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3 -.5 ,,:1'-1 V. , VICTURY PATTERN SHUP EST. 1 9 3 5 lames 1. Hamm, Owner WDOD AND METAL PATTERNS Phone 2-2820 Muskegon Nervous husband: "You gave my wife or ic instead Pat to Mike: "l left Mrs. O'Flaherty's boarding house of asp bhcause when her cow died, We had beef all weekg . - W en her calf died, we ate v al. L t Week Mrs. Drgxgsgstbleghe d cl I now? Well, that tit ents O.F1chertY d. dl rm not taking h ce .. Q4 ter the game...Re hash c with Coca-Cola 0 Row JJ f,0UT?' C momgiisj, Ao:uM A we fo A '25 swo ' . Z Qgf 0 99 6-Q C C 3 X o':'Qir-95 N53 serv M""fw. R025 C et v T' ' 0 v , 3 - L Q 1 1 1, .B l A -va 3 X ,O t..i ,., BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY A Muskegon -127- COMPLIMENTS OF D 8. C STORES, INC. 5: 51.00 Headquarters for all School Supplies DRAPERIES SHADES R. J. QUIGLEY 1039-1041 Peck Street Phone 3-2425 Curtains Venetian Blinds C. B. DAWES 81 SON "Say it with Flowers" Member of Florist Telegraph Delivery Phone 2-2005 77 E. Delano P-B SERVICE T. Y. "Pete" Bomberski Phone 33-4103 Peck and Barney Muskegon Heights, Michigan TENNY FOR PLUMBING FIXTURES ON DISPLAY 56 East Broadway Congratulations to the Class of 1952 MUSKEGON MEAT COMPANY 1149 Baker Street, Muskegon Heights Dial 3-2962 STATE CAFE 1237-39 Peck Street Muskegon Heights One of the Oldest and Leading Establishments in the Heights Compliments of EMII.'S FOOD MARKET A Quality Service Store Quality - Service - Courtesy ls Our Motto Phone 3-2041 100 E. Hovey Av -128- 8 WINDATT - P NTIAC SALES AND SERVICE 500 PECK STREET MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN MY- IOIIUSQUI 'IIS YOU1' bOY SIUCIYIUQ I0U1'I1CI1iSm in Heard in cr depot: I'Sir, if you was or gentleman, you COIISQG? wouldnci smoke in here." "Mum, if you wuz Q lady Mr. McKenzie: "No, why?" you'd sit farther away." "If you wuz me husband Mr. Iohnson: "Well, cIidn't you soy he was writing for To give you poison." "If you wuz me wife, I'd take money?" it." Compliments of VOTAW'S RADIO ELECTRIC SERVICE Phone 32-8575 1435 Peck Street QUALITY ALUMINUM CASTING COMPANY PRODUCERS OF NON-FERROUS METAL CASTINGS Phone 3-2355 Steve's Beauty Shop Stevena Addink 804 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Compliments of Webb Coal Company 336 West Barney Muskegon Heights, Mich -129- Puhalski's F o o d Market Joe Puhalski Growing with Greater Muskegon I o . Then your hrst name must be No D ulb: , how do you g im to hs " G RADLIATES 2 Set a Goal and Work for lt! Q, TWENTY YEARS I worked in a Rented F Studio in the Lyman Building. E Now at Iast,l reached my goal, a studio in my own building. Thanks to the many L Graduates of the l9'52 Class, for whom T we made portraits in our new location. STUDIO GROUND FLO0R - PARKING ATQTHE PHoNE 24-54-24 nos THIRD sTReET,gMusKEeoN -130- BOB MOORE'S TEXACO SERVICE QUALITY PRODUCTS FINEST sznvzcx "Well," said the parrot after listening to cr lecture on Fiflthgf glyglfegloipqet out of here' rm gonna have evolution, "ct any rate, no one ccm make Q monkey ' out of me." Second Convict: "Dunno, I'm in for life." I O sq Congratulations Class of I952 6:14-D, f fgllfow . 'YP' I T s fl J E W E L RY L g ' I PHONE 3-2044 N f I242 PECK ST, MUSKEGON HEIGHTS s- 131- Compliments of ECONOMY HARDWARE Quality Hardware at Moderate Prices 1315 Peck Street Phone 3-2273 Your Savings are Invited Muskegon Savings and Loan Ass'n FIRST STREET, NEAR WESTERN RUITER BROTHERS Quality Plumbing and Heating Over 30 Years of Service PHONE 3-2224 Muskegon Heights, Michigan 1330 Mattett St t at Airline R d Graduates! Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Future Lloyd J. Bell Harry G. Bomers Real Estate and lnsurance AUTO PARTS, SUPPLIES ACCESSORIES MEDENDORP'S Phone 3-3681 1200 PECK STREET MUSKEGON HElGHTS Portraits - Weddings, Baby Photo Supplies Photo Finishing Cameras CAL .l0HNSON'S CAMERA SHOP 81 STUDIO For appointment call 24-2534 787 Apple at Getty M k g M h Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizers , MElSTER'S All Kinds of Dog Foods 1500 PECK STREET PHONE 3-2417 -132- Congratulatjon to the Class of 1952 Enjoy the Finest in Motion Picture Entertainment in the Privaeg and Iomtort of qour own car 1--I-'Z lim-1 211 l lll111ls i l'IlItll-'l.1SItIlltI'l'l l1 1l H13 dl ll.llllv-I 1 I-Illl llu:lmu:ul'l 1 I -ll' I!--lol 5 1, lpn:-Q--I ll- -Q li -L , Fagan: ml M. ,-.alialgatfqglm gfggllmiie , -0- .fiwvl llzie ll? -l. l1-. . . li I iiillIll1:i7 f -A "- No Parking Worries Two Shows Nilely Miss Whitfield: "Nope, se h h d T S b h d h your pant on to be." h d d ? Mr. Shregcrdus: "How come D Oh I g g d ght nd I'm going Miss Whitfield: "Why, they were juniors, of course. h b f h k CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE Uttiee MachinesiSales 81 Service Co. of L, Z Worlds No. 1 Typewrlters 4 -E f . -effisi f ,, 5 ,35 Z Headquarters for Royal Typewrlters A , , ffffff!ZgKgo,yg,.,,f: ','.f ,,,,,,,i,,,, f 5 A I .... .L tit Gray Magic Royal Portable NoRMAN T.PLANK, E.g1.wAcNEn, 1.c.KNoLuNc.ER in , M -133- SHAW - WALKER SELLS ITS "Buf"Lf'm " Time Engineered Products " N Anon wins 16 Branches 400 Dealers SHAW-WALKER The Best Known Trademark in Office Equipment M11 O 1 h k f b d B1 A h 'P cl S N h d h 11 I Wh 'P B1 H k h h h ill I M I1 Y f porters?" RADIIIM PHOTO SERVICE , Muskegun's Largest, Uldest and Must Modern Photographic Establishment SERVED THIRTY-ONE GRADUATING CLASSES OF MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL 367 WESTERN PHONE 24-5252 -134- BALBIRNIE - APOSTLII MORTUARY I extends congratulations to the Class ot 1952 ALUMNUS JAMES APOSTLE, DIRECTOR PHONE 2-2168, 257 W. Webster Compliments of Frank Stariha Real Estate General Insurance Phone 32-5375 I4I7 Sanford Street Muskegon H ghts, Mich. TRY-CITY INFANT DIAPER SERVICE Phone 3-7582 Low-Cost Sterilized Baby Laundry l and Diaper Service I -135- WHlTTINGTON'S BARBER SHOP 1314 SANFORD STREET- HEIGHTS Crevier Electric Industrial - Commercial - Residential Estate Appliances Phone 3-1180 4291 S H y Street Muskegon, Michig YEAGER'S BARBER SHOP 535 Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Michigan A. KRAUTHEIM Quality Jewelry Since 1887 329 W. Western Ave. PEERLESS PLATING WORKS PHONE 3-8470 2554 SOUTH GETTY FREDERICKS LUMBER COMPANY Behind the City Hall Phone 3-2106 Muskegon Heights, Michigan LANORE'S GROCERY Complete Grocery Line Vegetables, Fresh and Cold Meats Drug Items H 9AMt9PMSdy HN 1196Shttl R d Ph 31 Compliments of K 8 M Restaurant and Steak House 529 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Ida Groendel, Prop -136- Schlossman Watson Radio Theaters and Television Finest in Sales and Service M I C H I G A N R E G E N T GENERAL ELECTRIC S T A T E TELEVISION AND APPLIANCES PHILCO AND R.C.A. S T R A N D T V 1017 Peck Street Phone 3-1614 MUSKEGCN ' HEIGHTS Across from Heights Post Office Distinctive Gifts COMPLIMENTS -.statignery-. To THE - B o o k s - CLASS OF 1952 FROM Greeting Cards for Every Occasion H o s I e r s 360-66 West Western Avenue -137- Mr. ALLSTEAK says "HI!" AND REMEMBER You'll always be welcome at The ALLSTEAK ELGIN H SUTTON Cl f 1924 P Tri-City Glass Sr Paint Company PHONES 32-73275 3-1184 Plate Glass, Furniture Tops Wall Paper, Mirrors, Paint We Deliver P West Broadway Muskegon Height -'l38- AMERICAN BARBECUE Congratulations i fo the Class of I952 i CarI's Complete Food Store BROADWAY AT PECK . 67 years Of Service DEPARTMENTS OF: Cole Bakery, Frozen Foods, Complete Dairy, Modern Grocery, Refrigerated Produce, Frozen Meats, Dietetics Foods, Quality Meats. CHARGE ACCOUNTS DELIVERY SERVICE -139- ENTERPRIZE B R A S S Compliments of W O R K S L A K E Y Brass, Bronze and Aluminum F O U N D R Y Castings PIumber's Brass Goods C O R P Q R A T I 0 N Mkg B Mhg M kg M hg AT couRT HOUSE SQUARE C0mP'ime"'Ss0f LEE MUSKEGON HARDING TRUST PoRTRAlTs COMPANY E - T - A9 PHONE 2 7422 M 99 L d Y fF hfIS -140- Compliments of Brickner-Kropf Machine I Company Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of I952 from WEST SHORE PRINTERS PHONE 2-7322 The Finest in Quality Printing DON LYNN, FRANK DOLAR, Owners Pe k t Del o Muskegon Heights, Michigan KEN S BEA'S Groceries, Meats, Produce OPEN 8:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. NIGHTS, SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS Muskegon H ights, Michigan Broadw y at N' th St t Phone 3-8393 Congratulations to the Class of '52 COLUMBIA STUDIO "Creators of Distinctive Portraits" Phone 2-3013 I84 W. Western Ave. -141- Port City Our Bes Wishes for Success to thle Class of 1952 Company Wholesale Distributors Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobaccos, Q Paper Products, Drug Sundries, K R A u S E S Smokers' Articles, Fountain Supplies and Candy STORE FOR MEN 1240 PECK ST. PHONE 3-2915 STORE FOR SHOES 1312 MAFFETT MUSKEGON HEIGHTS E. BROADWAY if C REID-GRAFF CORPORATION Plumbing Heathg VentHaHng ri' Phone 3-2021 1417 Peck Street T421 "the Boys' Home featured COAST to COAST by C.B.S. Television Network" "Uncle MUVYYU WALTER A. HAMAN MAURUCE A- CARI-SUN ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR FOUNDER Formerly with U.S. and Secret Service ' DIRECTOR and Gfadllafe of 1933 Presidential Body Guard - Saving A Boy is "Christianity with Its Sleeves Rolled-up" W Silly "I remember your face. I saw it on a salmon Fair Girl: "Are you from the far North?" can, you poor fish." Slow-poke: "No, why?" Dilly: "Yours, too. I saw it on ct milk can, y old cow." Fair One: "You dance as if you had snowshoes on Congratulations Class of i952 --- Sock Sabin Class I934 7X person is judged by the clothes he wears. Give your clothes that New Look! Sacks Sabin Elmuers FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY ODE'RLESS CLEANING A DETREX oDERLEss PROCESS WeQ'e set up to Serve your cleaning need ' BROADWAY AT 1.l:A1-nr s'rnzn'r Pnoun 3-2409 -1439-J Congratulations to the Class of 1952 HasseIman's I.G.A. Food Market "Fast Courteous Service at Prices That Please" Third at Monroe Our Flowers Are Always Greenhouse Fresh ARBOR FLORAL COMPANY 26 Years of Dependable Service 1222 Peck Street Muskegon, Michigan STOKERS - OIL BURNERS MARTIN COAL COMPANY Dependable Fuels, Home Insulation 576 E. Broadway Phone 3-2026 rlscnen COALLLCOMPANY Distributors of White Oak 1957 Commerce St., Opposite Interstate System Dial 2-2965 FRANCIS JIROCH Wholesale Cigars, Candy Tobacco, Fountain Supplies 248 Market Street Since 1866 Compliments DIAMOND ICE CREAM COMPANY Wholesale and Retail 1727 Beidler Street Phone 2-2406 Patterson's Grocery and Market Quality Service 1638 Seventh Street Phlone 3-2348 Compliments of HEIGHTS NEWS AND SODA BAR We have the most Complete Newsstand Complete Selection of Candies, Pipes and Tobaccos Strand Building - Next to Strand' Theater -144- Compliments of Bill Stern Steak House 667 West Broadway Phone 3-2960 SWIFT a COMPANY ICE CREAM DIVISION TELEPHONE 3-2297 37l W. BROADWAY, MUSKEGON HEIGHTS -145- Home Made Polish Sausage NOVAK'S MEAT MARKET Quality at Low Cost Phone 3-1950 26 East Broadway Len, Novak, Proprietor Junior High - BARBER SHOP Leon Zue Charles Holter 1043 Peck Street, Muskegon Heights Ph 2 3337 Frigidaire - Maytag - Coleman one - Zenith - A.B.C., New Enamel Schwinn -- Whizzer Motors CLYDE HENDRICK, Realtor 222 Danigelis Building Muskegon Heights, Michigan GRANT SUPPLY CO. 7 E. Center Street Muskegon Heights, Phone 3-2464 Peterson Robinson Lincoln-Mercury coal Sales 8g Service Company V Kentucky Blue Lqkefon at Fifth Gem Coal Phone 3-2274 STANLEY PAYNE Reliable Plumbing 8. Heating 110 E. Broadway Muskegon Heights Phone 3-2309 Phone 2-8276 "Master Printers" THE COMMERCIAL PRESS 1981 Sanford Street - Muskegon, Michigan Dial 2-2575 PRESCRIPTIONS BRUNDAGE CUT-RATE DRUG STORE Drugs, Fountain, Lunches Corner Peck and Broadway HALL ELECTRIC COMPANY Appliances Construction Engineering "The Best Costs No More" Phone 3-2444 Muskegon Hei9"'S 1965 Sanford sneer Dial 2-3758 Parmelee's your Credit Jeweler 0 in Drlnk Muskegon and 0-50 Grape Muskegon Heights Quality Beverage Company WATCHES DIAMONDS 214 W. Western Muskegon -147- 1227 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Compliments of Congratulations to the D I O N Class of 1952 S E R V l C E STATION Agency i for Meier Cleaners, Sixth and Broadway In Phone 3-5497 C' Muskegon Heights S f d St Muskegon H fuuwwzhe. MURN BROTHERS' GARAGE Complete Motor Rebuilding M r 1 -u , oo' une P portrcuture by tourcotte Expert Body Work Albert Murn 0 Phone 3-2327 Room 232 Lyman Building 1311 Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Michf. V055 HARDWARE BUEIJS 51-1055 SPORTING GOCDS PAINTS HARDWARE 333 W- Wesfem 528 PECK STREET Muskegon Heights, Michigan Muskegon, Michigan PHQNE 2,5460 -149- Congratulations and Good Wishes LET GEORGE DO IT! Local, Nationwide Moving Storage, Crating Packing 900 Eighth St. Muskegon Heights, Michigan WESTERN MICHIGAN OUTBOARD Sales and Service MARTIN MOTORS - SPORTING GOODS Phone 3-I I4I 1430 Peck St. Muskegon Heights For a Good Time the Circle "S" Ranch Muskegon, Michigan PRINTING Compliments of ADVERTISING PRODUCTION Telephone 3-2407 3584 Airline Road Compliments of DERBY'S FOOD 8K PRODUCE MARKET 1426 Peck St. Phone 3 9180 BIG BOY'S BARBER SHOP 2350 W. Sherman Blvd. Muskegon Congratulations to the Class of 1952 For a Tasty Bile, Try Snowhite MYERS SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRING Brake Service Phone 32-7475 H Co gratulahons to the Class of 1952 Barberini Food Market Candy - Pop - Magazines -151- 60 L I Ave. Musk g H Compliments of WOLVERINE EXPRESS, Inc. Dependable Motor Freight Service Phone 2-6611 Muskegon, Michigan Compliments of Michigan Associated Telephone Company Compliments of Langlois Refrigeration WILLIAM A. LANGLOIS "Your Westinghouse Dealer" Radios, Television, Refrigeration, Ranges Commercial Refrigeration Frigidaire - Sherer Gillet Phones 3-1456 Evenings 5-0434 Learn to Earn, Become a Beauty Expert Your Future Lies ln Your Hands Beauticians' hands are as indispensable to their work as surgeons' hands are to their profession. We teach you to know why you do what you do. Day and eve- ning classes. Full or part-time. lf you are 15 years of age and have an eighth grade education you are en- titled to become a beautician. A 550.00 discount will be given to the readers of The Oaks of 1952 if enrolled on or before September 1, 1952. EMBASSY BEAUTY COLLEGE Western Michigan's Finest and Most Modern 1310 Sanford Street Muskegon Heights 947 Terrace St. Phone 24-1169 -152- ESTABLISHED 1913 J. S. SWENSEN Monuments Distinctive Cemetery Memorial Unexcelled Croftsmcmsh p Whatever th p f M I Ch M k h Ph 4 4 so k s Congratulations to the Class of I952 FRANK LOCKAGE STORE FOR MEN PACKING COMPANY, Inc. QUALITY MEATS DANIGELIS FOOD MARKET AII Kinds of Beverag T k O OPEN NIGHTS PkS Mk Congratulations 1952 Graduates DANA PRINTING COMPANY Dendinos 8 Sons MAKE THOSE DELICIOUS SUNRISE PIES -154- GREATER MUSKEGON'S MOST POPULAR OUT DOOR IACKET FOR BOYS AND GIRLS SPORTSCASTER IEN-CEL-LITE M-IACKET Exclusively Ours in Greater Muskegon THE SIIIIARE MUSKEGON'S FINEST STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS Congratulations 'ro the Class of 1952 AVERY DRUG STORE Phone 3-1466 Peck and Sherman Muskegon Heights, Michigan Arthur Gomery Agency General Insurance Phone 3-2092 5ol W- Broad Y Musk g H ghi M h. --155- fb' Congratulations, Class of 1952 BLUHM BROTHERS' SUPER IGA MARKET Good Food-Good Health 7-9 W. Broadway Everyday Low Prices POMPER'S HARDWARE DeVoe Paint, Tools, Electrical, Plumbing, Housewares Corner Broadway 81 Baker, Across from Browne-Morse Phone 3-1137 Compliments of Steenhagen's Food Market Phone 3-2051 QUALITY SERVICE STORE Free Delivery Service 131 E. Summit Ave. Compliments to the Class of 1952 CELIA'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 3-2320 1317 Baker Street Muskegon Heights Western Michigan Frozen Foods, Inc. Distributors of Cedargreen Frozen Foods 119 E. Michigan Avenue Muskegon, Michigan Phone 24-9473 Get it from FRITZ, the druggisf Visit Our "Snack Bar" MICKEY'S GIFT SHOP GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Always Something New Basil-Audrey O'Grady Hoppe's Super IGA Market Self-Serve Cash and Carry GROCERIES and MEATS 1308 Peck Street Muskegon Heights 273 E. Broadway Phone 33-3434 156- wwmmmwmwmuwwmmwwmdmv Campbell, Wyant S Cannon Foundry Company May the I t bring you su and happiness MICHIGAN PERFECT BREAD WC?-1'YGif1'1'2'aN ft 0 1 41 1 935532551: I 1 -157- COMPLIMENTS OF .lOHN'S SUPER SERVICE Broadway and Sixth Streets Looyengoed and Tanis, Proprietors "Best Wishes for a Continued Success Liberty Loan Corporation David Fletcher, Manager Compliments of Nibble-A-Scrib-Nib Jim and Ann Fortin NEED MONEY? For Confidential, Courteous Service Call at HOME LOAN CO., INC. 1240 Peck Street, Muskegon Heights, Michigan lOl4 Peck Slree' Phone 34376 Phone 3-3606 HOSTESS CAFETERIA 24 htour daily service Where Courtesy Dwells and Service Excells 266 West Clay Phone 24-1307 325.00 to 5500.00 on Furniture, Signature or Auto William Schutter, Manager Read all of the Home Town News in the MUSKEGON HEIGHTS RECORD 108 East Broadway JEWELERS - OPTICIANS B U D D ' S The Store Your Confidence Built 227 Western Ave. Phone 2-2380 Congratulations to the Class of 1952 COOPER'S FLOWER SHOP Phone 3-2218 1013 Peck Street A pleasant place to shop BOELKINS' SUPER MARKET Better Quality Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries 801 Moffett-Corner Barney Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of I952 American Grease Stick Company BEST WISHES from Manning, Maxwell 81 Moore, Inc. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Best Wishes from Morton Manufacturing Company DRAW-CUT MACHINE TOOLS WELDING MACHINES FINISHED MACHINE KEYS -159- JIM GUSCARELLI GDNCESSIUNS Pere Marquette Park "World Hes! Hcachcs and Swimming Waters " Miniature Train-Kiddie Rides for the Entire Family THREE CONCESSIONS No. 1 Main Stand, Phone 5-1461 No. 2 South Stand, Phone 5-1933 No. 3 Picnic Area, Phone 2-9173 Served High School Students for a Quarter-of-a-Century ' ' y students of the ' P - 160 - Z i 1 GRADUATI G SENIORS CRAYMER General Diploma Most of us will remem- ber Ken for his ability to play football. Ken went from Reserve foot- ball to Varsity, all the way as an outstanding player . . . in his spare time he worked around gas stations to learn the trade. CREVIER College Diploma "Life's too short to be serious" is the motto of cheery Maree Alyce Cre- vier. "Sue" was junior waitress at the l95l Sen- ior Breakfast . . . was active as a French Club officer . . . collects lnk Spot Records as a hobby. CUTLER College Diploma Robert, one of the busiest fellows in school, will long be remem- bered as "Louie" in the German band. Active member ot the band, Heights Night programs . . , member of Spanish club . . . French club presidents activities kept Bob occupied. . . . 952 DANCZ Commercial Diploma Barbara is the gay type that makes friends of everyone. She was constantly on the honor roll, and took part in dramatics work . . . was a member ot both the Iunior and Senior play committees . . . her fa- vorite activities are swimming and ice-skat- ing. DAVIES College Diploma Virginia was a studi- ous girl who was rarely caught without the right answer . . . active in Student Council . . . Y- Teens member . . . French club officer . . . Booster club officer . . . intramural sports . . Christmas Formal . . Orchestra. DAWSON College Diploma Clemmie , . . a trans- fer student to the Heights . . , came into our elev- enth grade and immedi- ately became well adapted to Heights ways . . . took active part in Spanish club and style show , . . likes dancing and singing . . . plans to go to college. DEAN General Diploma Though usually quiet, Lawrence was al- ways ready when a quick remark was called for . . . -Larry was a de- voted member ot the Bible class in his. Iunior and. Senior years 4. . . His main activities out- side of school centered around church work. DE BARD College Diploma "Forghe's a jolly good fellow . . We're speak- ing of course of the boy with the contagious grin, Thomas DeBard. Tom's ready sense of humor boosted band, orchestra, Heiggh-ts Nite, Senior play, Hi-Y .. . . and we understand he's a pretty sharp bowler. Spire, Whoa-fe DE GRAVES General Diploma Clarence will always be remembered as mak- ing a success of his goal . . . "Class," as called by some of his friends, was interested in music and proved these inter- ests by hisparticipation in Heights Nite Show... Band . . . and Orchestra. DEITZ General Diploma A Louie was one of the friendliest. members of the Senior Class. He is a very easy person to get along with, makes friends readily . . . a member of both Oaks and Acorn staffs . , . likes cooking and print- ing . . . and need we say, eating? GR DUATING SENIORS . . . I952 DEITZ General Diploma Virginia f"Ginger to her friendsl .says she loves not man because he is too simple . . .was on the Acorn staff, Sen- ior and Iunior Play com- mittees . . . was an Art club member, Y-Teens member. Played intra- mural sports . . . in Style show. DE LONG College Diploma Ron worked whole- heartedly at any task put before him . . . de- voting much of his time to managing our cage team in his undergrad years .. . played on var- sity in senior year . . . "De" was also in the band. . . DEVENPORT General Diploma This boy called "Chuck" never lets his studies interfere with his education. He was a Student Council repre- sentative in his junior year . . . he played Re- serve Varsity football . . . his eyes are his assets, according to the girls.. . DE WITT College Diploma Lawrence was a "jack- of-all-trades" in the mu- sic department, playing everything from the pi- ano to the string bass . , . Larry was a mem- ber of the Orchestra in his Sophomore and jun- ior years . . . he was or- ganist at Covenant Re- formed Church, DICK General Diploma Thomas is one of the quiet kind . . . but a better fellow is hard to find . . . he played re- serve football . . . he likes to go hunting and fishing . . . he is often called Tom and is well liked. As a pastime Tom plays checkers. . . DIKEMAN College Diploma Always ready with a smile and a helping hand, Larry was a stu- dent council representa- tive for two years. His outstanding scholarship made him a junior commencement usher. Among his hobbies are collecting coins and fish- ing. DOE College Diploma lim is an archer and a good one, too . . . took part in Track during sen- ior and junior years... was in Band as a fresh- man and soph . . . was active in the Hi-Y club for the last two years. DURHAM General Diploma They call him Norm for short, although he's tall and handsome . . . has won many baton baton twirling medals . . . has turned in a swell job of handling the ba- ton and drum-major po- sition in the Band . . . also on the Heights Night Show. . . -34- DUTTON College Diploma Donna was very pop- ular with the students and always seen with a smile. She had the lead- ing role in the Senior Play . . . Y-Teen mem- ber for two years . . . played on intramural champion team . . .Style show model . . . Iunior Arbor girl . . . EAGLES General Diploma Thara, better known as "Teddy," has been on numerous dance commit- tees, She was in two style shows in which she wore the garments she had made in clothing class . . . she was oi junior and senior pla' committees . . . she like sports and music. GRADUATI G SENIORS . . . l952 ECKELSDAFER College Diploma Iohn is admired by all who know him. His nat- ural ability to pick friends will boost him high in life. "lack" was a varsity debater and a junior commencement usher . , . he also re- ceived a citizenship award in his freshman year. EDICK College Diploma Besides parodying pop- ular songs, genial Alan Edick has other talents . . . debater, Senior Play star, Orchestra, Oaks and Acorn sports report- er and editor, Student Council, French club, Hi-Y, Spanish club pres- ident . . , and who will ever forget the sight of Al in bloomers ENDERS College Diploma Ioanne was always a friend to everyone she knew , . . her main in- terests were dancing, skating, and "Larries" . . . Io, as she is some- times called, likes pop- ular music and was ac- tive in Glee club and choir. EVANS College Diploma Besides liking dancing ot all kinds, and music, from jazz to slow dreamy tunes, Doralouise always has a cheerful smile. She was active in Fu- ture Nurses in her Iunior year . . . in library club during her Senior year. FARNQUIST General Diploma William lBillJ was an ardent sports booster, attending all football and basketball games , . . Bill's hobbies in school were printing and Woodwork and machine FEKETE College Diploma lohn's subtle humor and off-hand remarks al- ways kept everyone wondering just what was coming next! Com- ing frorn Sacred Heart school, he participated in Glee club and Stu- dent Council , , . played Reserve football and Varsity basketball, FELCOSKI General Diploma Darlene, who is known as "Lydia," has big brown eyes and likes "Elkie" . . . Popular in the Senior Class , . . She sang in Choir and Music Festivals . . . She also worked on the Oaks Staff, Student Council . . . was Chairman of the Costumes Committee for the Senior play. .qw FISCHER College Diploma "Sugar is sweet and so are you!" Who else but Marilyn Fischer? In class committees, Iunior Play, Tigerettes, Student Council, Oaks and Acorn staffs, cheerleader, class president and class sec- retary . . . she's tops! Our number one proof that beauty and brains do mix! FLETCHER College Diploma lame-s was active in sports, serving on the Re- serve Football team lor one year and varsity squad tor two . , . lim also ran in Track for two years. He was a member ot the Hy-Y and was very well liked by all his friends. shop . . . works hard in school and deserves a lot of credit, FODROCY General Diploma Ronald, with his brown hair and fiery personal- ity, makes friends auto- matically . , . his will to win brought him first chair in the band clinic in his senior year . . . Reserve football, base- ball, band, orchestra, golf . . . likes stamp collecting . . . GRADU TI G SE IDRS . . . I952 FORTENBACHER College Diploma Being active in sports, Tom was a member of the reserve football team . . . reserve and varsity basketball teams . . . and tennis squad. He was in the Hi-Y . . . and served on the junior-play committee . . . he owns the old "Model A," that is seen around school. FORTENBACKER General Diploma Bill has the ability and personality to make friends readily . . . his friendly smile and pleas- ing appearance made him a well known mem- ber of the senior class . . , he liked baseball . . . worked summers to earn money tor college. FRANKS College Diploma Personality plus . . . that's Nancy Franks, bustling with interest and fun . . . Nancy was Oaks and Acorn editor, Class gift chairman, in Y-Teens, Student Coun- cil . . . but we mustn't omit band, orchestra and Heights Night, for that flute is Nancy's true love. FREEMAN General Diploma The tall slim figure of Rex has been seen by many people around the Heights, "a soda-jerk" in one of our local drug stores. His hobby is roll- ing the bowling ball to- ward those ten elusive pins. GAGNON General Diploma Robert is one of the more interesting mem- bers of the Senior class. He came to our high school from Tucson, Ari- zona, as a Senior, He's very interested in radio technicians, and is a ranking member of the Civil Air Patrol radio class. GALLUP College Diploma Robert was a pal to everyone . , . his quiet ways will be obviously missing this fall . . . Bob's outside interests in- cluded hunting and fish- ing , . . liked other sports . . . played Reserve and Varsity football . . . baseball. W':"'f?' GARBER General Diploma Robert has a pleasing personality . . . he is liked by everyone in the Senior class . . . Bob's hobby is roller-skating . . . he is known as "Speed" . . . Bob has won many honors for roller-skating . . . Bob also likes boxing. GARBRECHT College Diploma Christine is known to her friends as "Teeny". She loves round and square dancing . . . she would like to become a hair-dresser. She was ac- tive in all kinds of intra- mural sports . . . also member of Library club. 5-Y GENTER Commercial Diploma One of our high-step- ping majorettes, Patricia won many medals for her superior baton twirl- ing . . . "Scotty" partici- pated in the Holland Tu- lip Festival . . . the Dis- trict solo and ensemble contest . . . Style Show . . . Heights Night. GEORGE General Diploma During her high school days Doris has made many friends. To them she is known as "Pee- wee" and was a Stu- dent Council representa- ive during her sopho- more year. She was ac- tive in Second Choir... intramural sports, and in Style Show. GRADUATI G SENIORS . . . I952 GILMORE College Diploma She seems quiet, but still waters usually run deep. loyce won an M-H letter, played Intramural sports, and was a mem- ber of the Y-teens . . . worked on the Acorn and Oaks staffs . . , was a member of the junior play committee. GYESTRUM College Diploma Participating in many school activities, Shirley was a Student Council representative, Y-Teens and Booster club mem- ber, style show model, band member , . . in Heights Night Show, Christmas Formal Com- mittee, lunior-Senior Prom committee, Intra- mural sports team. GLACZ Commercial Diploma A more quiet and like able girl than Louise Glacz would be hard to find. She was active in Glee club . . . Style show tfor two yearsl . . . an outstanding scholar . . . lunior Arbor girl. GOETZ General Diploma No one will forget Carol, the girl with the blonde hair, flirty eyes, and smile that attracted everybody . . . she par- ticipated in the Style show in her sophomore year , . . was a member of The Oaks and Acorn staffs in her Senior year. GOLLIVER General Diploma Roger is happy and completely at ease in his favorite class of printing . . . his hobbies include horseback rid- ing, and skating . . . al- though a rather shy sen- ior, Roger is a loyal friend to those who know him . , . GORYL General Diploma Her name is Ioan, but her nickname is "Bodie" . . . she lives the life she loves . . .. favorite hobby is going to parties . . . played intramural sports and participated in the Style show . . . she also worked on the Acorn staff , . . GOULD General Diploma "Life is too short to be sober" . . . everything seems good for a laugh to Leonard . . . who likes girls and says his hobby is . . . believe it or not . . 4. spending money. He doesn't like to be kept waiting , . , always busy fixing cars . . . who cares who wrecked them! GRENELL General Diploma "Work fascinates meg I love to sit around and watch it." Connie was cr Student Council repre- sentative and his hobby is keeping up his auto- mobile ,-:.,,.. likes wood- work anctgswimming . . . is tickledl to death Cale mostl to be graduating from Heights High . but hates to leave , . . -37- GRIFFES College Diploma "I just can't make my eyes behave". Lois was a member '-of Y-Teens, French Club, a Cappella Choir and the Orchestra. She saves hat pins as a hobby, likes cherry pie ala mode, but dislikes cats. GYEBN AR General Diploma Here and there and everywhere went happy Shirley with her dra- matic personality . . . We remember her as "dear Genevieve" in the lunior play, Sher served on a senior 'play com- mittee, and also as a Student Council repre- sentative . .. GR DUATING SENIORS . . . l952 HABETLER Commercial Diploma Lorraine is a friendly girl and very active in Library club, Y-Teens, Glee Club and was a member of the Iunior play committee. She likes to enter all sorts of soap opera contests . . . also likes banana cream pie. HALL General Diploma Never a dull moment passed when Garland was around to amuse the seniors with his sto- ries and antics . . . very active in sports, played Reserve football and Varsity basketball and track . . . HAMILTON College Diploma Marilyn, a pretty sen- ior with an outstanding record in school, never missed an opportunity to make someone laugh. . . Iunior Arbor girl, Tiger- ette, declamation win- ner, Choir, Glee club, Iunior-Senior prom and play committees, Stu- dent Council, HAMMOND College Diploma Bob has won the high- est respect of his class- mates, not only because of his magnificent schol- astic standing, but also because of his unusually fine character, During past years, Bob was as- sociated with the Band, Orchestra, and Hi-Y. HARTMAN College Diploma Martha was born to get herself into funny situations . . . but she always uses her luck and beauty to get her- self out of them. She was a Tigerette . . . a member of the Library club, Y-Teens, Iunior Play committee . . . Glee club . . . A Cappella Choir. HARTSEMA College Diploma Mix loyalty, determi- nation, ability, and a sense of humor . . . and there you have Virginia. Active in Y-Teens, Booster, A Cappella Choir, Acorn, Tigerettes, Iunior Arbor girl, M. H. Winner, Parsons Award winner , , . some day we'll be glad to say: "We knew her when . . ." HARVEY College Diploma Roger came to MHHS from Scottville in his senior year. He had a part in the Senior play, which proves it didn't take him long to make a place for himself. He was a varsity debater and a forensics winner. ...38-. HATTEN General Diploma Besides liking all sports, Gladys is inter- ested in basketball and football . . . and likes to listen to music . . . good, that is. She was in a Style show her -first year . . . always happy and gay, a good sport in every way. HAN KS General Diploma Teachers often called her "Nancy" but her real name's lane . . . likes popcorn and school. Iane was on The Acorn and Oaks staffs . . . Library club officer . . . member of the Spanish club and Camera club . . . Style show model . . . HAWKINSON General Diploma Lavonne is a live wire . . . played on the Girls' Championship intra- mural basketball team . . . won an MH for her sweater. "Butch" owned and operated her own car, "Iezebel," a hot-rod of quite some renown at least around the Heights High campus. GR DUATI G SENICRS . . . I952 HILER General Diploma Vonita resolved that everything she did was to be done well, and this determination showed up in her school marks throughout her high school career. A very quiet girl, friendly to everyone, Vonita was a Iunior Arbor girl , . . loves to crochet. IANUSKA College Diploma Our fun-loving Mildred Ianuska ,fits into every situation that comes along . . . Millie was "just a little girl" in both Class plays . . . was in A Cappella Choir . . . a Tigerette . . . in Booster club and an MH winner. She was a Iunior Arbor girl HIMELBERGER College Diploma William fBilll gained the respect of everyone through his hard work and energetic school spirit. He was well liked by all who knew him, Bill was a member of the Senior and Iunior play casts . . . played in the Band . . . was a member of the Footlights HOSKO General Diploma Iulius played a rock- solid defensive tackle on the Varsity football team . . . Reserve football . , . He was also cr saxo- phonist in the band , . . a popular fellow among the students, Iulius de- votes his extra time to working odd jobs. HOUCK General Diploma Perhaps the happy thought that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is what in- spired Priscilla to claim cooking and sewing as her chief hobbies . . . participated in Spanish club . . . lunior play committee . . . in the Style show. HUNTER College Diploma Harold . . . another one of our taller boys around school played Reserve basketball, Re- serve football, Varsity basketball. "Harry" was an active member in the Hi-Y , . , favorite pas- time is collecting match folders and ice fishing, IENKINS General Diploma Marilyn, "Iinx" to the students, was a model during her senior year in the Style show . . . cr member of the A Capella Choir . , . sang for three years in Glee club . . . besides liking skating and a certain guy named Bob. IETER College Cal was well liked and respected by all who knew him. He was popular with everyone . . . served as president of his class in his fresh- man year, was Student Council president, a member of the Hi-Y, played Varsity football. basketball, and was a star in track . . . -39- lETT General Diploma Gerald spent the greater part of his three years here amusing his classmates with his "zany buffoonery" . . . was a hard worker when i-tgrame to his studies, however , . . member-'ot the Acorn staff . . , edi- tor of Chronicle -school page news. l OHNSON General Diploma Beverly was a mem- ber of Glee club, was in the Style show, and a member of A Cappella Choir. As a hobby, she likes sewing and col- lecting Les Paul records . . . goes by -the nick- name of "Bevy." GRADUATI G SENIORS . . . I952 lOHNSON General Diploma Bruce, a quiet, dark- haired senior, was strictly the outdoor type . . . favorite pastimes were hunting and fish- ing. He hopes to serve in the army some day. To some of his friends, he was known as "Swede," IOHNSON General Diploma Evelyn, believe it or not, loves a good hot bowl of spaghetti. "Evie" is generally content with the world as it is . , . was a Tigerette in the Heights Night show . . . was a member of Bible class . . . a Style show model. IOHNSON General Diploma Besides playing base- ball in his lunior year, Harold's favorite sports are hunting and fishing . . . favorite subject is American history . . , "Sonny" always is ready with a bright smile for all his friends . . . well liked by his fellow students. IOHNSON College Diploma Lorraine was a little shy, perhaps, but never was too shy to be friendly. Her favorite subject in school was clothing. ln her lunior year, Lorraine was a member of the Bible class . . , a really nice person to know. IONES College Diploma Howard took ad- vantage of his after school hours by manag- ing our football squad . . . playing on the varsity cage squad and drinking sodas .... "Howie" was the fellow on whom we relied when a responsible job was to be done. IUHNKE General Diploma Donna's favorite inter- est in life is music . . . She was in A Cappella Choir for three years and participated in state and local Choral con- tests . . . Donna likes classical and sacred music. She was in Bible class for two years and served as Iunior play -committee. KAISER General Diploma Patricia was a mem- ber of the Y-Teens for three years and held an office for a year. Pat likes keeping house for her husband, ice-skat- ing, and baking, Her favorite dish is pumpkin pie. She was also a member of Orchestra. KANDALEC General Diploma All the fellows will re- member Don for his wonderful management of Varsity and Reserve football team . . . was always "Iohnny-on-the- spot" when needed by Coach Okie Iohnson or the players. Fun-loving Don was a Student Council representative during his senior year. ..40... KELLY General Diploma Dorothy, with her pleasant personality, tries to be a true friend to all fellow students. Dot was active in Glee club . . . A Cappella Choir . . . played on a girls' intramural cham- pionship team . . , MH winner . . . Style show model . . . Y-Teens member. KLEEVES College Diploma Marilyn came from Holland High school in her Iunior year and im- mediately won many friend with her spark- ling pertsonality . . . active in A Cappella Choir . . . lunior-Senior Prom committee . . . Iunior-Senior Plays com- mittee . . . Library club, Glee club, GRADUATI G SENIORS . . . I952 KLINE General Diploma Ioyce will probably be remembered for her amusing but realistic portrayal of the maid in the Iunior play. She was a Style show model, member of the Senior play committee, Bible class member . . . in Radio and Dramatics classes . . . Senior Breakfast waitress. KLUG Commercial Diploma Evelyn's scholastic standing gave her the honor of being one of the Iunior Arbor girls. A quiet and likable girl, she was in the Style show . . . member of Bible class during her Sophomore year . . . also likes swimming and square dancing. KNOPF College Diploma All the students will surely remember Nor- man for his humorous ways and unique per- sonality. A tireless worker in all his activi- ties Norm was a mem- ber of the Hi-Y, man- ager of the basketball team, and bass in the A Cappella Choir. KOTELES College Diploma "Not that I love stud- ies less but I love fun more." Tony played re- serve football in his sophomore year, Apart from school "Koke" works on car motors, goes bowling, visits the Youth Center and fre- quents a little girl's house. KROEZE General Diploma George was a fellow who could be spotted in any crowd. "Shorty" at- tributes most of his height to a hearty diet of meatloaf and potatoes. George was a member of the reserve basketball team. KRUIZENGA College Diploma Beautiful blonde hair, with plenty of brains be- neath . . . That's our Barbara's key to suc- cess. Barb served ably as Y-Teens officer, Iunior Prom chairman, Iunior Arbor girl . . . was in A Cappella Choir, Senior play, Library club, and chosen one of best citizens. KULCSAR General Diploma Eugene's colorful an- tics invariably brought smiles to teachers' faces and roars of laughter from his classmates . . . was a great man for usouping up" cars . . . spent a good deal of his time filling gas tanks, tinkering, and rebuild- ing motors. KUNCAITIS College Diploma Stanley has everything we could ask for . . . brains . . . personality . . . and a model-A Fordl Stan was a Iunior com- mencement usher and upheld excellent grades in all his subjects. His hobby is drafting and he hopes to be an engineer. ....41.. LA MIE General Diploma Donna liked to play the accordian and to square dance . .. "Lulu's" art talent will always be remembered, for she designed the Oaks cover . . . Oaks Art Co-editor . . . Iunior Play committee . . . Sen- ior Play committee . . . Dramatics . . . Radio. LA PORTA General Diploma Her sweet smile and winsome ways make Rosemary "tops" in our opinionl "Rosie"sang in Glee Club . . . joined the Library club in her Iunior year . . . served as a Library club officer as a Senior, GR DU TI G SENIORS LARSON Commercial Diploma In ninth grade, lacque- line, "Jackie" by nick- name, was a member of the Glee club and the Library club . . . Her ex- cellent scholarship won for her the honor of being a Iunior Arbor girl . . . her leisure hours are spent crocheting . . . LASCKO College Diploma "Be silent and safe . . . silence never betrays you" . . . member of Stu- dent Council . . . an officer and member of the Y-Teens . . . Shirley played in Girls' Intra- mural sports . . . and was Iunior Arbor girl . . . she also attended Y-Teens convention. LEHAN General Diploma Frank never grew tired of following all athletic events, and was espe- cially interested in golf. Although his time was limited for "after-school" events, his ability as a fine sportsman may some day be recognized . . . 952 LEIGI-I General Diploma A real sport and ath- lete, Carol was one of the top track runners during her sophomore year . . . a participant in every sport and an MH winner. For two years she was in the Style Show . , . her sen- ior year on the Acorn Staff, LEIN College Diploma Carol was a member of Y-Teens, junior and senior play committees, intramural team, ninth, tenth grade Glee clubs, and Sub-juniors. Not a southpaw, "Buppy" can't watch the sparkle of her diamond while writing letter to a certain soldier. LENOIR College Diploma mSincere about life, and his fellow students, can very well be attributed to smiling Iimmy Lenoir. lim has won popularity 'among his friends as a 'hunter and fisher. He tookipart in Frenchand 'Spariish'club. His am- bition is to be rich. LEU College Diploma Roger, a tall, likable Senior, was an active member of the Band in his freshman and sopho- more years. In his Sen- ior year he was on the Best Citizenship commit- tee and the Student Council . . . Roger's hobby was playing golf. LIHAN General Diploma Our lean Lihan's sunny tranquility radiates from her every smile. In Glee club . . . on the Acorn and Oaks staffs . . . Oaks advertising staff . . . Record editor of school news. lean as- sumed responsibility with quiet dependa- bility. ' LINK General Diploma A tall, slender senior named Don has a stamp collection on which he spends many, happy hours. Take his first ini- tial and put it in place of the first initial in his last name, and you get his nickname . . . "Dink." LOI-IMEYER General Diploma Mae did her best in everything . . , junior arbor girl, model in style shows, member of ninth grade Glee club,'A Cap- pella choir, Bible class, Oaks and Acorn staff. She served on junior and senior play committees, and played intramural sports. GR DUATING SE IORS . . . I952 LYNN College Diploma A born musician, Don has been in the band all four years. For two years he played in the orchestra. Since tenth grade he has been in the annual Heights Night show. Summer finds him with his sec- ond love-baseball. MAC INTOSH College Diploma We seniors say "hats off' to Bruce, our class president, who led us so superbly in this, our last year. "Mac" was also president of Region IV student council associa- tion, Hi-Y officer, football managerg basketball player, and team catcher for his first love, base- ball. MC INTYRE General Diploma Evelyn was a member of Library club for three years . . . "Mac" also likes to take pictures and was a Camera club member . . . likes to sew and has made many very nice garments. She was also on the Senior play committee , . . has a smile and a cheery word for everyone. MC KNIGHT General Diploma With his red hair and freckles, what else could David's nickname be? "Red," an outdoor man, likes to hunt and 'fish . . . played baseball in his freshman year . . . his hair, his friendly smile, and his good sense of humor combine to make Dave a "swell" fellow. MC MAI-ION College Diploma "If silence were golden, I'd be broke." Kathryn well earned the title of "Class Cut-up" for '52. Her antics and continu- ous conversation kept everybody in stitches , . . served on the Oaks staff, Oaks advertising staff . . . Record news editor , . . Style show MARION College Diploma Robert carved a warm spot into the hearts of all those he came next to . . . they simply don't come any better. Bob's amazing ability and rugged determination won him high honors in football, basketball, and track . . . His scholar- ship, too, was high. MARTIN College Diploma On football nights, Ronald served as a color guard in the Heights High band . . . Ron, a husky senior who always had a friendly smile for his friends, took part in the Heights Night show in his Iunior and Senior years. MATTHEWS College Diploma George, the tall blond boy with the ready smile, was a quiet fel- low but a steady worker , . . he was a member of the Reserve football team in his sophomore year . . . "Yutz" enjoys swimming and fishing. MELCHER General Diploma Beauty, personality, and a beautiful diamond from "Stevie" are Mary's proudest possessions. "Butchie" worked on The Oaks staff . . . Acorn staff . . . A Cappella Choir . . . and partici- pated in many music festivals and concerts. MEYERS General Diploma An asset to the class of '52, Claude's host of friends would readily vouch for his value. Me- chanics were Claude's line, and building hot rods a favorite pastime. He liked winter sports and considered I3 years of education an achieve- ment. GRADUATING SENIORS . . . I952 MIESEN College Diploma Clever acting roles in both class plays, and mellow music on the slide trombone, brought schoolwide recognition to Kay . . , he partici- pated in A Cappella Choir . . , Band . . . Or- chestra . . . all Heights Night shows . , . Tennis ...Hi-Yclub... MILLER College Diploma Saginaw's loss was Muskegon Heights' gain . . . when Hazel moved here last summer. Or- ganizer of the "Tiger- ettes," solo dancer in "Americans All," and a top-notch cheerleader. Hazel, with her friendly ways, has really made a place for herself in Heights High . . . MINER College Diploma Robert lBobl was a man among men . . . but mostly among women. Track was his big inter- est in athletics, but he still had time for . . . A Cappella Choir . . , bas- ketball . . . lunior-Senior Prom committee . , . Sen- ior Play committee . . . Student Council repre- sentative . . . MORAN General Diploma David was a quiet fel- low whose nature never varied tin school, that isl. Dave was an active member of Hi-Y in his Senior year, on varsity football team in his lun- ior year, and a Reserve player while he was a sophomore. MORROW College Diploma Success and popular- ity followed Louise in every activity she un- dertook. She was D.A.R. Best Citizen of our school . . . Iunior Arbor girl, President of both the Li- brary club and Future Nurses . . , winner of an MH. Her hobby is col- lecting book matches. MUELLER College Diploma lack is a pleasant, quiet senior with blonde, curly hair, He was in A Cappella Choir and the Heights Night show. He eagerly .awaits the fall season of each year so he can trek to the coun- try lor cr little hunting trip. MURRAY College Diploma "Douglas Murray, he's our manl If he can't do it, no man canl" Oaks, Acorn editor, football quarterback 63rd team, All-Statel, baseball, bas- ketball, Student Coun- cil President, Class pres- ident, Sergeant-at-arms, Iunior play, Hi-Y, Band, Best Citizen . . . NEISER General Diploma Martha has a smile that fits her face, and she wears it every day. Martha was 'on The Oaks and Acorn staff, and on the Iunior play committee, She played on the Girls' lntramural Sports team and was in the Style show for two years. -44- NUMMERDOR General Diploma Edward, while at Heights High, tried to make his final school years the best of any. Ed liked to attend par- ties, and have aq swell time. He liked hunting a great deal and didlmuch swimming and fishing each summer. ' NUMMERDOR General Diploma To her fellow students, Ruth was a quiet and pretty young lady . . . she played intramural sports in ninth grade . . . possesses an inter- esting nickname she's had all her life, "Dee- .Dee" . . . likes cokes, and roller-skating is her favorite pastime. GRADLIATI G SENIDRS . . . I952 NUTTALL. Commercial Diploma Phyllis is the quiet, casual type . . . you can tell her by the noise she doesn't make . . . "Phyl" worked on The Acorn and Oaks staffs . , . was a member of the Glee club . . . modeled in the Style show . . , and en- ioys sewing. OLSON College Diploma "A steady worker, a quiet one, sticking to work that must be done." Bruce has two main hob- bies, which he enjoys very much. One of these is playing golf and the other is tinkering with cars and engines. OLSON General Diploma Corrine, Called "Corky" by her friends, has a quiet disposition. She likes all forms of ath- letics, and played on the championship teams in tenth grade. Also, Cor- rine, a true lady in her liking for nice clothes, and took part in ci style show. OWENS General Diploma Rosella truly lived the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Rosie was a member of the photography class and A Cappella choir . . . She also served as President of the Bible class. PARSONS General Diploma Mary Lou, or "Dutch" as some of her fellow seniors call her, has been in the Style show three years, Her hobbies are dancing and sewing plans to be married soon . . . making her own wedding dress. PATTERSON College Diploma Bob, a likable fellow about school . . . was able to meet everyone with a smile . . . partici- pated in sports, Reserve and Varsity football, Re- serve basketball, and Varsity Track . . . was a member of the Senior debate class. PELIOTES College Diploma Theresa, a little girl whose radiant personal- ity can make anyone happy, was active in choir, Student Council, Y-Teens, Booster club . . . cheerleader, Ameri- can Legion Award win- ner, Iunior Arbor girl, Tigerette . . . Heights High's most all-around girl, by class vote. PLICHTA College Diploma Delore was undoubt- edly one of the most popular fellows in the senior class . . . his quick wit, general good na- ture, and unquenchable spirit, were outstanding. "Plick" excelled in foot- ball and track, as a soph was a class sergeant-at arms. ...45- POHL College Diploma To know Keith is to have the best in a friend. His activities were many: football, Reserve basket- ball, Iunior and Senior play, Hi-Y officer, Stu- dent Council represen- tative, oratory, Iunior president, Senior class treasurer . . . andaman of high scholastic standing. POSTHUMUS General Diploma Ioyce, a tall and good- natured girl, has photog- raphy for a hobby. She collects dolls in her spare time. "Ioey" has taken time out to join the Glee club for two years . . . was an "MH" winner during her Iunior year. GRADUATI G SENICRS . . . I952 POTRAFKA General Diploma Lucile's happy go lucky way of living was always an inspiration to all , . . For her outside activities Lucy would find time for dancing and horseback riding . . . Her school activities were, Senior play usher . . . and Style show . , . PREMO College Diploma Capturing the honors musically, dramatically, and scholastically, we have popular Daniel Prerno. ln lunior play, Senior play, Hi-Y, A Cap- pella, Orchestra, base- ball, dramatic declama- tions, as commencement usher, and Spanish Club officer, PRUCHA Commercial Charlotte's motto was to do everything well and to have fun doing it. Outstanding band member, "Chuckie" hails from "out Fruitport way". She was active in Iunior and Senior play commit- tees, Student Council, Y-Teens, Heights Night Show, and Tulip festival concerts. PUTNAM Commercial Diploma "Bev" was a member of the Y-Teens and ap- peared in the annual Style show directed by Miss Mina Morris . , . she also played in the band . . . a sweet clar- inet . . . was in the Tu- lip festival and concerts. She was in the Solo and Ensemble contest . . . likes to dance. RADKE General Diploma Viola, while she was in her Iunior year, took a part in the Style show sponsored by the cloth- ing classes. To some of her friends she is known by the nickname, "Fritz". One of her particular likes is letter writing... the G,l.'s would like this ideal RANDALL College Diploma Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fighting spirit work together to make Thomas a likeable boy in the Senior class, He took part in Reserve and Varsity football . . . baseball , . . lunior and Senior play committee . . . is a friend to every- one. RAWDON General Diploma lohnny was a Bible class member in his Sophomore, lunior, and Senior years .Because he likes music, lohnny joined the mixed chorus in his Senior year. He belongs to his church choir and never missed one rehearsal in 1112 years. REAMS General Diploma "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the best of men," is proved by Russell , . . He was a Band member . . . also in Heights Night, Generally known as Russ, he works on cars as a pastime, 445- REED College Diploma Charlene Reed, a ray of sunshine in someone's heart. A member of the Y-Teens, Glee club, A Cappella choir, and Sec- ond choir CMixed Chor- usl. Played in Girl's ln- tramural sports and Girl's Intramural Champ- ions. She was in Style show. Also on lunior- Senior Prom committee. REINERTSON College Diploma Roberta was a mem- ber of the Future Nurses, and was also in the Style shows in her Sophomore and Iunior years. "Bobby Lou," some of us called her, has a most vigor- ous, but graceful hobby, skating. GRADLIATI G SENIORS . . . I952 RICHARDSON General Diploma Patricia was a girl of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows, "Patty Lou," as some- times called, liked arch- ery, photography, and swimming . . . she par- ticipated in camera club and the Style show. Pat received everyone in CI friendly manner. RIDGEWAY College Diploma lim devoted his high school years to three sports, one girl, a little studyin' and a lot of fun. "Deac" gained a host of friends in all his activi- ties: Football . . . bas- ketball . . . baseball . , . Senior l-li-Y and lunior play committee. ROLISON Commercial Diploma Beverly lived much to herself during her high school years . , . her first love was listening to good music, her second . . . to attend an inter- esting movie. Bev took part in the Style show in her earlier years. Her choice food , . . salmon sandwiches. ROLLENHAGEN General Diploma Aloha's tops in girl's sports, having been on an Intramural champion- ship team . . . won an M.H. She also was on the Oaks and Acorn staff . . . in the Style show. . .a member of Y- Teens. "Chuckie's" won- derful personality won her many friends. ROSENHAUER General Diploma One of Flobert's dis- likes is a car that doesn't start. ln his Sen- ior year he served on the Oaks staff. He is well liked by all his know him, friends who and he has a smile for all of them. SCHEEL General Diploma Happy-go-lucky Pa- tricia Scheel has left a world of fun and friend- ship wherever she's been . . . Iunior play, Senior play, Y-Teens, Booster club, A Cappella Choir, Tigerettes, Cheer- leaderl And those bang- up Senior parties were chairrnanned by Pat! SCHEEL College Diploma The stars spell suc- cess for Ruth Sheel, whose scholastic record demands respect. Our Ruthie's interests in- cluded lntramural sports . . . Y-Teens . , . Orches- tra . . . and Iunior Arbor girl. "Hats off" to a girl who will really go far some day. SCHOLTENS General Diploma Iane's quiet dignity and sincerity won the respect of everyone in the class. Never seeking the spotlight, she did her part willingly and effic- iently . . . was in Stu- dent Council and on the Oaks and Acorn staff . . . went out for intra- mural sports . . . served as a Library club officer. -47- SCHULTZ General Diploma "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free! Nothing exists that bothers mel" Ther- esa worked hard on The Oaks and Acorn staffs, always willing to do anything to help make things go . . . was in the Style show . . . sang in the Glee club-...played girls' intramural sports SEKERES Commercial Diploma Popular Carol, with her funny, vivacious, bubbling personality never passed a dull mo- ment. Active as a Soph- omore class secretary, Student Council secre- tary, Library Club offi- cer, Choir and Spanish club member, Iunior Ar- bor girl, and Co-ed Council member, GR DUATI G SENIORS . . . I952 SENG General Diploma Robert doesn't make much noise but he's effi- cient . . . Bob's favorite class was woodwork , . . also worked every night after school. Although usually only "luke- warm" in making friends until he becomes thor- oughly acquainted, Bob makes the best kind of friend afterward. SHLAFFER College Diploma "Every man is a vol- ume if you know how to read him" . . . and lames is no exception. Played Reserve football and a year of Varsity football . . . likes baseball very much . . . donned his Tiger uniform every time spring rolled around. SKOCELAS General Diploma "Better to be small and shine than to be large and cast a shadow". ., Frank, better known as "Fritz", really did shine as a Senior who could make anyone laugh. His spare time was devoted to the making of a "hot- rod" . . . be careful, Frank! SMITH General Diploma A quiet girl with a perpetual smile . . . Bar- bara has willingly done her share of work in school . . , Acorn and Oaks staffs, Glee club, MH winner, Council rep- resentative . . , an ar- dent horseback rider... collects miniature model horses. SMITH General Diploma To Gerald, music is one of the best things life has to offer, As a band member for four years, Ierry took part in the annual Heights Night show. He liked to sing, too, and sang a neat tenor in the A Cap- pella Choir. 'Yu SMITH General Diploma Never seen without her best pal, Ioyce, Norma also loves to col- lectfand dress dolls. She is planning 'on making the Air Force her career. During her senior year, she was active in Glee club . , . and modeled in the Style show. SMITH T College Diploma "The world belongs to the energetic," and Robert owned a fair share of it. He belonged to the Boy Scouts, and Iunior police. As a hob- by he fixes motors. ln- cidently in l935 he was Grand Rapid's second most perfect baby! START General Diploma Gloria's sprightly hu- mor 'and lively chatter will echo through these halls, long. after she's gone. Syhehwas .Q mem- ber, 'Of A ,Capella . . . Glee-fClub S. . . lunior and Senior Play Com- mittees . . . lntramural Sports . . . appeared in Style Show . . . likes to skate. STEINKRAUS General Diploma Besides liking sports, dancing and reading, Mary Lou, a cheerful and easy going girl . , . participated in various school activities. A mem- ber on the Acorn Staff .. Oaks Staff . . . and in her freshman year she sang in the Girls' Glee Club. STERNBURGH College Diploma "She walks the lady of delight" . . . Ieanne was a member of Y- Teens and Glee Club . . . was in the style show . . . chairman of the Sophomore class party committee . . . her poise and quiet ways deserve our highest ad- miration. GRADUATING SENIORS . . . l952 STRAH College Diploma Robert has won a prominent spot in our senior class standings. Since his transfer from Bunker Iunior High school in lUth grade, Bob served on the stu- dent council, was class vice-president, and played three years of football and reserve basketball. STRATTON General Diploma Ronald has not yet tested his potential abil- ities to the limit, but he has one great aspiration . . . to be a draftsman. Ron designs house plans for a hobby. Close friends have known Ron as "Shortie" for many years. SULLIVAN General Diploma Larry played Varsity and Reserve football . . . was vice-president of his young people's group at Bethel Baptist Church. "Sully" fre- quently served on deco- rating committees for our class parties. Larry also played Reserve football until injuries tool: their toll. SUTTER General Diploma "Stars do not shout, they shine." Delores is known to her friends as "Speed" or l'Squirt". ln her Senior year she took part in the Style show. She likes cooking and sewing. Learning to ride a motorcycle was her unusual accomplish- merit. SZYMCZYK College Diploma Douglas, popularly known as "Zig Zag" fthe reason is obviousi pos- sessed a love lor life and a lust for the tuba. Doug not only took away the honors with his musical talent, but he excelled in science studies as well. TEMPLE College Diploma A quiet, but sincere boy in this year's Senior class is Kenneth. He never said much but what he did say was worth hearing. He likes all popular music. Ken likes to be outdoors and go hunting and fishing. TIMMER General Diploma Douglas has never seen anything in the world worth getting an- gry about. He was Stu- dent Council represen- tative in his Iunior year and played on the Re- serve football team in his Sophomore year. He is known as "Doug". TIAPKES General Diploma lt was only natural that Ronald played Re- serve football in tenth grade and advanced to Varsity football in his Iunior and Senior years because he was big and strong enough to do so. Ron also was a member of the Hi-Y club. -49- TONEY College Diploma Here is a boy who de- serves to be called "Sport Fan of the Year" . . . lasper attended all Heights football, basket- ball, and baseball games . . . was a member of the Reserve football team . . . his hobby was machine shop.. TUCKER College Diploma Concert-master of the Band . . , William fBilli was an outstanding clar- inet player . . . an honor student, His talent won him repeated first divi- sion honors in solo and ensemble contests, Was respected and admired by all. Bill was really a credit to Heights High School. GR DU TI G SENIORS . . . I952 UPTON General Diploma Fay was a good stu- dent during his school days at M.H.H.S. Being the quiet type, he was always welcome wher- ever he went. A good motto for Fay would be "people should be seen and not heard." VAN BOGELEN General Diploma Three words describe our Lois: quiet, pretty, and pleasant. Her peaches and cream com- plexion and Pleasant personality always scored a hit . . . active in ninth grade Glee club, second choir, A Cappella Choir and Girls' intramural sports VANDERSTELT General Diploma "Music is my hobby," and to illustrate that saying, Donna likes to play the piano. She was a member of Bible Class for three years. ln her Senior and Sophomore years Donna took part in the Style show given by the clothing classes. VANDERSTELT General Diploma mls there a heart mu- sic cannot melt?" Paul, known to his friends as "Watson", doesn't be- lieve so. He plays clari- net in the band and took part in Heights Night for four years. His second favorite hobby is coin collecting, VAN PELT General Diploma Good things come in small packages . . . and lanet, always full of hap- piness and laughter, is little. She was a mem- ber of Art Club, Intra- mural sports team, Oaks staff, and Iunior-Senior play committee, Her hob- bies are dancing and ice skating. VERDUIN College Diploma Marilyn, in her happy, unaffected manner, had her eyes on the stars, but her feet on the ground. She was a mem- ber of Student Council, lunior-Senior play casts, Acorn staff, Y-Teens . . . Iunior Arbor girl, Tiger- ette, Declamation win- ner, Oaks WARNER General Diploma Those dimplesl A smile for all and all for a smile." Geraldine, called "Gerry" by her friends, was active in Glee club and intra- mural sports. For three years she took part in annual Style shows , . . dancing and roller skat- ing are hobbies. WEBSTER Commercial Diploma "Her mind is like a sun dial. lt records only pleasantnessf' Barbara sang in A Cappella Choir and Glee club. Liking sports, Barb played on a champion- ship Girls' Intramural team. In her freshman year, she took part in a Style show. -50- WELLER College Diploma Fun-loving, Darrel, with with that mischievous twinkle always in his eyes,played in the band for four years. He also was active in orchestra, Heights Night show, l-li-Y, and Iunior play committee . , . his hobby is collecting coins, for- eign coins, that is, WHALEN General Diploma Edward played bas- ketball in the 9th grade, and he was well liked by everyone, His hobby is making model air- planes . , . he likes to see what makes them tick. Ed's pet peeve is the drinking fountains that we have in the halls, GRADUATI G SENIORS . . . I952 WHITTUM General Diploma During his school years Alvin carried on a ro- mance with one friend whom he enjoyed more than all the others. His little pal happens to be aHawaiian guitar. They spend happy hours to- gether entertaining one another. '2-'spa WOOD College Diploma No fellow was more all-around than Iohn. He was elected vice- president of his junior class, secretary of senior class, Hi-Y officer sev- eral times, and student council secretary once. "Woody" also proved that a violin player could play a powerful lot of football. WIEGERT General Diploma loyce, the girl with a sparkle in her eye and a "sparkler" on her third finger of her left hand . . . was a member of Future Nurses . . . Glee club, and Style show. loyce collects playing cards . , , likes to read books, WIERSMA College Diploma Alice, a poised young lady at all times, was a Style show participant . . . French club officer . . . Library club presi- dent . . . worked on the Senior play committee . , . Acorn and Oaks staff. . . especially enjoys dancing and reading. WILLIAMSON General Diploma "Stately and tall, she moves in the hall, the chief of a thousand for grace" . . . belongs to the Art club, Glee club, and A Cappella Choir. Drawing is one of her hobbies . . . she won a design contest in Clothing. WINICKI General Diploma The girls' hero, and a friend to all . . . Bernie was a star in Reserve and Varsity football.. . played baseball. He was on the All-State 2nd football team and on the All-Conference team . , . favorite likes . . . Carol and cherry pie. WORKMAN General Diploma Iohn was a quiet fel- low, but a more de- pendable, hard worker was hard to find. After graduation in February, Iohn went to a linotype school in Ohio. His hob- bies are playing base- ball, ice skating, and playing the piano. WRIGHT College Diploma Here, ladies, we find the best lookin' fellow in our senior class. Agree? A Hi-Y member and a lunior Commence- ment Usher. Rod played varsity football, reserve football, varsity basket- ball, and reserve bas- ketball. As hobbies he likes hunting and fishing . . . cars. -51-. WYANT General Diploma Here's a charming lady, quiet and serene . , . Phyllis took part in Style shows as a Soph- omore and as a Senior . . . served on make-up committees for both class plays . . . im- pressed us all with her sweet disposition. ZARIMBA Commercial Diploma Happy and vivacious . . . our Georgiana's gay laugh brightened every activity she participated in . 4 . Style show for two years . . . Student Council representative , . . althought to many she appears shy, we know better! GR DU TI G SENIORS ZECKZER College Diploma Now we present"Win- kum Will" . . . the Sen- ior's choice for class flirt, Truly, however, Bill is ct real gentlemen. .. a fellow respected by all. His pet peeve . . . tobe calledWil1iam, His activities . . . Reserve and Varsity football, track. His hobby . , . fishing. ZIEGLER College Diploma Iim's silent manners and pleasing ways won many admirers. ln the realm of athletics, "Zig" poured all his talents into his great love, bas- ketball. In acknowledg- ment of his scholastic standing, lim was se- lected as ci Iunior com- mencement usher. ZIMMER General Diploma Gerald was popular- ity, pep, and personal- ity . . . personified. A1- though proved himself to be a line halfback on both the Reserve and Varsity squads, he ex- celled in baseball. "Ioe" was also a member of good standing in our Senior Hi-Y club. . . . I952 RAMBO G.E.D.T. Diploma Plc. Robert Rambo has been in the service since Iuly 11, '51, where he graduated from a lead- ership course with the Fifth Armored Division at Camp Chaffee, Ark. He worked at Plumb's Super Market alter leav- ing school in '48. FERRY G.E.D.T. Diploma Francis F. Ferry, al- though he lives in Pow- nal, Vermont, became a graduate of Heights High school with the Class of 1952 on a G.E.D.T. di- ploma. Francis, a dark- haired Y o u n g man, serves in the United States Navy. BEEBE G.E.D.T. Diploma Iay R. Beebe com- pleted his G.E.D.T. Course to receive a di- ploma among other members of the Class of 1952. DEAN G.E.D.T. Diploma Robert, brother of Lawrence Dean, one of Heights High's seniors, received his G.E.D.T. di- ploma in 1952, KOVARCIK G.E.D.T. Diploma Another young man who received his G.E.D.T. diploma from Heights High is Iohn E. Kovarcik. SIPPS G.E.D.T. Diploma Frank Sipps, Ir., was another graduate of Heights High in Iune of 1952, on the G.E.D.T. Diploma. MOODT G.E.D.T. Diploma Although a resident of Birmingham, Michigan, Robert D. Moodt became one of the 1952 gradu- ates al Heights High on the G.E.D.T. diploma. SEDLAR G.E.D.T. Diploma Iohn Sedlar, Ir., re- ceived his diploma from Heights High in 1952 after completion of the G4E.D.T4 course. GR DU TI G SENIDRS . . . l952 BARKER G.E.D.T. Diploma Once Robert set his goal, he worked with de- termination and persist- ence to achieve it. Last fall Bob chose to serve his country by joining the Air Force, and at present, is stationed in Texas. Fun-loving Bob left a trail of laughter behind him. HAMMOCK General Diploma Rosie, with her good- natured disposition and the rose in her hair, won the hearts of many stu- dents . . . likes dancing . . . rates as a good dancer, too . . . loves music . . . collects rec- ords as a hobby. OGBORN General Diploma All through the four high school years, it was obvious to his fel- low seniors that Robert's main interest was me- chanics . . . one could always see him with some mysterious nut or bolt in his pocket . , . tinkering was Bob's hobby. BLEICH General Diploma Mischievous Eddie Bleich, with the twinkle in his eye, was a real music fan. He played with the band for four years . . . likes roller skating . , . collects Frankie Lane records. Ed graduated in Febru- ary...worksatAcSB Welding shop. HEIDMAN G.E.D.T, Diploma Frederick is stationed at Great Falls, Montana, where he is working as a senior link-trainer and as a librarian in the film library . . . in the serv- ice since january of 1951, first stationed at Lack- land Air Base . . . later at Biloxi, Mississippi. SHEPPARD General Diploma Elizabeth enjoys good music and hopes to be a disc jockey. "Liz" was active in sports . . , an M. H. winner . . . played in Intramural sports. She was on the Acorn and Oaks staff . , . a member of Y-Teens and Spanish club. ENDERS G.E.D.T. Diploma Pfc. Leo Enders is at present in Germany, He is with the Ordnance Di- vision repairing heavy machinery. He enlisted in Ianuary of '51, went overseas in September. Here in high school he participated in track, re- serve football and Stu- dent Council. HEINAKOSKI General Diploma Darlene was active in Glee club . . . sports . . . Style show, She was a class secretary . . . class treasurer. She was al- ways happy , . . gay . . . a good sport in every way. Her ambition is to be a secretary. STEGALL General Diploma Jeanette came to our high school as a trans- fer student from the South in her senior year, Even though her stay here has not been long, she has struck up many cheerful and intimate acquaintances. We laud Ieanette for her cheery nature. ZELLAR General Diploma Helen was a steady lass in every way. She played in the band for two years and partici- pated in Heights Night in her Iunior year. Also in her Iunior year, she was in the band con- cert . . . was in Style show for two years. -53- GAUTHIER General Diploma Richard's standout per- formance on the gridiron won All-state recogni- tion over and above the All-Conference honors given the 1950 team... Played baseball, one of his favorite sports . . . a good dancer . . . a cou- rageous Tiger who never gives up . , . LANDGRAF General Diploma A combination of per- suasive speech, a lively sense of humor, an out- standing talent in music , . . all characterizes Alan, Al participated in the 1951 Heights Night show, was in A Cap- pella Choir, Varsity bas- ketball, and was a student Council repre- sentative in his lunior year. VIDA General Diploma "Let no grass grow under my feet," is Charles' motto as he is seen around town driv- ing his black Chevy with red reflectors . . . a quiet and shy guy till you get to know him, Charlie has a friendly smile for everyone. GILBERT General Diploma "Gentlemen, like dia- monds, are often hard to find" . . . but in Paul we have one of the finest . . . played end on the Varsity eleven in '49 . .. good -first sacker in base- ball . - - likes to swim and fish. NELSON G.E.D.T. Diploma Leaving school to join the U, S. Air Force, Paul will receive a G.E.D.T. fGeneral Education De- velopment Testl diploma . . . now stationed in Norfolk, England . . . has the rank of corporal . . . a tall fellow with jolly ways. WIER G.E.D.T Diploma Finishing his high school career in the Navy, Russell received a G.E.D.T. diploma . . . is now stationed with the Navy at San Diego, California. He's small, but so is a stick of dynamitel BEST SCHOLARS AND D.A.R. BEST CITIZEN I952 VALEDICTORIAN Robert Hammond, with a four-year scholarship record of 97, a grade rep- resenting a straight-A average in every subject during his high school career, carried off top honors in scholarship for 1952. Bob not only proved himself the best scholar in the class, but he also set a fine example of character and serv- ice. He was associated with band, or- chestra, and Hi-Y club. Bob plans to attend college in the fall. SALUTATORIAN Richard Cooper maintained an aver- age of 96.81 for four years, a figure which means that he achieved only one "B" average grade during his high school years. Dick not only did excel- lently in scholarship in school but he Was employed after school hours dur- ing most of his career. Like Bob Ham- mond, Dick earned the friendship and respect of all of his classmates. He plans to attend college in l952-53. D.A.R. BEST CITIZEN Louise Morrow was chosen by her class to receive the "Best Citizen" award offered annually by the Daugh- ters of the American Revolution. Louise, who has served ably on many commit- tees and clubs in school, represented our school Well in D.A.R. functions. Heights High is proud of its best girl citizen, Louise Morrow. UPPER-THIRD IN SCHOLARSHIP SENIORS - l952 Robert Hammond Richard Cooper Dan Premo Douglas Murray Marilyn Hamilton Virginia Hartsema Ruth Scheel Iohn Wood Darrell Weller Vonita I-liler Shirley Lascko Barbara Kruizenga Louise Morrow Bruce Maclntosh Keith Pohl Stanley Kuncaitis Patricia Kaiser Barbara Dancz Marilyn Verduin Barbara Bramer Mildred Ianuska Carolyn Bryant Carol Sekeres Mae Lohmeyer Bill Tucker Lawrence Dike-man Priscilla Houck Robert Cutler Carol Bringedahl Donna Dutton Theresa Peliotes Nancy Appel Nancy Franks Marilyn Fischer Christine Garbrecht Elsie Borgula Lois Grittes Iacqueline Larson Virginia Davies Alan Edick Carol Lein Douglas Szymczyk Louise Glacz Rod Wright George Matthews lerry Baker lack Ecklesdafer lames Ziegler Charlotte Prucha Kay Miesen Louis Bartrand Donald Lynn Iohn Eekete Frank Lehan Martha Hartman Patricia Brumm Thomas Randall Loren Bartrand Shirley Gjestrum Robert Miner lack Boles Carl Christenson Doralouise Evans Lois VanBoge1en Iames Fletcher loyce Gilmore lean Sternburgh Donald Coffin Pat Scheel Claude Meyers Virginia Deitz Keith Alexander Keith Bishop Lorraine Habetler Ioyce Kline Georgiana Zarimba Charlene Reed Sandra Ambrose Robert Marion Ronald Martin Kathryn McMahon Claudette Bandock Lawrence DeWitt Kenneth Craymer Ronald Stratton Evelyn Klug Ronald DeLong Burt Brewer Barbara Webster Beverly Iohnson SENIOR DIRECTORY Patricia Ann Abrham, 165 N. 3rd Ave., Fruitport Lavonne Elizabeth Ackerman, 2187 Leif St., Muskegon Ira Keith Alexander, 1823 Glendale Ave. Sandra Marie Edgar Ambrose, 29 E. Barney Edward David Anderson, 701 Temple St. Mildred Mae Anderson, 643 Wendover Drive, Muskegon Noami Frances Anderson, 142 E. lst Ave.. Mona Lake Shirley Arlene Anderson, 130 W. Maplewood Ave. Nancy lean Appel, 2447 Lakeshore Drive, Muskegon Deona Ann Baker, 1529 Sanford St. lerry R. Baker, 1600 Park Ave. Beverly lean Bakker, 1158 Bakker Road, Muskegon Norman Ioseph Bakker, 333 Sanford St. Claudette Yvonne Bandock, 2725 Lincoln Ave., Muskegon Robert S. Barker, 2220 Henry St., Muskegon Loren Lee Bartrand, 624 Hoyt St. Louis Elmer Bartrand, 605 Mona Lake Iay R. Beebe, 2613 Valk St., Muskegon Dorlene Doris Bennett, 1627 8th St. Donald Edward Bickowski, 539 Maffett St. R. Keith Bishop, 2891 Bailey St., Muskegon Edward E. Bleich, Ir., 3012 Sheffield, Muskegon Iack Leonard Boles, 161 E. Barney Ave. Elsie Lucille Borgula, 1317 Baker St. Barbara lean Bramer, 2162 Norton Ave., Muskegon Alice lane Brannan, 2064 Burton Road, Muskegon Robert Lloyd Bredin, 828 Maffett St. Burt Francis Brewer, 295 E. Ellis Road, Muskegon Carol Ann Bringedahl, 1535 Highland Robert Douglas Bringedahl, 2917 S. Valley St., Muskegon Marilyn lean Brooking, 2943 Brunswick St., Muskegon Patricia Ann Brumm, 1511 Westland Road, Muskegon Carolyn Bryant, 1010 A Hinman St. Howard 1. Buchan, Ir., 836 Sixth St, Barbara Ann Buck, 1069 E. Hile Road, Muskegon Marilyn Rose Ann Bugaski, 3264 Henry St., Muskegon LaDonna Mae Burley, 1008 Leahg' St. Richard Lee Burley, 1008 Leahy t. Roger William Cameron, 1904 8th St. Patricia Lou Campbell, 3244 Sunset Drive, Fruitport Betty lean Carlson, 620 6th St. Gloria Arlene Carlson, 832 Hoyt St. lohn William Carlson, 136 lst Ave., Mona Lake Peggy lo Ann Carpenter, 427 E. Columbia Ave. Alex Iohn Chingman, 1628 Iefferson St. Carl Gene Christensen, 1515 5th St. Kenneth G. Cobb, 1644 Waalkes St. Donald D. Coffin, 1734 Peck St. Iames Earl Cook, 3397 Lincoln St., Muskegon loyce Cook, 3076 Henry St., Muskegon Richard Clarence Cooper, R, 2, Nunica Lyle Marvin Corpe, 1138 Reynolds St. Neal Clarence Crawford, 1848 Glade St. Kenneth Lewis Craymer, 1010 Baker St. Maree Alyce Crevier, 4291 S. Henry St., Muskegon Robert Stanley Cutler, 835 Fifth St. Barbara Nell Dancz, 2030 Lawnel Blvd., Muskegon Virginia Ann Davies, 1500 7th St. Clemmie Belinda Dawson, 913 Lethen St. Lawrence Allan Dean, 7275 Wood Road, Spring Lake Robert Oliver Dean, 7275 Wood Road, Spring Lake Thomas R. DeBard, 6571 Airline Road, Fruitport Clarence Ioseph DeGraves, 2244 Shettler Road, Muskegon Louis F. Deitz, 3294 Medema Road, Muskegon Virginia Elaine Deitz, 2904 Hts.-Ravenna Road, Muskegon Ronald Wayne DeLong, 712 Baker St. Charles Franklin Devenport, 3356 S. Black Creek Road, Muskegon Lawrence Harry DeWitt, 1537 Sanford St. Thomas Charles Dick, 922 Howden St. Lawrence Gerald Dikeman, 1305 Hoyt St. Iames Ronald Doe, 2675 Bellevue Road, Muskegon Norman F, Durham, 819 Hoyt St. Donna lean Dutton, 115 E. Sherman Blvd, Thara A. Eagles, 378 Peach St., Fruitport Iohn Gordan Ecklesdafer, 1111 Riordan St. Alan Dale Edick, 4883 S. Martin Road, Muskegon Ioanne Kathryn Enders, 3026 E. Broadway Leo I. Enders, 3026 E. Broadway Dorah Louise Evans, 6023 Henry St., Muskegon Frank T. Farkas, 2320 Cutler St., Muskegon William Robert Farnquist, 361 E. Sherman lohn Phillip Fekete, 1132 7th St. Darlene Louise Felcoski, 813 7th St. Francis Fred Ferry, Box 4, Pownal, Vermont Marilynn 1. Fischer, 3868 Glendale St, lames R. Fletcher, 1725 Baker St. Ronald Harold Fodrocy, 724 5th St. Thomas Lee Fortenbacher, 155 E. 2nd Ave., Mona Lake William I. Fortenbacher, 1934 Kinse St., Muskegon Nancy A. Franks, 5173 S. Wickham Drive, Muskegon Rex L. Freeman, 1539 Maffett St. Robert Arlyn Gagnon, 1330 Pontaluna Road Robert M. Gallup, 2025 E. Summit, Muskegon Robert Duaine Garber, 809 8th St. Christine Beverly Garbrecht, 5974 Martin Road, Muskegon Richard Leroy Gauthier, 2762 Huizenga, Muskegon Patricia lane Genter, 901 7th St, Doris Mary George, 109 E, Broadway Paul Gilbert, 824-A Hinman Ioyce Nadine Gilmore, 1814 5th St. Shirley Marie Gjestrum, 1819 6th St. Louise Antonette Glacz, 639 5th St, Carol M. Goetz, 1529 Getz Road, Muskegon Roger Allen Golliver, 1401 9th St. Ioan Virginia Goryl, 1817 Manor Drive, Muskegon Leonard Allen Gould, 3008 Henry St., Muskegon Connie Nate Grenell, 1931 Waalkes St. Lois E. Griffes, 1932 Temple St. Shirley Gyebnar, 3204 Lincoln Drive, Muskegon Lorraine Helen Habetler, 1549 Morton Ave. Garland Edward Hall, 1126 Mclllwraith St. Marilyn Lucile Hamilton, 1550 Dawes Rd., Roosevelt Park Rosie Lee Hammock, 1020 larman St. Robert Lee Hammond, 1000 Hoyt St. lane Helen Hanks, 3711 Wickham Drive, Muskegon Martha Louise Hartman, 1472 Park, Muskegon Virginia Louise Hartsema, 539 Leahy St. Roger L. Harvey, 1017 lefferson St, Gladys Lee Hatten, 820 Temple St. Lavonne Darlene Hawkinson, 1336 Waalkes St. Frederick Charles Heidman, 4946 Grand Ave., Muskegon Darleen I. Heinakoski, 1911 6th St. Vonita Louise Hiler, 1413 8th St. William Fred Himelberger, 635 Maffett St. lulius L. Hosko, Ir., 3109 Glade St., Muskegon Priscilla loan Houck, 1711 Iefferson St. Harold Howard Hunter, 845 Reynolds St. Mildred Ann Ianuska, 2867 Continental St., Muskegon Marilyn Ruth Ienkins, 824 Baker St. Calvin Ieter, 732 Howden St. Gerald D, Iett, 5429 Grand Haven Road Beverly lo Ionson, 13966 Airline Road, Fruitport Bruce lohnson, 2044 Hudson St, Evelyn Marie lohnson, 2924 Continental St. AD STAFF supervised. -55- These are the sales men who made our book pay its Way By selling advertising to local merchants and industries, they really put our book on top financially. Mr. Bolt Harold William Iohnson, Ir., 1801 Glendale Ave. Lorraine Alice Iohnson, 1038 Howden St. Howard Ernest Iones, 13 E. Lakeview Ave., Mona Lake Donna Mae Iuhnke, R. 1, Spring Lake Patricia Anne Kaiser, 1620 Temple St. Donald Joseph Kandalec, 1332 Baker St. Dorothy lean Kelly, 733 August Ave., Muskegon Marilyn Ruth Kleeves, 47 6th Ave., Fruitport Ioyce Kline, 2942 Huizenga, Muskegon Evelyn Leone Klug, 3156 Klug Road, Muskegon Norman David Knopf, 640 5th St. Tony Charles Koteles, 700 Peck St. Iohn Emil Kovarcik, 1518 8th St. George Harold Kroeze, 1619 7th St. Barbara Ann Kruizenga, 925 Maffett St, Eugene E. Kulcsar, 819 W. Summit Stanley Peter Kuncaitis, 285 E. Berg Road. Muskegon Donna Lou LaMie, 2914 Valk St., Muskegon Alan L. Landgral, 812 Reynolds St. Rosemary Ann LaPorta, 1632 Peck St. Iac ueline Larson, 596 Porter Road Shigey Ieanne Lascko, 1115 Leahy St. Frank I. Lehan, 114 E. Broadway Carole Elaine Leigh, 1951 Sternberg Road, Muskegon Carol Anne Lein, 1895 E. Hile Road, Muskegon lames Ellis Lenoir, 921 Manz St. Roger S. Leu, 739 8th St. lean Phyllis Lihan, 1445 Howden St. Donald . Link, 643 Norton Ave., Muskegon Mae Louise Lohmeyer, 1925 Highland Donald Roger Lynn, 828 Young Ave., Muskegon Robert Bruce Maclntosh, 636 Leahy St. Evelyn Marie Mclntyre, 1120 7th St, Dave McKnight, 1725 Ietlerson St. Kathryn Mary McMahon, 2907 Black Creek Road Robert Lee Marion, 1000 Manz St. Ronald Harris Martin, 848 Petrie Ave,, Muskegon George T. Matthews, 2110 Norton Ave., Muskegon Mary Lou Melcher, Fruitport Claude Meyers, 1267 Shettler Road, Muskegon Kay Eugene Miesen, 842 Peck St. Hazel Miller, 5173 S. Wickham Drive, Muskegon Robert Wayne Miner, 496th Ave., Fruitport Robert D. Moodt, Birmingham, Michigan David Lee Moran, 4551 Henry St., Muskegon Louise Evelyn Morrow, 1525 Glade St. lack Eugene Mueller, 640 Sanford St. Douglas Robert Murray, 1901 Spencer Drive, Muskegon Martha Kay Neiser, 808 Reynolds St, Paul D. Nelson, 15 E. Crescent Edward Paul Nummerdor, 169 W. Hile Road, Muskegon Ruth Geraldine Nummerdor, 92 Crescent Ave. Phyllis Grace Nuttall, 2008 E. Broadway, Muskegon Robert L. Ogborn, 1326 Shettler Road, Muskegon Bruce Arthur Olson, 934 W. Berg Road, Muskegon Corrine E. Olson, 1738 5th St. Rosella Dawn Owens, 656 County Line Road, Spring Lake Mary Louise Parsons, 269 Seminole Drive, Muskegon Robert Iene Patterson, 904 Manz St. Theresa Mary Peliotes, 730 Ieiferson St. S, Delore Plichta, 2736 Hts.-Ravenna Road Keith I. Pohl, 1145 8th St. Ioyce Elaine Posthumus, Fruitport Lucile F. Potrafka, Box 117-A, 'Spring Lake Daniel Lawrence Premo, 921 Iefferson St, Charlotte Ioyce Prucha, 12211 State Road, Nunica Beverly lean Putnam, 1416 lefferson St. SUBSCRIPTIONS Here We find the nsparkplugsu of our 1952 "Oaks" subscrip- tion carnpaign. Boys' captains: Bob Bredin, Kay Miesen, Girls' captains: Nancy Franksg Millie lan- uska. Viola Marie Radke, 920 7th St, Robert Rambo, 1512 Howden St. Thomas Gordon Randall, 586 W. Randall Road, Muskegon lohnny Donald Rawdon, 2848 Valley St., Muskegon Russel L. Reams, 250 E. Sherman Blvd. Charlene Marie Reed, 1133 Leahy St. Roberta L. Reinertson, Fruitport Patricia Louise Richardson, 520 Riordan St. Iames Harry Ridgeway, 1933 Seminole Drive, Muskegon Beverly I. Rolison, 1337 Glade St. Aloha Charlene Rollenhagen, 3320 S. Medema Drive, Muskegon Robert Charles Rosenhauer, 665 W, Norton Ave., Muskegon Patricia Ann Scheel, 1610 Sanford St, Ruth Iane Scheel, 1110 Hoyt St. lane Marie Scholtens, 1408 5th St. Theresa Ann Schultz, 1710 8th St. Iohn Sedlar, lr., 2858 Valk St., Muskegon Carol Elizabeth Sekeres, 1404 Lemuel St. Robert Evert Seng, 440 W. Hile Road, Muskegon Elizabeth Sheppard, 906 Mclllwraith St. lames 1. Shlaffer, 247 E. Delano Ave. Frank Ernest Sipps, Ir., 872 William St., Muskegon Frank A. Skocelas, 928 Baker St. Barbara lean Smith, 307 E. Farr Road, Muskegon Gerald E, Smith, 2904 Sheffield, Muskegon Norma I. Smith, R, 1, Nunica Robert lohn Smith, 2669 Forest Hill, Muskegon Gloria Dawn Start, 1171 E. Mona View Road, Muskegon leanette Stegall, 811 Iarman St. Mary Lou Steinkraus, Fruitport Iva lean Sternburgh, 1927 8th St. Robert L. Strah, 310 E. Berg Road, Muskegon Ronald Edward Stratton, 2978 Bailey St., Muskegon Lawrence E. Sullivan, Ir., 830 Berg Road, Muskegon Delores E. Sutter, 805 Hoyt St. Douglas Edward Szymczyk, Oak Ridge Trailer Park, Muskegon Kenneth Allen Temple, 1136 Riordan St. Douglas G. Timmer, 4266 S. Henry St., Muskegon Ronald George Tjapkes, 5070 Henry St., Muskegon lasper Lee Toney, 909 D. Iarman St. William 1. Tucker, 718 Iarman St. Fay David Upton, 1726 Glendale Ave. Lois Elaine VanBogelen, 1924 Highland Ave. Donna Marie Vanderstelt, 717 E. Pontaluna Road, Muskegon Paul Watson Vanderstelt, 607 Jefferson St. Ianet Darlene VanPelt, 1830 Manor Drive, Muskegon Marilyn lean Verduin, 4678 S. Henry St., Muskegon Charles E. Vida, 1701 9th St. Geraldine loyce Warner, 246 Harrison Blvd. Barbara Iane Webster, 940 Baker St. Darrel Robert Weller, 721 Norton Ave., Muskegon Edward E. Whalen, 510 Randall Road, Muskegon Alwin D, Whittum, 1468 Shettler Road Ioyce Ann Wiegert, R. 1, Spring Lake Russell David Wier, Fruitport Alice Ioyce Wiersma, 3861 Linda St., Muskegon Carole Williamson, 1534 Peck St. Bernard Richard Winicki, 739 Wilson Ave., Muskegon Iohn Harold Eugene Wood, 614 8th St, lohn Herbert Workman, 1035 lefferson St. Roderick Lee Wright, 1525 Mona Ave. Phyllis Wyant, 2866 Vulcan St., Muskegon Georgiana Irene Zarimba, 1415 Park Ave. William F. Zeckzer, 1520 Maffett St. Helen M. Zellar, Eruitport lames William Ziegler, 721 Baker St. Gerald Robert Zimmer, 6518 Lake Harbor Road, Muskegon -57- ' IUNIOR OFFICERS President - Iim Zeller Vice-president - Iirn Davies Secretary - Dorothy l-lesselink Treasurer - Mike Adamczak Sergeant-at-arms - Bill Start, Leroy Mitchell WE ARE THE JOLLY JUNIORS ADVISERS It has been a custom now for the last several years to elect three ad- visers frorn the list of eligi- ble teachers. The advisers elected by the Iunior class for the l952 year are Mrs. Minty, Mr. Murray, and Mr. McKenzie. G I x X I SOPHOMORE ADVISERS The Sophornores selected the follow- ing advisers: Mr. Firme, Mr. Hanson, and Mrs. Artlip. SOPHOMORES WISE ARE WE The Sophomores have elected six popular stu- dents as officers for the '52 term: President - David Hansen Vice-president - Ann Mansfield Secretary - Yvonne Andree Treasurer - Shirley Iacobs Sergeant-at-arms - Iirn French, Marilyn Fielsfra My 5 sg, 1 A of wg gl- C 1 vw 12-l's Fickowski Blake Brongersma Bull Charland Cogswell Connell Daniord Egyed Field Frazier Garber Goldberg Goode Grant Hahn Hartman Hawley Hemken Hemphill Herrala Hesselink Hunter Iensen Iohnson Kerley Knox Laban Little McClary McMurray Martin Mattson Mauch Morris Olson Orling G. Pertilla S. Pertilla E. Peterson W. Peterson Privasky Schei Schmidt Stark Stevens Sutton Wannamaker Williams Workman Zeller Zorn 11-2's Ackerman Adamczak Alger Allmon I. Anderson O. Anderson Bacon Bakker Balas Baldwin Beck Bernard Bodnar Bonifield Bosch Bouwcamp Bradford Brandon Buit Burmeister Burnett Burton Carlson Carter Christmas Clapp Cline Colletta Cook C. Cooper G. Cooper Cranston Davies Decent Deephouse Dick Dilly Dornbush Dunham Earley Eddy I.. Fortenloacher M. Fortenbacher Forward Frazier Frens Garner Gauthier George Gilchrist Goldberg Harrington Harris Hendrickson Herbert Highway Hiler Hoogewind Howell Hughes lacobs D. lohnson L. Iohnson M. lohnson R. Iohnson Keglovitz Kemperman Kempker D. Kessler N. Kessler Kirkpatrick Kleeves Kleyn Klunder Kozler Krueger Lambrix Lang Lee McCoy McFall McKinney McLean Meister Melin Merrihew Meyers Miles Miskowiec L, Mitchell R. Mitchell Moore Morgan Murar Nearing l. Neiser R. Neiser Nelson Nicholson Noble Norden Nuttall Ochs O'Reilly Parker Pattison Paulin Paulson P. Pawlak R, Pawlak D, Pearson W. Pearson Peltresne Penny Petronoulos Plichta Poe Polifronio Portenga Hichards Robidoux Sawdy Schmiege Scott Selceres Shelkey Singer H. Smith A 6 LS .- ,gtg 1 l L is '- ,X 1 ,L Q.. ..51.. I. Smith Sova Stariha P, Start W. Start Steenhagen Sterkenburg Stevens Stryker Sturgis Sutton Talmadge Tanner Tarney Thomas Thompson Tomorsky Torrey Tsaggaris Van Brocklin Vanderstelt Vanderweele VanDyke Veeneman Vitek Voorhies Wagenmaker Walker Walthers Watson Webb Whitsell Whittum Wiqren Williams Wilson Wolcott Young Zimmer Zimmerman ll-l's Barnes Beauleoux Bird Black Bond Boraerding Botruff Bufka Burahduf Calkins Carr Carter Coffman Cohan Crawford Dault Dawes Dykema Edge G, Ellis O. Ellis Pikes Forton Freeman Friedman Gabris Goodrich Griffin Guice Hansen Harmon Howell lamison Keur Kushner McCarthy McDonald Mecher Morris Newald Newman Oakes Proksa Rowson Rupright Sanborn Schmidt Schottey Scott Shafer Strom Sydnor Trndoll Trammell Tuttle Urshel Vcnderwest Wcxgenmoker Wcxtts Westermon Wierengo Wrlbern Wrthcxm 10-2's Allen Anderson Andree Barley Bcxldwm Barnes Baskin Beebe Beechcxm Betqhley Bendus Bickowskr Bluhm Bohlcxnd Borqeson Borqmon Borns Boston Bowers Brumer Brant Brrnk M, Brooks R. Brooks Brown Bugcxyskr Bulthurs Burton Campbell Carlson Carpenter Carr Cost Lncxppell Chorney Chrrstmos Clark Cole Conley P. Cook H. Cook Cooper Cottrell Cowcns Crane Crenno DeBcrd Deephouse Del'looq DeW1tt Drepen Doe Downey Dubcrult Durcxm Durnell Edrck Erkenberry Elem Esh Felcoski Fethke Flelstrcx Frkes M, Foster W Foster W. M. Foster Foxx Fredricks French Fricke Funk Garber Gerencer Glllhesp-y Ginqrcs Glocz v- J ' l Olson O'Malley Parker Penny Peterson Pettis D. Pierce E. Pierce Policha Privacky Puehler Reid Remson Richards Roberson Roberts Rader Rogers Rosemcx Rowell Russell Sanders Schottey' Scott Seng Shears Shelton Shepard Skocelas Slater D. Smith O. Smith Stoudt Strait Strieder Surius Swain Swanson Terrell Thomas Thorstenson Tietenthal Tjapkes Tobaison Toliver Tomlinson ?rammell ra pe A, 'lpucker L, Tucker Turk Turner Utsel! Van ampen Van Ness Veldman Vermeulen Wade Walker Ward Warner B. Wayman E. Wayman Welc Westveer Whalen Wilde Williams Wingerson Woodruff Wren Zackery Zorn Zwart 10-1's Allen Andre Argetsinger Barnhill Beauleaux Bellah Beluzar Bigelow Buckner Burgduf Burton Champagne Cheatham Cherney Christie Cole Goodrich Graham Grant Green Groleau Gust Gustafson D. Haan T. Haan Hackney Hall Hansen Harris M. Hariman H. Hartman Heaih Sa Hellman Sn Hellman M. Hendrick Me Hendrick Herrala Hershberqer Hietanen Hobby Hodqes Hollman Holloway Hotham Howell F. Hubbell T Hubbell lngmire inosencio Taclcson S. lacobs D. lanuska B lohnson Tfli lohnson TH- Trwhnson M. Iohnson ioraenson Iuhnke A. Keeler M. Keeler Keener Kemoker lferbuslti Kiell Yinnucan Krentz Kresnak Mel Lalflame Mer LaFlame LaVanture Leatherman l.eErun D. Lee L. Lee Leigh Leonard Lockaqe Lodzinski Lorenz Lucas McCarthy McCauley McDaniel Mclilrath McKellar Madison K. Maginity V. Maginity Mancheslcy Manslield Marquand Meister Michalski Mikos Mills Mink I., Mitchell Morrow Morse Neis Nelson Newman Nic Nicks Novoselich Okerlund 'W mi, X - Ql ka I . 1 A Ls. Y'-. Y! L19 lf iq 1 sw A 5 I if.. 'sl Q -1 V' Comstock Cox Crosby I. Cummings R, Cummings Dallas Davis DeCheney Derby Dickert DuRocher Evans Farnquist Fialek Field Fitzgerald Franks Furlough Gould Graham Grimm Hamel Hartman G. Harvey R. Harvey Haskins Hegedus Henderson Henry Herbst Hershey Huey Hughes Ippel Iames Ioblonicky P. Iohnson W. Iohnson Iones Kelly Kendrick Keyes Lakatos Lee Lenox Lieler Lihan Lundeen McCoy McKentry Macy Malone Matthews Maynard B. Miller O, Miller Narowitz Nelson Orlinq Pamer Patterson Pedler Peliotes Peply Pertilla Petrick Redding Redman Remson Richards Roberson Robinson Rogers Rokos Rossman Ruggles Ruiter Scheel Schmidt Seitz Shaller Shepard Sloan Somero Spira Stickles Stonq Sutter Taylor Terrell Thornley Torok Townsel Vcxrelcx Watis Weaver Wheater Whiilow D. Williams Wilson Woiewodski Young Zcrmstorf viz -X' .af 'ww fs. u rv , .- 0.4 X V4 -I O -I I rn C Z U rn Z Q Z P U vo BQ-Ez'Q5LQ?Q 8D'F,YQ.'Dm9-oi 55:5 C Hmm QEOCQ- OWQ, E5Q1,E2g2wD ggigggggdg 5355 Eyvgfbw MQOHQQ ""6'O gGaa5?87Q,4'f Qzgdgog-3-'O ,U r-o-n-1-mc QQQWQTSS-QW Sdmzfog-5'9cTg2 OQLQS-LY' 95.933 C5325 g5f.2'fDv1 cn D" P--:SUI - Q sill.: 5.?62Q.5fD5-2 Z'-xCDO.-..9:'f-1'-x AF Serviceman Raymond Terpstra -67- X 5 fl Q 1 Y -. I -1r..-, ll X215 CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Life at Heights High Wouldn't be quite complete Without the various clubs and activities to interest each student. Sports, musicals, class meet- ings, many different clubs, class par- ties, and memorable dances all claimed a place in the spotlight of events. all knowledge is not in BOOKS . much is learned from LIFE -68.. 1 T -of .,.,' ' P. JUWN UUARTER ' ' 1. 'A li? A3-fi P- V , 3 Al 565' 15-,N , f wg, g r., '53 Q' xgff "3 w.,,V"g 4' K - A ,Q , Y , , ' L ' 1 ' X v :V 'n ' ., H :X ,f -., Q . . mx 4 , .Q Mr EQ- s.-4... ,Wm Top row: Himelberger, Pettis, Knopf Mitchell Hammond Davxes Pohl Egyed Watson 3rd row: Borgula Durnell, Hansen, Start Iones Mauch Mxesen Murray Mr Verduxn adviser, Swansonf 2nd row: Hotham Turk, Scholtens. lst row: Brannan, Hahn, Appel, Kruxzenga Verdum Stoudt Iackson Pelxotes Balas STUDENT COUNCIL Officers this past year Were: Douglas Murray, pres- ident, Ianet Iackson, vice-president, Theresa Peliotes, secretary, and Iames W. Verduin, adviser. Among the many projects undertaken Were: pur- chase of cheerleaders' uniforms, pep assemblies dur- ing football seasong student exchange day with Mus- kegon, dances for the students, and an exchange as- sembly in the spring. Serving on the Student Council is considered a great honor, and gives the student good experience in learning how democracy works. .Students found Doug Murray a capable president for three consecutive years, and owe much to Mr. Verduin, adviser, ,Scott, Lee, Mansheld. Prucha Felcoski Fischer Roberts Cogswell Scholtens Gust LcxPortc M ddl ow, Stryker, Mctlary, Wlersmo, Mclntyre, Miss Eleanor Kidwell. t Morrow, Evans, Anderson, Nicholson. LIBRARY CLUB WORKERS The Library Club was organized to serve the faculty and student body, to inspire the students with a love ot reading, and to develop girls into capable library assistants. The club Work is a fine opportunity for those girls Who intend to be librarians. The members have a great many duties. They check out books and prepare them tor circulation by shel- lacking their covers. They shelve returned books, keep the books in order, and see to it that the periodical storage room is kept in order. ..71... Debate here at Heights High attracted approximately l7 people during the l95l-52 season. Because the term of the previous year was composed entirely ot seniors, Coach E. W. Gillaspy had to build his varsity team from almost all inexperienced people. The only returning debater was Alan Edick. The team opened the season by dropping the decisions at Grand Rapids South. After consecutive losses to a strong Grand Rapids Union team and to Grand Rapids Central, the season Was closed with two Wins over Muskegon High School, making the season somewhat successful. Affirmative debaters Were: Dorothy Hesselink and Alan Edick, and the negative debaters were: Harriett Lee and lohn Vitek. DEBATERS DEFEAT MUSKEGON Standing: Couch Gillasyp, Lee. Seated: Edick, Hesselirxk, Vitek. -72... Verduin, Edick, Icmuska, Hamilton, Hesselink, FORENSICS DRAW INTEREST As the Oaks Went to press, our speech contestants, under the direction ot Miss Royse, were preparing for the annual contest between Muskegon, Holland, and Muskegon Heights. Our contestants, who were Winners in the school contests, Were: Declamation, Carol Hotham and Connie Herrala, Or- atory, Dorothy Hesselink and Alan Edick, Dramatic Reading, Bob Bredin and Marilyn Verduing Extemporaneous speak- ing, Roger Harvey and lohn Vitek, and in Humorous Read- ing, Millie lanuska, and Marilyn Hamilton. .-73... Back row: Edick, Harvey, Knopf, Davies, Bl h Ol B ld Middle row: Moran, Ridgeway, Tiapkes, Ret W ght M Front row: Mr. Krueger, Premo, Pohl, Schreg dus, adviser. HI-Y IS IN THE SWIM With Bob Bredin, president, Keith Pohl, vise-presi- dent, Bruce Macintosh, secretary, and Iohn Wood, treasurer, our Hi-Y was one of the most active organ- izations in the school. Always ready with a helping hand, the members pitched together this year to give an unfortunate family one of its most Wonderful Christ- masses, complete with tree and gifts. In addition, the club sponsored a dance, an Easter program for the school, and contributed handsomely to the Community Chest. Hi-Y advisers Were Mr. Schregardus and Mr. Krueger. -74-. W W ,MX ryzyggi. .. Top row: Burnett, Herrela, Kozur, Anderson, Andree, Dykema, Roberts, Zimmer, Wanna- maker, Shelkey, Dunham. Znd row: Peterson, Buck, Hortsema, Hamilton, VanderWee1e, Appel, Verduin, Biscowski, Lee, Pawlak, Sterkenburg, Scholtens. lst row: Mrs, W. E. Murray, Adviser, Hesselink, Steenhcxgen, Neis, O'Reilly, Bolas, Decent, Peterson, Peliotes, Norden. Y-TEENS ARE ALIVE The Y-Teens, an organization open to all high school girls, is sponsored by the local YWCA, and has as its purpose "to build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of Christian living." Activities have been the "Bow-Leg Bounce," a popular Western-style dance, and a party for new members at which a former Powers' model spoke on charm. At a Greater Muskegon Y-Teen style show, 10 Heights High girls served as models. A tea was held in May for senior girls, faculty members, and their wives. Mrs. Florence Murray is adviser. The "Booster" Club means just what it says. lt is formed to help the athletic department. The club is reorganized every September and continues through until Iune Without accept- ing new members in February. It is an honor to be a mem- ber of this club as only those with at least a "B" average and 500 points from gym are eligible to join. Booster club members have participated in many activi- ties. They served at two football banquets, and sponsored a formal dance at Christmas. The officers of the club this year Were: President, Theresa Peliotes, vice-president, Carol Bringedahl, secretary, Virginia Daviesg treasurer, Virginia l-lartsema. Miss Maxine Cobb is adviser. THE BOOSTER CLUB BOOSTS B k row: Iunuskcx, Mattson, Keglovxtz, Sterkenbuig, M Cob bd ,X F- nt row: Pehotes, Davies, Wannamaker, Ha t emu, Scheel. ...76... --fmAeQneA.,a. Back row: Norden, Hesselink, Kempker, Graham, Wingerson, Baldwin, Allen, Grant, Sterkenberg. Second row: Peterson, Turk, Carlson, Dykema, Buit, Brongersma, Steenhagen, Hobby, Mrs. Ruth Hastings, Adviser. Front row: Cook, Brannan, Bickowski, Hamilton, Edick, Gustafson, Keeler, Singer, Premo. OUR SPANISH CLUB DOES THINGS To develop a better understanding of Spanish- speaking people and their customs, Spanish Club has been entertained with travelogues and films by guests. For all-round enjoyment and good fellowship, there were parties, Pan American Day celebrations, a music program, dances, and ending the year's festivities was a pot luck supper and games. Officers Were: Alan Edick, president, Marilyn Hamilton, vice-president, Sharlene Gustafson, secretary, and Shirley Bickowski, treasurer. Mrs. Ruth Hastings is the adviser. -77- 1 l Back Row: N. Anderson, Wiegart, Kieit, C. Anderson, Bugaski, I. Morrow. Second row: Gerencer, Mattson, Cook, Hawley, Fortenbacker, Walcott, Roberis, Hell- man, Hietman. - ' - Front row: VanBrocklin, Pelfresne, L, Morrow, Wilde, Borns, Fielstra,.Hesselink. 4 ' FUTURE NURSES ACTIVE L'-1 '."lf.f 5 E. The aim of this Worthy organization is to further the interest of nursing in girls of this high school. This club began in the fall of 1950, with no restrictions on membership. The girls meet once a month and participate in many Olctivities. ,They have a newspaper, called "Ticke.tape" which is put out by a committee? :that compiles allfthe news of the.Future Nurses of Michigan. ' Officers. for the year Were: President, Louise 'Mor- rowg vice-president, Ann Peliresne, secretary, Gloria Bornsp: treasurer, Donna Van Brockliny publicity, Doro- thy Hesselink, card chairman, lean Wilde, advisers, Mrs. E. A. Wagenaar, Mrs. R. D. Risk, and Mrs. C. A. Wolcott. 178.- Top row: Edick, Whalen, Rosenhauer, D. Murray, Mr. Murray, Mr, Koehn, Cobb, Link, Golliver, Deitz, Ieter, lim Cook, Middle row: Scholtens, Lihan, Neiser, Schultz, Nuttall, Anderson, Felcoski, Fischer, Goetz, Steinkraus, Brannan, Joyce Cook, Hanks. Front row: Van Pelt, Ackerman, Campbell, Vercluin, Smith, Peterson, Hartsema, Wiersma, Hamilton, Melcher. Absent when picture was taken was Nancy Franks, Co-editor lshe was busy selling subscriptions to - you guessed it -The Oaksl. I952 OAKS STAFF The Acorn, student newspaper, was founded in l930 by the present journalism adviser, W. E. Murray. The Oaks, senior class yearbook, began in l92l. Both have proved popular through the years. Each year about l200 Oaks are sold by seniors. Mr. I. V. Cobb is staff photographer, C. F. Koehn and his boys, printing, C. F. Bolt, principal, business, Miss Kathryn Keillor, art adviser, and Mr. Murray, publica- tions director. Editors this year are Nancy Franks and Doug Murray, assisted by Marilyn Verduin and Virginia l-lartsema, senior editors, Alan Edick, lim Cook and Cal Ieter, sports, Eldonna Peterson and Donna Lou LaMie, art. Donna designed our top-notch cover. -79-- SENIOR PLAY: "JUNIOR MISS" THE CAST Harry Graves ............ Dan Premo Ioe ..,..........,.. Stanley Kuncaitis Grace Graves .....,...... Pat Scheel Hilda ...........,.. Marilyn Verduin Lois Graves .... ..... N ancy Appel Iudy Graves .......... Donna Dutton Puffy Adams ....,..... Mille Ianuska I. B. Curtis .,.,........... Keith Pohl Ellen Curtis ...... Barbara Kruizenga Willis Reynolds .......... Bob Bredin Barlow Adams ......,. Tom De Bard Western Union Boy . . . . . . . . . . ...William Himelberger Merrill Feurbach ...... Roger Harvey Sterling Brown ........... lack Boles Albert Kunody. ,,........ lerry Baker Tommy Arbuckle, ....... Kay Miesen Charles ..........,....., Bill Zeckzer Henry ............. Carl Christenson Haskell Cummings ....... Alan Edick -80- "Iunior Miss," an exciting three-act comedy by Ierome Chodorov and Ioseph Fields, revolved around Iudy Graves, an over-energetic teen-ager, who managed to keep the whole family in a continual state of confusion. The play was chosen again for presentation this year be- cause of its overwhelming suc- cess in 1944, and afforded top- tlight entertainment for capac- ity crowds on both nights of its presentation. Directors were Miss Iulia Royse, Miss Anne Whitfield, and Mr. Eugene Gillaspy. Junior Play: "June Mad" THE CAST Penny Wood .,., .. .Eldonna Peterson Chuck Harris.. ..,.. lames Zeller Mrs. Wood .,... ,,..4..... P at Hahn Elmer Tuttle 4... .......... A rnold Ochs Dr.Wood... Ellie... .. Richard Harrington .Dorly Hendrickson Milly Lou ......... ,,...... R ene Goode E. Mervyn Roberts. .. ., Roger Van Vlech .. Mr. Harris ..,........ Shirley Wentworth .... Ralph Wentworth. . . .. Iulie Harris ........ . . .Richard Mitchell . .. .. .Bob Mauch .......lohn Vitek .,....Iune Norden .. .Milne Adamczak . ..... Harriett Lee -31- Choir I Was started at the beginning of the school term by Director Maynard Buck. The purpose Was to give the incom- ing sophomores and other students interested in music, a chance to train their voices so they may advance to Choir ll Which is open to all students with one or two semesters of choir experience. Consisting of torty-six members, the choir participated in school activities such as the Annual Christmas and spring concert. A CAPPELLA CHOIR I Top row: Frick, Cranston, Mansfield, Tjapkes, Howden, Olsen, Petis, Ianuska, Baldwin, DeBard, Tucker, Hackney, Iohnson, Christmas, Stark. Second row: Kluider, Burton, O'Maley, Gustafson, Newman, Enders, Veldman, Olson, Allen, Nobel, Hall, Leigh, Beauleaux, Hartman, Calkins, Meister, Bottom row: Director Buck, Goldberg, Baker, Elam, Kiefer, Hellman, Evans, Vandenberg, Nummador, Gingras, Tufano, Tucker, Reynolds, Downey, Dantord, Fielstra. Top row: Utsey, Morse, Muskovin, Hemphill, Bartrand, Smith, Weaver, Koning, Landgraf, Knopf, Davies, Zorn, D. Bailey, Boles, Miner. Third row: Buit, Williamson, Wigren, Sekeres, Tarney, Scheel, Thornberry, Morris, Van Boglen, Polifronio, Start, Webster, Reed. Second row: E. Kleeves, Blake, Walcott, L. Westveer, Keglovitz, Bonifield, Carpenter, Wagenmaker, Kruizenga, Hotham, D. Felcoski. Bottom row: R. M. Buck Ianuska, M. Hamilton, S. , . u n e. Absent when picture was taken: Carlson, Hartman, Iohnson, Kleeves, Owens, Poe, Bailey. , C. Sekeres, Lohmeyer, Meline, T. Pelotis, Singer, Jenkins, M. Stark D I h k A CAPPELLA CHOIR II Choir ll, under the direction of Maynard Buck, has pro- gressed greatly and ranks one ot the highest position among choirs in Western Michigan. Consisting of titty-four members, the choir has not only participated in many school activities, but also took part in community aiiairs, such as the Teachers Club dinner, caroling at Rowan Park, and Woman's Club. This year the Choir, combined with Orchestra and Choir I, gave a Christmas and spring concert. T831 ? OUR OUTSTANDING '52 BAND Our band, under the able direction of Paul G. Liddicioat, presented fine entertain- ment for thousands of people during the school year. During football season, the marching band With over 100 members performed during each half-time, raising spirits high with snappy marches and unique forma- tions. Parades, pep assemblies, and even a trip to the annual Band Festival in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan kept members busy. 84- PREPARES FOR SPRING CONCERT With the closing of the marching season, the band began its concert Work. Activities of the band included such outstanding pro- grams as the annual "Heights Night" show and the Spring Concert held in April. For the first time, the District Band and Orchestra concert was held here in Mus- kegon. Our band took a first division rat- ing, as did many oi its members in the District Solo and Ensemble Contest held in Grand Haven. -35- .mf -- .J- 2, :X -rf Wx i Ai' K . 4- L ,: , he 4, Q 9- s X ., ,Q fx, L E L. ,iw S a 3 E g H ' ' g . 1 E if , M N' 1 . --::-- if 24 Q, QM-5 f, 5 . .J . ., . ,A ,W - - m :fb ,,,.,. 1' ' 'f'. N 5 X S Ei xg, X Ri fr ,Rv ,V Sdw ' 1, 4 9 xg, A f - ii i 4. 5 ' 4- , N ,,- 5 Q X ,il g n i rf, ,V ings , XX Q. 5 M'N'h - I E s i xg - A haf: E: R' I K Q s I I f gb K X P A YPK A f if ,ax x ' ,. g , ..: mx I ix. if 1 hn- . ' -3 " f U 4 1' Y Q .1 K xi sl f X f, 'T'lZZ-'37.55753 if aff'-Q if ji L, 'C g . H A 'xyfg . Y J . ,L , ' x E.-fi 1- H A G3 A - 1, Ann, ' 1, "3'k'5,f"vfQ ' -' S? 4 '.f,-ww ,. Ft, F .5 X V, .. f, ,gy,...M-.:. 41.,,v- - 1 2 f, uri, ,.wf,,xjf ww ' A ,. - yff f- 2- .xf . 'Vs' if ff - wif 'AV 1 AQ HF W . ' X7 if' 033- 2' 'Eh fs-'fl ,M 1' A K - Q Q - , ,' 1' F , 7 Uma ,gh 'X w? SS' 9- - - 4 5 L'L' Qi iw W If if 53'1f.,f x- - .F 'X ., 5,-,LM ,QM , ,A . .gf - f Q.,,....L." 5... ,, A - Q. ' x . , -, af! .?'.,Lff32L1'-sf G 'PW T - "5 f. X f , wsu ,tg -,,. 1 jg, 'jailffs , -fy H'1imvv.lLk . ,cg-f. -55652 H, wzxi. -in gcfwiik 1, .g , M Af Q X f , 4. 1 S- . X TQ A TW, VA - is-'L - Lv, Q 1, .Q ,. in -A. -- h Q., - -.QM N, .. M lk 3,3 ,whkh '-g,.,f, ,Liga ,.,,.,5 ..,..- X . . 5 1 t n, Q' . .. I 7 W-.W .W . ,,,A' .tr ,gg 1- ,wh , . , 1, g, W .U , ,W - ff' . v ' L' - fi. I 2 V ',,f'i ffxffil ' 1 v 4 si fs ' Aff., Pia' 2 ,- . -' -xqf! P f, h gn. A5 55,-' X1 ' . fag ' ,. ,fr 4: , 54. pq Q, Lftbj X NA 5 4. wax' 'ii , 44 J ,, 1 , K , . f , f, V. f, . ' 7 - k W , ,. ' .5 .1 f f. L ' ,+L ,tg 4-,H .V ,ia . K. 4' l X ' 44, ,1n,.Q. fl I , ' Hr Q' .fig . ,ir A, ,,' W f v , . M- I W . f S 5, . A, 1 - ,, I . .4 . Y l A 5 'wiv 1 gm N1 I Q 4 . , :Q .X . fx' , fm Qt' -nrt' 'N ,ASi,,,Q,. "U VIN., J", .-1: I , 5-f .1- . , A ,, V . -, ...Q- ,:,,.,,.,..,,...-sn--V ,. L 'Q K ,Rf ex N7 'O f ,nf m gig V . Q if .x Y Q Ak 11" 'Q Q PHOTOGRAPHY Any student inter- ested in taking pic- tures is eligible to join this photography class. Developing pic- tures, enlarging pho- tographs, and operat- ing cameras are but a few of the accom- plishments. Mr. Cobb is our capable in- structor. Presenting . . . "Heights High Highlights" This past ,semester the radio class, under the direction ot E. W. Gillaspy, has produced a weekly radio program over WKNK. Each radio student was re- sponsible tor one program. This student director organized the show and supervised partici- pants. ART: BEAUTY: TRUTH "Art is doing anything that needs to be done in the best possible way of doing it." Although murals were popu- lar again this year, in this pic- ture we find several art students engaged in painting outdoor scenes near Central Iunior High. In the photo are Bob Tobaison, extreme leftg Aloha Rollenhagen, Louise Frens, Lavonne Hawkin- son, and Cstandingl, Robert Sur- tus and Charles Henry. Most All-round They're here, they're there, they're everywhere, Theresa Peliotes and Doug Murray. Best Dancers Tripping to the strains of popular music are Pat Scheel and lack Boles. Most Bcrshiul Our shy gal and guy this year are Elsie Borgula and Iohri Fekete. Cutest Couple Nancy Appel arid Bruce Maclntosh hold top honor for being the cutest couple. Best Looking The title "Best Look- ing" is the property of Marilynn Fischer and Rod Wright. WHO'S WHO IN '52 -90- Chosen from the graduating class ot l952, by the seniors themselves, are these 20 boys and girls who rate "tops" in popularity among their classmates. The voting was done in all senior lU o'clock classes, on open ballots, that is, there were no nominations. Each senior voted tor anyone he wished. ln most cases, judgments coincided almost unanimously. There were a few close races, however. Look 'em over and see what you think. Most Likely-to-succeed "Tops" tor most likely-to-succeed are Louise Morrow and Dick Cooper. Most Athletic When it comes to sports, Lavonne l-lawkinson and Bob Marion will be there. Best Actors Who ot us can act better than Donna and Alan Edick? Class Cut-ups Everyone is guess- ing what Kathryn Mclvlahon and Bob Strah will do next. Class Flirts How we sometimes wish we could flirt like Millie Ianuska and Bill Zeckzer. .3 . . Ir .j ATHLETICS Athletics at Muskegon Heights High was dealt a severe blow in 1951 with the announcement that the Southwest- ern Athletic Conference was to be disbanded at the end of the 1951-52 season. Therefore, the following pages record what will probably be the last Tiger teams ever to play in an official Southwestern Conference. Sports Highlights of the year with the HEIGHTS TIGERS x NP X- Ag xv s ,, N . 6 'r,,,,i if vm 'T ' ""'f' tv.. SILVER ANNIVERSARY This year, local fans joined with high school fans, to celebrate the silver anniversary ot Coaches "Okie" Iohn- son and Dave "Mac" McKenzie. In this photo we see the two coaches receiv- ing identical sets of silver. At a later date, they received in addition, cash checks, "Okie," a car, "Mac" a tele- vision set. FIRST DAY These returning letter- rnen played a tough schedule tor the Heights in 1951. They rnet tour of the States top ten teams. D. FIRME L, SCHAUDE H. A. Kruizenga E. W. GILLASPY DR. R. V. AUGUST Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Faculty Ticket Manager Faculty Ticket Manager Team Physician Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov. Nov. 15... 21... 28.. 5 12 19 26 3 10 SCORES Tigers 6 - 14 G. R. Catholic Tigers 27 - 13 G. R. Creston . . . . . .Tigers O - O Holland . .Tigers 26 - 6 G. R. Union . . . .Tigers 6 - 7 Kalamazoo Tigers 2U - 7 Grand Haven Tigers U - U Benton Harbor . . .Tigers 25 - 6 Hazel Park . . . .Tigers 6 - 26 Muskegon VARSITY FOGTBALL Top row Van Dyke K Plichta Hartman, Tomorsky, R. Mitchell, Goldberg, Watson, Toltver, lhird row Privasky Burmeiste Phillips, Bailey, Start, Randall, Strah, McMurray, Davies, Ochs, Second row Assistant Coach Del Firme, Zimmer, Craymer, Shlatfer, Ridgeway, Wright, Tjapkes, M Zk Bt dFlth,C hO.Elhnn. urray ec zer ar ran c er oac . o so Bottom row Pohl Hosko Bringedahl, D. Plichta, Winicki, Wood, Marion, Fralier, Kamp, Deven- ?..,5+ f . 'Q i K' 'tg 'idii-e ,Q . .X OPENER Here we see Winicki making another gain tor the Tigers against powerful Catholic Cen- tral. Winicki later scored the Tiger's touchdown as they held Catholic to a one-touchdown margin. . . T - Q ' , Y fir it' Q The above oppon- ents were named one-two in State grid polls. FINALE ln this picture Ber- nie Winicki, Tiger halfback, plunges over a muddy Big Red goal line, to score the Tiger's only touch- down in the year's biggest game. This was the only touch- down in the South- western Conference scored against Mus- kegon, later named the State's top team. TIGERS PLAY TOP TEAMS GN I95I-52 SKED Tigers 2 38 21 40 19 14 25 13 SCORES Opponents G. R. Catholic ..... G. R, Creston ,.... Holland ...... G. R. Union ...... Kalamazoo ..... Grand Haven ..... Benton Harbor .... Muskegon .,... .. RESERVE FOOTBALL The Reserve team, under the coaching of David McKenzie and Larry Schaude, had a good year, winning 5, tying 2, and losing one which "ended them up" in second place in the Conference. linxed by Mus- kegon for the past four years, it was Mus- kegon again who tied the Little Tigers, and kept them from first place honors. Lee Howell, Otto Smith, and Ierry Rowell were the standout performers of the season, with Howell and Rowell doing the running, and Smith snaring passes. Fifth row: Coach Schauiie, Beal Ccageboyj, Hubbell, Andre, Barnes, Ker- buski, Gai:-ris, Roberson, Coach McKenzie, Foulrth row: Pikes, French, Thompson, Pettis, Iamison, Brink, Ellis, Hartman, Buc ner. Third row: Green, lnosencio, T, Haan, Lucas, McCauley, Nelson, P. Iohnson, Young, Bohland, Turner. Second row: Howell, Rogers, Miller, Tucker, Tuttle, Olson, Christmas, Cher- ney, Newald, D. Haan. First row: Morse, Felcoski, M. Iohnson, Foster, Thomas, Krentz, Smith, Rowell, Crane, Richards. 1971 Senior IN RETROSPECT . . Tigers 5, G. R. Catholic 14 The Tigers showed great strength against a powerful Grand Rapids eleven which went on to overpower all its opponents. Winicki scored the Tiger touchdown early in the first quarter when the Tiger line nailed the Catholic punter on the goal line. Catholic was named the best team in the state for l952 by one of the leading newspapers, Tigers 27. G. R. Creston 13 The Tigers bounced back after a tough first half to overpower the Polar Bears in a hard fought, hard won victory. Bernie Winicki was the Tiger standout, lashing into the Creston line for three touchdowns. Tigers 0, Holland 0 The Tigers showed a complete reversal of form in this battle with twice beaten Holland. Although Bernie Winicki twice led the Tigers deep in Dutch territory, the Orange and Black didn't seem to have the scoring punch neces- sary for winning. Winicki, who handled the ball over 40 times for 150 yards was the standout player on the field. Tigers 26, Union 6 The Tigers of Okie Iohnson pulled off one of the State's biggest upsets by blasting a fourth-rated Union team 26 to 6, Keith Pohl scored twice, and Winicki and Phillips each collected one for the Tigers. Tigers 6, Kalamazoo 7 The Tigers faced the invasion of a strong, determined Kalamazoo team and lost by the score of 7 to 6. After trailing at the half, the Tigers ended a 60 yard third period drive with Winiclci scoring. Pohl, Winicki and Marion led the Tigers. STRAH Guard llpmon MITCIIELL H NICK D PLICHTI End WRIGHT Tickle Senior genie, 1 Senior ' Sevior All-Smze 3rd A!IfState 2nd -93- C . . RECAPS OF '5I Tigers 20, Grand Haven 7 The Tigers defeated a strong Grand Haven team 20 to 7. Boy Phillips scored the first touchdown going through right tackle. Bernie Winicki tallied twice for the Tigers, one with only 45 seconds left in the game, as he sped 47 yards with the pigskin on the game's last play. The Tigers had another tally which was called back on a penalty. Tigers 0, Benton Harbor 0 By holding the fast Benton Harbor outfit to a scoreless deadlock the Tigers not only Won a big moral victory, but also proved they had a strong defensive team. Winicki and Marion stood out for the Heights in this second scoreless deadlock for these old rivals in the last 4 encounters. Tigers 25, Hazel Park 6 Playing under the most adverse conditions imaginable, the snarling proteges of "Okie" Iohnson racked up their fourth victory of the season by smashing the Detroit team 25 to 6. Despite the blizzard, Murray, Winicki, Marion, and Ken Plichta all scored for the Tigers. The game was marked with the presenta- tion of Silver Anniversary gifts to "Okie" and "Mac." Tigers 6, Muskegon 26 Our Tigers became the only team in the Southwestern Conference to score against the Muskegon Big Reds. Despite this fact, the Tigers were outclassed by the resulting Associated Press State Champions 26-6. Bernie Winicki scored the only Tiger touchdown which was set up by a blocked punt. Out- standing for the Tigers in this Conference game were Murray, Wright, Marion, Strah, and Winicki, ' gunna Senior All-Slufd 2nd - Senior -99- VARSITY BASKETBALL Knoph, Mgr., lones, MacMurray, Wright, Macintosh, Murray, Iohnson, Williams, Ridge- way, Coach Iohnson. Zeigler, Davies, Phillips, Bartrand, Penn, Zorn, DeLong. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES TIGERS OPPONENTS 42 Ludington ......,.,.. 35 38 Grand Haven ..,.... 39 39 Kalamazoo .......... 57 54 Ottawa Hills ........ 52 34 G. R. Union ......... 44 33 Muskegon ........... 47 29 Holland ............. 58 37 Benton Harbor ...... 31 35 Grand Haven , .... 36 33 Kalamazoo .......... 52 26 Muskegon .,......... 59 47 Holland ............. 49 26 Benton Harbor ,,... .31 32 'Saginaw A, Hill .... SS Regional Tournament 62 Ottawa Hills ........ 44 44 Grand Haven ....... 35 40 Muskegon ........... 44 fWon second placel 'Later forfeited because of ineli ble players Qi- Basketball at the Heights during the past winter has been both exciting and heartbreak- ing, but never dull .... Most games had fans and coaches alike off their seats during the entire contest: battles with Grand Haven, Holland, Benton Harbor, and Ottawa were all of this type. The squad, however, put on some of their best shows of the year in the Regional Tourna- rnent. After crushing Ottawa and Grand Haven, the team was edged by highly favored Muske- gon in the final. This fighting tearn surely deserves a real hand. -lOU-- Maclntosh Forward Wright Center Phillips Guard Davies Guard Marion Guard Ziegler Guard Murray Forward MacMurray Center All-Conference Williams Guard Penn Guard lohnson Forward Bartrand Guard DeLong Guard lones Center Ridgeway Forward -TPS Q I F 3 Q, ,, - Q . fu k A w' f' fl , A J 3 li ll 4 Q Q , , Fda - F la l -4 ' xx i I S l .lf '4:'a ' RRI' in ' X 2 4 . t 'ti' ' xl W it d , , gg 'll . " X X . 429 to f 1 wif 4... ,jg l 30 5 ' 'L . .Q X .. -f Q 1 Q 1 M J' 1 3 S S 5 ., lb- QLJ Ag v g i l!! q C 1.2 I 5 yi , 4 is-ffl RESERVE BASKETBALL The Heights Seconds coached by Larry Schaude, had ot good sea- son, Winning 7 and losing 6. A vital blow was suf- fered by the Little Tigers when star forward Murt lohnson was moved to the first team. Another stand- out star who kept the team going was Otto Smith. SEASON 'S SCORES Heights Opponents Ludington Grand Haven Kalamazoo Ottawa Hills G. R. Union Muskegon Holland Benton Harbor Grand Haven Kalamazoo Muskegon Holland Benton Harbor Back row: Crane, Tuttle, Smith, Williams, Hartman, Hansen, Howell, Hummel Coach Schaude. Front row: D. Haan, Gould, Robinson, French, Scheel, Iohnson, T. Haan. -lO2- Back Row-I. Carlson, B. Seng, M. B Second Row-G. Frederick, I. Ketke, G. Harvey, R. Lazinski, R. Shep-ard, C Third Row -A. Koning, T. Haan, D. Ha VARSITY BASEBALL As the Oaks Went to press, Coach Johnson was preparing for another baseball season. Prospects for this year's team looked good. On the mound, Coach Iohnson will have Berni Winicki, stand-out hurler for the Tigers, and in the infield positions, Bruce Mac- Intosh, Dan Premo, and Ierry Zimmer, seniors, and Glen Cooper a Iunior who looked good as a soph. ln the outfield, Coach Iohnson will have Doug Murray and lim Ridgeway, stand-outs from last Year. The team of l950-51 Won five games while dropping tour and tying one. l-lere's Berni Winicki, Tiger mound ace, who pitched many good games for the team this season. O PROSPECTS FOR '52 Track ... coached by Mr. Dave Mc- Kenzie over a long period of years has been very successful. This year's track team Welcomes loack such top perform- ers as Louis MacMurray, Ezekiel Hemp- hill, and Don Bickowski. Also out for the team is a tlood ot sophomores who can be developed. TRACK AND FIELD Coach McKenzie Graham Quigley, Robinson, Policha, Bohland, Terrell, Huey, 'lhird Row Utsey Gillhespy Palmer, Turner, Pikes, Kirkpatrick, Pettis, King, Beck, Holloway. ShlP DBclD' S'thFl k'R'hdTh Ch'tm,N S cond Row Green c ee atterson, e ar , avies, mi , ecos 1, ic ar s, omas, ns as ic First Row R Mitchell Inosencio, Ochs, L. Mitchell, Iamison, Hemphill, Doe, Fekete, Anderson, MacMurray Camp 1951 SEASON The Cinder squad of 1951 never lost a dual meet throughout the season, and placed in all the big meets. For cr school so small against all its competition The Heights had a very good season. Some of the standout performers over the year were Calvin Ieter, two-time Winner of the Regional 440, and Louis MacMurray, hurdle specialist who placed 'first in the Conference, and is returning this year to try and set a record. Qualifiers tor the State meet were: Louis MacMurray, Calvin Ieter, Ezekiel Hemphill, Delore Plichta, and Steve Vivian. -lU4- H OW - S OTH 'USER 1' B lc Row -Coach Firme, Iohnson, Patterson, Hartman, Lambrix, S t F tR O b K 1 H t B l M ' M' t TENNIS Fifteen boys answered Coach Del Firme's first call for tennis players. Among the 15 were seven letter Winners from last year's team which Won three of ll matches. This year's squad will sadly miss the presence of Bob Mauch, who was expected to be one of the top players in the state this year. Mauch was stricken with rheumatic fever. Don Talmadge seems to be the best of the returning letter- men, and around him and the newcomers Coach Firme hopes to build a team which Will be capable of meeting the top teams in the conference. , erey, arman, oes, eisen, ieser, - 105 s th The director of physical edu- cation classes is Miss Maxine Cobb, a graduate of Heights High. To Row: Hotham Fielstra Mitchell Coo er ATHLETICS FDR GIRLS The girls' physical education department has played soccer, fieldball, and volleyball, danc- ing, and basketball, track and softball, and intramural sports, under the direction ot Miss Max- P I I 1 D - ' Bottom Row: Ke-mpker, Haskins, Iorgenson, McKentry. 1-ne i 1 -106- 6 Y- ax x 11? ik. ,- 'A 1 V ,fg- -, a,:1,ff:J :NW ,.9 ki :pq:j.:,:p,Qil has -,-'75-:Q---gy 5 .. , . igfwfgszzggfi-'xg-'.::gms- JR L1 W ,4 I., k -j5fN13iga?i,x'-njdv ,- rx- H. . If f 5 Q. 1 ' 'fwqfiw . 1 5 'fm-Q sz: -Wf v w .Wi-fwfdi--if Qfvifq. M J- - 9. . . . 1-1-yf -gpg --sm - QM, gqg 4 V ,- K--W mm gf '-fgg1s3Qgw -- 0 -- 1-1 w x Q-1-3 J ' k'-'Q-'!5wsffCT?k Riffs. 515--3fl+f3i'2-PSY g.:Qf?',1--A U 1:-iwgggafg - - f:fgf:if'5f7 L, -. Qfrgsgg-' 1 lizfif-5-f-:gfif.fx, 1-.f,5?fg, g ,-5,535--N3,s5His'mgta. w:,-',--'---'s'f3- . 1 1-my-.4iG.f .QQ f'-7-we -Sf-'vs mfs-+f.'ws5+ ,iw-ff .m,rfg-J-x-,wa-ffg-avg -- ,L ,,,g3g53,-w-n-g- p y- R-.--ffy,i?3k.,f.,f will -.a Qwwp K- tis, ya--3.kkm,5pi,,u--Lgw ,- J HWFHPWQ V Wi. .553 - fX3Q'as:Afi-f-5 -T ' A A Q Q X X, N. -My . - L. : - '-Slzif-ig N-ifiitf fi-ffl' Q - ' ' 531451 - 4- '52 34533557 X -,..:-1:41.-fa'-bi.3"-A Q-'Simi Q I Q Lk A 4: .. ,- 12 -gl - -7 ' f 2-liiffgggg, 'A - .-3.5-.5 - ..L. I .L 39 , , .- vp , 2 , f-gm X HUA 1' K i ADVERTISING INDEX A Advertising Production . . . Allsteak ....... . American Barbecue . . . . American Coil Spring Co. . . American Grease Stick Co. . . Anderson Packing Co. . . . . Apostle Mortuary .... . Arbor Floral Company . . . Avery Drug ...., . B B. F. George Storage-Van . . Balbirnie-Apostle Mortuary . . Bell Cr Bomers, Real Estate and Insurance ........ Belton, Evelyn, Real Estate Brokerage ........ Big Boy's Barber Shop . . . Bill Stern's Steak House . . . Bluhm Bros. ....... . Bob Moore's Tex-aco Service . Boelkins' Super Market . . . Brickner-Kropf Machine Co. . . Browne-Morse Company . . . Brundage Cut-Rate Drug Store . Brunswick . ..... . Budd's .......... Buel's . . . . . C Camera Shop ....... Cal Iohnson's Camera Shop and Studio ....... Campbell, Wyant 51 Cannon . Carl's Store ........ Celia's Beauty Stop ..... Chadwick's Drive Inn . . . Circle "S" Ranch . . . . Coca-Cola Co.. . . . Cole's Bakery . . . . Columbia Studio . . . Commercial Press . . . Consumers Power Co. . . Coscarelli Concessions . . Cooper's Flower Shop , . Crevier Electric . . . . D D G C Stores Inc. . . . Damm Hardware . . . Dana Printing Co, . . . Daniels Co ...... . Danigelis Food Market . . Dawes 61 Son ..... . Derby's Food LS Produce Market ....... . Diamond Ice-Cream Co. . . Dion Service Station . . Dendrinos 61 Son . . . E Economy Hardware . . . . Embassy Beauty College . . . Emil's Food Market ..... Enterprise Brass Works . . . Evelyn Belton Realty Company F Felt Studio ........ Fitz Iohn Coach Company . . Fischer Coal Company .... Francis Iiroch, Cigars, Candy . Frank Lockage Store for Men . Fredericks Lumber Company . Fritz the Druggist ..... G Gas Company .,..... Gomery Insurance Agency . . Grant Supply Company . . . H Hackley Union Bank . . . Hahn Drugs ..... . Hall Electric Company . . . Hansen Dairy Bar . . . Hansen's Drive Inn . . . Hasselman's . .... . Heights New-Soda Bar . . . Hendrick, Realtor . . . . Home Loan Co., Inc .... . Hoppe's Super Market .... Hosler's Clothes . . . . Hostess Cafeteria . . Hunter-Plumbing . . I Iiroch, Francis - Wholesale Cigars, Candy, Supplies . . Iohn's Super Service .... Iohn Wood Co. .... . . Iohnson's Camera Shop G Studio ....... . Iunior High Barber Shop . . K K G M Restaurant . . . Ken G Bea's Grocery .... Krautheim, Iewelers ..... Krause's Men 61 Boys' Wear . . L Lakey Foundry . . . . Langlois .... . Lanore's Grocery . . . Lee Funeral Home , . . Lee Harding, Portraits . . . Lee CS Son Hardware . . Liberty Loan ..... . M Malvin's Iewelry .... . Manning, Maxwell G Moore, Inc ..... . Martin Coal Co .... . Medendorp's ...... . Meier Cleaners, Agency . . Meister's Feed Store .... Michigan Bread Company . . Michigan Telephone .... Mickey's Gift Shop . . . . Morton Manufacturing Company ..... . Murn Brothers' Garage . . Muskegon Auto Theatre . . . Muskegon Heights Record . . Muskegon Meat Company . . Muskegon Paper Box Company Muskegon Savings Bank . . . Muskegon Savings and Loan . Muskegon School ot Business . Muskegon Trust Company . . Myers Service ....... N National Lumberman's Bank . Nibble-A-Scrib-Nib ..... Norge .......... Novak's Meat Market . . . -108- O Office Machine Sales and Service ......... P Parmelee's, Ieweler ..... Parsons Department Store . . Patterson's Grocery and Market Payne Plumbing Co ..... P-B Service ........ Peck Street Hardware .... Peerless Plating Market . . . Peterson Coal Company . . . Pomper's Hardware ..... Port City Candy and Tobacco . Puhalski's Food Market . . . Pyle Pattern :St Mfg. Company . O Quality Aluminum Casting Company ........ Quality Beverage Company . . Quigley, R. I ..,..... R Radium Photo Service . , . Record ....... . . Reid-Gratf Corporation . . . Remwolt Cleaners ..... Robinson Lincoln-Mercury . . Rolladrome ........ Ruiter Brothers ....... S Sanitary Dairy Company . . . Schlossman Theatre . . . . Sealed Power .... . Shaw-Walker . . . . Simpson's Drugs . . . Snowhite Bread . . . . Socks Sabin Cleaners .... Square .......... 49-2237-Musk, Hts. Hi-I4-4 Stariha Real Estate, Insurance State Cafe ........ Stern's State House ..... Steve's Beauty Shop ..... Steenhagen's Food-Market . . Sutton's Pharmacy ..... Swensen Monuments . . . Swift 6- Company, Ice Cream Division . . . T Tenny Plumbing . . . . . Tourcotte ......... Tri-City Diaper Service . . . Tri-City Glass G Paint Co. . . V Vandervelde's Furniture . . . Vickers' Soda Bar .... . Victory Pattern Shop .... Voss Hardware ...... Votaw's ,Radio Electric Service W Watson Radio Gr Television . . Webb Coal Co ....... Western Michigan Frozen Foods Western Michigan Outboard . West Shore Printers ..... Whittington's Barber Shop . . Windatt Pontiac ...... Wood, Iohn Co ..... . Wolverine Express Inc. . . . Y Yeager's Barber Shop .... Youth Haven, Maurice Carlson, Director . . 1 I 1 -, . - xv. - :

Suggestions in the Muskegon Heights High School - Oaks Yearbook (Muskegon Heights, MI) collection:

Muskegon Heights High School - Oaks Yearbook (Muskegon Heights, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Muskegon Heights High School - Oaks Yearbook (Muskegon Heights, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Muskegon Heights High School - Oaks Yearbook (Muskegon Heights, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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