, Van Aelst lviceepresi dentl, Holstine, Kitchka, Borns. LATIN CLUB Vmclt qu: laborat lt"e conquers who worksj Top Row Baxter Rice Krukowkl Phelps lrwln Mlss Sutton lAdvlserl Tmrd Row Hamstra Larson Bartels Cowdery Boylan DeMann Second Row Martm Thompson Herald Murray Mur ray Steegstra Whlttaker Font Row Falzone Clme lSecyl Comstock lPresl Comstock LVICC Presl Heethuns Ureasl LIUPOkkG FREN H CLUB On ne peut falre qu en fausont lOne does only by domgl Top Row Pruse lulots Aevermann Musgrave Madsen Schwmg Vanderplow Thlrd Row Brewster Murray P vllck Pavllat Christiansen Fife Blanchette Second Row Mrs Hostmgs lAdvvserl .luckwer Vntek Warren Schmidt Kung Levy Front Row Mnttleelder Wolt lSecyl Jacobs lPresl Holstlne lVlce Presl Salomon lTreasl EL CLUB DE ESPANOL Saber IS Poder Top Row Welton Scott Cook Fourth Row Gllmore Scott Strait Ashendorf Hobby Keith Thlrd Row Parmelee Pavllck Walden Carlson K Kona: Stapleton Second Row Warren Dlngler Ruphagen Walthers Wrnght Malmstrom DeGraves Front Row Mrs Davles lAdvlserl Baslun lTreasl Par malee lPresl Madsen lVlce Presl McQulnn lSec yl Garvey ll : I I I I : I I I I I 7 I I I I ' 1 1 - 1 : , ., ., - ., ., . - 1 1 1 1 1 , . : , , a , uns, 1 1 . - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 -1 -1 - ., .. : I I I , I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 9' , . : I I I V 1 1 - : . , ., - . . 1 'I ' 'I I FUTURE ACCOUNTANT The opportunities for getting started are many op Row Weston Perkins Strait Smith Keener econd Row Thles Welnert Haven Crosby Haven Kurburskl ront Row Raymond Bingham lTreasl Clark lPresl Richardson lVlce Pres, Howell lSecyl M Faro baugh lAdvlserl BOOSTER CLUB helps the cheerleaders In encouraging the pep and enthusiasm of the school Third Row Malmstrom Graves Bromley Brandt Warren econd Row Wright Holstlne Muslch Burnett Cunningham Front Row Hansen lsecyl Lafkas KVICB presl Steeg stra lpresl Sattory hreasl Miss Cobb ladvuserl W R BOOKER FUTURE TEACHERS helps students to exp'ore the teaching field TGP Row Mr Norris ladvlserl Miss Kelley Kadvlserl Fourth Row Bartels Heistand Long Steenhogen Comstock Comstock Third Row Krause Vltek Morrow Holstune Molmstrom Rice Second Row Levy Llupakka Wilkinson McQulnn Marks Elnlck Martin Front Row Herrala Olson lsec yl Steegstra Cpresl Malmstrom lvlce presl Berry ltreasl Latka Jay Q I ---no-nv--all Yr so E I S .X T03 I JOIN: 'UQY O is of ff T 'R' 'XV . . . ' Lal O ,X T 1 , ' . ' f ' . - v T 5 r ' , ' , , , . ,E F : , ' . , . 1 Y K: ' A ' ' - . , ' . , r. - Z A ' 5 . H " "'..,-J 7 Yr . . '4 Q 1 . . I ' . Top Row: Olson, Roder, Martin, Christian, Porter. ' . 1 f I ' 1 sv'- 'I' K, 4 tx ' 1 'Pi' yd. Y by - - -2 Q- -C . 5 , Y . . . 91 t , s E 5 2 , . , 1 ' l ,Q ' . 1 z ' ., ' - ., - 3 .P Q f U I .. 'gtg sf 0 0 ' - . , . , s, . " ' ' ev - QUESTERS looks at the past to help make the future better through former exarrples Top Row Schoolcraft Mclemore Garvey A Rce fAdvlserl Second Row Arterbrrdge Achenback Ferguson Fusher Front Row Sums Kozler Jones Fsnley Hl-Y to create mamtaln and extend hugh standards of chrlstlan character Top Row Mr DeWitt lAdv1serl Johnson Mr Brush fAdvlserl Second Row Donley Sorensen Barrett Cofhn Front Row Terwnlhnger lSec yl Fulton fPrest Jonas fTreas l Terpstra NATIONAL THESPIANS Act well your part for there all the honor Iles Back row Achenbach Holstune Kttchka Llndsey Ceton Cook Bromley Bartels Martun Marks Front row Bartels Wood New Brlggs Vltek Mr Glllaspy advnsor I . : ' , , ' , I r. i : ' I I r . - Z Q I I I t ' . . . , I ' : ' A ' I I - Third Row: Sutton, Johnson, Fife, Hurtubise. 1 I I I ' . . , W -, . , 2 I I , ' 1 ' I I I I I , - 1 , . BICLOGY CLUB .. .to promote interest in biology, conservation, and other sciences. Top Row: Mr. Niergorth lAdviserl, Fclzone, McBride, Little, Johnson, Mr. Morehouse lAdviserl. Second Row: Floyd, Erwin, Carpenter, Heethuis, Welton. Front Row: Smith lTreas.l, Johnson lPres.l, lewis, Webb, H0950 l52C'Yl not pictured. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Readlng the recreation w som commercials Top Row Maynard Miss Kldwell lndviserl Green Second Row Delano Snowden McQutrter Front Row Burrlngton Tyler Fisher JETS the key to future engineers and scientists Top Row Achenbach Steward Scott Third Row Mr Courtrlght lAdvlserl Sent Whiting Medendorp Mr Thornley lAdviserl Second Row Hunter Valk Johnson Read Near Front Row Field Hale lSec yt Ceton tPresl Kuncavtns Ureasl Hulkc :QQ 1.2 Debate Champion Top Row Levandowsk: Jacoby Nye Third Row Meister Richards Koetle Marks Mclntyre Second Row Ashendort Madsen Marquand Parmalee Suchovsky Front Row Mr RegenmorterlAdvlserl Czerwon Briggs latinas Staple The 1959 i960 debate season was the most successful in the history of Muskegon Heights High School At press time the Varsity team represented by Helene Lafkas and Jack Briggs were preparing for their final effort and we hope the state debate championship against Ann Arbor High School Behind their success was the splendid coaching of John Regenmorter of the Speech Department of nine wms three losses ln looking over our State League Record we find our team came out of the prelim mary contest with a sux to two record In our favor The team now consisting of Helene and Jack defeated Muskegon to wm the District banner and Grandvllle, the Grand Valley champions, to wln the Regional banner After a triumphant defeat over Jackson Hugh defending State Champs in the quarter finals we were now eligible for the semi finals The team lourneyed to the Michigan State campus to meet and defeat the affirmative team of Detroit s University High to be one of the two debate teams left in competition in the state The entire Varsity team consisted of Helene and Jack Carol Czerwon Jim Staple and Marsha Madsen jack Briggs Helene Lafkas i In the local West Shore Debate League, MHHS won the championship with a record . , . I . I . . .- . . . I I . I X5 4 OAKLIAN PLAYERS GUILD ro further the advancement of dramatlcs Top Row Boylan Bartels Parker Eighth Row Murray Scott Vickers Reinertson Crocker Aue Levy Seventh Row Grissom Raymond Heethuls Snel Whit taker Steegstra Krause Sixth Row Haase McComb Wright VanderWater Smith Dingler Achenbock Filth Row Riphagen Anderson Medendorp DeGraves Comstock Floyd Comstock Fourth Row Martm Schneider Sherman Malmstrom Roder Vitek Warren Third Row Brandt Cunningham Walthers Berry Filo now Tlapkes McLaughlin Second Row Olson Wood Musrch Near Vntek Marks Alexander Front Row Miss Barton lAdviserJ Briggs ltreast Bromley lpresl Anderson Qvice presl Holstune lsec yt Mr Glllaspy ladvisert FUTURE NURSES ...strives to familiarize its members with the basic fundamentals of the nursing profession. Top Row: Kensinger Jorgenson Reinertson Boylan Krukowski Westhouxe. Sixth Row: Pavlick Floyd Mann Gabris Baxter Steegstra, Minnerick. Filth Row: Chronican, Rasey, Bendus, Chambers, She- dina, Snel. Fourth Row: Housler, Welton, Ryerson, Blackmer, Glomb, Murray, Third Row: Woldon, Thompson, Thompson, Mezeski, Rowell, Schneider. Second Row: Pavlick, Nicholes, Burrington, Carlson, Drozd, Parker. Front Row: Medendorp, Baskin fSec'yl, Hansen iPres.l, Vickers lVice-Pres.t, Filonow lTreas.t, Porter. we Y-Teens Seeking Sharing Serv ng Top Row l..1Iofs Mafnard Kerstung Tyler 'hepard Schoolcraft long Snel Se nhogen Barrels Heelhuls Nelson Chrlstlanson Ffe McComb Seventh Row Greer Fllonow Sattory Whittaker Rlce Relnertson Gulxey VVes on Benson Wnlkenson Wulllams Cook Maller Slxth Row Drozd Herald Bingham Clark Lorenz Rlchardson Krukowskl Slorf Farr or Bll ps Fln y Slmms Murray Crocker Parmelee Wells Fourth Row McQulrter Walker, Walden Pavlnk Johnson Mclaughlun Kulesza Vickers Spencer Muller Benson Mortm Malmstrom Schneider Thnrd Row Juckner Aevermann Staples Cole Marks Wood Warren Argeismger Tlopkes Herrala Walthers Porter lynn Second Row McQumn Gull Jones White Easter Davis Valachovlcs Wright Scott Alexander Amaya Vasquez Lorenz Front Row Raymond Graves Sternburgh Erickson Hansen Olson lSec yl Muslch lPresl Schuhl lTreasl Cunmngham Watson Golden Mass Stangland lAdvuserl M Cook IV Prest not pnctured Acorn Staff Oaks Staff . I 1 l 5 Q ' ' I I I , sf , I I ' ' " I I I 1 A ' 1 I 1 . V 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 . . I I . h . . . . . , . , . , - 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 - 1 l 1 re 1 - I I ' Fifth Row: Vanderplow, Povilaitis, Pavlik, Delano, Krause, Howell, Edick, Smith, Luick, Parmelee, Madsen, , . 2 ' I I . I I . I I . I I . I 1 1 1 A I : I I I I I I I D I ' I I 1 1 1 1 . I I I I . I I - I D I . I I I I , . . , . . 1 I I I I I I I 1 I ' I . , , , ' ' . . . . ' . . if Journalism Stoll 'gummy E l 'W 'aqifwv-,1 -4 o 1: Z o 2 I C 3 N -. x fl -2' U1 3 : T 9 .- S o .. .. Z H O E 1 3 U1 0 I1 o 3 n. I o i W 1 o 2 cu -4 I o 5' : 3 0 F3 7' 1 E E D O 7 o .. a -4 Scott Mr Murray lodvnserj Alexander Amoya Frlonow Thlfd Row Wcfson Rgphqgen Raymond Fulfon Velhl Front Row Harrrnglcn Burnel Vuluchovlcs MU5lCh Engk50n Sigpleg Jagobg GUVBS lynn Schlhl FOYYOFI Semors Take Off Luke a Rocket At Early Meet by Ellen Burnett The semors are havmg somethl new thxs year a class motto and flower At a recent Nancy Hansen was selected to a commlttee to choose sev flowers mottoes and colors several have been plcked the w1ll vote on thelr favorxte When b work IS done and the emblems SC0l'lHlId A xxv1Wwt.....:.:..s?.:. 11.112 mm, S rshtl0llS mg m Frenhche Ferl S PUBLICATIONS or Oaks Under my For 1960 hu Elazne Watson 900 bell announ that 0' "ff- P -fl 7 A Facts n No 15 Z, Karen Olson fdffff and mms m uw V' 1 f an s Sandy y h mght before S agam W5 t e k txme h utfon by Mack Hunter Eve a SP00 y lstory ell Lat by Annette Juckwer Over the past sxx years Muskegon N S an lemember 3 'mme easler to anderst e langua The Wlgath of green F V, Helghts basketball teams have had Ne S peopxe are keeping d Were frrendher and and the req Cdnqles ls the filst Slgn the potent1al of State Charnpxonshlp nos t im hobaoblms an mas four candles one 1 teams, wmnmg three State Cham 'ye 5:5 and black catS ol the foul Sundaysbefo1eCl P10nSh1PS TWO BUNOHSJWO MCC31' WWC . nf a by gone era 109 . . , Us ? 1 D U 0 I f- sf f ' A U li f ff fl ' ' ' K I t: il . ' Q Q . I -I Q . r , . l F. , .I U D . . D vt 4, .1 . t I H f ,f - . w X. 4 gun, . . Q , . Q I ' r l f . 'gg 5 I W' A H O . . -I l . Q- Lx S X , . ,, f 1 ' fl u' r' e , 1 1 ' . -- S , f , . f . ' 1 r al ' ' v Ex O . f X K . 4 Q . 5 , 9 'l ' ' A 1 ,I ' f W y i - ' X 1 - -' . 3 I , , A K 'flhjf -V - ' 5 4 h I 1 I - M X ., .. ' ff. .. . ' I ' 2 5 V - - , I .. 1 ', ' .2 V . 3 , , G . ' l I L 2 r. - - u . - 1 ' ' . f -J . H. .,.,, I P. m 5 2 5 W Forensics Thurd Row Ashendorf Cook Jensen Perry Boylen Steegstra Klopp Second Row Ashcroft Heethuus Scott Strong Koetlne Comstock Kensmger Front Row Mr Regenmorter advisor Bromley Coston Hansen Elnrck Madsen Solmun Wlnners Of Cherry Ple Contest magnum SANDRA FILONOW BARBARA HOWELL First Place MARCIA COOK 5 1 I 1 1 1 I 7 1 1 I 1 1 1 5 - I 1 I I f I , X Physical Education AV ff 1,-' af- 1 NK 0? AQ , -949' .V wg C22- .yiftgg fi 5-A-x ,ga .5245 55226 V , X, . ,A Y, .Qs . -jg I if f .511 pf ,VKV , A nfl 1 . , . Miss Cobb Sparks Loomis Dobb and Sattory fl! .ma Qn 's3K wail? K an-...M 7- , Ml Mr Westman 1 Wm Mmm Lange Nye Suchovsky Dye and Bartels Stqndnng Mr Wesiman F l ,Q - V 44 ,Q aff V , ' EXIT . g...,,,.. Q k 5 V , a 5 A wa, ' 1 ' I I a A A if, , a,..QQ,,. ,NW N 5 M, Wh ' ' K A' 'M 'M '-vQ--un--- X jimi 'E X 0. , -nga '-, ..,,, , u" -A K4 u ,,,,w b . pf? Y -xli ,f X X ""- . f- . .4 " gg 'flaw-., f . ' , " . A 1 fA""'+J""f'f?' 5 " ' Y ' .X ' ' ,QL 8 Q" - U- . Q . , X ., 5, A 1,43 , . V . , K 1 .ki Qivlj -A gn ,,,A, 4. .f - , , , . ,M A M Q -.ff QQg,l,a,w ' Q Q' 2 . 9 K A .. 3 - f 54, ' -.,Q...L., Q Win, . V 'W , ws.. 14. QQ qw, , , ,x W Y' , fa, , ,Q Q Sf, QL . . qw N 1 v N K if ' . X, . . - - f Q Q. M' ' raw - 1555 ffm' ., K V' W ,r..,Q,.-f--11'.p,.,, ' , hw, 'L 7 H , V . s 4330, -NM . IQ, 'M ,E "H, 4 Q f 'QQ'-1 W W' 'lr . 'T 1 15 R if agaxg V' Fnglxw VM We mr: D' ff 'M 5 K' wg , G"w,,N -, A w. 'g7g,,,. . hfm .N Q Xw M H H, ' Q 'W ' X" . Q at 4, za 'L'-S f NK' Q if 4 Y M M 'NX Q N L. 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N ., Abbotts Telephone Answerung Servuce Allsteak AI s News Alstrom Couustrurt cn Co Amertcan Cout Sauna An"'er or Packung Company Anderson Plumb ng and Heatung Arms org Used Cars Barberunu Food Market Boelkuns Food Market Bell Realto Boer Hardware Boulevard Druq Bruggs Daury Co Browne M r e Brurusw ck Balke Collender Co Brunaage Cut rate Drugs Bu dd Jewelry Carl s Super Market Campbell Wyawt and Cannon Foundry Certufied Concrete Coca Cola Co Columbua Studuo Coles Bakerues Commercual Press Consumers Power Co Contunental Motors Corp Cooper s Flowers Coscarellu Concessuons D and C Stores Inc Damm Hardware Dana Pruntuug C The Donuels Company Danuels Barber and Beauty Shoppe Dawes Florust Derby s Rarrbler Sales Doo Drop Inn E F G Economy Hcrdware and Guft Shop rarr Vuew Daury Fuscher Hardware Fredruck s Lumber Frutz Drug Stores Galy Real Estate Getty Street Food Market Pall Electruc Co Ha usen s lce Cream l-uardung Lee Photographs harwood Nelson Hasper s Sov Mo Markets Hendruck Clyde Pealtor Heuneman Pharmacy Hughland Park Daury Ca Home Loan Co Hosler s Hoppe s Super IGA Market Howell s Fashuon Fabrucs Hunter and Co Jay and Son Juroch Candy and Tobacco Co John s Super Servuce Ken and Beas Knack Ford lnc xoouman s Food Store Kooyer s Cleaners Krautheum A Jewelers I4 R T 44 46 .1 3 46 Z 1 6 4 4 3 44 6 A3 1 3 4 '21 4 4 R rfvw 6 Laurd s vlaruety Store lakos Restaurant and Charcoal Hearth Lange Transfer Langlous Stores LaNrve s ,sro ery Lee Fune al Hovu L an" 'cn Pardware M N O P Malv n s Jewelry Nunn Coal Ccfrupanv Mannung Maxwell and Moore nc McClary s Market McDonald s Druve uns Meuster s Feed and Hardware Store Muchugan Consoludated Gas Co Malls lce Cream Co Modcrn Improvement Co Moo e s Bob Texaco and Bcats Morton Manutacturung Co Murn Bros bauage: Muskegon Federal Savungs and Loan Muskr-gan Scho l of Busuness Muskegon Thec:'ers Myer S rvuce Nav onal lkuv1l'1Qrmgn5 ug-tk aune Weber Ja k on cri Jrtus Parson s Depautm 1t Store P and B Servuqe Petersons Shell Servuce Potter lamp Company P UCLICS Super Market Pyle Pattern and Mft C Professuonal Photographers Assocuatuon Qualuty Alumunum Castung Co Raduum Photo Supply Rasa s Mauntenance Servuce Reud Tool Co Reluable Tru kung and Crane Remwalu Cleaners Rudy s Fruendly Servuce Ruuter Bros Plu.mbung Sanutary Daury Co Scott Tuapkes Sealed Power Corp Shaw Walker Shepard C eaners Suetseama Floor Coverung Snawwhute Bakung C Socks Saburu Square The Clothes Staruha Agency Stern s Steak House Steve s Beauty Shop Sutton s Pharmacy Tomlunson s Barber Shop Tourcotte Studuo Terru lee Market Tuma s Pok a bout Guft Shop Vanderveldes Furnutur Store Voss Hardwa Vo aw s Electruc Shop W A Y Western Muchugor- Outboard Sa es Whuttungton Barber Shop Wundatt Pontuac Wuttkopp ual Lo Wolverune Express Wood Company Yonker Supply Co 1 "4 45 H 49 -1 40 44 5 4 4 1 4 4 29 6 6 44 4 49 4 44 4 4 40 46 4 Q 1 4 I 4 4 C O 4 l . 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"""' ""4"4""""' I 2 ki 'Tiff X Congratulations Class of 19601 EXPERT HOME PLANNING AND DECORATING SERVICE FOR NEW HOMEMAKERS Kathy Alexander and Connie Lynn of the 1960 graduating class visit our store and confer with any of the members of our decorating staff on our home planmng and decorating service We offer this expert service without cost fo all homemakers and Invite you to come in for further details VANDERVELDE'S FURNITURE COMPANY Serving "Greater Muskegon" Over Forty two Years "Where You'lI Do Better in Quality And Price" Broadway at Fifth Muskegon Heights 'l'l7 if ' C Qs A lf . iff! Timm. , i' A My 11. - Vi A69 Q p at 'Q ' v " ... :fs .... , M W - f A-Rvws ig I f A , , . . I . . I DERBY S RAMBLER SALES Comphmenfs of VOTAW S RADIO ELECTRIC SERVICE Telephone Pe 31 995 2934 Peck Street Complvments of THE STARIHA AGENCY Real Estate Insurance Frank Staruha Jr Class of 46 James Starlha Class of 53 Phone 3 2169 2916 SANFORD ST Complete Motor Rebulldmg Motor Tune up Expert Body 1Vork 2810 Peck Street Muskegon Hexghts Much TOMLINSON S BARBER SHOP 1 I I . Mum Bros. Garage u , I na "'5'LK i"6 JAMES CCSCARELLI PERE MARQUETTE PARK WORLDS B T BEACHES MINIATURE TRAIN KIDDY RIDES TI-IE WORLD S BEST ITALIAN PIZZA TAKE QUT SERVICE H9 I . 1 , rw . M . V 3,4 , -I 2 x. R- N,"'.Q" rv, .y l AWN' , M I . , , fa wi-Aiwa W L- R S ' M W A -,.,.I L E ,.. I . ' wx. ,, , 4, ,.-..,Y w - 5 A !,,, M 'Ng K I M ' .,,,,..,:-"':.'M.,f -. I-',.....a I ."- D' Qwv"""f gg:-WN M f' "g,lENK.TS S, 6.1-TT TWH, . '?5Q":y T'mLvl-wzaawxjx I T' .I 'M'-3911-nfP"'.1-, lv , L ,A atm -N -M' . T W " 3 ,,,."'lA.- A Q.: " ' .Y ' 1 N'n X55 3 """'g'U-M HT N - T' , ' 1 F ES L I QUALITY ALUMINUM CASTTNG COMPANY Producers of NonFer!os Metal Costzngs 3 A285 2700 R Best Wishes Class of 1960 SAY IT WITH COOPER S FLOWERS 2512 Peck Street Phone 3 2218 J S Anderson Packing Co John Wood Company-Benne++ Pump Division 0 . fu Ph -' iordan 4 fi I 5' gk. I ' v i Y O . O CONGRATULATIONS FROM HEIGHTS STORE OF FAMOUS BRANDS Parsons Department Store Complnmenis of Cong'-afulaflons S Gnd Fred and Don Kooyers Good Luck fo 60 Grads 971 W 5f0GdWGY Roosevelt Pork Knlf SUllS OUT SPeCICIlly PETERSON S Shell Servnce Wluttlngton s BARBER SHOP Broadway of Henry jzm Whzttzngton Propnetor Complefe Service for your Car Muskegon Helghfs PHONE 31120 2815 SANFORD STREET 121 Best Wvshes to the Class of 1960 A KRAUTHEIM Muskegon s Fme Jeweler Smc 1887 329 W Western Lltl Q 1 lhc offxce excc Xhclnnu chans desks lure files fxlmg mbxnus mdewfxnq systems looseleaf md p1y1oll equlpmcnt 4000 prod cts yuh lllllCLllglI1CClCd to help DANIELS ., 364 W Western Avenue Dzstmctzve Gzflc THE SHAVV WALKER Jlfuykegan, Jlfzclzzgan 36,wes,Wes,em RADIUM Pl-loro sERvlcEPhone245252 I2 I-lx lxin' fo- ' , pl .4"'.'- li, ,','1.- , H . 1 - - e 2 . " ' - , - H ,lu , ,. ' gut mme mlnne. easier, :md in less lime. ' ' ' ' ' ' ujhlikel E' Sky-scrapcf ,,, -Nil. , ?1Ill 1 I Ellll , G ' CO. l BROWNE MORSE OFFICE CDe9rgmed on the UUIOSI JUlodefw1 Q was CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1960 MANUFACTURERS OF STEEL OFFICE FURNITURE ALUMINUM CHAIRS FILING SUPPLIES LABORATORY EQUIPMENT HOSPITAL CASE WORK FUME HOODS We AIumnuofM H H S Congratulate the graduates of 1960 HARWOOD .- . NELSON 373 W. Western Congratulahons Class of 1960 HOPPE'S SUPER I. G. A. MARKET 273 E Broadway btreet Commercial Press T23 FURNITURE . . . SANITARY DAIRY COMPANY Dress Rlght BOER HARDWARE Telephone 3 1019 you cant 4210 G Q a Ha e Road afford Musk go M ch gan THE not to' YONKER SUPPLY CO Z ,S 124 1338 WOOD STREET llllllllllnl I I I . 9 r n V n e n, i i I - I I I I W6 ' 4 : Wholesale Plumbing 8. Heating Equipm 1 I . lnduslria upplies . Western Av . Muskegon. Mich. I I I I I I KOOIMAN S FOOD STORE Ed Dornbos Proprietor Corner of Snxth 8g Hackley Muskegon Heughts Mlchngan Phone 2 3343 WHERE QUALITY COUNTS lhcmC 3 ,377 S IEVE S BFAU I T SHOP Stf'U6I'ltI Addmlc CONGRATULATIONS You have reached one of Infe s urn portant goals graduatlon Now as ments we extend our best wishes for con tlnued success Reddy Kllowatt Your Elecfrrc Servant CONSUMERS POWER COMPANY HASPER S SAVE MOR MARKETS 'I2 The Friendly Stores That Save You Money Four Convenlent Locations We Give M 8K M Green Stamps Broadway at Henry Laketon at John Mason at Fifth North Muskegon F I 5 T2 , F 9 , x -fo u ' IW by I a . Q . Q I you press toward even bigger accomplush- , . 3 -1 4 7- :- ' ' ' ' ' 1 V w . s, . I E WINDATT PONTIAC 2001 Peck St Phone PA 26056 C. F. KO8hh PHOTOGRAPHS 126 F20 27 THE DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY For 49 years graduates of Greater Muskegon hugh schools have found rewardmg opportunltues for employment wuth Sealed Power Corporation There are good lobs to begun wnth There are better labs ahead for men and women who develop and prepare themselves for more responsible posltlons Many have used this door of opportunity In the past and are earmng a rewardmg llvellhood Even more important they have made posslble the phenomenal growth of a company which contributes much toward the growth and prosperity of the Muskegon area Now as one of Muskegon s largest employers Sealed Power alters even greater opportunltles to the alert young men and women graduating from the Greater Muskegon hugh schools In 1960 Sealed Power Corporation Leading Manufacturers of Englne Parts Plants In Muskegon Heights and St Johns Mlchlgan Rochester and LaGrange lndnana Staford Ontano and Naucalpan de Juarez Mexlco l27 . . . .. . ' I . . . I I I . . . . . ' I I . . I I I I . I Congratulations to the Graduates of the Class of 1960 Lrfe as not so short but that there rs always time for courtesy Emerson CAMPBELL WYANT AND CANNON FOUNDRY CCMPANY Dlvlslon of Textron lnc ECONLJMY HARDWARE HALL ELECTRIC gl GIFT 5HQp COMPANY Television Apphcmces Construction Engmeermg Motor Rebuilding B N M Dual 2 3758 I965 Sanfod St Mu kegon Mlchrgan th E 28l2 Peck Street Muskegon Heughtg Congratulations to Our Graduating Class of 1960 MORTON Mfg Company A Muskego He ghts lndustry 5 nce l89l 128 , a !1 I 1 ,- "E on mize wi c my" ' Phone 32-273 "Th.. ext Coxts o " fwm r . n i S , . . i RASOR'S MAINTENANCE SERVICE 854 Oak Ridge Rd. Muskegon, Michigan 30-1116 34-210 2224 S. Division Grand Rapids, Mich. GL 21-401 CH 38871 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 LAIRDS VARIETY STORE 860 W Broadway Roosevelt Park Mills Ice Cream Co. QUALITY ICE CREAM TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU 110 APPLE AVE MUSKEGON 7324 PECK STREET MUSKEGON HEIGHTS 'Q' vu I' MALVIN S JEWELRY 9 Charge Acco ms Delivery SC vlcc CARLS SUPER MARKET ON BROADWAX SINCE 1891 Clzozce Meats Gmcencs Produce Frozen Foods Cole 5 Bakery Departvmnt IN THE HEIGHTS PECK AT IROADWAY Congrafulahons Class of 1960 HOME LOAN CO Phone 3 1376 2515 Peck Si' Brundage Cui' Rafe Drugs 0 DAWES FLORIST ,. u ' r' ,N f J If 'J . .- ,, Y T . . I . . Heineman Pharmacy IO43 W Laketon Phone 25 387 aff FREDRICKS LUMBER CO l"T'l D 81 C STORES INC Q Master of Photography Bldg Tel 2 5714 131 Congratulation Seniors fro 6 . . , . Head uarters for all school suppl Lyman .- . - DAMM HARDWARE Compl ments BOELKINS JIROCH CANDY AND TOBACCQ 90- Super Market Since 1866 2300 Moffett Street Congratulations to the Class of '60 Finer Foods BOATS 81 MOTORS Dial 32-5458 2501 Peck at Hume A pleasant place to shop Muskegon Heights 132 lVlcClary s Market QECKST SCHOOL .mtl PICNIC SUPPLIES Open 7 days a week THANK YOU CALL AGAHN 2 H y t M keg Heghl Mch Best Wishes Class of 60 PAINE WEBBER JACKSON 81 CURTIS Muskegon Member of New York Stock Exchange Hackley Union Natl Bank Bldg WALTER LARSEN I Resident Manager hc IU nl ll Congralulahons +o +l1e Class of 1960 ALSTROM CCNSTRUCTICN, INC Posi' Office 8. Muskegon Heighis. Michigan Phone 3-1444 or 3-1887 133 , . H 3 - ' 1 B 941 enr S. us on i s, . i . We M ,A V J ,, Ng, A-.M ' A l - ' 'l 'A 1 ' 'z ff , Z Zi , , X ff 3 XX Eifwm in f W Cqfea F Esfabllshed Off sfreef 1920 LEE FUNERAL HOME pm-mg Scsi sfed Customer Are Our Best' RELIABLE TRUCKING VOSS HARDWARE 84 CRANE SERVICE 2906 Henry St eet Phone 31-595 Barbermi Food Markei' 134 'i I PRINTING COfT1PFll'1Y SANFORD AT HOLIIOOK 0 I IC CWI Q4 H Q4 VIUSREC ON FEDERAI SAVINC 5 S. I OAK ASSOCIA I ION Your Savings A10 Invzled FIRST NEXR IVEST ERN Meister s Feed 84 Hardware Seed F Tl er ao Sp es 3OOI PECK ST PHONE 3 24I7 seq a fe I bu cg Pa The He QMS. J H Lee 8 Son Hardware f N 7 I J J Y V L- 1 1 ' ' Y A I J I E my h T. A, L 1? X 4 .o f - 1 7' S F niiffr I 'I ll 1'.1I X I L- . ' I xt Q , Ok ,H N X90 Feed, ,V er iiz -, Pef and OG ' 49 G r on u pl: D VM ,JN HC n u r rs or PHYS r I1 his In I Q 9 135 Congra+uIa+ions Seniors from CONTINENTAL MOTORS CORPORATION AMERICAN COIL SPRING COMPANY T36 Machine and House Packing-Carfage f Movers S orage 'fmwss S. sfomwe 615 W Dale Muskegon Mlchlgan Telephone 23305 NEW 81 USED FURNITURE DEALERS Local Nation Wlcle Truck Rental and Fu rn :ture Movers Lease Service Smce l883 HANSENS ICE CREAM Phonc 376910 Nluslxcgon Helghls Xlltll 137 9 3 95 YY. Broadway Compliments of JAY AND SON SAND GRAVEL DUMP TRUCK HAULINC Phone 3 2943 271 Hume Ave Muskegon Heights fML an WITTKOPP TOOL COMPANY lil ll VI I DU CLYDE HENDRICK REALTOR 3214 IP kSt 38 Brunswick Bulke Collender Co 9 9 W --nr -La- L M V ' -.--, , :ga , A ,W 1 '.., ...M S ' , fm M- Sgzxsg, A ' 1 1 ' "H I -A " Y ,, 1' ,-,.f--ffrvf rr! ' "5 in T-g53 q"V"'-, "bb N , -,f f-1 4--V i:Y'f 'ff':"lQ A H '-17, -rf A A A n-..o . 'f-si-11-,W-rf," I Phone - 3 230 ec reef . I I I Congratulations to the Class of 1960 HIGHLAND PARK DAIRY COMPANY Flne Dalry Products for Over Forty Years' I3 Serving Greater Muskegon with 9 ALUMINUM COMBINATION DOORS 8: WINDOWS DEVAC - GLASS WALLS - AWNINGS HOLIDAY JALOUSIE WINDOWS Modern Improvement Co Stgrm Wmdows ill 'H-lf and ScreenS 70 W Broad ay EDWARD WITTKAMP Phone P1 56074 Storm Windows and Screens Porch Enclosu es A Specialty Radio Dispatched PHONE 32 109 Muskegon Hts Mch H IHERBYJ MESSNER Phone 33 0170 Compliments of THE STARIHA AGENCY Real Estate N lnsurance Frank Starilna Jr Class of A6 James Starnha Class of 53 Phone 3 2169 2916 SANFORD ST Congratulations to the Class of 1959 POTTERS LAMP CO 2719 Peck Street Phone 3 1806 Muskegon Henghts Michigan ALFRED J HUNTER 81 CO 140 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATE' The day you recelve your dlploma for a Job well done wlll soon be here May we at MlCh1gaH Consolldated Gas Joln wlth famlly and frlends ln W1Sl11I1g you contlnued success and happmess Whether the road ahead leads to college a career or marrlage We hope some day ln some small Way that we may serve you MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY LAKCS RESTAURANT and CHARCOAL HEARTH lS1eaks Chops Chlcken Sea Foodl 428 WEST WESTERN Kdchen open tsl 1 30 A M Just south of Broadway 14 HOWELL S FASHION FABRICS Make fashion fun for women who sew 2542 Peck Sf Heights Open 9 5 30 Dolly 9 9 Monday LaNore s Grocery and LaNores Five and Dame LaNores Shoppmg Cenfer 1196 and 1202 Shettler Rd When you run ou! run n or Phone 31431 SUTTON S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Complete Prescription Servlce We call for prescription and dellver FREE DIAL 3 2286 Industrial Frrst And Supplies Doctor s Omce Supplles and Equipment IOI W Broadway Muskegon Heights LANGLOIS STORES 'I42 I Sick Room Needs CLASS PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Phone 2 3013 184 W Western Across From Penny s AbboH"s Telephone Answering Seryige-. A Secretarial Answering Service Nedeau Bldg. We're in when you're ou? Phone POplo 63534 XVESTERN MICHIGAN OU FBOARD SAI ES AYD SERVICE lekSl cm lx e HL sblls M chi., AN I FARR VIEW DAIRY 14 LLOYD J BELL REALTOR Real Estate and lnsurance 2539 Peck Street Muskegon Helghts Mlchlgan Telephone PA3 2369 FRITZ DRUG STORE Prescnptlon Speclallsts Slnce l9'll Peck and Broadway Heights IV75 Apple Your -ueulth 8 Comfort depends o Good Plurnbung 8- Heatmg RUITER BROTHERS 2831 Moffett St Phone PE3 2274 DANIELS Barber and Beauty Shoppe M t 6 and 935 W Broadway Roosevelt Park 3 Mig nm? gill I gm lllll lllllllll BestVVlshes MUSKEGON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Congratulatlons to the Class of T960 SNOWHITE BAKING Apple at Sprung COMPANY FREE EMPLOYMENT TO GRADUATES , . 2' F1 0 Ultra odern K O Air Condition d 0 Promp Service 0 Free Parking 0 Friendly Atmosphere Q a a . rg or 4 lil at -- T A ill Y - 144 Offers Warm Congratulations ll I' to the Senior Class of l96O Never before in the history of the world have our young peo- ple had greater opportunities to forge a new and better way of life. May each of you find suc- cess und much happiness in the years to come S5 MANNING MAXWELL 8. MOORE INC SHAW IOX CRANE I. IIOISI DIVISION Your friendly Ford Dealer Compliments to the Class of 1960 for Greater Muskegon H Q S L E R S FRED KNACK FORD INC Peck at 'herman Muskegon Heights BUILDING SUPPLYJIEQDQUARTERS sswsn me s if F3 cement amocxs wmnows ssnnc wins Moana ig Fumuxcss com. 'Ass if ,SFLQ snacks COAL E4 BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY '59 MARTIN COAL AND BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY NAXWYLI E Ei 2 R s M 2 g g n.,..... l I I ' I , . A v 1 J . . A ,.,,. -, L x - ,aff - A , I 5- ' K 145 Congratulations to Class of '60 BILL STERN'S STEAK HOUSE pl I BOULEVARD DRUGS he ec pt DIAL 3 06327 Construction With a Future Build wHl'1Waylile Life-Weight Blocks CERTIFIED CGNCRETE QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS an READY MIXED CONCRETE 777 East Sherman Boulevard SOCKS SABIN CLEANERS 146 MUSKEGUN PRUFESSIUNAL PHUTUGRAPHERS ASSUCIATIUN Beckqulst Camera Shop PA 2 6707 Chrlsfenson Studio PA 2 6203 Conrad s Columbia SfUdl0 PA 2 3013 PA 2 3986 Leonard Koolman Sfudlo PA 2 6578 Plxl Smlfh Studio PA 2 3982 Tourcofte Stucho PA 2 6714 147 Cal Johnson Studio C ompla ments of PYLE PATTERN MANUFACTURING CO Congratulat on fom :HE ALLSTEAK Elgin Sutton Class of 24 Oprletor FLOOR TILE CARPFT CERAMIC :ILE PLASTIC TILE Phone 3 9900 HTS MICHIGAN 9 W Broadway MUSKFGON Knowledge and Thrift are the stepplng stones to success You have taken the first step unto formal education N w let us be I service to achieve thrift through our c mvenlen savmgs or checkmq plqng THE NATIONAL LUMBERMAN S BANK OF MUSKEGON MEMBER Federal Reserve System, Federal Deposnt Insurance Corporatuon Sanford at Laketon 223 225 W. Western Ave Sherman at Wickham 148 SIETSEIvlA FLOOR COVERING 32 . - . - O A O. I For CLEANING that LASTS WE GIVE G RE EN STAMPS See SHEPARDS first 2536 Peck Muskegon Heights Comphments of MCDONALDS DRIVE INS TUMP S POK A BOUT GIFI' SHOP ,,:A4.,.:...s..3 Home of the AII Amerrcan Meal Hamburger French Fnes Mrlk Shake E L Ke er Class of 43 I49 wa' XZ Regrster your selections of chrna starnless and crystal WOLVERINE EXPRESS Best Wlshes and Success to the Class of 1960 MUSKEGON THEATRES Inc MICHIGAN STATE REGENT STRAND Congratulatrons to the Class of 7960 Reld Tool Supply Co 332 W Delano Avenue AL S NEWS Good Selection of Magazines and Pocket Books L P Records and 45 s Cigars Crgarettes Candy AL C WOJTON Mgr SCOTT TJAPKES I G A FOOD LINERS l96'l Apple Ave. 4218 Grand Haven Rd. 1909 Ruddiman Ave. O For Your Real Estate and Insurance Needs Contract ALBERT J GALY REAL ESTATE Longtin - Galy Insurance Congratulations from the Heughts grads at all three Pxll Mllls R Joh son Mar lyn Wan ten M set D ck Thomas H rry Bohn a k Cat m5 Macc Sto dt Ells No cyJoh A y P e Ca I S hoolc aft Bob Sc nton PHARMACY 95 W Broadway Anrport and Grand Haven Roads l67l W Sherman Blvd Glenslde CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 from ANDERSON PLUMBING 8. HEATING BRIGGS DAIRY COMPANY Golden Rnch Danry Products Phone PA 2 3567 CQMP ANY 407 cafhefme Ave U 2429 Peck Phone PE 3 2935 oss n '38 " I V I '54 i S uri '44 H MOH '59 i '45 m edl r '59 Jackie Davison Bassett '48 Bill Robinson '59 Q '49 roe c r '59 Virgini Minneric r ier '49 fa '59 .li ell '49 I ISI ARMSTRONG S USED CARS 20 Years of falr dealtng Dual PE 32913 2528 Peck Street Muskegon Heaghts Congratulatuons Class of 60 PUNCHES SUPER MARKET 3162 Helghts Ravenna Rd Phone PE 93240 MICHIGAN S LARGEST RESTAURANT A CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT nv" A EEOWERS 'N SEA FOOD FRIED FROG LEGS SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN STEAKS MIXED DRINKS K...- r Q MEN ,If 1127 is AMPLE on smear PARKING !'7' N02 IG PII 2 11212 PA 2 B972 1m,lf1c mtg? fllff CLOSING HOURS Mon 81 Tues 9 O0 Wed 81 Thurs 1200 F 8- at I OO AM fr' ...N H 2410 HENRY AT HARVEY AND LAKETON ' to nz , C .. .... ,..,., .v., . . O' i.fl5f P.tV "I' ag M 1 . N-Vi " "'I I I I 35 G? 0 I,.. .,.. V." X ""I"" """Y"'1 1-" I A I D' I I... A . Q '1'Ial , .-'-, v. .4., .-.,.- 07 ' ' ' A n 6 by I., fu ! ,Q jg -Y Q " A . . , -' ,rg 1 '4 - ,U .Q an 'I I' f . . . 1 P.M. ' Q . . " . . . : A.M. ' I rl. S . 1 , , .1 ,. ,rf W A "1, ' 'B G, "I 'tlffffs '-' f , 2 . -fl7'1.S'F ' - ' e., , ' q--1175, -Slug- ,Siva 5 . A , -N my: ,N-I J!! 5 Yi' Ezstgu his ' VITA! . - 4 I Q 1 Nm , J, O Refreshmg remembrance AUTOG RAPHS ni, 1 K 511 674' f c v Coca Cola Bottlmg Co MYERS SERVICE Compllmen+s +o 'rhe Graduahng Class of 1960 FOITI Johnny Crowell's Used Cars 'I53 C .L .ix n1- H an 'V 4 151' . E E. X , I A I4 f""X , h 11253: .wht f 15425: - :"! F X igaasv e 1 ' IN I' ff ASQ? ' : " - X f if ngzw , - W I ll J e , '- 0' J H95 IJRINIA' Bohled under authority of The occ-Cola Compan if - J 1 I O compounded Mortgage Loans Auto Loans 0 and Pmd -1 every Home Improvement Boat Loans 90 days Loans on savmgs TRUST SERVICES ' ' Complete and Dependable Sf HACKLEY UNION BE Natwnal Bank .Q Trust Co MUSKEGON MUSKEGON MUSKEGON HEIGHTS MONTAGUE AI . W 874F NIBBLE A SCRIB NIB SHOPS 'I946 Peck Medical Arts Bulldlng 1784 GGIIY PA 5 9415 315 W Clay Ave PA 2 3829 PO 65 T72 I1 W Broadway 1674 Apple PE 3 1926 PR 3 5388 MR QCRIBS HANDCUT Riff and ,,.-" JOHN S SUPER SERVICE ff' Q., 'Q O MEM R F D C O Western at Flrst 885 ppe Ave ne-ar Getty I9 est Broadway, near Peck 1 . Q I K 1 629 E. Laketon PA 2-6164 F 1 4 Z i 3 by l ,I V , A .Qp an . 1, f, M I 53 SERVE KEN AND BEA S 'dsx BUDD JEWELRY COMPANY C O L E S B A K E R Y -gt I I jf. 1 E ., , A fax: I 'I 55 xv 'kd il H dYS Friendly """"'---... E Vice ti-Q KXXXKRQX Ngexxz P Rudy and Bud s Friendly Service Shuts Lau ered REMWOLT CLEANERS 56 Melers Cleaners, Inc twins fm. Good Luck to the Class of 60 FROM THE TERRI LEE MARKET 1-QQ 9? QV., gtg ffi ik -dung I Peck ot Summut Muskegon Heights Much wsu. is-fs 'Q' uuuu F GETTY 00D MARKET L NYU KJJJLLI GETTY FOGD MARKET WANSTEN S PHARMACIES 2544 Peck Sfreei' MUSKEGON HEIGHTS 892 W Broadway Rooseveli' Park HUDDLESTUN S HOME STUDIO Graduahons Children Weddings Speclallzmg In candid wedding albums Phone PE 7-6490 forthe mos! reasonable prices m town 3354 NINTH ST MUSKEGON HTS Congratulaf ons from P B S E R V C E T. V. Bomberski Peck at Barney 15 Autographs ,.,...s, --KYNW-N 1, J rp' Y Q W, Autogrcqili' ug Rl --' ,.. , . 1 3 ,I 1"4 1 F 4 -.. Y I .1117 v' ff ,, ' - ' .f .'zT" - x .Iv ,x -M ,A ' 14" . 4",f.x - -7,240 ' -' - : . .. 4. vur? ..,. fr' .2 -iv I V 4 3. 14,4 .. ' 4 ls "gli , , ' --'J ' , '. v. ag- ' I 1 ' ,. .. .. - ,- ..2 '1' Q..-,,. ,hw - I- EI 4- x " 1 qyx : ' 'X Z- 1f':iR,.-A ,- ,- :I-" Q- 5 3 ' 2 ' Q' 'E-T. 'J- . - -s 1 .2 .. ff '14-F - if A 14: ,-21 -N if ...r' S.- ...Z fi EDVVARDS BROTHERS, INL I-ans.-4.-. A Ab vM'h'z pm 1 QL ' f .N T .,w-if A :727-A,f.'p.T'A-7' fb V: . gy . -Q , ,W T':ffW'1.: ,, 54791: -5-Q ',. m,'i.,,1 ,gf,,f5..,L ,1,g,f ...:.f'-, .:1. ,.,,-. :A - ,M --agvfzfy., ,K -s ",-g- -.,a- hw' ,.lyu5,p,., L. wx., r V gay! ,V V V , f,- . .fm w V1-V 1, , ,, ,M .4-,,,,3-q1,J,,.., li.. H --. ' , 'xl'-,.f2f,w gf ln mf'-1 Ag., F V, :ug -,,,. -.6vxf,Q,.'f.+rm',fx9--' q,:,,,F H . '- , , . ,L 5.135115-1 aff- i,,.112i"n.A..1, ,:,.- '1:L."1 " 1.1 . bf L ., -?fL4 f -M T E A f.-A-' ww - ' 'V-S-Pfgi ' ' , 5. ,N , '., 'aisgl . -1 . , . w 1 ' . . , ' ' . K . -Q '- , , , . , . 15, ,w - 'f . ' , 5. , . ,, . 4-1 ' , ' , . . ' 17 . 1 , .. ' , , - ' - I 1 ' V ' g ' . ' ' ' - - , 9 ' K ' 1 . ' ' , ' ff! -04.1 Mx. J A we-9 .-sJ1'n- 5 hi-1"f'y'vQff 4? ii if'r"'X"-'f'J" 4p ,,.3r"x L sigh: Lf.-f'5f' ' 1 , , , , ' ' 'ju , . I , f' fr , . is 1' . 3 , , ,r , 1 1 ,L Z . L f . 4 . g . 1 If Z ' A ' ' N ' W if V ,.f Lf 'Q f -

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