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lar ity Football It was a rough and rugged season tor the Heights Tigers with a record oi live wins and four losses. The Heights eleven was really at its peak when they beat Kalamazoo. 19 to O. . , . K Coach O. E. COkie-D Iohnson had a "short season" ' P . this year due to the fact that he was injured during a ' 'ffl practice session. Assistant, Delmar Firme. finished out 4 ' x Xt Q9 RQ t . X 5 E-x the season, together with C. P. Ziegler. Mr. Firme A -- deserves a great deal oi praise lor his work. It was ' -' X, perhaps the most difficult job a substitute head coach 'V could lace at that particular time on the schedule. .E F r r PPOOTBALL 4' , , ,.t' fy x YNQQAQI: I . . we 1 PMN k ..... I I 41-, Q ,V - f' r ,s.3g:4g, , . ,, I 4 T dsl - ' Tl-NS p l .N Ag ":. i I , Y fr A ' T YEAR. , ,- - ijt" gj i liqx- J Jgrnvx- . T ' . T "lla an-. Okie lohnson Del Firrne l-lead Coach Assistant Coach Back Row: D. Firme CAss't Coachlp. W. Barnes. T. Haan, Bohland, Green, Carlson. Lodzinski, M. Barnes, Mauch, Terdal QMgr.D, O. Iohnson QCoachj. 3rd Row: Plichta. Allen, French, Roberson, Thomas, Witham, Gabris. Samuels, Koniarski. 2nd Row: D. Haan. McCauley, Lambrix, Chidester, Wigren, Crane, Danigelis, Scheel, Nelson, Olson. lst Row: Kendrick, Tuttle, Smith. Iohnson, Krentz. Hartman, Newald. Howell, Hall, Rowell. gfsre-r-1 -I I Page Ninety-six lie ervf ootball Q, 'X qt! . 'vf' , rf V , Y , , Q Y,-me .SAE Kc' gg V ' Til' , V , , -.1 15 X N ' Gale Bolthouse Reserve Coach New Reserve Coach, Gale Bolthouse, with C. P. Ziegler and Ilm Norris, as assistant coaches came up with five wins and two losses for the 1953 football season. The Iunior Tigers moved right along, with Ted Halasinski at fullback klcking the extra points, Vern Hosks and Ioe Christy at the hnliback spots, and with big Bob Slezak in at quarterback. The line was made up ot Rozlell Tucker and Clif! Cummings at the ends: Ray Cook. and Captain Fred Hilliard. tackles: Russ Veihl, Bob Siedlecki, and lim Hozer, guards: and Ierry Crane, center. Other boys playing regularly were: Ken Kubilins. David Krueger, Ken Deephouse, Charles Bonifield, Iohn Rebone, Leon Smith, and Gordon Murray. RESERVE FOOTBALL Tigers Opponents Scores 35 Grand Rapids Union ..... . .. 0 41 Muskegon Catholic .,.. . 0 33 Holland .....,...., . . . O 12 Kalamazoo ...... . . . 13 20 Grand Haven .. . 6 13 Benton Harbor . . . . 0 7 Muskegon .,.. . . . 13 ri-12 . - 1217-r .1 'gflthvi ,W iff. . U-'LH' I A y "Q f' Q- i V ' f -L f tx 7:27 '....,,.X 11. ,Q g I .I 34 f ' '. -5 f ttf' . 'fi MQ' -.-f - t 1 ei -3 -. , '-t Z, ' ,, f.21ip'?3?? ' lli 'I SA lk 5. - '-!x.N553 - . C. P. Ziegler Assist. Res. Coach Top Row: Harper, Murray, Siedlecki, Gabris, Hozer, Hunter, Garbrecht, Deephouse, Norkus, Long. 4th Row: Pickell QMgr.j, Austin CMgr.H. Beecham, Hill, Boniiield, Christi, D. Scott, Hansen, Fielstra, Sorenson, Ziegler tgCoachJ. 3rd Row: Samuels, Tindall, Walachovic. Thorstensori, Hoske, L. Scott, Baker, Green, Halasinski. Veihl. Znd Row: Wheeler, Malone, Tucker, Hilliard, Crane, Mandt, Smith, Krueger. Zwart, Ohrling. Bolthouse CCoachj. lst Row: Vanderstelt, Davis, Kubilin. Cook, Bomers, Cummings, Griffin, Everett, Slezak, Rebone. Page Ninety-seven DON HAAN 5n...n I I ..,.- I ,ff-" nl 'A lx" x ED CARLSON ,ff Quarterback ' ANY .X DAVE CK 5rvntu BAN DANIGELES ' D In min' t 1 HEIGHTS 7, G. R. UNION E - The Muskegon Heights Trgers won lhell' lirst game of the A 531 19 - :Jw- season rn GfGHdEG5ldS over Unron Htgh School bg a txght I 'Qu ' 459.7 7 to 6 margm, t ough the score was close, t e trgers ,H -' a " 1-if-3-ET' made 206 yards to 72 for Umon. Ron fthe bearl Newald 77 sparkled on delensrve play. Lee Howell, Irm French, and ' i Ie-rry Rowell, were standouts as ollensxve men. J, 1, if Ev, --.R Y , . HEIGHTS O, BAY CITY 19 -,ft 53565 pf V 7:4 , 11. The Herghts Trgers ploymg the bxggest htgh school loot- 'A M A' 1 N I5 Rall te-am rn the Unite-gl States lost by a I9 to 0 score. ' ' Q .W In gamst the mamrnot ay Ctty deferstve ltne, the T e ' .' 2 ' gcuned 110 yards on the ground to 128 for Bay C1ty,lg1.e,g , g. Howell and Ierry Rowell carrred the runntng attacks along ,L-ji-,f K '3gif2'ifQ'1, 1 "f:gQgfg.5 AI um-A wlth the ftne delenslve play ol Ron Newald, Ed Carlson , r ' gba-21' G and Ron Hartman 4i-r.rL-e",'Lttf:zff-- ' Thx I zmsru I I ,l1s.,,-pi.N--WELL Wt-I M X X RON LOD ww- MLEE HOW AHYWM -- r v':f,, I W In HEIGHTS 34, HOLLAND 7 ,iifx ffzg I Hgnnlng, passing, ltlcktng, the Tlgers overpowered Hol- ,fi - .f -' ar Wll. ease In the lxrst pe-rlod French, Howell, and Nc ,K ,H BC U ',.A -': M, Howell all combmed for two early scores When the run- ,W 1f551',"5 mng game stalled the Tlgers passed wrth great success ,yi rj" :Q ' In thrs department Dean Dangehs passed from the Holland 5iIg5?gS.fif:. 38 to Otto Smrth on the I5 and went tnto end :one for the f'TI" Q ' '1 Ihrrd score W ' lg! X Q' , ,ity t -. - ' ' ' 1 , ,fi HEIGHTS 13, OTTAWA HILLS 0 A A The Tlgers started the lmrsl perrod playrng a very deter- ? ' m1neddO?ttiwaSticm 'lhe Cgndlans made 76 yards on the Q rn 's.ttl lhth-, I ,. L ev. M liilich mid? thi Tier 12111 ,AlThJ2m E we V V 'V 31 ' L, son, Don Haan, and Len H and SCM f nfolvi HAA '- """ YQ. i then Irm econd hall. Must Ionn- artman took passes from Damgelxs or a total ol 116 yards. End t new N ymibac ' N HARTMP- RENT7. , LLONARD yfH'ff"f,,V,,,.,f - , pm, scHEEL,,,,,,,,. l GERALD K Page Ninety-eight S, nun' . xi gnxfwr , hm HENCH N X Gwrd 1 mu KEN BRICK lnnwl I fullback I ELL Gum!-0 ROW f Sfumr , 1 - l Guard BOB ALLEN wnmr 5 llltll' , I IWWU-LIE BARNES 1 fmqxrrrt W1 X A i V Z,,.ff""' HEIGHTS 19, KALAMAZOO O Playrng maybe thetr best game of the beat the Kazoo eleven, who gee Howell and season the Trgers garned only 7 yards rushrno lrm French starred on ollense whrle Wrllre arnes, B111 Kendrzcks, Ron Newald, and French were great on defense. HEIGHTS U, GRAND HAVEN 7 A fumble and a lone touchdown made the drflerence on the tigers 7 to 0 loss. The Trqers however had 171 yards rushzng to 119 for the Bucs, and stx hrst down the home team, Irm French and L ing on otlense s to lrve for ee Howell were outstand- -yaclde x HEIGHTS 7, BENTON KE TUTTLED Z, Two 14 ' 2, HARBOR 20 rrst perxod Benton Harbor touchdowns mixed with fumbles at crrtrcal points tn the game by the I-Ierghts Tigers, clinched the Oosterban Trophy lor Benton Harbo the rest of the ame Harbor's offense was halted by ttghting Trger deinsive wall. T, U HEIGHTS 13, G. R. SOUTH 0 Vlfrth Lee Howell havmg trouble gettrng started, rt was Iohn Scheel sparking the ollerrse. Scheel used mamly lor defense this year, had hard runnmg Ron Newald, and quarterback, Tom Haan, allzed wrth hrm. The strong Txger lxne was led by George Roberson, Ken Tuttle, and Ed Carlson. HEIGHTS 7, MUSICEGON 27 Although the score showed Muskegon vrctor, the Trgers gained 12 lrrst downs to the Brg Reds 7. In yards ruslnng Muskegon made 171 mostly on passes, completed two for 53 yards, The Tx ers threw 11, completed 5, lor 63 yards Thrskwas decrdec? by "breaks", and Muskegon got thase DISC 5, 4 l, 1 91? H FRIT1 WUC I Guard Iunlor AL BOLAND fl!-',',,,., End MURT IOHNSON Cl 'Fk"Ch . STEM 885954 aMP'0Ns 1' 5 f , h - Z4 .Y ff M: ,. 'ff E ,. W2 A It ?iiU.Qi'Q1i's 4 5 VH' Q nb A x H4 1,1 4: .4- Mk if-VT.C.5gr7BN Clwampiomskip OTT0 S,,,,,'r,l, mfffme nfs' Trophy - 7'ourNaMeNT Hll -STQT Q. M ,Sk ' x 55 5 qx " 'Q j ' 1 ' if A 'I I 5 - ' S P A Le? Howell TOM Haaw M-UT Johnsofv 5 DON Haar-4 5"""' ' G""J 3e,,,,'c,,, -f-g,,,,,,J Sewhm--gTar? Sefvior - Gu.-A 1'.,......,.Nr an-snr? K . KJ Q " E is 'sw 3 -J 3 kv I-QIY HQVTMQN -LM McMurray J-iM FVSNCIW Eu'cl1g,.q'5 DON J-uma" - F'H"a'J Julvfov- ' Guard Senior- 'Guard Senior- - Ce:-:Ter J,lAN'iOD-'FOPWIPJ P q O Hundred lar ity Basketball Vlon 2.1, Lost 1, State Champs Tigers Opponents 44 Grand Rap ds Central 68 Niles 48 Muskegon 74 Hol and 52 Grand Haven 54 Grand Rapids Christian 58 Muskegon 49 Grand Flapids Central 71 Holland 49 Benton Harbor 64 Grand Rapids Union 49 Grand Haven 72 Muskegon Catholic 73 Muskegon Catholic 70 Benton Harbor 895 Totals Regional Tournament CGrand Rapidsl 63 Muskegon . 57 Grand Rapids Central . 42 Grand Rapids Christian Quarter-finals tGrand Rapidsl 44 Kalamazoo Central Semi-linals QLGHSIHQJ 49 Highland Park State Championship Finals lovertimel 43 Flint Northern .. .. . . 1188 Grand Totals Scores 35 54 42 43 41 46 27 46 45 53 49 36 33 36 54 543 28 52 40 39 47 41 876 The varsity season was one packed with color and excitement, climaxed by the winning oi the State Class A Championship in Lansing's Ienison Field House. Coach C. P. Ziegler started the boys oft during the 1953454 season with four straight wins before Coach O. E. Iohnson, head coach, was able to get back on the job after suffering a prolonged illness and injury. During the Christmas holidays, Coach Iohnson was able to take over once again, the team continuing its winning ways right through to the iinal gun of the season. The only loss was at the hands of a strong Benton Harbor quintet. a team which the Tigers defeated in a return game. M. C. Burton led the team in scoring with a 20.2 points per game average and a grand total of 423 points for the season. Murt Iohn- son scored 317 points for the year, along with Otto Smith's 98, Iim Frencl-t's 81, Lee Howel1's 54 Qin nine gamesj, Len Hartman's 67. Iim McMurray's 66, Don Haan's 33, and Tom Haan's 23. We are proud oi our Tigers: the first basketball team in the history ot our school to win the State Class A title. The victory was especially gratifying. over Flint Northern, a good team which many times in the past, edged us out of the chance for a championship. Ti " .f .u. Coach O. E. Iohnson, Carlson. Danigelis, Slezak, Richards, Hall, Roberson, Coach Schaude Qlileservesj, D. Haan, French. Hartman, Johnson, ..s.s . Burton, Smith, McMurray, T. Haan. - l. .Q A . '1 Page One Hundred One Cham inns IN A ... Hs Em Snw Them! C dred Two lie erve lla kethall The Reserve Basketball team enjoyed a very success- ful season with 12 wins and three losses. By defeating Benton Harbor twice and Muskegon once, Muskegon Heights gained the Southwest Conference championship. Much of the credit goes also to Coach Larry Schaude. whose teams performed very well here lor many years. Another untiring worker, who oiten goes unheralded. is Randy Huebler. a Central Iunior High school student manager. The squad itsell had the spirit and the material necessary for a line team - which is exactly what they were. It is interesting that although they were defeated thrice, they never lost to one team twice. The Reserves always thrill the spectators, win or lose. They always give the other team a real battle, and while the game hangs in the balance, the spectators hang on to their hats. High-point-maker during the season was shifted among Bob Slezak, Dean Danigelis. and Ed Carlson, Cliff Cummings, and Tom Vicik. Reserve Scores Won 12, Lost 3 Tigers Opponents Scores 36 Grand Rapids Central .... 35 40 Niles ................. . . . 50 45 Muskegon ............ . . . 38 46 Grand Haven ........... . . . 39 42 Grand Rapids Christian. . . . . . 40 39 Muskegon .............. . . . S2 46 Grand Rapids Central .... 34 50 Holland .............. . . . 51 41 Benton Harbor ..... 35 35 Grand Haven ....... . . . 33 43 Grand Rapids Union .... . . . 29 40 Muskegon Catholic .... . . . 29 44 Muskegon Catholic . . . . . 26 54 Benton Harbor ..... . . . 38 S40 Totals ........ . . . 584 Back Row: Mr. Schaude. coach: Van Dyke, Hanson, Sanborn. Smith, Bomers, Perry, Schottey, Webb, Huebler, manager. Front Row. Howell, Carlson, Vicik, Cunni gs, Slezak, Danrgelis, Prppins. ? E. 1 i ' " Tl , , U .55 M l I Page One Hundred Three low and Viet oi llur tate Champion BEFORE It wasn't very long alter the Tigers' regular basketball season that Coach Okie Iohnson gave his team pointers on the approaching tournaments. In these two shots, Heights players are trying for a bucket or two against the last Highland Park quintet and their so-called "all- statersf' The Tigers won 49 to 47, Here Coaches Iohnson and Schaude watch anxiously, as Murt Iohnson tied the game 41 to 4l with just a few seconds leit in the contest. Flint Northern "hecklers" cheer for their own team right behind the coaches' bench. Page One Hu:ired Four AFTER This picture of smiling players was taken a few minutes alter they had won the Regional Championship trophy by defeating Grand Rapids Christian, 42 to 40. in Grand Rapids, Here the Tigers are jumping for the sky, a few seconds alter Murt Johnson sank those two all-important tree throws which won the State Class A Championship. at lenison Field House in East Lansing. against Flint Northern's Vikings. Here Coach Iohnson accepts the Championship trophy on behalf ot the team, from lVIr. Taylor, Superintendent ol Public Instruction. The boys, oi course, are elated, also. Ba ehall Baseball Scores - Won 10, Lost 4 Tigers Opponents 23 Holland Christian . 8 Newaygo ..... 0 Muskegon . . 9 Ravenna . . . 4 Holland ....... 15 Grand Haven . .. 3 Grand Haven . . . 10 Holland Christian 0 Muskegon ....... 1 Kalamazoo .... 6 Ravenna ...... 12 Whitehall ..... 8 Holland ......... 8 Benton Harbor . . . l 9 5 3 Scores 5 5 3 3 1 4 2 7 1 0 4 0 The Muskegn Heights baseball team ot l954 started the season oil with a "bang". Coach O. E. Iohnson and the team traveled to Holland, and beat Holland Christian, 22 to O. ln the second game, with the Tigers behind him, pitcher Tom Haan beat Grand Haven, 13 to 5. Then Otto Smith, the fast-ball-curve-ball artist, beat the Mus- kegon Big Beds l to U, on three hits, lt was lerry Plichta with a double in the last inning, Who drove in the Winning run. At the time "The Oaks" Went to press, the Tigers had played three games. They looked like "champs". Here is the Tiger roster of l954: Pitchers: Otto Smith, Tom Haan, Ed Carlson, Bill Norkus, Norman Campbell, Warner lohn- son, and Larry Olson. Catchers: Don Haan, Ollie Webb, and Len Newblom. lnfielders: lohn Zarimba, Bob Slezak, lim French, Bob Dubault, lerry Plichta, Ted Zimmer, Ken Ford, Wallie Tiefenthal, Fred Hilliard, and Arnold Edick. Outtielders: Bon Lodzinski, Buss Veihl, Ted Halasinski, George Tieienthal, Ted Perry, lohn Chidester, lohn Phillips, Norvin Smith and Vern l-losko. FOURTH ROW: Reed, Wolfe Cmanagery Norkus, Henry, Newblom, Tieienthal, Austin Cymcmagerfh, Pippins Cmanagerfl. THIRD ROW: Hosko, Webb, Halasinski, Hilliard, Smith, Ford, Phillips, Veihl, Oscar Iohnson QCoachi3. SECOND ROW: Tiefenthal, Perry, Dubault, Olson, Campbell, Johnson, Zimmer, Murphy, Slezak. FIRST ROW: Plichta, Lodzinski, French, D. Haan, Smith, Carlson, T. Haan, Chidester, Edick. Page One Hundred Five dlninistrative Ullitzcr Principal H. A. Kruizenga Mr. H. A. Kruizenga came to Mus- kegon Heights after teaching in the foothills of Iackson County, Ken- tucky. He was athletic manager, coached second team basketball, and tennis. He taught Latin. Mr. Kruizenga was born at Spring Lake, was graduated by Grand Haven High School, received his bachelor's degree from Hope Col- lege, and his master of arts degree from the University of Michigan. Office Girls: Miss Ioan McConnell and Mrs. Anna Harvath. These are the two young ladies who keep our high school running smoothly. They could run for "Most Popular." - ' bf' L... MISS MCCONNELL MRS. HARVATH Coach Rudy Thies succeeded D. R. McKen- zie, veteran track coach of 26 years track- coaching experience. Mr. Thies, young, popu- lar, and interested in his work, comes from Western Michigan College and Grand Rap- ids South High school. Ex-coach McKenzie Cbetter known as "Mac"j was a graduate of Central Michigan College and was a suc- cessful track coach here, as well as a top- ranking reserve football coach. Coach Thies, with support of the school, is looking forward to building a strong team here in the future. TRACK TEA TIGERS Tigers 48 .... Tigers B0 V2 .... Tigers 45 . . .......... .... . . Tigers 33 .,.. ......................................... Tigers 34 2X3 . . . ............................. Luclington 74 U3 Tigers 33 ...... .... H olland 17, Allegan 54, Kalamazoo 102 Track The track team this season, up to the time The Oaks was "put to bed," had three wins and two losses, defeating Holland Christian and Muskegon Catholic Central, and losing to Muskegon High and to Grand Haven. The Tigers rated a third place in a quadrangular meet at Allegan. Returning lettermen who helped to pace the team were: P. C. Richards, hurdles and high jump, Dave Rowell, high and broad jump, relays: W. Terrell, relays: C. Cum- mings, 440, broad jump: I. Graham, mile: H. Utsey, 440, relays: and a flood of sophomores Cbut never more than enoughlb M SCORES V- 1953 OPPONENTS ................Grand Haven 61 ......................Holland 26Vz . .... .... .......... H o lland 21, Benton Harbor 73 ............................Muskegon 76 Tigers 30 . . . ..... Kalamazoo 47 llfl2, Benton Harbor 3734 Grand Haven 27V2, Muskegon 50Vz Back Row: Coach Thies, Parker Cmgr.j, Samuels, Pierce, Smith, Himelberger, Christie. Comstock. Vaughan, Christopher Cmgrj, Robertson Cmgnj Third Row: Zimmer Crngnj, Ackerman, Misner, D. Crane, T. Price. Kendrick, I. Crane, Kooi. Ostenson, Dunne. Nelson. Second Row: Trosko, Pickel, Currie, McClain, Bennett, Randall, Krueger. Crosby, Tucker, Graham, Morris. Front Row: VanDyken, Marble. Terrell, Rowell, Richards, Cummings, Utsey. Puehler. Boganey. Page One Hundred Six Tennis Seventeen boys answered Coach Del F irme's call for tennis players this last season. Among the 17 were four letter-winners from the 1953 squad which won two of eleven scheduled matches. Some of the boys who looked as though they would be leaders on the current team are Len Hartman, M. C. Burton, Eugene Fethke, Bruce Schneider, Bob Thornley, and Mike Franks. Others on the squad who, although many were only beginners, were showing great progress when The Oaks went to press, in- cluded: Ed Ferguson, a junior: Don Sanborn, a sophomore: Gordon Murray, a sophomore: Third Row: Tindall, Schottey, Berkner, Brouillet, Murray. Second Row: Del Firme CCoachj, Franks, Sanborn, Thom, Schne First Row: Lambrix, Fethke, Burton, Hartman, Thornley, Hansen. ,...r...... 4255 GH 719 gasp. QAUGHT.-. -AU EHR QSWHTS evil GHQ Klaus Berkner, a soph: David Lambrix, a jun- ior: Mike Brouillet, a junior: Richard Hanson, a soph: Roger Tindall, a soph: Ron Iones, a junior: Iim Schottey, a soph: and Carl Thom, a soph. Tennis is a sport which, in Muskegon Heights, has not been quite as popular as in some cities. However, it is time this com- munity took more interest in the game. lm- provement of courts, bounce-board con- struction, more boys and girls playing, and general enthusiasm will do much to help Coach Firme and his boys "produce" in the future. Tennis is a wonderful game for rec- reation, one which lasts through the years. ider. Ferguson. 'JT 'CF -'Z-XEH7' EQ . t fi 5 A mmm. Page One Hundred Seven Girl ' Phy ical Edu ation l There was a lot of fun and excitement for the girls enrolled in physical education, under the direction of Miss Maxine Cobb. As a class, the girls are divided into squads and play such games as soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and a number of other sports. The girls went "a1l-out" in intramural basketball and volleyball. Coming out on top in basketball was Mary McKentry's team, with Mildred Glasco Winning second place. Audrey Iorgenson won first place in volley- ball, and Pat Mendham, second. '11 s F' O- D 51 5. 'F O O a 0 O 5 Le. 5 E M. 1.0 se E. sf FD U! 5. 5 -9 Q23 '4mg'.1 ITC-f-1 222 mfg: w5D' 532 Q90 'DQ ok: H s '-'Sm O0-r sm-+ ik? 'Swim H-my-u Usd. "' rn SIZE. I'-l ge Qtr 'Ei 23-Z'7" 'ivzswi On the left the volleyball winners are: First row: Gail Kempker, Audrey Iorgenson, and Carol Hotham. Second row: Mary McKentry, Marilyn Fielstra. and Louise Mitchell. Basketball champions at the right are: First row: Dorothy Burt. Mary McKentry, and Bobbie Parker. Second row: Loretta Frazier, Louella Carter, and Myrtlene Trammel. ' Ni Y? W M, 14 f i C I A 'aw Page One Hundred Eight Classified tlverti ing Joh Wanted Douglas Iames Alger ...... Robert L. Allen ....,....... Clarene Mae Anderson .... Yvonne Mae Andree ..,.. Donald Arthur Atkins... Iulia LaRaine Bailey ..... Iimmy Baldwin ........ Willie Barnes ........... Dorothy Jeanne Baskin .... Iohn Sidney Beam ........ Shirley Catherine Belrose.. Madonna Marie Bendus. . . Shirley May Bickowski .... Muriel F. Billingsley ..... Larry Alan Bird ..... William A. Bluhm .... Alan Lee Bohland ....... Iris Louise Borgerding ..... Marilyn Louise Borgman. .. Gloria Winifred Borns ...,, Ronald Floyd Boston ...... Darlene Catherine Botruff. . Glen Ierome Bowers .,,... Marlene Ioy Brant ........ Harvey Iames Brewster .... Daniel Ivan Brink ....... Robbie Pearl Brooks ..... Barbara Marie Bugajski. . . Doris Irene Burton ......... Maxine Gale Calkins ....... Iames Arthur Campbell, Ir. Ierry Colin Carlson ....,.... Arlen Ray Carpenter ...... Shirley Ann Cast ........ Donald Lewis Chappell .... Daniel Iohn Chomy ...... Lilah Ieanne Christie .... Frank Iohn Christmas ...... Clara Louise Christopher .... Helen E. Coffman ....... Gertie Marie Cole .... Willie Isaac Conley .... Robert Douglas Cook ..., Iack Lee Cottrell ..... David I. Crane ....... Eldon E. Crawford ..... Gerald Crenno .......... Iohn Raymond DeBard .... Iames Deephouse ......... Darlene Frances DeHoog. . . Robert Edward Doe ....... Robert F. Dubault .,...., Gordon Gene Duram .... Pamella L. Durnell ..., Roberta Lee Dykema ...... Arnold Leroy Edick ....... Richard Gordon Eikenberry ..... Louella Elam ............. Gerald Lee Ellis ..... Odell Ellis .......... Iessie Lee Evans .....,.. Iack Anthony Felcoski ...,. Eugene A. Fethke lr.. . . . Marilyn Ioyce Fielstra .... Emanuel Fikes ......,... Gwendolyn Foxx ....,..... William Iohn Freeman Ir.. .. Iames Dale French ........ Robert Graham Friedman.. Iohn Charles Gabris ..... Leon Earl Gillhespy Ir.. . . . Patricia Iean Gingras. .. Bemice Marcella Glacz .... David B. Goldberg Ir.. .. Page One Hundred Ten 4674 Grand Haven Rd. . ........ 2112 Ieflerson St. .........3128 8th St. .........3311 Peck St. . . . . .1135 Cornell Road . . . . .962 Aurora Ave. . . . . . . .2228 Wood St. . . . .2009 Reynolds St. . . . . .2813 Howden St. ....2713 Iarman St. .. . .2200 Iefterson St. . . . .2917 Reynolds St. .......21l18th St. .. . . . .2201 Sth St. .. .. . .2317 Hoyt St. . . .2216 E. Broadway . . . .557 Randall Road . . . .221 Mann Ave. ..................Fruitport ...........Muskegon.R.5 2756 Heights-Ravenna Road . . .4859 Grand Haven Road . . . . . . .596 Pontaluna Road . . . . . .3020 Peck St. .......2429 Ray St. ..........2428 Leahy St. ... . . . . . .2009 Howden St. ..3278 S. Black Creek Road .. . . . . . . . .2512 Sanford St. ..........907 Wilson St. .. . .6033 S. Sheridan Drive .. . .868 W. Hackley Ave. . . . . . .3020 Iefferson St. .............2404 7th St. .... . . . . .3319 Waalkes St. .. .6300 Grand Haven Road .. . . . . . . .3008 Iefferson St. . . . . . . .1142 Cornell Road .. . .2146 Shettler Road . . . .2832 Iefferson St. .. . .3012 Mona Ave. . . . . .577 W. Barney ........3076 Henry St. ...........2536 Leahy St. . . . .3496 S. Sheridan Drive ............1848 Glade St. .... . . . . .2037 Reynolds St. 6571 Airline Road, Fruitport . . .6463 Grand Haven Road ...........3355 Temple St. . . . . .2675 Bellevue Road . . .2114 Lawnel Blvd. ...2206 Warren St. ........2l44 Peck St. ...........3359 7th St. .. . .4883 S. Martin Road . . . .1010 W. Broadway .........3l28 9th St. . . . .2729 Iarman St. ..........454 Collins . . .2536 Mclllwraith St. .........23l2 7th St. . . .4354 Henry St. .. . .200 Amsterdam .......2425 Manz St. ... . . .2128 Howden St. . . . .1671 E. Summit Ave. . . . . . .2821 Waalkes St. ........23l6 Leahy St. ... . . . .408 E. Barney Ave. .. . .2364 E. Columbia Ave. . . . . .1431 Yarmouth St. .........2l40 5th St. ....3229 6th St. Iames Edward Graham. . . Evelyn Iulia Grant ....... Iames Albert Graves .... Max Lloyd Green ....... Veryle Iannice Griffin .... Marilyn G. Groleau ...... Lawrence Linton Grover. . , Helen lanes Gust ........ Don Lucius Haan ...... Tom G. Haan .......... Dorothy lean Hackney .... Karan Artell Hall ...... David Thomas Hansen .... Delyn Fae Harmon ....... Ioanne Harris ............ Meredith Elaine Hartman.. Ronald Thomas Hartman.. .......202l Dyson st. . . . . . .3101 Waalkes St. ...856 W. Summit Road . .. . . .. .2436 Baker St. . . . .2528 E. Broadway . . . .1196 Shettler Road . . . . 1300 Dawes Road .. . .R. 1, Spring Lake , ....... 2128 Reynolds St. .. . . . . . . . .2128 Reynolds St. .. .48 N. 5th Ave.. Fruitport . . .5323 Quarterline Road ... . . . .1500 Leahy St. .........3912 Hess St. . . . . .5743 S. Harvey St. . . . .325 W. Hackley Ave. ...........3l29 Park Ave. Vivian Arlene Heath ....... ...l2376 Adam St., Ravenna Sandra Rae Hellman ..... Mary Louise Hendrick ..... Constance Adele Herrala.. David Claude Hershberger Paul Werner Hietanen .... Anne Louise Hodges ...... William G. Hodges .... Carol Iune Hotham ..... Lee Andrew Howell ...... Francis Ierry Hubbell .... Thomas C. Hubbell ..... Viola T. Inosencio .......... Ianet Elizabeth Iackson .... Shirley A. Iacobs ........ Robert E. Iamison ...... Daniel M. Ianuska ....... Barbara Lois Iohnson ..... G. Elaine Iohnson ........ Murtis Edward Iohnson ..... Audrey Doreen Iorgenson. Anita Ilene Keeler ........ Mary Lou Keefer ......... Gail Iune Kempker ..... Karen Margaret Kieft ..... Iack L. Kinnucan ....... Louis Kleyn .......... Gerald Edwin Krentz .... Linnae Marie Latten .... Gloria Dawn Leach ..... Delores Loretta Lee. . . Eunice Marie Leigh ..... Hallye Ray Leonard .... Winifred L. Leonard ........ Sandra Louise Lockage ..... Ronald Lodzinski ......... Virginia Ann Maginity .... Alan Robert Manschesky.. Ann Marie Mansfield .......... David Lawrence Marquand .... Charles A. McCarthy ..... Donavon Harold McCarthy. .. Gareld Robert McCauley Ir.. . . . Charles William McElrath. Audrey Florence McGarey. Mary Louise McKentry ....... Verlene Louises McKinney ..... Ronald Edward Mecher .... Betty Ann Meister .......... Lucille Ramona Michalski .... Marilyn lane Mills ....... Geraldine B. Mink .... Louise Mitchell .... Mary Ellen Neis .... Milton E. Nelson ...... Ronald Paul Newald .... Marybeth Newman .... Iohn M. Nic ....... .........981 W. Berg Road . . . . . . . .924 Hendrick Road .. ............ 2828 Riordan St. 2589 Heights-Ravenna Road .............2924 Filth St. .........2579 Morton Ave. . . .2579 Morton Ave. .........3l13 7th St. .. . . . .2617 Temple St. . . . . .2638 Reynolds St. . . . . . .2140 Baker St. . . . .3359 Mona Ave. .......322l Peck St. . . .2217 Iefferson St. . .. .. .2213 Ray St. . . . .2867 Continental .... . .2624 Bemuel St. ......R.1. Spring Lake .............2437 Bth St. . . . .3524 S. Sheridan Drive . . . . .4865 S. Martin Road . . . . . . .830 E. Hile Road . . . .3211 Charles St. . . . . . . . . .3009 Glendale St. ..............3174 Lincoln .3319 S. Black Creek Road ............25l6 Sanford St. ...............2816 5th St. .. . . .830 W. Summit Ave. . . . . .301 E. Sherman Ave. . . . 1951 Sternberg Road . . . .1865 E. Summit Ave. .......1853 Ada Ave. . . . . .2309 Iefterson St. ............2525 5th St. . . . .685 Hilton Park Road . . . .2575 E. Broadway .. .681 Eugene Ave. ., . . . .2026 Baker St. .. .2077 Shettler Road .......3305 9th St. . . .2918 Mason Blvd. ...2657 S. Roberts St. .........2950 ValkSt. .. . .2324 A Jarman St. . . . .2100 Mclllwraith St. .........204l Hoyt St. .. . . . .3004 Sanford St. . . . . . .716 Hancock Ave. . . . .656 Cambridge Drive .........R.1.Fruitport ....426 E. Hume Ave. ........2145 6th St. ... .2100 Leahy St. . . . .2021 Sth St. . . . . .2128 Maffett St. . . . .2906 Mason Blvd. 1 I Ruth Elaine Okerlund .... Larry H. Olson ........ Ruth Ellen O'Mal1ey .... Patricia Ioyce Pastori. .. Mina Marie Peterson .... Harlon Iames Pettis. .. Dolores Marie Pierce .... Kathleen I. Poe ......... Carroll Bruce Privacky .... Thomas Iohn Proksa .... Terry Lee Puehler ..,.. Charlotte L. Redman ,... Wayne Atwood Reid ....... Percy Charles Richards Ir.. . .. Lois Ann Roberts ........... Peter Stevan Roder ..... Gerald Virgil Rowell .... Mitze Lu Ruggles ....... Barbara Lou Ruiter ....... Ioanne Lorraine Russell ..... Dean William Sanborn ..... Iack F. Schottey ,.......... William Andrew Schottey ..... Linda Lou Scott ............ Nancy Lee Scott ,.... William Leo Seng ..... Mildred Alice Shears. . . Doris Louise Shelkey .... Dora Frances Shelton... Gerald Hoyt Shepard.. . Benita Arlette Singer .... Ruth Marie Skocelas .... Otto William Smith .... Patsy Ianis Start ...... Marcia Kay Stoudt .... Vivian Maxine Strait .... ADVERTISING INDEX A A. and I. Service ....... Alex's Repair Service. . . . . . 1 All-Steak ................ American Coil Spring ....,. .. Anderson Packing Co., Inc.. . . . . . Anderson Plumbing Co. .... . .. Arbor Floral Shop ....... . . . Avery's Drug Store ...... B Balbimie-Apostle Mortuary . . . . . . Barberini's Food Market ........... Baxter Launderers and Dry Cleaners ................. . . . Bell G Bomers, Real Estate ........ Belton, Evelyn, Real Estate ........ Bennett Pump Division ............ Bluhm Bros. Super IGA Market .... Bob Moore's Service Station ....... Boelkins Super Market ............ Bookkeeping Systems and Service.. Brickner-Kropi Co. ............... . Brown-Morse Co. ................ . Brundage Cut-Rate Drugs .......... Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co .... .. Buel's Shoes .................... Budd Iewelry Co. ........... . .. C Camera Shop ........ . . . 3185 McCracken Ave. . . . .5230 Lake Harbor Road ... . . . . .2632 Vulcan St. . . . . . .1030 Shonat St. . . . .3017 Glendale Ave. . . . . .2406 C Dyson St. .......2324 Hoyt St. .....2l02 N. Getty St. ...1252 E. Ellis Road ........2533 Sth St. ...929 Eugene Ave. . . . . .2501 Leahy St. . . . . .4237 Airline Road .. . . . . .2605 Iarman St. 3740 E. ........3332 Peck St. Farr Road, Fruitport . . . . .3145 Lemuel St. . . . . . .3033 6th St. . . . .3300 Mattett St. . . . .2653 Reynolds St. . . . . .1187 Princeton . . . . . .3020 6th St. . . .2075 Sisson Ave. .. . . .3341 Hoyt St. . . . . .1074 W. Laketon . . . .440 W. Hile Road ..............Nunica . . . . .2641 Twin Oaks Road .. . . . . .2533 Wood St. . . .1657 Shettler Road . . . .2312 Santord St. . . . . .2605 Hoyt St. .. . . .860 W. Summit . . . .1171 Bakker Road ........3359 7th St. ...2905 Henry St. Marilyn Elaine Strieder.. Lunette Sturgis .......... Robert Bruce Surius .... Sharlynne I. Swanson.. . Walter V. Sydnor ......... Don Lavern Talmadge .... Burnetta May Thorstenson .... George Walter Tielenthal. . . Constance Dawn Tindall. Elaine Mary Tjapkes ..... Robert Edward Tomlinson Verna Ioyce Trappany. . . Ruth Bertha Trappe ..... Artell Tucker ....... Sharon Lee Turk .... Kenneth Lee Tuttle ...... Naylord Leroy Urshel .... Harold Iames Vanderstelt Kenneth C. Vanderwest.. Paul VanKampen ........ Loren Frank VanNess Ir.. . . . ............... 3135 Lemuel St. Shirley Ann Veldman ...... Constance Marilyn Wade. Marvin Richard Walworth Carol May Warner ...... Norma Iune Warren... Barbara L. Wayman ..... Lois Ann Westveer ..... Robert Lee Whalen .... Bette Iane Wierengo .... Ieanne Audry Wilde. . . Betty Iean Williams ...... Richard Allen Wingerson. Edythe L. Zorn .......... Kathryn Ann Zwart .... Campbell, Wyant, and Cannon Foundry .... Carl's Store .......... Chadwick's Drive-in . . . Circle "S" Ranch . . . . . Clyde Hendrick, Realtor Coca-Cola Bottling Co.. Cole's Bakery ........ Columbia Studio ..... Commercial Press ..... Consumers Power Co... Continental Motors .... Cooper's Flower Shop. Coscarelli Concessions D Damm Hardware Co.. . . Dana Printing Co.. . . . D :Sf C Stores, Inc. ..... . Daniels Co. ......... . Danigelis Food Market. Darmstadter, Henry, Meat.. Dawes, C. B. :S Son, Florists ....... Derby's Food and Produce. Dion Service Station ....... E Economy Hardware . . . Emi1's Food Market ...... Enterprise Brass Works. .. F Felt. C., Portraits Studio... . . . .3428 Roosevelt Road . . . . . .2047 Apple Ave. . . . ,257 Harrison Blvd. . . . .3109 Iefterson St. . . . .2701 Iarman St. .. . .2520 Baker St. .2619 6th St. . . . . 1221 Berg Road ...H3366 Sanford St. .... .5070 Henry St. .........3373 5th St. . . .2493 McCracken St. . . . . .417 Randall Road ...2217 Iarman St. .. . . . .2128 6th St. .2716 8th St. ...............2825 Waalkes St. .... 47 Lakeshore Blvd., Mona Lake .. ............... 2216 Reynolds St. .. .... 205 E. Bridge St., Fruitport . . . .6838 Cooley Road. Fruitport ................22338thSt. ......2790 Torrent St. . . . .246 Harrison Blvd. . . .2627 Reynolds St. . . . . .2876 Worden St. . . . .625 Porter Road . . .510 Randall Road . . . .150 Harrison St. . . . . . .3032 7th St. . . .2413 Riordan St. . . . . . .2212 Hoyt St. . . .2025 Reynolds St. . . . 1857 Seminole Drive Fitzjohn Coach Co. .... ..., 1 52 Francis Iiroch Co. .... .... 1 20 Fredricks Lumber Co.. . . . . . . 150 Fritz, the Druggist ...... .... 1 27 G Galy, Albert I., Realtor ........... 157 General Telephone Co. ............ 133 George, B. F.. Storage and Van .... 132 Grant's Supply Co. ............... 138 H Hackley Union National Bank ...... 146 Hahn Drug Store ................. 137 Hahn Pharmacy .... .... 1 37 Hall Electric Co. ......... .... 1 46 Hansen's Dairy Bar ....... .... 1 54 Hansen's. Climj, Drive-ln .... .... 1 57 Harding, Lee, Photographer ....... 140 Heights News and Soda Bar ...... 144 Heights Record .................. 141 Hendrick, Clyde, Realtor ..... .... 1 38 Hobby's Heights Radio. . . . . . , 120 Home Loan Co., Inc. ....... .... 1 32 Hoppe IGA Super Market .... .... 1 44 Hosler's .................... .... 1 13 Hostess Cafeteria ................ 150 Hunter, Alired I., Co., Plumbing. ..l45 1 Iiroch, Francis ................... 120 Iohn's Super Service ., .... . ...... 125 Iohnson's Camera Shop G Studio. ..l19 Page One Hundred Eleven K K 61 M Restaurant... .. Ken G Bea's Store ...,.. .. Krause's Store ................ Krautheim, A.. Iewelers .,..... . Krueger cmd Davies, Contractors... L Lakey Foundry Corp. ..... .. Langlois Refrigeration :Sf Appliance ........... . . LaNore's Grocery ........ .. Lee Funeral Home ..,....... .. Lee Harding, Photographs ..... Lee Hardware Co. .,...... .. Liberty Loan Corp. ..,..... .. Lockage's Store tor Men .... .. Ma1vin's Jewelry ...,,.,....... Manning, Maxwell, Moore, Inc. . Martin Coal and Supply ,....... Meier Cleaner, Inc. ......,.... . Meister Feed Store ............ Michigan Bakeries, lnc. ....... . Michigan Consolidated Gas. Co.. Modern Business Equipment .... Moore's CBobiD Service Station.. Morton Manufacturing Co. ..,.. . Mum Bros. Garage ............ Muskegon Federal Savings and Loan ..........,........... Muskegon Heights Record ...... Muskegon School of Business... Myers Service ......... . . ..... N National Lurnberman's Bank .... Nibble-A-Scrib'Nib . ............ Norge Division, Borg-Warner Co.. Novak's Meat Market ........... O Oflice Machine Sales and Service.. P P.-B. Service Station ..... .. Panyard's ........... . . Parrnelee's Iewelzy ............ Parson's Dept. Store ............ Patterson's Grocery and Market.. Peck Street Hardware ........... Peterson Coal Company ......... Pomper Hardware ............. Port City Candy and Tobacco Co. Pyle Pattern and Manuiacturing Co. ........................ , Q Quality Aluminum Casting Co.. .. Quality Dairy ................. Quigley, R. I., Drapes .... .. R Radium Photo Co. ........... .. Record, Muskegon Heights ....... Robinson Lincoln-Mercury. Inc .... Rolladrome .................... Remwolt Cleaners ........., .. Ruiter Bros. Plumbing .... .. S Sanitary Dairy Co. .... . . Schlossman Theaters ........... Sealed Power Corp. ............ . Shaw-Box Crane and Hoist Co... Shaw-Walker Co. ............. . 132 159 138 159 155 153 118 135 130 158 115 144 160 133 160 136 154 150 141 145 122 134 147 158 141 123 147 132 Simpson's Drug Store ,... . . Snowhite Baking Co. ..... . Socks Sabin Cleaners .......... Square Clothing Co. .......... . Stariha Real Estate, and Insurance Stationery Supply Co. ......... . Steenhagen's Food Market ...... Stern's CBil1j Steak House ...... Steve's Beauty Shop ........ . Sunrise Pie Co. ........ . Sutton's Drug Store .... . T Tomlinson's Barber Shop .... . Tourcotle ................ . Tri-City Diaper Service .... . V Vandervelde's ,..... . Vicker's Soda Bar ............. Voss Hardware ............... Votaw's Radio Electric Service Co W Webb Coal Co. ,.............. . Western Michigan Frozen Foods Inc. ....................... . Westem Michigan Outboard .... Whittington's Barber Shop ...... Widing Sewing Center ...... . Windatt-Pontiac ........., . Wittkopp Tool Company .... . Wood. Iohn. Company .... . Wolverine Express, Inc.. .. . Y Yeager's Barber Shop .... . Youth Haven ......... . Compliments of THE CAMERA SHOP, INC. Muskegon School of Business Compliments of Photo Finishing Photo Supplies Greeting Cards Gifts 60 E. Broadway Muskegon Heights, Michigan 2429 PECK STREET PHONE 3-2935 Page One Hundred Twelve at YF? A X .i ,. fl 'F if 'TZ' 31-Q1k1fttf 1 -' J 4 1 3- -npja Slvuwrq 'jansunfg ,iiiziuuh , e-L""""'i nl? 924.1 . .1 -- 2' R'-it D5 5 sf' .E .2 P Q a I - . . 1 I j - 1 . 5 4 1 n I , S .. ,. K+ x ,X s N g e ees N ,Q zyfilgvsj' 475 A .- 1 2 X veW iN ,.....n1-xwxsy ' K 1Nf,- , ' - '-auf' ,U lllg VW' wv vs' ww. wvf. ,VN-N,-f .fyfw flkllldliadun 14 n-44 4 . 4 f ilalmuauuuw.. .. nlullll ' nvvru PWWTD 555885350 'X mx W ""'-wuswmygy i.'i'f"vf ' VANDERVELDE 'S Page One hundred thirteen ,3Ji':'HZ' ffQ:.Z -' W I, . f V .,,, , . . - JE- ff ff .mi:1:-Q -igvhf' wr , fc , , ..:.,ZWW:,, -M V V , ., -, M 1 - - 1 :f y ,, fwfxfv ,1.. vw-Q '. ,,,fa,-fm vm QM .:1,f.,-ww .. -- ,. .425 . - V' ' sy ,S exy f' M-,Wil 'x x +w4QhZ,Jw,f'4zS 'gXfKwkgy'55!6f' 'vfs- ' 'z941'sp..,:f,4e1z'IH1'f,z,f4y,,5::s::e4:,,4m'wa- -MW: -ef A, ,, 1 .mf-W., ' f I -ff-.1 ' WW - vii. . ' E X Iwi - ' ' ' ' , ' ,V , 1 - -' Q - f '-" '- -' - Q A-W ffm M S MN' f ' i t 1 , . , , ""'h'M"'4'?9"' . ,, ,,.. . W.. ,,,. ., ,. .X,x ,.,,,,,,,,.....w-W,,...,,.V. ....,w,,,..,...,.f 'no if W 83175151 5 iff!!! XIIGVKCH we rw ff 51111119 nun HINIICN 15 Ullfffldllifl 96 'f HID !805UJS'R ,N 11141814 YQMQYQSIHFONH 50 A , -fi . x 4 v . E NX , .-au.. Q L , B 'X ix NN ln M Y QV' X N53 X XG mm., ftwf' mwum ' , 5-swxwr, ww WN HM COSCARELLI CONC-ESSIONS. TWH Q 3 t K Q Q R A . 1 . x :.::ff ' K . ,X " rx ' 1 X NNY xx- N 'N . T' -, , X W .s . X Q x ' V X - . Q. - 56 x X X5 Page One lumdred fourteen, Urflfgrafzzlaiiolfs In the 671155 af 1954 uw.. "Wu JOHN WOOD COMPANY - BENNETT PUMP DIVISION musxscou , Mlcmcnn 5 Peterson Coal Company Q ,ivy Frank Lockage Store For Men MYGTS 50l'ViCe Page One hundred fiftee X gf- ,gi x- -vigirfl r 1 X 'iffiik . THR Ex ' , , X X ,Q xx x fi Q 5 M si' X .,., E F . Q0 X N.. .. NX Q xx X XX . X X 9: Q if K 'Q X X 0 X N W X sm NX N X xxx A x N X X X x 5 x xx x , Qx,..f-Tyi-5. 'Sky fsxz- X-SX' ff" w skfis-.r m i ' K , X X -r . N . s .gs Mpw,-.N , 1 1 1, In , fw H, - x . . - ' 5 WILLIAM R. BOOKER IR ' x ' 'IRQ i vw 9' ' -- E151 1 SQZQN U. of M. I Northwestern B,S., L.L,B. Law , ,,.. -..ww .V -- ,,,,..,.,,,,,,,-T, AB., M.A, ' spanish Iunicr Class Adviser Spanish Club Adviser , Wiki fm 'X -. nw N., x N., V. is ,, .X , 'iff '-.,,. A ,,.,, ,Al, -'. , il 9 ni ..., " WARNER GA LOMBECK Scholarship. Cincinnati Conservatory Advcncsd Certificate Omhegg GLEN I. BROWN Central Michigan Cqllege A.B. Sophomar Class Adviser F.T.A. Co-sponsor 322 ,I I , FAITH BR Biology glgxeaton College Y1Teens Adviser 1 55 Facult Q r i ., . , ge V , Foods Cafeteria Northwestem Speech 'G . Radio, Dramatics lunior Clgss .Adviser and M Wm' Compliments of Continental Motors Corporation M uskegon, Michigan 'ww-5. MI-ll.VlN'S IEWELRY J. H. LEE S SDN HARDWARE PgO hdd t PARMELEE'S IEWELRY CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADUATING CLASS OF 1954 from MORTON MANUFACTURING COMPANY A Muskegon Heights Industry Since 1891 BUILDERS OF D aw-Cut Machine Tools and Special Machinery A tomatic Welding Machines Finished Machine Keys e0 ne hzuzdred eiqlt Ken 8. Bea's N12 I C pl h CI f I954 from HOSLER'S PO RTRAITS - Babies - Graduation -- Families - Weddings CAL JOHNSON'S CAMERA SHOP AND STUDIO For Appointment call 2-5986 503 Catherine Street Muskegon, Michiga x fw WIDING SEWING CENTER P 0 h d vs Economy Hardware Whlttmgton's Barber Shop , llohby's I-lelghts Radio Francis Ilroch Company VICKER S SODA BAR SPEED lVERY'S DRUG STORE Compliments of EVELYN BELTCN Western Michigan Outboard Sales and Service PHONE 3-2355 REAL ESTATE STEVEYS BEAUTY SHOP BRUKERAGE sfevena Addink 2305 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Page One hundred twenty ore ,S xv Y . , ., X x NX 4 X X NN x X XX Em ROLLADROME Q Eu i Qi 'UNI V A NW"-x..v,,,W-QNN-M K , ,. H gk M M Nhwngwmhwmw "W"-+w-,.,, X x Q X -ns-x""'A Y-xwwxxQ.,,,w..ww-i.3Wwmg,:xaf2-JA . . . ' M N ..,, M 5. 1-W. 4..M.,MW,W Vx' M AM WW M ,OB MQQREM BOB MOORIYS TEXACO SERVICE STATIDN lfaurs far zz successful future ! You, the Class of 1954, have reached a mile- stone in your career. The pattern that your life will take may Well depend on decisions you must soon make. The continui ng growth of Sealed Power Cor- poration means more opportunities for alert young men and women. To you who must decide which path to follow, we say, "Why not discuss your future with us? " Even if you decide to serve your country be- fore seeking employment, see us upon your return to civilian life. Salad BNC! colporaflion Leading Manufacturer of Engine Parts Plants in Muskegon Heights and St. Johns, Mich. Rochester, Indiana and Stratford, Ontario Page One hundred twenty-tha' ggqnynifn . : ...ww-AXN Q ,. yi, x CHADWICIYS DRIVE - IN if X.. X -if , .xg ' x 2 . q ,Q ,g A 93 , T? Page One hundred twenty-four is 1 gil: ' :Wig NNQR i SQUARE CLOTHING COMPANY rl- 'YJ 'QRQ , Iohn's Super Service Modern Business Equipment iiuu mils I M - , 1 . S 1' w--.Aw . S!!!- Bookkeeping Systems and Service Company Brundage Cut-Rate Drugs Page One hundred twenty-five ' 2""f4,bi6hZIh2"'A,c A' Nihllf IW" 2 IAMES V. COBB Weslern Michigan U. oi M. MAXINE COBB A. M. COURTRIGHT ABM MA, English Western Michigan College Columbia U, of M, Phqlogyqphy, Hisimy B.S. Physical Education B.S., MA. Geometry Oaks-Acorn Photographer Boosler Club Adviser Mechanical Drawing , . , ,, . I I -- .. . I 7 -' 1 ' ' 1 K1 YQ 1 I , 3 9 - q 'I i i ' Y i -H if ' , .mmf If 1 5 f 1 F9 wil l 2 ' IDALEE PARKER COWLlNG George Peabo-:ly College B.S., M.A. Clothing ' ' DELMAB W WILLIAM H. DINGLER RUTH L- ERIKSON , '. . wesiem Miciiiqcm College Michigan Swfe Normdl College YQs'i,Q'kM'Ch'c-'Dr' U' 9' M' Bs. woodworking B.s. History ' " A - Gay U S Hfgfcs f -. . . DK. ' L A " " " " ' ' -A-fi.-...m:...... Senior Class, Adviser Y .-......... W 1 1 o W 3 e l . 'E . x l 'Q a x af Wolverine Express, Inc. I. S. Anderson Packing Company, Inc. W W fs U. Y D 8: C Stores, Inc. Bluhm Bros- Super 'GA Market Derby's Food and Produce Market Page One hundred twenty-sia: . Z' 'Sf ' fe O . --' YJ M, 'WN' Lf" Lee Funeral Home f Fritz, the druggist JAN Q ,mg EERE! if Meister Feed Store Murn Bros. Garage Page One hundreri twenty-seven CAMHHELUHINTSCANMMI COMPANY Page One hundred' twentyleight bzllfllilj! 6' CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES You are on the trail of success t'?x Ti! 5 .Ii 1 gf I Q Q 6 ..,,k Q You are undertaking the most important journey in life. . your future. Be confident of your abilities an you eagerly look for-N ward. Plan your course and then act wisely. And you can: count on electricity to aid your quest by being at your com-N mand clay or night in your home, office or place of work. Reddy Kilowath Consumers Power Companym . if-'MA,,4,,,.-i""""I em L ' X .Ad IL The Bank of Friendly Service Eangratulafivus in the 611155 of 1954 BRCDWN-MORSE CGM PANY MAKERS OF FILING CABINETS AND SUPPLIES MUSKEGON MICHIGAN 0 iw., vff.-uv mag? lbw 4 1 7 1 . M Y " X ZX. u"43f:r . "A ve., .3 f wr 0 - N Q 5 , 49 , 'Mm XX ,K Q -, 'X x f 9,9 g A rw A i f 4 4 hi . f n of ,,... Y 5 N isafm ' ' .fi s ' BALBIRNIE - APOSTLE MORTUARY Mx my f W-" Arbor Floral Company Bruckner Kropf Machine Co Patterson's Grocery and Market 7' 'J-'fl' A 25? as ' B! I :un AW" -l.f,::f' 0 - ull' Ilia linfl SUTTON'S DRUG STORE Q 'H . 1954 Graduates Congratulation and Best Wishes for the future Lloyd Bell 81 Harry G. Bomers Real Estate and Insurance Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company Page One hundred thirty-one Niblale-A-Sorib-Nib ,E- ' Gs al ' AN 57 ,Z M3 t is y s X ' 'y 9, ' . ,,, 4 , 2- . 'lr . ' is fa it W Ki B. F. George Storage and Van Company, Inc- Home Loan Company, Inc "Built Like a Everything f o r the office, except ma- chines - chairs, desks, Fire-Files, filing cabinets, indexing systems,loose-leaf an d payroll equipment .. 4, O O O products, each "time-engineered" to help get more done, easier, and in less time. SHAW-WALKER Largest Exclusive Makers of Office Furniture and Filing Equipment in the World. Page One hundred thirty-two Compliments lfyle Pattern AQ Manufacturing 60. GENERAL TELEPHONE LaNore's company T ay M Ol' MICHIGAN Barberini's Food Market drdtht .1 45 , gf.. g: ' ff 1 ,ff , rw., : A. 31 . Z, : fi, ig! ggg CLEANERS OLT MY Windatt- Pontiac , 'g1? jJ:' 1.. J, SN, . ,, . X1 ' Af' f 'A-vu. ,,.. . Q vi, ,M -Q .. ,ff -ig .2 ' "W ' f ' Q" 5 : ' rfrwfififia 'Q Q ' ' 1 , ,,4 1, o ., A , ir ? , , .Ili 1 -4, , A X . ' 'W W, . 0 V iff-ggi'-, " '- ' 31 .. 4 Env 4 .f'E1"wH"'UEh' 5 "Agp, ' , ff - kg.. 1 -f'- ., -'4' -W' Q , A , -A . ., , . ,v.. . gm? A T7 I L - A ' f , ' X YE Q of , 4 , ' , ' 'A - 7 my is 19 - V- ...A-L 'Q K -I . f lu' ' f 'f Q, 15 F' 'R w" hx f' " A , 5 by -.:"'f, vm: fo W - I ,:f3' . '- K ' ' 1 '- . J :J , E' ,i fe - ,Q ,gpg M L 1 . .,,, . 5- .mo . , f fwfvyw f., o H' h , " V, .F 1 3 'g ,. ,, X. ,,,,, , .. 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Arts louxnalism Adviser ol Sophomore Class Welding - -l - -- V Machine Shop Acorn, Oaks Advlsex K -A - -fflfflx , , VN K, ll' ffl 9 x xv e I r ' 7 ' . I K . , , X W1 . . Krause's iz. Krueger and Davies Contractors v v ,, V as! km Page One Iumdv-ed thirty-six fm sg ree vs mtv QUALITY DAIRY r ....-- Q... -sf-...,,,, ,sh-.iw 7 : fU1fi'52:'n'f':'H, , , , k-Q 'fx-H L4 :,,!,m. ,g, -sum 5- ' i 1 1 w fl? if M f J 'UE' 11519, pvzdn mual ' al Hahn Pharmacy Hahn Drug Store , I-,M ,,,,..--1:- f Q ykgxyfl f , ,, !'H',.,.x " If g1'gg, upyxf fi-1, f, w - .. W .. , W h . , ,w4f4f.4,,,ngv,QAww uifl' 'fl' F Q xl ' V - ' ...' ',l' ,H A' A . f . , . . f ,, COLUMBIA STUDIO Page One hundred thirty-seven K X Q f Yeager's Barber Shop . it --ff "" l K 1 r X "f'. ,,,,,,, f . , u ,Y y P 'ral 5 fa i f V .......- - -M. , Qi! M p nj ff' W X lf A ,- lg w gf . of X 56,04 A, in A 1 1 'ti ,P Stationery Supply Company Noyakfs Meat Market Danigelis Food Market 1 Grant Supply Company Clyde Hendrick, Realtor Page One hundred thirty-eight X I IWSERVL E W 4 s we X xi CBRIJS STORE iw X ww. .iii 5 .www - " e MAE'-.f Meier Cleaners, Inc. Michigan Bakeries, Inc. Page One hundred tlzirty-nine L Hail to Muskegon Heights Tigers, State Champion: Muskegon V W hts Record H if r Yl'Devc"' 7' mln Pvoqn'-ss Y r A we s :vm H 1 Yi! Wi N' "W s c 1 n Polltrcal , fS on ouncr ace Y EW, rw Labor Men gkooseveh punk Vue For Places, Q News ' Ten Candndarcsv Q Q 'S N, .4 ,...,, Q v..,1,.. r , .114s,.. . ...r .. -1 1 rm - - -"-- M V M, 'X ws., r rr .U vw-. my 1,..r Us wma.- 1, ..r f ,,,. .. ,.,o,.w. rem. ff.. mf .mu w rx .M mmm rm...f. . ,,.-. .1,....., f..M.,,...- ...Q fum, ,, .fy ... M uneven rm me n.. .nf -um on 0. w- pn r .mwrm-fm: M-u-asa.o mx nwsfm xx snow ,mam V W nn. vfwmm un, w, Mu xr' .nu 1 am-of tu me I-our rwnn Q.. mn. . nm.. f. 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Page One lzundwd f0'1'fU'fl'e Q..-q. ELEANOR Kmwzrr 5- F4 KOEHN UA O! Denvgr Indiana U, Typoihetne School ol Prinlinq AHJUHFER :ll BSN M,A- . Library Graphic AHS B S1 rsl y Q 1 uni-:lun Adviser oi Library Club Printing Adviser ol Oaks, Acorn Ixln'iU Clos Ad , M'-l'hC'mf"'CH l 'S VISCT .....,..-T:-J --.- .V , lumor High Fmolball Coach T, 7 5 1,4 ' 7-4- i 5 'E A , 1 '1' gig- -. -no rf' "-1,- , " gl ' If lm: 'J ,- 1, Sifw, if , Sf ff I ., .ff i. Elf? Y -,I ,asf -M J asf' : Q ' Mg, fj - -' f- ' 1,. ., .Pg - f I 4 , 1 5 X ff i. .sv ' M ,' "" , F,-P' , 'let' ' X X pl 'lf ff JEL, fl: -' 'V f lx .L ' at, 2 15 "'1 'I 1 , '. l . I X . Q 5 T925 'I-'f'1j: b 'n L-mf ' W " 5 Wfin S 5 0 ss Q 5 ' X . , u A 5 jigs, 5. -U 'Q . ,. .- 521.1 , , DORMAN POST Western Michigan Northwestem BJ... B,s.. M.s. Biology B.S. A . Typing- CGHUGI Midliqrm Cclleqe ggi-nw Y mm,-W Y YM 3 W Counselor, Commercial ,Arithmetic KB- Social Science iz 4- i Englgh , , ,un ,dy 4:77. , ' fin., 1,1417 - it-an KTM ,T MAH F Y ' 1 -4 W. H. Booker F.T..R. Co-sponsor XNXXM HACKLEY UNION NATIONAL BANK Eglin ' 'l 5' Sig mu 1 ga., K 81 M Restaurant B' 533781853-51 M mm Hall Electric Company A- 31 1- 56l'ViC0 Page One lzlcrzdred forty-xix I iff li., mu--NM was nm MANNING, MAXWELL a Moons, INC. Emil's Food Market Ruiter Bros- Langlois Refrigeration and Appliance Page One hundred forty-seven DAMN HARDWARE " 4-aww' g f.'.'l.f'.:2 2 in BRS THE ALLSTEAK Page One hundred forty-eight -ml.. 1 Dhlwuwnuqqu ww...--N-5 nd. ...,.., ff -..Y ,,,...--ww-W-H-""M4"' " C its . 'Q sm., Q., xnxx.. MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY N.. 2 9239 SNOWHITE BAKING COMPANY Page One hundred forty-nine l Radium Photo Service Daniels Company l C. ,,., , QM Hostess Cafeteria C++ , H ii 7 7-W xl C K L i n i' 1 Tri-City Infant Diaper Service Webb Coal Company Page One hzmd-red fifty Q. wail gf' QL' xl A .Af 1 .J ,A g 5 X3 f""l 6, ,fir H' ff! 150 +-Q A Y. .I BueI's Shoes B...--Q-4-Q-"""" H aff? is M DANA PRINTING COMPANY Page One hundred fifty-one Page One hundred fifty-151110 we n.,,, Maw A-mv. L sump AMERICAN COII. SPRING COMPANY g'57g,5,.s',,'gxf,v,g-QQ. . J.. f,x..w? .ff W a,m,,..f I-J ' Y ' ' Tw 2 ., . ' .-vf' Q-- -. 5' .. - ef, . V, w .., 9 s ,, - ,sg , Q gr. , X' f fs QK is . .' iv.-. ' ' T, i 'L' .wif x y! - sf. 5 .35 as ew e 4- 'ewx' L, vvtfvfla FITZIOIIN COACII COMPANY X Q -V-N-W- :e-f ...M ,M .Q A . , . ,,,...- Q L ml Boelkins Super Market , m4L""A1--.. 'V ' R Q w . . pa A '- ,N L iz Y E . z 5 U U wi .I i 1- . S A22 S A Votaw's Radio Electric Service AIex's Repair Service Circle "S" Ranch in . :H . , , , P . , A ' , af e,a,i,,, ,kL,ri,.. . , , Q 1 ww' 0 ,lftr f mciisaa f ll " iii f :di , ,g TU Panyard's Budd Iewelry Company Page One hundfred fifty-three is-'MJ mehr' "" Luv! ff I 1fwgfswhliff?-WWWWW,,,,.W.wv-M'7'ZM3l.Lm-HWMm.Qx...j"T' 7 " 'K L-W - . , k Aw ' M- 'M WWW.-v.1 in-,fy - - A , ll1lNSEN'S DAIRY BAR 'ff . X 5 ' 0 'S f- ,, . ,,,,, t my fb- l , is , L ,r , bi Q XA 0- , tv' '1 X Y. I1 'Lx R. I. Quigley -..., " ' .. 'WT ,W an?-nv? 9 'jx "i1"'3't3-.A ef' ,1 vs S.a"ab- C. B. Dawes 8: SOI! A, Krautheim Page One hundred fifty-four ,M ,., MMQMANBXS QQ? F4 1 a Q C. FELT! PORTRAIT STUDIO P- B Service Western Michigan Frozen Foods, Inc DISTRIBUTORS OF CEDERGREEN FROZEN FOODS Phone 2-2088 119 E. Michigan Ave. Muskegon, Michigan Muskegon Federal Savings Sr Loan Association Your Savings are Invited FIRST NEAR WESTERN 5 Fredricks Lumber Company One hundred fi ffy-Jive BIA- ' W" English BUSH MQA, Debate I--wggggg iqgiigan College Mwffmf Wm tt tt t t Dem. A-ififiiic Q4A V ,..1 tF-..,.wE'fi?m' n o , 'cg V ll J xv" , o 9 - , 9' Yr . it --J dr- Q5 Ns 1- v :vue KENNETH THORNLEY , , Michigan State Normal U. oi M. Q JAH ,mhvmnum A Civics A.B., M.S. - Chemistry ' ' Economim Physim L Director ol Adult Education :QA W 1 1 N :iii 1-1 72754 ,J CONGRATULATIONS FRUM UNCLE "MORRY "- '33 I DION SERVICE STATION Page One hzzndred fifty-six RWE l anclwfw JIM llANSEN'S DRIVE-IN Albert I. Galy, Realtor Coca Cola Bottling Co. Page One hzmdred fifty-seren W Quia ffm cn wi' W, ag 'X ,x. , we 316 S PECK STREET HARDWARE SANITARY DAIRY CD. Page One lzzuzdred fifty-eight 'Y WV I P Q Mt' - :" "m "m:.'i'f,.n'1U:r, M 4 3 E i . 1 "" 1 s I ,'I I, f I 93 T7" 'fi'f. f.?"YV'si' 1 V ' -3 ' ,A V 'i-Q ,. my ff Wwwy-N ,w x - 9 fix V' - 1 I I I 1 I' 7 - V , - A f af. I "" A Q,,.g1.:3smf.?12, , ' ' A ' A Wg, , M.. , ,,.,.A fp0eKN owqcz ,,:i5,,,,,M , . UUR SEPN OFFICE MACHINE SALES I SERVICE 4, -s N1 3 E 4 ""' Q33 ....,..x.-, -U NORGE DIVISION OF RORG - WARNER Page One hundred fi f ty-nine HAM: n--N.. Qwnzfm Quality Aluminum Casting Company " -fi t -. ff:-.LQ in f' 2 "3 ' ' qs, ' f . -. V' - , , X Q -will 5 fi - -dl 1 Y L Q, , 4 fi 13.3 fi ff AF ,-1V,g5"g5: g,.5 A, - -- I , , f 1 f 'Q - rf Q - 1 f ' 'va - . A W 4 " , 9 F' A Hwang ig Port City Candy and Tobacco Company Liberty Loan Corporation M, N -:Ag-M :X ,,, wrt 'wwf V, fw aaa cf X W 1 wt QNN Mr- N3 QM f , 'V xx X , C W: x x Q Page One hundred sixty BILL STERN STEAK HOUSE 'Y PL N .J'G' ' ', .. -.. ..,w-'- '-I ,' -1, 1 . .12 ' Elia' 1, L 5' +'9,",-gil gg- i 1' Q y Q . I,-.-1.33 Q -.5-. ng- wr: .F'--+ as ' T ' .fi-.L -+W "1--'-A-,M-gf' 9' 555.5 5-"Hy .44 ' - Q- ' if I ...'.A.." L: '1-7, ,ig , , . 1 .QQ .I .' 0. .' . F In A ir-- '- fi 5-4 .Q -im: lyk' T IP4- 43 'V -:"l 'I -' .. I id n - i ,' -5" - -I 5 Q' , yt. '-S ,L1 -Q' Q -- I 'gilt' 1-4-qflgf ' Jil- ' ,Q I FLEVS I Q .'f 0 I- -0? I-iiaiane ai.. 'J ui' f ri' -1-+'f'!'1rJ . Tifff .LL L -- " " -4 -. . ul'-'. ,Z ,gi EV' H J r , 11Ff--- f-,,,,j - fl- -I 0 TJ'-1 '... If ji 'H' '7'l H A 9. + 1 1.1.- 11. .lf-"-I' T Q Ili l Q - H -ll Q- 'Flo' Q ,, - IV 'I t - ir - - o 4 -1 Q H n 4 va' E '1 ni 'Ah 4+ 000' H 4 ' - dvi ' Al' HJ" al -r ll , " -I L Eg ro E I ' 4-. I - .-. E P Q 1- ' ji A " il Q r'1-' o + 1 0 'J I-,kim Fm! -E lf-ri -7 o 4-':-'L' iq: Q .ii-l -Q.t,:" ,AL-kiln ul fl H5 0 Z"-yi . 1 Jai- . all I ll "' 'IJ' :L v l I - an-lb if. 'l:g'H"+'1 "il 1 init' 0 . .lf 4.-L' -: H: K- 'I-JW -v L' ' ' t' 'P E: 'iq A 00. 0 ul- T ., 5 l' 1 Q 1 . Q 1-:I Q 4 r -1' , ' l F' 3 0 ' Q1 .T in In D. . 0 0 0 J -11-4: - 4 rn o ' .S A ' I E L' 0 LH. Q Z v 1 1 'J'-1 . .I 5 " A P o In -I D Q I.-p Q 3 qw -' a .- o I ' I - . 5f'T"-31 4 'lk' 5 '!-',h-F-I ""1j Q-f I , D1-rf, 1 1 fn ' 1.."'l"u .10 I .0 lk 'u I-I :,0 t 'u Q Q T:lg',..n'l'+t' I ,, ' 0 ""0 :'- - 31" . ' lsirvx, vi .3 iid "0 Qt Lf- ' i"o 0 al" '.': B45-I'-E1 4"".I' o-, , I Q :I Q - n Q'-T' as -F-kb c 'll-r.Il"' ' .- 0 .'m'I . o'I' Q D" '5-I lr Il 1' I " 11-If A: 0 -If -. - i ' 1' .Q 4:-.Q tl., J-K 1 Q . " P10 lr-I--mlb' Q .,.lItll' .T -1- Ah' Q b -I' Q. nI"'r . 0 . Q. ix, . J A I 1, ...I-3" ob Y 'fl on 4' ,V -fu... If nf.. . , I. ,,.,,-V. -1 "'l' .i7"Q,,.7, if ,I .. 15-25 317711 1Tu?2Cf2?jJLi-i1:5,,'-:.lgNr- . f wdSf5,5'7?' 'JV' ff- 3355-WI'15-13--36'5'ff"w3-yngf: V- V-,-V-:V-,-k.If-Qf Vp -I-.VII 3. .V V,,I.I II LV:-gi -V ..,.,VfV-2-f,V1h1VVf.e V1.13.,:V-,Ip - , " ,f ., :rgs-,L-152,V-5''.VL-I2Lg-'-H+f-gi-'L--2-"3-1-1-ga if 3555- '-f'ViC5.-fu: N. 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'six ' I , V Vi'-pxf..V1"' -f.-'zfzwifw -Pwr:-G' 'Q-'M --135:15 'VA Qv- "wi-N .S ,OW -:Mil-A Wu.-'A -5 :iV.3?'Vf'.--5 fin- Q5-if -2V-3 xv.- IV- 'msg .gig-gm., ni. L- Vquxi 1- v.Ef-QMS '- 's7N'V'1.V 'VV 'ifrem x- 5-.q5,"s' 'gm ,g-' .mfs 1-.Ie -My . VQ,-,+gv:g1-.,g,:-gV,V- IVV' :xg-ey. c - 52-fIQk,m,4U... -ggg Lqxwk-rja?1j x-..-J-5 "1-iu,Ffh,-1,5 'I 3'-.SQ My "-5-,I -1,,V,'I,V- Id,y,,.', gm, Q VQI-,.:gI-Ii-Iiwpl X-K3 V-VII.:-IQIPQIVV I' I-ffl, 35I1-,ggi , Iq1I3g5y:3VfI- I-V, ,I-I .. V , 1.:,II?qI,:f-VIHN 'if-km gmnyifhx :.I:xI,Ig: XQVEI VX ii -JVIVJKI ,S MEIISI, , fini? .V, V..I. V, 5: . 5 N .- ,,Vy,2,v ,.m,3:i91g.. ,N QVSVVUI ' I?..:II.V . It I, 'Ml -1' " " - -U. 'J 'I'E.,' ."n' -,- 'f' U' 'V 'V. 'f . TUV ,1 'E' J'-'f'Hv JR , , 'V -I uw ,V,- .BIV---In 4I..I ,I1,x: .-. :NI A . I.'.VV:. ,AHL It -IIVV. ., V V.-in-.I II 11. mfr. -VIIW -gy-S-iw-.'rf VQf5VX.f-'3:- ,'11"'J 5. ff Q Q -V ,V- "" :L'. fl- 5141 X -QQ 152 ' - N li"--'-:ff-IVV 'ifilabi-V' fi 5: Vf --V--f -V - f' ' - I. V-I lgisgy- M-VJ l-Jyflu VI. xVIVIs.,1IlEQtIp V . jx, ' tiff -,"'."I'5'.PlffI JVQ. f!'fV, V, fa . ...-V--.1 la' ,uv -IVI,--,,..: -5-, ,- - V -mm V lf gm V .V eg, L V V V ' '22 ,HS 'V --3- " 'Q fl " AVF- 'S - Si 1 ly, .V ,VV .- ,,, ,. .QV 1 Vw' ,Q VV :.. Q. -' I rg V .H '-'X u-.QIV-.Im QI- V U- ' I, ,fy '+'.:V.IV r.V -4, '.':'.' V: 52.4 I. -51:1 VSV? -V: : 'V::V'. '-Vf'IV ,gi -if ,' V I , , G. ,Tl ' I,-- V- ' ' .U I I I f-,Q i pw m." Q. crosmc me LEDGER for A sewer HUSM 4 ' '11 CLOSING EI ,wrmcu ra Nun, w rw: P L L ' :mumm or wi wc JACK w. arcs Hope College C1-ARETTA THOMPSON Hillsdale College B.A. Mqmemuncs Wemfn hychigun U- cr M. AAB, English HLY Adviser B.S.. Mb, Bookkeepmq General History Sophomore Class Adviser TYPGWUHUKF Adviser oi Student Council Oaks Advertising Adviser Sem'-7' C1055 -A-'3V150f -A-M ,H 194 , ' 'Vo ,n I X 0 f HELEN 5- WIU-U5-MS , nossm' L. wmscrism AB.. M.A. - Spamsh B-SHMAMU Choi, Laurin. French ' ' Choms ' Ad ' 1 I. ' Cl b ' ' ' ' Q LGF!!! U Dlrqclor of Vocal Ensembles Lieutenants, tenior Grade SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing: Don Haan, sergeant-at-arms: Mr. Del Firme, adviser: Mr. Russell Hansen, adviser: Ken Tuttle, president: Terry Puehler, sergeant-at-arms. Seated: Dave Crane. Vice-President: Gloria Borns. Secretary: Max Green, Treasurer: Mrs. Claretta Thompson. adviser. It was back in September of the year '51 that our crew of about 400 Petty Officers enlisted for a three year voyage on board the famous M. H. Tiger liner for our port of destination, Graduation. On the first lap of our journey we were rather inexperienced at sea, and it was difficult to become accustomed to such a large ship with all its unfamiliar staterooms and com- manders. We chose the very capable David Hansen to guide us through our first year, with the assistance of Ann Mansfield. Our log-keeper was Yvonne Andree and our paymaster was Shirley Iacobs. lim French and Marilyn Fielstra kept the crew in order. Russell Hanson, Delmar Firme, and Mrs. Artlip were our pilots. We had a big crew party aboard the ship to become acquainted with one another. In the spring of '52 we anchored and went ashore for our summer vacation. We again boarded ship in the fall as Lieutenants, Iunior-Grade. By this time we had become accustomed to the sea. We put on a pep assembly: a play entitled, "Men Are Like Streetcars," the junior-senior prom, and another crew party to have some fun. This year we chose hard-working Marilyn Fielstra to guide us, with Larry Olson to assist her. Our log-keeper was Gloria Borns and our paymaster was Murt Iohnson. Gail Kempker and Otto Smith kept the crew in order. Our pilots that year were the same as before, except Mrs. Page Fourteen Artlip, who stayed ashore with some of the crew who were exhausted. Claretta Thompson replaced her on board. We anchored again and went ashore for a much needed summer vacation. In the fall of '53 we boarded ship for the last time, leaving behind us more tired-out crew members. We were now Lieutenants, Senior-Grade, with only one year left. Because We were old hands at sea, our once-large staterooms and ship seemed small. We put on dances, assemblies, crew parties, published an out- standing "OAKS" and gave our senior play, "You Can't Take It With You," a marvelous success. As we neared our port of Graduation there was great merriment aboard, such as Crew Day, Crew Picnic, Bum's Day, Dress-Up day, Teas, Crew Breakfast, and Baccalaureate. To guide us on this last lap we chose well qualified Ken Tuttle with his assistant David Crane. Our log-keeper was again Gloria Borns and our paymaster was Max Green. Don Haan and Terry Puehler kept the crew in order. We reached our port and received our honorable discharge papers on Iune 17, 1954. There was quite a crowd of friends and relatives to welcome us and congratulate us on one of our greatest achievements. As we said "good-by" to our fellow crew members, it was with a little regret that our pleasant voyage had come to such a speedy end. 2 Q .4... ' 1-.ww ,. ' ,vii '- if T WWA' 'xf'?ii?3 N ," m f g: 2 .N- . , :,' few 1 'iq " "1 f , "H , 5 . f .:Q.xwb.,s+fT!Q1Q3f'-'Q -fn-fl! -A: P ' - .-552, . Lb, -V .:w,Fg':5gi22::f.: : -- Af w-5,4 V .1 1 ' - ' u v , L i ryxs l , 11f'2,1WV f .jff , -1g ,sg ,- fyivf , , W M , . ' ' - Q . , 1 ' . Af HY., , V A ,. h ., ,K . I l LJ, " '. - ,4, 131, ii .rf V . ,- if-f5V.,.,,..fN7:. Mg, ing-'sv .4,,,,.,f ,,,, 1 1 1 .,,,. i Na! JW Nw-., mve.: 1 , . 1 . V1 ,Z fi .,., . iii if J' 1 .Ax fr, twig? 'A 'WJ I .H ,jf f X V .S A QI K , 5 . 4 M,- w M, 65 J' V, 1 x ,v uf 1 U M, ,M , 1,, w 'lx- U: J.' , 15:1 ,fx sf AP'- f .n ,LU VI '14 ug' ,MV M4-1, Yun xl' ,'L!'3PfI" , , ,rg 2 , xl 45.55- i. ." fT SAK- SI ,rf WY at gin , , :I In N ., . et? ' f , , f Q .Jil 15 f'.'t5f.6, x I qv l,x 4 X y p 4 r 1,, HL, DOUGLAS ALGER College Behind Doug's bashiulness he has many hidden talents. He is very interested in sports and was on our Reserve Basketball and Track Teams. Doug also likes to dance and tinker with hot-rods. ROBERT ALLEN College "lt's the sportsman life for me," says Bob. Fishing, hunting, and 4-H work keep his leisure time occupied. Bob has won a 4-H Showmanship Award. He was a member of the Varsity Football Team. Graduating Senior CLARENE ANDERSON General Clare has often proved her motto, "No sooner said than done." She was active in A Cappella Choir, Iunior Play, Iunior and Senior Play Commit- tees, Future Nurses, Y-Teens Li- brary Club, Oaks Advertising Staff, and was a Dramatic Dec- lamation Winner. YVONNE ANDREE ID College Meet "Vaughn" whose s, personality has won her 1' friends . . , Class Secretary dent Council, Oaks and .ll Staffs, Iunior Play, Library ' Y-Teens, Booster Club, Chris Formal Committee, and F Teachers, all claimed "Vaughn." is- ins. 5 DONALD ATKINS College To Don. school is a "pleasant but necessary evil." Don trans- ferred here from Muskegon where he was active in band. He works at Precision Tool Com- pany and enjoys his convertible. Don is quiet and friendly. His hobby is amateur radio. IULIE BAILEY Commercial "The girl with the beautiful voice." That's Iulie. Iulie is a member of A Cappella Choir and was soloist in many concerts. She has been a representative and secretary oi Student Council. She also is a cheerleader. IIM BALDWIN College "Music hath charms" . . . and lim with his musical ability brings out the best of these charms. Hi-Y, Spanish Club, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra. Heights Night Show, and Future Teachers were all a part of his busy high school days. WILLIAM BARNES General Willie's constant companio: his ever-ready smile . . . He i active in A Cappella Cha Heights Night Show, Bc Future Teachers. and Var, Football. He also won a mn scholarship to Baldwin-Wall College' and made third Te All-State, in football. O55 ov ts. QD. .QOSKQQ ll' , 5... gm O'lbn ' ..'t5 i 2 o"-.-'Q ."'.:- ..'!a ':..'....-"'5 1 ll..h' 5 A.. QQ 4 ,'Q' Q.. .' , 9 .L5PP .Q 9 5lps.l 9' " .A-,0' 'duno .on 0 Tn. W Page Sixteen IQJ4 JOROTHY BASKIN eneral "Dot" is the quiet kind, but a etter friend is hard to find. She 'as cr member of the Y-Teens nd Glee Club in her Freshman ear. Dorothy likes popular tusic cmd football games. IOHN BEAM General When you want talent, then here it is. Iohn served on the Oaks and Acorn Staff, Heights Night Show, Band, and was a drum-major. "Sid," whose hob- bies are ice and roller-skating. also likes tap and ballroom dancing. SHIRLEY BELROSE College Shirl's smile is much like the famous queen's whose pictures she collects-Queen Elizabeth. Although she worked in her fathers' store, she had time for Spanish Club and the Style Show. She plans to enter nurses' training upon graduation, MADONNA BENDUS General Quiet, but a better friend is hard to find, say all those who know Madonna. She took part in the Style Show and likes sewing. Madonna works at a local "dime- store" after school and just "loves" to eat candy. SHIRLEY BICKOWSKI bmmercial The busiest little bee in high chool was Shirley. Active in unior Play, Library Club, Glee Zlub. Future Nurses, Y-Teens. tpanish Club, girls intramural ports. Iunior-Senior Prom Com- mittee, special assemblies. Oaks Ldvertising Staff, and likes lancing and music. 'i"'?a- WWW MURIEL BILLINGSLEY General A cute smile and a nice greet- ing for every one,-that's Muriel. She was a member of the Iunior Play Cast and was on the Iunior- Senior Prom Committee. Muriel sings in our A Cappella Choir. fww A. LARRY BIRD General There is music in his fingers. as Larry achieved the unusual accomplishment of playing in a dance band. He likes good music and collects name band records. "Shortie." Cone of our taller boysj maintains a job at Sears Roebuck. WILLIAM BLUHM College "Hoppy" seems to be a quiet fellow but not to those who know him well. He was a Hi-Y mem- ber, and was on the Track Team. His hobbies are cars and danc- ing. Has a "car-load" of friends. 2 5 in ,s"!31: 5, f'i. 'fl s, f'i. 'I' 'Clif i .S ' . so 9 . I so Q , f 1 3 3 " . ' 44' 'Q . giCcl" Q' ' '17 9 q'-C:!?-' '-C3!l ' Q9 Q. 'P+ Page Seventeen ALAN BOHLAND General "Al," is one ot the quiet kind. but when one gets to know him. what fun he ist He played on Varsity and Reserve Football Team for two seasons and was on the Track Team. He also likes Mechanical Drawing. IRIS BORGERDING General Iris was on the quiet side, but to her friends she was a lot oi lun. She played in our Band and was on the Acorn Stott. She likes skating and horseback rid+ ing, She works part-time at HardyeHerpolsheimer's. Graduating Senior MARILYN BOBGMAN General "Eat, laugh, and be merry," says Marilyn, "tor who knows what tomorrow may bring?" Marilyn likes to talk and have lun, but eating is her specialty. She was a member oi Library Club. it ti 614 -fi y .nar- RONALD BOSTON College There is honesty, manhood. and good fellowship in Hon. All who know him like this quiet and sincere lad. He is active in 4-H work and has won several 4-H awards. Ron likes to tinker with motors. GLORIA BOBNS College Ii beauty and personality were gold, Glo would be a millionaire. She was active in Future Nurses. Dramatics Club, Class Secretary, Student Council Representative, Oaks and Acorn co-editor, Iunior Play Cast, Senior Play Commit- tee. A Cappella Choir and major- Sites. Q.. is 1 DARLENE BOTRUFF College Cheerful, ambitious, happy. and gay, that's our Darlene's key to pleasure and success. She was an active member in Future Nurses and Y'Teens. In her fresh- man year she won the American Legion Award. ,.k GLEN BOWERS General Glen is known by the nick- name ot "Ierome". He was a shy-looking lad who was always lun to be with. His particular likes and hobbies are htmting and fishing, and he also enjoys skiing. MARLENE BRANT General A little gi.rl with a great per- sonality, that's Marlene. She is very interested in drawing and ice-skating. "Mardi," as most oi her friends call her. sang in Glee Club, participated in the style show, Oaks and Acorn Staff. qi!! .1555-s .-.' '. 5555... ,COD A 5. 5 "' 'QFD Q U6 lu 0?4"""-lu.. . O I. ,Q 5 0 in 55, o UI-in 'i' 'U '1 no 'Q I 99' 'Q 0' 9 o C. , l..3Q. ,gf Ugg I- .,O an 0 X K Page Eighteen ra, 1954 HARVEY BREWSTER College Harvey, the boy with the gol- den voice displayed his singing talent by belonging to A Cap- pella and singing solos in Heights Night and concerts. He likes sports and played football and tennis. For a hobby, Harvey Collects automotive magazines. DANIEL BRINK College Dan was one of the few boys qualified to be a Commencement Usher last year. Besides study- ing for those excellent grades he had time to play Reserve Foot- ball and to be in Hi-Y. Dan also worked at Holland Motor Ex- press. ROBBIE BROOKS College Good natured, ambitious, tull oi lun, and well-liked. best de- scribes "Tweet". She was active in Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Latin Club. Future Teachers and she also worked on the Oak's Adver- tising Statt. Her hobbies are col- lecting stones and reading. BARBARA BUGAISKI General Barb, may be small but lite would be dull without her. She has a sense of humor which makes friends everywhere she goes. Barb took part in the style show, Y-Teens, and 4-H Club. She enjoys dancing and bowling. av 'W DORIS BURTON General Doris's hair is not more sunny than her heart. She was in A Cappella Choir, Style Show, and was a majorette. "Dode's" hob- bies are taking pictures, tobbog- aning, and twirling. She has a great liking for a certain blue- and-white "Cl1evie". I AMES CAMPBELL, IR. General "Bud" is a real outdoor sports fan with hunting, fishing. and ice-skating as his hobbies. He was a member and officer in Bible Class. He has also won awards in machine shop. yd' .wr JERRY CARLSON General For he is a right. jolly fellow, bringing laughter wherever he goes. Ierry played baseball in his sophomore year. He has a variety oi hobbies, such as: swimming, skating. drawing, and oi course, cars. ARLEN CARPENTER College A popular boy is Arlen, and his talent was acting. He was in both the Iunior and Senior Plays. He belonged to Hi-Y and A Cappella Choir. In his Iunior year Arlen was a Commence- ment Usher. If 5 v , QYQI ' Q . Q 'sd' i 55 Ss A :' 5. 'pl gs g' Q. ily! logif sa . 'A s Q 41' 0 Q ! ,l ,Q 09, t - -"Iqc:..'. q'QCqu5..'. 9 ' Y' Q9 Q. . '29 Page Nineteen SHIRLEY CAST General Tall, dark, and mischievous. that's "Shirl." Her list of activil ties. just to mention a few, are: Chronicle News Editor, Y-Teens, Booster Club, Band, Iunior and Senior Prom Committees. and Usherette for the Senior Play. DONALD CHAPPELL General In Don a better friend couldn't he found. He has participated in Heights Night all through his school years. He also was a member of the Band and the Orchestra as well as being a Color Guard, for the Band. Graduating Ueniors DANIEL CHORNEY College Dan is well known as the lit- tle guy with big personality and a ready smile. His favorite pas- time is winter sports, and he was also a member of the Band dur- ing his freshman and sophomore years. LILAH CHRISTIE College "Tops" as a friend, as well as a cello player, Lilah will be re- membered for her beautiful solos. She was in Orchestra for four years. Also on her list of activi- ties were: Solo-Ensemble Festi- vals, Heights Night, and Choir. FRANK CHRISTMAS College One of the top-notch guys of our class. Frank played football and was on the Track Squad. His job kept him busy at Plumb's Super-Market, but he still worked hard at school. Ping-pong is his favorite game. CLARA CHRISTOPHER College "Good things come in small packages." Fun loving, ener- getic, and care-free, Clara is ex- tremely popular. Was on Iunior and Senior Prom Committee, Booster Club, Iunior Arbor Girls. Cheerleaders, Oaks and Acorn Staff, Dramatics Club. and All- School Play. HELEN COFFMAN Commercial Activity is a necessity for Helen, who's always ready to help. She was Acom Co-editor. Chronicle News Editor. in Library Club, Y-Teens, A Cappella Choir. Style Show, and was a Iunior Arbor Girl. She likes records. - vuase. t N . X. 4, :s. f X. -ff NFA x GERTIE COLE General "Liie is too short to be serious too often." That's "Sally's" mot- to. Carefree and happy she was a member of the Oaks and Acorn Staffs. Occupyinq her spare time is her hobby, collect- ing post-cards. .gl5B5-. .. 045555 pa 'lg 0' 4 u 0 ..'lg ': 'F pv9."s to 'Q ...ill 'Z""""'llsu.. 'A' .0 'Tr "Q '0,: 9" To Q' ' 0 A. , .h..,lL nf ion I, -,O O.. O Q., my Page Twenty 1954 WILLIE CONLEY General Willie is a quiet boy with a quiet way, never having much to say. He is very active in Art, and has done many paintings. In Bible Class he participated and did his part well. ROBERT COOK General Bob speaks little but still has a smile lor all. He played Re- serve Football and won an In- dustrial Arts Award. Bob's hob' bies are hunting and fishing. Bob is a loyal friend to all those who know him. X at G 3 et 'x , K r W - I "" 1 IACK COTTRELL College Iack is small, but still a "right guy." His hobby is photography and he also is a salesman. lack belongs to the photography class in school. and was in the Alle School Play. Has a host of friends. DAVID CRANE College Tall and terrific, that's our Dave. Dave did his best in everything, such as iootball, baseball, basketball, Student Council Vice-President. Senior Class Vice-President, Hi-Y mem- ber and oflicer, Iunior Com- mencement Usher and W. R. Booker Future Teachers Club officer. pr 'Qu ELDON CRAWFORD General Eldon was one ol our more quiet seniors. but a friend to all. Although he works full-time at Brunswick, he finds time lor his favorite sport, roller-skating. Eldon also played reserve foot- ball in his sophomore year. GERALD CREN NO General Known as "lake" to his many friends, he is quiet, friendly, and shy, which are only a tew words describing "lake", He will al- ways be remembered for his two great hobbies: hunting and iish- ing. IOHN DE BARD General That familiar lace that you saw in A Cappella Choir. Heights Night, Senior Play, Mixed Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Style Show, Student Council, Iunior Play Committee, and Hi-Y belonged to none other than Iohn. He also won medals in band. I AMES DEEPHOUSE General A wonderful guy who is loads of fun, Jim olten tools folks with his quiet ways. CThcrt is, until they get to know him. Then he's not so quiet.j Among his hob- bies are: skiing, football, horse- back riding, swimming, boxing. and hunting. ,E . it - U .,sw"?ll5. iss :"l. 'ffl gs :"lz 'ff' 'imgf I, ' 0 ' Q af? Qq'e Cc: 52 .'.4' .Q'C C31 as ."6' .Q 3 1' Q9 1. '29 Page Twenty-one DARLEN E DE HOOG College Brains and talent walk hand in hand, as far as Darlene is concemed. Not only was she Exe temporaneous cmd Original Ora- tory winner in her junior year, but also a Junior Arbor Girl. Varsity Debate was another of Dar1ene's accomplishments. .sz P PAM DURNELL College There is always a "ray oi sun- shine" when Pam is around. She was on the Iunior-Senior Play and Prom Committees. and the Oaks and Acom Staffs. A lot of her attention is now directed to- ward the Navy. ROBERT DOE College His smile brings laughter wherever he goes, and joy to everyone he meets. Yes, that's our Bob. He was in the lVl.H,H.S. Band in his freshman year, and his main interest is working on "hot-rods." Graduating tenior ROBERT DUBAULT College Though Bob was a man oi few words, he has a countless amount ol iriends. Bob played baseball in his sophomore year, and his hobby, interest, and am- bition are building custom "hot- rods." GORDON DURAM General Gordie is a quiet boy, and a good student. He has been Class Sergeant-at-Arms, a member of the Baseball Team, and a mem- ber of Bible Class. Gordon has cr part-time job at Puha1ski's Market. ROBERTA L. DYKEMA College "Busy as a Bee" is a phrase well applied to "Bert." Oaks Staff, Acom Staff, Chronicle News Editor, and Senior Play Committee are but a iew oi her many activities. She also found time for many clubs, and her Kaiser. ARNOLD L. EDICK General Small body, gigantic personal- ity . . . that's Amie. Liked by all who know him, he'll never be forgotten in the Senior Play. "Squeaks" likes sports and was active in baseball lor three years. He was also in the "All School Play." Cr' I dl RICHARD EIKEN BERRY General Gay and carefree with not a worry in the world, that's Dick. He was active in the Band and participated in four years of Heights Night. He likes hunting, fishing. swimming, skating. and camping. Ogislgs. . 0155555 llf 'Ig Q" 0 .. P Ii... Q Ol ,.,l5Q. Q.-gt ln.--5 ,z.giulbng...!.'l. . 9 lg,,!n tl on I. .,o an o si K. Page Twenty-two 1954 General With a sparkle in her eye to match that of her ring, "Lu" rates "tops" with all. Always ready with a good laugh, she joined Mixed Choir in her sopho- more year. She likes sports and spaghetti. GERALD ELLIS College Most people think Jerry to be quiet but his friends know bet- ter. He was in Heights Night four years. Band, Orchestra. took part in the Senior Play. and was Concert Master of our Band. He works for Cole's Bakery. ODELL ELLIS College "He leads them all a merry chase . . . the gang, the teach- ers, and the gir1s." Odell par- ticipated in Reserve and Varsity Football, and was on the Senior Play Committee. His hobbies are hunting and fishing and he is in- terested in airplanes. IESSIE LEE EVANS General Iessie is called "Lee" by her friends. She worked on the Oaks and Acorn Staffs and won her M. H. in the 11th grade. Iessie was a member of the A Cap- pella Choir. Y-teens. Spanish, and Booster Clubs. IACK FELCOSKI General Tall. handsome, and quiet de- scribes our best looking senior boy. Iack was in A Cappella Choir, Student Council, and on the Reserve Football and Track Teams. Among his interests are: music and sports, but mainly golf. Ns?-3 .1121 EUGENE FETHKE College When Gene went to Califomia last September we all lost a wonderful friend but "found" him in February when he returned to become active in our class again. Hi-Y Student Council. tennis, and baseball were among his school activities. MARILYN FIELSTRA College "Fee Fee" with her ever ready laugh is a friend we will never forget. She was Class President in her junior year. Future Nurses, Booster Club, Glee Club, and In- tramural sports were all a part of her activities, plus Len. GWENDOLYN FOXX College Gwendolyn. better known as "Punchie" to her friends was not always as shy as she sometimes appeared. She took an active part in Y-Teens, Spanish Club. and Future Teachers, and also played Intramural sports. Col- lecting photos is Gwendolyn's favorite hobby. 'V 5 Xl 0 ' ' ' 4 I sq. ', 0 if 1 67 .Q 'Q . iq 04' 'Q 'itil' 4, Q1 T "Cac: ' 'Cigna a Y Q9 Q. '39 Page Twenty-three IAMES FRENCH General The title of "lVlost Athletic" was well applied to "Frenchie". He has been an active member of the Basketball and Football Teams since his Freshman year. adding baseball in his Sopho- more year. Besides playing sports, Iim belonged to Student Council. 1 PAT GINGRAS Commercial A small girl with big ways, Pat's talents were many, includ- ing, dancing, singing, and acting. She was a member oi the A Cappella Choir, Senior Play Cast, all school play cast, Y- teens, and Iunior-Senior Prom Committee, ROBERT FRIEDMAN General Tall, dark, and full ot laughter, that's Bob, for there is always lun when he is around. He was in Band, appeared in Heights Night, and a member of Hi-Y. He likes goll, bowling, and cars. Graduating Nenior lOHN C. GABHIS General "This young lad is very small. but those that are good aren't always tall." Iohn makes up for his lack of height by his wide variety ol activities, including: football, fishing, swimming, and working at a local industry. LEON GILLHESPY General Leon may be quiet to those who don't know him but to us that do he's really quite differ- ent. Full ot lun and jokes, there's just never a dull moment when he's around. He was in Track and likes hunting. BERNICE GLACZ Commercial "Bemy" is small but gay and lively. She has proved this by being active in Library Clu.b. Band, Orchestra, and Heights Nite Show, and she was a Iunior Arbor Girl. "Bemy" likes music and reading. DAVID GOLDBERG, IR. General Dave was known to his friends as being quiet but carefree. He played Varsity Football in tenth grade and Reserve Football in eleventh grade. His hobbies are hunting and Buicks. He is now employed at a local store. ff ex X . Q , T it 1 W L ' ' I AMES GRAHAM General Iames was a well known figure, because he had a friendly disposition and a pleasant per- sonality. Iim has participated in many clubs such as Art. Freneh, and Spanish. He was also a member ol the A Cappella Choir. D555 O' 5. ., ,stings ,,, , 'ngu Q' A . ' 5... Q ll ,,4sg. .. ge- l.... gZ.QtuIuug...!..l- .5 Q. 'Q .I Q. . Qv, A , Q A Q . - Qg. .',, ...D Q . ,O . .bl - Q .Q Q., K, Page Twenty-four i954 EVELYN GRANT College The motto, "Reliability is the keystone to the path of success," fits "Evie" well. She was a mem- ber oi Library Club, Future Nurses, Spanish Club, Iunior Arbor Girl, and one ot the ten best citizens in her freshman year. MAX L. GREEN College Max was truly the "Class Cute Up" with his mischievous ways. But his activities including: HifY. A Cappella Choir, Senior Class Treasurer, Senior Play, Reserve and Varsity Football, showed he could be serious. His hobbies in- clude hunting and sports. maui' - 'WS LAWRENCE GROVER College Larry is quiet but full of wis- dom. He won first place in the Forernan's Mechanical Drawing contest, and also was on the track team and in the Senior Play cast. His hobby is an un- usual one, he "tinkers with elec- tricity." HELEN GUST College "Quiet, but not so quiet when you know her," our Helen was in the Library Club, Future Nurses, style show, and an of- ficer in the Bible Club. Writing letters and ice-skating are her hobbies. She works at Sealed Power. VERYLE GRIFFIN Commercial A girl who likes the domestic side of liie such as children and marriage. Veryle was in Glee Club during her freshman year, she won Parson's Poetry Contest. Her hobbies are roller skating and dancing. MARILYN GROLEAU Commercial Marilyn believes you're only young once so be gay while you can. She was in Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus, and the Style Show. She plays the piano very well, especially boogie. DON HAAN College Carefree, gay, but still has wit, that's Don, who was loyal to the end. He was a member of the Football, Basketball. and Base- ball teams. He was in Hi-Y, Stu- dent Council, Heights Night, and was Class Sergeant-at-Arms. TOM HAAN College "Happy-go-lucky with a touch of seriousness" best describes Tom. Although hunting and fish- ing are his main interests, he had many school activities: ioot- ball, baseball, basketball, Stu- dent Council, Hi-Y, Iunior and Senior Play usher. v'S1 ' Q " B .as , 51. ss .0 5. 'mg ss fs.. Im, ,."., l 'sg sd ...'- . Sa'l'04" .ke .s in 44" 41 0 . .--. 'QCQIJ ' 4 ' 'YQ U . 'ef Page Twenty-Eve DOROTHY HACKNEY General Dorothy, better known as "Dot" was a member of the Chorus and A Cappella Choir. She also took part in the style show and Bible Class. Dorothy likes to sing and is a member of a trio at Fruitport. MEREDITH HARTMAN College Meredith had a smile lor everyone and a heart of gold. Active in both Iunior and Senior plays, play committees, Iunior Arbor girl, Heights Night, Or- chestra, Spanish Club, and Choir. "Suzie" has developed a special liking lor the Army. KARAN HALL General "Nicky" and "Dimples" are her nick-names. She was an ol- iicer in Y-Teens: belonged to Mixed Choir, and took part in the style show this spring. She likes musical shows and good things to eat. Graduating Senior DAVID HANSEN College Dave well earned the title oi "Best Actor." for he took part in Iunior, Senior, and the All School Plays. He played basketball, was Class and Student Council Presidents, and a delegate to the National Student Council Conven- tion. S r9' ....,V.ii RONALD HARTMAN General "The thing that goes farthest toward making lile worth while: that costs the least and does the most, is just a pleasant smile." Ron who is well liked by every- one played on the Reserve Foot- ball Team and Track Team. ' or VIVIAN HEATH Commercial Vivian received her MH letter in her sophomore year. She was a Iunior Arbor Girl, in Bible Class cmd also took part in the style show. Vivian likes to read, type, and write letters. IOANNE HARRIS General The girl with the big smile. who was called "Io" by her friends, did a wonderful job selling Oaks' Ads and participat- ing in the style show in her sophomore year. "Io" works at Muskegon Ice Cream Co. ii s .rl '-,fl . 'E SANDRA HELLMAN General Long hair and big brown eyes make up our Sandy. If ever in need of a friend, just call on her. She was in Glee Club, Choir, Style Show and Intra- mural Sports. Likes dancing and a certain guy. .515 .5 0' 5 'Q' 5!g... :llfh '-b. , ' .!g... ',v' :. , D T.. af' '1 .Ml 'Q I gov!" ' A." .S ."'B Zi., .-"ul-.. 5 Q 0 Q... .9 l5,,!n nv' h,, 0 .- ...O ' Y,- Page Twenty-six I954 MARY HENDBICK College "A nice strong smile, a friend to all: a girl on whom we all can call . . Mary more than once has proven this to be true. Mary was Acorn Co-Editor, was on the Oaks Staff. and in Future Nurses Club. CONSTANCE HERRALA Commercial "A combinaion ol charm and Talent." Connie well earned the title of "Best Actress" as she participated in both the Iunior and Senior plays with leading parts. She was also Secretary of Student Council during her Sen- ior year. DAVID I-IEHSHBERGEB College Dave, who is very musical. has hobbies oi Iazz, and photo- graphy. He also likes to dance. Dave took part in the Heights Night Show and in Band. He is now employed as a Pharmacist's Apprentice in a local drug store. PAUL HIETANEN College Paul with his ambitious ways and quiet disposition is a mem- ber ot the Hi-Y and played base- ball. His hobby is cars. Paul has made many friends around school and will always be re- membered at Muskegon Heights High. ANNE HODGES College This lun loving. happy-go- lucky girl is our Anne. She was in the Style Show . . . Future Nurses, Iunior Play Committee . . . Oaks Staff and Record News Editor. "Hodge" likes swimming and plays the piano. WILLIAM HODGES General "If silence were golden. I would be . . . broke." says Bill. He took part in the Iunior Play and worked on the Committee in Coopersville beiore transferring here at the end of his Iunior year. Bil1's hobby is cars. CAROL HOTHAM College Carol. with her million dollar personality was always there when she was needed . . . She took part in the Iunior and Senior Plays, "All School Play." Student Council, Heights Night, Intra- mural Sports, A Cappella Choir and Y-Teens. .xr 'Q r . be 4' X f W N ,El f Ze Y ,-...W 2:5 ., . 4 t ef gr, ,i .x Qi xi I, Y- le 1 i. N LEE ANDREW HOWELL College "Nick." as he prefers to be called by friends was one oi the top performers in athletics. He made A1lState second team in football. He also starred in bas- ketball. Lee enjoys not only sports, but also girls. ,sm C " U las ii. ss- :..' I". ss :uf I" "'1i, J N: 5. Q 9 . 60 O .54 Q."Cq:?.'.A' .."og.::a"'." lei' 1. on Page Twenty-seven FRANCIS I. HUBBELL General A better joker couldn't be found. "Larcl" was lull of iun and the easy going type. He is presently employed at Bennett's Shell Service Station. For his hobbies he likes girls. tennis. square-dancing, and cars. .1 -: .yi '-..v 1 V- is X WW' . ' 12- 1-f .- ,. , .ef SHIRLEY I ACOBS College Sincerity is the keyword to Shirl's pleasing personality. A member of Y-Teens, Iunior Play Committee, Spanish Club, and Treasurer of Sophomore Class showed a busy high school liie. Shirley also won the Spanish Award in her Iunior year. THOMAS C. HUBBELL College When you hear this boy laughing . . . you'll know he's all fun." Tom, whose good humor was known to all, played Re- serve Football. was an usher tor both the Iunior and Senior Plays . . . plus keeping his hot Ford in running condition. Graduating Senior VIOLA INOSENCIO General Viola likes to be called "Vi" by all her friends. Viola has chosen playing the piano for her hobby. Besides going to school and working at Neisner's Depart- ment Store as a sales clerk. she attends beauty college. IANET IACKSON College This sweet girl was so active, popular, and capable, we just haven't room to mention all she did for our school: . . . plays, Booster Club, Y-Teens, and Fu- ture Teachers. D.A.R. Best Citi- zen, Arbor Girl, Student Council President, Region-4 secretary. G! DANIEL I ANUSKA General Wouldn't it be dull without him? Dan served as Student Council Representative, President of Hi-Y, ushered ior Senior Play. A Cappella Choir, Representa- tive to Grosse Point. Holland and Mt. Pleasant Conventions. But we know him most for his cheer- leading. BARBARA IOHN SON General Bobbie, a sweet girl, was very active through school. She was a member of the Chorus, A Cap- pella Choir. Y-Teens. Iunior'Sen- ior Prom Committee, and Bible Club. She also played Intramural sports and likes to roller skate. ELAINE I OHNSON General Elaine was a member of the A Cappella Choir and the Bible Class. She participated in the Style Show. As a hobby Elaine likes boat riding. fishing, swim- ming, and reading. But she dis- likes doing dishes. QUSBQ .ilHB5.. 'Ilya '. ...... ',99 0 .. 0 55. 5 ,o"'0, Q, lei Un, o?,o"'ll..,h - -- fe. '-. '. : ,.v' Q, . -- : '--f- 5 in 59 9 A 0 O Q... ,Q Spb 5 3' I! Q. ..O si. K. Page Twenty-eight IQJ4 MURTIS IOHNSON College "A man among men, but most- ly among women." Although Murt's main hobbies are girls and eating, he found time for many school activities . . . Stu- dent Council representative. Iun- ior Play usher, Iunior Class Treasurer, Varsity Football, and Varsity Basketball. AUDREY IORGENSON College Friendly, clever and a better poet can't be found. Aud was active in Booster Club, lunior Arbor Girl, Student Council Rep- resentative, Oaks and Acorn Start, and well earned the title ol "Most Athletic." Aud likes play- ing the piano. ANITA KEEPER General Anita, is the cheerful type who you will always see with a smile on her lace. Anita was a mem- ber ol Glee Club and A Cap- pella Choir. Being active in In- tramural sports, she won an M.H. MARY LOU KEEFER General Gay and light-hearted, that is Mary. A lot ol her friends call her "Shorty," but to others she's Mary Lou. Active in Future Nurses, Y4Teens. Spanish Club, Camera Club and an M.H. Win! ner. She likes to do housework. I 2535. GAIL KEMPKER College Fun loving, that's our Gail. Ac- tive in Booster Club. Intramural Sports, an M.H. Letter Winner. Heights Nite, Iunior-Senior Prom Committee, "Kinker." elected "Best Dancer" ot the Senior Class, likes dancing and all sports. She works part-time after school. KAREN KIEFT General Iolly and loads of fun, with a little joke tor everyone. Karen was on the Oaks and Acorn Stall. Iunior and Senior Play Committees. Iunior and Senior Prom Committees, Future Nurses, Library Club, A Cappella Choir, and Style Show. J' 1- TACK L. KINNUCAN General A right jolly, good fellow was lack. He was active in student Council and was a color guard for our Band. Iack's hobby is building radios. He is now em- ployed as a repairman at a local radio and T.V. store. -A-1. ,: , ??EZf2Si5E:I:1E"' s2,1.::1::'- 1:5 ':2:2:f,,.:.' 5.2 ' :fi -vez V - 'V . .... , ,, .... .,..,., nr:-in '-.'::.:-eraser r .1...1:4.5r11 ,r-51.519 V 5. -. 1 t 5, Wy.. . if . ...., ,W ,,,. J 1 I , .... , , ,: 731- . ' . ,,,. r r, .. 4 .'.f'--TE-?'-.ibhiz E' -if-. ' . '- 'f . -:-3'--1'-cu - .Gif-.-.125 .nan -:-::..- ' 6:-:fv.-:fJ5:.w--.-1.1.1-:..- . ze.. '. Im gr , . , -yr-,rf , . -. , .. E 253' :i':,:-..- .. . . ..4sg5:Q3?:Qfg','Ir:5g'f fi- ' '1rZEl:'1'I1:5P3?6:F"'5 .. v f - - 1. I Q-I,Ej1gIE',v 1 -1 .f 'i .t all r- l GERALD E. KRENTZ General A good friend, both staunch and true: a good sport when lun is in view. lefty played Reserve and Varsity Football and Base- ball in his sophomore year. He works after school in a local hardware store. w"tl ' at I' P ' '04, xx. , .s ,Ill iss y :"!. ,pl tq.'., : Ot- '54 ..'Q . 93 "' ' A' .QQ . A 0 0 'tl Q1 9 --" 'finds ' 9 ' .Yf ' . . 'rf Page Twenty-nine LIN NAE LATTEN General "Lynn" is a hard worker who always got things done. She par- ticipated in the following activi- ties: Oaks Staff, Oaks Advertis- ing Staff, Acorn Staff, Iunior Arbor Girl. and Spanish Club. Her hobbies are collecting records and silver jewelry. GLORIA LEACH General What Muskegon lost, we gained when Gloria transferred here lor her senior year. Quiet and friendly she was on the Oaks Staff and Exchange Editor on the Acorn Staff. Gloria has a particular liking ior dancing and reading and movies. Graduating Senior DELORES LEE General Delores is a girl with a pleas- ing personality. She has been very active in clothing and has participated in the Style Show. Delores was a Student Council Representative. and member of the Future Nurses and Spanish Club. EUNICE LEIGH ' General Popularity and personality go hand in hand in describing Eunice. She was a member of A Cappella Choir and Camera Club. Love's to dance and listen to popular music. She is em- ployed at Hanson's Drive-in. E 'vi E Nat ., ww? . X . 5'- HALLYE RAY LEONARD 'General Hallye Ray is the girl you see always bubbling over with ex- citement. She was on the Iunior and Senior Play Committees, Iunior and Senior Prom Commit- tees. Spanish Club, Girls Intra- mural Sports, Heights Nite Show and Dramatics. She likes playing piano. . , ... Q . - WINIFRED LEONARD College Winnie, who always has cr merry twinkle in her eye, be- lieves in, "While we live, let us enjoy life." Fun iollows her and her Ford wherever they go. She was a member of the A Cap- pella Choir. SANDRA LOCKAGE College Sandra, always willing to lend a hand, took part in many ac- tivities. including: Y-Teens, Choir, Booster Club, Iunior-Senior Prom Committee Chairman, Future Teachers Association, and Iunior Play usherette. Sandra also has an intense interest in Citadel Military Academy. RON LODZINSKI College Quiet and a gentleman but watch him girls, who knows what may lurk beneath those eyes. Ron played Football and Baseball. "Most Bashtul" is the title given to Ron, but still a better friend is hard to find. .,g55-5. .-.v autumn-5... ,'. I 9 'lu ' 'I 1' 'R + ... Ag' 'Q ..'lq so : poi!" 'A' A.' 'E ..'la 'i"'.."""!u-.. Q Q s O Q... .9 l5,,ln pr' b,, 0 .. -..Q L. Page Thirty I954 VIRGINIA MAGINITY General Having a quiet disposition but at the same time being happy. "Gin" was in Student Council in her freshman year. She took part in the Style Show and Intramural Sports. Her hobbies are swims ming and sewing. CHARLES MCCARTHY Sollege Red hair and dimples are his main assets. Chuck has a pleas- tng smile and a heart of gold. E'Ie was a pal to everyone and proved it in every way possible. He enjoys hunting and fishing as :autside activities. ALAN IVIANCHESKY College Alan was very good scholas- tically as was shown when he was a Iunior Commencement Usher. He was active in Special Assembly Committee and won a Foreman's Club Award. He has also won many awards for his architectural drawings. gag, I iff? .. W .: " :?:. 'i22r:':lyg, 5. fy . DONAVON MCCARTHY College "Don's a quiet fellow, quite true. But he's a real iellow, let me tell you." Don enjoys hunting and fishing and working on cars, but we believe the Senior boys will miss his jokes most. ANN IVIANSFIELD College Ann is musically inclined. She received a superior rating in a piano contest and she belongs to A Cappella Choir, Future Tea- chers, Booster Club, Y-Teens. Fu- ture Nurses and Oaks and Acorn Statis. She was also a Junior Arbor Girl. DAVID MARQUAND General David, a member oi the Band during his ireshman and sopho- more years, participated in the Heights Night Show. He is a ace tive member and officer ot the Muskegon Chapter ot De Molay. Dave has a job at a local drug store. GARELD MCCAULEY, IR. General Ierry. as most ot us call him, played both Varsity and Re- serve Football. His greatest de- sires are guns and hunting. In mechanical drawing Ierry won 3rd place . . . and in woodwork he took 2nd place. We bid you a fond farewell. CHARLES MCELRATH General "Bill." a shy good-looking boy with black, curly hair, has a quiet and friendly disposition. His hobby is archery. "Bill" has cr part-time job at Chesters Cut Rate Drug Store. pay ' , J- s 9 ' l X. ,. .Q ,fl i ,' 'I' ,J pa' , W ' Q! J 'Q ' gi, ,nfl sh' 'Q ' gf' :Q Og Q, a - . -Q0 5' "" "'---.5""' 0' 2 21: C. 'gd Page Thirty-one AUDREY MCGAREY General Audrey is known as "Aud" to her lriends. As a hobby she likes to collect hanlcies. "Aud" was in the Style Show in her Iunior year, She enjoys working at Brown Morse Company as a 'office clerk. RONALD MECHER General Ronald likes to be called "Ron" by all oi his friends. As his hobbies "Ron" has chosen collecting coins and stamps. He likes hunting. fishing cmd also printing. He works at Plumbs Super Market. Graduating Sen'or BETTY MEISTER College "It's nice to be natural when your naturally nice." She was in Student Council . . . Iunior Arbor Girl, Chairman of Snow Ball . . . Secretary of Inter-School Council, Booster Club, Future Teachers, Vice President of Latin Club, A Cappella Choir, Oaks and Acorn Staffs. LUCILLE MICHALSKI General There is never a dull moment when carefree and jolly "Lucy" is around. "Lucy" keeps every- thing light and happy. The only dislike she has is people who crowd around her locker, but if they're boys, all is forgiven. MARILYN MILLS Commercial "Dainty and cute" is our Mari- lyn. She likes to sing and dance. She is a member of A Cappella Choir and Y-Teens. A girl with a better personality cou1dn't be found because she gets along with everyone. GERALDINE MINK General "Peggy," who likes sewing. carries out the old proverb, "A stitch in time saves nine," no matter what she is doing. She was a Style Show Model for two years. Her favorite hobby is traveling. R LOUISE MITCHELL General A cheerful girl with many friends . . . "Lou" participated in school activities such as: Y- Teens, Spanish Club, Style Show. She was also an M.H. winner and played Intramural Volley ball. Her favorite hobbies are sewing and music. -I we - S Q.. . ,X i MARY ELLEN NEIS College Tiny. tidy. and tremendous de- scribes Mary Ellen. She was on Iuniar-Senior Prom Committee, Y- Teens, Oaks and Acorn Staffs. Library Club and she was alsc a Iunior Arbor Girl. Her hobbies' are roller skating and archery. X 155555 .dUS5.. .. . U.. '91 .5 t: 'E "'h ' In .Rl ?' o"'l : 5. U I. gf Q -Q Q I. I 4 lg.- ' " 'Q "Q 'Q 2 ,v" G, 9 " I ""' Q A.QI! 0, -.'2.. ", ." 0 .Q go" . xA. Kc Page Thirty-two 194 MILTON NELSON 'Jollege Always laughing or joking- hat's Milt. Besides a tremendous sense of humor, he is a hard worker. Editor of Sports on both Acorn and Oaks Staffs. He olayed football during his Iunior fear. Also has a part time job. RONALD NEWALD College "You gotta be a football hero," is Ron's theme. Liked by all, Ron was an active member of Hi-Y and served on the D.A.R. committee. The "Bear" was out- standing in Varsity Football, Hunting and fishing are his hob- bies. MARYBETH NEWMAN General "Sing, sing, sing" was Mary- beth's motto. She was an alto in the A Cappella Choir and sang in the Glee Club for two years. Her hobbies are fishing, travel- ing, and horseback riding. IOI-IN NIC General "Life is no longer il I hurry: the world no better if I worry." Iohn likes hunting, fishing, swim- ming, roller and ice skating. But his favorite hobbies are model plane building, and photography. and architectural drawing. xr ,, ,,., :I RUTH OKERLUND ,-. . Commercial Blond hair, blue eyes, and brains - that's our Ruth, Always in a hurry, but always success- ful. She was Iunior Arbor Girl. and radio and photography class member. "Peanut's" pastimes - bowling, swimming, and seeing a good movie. LARRY OLSON College "Ole, always a busy boy, used talking as a pastime of pleasure. He participated in Sports, Iunior Play. All School Play, A Cap- pella Choir, Hi-Y. President of Future Teachers, Oaks Advertis- ing Manager, Acom Co-Editor, and Oaks Staff. RUTH O'MALLEY General "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Ruth was on the Oaks and Acorn Staffs, sold Oaks Advertisements, in Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, and a member oi the Bible Class. Her expressed liking is roller- skating. fi PATRICIA PASTORI College What lies behind those mysterious eyes . . . Patt trans- ferred from Muskegon in her Junior year and readily made a place for herself at Heights. She belongs to Future Nurses and Y- Teens. Playing the piano and music are favorites with Patt. 1 5 Xl ' Q i,s"!,x!5 Ss f'!. 'pl gs !'l. ,ll '0r,f I, 2 P 0 ' - '- a. .-1' - - '- .a...--' .-' sf TL' "CCC: ' "C0!l' 8 YY' Q9 Q. '35 Page Th irty-three MINA PETERSON Commercial Mina's happy-go-lucky person- ality and her high scholastic average will surely spell suc- cess. She participated in Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Booster Club, Stu- dent Council played Intramural Sports, sold Oaks Advertising, and was one ol the Iunior Arbor Girls. HARLON PETTIS General Harlon. a popular boy among his many friends, was a Student Council Representative, sang in the Mixed Chorus and A Cap- pella Choir. "Rip" won an Amer- ican Legion Honor in his fresh- man year. Likes Hot Rods and Sports Cars. Graduating tenior DELORES PIERCE General Dixie, is the short type, very pleasant and always has a smile for everyone. She was a mem- ber ot Y-Teens and Glee Club. She was active in Intramural Sports. In Dixie's spare time, she works at Neisner's Store. KATHLEEN POE General Katie is the serious type, but more lun couldn't be found else- where. Besides going to school she attends Beauty College. Katie's interests lie in the clas- sical field such as opera and ballet. She sings in the A Cap- pella Choir. BRUCE PRIVACKY College Bruce is the rugged. outdoor type whose friends know him best lor his hunting. fishing. hik- ing. and camping. In his school activities Bruce won a Machine Shop Award. His favorite subject is Civics. TOM PROKSA General Tom. as called by his many friends, will always be remem- bered around Muskegon Heights High tor his many pleasant ways and cheerful smile. Tom likes to swim during his spare time, and also has an interest in the U. S. Navy. TERRY PUEHLER College Hard-working and chucked full of fun. that's our "Pete." He was best known tor his musical achievements . . . Choir. Or- chestra. Band. and Heights Night. He was a Iunior Commencement Usher and plays in the West Shore Symphony and a dance band. CHARLOTTE REDMAN General With her quiet, modest, sunny disposition, Charlotte was liked by all who knew her. She was active in Bible Class lor two years. It sems cr certain boy occupies all this girl's spare time. s shin .is --s.'n "" o o ig :lf Q ' oo s 0 .Wig Q F pv'."'b g0f"4. ...ins 'Z"'n"""!u-,. tun' T' '0"'2. "Q, 'o,: 9" Ts. Q' 9 r '!L':re 'Q ,O 'lbl.5 0' 'U 's-.v' 'UmuD 'os 'xilg og x Page Thirty-four 1954 WAYNE REID College Wayne is well-known for his ability, willingness and success in every task he undertook. He was in Varsity Debate. Iunior and Senior Plays, All School Play, Hi-Y, Science Club, Special Assembly Committees, and was a Iunior Commencement Usher. LOIS ROBERTS College "Good nature radiates from her every smile." Lois served as president of Future Nurses, Jun- ior Arbor Girl, member oi Christ- mas Prom Committee, Booster Club, and Acorn and Oaks Stafts. She was also active in Intramural Sports, winning ct M-H. ra.. .. 424' kv' MITZE RUGGLES General Mitze, whose good nature was an essential part of her, was a member of the Glee Club and oi Band lor four years. Also she participated in Heights Night Show. During Christmas she worked at a dime store. BARBARA RUITER General This talented miss can sing a pretty tune, a fact proven by her work in Choir and Glee Club. Barb attended the Bible Class and participated in the Style Show. Bobbie is employed by Carl's Grocery Store. 1. ff ' PETER RODER College Once you meet him you'll never forget, happy-go-lucky. carefree Pete. There's never a dull moment when he's around. On the Track Team for two years. he won a letter, was a member of Hi-Y for four years. GERALD ROWELL College lt silence were golden, Ierry would be a millionaire. He was shy but still a star football player. He also likes baseball, and is a good student. Outside of school Ierry works at the En- terprise Brass Works as a clralts- man. IOANNE RUSSELL General "Io" is a girl who has a lot of pep and spirit. She was in Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella Choir. and Junior-Senior Prom Committee. Her hobbies are roller-skating and dancing. She dislikes hot-rod drivers. DEAN SANBORN General Wherever there is excitement or iun, you will find Dean. He is full ol pep and has a personality that can't be beat. He was a member of the Basketball Team and in the spring he plays Ten- ms. . '- 5 . 'a9"sx!: is "5 5 f V 8,9 5.5 ,. 3 41,111 ss.. 5 as 'lynn acggf J, Q ' -A - Q Q. ' 5+ "a--5"" e-,.--:aoaa4 .4 g .g'a 1. 9.6 Page Thirty-five I ACK SCHOTTEY General lack, who is tall cmd very am- bitious, belonged to Hi4Y in his Iunior and Senior years. His hob- bies are modeling and drawing cars. He has drawn some ex- cellent custom and hot-rod cars. 5 Q vm if: , L P .. , gll, :sc-:: '-brcxcsvi-16.21 - A 5 . l- -. A r -sutgg,--. ','-.fx WILLIAM SCHOTTEY College Though a little on the quiet side. there never was a more sincere boy. Bill was an Amer- ican Legion Award winner, one of the IO best citizens, and a Commencement Usher. He was the Seniors' choice tor "Most Likely to Succeed." Graduating eniom LINDA LOU SCOTT General "There's a gleam of mischief in her bright brown eyes." Linda, in her own quiet ways has many accomplishments in her high school days . . . Student Coun- cil, Iunior Play Committee. Booster Club, and Iunior-Senior Prom Committee were but a few. NANCY SCOTT General Blow. blow. blow. that's Nance with her clarinet. She was in Band from her freshman year, through her Senior year. All ol us remember her in Heights Night. Nance is employed at the Telephone Company and she likes ice-skating. . . x F' . ,9- WILLIAM SENG General Here comes "Bill" with his green hot-rod. An excellent drum- mer. he participated in the Heights Night Show. In his sophomore year, he was a stu- dent Council Representative. Bil1's hobby is "teasing cops." He also has a part-time job. MILDRED ALICE SHEARS Commercial Mildred. known to all as "Midge" has a friendly and pleasing personality. She par- ticipated in the Style Show in her sophomore year and was a Iunior Arbor Girl. She likes cooking and sewing. DORIS SHELKEY College "A good disposition is more valuable than gold." Doris en- joyed the following activities: Acorn Staff, Oaks Stafi, Oaks Advertising Staff, Ir. Play Com- mittee, IT.-Sr. Prom Committee, Y-Teens, Future Nurses. and she was also an MH letter winner. DORA F. SHELTON General Dora was the girl who didn't have much to say but anyone nicer would be hard to find. She was active in clothing and took part in the Style Show. She was a member of Bible Class and Future Nurses. 1.5555 .1855-5 I. ' I. ,495 5 I ' o 'Q ,f4'h. .. ,s ., O 55. 5 I' ,i'."'g lg U0 hi, c?40""lls,, QQ..hi Q Q,,I.: .ll 'O' : ,.'f 55. s .B : ,.'.u Olly. 5 55 ig. ,gf 5 O O ,ali Q... ,O byu ll I- ..o 'iblb Page Thirty-six 1954 GERALD SHEPARD College His car was his lirst love and girls were his second. Ierry was on the Iunior and Senior Play Committees. He collected foreign money and . . . blondes. After school he works in a local drug store. MARCIA STOUDT College Marcia, whose winning per- sonality made her many friends. was a member of the Oaks and Acorn Staff, Iunior and Senior Play Committee, Ir.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee, Y-Teens, Oaks Advertis- ing Stafl, and Student Council Representative, plus having time tor Odell. RUTH SKOCELAS General "Small, but she is a stick of dynamite." Ruthie well earned the title of "Class Cut-up" with her wonderful sense oi humor. Besides being Oaks Co-editor. she was active in Girls' Intra- mural Sports, Iunior Play Com- mittee and Acorn Staft. OTTO SMITH College Truly one oi the most popular senior boys, Otto had a smile for everyone he met. "Smitty" played Reserve and Varsity Football. Basketball, and Base- ball. Sergeant-at-arms of his Iunior Class, he was voted "Class Flirt." PAT START General Pat always had a smile or a joke for everyone, She graduated from summer school and came back to receive her diploma with us. Patricia was in A Cappella Choir and was always found at school activities. She worked at Woolworths. VIVIAN STRAIT General Vivian, who is known by her quietness, participated in Future Nurses, Y-Teens. and was an officer ol the Bible Class. "Viv" loves to write letters and has skating and square-dancing as her hobbies. MARILYN STRIEDER Commercial Marilyn has four wonderful qualities: ability, ambition, zest for work, and friendliness. To friends she's "One in a Million." She was a Iunior Arbor Girl and Choir member which bring out these qualities. Her hobbies are bowling. dancing, and music. -, ROBERT SURFUS General Bob's excellent photography has won him much praise. Has that willingness to work. He was Art Editor lor the Oaks and likes to draw: we think he's quite an artist. He works at a shoe store. ,103 - 4s's"!xl5 iss :"l. 'gl is-A :"5, 'fl' 'Clie '4, ' ' Q "' 0 ' I 0' 0 ! l 1 04 J 'O - 41 Q I 'I '. Q J Q-- gong: au-- !.gc0c0 .9 ' vfe 0 .Q CCC! CCI ' Q9 1.5.0 ' Page Thirty-seven SHARLYNNE SWANSON Commercial Beauty, brains, and personal- ity plus, that's our Shar. She was in Student Council, Iunior Play, Senior Play Committee, Christmas Prom Committee, Y-Teens, Booster Club, Girls In- tramural Sports, Iunior Arbor Girl and Special Assembly Com- mittees. WALTER SYDNOR General "Sid," one ot the quieter mem- bers ot the senior class, enjoys swimming and hunting. However he always manages to iind time tor many extracurricular activi- ties including: Reserve Football, and Varsity and Reserve Basket- ball. Graduating tenior DON TALMADGE General "A way with the racket" . . . Don played tennis during his sophomore and junior years and was one ot the best. He was employed at Balbernie-Apostle Mortuary before entering the Armed Forces in February. BURNETTA THORSTENSON College "Always on the go." Burnie was in Y-Teens, on the Senior Play Committee and in Dramatics Club. She likes photography. drawing, dancing, convertibles. and Herm. She works at a local soda bar. Her favorite color is blue. fir-2 GEORGE TIEFENTHAL College A shy, bashiul guy around the halls, but really let loose when he was on the baseball tield during his junior and senior years. His lavorite hobby is fish- ing and he works at Economy Automotive. t X N YRS.. ....,..,. ,.sk,,X.. .QW 5 V X bt x x 'Xxx x X Cx st X t ,. ,ggi CQ CONSTANCE TINDALL General Connie, the girl with a million- dollar smile was a member oi the Band and participated in the Heights Night Show, Her hobby is iood preparation. Connie works at Neisner's Department Store. She dislikes money and riches. ELAINE TIAPKES General Happy-go-lucky. but sincere when it comes to work, that's our Elaine. She was in Future Nurses. Y-Teens, Intramural Sports and the Style Show. She is also secretary to a lawyer. She likes bowling and a certain QUY- ROBERT TOMLINSON General Bob. a past member of Camera Club and Band: claims fishing and the raising oi tropical iish as his hobbies. His particular liking is sports cars. Bob is also a member oi the Muskegon Chap- ter, Order oi De Molay. gli! ,ebixgg slit ,. -"hq.. ,v"' 4 .Q P .QDQ . u I. Q?,.Q,...D-h.. 5 U U. 5 I 5 ., Q .la O 'UMD .' 'U '11 he 'Q 3 Q", As Q' ' o 'Q 9 "silt I" "D 'Q .n' Q.. O 'Q Page Thirty-eight 1954 IOYCE TRAPPANY General Ioyce is the quiet, sweet, bash- iul type who always has a cheerful hello cmd smile tor everyone. Although she was a transfer from Muskegon, she par- ticipated in many activities such as Y-Teens, and Acorn and Oaks Staffs. RUTH TRAPPE General Quiet and sincere is Ruth who knew everyone as a friend. She was a member oi the Library Club in her junior year and also took part in the Style Show in her sophomore year. She also works part time. ABTELL TUCKER General Arlell was a likeable person and got along wonderfully with everyone. He played on both the Football Teams besides sing- ing in A Cappella Choir. "Diez" likes sleeping and eating but hates to get up in the morning. SHARON TURK Commercial Sharon, who knew everyone, has interests mostly in skating and debate. However. she was also a member oi Student Coun- cil, Y-Teens, Library Club, Mixed Chorus, Future Teachers, and of course, our Debate Team. She likes music also. N ,,..,,x KENNETH TUTTLE College "A lad who will make the most oi his opportunities," and Ken really did . . . Senior Class President. Hi-Y President, Student Council Representative, Varsity Football and Basketball were all included in his activities. Hunt- ing and fishing were "Tut's" favorite hobbies. ee' NAYLORD URSHEL College "Sometimes glad, sometimes sad, sometimes mischievous, but never bad," well describes "Ursh", who took part in both the Iunior and Senior Plays, and was a Iunior Commencement Usher, plus pursuing his hobby . . . chemistry. KENNETH VANDERWEST College "Golden is his hair, golden is his heart." As a true worker. "Chuck" always does his part. Ken whose blond hair and ready smile has won many a friend. played Reserve Football and is interested in guns. PAUL VAN KAMPEN College "It's not that I love study less, but fun more." says happy-go- luck Paul. His friendly disposi- tion and pleasant personality will always be an asset to him in leading a successful and happy lite. .y . v ' ' ' 5 J Q -q0"!x!l S fu ll S f 5 fl' 'U-.Q 4 -901 ' . so - n. 3. 'Jill S. - 0. i.'. 4,1 .41 Q1 0 B54 '01-as ' 'Canoe a f Q9 1. 'Z'-4 Page Thirty-nine LOREN VAN NESS College "Tall, dark, and handsome" describes Loren, who transferred to Ml-IHS from Holland in his sophomore year. Loren works at a local super market and enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time. Holland's loss was our gain. SHIRLEY VELDMAN General The sweetest gal that ever was. that's "Shir1". She was an active member of Bible Class. A Cappella Choir, and in the Style Show. Student Council President in 9th grade, she likes violin music and reads good fiction. Graduating eniom CON STANCE WADE Commercial "You know her by the noise she doesn't make." Connie is shy and was voted "Most Bashful" of our class. She served at the senior banquet last year. She likes music, and also has a part- time job. MARVIN WALWORTH College "Marv", whose personality was tops, was a friend to all in need. He was a member of the Spanish Club and the Reserve Football Team. "Marv" likes horses, auto mechanics, and work out-of- doors. CAROL WARNER General Cheerful, ambitious, quiet, and gay that's Carol. She was a member of Y-Teens, and Glee Club. Her hobby is photography. She likes hamburgers. pop, music. and football. She works at a local drug store. BARBARA WAYMAN General Barb, is one of those girls who is willing to help anyone at any- time. She was on the Acorn and Oaks Staffs. Her hobby is roller- skating, and besides that she likes to sew. LOIS WESTVEER General Quiet. pretty. and sincere. that's our Lois. She was in the Style Show in her Iunior year, and also sang in Glee Club, and A Cappella Choir. Besides school, she works for Tupe's Spring and Welding Service. BOB WHALEN General Here's one guy who's "chuck ful1" of fun. yet quiet too. He likes cars and all sports, such as swimming. ice-skating and boat- ing. He also works part-time at a Service Station. elim .dlS55s. 'jg' Q -sf... ,gil 4 0 fl? no 5. O 55. 5 .ll ,9a'l. Q-gfa uhg. O?4.'..ll.... l1..l' 5 0.311 I.. O. : ,yi Q. , la Q Du., .IEPFP As 9 'iayeln nf' 'ln ' 'O o' 'CQQQ C.. 0 15.0 iQ. Page Forty 1954 BETTE WIERENGO General Bette with her sincere and con- lident ease is always ready with a smile and helping hand for those who need it. Being stu- dious and ambitious, Bette will surely have a successful and happy future. IEANNE WILDE College Life is never dull when Ieanne is around. She was very active when it comes to school activi- ties. She was a Varsity Debater. in the Senoir Play and on the Iunior-Senior Play Committee, . KATHRYN ZWART General As anyone can see, in Kay's case, the "Eyes" have it. She was a Style Show model for three years. Sewing, swimming and talking keep our Kay busy. Her hobby. contributing to her "Hope Chest". Future Nurses and likes nursing. l DICK WINGEHSON College Sincere and a real friend to all who know him. Dick went through school with a business ambition Mlearning to become a manager at Woolworths. A Spanish Club member and participant in Mixed Chorus, Dick likes hunting and fishing. EDYTHE ZORN College "Edie" with her knack for humorous jokes adores only '46 Fords, especially club coupes. She was in Future Nurses. Y-Teens, Glee Club. and Girls In- tramural Sports. Edythe is pres- ently employed at Coles' Bakery part-time. - I 's . s"3ig' ab v ,ps i 1. ss. 1 Q: 1,11 gs I golg. 'fps a..'.9 : 'N 554 D'--,,,,!30v" g'4- . oLaqo4' .Qi 9,0 S. Q CSIS' 3 . '13 1. - Page Forty-one MAXINE CALKINS General A natural born artist is Max- ine, whose hobbies are drawing. painting, and sketching. "Mickey" has made posters for the school, was a member of the A Cappella Choir and on the Oaks Stait. DELYN HARMON General If you ever feel blue, just see Dee and have some oi her hap- piness rub of! on you. An effici- ent seamstress. she made many of her own clothes. She worked at Scot and Tjapkes Food Store. VERLENE MCKINNEY General Verlene was quiet. reserved type oi girl, with a pleasing per- sonality. She was very active in sewing, and appeared in the Style Show. With her bashful smile and quiet ways, she is sure to get ahead. EMANUEL FIKES General A playboy he was born to be with that sparkling twinkle in his eye . . . "Grennie's" activities included Reserve Basketball, Football, and Track, but keeping the girls happy takes up most of his time. ROBERT IAMISON College Bob's exceptional ability to make iriends and keep them made all who knew him like and respect him. He in turn had a good word for everyone. Bob was one of our main iootball players. PERCY RICHARDS, IR. General "With wit and song, I'll get along." P. C. as we all well know played Reserve and Var- sity Basketball, and he was on the Varsity Track Team. His favorite hobbies are eating and hunting. NORMA WARREN General "The wonderful people of this world are sometimes the shyest," describes Norma, perlectly. She took part in the Style Show dur- ing her junior year. She enjoys working part-time at Wentworth Company. Graduating tenior WILLIAM FREEMAN General "Willie" has always had a pleasing personality. and he never passes up a chance to have a good time or make others happy and enjoy themselves. He graduated from summer school last year. LOUIS KLEYN General Although Louis may be the quiet kind, he does his part with a willing heart. He participated in Bible Class, and also Radio Class in his Iunior year. Louis works part time at Grant Supply Company. BENITA SINGER General Benita's friendliness and will- ingness to work were an asset to Heights High. She is now attend- ing college in Chicago. but while in high school, she was a mem- ber of the Oaks and Acorn Staffs, A Cappella Choir, and Spanish Club. BETTY WILLIAMS General "Bette" whose pleasant ways won her many friends had a per- sonality that can't be beat. She was very active in clothing and took part in the Style Show. Bette likes to spend her spare time dancing and playing sports. JAMES GRAVES G.E.D.T. MARY MCKENTRY General Mary, known as "Luddie," to those who know her best was an active sports ian. She was one oi the Intramural Champs and has won her M.H. Letter. "Luddie" also enjoys dancing and skating. LUNETTE STURGIS General Lunette came from Muskegon last year, and even though she was only here one year, she has made many friends. She likes to roller skate and hopes to teach roller skating some day. She works part-time at the dime store. .qli5g.. .isnt Q Q' s.5 'llfh ity ' .9 ..5l ' 5 ' Q. Y Q, Q .Q i. 0-Q .ll.. Q. ...Q ll. 'Q' : ,,'f A. : lb at ,ILO 5 in 9 I 5 0 0 Q... 'O 55:95 D' I! O. .,O A Page Forty-two In Memoriam f ' Y --fe ' "' . faff " Z 1 f - 429 K A . ,,,, Dick Lucas lim Westerman Bobbie Graham When a loved one walks beside you through the ever-hastening years Sharing your disappointments, your gladness, and your tears, Then suddenly is gone from you, no more to lend a hand- You know that it's fulfillment of a God-assigned command. Though He may take the very life that makes your own worth while, Though you may tread along life's path for many a lonesome mile, lust lift your eyes to heaven and his face will greet you there, Where the selected throng may dwell without an earthly care. For blessed are these chosen ones who walk where angels trod, lmploringly they smile on us, as waywardly we plod, To renounce inutile suffering lest we throw our lives away, For surely a sweet reunion will be ours some blissful day. - Audrey Iorgenson Page Forty-three Valedictorian it! ? Naylord Leroy Urshel Naylord attained the high scholastic rating of 96.7 during his four years at Heights High. He not only proved to be the out- standing scholar of the 1954 class, but also one of the most well-liked per- sons of this class. Besides his studies, Nay- lord was interested in mu- sic, photography, chemis- try, and speech Work. ln the fall he plans to enter college where he will study medicine. Page Forty-four Sal utatorian David Thomas Hansen Dave's scholastic rating of 96.6 for his high school years is very commenda- ble. His outstanding abil- ity Was evident in every task he undertook, for no matter what he did he was successful. Dave, with his pleasant person- ality, Won the respect and friendship of his class- mates. He intends to enter the University of Michi- gan where he is contem- plating the study of busi- ness administration. 1954 Honor Ianet Iackson Each year the Daugh- ters of the American Revo- lution sponsors a contest to select the outstanding girl from the graduating classes of Michigan. Ianet Iackson, our choice for 1954, was President of Student Council, active in many clubs, scholarly, and endowed With a charming personality. She is about the best example of young American Wom- anhood to be found. Graduates Ken Tuttle "The reward of one duty is ability to do another." Ken has received many rewards of this type, one of these being his election as Senior Class President. By working diligently, "Tut" gained the recog- nition of being capable to lead. His ambition, ability, and determination have rewarded him well in his high school years and will continue to do so in his future life. Class President MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR - UPPER THIRD Naylord Urshel David Hansen Audrey Iorgenson Alan Manschesky Mina Peterson Lois Roberts Darlene DeHoog l954 38. Betty Meister 39. Dan Brink 40. Mildred Shears 41. Constance Herrala 42. Barbara Ruiter 43. David Crane 44. Pam Durnell Sharlynne Swanson 45. Connie Wade Ianet Iackson William Schottey Carol Hotham Mary Ellen Neis Clara Christopher Vivian Heath Marilyn Strieder Linnae Latten Evelyn Grant Ieanne Wilde David Hershberger Bernice Glacz Terry Puehler Meredith Hartman Wayne Reid Lilah Christie Gerald Rowell Ann Mansfield Helen Coffman Ruth Okerlund Darlene Botruff Shirley Iacobs Gail Kempker Paul Hietanen Gloria Borns Lawrence Grover Arlen Carpenter Roberta Dykema Peter Roder 46. Iulie Bailey 47. Yvonne Andree 48. Sharon Turk 49. Iessie Evans 50. Sandra Lockage 51. Ruth Trappe 52. Muriel Billingsley 53. Madonna Bendus 54. Iames Campbell 55. Gwendlon Foxx 56. Iack Cottrell 57. Patricia Gingras 58. Shirley Bickowski 59. Charles McCarthy 60. Iim Baldwin 61. Leon Gillhespy 62. Marilyn Groleau 63. Harvey Utsey 64. Virginia Maginity 65. Sandra Hellman 66. Bette Wierengo 67. Bruce Privacky 68. Winifred Leonard 69. Kenneth Tuttle 70. Clarene Anderson 71. Burnetta Thorstenson 72. Dorothy Hackney 73. Shirley Gast 74. Barbara Bugajski Page Forty-Ii JM .,, f 4' Q N , 433' ., ' f'f1J'r'A-. v ' . 'X Whlfs Who E 0 -Q DHNCEQS KZN 5-' SC, CUT 'UPS SKUCSLFXS J "T G51 HTHL Er! I? DAN 4' X "v6'N5 ON -'5' N-551 'yf7?1? ALB' 09' In Class of '54 f"'T ' h ofv BV E ' EST 5001: X , Rctg I6 'lacy '50 GORNS-JM' f xffss FL Z,-2 A7'7Sre R Q 0 4 Pqe llmon, Let's go, Lets .... 30 0 g C1 rc: Christopher, Icmet O'Neil, Iulie Bailey, Don Icmuskug Betty Wugenmciker, Darlene De-well I ci " cme Ability, poise, gracefulness, pleasing personality, and leader- ship are some of the many requirements for a good cheer- leader. Our cheerleaders this year filled these requirements exceptionally well. Our first team attended all football games, most of the basketball games, all pep assem- blies, and all tournament basket- ball games in full uniform. New white sweaters added sparkle. H SIG, qv. r 26' Q 65 Q ' s -. L . 4 2 ' '4-lug. 515-gg, N9 '-:I X' r X4-X J! -4 I Q Q 64 1, eg! Wd, we V t I I Dcmker, Iune Scheelz Phyllis Fillionp Nickle Pelxotes C p PY y Ann Gillhes Vi Forty-eight The second team cheerleaders were always willing to do their part, with "Vicit" along to help them. They cheered for the foot- ball games of the reserve squad. Without our cheerleaders it would not be possible to have all of that wonderful school spirit behind our football and basket- ball teams that we have had this year, especially in basketball. Our cheerleaders were always out there cheering our team on to victory. :Fa Q .A ff, .x..a.. ' X Al 9: 3. ,Q s3gg5sg,Q,Q : QQ, -, C ' s Q 1 .Z 0 - . .,-..,:g1,,,.33.- ,I ,. ,Uw4.MlHV,A..,,, .,,,g 1? ,.,- V 511 'i , lim , - 25:1 v 2 x'33"1,.. ,f v af: "",:w. , ,, ,. 4 .Ns 3 Qfffh Y Page Forty-nine Liemenants, Junior Grade an in St d g' Mrs Ruth Hastings Mr E. W. Gillaspy, Mr. Arthur LeRoux, advisers. S t d D D 1 t 6062 SOD. F N 9-ff" Page Fifty Ph lis Fillion, secretary: lim Misner, president: M. C, Burton, Vice President: Ed Carl- Q Y1 Brenda Brandon, sergeants-at-arms. With a staff of responsible officers, the Iunior Class completed a successful year. The highlight of the year was the Iunior-Senior Prom, "The Rhapsody In Blue", held at Pruitport Pavilion Iune ll. Co-chairmen were Phyllis Fillion and Dean Danigelis, who, with their capable corn- rnittees, gave a successful farewell for the seniors. This was a great event among the juniors and seniors and their guests. The Iuniors also sponsored the "Frosty Fling" on Ianuary 8 after the Grand Haven - Heights basketball game. In April the juniors selected their 1955 class rings. Officers President C C C C C Iarnes Misner Vice President C C , C C M. C. Burton Secretary C C C r..rr. .Phyllis Fillion Treasurer C C ...rr.....rr,. C Dean Danigelis Sergeants-at-arms rr.. C C .,.... Brenda Brandon and Eddie Carlson Advisers Mrs. Ruth Hastings Mr. Arthur l..eBoux Mr. Eugene Gillaspy Ackerman Andre Borgerdmg Brooks Burghduf Camburn Campbell Cummxngs Derby Ecklesclaler l-'1eld Follrath Funk Gardmer Ge-rencer Harmon Hartman Hegedus Henclrrck Hut Hoffman Hogstraat Home Iensen Ioblomcky Kappnahn Larabee Leatherman Lee Lenox Llefer Lxhan Looyengoed Lundeen Matthews McCoy McKellar Mendham Mmller Narowrtz Pedler Pelrotes Petrrck Pterce Prlce Pyatt Roberson Rokos Savage Scheel Schmldt Scholtens Sturgxs Swanson Townsel Trammell VanDyke Welc Whtttmgton WO1EWOdZk1 ll-2 Aardema Ackerman Allman Alvord Antclllf Ashley C. Baker B Baker Ball Barberini P. Barrow R. Barrow Barrs Bearss Beck Bedwell Bench Bergman Bessler Bohland Bolt Brandon Brandt Brookmg Brouxllet Bulthouse Burton Bush Campbell 1954 --. Y , 7-. A sf QVWQ Q I ', - 0 ffr 9 '-v. N ' 'ie t ff: if 1 lik l BL . - A -Y 1 . A W- 4 Iva- 1' ,.-1. , .- 7- pl 34..- " "" Q ' ' 'P rf fa F. f 7 l V' 1 - l L Q I5 75" "fag 'BV' 'F' . Jr 6- f sg' ' V' fi, yi. A , I, ' 'wi rf 1 4,: 3 1, AEM' 'I . .W 'g 1. 4' +5 ,. U 'X' B G? 4' ' 'AA 'fi ,..,i . jg rv" W ' 1- F ' 6' - :' r V' Q' , A ,wr A W Q -r '- Q, MWA. 'I ..m. Z. , L' -L, wt' 'as-nr: B Q53 fe 'B' P 111- +V elf' N' , " A ind AW! 'fy . A -r lf' f - A ,..,- f - l Q3 W as M' W ga -:K fp, :v- ,A 7, 5 A kr... 75 Lf.. tggzg. ,-A QQ, L -'W v : as rx., ve- 1 , - . lfjf'.-1-1.c- A 41, ,j T., g K E? I ft 'K .fs ,g, '37-1, Q ga! A Z hz. b mask. im . x ,Sw-f , fl-Zi 'I xr, if v F1 Xi 1 .. 0 Q Lv- A A MQ JE , A - 2 , Q, . -N M 1 W' , "iw 1 .,.f- , , 1 Q H, 1, KE' ,,l. Q' fl ,H if ' fir" me lil? t lg' t 'f if f. H f mr' A A ... :.. 1. .- ' 4 . , A I 4. ' , P kk S. -'O 'Ja ,g ., 1 A ,ur -. A f te r at IH, l e . , Q. . If- B 1 Tl- 1 '5 "' X'-C' llrft e , I V V if I. K -JI 6 S 7' .4-' 93' S, x'F"'f" ' E- 2? -ep, A "ei, X, it ':, . 1 Page Fifty-one M.. Junior IQ54 . 'El ,4 ' 'P or lm ' 6 Us 3' r 'ar f 4, " ff: f , 2 ." I 2 , ' ' ' ' x. ' f-s W N - f. ' . I - ' wr? .- ' - Yfi'-gf, '- " ,- f ' K - 'GD-V C g Q se Xi' QV Kr "1 ' ,Ms-:. . :,, , 1, X. Q., J .X f .sf .. .. U .iff . A .Q '- l Q lm . 3 A j T. 'La . :ia TQ... 'f 4 4 - : I N x T.. Q . T. at xr ' ,, x. . wr fl -.n '51 Q :' A, 'V 2 Y, ' -I .ef A ,A , 'J X -:ff 'TT' J .,.. ww: .f V'-G , ,rv I :F lL"'f A- 432 ,ls lv A Fl . ' , . .- C , Vp EE: V S' m. fa.. - if 19 'Y Q M "ll ' swf: .- i- 'S' '4 f , .- .J . TL 'fl Z' ff 1 "YQ T" b if if ' vw- .- A M - , y sf H A f' 1 if Ar Ci 1, ' its . ig, is , ,. - I C , 0 t W in Av Q.. .. . ,,, 7. 4, , ,-. .,, arg A gl? 5 HJQQ- X :Q U 132 -51 3 If .bg vs. ' . rl.. X . ' ff iff- - .N I X A , .1--v' r V ,f N "K ' C ' -' 1. ..- 4' -Xa. .' V Alia' iw: x ffl X Aus Ji 3 ,e , S , A - , ,,- s A . ,. S- s 'P 2 -V 'f 'FS W Y C 'sf rv? , 4 7' 'iv - 5. Q 6 W 7' P: RA :F . T: r' 3 If K ze fe C le -fe fr fsv . fa ff 4 'L . 4 ' C' All I X K S , tl 12 in l N. I Y- l X xx 1 If l l A X A if A - ' .f '1 Q, y N- V' H-' X 1- - 5 ' N- ' N-S l ' Y .em . 1 W I K fs N4 2, .mf-W gf 5- 2 ,agp 11-5 C R5i.l-gs - ff r' ,- C sf' A -N lf. is li" 0 1 CT- ff' Af ,SH ri P 65:53 .gr - M M ,. ie. X , kv, 6 2 A X," H 4,-M X : Q ,- A ,nm I , - 'V Aff . . 1 Y F- . , 7' "f - 'rf' ' V Q' C N 'Wx H' UN X' RNC 3 lr:-' ff ,F 5 Qu, ,Q ,N ,I -W x. Re' 9 . 1' C f . 0 ' W f '1,., ' 'X ' , ,P je X, l if-W ,-' -A v- .1 C 1 'Jil 1 ' " , 1 fa l Y Ng' , ', gr, S- X , Page Fifty-two L avr.-0 , Carlson Carter Clfndester Chrxstopher Cobb Conklin Cottrell Crandall Crawford Danzgells D-eF.1:ider Dewell Draper Duriertia Qykerna Lngfe Fa,:::'.-Jem: D Furnqynst Farnquxst F erguzgon Ferris Fin-n Flgflzenger Follefl Fora E, Franks M Franks Frzcke Fuller Gabrzelson Gallup Gautluer Gllkert Glllxsh Cwlasco Gould Hammlton Hardy B Harrxs R. Harrls Hathaway Hegedus Hendman Henderson Hale Hlllsiead Hodges Hohlleld Howell Hulm Ietl lohnson lohnston A, lones H. lanes Iorgenson Kendra Kendrlck Kenzslon Kxdder Kxmpton Kmnucan Kle-yn Konlarslci Kool Krol Kuharevicz Kusxak LGTTAFYIX Lani: Larabee Larsen Larson Laxzner Lee Lawns Magmnty Mahoney Maluskx Mathews Maxgcli McComb Mclbrren Me-:Her Mendel C, Mmller C. Mille-1 W. Mrller Mxsner More-house J Morrrs Murphy Norrrs Ochs Ollxla Ostenson A. Patterson I. Patterson L. Patterson W Patterson Perysran D Petroskey I Petroskey Plenmng Plaga Plrchta Randall Herd Reed Robbzns Rogers Rogozrnskr Rollms Ross Rowell Rowson Ruud Saud-ers Schaefer Schmrdt Schnezder Schoenmaker Shaffer Sxdleckl Slrlenar l. Smxth M Smxth N Smrih South Sprague Stacey Start Stemlcraus Stong Storey Stranclberg Susterrch Talmadge Terdcl Terrell Tobarson Tobm Torok Ulbrrch Upson VanKampen Vamey Vaughn Vrckers Wagenmaker Way Whrte Whittum Wigren Wilson A. Withcrrn V. Wrtham Wolf Young Zcmmba Zarmstorf Zrmmer 11-1 Andre Andre-WS Arnold Baker Be-rgklint Biere Brown Carlson Carpenter Carsell Carter Casler Christran Crosby Cumrnrngs DeWolf R. Dykema unhu' 1954 af! P- 5 : -l v-- gif 5 'vZ."", I JW. ' JK if I 'ful' . . 5, 5X4yl. .Cry xx .QV 9 fr .r-is Sv NV' P I N Q u r 4 A ra' X' . Q :"' j ,.. 4 ff A .M , . x , f ri g A -an if hx -' l' ffm , 1 'Y' lll fv- l . r. so 62+ gf 154 1 L if ., W tv' 41 . fy, - 1 r we' Y 'G ov- .Z x- 7. 9, ' I- 3 ay: in - 74. , . " eq?-N 7 v- or ..f P ." V V' yr y '-:' 'gt' J I 'F' 1 "' W ati.. Q sro 1 M ! ,, l itll- 3 - 6' WI, 7 1 Ci, gr -IS- Z. f W xg, V Z xx ..., .M xg' A ,Y - In . ' I J ,,., su-'Sf -Q. 'au ' af-7 I ,,,,,, , Pj' ' tkgi, 4 if E , 3' I.:-V 5 E. Z V' v . ' U- '3 ' A if' as.: ' Y" '1 .. - ' A W' ' WT! Y' ,Wk ' Eu! ye: : an n'f1f"f:' 51.41. ,S -as N- V A A- III' .. x 1 , , V' ' V A 'lp' f"' f E' " X-if-" A Vg' .X A J. 7, 5. .A ,Q if if :.f .- L if gg -ral.: 'W' C1 l QT 5' - ln VX fi ',f""j Q I 4 A 1: sq Y 1 - Q V' .Y V' -' , ff ' rf' t' E3 , ... s - A ,r SMU AXE x, sary .2 his . nf- ,- gf: A. gg-4' . ,.,.. , tg.. 121. 'Q E4 4 .gg 1 3, We if if i 1 1. rl A l t aw - WW 'a'- A I .--I 337-' A' . so " 1 'NTI -' Q . Y ... X 'M' K 5 "' 2:7 ii. av' fl Page Fifty-three ,vw t 4 . ,f J , , W r of r - ,W , ...fp-f - Qt S.. Q, -. Q-,se NP -f ' '- . in ' .. ' '- t .. -r I , S ' 'f 3 5:4 "' - I Q za , 5 , E . gm 31,8 S.-rv ' Elf' V t J An 'F Q .41 ... 1, , , l T ., F ' . f" 'ra 'Sl r X -be A lv :rt as 5 - " ' - - - , - - 1 E K , .-' 73 L SQ . A' ,gr or x t. 14 , Q , of r. Q '. K? I J". N A rd 1 1 I .41 6' 1- ff' Rm- , ' L' S " 75" A' S' ,rs - l I S i ,ai 1 7,9 62. 1-A 2... 5 . l 'ws' V nl' f 'EQ' 'f' ' ff' 57 31 1 y V .Ny gvx . X , ,Q Q i r t l sw 'fi' as 5"" 'Q S as 'P' - N' sp' " :L-P' J YZ rs li' t 'Yr -.A KJV ...lf T...-A gi gfffiii . A Y 1 l Q ' fr S Q . ,H S gg A se Q , 5. af- , as N 5' F xf n l-s :A K Qs- x 5 -- rf tw -'- ef gg' 2 if , -Q - ' 1 rr A fmt? Page Fifty-four Sophomore ,VV. I .. 5345- ' ,A . A' lx 'F 55 1. QE: if V, .4 4 l . 3 1 th ji ,-'4. V, f S "'- 3 5' ' S-W' N Atv 5. Fr ,Lit if ' N1-. - pf X fa X f my of"A' I Y-'rt lsli? xg. N- A lf'-E9 Qixf 'TC 5 Y- , Q- 'f' ' yy, V-. Q 3 ' Shl- --,.-:m""f": , . 9'- UB' Y ...- X as ' ls'-' , 5 5 Am 57,1521 . 1 G- 'Q jfr, wlvub j Y' ,. as Q1- xg M . l ,- . 3 W' ,X n " A Q' if ,P ., one N re X V ,r Q vu 'Ej' SK " . X V- I lf' 'YF' ill., QQ-'Kr I954 S. Dykemcr Elwell Everett Ferencsik Ferenz Fletcher Forrest Forton Fox Gorcnson Grilles Grimm Hull Hcxuke Herlem Hretcmen Hllhcrd Holstrne Hough Humphreys Hunt Ives M. Jlck I. Iohnson L. Iohnson M Iohnson Kelly Komarski Lcxrson Loscko Loss Mcxlley Mcmn Mrller Myles Nummerdor Nye Overly Owens Pertxlla Phtllrps Plcnr Purnell Rams Rhodes Samuels Scott Shelkey Slezck Smack Sonnegcr Sorenson Stewart Sutter Symons Vcmderplow Wheeler White Wxllmms Wolf 10-2 Abrcrhcxmson Aho Algrre Ammond Anderson Arcltcxmbecu Arclrs Batrd Baker Barker Bates Beal Ee-Cl: Benhcm Bennett Bert! Berl-:ner Exgelow Blow Boles Bzwmers Eonxtreld Booth Borgerdlng Bergman Borns Batten Erlnk Bromley l Brooke Brooks Buck Burtendorp Burghduf Burt Busman Carrler Carter Chrrstransen Chrlsue Cmcush Clapp- Cole Comstock Conley C Cook E. Cook R Cook Cooper Crane Danker Davrs Day Dean N DeBard R, DeBard DeBoer Deephouse Delfrench DeLano Denton Devenport Devowe Dmes Dubaul! Durga Ealom Harley Edwards Esch Frelds Frskars Flowers Fortenbacher Foster Frazzer Gabrrel Gabrls Garber Garbrecht Gelger Grllhespy Gxllrsh Gxlmore Goldborough Goodrrch Graves Grrswold Grossman Hanson Hansen Harper Harms l Harvey T. Harvey Hayward Hememan Hendrlck Hendrlcks Henry Hesselink Hrll Hrlliard Hzllstead Hrttle H. Hodges T. Hodges Holloway Hosko Houck Hozer Hughes Hulka Hull S. Hume Hunter Inman lackson lenkms ophomore 1954 l x +99 Y 4v ' hh 'U' l 'i,4- , .5 I 3 E- rv fi- , , ' I L , ' f 1 ' , y f iii- VX. sa 9 Q N- ,., -. ! Q -.. h- gg , a Q F. ig 22-'F-l res fir l To H ' Y XE' 1 M 'e H '- l fi 1-', Q 1 , inc' . ' 65 A F Q .es 1-- - H eww Q- we -1 -x Q"'r"b5 MW gps rg, re - if .1 Q' vs ra Sf- 23- 51 .W f -Lg -, - ,g 45' ff J -4 l -4. ' ,Q lv. 1- C . ,al rr? ,H 'W' ' , L. Q W4 ,lf an 4 7 ' amd .11 , ',.'., rr, fC of if , ' I ' A ,fihf .yzb , M H' fig-of-as 2' 1:5 5, 2. g 7. fa 1 L 573- . .lv 'Jr 'nf' ff E- ez, 'f-'if.-f eg C 5. Y , F '3 ,rf 2 new 5 1- - Y :I V, 6 we E f ry, 1 -' L.. Q X 4 ' WA V-' 35:2 , fx' 1 5 sy, 3,4 Zi. 5 4- .6 2 1 Meg 9 2 g. ln ,C ,W - 1 l C A of :J r' H + l ,ig -w 4 1 A A Al 1 if -at : 1- , me Q is . 4 if-A J R4 up fer ,. fe X Q .Y X h, A , S 4" fig., ,J ,, l AE la of V , .' : , .. Lf: I, ' QQ' .4 ' " fair. U 4 gg' - X gy- V ,I AA 3.1 gxg- .V Y gg fry, if milf. y on nwryfr l" V " A -..- 1 ' l, ' N 5 ,he f , ' C, Q, ee SE-C are 'er ,yr ,f gf gin W J- R f KVA, - - Cpu A .,.-. A 6? M 'Z A 1 it - , pf S4 .' Q15-rr If 5. l I 'Y ,, Q, -,.:,., . "'- J I wx Ar A . ' ! V' V, l M er . ! .4 A A 11' A H- 'A V .L sA.V A My 3 J Page Fifty-live C J' Q" 013 O ,O 1 I lf ,va O 9 fb 1 Oflffly Q' 0"o . 1 1 5 O , 43' "-L' -4 fi' JW lk' 9 v' 9 f' ' 24 . f ' ' 0 in -nba f ol 1 -blunt ef 9150 ' ' E .ophomore 1954 A .,,w,., . 5 , ,Y.V . W1 , I . -, w b b -h 5'-"' VW H6 an rr Q- M' f ' f ' ' - I M. ,f A A M Y we sf., 5 -11, M V ':r,. 2 e. -he .I , N! xr is FQ . -W ,x X? t - 5 .E ' 3 V L fs ' 'Q X 1. F' sie - . X - R 'Saver "q 137' V4 M y re M ' 4... f 4.2. . -r Y r - - , M, . if bk'. X P K ff ei ma ' sd r 1 ,,.A A A K l. .P swf lf' a. rf' Q. nl ' vm we 9- 5--ff-'Q - K- fL,,:i .F L15 F ,. - r 5 F' -, 43 rl if ' , iX.'Z'.f , . . I H V x ,, . y . ,Q N Q rx X... My in f-. , v: M Q 'ef' Er W . H 2- 'Er 2' -lf 5 '- . Qi, A A Sv, S: K up ZQ. 1 X 1 , X , gy! X . E, vt- A XVI, izk 5 X X., kgpf, Q 4 ow Mk Q . -A ,L 1 Q I - A f . 1 ,SQ ' 1. ' A Q3 'Q 5 f-'o sn H : V- "5 ' A:..' 9 39 1 'gb Q! K ' A :,- M I fr, ' rv' ss.-as , M M y., , ,. , Q , M .... yy if , sm ' X W , B ,af 4 tl f ' gl' we 5 IX Q .. v- -. N , ,k 2 :fir I l X '43 x .x Af 'V 'QP .3 , 'Q -' fi? -' .- y .fu xr or - I. X ,I WP' T, ' . X Q Y, . A r ff" - , 7' W.. Q . f '-T3 2 J 'A W- sa K1 f 1 Q .- if MP- :L riff- ' Wifi 'I' l 3 ' 5 vt "' rf l 'Q Ng' I A 1:9 s ' -. , Q 47' J ' b kv r I L M E f , kk .N x K ag' nu -ur ,' I2 'EJ' 5. xg, K., ,S Q av- W ' .Wsx fx.. a .,. -' V' ' "N 'v W we W :ff ' - we L ss Q 'sf' of l l - X . J- . ,fr . Page Fifty-six Iensen E. lohnson T. Iohnson Iudd lushun Kcxdrovxch Kcxpphcrhn Kessler Kzle Kxrmey Krtchen Kllntworth Klug Kmght Knoten Koo: Krcley Krueger Kubllrns Lergh L1Ql'llOH Long Molley Mcmdt Marble McClc1n MCCOTm1Ck McGcxrey Medemc C. Meyers M Meyers Mlller Moore Morcm Morehouse Morrrson Murray Musxch R Nelson Ro. Nelson Newblom Nrckless Norkus Norris O'MGlley Oliell Oszust Pcxquelte A Parker B Parker Parker Paschal Paulsen Pearson F Pedler l Pedler Pende-ll Peppm Perry P1:kel Pxerce Pzppms Posthumus Prrce Rcsor Hebone Reed Hemwoll Reynolds Hxclicxrd Rrchcrds Hxnard Fxobarge D nobxnson 1. Rok-Lnson n Robmson H ousffll Sabzn 53313213 Samuels Statiory S-:lr-ee-l Scholls-y Scoit Se-dberry Seng Short Siders Simpson Slocm ophomore 1954 C. Smtth Donna Smtth D. Smlth Douglas Smtth L. Smlth Spxra Stafford Stautter Stauter Stefamts Storey Strait Strxeder Sturt Strobrxdge Sweet Swtrsky Symons Taylor Teller Thres Thom Txetenthal Tindall Trosko Tucker Udell Ulrey Vanderlaan Vanclerstelt VanDyken Vexhl Vicxk Vrckers Vtncent Wade Wait Walachovic Walker Webb Weller Werschern Wheeler Whelpley Whltsell Wregand Wllbanlzs Wlttkamp 'Zwart 10-1 Anderson Ashley Baker Baldwtn Basktn Burton Carpenter Chambers Clements C. Cochran C. Cochran Cotton Decent Dennett Doxey Durham S. Dykema S Dykema Edick Enders Evans Flrnt Gpestram Goosby Grace greet rrggs Hamel Healey Henry Hrmelberqer Howell Jewell C. lohnson R. Iohnson G, Iones P. Iones Katser Kesteloot Krnsey F l D V W P Q' ' 'F "' s ' K' 96 ' 5' . . ' gl W. ... .-f . r N' . J '21 f V km f-:W Q W f -W if 1 W.. W V - 4 W. 1' 4 1- ET W WW W - K .V.- h Q W 'A ga. In , 6 5 ff ! Tv- V ,Q ' r 4' - X 1 ' .P . - X tg, t.::. Q '-P' iff' fr . N rw, V Q, 3 4 . H, , W , , A A- - N V ' 1 ' X g ' -.- A ff 2. . . A e. W. - + . -af' - WJ, Q W'-We -, VS 1 V. 'Fw , ,V if . ,FV V L V V ,V W ee N f W we W-ff W 'Yr 1 --' lr? ' . is VV: A is A- -Q Vr, .- VTST V: V481 VV .V -V . ' . ' " f . I A-. A rg- W of f .ffa gs. W' 1- , VW r V pr , -1- r . W- eg: ,..,..,. N M V Q Q. V W ,AI xi 1 1 if . V ' -' t Segx lx V ,W - fi A -. :a ' - - 1 WW VV N, sf... ' , ""' 'W 1:2-V2.-' YV - W- N YL W ff-54 W A W ' ll ' -f 'W -.-rW xr- W pf ' A W WW W xr l is AV L. 1 A .5 V V gf! ? w cw V: Q .ll V., tb AVP 'Val 3 gig -' Q C ,vc Wt-23' L ee W .5 'N X W , V ' ,f'i , bf , - C 422. SCJ M. .- In gg, we A -' 0' Q Q -' Q tg Q Q Qu Vjff F . Q . '31 F .vi r V Vid Y - V g- QV C tiff , ' Q9 'lf -- ef 5 ' Wt " VW F' ' YF' ff .. A W W it "' ll V N le n C in J - A AR -' :PW ,T "' Q' " WWW W rt . We C Q W- e W vii We ,'r,,d fa, me we ,- if V Q 1: W- 3... , Q - V V. B- F, -Y, N, Y VV, 'Q V, V V., V Q ' 'YQ' M. l W 5 'T' , 1 'W' J' lf' . aff? K ' - . W6 V 4 . I f I I J.. ! . VA- I . 41 .A Page Fifty-seven if-TA g . Q- gg 12 .,., K 4' Y - """" Q? F 'Q-V P Y ,. , . " 1 r ophomore ,., wr' , at '23- s 'X 'Q r'f. ' s A in X5 I ,, K Q. K ' ,,,y. 3 ,.,, h ? -5 'fl' -T ng jj., ' Q . J if 3 X X I kqqb i . E V. 0 2. 5: , .j 6 F .Y sf -mink ,- ' 9-7 YN-he x . A Q ,GM ' - f .. N Page Fxfty ezqht I954 Krauss Kreuter Krueger Lamprnan Larabee Larsen LeFear Malone Maner Mayette McCann McClure McGee McKmney Meyermg Mlller Morns Myles Nezser Northcott Nye Ohrlmg Olson Parker Pedler Pe1erson Rxce Rowland Scott Sehg Smder Souser Stidham Thorstens Valhe VanBogelen Vargo Voss Wangerm Ward Wiegand Wmgate Wood Wrx-gh! 8 .A I 5 9..- on oph Petty Ufficer Z Standing: Miss Pauline Nelson, Mr. Leonard Schregardus. advisers: Bob Slezalc. president: Mr. Glen Brown. Seated: Donna Kinney, treasurer: Ioe Christie, Vice-President: Katy Kile, Secretary: Ellen Robinson, lim Troslco, serqeants- at-arms The Sophomore Class began its new year at Heights High with flying colors. They met one after- noon in the study hall and selected advisors and a group of capable officers. Ambitious officers and energetic loyal committees contributed greatly to the over-all success of a dance, "The Witches' Whirl" held in the Heights High Gym, October 30. Co-chairmen for this successful event were Donna Kinney and Herb Ashley. The Sophs contributed great laughter when they presented their ideas of a most humorous pep assembly. Page Fifty-nine Oaks Advertising Sales Staff Standing left to right: Olson, Wilde, De Hoag, Durnell, Iacobs, Advisor Schegardus Seated: Stoudt, Dykema, Hendrick, Meister, Bickowski, Foxx. Oaks High Point Salesmen Back row: French. Green, Manchesky, Smith, Fetkke, Walworth, Kinnuccm. Middle row: Stoudt, Baldwin, Andree, Mansfield. Vanderwest. Skocelas. Front row: Iorgenson, Dyl-remcr, Hendrick, Olsen, Utsey, Meister. Page Sixty rf Ei fv- . .iliifv 9,9 S f -. Eg Page Sixty-one Page Sixty-two 8:5554 A llther ee 99 ww: 'SSXQB , ,A ,., . ., f V n m --V, It xy - .,, P 1 , 1, - 4 . X if 3 , .. r. I ff ' ENE , -l N , x 't-Qvwxssw 'X "3 vague 2, 5 .gy QXS . ,. T ' .Flat- Q . 1 R ,N ,,, - 'TF X , NN. .-x NAU Q X ff' r T -' 1. f,fI'ff" 1' Q 5' '7 L ' , eff T5 "Jw 2 'f 4 :aff If . fx 5' . ,Q ,- .4 f , ",5"Q'-'g11'i17, Y 2 'z e.f2Qf- ,L e'5,!,f,2 ' Q1 , , ff ,M '-fffziiigv 456 123557 . H , .,.. sg, ni.. I , 4 ' .. QiffF22'f" , 435, Q.,--N: 4 Y Q 54 4 , -xi A wt V ' ..--2,5 V .5 A ., 1 'QQE55' , , 34 1. ' 1 a rf-frfjfl . -v 525.21 ' 25 , 1523. 5 f "A 'A v '-3- 1.011 iw ,, - -N an A 1 da- :f-,2',m:,. A iz-5-'ge ' -' ' -' 2.23. -,. N ,17"'p,1 . - A ' :xi 'ig A L Ltglg,-1' , ':,x.v:. .' .Q M X . ,. -E, I V - '5'? 'JZ .' ifmif. .. X R, . , , wg - .5 L33 21. ., . .pri li Q'-7557 , x ' 4 Siriigimzrf'-f 5 ' .V su cs' efzfw, ii? 'flfffzgxqxx ,A - L xg Wx: 'MW :Q "ig S" + ' sun". f Lf. ' gf' 'ii' Ag.. B., -,- -- 9522- H ' 1 f "Y .'wsi7Q , -. , 'J :kg-.gag gg v Y, .. '.'.S94-,SAA .if fi. wx 'v'- f nf-'gp-1 C ... 2+ .r.: , , :Af " V f .fi '15-QF' iff: .4-.,5.. z.. 1" " X' - A A QQ? I A 5356-2 ' ,if A 1 , 4 , Fi Ni -is if w 4 x w .M R - V 351: 9 v- : -- 1,NEI-1.1-kxir'Kffia'-3?'2+ Y A :fu ' x ' X. Q , x N X , F x QW ww.- ,,,,,,,,,,, . ,i.. X 'N wp. , 1 M 7.,m,. V, ,,v 'V . fgufm 1 1 ' .- Q Q, I, fi., -, : 5'3 ', " H V x ' ff? X . I., . 3' 'xi i Q"Y"' .L x. ?".- E I Rf-Q 152357 wid? ,-sz. R ..L1iE5Wb3? 1 Y If LS? 62? 'f .13 -. ,. , -,W .xx 51' gn "pl, S-.5 PF bf' s., Q., Xa x K 1- , , X. 4.. Q, ,2-.w my W..--1 Page Sixty-lhree STUDENT COUNCIL 5th Row: Ianuska, Newbloom, Misner, Burton, Vickers, Pettis. 4th Row: Wren, Barns, DeHoog, Scheel, Kile. Hotham. 3rd Row: Symons, Bush, Ealom, Klug, Rokos, Holloway. 2nd Row: Gillhespy, Vcmderplow, Kuharavicz, Brandon. Borgerding. Lee. lst Row: Mr. I. Rice, adviser: Herrala, Sec.: Crane, V. Pres.: Jackson, Pres Student Council Student Council is an organization repre- sentative ot "democracy in action." Through the Student Council, students have an oppor- tunity to express their opinions on the ad- ministration oi school affairs. lanet lackson was elected president of the Council this year, and has proved to be the guiding spirit behind the student body. She was ably assisted by David Crane, vice-presi- dent, and Connie Herrala, secretary. Mr. Bice was the adviser - an excellent one, too. The Council of 1953-1954 was very active and can claim many accomplishments. Pur- chasing new sweaters for the cheerleaders Page Sixty-four T 006 '52, . f 4 - get j '.'N '- x we and helping to pay for the new choir robes added glamour to the school. Delegates were sent to safety conventions, to the Regional 9-13 Convention at Zeeland, and to the Spring meeting at Muskegon. An added feature this year was the presentation of some very inter- esting and educational lyceum assemblies. Acceptance of two new Clubs, The Oak- lian Players Guild and the W. R. Booker Future Teachers Club was an excellent addi- tion to the school. The main project was the sponsoring of the carnival. We may well be proud of our Council that has done an excel- lent job in every task that was undertaken. t 1 Library Club Library Club Was originally established in l928 for the purpose of serving the faculty and the student body, and of teaching more people to learn the love of reading. This year there Was an enrollment of l2 girls. Members were required to have at least a C scholastic average and to Work an hour each day in the library as assistants. Their duties consisted of slipping and shelving books, taking care of the circulation desk, caring for periodicals and the storage room, and helping in preparing books for circula- tion. Tasks in clerical Work, filing, mending, and book advertising were also reguired Work. Students visiting the library at various times during the school year may have no- ticed the assorted displays on the bulletin board. Each Week this display, announcing newly arrived books along with the older ones, was cleverly arranged by Barbara l-larris and Sandra Beck. To offset the daily duties of the members, various social activities were held. The most important of these Was the annual May Tea, to Which the members, their mothers, and all Women faculty members were invited. Sponsoring a booth at the football games aided the club's finances and made it pos- sible to have parties during the year. NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS: President - Connie Miller Vice-President - Rosemarie Dykema Secretary - loyce Patterson Treasurer - Barbara Harris Adviser: Miss Eleanor Kidwell Standing: Larabee, Meecher, Miss Kidwell librarian, Harris, Borgman, Dykema Kleyn, Cobb, Beck Seated: Patterson. Berg, Maginity, Strait -T., 5 , ' , - - il11: ui f i f.1., JP lt llllllt " l "'l'l'. Pl sx.m L T I' " Wi Q . nu ' Elffl llllllluill fit' 'N X11 If 11711013 mmm -ji, 'twat T mcg, L: Page Sixty-five w"29'2u.' ' f . Mk' J Q . .I .. -"ilu: 3 ,V r, X - ,A s -5 NQNCOMIVHSSIQNED Q- 4- N' 5 orricsss President - Ken Tuttle QQ - 1 D Vice-Pres. - Dan lanuska V IN Sh e s 'S Secretary - Wayne Reid . . X-J Treasurer - lim Misner - ax-I Advisers: Mr. L. Schregardus and Mr. H Hansen Hi-Y Club Hi-Y began its enthusiastic program in l922 and is still one ot the school's most active organizations. As projects this year the club presented special assem- lolies, repaired a needy tam- ily's home, sponsored dances, and a booth at the tootloall game. Regular meetings were held Monday nights after a swim in the Y.M.C.A. pool. Mr. L, Schreqardus, adviser: Misner, Treasg Tuttle, Pres.: Reid, Sec.: Mr. R, Hanson, adviser: Ianuska. V. Pres., not present. 4th Row: Iones, Burton, Zarimba, Ostenson, Carpenter, T. Haan, M. Green. 3rd Row: Wilson, Berkner, Murray, Newbloom, Tindall, I. Crane, K. Green. 2nd Row: Lasko, Slezak, Bomers, Ashley, Antclift, Dykema, Campbell, lst Row: D. Crane, Olson, Friedman, Newald, D. Haan, Rader, Harvey. f R X Y x Page Sixty-six Y-Teen lub "To build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of Christian living," is the rnotto ot the Y-Teens. Memorable events ot this year were the annual "Bow- Leg Bounce," Hlanuary lump," Senior teas, parties and spe- cial speakers. Gifts were given to the Y.W.C.A. and a needy family. Much of the success ot the club is due to the new advis- ers, Miss Faith Brumrnler and Mrs. Florence Regenrnorter. T1 I. 5 -' Z :, 4- , .,. Er I J !".reEf'A' Y Fl 1 o I I I NCNCCMMISSKDNFD OFFICERS: President - Nancy Lee Vice-Pres, - Marcia Stoudt Secretary Treasurer - Claudette Hitt lona Mae lensen 6th Row: O'Nei1, Barberini, Fillion, Scholtens, Patterson, Borgerding, Mendham, Gillhespy, Hamilton. Nickless, D. Smith, Scheel. Sth Row: Buck, Stacey, Mahoney, Hile, Brandon, Booth, Cincush, C. Smith, Ealom. Hall, Teller, Looyengoed. 4th Row: Follrath, Paquette, Sloan. Buitendorp, Remwolt, Abrahamson, Scott, Maner, Scofield, Brown, R. Barrow, Ives. P. Barrow. 3rd Row: Kadrovich, Moore, Grossman, Hill, Robinson, DeBard, Kraley, Berg, DeFrench, Vanderlaan, E. Anderson, Cooper, Denton. 2nd Row: Oszust, Cole, Kinney, Kile, Hume, Rinard, Musich, Hughes, Kidder. Symons, Bush, Iohnson, Pettis. lst Row: Pastori, Thorstenson, Keeler, C. Anderson, Mansfield. Coffman, Dumell, Iacobs, Lockage, Bickowski, Cummings, Foxx, Brooks. Miss F. Brummeler, adviser: Peliotes, Hitt, Sec.: Lee, Pres.: Iensen, Treas.: Stoudt. V. Pres.: Mrs. F. Regenmorter. Page Sixty-seven Because the purpose of the Future Nurses Club is to acquaint interested girls With the various fields ot nursing, types introduced this year Were: visiting nursing, Army nurs- ing, physical therapy, and lip reading Work. Club activities included: making favors for local hospitals at Christmas time, presenting gitts to the Childrens l-lome, holding a pot- luck supper, and attending a tea at Hackley Hospital. President- Lois Roberts Vice-President - Shirley Bickowski Secretary - Gloria Borns Treasurer - Pat Scott Advisers: Mrs. Robert Heneveld and Mrs. E. M. Shebesta 4th Row: Bickowski, V. Pres.: Roberts, Pres.: Borns, Sec.: Scott. Treas. 3rd Row: Fielstra, Moore. Ecklesdaier, Pettis, Me-dema, Klug, Moran. An derson. Zncl Row: Buitendorp, Teller, Udell. Hotham, Wilde, Scholtens, Borgerding, Keeter. lst Row: Brooks, Bolt, Christopher, Iensen, Gillhespy, Paquette. Bottom. Cummings. Future iurses Page Sixty-eight W. R. Booker Future Teaeher' - FUTURE TEACHERS 1 Newly organized this year, the W. R. Booker Future Teachers of America tallied 85 members. il 3 +2 After an initiation ceremony, the club proceeded il Q 'o 4 A' to carry out its aim: l'To encourage and establish 2 5 the ideals ot a teaching career." Programs included: "" ff- ' x - films, panel discussions, talks by educators, and - I X visitation Week in elementary grades. :-' '-"Fa: F NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS: 51.-.m President - Larry Olson Vice-President - M. C. Burton Secretary - Ellen Robinson Treasurer - Dave Crane Parliamentarian - Gordon Murray Historian - Ann Mansfield Librarian - Carol Hotham Advisers: Mrs. Florence Murray and Mr. Glen Brown 7th Row: Tucker, Rousell, Samuels, Remwolt, Meister. Graves, Sth Row: De Bard, I. Jackson, Mendham, Borgerding. Andree, Kempker, Iorqenson. Teller. Suttory. Trosko. Tuttle- 5th Row: Buitendorp, M. Iackson, Ealom, Iensen, Hume, Anderson, VandGI1CIGr1. Kile. AbTC!hC1lTlSOH. HGIVGY. SIGZCIR. 4th Row: Berg, Herlein, Andre, Kidder. Sonriega, Vanderplow, Rams. Affloldf Pfenrlinq. Bush. Campbell. 3rd Row: Roberson, Kraley. Baldwin, Graham, Cummings, Foxx, Lockage, Swanson. FiUiOr1. BGk9l', ASTIIGY- 2nd Row: Johnson, Brooks, Follrath. Bolt. Scheel. Smith, Paquette, PatterSOD. Schaefer, Whiiinqwn. WerSChem. lst Row: Mr. G. Brown, adviser: Hotham CLibrarianD: Mansfield qHiSl0IiGH,J: Crane, Treas.: Olson, Pres.: Burton, V. Pres.: HObinS0n. SGC! Murray CPar1iamentarianD: Peliotes, Mrs, F. Murray, adviser. Q! ri it t Page Sixty-nine Latin Club started out the year with a tea open to all students interested in joining the club. Instead ot a Christmas party, the club adopted a poor tamily and gave them an entire Christmas. ln March the group spon- sored a basketball dance. Each 'year the Club presents medals to the boy and girl ot Muskegon Heights High who come out highest in a competitive examina- tion otiered by a nation-Wide Latin asso- ciation. NCNCCDMMISSIQNED CFHCERS: President - lanet Kinnuoan Vice-President - Betty Meister Secretary - Barbara Kraley Treasurer - Tom Price Adviser: Miss H. E. Williams Latin Club 0' W Q 3 IQ ' c' -' S4 Q X X 63 4th Row: Christian, Pienninq. Paquette, DeBard, Knoten. 3rd Row: Staufter, Patterson, Start, Looyenqoed. Musich, Gillhespy Teller. 2nd Row: Murray, Schaefer. Herlein, Smith, Schmidt. Moore, Berg lst Row: Cole. Kinney, Kile, Scheel, Arnold. Rams. Kinnucan, Pres., Meister. V. Pres.: Kraley, Sec.: Price. Treas. Miss H. E. Williams. adviser. Page Seventy pant h Club This year typical Mexican and Spanish holidays were chosen as the theme tor the programs. A Christmas party and the cele- bration ot Pan-American Day were in keep- ing with old Spanish traditions, with guest speakers highlighting many ot the meetings. Mixing projects with pleasure, the Club presented gifts to the T. B. Sanatorium, do- nated a mural to the Spanish room, printed a Program booklet, Sponsored a mid-term 'l " is dance and a booth at the football games. K .- .Ea Q President - lames Baldwin 1 ff 7 Q " 'iwii Vice-President-Roberts Dykema Ed 2 J Secretary - loan Borgerding Q X H X' XXX as Treasurer - Katy Kile Adviser: Mrs. Ruth Hastings 4th How: Cumburn, Dickert. Brown. Overly, McKellar, Dykemcz, Hunt. Pettis. 3rd Row: Hume, Abrahamson, Hill. Graves, Schmidt, Ealom. Andre, Fillion. Ecklesclcxfer. 2nd Row: Foxx, Evans. Cummings. Graham, Scheel, Buck, Remwolt, Meister, Graves. lst Row: Smith, Meecher. Sonnega. Brooks. Fuller, Whittington. Iacobs. Robinson, Denton, Iensen. Mrs. R. Hastings, adviser: Kile. Treas.: Baldwin, Pres.: Dykema, V. Pres.: Borqerding. Sec. Page Seventy-one Booster Club, dn orgonizor- tion tor girls, is open to girls hdving B dverorge ornd 500 points in gym. ln the pdst yeorr the girls sponsored o booth ot tootboll gofrnes, served ot o tootborll banquet, sponsored the on- nuol formol ddnce ot Christ- rnors tirne, and presented o pep dssernbly before the Mus- kegon tootbdll gorne. 4th Row: Follrcrth, Cost, Swanson, Lee, Mendhcrm, Trecrs. 3rd Row: Iensen, Fielstrcr, Iorgenson, Kempker, Kidder, Peliotes, Se 2nd Row: Icrckson. Roberts, Meister, Mansfield, Sturt, Patterson, Andree, V. Pres. lst Row: Eclom, Lockcge, Cincush, Smith, Christopher, Petti Herrctlo, Pres. Boo ter Club NONCOMIVHSSIONED OFFICERS President - Connie l-lerrorlcr Vice-Pres,-Yvonne Andree Secretory - Nicliie Peliotes Treos. - Dorlene Mendhotrn Adviser: Miss Moxine Cobb 'v ' 1- NQ: QM Nw g. 0 XX Av if J Xxx E Q- -45,0 Xxx,-Lg ,-QV xxwxlvag' r Page Se venty-two Radio, Art, an P!l0t0QI'il Qll Q TIT? --S5 E, 6 , if 'A ', f N Bi Qi eil NN Qiiifkmv 32. Page Seventy-three u5"WNyr 't ll Ilaks S il Although editing, collecting material, and S publishing the "Oaks" is usually considered it Qt! m4 to be the main business ot the lournalisrn M classes, there are other jobs for the lournal- ,A ism students besides these. Oi these "extra" A dt activities, the publishing of the Ml-l.H.S. x i Acorn and compiling oi news for the Chron- fl , , 8 1 Q icle are dominant. H in P its The "Oaks", the "big job" of the year, was directed by student editors, Gloria Borns and Ruth Skocelas. lournalism students publish the entire year book with the assistance of various advisers, Mr. C. F. Koehn, printing, Mr, L. Schre ardus, advertisin , Mr. l. V. 9 Q Cobb, photography, Mr. W. E. Murray, jour- nalism, Miss Kathryn Keillor, art, Mr. H. A. Kruizenga, business. 4th Ro M C Koehn printing: Mr. W. Murray, journalism, Mr. I. Co bb, photographs: Mr. L. Schregardus, advertisements. 3 d Ro Latten Robe ts. Kieit, Christopher. 2 d Row E ans Beam Stoudt, Harvey, Brant, Kempker, Durnell. lst Ro W y Ca lson, Coffman, Andree, Meister. Iorgenson, Neis, Se ted A s sta I Editor, Olson, Co-editors, Borns, Skocelas, Assistant, Mansfield. Publications :mn my 11. wen- vm om u nm-u - nun.- vol.xnv imap- lmpn. mga. ne.-11. nam-ry E nu. 4 IIFIIZN UVB: ralil-M' Flu! All-School Muliul Comndy m-"uri mm: . . ., ,R i ,Q H vi-fffffffyg To s. Pfmma mf. Apni 1.0.42 Q- Q , Q swf: P ' " -' 'Q -A .- . ' V . YOUIKT ATYRICUVE CBL I-EYCBTQ ,X fe -- . Anvsrswoum-mzsoununnms ' " " ' " N-f...,,...,....-mm., ms An mans V. -- V ' WBEBREKTU 'V ., N nllgrnftiiw ,,4 t V I - 5:2-,Sh ' B... M." TT 1-.,'?'13.: " J ' - ' ' " ':"" E' ...,,l.i..,.......,... N, . ' b .nl'PIf2l'ff'-..Il.:J.-Q ffl .. V "t".,...4-...-X...,.-. , . . ' wulhmslc ' snmnnswm cumc -...,.....i..-.--..,-if , .. ,. , .... I:..,'f.E.'5L:"".....,1'IZ' , ,, .U 1 . NUMB 'W ..........s-.1-...-.... 115. . z'::::'...".g::'fr1.:: 1 ..., :sr ,,:r':'-':,.y ,. V , 'vL'T -'eI."pi" -T.. -.,..:.x.:1,,:, , , l:i.i'-:Ii-:5I1'Q" -V f 'mx me ' 1. ... . K2'.?:1p.:. Q ' ,W u ., Js5Y':E,. ' ..v:,,... , L Tiki - 7. " .......i Q. . ' mm ,Mm -TTJTJL --W nixcnmxox on . , .,. i, ,..-, , . ocnm 's '- During the i953-54 school year, the staff turned out tour editions ot the Acorn, includ- ing the Muskegon game 'lEXtra", and the Eebraury "Special", A new idea was intro- duced in the Christmas editions ot the Acorn - a special Santa Claus list in which every- one attending Heights High was listed with a gift, Editors chosen from the lournalism class tor the Acorn were: Gloria Borns, Larry Olson, and Mary Hendrick. Ol a weekly nature is the school-page ot the Tuesday Chronicle. Each week news is gathered by student reporters, who report the activities ot a definite department ot the school assigned to them. This news is taken to the Chronicle otfice by our Chronicle School Page Editor, Roberta Dykema. Acorn, 0ak Page Seventy-five Uaks Board of Education f..,,. Administration .....,....... Faculty .ooo...,..,.ooo Seniors ,. ...,oo.,.. - Cheerleaders ooooooo Undergrads .ooooooooooooooo.,,iooooo, Oaks and Ads Salesmen ,..... Snapshots .ooo,..o,oo,.i.ooooo.... Clubs and Activities .,l,.. Music ..............o..,.,,,.......lo......-.. Athletics ,,..............,..,....,.,ls 1 ,l..llllsl,l,, , A Word ot Thanks to Local Newspapers, Radio, and Business .... . .... Classified Ads - I obs Wanted ,..,..,........... 1 Display Ads ....................sosilsll,,......,..,,,,,l.Al.,ll,.,,,.--,-----,.,,,,,,,, Cover design by Bob Harvey 6 7 8-13 14-47 48 49-59 60 61-62 63-80 81-90 91-108 109 110-111 112-160 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL Muskegon Heights, Michigan "You Can't Take lt With You", a three-act comedy involving the difficulties of Grandpa and his family, was well presented by the Senior Class of '54 on December 3 and 4. The well-selected cast played to a capacity audience both nights and brought the house down more than once with a number of hilarious episodes. The organization of a dramatic club greatly helped in the presentation of the play as the props, scenery, publicity, and make-up were handled by various committees made up of students. Mr. E. W. Gillaspy directed the production, with Mrs. Ieanne Pulos and Mr. Iack Rice as assistants. ienior Class Play CAST PENELOPE SYCAMORE ..... Connie Herrala ESSIE .........,............. Carol Hotham RHEBA ....................... Pat Gingras PAUL SYCAMORE .....,... Arlen Carpenter MR. DE PINNA ..... .,.. L arry Grover ED ................... .,... I ohn DeBard DONALD ............... ..... B ob Harvey MARTIN VANDERHOE ....... David Hansen ALICE ................. .... I anet Iackson HENDERSON ......... ........ I erry Ellis TONY KIRBY ................ Naylord Urshel BORIS KOLENKHOW .......... Wayne Reid MR. KIRBY .................,... Max Green MRS. KIRBY .................. Ieanne Wilde TWO MEN .......... Ierry Ellis, Arnold Edick OLGA ...... ........ M eredith Hartman Page Seventy-six S 'Q ss .1 X 1 S XRQ S "Annie, Get Your Gun." CAST ANNIE OAKLEY ,... ....... FRANK BUTLER ..... FOMMY ........ WINNIE ........ LITTLE GIRL .... LITTLE BOY .... VIAC ......,.... ?'OSTER FILSON .... JOLLY TATE. . . MRS. PORTER.. VIRS. ADAMS ..... SITTING BULL. . BUFFALO BILL .... PAWNEE BILL . . IHARLIE ...... IESSIE ........ VIINNIE ........ LITTLE IAKE ,..... LADY GUESTS .... . . . .Carol Hotham . . . . .Kim Bedwell . .Austin Aardema .Mary lean Rokos Clara Christopher . . . . . . . .lack Cottrell ......Bob Harvey . . . . . .Larry Olson Meredith Hartman . . . . . . .Eleanor Bush . . . . .Gloria Borns . . . .Wayne Reid . . .Iohn Chidester .. . . . .Dan Brink . . . .Dave Hansen .... . .Katie Kile . . . .Pat Gingras . . . . .Amold Edick . . . .Nicki Peliotes Hallye Rae Leonard Barbara Symons .5 f 4 l. 1. 31 l ,T Assistance of teachers and students helped greatly in the production. Arrangement of lO musical numbers was directed by Mr. A. M. Courtright, all dance routines by Mrs. Flor- ence Murray, scenery by Mr. lack Rice, cos- tumes by Miss Eloise Livingston, lighting by Mr. Kenneth Thornley, and make-up by Miss Pauline Nelson. Instrumental music was pro- vided by the high school orchestra conducted by Mr. Warner Galombeck and vocal music was directed by Mr. Paul Schulze. lanet lack- son was stage Manager. Directors of the production Were: Mr. E. W. Gillaspy and Mrs. leanne Pulos. Connie Her- rala was student director. I if I . x . R T l 5 Page Seventy-seven llaklian Player Guild One ol the new clubs formed this year is the fl-rLIg.'T Oaklian Players Guild, Whose purpose is to further - 1- , the advancement of drarnatics and to give equal ' opportunity to all in this field. ..r "' . . . Q 1 A .gi The main protect of the club this year was the 'lljqnll X - if production ot the all-school musical comedy, "Annie 5 'f ' N--fe F1 ' Vveof e-4 -. Get Your Gun." CSee page 77.3 'Lu 1 X - W-liL::l',l Rlhx NONCCMMISSIONED OFFICERS: President - David Hansen Vice-President - Gloria Borns Secretary - Connie Herrala Treasurer - Wayne Reid Advisers: Mr. lack Rice and Mr. E. W. Gillaspy 3rd Row: Urshel, Wren. Iackson, Hotham, Gingras, Wilde, DeHoog, Hartman. Leonard. 2nd Row: Anderson, Thortenson. Petrosky, Dumell, Novak, Carpenter, Patterson, Rokos. lst Row: Andree. Christopher, Kuziak. Ulbrich, Aardema. Peliotes, Crawford, Upson. Reid, Treas.: Herrala, Sec.: Hansen. Pres.: Boms, V. Pres.: Mr. E. W. Gillaspy. Page Seventy-eight Forensics tanding: Wilde, Murray, Hotham, Urshel, Iackson, Hodges. eated: De Hoog. Peliotes, Rokos, Borgerding. Although Declamation was limited to sophomores, the other fields were open to :ill interested students in forensics. Mr. Regenmorter was adviser of all speakers. Participants began preparation in Ianuary for Oratorial Declamation by memorizing a speech Written for this purpose: Dramatic Reading, by memorizing a serious scene: Humorous Reading, by memorizing a humorous scene: Extemporaneous Speaking, by studying 25 topics and choosing one by drawing an hour before the contest, Original Oratory by Writing and memorizing an orig- inal oration of 1500 words. Cf' ' vi? Winners in the school-Wide elimination Who competed in the district competition Were: Oratorical Declamation-Tom Hodges and Gordon Murray, Dramatic Reading - Ianet Iackson and Nickie Peliotes, Humorous Beading-Carol Hotham and Mary lean Rokos, Extemporaneous Speaking - Ieanne Wilde and Darlene DeHoog, Original Ora- tory - Ioan Borgerding and Naylord Urshel. Capturing honors, in the District Contest Were: Ieanne Wilde, first in Extemporaneous Speaking: Carol Hotham, second in Humor- ous Reading: Gordon Murray, third in Ora- torical Declamation. Page Seventy-nine A. , e Debate Although the debate team finished the season with a record of three wins and five losses, much credit is due the squad for the large amount of time and work put forth by the members and to Mr. Iohn Regenmorter, new coach this year. Debating on the subject, "Resolved, the President of the United States be elected by the direct vote of the American people," was the varsity team, composed of Ieanne Wilde, Wayne Reid, affirmative and Darlene DeHoog, Sharon Turk, Carol Kap- hahn, negative. The reserve squad consisted of Ianalee Schaefer, 'aet Carol Hotham, affirmative and Sharon Turk, Marilyn Savage, 3 negative. t'll To begin the season the debaters attended a discussion ilff.Q .. clinic at Ann Arbor and a practice tournament at Ferris Institute. Then to get down to work the team journeyed to Muskegon where ..y, Z they dropped both sides of the opening debate. Not discouraged, they proceeded to Grand Rapids Central where the decision was split. The same result occurred in a contest with Grand Rapids Union here at Heights High. Winding up the year at Grand Rapids Creston with also a split decision, the squad is looking forward to a more rewarding season next year. A ,L1, Q First Row: De H og. W'1de, Reid, T k, Kcxpphahn Second How: Harris, Hotham. Schaffer, Rowson, Edick, Savage, Hodges. Page Eighty Y. ' YSKQ N -X ' ... ...5 , , an KW " , 1 -If 'x 2 Page Eighty-one v., .1 Another busy band year has come to a close for our band and Mr. Liddicoat, after making approximately 40 performances and spending over 300 hours in rehearsals. The marching band was present at each football game with a clever half-time pro- gram for each game. Maybe you recall the music and formation celebrating Fifty Years with the Movies. The annual Heights Night show last Febru- ary again proved highly entertaining. All the talent this year came from our own stu- High Uhool dent enrollment. Directed by Mr. Liddicoat and "emceed" by our popular biology teach- er, Mr. Brown, a full house was delighted each night. Our concert band invited the junior high band to play in their Spring Concert. This proved very successful as the large audience enjoyed the variety of numbers, offered by each group. A social gathering was held afterward in the cafeteria where refresh- ments were served. First Row: Ellis. Thornley, Iensen, Hershburger, Robinson, A. Larabee, Mendham, Evans. A. Larabee, Kidder. Sauders, Hathaway, Whittington, Price. Second Row: Wood, Iobbonichy, Murray, Bush, Schottey, Sagala, Reed. Ford, Chappel. Eikenberry, Lambrix, H. Ashley, Tindall, Davenport, Nye. Healey, Iohnson, Follrath. Third Row: Bates. Jones, Carrier, Hansen, Booth, Shira, Myering, Sevelnis. Muskovin, Baker, Matthews, M. Ashley. Bird, Iorgenson, Mann, Stark, DeBard, Nelson, Dickert, D. Robinson, Stauifer, Moore. Barrs. Christie. Fourth Row: Lighton. Thom. Seng. Mr. Liddicoat, Gardiner, Brink, Rasor.Morehouse,Cook.Rugg1es. Bedwell, Brown, Meisen, Dumont, Puehler, Scott, Whittum. Standing at right rear: Bergklint. il .. ga' V-:f -1. . . s.: l ,Say -gr.. -5. ,gn Ii . -:' . -ml -X at -V ..5-.zz . y . -. X N -if N , . fx, 1- Yrs NSR 1. - . . 5 is xt 4 ' .2 1 Q!! ri, Page Eighty-two Band The Memorial Day Parade, Golden Iubilee activities, pep assemblies, commencement exercises, and the Welcome home for the Class A Champs are a few ot extra activities the band has participated in. They were awarded a trophy for the best Class A marching band from the Golden Iubilee. Ierry Ellis and Bob Thornley received a first rating at the Solo and Ensemble Contest for their clarinet duet as did Allen Dumont and Terry Puehler for their trombone duet. The band received a second rating at the Band and Orchestra Festival. ..f' J' R 3 0, V , tj' w tf, f i f Q-Teffysy 'PS-1 cu 'ft F5 Page Eighty-th Hi h Suhool The untiring effort on the part of Mr. Galombeck was shown in the splendid work our orchestra has done this past year. Their first performance of the year was at nf' I the Future Teachers of America initiation last , November. 6 Around Christmastime, the orchestra and 4 the two choirs combined to offer a concert l . 'ft which was a huge success. K Q. So, too, was the Spring Concert a success. 3' The orchestra had their new uniforms to wear il :'x t for the first time at this concert. A light blue I T jacket worn with a dark skirt or trousers, they if are something to be proud of. Page Eighty-four llrche tra For the first time in many years, our or- chestra entered the District Festival which was held this year in Grand Haven. They received a second rating along with many excellent comments. Mr, Galombeck We of the journalism class know that under the expert guidance of Mr. Golombeck, the orchestra will continue to grow as it has in the past. xv-1... Orchestra members who received first rat- TM ings at the solo and ensemble contest are: Lilah Christie, piano and cello solo: and the Girls' String Trio, consisting of Lilah Christie, cello: Betty Abrahamson, violin, and Karen O'Eson, piano. These girls participated in Heights Night. Front Row: Abrahamson, Ridout, Lang, Bradley Second Row: Hietanen, Luttrel, Stauters, L. Christie, Moore, Grassmyer, Koehler, Meisch Piecynski Third Row: Overly, Paquelte, jones, Larabee, Hathaway, Price. Chappel, Ashley, Follrath, Dierking, Stong Fourth Row: Hoogstraal, Thom, Musich, Mann, Bird, Puehler, Whittum, Etaufler, I. Christie, standing are Olsen, accompanist. and Mr. Galombeck, director Standing at far right: Boms, Lighton Standing at far left with bass' Baldwin Page Eighty-five Staff GLORIA BORNS RUTH SKOCELAS . 1- Y 5 5 ci? 4- Y. 2' ku tczax v 4 ' 5 X, IL ini X X sur-if EDITOHIAL Editors-in-chief .... Associate Editors .... Introduction and Faculty Editor ..... Clubs and Activities Editor .,,.... Senior Section Editor.. Iuniors and Sophomores Editor ..... Music and Art ...... Sport Editors ...... Publications Advisor .... NEWS . . . .Gloria Borns Ruth Skocelas . . . .Ann Mansfield Larry Olson . . . . .Marlene Brant . .Audrey Iorgenson ..Clara Christopher . . . . . .Betty Meister . . . .Ann Mansfield . . . . .Larry Olson Milton Nelson . .Mr. W. E. Murray BUSINESS STAFF Manager ................ . ..... Larry Olson Advertising Salesmen: Linnae Latten, Mina Peterson, Robbie Brooks. Gwendolyn Foxx, Shirley Bickowski. Sandra Lock- age, Shirley Iacobs, Marcia Stoudt, Roberta Dykema, Lois Roberts, Betty Meister, Nancy Carlson, Ioan Harris, Bob Harvey, Ruth O'Malley, Mary Ellen Neis, Clarene Anderson, lack Bulthuis, Yvonne Andree, Mary Hendrick, and Doris Shelkey. Advisors ..,..... Leonard Schregardus, and H. A. Kruizenga, principal ART STAFF Art Editors ........ Bob Surfus, Bob Harvey Artists ...... Maxine Calkins, Charles Henry Advisor ............... Miss Kathryn Keillor PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Staff Photographer .......... Mr. I. V. Cobb Photographer, Bob Surlus PRINTING High School Press Advisor ............. ..... M r. C. F. Koehn Staff Members: Yvonne Andree. Nancy Carl- son, Gertie Cole, Pam Durnell, Roberta Dykema, Iessie Evans, Mary Hendrick, Gail Kempker, Karen Kieft. Gloria Leach, Mary Ellen Neis, Iohn Pedler, Lois Roberts, Marcia Stoudt, Ioyce Trap- pany, and Barbara Wayman b.. . F "5- Q 5 1469023 lk I e r 2 Top Row: Iudd, Hendrick, Cole, Mayette, Horn, Steinkraus, Harper, Dines, Grifiis, Iohnson, Wolf, Roberson, Marbel, Dyken, Himelberger, Fuller, Trappany, Morehouse, McClure, Van Bogelen. Cummings. Third Row: Bolthouse, Smack, Saidbary, Ozzust, McCormick, Ienkins, Archambeau, Roberson, Sabin, Dean, Clements, Crosby. Benham. Stcrtlord, Leigh, De-Vowe, Wagenmaker, Mr. Wirschem 4 Director 9. Second Row: Souser, Narowitz, Zarmstorf. Graves, Storey, Plain, Mclientry, Whitsell, Esch, Frazier, Neiser, Wangein, Redmond, Trammel, Sauders. Front Row: Danker, Tourk, Fox, Miller, Kerley, Devenpcrt, Anderson, Berg, Kessler, Pedler, Miller, Oaks, Broominq, Hilliard, Sloan. Page Eighty-six Choru "wi i The chorus was started three years ago by Mr. Maynard Buck. lt gives many interested students an opportunity to develop their voices before enter- ing the A Cappella Choir. At the end of the first semester many chorus members Were advanced to the choir. Now under the capable direction of Mr. Robert Wirschem, the chorus has appeared in both the Win- ter and Spring concerts. A Uappella Choir lst Row: Mansfield, Rokos, E. Anderson, Swirsky, E. Iohnson, C. Anderson, Green, Ianuska, Samuels, Van Dyke, Dewell, Maner, Hume, Christopher, Russell, Scholtens, Iensen. 2nd Row: O'Neil. Coffman, Kieft, Evans, Kile, Strandberg. Teller. Bedwell, Mauch, Miller, Felcoski, Conley, Morehouse. Mann, Baldwin, Ealom. Hoffman. Goodrich, Mills, Newman. 3rd Row: Mr. Robert Wirschem, Scofield, Gustafson, Hitt, Nye, Bailey. McClain. Petis, Graham, Tucker, Price, Beam, Lambrix. Beauleaux. Nelson, Utsey, Campbell, Hesselink, Ruiter, Hartman, Ferris, Kinney, Buitendorp. 4th Row: Upson, Burton, DeBard, Moore, Keefer, Hunt, Veldman, Hackney. Billingsley, B. Iohnson, Leign, Calkins, Borns. Whittington, Fielstra. Our A Cappella Choir had another outstanding year, but much of the credit this year goes to our new director, Robert Wirschern. He very ably filled the shoes of our former director, Mr. Maynard Buck. Mr' Wifschem Choir, combined with orchestra and Chorus, gave enjoyable Christmas and Spring concerts. Consisting of 78 voices, the Choir also took part in many school and community affairs. Among these were: Singing at the District f and State Festivals, Kiwanis Club, County Teachers Institute, Baccalaureate, caroling at two of the local hospitals, and singing in the Christmas and Easter Assemblies. This year, new robes were purchased for the choir. They are light blue with black-and-gold stoles, and dickies. Page Eighty-seven ll Page Eighty-eight .. and Melody Page Eighty-nine In this "photomontage" you will recognize many familiar faces. Look carefully. Maybe you are there! In the lower right hand corner is Mr. E. W. Gillaspy, our genial faculty ticket manager. In the lower left corner we see his trusty right-hand man gwho writes left-handedj, Mr. I. A. Huttenga. These two men don't see much of the games, but they help to keep the athletic department rolling, financially. Page Ninety 'Em MUSKEGON ww, 1, TEEIGHTS lp 'X ZW If Nw 7 w f 'W X x i yyw M X Lf M Q WW Q AK ig Lf' CHARLES H smizv Pc j! k , . vw 1 Z f NNN ly J Qjn x N rfik f f'f' !V?n ff 'P' ,1 A , Xx ol I X 1 A 5 2'3" 9 . ll la"a'a'5 Q gl H -IQ1"" " ""j"1.4.l - " b ' b '-'VI' ' - .1 A -px.. ,-,f'.l1. .,.' .V-wuvmf, .-ff'7'l-,,'. ,, 1-X-.1. I "fit yx. 4 N I ' X X ' V l V., -lf'xIl'kfK.g' x!,yl, , X x X 4,5 ,yr tix Ill !x1A!NKlxS,l X f 4,1--1x.1 , f K ,fl.JkVVX x,, xx..yX ,I '-'.lu'i"IX"TxNx l u... , U- 5 " . 'Ill Us Hwww LJ a sg Q gp 5,1 Q Q NJ Page Ninety-two 0ur ew Gymnasium It is in this year of 1954 that we acknowledge the new addition to Muskegon Heights High School with many thanks to the Board of Education and Superin- tendent W. R. Booker for their foresight and vision. The new addition consists of a gymnasium and cafeteria combination, with folding tables and chairs. The gym will have a seating capacity of 1700 for basketball games. In View of the tact that our basketball team won its first State Champion- ship, our school spirit will undoubtedly be very high for years to come. We can see another State Championship team in the future. 2- 1222125 'N , X 3 i - I -f Musxecao N ' HEIGHTS HKGH ll c lil Illl -i1-1-- lill II Ill, ll 'll' n-n in UI , xi ,1 , X' , , , "' fflifl 1, X '1lNt,'fi' 'll Cid 1 Ihflfllflillll fl f l'xSl'! l'l!!X 1l,1l",l""i'ff'lfI A" I 'll-' "'f'ii-l X full' l'ftf"l f f . 5e':,,,..,,.-iwx X lf if , , 1 if 1 SE ina. 4 X X X 11, ul-.t,1l:..::Q" l X X - 3: -. y F Q x 15, it ' A BCHARLES HENRY ' -, gr. ll W-0 n. QQ X .,p, Page Ninety-th Page Ninety-four wav 'GW Q13 :Nix j 3TpQf't.. Ei . My .J 'Q Swv' nw?

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