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lin . ' I ' 1. :V . 9 ' .U , 4. A. Q. , I 1 FA A . V: ' X I 5: r. :gs jlf 'A X F A Vg X X A 'A V A ' w 1 4 A fa' V31 ,A gi AEI 'A . A 'y 4 , 15.2 -.11 . 5 -: ' ,S Y ".Q'a- 1:1 'A A 'Q' A , Ji. 'Q Q' W' i :P .2 , ,. if l 'iY'AQ.f'f.z'f.3'n5.'. m Sf' - A ' F 1 , W g, ,.A ., w' A D 1 A fm? R A. Y-15' 4 'B' ' as mf J, . 1' ...a.m1'ln,,. ,nfgg-1A,. ' , , .Ag 1' I' " MIL., ' fri '11 H" ' ' -A , aj- . ' -4 A.." -51,142-N- AA ',,.1gA '3 44-fl, ' Aj:-s E I , 14-,A .. l':!:fi" 1 " XQQTXLSV 35 ' 'F '- I A 3-3, L- 'A x. f?fj.Ff'.,:?'+q-'N-1' 4 . , H RAIHY, , , .,-.. ,Af h.. .. l Q 4 A - V' .A :N N, 'A -2.-fi: -1. A J ,H+ an .3 U QATVQ- wg XA . A , my x , J.. xi ' f 4'-.,':,AA 2-5 1 K A' I' ,A 1319 aw ,TWV 'Y pw 4 " A - 'fl ii' ,Su " 91. A ' 1. 1' .L+ W -I ' L .' A' ' V U ,, V. -A, , LH ,L l ., f w.. f ..,.. . . . . ,"- .--' .y ,,.Y 4' E- J . A. ' mf in AA. .A -uw I ,..' , - ' '.,-'sl , 3 4. V 55. . ,.. f '. --, ,z 111 1 .4 QM ,A 1 f if 5 .1 sri . 'A 1 E f G as J' 1 " I, Jaw ,,. H .v M 1 Elm A 1 11 A L -, 6 sq!-as - ,I QW, 13 'I il, ' if 1 M , , .. A14 A- sz 'I ?W"fzf' 1+ h. . , L 'P M 'JM Flin!" 'A'1:7":" f., A H .-AoA1.. "1 A i, -1 5137- AIAA . - "if . f A ' A si-'mr 'f J , wr4:'1A-g,V31:a'ggg,f,'2iQifg111' 813,-AWA , as? A 145 4 TNI" In ' ' 'wr 95: F' 'ff U' 's1AAvlQ'5fr:- 'A ' -, s .,"' -' E J , 54,-1' W . AA - A....... 131.4 A ws in -JE A 5 . It J A . 1 'T 1 G I 'Y' I n x 'fp I 11 , K , ' Q - P A, ,A 3 tw J A it A H an "'9'1f1'.' 4 Q55 i ug. ew - , . . 514 V ,V , M15-5 wir, L .135 11555-- 'm S' I 4- pf 'L' : , fi' f- e GPH-HIE OIF MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOI , 'A' MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN 4""N. A .-- ., . 5: . - 1, AQ,-4, Q , ..1a?., .gt .1-,. Kr. v f- run.. V xml .I I AA - ,4 'ff 4'-Wi. ' 'YS "1 Ji . . ' 4. 1 4 , 'X .TZ - . , ,..- .. Q x , ,X ,1M,,,k,,.. i: X MMS Us .5 .v,. ,V 4 , AX f rig X ' N 315 7 kai if? E -If-i. a 531, I -:., W S M ei Lv, fly is as gg ,Q S lit? '-:jg , , V i A W Vi K Y W -Q in QS' ff Q l ix gh' f -i .V hA S g ,K I ? K we Q A:.,7 P kAk4L Ly km yi? y K, M: A wk W Hf K f - ' ' M . ,, bil i - My 5, V' -xk' , Q i K S -S ,. , '5"Z we , A if 1 35 5 A 7 K .. A , -' 1 kLx..1 A Li I. I , Rb? 1 2? L, A is if mf' W' S'-' Y, Q ggi, 1 ,rk.x 'ig Foreword Playing an important role in the lives of all students of Heights High are the many local traditions . . . Homecoming, Burn's Day, Heights Night, the Annual lunior and Senior Plays, the Concerts, the Annual Style Show and Tea, the Snake-dance after the Big Game of the Year, the Iunior Arbor Girls, the Class Breakfast, the Honors Assembly. Every incoming sophomore looks forward to these things with anticipation, every out- going senior remembers them always. Therefore it has seemed wise for us Who are charged with the publi- cation of this yearbook to attempt to catch at least a glimpse of these traditions in Word and picture. We sincerely hope all who read this vol- ume of The Oaks for '53 will take as much delight in sharing these mem- ories as We have in preparing them. So, Gentle Readers, as you fondly turn these pages, remember Heights High and its traditions! SENIORS OF 53 PLAN OAKS CAMPAIGN . . ASSEMBLIES Many assemblies are held in the high school auditorium each year, but perhaps the most beauti- ful and impressive was the annual Christmas as- sembly sponsored by the music and dramatics de- partments. Several tac- ulty members assisted in the direction ot the pro- gram, a presentation ot the Nativity story. DANCING IS POPULAR loin the happy throngl Here in this picture we see the customary crowd of dancers, stepping gaily to the tune of a fine band. Colorful decorations add to the atmosphere of the attair. YEA, TIGERS! First begun as a safety precaution, the Benton Harbor train-ride has be- come one ot Heights l-ligh's most popular tradi- tions. Loaded with 400 stu- dents, teachers, parents, and the loand, the train pulls away from the Hume avenue and Sev- enth street crossing at 3:45 p. m. lt returns to the same location about the "Wee small hours" ot the next morning. A re- freshment car provides enough candy, sandf wiches, and ice-cream to keep starvation away during the entire trip. Few who ever took the Annual Train-ride to Ben- ton Harhor will ever tor- get the good times on the Way. Singing, laughter, and cheers provided ample proot that A "good time was being had by all." ALL ABOARD! "Don't push! Don't shovel The train won't leave Without youl We're on our Way, ott tor Benton Harbor," X. FOR THE GLORY OF THE SCHOOL The trophy case is al- ways a source of admira- tion ard pleasure to those who look. The locker-roorn can be a scene of great joy, or a dungeon of despair . . . it all depends. This scene taken in the tall ot the year is typical ot every high school and college athletic field. lt represents the hundreds ot loyal fans who support Tiger teams. COME ON AND HEAR . THE BAND This is just one of the many formations per- formed by the Heights High band at the football games. Heights band members not only are noted for their fine playing, but they also know how to march Well. Half-time shows en- joyed by Heights fans are originated and directed by Paul G. Liddicoat, in- structor. M SS RELAX, IT'S SNACK TIME Noon-hour is a time for relaxation and a snack. "You may have to Wait a few minutes for a seat at this table". So We are told by our friends at Mr. Sutton's All-steak restau- rant, a popular "hang- out" for Heights students who are hungry. WHEN CLASSES ARE OVER ONCE MORE Pat Kuziak, lU-2, can really mix up the batter. CShe should try out tor baseball!! Teen-agers find a warm welcome at the Youth Center, Muskegon Heights Recrea- tion center operated by the City. C. P. Ziegler, a iormer coach, is City Recreation director. Dancing, music, ping-pong, and many other games attract hundreds to Mona Park every Week. LUNCH IS SERVED The high school cafeteria is open dur- ing noon-hour. Hot lunches are served for those who Wish to buy. Students may bring their lunches and eat them in the school cafeteria ii they so desire. fi, Fm gig. Wit? wifi? One way traffic has eliminated almost all con- fusion on the stairways. "Use the South Stairway for coming down and the North Stairway for going up. ln this photo We see Fire Chief Harry Ridout timing the students at a fire drill. ACTION PACKED DAYS BRING GOOD APPETITES 'lThe Acorn is out again!" That's the cry in the halls during the tall semester, as students patiently queue up to buy their copies ot the high school newspaper. lournalisrn classes publish the paper under the direction ot W. E. Murray. This year editors were Dorothy Hesselink and Beverly Carlson, Donna Wigren and Sandra O'Reilly. Carl King was sports editor. 'llt it happens in schooll it's in The Acorn." After band practice, rnost ot the band members rush to the 'lAll steak", a tavorite eating spot run by Elgin Sut- ton, an old-timer from l-leights l-ligh's first graduating class. The joint is jumping noon hours and evenings. A STUDENT'S LIFE IS A BUSY ONE During basketball season many fans Watched our team shoot its Way to another of its many victories. Due to the small size of our gym, the home games are held in the almost-as-small Central lunior High School building. Another interesting time of lite is when individual stu- dents have their pictures taken. Club groups are also taken about this time. Principal H. A. Kruizenga, chair- man of our publications board, directs picture schedules. "Heights High Highlights", a Weekly radio program, is sponsored by the radio class. During the year this popu- lar program heralded such events as Valentines Day, Lincoln's Birthday, National Brotherhood Week, Memorial Day, Washington's Birthday, and Student Government Day. E. W. Gillaspy directs, and each week a different student produces the program. A few of the l6 busses which trans- port 400 students, representing 40 ercent of the en p - rollrnent, to Heights High. AFTER HOURS Here we see Mrs. Kovats, one of our custo- dians cleaning up after the mad rush. CStualents, if they Would, could make her Work easier? imma' 3 . T h e rn e l l o W voices of Art Le- Roux, Charles Gar- ner, Paul Lidclicoat, and Iames O'Toole entertained stu- dents ancl faculty alike on "Heights Night." This is the Way the band looked on the stage. EIN, ZWEI, DREI, . . . SPEIU "The Little German Band", composed of players Bob Thorn- ley, lohn Vitek, lim Zeller Cmaestrol, Iirn Walthers, and Doug Szyrnczyk, has en- deared itself to the en- tire community. They really gave everyone a big litt with their jokes, antics, and "der rnoosickf' Heights Night, the annual variety show produced by mem- bers ot the band, once again was a great success, as one can readily under- stand by this View of the crowd. WHATS THE SCORE? Our scoreboard, which we think is one ot the best you can buy, is a symbol of timing and precision . . . two things which go into making the Heights Tigers one of the most feared teams in Western Michigan. lt also regulates the half-time shows for our band, and in other ways stands there in the southwestern corner of Phillips field as a symbol of being "on the ball." Heights Band members somehow get themselves in and out of these formations it K .mul . we clon't know just how they do it. THESE FOLKS ADD GLAMOUR . . . Giving an added zest to our band are our high- stepping Majorettes, Carol Grossman, Gloria Burns, Ioan Novoselich, Lou Ann Hobby, Francis Heimler and Cabsentl Doris Burton. Kneeling is our top-notch baton twirl- er, Karla Kinney. Here are the reasons Why those big yells burst forth from the stands: Marilyn Keglovitz, Max- ine Sterkenburg, Dan lan- uska, and Iulie Bailey CCaptainJ. The two girls on the tar right are Betty Wagenmaker and Ioane Wagenrnaker. Our color guards, when all present, include Dick Torrey, Mike Adamczak, lack Kinnucan, Ralph Vickers. Regit fthe Tiger, spelled backwardsl is really Gail Kernpker, an acrobatic dancer. C. F. BOLT Former Principal Here's the new Way to spell BOLT: B, for benevo- lent, O, for outstanding, L, for L l' T f t 't oycr, ,or rue...1 all cfdcls up to B-O-L-T, for Mr. Bolt. DEDICATION ,awtlf XQ fin? Af Jw , JWQW ' 314,40 w?'f-fw7'Wf"7J Ma' LAM6, 'V f,Qjf,,7,,6,,Q7, Zzww-0 AWMJZAWWWMWMQQWW- 70M4 g.Qa6Zf,4waZJ 521 1 At the Ann- ual Homecom- i n g g a m e against Grand Haven, Oct. 24, the MH Club presented Mr. Bolt with a trophy and Mrs. Bolt with a b o u g u e t. Alumni, carry- ing signs desig- n a t i n g their r e s p e c t i V e classes, may be seen in the background. ln this picture is Louis Meisch, at the micro- phone, and Wally Wood, both leaders in the MH Club, present- ing the trophy. Ruby Brown, one of Heights Highs first graduates, is at the extreme right, OFFICE GIRLS Meet the two ladies who help make our high school office a pleasant, as well as efficient, place. At the left is Miss Ioan McConnell and at the right is Mrs. Anna Harvath. Both were graduated from Heights High. Mrs. Harveth's son, Steve, is a sopho- more. Miss McConnell previously worked for The Muskegon Chronicle. PRINCIPAL Mr. H. A. Kruizenga, who took over the duties and re- sponsibilities of the principalship of Heights High this year, was born at Spring Lake, educated in schools of Ottawa County and Grand Haven High, received his bachelor's degree from Hope College and his master of arts degree from the University of Michigan, His first teaching experience was in the foothills of Iackson County, Kentucky, Where he remained three years before coming to Muskegon Heights where he taught for 17 years. He coached second team basketball for IU years, was athletic manager for lU years, and coached tennis for seven years. Mr. Kruizengds main interests outside of school center around church activities, occasional golf at Pontaluna Coun- try Club, and a friendly hand of bridge with his friends. CStrictly an amateur he saysll He is active in the alumni organization of Hope College. He likes to travel but so far has confined himself to north central and eastern United States. ' His main reason for teaching is that he "believes in the necessity oi serving one's fellowmenf' He is at present President of the local Teacher's Club, and last summer attended the National Education Association meeting held in Detroit. 18- ADMINISTRATION Supt. W. R. Booker Our Superintendent, Mr. W. R. Booker, came here in 1928. He is a native of Indiana, and once taught in Kalamazoo College. He also was Superintendent of Schools in Green- ville. He commands the respect of our towns- people and his colleagues around the state. Mr. O:a V. Cobb Mr, Cobb, a member of the Board of Edu- cation for about two decades, retired in the spring of 1953. His wisdom and loyalty will be sorely missed by the remaining members of the Board. His resignation was accepted with much regret. May' we add that the students and teachers of Heights High also are sorry to see him leave. As a father of two Heights teachers fformer Heights High studentsl, his viewpoint on school affairs was always pointed toward the best interests of boys and girls. Good luck, Mr. Cobb. See you at the next football game! BOARD OF EDUCATION VanDyke, Cobb, Sutton Carl fPresidentl, Strand Faust Damm and Supt Booker MR. VEHDUIN. A.B., M.A. Miss ERIKSON, B.S. lames W. Verduin teaches civics and eto- iiomics, and is advisor ot the Student Council. He received his degrees from Western Michi- gan College and the University ot Wisconsin. Miss Ruth l.. Erilison was graduated by Michigan State Normal College, at Ypsilanti, majoring in history. She teazhes both Ameri- can and World History. Miss KIDWELL, B.S., M.A. Miss Eleanor Kidwell received her educas tion at the University oi Denver and Indiana University. She is librarian and advisor ot the Library Club. MR. McKnNzrr:, A.B. Mn. Finns, A.B., MA. David R. McKenzie, a senior class advisor, is Reserve Team Football coaih and teaches history, He was graduated by Central Michi- gan College ot Education. Del Firme teaches history and is a Iunior class advisor. He was graduated by Western Michigan College and the University of Michi- gan. He is assistant Varsity Football coach. Miss WILLIAMS, A.B.. M.A. MR.HAsT1NGs,A.B.,M.A. Miss Helen Williams attended Calvin Col- lege, the University of Michigan and Wiscon- sin, and the Sorbonne, Paris. She teaches Latin and Spanish and is Latin Club advisor. Mrs. Ruth Hastings earned her bachelors degree at Adrian College and her master's at the University of Michigan. She teaches Spanish and English and is Spanish Club advisor. Miss Srmxcus, A.B., M.A. Miss NELSON, B.S. Miss Iulia Sprague earned her degree at Michigan State Normal College and the Uni- versity of Michigan, specializing in English language and literature. During her 30 years of teaching at Heights High, she was chair- man ot the department. Popular with her students, though exacting in her work, she helped hundreds of boys and girls to raise their sights and shoot for higher goals. Miss Pauline Nelson received her bachelor oi science degree at Central Michigan Col- lege. She taught at Lowell High School be- fore coming to Muskegon Heights last year. Miss HILLS. B.S. Mas. MURRAY. B.S. Miss Vondell Hills teaches English and is co-advisor of the Y-Teens She was gradu- ated by Marquette University. Mrs. Florence Murray, also a co-advisor of the Y-Teens, teaches English. She majored in science and English while a student at Northern Michigan College. She also taught physical education for girls at Heights High. L Mn. CRUMME1., A.B.. M.A. Mn. GILLASPY. A.M., B.S. Eugene W. Gillaspy received his college training at Western Michigan College. He did advanced work at Northwestern Univer- sity. He teaches speech, coaches debate and plays, and is Faculty Ticket Manager for the athletic department Robert A. Crummel received his AB, degree at Western Michigan College and his M.A. degree at the University ol Michigan. He teaches History and Speech, and directed the Annual Forensics contests Mn. MURRAY. A.B.. M.A. Mn. Coma. A.B., M.A. William E, Murray teaches English and lournalism, is advisor ol The Acorn and The Oaks, and the Senior Class. He received his AB. degree in journalism and his M.A. degree in language and literature, both from the University ol Michigan lames V. Cobb teaches English, photog- raphy, and history, and is photograph advisor lor our publications, He is a graduate ol Western Michigan College and the University of Michigan. MR. BUCK, B.S., M.A. Mr. Buck is a graduate of Northern State College, and Northwestern University. He directs Orchestra and Vocal Music. MR. TRAETZ, B.M.E. Robert Traetz attended Vandercook College and also DePaul University. He received his degree in Music Education, and teaches in- strumental and band music on several levels. Mn. LiD'J1coA'r, B.M., M.M. Paul G. Liddicoat is a graduate ol the University ot Michigan. l-le directs band and instrumental music. Miss SHARP, B.S. Miss Thelma Sharp, foods teacher, earned her bachelor ol science degree in Home Economics at the University of Kentucky. She taught in Kentucky and New Baltimore before coming to Muskegon Heights. Miss Kr-:I1.LoH. A.B.. M.F.A. Shll Artist at workl Miss Kathryn Keillor, head oi the art department and Art Club Advisor, received her education at Western Michigan and at Cranbrook Art Academy. Many ol her paintings have received high praise from the critics. Miss Fonsssxs, B.S. Miss lean Forsberg, who is working toward a master's degree, holds a B.S. degree from Michigan State College, ln her spare time she enjoys playing the piano, reading, and swatting the golf ball. Mn. COUHTHIGHT, B.S., M.A. A. Maywood Courtright teaches Mechanical Drawing, French, and Algebra. He received degrees in engineering and in music from the University of Michigan and Columbia University, respectively. Mn. Kos!-IN Calvin F. Koehn was educated at the United Typothetae School of Printing and Western Michigan College. He teaches graphic arts and is printing advisor lor school publica- tions, His hobbies are color photography and travel. 5' 'Q Mn. OJALA, B.S. E. O. Ojala earned his bachelor of science degree at Western Michigan College, special- izing in machine shop. He is interested in all aspects oi industrial arts and often does carpentry work during the summer. One of his hobbies is raising collie dogs. Mn. DINGLER, B.S. William H. Dingler received his bachelor of science degree at Western Michigan Col- lege, He teaches woodwork. Mn. Tuomusv, A.B.. M.S. Mn. Hmrson. A.B. I. Kenneth Thornley earned his bachelor of arts at Michigan State Normal College, and took his masters degree at the University ot Michigan. He teaches science and is also director ot the Adult Education program. Russell Hanson was graduated by Michigan State College with a bachelor ot science de- gree. He teaches chemistry and geometry, and is one ot the advisors of the Iunior Class. Mn. RICE, A.B. MR. Booxsn, B.S.. L.L.B. Mr. lack Rice received an AB. degree from Hillsdale College and did graduate work at the University of Michigan. He teaches in the English department and is a talented actor in Civic Theater shows. W. R. Booker, Ir., son of our Superintendent, received his B.S. and L.L.B. degrees from the University of Michigan and Northwestern University. He teaches Commercial Law part of the day and is also a local attorney. t MR. KHUEGER, B.S., M.A. Mn. Bnowu. A.B. Frederick W. Krueger was graduated by the University oi Minnesota and Wheaton Col- lege. He is Hi-Y Advisor and teaches biology. Glen I. Brown, who teaches also at Central lunior High, teaches biology here at high school. He was educated at Central Michigan College. MR. Ls Roux. B.S. Mn. Sci-mr-:cAnnus. A.B. Besides teaching mathematics, Arthur N. LeRoux is football coach at Central Iunior High where his teams have compiled a near- pertect record. He is a Sophomore Class advisor. He earned his bachelors degree at the University of Michigan. Leonard N. Schregardus, one ot the two popular Hi-Y Club advisors teaches mathe- matics. His extra-curricular duties include things like pop-corn, and Oak.: advertising sales. He is a graduate of Hope College, Mn. HUTTENGA, B.S.. M.A. Miss Rein, A.B. Miss Kathryn Reid was graduated by West- ern Michigan College of Education where she received her AB degree. She teaches Short- hand and Senior Office Training. I, A Huttenga was graduated by Ferris Institute and Michigan State College, receiv- ing BS, and M A. degrees. He teaches Book- keeping and Typewriting, and is Assistant Athleti: Ticket Manager, MR. IOHNSON. A.B. O. E fOlcieD Iohnson is a graduate ol West- ern Mirhigan College He coaches football, basketball, and baseball, and teaches physi- cal education, He is director ot athletics, Mas. THOMPSON. B.S., M.S. Miss Bomrr. B.S. Mrs. Claretta Thompson, who teaches Type- writing and Bookkeeping was graduated by Western Michigan College of Eclucation and the University of Michigan Miss Boadt attended the University of Michigan, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree, Miss Boadt teaches Type- writing Miss Conn. B.S. Being Booster Club Advisor and Girls' Physical Education Director Peeps Miss Maxine Cobb busy all day, She received her education here at Heignts High and at Western Michigan College. OFFICERS President ............. Iames Davies Vice-president ....,..., Roy Phillips Secretary .....,.. Dorothy Hesselirik Treasurer ........... Ianice Hawley Sergearits-at-arms . .Dori Talmaclge, ADVISORS D. R. McKenzie Florence Murray W. E, Murray 'Q , v--wx Ochs, Hawley, Phillips, Davies, Hesselink THIRTY-SECOND GRADUATING CLASS OFFICERS Bill Start l 1271 Seniors ACKERMAN General Full of lun and always nice to everyone . . . is Kay. Her hobbies are taking pictures and traveling. She's a loyal member of both The Acorn and Oaks staffs. Kay enjoys hillbilly music, and she also teaches Sunday school. ALLMON General Margaret was an enthusias- tic sports lan. She was active in Intramural sports in her sophomore year . . . won her MH in her junior year. "Pat" was in the Style Show and "baby-sits" in her spare time. ANDERSON College Orlan has gained the respect of everyone here at Heights High. She was active in the Art club, Spanish club, and Booster club. Orlan also served on the Christmas For- mal committee and was a Iunior Arbor girl. BALAS Commercial Fun is everywhere when Carole is around. She was active in Student Council, Iunior-Senior Prom commit- tee, junior Play committee, Y- Teens, Spanish club, and Glee club. She works part-time at two local industries. BECK General Larry, popular among his friends, participated in basket- ball and track, winning an MH in track. His hobby is "Hot Rods." If you ask about his favorite subjects, he will tell you machine shop and printing. I953 ADAMCZAK College If anyone in the Senior class deserves praise for the continued success ot class ac- tivities, it's "Mike" . . . Class treasurer in '52, Student Council, Color Guard, Track, Commencement usher, Iunior- Senior Plays, Representative to Region Four. ANDERSON Commercial lanette is our happy bundle ot cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows. She played Intramural sports, won an honor certificate, and was a Iunior Arbor girl. As a hobby, Ianette collects snap- shots. She likes square-danc- ing, skating and bowling. BAKKER General Donna has a great apprecia- tion for music. She plays the piano exceptionally well and also plays the accordian. "Toni" took an interest in sports too . . . winning her MH and Intramural cham- pionship in her junior year. BALDWIN General Bong!l . . . And Leroy comes out swinging. As we know Boxing is his favorite sport. His hobby is watching boxing on television. He won a sweater in a boxing tourna- ment. Leroy likes Latin and music. Works in his spare time. BECKLIN General Popular in intramural sports as a sophomore, Ann continued her winning ways with everyone throughout the junior and senior years. She collected "hillbilly" records as a hobby. Her scholastic grades have been consistently good. Seniors BERKNER Colleqe Horst, just five years in America, is formerly from Dessau, Germany. He came to Ohio in '48 and transferred to the Heights last fall. His time was divided between his job, car, and his excellent de- bating, BICKOWSKI Commercial Caro1yn's smile and person- ality have won her many friends . . . served on the Iunior-Senior Prom commit- tee Y-Teens, Style Show, Iunior and Senior Play Com- mittees, Glee club, "Care's" hobbies are listening to polkas and writing to a certain sol- dier. BLAKE Commercial Martha is a very good- natured person, sociable, as well as intelligent. In ninth grade she was class President and chosen second best citi- zen. Martha was a member of Y-Teens, A Cappella Choir and Iunior Arbor Girl. BODNAB College Louis, a boy well-liked by all, played Reserve football. .. marched in the Band for two years. "Duffy" likes classical music and won first place in an architectural drawing con- test, Works as chief drafts- man at a local engineering company. BONIFIELD General Rouhmel is one of the quiet kind, but a better girl is hard to find. "Mell" was in the Style Show, A Cappella choir, and Bible class. She won a "high jump" award for horseback riding. I953 BERNARD General Barb was a good sport in all ways. She was active in Student Council, Future Nurses, Spanish club, Senior Play committee, Style Show, Acorn, Oaks, and Advertising Staffs, active in 4-H, winning first prize in a State Clothing Contest. BLACK College Ruthie, twice one of the 10 best-citizens, was an officer of the Library Club, of the Y-Teens, and was a student Council representative. She was active in Orchestra, A Cappella choir, and Glee club. BODNAR General Barbara . . . the gal with a twinkle in her eyes and laughter in her smile, readily took part and did her duty well . . . Acorn, Oaks, Chron- icle News Editor, Style Show. "Bodie" likes music . . . danc- ing . . . works at a local de- partment store. BOND General Maxine fknown more famil- iarly as "Mickey"l was in the Art club and Glee club . . . worked diligently and loyally on the Acorn and Oaks staffs . . . appeared in two Style shows . . . is very easy to meet. Small, but appreciates music in a big way. BOSCH General Come and meet Merle . . . happy as the day is long. He's a member of the USNR and is employed part-time at the Pyle Pattern company. His pet peeve is Hstuckup girls" . . . likes hunting and fishing. Seniors BOSTON College Yvonne, known by her friends as "Vonny," was a member of the Future Nurses club . . . hobby is drawing and she just loves chocolate malteds and hamburgers. Though small, she was one of Heights High's most avid boosters. BRANDON General Patricia is one of our quiet seniors. Pat was a member of the Library club and the Art club. She was on the Oaks- Acorn staff, and appeared in the style show in her sopho- more year. BUIT College Louise is more fun than a "barrel of monkeys." She was active in Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Spanish club and Glee club. "Louise" took part in in- tramural sports, sang in A Cappella Choir and ushered for the Iunior and Senior plays. BURGHDUF General Bob played intramural games in the ninth grade and was on the championship team. He likes most of the winter sports, skating and ski- ing particularly. You may even see him playing hockey on roller-skates. BURNETT Commercial lean believes that the way to make a friend is to be one, and by this rule she lives. She participated in Intramural sports, Y-teens and Style Show. lean also has a hobby . . . collecting salt and pepper shakers. I9531 BRADFORD General Marilyn is intelligent, ambi- tious and in general she is tops in every way. She worked hard as a member ot the Oaks- Acorn Staff . . . was Record news editor . . . "Diddy" par- ticipated in the Glee club and Bible club. BRONGERSMA Commercial Laurel had a pleasing smile and a heart of gold . . . was active in Y-Teens, Spanish club, Glee club, Intramural Champions . . . likes photog- raphy and shorthand which helps in her job for a local manufacturer . . . who will forget Laurie's "convert?" BULL General Time goes steady, and so do I. Valerie was Iunior Ar- bor girl and belonged to the Glee Club. Valerie won a French honor and she likes to travel. Her hobbies are reading, writing stories, listen- ing to classified music. BURMEISTER General For Ron, a man of very few words, school is a nec- essary evil. Ronald has been working after school at a lo- cal industry. He received let- ter awards, and was active in varsity and reserve loot- ball and also baseball. BURTON General Iohn has a lot of talent. I-le played in the band for three years and was in the Heights Night show in his sophomore year. Iohnny likes cars and dancing and is employed by the Continental Motors Corp. I953 CADE General Floretta, born and reared in Chicago, came to Heights High in her Senior year. "Flip Corky" as she is known to her friends, is a quiet girl but very nice to know. She enjoys skating, dancing, and sewing. CARPENTER General Peppy, good-natured, over- flowing with fun, a wizard in art, second to none. Shirley . . . nicknamed "S.A.C." was also active in Band . . . Heights Night show . . . loves all music . . . is an accom- plished horseback rider. CHARLAND General lackie, who can find room for every joy in her heart takes her fun where she finds it. She was active in Student Council Y-Teens and the Style Show. Iackie likes to square dance and all sorts of music. CLINE General Doreen, known as Babe to her friends, was active in sports and was an MH win- ner. She took part in the tenth grade Style Show. Her hobbies are rollerskating and hillbilly music . . . Also works part time. COOK College Most of her friends call her "Cookie," although she really is Shirley. She was a Student Council representa- tive, an officer of the Future Nurses, sang in the Glee club, and was on the Iunior play committee. Square dancing is her favorite pastime. Seniors CARLSON College Beverly is the girl who changed many a dull moment into a lively one. Bev worked hard as Acorn and Oaks Edi- tor, was an officer of the Spanish club, on the Iunior, Senior play and prom com- mittees. CARTER College Wilbur will be remembered as one of the most spirited members on the track team. His favorite subjects are math and chemistry, but he has no great love for history . . . served on the Oakette staff in lunior high. CHRISTMAS Commercial Phyllis has achieved her most vigorous aspiration . . . she showed her scholastic abil- ity by being in the upper third of the class. A Iunior Arbor girl, "Phyl" also participated in the Glee club, second choir and A Cappella choir. CONNELL General As an outdoor man Vernon spent most of his time hunt- ing, fishing, and swimming. Listening to music on the radio and roller skating are two hob- bies "Barney" enjoyed doing. COOPER General Clare was a member of the Bible Class in his Sophomore and Iunior years. He likes music and takes an interest in boxing. Clare works at a local grocery store and plans to be a meat cutter. Seniors COOPER General A cheerful friend, a willing worker, Glenn was always willing to help others . . . Active in baseball for three years and showed his spirit in every game . . . won many letters. Glenn works in a local factory. DAULT General Ioyce's motto was, "I can be serious, but I'd rather be gay." As a hobby, Ioyce likes to eat and dance . . . She par- ticipated in the Style shows. Ioyce's extra time was spent working at a local "dime" store. DAWES College Quiet, thoughtful, brown eyed Iani plans to make her life profession doctoring. She served on the Iunior-Senior Prom committee, Iunior play committee, and was in the Band. Iani also participated in girls intramural sports. DEEPHOUSE General William was a likable stu- dent during his stay at Heights High school. Bill's hobbies are cars and Mechanical draw- ing. He also likes money. Bill is employed as a draftsman at a local factory. DICK General "Loads of fun and sweet personality" is Ianice. lt comes natural for her to be nice to everyone . . . hobby is collect- ing souvenirs. Ianice is called "Babe" by many friends . . . likes Ray and cooking. I953 CRANSTON College If you ever need a friend, just call on Corinne. "Corky" was a Booster Club member, and was in the Second Choir. Her hobbies consist of roller- skating, dancing and swim- ming. DAVIES College Iim is President of our Senior Class, Student Council, and A Cappella Choir. He was active in sports, starring in football. "Tank" was A11- State tackle in his senior year. He belonged to Hi-Y and was a junior Commence- ment usher. DECENT Commercial Leah, tall, dark, and mis- chievious, developed a flair for acting. Besides being in the Senior play, she took part in Y-Teens, Booster club, Iunior prom, and was a Iun- ior Arbor girl. DE FOUW College St. Iohn's High school lost a prize package when Mary Anne moved here last year . .. but it was our gain. She was in Y-Teens, Choir, and Sen- ior Play. At her former "alma mammy" she was active in Choir, Dramatics, Rhythm club, and was Class treasurer. DILLY General "Dilly," as Claude is called by his friends because of his unknown middle name, is a happy-go-lucky guy. His hob- by is reading. He has a job at a local factory. l953 DORNBUSH College Mary Lou is a nice person to have around. She was a lunior Arbor Girl . . . On the Oaks Advertisement staif. As her hobbies she likes roller skating, music and talking pic- tures, DUNHAM Commercial She's petite , . . but peppy. Beatrice with her "flirty- flirty" eyes, is known as "Dolly." Active in the Y- Teens, Student Council, Iun- ior play, Prom committee, and Senior play. Her main inter- est Cwe thinkl is a certain sailor boyl HARLEY College Intelligent, respected, and easy to get along with . , . Audra likes sports and music. Held office of Student Coun- cil Secretary and played on Intramural champs team, M. H. winner and arbor girl. Goes by the nickname of "Faye" FIELD Commercial Gentleness is her main vir- tue . . . Marilyn had a soft pleasing voice and a smile that was admired by all. In her spare time she liked roller skating . . . now thoughts turn other ways . . . keeping house for Sid. FORTENBACHER College Linda, a truly sincere friend to all, was a member of the Library club, Future Nurses and French club. "Innie won an MH . . . was Student Council representative and served on the Iunior-Senior Prom Committee. Seniors DOUBRAVA Gen eral "Hats off to Bernie" who was always on hand to help make our activities a success . , , Iunior play committee, student council, prom commit- tee, Oaks and Acorn staff, senior play . . . Bernadine will be remembered by all as a iriend, DURGA General Noted for his bright red hair and jolly ways, Bob was a ray of sunshine to all who knew him. He graduated from summer school last year and is now working for Uncle Sam. EDDY General The sparkle in Carole Ed- dy's eyes matches the sparkle on her left hand . . , She took part in the Style show and worked on the Acorn and Oaks staffs . . . also belonged to the Y-Teens. FIKES General "Ioy" was a Student Coun- cil representative and a mem- ber oi the Style show. She was an Intramural Sport champion and an MH win- ner. Her hobbies are collect- ing photos ot people. She was employed part-time at a local drug store. FORTENBACI-IER General Mary, better known as Sis, is indeed liked by everyone. Although she claims swim- ming and dancing as her la- vorites, she participated in many intramural sports. Be- sides the MH she received, she well earned the title of "Most Athletic." Seniors FORWARD General Roy was a popular student with a friendly greeting for all. He likes cooking and won the pie-baking contest in 1952. He was a member of the Sen- ior Play cast. He has ambi- tions to be a chef . . . GARBER College Harold's middle name must be "Music," for he was in the orchestra and band for four years and in the A Cappella choir for two years. He also plays in a dance band and has won medals in the State Mu- sic festival . . . "Gobs," his friends call him! GAUTHIER Commercial Shirley has a disposition that is lively and ardent, frank and kind. She was a Iunior Arbor girl, took part in the style show, member of the Y- Teens, and played Intramural sports. Her hobby is roller skating. GOLDBERG General ln ludy we see all the bright things in life . . . her energy and friendliness are her outstanding characteris- tics. She sang in Glee club and in both Choirs. She ap- peared as one of the "Melo- deites" in the Heights Night show. GOODRICH General A good disposition is more valuable than gold. This best describes "Porgie" who was in the style show and Spanish club. Porgie won an honor certificate at Central. Her fa- vorite past-time is roller-skat- ing. I953 FREN S General Known by the name of Pee Wee to her friends, Louise was on the Oaks and Acorn staff, in the second choir and the style show. Played intra- mural sports and won her MH in the tenth grade. GARNER College "A friend to all who know her" is an apt description of Pat. She participated in in- tramural sports, winning an MH, served on the Iunior- Senior Prom committee, was a Iunior Arbor girl, and C! Latin club officer. GEORGE College Tom likes boating, swim- ming, and water skiing . . . and, in general, enjoys taking life easy CDon't we all?l He was one of the top four in his class in mechanical draw- ing, He is employed at a local engineering company as a draftsman. GOODE General A little girl with little ways all her own. Rene was active in Y-Teens . . . took part in a Style Show and collects stuffed toys. Rene was in the Iunior play and had the lead- ing role in the Senior play. GRANT College "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice" . . . Gordon played reserve base- ball and was Commencement usher. Most of his time was spent on drafting in a local engineering office . . . "Gor- die" is a quiet boy but a true friend, indeedl l953 HAHN College "Graceful and tall, she roams through the halls." . . . that's Pat . . . remembered by many as "Daphne" in the Senior play. Active in Orches- tra, Choir, Iunior Play, Stu- dent Council, . . . good looks and "personality-plus." HARRIS College Dick was an all-round boy, participating in a variety of activities such as Oaks and Acorn publications, football team managership, Bible class, Spanish club, Iunior and Sen- ior play committees. He also worked alter school. Dick will go places. HAWLEY College lan is a girl who walks with opportunity. She was active in Future Nurses, Library club, Iunior-Senior Prom and Play committees, Treasurer of Sen- ior class and Ir. Arbor girl. Ian likes roller skating and dancing. HEMKIN Commercial Quiet, friendly, and sincere, are only a few of the words which describe Ian. She was in Glee club at Central and took active parts in Art work. Ian has won honors in the annual Poppy Poster contest. HENDRICKSON College Oh, wouldn't it be dull with- out her? Dorly was trans- ferred from Muskegon High School where she was active in the Booster club, Latin club, F.H.A .... while here par- ticipated on Iunior-Senior prom committee . . . in Iunior play. Seniors HARRINGTON College Richard with his dramatic ways was in Iunior Play . . . Debate . . . Voice of Democ- racy Winner . . . active mem- ber of Student Council, French club, Latin club, and Tennis team. He was Master Councilor of Muskegon Or- der of DeMolay, an unusual accomplishment. HARTMAN College , Arthur was ferocious in football and a good guy al- ways. "Porky," the name he acquired from the boys on the squad, was a member of the reserve and varsity football team. Art's other activities in- cluded tennis and Hi-Y. HEGEDUS College Gilbert was a boy with a word for everyone. Although not too active in school activi- ties, he was well liked by his friends. "Gil" spent much of his spare time working on cars. HEMPHILL General It is easy to tell that Eze- kiel is interested in music . . . four years in Band, three in Orchestra, and tour in A Cappela choir, "Zeke" also went out for athletics and Works in a local business es- tablishment. HERBERT General A tiny mite, but full oi pep . . . that's Eula. She was ac- tive in Intramural sports and took part in the Annual Style shows. "Dolly" likes to listen to blues records as a hobby. Seniors HERRALA Commercial Active in the Y-Teens, Phyllis also participated in in- tramural sports. "Phyl" was an Intramural Champion in her Iunior year. She was in the Style Show. Collects coins as a hobby. HIGH WAY College Clarence, a very easy going lad, was always seen in his hepped-up '41 Ford, "Clare" was a Student Council Repre- sentative, on both the Oaks- Acorn staff. He was on the Reserve football and track team. HOWELL Commercial lf you are looking for someone quiet and shy, then Ioyce is the one you're look- ing for. She is very well liked by all who know her. She is treasurer of the Future Nurses club . . . works for a local realtor, too. HUNTER General Shirley is a friendly girl with a quiet disposition. She took part in many activities. . . 'Glee club, Choir II, Style Show and Tea, A Cappella Choir. Shirley is one of the "lucky ones" . . . she has C1 -car all her own. IENSEN College At the top of Carl's activ- ity list is Band, which took much ol his time. However, he also found time to be a Commencement usher and to participate in the Heights Night show. He likes to hunt and fish. I953 HESSELINK College Dorothy was not only pop- ular, but "the tops" . . . class Secretaryg Oaks, Acorn Edi- torp Debateg Play committees and castp Future Nurses, Y- Teens, Spanish, Latin and Glee clubs, orchestrag Iunior- Arbor girl . . . "Most all- round girl" . . . D.A.R. Best Citizen. HOOGEWIND General Stella was a Cherry Pie queen and a Dress Revue queen in 4-H. She was a French club member and on the Oak's and Acorn staff. She was also in the Curve- crest Skating club. HUGHES General "Always leave them laugh- ing when you say good-bye." Phil works at a local gas sta- tion besides devoting his spare time to photography and working on a motor. He also enjoys industrial arts. IACOBS College Take a little brawn, a lot of brain, mix with a liberal dose of winning personality . . . and shake hands with Kenneth! Known as "lake," he played Reserve football . . , likes hunting and fishing . . . and automobiles , . . works part-time for the city. IOHNSON College One of the busiest little bees at Heights High was Darlene. She held offices in Library club, Y-Teens and Spanish club. Other activities include French club, Glee club, Style Show, A Cappella Choir, Heights Night and Band. I953 IOHNSON College Irving played Reserve foot- ball and was active in French club. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. He likes new cars and blue-prints. lrv is em- ployed by a local engineering company as a draftsman. IOHNSON College Raymond was active in Stu- dent Council, Hi-Y, and was one of our best tennis players. Ray likes to work on his "ex- trasharp" '41 Ford. Part-time, he is employed in the dis- tribution department of The Muskegon Chronicle. KEMPERMAN General Barbara will dance her way to fame. She is taking tap, ballet, and toe dancing as well as giving lessons to some of the beginners. "Barb" works as head usher in one of our local theaters. KERLEY College Bob was a cornetist in the high school band and parti- cipated in the Heights Night show for four years. He played tennis in his Iunior and Senior year. Bob works in a local shoe store. KESSLER General Blond hair and blue eyes, that's Norman . . . and a better friend is hard to find. Norm was in the band in the ninth grade and is an Eagle Scout. His hobby is hunting . . . and he is employed part-time. Seniors IOHNSON General Merle fluniorl Iohnson has many hobbies . . . model build' ing, hunting, and sailing. He has been a camp counselor at Camp Pendalouan, and was a manager of the camp trading post . . . works in a local store. KEGLOVITZ General "Lovely to Look at" is Marilyn. She spreads fun and laughter wherever she is. She was one of our best cheer- leaders. Marilyn took part in the senior play, student coun- cil and was elected the best dancer in the senior class. KEMPKER General Emmajane was on The Oaks and Acorn staffs . . . was a member of the French club, and participated in the Style Show. "Iaynne was also ac- tive on the Senior Prom com- mittee and in the local 4-H club. KESSLER General Dale was one of those peo- ple who were bitten by the mechanical bug. Puttering around with his car is his idea of a good spare time project. He also worked at a local super - market after school. KING General Carl was one who could al- ways be depended upon. Acorn staff, Band, Heights Night, Track, Iunior High football fat Bunkerl, being Oaks Co-Editor and News Editor were some of Carl's many activities. He also was cr member of Norton Fire De- partment and in Civil Patrol. Seniors KLEEVES General Esther, a hit in the Heights Nite Show of '53 as one of the Melodetts, was active in Future Nurses, Glee club, A Cappella choir, and a M.H. winner. Esther likes sports, concerts and the piano. KOZLER Commercial Roberta, well known as "Bert," was a member of the Y-Teens in her Iunior year. She likes a lot of things in life . . . especially boiled cab- bagel Her hobbies are skat- ing and dancing. LAMBRIX College Mischief gleams in his eyes. Larry took part in A Cappella Choir, Heights "Nite" Show, Band, and was on the Iunior- Senior prom committee. He likes to play tennis and col- lect post cards. LEE College Wherever she finds herself in life she gets along . . . Student Council, Y-Teens, Iunior Arbor girl, Library club, Iunior play, varsity de- bate, Forensics winner, and Lee Citizen cup award . . . and who can ever forget "Hare's" jokesl MC CLAIN General Curtiss came to Heights High this year from Ravenna. He has been active here in Choir II and was president of the Bible club. Curt likes music very much. Other hobbies in- clude ice-skating, swimming, and hunting. I953 KON IN G College Al, a very popular boy in the Senior class, sang in the A Cappella choir, played in the Band, and participated in Heights Night. He also was an usher at Commencement last year. Al played varsity baseball for two years. LABAN General Ioe had a quiet disposition. He had many friends in school. He played football three years. foe was picked on the All- Conlerence football team, in his senior year. He worked at a local industrial plant. LANG College Charles is the shy, tall young fellow who towers over us in the halls. He is enthu- siastic about hunting, fishing. and boating. Much of his time is spent on his "Chevvy" . . . employed as an apprentice in Grand Haven. MC CLARY Commercial A girl who is not so quiet as one may think. Mary was a member and an officer of Library club . . . A girls MH winner . . . She likes to play the piano . . . and works in a local grocery store. MC COY General Ann was gentle, perhaps shy, but a true friend to those who knew her well . . . transferred from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where she was ac- tive in Choir, Intramural sports, Style show, Class sec- retary, Y-Teens. "Babysister" likes to collect records. l953 MC DONALD General Carlton was a conservative student. He was a member of the Spanish club in his senior year, and also in the second choir for two years. Carlton attended Bible Class for three years. MC LEAN General Rita believes variety is the spice ot lite, and what better way will you obtain variety than by being agreeable. Ac- tive in Intramural sports, Rita especially likes to square dance, but also takes an in- terest in ice-skating and bowl- ing. MATTSON College Shirley's winning personal- ity made her "tops" with her classmates. She was active in Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Booster club, Girls Intramural sports, A Cappella choir, Sub- juniors, and Glee club . . . served also as chairman of the Prom committee. MECHER College Larry was a fun-loving boy who always had a smile on his face. As if going to school wasn't enough, he was holding two separate jobs, one in a factory and one in a super market. MELIN College Gracious in every way that's our Viv. She was a member of the Senior play committee, Library club and officer, Y- Teens, Glee club, A Cappella choir, and Radio class. Vivian was also on the Student Gov- ernment Day Committee. Seniors MC FALL Commercial Where mischief's afoot, you'll find her about. Yes, Shirley is a very gay and friendly girl, who is well liked by everyone. Shirl spends much of her spare time roller-skat- ing. Popular music is another favorite of hers. MC MURRAY Commercial "Louis" was one of the top performers in athletics, making the All-Conference basketball and football teams and the All-State third team in football. He also starred in track. Louis enjoys, besides sports, good music and girls. MAUCH College Bob was noted for achieve- ments in Music . . . Band's Concert Master . . . Orchestra . . . Heights Night . . . A Cappella Choir . . . Active in Student Council . . . Hi-Y . . . Spanish club . . . Junior and Senior Play . . . Member of Reserve Basketball and Ten- nis Team . . . Voted "Most likely to Succeed." MEISTER General Richard KDickl is an ac- complished musician. He played the violin in the or- chestra for the past three years, but was versatile enough to include Reserve football, Reserve basketball, and Ten- nis in his bag of tricks. MERRIHEW General Lynn is the kind of girl that can get along with any- one. To some of her friends she is known by the nickname of "Iackie." Her hobbies are swimming and skating. One of her particular likes is danc- ing. Seniors MEYERS General When Ierry wasn't working in a local food market or go- ing to school, he was spend- ing his spare time ice-skating and horseback riding. He en- joys music and plays a "mean" Hawaiian guitar. MITCHELL General Dorothy was active in in- tramural sports and was in- tramural champion in her sophomore year, She's a mem- ber of the Spanish club, and was in the Style Show. "Dora's" hobby is sports . . . likes music. MITCHELL College Richard will be missed by all undergrads who knew him. He was in the Iunior play cast, on the Prom committee, and a Commencement usher. "Mitch" was a star performer in football and track. Faces a bright future. MORRIS General "Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast," but whether it's a savage, or just a concert audience, we can count on Virginia. She was a member of the Band and Orchestra, and participated in Heights Night. NEARING College Harry was certainly one of the happy-go-lucky boys in school. Active on the reserve and varsity football and base- ball team . . . won letters in both sports. Harry's favorite is . . . fast cars. l953 MISKOWIEC College There's a little bit of bad in every good little girl. Fun loving Betty has that special way of making friends with everyone. She was active in Y-Teens, Latin club, and the Style Show. Betty likes Louie Armstrong records. MITCHELL College LeRoy, a friend to all, was class Sergeant-At-Arms, Stu- dent Council representative, a Hi-Y member, and Iunior Commencement usher. He was also a man of sports tak- ing part in Track, varsity and reserve Football, and reserve Basketball. MOORE General "Good things come in small packages" and this certainly applies to Waneta. She likes to sing, a fact which explains her membership in the A Cappella choir. Her hobbies consist of taking pictures and dancing. MURAR College Hunting and fishing held the attention of Steve most of the time. He likes fly-tying and works at a local sporting goods store. He was in the Senior play as a sophomore, believe it or not. NEISER College Often he burned the mid- night oil, but not for study. Although Ioe's school activi- ties were limited to baseball and reserve football, he had many outside interests . . . sports, popular music, and bashful girls. Works part- time in a grocery store. 1953 NEISER General Bob Neiser's hobbies are fishing and any kind ot racing. He eats, sleeps, and thinks hot rods. He works at a local gas station and has won a repu- tation of being a pretty good aloe... NOBLE General Being a brilliant cmd earnest worker, Margene took part in many school affairs . . . var- ious committees . . . Glee club . . . Choirs . . . Style Shows . . . Arbor girl . . . liked to -dance . . . sing . . . work on scrapbooks. "Marge" works at a local grocery store. NUMMERDOR General Ioan likes to paint in her spare time. She is known as "Ioanie" to her many friends, active in Glee club, Choir II, Band, and the Heights Night and Style Shows, She was a Y-Teen in her sophomore year. OCI-IS College Big, blonde, and bashful . . . that's Arnold. A scholar and Sportsman, Arn was Senior sergeant-at-arms, Commence- ment usher, Iunior Prom committee, a star in Varsity and Reserve football. No one will forget "Elmer" in the Iunior play. ORLING General Richard . . . a small and reserved boy has many friends, and was known for his love for the outdoor life. He likes hunting and fishing and his hobby is working with guns. Dick works at a local hardware store. Seniors NELSON General We'll all reach success if only to keep up with Mar- garet. Her ambition is to be- come a missionary worker. She likes traveling and writ- ing stories. Maggie took part in a style show, intramural sports, and won her MH. NORDEN College Cheerful, ambitious, happy and gay . , . That's our Iune's key to success . . . She was in Iunior play, Senior Play, Y- Teens, Spanish club, and Sub- Iuniors . . , worked on Iunior play committee . . . Senior play committee . . . Oaks and Acorn staff. NUTTALL College Clayton is a camera "bug." He took photography in school and became photograph editor on The Oaks staff. Clayt was also on The Acorn staff and was assistant Chronicle school page editor. He works at a local photograph studio. O'REll..LY Commercial Sandra who brightened up her corner of life was active in Y-Teens, Booster Club, Li- brary club . . . Senior play . . . Acorn Staff . . . lunior Arbor girl , . . Prom committee . . . "Snowball" committee. Sandy likes piano and taking pic- tures. PARKER General Noted for her twinkling blue eyes, Donna likes all sports and ice skating . . . She played girls intramural sports . . . Acorn and Oaks staff . . . She was in the Sec- ond Choir . . . four years in band Heights Nite show. Seniors PATTISON General Larry was active in student council, Hi-Y and a Spanish club member. Larry also played Reserve Football and was a winning member of the Tennis team. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, and his two- tone 42 Dodge. PAULSON College I One of the upper-third of the class, Eugene was out- standing. He took band in his freshman and sophomore years and Camera club in his sophomore year. Eugene also enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time. PEARSON Commercial Although Donna has proved to be one of our quieter sen- iors, she claims she may yet do or say something sensa- tional. Besides winning an honor certificate, she was a Iunior Arbor girl. As her hobby, Donna collects snap- shots. PELFRESNE College Ann's first love is sports. She played intramural sports for four years . . . was on the basketball and baseball championship teams in her junior year and won two MH's. Annie was also active in Future Nurses and Span- ish club. PERTILLA General Cooking and sewing claim most of Gloria's time. She took part in style shows and did her work willingly and well. Gloria baby sits in her spare time and is hardly ever seen without her best pal . . . her sister Shirlean. l953 PAULIN General Barbara was a great help to the Oaks and Acorn staffs, as a photographer. Barbara, a member of the Library and Art clubs, sang in the Glee club, a majorette and was in a Heights Nite show. PAWLAK General Chairman of "Snowball" and Iunior-Senior prom . . . member of Y-Teens, Senior play cast, Library and Booster club . . . Patricia served on Iunior play committee and Oaks and Acorn staff . . . Pat's peppy personality was the punch of the party. PEARSON General "Bill" is the out-of-door type. He spends most of his time hunting, fishing and trap- ping. But besides his outdoor interest William likes wood- working and won a wood- working award in his Iunior year. PENNY College Richard likes mechanical drawing and has won awards in this field. He wants to be a draftsman and is preparing himself for this vocation. Be- sides drawing, Dick likes foot- ball and hunting. Like so many others, he works after school. PERTILLA General Shirlean likes to sew and that goes to show why she participated in the Style Shows. She's quiet but it's hard to match the wisdom un- derneath . . . although re- served in her manner she is a wonderful person to know. i953 PETERSON General Work and play stand side by side for Eldonna. She was l'Ooks" art editor and best actress of her class. Pete was a member of Region 4, Y- Teens, A Cappella, Booster club, student council, Snowball and Prom committees, Iunior and Senior plays. PHILLIPS College Roy made the best ot every opportunity. He was vice- president ol his Freshman and Senior classes and Student council, won letters in three sports, and was a Commence- ment usher. Roy has many friends and works part-time. POLIFRONIO General Patricia's interests lie in sports, music, A Cappella choir, and part-time work at a local theater. She took part in cheerleading, Glee club, Girls' Intramural sports, Heights Night, and Exchange assembly. Known to her friends as "Palimino" . . . won an MH. PRIVASKY College Short and stout, packed full ol fun describes Ierry , . . serving on Iunior-Senior Prom committee . . . a mem- ber ot Hi-Y. "Plosh" ex- celled in reserve and varsity football. lust call on Ierry and the work was done. RICHARDS College Patrick was a boy with am- bitious ways. He has worked all through his school years at a local grocery store and at a department store. He was Pat, to his friends and has an ample supply of them. Seniors PETROPOULOS General Ieanette was a member of Y-Teens, Spanish Club, and Glee Club. She was a Na- tional American Legion Poster Winner. Pete's hobby is Drawing and she works at a local store in Muskegon. PLICHTA General Ken might be small in ap- pearance, but look at the size of a stick of dynamitel Chosen best-looking boy, he played a top-notch brand of football and baseball, He en- joys billiards, and is employed part-time at a local industrial plant. PORTENGA Commercial Phyllis was a member of the Oaks-Acorn staffs, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, was a cheerleader in 9th grade and a team captain. She won the Iunior High certificate, ribbon, and silver pin. RETSEMA College Art was one of the tallest gents in the Senior class with a heart as good as gold. "Ret" was active in all the Band and Orchestra concerts during his school years and won several medals. Ret likes motor boat- ing. ROBIDOUX General A quiet boy with a quiet way always has little to say. Bob likes to hunt and fish during his spare time. He is also known as "Rabbit" to most of his friends. Seniors RYAN College With his quick smile and flashing eyes, Gordon had no trouble winning friends. Gordy was a member of the Hi-Y for two years and was liked by all the fellows in his class. SCHMlDT College Doreen, was in A Cappella choir, Orchestra, on the Christmas Formal committee and Special Assembly commit- tees , . . Iunior Arbor girl, Legion award winner, and Third best citizen. SEKERES General Fun loving and carefree de- scribes our "Sal" She parti- cipated in Y-Teens, A Cap- pella choir and Student Coun- cil . . . was on the Iunior and Senior play committees . . . was chosen class cut-up. Sally likes dancing, eating and cooking. SMlTH General Though very quiet, until you know her well, "Smitty" is indeed a true friend. Be- sides being active in intra- mural sports and winning her MH letter, loan also worked on The Oaks and Acorn staff and Library club. SOUTHWICK General Richard coming here in his senior year, quickly established himself a record for being a friendly and well liked boy. Dick's hobbies are boating, fishing, and working on cars and model planes. l953l SCHEI General Many will remember Ar- lene for her fine performance in the Heights Nite Shows. "Pinky" was a majorette in the Band, She has won many twirling medals and likes to- write letters as a hobby. SCHMlEGE General A jolly boy, chuck full of fun, he's always nice to every- one. Don was a member of the band for four years and also participated in Heights Night Show for four years. His particular likes are cars and boats. SKOCELAS General "Time goes steady and so does Bernice." Wherever we see "Niece" there is Don. Bernice served on Iunior, Senior Prom committee, The Oakes-Acorn staff and was a member of Y-Teens. She liked listening to polka records. SMITH College Harold is a shy goodlook- ing boy with black wavy hair. Class president in the ninth grade, on the track team for three years. Also won honors in industrial arts. He is now working at a local grocery store, SOVA College Varsity football brought Dick a taste of the sport this year when he played his first season of football. "Dinks" also played baseball. He was a Hi-Y member. He likes fish- ing. Dick gained many friends through sports. H953 'STARIHA College Iames was a member of the band for three years and par- ticpated in the Heights Night Shows. lim was also a mem- ber of the orchestra and was in the Spanish club in his senior year. START College Whether it's a cowboy dance or a Council meeting, Bill's attentive. Football, baseball, track, council and Harriet claimed most of Bill's time . . . Also active as Council vice- president, Commencement usher, Assembly participant and Senior play member. lust plain Bill . . . STEERS College Thomas readily made a place here at M.H.I"l.S. after coming in his senior year from Anderson, Indiana . . . Respected and liked by every- one . . . Tom took part in Hi-Y . , . played varsity basketball . . . He likes to draw and play tennis. STEVENS General Marshalls chief interest is 4-H archery. He won the Senior 4-H archery champ- ionship and lunior Leader- ship award in l95l. ln l952 he placed first at M.S.C. with his archery demonstration. He was also on the Acorn and Oaks staff. STURGIS General Vernabelle was a member of the band in her ninth, tenth and eleventh year and participated in Heights Nights shows. She likes to take pic- tures and was a member of the Camera Club. Her hobby is skating. Seniors STARK College Shirley's biggest assets are her ambitious ways . , . stu- dent council, A Cappella choir, Spanish club, art club officer. She won an American Le- gion award and gave a speech at the teachers convention in Grand Rapids. "Shirt" likes politics and foreign languages. STEENHAGEN College An all-around gal with an all-around personality. Bar- bara took part in Y-Teens, Spanish, Booster, and Glee clubsg Oaks and Acorn staffg senior play, and Snowball committee . . . won an M.H. Barb chairmaned the Y-Teen dances into success. STERKENBURG College With her blond hair and blue eyes, we simply could not pass her by. "Mouse" parti- cipated in the Spanish, Boos- ter, and Y-Teens clubs . . . was on the Christmas Formal and Iunior play committees . . . a Iunior Arbor girl and a cheerleader, STRYKER General "Known for the noise she doesn't make," Leone was president of the Library club . . , participated in the Style Show and Tea. . . won an art award in the Poppy Poster contest, works in a local green-house . . . likes oil painting. SURFUS General She's not as quiet as she seeins , . . Darlene who is bet- ter known by all of her friends as "Dad," participated in the Style Show, Oaks and Acorn staffs, Darlene likes to dance and listen to popular music. Seniors SUTTON College lf there isn't fun, Bob will make it. He was a member of Student Council, Iunior play committee, Hi - Y, Heights Night, Band, Prom commit- tee, Reserve football, Reserve basketball, and Tennis team. He works in a local industry. TANNER College Radio and music are Mar- ion's main interests, He likes to play the harmonica and guitar and says he would like to extend his education of a radio technician. Marion also works in a local market in his spare time. TOMORSKY General With a gleam of mischief in his eyes, there was never a dull moment when Ed was around. Ed liked to swim and do gymnastics. He played var- sity arid reserve football. Ed worked at a local industry. TSAGG-ARIS Commercial Ever laughing, talking, and smiling, that's "Betsy." She was a member of the Y- Teens, took part in the Style Show. On the Exchange As- sembly in her Iunior year. Her hobbies are reading and dancing. VANDERSTELT General He likes printing and jour- nalism a great deal. Harold works at Novak's Meat Market after school and hopes to be- come a meat cutter some day. He is a member of the Naval Reserve. His favorite sports are hunting and fishing. I9531 SUTTON College Some say Ronald goes by the golden rule, "Silence is. golden," but we know betterl Ron collects hot rod books . . . likes fishing and boating. He spends his after school hours working lor the chronicle and local restaurant. THOMA General Mention "shyness" and "modesty" and you think of Diane . . . taking part in Li- brary and Art Clubs . . . Diane won many friends with her sincere heart and friendly manner . . , Likes to collect photographs as her hobby . . . she'll go far someday! TORREY College "l'm a quiet fellow, some- timesl" Richard's activities are many: class treasurer, Iunior play committee, Hi-Y member, Senior play cast, color guard, Iunior Com- mencement usher, Iunior-Sen- ior prom committee, and Ten- nis. Dick likes photography, swimming, fishing, and Iune. VAN BROCKLIN Commercial This young lady has loads of friends, maybe 'cause she's a friend to others. Donna was in the Iunior Play committee, in Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Style Show, Glee club, Choir. She likes music and dancing. VANDERWEELE General Although Doris was chosen Most Bashful girl, she makes friends easily. She was a member of Y-Teens, Student Council and Library Club. "Dor," took part in style show and appeared on television, styling her garments. 'I953 'VAN DYKE 'College Don, who was very popular, played football, sang in the A Cappella choir, participated in the Exchange assembly, and Heights Night show. "Fuzzy" was a member of the 'Camera and Spanish clubs. He received an efficiency medal in Spanish. VITEK College Iohn had a varied career, including participation in De- bate, Iunior and Senior plays, Band, Heights Night, Reserve basketball, Radio class, and speech. He won the extem- poraneous contest. Likes -lish- ing, swimming, speech, music, with emphasis upon dance bands. WAGENMAKER General Give him a chocolate malted and you're his friend. Bill likes athletics and took part in Reserve football. After school he works in a local grocery store. In his spare time he enjoys a game of ping pong. WALTHERS College lim had music in his blood and to prove it he won 10 firsts in solo and essemble con- tests during his three years in band. He was on the tennis team and in the Heights Night Shows. WATSON College Ledell took a great interest in sports during his school years. He played football, baseball, and was a wrestling champion at the Ludi Romani events. Ledell was Council representative in his Iunior year. Seniors VEENEMAN General Iolly and carefree . . . a friend to all, IoAnn likes to skate, bowl, and read . . . took part in the Style Show, Y- Teens . . . Acorn and Oaks, a Girls' Intramural champion. "loanie" works part time in the office of Iudge Bernard Cook. VOORHIES Commercial Dorthea had a reserved and quiet disposition. She likes dancing and skating. ln her sophomore year, "Tootsie" was in a Style show and was also in girls Intramural sports and a MH winner. WALKER Commercial Always happy, always gay, she's a good sport we all say. Shirley CShirttaill played ln- tramural sports in her fresh- man year. She took part in the Style Show in her soph- omore year. Her hobbies are skating, and dancing. WANNAMAKER College "Sweet and Lovely" and brains tool Betty belonged to Library, Y-Teens, Spanish, and Booster clubs. Student Council treasurer, Arbor girl, "Snowball" chairman, Iunior prom and play committees, Senior play cast and now, the retired Booster Club presi- dent. WEBB College Erma's really got rhythm, as she takes to music, danc- ing, and skating. An all- around girl, Erma partici- pated in intramural sports and won a "C" at Central. Col- lects pictures as a hobby. Seniors WI-IITSELL General "Lawrence" is another of our sports minded boys, run- ning on the track team for his high school and hunting and fishing in his spare time. He was class Vice-President in his freshman year and works after school. WIGREN College When we met Donna we knew she would always be our friend . . . active in Library club, Oaks, Acorn staff, A Cap- pella choir . . . played intra- mural sports and won her MH. She sang in the choir at the N.E.A. Convention. WILLIAMS General Maggie is a very sociable and congenial person. She is well liked by everyone. While in 12-2 she was a student council representative. "G" played intramural sports and likes convertibles and choco- late malts. WILSON General Margaret enjoys dancing and collects figurines as a hobby. She works after school hours for an insurance and real estate agency. She likes almost everything . . . with the possible exception of ba- nana cream piel WOLCCTT College Nancy participated in Span- ish club, Future Nurses, Y- Teens, and served on the lun- ior play committee. "Nanc's" favorite interests in life are music and a certain guy . . . She was a member of the A Cappella choir for three years. I953 WHITTUM College Eugene never passed up a chance to enjoy himself and to make others happy. "Gene" likes all sports and he also likes to travel . . . piano is his hobby. ln his spare time he worked at a local grocery store. WILLIAMS General David was a likeabe person and got along well with every- one. In his sophomore and junior year, "lean" partici- pated in Baseball and won Re- serve Letters. He enjoys col- lecting stamps as a hobby. WILLIAMS General Quince was one of the flashiest basketball players to play for the Tigers. Basket- ball wasn't his only sport, as he was also on the football and track teams. Ouince won honors in printing and works after school. WITHAM College Ronald has a host of hob- bies, boats, cars, and planes. He also likes roller skating and was a member of Hi-Y in ninth grade. He is employed at a local super market. WORKMAN Commercial A quiet girl with a winning smile: that's Darlene. She was a member of the A Cappella Choir, the Mixed Chorus, and the Style show. She also acted as a Student Council secre- tary. l953 YOUNG General Attractive and ambitious, what more could one ask? Yes, the title of "Best Look- ing" fits Beverly well. Bev was on the Sr. play commit- tee, and both the Oaks and Acorn staff. She enjoys danc- ing and popular music. ZIMMER Commercial Although she leaves the impression of a care-free girl, Yvonne is sincere in every way. She participated in Stu- dent Council, Y-Teens, lun- ior-Senior play and Prom committee, and Acorn and Oaks staff. Yvonne likes Ray Anthony records and dancing. ZORN College Bob was an athlete, and a "big flirt." He played both Varsity and Reserve basketball. later becoming team manager. In baseball his biggest thrills were tossing no-hit games. Bob liked music, singing in the A Cappella choir for three years. EGYED College A gentleman and a scholar . . . that's Iohn. He has a good rating scholastically, played Reserve football, and was in Student Council. He likes girls, but hasn't any room in his life for jazz mu- sic. FRAZIER General Carl was a quiet senior who was very popular among his class friends. He played foot- ball for two years. He likes roller skating and music . . . received honorable mention in machine shop . . . often called "Clyde Beaty." HAROLD KUNKLE G.E.D.T. HERMAN BORGERDING G.E.D.T. FRAZIER General Cottrail played Varsity foot- ball for three years and was in the Band . . . he received athletic awards, a fact which did not keep him from enjoy- ing music. "Ioy Boy" works in a local factory part-time. HARRIS G.E.D.T. Foster fFos or Buz to his friendsi chose to serve his country by joining the Air Force. He joined in Decem- ber, l952, and received his basic training at the Lackland Air Base. As a hobby he likes baseball. BERNARD SMITH G.E.D.T. HARRY WAY G.E.D.T. .. 49 - Seniors ZELLER College His horn was his true love, proven by Band, "Heights Nite," and Orchestra. Iim was Class president, Commence- ment usher, in A Cappella Choir, and an impressive mas- ter of ceremonies. Outstanding acting ability rewarded him with leads in both class plays. ZIMMERMAN General Pauline is a transferred student from Midland. "Pat" as she is better known to her friends, enjoys sewing and embroidering as her hobbies. ln her spare time she works at a local restaurant. KUZNIAR General Richard is a happy-go-lucky guy and has lots of friends in which he met in four years of school. I-le likes hunting, fishing, and printing and hopes to become a printer some day. LOUIS CALIFF G.E.'.D.T. RICHARD FERRY Ir. G.E.D.T. CLINTON HOOD G.E.D.T. PELFRESNE General Dona is one of the quietest and most shy girl in the sen- ior class. She took part in the Style Show in her freshman and sophomore years. As a hobby, Dona is very fond of swimming. URBISH Commercial Lucille came here from Montague where she was the "T.B. Queen," and won a shorthand medal. Quiet, pleas- ant, she served as a member of the Girls' league and on the Camival committee . . . goes by the name of "Tex," MOSES BERNARD Ir. G.l:.D.r. FRED BEARD G.s.D.1'. UPPER THIRD IN SCHOLARSHIP Ianice Hawley Robert Mauch Donna Pearson Phyllis Christmas Harriett Lee Doreen Schmidt Gordon Grant Sandra O'Reilly Dorothy Hesselink Betty Wannamaker Carl Iensen Iohn Vitek Harold Garber Darlene Iohnson Roy Phillips Art Retsema Orlan Anderson Eugene Paulson Shirley Gauthier Yvonne Boston Phyllis Herrala Ruth Black Pat Hahn Shirley Stark Pat Garner Vivian Melin Martha- Blake Iani Dawes Maxine Sterkenburg Iim Zeller Audra Barley Mary Lou Dornbush Ianette Anderson Laurel Brongersma Iames Davies Richard Mitchell Leroy Mitchell Leah Decent Seniors - 1953 - 50 ... Shirley Mattson Iune Norden Richard Harris Barbara Bodnar Margene Noble Nancy Wolcott William Start Richard Torrey Valerie Bull Claude Dilly Glenn Cooper Albert Koning Linda Fortenbacher Esther Kleeves Doris Vanderweele Horst Berkner Don Schmiege Waneta Moore Beverly Carlson Marilyn Bradford Dorothea Voorhies Art Hartman Kay Ackerman Phyllis Portenga Robert Kerley Don VanDyke Ledell Watson Betsy Tsaggaris Iohn Egyed Eugene Whittum Irving Iohnson Steve Murar Roy Forward Ann Beclclin Carl King Mary Ann DeFouw Ianette Hemken Kay Ronalda Ackerman, 3028 Fifth Street Michael Francis Adamczak, 2107 Seventh Street Margaret Belle Allmon, 3225 Mona Avenue Ianette Lea Anderson, 2942 Bailey Street, Muskegon Orlan Anderson, 2424 Sanford Street Donna Iean Bakker, 2332 Sanford Street Edna Carole Ann Balas, 2809 Leahy Street Leroy Baldwin, 2228 Wood Street Fred Arthur Beard, 1337 Marquette Street, Muskegon Larry Eugene Beck, 205 N. Third Avenue, Fruitport Ann Marie Becklin, 6090 S. Walker Road, Fruitport Horst Dieter Berkner, 2528 Baker Street Barbara lean Bernard, 3018 McCracken Avenue Moses D. Bernard Ir., 3254 E. Broadway Carolyn Marie Bickowski, 2111 Eighth Street Ruth Marie Black, 6317 Henry Street, Muskegon Martha Lee Blake, 2416 Wood Street Barbara Ann Bodnar, 2637 Seventh Street Louis Bodnar, 2521 Seventh Street Helen lane Dawes, 55 E. Delano Avenue Leah Rae Decent, 3304 Sanford Street William Deephouse, 6463 Grand Haven Road, Muskegon Mary Anne DeFouw, 1845 Belmont Drive, Muskegon Ianice Delia Dick, 2421 Howden Street Claude L. Dilly, 120 E. First Avenue Mary Lou Dornbush, 5029 Grand Haven Road, Muskegon Maxine Ioy Bond, 3436 Black Creek Road, Muskegon Grace Rouhmel Bonifield, 5741 Grand Haven Road, Muskegon Herman Bernard Borgerding, 221 Mann Avenue Merle Galan Bosch, 738 Farr Road, Muskegon Yvonne lean Boston, 2756 Heights-Ravenna Road, Marilyn lean Bradford, 601 W. Summit Avenue, Muskegon Patricia lllene Brandon, 2306 E. Broadway, Muskegon Laurel Lee Brongersma, 2244 Maflett Street Louise Marie Buit, 1080 W. Norton, Muskegon Valerie Bull, 2939 Sixth Street Robert Arnold Burghduf, 3229 Seventh Street Ronald Elmer Burmeister, 2893 McDermott Street lean 1. Burnett, 1140 Bellway Avenue, Muskegon Iohnny R. Burton, 2325 Wood Street Floretta Cade, 2329 Howden Street Louis Eugene Califf, 2213 Howden Street Beverly Ann Carlson, 1628 C Defense Avenue, Muskegon Shirley Ann Carpenter, 427 Columbia Avenue Wilbur Carter, 2120 Manz Street Iacqueline Mabel Charland, 3300 Mona Avenue Phyllis Roberta Christmas, 1142 Cornell Road, Muskegon Doreen H. Cline, 4837 S. Grand Street, Muskegon Vernon Earl Connell, 3106 Seventh Street Shirley Alberta Cook, 981 Hendrick Road, Muskegon Clare Wilson Cooper, 210 Harrison Glenn Ralph Cooper, 2428 Mclllwraith Street Corinne Pearl Cranston, 3931 Buck Street, Muskegon Barbara Ann Danford, 2505 Sanford Street Ioyce Elaine Dault, 5371 Quarterline Road, Muskegon Iames Henry Davies, 3001 Seventh Street Bernadine Ann Marie Doubrava, 3240 Peck Street Beatrice Meriam Dunham, 520 E. Broadway Robert Arnold Durga, 3047 Worden Street, Muskegon Audra Faye Earley, 2109 Dyson Street Carole Ann Eddy, 2325 Sixth Street Betty Elizabeth Egyed, 2417 Seventh Street Iohn Alexander Egyed, 2417 Seventh Street Richard Earl Ferry Ir., 335 Ruddiman Drive, .,- ,M Marilyn Ioyce Field, 2328 Leahy Street Mary Ioyce Fikes,2425 Manz Street Linda Lee Fortenbacher, 1732 Shettler Road, Muskegon Mary Lorraine Fortenbacher, 1934 Kinsey Street, Roy D. Forward, 2886 Brooks Road, Fruitport Carl Frazier, 2408 Mclllwraith Street Cottrial Frazier, 2408 Mclllwraith Street Louise Esther Frens, 2117 Iefferson Street Harold Arthur Garber, 2324 Sixth Street Patricia Louise Garner, 2828 Ninth Street Shirley Belle Gauthier, 3027 Sanford Street Thomas D. George, 3137 Merriam Avenue Iudith Goldberg, 757 W. Dale, Muskegon Rene Barbara Goode, 2534 Cumberland, Muskegon Georgia Leora Goodrich, 1949 Bundt Drive, Muskegon Gordon Ioseph Grant, 3101 Waalkes Street Patricia Rae Hahn, 1435 Roosevelt Road, Muskegon Richard Stanhope Harrington, 2501 Maffett St. Foster Gerald Harris, 5743 S. Harvey Street, Muskegon Richard George Harris, R. l, Spring Lake Arthur Earl Hartman, 2545 Howden Street Ianice Dee Hawley, 2613 Liberty Road, Muskegon Gilbert G. Hegedus, 2513 Iefferson Street Ianette Lois Hemken, Nunica Iames Robert Ezekiel Hemphill, 3116 Seventh Street Franklin Lee Hendrick, 7 Crescent Avenue Dorly May-Lis Hendrickson, 215 W. Hackley Eula Herbert, 2536 Manz Street Phyllis Marie Herrala, 2023 Henry Street, Muskegon Dorothy lean Hesselink, 1040 E. Broadway, Muskegon Clarence S. Highway Ir., 2024 Hoyt Street Clinton Earl Hood III, 1833 Lemuel Street Stella Louise Hoogewind, 3816 S. Sheridan Drive, Ioyce Faye Howell, 2440 Peck Street Phillip Richard Hughes, 870 Berg Road Shirley I. Hunter, 3117 Waalkes Street Carl William Iensen Ir., 3040 Fairfield Street, Muskegon Kenneth Iohn Iacobs, 3001 Lemuel Street Hazel Darlene Iohnson, 2341 Sixth Street Irving A. Iohnson, 102 E. Maplewood Merle Robert Iohnson, 2836 Fairfield Street, Muskegon Raymond B. Iohnson, 2141 Maffett Street Richard Kenneth Iohnson, 75 Crescent Avenue Marilyn I. Keglovitz, 3027 Highland Avenue Barbara Marie Kemperman, 2410 Henry Street, Muskegon Emmajane lla Kempker, 3211 Charles Street, Muskegon Bobby Dan Kerley, 2409 Maffett Street Dale Allen Kessler, 520 Waalkes Street, Muskegon Norman Ray Kessler, 520 Waalkes Street, Muskegon Carl Donald King, 2040 Lawnel Boulevard, Muskegon Esther Ann Kleeves, 3100 E. Cline Road, Fruitport Albert Koning, 3863 S. Sheridan Drive, Muskegon Roberta Lee Kozler, 2055 Crowley Street, Muskegon Harold Roger Kunkle, 16283 Via Segundo, San Lorenzo Village, California Richard Iohn Kuzniar, 5620 E. Sternburg Road, Fruitport Ioseph Bernard Laban, 2504 Eighth Street Larry Russell Lambrix, 2125 Ieiferson Street Charles Adam Lang, 60 W. Byron Street, Muskegon Harriett Iune Lee, 2133 Maffett Street Curtiss Melvin McClain, 4718 Heights-Ravenna Road, Mary Ellen McClary, 1401 Glade Street Haley Ann McCoy, 2420 Manz Street Carlton McDonald, 2329 Howden Street ...51..... DIRECTORY sEN1oRs 1953 Shirley Ann McFall, 3677 Grand Haven Road Rita Marie McLean, 1939 Crowley Street, Muskegon Louie Alvin McMurray, 2445 Lethen Street Robert William Martin, 2825 Park Avenue Shirley Louisa Mattson, 3032 Fifth Street Robert Kurt Mauch, 2441'1-loyt Street LeRoy Lauritz Mecher, 2039 Hoyt Street Richard G. Meister, 3013 Sanford Street Vivian Rose Melin, 259 W. Summit Avenue Lynn Merrihew, 3262 S. Dangl Road, Muskegon Ierry L. Meyers, 1267 Shettler Road, Muskegon Betty Miskowiec, 3105 Iefferson Street Dorothy Ruth Mitchell, 426 E. Hume Avenue Leroy Mitchell, 426 Hume Avenue Richard Allen Mitchell, 2825 Leahy Street Waneta Mae Moore, 5416 S. Quarterline Road Virginia Ann Morris, 268 W. Broadway Steven Murar Ir., 2633 Ninth Street Harry Nearing Ir., 2036 Mclllwraith Street Ioseph Raymond Neiser, 2909 Park Avenue Robert Lee Neiser, 2309 Reynolds Street Margaret Iuruthie Nelson, 2417 Iarman Street Margene Ann Noble, 2825 Ninth Street Iune Marilyn Norden, 2108 Hoyt Street Ioann L. Nummerdor, 2920 Fairfield Street, Muskegon Clayton Lee Nuttall, 2008 E. Broadway, Muskegon Arnold I. Ochs, 2838 Mason Boulevard Sandra Lee O'Rei1ly, 3024 Sanford Street Richard Lyman Orling, 62 W. Barney Avenue Donna LaVerle Parker, 1940 E. Broadway, Muskegon Larry Herbert Pattison, 2644 Reynolds Street Barbara Anne Paulin, 2501 Iefterson Street Eugene Dale Paulson, 2609 Heights-Ravenna Road, Muskegon PatriciarLouise Pawlak, 3237 Mona Avenue Donna Elaine Pearson, 2975 McDermott Street, Muskegon William Carl Pearson, 3210 Thoma Road, Muskegon Ann lean Pellresne, 1507 W. Seminole Drive, Muskegon Dona Mae Peliresne, 1507 Seminole Drive, Muskegon Richard Eugene Penny, 2150 Norton Avenue, Muskegon Gloria Anne Pertilla, 2404 Manz Street Shirlean Pertilla, 2404 Manz Street Eldonna Iean Peterson, 3308 Peck Street Ieanette Valeska Petropoulos, 2121 Peck Street Roy Gene Phillips, 2233 Ray Street Kenneth Allen Plichta, 2736 Heights-Ravenna Road, Muskegon Patricia Ann Polifronio, 2545 Filth Street Phyllis loan Portenga, 2917 Wood Street Gerald Martin Privasky, 2816 Mason Boulevard Arthur Wayne Retsema, 2116 Baker Street Patrick Louis Richards, 4271 Henry Street, Muskegon Robert Norman Robidoux, 3021 Mona Avenue George Gordon Ryan, 2345 Matlet Street Arlene Ioyce Schei, 2445 Riordan Street Doreen Mae Schmidt, 2217 Howden Street Donald Edward Schmiege, 8070 Old Channel Trail, Montague DIRECTORY SENIORS 1953 Sally Ioan Sekeres, 2509 Lemuel Street Bernice Ann Skocelas, 2429 Baker Street Bernard Smith, P.O. Box 441, Marquette, Michigan Harold Lee Smith, 2961 Madison Street, Muskegon Ioan E. Smith, 1200 W. Summit Road, Muskegon Richard Iohn Elwin Southwick, 3133 Sixth Street Richard Iohn Sova, 2740 Liberty Road, Muskegon Iames Ralph Stariha, 2916 Sanford Street Shirley Mae Stark, 1672 Hendrick Road, Muskegon William Peter Start, 4837 Martin Road, Muskegon Barbara May Steenhagen, 133 Summit Avenue Thomas T. Steers Ir., 2540 Maffett Street Maxine Louise Sterkenburg, 3333 Baker Street Marshall Glade Stevens, 1630 E. Broadway, Muskegon Leone Ada Stryker, 1357 W. Forest Park Road, Muskegon Vernabelle Mae Sturgis, 2508 Howden Street Darlene Io-Anne Surfus, 2232 Ninth Street Robert Clarence Sutton, 2625 Eighth Street Ronald Lee Sutton, 571 W. Broadway Marion Author Lee Tanner, 2785 Dalson Road, Twin Lake Helen Diane Thoma, 82 E. Maplewood Edward Francis Tomorsky, 512 Lake Shore Boulevard, Muskegon Richard K. Torrey, 986 Hendricks Road, Muskegon Bessie N. Tsaggaris, 2140 Maiiett Street Lucille Urbish, 2909 Baker Street Donna lean VanBroc:k1in, 3540 Chippewa Drive, Muskegon Iolene Ann Vandenberg, 1714 Peck Street Doris Ann Vanderweele, 3301 Baker Street Donald Edward VanDyke, 4234 S. Sheridan, Muskegon IoAnn Bessie Veeneman, 2524 Mafiett Street Iohn Richard Vitek Ir., 2821 Ieiferson Street Dorothea E. Voorhies, 2321 Reynolds Street William Iohn Wagenmaker, 4378 Grand Haven Road, Muskegon Shirley Ann Walker, 2028 Ray Street Iames Martin Walthers, 2924 Park Avenue Betty Marguerite Wannamaker, 3127 Glendale Avenue Ledell Watson, 2021 Iarman Street Harry Allyn Way, 3125 Ninth Street Erma lean Webb, 2329 Manz Street Larry L. Whitsell, 2032 Plainfield, Muskegon Eugene Carl Whittum, 1466 Shettler Road, Muskegon Donna Marie Wigren, 5286 Lake Harbor Road, Muskegon David Eugene Williams, 2428 Manz Street Maggie Iean Williams, 2146 Elwood Street Ouince Ester Williams, 2828 Iarman Street Margaret Louise Wilson, 2640 Leahy Street Ronald Witham, 669 Hancock, Muskegon Nancy Carol Wolcott, 1022 W. Broadway Darlene Marjorie Workman, 2534 lefferson Street Beverly Ann Young, 2150 B. Philip Smith, Muskegon Iames Albert Zeller, 296 W. Hile Road, Muskegon Yvonne Mary Zimmer, 3313 Ietierson Street Pauline Marie Zimmerman, 1237 E. Ellis Road Robert Allen Zorn, 3027 Reynolds Street Betty Husted, Fruitport VALEDICTORIAN lanice reached the top-most rung of the scholastic ladder for l953, rating highest of all her classmates for four years of study. But study was not the only thing lanice did during her high school career. She worked part-time after school hours and also found time to go roller-skating and dancing. She was a member of the lunior-Senior Prom and Play commit- tees and was a lunior Arbor Girl at last year's Com- mencement exercises. She was especially interested in Future Nurses club and has intimated to her close friends that she might go into training to become a nurse. We have no doubt that whatever Ianice decides to do, she will be a success. Here's luck, just in case she ever needs it. SALUTATORIAN Bob, as lie is known to his friends at Heights High, was outstanding in more ways than one. A towering young man physically, Bob also towered above most of his classmates in scholarship and in musical talent. lle was Concertmaster of the Band, in Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, and other organizations including Cosmopolitan Singers. He was very active in athletics Cbasketball and tennisl until illness struck him down, temporarily. Bob bounced right back, however, as a Student Council, l-li-Y, and Spanish Club member. Wherever he goes from here, Bob is bound to hit the top. He hopes to enter the University of Michigan in the fall. D.A.R. BEST CITIZEN Each year a committee of seniors choose a list of candidates tusually 18 or 201 for this honor. Members of the faculty then vote on these candidates, narrow- ing the field to five. All seniors are then given an opportunity to vote for one of these five for "Best Girl Citizen". Dorothy Hesselink is the winner for 1953. D.A.R. Best Citizens from this area were guests of honor at a tea given by the Muskegon Chapter, D.A.R. Winners also received gold pins, and a trip to the State DAR. Convention held this year in Saginaw. A ceremony, announcement of the state winner, and a banquet were part of the very interesting program. ,531 WHO'S WHO MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED We think Ianice Hawley and Bob Mauch will really go places. BEST ACTORS We tip our hats to our favorite actors, Eldonna Peterson and Iirn Zeller. i BIGGEST FLIRT Heights High's flirty tlirty eyes belong to Beatrice Dunham and Bob Zorn. CUTEST COUPLE That Handsome couple you see around school is none other than Harriett Lee and Bill Start. it T X BEST DANCBBS MOST ALL-BOUND Wherever there were activities, lim Davies and Dorothy Hesselink were there. MOST BASHFUL The kids who smile so shyly are Doris Vander- CLASS OUT-UPS There were no dull mo- ments, literally, with Sally Sekeres and Bob Sutton. Wheele and Arnold Ochs. BEST LOOKING Our good looking Q, Beverly Young and Ken Plichta can really knock your eye out. MOST ATHLETIC Mary Fortenbacker and Louie McMurray tip the scales when it comes to sports. -55- PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS by Iames Davies President, Senior Class One ol the most enjoyable periods of our lives is about over. In grade school we wondered when that great day of high school graduation would come. Now it is here! It has been said that the years in high school-the "green years"- are the best years of our lives. Sometimes I haven't been willing to believe this, but now I know it is true, Think of the fun we have en- joyed at our class parties, dances, and other entertainments. Those of us who have participated in extra- curricular activities such as clubs, sports, plays, band, orchestra, or choir, have enjoyed their school days all the more because of their activity. We will remember all of these things for a long time to come. All this will soon come to an end. Some of us will be going on to col- legeg others will go out to work, still others will be going directly into the armed forces. It is possible that because of this wide-spread change, we shall not see our friends again for many years. Yet, as we go out into the world, we should not forget that we shall also make new friends and have new experiences. As the poet says: "Grow old along with me, The best is yet to bel" It is in this spirit, therefore, that I do wish all of you the best of luck in your future undertakings, and look forward to seeing all of you often after graduation. TO THE CLASS OF '53 by Dorothy Hesselink D.A.R. Citizenship Award Winner For three short years, we, as a class, have worked and studied tO- gether. Now we are about to be graduated and leave our high s:hool days behind. No longer will there be someone at our elbows, urging us on, encouraging us to greater heights, We will part, perhaps lJ go on to college or to enter some particular vocation, but always we will remem- ber the things we did and the things we learned hero at Musk- egon Heights High school. Through the past years, we have been taught to be good citizens, by performing our civic responsibilities, by voting, and by taking active part in student government. Also we have been taught to do our duty to God and to our country, and to our fellowmen. I am proud to say that I believe the Class of '53 has done and will continue to do its part in promoting good citizenship through patriotism, leadership, loyalty, and dependabil- ity, If we continue to do these things, we shall really be, in truth, the good Citizens of Tomorrow. DEDICATED TO THE CLASS OF '53 TO OUR PARENTS AND FACULTY FRIENDS The Bridge Builder An old man going along a highway Came at evening, cold and gray, To a chasm vast and deep and wide. The old man crossed in the twilight dim, The sullen stream had no fear for him, But he turned when safe on the other side, And built a bridge to span the tide. Old man," said a fellow pilgrim near, You are wasting your strength with building here Your journey will end with the ending day, You never again will pass this way, You've crossed the chasm deep and wide, Why build you this bridge at eventide?" The builder lifted his old gray head, Good friend, in the path l've come," he said, There followeth after me today A youth whose feet must pass this way, This chasm that has been naught to me, To that fair youth may a pitfall beg He, too, must cross in the twilight dim - Good friend, l'm building this bridge for him." - Author Unknown - 57 .- ADVISORS Claretta Thompson Russell Hanson Delmar Firme Iohnson, Smith, Borns, Olson Fielstra, Kempker President ,,..... Vice-President . Secretary ..,... Treasurer ...... Sergeant-at-arms ,58- CLASS OF '54 OFFICERS ..,..Marilyn Fielstra . . ........,,...... Larry Olson ......,....,..,...Glor1a Borns . . , .....,,.......,,.., Murt Iohnson ..... Gail Kempl-ter, Otto Smith Mcuch, Burton, Misner, Ftogozinski, Carlson CLASS OF '55 OFFICERS President ........,..,,.. Iim Misner Vice-President ..,..,. Eddie Carlson Secretary ....,..,. Marie Rogozinski Treasurer ..........,.., M. C. Burton Sergecxnts-cxt-arms ,..... Iohn Scheel, Fritz Mcuch Wg., ADVISORS Iecm Forsberg Arthur Le Roux Robert Crummel -59- elf .Mt t it . l i w 1 'L yy y , y All A X lf t , Lygg .t ,jr 1 K x y , X Q A. . 1 it e be i it in y . 5 :.Q .1 T P, K Q Q ,Q M X 1 iii ,, .1 Z s b V . .. y t . zbqjqi it l ft ,,,. 34, i f -- M mVhA Q A ' - 'V' Q X , K t 3 , . W VEE I K f. ev -if , "' ft ,:-.b Q Q Q , -in y l tjjl, A .:,. xx , .- AA ' 12-1 's Baldwin Barnes Beauleaux Borgerding Botruff Carpenter Cast Christopher Gabris Grant Griffin Groleau Hanson Hartman Hellman Hodges Newald Newman Puehler Riley Roder Schottey N. Scott Strait Westveer Wierengo Wingerson 1 1-2's Allen Anderson Andree Bailey Bluhm Bohland Borgman Boston Bowers Bramer Brant Brink Christie Christmas Cole Conley Cook Cottrell Cox Crane Coffman DeBard DeHoog Edge I. Ellis O. Ellis Fielstra Friedman Hotham Howell Iamison B. Iohnson E. Iohnson Lockage McCarthy Neis Taylor Tindall Tjapkes Tucker Tuttle Urshel Vanderwest Westerman Barnes Baskin Beam Beckman Belrose Bendus Bickowski Bird Brooks Bugajaski Bulthuis Burton Campbell Carlson Carr Chappell Crenrio Deephouse Dicker! Doe Dubault Duram Durnell Edick Gingras Glacz Graham Grant Green Grover Gust D. Haan Hendrick Herrala Hershberger Hietanen Hladki Hoffman F. Hubbell T, Hubbell Iuhnke A. Keeler M. Keeler Kempker Kerbuski Kieft Kinnucan Krentz McCarthy McCauley McElrath McGarey Maginity Manchesky Marquand Meister Pastori Pena Penny Peterson Pettis D. Pierce E. Pierce Privacky Eikenberry Elam Felcoski Fethke Foxx French Gerencer Gillhespy T. Haan Hackney Hall Harding Harris R, Heath V. Heath Hellman lnosencio Ippel lackson Iacobs Ianuska lohnson Iones Iorgenson Latten Leatherman Lee Leigh H. Leonard W. Leonard Lodzinski Lucas Michalski Mink Morse Nelson Nic Okerlund Olson O'Malley J 4 . A' 4 ' I N me " . , 1. f 3 if ,'. L xxx K-.. .. -I :ar 4 if -7 1 .I A H L '-4 - -'11 If -4 Www.. ,. A' A Q ' 'fa , ' 3 . K 5 ...,: K 'ili lx 'ng ' Q 7, ' Q - M .A 3 K -ni l 4 ', fa x we 5 L - ..,. 5, I-L gs i ., 5 I V 'Q iv - 5' 5 'Z 0 X Af? i B L ' il 45 I ,pl Q K: 'Z' la xl Q li M 5? it L f K ,fy A' Mgt? K X by Q Q A . .,,, L . 5 .X V 5 12, V L. f ig 5 . .L A ik' 1 A 1 -1-, Q ef' T 1' 'Z-Q Q?" V,-1 as 1 .1 T . ' 1' , ' 5, .,L, - kk - :,,,l., K V - , , 1 ' .,f,.,,.: ., 'X "" X ' 5?f-- ' T 1 i r 'E ,'5- T . fAV- T, Q ' Q, ia i T d Hi ' J- Fi - 1: 1 :E EV- I if Q- ' f . ' . ' Q .,' Qi A 1 in "Q, K, xg' I ,Q A w I N J i -, in V K . I, ':,, A ,sa . ilimm. in I A . Virk vr . ,5 Viryy X K -T - A 'R , , l +1-Q ll-FS H 1 , 1 ., 1-. . 2 'SN' V 1 ' - ' , Ili-P", R 1 A 2 so N 2'1 I is Y , l f i 4r .,,,. , Vfeyk I K ,I - i 3 ., .. X 1 Q ' 521 T . ,l ff T as in , isi if M ir . A i 1 1 3. 1 7 ' fx is . l T or vrir i i V T ' , ,. 1 1 1 W , ..-- . if . ,V K , x ., aunt V, I V V , 1 S ii- or , a udd i i , T e Q X- 'W ' Y ,. T -f:- Q5 , . V .': 17 H . 'N' ,, " I if ' ii 1 i il is 1 T T S .V.:.. .S - , 4 fs . T To T 3253" - if Xm' Lk 5 - T ,N T ' 1 1 l I -:., l y K , I. , kkikk Ig , - V .. 'V K ,,:, in A ,.,,, 1 , , . .h :.,,., .. L L51 ,R ii no vA-I an Q- 9: Vqr ,i ii -k,, iff :LV v 'g igs IL: 5 . 1 1 5,1 ,e-- j I 1 , 1 ir A -62 Reid Richard I. Roberis L. Roberts Rowell Russell Sanborn Schottey Stoudt Strieder Surfus Swanson Thorsienson Tomlinson Trappe Tucker Warner B. Wayman E, Wayman Whalen Wilde Williams Zackery Zorn Farnquist Field Franks Fricke Funk Furlough Goodrich Gustafson Liefer Lihan Lundeen McCoy McKellar McKentry Matthews Miller Redman Reynolds Roberson Rogers Rokos Ruggles Ruiter Scheel Scott Seng Shafer Shears Shelton Shepard Sheren Skocelas Turk Utsey VanKampen VanNess Veldman Vivian Wade Walker Zwart 11-1 s Allen Bigelow Cummings Derby DeWitt Evans Hariman Hegedus Hendrick Holt loblonicky Iohnson Lee Lenox Narowitz Nelson Novak Orling Pedler Peliotes Petrick Pyatt Schmidt Sturgis Sutter Thomas Thornley Tobaison Townsel Trammell 10-2 Aardema B. Ackerman R. Ackerman Alex Allmon Alvord Andrews Austin Barrs Bartrand Baxter Boarss Beck Becklin Bedwell Bergeman Brandt Brookinq Brouillet Brown Bulthouse Burton Camburn C. Campbell Cook Cooper Cottrell Crandall Crawford Crosby Cummins Cunningham' Dunn Dursema Dye R. Dykema S. Dykema Ecklesdafer Elwell Engle Trappany Weaver Welc Whitlow Wojewodski Wren Yarmstort Autman C. Baker R. Baker Ball Barberini Barnhill P. Barrow R. Barrow Bench Bessler Boganey Bohland Bolt Booth Borgerding Brandon N. Campbell Carlson D Carter l. Carter Chidester Christopher Cobb Conklin Currie Danigelis DeBard Deitz DeBidder Dewell Doubrava Draper .r , '1 3 L., - ,A I K kt . . F i V 'i i R I , J ' 3 K, l v gf . Q fl" Y' - 'QF in .0 L, f Hi A --Y 1 N' .N M. X 4"' 7 'H I W -ll' . Si itls ., t i I ti Q ' U A f l i 1 A' - Q, ' I W 1 6 K? x Q i l 3 " ,:rt. . p 4. 4 iq i u- it K 4: ,H Q gf ,.iQA isis ,,,., 1 .. 'W g 5 ' gf' W' J ,Y Qi? W '52 bn 5 4 x - f 41. 1- , . . t X f W Kti l 1 fg V:"qV" V I or-H . A , ., llv Af ., L 1:5 'igggp Fax A EF XEFEF? gm m!:'A av'? :IIII!Ek QQEEEE . . ,. , igl 'j 6 A ,I :l i n x so Q .rt 1 it WV,-.. J W 3 All Q., W, I g fl ,Mk A A 2 A bi. 'Q 'J .g Ll. ll V , gL'g ' . iigi: 2 g,i J lj Q? ggigi- Qi!! ,!Esf. i 2 6? F F M f 2 K Q fu , - A' K f , e rtzzibs K. , .AAQ P Nvhb gif tr .- K 1 if l " fr' F 1 g X i Z: V . .. h . 8 N LN -54- Falkowski Farnquist Fekete Ferguson Ferris Fikes Fillion Flickenger Gallup Gardiner B. Gauthier I. Gauthier Gilbert Gillish Glasco Goranson Hardy Harmon B. Harris H. Harris Harvath Hathaway Hegedus Heidman Hough Howell Huey Hulin Inman lack Iavinsky Iensen Kendrick Keniston Kimpton King Kinnucan Kitchen Kittel Kleyn Lambrix Lantz 1 A. Larabee M. Larabee Larsen E. Larson R. Larson Launer Follett Follrath Ford Forton Franks Fricke Fuller Gabrielson Goven Graham Greer Grembowski Hall Hamel Hamilton Hansen Henderson Hile Hitt Hodges Hohlfeld Holey Hoogstraat Horne Iett Iohnson Iohnston A. Iones R. Iones Kapphahn Keller Kendra Knoll Koniarski Koniarski Kotecki Kuharevicz Kuziak H. Lakatos T. Lakatos Lewis Liddle Link Looyenqoed Loss McComb M' Dowell Maginity W. Miller Misner Moore Morehouse Morris Murphy Norris Nurnrnerdor L. Patterson W. Patterson Perysian Petropoulos D. Petroskey I. Petroskey Pettis Plaqa R. Reed Remson Rhodes Ribecky Rice Robbins Rogers Rogozinski Sauclers Savage Schaefer Schmidt Schneider Schoenrnakc Scholtens Schomogyi M. Smith Smith N. Smith W. Smith South Sprague Stacey Start Mahoney Malusky Mathews Mauch Mecher Mendel Mendham C Miller B. Cchs V. Ochs Osborn Ostenson Parker Patarozzi A. Patterson I. Patterson Plair Plichta Porter Price Putter Raffie Rake I. Reed E. Rollins M. Rollins Ross Rowell Rowson Royce Ruud Samuels Shaffer Siediecki Slclenar Sloan Smack C. Smith I. Smith Ioe Smith . x 4, Q i U. a F i S x as - .fu 4 , ., , - .I ' , I I X ' I ' I Q' " N- r I' S , . x my .H -' f i? I G t .114 " if . A un. Aw I iii 1 I -9 . , v , G B V. , .: 'xi i . is ! A iq! ff , I Y 4 i K l 'V 1 I Q V I K. X . 525 . .. . b.y.. . ...y K Q M .H gg . , G., .. .N x L' V A at w .5 ... y 3 X in if I i i! X . VV A :XM rv if . yry ,V it I . Q. It J I 1 .Y I K K -Q 27 V M -55- i Q, K LQ 5 if -Q F ',2 N 5553 V':, g i K A Q . A Ziyi as g r r so . Q- ' A K ' 'Q - ' A FQ V, , , Q , rt it i s 39 3 gu: - W ' S , y Yb b Z Y it , 1 on ef. ' 2 5' .ni ,.,- b kk E A ' A 4 5. , Q . b kglkk r 1 t X V by l f sf X g ,. L E ,LL. T L' A C EW kifkkx 'S :- K E A I ll K g V I I 9 fills 'Z' , ' ' ,. ' fi: Q ,,:E " A f Lkkhk in ' Q,'w rl 1,g , f.f1': -V: Q sk f W V . sq 'A , j by M, Q rx K .A E: Q if 66- Steinkraus Stewart Storey Strandberg Stratton Sukup Sumner Susterich Torok Ulbrich Upson VanderKooi VanDyke Vanliampen Varney l. Vaughn M. White Whittington Whittum Wiegand Wigren B, Williams C. Williams Wilson Andre Antclilf Arnold Ashley Babcock Baker Brown Bush Deephouse DeWolf Durga Dykema Earley Evans Everett Ferencsik Hale Harris Hauke Hendrick Henry Hendricks Herlein Hesselink B. Swanson S. Swanson Talmaclge Temple Terdal Terrell Thomas Tobin R. Vaughn Vickers Vigeant Wagenmaker Wallstead Way Welton I. White A. Witham V. Witham Wolf Zarimba Zimmer 10-1's Acre Alvord Carlson Carpenter Carsell Casler Christian Cross Cummings Decker Ferenz Fielstra Fletcher Forrest Frazier Graham Green Grimm I. Iohnson L. Iohnson Ionas Kelly Kenjesky Kidder Lascko LeFear Miclcllecamp C. Miller O. Miller Morgan Myles Narowitz Nelson Nye Phillips Pippins Purnell Rams Rice Scott Shelkey Siders VanderPlow Wait Walters Weaver Wheeler Williams Winslow Wolf Hellman, 11-' Hietanen Hilliard Holstine Hulka Humphreys Hunn Hunt Hutcherson Lewis Lundwall McArthur McGee Malley Mann Mead Mickens Overly Paschal Pedler Peply Peppin Perry Periilla Pfenning Slezak Smack Smith Sonnega Sorenson Swain Symons Touchstone ,. P, L, I eu U W no J I Kg E 5 , v,L,.- 1 'ff g loria v i if-T t .ia W or rr r H l W f f 1 N Q - y.:i ga ,.,. y yi -, T ' 2. if s , ' 'Q SM " ' A Ks ---:g V, .7 es ix V 15 -, e.. i W - ' J' u'- A lik' A E'l"l'I C' l " Q' 3" - 1 "" - V Y '., 4 'I Q e s is -J 4 H' it 1 r - . , -qrl . wi gf? W 'M V A , X K L N Q Q Q Q? ui y ' - .. A , 2 1 4. p wr ACTIVITIES ARE PART OE SCI-IOQL LIFE -53- CLUBS AND THINGS Students at our Heights High School can find many activities in which they may participate, such as clubs, athletic teams, and other extra-curricular activities. Among the many organizations at school are: Student Council, Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Library, Booster, Future Nurses, Spanish, and Latin clubs. These groups all sponsor parties, dances, and have charge of special assemblies. They have interesting meetings from time to time. There are also class organizations, radio, debate, forensics, dramatics, and publications. Student Council is a school-wide organization made up of representatives of each lO o'clock class. This group handles problems which confront the student body. The Acorn and Oaks staffs are open to seniors taking journalism. Qiibg Here we see a few seniors folding programs for the annual play production, "The Divine Flora." gf -59- Top row: Harmon, Pelfresne, Olson, Kinnucan, Ianuska, Slezak, Ochs, Har- vath, Westerman, Whittington, Christopher. Middle row: Herrala, Skocelas, Swanson, Lockage, Hitt, Iorgenson, Rogers, Miller, Andree, Petrick, Lee, Fillion, C. Harmon. Bottom row: Mr. Verduin, Koning, Zimmer, Bailey, Start, Davies, Mauch, Black, Adamczak. STUDENT CCUN CII. Iames Davies, president of the Student Council this past year, has proved to be the guiding spirit of the student body. Vice president Bill Start, and Secretary Iulia Bailey, ably assisted Iim throughout the year. Members of the Student Council as well as the complete student body owe a sincere debt of gratitude to Mr. Iames Verduin, adviser for eight successive years. The Council Worked in good harmony With the adminis- tration and the faculty in bringing about many changes and improvements in student conditions, and in increas- ing the efficiency of student organizations. Highlights of the busy Council year included: a Thanks- giving program, lyceum assemblies, dances, cheerlead- ing megaphones, research Work on a citizens cup and plaque, necessary funds to send the Debate team to Ann Arbor to attend the finals, and a pep assembly. Q22 ,Sf ,IS -Eff? 4X A A Ugg ga ? , 6 A f X 1 ' ' 4 xxx 5 lf' 0366! Under the fine leadership of Ioan Smith, president of the Library Club, the library staff has finished an- other successful year. Fifteen girls, Whose average in scholarship is at least a help Miss Eleanor Kid- Well, librarian, in maintaining an efficient library. Although they work an hour a day, the girls also manage to have fun. The May Tea given for Women faculty members and mothers of the members, is a highlight of their social activities. The Library Club is the only service club in Heights l-ligh which operates during school hours as Well as after school. Book-binding and repair, shelving, assist- ing with circulation, counseling students in search of books, and general upkeep keeps the club members busy. Officers are: Ioan Smith, president, Mary McClary, secretary, and Linda Fortenbacher, treasurer. Miss Kidwell, librarian, is the adviser. LIBRARY CLUB Top row: Turk, Dykema, Van Dyke, Alex, Bickowski, Kleyn, Harris, Glacz. Bottom row: Miss Kidwell, Smith, Melin, Fortenbacher, Brandon, Wigren. Top row: Baldwin, Lascko, Ashley, K. Green, Ostenson. Second row: Thornley, Schottey, Misner, Campbell, M. Green, D. Hahn, T. Hahn. Third row: Slezak, Heiianen, Wolf, Roder, Carpenter, Fithke, Zarimba. Boitom row: Mr. Schregardus, lohnson, Davies, Ianuska, Reid, Olsen, Bluhm, Mr. Krueger HI-Y CLUB The Hi-Y is a very active group in our school. The group sponsors a booth for concessions at football games. lt also sponsors parties and dances: besides this, they sponsor one or two special assemblies each year. The Hi-Y also undertakes several projects each year, this year we had a taify sale. D The group holds its meeting regularly on Monday nights at the Y.M.C.A., with a swim preceding the meeting. This year about 25 new members were inducted. Each year the returning members vote in new members from applications turned in. The number of new members de- pends upon the number ot members who were graduated at the end of the previous semester. In all, there are about 35 members in the club. Delegates from our I-li-Y attended various district and state conventions and other sessions of interest to the local Hi-Y clubs. In all, the Hi-Y is an active organization in our school. - 72 .. The Y-Teen Club, Whose purpose is trying to realize high ideals of Christian living, in humility recognizes the tasks undone but in pride points to this year's achievements. Monetary gifts to World Fellowship, kits for Korea, the Y.W.C.A., building fund, the school fund, and at Christmas a gift of a bicycle to the Children's Home were financed by selling taffy and sponsoring the "Rival Romp", a foot- ball dance, and "Bow-Leg Bounce", an annual spring dance. Ideals of Christian living and service have been expressed by members in Easter and Christmas displays. Programs with guest speakers and the annual Spring Tea were the crowning events of the year. Retiring officers are: President, Sandra O'Reilly, vice-president, Pat Pawlakg secretary, Carole Balasg treasurer, Maxine Sterkenburg, and club-council repree sentative, Doris VanderWeele. Advisers are Mrs. W. E. Murray, Miss Vondell Hills, Mrs. H. T, Norden, and Mrs. H. W. Botruff. Top row: Stacey, Mahony, lensen, Doubrave, White, Baker, Peliotes Ecklesdafer, Follrath, Mills, Durnell, Hamilton. Fourth row: Alex, Swanson, Keefer, Fillion, P. Herrala, Petroskey, Barbarink, Petroskey, Borgerding, Schaefer, Savage, Iavinsky, Iacobs. Third row: Hoffman, Scholtens, Matthews, Schoemaker, Botruff, Dykema, Smith, Patterson, Sauders, Swanson, Ochs, Hitt, Albright, Kuziak. Second row: Gauthier, Vigeant, Anderson, Lockage, Greer, Bickowski Steenhagen, White, Barrow, Iohnson, Petrick, Lee, Ribecky, Hesselink: McCoy. Bottom row: Mrs. Murray, Wannamaker, Zimmer, Norden, Pawlak, Sterk- enburg, O'Reilly, Vanderweele, DeFouw, Decent, Lee, Miss Hills. Y-TEENS F109 -73- Standing: Swanson, Sterkenburg, Pawlak, Cast, Andree, O'Reilly, Ior- genson, Lockage. Sitting: Miss Cobb, Decent, Kampker, Wannamaker, Herrala, Peliotes, Steenhagen. BOOSTER CLUB Ambition, ability and "C" average are the requirements for a Booster club member. The purpose of this club is to boost the morale of the student body. The "Snow Ball", an annual formal dance sponsored by the club was successfully held just before Christmas vacation. Serving at a football banquet was an interesting project, undertaken by all members. A novelty dance at the assembly held before the Heights-Muskegon game, was enjoyed by the students and broadcast for the rival's listening enjoyment. Miss Maxine Cobb is adviser of the "Boosters" and re- tiring officers are: president, Betty Wannamakerg vice president, Connie Herallag secretary, Nicki Peliotesg and treasurer, Gail Kempker. -74- The Future Nurses club began at our school two years ago. Since then the club has been very successful. This past year the club made Christmas gifts for the children's home. They also took a field trip to I-lackley Hospital therapy Ward and the Good Will Industries. The Future Nurses of Michigan held their annual rally in Flint this year. The club sent representatives to this rally for the first time. The club's president, Darlene Bot- ruff, and publicity chairman, Marilyn Fielstra, represented our club. They hold their meetings once a month in the school cafeteria. Mrs. Robert Risk served as the club's adviser this past year. Officers Were: President, Darlene Botruitg recording secretary, Vivian Strait, Corresponding secre- tary, Shirley Cook. FUTURE NURSES Top row: Hesselink, Scholtens, Hitt, Ulbrich, Christopher, Fillian Dur- sema, Iensen, Hamilton, Barbarini. Third row: Horne, Mecher, Borgerding, Hotham, Bolt Ecklesdaier, Talmadge, Greer, Kieft, Hawley. Second row: Anderson, Mrs. Wagenaar, Mattson, Groleau, Botruff, For- tenhacher, Borns, Bickowski. Top row: Mary Smith, Sonnega, Nye, Vanderplow, Dykema, Kidder, Swanson, Scholtens, Fuller, Borgerding. Third row: Andre, Pettis, Foxx, Brooks, Larson, Iacobs, McKellar, Latten, D. Petroskey, Hamilton. Second row: Siders, Gustafson, Keefer, Marilyn Smith, Schmidt, Cum- mings, Meister, Hartman, Bickowski, Sterkenberg, Grant. Bottom row: Singer, Steenhagen, Baldwin, Pena, Carlson, Mauch, Harris, Mrs. Hastings. SPANISH CLUB The purpose of this club is to help Spanish students to become better acquainted with the customs, ideas, and language of the Spanish people. The club this year had many activities. Some Were: a "Coffee" for the teachers, a Christmas party to which members of Grand Haven Spanish Club Were invited, school dances, celebration of Pan-American Day, and sponsorship of a concession booth at the football games. Also the club has enjoyed travel talks and pictures of different parts of the Spanish-speak- ing World. These were given by members of the faculty. The club presents a bronze medal to the best students of second-year Spanish. Officers of the club are: President, Beverly Carlsong Vice- president, Ricardo Pena, secretary, Hallye Rae Leonardg and treasurer, Bob Mauch. Mrs. George Hastings is ad- visor of the club. -75- The Latin Club made its debut this year at Heights. Miss Helen E. Williams, Who joined the faculty at the beginning of the fall semester, organized the group, the first of its kind at Heights. The club adopted the name of Latinum Forum, and has undertaken many activities including a Christmas party and modern Italian dinner. A constitution Was drawn up in Latin, and each member received a handbook includ- ing the names of the members. In May the club sponsored the "Daffa-Dilly-Dip", a dance given at the Heights. The club will present medals to the boy and girl of Muskegon Heights High School who come out highest in a competitive examination offered by a nation-Wide Latin association. Present club officers are Steve Harvath, president, Richard Harrington, vice-president, Mary Ann Sumner, secretary, Dorothy Hesslink, treasurer, and Patricia Garner, reporter. LATIN CLUB Top row: Barbarini, Witham, Mahoney, Stacey, Looyengoed. Third row: Larabee, Ribecky, Little, Alex, Iavinsky, Hitt, Brooks, Pat- terson, Barnhill, Dursema. Second row: Schaefer, Miskowiec, Start, Doubrava, Talmadge, Horn, Follrath, Schmidt, Smith, First row: Miller, Miss Williams, Sumner, Horavath, Harrington, Hesse- link, Garner, Ochs. ,Ji--N' -77- The Muskegon Heights Varsity Debate team completed a successful season this year. The class was composed oi l2 students. E. W. Gillaspy is coach. The second and varsity teams, under the direction of Mr. Gillaspy, Won four debates with Grand Rapids Chris- tian, and split decisions with Grand Rapids Central and Grand Rapids Creston. However, the Heights defeated Muskegon and Won six out of eight debates, which made them eligible to compete in the District Eliminations at Lansing Sexton. The team was eliminated by Birmingham High School and is looking forward to another outstand- ing season next year. The debaters were fortunate to attend the State Cham- pionship Debate in Ann Arbor through the courtesy of the Student Council. Local debaters received a plaque for excellency from the Detroit Free Press. The Varsity Debaters are Dorothy Hesselink and Iohn Vitek, affirmative, Darlene DeHoog and Horst Berkner, negative. The second team was composed of Carol Hotham and Ieane Wilde, affirmativep Sharon Turk, Carol Kapphahn, and Richard Harrington, negative. DEBATE Standi g M Gllaspy Kapphahn T rk, Wilde, Vitek. Sitting Berkner DeHoog Hesselink Hotham. -73- Standing: Del-ioog, Olson, Iackson, Smith, l-le e M l Coach Sitting: Crawford, Borgerding, Kapphahri, A d o He aa FORENSIC Muskegon Heights was Well represented in the Forensic Contests this year with 30 students participating. The local contest winners were: Oratorical Declamation, Carol Kapphahn, and Ioan Borgerdingg Dramatic Reading, Con- nie Herrala and Ianet Iacksong Humorous Reading, Billie Crawford and Clarene Andersonp Original Oratory, Dar- lene DeHoog and Dorothy Hesselinkg Extemporaneous Speaking, Ioe Smith and Larry Olson. The contestants were coached by Robert Crummel and the details were arranged by E. W. Gillaspy. At the time of this Writing, the above mentioned students were busily preparing for the District Forensic Contest with Holland and Muskegon at Holland High School. The lournalism Class is a branch of the English De- partment and only seniors are qualified to enter. Part of the year is spent with the text-book and the rest in practice of knowledge that has been obtained. Unlike most class rooms, the journalism class is carried on in an informal way, with class discussions in which all have the privilege of introducing new ideas. When dis- cussions are ended, each student is on his or her "own", and is responsible for whatever duty that has been as- signed to him. At the beginning of each year a budget is set up at a meeting consisting of the principal, some members of the faculty, and journalism students. This budget is for the financing of the "Oaks" and the "Acorn". Editors are also installed at the beginning of each year. They are elected on the basis of capability. The rest of the class consists of reporters. IOURNALISM NEWS STAFF Top row: Mr. Murray, Singer, Young, O'Reilly, Eddy, Vanderstelt, Paw- lak, Skocelas, Doubrava, Kempker, Bond. Middle row: Bernard, Veeneman, Norden, Frens, Parker, Smith, Zimmer, Surfus, Brandon, Hesselink. Bottom row: Nuttall, Steenhagen, Wigren, Brandford, Carlson, Bodnar, Stevens, Harris. l -80- PUBLICATIONS Reporters bring in the news and Write it up, typists type it neatly and editors make sure that these articles are correct be- fore going in the Oaks, Acorn and Chronicle. W. E. Murray is the adviser, Mr. Koehn's boys do the printing, and Mr. Cobb is in charge oi the photography These students represent a typical day in Iournalisrn class, with plenty of Work and fun for all. Cleaning up tor a proof, and making up iorrns for The Oaks is part of the day's Work 4 for boys in printing. Mr. Koehn's print- ing department, by their splendid co-op- eration, helped make this year's publica- tions possible. i QAKS l'llGl-l PQINT SALESMEN Anderson, Davies, Mauch, Start, and Black ADVERTISING This is also one of the activities connected with the journalism depart- ment. Volunteers, as Well as journalism students, of- fered their time to obtain advertisements in the yearbook. This activity not only gives the stu- dents good experience in salesmanship but also al- lows the businessmen to advertise their wares and express good will toward the school. Photography Class Photography is otterecl in the spring, and tamiliarizes students with the fundamentals. Our Oaks photographer, Mr. I. V. Cobb, is instructor. Art Classes Art classes Work toward the development ot expression, imagination, skill, and abil- ity. Miss Kathryn Keillor is instructor. -33- MEN ARE LIKE oTHERs IN THE PLAY STREETCARS IUNICR CLASS PLAY Director: E, W. Gillaspy Assisted by leanne Pulos and Robert Crummel THE CHARACTERS PLAYERS Maudie ...,....,.... .,... C onnie Herrala Mrs. Mason ....... .... M eredith Hartman Mr. Mason . . . ,...,., Dave Hanson Sylvia .. ,. ..... lanet Iackson lerry ..,. , ....,.. Wayne Reid Davy . ,. .... Arlen Carpenter loy . ,. .... Carol Holharn Ted . , . Alix .... Iulie .... Lysbeth .. Margaret . Chi .,.. . Mrs. White Mrs. Allen Mrs. Day . ... .. ...Larry Olsen .... . . .Gloria Borns Sharlynne Swanson .. ..... Clarene Anderson . . .... Darlene DeHoog .. , . .Naylord Urshel . . . .Yvonne Andree ..,..Ann Mans-field .. ..., Shirley Bickowski OTHERS IN THE PLAY Stu, Mike Aclamczak Polly, Marilyn Keglovitz Marvelle, Carol Balas Helena, Beatrice Dunham Hal, Bob Sutton Boops, Mary Anne Del-'ouw Winnie, Maxine Sterkenburg Wayne, Roy Forward Bob, Bill Start Bella, Barbara Steenhagen Suzie, Pat Pawlak Mr. Dugan, Richard Harris Dancers, Bernadine Doubrava and Albert Koning, Betty Wannamaker and Tom Steers Extras, Eldonna Peter- son and Dorothy Hesselink THE DIVINE FLORA SENIOR CLASS PLAY Diretor, E. W Gillmapy Assisted by Ieanne Pulora THE CHARACTERS Etta Dean CFloraD Randy Buzz Mr. Pryor Mrs. Pryor Mr. Dean Tex Sharon Kit Olmstad Daphne Gilford THE PLAYERS Rene Goode lim Zeller Dick Toney Iohn Vitek Leah Decent Art Retsenia Bob Mauch Sandra O'Reilly Iune Norden Pat Hahn THE MELODY LINGERS ON . . . Music is one activity which is given strong support not only by the student body but also by the entire com- munity. Every day strains of instrumental and vocal mel- ody drift from the auditorium as the band, orchestra, and choir prepare for such events as Heights Night, District and State Band Festivals, Orchestra Concerts, Choir Per- formances, and football games, to mention a few activities. Muskegon Heights has a reputation for being a music school, as every summer some of our music students take a special course in musical instruction at Baldwin-Wallace College at Berea, Ohio. Every graduating class seems to send its share of musicians to Michigan State College, the University of Michigan, Western Michigan, and other fine colleges. Several pupils have gone into college on musi- cal scholarships. Paul Liddicoat, R. Maynard Buck, and Robert Traetz have done a fine job of making Heights High musical. 1 5 g R! All, i - 'P S. .il-E Il ' " J-' K' l K Cl P 5 X , if fi Z v f : c. . - 4'1" 3 'rms' -37- Our marching and concert band ot more than a hun- dred and twenty members entertained thousands ot peo- ple during the year. The band is under the capable direction ot Paul G. Liddicoat and his assistant director Robert Traetz. Halt-time performances this year provided many high- lights such as a Western movie and a trip that you might take during your summer Vacation. The annual "Heights Nite" show with its variety of acts, proved a big success and the Spring Concert drew hun- dreds of music lovers. As a unit, the band has played and marched hundreds of miles, and this calls for nights of practice after school which often go unnoticed. This year, as before, the band has participated in the District Band and Orchestra festival held in our own town for the last two years. We are proud to say that our band came out with a straight first. This will entitle the band to go to State Band and Orchestra Festival held at Ann Arbor. The members of the Oaks staff would like to take this opportunity to commend the band and directors for a job well done. CONCERT BAND OUR OUTSTANDING ORCHESTRA Perhaps one oi the most progressive organizations here at M.l-l.l-l.S. is the orchestra, under the direction of R. Maynard Buck. lt is composed mostly of junior high members who began as inexperienced players and have now progressed into a fine group of talented musicians. During the past school year the orchestra has provided music tor baccalaureate exercises, class plays and assemblies, one of which Was given at the junior high school. They have also pre- sented two formal concerts, which were both huge successes. Members put in many extra hours of practice. That is perhaps more important than the regular Work, as it helps to expand their musical knowledge and appreciation. -gg- 55: u-.A Q 4 -S ,f Top row: Husted, Parker, Harmon, Zwart, Keift, Graham, Lambrix, McDonald, McClain, Beauleaux, Crawford, Porter, Ferris, Borns. Third row: Carr, Smith, Newman, Eckelstaffer, Beauleaux, Crosby, Wolf, Keefer, Van Dyke, Calkins, Carpen- ter, Hodges. Second row: Hunter, Royce, Elam, Horn, Moore, Hosted, LoPresti, Hesselink, Barndard, Mills, Harmon, Hoog- straat, Iavinsky, Ollila. Front row: O'Mally, Narowitz, Zarmstorf, Swanson, Hitt, Iorgerson, Samuel, Hackney, Veltman, Friends, Tucker, Strandberg, Russell. CHOIR I DEVELOPS TALENT The first choir was organized to give students interested in music an opportunity to develop their voices. Mr. Buck holds tryouts at the beginning of each semester for inter- ested students. Students coming here from lunior High and other schools may also tryout for the choir. Next year many students in the first choir will qualify to sing with the second choir. The choir appeared in the Spring and Christmas concerts. There are 55 strong voices in the first choir. Since the first choir began two years ago it has helped many students in having better developed voices. Top Row -Carpenter, Davies, Pettis, Felcoski, Morse, Puehler, Zeller, Utsey, R. M. Buck, director. Fourth Row fOlson, Garber, Buit, Frick, Hemphill, lones, Graham, Zorn, Price. Third Row-Hotham, Frick, Hahn, Burton, Meister, Polilronio, Kleeves, Hunt, Fieldstra, Mansfield. Second Row -Gustafson, Goldberg, Anderson, Scholtens, lensen, Hartman, Melin, Black, Rutter, Petis First Row -Gingras, Lockage, DeFouw, Westpher, lohnson, Rolzes, Noble, Blake, Singer . . A CAPPELLA IN THE SPOTLIGHT R. Maynard Buck, director of the A Cappella Choir, has given our school another outstanding year in vocal music. The second choir has taken part in many school activi- ties. Some ot the main ones were: Singing at the National Education Association, Muskegon, Women's Club, Grand Rapids Regional contest, Temple Methodist Church, Eas- ter assembly and Christmas assembly. The Christmas concert this year was one ot their most outstanding concerts in many years. Songs ot the Nativity and the Christmas Song were sung. At the present time the Choir is Working on their Spring Concert, which is one ot their big Spring events. "ATHLETICS FOR ALL" The Tiger athletic teams in general seemed to be improved over those of previous years. Our fine coaching staff, headed by O. E. Iohnson, assisted by Dave McKenzie, Del Firme, and Larry Schaude, built up teams of sophs and juniors who will use their experience of l952-53 as a spring-board to better things in next season's contests. "Mads" Reserve football squad will send up an undefeated team to Okie's varsity practice next fall, while Coach lohnson will still have a few stalwarts back from the '52 team. Highlights of the football season were the varsity's l3-U triumph over Grand Rapids Catholic Central and Tiger Re- serves' smashing 43-2 "slaughter" of Muskegon's Little Reds. The entire varsity basketball team will return intact next season, bring- ing back some of the most colorful players ever to grace the local basketball court. Next year the Heights basketeers will have height, talent, and experi- ence, factors which have been sadly lacking on the local scene for several seasons. Combined with the young reserve team players, next year's var- sity Will be a team to Watch. The minor sports, baseball, track, and tennis, always seem to attract their share of candidates each season. ln the past our tennis boys haven't been too successful, but improvements come with time. Remember, "It isn't if you Win or lose, but play the game." Bill Phillips. Retired William QBi1lJ Phillips, who has been retired for several years, is the man who gets much of the credit for building Phillips Field. He used a wheelbarrow to carry many kinds of trash - tin cans, odds and ends of metal from local factories, and other bits of scrap- with which to fill in the large hollow west of the high school building. That was in 1921. Since then, Phillips Field has become known as the "best-drained football field in Michi- gan." It is always in playing condition. The first eleven men on a team are the men that count. They Work well to- gether no matter what happens, but if something hap- pens there is al- ways someone trained and anx- ious to take their place. ln the above picture we see Mr. W. B. Booker, our superin- tendent, receiving a beautiful orange and black blanket with an MH. and Mr. Booker's name. Lett to right are: Mrs. Wally Wood, Ruby Brown, Louis Meisch tbehind the micro- phonel Mr. Booker, Mrs. Book- er, and Ted Engstrom. Other alumni are holding up class signs in the background. Otta Smith Artell Tucker Ken Tuttle Ledell Watson Art Hartman Iunior, End lunior, Tackle lunior, Tackle Senior, Guard Senior, Center Plichta Senior, Quarterback Roy Phillips Senior, Halfback Tigers 13, GR. Catholic O The Heights Tigers showed the old school spirit against Grand Rapids Catholic Central which was named the best high school team of the state in 1951. Arnold Ochs, top ball player on the field, with Smith, Start, and Plichta, led the Tigers to their victory. Tigers 32, G.R, Creston 7 Muskegon Heights defeated Grand Rapids Creston by the score of 32 to 7. The fans are wondering when Heights high will run out of Howells, as Lee Howell, the younger brother of Frank Howell, scored two touch- downs in the game. Other outstanding players were Phillips and lamison, lmhoff was the star for Creston high. Tigers 6, Holland 7 The Tigers suffered their first defeat of the season as Holland won by a close margin, one point. The Tigers showed great spirit, but just could not cross the Dutch goal line. The outstanding players for Heights were Howell, Phillips, and Ochs. Tigers l3, G.R. Union l2 The Heights victory over Union was a narrow one. Lee Howell scored both touchdowns for Heights and Start's magic toe did the trick for the extra point. The Tigers came from behind twice to defeat the Red Hawks. Leading the Tigers were Howell, Phillips and Plichta. Tigers 26, Kalamazoo 6 The Tigers won the first game of the Southwest Conference by defeating Kalamazoo Central. The contest left the Tigers as the only undefeated conference team. However, Grand Haven, Benton Harbor, and Muskegon had to be beaten in order to win the championship, Howell, Rowell, and Phillips again led the local boys. Lee Howell Tom Tolliver Bob lamison Dick Sova Mike Barnes Iunior, Halfback Iunior, Halfback Iunior, Halfback Senior, Halfback lunior, Guard . ,:,,,,..,. 1 1 1 i , 1--va-www-, Bill Start lerry Privasky Ioe Laban lim Davies Senior, Center-End Senior, Center Senior, Guard Senior, Tackle fCapt.l All-Conference All-State lst team All-Conference Dick Mitchell Senior, Haliback Tigers 13, Grand Haven O The Heights Tigers broke the dreams of Grand Haven by winning with a score of 13-0. Grand Haven showed fighting spirit but just could not stand up to the Tigers. Plichta tossed a pass to McMurray to take an early lead, and later Roy Phillips sped into the end zone to score. Tiger stars were Smith, Howell, Phillips, McMurray, and Plichta. Tigers 14, Benton Harbor Z0 Our Tigers suffered a defeat from Benton Harbor. The Tigers had spirit but they just could not hold the ball. The Heights fumbled twice behind the line and both times it set them back. By winning this game, Benton Harbor clinched a tie for the South West Conference Championship. Lead- ing the Tigers were Mitchell, Phillips, McMurray, and Plichta. Tigers 34, Hazel Park 7 The Heights Tigers defeated Hazel Park by a score of 34-7. There was no question about it, the Tigers out-played Hazel Park. The Tigers took an early lead and Hazel Park never caught up, Scoring the touchdowns were Ochs, Phillips, lamison, T. Haan, and Rowland. Tigers 7, Big Beds 21 The Tigers were defeated, giving Muskegon a tie with Benton Harbor for the Southern Conference title. Ochs was the outstanding player for the Tigers, while Leland David stood out for the Muslcies, who got a clinching touchdown on what might be called a "lucky break." Arnold Oachs Senior, Fullback Louis McMurray Senior, End All-Conference All-Conference C. P. Ziegler D. R. McKenzie O. E. lohnson D. Firme Dr. R. V. August Reserve Coach Reserve Team Coach Head Coach Varsity Coach Team Physician Left to Right' Coach Firme, Privasky, Nearing, Plichta, Watson, Barnes, Vanderwest, Ellis, VanDyke, Frazier, Gabris. Third row: Coach lohnson, Olson, Phillips, Rowell, Davies, Ochs, McCauley, Utsey, Nelson, Hartman Tucker. Second row: Harris CManagerl, Bohland, French, Green, Toliver, D. Haan, Mitchell, Lodzinski, Laban T. Haan, Iarnison. Front row: Zorn iManagerJ, Crane, Smith, Tuttle, Start, Thomas, McMurray, lohnson, Krentz Howell, Newald. 1 1 r R- Harris VARSITY FOOTBALL Manager Coach O. E. COkieJ Iohnson hit the nail right on the head when he said of last fall's football team, "This was my hard-luck team". The Tigers had a season spotted with glory at times, while at other times the Heights boys tasted the bitterest dregs of defeat. Fumbles and injuries dragged a potentially great football machine down to the stage where "experts" called it a "mediocre" squad. Muskegon Heights proved to all the major football powers that it was OI team to be reckoned with as it dropped Grand Rapids Catholic Central by a 13-U count for the Furniture City Team's only defeat of the season. The Orange Tide rolled on, crushing Grand Rapids Creston 32-7 and build- ing up a reputation as a tough team to beat. Then came those bad breaks. Holland dropped the Black and Orange 7-6. After winning three more games, Heights fumbled twice against Benton Harbor and the downstate Tigers ran both fumbles back for touchdowns to drop Heights High 20-14. A 34-7 victory over Hazel Park followed, after which Muskegon, with the help of Tiger fumbles, sank the Heights 21-7 to gain a tie with Benton Harbor for the last conference football championship. -100- The Tiger Cubs had a very successlul sea- son this year, winning all eight games. The line was as follows, Fritz Mauch, Ronald Wigreri, Iohn S,hmidt, George Roberson, Raye mond Rhodes, Ierry Plichta, Leonard Hartman, David Rowell, lim Mclvlurray, Edward Carl- son, Darwin Gould and Alan Witham held down the quarter-back spot, the halt-backs were lohn Scheel, Eugene Thomas, Iohn Zar- mimba and lohn Chidester, Dean Danigelis had full-back position all season. If next year's first team is like this year's second team, they are sure to be on top. The Tiger Cubs were Southwest Conference Champs. CONFERENCE RESERVE CHAMPS Played CBJ Catholic Creston Holland G.R. Union Kalamazoo Grand Haven Benton Harbor Hazel Park Muskegon Totals O U 7 7 12 6 6 open 2 40 Won C85 Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Total I4 40 44 47 47 28 26 open 43 289 RESERVE FOOTBALL RESERVE FOOTBALL Back row: Coach McKenzie, Rhodes, Chidester, McMurray, Sklenar, Hartman, Gallup, Schmidt, Mauch, Currie, Third row: Coach Ziegler, Wigren, Hamel, Zarimba, Danigelis, Scheel, Lambix, Hall, Brouillet, Roberson, Beal, fManagerl Second row' Crosby, Samuels, Krol, Rowell, Ionas, Carlson, Austin, Hite, Rickert, Hegedus CMana- gerl. Front row: Gould, Lewis, Thomas, Pedler, Huey, Misner, Witharn, Plichta, Koniarslci. -lUl- E. sz - I ,,, if 1 f s 15: s Q57 5-ig W lf , :,' Q 6 2 an 5 , X ' g. Wax' 3' iv l 2 .CT ., Q 4 1, as .g. Y Top Row: O. E. Iohnson, head coach, D. Haan, Steers, Howell, Davies, T. Haan French Bench lmanagerl Bottom Row: McMurray, Crane, Burton, Iohnson, Hansen, Richards, Smith VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1952-53 season seemed to be a year ot building for Oakie's basket- ball team, which racked up their best record in recent years by gaining a 7-7 record for the season and a 1-1 record in tournament play. Sophomores and Iuniors made up the entire starting lineup tor the Tigers. One of the best features of the team, which finished second to Kala- mazoo in the Southwest Conference race, was the tact that it was a team which worked as a unit. Murt Iohnson made the Detroit Free Press All-state third team, and gained the distinction of dropping in 30 points against tough Kalamazoo Central. Tall M. C. Burton improved steadily in the pivot spot. Ctto Smith, Lee Howell, and Iamie McMurray handled the ball like something out of a Globe Trotter's script, really classy. With the material and coaching available next year, Muskegon Heights should have a team. .+ 103 - Top Row: Mauch, managery Gauthier, Slezak, Cummings, Forton, Harvath, and f'oa':h Schaude. Bottom Rowi Currie, Roberson, Sch eel, Hartman, Danigelis, Carlson. TIGER RESERVES RESERVE BASKETBALL Ludington ,,......,,..,... Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills Kalamazoo ............... Muskegon . . , Holland ,.... Benton Harbor ., Grand Haven . .. Kalamazoo .... Muskegon . . . Holland ..... Benton Harbor .. Grand Haven ...... Grand Rapids Union 19 45 49 47 51 60 37 5l 43 35 59 46 45 Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL Ludington .4., Ottawa Hills Kalamazoo , . . Muskegon .... Holland ,..,,... Benton Harbor ., Grand Haven .... Kalamazoo .,,.. Muskegon .... Holland ...... Benton Harbor .. Grand Haven ....... .... Grand Rapids Union Arthur Hill .......... .... Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Top: Wolf, manager, Plichta, Reed, Murphy, Tiefenthal, Zimmer, Austin, Currie, Green, Wilson, manager, Edick Middle: Coach Iohnson, Chidester, Carlson, Randall, Lodzinski, French, T, Haan, Perry Wells, Cooper, K. Plichta, Nearing. Front: Smith, Iohnson, Crane, Durham, Hietanen, Campbell, Seva, Slezak, D. Haan. VARSITY BASEBALL We look back at the 1951-52 season we see Bernie Winicki on the mound with Dick Sova and Bob Zorn. The infielders were Forten- bacher, Premo, Plichta, Zimmer, French, Near- ing, Cooper, and Smith. The outfielders were left fieldg Phillips, center field, Murray, right field, Ridgeway. The boys out for baseball this season were Cooper, K. Plichta, Smith, Nearing, Sova, French, D. Haan, T. Haan, Hietanen, Crane, Lodginski, Edick, Campbell, Reid, Wells, Lodes, Carlson, Zarimba, I. Plichta, Zimmer, D. Austin, Vaughn, Forten, Samuels, R. Currie, R. Howell, T. Perry, Randall, Chidester, L. South, W. Iohnson, A. Carpenter, G. Mc- Cauley, Hilliard, G. Fiefenthal and G. Duram. O. E. Iohnson is coach. BASEBALL Heights OP Holland Christian .... .... 9 4 Grand Haven ..,. .... 1 Z 5 Muskegon .,.. ,... U 5 Ravenna ...,... .... 2 5 1 Benton Harbor .... .... 5 4 Holland ,..,....... .... 2 4 Holland Christian .... .... l 0 4 Holland ,,......... .... 2 Z Newaygo... ....4 2 Muskegon .... .... 3 9 Kalamazoo . . . . . . . 1 2 Ravenna ....... North Muskegon . . . ,...8 0 ....2 3 Hemphill, Misner, Pedler, Mauch, Richards, Roder, Rowell, Link, Gillhespy, Iones, McKenzie. Terrell, Thornley, Cummins, Roberson, Davies, Phillips, Bohland, Utsey, Cram, The Two Quadrangular G d H . rcmssvacwen :eets ilndid. Muggfgon en ogizlhar or fz Holland Holland 14112 25 Kalamazoo Heights 90 732f3 Heights Heights 56144 41112 Allegan . 55 Heights 84 Holland 18114 Heights 45lf2 St. loseph 15V-4 TRACK L. McMurray, P. C. Richards-hurdles H. Pettis, B. Jamison- 100 yards dash Z. Hemphill - 440 I. Pedler, W. Carter- V2 mile A. Ochs, I. Davies-shot put O. E. Williams-high jump H. Kamp-pole vault Coach D, R. McKenzie will have these boys back this year: Richards. Iam ison, Pedler, Carter, Ochs, Davies, Roberson, Bohland, and Utsey. -106- TENNIS Last year Muskegon Heights had ll tennis matches of which they won only one. They played Allegan 1, Grand Haven 2, Muskegon 2, Benton Harbor l, Hol- land 2, Holland Christian 2, and Kalamazoo once. Allegan was the team they beat. The boys on the team were as follows: lack Boles, Art Hartman, Leon- ard Hartman, Larry Patterson, Bay Iohnson, Kay Meisen, Paul Mathews, Bob Thornley, Ted Osborne, Larry Lambrix, and Richard Meister. The seven that will return this year are Hartman, Patterson, Iohnson Mathews, Thornley, Lambrix and Meister. Coach Del Firme is more optimistic this year. Top: Franks, Schneider, Steers, Brouillet, Iohnson, Cunningham. ' u ' er a brix Crandall Front. Ferg son, Vick s, L H1 N15 R s -107- ARCHERY A bull's eyel At least we hope so. DUCK PINS Duck pins, guite sirnilar to bowling is also a lot of fun. FOLK DANCING Swing your partner, dosey doe. Promenade, then let her go. GIRLS' INTRA- MURAL Intrarnural volley ball champs twice in succession must be nice. I-Iow do you do it girls? VOLLEY BALL Volley ball is one of the favorite games with the girls. lt's your serve. l -108- An open road . . . the symbol of a pathway to success . . . is an inviting prospect to all of the graduates of the Class of '53. We Graduating Seniors will do our best to fulfill our ambitions to ourselves, our friends, and our country, as others have done before us. May We take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped us along the Way - our parents, our teachers, our classmates, and the local businessmen who have at all times shown faith and confidence in everything We have done. Hats off to those who helped us make this Oaks a success for 1953. -lO9- ln the friendly Western Woodland Where Nature has her Way . . . " TO THE FUTURE A A1ex's Repair Service ,.... .. Allsteak ...................... American Coil Spring Co. .... . American Grease Stick Co.. . . . Anderson Packing Co. ....... . Anderson Plumbing Co. ...... . Arbor Floral Co. .......... Avery Drug Store ....... .... B B. F. George Storage-Van ....... Balbirnie-Apostle Mortuary ...... Barberini Food Market.. . Baxter Launderers 51 Dry Cleaners ...... . ...... Bell 61 Bomers Real Eestate 6: Insurance ...... . . ...... . . . . . . Belton, Evelyn, Real Estate Brokerage ........... . ....... . Bennett Pump Co. ......... Bluhm Bros. ....... ............ . Boelkins Super Market .......... Bookkeeping System 6' Service Co ........................... Brickner-Kropt Machining Co.. . . . Browne-Morse Co. .............. . Brundages Cut-Rate Drug Store ......................... Brunswick ................ .... Budd's .... .... Buel's ....,.. . . . Buitendorp's ....... . . C Camera Shop ................ Campbell, Wyant G Cannon.. Carl's Food Store ............. Chadwicks Drive-in .......... Circle's "S" Ranch ........ . . Coca-Cola Bottling Co .... .. Cole's Bakeries ......... .. Columbia Studio ..... .. Commercial Press .... .. Consumers Power Co.. .. . . Cooper's Flower Shop ..... . . Coscarelli's Concessions ...... Crevier Electric .......... .. D D 61 C Stores, Inc. ...... .. Damm Hardware Co. .... . . Dana Printing Co. ....... .. Daniels Co. .............. .. Danigelis Food Market .... .. Darmstadter, Henry .... .. Dawes 6: Son .......... .. Dendrinos G Sons ......... .. Derby's Food QS Produce Market ................. . . Dion Service Station .... .. E Economy Hardware ..... . . Emil's Food Market ........ . . Enterprize Brass Works ......... 1 P Felt Studio .............. ....... Fitzjohn Coach Co. ............. . Frank Lockage Store for Men. . Fredricks Lumber Co. ........ . Fritz the Druggist ............... G Galy, Albert I. ................. . Gomery Agency 6: Insurance .... Grant's Supply Co. ........... . H Hackley Union Bank ..... Hahn Drug Store ....... .... Hall Electric ......... . . . Hansen Drive-in ......... .... Hansen's Dairy Bar ........ , . . . Hasselman's ...........,....... Heights News G Soda Bar ...... Hendrick, Realtor ....,.......... Hobby's Radio ............ . . . Home Loan Co., Inc. ..... Hoppe's Super Market ..... .... Hosler's Clothes ......... .... Hostess Cafeteria ..... .... Hunter df Co. ....... . . . . . I Iiroch, Francis - Wholesale Cigars, Candy, Supplies ....... Iohn's Super Service ............ Iohnson's Camera Shop 6- Studio ....................... Iunior High Barber Shop ........ K Ken :S Bea's ......... ..... K 6: M Restaurant ...... ....... Krause's ....................... Krautheim ...................... Krueger 5. Davies Contractors... L Lakey Foundry Corporation ,.... Langlois .....,................. La Nore's Grocery ...,.......... Lee Funeral Home ....... ..... Lee Harding, Portraits .... ..... Lee 51 Son Hardware ............ Liberty Loan Corporation ....... M Ma1vin's Iewelry ............ . . . Manning, Maxwell G Moore Inc. ......................... . Martin Coal Co. ............... . Meister's Feed Store ..... ..... Michigan Bread Co. ............ . Miers Cleaners Inc. ............ . Michigan Consolidated Gas Co.. . Modern Business Equipment ...., Moore's Texaco Service. ...... .. Morton Manufacturing Co. ..... . Murn Bros. Garage ......,...... Muskegon Bank ..,............. Muskegon Paper Box Co ..... Muskegon Federal G Loan Assoc. ........... . ........ . . . Muskegon Music House ......... Muskegon Heights Record ....... Muskegon School of Business... Muskegon Trust Co. ............ . Myers Service .................. N National Lumberman's Bank ..... Necchi, Widing Sewing Center.. Nibble-A-Scribe-Nib ............ Norge Division ................. Northwestern Pipe Cleaners ..... Novak's Meat Market ........... 4-110- O Office Machine Sales 6: Service P Panyard's ............... . . . Parmelees ....... . . . ......... . Parsons Department Store ..... Patterson's Grocery :S Market. Payne Plumbing Co. ......... . P-B Service ................... Peck Street Hardware .... Peterson Coal Co. ........... . Pompre's Hardware .......... Port City Candy 6 Tobacco .... Plye Pattern 61 Mfg. Co. ...... . O Quality Aluminum Casting Co. Quality Beverage Co. ........ . Quigley, R. I. ................ . R Radium Photo Service .... . . . Reid-Graff Co. ........... . . . Remwolt Cleaners ............ Robinson Lincoln-Mercury Sales 6. Service ............. Rolladorme ............... . . . Rutter Bros. ........ . . . S Sanitary Dairy Co. ..... Schlossman Theatre .... . . . Sealed Power ........ . . . Shaw-Walker ...... .... Simpson's Drugs .... . . . Snowhite Bread ...... . . . Sock Sabin Cleaners .... . . Stariha Real Estate 5: Insurance .............. .... State Cale ................... . Stationery Supply Co. ........ . Steenhagen's Food-Market ...... Stern's Steak House ........... Steve's Beauty Shop ...... . . . Square ............... . . . Squire-Ford Inc. ...... . . . Sutton's Drug Store ..... .. . Swensen Monuments . . . . . . T Tourcotte Studio .......... . . . Tri-City Diaper Service, ..... . . Tri-City Glass G Paint Co. .... . V Vanderve1de's Furniture ...... Vicker's Soda Bar ............. Voss Hardware ......... ...... Votaw's Radio G Electric Service .................... W Webb Coal Co. .............. . Western Michigan Frozen Food Inc. ....................... . Western Michigan Outboard .. Whittington's Barber Shop ..... Whittkopp Tool Co. ........... . Windatt-Pontiac ........., . . . Wolverine Express Inc. .... . . . Wood, Iohn Co. ......... .. . Y Yeager's Barber Shop ......... Youth Haven Maurice Carlson, Director. . . Congrotulcz tions! Graduates of '53 'if YOU are the future Homemakers of America We cordially invite you to visit our large modern store. Our expert decorating and home service de art- P ments are here to serve you. andervelde's ACROSS OM ORGE 1-111- JIM CUSCARELLI GUNCESSIDNS Pere Marquette Park " Wo1'1d's Best Beaches and SWjmmingWc1ters " Miniature Train - Kiddie Rides for the Entire Family N ae, ,E W THREE CUNCESSIONS No. 1 Main Stand, Phone 5-1461 No 2 South Stand, Phone 5-1933 No. 3 Picnic Area: Phone 2-9173 Served High School Students for a Quarter-of-a-Century -112- Compliments of muskegon paper box co TRI-CITY GLASS 81 PAINT 00. 3-1184 Pl t GI F rniture Tops, Wall Paper, M P t WE DELIVER 3 H h BALBIRNIE - HPOSTLE MDRTUARY extends congratulations to the Class of 1953 ALUMNUS JAMES APOSTLE, DIRECTOR PHONE 2-2168 257 WEBSTER JIM HANSEN DRIVE - IN Richardson RootBee15 Hamburgs, Hot Dogs, Malteds Jim Hansen's Drive Inn East Broadway at Getty St. -114- Congratulations to the Class of 1953 For a Tasty Bite,Try Snowhite KRU EGER 8 DAVIES CONTRACTGRS TELEPHONES 5-339 I - 32-5449 I827 EDCSEWATER MUSKEGON I I 3OOI SEVENTH STREET MUSKEGON HEIGHTS -115- TELEPHONE 31-2118 Remwolt Cleaners Broadway at Park Allred I. Hunter 8: Co. Iobbers of Plumbing, Heating 8 Mill Supplies OPPORTUNITY UNLIMITED Greater Muskegon is blessed with excellent educational facilities, an important factor to local industry and commerce. A continuous supply of good, competent and intelligent personnel is essential to the growth of businesses like Sealed Power because from you, graduates of today, will come our leaders of tomorrow. Sealed Power can speak from experience. Our long standing policy of giving preference when- ever possible, to local graduates, has been most valuable in establishing and lmaintaining our position among the leaders in the automotive parts industry. Over 60 per cent of our top executives are alumni of Greater Muskegon high schools. That's why we say "yours fora successful future". Sealed PISTON RINGS ' PISTONS CYLINDER SLEEVES -117- Robinson Lincoln - Mercury Sales and Service Safe Buy Used Cars Lalceton at Fifth Phone 2 8276 Gifts, Pictures, Picture Frames PANYARD'S "The Paint and Paper People" THIRD AT HOUSTON JOHNNY BUlTENDORP'S "Home of Quality Cars" 2504 Peck Street Height MUSKEGON FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION Your Savings are Invited FIRST STREET NEAR WESTERN Executor - Trustee - Agent A I' E X , S Mmgagemns REPAIR SERVICE BENDIX PARTS OIL BURNER SERVICE M U S K E G O N Phone 3-2004 'I' R u S 'I' 2649 Eghth St eet M Ir gon Heights C 0 M P A N Y Compliments of Years of Faithful Service AT COURT HOUSE SQUARE MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN STEENHAGEN'S FOOD MARKET PHONE 3-205I QUALITY SERVICE STORE Free Dellv y S I3l E S tA -118- fC'ongratu1ation to the Heights High Seniors and Thank You for your past patronage CH'ADWICK'S f +DRIVE-IN4 4 vfi AU TUH0 1 r 5gwPNUF4,.Z'. w 'U 'X Q fzuwuieg gy: 5 s 'pfwb O S 4 4 -oo 9 00 g lr 0 h 'Ucnnzv 119 fs by COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF I953 FROM " Jaffa! Z Hoslers R 232 Ly B ld q Schlossman Radium Photo Service Theaters Muskegon's Largest, Oldest and MICHIGAN Most Modern Photographic Establishment REGENT STATE STRAND Served Thirty-two Graduating Classes of Muskegon H.eights High School 367 WESTERN MUSKEGON 0 HEIGHTS PHONE 24-5252 -120- Louis W Simpson, Alumnus Wishes to Congro tulo te the Class of 1953 ..... SlMPSON'S DRUG STURE 'run nr:s'r IN nnucs ALWAYS Phone 2-3059 szsnln Mug M 21 C. FELT'S PORTRAIT STUDIO GROUND FLOOR 1205 THIRD CREVIER ELECTRIC Industrial-Commercial-Residen tal Con 9ff1fU1Uff0HS Graduates ESTATE APPLIANCES PHONE 3-1180 4291 S. Henry Street Muskegon, Michigan Albert I. Galy REAL ESTATE Congratulations INSURANCE MUSKEGON MUSIC HOUSE 2142 Hoyt Street Coin Operated Machines 124 W. Webster Ave. Muskegon -122- Congradulations 1953 Graduates DANA PRINTING COMPANY , 0 n s e n s D a I r y B a IO25 Peck Street - Broadway at Park - U.S. I6 U.S. 3I Zflzc Hes! Malleds and grvnvhburgcrs in Zfaufu SUNDAES MALTEDS HAM BU RG ERS SODAS mmnzns or runs Ann nr:'r'rl:n lcn cnnmu -123- 94 Years of F riendly, Competent Banking Services THE NATIUNAL LllMBERMAN'S BANK Muskegon 's Oldest Bank Compliments of SANITARY DAIRY CCMPANY BOB MO0RE'S TEX!-ICO SERVICE QUALITY PRODUCTS Finest Service MUSKEGUN SGH00l 0F BUSINESS We can train you for a local office position, for a Civil Service position, or to operate your own business. CALL 2-2531 FOR INFORMATON Approved by the State Department of Public Instruction, and a member of the National Council of Business Schools -125- PRESCRIPTIONS BRUNDAGES CUT-RATE DRUG STGRE Drugs, Fountain, Lunches Phone 3-2444 Corner Peck and Broadway Muskegon Heights Pl-ions 3-7582 TRI-CITY INFANT DIAPER SERVICE Low-Cost Sterilized Baby Laundry and Diaper Service Congratulations to the Class I953 Agency tor MEIER CLEANERS, INC. 28I5 Santord Street Muskegon Heights A young lady was asked by the prosecuting attor- ney, "What gear were you in when the crash took p1ace?" She replied quickly, "A beret, two-tone shoes and a gray flannel suit." Teen-ager, gulping popcorn at a movie, to her girl friend: "You know something? I don't like double fea- tures. I always eat too much." When the woman driver smashed into the truck at the intersection, she told the cop: "That worm turned right in front of me but he didn't put out his hand." 'lDid you hear that an African king had to abdicate his throne because he shot an elephant out ot season?" "No. What about it?" "It's the first time in history that a reign has been called on account of game." Tops in Entertainment 0 Dancing 0 Shows 0 Horses 0 Auction 0 Guest Facilities " " RANCH Muskegon. Michigan CIRCLE Modern Business Equipment Typewriters, Adding Machines, and Accounting Machines 27I3 Peck Street Muskegon Heights -126- Congratulations to the Class of I953 FRANK LOCKAGE STQRE FOR MEN 276I PECK STREET MUSKEGON HEIGHTS MYERS SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRING. Brake Service Phone 32-7475 60L In Muskeg H gh! Conqrafulafions MUSKEGON MUSIC CO. Coin Qperafecl Machines 2I42 I-loyf S+ree+ 127- Compliments of Fitzjohn Coach Co. Kuildcrs af Zn: Mainz' Haaclzes Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class ot 1953 Campbell, Wyant Sz Cannon Foundry Company .. 28- .7f if Always Spring Uma at our hausv. AMERICAN CCIL SPRING CGMPANY PARSCDNS DEPARTMENT STCJRE MUSKEGON HEIGHTS Starz nf 51114117115 Krauds Q 53536 SPORTSCASTEH M - 1 A C K E T Greater Mvskegon's Most Pop Ula I Outdoor Jacket For Boys And Gjrjs. 14:-:-:::s::'2Q""""-:SSR :' 215."43:4Zg:4':4xebqsc-:-S5-::-:-:':-:-:-:-A-q.- - -f':'f-xr fx-rsiwni-"-I',E3::I'f3EfE5E'2E' CEE?" 1 I , EXCIUSIVGIY Ours f I :N:...- .s'.3:r' ' ,...,QgEiwrErE5:r11:1E ,.,, ...A+-rnrES'sEvrErEfEr. Nw. ..'.-.i:r:rs:s,.rea,5:5553555 3-fbklggfz MUSKEGON'S FINEST STORE 21:12:21 Gfeatel' ' 1 --::w1:zr::ssaf:',::ss:1:: s:zm:e2w:usss1:-: -Q:-ff-:ap-5EgE5E5E: uskegon lQfY5.2a:gese4 Y O U R I GREATER MUSKEGON SQUIRE-FORD, INC TELEPHONE 3-I 36I PECK AT SHERMAN BLVD. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -130- Compliments of Bill Stern Steak House 667 West Broadway Phone 3-2960 Compliments of S NORTHWESTERN PIPE CLEANERS IO69 S. BROOKS ROAD PHONE 28-4I55 OR 2-2576 - HUBERT JUUSOLA - COMPLETE SEWER CLEANING SERVICE ' COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL "NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL' -131- KEN 8 BEA'S 'A pleasant place to shop Groceries Boelkins Super Market Meats P d 'O me BETTER QUALITY OPEN oo P MEATS 8:00 A. M. to 12. . NIGHTS Enuns suNnAvs VEGETABLES AND GRocEmEs HOLIDAYS USKEGON HEIGHTS, MICH BR DWAY AT NINTH S 300 M ff t T- c n B N 3 J. S. ANDERSON Compliments of Brickner - Kropf Machine Company COMPANY, INC. QUALITY MEATS -132- Congratulations and Our Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 L. ,X N ull It X r. Y- WX A' X . NX :xx silk xx t mx '25 x Qu-s ami --A- + mf - T1x x Q jg ' AA. -ff' 4' S , s i , I , fd xv ww Nomar QIVISIUN BURG-WARNER CURPORATIDN -133- AUTO PARTS, SUPPLIES ACCESSORIES MEDENDORP'S PHONE 3-368: 270i Peck Street Muskegon Heights STATE CAFE 1237-39 PECK STREET Muskegon Heights One of the Oldest and Leading Establishments in the Heights Frigidaire, Maytag, Coleman, Zenith, A.B.C., New Enamel, Schwinn, Whizzer Motors LaNore's Grocery COMPLETE GROCERY LINE Vegetables, Fresh and Cold Meats 7 E. CENTER AVENUE Dm? Hams Muskegon i-leights, Mich. Phone 3-2464 H 900 AM' to 9:00 PM" SU d Y ll N I96 Sh ttl Road Ph 3 l43I FREDRICKS LUMBER Compliments of COMPANY ANDERSON Behind the City CG. PHONE 3-2lO6 - MUSKEGON HEIGHTS' MICHIGAN 2429 PECK STREET PHONE 3-2935 Compliments ot John's Super Service Broadway at Sixth Streets LOOYENGOED AND TANIS, Proprietors MURN BROTHERS' GARAGE Complete Motor Rebuilding, Motor Tune-up, Expert Body Work Albert Murn, Phone 3-2327 28IO Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Michigan -134- Hobby's Heights Radio APPLIANCES TELEVISION I234 Peck S+., Muskegon Heighfs. Mich. YEAGER'S BARBER SHOP 535 PECK STREET MUSKEGON I-IEIC-EI-ITS, MICHIGAN Bookkeeping Sys'I'ems 8: Service Company TAX SERVICE OFFICE PHONE 3-I662 30I4 Peck Srreer Muskegon Heighis, Mich Qualify Plumbing and Hearing ,RUITER BROTHERS Over 31 Years of Service PI-IONE 3-2224 28I3 Maffel' Sheer al Airline Road Muskegon I'Ieigh+s. Michigan Phone 3-2355 STEVE'S BEAUTY SHOP Slevena Addink 2305 Peck Sfreer Muskegon Heighrs P-B SERVICE T. Y. "Pele" Bomberski PI-IONE 33-4IO3 PECK AT BARNEY Muskegon Heighls, Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF D 81 C STORES, INC. 5c Sl.OO Headquarrers 'For All School Supplies Ioan: "Your new overcoat is very 1oud." Ted: "Yes, but I intend to wear a muffler wiih it." Mr. Verdiun: "You can't sleep in my classI" Ioe Neiser: "I know it. I've been trying lt for cm hour." Tree: A solid thing that stands in one place for fifty years, and lhen suddenly jumps in front of a woman driver. lack: "My dad has a wooden 1eg." Bob: "That's nothing. My sister has a cedar chest." -135- HALL ELECTRIC VGSS HARDWARE COMPANY Appliances Construction Engineering Motor Rebuilding "The Best Costs No More" I965 Sanford Street Dial 2-3758 ESTABLISHED I9I3 SWENSEN MoNuMENTs Distinctive Cemetery Memorials Unexcelled Craftsmanship Whatever the Price of Memorial Chosen Muskegon Heights, Michigan Phone 27-565 2035 Peclt S+. -136- SPORTING GODDS PAINTS H A R D W A R E 2027 Peck s+fee+ Muskegon Heights, Michigan Phone 2-5460 Compliments of DIDN SERVICE STATION Sixth and Broadway Phone 3-5497 Muskegon Heights Spaldlng Goldsmith and Rawling Athletic Equipment Damm Hardware Co Ottawa Street Everything for the office, e x c e p t machines 1 chairs, desk, Fire-Files, fil- ing cabinets, indexing systems, loose- leafand payroll equipment--4,000 prod- ucts, each "time-engineered" to help get more done, easier, and in less time. H -W LKBR Largest Exclusive Makers of Office Furniture and Filing Equipment in the World. -137- Graduales Congratulations and Best Wishes for ihe fufure LLOYD BELL 81 HARRY G. BOMERS REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Hearliesl Cong rafulalions 'I'o 'Phe Class of I953 Barberini Food Market CANDY - PoP - MAGAZINES II4 E. Broadway Hoppe Super IGA Marker SELF SERVE CASH AND CARRY GROCERIES AND MEATS 273 E. Broadway Phone 33-3434 Muskegon Heighis Record "Devoted to community Progress" JOB PRINTING OF ALL KINDS CALL 3-2000 Compliments of WOLVERINE EXPRESS, INC. Dependable Motor Freight Service Phone 2-66-I I Muskegon. Michigan POMPER HARDWARE DeVoe Painl, Tools, Elecrrical, Plumbing, Housewares Phone 3-I I37 MUSKEG-ON HEIGHTS. MICHIGAN Corner Broadway 8: Baker, Across from Browne-Morse STANLEY PAYNE Reliable Plumbing 8 Hearing IIO E. Broadway Muskegon I-Ieighls Phone 3-2309, if no answer dial 33-5195 -138- Best Wishes from Morton Manufacturing Company DRAW-CUT MACHINE TOOLS WELDING MACHINES FINISH MACHINE KEYS THE OLD FRIEND WE HAVE V QB!! ' Bqmv-U I. I nn KS m':f.x1,',2fAD , 1137! f .ff f Soft Feel Oven Fresh Good Taste Wheaty Aroma TO THE NEW FRIEND WE'VE MADE DANIELS Distinctive Gifts Stationery Books THE CAMERA SHOP, INC. Photo Finishing Photo Supplies Greeting Cards Gitts 60 E. Broadway Muskegon Heights, Michigan D e n d r i n O S Congratulations and g Best Wishes LET GEGRGE Sons DO IT! Local, Nationwide Moving, Storage, Crating, Packing Make Those Delicious SUNRISEPIES 900EghthS Mixg Hgh Mlm Best Wishes Compliments of Class GV53 EVELYN BELTON gg: 'WMA REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE -140- Martjn- Senour Color Bar PIPE CUTTING AND THREADING Peck Street Hardware R. L. FISCHER -:- E. I-I. FISCI-IER 54312 ksf Ph 23618 MuskegonH ht Best Wishes and Success to the Class of '53 CONRAD'S COLUMBIA STUDIO "Cla ss Po r traits ot Distinctio n" Call 2-3013 For Appointment 184 W. Western Ave. Across from Penny's -141- NECCHI .Di 115-,',.,..-f VFOR FlNEST'l PERFORMANCE I. SERVICE .I WIDING SEWING CENTER .-.- 'fy 5 'is Em 6 E W ' IFA!! E Ty' Z R .,, ,. E- , A :: I K - J GQ 1: :-1. X-""' yr M ..Q 277 W. BROADWAY PHONE 3-I862 Compliments of WHITTKOPP TOOL CDMPANY I536 GETTY STREET MUSKEGON MICHIGAN QUR BEST TO ALL OF YOU GRADUATES OF I953 THE ALLSTEAK ELGIN H. SUTTCN, PROPRIETOR Future Plans "YOUTH HAVEN BOYS HOME" Wolf Lake, Muskegon - For Homeless Boys 1 " UNCLE MORRY " Maurice A. Carlson, Founder - Director, G r a d u a t e o ri 153-3 Q Bob: "I hear that you fell while ice-skating. Was I there anyone around to laugh?" Clarence: "No, but the ice sure made a lot of cracks." I Whistle?" I Traffic Cop: "Listen lady, didnt you hear me Young Lady: "Yes, but you're wasting your time. l'rn engaged." Said the advertising man as he proposed: 'This is the last time this astounding offer will be made." Compliments of Baxter Launderers 8 Dry Cleaners PHONE 2-2627 l9l5 PECK STREET -143- PARMELEES YGLIR CREDIT JEWELER in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights wi WATCHES """' DIAMONDS Manning, Maxwell 8. Moore, Inc. Compliments of GENERAL TELEPHONE COMPANY FDQD QF MARKET All Kinds of Beverog T T k O OPEN NIGHTS S -144- If QOHND UNDII AUUNOIIYY Of Nl COCA-COLA COMPANY ll Our Best Wishes for the Success of the Class of I 9 5 3 The Place To Go For The Brand You Know" K R A U 5 E ' S STORE Fok SHOES C0ca-C0Ia Bottling Co. 37-45 E. Broadway Sfrand Thealer Bld of Muskegon Complimenls of BueI's Shoes 333 W. Weslern MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Q Remember Us When Your Wedding Day Rolls Around COLE'S BAKERY "We Sfrive For Perfecfion" 2534 Peck Sfreet Muskegon Heighfs and ofher New Address locafions. 1 that's a nice way f K N x X ' to cook dlnner . . . "i,:a'3?'4. N Q . -1f w.?i,..Q :gr ' X i I -T 5-E1 -' I 4 - 1' N , N-er - N- 1, .,.,,.. '-" 94 i be 'Q ., -, E-X -1-1"1-11-1:--1:-Q: -- .,.. W -aw X ""' 11 . Z Keep cool this summer. En- I t' loy more hours of kitchen ' M' freedom. Replace your old stove with a modern gas range that will nrrolled oven while you are miles away. See your dealer or the Gas Company about a liberal lrade-in cool' on entire meal automatically in the clock-co allowance. MIt'l1IGAN C0Nso-L1nA'1'r:D Litas fU'T'lI'ANY Serving 750,000 Customers in Michigan VICKERS' Soda Bar TELEPHONE 3-2257 Try 0ur lumbo Malteds Complete Fountain Service and Light Lunches HOURS: 9:00 A.M. T0 10:00 P.M. SUNDAY HOURS: 11:00 A.M. T0 11:00 P.M. Hand Packed And Machine Packed Ice Cream 1240 SIXTH STREET MUSHEGON HEIGHTS -146- CarI's Complete Food Store BRCADWAY AT PECK 58 Years of Service DEPARTMENTS OF: Cole Bakery, Frozen Foods, Complete Dairy, Modern Grocery, Refrigerated Produce, Frozen Meats, Dietetics Foods, Quality Meats. CHARGE ACCOUNTS DELIVERY SERVICE Zaugratulalions ta the Zlass of 1953 Browne - Morse Company MAKERS OF FILING CABINETS AND SUPPLIES MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN I -147- Stationery Supply Company PHONE 3-2909 OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT A few of our Naiionally Adverlised Brands are: Burroughs Adding Ma- chines, SIeeIcase, Desks, CI'1airs,FiIes, CarIer's Carbon Papers, EagIe PenciIs, Slweaffer Pens. ' 2538 Peck S'rree+, Muskegon Heiglnis REID-GRAFF CORPORATION Plumbing I-Ieaiing Ven+iIaIing PHONE 3-202I 29:6 PECK sTREET Conzplimenls of Langlois Refrigeration Candy and Tobacco WILLIAM A. LANGLOIS Company WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Cigars, Cigareffes, Tobacco, Paper Producis, Drug Sundries, Smokers' Ar+icIes, Founiain Supplies and Candy PHONE 3-29I5 28I3 Maffeff S+ree'r Muskegon I'IeigI1'rs -148- "Your Westinghouse Dealer" RADIO, TELEVISION, RANGES. REFRIGERATION Commercial Refrigeration Frigidaire Sherer Gillef TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS wooo AT APPLE - MusKEeoN 28II SANFORD - MusKEeoN HEIGHTS Phone 2-7766 Evenings 5-0434 Congratulations Class otl953 -Sock Sabin Class 1934 A PERSON IS IIIDGED BY TIIE CLOTHES I-IE WEARS Give your clothes that New Look! SUCK SABIN CLEANERS ---FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY--i- We're set up to serve your cleaning needs. ODERLESS CLEANING DETREX ODERLESS PROCESS Broadway At Leahy Street Phone 3-2409 A Eaugratulafians and Hes! Wishes to the Glass af 1953 Iohn Wood Company BENNET PUMP DIVISION MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN l -149- BEST WISHES GRADUATES ENTERPRIZE Measuring Your Success in Life . . . BRASS A WORK S i 1 J B B B .1 AI ' S- Q l'aSS, l'0nZe an Umlnum quu""""Iui Castin s My """"'0g,, g QW Plumber's Brass Goods will depend on your faking advaniage of fhe knowledge gained in your sfudies. Aoi in- ielligenlly, fhink clearly and the goal you have sei' for yourself will :ae aH'ained.h Tau clan rely l ' ' 1' :sri efaiigifzng lsieprhngreegdirilit Muskegon forfable. . Reddy Kilowafi Mic 'gan CONSUMERS POWER CC. Even an Airplane Siaris from The Ground As a Gracluaie of 'rhe Heighis High Scho We Complimenis of LAKEY FOUNDRY CORPCRATICN -150- Suggesi Thai You Keep Bofh Feef On The Ground WHICH MEANS Work - Earn - Save THE MUSKEGON BANK The Bank Across the Street" Muskegon. Michigan Banking That's Building Greater Muskegon THE HACKLEY UNION NATIUNAL BANK MUSKEGON HEIGHTS MUSKEGDN Congratulations from X ROLLER SKATING AT ITS BEST MoNA LAKE PHoNE 33 2196 HasseIman's BETTER QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS Without Fancy Prices DRAPERIES -:- SHADES R. J. QUIGLEY 1039-1041 Peck Street Phone 3-2425 CURTAINS -:- VENETIAN BLINDS PETERSON COAL COMPANY Kentucky Blue Gem Coal Phone 3-2274 NEED MONEY ? For Confidential, Courteous Service Call HOME LOAN CO., INC. 525.00 to 5500.00 on Furniture, Signature or Auto William Schutter, Manager 1014 Peck Street Phone 3-1376 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class I953 AMERICAN GREASE STICK CO. JUNIOR HIGH BARBER SHOP Leon Zue Charles Holter 1043 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Congratulations to the Class of 1953 AVERY DRUG STORE Phone 3-1466 PECK AT SHERMAN MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN Congratulations to the Class of 1953 COOPER'S FLOWER SHOP Phone 3-2218 1013 Peck Street -152- and things HAHN DRUG STORE J . H . LEE 2 SON HARDWARE Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizers western M E I S 'I' E R ' S All Kinds ot Dog Foods 300I Peck Street Phone 3-24I7 Compliments of VOTAW'S RADIO ELECTRIC SERVICE Phone 32-8575 2934 Peck Street Congratulations, Class of 1953 BLUHM BROTHERS' Super IGA Market GOOD FOOD - GOOD HEALTH Distributors ot Cedargreen Frozen Foods Phone 2-2088 HQEMHQA Mkg Mhq Phone 3-2337 CLYDE HENDRICK, Realtor 222 Danigeiis Building M icq H gh? M hg Compliments ot Your O-So Grape Bottler QUALITY BEVERAGE 7-9 W. Broadway Everyday Low Prices Compliments ot GET IT FROM W E B B Fritz, the druggist C O A L C O M P A N Y VISIT OUR "SNACK BAR" West Barney Muskegon Heights, Mich Michigan Frozen Foods, Inc DIGNITY DEPENDABILITY 1920 1953 N . ' V '- .. LEE FUNERAL HOME 42212 .-:E i Hll.VlN'S IEWELRY, 27'I9PeckSh'eei-Phone3-2044 -155- Compliments ot KSM RESTAURANT AND STEAK HOUSE 529 Peck Street Compliments of Nibble-A-Scrib-Nib Jim and Ann Forton I946 Peck Street, Muskegon Muskegon Heights Ida Groendel, Prop. JEWELERS OPHQIANS WESTERN MICHIGAN Bu DD'S OUTBOARD The Store Your Confidence Built 227 Western Ave. Phone 2-2380 SALES AND SERVICE Martin Motors - Sporting Goods Phone 3- l l4l 293l Peck Street Muskegon Heights Francis .lirock - WHOLESALE - Cigars, Candy, Tobacco Fountain Supplies 248 Market Street Since I866 Compliments of D E R B Y ' S FOOD S PRGDUCE MARKET 2927 Peck Street Phone 3-9l80 HOSTESS CAFETERIA 24 HOUR DAILY SERVICE Where Courtesy Dwells and Service Excels 266 West Clay Phone 24-i307 Compliments of ECCNOMY HARDWARE Quality Hardware dl' Moderate Prices 284i Peck Street Phone 3-2273 -156- Congratulations Graduates- Oftice Machine Company NORMAN 'T. PLANK E. I. WAGNER I. G. KNOLLINGER Headquarters tor Rugal Wurld's No.1 Tgpewriters Gray Magic Royal Portable Typewriters 30 DAYS FOR DOWN PAYMENT TO STUDENTS Corner ot Apple and Wood Street Muskegon, Michigan Ed: "I wonder how they get the water in these watermelons?" Ron: "Easy They plant them in the spring." Diner: "Do you serve crabs here?" Waitress: "Oh, yes, we serve anyone. Won't you sit down?" Barb: "Why did the little moron run around his bed?" Porge: "I wou1dn't know," Barb: "To catch up on his sleep." Soldier: "Sir, the enemy is before us thick as peas." General: "All right, then shell them." Waiter: "These are the best eggs we've had for years." Diner: "Well, bring me some you haven't had so long." Harriett: "Bill, What's your number on the football team?" Bill: "H2O. I'm the water-boy." Don: "Does she know much about cars?" Tom: "Naw. She thinks you cool otf the motor by stripping the gears." Man tat ticket windowl: "One round trip ticket, please." Ticket Agent: "Where to, sir?" Man: "Back here, of coursel" Al: "My dog can pronounce his own name." lim: "I don't believe it. What's his name?" Al: "Woof." Student: "I ccm't eat." Coed: "Lost appetite?" Student: "No, lost pocketbookf' . Tom: "What would you do if you were in my shoes?" Tim: "Polish them." Mother: "lay, are you fond of moving pictures?" lay: "Yes, indeed." Mother: "Then you won't mind moving some out of the attic for me, will you?" -157- PATTERSON'S GROCERY AND MARKET Quality Service 3137 S th Ph 3 Congratulations to the Class of I953 HENRY DARMSTADTER Michigan's Largest Meat Dealer DIAL 3-2962 2343 2644 BAKER sr MUSKEGON HEIGHTS MICHIGAN Our Flowers Are Always Greenhouse Fresh ARBOR FLORAL COMPANY 27 Years of Dependable Service 1222 Peck Street Muskegon, Mich. QUALITY ALUMINUM CASTING COMPANY 2700 RIORDAN PHONE 3-2285 Producers of Non-Ferrous Metal Castings Arthur Gomery Agency GENERAL INSURANCE PHONE 3-2092 50I W, BROADWAY MUSKEGON HEIGHTS MICHIGAN Compliments of EMIL'S FOOD MARKET A Quality Service Store One of the Oldest and Leading Establishments in the Heights "Master Printers" THE COMMERCIAL PRESS Dial 2-2575 I98l Sanford Street Muskegon, Michigan L c. B. DAWES a SON "Say lt With Flowers" Member of Florists Telegraph Delivery Phone 2-2005 77 E. Delano Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 -SUTTON'S-f- PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Where Quality prevails PHONE 3 2286 101 W BROADWAY MUSKEGON HEIGHTS MICH WINDATT - PCDNTIAC SALES AND SERVICE -159- "Best Wishes for a Continued Success" Liberty Loan Corporation David Flelcher, Manager PHONE 3-3606 2775 Peck Sireei Muskegon Heighis, Michigan WHITTINGTON'S BARBER SHOP 28I5 SANFORD STREET - HEIGHTS Poriraiis - Weddings, Baby Phoio Supplies Phoio Finishing Cameras Cal Johnson's Camera Shop and Studio For Appoinimenf Call 24-2534 503 Caiherine Muskegon, Michig A. KRAUTI-IEIM QUALITY JEWELRY SINCE I887 329 W. Wesiern Ave. Compiimenis of Frank Slariha, Sr. 8: Jr. REAL ESTATE GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 32-5375 29I6 Sanford Slreei Muskegon Heighis Home-Made Polish Sausage NOVAK'S MEAT MARKET Qualify af Low Cost Len Novak, Proprielor Phone 3-I95O 26 Easi Broadwa sToKERs - oiL BURNERS Martin Coal and Building Supply Company Dependable Fuels, Home Insulation 576 E. Broadway Phone 3-2026 Complimenfs of HEIGHTS NEWS AND SODA BAR We have the mos? Complefe Newsstand, Compleie Selecfion of Candies, Pipes and Tobacco I Sirand Building - Nexf io Sfrand Theaier Printed by Students of the High School Press - 160 - n 1 f , V Y 'iii rm M 55,1 . 'I . t .w Wy' 1. .M

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