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Muskegon Heights High School - Oaks Yearbook (Muskegon Heights, MI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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ll' 4 1 Q- . f '-v '- .-H . .-1 M dl? ' V1 M f2,.'1 w . 4 ' I . 7 v L-. A n 1,1 ww' v 1 m. ,. if 1 ,, 1,-. 1: ,L .IL ,J el-lx. . 54 .-1., f u .- ,4- 155' 1 'v ' . . . .. f . .' .AL-,Qci - 1 r -' . . w,, pr s' 1 1' " .T , ".-7i?'Vfi' '-.Lim A ' ' , Hi-+ L ' -gall VQLQT5 .1 f , ,. fm ay-'gint-sz X , :gf 'I 5...-wL.Q--15 .Sf n ' .L ,E I '32 "313""h. ' z'-55,..1.5- MA 1 '-:""'. ' .i 'r . -f ' 1, 3.Ima3.L:.a1-1.. Q. - lu M, N THE OAKS 1948 Z'- 3'UBLISHED RNNUALLY BY THE COMBINED KCORN AND OKKS STKFF MUSKEGON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL, MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN LARGE STREAMS FROM LITTLE FOUNTAINS FLOW mfvyfm H " -"Y, 4 Axfhwacxfw Jw- f ,I ., N K L. , I 13451 ,T Rgmiwwgfff irch 1 ,,f K' , QQ 6 ' 1 Q J' 316 I ,i ff X ik, lf" TSR f Q'-Z x 'X "fm" Q xt A ,M 'gf A EE Rf' if f 2 TT T mf, A ' ,W "J "gQ5I5f1 ' f L5Q A83 NY! 'M' E T 'Hx r HR W fXSQR J ff -QQ f '-f Si X Vf' yf My Rigby' ff ar ' - 1 ,, '52 L ,fx N, 1325? IL K .3 we Eiga y ,ff Wan 1 , 5 'L' qw :Q A ,si R' W M11 , ,tx f , 5 'V , 1 Z ,ff f' 122 L L7 2 WTF ? ,Y TENT ZQ7? ' . - E ff A ' W H 'H'T'i4'1 uryqlidl V YN U' l'L'1lrElfLI'Jd!j ' , Mm xi"Ir9E" rf1!','aJ.If-"fWwe l r9 f"'x"" NT" T N E E Wa T w 1w'4L w , MTWEWEWNTLTWTWMMWWME lun Ll L 1' I4 Dmzwz by Willianz Kobylorz TALL OAKS FROM TREES by joyce Kilmer I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest Against the earth's sweet flowing hreastg A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray,' A tree that may in summer wear A nest of rohins in her hairy Upon whose bosom snow has lain,- Who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made hy fools like me, But only God can make a tree. LITTLE ACORNS GROW." THE OLD OAK TREE SAYS: Yoifal scarce expect one of my age To speak in public on the stageg And if I chance to fall helow Dentosthenes or Cicero, Don't view me with a critic's eye, But pass my imperfections hy, Large streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow. --David Everett WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK T0 .... MR. E. W. GILLASPY r- .13 -"'. .-'.' 5323 . ---f if .afrwfq fffff 1 Z ,J 1 1916017 AJ. ' , 5. Ml lg F ,1. QZ1-0744012 'f TEC' ,444-'a,?,"2f,affLa4 ' -'ff . J O. 74afum4aav- ' ' ,dnzdlf Q15 . 4-' - 3 . i I jf 1 'UI- .a ,m6fpuJ,aa,4J,L7a.41 ,SQ . f -f ' , f4f'ZJ,af-0 ,af 7? 'ff 47 4.4- I 'fi . 'ZF Af I :EE km P'i:cf3 . , 1-I-,. ? -ii. ............ V- ,. .,,.. - ,, M, ..,- ,- - - - -,, ,,-.'s F "E" Q' -.-'?Pl'2"-?4I:' '," "" " Y 3. - fi" -. -.f " ' 1... ..-1 N- - . - 4- bf fic- 122-f-we wif J' . 1- -Q. . f!l'4-g.g,.j'3,g5,d-f-- .-41 - - uw' .A- vwllqiw 'I ,f',w!'-if-N' W W Wy: H ,ww wwwfm H' WMWMNAWW VPPW , ny ' "ww 1 awww' N' M 1 I O, WELL-BELOVED Not while a hoy still whistles on the earth, Not while a single human heart heats true, Not while Love lasts, and Honor, and the Brave, Has earth a grave, O well-beloved, for you! -Rithard LeGallienne BELOVED Music, when soft voices die, Vihrates in the nzen1o1'y,' Odors, when sweet violets sirhen, Live within the sense they quicken. Rose leaves, when the rose is dead, Are heaped for the heloved's hedg And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone, Love itself shall slurnher on. - SHELLEY N NEN5RlAM7 Mendel Walter Mendel stood out in scholarship and character. His actions were always above and beyond reproach, and his class- mates and friends will never forget him, The things he stood for will live forever. His good cheer and high ideals were ex- emplary. Walter was a well-known flier in Western Michigan, avi- ation being one of his many hobbies and accomplishments. To have known Walter was a privilege and a pleasure. We shall miss him. Sumner Robert Sumner, a junior, was known by his friends as a jolly, all-round good fellow. He took an active part in school activi- ties, and was very interested in athletics, especially football and baseball. Bob had a friendly greeting for everyone. His ready laugh sounded frequently through our halls. Some of his class- mates tell us he played a good game of chess. His close chums recall with pleasure the good times they had together -in a local bakery, where pies, doughnuts, and other delicacies of the pastry cook held a special appeal for Bob. THE STAFF Editors-In-Chief Page Editors Donna Iohnson Audrey Eorquer Molly Ryan Bette Keil Adeline Cole Patricia Miles Gene Erausto Ioyce Gould Loretta Millis N eoma Schultz Bonnie Iohnson Garnet Keefer lArtD IEAN MARIE PANZL DOUGLAS EUGENE CUTLEB Section Photograph Editor .... Makeup Editor ........ Print Shop Foreman ..... Art Editor ,............ Seniors ..,.... Faculty ...,...... Administration ..... Undergrads .... Clubs ........ Athletics ..... Editors . . . .Bob Chartrand . . . . . .Bob Palmatter . . . . .lack Muskovin . . . . .Paul Malarik . . . . .Shirley Smith . . . .Audrey Bassarab . . . . .Marilyn Beam . . . . .Peg Buitendorp . . . . .Delores Iacobs .......Ken Drake . . . .Elaine Kinsman . . .,.. Margaret Kropf Chairman ot Publications .... Editorial Advisor .......... .... M r. W. E. Murray Curriculum .............. Activities ................ Photographer ...... Printing Advisor .,... Art Advisor ............ Subscriptions advisor .... ......Mr. C. E. Bolt .....Mr. I. V. Cobb ..,...Mr. C. E. Koehn . . . .Miss Kathryn Keillor Mr. B. A. Peterman ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY E I T D MR. W R BOOKER Indiana born cmd bred, Mr. W. R. Booker, our super- intendent, has had a lifetime of experience in school business. He knows the meaning of being a pupil, a teacher, a college professor, and an administrator. Persons well qualified to judge often declare Mr. Booker is one of the most able administrators in the public schools of Michigan. He is frequently placed on state and local committees of importance, and is mentioned from time to time for topflight educational positions. However, and fortunately for our senior class, Mr. Booker has continued to head up our local system of schools during our entire educational career. He has the complete confidence of our Board of Educa- tion, the faculty, and the townspeople, as well as the students. We say farewell with sincerest admiration and respect BOARD OF EDUCATION Elllbii Cqrl vqn Dyke Strand Reid ORGANIZATION President ........ L. A. Carl Vice-pres. ,. ,,.. R. I. Van Dyke Secretary .... ..... H . S. Elliott Treasurer .... ,.,. C . N. Damm Trustee .,... O. V. Cobb Trustee .... S. E. Strand Trustee.,,.,.. . ..,,. .. ..,,, F. Reid The Board ot Education here represented, tor the most part, is a veteran organization. Many ot the men on the present board have held office tor several years past. All of these men are capable, competent executives, sympa- thetic to the cause of education and sincerely interested in the children of this community. Muskegon Heights may well be proud of the unselfish effort ot these men. ln the case ot President Lawrence Carl, he is the son of a former Board of Education leader, his mother. PRINCIPAL MRS. ANNA HARVATH MR C F BOLT Sefrelary Pmzczfwl .A if .1 'M w -f.,,,4l+vf- fl ' Xf .,fy,,rNf 1 " Born and educated in Grand Haven, Mr. C. F. Bolt later was graduated by the University of Michigan, and the University of Wisconsin. He taught mathe- matics in Houghton High school and was principal in Bismarck, N. D. before coming here as principal in 1921. Mr. Bolt has seen the senior class grow from 16 graduates in Iune, 1922, to more than ZUU in recent years. He has seen our football team defeated by Grand Haven 105 to 0, and has also seen the Tigers rise to state championship caliber. During his entire career, Mr. Bolt has served as chairman of the Board of Publications, a job which has earned the gratitude of the journalism classes and Oaks staff. In short, Mr, Bolt has taught school sincerely lor some 35 years or more. We know of no higher calling than education. We know few principals as loyal as Mr. Bolt. Page Twelve MAYNAHD BUCK, B. SC. Northern State Teachers Col- lege Northwestern University Eastman School of Music Muxiw 0rvbe.rlr.1, Choir, Glee Club MISS MAXINE COBB, B. SC. Western Michigan College of Education Pbyriml Edu mlian MISS VERA CUMMINGS. A. B., M. A. Northwestern University Nebraska State Teachers Col- lege Malbenzmirr WILLIAM I-I. DINGLER, B. SC. Lite Certificate Western Michigan College of Education lI"o adwo ri it IAMES V. COBB, A. B., M. A. Western Michigan College University of Michigan W Euglirb A. M. COURTRIGHT, B. SC.. A. M. University of Michigan Columbia University Itlecbarliml Drtzzviug. Frenrb MISS ELIZABETH DAWSON. A. B., B. SC. Indiana University University of Illinois Librariiw MRS. MAHGARET ELENBAAS. B. SC. Western Michigan College of Education Typing Page Thirteen MISS RUTH L. ERIKSON, B. SC. Michigan State Normal Col- lege lliiirnj, linglitb I. A. HUTTENGA. B. SC. Ferris Institute ClIlll7I1t'l'l'f41I Snlzjerlf MISS KATHRYN KEILLOR, A. B.. M. F. A. Western Michigan College oi Education Cranbrook Art Academy Av-1 C. F. KOEHN Western Michigan College oi Education United Typothetae School of Printing Printing Page Fourteen FACULTY DELMAR FIRME, A. B. Western Michigan College of Education Hixlorgi OSCAR E. IOHNSON. A. B. Western Michigan College of Education .A7716f'iL'.1Il GOL'6'Yl1flIt'!If, Alhleiir Direrlor MRS. RUTH KILE. A. B.. M. A. Adrian College University oi Michigan Frenfb, Spauirb FREDERICK W. KRUEGER. B. SC.. M. A. Wheaton College University of Minnesota Biology HERMAN A. KRUIZENGA. A. B., M. A. Hope College University of Michigan Lafiu .md Hixtory PAUL LIDDICOAT. B. M.. M. M. Western Michigan College of Education University of Michigan Baud DAVID R. MCKENZIE. A. B. Central Michigan College of Education Hixlory W. E. MURRAY. A. B.. M. A. University of Michigan E11 glixb and journnlixm FACULTY Q r. in .U il- MISS FLORENCE M. KURTZ. B. SC. University ol Chicago Mathematic: MISS RUTH MADISON, B. SC. The Stout Institute Foodf and Cafeteria MISS MINA MORRIS. B. SC.. M. A. Iowa State College University of Nebraska Clothing ELMER OIALA. B. SC. Western Michigan College of Education IIIdll.fl7'it1l A rtf Page Fifteen ROY A. PETERMAN, B. SC.. A. B. Western Michigan College of Education Co m m vrriul MISS KATHRYN REID, A. B. Western Michigan College of Education Sborlbdlld MISS IULIA A. SPRAGUE. A. B.. M. A. Michigan State Normal lege University of Michigan Ifuglirb MISS CHARLOTTE WETTEROTH. A. B. ol- MacMurra Colle e ackson- Y Q . I ville, Illinois Englifb Page Sixteen FACULTY R. I.. RAKESTRAW, A. B. DePauw University Che IIIIJIVJ' .md Ph-yxirr MISS IULIA A. ROYSE. A. B. Morningside College Northwestern University DePauw University University of Wisconsin University oi Minnesota Sffeefb IAMES W. VEBDUIN. A. B. M. A. estern Michigan College of Education iversity of Wisconsin tial Sffwln ,r MRS. WIIJJAM WHSON. A. B. University of Michigan English SENIORS Senior Ufficers go Eighteen MacDowell, Fredriclcs, Mitchell, Ryan fpresidentl, Hansen, lohnson Cobb Madison Koehn SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ........................................ Molly Ryan Vice-President . .. ..., Marva Fredricks Secretary ........ ............... L ogan MacDowell Treasurer ......... ...................... B ob Mitchell Sergeant-at-Arms ............ Tom Iohnson and Harold Hansen Advisors .... Miss Ruth Madison, Mr. C. F. Koehn, Mr. I. V. Cobb SENIORS HAROLD MlCl'lAEl. ALFULTIS, College Why should life all labor be? Reserve Football 3, Track 3, 4, Science 4, i MARIE LGVONNE ANDERSEN, couege Theres a gleam of mischief in her eyes. Iunior Play Committee 3, French Club 3, 4, Oflicer 4, lunior Arbor Girl 3, Secretary ol Class 2, Room Delegate 4. BETTY LOU ANDERSON, College She is always cheerful and never blue, Some people are that way, but only a few. Intramural Sports 2, Glee Club 2, Iunior Play, Y-Teens 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. RUTH ADELE APPEL, College Head ot gold cmd eyes ol blue, Small wonder we are pleased with you. Y-Tell!! 2. 35 Spanish Club 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Drum Muiorrette 2, 3, Drum Major 4, Iunior Arbor Girl 3, Vice-President of Student Council 4, Room Delegate 2. CLASS OF '48 DELMAR FERRIS ACKERMAN, College l'm not a politician, but my habits are good. PATRICIA MARIE ADAMCZAK, Commercial Gentle, perhaps shy, but a true lriend to those who know her Well. Tennis 2, Intramural Sports 2, 3, Senior Play, Camera Club 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, HERBERT CARFIELD ADAMS, General What should a mari do, but be merry. Band 2, 3, 4, Concerts 2, 4. ROBERTA IRENE ALEXANDER, Commercial She seems quiet -A but do we know her? Y-Teens 3. ,4 ' 1 f 1 I - 'ff - 51,5 Page Nineteen SENIORS CLASS OF '48 KENNETH LEE BASKIN, General He looks sate, so does gunpowder. AUDREY IANE BASSARAB, General fl ru be me-fry, ru be gied, f' But one thing sure, l'll not be sad. 7 Glee Glub 2, 3, Camera Club 3, 4, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4, W.K.BZ, Radio 4, W.M.U.S. Radio 4. BEVERLY LOU BASSETT, Commercial First shes here, and then shes there, She's one that's welcome anywhere. Cheerleader 3, Room Delegate 3. MARILYN IEANINE BEAM, General She does her part with a willing heart, Senior Play, Art Club 3, Officer 3, Acorn Statt 4, Oaks Staff 4, Assistant Editor ot the Acorn, WKBZ Radio4 Pgge Twenty RICHARD IVEN ARCHAMBAULT, General What should a man do but be merry? Reserve Football 2, lAMES LAWRENCE AYERS, College Tall, and mysterious, W unless you know what an honest man he is. Band 2, 3, 4, Concerts 2, 3, 4, Room Delegate 2 SHELLEY BALDWIN, College A man who knows the Way and finds it. Varsity Football 3, 4, Dramatic Declamation 3, 4, Hi-Y 4. WILLIAM IOHN BALGOOYEN, IR., College Every man is a volume, it you know how to read him. Reserve Football 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President ot Class 3, Room Delegate 2, SENIORS n DONALD DUANE BLEICH, General Come fair ladies, l am here. Baseball 2, 3, Reserve Basketball 2, Varsity Basket- ball 3. WINSTON CHARLES BOELKINS, College A determined boy looking to the future, Debate 4, Oratory 3, Extemporaneous 4, lunior Play, Senior Play, W.M.U.S. Radio 4, Winner of the Spanish Essay Contest 4, Spanish 4. HILDA ANNE BORGERDING, College Not stepping over the bounds of rnodestyl lntramural Sports 2. xl CLAYTON HOWARD BORGMAN, College My mind to me a kingdom is, Oaks Advertising Staff 4, Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Room Delegate 3, 4, Reserve Basketball Z, Track Z, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Iunior Play, Two Senior Plays, A Cappella 3, 4, Music Festival 4, Concerts 4. A l CLASS OF '48 WENDELL BAED BENGSTON, General What! No girls in heaven? Then just leave me here, EILEEN RUTH BERSON, General A penny for your thoughts. BARBARA KAY BETH, College Lovely to look at, lun to know, We ask you, isnt it so? Senior Play, Y-Teens 2, 3, Art Club 2, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. lUNE GERALDINE BISARD, General A girl who can smile is a girl Worthwhile. lntramural Sports 2, 3, Camera Club 2. Page Twenty-one x tl' SENIORS CLASS OF '48 rf... .I DOUGLAS ALAN BORNS, l "'34g pf ' He's a lad game for anything. Baseball 2, 3, 4, I-Ii-Y 4. ARLENE BEVERLY BUIT, ' .ercia A winning way, a Irien s ilel In all, a girl who is worth while. A Cappella 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Music Festival 2 3, Con- certs 2, 3, Iunior Arbor Girl 3 TE BUITENDORI3, Colleae I 'CI A U e ordinary. Ar I 'I Tennis 3, MI-I Winner, Declama- ' On'F2, br ,Committee, Senior Play Commit- , -M, Y.'rj 2, ,'4, oaks Staff 4, Acorn siqff 4, "'fQ'fg , VRQQQQJAE ,V 4. ,I 53,-I t .. 5, 4 by Q'RC3ERir,INlATHAN BURLEY, College He surprises us every now and then. Reserve Football 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Selected Band 2, 3, 4 Concerts 2, 4. ' I . ALMON DENNIS BURR, General Did someone say study? DON WILLIAM BUSH I like work! It fascinates I could sit and watch Baseball 2, 3, Color Guard Not as Reserve Football 2, V Page Twenty-two CI IIICIII SENIORS ALVIA FRANK CATER, College An athlete and a mighty one, Who plays until the game is won. Varsity football 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Varsity Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, Spanish Club 2, Vice-President ol Class 2, Student Council President 4, Room Delegate 3, 4. WILLIAM IOHN CAUGHEY, General A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. Varsity Football 3, Reserve Football 2, Varsity Basket- ball 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4. ROBERT ALLEN CHARTRAND, General When he starts to talk even the windows stop rattling. Band 4, Concerts 4, Oratory 3, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Drum Major 4, Debate 4, Declarncxtion 2, Camera Club 3, 4, President 4, Color Guard 3, 4, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4, Band Public Relations 4, W.K.B.Z. 4, W.M.U.S. 4. HELEN THERBSA CHVALA, General The less you learn. the less you have to remember. , Glk- Cfub'2,'3, Camera Club 3, Spanish Club 4, Acorn staff 4, , ' ' A ' 5. C K KT 3 CLASS OF '48 ELOISE MAE CARLSON, General Sweet of manner and lair ol lace, All her Ways are full oi grace. lunior Play, French Club 3. BEVERLY IEAN CARPENTER, College Your life is what you make itl Intramural Sports 2, Orchestra 2, Band 3. RAYMOND EDWARD CARSLAKE, General l study il l feel like it and Won't when l don'tg l'll pass if l can and it l cant l won't. Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Track 3, 4, All Conference Football 4. DONNA MAY CARTWRIGHT, General lt silence were golden, l'cl be a millionaire. 1. gl I.. Page Twenty-three I, SENIORS , 1 .FIX , A 4 ARTHUR GERALD CRAYMER, General As good a chap as you could know. versity Football 3, 4. , ROBERT EDWARD CREVIER, College A handful of humor is worth a bushelful of learning. Varsity Football 3, 4, Track 4, Debate 2, Senior Play, Hi-Y 4. BARBARA ELLEN CULVER, College Wherever she may find herself in life, shell get along, , Iunior Play Committee 3, Senior Play Committee 4, Library Club 2, 3, Booster Club 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Iunior Arbor Girl 3, Room Delegate 3. DOUGLAS EUGENE CUTLER, College The reward of a thing well done is to have done it, Reserve Football 2, Reserve Basketball Z, Tennis 3, Baseball 2, Debate 3, 4, Senior Play, Extemporaneous 3, 4, Camera Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Science 3, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4, Room Delegate 3, Co-editor of the Oaks 4, Page Twenty-four W . to 1 X l rr lx CLASS OF '48 ADELINE MARIE COLE, General In class she's awfully shy, But outside - Oh mel Oh my! Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4, Spanish 4. GEORGE CHARLES COOK, General I-le'll always have friends wherever he goes. WILLIAM LEE COOK, General You've got to be a football hero to get along with the beautiful girls. Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Intramural Sports 4, All Conference Football 4, Hi-Y 3, Room Delegate 3, ALAN MAYWOOD COURTRIGHT, College Men of few words are often the best men, Varsity Football 3, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Reserve Basketball Z, Track 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Band 4. SENIORS CLASS OF '48 l l OTTO IR. DANKER, College Great men always have little to say, Reserve Football 2, Varsity Basketball 3, Reserve Bas- ketball 2, Baseball 2, I-li'Y 4. IACQUELINE ELAINE DAVISON, General This young lady is very small, But those that are good aren't always tall. BETSY ANN DE GRAPE, General A time to keep silent and a time to speak. MINNIE EDITH DOWNS, General Her ways are those ol pleasantness, li THERESA B. DOZA, General She is lighthearted and gay, Acorn Staff I, Oaks Staff 4, Glue Club 2, 3, 4. KENNETH CHARLES DRAKE, College to be bashful and shy, but now - ,505 mr! ' 3, 4, mmm Foviball 2, Hl-Y 3, 4, Science 3, ass Seerdclry 3, 'Class Sgt,-at-Arms 2, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff Q, Co-editor ol the Acorn 4. Track 2. ' A ' 44 X . QQ ,XS BILL loE Elko, General Ng, It is not what you do, but how you do it. K Varsity Basketball 2, and Reserve Basketball 2. N hx RICHARD REGIS ELLER, General . FN I'm a quiet fellow - sometimes. Baseball 3, 4, Page Twenty-live SENIORS CLASS OF '48 DENNIS IOSEPH FERNLY, College All knowledge is his province. Senior Play 4, Science Club 3, 4. ELMER WA Band 2, ROBERT EUGENE FI lt he only loved school Varsity Football 3 ball 2, Track RICHARD to tind. Band 2, 3, 4, i Page Twenty-six Basket- 2, Band RAYMOND IOHN ENGLE, IR, Ge-nercfj E25 He will follow the guide posts ogliigf-" A ' ig.-'wr--vi ii 412' la ROBERT LLOYD ESSENBEBG, Gene i The truth shall make you frqey -:VJ if 1 Varsity Basketball 3, Reserve Bbskeaball 21, lntramural Sports 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 4, Class Presi- dent 2, 3, Room Delegate 2, Transferred from Fruit- port High. N ELLEN M 1 S, College P ', .'! She is one ofthe quiet kind, But Q befi6l" girl i8,hard to find, Bdnd 2, Concert 2, Play Committee 4, Y-Teens 2, 1 GEORGE IOSEPH FEKETE, College We feel that George is greater than we know. Band 3, 4, Concerts 3, 4. I . l l .I ,!,. SENIORS MARVA GAE FREDRICKS, College li Shes not a flower, shes not a pearl, l Shes just an all-around girl. , Senior Play, Y Teens 2, 3, Spanish-Club 'President 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, Class President 2, Class Vice-President 4, Room Delegate 2. 3, 4. DONNA IOAN FRENCH, College lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. French Club 3, 4. ANN MARIE GABRIEL, General A disposition as bright as her red hair, Acorn Staff 4. '-1-.pax - """"' . , - tn ., ' ' MARC-.EANE RUTH GETGER, ae-Hemi Not so much talk, a greatfsweet silence. CLASS OF '48 PATRICIA ANN FORKIN, General Short, but Oh! how sweet. A Cappella 4, Concerts 4, Senior Plny, Roozri Dele- gate 3. AUDREY MAE FORQUER, General Always happy, always gay, She's a good sport we all say. Senior Play, Cheerleader 4, Acorn Stall 4, Oaks Staff 4, Business Manager ol Acorn 4, DONNA MAY FORTIER, College She knew it not, but she was lair, Arid like the inoonbearn was her hair, lunior Play, Senior Play, Camera Club 2, Y Teens 2, 3, French Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, Officer of Spanish Club 3, 4. GENE IOSEPH FRAUSTO, General Happy-go-lucky and I am tree, Nothing exists that bothers me. Varsity Football Manager 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball Manager 2, A Cappella 4, Music Festival 4, Concerts 4, Hi-Y Z, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4 4L,,.. . ..f 5 1 . Page Twenty-seven SENIORS CLASS OF 48 AQ w7'6 BEVERLYTEAN HANCOCK, aenemi Lost time is never found again. GERALDlNE IOYCE HANSEN, College The way to have a friend is to be one. HAROLD ROBERT HANSEN, College He is the kind of person that you are proud to call your friend, Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Football Z, Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-Pres' ident 3, Class Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Room Delegate 2, 44, Oaks Advertising Staff. ',,t MARVA RUTH HARTMAN, General Her good deeds are many, but her faults are few. Page Twentyeeight it 2 ,U 3 -. A ALFRED GILBERT, General Tell me my faults, and mend your own HELEN LUDWIG GILMORE, General Sweet, attractive, kind oi grace. Acorn Staff 4, Assistant Record Editor 4. RICHARD IOSEPH GORESCH, General His ready laugh is his greatest asset. Reserve Basketball 2, Color Guard 3. IOYCE IOAN GOULD, General All women of the world crave excitement and l am a woman! Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4. SENIORS CLASS OF '48 it DONALD CHARLES l-IILDEBRANDT, Collegf Not that I love study less, but that I love lun more. I - .1 "" . ffl' Reserve Football 2, RESBIYU Basketball 52, Bas- ketball 4, Tennis 2, Bdiihdll 3, Piayg..Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Class PresiclQllf2, ACO!!i A 4. , .y VIRGIL FRANKLIN HILLIARD, General Young ladies are my specialty. Itmior Play. Senior Play. VIRGIL DUANE HILLSTEAD, College All great men are dying, and l feel sick myself. Baseball 3, 4. Oaks Advertising Staff. GltRlf,,RICHARDjHOEKENGA, csenemi With quiet, yet determined force, he travels his destined way. WARD ALFRED HASKINS, General A likeable boy with likeable ways, MICHAEL EDWARD HELMAN, I feel relieved at last, For my Working days are past. General Varsity Football 3, Reserve Football 2, Baseball 2, Camera Club 2, 3, Room Delegate CHARLES EDWARD DEWEY l'l 4. ERR, General A regular fellow and the best of pals. SANDA LEE l-IIBBARD, College Smiling face and twinkling eye, We simply cannot pass her by. Athletic Board 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Y Teens 2, 3, French Club 3, Treasurer 3, Cheerle ader 'Z,,3, 4, lunior Arbor Girl 3, Student Council Secretary' 4, ,Room Delegate 3, 4, Exchange Assembly 4, Oaks Adver- tising Staff. I fl if U 1 Page Twenty-nine SENIORS CLI-ISS OF '48 ROBERT HENRY I-IOFFIUS, College Always happy no matter where he is. DORIS BERNICE HOFFMAN, College I-Ier friends, there are many, Her toes, are there any? Declamation 2, 4, Class President 2, lunior Play, Dra- matic Declamation 3, Transferred lrom Chassell I-ligh. IOSEPI-I PAUL I-IORVATI-I, General His cares are now all ended. WILLIAM ROBERT I-IOTHAM, College The rarest of all things, a constant man. f , , V W u X Xp I .M ,- K I , 1 X? MARILYN LOIS HULL, General Be silent and sate, silence never betrays you. ' 4 ,l - ,f x N 1 J A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Concerts 2, 3, 4. I-IERMON IVORY, General An athlete and a gentleman. Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Track 2, 3, 4. DELORES HELEN IACOBS, College Mischief and I are very good pals. Iunior Play Committee, Senior Play Committee, Library ' Club 2, 3, 4, Secritary 4, Treasumr 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, Q Iunior Arbor Girl 3, Acorn Assistant Editor 4, Oaks ' , --- Staff 4. Page Thirty . Xu IIM HUNTER, General ig - E The tuture holds great promise. Xl X xxx SENIORS A'jf 14' J y 0 "A I .' l - It 1 , V 17 .4 lst' 'f fp' l. 7 in ,ix GERALD EDWARD ioHNsoN, General Time has Ilown and passed me by. if , fl THOMAS ioHNsoN, College '- What would sports be without Tom? I Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Track 3. 4. All Conference Football 4, Athletic Board 4, All State Football 4, Band 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Room Dete- qate . DONALD EUGENE KEGLOVITZ, General Oh, to dance all night and sleep all day. Reserve Football 2, Track 2, Hi-Y 2, Cheerleader 3, 4. BETTE IRENE KEIL, General A, It is- a ,worhcm's privilege to change her mind. W.M.U.S. Radio 4, W.K.B.Z, Radio 4, Senior Play, Cam- Eria Cliib 4, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4, Record itor . ' CLASS OF '48 ALICE LOUISE IOI-INSON, General Why trouble my perlectly good brains over such a little thing as a man? BERT AUGUST IOHNSON, College Tell me my thoughts and mind your own. Varsity Football 3 4, Baseball 3, BONNIE I-'AE IOHNSON, General Good nature radiates from her every smile. Glee Club Z, 3, Acorn Statt 4, Oaks Stall 4, Room Delegate Q. DONNA MARIE IOI-INSON, General A little bit ot heaven come to earth. Senior Play Committee, Art 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4. C7 f' 17' I", 0 41 Page Thirty-one SEN IORS l 1 l CLASS OF '48 ROBERT G. KEN., Colleae Why do it today, ll you can put it oft until tomorrow? Reserve Football 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Room Delegate 4, Oaks Advertising 4. LAVERN EARL KENDRA, General Speak little, do much. STANLEY C. KENDRA IR., General Honestly, l'rn not lazy, l'rn just dreaming. MARIORIE ANN KERSTING, General ln those blond curly locks, ten million cupicls play. l .J ,us . VV. v- I ' 4 . M LOIS IRENE KIENKE, College A sweet girl with a very sweet way, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Selective Chorus 3, Music Festival 2 3, 4, Concerts 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Y Teen 2, Span-If ish Club 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, Room Delegate 3, 41 f 1 , f f Y , 1 RUTH ELAINE KINSMAN, College A shell ol shyness covers a-heart ot gold.-A Y-Teens 3, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4, Chronicleqflditor 4, French Club 4 BILL DAAYI. KOBYLOBZ, General The paths of glory lead but tothe grave. ' 5514 ' , Sl' -, ELLEN HAZELKOOI, College A auigf,jikea",l"l girl. Page Thirty-two SENIORS BARBARA MAE I..aRUE, General Quiet, faithful and patient is she. I Art 2. ' .,-.T SHIRLEY ANN LAsKows1Q,.,'Ggmm , , I, Charming? Well, WhGFd'GwuQgiBink??z't fig. Q tt. f-,S J Iunior Play Coyrnmhittee, Senior Plafli e, X 3, 4, French penguin? " " " 'YV'5Qffff-Mkfflffiflili fi-355 ' . X . wiri- - f IA' if - A 1. ,.r. , Tzgii. .5 ,lv . . , I K. Y . ri., r. -3 I - '-,- 1 IOHN if w'-A if?-Eff'-fi' X I -I - -Q I Wm what I - , xt 3 F giffs:Qgq-:giggXi.f:,Zgsfti iliggfi , i- 4,..5tq , I 1 , I- -1 ' F F , itt, , I ,,,,,.. or md' ' Baseball 2','43, 4. its I CLASS OF '48 IOHN ANTHONY KROL, General The fun just twinkles in his eyes. Reserve Football 2, Varsity Football 3, A Clppella 2, 4, Class Vice-President 2 IOI-IN CHRISTIAN KROONE, College Tallness proves a man. Intramural Sports 2, 3, Oratory 2, Class Vice-President 2, Class Treasurer 3, Transferred from Fruitport High. MARGARET l.'fAI'lY KROPF, College Efficiency, persari-'i.i1y and diligence. A Cappella 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Concerts 3, 4, Iunior Play, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Camera 3, 4, Officer 4, YeTe-ens Z, 3 lunior Arbor Girl 3, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Chronicle Editor 4, ROBERT EDWIN LABAN, General Hes a heartbreaker at heart. Reserve Football 2, Varsity Football 3, Reserve Basket- ball 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Band 2, Cheerleader 4. Page Thirty-three . f ,fir b I af pf SENIQRS Mt If , ll 1 it I l. PAUL IUNIOR MALARIK, College l I Peppy, good-natured, o'erllowing with lung' As a wizard in Art he-'s. second fttotnqne. Wg' rw 1 versity Football 3, 4. Y A ' 4 x RUSSELL IOHN MALONE, General f Ohl what mischief hides behind those eyes. WILLIAM ROLAND MARC!-IBANKS, General He is determined to succeed. VIRGINIA MAE MATUZ, Commercial A steady worker, o quiet one, Sticking to Workthat must be done. Iunior Arbor Girl. Page Thirty-four CLASS OF '48 CHARLES WAYNE LYON, General There's place and means for every man alive. Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Track 3. LOGAN W. MacDOWELL, College Man is the hunter, woman, the game, Tennis 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4, Class President Z, Secretary 4, Room Delegate 2. WILLIAM GEORGE MCGREGOR, General Whats the use of Worrying? It never was worth while. MARGARET LUCILLE MCNARLAND, General Siricerity counts in this world. uf , I SENIORS STEPHEN ROBERT MITCHELL, College He is true to her and his friends too. i Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Track 2, 3, 4 Athletic some 4, Bend 2, 3, 4, A cqppeiiq 3, , conl certs 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4, Cl s Sgt.- at'Arms 2, 3, Room Delegate 4. FRED LLOYD MOELLER, 5 3 5 If all the school were athletics, Oaks Advertisingimckff Jxfbaknis-Srnif 3, Bagebafti 2. ,sr Varsity Basketball 3QiQiLi.LRQ80rV'6 'BGSXQHBGII 2, Reiic-SWAT serve Football Club 3, 4 PATRICIA wwwewz A glrl of tow 33 MARY HEI-rgw vfgenefdl I , It p1eQSure,3,giittjg5g1tc i't'lll'l Glee Club 2, 3, 4, came, ,iwv 3. f, CLASS OF '48 MARY ANN MENDEL, College A Woman only keeps one secret, what she does not know herself. PATRICIA ANN MILES, General Don't blame me, blame my eyes and my smile. Girls' Track 4, M. H, Winner, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Senior Play Committee, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4. PATRICIA IRENE MILLER, Commercial Beauty and brains, what a combination! A Cappella 4, Music Festival 4, Concerts 4, Senior Play, Iunior Arbor Girl, Transferred from Kalama- zoo Central LORETTA CATHERINE MILLIS, General A good student and a faithful friend. Intramural Sports 2, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4. Page Thirtyrfive SENIORS CLASS OF '48 DARLEEN YVONNE MURPHY, Gene-ral A cheery smile, a winning way, ziialtes hosts of friends. IACK E. MUSKOVIN, General The age of innocence. DONN ELISE MUSTON, College A modest maid is she. Intramural Sports 2, Essay Contest Winner 2, Spanish Club 2. , ORMAL RAE NIESEN, General Her smile makes sunshine in shady places. X FERDINAND CONRAD OCHS, General ll l dare do all that may become a mang l Who dares do more is none. ' J r , .Jil 1oANNEg ELIZABETH oELKERg'Commerciq1 To know her is to like her. y . Style Show 2, Student Council 2, 3, Senior Play Com- mitilt 4. EVELYN MAE OLSON, General Efficiency plus. G Booster Club 3, DONNA LOUISE OLSEN, General The same Donna, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Page Thirty-:six SENIORS S ,. gg ,W A L, ill fr , 1' PATRICIA ANN PHILLIPS, General Y' Never say more than is necessary. WILLIAM RUSSELL PHILLIPS, College Speech is great, but silence is greater. VERNON RICHARD PLICHTA, General A merry lgeart doeth good like a medicine. Varsity Fcctball 3, Reserve Football 2, Baseball Z, 3. DOLORES ANN PLOUHAR, Commercial She makes Iriends by being one. uf X .I a X A X YF X t 7 . v I CLASS OF '48 I like this place and would willingly waste my time in it. Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Staff 4, Record Editor 4. JEAN MARIE PANZL, College True to herself, true to her friends, true to her duties always. Iunior Play Committee, Senior Play Committee, Library Club 2, 3 Officer 2, 3, French Club 3, 4, Officer 4, Iunior Arbor Girl, Co-editor oi Acorn 4, Co-editor ot Oaks 4, D. A, R, Best Citizen Award, Style Show 2, 3 EDWARD IAMES PASTUCI-IA, College A man oi a tew words but great meaning. Reserve Football 2, Baseball 2. VINCENT PAUL PELFRESNE, General Great things are done when men and moun- tains meet. I . . , I KQZULIL-D IQALUJLA' Page Thirty-seven tj YL. ,'. KY SEN IORS CLASS OF '49 DELORES MAY RADKE, General A gentle maiden, yet she knows her Glee Club 2. IOHN FRANK l The folly of one YN Jive He' I'm meant to Page Thirty-eight Band 2, 3, 4. CARL W. The guide of KENNETH LLOYD Your life is what you make 1t. is common sense. PORTH, General pearls, precious and rare. DALE POULSON, General A good name is better than riches. Band 2, 3, 4, Selective Band 3, Concerts 4. ol another. square, and kind, mind. General loved not understood. 'QQ' SENIORS BEVERLEY LORAINE SHANTY, General A pleasing nature and a friend to all. French Club 4. WILLIE SHEPHERD, College Life is too short to be sober. MARY IANE SKOCELAS, General I can be serious, but I'd rather be gay, Intramural Sports 2, 3, Glee Club 2, Room Delegate 4. RONALD IAMES SLOBODIN, College That- fm Cx mcm, I'11 have you know Even thoughl have some space to grow. Trad! 3, 4, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 3, 4, certs 2, 3, 4, Iunior Play, Choir President 4. Con- CLASS OF '48 MOLLY LOU RYAN, General Proves a friend both staunch and true, And a good sport when iun's in view. Iunior Play, Y Teens 2, 3, Vice-President 3, Spanish 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Class President 4, Class Treas- urer 2, Acorn Staff 4, Oaks Stall 4, Student Council Secretary 3, Room Delegate 2, 3, 4. IOSEPHINE SABINA SAVICKAS, General She smiles and shadows depart. NEOMA MAE SCHULTZ, General A tiny piece ol cheerfulness. Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4, Acorn Stall 4, Oaks Staff 4, Room Delegate 3 RAYMOND FRANK SELIG, General A good disposition is more valuable than gold. l A l l l I i l I I I , y I Page Thirty-nine s ,I i .S SENIORS ,U Kl x l J x A X CARL DALE SPELLMAN, General A tall lad and friendly clear through. Art 2. ANGIE MARIE SPOELHOF, Commercial: I have taken my lun where l've found it. ARLEENE STAMPER, Commercial Her quiet personality is like a magnet. Iunior Play, Library Club 3, 4, Iunior Arbor Girl. BARBARA IEANNE STAMPER, College A ray ol sunshine in someones heart. Majorette 4, French Club Page Forty CLASS OF '48 NORMAN DEAN SMITH, College A man of deeds, not words. Tennis 4, Camera Club 3, 4, Science 4 SHIRLEY MARIE SMITH, Commercial A jolly girl, chuck lull ol fun, She's always nice to everyone. W.M.U,S. Radio 4, W.K.B.Z. Radio 4, Declamation 3, Senior Play, Camera Club 4, Iunior Arbor Girl, Oaks and Acorn Stalls 4, Room Delegate 3, 4, Assistant Chronicle Editor 4, Senior Play Committee, Trans- Ierred from Newberry High School. RAYMGND ARTHUR SNYDER, General Bewarel I may yet be great. ARLENE MAE SPAULDING, General You know her by the noise she doesnt make. Acorn Staff 4. K SENIORS' it CLASS or '48 lim LQ l RICHARD ALLEN STERENBERG, General Why hurry? My day will come, B b I 3. , ,asf lf' ,t ,fy f 1 I ' 'iv " 'I R T LO S STIBTTZ, General T Ferocious in football and a good fellow always. Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Track 3, 4, All Conference Football 4, All State Football 4, Hi4Y 4, Room Delegate 2, PERCY LEO STRATTON, General l feel relieved at last, for my work days are past. Reserve Football 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Track 3, X Hi-Y 4. N HARRY LEON STRYKER, College ,N Modesty becomes a young man. Track 4, Science 4, Color Guards 4. tx X. l , X .xxx Er X ' is XX f 'A X 4 S3 , X THOMAS TENNES TILDEN, General lg Every man for himself, and God for us all.f'l ,f I I 4 is T. 'lf-,,, fl IAMES TIMMER, General Contentment is natural wealth. ROBERT L. VANDER VEN, General Good nature is more than knowledge. Reserve Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4. WILLULM C. VANDERWEELE, College W'l1at man dares, l dare, Class Officer 2, Hi-Y 2, 4, Sciintle Club 4, Vice-Pres- ident 4. Page Forty-one SE NIORS JOHN GARRY VEENEMAN, College A little shy, perhaps, but never too shy to be friendly. Tennis 4, Senior Play, l-li'Y 4, Room Delegate 2, 3, 4. RO Q-H VEU ' ,Colledv ,g f .,G ty lt saves as 'F I ,N - o be bor looking. ' g Track 4, Baseball 2. ' . ww ' Q,.,.,V l Y MILDRED CHRISTINE Vgv Qiiege Those who know her, 1+ 'l" s and admire her mos A ' ' ' ., 'x,a, R5 - DAVID LEE f,,,f1t ' ER, Colle 5-f'-F." 'ft' , . The word " A ble ' is not y dictionary. Debate 'V 5 ry 4, Declamat 2, Extemporan- eous age nager of Senior lay, Dramatics 2. W, . , Radio , Science 3, Room Delegate 3, 4. Page Fortyftwo ix? IACK B. VAN DYKE, College , Wearing his wisdom lightly. 'i Class Officer 2, Class Treasure p use W' CLASS OF '48 BARBARA VAN KAMPEN, College 1 Study? When ther sun's shining? -hx N UITHOVEN General Frerlcfi 9' cor aff 4 ' 'yi W V , . ,. . W ' Viv' , . '-,Y'.f.t:'1 2' if., 'gT.'-,rgbwv .ei - .if ' f A gtg- -jg. V' . ,Meg -P i, ke a true lady. ir' ' nt-x ii ' A . A iw ' '- 'fy-1 Q11 I ,JT I ' IOHN FREDRICK VAN VEELEN, College That which he Wills, he does. SENIORS at fsggis I lf BEVERLY JEAN WIDING, College I make myself famous by my art! Y Teens 3, Booster 3, Art 2, Science 3, Iunior Arbor Girl, Room Delegate 3. g SHIRLEY PAYE WILLIAMS, College Doing easily what others find difficult is talent, doing what is impossible tor talent is genius. Debate 4, Declamation 2, Camera 4, Iunior Arbor Girl. INEZ MAE WILLSON, College Pretty and sweet, what a combination. Band 2, 3, 4, Concerts 3, 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Y Teens 2. 3, 4, President 4, Iunior Arbor Girl. ANORMA IEAN WISE, Commercial Flirtation, attention without intention. Iunior Play, Senior Play, Y Teens 2, 3, 4. CLASS OF '48 IANET WEIR, General Her Ways are those of pleasantness. D, ARLENE WERLEY, College Happy am lg from care l'm tree. Why aren't they all contented like me? Intramural Sport 2, 3, French Club 3, 4, Acorn Staff 4, Room Delegate 3. RICHARD D, WI-IEATON, College The mildest manners with the bravest mind. DAVID ALLEN WI-IITTUM, General Speech is silver, but silence is golden, Page Forty-three SENIORS IACK LEE BOSCH, College Have lun while your alive because you'll be dead a long time. Reserve Football 2, Hi-Y 2, Room Delegale 2. THERESA ROSE IAVINSKY, General Her way is a cheery one. FRANK CHESTER MCCORMICK, College His smile will carry him lar. BLANCHE ELAINE WILKS, General I came, I saw, I conquered. IN THE SERVICE CASSIUS MELVIN ARTLIP, General DANIEL BASSARAB, EDWIN PAUL ROBERT I VERNE L. GAUTHIER LESLIE RONALD FREDERICK NORMAN General General Page Forty-lour CLASS OF '48 IOYCE IRENE WOOD, Hold the fort! l'm coming. Art 2, Acorn Staff 4. MILLARD T. He's content to Band 4. IR., General his own business. I JAMES CARL POULSON, General HUNUR GRADUATES JEAN PANZL D.A.R. Best Citizen Douglas Cutler Barbara Culver Jean Panzl Shirley Williams Arlene Buit Harold Hansen Inez Willson David Wampler Sanda Lee Hibbard William Balgooyen Shirley Laskowski Winston Boelkins Logan MacDowell Donna Olsen Donna French Virginia Matuz Margaret Kropf Betsy DeGraff Beverly Widing Patricia Miller Shirley Smith Norma Jean Wise George Fekete Doris Hoffman DOUGLAS CUTLER Valedictorian SENIOR UPPER THIRD 1948 Za. Ellen Kooi 26. Marguerite Buitendorp 27. Delmar Ackerman 28. Delores Jacobs 29. Lois Kienke 30. Alvia Cater 31. Robert Mitchell 32. Arleene Stamper 33. Marie Andersen 34. Joanne Oelker 35. Marva Fredricks 36. Beverly Bassett 37. Kenneth Pontius 38. Bert Johnson 39. Ray Snyder 40. Dolores Plouhar 41. Ellen Evans 42. Lawrence Ayers 43. James Slobodin 44. Margeane Geiger 45. Richard Sterenberg 46. Lavern Kendra 47. Dennis Fernley 48. David Whittum BARBARA CULVER Salutatorian John Veeneman Elaine Kinsman Kenneth Liefer Donn Elise Muston Robert Chartrand Ed Pastucha Barbara Stamper Arthur Craymer Betty Lou Anderson Donna Fortier Evelyn Olson Eileen Berson John Kroone Josephine Savickas Thomas Johnson Roger Veurink Kenneth Drake Marilyn Beam Raymond Selig Anne Gabriel Richard Goresch Virgil Hillstead Alan Courtright Otto Danker John Lehan Page Forty five CLASS OF 1948 UNDERGRADS P g Ffty SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1950 Swett, Wells, Dasler, K. Cutler, Felcoslci, Cole. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ..............l.,.................... Kenneth Cutler Vice-President ..,............................. Barbara Dasler Treasurer ...,.. .......... D an Felcoski Secretary ......... .............. A rdis Wells Sgts.-at-Arms ..... ...... I ohn Swett, Ed Cole IUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1949 io right Zcmg, Dendrinos, Scholien, Newcrld, Bohn. Center: Grcmdelius. - 1 IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ..................................... Paul Scholtens Vice-President ................................... Philip Zcmg Secretary ...... ...............,......... B etty Newcrld Treasurer ........ ........,..................... H curry Bohn Sgts.-czt-Arms .... ..,. E lecmor Grandelius, George Dendrinos Page Fifty-one Page Fifty-two ANDERSON, A. ANDERSON, F. AUSTIN BAKER BECKER BENNETT BERGKLINT BILLINGSLEY BISARD BOMERS BOONE BORGERDING BRANT BROWN, D. BROWN, M. CARPENTER CARTER CHARLAND COOPER CRAYMER DAVIS DAWES DOPFEL DOTSON DUDLEY DURHAM ESSENBERG FERENSIK FESSENDEN FRIEDMAN GHEZZI GILBERT GRANT GREENE GRIFFES HARVATH HASKINS HENDRICK HERLEIN HINTON HOPSON IEFFERSON IENKINS IETER IOHNSON, A. IOHNSON, G. IOHNSON, I. KIEFT KING KOONSMAN LANDGRAF LANGIUS LEWIS LIEFER MCCREA MALONE MILLER MORLEY MORROW MUSKOVIN MYERS NASH NELSON NEWALD PAIGE PAYNE PELKY QUIRK REAGAN RETSEMA ROLLIN RUDD SAUDERS SAWDY SCHLESINGER SHEPPARD SIEWERT SKOCELAS SLENTZ SMITH, I. SMITH, S. SNYDER SOUTH SPIRA SPOELHOF SPRINGER ST. CHARLES STICKLES STOUDT TAYLOR VANDERWEST VAN DINEN VOSS WASHINGTON WAY WEST WIDING WILLIAMS, C. WILLIAMS, H. WRIGHT, L. WRIGHT, R. ACKER ADAMS ANDERSON BALGOOYEN BARBER BARNARD BARNHILL BARTON BASKIN BAXTER BENEDICT BENTLEY BICKOWSKI BIRD BODNAR, D. BODNAR, E. BODNAR, G. BOLEMA BOLLENBACH BOWERS BREDIN BROWN BURTON CAMP CAMPBELL CARL CARLSON CARTER CASLER CEIMER CIERLAK CLARK COLE COOPER, D. COOPER, R. CREVIER CUTLER DANHOF DARROW DASLER DAVIS, F. DEAN DE BARD DEITZ DEMOS DICK DIEPEN DOWNS EBERLY EDDY EDGE EIKENBERRY EMERSON EPPLETT ERICKSON EVANS FELCOSKI FITZGERALD FOSTER FREEMAN GABRIELSON GARBRECHT GEIGER GILLETTE GILMORE GOETZ GOODRICH GUNDERSON I I Page Fifty-three Page Fifty-four GRIFI-'ES GURZINSKI HALL. I. HALL, R, HANDY HART HENDERSON HERBERT HILL, A. HILL, W. HILLSTEAD HINSHAW HOLCOMB HOLLAND HOMA HOWELL HUGHES HULLINGER KLINE IACOBS IEFFERY IOHNSON, D. IOHNSON, E. IOHNSON, G. IONES IUHNKE KANAAR KEEPER, G. KEEPER. I. KELLY, L, KEMPERMAN KESTELOOT KIDDER KLINE KLUG KRESNAK KREUGER KUNKLE KUSIAK KUZNIAR LANGAN LANPHEAR LARABEE LARSON, B, LARSON, E. LA RUE LAUGHLIN LEACH LEE LEONARD LINK LUND LUNDOUIST LYNN LYSIAK MCCANN MCCARTHY McDOWELL MCGONIGLE MCGREGOR McINTYRE MCKENZIE MCPHALL MCROBERTS MEISTER, E. MEISTER, W. MELIN MENDEL MEYERING MILLER MITCHELL, F. MITCHELL, I. MOORE, I. MOORE, R. MOREHOUSE MORRIS MORTON MUELLER NEISER NEWMAN NOBLE NUMMERDOR NUNO OKLAD OLSON, B. OLSON, K. OSTENSON PANICI PANZL PATTERSON PAULSEN PAULSON , B. PAULSON, I. PAWLAK PELFRESNE PENN PETE PETRICK PITTS PLOUHAR POULSEN PYATT RAMBO REGECZI RICE ROBSON ROLLENHAGEN ROSTAR ROWE, B. ROWE, R. RUHL SABIN SCHLIEVE SCI-IREBE SCOTT SHANTY SHEFFIELD SIETSEMA SIMS SKILES SKOK SMITH, E. SMITH, E. SMITH, F. SNEED SNELL SORENSON SORN SPAULDING STEENHAGEN STERENBERG STURGEON SUTTON SWETT TERRELL THAMES THOMPSON TSAGGARIS UNGER VAN DAMM VANDERSTELT VANDERVELDE VELDMAN WALKER WEBSTER WELCOME WELLER, A. WELLER, H. WELLS WERNSTROM WHITTUM WIER WILLIAMS WILSON WOLF WOLTZ WOOD WOODRUFF WORKMAN ZIEGLER ANDERSON BERNARD BLUHM BOELKINS BOLE BOONE BOROFF BRANNON 4 Page Fiftyhfive Page Fifty-six BRASHER BRINGEDAHL BRONKEST BURROUS CALIFF CARLSON COLE COOPER, H. COOPER, W. DAI-ILQUIST DANIELS DEITZ DOBB DUTMER FARWIG FRICK GERMAN GROVER HAWKINSON HOPPUS HUMPHREYS IOHNSON, H. KEGLOVITZ KELLOGG KIESGEN LA MIE LEIN LE MIEUX McKAY MANTHEI MARION MYERS NIESEN NORDSTROM PLICHTA PUTNEY RAMBO REELMAN ROSTAR SCOTT SEKERES STAPLES TAMBURO TEMPLE TEULING TIERMAN TODD VANDERSTELT VANDER VEN WICKLAND WIGANUSKI WILLIAMS WILSON WITHROW WOOD YONKER ALFORD BAKER BALAS BARDING BEAM BIGSBY BISHOP BLOHM BOHN BRACIOLA BRAMBLE BRANDES BRITTON BROADBENT BURDICK BUTLER CAMERON CAMPSMITH CARLSON, G. CARLSON, I. CARPENTER CHORNY CHRISTIANSON CLEMENTS, D. CLEMENTS, L. CLOETINGH COHAN CONNELL 2 MA -r in 'A COOK COOPER COUSINEAU CRANER CHENNO CROUCH CURRIE DEATER DENDRINOS DIMOND DOWNEY ELLIOTT ENGLE FALBE FERENSIK FIELD FLETCHER FORD FOREST GARDNER GARNER GERMAN HARTMAN HARVEY HAUKE HAYES HEDBERG HICE HILE HOLMAN HOPPUS HOWELL HRADSKY HUNTER IACOBSON, D. IACOBSON, G. IOHNSON, C. IOHNSON, E. IOHNSON, R. KESSLER KING KINGSI-IOTT KLEEVES KNOPF KREUGER KULESZA LAUGHLIN LEE LIEFER LONG LOSS MCCARTHY MCKENTRY MCLEAN MADASY MALLORY MASON MATTHEWS MILLER, I. MILLER, M. MINNERICK MOLD MURN NAROWITZ NEWALD OLSON OPALEK OSTRADICK PEDLER PENN PETROSKEY PHILLIPS PICKELL PLOUHAR POPELAR POST POTTER PRIVASKY REED REID RICHMOND RICHTER ROBINSON ROGERS ROLISON ROLLENHAGEN ROSTAR SAUNDERS Page Fifty-seven I 4 s K Page Fifty-eight SCHMIDT SCHUELKE SELINE SELL SHAW SI-IAFFER SHILLINGER SIETSEMA SKOCELAS SMITH, I. SMITH, K. SOUTH SPRANKLE STAMPER START STRATTON STURGIS THOM TOWNSEND TRUTE TURNER TURPIN VANDENBERG VANDERSTELT VAN KAMPEN VENNE WADE WALTERS WALWORTH WANNAMAKER WEINERT WIDING WIERENGA WILSON WINTERINGHAM WITKOWSKI, IEAN WITKOWSKI, IOAN WOOD YONKERS YOUNG ZACK ZAN G ZORN ZUFELT ALVORD BAKER BARNARD BEGLEY BRASH BREDIN BURTON CHRISTOPHER COCHRAN COLLINS COOK COX CULVER DEAN DOBB EKLUND EMMONS ESSENBERG GENTRY GRANDELIUS GREENE HANDY HOGSTON HRADSKY IACKSON KIEFT KUNASH LYNN MCMANN MCMICHAEL MATHEWS MILLER NEDEAU NUTTALL PLATTE PROCTOR REWALT RICHARDS SCHMIDT SCHOLTENS SEEGER SHEPHERD STRAND SWIATECKI TURNER VANDERWEST WEAVER WILLIAMS, D. ZURA SMITH STEENHAGEN SYDNOR TRAXLER VAN DONKELAAR VOTAW WILLIAMS, P. WRIGHT Page Fifty-nine CLASSES OF '49 and '50 CURRICULUM ENGLISH O for CI Booke ond G Shctdie Nooke, Eyther in-ct-doore or outg For CI jollie goode Booke Whereon to looke, Is better to me thorn Golde. - Iohn Wilson. As CI vessel is known by sound, Whether it be cracked or not, so men are proved, by their speeches, Whether they be Wise or foolish. - Demosthenes. HISTORY It is only through labor and prayerful effort, by grim energy and resolution and courage, that We move on to better things. - Theodore Roosevelt. "All Who have meditated on the art of governing mankind," said Aristotle, "have been con- vinced that the fate of empires depends upon the education of youth." A decent and manly examina- tion of the acts of Government should be not only tolerated, but encouraged. - Wm. Henry Harrison. Page Sixty-three COMMERCE Business dispatched is busi- ness well done, but business hurried is business ill done. - Bulwer-Lytton. A rnan's success in business today turns upon his power of getting people to believe he has something that they want. - Gerald Stanley Lee. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Books must follow sciences and not sciences books. - Francis Bacon. For all your days prepare To meet them ever alikep When you are the anvil, bearp When you are the hammer strike! - Edwin Markham. QSIY SCIENCE-MATH Men love to Wonder cmd that is the seed of our science. - Emerson. LANGUAGES Language is a city to the building of which every human being brought a stone. - Emerson. He who is ignorant to foreign languages knows not his own. - Goethe. Page Sixty ty-eight HOME ECONOMICS Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm de- pend on simplicity. - Plato. K Cookery is become an art, a noble science: Cooks are gentle- men. - Robert Burton. 159 y . f Q W MUSIC N Pu ge Sevent Y z., 6 , in .0 L cj If :X U E1 5 r IE Q U V1 Rl S2 Cl Z' Q E5 in mv r, LN ax gy, A iff 'gf ',f fp!- 1 .hp ' ,q 11.1, Z7 'I . 11' 'xi U V' r,,L1, F1 E5 rw l' 1.215 5, mlm ii :U lim-5 , uf: ,W VW M in fb -I. '-,171 ri .- A. ff id 35 :W fl U "YB 'Q ,"5 QL: :U rl gl ug .2 -f Ig fb 'ZF fi K Ink, lla ' -I E1 11 tj 5 1231, di ..',3:1 K, 5' H., M . 4' .. Q' 2 -5,1 y .3 -. w 1,03 up 143 qi YT -. 51:3 ..J , ,fi ' 11 an L, U. Q5 H 33 H gb 1 "1 6 -.11 'W 2 '1k31Zf'f"vy '1 E11 .z 1,-3 iq Sq. if ,, U ,g . An H14 .325 U 2.6 .4 Q, . 1. .A wx. 4.1: VY 'l' -11 ' A: Ei S1 kj Q rf: 6-'12 U: P, m .1 lj gg nl 1 11,2 L'- Qgj Q: 5, L: C H: .Q H5 14 Q Q11 5 7 v' ,Urs JI L: . I, Ly .A :,, 'C k1 L -H. iz U1 STE! j: 11: il :S ff' ii U, 1, 1: o . -L " 'fr we fr ' V 4 H ,Q LQ, A' al Kf U' F Y: A121 dv 915' IE W as .3 ,. F up Wig Ei 11-1 :I Q dy 'ri ' L: ii 5,2116 Qgf1U,Qg.Lx .M I1-'lj 4 Q, L, LW A .6 ,cn KW? KD. L U in 7"714f of u Q, rw t 4: U 1: hz f: sjg' 4 Hx " nrt? 11 ii 2: Y.,iUA11ff AP, V Q11 df, f- Iv ,IQ J 111 in A V X' '1 rv: W" uf . V. 'lv ry 1 iq fg fp L53 ' L1 1,7 11 A., an S GLEE CLUB Back How. Holcomb, Bolema, Bluhm, Taylor, Nuno Geige Sheffield Fo ter Ro ta Middle Row. Baker Scott, Leach, St. Charles, Paul en Da is Baker Smith Front Flow, Mr Buck, director, VanDamm, Kleeves Cat ght Cole Eddy Day Twenty-three girls were enrolled in the Glee Club at the beginning of the term. They met every other day at 2:15 o'clock. This year's group includes tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. Mr. Buck, Director, plans to continue the improvement of the Glee Club next year, and some day to add other vocal groups to the music department it pos- sible. Singing for social functions, assem- blies, and for other non-school organi- zations, is a part ot the Glee Club's work. The Glee Club has improved greatly in quality, and is looking tor- ward to a high standard of achieve- ment next tall. Connie Van Damm is accompanist. Page Seventy-tvvo A CAPELLA CHOIR Back Rowt Barding, Cooper, Clements, Felcoski, Krol, Essenberg, Borgman, F Mitchell, Slobodin, Schmidt, Malone, R. Mitchell, Collins, Hall, Mr. Buck, director. Third Howl Adams, Bodnar, Smith, Kropl, Begley, Balas, Long, Reed, Currie, Veldman, Shanty. Second Row: Seppala, Keglovitz, Gorham, Forkin, Baker, Strand, I. Schmidt, Handy, Bronkest, Mold. Front Rowi Anderson, Miller, Minnerick, Pearson, Swersky, Swager, D. Clements, Frausto, Hunter, Wells, Grilles, Ber- son, Wilson, Skok. The A Cappella Choir, composed of half a hundred voices, is one of the most popular and progressive organi- zations in the school. During the last few years, and especially during 1947- 48, the choir has given our school much reason to be proud of it. The choir has come a long way since it first was or- ganized a few years ago, in 1943, un- der direction of the late Gayle Church- ill. lt was excellent the first year oi its organization, and has continued to make progress. Today, it is rated among the toptlight choirs in Michigan. Mr. Maynard Buck, director, has giv- en freely of his own time as well as time spent in school hours to make it Mr. Buck. Director Cf Success- Page Seventy-three STRIKE UP THE BAND I K' QU ll fm 2 1 ,yi STRIKE UP THE BAND Ffltlrlgtlg .luxtfft Jfiffifirrf 5 .3 15'-iff Fe? Ef:?e,fs.fpji ly' "iv -f f f3flF'a1l:5fgl QI.1af1ai.lza1,,f:.za5cJx,, QQ ,,,,i,,r'fffr1fi if'-pf.,-'. : V gg- ,I 6' :-'14 .f "f ., H, . ful J il ,s. 6 4 1 n . 63-""ff"'n f- - ' , 'll wr . .H lil , H ..,. fl' ,i-ssfsla .ff M... t-H... .-..., M... l When the call lor bandmen was first issued last fall by our new band director, Mr. Paul Liddicoat, about 40 students responded. Of these fully half were cornet players. However, by the time the band entered the District Band contest held in Grand Rapids on April l0, Mr. Liddicoat had succeeded in building the band into a balanced 75 piece organization. Under Mr. Liddicoat's guiding hand, the band en- joyed the most active year in history. Besides the Dis- trict Band contest, the band played nine varsity foot- ball games, one reserve football game, seven pep sessions, two performances of the senior play, two per- formances of the junior play, and one awards assem- bly. The band marched in the annual Christmas pa- Page Seventy-four va- lllxifrsxlqri - Wim 1 if 2-ffreifrfgmif ggi? he 5 ii ns . rlfgylifl? figkff? if T-fslf1-s-1gF+--i-:gat ,441 ,": f ras 5151211 -' 4 'il -' i 1, rade, presented two Christmas concerts, and entered 12 students in the Solo and Ensemble festival. They also played three concerts at the Central Iunior High school, and one at the Heights May Festival. When the spring marching season came around, the band took part in the Tulip festival held at Holland, played for both the softball and baseball games. The band marched in the annual Memorial Day parade, and also presented a band review program. On the social side of the ledger, the band members enjoyed a sleigh ride in Ianuary and cr picnic this spring. Congratulations to the band and its director, Mr. Paul Liddicoat, for an outstanding as well as suc- cessful year. ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL P age Seveniy-six E :1 'U L4 LU Q2 U im 'E UE c:-.2 :Em K1 nf mimi :ff 11 0 K-U fo Lab. E 'rf :rs CELL! Um.: Eur. ,jflv Sim DQHUJ S3332 L22-ft: ... L ,aw 33,5 5,53 UO? dghflx U.:-:"' aid SFU :ESE V23 ,gg Q . .dmc .sig :3 ami .F-J'-' '-.O C3525 Ifl:'lQ? 41.9114 3224 airflg gig .HUQT5 ,nm un? wg? MO, Sw 0:4513 gg.: .c I-:MF S. in L1 qx x 5 16 ,U L15 L. O ,-.4 U7 Li O 'C L. C13 ,T V il 4. C11 LL CL 'CC M. 2 cv U 'ff .. U 42 'P 11 ni U ff- cc Q E rx. ,si E un un 3 o cr: 11 C o U 111 an C O 2 E U L. ill L: L. 3 E-1 :- ar s: 3 o Q .. cu U1 E 'E :C 2 O nc E o la Lk. HEIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS 1948 Under the sponsorship ot the Student Council, Muskegon Heights I-Iigh school students this year presented the 'II-Ieights Highlights," a "variety show," which was presented not only IocaIIy but also before a group of Western Michigan high schools Mr. Iames Verduin, student council advisorg C, F, Bolt, principalg Sanda Hibbard, chair- man of the showg Audrey Forquer, dance directorg and others were instrumental in making this amateur perform- ance a huge success. Page Seventy-seven Page Seventy-eight IUNIOR PLAY WHAT A LIFE A Comedy in Three Acts by Clifford Goldsmith Directed by Miss lulia Royse, Miss Charlotte Wetteroth, and Mr. E W. Gillaspy Miss Shea Mr. Nelson . Mr, Patterson . Miss Pike . Bill . Miss Eggleston Miss lohnson Mr. Vecchitto . Henry Aldrich Barbara Pearson Gertie , Mr, Bradley Miss Wheeler George Bigelow Mrs. Aldrich Mr, Ferguson . Mary. ,, . ,.. lune Schmidt Phil Zang . Hlohn Zack Margie Culver Dan Elliott . loan Collins Knot chosen at press tirnel I Howard Cooper , lim McCarthy . Mary Balas Eleanor Grandelius , Lyle Shaw , Betty Handy Norman Brandes . lean Popelar . Paul Scholtens .. Betty Phillips .XF -I 4 SENIOR PLAY THE DIVINE FLORA By Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements Caxt llirectetl by Mm: Iulia Royse and lf W Gillapspv Hal Winiiiri Boopiz Stu Morgan Kit Ollllilllxtiui Etta Dean flsloral Randy Pryor , Mr Pryor Mrs Pryor Buzz Rafferty Mr Dean Sharon Pryor Bob Wayne Tex Arlen Polly Heleria Marvelle Daphne Gilllord Mr Dugan Sllzilv- Bella Don l'lll?l9bTPIIi'i Loin liiinl-iw Audrey ljorqiier Bob Crevie. Marilyn Benin Sandy l-libbartl Harold Hansen Winraton Boellcins Inez Willson Ciayton Borgrnan Bob Chartrand Donna Fortier Doug Cutler lolin Veeneinan Virgil Hilliard Marva Fredericks Sliirley Smitli Pat Miller Norma lean Wise Dennis Fernley Bette Keil Pat Aclanizcak Page Seventy-nine F ORENSICS N . S3035 H K Cutler, Lein, D Cutler, Downey, Boellcins, Workman. A series of forensic contests are held each year to promote interest in speech and develop students with special tal- ents in this field. As in previous years, there was much competition. First place in the Qriginal Oratory Contest was taken by Winston Boelkins. His Oration Was entitled "An Earnest Appeal For Peace." Douglas Cutler took second place, and Bernard Steindler, third. Page Eighty Betty Downey took first place in the Dramatic Declamation contest with second place going to Marilyn Lein, and third to Harriett Begley. ln the Oratorical Declamation, Ken- neth Cutler captured first place, with Evelyn Workman taking second, and Virginia McDowell, third. Douglas Cutler represented Muske- gon Heights in the district Extempora- neous Contest. Shown here is Mr. Gillaspy, co-debate coach, presenting the team with a trophy for participation as semi-finalist 'thSttto tDlCt1' t' thr ne ' in e a e urnamen. oug as u er is accepinq right: Wampler, Williams, Mr, Gillaspy, coach, Boelkins The debate team enjoyed a very successful season. Under the coaching of Miss Iulia Royse and Mr. E. W. Gil- laspy, they reached the semi-finals of the state forensic tournament before losing out to Lansing Eastern. In pre-tournament debating, Shirley Williams and David Wampler upheld the affirmative, with Winston Boelkins and Douglas Cutler composing the negative team. Some of the opponents were Battle Creek, Lansing Sexton, Hudsonville, and Traverse City. The question being debated was: "Resolved, that the Fed- e t ophy o b half of the team. Members of the team, left to Cutler eral government should require arbi- tration of labor disputes in all basic American industries." Debating took on an added interest as the team took several trips, including a debate trip to Ann Arbor. The addition of several prizes also proved to be incentive enough for a fine turnout of debaters throughout the state. The Tiger debaters received indivi- dual certificates of merit from the De- troit Free Press, a plaque for outstand- ing debating, a banner for winning the regional tournament, and a trophy for entering the semi-finals. Page Eighty-one Back How Mr Murray, advisor, Iacobs, Chart- rand, Bassarab, Cutler Front Row Kinsman, Buitendorp, Keil, Smith, Beam SCHOOL NEWS THE NEWS BUREAU Perhaps you didnt know that our school had a News Bureau, You may recognize it if you think of it as a combination ol l'The Acorn " the "School Page" in The Chronicle, and the 'Kernel of the News" columns in The Record The News Bureau is organized tor the purpose ol giving students ol iournalism actual newswritina and publishing experience in connection with their text- book study of yournalism At the same time, the bureau proves ot great benefit to the school All social and educational activities are publicized in the local newspapers In this way parents and friends can keep in touch with the school, and with the doings at their sons and daughters. The value of school news is widely recognized to- day. In industry it is called "public relations" and serves much the same purpose. lt creates good will in the community, and unity and cooperation among all concerned. Top Row. Smith, Erausto, Cutler, Chartrand, Palmatter, Muslcovin Middle Row, Keil, Panzl, Ryan, Kropl, Bassarab, Kinsman, Buitendorp, Mr, C E Koehn fprinting advisorl Front Row: Mr. W. E, Murray Ceditorial advisorl, Eorquer Miles, Schultz, B, lohnson, D Iohnson, Cole, Mr R A Peterman Csubscriptions advisorl, Page Eighty-two PUBLICATIONS . . Our Cameraman in Action Panzl Mr' I' V4 Cobb Drake THE ACORN AND THE OAKS Production of The Acorn and The Oaks is a publishing project, in addi- tion to regular classroom study in jouralism, which senior students under- take each year. The Acorn, as perhaps you know, is our high school newspaper, edited dur- ing the first semester, printed in our own print shop. It has always been a popular and beneficial publication. The Oaks is a much larger project published only once a year, in Iune, in the form of a yearbook, or annual. It contains, as you know, the records of our teams, information on all clubs and activities, and photographs of vir- tually everyone in school. It costs about 54,000 to publish, even though the printing itself is done "free" in our own school print shop, under direction of Mr. C. F. Koehn. Art students do the drawings, includ- ing the cover design which this year was made by Elmer Iohnson. Miss Keil- lor is art supervisor. Covers are manu- factured in Chicago. All our engrav- ings Ccutsj from which the pictures are printed, are made in Indianapolis. Most of our photographs are taken by Mr. I. V. Cobb, of our faculty. It requires a ton of paper to print The Oaks, paper for which is purchased in Grand Rapids. Covers are bound and glued to the "insides" in Lansing and returned at once to our school by truck. All seniors are salesmen for the books, directed by Mr. R. A. Peterman. Advertising is sold by the seniors, di- rected by Principal C. F. Bolt. The book itself is planned, written, and edited by the Oaks staff directed by W. E. Murray, English instructor. So you see, The Oaks is an example of the cooperation of hundreds of peo- ple employing dozens of talents. We hope you like it for years to come. Page Eighty-three Page Eighty-four OAKS BUSINESS STAFF Back Row: Hillstead, Kobylorz, Danker, Cater, Kell Borgman Front How: Boelkins, Ryan, Forkin, Hibbard, Hansen, SUBSCRIPTION STAFF Back Row: Venneman, Cryers, Cater, Hansen, Kell. Middle Row: Cook, Spaulding, Panzl Radke, Bette Keil, Front Row: Frausto, Spoelhoet, lohnson, French, Miles, Matuz, Borgman. Mr, R, A, Petermari, advisor ot subscriptions for more than 25 years, is absent from the picture, confined at home with a serious illness ' . Hun, - . a'??5'5fawi5f af L 1Eyi.m,:':,jf'.1, 'iff ' A -,i'1:.'5 -1' 769'-V gw 2, V K, S ., fx, x A .. . 1 nge ..- -' f1f,"?f-rw ' 9 J"-,1,'. '- ,1- .' ', av CLUBS fc.-' if Q.. 85. BOOSTER CLUB l l Miss Cobb, advisor, Culver, Vanderven. Booster Club is an organization tor girls. To join, each girl must have a B average and 500 points in gym. The purpose of the Booster Club is to help athletic activities. Booster Club girls sell candy at football and basket- ball games, they also serve at the toot- ball banquet and sponsor a formal dance at Christmas time. At the pres- ent time, Booster Club has seven mem- bers. Page Eighty-six OFFICERS Advisor .,..,... Miss Maxine Cobb President ....,,,......, Barb Culver Vice-President. . .Margie Vanderven Secretary .....,...,.. Sally Tierman Treasurer ..,.,.. Doreen Hawkinson JET' u 2 LJ K Z7 X5 f x"'J Lum: CAMERA CLUB Q I N , 9 .QI 'I iii IU- :pm U.. gg' in u 'Q ez. Q, 1:-:tv-2 OFFICERS President . ,. Bob Chartrand Vice-President . . . , .Doug Cutler Secretary-Treasurer. ,Margaret Kropt Advisor ..... .Mr Iames V. Cobb Back Rowi Zack, l-lughes, Smith, German, Bickowski, Knopt, Cutler. Middle Row: Swirsky, Barding, Todd, Dahlquist, Sauders, Dudley, Rostar, Hile, Temple, Mr, Cobb, advisor, Front Row: Schuelke, Bassarab, Baker, Cutler, Chartrand, Kropt, Cartright, Williams, Keil, Smith There are no restrictions placed on membership in the Camera Club, Any student who is interested in taking or processing pictures may join the club. One of the club's projects during the past school year was the taking of pic- tures at the annual Christmas dance. The club also held bi-monthly photo contests for the members. The club also heard illustrated lectures provided by the Eastman Kodak Company and took a field trip in the spring. Page Eighty-seven FRENCH CLUB Top Row. McMann, Werley, Fortier, Laskowski, Handy. Middle Flow Begley, French, Culver, Hradsky, Kinsman Shanly, Reid. Front Row: Panzl, Andersen, Saunders, Mr. Courtright, advisor. The aim of this Worthy organization was to help the French people during the post-War period. They did this by sponsoring a school in La Hays du Puit, France, Funds were raised tor this project by a dance, "La Touche TWir1," still remembered tor its spectacular Page Eighty-eight ,. X psy i , 1 "v ' OFFICERS President Marie Andersen Vice-President lean Panzl Secretary-Treasurer Marg Saunders Advisor Mr A. M. Courtright decorations and gay atmosphere. Any- one With an interest in French and a wish for good companionship could become a member. Mr. Courtright, our advisor, has introduced us to several French people living here to help us improve our conversational French. 47 H151 OFFICERS President ..,........ Bill Balgooyen Vice-President .,.., . . .Doug Cutler Secretary .....,.. Logan MacDowell Treasurer .,.... ...., I ack Bramble Sergeant-at-Arms ....,,. lim Hoppus Advisor ....... .... M r. Krueger Back Row: K. Cutler, H. Bredin, A. Bredin, Steindler, Handy, Grammel, Ped- ler, Mason. Middle Row: Mr. Krueger, Drake, Hildebrandt, Cook, Nedeau, Gerst, Bohn, Venneman, Cook, Crevier. Front Row: Keil, Cater, McDowell, Balgooyen, Bramble, Cutler, Hansen, Danker. The Hi-Y Club got off to a fine start last September and continued through- out the year in various activities both inside and outside of school. This organization is nation-Wide and is comprised of boys who are inter- ested in the betterment of school con- ditions and good clean fun. No one is restricted from joining the Hi-Y since membership is open to anyone with the proper amount of interest. Page Eighty-nine LIBRARY CLUB Back Row: Turpin, Saunders, Baskin, Rambo. U ff 4 tk 1 Mann OFFICERS Advisor . . .. . .Miss Dawson President ,..,. . . .. Isabel Dobb Vice-President ....... . .Ella Turner Secretary ....,...... Marilyn Kunkle Treasurer ..... Margaret Kropi Middle Row: Popelar, Reelman, Jacobs, Pattison, Dudley, Mathews. Front Flow: Miss Dawson, advisor, Turner, Dobb, Kropt, Kunkle. Membership in the school Library Club is restricted on three accounts, a "C" average, willingness to do one's part, and a membership limit oi fifteen. Other than this, membership is open to all students. The Library Club is not all work. The Page Ninety members sponsor dances, the annual May Tea, and the girls go bowling, hiking, and have theater and slumber parties. The club also has its serious side. It meets once a week and the members work one hour a day in the library. SCIENCE CLUB Axgf F 3 'ff ' Gln' 'C" 7 . L-. W W6 ,fl ' --rv -A OFFICERS President .,.,.. ,Delmar Ackerman Vice-President . . . .Dennis Fernly Secretary .... .... N orman Smith Advisor .. ...... Mr. Rcrkestraw 1 Top Row: Bohn, Alfultis, Stryker, Scholtens. Middle Row: Mr. Rakestraw, advisor, Brandes, Danker, Ger- man, Iohnson, Zang. Bottom Row: P, Smith, Richards, N. Smith, Ackerman, Fernley. The Science Club in its second year of activity at Heights High has taken many steps in furthering the knowl- edge of those interested in the field of science. Its membership is limited Mendel, Borgerding. to those with a hobby that concerns some phase of scientific Work. Mr. Rakestraw, Whosetbackground in sci- ence has proved very helpful to many students, is club advisor. Page Ninety-one SPANISH CLUB Top Row: Bigsby, Gunderson, Mclntyre, Yonkers, Cooper, Carlson, Schmidt, Opalek, Cierlak, Vandervelde. Third Row: Hullinger, Barton, Homers, Hinshaw, Dudley, Dasler, Handy, Nuno, Hile, Schlesinger, Rudd. Second Row: Mrs. Kile, advisor, Eddy Petrick, Anderson Smith, Baker, Iacobs, Heelman, Carpenter, Newald, Kunkle Popelar. Bottom Row: Butler, Strand, Wannamaker, Demos, Fortier, Ryan, Appel, Cole, Chvala, Baker, Mclviann. The Spanish Club is atairly new or- ganization, since Spanish has only been taught for three years in our school, but each year they seem to accomplish a little more. This year they sponsored several dances and also a Pan American Day Page Ninety-two l -i fr E l , ' ,. ' X Y 4 -1-511 " QV I 'U 'Y' K' .1 1 Q 3 . . f I Q 1 imp Qi. A:- 'Hx jlvlm h Officers Advisor.. , Mr.: Ruth Kilo President. . Molly Ryan Vice-President Violet Deznorz Secretary. ..Donna Fortier Treasurer.. . .Ruth Appel assembly. Any student is welcome to join the club. The meetings are often made more interesting by serving Spanish refreshments, showing movies, or having a speaker tell the customs of our Spanish-speaking neighbors. Y-TEENS Officers President ......,...,.,. Inez Willson Vice-President .... Shirley Laskowski Secretary ................ Ethel Reid Treasurer ....... Eleanor Grandelius Advisor .... Mrs. Margaret Elenbaas Back Row: Platte, Turner, Bigsby, Barton, Rudd, Bomers, Mathews, Sauders, Slentz, Turpin, Doptel. Middle Row: Handy, Barton, Petrick, Pattison, Culver, Newald, S. Newald, Harvath, Wannamaker, Emmons, Weaver. Front How: Mrs. Elenbaas, advisor, Smith, Wise, Grandelius, Laslcowski, Willson, Reid, Buitendorp, Dobb, Essenberg, Hogston. The Y-Teens social calendar, during the past semester, has been filled with many activities. An initiation party and potluck was held at the beginning of the semester to welcome in new mem- bers. "Pigskin Punt" was the name of the basketball dance they sponsored be- fore the Heights-Muskegon game. For a Christmas project it was a big suc- cess and helped to boost their treas- ury. They filled a food basket and it was given a needy family. A series of lectures on boy-girl rela- tions were held. "Gingham Gait" was the name of their cotton dress-up dance. Membership is open to all girls in school. Page Ninety-three MURALS IN OIL Upper left-Barbcxrcx Beth, Cxrtlzit Subwct "A Glrlfz Dcxyf' by Upper Tlgh1f"BE'VOT1Y Wlfiinq fzrtlnt Slllxwf-f-' "Horned Lltfku Lower left-Betty Sietsemn, Grin-1 SIIYWIFCT "School Activi Lower TIQPITYHIYIIFT Iohnson, Gffllff Subnect UITlfi1lI1lTY.H ,. ago ..1r w 1 ATHLETICS IN MEMORIAM I ix N 'ga A is-,2v'r'f3fff' N' Tx ' or .wi 'f HF X 1 f if ' ' R i,,z'K ,,. , ' QTL' gil E 1' ff" " it .f "' s 4 N 1 " ... 2-5 N ,, A Q - izisr ng ' V: ,X in K5 Y' "3 15 g . ' E F f L iff- :Q . 9, ,t . - 5- 5 ' Q X as e f ' 4 5 1, 'xg Y -S13 - 4 4 , , X X - i e f 5 'PQ 1. Q k i :rw-' U , . , X Q 1 K Ally", A fflwiti GEORGE IURKAS Until good Jportimanfhip is no longer prartired and the higheyt of athletir idealx are part of the past, the memory of George jurkaf Jhall remain foremoft in the heartf of all who knew and loved him. He i.r gone, but yet he if within memory whirh Jhall forever exift. AJ a Jtudent, af an athlete, and a.r an all-around "grand guy," we fhall remember Page Ninety-six F all hack him and rheriJh his name which to uf was Jynony- mow with rlean, competitive .fportf and never-ending enthuxiafm toward all the high ideal! whirh were part of hi! life. The "drive," and courageoux Jpirit which he .rhowed on the gridiron will continue to impire the Miukegon Heightf Tiger elevem in the yearf to rome. F' VARSITY FOOTBALL X K ""' ' 411-ai, .N . W it gf " 5 SQ'-V A a V . ' " Q33 , ' . ,.., :V J ' H 1 xx " a K I X' M l Mkt! W 51 J , ,. 'ar d' " 1 'f i W -. , Coach Firma 'lllocn Augurzl Team Physician Head Conch Iolmmon TOP HOW' Ostradick, Ve-nm-, Sclxmldt Bums, Hxclxmond, Seeqar, Wintermqlxam, PL-nn. l'OUll'l'H HOW B Iolmson, IW Cook, Howell, Rostar, Walters, Ned-au, Iurkas, Gxbbons, lfll1ot Wrlalxt 'l'llllll5 HOW Coach O l7f lolmson, Iacobson, B. Iolmson, Lane, Hmtm, Sxetsema, Klme Slmaw Zom, Blamble SECOND HOW Assxstant Coach Del Fume, Ivory, Baldwm, CTQVIEIR H Cook, Drakv Campbell Mcflaluze, Sltbltx l"lllS'l' HOW Stratton, Caxslalcv Mttcholl, Cater, Craymer, Moeller llanscn, T. lolmson, Borqman l. Hartman was absent wlwn the L'lCllllk? was takvn l Page Ninety-seven INTERSCHOLASTIC CLASS A ecuitve motaon in continumq ot 27 straight games: At the football X'etcpert:'s" had their after the season wot: under oqon games provtded the outployed Benton Horbor, o re necessary in Winninq the ttttino climax to xzuch o :anc- e Tigers :squeezed out Q1 6-U 1 Ill 1 n 1 ro 1 oc s.: the trucks". Mahi 'N .v CHAMPIONS OF MICHIGAN WM 'Tx lg Ja. I, - JH- 4" f' if ' . I 'km Q' q J.. ,. ,ie-4 ggyi 'B Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Victory Tigers 19 20 21 22 . . 23 24 25 26 27.. VARSITY SCORES ft, Opponents 28 G. R. Catholic ..,....... .... 8 ....,2U G.R.Union.,....... ....7 ,. . I4 Holland ,. ....l2 , 20 G, R Creston ..,. ,... U ,..2U Kalamazoo . .. ... 7 . . I3 Grand Haven ... . . . . O . , 7 Benton Harbor Battle Creek, . Muskegon . . . ....l9 6 .. .,., I4 U Page Ninety-nine RESERVE FOOTBALL . . . . . 1948 ln th:,z "lCli1T1T photoarapli ol the Litfle Tiaers first night football qiziifi, plcfyeni here at Phillips iioltli wg ,grip lfi 1 1 t i Cole ::.ti.ty lf'l. .1 rlflwrtk for tiie Tigers, being :stopped by two hugliy Muslzfeaon boys a tar' :iifzkinq 'T1100l'l qain. Hel- f-rf-t- llrigfw- ljl'tV'!l'Il'lll i.: at lett. Several Muskegon Hoiqhtl boy.: can be seen in the bacligrounl Granrl l"l"IDl'll3 Cdtholic-Coach D, H McKenzie's Little Tigers opened the season by downing Cath- olic, GU The Tigers came through to win and Continue the record set by last Yf?fIFlS tearn, Cole anfl Bernard were outstlnclinq Grfinfl Rapids Union-The Little Tigers trounced Union, 20-U, lor their second victory of the season Aa-'nn it wat: Capt Bernard who scored three touch- downs: to lead his team along with Snell and Lnif-r.xon llollfinl Thr- vfistly improved Tigers registered their tliirfl victory in a row by deteatina the Dutch- iufin 7 U Grlznl Htipitl: Crt'-.ztori The Hexerves won their fourth Ijvilllft in a row hy taking it out on Creston, ll? ll T1-rw-ll qxcnrirfl the tiritt T lb and a 55 yard pam' lroiii lf lat- to lohnzzon racl-:el up the second tally' lz"IIl"1l'l finish ii the rcorina by rr :short iaunt firouril 1-rivl Page One hundred Kalamazoo-For their titth consecutive victory, the Little Tigers rornped over Kazoo, 13-O The line play of the Tiger.: was the deciding tactor of the aarne. Grand Haven -Meeting one ol the rouqhest team.: to play our Tigers, we defeated the Little Bucs by the score ot 19-O, Cole paced them by scoring two touchdowns, but the games teature was the 7U yard touchdown run by Bernard, Benton Harbor -- The Tigers were finally scored on by Benton Harbor, but still carne out on top, 19-7. Cole, the outstanding player ot the day, ran BU yards on the openina kickoff lor a well deserved touchdown. He also scored the other tally Grand Haven V- Having niet before, the Tiaers and Bucaneer.: fought despirately on even toxin.: but our tiaizi carrie out on tfie bia ent, ll?-7 Muskegon -- The lir.:t aaine played under the lldlllfl of either school took place at Phillips Fiel-i betore 4,000 fans A Heights tuznble vvazz the play in which the Little Hel: took a'lvantt1ae, and aave our Tiqers their first defeat in two ,:e.1.xon.:, 7-G Cole scored the lone tally lor our school teain and Bern- ard Smith, Srieed, and Cole were OlllLQi'HT'llNf1 RESERVE FQOOTBALL LE. . E- ., ,V F, , 51.5532 llowi Lcrliwfm, BCI'dlI'lCI, Keqlovitz, Caplmn BP'mGf'l Front Rowi Forquer, Htbbcrrcl, Perth FOUI-l'l'H ROW: Bringedclml, Ieter, Bennett, Fmtzgercxld, Cutler, Deipen, Grcmmel, Steenhcgen, Gutte, Lee, Handy, Fessenden, Nord- strom, Moore, Mormon, Callaway, THIRD HOW' Couch Schcude, Bcrnhlll, McKay, Daniels, Pawlck, Austen, Wrgcnusky, Sterenberg, Johnson, Frick, Fcxrwiq, Walker, Penn, SECOND ROW Mrtchell, Lynn, McKenz1e, Bodncxr, Wyhowski, Cole, Snell, Sneed, Smlth, Brasher, Leonard, Coach McKenzie, FIRST ROW. Crevrer, Smith, Swett, Tenell, Felcoski, Bernard, Emerson, Camp, Sekeres, Edge, Bredrn. Page One hundred-one l ...f . . , - Abovf- ww hnli mu Muskvgon Huxqhvs Txqvrs enloymq whm many of fhfrm call Ihf- Hlwsf Ln? Inns? thn most "::c1t1::ly1nQ'! par! nt Ihr- :zz-mzmrm - thu round of hrlnqueis, Thr- Hvlchlm at Hn- Y1I'f"'I left was token at BIOCIdWGY Lunch Wham- for many, many yeovs Icmf-ss Cosczrvlh Vzoptle-lo: rind lfrya IE,-vzhtsa 'mor mn mn'-d Haw vmmty players Kwln or lose'J the curzcflr-s and cr number oi trzcnds In Yhf- plchxref nt the UPIWPI rlqht, we hnd Coach 'Bxqqd' Munn oi M1ch1qon State Colloue quest sg-wukm nt tho xnxcmphmvf Srvniuri fl! hi: lf'fY of thv- Icblo ls Plvfsldenl Wqynz,-1, Ol th-' Pzoqresslve Bmxxnessrnrrrx s Club which 1,yor1sfu'nfx Q hwzf- hunqvwt hold lr u . .viuzrwi H'-Gr! H1111 In oth:-r photoqrcphs 'tons wxll be fables to puck out such inmlhq: inc-is as thosv- of C F Bolt huh schf10lrg'z1x1C1pnl Com-h O I' Inhnfaon hr-nd coach UP-1 Flrrne, nssmstcnt coach, Tuck Welsenburfmr, formar Tlqer and Hose Bowl sto? P4-tv v'-nflrlnnza GY the U of M ty-mn ffvf-ret! Cxandolmns, lormcr Heights star: Bcsll fMlCkGYJ 0'GIkfIdY, Hmqhts Clly Councllmcn and many others Page One hundred-two VARSITY BASKETBALL . . . . . . 1947-1948 is 'I 531 , f"n A ,f ax 41 an Back Row: Iackson, Elliot, managerg Bramble, Hoppus. Middle Row: Cater, Howell, Iacobsen, Sietsema, Nedeau, Zorn, Coach Iohnson Front Row: Balgooyen, Carslake, Hansen, T. Iohnson, Caughey, B. Iohnson. Basketball at Muskegon Heights took a turn tor the better as this year's team Won 14 ot 19 games. Prospects for next year are out- standing as at least three regulars will be returning. H W2 i .,,.. fly - 1 A 'A I X . ' .fs . 4 AI QQ? af- - - . Kvfsgq x I 7' 'Q1 r ' ' fl- Q QA Pago One liundredfthree ,. if 40 ai . " , 2 , ,, ' . if : Km , Wu 5 'U 35 3' 5 ff ' 1 I 1 'nf i W A bqxq in Ss' h 1- QQ V 3 23 5 CTW -1flA2iRi'?'1i ' W N :gjf rvt ,E 5- :,,,.,. 3 3 22555,-,N Aw T 6 94, lf , Q 33 ,Qi p I - A Q Q 'f x k ga 1 if 0 3 . ::+ 2 .:---:. , .. X 2 if ig W Q Q X A Q ,. V Z -EzQ:i.:,:f- ' if -.:: A 0 0 Q 1 Q .- U b 53 P ,,,,A .,,.. . ..:.,. . L s in FG f Y R . ,, . 1 ,sf ..'. 2 F 1 WL X 'Q L Q M 53, 'Q W s :- v , .. v QAAN as N8 Q I sg 5 3 f is X, A 'X ' . g N ,zzz X ' M Yi if R ' X 5 him. A Q' J U 5l .Q A Y ix G Y 5 Wm ,S fax -L RESERVE BASKETBALL Dec. 6- Dec. 12- Dec. l9- Ian. 9- Ian. 15- Ian. 20- Seconds 35, Seconds 25, Seconds 28, Ian. 23-Seconds 37, Seconds 29, Seconds 18, Seconds 19, Ian. 30-Seconds 19, Feb. 6-Seconds l9, Feb. 13-Seconds 20, Feb. 19-Seconds 32, Feb. 27-Seconds 35, Mar. 5- P g O li dred-six Seconds 30, 9 I h on, Bernard, Smith. Back Row. Coach Schaude, Callaway, Cutler, Ed e. Middle Row: Long, Mitchell, Erickson, Terrell, Essenberg, Marion. Front Row' Iacobsen, McKenzie Snell, Glenn Iohnson, Gordon o ns lst Reserves 30 Kalamazoo 32 Muskegon 30 Holland 47 Benton Harbor 44 Ottawa Hills 22 Grand Haven 40 Kalamazoo 33 Muskegon 29 Holland 30 Benton Harbor 40 Grand Haven 29 Ottawa Hills 29 Q07 Nfl f Q J BASEBALL . . .fl Y -Y y , My N as 'l'M,'?'W'l-...M N s.,v vpn I ' Top Row: Mason, Griffes, Barnhill, Eller, Hill, Edge, Sterenberg, Yonkers, Nelson. Third Row: Proctor, Hillstead, McKenzie, Iohnson, Steenhagen, Ghezzi, Carlson, Sterenberg, Coach Iohnson. S d B 1 W' t ' h , St h, C l , E kl dal r, D. I cobson, Wri ht, Liefer, Smith. econ ow in ering am rac oe c es e a g Front Bow: Hoppus, G. Iacobson, Hildebrandt, Iohnson, Hunter, Snell, Howell, Bramble. 1947 SCORES Tigers 6 Grand Haven ..... .... 5 4 Newaygo ...... .... 3 6 Newaygo ...... .... l 3 Benton Harbor .... .... O 4 Holland ....... .... 7 3 Grand Haven ....l l3 Holland ..... .... 4 l Muskegon ... ....2 U Kalamazoo .... . . . . . .4 7 Muskegon .................. l With more than the usual number of returning lettermen, the Tiger base- ball squad was looking forward to an- other successful season when The Oaks went to press. Along with several promising sophomores and juniors are such veterans as Doug Iacobson and Iack Bramble, pitchers, Frank Howell, second-basemang and Gerald Iacob- son, catcher. Ken Liefer, who played shortstop last year, may play the same position or be switched to the outfield. Any of the pitching staff can be called on to play in the outfield when neces- sary. The only position in real doubt is that of first base left vacant by Al Cater who held down the position dur- ing all three years in high school. With all this talent at Coach Oscar E. Iohn- son's command, the 1948 baseball sea- son should be a successful one. Page One hundred-seven TRACK I ,I .A . .. 4. W , ' , ' "' . f.v' R rf. Q. r gfi 3 ' ' ', "-L-,2,fil'5!F3" Top Flow: Iackson, Carlson, Stryker, Rewolt, Daniels, I. Iohnson, A. lohnson, Essenberg, Pickell, Miller, Callaway, Penn, German. Third Row: Becker, Mitchell, Sabin, Terrell, Swett, Felcoski, Camp, Langan, Kline. Second Row: Coach McKenzie, Ostradick, Zorn, Schmidt, Walters, Cole, Wilson, Bohn, Bernard, Slobodin. Front Bow: Veurinlc, McGahee, Carslake, Ivory, Aliultis, Kuck, Shepherd, Flowers, Iohnson. 1947 Season's Scores Orange Squad 61, Black 4l. Tigers 83 2X5, N. Muskegon 25 3f5. Tigers 35.6, Holland 29.6. Tigers 46 2f3, Fremont 62 lf3. Tigers 24, Muskegon 85. Tigers 65, Holland 44. Tigers 68 l X2, Benton Harbor 35, Hol- land 34.5. 1948 This year's track squad was looking forward to a better than average sea- Page One hundred-eight son as this section of The Oaks was going to press. Such hopes at least were expressed by many ot the returning veterans of last year's squad under direction of Coach David R. McKenzie. On the team this year are such boys as the follow- ing: Frank Bernard, quarter-miler, Bill McGahee and Herman Ivory, dash- rnen, Don Walters and Ray Carslake, hurdlers, Mike Alfultis, half-miler, Bill Ostradick, relays, Tom Iohnson, expert shot-putter who already had broken the school record with a heave of 48 feet tive inches before the season was Well under way, Bob Flowers and Clar- ence Schmidt, pole-vaulters. TENNIS Top Row: K. Cutler, Grammel, Long, Hughes, Moore, Knopf, A. Bredin. Middle Row: Coach Firme, MacDowell, B. Iohnson, H. Bredin, N. Smith, Gurst, Nordstrom. Bottom Row: Courtright, Wiganusky, Caughey, Hansen, McGregor, Veeneman, D. Cutler. 1947 In their first match, the Tigers downed a strong Fremont team 5-2. They followed up this win with another over Grand Haven. However, after this excellent beginning, the squad be- gan to hit the skids, losing to Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, and Holland in succession. In tournament play, the Tigers fared little better. Their No. l singles player, Charles Votaw, managed to win his first tournament match, but lost the sec- ond and was eliminated. The out- standing bright spot of the season and the team, perhaps, was the perform- ance of the No. l doubles team, Han- sen and Caughey. These two boys reached the semi-finals before losing their first match of the entire season to a strong Kalamazoo Central duet. 1948 However, when this section of The Oaks was going to press, a large squad of boys was working out under the direction of the new tennis coach, Del Firme, who also is our assistant football coach. At the first practice, Coach Firme was greeted by six vet- erans from last season: including Han- sen and Caughey, No. l doubles team which lost only one match last year, MacDowell and Nedeau, No. 3 doubles team of last year, Courtright, No. 3 sin- gles player, and Wiganusky, No. 4 singles. Page One hundred-nine GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical education for girls is an im portant part of the curriculum. With Miss Maxine Cobb as instructor the girls not only keep in good physical condition throughout the year, but also manage to have fun. -1... Q I , I 'tw 'L-1 39.3 . .1 -. No Q f. X --p A 'N 1 fa' I . F lux N 1 The tall season started ott with a bang, as teams were organized in soc- cer, Iield ball, volleyball, basketball. Spring brought teams in baseball and in track. Since inter-school sports are not on the schedule in the Southwest- ern Conterence, girls content them- selves with intramural sports. This past year more than 65 girls signed up for intramural basketball, from all three classes. Page One hu ndred-ten 4321: l . 1, . y..,., IN ACTION . . . INDOORS AND OUT Here we see a few of the activities in which the girls in physical education participate. In the photograph at the upper ielt, are Miles, Kiesegan, Howell, and Morris "on their mark," ready to "go" In the upper right photo, Cook is passing the baton in the relay race to Pat Miles, At the lett in the middle is a photo of a close play at second base, while at the right in the middle is a picture ot Zelma Morris outdoing herself in the broad-jump, In the lower lelt hand corner is the winning basketball team: Back row - Paige, Cross, Nash, Foster, Herbert, Front row -- Howell, Spaulding Icaptainl, Wolf, Norris. Lower Right - CMH letter winnersl Back row - Cook, Howell, and Buitendorp, Front row - Baker, Miles. Page One hundred-eleven HOW TO BE AQBOOKKEEPER IN ONE EASY LESSON In the picture above are several high school students busily engaged in studying bookkeeping, an important subject in our commercial department . . . Did you ever think that perhaps you, too, could be a book- keeper? You can if you Wish . . . in one easy lesson. In fact, if you own the copy of The Oaks which you now have in your hands, you are already a "book keeper" . . . you will very prob- ably keep this book for years . . . even show it to your grand- children . . . That's what makes advertising in The Oaks more than a mere donation. You not only tell your story once, but again and again. lt pays to advertise in The Oaks. Page One hundred-twelve ADVERTISING A Allsteak ...........,. ..... American Barbecue , . . , . . . . . American Coil Spring ....,...... American Grease Stick ........,. Anderson Packing Co. .... .... . Arbor Floral Co. ......., .... . Bailey Super Market ,... ..... B Barberini Food Market ........... Baxter, Launderer, Cleaner ...... Bennett Pumps Co. ............. . Boelkins' Supermarket ,......... Boyd Auto Sales Co. ..... .,.. . Brickner-Kropi Machine ......... Browne-Morse Co. ..,....,..... . Brundage Cut Rate Drugs ....... Brunswick-Balke-Collencler ...... Budd's Iewelers-Opticians ....... C Camera Shop .................. Campbell, Wyant, Cannon. Carl's Complete Food Store ...... Centrifugal Foundry Co. ........ . e trif al Foundr Co C n ' ug y . ....,... . C1oetingh's Radio, Appliances. .. Columbia Studio ............... C1ark's Body Shop .......,..,... Clark Boot Shop ..... ,.... Cobb, Hardware ..... ..... Coca-Cola ............ ..... Commercial Press ....... ..... Consumers Power Co. .......... . Coscare11i's Concessions ........ iPere Marquette Parkl Crevier Electric Co.. .......... . . . t D Damm Hardware Co. ..... .... . Dana Printing Co. ...... .... . Daniels .................. ..... Danigelis Food Market .......... Dawes and Son, Florist .......,.. D 61 C Stores .................... Demos Cafe ..........,,....,... Dendrinos and Sons, Pies ........ Dion Service Station ............. Dixie Cream Donut Shop ........ Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. ....,.... . E Economy Hardware ...,.. ..... Edwards Lumber Co. ..... .... . Emil's Food Market ..... ..... F Falony's Barber Shop .... ..... Pike Electric ........... ..,.. Fischer Coal Co. ............... . Fitziohn Coach Co. ............. . Fortier, Wilfred, Real Estate ..... Francis Iiroch, Wholesale ........ Fredricks Lumber ,,............. Fritz, the Druggist ........ ..... G Gas Company ..,,.............. George, B. F., Storage and Van. . Gomery, Arthur, Insurance ....... Good Housekeeping Shop ....... Grant Supply Co. .............. . Greyhound Lines .........,..... Grossman's ...... ..... Page One hundred-fourteen ADVERTISING INDEX Patronize Your Advertirerr H Hackley Union National Bank. .. Hahn Drug Store ....,.......... Half-hour Laundry .......... . . . Hall Electric Co. ....,,......... . Hansen's Dairy Bar ............. Hardy-1-lerpo1sheimer's ......,,. Harwood-Nelson Men's Store., Heights News and Soda Bar ..., Heights Service Garage ......., Hill, Dean, Cleaner-Dyer ....... Hosler's Enterprise Brass Works. Hostess Hamburgs ............. Houle Cleaners ..,............. Hub, Store for Men ............. Hunter, Allred I. Plumbing ...... I Indianapolis Engraving Co. .... . 1 Iohn's Super Service ........... Iunior High Beauty G Barber Shop ...... ................. K Ken's Service Station ........... Krause's, Men's and Boys' Wear. Krautheim, Ieweler ............ I. Lakeshore Machinery 61 Supply Co. ....................... . Lawson's Clothing, lewelry ..... Lee, I. H. G Son, Hardware ...., Lee Funeral Home ............. Lindland Fuel and Paint Co.. . . . Lockage's, Frank, Clothing ..... M Malvin's Iewelry ,.............. Manfiing, Maxwell, and Moore, nc. ...................... .. Martin Coal Co. ............... . McClellan and Oldt, Machine Shop ....................... Meier Cleaners ............... Melody Manor Music Shop ,.... Merton's Super Service ......... Michigan Bakeries, Inc. ....... . Mickey's Shoe Shop ............ Milady, Dress Shop ............ Monroe, L. C. Building Materials. Morton Manufacturing Co. ..... . Murn Bros. Garage .....,....... Muskegon Federal Savings and Loan ................,...... Muskegon Heights Record ...... Muskegon Music Co. .......... . Muskegon Savings Bank ....... 138 148 154 159 132 118 154 157 149 134 159 156 151 156 130 168 166 167 151 161 156 153 163 135 135 163 157 125 159 165 168 155 163 150 165 167 165 167 155 160 163 165 . 163 THREE-Muskegon Heights-253768 1 166 Muskegon Screw Works, Inc.. .. Muskegon Upholstering Co. .... . N National Lumberman's Bank .... Nedeau, Harvey l, Real Estate. . Nordstrom Dairy ............... Norge Corporation ............. Novak's Meat Market ..... .... ' I 0 Obie s Lunch .................. O. K. Grocery .................. Olive Mae Beauty Salon ....... 153 139 140 151 126 160 163 155 157 P Parmaleo, Ieweler ............. Parsons Department Store ...... Patterson Press ................ Patterson's Grocery and Market. Peerless Plating Works ......... Peoples Transport Company .... Peterson Coal Co. ...,......... . Polly Ann Pastry Shop ......... Port City Candy and Tobacco.. Pul'talski's Foods ............... Pyle Pattern Manufacturing Co.. Q Quality Aluminum ............. Quigley, R. I., Draperies ....... . R Radium Studio .......... .... Reid-Grail Corporation ......... Remwolt Cleaners ............. Richards Plumbing, Heating .... Rogers, Iewelry and Opticians.. Rutter Bros. .................. . S Sanitary Dairy .......... .... Schlossman Theaters .......... Sealed Power Corporation ...... Shaw-Walker, Oifice Equipment Simpson's Drug Store .......... Smith, Fred F. Exclusive Furriers Smith, Hubert, Meat Packers .... Smitty's Service ............... Snowhite Bakery .......... .... Sport Shop .................... Square, Clothing .............. Stariha. Frank, Real Estate ..... State Cafe ............. . ..... . . Steenhagen's Food Market ...... Stone, George W., Fine Men's Wear . .,..,............... . Sutton's Pharmacy ............. 'I' Ted's Pant Shop ................ Terry's, Distinctive Apparel ..... Thomas Store, Inc. ............ . Tri-city Glass and Paint Store.. V Vandervelde's Fumiture ....... Vicker's Soda Bar ........ .... Victory Patterson Shop ......... Vista Grill ................. Voss Hardware ................ Votaw's Radio Electric Service. W Warner-Schuitema Transfer Co.. West Construction Co .... ....... West Shore Printers ............ Whittington's Barber Shop ...... Williams Meat Co. ............ . WMUS-WMUS-FM ............. Woodal1's Drug Store ..... .... Y Yeager's Barber Shop .... .... Youth for Christ ........ .... Z Zeke's Standard Service ........ ,. A4' .-- " ' W ,, ., ,., J .. .K-up 0 if In ...j3 : 5Q. is1assf sg5,5 er r e l lh ii. q,:. .::: 11 J , .. 1 owl: zum A Lovnmr l :, Lane Cedar Hope Chest 53 :QA .::.,,, M?:f's:e:5:: :,.:5 5255 -::V1: 5 :2- 5 1.53 55 llil:l?gl1i3l:"l'i As aavefnsea in sevsmesu . ' "" '1 757m ' f. M ' www' x,fQ..N Gift of Her I'leart's Desire Girl grad today know what they want. Most all of them want a beautiful Lane Hope Chest. And no wonder! This romantic gift does so much to make dreams come true. Choose one of our popular Lane Cedar Chests for your girl graduate. It will have all the ex- clusive features that make a Lane a lifetime possession. For the Girl Graduaie 349.95 Yes. it's the ONLY Pressure-tested, aroma-tight cedar chest in the world, for assured anti-moth protection! Our supply of these lovely chests are still somewhat limited so if you want assur- ed delivery at an early date come in now to see us. 7 andervelde s FURNITURE CO. FORMERLY MUSKEGON HEIGHTS FURNITURE CO. BROADWAY AT FIFTH ACROSS FROM NORGE Page One hundred-liheen Um 5560608 CJDCKLMQXLQZMZQZZCUJM Za Me Glam of 7941! Yotfll Find Nationally Famous Brands in Suits, Sportswear, Shirts, Dresses, Ties, and Bathing Accessories, in our complete collections of vvear. GR U SS M A N' S The Uualihj Store That Saves You Meneg To the class of 1943 EUNGRATULATIUNS BEST WISHES file Sporzf Skop MUSKEGUN HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN 879 Gmzqmfufafiom -- Gfass of 194 First in Value Fashion Quality hteen First Street-Muskegon Building - 359 We Congratulations From A Grad Cf I933! "Remember Thg Creator In The Bags Ut THY YOUTH" U 'XYOUTH - HAVEN" I Michigan's Finest Youth Camp. Wolf-Lake Greater Muskegon "YG TH FUR CHRIST" P.O. Box 175 Muskegon, Mich. MAURICE A. CARLSON, Director Uncle Murrg Puhalski's Food Market Joe Puhalski Growing With Greater Muskegon 'ro Tm: CLASS or 1948 CONGRATULATIONS "ihe Best in Drugs Always" Phone 25-069 SIMPSUN'S DRUG STURE 823 APPLE AVENUE MUSKEEUN, MICHIGAN Louis W. Simpson, Alumnus Our Congratulations to the Class of 1948 C7-YMPBELL WYRNT S CFNNON F 0 U N D R Y C 0' Muskegon, Michigan BEST WISHES FOR MANY YEARS TO COME gJere .jfarqueffe Turk fake Sandwiches Ice Cream Pop Corn Candy pop 'Iwo Concessions JAMES CGSCARELLI Phone5-1461 THE SEALED POWER CURPURATIUN POWER MOTOR Xl e jx SEA Greets the Graduating Class of 1948 You, the Class of l948, have reached a milestone in your career. The pattern that your life will take may well depend on decisions you must soon make. The continuing growth of Sealed Power Corporation means more opportunities for alert young men and women. To you who must decide which path to follow, we say, "Why not discuss your future with us?" P g O h dred-twenty-four Congratlllationslio The Graduation Class DIAMOND RINGS BY GuARANTEED Q incerest of gifts, this guaran- teed flawless Bluebird diamond will be treasured always. Many exquisite settings, all popular prices. Few dia- monds in thousands meet Bluebird's standard of absolute perfection. A FLAWLESS DIAMOND IS GUARANTEED IN EACH BLUEBIRD llllllif Illl 9 S .llfW'lfI.llY Cllllllllllli' Greater Muskegon's Gilt Headquarters and Fastest Growing Jeweler I242 Peck St. Heights At lIlalvin's You Get The finest Nationally Famous Watches including Bulova, Hamilton, Gruen, Benrus, Longines, Elgin, Waltham Wittnsuer Tissot Rensie Helbro G th' T , , , s, o lc, avannes, Pierce, Doxa, Grant, Gotham, 0lendorf,West field, Harvel. Page One hundred-twenty-live Congratulations and our Best Wishes to the Class of I948 5 if 1 o - Norge Division and Norge Machine Products Division of Bone WARNER coRP. h Whats Ahead For Business in 19 4 8 ? With our Artists and Lay-out men nothing is impossible, when it comes to producing your advertising copy. ir ART WORK -A' OFFSET PRINTING -k ENGRAVIN G -k LETTER PRESS Catalogs - House Organs - Factory Forms llfllliii PIKIIUTIIUG IZIIIIIIIZIIUY SANFORD AND HOLBROOK STREETS WELCOME TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 In these troubled times, it is reassuring to know that another group of young peopleiis ready to takezits place in the community. Our own country, as well as the rest of the nations of the world, needs clear-thinking, forward-looking citizens as never before. THE BRUNSWICK-BALKE-COLLENDER CO ir a leader in Muskegon industry for more than forty years t manufacturers of the best in recreational equipment for more than one hundred years 310126. One hundred-twenty-eight Compliments SANITARY DAIRY Ak hh d b H b hb f E 1 I hid WE GRADUATED TOO! See our NEW and LARGER Printing Plant - - IP' A T T IE R S O N JP' R IE S S 2232 So. Getty St. J. J. Workman, Owner Pgohdd y Alfred J. Hunter 8 Co. Jobbers ci Plumbing, Heating 8 Mill Supplies 1818-1858 HENRY STREET, AT LAKETON Ucmqfmiulaiicwd Nm! gui WMM To The Graduates of I948 BENNETT PUMPS DIVISION JOHN WOOD MANUFACTURNG COMPANY, INC. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN REMWULT CLEANERS Breadwag and Fifth Telephone 3-5 3 5 B 1 TRI-CITY SLASS AN D PAINT STURE Phone 527-527 61 Fil-184 Plate Glass Furniture Tops Wall Paper - Mirrors - Paint Auto Glass Installed Val-Spar - Paint and Varnishes lWe lllillifliil 103 W. Broadway Muskegon Heights P O hdrdh lO25 Peck Street U.S. I6 al: U.S. 3l Broadway at Park Fruitporl: HAN SEN 'S DAIRY BARS Makers of Pure and Better Ice Cream The Best Malteds and F renchburgers in Town SUNDAES - SODAS MALTEDS - HAMBURGERS Congratulations to the Graduates SNlITfYS SERVICE Nllest of Service" Corner of Peck and Barney Muskegon Heights, Michigan rowne - N orse Eg,g.fQ,W,v. " . l fl Manufacturers of Steel Office Equip- ment and Filin g Supplie s for 40 years. There is the fellow who wears his girl's picture in Ccxnnibclz We've just captured an actor. his watch case because he thinks he will learn to love Chief: Hurrciyl I was hoping for Q good ham sand- her in time. wich. Congratulations from BRICKNER - KROPF MACHINE CC. Page One hundred-thirty-three Dean Hill Says: "We dye more than anyone else in townu. Dean l-lill CCLASS OF 'zsp CLEANER - DYER 150 W. WESTERN AVE, BETWEEN PINE AND TERRACE PHONE 22-33-4. Let Dean Get It Clean Bbby th tlph ldl t g btl C d T . moking th easiest illl ldhlp yfth th yh lc 11:11 ghttk gl' deitcrthous dt Illlfflflllll Slllll' IWIIIIII ,llllll Nllfflfll l'l411'liIl1llS Phone 22-820 Muskegon Page One hundred-thiriy-four Greater Muskegon's Most Modern Funeral Home llflf lzllivlfllill. Ilfllfllf Criticism is something you can avoid by saying noth- "I have never let my schooling inierfere with my ing, doing nothing, and being nothing. education."-Mari: Twain. J. H. LEE Xi SUN HARDWARE 0 Years on roadway Page One hundred-thirty-five CLOETINGH'S Illllllll Allill Al'l'I.IA1UCliS PHILCO RADIO AND REFRIGERATORS GAS AND ELECTRIC RANGES IRONRITE IRONERS WASHERS AND SMALL APPLIANCES 947 TERRACE STREET, MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Expert Radio Service I d dlhfi b SP H dd gh I h 1 lk d M Fl Spaulding - Goldsmith and Rawlings Athletic Equipment Dilllllll llilrdwilre Co. llttilvva Street ndrecl-thirty Congratulations to the Graduates of 1948 ELKS TEMPLE Muskegon's Finest Store for Men and Boys Co mpliments of The Peoples Transport Corporation Compliments of the American Ceiill prim Q.. We women do talk too much, bu! even then we Small boy explaining broken window to polio d 1 tell hall we knoW."-- Lady Asior, I was cleaning my slingshot and it went off." QG Car cartoon in Saturday Evening Post J THE HACKLEY UNION Go ahead spend some of it. But, it you spend all of it for little things you won't have money for Bigger t h in g s you'll want later. S ma r t youngsters lenow that hanlcing part of every dollar is t h e sure way to get that hike, radio s e t, recerd- player, or other ohiect of their de' sire. Open an account here and try it. NATIQONAL BANK Muskegon - Muskegon Heights Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation P g One hundred-thirty-eight A SAVINGS ACCOUNT Regular Savings are a Stepping Stone to Material Wealth THE NATIGNAL LUMBERMAN'S BANK Muskegon's Cldest Bank position? re sure thot you Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class ot 1948 from American Grease Stick Cu. Congratulations to the Class of 1948 fffe M fm! Leqmmnq Make Yours one of Service ancl Good Will to your fellow citizen UWA gen' Wfiifzed QCVZ Qawz Sncceii Harvey I. Nedeau REALTOR Phone 23-457 Jefferson at Webster Class of 1948 You llave 0ur Very Best Wvishes for A Prosperous And llosy future AND PUR BUUD RADIO ENJUYMENT DIAL AND W M U 5 - F M The Power to Produce P O h drdf IT PAYS TO LOOK SMART Congratulations to the graduation class ot 1948 H THE LEADING STYLE sToRE OF MUsKEooN " Terryys Distinctive Apparel t'There is no substitute for quality." I ldd h h d T1 llh Lk b h h d h d P A R I 0 N I nlipfxnimlimi Sillilf Mvslcliaom IIEIGIITS The Store Of Famous Brands P Ohddi 'WEST Comsinveilom Co. New Homes Remodeling Factories Cement Work 1ilf1Ulill!ll. COI1Il'IlflCi0llS PlI01lIli 24-1215 12 75 li. forest Ave M ITo newsboyb Give S S th K I g I Q I Id H I boy. Whoddyo think I II t k I I1 I IIy 1: VIEKER'S SUD!-1 BAR Complete fountain Service Hand Packed and Machine Packed Ice Cream Hours : 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.rn1 Sunday Hours : 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. HIIY illlll llllflllll IlI1!I.'l'lfllS 1240 Sixth Street, Muskegon Heights Phone 32-257 P g One hundred-forty-two gangfmlwfaimni Za QZQJJ af f945f YOUR GAS COMPANY Good Food for Good Health DEMOS CAFE Muskegon's Finest Fred Stein O h f h Compliments of Radium Studio FINE PORTRAITS 367 W. Western Avenue Pi hP df MIH h Si Bld B fi i ll 57 Years of Service Ua1'1's Complete Fund Store Coles Bakery Department Frozen Food Department Complete Dairy Department Modern Grocery Department Refrigerated Produce Department Plifli Af IIIKQIAIIWUKY P Ohddii For Daily Freshness For Finer Flavor le Willie, pro ci h d g d h d Tim: Whose favor? g de teacher. "Oh M S Il h d I h lim' Nothing to h g y were sma gh h e th year, too. Tim: Whct's the Heartiest Congratulations To The Class Of 1948 Baurberriinii Food M ark ef: CANDY. POP. MAGAZINES H4 E. BROADWAY P ge One hun dr Page Compliments of Qbfyfakn 601405 Company BUILDERS OF FINE MOTOR COACHES Nip: Who was the blonde I sow y out with Wed- H MOMIQV Stop feqclging across fh 1 bl I 3 , czvent you cr tongue, edgy and Thursday night? Iunior: Yes, but my cxrm's longer' omp :ments C l' X I f 1' N x' I ' ' ft X f if ' -Q f X Q Q ff! 'XX T X , I 4 ' f I X X X MUSKEGON'S DIAMOND CENTER Jewelers and ilpticilns 175 W. Western Ave. One hundred-forty-s x SOOO ITEMS FOR THE OFFICE Are manufactured by Shaw - Walker - the largest exclusive makers of office furniture and filing equipment in the world. Each is designed to do a definite job of making office work move faster, to effect economies in office operations. "Built Like a I Sk npel' ' O y g g l t notheri Ol course I had t t ll C 'ff re-ci French word meaning "You'll k p h h 1 k lk 'Ili n-and I meant eve y d y gt s-becauseyou'll-never-be-cibIe-to-do- t lh Y f f y sell." CFibber Mcgee cmd Molly.J PYLE. PATTERN MANUFACTURHNG COMPANY Wood and Metal Paititelmrns iuvslafoom nniusnrs, Mlcnlcfxm Page One hundred- y llahn Drug Store "l'ills and 'Ihingsn 7fLe Same Zhe flfcwqe M Ncaadfi faam Phone 52-245 MA MRS dh f - B G1 b hdf hd SUTTUN'S PHARMACY FORMERLY GROVER PHARMACY Complete Drug Service We Share the Honor with Norge We're Across from Hahrfs too Ohddf h . HEIGHTS SERVICE Our Compliments to T H E C L A S S O F General Repairing 1 9 4 8 LYMAN BROWN. PROPRIETOR Residence Phone 327-715 Meet Me At THE ALLSTEAK I 1427 PECK STREET PHONE 32-263 The Madison, Wis., Capitol Times printed these two Teacher: Iohnny, will you please give me one use headlines side by side: for horsehide? H55 Roosters Stolen from Oregon Farm." Iohnnyi Well, I guess it helps to hold the horse to- "Socialist Club to Hold .Chicken Supper." gether. A pleamnf plave to ,rbop CONGRATULATIONS I We Are Proud of You- Moy Your Future Efforts Also Be Crowned With Success. SUPER MARKET Better Quality MEMS WILPRED FORTIER FRUITS Real Estate Broker VEGETABLES 1 GROCERIES Muskegon Heights, Michigan 801 Moffett Corner Barney Page One hundred-forty-nine VOSS HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS PAINTS - GLASS Muskegon Heights, Michigan 543 Peck Street Telephone 25-460 MERTON 'S SUPER SERVICE BROADWAY AND 7TH ST. PHONE 32-071 MUSKEGON HEIGHTS a lady killer. Y ah, they take one look at you and drop dead. Compliments of V I S T A G R I L L F R E D R I C KS LUMBER COMPANY Behind the City Hall Muskegon Heights, Michigan Phone 32-119 I come to ask for your daughters hand. All right-take the one that's always in my po COLUMBIA STUDIO Photographs ot Distinction 206 West Western CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1948 WII.LIAMS MEAT CO. City PRESCRIPTIONS pQLLY ANN BRUNDAGE CUT RATE PASTRY SHOP We S ecialize in DRUG STORE BREAD - RIOLLS - CAKES DRUGS Fountain Lunches Corner Peck and Broadway Muskegon Heights Phone 32-444 AND PASTRY We take orders for Special Occasions Phone 22-276 Peck Street Muskegon Heights e One hundred-titty CREVIER ELECTRIC CO. 4291 S. Henry St. ESTATE APPLIANCES INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL Phone 31-180 KEN'S SERVICE STATION Washing - Greasing - Lubrication GETTY AND BROADWAY GULF PRODUCTS S T A T E C A F E 1237-39 Peck Street MUSKEGON HEIGHTS One of the Oldest and Leading Establishments in the Heights Phone 22918 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ARE OUR BEST ADS HOULE CLEANERS Prompt Pickup and Delivery 124 W. WEBSTER MUSKEGON, MICH, Do you summer in the country? No, I simmer in the city. Says Flapper Fannie: Coffee isn't the only thing that's fresh when dated. Good Wishes and Success to the Class of 1948 FROM WEST SHORE PRINTERS Your Veteran Printers MUSKEGON HEIGHTS. MICHIGAN Peck at Delano Telephone 27-322 Congratulations to the Class of 1948 TED'S PANTS SHOP 212 Western Ave. Muskegon Get Your Ice Cream Treat from - NORDSTROM DAIRY Hoyt and Broadway Phone 32-U66 Page One hundred-fifty-one DENDRINOS 6- SONS MAKE u THOSE Danigelis Food Market All hindi of D Bezferager to fake out E 1230 Peck Street I.. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS I C I O U S SUNRISE PIES P trol Leader: When rain falls does it e again? Teacher: What is the world's richest c ty B ght Scout: Oh yes, in dew time. Millie: Ireland-it's capital is alway D bltl SCHLOSSMAN CENTRIFUGAL THEATRES FOUNDRY MICHIGAN COMPANY REGENT STATE STRAND Producers of Controlled Quality Cylinder Sleeves Caflingf in a Fully Merlaanized Plant Muskegon Heights One hundred-fifty-two I. S. ANDERSON PACKING COMPANY ' gt .1 .jig .. . N" A ' m f.. 1' ..,, 1 ,tv I, M , Q J... 1, , , ,Q U '.-9" Q 1916 ' Quality Meats LAKESHORE MACHINERY 6 SUPPLY COMPANY MACHINERY MILL SUPPLIES CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT 400 W. Laketon Avenue MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Phone 26-655 yi Why are y ning around the bed? Teacher: lohnny, what is a waffle? y: I'm just try g to catch some sleep. Iohnny: A pancake with a nonskid tread. Re-Upholstering - Repairing Quality Plumbing and RSIIHISIIIUQ' Hegting MUSKEGON RUITER BROS. UPHOI.-STERING CO- 1330 Maftett Street Phone 32-242 53l Peck Street, Heights Phone 23-400 Maffett and Airline Road Muskegon Heights HUBERT H. SMITH MEAT PACKERS PATTERSON'S GROCERY AND MARKET Quality Service 1638 Seventh St. Phone 32-348 Page One hundred-fifty-th HALF-HOUR LAUNDRY si-:LF-sfznvlci-: "Tl-IE MODERN WAY" For Appointment- Call 3-2411 GEORGE W. STONE Fine Men's Wear 1208 Peck Street Muskegon Heights FRANCIS IIROCH CO. Wholesale Cigars, Candy, Tobacco Fountain Supplies 248 Market St. Since 1866 ARTHUR GOMERY INSURANCE AGENCY 502 W. BROADWAY TELEPHONE 32-092 First Kangaroo-Annabella, where's the baby? Second Kangaroo-My goodness, pickpocketsll Compliments of GREYHOUND LINES GI's remark: "What I want to get most out ot this Army is me." CLEANING AND GLAZING STORAGE FRED F. SlVII'I'H EXCLUSIVE FURRIER RELINING - REPAIRING - REMODELING PHONE 32-489 608 W. BROADWAY MUSKEGON HTS. MICHIGAN Compliments of PEERLESS PLATIN G WORKS Phone 38-470 2554 S. Getty Page One hundred-fifty-four Best Wishes We, Alumni of M.H.H.S. Congratulate The Graduates of l948 HARWOOD - NELSON Occidental Building CENTRIFUGAL FOUNDRY COMPANY Producers of ' CONTROLLED QUALITY CYLINDER SLEEVE Compliments of O.K. GROCERY FRANK PARKAS and O.K. Grocery PISTON RING POT CASTINGS 1044 Sanford Street Castings in a Fully Mechanized MUSKEGON HEIGHTS MICHIGAN Plant and Metallurgical Control Many a married man gets into difficulties through a Children are a great comfort in your old age-and miss-understanding," they help you reach it taster, too. B E S T W I S H E S f MEIER CLEANERS TOITI MORTON MANUFACTURING "Where the Good Work Comes From" COMPANY Draw-Cut Machine Tools Finished Machine Keys 655 W. Clay, Muskegon. Mich. 1314 Sanford St., Muskegon Heights Page One hundred fifty-live FISCHER COAL CO. 1957 COMMERCE ST. Opposite Inter-State System DIAL 22-965 Zeke's STANDARD SERVICE "Ser1fire with 4 Smile" Corner Peck and Summit Muskegon Heights Phone 328-275 QUALIT Y ALUMINUM CASTING COMPAN'Y Producers of NON-FERROUS METAL CASTINGS Compliments of VOTAW'S RADIO ELECTRIC SERVICE 1435 Peck st. Phone 328-575 Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes, Advice to talkers: "Build a better mouth trap." THE HUB Store For Men Clothing-Luggage-Shoes Phone 38-110 91 W. Broadway Muskegon Heights HOSTESS HAMBURGS Where Courtesy Dwells and Service Excells 24-Hour Daily Service 226 W. Clay Phone 27-U05 Compliments of ECONOMY HARDWARE Quality Hardware at Moderate Prices 1315 Peck Street Phone 32-273 A. KRAUTHEIM Quality Iewelry Since 1887 329 W. Western Ave. Page One hundred-fifty-six OLIVE MAE BEAUTY SALON MACK FALONY'S Compliments of HEIGHTS NEWS AND SODA BAR BARBER.SHOP I l Strand Building Strand Building Phone 32-034 NEXT T0 STRAND THEATRE THE Compliments of CLARK BOOT SHOP Michigan Theatre Building 411 W. Western Ave. Muskegon AMERICAN BARBECUE We Specialize in Steak, Chicken and Fish Dinners at all Times Variety is Our Motto Airline off Peck Bore: A person who talks when you wish him to What people say behind your back is your standing listen, in the community. CLARK'S BODY SHOP BAILEY SUPER Complete and Spot Painting Auto Collision Service - Radiator Repair Frame and Axle Work Cub and Carry Muskegon Heights, Michigan GROCERIES AND MEATS Airline GI Peck Sifeei Pl'1OI'1e Bfoqdwqy Phgne - BICYCLES - Compliments of Balliast - Schwinn - Columbia Bicycle parts and repairing S Whizzer Motor Bikes S F M Sales and Service for e of en GRANT SUPPLY CO. 1238 Peck St. Muskegon Heights 7 E. Hackley Place Phone 32-464 Muskegon Heights, Michigan Page One hundred-fifty-seven PARMALEE Your CREDIT IEWELER watches diamonds and jewelry Time-the stuff between pay days. BUDD'S IEWELERS - OPTICIANS When You Modernize Your Home Whether You Remodel Redecorate Add a Room or Wing Streamline the Kitchen and Laundry Make Repairs Take full advantage of E1ectricity's con- tributions to Modern Living through Adequate Wiring . , . All the light you want when and where you want it, efficient operation of your appliance! and electrical equipment. CONSUMERS POWER CO. Always - At Your Service - All Ways A flirt: A woman who believes that it's every man tor herself. Compliments to the Class of 1948 DIXIE CREAM "The Store Confidence Built" DONUT SHOP 227 Western Avenue 165 W. BROADWAY Muskegon Heights Phone 3-1173 Page One hundred-fifty-eight BEST WISHES PROM MANNING. MAXVVELL 6. MOORE, INC. Muskegon, Michigan Compliments to the Class of 1948 from H O S L E R ' S ENTERPRISE BRASS WORKS Manufacturers of PLUMBERS BRASS GOODS BRASS BRONZE and ALUMINUM CASTINGS Muskegon, Michigan T ften when you tell a se t t g cl anoth ef. Helicopter: A gg b t with ambition. HALL ELECTRIC COMPANY Everything Electrical construction appliances repair ADMIRAL 6. LEONARD REFRIGERATORS and RANGES "Let Dr. Pepper Pep Your Parties" 2210146 A BITE TO EAT Bottled by the DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. of Muskegon 1660 Seventh St. Phone 22-490 Page One hundred-fifty-nin GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SHOP Refrigerators - Ranges Washing Machines All Electrical Appliances 1224 Peck St. Telephone 32-388 Muskegon Heights, Michigan Compliments of D 6. C STORES 5c-S1 Sc-S1 Headquarters for all School Supplies Man Cin swimmingl: Are you sure there are-n't croco- diles here? Native: Absolutely. The sharks scare them away. CARS FORD TRUCKS Your Choice of Either cz Six or an Eight BOYD AUTO SALES COMPANY Peck at Sherman MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN PETERSON COAL CO. Kentucky Blue Gem Coal Phone 32-274 MURN BROS. GARAGE General Overhauling Motor Tune-up Expert Body Work and Refinishing Muskegon Heights, Michigan 1311 Peck St. Phone 32-327 There's nothing so breath-taking as two ideas col liding head-on in a one-track mind. NOVAK'S MEAT MARKET Quality at Low Cost 26 East Broadway, Heights Phone 32-312 Len. Novak, Prop. THE C A M E R A S H O P Incorporated PHOTO FINISHING PHOTO SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS Muskegon Heights, Michigan Across from the Post Office Page One hundred-sixty Congratulations GRADUATES with Compliments C. THOMAS STORE, INC. 22 E. Broadway Muskegon Heights, Michigan OUR BEST WISI-IES FOR SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 K R A U S E ' S Men's and Boys' Wear Shoes for Every One 37-45 E. Broadway Muskegon Hts. Question: Why is the letter K like a pig's tail? Z5Ann: I've decided that I won't be married until I'm nswer: Because it's at the end of pork. Doris: And I've decided not to be 25 until I'm married, PORT CITY CANDY 6 TOBACCO COMPANY Wholesale Distributors REID-GRA-FF Cigarettes - Cigars Tobaccos - Paper Products CORPORATION DF'-19 Sundries Smokers' Articles Plumbing Heating Fountain Supplies - Candy Ventilating 1417 Peck Street Phone 32-U21 Muskegon Heights, Michigan 1312 Matfett Street Phone 328-278 Page One hundred-sixty-one .- . -. tt SO RE FRESHING . . . EVERYWHERE YOU G0 595.525 ..,,..... Where you go, thirst goes. That's why you see the familiar red cooler for Coca-Cola everywhere . . . to bring you the refreshment of ice-cold Coca-Cola when you want it most. Enjoy one now. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of Muskegon Delicious and Refreshing Will you donate something to the Old Ladies' Home? How con you live without your wife? With pleasure. Help yourself to my mother-in-lcrw. Much cheaper. DANIELS GIFTS BOOKS STATIONERY COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS l4IlIIlfI.S 360- 364 W. Western Avenue Page One hundred-sixty-two MUSKEGON MUSIC CO. 1932 PECK ST. When you think of Phonograph Records Think of Us. A Complete Selection of Classical, Popular, Old Time and Religious Good Luck to Graduates of 1948 L A W S O N ' S Clothing - Iewelry 50-56 E. BROADWAY RICHARDS PLUMBING, HEATING AND APPLIANCES One of our Plumbing and Furnace Repair Trucks is in your neighborhood every day. Opposite Court House 952-954 Pine Street Phone 25-846 Your Savings are Invited I MUSKEGON FEDERAL SAVINGS 6. LOAN ASSOCIA'I'ION First Street Near Western ll we become engaged, will you give me cr ring? Certainly. What's your number? Does your Wife pick your clothes? No-just my pockets. MELODY MANOR MUSIC SHOP 36 East Broadway Muskegon Heights. Michigan Vic OPALEK- BURT HANIS OBIE'S LUNCH Across Irom the Norge Sandwiches of All Kinds Dinners Proprietors L I N D L A N D FIKE ELECTRIC FUEL AND PAINT MOTOR REPAIR CO. Specializing in Rewinding Motors Pittsburgh Paints Coal and Fuel Oil "THE BEST FOR LESS" Generators and Armatures Phone 32-355 1021 Peck Street Muskegon Heights, Michigan Page One hundred-sixty-three Compliments of DION SERVICE STATION SIXTH AND BROADWAY Muskegon Heights Phone 35-497 The Rexall Store WOODALL'S DRUG STORE Phone 25-937 Peck Street - Sherman Blvd. Muskegon Heights, Michigan Bobby: Why do you call your car "baby?" Girl to boy in car on lonely road, "Why, what a co Iimmy: Because it never goes any place without a incidence! It just so happens I've got a gallon ol gaso rattle. line in my purse," LET GEORGE DO IT Phone 32-472 "Quality Hardware-Priced Right" Congratulations to the Class of '48 COBB-HARDWARE Sporting Goods Housewares Electrical Goods 1650 BEIDLER STREET PHONE 240-327 Page One hundred-sixty-four Compliments of STOKERS - OIL BURNERS MARTIN COAL CO. MILADY Dependable Fuels 848 Iefferson Home Insulation Service Phone 32-O26 1041 Peck St. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS RECORD A Beautiful Place for Beautiful Flowers ARBOR FLORAL CO. Printers and Publishers 1222 Peck St. 60 E. Broadway MUSKEGON HEIGHTS Muskegon. Michigan Friend-And what is your son going to be when he's passed his final exam? Etiquette is learning to yawn with your mouth closed. Father- An old man. ' x . 'Q' ' Na- 'I ' I X 'I st H 'tt t,., l .v ' 0 cs a P- v ,wg 4- -' tl H P 5, 5530595 " Q' gs: H' 'M If 'ill Ga BQOENG 1025 2 4 4 1- Si. vt I ix- is I X sau : ls tn ima 5 J' .avi Exit 'I th' I ' " I 8 'wa ' ' .A I 3 SXSW? gif? f' -IE 'H 7' 4 4 gnu' O x , 6' 3531"-xg!:,f:'ld I J 4' 9 N- It 42 I f ll, V5 w I , Xxx 6 'N '65-Q:gQ!ggggEB..J Q W lg 4 I . E -'g f' I w w .--- - ati, E ,I it N I' Q I X 35202 sb, -gztly W ravi, -xg All 'G : X 55722: 0' N S I I " 5' 5 -5:2 : ' J I X, V, I U 1 5 Id 5-S1 ,X fl I vm , A S m Q : 2 ea' " 2 l- ' if I I 1 'M "' Qi 0 .1 'Dx e . .' I 5 .7 5 N ,I I z ' 3 2 -g12E.:25"H K JV m m Q I .- I Z 1' I' Q2 -I X -fi' m A 2 wg tty n. R I .M . IX H of E52 -. gx - ECI. tk Page One hundred-sixty-five Compliments of FRANK STARIHA REAL-ESTATE General lnrzmvzre YEAGERS BARBER SHOP 535 Peck Street Orville Yeager Leon Zue Phone 325-375 65 W. Broadway Muskegon Heights Compliments of E1VIIL'S FOOD MARKET IOHN S SUPER SERVICE Broadway and Sixth Streets A Quality Service Store Quality - Service - Courtesy Is Our Motto Phone 32-U41 100 E. l-lovey Ave. Mother: What do you want to take your cod-liver oil with this morning? Freddie: A lork. C. B. DAVVES 6. SON Say If Wilb Flozverr Member of Florist Telegraph Delivery Phone 22-005 77 E. Delano EDWARDS LUMBER COMPANY Phone 23-283 Girl machiriisti It's all right, I saw the doctor and he said those lumps on my arms are just muscles. W'HITTINGTON'S BARBER SHOP l3l4 Sanford Street - Heights - MUSKEGON SCREW WORKS. INC. Makers of Better Automatic Screw Machine Products Page One hundred-sixty-six It your clothes are not becoming to you they should be coming to us CALL BAXTER LAUNDERERS AND DRY CLEANERS Phone 22-672 L. C. MONROE get it from FRITZ the druggist Visit our "snack bar" Wzakeql BUILDING MATERIALS B-P-UGHADY SHOE SHOP H Phone 22-786 Pets-Gifts and Leather Goods Wood ooo Nims Muskegon Phone 37-372 1308 Peck street Tuck: That was the brunette you saw me out with Monday and Tuesday nights. Frosh: Where did the expression "Step on it kid1" originate? Compliments of STEENHAGEN'S FOOD IUNIOR HIGH BARBER SHOP - - - - - - BEAU'I'Y SHOP MARKET Mr. and Mrs. I. Carrier Q lit S , St Phone 32-320 ua 1 Y ervlce Ore 1043 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Phone 32-U51 131 E. Summit Ave. DRAPERIES SHADES WARNER 6 SCHUI'TElVIA TRANSFER CO. R- In QUIGLEY 327 Laketon Ave, Muskegon, Mich. Nation-Wide Movers 1039 Peok Sf Phofle Phone Agents tor North . American VAN LINES Inc. cunrnms VENETIAN Bnmns Page One hundred-sixty-seven THE COMMERCIAL PRESS Claude Medema, Proprietor HMASTER PRINTERS" Phone 254244 l936 Even an Airplane starts from the around. As a graduate ot the Heights High School We suaaest that you keep both feet on the around. Which means H f Peck Street Muskeaon, Mich WORK W EARN SAVE MCCLELLAN 6. OLDT General Machine Shop 2542 Getty St. Telephone 32-376 MUSKEGON SAVINGS BANK MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN "The Bank Across the Street" Heres one name on the committee that I never heard I wonder why tat men are good-natured. Of, Probably because it takes so long to get mad clear Oh, that's the person who does all the work. through. I I ...x x 1 I QQ Q Svfcmuitn :www nw if.,,a:.w stavurf IDR vrzwmrv sw' Page One hundred-sixty-eight F A u-4 4. -,gr-1 - 1 '.1:I'J V if-f Y V' , .,, - .1- :Sw R ,fn 4 A .1 , . x . f- ' f 4- " J ,I ' '- 2" ' f'f" .'I'Ff.' ' M" f' - I . ,g,3w- -Q As if ' '21,L-.E'ja'x"'2.5f3Fk'f-T:?T''inf ". 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